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\/ January 16 \/

Hey “mark my words”, don’t be giving CNN any advice if you don’t understand a most basic fact of cable TV: getting it tauntingly WRONG is what generates ratings. That’s why FOX has done so well and why OAN and Newsmax are jealous. Your partisan blinders are showing but you’ve got lots of (moronic, dangerous) company. Max Critic

Didn’t watch Shawn Yancey on the Fox5 evening news & not really impressed with what I’ve seen on NBC4 so far. She just seems like she’s trying too hard. But hey, maybe that’s how she’s always been. And just read that Reese Waters is leaving WUSA9’s morning show & replacing Bruce Johnson who retired. Uh, really? Isn’t he somewhat of a goofball? That’s like if NBC4 decided to have Shomari Stone replace Jim Vance!!!

"Ed" referred in a recent post to "that woman". Who was he talking about, may I ask? The only new person I've noticed is Shawn Yancey, who has decades of experience in TV news. And I personally think she is doing great, and fits in perfectly on the station. But maybe he meant someone else. He didn't say. -- Carl in Olney

The major problem that I have with the WDVM antenna move south is that it substantially decreases OTA reception to the COL, Hagerstown, MD. Does the FCC care about that anymore? Maybe not. I’m not sure anymore. The move will certainly increase the population of people that can receive WDVM, but not really in its COL. By lumping Hagerstown in with DC, they have substantially decreased the local TV news service in Western Maryland. Does a whole lot happen out in Western, MD? Not really, but also not much in Salisbury either, but that wasn’t the original intention of the TV allocations in Western, MD in Hagerstown or Cumberland (which are now gone). Also, with Nexstar’s pull, the sheer number of TV stations that they own and affiliates with all types of networks, I find it hard to believe that they couldn’t get a network affiliation for WDVM if they used some leverage. Nextstar for instance has 50 CBS afiliates vs. Tegna’s 15. How is that not leverage?

I’m sorry. If NBC thinks it’s going to increase viewership with this woman, boy have they drunk the KoolAid ! She keeps that wide grin on her face – even during serious stories – and apparently thinks that by showing lots of cleavage, news viewers will just sit there transfixed. Sorry Charlie ! She has no real news chops. She should be relegated to fluff stuff like they did with Jummy until she learned a bit about news delivery. Or send her out on some assignments – not just the WFT locker room – to learn something about news reporting and delivery. I’ve been a loyal WRC news watcher for, literally, decades, but may I remind NBC4, that there are lots of other choices for local news.? Grumpily, Ed in Potomac Falls

I don’t think radio w/ Rush Limbaugh applies well to CNN. Rush has a long running following. CNN doesn’t. Plus radio doesn’t apply to TV either all that well in general. I still think Jeff Zucker will soon get the boot. Also, I’m very happy for John Roberts who previously hosted the CBS Evening News weekends and was passed over when Dan Rather left. Now he’s got a 2 hour TV show on national TV. Well deserved. Will Peter Doocy be any good covering Joe Biden? Well at least he’s a reporter who asked a question other than donut related to Joe Biden, so that’s a good sign. i think he’s gonna be Joe Biden’s Jim Acosta, except without making up the stories. CNN’s latest Jim Acosta embarrassment is Trump looting the White House, already proven false by SNOPES! These nutjobs just cannot stop themselves from embarrassing themselves. CNN might think no one notices, but the ratings do and AT&T will notice the ratings. Heads will soon roll. Mark my words.

Does anyone know what happened to WTOP morning man Bruce Allen? He hasn't been on the air since before Christmas.

/\ January 16 /\

\/ January 15 \/

"Larry O'Connor ... reverse racism on yesterday's show. He quoted ... incoming Biden official, decades old, ... clearly designed to uplift the Black community. Larry.... Larry was wrong... phone the philosophy department... ... check with "logicians"..." Was it Kristen Clarke? I won't reproduce what she said in case you were talking about some other Biden appointee. Anyone can easily find it. As for TMOS, is he still accusing the entire 74 million people who don't agree with him of being motivated by racism? On 11/20/2020 this correspondent wrote "I'm informed that the Shoehorn recently told Snowflake (calling that his codename) that complaining about his medical appointments "is the fabric of the show". The fabric of the show, ladies and gentlemen. Everyone who signed up for that raise your hand. I'll wait. Be free, brothers and sisters! Be free!" Some things never change. Gus apparently living on Castrovalva because we can get phone consultations with "logicians".

"After Trump is gone, what will CNN and MSNBC do? Who will they talk about?" I asked the same about Rush Limbaugh some 20 years ago when Bush II took the White House. Know what El Rushbo did? Spent the next eight years rehashing the Clintons. Dull fluff from the biggest name in Talk Radio, but he dove into it and spent 96 months yammering about it. And even kept it up during the Trump years! Don't underestimate the number of cow pies in the Talk Radio pasture; there's always something to step in, even if it is ancient history.

/\ January 15 /\

\/ January 14 \/

This news that CNN or MSNBC is now beating FOX News is simply fake news. They’re not shuffling the lineup because of either of them. They responding to NEWSMAX. If anything conservative news viewers have increased since the election. After Trump is gone, what will CNN and MSNBC do? Who will they talk about? They don’t do interviews with Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or hardly the proposed cabinet except to deliver them Dunkin Donuts! it’s one of those, “Be careful what you wish for” things. I still think that Jeff Zucker will be fired by AT&T. How can he defend CNN’s horrible ratings for over a year? At least MSNBC challenged FOX News.

Boy, if you want to know the left side of the political crisis in DC or the state of the health of each member in the TMOS broadcast team, listen to this Monday and Tuesday’s podcasts. Monday -FLA and DC Covid vaccination report by Mike and Oscar. (20 minutes) -Mike’s old body breaking down while golfing (Foot, knee, back). He gets shots in his foot. (25 minutes) -Bob and his wife getting flu and shingle vaccines. (15 minutes) Tuesday -The political crisis in the US with Mike blaming every republican, then just trump, and then just the zealots. At the end he totally attacks Todd Moore for being dumb. But he never mentions Todd wrote the app TMOS uses every day (and, for free I believe). Maybe Mike, Bob, or Oscar should write a new one or pay someone to do it??? (30 minutes) -Mike discusses the new shots in his back. 10 minutes -Bob gets a drive through covid test. (15 minutes) You can not make this up. This was two days of topics on TMOS back-to-back. Mike’s politics, health, and FLA vaccination updates with an assist from Oscar on Bob on their health activities and a DMV vaccination update. That is some funny shit, right?

