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\/ August 17 Messages \/

I heard 106.3 W292FR Frederick for the first time today, ID "WARK Hagerstown" with right wing talk. Fair to good here in Mount Airy. It's reported to be 100 watts on the mountain west of Frederick. Tropo was quite intense this morning; lots of stations coming in from southern and southeastern Virginia and points beyond, some overtaking the locals. Regards, Lw in Mount Airy (8/17/18)

EASTERN SHORE NEWS - It appears that Telemundo Delmarva TV 42 is on the air from the WBOC tower in Laurel, DE. WBOC has had the station on cable for a bit, but has filed for a license to cover with the FCC for the over the air signal. Below you can click on the signal range. -- BaltoMedia.net (8/17/18)

Country station 107.7 Salisbury is no longer. Friday evening at 5pm the signal switched to simulcast as BIG 1077, classic rock. Adams Radio Group came to the Salisbury Ocean City market to show the hicks how to do radio. They're showing 'em all right... how NOT to do it. (8/17/18)

Noticed that K 107.7 (with the legendary calls WKHI) is no longer as the classic rock format moves to 107.7 from 98.5. They are a simulcast now with a new format coming soon to 98.5. Would be nice to hear a CHR without the iheartRadioization on the shore. Come to think of it – it’s refreshing to hear a CHR without Elvis Duran / Ryan Seacrest and the usual IHR voicetracking ANYWHERE. MLB4 (8/17/18)

"And just to be technically accurate: for something to be "rancid" in the general sense, it has to be old and stale." Just to be technically accurate, that's not true, even using the term in the figurative sense. Posts containing 'rancid' Rancid <> old and stale. Technically rancidification is a chemical process but I'm mainly addressing the figurative use. Typed with my Don Geronimo boner. Gus in the Gaithersburgh (8/17/18)

....Paint your bald spot....? .....PAINT YOUR BALD SPOT??? (8/17/18)

I must politely disagree with that other person's description of the music on WWFD 820-AM and its repeaters. Maybe it has few listeners; maybe the music is not to someone's taste 24 hours/day; but it has no advertisers, no need for or interest in ratings for it, and shows the owner's interest in electronics and broadcast innovation and clever automated music selection, what with 5,000 songs (I read that somewhere) and smart and easiily changeable software algorithms. The sound quality of 820, especially compared to hybrid signals like WCAO-600 in Balto or even WCBS-880 (when I am in NYC) is really excellent. When I first tune to it, I get 3 seconds of white noise, 3 seconds of silence, then crystal clear music. In Olney, it's not 100% listenable; sometimes it "fades" (really, it just stops) then re-starts again. But there is not much to complain about, if you ask me. Back in the 1950s, people complained about FM radio and its picket fence effect and a radio's frequency drift when FM first came about. Nobody wanted it because the signal was unreliable, but engineers created an Automatic Frequency Control (AFC), dual antennas in cars, the stereo pilot signal, digital selection, and it became dominant. Perhaps, it will become the norm that AM radio becomes Hybrid Analog/Digital on all stations someday and doesn't sound so tinny due to the efforts of Hubbard and WWFD. -- Carl in Olney (8/17/18)

Gamut Hater: Sorry to chap your ass but, while I AM an engineer, I'm not affiliated with Hubbard at all. You may want to point your telescope towards the Virginia side of the river. And just to be technically accurate: for something to be "rancid" in the general sense, it has to be old and stale. Steaming dog shit is too new to be rancid. Looking forward to *your* next epic radio show --- just tell me what station you're on. (8/17/18)

This "caption contest" b.s. is as lame as it gets. (8/17/18)

Recent posts here indicate that Don Geronimo still inspires enormous long-lasting boners. Could be Craig Coleman, could be Charles Broyhill, could be some random guy who reeeaaaaaallllly wishes he could be Don's sidekick Throbbin', The Boy Under. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/17/18)(

After two years of unfocused music which has resulted in a convincing last place in the contemporary music ratings, it looks like Fresh has moved into a clone of Mix 107.3 by playing fewer current hits and more 90's and 00's music. While it certainly has led to success for Mix, its hard to see anything different 94.7 is bringing to the format. With such great success in NYC and Philly with Classic Hits stations why Entercom continues with Hot AC is a mystery to me. (8/17/18)

"To which I reply: Paint your bald spot?" This has been a test of the Geek Check Alert System. The broadcasters of your area have developed this system to see who can still recite old D&M bits with all the aplomb normally associated with Monty Python fans or Trekkies. This concludes this test, and please ... get a life. (8/17/18)

WMAR TV morning news anchor, Ashley James, announced this morning on air and her Twitter page that she is expecting a baby boy in December. (8/17/18)

"I've seen Start advertised on two other CBS O&Os as coming to the subchannel that they currently use for Decades. That and the fact that Decades is a CBS and Weigel enterprise makes me wonder if Decades is going away" For what it's worth, I live in an area serviced by Spectrum with the Charlotte, NC locals. One of the WCNC (NBC) subchannels is Decades and that had been available over Spectrum up until a few weeks ago when Spectrum mysteriously pulled the channel from their lineup. Which makes me too wonder if Decades' days are numbered. (8/17/18)

Couldn't help but laugh coming across 2 Steve Doocy classics, first him in a a Come Home to NBC WRC 4 promo in which he’s given a HALF SECOND for this goofy grin and probably the only investigative journalism he’s qualified for, finding a red skin potato as a good luck charm for the Redskins. Oops, nope he failed at that too or didn’t know the difference. Enjoy. (8/17/18)

Don Geronimo attempts to strike back at DCRTV: TOTAL FAILURE. Posts on his Twitter handle a picture of DCRTV Dave Hughes with "Caption Contest" reference. DCRTV mailbaggers now post new Mike Sorce picture - grown-ass man in a Batman costume. "Caption Contest Time" 1] So this is why he fell off the Sacramento stage - couldn't see with that cowl on, 2] Batman Geronimo lost his DJ powers at least 2 decades ago, 3] Scare little kids much? 4] Dressed for a Swingers party? No Don, your third wife said she had a fantasy about a Black Man NOT Batman...5} you're turn mailbaggers... (8/17/18)

It’s Eviction Day for The Baltimore Sun, as in its signs on its headquarters building which it no longer owns. Former owner Tribune sold the Sun building on Calvert Street just before the Tribune/Sinclair merger began. The merger is over, but the building is still sold. The Sun is moving to south Baltimore into its own printing plant building, which is on land also not owned by The Sun and slated for future redevelopment. — BaltoMedia.net (8/17/18)

