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The polls have closed! Thanks, once again, for your 2016 votes in DCRTV's annual Best/Worst list of local media - radio, television, web, print, whatever. Now, start making your list for 2017. Happy new year.....


BEST : Channel 4/Michael Savage/Wizards on Comcast/Chris Plante/Donald J. Trump defeating the media & Hillary Clinton
WORST : Larry O’Connor on WMAL….simply cringe-worthy as a broadcaster….WMAL for dropping Michael Savage…Washington Post for printing childish silly headlines to accompany their childish silly stories….WUSA…WTOP for being a laughing stock & cramming as many commercials as possible into 60 minutes….Loudoun Times Mirror for being a propaganda machine……Larry Michael for being Larry Michael……Doug Hill on WJLA…..mush-mouth Brian Wilson on WMAL….

Best: Charlie and Dave on the radio call of the Nats games. Most of WTOP especially Bob Marbourg. The rebirth of The Sports Reporters on WTEM. Al Galdi's Chin Music on WTEM. Takoma Radio on 94.3. John Feinstein's Friday visits with The Junkies on WJFK. Bluegrass Country on 105.5. WTMD. Acoustic Sunrise on WIAD. Laurie DeYoung Show on WPOC(bring back Marty Bass please). Phil Wood. Daily Mass on WMET. DCRTV
Worst: WRC for letting Jason Pugh walk. Pending demise of Bluegrass Country on terrestrial radio. The lack of anything like WTMD in the DC area(except for maybe Takoma Radio). 4(!) hours of Redskins pre-game programming on WTEM. Moving Dari and Mel to WSPZ (which has almost zero signal) from WTEM on Saturday mornings. WASH almost never identifying title or artist during the Christmas tunes. Also the lack of variety in their Christmas playlist. The demise of Mr. Tony's show on terrestrial radio.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Tom in Wheaton

