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\/ August 22 Messages \/

Here's the link Dave... WNST AM 1570 announces they're cleaning house & dumping practically the WHOLE STAFF today! Included are Drew Forrester, the GM, Glenn Clark & various other station employees. Comments on the website are not pretty, but Nestor tells his story as usual in dramatic fashion. Warning: It's a 4 page read, so grab a drink & a snack beforehand. Balto Media (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] While I agree that the paper would best be served by consistency, the fact is newsroom and editorial march to different drummers. Bezos has absolutely zero to do with this or most other local decisions. He's the money man, period. Questions of style are beneath him. (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] HOOTERS Restaurant is an offensive name for all women. It's derogatory towards women's breasts. Women across the USA should be protesting in front of all HOOTERS restaurants as well as sending petitions to the HOOTERS corporate headquarters. The Wash Post should be writing editorials about this too. Women's breasts are offended and it's wrong. Just saying. Go SKINS! (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] The news and editorial functions of a newspaper like the Post are separate, and they should be. Making the choice not to use the team's name in articles would be advocacy in news pieces. I do not believe the Post would have acted differently under any ownership. It's simply basic journalism. (8/22/14)

WNST's Nestor Aparicio wrote this one his stations website today: "Today, I announced the departure of several veteran folks – Drew Forrester, Glenn Clark, Ryan Chell and my office staff of general manager Paul Kopelke and Ashley Bishoff – in effort to create a basic change in the way we’re doing content and our radio format at & AM 1570. They came to work every day and they gave everything they had to WNST. They’re good, hard-working, honest people and I wish them absolutely nothing but the best in their future." (8/22/14)

In another in a long line of “Dog Ate My Homework” FCC requests to remain silent, WRJE AM 1600 Delaware now claims that its landlord is at fault for not paying the electric bill at the transmitter site. HUH? Seriously?? And the FCC is going to BUY THIS??? Uh huh! Meanwhile this station will remain silent for over a year while still operating 1-2 FM translators that are supposed to be translating an AM station that can’t pay it’s electric bill! Yeah right. Maybe this makes sense in the Superman Bizarro World comic books I guess huh? (8/22/14)

Okay, so let me get this straight. After a 2 year campaign of unprecedented hostility to the Redskins (dozens and dozens of anti-name columns, articles and blog posts and NOT A SINGLE pro-name story), the Washington Post's editorial board has decided that it will not use the Redskins name in the editorial page, where the Redskins are almost never mentioned.. But the rest of the paper, including the sports section, which features the Redskins prominently, will continue to use the name as always. And unspoken is that the WP will continue to hypocritically accept the Redskins' money for advertising and continue to sponsor the Redskins radio broadcasts on 980 (and perhaps in other ways). So this seems like a big nothing that may earn the WP a few kudos from its pc media colleagues but has no other effect. On the other hand, if twitter is any indication, the already hemmorraging Post is going to take a big cancellation hit over this from angry Redskins fans......8/22/14)

Hey, Dave: Your boy Nestor Aparacio basically fired everyone at his station can read his long, rambling letter about it on or, also, Zurawik has an article about it on the Sun website. Keep up the great work!! (8/22/14)

Both NBC4 and ABC7 will be airing tomorrow's Redskins/Ravens pre-season game. NBC4 shows the Reskins games and ABC7 shows the Ravens games. (8/22/14)

Glad to see this happening... Rush loses four radio stations in three weeks... (8/22/14)

Looks like its all over for Aereo... (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] Word choices and policies have been part of journalism throughout its history. You might want to take a look at a little something called The AP Stylebook. (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] The Redskins need to ban the post from all its activities, and we need to boycott the post. (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] Jeff Bezos is going to shut down the dead tree Post anyway. BFD. (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] Redskins forever....this so freaking PC it simply pisses me off. Go Dan Snyder..fight the fight all are behind you. (8/22/14)

I thought Davey Marlin-Jones was the same as Gene Shalit, who spawned Arch Campbell. Where do these guys come from? Was there a school for TV movie critics? "Flamboyant" was the syllabus. NBC's Steve Doocy when he worked local channel 4 was the same, only he went to a joke of a news outlet instead of doing movies. I can't imagine anyone getting into that line of work now. They'd be laughed off the air. Anachronisms, like Paul Harvey while we're at it, wouldn't cut it to start today. (8/22/14)

Saw a post asking about Bart Sorce getting married. Didn't he go to college in South Carolina? Did he graduate and what exactly is he doing these days? (8/22/14)

Dave's response: Last I heard that Bart was living in LA and had a job in the entertainment biz and that's why Don didn't want to come back east.....

Congratulations WaPo, on yet another kowtow to the liberal politically correct mob with their Redskins position. I remember after the Donald Sterling controversy reading a column from their "Editorial board" about how "free speech wasn't all it's cracked up to be" and how we should "censor our thoughts before we speak them". These guilty white clowns need to go crawl into a hole and get out of the business. This Redskins story is so lopsided. People don't even acknowledge there are Native American High Schools that use the Redskins mascot & there are thousands of local Native Americans who go to FedEx Field every week. Who wants to live in this world where your constantly worried about the R-Word or the B-Word or the F-Word....? Are we all kinder-gardeners again? Seriously people. Think about these moronic stances, the epidemic of political correctness needs to stop. (8/22/14)

Hey Dave, This doesn't have to be posted in mailbag but I was curious about something. I saw a post the other day saying something about your site losing credibility in newsrooms. Later on it was gone. You're usually pretty fair about posting criticisms of you & the site. Did you pull it or did the sender ask you to? Thanks Tom (8/22/14)

Dave's response: That post was up for only a few moments. I have no problem with people criticizing DCRTV, its Mailbag postings, or its editor, but I will not allow the posting of comments that tell people to not support my site. I live off donations from visitors and damned if I'm going to allow people to use a website that I'm paying for to campaign against my financial survival. I noticed that was contained in that post several moments after it went up and I yanked it. And I have put that person, and several others, on a "banned" list for the time being. It's my site and that's my policy. Don't like it? Go use your own hard earned dollars and get your own site. By the way, if anyone has a "problem" with any post in the Mailbag, please copy the entire post and send it to me for review. Do tell me specifically what bothers you about it. Do not simply send me a message telling me to drop a non-specific post about such-and-such. Often, there are many posts discussing a particular topic and finding the one in question can be difficult.....

Is Bart Sorce getting married this weekend? (8/22/14)

Just saw a commercial for entertainment gossip show Dish Nation and who are they, as they say "chatting" with tonight? Kevin McCarthy. If his head isn't big enough, I'm sure it will be discussed ad nauseam come Monday morning. Thank goodness I'll be back at work. (8/22/14)

I've noticed that Fred Smoot's been a regular on FOX5's morning news show as a sports contributor So, if Fred Smoot is joining the CBS Sports Network's "That Other Pregame Show,", does that mean he's contractually obligated to CBS only? (8/22/14)

Does anyone know why WNST's Nestor fired Drew Forrester and Glenn Clark today? I know they work on a model where the hosts have to acquire sponsors but is there more to it? What is interesting is that Glenn is one of Nestor's son's best friends. Nestor has a continuous diatribe against Angelos yet ironically acts like him in his own actions and business dealings. (8/22/14)

Here we go with the Sinclair bashers again. Especially when Sinclair has asked Arch when he's coming back to 7 & 8. Yes, Sinclair runs lean operations these days. So does everyone else! Get over it! And, as for their editorial viewpoint, it's your right to agree or disagree with them. Just as it's their right to have and express that viewpoint. Again, get over it! As for media critics, God, how I miss Davy Marlin-Jones. He was a class act. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] no one cares what the wapo has to say.. (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] At least no one scooped WaPo on this story ... (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] for decades WaPo has used Redskins, Indians, Braves, etc. Why now? Why all of sudden is it insensitive? (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] What a crock of sh*t. At least maybe now they will provide more coverage for the NATS who have won ten games in a row. (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] What about the Red Mesa High School Redskins on the Navajo Reservation (student enrollment almost 100% Native American). Will folks press to change that? Also, what about the Marist High School Redskins in Harry Reid's town of Las Vegas, Nevada? (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] I hate the Washington Post, never read it. Bring back the Evening Star! (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] The ONLY reason I read WaPo is for the Nats coverage, and it's piss poor at best considering how well they are playing (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] If they are not going to use "Redskins" anymore, then they have to top using "Oklahoma" as well. In Choctaw it means "Red People." (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] Guess they haven't noticed that nobody cares or reads them anymore. (8/22/14)

[RE WaPo banning "Redskins" from editorials:] The Post 'aint worth using as birdcage liner. (8/22/14)

So it looks like Sara Frazier is a permanent guest fixture on FOX5's Good Day DC show. Somewhat irritating. I remember when they were talking about new pop culture words that have been added to the Oxford or Mirriam or whatever dictionary, and she pretty much said we should be able to officially talk and WRITE "text speak" (such as RU, OMG, etc.) She said why should she write "you" if she can write "U". Yeah, that's fine Sara, great advice for students having to write papers, journalists who have to write articles, authors who write books or those who write copy for teleprompters..Uh, let me back track on writing for teleprompters. Spelling or grammar doesn't seem to be a priority or mandatory a lot of times. (8/22/14)

Arch is the only thing worth watching on NC8! (8/22/14)