/\ January 14 /\

\/ January 13 \/

With elected "conservatives" now in hiding, Larry O'Connor had to default to reverse racism on yesterday's show. He quoted a passage written by an incoming Biden official, decades old, which was clearly designed to uplift the Black community. Larry took it as putting White people down. I don't have to get into was Larry was wrong, but I do have an idea. Before any WMAL host declares someone being racist against Whites, phone the philosophy department of any one of our great local collegiate institutions and pose your conclusion to them, before going on the air with race baiting accusations. In this case, Larry would have been told the statement was not racist. Even Republicans are telling us to tone down the rhetoric. Having Larry simply check with "logicians" before making a dangerous ass out of himself would be a great first step.

In response to the Shawn Yancy question, she is a fill in. She is NOT replacing Doreen. She is NOT replacing Pat, She is NOT replacing Wendy. If you watch a newscast you will notice the vibe is ICE cold in the studio when she’s on with Pat. Take it for what it is.

WJFK’s Sports Junkies circa 1998. scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net

I just checked the programming guide on my Comcast cable box and it displays the National Desk airing on WNUV, the CW Baltimore, staring January 18th weekdays from 7 to 9 a.m. Why it only airs for 2 hours is beyond me as the press releases perviously in November said that it would air from 6 to 9 a.m. in the Eastern time zone...

I see that Shawn Yancey is now on air at NBC4 as was advertised. I've only tuned in a couple of times and it was at 6pm. So has she replaced Doreen Gentzler on the 6pm newscast or just filling in while Doreen is on vacation?

/\ January 13 /\

\/ January 12 \/

What I found interesting about the ION Media sale, is that I thought Sinclair might try to buy them as ION has stations in nearly every Top 30 market. But apparently, Scripps got there first so kudos to them. i just hope they don’t do to those stations what they did to poor WMAR TV! At least in Baltimore, Scripps is well known for doing everything on the cheap. I hope they don’t screw this up.

Some advice to WBAL-TV. Don’t use stories from CNN when discussing Trump leaving office or impeachment or the 25th Amendment. We know Trump isn’t going anywhere until Jan. 20 not matter what happens. It’s simply technically impossible with the Senate not even in session and getting 100 Senators to agree on anything would require an act of God or Mother Nature. It only makes you look as foolish as Jeff Zuckerberg getting caught on tape screaming, “I DON’T CARE WHAT THE NEWS IS, MAKE IT ALL ABOUT TRUMP!” And for God’s sake, please get Gerry Sandusky out of his basement. The Joe Biden jokes are already starting! The Ravens are playing. There will be fans at the stadium even in New York and the sports reporter for an NFL Playoff team is going to remain in his basement? I understand precautions have to be taken, but Tom Tasselmyer is still doing the weather from TV Hill. What is Gerry’s excuse?

Sadly, I'm getting reports and clips that former Ramada multi-purpose room DJ Mike O'Meara is trying to spin that everyone who disagrees with him is racist. Nancy Pelosi, obviously white, although the rack is YOWZA!!!. Clarence Thomas, arguably black. It would be funny that Mike thinks he's smart except it's really very sad. It's the bad part of Flowers For Algernon. Gus in the time of cholera

A very special Happy Birthday to birthday buddies Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. For Rush, God willing, this will not be his last and Stern because of his decades of success thought he died and went to heaven years ago. Cumulus Memo update: said to be bullshit by Chris Plante, echoed by Larry O’Connor and confirmed as false by Mark Levin sounds as if it is fake news. Last but not least Fox News, after getting trounced by CNN and PMSNBC in recent ratings, has shaken up both its daytime and nighttime scheduling, including pixie Dana Perino losing her solo afternoon show for shared morning shift with Bill Roberts and Harris Faulkner down to an hour mornings. Newsmax an OAN continue to make major gains with Fox audience. Gus is still in the Gaithersburg and Whitey’s still walking on the moon: Nick in Arlington

I think the Scarsdale Diet joke was : "What is the Scarsdale Diet? Eat lead." Rockville Bob

Regarding "Just FYI.... Mike Litteris is the official spokesman for the National Park Service." You sound as if you know of what you speak, except that you don't. The Park Service's Public Affairs Specialist is Mike Litterst. Try calling him by his correct name, as "That would pretty much eliminate all the junior high school-ish giggles....."

Regarding "Talk-radio owner orders conservative hosts to temper election fraud rhetoric...", the memo written by Cumulus' Brian Philips can be interpreted to say "We raised ratings and revenue by spreading Trump's lies. Now, we are in jeopardy of losing that revenue due to the 'cancel culture' of our advertisers. We have to appear as if we are sane and responsible broadcasters. Cool it for a while. The fun will resume later in the year."

While Cumulus is censor discussion about the election, Jeff Bezos' web hosting 'service' has made Parler go dark, thus contributing to the death of democracy called for by Bezos' "Democracy Dies in the Darkness" 'news'paper.

Dave's response: When you sign a contract with private businesses like Amazon Web Services or Facebook or YouTube/Google or Twitter there is a bit of legal gobbledegoop called a terms of service section that you agree to that allows the platform to end its contract with you at any time for any reason. That's corporate capitalism. Likewise, WMAL or Fox News or Newsmax does not have a legal obligation to air my particular political sermons. Yeah, I pretty much have the "freedom" to "say" whatever I want but not on any of their private platforms.....

/\ January 12 /\

\/ January 11 \/

Scarsdale diet. Now there's one I haven't heard in a long time. Last time had to be around 1980 because Don Geronimo was working at WPGC and made some kind of joke about it during his 'boogie check.' I wish I could remember how it went, but I do remember laughing my ass off about it. Maybe it'll come to me after a take a few bong hits. AJA

Looks like Cumulus Media has had enough after letting its hosts push election fraud conspiracies for months Tells it’s hosts if they keep at it they will be subject to immediate separation Will Mark Levin quit in protest? It would be nice if Premiere would do the same, though I doubt their hosts would even be able to do a whole show with these restrictions in place. -Candide

So I'm watching Sarah Fields a UCD Communications professor on C-SPAN talking about the Scarsdale diet doctor murder. Am I the only one put off by the rouge TV types inflict on their distaff? Every time I turn the TV on I'm confronted with ladyclowns and I can't unsee it. Alfred Hitchcock presents Gus

I don't think we'll be seeing Sarah around much longer. Now that she's single I bet she will head South somewhere warm and where the mens pockets are deeper.. I mean JOBS, she will head South where the jobs are.