Best WRC-48 for continuing to have the most consistent newscast in the market. It's not always the best. But, it's reliably good; WFDC-14 for running English programs on all of the SD sub-channels; WJLA, WFDC, and WDCW for running sub-channels that cater to an aging population that is growing in numbers; DCRTV for continuing to be a good provider of local media news and history; WTOP for being the best all news station in the market; Sinclair for continuing the “Seven on Your Side” segments on WJLA; Christian radio station -WFAX; Morning Team: Loo and Lori on WASH; Local Programming Decision: Bill Hess putting Larry O'Connor on PM Drive replacing Michael Savage on WMAL; the FCC deciding to evaluate ATSC 3.0, which if the promising results continue and the FCC adopts the standard, could allow TV stations to re-occupy 54-72 MHz and 76-88 MHz and have real coverage instead of the theoretical dreams of the Commission; Weather talkers Andrea Draper and Lauryn Ricketts on WRC, real channel 48.
Worst: Donald Trump castigating companies like Carrier and Ford for off-shoring jobs when regulatory agencies from the F---ed Communications Commission to the CATV franchise negotiators in cities and counties across the nation permanently kill jobs at the local community level nationwide! Having local staffing requirements should be less of a no-brainer for CATV franchise grantors where the local staff would likely be your own taxpayers and voters! Instead, there are fewer and fewer “local” employees in the CATV industry with most jobs being clustered in areas where it's “less expensive” to do business. Not just overseas, but in the U.S., as well. What jobs still exist are increasingly filled by “contractors” who have no stake in providing quality service where they are assigned. Comcast will get special dishonor here because of their concentration in this area, and having shipped so many “career” jobs elsewhere, and their reliance on contractors. They're happy to make their money here. But, spend it here? Sure, there are “charitable contributions”. But, that's “look good” money when the best support a company can give a community are the jobs they create, maintain, and sustain within that community. Why the local county and city governments allowed this to happen is unconscionable and worthy of being part of the populist outrage that brought Mr. Trump victory in the Electoral College. Now, for the FCC: I loved it when Sean Hannity feared the Obama Administration bringing “localism boards” to broadcasting. What he likely feared was the potential not just of lost carriage, but of someone better coming along and knocking him off his current level of achievement! The FCC should phase-in requirements for local staffing of all broadcast stations. (OK, I would allow for limited and specific exceptions in places like Miles City, MT or Sayre, OK.) This should also include local program origination requirements and a reduction on the amount of syndicated/network program carriage as well as local technical and operational control. Would this mean some broadcast stations could die? Yes. But, there are far too many stations as it is right now. Broadcast TV is proving this with the number of stations salivating at the FCC trough to “sell” their spectrum for use in cellphones. Before the spectrum was offered for this sale, the FCC should've done what they did with 220-221 MHz and looked at “spectrum loading” of the current allocations to cellular (OK, PCS, as they now like to call themselves.) and see if the “need” for additional spectrum is real. The sad part is that in some cases, good broadcasters with a history of community service as well as being a part of the business community will be lost forever. Not every broadcaster is a Wonderful Highly Useful Television station that can easily get a PUSH assist for CATV carriage via fiber locally, if not nationally via satellite; Sinclair for farthing and half-pennying an operation which had been nickeled and dimed for ages, WJLA-TV. It was bad enough not-renewing Leon Harris' contract, but to not pay to have the call letters on the building with big visibility reeks of cheap that is beyond words; Program Length Commercials! These things need to be regulated out of existence. Just because crap has the right to be crap, doesn't mean it needs to clog the airwaves like someone who has eaten too many meals at Taco Bell; a close cousin is the financial desperation of broadcasters to seemingly clear anything that'll pay a buck, no matter the tune-out factor. I won't mention who they are, nor the stations that air that swill... with the exception of WTOP. When Jim Farley had his capable hands on WTOP, if an objectionable spot was brought to his attention, and if he agreed with the objection -it was gone! I saw this happen. And, not only would he kill it on WTOP, it would “vanish” elsewhere soon afterward. But, that was back when we had a collective pride in our industry as well as competitiveness; “Non-Commercial” stations that are nothing more than a 501(c)3 and with special spectrum allocations, that actually compete with commercial broadcasters. If President Trump wants to level the playing field in business, he would have the FCC and the IRS go after these stations by redefining them as “for profit” if they routinely carry program material identical to commercial broadcasters. This would by definition include traffic reports... not to mention “support acknowledgements” that would be called “spots” on a commercial broadcaster. A “non-commercial” broadcaster would not be allowed to subscribe to a ratings measurement service. In other words, no PPM sub-audible tones! And, a non-commercial broadcaster would also have to carry “unique programming” unavailable by commercial broadcasters in that market for at least 62% of a broadcast day; Sirius/XM for further cutting the bitrate on certain channels, increasing the drop-out rate on those channels in marginal signal areas which aren't urban enough for terrestrial repeaters; Finally(!) the FM translators that fail to fulfill the basic concept of a translator: to provide a basic service where none would otherwise exist or to provide coverage in a specific and limited area within a station's primary coverage area where reliable reception is impossible. In other words, ditch the AM to FM translators and the sub-channel translators. Dumbest Decision of 2016: WTOP restricting commentary input solely to those with Facebook accounts. This takes away the “Hyde Park on a Sunday Afternoon” opportunity of speaking out anonymously without fear of identification (and retribution) which was among the promises of free speech and openness that were an early promise of the Internet. Shame on WTOP for intellectually prostituting their journalistic integrity on the altar of the ledger book for perhaps a few pennies per click from Facebook. I wouldn't be surprised if this hasn't driven down their overall website traffic. This type of behavior is worthy of a Part 15 operation from someone’s basement or a 41 meter pirate using an old Hallicrafters HT-37 as the transmitter, not a once-respected blowtorch. What's next WTOP? A move of the “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center” to 4400 Jennifer Street? With a move like that I could easily see a WMAL/WTOP duopoly making cents...
That's enough praise and bitching -Happy 2017! -Unsigned Corporate Suit

Best is the way redskin fans cut the team down on twitter after loss to Giants and all the reporters predicting a redskin win and then they take a week off after a GREAT LOSS
Worst.....Is hearing all the SO CALLED HOMERS OF THE REDSKINS saying wait until next year,,,we hear this every year and it always ends the same,,,just forget it Redskin FANS THEY will not be winners as long as Snyder is owner

One of the WORST commercials on TV right now is Sheehy's end-of-year ad, with no narration and a Carmina Burana-inspired underscore, more appropriate for movies about clan wars in the Middle Ages. It ought to inspire a feeling of "buy now before this deal ends" but sounds instead like, "buy now before the world ends." Believe me, when fire is raining from the sky and huge fissures are opening in the earth's crust, I won't be car shopping.

Best moment on radio: Laura Ingraham F-Bombing her staff and her national audience last April when she claimed her headphones died. Even though she doesn't have a DC affiliate, her show does originate from here and apparently the FCC cares not a whit about the incident. How her staff puts up with her is beyond comprehension.

