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\/ April 14 \/

Don Imus had Imus Ranch in New Mexico, a place for seriously ill children. DCRTV Imus-O'Meara has Cocoonville Hospice National Golf Club in Florida, a place for seriously ill adults. #SupportDCRTV

I sure wish the guy who keeps moaning about DC’s supposedly inferior “non guy-wired” towers would take a moment to offer an explanation, any explanation, for why he thinks this is so. Don’t keep us on pins and needles. I could give you some technical reasons why tall towers are for Oklahoma, not here. Max Critic

Gus made me chuckle. OOBBEE

Here is something no one ever thinks about. Was the FCC repack profitable or not and who profited and who not? The FCC sold the TV channels 38-59 for 5G use among other things. So I often glance at these FCC 399 forms just for fun and Hearst is requesting $600,000 basically because all the FMs on the candelabra tower in Baltimore had to be moved in some way as part of the channel changes that required all new antennas (some of them were on the TV antennas) so they bought an all new FM antenna stack too, and now Baltimore has an Empire State Building type FM stack, very costly I might add, but all at government expense due to the repack rules. I’m not saying that Hearst is not entitled to the money or that it won’t help FM signals around Baltimore. I’m sure it's a good thing for listeners. If anything Baltimore will be once again, so much more modern than DC’s TV/radio infrastructure. DC’s stations were largely not affected by this as very few TV stations in DC had to move on any tower to a new channel (obviously preferential FCC treatment), I assume due to technical reasons since all the towers are ancient, short and not easily upgraded. So in DC it’s nowhere near the advancement of the Empire type FM stack in Baltimore as someone told me. I think it’s ironic that DC itself is so ancient in technology compared to a much smaller city as Baltimore. So was the repack profitable? For Hearst, I imagine absolutely. They got all their tech upgraded for FREE! And certainly Baltimore greatly benefited technology wise, but DC is still stuck with all the old smaller non-guy wired towers, not very suitable for NextGen TV. I know this from an interview with the Senior VP of Technology at Sinclair, who basically said that none of the ATSC 3.0 rules used in other markets will ultimately work in DC requiring a cell phone tower SFN strategy. Does anyone know if the FCC made any money though? It is after all your money. Hearst certainly got a lot of it. Shouldn’t you wonder why and how?

"What are these references to the Imus show I keep reading about? Imus died." Think about it. Imus, alcoholic in recovery (okay it's not perfect), younger wife Deirdre, late-in-life son Wyatt. Vegan, keto, bad lungs... Anywhere there's a golfer using the N word, Imus will be there. Anywhere there's a waitress paying too much attention or not enough attention to Wyatt, Imus will be there. Anywhere there's an unattended chaise longue in a neighbor's front yard at 5 am Imus will be there. Anywhere there's cake and ice cream in a bowl in a bed Imus will be there. Anywhere there's a played out national issue to be shouted about in an annoying manner Imus will be there. Gus la la la la I can't hear them

/\ April 14 /\

\/ April 13 \/

What are these references to the Imus show I keep reading about? Imus died. Does he have a son or a family member on the air using his name? Cliff, Ruskin, Florida

I’m almost hesitant to ask, but since we’re on the subject of WJLA, I haven’t seen Horace Holmes lately, his latest tweet was from January, but his bio is still up there. I hope he’s okay!

Looks like Tim Barber is gone from WJLA. His last work tweet seemed like it was end of February and his bio is no longer on the website. He was a general assignment reporter.

In the DC area WUSA is airing a the new ‘Twist TV’ on over the air 9.4. For more on Twist TV see here links below. Old reality TV shows but hey it adds another over the air station in DC lineup. www.watchtwist.com... www.google.com

/\ April 13 /\

\/ April 12 \/

Question, what was the purpose of WUSA 9 switching the times for Inside Edition and Daily Blast Live. Makes no sense when DBL says if your staying for the second half when the second half is running at the same time online and Dr. Phil airs at 4pm

Hey Dave, as you know, the Republican National Committee last fall had on their donation webpage a prechecked box saying, "make this a recurring donation," using a light text, or on printers term, a "screen over the text." Literally, tens of thousands of Trump supporters did not uncheck this box when making what they thought would be a one time donation, and we're charged several times their donation. If you donated $200.00, the RNC charged you credit card or withdrew from you bank account $1,800.00 over a six week period. WMAL finally, inadvertently, addressed this issue this morning. While talking about the J&J vaccine, Mary Walters said people "don't read what is in front of them," and as an example, some are "too stupid" to check or uncheck a box on a webpage, and they deserved what they got. Mary just called tens of thousands of Trump donors "stupid." Got it, Mary, we can agree on that.

JOB AD! MORNING DRIVE NEWS ANCHOR-HOST POSITION - WCBM is looking for a morning drive news anchor/host who can gather, write and read the news and participate in a current event issue-driven local show. Prefer that the news air talent be comfortable expressing an opinion on the hot topics of the day. If you are interested in this position, please submit a demo mp3 and resume ASAP to Sean Casey at sean@wcbm.com. WCBM is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Meredith Marx is at it again..she has a "BIG" announcement according to HER coming up soon. She will either tell everyone she is meant for TV (she claims can have any TV job she wants and that she has been offered so many TV gigs here in Baltimore and D.C. but she prefers radio) or she is moving to another BIG timeslot..she is always telling people how important she is and what a BIG FISH she is in the Baltimore market. She claims she is such a celebrity and constantly posts pictures of herself in front of the microphone or with some celebrities she has interviewed claiming what good friends of hers they are. Meredith...you are NOT fooling anyone and it just looks sad.

