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The polls have closed. Thanks for your 2017 nominations.....

BESTEST: Radio América 1540/900 for providing great community-focused programming for the Latin American community of metro DC. (A close runner up is WURA Quantico 920). This proves you can turn a profit while supporting your community. Kudos also to WNST AM 1570, Baltimore’s all sports station with a serious attitude that gives the inside scoop on the slimy business of pro-sports , none of that WTEM/WJFK/WJZ daily spew of preprocessed press releases… the latter stations unlistenable after five minutes. Kudos to WNST's Nestor Aparicio for his insightful banter.
BADEST: The FCC (and Congress) for giving us spectrum re-pack and the loss of several LPTV and full-power TV outlets. WMAL, simply for not listening to its audience. Bring back WMAL on 107.3HD2! Finally, a raspberry to all those commercial stations running HD Radio – the vast majority carrying lame , boring formats to avoid licensing fees from HD Radio Holdings. Go ahead! Experiment!
PREDICTIONS: WYRE will be gone (it’s been silent lately anyway). WKDV will go away as its Manassas tract keeps gaining value. WJZ-AM will be sold and WPFW’s Pacifica will be bankrupt. Hey! Pacifica could sell the station to UDC for a jazz format!

BEST: Unsigned Corporate Suit’s “Best/Worst” sucking up all of DCRTVDJDAVE’s bandwidth with his submission.
WORST: DCRTV’s “BEST/WORST” ending at 11:59PM, Wednesday, January 3, 2018.
Signed: Not Gus in the Gaithersburg

