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\/ December 27 \/

So can Erin Como be more pompous while sitting on the anchor desk to introduce Mike Thomas by saying he’s doing “double duty” with both weather & traffic. So pretty much saying he’s doing the job he was hired to do as well as the job he WASN’T hired to do: HER job as traffic reporter. She really could’ve read the traffic report off the teleprompter from the anchor desk. FOX5, just hire another traffic reporter ad you’re obviously moving Erin away from traffic reporting.

Dear DC, Marty Bass has never ever been at WBAL-TV ever. Shows how little you know or watch, so you obviously know nothing. Try WJZ-TV next time dummy so thanks for contributing nothing DC. And btw, you’re still last in NFL attendance percentage wise. Good job all around. In fact, The Capitals are the only DC sports team in the top half of their league attendance. DC is a city that favors credentials over competence or honesty. Finally, I was married to a Brit and they don’t say Cheerio anymore, phony DC, and they certainly don’t call anyone zippy either, well maybe you, but not me. Love, Baltimore

/\ December 27 \/

\/ December 26 \/

Wash FM still playing all Christmas music today.I know last year after midnight Christmas they would mix in a few Christmas songs up to New Years but also play the regular songs.

/\ December 26 \/

\/ December 25 \/

Please tell me what has happened to the Towson channel 39.2 True Crime Network? The channel has been dark for two days. Thank you very much!

/\ December 25 \/

\/ December 24 \/

Embedded in the 90.5 WMUC application is a letter from the WETA GM. He notes "We are in the process of decommisioning our broadcast translator in Frederick, Maryland." The letter was written three years ago.. Perhaps that's the answer.

Finally TMOS does a Bonus Show worthy of the name and it gets memory holed. Oh, ye Bonus Show subscriber suckersss! Word to the Robert: First semester eff-ups can be recovered from. Dropping a class (or two) can be the best way to protect the GPA. Yours is no disgrace. Gus

Dear Dave, Thank You. Thank You to the two unnamed who replied on 12 December and to Carl in Olney on 14 December. I rescanned and now see Bounce on 66.2. I also now have 66.3 CourtTV, 66.4 Laff, 66.5 Mystery, 66.6 Defy, 66.7 Newsy, 66.8 Entra . Thank You Elle in Takoma Silver Spring


You know, for the first time in a long time I have not noticed one speck of indignity or offense over any Christmas songs in 2021. No "Baby It's Cold Outside" (harassment) bullshit, no "I'll Be Home for Christmas" (homeless) arguments, no "Walking In a Winter Wonderland" (amputee) crapola ... and for that matter, no conflicts over "Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays", no screaming over improper holiday decor, none of that. Is it possible that our brains are too fried from dealing with two years of Covid and five years of nightmare politics that we have no more space in our skulls to deal with it all? Or is it possible that we finally all grew up and decided we shouldn't be dicks anymore? Either way, it's a welcome change.

Baltimore, I know exactly who Melser and Tooten are. Not sure why you are directing your bi-polar post at me. I NEVER mentioned either fella in any post ever. BUT, since you brought these gents up- one is from the DC area, and the other honed his skills in DC as a GA reporter. Historically, I would put up Wash DC anchors and sports reporters against any in the country. In this day and age, there are very few that can get the job done in a most professional way, in most cities. Times have changed. I'd prefer Captain Chesapeake or Captain 20 deliver the news instead. Which reminds me, Is Marty Bass still at WBAL? Lol What's your next post gonna talk about, YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? Stick to the point Zippy. Cheerio Mate!!

I have no dawg in this fight, but re Tim Tooten: "Why not call him "Reverend Tooten," since his doctorate is not in education." "Because WBAL isn't a religious station" is the easy and obvious answer. And "Doctor" Martin Luther King's degree wasn't in politics. Funny that skinheads enjoyed wearing Doc Martins. Maybe WBAL should hire "Doctor" Jill Biden, whose degree IS in education (which is, along with sociology, one of the most useless degrees). You complain' soun' raciss. UVa has the right idea, address all professors as "Mr." or "Ms.". What do you do about Linus Pauling who won a Nobel Prize in Physics and another one in Chemistry? Is he "Doctor" one time and "Reverend" the other? Just bide your time and wait for the sex scandal instead of jumping all over it now. Calma te, suertas las armas. Gus

My Bad: The TMOS Christmas Spectacular had about 300 listeners to hear Oscar, my dad had two families (One in Bolivia) and I have a dog, tell Bob and Carey what love and parenting is all about. I was wrong about only 100. I apologize. That Shannon is one lucky lady, heh?? She must be waiting on pins and needles for that evil seed to invade her body. Can you imagine Oscar raising a child based on his exploits on BOAD, TMOS and Podville Media? To me the most interesting thing about all of this is Oscar had NOTHING to say to the parents of his Godson (Bob’s too. Who needs God Mothers? I guess they will split junior if the unimaginable happens). I guess Mike and Carla are doing things perfectly raising the child star. Why in the last few months he has put on a piano recital and done impersonations like daddy for listeners. Oscar could NOT FIND One thing wrong with Mike and fatherhood? I will leave it to other posters if they have any feeling on this. OOBBEE

RE: New station on Eastern Shore. Can someone explain the relationship between the new FM CP on the Eastern Shore of VA and Sebago and/or Jackman Broadcasting and/or GSB Media. All of them have the same family names involved in ownership. This would include WCTG, WICO-FM, WVES, and the Franken FM that is/was rebroadcasting their WOW! Country format. And, I thought at one time there was an HD-2 station that rebroadcasted on a transmitter near Pocomoke City doing classic rock. Or was that a Birach/WGOP effort? I get very confused with radio ownership on the shore. Also, 540 WGOP seems to have been resurrected playing oldies again. MLB4

/\ December 24 \/

\/ December 23 \/

Dear snobby DC. Lowell Melser is an actual Meteorologist, FACT! That he likes and is good at general assignment reporting is actually a plus for WBAL-TV. And while I’m at it, Tim Tooten actually has MULTIPLE DEGREES, so you forgot to ridicule the other ones! Sorry for your miserable life though much more. I bet you’re a lot of fun at Christmas parties too! NOT! Love, Baltimore

Mailbag Minute:: So, on the TMOS Cocktail Party, 100 viewers saw LIVE, a under performing black sheep of one family (Oscar Santana-Zeballos) call out another under performing black sheep of his colleagues family (Robert Spewak Jr.) ? THAT'S DOWNLOAD GOLD! Now, instead of posting that show including on their YouTube channel for thousands to download, O'Meara buries the broadcast and scrubs all the comments off their social media channels and fan page. Remember, there's always a wild side to an innocent, crying face. Hello, Mrs. Spewak! Have you made your yearly cash donation to DCRTV? I have. 2021 is almost over. Now OMICRON is nipping at our nut sacks. Question. If you don't trust doctors enough to take their advice and get the vaccine, then why do you trust doctors once you catch it? Never mind. That radio DJ you hear might already be a robot. Have you made your yearly cash donation to DCRTV? I have. Say ‘Omicron’ one more goddamn time. Yes, DIE HARD is a Christmas movie. Remember to regularly change your pronouns, for online security reasons. I love a great whine which is partly why I enjoy the Lab Rat, OOBBEE. George Noory, host of “Coast to Coast AM,” is partnering with Premiere Networks on a project. Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network will feature a slate of podcasts focused on the paranormal, supernatural and unexplained. Unexplained like why TMOS took down their Cocktail Party Podcast? What do you do when everyone is qualified on the range, but there's still ammo? Send em downrange! Like sending downrange, your holiday donation to Dave and DCRTV. Don Geronimo, do you hear me? Do you feel me? ( PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send some stocking stuffer dough to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655.

"NOPE GUS, professionals don’t visit this website only because of YOU! HAHA! Thank God you’re not on mine!" Went right over your head, did it? When you have to say "HAHA!" or "LOL" that's a clue that you've failed to reach funny. Can't please everyone so you gotta please yourself. Gus

WBAL-TV has some really awful reporters. But it's also matter of bad judgement when they refer to a "Doctor" when they name their Education Reporter. Why not call him "Reverend Tooten," since his doctorate is not in education. It is misleading to imply he has advanced academic training in his subject area. Or, why not be consistent, and call the other guy "Meteorologist Melzer" even if he's doing a story on another Baltimore murder. You want accurate honorifics? How about "Junior Reporter Amara," since she fumbles and shreiks her way through what sounds like her first ever liveshot, every friggen evening.

On the old Don and Mike show, Mike would flip out when ever Don even started making jokes about Mike's daughters concerning future dating prospects or occupations, but the onslaught Oscar unloaded on Robert Jr was accurate, personal and vicious. Cary was rightly upset, it was amazingly uncomfortable to watch. Mike would never have put up with it if his daughter or Mikey junior would have been target. I know it's a lifestyle comedy show, and everyone is a target, but Oscar attacked a very bit player Robert Jr in front of Cary. While I agree with most of what Oscar said, it was neither time nor place. I can't believe Robb didn't completely flip out! But Robb knows he is low on food chain, so he swallowed his pride. not funny, but compelling listening.

WOW! I wonder how the investors at Podville Media feel about how their CEO publicly embarrassed an employee, his wife, and son live on the air? Do they have an HR department? Is that guy Charlie Bernie (sp?) listening to this shit and approving of it?

The family behind the Fairfax 87.7 LD/FM signal received a construction permit for a 100-watt NCE station on Virginia's Eastern Shore... awarded today. fccdata.org

NOPE GUS, professionals don’t visit this website only because of YOU! HAHA! Thank God you’re not on mine!

