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If you like Spanish Music, try the Top DC Hits Stations....97.5 in DC or 92.9 in Northern Virginia. They play all the HITS. (12/11/18)

WASH has lit up HD3 and is using the ever growing soft a/c “Breeze” format. A good choice for those that aren’t enjoying the 24/7 Christmas tunes. Also, a couple of questions … why is WIAD HD 2 still simulcasting the main channel? And, whatever happened to the news format that iHeart was supposed to run on 104.7/WWDC HD-2? MLB4 (12/11/18)

I am surprised most of these local news traffic reporting "babes" with their pornstar style make-up & hair, in those skin tight dresses ;-) even know how to read... -LOL (12/11/18)

The stock market is down and there are some good opportunities to buy Radio Stocks now at great prices......Beasley $4.78, Urban One $2.48, Salem $2.70, Emmis $3.82 and Entercom $6.69. These stocks will go up! (12/11/18)

Time Magazine’s choice to honor journalists who have lost their lives or the freedom to do their jobs is a powerful reminder of the critical role journalists play and the increasing dangers they face. We applaud Time for using this coveted annual award to highlight their important work. We hope this recognition will prompt our nation’s leaders to stand up for America’s values and hold accountable those who attempt to silence journalists who cover our communities, or in Jamal’s case, an oppressive authoritarian government. – Washington Post Publisher and CEO Fred Ryan (12/11/18)

(RE: Lisa Baden) What station(s) can you hear her on these days? I thought she had retired. (12/11/18)

The Baltimore AM radio station that was for sale for $1.1 million has been pulled off the market, at least publicly. This is the one that has been rumored here to be possibly WJZ AM 1300, mainly due to the price and restrictions on call letters. Have they changed their mind or is some deal in the works? Hmm. The $2 million dollar Baltimore AM station is still for sale btw. www.radiotvdeals.com (12/11/18)

Hey Dave, WMAL part time fill in guy, failed nominee for political office in two states, friend of Russian sympathiser Mark Levin, hater of Black Lives Matter, and liar, Dan Bongino is gone from fake news outlet NRA TV. He's out. Contract not renewed. Budget cuts because of defending libel lawsuits, Federal investigations into money laundering and campaign finance violations, and insurance fraud convictions, have all caused major cutbacks at the NRA. They even cancelled the coffee service over on Waples Mill Road. No free coffee for NRA employees. Some reports claim the NRA is 55 million dollars in the hole this year. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dan and his family. We really can't do anything else but pray for Dan and the other victims of these cutbacks at the NRA. It is our constitutional right to have a well regulated prayer, and if Dan loses anything while we practice it, so be it. For an in-depth analysis of the self inflicted wounds maiming the NRA, including the fraud the NRA advertised on WMAL, tune in to the Larry O'Connor show at 3:00 PM today. Just kidding, Larry will be talking about Uranium One. (12/11/18)

Lisa Baden reads the traffic like a kindergarten teacher reads to her kids...really freakin' annoying. (12/11/18)

The Arlington Emergency Preparedness AM station at 1700 kHz was off the air Tuesday morning, and buried in the background noise was a distant station all the way at the top of the Extended Band. I couldn't tell who it was --- I was driving so I couldn't use my home receiver with the steerable antenna to at least guess-timate their location -- but the DJ spoke English, music was playing, and the time was one hour behind us. Using Radio-Locator.Net, my best guess was that I was hearing Gospel WEUB-AM out of Huntsville AL. That's about 590 air miles from DC. Fun way to start the morning if you're a radio freak. (12/11/18)

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\/ December 10 Messages \/

Does anyone know why WTEM ESPN980 was carrying WJZ 105.7 from Baltimore on this past Saturday afternoon from 2:30 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.? Both stations are affiliates of the Maryland Sports Radio Network and would normally carry the men's basketball pre-game show which started at 3:00. It seemed also like the ads that ran during the pre-game were all Baltimore-centric. Was no one running the board locally at Urban One? - Tom in Wheaton (12/10/18)

Nearby news: The FCC actually dispatched an investigator to Norfolk after its FrankenFM, "Streetz 87.7" WMTO-LP, was reported as a pirate. Maybe it was the FrankenFM crusader who incessantly posts here? Obviously it was not a pirate, but the agent did find it was broadcasting with an estimated aural ERP of 12.4 kW, over 18(!) times the licensed value of 0.66 kW. They might have the book thrown at them... fcc.gov (12/10/18)

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\/ December 9 Messages \/

Tribune committing to another big local media group, in the form of Nexstar Media Group, following failed merger with Sinclair Broadcast Group. Nexstar-Tribune merger will have at least 13 markets with overlapping conflicts, which includes Connecticut, Scranton-Wilkes Barre, Harrisburg, Richmond, and Norfolk. Hopefully we learn soon which stations Nexstar plans to retain, and which stations they plan to sell, and if we could have groups, like Scripps, Gray, Hearst, TEGNA, Graham, Hubbard, and/or Meredith looking to add stations to their portfolios. (12/9/18)

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\/ December 8 Messages \/

s Somara Theodore permanently back as the weekend meteorologist at NBC4? (12/8/18)

With the downturn in the Stock Market this past week, the radio stocks are at an all time low. Now is a good time to buy some of these stocks......here are some of the prices: Beasley $4.78, Emmis $3.90, Entercom $6.46, Salem $2.72 and Urban One $2.22. How long will it take them to recover? (12/8/18)

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\/ December 7 Messages \/

From our superb engineering staff led by Drew Pinkey & Bryan Harz: WBAL Radio and Hearst Stations are proud to announce the completion of a brand new studio for WBAL Radio. After many faithful years of service, the old studio was taken apart, walls were removed to make more room, and a new, multi-media facility was built. This new WBAL Studio space is based on Wheatstone Audio-Over-IP technology, using the latest LXE Console from Wheatstone. The console is designed to be fully flexible, with almost all buttons able to be custom programmed for the needs of the station. The ability within the IP domain to leverage any and all audio sources and destinations within the system allow WBAL to connect to over 20 remote locations simultaneously with the right audio mixes to every location. Staff are able to listen to custom mixes as news breaks so they can keep tabs on what is happening from multiple sources. HP Mini PCs power the various needs in the studio for audio editing and internet research. Both old and new are incorporated into the space, with 14 TVs and 28 computer monitors rounding out the new, and an authentic WBAL Radio Tower side-marker light from 1935 being reused as an on-air light bringing up the old. There is also an original “On-Air” light from the previous building facility dating back to the 1960’s that was been revitalized with LED lighting and in use once more. Live cameras follow the active studio parties speaking, and send out a video stream from 9am to 4pm that we call the “WBAL LIVECAM.” Two virtual “windows” in the form of LED TVs using live camera shots from the 101.5 FM Radio tower, and from our downtown camera feed from our sister-station WBAL-TV, allow the WBAL Radio staff to see what is happening outside. The new WBAL Radio studio is ready to power WBAL into the exciting talk, breaking news and fast-paced sports environments of the 21st century and beyond. (12/7/18)

The Stock Market had a big loss this past week. These Radio Stocks should come back. Now seems like a good time to invest ......Here are some of the stocks we have been following: Beasley $4.83, Emmis $3.90, Entercom $6.49, Salem $2.71 and Urban One $2.29. (12/7/18)

While The Sports Junkies were enjoying their Holiday Party live on WJFK their prodigy Kevin McCarthy was doing a live movie review for WMAL’s “Mourning on the Mall” with Vince: Bill Hess pulled a coup by stealing Kevin from WJFK? Chris Kinard, call your office... (12/7/18)

Nielsen is NOT possessed by evil spirits. They just want to make money for their stockholders! They have no obligation to list Radio Stations that do not subscribe to their service. If Stations want to know their share of audience they can subscribe to Nielsen.The Advertising Agencies get a special "rate" to subscribe to their service. Since the Advertising Agencies use Nielsen numbers to buy advertising time they can avoid stations that do not pay Nielsen. Nielsen is the only National Rating Service. What does it cost for a DC Station to subscribe to Nielsen? (12/7/18)

WHP is Harrisburg, not Philly. (12/7/18)

Glad I did not listen to WMAL this week. Golly! I missed Mike Moss. If I would have heard him I would have thought I was in The Twilight Zone entering the Halloween Zone. I could imaging how he handled all the pomp and sad circumstance in DC this week. But, I won't. Way to scary to imagine. (12/718)

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\/ December 6 Messages \/

Thought it was odd that WTTG FOX 5 did not cover the Bush funeral in Texas today. Neither did WBOC FOX 21 on Delmarva. But I know that FOX News offered the feed to all the local stations or so they said on air. (12/6/18)

Memo to Potomac Radio, owners of WCRW(AM) 1190 Leesburg: you may have noticed the buzz being enjoyed right now by 94.7 The Drive. Plain and simple, Oldies work. Please drop that hideous and unnecessary China Radio International and go all-live all-Oldies in 2019. Your three sticks send out an incredible signal and the DC metro population deserves so much better. (12/7/18)

Metro 93.5 FM in Baltimore is a unique station and sounds better every day......give it a listen. Some people say "it is my favorite station". In DC you can hear its Smooth Jazz and info about which Baltimore bus route is stuck in traffic over loudspeakers at the Kensington MARC Station. -- Carl in Olney (12/6/18)

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\/ December 5 Messages \/

Bolly 102.9 FM is a unique station and sounds better every day......give it a listen. Some people say "it is my favorite station". (12/5/18)

Metro Radio is going to sell their group of Radio Stations in Berkeley Springs, WV.This is a nice Resort Town just 75 minutes from Dulles Airport. The Stations are WXDC 92.9 FM, a Class A FM with 3,200 Watts with antenna height of 456 ft doing an Oldies Format.......WCST 1010 AM and 93.5 FM....... Included with the group of stations is the Real Estate with five acres of land, Brick studio/Office Building and 456 ft Tower. The price is $365,000 including the Real Estate. If you are interested you can contact Dave Houston at Metro Radio at 703-980-9705 or email at Dave@MetroRadioInc.com (12/5/18)

All Bush no Rush: talker Rush Limbaugh replaced by Ken Matthews of WHP Philadelphia Wednesday presumably to attend President George Herbert Walker Bush’s Washington funeral service. WMAL pre-empted Rush for live audio of funeral with Westwood One’s Mike Moss: full live coverage locally by WJLA, WUSA, WRC, WTTG, WETA, CNN, PMSNBC, CNBC, HLN, C-SPAN FNC and the Home Shopping Network. Everyone on their best behavior except the Clintons, who snubbed President and Melania Trump... (12/5/18)

Today is a good day to invest in Radio Stocks. Many stocks are at an all time low price. Her are some good stocks to invest in today......Beasley $4.99, Entercom $6.35, Urban One $2.43, Emmis $3.75 and iHeart 47 cents. (12/5/18)

When you’re feeling down about yourself and thinking suicide, just always remember that The Don & Mike Show’s Joe Ardinger will still friend you or maybe even your pet on Facebook. :) (12/5/18)

Nielsen is no more a monopoly than McDonald's and surprise, they charge for their service. So in your world everything should be free and taken if necessary or desired. We ended that system in 1865. There are at least three ratings companies in the U.S. Get over it. The posters talking about radio receivers in smartphones are correct except what is the point of a radio receiver "in disaster situations when radio and TV are out of service"? With an AM receiver you could detect which of your neighbors' houses had a security system for looting purposes but that's too big for a smart phone. GHWB is on tour like the ... well he may not be grateful but he is most certainly dead. "We're going downtown to pay our respects to the box." Gus in the Gaithersburg (12/5/18)

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\/ December 4 Messages \/

Word has it that Mike Garber, of station KUTV in Salt Lake City, may have been offered the job of News Director at WJLA-TV in Arlington, VA. Recent comments on several websites have employees of KUTV characterizing Mr. Garber as a "tyrant" and sincerely hoping that he is about to be moved to the DMV, while a number of newsroom employees at WJLA are already looking for work elsewhere as the exodus continues. In the event that Sinclair transfers Mr. Garber, or another very conservative, pro-Trump, Sinclair toe-the-line guy to WJLA, a significant number of employees are not planning to wait around and see how much worse things can get. With all the negative publicity Sinclair has deservedly received over the last year, and continues to receive, from issues dealing with Tribune Media, Sebastian Gorka, Boris Epshteyn, etc., one would think that a light would eventually go off over the head of someone in the Corporate Clown office. As if Sinclair does not have enough of a problem at WJLA, a recent flood in the Newsroom has again caused great concern by staff over the serious possibility of mold, etc. affecting the health of staff so much so that rumor has it OSHA has already been contacted. More to follow..... (12/4/18)