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\/ August 16 Messages \/

In today’s Tom Taylor Now, WMAR ABC 2 owner Scripps just sold the last of its radio station group. That makes one wonder. Will Scripps make a deal for Tribune now that Sinclair is out of the picture? There’s talk of them wanting to buy more TV stations now that they are flush with cash. Hmm. Speaking of WMAR 2 Baltimore, here’s a great history of their news opens over the decades posted on Youtube just this June, some I’ve never even seen before and pretty chronological from early to recent. The one constant about WMAR 2 is constant change, so many different intros and people that didn’t stick around long enough for you to remember. www.youtube.com... And here’s couple great clips from WMAR in 1984 when they carried the Orioles better years and probably better years for WMAR 2 also. www.youtube.com... (8/16/18)

The engineer from Hubbard typed "as Larry King once said, 'Why'd'ya care?'" To which I reply: Paint your bald spot? PAINT your BALD spot? PAINT YOUR BALD SPOT?!? (8/16/18)

Re: "...blah blah blah blah...1160, 1190, 1310, 1390 or 1500? Why not skunk them in your next posting?" Mainly because none of them are the steaming mountain of rancid dog shit that the Gamut is. How come every few months Gamut employees get on the Mailbag pretending to be fans of the "station"? Everyone has seen the numbers: the "station" has ZERO LISTENERS. (8/16/18)

Re WBAL NewsRadio 1090 and " The lead story today at 1pm is from the U-of-MD news conference 24 HOURS AGO! " This is what happens when you try to take a sports jock and turn him into someone who can analyze and expound on the days events. They default to sports news whenever they can. (8/16/18)

"R-E-S-P-E-C-T ... Rhymes with D-C-R-T-V" ... thanks for the music, Aretha. (8/16/18)

K-Love has just come up with a new Classics Format that would do well in DC. Christian Format like an "Oldies" Format with Christian Music from the 80's 90's and early 2000's. (8/16/18)

iHeart will come out of Bankruptcy. They show current assets at $7.46 Billion and a DEBT of $20 Billion. (8/16/18)

I had mixed views about WTEM’s recently cancelled Cooley & Kevin program - great when discussing the local teams that at least one of them cared a lot about (Redskins, Wizards and Terps) but a different story with those they didn’t (Nationals, Capitals and colleges other than Maryland). Although they did a decent job covering the Caps’ title run, the best Sheehan could say on the day after they skated around with the Cup was that he was “happy for Ovechkin” – what about all the long suffering fans of the team? Chris Cooley’s “film breakdowns” of Skins games (where he critiqued every player on the team) were his main contribution to the show but during the non-football months he often seemed more interested in talking about his pottery collection or other trivial personal stuff than what was going on in DC sports. The show that Sheehan used to do with Thom Loverro was better – if he gets picked up by 106.7 The Fan, then perhaps they could be paired again although Loverro’s now co-hosting with Andy Pollin on Saturday mornings. Mike, Fairfax (8/16/18)

The Gamut just played songs from Van Morrison Emerson Lake and Palmer Talking Heads. REM. Dave Clark Five lots of great music off course theres junk cant like everything but nobody else plays artists like. Bob Dylan the Yardbirds glad we have a station like that. (8/16/18)

/\ August 16 Messages /\

\/ August 15 Messages \/

Just read about a new personnel change at WKYS..How many times are they going to play musical chairs? (8/15/18)

Remember how well WHFS did in DC? It had good ratings and made money. Perhaps Entercom should put that format on their 107.9 WLZL. Their Spanish format is not doing well with a 0.9 Share in DC. They only cover half of the DC Market! (Eastern Half}. They don't cover Herndon, Sterling, Manassas and Northern Virginia.....They could lease two Translators and simulcast them with 107.9 FM to cover the entire market. "97.5 TNT" in DC and "92.9 TNT" in Northern Virginia. (8/15/18)

Re: the changes at WTEM, their website is full of holes now and looks like management didn't tell the digital staff about anything ... gaps in the schedule on most pages, but then a reference to more "Inside the Locker Room" with "co host Scott Lyn" ... hmmmm, I think it's Scott Linn so they can't even spell the names of their talent correctly. Ooops. -Not Gus (8/15/18)

Alleged wanna-be news radio 1090 is living up to its "24-hour broadcast news center" promo, but I think what they really mean is "24-hours OLD." The lead story today at 1pm is from the U-of-MD news conference 24 HOURS AGO! The story of the University's apology and admission of guilt in the death of a football player aired all day yesterday, all morning this morning with the fake street dude running the same sound from yesterday, and now at 1pm today, they are running the same story, the same sound AS A LEAD FUCKING STORY!!!! WTF is this station doing???? (8/15/18)

"The Gamut sounds like a playlist somebody's grandfather put together ... nobody's listening." Eye of the Beholder, Mr. Giggles. I'm sure very few folks are listening at this moment anyway, now that the station is basically only on HD. Besides, as Larry King once said, "Why'd'ya care?" How much TSL do you spend with 1160, 1190, 1310, 1390 or 1500? Why not skunk them in your next posting? (8/15/18)

don geronimo caption I LIKE FUDGE (8/15/18)

RE: Nick Smith's... After wading through all the hyperbole in that puff piece, it sounds its author could give Baron Munchhausen a run for telling the tallest tales based on what I've observed of the man in his time in DC thus far. (8/15/18)

Perhaps Tribune can find another buyer for their stations? Lew Dickey is good at finding money and lenders. Look at Cumulus! The Cumulus Debt is just $1 Billion. (8/15/18)

Don Geronimo picture caption contest. " California Medical Marijuana Card much?" (8/15/18)

I wouldn't mind the engineer from Hubbard just playing songs he likes if he had decent taste in music. He doesn't. The Gamut sounds like a playlist somebody's grandfather put together thinking the neighborhood kids would like it. They don't. Nobody's listening. (8/15/18)

Oooh, this'll be fun! ("Mailbaggers, you know what time it is - it's picture caption time...") How about: "I was a dominant force in DC area radio for decades and still work in the industry, while you're sitting on your ass at some job you hate, trying to be funny online." Pretty sure I win. (8/15/18)

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\/ August 14 Messages \/

"The engineer from Hubbard seems to just play songs that he likes." Heh-heh, tell the truth: wouldn't YOU, if someone just *gave* you a radio station? (8/14/18)

DON GERONIMO:: NEW TWITTER PROFILE PICTURE. DCRTV Mailbaggers, you know what time it is - it's picture caption time like 1] Don, what happened? No, really, what happened? 2] Boy, that Gus in Gaithersburg sure is old, 3} This new picture makes Mike O'Meara & Robb Spewak look like Chippendale Dancers,4] So, that is what giving up looks like, 5] Mike Sorce channeling his inner Dave ]Letterman crazy white beard look, 6] So Don Geronimo livin' in a van down by the Sacramento river, 7] You're turn... (8/14/18)