Best -The FCC for finally realizing that we’re in the 21st century and releasing an NPRM for ATSC 3.0 even though we’ll never again see “full-power” TV broadcasting in the U.S.; The Re-Pack it’s good to finally see the reduction in number of stations that this industry has needed for ages. At least in TV. The sad part is the loss of “historic” stations like WDCA (Washington’s most successful UHF), WPMT in York, PA (which, with predecessor WSBA-TV, has probably the longest on-channel presence of any UHF. -What say, Scott Fybush?), and no doubt others; Sinclair for continuing to invest serious dollars in this business and its technology when others have fled it; Entercom for remembering that broadcasting is a business. That means no change to any of their formats in this region as all stations are hitting or exceeding their OCF numbers. As long as a station is profitable, it will not be changed. That means, just like Generalissimo Francisco Franco, WHFS is still dead; WRC picking up Leon Harris; Holly Morris on WTTG; Dan Bell’s “Another Dirty Room” (now on Amazon Prime); The “Me too” women and men who are speaking up and out about the “dirty little secret” of this industry (and many others), namely sexual harassment in the broadcast workplace; The MHz “networks” (hopefully) going away;
Worst -Death of my old friend Jim Vance; WTOP leaving the CBS network. Not that there’s much left to leave. As if the “Kars4Kids” ads weren’t enough reason for me not to listen; The loss of the WMAL-AM transmitter site. Really surprised that DHS didn’t get involved here like they did with the OC NIMBY’s that stalled a new tower at KFI for so long; The firing of Loo Katz. This situation illustrates what is so wrong and so anti-worker about the legislation signed years ago by President Bill Clinton that allowed the creation of in-band multi-station ownership within a market. Workers should be able to have an open marketplace willing to bid on their services. That doesn’t exist in broadcasting today. Where you have effectively a monopoly with one O&O licensed for as many frequencies in one market as iHeart is in D.C., you have what the FTC would likely sue against in any other business. There is effectively no need to compete for, that is to serve an audience. Thus, no need for selective promotion. Nor, fear about losing talent to a competitor. (My best story on that is what former WJSV newscaster George Putnam did years later to Gene Autry by jumping from KTLA to Metromedia’s KTTV when Autry refused to meet Putnam’s salary demand. Not only did Autry see his audience evaporate, but he was almost forced to hire a liberal, Baxter Ward, who had resigned from KABC-TV to run unsuccessfully for mayor of L.A. Instead, the Chief of the Los Angeles Police retired and took the job -briefly, as it would turn out.) Remember that in ECON112, you learn that the “efficiencies and savings” so touted by mergers and acquisitions come at the expense of employment. That is, jobs eliminated. Or, in the case of broadcasting, competition eliminated because of the loss of the number of possible employers. The “Economies of Scale” so often talked about is nothing more than jobs eliminated or wage competition being eliminated because of the reduction of “bidders” in the marketplace. I find it interesting that despite all the “safeguards” on things like competition mandated by law for regulatory review in mergers and such, there are no such protections on employment. There needs to be a mandatory Department of Labor regulatory review of all mergers and acquisitions involving interstate commerce to ensure that employment levels, job locations, and compensation are maintained -if not improved with approval of the merger/acquisition. Willful failure to comply with contracted agreements would result in financially ruinous prosecution for the company and hard prison time for executives involved. Regarding Loo’s age, which has been mentioned in some posts, in most cases, age discrimination laws no longer apply after age 60. You’re only protected from 40-60; The continued hemorrhage of jobs from broadcasting and cable at the local level. The FCC’s proposal to eliminate the local studio requirement in broadcasting is not the result of change in how the community relates to their local broadcasters, it’s the desire of broadcasters to further reduce their wage bill through wholesale job eliminations. We’ve already seen this in cable where whole categories of employees have been laid-off with their jobs either sent to lower cost of living areas in the U.S., or off-shore. What’s unconscionable about this is that the local politicians who control franchise renewals in cable were in a position to stop this by mandating local employment levels and restricting the use of contractors, or non-local employment. Their failure to do so should be brought to public notice by organized labor at election time. In all my years as a Comcast customer, the only time I’ve ever dealt with an actual Comcast employee was perhaps at their stores. Otherwise, the installer was a contractor, the technicians have all been contractors, and when I’ve called with a service problem, I’ve always talked with someone in the middle of the night in the Philippines, Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh. That begs the question… outside of perhaps Comcast Center in Filthydelphia, does anyone other than Brian Roberts really work for Comcast? This trend of broadcasting and cable moving out of the D.C. area even reached the industry website level when DCRTV Dave briefly moved out of the area. When the economic unattractiveness of an area for a given industry reaches the level where DCRTV relocated, politicians need to realize that they need to do all within their power to not just preserve existing jobs, but to foster economic conditions where new jobs are created. The wanton failure to do so that we’ve seen too much of Is nothing short of unconscionable at best and malfeasance in office bordering on criminal at worst; EMF buying commercial FM’s where their format really belongs on 90.1 which reminds me of an endless political infomercial; Special Dishonorable Mention for ESPN for another mass layoff, this one around the holidays. (Shared with iHeart for the Loo Katz Firing…)
-Unsigned Corporate Suit

Worst: WTEM showing Andy Polley the door. CBS dropping CBS Sports Radio from WJFK-AM. The annual loss to Xmas music of 10% of the broadcast year on two of my presets (WASH and WGRQ). The possibility that one or both of the digital sub networks I watch will disappear from the local airwaves in a few weeks. The possibility of WDCW and WDCA disappearing soon. The madeup weather watches and warnings that seemingly all of our local panic mongering "forecasters" invent these days (probably contributing to a couple of the massively gridlocked winter weather catastrophes we've endured in recent years since the average Joe can no longer distinguish between real winter weather warnings and the unending parade of madeup TV weatherman warnings). News directors who think sending a crew to a bar where fans have gathered to watch the game has any value. News directors who seem not to know what "breaking" means. The increasing amount of junk on the screen. Any Kevin McCarthy appearance on WTTG's morning news. Matt Lauer.
Best: two of WMAL's weekend brokered financial advisors (Ric Edelman and Randy Beeman) providing useful advice to listeners on very short notice to lessen the impact of Trump's tax increases. iHeart allowing WIHT's afternoon DJ Toby Knapp to show personality and then promoting him to morning drive on WASH. WRC's coverage of Jim Vance's memorial service. WETA-FM sounding just about as good as the WGMS of old. Coverage of the inauguration. Traffic reporting on all four of the morning news shows.

