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\/ February 26 Messages \/

More Chris Core "memories": I always remember when Ken Beatrice was terminated at WMAL -- 1992 or so? Core did a commentary just before Beatrice's last show, ostensibly talking about how sorry he was to see his old friend go. But, in the same talk, he immediately did a 180 and said he was thrilled WMAL had brought in a high-quality replacement - the syndicated (and awful) Bruce Williams radio show! "Hey, buddy, sorry to see you go. I shall now toe the company line and endorse the cheap schlock replacing you!" I wondered if Core thought about that when he was axed a few years later. (2/26/15)

Emily Miller - (2/26/15)

To the guy who said : "The bashing Chris and Andy did towards anyone who disagreed with the George W. Bush White House was reprehensible,"I am just curious to know how you feel about people who disagree with the White House today? Because that reprehensibility goes both ways. The more I see both parties, the more I see they are both 2 cheeks of the same butt. (2/26/15)

PER: Station identification. (a) When regularly required. Broadcast station identification announcements shall be made: (1) At the beginning and ending of each time of operation, and (2) Hourly, as close to the hour as feasible, at a natural break in program offerings. .......... (b) Content. (1) Official station identification shall consist of the station's call letters immediately followed by the community or communities specified in its license as the station's location..... Listen to Somar's WKIK-FM Thew TOH break covers the California, MD location of the FM; the BOH break covers the LaPlata location of the AM. Been that way for at least 15 years. (2/26/15)

THIS below is what I'm talking about. You have tinkerbell on in the mornings at 94.7 Donnie Simpson is gone so no one gives a shit about WPGC. Those Steve Hrady and Tom Joyner shows are blackploitation at it's best. 100.3 is just...........awful and Elliot on 101 is a Stern Ca't Be. NOW Mike and Mike is moving for a ''local'' radio'show? Sounds painful (2/26/15)

Not sure if this is an elaborate stunt or... A Letter From Kane on Hot 99.5 (2/26/15)

"When I hear Chris Core's voice on the radio, I turn the dial or shut off the radio as quickly as possible." I change the station before my blood pressure goes through the roof. When I hear Chris Core today, I am still reminded of how badly he behaved on WMAL. Remember when he questioned a holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Remember how he tried to destroy the life of a man who hired an undocumented worker to do yard work? Remember when he tried to destroy John Kerry over that affair rumor? Remember how he went on and on about how Iraq was responsible, at least in part, for 9-11? Remember his Pentagon broadcast on the eve of the Iraq War, and he only asked questions supplied by the White House? Remember how he defended Michael Graham’s actions? Chris Core, you did, or tried to do, a lot of damage from behind a microphone. I can never give you any respect after all you did on WMAL after the year 2000. (2/26/15)

Dave: Some great reading material by Mike/Fairfax and others while I was in Arizona. I hate to admit this, but, it's good to see 980 make a bold move and go original programming on 980 at 6a weekdays. Pollin just needs to go away and lose his arrogance and realize he belongs with Czaban on the sidelines or in another market. Problem is, Snyder needs to re-structure the remainder of the timeslots with people who get it. Sheehan, Czaban and Cooley are a tough listen. And, update people can barely read the news..did you know weather will be in the 30's?? really, Mont. County College students can do a better job. Not to say 106.7 is any better, however, sportstalk fans have to realize our market is awful when it comes to quality. (2/26/15)

CBS Radio DC and others have pretty much had these same ratings issues with the 6 plus and 12 plus demos since the 2008 intro of PPM which is now 7 years ago. Can a local radio person please send the numbers for 18-34, 18-49, and of course 25-54(we see these) so that we can get a full picture of who is winning and losing in these radio ratings because its clear that the 6 and 12 plus numbers are not back breaker demos for these radio companies. (2/26/15)

Chris Core, and Andy Parks should be ashamed of themselves for what they said and what they did leading up to and into the Iraq War. Their constant reading of the Rove talking points, without question, their friendly interviews with known war mongers and "Neocon” conservative doofuses" (looking in the direction of Kristol, and Wolfowitz, among other clowns), and Andy and Chris’ fawning over idiots like Michele Bachmann to get her take on international diplomacy [Iraq] were nothing short of appalling and sickening to any reasoned individual. Andy’s condemnation of a fallen serviceman's mother was an extreme low, even for Andy. The bashing Chris and Andy did towards anyone who disagreed with the George W. Bush White House was reprehensible, and may I add, wrong on several levels. Their reporting nonsense as fact, and when that nonsense was proven to be nonsense, their conveniently moving on to the next piece of nonsense, was sloppy reporting and agenda driven propaganda. There constant criticisms of the Washington Post’s Iraq reporting was also very obnoxious. And, I shall add, the Post got most of it right, and Andy and Chris were dead wrong, history has since proven. Chris and Andy were a willing part of a coordinated government effort to drum up support to go to a war that was unnecessary. The war that Chris and Andy help propagandize lasted 10 plus years, and cost America over 4,000 lives. What’s your defense, Chris Core for being a willing part of a war propaganda movement? You were told to do it? It was your job to do it? Or, you were too stupid to see what was actually going on… The answer is at least one of the three, Chris. Which one(s)? That is right, you will not answer. (2/26/15)

Re: “When I hear Chris Core's voice on the radio, I turn the dial or shut off the radio as quickly as possible.” Exactly. As well as Kars for Kids. OOBBEE (2/26/15)

Even if an HFS-styled classic rocker went up in this burg, it would sound just as soulless and vanilla as every other station here. Worse, it would probably sound like the Music Choice rock channel on the cable box. The only way that's going to happen is if a maverick signal goes up that is independently owned and funded. And Im here to tell you unless its a pirate signal it aint gonna happen. (2/26/15)

When I hear Chris Core's voice on the radio, I turn the dial or shut off the radio as quickly as possible. (2/26/15)

I would betcha the powers that be at 1801 Rockville Pike would love 107.3 to go NASH. Take a look around the country. The NASH format has yet to work. Anywhere. It is a vanity plate for the Dickeys. The only advantage to Cumulus is that they could run it on the cheap. Same shitty ratings, less expense. Hell, its not like 98.7 is killing it as it is. (2/26/15)

Someone asked yesterday about Newschannel 8 simulcasting GMW in the mornings. There was another post earlier in the week about Sinclair building a new set for Newschannel 8 so that must be the reason. As a result, 8's morning news starts at 7:00 for the time being. They also simulcast WJLA's evening newscasts and during the other newscasts, they're using the WJLA set. Rumor has it that WJLA will also be getting a new set sometime soon. (2/26/15)

Any word on us getting a 'classic rock' station that plays 80's and 90's HFS style 'classic rock'? I heard one went up in Chicago or somewhere in the midwest. (2/26/15)

"WRQX......NASH COUNTRY. When Cumulus changes WRQX to Nash Country they will beat WMZQ." Based on...what? How great WRQX management has been at reading the DC market? The public's deep desire for voice-tracked radio? How much better Cumulus stations do here than iHeart? Take a look at WNEW/WTOP for an idea of what happens when a klutzy interloper challenges a heritage station. (2/26/15)

By any chance has anyone heard when low powered WTTD-LD will actually start broadcasting RTV and Rev'N? All I see online is that they are coming "soon" or that they started February 1. BTW am I the only one who occasionally sees the menu screen from a Roku Device while tuning to 49-6? this really is a low budget operation. (2/26/15)

"I have to wonder how many times Chris Core has had to have that roof replaced. " Today, Chris is shilling [lying] for home repair companies. That's a whole lot more tolerable than when Chris Core was shilling to start an unnecessary war that eventually cost us over 4,000 American lives. Chris Core has never apologized for his heavy involvement in the war propaganda from the George W. Bush administration. He has also not shown any remorse for calling anyone that questioned the GW Bush White House a “traitor,” a “terrorist sympathizer,” and "unAmerican." And before someone comes back and says "Democrats voted," read the war authorization act before you make that claim. The war authorization in Congress was full of "based on the premise that.." [information provided by the White House]. Ignoring and hiding from your past should not be anyone's "Core Value." (2/26/15)

WRQX......NASH COUNTRY. When Cumulus changes WRQX to Nash Country they will beat WMZQ. According to the latest BIA Revenue Figures, WMZQ has over $11 million per year in revenue. If iHeart were smart they would sell off WFRE now before there is another major country station in Washington. They have delayed selling the station for 7 years in order to enjoy the cash flow. The FCC approved the Clear Channel Sale with the promise they would spin off WFRE. It never happened! (2/26/15)

Fox5's GoodDay has been incessantly/incestuously plugging Empire for weeks. Episode preview, followed by episode recaps, 'exclusive' cast interviews, costume fashion reviews. You can bet that on three out of five days the first half hour will be devoted to gushing about Empire. It's grinding on my patience and wearing out my remote. (2/26/15)

I talk to a major local radio guru about WNEW adding more talk to its all-news mix and whether is a beginning of the end for the three-year-old station. More CBS radio ratings troubles for DC. A Channel 25/WHAG cool signature. Mickey Cucchiella doing WNST. Joe Madison seeks to set a record. And more in today's "Dave TV," which is brought to you by the RELM Network..... (2/26/15)

So this morning, after three hours of non-stop coverage about the weather, with breathless reports from Screaming Scotty and the always informative Jim Russ traffic reports, this morning around 7:45, WBAL Radio's forecast with Miri Marshall started with "you may see some snowflakes on your drive to work." That was the NO S**T moment of the day. Do any of these people ever think before they speak? (2/26/15)

I didn't listen to Andy Pollin's morning show at all, I find him very hard to listen to. The afternoon show on 980 was ok because there were times when at least Steve made a bit of sense. But I agree with the guy who said Pollin was stuck in the 80s. I found him to be the first guy to mock sports radio for topics like 'best sports movie' then do topics like 'dumbest sports injury.' Those kinds of topics are just not interesting to me. (2/26/15)

It seems like the whole purpose Good Day today is to promote in-house Fox programming. Today they seem to be spending a lot of time talking about Empire and Last Man on Earth. (2/26/15)

The deadline for the SPJ D.C. Dateline Awards has been extended to MARCH 6. That gives you an extra week to send in entries, which must be postmarked by that date. The contest includes categories for daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, newsletters/trade publications, online, photography and design, as well as Washington correspondence. Entry criteria may be found at The entry form may be found at Awards will be presented to winners at the Hall of Fame/Dateline Awards dinner on June 9 at the National Press Club. The contest is open to print and broadcast media outlets throughout the D.C. metropolitan area. This includes the District of Columbia; Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, Stafford and Prince William counties in Virginia; and counties throughout Maryland. Journalists and related professionals from another region will review local entries. Judges also will consider entries worthy of the Robert D.G. Lewis Watchdog Award. That award is presented to an applicant in any award classification whose entry best exemplifies journalism aimed at protecting the public from abuses by those who would betray the public trust. Questions: (2/26/15)

ENOUGH with the Station ID rhetoric !! It’s like a never ending segment for the nerds from ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Let’s get back to something more entertaining, like is it a RELAY or a SIMULCAST. Geez (2/26/15)

A poster recently wrote regarding WNEW "WNEW is a DC Market Station". Well...WNEW *was* located in Anne Arundel County and licensed to Annapolis - which clearly made it a Baltimore station. Now, WNEW's city of license is Bowie - which is in Prince Georges County. The transmitter is located just north of the Patuxent in Crofton - which puts the stick in Anne Arundel County. If you are going by the book, it *is* a DC market radio station. CBS made the decision to keep WLZL (107.9 - the former WXTC - great calls!) in Annapolis and in the Baltimore market, even though it is run out of the DC complex. Had they moved that transmitter over the PG (can you say PG these days?) line, as well, they would have had 5 DC FM stations. The problem with moving a station "in" to a market these days is that you have to put it into an area with no local "aural service" - which Bowie didn't technically have. However, now that 99.1 is in Bowie, the COL will never change - unless another station gets "moved" to Bowie - to retain first aural service for that city of license. Someone was speaking of legal identification for main stations and translators. They are correct! A translator can be identified by Morse code! I remember WFMD FM for a time had a translator on 105.5 and it was identified by key. I believe the now WFRE has moved that translator to 94.3, and is trying to hop it down toward Washington DC. There have been plenty of illegal identifications done over time on the stations around here. My favorite was "93.1 WPOC Country Baltimore". That certainly wasn't legal, but the FCC has larger fish to fry these days. Larger than Mike Powell, larger then Vince at the shore, and larger than radio. The "Fucking Communication Commission" has given up on us, unless they need some cash - so they find a poor schmuck in Pocatello Idaho that didn't have an EAS log from a Tuesday in September of 2009 and get a 10k check. By the way - Where's Jay? ACS (2/26/15)

Ed Graham - you were a great duckpinner, but radio needed you. How else would we have gotten "Olde Golde" in our lives? Join me at Greenway Bowl soon, would you? Royal Parker (2/26/15)

I didn't know the Capitals sports team was in any way sponsored by the Division of Motor Vehicles. (2/26/15)

America's Podcast, which is what I call it because they're an advertiser here, but I can say for sure it's not The Don and Mike Show , has turned into 'tales of an obese man and his unsatisfactory visits to the doctor's office or various restaurants'. Seriously, is this what people in Iowa are listening to? It's always better when either, i.e. Mike or Rob, of the fat fellas isn't there. Have they ever tried it without the Hispanic, yes they have when the main character yelled at him for having a neck injury. Or a space shuttle. It's time to call the code. - ZW (2/26/15)

“An official Station ID is: Call Letters + City of License and they have to be in that order with nothing in between” Actually, that’s not true. Station identification. (a) When regularly required. Broadcast station identification announcements shall be made: (1) At the beginning and ending of each time of operation, and (2) Hourly, as close to the hour as feasible, at a natural break in program offerings. Television and Class A television broadcast stations may make these announcements visually or aurally. (b) Content. (1) Official station identification shall consist of the station's call letters immediately followed by the community or communities specified in its license as the station's location; Provided, That the name of the licensee, the station's frequency, the station's channel number, as stated on the station's license, and/or the station's network affiliation may be inserted between the call letters and station location. DTV stations, or DAB Stations, choosing to include the station's channel number in the station identification must use the station's major channel number and may distinguish multicast program streams. For example, a DTV station with major channel number 26 may use 26.1 to identify an HDTV program service and 26.2 to identify an SDTV program service. A DTV station that is devoting one of its multicast streams to transmit the programming of another television licensee must identify itself and may also identify the licensee that it is transmitting. If a DTV station in this situation chooses to identify the station that is the source of the programming it is transmitting, it must use the following format: Station WYYY-DT, community of license (call sign and community of license of the station whose multicast stream is transmitting the programming), bringing you WXXX, community of license (call sign and community of license of the licensee providing the programming). The transmitting station may insert between its call letters and its community of license the following information: the frequency of the transmitting station, the channel number of the transmitting station, the name of the licensee of the transmitting station and the licensee providing the programming, and/or the name of the network of either station. Where a multicast station is carrying the programming of another station and is identifying that station as the source of the programming, using the format described above, the identification may not include the frequency or channel number of the program source. A radio station operating in DAB hybrid mode or extended hybrid mode shall identify its digital signal, including any free multicast audio programming streams, in a manner that appropriately alerts its audience to the fact that it is listening to a digital audio broadcast. No other insertion between the station's call letters and the community or communities specified in its license is permissible. (2) A station may include in its official station identification the name of any additional community or communities, but the community to which the station is licensed must be named first. (2/26/15)

To the person complaining that WBAL and WNEW are running the same show - Overnight America. Guess what? WBAL is a Baltimore Market station. WNEW is a DC Market Station. Doesn't matter if there is some signal overlap in some portions of the market. Where I live I can hear (but don't want to hear) Rush Limbaugh on 3 stations. CBS's WTIC 1080 in Hartford, CT which is my home market. I-Heart's WHYN 560 in the Springfield, Mass Market. I-Heart's WELI 960 in the New Haven, CT Market. In the car depending on my location I can hear it on 2-3 other stations. I-Heart's WTAG 580 Worcester, Mass Market. I-Heart's WOR 710 NYC Market. And once in a while I can pick it up on Entercom's WRKO 680 from the boston Market. (2/26/15)

/\ February 26 Messages /\

\/ February 25 Messages \/

I just sent in the second dumbest post I've ever written. Someone very kind and forgiving wrote, " I think you're confusing WERQ, a hip-hop station from Baltimore, with WRQX," That could nave been a great opening to trash my stupidity. Seriously, thanks for not making me feel worse. What I wrote was indeed about WRQX (tie for 20th place). Sending that post was the most ill-advised thing I've done since I gave up duckpin bowling for radio. Ed Graham (2/25/15)

"WERQ, who didn't know that. When they dropped Jack Diamond, they had a shot at greatness, but their attempt to attract an audience of Millennials showed that they don't know how to create programming FOR the target audience." I think you're confusing WERQ, a hip-hop station from Baltimore, with WRQX (2/25/15)

Re: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AT THE FCC? Can you not file a protest or other official complaint directly with the Commission to dispute their decision? Based of course on facts on record and not just DCRTV chatter? If so, have at it. You'll get a lot farther doing that than just yelling here. (2/25/15)