Yeesh. Yet another post from a guy who doesn't pay close attention to the news and then blames the media for it (Re: "DC sports and news stations should be embarrassed. A kid/young man on the football team at Univ. of MD died about two months ago and virtually no coverage at all until now...Disgusting.") It's been covered, everywhere, for two months, pretty much non stop. I won't bog down the Mailbag with all the links, but all you have to do is search "Jordan McNair" in Google News and you'll find --- ready for it? -- 135,000 results, including literally dozens from local DC sports and news stations. Please stop being silly. (8/14/18)

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\/ August 13 Messages \/

WTTG 10pm News, July 20, 1988


Any computer that accepts cookies is affected by the paywall at The Sun, The Post, and the NY Times. If you delete the cookies routinely, you can still avoid the restriction of the Paywall. But otherwise, it is still there. Not accepting cookies will not allow ANYONE to read Sun articles without signing into a paying Baltimore Sun account. That is the change. Private browsing does not avoid it anymore. It’s that simple. Now a Chromebook without an Intel processor not running Windows might pull up the phone version of The Sun website, which is a different page. If they don’t have a Paywall on that, they will soon. Tronc is not exactly a very computer smart company. (8/13/18)

Does the "Gamut" format get any ratings anywhere? If so, where? I don't think so. The engineer from Hubbard seems to just play songs that he likes. (8/13/18)

Re: Fox5's Nick Smith, yes it does appear that he's been quite the journeyman..Fox 5 even listed a bunch of his previous gigs... www.fox5dc.com (8/13/18)

From All Access: ADAMS RADIO GROUP Country WKHI/SALISBURY-OCEAN CITY, MD OM/PD/afternoon host LARRY "BIG RED" WNOROWSKI has departed the cluster after nearly two years. WNOROWSKI re-joined ADAMS in OCTOBER 2016, adding OM stripes last AUGUST. His previous career stops include ALBUQUERQUE, NM; LAWTON, OK; WICHITA FALLS, TX; DALLAS and LAFAYETTE, IN. WNOROWSKI is currently on the hunt for his next opportunity. Back at WKHI, ADAMS CEO RON STONE is handling SALISBURY responsibilities in the interim, and tells ALL ACCESS plans for the position will be announced in the next week or so. (8/13/18)

Tuned in WJLA-7’s Sunday night sports recap show hosted by Erin Hawksworth and she introduced her guest Scott Jackson as “host of the Redskins postgame show on radio”. What postgame show is that? – can’t be WTEM’s because Jackson just got laid off by that station and Al Galdi will be handling the postgame duties. Has Jackson already been picked up by 106.7 The Fan and assigned to their Skins gameday programming, or perhaps WMAL (which along with TEM carries the game broadcasts) plans to produce its own separate postgame show? Is Urban One’s gutting of 980’s staff the prelude to an imminent format flip or do they actually intend to try and compete with WJFK in the sports talk arena? Recently heard Chick Hernandez filling in there and he was asking listeners to call in with “your favorite movie”. Wow! – that’s really pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box; nobody in the long and storied history of talk radio has ever thought of that topic. The brass at 106.7 must be quaking in their boots at the notion of Hernandez being given a permanent gig by 980. (8/13/18)

There's been strong reporting on why the Sinclair-Tribune merger crashed and burned -- and what it means for SBG going forward. Variety's story is up there with the best of them, as it captures the essence of Sinclair: arrogant, bullying, incompetent and tone deaf. variety.com (8/13/18)

Reason why 99.1 & 107.9 get poor rating in DC is because they are Baltimore markets stations that CBS thought they could turn into DC Market stations for more income. It’s like taking 101.9, 102.7, or 98 Rock and claiming they’re DC stations with the formats being geared to DC only. 99.1 comes in clear across the MD/PA line at Carroll, Baltimore and southern York County, PA. I think 107.9 carries well to at least just north of Baltimore. Can’t really remember since it’s been years since I put the dial on that station even for a moment. Meanwhile CBS’s attempt at Alt rock with HFS on that little 104.9 & 106.5 HD2 is just hilariously bad. Glad iHeart put it’s Alt-FM Alternative Rock brand on 104.3 HD2. (8/13/18)

[RE: More WJZ 13 News... START TV will soon launch on WJZ 13 as a new sub-channel, a new network created by CBS & Weigel Broadcasting comprising mostly female dramas.] The question I have is does this replace Decades? I've seen Start advertised on two other CBS O&Os as coming to the subchannel that they currently use for Decades. That and the fact that Decades is a CBS and Weigel enterprise makes me wonder if Decades is going away in three weeks. After several years, Decades is still unearthing the occasional fascinating Dick Cavett episode. Start seems to offer no shows that are not available on numerous other channels. (8/13/18)

[RE: A Big Ten Conference dispute with Comcast could leave Maryland football fans not seeing any of their games this season on BTN or FS1 networks. The Big Ten is going on the offensive after Comcast, blaming them. This affects most all Big Ten teams and markets, not just DC/Baltimore.] Is there a new development beyond Comcast's announcement several months that Comcast would drop the Big Ten Network in states without a Big 10 team, e.g., Virginia, DC, and New York? What does the contract renegotiation between the Big 10 Conference (not network) and FS1 have to do with the shrinkage by Comcast of the BTN footprint to only Big 10 states. What would the Big 10 Conference hope to accomplish by yanking their games away from FS1? And if FS1 does walk away from a new contract, why wouldn't someone else step up and make an offer? It's been many years since a Maryland game wasn't available somewhere (even pre-FS1). Inquiring minds and Big 10 haters but Maryland supporters want to know. (8/13/18)

A Big Ten Conference dispute with Comcast could leave Maryland football fans not seeing any of their games this season on BTN or FS1 networks. The Big Ten is going on the offensive after Comcast, blaming them. This affects most all Big Ten teams and markets, not just DC/Baltimore. No settlement seems imminent. Stay tuned. -- BaltoMedia.net (8/13/18)

More WJZ 13 News... START TV will soon launch on WJZ 13 as a new sub-channel, a new network created by CBS & Weigel Broadcasting comprising mostly female dramas. -- BaltoMedia.net (8/13/18)

Nick Smith on WTTG has bumped from job to job to job over the last few years - which should have raised a red flag with someone. His most recent was a year in gov’t PR. A year in PR somewhere else before that, and time as a 3rd string producer/reporter on the west coast prior to that. He must have had a great reel, fabulous agent or friends in the right offices.... because he’s not ready for prime time. (8/13/18)

It appears that WTRI Brunswick has kicked the bucket once again. Their 1520 AM has been off for at least two or three weeks, and there's been no sign of their Leesburg translator on 101.7 now for six to eight weeks. Their frequencies and license should be deleted and given to a community broadcaster. Regards, Lw in Mount Airy (8/13/18)

