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DCRTV Mailbag

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Dave's response: Thanks. PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send a check to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655.....

How much is Bloomberg paying Entercom to lease 99.1 FM? They are leasing it 24 hours per day. Bloomberg just signed a new 5 year lease.

Dave's response: Why the long-term lease deal? Why doesn't Bloomberg just buy the station from Entercom? Bloomberg does own business talkers in other markets like NYC. Why the rental in DC?

Owings Mills. This is the current state of MPT at Owings Mills. Total studio upgrade going on. J. R. Richardson

Dave, I'll *always* be more than happy to read DCRTV, no matter how many other readers complain about Gus! I find his insights to be rather entertaining and informative...so what if he's a lil rough-and-tumble at times lol! Actually, my most entertaining person on your site is...drumroll please...YOU, DAVE!!!! I always get such a kick out of your prefacing your replies to posters (including yours truly) with, "Dave's response..."makes my day! Thanks! Plus your witty sense of humor and thoughtful insight always shines through on DCRTV! Stuart

Dave's response: I just had to bounce another message from Gus. It's OK to talk about on-air folks, but when it comes to their husbands/wives he goes "over-the-top" sometimes. An apology and a donation (paypal.me/dcrtv) is in order.....

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\/ July 10 Messages \/

It was announced on the C4 prgram (WBAL) today that "starting Wednesday, C4 will be joining Bryan Nehman from 5:30 to 10:00" Ms Morgan will assume the 10:00 - 2:00 time slot. I'm not clear if this means that the current news/traffic/weather aspect of the 5:00 - 9:00 slot is going away

WETA TV filed a Transition Progress Report today with the FCC. Here is the latest somewhat nondescript update directly from the filing: “Transmitter and RF components have been received and are in local storage. The outstanding items relate to electrical work, Pepco approvals and transmitter installation. The current on-air date is anticipated to be Summer 2020.” So if you’re having trouble getting WETA TV now via antenna, this will probably be fixed sometime this summer.

Dave: Good afternoon. I read your posts daily. My question: Why has WTEM 980 put Colin Cowherd on the air in place of Doc Walker and Brian Mitchell for the past two days? Thank you. Bill Harper, Gainesville, VA

I see Carol Maloney just got laid off, are there any other changes at this time?

Sad to hear about Bloomberg re-upping with 99.1. An WRNR (FM)-type station on that big stick would make Maryland great again!

[Hello DCRTV Dave. I just found this obit for my friend longtime radio friend Pat Murphy.] Jerry Michael "Pat Murphy" Graves 1949-2019... Mike “Pat Murphy” Graves went to be at rest on Thursday, October 3, 2019. God saw you getting tired, and a cure was not to be. So He put his arms around you and whispered, “Come to me”. A golden heart stopped beating hard, working hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best. No matter what name you knew him by, Mike or Pat, if you knew him, you knew a special person. Mike Graves, the man so many of us knew for over 45 years as radio and television personality Pat Murphy, entertained, informed, and touched the lives of each of us. He was a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, serving in Vietnam from 1966 to 1969. While he never spoke much about his time in the service, he was proud of having served, and he knew the gravity of the situation that he was in while serving. To many of us, he was a broadcasting legend. To his family, he was dad. And like everything else he did in his life, Mike Graves put his all into his family. He passed away with Noreen, his wife of 12 years, and his dog, who was his constant companion, by his side. After a long battle with cancer, it is a rest that is well deserved. Mike had turned 70 this past April, and would very quickly tell you, with a broad and warm smile, that he was given a very full life. He was one of the happiest and most sincere individuals that the world was ever graced with. Standing shoulder to shoulder with national talk hosts, presidents, governors, senators, and people from all walks of life, he was always the same wonderful person. Had the opportunity to make friends with many superstars of the industry when he served as president of the National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts. From radio DJ to television news anchor to radio talk show host, Mike, as Pat Murphy, gave us his all. His dedication, love for his work, and genuine desire to be the best that he could possibly be, all came together to make him who he was. What he was, was a father, a husband, a friend, and a mentor. What he is, is a part of all of us, always and forever. Rest well, friend.......... Jerry Michael (Mike) Graves passed away on Thursday, October 3, 2019, after a long battle with cancer, with his wife Noreen and four-legged companion, Nala, by his side. Mike was born on April 29, 1949, in Arlington, VA, the son of the late Thomas Joseph and Wanda (Lohr) Graves. He is survived by his daughter, Amy Stephenson (James) and stepchildren Christen (Ryan), Doug (Chandlar), Lee, Anje (Jared). His brother Robert Joseph (Betty) and sister Mary Fletcher (Bill), many grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his brother Thomas William Graves. Mike proudly served his country as a member of the United States Marine Corps from 1966 to 1969. Mike was known as Pat Murphy during a long radio and TV broadcasting career spanning 45 years. This career began in the early 60’s in the Washington, DC area at stations WMOD, WEAM and WEEL. His career included stations WNIS, WVNS and WTAR in Norfolk, VA; WROV in Roanoke, VA; WGOW in Chattanooga, TN; KGRZ and KGVO in Missoula, MT, WBOC radio and TV in Salisbury, MD and as well as Political Analyst on WTTG-TV. He spent 20 years on WAVY-TV in Norfolk, VA before his retirement. While stationed in Hawaii he could be heard on station KPOI and KKUA radio and KHVH-TV. He served as President of the National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts in 1991. Mike was dedicated to this work he loved and always strived to be the best he could be. He entertained, informed and touched the lives of many. In 2015 Mike and Noreen moved to Tucson from Newport News, VA and he often shared with his family and friends how much he loved living in Arizona and how blessed he was for the wonderful friends he had grown to love. He was a loving husband, father, son, brother, and a friend to many. He will be missed by his family and all those who have known him over the years, but not forgotten. A memorial service/celebration of life will be held on November 11th at the Swan Lake Estates and graveside memorial will be in Arlington at a later date in 2020. Source: oasiscremationandfuneralcare.com

