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WFRE 99.9 FM Frederick/Washington......the Clear Channel "Trust" has been trying to sell this Class B FM station for 7 years. (50,000 watts) Could it be that the price is so high that no one will buy it? That is certainly a way of keeping it and enjoying the Cash Flow. When Bain Capital bought the Clear Channel Group they agreed to sell off WFRE and have not kept their promise. They own five full power FM stations in the market plus the WFRE "Trust". They own WMZQ, also a country format in the market. A new buyer could put an Oldies Format or a Dance Format on it like "The Pulse" that was very successful in New York. When is the FCC going to ask them to please keep their promise they made 7 years ago? This would be a good station for Cumulus or Red Zebra to own. It is a great facility! (9/2/14)

HOT 995 actually does well 25-54, 18-49, 18-34, 12 plus,6 plus and STILL bills what it bills. There are three key demo`s with music stations 25-54, 18-49, and 18-34 which are all young demo`s who ad executives love there are a bunch of uneducated people going after young or younger people for cash. (9/2/14)

Dan Donovan's passing is a big loss for Minneapolis/St. Paul radio fans, where Dan (aka "The Geezer") was a market legend for 35 years. I was fortunate to work with him for a couple of years in the late 90's. Even before that, DD was a legend here in the East with his 10 years at the "Famous 56" WFIL. Dan also worked at 600/WCBM in Baltimore for a time, and I am very interested in getting some airchecks of him on that station. If anyone has any recording of him on WCBM, please send them to me: I'll post them in a very nice tribute we are building at which is a website chronicling the Twin Cities radio market with recordings as far back as 1924 and over 2,000, video and all kinds of print materials and photos. Please take a look at what we've put up for Dan's memory so far. Thank You, -- Jay Philpott (9/2/14)

Anybody know what's happened to Evan Hanning on WNEW? I figured he was on vacation, but it's been over a month since I've heard him in the afternoons. (9/2/14)

Noted with interest, today's WaPo had a big article about how this year's magic turnitaround Redskins coach is trying the revolutionary strategy of using the best players. Imagine the Bezos-Snyder fellatio parties. -ZW (9/2/14)

www.BaltoMedia.Net / Balto Media... Big News from the beach... WBOC 16/21 has used FCC rules to blackout much of WJZ 13 programming at the beaches on Comcast systems within the FCC mileage limit from Salisbury & even had WJZ 13 removed from HD on cable in OC & elsewhere. That includes not only CBS programming but also syndicated talk shows also airing on WBOC's stations. What's unclear to me is what will happen if WBOC chooses not to carry a Ravens or Redskins game? They're not required to carry every game. And will all Redskins/Ravens games be in HD? WBOC 21 is a 480i OTA subchannel. WTTG FOX 5 is already blacked on syndicated programming. But as of now FOX 5 is still in HD. And how will this affect FOX national baseball games? Stay tuned... (9/2/14)

Re; Geronimo v Burbank. As a bitter, old-ass man, Mike Sorce has been taking this Batman fantasy way too far when he tells Buzz Burbank today in no uncertain terms "I MADE YOU!" Isn't that what Batman told the Joker? Geronimo-Sorce should now take the advice of The Joker who said to Batman "Now comes the part where I relieve you of the burden of your failed and useless life. But remember, as my plastic surgeon always said: if you gotta go, go with a smile." Time to retire Don! My mailbag Joan Rivers double-message. The DCRTV Bat Cave with an underground entrance. The Real AHHHH (9/2/14)

For me, a part of Don Geronimo died with his late wife Frida. Everything he has done since has been unlistenable and I have tried many times to give him another chance The one thing he has going for him is that he has great tastes in music. If he would just program a station (online or terrestrial) and just STFU, I would actually listen to it. But his vitriol gets acid fast and I would never pay to listen to it. As far as the fox 5 morning train wreck, I think they should promote it as such since I think it would help elevate the ratings. It really started to become a trainwreck after they bumped Tony up from weatherman to anchor and it was obvious he was the weatherman for so many years on Fox, then ABC, then back to Fox and knows nothing about the weather that is the big joke. He is painful to watch if he's on the tv more than 5 minutes because he is not the best teleprompter reader.(9/2/14)

Listened to the DonGeronimoShow this am. Basically it's Buzz's fault Don is a bad businessman? I don't buy it. Own your failure Don (9/2/14)

[RE Geronimo's new podcast:] Don it seemed to have a prime situation in coming back to WFJK to make it work here again but it seemed he was little interested (9/2/14)

[RE Geronimo's new podcast:] I think this is all about creating a new "BUZZ" for DonnnieBoy's new ILOVEMESEEHOWGREATIAMDON podcast (9/2/14)

[RE Geronimo's new podcast:] I don't know what Don expected, ustream is about the bottom of the barrel for a nationally syndicated broadcaster (9/2/14)

Check out the new, rare & wonderful interview with former ABC anchor Charlie Gibson, at (9/2/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: Geronimo claims he was responsible for "Buzz Burbank" and his fame and will now call him only by his real name, Mike Ellston....] Classless (9/2/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: Geronimo claims he was responsible for "Buzz Burbank" and his fame and will now call him only by his real name, Mike Ellston....] i remember Buzz first show with D&M Don did make Buzz. (9/2/14)

So Bozo Bezo goes to a loser like Fred Ryan who just oversaw the dismantling of one DC media outlet (outlets once Political folds while The Daily Caller thrives thanks to soft porn) to now do the same to the Wapoop. Be afraid Posties: be very, very afraid as your paper is history. Signed: Sun Yung Moon. (9/2/14)

"WRQX is a young end POP station at the moment like HOT is and there is plenty of cash in the 18-34 demo." What an un-educated statement. HOT is always a Top 3 performer in the market YET, only bills around 16 million b/c of their 18-34 focus. No, there's not tons of money in the 18-34 demo, but there's enough for the 1st and 2nd place finishers. WRQX is in revenue and ratings shambles. They tripled their current revenue a year and a half ago, while going after adults. Going after kids, (and losing) is NOT the answer. (9/2/14)

Nestor’s new station is almost like an outlandish sit com situation that has become reality. I did not think it was possible for someone to be on the air for 24 hours but he has done it. Since 6:00 this morning, he has been on the air, albeit with a few guests, with no co host and no callers. How do you run a sports radio station with no callers? At about 10:30, he reran the 6:00 show ; from noon to one, he interrupted the re air with an Elvis Grbac interview from 2001. (Elvis Grbac!!!!) . He is voicing almost all the ads too. I know he has no ratings and works off of a lean business model, but I am not sure how long he can survive with this operation. He is getting killed on his own web site as well. (9/2/14)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 1:45pm – Styx – “Renegade” – WTTR-AM Westminster – “Renegade”??? – WTF??? (9/2/14)

Don Geronimo burned more bridges to his past today, formally ending his longtime relationship with Buzz Burbank. In the first show of his new podcast. Also, as I predicted, Jack Diamond's new Tijuana radio gig lasted just two weeks. And, what's up with Katharine Weymouth leaving the Washington Post's publisher position? We try to answer the big question - why was she hired in the first place? In today's "Dave TV" (9/2/14).....

WRQX is a young end POP station at the moment like HOT is and there is plenty of cash in the 18-34 demo. (9/2/14)

To the person that commented about ratings on 107.3, do you have access to them? I doubt it. You can't base ratings on a week's worth of listening. You can't judge a new format and new DJ's based on a month of content. Wait till the quarterlies come out, and see what those ratings are, then you can judge. Any new show takes time to get traction, to get a following, and get feedback to see what needs to be adjusted. (9/2/14)

Is it me, but have others noticed small changes in the format of Morning Joe (Yes, i know Mika is a prudish scold and Joe can be a blowhard, but they have real chemistry)? It seems like there is more editorializing and mixing hard news with soft news stories that in the past. While the changes are minor, not sure I like it? (9/2/14)

Looks like the Times has a slightly different take on the Kathy Weymouth goodbye: (9/2/14)

Did a big laugh out loud this morning after Allison made a comment saying "In our next hour, Train Wreck TV, and no, we're not talking about Good Day". She then followed up by saying that that their own producer wrote that line. Sounds like he or someone else over there has been reading the dcrtv website. (9/2/14)

“This is WRQX's lucky day,,, they now have a 3rd....yes, 3rd chance to stop the bleeding and BRING JACK BACK!” Bring Jack back to what? His same shopworn morning show? Bring him back so his monstrous ego can fill the building like the Goodyear blimp? Bring him back so the entire talent budget for the station can be spent on him alone? When Jack was kicked to the curb by RQX, it was a calculated business decision – spending on his salary didn’t bring in the requisite numbers to offset that considerable expense. Enough is enough. Jack’s sell-by date is long past… (9/2/14)

Nestor's latest six-page diatribe shows just how self-absorbed he really is. The bottom line is he runs a low power AM radio station that can't be heard hardly anywhere. He craves a platform and soapbox, yet all the doors that have been slammed in his face are because of the very self-absorption that he so continually displays. His wife's medical condition is awful and sad and I will continue to pray for his recovery. But Nestor has received more ink in this mailbag than he or his station deserves. (9/2/14)