[RE Arch leaving 7 & 8:] Everyone will is you. Take care and have fun. Just pleaseee don't turn into a cowboys fan. Lol. Peace Hon* (8/22/14)

With the news that Arch Campbell is taking leave from Channel 7/WJLA and NewsChannel 8, I take a look back at the DC TV movie/entertainment reporter/critic's colorful and fun career which started in 1974 at Channel 4/WRC. And I reveal what Arch's favorite movie of all time is. And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (8/22/14)

Arch Campbell will be missed so much. He is one of a kind. I've been watching him ever since he started working at WRC in 1974. I feel like he is part of my family since we have all been watching his movie reviews and other broadcasts for a long time. I try not to miss watching his show on channel 8, and I will miss it. Arch and his guests on the show always make me laugh and always cheer me up. Good luck, Arch, and God speed as you go forth on new adventures. Take care and come back to visit. (8/22/14)

[RE Arch leaving 7 & 8:] I figured this was coming, but it's still sad to see... (8/22/14)

[RE Arch leaving 7 & 8:] The Sinclair purge continues! (8/22/14)

[RE Arch leaving 7 & 8:] Right before Sinclair moves in... (8/22/14)

[RE Arch leaving 7 & 8:] Wishing the best to a true legend in DC TV (8/22/14)

Haven’t seen any mention in the mailbag of the new weekend live mix shows on WRQX. Is nobody listening on Saturday evenings? (8/22/14)

Too many people taking pot-shots at RQX. I think the playlist sounds tight and even some of the jocks are growing on me. They say that Bradley guy has tightened things up. (or is Heather running the joint) (8/22/14)

The NFL Thursday Night Football coverage on NFL Network is a joke! From LA via TV to Philly? It sounds like Mystery Science Theater 3000. Flags are missed. Downs are not covered! The NFL is not making enough? The force season ticket holders to buy these game and now bring the TV down to this?? OOBBEE (8/22/14)

Dementia? I don't recall getting no dementia. Wait: where are my teeth, get off my lawn, who's this guy in the USMC shirt and what's he doing on my computer screen? Signed: RR (8/22/14)

/\ August 22 Messages /\

\/ August 21 Messages \/

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: I don't know how many people say they hate the DCRTV Mailbag and will never support my website or visit it again. And then, THE VERY NEXT DAY, send another submission for the Mailbag. Strange.....] Apparently your submitters have dementia. (8/21/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: I don't know how many people say they hate the DCRTV Mailbag and will never support my website or visit it again. And then, THE VERY NEXT DAY, send another submission for the Mailbag. Strange.....] I'm glad you're still in business running your web site! I used to submit many messages to your mailbag in the late 90s. (8/21/14)

The NFL network used studio announcers in L.A. to announce a game in Philly. There Was no ambience sound from the L.A. Studio which was a dead give away that something was not in sync. Then a flash frame of the announcers at the desk. Why? (8/21/14)

Yes, we all understand that WRQX is no longer a station for adults, rather teenagers and freshmen college students... but that doesn't mean they are doing the smart thing! They have NO ratings, NO revenue and don't seem to have anyone watching the store. Keep on with the "well, the station sounds good" crap. If it sounded so good, it would have ratings! DC just doesn't need another CHR/URBAN station. As mentioned here, many times, Spanish makes MUCH more sense. WRQX will have a tweaked format before Halloween! No station loses ratings and revenue like that and stays upright. (8/21/14)

For you SBEs, America's Podcaster says he and his two sidekicks, El Gordito and Senior Keeping It Tight, are now "self-taught broadcast engineers" because AP has finally learned to hook up a microphone and camera to a computer. No mention of a, you know, transmitter. Have at it. -ZW (8/21/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: I don't know how many people say they hate the DCRTV Mailbag and will never support my website or visit it again. And then, THE VERY NEXT DAY, send another submission for the Mailbag. Strange.....] It's the magic of running a popular website (8/21/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: It's amazing how many "journalists" use this radio gasbag as fodder for articles. Must have been a really slow news day over there at the Washington Post...] Are we to care about what a Post sports blogger thinks about what Limbaugh thinks about what Ditka thinks about a racist team name? (8/21/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: I don't know how many people say they hate the DCRTV Mailbag and will never support my website or visit it again. And then, THE VERY NEXT DAY, send another submission for the Mailbag. Strange.....] Kind of like those who say they will never listen to Rush again then post something he supposedly said. (8/21/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: I don't know how many people say they hate the DCRTV Mailbag and will never support my website or visit it again. And then, THE VERY NEXT DAY, send another submission for the Mailbag. Strange.....] ''I'll never listen to Greaseman, Don and Mike and Howard Stern again''. THOSE were the most faithful listners. (8/21/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: I don't know how many people say they hate the DCRTV Mailbag and will never support my website or visit it again. And then, THE VERY NEXT DAY, send another submission for the Mailbag. Strange.....] DC and Baltimore media needs you buddy. (8/21/14)

'If you introduce new, intelligent ideas to fools, you will be thought frivolous, not intelligent. This is what has happened to me on DCRTV.' - No, that's not what happened at all. - ZW (8/21/14)

You know what Wednesday was? National Radio Day (, celebrated as a wonderful invention and means of communication. You know when National Streaming Audio Day is? NEVER!! (8/21/14)

107.3 isn't a lite music station any longer. It's CHR so casually DJ's will be designed to skew to young demos. What people on this site are whining about are the same things that Kane has done for years to make his show popular. Think it's also funny how much people on this site were dying to see Jack Diamond get dumped and when he did they start boohooing because he's gone. (8/21/14)

What does it matter what 5 power songs that WRQX is playing? All Top 40's play Iggy, Arianna, Meghan Trainor, etc and etc... adding music isn't a talent...everyone knows what The HITS are... People who critique WRQX do so based on THE RATINGS, which are AWFUL. WRQX runs promo's bashing commercials which is stupid considering they have lost a TON of client money (according to Miller Kaplan). Again, it doesn't matter what you, or me, or anyone thinks about how a station sounds... IF THE PPM numbers suck, then so does the station. Oh, and I heard tomorrow that Sara, Sammy and Mel, (and that other guy) are eating peanut butter on the air... WOW! 1980 radio is back... let's eat stuff on the air! WRQX is a joke! (8/21/14)

Dave, do you think that your pal Lorraine O’Connor (his new name when he transgenders) got hard nipples watching Brian get soaked with the ALS challenge: (8/21/14)

Are you old geezers beating up on WRQX because you don't have any ready ammo to launch on any of the news/talk stations? Is there nothing you can rattle WNEW's cage with? How about that chronic complainer of WBAL? Did you take my advice and put some prune juice in your ovaltine? Anyone out there have any grief for Chris Plante? I guess WRQX is now the subject of your collective wrath. It's like I always thought you just bitch just to bitch! Tell me now can any of you name five "currents" 107.3 plays? (8/21/14)

WRQX is simply on the wrong path... LOOK AT THE RATINGS! Additionally, their new promo "DC means DELETING COMMERCIALS" is another small market slap in the face to the few advertisers that they have left! A station that can't get new clients is going to insult how their current advertisers buy messaging on the station??? Give me a break, that's just desperation. I'm not sure how anyone can continue to spend their Client's money on WRQX. Today,It was another Morning show of Sara, Sammy and Mel where we got to hear everyone's story of losing their virginity, but it's so cool, because they all tell you at once, so it's 3 (sometimes 4) people talking over each other and no one has any idea what's going on... PERFECT! (8/21/14)

Love the back-and-forth about Diamond going to SD for a gig – or is he tracking it from his house in Montgomery County? Jack’s gig at WLYF was the product of GM Maureen Lesourd, who was Jack’s boss... at WRQX in the early-mid 1990s. As to why it didn’t continue, that’s not something I know. Jack was paid a lot of money by WRQX. One would think that he stashed much of it away for retirement and financial protection, and wouldn’t need to crack the mic anywhere else. What drives guys like him (and Scott Shannon, for that matter) is that insatiable drive to be “known” on the air... (8/21/14)

Looks like Sharpton stepped in it with O'Reilly: (8/21/14)

You would like to believe you are an objective observer of other people, and that your assessment of others is based on rational analysis of measurable empirical data, but if that were true tall people wouldn't make more money than short people -about $800-a-year per extra inch above average. You believe a lot fewer ridiculous things than even the smartest people did just a few hundred years ago, but that doesn't make you smarter or more intelligent than them, just less dumb. You can never win an argument on the Internet. You've probably suspected that when your uncle got on Facebook and tried to convince you Obama was a secret member of the Muslim Illuminati. No matter how hard you argue, no matter how many facts you pull out of Google, you're just making him believe even more strongly in his opinions. It's called the Backfire Effect. We see it often on DCRTV. Boom! (8/21/14)

Hey Dave, SNL apparently has all kinds of “political secrets”: between tinkering with skits on behalf of Obambi & Clinton objections or Lorne Michaels being slammed as a “closet conservative” it only proves SNL is politically correct slime. Are you a “closet conservative” Dave? (8/21/14)

If you introduce new, intelligent ideas to fools, you will be thought frivolous, not intelligent. This is what has happened to me on DCRTV. My Law of Reason malebag. Dave Law of Necessity Hughes. The Real AHHHH (8/21/14)