"And Rittenhouse is just getting together a legal team." It would be helpful if you could spell out what you think this public figure could sue for. So far all I'm getting is a lot of typing sounds. At this point he's had a falling out with previous lawyers due to not understanding details. Whether it's the Left or the Right, when I see 'em on the TV what comes across is "whistling past the graveyard". In other words a lot of unjustified tough talk. To keep it "local" is Mr. Rittenhouse going to sue the WaPo? Or is this talk of lawsuits just whistling? Burn, baby, burn! Gus

/\ December 23 \/

\/ December 22 \/

Last night TMOS did a live video Facebook free bonus drinking show. (So much for the paying bonus customers. And, I think they only had 100 or so watching. Whose great idea to do it the same night and time of a Skins game? No wonder why JFK did not keep them for the switch to sports. ) I missed it but I heard it was a doozy. The gutless people that run the fan page and the TMOS page removed ALL posts. Most likely because Oscar was called a dick, soulless, heartless, etc. It most likely Oscar since he is an admin on the page. And, the video has been removed by the gutless TMOS management too. The subject of Robb’s son’s first semester in college came up. Oscar, the only person on the show that is not a parent, started in on Robb and his wife about what a bad job they were doing raising their son. I heard he just kept it up and would not stop. This was pretty ballsy if you ask me. Wasn’t he the one thrown out of private HS and sent to a small two year college to get his act together? He also married a Junkette, right? How about pictures of him on the internet grouping women’s boobs? I guess his parents were perfect until the last child did not make it to med school. He brought Robb’s wife to tears more than once. She walked off the show more than once. If they want bonus subscribers, have people pay for that MR. MBA. OOBBEE

I was ridiculed here right on DCRTV for saying this, but Nick Sandman got more millions from Comcast/NBC/Universal now for slandering him (libeling, take your pick), so that’s two down including failing CNN, many more to go holding out, but they’ll all settle and pay the, now man. Of course no one publicly accepted fault or any guilt, but more millions for being wrong is quite plainly obvious. So yep, I was right again. And Rittenhouse is just getting together a legal team. He’s got an even better case being totally exonerated! Do you think one single news organization will take it to trial? I think not. They will all settle and pay him millions. But I hope in his case, he also sues individuals personally, because that will really make race baiting people on MSNBC think twice before spouting off BS next time.

I too noticed that the four hosts on Fox5’s Good Day DC are no longer sitting together on the couches. However, they sit together on the anchor desk, although only two of them. Quite odd. COVID breakthrough?

Dave, the spat between "DC" and "Love, Baltimore" is the reason broadcast professionals no longer visit this site. It's like "My mother's basement can beat up your mother's basement." I'd like to know what stations they worked at! Respect my authoritah!! Gus

Just finished listening to the tmos Christmas show. It was gripping, some how the topic turned to the fact that Robbays son, Rob Jr is basically failing out of his first year of college. Junior has dropped several classes and is currently only taking ,9 credit hours. Oscar immediately pounced on Robb and Robb's wife Cary, who was on the show and basically said they both failed as parents. Oscar even questioned Robb Sr's love for Jr. During this exchange Cary walked off (twice) and Robb had to go fetch her. Once they returned Mike desperately tried to change topic and save the show, but Oscar only let up slightly. I love to bash Robb, but I felt bad for him I thought he was gonna cry, seriously. Cary remained silent and sulked till almost the end of broadcast. After they stopped abusing Robb. Oscar launched into a story about his uncle dying from covid recently and almost tearfully pleaded for everyone to get a shot. Mike tried to save the show to no avail, it was not only not funny, but depressing. Carla closed out the show with a gross tale of her breaking a toilet at a small business by depositing a large amount of fecal matter in the toilet. As she told the story Cary suddenly sprang to life and kept interrupting to say she drops big loads as well. Merry Christmas.

/\ December 22 \/

\/ December 21 \/

Where does WBAL Newsradio 1090 go to recruit its talent? The latest embarrassment there is Gabby DiPaula. She can barely get a sentence out without tripping over her own words. Combine that with her amateurish, sing-song delivery and there's another reason why the station is struggling. One listen today also revealed Screaming Scotty had fallen to a new level of broadcast buffoonery. Wonder how the news vets there feel about these two coworkers?

Any logic to Doug, the NBC4 weather guy, working from home?

Dear DC, You can literally walk to the Balltimore city line from a Baltimore Blast game and they are not called the Towson Blast dummy. What a stupid point to actually claim victory on. WTH are you on to be so giddy over a completely useless point? And to add more insult to injury you cited the Orioles, which are not in last in attendance like the Redskins were half of this season nor they ever have been and the Nats after winning a World Series are still in the bottom half of MLB in Attendance. You literally have nothing to brag about other than the Caps and Nats Stadium, which I do like a lot, but it’s nothing like Camden Yards with that monstrosity of a concrete parking garage in the outfield obstructing an otherwise clear view of The US Capitol up Capitol Street. EPIC FAIL! Here is the MLB attendance so you can keep bragging about nothing. LOL www.espn.com... Love, Baltimore.

"I can't name thirty people that have even heard of WCRW." So only twenty-nine then? I can't name ONE person whose radio preferences or knowledge I know, because my programs are on and why would I? Some there are who say WFED is only listened to by high-powered feds but I can tell you from experience that that's not true. Similarly with WCRW. www.reuters.com... But your point that it's nothing to worry about is well taken. Gus

I can't name thirty people that have even heard of WCRW. It's only propaganda if it falls on anyone's ears. Thanks for all the nice money, China.

Dear Baltimoron aka 'Not so clever Trevor' (NSCT)... The Baltimore Blast dont play in BALTIMORE anymore. You failed to mention that. They play in a 5,000 seat arena in TOWSON, Maryland, know your facts when discussing teams that leave cities. You brought up the Blast, not me. And yes the WFT does not play in DC proper.....as do quite a few other NFL teams. New York, Dallas, Miami, SF come to mind. Anyway, your whole post was absolutely pointless, especially about Snyder, who I cant stand. You need to worry about that old fart Peter Angelos, who COMPLETELY took a storied baseball franchise and flushed them down the Baltimore Harbor smelly ass sewer. You want to talk about attendance at Camden Yards? Yeah, that's what I thought. DC saved your asses attendance wise in the 1980's...we were 25% percent of your revenue.....oh you failed to mention that didn't you Trevor? You also failed to mention that the Blowrioles averaged less than 10,000 per game in 2021. So next time you spout off NSCT, dont be a hypocrite. Do research on your own city. As far as WMDT - Well we dont need them. Looks like you do since you are a small market, AND ALWAYS will be. Enjoy watching Philadelphia brand shows, In Baltimore. I guess you should be considered one market...Philamore Oh, what happened to your Baltimore Skipjacks lololol - GONE to New England!!!! Next time sound off AFTER you get your facts straight... Signed, Your neighbor to the south. P.S. let's stop calling it the BATTLE OF THE BELTWAYS. it should be called the ' BW Parkway Showdown'

"WCRW Story..[link] Next to WFED probably the biggest billing AM in town..." Thanks for posting that. I just read the story and it's interesting but not troubling; how is this any different from VOA, RFE, or Radio Marti? The only difference I can see is "The broadcast is coming from INSIDE the house!" but still, an interesting read. Gus

/\ December 21 /\

\/ December 20 \/

WCRW Story... freebeacon.com... Next to WFED probably the biggest billing AM in town...

Conservative pundit Dan Bongino threatened to quit his national radio show over Cumulus Media's COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Danny Boy, chop-chop. You know in the Secret Service you only have one reputation and it will follow you everywhere - good or bad. Months later, time for you to honor your word and QUIT your radio show - today! #SupportDCRTV

Dear DC, You’ve already lost 2 baseball teams and to same size or smaller markets at the time (Rangers & Twins) even after building a brand new stadium that nobody went to for baseball twice in 2 years! We didn’t lose 2 and the only 1 we lost became the YANKEES! And our basketball team only moved 40 miles away and we can still go anytime we want to a Wizards game (dumb name btw). As for hockey, you got us beat, but we also aren’t supported by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to get anything we want either like Club Fed is to DC. Our current arena was antiquated just after the Beatles first American tour! Outdoor soccer has sold well in Baltimore. We’re Top 10 in NFL attendance but you could fit all the Skins fans showing up inside old RFK now and half of them are opposing team fans! Our indoor soccer team is possibly the longest lasting one in the sport outliving several leagues in fact and won either most or nearly as many championships ever in indoor soccer. You’ve had and lost several teams. Maryland paid for all the infrastructure cost of about half of the total cost of FEDEX that your boy Danny wants to now tear down. I noticed even that WMDT 47 on the shore now shows a Philadelphia Eagles show every Sunday before games, but nope, no Redskins shows on the local stations here or parades. I was discussing some of this with one of the Nats and WFT broadcasters and he said, “It’s all about the owner.” And I thought to myself. Nobody gave Baltimore a pass when drunken Irsay was cursing and lying outright at reporters on live TV. The NFL just looked the other way and gave him a blessing. And apparently the NFL is also giving Danny Snyder a pass even after meddling into the NFL investigation of his team’s pervasive sexual harassment charges. Love, Baltimore. www.washingtonpost.com

NEWS! WTOP Top Biller in 2020... From Radio Ink: With $62 million in revenue in 2020, Hubbard Radio's WTOP in Washington, DC, was by far the top billing radio station in 2020, according to new data from BIA Advisory Services. iHeartMedia's KISS-FM in Los Angeles was next at $38.9 million. WTOP has been the top billing radio station 4 out of the last 5 years. Here are the top 10 billers for 2020 according to BIA... radioink.com

Just turned on Fox5’s Good Day DC morning show & unlike every morning where they’re sitting on couches, the four hosts are in those “four boxes” on the screen like we saw during the beginning of COVID. And from the backgrounds, they’re broadcasting from different locations in the station. Now, for the earlier broadcasts, the two anchors were on the anchor desk. Wondering if they were notified of a COVID exposure this morning.