I saw the news about the lineup change at ESPN Radio in August, so I went to take a look at the whole thing. I must say I am not impressed. With the exception of Mike Greenberg, & Dan Lebatard, there’s nobody that I am really compelled to listen to. What happened to Trey Wingo and Mike Golic, Sr.? I had heard Wingo might be doing golf coverage, but what about Golic Sr.? Did they just give him the boot, did he retire, is he doing something else! Anyone know?

Will Univision get FCC approval to sell 100% of their company to a foreign entity? Under the present FCC Rules, a foreign company can own only 25% of a broadcasting company. This Rule dates back to the 1930's. Stay tuned.

Westwood One, which is owned by Cumulus, will drop their News Operation in August. This will leave 1,000 stations without this news. AP News will pick up some of the stations. How much money will Cumulus save by this move? How long before Westwood One drops their syndicated Talk Personalities? We know that Cumulus is trying to reduce their debt. Some of the Personalities are Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Jim Bohannon, Michael Savage and Dan Bongino.

RE: Ode to BaltoMedia.net. "Tasteless!' In my malebag submission that was posted and then deleted, I never mentioned Robb Spewak's Holiday Fruitcakes one time. [I'm sure they are yummy delicious] Boy, for such a large man, Spewak is sure "thin-skinned." TMOS Patron Society or DCRTV? My donation goes to DCRTV and Dave Hughes.

I don't think the MPT studios are going to be available to WBAL. They are upgrading. J.R.Richardson

I am happy that everyone loves Gus in Gaithersburg. The same people love the Washington Post and The New York Times. Good luck in the future.

Dave's response: Lumping Gus and the NY Times together is a bit of a stretch.....

Clearly, Entercom is fine with whatever it gets from leasing WDCH, as it just re-upped the agreement with Bloomberg for another 5 years until 2026. Dave actually omitted WLVW from the ratings - it drew a 1.0 and is T-19 with WTEM and WFLS-FM(!). That puts it as the lowest-rated DC-based FM music station, an almost laughably small audience for that full-market signal. Even WWEG drew a 1.9!

Dave's response: Did I leave WLVW out? Will fix.....

You won't lose this reader because of 'Gus.' I like Gus. He thinks like me. I'd like to hire him as my press agent. Please contact me. Signed, Rodrigo Duterte

Dave's response: I like Gus, too. His posts sometimes go over the top and I'll pull 'em if I get a complaint. Occasionally, I will not even run 'em. I do think sometimes he should tone things down a bit. He could often get his message through without some of the really nasty stuff.....

Make no mistake, WMAL's Mark Levin is still a shithead and bad radio, but liberal media is no better. Today's Huffington Post has the following articles: "My Fat Body Is Not a Punishment, No Matter What Drew Barrymore Says", "I Got a Medical Tourist Visa to Give Birth in Another Country", "I Planned to Take a Psychedelic Trip to Battle My Anxiety. Then the Pandemic Hit.", "I've Seen Over 50 Doctors and No One Knows What's Wrong With Me". Eff the Stock Guy and his aggressively wrong information. Today's TMOS just kind of laid there like a failed omelet. Hi Wob. One day Wobewt Jr. will awake before dawn (fat chance!) put his boots on, take a face from the ancient gallery and walk on down the hall. Gus in the Gaithersburg

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\/ July 9 Messages \/

Cumulus is shutting down Westwood One news.

