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\/ June 14 \/

For you old TEM fans, two podcasts from last week will bring back memories. On Wend, Kevin had Mark Sterne on with some really good old stories. One of the all-time best local radio bits they talked about was Mark’s Christopher Walken (the Skins #1fan) recalling “The Night”. And, Friday, Czabe had the Notorious J-A-Y on with more old TEM stories. One thing these two pods pointed out, as well as heard on TMOS and Mr. Tony earlier, was what a great guy G. Gordon Liddy was to be around. OOBBEE

It's 2021, you don't need an over the air signal to receive NPR programs or stations, there is the internet and apps and siriusxm. All of what WRAU carried was a simulcast of WAMU, mostly national programming. and a few local news drop ins that were not for the Eastern Shore.

Dave's response: "Alexa, play WAMU".....

Well Comcast finally did it. Goodbye Bob Turk. Goodbye Tom Tasselmyer. Goodbye Maryland Lottery. Goodbye Ravens pre-season games possibly. Comcast finally did it. They removed all the Baltimore, DC, and Philly TV stations from most of their Eastern Shore cable TV systems as of I think today or last night. More specifically those in the Salisbury DMA. No explanation why, just a screen telling you that if you want to watch their news, go to the internet from now on. COMCAST SUCKS! I want hearings on COMCAST/NBC antitrust violations. This is different the Hearst out of market carriage agreement as that was settled and WBAL didn’t get dropped months ago. This is likely Draper’s WBOC CBS 16 & now co-owned WRDE NBC Coast TV flexing their now collective muscle. The pisser is that FOX21 isn’t even in 720p over the air but only 480i for NFL games STILL after all these years!

Dave's response: Down here in North Carolina, I'm on the western edge of the Charlotte DMA and get ABC via Cox's WSOC 9 on cable, a good 70 miles away. However, I am actually closer to Asheville, probably about 40 miles away, which features Sinclair's ABC WLOS 13, but that's in the Asheville-Greenville-Spartanburg market, outside my prescribed DMA. Cable systems in my county used to carry WLOS but no longer.....

So here's the play of play with public radio. WRAU 88.3 is gone. Delmarva Public Media, is three stations, WSCL 89.5 (Classical) WSDL 90.7 (BBC and simulcast of WESM) and WESM 91.3 . DPM still airs some NPR on WESM, but that signal doesn't cover the whole peninsula. WSCL is now all classical music and wsdl only airs BBC for news. Which means that you cannot pick up WESM or WDDE up in Dover or live far enough on the westen shore to get WAMU's fringe signal. You are kind of out of luck. WYPR has their WYPO signal in Ocean City, but it doesn't have great reach. DPM cannot just pick back up NPR on WSCL or WSDL because they were losing revenue and dropping NPR was a cost saving measure.

The 80s were fully 40 years ago. Nobody wants to say it out loud, but 80s radio is basically "Music of Your Life" for late Boomers and GenXers. Only the presentation is different and it's not airing on last-gasp AMers.

One interesting thing about WMJF-CD is that even the top of their tower in Towson is nowhere near the tallest building in Towson, so talk about bad luck with lightning. And if you didn’t know better, you’d think it was built by a Radio Shack Kids project kit just before they went out of business. Never fear though. I’m sure the folks in Florida will find out they’re off the air sometime this week.

/\ June 14 /\

\/ June 13 \/

It's real easy to get burnt out on the limited weekend selection of 80s tunes on both 94.7 and WASH-FM. There are way too many tunes I just bail on when they roll up for yet another play. Well this weekend I was listening to the stream of WMBG, the townie station in Williamsburg Va, and was not at all disappointed - "I Wanna Be a Cowboy", "Oh Mickey", "Electric Blue", "When the Lights Go Down In the City" (technically a 70s tune), "Centerfield" and a bunch of great songs that are generally ignored by the corporate signals. Sure, its unattended satellite time, but its good stuff and I got my 80s fix and then some. Honest to God, I would donate a kidney to go one day WITHOUT hearing "Jack & Diane" or "Purple Rain" on the DC sticks. Til then, you know where to find me on weekends.