This is WRQX's lucky day,,, they now have a 3rd....yes, 3rd chance to stop the bleeding and BRING JACK BACK! They have lost millions of dollars, They have lost massive ratings , and are on pace to be Washington's 4th rated Urban/Top 40 club/dance/ rhythmic/re-mix station. They get beat by AM stations in Money demo's! There's no money in 18-24 radio anyway... when you're ranked one of the last! Cumulus... it's sitting right there.... Kane part 2 isn't working... (9/2/14)

Don's new show - Sound quality is pretty shit... they put the 1st one out for free because gmail shut their announcement... wow, this other guy sounds just like Buzz (9/2/14)

Well I see Nestor out did himself. This time it’s a 6-page diatribe. I read page 6. He mentions Gordon Ramsey (BTW “Mr. Perfection”, it’s RamsAy) obviously making a reference to ‘Kitchen Nightmares’. Apparently, Nestor, you never saw any of the episodes where the main problem with the restaurant was OWNERSHIP. Guess that never entered your mind. Oh, and if you’re using Chef Ramsay as a role model, do some research and see how long the restaurants he ‘saved’ actually survived. Why would any business want to be associated with him at this point? He has built up so much ill-will in the community. On another Baltimore Sports Talk note, 105.7 had been touting for the past week that their studios were being re-done. They must have done a fantastic job….they’ve been without phones for at least 2 days. (9/2/14)

"WBAL Newsradio 1090" = putting lipstick on a turd. (9/2/14)

Fox News Radio White House Correspondent Mike Majchrowitz ended his two-year battle with throat cancer early Sunday. This is my Facebook post: It's been a very tough couple of years for my Fox News Radio colleague Mike Majchrowitz. And his battle with cancer came to an end Sunday morning. Mike, Chris Barnes and I were the original Fox Radio DC guys. I immediately liked Mike for blowing off TV for radio and refusing various feelers to get back in front of the camera. Too much fun and no drama in radio, he said. I was jealous of his smooth delivery - and his immediate command of facts and figures during live long-form coverage. But the thing that defined Mike never work. It was his family. In a world where 'family man' is abused, Mike was the personification of the term. I've never worked with anyone who had so many pictures of his kids at his desk. It was 'ABC' at the bureau come Girl Scout Cookie season (Always Be Closing). I never minded arguing politics with him because I knew, at the end of the conversation, it didn't mean a thing. People mattered to Mike. And family matters above all else. Break it down. You've been good nighted. - Rich Johnson (9/2/14)

Jared Halpern, Mac, Me

When Jack Diamond left his job in San Diego, did he take my Tijuana Taxi? Just wondering. Herb Alpert. (9/2/14)

Even with your eyes closed it's impossible to watch or listen to Baltimore's morning TV shows. Channel 2 has the weather person who sounds like Minnie Mouse. Channel 11 has Urkel and the Bopsy twins and 13 has the woman with 1,000 teeth in her mouth who laughs at every corny joke Uncle Marty spits out. They are all awful people. Don't even suggest tuning to WBAL on the radio for news. If I wanted last week's news I'd ask a neighbor. (9/2/14)

Regarding Jack Diamond: WHAT???!!!! This is an outrage! I guess. Am I obligated to be outraged? And all the rest of these nit-picking posts about minutia? Outraged, I tell you, outraged! (9/2/14)

Don Geronimo-Sorce: The Three Stooges and RELM have nothing on Sorce as he tries to piecemeal together the Don Geronimo Podcast. "Here we are, hours from the first big relaunch show [thought that was Labor Day], and a slight problem. While we’ve been sending thousands of coupon codes to loyal subscribers, Google and Gmail decided after we’d sent about 1000 out that we must be a spam account, and they temporarily shut down our ability to send emails from our Gmail account. That’s where all your information is, current subscribers. And we still have thousands of emails and codes to get out." In other news Geronimo Podcast subscribers, did you know Gmail can be hacked with 92 per cent success rate, says University of California Stay Frosty! My Podfather of the malebag podium. Dave 'The Cloud' Hughes. The Real AHHHH (9/2/14)

Wow: “DGS” really lays it on thick with explainations but nonetheless it speels E-P-I-C-F-A-I-L. Most “subscribers” (aka “suckers”) probably forgot about the show if not their subscriptions by now and – yawn – Donnie Gee fades to black. Should have stayed with CBS/WJFK: podcasts are a high price to pay in order to be able to say “fuck” and “shit”. Only seems to work if you are Howard Stern and have Sirius money. And please all you Don Geronimo haters haters: I still like him, listened all the time when he briefly came back to WJFK but I will be darned if I am going to pay for it let alone waste broadband listening. (9/2/14)

I mean this with absolutely no disrespect for the men and women who proudly serve this country, and for the many who continue to serve this country or who have died defending it so I can live freely, but, I had to laugh at all the local news/weather/traffic anchors in Baltimore, dressed in red, white, and/or blue this morning. I guess they did NOT get the company memo that explained that there is nothing patriotic or military-connected to Labor Day. LOL I bet all of them displayed the flag on their front porch too in honor of "Labor Day." I also bet many of them work in a non-union shop, and hit the Walmart on the way home. (9/2/14)

REF: [June Smith is a new host on Red Maryland Network on Wednesdays starting this week. After a horrible audition on-air with WBAL...] Let's be clear. The entire station sounds like a "horrible audition on-air." (9/2/14)

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\/ September 1 Messages \/

[RE Jack Diamond:] Dave: A "few" weeks? How about "TWO" weeks in SD. BTW, he's 60. (9/1/14)

June Smith is a new host on Red Maryland Network on Wednesdays starting this week. After a horrible audition on-air with WBAL, Smith is joining the online network started by conservative bloggers who were fired by the Baltimore Sun over ethical issues earlier this year. (9/1/14)

DGS - Thank you all for your incredible patience. The return of The Don Geronimo Show is now just hours away…TOMORROW, Tuesday, September 2nd 2014! The show starts LIVE at 6am Pacific /9am East. Here’s important information for returning subscribers as well as new listeners! RETURNING SUBSCRIBERS: Please check your email TODAY, for your coupon for remaining time owed on your deal, plus an extra free month! These emails are NOT being mass mailed and are being mailed to each subscriber with their own unique coupon number. All emails will be sent by 12am Pacific / 3am East. After 12:00am Pacific if you have not yet received your personal email with coupon info, please contact us at: . Then simply go to, and click on “LIVE FEED”…you’ll be asked to re-register using your coupon, set your username and password, and you’re all set for tomorrow morning! Access the premium content from Don Geronimo Podcast anywhere anytime! NEW SUBSCRIBERS: Please visit Then click on “LIVE FEED.” Just register with your email and set a password. You’ll next be at our secure payment site, powered by Cleeng. Just enter your Discover, American Express, MasterCard or Visa credit card, and your monthly subscription of $9.95 is started. The Don Geronimo Show is available only on a monthly plan. Renews automatically, cancel anytime you want. Then you’re all set for tomorrow morning! Access the premium content from the Don Geronimo Podcast anywhere anytime! Our FAQ page is under construction now, and will be up later today. The show returns tomorrow morning from 6:00-8:30AM Pacific / 9:00-11:30 East. But you know we will run over! We can not wait for tomorrow morning! We’re back, get the word out! (9/1/14)

Regarding Jack Diamond: Who would hire a man who committed to two different radio stations to do a.m. drive and quit within weeks? Really? You don't negotiate a contract then change your mind. I cannot comprehend why any contract could be dissolved so quickly unless there was no contract at all. It's really quite schizophrenic at best. There's an expression called "screwed the pooch", and I think Jack Diamond has done just that. (9/1/14)

I've been trying to give Good Day DC a chance, but it's just painful to watch (yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment and watch it anyway). I don't think the anchors ever bought into the schedule change and format. They put on a good front, but the occasional snide and sarcastic remarks regarding how long they've been on air and how long is left before the show ends suggests an unhappiness with the current format. I've heard Sara and Allison make comments that make no sense and then come back with an apology and/or a comment such as "well, we've been her for 5 hours already". And Tucker seems truly pissed. Especially on those days when he's on from 4:30-11 and has to do the weather "on the 5's". Seems to be a bit of overkill..And I have to laugh when they have that contest where you can win a Good Day DC mug and the anchors are constantly begging people to take pictures with the mug when they win and send them in..I don't think anyone's sent in a picture with the mug. Well, I've seen commercials for that talk show The Real (FOX's version of The View) coming back this fall, I think at 11am..So, with that show at 11 and Wendy Williams' show probably going back to 10am, maybe the Good Day DC show will only be on until 10am..Unless of course they find another show to fill in at 9am. But I haven't seen any commercials for anything as of yet. (9/1/14)

As far as Aloha Trust's WFRE-FM, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't somebody the recipient of a write-up where they were trying to buy WFRE and sought out financial help from a local radio pro and ended up getting sued by said pro for fraud because they couldn't come up with enough financing to acquire the Frederick stations. (9/1/14)

[RE Jack Diamond:] If CC is smart they make him a national wake up guy at its AC Stations. AC is one format they really don't have a natl show like an Elvis or John Boy & Billy or Elliott. (9/1/14)

I think it was for family reasons. But yes, that WAS short! (9/1/14)

Dave's response: I think I predicted that Jack's SD/TJ gig would last maybe a few weeks. But I don't want to come off as a smug a-hole.....