Now that someone from Dai Nippon has won The Masters, I predict that Monday's Imus Show will feature Rob (BOOB with two B's, more like double D's) making unfunny racist jokes, in his words, part of "the fabric of the show". Gus still not listening

/\ April 12 /\

\/ April 11 \/

The answer to the riddle of where is JP from the Junkies can be found right there on his Twitter... sick with Covid. Guessing he gave it to the producers. This was from several days ago, so it will be telling if he's not back tomorrow. twitter.com/GlassJoeJP

Hi! Just letting you know that the CW Baltimore is airing “Ahoy: The Captain Chesapeake Story” right now until 7pm for the 50th anniversary of WBFF-TV going on the air (4/11/71)! MyTV Baltimore is repeating it tonight at 10pm.... The special is available online at foxbaltimore.com

NEWS! Don Farmer, husband of former WJLA-TV anchor Chris Curle, has died... From deadline.com: Don Farmer, who was one of the original anchors on CNN at its launch in 1980 after a long career as a correspondent for ABC News, died Wednesday in Naples, FL. He was 82. Farmer’s wife, Chris Curle, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he died from complications related to progressive supranuclear palsy, a rare neurological brain disorder. “Dad stayed curious and engaged nearly to the very end,” his son, Justin Farmer, an anchor at WSB-TV Atlanta, wrote on Facebook. “He was born with an abundance of curiosity, integrity and wit.” Following his time at CNN, Farmer also worked at WSB-TV, anchoring the news alongside Monica Pearson for 10 years starting in 1987... At age 26, Farmer was hired by ABC News to serve as a correspondent, and on his fifth day on the job, he was sent to Alabama to cover civil rights demonstrations. He went on to cover the movement and then some of the most turbulent moments of the 1960s, including the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. During that time, he interviewed King as well as all four Beatles. He met Curle when she was working as a reporter for an ABC station in Houston, and he was ABC News’ Southern bureau chief in Atlanta. They both had been covering the civil unrest involving the Houston school district and married two years later. He then went on to serve as a correspondent for ABC News in London and later Germany, where he was bureau chief and international correspondent, sent off to hotspots in the Middle East, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries. The network later moved Farmer to Washington, D.C. to cover Congress, while Curle anchored at the ABC affiliate. When Ted Turner launched CNN, he hired Farmer and Curle, and they anchored a two-hour daily newscast called Take Two. Their time at the network included a week of anchoring live from Cuba. They retired in 1997 but worked part-time as newspaper columnists and radio hosts. Farmer also wrote two novels, which were thrillers set in the TV news business...

Sorry to hear that Ken Roberts died. He was the Manager of WMAL-FM and WSBN 630 AM. (Formerly WMAL 630 AM). WSBN is carrying the Orioles games. I have been a Orioles Fan for many years. I live in Northern Virginia and cannot get the signal of WSBN 630 AM after sunset. When they moved their tower site from Bethesda to Gaithersburg they LOST the Northern Virginia Market at night. I don't know who the Manager is now for WSBN 630 AM. Perhaps Cumulus should lease or purchase WKDV 1460 AM in Manassas and Translator 97.7 FM in Reston to simulcast WSBN. We hear that Metro Radio will sell these stations. The contact at Metro Radio is Dave Houston. 703-980-9705.

Rachael Kaye gone from WJLA...

I can’t confirm this for sure but it looks like Angie Goff lucked out with her schedule as she appears to be working a Sue Palka workweek (every Friday off). I’ve tuned in on a few random Fridays at 10 and always see someone else with Jim Lokay, who obviously drew the short straw. Over at NBC4, someone asked if they’re the only station with talent still broadcasting from home. It’s primarily Doug Kammerer and some of their reporters, though sometimes the main anchors do short segments from home while someone else takes their spot on the set. They always have one or two anchors on set (depending on the particular newscast) and every weather anchor other than Doug is pretty much in the studio all the time. Three weeks ago he was home all week, then off all spring break week (while Amelia Draper filled in in the studio) and then working from home again this past week. He loves mentioning he’s in Bethesda so he’s not that far from the station - just go in like your colleagues. Maybe they’re on a rotating schedule but he seems to be home way more often than anyone else. Over at ABC — I mean 7News — I don’t think Alison Starling has been in the building at all in the last 13 months, nor have any of their weather people except Steve Rudin. Back to NBC4, Doreen is the last one standing from the dominant dream team days (with Jim Vance, Bob Ryan and George Michael) so I wonder if she’s scaling back. Perhaps bringing in Shawn Yancy was a move designed to push her out sooner rather than later. Who knows...

When will Biden appoint a new Chairman of the FCC? They need a leader who will take a stand on the Fake TV Stations. The 28 Channel 6 LPTV Stations have asked for another extension on the July 13, 2021 date to go Digital and become real Television Stations. They were told two years ago they must go Digital and they asked for an extension and received it. They don't want to go Digital because they are making more money operating as FM Radio Stations using their 87.7 FM Audio Channel rather than operating as Television Stations as intended. This group of stations has a very strong lobbyist. Since they have had two years notice, if they don't want to go Digital now they should turn in their license and let other Minorities apply for them so that they can expand Minority ownership in Television.

You can tell the sheepdog (JP) of the Junkies has been off. No 25th anniversary podcast this week. No one could round them up with Bickle's Masters photo essay, another Cake's blackjack bash at MGM and Bish having to work two eight hours days this week. Add in the WTF is going on with the producers and there you have it. OOBBEE

VARIOUS RECENT NEWS ITEMS: Orioles fire their stadium announcer over, according to a media source, woke political statements on social media even though he supported Orioles' and MLB’s statement over Georgia voting laws. MASN streaming has begun as of April 1 on certain platforms, but no app is yet available, but will be soon. Comcast is yet to participate but negotiations are ongoing. MASN and NBC Sportsnets nationwide have also been dropped by DISH & SlingTV in a carriage dispute, including DC. No word on if that will be settled yet or on negotiations. Onto Scripps. Scripps has plans for Katz Networks, which it also now owns that will impact DC’s WPXW & likely WMAR. This could impact WFDC’s diginets. BOUNCE and GRIT are likely headed to WPXW 66 and WWPX 60 soon. Also likely goodbye to QVC and HSN. But I’m sure they’ll end up somewhere else since they pay for play. Finally, NEWSY network will move to WPXW 66 in October with a nationwide OTA launch. Possibly WMAR too. — BaltoMedia.net

Scripps also announced two new Diginets, Doozy and Defy, which will also be on either WPXW or WWPX soon.

/\ April 11 /\

\/ April 10 \/

"It’s about time the FCC pull the trigger on these ghost applications, construction permits and fake TV stations." If only there were some way to contact the FCC and complain. Your approach is basically shouting at cars like a homeless person, just a notch below. Homeless people have (deservedly) more self-respect and (deservedly) more respect from others. Gus handing out meals at 18th & I

Anyone notice less and less air time for NBC4’s Doreen Gentzler? Seem to be seeing Erika Gonzalez & Shawn Yancey on the anchor desk on the evening & night broadcasts. And is NBC4 the only local station that still has people working from home? Also, why do the anchors need to announce that they’re working from home? Especially since we can see their family room, office or whatever in the background

Any update on the WTTG Fox 5 antenna move?