Worst: Good Morning Washington No news just fluff belongs on News Channel 8. Tom Sherwood leaving WRC after so many years. Death of Jim Vance
Best: Leon Harris moving to WRC. They should give him the 6 pm slot.

Worst: WUSA9 demoting Andrea Roane to the noon news only and putting Jan Jeffcoat in her place in the am news Bad choice. Never watch WUSA9 now. Sinclair firing Maureen Bunyan to save money. Sinclair not promoting Brian vandeGraff as new chief meteorologist. Doug Hill had been grooming him as his replacement. Bill Kelly seems to work only the 6pm slot and is kind of boring.

BEST: WEAA 88.9 FM launching the "Today With Dr. Kaye" daily talk show - informative, smart, funny, a place for people to talk, Dr. Kaye listens, best segments: "Ask Dr. Kaye" - she takes questions from school kids about everything and answers them on the air; love the weekly Parenting Roundtable on Wednesdays

BEST: Kars4Kids ads 2018.
WORST: Kars4Kids ads 2017.
Best: Leon Harris at WRC. Hopefully they will give him the 6 pm slot.
Worst: Diane Reims retiring from WAMU , Tom Sherwood leaving NBC4. Jim Vance's death, Maureen Bunyan being forced off WJLA, Sinclair hiring outsider Bill Kelly to replace Doug Hill. Doug had been grooming Brian van der Graff to be his replacement. Andrea Roane being demoted to just the noon news and Jan Jeffcoat getting the morning spot. That was a slap in the face to Andrea after 36 years with the station. Bill Lord blew that one. Good Morning Washington has no real news and belongs on News Channel 8 with the rest of the fluff. Keep it off WJLA.

Best: Joe B. and Locker on the Caps TV broadcasts. Best broadcast team for any sport in DC!
Worst: Those damn Kars for Kids spots, old news but they just won't go away! Make it stop, Dave, please make it stop!

Best: WTOP finally letting Mike Moss go. Bruce Alan and Debra Feinstien in the mid-day slot... WGRQ and WFLS... WRC channel 4 news anchors... Charlie Slowes and Dave Jagler on Nats radio broadcast... Bob Carpenter and FP Santangelo on the MASN TV broadcast...
Worst: Redskins radio broadcast especially Larry Michael... The entire Washington DC radio scene for not having one decent locally owned radio station...

Best: WTOP's Bruce Alan and Debra Feinstein, easily the best anchor team on the air and they should be WTOP's next morning team. Doreen Gentzler, Wendy Reiger, Erika Gonzalez, Adam Tuss, David Culver on Channel 4, also all of Channel 4's weather people. Veronica Johnson, Eileen Whelan and Brian Van deGraaf from Channel 7.
Worst: The loss of Jim Vance. WASH getting rid of Loo Katz. Fox 5 news.

Best; Nationals radio and television teams. MASN's wintertime feature "Nationals Classics" (which features taped games from previous years). Andy Polin's podcast. Tony Kornhieser's podcast.
Worst; Any syndicated show on WMAL.

BEST: DCRTV, WTOP, WMAL, WJFK, WAMU, WCSP, WUSA, WTTG, WJLA, WRC, WBAL, WLSD, The Washington Post, The Washington Blade, The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner, The Washingtonian, The New York Times (wait, how did that get in there), The Washington City Paper, The Washington Redskins, The Washington Capitals, The Washington Nationals, The Washington Beltway, The Washington Monument, The Washington Divas (oh, hey now), The Washington Metropolitan Police Department, did I say DCRTV?, The Washington Hotel, and last but not least, George and Martha Washington!
WORST: “Kars4Kids” ads.