Towson MD's low power WMJF-CD (RF23) appears to have been off the air since Wednesday afternoon. It vanished during a time of thunderstorms and heavy rain in Baltimore County (we were watching one of the WMJF subchannels). Only a few days earlier, WMJF began transmitting channel 39.1 (virtual) in 720p according to our two HD receivers' displays. 39.1 carries ION network. Elsewhere, Maryland Public Television WMPT (RF21) from northwest of Annapolis seems to have been off the air since sometime Friday. Rescans at our location about 30 miles north in northcentral Baltimore County yield nothing. Sister station WMPB (RF22) from Owings Mills MD remains on the air. Thanks for DCRTV.

/\ June 13 /\

\/ June 12 \/

NEWS! Link To Wendy Rieger Story From NBC4... www.nbcwashington.com... Wishing Wendy Well... Many have reached out to ask about a member of the News4 family. It’s been a few weeks since Wendy Rieger has been here with us. About a month ago, she was having headaches and knew something wasn’t right. She sought out the best care, and 10 days ago, Wendy had brain surgery. Wendy joined Jim Handly to talk about how she’s doing and when she noticed something was wrong...

Here is an interview with Wendy Rieger about her surgery: www.nbcwashington.com... Best Wishes for her

Wtop is reporting that Wendy Riegger was on nbc4 this week explaining her recent absence is due to battling a brain tumor. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Well looks like that's it for WRAU 88.3. As of Friday June 11th, its just static. Wonder when the Christian station comes online?

/\ June 12 /\

\/ June 11 \/

WMALLogic; if you break into someone's house, you should be shot, if you break into the Capitol attempting to stop a scheduled excersize of peaceful transfer of power, you are a hero, and it was wrong to shoot you. When an embassy in overrun and people die, you blame the Secretary of State, misinforming your listeners she made a "stand down" order, and you talk about it for years. When our own Capitol is forcibly invaded and police are wounded and maimed, you refer to it as a rowdy tour, and move on. A dishonest economist and a failed businessman know more about vaccines than an epidemiologist. I get headaches.

Regarding the prior post, I would take Czaban 100 times out of 100 over the drek that is on the two stations now. Paulson and Roughier are dumbed down to the extreme, not to mention tough to listen to. Paulson's voice is as grating as it gets and his arrogance appears to know no bounds. Roughier is their for supposed comic effect, but he's not funny except for some of his inane and uninformed sports takes. On the minor league station, Chris Russell is a freakin joke. No one, and I mean, NO ONE takes anything the guy says seriously One wonders what the nitwit PD has against Medhurst to pair him with such a loser. All in all, terrible radio. Czaban is eons better (and the poster made it pretty apparent that his objection to Czaban is political and really has nothing to do with his sportstalk hosting abilities.).................

Hey Dave, Larry O'Dipsh't, I mean O'Connor, had on five time failed elected office seeker Dr. Peter Navarro this morning to trash Dr. Fauci because Fauci dismissed the use of hydroxychloroquine in treating covid patients. Dr. Navarro is an economist. Dr. Navarro's past campaign manager said Navarro can't be trusted, and Dr. Navarro said to the San Diego newspaper back in the 90's that he was comfortable lying about his political opponent because everyone lies. Anyway, As we all know, Trump said he took hydroxychloroquine daily, he still got Covid and almost died from it, a fact Larry O'Dipsh't forgot to mention. The crap Larry and The "Doctor" promoted this morning was dangerous. For Larry to give medical credence to this clown is assinine. For Larry to promote inexact or even flawed medical conclusions for political gain is unconscionable. For Heather to even book this snake oil hack is beyond belief. I ask politely WMAL to not put this sham of an news interview online. We don't need the crap he said further promoted. Larry has gone full Whacko Infowars here, and he is trying to destroy the reputation of an fully credentialed medical expert by inferring Trump was smarter than the accredited epidemiologist. Medical Doctors can and do debate on treatments, and diagnoses all the time, and many times they are less than completely right. But for Larry O'Dipsh't to enter this clown into a medical debate for political gain is unequivocally immoral and perilous. Listening to that interview, and hearing Larry act like a "third grade girl with a crush" when hearing this hack say Fauci is a quack, was sickening. Larry crossed the line, I know it and he knows it. And before anyone here attacks me, please Google Peter Navarro, and see how many close associates went on the record saying he can't be trusted.