NEWS! Also it was announced today that Washington and Baltimore will both have Next Gen TV this coming summer. It was supposed to happen in 2020, but the Repack delays due to COVID delayed a lot of the rollouts. The CES is this week, so there will soon be over 30 ATSC 3.0 HDTVS available in a wider array of prices. And also now a TV tuner to use with existing TVs for around $250. That will accelerate the rollout. Detroit is also gearing up TV screens for cars starting later this year as well as one 5G cell phone that is Broadcast TV capable without using any data plan, meaning free. Free is going to be very compelling to cell phone customers with 5G rates so high.

Did Chris Plante just try and hastily obfuscate an eventual departure? The "Robert in Chantilly" call at 11:30AM was obviously scripted, though not well executed. Chris told Robert the Cumulus memo had been floating around for weeks, but he had never seen it. "Weeks?" I doubt that. Chris earlier chided Pelosi's 60 Minutes interview, but Chris didn't mention in the same episode Republican officials in Georgia debunking the "suitcases full of ballots" claim Chris has talked about for weeks. Pathetic. They are panicking.

[RE: Sarah Caldwell's photos are what I believe my kids call a "thirst trap." It's where someone posts a photo just to garner attention, i.e "thirsty". I feel sorry for her, she seems so insecure.] She also posted a photo in a restaurant, not at a table, not wearing a mask. Way to show respect to all the folks out of work, frontline workers and people who have had to work with a mask on throughout the pandemic. Is she that self-centered or just that much of a flake? My guess is she only pretends to care when the cameras are on.

NEWS! Talk-radio owner orders conservative hosts to temper election fraud rhetoric www.washingtonpost.com - After months of stoking anger about alleged election fraud, one of America’s largest talk-radio companies has decided on an abrupt change of direction. [WMAL's owner] Cumulus Media, which employs some of the most popular right-leaning talk-radio hosts in the United States, has told its on-air personalities to stop suggesting that the election was stolen from President Trump — or else face termination. A Cumulus executive issued the directive on Wednesday, just as Congress met to certify Joe Biden’s election victory and an angry mob of Trump supporters marched on the Capitol, overwhelmed police and briefly occupied the building, terrorizing lawmakers and leading to the deaths of five people...

Does anyone know when Sarah Caldwell, is done Fox. I can't watch, this must be the most vain woman in the world with the constant look at me photos...Does she now know what is happening right now in our country? People are talking and not fondly of her...

Just FYI.... Mike Litteris is the official spokesman for the National Park Service. Since the National park service controls the national mall and the Washington Monument Grounds as well as the GW and Spout Run Parkways he already gets more air time on WTOP than some of their own beat reporters Especially at times like an Inauguration or Independence day. It only follows logically that, when he is off duty and out in his own vehicle and comes across a traffic incident WTOP would be interested in he would call it in.

Dave's response: We've heard about his name many times before. How about calling him "Michael Litteris" on air instead. That would pretty much eliminate all the junior high school-ish giggles.....

RE: "We have never had a Hispanic on the FCC." Really? How would you categorize Henry Rivera, Patricia Diaz Dennis and Gloria Tristani?

"Will the new Chairman be a Minority? We need more diversity." Ajit Pai wasn't enough diversity for you? What is your problem? Do you not like Biden? Do you keep posting about the FCC because in your tiny brain it's the only way you can get past the call screener? Picking by race is itself racist. Tell Michael Powell he's not black. Tell him I sent you. You're an idiot. Gus at the end of his rope

NEWS! Scripps just bought ION Media and their TV stations, so they’ll now have 2 TV stations in the DC market. They apparently also purchased or made a deal with Newsy and intend to run a national news program from it. No word on local news. And speaking of news networks, CNN finally confirmed that they have tried to get Fox News removed from cable TV lineups at co-owned AT&T and other cable systems. Since the CNN purchase was rather controversial, I would think this might cause trouble for AT&T removing a competitor of a network that they own. CNN also wants OAN and Newsmax removed from cable systems, in effect censorship. --BaltoMedia.net

/\ January 11 /\

\/ January 10 \/

The FCC Chairman leaves in 9 days. Biden has not appointed a new Chairman yet. Will the new Chairman be a Minority? We need more diversity. What about a Hispanic? We have never had a Hispanic on the FCC.

/\ January 10 /\

\/ January 9 \/

So it took CK and Entercom took three months to decide that D&G should get afternoons after the firing of Chad for fake racism charges? Wow. And, that same team let Czabe walk? (Sat AM doesn't count for Czabe; he ain't Awad. They even screwed him week one.) I can't wait to see the D&G replacement. Down to the basement of the dorm again? Also, remember the math: 4 Junks x 4 hrs < (2 junks x 4 hrs) + (2 Junks x 4 hrs). Throw in an Awad hour or a Matt and Matt hour and those Junks hours can be cut to three. Maybe if EB gets to sleep, we will hear less eating? It is not like he is the host of TMOS. Entercom and CK already proved two Junks are all you need the week the Skins need to win to get into the playoffs as well as the first week of the playoffs with the Skins in them. Oh, yeah and the NBA opened up those weeks too even those it's just the Wiz in JFK's eyes. I mean if the Skins win, will there be enough air for the other three Junks with EB on the air? Lurch, CK said one more week is ok.