"I could test the Baltimore Sun’s paywall on a dozen computers and still get bumped after the 5th article or whatever # they’re using today as does everyone else. What is Gus in Gaithersburg using? A Commodore 64? Clearly this man is an internet TROLL." But you didn't do that test did you? But you ARE in that chair Blanche! Among the abuse is the obvious question so you are king of the idiots for asking it. While a Commodore would probably work with a little tweaking (dependng on the browser), A Chromebook not signed into Google. There's no 5 article limit. ALL the articles. Suck it, won't you? There's a dear. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/13/18)

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\/ August 12 Messages \/

DC sports and news stations should be embarrassed. A kid/young man on the football team at Univ. of MD died about two months ago and virtually no coverage at all until now when ESPN starts to cry foul after the family speaks up. Where were they in May and June??? Excuse I heard tonight is that it was in the midst of Caps playoff run. Disgusting. (8/12/18)

Re: "why would 106.7 FM hire Jackson & Weinstein when they, and the rest, got lousy ratings at 980 AM. WJFK should keep on, keeping on, without bringing on clowns from 980AM. WJFK has Pollin and that other guy from the other station. Pollin is bad. The other guy is okay. " If the other is guy is Chris Russell, he's far from "okay." if the other guy is Thom Loverro, he's borderline ok. Scott Jackson for Russell would be a HUGE upgrade. Pollin is a clown who thinks highly of himself. Without any real sports competition, the Junks will have to up their game or perhaps move on given their cost. (8/12/18)

"In reference to the question about missing voice track on TV commercials... have you ever heard a song on a FM station that plays just the music without the lead singer? That's what you're hearing." TV commercials have Muzak in them now?! (8/12/18)

I could test the Baltimore Sun’s paywall on a dozen computers and still get bumped after the 5th article or whatever # they’re using today as does everyone else. What is Gus in Gaithersburg using? A Commodore 64? Clearly this man is an internet TROLL. Just ignore his posts. (8/12/18)

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\/ August 11 Messages \/

Melissa Howell should win multitasker of the year, part times OnAir at WTTG fox5, PLUS full times as radio talent on WTOP along with doing some of their nbc4washington sponsored reports . I'd get all mixed up.... Gwen Tolbart is back on Fox5DC. She was on "Medical Leave" no explanation but sounds great (8/11/18)

With the $1 billion dollar lawsuit, expect TBD Network to be gone from WPIX, WGN, & KTLA real soon. This is also a big set back for Next Generation TV, as Sinclair would have been one of the first to roll it out in NY, LA, & Chicago. Now Tribune will likely be the last to roll it out if ever. (8/11/18)

Now that WDCW 50 is for sale again, might CBS or ABC be interested in a DC O&O like NBC did in Boston? It would be a nasty fight, but that didn’t stop NBC from doing it. ABC also isn't as beholden to Sinclair as FOX as far as affiliates, so they might be interested in stealing from WJLA. I have no idea what CBS’s relationship is with Tegna. Also the other Sinclair collateral damage is that Fox doesn’t get the Seattle or other 6 TV stations it wanted. And then there’s still the big 3 still available. WPIX, KTLA, & WGN. Will or can CBS buy them? The $1 billion dollar Tribune lawsuit will undoubtably be settled out of court, and that’s not going to stop Sinclair from expanding. If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a bid for the FOX Sports regional sports networks that have to be sold by 21st Century Fox for the Disney deal. (8/11/18)

("So where's Somara Theodore") Looks like on vacay in Hawaii per her pics on IG. (8/11/18)

Just to nail down the details of the FOX 5 eventual move, does anyone know for a fact that they’re going to the new building which so far is only a gigantic hole in the ground at the corner of Elm and Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda? Purple Line terminal going in the basement? (8/11/18)

"And usual, everyone knows about the Sun’s Paywall except Gus in Gaithersburg." I've heard about this "paywall" but still haven't encountered it. Was able to click on and read every article on the site again today. Sorry you're having trouble. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/11/18)

/\ August 11 Messages /\

\/ August 10 Messages \/

Re: Fox5's move to Bethesda, thought I heard one of the anchors say that they would be occupying floors 6-8 vs. street level studios. In any case, they are moving to a primo location. It's going to be a few years before they make the move and who knows what the broadcasts will look like by then. (8/10/18)

If I heard correctly, NBC4 Weather guy Doug Kammerer said he'd be doing tomorrow's evening broadcast. So where's Somara Theodore? She didn't do,last week's weathercast and it seems odd that she would.be off two weekends in a row. (8/10/18)

Why is WTTG moving to Bethesda? Very simple. Street level studios with nice brick lined streets, a Ruth’s Chris a block away instead of a liquor store or gym across the street. Plus they’re in a mixed use building right now, just not as high end. And usual, everyone knows about the Sun’s Paywall except Gus in Gaithersburg. But don’t forget, he’s an Apple Mac expert going back to 1984, believe you me! :-) (8/10/18)

On August 4, The Washington Post carried an obituary about Jane Van Ryan, 69, who died of pancreatic cancer. She died in Timberville, Virginia July 1st. Ms. Van Ryan “worked in television news in Peoria, Ill., Charleston, S.C., and Louisville before coming to Washington in the late 1970s and joining the news staff at what was then WDVM-TV (Channel 9). In 1986, she began a career in corporate communications.” She worked at the American Petroleum Institute, Science Applications International Corp., and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y. (8/10/18)

Who's the "other guy" on the Redskins radio team? Basically filling in for Sonny...he adds a good spark to the cast. I detected some shade thrown by him at Doc too which must have made Doc rick.... Anyone knowm I kept trying to catch Larry's intros but admit they slipped by me (8/10/18)

WJZ-TV Premieres New Set, Graphics Aug. 9 CBS Baltimore baltimore.cbslocal.com (8/10/18)

WJZ 13 CBS debuted its new anchorwoman, Nicole Baker, from Savannah, GA's ABC affiliate today along with new graphics and a new set & promos. The set has its own green room in the shape of a glass cube, and large touchscreen video boards surrounding the back of the set. WJZ's GM calls it a state of the art "network level" set. The music package is also changed, although it still doesn't seem to be the standard CBS music used in NYC, LA, or Philly although the graphics are now more similar to the NY package with the CBS eye prominent in the opening. A new promo is running highlights the set. No more "There's Only One 'JZ" theme. The new WJZ 13 news open if anyone wants to see it. www.facebook.com — BaltoMedia.net (8/10/18)

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\/ August 9 Messages \/

Tweet by Kevin Sheehan on Twitter - Kevin Sheehan (@kevins980) 8/9/18, 8:30 PM... Will miss @team980 so much. Memories and friends forever. I'll be around. Hope Guice isn't hurt and can't wait to see Hogan throw it. #Redskins (8/9/18)