So what is to become of Andy Pollin with this new morning show on 980 and the shift of Mike and Mike to 570? First, they break up his long running show with Czaban. Then they stick him on a low power afterthought of a station. Now they do away with even that crumb they threw him. Deserved to some extent. I found he and Czaban to be an entertaining pair at times, but Pollin absolutely refused to change with the times. He is frozen in the 1980's when the Redskins were all that mattered in this town sportswise. As Mike in Fairfax alluded to a couple of days ago, Pollin absolutely refuses to recognize the significantly increased popularity of the Caps in the DMV. I would add that he often acts like he doesn't know that DC has a MLB team. Others at the Dan Snyder-owned 980 can be criticized for the same tunnel vision. Pollin, however, takes it to ridiculous extremes (of which the ridiculous comment in the DC Sports Bog article cited by Mike in Fairfax was just the latest example). No clue where he goes from here, but it ought to be a lesson to these sports talkers that you run a risk if you are arrogant enough to think people are tuning in to listen to you rather than to hear about the sports that they care about. (2/25/15)

I stand by my original post on BaltoMedia.Net. I’m not going to get into shouting matches over ID times, etc. & semantics nor am I a “boy." Radio One will market 102.3 on WOLB & the translator with marketing and legal IDs. I already knew they’d have to say Fairlee, MD several times a day and that the translator was moved to Catonsville from there. The result is Magic 102.3 has listeners in Columbia who will lose that DC radio station. I predict they will complain. We’ll find out soon. And my assumptions about sending 102.3 listeners to 95.9 listeners, thus boosting the Baltimore ratings without hurting the DC's 102.3 ratings are valid points. The lost viewers of Magic 102.3 won’t affect their ratings. But that doesn’t mean some people won’t be mad. A company doesn’t cannibalize their own station’s listenership without a reason. Oh and to the guy from Radio One, if you were referring to Mike Popovec, thanks for the compliment. I hear he’s doing just fine being a stupid “boy." (2/25/15)

There have been several comments recently in the DCRTV mailbag about the staff at WTOP doing commercials. I think I read several years ago that it was against WTOP's policy (back in the Bonneville days), but Dave Johnson had been grandfathered - I think in reference to sleep number beds. Now it seems like most of the staff is doing it. I have to wonder how many times Chris Core has had to have that roof replaced. Even the website is trying to push commercials as news content See the article 5 Reasons to have your next dinner date night at home ( (2/25/15)

" You think the FCC cares about rules & technicalities? They just approved 2 of Birach’s STAs." This goes beyond not caring about rules and technicalities. The 2 stations have been off the air for close to 7-years! So by FCC rules and regs he doesn't own a license for these two frequencies anymore. Hasn't since 2009. How the hell do you get an STA for something you don't legally own? How do you get an STA when you don't hold a license and have no legal standing. Is anyone at the FCC awake? I know its redundant but WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AT THE FCC? (2/25/15)

If all else fails, Andy Pollin should lobby to get back his old gig as sidekick and creative consultant on Tony Kornheiser’s show as the salad days for that WTEM program were when he was there in the 90s and early 2000s. Back then, it was much more entertaining with a wider variety of guests, daily caller segments, edgy humor and more of a sports bar type feel – now it almost seems like eavesdropping on a private cocktail party in a hoity-toity neighborhood (the song “Outside of a Small Circle of Friends” which I think was written by Kornheiser’s idol Bob Dylan comes to mind). The main recurring bit these days seems to be the host treating every forecast of an inch or two of snow in the DC area like a doomsday prophecy (which is especially odd considering that he grew up in Binghamton, NY where two foot blizzards don’t even make the local newscasts), aided and abetted by ‘credentialed meteorologist’ Kevin Sheehan. For how many years has Marc Sterne been pretending to be Nigel the Brit and does anyone seriously believe that listeners put together elaborate musical productions in the privacy of their homes for airing in the mailbag segments? – come up with something new for a change. Getting back to Pollin, not only was he the main creative force behind TK’s show in its early years but he knows a lot more about programming a sports radio station than Chuck Sapienza (Red Zebra’s current program director), who seems wedded to the notion that putting ex-Redskins on the air is a surefire formula for ratings success. It’s worth noting that the current daily lineup at WJFK-FM includes no one who wore the burgundy and gold and that station seems to be doing just fine. I think it was Pollin who first proposed giving both Kornheiser and John Thompson their own shows as well as the successful format of Sports Reporters (which he co-hosted with Steve Czaban for about 13 years), so it would be a shame if he couldn’t find a meaningful role in local sports radio after his current morning program on AM-570 closes up shop next month. (2/25/15)

28) WFLS and WILC and WGRQ and WERQ...A 4 way tie for 28th place. WERQ, who didn't know that. When they dropped Jack Diamond, they had a shot at greatness, but their attempt to attract an audience of Millennials showed that they don't know how to create programming FOR the target audience. It's always fun when you can start a new format and attack other stations. They can only adjust what they do because they fear change, while you have no can hide behind bushes, they have to march in a straight line. Ed Graham (2/25/15)

Washington’s Fox affiliate, WTTG-TV (Fox5), is disclosing that its chief investigative reporter, Emily Miller, is a Second Amendment “proponent.” (2/25/15)

You may not hear the legal ID of a translator at all. FCC rule 74.1283-2i allows morse code identification in FSK, that is, frequency shift keying the carrier by 5khz to 25khz. (2/25/15)

OK, if there was any doubt before now that we are completely fuct, that's all behind us: (2/25/15)

Carl, you're a nitwit. How dare you question my employment. I said we wouldn't be identifying it as 102.3 WOLB at the top of the hour as the previous poster said. I noted the correct ID that we'd be using within the requirements. Do you think we're a bunch of idiots over here and wouldn't use the frequency when identifying the station overall? Jesus. Phil (2/25/15)

Why does WJFK playback Dukes’ 2:00-3:00 at 6:00-700? I bounce between TEM and JFK all day. Now that Lavar is gone, Dukes must rule from 2:00-4:00 based on what is on TEM. I always listen to him during those hours now. When I drive home between 6:00 and 7:00. I turn off what I already heard earlier. Isn’t the 6:00 to 7:00 hour more important than 2:00 to 3:00? Why not put a scrub on for an hour or two midday than repeat during drive time? Maybe do a best of from the day before from 2:00 to 3:00? Opinions? OOBBEE (2/25/15)

I used to be a die hard fan of the WBAL-TV morning show but honestly, I just can't take it anymore. They have some talent there to be sure. Minday Basara is a fine anchor. Jennifer Franciotti is a good reporter. And Sarah Caldwell provides solid traffic information in a clear, concise fashion. But the rest leave much to be desired. Urkel in the other anchor chair is unwatchable. And the skeletal-like, substance-free Megan Pringle is a waste of time. Plus the little meteorologist who looks like she's 12 has no credibility. I'm tuning out and switching to WJZ, which is almost as bad. And where were all the local Baltimore TV stations on Saturday when the weather was bad. Not a one has a serious commitment to news -- unless it's convenient for them. (2/25/15)

Someone wrote regarding Dave Ramsey "Clearly he doesn't pay to be on every station, stations that have no employees (probably like yours) that need constant syndicated programming, obviously he doesn't pay". No, you misread what I said. DAVE didn't pay for the show, and neither did his company. An outside company, unrelated to the program (ha ha) paid for the program placement. We couldn't sell time in the show, because "the group" bought the 54 minutes - but who cares about local inventory when you sell the whole block! Oh, yes - it was major market, pretty hefty stick too. I'm sure WFAX is still running the show for no compensation. Phil (2/25/15)

Half of you people on DCRTV are all stuck in the weeds! You think the FCC cares about rules & technicalities? They just approved 2 of Birach’s STAs. Apparently, they bought the new transmitter site near the Little Leaguers story. And I guess the Little Leaguers didn’t probably tell the FCC he hasn’t paid rent in years. So in 6 months he’ll file an extension and get that too. Make sense? As for WOLB, of course they’re going to say 102.3 FM all the time. How else would anybody find it? DUH! Nobody cares about the legal requirements so -1 for Phil. And he can’t possibly work for Radio One if he thinks they’re not going to promote 102.3 FM! As for getting DC's 102.3, I live near the city line and I can get it. Since Columbia has a large black population, I’d expect they’re getting it too. So that’s -1 for Carl in Olney. (2/25/15)

What's happening with NewsChannel 8 in the mornings? They're now simulcasting the Channel 7 Good Morning Washington newscast??? (2/25/15)

I would like to joint those who think WNEW, if it had targeted Baltimore, would have wiped WBAL off the map. 99-1 has a professional sounding staff and field reporters covering their tri-state area (including Baltimore city.) On the other hand WBAL who once was thought of as a news station (without saying so) doesn't belong on the air. They have the worse sounding on-air people (with two exceptions) anywhere. And those who have written that Hearst doesn't really care, hit the nail on the head. And their stuck with it because even if someone was interested in the 50kw signal they wouldn't pay the asking price. WCBM is still on the air, but without any news operation to speak of. In the 80s, if I remember correctly, CBM had a full blown news operation with quality on-air people and a staff of street reporters. Like WNEW, that has the backing of CBS, WCBM had the backing of Metromedia radio, but was eventually sold and the station went full time talk. At least WNEW is providing a modified schedule of news. (2/25/15)

And if I can add my 2¢ to what Phil said about station IDs: An official Station ID is: Call Letters + City of License and they have to be in that order with nothing in between; everything else is promotion. When 99-1 WNEW (to pick one) says: "WIAD-HD 2 Bethesda; WNEW-FM Bowie, Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington", the ID ends at "Bowie" and nothing else! Same with WPGC-95.5; its only legal ID is "WPGC-FM Morningside", which is a small town in near the newly named Joint Base Andrews. Everything else is fluff! The frequency, other towns, etc. have nothing to do with the legal ID. And as was stated about translators, their ID is stated 3 times a day and all it is for the translator, again, is: the call letters + the City of License. You might hear "WOLB Baltimore, 1010 AM and now 102.3 FM", but the first two words in that quote are all that is required, except 3 times a day, when they add in the translator calls and Fairlee as the city of license, which is in Kent County, so the only overlap with WMMJ is in places where the latter is barely listenable anyway. So 2 points for Phil. -- Carl in Olney (2/25/15)

"...As a former GM that ran a station that Ramsey was on, let me assure you Dave Ramsey did *not* pay for clearance. ..." -- So the GM of 1590 or 510 AM didn't get cash for Ramsey's show? What a shock! Sir, on big signals, in big markets, with at least some ratings, Ramsey ABSOLUTELY pays to be on the air. Clearly he doesn't pay to be on every station, stations that have no employees (probably like yours) that need constant syndicated programming, obviously he doesn't pay. But anywhere he's on in a big market, he pays. It's half talk show/half infomercial. (2/25/15)

Not like I'm wishing any kind of success on that family, but would it not be possible for Birach to relocate and diplex through any set of towers in Hampton VA, near the 64/664 split east of the Coliseum? I'm seeing what could be viable arrays at 37.030013, -76.375680 and 37.031246, -76.366417 on a Google Earth map. With the phasors cranked just right and maybe the addition of a parasitic element up the street, they can spray a fairly tight lobe over the water to Virginia Beach. I'm also seeing some fairly farmsy property out around 36.898817, -76.067148 (Addington Rd in Virginia Beach). Surely they could make an offer to Farmer Fred to build some nice low aircraft-safe towers out there as they did in Walkersville, and just pay rent on them ... wait, I think I just answered myself on both questions. (2/25/15)

Wait----doesn'tWBAL also run Overnight America? If so, then way to go two are now the same product. (2/25/15)

The boy is again proving he knows nothing about broadcasting rules. He said "What Phil at Radio One doesn’t seem to understand is that Radio One has to announce WOLB 102.3 FM hourly by law"... Um, no. Incorrect. Would you like to play the lightning round where points can double? 102.3 FM is a TRANSLATOR and doesn't have to be identified at the top of the hour like a normal station. The IS NO 102.3 WOLB-FM. We will do announcements for a station ID and it will be the following "W272BJ Fairlee". It is a translator, not a full service FM stick. FCC Rules Section 74.1283(c) require translators (which this station is) to be identified 3 times daily (at least) between 7 and 9 am, close to 1pm and between 4 and 6 PM. Phil (me) understands the rules, you do not. I've noticed that you tend to rebuff what most people say here. We are just trying to educate you on something you *clearly* do not get, but if you want to continue to post your opinion as fact - have at it. Once again you stated "At no point did I say they were trying to co-brand it with either Magic or Majic"... We have that clear. Nobody said that you did (twice we've covered that). I was making a point about RO NOT CARING about HoCo or AA listeners listening to their DC rated station. Again - read! And son, I'm older, fatter. I've seen your twitter pic. Trust me. (2/25/15)

Regarding Dave Ramsey, someone noted >>At least a few years ago, Dave Ramsey adamantly denied paying for clearances<< As a former GM that ran a station that Ramsey was on, let me assure you Dave Ramsey did *not* pay for clearance. However, there were two plans at the time. Either an "outside organization" that had no ties to Ramsey paid for the program or you could choose "guaranteed spot revenue" if you ran the program. We used the outside organization. >>>that's why he disappeared from many of the Salem talk/Christian talk stations...they asked him to start paying...<<< Buzz. Salem was being "compensated" on a corporate level for the program, but wanted more. That's why Ramsey ended on many of those stations. Finally - who cares about Birach? Running their stations is one thing, but Sima and Sima Jr's family fights are legendary! I watched those two f*ckers duke it out in Walkersville one day. Wow! There was a website that Sima's ex wife put out for a bit, but it is long gone. It was great reading, though. I wish it was on the wayback machine archive. Phil (2/25/15)

"BIRACH filed another STA request for 1450 AM today." It doesn't make sense. How can you file for an STA on a station that has been off the air since 2008? Makes one wonder if anyone at the FCC is paying attention. 1450 and 1550 in Virginia Beach have both been off the air since 2008. It would cost multiple-millions of dollars to find real estate to put the tower. (they were diplexing) IF and its a big IF the city allowed a tower to be built anywhere near the current facility. You would never recover your investment for these two stations, NEVER! These two stations should have been wiped from the FCC database years ago. You can't file on a frequency that you don't hold a license, which Birach hasn't since 2009. What the hell is going on? (2/25/15)

To an earlier poster on WNEW/WBAL/WCBM. You mean to tell me that having “Screaming Scotty” riding around in the latest snowstorm providing live, hard-hitting driving condition updates isn’t really covering the news? Sarcasm intended. I too believe that if WNEW targeted Baltimore, hired some reporters with a Baltimore background, Jim Russ for traffic, and quit the constant “All News 99-1” and “WNEW News Time…” (which in 2015 is completely ridiculous) they could have been successful. (2/25/15)

So Mickey is NOT actually taking over as morning show host. That’s what I suspected. What would Nestor pay him with? Fidel Castro’s pesos? So he’ll be “doing his own thing” throughout the programming day? What does that mean? Not even his own show? Is it just me or is Mickey just buying some advertising for his club act which seems to be doing well? And in return, Nestor might get back a few sponsors to help pay the electric bill? It’s really too funny. This won’t last long. Trust me. Tick Tock. :-) (2/25/15)

BIRACH filed another STA request for 1450 AM today. It’s the same construction site he’s claiming for the other station. I couldn’t look into more detail because the FCC went down while searching. God I hope the permit request is lost on a hacked server or something! There’s no chance they’re building any towers on this site. I don’t think Birach could afford to buy and tear down an auto parts store or a junk yard! LOL (2/25/15)

What Phil at Radio One doesn’t seem to understand is that Radio One has to announce WOLB 102.3 FM hourly by law. At no point did I say they were trying to co-brand it with either Magic or Majic. I simply stated it will take away the signal of DC’s 102.3 in areas where DC workers live. I think Government population and commuting statistics will bear that out on how many people commute from HoCo or AA Co. to DC every day for work, mostly government employees. At this point I’m not sure what you’re arguing. It sounds like you’re arguing over semantics to me. And I’m sure I’m a lot older and fatter than you too! But I appreciate you calling me young. :-) In the end the proof is in the pudding. We’ll see how many complaints you get. I predict more than you expect. Since Radio One owns all stations, it will all be internal. Btw, I’m a Baltimorean, but I’ve lived in both markets and even at the eastern shore. (2/25/15)

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Hmm. is down today. Server not found. Did Vince Klepac or Sima Birach unplug them for extra time? LOL (2/24/15)

It's sort of funny. Gene Weingarten took a dead donkey dick out of his mouth long enough to earn his paycheck as the Washington Post's 'humor writer' post-buyout, by devoting his chat today to Bill O'Reilly, and at one point, surprise, makes it all about him. Of course O'Reilly' s a bully, but Ron and Fez deconstructed him much better in a couple minutes back in the mid-2000s. He also said 'Gas rises.' So why do we still have an atmosphere, genius? - 'Fewer and fewer people know how to drive stick, as police will testify who point out that cars stolen now nearly always have automatic.' Because most cars worth stealing are automatic transmission, genius. 'I have always loved the coincidence that manslaughter is, directly, "man's laughter."' He appears to think the perv rabbi in Georgetown should get a slap on the wrist. 'Q: no "gypped" in our house ... ... but we do have "weingartened," meaning "I just wasted another three minutes that I'll never get back by reading an unfunny humor column."' - 'Hey, ever hear of a "lid" of pot? Know what that was? Enough to fill the plastic lid of a coffee can, up about an eighth of an inch, to the lip of the lid. It was about an ounce, maybe a little less.' Really, Gene? Nothing to do with the lid of a shoebox? 'Let's say he had never been caught. And when he got to be 75, and his libido waned, he took the cameras out. And no victim ever learned she had been victimized. This is an interesting epistemological question: Was anyone injured? Was any harm done?' Not too creepy. Weingarten = hack. - ZW (2/24/15)