Former WJFKer Peter Rosenberg who used to broadcast from inside a McDonald's. www.vulture.com... Gus good morning America how are you? Strongly worded memo to Rob no longer even in radio Spewak follows

“I didn’t hear a single mention of Vince Promuto’s death on local sports talk radio. That’s pretty outrageous given that he played for the Redskins for over a decade.” I’m sure Andy Pollin made note of it on his AM 630 show – he’s by far the leading expert on the Washington Football Team and its storied (up until about 30 years ago) history in DC sports media. Unfortunately that station’s signal is problematic where I live so can’t listen very often. In general, local athletes and coaches of the distant past don’t get much play when they pass on unless it’s an iconic figure such as Bobby Mitchell or John Thompson, Jr., the thinking being that the DMV’s such a transient area that only a tiny percentage of the audience has ever heard of someone like Promuto. A year ago, the “bad guys” (Steve Czaban and Chad Dukes) ruled afternoon drive in DC when it came to sports radio – can anyone deny that it’s much more palatable now with Russell & Medhurst on 980 and Grant & Danny on 106.7? I’ve never understood why Czaban (who seems to prefer wallowing in bizarre or salacious news stories or railing against reasonable Covid precautions in sports to talking in depth about the Wizards, Caps and Nats) is considered one of the best in the business.

To those who have issues with WZHF: If your world view is that Russia is our enemy, congratulations, you are Mark Levin. Is that what you want to achieve, is that your goal in life? Adversary maybe, enemy no. Ditto China. Don't be Mark Levin. He repeats himself ladies and gentlemen, he repeats himself. Gus cooler head prevailing

This again? "...permitted... there are two other rating services for radio in DC beside Nielsen. What are they? No answer." No answer because the question was never asked. Being an enormous wuss is no way to go thru life, son. "Winner" does not equal "monopoly". Who snapped the mousetrap on your ballzack? Like the doctor in Twin Peaks played by the late Mel Ferrer my concerns are global and you want to focus on this punkass trivial stuff. Gus much more concerned about the lack of In 'n' Out Burger

Dave's response: Speaking of In 'n' Out.....

/\ June 11 /\

\/ June 10 \/

I agree with OBEEE. I didn't hear a single mention of Vince Promuto's death on local sports talk radio. That's pretty outrageous given that he played for the Redskins for over a decade. Yeah, he played here before the glory years, but that really shouldn't matter. Just another sign of the abyss into which local sports talk has fallen.

Dave Hughes, if you continue to permit your Gus to make stupid remarks about serious postings you will lose your readers. Recently, you permitted Gus to say there are two other rating services for radio in DC beside Nielsen. What are they? No answer. Please don't say Eastlan because they only survey small markets. They have never surveyed DC. To my knowledge, Nielsen is the only company that surveys DC radio. Nielsen is a monopoly in DC for radio. Please give it a rest with Gus. I am sorry that DC Broadcasters don't read DCRTV anymore.

"The Russians are paying Arthur Liu $420,000 per year and John Garziglia $300,000 per year to carry this Russian propaganda in DC." Oh boo hoo. How is the Russian situation different from RFE/RL which has Russian government provided office space in Moscow? I read Tass, the Jerusalem Post, French and German newspapers, and I never feel the need to stamp my little feet like you, like a li'l bitch. I have not yet had the pleasure of listening to the Russian station that has you so fired up. Have YOU? My money's on "no". I dipped into it just now and I fail to see the problem (the show playing was Roger Penrose talking about a pop science view of quantum mechanics. Scary, right kids?) but thanks to your prodding I will be listening to it more and more. Thanks for the tip! Gus v'danya, Vod Kanockers

I still dont understand Scott on the 98 Rock "JSS morning show"...? Scott whines-bitches-complains about being so tired and worn out nowadays...WTF? from broadcasting 4 hours a day from home? Scott KEEPS "working"/broadcasting from home (is he too lazy-mental issues keeping Scott at home?) to go work out of studio nowadays and now he bitches about needing a nap everyday. And yet working on a wacky morning show that uses pop culture-entertainment news for content/commentary Scott is SO freakin dumb-lazy-stoopid to watch any current movies, TV shows, news etc to say anything useful.

Do you know what the highest billing station in America is? It is close by us. It is WTOP the all news station in DC! Why is that? Could it be because they have no competition in their format? Others have tried and failed. DC is the News Capital of the world! With two elections coming up, Congress in 2022 and Presidential in 2024, there is going to be a lot more News in DC. We expect WTOP to continue to do well.