RE: [WDVM]… The FCC needs to reject this madness and WMJF in Baltimore should apply for a stronger signal (different directional pattern) to protect itself from this incursion as a chess move in this nonsense. Also of note about WMJF, Scripps is ripping ION from non Scripps owned TV stations like WMJF so WMAR will likely get ION soon. Case in point, Richmond. WTVR will soon steal ION from the Nexstar’s WRIC. Baltimore has no full market LPTV at all as it is. This will only make it worse. www.rabbitears.info

/\ April 10 /\

\/ April 9 \/

It appears that all the area channel 6 stations are requesting extensions to delay moving off of channel 6. In fact, in general many LPTVs are requesting another extension of the latest July 13 cutoff date to either go digital or get on the air. This is not the original cut off date so all of these people had nearly 2 years notice on what they were required to do so the FCC really needs to dismiss these extension requests. One of those is affecting WBOC-LD on the shore with an adjacent channel protection for a station that has never been on the air for quite a long time. It’s about time the FCC pull the trigger on these ghost applications, construction permits and fake TV stations.

Something is up at JFK with the Junks. During the live FB thing today, EB said they will clarify what is going on with Valdez and Drab on Monday.

NEWS! Talk Radio 680, WCBM Announces Lineup Change - Since the passing of talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh, WCBM has scheduled programming changes in our daily lineup: Starting on Monday, April 5th, 2021, Derek Hunter takes over the 12noon-3pm time slot. Bruce Elliott moves back to the 9-11:45am time slot. Sean Casey Continues as the morning drive host of the rebranded Casey & Company from 6am-9am, featuring local news and sports, as well as intense discussion and lively debate with guests and callers on hot topic of the day. Chuck Whitaker hosts Traffic & Weather on the 3’s. Program Director Sean Casey says, “This power lineup features voices and hosts that WCBM listeners know well and includes more Local content.” Sean continues, “Rush was the King of Talk Radio and can never be replaced. So, we’re going in a different direction, putting our best team on the field!” The Brand New WCBM Weekday Schedule as of April 5, 2021: 6am-9am Casey & Company, 9am-11:45am The Bruce Elliott Show, 11:45am-12pm Bill O’Reilly Update, 12pm-3pm The Derek Hunter Show... Additional Notes on WCBM: Derek Hunter Joined WCBM in the fall of 2019 and continues to entertain and inform WCBM listeners with his exceptional political insights and analyses. Derek proudly filled in for Rush on hi national show last year. Bruce Elliott joined WCBM in 2015 and replaced Tom Marr following Tom’s untimely death in 2016. Bruce then partnered with Sean for the Morning Drive with Casey & Elliott in 2019. General Manager Marc Beaven’s comments on the recent changes. “We’re all (WCBM Listeners) saddened with the passing of Rush Limbaugh, so we’ve decided to focus on “Local” Programming, Monday through Friday, 12noon to 3pm. Rush’s old time slot. With our strong “Local” Lineup, (6am-3pm) supported by our National Programming (3pm-6pm), we are poised to enter this New Chapter of WCBM Programming, with bells on!

So Bish gets a big thing going between SVP and Feinstein due to a twitter post that was supposed to be private today by mistake. (Or, not?) They bring on Sheehan, SVP’s best bud late after promising a 9:00 am start. (Great get Drab! He went across studios while live to set it up) It was really a very good DC sports radio smash up. BUT!!! They cut Kevin short as the show ended. Extend into the next show!!! God, knows they need the introduction/handoff. Anytime the good, remaining sports talent in the market can mix, please let it happen. It was great when Kevin and Czabe decided to cross pollinate their podcasts. Those shows are must listen. Throw Andy on either and it still works. Shit, I miss Rooster and Pete on Sports doing drop ins on the Junks. I know they could use the exposure. Listening CK? I would even go for Ant Man wearing a rooster’s head while doing a BMI on chicken nuggets on Chad’s how. OOBBEE

It seems to me (and of course I know nothing about broadcasting, bitches) that the Junkies were much better suited to evening hours. And they've had a good long run. Hope they planned for retirement because they're next. I'm not advocating canning them but radio management ... just ... might. Gus you heard it hear first Junkies cancelled

I agree with the sentiments expressed. The line up is weak. The Junkies are more a "guy talk" show than a good sports show. The producers are surprisingly good as personalities. I miss "Mike and Mike".

/\ April 9 /\

\/ April 8 \/

[RE the PR FREELOADER post:] I feel a need to defend myself here Dave. #1 I have donated to DCRTV Dave several times in the past, but not since COVID. #2 I send a lot of the info here too, especially technical things, maybe 2-3 things a day, half of which are untagged as me. #3 I make no money from BaltoMedia, don’t even accept donations, so who is really the FREELOADER? For instance, I talked to Ted Venetoulis directly about the various Sun purchase proposals over many months. Dave used to famously bitch and rightly so about The Post stealing his stories so I know how that works. I talked directly to Sinclair too about ATSC 3.0 just to know what’s going on from their perspective, not because I support them politically, but because I know that if DC wants 4K OTA TV, you’re going to have to play well in the Sinclair schoolyard as there is no other choice as a result of the repack for 5G service and lack of available TV channels in this area. #4 With Dave in Georgia, I actually thought I was helping Dave out as I am in the state with access to most of the TV channels, so yes, I have broken some stories here and I rarely bitch at Dave about him just posting it as news since its already on BaltoMedia. #5 If you think I am stealing info on DCRTV to make money, you are sorely mistaken. I know Dave doesn’t steal anything from me either because I normally send him most things I find unless I forget or I am busy like I did today with the recent battle between Sinclair & the FCC with Baltimore’s ATSC 3.0 rollout delays and previously when I was talking directly to Mary Bubala about her WJZ TV firing and eventual hiring by WBFF. Finally, Dave Hughes mostly knows all the people I talk to or get info from, so if he didn’t want to post something, he always has that option and sometimes, if it’s a story he already knows about, he just removes BaltoMedia from the post.