REF: [So a question for discussion. If WNEW had launched as an all-newser initially targeting Baltimore and not Washington, how would the Baltimore ratings look now?] My guess is, WNEW could have owned the Baltimore market because no one...let me repeat, NO ONE is running a real radio newsroom, with real, seasoned, story-hungry, politic-puking, enterprising-energized radio reporters. What's left of "alleged news radio 1090" is just a pathetic excuse for a disinterested owner (Hearst Corp). Opening the morning mail to assign alleged reporters to the news releases received in the mail, ripping audio from their tv sister-station newscasts, and running an ocassional spot news report using tv reporters is not my idea of covering or creating news. Then, there is good 'ole WBCM, staffed with wire-fed, rip-and-read news readers, backed up by a bloviating talk show host in morning drive, and some news dude older than Methusela, juggling loose dentures around his bowl of McDonald's hot oat meal and prune juice shooters to struggle through newscasts between BMs in the nearby hallway bathroom. So, who does that leave? ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. How could they not have been number one? (2/24/15)

So, I call Comcast to question my bill today, something that makes me wish I had phD to understand the f-ing thing. Once again, they have secretly upped some charges; the monthly charge for faster Internet speed ("Blast") jumped from $10 to $12; and, under "Other Charges & Credits," they have doubled the $1.50 broadcast tv fee to $3. And, those are the only ones I quickly noticed, but it makes me even more suspect that as I sift through this invoice, other charges/increases will appear that I did not anticipate. Now, while a dollar here or two dollars there doesn't seem like much, it all pushes the monthly bill higher and higher until you suddenly realize you're not getting very much bang for your buck. Streaming on the pc is becoming much more appealing as I, like so many other pissed off customers, am considering "cutting the cord" for good. Oh, and if you call to complain, don't expect to speak to someone in America. Most of their call-takers are in the Phillipines. (2/24/15)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] POSTING DATE: February 24, 2015 JOB#: 4-15... JOB TITLE: News Director... COMPANY: WTOP-FM, Programming... SCHEDULE: M-F... STATUS: Full Time, Salaried... QUALIFICATIONS: Degree in Communications, Journalism, or related field. Minimum five (5) years experience in network or Top 20 market news as a News Director, Program Director, or similar management position. Strong management skills with the ability to create and share vision, motivate. Ability to develop and maintain effective communication with staff and co-workers. Excellent news judgment and highest journalistic ethics of accuracy and fairness. Ability to teach and coach broadcast and web writing styles. Adept at use of social media for story idea generation and distribution of content. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. Project an appropriate professional appearance and demeanor. Ability to work in compliance with company policies and procedures. Ability to function in a team environment. Ability to work established schedule and other hours as needed. Possess a vaild driver's license. DUTIES: Position Summary: Oversee day-to-day operations of the News Department to ensure quality, saleable, highly-rated audio, digital, and social media content that establishes WTOP as the dominant source of quality news, traffic, and weather content and community involvement. Essential Job Functions: Oversee the development, creation and distribution of timely and compelling content across all platforms. Decision making for breaking news. Assign, coordinate and supervise multimedia reporters, writers, anchors, editors, assistant editors, and ops. Direct reporters when their stories need web copy, photos, videos, etc. Quality control of audio for air, web, and social media. Develop, discuss and assign story ideas through personal observation, social media, AP and other daybooks, network news sources, websites, TopicPulse and Google analytics, and listener tips. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to perform the essential functions of the job. The Company will make reasonable physical accommodations to facilitate the ability to perform essential job functions. APPLY TO:, Job# 4-15, Washington, DC. No Telephone Calls Please. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER (2/24/15)

Dave... I've been keeping up with your "cut the cord" series. The hardest part for where I live is that we have no DSL or Fios available. Just Comcast. All of the wireless providers charged by the GB. Until I noticed that local provider nTelos now has 4G in Augusta County. Went out and bought their mobile hotspot today. $80.00/mo. for 4G LTE unlimited data. Works fabulously at my house for HD streaming. I officially cut the cord from Comcast. I was paying $140.00/mo ($50.00 to the townhouse company and $90.00 for internet). (2/24/15)

Note to FCC......Take a lesson from Norway on how to save AM RADIO. Get rid of the FM Band completely. Force listeners to move over to the AM Band. Give the FM Band to the government. If it works in Norway??? They could us it to promote their own agenda! (2/25/15)

Carl - There's plenty of space on the lower AM band for the 10+kW properties, once the peanut whistles go away. How about allowing unlicensed 100mW community LPAM to occupy 1650-1700? (2/24/15)

Here are some of my opinions about what small things are messing up WNEW-FM. On days when there are a lot of traffic incidents to report on and when the weather is "interesting", it can seem in the morning or evening that the entire format is: Traffic, weather, commercial, bumper music, traffic, weather, commercial, etc. That's one problem. The next thing is: Everyone (I think) knows that for certain formats, you need to keep it over the non-money-making hours, especially music and all-news, so that listeners know that what they want is there no matter what time it is.Sports is a reasonable exception, because they make a lot of money doing it, and people seem to expect it at times. But by running informercials, people stop trusting that it is always available. Even WAVA, back when everybody's favorite guy Carl Cassel was on it, and back when more people listened to the Daytime-only 780 than the 24-hour 105.1, knew to do that, though sometimes it was by running a repeat of the previous news hour :^) A final thought, even though WNEW-FM is around #20 in DC and #18 in Baltimore, is the combination enough to satisfy the bean counters? Wouldn't the combination be good for them. To pick the only similar station I know of, what's called "NJ 101.5" must know that their ratings have to be added for about 3 or 4 different markets (and they have multiple transmitters). Maybe CBS could buy the FM licenses from Red Zebra and get 94.3 and 92.7. Then they'd be audible south of Woodbridge and west of Mannassas. FInally STOP saying "The Perring Parkway" or "The Northern Parkway". That's a a sure way to get Baltimoreans to lose faith in it. Finally, I like listening to it most of the time, but once it's sunset it's WCBS-880 for me. -- Carl in Olney (2/24/15)

At least a few years ago, Dave Ramsey adamantly denied paying for clearances. In fact, that's why he disappeared from many of the Salem talk/Christian talk stations...they asked him to start paying for the airtime. (2/24/15)

Now to deal with AM and DAB Radio: Norway is a wealthy country of 5 million people, about the population of Maryland. If practically every Norwegian car contains a DAB radio, then it's easy to switch over from FM. Then the Norwegians will get better reception of Swedish, German and Polish FM. Denmark, a country of about 6 million turned off its AM transmitters a few years ago; everyone had an FM radio. In the UK, there are plans, though constantly put on hold, to move the BBC exclusively to DAB. Some business people love the idea because they see what has happened to AM and want it to happen to FM. When the BBC mostly left AM (except for 5 Live), sports, foreign language (including Scottish and Welsh and Irish), ethnic music, political, oldies, religious, all news, all kinds of stuff flourished on AM in the UK. Part of that is because, for some reason, AM stations there sound almost as good as FM stations, despite being 9 KHz apart (well, there's fewer of them for one thing and no daytime station crap). The same happened in France; it gave lots of people a chance to get on the AM air. If and when the BBC abandons FM, I am sure there are lots of potential licensees waiting to fill the gap. And the BBC would use DAB, not IBOC, of course. The good thing about DAB is they can get lots and lots of stations on their transmitters, usually about four transmitter groupings (of 10-20 per transmitter) to a region, which broadcast a VERY broadband digital signal containing lots and lots multiplexed sound packets, almost like what comes into a cable box here. One bad thing is they need lots of translators to fill in the gaps, but because they are all national or regional (rarely local) stations, it's not too hard to do. A big complaint there is that the DAB transmission of some music stations (like Radio 3) is not as good as FM, because the bit rate is not high enough to produce the same frequency range as FM (unbelievable). Of course that is because they have too many stations for each Broadband multiplex to parcel out the bit rates well. Okay, what does all this mean for us? IBOC is pretty useless because it always uses analog as a fallback for gaps in reception. DAB would require radio stations to make deals with transmitter firms to get on their stick, and would have to bid on the bit rate. Then politics would dictate where one area ends and another begins (in the UK, OFCOM does that). Today, FM transmitters are all over the place, and everyone gets at least something from somewhere. Not as easy with DAB, because about 10 or more stations need to be on every transmitter and lots of repeaters are needed all over the place. So what we need, if you ask me (and no one is asking): Get rid of about 1/4 the AM licenses (like 950 in Potomac-Cabin John); force the rest to have a minimum standard for sound quality (which 950 in Potomac-Cabin John need badly); restore Clear Channel Class I and IIA station status, and start using the 1610-1700 band for maybe a few 10,000 or 50,000 watt stations so there is something to hear there. Save 3 of them for the low-power airport and highway stations. Okay, I'm done... -- Carl in Olney (2/24/15)

Latest word is that WRQX will be the latest NASH outlet for Cumulus by Memorial Day, the Fourth of July at the latest. The absolute lack of numbers, both in ratings and revenue, make this an easy decision for Cumulus corporate management. The CHR experiment has been an absolute failure of epic proportions and after spending millions of dollars with the failure of The Bert Show and Sarah, Ty and Mel, Atlanta is ready to cut its losses. (2/25/15)

"Yes, Norway will be taking FM off the air..." To me, this is not progress. In my lifetime, for purchased media, we went from records to tapes to CDs to MP3s. For broadcast, it was AM to FM to HD (Hybrid Digital, not High Definition!) We are definitely regressing in terms of sound quality for audio/music. (2/25/15)

So I've listened to WNEW now at night. They air airing these talk programs but are still leading in with news headlines and are still doing traffic every 10 minutes. In essence, they're cutting out news blocks & still semi-sticking to the format. They're not on Auto-Pilot at night just airing talk shows. So they're not completely bailing just yet. They need to make $$ somewhere. I would love to find out what Dave Ramsey pays to be on a station like that. Has to be significant. (2/25/15)

Norway's sunset will be January 2017, and smaller stations may remain as FM properties if desired. Personally, I think they're jumping the gun. The primary criteria was that there be maximum coverage of the digital signal, and they are meeting that. No one has said anything about the signal being *good*. For all its hopes and dreams, lots of digital radio still sounds inferior to analog, depending on bit rate and encoding method. Tune in Raw Dog Comedy on SiriusXM if you want an example of the worst audio quality that digital radio has to offer. Besides, "As Goes Norway, So Goes the World" shouldn't be part of the FCC's process. After all, 'Muricuh invented AM radio. What's Norway's greatest invention? The cheese slicer (look it up). (2/25/15)

The dismantling of all-news at WNEW has begun. There was a talk show overnight.RIP...all-news. (2/25/15)

So a question for discussion. If WNEW had launched as an all-newser initially targeting Baltimore and not Washington, how would the Baltimore ratings look now. Where would WNEW be compared to WBAL and WCBM? It will be interesting to see what your readers have to say! (2/24/15)

In this great and powerful country of ours, the FCC is looking at how to SAVE AM radio - - in Norway, they will be ending FM radio the way digital TV ended broadcast TV. Yes, Norway will be taking FM off the air because 99.5% of their country now listens to DAB. We're also trying to make HD (which isn't) work. Ed Graham (2/24/15)

This is MEDIA ENVY at it's finest, worse than penis envy! The Washington Post attempts to slam Bill O'Reilly as Brian Williams & fails miserably, but it in fact confirms why he didn't fit in at CBS News. He didn't tow the Dan Rather line. While Eric Engberg was ordering room service in the fancy hotel, O'Reilly was out getting a story. His CBS reports were edited as if they were reported by Bob Schieffer instead, not him. As a Harvard grad, he was a bit miffed, definitely arrogant too, but again, NOT A LIE! Ironically, he was canned by DAN RATHER, who CBS called a LIAR who faked sources! Is this not too funny or what? The ironic part is that O'Reilly was kind to Brian Williams pretty much in his early reports, but the retired old boy network MEDIA ELITE in Florida would like to extract some blood from him since he's #1 now & none of them ever were. Jealous maybe a bit? (2/24/15)

I was also rooting for WNEW at first but rapidly became disappointed. Though, I haven't gone back to the dark side (WTOP). How they manage to stay at the top of the piling, steaming heap of crap radio ratings is beyond my comprehension. The morning pairing of Mike Moss and Joan Jones is a total, painful to listen to train wreck and the rest of the day isn't much better. Except for the occasional times I stop in for breaking news, weather and/or traffic, I spend most of my hellacious enjoying the smorgasbord of podcasts. (2/24/15)

You know what you get when America's Podcaster makes a show almost entirely about the Oscars and dog poop? You get a show about the Oscars and dog poop. Riveting. Because you gotta talk about the Oscars, right? Because no one else is doing it, and your twist is you couldn't stay up to watch the whole show. And who doesn't enjoy hearing about how you didn't take enough bags to pick up your dog's poop. Riveting. - ZW (2/24/15)

Good article by Tom Taylor today on iHeart. Seven years ago Clear Channel agreed to "spin off" stations like WFRE and WFMD and yet they still own them and have enjoyed the cash flow all these years. That is a lot of cash flow. FCC promises don't seem to mean anything to the largest radio broadcasting company in the country..... correction......make that the largest radio broadcasting company in the world! Why doesn't the FCC require iHeart to keep their promises? (2/24/15)

Once again, the little man that runs isn't reading what other people say. People that know more than he does. He said "and billing itself as WOLB 102.3 FM"... No, actually we (yes, I'm inside) aren't. It will be branded in tandem with AM 1010, however. "At no point did I say they were going to translate Magic 95.9 or DC’s Magic 102.3"... Nobody said you did. The point was, Raido One DOESN'T CARE about DC listeners in the Baltimore market. While you are certain that "A lot of people in Howard County don’t listen to Baltimore media" - Radio One doesn't care what their preferences are. Howard is in the Baltimore market, and that's what is important to Radio One. YOU need to read more carefully, young man. Nobody said you made reference to Majic 95.9, it was just pointed out that RO would rather have their Baltimore listeners listen to that station than the DC one. Finally "Counting ratings in these 2 markets is becoming increasingly complicated as they become more and more one market in listenership & viewing patterns"... How do you figure? More bullshit and hyperbole from a young man that presents his opinion as facts. Counting the ratings (and what is important - revenue) has never been easier than it is today between the two markets. As you know from being a "local", there is a distinct cultural and social divide between the DC and Baltimore Radio and TV markets. The only place there is overlap is Howard and AA County, both clearly defined in the Baltimore market. Ask people from those areas if they associate themselves from "the Baltimore area" or DC, and you'll get a distinct answer. By the way... if there were really this situation of the area"...become more and more one market in listenership & viewing patterns" - 99.1 would be a viable radio station, as it clearly hits both markets. It can't serve both, because the audience is (wait for it) DIFFERENT! Meanwhile, the station is running a religious financial program at night and colon blow informercials at other times. Phil (2/24/15)

Dave: You need to understand that Jerry Delcolliano is a bit of a contrarian. He has great sources and often great behind the scenes insight. However, he is stretching a bit here. CBS has given WNEW 3 years to get a "sliver" of what WTOP has and has failed to do so. Would Westinghouse have waited 5? Maybe that's a reason they are no longer in radio. There are several reasons WNEW did not score and none of them have to do with patience. Hell, if that was a music format it would have flipped twice in that time. WNEW mis-read the market. There was a bit of CBS arrogance in the "we know news" attitude they brought to the station. Besides, they did not fill in any blanks left by WTOP. The irony of all this is that the station announced these moves on the heels of its best book ever. (2/24/15)

Did anyone check out Nestor's message about him and Mickey on Classic Nestor. (2/24/15)

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pssssst.... Hey buddy, did you miss this? Or did I miss you covering it? - Amber Theoharis Of The NFL Network Joins Scott And Jeremy... (2/23/15)

[RE "Dave TV":] excellent commentary on WNEW. You're right, you gave great suggestions from the start.We all did! So sad to see them slowly fade away (2/23/15)