Why should NPR receive any of our tax dollars? They have been getting our tax dollars for 50 years! Why not give our tax dollars to the DC stations that are carrying the Russian propaganda from Moscow? You know who they are. WZHF 1390 AM owned by Arthur Liu and Translator 105.5 FM owned by John Garziglia. The Russians are paying Arthur Liu $420,000 per year and John Garziglia $300,000 per year to carry this Russian propaganda in DC. Dave Hughes, please don't permit "Gus" to post some stupid remark about this. I get so angry seeing all these stupid remarks that you permit posted by "Gus". Is this in the Public Interest?

Although the Post ran a very good obituary on his death, I did not hear any radio or TV sports in the area report on Vince Promuto. That was a major oversight in my eyes. He played 11 years for the local football team and is in their Ring of Fame. He went to AU to get a law degree at the urging of Edward Bennet Williams, and worked at the DEA to begin retirement. He later took over his father’s NYC trash business and became a leader in thinking of the environment when dealing with urban garbage. I have always been proud to say I was a captain of the same high school football team as Vince and Baltimore Legend Artie Donovan. OOBBEE

Re Nats games on AM this season... WRVA 1140 in Richmond, VA carries some games can be heard up and down the east coast at night. Listened to last night thrilling win Patrick

Someone has an obsession with Fox 5’s traffic reporter. It must be someone who is intimidated by her? No chance she has anything for Tired Tucker Barnes. He’s working on his second fiancé in the Fox 5 building alone, who he hasn’t committed to. Let the girl do her job! She does it well.

"$19.14/hr for up to 20 hours per week." I think I've spotted the problem. Gus all knowing, all seeing, in his borderline divine way, without having seen the questions in advance, Funk & Wagnalls porch, hermetically sealed, four pm today

/\ June 10 /\

\/ June 9 \/

Dave: I have two more weeks down here at the outer banks and really try to patiently listen to area sports news and some talk and it remains awful! Gotta tell you, we all know Dave Johnson won't talk about something unless it's "Ted" related or having to do with soccer and enough of the personal agenda crap. But, when a Super Bowl Coach passes away, a person who's faced the Redskins countless times like Jim Fassel, and Dave doesn't mention, that's poor journalism right there. Instead, we have to hear about the Tampa Rays and he airs some interview with their broadcasting guy...really? 103.5 has a great weekend guy Chris Cheon and he'd be great doing morning sports..eager and has some personality and actually gives you some perspective, how about trying him for morning sports!

JOB AD! Laurel TV in Laurel, MD is looking for a part-time reporter to shoot and edit stories. The candidate will also have opportunities to Anchor or host shows and help with productions. $19.14/hr for up to 20 hours per week. Send resumes and links to your work to Communications Director Audrey Barnes at abarnes@laurel.md.us. Here is a link to the application and more info Production Assistant (Auxiliary) | City of Laurel, Maryland

"NPR gets only a small part of its budget from the government." But apparently not so small that they can do without it. By way of contrast, Pacifica seems to get by, apparently even in NYC. It seems unseemly to me that an organization funded [crucially, see above] by the federal gummint is able to lobby a federal agency using taX dollar$. News flash: everyonE thinks the station they like is balanced. Why you had to capitalize "infinitely" I'll never know because I don't care. Gus considering all things

I thought that sounded like Ron Matz, apparently, he’s doing the announcements for the openings for the newscasts.

/\ June 9 /\

\/ June 8 \/

D.C. mayor proclaims day of remembrance for late FOX 5 reporter Beth Parker... www.fox5dc.com

Howard Bernstein leaving WUSA: www.facebook.com

According to a Facebook post from a WJZ employee, former longtime reporter, Ron Matz, has returned to the station. He retired a few years back.

Groan, I guess DCRTV has to go ahead and post a variety of opinions to be reasonably open, but the sour guy decrying NPR tests my patience. NPR gets only a small part of its budget from the government. Its content is INFINITELY more balanced than sorry-assed commercial talk radio. The guy managed to reveal several odious prejudices in just a few short sentences, and by capitalizing “Tax Dollars” for no apparent reason he revealed himself to be in the over-the-hill and undereducated demographic. Sad. Max Critic