Buy low, sell high is sound advice I agree except radio stations don't produce a physical product. They are in the entertainment business, (supposedly), so in order to increase their value they need to increase audience share in order to raise demand for ad buys from media buyers. Currently there is no intention of radio stations in the DC market to do that. In fact, the example of the Cleveland radio station banning "Baby It's Cold Outside" is a perfect example of the backwards mentality of pandering to media buyers who want "safe" programming over any other potential threat of offending their core clients. It is nothing more than a stunt to lure ad dollars without putting any real work into it. It will probably work too because after the Janet Jackson Superbowl fiasco, media buyers moved right in and have since dictated what will be tolerated and what will not. That's why you constantly hear "Hotel California" and "Don't Stop Believin'" all day long. It's safe. As far as whether a station buy by a deep pocket company like Apple would spike the share price? I suppose it might but I'm not a money guy. I can assure you that there will be no change in programming because the infrastructure won't change. Same PDs, same VPs, same recycled jocks. Then the shares come back down to their previous deflated values. So sure, buy a few, (thousand), shares at 40 cents and speculate on a buy out. Then sell after it spikes and before it returns to it's bloated budget reality. Gotta pay Rush's contract, Bobby Bean, and Ryan Seacrest's saleries first. Goes for Howard too. Ultimately to better understand what's on the radio, listen to the commercials not the the music or hosts. They're irrelevant. (12/4/18)

The problem with getting FM on an iPhone is that FM requires an antenna usually provided by the cord of the wired headphones inserted into the headphone jack and newer iPhones don't have headphone jacks. My BlackBerry Mobile KeyONE (bought in 2017) has FM and a headphone jack and I use it all the time. (12/4/18)

[From a WRC press release forwarded to DCRTV:] NBC4 / WRC IS #1 IN ALL NEWSCASTS... (A25-54 unless otherwise noted)... A Clean Sweep - #1 in all newscasts – A25-54 and Households... #1 head-to-head in all newscasts against other newscasts... #1 among Midday newscasts... Double or triple digit growth year-to-year in every morning (4, 4:30, 5, 6 am), evening (4, 5, 6 pm) and late (11 pm) newscast... EARLY MORNING... 4am: #1 with 19% growth year-to-year (only station to grow from 2017) 0.5... 4:30: #1 with 17% growth year-to-year 0.6... 5am: #1 with 22% growth year-to-year (only station to grow from 2017) 1.3... 6am: #1 with 35% growth year-to-year (only station to grow from 2017) 2.2... 11a: #1 against noon newscasts with 3% growth year-to-year 0.5... 4pm: #1 with 105% growth year-to-year (#1 against Judge Judy, too) 1.2 5pm: #1 with 48% growth year-to-year 1.3... 6pm: #1 with 25% growth year-to-year 1.6... 11p: #1 with 25% growth year-to-year 1.7... ALSO, ON THE STRENGTH ON THE STATION … Today Show: #1 morning news show with 19% growth year-to-year 1.9... Only show to grow in the 7am – 9am time period NBC Nightly News: #1 national newscast with 49% growth y-t-y 2.6... Only national evening newscast to grow year-to-year (12/4/18)

98 ROCK really is a horrible excuse for a rock station. Besides the morning show, there is nothing worth listening to. Amelia is horrible...she sounds so stuff and you can tell she is reading and records her breaks. Kirk and Marianne talk way too much and are not funny at all. What is even on at night? Last time I heard, they were running some syndicated morning show...at night. You are right, WMMR is way better than 98 Rock. I would say 98 Rock is a more polished 93.5 The Beach...which is not a compliment. (12/4/18)

There is an old saying in the Stock Market....."Buy Low.....Sell High". Right now you can really buy Radio Stocks at low prices. Many of these stocks are at an all time LOW! Here are some of the current prices......iHeart 47 cents, Spanish Broadcasting 25 cents, Beasley $4.90, Urban One $2.43, and Salem at $2.78. The question is how long will it take these stocks to recover? (12/4/18)

Tim Cook has famously argued over and over that iPhones do not contain FM chips. If Apple were to buy iHeart, expect those FM-less iPhones to magically get a present under the Christmas tree. Anyone who reads the tech pages knows exactly which Qualcomm and Intel modem chips that Apple uses and almost all of them do have FM reception capability within the chip. Apple’s various hardware and mostly software attempts to hide this fact are well known. The FCC has fiercely arguing against disabling these chips for emergency and safety reasons in disaster situations when radio and TV are out of service. (12/4/18)

Ironically, some of the same opposition to the Sinclair/Tribune deal have immediately come out of the woodwork to oppose the Nexstar/Tribune deal, Common Cause and The American Cable Association. Nexstar has conflicts in 15 markets, about as bad a problem as Sinclair had, minus the politics. Will Nexstar keep both WDVM 25 and WDCW 50? They probably could, and it might help the success of WDVM now. (12/4/18)

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\/ December 3 Messages \/

RE: WUSA & Dish. Saturday 12/1 morning Dish restored WUSA just in time for the college games that afternoon, the NFL games and 60 Minutes on Sunday: might be time to “Cut the Dish”. Meanwhile, now Dish is having problems with HBO... (12/3/18)

I always found KT McFarland attractive ;-) She is a MILF (12/3/18)

Thank you Nielsen for not listing the radio stations that do not subscribe to your service. Everyone should pay for your service! A MONOPLY like you have can force small stations to pay the same rate as the number one station in the market. What does it cost now to subscribe to your service? WTOP can afford to pay. However, the small stations that have less than $600,000 in revenue per year, cannot afford your service. The last I heard, the cost to subscribe to Nielsen in DC was $110,000 per year. (12/3/18)

Is Apple buying iHeart? At 48 cents per share, is it a good buy at that price. iHeart has $12 Billion in Assets and $24 Billion in Debt. I guess that Apple could just assume the debt? (12/3/18)

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\/ December 2 Messages \/

Re: the KT McFarland post. I've read online whispers insinuating that the FBI Form 302's used to charge Michael Flynn were forged after the genuine forms were made. Note that in 2017, prior to the charges being filed against Gen. Flynn, then-FBI-director James Comey allegedly told a closed-door session of Congress that Flynn's interviewers did not believe he was lying during said interview: www.washingtonexaminer.com... One can imagine that McFarland was later told to recant her initial testimony or face the same fate of Mr. Flynn, which given his extensive legal costs, especially if he was framed to begin with, may not have been an appetizing proposition to her. You gotta love politics!! Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (12/2/18)

“Why does WMAL have paid commentators who comfortably lie”? They don’t, genius. If you knew how to read, you would see the word FORMER commentator KT McFarland in your own post. (12/2/18)

What's the future for radio stocks? About as good as GM stock from the 70's. Radio stations are nothing but properties now. To be bought and sold like the beater house down the block. Then the new owner pumps up the debt through borrowing, cuts the executives huge bonus checks, holds the salaries at 28,500 a years and dump the entity on some one else who can then do it over again. All the while the executives hope the new company retains their services, which they do, because they're all in on it. That's what makes Wall Street nervous. Radio stations are Pet Rock factories in an XBox market. See for yourself. Check out any radio station webpage. They don't work, they are poorly designed, and they haven't been updated techwise since 2008. Most classic rock websites still have the "Babe of the Day" post which is some girl from 1996. Serve me up some more "Hotel California"! The freshest hire in the DC market is basically Chad Dukes and he's like 40 now! The Fan website is such a mess you can't find anything on it that the hosts direct you to. Why not just put a Napster link on it, right next to the MySpace link. That's the state of the industry in DC and many other markets. No vision, no new product, no innovation. Who would invest in that? Finally, in the DC market nobody even wants to compete anymore. Know why WTOP is continually number one? Because they WANT to be number one. Number two is unacceptable in that shop. Everyone else in the market is happy to be in the middle because it means one more quarter that they don't have to work tooooo hard. Pick up the check from the advertisers, pay the mortgage and the car note, and don't rock the boat. Be mediocre, middle of the pack, and keep your head down. That gives you two dollar stocks. (12/2/18)

Re: the lack of chemistry between Nick Smith & Shawn Yancey, I wonder if Nick Smith could be paired w/anyone. I’ve not seen him on the news, but in that Like it or Not show and he’s quite into himself. He talks about how he dates often, has said he thinks he’s a good kisser & just seems to think he’s all that. In general, I think FOX5 is trying really hard to recruit a younger audience by adding more younger people to the anchor desk. Case in point; adding Erin Como & Cori (whatever her last name). Erin can sufficiently do the traffic, but struggles w/reading the teleprompter, looking like a deer in headlights. (12/2/18)

The WBMD comment is arguing over nothing because it doesn’t change the outcome, but the FCC CDBS database does show 2 separate applications for 103.1 and 103.3 under 2 different file numbers that are dismissed for WBMD AM 750. The same FCC document is on BaltoMedia.net also. Ultimately, WTOP’s petition for dismissal was rejected. Whether it's a technicality is rather irrelevant. WTOP lost and the FCC clearly stated that WRNR did it correctly by listing actual listeners that would lose their service within the WBMD 103.3 & 103.1 FM’s service contour. I don’t see why WBMD 750 is doomed though as Family Stations still owns WFSI AM 860 and could use 1 of those towers presumably. However the real question is, how financially solvent or willing is Family Stations to spend any money on WBMD? On their Facebook page, they listed WBMD as AM 1750! There is no mention of it since WBMD went off the air, only that WFSI AM 860 is back on air. So it seems as if they don’t even care, but they did still file an extension of the STA, so they have more time. With the way the FCC works, it could take 2 or more years before the FCC takes any action to revoke the license, even though owning nearby towers literally gives them absolutely no excuse for doing nothing. They’ll have to have another excuse in April, 2019 and I assume show some progress. — BaltoMedia.net (12/2/18)

WRC re-aired a great segment featuring the time the late Jim Vance went bass fishing on the Potomac with then Vice President George Bush. Vance claims he caught the first fish ahead of the now late Bush: www,nbcwashington.com (12/2/18)

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\/ December 1 Messages \/

WUSA has officially been dropped by Dish and is no longer being carried by that satellite provider: “Attention DISH Subscribers: WUSA is currently not available on DISH. That means DISH is taking away your favorite CBS programming, including the SEC College Football Championship game between Georgia and Alabama, NFL football, entertainment programming such as Survivor, NCIS, Madam Secretary, Seal Team, Criminal Minds, and Big Bang Theory, as well as your local news, weather and sports. Consider switching to a new video provider or tell DISH to bring back WUSA by by calling 1-855-512-7790.” www.wusa9.com/dish (12/1/18)

When did Fred Hickman land at WDVM TV? From CNN to... Hagerstown (with stops in-between)? Seems like he's been moving DOWN the ladder in recent years. (12/1/18)

December starts out in very poor shape for Radio Stocks. iHeart down to just 41 cents per share OTC, Urban One at $2.26 and Salem at $2.83 per share. These are all time low prices for these stocks. Wall Street does not like these stocks. When these stocks are at such low prices it is hard for them to recover. What is the future for Radio Stocks? (12/1/18)

Memo to 94.7 The Drive: "Come On Eileen" is beginning to come up a bit too often. And while it *is* the punch line to my favorite joke of all time ("What's more disgusting than Grease on Olivia Newton-John?"), I think it's time to import a few more core tunes. (12/1/18)

Did anyone else notice this morning's Washington Post a piece that mentioned former WMAL paid commentator KT McFarland? It appears KT, by her own admission, lied to the Senate, the media, and the special council about her then boss Michal Flynn's conversation with the Russian ambassador. She claimed, then, Flynn never mentioned removal of sanctions against Russia on the call. After Flynn was indicted for lying to the FBI on that subject, KT went to the FBI and said she was confused and mistaken about her sanctions denial. So, she recanted before she could be charged? Why does WMAL have paid commentators who comfortably lie? (12/1/18)

Even after all these months, Nick Smith and Shawn yancy on the 9 PM Faux News are like oil and water. Guy the puker would be a better fit with Shawn. Nick Smith would be better on the 8 pm news with the female anchor who is a puker like Guy. It would balance the pukers out. (12/1/18)

Does 98 Rock even have real DJs...? I never hear any live turn over from the 98 Rock morning show to Amelia, why is that? I listen to 93.3 WMMR out of Philly...a REAL radio station, and its a world of difference between the two. 98 Rock sounds like a programmed/automated station...no real on air personalities, no real live & local feel. Meanwhile WMMR is really live & local 24/7 365 :-) (12/1/18)