Dave's response: Can't we all just get along?

What’s up with JFK this week? As usual, the stream does not work on my I phone to start the day; So much for getting ratings for the Junks outside a radio. CBS or Entercom or Audacy does not matter. Change the lipstick and the pig doesn’t change. This week producers are coming and going. LandPhil was even on one morning. Anyone know about this? Also, JP was gone some last week (One day with the flu?) and now again all week. I don’t remember if a reason was given. I listened to the part I missed this morning NOT listening to the stream later and there was no mention of JP to start. Usually when one is missing, it is mentioned. One thing is for certain, at 9:55 AM JFK is off for the rest of the day. I can’t wait to start seeing ratings.

The reason for the delay in Baltimore's NextGen TV rollout appears to be a combination of the FCC's arcane rules and Sinclair's application, which they wanted expedited as happened for WIAV 58 in DC. But you see, it cannot be expedited because WMPT 22's signal from Crofton does not completely replicate WNUV's current signal up to 95% of current viewers. That's why Sinclair's application included WMPB 67 to cover those lost in the tower move, but that doesn't fit the FCC's standard arcane rules, so more government employees are required to look at it for a couple months. With the FCC working from home, and various other FCC issues due to COVID, the FCC is holding up both Baltimore and San Antonio on NextGen TV. Some say this is just typical Sinclair shenanigans. but I'd say that this particular odd sharing arrangement became more necessary when CBS's WJZ 13 refused to participate in the deal forcing WNUV to rely on Maryland Public Television. Sinclair cannot downgrade the current resolution for existing viewers without ATSC 3.0 TVs. Now why haven’t any other DC TV station jumped to NextGen TV yet on WIAV? Well, that’s most likely strictly politics among the other stations. WIAV 58 is now just in testing mode. Obviously WJLA 7 will be added very soon, but it’s unclear what others will jump on board, but Nexstar’s WDCW 50 and Tegna’s WUSA 9 are most likely since the companies already have deals in place in other markets. —BaltoMedia.net

BaltoMedia.net. As the cheap mailbag PR FREELOADER you continue to be “May the bird of paradise lay a ta-ta on your tutu,” Johnny Carson. PAY DAVE FOR YOUR MAILBAG PROMOTIONAL BYLINE OR TAKE YOUR CRAB CAKE BODYMORE AND STAY IN HARM CITY. #SupportDCRTV

Re Iceland VS Ireland: when your head is focused on the upcoming break (and a chance to check your Twitter), and there *may* be a typo in the prompter script, it is really easy to slip up.

It would not surprise me if Lokay called Goff "babe" while handing it back. But, make no mistake, she probably instructed him to do so. Goff, charitably described as having a voice like "hacksaw on sheet metal," has been struggling against the dreaded age-out, after she failed the audition on the Today Show, and bounced around in local with her self-promotion campaign. It ain't me, babe.

What's up with WMAL News? Over the weekend the New York Times reported the RNC deceived doners who contributed to Trump's campaign in 2020 by prechecking boxes on its donation webpage saying to make this a recurring donation. If you donated $200.00 and did not uncheck boxes, the RNC took as much as $1800.00 out of you bank account or charged to your credit card over the next six weeks. This is fraud. After the NYT reported this deception, which led to over one million in il gotten gains, the RNCC did the same thing starting Tuesday on their donation webpage. Since WMAL targets Republicans who don't read the NYT, you would think they would care about their listeners enough to report to them this news and to be aware they need to UNCHECK THE BOXES if you are making a donation and don't want it recurring. As John Belushi said, " But Noooo!"

Not only have I heard anchors misquote facts or locations, but the closed captioning is FULL of errors. I’m guessing that it’s voice activated & can’t always accurately interpret what’s being said. And as one who routinely uses CC due to my hearing not being great, I find myself asking “did they REALLY say that?” only to find out when I ask a friend who may be watching with me, tell me no.

Re: the FOX5 anchor saying a volcano was in Ireland vs. Iceland, I’ve seen on more than one occasion anchors giving out erroneous info. They pretty much read whatever’s on the teleprompter. Every now & then I’ve noticed that the more seasoned anchors will notice the error & correct it themselves. Other than that, most anchors seem to just be news readers.

So, is WCBM trying to market Derek Hunter as the new solution for stations post-Rush? Ratings "kingpin?" radio-linx.com/derek-hunter

Did anyone happen to hear the end of last night’s Orioles game? The O’s win in the bottom of the 11th inning by throwing out a Yankee base runner at the plate. The female play-by-play announcer calls the play with all the enthusiasm of a funeral director. Where do they find these people? I bet “Screamin’ Scotty” over at WBAL shows more enthusiasm placing an order at the Burger King Drive-Thru. Geez. And before someone comments. I’m not complaining about it being a female voice. There are many good female play-by-play announcers out there. This one has a long way to go.

/\ April 8 /\

\/ April 7 \/

NEWS: Scripps, new owner of WPXW 66 announced that they are taking NEWSY network to free over the air TV in addition to cable. So it will likely also be on WMAR ABC 2 as well and possibly WWPX 60 in Martinsburg. Scripps is claiming it will be a totally unbiased news channel, a rare commodity today if true. It's interesting how Nexstar and Sinclair fought be the largest TV ownership group in America and traded places when Sinclair lost out on Tribune Media, but Scripps ended up with TV stations in all the largest markets flying under the stormy radar while no one was watching the other big hen house. www.tvtechnology.com —BaltoMedia.net

Wednesday morning just before 10:00 AM, one of the Fox 5 morning news women teased about a piece coming up after the break about new heavy eruptions from a volcano in "Ireland." Really, Ireland? When they ran the piece, they identified the volcano being in Iceland. That makes more sense, it has been in the news for weeks. It got me thinking, even though Iceland and Ireland are close in spelling, I can't remember anytime someone reading "Iceland," and comprehend "Ireland." It reminded me of the time Sarah Palin as governor signed a letter to a Jewish community with "Molotov," and not "Mazel Tov." Close, but, like Ireland and Iceland, you really shouldn't confuse the two.