“The problem with ESPN 980 is that they do a horrendous job of covering the Nats and Caps. Awful. So they go out and (sic) hire Jason Reid, who is a football and basketball writer? Brilliant. No thanks.” My understanding of 980’s thinking on this issue is that its audience being disproportionately African American, unless one of those teams is in the playoffs extended discussions (i.e., more than a segment or two per week) run the risk of significant listener dropoff – I can poke some holes in that theory but it seems to drive decisions regarding content. With football season over, shows like Sports Fix, Locker Room and The Drive seem to be paying more attention to the Wizards and college hoops but unfortunately the same can’t be said of the Capitals who are almost totally ignored outside of the weekly chats with Al Koken (which like Mark Zuckerman’s Nats reports are mandated by management). While Andy Pollin provides some interesting features on his 570 morning show such as the recurring appearances by Knoche, Blackistone, Kiper and Saraceno, I’ve never been able to get past his staunch refusal to accord the Caps the dignity of a team that matters in this market (even in the face of compelling evidence such as the repeated sellouts at Verizon and over 40,000 at Nationals Park for the Winter Classic). Recently he actually tried to argue (in response to a piece by Dan Steinberg in the DC Sports Bog) that Alex Ovechkin can’t be considered the best DC pro athlete of the past 50 years because ‘he plays hockey.’ As far as this new Reid/Paul show is concerned, the name “Man Cave” suggests a morning version of The Drive with no pretense of trying to expand your audience beyond the 25-54 male demographic. Back in December, Red Zebra’s PD Chuck Sapienza was taking calls on station programming and in reply to a question regarding the lack of female on-air talent at 980 he said that they just aren’t interested in pursuing those jobs. But I’d remark that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy – hard to get women to send in resumes when you allow the likes of Czaban and Cooley to continue treating female athletes like pieces of meat to be judged solely by their physical attractiveness as opposed to athletic talent and accomplishments. Whenever I’m in New York and tune in WFAN, I hear women hosting or co-hosting talk shows – maybe not in the prime weekday timeslots but at least overnights or on weekends. Finally, Jason Reid becomes the latest respected local sportswriter to ‘sell his soul’ by getting on Dan Snyder’s payroll – hard to see how he can provide completely objective critiques of the Skins on 980 but perhaps he’ll prove me wrong. Mike, Fairfax (2/23/15)

When it comes to WNEW nabbing "plenty of former 'TOP people", there was maybe ONE who was missed (and it sure as shit wasn't their psycho morning anchorwoman). All the rest -- the exit door was held wide open. (2/23/15)

FM 102.3 in Catonsville/Baltimore will be running off a very tall tower and will clearly be running 1010 AM and billing itself as WOLB 102.3 FM. That is totally legal in marketing and necessary to identify per the FCC. At no point did I say they were going to translate Magic 95.9 or DC’s Magic 102.3. They will not be calling it a “Translator 102.3” though. As for Radio One having a complaint, I guess you didn’t read it well. They own all the stations! The areas I mentioned are clearly within the new 102.3 FMs coverage area so they will affect reception of DC’s Magic 102.3. I made no reference to Magic 95.9 because it’s not technically involved, although Radio One might be attempting to shift Howard County listeners to WWIN FM to boost ratings. Click here and you’ll understand the signal... A lot of people in Howard County don’t listen to Baltimore media, TV or radio. They listen to DC stations more and more. Those people used to getting 102.3 in DC won’t be happy but Howard County is still technically a part of the Baltimore market. Counting ratings in these 2 markets is becoming increasingly complicated as they become more and more one market in listenership & viewing patterns, but because they are separate markets, ratings are more and more inaccurate. The big question is, how many complaints will Radio One get when people can’t get Magic 102.3 anymore. I guess we’ll find out soon. — BaltoMedia.Net (2/23/15)

You can sell land without tearing down the WMAL towers by just signing a lease agreement. I seriously doubt the WMAL towers will be torn down in the next year or two. But it does mean they’re selling while the market value is hot and ultimately might intend to move or be looking into the engineering of such a move. I can’t imagine them selling without a 3-5 year allowance for engineering studies at the very least. Even if a developer intends to develop the land, that in and of itself would take a year or 2 or more of planning and zoning changes as well as lots of permits and probably environmental studies as well. It could be a test sell too of its market value. In other words they put the land up for sale at a ridiculously high price and see what offers they get. It doesn’t mean they have to sell. (2/23/15)

Has the intent for the WMAL tower site sale been to *actually* tear down the sticks? Why couldnt one of the buyers be a company that does nothing but own towers? Its a great place to hang a radio station, yeah, but its a valuable hunk of height for police & fire communications, cell antennas, government and municipal communications, ham repeaters etc. And that's dependable steady income on investment, not a one-time blast in the pants. (2/23/15)

I was on the WNEW bandwagon early, but I bailed fairly early, too. It's just never really sounded like a complete news station, and I can't exactly say why. They nabbed plenty of former 'TOP people, both on-air and off-air, and they cover the same beat in basically the same way as 'TOP. But they just don't sound completely in touch. It's a shame that they're going to abandon the format, but if they haven't cracked into 'TOP's audience after all this time, they never will. So, yes -- abandon ship. As for the idea that "moving" the call letters from New York was a mistake: who cares? I mean, seriously, other than a few radio geeks like us, what listener in DC even KNOWS that there was an 'NEW in NYC? And of those, what tiny percentage have a problem with it? There hasn't been an 'NEW in New York in eight years. Time to stop complaining about it. Nobody cares in the slightest. (2/23/15)

It's too bad Andy Pollin’s Sports Reporters is going off the air. I like Andy's show in the AM. My 9 year old son and I listen in the car when I take him to school. He's learned a lot about sports listening to Andy's show. How about removing the Locker Room show at 2:00 on 980 and let Andy host? He said he is under contract with the station the rest of the year so I'm holding out hope a spot can be found for Andy. Man Cave huh? No thanks. (2/23/15)

WNEW was airing "Overnight America with Jon Grayson" early this morning. A live overnight show that is on other CBS Radio affiliates. They did have an anchor that was doing news in between breaks and they ran headlines at the top of the hour. Sounded a bit confusing, But it appears they may be keeping anchors on the air so they can still use "All News, All The Time" honestly. Clearly it's not All News, All The Time. But they might be able to justify it by having a live anchor on the air during the night/overnight programming. (2/23/15)

After Cumulus sells off their 75 acre tower site, will they try to diplex wit 1500 AM in Wheaton or 570 AM in Germantown? Wheaton is a lot closer to the center of Washington than Germantown. (2/23/15)

Re 101.1- Yes Vince Klepec is still the owner, the station is currently airing the syndicated Nash Icon format from Cumulus. Which is a mix of new and old country. The station has been leased out to a group that is running this format with market veteran Skip Dixon as Program Director. The station was off the air but is now back on. They do seem to be having money issues however as their is a social media campaign going on to help keep the station on air. (2/23/15)

97.5 Cat Country in Salisbury (owned by Delmarva Broadcasting) started airing the syndicated Big D and Bubba in mornings today. Longtime morning show host Brian K Hall left a few weeks ago to go work for Great Scott Broadcasting (soon to be Adam's Radio). (2/23/15)

More rumblings that CBS is slowly de-emphasizing the all-news format on WNEW, which, in three years, has gained little ratings traction against Hubbard's like-formatted and top-rated WTOP. Also, do Chris Plante's advertisers, like Inova, really listen to what he's saying? Plus, will a new locally-based morning team at ESPN 980, WTEM, help its ratings? And, my take on the Oscars. In today's "Dave TV"..... (2/23/15)

News flash for Jerry Del... It ain't 1968. I actually give CBS props for giving it 3 years. WNEW sounds really good. They're basically not all news now with the sports on the air, so it's really an adjustment in name anyway. The only thing I'd say they should've tried is to somehow find a big signal to put the station on( and maybe they did). Great station and that will continue 6a-7p, which is all the sales folks really care about anyway. (2/23/15)

99.1 got off on the wrong foot when CBS moved the WNEW calls out of NYC, where they belong. It's gonna be a train wreck over the next few months - but HFS ain't returning, y'all. If they went back to running The History Of Rock And Roll nonstop it would garner better ratings - - - - - Larry (formerly) in Luray (2/23/15)

First - lets clear up a few things for the young man who tries really hard in Baltimore. He recently wrote "WOLB 102.3 FM should be on the air or shortly. I wonder if there will be complaints in places like Southwestern Baltimore County & Columbia, Howard County though that receive ". First, there is no "WOLB 102.3". That's a translator that will be carrying the programming of 1010AM in Baltimore, not "WOLB FM" per 'se. Also, Radio One could give a shit if there are complaints about northern listeners not hearing Majic (WTF is that spelling anyhow?). They want those people to listen to the Glen Burnie 95.9. The kid running Balto Media (or whatever it is) reminds me of a little boy I went visiting with in Lutherville some time ago, a young Mikey Poopovich. Someone else asked "Of course, now comes the $64,000 question: if someone else is running Birach's WGOP, is there a person on site representing the company" - Mike Powell or one of his reps is on the Birach payroll. That is enough in the FCC's eyes. Powell is a shady operator, but operates just enough on "this side" of the law. Finally regarding WNEW's carriage of the Dave Ramsey Show - I don't know if it is true today, but Ramsey's people used to actually *pay* for major market carriage. I do find it mildly amusing that WNEW is poaching the WFAX lineup for programming, however. Perhaps WNEW will also start running the programming of the long deceased J Vernon McGee, as well! To paraphrase Bea Arthur "God'll get you for this", Dan Mason! (2/23/15)

Fwd: CBS Dropping All-News Is A Bad Sign?... Inside Music Media, Jerry Del Colliano - The decision to remove all-news-all-the-time from WNEW-FM, Washington doesn’t bode well for CBS Radio or the rest of the radio industry. WNEW only wanted a sliver of what Hubbard’s WTOP takes out of the market (WTOP is the highest billing radio station in the country). Instead, today’s CBS didn’t have the patience that Westinghouse had in the 1960’s when it stuck to all-news as expensive as it was in a stubborn belief that the payoff would come. Radio One dumped out of all-news in Houston after a few years – a bold experiment, again a three-year experiment is commendable, but not the patience to reengineer the all-news format. When CBS turns its DC FM news operation into WBZ, Boston or KRLD, Dallas you know more bad things are on the way. Add to that the expected change at the top this year when a new radio president could be appointed -- Dan Mason is reportedly mulling retirement. And then there is Les Moonves’ public pledge to sell off one-third of their non-essential radio stations. So you see the large radio group that is the gold standard by which others are judged is setting a much lower standard. I know what you’re thinking – some gold standard when you’re coming out ahead of the likes of iHeart, Cumulus and Entercom. Okay, you’re right, but still. Mason has done a pretty good job considering that CBS has turned into the planet of the bean counters. And Scott Herman is as good a news exec as you can get. I don’t think in his heart of hearts he wanted to bail on another all-news station to turn it into news-talk. And watch. Bet the “talk” part is syndicated not local, cheap – the kind that makes these bean counters cream their --- well, you know. I’m seeing a rough ride ahead for CBS Radio. It’s still for sale. How will a Dan Mason replacement run radio? Cheap programming on the way – and cutbacks to coincide especially in certain areas. Partnering with Cumulus, one of the sketchiest companies in all of radio. No wonder Mason is thinking about retirement. (2/23/15)

Apparently WBFF Channel 45's Mondy The Sea Monster from The Captain Chesapeake kids show has joined Facebook! All are welcome to Friend him! AHOY CREWMATES! smile emoticon (2/23/15)

Meteorologist Brian Van de Graff reports that. NewsChannel 8 AM News starts at 7AM this week while we get a new set! Eventually, Channel 7 will also get a new set as Sinclair makes more changes to Channel 7 & 8! (2/23/15)

How does Chuck Sapienza still have a job at WTEM. First adding marble-mouth Cooley to a very uninterested Czabe and relegating Andy to the wee hours, now adding Chris Paul and Jason Reid and a terrible title with "Man Cave". At least Czabe's national morning show is interesting (2/23/15)

Game. Set. Match is right. You can't brand yourself as All News All the Time like WINS when you don't do news on the nights and parts of the weekend. In fact, WNEW has not been All News, All the Time already. And no more traffic every 10 minutes on the 1s all day and all night. So they've waived the white flag. But I don't think it's polite to gloat. Swenson failed. So what? Jim Farley failed too. Washington Post Radio-3WT? FAIL. TBD was supposed to change local news reporting. FAIL. Jim Brady is now back in the northeast. Every great person fails. No one has a spotless resume. Swenson gave it his best shot. Can't win em all. As long as brokered program can keep them afloat, perhaps his CBS bosses will keep the format alive for another year or two. (2/23/15)

I posted Nestor’s entire rant about the big announcement and his attack on 105.7 The Fan in his own words. From what I’ve heard personally from people that are friends with Luke Jones personally, they are telling Luke to jump ship & leave WNST 1570 & Nestor. Once again that’s rumor, but its from his own friends. Whether he will do it, who knows. Ironically, all of them requested not to be mentioned in any Nestor rumor ever. Make what you want of that. — BaltoMedia.Net (2/23/15)

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Some notes about Nestor Aparicio’s Facebook rants, his big announcement, etc… Regardless of whether it’s embarrassing, if someone posts a rant publicly, it’s public. So I sent you Dave, Nestor’s rant about how he’s going to rat out that FRAUD 105.7 The Fan. Well you can legally post that, because he posted that publicly to everyone. Even people not FB friends with him saw it and I’m sure everyone at 105.7 saw it. Even if he takes it down later, it was STILL posted publicly so it’s public. All of the people posting on Nestor’s wall comments are ALSO posting public whether they know it or not, so if Nestor is threatening anyone for releasing his comments, he’s blowing smoke. If Mickey is taking the morning spot at WNST it’s only for short term to promote his comedy bookings. He’s got quite a few gigs lined up and god knows Nestor has no real money to pay him so like usual, he’ll pay him in trade, for advertising & free promotion. Like everything at WNST, this won’t last long. Mickey will probably be on 105.7 The Fan within months of this announcement! Speaking of WNST, anyone know how Nestor can afford this land in a rich neighborhood of Towson? While not as valuable as WMAL’s land, it’s certainly worth far more than WNST 1570 is worth. For now, WLIF 101.9 also broadcasts from the site, but how long will CBS radio stay there when they could move to TV Hill like they have with 106.5? Anyone know if CBS owns Nestor’s land too or does someone else? Clear Channel moved 104.3 for a similar reason. The land in Kingsville was simply more valuable to sell for development than leasing the space out for radio. (2/22/15)

Don Geronimo eloquently defends his business model: - For you 'language aficionados' in Friday's W Times, LOCAL radio personality Thom Loverro squirted this out early in his column: 'He told Kevin Sheehan and I on our show...' Jesus wept. - ZW (2/22/15)

"CBS-owned WNEW is shifting towards "pay-for-play" programming in its non-weekday drivetime hours and [Dave] Ramsey pays to have his show aired." WTOP: Game. Set. Match. Can't see how WNEW can maintain credibility as a news outlet when its selling blocks of airtime to any snake oil salesman willing to pay for it. Somewhere, there's an interesting book (or maybe Washingtonian article) about how badly CBS botched its challenge to WTOP. The question I now have is: What's the point of using infomercials to prop up the failed news experiment? For an FM signal that, despite its spottiness in the far-west DC burbs, reaches two top-25 metro areas, is pay-for-play really the most profitable format? (2/22/15)

Having worked with WBMD for many years, I am familiar with some of the history. For at least 50 years, they have cntinues to operate from Moravia Road. In the 1970's, the main transmitter was a 1kw CCA, as I recall, the backup was an old RCA BTA1L with conelrad. That was the primary transmitter for WBMD since the 1940's until the CCA. In the mid 1980's, a new Harris MW1 became the primary, the CCA was backup, the RCA was gone. Not long after that, the new 500' tower went up to handle 105.7. Both the 300' and 500' towers utilized the very reliable folded unipole system for WBMD. On the shorter tower, they were 1kw, once on the 500' structure, still using a folded unipole, the efficiency improved, this requiring only 730 watts for the same coverage. I have always believed WBMD to have one of the best signals in Baltimore. They still reach north beyond Harrisburg, west near Winchester, and SE to Ocean City, not bad for a 1kW equiv. Oh yea, they used to have PSSA coverage with about 128 watts when I was there. I see from the FCC site that WSB must have had interference issues because they are now allowed only 10 watts, April only. I guess that 128 watts must have slammed their 50kw signal. Skywave does some amazing things. Tom Conroy (2/22/15)

'"I agree that Kevin 'Coke can' McCarthy is unlistenable, and I'm still looking at you".....Kind of makes you miss the likes of late Richard Coe and Davey Marlin Jones, doesn't it?' - Absolutely. I once smoked pot at Joe McClellan's house, don't get'em in a twist, he wasn't there and it wasn't his pot. Neat to see all the stuff reviewers get. I miss Siskel and Ebert, which I know was movie criticism lite, like DMJ, but you mentioned two people I'd like back; Arch Campbell on Channel 8 just doesn't do it. Have you seen the guy who does an amateur music show from his basement on public access on weekends, somebody John? - ZW (2/22/15)

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I was going to check on the rumor about WNST & Mickey, but I realized I’m on Nester Aparacio’s VOLUMINOUS BAN/BLOCK LIST. DON’T JUMP MICKEY! THERE’S GOT TO BE BETTER HOPE out there than NESTOR! HAHA! (2/21/15)

Yes, 101.1 FM is also a Vince Klepac station. This means he’s run out of money again for the winter energy bill! Anyone know if 105.1 or 1590 are still on the air? I’ll check on Monday when I’m in OC. God knows he loves those nasty FCC reports! :-D I hope the Hitman is not involved this time. Whoever’s in bed with that guy this year, you can bet they’ve already been or are about to be thrown under the bus! (2/21/15)