/\ June 8 /\

\/ June 7 \/

Weekly TMOS update…LOL, sorry. So, Mike and the gang miss Memorial Day Fri and Mon (After Mike tells us on the Thursday before to remember our Vets – Yes he did!). Ok, that is cool…..except the following Friday Mike misses again. During the bonus show recorded the day before he took his third day off of six, Mike discusses “Drive” and why people like doctors are successful. Successful people are like that “Because they work hard”. He says he tells his son about this “drive” thing all the time. Oh yeah, we also find out Carla has a picture of Mike drunk asleep on the bowl and when TMOS is over Mike is going to volunteer in a hospital like his mom. I’ll stop laughing. These are real words from Mike. He couldn’t just golf and have a few drinks every day. I know Dave has limited TMOS family stuff here but please leave it in. Don and Mike were brutal about the air time Cathy Lee’s Cody and Larry’s Chance would get and how they bragged about them. Junior use to be once is a while but now has been on 75% of the shows since 3:00 PM tapings began. We hear his impersonations like his dad. We hear about excelling at school. We hear about golf exploits. Mom even joins in now. Please note Cathy Lee never bragged like Mike has been doing. It’s so bad you would think it is being done as a work or joke. I would love to hear Don Porch sitting while listening to it! Oh yeah, guess who the weekly talking head the day Mike was gone? Bob’s son!!! Wow!!!! You can’t make this up folks. We heard Oscar talk about the first year at WVU for the fourth time. At least with Mike off he would not ask Oscar where he went to school. Is Oscar’s dog doing tricks next week?

RE: MASN...Bob is off to spend time with his family as his wife’s birthday was this weekend. He announced early on that’s he planning to take more time off this season so it sounds like he’s easing towards retirement. His sub is Dan Kolko, the pregame and postgame host and former sideline reporter. He’s better in those roles but MASN is too cheap to hire an experienced fill-in.

"Who regulates the FCC?" Last I checked, apparently no one. You might be well serviced by getting a computer. If you want more "broadcasters" to work for the FCC, this site is not the place to get it done. Why don't you work on that on the "broadcaster" side of things? No one prevents them from applying. Would you prefer Opie or Anthony? The late Larry King or the late Paul Harvey? Fatt Rob in his white suit in the Casbah or MBA Oscartini? Tell us who you want to work for the FCC. I'll wait because I know you haven't thought this through and are just bloviating. While you're at it, define "broadcaster". Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, proven liars? Chris Matthews, a horndog with a glide in his stride and a dip in his hip? Moondoggy? "Doctor" Gary Null, a proven favorite of WPFW because BLM and stuff? Seriously you folks sound like superghey Napsterazis who are wailing "Waaaaah! I want it fow fwee!" I'm slightly more concerned about the $1 billion going to Israel to kill more Palestinians. Perspective much? If your cellphone works and you can watch TV whaddaya care? Gus no static at all

/\ June 7 /\

\/ June 6 \/

It has been 50 years since NPR started and they are still getting money from our government. These are your Tax Dollars that they are giving away to spread their agenda. It might not be so bad if they were fair and balanced. If you listen to them you know that is not true. I hope things will change in 2022. Remember NPR comes from DC where Black Lives Matter!

So I tune in the Nats game today on TV...Where the heck is Bob Carpenter? Sounds like MASN picked up someone that might have been a high school kid to fill in for Bob. I Have no idea who it is BUT it is somewhat comical to listen to. Where do they get these people from?

I am happy to see that the NAB takes a position on the 2021 Regulatory Fees for radio stations. They have slammed the proposed increase in fees and says there should be NO fees in 2021. Congress has given the FCC a nice budget increase for 2021. Most stations have had a tremendous drop in revenue due to covid and the shut downs during the past 14 months. When will the FCC ever start hiring broadcasters to regulate the Broadcasting Business? The FCC is composed of lawyers to write new "Rules and Regulations" and clerks. Who regulates the FCC?

MAL can add a person of color to its lineup after the urban stations add a white person to theirs. Talk is cheap. Show us the way.

/\ June 6 /\

\/ June 5 \/

Is the new lineup at WMAL just a lineup of White Men? When are they going to break the color barrier? I thought they believed in diversity? DC is the city where they are licensed. DC is a city of color! Black Lives Matter! The Mayor says so.

Tuned in to 106.7 to listen to Czaban this a.m. No Czabe, it was the typical weekend trash. They are basically perpetrating a fraud by advertising Czabe does a Saturday morning show on that station given how much he takes off......

How can the FCC justify raising their annual regularity fees 15% this year when most radio stations have had the worst year in history with the 14 month "lock down" due to covid. This will be the third year in a row the FCC has raised their fees. The bureau does not understand the broadcasting industry! No one at the FCC has ever worked at a radio station. The only thing the FCC enjoys is writing "new rules and regulations". It keeps the lawyers employed. Note to FCC....keep working from home and think of all the money you are saving our government! Congress has given the FCC a nice increase in their budget this year. As Gus would say, what does this mean? The FCC gets a big Budget from Congress and a large amount of money from the stations.