Was listening to Fox5’s Marissa Mitchell on a podcast & she said her decision to come to Fox5 was a desire to get out of field reporting & be on the anchor desk. Not an unusual desire of field anchors & is a common transition. However, how common is it to kick employees off the anchor desk & send them out in the field as they did veteran employee Maureen Umeh?

Hey, Love Baltimore. regarding WFT attendance. Maybe were busy attending OUR pro hockey or OUR pro basketball team.. or maybe were busy attending our 2019 World Series champs. Or maybe were at one of our world class museums or one of the other top US travel destinations. As you should know, pro football is all about the ownership. You already lost one team…Love DC

/\ December 20 /\

\/ December 19 \/

Noticed a continuity issue with Fox 5 plus (channel 20). They have been shwing a promo for Judge Judy with the wrong time. Her show is on from 4 pm to 5 pm but the commercial tells us that it is on from 5 pm to 6 pm. This has been going on for months now.

"The same model happened to recorded music, no one buys the whole album anymore, just the songs that are any good. Beware." We used to call those "45s". "Never have so many been paid so much to do so little." - Barney Kessel addressing "The Beat Goes On".. Actually buying the whole album in vinyl or even cassette form is a thing these days. Here we are now, entertain us. Gus

/\ December 19 /\

\/ December 18 \/

New owner to lay off staff at WNAV. www.baltimoresun.com

Anyone heard/know why Mike, one of the morning meteorologists on WTTG is doing the traffic more & more & the person hired to do the traffic report doing less & less?

YouTube TV drops Disney channels, including ABC & ESPN, in contract dispute...

/\ December 18 /\

\/ December 17 \/

Don Geronimo. Welcome back to the DC airways. See folks here are calling you out in a fun and respectful holiday way. I'll donate some time in the next few days at my local Food Bank(s) You make that $1,000 donation to DCRTV. Fair?

RE: “OBBEE claims he is disagreeing with the comments”. Your point is well taken sir. My point was really, “What type of sports talk do you want”? I grew up with the FAN in NY and I listened to WIP for years on I-95. My question: What did that poster want from sports talk? I don’t think he likes entertainment the Junks add with sports. I believe he thinks some sports are under covered. But, I was asking what station he likes. This sports radio market will always be driven by the No Names. The best fans here locally are Caps. That place always rocks. Nats were the flavor of the month when winning. But, look at attendance at the end of last year. The Wiz are, well, the Wiz which sucks because this is a great basketball city. But, the No Names drive ratings. Period. It ain’t rocket science. I miss the old JFK. I guess you would say I like “Man Talk” and was the target listener. When they were separate sports stations after the JFK switch, I said many times DC had two sports stations but only enough talent for one. I totally miss the days of Howard, Junks, and BOAD. But, they are gone. I also miss Czabe, Andy, Mr. Tony and Sheehan pre podcasts (Well, BOAD was the original Pod around here. Their demise sucks the most. Jammin Java was always a blast.) I hate the Junks can’t ask “What type of bird are you?”, etc anymore. But, at least some of that is left on the Junks. It keeps me listening. Chad’s BS removal was the end of anything like the Junks on JFK(After Lavar of course – I still feel for Chad on that.) The rest of the shows on JFK and TEM are like the FAN/WIP. So many of the shows on both TRY SO HARD to be Junks/Chad like. But none have the internal natural talent and it is always so forced. I don’t listen much but I think it for different reasons than the original poster I was referring to what he dislikes. OOBBEE

/\ December 17 /\

\/ December 16 \/

OBBEE claims he is disagreeing with the comments about the sorry state of sportstalk radio in the area. But then says he doesn't listen other than the Junkies. So he really agreed it seems.... Dude is a bit confused.

So I was listening to WTOP Thursday evening. When they tossed to the traffic anchor at 5:48, you could hear (loudly) in the background “the hostess from Shanghai Garden called!” just as the traffic report started and it was quickly silenced. Someone must’ve been watching this clip of the late great Glenn Brenner: youtu.be

Is it just me and the channels I watch or is there a very small rotation of commercials these days? Am I the only one bothered by "We are not a discount brokers [sic]"? Of course we all know when your Check Engine light goes on it's game over. Not my first rodeo until I leave the home. Dynomite! Do NOT take medicine that you're allergic to. Insurance. Currently entertaining offers from St. Jude's and Shriner's Hospital to see who gets my $19 a month. It'll mean quitting Amazon Prime but that's a first world problem. The polar bears can go screw. Move to where the ice is. Thank bejeebers that the Ukrainian holocaust survivors have apparently died off although the lady on the commercials was pretty hot. I hope she uses Lume on her private parts. Paraquat cars go farther! I've always been official. Gus

Vzn vs. Tegna. I wish Verizon would start an argument against the high price of worthless sports channels. Why should their customers subsidize those contracts to carry? Make those who are interested pay for what the want to watch. No wonder more and more people are going streaming instead of just accepting what Verizon bundles together. The same model happened to recorded music, no one buys the whole album anymore, just the songs that are any good. Beware.

WE HAVE ANOTHER CRAZY COVID-19 ANTI-VAXXER CHRISTIAN RADIO HOST! Days after Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Lee declared a state of emergency in March 2020 over the coronavirus pandemic, Christian financial guru DAVE RAMSEY (heard on multiple DC/MD/VA stations) allegedly called 900 people to an in-person meeting of his company, Ramsey Solutions. The evangelical radio host told the staff they would not be permitted to work from home, saying it showed a "weakness of spirit," according to a new lawsuit. Ramsey's remarks were troubling to at least one employee (899 sheep remained silent) who this week filed a lawsuit against Ramsey and his company claiming he was retaliated against and ultimately fired for wanting to take precautions during the pandemic. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Tennessee, where Ramsey Solutions is based, describes a "cult-like" workplace where employees were forced to share personal details about their lives and (this is where it gets really insane) were told to PRAY-AWAY" covid-19. You think Ramsey is secretly fully vaccinated + booster? In life, don't be a sheep. No church/Ramsey collection plate for me. I'm throwing some holiday donation money to DCRTV. You with me Don Geronimo? Signed, The Real AHHHH Legend #SupportDCRTV

"Mark Aitken, Senior VP of Technology is no longer returning my phone calls or emails as obviously I" can't get past the call screener. How does the TV station know you're buried under rubble? Gus keeping the Percy Faith

Hey Dave...Merry Christmas! Hey...is Tony Korn still on the radio? Please don't tell me. He was awful and worse before so I am quite sure he is just as bad or worse now. And what about the phony English guy; such a fake. The United Kingdom should sue this idiot and send him to radio hell. As for that guy tuning to 780 AM at sign-on. Sounds like he has a great life. Hey, go out and get a cup of coffee pal. You need something constructive to do.

I agree with the poster about the state of radio in DC but that pertains to analog FM If you have an HD radio you can get the Gamut On WTOP HD3 subs 103.5 107.7 all digital AM 820 plays just about everything from the 50s to today soft hits on WASH FM HD3 bluegrass on WAMU 88.5 HD2 Soft R&B On WHUR 96.3 HD2 plus they have various other programming on thier HD3 And HD4 subs.I believe the sub of 94.7 and 99.5 have programs and music for the LGBT community. And WKCW 1420 AM Warrenton a decent playlist of 60s 70s 80s.

Just out of boredom and stuck in morning traffic this week, I tuned in WAVA-AM 780 to listen to their daily December sign-on at 7:30 AM. Other than the transmitter going "plates up" and making sure the automation is playing OK, I don't know anything else that could go wrong during a sign-on. Yet for the past two days, the station has signed on with some jazzy instrumental and a somber V/O dude stating they are having "technical difficulties" and will be back in gear in a few moments. What exactly is going wrong over there, the very moment they turn on the lights?

I too received an email from Verizon re: the issue w/Tegna. Have had Verizon for years & I think this is the first time I’ve been notified re: losing a major channel w/my service. Always see banners going across the screen for contract issues w/Direct TV, but not Verizon. I truly hope the subscription price doesn’t go up b/c I already pay more than I’d like!

/\ December 16 /\

\/ December 15 \/

Looks like another local TV contract is being disputed to round out the year. I received an email today that for Verizon Fios customers, their contract with Tegna (WUSA 9) expires at 5pm on December 31st. Kind of weird that it’s at 5pm, but that’s what it said. Hopefully they can come to an agreement before time runs out without raising the prices to us customers.