RE: WJZ 13’s Outback… At least WJZ says it’s out back of the station next to the candelabra tower. WMAR has been doing reports on York Road conditions in Towson like it’s a live remote. Most people don’t even know WMAR ABC 2 is on York Road. They’re just walking outside too or driving a couple blocks. Look for the Chipotle or the Boston Market in the background. That’s always a dead giveaway. I will give WBAL 11 credit on this. They also almost always identify when they’re just outside the station and usually have people all over the place like WJZ. (2/21/15)

What an amazingly sad weather coverage plan at WBAL-AM. It sounded like the snow today took the station by surprise. Reporters calling in from home, horrible anchoring and traffic reports you couldn't hear. No one sounded prepared. It's a shame WNEW will never catch on. They did a great job and sounded professional. (2/21/15)

I can't believe what the anchor on WBAL-TV said in the opening of the 6pm newscast. She said she hopes "you are home" and not out in the snow. Now how dumb a comment could that be...since as far as I know folks still don't have TV in their cars. I wonder how people get picked to sit on the anchor desk. There has to be someone better. Their reporters aren't any better...two of them introducing themselves after they were already introduced. A basic no-no taught in j-101. And prerecorded reports in a weather situation are always outdated as was the case this evening. (2/21/15)

I rarely watch Fox45 but I took a minute yesterday to watch part of the 4pm news. Of course they were attempting to cover the cold weather and they used their mobile weather truck. It was parked in their driveway on 41st street. I guess they wanted to save money on gas. This is even better than WJZ's "outback". No effort live-shots. (2/21/15)

101.1 off the air on eastern shore - isn't that a VINCE station? (2/21/15)

Old transmitters or towers or locations… Hmm. How about Annapolis’s WYRE 810? They were supposed to move but that fell through. Also WBMD AM 750 has been on Gunther Hill since its inception. They lowered the power in the 1980s from 1000 watts, but I bet the same equipment is still there. AM 600, 680, 1090, 1300 have all moved from original sites, but WBAL’s might be the oldest of the 4 but unlikely they’re using any really old equipment still. ok, how about this one… AM 1230 WRBS (WITH). Their transmitter/tower is on top of a very old building. Doesn’t look like it’s been touched in ages and still at their original Class C 1000 watts. WITH was once an Orioles broadcast station going way back. This location is only a few blocks from both the old Memorial Stadium & the original Oriole Park. Hmm. Any thoughts anybody? I’m too young to remember. (2/21/15)

If Luke leaves NST for Drew, Nestor is toast. Luke did everything but swept the floors. No doubt Nestor will rip Luke just like he has all the other ex NST employees. It seems DMD is pushing Nestor out of the niche he created. What goes around comes around. (2/21/15)

In going back thru some old FCC documents, it turns out that, yep, Birach got stung for $15K ten years ago for not having the proper staff at WMJH in Michigan: WGOP isn't a very far drive from The Portals for an inspection. I do hope (well, not really...) that the offices are in proper order for staffing, public file, and tower fencing. Otherwise, that's a pricey trifecta just waiting for a certified check. AM stations are a hard enough sell as it is. I cant imagine that Papa Sima is happy throwing thousands of dollars out the door for one ridiculous violation after another. And one has to wonder why the company didnt just null-&-void the contract to buy those two toppled Virginia stations right from the start. Whatta maroon. (2/21/15)
I'd love to see Andy's Sports Reporters survive but 10-7 is all local on 980 & they'd probably not want simultaneous shows. (2/21/15)

you won't be able to listen to Andy in the slot soon with Mike & Mike landing on 570. (2/21/15)

Regarding WGOP 540, this afternoon I was listening to their broadcast signal in Eastern Howard County. It was hit songs of the '60s. (Also heard them at about 6:30 p.m., so I guess they don't believe in powering down at sunset.) Whatever that Middle Eastern programming is on Streema, it's not the air signal. (2/21/15)

Good for WTEM 980 for finally finding the will and a way to have live and local sports talk during a.m. drive. Will finally give them a listen during that time slot. As for the Junkies and coverage of the Nats and Caps, their coverage pretty much consists of having guests come on for limited segments to talk about those teams. Only time will tell, but my guess is the new WTEM show will likely do no less than that. If they don't, then they will deserve criticism. But I'll give them a chance. (2/21/15)

"Birach has filed 2 STA’s with the FCC for its 2 stations in Norfolk, VA, once again claiming the Little Leaguer’s vandalized the towers and won’t let them rebuild." I think I've stated the problem with the WVAB 1550 & WBAV 1450 transmitter site in the past. I was Chief Engineer of that site many years ago. The Little League owns the site. NO RENT HAS BEEN PAID ON THE SITE FOR YEARS! They(Little Leaguer's) want to use it as parking and expand their fields. The big issue with this is that the ONLY PLACE THESE TWO LICENSES CAN OPERATE WITHIN FCC REGS is this site. You can't move it anyplace else because: 1-no available property for a ground system. 2-no real estate within a reasonable cost within the parameters of the transmitter site. Birach has so pissed off the Little League's with his BS that he will never get these two stations on the air. Stewart Epperson (Board Member and founder of Salem) had owned these two properties and found that there was no way he could afford to keep them on the air. He sold them to Birach in 2008. They haven't been on the air since. He can file STA's all he wants, but they will NEVER COME BACK ON THE AIR! The only place you could possibly put an AM transmitter in Virginia Beach is on a Golf Course and there isn't a one that would be will to let their greens be dug up for someone who doesn't pay their bills. These two stations are dead. (2/21/15)

Hey, gang. Anyone have a contact address for former Smooth Jazz 105.9's Al Santos? If so, feel free to send it to me at Thank you. (2/21/15)

FCC NEWS: Must have missed this late last fall. Radio One’s WOLB snagged one of the Hope Church’s eastern shore translators and through some quirk of the FCC rules called “The Mattoon Rule”, was able to move the 102.3 FM from near Chestertown, MD all the way to Catonsville on WUTB 24’s tower. At 99 watts and over 900 feet, quite a powerful signal. I believe this replaces the 98.3 at the same location that the Hope Church lost due to interference complaints last year. Since Radio One owns both WMMJ 102.3 & operates this Baltimore 102.3, I doubt there will be any official interference complaints. There are severe nulls towards WMMJ as you can see here… The Hope Church has requested dismissal of the 98.3 FM in exchange for moving it to Chestertown as a translator for WCTR AM 1530, the former WJZ/WBAL Dick Gelfman owned daytimer. That has not gotten FCC approval yet, but WOLB 102.3 FM should be on the air or shortly. I wonder if there will be complaints in places like Southwestern Baltimore County & Columbia, Howard County though that receive WMMJ Magic 102.3 now that won’t be happy losing the DC station. — www.BaltoMedia.Net (2/21/15)

[RE:] Newsradio 1090's app this morning. Two top stories and one is two days old. Guess there was no news on Friday. I think Newsradio 1090's new slogan should be "Where yesterday's news lives on and on and on" (2/21/15)

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Of course, now comes the $64,000 question: if someone else is running Birach's WGOP, is there a person on site representing the company? Im pretty sure FCC rules require this, and Papa Sima once got fined at another station that ignored this reg. (2/20/15)

The problem with ESPN 980 is that they do a horrendous job of covering the Nats and Caps. Awful. So they go out an hire Jason Reid, who is a football and Basketball writer? Brilliant. No thanks. Will stick with the Junkies (who I expect aren't exactly quaking in their boots over this). (2/20/15)

Dave: In your post about the new program on WTEM in the mornings….what happens to Andy Pollin? Keep up the good work. Allan (2/20/15)

How can ESPN 980 still call itself ESPN 980 if it’s carrying no ESPN content between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. every day? Considering how much people on the station bash ESPN, it’s amazing that ESPN still wants a partnership with the station. (2/20/15)

Oldest FM?? Perhaps the old WHFS 2300 watt job (102.3), or has it been replaced? (2/20/15)

Congrats to WPOC for placing number one in the latest radio ratings in Baltimore. Not bad for an automated station running "tracked" programming with the same dude on WMZQ. (2/20/15)

I hope the gossip about WNEW going news-talk. If they hire the right people, and market it heavily in Baltimore, they'll put the "Circus on the Hill" out of business. (2/20/15)

"Your idea to expand the use of FM translators for AM makes sense to breath new life into AM Radio. There is just one problem about your idea, in major markets like Washington, there are no frequencies left for FM translators." Also, it pushes AM radio listeners to FM. So, while it might provide a lifeline for AM Radio owners, it actually diminishes the value of the band itself. (2/20/15)

Re: WGOP- The terrestrial 540 AM broadcasts the same nostalgia/standards/MOR that you hear off of the Eastern Shore Media website. Birach may be the owner, but have no other affiliation with the station in terms of programming, operation, or marketing. The link is not streaming WGOP even though it says it is. The correct feed is available on Tune In Radio too. (2/20/15)

The 'NST news I've been hearing is that Luke Jones is going to work for Drew Forrester. So the Mickey to 'NST makes sense if that is true. (2/20/15)

I just read in Inside Radio that FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai is still pushing to revitalize AM Radio. Thank you Commissioner. You seem to be the only one at the FCC that cares about it. Your idea to expand the use of FM translators for AM makes sense to breath new life into AM Radio. There is just one problem about your idea, in major markets like Washington, there are no frequencies left for FM translators. (2/20/15)

Let's heat up the Mailbag with a trivia search! Which AM or FM in the D.C.-Baltimore region has the oldest transmitter in regular use? Which has the oldest transmitter (even more or less extant) still on site? Finally, for TV, who in the region fit these categories before the 2009 digital switch? As a special treat, let's take this nationally, excluding the transmitter museum which is WLW. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/20/15)

"I agree that Kevin 'Coke can' McCarthy is unlistenable, and I'm still looking at you".....Kind of makes you miss the likes of late Richard Coe and Davey Marlin Jones, doesn't it? (2/20/15)

Tonight the Kane Show will launch their first webcast at around 7:30 PM on KaneshowTV. (2/20/15)

The "vast wasteland" speech (1961, Newton Minow) was about television, not AM radio. In that era, AM radio was king. (2/20/15)

Nestor put on his Facebook page that he has a major announcement on Tuesday. Any idea as to what it might be? Some people on FB said he might be giving a show to Mickey C, formerly of 98 Rock. (2/20/15)

Don't know if your sources mentioned this in your update on the shift of WNEW to News-Talk, but I noticed Bill Rehkopf, who came from Pittsburgh to do the morning drive on WNEW just to return a year or so later, seems to be back in DC/Baltimore on WNEW as the replacement for Evan Haning in the afternoons. His Facebook page seems to mention him leaving KDKA again indirectly. (2/20/15)

Dave's response: We did report the news about Rehkopf returning to WNEW.....

Not really local news, but I noticed… Birach has filed 2 STA’s with the FCC for its 2 stations in Norfolk, VA, once again claiming the Little Leaguer’s vandalized the towers and won’t let them rebuild. It appears as if he’s desperately trying to hold onto the licenses with very low power STA’s. We’ll see if the FCC buys this, yet another dog ate my homework story. Has anyone found out what WGOP 540 is broadcasting OTA? I can’t get it here, but sometimes if I drive right near the water, I can pick it up. AM 540 on the dial REALLY travels far even at 1000 watts. It would have been a great signal for DC, but oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men... (2/20/15)

" The FCC has done nothing to save the AM Radio Stations." I keep seeing this nonsense on DCRTV. IT IS NOT THE FCC'S JOB TO SAVE AM RADIO! It is AM radio stations owners job to save AM radio. The FCC is a regulator not stimulator. I suppose they studied the situation because of the sharp increase in AM stations being abandoned and going dark. Its a simple issue to resolve. If you give listeners something worth listening to, they will come back to AM radio. Tune across the dial today and you can see why AM radio is dead. There are outliers like WTOP but for the most part AM radio in DC and across the country is what a past FCC chairman characterized as a "vast wasteland". The government is not going to fix it. Stop expecting it to. Anyone expecting this government to fix anything, is in for a big disappointment. (2/20/15)

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What happened at my old radio station in Central Mass (2/19/15)

Not really local news, but I noticed… Birach has filed 2 STA’s with the FCC for its 2 stations in Norfolk, VA, once again claiming the Little Leaguer’s vandalized the towers and won’t let them rebuild. It appears as if he’s desperately trying to hold onto the licenses with very low power STA’s. We’ll see if the FCC buys this, yet another dog ate my homework story. Has anyone found out what WGOP 540 is broadcasting OTA? I can’t get it here, but sometimes if I drive right near the water, I can pick it up. AM 540 on the dial REALLY travels far even at 1000 watts. It would have been a great signal for DC, but oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men... (2/19/15)

'Poor Kevin McCarthy..Yeah, he's all "geeked out" with his job, but come on dude, be more professional and stop making an idiot out of yourself when you do your interviews..Seems like no matter who he interviews, their movie or music is his favorite..And his lame dancing with the actors from the tv show Empire was embarrassing..Finally, although he's one of those people who talks with his hands...' - You've just described Jimmy Fallon. Stable employment after leaving WJFK? I say 'winner'. I'm looking at you, America's Podcaster; just a little of the constructive criticism you enjoy so much. That said, I agree that Kevin 'Coke can' McCarthy is unlistenable, and I'm still looking at you, A's P. - ZW (2/19/15)

I have heard from reliable sources that Mickey Cucchiella has gone to WNST. I cant 100% confirm this... (2/19/15)

[From DCRTV's Facebook & Twitter pages: Just heard Jim Battagliese, head of WTOP's traffic dept, shilling for a Subaru dealer. Is everyone at WTOP a potential pitchman???] Yes if they can sell it. But, is traffic news? (2/19/15)

Sorry, I've got to come to the defense of the person who was calling out bad grammar on TV (and radio?). Precision in language is worth fighting for, and ESPECIALLY in a professional setting. Sure, everything's more pleasant when you can loosen up, maybe work in some slang and idiom just to pepper things up. When it becomes apparent you don't know any better, though, things start to stink, and trying to defend shoddy work just makes the defender look like a benighted loser. Why not set a goal of improving yourself instead of trying to justify mediocrity? (2/19/15)

RE: "Where's Greaseman" The Grease can be heard 6-10pm Eastern M-F on Web Radio Classics - WRC ( He along with other DC legends including Harv Moore, Jeff Leonard, Chuck Davis, Jim Drake & Jack Harris can be heard playing The Best Music You Forgot! (2/19/15)

WGOP's music stream is interesting. Despite the gargly audio from the high data compression, the stereo separation is adequate and the Nostalgia Meter is pinning at full scale with their music selection. What would make it worthwhile would be a jingle or two (one reason I like WKCW), and some voicetracking so it sounds like they're at least making some kind of effort to sound connected to the community. They do some Chamber of Commerce stuff here and there, and put some decent effort into local news. But would it kill them to put a voice from across the hall on the station now and again? Unless the place is completely automated and empty ... *sigh*.... (2/19/15)

There is now - unofficially - a new "creepiest commercial" on DC television: the health spot featuring the "Doc Broc" (broccoli) and "Heart Man" mascots, viewed a lot on channel 4. The people who produced the Kars for Kids campaign watch it and say, "What's THIS shit??" (2/19/15)

Radio Ratings info from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC – When the weather gets bad, things get even better for Hubbard’s all-news WTOP. Its 9.2 share this time is its best since January a year ago, fueled by more time spent listening for a station that’s already got the second-biggest cume in DC. Here’s WTOP’s trend for the last three months – a 7.0 in the December book, a 6.1 in the Holiday book, and now a nearly 50% improvement in share to a 9.2. Weather and current events surely aided second-ranked WAMU, American University’s non-com news/talker. It attains its best number since November 2013 (6.8-6.4-7.9). Word out of DC is that both WAMU and ’TOP scored double digits in morning drive. Third is Howard University’s urban AC WHUR (6.2-5.5-6.0). Then comes iHeart’s AC WASH – which didn’t fall as far after Christmas, rank-wise, compared to the previous year. Its arc is 8.6-13.6-5.5. Standout book for iHeart’s classic rock WBIG-FM (4.0-4.1-4.8). Likewise for classical non-com WETA (3.7-4.1-4.5), owned by Greater Washington Educational Telecom. Cumulus’ up-and-down talk WMAL-AM/FM is up a little (4.8-3.6-4.2). Flat month at iHeart’s country WMZQ (3.7-3.3-3.2). Some sliding at CBS Radio’s urban WPGC (3.2-3.3-2.8, versus a 4.2-share last Summer). No traction for Cumulus CHR WRQX (1.9-1.9-1.8). CBS Radio’s all-news WNEW gets a little oxygen, 1.3-1.3-1.7. Leading cume station in Our Nation’s Capital is AC WASH at 1,265,500. Nielsen’s “January” book ran January 1-28, and all shares here are age 6+, for the total broadcast week. Ready for more?..... Baltimore – To country WPOC, things are normal again, post-Christmas – the iHeart country station regains first place (8.6-6.6-8.3). Radio One’s second-place urban AC WWIN-FM has a dandy book for a Class A FM (6.3-6.2-7.3). Third is CBS Radio’s formerly-Christmas AC WLIF (7.0-14.6-6.1). Fourth with its best PPM ever is CBS all-sports “Fan” WJZ-FM (4.7-4.7-5.9). It’s two steps ahead of hot AC sister WWMX (5.0-4.5-5.7). But Radio One’s urban “92Q” WERQ loses some steps (7.3-7.2-5.4). An up-book for NFL Ravens game-carrier WBAL, the Hearst news/talker (3.9-3.7-4.7). Sister “98 Rock” WIYY is off, 3.6-3.5-3.2. CBS Radio’s Maryland-facing all-news WNEW gains (1.5-1.3-1.8). AC WLIF has a 110,000-Marylander lead in cume, at 608,100. (2/19/15)