WORST: The loss of so many Baltimore & DC area broadcasters this past year, including: Jack Bowden, Tom Marr, Allen Prell, Royal Parker, John Saunders, and Bob Shilling. There may have been others but these are the ones that I am painfully reminded of. The older generation is dying off, and where are the replacement broadcasters? It seems there are far fewer people choosing the profession these days, and for good reason. The once mighty 1090 (WBAL AM Radio) is now a shell of its former self, no one there cares anymore. WNEW taken off the air (2015) but a serious lack of options when looking for radio news in Baltimore.
BEST: Digital media where I can choose which alerts I need (traffic or weather or breaking news) provided by what ever outlet I choose. The ability to customize my newsfeed is challenging the local TV & radio stations in ways they've never seen before. Devices like the AMAZON Echo and speakers to enable listeners to get the clearest signal. Hope for the future of broadcasting from a technical aspect at least.
Signed, A news Junkie

Best: WJZ-TV 13 moving coverage of O's games to their Decades sub-channel (instead of dropping the game altogether), if the game runs long and goes into CBS primetime; WBAL-TV 11 picking up any Ravens games broadcast on ESPN or NFL Network; WBAL-TV 11 News Tonight; Fox45 Morning News; SiriusXM's BPM, Electric Area, Chill, 1st Wave, and 80s on 8.
Worst: 1-2 minutes of show followed by 3-4 minutes of commercials during the O's pre-game show on 105.7 The Fan; ABC2 not offering weekend morning and Saturday night newscasts; SiriusXM moving their 90s/2000s dance channel Utopia to online only; Comcast increasing their prices again, even for their lower tier packages.
Happy New Year to all from Greg in Perry Hall!

BEST: Vance, Doreen, Wendy and the supporting team at WRC, especially Chris Lawrence and Adam Tuss. Leon Harris, who deserves to end up someplace good. DCW50 News at 10, better than WTTG at 10 (but bring production to D.C., not Richmond). On a busy news day, WTOP. Dave Johnson sports (WTOP & not often enough, WRC). Netflix and Amazon Prime.
WORST: WJLA/Sinclair's descent to the bottom; they're managing to make WUSA look almost respectable. WMAL, still a right wing waste of bandwidth. On a slow news day, WTOP. Weather Alert days (everyone) and 3 degree weather (WUSA). Cluttered screen graphics (WUSA is the worst offender). Sports overruns screwing up DVR timing. Annoying radio jingles (you know who you are). Larry Michael and the Redskin Network propaganda. Overpriced cable packages. Cable News. Trump killing Net Neutrality.

Best: Allison Starling, Doreen Gentzler, Chuck Bell, weather,
Worst: Good Morning Washington: What do trips to the zoo and tail gate parties have to do with news? They wasted Veronica Johnson her first week by doing silly stuff like that. She did not weather at all. I’m not sure if Sinclair knows they bought a NEWS operation. ABC7 News at 4: Why do they need 3 anchors??? Chris Core, I am so sick of him hawking everything in home improvement. I can’t believe he has everything he advertises in his home. Diane Rehm’s decision to retire. WAMU will never be the same without the “Diane Rehm Show.” Any news on WUSA9. Jan Jeffocoat is NO Andrea Roane Good Day Washington is another silly talk show... On all stations 2 minutes of news and 5 minutes of ads. I’ve timed both Julie Wright. Not worth all the hype she got before she started.

Best: I have none. Maybe its because I have aged out of the "performance demo" so much so that I can't find on air work and I hate it but, just about all I've tried to listen to lately is unlistenable. I haven't tried to listen to Joe Clair since Steph has joined him. Perhaps she has made it better. Love Lil Moe and Quick but moving them to DC was not a good idea. Send them back to ERQ where they fit. Even the great Donnie Simpson is boring as crap on Majic 102.3. Russ is more listenable than Tom but only by an inch. And Steve Harvey makes me want to stab my own ear drums with a surgical instrument till they bleed and I become deaf.
Worst: the black page and white screen. Will you folks please send Dave a check for Pete's sake? My eyes sight is going screwy trying to read my favorite radio page here lately.

Worst: Pen Fed TV commercial jingle. Its a rewrite of the black Civil War spiritual "Down By the Riverside", which over the years has also suffered under the hands of McDonalds ("Your Kind of Place") and Allan Sherman ("Dont Buy the Liverwurst"). Sure, public domain tunes don't need costly licensing to be used, but really folks...