WOW….big drop for WAMU which I did NOT see coming. I was thinking that WTOP, WMAL and WAMU would be fighting at the top 3 positions with this being a big election year. Yes, DC is having a conservative talk splurge for now but I still think that Northern VA will STILL be blue on 11-3. WJFK is dropping big time but with the NBA, NHL and MLB coming back at the end of the month, both WJFK and WJZ-FM will rebound. Sports Talk was the expected loser with sports out of commission per say as there’s only so much you can do with Sports Talk and you ended up with the segway for guy talk. Also, you can see a good spirited battle for the classics audience between WIAD and WBIG as well which is something good actually. The biggest disappointment in my view is still that WLVW doesn’t register in the Top 20 still after Cumulus sold WRQX to Educational Media Foundation and EMF put in K-Love on there. The other disappointment is that WDCH is still floundering with Bloomberg Radio. HOWEVER for a business talk outlet, it’s about as good as it’s going to get and I’m sure that Entercom is thankful that Bloomberg has a lease on it. As long as Entercom gets paid by Bloomberg per the time brokerage agreement, I don’t think they mind the low ratings for WDCH as it’s a low cost station to own. They wouldn’t mind better ratings but they’re aren’t sweating it much either though. Dan

Latest edition of Rob Carson's "What in the World?" live! On the show: • The Mayor of Atlanta blames the shooting of an 8 year old girl by a BLM protester on “systemic racism.” • The Mayor of Chicago blames the 200+ increase in shootings and deaths in her city on Corona Virus. • NYC’s Mayor Bill DeBlasio presides as NYC plunges into the abyss, and a Father is shot walking his 4 year old across the street. • Phoenix police shoot a man brandishing a gun, and before the ambulance arrives, protesters start protesting in front of the police station. • Costco Karen strikes and won’t wear a mask! • Halle Berry pulls out of a transgender role! • Why it’s not a good idea to jump into your backyard pool from the roof of your house. • A 16 year old soccer player is struck by lightening live on tape! COMMENTARY, COMEDY AND TONS OF CLIPS! www.youtube.com

Re.: June ratings for Baltimore. It’s interesting to see WBAL go from #3 to #6 to #8 over the recent ratings periods. Gee, I guess people have gotten tired of listening to monologues by the hosts for 75% of their shifts. I do think Bryan Nehman and the morning show is okay. It could significantly improve by dropping ‘Screamin’ Scottie”. It’s hard to listen to WCBM in the morning. When the Geezer hosts, and the Geezer traffic guy get together, it’s like 3 college jerks at a keg party. Makes it hard to take any of them seriously. I guess I shouldn’t expect much from 70’s radio, and I am referring to age, not the decade.

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Dave's response: Thank you. You can help support DCRTV via Paypal at www.paypal.me/dcrtv. Or send a check made payable to Dave Hughes to 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655. Regarding Robb Spewak's request to delete tasteless posts regarding Mike O'Meara, I will usually delete questionable posts if asked to. I do often trash posts before they're posted if I determine them to be tasteless. But I also rely on complaints from readers, like Robb.....

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WHUR radio personalities Allison Seymour and Marc Clarke seem to be missing from the airwaves in the afternoons, 3-7pm; and they don't seem to have a presence on the radio station's website. Any idea what happened? Thanks, Dawn

FROM DCRTV NEWS: June radio ratings. Full-day, age 6+. Washington: 1) WMAL, 2) WTOP, 3) WMMJ, 4) WHUR, 5) WAMU, 6) WASH, 7) WETA-FM, 8) WIHT, 9) WWDC, 10) WIAD, 11) WPGC, 12) WBIG and WGTS, 14) WMZQ, 15) WKYS, 16) WLZL, 17) WPRS, 18) WJFK-FM, 19) WTEM and WLVW, 21) WDCN. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM 2) WERQ and WPOC, 4) WIYY, 5) WQSR, 6) WZBA, 7) WLIF, 8) WBAL-AM, 9) WYPR, 10) WWMX, 11) WCBM, 12) WJZ-FM, 13) WZFT, 14) WBJC, 15) WEAA, 16) WCAO, 17) WQLL, 18) WJZ-AM.....

If you continue to post the trash and false information that "Gus in Gaithersburg" sends you every day you will lose all your readers.

The new DC ratings are out for June and WMAL is number one again. Here are the top five stations in DC......WMAL 8.2, WTOP 7.6, WMMJ 7.1, WHUR 7.0 and WAMU 6.8.