MacRumors is reporting that Apple is interested in buying into a piece of iHeart. Swell. That's ALL the industry f***ing needs. www.macrumors.com (12/1/18)

FYI - WRBS-FM (95.1) and WRBS (AM 1230) are no longer Neilson subscribers and while still being measured via PPM, ratings information is no longer public per Nielson policy. So, those two stations will no show up in the Baltimore book. (12/1/18)

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November ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC again accords more than 23 shares of listening to talk and news/talk, just from three stations in the top five (WTOP, WAMU, WMAL). Hubbard’s news WTOP (plus its two simulcast FMs) again earns its top ranking (9.4-9.9-9.5). This month it doesn’t quite succeed in winning every daypart, though. Weekends are led by American University’s not-for-profit news/talk WAMU (8.2-8.3-9.0, total-week). Both ’TOP and WAMU achieve double-digits in mornings, and WTOP does it in afternoon drive, too. Third and still the leading music station is Urban One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ/WDCJ (7.3-6.4-6.7, and second at night with John Monds). This time Howard U.’s for-profit urban AC WHUR is fourth by itself (6.8-5.8 and another 5.8). It’s third mornings with Steve Harvey and third on weekends. Fifth is Cumulus talker WMAL-AM/FM (4.5-5.0-5.1, and tied for third in middays (Chris Plante, Rush Limbaugh). Ratings-tracker Chris Huff says the 5.1 is a PPM-best for WMAL. From there – sixth place is shared by Cumulus hot AC “Mix” WRQX (4.1-4.4-4.8) and iHeart AC WASH (4.4-5.8-4.8). iHeart is eighth and ninth with classic rock WBIG-FM (4.0-4.3-4.6) and CHR “Hot 99.5” WIHT (3.5-4.1-4.1). Tenth-place in Washington is contemporary Christian WGTS, the not-for-profit station held by Atlantic Gateway (4.9-4.5-4.0), closely trailed by Entercom’s urban WPGC (3.2-3.3-3.9). A nice Fall run (including a growing cume) for classical music, on GWETA’s not-for-profit WETA (3.5-3.6-3.6). A week before this book started, Entercom converted WIAD/94.7 from hot AC “Fresh” to classic hits “Drive,” and here’s the early-early report (2.6-2.3-2.4). The cume’s up – though not as high as Fresh was in June. The sports scene is Entercom’s “Fan” WJFK-FM 3.6-3.6-3.3) and Urban One’s recently-acquired WTEM (0.9-0.7-0.9). Three DC stations cume over a million – WASH (1,138,700), WTOP (1,118,700) and “Hot 99.5” (1,057,300)..... Baltimore has Urban One stations at the top again – urban AC “Magic” WWIN-FM (8.8-8.6-8.7) and urban “92Q” WERQ (7.6-7.9-7.7). The only daypart where Magic doesn’t rule is middays (second). And it’s got double digits on weekends. WERQ is right behind it in daypart rankers – second everywhere except middays (third). Who does lead in weekdays? Entercom’s AC WLIF (5.3-5.8-7.1). From there, the field is country WPOC (iHeart, 5.6-5.6-5.8) tied with Shamrock’s classic rock “Bay” WZBA (4.9-6.1-5.8). Entercom’s hot AC “Mix” WWMX (5.4-5.1-5.2). Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY (5.5-4.9-5.0, and fourth in mornings). Variety hits “Jack” WQSR (iHeart, 5.1-4.6-4.7). And tied for ninth, Entercom sports “Fan” WJZ-FM (4.7-5.1-4.1) and iHeart CHR WZFT (4.2-3.9-4.1). As before, the next neighborhood leans toward talk - Mangione-owned talk WCBM (2.6-3.6-3.5), your Public Radio’s not-for-profit news/talk WYPR (2.6-3.0-3.3) and Hearst’s news/talk WBAL (2.6-2.6-2.5). Urban One programs gospel “Praise” on the HD2 channel of WLIF and a translator – a 1.4 share. Cume champ is still WLIF (643,200). (11/30/18)

Piggybacking on BaltoMedia since their post on WBMD was not quite correct. There were not two applications - FSI proposed building on 103.1 first, but after Empire (WRNR-FM) objected, FSI proposed building on 103.3 instead. Empire objected again and then WTOP-FM joined them. Empire was granted since there will be clear and obvious interference to the upwards of 20 listeners who filed declarations, and being first-adjacent instead of co-channel doesn't really change much. It appears WTOP-FM's was equally valid and would have been granted, but it was thrown out on a technicality - in addition to listener declarations they submitted an extra unnecessary exhibit showing a Longley-Rice prediction of their coverage in the area, which FCC rules say is not acceptable in a translator interference case. (Frankly, I'd expect a professional engineer hired for this purpose to know that part of the rules, it's sort of embarrassing.) Either way, without an FM translator it would seem WBMD is near the end... fcc.gov (11/30/18)

It's now 2 months in a row that WZBA The Bay bested WIYY 98 Rock in all dayparts after morning drive. Mornings are literally carrying the station. 7p-12a was dismal for 98 Rock and afternoon drive is far behind in all demos. The holiday book doesn't count, but expect changes coming to WIYY if the spring book is still this bad. (11/30/18)

It may have been rape in real life (sad and a crime, right?) but it wasn't a rape scene in the movie. Brando's character specifically says "There's butter in the kitchen." He's languid liquid and lugubrious like a character in a Steely Dan song, not rushed like the Georgetown Snuggler. NPR sucks major butt and Jim Acosta moves the butter futures market. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/30/18)

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Larry O'Connor of WMAL at 4:20 today said "Israel is our number one ally in THE WORLD". I can't get on board with that. Israel is a warcrime, a land grab and a huge mistake inflicted on the world by the United Nations. Forrestal was murdered because of his opposition to it. Kennedy aimed to rope it in, but... y'know...the unpleasantness. Sorry, WMAL but the U.S. needs to sit back and chill for a minute and stop supporting the bad guys and that includes Saudi Arabia. And there should be a federal regulation on the minimum size of radio fruitcakes. Clearly the original radio fruitcake, Fattt Robbb Spewak would have to be grandmothered in. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/29/18)

"Wizzards Outsider....OMG...someone named Nick Ashoo and some guy named Wes Hall....you gotta check it out and at the same time feel sorry for those Two guys who apparently have little or no direction on what they should be doing. Seems to be just something to fill time and another one of those unwatchable shows that NBC Sports Washington gives us." I think Ted Leonsis has an ownership stake in NBC Sports Washington and hence hours and hours of "rah rah" Wizards and Capitals gameday programming whereas the Nationals (arguably second to the Redskins in the DC sports pecking order) are almost completely ignored on that channel with the exception of the Sports Junkies simulcasts which are produced by 106.7 The Fan. Unfortunately MASN doesn't come close to filling the baseball void during the offseason although the Saturday morning show co-hosted by Phil Wood and Mike Wallace (the ex-pitcher, not the 60 Minutes guy) is definitely worth checking out. Speaking of the Junkies, any word on whether Al Galdi (on WTEM) is giving them significant competition in morning drive? Find it surprising that Kevin Sheehan still hasn't been picked up by WJFK or some out-of-market sports talker - he appeared as a guest on Pollin & Loverro about a month ago but otherwise continues to be heard only via his podcast. With Dan Snyder no longer owning 980, why the new brass thinks six straight hours of "glory days" ex-Skins (Walker and Mitchell) hosting shows makes for great radio is beyond me - not that they're bad broadcasters but enough is enough. Mike, Fairfax (11/29/18)

Will iHeart be able to come out of bankruptcy? They report $12 Billion in Assets and $24 Billion in Debt. Their stock price is 52 cents per share OTC. Their lenders are to blame for loaning the company more money than they could ever pay back. Your thoughts? (11/29/18)

When I said that WTEM 980 AM was a good station, I meant the facility. 50,000 Watts days and 5,000 watts nights. It still does not cover Northern Virginia at night. It needs a good Translator in Northern Virginia to improve their coverage at night. How many people are listening to AM Radio now? Metro Radio owns some good FM Translators in Northern Virginia. (11/29/18)

More trouble for Family Stations, owner of WFSI AM 860 and WBMD AM 750. Both its 103.1 FM and 103.3 FM translator applications for Baltimore have been dismissed after objections from both WRNR 103.1 and WTOP 103.5. It appears as if WTOP lost its petition, but WRNR’s objection was granted. Either way, the 2 applications are dismissed. — BaltoMedia. net (11/29/18)

I'm seeing Hubbard making a bunch of year-end staff cuts at some of their Midwest stations. Should anybody be concerned HERE? (11/29/18)

There's a national TV commercial running now for the retirement investment company VOYA (that's the one with the little orange origami critters). The brand name is pronounced "VOY-yah", but the musical logo is sung as "VAH-yah". Didn't anybody from the agency show up at the jingle session? (11/29/18)

The FCC is not going to take a complaint against Sinclair by the ACA (American Cable Association) that seriously simply because the FCC has already approved Next Gen TV, a Sinclair design already approved and greenlighted by the FCC. Baltimore is a likely early market along with DC, with their proximity. It’s already even been tested here. So now the FCC is going to take away WJLA & WBFF? Highly unlikely unless the FCC wants to turn back technology to the 1950s. Next Gen TV is supposed to solve all the problems of the Big HD Switch that left people no longer able to get TV inside the house without cable TV or a huge outside antenna. Except for some small TV station companies, Sinclair is one of the few large TV companies to really jump on this bandwagon. Ajit Pai simply could not do something so dumb. (11/29/18)

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Good radio station WTEM, someone said. Huh? That station would fail the course if it were a college radio station. So bad! (11/28/18)

Sinclair has also petitioned the FCC to drop the ALJ review. According the NY Post Sinclair is even quietly trying to revive the Tribune deal, so far without much luck. However, SBG did place a bid on the FOX Sports regional sports networks which doesn’t require FCC approval, just DOJ. If I had to make a prediction, I’d say Trump will outlast Ajit Pai on this issue. In other words, WJLA is not going to be forced to sale any time soon if ever. Trump is against Comcast-NBC and Time Warner-CNN and totally for Sinclair. He couldn’t have made it any clearer. (11/28/18)

Another one bites the dust at NPR: “Fresh Air” has fired film critic David Edelstein over a Facebook posting he made, saying “Even grief is better with butter” about the rape scene in “Last Tango in Paris” that featured Marlin Brando forcing sex upon actress Maria Schneider, which she said of in real life, “I was crying real tears”. NPR’s “Fresh Air”, heard locally on WAMU from 1:00 to 2:00PM, canned Edelstein despite his apology, who posted the slur in an ode to recently deceased Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci: apnews.com (11/28/18)

It looks like Rod Hendrix will be doing the 10-3 shift on 94.7 The Drive at least today!! He does weekends and did weekends when it was Fresh!!! No idea if it is permanent!!!! (11/28/18)

WFMD 930 AM in Frederick is still in the iHeart "Trust" known as Aloha Station Trust, LLC. It has been in this "Trust" for over 10 years. The FCC does nothing about it. They do not enforce their own rules. The way iHeart can get around this loophole is to price the station so high that no one will buy it. Shame on iHeart and SHAME on the FCC! (11/28/18)

Tough times for Urban One......their stock price is at a low of $2.30 per share. Perhaps their investment in MGM was not a good one? They have some good radio stations like WTEM 980 AM. (11/28/18)

Re: " they seem to have to have a fascination with "Grant Paulsen" who is about the most obnoxious know nothing wind bag in local media." Have you listened to Chris Russell?? He has a hell of a lot more hot air and excels at talking about nothing but pretends he knows sports. (11/28/18)

Anyone else experience this? Monday on Larry O'Connor and Tuesday on Rush, listening to WMAL on the livestream, segments were repeated. I heard the 3 o'clock news three times in the first 30 minutes on Monday. Of course the problem could be on my end, connection dropping and browser replaying what it has cached. Anyone? Bueller? Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/28/18)

iHeart Stock is selling at 45 cents per share OTC. Their lenders and creditors don't want their stock. They want CASH! December 11th is the date the Texas Judge will make a decision on the iHeart Bankruptcy. They have just elected a new Board of Directors. It looks like they may be forced to sell off some of their assets in order to pay down their HUGH DEBT. There is some question about just how large is their debt? (11/28/18)