BEST: Local Anchors…Sean Anderson, John Aaron, Allison Keys, Andrea Roane, Maureen Umeh. Honorable Mention Local Anchors…Rich Johnson, Hillary Howard, Adam Tuss. Natioanl Anchors…Willie Geist, Lester Holt. Meteorologist…Howard Bernstein, Amelia Draper. Honorable Mention Meteorologist…Tucker Barnes, Chuck Bell, Veronica Johnson, Steve Rudin, Topper Shutt. Most Attractive…Matt Ackland, David Culver, Amelia Draper, Mark Halperin, Jan Jeffcoat, Doug Kammerer, Wendy Reiger, Adam Tuss. Most Improved…Angie Goff, Martha Raddatz. Fun to watch…Pat Collins, Allison Seymour, Sam Sweeney, Julie Wright. DEBATE MODERATORS…Anderson Cooper, Chris Wallace.
NOT MY FAVORIATES: Oy Vays…Long Roof commercials, KARS 4 KIDS commercial, Repetitive “news” items on WTOP, Hyperbolic delivery on ABC News. National Anchors…Sean Hannity, Scott Pelley. Local Anchors…Aaron Gilchrist, Holly Morris, Tony Perkins. Meteorologist…Allyson Rae, Lauren Rickets. Worst Move…Andrea Roane to Noon, no more Will Thomas on Fox5 There are so many new, young reporters on all the local stations. I love the concept of mining new talent. I’m sure some of them may end up being the next Gordon and Maureen, Bob, or Glen in the future – there’s just so many, though, I haven’t had the opportunity to watch them all and see who has the most “BEST OF” quality. LOSING QUALITY...Morning Joe. Since the election, it’s becoming more and more difficult to watch. Mika’s contributions are more and more useless. I used to love watching her, but lately, not so much.
C in Alexandria, VA.

Worst: Andrea Roan’s demotion, Leon Harris being forced out, Good Morning Washington, Good Day Washington on WUSA9. Those are just 2 talk shows rather than news, Jim Vance retiring from 11 pm broadcast Veronica Johnson’s switch to WJLA. She was much better before she joined the AM talk show.
Best: Jim Hanley on 11 pm broadcast on NBC4. Doug Hill weather, Bruce Johnson

Best: Jim Vance, Doreen Genzler, Doug’s Kammerer & Hill, traffic/weather on 103.5, “As It Happens” on WAMU, Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio (WJFK), oldies radio in other cities because no oldies airing in Baltimore/DC area, no more Kornheiser on the radio, thank goodness. I still miss Paul Berry and Leon Harris...see below. Blues on WPFW. Old Time radio on WAMU. C-span Radio.
Worst: Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss, Mike Moss. WTOP reporters filing reports from Ch 4 but not crediting Ch 4 reporters. WTOP’s mostly non-news-related live/recorded interviews, WTOP’s over-abundance of stories from polls and surveys and the like, and WTOP’s laugh-a-minute during morning drive. Over at Ch 7, very nasty treatment of Leon Harris by stupid and greedy Sinclair. Happy talk on TV and, yes, radio…did I say WTOP? Ch 9 news and worse, Ch 5 news featuring games and fun stuff that is not funny. Television shows on radio. WMAL. WMAL. WMAL. WMAL. WMAL. WMAL. WMAL. WMAL. WMAL. WMAL. WTEM, ditto, ditto, ditto. Radio management who do not care about the human aspect of alleged entertainment. Meaning compelling radio for the listener. Does not exist any longer.

Best - Dave and DCRTV
Worst - The use of the term "DMV" - why not use "DC metro area" or "DelMarVa"? To most, the DMV is where you go and wait for hours to renew your driver's license.

Best: WBAL-TV11 for my Baltimore news, FOX 5 for my DC area news, Gerry Sandusky And Ravens Broadcast crew, The Diane Rehm Show, Joe Beninati, Craig Laughlin, WAMU's overnight carriage of the BBC World Service, Angie Goff, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times
Worst: Leon Harris leaving WJLA, SB Nation Radio for not renewing Czaban's morning show contract, Monumental Sports for dropping WJFK’s coverage of the Capitals, WAMU for slashing its news coverage despite bringing in gobs of money and ratings every year

From Candice in Annapolis:
Best: WBAL-TV11 for my Baltimore news, WTOP for my DC area news and traffic, 100.7 The Bay for adding 90's rock, 98 Rock for adding more variety and new people, DC101 for the alternative rock, WETA and WBJC for classical, WAMU for NPR and news, WTMD for Alex and new discoveries, and DCRTV for everything that they do and educating me on local media happenings!
Worst: WRNR for falling so low. Bad sound quality and constantly going off the air. No people half the time to tell you what you're listening to and no song info on the car radio readout, and an unlistanable morning show with 2 guys who have zero chemistry along with some weird organ hockey rink music in the background as they talk, seriously. I miss my favorite station. Whew, sorry for the rant. Others: no real Baltimore traffic and local news radio other than WBAL which is on noisy AM and mostly political windbags. HFS which rumor has it, is still on the air somewhere after moving off 97.5 for yet another religious station.