I saw an ad on WJLA that the Queen Latifah show is moving to 3 PM, probably to make room the 4 PM newscast beginning Sep. 15. Currently Katie's show airs at 3PM, which as you know, has been cancelled. (9/1/14)

Good Day DC is unwatchable with the original lineup. They r awful and appear to be unhappy with one another, esp Sara and Tucker. Tucker is horrible and someone get Sara a personality. the only time she appears to be happy is when they place a cat on her lap. Btw noticed Gary mcgrady made an appearance today .. have him on instead. (9/1/14)

I admire Maryl Comer for wanting be the provider to her ill husband. People will have something to say about everything. She knows what her spirit and The Spirit tells her is best for her. THAT'S what makes the difference in what one does and someone else might feel is best for them. I grew up watching Meryl on WMAR TV where she did an afternoon talk show. Very few people people even remember her doing a show at Channel 2 in the 70s. I do, as she was talented, very attractive and had something special about her. Now, through reading the Washington Post story-- I know what that something special was. (9/1/14)

Did you see that Jack Diamond quit his gig in San Diego to return to DC? Said it's for family reasons. Big long explanation on JD show FB page. (9/1/14)

I too saw some of channel 5's morning show, but just couldn't watch the entire time. I too heard them say Fred Smoot was coming on. So how did that go? (9/1/14)

My American wife spent two years in the Philippines. Early Christmas observation is the norm in Manila (the Philippines in general). Decorations and other crap go up really early, come down briefly for Hallowe'en (to observe and respect the dead), then go back up again. It may sound weird to you and I, but on the other hand, it is kinda cheerful. (9/1/14)

Watching Good Day DC & Steve & Allison are off. So Holly Morris & Annie Yu are filling in with Sarah. Between Holly's constant cackling, Annie Yu struggling w/the teleprompter & Kevin McCarthy geeking out, thank goidness this isn't the lineup on a daily basis. I feel for Tucker & Sarah. And Fred Smoot's coming on to talk sports. Wonder how THAT conversation's going to be. Sarah's already asked Tucker to stay around for that. (9/1/14)

I made a mistake the article on DCG-FM Manila should read one christmas song per hour not a day.Started Sept 1 2014. (9/1/14)

According to an earlier tweet, Don Geronimo-Sorce will not be relaunching his show on 9/1. It appears a major problem is what to do with "current" subscribers who previously signed up with RELM. With the delay reaching 1 month this week, and no end in sight, I feel bad for those who paid for a year, and the future status of their subscriptions. (9/1/14)

Don Geronimo-Sorce: The Labor Day Same Ole Song. Everyone sing! Sorce tweets "2morrow [Sept. 1] will NOT happen for the relaunch." Of course not Don! My " It's a game that we play. At the end of the night. It's the same, ole' story but you never get it right, Give it u-------p, wo-o-oah-wo-----ah, yeah! malebag song. DCRTV Recording Studios. The Real AHHHH (9/1/14)

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\/ August 31 Messages \/

Beginning today Retro Manila DCG-FM 105.9 begins one christmas song per day! Radiohigh . Take care and God bless! (8/31/14)

Based upon the cryptic messages from Nestor, it seems as if there will be no more live call in radio from NST. How do you run a sports radio station with this sort of programming? The entire station sounds like nothing more than a Nestor podcast. I could do the same thing from my basement. (8/31/14)

The gibberish about Chelsea Clinton (re: "Hillary Clinton and Web Hubbell’s child (oh, the media is NOT supposed to cover the kid’s of POTUS unless it helps POTUS or former POTUS and wanna be POTUS)...She gives a bad name to the honorable term “philanthropist”...Chelsea: please go have your Rosemary’s baby and disappear…”) was clearly e-mailed from a communal computer at an insane asylum. (8/31/14)

Hi Dave, This just happened this weekend-WMAR has added a D-3 and is running Bounce. WUTB ch 24 DT(RF-41) is also running Bounce on their D-2,obviously this will change. What will they carry I don't know.Channel 2 will be dropping Live Well soon. One of these outlets will get Antenna,COZY and Movies! Lots happening on the TV side. What do your sources tell you? Have A Safe Weekend! Thanks! Nick L. (8/31/14)

Meryl Comer update. Meryl Comer’s husband vanished more than a decade ago. Yet she has remained at his side, caring for him night and day as he drifted into the darkness of Alzheimer’s disease. (8/31/14)

There is a select group of men who know more about the street-level workings of DC than anyone. Jerry Phillips was one of them. Worked with him at Oldies 100. A kind and gentle man; Jerry was connected. Very connected. His Rolodex was astonishing. Am very sorry to hear he's gone. Yet another one. sean hall (8/31/14)

Fwd: The Passing of Bob Callahan --- To all who ever listened to “Bob and Jim in the Morning” On WVOB - Bel Air and WAMD – Aberdeen... It is with great sadness that I must tell you, today I lost my Radio Partner to prostate cancer after more than a quarter century of playing to the greatest audience ever, the residents of Harford County. Bob and I were at WBAL but never really worked together. In the early 70’s fate brought us together in Harford County and we decided to “take the act on the road”. We were committed to letting the audience be the “STAR” of every morning and you were fantastic Harford County. The phone line was always open and the public played the most important part of the morning. Add the characters like Jimmy the Danish, Birdman, Dr. Dick the Mayor of Churchville with Slick Greason his Chief of Police, and others, you had the recipe for hilarious antics in addition to the necessary Time checks, News, Weather and Sports. Bob and I never had a script. He was the master of the interview and could spot the makings of a funny line in a flash. In June 2014 Maryland Public Television Honored Bob Callahan with a STAR on their “Walk of Fame” You remember “Maryland Weekend” and “The Old House Works” that paved the way for Public Television to become a staple in Television Broadcasting. Bob was a pioneer in that field. His wife Tanna, Daughter Lisa Golden and Son Sam Callahan were at his side. Son Steven & Coleen of Bel Air will join the family in Florida. Bob was insistent that the public know his care at the VA Hospital in Miami provided him with the most complete medical care available and praised the staff that attended to his needs repeatedly. Bob Callahan was one of the “REAL” Armed Forces Network (AFN) announcers, the likes of which the late Robin Williams made famous in movie “Good Morn’en Viet Nam” Even though the alarm went off for years at 3:30 AM, it was always exciting looking forward to another day with “Mister Bob” on the Mic next to mine. I personally will feel his loss for a long time to come. A Memorial Service is planned sometime in the future. “Rest in peace my dear friend. You deserve the best seat in Heaven. God Speed.” The Capt’n... CAPT’N JIM MCMAHAN, HARFORD COUNTY COUNCIL (8/31/14)

Dave, Don't know if you saw this story yet, but sad to report that long time DC broadcaster Jerry Phillips has passed away. They had a nice piece on NBC4 about him here I knew Jerry for a long time. He worked as the morning show man at WHUR for many years until moving over to Clear Channel to be their Public Affairs director, as well as appearing on NBC4 Reporter's Notebook show for many years. Jerry was the nicest guy you could ever meet, and made you smile the minute you saw him. If you were a politician or public official in this town, chances are that Jerry interviewed you at some point. He will be missed (8/31/14)

RIP Jerry Phillips. (8/31/14)

While DCRTV Mailbag should be about DCRTV nonetheless the Clinton’s or Hillary Clinton and Web Hubbell’s child (oh, the media is NOT supposed to cover the kid’s of POTUS unless it helps POTUS or former POTUS and wanna be POTUS) aka “Chelsea Morning” (thanks, Joni) who pulled in millions from NBC and according to People Magazine “Chelsea’s storytelling inspired people across the country and showcased the real power we have as individuals to make a difference in our communities," is purported by the sycophantic Washington Post to now be “Chelsea Clinton through the years: From first daughter to philanthropist”. Philanthropist? With what: Whitewater money? 1000 % stock investment return money? “Dead broke” money? Mommy and/or daddy’s speech money? How about tax free “foundation” money? Plain and simple: “OPMNO” or Other People’s Money Not Ours. How about sexual harassment settlement money? Please someone tell me how Chelsea Clinton has ANY money to give away as a “philanthropist” that she did receive under bogus circumstances or via, again, “OPMNO”. She gives a bad name to the honorable term “philanthropist”, GOOD PEOPLE WHO HAVE SHARED THEIR OWN MONEY WITH OTHERS NOT OTHER’S PEOPLE MONEY TO MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD. Chelsea: please go have your Rosemary’s baby and disappear! And just read the comments about the Post’s story and you can tell there is a smoldering rebellion out there awaiting the demise of the Uber liberal progressive media protecting their criminal politicians like Bubba Clinton, Her Thighness Hillary, Obambi The Alinskyitte, et al. Check out why The Washington Post is not just LOSING readers/subscribers but driving them away with their pabulum: (8/31/14)

No doubt Bob and Maureen McDonnell are looking forward to a nice romantic getaway together, when this trial is finally over... No? (8/31/14)

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Well, it looks like Sinclair is already showing us what they think of Me-TV. Instead of the network's great Sci-Fi Saturday, Sinclair is treating us to college football: Bethune-Cookman vs. Florida International. OMG! OMG! Such a crucial match-up! Such genius programming! Tens of dollars riding on the outcome! (8/30/14)

Re: WBAL. I heard them say news radio this morning too in the news and traffic. I think it's just a saying. After Navy football the. Went right into the wine coach and then dead into ESPN radio. After noon on a Saturday there is no one home at bal. Also, the website still says 979 hd4. And "the only station that matters" They better keep sports or they will be down with WCBM. (8/30/14)

Here’s why Danny Snyder isn’t changing the name of The Redskins just yet… Yup, he’s got a bargaining chip now with DC wanting the Olympics. Uh huh. New stadium, new NFL name in Washington DC at RFK! For THAT, you bet your ass he’d change the name! HAHA! (8/30/14)

Comcast offers the SEC Network in HD on Channel 913, and that is in Alexandria, VA. (8/30/14)

Dave's response: That addition is throughout the DC area.....