Did anyone else catch Jim Lokay call Angie Goff "babe" when he tossed back to her in the 4 o'clock newscast today? I gotta say, I like how casual local news has become over the years. Arlington Viewer

I am glad someone else around here finds the humor in the failures of TMOS. As many a D&M guest said, Mike O’Meara is funnier when he is serious just like Jerry Lewis. The laziness of TMOS is greater than any entertainment produced each day. The lack of a show last Thursday was typical. Blame Pony for technical issues. So much for the high tech Podcast Village anchor putting it all together. Blame Bob for blowing a guest booking. Oh boy, the fart comic bailed. Yes, TMOS cannot book an old fart comic. TMOS CANNOT BOOK A FART COMIC!!!! The next day, right when mike’s right arm was healing from patting himself on the back about asking his racist golf mates to tone down the use of the N word, he hurt his left arm patting himself about a 12 year old April fool’s Day bit. It was a good bit. But, as Mike explained it was all about his “Directing” 12 years ago that made it work. Once again, that AU education came through. His bits with Jennifer and Charlie were way overdue. Giving Oscar a creative nod for Charlie driving the Suez boat is so ridiculous. Listeners were screaming about it. I though Mike was being mean in calling Bob stupid lately but he may have a point. Bob seriously asked a nurse a week ago what “Triage” meant. Then, this weekend he almost spent over $1000 on eye glasses. Rube they name in Bobb with two BBs.

I also saw that Fox5 was adding a new guy to the evening broadcast which I assume will be replacing Blake McCoy. Has he left the area as I’ve heard absolutely nothing about him. Anyway, as per the new anchor, hope he’s ready to play second fiddle to Angie Goff.

Lately, since they reduced the hours of the morning show on Channel 7, it seems like it’s been more haphazard, like they’re trying to stuff all of the news into a 2 hour block. I liked Good Morning Washington more when Horace Holmes played a more prevalent role in it. Just saying….

DC’s WTTG Adds Evening Anchor and Reporter... www.adweek.com...

What's up with WMAL News? I listened to their 8:00 AM newscast, and no mention of, Matt Gaetz asking Trump for a blanket pardon, Jen Psaki response to Peter Ducey on the All star Game being moved to Denver, John Boehner's colorful comments on Trump being responsible for the Capitol riot, the George Floyd murder trial-not going well for the defense, Dr. Fauci saying no new wave, the Texas voter suppression bill and companies beginning to fight back, or, McConnell's embarrassing comments about corporations should stay out of politics. They also did not cover this week Wayne LaPierre's admitting getting his whole family (and wife's hairdresser) on a 108 foot yacht and sailing to the Bahamas to "be safe" after Sandy Hook.

Sorry to hear that Gordon Smith, President of NAB, will resign at the end of this year. No reason given why he is resigning. This is a important position for Broadcasters.

I don’t believe that WBAL-TV made any announcement of Joe Krebs death, but Jayne Miller, likely the only person left to have worked with him in Baltimore at WBAL still on the air posted on Twitter of his death. — BaltoMedia.net

I love to watch real LPTV when there is television to "watch". However, the Channel 6 LPTV Stations all became "the Franken" Stations. What are they? When these licenses were awarded, the FCC wanted more Diversity in Television Ownership. If you were in broadcasting at the time you will remember it. The licenses were awarded to Minorities. The new owners soon realized that they could use their audio Channel 87.7 FM and operate as an FM Radio Station. This was a great way to obtain an FM Station in the Top Ten Markets at a low cost. Next comes the Big Sell Off. Most of the owners sold off these licenses at very large prices. Today, none of these original licenses are owned by Minorities. Later the FCC told these operators that if they put any kind of picture on the screen it was OK. Now the FCC says they must go digital by July 13, 2021. None of them want to go digital and are asking for another "extension" this is just a way to stall! They are making too much money operating as FM Radio Stations! If they don't want to operate as real Television Stations as intended require them to turn in their license. There are 28 of these so called "Franken" LPTV Stations.

"Also the person claiming he can beat any Paywall is full of shit, plain and simple. If a newspaper requires you to log in and accept cookies showing you paid them, there is no private browsing option PERIOD." Jeeze Louise, Pottymouth, no one said "any" paywall. I said the Baltimore Sun's and you still don't understand private browsing even though I provided links to explain it to you. The method for reading Baltimore Sun articles is so *trivial* that I view it as sort of an intelligence test. So is being able to afford 99 cents for 8 weeks of articles. I explained it to Dave in one sentence and he's of course free to share it with you; that's his choice and that's fine. Gus's empty colon

I’m saddened to hear that we lost Joe Krebs. Spent many mornings in middle and high school waking up to him, Barbara Harrison, Tom Kierein, and Jerry Edwards.

/\ April 7 /\

\/ April 6 \/

Last Friday, WJLA-TV changed its branding from ABC7 to the universal 7News branding. And so far, the station has been getting very, very negative feedback. Last fall as you may recall, WJLA-TV trimmed its morning newscast, formerly "Good Morning Washington," from 2 hours 35 minutes, to just 2 hours & is now the only morning newscast among the 4 major networks here in the DC market to start at 5am.

It appears as if the FCC’s LMS system is broken again and there is no one home to fix it with nearly everyone working from home. WIAV 58’s application was approved for ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV, but now it’s pending even though it was granted and they are already on the air. I was told it’s an LMS glitch, but other FCC actions appear to have stalled too as all of Baltimore’s NextGen applications appear to just be sitting collecting dust and no decision has been made on the Channel 6’s again too as well as the tons of LPTV extension requests to get on the air by July 13, some of which have been lingering around for over a decade not being on the air! Some of these ghost LPTVS affected the repack and current applications, but only as long as the FCC lets the cobwebs linger, which in government speak appears to be forever. Also the person claiming he can beat any Paywall is full of shit, plain and simple. If a newspaper requires you to log in and accept cookies showing you paid them, there is no private browsing option PERIOD. Anyone who says differently is simply full of shit unless he’s an actual criminal hacker. The problem with this policy is that even paying customers don’t like to be tracked and hassled. Tribune is the worst at this, all of their newspapers, not just The Sun. The only good thing I can say about Jeff Bezos is that he does allow private browsing to avoid The Post’s paywall. But then again, he bought The Post for political reasons, not to make money so he really doesn’t much care too much.