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RE: Mitch Jacob of WJLA-TV ABC 7 News... Mitch Jacob is greatly missed at WJLA / ABC 7 News. The entire Newsroom staff was extremely sorry to see him go. It was just one more ignorant decision made by the Corporate clowns who needed a scapegoat for their dismal ratings. It wasn't enough a few months back that Sinclair Broadcasting was in the news every day regarding their extremely conservative leanings, their pro-Trump agenda and giving so much airtime to not only Boris Epshteyn, but also Sebastian Gorka (both fired from the Trump White House.). Word is that Sinclair so wants to be the next FoxNews. As if the disastrous loss of the Tribune deal wasn't enough, Sinclair management just keeps digging. Sad! (11/27/18)

Salem announced that they are buying an advertising agency. Not sure how this will help them now. Their stock is at an all time low of $2.83 per share. They should continue selling off some of their stations that are not making any money. (11/27/18)

Saga has a new name for Translators. "Metro Signals". This better describes what a Translator does. Many people don't understand what a Translator does or how it works. They don't realize that you cannot originate programming on a Translator. You need to have an AM Station to go with it. You could also lease an HD Channel and originate programming that way. (11/27/18)

Here’s Sean Hall filling in for Big Don O’Brien on the Brian and O’Brien Show way back. — BaltoMedia.net (11/27/18)

Just watched the Wizards beat the Rockets..post game is better with Jimmy Patsos added to the group...the show after that...something called Wizzards Outsider....OMG...someone named Nick Ashoo and some guy named Wes Hall....you gotta check it out and at the same time feel sorry for those Two guys who apparently have little or no direction on what they should be doing. Seems to be just something to fill time and another one of those unwatchable shows that NBC Sports Washington gives us. (11/27/18)

I heard a strong carrier on 101.7 sans audio while driving inside the Beltway this past Sunday The signal could be heard from Leesburg Pike and I-395 junction to the BW Parkway -Beltway junction. Strongest around Anacostia on DC295. Any ideas? Any new translators? Too distant to be WTRI or the WVNZ translators. . TK in Odenton (11/27/18)

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I can’t help but notice Sean Hall’s misfortune is reminiscent of the way we lost Rob Norton last year. P of the AW (11/26/18)

Rod Hendrix to middays on 94.7? Smart, nice guy who worked part time at 107.3 for years. I wish him well. P of the AW (11/26/18)

Dave, have you seen the size of TMOS's Fruitcakes? They are about the size a a fat twinkie. People actually paid $40-100 for one depending on the packaging. Can you imagine? (11/26/18)

Mutual Radio's last newscast anchored by Sean Hall before the network went dark. I shot this video at the 10-year anniversary of Mutual's demise at 2008's reunion of Mutual NBC Radio at a Crystal City hotel. Sean is at the lectern introducing the newscast. Among the crowd: NPR's Bob Edwards, John Henrehan, the now-departed Dan Scanlan, Rita Rich, and Jim Bohannon... Rita Rich reminds me that Paul Anthony, Ron Nessen, Bart Tessler, Barbara Porter were at the 2008 reunion... Sean and I spoke frequently -- sometimes weekly -- on the phone after he moved to NH. I loved him like a brother. Peace, my dear friend and colleague. (11/26/18)

Two Radio Stocks headed in the wrong direction....Urban One down to $2.38 per share and Salem at a five year low of $2.94 per share. Salem is selling off some of their radio stations. Both companies have a good group of stations in the DC Market. (11/26/18)

Kinda weird this afternoon with Czabe head to head against Andy/Thom. OOBBEE (11/26/18)

It's a tragic irony that Sean Hall survived so many ailments, including heart disease and a major infection from stomach-stapling, only to fall prey to a car accident. Sean was a prince of a fellow, who chose to follow in an illustrious father's footprints, and did quite well. Jim Bohannon, Westwood One. (11/26/18)

It looks like Rod Hendrix will be doing the 10-3 shift on 94.7 The Drive. He does weekends and did weekends when it was Fresh. (11/16/18)

Could not believe it when I read about Sean's passing. I know Heaven has a great radio newsman now. In addition to his other work, I know he did some news for WCTR Chestertown some years back, and he was superb. Loo Katz is so right when he says we lost a great one...all the very best to his immediate family and his radio family. Ron in Chester MD (11/26/18)

Shomara Theodore seen again doing the weather at NBC 4. So looks like she’s back on the payroll, if only as a fill-in. (11/26/18)

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I don't see "Behind The Curtain With Jack Burkman" on the Newsmax cable TV lineup anymore. I guess that Mueller "press conference" he had last month really dinged his reputation and credibility. (11/25/18)

"Colbert I. King's column in today's Washington Post highlights a campaign by the National Black Leadership Alliance and National Congress of Black Women that targets urban radio. " Is he trying to pull a Tipper Gore? Colby King's Saturday columns often have a racist tinge. He longs for the days when majestic herds of African-Americans roamed the unspoiled veldt of Foggy Bottom. Then there's Alexandra Petri with her weekly anti-Trump columns; apparently she can do no else. The WaPo's Saturday op-ed page may safely be ignored but the Free-For-All page usually has a gem or two. Be warned the letters are not fact-checked. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/25/18)

Loo Katz reports on FB, Sean Hall killed in car crash last night, New Hampshire… “I need to share some very sad news. Hound Radio's Sean Hall was killed in a car crash last night in New Hampshire. I've known Sean and worked with him as far back as the early 70's. He was a native Washingtonian, and started out as a jock, then decided to do news. He did both amazingly well. His father, Jim Hall, was a network anchor at Mutual News and years later, so was Sean. It was a high point in his career. He had many health issues over the years, but always bounced back. Due to some voice issues, his time on Hound Radio was brief. He was an only child, divorced with no children. Sean was 63. We've lost a great one.” (11/25/18)

Sean Hall died Saturday evening in a head on crash in Richmond, NH. (11/25/18)

Did our favorite Hermit, Gus, really post that it is time for African Americans to stop murdering each other over sneakers? Gus, let's play a game. Go to Google, type in "murdered his wife," and search images. Guess what? Practically all the images show "white" men. When Chris Planted does a segment condemning all white men, white male society, and their upbringing, because some of that segment murder their wives, as a White married man, I will listen for reflection and advice. Until then, Gus, I will continue to see Chris Planted as a race baiting a$$hole. (11/25/18)

I have a question that's been bothering me, and I hope someone here has some insight. When did we get one hospital in Baltimore? I've been saying for over 30 years that one day Hopkins and University will control the area. Who won out? Did I miss something? Asking and being sarcastic because on every news story on every broadcast media outlet, the shooting victim is taken to "THE" hospital. I can understand that if the outlet is in Oakland, MD where they have only 1 hospital, but ina major metro area? Gotta be some driving force behind this. . Media will say the victim was shot at a 7-11, or a Target parking lot, But they are taken to "THE" hospital. Obviously, at some point, a decision was made to not actually name the hospital. Was that by some National Hospital Association asking the media not to mention a specific name, as deaths at a hospital are bad publicity, or was it the Media that said, if you don' buy ad time, we won't mention your name. The whole thing is really strange to me, and it isn't just Baltimore. The all-newsers in NY, CHI, ATL and PHILLY do the same thing. (11/25/18)

iHeart has their own "Trust" where they "park" stations that they are not allowed to own legally. Aloha Station Trust,LLC. iHeart controls the "Trust". iHeart receives the cash flow from stations in the Trust. An example of this operation is WFRE 99.9 FM in DC. WFRE has been in their Trust for 10 year. (Since 2008). This is a loophole in the FCC Rules. The FCC does nothing about closing this loophole. (11/25/18)

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Just another swing of my rhetorical fist at WMAL: Critics shouldn’t waste their time wondering if the local and network hosts believe what they say. They don’t. There is such consistency in subject matter among conservative talk radio and TV outlets that there’s no doubt the framework comes from tea party web sites and consultants. For Bill Hess, the political content is irrelevant. It’s just a matter of steering things toward maximum provocation, wherever that goes. I’d give anything for a mole to record one of the station’s closed door show prep meetings. They must reek of cynicism. - Max Critic (11/24/18)

How do you like Bolly 102.9 FM? It is different and grows on you. It is nice to hear a station that is different. (11/24/18)

Colbert I. King's column in today's Washington Post highlights a campaign by the National Black Leadership Alliance and National Congress of Black Women that targets urban radio. We've gone this route before - boycotts and organized pressure to get corporations to cut off what their customers want. It hasn't really worked. I don't know that this time will be different. www.washingtonpost.com (11/24/18)

The iHeart Stock Price is now just 35 cents per share OTC. iHeart has a new Board of Directors elected. Their DEBT is still $22 Billion. What do you think? Is their stock a good buy at this price? (11/24/18)

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Some interesting Eastern Shore radio news sent to me: "The Voice Radio is moving the Salisbury MD side of its Classic Rock “103.5/106.1 The Vault” to 1320 WICO/102.9 W275CX Salisbury following the announced sale of 106.1 WXSH Pocomoke City. The Vault will continue to be heard in the Delaware side of the Salisbury/Ocean City market on 103.5 WJKI Bethany Beach, while Michael Powell will acquire 106.1 WXSH for $150,000. Powell’s Bay Broadcasting recently completed the $237,000 sale of “Bay Country 97.9” WBEY-FM Crisfield MD to GSB Media. While W275CX is new to the air, 1320 WICO had most recently simulcasted Regional Mexican “La Raza” 900 WJWL/100.3 W262BF/W294CH Georgetown DE." The interesting thing about this is that in looking up all the info, I discovered that 103.5 The Vault appears to have no permanent transmitter location. USGS maps show the tower, but Google maps show a house under construction. Hmm. I see no Special Temporary Authority filed with the FCC, only several AUX permits, but they can only be used temporarily or due to an outage at the main transmitter. But there is no main transmitter. Hmm. Still no word on what's happening to WICO 101.1 FM, CP for 94.5 FM either. —BaltoMedia.net (11/23/18)

Turned on Fox5 around 10:15 this morning & got a double dose of cackling from Cori Coffin & Ann Cutler. They were doing some celebrity stuff & with both having these shrill voices, it was truly unbearable. It’s bad enough listening to Holly Morris’ voice, but this was Holly amplified. Can’t imagine the person having to monitor & adjust the sound on those two. Had to change the channel. (11/23/18)

The one thing about the WFSI AM 860 towers lighting issue that is problematic is that the 1st tower from the road is unlit. That one is close enough to houses to fall on them if hit by a plane. Only the middle tower further away is lit. The 3rd tower is closer to Back River and would have to fall towards houses on the other side but is probably not tall enough for anything tragic. But that 1st tower from the road unlit at night is very dangerous with a plane hitting a tower recently in the news. Also the towers are fairly close to Essex Skypark airport. Airplanes presumably use Back River partially as a flight path guide, of which the towers are at the end. Of course, no plane should be flying just 240 feet over the ground at that location, but stranger things have happened. (11/23/18)

Used to live at the bottom of Gunther Hill back in the day when WBMD 750 was 1000 watts from the old shorter tower, which WKTK 105.7 also used. The red glow of the tower light used to freak me out as a kid shining through my bedroom window. The old tower was torn down when the new tower was built, forcing WBMD to 730 watts since it was much taller. I just remember as kids, we all wanted to know what the evil red light atop Gunther Hill was, which led to countless climbing trips up the sharp drop side of the hill. Many a sled accident occurred up there too in the winter as well as countless tarzan swings that ended up in injuries. When 105.7 FM switched to disco, we stole all the WKTK ROCK bumper stickers and vandalized a school wall with them. I listened to AM radio as a kid, but always WCAO, not really ever WBMD, but the signal was always very powerful. But as a kid, never understood why they went off the air at dark. Diplexing with WFSI might be a problem if none of WFSI AM 860’s towers are non-directional. WBMD has very little wiggle room unless the FCC ever relaxes Class A protections. Either way, the studies and testing would not be that cheap. It doesn’t sound like Family Radio is in great financial shape at present. (11/23/18)

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Well it would not be Thanksgiving without giving a shout out to Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” and Sheriff Opie! Not as funny as Gus in the Gaithersburg and his bromance with Don Geronimo, but pretty darn close: www,youtube.com (11/22/18)

It is a shame to see what has happened to WBMD, or many other heritage AM stations. They were the "Big 75" back in the day. In addition, their 730 watt on I signal covered up to Harrisburg, Philly, most of south Jersey, down to Ocean City and a good signal to DC and down the bay to Norfolk. Though a day timer, this station was a money maker keeping the payroll covered during the early WKTK days. Clark West was one of the most talented broadcasters I had worked with, he made a career here despite several format changes. Even 860 was quite a station in the day as WAYE, solid into DC as well. Good point made about why WBMD does not diplex on one of their towers. Perhaps there are issues with a non directional being on a directional array to prevent that move. Engineers, any thoughts? (11/22/18)