Dave's response: A big drop for WAMU. Also, WJFK and WJZ-FM are way down in the basement with the whole sports scene on hold.....

Since WJLA has gotten rid of Julie Wright they haven't cut traffic although she said she was laid off. They have Angela Foster doing it full time, from home, over the phone -- which sounds terrible but last week or 2 weeks ago they also had Bobby Laurie on traffic (he's more articulate than both of them, imho) - his audio sounded the same so it has to be a WJLA issue. So was Julie really laid off or did they just not renew her contract? What's the plan there? Keep Angela? Her voice is even in the promos for the morning show.

"Salem stock price drops below $1 again. It closed at 99 cents yesterday." Dave, why do you continue to post this stream of ill-informed stool? Salem closed at or above a dollar Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week. I fine these lying posts to be in in bad taste and hurtful and easily documented fucking lies and request that you remove them. If this guy is in the stock industry (fat chance! my money's on mental defect) what he's doing would constitute a crime. You might also share some liability; you're not Facebook or Twitter and personally paste posts onto the mailbag page. You're gonna be running for cover when SECmania runs wild over you. Gus in the Gaithersburg.

I listen to it because it's on the radio, but I have beaucoup problems with WMAL. "Mornings on the Mall" is as unlistenable as Don and Mike's Morning Zoo on WAVA. Mark Levin continues to lie that Israel is the ancestral home of the Jews for 4,000 years when his own scripture details how they originated elsewhere, invaded Palestine and slaughtered the inhabitants. It's called the Bible. And he repeats himself. He repeats himself, ladies and gentlemen. He thinks that's good radio. He thinks it's good radio. John Batchelor, now that's good radio. The one and only good thing about George Noory is he sounds a little bit like Art Bell. Gus in the Gaithersburg

Radio Hall of Fame Committee Members, First of all thank you for your patience during the process of finalizing our nominees for the 2020 Radio Hall of Fame. In reviewing the list we can all be proud of the group that we have selected and am confident that it will lead to six voted upon inductees that will make up this year’s class. Attached is the release which has been sent to the media for release first thing tomorrow, July 9th. Please note this is embargoed until tomorrow morning. Monday, July 13th, industry voting will start with 600+ industry members receiving a confidential ballot via Votem.com. Voting results will remain confidential and will be reviewed and revealed by Andrew Rosen of Miller Kaplan at the committee meeting in August. The public vote begins July 20th. As I mentioned, we will use the online voting service Votem for the industry ballot as well as the public vote. The committee will convene on Tuesday, August 11th at 2p Eastern to review the results of the vote in the four categories voted upon by industry execs. The committee will make their vote in the public category at our meeting which will determine the inductees in the two public vote categories. Finally, the committee will then take on the task of selecting two additional inductees for the 2020 class of the Radio Hall of Fame. The two committee inductees must receive 75% of the vote from the Nominating Committee. Those of you who I previously asked to reach out nominees can contact them ASAP and let them know that starting tomorrow morning they are free to discuss their nomination on air, their local media and social media. We will have exciting news on the virtual induction show we are planning that we can share at the next committee meeting. I look forward to our speaking to you all August 11th to finalize the process of induction for this year. Regards, Dennis Green, Chairman, 2020 National Radio Hall of Fame Nominating Committee

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Multi-media journalist Joseph Olmo joins WDVM25 News as co-anchor, with Tasmin Mahfuz, of the station’s 5p, 6p and 10p evening newscasts. WDVM25 broadcasts over 50 hours of local news every week. For 50 years, WDVM, owned by Nexstar Media Group, has served the Washington, DC television market, which includes DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland and eastern portions of West Virginia. Olmo, a Maryland native, most recently worked as a freelance correspondent for Tu Salud Tu Familia, a health and wellness series aired on NBC-owned Telemundo44 in Washington, DC. He has also worked as a contributing correspondent for the Washington, DC-based Central America TV. Most notably, he was sent to San Salvador, El Salvador in 2019 to cover the Presidential Inauguration of Nayib Bukele. He also worked as a program host and reporter for DCW50—Nexstar’s Washington, DC CW Affiliate. Last fall, he served as host of DCW50’s Hispanic Heritage Month special Vida Hoy, DC! He began his career in journalism for The Arundel Patriot online news service in his native Annapolis, covering the 2018 Midterm Elections.

The June ratings will be out tomorrow. Will WMAL be number one again in June? DC seems to like conservative TALK more than they like All News.

40 years since the Walkman. A long time. In it's heyday, they were considering a special version for people with colostomy bags. It was to be called the 'Shitman.'