/\ June 5 /\

\/ June 4 \/

Early this week the Cox company dropped FOLK-TV channel 465 in Fairfax County VA which carried reruns of The Saint, Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger, Carol Burnett etc. w/o explanation. That channel was much more interesting than some of the current crap on the major channels I have to continue to pay for even though I don’t watch. More bad programming decisions.

Dave's response: Folk TV is available via Roku.....

Hmmmmm. Now the hackers that wrought havoc with food and petro are going after local TV stations. They've already hit two Cox properties. Wonder who is about to get cyber-walloped in DC? www.nbcnews.com... JA

So I see the anchors at News4, like the other stations, are now back to sitting next to each other in the middle of the anchor desk like the old days as of earlier this week. But...Pat Lawson Muse and Shawn Yancey are filling in on Friday’s 5:00 show and they’re at opposite ends of the anchor desk with the split screen. Hmmmmm. And when is Doug Kammerer going to stop working from home? Oh, and maybe I totally missed this, when did WMAL shuffle their lineup? Larry in the mornings, Vince in PM drive and so long to Mary I guess. Back to being a lineup of nothing but white men.

Can someone find Erin Como a man? And SOON!. She is so thirsty on the morning show. Obviously she's no longer seeing the morning producer and even seems to be trying to flirt with Tucker, who isn't having it.

A friend asked me to make a run to the Fairfax Recycling Center to drop off some scrap electronics for him. I was quite appalled at what was being pitched: among the items were two of those digital TV converters we all got with a government-issued coupon some years ago to get us through the HDTV transition, two dedicated ROKU appliances that connect your house LAN to a TV for early cord-cutters, and a 48" flatscreen TV with a lot of life left in it but missing all the "cool stuff" today's viewers demand. I'd consider donating the TV, but without the "cool stuff", who would take it? The ROKU converters are basically little computers, but even ROKU says the boxes can't be hacked or repurposed and should just be discarded. And the HDTV converters are just useless because they need an analog TV to work, and we all got rid of those a decade ago. When I think about the countless dead electronics perhaps going back to the 1960s that are already crushed and lying on the bottom of Garbage Mountain in Lorton, the notion of pitching even more electronics that only had a working life of 2-3 years really chaps my ass. I am not a tree-hugger by any means, I know these items are stripped and recycled as much as possible, and I love my entertainment. But stopping to look at this carload of short-lived devices -- by DESIGN -- on its way down Rt 123 is just appalling.

/\ June 4 /\

\/ June 3 \/

Per: "I can’t wait to be able to stream a live NFL game on my phone while on my bike via broadcast TV" At least local bikers try to cooperate with auto traffic on our MD 2 lane highway with no shoulders and not-flat land bordering it. I gather the writer wanting the free NFL on his phone will be happy to die when she/he veers in front of a car. Oh well, her/his family will benefit from the driver's insurance. I was reminded of this problem on a dual lane state highway this morning. A car in the left lane was moving almost at the speed limit with cars lined up behind. When I joined others passing her, I noted she had a cell phone flat in one hand and was looking at it. Who was the safer driver ... driving at the speed limit while on a phone or the cars 'speeding; to get around her?

Ever Google “Wash DC Traffic”…..LOL OOBBEE

Sinclair just got out of the radio business with the sale of KOMO AM/FM, KVI and KPLZ Seattle to Lotus Broadcasting for $18 million. Remember when it took $45 million to buy *one* station? Pepperidge Farm remembers, and so do I.

Wow. Free OTA tv on my phone.so I can sit around and watch endless repeats of boomer nostalgia sitcoms or the trillionth episode of Law and Order on an even smaller screen.

This is interesting...I am in Gaithersburg/Rockville area. I was on my way into Silver Spring to see a client when I ran into major traffic on W. Montgomery Ave going to 270. Turns out there was a major accident on 270. I unfortunately cancelled my appointment, and when I came home I went online to get some more info about the accident that I had just heard on the Sirius XM traffic channel. I went on the sites for 4, 5, and 9, and I could not find any updated traffic info on any site! I finally went to TOP and they actually have a recorded traffic update on the site. That was pretty cool. But I think our news organizations would do well to throw some current traffic info up on their sites.