Two Radio Stocks hit bottom......Urban One now at $2.47 per share and Salem at $2.85 per share. Sorry to see this happen. I hope they can come back. (11/22/18)

Will iHeart ever be able to come out of Bankruptcy? They still have $22 Billion in Debt! Their lenders could start buying up the stock at this very low price. I doubt if their lenders want their stock. What would the lenders do with the stock? (11/22/18)

Gus in Gaithersburg: I will tell you the same message I have repeatedly sent to Larry Occonnor and his followers on various media including a voice mail messge to Larry at Jenifer Street: If you have ANY ANY ANY evidence at all that Seth Rich was behind the DNC email scandal, I beg of you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call the office of Senator Ted Cruz at (202) 224-5922 and let hm know what you knw. The Republicans have been investigating this for years and found NOTHING. Save us Gus. Make the call. you are our only hope. (11/22/18)

WBMD AM 750 is no longer listed on the Family Radio website anymore. Between the unlit WFSI towers and extended Silent authority, makes one wonder what’s going on. Is the cost of diplexing with WFSI simply too cost prohibitive that they’ll just turn in the license? Hmm. (11/22/18)

On Thanksgiving Day, does Don Geronimo, aka Mike Sorce, set a place at the dinner table for Gus in [the] Gaithersburg? (11/22/18)

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Looks like Mr. Camping’s Prediction for the END was actually his radio stations, not the world. So I took a trip to Baltimore and passed the 3 Baltimore Beltway 695 towers on the East side at night. 2 towers not lit. That’s an FCC no no for WFSI AM 860 and from reading here, I see it’s been awhile. Looks like Mr. Camping’s predictions on successful maintenance are worse than his end of the world ones. Definite FCC fine. And just as WBMD filed to extend its silent status. Prediction: WBMD AM 750 will be dark soon. Normally it would take much longer, but they own towers already, so they have no valid excuse for not finding a place for WBMD. This is gross negligence. They might just lose 2 licenses as a result. And yes, I was tired and in a bad mood, so I filed an FCC complaint. (11/21/18)

"WMAL ... has only become worse under the Bill Hess administration." What makes that so cosmically weird is that Bill was at the rudder of the ultra-liberal Air America before this gig. Helluva leap if you ask me. Still, I was able to buy some cool broadcast gear at the AA auction, so thanks Bill! (11/21/18)

Why does the poster say "the dead kid"? Why not say "THE ADULT Seth Rich"? Seth, the likely suspect for leaking the DNC emails was murdered and not robbed in DC. Does the poster think Vince Foster killed him? "The Chris Plante Show is beyond poisonous. He never says "African Americans are bad", but he sure goes out of his way to find negative stories involving this group." I agree. it is time for white people to stop murdering black people for their sneakers and coats. Gus au jus in the Gaithersburg (11/21/18)

"A couple months ago, Showtunes loving Larry was tweeting about the differences between himself and Jack Ryan. I tweeted back [...]" Okaaaqay, let me get this STRAIGHT. You're telling us about something you "tweeted" several months ago. A reasonable person might, just might, mind you, call that incrrrrrreddddibbbbly faggy. I love showtunes. Do you know how many jazz standards are showtunes? Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/21/18)

Max Critic. I saddens me to say WMAL has been transmitting what you describe as "dishonest hate" for years and it has only become worse under the Bill Hess administration. From birther ism, to Mrs. Fred, to Larry's blaming the WikiLeaks DNC email scandal on a dead kid, their format should be labeled as "dishonest hate". Remember their frequent guest and fill in Scotty Nell Hughes got a job at Russia Today. And I have said it before, WMAL will never ever admit they were wrong (yes Larry you never admitted that you had no real evidence that dead kid did what you accused him of doing. And you never will.). Larry was behind the Shirley Sherrod fiasco, and as far as I can tell, that is why he was hired. The Chris Plante Show is beyond poisonous. He never says "African Americans are bad", but he sure goes out of his way to find negative stories involving this group. And nothing will change. Right Bill Hess? He is laughing all the way to the bank. No conscious there. (11/21/18)

Still chatting about Idaho Avenue. Did Outlet Corp not own any of the stations at that address? Z104 lived there for a while, right? Such turnstile real estate! Meanwhile, WMAL and WRQX have been at 4400 Jenifer for 45 years. Oy. P of the AW (11/21/18)

"What will this do to the small radio broadcaster?" Grampa, what's a "small radio broadcaster"? Did they have those when you were a kid? (11/21/18)

Let it be noted that the Mike "No Sound" O'Meara Show shit the bed today. Ladies and gentleman, the Korsakoff Hour! Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/21/18)

The FCC is reviewing a new rule to lift the number of stations one owner can own in a market. The limit now is eight stations in a market. This will permit the large companies to have more control in a market than they have now! What will this do to the small radio broadcaster? (11/21/18)

Whoever wrote the long bash piece on WMAL can snidely laugh, but I have to tell you WMAL’s willingness to trade in that kind of dishonest hate terrifies me. There seems to be a massive propulsion set by FOX, Breitbart, Mark Levin and so many others which overtakes the conscience of any one broadcaster or station manager. They must be saying to themselves “gotta do what it takes to make a living”. Really? Your conscience is that puny? Shame. There’s a reckoning coming. I sense it’s already gathering strength. -Max Critic (11/21/18)

If you are sick of all the turkey stories this week, you can always tune into alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 where they beat a dead horse every morning. Take this morning, for example, as they once again regurgitated the same worn-out news copy, tv sound bites, and two-day old newspaper stories on the Monday shooting of a 5-year old kid in west Baltimore. Ironically, the story from their obnoxious, street screamer described residents in the neighborhood where the kid was shot as “sad and exhausted.” Well, guess what? We are too, from all the old news that airs on this station, much of it without change for days and days. It’s worse than the Christmas music stations are playing over and over. Why not just automate the news, and track it like they do all week? No one would ever notice. (11/21/18)

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\/ November 20 Messages \/

re: "were WASH and WTOP co-owned at one time?" From 1989 - 1992 WTOP & WASH-FM were co-owned by Chase Enterprises and The Sheet Metals Workers Association's Pension Fund. Sill at the Idaho Avenue location in 1992, the two station combo was sold to Evergreen Media Inc. with new General Manager Tom McKinley replacing Michael "don't-say-Redskins-on-the-radio" Douglass. Bonus footnote: Mr. Douglass set up a mandatory dress code for all male talent behind the microphone requiring them to wear a tie during their on air shifts. (11/20/18)

Thanksgiving Blessings! Amelia has been wearing a lot of loose clothing the last month. Perhaps she’s thankful for a little one on the way? Bob from College Park (11/20/18)

I just saw Gus in Gaithersburg comment about, his words, Larry O'Connor's "super faggy rant". A couple months ago, Showtunes loving Larry was tweeting about the differences between himself and Jack Ryan. I tweeted back "Jack Ryan is a heterosexual. Just saying..." That, and my other tweets pointing out his obvious man-crush on Putin, got me blocked on the Twitter machine. (11/20/18)

I would like to personally and publicly thank WMAL, especially Larry O’Connor, for their tireless and relentless work in clearly displaying the fools who were running in Maryland and Virginia for Federal office on the Republican side. WMAL did in depth profiles of Shack , Dan Riggleman, Amie Hoeber, Barbara Comstock, Tony Campbell, Scott Taylor, Liz Matory, Dave Brat, Thomas Oh, Jeff Dove Jr. and Corey Stewart, (well, not in depth profiles, more of ass-liking and obfuscation), and showed the good people of the DMV the new clowns do not deserve public office. In the cases of Comstock, Brat, and Taylor, WMAL made it clear, through interviewing these dimwits, these people are so dishonest, and underhanded, they need to be voted out quickly. Listening to Larry interview Barbara Comstock, you could tell Larry was doing his best to make Barbara think she was coming off well in the interview, but in reality, she and Larry came across as sycophants, hiding things from the voters. Brilliant move on Larry’s part-make the politician think you are on their side, and ask really dumb questions, knowing the listener would get frustrated with the candidate’s non-answers and fluff. In the Comstock case Larry made it work beautifully. Sacha Coen could do no better, Larry! There was only one backfire to the deviously clever “friendly” Interviews Larry gave this election season. In Dan Riggleman’s case, Larry’s bought up Bigfoot porn during an on air chat, and the Samai-homophile Republican guy eventually won the election. Riggleman most likely will be voted out in 2020, but in the meantime we can have some fun next year, thanks to Larry, by calling Riggleman’s Congressional office and asking to speak with Congressional aides Sasha Quatch, Alma Sapian, Wendy Igo, Hugh G. Pediman, Harry Longboat, Bea N. Apeman, Nakita N. deForest, Bull K. Paws, Jay Norris Harriman, or Betty Yeti. Keep it up, WMAL, you guys are politically funnier than Pat Paulsen! (11/20/18)

Wall Street does not like these stocks......Spanish Broadcasting System 30 cents per share, Urban one $2.50 per share, and Salem $2.88 per share. These are all time low prices for these stocks. (11/20/18)

Regarding the posts on CSN or NBC Washington or whatever they call it now, it has gone downhill fast since Leonsis' Monumental Network took an ownership interest. They have dumbed the shows down in a big way, among other things. And they seem to have to have a fascination with "Grant Paulsen" who is about the most obnoxious know nothing wind bag in local media. Terrible (11/20/18)

The story about the call letters coming down from outside of "the glass-enclosed nerve center" on Idaho Ave. prompts this question. Were WASH and WTOP co-owned at one time? I remember in 1992 picking up a prize from WASH at the Idaho Ave. building. Thanks. -Tom in Wheaton (11/20/18)

WTOP has announced their “Junior Reporter” contestants who won (sorry Gus from Gaithersburg, you did not win) a $500 prize for themselves and $1000 for their school along with the chance to file reports from the “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center” with the likes of Bob Marbourg. The students came from area schools ranging from elementary to high school levels. “I hope”, said one student, “to get hired by a major media outlet but so far only DCRTV has expressed interest, but I am in negotiations with WTOP’s Joel Oxley.” But the only other employee of DCRTV besides David Hughes is Gus from the Gaithersburg, reporting from his mother’s basement whenever she allows him to use the Dell computer. Videos & more from WTOP: wtop.com (11/20/18)

Looks like Mr. Camping’s Prediction for the END was actually his radio stations, not the world. So I took a trip to Baltimore and passed the 3 Baltimore Beltway 695 towers on the East side at night. 2 towers not lit. That’s an FCC no no for WFSI AM 860 and from reading here, I see it’s been more than a month. Looks like Mr. Camping’s predictions on successful maintenance are worse than his end of the world ones. Definite FCC fine. And just as WBMD filed to extend its silent status. Prediction: WBMD AM 750 will be dark soon. Normally it would take much longer, but they own towers already, so they have no valid excuse for not finding a place for WBMD. This is gross negligence. They might just lose 2 licenses as a result. And yes, I was tired and in a bad mood, so I filed an FCC complaint. (11/20/18)

Please send a donation to keep DCRTV alive. It is the first newsletter I read every day. It is appreciated. (11/20/18)

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\/ November 19 Messages \/

Meet the Press is actually a service of WRC-TV. Cozi TV itself airs The Rockford Files at 5 p.m. on Sundays. (11/19/18)

It appears Chris Lawrence is trading D.C. for Dallas, leaving NBC 4 & joining Tegna. (11/19/18)

In my original post I was referring to audio level on OTA 4.2 . I'd think NBC would put some kind of audio processor ahead of transmitter. Same with sub-channels of other stations mentioned. (11/19/18)

Dave: While travel back from South Carolina over the weekend, I was able to catch some of the Redskins game and thought I'd catch the postgamelive show during dinner. Now I know why CSN has zero credibility on every front when it comes to DC area sports coverage. So, the Redskins star player/QB goes down with a season ending injury and their postgame show has cheering/yelling fans in the background like they've won the Super Bowl...really? Julie Donaldson was completely lost and can't/doesn't know how to ask intelligent questions and such an awkward moment when she introduced Joe Theismann and asked him about Alex's injury. Julie thinks she's great but CSN can't even hire decent people who have a clue. It was so uncomfortable to watch that I turned the channel! However, not to be outdone was 980. It's so transparent how Doc and Larry stayed away from trying to get accurate reports about Alex's injury. Even though Sonny isn't allowed to talk much, he was the only one that made any sense during the radio coverage. (11/19/18)

Is Grant P in a metro station? (11/19/18)

TEM is unlistenable on Monday mornings. Al Galdi tries but Fred Smoot and Doc don’t know how to let anyone else get a word in. It’s terrible. (11/19/18)