Since we're talking about WINC, I noticed that they've now paired Lisa Herndon with Barry Lee on the morning show. Interesting, as Barry's been flying solo for many years now. Cindy Maguire was always his fill-in when he was off. As for Chris Roth, where did he go off to? I swear a heard him doing an overnight traffic report on a weekend on WTOP a few weeks back. (8/21/14)

Sad to see "The Bullet" at UMW get sacrificed on the altar of Political Correctness. I hope they resurrect it for an April Fools Day parody edition called... what else but "The Bullshit". (8/21/14)

Wednesday at 4:15 EDT Michael Savage turned history on its head and informed us that in the 8th century the Muslims beat back the Mongols. This is the fellow who likes to tell his listeners that "you don't understand" and "you don't know this." To his credit, one of his houses is in the same neighborhood as that of the late R. Williams. Of course he's no Leo LaPorte or Adam Corolla...on the other hand unlike a much discussed 2nd or 3rd tier podcast he doesn't have an obese 2nd banana who Tourette's-like can't stop interrupting with "uh-huh" "sure" and "right" even when the conversation is with el banana numero tres. And can only play Beatles for Bumper music. Old Man Savage Weiner is hipper: AC/DC today. - The Real ZW (8/21/14)

/\ August 21 Messages /\

\/ August 20 Messages \/

WRQX sounds much better than it did a few months ago. However, there are several reasons it will not be successful as a CHR station. First, it is doubtful that Cumulus ever did any research that demonstrated a need in the market for another CHR stations. They probably saw Hot 99.5 doing so well and observed that CHR's do very well in PPM markets. What they failed to understand is that DC is unique and most of the rhythmic listeners here are already well served by the urban stations. They will not leave those stations simply because 107.3 plays a few crossover songs. Moreover, every time PGC has tried to add some pop songs in the past, it tanked in the ratings. Conversely, Hot only started doing well when it moved from rhythmic to mainstream CHR. Thus, in this market it is clear pop listeners listen to pop and urban listeners listen to urban. Crossover stations simply don't make it. Thus there are always going to be only limited CHR shares available in DC and they are already taken by Hot and Fresh. As a CHR at first, 107.3 tried to take on Hot directly with an ultra-tight playlist, high repetition and minimal talk format. It got no traction. Now, they have tried to attack Hot on the young end, by quickly adding hot new music and with a morning show apparently designed for the teen demo. However, this demo is the one most likely to shift station loyalties quickly, and the fact that there seems to be no ratings shift toward 107.3 so far, means it most likely is not going to happen. There are simply no quivers left in the deck for them to try as a CHR if the ratings continue to bomb. Changing subjects, it appears that Scott Brady has left WINC. He is not on the air or the website. In addition, after that station's disastrous move to AC under Chris Roth, the new PD has moved WINC back toward its legacy Hot AC identity. It sounds better. However, in my opinion it needs a better slogan than its new one which is "always playing better songs," since that is simply meaningless. It also needs to move completely to Hot AC. Currently it plays four our five current or recurrent Hot AC songs in a row and then jars the audience with a song from 10 years ago. Those songs don't fit and are clearly tune outs. Andy in Reston (8/20/14)

RE:" Clearly you've never worked in a newsroom" Why don't you put a little prune juice in your ovaltine! I've been in radio half my life. First job in radio was writing copy in a news room. Because of the formatics of the program clock we didn't have the luxary of being as EXACT in the location as you would like to be. Not everyone listening is gonna know their home town as close to the vest as you pride yourself in being. With you it's just another excuse to knit pick some copy writer. I've been in those shoes before. Dude, you need to find a hobby. Knit picking WBAL is turning you into a VERY angry old man. Get over it and move on with your listening! You want to pick on somebody? Try the Radio One DJ's in DC and Baltimore. They wouldn't know how real DJ's announce songs if their lives depended on it. At least that would give yourself something new to hone your skills! (8/20/14)

Looks like Lurch’s hot car connection got out early by being a snitch… OOBBEE (8/20/14)

Euripides once quoted, "A bad beginning makes a bad ending." It's not too late for Don Geronimo to drop USTREAM. (8/20/14)

Ahh, DCRTV has heard rumors that Cumulus wants 2 buy Snyder's DC cluster (@ESPN980/92.7/94.3 & @SportsTalk570). 980 The Ticket coming soon? (8/20/14)

Oh brother: "It's getting to the point now where it is obvious that in most news stories coming out of WBAL AM the reporter or editor, and I use those terms loosely, has to refer to a major landmark like Camden Yards or M&T Bank Stadium. Couple weeks ago they reported that there was a house fire near Oriole Park at Camden Yards...[yadda yadda yadda]." Clearly you've never worked in a newsroom, or even put much serious thought into why news is broadcast. The geographical references in stories like that aren't written to impress you, or to people living in the immediate vicinity something to put in their scrapbooks. They're written so people NOT from that particular neighborhood, who happen to be about 99% of the people reading/hearing the story, a general idea of where the incident took place. In DC, for example, it is perfectly acceptable to say a car crash occurred in the 2800x block of Massachusetts Avenue. Nobody cares what the exact address is. Your OCD hatred of all things WBAL has turned you into a babbling idiot. (8/20/14)

"Rachel Maddow predicted this" Sure doesn't take much to impress you does it? Anyone with a high school education could see that coming. If that's their best defense then they may well be convicted. As for Larry's comments, who cares other than you? This case isn't being tried on the radio. (8/20/14)

SNIP:"Maureen was not a state employee, so public corruption charges are not applicable."END: So McDonnell's whole defense is; "if she's crazy as shit, you must acquit"? (thanks to Johnny Cochran) Nothing like throwing your wife under the Ferrari, eh Bob-o? Larry is funny, but only for people that have the ability to think. (8/20/14)

ESPN 980’s Sports Fix with Thom Loverro and Marc Sterne (last week) was a fun ride with lots of baseball talk, but Kevin Sheehan’s solo act this week is getting tiresome – not just all Skins all the time but the singleminded focus on RGIII and the quarterback position suggests that he thinks football fans in the DC area are incapable of calling in to discuss defensive line play on any other aspect of the team intelligently. Mike, Fairfax (8/20/14)

Radio Ga Ga today is national radio day -- who knew??? Today is… National Radio Day... Before there was cable TV, Spotify, or breaking news on Twitter… society relied on the radio for entertainment and information. Modern media may cast a shadow on radio, but so much of that technology is still based on the discovery and application of radio waves. To put it simply, there are invisible bands of energy surrounding all of us... all of the time... that can carry sound, images, and all kinds of information. Let that sink in. (8/20/14)

To the people complaining about WBAL radio, the station has much more to worry about besides saying things like "in the water near M & T Bank stadium." First, hopefully the new GM is listening and hears just how awful some of the on-air voices are now. The guy who did sports this morning, the news guy who always sounds hoarse, and there are several more that could be added to the list. The morning show is a mess. Too much of the host and a hodge podge of news and replayed TV reports. But my guess is any changes will be driven by the need to cut costs. With Orioles baseball and the team headed to the playoffs, WBAL isn't even consistently a top ten station. If people ARE listening to baseball, it must mean all the other dayparts are really sucking wind. This morning, I heard a commercial touting why people should advertise on WBAL during Ravens football games. With the pre-season underway, another indication that sales aren't what they should be. You have to beg people to advertise during broadcasts of the city's premier sports team? If there's not enough money coming in, I bet the big boss has to find some way of cutting costs. Finally, that station is challenged by the same signal deficiencies that plague AM radio. We have a lot to talk about when it comes to the reasons for the pitiful state of things. (8/20/14)

This is the same RELM network that proudly proclaimed a few months back they were on the verge of $500,000 to $1 million in revenue? As for Geronimo, he's become the old, tired radio guy he and his obese sidekick used to bust on. Karma? (8/20/14)

So, I am listening to "Switch Hitter Larry" on the drive at five yesterday, and he is talking about the Governor McDonnell defense with a Washington Post reporter. They start talking about Maureen, and Larry says something like “what am I missing here?” and the reporter said that Maureen was not a state employee, so public corruption charges are not applicable. Larry then got all giddy, because he now “saw the light.” (Larry’s fake "epiphany" acting grade, C+). Larry concluded that it’s her, not him, it’s her, and she is was not a state employee, so no corruption. Um, reality to Larry, three weeks ago, Rachel Maddow predicted this “Maureen’s fault, salacious, but she is not a state employee, sideshow” defense to a tee. She even begged the media to not to buy into it, and asked the media to focus on what the governor received, not what she received. Three weeks later, Larry, on live at five, does exactly what Rachel Maddow predicted his type would do. See Rachel Maddow's prescient prediction and media advice here. Listen to Larry’s BS on, oh never mind. (8/20/14)

Here's a lot of what's wrong with the increasingly crapped-out 94.3FM in DC: This morning, Andy Pollen opened his latest fill-in show talking about the Nationals, who have won eight straight games and have the best record in the National League. But 90 seconds in -- swear to god -- he said he was "wrapping up on the Nationals." He than launched into a lengthy tirade about the Redskins (3-13 last season and more than two weeks prior to their first game) because he objected to the wording of a paragraph toward the end of some blog about RGIII that he read yesterday. Yeah, I know the Skins own the station so they can, on some level, be forgiven for their obsessiveness about the team, but as a listener it is impossible to tune in for yet another hours-long discussion about the team. I have no doubt at all that when I get in my car on my lunch hour, Pollen or some other blockhead will STILL be talking about the Skins. RGIII will have been spotted walking across the parking lot at Redskin Park, or Snyder will have issued an oh-so-important press release about the team's game-day sock endorsement, or some third-string DB will have farted, and they'll cover it like it's VJ-Day. And don't even get me started about Larry Michael, the worst play-by-play man in North America. (8/20/14)