/\ June 3 /\

\/ June 2 \/

Re: “Dave: At this point, can people move on”…Move on to where? Podcasts? Even then slim pickings. JFK is a joke after the Junks. First is B Mitch and the white guy. (So, CK can check a box.) It really is Chad and Lavar in a Mr. Rogers world. Then, you have the comedian and the little guy. (Absolutely the funniest thing I ever saw was the little guy sitting next to Lurch at the Tally Ho that “JFK night”. It looked like Lurch was going to engulf him like land shark on SNL or “Feed me Seymour” on Little Shop) I will leave TEM alone for now; like their ratings. TOP traffic has always been a joke. I think they spend more time talking about 50 heading west than anything. Even on regular nights. Is there that many people heading that way vs other ways out? I have always thought increase the traffic and decrease the weather during rush if nothing is happening. Maybe do DC inside out and counter clockwise working out? It is not brain surgery. It’s been a awhile since I did the DC to 757 to beaches. There used to be a comedy station that was a good change of pace along the way. OOBBEE

News revenue is actually growing quite a bit locally, so this notion that broadcast TV is going away is just bunk. Soon you’ll be getting some of your streaming content via NextGen TV too and it’ll be on your phone also while you’re cutting the lawn on the tractor. I have an iPhone mount on my mtn bike. I can’t wait to be able to stream a live NFL game on my phone while on my bike via broadcast TV and keep in mind, that will be FREE, no DATA COST!

Dave's response: Watching broadcast TV on your phone while riding your bike? Good luck with that.....

Dave: At this point, can people move on from idiots like Czaban and the former 980 talent, and that includes Sheehan. They're in the rear view mirror and awful talent! WJFK remains a station with recycled talent and man, has Grant gotten as arrogant as Francessa! Back down here in the outer banks and my trip on Friday was just awful and again, I couldn't find a station that had any decent traffic reports. That woman on 103.5 would never mention how it was going South and just kept rambling about the road work and I wish Dave would take a breath and stop going so fast like we should know what he's talking about. Don't people care about the drivers anymore?

Who cares if cellphones have an FM chip or not. People are increasingly NOT listening to terrestrial radio or watching terrestrial tv anymore. How soon is it until the cost of tower maintenance, electricity, insurance, personnel, etc, becomes too much and it becomes easier just to broadcast to Alexa?

How nice to hear John Patti and Bill Vanko paired up in the morning on Newsradio 1090. Most professional sounding duo on the staff. Now if only they would retire Screamin Scotty. No need for him to be shouting day-old news to us.

TO GUS LEADING THE SLOW… I have an AM radio that is far tinier than my iPhone, so a ferrite antenna can be quite small and work just fine. it picks up AM stations up and down the coast. The main problem with AM reception on a cell phone is the digital interference on AM and the fact that most cell phones violate FCC rules on this as has been proven in many tests. The FCC doesn’t care, no longer polices this anymore. This is why Ajit Pai’s AM Revitalization plan was a joke. It only continued the demise of AM radio through increased acceptance of signal destroying interference via less oversight by the undermanned FCC.

As NPR observes its 50th year of operations, it should be noted that 11 years ago on this day then-NPR president Vivian Schiller was interviewed for the Dow Jones blog AllThingsD. In that interview, she gave two memorable quotes: "First of all, note we don’t call ourselves National Public Radio anymore. We’re NPR."; and, "Radio towers are going away within 10 years, and Internet radio will take its place." Schiller has faded into obscurity. Radio towers continue to exist and the stations that use them continue to serve millions of listeners. What a visionary!

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I have a one year old LG K40 cellphone that has FM radio installed and it works just fine. I listen to it while cutting the grass and sometimes when I get bored with my playlist when working out.

Even the simplest WWII prison camp radio has a hyooge coil, which is why no cellphone in the world has an AM radio in it. Come on people! Gus teaching the slow

[RE:iPhones - Why is it so F-ing hard to get WJFK] It's not the device. WJFK has had good and bad stretches on multiple devices for me since Czabe moved in January. Good results the last two Saturdays. WJFK is never the quickest to connect the stream. On the positive side the audio quality is much better than the stream on WTEM during Czabe's final months. On the negative side, it doesn't really matter how good the audio quality is if the stream doesn't start or drops every few minutes. -- Mark in Springfield