WASH FM - Christmas music started yesterday on 97.1. The Sunday before Thanksgiving. Is that the earliest start? Ron in Annapolis (11/19/18)

Re: It’s Academic. I’m thinking WRC maybe starting to renovate their studio space/building. A while back TVNewsCheck mentioned that WRC was on their list of renovations or rebuilds. I imagine they are renovating or rebuilding in stages. Now this is second hand but in the lead up the the election on SiriusXM’s Today Show Radio Chuck Todd said they were getting a streetside studio. As for here in Baltimore I’m not sure when the WBAL stopped taping it. If it was somewhere around 2006-2008 they got rid of their larger studio. Now they just have the news studio and a large studio for creative services with a decent chroma key wall/floor - but not big enough to even fit two of the schools desks. (11/19/18)

/\ November 19 Messages /\

\/ November 18 Messages \/

Cozi on WRC 4.2 for months has played local commercials and promos at much higher apparent audio levels than those of Cozi network programming and spots. The most dramatic difference this over the air viewer has heard occurs during the 5pm Sunday replay of Meet The Press. I do not know if that replay is a service of Cozi or done by WRC. The audio levels of the program and the NBC spots are far lower than those of the local messages. Simular audio problems have been heard in the past on the WMAR 2.3 presentation of Bounce, the Justice Network on WUSA 9.2 and a few others. Local spots are still louder than Fox network programming and commercials on WBFF 45.1, but again we watch OTA exclusively and thus cannot say if the problem affects cable and satellite viewers. (11/18/18)

When the Redskins lose, I miss Al Galdi in the post game. He was the best at Skins misery. Please bring him back! OOBBEE (11/18/18)

Somara Theodore is doing the weather again this evening. Why bother to say she was leaving only for her to regularly return? (11/18/18)

“End of an Era”: WTOP made another move toward it’s relocation to Chevy Chase next year by removing the WTOP/WFED call letters from the current Idaho Avenue building the radio station has occupied for thirty years in Northwest DC. The call letters will be stored at the station’s transmitter building in Wheaton. Video, photos & story on the call letters being removed: wtop.com (11/18/18)

Someone wrote, "It's interesting that 4-2 plays XFINITY commercials with audio level 10-15 Db higher then the level of programs and other commercials. Didn't the Commission pass a rule about this?" Are you watching 4-2 Cozi over the air or on Comcast cable channel 208? If over the air, you'll have to ask the WRC engineers. If via Comcast cable, it's because Comcast inserts their commercials into the Cozi feed and Comcast has occasional problems controlling the levels of their originations. Rules? We don't care about no stinking rules. (11/18/18)

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\/ November 17 Messages \/

RE: an earlier Mailbag post... Her last name is actually Coffin, like what a vampire sleeps in during the day. (11/17/18)

Are these stocks a good investment at these low prices? Urban One at $2.50 per share or Salem at $3.00 per share? (11/17/18)

Are these stocks a good investment at these low prices? Urban One at $2.50 per share or Salem at $3.00 per share? (11/17/18)

It's interesting that 4-2 plays XFINITY commercials with audio level 10-15 Db higher then the level of programs and other commercials. Didn't the Commission pass a rule about this? (11/17/18)

/\ November 17 Messages /\

\/ November 16 Messages \/

Looks like Fox5 is “bulking” up their pool of early a.m. anchors. Turned on their 4am broadcast & the newbie Cori Conlin (sp) was anchoring w/Erin Como. Wouldn’t be surprised if they make that duo permanent; millennials replacing the veterans Holly, Maureen & Wisdom. (11/16/18)

What is the culture behind the Bolly 102.9 FM Format? It is Music from India for young adults. A unique Format serving Northern Virginia. (11/16/18)

What has happened to the Urban One Stock? It is at an all time low of just $2.57 per share. Wall Street has no confidence in this stock. It is doing worse than the Salem Stock. (11/16/18)

/\ November 16 Messages /\

\/ November 15 Messages \/

BOAD without O with Anthony from NYC was ugly. Ass kissing was bad. Amazing ass kissing. Terrible podcasting... It's not funny out of BOAD... Would there be a Podcast without O? Two cocky left overs. Esp Drab. $$$ own you own???? (11/15/18)

It’s baaaaaaaack: winter weather media hysteria in the DC market. WUSA’s Topper Shutt is declaring Thursday “Half a loaf” on the “Bread O Meter”, Giant & Safeway have their shelves stocked with milk & water, DCRTVDJDAVE will skip walking Tank, Gus in Gaithersburg will be wearing his favorite Winnie The Poo pajamas in his mother’s basement, and WTOP already has school closings (Loudoun, Prince William are closed) posted... (11/15/18)

Re "Your obsession with O'Meara's every move is getting pretty creepy." So Don Geronimo aka Mike Sorce doesn't like the good-natured comedic mocking & satirical commentary of his social media posts in the DCRTV mailbag? He then posts his displeasure on his Twitter account and his incited 2-3 "fans" go after Mike O'Meara, & Robb Spewak? Gus in [the] Gaithersburg the pseudonym gatekeeper? #RELAX (11/15/18)

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\/ November 14 Messages \/

Cumulus talker Mark Levin will be inducted into the National Radio Hall Of Fame at a ceremony being held at the upscale Guastavino's Restaurant in New York City on Thursday, November 15th. Introducing Levin will be fellow NRHOFers Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Levin, whose radio show started on New York’s WABC, will be joined by fellow 2018 inductees Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Mike Francesa, among others. Tickets for the black tie event are still available: nationalradiohalloffame.com (11/14/18)

Does anyone know why WUSA9 has suddenly decided not to run previews of their shows in the 10:00 hour? They always used to but in the last month or so they cut off the previews and start the news. Are they running too many ads or what. I have emailed them to ask and get no reply but it is annoying. (11/14/18)

Is DC's new WOL- FM 95.9 (W240DJ translator) going to impact the Baltimore radio ratings? One wonders from this signal submitted to the FCC for final approval. Anywhere you see the blue line, you could hear interference on Magic 95.9. Towards the purple line, you might get WOL 95.9 DC's Urban News Talk instead. Notice the clear overlap, something the FCC would not normally allow. So if you're having interference, FCC complaints can be filed here... consumercomplaints.fcc.gov (11/14/18)

From Tom Taylor's You Can't Make This Up: Brush with (Hollywood) greatness – Bill Prettyman recalls when “I was the GSM at then-top 40 WPGC in Washington DC. Sid Zins, the local Columbia Pictures rep, was a fixture, and I wanted to keep him happy. ‘Happy’ meant doing taped interviews, best described as perfunctory, since WPGC was tightly formatted. Sid knew the deal, and he just wanted to look good. Not wanting to involve a regular jock in these charades, I did them myself. One day I walked into a hotel room at the appointed time to meet Sid plus two people I’d never heard of: Peter Bogdanovich and Cybill Shepherd. I pull out a mic and Cybill said ‘Mind if I get comfortable?’ She proceeds to stretch out longways on a nearby couch and did the entire interview that way. ‘The Last Picture Show’ was Shepherd’s acting debut, and also the directing debut of Bogdanovich. The film went on to be nominated for eight Academy Awards and it won two Oscars. But for me, an under-appreciated aspect was Cybill Shepherd’s personality. One of the funniest people I ever met, very irreverent – and her stretching out on the couch took me aback.” (11/14/18)

Could it finally be over, the Orioles/Nationals MASN TV money lawsuit? The Washington Post thinks so, but they've said that before. The courts sent the appealed decision to give the Nats lots of money partially won by the Orioles back to MLB's RSDC (3 owner panel) to decide, Nat's have new lawyers apart from MLB, but that doesn't mean the Angelos family won't just appeal it all again. Appearance of bias against the Orioles was discovered in the case to this point, so what will happen this time? Well, everyone knows the Nats are owed a good chunk of money. Question is, how much? Stay tuned. www.washington.com (11/14/18)

Your obsession with O'Meara's every move is getting pretty creepy. (11/14/18)

Have you heard the new Bolly 102.9 FM? It is very refreshing and there is nothing like it in DC. Try it...... (11/14/18)

Salem stock continues to drop....now at $2.97 per share. Wall Street does not like this stock. They are selling off some of their stations. (11/14/18)

Salem stock continues to drop....now at $2.97 per share. Wall Street does not like this stock. They are selling off some of their stations. (11/14/18)

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\/ November 13 Messages \/

RE: “RE:”Veterans Day is not a holiday.” Uhhhh, yeh, it is,”…. You are right. But, TMOS has never taken off that day before. Now, they are patriotic? And, then, blow it off today due to “Illness”? That’s five missed shows in two weeks including one that is paid for? TMOS is all about the listeners! Sick people making fruit cake sounds like a microbiology lab in school gone badly! I guess they will add Columbus Day next. Funny, all the talent at JFK worked Monday. Think about that! So did every other station in DC. I guess that is why it is just a podcast now. Mike's work ethic has never been good. Ask Don and he will tell you. (11/13/18)

May I summarize Mitch Jacob’s resignation letter from WJLA? “They were going to cut my pay and make me carry even more unconscionable Sinclair propaganda, so I had a tantrum, threw my mood meds in their faces and stormed out”. (How close did I come? That’s why everybody else has been leaving.) -Max Critic (11/13/18)

"Can anyone recover last night's (11/12) MSNBC broadcast of "Hardball" with Chris Matthews? He sped-mumbled his way through the introduction of one of his guests, and instead of referring to them as a "political analyst", it came out as "political ass". Two words of advice, Chris: "Super" and "PoliGrip""" Chris, who lives in a yellow Victorian house on the southern side of an east-west street just behind Trader Joes in Chevy Chase is great as a neighbor but a dick as a TV commentator. But he does not reach the monumental peak of dickishness that Joe Scarbourough hits every single day. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/13/18)

Well, it seems like "Disaster Doug" Kammerer is actively scaring the shit out of the DC area with his weather predictions which usually don't pan out per his storm team's scare tactics. WRC please dump this grandstanding clown and promote Amelia Draper to chief meteorologist. (11/13/18)

Re: "Veterans Day is not a holiday." Uhhhh, yeh, it is, in the United States. Hint: you didn't find anything in your mailbox yesterday...didja? Also, if you own a TV set or radio or computer, ya might've heard some talk about it. It was, in fact, the 99th consecutive year it's been a holiday. Vet. Er. Uns. Day. Think about it. (11/13/18)

Mitch Jacobs, Director of News is leaving WJLA-TV. See email here: "I made the decision to take a break from daily news for a while. I’ve been in this industry for more years than I care to count and, after celebrating a birthday on Monday, I feel I’m ready for a break. This move will also give me the opportunity to spend some quality time with my mom, who has not been well. I want to thank Scott Livingston and his team at Sinclair for their amazing support over the last decade and for allowing me to step away, especially during a book. When I moved to D.C. I had no idea how much this city, and this job, would change my life. I am a better journalist and manager for having worked with all of you, as you have taught me so much. You have continually proven your commitment to excellent journalism over the years and I am grateful to you. Working with you has been the highlight of my career and I have all of you to thank for that. I wish everyone the very best in what I know will be a continuation of what we have built together. As you face new challenges, and head in directions yet to come, always remember to “Go big or Go Home!” With that, it is time for me to say goodbye. Mitch... Mitch Jacob, WJLA-TV, Director of News for Washington DC"..... (11/13/18)

"Two of the guys under the weather" today at Mike "Kavanaugh" O'Meara Show. Let's be honest, "Best of" is not. Fuck that shit, Pabst Blue Ribbon! It sounds like another "can't make it to another room because hangover" day. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/13/18)

"Nielsen has decided not to publish the radio ratings for stations that do subscribe to their service. Since the ratings are their product, they can do as they please. This a their way to try try to force stations is subscribe. Many small stations cannot afford to pay for this service." I find when I go to Best Buy they are sticklers for me paying for stuff before I leave. I don't know what those Nielsen people are up to but it's clearly a huge problem. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/13/18)

Hi Dave, It is with great sadness that I report the passing of a great friend and legendary Baltimore/Washington Broadcaster Bill Quinn. He passed away Friday at his home in Syracuse,New York. Bill was a graduate of Syracuse University. He got started in radio in the 1940’s at WNDR in Syracuse working with top flight talents such as Frank Hennessy who would also come to Maryland from Upstate New York. Bill would go on to program top-40 at WTLB(1310)in Utica,New York,WNDR(1260) in Syracuse and WFBL(1390) also in Syracuse. Bill was also the #1 nighttime Jock at WPRO(630) in Providence,Rhode Island. After military service he would come to Baltimore and program WLPL(92.3) and WSID 1010-AM(United Broadcasting). He also served as PD for the company’s Washington outlet WINX. Bill also programmed Classical WBJC in Baltimore. Mr.Quinn also had an an encyclopedic knowledge of Old Time Radio, Broadway Show Tunes and The Big Band Era. Bill was very supportive to me in this business and I really appreciate what he did for me. I will miss him very much! Here’s to You Bill! Nick L. (11/13/18)

In two weeks, TMOS misses three regular shows and one Pay to Listen Bonus show. Way to go guys.... (11/13/18)

Check that......TMOS misses FOUR regular shows and one bonus in a two week period. (11/13/18)

Re.It’s Academic. There were times when my dad would come home after work and say that the show was under review for the following year or that the sponsors were looking for options. If I’m not mistaken the show was sponsored by the army at one point. While giant has always been a huge supporter of the show my fear is that yes it boils down to money and space apparently. If there is an online petition or even a go fund me page to get the show relocated can someone please post a link. I would be happy to contribute. Thanks Mark McGarry.... (11/13/18)

Can anyone recover last night's (11/12) MSNBC broadcast of "Hardball" with Chris Matthews? He sped-mumbled his way through the introduction of one of his guests, and instead of referring to them as a "political analyst", it came out as "political ass". Two words of advice, Chris: "Super" and "PoliGrip" (11/13/18)

Albie Dee said in a promo on WIAD Monday afternoon that he starts Wednesday afternoon.He will be on 3-7PM. Ron in Annapolis (11/13/18)

Dave's response: We hear from Albie that he will be doing the new afternoon drive show from 94.7's DC studios and not remotely from a station in Tampa, where hs's been working, as was implied in the press release about his new gig at the Drive.....