Best—Mike Moss, the longtime AM anchor on WTOP who kept D.C. listeners informed for many years.
Worst—WTOP laying off Mike Moss. What were they thinking?

Best: Finally "cutting the cord" on July 8th, saving $140/month in the process; WBAL-TV 11 and FOX45 News; SiriusXM's BPM, Electric Area, Chill, Utopia, 80s on 8, and 1st Wave.
Worst: Frequently adjusting the antenna to pick up Baltimore area over-the-air TV station signals; FOX45 dropping WeatherNation on 45.2; WJZ dropping the "Eyewitness News" moniker after more than 40 years; still too many commercials during the Orioles pre-game show on 105.7 The Fan.
Happy New Year to all from Greg in Perry Hall!

Best News Team: None are that "Great", but If I had to choose one it would be Baltimore's WBAL-TV at 5:00 PM. Best Weather Man: There is only one that fits this nomination hands down, "Tony Pann" WBAL-TV.
Worst New Team: WJZ-TV with Denise & Vic, any time they are on. Worst Weather Man: " Marty the Mouth Bass". This obnoxious , loud mouth, arrogant , big-headed, in love with himself, "Jerk", is the worst at even being a human being. When is WJZ going to wise up and show him the door permanently!!!! The only good thing I can say about "The Mouth" it's called the MUTE button on the remote.

BEST Eun Yang & Pat Lawson on NBC4. Tony Kornheiser & Mike Wilbon on ESPN's PTI.
WORST No-desk, patio-chair set on WTTG's unwatchable "Final 5" News.
LS Vienna, VA

Best: Leon Harris move to Channel 4, Christmas music on WASH, , WTOP radio, Steve Buckhantz with the Wizards, Bob Carpenter with the Nats. Johnny Holliday with the Terps and Nats, , 106.7 The Fan. Doreen Genzler , Jim Handley and the Channel 4 news team.Tony Kornheiser, Joe Benanatti, Kristen Berset , Scott Garceau, WAMU.
Worst: Larry Michael, ESPN 980, Kevin Sheehan, Chris Cooley, Dave Johnson, The Wizards taking Phil Chenier off their telecast. The passing of Jim Vance and Ed Walker and the firing of Loo Katz. The Nats radio team, Chick Hernandez

Best: Your website is the best I view each day... Charlie & Dave the Nats...
Worst: Larry Michael and Dan Snyder/Redskins, they both need to go!

Best: The return of the McLaughlin Group, Tucker Carlson, the Redskins going 8-8, The Sports Junkies, WMAL’s Vince without Mary, Chris Plante, Rush Limbaugh, Larry O’Connor, Mark Levin, John Batchelor, Rick Fowler, Bill Hess, DCRTV Mailbag, DCRTV B/W 2017, David Hughes, Carl in Olney, Nick in Arlington, Unsigned Corporate Suit, did I say David Hughes?, people who shoot pit bulls, Silvie from Waldorf, The Drudge Report, The Daily Caller, Fox News blonde info babes in tight red dresses, and most of all President Trump!!!
Worst: Democracy Dies in Darkness, The New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl, Gus in Gaithersburg, pit bulls, PMSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, NBC, PBS, NPR, and most of all The Clinton Family!!!

Best: WRC hires Leon Harris after Sinclair's WJLA drops him
Worst: Sinclair's NewsChannel8 cancels Goss's Garage with Pat Goss

Best: Nats radio crew, Elliot, Amazon Fire, WUSA weather team
Worst: Nats TV crew, WASH-FM Xmas music, Larry Michael, Doug Hill retiring, Lack of a Paul Bicknell obituary, Loo Katz getting run out of town, Passing of Jim Vance, WBIG