Why would 106.7 FM hire Jackson & Weinstein when they, and the rest, got lousy ratings at 980 AM. WJFK should keep on, keeping on, without bringing on clowns from 980AM. WJFK has Pollin and that other guy from the other station. Pollin is bad. The other guy is okay. (8/9/18)

Just saw a story on Fox5's moving to Bethesda in a mixed use building. So, what's the advantage of moving to a place where they'll be sharing space with people living there as well as other businesses vs having their stand alone station like they have now? (8/9/18)

Perhaps the reason that WLZL 107.9 has such poor ratings in DC is because their signal only covers half of the DC Market. It covers the Eastern half of the market but not areas with a high Spanish Population. It does not cover Manassas, Herndon, Sterling and the rest of Northern Virginia. (8/9/18)

Dave: Just got back from a work trip in New Mexico and managed to listen to 980 and I can't believe their new owners kept everyone around. My friend in New York radio told me a change means you immediately get rid of the P-D and all, if not, most of your unsuccessful talent...and, don't rehire "re-treads." Well, I guess that's what 980 didn't do. I read a past post in which Chick had an attitude and you know, he thinks he's the great talent in the market. I listened to him for a bit and question is, does he listen to himself...almost as bad a self- promoter as Czaban. Nothing will change with that station until ownership understands that you don't have a chance to succeed until you start fresh! (8/9/18)

Eastern Shore News - Hey Dave, Just got word, Big Red, AM host at K 107 7 (WKHI) was shown the door today. Working to get some details, but figured I would pass it on to you (8/9/18)

WLZL 107.9 has the lowest rating ever with a 0.9 share. It is time for Entercom to change the format. There are several voids in the DC Market....... Oldies, Classic Hits. Alternative, etc. This is a Class B Station with 50,000 Watts. (8/9/18)

Smoot is late for today’s show. TEM is off to a great new start. OOBBEE (8/9/18)

I didn't intend on writing multiple Baltimore Sun stories today, but that's how the news today is going. Now after wiping comments clean, securing the Paywall, and increasing advertising with more virus laden spam, is The Baltimore Sun for sale? That is the news out of Chicago from the Chicago Tribune (which also wiped all its comments clean along with The Orlando Sentinel). Sun owner Tronc recently sold the LA Times and is now considering selling the Chicago Tribune and the rest of the Tronc newspapers, including The Baltimore Sun and Orlando Sentinel among others. Will any local Baltimore buyer come forward? I doubt all these things happened at the same time for no particular reason. Stay tuned. www,chicagotribune.com... -- BaltoMedia.net (8/9/18)

Another change to the Baltimore Sun that I don't think that many people will like. Along with the comments removal, paywall changes, they've also added a dozen or so virus laden advertising links to the bottom of every story. These are the type of pages that tell you to update your system, Flashplayer, etc. They've always had a couple suspicious ad choices before, but now they've greatly expanded them and it's hard not to notice. Certainly not an improvement. -- BaltoMedia.net (8/9/18)

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Re: "So it’s apparently down to Galdi, Kevin Sheehan, Brian Mitchell, Steve Czaban and Scott Linn in terms of on-air talent on 980." If that's the case, please just refer to them as "on-air" -- the word "talent" really doesn't apply. Lots of ego in that group, but not one of them has ever attracted much of an audience. Radio industry losers from top to bottom. WTEM has been driven off a cliff, and the only thing that's going to stop it's descent it will be hitting rock bottom. Won't be long now. They'll unload these overpaid nobodies and start broadcasting whatever's cheap in syndication. (8/8/18)

"RE: Baltimore Sun… Gus in Gaithersburg: “I see dead people too."" Not sure where you're going with that but I just looked at every article on the Baltimore Sun's page for today. Sorry if you're having problems by which I mean I don't care, but I encountered no paywall. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/8/18)

[So it’s apparently down to Galdi, Kevin Sheehan, Brian Mitchell, Steve Czaban and Scott Linn in terms of on-air talent on 980] – With the sale of 980, I'm not surprised by the changes/cuts; in on-air staff. However, I am curious, were the decisions based upon talent or money? I'm most disappointed in them s-canning Cooley and Weinstien. For very different reasons, I thought they were both very good. (8/8/18)

RE: Baltimore Sun… Gus in Gaithersburg: “I see dead people too." (8/8/18)

Re: Fox5's Nick Smith, not only does he struggle with the teleprompter, he's horrible on that Like it or Not crap the station broadcasts five days a week. In fact, all of the hosts on that show are pretty unbearable to watch. The station keeps coming up with more and more "original" shows and throwing people on them. They already have their regular anchors working longer shifts by starting the morning news at 4am as well as having more evening news programs. They're trying to groom Nick just like they're trying to groom Erin Como for an anchor position. At the rate Fox5 is going, there will be nothing but original programming on for about 20 hours of,the day. (8/8/18)

Al Galdi announced on WTEM this morning that he’d be hosting their Redskins postgame show with Clinton Portis this season (replacing Scott Jackson who’d been doing it the past several years). So it’s apparently down to Galdi, Kevin Sheehan, Brian Mitchell, Steve Czaban and Scott Linn in terms of on-air talent on 980 – assuming no additional hires, a plausible daily lineup could be Galdi 6-10 AM (attracting the hardcore sports fans who don’t find the Junkies’ show to their liking), Sheehan and Mitchell 10-2, Czaban (with Linn and Steve Solomon) 2-6 and perhaps a highlights show in the 6 PM hour where the best interviews of the day were replayed. If the station’s owners are in position to bring on someone new, they could do a lot worse than Al Koken who’s been filling in during middays lately - I think there’s going to be a demand for increased attention to the Capitals on DC sports radio during their upcoming season now that they’ve shed the label of perennial playoff flops and won a championship and no local broadcaster’s been associated with coverage of that franchise for a longer period of time than Koken. Presumably Chris Cooley and Doc Walker are precluded from landing at 106.7 The Fan due to their roles on the Skins’ radio broadcasts but I’d certainly expect Jackson (who previously worked there) and Bram Weinstein to be knocking on WJFK’s door before long if they haven’t already done so. Mike, Fairfax (8/8/18)

Interesting that WLIF-HD2 is in the ratings. But it's really because it has a repeater on 106.1 MHz; I assume that's what everyone is listening to. Same with WWMX-HD2 having a repeater on 104.9. Only WPOC's HD2 channel has no repeater, so it's quite a feat to register in the ratings at all. Too bad Baltimore's 93.5 run by the Maryland MTA isn't listened to more: Smooth Jazz and traffic reports, all day long, and blasted over loudspeakers at various Baltimore Light Rail stations. Here in Olney, of course, we get the repeater for 1050 AM (WBQH) on 93.5, even when we can't get 1050. -- Carl in Olney (8/8/18)