Why does it take so long for JFK to post the Junkies podcasts for the early segments but I can find on sites like stitcher hours earlier???? OOBBEE

Salem stock price drops below $1 again. It closed at 99 cents yesterday. If their stock does not stay above $1 then Nasdaq says they will be delisted.

ESPN Radio will unveil a powerful new weekday lineup beginning Monday, Aug. 17, featuring signature, multi-platform personalities, all of whom either currently work on or previously hosted shows on ESPN Radio. Mike Greenberg, who co-hosted one of the most successful sports talk radio shows in history for 18 years, will return to host The Mike Greenberg Show from noon-2 p.m. ET. espnpressroom.com

The goddam Sony Walkman just turned forty years old. Kill me now. www.newyorker.com

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Found a couple of old pictures in my files from 1999 of the crane mishap on top of the tower. Not the best pictures off the screen from all of those years ago. Rob in Baltimore

Longtime Delaware radio newsman Allan Loudell has died at the age of 64. Allan was born in Western Springs, Colorado, before moving to the Chicago area, where he grew up and attended Lyons Township High School--where he would be inducted into the school's Hall of Fame in 1996. He went on to study communications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, graduating in 1977. Allan joined WILM Newsradio in Wilmington in 1987, working there for 18 years as Program Manager before joining WDEL in 2005, hosting morning and afternoon magazine-style programming during his time as an anchor and host before his departure in 2020. www.wdel.com

Here in New Freedom,Pa,just over the Maryland Line,signal strength of all three major stations is EXCELLENT. WBAL and WJZ have a SNR (signal to noise ratio) of 30 to 31dbu,while WMAR is cruising a 25dbu. Excellent picture quality and no problems with an outside antenna. Jack.

I’ve been corrected on the TV Hill death story. Apparently a crane almost toppled, but no one died. Someone from WBAL TV tells me that it’s news to him that they’re using Maryland Public TV studios, but that he just thought they might do the news outside via a satellite truck in a parking lot. Still nothing on what WJZ TV is planning or what other TV station they might use, but it was suggested that Sinclair still has those empty studios and equipment in Hunt Valley for that failed News Central venture, so it’s likely Sinclair is also involved in this in renting out some space there temporarily. But still no final word or date. The AUX signal for WMAR ABC 2 seems to be pretty solid, but definitely complaints on WBAL & WJZ from places south and even up in PA. With the antennas over 100 foot lower, the mountainous areas in PA are problematic at the lower height.

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\/ July 6 Messages \/

I’ve been discussing the TV Hill permanent 3 antenna replacement atop the candelabra tower and what’s going to happen this month or next with a local engineer with some knowledge of the project. Both WBAL TV and WJZ TV will have to evacuate everybody from their offices and studios on TV Hill meaning no news broadcasts from there. Apparently WBAL TV is going to do the news from Maryland Public TV in Owings Mills via an STL permit they already have. WJZ-TV has contracted with some other unknown TV station to broadcast its news. I’ve also been told that KYW CBS 3 in Philly has two studios and the engineer suggested it might be there, but I don’t know exactly what TV station it is. The entire project even with a chopper crane I’m told will take about 17 flights over 2-3 days. WMAR TV is on York Road, so they don’t have to evacuate. During those 2-3 days, it’s very likely a lot of over the air people might lose some signals, most likely the FMs, depending on what backup plans the stations use. Nothing this complex has been done on TV Hill since the original DTV switch and someone I’m told died during that project, although a chopper was not used then, but a crane from the ground apparently toppled and fell killing someone on the ground. At least that’s what I’ve been told. Also keep in mind that WIYY 98 Rock will have to be automated and/or remotely programmed for nearly 3 days too and WIYY and WBAL FM up top will have to be powered down far lower or off the air. I didn’t know it, but WBAL/98 Rock have remote studios on Winands Road at the old WBAL transmitter building that are surprisingly still usable and might be used. Plus, wouldn’t it be so cool just to see Rhea Fiken show up to do the weather just one last time on WBAL TV at the MPT studios? It should be interesting. Still no firm date scheduled, but the latest FCC update states within 30-60 days is predicted. Final thing, you won’t have to re-scan again as they will still be on the same frequencies, but just stronger signals and omnidirectional... — BaltoMedia.net