Concern out of Cumulus DC that WRQX could be converted to an FM sports station, should The Dickey's close a deal with Dan Snyder's Zebra broadcasting. The Redskins are in dire need of an FM station to carry their games to the entire DMV. Rumors are that Cumulus would use their Westwood One product to fill with sports content and have access to broadcast big games and exclusive sports content, things that 106-7 would not have access to. This could make some sense, just getting the Redskins revenue would probably beat the current revenue at WRQX, which I believe has fallen out of the Miller-Kaplan Top 15. Awful! WRQX is in shambles right now. They keep adding throwback voices on to their AM show, at the expense of music. Sara, Mel, Sammy and Ty sounds like 4 people who are in a competition to talk as much as possible, and about things that appeal to sex crazed teenagers. What's the point of "ty"... he adds nothing and gets completely over-powered, and no one knows who he is. Mel just repeats everything Sara says and Sara sounds like she's hosting an X rated NPR show. Add Sammy to the "Mix"... even more talk and add in the "inside" jokes. This show has 2 mos before there will be some type of change. Oh, and ratings have gone backwards upon their debut! WRQX continues to be a complete joke. Maybe you can catch Jack, while he's still packing the moving van. The days of Jack, Jimmy, Stacey and on and on... they sure seem like the good ol' days! (8/20/14)

Some mildly enhanced atmospheric conditions this morning on the FM broadcast band. I heard WSTW, Wilmington, DE, in and out on 93.7. WVBW, The Wave, Norfolk/VA Beach, was duking it out on 92.9 with WRDX in Delaware, with no clear winner. Also checked the 2-meter ham band. Distant repeaters heard in Salisbury, Williamsburg, and Richmond. Nothing on the simplex channels. Overall, just the usual crickets chirping. Mike from Frederick and the one and only original Dashboard DX Society, merrily monitoring the airwaves, and chasing electrons to and fro. (8/20/14)

I have no need to wonder for very long why posters to the Mailbag continue to live in the past over Jack Diamond, Don Geronimo and the dinosaurs of the DC market. They live in the past, just like the aforementioned. It's over, folks, all of the good ol' days of radio are finished. We are not going to see the likes of good, live radio that was entertaining, engaging, and even intelligent. I'm glad for Jack to get his gig in Tijuana, hope he goes out gracefully...but honestly, that tired, old, disengaged schtick isn't going to fly. Why do you think they finally got done with him, his high pricetag and his ego? As for Don: I think Mr. "Yours in Christ" (it creeps me out, that he's sunk to that level) needs to seriously re-evaluate his position. The one place Don was great was on live, actual radio, not podcasts, and it's not gonna work on the spam/virus infected UStream, either. Problem: Don, like Jack, relies on schtick, the same, tired, old boring schtick, over and over again. It does not work anymore. I am not saying that these guys need to change their act--they can't. I've been around long enough to see colleagues do the same-old, same-old for 25, 35, and more years than this. Same jokes, same one-note, first thing that comes to mind riff, and where's the rimshot? While we're on it, the mailbag is full of losers that continue to rant their own one-note attacks...the Real AHHHH should just go back to wanking to his "Man Show" tapes and hating on Don. Did Donnie flame you on the old show, boy? Why do you keep playing Armchair Consultant and going on about the ripoff/pyramid scheme that is the online podcast business. There are no millions to be made there, it's all smoke and mirrors. Honestly, I have no interest in wasting my time downloading podcast drivel to "listen" to, then hammer out a childish screed for the mailbag. Now let's get down to brass tacks--why do we have nothing but cheap "talent," syndicated crap and voice-tracked blather? Here's why: M-O-N-E-Y. Keeping the lights on is not as easy as you think, wannabes. There's bills, music licensing fees, staff costs, insurance, legal's a business, folks. You are in this business to make money. Period. Now: how do we save AM radio? Someone on here made a comparison to Canada; I don't know enough about their system to be able to say, but that was interesting to read. It may well be that AM, as part of the ongoing need to have a system in place when the net goes down (or becomes pay to play), might have to be funded in a method that allows broadcasters to keep their sticks lit. Tax breaks, perhaps? Airing actual, useful, local, public service programming during the day, instead of at 5 am Sunday? There's possibilities, but the FCC is too busy worrying about rubber-stamping mergers to be concerned with what they're supposed to be doing. Food for thought. The RCL (8/20/14)

FYI: The kid who ran that page’s story about WBAL radio is a kid who runs the food cart to rooms at a local hospital. I hardly think he knows anybody at WBAL and even if he did why would they tell a kid? He is really good at Hollywood actor sightings around town and rumors and he knows anytime someone from America’s Got Talent or American Idol is in town and he’s got the best gossip about House of Cards and where the actors are around Baltimore. Also good for concert announcements. WBAL gossip? Eh, you decide. (8/20/14)

My comment is about 107.3 and the morning show. Is it me or does it sounds like the studio’s filled with helium. When I’ve listened, I’m reminded of a bunch of chipmunks, Alvin, Chip, Dale, the al chatting it up..pretty much, unlistenable. Is there an effect on their voices? Dave in Arlington (8/20/14)

New low power FM 103.1 for Washington DC approved by FCC. No word on programming. It will probably wipe out WRNR 103.1 from Grasonville for those fans of alternative rock in parts of the DC area and probably for DCRTV Dave Hughes. Sorry Dave. — BaltoMedia.Net (8/20/14)

Dave's response: Never could get RNR-FM in my part of Wild West Fairfax. This is Key 103, WAFY territory.....

I corrected the Baltimore Sun on the body found near M&T Bank too. It is somewhat near M&T Bank, but M&T Bank is not adjacent to the water. It’s actually the water off of the Middle Branch, which is near a small parking lot that is used for Ravens games. If you wanted to write a correct headline for it, it would be “BODY FOUND IN WATER ACROSS FROM NEW HORSESHOE CASINO” because that’s really the street that dead ends there and where the body was found. But the media didn’t want to say there was already a death near the not yet opened casino. That would be REALLY BAD PR! LOL (8/20/14)

Since Disney is selling 23 stations it should be a good day for station brokers. Most of their stations are good facilities in major markets. However, there is nothing for sale in Washington. It is hard to find a good facility for sale here. (8/20/14)

I've never heard a major market morning show as positively unlistenable as Sarah, Ty, and Mel. I can't understand how higher ups in programming could get behind it and believe it can be successful. Their promos are vapid and mousey. The show is empty-headed and unentertaining. There's no way the will take a single listener from Kane or Tommy. The first day I heard it, I gave it a month. Contracts will keep it going longer, but a train wreck is a train wreck. I want WRQX to succeed, but after more than four months of new leadership, it appears to be falling further as though that's possible. (8/20/14)

'What body of water is that close to the stadium that would make you report that? The inner harbor, Fells Point, someone's home pool? Even if the staff relies mostly on the wire service, they should be smart enough to edit work and not just rip, read, copy and paste. Do they not familiarize themselves with neighborhoods, parts of town, etc?' Ridgleys Cove, a tributary of the Patapsco River, sits about a tenth of a mile from M&T Bank Stadium.I know this because (A) I grew up in that area (B) I park near that water for Ravens games and (C) I know how to look at a map and see a body of water that close to the stadium before I flap my gums on a blog trying to zing a professional broadcast outlet. Please stay in the burbs sir. (8/20/14)

RE: "most news stories coming out of WBAL". Look, Mr. Brokaw, what you are crying the blues about is something newspapers have always done and that's fine. The reason why they can't be as specific as you would like is because print journalism isn't hampered by time constraints. Take the typical 5 minute news cast. After you take time away for things like spots etc that leaves only 3 minutes for an actual news cast. If broadcast editors did what you want they would only have 2 or more stories on the air. The object is to give you a rolling summary of the days events in the time allotted. Even with full time operations there are still things like program clocks which allott only so many minutes before it's time for something else. You think they have the same time to give to a story like Paul Harvey use to? You are just sitting around knit picking because you have nothing else to do but cry the blues. If you crave specifics in a story go out and pick up a news paper! (8/20/14)

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Is Don Geronimo sick? With his rapid weight loss, he's beginning to look like the white Al Sharpton? (8/19/14)

Dave, saying "a Tijuana radio station serving the San Diego market" is a bit of overkill. There are about a half-dozen stations licensed to Baja California serving the SD market in English, run out of San Diego studios by American companies that have the U.S. programming rights. Jack's new station, "Max 105.7", is one of these stations. So is XETRA/690, once known as "Xtra Sports 690", the national launching pad of Jim Rome. The only way this affects SD listeners is that A) the south of the border signal may mean the station is harder to pick up in the northern reaches of the SD market, B) the legal ID in Spanish, once an hour, usually followed by a big English language non-legal ID and C) playing of "The Mexican National Hour" (late Sunday night) and English-language Mexico tourism spots. Other than this, the cross-border stations are SD market stations. Jack isn't sitting in a studio in Mexico. They're run out of SD. (8/19/14)