NEWS! I'm hearing the sad news that longtime NBC4 morning news anchor Joe Krebs has passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Mr. Krebs worked at WRC from 1980 until his retirement in 2012. He anchored the morning news since 1994, first with Barbara Harrison then with Eun Yang. He also worked at WBAL TV in Baltimore from 1973 until 1980. Joe Krebs was 78.

NEWS! Remembering Longtime News4 Anchor Joe Krebs... Former News4 morning anchor Joe Krebs has died after a battle with cancer. As Wendy Rieger remembers, he showed us life is best consumed with an open mind and an open heart.... www.nbcwashington.com...

NEWS! Longtime WRC NBC4 anchor Joe Krebs passed away this morning from cancer, according to Matt Glassman, the assistant news director at the station. Joe began working at News 4 in 1980 and hosted it’s morning newscast from 1994 up until his retirement in 2012.

Newsy To Go OTA and to relocate to Atlanta, GA... Scripps employees: Today, we announce another step in the company’s journey to provide Americans with quality and objective news. Beginning Oct. 1, Newsy will launch as a free over-the-air (OTA) national news network within the Scripps Networks portfolio, building on its success with over-the-top (OTT) distribution. Newsy’s distribution over the air will make it the only U.S. news television network with ubiquitous OTT and OTA distribution.

Like the ongoing Florida toxic wastewater plant leak, that Podcast out of DC has hit the 'jump the shark' programming sewage trifecta that will continue to cause listener seepage. First, for years and against their TMOS 'busting each others balls' ethos, Imus, in ad nauseam, discussed politics. Then he moved on to become the self-anointed COVID social justice warrior - with hypocrisy. Yesterday, Bejesus H. Christ - religion. Ya, that's great programming - not. Oscar Santana speaking in confused religious tongues. #SupportDCRTV

I am hearing the DC iHeart music stations start out hours by saying (paraphrasing here) "portions of today's broadcast are prerecorded." Is this finally an admission that they are voice-tracking? If so, that took long enough -- VTing has been around twenty years now, in a practical functional sense.

NEWS! The battle for Tribune: Inside the campaign to find new owners for a legendary group of newspapers... www.washingtonpost.com... Last year, as a group of Baltimore Sun reporters embarked on a long-shot endeavor to find a new owner that could save their paper from a hedge-fund takeover, a former Maryland politician gave them a piece of advice. Treat this like a political campaign. The worried reporters would need to recruit community allies. Hire a public relations firm to sway public opinion. And most crucially: Figure out how to find rich people who might be persuaded to finance a rescue plan. That meeting over coffee with Ted Venetoulis — a former Baltimore County executive who unofficially advised Maryland’s largest private foundation — launched what would become the Save Our Sun campaign. It would eventually inspire a national effort to keep nearly a dozen newspapers owned by the same chain from being bought by Alden Global Capital, a hedge fund with a singular reputation for gutting newsrooms. Now, a coalition of wealthy business executives has put together an 11th-hour offer to buy not just the Baltimore Sun but the entire Tribune Publishing chain that a special committee of the Tribune’s board said Monday “would reasonably be expected” to beat out Alden’s offer. The all-cash proposal from Stewart Bainum Jr., chairman of Maryland-based Choice Hotels International, and Wyoming-based Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, is valued at $680 million, about $50 million more than Alden has proposed paying. The duo then plans to sell many of the individual papers to local owners. Bainum is primarily interested in the Baltimore Sun, where he has told associates he wants to expand the newsroom. Wyss has told colleagues he plans to invest in the Chicago Tribune, according to an executive who is familiar with the discussions...

/\ April 6 /\

\/ April 5 \/

Dave: First, I really hope 103.5 keeps their new line up and like having Bob Emler and Steve Drezner as the traffic guys in the afternoon and evening. And gotta tell you, just when I was giving up on any station's reports, on Saturday, I got stuck on the beltway when those crazy drivers held up traffic near 95..and Drezner started describing what was going on live and helped me to get off early and avoid that back-up. Ok, back to 103.5 for traffic. Also, any pre/post show on NBCSNDCHTS or whatever they're called is just unwatchable! Why is there a young woman with some sort of hair disaster on-camera doing a fake smile along with kids who know nothing, totally embarrassing.

For you rock n roll historians: Remember when the Yardbirds became the “New Yardirds”? Did that happen this morning with the “New Junkies”? Today with JP and EB out, Matt and Matt (“The producers”) stepped into play a major role with Bish and Cakes. It as fresh and energetic and a really nice change. Why Matt and Matt were not selected for a try in mid-days on AT LEAST TEM is beyond me. Listen to either sports station after 1000 AM till 600 PM and tell me they could not do a better job. Maybe they just want to stay where they are? I really want to see a meaningful ratings book with the new sports lineups. I think Elliot gets a boost. I think BIG also gets a boost. Anyone else? OOBBEE

To the challenged correspondent who is so extremely flustered by the Baltimore Sun's "paywall" and can't come up with * 99 cents for 8 weeks of articles * let me tell you Corky, it's * trivial * to get around the paywall. I have sent to Dave under separate cover the entire article as proof and include below a version edited for brevity and fair use copyright purposes. Seriously dude, it's so trivial and you're so cheap you're making yourself look silly. Gus in mockery ...... | | Video shows FBI, IRS entering Baltimore City Hall for probe into Mosbys, with help from inspector general .... By EMILY OPILO | | BALTIMORE SUN | | APR 02, 2021 AT 3:18 PM | | Surveillance video provide by Baltimore’s law department via a Public Information Act request shows federal agents walking into Baltimore City Hall on March 10. Federal investigators bound for Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby’s office were led into City Hall last month by city Inspector .... who was a key investigator in the investigation of then-Mayor Catherine Pugh in 2019. In the video, a Baltimore Police Department officer stands guard at the entrance, but Cumming does not provide identification. City staff are generally not asked to identify themselves at the door. The agents shown on the video do not walk through a metal detector, nor do they sign the log book for visitors. .... racial motivation for the probe. At least six grand jury subpoenas have been issued in the matter, seeking a wide range of financial records related to the couple, including tax returns, .... 2014 tax year, more than $19,000 for 2015 and about $3,000 for 2016. Online court records do not show the lien as paid, though Nick Mosby said in December that he paid off the .... volumes to her ill intentions against Nick and Marilyn Mosby that appears to be personally, politically and even racially motivated,” he added. “Let me be painfully clear, this video, coupled with the named prosecutors that we have sought to be removed from this investigation due to their own personal and political animus, are why the Mosbys are .... her to investigate and that neither she nor her staff are biased. Cumming has assisted with previous federal investigations inside City Hall. During an interview in July with The Sun, .... shared mission to combat fraud, waste, abuse and corruption,” Cumming said in recounting that investigation. A spokeswoman for the FBI declined to comment Friday, saying the agency does not confirm or deny investigations. | |Baltimore Sun reporters Justin Fenton and Tim Prudente contributed to this article. | |Emily Opilo covers City Hall for The Baltimore Sun. She previously worked the city beat for The Morning Call in Allentown, Pa., where she led coverage of an FBI probe that resulted in a mayor’s resignation and conviction. She holds a master’s from Syracuse University and a bachelor’s from American University.