"You dont send out a memo like that unless the language is cleared by legal and compliance." Yeah, you do, because bosses are idiots. And L and C should be capitalized. Don't be a dog faced pony soldier. Covering a dodgy-by-any-normal-standard murder: illegal. Talking about Sandra Fluke (Tony Manero had a word for girls like her): illegal. Settling dcrtv.com - News Archive January 2007 to December 2007 a $5000 lawsuit in Small Claims Court: illegal. Settling a lawsuit in the past before being employed by the station: illegal. Being hounded by Casa de Maryland and CAIR: illegal. Being www.aim.org... hounded by CAIR: illegal. " Mrs. Fred, who was paid under the table by an outside group to promote their activities on WMAL, in violations of FCC regulations" What group and what FCC regulation would that be? Shirley you know. Gus in the law library

Dave, yo' missin' out on a liquid revenue stream - PAID OBITUARIES. New DCRTV RULE - pay Dave for ALL mailbag obits. Virtual Flower arrangements and a custom Dave & Crotchy eulogy sold separately. Signed, The Real AHHHH #DirtNap

So the 9 AM hour of Czabe was preempted today in favor of something called "Bet QL"... whatever that is... is the "QL" for "Quicken Loans," are they gonna roll out a loan for you if you can't pay up, is that how it works?

NEWS! From buckheitfcandcrematory.com: Michael "Mike" Dean Neff of Troy, PA passed away due to complications from Covid-19 on December 31, 2020. Mike was born on October 6, 1952 in Lock Haven, PA to H. Dean Neff and Winifred Swoyer Neff. His family later moved to Mansfield, PA and he graduated from Mansfield High School in 1970. Mike graduated from Ohio University in 1974 with a degree in radio and television sciences. Mike's passion for radio began in high school and fueled a long and prestigious career in broadcasting. His colleagues (some of whom know him as "Super Splice" or the "Sultan of Splice") fondly recall his dedication and expertise, and listeners remember his warm and amiable on-air presence, at stations WNTE of Mansfield, PA, KDKA of Pittsburgh, WIND of Chicago, WGY and WGFM of Albany, NY, WRAL of Raleigh, NC, WMAL of Washington, DC, WARM of Scranton, PA, WHP of Harrisburg, PA, WPTF of Raleigh, NC, WQFM, WQFN, WEJL, and WBAX all of Scranton, PA, and WOGA and WNBT of Mansfield, PA. He also worked for United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties and the Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania, Pocono/Northeast Branch. Mike will be remembered for his compassion, generosity, mentorship, and gleeful sense of humor... Arrangements for a Celebration of Life are tentatively planned for October 2021. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to two organizations Mike ardently supported. Mike loved animals and he championed the work of Second Chance Animal Sanctuary of Tioga, PA (www.secondchanceas.org). He also supported the fundraising efforts of his son, Kyle, for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (afsp.donordrive.com/participant/MichaelNeffTribute). Buckheit Funeral Chapel and Crematory, Inc. 637 S. Main St. Mansfield, PA is assisting the family.

It will be interesting to hear on Monday how the Cumulus edict will effect (and affect, for that matter) Rush an Mark Levin. Even though they don't work for Cumulus, they are heard on Cumulus stations. This is a good example of why both legal and compliance are needed when a decision like this one comes down. Will Premiere follow the lead of Cumulus?

Did anyone else catch that WTOP traffic reporter Rob Stallworth received a traffic tip from listener "Mike Litteras" this morning.

Changing the topic briefly to advertising before returning to the WMAL-flogging: One TV commercial flight I hope ends soon is for "The Farmer's Dog", and is the one where dozens of dogs are close-miked while they're eating. If I turn my head away and just listen, I can pretend it's the soundtrack to the orgy scene from "Caligula". But alas, no. Its a bunch of damn dogs, eating. Please be done soon.

Since WMAL has been a one trick pony since November, they will need to communicate clearly with their callers of the new policy. If not, what happens when Chris Plante is railing against Hillary on Monday, and a caller, like "Mike in Fredericksburg," agrees, but 90 seconds into the call with Chris, Mike pivots to "election fraud" ? Will Chris just dump the call and move on, or is Chris now required to correct the caller's assertion (for the record)? Also, is all that time on the gateway pundit Chris spent Friday afternoon for Monday's show prep now just waisted time? It is clear from the "all hands on deck," "you will be terminated," memo Cumulus lawyers are now involved. You dont send out a memo like that unless the language is cleared by legal and compliance. I wonder why attorneys are involved, Gus. It was reported this morning the FBI is looking into Parler and a "conservative alternative" to youtube. In the report they associated Parler with a WMAL evening host. The wheels are in motion.

Gus, I can name several times WMAL has broken the law. One, coverage of the murder of Seth Rich.Two The defamation of Sandra Fluke, Three, Chris Core being sued for defamation of character by a guy who hired a day laborer, Four, Larry O'Connor being sued by Shirley Sherrod ( before coming to WMAL, but WMAL repeated his slander), Five, An on air apology by WMAL over "wreckless coverage," of the DNC. Remember Michael Graham? There was a threat of lawsuit against him by a civil rights group before he was fired. What about Mrs. Fred, who was paid under the table by an outside group to promote their activities on WMAL, in violations of FCC regulations? Fred lost his job over it. If they broke no laws, why did they lose or give up in all these lawsuits or potential lawsuits? Why were Grandy and Graham fired? Oh, and I was in Radio for all these events. I found it hilarious your post was juxtaposed with the cumulus, "Biden won, get over it," memo. Perhaps the FBI has already contacted Cumulus over talk radio's involvement in the attempted coup; would not surprise me in the least. Or, they are really concerned who may come knocking at the door. Another real possibility.

“We need to help induce national calm NOW." Why not just put it in the water supply and be done with it? Or DID they? I wonder how many radio hosts will read the memo on air. Serenity now! WMAL's Larry O'Çonnor's phones weren't "operative" today, at least in the final hour. Interestink. Gus in the Memory Hole

/\ January 9 /\

\/ January 8 \/

NEWS! Grant and Danny are moving to afternoon drive on 106.7 starting next Monday.

Unless someone beats me to it here: Cumulus corporate mucky-mucks have ordered that all Cumulus and Westwood One personalities stop presenting any illegitimacy claim regarding the presidential election. A memo issued from high up states,“We need to help induce national calm NOW. Cumulus and Westwood One will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended. The election has been resolved and there are no alternate acceptable paths." Probably the best line from the memo says, "If you transgress this policy, you can expect to separate from the company immediately.” Time to trot out a few Best-Ofs from the Grandy & Andy days, eh WMAL?