Oh my goodness. Tonight at the end of his show Mark Levin mentioned "all the anti-semites" in the Biden administration. Let's keep in mind the number of officials with dual U.S./Israeli citizenship. All those anti-semites, And how about we make "no more wars for the time being" a thing? Stupid idiot knows he's not gonna go, Pepsi and Sprite aren't gonna go... But he wants war with China and Russia because of all the anti-semites. If he wants to go all Wolverines, fine but it seems his foreign policy is "Let's get some dumbasses from West Virginia shot up." I can't work with that. Gus

HELLO DC, if you didn’t notice, The Baltimore Ravens are in the Top 10 in NFL attendance even though you have a much bigger stadium. The Washington Fucking Team is LAST PLACE in the NFL! Congrats! Love, Baltimore OH WAIT, you moved up one notch, 2nd to last place! www.espn.com

Just forget this notion that Nextgen TV is a test run in DC. It’s here to stay.. It’s already been selected as the United States TV STANDARD going forward and no it’s not compatible with your current TV! No new ATSC 1.0 TV license filings will probably ever happen from this point forward. for new construction permits. So this notion that it might just be something like a Microsoft Zune phone or something is just bonkers. The FCC hasn’t yet mandated every TV have such a tuner, but they will, especially now that Washington DC has all the major networks broadcasting Emergency Alerts on it. So please stop with the “testing” talk. Testing is long done as a part of the main TV signal. it’s already proven technology. COFDM is used around the world already so this is not cutting or bleeding edge tech in the core of the TV signal. America simply just chose a bad standard the first go-round due to political reasons that had nothing to do with technology. It simply has better compression codecs that allows a 1080p + sub-channels or a 4K broadcast and switched on the fly too. The cutting edge part of ATSC 3.0 is the expandability and SFN Networks which Sinclair will soon test around Baltimore on channels 24, 25, 28, and 30. Keep in mind these are all TV channels currently in use in the area, so it’s the ability of the signal to be received and rejected (if it’s an outside signal) as the test, along with cell phone coverage for live TV on One Media cell phones, which Sinclair is rumored to have hundreds of in Hunt Valley. Mark Aitken, Senior VP of Technology is no longer returning my phone calls or emails as obviously I would volunteer to test one under practically any circumstance. I mean, the technical specs claim that you could get a 480i or p TV pic and Emergency Alert even in a basement on a cell phone. The only technology we have now that can do that without an outdoor antenna is AM Radio and your own house electronics now destroy that possibility with electrical RF interference. The key part of ATSC 3.0 is the scalability and active resolution and quality switching adaptation to any given reception situation so if you’re say, buried in a basement under rubble, you might just have a lifeline in your hands or in your TV. This is the future. South Korea already has this. Japan has something similar. China wishes they had this. Russia cannot afford it, but Washington, DC now has it as well as a new technology program at Howard University. This launch is big on a lot of levels. — BaltoMedia.net

Thank you for info on PercyFaith and links to lots of history of WGAY & WQMR. I remember them well. 1962-1968 I was Chief Engineer at WASH (FM) and WDON which was nearby on University Blvd. near Viers Mill Road. I think the WASH tower may still be there with the RCA Pylon FM antenna on top. I went to WGAY & WQMR to make repairs several times during snow storms (including to repair the ATU in a snow storm) while their regular engineer, Fred Himes, was away. Unfortunately, I have no memorabilia from that era other then a small amount of memory. I live in Pa. now but I'm still a member of Baltimore SBE. Fred Klimes

“Have to strongly disagree with OBBEE. “ is this Andy Polee? LOL Get off my yard!!! Ken Beatrice is dead man! “You’re not Next!”. Please listen to WIP or FAN and tell me it’s better. Then again, after the Junks there is no radio at my desk anymore. Bit Season, Mr. Tony, Chad, and Sheehan Pods keep me going. Czab is kind of becoming too much of a cheese head/golf guy. I strongly disagree with “The ONLY entertaining reason to watch TMOS is for the weekly "Talking Heads"”. That is Mike’s laziest bit. No prep is needed. The best (worst) was the guy in the Coast Guard Reserve on Lake Anna – Yelling “Citizen’s Arrest” like Gomer at buzzed boat captains. Then, not one family member involved in space, but the wife two weeks later also? Like all interviews or when the other two try to tell a story, Mike’s ADD kicks in and he can’t pay attention. Mike’s other great invention to not do show prep is “Who the F am I” game. Fantastic time killer with Oscar and Bobby acting like they enjoy it. It was nice to hear Podville stories about taking headshots for their website yesterday. If you compare the two websites, it is OBVIOUS Mr. MBA cares a LOT MORE for one job than the other!!! OOBBEE

Back in the DC area again and I am just amazed at how the state of a top 10 market has deteriorated so in the past few years. It’s not just “rock” radio at the watered down alternative DC 101, but the FM band in general anymore. Iheart has their mandated Christmas music on 97.1 which leaves yet another pop music vacancy. Hot 99.5 keeps playing the same Ed Sheeran song every hour. When it is local, and not necessarily live, the personalities sound staged and bland. For country: WMZQ is OK but also sounds canned except for Michael J – who can even make voicetracking sound decent. The same 30+ year old songs continue on 94.7 and 100.3. Spanky on 94.7, and Don G. and Lisa B on 100.3 still sound good. The urban stations for the most part still sound ok – but again, a lot of automation and syndication. There is just way too much talk, sports, and religion anymore. It’s killing music radio. For those that say music is a lost cause for territorial radio … It may be now. People just aren’t used to turning on the radio and hearing music with local personalities. Radio used to have that personal connection. What I’d give for the days of 92.5, 105.1, 107.3, 106.7, 104.1, 103.5, 107.7, 105.9, 94.3, etc. to have some sort of mainstream format back. I’d say the only chance in that is if the ratings sink further at WMAL, Cumulus could always put WMAL back on 630 and flip 105.9 to a hot a/c. But we all know that’s a long shot. MLB4

So they made the change today for WHUT TV to host Next Generation TV the standard ATSC 1.O signal now on CH 7 and unlike some of the other mergers like WDCW 50 On RF CH 15 where picture quality suffered with the repack there's no degration of picture quality here after midnight last night they were still running the regular WHUT signal on CH 33 as well as the new one on CH 7 and switching back between them the new one actually looked sharper.Just will be interesting to see what ATSC 3.O offers and will it be successful.

The ONLY entertaining reason to watch TMOS is for the weekly "Talking Heads" segment. Today's guest was not only fun but his garage studio was so state-of-the-art, it made Oscar Santana's Podville Circus Studios and TMOS set-up look like a tech refugee camp - and Mike noticed. (How much did Zeballos' e-MBA cost his parents?)

It's time for the Ravens to require a significant re-vamp from WBAL/WIFF now that the team has added another five years to their broadcast deal. First, it's time to retire the professorial hayseed, Gerry Sandusky. "And they hay is in the barn" is the most irrelevant declaration in the history of broadcast sports. Next, eliminate Bobby Trosset and Melissa Kim from the broadcast. They bring nothing other than a minor league sound. After that, erase Bryan Nehman from the mix. He's a decent sounding and knowledgeable enough guy, but he's a jock wannabe and his presence just makes the pregame program too cluttered. Finally, please tell Scott Wycoff there's no reason to stand outside an empty M and T Bank Stadium the morning after a game, shouting like a carnival barker and playing day-old sound clips. Maybe if they focus on improving their Ravens broadcasts they'll take the same critical and objective view of the remainder of their weak programming that has plummeted them into 15th place.

Oh, Junkies, oh, Daniel Snyder. The midget tree-killer took a not bad football team and rooned it. All we can do is wait for natural causes to have their way. He is ... The Dewsh. Billie Eilish on porn on Howard Stern (imagine his wood): I don't care that you self-child-molested yourself. No one sees anything creepy about you and your brother. The world has other priorities. Never really got started, but done with you. What's up with Rosneft today? Gus

Have to strongly disagree with OBBEE. There is NO stronger indication of the serious decline of DMV sportstalk radio than the fact that this AWADD character has a weekend show. He is atrocious and is emblematic of the prevailing concept among the programmers that DMV listeners are too stupid for intelligent sportstalk shows. The local sportstalkers also haven't figured out that the market has changed and all Redskins, 99% of the tim,e doesn't get it done. But that is another issue. Need a complete reboot on DMV sportstalk (and the takeover of 980 by Audacy made things MUCH worse, not better)....................

One of the Junkies, the lawyer, told listeners he’s “numb” to all the Dan Snyder and WFT/Redskins scandals.. Great. He doesn’t even realize that’s exactly what Snyder wants. It’s how he keeps the franchise. Keep mailing it in, Junks. I’m sure Audacy won’t notice…

Five more years of Gerry Sandusky's histrionics.....

NEWS! BALTIMORE RAVENS EXTEND BROADCAST PARTNERSHIP... New Agreement with WBAL-TV, WBAL-AM, WIYY-FM Continues Through 2026 season... The Baltimore Ravens have extended their current television and radio agreements with Hearst Television-owned WBAL-TV, WBAL NewsRadio 1090 AM/101.5 FM and 98 Rock (WIYY 97..9 and 97.9 HD2). The television and radio properties will continue as the official broadcast partners of the Baltimore Ravens through the 2026 season. WBAL-TV will continue to televise preseason games and weekly in-season programing created by the team’s broadcasting group, Ravens Productions. The preseason games will simulcast live on the Hearst-owned radio stations in the Baltimore market and re-air on MeTV Baltimore the following day. 98 Rock and WBAL NewsRadio 1090/101.5 will continue to air the regular season games, as well as the postseason contests. The new deal marks the third contract extension between the Ravens and the broadcast organizations, following an initial agreement in 2006. “WBAL-TV, 98 Rock and WBAL NewsRadio 1090/101.5 are honored to continue as the Official Television and Radio Broadcast Partners of the Baltimore Ravens,” Dan Joerres, President and General Manager of WBAL-TV, and Cary Pahigian, President and General Manager of 98 Rock and WBAL Radio, said in a joint statement. “We are delivering audiences new content and an even deeper viewer and listener experience as part of this extension of our long-standing partnership with one of the NFL’s premier teams, which has one of the League’s most loyal fan bases.” This renewed partnership will focus on an array of community-based initiatives between the Ravens and Hearst Television. New “Ravens 365” segments will air on both television and radio broadcasts throughout the year, providing not only football storylines and insight, but also highlighting the Ravens’ charitable work, commitment to the Baltimore community and DE&I efforts. “For the past 16 seasons, our partnership with Hearst, WBAL-TV, 98 Rock and WBAL NewsRadio 1090/101.5 has helped us connect with Ravens fans in high-quality, consistent and special ways,” Ravens Chief Sales Officer Kevin Rochlitz stated. “We take great pride in extending this partnership, because it strengthens the bond we share with our fans by delivering the programming they desire.” In addition to WBAL NewsRadio 1090/101.5 and 98 Rock, the Ravens’ radio broadcast is streamed to www.baltimoreravens.com and in the Ravens mobile app. This broadcast transmits to 32 regional affiliates spanning five states – Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia – and Washington, D.C. This partnership extension also includes WBAL-TV’s sister station, WGAL-TV, which services the Pennsylvania television markets of York, Lancaster and Harrisburg. WGAL-TV has been a partner of the Ravens since 2017.