Back fresh from vacation, after discussing the trip to his summer home in Maine, the sort everyone has, the sort millionaire Bernie Sanders calls his "summer camp" the marquee name announced a recently added feature to the show's webpage allowing viewers to DONATE to the show. The show that opens with said marquee name telling listeners to "stop sucking" by sending them money, the show where Oscar told a listener who cancelled his bonus show subscription (can you even do that?) to "fuck off". I would rather travel back in time and buy Don Imus a bottle of vodka. The marquee name called people who disagree with him "puppy dogs" and "toddlers" and thinks "I really, really believe this" is a cogent argument. This was the lamest back-from-vacation show in "radio" history, just a lame diaper load of phoneitin with the usual political pontification. Happy, Wob? Gus in the Gaithersburg

[RE: Olivia Garvey is the new Sports Anchor at WJLA-TV coming from NBC Palm Springs. She is the daughter of former MLB player Steve Garvey.]. Chip Brierre was just recently booted from WJLA to make room for Ms. Garvey. Over at WUSA, Frank Hanrahan and Diane Roberts (both of whom are very good sportscasters with a long history in this area) had both been freelancing for quite some time but they just recently hired a young blonde sportscaster of their own: Sharla McBride. Guess experience doesn't matter these days and you're SOL if you're not a pretty blonde chick.

ABC7/WJLA-TV announced today it will broadcast its second live virtual town hall addressing current affairs of race relations. This discussion will feature local faith and mental health experts. The ABC7 News special, “The Racial Divide: Time For Change,” will air tomorrow night, Tuesday, July 7th at 7pm on sister cable channel WJLA 24/7 News and digitally on wjla.com and Facebook. ABC7 news anchors Jonathan Elias and Michelle Marsh will moderate the one-hour virtual panel discussion with religious leaders and mental health experts from the Washington D.C. region.

Hope you are enjoying the Asheville area, spent many a summer down the road from you in East Flat Rock. Beautiful scenery. .... jag

Dave's response: I love it. Thanks.....

Just heard "Your Good Friend" from the Bill Murray summer-camp movie "Meatballs". The kid star, Chris Makepeace, just turned 56 in April. Growing old suxass.

"Feel free to send me any tasteless TMOS jokes to BaltoMedia.net." You have to go WAYBACK but they're ARCHIVEd on the internet. As for Dave's action, he followed his longtime stated policy so I have no complaint. How could I? But I am sowwy somewone got his feewings huwt. Don't want bad reviews? Do better. It's the old story of the Hertz donut. Gus in the Gaithersburg

Dave's response: I've always had a high tolerance for sarcasm and nasty humor, but if I get complaints about a specific post, I will usually remove it.....

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\/ July 5 Messages \/

Olivia Garvey is the new Sports Anchor at WJLA-TV coming from NBC Palm Springs. She is the daughter of former MLB player Steve Garvey.

CORRECTION: HOLY F DAVE!, I got my Stimulus check. Just don’t tell Don Geronimo or Mike O’Meara please. :-)

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\/ July 4 Messages \/

I moved from Maryland to Colorado 5 years ago. KOA 850 radio is the Denver AM "power house" and trends towards sports. For the vacationing afternoon team Big Al and JoJo, a sports focused team, KOA played an iHart podcast on supernatural subjects yesterday. First time since listening to them that I had not heard their typical sports fill-in people filling in. Any iHart stations in the D.C. area do that yesterday or maybe this weekend? Formerly Mike in Maryland City

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\/ July 3 Messages \/

Speaking of NC radio, 95.7 out of Charlotte is an independently owned station with a refreshing approach to Classic Rock type tunes.

Dave's response: Yeah, WXRC, The Ride, plays a lot of deep tracks. And a great signal to the northwest of Charlotte, where I am - www.957theride.com...wxrc.tunegenie.com...

Find it quite funny how on Fox5, Erin & Angie are trying to develop some sort of chemistry w/their male co-anchors with “witty” banter. However, neither Wisdom nor Steve are taking the bait. Erin & Angie are left hanging quite often. Ya can’t bottle chemistry, pour it into the anchors’ coffee cup & insto presto it happens. But hey, management has made the decision to put Angie & Erin ront & center & probably feel they can’t turn back...And who the heck is providing the music played going into breaks or after coming back? Not only is it not that great, a lot of times, it’s played at a level that you can barely hear what the anchors are saying.

Dave, you say you can't pick up any FM radio from Asheville eh? What about from Spartanburg/Greenville SC? (98.9, 93.7, 92.5, 101,1, etc) Far fewer big hills in the way...and what about any FM radio from Greensboro-High Point-Winston-Salem area (Triad)? (88.5, 104.1, 99.5, 98.7, etc.)? Stuart

Dave's response: Most of our FMers come from the Charlotte market but I can also get many Greenville/Spartanburg stations including a cool rocker on 93.3 and a talker on 106.3. Plus the Johnson City TN/Bristol area. I can hear some Greensboro area stations on the car radio but they're weak at my location. My favorite station is from Spindale NC www.wncw.org.....