AM Radio Stimulation......there is no such thing. The FCC has done nothing to save the AM Radio Stations. This business of studying the situation is a joke. They never revealed what they learned from their three year study. (2/19/15)

Thank you for showing the 25-54 demos. No ad agency ever buys advertising on the 6+ numbers. They all want the "money demos". (2/19/15)

So the latest viral useless wording has to be "as well," now used by everyone on the morning anchor desk at WBAL TV. When the word "so" caught on as people responded to a question, I thought I had heard the most stupid filler since "Like, you know?" So "as well" is right up there. Please stop. (2/19/15)

The upcoming tweak at WNEW is going to be a waste of FM airspace, this format would be much better suited for AM. (2/19/15)

How does DJ Flexx do in the ratings in the afternoons against WPGC competitors? Maybe they should consider him for the mornings if Joe Clair doesn't work out? You think Free would do afternoons or maybe they could bring Steph Lova back to DC? Is Tony Redz the new evening guy? (2/19/15)

How much do you think they will charge to do a brokered show on WNEW? (2/19/15)

Re WGOP -- That streaming is the oddest thing Ive heard in awhile. Listening to the signal on EasternShoreMedia,Net, sure enough it's classic adult standards and '50s MOR oldies. But open the WGOP player on Streema.Com and there's your foreign language music programming. The same station! What's going up their stick and out on the air in Pocomoke? (2/19/15)

I'm thinking this new Paul/Reid show is gonna be 8-10 on 980. That means Mike&Mike starts on 980, shifts to 570. Pollin trimmed 1 hr (2/19/15)

In response to the question regarding Bob Duckman, it is indeed his legendary voice that was heard on WASH many years ago. He was live on NAV for many years but now unfortunately is voice is the machine that has taken over. I personally wish he was live in studio but it is not his fault at all that back timing is not's just a very bad automation system.. I truly wish he was live and local in the studio how great radio used to be done. (2/19/15)

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Poor Kevin McCarthy..Yeah, he's all "geeked out" with his job, but come on dude, be more professional and stop making an idiot out of yourself when you do your interviews..Seems like no matter who he interviews, their movie or music is his favorite..And his lame dancing with the actors from the tv show Empire was embarrassing..Finally, although he's one of those people who talks with his hands, I'm just waiting for him to hit Steve Chenevey in the face one day..Oh, and speaking of Steve Chenevey, I really like him on there in the morning. And he's not shy in letting them know when they've gone too far with trying to make him a part of a joke. Especially when it crosses the line.. (2/18/15)

Does anyone know if Bob Duckman has automated his voice for the mid-day show on 1430 WNAV? It sounds like the same top talent guy who was on WASH all those years ago, but there's no spirit or enthusiasm when he comes up between songs. Just sounds dead tone or robotic. Also he can't back time to save his ass, dumping songs just to hit the news at the top of the hour. That's a sign of machine, not the man. (2/18/15)

Where is the Greaseman now—where’s he living, and where’s he working now? (2/18/15)

Attention snowbound shut-ins: MeTV, DC channel 7.2, has recently been airing the rare episodes of CHiPs starring Tom Reilly, who played Ponch's partner in the 1982-1983 season. Wikipedia: "His role of Officer Bobby Nelson was featured less prominently in later episodes, due in part to his arrest by the LAPD for possession of controlled substances during a traffic stop." Tape 'em while you can. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (2/18/15)

In regards to WGOP 540, yes it is owned by Birach, but it is operated by Bay Broadcasting/Eastern Shore Media out of Pocomoke City, MD. It is branded as "Timeless Favorites" and is a Nostalgia format. It can be streamed online at (2/18/15)

This is a compilation of my first 10 years on the radio. It starts with WFCH Falls Church High school. My brother Rob and I started that station in 1983. Gregory Lygon can also be heard, going by the name Michael Corleone. Next is WPRW Manassas VA (1986). The first two stations I used the fake name David Deagon. Next is WAVA, Washington DC (1989), WBSB - B104 Baltimore (1991) and finally WBZZ B94 Pittsburgh... - David (Deagon) Edgar (2/18/15)

RE: “AM Radio Stimulation.....the FCC spent 3 years studying it. What did they learn? WGOP 540 AM is off the air. WTRI 1520 AM is off the air. How many other AM stations will be off the air?” Well certainly. How else are they going to get AM radio off??? BWAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA (2/18/15)

Glad someone else here posted about Al Koken. Have always enjoyed listening to him in his many roles in DC sports media, particularly those concerning Caps broadcasts. (2/18/15)

Story/coverage suggestion for an area radio or television reporter. Why does the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) cancel service during winter storm related Federal Government shutdowns? Reduced VRE service or "S" schedules were reliably maintained during such weather related closings prior to the managerial reigns of Doug Allen and Dale Zehner. During the most recent winter shutdown the Washington Metrorail ran a reduced service schedule. And, VRE is currently asking for a July fare increase while at the same time cutting such vital winter services its riders. (2/18/15)

So I'm watching the Caps game tonight and wondering, who else besides Al Koken has gone from color to PBP guy? I've always liked Koken. He's solid in every aspect. (2/18/15)

I worked with Rick Strauss for many years. He's a good guy and a smart guy. If anyone can get 98 moving again, he's the man! (2/18/15)

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Each spring, the Society of Professional Journalists seeks nominations for the SPJ Honors, nine national awards that celebrate journalism's role models. The honors recognize a variety of contributions to the profession, including education, freedom of information and First Amendment advocacy, historical significance and lifelong achievement. Four of the honors are open to all journalists, while five specifically recognize SPJ members. SPJ members are eligible for any of the nine honors. Please take a moment to explore the criteria and history of each award, and nominate those who you feel deserve the recognition. Deadlines and links to descriptions are listed below. Public SPJ Honors | Deadline Friday, March 20: Distinguished Teaching in Journalism... Ethics in Journalism... Historic Site in Journalism... Sunshine Award... Members-only SPJ Honors | Deadline Friday, April 17: Howard S. Dubin Outstanding Pro Member... David Eshelman Outstanding SPJ Campus Adviser... Julie Galvan Outstanding Graduate in Journalism... Regional Director of the Year Award... Wells Memorial Key... If you wish to submit a nomination, follow the directions on the award's information page. Contact Awards Coordinator Abbi Martzall at or call 317.920.4791 with any questions. (2/17/15)

My favorite moment on radio the past few days came on 'TOP: a breathless report of things to do 'while you're stuck in your house during the storm,' including a website that lets you see if your street has been plowed yet. That was a special report for people who have internet connectivity and are preparing to drive somewhere, but don't have the ability to look out their windows. "I don't care WHAT it says! If you find ANYTHING that mentions snow, just put it on the air! NOW!" Dopey and irresponsible, thy name is 'TOP. (2/17/15)

With Strauss having worked WMGK in the past maybe he can use former sister station WMMR as an inspiration for WIYY.Phillys 93.3 'MMR has an "Everything That Rocks" format which, despite my former post about modern/mullet rock, they manage to pull off pretty well. Outside the occasional culture shock segues WMMR is very listenable. 98Rock could bounce back with a format like that. But the question is : Will they? Or will it simply be another travesty coming to an untimely halt? Donnie (2/17/15)

WUSA-9, your renegade CBS affiliate, now appears to be permanently spamming the screen with a “First Alert Weather” banner on the bottom of the screen during all programming., shrinking down the sides of the screen to make things fit. Why they think we need to know the temperature, wind chill and air quality needs to be up 24x7 is beyond me. Viewers need to let the person responsible for this, Bill Lord, the station manager, know they do not like this. His e-mail is (2/17/15)

Since the FCC is closed today and the people have the day off they will have an opportunity to read DCRTV. I would like to ask them some questions..... After three years of study how to save AM Radio, how about opening a window for FM translators and let only AM Stations apply for them. This would help in small markets. It would not help in major markets like Washington because there are no FM frequencies available under the present rules. Take the 87.7 and 87.9 frequencies for use. The Channel 6 TV analog LPTV Channel is suppose to go away on 9/1/15. Think about it..... (2/17/15)

So we have a major train derailment affecting residents in TWO West Virginia counties. State of emergency declared. AC station in area providing updates between records. Sending listeners "for latest information" to AM market mate. Just one problem: they're in sports talk. Folks: Breaking news is what radio and TV do. This is why you hold a license. Stop the music. Flush your format. Because no matter your format, in a regional emergency, there is one and only one format: news and information. (2/17/15)

The reality about both WBAL TV and Radio is that the seasoned and veteran journalists from those two stations are all gone save for Jayne Miller. The rest are pretenders, entertainers and wanna be's. Those left behind don't know any better and frankly, don't care. (2/17/15)

Oh god, you can stop ranting about WBAL TV or Radio. WMAR ABC 2 this morning was the ABSOLUTE WORST! Talk about small town. I’ve seen WHAG 25. I’ve seen WMDT 47 & WBOC 16. OMG, they are BRILLIANT compared to this WMAR mess this morning. Poor Lynette Charles’ weather computer broke and she was just clueless, like a comedian who forgot all her material live before an audience. It was too painful to watch & Mike Masco tried diligently to save her to no avail! And half of WMAR’s life shots are from right on York Road, umm, right where they ARE! I mean, seriously? They only have to drive about 10 blocks to say they’re in Towson! I think they had one reporter way out in the suburbs. Just so way out numbered by the other stations and poor Charlie Crowson anchors alone too! Just sad to watch for Maryland’s Pioneer TV station. Only bright spot was Mike Masco. He seems to just go with the flow and make light of the situation. What else can you do when you work for WMAR TV? :-( (2/17/15)

My Dish Network receiver w/ an Over the Air module is showing all of the Baltimore and Philadelphia stations as off the air between 12:35am and 2:05am in the program guide. All of the Baltimore stations are on the air right now and I can't verify the Philly stations because I don't reliably receive them. Were they scheduled to do some sort of testing tonight? If so, what? (2/17/15)

The Grease is alive and well. I see him quite often lingering longer..Hangout in Potomac village on any given day of the week and you will see him lumbering around the grocery store. Still looks big n bulky and still has that incredible ability to have you laughing your ass off the minute you say BUD-BUD-BUDDDDDDYYYYYYY. Radio truly is not the same without the DOO-DAD-DADDY. A huge fan..A.M.F from Potomac......... (2/17/15)

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Just wanted to let you know that George "Wookie" Kreiner started doing mornings today on WOCQ/OC-104 Rhythmic Top 40 in the Salisbury/Ocean City, MD market. He is joined by co-hosts Crookidd and Lisa. Wookie formerly was the PD and morning show host at WOCQ in 2007. (2/16/15)

My take on the "Saturday Night Live" 40th reunion show. More snow hype from DC TV and radio. Will they get it right this time? Also, WAMU's Diane Rehm campaigns for the right-to-die. And more in today's kind of snowy and cold "Dave TV"..... (2/16/15)

Just heard on our air that Lesley Gore died today at age 68, from lung cancer. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/16/15)

To the poster, asking about Greaseman, I won't give too many details, but he is certainly alive and well and living in the area! I see him frequently! Just talked to him today, actually. He is a very nice guy, and very approachable. (2/16/15)

"Why did Bruce Alen on WTOP just tell me what the markets are doing when the markets are closed?" I wasn't listening. But either he made a mistake. (Horrors!) Or, he was reporting on international markets, which strangely enough don't drop what they're doing for Presidents Day. Either way, why not ask WTOP this question, instead of the mailbag? (2/16/15)

I think WBAL-TV is in a race with its sister radio station, alleged news radio 1090, to show just how pathetic they've become, and how clueless, and inexperienced their staffs are, both on and off the air. On Saturday, Vanessa Herring struggled to tell a complicated police pursuit story, and as if that were not enough, had no clue where it was, referring to I-95 at the Catonsville exit as "Cat-onsville." In another newscast, she called it "Catton" Avenue instead of "Caton," pronounced KAY-ton. Now, I realize these alleged wanna-be reporters are clueless, but there too many people between them and the newscast they wind up in who should know the difference, including the anchors. The real laughter for me came Sunday night when they practically aired a special report to open their evening alleged newscast with BREAKING NEWS, announcing the death of Frank "Conway." Actually, his name was Frank "ConAway!!" The dude was well known to most everyone around Baltimore, as a former politician and community activist. Alleged news anchor Kai Reed had no idea, and probably wouldn't know what to do if she did. Does anyone from management monitor these stations or are they, too, as clueless? You get what you pay for when it comes to hiring cheap, young, inexperienced help. At Hearst, they are also getting what they deserve; mediocrity on the air that will eventually lower them further into mediocrity in the ratings. (2/16/15)

AM Radio Stimulation.....the FCC spent 3 years studying it. What did they learn? WGOP 540 AM is off the air. WTRI 1520 AM is off the air. How many other AM stations will be off the air? (2/16/15)

Why did Bruce Alen on WTOP just tell me what the markets are doing when the markets are closed? (2/16/15)

SNL40 sure was a disappointment last night. They wasted a lot of time with the unrelated "Today" show people, wasted more time trying to replicate old skits again, chopped together a bunch of 5 second vignettes of the authentic old skits, and failed to spend enough time on the vintage bits they did try to show. Sure, 40 years of archives is a lot to cover, but at least half of the three hours never even got to it. (2/16/15)

What’s The Greaseman---Doug Tracht—up to these days? Someone recently said he died! I don’t think he died! Where is he living, and what’s he doing for a living these days? (2/16/15)

Arlington’s 96.7 FM is old news from last year. The call letters WERA are new. The station will only be <3 watts. However, the other news is the 96.7 FM in Bethesda that was also approved last year, owned by the Chinese American Community Connection. It now has the call letters WXYE and will be 65 watts in power. I can’t see how you could receive these 2 stations without interference inside the Beltway honestly and they will inevitably interfere with each other making both a difficult catch if not very near the transmitter. I questioned this when the approvals went through. Comparatively, Baltimore’s 100.1 FM (100.7 The Bay) in downtown Baltimore has a good signal from a tall building with only 2 watts, but it has no competition with any 100.1 nearby. There were 3-4 applicants for 96.7 in DC. It’s debatable whether choosing 2 rather than 1 was the correct decision. In Baltimore The Hope Church got both 96.7 & 97.5. That’s just not right. Meanwhile 2 local universities, Loyola & Johns Hopkins are fighting over 92.7 FM among 2-3 other organizations, yet the Hope Church seems to win in every battle. The FCC got this all wrong in my opinion. The LPFMs should have been 250 watt and the translators <100 watt. Instead they did the exact opposite. — BaltoMedia.Net (2/16/15)

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[RE Diane Rehm:] A powerful & moving story that serves to illustrate something that, sadly, remains true in this mostly unenlightened country of ours: Human suffering is neither noble or inevitable. It exists because we permit it to happen. Often, religious & political forces encourage it, as it serves to help further their ends, interests & purposes. (2/15/15)

If indeed Birach Sr is liquidating, its amusing to note that sonny-boy isn't in line for any of the stations. On the other hand, let's make sure that this actually IS a decision made at the home office in Michigan, and not another scam like the one referenced earlier last week. (2/15/15)

Once again, WUSA sees fit to spam the screen during golf for useless “First Alert” weather info. (2/15/15)

Birach Broadcasting selling all their stations? They own stations in all these markets. From Chicago AM ~ St. Louis AM ~ Buffalo NY AM ~ Suburban DC AM ~ Grand Rapids MI AM, Louisville KY AM ~ Flint MI AM ~ Ann Arbor MI AM ~ Little Rock AM ~ Tulsa AM, Detroit AM ~ Beaumont-Port Arthur TX AM ~ Sarasota Bradenton FL AM, Johnstown PA AM ~ Norflok-Virginia Beach AM ~ Pittsburgh AM ~ Des Moines AM stations available for lease or sale with significant seller financing to qualified parties For info contact Harold Bausemer 781-848-4201 or email (2/15/15)

Can someone tell WBAL's traffic helicopter to get rid of the cheesy 'star filter' that they recently started using on vehicle lights? It's distracting, does not add anything to a report, and was a stupid idea. (2/15/15)

"Fox 5 really can't get much worse. In the first few minutes of the 10 o'clock news, there were so many grammatical errors that my husband and I were laughing non-stop." The two of you must be a laugh riot to be around. Remind me to invite you guys to my next party. (2/15/15)