BEST: Adam Tuss and Julie Carey. Brad Bell. Kojo Nnamdi. Paul Wagner. Max Smith. Shawn A. and Hillary H. (who should be the new WTOP morning team). Bloomberg Law. Dave Jageler and Charlie Slowes. Andy Pollin and Thom Loverro, who should be on every day. Paul Fahri. NPR.
WORST: The death of Jim Vance and the retirement of Tom Sherwood at NBC4. The departure of Doug Hill and Maureen Bunyan (and others) from WJLA/News8. Sinclair forcing stations to run Boris Epshteyn and Mark Hyman commentaries (a total morale killer at WJLA and other SBG stations.) WUSA9's continued slide into irrelevance. "Traffic and weather together -- and when it breaks." Larry Michael. (When Cooley and Kevin play highlights from other markets, you realize what a disaster Redskins Radio is.) Dave Johnson. John Walton. Sportstalk hosts who devote entire segments to what losers their producers are. (Pro tip: No one gives a shit.) The mailbag's obsession with WMAL. The death of Net Neutrality. WRC's weather team. Chris Russell. ESPN 980's signal. The lack of a decent newstalk radio station. Mark Ein saving Washington City Paper.

BEST: Tucker Carlson Joy Reid Chick Hernandez, Brian Mitchell and Trevor Matich for their pregame and postgame coverage of the Redskins Matt Lauer being fired from NBC Gerry Sandusky Washington Post
WORST: WASH-FMs firing Loo Katz WJLA hiring from Columbus to replace Doug Hill, should have been someone like Steve Rudin, Veronica Johnson, or Brian van de Graaf the Ravens announced that it had cut ties with CSN Mid-Atlantic Dan Snyder

BEST: DC's two oldies radio stations, WKCW and WCTN, for presenting all-but-abandoned music radio to a town filled with folks who can appreciate it.
WORST: Sorry to say, the same two stations, WKCW and WCTN. The former for not making a real go at it and putting up live talent, or at least voicetracked by talented oldies jocks. The latter for just going through the motions until the next foreign-language or religious checkbook comes along.

BEST: DC's two LPFM stations: multiple award-winning WOWD-LP 94.3 Takoma Park MD / (Washington Post Express Best Radio Station in D.C.) AND WERA-LP 96.7 Arlington VA /, just celebrated its second birthday, now with nearly 100 shows weekly.
WORST: Anyone who thinks D.C. radio sucks! Low Power FM is bringing audiences back to radio in D.C. and around the U.S. with 2,026 LPFM stations now on the air.

BEST: WETA-FM I thought that they would not be a suitable replacement for WGMS. I was wrong. IMO they are doing an excellent job. MOST IMPROVED: Sirius/XM channel 6. Thank you, Mr. Merson!
WORST: WUSA TV local news audio. Terrible compression. Are you people using a Gates Sta-Level?!?!?
-Mike Berry WWW.98WRC.COM

Best: DC 101: I know it's a typical iHeart alt-rocker, wish they had more local content and a bit more variety, but I'll take it any day over any pop or adult contemporary station... Big 100.3: Not a bad classic rocker... 100.7 the Bay... WTOP: Good 24-hour news station, not really biased, and three frequencies... Majic 102.3 adding 92.7: I don't really like R and B personally, but it gives them better coverage of Southern Maryland and good signal for traveling to the beach, as it also reaches Easton and Cambridge... Hagerstown's 101.5 Bob Rocks: Doesn't get much mention here, but great active rocker that serves the market well, wish it was stronger in Frederick County... Rocky 98.5 in Hanover, PA... 103.1 WRNR... 102.7 Jack FM: Nice mix of music with few interruptions...
Worst: 92.5 WINC-fm: There are plenty of other like-formatted stations on the dial, and it only really targets Winchester. Would like to see it become either some kind of rocker to compete with WBIG, an adult alternative station targeting Northern Virginia as a whole, or an authentic talker for Northern Virginia... 106.9 The Eagle: They have some good on-air talent, but they can't seem to make up their mind as to whether they want to be a classic rocker or classic hits station. I just don't like hearing Michael Jackson and AC/DC on the same station. Think they should skew toward classic hits, since their are plenty of other classic rockers in the area... 98 Rock: I get that they're the flagship station of the Ravens, but it seems like that's all they ever talk about. Music selection is almost too sporatic... Bloomberg 99.1: Nobody really listens to it. Entercom should do something better with that signal... Toby Knapp on WASH-fm: There was nothing wrong with Lou Katz. Toby's voice and general style just doesn't seem to match with Adult Contemporary... 90.1 WCSP: Nobody listens to it, waste of money. Sell it to the folks at WAMU to use for other content, or even sell it to EMF for heavens sake!