It's getting to the point now where it is obvious that in most news stories coming out of WBAL AM the reporter or editor, and I use those terms loosely, has to refer to a major landmark like Camden Yards or M&T Bank Stadium. Couple weeks ago they reported that there was a house fire near Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Well considering how large downtown, west Baltimore and south Baltimore are, the fire could have been in any one of thousands of homes near OPACY. Today they are running a story about police identifying a body that had been pulled from the water near M&T Bank Stadium. What body of water is that close to the stadium that would make you report that? The inner harbor, Fells Point, someone's home pool? Even if the staff relies mostly on the wire service, they should be smart enough to edit work and not just rip, read, copy and paste. Do they not familiarize themselves with neighborhoods, parts of town, etc? Of course not because that means somebody would have to work. I believe at one time most of the staff there was from town. It is clear that is no longer the case. This is just as bad as the DC radio news stations trying to cover the Baltimore area. They can't, but WBAL should do better than this. (8/19/14)

Tom Dooley? Kingston Trio loved the guy! Wish him the best of luck at Rehoboth. As Smart Phones get Internet radio stations, the real radio stations may start to feel the heat and stop squandering their signals. Hope Dooley has great success. DCS (8/19/14)

So the Wash & Huff Post "reporters" who were arrested for supposedly "doing their job" thought they had it rough (NOT!) but photo journalist James Foley from Boston paid the ultimate price covering a story by those ISIS thugs: (8/19/14)

In today's chat , WaPo's Gene Wwingarten links to what he claims is the greatest joke in the world. Not only is it not funny, the punchline and everything else in the joke violates the premise. Somewhere a dead donkey is missing a dick. - Don Geronimo looking slimmer than America's Podcaster, or The Real AHHHH, for that matter: - and you Devil Dogs can take it up with these folks. They're good 'uns and COL. Cooper was a stickler. 'Gunsite was founded in 1976 by Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, author, columnist, professor, WW II and Korean War combat veteran. Col. Cooper intended Gunsite to be the vehicle for spreading the Modern Technique of the Pistol, which he created during his years in Big Bear Lake, CA.' Yes, I know he sold it, but still, he was known as Col. Cooper. - ZW (8/19/14)

Changes for WBAL Radio? (8/19/14)

It remains sadly pathetic that every time Don Geronimo gets fired or as with his latest RELM resignation, it's always the other guys fault other than his own; he can't wait to get back on the air to tell his side of the story as evidenced by one of his latest tweets "That's why I'm so excited to get on the air and state some facts about all this crap.And I've got the facts, jack" #yourfailuresareyourownDon (8/19/14)

I couldn't believe 107.3 hired Sarah Fraser to do the morning show. Now I can't believe they're reuniting her with Samy! They took the 2 WORST people from the Kane show and put them together again. Kane is much better now that we don't have to hear from those 2 no talents. Good luck 107.3. This show won't last a year. (8/19/14)

Angelos is fighting MLB’s authority to even arbitrate this and so far he’s winning. He’s definitely a better litigator than a team owner, nor is he well liked in Baltimore let alone DC. The whole drama is amusing, but not to Bud Selig or The Nats, neither of which would make a statement after the ruling. Orioles/MASN lawyer made a statement literally gloating! But that’s what you get with asshole lawyers. Like said before, Angelos is a pit bull. He will not give up on that original agreement BEFORE HE SELLS THE ORIOLES because doing so will devalue the team. The best hope for both O’s and Nats fans is that he has a massive myocardial infarction! LOL But seriously, what isn’t often mentioned is that Angelos has filed an $800 million lawsuit against MLB, which includes the Nationals. I don’t think he intends to win that lawsuit, but he’s good at these types of injury lawsuits. BUD SLIGG meanwhile teaches a sports legal class btw. BOY IS HE WAY OUT OF HIS LEAGUE! LMAO The Lerners should have NEVER put their faith in Selig. He’s a bad lawyer who doesn’t realize he’s going up against a really good lawyer. And by hiring a top notch law firm representing ALL 4 teams + MLB, he’s really bungled this thing in a big way. Finally, yes I’m an Orioles fan, but one who hates Angelos and thinks the Nats deserve more money, just maybe not as much as they wanted. But the lack of tactfulness in this case by MLB is just startling. I don’t see MLB/Nats winning. Maybe the Nats should just ask for $5 million more than the O’s? When you’re losing bad, you make a deal. Angelos settles most of his cases out of court, but the reason he won’t settle this one is because he doesn’t want to sign anything that would break the original agreement regarding the Expos move and he’s stubborn and I don’t think he’ll budge on that part. I still think he’’ll win. Joe in Middle River (8/19/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: WaPo media reporter Paul Farhi's "beat" is journalism, but can he do a piece without mentioning his own paper? Man!] When covering the media, the Post needs a police reporter since their folks cant stay out of jail! LOL!! (8/19/14)

I’m finding this MASN/Nationals issue amusing. For the sake of argument, if Angelos owned the Nationals, and the TV rights were with say, Comcast Sports Net, and the MLB panel said Comcast needed to pay his Nats team more money, and Comcast balked, Angelos would probably wind up in court to fight the ruling from the other side of the table. Love him or hate him, he’s good at his job. (8/19/14)

"Do you think a reason could be that he loves radio? Roddy Freeman" Amen brother! Same reason everyone else "hangs on". Damn business gets in your blood and won't leave you alone. - The Mojo Man (8/19/14) - Two items of interest to broadcasters in Alan's newsletter, a WRDE reporter involved in drunk driving incident and a new internet radio station launches in Rehoboth. The internet guy Tom Dooley was the programming Executive Producer at 9 in the mid to late 70s. (8/19/14)

This kind of went unnoticed back in May, but the new Channel 5 in Delaware, WMDE 5 got its allocation relocated to Dover, DE and will be on the air sometime late this fall. The TV station has to go on the air by the end of the year or it will lose its construction permit. It was originally handed out to Seaford, DE, but now that’s changed. The construction permit however still puts its transmitter just across the bay bridge so presumably Annapolis and DC & Baltimore suburbs will soon be able to get this station. No word on programming except that currently co-owned WACP 4 in Atlantic City broadcasts mostly children’s programs & infomercials. WACP has gotten Comcast approval for most Jersey & Philly systems so its assumed that Comcast will approve WMDE 5 for Comcast systems on the eastern shore and possibly DC/Baltimore. Stay tuned. — www.BaltoMedia.Net (8/19/14)

[RE Samy K to RQX:] It was funny about the tweet I sent you last week, then Sarah made a big deal last night on FB and Twitter. If anyone was listening last week, they would have heard Samy's voice to begin with. The bigger question, how involved (meaning on air) will he be. For example, Jen Richter is the producer of Tommy's show, and she is on air all the time anyway. Hopefully, this is what results w/Samy. Erick on 99.5 got phased out in the on air capacity, and shouldn't have. (8/19/14)

Dave's response: It will be interesting to see what kind of ratings Sarah and company get on 107.3. I'd imagine most of her audience will come from 94.7 and 99.5 - if their listeners are willing to leave those stations. If they don't defect, RQX could be up against another ratings disaster. And, unlike Bert, this one will be expensive.....

Just saw a blonde female I've never seen, reporting on Good Day DC by the name of Lena Burns. Looked her up & she 's being listed on her Fox5 Facebook page as a "news personality". What the heck is a news personality? And she looks like an older Leann Rimes. (8/19/14)

As I predicted, Orioles MASN 1 Nats/MLB 0 Angelos won in court yesterday afternoon beating a bad lawyer, Bud Selig. Sorry Nats fans, but I told ya so. (8/19/14)

Samy K joins the Sarah, Ty & Mel show on 107.3... That name might sound familiar you to because Samy K used to work at HOT 99.5 He left the Kane show 2 1/2 years to tour with his band. Sarah announced this morning he is the executive producer of the morning show on 107.3 (8/19/14)

Looks like the METV CH2 Phila/Wilmington (KJWP) affiliate has added 2 additional channels. GRIT and ESCAPE. Looks like both of these networks just started broadcasting movies. (8/19/14)

Dave's response: Those two new networks are also getting added to DC's Channel 14/WFDC.....