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"As a longtime WCBM listener, I strongly disagree with the earlier post made. Casey is just as sharp as ever, and Frank Luber is a true professional newscaster. Tom Marr knows what he's talking about ( I enjoyed it very much when he broadcasted from downtown Annapolis on the day of Hogan's inauguration, and his trips to the various towns over here on the Eastern Shore are superb)...I love the back and forth in the morning with Casey, Luber and the king of all traffic, Chuch Whitaker...AM radio is NOT dead, and Rush is leading the way...anyway, just my two cents." (2/14/15)

To make it to age 80 with diabetes is a pretty good accomplishment. RIP Gary Owens (aka Roger Ramjet, Powdered Toast Man and many others) and thanks for all the great radio. (2/14/15)

In the wake of Al Jazeera America making cuts in programming and staff, a plan of their new news delivery method has been leaked: (2/14/15)

WBAL Newsradio...Saturday 2/14...12-noon news...all local stories at least two days old...while breaking news is missed. Police high speed chase on the beltway ending in crash in Essex. Not a word until traffic report after the news. Must not have any communication between tv newsroom and radio since TV crew was on the scene. Newsradio remains a joke. (2/14/15)

WCBM hiring alleged talent from alleged news radio 1090 would be about as stupid as another network trying to lure Williams from what's left of his perch at NBC. Moving a turd from one end of the circus to the other doesn't make these clowns any better than where they are. These stations share the same old pathetic, worn-out dilemma: old talent that needs to retire, period. Luber is older than the ground the station sits on...Casey sounds as boring as he did 20 years ago, and Whitaker is about as funny as a wet fart in church as he struggles through the traffic reports from some out-of-town place in BFE, trying to clown his way as a stand-up comic. Marr is struggling to speak coherently, and the rest of the station's lineup is just as pathetic. The problem is, the public is getting the last laugh on this station and so many others on the AM signal: they're DEAD. Both should play Spanish music. I bet their ratings would skyrocket, given the diverse population in Baltimore these days. (2/14/15)

Not local, but radio great Gary Owens died Thursday 2/12 at his Los Angeles home at the age of 80 from complications of the diabetes he'd suffered since childhood. He is survived by his wife and two sons. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/14/15)

I dont live anywhere near WGOP, and their signal is such that it barely hits the western shore of the peninsula, so I can't listen to their off-air signal. But their stream ( sounds like its gone full ethnic, perhaps some Slavic language. Only a couple of English words punch through. (2/14/15)

I want to apologize for the inaccurate post I made yesterday in the Mailbag. I must’ve misheard something about Detek Hunter leaving his timeslot. He said he would be back on Monday at 12:00 for his regular show. I am very sorry for posting the misinformation. Marshall (2/14/15)

Derek Hunter isn't moving to weekends, he just subbed for their Saturday show last weekend. Peter Schmuck is starting a Saturday show and will no longer be on C4's week in review Friday show, which all three of them announced on air today. C4 is beating Tom Marr in the ratings and Hunter is crushing Limbaugh. That doesn't mean WBAL won't change things considering the boneheaded moves they've been making lately, but getting Rush back isn't one of them. WCBM is more likely to make some significant changes because their ratings are a mess. They'd better off hiring people away from WBAL. (2/14/15)

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Re: the comment about how Fox5 can't get any worse, I totally agree. I rarely watch the 10pm newscast, but I know the morning show, especially starting at 9am is like a circus. This morning they had a segment on determining one's personality based on their lips. So they had Melanie, Allison AND Tucker put on lipstick, kiss a piece of paper and some woman analyzed the lip print. At one point, the camera zoomed in on Tucker's feet as he didn't have on any socks or shoes..Really??!! (2/13/15)

As someone else posted in the mailbag earlier in the week I love all of the armchair PD`s that roam the mailbag. After only 5 days the" Joe Clair experiment" is not working come on it`s kinda early to make such a bold statement when you have no proof just your opinion. Time will tell. Also though Russ Parr`s show is produced locally it`s syndicated(not targeted JUST locally) and not killing anyone in the ratings. WPGC needs to stick with this morning show and build a listener base. (2/13/15)

With Derek Hunter allegedly moving to weekends on alleged news radio 1090, the other dude without a name, "C-4" he calls himself, should see the handwriting on the wall. Don't be surprised if you don't see the entire radio staff working at Boyle Buick in a week or so, once they plug in ESPN Radio on their 50,000 watt signal. (2/13/15)

REF: [Rick Strauss Returns To PD Gig At 98 Rock] I think the Maryland Department of Labor should send it's mobile unemployment bus to 3800 Hooper Avenue to process all the new applicants, once this dude returns and the ESPN guru shows up next door at alleged news radio 1090. Let's see...all the alleged news radio 1090 staff switches to the 98Rock FM signal, and ESPN takes over 1090. What a deal! (2/13/15)

I wonder if Pocomoke’s WGOP AM 540 is actually still on the air. So few people can get the station, who would notice if they were gone? (2/13/15)

Happy World Radio Day 2015, today, February 13th! Nope, me neither. (2/13/15)

I was listening to WBAL news radio 1090 and heard that Derek Hunter would be moving to weekends only. What is up with that? Will Rush be returning to WBAL? Does anyone know who will replace Derek Hunter in his current time slow? Marshall (2/13/14)

Fox 5 really can't get much worse. In the first few minutes of the 10 o'clock news, there were so many grammatical errors that my husband and I were laughing non-stop. Two reporters with the lead stories and they couldn't talk their way out of a paper bag! Rick Boone is perhaps the worst reporter in DC TV history. He's like a toddler having a temper tantrum on nearly every piece he does. He can't do a story without inserting his personal opinion or outrage. PLEASE take him off the air! He couldn't make it in Glen Burnie TV let alone Washington, DC! My God, who hired this guy???? (2/13/15)

No one will say it yet, but the Joe Clair experiment is already spiraling. Russ Parr isn't shaking in his boots and knew something since Joe's departure from his show proposing to Jennie Jones. Joe is a representative of DC but he's not current DC. CBS suits keep missing the mark but people will grow tired of the Cleezy report and Joe laughing at all his own quips and "jokes". The rest of the lineup is strong. Flexx IS DC, MD and VA. Sunni has come in and acclimated well. Their best bet would have been to bring Free back and help Joe while keeping Heat in place. Making references to Baltimore isn't something you do in this market to the demo you are targeting. Apparently no one asks those questions or gives that advice. Another two years and we'll see another person in there. (2/13/15)

Armchair Programming Genius here. Well, they (Hearst) had a rock guy overseeing the news station. How’d that work out? A TV News person overseeing the Radio side. How’d that work out? The Merrie Street years….how’d that work out? A guy with a sports background running a news station makes about as much sense as Ritz-Carlton looking for a new GM for one of their properties and hiring someone who ran a Motel 6. Both ‘hospitality industry’, but hardly comparable. If they’re going mostly sports, it makes sense. Otherwise, not. And I agree with another poster. They should have hired Ed Norris years ago. That should be a priority if WBAL isn’t going to tinker with the current format. (2/13/15)

REF WVAB 1550AM "So has this thing never been on the air at all since Birach bought it seven years ago?" No its never been on the air since Birach bought it. In fact it hasn't been on the air since March 18, 2008. 1550 and 1450 were diplexing from that one tower behind the Little League Field. (2/13/15)

Have any of your armchair programming geniuses ever through about the brilliance of WBAL hiring a former programmer from ESPN? ESPN is the leader in content creation, both digital and on-air. It is an established brand and one that should be admired by outlets that aren't sports. If WBAL excelled at local news content creation, digital content and branding, it would be what the station needs to move out of the pig slop. The station needs to evolve and this guy may be the one to put a spin on things. (2/13/15)

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DCRTV Dave is sicko! Plus, Channel 9/WUSA evades its public service to the DC market and drops WeatherNation. DC radio vet Alan Leinwand gate canned from Radio One. Plus, there's a new sportsy program director for news talker WBAL in Baltimore. Plus, a fabulous birthday cake for me! In today's "Dave TV"..... (2/12/15)

Re. New pd at WBAL Radio. Mike Wellbrock... always a bridesmaid, never a bride. The guy has worked there for close to 40 years, most of them as executive producer. Yes, it's true that the producers who you hear screwing up the board, butting in with the talk show hosts and updating their personal social media pages while at work, actually have a "boss". There must be a compelling reason why he has wanted to, but was never promoted after all these decades, especially under various managers over the years. Respected by peers, nah. Respected by staff, nah. You have to give respect to get it. Also, maybe this GM and program director will take a look at how both stations treat people who look different than most of the staff there. As far as staff dusting off the resumes and air checks, for what? They are dinosaurs who can't do much more than what they're doing now. Everybody who made the station successful is gone. The misfits that Hearst brought in a few years ago screwed things up so bad that it seems hard to untangle the mess. Welcome to town, Mr. PD. Hope you bought a two way ticket. (2/12/15)

REF:[Moving WBAL-AM to "All Sports" is not gonna happen. It would be the most moronic move in a decade!] Dude, are you f-ing kidding me??Put the Kool-Aid down and listen up, son. AM radio in Baltimore and across the dial elsewhere is DEAD. As for moronic moves, count 'em: Nehman, Wycoff, Kramer, Street, Vanko, Walden, to name just a few, not to mention the talk shows, and the list goes on. I do not know the contractural obligations Ed Norris has, but my guess is, this former cop would probably "lights-and-siren" his way through 20 miles of rush hour beltway traffic in the middle of a 'noreaster blizzard to ink a deal there. Stay tuned. This new sports dude they've hired is going to score what he hopes will be a touchdown for his former ESPN colleagues to see. He'll also score the extra point in the ratings. (2/12/15)

"I've never been to a restaurunt." There might be one in Wike-A-Meak-O County. (2/12/15)

The choice of a new PD for WBAL Radio is certainly a curious one. Either the new GM is a freakin genius, or no one with any news chops would want to take a job there. Those who have departed under the new leadership say the micro-managing is intense and the staff universally knows he's not the person to take them back to the ratings mountaintop. There is plenty of talent in house, without having to go to a sports programmer as PD. Mike Wellbrock is well respected among his peers and several of the news staff have the skills to do the job. Imagine all the resumes that are being updated. (2/12/15)

Huh imagine that...WNEW still has 3 wheels in the sand no matter which way the turn the wheel ....and 98Rock failing.....who would have foreseen any of this. Except maybe the listeners. Who don't matter of course. There simply won't be enough for the former and those of the latter are bailing. 98Rock first danced on the very temporary grave of WHFS then decided to try catering to HFS listeners. Sorry but Modern Rock and Mullet Rock do not mix. In defense of 98Rock I am now able to listen to them in small doses. That,unfortunately, is not a good thing for WIYY since I am (was,may be again?) an HFS freak. I'll admit that HFS did not always play the harder,darker rock I like but then 98Rock didn't play unedited versions either,if they played it at all. WZBA will keep taking listeners who prefer hearing AC/DC and Bon Jovi for the billion to the 10th power time. HFS types will stop by 97.9 for a song or two and 98Rock will struggle with its identity crisis right beside 104.9 with its hamster powered stick. Meanwhile the WHFS FM calls will drift in limbo ( yes,yes they are "just" calls like sports team names are "just" names and products are "just" whatever they are branded) and FM radio will continue to suck like a junkie in withdrawal. Donnie (2/12/15)

I've noticed that "Sports Rehab" has only Haney, no Terry Ford. Glenn was ok as a solo anchor, but Bob Haney needs a cohost. It ehances the program to have two voices. (2/12/15)

Moving WBAL-AM to “All Sports” is not gonna happen. It would be the most moronic move in a decade! WNEW hasn’t made a dent in Baltimore, so WBAL, like ‘em or not, is still the news leader by far. A flip to sports would be going up against 105.7 The Fan and two other all sports AMers. Blowing up a heritage news/talk to jump in that pool would be suicide. WBAL needs to be fixed for sure, and the right changes can bring it back as good as an AM station in 2015 can hope to be. Their FM side “98 Rock” need just as much help. The morning show is weak and the music hasn’t kept up with the times. There’s no way that WZBA should even be coming close to WIYY (let alone beating them), and that’s how you know WIYY is broken. It should be interesting to see who they get to program that mess. (2/12/15)

Re.: WBAL new guy “from ESPN Radio, where he was senior director for content and audio” Have to love some of these titles. So is there a similar position for ‘content and VIDEO’?? I posted in this here forum when they lost the Orioles that they could go back to ESPN radio at night. Not having an outlet in Baltimore has to annoy the ‘4-letter network’. Going all sports could work, because the product that 105.7 puts out is plain awful. BTW, what’s up w/”The Sports Rehab” show at ‘The Fan’/ Youness left at the end of 2014, and Terry Ford has been missing the past 3 weeks, just phoning in for a brief segment nightly. They joke that he’s “on assignment”. What’s really going on? He does updates on the Garceau show, so he’s still employed. Did he say something anti-Oriole and get suspended already? (2/12/15)

Good golly, is there no end to this family's lunacy? Well, the FCC is getting the last laugh in Michigan: (2/12/15)

Details from WJZ's Derek Valcourt... I'm honored to report I've accepted an invitation to perform and compete in the MD Alzheimer's Association's annual Memory Ball. This is a "Dancing with the Stars" style fundraising event for an important charity that helps families affected by this devastating brain illness. I need your support to win! Please consider 'voting' for me with your dollars! $1=1 vote and it's all for a great cause. The more the better! I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks in advance! (2/12/15)

WJZ 13's Derek Valcourt is going to appear in a local Celebrity Dancing With the Stars Charity Event as seen here on his Facebook wall for a very good cause. Please help support the Alzheimer's Association. Unclear if with his life partner, former WJZ anchor Adam May, will participate or not. Adam May now works for Al Jazeera America in DC. It's April 15th at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel. (2/12/15)

REF: [Scott Masteller Named WBAL Radio PD] What in the hell does some out-of-town "senior director for content and audio" at ESPN know about programming an alleged news and information station in Baltimore? Could we be on the brink of a major format change to sports on alleged news radio 1090? It certainly couldn't be worse than what's on there now. (2/12/15)

Sorry to hear about Tim Watts getting the bounce from Radio One. I was working in Richmond when Tim got his first real radio gig on WRVQ…although I don’t have an aircheck from that far back, I found a snippet from the Q’s 15th anniversary jock reunion in 1987 where he talks about those days (you know, back when radio was fun). (2/12/15)

New WBAL PD: does he have News Chops? His entire background appears to be just sports. (2/12/15)

MEMO TO ALLEGED NEWS RADIO 1090 STAFF: Dust off your resumes, gang, and dub some new air checks. We're going All Sports Radio. (2/12/15)

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Strange: Donna Hamilton in reading a story tonight in the 5pm newscast had two pronunciations of the same word in the same story...restaurunt followed a few words later by restaurant. I've never been to a restaurunt. (2/11/15)

[RE 9 dropping WeatherNation:] I wish we would get this channel in Connecticut. They carry some of the old weekend programming they used to show on TRU-TV. Some of those shows were good. (2/11/15)

[RE 9 dropping WeatherNation:] Loyal Douglas Stewart Thanks for the heads up Dave. We will have to change our centers CATV WeatherNation feed to 45.2 (Fox45). (2/11/15)

Not local, but nearby... Everyone here is always complaining about stupid little things on their local newscast. Imagine if you didn’t have one at all. It got little press down here, but south Jersey quietly lost it ONLY local newscast, the NBC40 News from Wildwood New Jersey’s WMGM TV. Imagine if there’s another Sandy. NBC40’s weather guy was on the scene of landfall. Sure Philly & NYC reported on it, but they weren’t all there 24/7. Their news may have been cheaply run like in Salisbury MD, but when something big happened, they were there immediately, not like any station in DC/Baltimore. Well no more in south Jersey. The FCC is letting the allocation be turned into spectrum space to the benefit of Comcast/NBC/Universal & cell phone companies & there’s really no one left to report on the sleazy way this local station was shut down by NBC for the sake of WCAU in Philly. The NBC40 News crew has reportedly mostly stayed together & the website is still up & running as the former owner is looking for an LPTV frequency to somehow put the news back on TV. Here’s a good Facebook page to LIKE... Wish them luck. (2/11/15)

Reason; "Fox 5, openly continues to flout all journalism standards by employing a "reporter" who is also an outspoken political activist." Seriously, I mean seriously? Anyone who knows Emily Miller, knows what she a capable of doing. And, what she is mostly known for is "non stop destruction," if she doesn't get her way. Plus, she now has a gun. What is Fox 5 supposed to do under these circumstances? I mean, she wrote the book "Emily Get's Her Gun." Under the circumstances, I would leave her alone if I were you. (2/11/15)

This is the kind of extraordinary reporting VOA correspondents are doing in spite of poor management and low morale. I'd love for you and your readers to to have a look at it: (2/11/15)

REF:[Tim Watts Gone from Magic 95.9] So, after 17 years with Radio One, he takes some leave and comes back only to be handed a pink slip. What a novel idea for the GM once the vacations start at "alleged news radio 1090." (2/11/15)