Best: Although the format has grown increasingly tired, "The Tony Kornheiser Show" is still a daily listen, as is the similarly format-weary "Imus in the Morning" podcast out of NYC
Worst: The thorough Trumpification of WMAL and Salem's WWRC 1260 (now 570). As a political conservative, I used to enjoy defending those stations and their hosts, but conservatism is no more, certainly not on the local radio dial

BEST: DCRTV, DCRTV Mail Bag, DCRTV Best & Worst, anything having to do with DCRTV or David Hughes, Unsigned Corporate Suit Carl in Olney, Nick in Arlington and pit bulls.
WORST: Gus in the Gaithersburg, anybody who criticizes DCRTV or David Hughes, people who don’t like pit bulls, and THE ENTIRE DCRTV MEDIA MARKET.
Signed: Nick in Arlington

Best: nothing DC radio sucks
worst: the canning of Loo Katz from WASH FM right before families were taking cranberry out of cans for Thanksgiving dinner.

BEST: WTOP's on-air product. NBC4's newscast (with one exception below). WPFW 89.3 for its eclectic mix of music vs. the homogenized formats, especially iHeart stations. WAMU, DCRTV Dave's Camo hikes. Topper and Howard on WUSA. Retro digital subchannels.
WORST: The death of the great Jim Vance. The continued purging of WJLA's experienced news staff by $inclair. The graphics overkill on NBC 4 (and all NBCU stations that use the same graphics package). iHeart, including WASH-FMs limited playlist and firing Loo Katz. The redundant syndicated programming again on 5 and 20 (aka: "Fox 5 Plus"), Fox 5 at 6:30 windowed newscast. Too much talking, not enough music in the mornings (many DC and Baltimore stations). Donald Trump and the GOP. Xfinity's "Holiday" jingle. WTOP's (at times) sloppy and stagnant website, loaded with errors, duplicate stories, and clickbait ads. Stock quote guy pontificating on when NASDAQ will delist iHeart and Cumulus,. WJLA infomercial marathons on Saturday and Sunday afternoons (enough Larry King). FCC head Ajit Pai.

Best : WJFK’s Chris Russel…WRC Channel 4 – light years ahead of their competition….Chris Plante on WMAL – the best local radio talk show host…Brian Mush-Mouth Wilson leaving WMAL…Trump being President…Matt Lauer being fired from fake news NBC….Topper Shut for being the only reason to ever turn on Channel 9
Worst : Jim Vance passing away….the Washington Compost with its endless Democrat propaganda….Grant Paulson & Thom Loverro – two guys whose highly annoying & effeminate voices should never be allowed near a microphone….Larry O’Connor – stunningly awful talk cringe-inducing talk radio….having to stream Michael Savage because clown boy Larry O’Connor took over in the afternoons on WMAL…WUSA – very sad the poop show over there now….Larry Michael….Dan Snyder….WTOP having Bob Marburg read commercials…..Larry O’Connor….Larry O’Connor….Larry O’Connor

BEST: C4 and Peter Schmuck for not being dogmatic; WTOP's traffic reports; WBAL's horse racing coverage, both local and national.
WORST: Any health news--alarmist and no doubt taken out of context; 98 Rock's adding a sidekick to the afternoon show--too much chitty chat and not enough music. Thanks for ruining my afternoon commute! And to attract a female audience? This female's not amused! The rush to be the first station/reporter to report news; verification is sacrificed on this particular altar and it ain't pretty! That's all I can think of right now.