Make it stop Dave, please no more 96 year olds like Don Pardo dying: (8/19/14)

Best zinger on Junks this morning on Skins game last nite was by Cakes remarking on RG Knee not being able to protect himself as QB: "There goes his condom endorsement!" No thats funny. (8/19/14)

Dave, you’ve made several assumptions regarding Jack Diamond that may or may not be correct. But you’re treating them as fact. Yes, friends are often the key to getting jobs in all businesses. But I have difficulty with your concluding that Jack got hired in Miami because simply because he had friends at the station. And I also find questionable your assumption that he was hired in San Diego because “he has an array of PR friends in the business who talk him up in the trades.” Friendship goes so far. I cannot believe stations in major markets would hire a morning man without knowing exactly what they are getting. You concluded that WLYF in Miami decided they made a mistake hiring Jack because they really needed to go young. WLYF’s roots were in beautiful music, and they have always dominated the older demos, which can be done successfully in the Miami market. With Enya, Celine Dion and Billy Joel in regular rotation, they are not exactly Fresh FM. And the music carries that station, no matter who is on the air. You could be right, or his family may not have liked Miami. How do you really know? You implied that Jack wasn’t WLS-FM’s choice for mornings. Is it possible that PD Jan Jeffries wanted him, but John Dickey nixed the idea? I personally have no knowledge of what happened, but do you? I listened and thought he sounded great. And while his boss in San Diego knows him, he also knows exactly what he’s getting. You mentioned possible reasons why Jack might be “hanging on.” Do you think a reason could be that he loves radio? Roddy Freeman (8/19/14)

"Don’s podcast was the only paid subscription model used by the RELM network, which is “not a business model we think works but one we were willing to try because of Don.” proclaims Mike Elston aka Buzz Burbank. (8/19/14)

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Just saw a commercial for WUSA9 talking about traffic being the worst in the nation no matter what type of transportation is used. The anchors in the commercial are saying they've made a commitment to take on our traffic problems by covering them and maybe even fixing them. Really channel 9? Wow, thanks..Guess we don't need those local and federal agencies that deal with transportation issues anymore.. (8/18/14)

WJZ 13's Derek Valcourt deleted his entire timeline, including personal and WJZ related posts, workplace, eduction, relationship status from his Facebook wall. Ominous sign of something or a tightening of CBS Facebook rules? (8/18/14)

Once again I’ll point out the discrepancies in The Post and Sun stories on this. When the deal was signed with MLB, the owners involved were not named, so this Arbitration panel was decided by Bud Selig ALONE! So let’s discuss Angelos’s claim… Of the 3 owners picked, first off the Pirates are not in the same division as the Nats and would benefit financially from the arbitration decision. The Tampa Rays are IN THE SAME DIVISION AS THE ORIOLES AND WOULD BENEFIT HUGELY FROM THE DECISION. Get the picture? Collusion? The Mets just went with the majority opinion stacked against the Orioles. Follow the money trail. Angelos sure did. As for the 2nd argument, it’s MLB who picked and chose the formula for the rights fees according to court documents and I’m sure Angelos knows this well. MASN claims it used the same formula that MLB created in the original deal. If they didn’t, then they’ll lose, but I suspect they did. This notion that if something isn’t fair it’s illegal needs to just be dropped because it has no legal bearing on the case. And this common stupidity that the Lerners weren’t involved? Just give it up. They signed off on everything signed by MLB when they purchased the team, hence they ALL HAVE THE SAME LAWYERS! MASN’s contention is that it changed NOTHING from the original contract. It’s MLB & The Nationals that are trying to break the original terms and while even I believe the Nats deserve more money, they’re going to ultimately lose this case unless it’s settled otherwise. (8/18/14)

Been seing Fred Smoot regularly on Fox5's Good Day DC sitting in talking sports. That show is adding people more and more I guess to to keep the viewing audience watching and entertained. They had Tucker Barnes sitting in as a third person since Allison Seymour was on vacation and "maybe" he needs to stick to the weather..Sitting with them for a few minutes is fine, but for two hours is a bit much. (8/18/14)

Ramblings for a Monday: WZBA ‘The Bay’ did a great job with their “Psychedelic Weekend”, commemorating the anniversary of Woodstock. Mike Brilhart and Chris Emry, did a great job. Even Maynard, who I have oft times criticized in the mailbag, was very, very good. Nehman is back on WBAL. He’s giving current temperatures now at each ‘Traffic and Weather’ break. Hmm…someone at ‘BAL reading the mailbag? A left-over from last week: I wasn’t picking on Ed Graham. Ed is one of the better posters here. We had a differing of opinion of what makes a good Sports-Talk Program. I appreciated his response putting a lot of answers to the points that I raised solely on the PD. (8/18/14)

There are worse places than San Diego to get up at 2:30 in the morning for an AM drive gig. D.C. is only one of them... -Unsigned Corporate Suit (8/18/14)

Here's the part of the Nats-Orioles MASN dispute that no reporter seems to be touching on. The 3-owner arbitration panel was clearly spelled out in the original agreement between MLB and the Orioles, that in the event of an impasse on the reset of rights fees that the dispute would be decided by an arbitration panel composed of 3 MLB owners. MLB signed off on it, and Angelos signed off on it. The Nats' had no owners beyond MLB at that time, so the Lerners weren't involved in it. The arbitration panel ruled 3-0 in favor of the Nationals. How, then, can the world's greatest attorney now claim that the panel itself was illegal, and represents a conflict-of-interest? Sure, it conflicts with HIS interest, but years after you've signed off on a legal contract, how can you now that claim part of it is actually illegal and not enforceable? If part of it is illegal, that would tend to render the whole thing illegal. I just don't believe MASN can pick and choose what they accept and what they reject at this late date. (8/18/14)

A poster writes concerning Jack Diamond's return to SoCal: "On wonders why he went to San Diego, Tijuana." Huh? No--one does not wonder. Ever been there? It's a great city, with beautiful neighborhoods, terrific beaches and great weather. And Max 105.7 is going to pay him a shitload of money to do his radio schtick there. Tijuana? Hey, it's not like he's got to cross the border to talk into a microphone. On the other hand, I'll take a condo at Rosarito Beach any day. It sure beats the shit out of shoveling snow from Thanksgiving to St. Patrick's Day in Falls Church... (8/18/14)

So, I am walking around Upper Wisconsin Ave over the weekend, and my feet start aching. I was wearing docksiders at the time. I mean my feet are really hurting, and I needed some help for this ongoing problem. Like a miracle, up ahead on Nebraska Ave, I see Chris Plante discussing Seumas O'Sullivan with a Literary professor from AU, or, he may have been discussing James O'Keefe with a homeless man, I am not sure. Anyway, I thought to myself, "there is a conservative who thinks like me- he defended George Zimmerman and Cliven Bundy, he thinks Sarah Palin is the next Ronald Reagan, and he believes President Obama is a Kenyan Muslim.” After thinking how learned this guy is, even with medical issues like women’s birth control, children's diets, and death panels, I decided to seek his help for my aching feet. So I approached Chris Plante, who, it appeared, was losing the argument with the AU Professor (or the homeless man, again, I am not sure), and said, "Hey Chris, my feet hurt!" Chris immediately sprang into action, dropped down on all fours, and began examining my feet with his hands and his nose. After a 15 minute foot examination by Chris Plante, Chris told me about an arch support store in Rockville. Chris even took off his "Sponge Bob Square Pants" sandals, and showed me some piece of plastic he wears with them. Chris was so nice. he then asked about my garage door, and my deck. I thanked Chris, and hopped on the Metro to go to Rockville for an arch support. This morning, I heard Chris talking about this encounter on the radio. He left out a few details, but yes, it did happen. As Paul Harvey used to say "and now you know the REST OF THE STORY." (8/18/14)

I'm taking an obli-cation out here in San Rafael Calif., and I'm here to tell you that radio - both AM and FM - is alive and well out west. In traveling to other cities and regions here, including Napa wine country, dependable internet can only be had over a wire. Whoever is rooting the loudest here in the Mailbag for wireless web streaming to completely displace all forms of terrestrial radio is entirely too DC-centric. Once outside of a major metro area, radio is still the only way to go for the foreseeable future. (8/18/14)

Donnie Simpson is 60 years old. Could not AGREE with you more about him and Jack Diamond radio is about younger cheaper air talent and of course young demoes. (8/18/14)

It looks like WZHF 1390 AM will be operating at just 150 watts from Morningside MD for the forcible future. There are complications with three AM stations trying to broadcast from the same tower site. 1390 AM, 1120 AM and 1580 AM. (8/18/14)

Love the brewing battle between DCRTV Dave & Pat Garret. Dave did speak partial truth when he surmised that after a 24 year absence it is unlikely San Diego will welcome our man Jack back with open arms. That was the same logic Cumulus used when they brought Bert back here and we saw how well that worked out. Good for Jack on being able to still get a gig. Hopefully, he'll go in realizing he is an unknown and needs to earn the respect of the audience and the staff. Otherwise, it could be a repeat of Miami. (8/18/14)

Yeah, it was reported months ago that WZHF and WUST have lost the Crimmins Rd site and will move to the 1580-AM towers. Initial operation will be at reduced power with STA. WUST at 2 kW and WZHF at 250 Watts. Also someone noticed awhile back that the WUST STA called for a site way out in the ocean thanks to a typo on the longitude coordinates. Well, now the FCC has granted an STA for both stations, except that WUST's STA has the wrong coordinates. OOoooops. (8/18/14)

Dave, I'm far from being a Jack Diamond fan. I know Harvey and it seems like he was being considered by WLS-FM for the morning show, according to the linked article in the mailbag. On wonders why he went to San Diego, Tijuana. (8/18/14)

Dave's response: Apparently he didn't get the Chicago gig. Maybe it was a mistake to hype the WLS-FM tryout so much because it looks kinda bad when you don't get the gig.....

It's a special Jack Diamond edition of "Dave TV." I look at Jack's "legendary" radio career in the DC market, including two decades at WRQX, until his spring 2013 canning. And what the radio future might hold for Jack as he starts his new gig at a Tijuana radio station serving the San Diego market. Is Jack a "radio dinosaur" or is there still a place for him in today's changing radio biz? In today's "Dave TV"..... (8/18/14)

RE: WUST/WZHF… That was on DCRTV over a month ago. And it will take probably more than a month before both stations are back at their new authorized powers. WUST 50,000 watts WZHF 9000 watts (8/18/14)

Actually, the Redskins are not on WUTB My 24 anymore, but the Redskins did get a Baltimore affiliate this season finally. It’s WNUV CW 54. — BaltoMedia.Net (8/18/14)

To echo Pat Garret's post, your thoughts about Jack Diamond were very mean spirited. Radio has not passed him by. Jack is hardly a "60-ish unknown". The only person that needs to move on with their life is a hack blogger based out of Northern Virginia. (8/18/14)

Dave's response: The only thing exceptional about Jack is the size of his ego.....