I live in DC and am not your typical DCRTV 'BAL mailbag basher, but I am on my way to the Navy Ohio St game listening to them, this Derrick Williams character is embarrassing. Stories making no sense, ran all over their traffic reporter, then fucked up and bailed out of the cast by playing commercials. Reads "winning picks" for lottery and didn't even mention what game it was. Pretty pathetic leading up to the opening game against Ohio St. -- Ted M in NW DC (8/30/14)

More changes underway at WBAL Radio? Today I heard someone in air using the slogan "Newsradio 1090". Think that will fix the problems there? (8/30/14)

Strange that someone wrote about AAA's predictions on holiday travel because I was thinking the same thing this morning. Where do they get these numbers? And why are the stations blindly accepting these predictions as true? But then again, the same thing occurs with stations doing reports on this poll and that poll that says "85% of Americans" agree or disagree with something. Nowhere is there a disclaimer indicating how many people were polled. So who's believing these numbers and predictions anyway? (8/30/14)

Talk about mispronouncing. The woman doing the spot on Mix 106.5 has it wrong with Magothy River. Kind of unfortunate that no listeners from AA County blasted them yet. It's Magothy like magnetic or magazine (8/30/14)

This morning I saw the last 15 minutes of Fox5's morning weekend news for the first time & I guess as with other stations, they have a weekend crew. Had no clue who the weather guy was as well as some other random guy who showed up at the end of the show during a cooking segment. And are Annie Yu and Wisdom Martin the weekend anchors? I thought Wisdom did the early morning weekday broadcasts. Funny moment when a reporter named Kellie was doing a story from a wine festival & said she liked drinking wine but wasn't a "wine-ee" or "wine-o". (8/30/14)

DCRTV quote challenge: “If you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart.” Who said it: 1) Arch Campbell 2) Diane Sawyer 3) Joan Rivers 4) ZW 5) Unsigned Corporate Suit 6)President Obambi 7) DCRTVDJDAVE 8) Betsy Rothstein 9) Tucker Carlson 10) David Letterman? Answer: (8/30/14)

Once again, AAA Mid-Atlantic has manipulated lame stream media, including broadcasters in the Baltimore-Washington area, with the labor day version of their holiday travel predictions. When are these alleged "reporters" going to challenge this phony, publicity-seeking gimmick they push every holiday weekend simply to get their name out there, and demand proof of their claims? As a former AAA member with lots of friends who still subscribe this tow-truck trash talk, I know of no one who has ever been "surveyed" or contacted in any way about their travel plans. It's about as bogus as the town of Ocean City's method to estimate visitors to the resort: toilet flushes. I wish someone in tv, radio or what's left of the rags in this area would expose this insurance company's fraudulent holiday headline grab, so we can do like they do in OC, and flush this nonsense down the toilet once and for all. (8/30/14)

Former 7 Newser Chris Curle and husband Don Farmer profiled in Marco Eagle newspaper. .....biggest personal news story broke last November, when Curle was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer....she got the most welcome news of all, when the doctors declared her cancer-free. (8/30/14)

I rescanned WMAR this morning and got Bounce on WMAR "2-3" running parallel to WUTB 24-2. Not sure if this is just a troposcatter opening of some distant station. Frederick MD MPTis now appearing , something that is not typical as well. (8/30/14)

The HD feed of the SEC Network is only available in Texas and Florida, places with a "strong SEC footprint." Apparently, the Mid-Atlantic region doesn't have a strong enough SEC footprint or the channel would be available in both SD and HD here, too. Andrew Fauver (8/30/14)

Actually SEC network is on channel 75 in FIOS. Al (8/30/14)

Enough about WNST 1570 AM in Baltimore. It is not worth the ink. This is a daytime only station with no ratings. I think they are sending in all the posting about themselves. No one cares. (8/30/14)

Re: SEC Network on FIOS. Channel 85 and HD 585 IS BIG 10 Network. SEC is supposed to go on channel 75 and HD 575. Nothing here yet in Annapolis. Ron (8/30/14)

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Apparently Verizon FIOS Has finally reached agreement to carry the SEC Network. It's on channel 85 right now, but the HD Signal isn't up yet. (8/29/14)

Clear Channel "trust" has been trying to sell WFRE 99.9 FM for 7 years. No one wants to own a Class B FM in the Washington Metro Area? Perhaps if they continue to ask such a high price for it no one will buy it. Clear Channel promised the FCC they would sell it because they own six FM stations in Washington. The FCC rules only permit one broadcaster to own five FM stations in the market. When will they be forced to sell it? Can they keep it forever? (8/29/14)

Saw on the evening news that long time broadcaster and journalist Jerry Phillips has passed. No details, just an announcement and accolades by Wendy Rieger. I remember him being a regular contributor to NBC4's Sunday morning Reporters Notebook. (8/29/14)

Nestor's new format is Nestor 24/7. He compares himself to Chris Russo and Stern and their respective stations on Sirius. (8/29/14)

REF: [More: 98 Rock Drops 2 Music Subchannels...New Hearst GM Cary Pahigian: "We just want to make sure we are focused with laser-like intensity on our primary products: 98 Rock, news/talk WBAL (1090), the Orioles and the Ravens...all four are high-impact, high-demand products."] As Jack Nicholson said in 'As Good as it Gets,' "sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here." (8/29/14)

Just found a Yahoo fantasy football league titled "The Washington [BLANK]s" (no seriously, that's what it's called) and apparently they're drafting tonight. (8/29/14)

REF: [It appears that the WBAL radio bashers have given up.] No we haven't. Like George Bush at an Iraqi news conference, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. (8/29/14)

Honestly, there is plenty out there that can be used to hoist Harry Reid on his own petard regarding the Redskins name issue. If the "My Nevada Indians" comment isn't enough, there is the Asian joke or the comment about Obama and his lack of a "Negro" dialect and probably more. Let's just say the Oneidas and Mike Wise are making a mistake by having Reid carry their water.................... (8/29/14)

I heard that the new NST will be an afternoon show with Nestor from 2-6 and the rest of the programming will be Nestor's interview with Art Modell. (8/29/14)

One of the most frequent mistakes Mailbag posters make is assuming that fellow posters they disagree with are all the same person: they are not. Maybe DCRTV Dave should assign us numbers. So: “Yeh, I'm jumping into the court of those people saying the guy in the Mailbag who writes endlessly about how the Redskins can't change their name is doing more harm than good to his cause. Just an idiot.” Is actually referring to more than one “idiot” as I would wager that there are several different posters defending the Redskins use of the Redskins name. Even Dave seems to support not changing the name as most sane Washingtonians do. And: “Dan Snyder may be a mean-spirited spoiled brat, and a horrible businessman, but even he knows not to open the dead end lines of rhetoric you keep stumbling into.” I could care less about Dan Snyder: don’t personally like the man (his wife’s pretty hot, though!) and I especially don’t like the way he runs the Redskins or treats the fans. But it is not about “rhetoric” with the Redskins name, it’s about semantics. That is, what do words mean to certain people and/or the majority of people. So the NAACP still means the National Association for the Advancement of Colored (GASP: we don’t use “colored” for Negroes, ah, “Blacks” a “African American” no “People of Color” anymore!) People maybe today should be the NAAPC or the National Association for the Advancement of People of Color. But then, to me, that would mean ALL people of any color and with the exception of Obambi, there are no transparent people out there (Mr. Transparency: ha!). So today, when one has to do a check list of “race” they usually have options that include “White” (“White” is a race? It’s not even a color) and “African American” which to me would include a Caucasian South African who immigrated to the United States. All of this noise about race, labels, names, titles, sexual preference, football team names, etc. is a bunch of crap designed to divert and distract us from God’s Will of us all being his children. So the DCRTV poster who prides themselves in being so progressive calls a fellow poster an “idiot”. The “idiot” is the person who created The Bureau of Indian Affairs, who invented the race classification for government and other forms, affirmative action, the term “transgendered”, etc. And Harry “I Got My Wongs Wrong” Reid IS an idiot no matter what you say: (8/29/14)

If Professor Banzaf succeds in getting the FCC to revoke Red Zebra's broadcast licenses, it will not be the first time an "activist" took down a broadcaster. The history of the FCC includes WHDH-TV, WNAC-TV, WGCB AM-FM, WXUR AM-FM, WINB (SW), KHJ and the rest of the RKO General chain, among others as targets for license revocation, disqualification as a licensee, etc. The "activists" all claim that they're doing this in the "public interest" when what they're really doing is destroying private wealth, risk taking, and entrepreneurship. I'm no fan of Dan Snyder. But, I hope he wins on this one. I'm now thankful GWU turned down my undergraduate application ages ago. I wouldn't want to have to put on my c.v. being an alumnus of a university with a faculty member like Professor Banzaf. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (8/29/14)

Yeh, I'm jumping into the court of those people saying the guy in the Mailbag who writes endlessly about how the Redskins can't change their name is doing more harm than good to his cause. Just an idiot. Re: "So Harry Reid who accuses the Washington Redskins of racism with their use of what is said to be a slur, even introducing a resolution in the U.S. Senate condemning them, now use the following phrase: “My Nevada Indians”, who he claims have had wampum offered them by the dastardly Redskins to shut the up...yakkity yakkity yakkity yak." The difference between the two terms is that while "Indian" is based on a centuries-old inaccuracy, it is what a large portion of Native Americans use as their ethnic designation, while "Redskin" -- despite some non-sourced blathering by you -- is not. Dan Snyder may be a mean-spirited spoiled brat, and a horrible businessman, but even he knows not to open the dead end lines of rhetoric you keep stumbling into. (8/29/14)

Does anyone know what is wrong with Arch Campbell’s eyes? I watched a video of his last show and it looks like one is twice the size of the other one. (8/29/14)

Dave's response: If you check out the Washington Post's Thursday profile of Arch, it does mention that he's suffering from some sort of facial nerve malady.....