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\/ November 12 Messages \/

“How could anyone think of getting rid of this show after it's been on the air for over a half century?” The answer to all your questions is…money, of course (11/12/18)

Fuck where fuck is due. Fuck Mike O'Meara. He's not in radio because he's lazy. Veterans Day is not a holiday. Most employers say "We give you the Friday after Thanksgiving off and that's your Veterans Day" or Columbus Day or whatever. Gus in the Gaithersbiurg (11/12/18)

For most of its history in Baltimore, It’s Academic was taped at WBAL TV. I don’t know why WBAL got rid of the show or maybe WJZ gave them a better deal to get it? Not sure of the story there, but I can’t see why WUSA 9 or WJLA 7 wouldn’t have the space to put up such a sparse set. Or even FOX 5, but they are moving studios and might not want any commitments. (11/12/18)

Dave: Not a great Redskins game yesterday but take the win. Gotta tell you, we're to the point where you cannot listen to the Redskins on the radio. Also, while down here in South Carolina, I was able to watch some of that Gruden TV show and the Redskins really should look at who's representing their team on Radio/TV shows. Cooley always needs a shave and just comes off as a know it all, what an eye-sore. You can't tell me their radio games aren't the worst in the league! We may not have like Herzog toward the end, however, Frank gave it to you straight... at this point, there has to be decent analysts out there better than Doc grunting on the sidelines while on air...just an awful listen. (11/12/18)

Nielsen has decided not to publish the radio ratings for stations that do subscribe to their service. Since the ratings are their product, they can do as they please. This a their way to try try to force stations is subscribe. Many small stations cannot afford to pay for this service. Sorry! (11/12/18)

/\ November 12 Messages /\

\/ November 11 Messages \/

Re: It's Academic: According to a letter circulated to It's Academic alums (of which I am one), Studio A at NBC4 will "no longer be available for use" after this year, and the show will need to find a new studio and possibly a new station. No reason was provided. Giant has not committed to sponsorship for next year either. I was under the impression the studio was only still used for It's Academic and Meet the Press, so NBC4 must be trying to unceremoniously force out the show, which is just beyond sad and disappointing. NB that NBC4 does not produce It's Academic, it is done by an outside company, which means it can end up somewhere else. There is currently a petition drive ongoing to get Giant to sponsor the next season, which will make things a lot easier if the show needs to relocate. (11/11/18)

Local musician, well, drummer, Chuck Sullivan of the super lame local band New Keys,has written a 200 page long blowbjob about Steve Winwood, books.google.com. An editor would have been a good thing. I like my cigar too but I take it out once in a while. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/11/18)

/\ November 11 Messages /\

\/ November 10 Messages \/

Just saw on Angie Goff’s social media page that Clay Anderson is back at WRC. He also said he’s back at NBC4 as per his Twitter page (11/10/18)

On Hillary Howard's Instagram, she's posted a video from the 'It's Academic' set, asking for help to find the show a new studio home. Is the show being threatened with cancelation? How could anyone think of getting rid of this show after it's been on the air for over a half century? www.instagram.com (11/10/18)

Credit where credit is due: Mike O'Meara shakes off the shakes and gets over the hangover and interviews Bill O'Reilly like nobody's business. In other news Don Geronimo (real name Don Geronimo) is emulating Trump by spending way too much time on Twitter. In still other news Larry "Panties" O'Connor of WMAL is irate because he thinks ringing someone's doorbell and running away is a crime. His ... there's no other way to say this... super faggy rant has turned me off of WMAL for a week or two. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/10/18)

The Greaseman's act never LEFT the '80s, even well into the tail end of the '90s. You think 94.7 FM is considering running some pre-recorded Nino "Best-Ofs" for late night weekends? BTW, you may be surprised to know that it will be twenty years this February that CBS/WARW showed him the door. Wasn't THAT a fast two decades? (11/10/18)

To the WZHF critic: where do I find the legal information supporting your position? I'll listen to, and consider, your opinion; but first I want to see what the legal standard is. (11/10/18)

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Did the owners of the radio stations carrying the Russian Propaganda register as Russian agents? Arthur Liu owns WZHF 1390 AM and John Graziglia the owner of FM 105.5 should be registered since they are responsible for the programming on their stations. (11/9/18)

Man, Gus from Gaithersburg has recently morphed from being just a humorless curmudgeon to more like an anaerobic infection. Come on up from the moldy basement and grab some sunshine and fresh air, Gus. Then CNN won’t look like the butt of your illogical jokes and your entire political philosophy will melt in the sun -Max Critic (11/9/18)

Looks like WTTG has transitioned in Annie Yu’s replacement, Cori Coflin (sp) quite effortlessly. Think she was even on their really early broadcast anchoring. Wonder if Annie moving to WUSA’s morning circus was really a move up though. (11/9/18)

Dave, Enjoy you site each day Please get the people at MASN to stream the Nationals and Orioles games next season Thanks, Patrick Peartree (11/9/18)

This season Georgetown Univ. is allowing WOL 1450 AM to broadcast some of the Hoyas basketball games. I was trying to listen the other night and it was ridiculous. I was in my car in DC and could barely hear the station. Got home to Fairfax County and couldn’t pick up at all. Any idea why GU would give the broadcast rights to a station without a clear signal. Anybody out there have any suggestions for better reception; do they have an FM signal? (11/9/18)

Dave's response: WOL's digital signal is relayed by several of Urban One's FMers in the DC area, probably WKYS 93.9.....

/\ November 9 Messages /\

\/ November 8 Messages \/

I had read that following Jim Vance's death, Leon Harris was supposed to get the 6 pm anchor spot. That doesn't seem to have happened. Does anyone know why? Jim Hanley does have seniority at the station so maybe that's why. (11/8/18)

If you scroll down you can watch Jim Acosta the CNN dickwad assault the nice White House lady. www.dailymail.co.uk... "'I didn't put my hands on her or touch her as they’re alleging" Acosta told Anderson Cooper. The takeaway is that Jim Acosta is a liar and stupid. "She [Sarah Huckabee Sanders] provided fraudulent accusations and and cited an incident that never happened" is the CNN institutional lie. Makes one wonder if there's something to this "fake news" stuff. Yes I know Trump lies all time but the topic at hand is Jim Acosta and his mendacious stupidity backed up by CNN's institutional mendacity. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/8/18)

Other than the notoriety it would draw to their organizations, to say nothing of the total teardown of the "When they go low..." philosophy, what is keeping White House TV news reporters from yelling back, "Answer my question, you fat f***!" ? Seems to me that, after two years of abuse, someone in the Brady Press Briefing Room would have popped a sprocket by now. (11/8/18)

Dave, See that you haven't updated the Eastern Shore page in a while so thought I'd update you on a couple of things. Most of this all ties to GSB Broadcasting. WCTG expands coverage: The Chincoteage, VA. FM on 96.5 has moved it's transmitter site to West Pocomoke(MD) to give better coverage into the Salisbury metro area. They are now simulcasting the station on 101.5 WVES which moved to the Chincoteage tower site in order to get increased tower height. WVES had been promoting as MIX 101.5. GSB has also purchased Bay County 97.9, WBEY Crisfield, Md. from Eastern Shore Media's Mike Powell. The station is now branded as "Today's Best Country". The new station joins GSB's retro county stations on 99.3 and 101.1 branded as "WOW that's Country" The 99.3 is licensed as WOWZ while the 101.1 is using the classic WICO call letters. WICO FM had been country formatted since the early 1970's and licensed to Salisbury, MD. They were simulcast with sister station WICO AM which first went on the air in 1957. 94.9 Jack FM has dropped the WAMS call letters and picked up WKHI. The WKHI call letters were dropped by Adams Radio after they moved the Delmarva's Classic Rock BIG format to 107.7. Adams decided to move the WGBG call letters as well. Jack FM continues to be jock-less except for Saturday's from 7-10 PM and Sunday's from 10 AM to Noon. Both slots go against the Jack "no request" format with live announcers taking requests. The station is also airing Salisbury University football and the MD News Network during morning and afternoon drive. The station is currently owned by Vinco Media LLC. Hope you find some of this useful. (11/8/18)

Best WTOP election coverage header: “Dead brothel owner wins election for Nevada legislative seat”. What a lucky “stiff”: wtop.com (11/18/18)

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To the person asking about me (Alan Field) and my early days at WCAO: I’m still not sure what you’re asking because you haven’t actually formed a question. But if you’re wondering why I went from 9 to Noon weekdays to the weekends (By the way I wasn’t part time. The other three days I was on the news desk), it’s a long story you may have to click to read it in its entirety. I made a cardinal mistake by taking all my 3 weeks of vacation in 1961 all together. When I was away, there was a change in PD. I got a telegram from the outgoing PD, Bob Housen, that I was being moved to weekends to “protect” me. Why? Never knew. When I got back to work I met the new PD Larry Monroe, told him my story, he shrugged and said the schedule was set. After he heard me on the weekend, he came to me and said he couldn’t imagine why I had been switched. Next slot opening was mine. Koolage left in ’62, I went back to weekdays and spent the next decade at WCAO. Alan Field (11/7/18)

Did Don Geronimo call Mike O'Meara a drunk? From Geronimo's Twitter feed. "Still a drunk? Think you’re talking to Mike O? I’m the weed guy. And @JimCarrey is FINE company to be mentioned with. You flatter me. My jumble" (11/7/18)

Stocks to Watch......are any of these stocks a good buy at these low prices? Spanish Broadcasting at 16 cents per share, Urban One at $2.54 per share or Salem at $3.11 per share? (11/7/18)

RE: "I keep a vomit bag in the car every time I tune in to 1090." Stop. Fucking. Listening. Please. (11/7/18)

RE: CLUB FED and the FCC: Drain the Swamp? Are you kidding me? There’s been an error in the CDBS system for nearly 3 months now that causes an error when your search results total more than 50. They apparently have monkeys throwing paint at a wall looking for art to solve it, but who knows when? We’ll have a new President by then! Classic example of why people hate government employees and DC. They don’t give a fuck about anybody or their jobs because no one ever tells them that they fucked up or cares. They just all look the other way to protect the mindless masses of drones. Nobody can be fired so who the fuck cares? (11/7/18)

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That DC lobbyist from last week? Jack Burkman? The guy being investigated by the FBI for trying to whip up a fake accusation against Bob Mueller? He has a talking head TV "news" program on the NewsMax cable channel, and the audio is 'stripped' separately for use as a syndicated radio show. Ever watch it? Nope, me neither. (11/6/18)

I keep reporting the Channel 6 Franken FMs as pirate radio stations, but the FCC will not do anything about the overmodulation, twice as loud as every other radio station, as well as the fact that they are not operating as licensed. The FCC simply just does NOT CARE. Allegedly though after the repack, there are not supposed to be ANY non-digital TV stations. Will they do anything then? Doubtful. :-( (11/6/18)