Worst: At the beginning of the year, Sinclair terminated Maureen Bunyan's contract forcing her into retirement one year early. Doug Hill retired in September, but I don't know if Sinclair forced him to retire. He said he had chosen to retire. Now the only long time that Sinclair has not got rid of is Allison Sterling.
Davin Peterson

Best: WJFK Chris Russell, Thom Loverro, Andy and Thom on Saturdays... WASH-FM Christmas Music - never thought I would say that, but it is enjoyable... WTEM - Al Galdi is good and offers fair coverage; enjoy hearing Doc Walker... WMAL - Saturday morning update with Rick Fowler - always interesting view points with various guests
Worst: Mornings on the Mall (WMAL) - still missing Brian Wilson and Larry O'Connor in the morning RIP Jim Vance WTEM local except Al Galdi (above) - Chris Cooley is too whiny to listen to WBIG - what is it these days? I don't recognize the music any more.
Glad I don't watch TV any more, cut the cord in 2011 - it's all radio now

Best: WTOP, Elliot, Mike Thomas from WTTG, Donnie Simpson, Toby Knapp, SiriusXM Octane, SiriusXM, Fly, SiriusXM Liquid Metal, Howard Stern, Kojo Nnamdi, Thom Loverro & Andy Pollin’s Saturday AM show, Amy Lawrence (the overnight syndicated shown on 1067), Leon Harris, Andrea Roane, Adam Longo, Jim Lokay, Topper Shutt, Howard Bernstein, Sue Palka, Bruce Johnson, Bob Barnard, Brian van de Graaf, Zach Daniel (DCW50 chief meteorologist)
Worst: The passing of Jim Vance, Doug Hill retiring, Andrea Roane being demoted to the noon news, anything on WMAL, DC101 after Elliot is off, Bobby Bones, Kane Show, and most importantly, WJLA hiring from outside to replace Doug Hill, should have been someone like Steve Rudin, Veronica Johnson, or Brian van de Graaf.

BEST: WMAL, Chris Plante, Vince without Mary, Rush, Larry O’Connor, Mark Levin, NO SEAN HANNITY OR MICHAEL SAVAGE, Bill Hess, Silvie from Waldorf, Rick Fowler, John Batchelor, Red Eye Radio, Maria Leaf, John Matthews, Kars for Kids ads, Redskins games, Sonny, Larry & Chris TRUMP, Trump Tweets, Kellyanne Conway, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, KFC fried chicken, Diet Cokes, Big Macs, golf, killing ISIS, building the wall, sending DACA kid’s parents back to wherever the hell they came from but keeping the kids, cutting taxes, slut shaming, grabbing pussy, WJFK Sports Junkies, A-Wadd, Valdez, Drab Tee-Shirt, CK, Lurch, Cakes, EB, JP (Hey JP!) Kevin McCarthy, Chad Dukes, FOX NEWS CHANNEL Tucker Carlson, Watters World, hot chicks in tight red dresses, Greg Gutfeld, MARK LEVIN SUNDAY NIGHT SHOW IN FEBRUARY, Foxy Friends, The Five back at Five, Fox News Sunday with Mike Wallace’s son, hot chicks in tight red dresses, Harvey Levin interview of Judge Judy, hot chicks in tight red dresses, DCRTV RESISTANCE Carl in Olney, Unincorporated Suit, me, DAILY CALLER Betsy Rothstein’s “DCRTVDJDAVE is homeless living in Wal Mart parking lot” story, hot chicks in tight red dresses DRUDGE REPORT Developing, red, white & blue lettering on Fourth of July, links that go to nowhere, “Developing” stories that don’t develop, war on Weinstein, Franken, and Spacey, Hillary Clinton hacking up a lung stories, Hillary Clinton e-mails hacked stories, stories about Anthony Weiner convicted sex pervert married to woman who works for woman whose husband is also a sex pervert, Drudge in the closet, Drudge out of the closet LAST BUT NOT LEAST BEST: radio transmitter towers!
WORST: DCRTV, DCRTV Mail Bag, DCRTV Eastern Shore, DCRTV Front Page, DCRTV Jobs, DCRTV More Dave Stuff, DCRTV Best/Worst, DCRTVDJDAVE, Gus in the Gaithersburg, guys or gays who move from Reston to Rehoboth and then back to NOVA, transgenders, mind benders, DCRTV Mail Bag posts about radio transmitter towers, WTTG, WUSA, WJLA, WRC, PBS, PMSNBC, CNN, NPR, WAVA, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Rachael Maddow, Joy Reid, Chris Matthews, Politico, The Hill, Rolling Stone, NBC, CBS, ABC, TNT, AMC, USA, A&E, HBO, SHOWTIME, NETFLIX, did I say DCRTV?, pit bulls, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Hillary Clinton, did I say DCRTV?, Democrats, commies, North Koreans, vegans, and last but not least, the VERY WORST OF 2016 would be Larry O’Donnell’s meltdown...