Fun and disturbing to watch all the conservative hosts beginning the great “Trump is bad for the GOP” schtick while they carried water for four miserable years culminating in the unforgivable events of January 6 2021. -Candide

"the US Capitol was stormed, [blah blah blah] attempted coup on our peaceful transition of power." Yeah I saw something about that on Maryland Public Television. I get that you feel helpless and like you can't cope, but I assure you you'll get through this. Maybe they'll bring back Strzok and Page for the investigation. Remember this is the FBI that had a director who literally stood *in front* of curtains in the Blue Room in hopes his 6'8'' frame wouldn't be noticed. It's your right as an American to take longslowsoapyshowers while thinking about the FBI and hey! Maybe they'll want to talk to The Guy Who Couldn't Get Past the Call Screener! We get that you don't like WMAL, but show me on the doll where the station even came close to breaking the law. Asking you because it sounds like you log more than my just a few hours a week. I do understand that it irks you that not everyone has to be censored by Papa Zuckerburg and Mama Twitter and yes, I am "uniformed" and "dilusional" but some friendly advice? Measure twice, cut once. Gus being here now

COMING MONDAY! Play the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Game - The TMOS / Mike O'Meara 'Storming The Capitol' reckoning day media version. { Bring a bath towel and a couple of bars of soap. You'll want to wash the repulsive stench off of you.]

/\ January 8 /\

\/ January 7 \/

NEWS! EMF just bought two more stations - WFLO FM/AM in Farmville, Virginia for $750 K. Not sure what they'll do with the AM but the FM will fill in a coverage gap between Richmond and Lynchburg... Seems EMF is the only one buying now, likely another distressed sale. WFLO-FM is a Class B running 50kw ERP at 150m HAAT with a 4.4 dB null towards the East-Southeast. WFLO AM is a 1 kw non-directional daytimer. www.kenbridgevictoriadispatch.com ..... Here's a quick answer to the WKDV antenna dilemma ...string a wire down that famous cell tower in Herndon an call it "WOHN"....

Gus, the US Capitol was stormed, people died, destruction an theft of government property happened, and Senators and Congressional members lives were put in danger. It was an attempted coup on our peaceful transition of power. Do you really believe the FBI is gonna shrug their shoulders, or do you think they will do a complete investigation on the who, what where, when, why, and HOW this attempted coup happened? Do you think they will NOT look at the media as in talk radio, Parler, and the clowns who prepped for this mess? If you believe they will not look at WMAL on this subject, you are not only misinformed and uniformed, as we all know, but also dilusional. Remember, G. Gordon Liddy said on the radio he used a picture of Hillary Clinton as target practice, and there were two Secret Service agents waiting for him at the station by 9:00 AM the next morning (even with Fairfax traffic). He had to go see a federal judge over it. They take threats and attempted coups seriously. Yes, the FBI will soon cross their t-s, and dot their i-s on this one, and Parler and it's media partner, WMAL, will most certainly be part of the investigation. Under the circumstances, they cannot not be.

I forget, does a "mia culpa" trump a "sespool" or vice versa? Someone's got major wood for an imaginary FBI. On the bright side both WMAL 105.9 and WMPT ch. 22 provided good coverage of the events on Capitol Hill. "Dave's response: Poor Bill Hess...." Dodging that guy's calls must be like having a second full time job. Gus in a very short almost soapless shower

This morning, Chris Plante justified, and downplayed the attempted coup yesterday at the US Capitol by comparing it to the BLM marches over the summer. The comparison doesn't work for many reasons including there was no opposition mob inciting violence against the Capitol invaders, like there was for BLM, and there were no b0mbs at BLM. Also, BLM did not storm the US Capitol, or any federal building. I have not head anyone on WMAL this morning mention Parler, the forum where this coup was planned, and a once favorite social media platform for people who believe, and follow, WMAL. Does Chris Plante have a serious mental disconnect? Chris, Bill, it's the FBI at the door, can you get it? Memo to FBI, ask Chris about the payments he took from Paul Manafort to promote Putin in 2012, and ask Chris about his other ties to Russia with regards to Seth Rich.

Why the constant complaints about WBAL? If people don't like it that much, why do they listen? Why support what you don't like? If you're listening, why would they change anything?

So in the absence of real content, Newsradio 1090 resorts to filling in large blocks of time with its own self-described Talk "Stars" engaged in a gabfest. You're kidding right? Don't tear a rotator cuff patting yourselves on the back.

Re: WKDV: As of this morning, 97.7 is still operating...which I think is illegal if the AM is not operating, and it is not. I know attempts to file silent STAs for only the AM and keep the translators running have been shot down in the past - didn't WHGM or someone around here try that? That the 106.3 translator's originating station is listed on WWWT on FCCData is an error stemming from Metro having filed an application covering both it and the 102.9 translator (at the time, co-located) a few years ago; the original application lists it properly as WKDV.....And, while scanning the AM band I was surprised to hear English commercials on 1580. It's dropped TUDN and flipped to a straight simulcast of 107.9 WLZL.

WMAL is not offering a mia culpa over their involvement in the attempted coup yesterday. WMAL has been telling us Trump is playing three dimensional chess for America, Trump is a patriot, and Democrats are evil and they stole the election from us. We were told "Democrats are taking over our country, and bringing Socialism." This morning, after the attempted coup , WMAL called it a "mishap," where "things got out of hand." Susan Ferechio said on WMAL this morning the protesters were "confused" as to what building they could or could not legally go into. These coup participants bought guns into the Capitol, b0mbs were planted around the Capitol and in front of the DNC and RNC offices, they broke down locked doors, and smashed windows to get in the building, they destroyed other federal property, and they attempted to stop a step in the peaceful transfer of power. They were also, according to WMAL this morning, "confused" over which door to use. The FBI is coming to ask questions, Bill. I guarantee it.

Although WTTG claims to have weather on the 5s in the morning, they don't Turned on WTTG about 7:20 this morning looking for the forecast. No weather at 7:25 or 7:30 or 7:35 or 7:45. Finally, at 7:47, after a little news, numerous self-promotional ads, a sports report and some chit-chat, they finally had Mike Thomas do a weather report.