/\ April 5 /\

\/ April 4 \/

Alright, let's walk through this. The Baltimore Sun is colluding to hide corruption by PUBLISHING STORIES ABOUT IT IN THE NEWSPAPER? And McDonald's is covering up the murder of millions of cows by disposing of the evidence piece by delicious piece. Gus shfh

The Baltimore Sun Paywall issue, yep again. Noticed something else. The Paywall can be used for political purposes. Case in point Today’s story about Baltimore City corruption and the Mosby family is TOTALLY BLOCKED, so the majority of Baltimoreans cannot read about any city corruption. There needs to be an investigation into how they determine what stories they are going to block to ANYONE! I believe The Sun is as crooked as the politicians they are barely investigating. It looks like they’re hiding corruption but the bad management that runs The Sun simply does not get that at all. Everything today is agenda driven, sometimes even moreso than money driven. Look at Jack Dorsey of Twitter. He couldn’t give a rats ass how many people he loses from what he does. It’s a drop in the bucket to support a political agenda when you’re a multi-billiionaire. Orwell’s 1984 is really here people. Wake up and smell the coffee. it’s not so good and the mainstream media and even local news just do not care or they think they are bigger than it all. I’m not sure witch one, but neither are good.

Paul Wagner taking over at NBC4 for Chris Gordon ?

Blake McCoy replacement : Rob Desir has joined Fox-owned WTTG Washington as a weekday evening anchor and reporter. Most recently, Desir was an evening anchor and reporter for WTVR Richmond, Va. Prior to that, he was a weekday anchor for WDCW Washington and before that, host of STL-TV in St. Louis. Earlier in his career, Desir held the positions of correspondent for MLB Network, NFL sideline reporter for Fox Sports, and sports anchor and reporter for KTVI St. Louis, WXIN Indianapolis and WALA Mobile, Ala.

Hmm. The news about the lapse at Chateau Imus is disappointing but not surprising. Anyone who pays for porn as Sid Santana has mentioned many times should have his MBA voided. Clearly the TMOS operation needs a *third* studio. Triple redundancy, like the Space Shuttle (how'd that work out?) My suspicion is they could have done a show but the marquee name went Full Mike and threw a pussy fit. That's the history. Math adds up. Gus, so sad, so sober

/\ April 4 /\

\/ April 3 \/

Well, as per Shawn Yancey’s FB page, it looks like former Fox5 reporter Paul Wagner will be going to NBC4.

Is local news even allowed here anymore? This just happened in the District. A Louis Farrakhan & Nation of Islam supporter killed the Capitol Police officer in a racist terrorist attack, but no news source will tell you this, not WTOP or WAMU or even WBAL radio or NBC News, with a bureau and TV station in DC! But no, he didn’t have an AR-15 or connected to Qanon, so it’s not news, just like the continued violence and fires in Portland and Seattle continue. People largely pay less attention to the national news media these days with their poll numbers at around 13%, lowest of anything, but local media is largely accepted as being more truthful. When the local media starts lying to the public or hiding facts, then we have REAL unsolvable problems. Why does no one want to talk about this? Because it doesn’t fit the planned narrative? heavy.com

[Re: Mark Kaye replacing Rush] Dan BingoBanjo is replacing Rush on a lot of Cumulus stations, including WMAL, but other affiliates are going with other options. Someone noted here that Baltimore will have local host. There will not be one single replacement. It’ll be interesting to see where Mark Kaye airs. On another note, ABC7 News is now branded as 7News and they’re pushing the On Your Side slogan. The logo has been tweaked - it’s still the ABC logo joined with the Circle 7 but the ABC logo is flush with the lower end rather than vertically centered.

/\ April 3 /\

\/ April 2 \/

Today the Baltimore Sun Editorial staff wrote an editorial to promote the idea of bringing the All Star Game to a woke and social justice oriented city, whatever that is, but my favorite comment on Facebook about it was this, “The Sun staff better polish up their resumes and either start building wind turbines or learn to code because that failure of a newspaper is going to go down in flames."

From the FCC website discussion of LPTV: "The Low Power Television Service (LPTV) was established by the Federal Communication Commission in 1982. It was primarily intended to provide opportunities for locally-oriented television service in small communities, both rural and individual, within larger urban areas. LPTV presents a less expensive and very flexible way of delivering programming tailored to the interests of viewers in small localized areas, providing a means of local self-expression. In addition, LPTV has created abundant opportunities for new entry into television broadcasting and has permitted fuller use of the broadcast spectrum. The LPTV branch also is responsible for processing applications for Television Translator stations. TV Translator stations are stations in the broadcast service operated for the purpose of retransmitting the programs and signals of a TV broadcast station." Minority ownership would certainly be consistent with that stated purpose but it would not be the only use of the spectrum that would fall under that description. Draw your own conclusions about all of this anti "Franken FM" posting. I have drawn mine.

Mark Kaye from Hot 99.5 announced he’s taking Rush Limbaugh's time slot. youtu.be... I thought Dan Bongino was?!