They’re back: WMAL 105.9 FM & 630 AM will bump The Mark Levin Show for the REDSKINS at the New England Patriots preseason game at 7:30PM on Thursday, August 9th which can also been seen on television on WRC channel 4. According to the REDSKINS web site: “It will be the first time the teams have met in the preseason since 2014 when the Redskins defeated the Patriots, 23-6, at FedEx Field. With Thursday’s matchup, the Redskins have now faced the Patriots in preseason play more than any other team since 1961.” The WMAL broadcast will be sans Sonny who does not travel for SKINS games and who knows who will be doing the WMAL play-by-play for this worthless preseason game but SKINS fans can take pleasure knowing that the hateful Dan Snyder will not be making money charging outrageous prices for food, drinks and parking. (8/8/18)

RE: “It's like paying for four employees and getting three. Remember, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.....” They meet rating targets. And, they anchor the whole station. Instead of raises, radio has been increasing vacation instead for the last decade. OOBBEE (8/8/18)

"In this case the secret weapon to boosting revenue is selling fruitcakes. Professor Oscar Santana MBA Dean, The Oscar Santana School of Podcasting" Keeping in mind that the fruitcakes are a stunt signed off on by a failed multipurpose room DJ, well said. Between a useless MBA and Casa Must Live in Georgetown and Fuck Up the House as Much as Possible, O5car is a walking money pit for his father, Miguel Sandoval as Ernesto Escobedo in Clear and Present Danger. Pain point! ROI! Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/8/18)

I've been informed that once again WRDE NBC Coast TV on Delmarva has not carried a Philadelphia Phillies game scheduled, this time this past Saturday. While the Phillies games keep showing up on WRDE's schedule on Comcast and other TV listing sites, they never seem to carry the game. Does anyone know if the Orioles are enforcing some type of regional market blackout? Are people in Delaware seeing the games, but not Maryland? -- BaltoMedia.net (8/8/18)

Radio Zindagi, the South Asia-format broadcaster formerly heard on WCTN has relaunched a metro DC radio presence. Radio Zindagi now appears on WERQ HD2 in Baltimore. The HD3 feed is a relay of WOLB AM 1010. Unfortunately for both services FM 92.3 has a rather muted signal towards the DC to protect WINC's rimshot metro coverage. TK in Odenton (8/8/18)

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Anyone know what ever happened to WHUT's plans to carry some of those international channels previously aired by the now-defunct WNVC? Seems to have gone very quiet. (8/7/18)

WASH-FM drops to #9?!? How's that new morning show duo working out? Maybe they should have kept Loo after all. (8/7/18)

Dave's response: With Hot 99.5 getting bested by 107.3 and WASH, WMZQ, and DC101 all also under performing, maybe iHeart needs to start shaking things up big time.....

I don't know who at fox5 thought it was a great idea to have Nick Smith co-anchor with a pro like Shawn Yancy because she is light years better at reading the teleprompter than he is. I think it would have better to have paired Nick with a less experienced anchor such as Marina Marraco until Nick gets more comfortable reading a teleprompter. (8/7/18)

The writer writes "Dukes, Doc and Cooley in the morning" and I suppose he means at 106.7 FM. Hey pal, check in at the desk. Ask for somebody. Doc & Cooley are not only horrible alone or together, ratings over at 980 AM were awful all the time. Just because they played football doesn't give them a free ride to talk about sports they know nothing about. The only good thing over at 980 AM is ESPN Radio. (8/7/18)

Two points: Cunningham Broadcasting and Deerfield Media have no advertising or marketing departments of their own. The stations are totally managed by Sinclair, so that explains why only Sinclair is being investigated. I imagine if anything goes further, it will head towards ownership. #2 The Sun paywall change is well documented. Even subscribers have to log in while in private browsing mode to see pages. Now it’s possible that The Sun is offering more free pages per month to non-subscribers in the interim. But The Washington Post and NY Times are not doing this, nor do I see how it will help sales. I find the move somewhat inexplicable. Cracking down on non-subscribers who will probably never subscribe while annoying your subscribers at the same time? Doesn’t seem like a good plan to me, but what do I know? — BaltoMedia.net (8/7/18)

Baltimore Sun Complainer Guy: It may just be you. I was able to look at every page of today's paper. There was a similar complaint in the last couple years about WBAL's website where it was a poster problem and not a site problem. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/7/18)

WFRE Strikes out... 14.3 - 15.1... Strike three! WFRE strikes out...much like the Orioles. Better luck next time. Cue the cowbell.... Fred (8/7/18)

TEM isn't anywhere to be seen in the ratings? All staff meeting at WJFK Friday at 10:30am... just kidding, but it's coming.... Some employees are already honing their fruitcake baking skills. Entercom isn't going to continue pay a mill plus for a morning show that consistently has a member on vacation. It's like paying for four employees and getting three. Remember, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem..... Dukes, Doc, and Cooley in the morning everybuddy. DDC in the DMV! And maybe Lindsey too... (8/7/18)

Podcasting 101: After some time, it may become apparent that nobody is supporting your content due to your mediocre talent. In this case the secret weapon to boosting revenue is selling fruitcakes. Professor Oscar Santana MBA Dean, The Oscar Santana School of Podcasting (8/7/18)

I’m wondering why Sinclair’s LMA partners (e.g. Cunningham and Deerfield) aren’t named in the ad price fixing suit too? At the very least, the Justice department should be looking at that too. I guess a LMA is legal price fixing? WBFF, WBFF2 (MyTV Baltimore / was WUTB, which is now running TBD on 45.3), and WNUV share the same sales director. In Baltimore, it seems all of the commercial stations, except for WMAR and WJZ could have been involved in this. (8/7/18)

In reference to the question about missing voice track on TV commercials, the first thing that comes to mind is the commercial was either created or dubbed into the system out-of-phase. Meaning the left track was dubbed into the right channel and the right track was dubbed into the left channel. While this rarely occurs anymore, have you ever heard a song on a FM station that plays just the music without the lead singer? That's what you're hearing. (8/7/18)

"Gezzzuss -- What is WITH you bellyachers about Don and/or Mike" "Is Robb's kitchen cleared by any health department? And, is he cleared to operate an interstate corporation? " What's an interstate corporation? I found this: "At Interstate Corporation, we install roofing and wall panel systems to government and commercial buildings in Washington, DC, Gaithersburg and Ellicott City..." Other than that I don't think "interstate corporation" is a thing. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/7/18)

Jerry in Rockville wrote, "...Newschannel 8's... commercials...are missing the speaking on the audio track." Sounds like a phase flip in either the left or right channel which would cause cancellation of the announcing but allow most of the music to play on, similar to some karaoke machines. Also, Channel 7 has had matrix problems in the past; they used to wreck the opening theme to "Modern Family" though it was OK on Baltimore's Channel 2. (8/7/18)