Maybe CK did not know the merger was coming? But, the Skins (Yeah, if you don't like it zip it) are in the playoffs and with two sports stations, Entercom has no PM drive host who has held a audience before. It is kind of a joke. Even if they were not in, it is a huge sports month. No Czabe, No Chad (Don't blame CK for that; see Philly), no Andy, etc. The AM drive is a bit messed up. Kevin's show is impossible to listen to in the beginning. I would even say F 980, put Kevin on JFK PM with Andy or Cooley or Thom. Put Rooster and Awad on 980 AM drive. I like the ring of that "Rooster and Awad in the morning". And, WTF is going on with the Junks???? I think CK did have a hand in this. Jason is neck and neck with Kevin with regard to being a wagering degenerate. It is the biggest week of the year in wagering and JFK presents JP and EB. Boy, those are two gamblers right off the Vegas strip. JP makes white toast look like a large pizza. He last gamble was to out drink the rest on last years holiday show to win $500 while puking AFTER the show. This is EB..."Skins....Skins...Skins....Skins....Oh, my daughter, Skins....Skins....". Why would you let Bish and Cakes take THIS week off? Thank God for the Matt and Matt show! (I am neither, LOL). They are the only insight into any of the other five games and they bring some funny. Shit, give the PM drive!!!

/\ January 7 /\

\/ January 6 \/

Hey Dave, friend of WMAL, Lin Wood, posted on Parler this afternoon encouraging the protesters to keep it up. I called WMAL NEWS to alert them and ask if they could get Lin Wood on the air for an exclusive. I was told since it was posted on social media, it wasn't an exclusive. I said that it was on Parler, and no legitimate media goes on that sespool. She hung up on me. Lin Wood, a friend of WMAL, ecouraged via Parler the coup, Parler, where this coup was planned, was endorsed by WMAL, RALLY for Trump, is an advertiser on WMAL, and the rally was heavily promoted on WMAL, all played their part in this coup. There will be a FBI investigation. WMAL's name will keep popping up. Bill Hess, turn in your licence now ( and flee to Moscow with the rest of your seditionists). Talking for two months on public airwaves entrusted to you about how this election was stolen, saying things like"Take back our country," and "rise up!!" and "Biden and Harris are Socialists!" Certainly will not help your defense. Dave, if the FBI needs your mailbag archives on WMAL, will you turn it over to them?

Dave's response: Poor Bill Hess.....

NEWS! On December 9, Metro Radio filed an STA Go-Silent request for WKDV. The AM outlet left the air on the 7th of December. Metro Radio stated in the application that WKDV lost its tower site and the owners are searching for a new one. (The FCC has yet to act in the paperwork.) I suspect WKDV never did build out single tower downgraded-power construction permit. W249DX 97.7 Reston, also filed to go silent . What about 106.3 Gainesville, W292BC, which listed WWWT as its primary?... See SomosLaLey.com...

I just signed up for Chad's podcast. If he is 1/5 as funny as he was on BOAD it will be well worth the money. I need it. BOAD free/paid used to be a big two (Remember three??) hours of my week and their live shows were the best. (I know Drab and O most likely can not do it now but once every month or two at Jammin would kill once this virus stops doing that.) Chad with Lavar was just Chad with Lavar. (Poor Chad) After that he was so much better but JFK's handcuffs made it hard for him to be him. After the Junks (And, you can talk about lazy here - LOL. Oh yeah, when did Bish get the D&M vacation deal?) there is little anymore on air I will listen to with Chad and Czabe gone. My other two daily Pods have always been Mr. Tony and TMOS. Mr. Tony needs to get back in a studio. I know he is old but he is sounding sooo old and tired now from the house. TMOS, well, Mike needs a kick in the ass. His political droning and old man FLA stories are just that - political and old. (You are welcome Oscar even if I think he's infected you lately.) OOBBEE

/\ January 6 /\

\/ January 5 \/

NEWS! It looks like Sinclair Broadcasting is flogging a new morning news program called The National Desk, which will be running from 6-9 a.m. on The Entity Formerly Known As NewsChannel8. The lead anchor is former WUSA9 anchor Jan Jeffcoat. This makes me wonder one thing: is Reese Waters & Co on Get Up DC making that much of an impact in the before-7 a.m. ratings?

"Ask Biden when will we receive our stimulus checks?" Can we keep this about media please? A gratuitous mention of the FCC at the tail of the post doesn't make it a legit or appropriate message for the Mailbag.

NEWS! From FTV Live: Word is that Nexstar has filed and application to move the transmitter tower of WDVM, Hagerstown (Washington DMA) from a point west of Hagerstown to a mountain top 40 miles away which is just 30 miles from the Washington, DC beltway. Why? By moving the transmitter closer to DC, it will invoke the “must carry” rules on all the DC cable and satellite systems. Also, I would not be surprised with Nexstar did not air News Nation on the station after the transmitter move.

Ask Biden when will we receive our stimulus checks? Will they be just $600? 75 Million People voted for Trump. However, Biden claims that 85 Million people voted for him.. The People have spoken! Still no new Chairman of the FCC.

The Radio Television Digital News Association is accepting entries now for the 2021 Edward R. Murrow Awards competition. Journalism published by radio, television and digital news organizations as well as by student journalists between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020, is eligible for entry. “2020 showed just how much journalism matters,” says RTDNA Executive Director Dan Shelley, who previously served on the Board of Directors as Chairman of the Awards Committee. “Journalists should be proud of the work they’ve done over the past year, telling some of the biggest stories of our lifetimes and, in many cases, providing life-saving information. This year’s Murrow Awards will recognize that impact.” The 2021 competition includes a new category for Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, recognizing storytelling bringing awareness, solutions or dialogue to diversity, racial injustice or inequality. Several new Student Murrow Award categories are also available, including Podcasts and new Feature Reporting and Hard News categories for both audio and video reporting. The entry deadline for the 2021 Murrow Award competition, including professional and student divisions, is February 18, 2021 at 5pm EST (no extensions or exceptions). RTDNA members are eligible for reduced entry fees, and entries submitted by February 11 automatically receive a $10 off early-bird discount. Entrants are strongly encouraged to read the complete rules and category descriptions prior to submission. Among the most awards prestigious in news, the Murrow Awards recognize local and national news stories that uphold the RTDNA Code of Ethics, demonstrate technical expertise and exemplify the importance and impact of journalism as a service to the community. Murrow Award winning work demonstrates the excellence that Edward R. Murrow made a standard for the broadcast news profession. Radio Television Digital News Association, National Press Building, 529 14th St NW, Suite 1240, Washington, DC 20045, RTDNA.org