Worst of 2016: WJZ dated graphics and set... WUSA dated set, and management shake-up... WJLA canning Leon Harris, Sinclair running the respected former Allbritton station in the ground... NBC affiliation shake-up in Boston, and NBC also dropping affiliation from WHAG... TEGNA and Tribune buyouts... Nexstar acquiring Media General... deaths of Gwen Ifill and John McLaughlin, and other famous names we lost.
Best of 2016: WBAL new set... CBS naming Jane Pauley as new Sunday Morning host... new 10PM newscast on WDCW... Rio Olympics.
See you in 2017.

Best: The Tony Kornheiser Show continues via the pod. La cheeserie!

Best -- the continued brilliance of WAMU's The Big Broadcast after the passing of Ed Walker, The Joe Madison show on Sirius XM. The way Ofeibea Quist-Arcton signs off her reports from "Dakarrrr."
Worst -- Movement of Tom Joyner to WOL. WTEM's Washington Football Team post-game show -- Needs Al Galdi back with his five takeaways.
Gary Williams, Bowie, MD

Best: Sitting beside Frank Sorrentino in VOA Master Control for 36 years before I retired and Frank now retiring after 40 Years at VOA.
Worst: Working at VOA for 36 years as it slowly oozes down the toilet drain.
Bruce, Salem Oregon

No real best or worsts this year, just a few minor complaints. So I'll list them under "worst" Loss of Bill Bennett 1260AM. He was a nice alternative to the sometimes caustic WMAL “Mornings on the Mall”... Way too many announcements of support on public TV. Example: Fully 13 announcements of support precede Maryland Farm and Harvest... Nicole Aqcroix’s voice. Her volume goes up and down. I wish she'd speak at one loudness. Lead in stories to news headlines which take up too much time. Just get on with the story! Excessively long and entirely unnecessary musical interludes between stories on NPR... Overuse of the word “outrage” in virtually every media source. Outrage is what happened in Baltimore after Freddie Gray. Outrage should not be used to describe mild offense, irritation, surprise, or even slight anger.

WORST: THE WASHINGTON POST’S CHRIS CILLIZZA’S “Everyone who had ‘Worst Years’ in 2016...

Worst - Robert Burton and his so called sports show, looks like he cant even read and just a total Jerk, also Erin Hawksworth and her big mouth trying to do sports is just pathetic, Kristen Breset nice to look at and better if you mute the sound and her dam fake smile
Best - Ch eight Kelly Lynn news anchor, Do not watch ch 4 at all so no comment on them, Maybe all local Washington stations should hire the handicapped they could do a much better job

Best... NBC4 is still the best local news in DC and the last place in the market that understand when you cut corners you cheaten the product. WUSA9 for despite being at the bottom of the barrow, attempting to follow the CBS motto of original reporting and covering stories other stations don't in DC.Veronica Johnson joining the JLA morning circus and Julie Wright for having no filter on that show. 9 for reinventing the 7pm news back to it's original format, with a single anchor focusing on the main stories of the day and going in-depth on those stories. FOX5 for being the most active on social media and providing solid news to my feeds. I also love the Keycard podcast.
Worst.... Sinclair for destroying WJLA, letting Leon Harris go to save money and making the station look all the other small market Sinclair stations. Their set is also the worst especially when Sinclair is installing nicer sets in much smaller markets. They should have took what they wanted which was NC8, which has the been the only thing they've made better and traded JLA off. WUSA's Great Day Washington, no one is watching that show and no one knows the hosts, they should have tapped Andrea Roane to be part of this show. WJLA GMW as a whole, between the anchors looking tired and pissed by the end of the show at 10, the stupid 7:50 dance party and all the sponsored segments, it has turned into a circus that even FOX5 probably laughs and goes WTF! And lets be real the only reason the 6am hour is #1 is because they gave stuff away every 10 minutes. NBC4/JLA because they both do the stupid looking 10 day forecast now. 4's waste of space ticker driving traffic to social media and apps. I hate the general push these days everyone is doing to apps, especially when the content is all to find on the general website.