I haven't written for awhile, and but those commercials that have no sound are doing that to imply that life is just plain normal with that prescription; there never is sound on that ad, and Mrs. Olney realized it's on purpose; the fact that people are around and that you are alive is their point. Also, it's been bugging me; someone wrote a month ago that Rob Bamberger of WAMU had died; when WAMU said he "wasn't with us anymore", I think they just meant he was laid off. And one question: When the NPR people tell us to say "Alexa, play NPR", or to ask for your local station, what do you get if you don't pick your local station? Does it decide which station is closest, or is it always, for example, WNYC, or WGBH, or is it some generic feed from NPR, like the one on SiriusXM? It almost (not quite, but almost) makes me want to buy one just to find out. Speaking of SiriusXM, at least they play "Live from Here" at 6 PM, because WAMU plays a show that is basically "MP3 file from Here" at 8 PM.-- Carl in Olney (8/7/18)

The Baltimore Sun has made a major change to its website. You will not longer be able to read any Sun stories through private browsing. If you do not subscribe, you also cannot read any Baltimore Sun story in this mode to evade The Sun's Paywall. Neither the NY Times nor Washington Post employ this security mechanism this restrictively. Even as a subscriber, you'd have to log in each time with this security measure while browsing privately. If you're a person who does not like to be tracked by websites for sales pitches, you will not like this. It basically assumes you're a criminal. It should be interesting to see if this helps or hurts subscriptions. -- BaltoMedia.net (8/7/18)

VO missing from ABC News spots on Xfinity? Interesting! I’m curious what channel number would be carrying that at 9:30 instead of something else? Are you looking at WJLA’s Newschannel 8? Keeping the voice and music as separate tracks that far down the food chain seems pretty laborious. Maybe they’re inadvertently just feeding from the wrong console/switcher output. Love to know the ‘splanation. -P of the AW (8/7/18)

WTTG's nightly airing of the tripe that is "Like It Or Not" makes me pine for the days when Channel 5 aired reruns of "Good Times" in that same time slot. I'll take "dy-no-mite" over the sure dud that is "LION" any day. (8/7/18)

IS OSCAR SANTANA SETTING UP TMOS / ROBB SPEWAK TO BE SUED? "So, The Mike O'Meara Show is going into the fruit cake business? Is Robb's kitchen cleared by any health department? And, is he cleared to operate an interstate corporation? Will proper taxes be paid in states where on line sales are taxed? Alcohol is involved, right? Is proper business liability insurance in place? This sounds shaky to me." ALL legitimate points but since Santana has a fancy Masters Degree in Business, he's addressed all of this - right? Place your DCRTV bets! (8/7/18)

“Background music with no talking.” I’m watching it over my cable connection, and it’s in both the HD (channel 808) and SD (channel 8) feeds. Checked different boxes, different TVs, same thing. Jerry in Rockville. (8/7/18)

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"97.5 TNT" WTNT. All Spanish Hits in DC! ..... In Northern Virginia, the Spanish Hits are on "92.9 TNT" (8/6/18)

Al Galdi is now doing John Leahy spots for TEM. It was exclusively Cooley up until August 1. OOBBEE (8/6/18)

So, The Mike O'Meara Show is going into the fruit cake business? Is Robb's kitchen cleared by any health department? And, is he cleared to operate an interstate corporation? Will proper taxes be paid in states where on line sales are taxed? Alcohol is involved, right? Is proper business liability insurance in place? This sounds shaky to me. (8/6/18)

Hey Sinclair bias worrier, maybe the headline writer was squeezed for space and settled on Sinclair since it’s by far the largest defendant. Of course, any sane observer would be right to have a ferocious bias against cynical, destructive Sinclair. Too bad the company is such an admirable leader in the technical realm, but a rotten egg editorially. -Max Critic (8/6/18)

"You hear the background music, but no talking." My first thought is that it probably has something to do with [often nonexistent] rate structures for use of commercial voiceovers for broadcast over the internet. The musicians are probably paid scale and not entitled to royalties. WJFK seems to just play silence during commercial breaks. Two different versions of each commercial? Are you sure you've identified the music correctly? Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/6/18)

Nicole (@nicolebakernews) tweeted at 9:09 AM on Mon, Aug 06, 2018: Hey new home! @wjz catch me co-anchoring weekday mornings starting this Friday! (8/6/18)

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Odd thing. I was watching Newschannel 8's rebroadcast of the ABC World News at 9:30 pm over Xfinity in Montgomery County. The commercials--usually the pharmaceutical commercials--are missing the speaking on the audio track. You hear the background music, but no talking. This has been going on for months. Is this some kind of mixup between a stereo feed and a 5.1 audio track? -- Jerry in Rockville (8/5/18)

Yeah, noticed the fill-in weather gal from Philly, Brittney Shipp. With all the weather folks at WRC4, why are they bringing in fill-ins? Is this an audition? Are some present weather people on their way out? Where has Doug Kammerer been lately? (8/5/18)

Hmm, why the headline that Sinclair is being sued? WUSA 9’s Tegna is also in the lawsuit as well as WBAL 11’s Hearst. SIX companies are being sued. Sinclair is but just one of them. Could there be just a hint of bias here to put an extra nail in the Sinclair/Tribune merger? Gee how obvious could it be? (8/5/18)

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“Fake News” faked out? Washington’s most expensive museum (average ticket is $25.00), the financially strapped “Newseum”, apparently desperate for profits of any kind, had been selling “Fake News” items like tee shirts & hats thus causing a shitstorm from the Uber sensitive mainstream media who “Tweeted” their distain. Within 24 hours of the news breaking, the Newseum did a 180 and will no longer sell the salacious items to sweaty Trump tourists looking to wear them at rallies in fly over country. Media types demanded that the Newseum end sales and that purchasers be immediately reported to The Dark State, rounded up, and enrolled in re-education camps. DCRTVDJDAVE only sells real items, no fake stickers and proudly stands behind his products, especially his “I Believe DCRTV But Not The Mainstream Media” bumper sticker. The Washington Post, that assigned two reporters to write one story, reports: www.washingtonpost.com (8/4/18)

CRAB Radio WYZT-LP 104.7 Annapolis has their 24x7 audiostream up on an Icecast server now, all 64 Kbps MP3. Three URLs for redundancy:
(Now if they could just make a legal ID on the top of the hour .... call letters+city needed... ) The new WBAL101.5 translator seems to be intermittent . Perhaps they're still trying to adjust things... TK in Odenton (8/4/18)

So NBC4 brought in a weather person from Philadelphia to fill in for Lauren Ricketts this weekend. Must be slim pickins at the station regarding coverage if they have to import someone from out of town. I bet WJLA doesn’t have that problem because don’t they have a boatload of people on their weather team? (8/4/18)