ANNOUNCING THE OPENING OF THE NEW “OUR TOWN AUDIO” STUDIO IN NORTHWEST, WASHINGTON, DC... Home to local podcast favorite, “Our Town with Andy Ockershausen,” Season 6... Best Bark Communications is proud to announce the grand opening of Our Town Audio, a brand new recording studio located in NW Washington, DC, just off Massachusetts Avenue in Spring Valley. Our Town Audio provides 24/7 recording and production facilities to the marketing, public relations and communications community, in addition to independent producers, freelancers, and performers here in the DMV. Ideal for recording voice-overs, radio commercials and for podcasts, Our Town Audio can seat up to four mics during a session and is here to provide creative audio production services to meet you or your clients' needs. We will make you sound good! Our Town Audio provides the highest quality production services at very reasonable rates. We also offer editing and distribution of your materials. With a team of experienced, former radio executives, and production professionals they recognize the need and deliver the results for audio services that are both timely and financially efficient. Contact us today for rates and available times at info@ourtownaudio.com or directly: Janice Ockershausen: (202) 716-1644 | janice@bestbarkmedia.com... Jory Stieber: (202) 538-2862 | jory@bestbarkcommunications.com

NEWS! The Washington Post today announced it has hired Olivier Knox, a veteran political reporter and broadcast journalist, to anchor The Daily 202, The Post’s flagship politics newsletter on the inner-workings of Washington politics and policy. Since its launch, The Daily 202 has established itself as a must-read, reaching the largest government audience of all Post newsletters and experiencing continuous growth, recording a 20% jump in readership year-over-year.

/\ January 5 /\

\/ January 4 \/

I see the Guy Who Can't Get Past the WMAL Call Screener is back. Something you may not have experience with but popular people do is sometimes voicemail fills up. If it comes down to that the Senate selects the Vice President, genius. That doesn't "throw the election to the Senate". The Tree of Liberty must from time to time be refreshed by the blood of patriots and tyrants, coursing through their eyeballs as they read the effing manual. Hint: It starts with "C" and ends with "onstitution". But it's nice that you got caught up on the news. Gus in the know

Since Bob Marberg left 103.5, I don't always listen for traffic. However, I was on my delivery route Sunday and that woman was on again plugged some event at a church on my route in Vienna and nothing was there. It's so obvious she has friends there, but notice how 103.5 is starting to run these religious commercials! My crew tells me they're terrific all other times of the day. Finally, is it really true that we'll be down to only sportsalk station in DC? There's no one at 106.7 that even sounds professional and I wish Czaban would pack up his sour grapes and go away, kind of like what Pollin should follow. I'm sticking to radio.com for WFAN and WIP.

NEW YEAR. NEW DCRTV RULES:: First, for companies like REACH MEDIA, take a page from outstanding and generous OUR TOWN MEDIA and buy a display ad. As a tradeoff, DCRTV will run free in-line pressers for you. [ Scratch Dave's hairy back and he will wax yours ] Secondly, malebaggers, when referring to the clock, use Military Time. Dullards, this way, no need for all that 'A.M." "P.M." crap. Just remember, #MidnightStartingADayIsZeroHundredHours #MidnightEndingADayIs2400Hours. [I know, yo' confused]. Signed, The Real AHHHH 1530 Roger That.

I spent some time listening to WMAL last week. Most hosts were subs, talk radio people from smaller markets, and I learned a lot. Including: the fact that Biden stole the election and the voting machines were hacked by Democrats, there were 44000 illegal votes cast in Arizona, Biden is a socialist, Kamala Harris hasn't retired from the Senate because she knows they cheated and she will never be sworn in as VP, Chief Justice Roberts is a liberal, Pence should count the electoral votes using Dominion machines, keep getting the results wrong, and then declare the count is no good, and throw the election to the Senate. There was also an interview with Congressman Moe Brooks who said that Biden is going to end this country according to people he knows, an Brooks said he " keeps close to the people in his state." So, I called his DC office, and got a message saying the mailbox was full. I then had a friend in Alabama call both district offices, and those phones were shut down as well. I then did the correct thing and called WMAL and politely asked them to call him back and ask him to get his phone system back up and running. WMAL hung up on me. Also, Dave, did you RSVP for the rally for Trump, www.rallyfortrump.com ? I registered under the name "Mike the Abortionist." I am sure you dropped Facebook and went with Dan Bongino's Parler, which has been endorsed by all WMAL hosts, the Proud Boys, and "Unite the Right." Did you see the article on how bad Parler is tanking? www.google.com... Looking forward to your return to DC to show Trump your support. Keep an eye out for Chris Plante and Larry. They will be the ones with microphones not wearing masks.

NEWS! (Washington, DC – Jan 4, 2021) – Reach Media is pleased to announce that The Donnie Simpson Weekend Show will launch this weekend, Saturday January 9th and Sunday January 10th and every weekend thereafter on nine affiliate stations to include, Atlanta, WAMJ-HD2; Baltimore, WWIN; Cincinnati, WOSL; Cleveland, WZAK; Columbus, WXMG; Philadelphia, WPPZ, Raleigh, WFXC; Richmond, WKJS and Washington, DC, WMMJ. Donnie Simpson currently hosts afternoons on WMMJ with co-host Tony Perkins. The Donnie Simpson Weekend Show is a two-hour weekend show that will include music and interviews from Donnie’s archives. Donnie Simpson along with co-host Tony Perkins, a radio and TV broadcaster and two-time Emmy award winner, are set to host a show centered around a specific music theme such as “Best Bands” or “Blue Eyed Soul Singers” to name a few. Show features will include Huggy Lowdown’s Celebrity Snitch where Huggy will “snitch” on the lighter side of the most pressing news and entertainment happenings of the day. Simpson has been called an icon, trailblazer and a media legend. He is the ruling Washington D.C. radio icon, as well as an international television and movie personality. Over his career, which has spanned 51 years, he has entertained listeners from WJLB in Detroit to WKYS and WMMJ in Washington, and on television as host of BET’s Video Soul. He is considered one of the nation's first video jockeys. Most recently, Donnie was inducted into The Radio Hall of Fame Class of 2020. “People around the country got to watch me on Video Soul for many years, but didn’t get to check me out on my first Love, radio. Only Detroit and DC would suffer that experience. So I’m really excited for the rest of the country to finally hear what I do ON THE RADIO,” says Simpson. Donnie Simpson has consistently carried #1 ratings. Even now in his 51st year in radio, he’s #1 with a bullet. This kind of success and reputation have earned him “Icon” status among his peers, The White House, and his millions of fans worldwide. The Donnie Simpson Weekend Show will provide another opportunity to connect with his loyal audience.