BEST.. Channel 4 wins hands down with Television News. WTOP on the radio side where you can always count on traffic, weather and sports round the clock. Doreen Genzler, Jim Handley, Jim Vance, Wendy Reiger are the best on 4. Bruce Allen, Bob Marburg on TOP. Washington Nationals coverage is top notch on MASN with Bob Carpenter, Johnny Holiday and Ray Knight. The Wizzards on TV with Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier, Channel 7s weather with Doug Hill who is head and shoulders over the competition 105.7 The Fan with Scott Garceau. Gerry Sandusky sports. Bram Weinstein, a breath of fresh air on an otherwise dull so called Sports station. Kristen Berset lights up the screen with Sports on Channel 9. Terps football and basketball with Johnny Holiday
WORST.. The sing song delivery of that weather person Amelia on WTOP...The Redskins broadcast crew is a total train wreck. Doc, Cooley and Larry, but they do give us some good comedy relief. Same goes for the Wizzards on radio, when you can find them. It would be nice to hear Glen Consor once in a while. Mr pompous, Kevin Sheehan, Chick Hernandez, someone should tell him he is NOT funny, Sinclair for showing Leon Harris the door. He was the best. WMAL, once a great radio station, now a joke! Tony Kornheiser walking away from 980.

Lo Mejor - Radio América in Wheaton for salvaging AM 900 WILC in Laurel and broadcasting some helpful news/music/sports programming - much more useful than 107.9. Also kudos to WBAL AM Hearst for at least attempting all-local-talk during dayparts and even weekend mornings.
Lo Peor - Come 'on WMAL. Bring back your HD2 relay on 107.3! Once you drop your Bethesda sticks your reception towards Baltimore will surely stink. The 107.3 HD2 feed was a nice fill-in for areas where 105.9 just does quite make it. It's been gone for about a year now.

Best: Channel 4 News - The Diane Rehm Show - Improvements in content at the Washington Post
Worst: Channel 7 News, Channel 9 News, Channel 5 News - all unwatchable. Sinclair - ruining Channel 7 and pushing Leon Harris out. Fox one sided News. CNN unprincipled News. WAMU diminished news department.

Best: Savage out at WMAL, Chris Plante's impeding national syndication, On Point on WAMU, WTOP cutting the annoying Long Roof commercials, WGTS and WASH jumping the gun on Christmas music, That excellent late-night weekend DJ on 102.9, WTEM managing to beat 106.7, WTOP's coverage of the Trump transition team, WFAX getting an FM signal.
Worst: WAMU's overall lack of news, WPFW airing the N word (what's up with that?), The Gamut losing their non-HD FM signal, WAMU's Ed Walker dying, WMAL putting Mary Walters on on Saturdays, boring traffic reports, WGTS and Shine FM playing the same music over and over again, 106.7 hosts talking about things other than sports, weak signals from 980, 1260 and 1090 at night, lousy live mixes by the local DJs, especially Chris Styles over at 94.7
From, Amar

Best: For best how about 1420 WKCW great varierty of 60s 70s 80s and the issues it seemed to had earlier in the year off the air for days on end seem gone still don't know how they do commercial free always. Only can get it during the day but that's AM
Worst: not the music but unreliability of Fresh FM HD2 DCs Greatest Hits at least 4 times a week off the air or songs displayed but no sound and yes BIG 100.3 poor variety of rock too much Police and Bon Jovi too.Why not more Beatles Kinks Yardbirds Moody. Blues real classic rock.

BEST: Bill Lord calls it quits at WUSA/Tegna, pleasing most everyone at "Broadcast House" (now put Andrea Roane back on in the mornings). Just about everyone at NBC4. Dave's "Nealll Auggggenstein, DoubleUTeeOhPee News" impression. Topper Shutt and Howard Bernstein. WTOP on-air. Loo and Chilli. The Gamut. Netflix. Digital subchannel nostalgia TV channels. It's Academic. Alison Starling. Dave Statter.
WORST: OC 104's "Christmas Purge". The overuse of graphics/countdown clocks on NBC4, making it look like letterbox news. I still favor them over any other channel. WJLA/Sinclair's dropping name talent to save money, especially Leon Harris. WJLA infomercial marathons on most Saturday and Sunday afternoons. WJLA ramming as many commercials as possible at the end of Jeopardy! cutting the show off. Chris Core, "shilling for" (annual "worst"), sloppy editing of on-air graphics by all local TV stations and WTOP. WUSA "heat alert" graphics in the summer shrinking the screen down. "We build trust and piece of mind in every Long Roofing.... ROOF!". Good Day DC and Great Day Washington. Redundant programming (talk shows/Family Feud) on Fox 5 and My 20. The same 150-175 songs from the 70s on BIG 100.3, and here's another song by Led Zeppelin. Ditto for WASH-FM's 100 or so Christmas song playlist. $2.00 for the daily Washington Post? Fox 5 @ 6:30pm "Windows" newscast (fullscreen please). The end of CBS Radio News. JJ "Days of" Yore destroying things at WAMU. 2016, stop taking our musicians. WMAL.