DCRTV MAILBAG CALLS BULL-SHIT! Mike O'Meara posts on his personal Facebook page "A piece of equipment malfunctioned at our HQ in DC causing [April 1] disruption...One, if true, that would be Podcast Village under the Bolivian with the e-MBA's direction. [If true, for a show that runs out of a company built for podcasts there sure are a ton of technical difficulties.] Two, Santana always touts "redundancy." When a piece of equipment goes down, we have a backup. Three, strange that O'Meara's post wasn't supported by TMOS social media. Crickets. Four, did O'Meara wrongly throw Podcast Village under the technical bus to cover his personal failure in not recording a show? Five, how much longer can Spewak, Santana et al, take O'Meara's bull-shit? Six, Gus, is a hangover a "equipment malfunction?" #SupportDCRTV

/\ April 2 /\

\/ April 1 \/

It’s probably nothing, but I’m curious about something? After Friday, is Good Morning Washington going to be no more on WJLA channel 7? I heard an ad for something, and they said “Monday on Seven News At 6 AM, followed by Good Morning America”. They’d normally say “Monday on Good Morning Washington, followed by Good Morning America”. Moop

s WJLA rebranding? Their Facebook page was titled ABC7 News - WJLA but it’s now 7 News DC. I would guess that, if they indeed are, it’s a feeble attempt to boost their struggling ratings. As the old saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig...

Heres something that sounds like an April Fools headline but well nah, I’ll just tell it first. Boardwalk Jesus of Ocean City, MD fame has disappeared on Holy Thursday. In fact, he’s not been seen in nearly 2 weeks, not the cross, the bike or the fabulous LED lights praising the Lord up and down the Boardwalk. I figure if he doesn’t show up on the cross tomorrow, it’s time to call the police. No way Boardwalk Jesus misses Easter! And his carpentry sawhorse outside is missing too. Hmm. The problem with the April Fools joke is that he really is kind of missing and no one in the neighborhood seems to know anything. And yes, he IS a REAL carpenter as well. Sometimes truth is just simply stranger than fiction. LOL

WJLA renamed there Facebook page to 7NEWSDC and the call letters has disappeared on the webpage. Are they finally renaming the call letters? Michael

"Gus, how many experienced Broadcasters do you know working at the FCC? Please get a life." Said the pot by which I mean a dog with a boner trying to Red Rocket a kettle. Jeez, what is with you? Don't start none, won't be none. If your case of can't-get-past-the-callscreener-itis lasts more than four hours you should, no, you WILL post again on this topic. Gus at Chateau Relax-O

Just for kicks and giggles, I sent this email to Patricia Lane, CEO of Marquee Broadcasting. I do not expect a response either way. I thought to myself. Well, it might even be their church and they just didn’t bother to look at it well, trusting on faith for lack of interference. Let’s see what happens. Dear WMDT, I saw this online in FCC records and wondered why WMDT would allow this much interference to its signal from W29FM-D LPTV? Residents in southern Delaware and Maryland’s mid-shore will likely have trouble receiving 47abc if this is built as proposed. It appears as if an Interference agreement has been signed that allows this? I asked someone I know at the FCC too and he seemed perplexed himself. www.rabbitears.info

NO JOKE. It appears that on this April 1st, TMOS didn't do a live show nor bother to post a 'Best Of' or post a message on their social media platforms? #HobbyNotABusiness

C’mon, Dave. You could have done better than that. Like saying you were going to put little Gus-Gus in “Time Out” for the next 7-days.

Alpha Media reports that they have spent $921,000 on professional fees associated with going into Bankruptcy. They declared Bankruptcy in February 2021 and have $267 Million in debt.

Gus, how many experienced Broadcasters do you know working at the FCC? Please get a life. You like to comment on every posting and you are wrong most of the time. This is a free country so you can give your opinion. We know you are qualified because you listen to the radio and watch TV. DCRTV is a good site but you are turning readers away with your stupid comments.

The WDMV situation must have been temporary. I hear Spanish music again on 700 kHz at 11:45 AM. The old man must still be pissed at Junior, though: the corporate website still carries big red text saying, "Several people imposed fraud on courts in Virginia and Maryland using my company." You would think after a decade or more, all of that would have settled out or at least the webmaster would have edited the page.

I'm trying to figure out the logic of why Newsradio 1090 puts its financial guy on live for a 5-minute gabfest with C4 and Bryan Nehman only to end the interview, go to a commercial and then come back to a pre-recorded segment with the same financial guy. Do the people who run that station ever listen to it?

"The original purpose of awarding these [LPTV] licenses was to get Minorities into Television Ownership." I'd like to see someone document that instead of repeatedly shouting it. If provably true, then LPTV would be the Colored Car of the electronic media railroad. There is an FCC document on this but I'm not posting links these days. My reading of it is they were looking to create a Brocket 99 situation. Robert Johnson of BET, billionaire. Oprah Winfrey, billionaire. Kanye, billionaire. Even under Bwana FCC's benevolent rule it seems they have not chosen to acquire TV stations. Gus in his Gordon jumpsuit at the Tube Bar

Ah, the G. Gordon Liddy memories. I’ll never forget the time I was listening on WCBM 680 and some elderly woman, 80something, called in asking how she could defend herself if her house was broken into without her having a gun or any weapons in the house. He went on to then instruct her politely and in a detailed manner how to kill an attacker with just a #2 pencil. I know he was dead serious, but I simply could not stop laughing. To this day, that’s the only reason I keep a #2 pencil on my desk.

Just watching the speed of the NextGen TV application approvals, it makes one wonder if the Biden Administration is holding up some of Sinclair’s ATSC 3.0 applications, especially in Baltimore, their HQ market. Someone told me it’s just all technical mistakes in their applications, but either way kind of ticky tack it seems. Could it just be retribution from the Biden Administration being sent down to low level FCC bureaucrats to dish out some deserved retribution? Ponderous. That is generally how the government works in general, not in the past as much, but certainly in these days. God knows Trump did it, so why wouldn’t Biden partisans in the FCC do the same knowing they could get away with it easily?

Just for kicks and giggles, sure there are African American owned TV station groups! How dare you question the FCC’s definition of that? There’s Armstrong William’s Howard Stirk Holdings (WXBU Lancaster, PA) and Cunningham Broadcasting, owner of Baltimore’s WNUV CW 54 and many other TV stations even though he’s long since dead and controlled by a dead white privileged woman! And then there’s Byron Allen too. Does he even qualify as black anymore? So watchu talkin ‘bout Willis? Yes, government is always the joke. Even when it has a good idea, it still manages to screw it up.

/\ April 1 /\

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