So Harry Reid who accuses the Washington Redskins of racism with their use of what is said to be a slur, even introducing a resolution in the U.S. Senate condemning them, now use the following phrase: “My Nevada Indians”, who he claims have had wampum offered them by the dastardly Redskins to shut the up. Wouldn’t Harry Reid using the phrase “My Nevada Indians” be the equivalent of Sterling using the phrase “My California Negroes” about his basketball players? Who uses the term “Indian” for “Native Americans” anymore but racists like Reid? Here is the full excerpt from the article: “REID WAS ALSO ASKED about the possibility of the Washington Redskins football team changing their nickname. Reid has said in the past he would like to see the team adopt a new nickname. Yet he threw in a new wrinkle, saying Redskins owner Daniel Snyder tried to give members of the Las Vegas Paiutes gifts for them to support the “Redskins” brand. “Redskins is a racist name and native Americans believe that,” Reid said. “They have tried to buy off some of my Nevada Indians and they have not been able to do that, giving them trucks and stuff like that. “The Indians, they understand that this is an issue that deals with them,” Reid said. “It is a moral issue with them. And he (Snyder) can hang on for a little while but it is not going to go on forever.” Reid’s senior adviser for Nevada media, Kristen Orthman added, “Yes it is the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe he was referencing, and they were approached about being given a van by Snyder's group and they declined the van.” Harry Reid is a few drools short of a nursing home, should retire, cash in his chips and shut the hell up about our Redskins and take care of his “Nevada Indians”. (8/29/14)
Don't you dare believe that "BS" being spouted by WIYY's GM (Cary Pahigian) concering former HD channels. WIYY is stuck right now in the 3 shares and they probably ain't makin' much money. He believes the classic rock and indie channels are stealing listeners from his main station WIYY. The news/talk station wouldn't be affected one way or another. Just another scared GM worried about his own butt! (8/29/14)

I've been away from the mailbag for a while and checked in this morning and looked back for the past several weeks. It appears that the WBAL radio bashers have given up. They must have realized that even with the new GM nothing is or will change. Maybe the Os will give them a momentary boost. (8/29/14)

I look at a GWU professor's campaign to get the FCC to strip Dan Snyder's radio licenses because he owns the Redskins. And what a bunch of bunk that is. Also, should WTOP drop its carriage of the Voice Of Russia with that nation invading Ukraine? Plus, more on Arch Campbell leaving WJLA and NC8. Craig Coleman joins WILC. A quick tour of the DCRTV Archive. And much more In today's "Dave TV"..... (8/29/14)

Today's the big day where Nestor announces the all new lineup for WNST. I bet it somehow involves more of him and less of any sort of real talent. He must be having a complete cow over Drew Forrester's new blog and the sponsors he's attracting now that he's not burdened with "the nasty one". I heard from a friend who owns a restaurant he made the rounds this week to do damage control with the sponsors and mentioned that he (Nestor) has done "the best radio of my life" since coming back on the air a few months ago. If you thought the station had a minimal audience before he fired his whole staff last week wait until next week when the all-new WNST is launched. Crickets will be bored. (8/29/14)

Hey Dave, when is DCRTV going to get in on the ad cash cow that is The Skins no name change campaign... (8/29/14)

As a WJLA expat I would like to wish Arch the happiest of trails. He was a joy to work with. You could tell he was coming without looking; humming or belting charming guffaws. So if Arch is hanging up that hat for good on local TV; well we'll miss you, man. Ray (8/29/14)

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Dumbest thing on the internet today? That's easy: The Redskins "are universally hated by the Sports Media and the local media." Puh-leaze. Every media outlet between King George County VA and the DelMarVa is on their knees for the franchise 24/7/365, and has been for 40 years. What planet are you phoning in from? (8/28/14)

"Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah -ZW- Bonk bonk on the head!!!" Snore, ho-hum, more of the same, duhhhhhhhhh!!! - WZ (8/28/14)

WZ Hlab-Hlab-Hlab: zzzzzzzz ZW (8/28/14)

I saw your coverage of the Redskins FCC story on DCRTV and wanted to pass along the interview on WTOP today with Banzhaf that sheds more light on his strategy. The anchors are Hillary Howard and Brennan Haselton. (8/28/14)

I heard today that Don Wicklin has been promoted to Vice President of Talk Programming at SiriusXM radio. He is overseeing Opie's channel and the rebranding of it along with overseeing Ron and Fez (from the old WJFK days), Jason Ellis Show and the Covino and Rich Show on the Indie channel too. Basically everything that Tim Sabean was doing before he was let go back in June, minus the comedy channels. If you remember, Don was the morning show producer for WBIG when Dave Adler was host back in 2001. Then he went to Fox News after that I believe. (8/28/14)

To UCS: Once again you don’t understand the corporate economics. The only reason no team has moved to LA is because there is ZERO public money available for a stadium and the land & construction cost of building one would be almost the value of the team itself. It’s all about the Benjamins. If you get a better deal at home you stay like most teams have so far since it only gains you money to stay and costs you to move. Art Modell owned a dilapidated stadium from the 1920s/30s like an albatross. He was flat out told no that while there was money for improvements, there would be no money to contribute to a new stadium, PERIOD. 2 other sports teams in Cleveland got new venues, mostly paid for with public money. Modell was told flat out no. They called his bluff, didn’t think he’d pull the trigger. But they were wrong on several fronts. They stupidly didn’t realize the Al Lerner/Maryland National Bank connection. By filing for a Baltimore NFL expansion franchise, which he didn’t win, Al Lerner & hence Modell knew all the Stadium Authority numbers on how much was to be spent on the stadium and how much it would cost the prospective owner to move to Baltimore. Politicians in Cleveland stuck their heads in the sand. It was reported in various media that if it wasn’t the Browns that moved to Baltimore, there were 2 other teams that would have. He just beat them to it because he knew the numbers before they did. As for The Redskins & Danny Snyder, who the hell is going to give him a sweetheart deal like Modell got? Definitely NOT LA! HAHA! Before the Browns move Bob Costas bandwagon media outrage began, Art Modell was considered an ELITE NFL OWNER. What do you think the other NFL owners think of Danny Snyder? Is he on any important NFL ownership committees? Um, I can’t think of one. :-) Nobody’s giving Danny Snyder any money to move anywhere! As for Snyder wanting a stadium, he can forget Maryland. And I doubt DC or VA would jump into a deal either since he screwed over Maryland. What is Dannyboy going to do? Cash in his Six Flags roller coaster insurance policy & Johnny Rockets profits? LMAO I hate to say it DC, but you’re STUCK WITH HIM! (8/28/14)

(QUOTE) Will someone tell Laurie London to back away from the microphone (END) What's stopping you from telling them yourself, Unca Donald? Use this link to fill out the fields: Jesus, do I have to do everything around here? (8/28/14)

Great thanks to Tom in DC for sharing that time capsule of local radio, circa 1981. I enjoyed it immensely, but credibility was strained when the editor showed Donnie Simpson dancing in the KYS studios to Charlie Dore's "Pilot of the Airwaves" at around the 20:20 point. That tune would never have fit Donnie's urban contemporary format. (8/28/14)

Hi Dave, So I'm thinking, DC radio at its peak? Maybe when Willard became Ronald McDonald? Talk about big radio clowns, ain't nobody no bigger than Ronald :) But seriously, I dunno, maybe the Eighties with Harden and Weaver and Stern and Grease and Donnie and Don and Mike and all sorts of antics and happenings on the dial. I wasn't here before that decade, but nothing since the Eighties matches, as a whole, what I heard back then. And on the subject of movies about radio or television, I'd like to toss a couple of recent ones into the hat of consideration: Walk of Shame and a racing movie called Snake and Mongoose, both of which are available for DVD rental at Redbox. Walk of Shame is a comedy about a blonde Los Angeles news anchor who gets an overnight text to get ready for a network opportunity the next day but in her haste to get back to her place, she locks herself out of her boyfriend's apartment building and has to get herself in a party dress through LA without a phone, car, or money. It was surprisingly funny, a stream of silly scenarios. And Snake and Mongoose, about the friendship and rivalry of two drag racers in Sixties and Seventies, mixes scenes crafted for the film with actual film and television footage and advertisements from back in the day. I like movies about significant moments or eras in pop culture and that one does not disappoint--lots of racing and vintage footage and quite a story between Don Prudomme and Tom McKwen and their getting a high-dollar sponsorship from Mattel's Hot Wheels. Robb de la Metropolitan Hagerstown (8/28/14)

Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah “ZW”? Bonk bonk on the head!!! (8/28/14)

Will someone tell Laurie London to back away from the microphone when giving the WTOP business reports? Her plosive popping sounds terrible. (8/28/14)

Speaking of Bain Capital & Clear Channel, they came up on MSNBC recently with the Tim Horton’s/Burger King merger thing and MSNBC somehow managed to get in a slam against Bain and Mitt Romney ONCE AGAIN! HAHA! Of course, the 2 have nothing in common whatsoever since Romney hasn’t been involved in any of this, but they couldn’t resist! As for Clear Channel, you only have to look at the Sinclair deal to see how the FCC got tough on them. SBG basically sold what? 1 station? Turned in the licenses for a couple yet will still run them as DTV sub channels. If that’s getting tough, well I’m afraid to think what lax is. (8/28/14)

Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah "ZW" ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ - WZ (8/28/14)

It's not about the "market". And, it is. Dan Snyder no doubt knows how revered in Baltimore Art Modell and his family became when they moved the original Cleveland Browns to become the Baltimore Ravens. The same thing would happen for Dan Snyder were he to move his team to Los Angeles. Except the fan base would be much bigger. Given that, I've always wondered why the Browns got moved to Baltimore instead of L.A., for that matter. A "last press conference" in D.C. ala Nixon wouldn't be necessary for Snyder. All he'd would have to do is talk about the greater media support and larger fan base his team would now enjoy without mentioning D.C. He would focus on the future. The future in Los Angeles. Properly marketed, in a few years they would be an even more profitable property than they are now. Remember that their trademarks are no longer federally protected. Or, are you trying to tell me that market size doesn't matter? L.A. is #2 for TV. And, where is D.C.? As for ego, Snyder's would get a serious boost by bringing in a community unifier. That would improve the NFL's standing with the government. Were the Redskins to move to L.A., who would the D.C. media talk and write about during football season? Baltimore, as the outsiders looking in? They would get what they were asking for wouldn't they? A change in the name of the football team. And, if the local media chased away one NFL team to greener turf, what do you think the odds would be of getting as expansion team as a replacement? Remember that sports is like any other business. It's not 'what you've done for me", as much as "what are you doing for me now and will be doing for me tomorrow?" -Unsigned Corporate Suit (8/28/14)

The pc guy who spends all those words attacking the independent polls finding that Native Americans overwhelmingly support the Redskins name. Yet where is the independent poll showing that Native Americans oppose the name? Reciting all those activists groups means zilch in terms of the actual opinions of the groups' members. (8/28/14)

UCS should change his name to US, Unsigned Suit because his corporate thinking is suspect. Only Washington would put up with Danny Snyder and his shenanigans. LA ran the Rams out of town for far lesser reasons. You really think that market would put up with him? PLEASE. The Redskins value is in its legacy of success BEFORE the little man and its diehard fan base that tolerates or tries to ignore him. You cannot just translate that to another market. Even the Ravens didn’t sell out every game in the early years of the move. People in LA simply would not tolerate such a poorly run organization. Washington, DC is used to poorly run organizations. Most people WORK for one… THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! HAHA! (8/28/14)

Anyone who thinks the FCC route to go after Snyder is going to be successful…. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! STOP, the laughing is making me hurt! Even if they were to make a character ruling, which is highly unlikely, Snyder could easily pull a Sinclair and spin the stations off to a shell company. Really think the FCC would do anything about it? I mean seriously, look at how well the FCC polices AM stations in general. NILL! NADA! NEVER! (8/28/14)

HOW LONG WILL THE FCC ALLOW CLEAR CHANNEL TO HOLD SIX FULL POWER FM STATIONS IN WASHINGTON? When Bain Capital purchased Clear Channel 7 years ago they agreed to spin off WFRE 99.9 FM. Sure they put it into a "trust" but who hired the person to operate the "trust". Who does she report to? Does it take more than 7 years to sell a full power FM station in Washington?This company should keep their promise to the FCC. This should not be allowed. (8/28/14)

[RE Dan Snyder's radio licenses:] Snyder never figured out what to do with them the OTHER 345 days of the year. Poor signals, worst audio on FM dial (8/28/14)

Requests? Nope, and for several reasons --- One, whatever song is being requested is likely to be coming up in the next half-hour anyway, thanks to the regular music rotation. Two, who makes requests anymore when you can punch the tit on your MP3 player and have your song right away? Three, what station takes requests anymore (see the reason for #2)? And four, what station has a live airstaff that will actually answer the phone and take down your request? Now if you meant *dedication*, okay that's a whole 'nuther animal. But again, dont bother. Once Kasem punched his timecard, that left only Delilah left to do dedications. And you probably wont hear your call for two months, until it suits her to play it back off the VoxPro. (8/28/14)

Now that practically every FM and AM radio station streams over the World Wide Web, they can once more take requests from anyone anywhere………Well?.........Don’t they???? (8/28/14)

UCS - I normally don't respond to you because your posts are SO long. But your Redskins post really shows a lack of understanding of the market. The Redskins are one of the most profitable pro sports teams in the world (as ranked by Forbes) - OK Corporate suit guy - why do you think that is? fan base. They have a HUGE fan base. They are NOT universally hated by the market. They are universally hated by the Sports Media and the local media. (8/28/14)

SiriusXM will broadcast the Steve Czaban Show on channel 92 starting 9/2/14 as announced by Czabe (8/28/14)

Snyder should rename the team to the "Los Angeles Stars" and move it there. That would accomplish several things at once: Get the team name changed; Rid the D.C. area of a team that's seemingly so universally despised; Rid the D.C. of an NFL team owner who's seemingly so despised; and put an NFL team in the largest media market without one. Notice he's not saying where he's looking at building a new stadium for his team. There are still many places in Southern California where he could easily do it. Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it. But, not the way you wanted it. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (8/28/14)

Here's all you need to know about DC Radio in March of 1981 from Gordon Peterson and Eyewitness News. Lots of radio studios and appearances from just about all the popular radio talent at the time, plus an interview with one of the founders of Arbitron ratings. Tom in DC (8/28/14)

It only took a quick check of the FCC database to see that no WOOK-LP exists as call letters. I’m guessing they plan to apply for them at a later date? But yes, Washington will get a new 103.1 low power FM soon so some people east or northeast/southeast of DC will probably have trouble getting WRNR 103.1. Also in FCC news, WKHI 107.7 has filed another amendment to an existing construction permit to go from Class A to Class B1 at 23.5KW, but now Great Scott wants to move the tower into southern Delaware, not Maryland. The change, if approved would provide service to Rehoboth Beach to OC to Salisbury as well as its COL, Fruitland, MD via a highly directional antenna, so as not to impact either WGTY in PA or WLZL 107.9. — BaltoMedia.Net (8/28/14)

re: "As for the Polls, both the Annenberg and Sports Illustrated polls showed 80-90% support for the Redskins name. Both were independent polls using accepted polling techniques."…lmao...If the Sports Illustrated survey is anything like the Annenberg survey, both are skewed toward the non-Indian, mainstream, conservative position. Granted, a better poll probably wouldn't reverse the results, with Indians opposing mascots 90-10%. The true feeling toward "Redskins" and other team names and mascots is probably somewhere in the middle, not at either extreme. Adam Clymer, a former New York Times reporter who was in charge of the Annenberg poll, LAUGHED OUT LOUD when told the team was using his polling results in their media guide at the time. He then gave perhaps the best reason of all for changing the name: “Look, let’s suppose my numbers were 100 percent right, that 90 percent of American Indians were okay with it and that the people on the other end of the phone were ACTUALLY WHAT THEY SAID THEY WERE,” he said...... ...Another excellent academic dismantling of the poll can be found in the Journal of Sport & Social Issues, Vol 26, Issue 4, p 381-402 (Nov 2002). "Of Polls and Race Prejudice: Sports Illustrated's Errant 'Indian Wars'" by C. Richard King, et al…."“One key to the fallacious polls is that a great many whites claim Native ancestry, especially when anonymously called. In evaluating typical national random sample surveys, the key question about the survey is who are the ‘Native’ Americans they surveyed? A great many white Americans, for example, claim Native American ancestry (including my Scotch-Irish rural grandfather), with either no evidence or credibility or very tiny ancestry generations back.” Fenelon and Feagin said that the only Natives who should be polled in a serious survey are those who are “active enrolled members of tribal groups.” In other words, there appears to be no evidence that the 768 persons polled were even enrolled members of a tribe. And it’s this fact that some polling might bleed with inaccuracies. Read more at A litany of Indian nonactivist groups such as the National Congress of American Indians, the National Indian Education Association, the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, the Central New York Native Studies Consortium, the Society of Indian Psychologists, and the Native American Journalists Association, along with dozens of tribes, have all taken a public stand against the stereotyping of Indian people through sport team mascots (see American Indian Sports Team Mascots - The list of Native American and non-Native American educational, religious, and governmental organizations opposing these images numbers well over 100. (8/28/14)