Best: Larry O'Connor, WMAL - will miss Brian Wilson/Larry in the morning in 2017 Mark Levin - WMAL - rants are great 106.7 - like Chris Russell, Grant and Danny WTEM - Al Galdi, Doc Walker
Worst: CBS Sports radio - unlistenable WBIG 100.3 - way too much Queen, Pink Floyd - need more oldy variety and I miss the Sadly Lacking Radio podcasts

Worst: Washington local sports broadcasters...all just terrible and topper and his three degree promise just worthless
Best: Washington news anchor Shelby Lynn

Worst: My usual candidate is always that obnoxious, I Love Me, camera Hog, Marty "The Mouth" Bass on Channel 13 in Baltimore. Also on Channel 13 is the woman with the worst hair style on TV, (if you consider that "Styled"), Denise Koch. Come on Denise, you are not in the age group that you are trying to copy.
Best: Channel 11 from Baltimore gets my vote for the best News Crew, and the weather people are all real certified "Meteorologist".
Everyone have a nice Christmas Season.

Best: DCRTV Dave. WIYY, 98 Rock, for keeping new hard rock alive on the DC/Baltimore radio dial. WTOP for always being there, and of course The Gamut. WETA-FM and WETA UK. WTMD - I wish it didn't have the worst signal in Baltimore. WNRN Charlottesville - please please please expand northward in 2017. WGTS for being the slickest run and imaged non-com I've ever seen, and commercial free Xmas music on HD2. West Virginia Public Radio for actually carrying NPR's World Cafe. CBS News and PBS Newshour - the last bastions of decent TV journalism. RIP Gwen Ifill. WRC for being the only good local newscast. Jim Vance. Diane Rehm. Topper Shutt - God love him for sticking around that awful news operation. Joe Beninati, Craig Laughlin, John Walton, Kenny Sabourin, Dave Johnson, Charlie Slowes, and Dave Jageler.
Worst: WAMU for slashing its news coverage despite bringing in gobs of money and ratings every year. It's an embarrassment for a top-10 market NPR station to have no local news cutaway on the hour and half-hour in drive time. Every local newscast except WRC for being sensationalist trash. Especially WUSA. DC101: It doesn't do "alternative rock", it does shitty pop-rock targeted at 16-year-old girls. After being a longtime listener I've almost completely stopped in the past year in favor of 98 Rock. WJFK dropping the Wizards and Caps for the most ridiculous reason, a "stable evening talk lineup". What gets you good ratings in the evening? Not more blabbermouths. Russian propaganda on WNVT and WTOP HD2. Chinese propaganda on WCRW. WMAL for legitimizing the unhinged rantings of a bunch of racist and sexist old white guys. The fact that I can pick up at least eight different country stations from my house. Surely that demo isn't THAT big. WAVA for being a waste of of power no one listens to, and especially WCSP and WPFW for wasting power AND valuable public radio dial space. I'm honestly rooting for Pacfica to go under (or at least sell WPFW) in 2017 so there's a chance of 89.3 becoming a good non-com music station.

Best: WTOP for again setting the standard in local news and information on the radio. CSN’s coverage of the Redskins(MUCH better than WTEM which is owned by Dan Snyder), The Sports Junkies on WJFK, Elliot on DC 101 although it’s a misplaced format for his show now(More of that in Worst), WRC for the best television news coverage in DC, WETA FM, Sirius XM for great variety(70’s on 7, 60’s on 6, 80’s on 8, Deep Tracks, Classic Rewind, Classic Vinyl, First Wave, The Loft, Jam On, Howard 101 and Opie Radio) and also The Gamut, which is now on TuneIn radio for those of us who can’t pick up one of their signals…really great station. DCRTV…DAVE ROCKS!!!
Worst: WMAL…living proof that radio can be one big heap of crap. WAVA….good signal but a bad low rated format that totally wastes the 105.1 signal. WTEM…how can a station owned by the owner of the Washington Redskins be so bad at covering the team you ask….by not only having hosts that are one dimensional at times but also the bad signals that don’t cover the area. DC 101…Elliot is still good but if you changed the format to either mainstream rock or flipped the formats of WBIG and WWDC around….Elliot on a classic rock station would work out great. Fox News Channel….known as the TV talking points for the next administration. Bloomberg for cancelling With All Due Respect…which was a underrated show. Monumental Sports for dropping WJFK’s coverage of the Wizards and Caps. Washington Post….just not what they used to be. CNN and MSNBC for not hiding their bias….they along with Fox News need to remember their jobs when reporting the news is that…not to give commentary(Leave that up to the opinion shows). Too many times the hosts on those three stations offer their opinions freely when what’s needed is the news…not spin opinion on the news…that’s what the hosts at night are for.
Dan from VA