/\ July 3 Messages /\

\/ July 2 Messages \/

Gary here, on top of a ridge in south central Howard County, 17-1/4 miles practically due southwest of TV Hill. WMAR's omindirectional signal is coming in great for me on UHF Chan 27. It's about 6 dBu stronger than it had been on UHF Chan 38. WJZ's signal on VHF Chan 11 is also quite good and stable, just fine for HDTV. But - surprise - I am getting NO usable signal above noise for WBAL-TV on VHF Chan 12. Not even scatter or multipath blips! Longley-Rice (and common sense) says I should be getting almost as much signal strength right now on Chan 12 as I am on Chan 11. Notably, all 3 Aux antennas are hanging DOWN from the top base on the TV Hill Tower. Perhaps some Tower infrastructure is blocking my particular line-of-sight from southwest to just the WBAL-TV Aux antenna, and not to the other 2 Aux antennas. Thoughts on this idea? Cheers, Gary

This afternoon signal strength from WMar on Ch. 27 is down to 57 from 90 it was this morning. So like someone else said something changed. Thanks fir reference to www.Rabbitears.info

Feel free to send me any tasteless TMOS jokes to BaltoMedia.net. I only have to deal with Mark Zuckerberg and everybody knows he doesn’t care, so impossible to threaten me really. What are they going to do? Take away my Stimulus check that I didn’t get? :-) — BaltoMedia

You beat the -200 odds. lol A 3-day consulting job this 4th but on Monday, I'll mail you the cleanest $100 bill I've got. FYI, over the years, spent a lot of time at Fort Bragg... If you ever need a quick road trip, love Asheville.

Dave's response: Been to Asheville. Just 45 minutes away. Love it, but I can't get any FM radio from there because Mt. Mitchell, the tallest mountain on the east coast, is in the way. Oh, mail the bill to Dave Hughes (or Camo Dave), 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655.....

The best way to view all the Aux. facility specs for the candelabra tower is on Rabbitears. www.rabbitears.info... To sum it up, WMAR, WBAL, and WJZ are all about 100 foot lower on the tower at slightly higher powers. Also, both WBAL and WJZ TV are directional towards the north and northeast respectively, so expect worse reception towards Annapolis towards Columbia for those two. WMAR TV is omnidirectional, so there shouldn’t be as much impact. The chopper crane is tentatively scheduled for sometime in late July to take the old antennas down and hoist the new ones atop the 3 corners according to WMAR 2’s last FCC filing. Keep in mind that these Aux facilities are still taller than any of the DC TV stations, but for those out in the boonies, like the mid-shore or southern PA, yeah, you might have some trouble, although someone told me today that he was still picking up all 3 stations in West York, PA, so that’s a good sign. Apparently quite a lot of people around York, PA watch WMAR and WJZ mainly because WHTM ABC 27 and WHP CBS 21 are on towers north of Harrisburg and the mountains make reception quite difficult just north of the Maryland line in low lying areas. I haven’t heard how these Aux. facilities are faring on the Mid-shore yet or to the south or southwest of Baltimore. — BaltoMedia.net

Dave, two questions, 1] since you live in North Carolina now, may we send you confederate donation money or do you prefer crisp $100 bills? #SupportDCRTV..... 2] Why have the recent fair, but critical,mailbag posts of The Mike O'Meara Show [TMOS] been removed from the mailbag - and equally insightful new ones not posted? Censorship pressure from TMOS who is a display advertiser? {Odds that you will post this -200]

Dave's response: Robb Spewak emailed me and asked me to review the particular posts as being rather tasteless. I agreed and removed them. If any particular posting generates a request to remove it, I will review it and in many/some cases pull it.....

RabbitEars has info on everyone's auxiliary facilities: rabbitears.info... It's indicated by "DTX" in the tech data dropdown, except for WMAR's which is authorized by STA right now. The two VHF channels are directional enough that they are probably hard to receive outside of the city proper, especially in the south and west. Someone on AVSForum already posted about losing WBAL in Eldersburg, which is less than 20 miles NW of TV HIll. Here in Loudoun, I picked up WMAR solidly until about 9:45, at which point they seem to have reduced power significantly. WJZ now has a note on their website about switching to their main facilities by 1 August, weather permitting.

A reader asked where to find information about TV Hill's auxiliary transmitters. Browse to www.rabbitears.info... Enter a call sign (e.g., wmar) and click search... Click on Technical Data... The information for the antenna at ~900 feet is the aux antenna. The ~1000 ft antenna is the future primary. Click on the Channel 27 link for some mapping tools.