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REF: [It appears that WIYY has dumped both of their HD music channels.] If this is all their new GM can come up with to put this station and its 1090 AM sister station out of their daily delivery of microphonic misery, don't look for any meaningful changes in the on-air lineup anytime soon. Unless, he plans to use the savings for severance pay to blow out the entire staff and start all over. The college kids at the campus radio station at nearby Towson University would jump at the chance to work there, at about a third of the personnel costs. Hell, they couldn't sound any worse. (8/27/14)

This should really get the "knit-pickin-bashers" fired up, but would someone please inform WBAL's Donna Hamilton that "adult" is pronounced "a-DULT," not "'ADD-ult." And, while we're on the subject of annoyances, can someone from the Broadcasting Institute of Baltimore offer to enroll the part-time sports dude, Keith Mills, in a basic broadcasting 101 course to teach him how to pronounce "W???" The "dubb-ya" is so damned bush. He does it on the radio too. (8/27/14)

'My complaint is this I do a lot of business with our local home depols and lowes hardware They have always let us use our old military dicounts I have been out of the service for over 40 years ...' If you've been out for over 40 years it sounds like you didn't get your 20 and don't have a gray card. If you do you can still fly Space A. Not really interested in your old man problems. Back in the 80's, Dick from Good Stuff, the last headshop in Bethesda, offered me a military discount based on my short and super-hot haircut, but I was truthful and paid full price for my mom's Christmas gift. - I noticed at 7.28 pm Wednesday night that Mark Levin doesn't understand how treaties work under the Constitution. And UCS is still a tad long -winded. But America's Podcaster outdid him the other day when he said 'I was a bluesman'. No, dude, you were a drummer in a vanity band when you had unlimited funds coming in. Big difference. - ZW (8/27/14)

"... Even AM DXing began to suffer, partly because a lot more stations started broadcasting on the clear channel freqs after ’81."..True but there was a lesser known factor as well Pretty much forgotten now but back in the day a lot of those 50,000 blowtorches and other AM stations that had great coverage areas well it was like "we are having a party and you are invited no matter where you are !!' Sometime during the early 80's at least for some stations that changed. Sure you can still pick them up hundreds of miles way but they began to become...well more" local" and they really could care less if you the dx'er were listening. Two stations right off the bat I can remember had followed this pattern. Cincinnati's 700 WLW and Buffalo's WKBW. In 1982 WKBW had a Saturday night all request oldies show. I called up one night to request a song and not only did they play it WKBW was very happy someone from a town a good 600 miles from Buffalo was listening to them. Now the next year ( 1983 ) KB was still doing that request show however when I called them up I was informed that WKBW is now taking requests from only those who live in the Buffalo regional area. Cincinnati's WLW I can still recall when they had some kind of weekend trivia/oldies party back around 1984 maybe 1985 giving out prizes and such. One night I heard a woman calling in to WLW from North Carolina to answer a trivia question. She won only to be told by WLW on the air that only those who live in the Cincinnati "tri-state" area could win. Of course when it came to being on their talk shows WLW would welcome anyone from anywhere. Though not a 50,000 blowtorch by any means but they had a great daytime signal, Denver's KIMN-AM 950 followed this pattern too. Back in the 70's and 80's I had family who lived in western Nebraska and quite often they would call up KIMN..heck it was their version of WABC. KIMN would play their requests and even gave a shout out to those who live way beyond Denver such as to listeners in Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska and I believe even South Dakota. Unfortunately one day in the mid 80's my sister called up KIMN only to be told that they were a Denver station ( duh !! ) so therefor they only take requests from those who live in the Mile High City and along the Colorado Front Range. My sister pretty much lost all interest in KIMN after that. (8/27/14)

I’m not sure what Facebook page for Doug Hill the writer of a letter from 8/26 was referring to. I just looked at his Facebook page and it hasn’t even been updated since April. (8/27/14)

On Tuesday, August 19, 2014, the F.C.C. granted the first ever construction permit for a low-power FM station serving Washington, Sincere Seven and WOOK-LP Radio (Facebook: 'WOOKradioDC'). Streaming online at since August 2013, WOOK-LP is the official call sign for a listener-supported, community FM radio station featuring D.C. area art and culture arriving on 103.1 FM in Fall 2014. For further information on WOOK 103.1 LPFM, press inquires, or to schedule an interview, contact William Tucker, Jr., founder and General Manager, at (8/27/14)

Nester posted on his FB page that the announcement regarding his station will be made this Friday at 5. Any guesses? I say, he has a show no doubt. It is just a matter of what time. I think the rest is filled with syndicated programming. He might add more local shows as time goes by. (8/27/14)

Radio's peak here has to include WASH in the late 70s when it was owned by Metromedia in the WTTG building. Tremendous FM newsroom with Ed Tobias, Joe Connolly, Joe Ewalt, Mike Connors, and huge music talent like John Bodnar, John Dowling and some guy named Bob Duckman. (8/27/14)

To the politically correct idiots at DCRTV… I give you tons of examples of American Indians using the terms Red Skins and White Skins, with only references by Americans from THEIR STATEMENTS! Read history people, not Harry Reid’s Casino Indian Mafia who’s kids all play on Redskins teams! HAHA! (8/27/14)

Regarding Ashburn Rising: yes the top feeders sometimes live off the bottom feeders. If either the DNCC or the RNCC gets a call between the two "Who ya gonna call?". Don't shoot me just a poster with looking up words: like Rush, I live in Realville. I complimented Ashburn Rising and said The Posties are elitist scum: what more do you want? Cancel my Post subscription? Been there: done that. Good luck ever holding the MSM accountable. Ask Dave. (8/27/14)

For the guy who wanted backup on Natives themselves originating the word "Redskin", here it is. Pretty unimpeachable source, if you ask me. As for the Polls, both the Annenberg and Sports Illustrated polls showed 80-90% support for the Redskins name. Both were independent polls using accepted polling techniques. Some have said they are too outdated, but they beat any independent poll that the pc zealots have come up with since the pc crowd hasn't come up with one to dispute Annenberg and SI. Note that our initial pc zealot has surrendered without providing any of the requested backup for his claims. (8/27/14)

Re: "Dusty Smith of Ashburn Rising has somewhat of a point but after reading the DCRTV mailbag link, Smith and Olivio's original story etc. it does seem fairly innocuous. With so much debris flying over a throw away line who the quote belongs to seems minor." You need to look up the definition of plagiarism, and then get schooled on what it means when newspapers commit it. On another note, did anyone else see the online AP report yesterday about Hurricane Cristobal, which is in the Atlantic near Bermuda? The story had an embedded satellite photo of a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, near Louisiana. No explanation in the story. Nice job! (8/27/14)

UCS correctly remembered one of WRC-FM's late 1960s' formats titled "Contempo" which utilized the talents of velvety Dale Naylor, as well as staff announcers Mac McGarry and Paul Anthony. (8/27/14)

Kudos to those TV stations whom opted not to air the video of this occurrence. Now, will someone explain to me who thought this was a *good* idea in the first place? (8/27/14)

Ripley's "Ice Bucket Challenge" with help from the band "Journey". Ripley from WMDM-FM completes the "Ice Bucket Challenge" with help from the band "Journey". Thanks to Jonathan Cain from the rock band "Journey" for dumping the icy cold water. Also thanks Journey and their staff for recording the event before their concert at Calvert Marine Museum. In addition to challenging a couple of local business people, I also challenged on of the best radio co-hosts I ever worked with, Tara Madison from Star 92.9 WEZF in Burlington, Vermont. Please remind everyone that they can make a donation, like I did at (8/27/14)

A suggestion to the poster who suggested WNST change its call sign to the unavailable WAAM, WAAN IS available. It could stand for "We All About Nestor." (8/27/14)

RE: Military Discount. Dear former service man both of my parents were in the army. They met at Valley Forge and subsequently we were living at Fort Belvoir. Back in those days (in the early '60's) whenever we shopped off the post I don't remember my parents getting any discounts because they were military. If they wanted to save a few bucks they got what they could on the base and selectively shopped elsewhere. Remember the old Bargain City on Highway 1 we went there a lot because their prices were too good to pass up. Nowadays I work full time in radio and part time at a big box store. Stores like mine plus Home Depot et al don't make money on everything they sell. Sorry but that is just the hard core fact. To keep from having to close stores some things had to go. At my store the only thing we offer at discount to military people are accessory items. Stuff like surround sound systems and flat screens you pay what everyone else pays. It's either that or I don't have a second job. Do you have a DOD ID that shows you are retired from the service? If so you can use it to shop at any military base you would like. That is something I can't do. To put it plainly but firmly you ain't doin' so bad, bro! (8/27/14)