Parade magazine: 16 pages including front and back cover. (8/18/14)

"NASCAR fans won't be happy to hear about this: WJLA, the DC ABC affiliate that is now owned by Sinclair, won't carry ABC's live coverage of the "NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Bristol" race this Saturday night, 08/23/14. Instead, it is contractually obligated to carry a Baltimore Ravens preseason game, which will begin at 7:00 p.m. that same night. And by the way, the Ravens' next preseason opponent will be none other than the Washington Redskins." That is stupid, because the Skins/Ravens game is already on NBC in DC anyway, why would they televise it on two local channels? (8/18/14)

I watched the Ravens game Saturday and switched between WBAL WJLA and CSN feeds.All three were using Ravens Productions logo. Also the Redskins games are on MY24 in Baltimore along with WRC and CSN. (8/18/14)

/\ August 18 Messages /\

\/ August 17 Messages \/

Dave- I found your remarks about Jacks San Diego move to be mean spirited and in accurate he was a fixture in San Diego radio for many years at KSON and left to join WRQX in 1990 so I'm sure the target demo of Max 105.7 will remember him well. Pat Garrett (8/17/14)

Dave's response: You haven't worked in a market for 24 years and you think folks will remember you? I dunno.....

I’ll repeat for the hearing impaired… Sinclair didn’t make the RAVENS deal. Your buddy Allbritton did. It’s a coup for the Ravens though since none of the Redskins games are on broadcast TV in Baltimore or PA nor Salisbury. As you can see, the Ravens TV marketshare is growing. The Redskins growth is slowed more than a broken roller coaster at Six Flags! As for Brian Bolter, I sure hope he’s not taping more videos of his failed snowboarding attempts or him putting his smelly feet up on the news desk! I’m half hoping he’ll do a “Worlds Most Interesting Man” video drunked up on his wine and bourbon. LMAO (8/17/14)

The Ravens productions are all in house and produced by Comcast & WBAL TV. The NBC logo is part of the graphics package picked and also WBAL’s logo. The other 2 stations that carry the game ideally would cover up those logos with their own. Apparently WJLA didn’t for the one game, but did for this game or maybe they simply picked up the Comcast feed instead of WBAL with the logo already blocked out with Ravens Productions. The NBC logo still shows on WBAL. (8/17/14)

How does a print publication have an odd-numbered page count? (8/17/14)

Concerning today's DCRTV Flashback, here is a full-action taste of the late Lary Lewman as Pete the Pirate... (8/17/14)

NASCAR fans won't be happy to hear about this: WJLA, the DC ABC affiliate that is now owned by Sinclair, won't carry ABC's live coverage of the "NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Bristol" race this Saturday night, 08/23/14. Instead, it is contractually obligated to carry a Baltimore Ravens preseason game, which will begin at 7:00 p.m. that same night. And by the way, the Ravens' next preseason opponent will be none other than the Washington Redskins. (8/17/14)

Brian Bolter is back in front of the camera again. This latest project is for DRY 85, his restaurant group's second bar/restaurant recently opened in Annapolis, MD. Toy Box Productions served as the production company founded by former WJLA-TV photographer Ian Rushing... (8/17/14)

[RE Jack Doaming to San Diego:] it seems that Jack was a very viable candidate for Chicago, based on the Chicagoland posting. (8/17/14)

Dave's response: You got to remember that Jack's got an army of PR friends in the biz who talk him up in the trades. If he can't land another job in his home market of DC, where he's a radio legend, his career is pretty much over. San Diego? He's a 60-ish unknown. He'll be off TJ's Max 105.7 in a few weeks/months. He needs to move on with his life. Radio has passed him by.....

Got my Wash Post paper & the Parade magazine had a total of 15 pages. Seems like every few months they reduce the number if pages. Yeah, I know, "who still gets the paper anymore". Well, I know in my neighborhood, quite a few. We have a number of senior citizens who, like me, just like to physically turn the pages. Must just be old school mentality. (8/17/14)

I am wondering if Marianne Banister is still with Fox 45's weekend morning news show? I have not seen her on air recently. This weekend Joy Lepola is anchoring. (8/17/14)

Re: the NBC logo not being displayed for the Ravens game, does NBC have exclusive rights? Last night's game was on channel 7 (local ABC network). (8/17/14)

Jack Diamond Not Taking WLS-FM Morning Job; Signs With Tijuana/San Diego Radio Station - (8/17/14)

Tuned into NBC4 news this morning and thought for a second that Alison Seymour was co-anchoring with Angie Goff. (8/17/14)

Might Sinclair already have hired a GM for WJLA? The position is no longer listed on Sinclair's website. (8/17/14)

WJLA's website and newcast credits still say copyright Allbrition Communications. I guess they won't change it until September. (8/17/14)

The Washington Post disputes The Sun regarding the MASN/Orioles vs. MLB/Nationals TV Rights Dispute. The Post tells a slightly different story regarding the money terms & arbitration, yet none of this spin is actually in court documents recently released. The only new news here is that the Nats claim they didn't ask for $118 million, which of course is false. The Orioles filed motions disputing Selig's authority to even arbitrate the case & failed to show up for the arbitration. Sun story is here, Post story below it. Notice the huge differences in the story... (8/17/14)

Just turned on NBC4 weekend news & thought Gurvir Dhindsa was co-anchoring! Put my glasses on & saw that it was Molette Green. Similar haircut, similar mannerisms (over exaggerations: flailing arms) & body size. Speaking of Gurvir, I saw a recent picture of her & she looks extremely skinny. And if it's true that tv adds 10 lbs. to one's appearance, she must be 80lbs! In any case, any word on how Gurvir & Cynee Simpson are doing in Atlanta? (8/17/14)

If the goal, as it should be, is for Don Geronimo Sorce to have full creative and financial control of his podcasting career, RELM wasn't the solution. UStream REALLY isn't the solution. My malebag bivwack. Camp DCRTV. The Real AHHHH (8/17/14)

I notice that on the Ravens telecast they are not using the NBC peacock logo. It is replaced with a Ravens Productions Shield. Ron (8/17/14)

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\/ August 16 Messages \/

Dear Washington Radio Stations: First, it was Chip Franklin several years ago. Now, it's Jack Diamond. Would you people PLEASE stop sending us your castoffs?!? This radio market is shitty enough already! Sincerely Yours, San Diego. (8/16/14)

Re: Jack Diamond in Tijuana – Maybe the first song he should play is Wall of Voodoo’s Mexican Radio – I’m on a Mexican ray-dee-ohhhh…. Eating barbequed iguana… Rick the Rat, Stafford, VA (8/16/14)

Jack Diamond came from the Tijuana/San Diego radio market before he got to DC so this is not new to him. Wish him well San Diego is beautiful. (8/16/14)

[RE Jack Diamond to Tijuana:] is that the border radio of fame? (8/16/14)

When in Tijuana, its not okay to drink the water, but its alright to listen to Jack Diamond. (8/16/14)

“The disrespect for the United States Marine Corps exhibited here by this poster who calls himself ZW, says more about him than anything I've ever read on DCRTV.” While I like many have been amused by this “ZW” over the years on the Mailbag, I must give “Dittos” to the poster about ZW’s “disrespect”. DCRTV Dave wears USMC shirts not out of disrespect: they are always clean & presentable. Any arguments about military ranks & titles are semantic, not meant to be disrespectful. But to trash the USMC or any branch of our military, our “first responders”, or anyone who puts their ass on the line for all of us is wrong. Perhaps Merle Haggard said it best with “When they're runnin' down my country, hoss, they're walkin' on the fightin' side of me.”: (8/16/14)

/\ August 16 Messages /\

\/ August 15 Messages \/

The disrespect for the United States Marine Corps exhibited here by this poster who calls himself ZW, says more about him than anything I've ever read on DCRTV. Sounds like pure jealousy from someone who was rejected by the USMC. Makes you wonder what other demons this guy struggles with daily. The self loathing of his posts are very revealing and at one time I felt sorry for him, but not after that last post. Honestly Dave do we need posts like his? (8/15/14)

"That stint with the Maryland State Police Helicopter mess will haunt you to your grave ZW." - Not sure what you're on about here. - " you were half as smart as you think you are, you'd back off , you've crossed the line. The last person I'd want to piss of is a United States Marine. That would put you on the "endangered species" list." - Honorable Discharge like Michael Joseph Swango? Years ago, a Marine, son of a housemate, stayed at my house. Lounged on my couch, ate my food and stole my Farberware. Did no chores. Not impressed. And don't get me started on the rampant lesbianism between instructors and recruits in basic training. You know who else was a Marine, TG (Tough Guy)? Bobby Garwood, Clayton "Claydog" Lonetree, Charles Joseph Whitman, and a certain L.H. Oswald...perhaps you've heard of him. What a surprise, the list goes on. - In UCS's defense (I know, right? But I figure he's not a serial killer, rapist, traitor, or assassin, due to not being Marine) he did say 'old' when discussing VOA's restrictions. Now where's my good sweater? -ZW (8/15/14)