If you haven’t noticed, everyone’s been wearing RED for heart awareness recently, not re-wearing the same clothes. But that brings up a bigger local TV news point. Not local, but nearby... Everyone here is always complaining about stupid little things on their local newscast. Imagine if you didn’t have one at all. It got little press down here, but south Jersey quietly lost it ONLY local newscast, the NBC40 News from Wildwood New Jersey’s WMGM TV. Imagine if there’s another Sandy. NBC40’s weather guy was on the scene of landfall. Sure Philly & NYC reported on it, but they weren’t all there 24/7. Their news may have been cheaply run like in Salisbury MD, but when something big happened, they were there immediately, not like any station in DC/Baltimore. Well no more in south Jersey. The FCC is letting the allocation be turned into spectrum space to the benefit of Comcast/NBC/Universal & cell phone companies & there’s really no one left to report on the sleazy way this local station was shut down by NBC for the sake of WCAU in Philly. The NBC40 News crew has reportedly mostly stayed together & the website is still up & running as the former owner is looking for an LPTV frequency to somehow put the news back on TV. Here’s a good Facebook page to LIKE. Wish them luck. — BaltoMedia.Net (2/11/15)

Funny how the Brian Williams case could simply be the result of a well-regarded man's memory issues while his old station, Fox 5, openly continues to flout all journalism standards by employing a "reporter" who is also an outspoken political activist. (2/11/15)

Google Earth / Streetview is a weird little animal. I'm right now "on" Wagon's Way in Virginia Beach, looking behind some houses towards the Little League field in question where the WVAB tower should be. Indeed, in one view, a tower is very evident in the distance. But if I click the street so I'm only about five feet away from where I just was, the tower vanishes and the land behind the houses goes from rough scrub to a neatly manicured park with a path. This is due to two different overlapping photos -- one from 2007 and the other from 2011. In an overhead view on (36.858056, -76.157778), a transmitter building and dish still remain behind two back-to-back ball fields, sans tower, and the more recent Google map Earth View shows the TL overgrown. Its the timeline that has me flummoxed: the tower actually was felled by vandals in 2008, right around the time the sale to Birach was being pushed through the FCC ( So has this thing never been on the air at all since Birach bought it seven years ago? (2/11/15)

It is Jenifer Gilbert on FOX45. I am assuming that she is wearing red to “support women fighting heart disease”. National Wear Red Day® (was) on Feb. 6, 2015 and throughout the month of February.” It is designed to call attention to Heart Disease and Strokes in women. Google ‘Red Dress Day’ if your want more info. Again, I’m just guessing that is why she’s wearing red. (2/11/15)

[From Tim Watts' Facebook page:] Well family, I just got back from vacation only to find that I am now on permanent vacation. No joke, I was called into the conference room and told this was my last day at Radio one. So this brings to an end 17 years at 95.9, and 17 years at V103. I guess the age of the listener they need to attract stayed the same. But my age kept going up. Whats next ? Well ,my guess for the radio station is to look for a Legends of Hip-Hop type of format. For me, I guess I'll be out back retired to a green pasture and sold for stud. Not a bad job. I've got nothing bad to say about Radio One. They've always been very good to me. I would have liked to been able to say good bye on the air. A few of my friends said I should have a party, and I might. If I do it ,the info will be here. Til we meet again. (2/11/15)

Yep, this is exactly why I don't check out the Mailbag nearly as often as I used to: "[RE: I was in a restaurant in Newport News last night, and one of the half dozen TVs in the bar area was tuned to a news program where they flashed "SPECIAL REPORT!" at the beginning of every story for 20 minutes....] Just another idiot who has no idea which end is up! Probably gets the news from the National Enquirer and MSNBC." The guy asked a simple question with no agenda, but instead of an answer, he's been targeted for insults by a couple of trolls, both of whom assumed the guy was some kind of wild-eyed tree-hugging Liberal, just because he didn't recognize some show he saw on a TV in a bar. Dave, I love DCRTV, but you've let the Mailbag become a worthless piece of it. It's nothing more than a place for off-topic losers to vent their spleens. The ANSWER to the original question is that Fox has a show called "Special Report." It's the network, not the affiliate, that played that cheap trick on viewers. (2/11/15)

I'm still a fan of what WKCW is doing, in spite of their emphasis on a few songs that should be throttled back a little ("Everything Is Beautiful" by Ray Stevens & "Roses Are Red" by Bobby Vinton come to mind). But Wednesday they were having some real problems. Their connection to their news source (NBC?) is intermittent, jumpy and undependable; and at 7:30 a.m. the network was fighting against music that was also playing. Double audio, not cool. I realize the station is a loss leader and a writeoff for the owner, but c'mon Reverend, hire someone to put a little effort into it, even if only part time. By the way, ever see the WKCW website, The 6-10AM shift is called "Morning Drive Live". My ass... (2/11/15)

To the person asking about TV anchors are wearing red, look at this: (2/11/15)

Justice Network came on 9-3 at 6 p.m. last evening. We'll see if Sinclair picks up WeatherNation like it has in some other markets. (2/11/15)

Hi Dave. I really enjoy the site. I do miss the facility changes. That's the way I found DCRTV. - Rob (2/11/15)

Dave's response: Calling Dave Loudin.....

Just out of curiosity, not that I get my news from this station, I checked out Fox45 news. I have noticed that the woman, Jennifer someone, has been wearing a red dress everyday for the past several days. What's up with that? I'm sure she can afford other clothes. Just really strange. (2/11/15)

“Also sometime in the late 70s, Channel 7 (I think) came to our house at Hanukkah to Record us lighting the candles, as the stations used to do with some local rabbis every year.” Years ago on a Channel 4 newscast, there was a story about children enjoying a Hanukkah party at a local Jewish social center and as soon as the piece was over one of the anchors ( I won’t mention the name since he/she is still on the air) said “looks like they’re having a merry Christmas.” (2/11/15)

"With the drop, there are no full-time weather networks on any DC area broadcast channels." I don't get why that's a big deal. There's the Weather Channel on cable. Any number of streaming weather services online (including, as you point out, Weather apps. The captial Weather gang blog, Facebook and Twitter feeds. Weather on the 8s. Weather on the 1s. Wall to wall special reports whenever anything resembling a snowflake or thundercloud approaches the area. And, of course, the outdoors, where the weather actually happens. While we certainly don't need yet another outlet for crime reality shows, is anyone's access to the weather really affected by the demise of a cheap subcarrier that no one ever watched to begin with?? (2/11/15)

Dave's response: It's true that an increasing number of us get weather from other places than broadcast television. But I still think it's an important "community service" that just one of the 40+ DC area broadcast channels (including subchannels) feature fulltime weather, including local updates.....

[RE: I was in a restaurant in Newport News last night, and one of the half dozen TVs in the bar area was tuned to a news program where they flashed "SPECIAL REPORT!" at the beginning of every story for 20 minutes....] Just another idiot who has no idea which end is up! Probably gets the news from the National Enquirer and MSNBC (2/11/15)

Really? If I ask a question about a Fox News broadcast, that's "having a hissy fit" that has you "LMAO"'ing? Does it make a difference that you called it "FOX NEWS ALERT," while what I was talking about was labeled "SPECIAL REPORT"? i.e., you don't know what you're talking about. The Mailbag has been overrun by childish angry assholes who type before they think. (2/11/15)

[RE WUSA's 9-3:] Weather nation is gone. No more weather on a 4 am. (2/11/15)

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Just read where Brian Williams has been suspended for 6 months without pay..And yes, NBC should give that spot to Lester Holt. Then maybe they can take him off the morning Weekend Today show. That fluff show is just wasting his talent.. (2/10/15)

WHYL 960 AM has never been a Class B regional station, not that I can tell. There is only a record of downgrading their signal from one Class D to another weaker signal Class D. As for WLAN 1390, they haven’t been 5000 watts Class B for over 5 years and is the reason WZHF 1390 in DC is able to diplex outside of DC at WJFK 1580 at 9000 watts, an increase in power. The downgrade to 1000 watts there night time was due to directional issues, not due to WLAN which has no night time protections anymore. WJFK submitted another STA extension, so I guess the work diplexing 3 AM stations is quite difficult and time consuming, but WUST is already boasting it’s 50kw in the Nations Capital. (2/10/15)

To the person Newport News who had a hissy fit over FNC’s FOX NEWS ALERT, I have news for you, CNN does the same thing every hour… CNN BREAKING NEWS. You obviously don’t watch much cable news. Half the time, it’s not even breaking news of any significance. MSNBC would do it more often but they’re too busy with fake Brian Williams stories and LOCKED UP: RAW and PRISON SEX marathons! LMAO (2/10/15)

WTTG (Fox 5) reporter Emily Miller advances gun-rights agenda in Maryland - (2/10/15)

The Justice Network is now airing on WUSA channel 9.3 in place of WeatherNation TV. (2/10/15)

Yes, Birach in several letters & apps claims that the site was vandalized and that the Little Leaguers won’t let him rebuild. Now a quick google maps search shows that no tower even exists there anymore, so someone tore it down, presumably the owner of the property. Obviously, there’s legal BS going on here that we or the FCC don’t know about, but Birach also is claiming to the FCC that he’s found another tower site, WHICH IS PATENTLY FALSE unless he’s tearing down a shopping center with an auto parts store. Maybe he can use some of the parts to built the tower??? HAHA! His coordinates for the new tower site are clearly not workable or even available. This is another example of where the FCC should just let the license expire and call it a day. And yes also, tick tock on WIJK AM 1590 Ocean City. I don’t see Vince doing any construction work or filing any proof that the station is operating as licensed. Will he surprise us on April Fools Day? I can’t wait. :-) (2/10/15)

I was in a restaurant in Newport News last night, and one of the half dozen TVs in the bar area was tuned to a news program where they flashed "SPECIAL REPORT!" at the beginning of every story for 20 minutes. Big, bold, all-caps headline, lightning bolts, the whole shibang. Every story. Like Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Neil Armstrong on the moon, Reagan shot and the new world discovered, all in a single afternoon. I wasn't surprised to see the Fox News logo at the bottom of the screen, but since I never watch that POS, I'm not sure if it was an affiliate broadcast or the network. Can one of the lemmings let me know who takes the blame for that asinine, irresponsible, anti-journalism decision? Affiliate, network...or both, maybe? (2/10/15)

REF: [I've just looked through these posts over the past several days and haven't seen anything about WBAL radio.] Are you living in a cave? The posts continue, but under "the alleged news radio 1090" instead of "WBAL Radio." The most recent post was about ace traffic reporter Jim Russ being confined to mornings, while Sandler and others stumble through afternoon drive. Another post yesterday piggybacking the WMAL poster reminding us that it was the top station in DC for 40 years, to which the 'BAL poster reminded us of how pathetic alleged news 1090 has become since holding the number one ratings slot for decades.Another poster said AM radio is DEAD, referring to alleged news radio 1090. So, yes, the hits just keep on coming. The question remains, for how long, given the fact that the size of the staffs there exceed the number of listeners. (2/10/15)

Seasoned NBC veteran newscaster Lester Holt should get the Nightly News anchor chair. He's earned it, working weekends and on special events around the world for the network. I don't know him, but he seems real and appears to be quite loyal, not to mention the fact that naming him to the post would put another feather in NBC's "diversity" cap. (2/10/15)

C’mon, don’t count out WBAL just yet. Haven’t you been listening lately? Especially in the morning? They’ve got this great sure-fire ratings booster going full-throttle. A “music” bed so loud during the weather that you strain to understand what (usually) Eva Marie is saying. And they’ve got a ‘percussion’ bed under just about everything else except traffic. Listeners will be flocking to 1090 because of this exciting new revelation !! And from 5:30 – 5:40 this morning, we heard 8, that’s right, 8 different voices. This unprecedented variety is sure to add untold ratings points !! The GM must be on cloud 9 with these riveting programming decisions. I feel so sorry for Jim Russ and John Patti being stuck with this complete mess. (2/10/15)

So there was Brian Williams, minding his own business at 30 Rock, walking down the hall to the Executive Men’s Room when out of the blue Savannah Guthrie, with her new baby in hand, came up to him claiming he was the father. Yeah, that’s the ticket: Brian Williams is the father of Savannah Guthrie’s baby. That’s why he is resigning as anchor and she is picking up the torch: “SAVANNAH IN WAITING AT NBC NIGHTLY NEWS Tue Feb 10 2015 12:23:00 ET Savannah Guthrie has emerged as the top replacement option at NBC 'NIGHTLY' NEWS, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. Executives have narrowed in on Guthrie in recent days, sources reveal. Anchorman Brian Williams continues to fight for survival after more revelations of exaggeration surfaced. Developing...” You can’t make this stuff up! (2/10/15)

A 5/8 wave tower at 630 khz is around 925 feet, a 1/4 wave is around 370, so no the WDCT towers as mentioned before would not be tall enough to meet the FCC's minimum efficiency requirment. Also a folded unipole is not an array, it is a method of shunt exciting a tower with multiple wires. You can probably raise the self impedence of a short tower to get a decent match for the transmitter, but a 40 degree radiator as the WDCT towers would be at 630 khz is way too short. It might work for an emergency STA but the bandwidth would be extremely narrow resulting in poor audio. In my opinion the minimum tower height would be around 300 feet. Diplexing on a WFED tower or the tall tower of WTEM would be better options. (2/10/15)

I've just looked through these posts over the past several days and haven't seen anything about WBAL radio. This would lead one to assume that mailbag posters, like WBAL listeners, have just given up. It would be interesting to see the latest numbers. Now that TV stations (at least a couple) go on at 4:30 am you don't even have to turn on the radio for school info, not to mention social media and direct school email. (2/10/15)

(QUOTE) If Birach claims the Little Leaguers destroyed the property, he is full of crap. (END) Birach full of crap. I can't imagine that... (2/10/15)

Class B to Class D downgrades are not only legal but increasingly common. WLAN is a good example (and it had no effect on its new diplex partner WLPA, which was already running 600 watts because its tall tower was more efficient than WLPA/WGAL's old 1 kW site). WHYL in Carlisle is (or will soon be) another. It is true that the FCC won't grant a brand-new class D AM. That's been the case since the 1980s. Stations such as 1030 in Indian Head and 700 in Walkersville were among the last batch of new class D authorizations. - Fybush (2/10/15)

Re: downgrading from Class B to D. Not too many years ago, WLAN, 1390 in Lancaster, PA, which had been a 5kW Class B station, lost their directional tower site. They are now an 1100 watt day/18 watt night Class D station using the same tower as WLPA on 1490. Not sure, but WLPA may have needed to reduce their power from 1kW (as are most Class C stations) to their present 600 watts to pull this off. (2/10/15)

Someone answered an earlier poster’s question about the current location of the 570 transmitter site. The answer to the person’s other question, the location of the former 570 (WGMS/WTEM) site, is Seven Locks Road near Montrose Road, to the west of I-270. Roddy Freeman (2/10/15)

The excuse given to remain silent to the FCC is that a little league team vandalized his radio station’s tower on their property and now the Little Leaguers won’t let him rebuild or repair it." Let me add a few tidbits to the sad tale of 1550AM in Virginia Beach. The real story is that the Little League Association OWNS the tower site. Rent on the site hasn't been paid for several years. The only place that signal and the old 1450AM can possibly work, to comply with the FCC rules, is from that site. The Little Leaguer's who by the way were very reasonable to deal with under past owners, are patient and not the least bit arrogant. But if you don't pay rent, you aren't going to get use of the tower. One stick, ATU tuned for diplex 1450/1550AM that did, in past years, put a nice signal over the Hampton Roads market. If Birach claims the Little Leaguers destroyed the property, he is full of crap. If anything they've been patient and reasonable but they want to expand the number of playing fields and parking and a No-rent-paying-lowlife like Birach is in the way. I was the Chief Engineer under one of the previous owners and know the history of the site. (2/10/15)

Five Sacramento-area podcasts worth a listen but OUCH, the Don Geronimo Show is not one of them. (2/10/15)

Its not my intention to make this an engineering forum, and I dont have any antenna books around. How tall would a 5/8 antenna at 630 kHz have to be? Could the WDCT towers pull it off? (2/10/15)

The Washington Post catches on to something I missed reading the news. The reason cable stocks went up after the Net Neutrality FCC thing is simply because the FCC proposed no PRICE CONTROLS! THAT IS WHAT THEY WERE MOST WORRIED ABOUT! DUH! Stupid me. (2/10/15)

To the new Governor of Maryland….. PLEASE OH PLEASE DON’T LISTEN TO THAT GUY IN WASHINGTON DC! Don’t buy any more land you can’t afford. If CLUB FED needs more “free space”, LET CLUB FED PAY FOR IT! : Build the towers here in Baltimore instead. WCBM/WQLL built EIGHTEEN TOWERS without a single NIMBY hitch here! Look at Am 680’s night coverage moving much further from Baltimore… (2/10/15)

I too have sensed the pleasure Holly Morris is getting from dogging out Brian Williams. This morning she made a point to say he lied (more than one time at that) and then slipped in a dig at NBC..I wonder if she would be as adamant if this was some big wig journalist on FOX..I'm sure, as have been the NBC local and national anchors) the anchors would state the situation and move on..Not that it was national news and pretty much unrelated, but none of the anchors were making a story out of the drama with Tom Sater when he was let go. (2/10/15)

"...wouldn't it be nice if Maryland could buy the WMAL site..." The property CAN be donated to one or more land preservation programs run by Maryland. Or sold if the State has enough $. The 1st link is per a recent purchase by MD. Land may be retained w/o building rights etc. per (2/10/15)

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