BEST: NPR's Morning Edition, WAMU's local news coverage, WAMU's Martin Dicaro for his area-leading WMATA and transportation coverage, WRC and WAMU's Tom Sherwood, WJLA's Eileen Whelan, Byron Kerr for his GW men's basketball play-by-play duties, Tom Leykis for his little internet project, Thom Loverro for his excellent podcast and WTEM 980 appearances, Steve Soloman for being the the funniest guy on DC radio airwaves, Steve Czaban for (formerly) running the best AM drive sports radio show in the US; Diane Rehm on retiring after a legendary career.
WORST: SB Nation Radio for not renewing Czaban's morning show contract but re-upping his colleagues', the Washington Post for its overblown coverage of Georgetown's irrelevant men's basketball team, WMAL radio for its biased coverage of all things politics, Washington Post's Robert Thomson for his inept WMATA coverage, WAMU's Martin Austermuhle, Washington Times for its unusable and unreadable mobile website, the Sports Junkies for being the mouthpiece of former GW men's basketball coach Mike Lonergan.

Best: WTOP, WUSA, WDCW's 10pm newscast, Elliot, Howard Stern, Verizon FIOS, the Junkies, Jim Vance, Bruce Johnson, Sue Palka, Topper Shutt, Allyson Rae, Dave Lucas, Melanie Hastings, Bruce DePuyt & NewsTalk on NC8, WAMU, and the Sunday morning Redskins pregame show on WTTG, just wish it were on closer to the game.
Worst: Although I grew up loving FOX5, their newscasts have gone down hill dramatically in the past year, and WJLA/NC8 have been falling right alongside them. Andrea Roane being demoted to noon-only duties at WUSA, Chad Dukes, the lack of decent Caps & Wizards radio coverage since JFK dropped them, and lastly, WMAL.

Best: "Bloomberg Surveillance" on 99.1 in the mornings. A refreshing alternative to other talk.
Worst: The removal of the Bloomberg 99.1 p.m. drive show right after the election. Co-hosts John Heilemann and Mark Helperin were pretty good, and for a TV simulcast, it played well on the radio.

Best: The Gamut, a crazy mix of different types of music that you just can't hear on the radio any more. WAMU's overnight carriage of the BBC World Service - easily the best thing to listen to on the DC radio dial during the wee hours. WAMU's magnificent "Hot Jazz Saturday Night" and "The Big Broadcast" on Sundays, which kept its stellar pace even after Ed Walker's death. WTOP, as usual, the solid, unending source of news, weather, and sports headlines. Period. Classical WETA-FM and WBJC. WAMU's Bluegrass Country for keeping a great musical tradition alive (so far). WAMU's Diane Rehm - good luck in retirement. Great alt rock on WTMD and WRNR-FM. John Bachelor - the lone voice of reason and fairness on WMAL. WJFK's Junkies - the best morning radio show on the DC radio dial. Coolest new station: Bolly 102.9. WMAL's plan to pull the plug on the idiotic Michael Savage in the New Year. YouTube and Netflix for being my primary sources of television. WRC for, once again, the best newscasts on DC TV - including Jim Vance, Doug Kammerer, Wendy Rieger, Pat Collins, and everyone else. WETA-UK. "PBS NewsHour" which, sadly, lost the great Gwen Ifill. The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times for consistently besting the old WaPo in journalism and print design.
Worst: The continued awfulness of Chris Plante on WMAL. Day in and day out, year in and year out, the dumbest ass on DC radio. The extremely biased, pro-Trump election coverage of WMAL's Brian and Larry. WTOP's continued practice of running Russian strongman Vlad Putin's Radio Sputnik propaganda on its 103.5 HD2. Are those extra bucks really all that important considering Putin is one of the free press's biggest enemies? Obsolete cable TV, including Comcast and Verizion FIOS. "Over the top" internet-delivered packages of boring cable TV channels offered by Sling and DirecTV. More of the same old same old. Radio One's deal with the new MGM casino, which will suck the pockets dry of many not not-so-well-off Prince George's residents. Radio One demoting Tom Joyner to WOL's wimpy AM signal. The Washington Post, especially the increasingly irrelevant print edition and the ever-awfully stale Style section. WTTG, WJLA, and WUSA for newscasts that are, sadly, far behind WRC's in terms of quality. Leon Harris leaving WJLA. WAVA for the waste of a suburb FM signal, 105.1, on more low-rated religious talk. Take it to a weaker signal. Dan Snyder's Red Zebra radio arm for, again, lacking a quality on-air line-up and a quality, strong signal. "The Man Cave" was a joke.