Yes, I'm aware of Smith-Mundt. As I've said before on this board, IMHO no governmental entity in the U.S. should be permitted to own or operate a non-shortwave broadcast station of any kind at anytime. Furthermore, it should be illegal for any government official or employee to influence or compel program material on any broadcast station with an audience primarily within the U.S. There was a time when Presidential airtime was asked for. Now, it's an expectation. Unless it's a warning of imminent danger related to a national emergency or a local emergency regarding life and property, neither politicians nor governments have anything to say that anybody else has to pay the broadcaster for. No free rides! Also, C-SPAN strikes me at best as an unholy shotgun marriage to enable political grandstanding. If the CATV and satellite people weren't bankrolling it, would it exist? Does it even have a measurable national audience beyond Suicide Circle? When I was an appointee of a well-liked Governor who later went on to bigger things, I had a plaque in my office with one of Winston Churchill's lesser-known quotes, "There are two things that the public should not see being made. Sausage and laws." -Unsigned Corporate Suit (8/15/14)

"The Washington Post is wrong again and I mean riddled with errors ...this story is nothing but Nat’s spin & no facts...I’m not exactly sure who’s correct on the facts." Lots of errors, no facts, and you're not sure who's right on facts? And this: "Angelos’s team might lose a lot of games..." The team with the third-best record in all of baseball and one of the best records over the past three years? Pardon me if I rely on the Post's reporting before this keen analysis. (8/15/14)

NBC... get rid of David Gregory but keep the kids Clinton, Bush, Russert. All three without working their way up and all no-talents. Kudos for CNN and Gregory. Terrific move. (8/15/14)

The state of AM in Canada might provide a good template for the U.S. to consider. A study by their version of the FCC shows less than 100 AM stations with unique ownership as of 2010, and a total of about 350 if you include low power AM, group ownership, and networked stations similar to our National Public Radio. Most relevant to the U.S. profile, if you re-scale the proportions, the Canadian AM station coverage is predominantly for what we'd consider rural, outlying areas. The same sort of "midwest" and Plains states profile where AM here remains strong. The report supports the idea of cleaning out most city AMs, moving their business to FM or digital TV subchannels, and freeing up the spectrum to improve reception for regions where a strong AM signal can cover the listening area better than anything else. Link: Radio Spectrum Inventory: A 2010 Snapshot — Canada - Spectrum Management and Telecommunications - (8/15/14)

Totally agree that the FM translator response was disorganized, lacked a clear goal, and confronts a business problem, not listenership to AM stations. The de facto result has been to encourage a migration of business activity to FM, but not necessarily any listeners. Had this shift been combined with incentives to turn in an AM license to de-clutter the band, perhaps the result could have been a significant realignment of remaining signals, frequencies and stations. Instead, AM-FM Translators joins the list that includes Hybrid Digital AM, Stereo AM, 9KHz AM audio, and Expanded-Band AM. (8/15/14)

The 3 o'clock slot on WJLA will be free in the fall since I understand Katie Couric's show has been canceled. Queen Latifah's talk show is now on at 4pm & has been renewed, so maybe she will move to 3pm. (8/15/14)

Just for the record: Most of you know the old addage "It takes a village...." right? Well my village was The American Legion ( yes my version of purgatory will feature " Just one more beer,son" and a clock with no closing time ) so I was given much unasked for wisdom while most kids were learning from the brat next door. Among that crowd were alot of Marines,of course, who spoke much less than the others but the things they said had so much more weight. The 'hype' surrounding Marines isn't hype, in fact it's understated if anything. I have the utmost respect for all the services but the Corps gets the lions share. I've had Marine friends, coworkers,bosses and elders. Even those who never saw an actual war carry themselves differently. I wouldn't provoke a Marine if I had a rocket launcher. As for DD-214s I had my own jerkaround session with Air Force lawyers....that's nuclear powered bureaucracy on meth! Alot of lines get crossed on the Mailbag but the poster who said this wasn't one to cross was right. You have to be pretty impressive yourself to even use the term "Jarhead" without a trip to the E.R. So here's a sincere Salute to those who serve and have served. All those little pieces of wisdom shaped my life,which could have been MUCH worse,and got me through some real bad situations with a no-nonsense view and a shred of self respect left over. Now I'd really love to hear about this MSP copter mess ,apparently I missed something interesting ;) Donnie of Post 47 S.A.L. lineage. (8/15/14)

ABC confirms will GH will be moving time slots in several markets to 3 P.M. ET/2 P.M PT, where it aired for 25 years before moving up an hour in 2012. An announcement is expected soon with the date of transition. Since WJLA is making a 4pm news hour. Will the show stay at 2pm or will it be a lead in for the news? (8/15/14)

There is something basically stupid about the FCC attempting to save AM by giving them all a "mini- FM" (a translator). Since the commission started this experiment with translators 5 or 6 years ago in remarkably disorganized fashion--without so much as a rulemaking-- all it has done is move more listening to the FM dial. So, now they want to formalize it? Sure, I understand that the motivation now is to help save the companies running AM stations, and that it has nothing to do with saving the AM band. Doesn't everybody see that? (8/15/14)

Psst! UCS! The ban on domestic disemination of programs and information by VOA and other US Government-sponsored international broadcasters was repealed by the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. The legislation was enacted on July 2, 2013. (8/15/14)

Of course The Washington Post is wrong again and I mean riddled with errors & spin! MASN offered $40 million & the Nats asked for $118 million. What’s funny is that the story itself claims it doesn’t know the truth. If so, why did they publish the story? The story also forgets to mention that the 3 MLB teams that made the “alleged judgment” are all teams that would profit in increased revenue sharing from the decision, but yes, they’re all represented by the same lawyers. Yes, MLB, Nats, all 4 teams all represented by the same lawyers. Of course, that’s not collusion. In the end the case will come to simple terms. What agreement did MLB & the 2 teams agree to and is the arbitration decision disputing those terms valid & conforming to the contract? While I agree the Nats deserve more TV rights money, this story is nothing but Nat’s spin & no facts. Angelos’s team might lose a lot of games, but his legal team doesn’t lose a lot of court cases. I have a feeling The Post will have to retract this story in the end! Btw, a story in The Sun stated different facts from the actual court documents. That story is at BaltoMedia.Net and on Dave Hughes Facebook wall if you want to read the comparison of the 2 stories which vary quite a bit. I’m not exactly sure who’s correct on the facts, but there’s definitely a lot of spin in both stories. (8/15/14)

Just when we get a good exchange of thoughts and insight on AM radio, here comes ZW challenging people's military service. Questioning someone's service to his/her country does not pass the grade. ZW's only function is troll. He has revealed a lot about who he is and where he is. That stint with the Maryland State Police Helicopter mess will haunt you to your grave ZW. If you were half as smart as you think you are, you'd back off , you've crossed the line. The last person I'd want to piss of is a United States Marine. That would put you on the "endangered species" list. Not making any friends challenging others Military service. Just making yourself look like the fool you are. (8/15/14)

Chad Dukes... please... for the love of god... you don't need to be angry about every single topic. It's funny sometimes. Everyday, every topic, it's a bit much. You spent the entire time BOAD last night being angry. You're a funny dude, use that, not your anger, to entertain. (8/15/14)

" Fancy a bit of rough trade, do you?- ZW" Did my time in the Marine Corps, Honorable Discharge so you can kiss my Dress Blues ass you useless puke. ZW likes talking himself into a sissy boy corner here on DCRTV. Careful who you cross words with little man, IT WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU ONE DAY, and you'll finally get to see who is a "real Marine". I'd be happy to introduce you to my proof, but you'd tell me "oh but I've got my good sweater on" or some other lame excuse! Seen your type before. Big man on the phone or a keyboard but you go from hero to zero at the first sign of having to back up your big mouth. Semper Fi to real Marines, STFU to pathetic pretenders like ZW. Sgt. B (8/15/14)

Don Geronimo-Sorce:: UStream Censors Worst Than FCC. By now docking his shriveled dingy to the UStream pier, Sorce will soon find out that creative content control wise, he had a much better fit with RELM. Censorship is alive and well on UStream or for that matter Livestream. First, Sorce will need to confirm and understand that broadcasting copyrighted material, nudity, graphic violence, or inappropriate content of any kind can lead to temporary or permanent ban of his account. Wait, this is the Don Geronimo Show. His paid subscribers are not going to be happy when an hour into the live broadcast, the UStream bot blocks words, [in the message rooms too], it deems offensive. Or two hours later when his online broadcast stops and viewers [including burned KHTK & RELM loyalists who signed-up and keep hitting the censorship complaint button] are provided a message that clearly states that the broadcaster was “banned due to violating terms of service.” As UStream reiterates "we cannot be as objective as one might hope. No warnings are given because it is expected that users understand these terms before broadcasting." When this happens, Sorce will be shocked and upset. He shouldn't be if he reads the fine print in the user agreement. Censorship is the latest in a continuing battle between broadcasters like Sorce and online services like UStream that are policing behavior, [including politically correct cyber bullying] so that it adheres to their community guidelines. Goddammit Geronimo-Sorce! As a fan, five years ago, we told you to spend some money and replicate the turn-key business model of Laporte and Carolla. Here you are now, still piece-mealing your digital shit together from a spare bedroom. My F3EAD mailbag. Dave's new NAVY wardrobe. The Real AHHHH (8/15/14)

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