Dave, the Percy Faith links might have gotten messed up in translation. The proper ones are: www.percyfaith.info for the main page, and www.percyfaith.info/Percy-Faith-pages/wqmrwgaymemories for the WGAY links. Al Peterson

/\ December 15 /\

\/ December 14 \/

What a hoot this is. A tribute page to two old radio stations in Silver Spring, WQMR and WGAY, both long gone. But the names and faces are well known to folks who were in the business in the 60s. Lots of program features to listen to: percyfaith.info... There are some Joy Boys highlights at the bottom of this page. Then click on this page: percyfaith.info... for a real treat. Toward the bottom of the page are a couple of screens dedicated to Tom Gauger, his theme song The Music Scene, and some air checks with him and Ed Walker at WMAL. There's also a snippet of Gauger's signoff, probably with David Sproul at the board. This will also be cool for anyone who worked in The World Building or grew up in Silver Spring near the old Giffords.

"There is now just one fruitcake among TMOS fans and they'll just keep sending it to each other - year after year." I like this theory. It's similar to physicist John Wheeler's speculation that there's only one electron. The people who buy the $50 fruitcake are already involved in some sort of cj. A GOOD showrunner would have come up to DC for 2 days and pretended to help with the f-cakes. Brandingbrandingbranding. If only they had an MBA on staff! Time away from the trouble and strife, amirite? Only a stupid person would miss that opportunity. Oh, wait, nevermind. Wait, what, no one knows what the costs are? Is this what they teach at the WKRP School o' Busyness at Maryland? Gus

BREAKING:: Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder worked to disrupt NFL's investigation of the team, records and interviews show. Washington’s owner took former employees to court, deployed private investigators and was accused of trying to ‘silence’ a key accuser.

It's so surprising to hear that TMOS is still sucking, esp. with Mike "Joe Scarborough" O'Meara (they're equal in intelligence) at the helm. Even if the useless fruitcakes were a break-even, a smart show (but what am I sayin?) would stick with 'em. It's called branding. Memo to Oscar: Brandingbrandingbrandingcommunicationcommunicationcommunication. I note that Joe Rogan doesn't have to sell "bonus shows". Gus

Hey CK! Keep AWAD on the weekends. Actually start him later. He has gotten so much better but he still our Junk’s AWAD. Speaking of AWAD, The Bit Season Podcast continues to kick ass! I knew Matt and Matt would be great together. AWAD joins in and produces. CK – Put Bit Season on the weekend or one night too! Look at their numbers. Anyone who likes the Junks or the old JFK will really enjoy Bit Season #13. The Junkies JP is the guest hawking his new book, Still Barking, about the rise and success of the Junkies. There are some great stories told about the Junks and the old JFK during the Podcast. Even Doni G comes up in a not too flattering way. (I was going to mention TMOS, Fruitcakes, and Bo Bo the Sad Clown too but others covered it. I think they missed his wife bitchingly watch him decorate the tree alone after all his disrespected and unappreciated fruitcake work while she looked at her phone. Poor Bo Bo!) OOBBEE

TMOS To Close Rob Spewak's Fruitcake Factory; No "Funds" In Stagnant Fundraiser? Just like falling Bonus Show subscriptions, this failure is also O'Meara - Santana self-inflicted (including the fact that MBA Santana doesn't know their exact fixed cost per fruitcake.) No dedication to improving a stagnant weekday show - now 4 days per week = less eyeballs = less loyal followers who would pay $100 for fundraising fruitcakes or in the future, brownies from O"Meara's long since deceased mom's, old-ass family recipe. With an uninspired show, there is no dough in dough. No substitute for creative show content hard work which in particular, the obese lazy Irishman never had. Ask Geronimo. There is now just one fruitcake among TMOS fans and they'll just keep sending it to each other - year after year. #SupportDCRTV

Despite just celebrating their 12 year anniversary, tmos had to stop the show Thursday and Monday to reboot their computers, due to technical difficulties. Their experience is really shinning through.

Bad News kids, the tmos crew are most likely going to discontinue, the fruit cake sales due to lack of profitability after Mr. Oscar Mba crunched the Numbers. Robb spent 22 hours over the weekend cooking the fruit cakes, while Mike and Oscar sat at home. So if you need a over priced, yet undersized fruit cake you will have to go elsewhere. Sorry.

PILOT Launches New NEXTGEN TV Fellowship, Introduces 2021 Fellows... --Fellows will learn directly from ATSC and AWS experts, develop and present NEXTGEN TV product concept-- Washington, D.C. -- PILOT, an innovation initiative of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), has launched the PILOT NEXTGEN TV Fellowship program with support from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Structured like an early-stage start-up, the fellowship will focus on exploring capabilities of the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard and developing a concept for a NEXTGEN TV product or service. Alongside industry experts, fellows will gain practical, first-hand experience with NEXTGEN TV technology. The unique, eight-month program will include product training, seminars and one-on-one coaching with NEXTGEN TV standard experts and AWS representatives. The fellowship will conclude with fellows presenting their projects at the 2022 NAB Show in April in Las Vegas. The 2021 fellows are current Howard University students Mikaela Mosley and Sulaiman Bastien. Mosley is a senior television and film production major and political science minor from Philadelphia, Pa. She is the general manager and producer for Howard University’s Spotlight Network/WHUT-TV and recently completed an internship with Amazon Studios as a Drama Development intern.. Bastien is a senior television and film production major and computer science minor, with a concentration on directing and software engineering. He recently completed an internship with Pearl TV as an application developer and is originally from Laurel, Md. Howard University is partnering with local broadcast television stations to bring NEXTGEN TV to local stations in Washington, D.C., with Howard University’s WHUT serving as the host station. Other participating stations include WJLA (ABC), WUSA (CBS), WTTG (FOX), and WRC (NBC). “I’m delighted we can partner with AWS and the NAB Leadership Foundation to provide this fellowship that is only available at Howard University,” said John Clark, executive director of PILOT. “This groundbreaking program offers a unique experience to jumpstart careers and provide a boost for the industry.” “When we look back at early television pioneers such as Philo Farnsworth, and then forward to NextGen TV it is more than nostalgic, it is a 21st Century game changer,” says Dean Gracie Lawson-Borders, Cathy Hughes School of Communications. “Our students participating in the NextGen TV Fellowship will embrace the next phase of interactive and digital TV, and spread that knowledge and experience in ways we are still imagining.” Fellows will also participate in NAB Leadership’s Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP). TAP is a complimentary career development program that is designed to train, inform and recruit the next generation of leaders in the broadcasting industry. Between these two innovative programs, fellows will be poised to launch a cutting-edge career as an engineer or technology professional in the broadcasting industry.

Who is subbing for Dave Johnson on the "Wizards Radio Party" broadcast Monday night? - Tom In Wheaton

Bounce is on 66-2. I found it on the Wikipedia. -- Carl in Olney

/\ December 14 /\

\/ December 13 \/

DCRTV Dave, when you started talking about insurrection, sedition, and treason, I thought you were joking at first, but you’re onto something if you read today’s Washington Post. www.washingtonpost.com... The Dems are clearly willing to play dirty with Manchin’s coal interests to get him to go along with the Build Back Broke Boondoggle. But as far as Jan. 6, not a single person was charged with insurrection, sedition, or treason, so the FBI won’t be going after Fox News either. And as far as Chris Wallace being a huge blow to FOX, if only Chris Wallace had known what he was doing to his carreer! HAHA! This is CNN, the Most Watched Network of Pedophiles! I’m sure this will be in The Washington ComPost too on the back page. nypost.com... Now we know why they had to get rid of Cuomo REALLY FAST! And I actually think it’s a positive FOX move as John Roberts has previously anchored the CBS Evening News, so he’s much more qualified than Chris Wallace to host the show. On a completely different topic, I wonder what Sinclair is going to do with WDCO-CD They lose their main programming on Dec. 31 when UniMas and LATV leave and TBD is already FCC required on WJLA 7, so I wonder what the programming will be. Both WIAV 58 and WDCO 10 really have no notable programming in 2022, at least that’s been announced. I know Nexstar wants CW 50 WDCW in NextGen TV and I’m sure WETA 26 does too. Sinclair as usual is very tightlipped. I’ll give you my prediction. I think Sinclair will launch some kind of Ballys Sports Betting channel in NextGen TV, especially if Sinclair buys NBC Sports Net, and then has access to WFT, Wizards, & Caps programming. I’m sure they want MASN too, but as long as the old man is still alive, they Angelos boys are going to hold onto MASN with a death grip until they drain every last dollar out of it.

Elon Musk's selection as the 2021 TIME Person (Man) of the Year drew a sharp reaction from DC media progressives today, Monday. DCRTV mailbag poll. All billionaires who are not Elon Musk are crooks. Yes? No?