How much is WZHF 1390 AM worth if they sold it? The last AM sold in DC was 1260 AM, owned by Salem, sold for $750,000. How much is John Garziglia's Translator worth in DC? It is also carrying the Russian propaganda on 105.5 FM. Is John Garziglia registered as a Russian Agent? He is a communications attorney in DC.

RM Broadcasting LLC in Florida, is registered as a foreign agent for carrying Russian Propaganda on WZHF 1390 AM. RM is leasing the station from Arthur Liu, the owner of the station. RM is paying the owner $1.4 Million from Russia to carry the Russian Propaganda in DC. Congress should require the owner of the station to register as a Russian Agent not the LLC that is leasing the station. The LLC is just a "Front" for the Russians. Anyone could lease the station.

Also a bit of information in the June 15 letters to the mailbag, below. Some degradation with the aux transmitters was predicted because of their different broadcast pattern and lower height on the tower. Fringe reception should improve when the new main facilities come on line.

3 TV sets tuned to Ch,11 instantly switched from WBAL to WJZ without re-scanning at 9:00. No announcement. Very crude. Tune to Ch. 13 - nothing. Tuned to Ch. 2 and found 2 of 3 sets switched without re-scanning. Comparative signal strengths here in Eastern Carroll County using amplified yagi antenna. WMAR on Ch. 38 77-82, on 27 87-90; WBAL on Ch. 11 90-92, on Ch. 12 90-92; WJZ on Ch. 13 86-89, on Ch. 11 93-94. All good. Will see what happens when it gets windy and/or cloudy. I can't find info. on Aux. facilities on FCC data base. Can anyone tell us.

Hi Dave! This is another Dave. Just letting you know that it seems you've uploaded the mailbag page as the index page for the DCRTV site. Looks really odd with the mailbag page and not the news page. As always, keep up the good work.

Dave's response: I did that intentionally. Since the mailbag has been getting much of my traffic lately, I have made it the Front Page. The news blurbs are still available on the NEWS page. Takes some getting used to but the responses have been good.....

What’s even stranger about the vanishing of Don Geronimo is that all of his 18 fans have disappeared from social media as well. Except his wife. His podcast fan base never grew... Sad ending really. Ego and pride were his downfall..

Dave's response: Had to snip some allegations out of the above. Don does read this mailbag.....

Who cares about "Don Geronimo" (Mike Sorce) today anyway? Gone. "Hasbeen". Living in the past.

/\ July 2 Messages /\

\/ July 1 Messages \/

Hey Dave - Of course this is WZHF Spootnik. www,opensecrets.org Cheers, BK

The budget ax of Forever Media fell again in Wilmington, and in HavreDeGrace. WXCY‘S music director and 7-12m host, Jeff Hunt is gone. Tyler Daniel goes back to co host mornings with Paula, who will also do middays. Tim Hartly moves to afternoon drive, Amanda Lynn now handles 7-12m.

PLEASE SUPPORT DCRTV! We're halfway through 2020. And we've made some changes to DCRTV, your favorite local media news website. With more cool changes to come soon. If you haven't helped support the site this year, please take a few minutes to throw a few bucks our way. Via paypal.me/dcrtv. Or via the mail. Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655. Thanks.....

"WBAL, WJZ, and WMAR are still on track to move to their new frequencies July 2, possibly at reduced power from new auxiliary antennas"....Yes, on 2 July all 3 are transitioning to what will become their permanent post-repack backup antennas. All of them have slightly _higher_ power than their final facilities to compensate for being lower on the tower, although WBAL and WJZ will be directional. I actually caught WMAR testing on channel 27 last week, so that backup facility seems pretty robust at 50 miles. The latest filing, also from WMAR on 18 June, indicates the helicopter lift for everyone's final antenna installation is scheduled later in July.

YouTube TV hikes its price $15 to $65 per month. Is it becoming more like bad old cable TV where you pay too much for a bunch of channels, many of which you never watch? Will "cord cutters" who dropped cable TV for YouTube TV now be dropping YouTube TV?

WMJF (virtual channel 39) in Towson "repacked" to real channel 23 on June 30. Signal is much improved, in the BWI area at least. WMJF is a low power station that carries the Grit, Justice, Quest, Ion, Buzzr, and Shop LC sub channels. WBAL, WJZ, and WMAR are still on track to move to their new frequencies July 2, possibly at reduced power from new auxiliary antennas until their new primary antennas are installed.

/\ July 1 Messages /\

Messages from June 1 to June 30 can be reached HERE.....

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