Unsigned Corporate Suit is right in a broader sense when he says 1962-1980 is D.C. radio’s peak. I tried to narrow it down to a shorter, more intense period. I just remember an awful lot was going on between 1970 and 1975. FM was getting red hot but the number of AM Top 40 stations was still increasing. The bulk of my radio and Top 40 hobby existed back then, not now. The beginning of the end for me is when WRC-AM jumped off the Top 40 bandwagon in ’75. That was a blow. Unrelated to D.C. but still a sign of things to come, the following year WCFL in the Windy City got on the elevator (music-wise) and Larry Lujack urged listeners “turn off the rock ‘n’ roll and get in the tub!” I’m like, something strange is going on. 1980-81 was the big dropoff point in this area. First, WAYE (although in Charm City, a lot of folks in D.C. used to groove to it including Nancy my carpool driver/rider back then) forsook album rock for….big band?! WWDC, WEAM, and WEEL’s Top 40 programming bit the dust almost simultaneously, the Spanish revolution started with 900 and 1540 making the language switch, and meanwhile WJMD, WESM, WEZR, WNAV-FM, WFRE, and WLIF brought the elevator down permanently. WGAY blew it up in 1990. WRC had already started playing “flavor of the month” formats. Even AM DXing began to suffer, partly because a lot more stations started broadcasting on the clear channel freqs after ’81. I still miss D.C.’s ‘60s and ‘70s radio days. A lot. KOF (8/27/14)

I have to stop engaging the trolls in the Mailbag. Same thing every time. Make a few points, and the dolt comes back with 'Yer too Lib'ral! Yer an sociolist!' No facts, no logic, just sputtering bullshit and unsubstantiated claims ("The term 'Redskins' was created by American Indians themselves and to them considered a name of respect", it wasn't, but saying it over and over and over and over and over might eventually convince someone)...etc. I'm not sure if the Skins should change their name or not, but I'm 100% sure that this conversation is too childish to go on. (8/27/14)

I just figured out how CNN/HLN could be a money-maker and maybe not lay off 550 people. They could do this thing I vaguely remember from the 1980s; it's called a half hour of NEWS. Every half hour, they could have the main national and international stories, weather, sports, various American local stories of interest, various foreign stories of interest. A half-hour later they could update it all and have another news half-hour. Maybe CNN could do 1-hour shows; HLN could do 22 minutes to give me the world :^) Currently, if I want actual news any time of day, I have to watch France 24 or Al-Jazeera. Even BBC News in America has shows like Asian Business or Cricket Match summary which are a waste of time, to me. Really: What ever happened to CNN and what used to be Headline News actually having a news program? I'm guessing that what I have suggested is what Sinclair is going to do by nationalizing NewsChannel 8. Cable All-News is done better on the local cable news channels in Albany, NY, or Tampa then on CNN. -- Carl in Olney (8/27/14)

My complaint is this I do a lot of business with our local home depols and lowes hardware They have always let us use our old military dicounts I have been out of the service for over 40 years I went into both stores the weekend of 8-25 again been using the only one I have & was told we no longer except them Please find out why I mean the companys still make there money & all We defend & fought those places where I bet a lot of our own people died over there so they the foreign counties can ship there crap over here & make money sorry about me going on & on it is NOT right let us use our military discounts that we have my email address is P.S. being a senor citizen having to watch every cent it was nice saving a few cents at the hardware shop. (8/27/14)

It appears that WIYY has dumped both of their HD music channels. Simulcast of WBAL-AM is now on HD 2. The music HD channels were quite good. Sorry to see them go. Might have been a budget cut due to new station manager. Mike (8/27/14)

2 me, Doc the (language butcherer) Walker takes that dubious honor, agree dukes equally bad. Dukes needs Fred Smoot (8/27/14)

Dear UCS - That was Dale Naylor who worked at WRC-FM. She had looks to match the voice, with acres of auburn hair. I never met her, but on a visit or two to the Joy Boys Show, I recall seeing her through the window in the FM studio. I checked online for a photo, but didn't find one. (8/27/14)

Today's Richmond Times-Dispatch had an ad in the main section for a Canadian pharmacy. My spam folder, now in print form... (8/27/14)

when will WJFK have an afternoon sports show on the air this guy Dukes is pathetic (8/27/14)

Should we boycott Burger King? They spend a lot of money on radio and TV. Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes. Why do they complain about the corporate tax rate? Could it be because it is the highest in the world! (8/27/14)

The NST Modellathon continues this morning. Nestor did take a break with an interview with Ray Lewis from 1996 and a Trent Dilfer interview from 2000. One even included a traffic report from 2000. Classic NST. If Nestor did sell part of the station due to medical bills, the situation deserves empathy but he has build up so much ill will that every few people care. (8/27/14)

Dusty Smith of Ashburn Rising has somewhat of a point but after reading the DCRTV mailbag link, Smith and Olivio's original story etc. it does seem fairly innocuous. With so much debris flying over a throw away line who the quote belongs to seems minor. But kudos to Ashburn Rising for not being another Pennysaver suburban newspaper: lots of good reporting from what I read. And it takes balls to try to reach Weymouth & Baron but he should know better than to call them in August: they obviously are in either The Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard! Dave where do you go for vacation: Lake Fairfax? (8/27/14)

"I will repeat for the DC politically correct hearing impaired… READ HISTORY AND NEWS! The term “Redskins” was created by American Indians themselves and to them considered a name of respect. American Indian sports teams all over the country still use it, EVEN the head of the Navajo Nation’s kid’s OWN TEAM, and he’s one of the people leading the fight! HAHA! Are you all really so stupid to not know this FACT? Every poll taken among American Indian tribes has shown no outrage about the name. IT’S ONLY WHITE PEOPLE WITH THEIR POLITICAL CORRECTNESS LIKE HARRY REID, and his Indian Casino mafia..." Please, with all seriousness, I'm asking this poster where I can find the polls to which he's referring. I'd also like to see for myself the source of his claim that the term was created by American Indians themselves. I actually have a graduate degree in American History, and I'll be damned if I've ever seen these documents to which he refers.Every dictionary in the bookstore defines "Redskin" as a derogatory term, but perhaps Harry Reid is the publisher. The frequent claim that the name was meant to honor their head coach in Boston, William "Lone Star" Dietz, has been debunked over and over again, but keeps showing up. If the author of the above quote could supply his source(s) for such a claim, I'd appreciate it very much. (8/27/14)

The peak of D.C. radio? 1962-1980. In addition to what others have shared… Remember WWDC’s experiment with voice tracking a syndicated “Dick Clark Show” with IIRC, Earl Robbin at the Casino Royal nightclub in D.C.? WLEE in Richmond and WITH in Baltimore were the only other stations I recall buying it. Does anyone recall it airing elsewhere? Speaking of WWDC, in the Strauss era, it was a curious mix of Top-40 that could give WPGC and WEAM fits, but MoR enough to pull ears from WMAL and WRC. PM Drive news at WWDC was John Goldsmith’s break into the D.C. news biz. How about the little dink-watt AM’s (mostly daytimers, with Class IV’s like WOOK-1340 and WOL-1450.) that made the most of every watt they got? Not only that, but they were incubators of too much talent to recount. Then there were the FM’s. Especially WMAL-FM and WRC-FM which did their share of experimentation despite being “corporate” by the definition of that era. I don’t recall the woman’s last name (her first name was Dale) who did PM drive at WRC-FM in the early 70’s. Really sweet and sexy voice on the air. WTOP-FM (the real one at 96.3) was something of a dud that Post-Newsweek seemingly couldn’t figure out what to do with. Running the CBS “Young Sound” syndicated format and simulcasting WTOP-AM was a dead-end from the start. I’m surprised nobody mentioned Harden & Weaver as part of what made Washington radio so special back then. How about the changes WOL underwent when Egmont Sonderling bought WOL AM-FM? Remember WOL-FM as oldies before becoming WMOD? Radio was truly entertaining back then. That’s one thing that’s fundamentally changed about the audience in my 50+ years in the business. The audience wants a different kind of entertainment (and information) today. It has devolved from a “laugh with” to a “laugh at”, to be most positive about the cynicism (as I see it) in how people want to be entertained. The initial petty naughtiness of Don Imus, Howard Stern, et al, devolved from the playing of “Fish Cheer” from the Woodstock Soundtrack LP by John Nesci on WOWI-FM in Hampton Roads, and the titillating “sex talk” on WLMD and WWDC, to the crap we have too much of today. Not long ago, we had a “Senior Team” retreat at Big Bear to discuss the second century of our business, both Radio and TV. I rented a CTS/V at LAX and upset a lot of people when I drove up in it. Part of why I rented it was that if our industry is to survive, we must cast aside illusions about our advertisers, our audiences, and our programming. Otherwise, we’ll be just like my rented CTS/V… fun for awhile, but cast aside. Perhaps, a pleasant memory at best. Also, it wasn’t just Washington radio being “special” back then. Being something of a “boomer” in those days (I still say you haven’t worked in radio until you’ve eaten “Cap’n Crunch” cereal in a radio station), radio was seemingly special everywhere I worked in that era. Shifting gears a bit, I’m really sad to hear about Greta Kreuz. She has endured much in her life. I ask that if you’re religious, please keep her and her family in your prayers. If you’re not religious, please keep her and her family in your thoughts. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (8/27/14)

'The belief that because you heard the N-word used in a Rap song that makes it OK to use it yourself is about as brain-dead a logic as there is. Any excuse to keep up your bigoted behavior, huh? Racism is racism is racism, wrong is wrong is wrong, and all of your Rush-fueled rationalizations don't alter the moral equation one iota. Period.' - which is why my worthy friends from the dark continent need to stop saying it. the nfl should ban it. how simple could it be -zw (8/27/14)

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