NEWS! Today, WETA unveils a new television channel lineup that includes WETA Metro, offering even more public media programming to viewers in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. The WETA television line-up now consists of five channels: WETA PBS, the station’s primary channel... WETA UK, spotlighting the best in British television... WETA PBS Kids, providing a haven for young viewers with educational programming... WETA World, offering documentary and news reporting from around the globe... WETA Metro, featuring PBS favorites and programs that highlight our local community... The leading public broadcaster in the nation’s capital, WETA undertook efforts within the last six months to expand the station’s television offerings to local Washington, D.C. area audiences, which included widening broadcast area antenna reception of our channels; upgrading WETA UK to a high-definition format; and introducing two new channels – WETA World and WETA Metro. WETA Metro is also the first WETA channel to be made available for livestreaming on weta.org, YouTube TV and the PBS Video App. WETA Metro channel can be found via the following local providers and via livestream/apps: Over-the-air: 26.5... Verizon Fios: 470... RCN: 599... PBS Video App... YouTube TV... weta.org/livestream... More details on the WETA Metro programming schedule can be found at weta.org/schedule, and more information on the five WETA television channels is available at weta.org.

There is no longer a Hot AC Station in Loudoun County. WASH describes their format as AC. All of their promotion material says their format is AC. There is a difference in the music played. WASH does not sound like the former WINC-FM 92.5 FM.

So, the biggest name in DC sports wins the NFC Least tonight. Entercom has two DC sports stations. One on FM might have all four of their morning drive team on air tomorrow. The other on AM will only be heard after 7-800 AM for an hour or so. After morning drive drive, I guess the FM kind of has mid-days covered? Will D+G cover four hours? That's a lot of D+G! And, has Danny been snorting coke lately? No more caffeine for him please. The AM is a mess from Kevin till Kevin, right? Maybe Rooster does both stations this week? Afternoon drive has no established host on either station? LOL Yea Sports!!!!! Really, Entercom? Great Job! It's DC. Nat's and Caps, when winning, is an hour a show at best. The Wiz? Ask Buck. Blowing the Skins in the playoffs with these lineups is not smart. Chad and Czabe should do a podcast from the corner of 1/2 street.

"Gus, someday [in other words I can't]... For now, just let me dispense with your reference to “m” deriving from a Latin word meaning “noon" Ante Meridiem. But let's not worry about it shall we? Kirk McKuen's former partner produces stools larger than you, accounting for his legendary (fictional) weight loss. This cowboy's not troubled. Gus in the zone

/\ January 4 /\

\/ January 3 \/

Regarding the follow up to my posting regarding WXCY, you have made some very valid points, well taken. Maybe this move to provide better coverage to Wilmington is a precursor to a physical move, don’t know. If I see a pair of new Gates Intraplex units show up to install at both transmitter sites, then we know! Changes happen all the time, in this business we go along for the ride. It’s all about profits, understandably.

/\ January 3 /\

\/ January 2 \/

How many times is WBAL going to rerun the "Talk Stars 2020 Holiday Special"? Enough already! Gary

Gus, someday I’ll be able to pin down your faulty logic as decisively as a bug to a dissecting tray. For now, just let me dispense with your reference to “m” deriving from a Latin word meaning “noon”. Nobody else thinks the point is anything more than a short, dead end tangent muddying the creek. Maximum Max

RE: WXCY has been very successful in New Castle Co, this allows for better coverage.. I wonder how long until WXCY moves to Wilmington? They own the HdG studio and office location, but can turn around and sell that rather quickly. Their only tie to Havre de Grace or Harford County is the transmitter and studio. They do nothing local in the area, as the Wilmington market is their focus. They could consolidate everything in with WSTW/WDEL and call it a day.

/\ January 2 /\

\/ January 1 \/

Changes for the nearby Wilmington DE market. As of midnight January 1st, WXCY 103.7 is now being carried on WSTW 93.7 HD3, 1510 AM in Salem NJ, and a Wilmington translator on 96.9, replacing the previous Jammin format. WXCY has been very successful in New Castle Co, this allows for better coverage.

Max, as I said, "contrary to what Wikipedia might say". In clockspeak, "m" stands for the Latin word for "noon" so in your crackpot world, midnight is "12m" so midnight is noon and noon is noon. Up is down, cats are dogs and civilization breaks down. But no matter, it's New Year's Eve (give or take) and tonoon I shall drink a toast to your health! Gus in Webster's

RE: Offer to buy the Sun….Might have bee rejected because... nypost.com

Much as I hate to lecture my elders, DCRTV Dave and Gus are both wrong about expressing time at noon and midnight. There is no such time as 12:00am or pm. At the instant of noon the time is 12:00n and at midnight it is 12:00m. That resolves any confusion. This stuff bothers me as much as bad grammar, syntax and spelling. Once you get it right, life becomes a lot easier. I still have a long list of future pontifications here, but I’ll dribble them out slowly. Max Critic

Broadcasting novelty after novelty in 2020... digitaledition.capitalgazette.com... Matt

Perfection for 2021. 106.7 will soon by simulcast on 980. Solving the problem of to many bad show host on both stations... Patrick

WMjF-CD has changed the Hero’s & Icons virtual channel number from 39.6 to 33.1. After I rescanned and saw a ch. 33.1, I thought I was getting WITF in Hershey, PA. I’m sure this is a mistake on their part given their constant technical problems.

Okay, we get that you've taken a couple of steams with Veneloutis, but so what? www.baltimoresun.com... Yeah, I asked Jeff Bezos to sell me Amazon and I'm still waiting to hear from him. Zuckerburg is just the same. The Sun has a monopoly because of the properties Veneloutis sold to Tribune. Gus not passing Go in Monopoly

/\ January 1 /\

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