There is only one thing, other than JOANING, that can redeem the Sports Junkies when the WFT is winning: A WFT loss to end the winning. We got that, for the most part, this morning. We were treated to a two-man show. So little yelling over each other! Lurch is the most sports-centric and true sports talker on the program. His future should be bright when the Junks are not renewed by Audacy, a company that cares so very little about good radio. But JP. Oh, John Paul. Like Mr. Bickle, he fails to factor in scandals like the cheerleader and sexual harassment scandals at WFT Park when discussing issues like poor attendance. The Junks never developed that ability to zoom out, to do smart radio. I get it, segments about farts and autonomy will dull one's senses. Still, see the entire chess board. This is why Andy Polley, Kevin Sheehan, Al Galdi and Doc Walker – several banished by Audacy to podcasting are more fulfilling listens. No, John Paul, a couple 11-6 seasons won't bring back 65,000 die hard WFT fans to FedEx Field. Only a new owner who proves him/herself as a decent human with above average ethics and football instincts will do that. Here's one more plea for the Lurch & Cakes show and/or podcast. That'd be siiilllllyyyyy.

Jim Bohannon to Be Inducted Into NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame Jim Bohannon... Washington, D.C. -- Jim Bohannon, host of Westwood One’s nationally syndicated radio talk show, “The Jim Bohannon Show,” will be the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Broadcasting Hall of Fame 2022 radio inductee. The induction will take place at the Achievement in Broadcasting event at NAB Show, held April 23–27, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nev. “The Jim Bohannon Show” airs from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. (ET) Monday through Friday on over 300 radio stations. Delivering his wit, wisdom and natural charm to listeners across the nation, Bohannon offers a unique blend of breaking news, informative reports on a wide range of topics and live conversations with listeners. A 50-year-plus broadcasting veteran, Bohannon spent over 31 years as host of the early morning weekday news magazine, “America in the Morning,” for which he still provides interviews and his feature “The Offbeat.” He previously hosted the weekend news magazine “America This Week.” “Jim encompasses the spirit of radio. His distinct voice, humor and engaging programs have informed and entertained listeners for 50 years, while addressing historic milestones affecting our nation,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. “I am grateful for his friendship and the opportunities I have had to be a guest on his show. We congratulate Jim on this befitting honor.” Bohannon began his radio career in 1960 at KLWT-AM in his hometown of Lebanon, Missouri. Following college and military service during the Vietnam War, he returned to radio in the Washington, D.C. market, covering news at both WTOP-AM and WWRC-AM. He later worked as a morning anchor at WCFL-FM in Chicago and as a freelance reporter for CNN. Bohannon hosted his own Saturday night phone-in program starting in 1984 and served as the principal back-up for Larry King on the “Larry King Show.” In February of 1993, Bohannon took over the prestigious nighttime radio talk show slot formerly held by King. Bohannon joined Westwood One in 1983 and has anchored newscasts, political conventions and election night coverage in addition to his weekday programs. Bohannon is a recipient of a Special Recognition First Amendment Award from the Radio Television Digital News Association and was named by TALKERS magazine editorial board as the 2013 recipient of the publication’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2003, and into the Missouri Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame in 2020. The NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame recognizes radio and television personalities or programs that have earned a place in broadcasting history. Explore the complete list of past inductees here. Qualified members of the media may apply for press registration for the 2022 NAB Show here.

"Chris Matthews"!? What a huge eff-up on my part. I am genuinely ashamed. Gus see what I did there, anyway give it time, he'll get there

(Tom Conroy WZBB) 'Let's make DCRTV fun with personal radio bloopers.' Great idea. Don Geronimo, now heard on BIG100, come join the mailbag fun. Make that $1,000 yearly display ad donation to DCRTV and share a few stories with us readers too.

"Wasn't one of Rupy's former wives a Chinese spy lady?" Gonna have to give you a big fat "NO" on that, absent proof. In today's world who ISN'T a Chinese spy? Certainly the owners of Google are. General Milley is a Chinese spy. Jackie Chan's parents were R.O.C. spies in mainland China. Bill Clinton was a Chinese spy: google "Loral". Gus

S'matter, Gus? Still clearing out the weekend hangover cobwebs this morning? You just gave Chris Matthews a job at CNN - I'm sure he'll be surprised to hear that. Meantime, Chris Wallace will be heading over there... probably not room for more than one Chris on the schedule, anyway....

Chris Matthews to CCN+ or - : Based on what he said, I suspect it will be "all power players of the week all the time". More or less a lifestyle show. A step down, but it doesn't offend me the way TMOS does. Maybe he's just gotten tired of dewshes lying to him. All Presidents fail, all press secretaries lie. -- Rupert Murdoch became a U.S. citizen in 1985 in order to comply with then current U.S. law. Regardless of the heinous crimes of the Australians against the Jews during WWII he doesn't deserve to be called "the Aussies". Australian Olympic fencer and semi-pro cellist James Wolfensohn pulled a similar move so he and his 20,000 person rolodex could be President of the World Bank. How Life Works 101. Gus

Dave's response: Wasn't one of Rupy's former wives a Chinese spy lady? Maybe Rupy is the modern day Manchurian Candidate? Hmmm.....

Chris Wallace’s show Fox News Sunday is recorded in DC, so that makes this local, so my running joke for this week is, “LATE BREAKING! CHRIS WALLACE BUYS LAST MINUTE TICKET ON TITANIC.” His move to CNN+ is more about CNN than about Fox News although the media already spinning it otherwise. The sad truth is that the Home Shopping Network now beats CNN in ratings along with CARTOON and Lifetime Movie Network so AT&T paid him a shitload of money to flip, something no idiot would turn down even though Fox News beats them in ratings 4 to 1! The worst rumor in the industry though is that AT&T has had it with Jeff Zucker and he along with a LOT of people are out the door next year. So yeah, I have to admit, I’d like to see Chris Wallace up against Tucker or Hannity. But guess what? I don’t think he has the cahones to do such a thing. If I had to bet, I’d say they’ll put him up against someone like Brett Baier or Martha MacCallum or streaming to claim an easy shallow victory or tie. Chris is a shell of his Dad. Mike Wallace was hated by corrupt politicians, businessmen, Congressmen, corporations, both Republicans and Democrats, threatened by several foreign dictators and Communists and he hosted the news, game shows, the best investigative reporting ever done on television. Sorry Chris, you are no Mike Wallace. Mike Wallace would have never interviewed a senile stroke-ridden man wanting to be President and not called him out on it or gone with the general media narrative of Russian collusion which we all know now was made up by Hillary herself instead. But I hope I’m wrong as competition is good. But never fear. As long as the advertisers are woke threatened, they’ll keep CNN afloat. Any other company would have folded long ago of it’s own pompous leftist elitist bloated weight, but Amazon, Google, and Facebook need CNN to stay alive, especially in 2022, when Republicans sweep the House and Senate and take aim at Big Tech! Thank God you’re not very technical Dave or I’d worry about you too. Keep up the Bulletin Board System and you’ll be safe. Nobody really knows what that is anymore. I did think it was funny though that FOX cancelled the Fox News Sunday replay overnight so if you didn’t see it live, you missed his last appearance on the channel. Nobody will ever again be able to say “And that’s the way it is” anymore. It’s patently racist and binary, possibly homophobic and if nothing exposes an opinion that there are actual facts in the world, which every woke person knows is simply not true, at least in their CRT indoctrinated minds. The media spin on this is just hysterically funny because CNN+ has been delayed so many times, I think they already know it’s going to be an epic flop while Fox Nation is already a huge success! But sure, I’d take the hard cash AT&T dollars too upfront to do basically nothing. I hope he got it in an AT&T Minutes card upfront though because they intend to unload CNN first chance they get!! HAHA!

Dave's response: Chris is getting out before the FBI raids the place and starts throwing around sedition charges. We've always worried about attacks from the Ruskies or Chinese, but it's the Aussies (Rupert) we should have been really been worried about.....

/\ December 13 /\

\/ December 12 \/

To the poster asking about where is Bounce Tv in DC area if you can get ION 66 actual RF channel 35 with your antenna its 66-2 when you asked about that it refreshed my memory because several months back I did a rescan of my TV and found it odd that 2 stations 14 actual RF channel 15 and 66 Ion that 2 stations in the same market would air the same sub but rescan your TV or check ION hopefully you can recieve it it's strong here in Woodbridge my antenna is in my yard not on the roof and Bounce is on subchannel 2.Ion 66 which used to air mainly kids programs and shopping channels on it's subs also airs Laff on 66-4 I like that station sitcoms from the 80s and 90s like Night Court

"So Mike O’Meara wants people to buy the bonus???" Good points all, but let's do the MBA math. TMOS currently offers bonus (?) show subscribers 16% (1/6) fewer shows than promised on a good week, even fewer on a normal week. Of course it's not a "bonus" if you're paying for it, is it? Subscriber retention, communication, expansion within the marketspace, these are the things I'd look for in a young MD. Memo to Oscar: Communicationcommunicationcommunication. Gus

I believe Bounce is now on channel 66 saw an announcement on my latest xfinity bill. Unfortunately I do not have the digital channel number

So Mike O’Meara wants people to buy the bonus??? This week he spent the first 20 minutes trying to get his sound board to work. Then, the show was stopped and later restarted after the electronics were fixed. They want people to pay for that shit??? Why not start a new show all together when back??? Because Mike is lazy. Then he bitched about all the press Donny Simpson was getting at Podville Media. I know Oscar had a hard on. So the two doni’s are doing great. One wants to build his own network out of Podville. The other is on the air in DC. And, Mike is bitching out of his retirement community in FLA putting on a show with revenue sliding no matter how Oscar and Bo Bo kiss his ass. OOBBEE