Physics is more fun when you KNOW the products you’re talking about. Removing the headphone jack does NOT remove the antenna as some lightning connector antennas & headphones were created. Now eventually, Apple simply removed that connection altogether. As for the FM chips, it’s been widely known and tested that all the Qualcomm modem chips included the FM frequencies. That is technical specs. Some iPhones used Intel modems, so that might be Tim Cook’s only basis for saying FM was physically not present, but those technical specs are not even known fully since Intel never revealed them that I’m aware of. IFIXIT however did an iPhone teardown a few years back and still found FM capability in the chips. None of this refutes the notion that Apple could at any moment with no cost other than loss of streaming profits, enable FM capability as could Samsung and other cell phone manufacturers and cell service providers. In some countries, I believe FM circuitry is required to be enabled for emergencies but this is becoming a moot point as analog is now a dying technology in general. Now Apple purchased Intel’s modem business a few years ago, but they have still not created a single 5G modem chip and they’ll likely spend years trying to remove FM from whatever they do make so that it doesn’t work. From a pure physics level, it would be easier to put an ATSC 3.0 TV chip and antenna inside an iPhone (with DRM/Digital Radio Mondiale), but you can bet that Apple won’t be doing that either, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Indian and South Korean cell phone manufacturers do. Sometimes progress is hampered by profits, especially in America.

As for MASN and Os/Nats broadcasts, I think Kevin Brown is quite capable on play by play, but I agree that he’s no Gary Thorne nor is Scott Garceau, who can sometimes put me to sleep. I don’t dislike Scott Garceau, but he reminds me of the old WMAR 2 days with Brooks Robinson, but that history is just too old to repeat itself, sorry. I didn’t like Scott Garceau on Ravens play by play either. And I’ll agree that Bob Carpenter is always hampered by poor analysts. Both pre/post game shows are lacking in many ways. Also, has anyone noticed that MASN has not really changed the graphics intros since the beginning of MASN, maybe more for the Nats than the Os, but both just look old. The Orioles game intro still shows the Natty Boh sign even though the Orioles removed the beer from the stadium years ago now! The only thing funnier would be if they showed an old Gunther Beer sign at the beginning. I”m starting to agree with Nats fans. MASN really needs to be sold to a professional outfit that does this stuff for a living, not run by the Angelos boys in their spare time from being bad lawyers.

The original Sony Walkman was an FM only radio/cassette player as I recall in the 1980s. I still have one that works. Before that, we took AM radios to the beach when I was a child, but back then, there was actually music on the AM dial to hear at the beach. In Ocean City, the big FM station most listened to by tourists was 100KHI at 99.9 FM. Btw, the new KHI on the shore is planning to move from 94.9 FM to 94.5 FM, although it hasn’t been approved yet.

There was never a law mandating both AM and FM in radios. Lots of proposals, but nothing was ever enacted. Most receivers ended up including both because the marketplace spoke, but there were outliers that were still FM-only at the high end and AM-only at the very low end. And down below from the weekend - no, the frequencies used by wireless carriers don't "wrap around" the FM band. The lowest frequencies used by wireless carriers are in the 600 MHz spectrum, the old TV channel 38 and above. At those frequencies, you're designing an antenna for a wavelength of about 50 cm, and it's still a compromise to squeeze that into the case of a handheld device. At 88 MHz, you're dealing with a wavelength of about 3 meters. The only way the FM chip in phones ever worked was by using the wired headphone cord as the antenna. No headphone jack? No antenna. No antenna? No usable reception at such long wavelengths. Physics is fun when you spend some time actually learning how it works.

Flipping back and forth between O's Xtra and Nats Xtrra, hard to watch either. What a drop off from the great years with Johnny and Ray and Tom and Rick. It's difficult to blame either current host but they just don't have the experience, TV presence or name recognition the other guys had. When it comes to the game itself, Bob Carpenter has been stuck with inadequate analyst for years, still he does his best with what they stick him with. None of the O's play by play guys eve time close to Gary Thorne.

Some in the time early 1970s, when the baby boomer generation was coming of age and starting to have their own radios and make their own choices as to what to listen to, there was actually more demand for lower priced FM radios than ever before. At that point the FCC put in a rule that said that any radio costing more than $50 at that time had to have both AM and FM tuners, and they both had to be fully functional It was after this that the FM-only stereo receivers went away. While apparently all cell phones have at least poor quality FM radios, most DO NOT include AM radios. Even now that AM is slowly fading to static, that law, as far as I know has never been repealed. This may be the reason the cell phone providers won't admit that it's there!

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