About Alan Field this is what I wanted to know. I believe you worked all nights at WITH, then mornings at WCAO. From mornings to the 9 till noon slot. Then I thought that sometime in 1961 you went from working full time on the air to just workings weekends in 1961. Then in 1962 when Bob Koolage left WCAO to go to WITH I thought you went back to working full time at WCAO from 9 till noon. (11/6/18)

Let's" Drain the Swamp" at the FCC......There are too many rules that are obsolete on the books, many going back to the 1930's. Get rid of the Loopholes in the current rules! Rules like divesting stations when you own more stations than you are allowed to own and putting them in your "Trust" that you control. Making promises to the FCC to obtain the license for a Channel 6 LPTV Station that you will operate as a Television Station and then not keeping any of the promises! Just use the audio channel to operate it as an FM Radio Station......just to name two examples. (11/6/18)

A local publication available in the DCRTV market, The Washington Examiner, had their Twitter “hacked” with a post that stated Trump was “going to hell”. Nobody ever hacks DCRTV’s Twitter, Facebook or Mailbag because nobody would know the difference. The Huffington Post reports: www,huffingtonpost.com (11/6/18)

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\/ November 5 Messages \/

The Mike O'Meara Show Las Vegas LIVE Show. Thanks to the TMOS fans in attendance for LIVE STREAMING Friday night, the Las Vegas show on their smart phones via the dark web. Proving again that Oscar Santana's MBA doesn't translate into cash, maybe next years LIVE show and future yearly shows can also be offered as a high quality LIVE Pay Per View? [PPV]. Even O'Meara can understand that $20 per PPV buys and underwritten by TMOS sponsors is far more profitable than live show attendance and selling labor intensive holiday fruit cakes combined. (11/5/18)

What has happened to the Urban One Stock? It continues to slide down. Now selling at just $2.58 per share. Alfred Liggins says things are going to improve but there is no evidence of that happening. Salem Stock is still at one of the lowest prices since they went public. $3.15 per share. Perhaps Salem has lost their appeal on Wall Street.
Unfortunately, it didn’t make the “Three Things You Need to Know” list this morning on alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090, but it was right up there. I am referring to Anne Kramer’s news tease, as our family gathered around the breakfast table: “How about a vomit bag as you enter a museum in Sweden?” I guess I shouldn’t be so offended. I keep a vomit bag in the car every time I tune in to 1090. (11/5/18)

I have been able to carry 820 with no drop-out HD to a point just beyond the US15-PA Turnpike intersection near Harrisburg. With lower bit rate and a drop out two to a point North of Harrisburg. The desense near the WHP array along I 81 resulted in a mile long drop zone. Imagine how good this system will work in the midwest where good ground conductivity and low band position could allow reliable digital coverage of 100 miles or more. WNAX, Yankton for example. Greg (11/5/18)

#TMOSVegas????? No show Thursday or Friday. No Bonus either but taking $$$. Glad they had fun with Jim Amato and a blue haired ass. (11/5/18)

I am so glad that our regular spam about Channel 6 is back. I think we were all getting worried bout the originator. Good to see he/she is OK. (11/5/18)

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I had a chance to do one of those occasional Sunday drives around the country today and checked out all digital 820am. IMPRESSIVE! Once away from power lines before Jarrettsville the signal started locking in, this is an area which is in the fringe of coverage too. The closer to 1-83 the better, still at least 40 miles from their 4.3kw transmitter. As expected in this area, noise floor had a negative affect since it is hard to overcome power line noise on a fringe signal. However, I would expect near perfect coverage within 20 miles of their daytime coverage area. To me, it was far better than I would have expected with just 10khz bandwidth. I would compare the audio to that of the better XM channels as far as how the digital signal is processed. I would love to get feedback from those who have sampled the station closer to the transmitter both during the day AND night. Unfortunately I did not have time to get further west, but sure liked what I heard. For an old broadcaster who started in AM in the 70's, I would have never expected it could sound so darn good. Obviously WWFD is a pioneer in this area, I applaud them! Yes, it's not your grandfathers AM anymore with full digital. Tom Conroy (11/4/18)

Ray Knight will not return to MASN’s Nationals broadcasts next season www.washingtonpost.com (11/4/18)

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Holy Balls ... Music Choice -- the music-only channel service on cable TV -- is already playing Christmas songs on its "Sounds of the Season" channel. Im not ready yet! (11/3/18)

The Mike O'Meara Show & Podcast: LIVE from Vegas! #TMOSVEGAS (11/3/18)

To broadcast for an NBA team, one would assume the voices of that particular team would be the very best out there. Have you checked out the Wizards lately? In scrolling across the dial last night I came upon Dave Johnson and Glen Consor doing there version of describing the Wizards-Thunder game. First of all, I had no idea where the ball was on the court or what the score was.BUT I did know who was texting them either from some distant state or in the arena. Something they call a Radio party. And this is an NBA game they are doing. Can you imagine the great Marv Albert or Chick Hearn or Johnny Most puling off a stunt like that or any other voices of NBA teams. Absolutely not. Johnson might be a nice man, but is he ever hard to understand and listen to. Consor is ok, when he is able to get a word in edgewise. (11/4/18)

DCRTVDJDAVE has been on the road but can he and fellow Mailbaggers (other than Gus in Gaithersburg whose mother won’t let him drive) pass a simple driver’s test compiled by WTOP from area DMV’s? Take the test and if you fail, get off the road: wtop.com (11/3/18)

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FOX 45 meteorologist Vytas Reid collapsed live on air yesterday afternoon. It’s in The Sun. (11/2/18)

As long as we're offering advice to 94.7: Check your music rotation on the song "Dont You Want Me" by the Human League. That comes up a lot in and around the 7AM hour. I get that there is a finite number of 80s songs, but there are an awful LOT of them. (11/2/18)

It is interesting that JFK is using the studio at Redskins Park and giving away better and more seats than TEM this week. Also, the former Skins players giving away seats/swag are only checking in with JFK. The times are changing. OOBBEE (11/2/18)

To repeat, Bill Thompson retired on his own terms from WMAL a number weeks ago. -Max Critic (11/2/18)

Re: Bill Thompson...It was reported in this space a couple of months ago that Bill Thompson retired. - Tom in Wheaton (11/2/18)

I don't think that IHeart Media bought Clear Channel. I believe Clear Channel changed its name to IHeart Media. Having said that there still might be a requirement to sell a DC station. If so, where did that come from? (11/2/18)

Please allow me to be the first....MERRY CHRISTMAS DCRTV' fellow mailbaggers. Apparently, it's never too early.. Hallmark Channel has been running Christmas movies for well over a week. Last week, my local supermarket had a display of those Christmas Popcorn Tins.. Also, last week, Sirius/XM announced that they were launching 5 Christmas Music channels No\v.. 1. Early this morning on CBS Sports Radio, there was a Home Depot ad for Christmas Lights. As Sheldon said on an early episode of "Big Bang", "it's no wonder suicide rates skyrocket this time of year" I'd like to propose the Official DCRTV Drinking Game. When WASH and WLIF flip for the season, let's start on a Saturday at 2pm. Each time you hear the phrases (not just the song, the lyric) Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Step into Christmas, and Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time, you take a shot of your favorite liquor. I guarantee that you'll either be passed out, throwing up or in a hospital ER for alcohol poisoning by 5pm. Rumor has it that our friend Gus is heading out to a local tree farm tomorrow to chop down his Christmas tree. HO-HO-HO !! (11/2/18)

"Loves to talk trash about people he works with behind their backs (in this case Oscar and Matt Cahill)? Check. " It's not really behind their back when it's to their face on his radio show/podcast and they're sitting right across from him. Gus in the Gaithersburg, still not Don Geronimo or Chad Dukes (11/2/18)

"But you could be making $1,000-$1,500 a day doing broadcast/media consulting." Radio consultants are in the business of messing stuff up. I don't think that's Dave's scene. Gus in the Gaithersburg, still not Don Geronimo or Chad Dukes (11/2/18)

Not sure what’s funnier…people obsessed over who Gus In The Gaithersburg is or watching Trump supporters blind to what his true motives are. (11/2/18)

Perhaps I missed this, but does anyone know what happened to Bill Thompson in the monrnngs on WMAL? (11/2/18)

Oldies are living well at WTHU-1450. A mix of 1960's through 1980's with a sprinkling of super-familiar Fifties tunes is being spun on smooth automation. Promos are heard for some kind of morning host and his show. Local commercials sound relatively polished. Station liners and promos sound as if voiced by Bob Mathers (listed program director/consultant) and Dave Cannon, heard for decades in southcentral Pennsylvania on WHVR WYCR WGTY the original Z107 of Harrisburg (WRKZ) etc etc. Far superior to the strange music format WTHU a few months ago. (11/2/18)

A big ‘whoa’ with the Baltimore numbers. Classic Rock WZBA ‘The Bay’ trounced rival WIYY ’98 Rock’, and bested them firmly in all dayparts after morning drive. WIYY’s morning drive is down a bit, but still pulling in great numbers. It should be interesting to see if this continues, and to see if the other Hearst turkey (WBAL) will improve with the light-bulb powered FM that they added. (11/2/18)

I see looking at the playlist for The Drive their adding songs by The Cure ,99 Luftbaloons from Nina ,You Can Call me Al from Paul Simon even played A Day In the Life from The Beatles so their adding occasional 60s in the mix.So as time goes by well see how the station shapes up but looking at the last 6 hrs of playlist on Radio.Com there's less of the same old stuff they were repeating alot and new additions. (11/2/18)

Minority Ownership should be improved. However, this effort has been abused in the past. The Minority Tax Certificate was abused and was eventually discontinued. When the LPTV Stations were first licensed it was so that minorities would have an opportunity to get into Television Ownership. Soon after these Channel 6 LPTV Licenses were granted the stations were sold to non-minorities for big profits. The new owners used their audio signal as FM Stations on 87.7 FM. An example of this in DC is WDCN 87.7 FM. They never operated as the FCC intended as a Television Station. They have always operated as an FM Radio Station and lease the facility to a Broker.(11/2/18)

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Over 10 years and counting......In 2008 iHeart bought the Clear Channel Stations. In order to comply with FCC Rules, they agreed to sell off one of their FM Stations in DC. They owned five FM Stations and the limit was just four. They put WFRE 99.9 FM in their "Trust", which they controlled. They never sold it and still own and operate it today. These are called loopholes in the FCC Rules. iHeart has enjoyed the cash flow and profits of this station all these years! The FCC continues to "look" the other way. Shame on the FCC! (11/1/18)

Russian Propaganda is still alive in DC! Both WZHF 1390 AM, owned by Arthur Liu and Translator 105.5 FM, owned by John Garziglia, still carry the Sputnik Russian programming. The owners of the stations should be registered as Russian Agents. According to FCC Rules, the owners of the stations are responsible for the programming on their stations. (11/1/18)

Gus in the Gaithersburg is Chad Dukes. Racist? Check. Obsessed with old radio shows on WJFK? Check. Loves to talk trash about people he works with behind their backs (in this case Oscar and Matt Cahill)? Check. Likes to "trigger libs" online? Check. (11/1/18)

Wow! We just finished an Our Town interview with CBS White House Correspondent, Steven Portnoy. It was fantastic! Generally speaking Andy interviews the guest about their lives but Steven turned the tables and interviewed Andy about his career and experiences at WMAL. We loved the whole exchange- Steven is so bright and so engaging, a brilliant talent and a lover of radio and WMAL- what’s not to like! Make sure you catch his interview on www.ourtown.com, Season 4 of Our Town is underway, a new podcast is released every Tuesday and Thursday. (11/1/18)

Dave, you do a good job. But you could be making $1,000-$1,500 a day doing broadcast/media consulting. Why are you wasting precious time - and why are you degrading yourself - selling bumper stickers? C'mon, man! (11/1/18)

Not sure if anyone has said anything, but it looks like WDLD 96.7 in Hagerstown ("Wild 96.7") is executing some sort of stunt - playing "It's Alive" sweepers in between their songs and all station social media titling has been changed to "It's Alive." Thought I'd give you a heads up! (11/1/18)

Looked at the front page just now. Glory Days is and always has been renowned as a haven for criminals, drug dealers and drug users. That said they make a wonderful Bloody Mary, the best thing after a night of hammering cocaine and alcohol. Robin Ficker used to have his "law offices" above a massage parlor, Eagle Spa on Wisconsin Avenue next to Ranger Surplus in Bethesda. Eagle Spa was eventually busted for the usual reasons. Gus in the Gaithersburg, still not Don Geronimo (11/1/18)

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