I am fortunate to work for a locally owned FM here in southern Va. We recently had a very nice Christmas party, all catered. Toward the end, each of us were allowed to share our most embarrassing moment on air, even the owner chimed in! Years ago, at WPOC, the PD; Larry Clark had asked me to develop a country gospel show, I knew nothing about this music but managed to pull it off. WPOC had remarkable ratings in Sunday, and the show was syndicated in Philly and Chicago a bit later. At the time, we would do a live legal ID after the show and fire up the old Scully to air public affairs. It did not fire up, I said “oh shit” on an open mic (which I soon realized). The first thought was that I would get a call from management and be fired, or at least light up the five lines and face the wrath of God from the listeners! To my surprise, nothing happened. Either they tuned out after the show or were not sure what they heard. I did tell the PD the next day, even he shared one of his moments! Lets make DCRTV fun, we all had those special bloopers were we just wanted to bury our head in the sand! Why not share… Merry Christmas! Tom Conroy WZBB

Dear Dave, I hope you are safe down there. The tornado devastation from friday night in arkansas, kentucky, and arkansas is so sad. What if any weather did you see down there in North Carolina? It was just windy here Friday overnight and all day Saturday. I am writing to ask about Bounce TV. I watch tv with antennae. Bounce used to be on 14-4. Now it is Uni-Mas. This happened (or I noticed) last week Sunday 5 December. I have searched and see no announcements that Bounce was no longer going to be carried. Do you know? Thank You. Happy Holidays, Elle in Takoma Silver Spring

Dave's response: Can anyone alswer Elle's Bounce question? It was very windy on Saturday and just some plain rain later in the day. Nothing severe here. The mountains to our west seem to block most of the severe weather that comes from Tennessee. Our really nasty storms tend to come from the south, like up there in the DC area.....

/\ December 12 /\

\/ December 11 \/

Has WJLA abandoned the newschannel 8 concept? No more local news in the morning on 24/7. Appears to be no local news on it that isn’t being simulcast on their main channel 7? Paul in Waldorf

/\ December 11 /\

\/ December 10 \/

(Dave writes. Don makes a $1000 donation to DCRTV?) Call it a donation. Call it a DCRTV BIG display ad investment in his new show. Don Geronimo would be the prudent Santa and not the Grinch, in supporting Dave. Besides, if the rumors are true that Don actively monitors this site and contacts Dave if he doesn't like a post, then with a vested self-interest in this site, Don should throw Dave some holiday coin and start posting in the mailbag - too. Engage all his DCRTV fans. Bury the few ass-hat posters. Fun + increase his ratings. Give The Don Geronimo Show on Big100 a listen. Merry Christmas. Signed, The Real AHHHH

On Friday 12/10 by 12:13 pm radio's Dan Bongino, heard locally on WMAL, had used both the word "tvrdburglar" and the word "d|ckwad". I guess the Delicate Dance of Broadcast Radio is over. SPFCCMT! Gus

NEWS! Wendy Rieger Retiring From News4 After 33 Years... Bittersweet news about Wendy Rieger. Our dear, sage anchor announced her retirement from News4 after 33 years. She shares why she’s chosen to write her next chapter. www.nbcwashington.com

So, Podville Media finally got a real DC DJ legend to record their show. Welcome to the future Donnie Simpson! That was a big get for Oscar! I know we will not have to hear about Donnie’s health issues, bad doctors, go on about COVID infections and vaccines for years, have his brat child do impressions, listen to him hawking wife #3’s new facial business or hear her annoying voice, beg for free presents for him and the family, yell at his employees, and come up with really bad bits like “who am I” or “talking Head” while still bragging about the Tattoo Bit done 15 years ago. Most of all, we won’t hear Donnie describe his house as his dog’s kitty litter box and so proud when he catches one of them trying to pee on the backdrop during a show. I won’t bring up missing a show the day after bragging about 12 years, not doing Friday’s anymore, losing paid bonus subscribers left and right, not doing live shows because of the pandemic when the NFL and bands are packing stadiums and you travel on planes with the family on a skin tight vacation. Those have already been covered. OOBBEE

/\ December 10 /\

\/ December 9 \/

I NO LONGER HAVE A FACEBOOK RESTRICTED ACCOUNT! And Facebook reposted my pic even and apologized! Apparently the Rittenhouse lawyers have already stricken some FEAR in the empty hearts of billionaires! HAHA!

Of interest to fellow Washington-area broadcast TV & classic cartoon aficionados everywhere! Seen locally via WTTG 5.3 in the greater Washington area, a cameo mention of WTTG, DuMont and Channel 5's experimental days as W3XWT featured on the Nov. 19, 2021 big broadcast of Me-TV's "Toon In With Me!" Hosted by veteran Chicago broadcaster Bill Leff with Toony the Tuna, my question about if one of the vintage TV sets in Me-TV's "Toon In With Me" studio set was a "DuMont" set was featured in the "Fan-tastic Friday" edition of Me-TV's weekday morning classic cartoon program! Fellow Super Tooners from coast-to-coast jumped for joy about my DuMont TV question & WTTG/DuMont mention! To those who may not know about "Toon In With Me," I highly recommend watching Toony & Bill's weekday morning classic cartoon showcases! A wonderful show for all generations and many of the cartoons that aired on WTTG Channel 5 at one point, notably Warner Bros., MGM, Max Fleischer/Paramount's "Popeye" & United Artists' "Pink Panther" cartoon masterpieces are currently airing on "Toon In With Me!" I'm sure the late Lee "Cap'n Tugg" Reynolds would enjoy Toony & Bill's Me-TV "Toon In With Me" classic cartoon big broadcast showcases! And this upcoming Mon. evening, Dec. 13 at 8 p.m. on WTTG's Me-TV channel, the network will have a two-hour "Toon In With Me" prime-time Holiday classic cartoon festival special, titled "Me-TV's Super Colossal Cartoon Christmas" featuring a guest appearance by legendary Chicago-based classic horror film host Svengoolie! -Chris Hamby youtu.be

As for Sue Palka’s work schedule, she’s been there long enough to earn a four day work week. But the newbies? Not so much. And having the weather people continuously do the traffic doesn’t seem fair. They hired someone to specifically do traffic. In her absence, maybe they should use a third party service or have someone else on-call. It can’t really be that much of an expense.

/\ December 9 /\

\/ December 8 \/

[RE Fox 5] Sue Palka only works Monday - Thursday. Often times, usually during big winter weather events, the other stations go all hands on deck which means the whole weather team comes in, even on weekends, but I’ve NEVER seen Sue on the air on a weekend in my 30+ years here. And don’t forget Angie Goff who doesn’t do the late news on Fridays. Jim Lokay must’ve drawn the short straw when it comes to work schedules.

TMOS update: Still nada, zippo, zilch at 7:00 pm. If only the show had a Twitter account. Oh wait, it does. Of course no link to it on their website. Communication. Doesn't make me want to subscribe to the "bonus" show. Communication, radio, showing up on time, these are things I'd look for in a young MD. Overserved? All signs point to Yes. UB the judge on this episode of the Kraft Miracle Whip Larry King Tuna Health Salad Communication Roundtable. Gus

To the previous poster... TMOS took today off. Can't blame technical issues...state-of-the-art set-up with redundancy as Oscar preaches... midweek hangover?

Tuesday as reported was tmos 12 year anniversary. Wednesday they did not do a show. Must have been celebrating. I know I was. Tuesday/ Wednesday a caller to Don Geronimo, asked if he would ever appear with Mike again, even for just One show, Don advised " anything is possible".

Dave's response: Don makes a $1000 donation to DCRTV? Anything is possible.....

"41st anniversary of the death of John Lennon." Think of all the wives and girlfriends who went unbeaten. Common knowledge and ... not cool. In my book, which is not Catcher in the Rye, M.D. Chapman was late to the party. Nixon must have been disappointed that the trap took so long to snap. Also Lennon famously used the N-word. Not cool. And stole from Zappa. Also not cool. More oxygen for me! Gus

Come clean Dave. Did you set the Fox News faux Christmas Tree on fire? We know you wanted to. I mean it wasn’t a real Christmas tree even though just wire and fake fauna and lights, so it’s like a joke within a joke within a joke. LOL Also, I don’t think it’s been mentioned here on much local news, but the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was actually a tree from Elkton, Maryland.

41st anniversary of the death of John Lennon. How very different pop music and politics would be today, if only . . .

TMOS.Anniversary yesterday. Having 'jumped the creative content shark' long ago, should have announced Retirement.

/\ December 8 /\

\/ December 7 \/

Anyone have the morning and afternoon breakdowns of the latest Washington ratings? 12+ And 25-54? Thanks!

One combination of words I never thought I would see in print in my lifetime is, "Maybe Fox 5 is being liberal..."

/\ December 7 /\

\/ December 6 \/

I wonder why the National Christmas tree lighting which was during the week is not aired live like the Tree lighting at Rockefeller Center in NYC is on NBC .Instead it was on CBS last night.

Re: Re: Fox5’s Erin Como taking a lot of vacation time . . . Sue Palka has been averaging between 3.5 and 4 days a week for many years, perhaps decades. With that precedent, why is anyone surprised that the other favored female staffers are off a lot?

Re: Fox5’s Erin Como taking a lot of vacation time, I think the rest of the on-air staff are just as guilty. Rarely is there a week when all the regulars are in studio together. For ex. Jeannette tends to take off Fridays and/or Mondays. Maybe Fox 5 is being liberal w/their leave policy as a mental health perk.