Worst: the creepy "Cox Gigablast" TV commercial where girl and grandmother interact and play through a robotic monkey puppet. When granny clocks out permanently, that little girl is going to freak out the first time she sees that puppet lying lifeless in the corner of her living room. And again even worse when somebody hacks the puppet and growls, "I'm BAA-AACK!"

Best: WTOP…hands down still the best news operation in DC. WRC for adding a 4am newscast and also still the best DC news station for television news. WIAD HD2…although it’s mainstream classic hits it’s still a good station. The Gamut for a lot of deep cuts that you don’t hear on the radio much at all. WTOP for taking Russian Propaganda off their HD-2 channel. WJFK for Misery Mondays during Redskins season…as their breakdowns beat WTEM’s attempt to polish a turd. Chick Hernandez, Brian Mitchell and Trevor Matich on NBCS Washington for their pregame and postgame coverage of the Redskins. The Mike O’Meara Show, WAMU, Elliot In The Morning, WRNR, Buzz Burbank’s News and Commentary, WETA and Sirius XM(70’s on 7, 80’s on 8, Deep Tracks, 1st Wave, Classic Rewind, Classic Vinyl, POTUS*Great political talk and more informative than Faux News, CNN or MSNBC*, Symphony Hall, Simply Sinatra and Spectrum). Entercom buying CBS DC and also close to buying iHeart Richmond.
Worst: The death of the legendary Jim Vance…may he rest in peace. WMAL…essentially it’s the Trump White House on radio talking point wise mixed with Faux News. Faux News for being the television talking points for the Trump White House. MSNBC and CNN for doing commentary along with Faux News instead of focusing mainly on hard news and instead allowing their personal beliefs to interfere. WTEM for basically being the arm for Dan Snyder’s excuses for the most part as they’re very soft on a bad Redskins team. Mainstream radio for a limited playlist. Sinclair for destroying WJLA”s newscasts. The Don Geronimo Podcast. 105.5…there has to be better use than Radio Sputnik…Radio One should have something better to do with WKYS’s HD3 signal as well. Bloomberg Radio 99.1 and last but not least….DC 101…which is very much a shell of what it used to be sadly.
Happy New Year Everyone

Worst list: Still pending Sinclair-Tribune merger... death of legendary NBC 4 anchorman Jim Vance... scandal-plagued Charlie Rose (former CBS This Morning co-anchor, and host of canceled PBS series Charlie Rose) and Matt Lauer (former Today co-anchor), among others caught up in scandals...
Best list: NBC 4 adding new 4AM half-hour to morning newscast, along with a couple other NBC O&O stations... Fox 5 adding prime-time newscast at 8PM on Fox 5 Plus channel (used to be my20)... NBC launching new Telemundo DC channel...
Wishing everyone a Happy 2018!