/\ December 6 /\

\/ December 5 \/

From rickgevers.com: WWDCW/WDVM-TV, Washington, DC…this newly created Nexstar duopoly has hired BEN DOBSON to launch the news department. Ben most recently was the ND for NBC's WBTS-TVW in Boston, a job he left in September after three years, ending almost ten years of employment with NBC. He'd also been the news director for NBC's Hartford, CT station, WVIT-TV, where he began his NBC career

Poster giving the Big 100.3 ratings in Baltimore - Really? WBIG doesn't have much of a signal in a large portion of that market and Baltimore has its own Classic Rocker in WZBA 100.7 The Bay". It would be like saying WZBA's morning show is a flop because it has low ratings in the Washington market. Irrelevant to the market that either one of them target. Why the hate for Don G? Just let him do his show.

I SEE RADIO PEOPLE. Sure, time has passed them all by, but If these kids (Geronimo, O'Meara, Spewak) with titties can grow up to become radio people then maybe it’s time to start believing in your own goddamn dreams.

For the second weekend in a row, the NBC4 morning anchors announced another meteorologist coming on board, although filling in for Lauryn Ricketts. Maybe Fox5 should consider having a fill-in traffic reporter in the wings instead of making their meteorologists Mike & Matthew due both weather & traffic during what has become Erin Como either on vacation or doing an offsite report. I’m sure Mike & Matt didn’t sign on to do the traffic.

The Washington Post will likely fact check this story tomorrow. “CNN Welcomes Andrew Cuomo as Replacement for Chris Cuomo" babylonbee.com... And more about the now disgraced & fired Fredo: “He didn’t violate any CNN policy”… TECHNICALLY TRUE. Technically Cuomo lied to his viewers, but CNN does that every single day so that’s hardly a violation of any CNN policy. If that was the reason, they’d have to fire everyone! But he did do one thing wrong. He was actively investigating his brother’s accusers while claiming he was not involved other than giving his brother personal advice as his brother. He made himself a monster to the #METOO Movement and a liability for a network that still attacks Trump daily as if some BREAKING NEWS had happened regarding Trump. In positive news, CNN now has an all gay primetime lineup. But even one of them is a sexual abuser! HAHA! And the LOGO Network is likely getting higher ratings too along with Lifetime and CARTOON! The only way to fix CNN at this point is to a total reboot and start having James Earl Jones voicing commercials again with 50% less woke morons. And get rid of the Masturbating Bear too!

Another questionable Washington Post story: “President Biden’s media coverage Worse than President Trump in 2020” in today’s Post???? washingtonpost.com... Apparently, it’s now Democracy Dies on Crack at The Post! Even Jen Psaki likely wouldn’t agree with that! She hasn’t yet had to take a microphone away from a reporter yet for attempting to run a circus at a Press Conference. But oh, that’s right, Biden holds no press conferences very often and VP Kamala has yet to ever have one! So how could The Post even know or determine that? LOL

I've noticed that WTTG/Fox 5's Me-TV sub-channel 5.3 hasn’t given a top-of-the-hour ID since the move to River Rd. Just a generic “you’re watching MeTV…”. Used to include the tag line “seen locally on WTTG…”. Are HDTV stations required to give either aural or visual station ID’s on the sub-channels, or just the “main” programming channel? Just curious.

/\ December 5 /\

\/ December 4 \/

My blue Twitter check mark is bigger than the aged-out Don Geronimo Show blue check mark - which doesn't have one. Since Twitter doesn't validate Geronimo, looks like the current WBIG-FM ratings don't either. For #22 market Baltimore October share was 0.7. November share 0.7 For #7 market DC October share was 3.6 November share was 3.8. At this point, when Geronimo refers on Twitter to "Don Geronimo Is Boosted" he's not referring to amazing 'move the needle' ratings. Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays! Send Dave Xmas $$$.

Here is a sample of that AI voice, no doubt it is getting much better. I talked about this happening 5 years ago. Tom www.geekwire.com

I wonder who in town is already artificial . . . or intelligent? www.reuters.com

/\ December 4 /\

\/ December 3 \/

Before Don Geronimo arrived at Big 100 I heard a lot of announcements about his coming arrival, and it was mentioned on their website. Those would be noticed by current Big 100 listeners. Did anyone notice TV, newspaper or bus ads mentioning this? I may have missed them, but I would think they would want to send the announcements outside their usual listener base, if they wanted to increase their market share. Rockville Bob

Looks like ex-WMAL host Chip Franklin is gone from KGO San Francisco: richliebermanreport.blogspot.com

Turning to the subject of holiday music on the radio, I still maintain that Adam Sandler should be sued in court for $1M for "The Hanukah Song". Not because it's a crappy song (it is), but because he plagiarized the coda of "Crimson and Clover" by Tommy James. Hum one then the other, then you tell me.

WOW!!! #15 and a 2.9 for WBAL. I guess I’m not the only one who has bailed. BTW, both Andrew Langer and Peter Schmuck have gone missing on Saturday’s. Both are gone from the ‘BAL shoe page as well. Anyone know what’s up?

My former boss, Mel Gollub died at age 93 on Thanksgiving Day. He and his wife, Ada, owned WMJS-FM 92.7 in Prince Frederick from 1973 to 2001 when it was sold to MEGA Communications. They also owned, at various times, FM radio stations in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, San Jose, Ca and Rehoboth Beach, De. Mel was a member of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia. Here's a link to his obit on Legacy www.legacy.com

Alec Baldwin may not have pulled the trigger but YOU CAN by answering this reader-sponsored malebag poll. In the next book, will BIG100 ratings led by Don Geronimo go DOWN? Or UP? Signed, The Real AHHHH Armourer.

I agree about the "clown glasses" certain people are displaying on TV. Among the current characters, the weatherman Al Roker started it, perhaps to brighten up his sour countenance, distractng from his scowl. Years ago it was Gene Shalit, the movie reviewer-comedian. Davey Marlin Jones did the same thing, come to think of it. Using clown glasses is a shorthand way of telling viewers not to take anything they say seriously.

NEWS! WAMU tops the November radio ratings for Washington ratings.radio-online.com... WWIN-FM tops the November radio ratings for Baltimore ratings.radio-online.com

Since their real obsession is the Sports Junkies. It is time to admit they "guy talk" and not "sports radio". The Skins are on a roll. The Caps are on a roll. Even the Wiz are surprisingly good. They talk about getting free stuff, their bowel movements and how D list famous they are.

/\ December 3 /\

\/ December 2 \/

I’m so tired of the Jussie Smollett HOAX and how he destroyed the credibility of every single News Organization for them not double checking the story before running with a fake narrative that they still won’t admit to being fake. Where are the retractions on WRC-TV, WBAL-TV, WJZ, WMAQ, WBBM, practically every local news station in this areat and nation? And you wonder why the Media’s poll numbers are the lowest of all, lower than Congress, the President, Trump, you name it. Nothing is lower than the media’s poll numbers in society right now.

That radio DJ you hear might already be a robot. news.trust.org

I can't take it. What is with these stupid Clown Glasses the anchors are wearing on NBC? Shawn Yancy is so annoying with those big glasses on her head. Is that stylish? It's distracting!!!

Shari Elliker Named Afternoon Co-Host With John Curley On KIRO-F/Seattle www.allaccess.com

Another one of God's flock, flocked-up. Now he's dead too. Christian television network founder and wealthy media "prosperity" preacher Marcus Lamb, who also discouraged COVID-19 vaccinations, dies after being hospitalized with COVID-19. (Dallas based Daystar Television Network programming can be seen in DC on DIRECTV Channel 369) This is where GOD starts bitch-slapping idiots like this family behind the head. Marcus Lamb's adult son, Jonathan Lamb, described his father's Covid-19 death as a "spiritual attack from the enemy" No sirree. Absolutely not; No way. The reason this 'lamb went to slaughter' like all the other Christian media preachers and radio personalities is due to their own ignorance. Funny, these anti-vaccine advocates all seem to realize this on their death bed as they beg for prayers to save them. GOD. She continues to have a sense of humor. Signed, fully vaccinated + booster = ALIVE

"The Baltimore Sun is closing its print plant in Baltimore laying off 100+ union workers. — BaltoMedia.net" Oooh! Union! Like that's supposed to make me care. Tell me about the package. Moving on ... So potentially a hundred lives saved. Perhaps they're outsourcing the jobs to Notshitholeistan? As Albert Rosenfield in Twin Peaks said "My concerns are global." If this results in kids NOT yelling "Sun papers!" at me in Ocean City I'm good with it. Gus

/\ December 2 /\

\/ December 1 \/

NEWS! The Baltimore Sun is closing its print plant in Baltimore laying off 100+ union workers. — BaltoMedia.net

Sports on the Air in the Washington Post. WFED 1500 am is broadcasting Caps and Wizards games this season. Why does the Post not include in the On The Air listing

Dan IANAL Bongino on WMAL Wednesday: "There is no right to abortion in the Constitution!" Uh, might want to look at the 9th Amendment. That's the kicker, Danno. That's where the SCOTUS messed up with their fancy talk in RvW. WMAL should smarten up and move to 1 or 2 hour shows so if it sucks it'll be over soon. Gus IANAL too

CNN's action against Chris Cuomo was hypocritical and dishonest. He didn't violate any standard that CNN has. He simply advanced the left's playbook, whcih is what everyone there does.

The ESTEEMED Washington Post has screwed up again. They actually came out in FAVOR of grotesque animal testing of Beagle dogs being tortured by Dr. Fauci just to defend LORD FAUCI and their bogus narrative that he’s brilliant and saved us all! If Bezos hired people of that intelligence level from The Post to fly Shatner into space, the Romulans would have him hostage by now! IMBECILES! LOL

/\ December 1 /\

Posts from November 1 to November 30 can be reached HERE.....

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