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Gezzzuss -- What is WITH you bellyachers about Don and/or Mike and their current choice of media? So they're guys who spent most of their adult lives in broadcasting, transitioned out of it for various reasons, and now they're just working to carve out their own pieces of the pie in a new form - podcasting. They took something they got enjoyment out of (and success for a long time) and found another way to implement it, free from the old corporate ties. I would wager that most of you who seem to have an issue with that probably are radio castoffs who wouldn't know how to reinvent yourselves if your lives depended on it, and even then would still lack the creativity to deal with it once you got up and running. And how about educating yourselves on how podcasts work? Even the big guns in it like Carolla have to hustle to stay operational... Things like Patreon are how tons of podcasts stay afloat... direct contributions, much like PBS. I'm not going to claim to be an expert, but I doubt it's likely that any podcast that outlasts its 1st or even 5th anniversary can be categorized an abject failure....they obviously ain't doing everything wrong. (8/3/18)

The FCC has hatched a new rule called "Diversity Incubator" .......It is designed to help Minorities get into station ownership. What is a Minority? Some of their other plans never worked. Remember the Minority Tax Certificate? Then there was the LPTV Rule designed to help Minorities get into TV station ownership. Channel 6 LPTV was an example that did not work. It was intended to help Minorities own TV Stations. However, the owners discovered they could make more money operating as a FM Radio Station using their audio Channel on 87.1 FM. They never operated as intended. WDCN 87.1 FM in DC is an example. (8/3/18)

"The WMAL talker, who shares the same birthday & title as Howard Stern as “King of All Media”, is often credited for saving AM radio in the 80’s" As talented a broadcaster and businessman as Rush is, AM radio in the 80s didn't need saving. It was more interesting, more diverse, more live and local than it is today. At least in this market. Rush's success may well have had the opposite effect. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/3/18)

A perhaps interesting article on Apex radio from the 1930s: hackaday.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/3/18)

Sinclair Broadcast group is among other media giants being sued in a class action lawsuit alleging price fixing for local television ads. The Washington Post’s Brian Fung reports: www.washingtonpost.com (8/3/18)

Basically that's it for TEM I guess. I wonder if Chris and Doc continue on with Redskins Radio since that is an in house product. Or perhaps Cooley is free to go over to WJFK and join up with Chad or Grant and Danny; shows that could use some rounding out. If JFK decided not to renew the Junks then they would be flush with cash. Needless to say, with no competition, no need for all the overhead. You could move Chad and Chris to the mornings and no one would really notice. Drabby would be reunited with Chad and all this for a fraction of the one million plus price tag, probably for the cost of one Junkie... (8/3/18)

Boy, that Gus in the Gaithersburg allegedly aka Don Gerorimo / Mike Sorce in the mailbag, sure is jealous of Mike O'Meara's success. (8/3/18)

Now that Bram Weinstein's radio gig is up, at least he has something to do in the interim with that awful Like it or Not show on Fox5. The initial promos showed Britt McHenry, Bram and some,guy named Guy Lambert. Watched one episode and they've now added a new anchor, Nick Smith and reporter Marina Marocco. Could only watch about 10 minutes. And this show is on five nights a week!! Wonder what kind of ratings it's getting. Also, why so many hours of news as well as other stuff featuring their anchors and reporters? (8/3/18)

Too bad about Team980. Actually think they had the more intelligent programming. . 106.7 lives off the Junkies, whose chemistry is unmatched. The rest of their lineup is atrocious though, sports radio for low IQ millennials.. Except for Andy Pollin and Thom Lovero, who do a solid weekend show. (8/3/18)

(regarding a previous post) Radio owner, Plough Inc, owned St Joseph Aspirin for Children, not Bayer. (8/3/18)

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I won't cheer for anyone losing their job, but the changes at WTEM are long overdue. Cooley and especially Walker are dead weight who have brought nothing to the station, and Bram Weinstein has sounded like he'd rather be doing anything other than be on the air. Czaban is a pain in the ass to work with, but at least he has a following -- a small following by most station's standards, but enough to cut it on third-tier Team 980. (8/2/18)

No, still not Don Geronimo. But Radio Hack and failed multi-purpose room DJ Mike O'Meara has launched a new panhandling venture. All the while claiming "we've never asked you for money before". YOU HAVE A DONATE BUTTON ON YOUR WEBSITE IDIOT! They try to tell their listeners that "helping the show" is a good thing but I have never and will never give Radio Hack and failed multi-purpose room DJ Mike O'Meara even 99 cents. And to WaPo's super queeny TV critic Hank Steuver, who is put off by Riverdale's explosion of heterosexuality, Last Man Standing is COMING BACK ON FOX!!! In the words of #3 hot daughter Eve, "SUCK IT OLD MAN!!!" That's right, THREE hot daughters. Bazinga. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/2/18)

I heard a "live" read, probably better described as a personal endorsement by Junkie JP last Tuesday morning that sounded like it was recorded in his kitchen on his computer because obviously it was. It shows how far WJFK has gone into "no longer care" mode. If I were the PD I would have pretty much fired whoever was responsible for letting that catastrophe air. Oh wait, the PD is responsible for the station. If I were the client I would be right up the AE for a refund. This is what happens when you don't have a PD for a station. Or a Production guy. Or competent AEs. Just change the call to WLAZ and get it over with. And how long will JFK use the sweeps and liners they've been using for about 5 years. There is nothing new on that station. Nothing... (8/2/18)

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Anyone know what's going on at TEM? Cooley comes back from a month long vacation. On the air mon and tues till the end of his last contract month. Kevin missed both days. His sign off was weird. Today it was Galdi followed by Fred Smoot and Smoken Al. Crazy days at both JFK and TEM....OOBBEE. (8/1/18)

MAGA DITTOS: Rush Limbaugh received a congratulations call from POTUS & old pal (no, not Obama) Donald Trump today on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of The Rush Limbaugh Show. The WMAL talker, who shares the same birthday & title as Howard Stern as “King of All Media”, is often credited for saving AM radio in the 80’s and launching the radio careers of Sean Hannity, Mark Levin & Michael Savage. Limbaugh, who started his radio career as “Jeff Christie”, has the number one syndicated talk radio show with over 14 million listeners in virtually every market... (8/1/18)

No signs of Gus in Gaithersburg in the mailbag lately. Don Geronimo must be working hard on his pre Don & Mike Show novel. #GhostWriter #AddD&MYearsToBook (8/1/18)

Hi Dave, I’m answering the question about WCAO and WBSB. WCAO was owned by Plough Incorporated(Bayer Aspirin,See and Ski sun tan lotion)etc. they had stations in Memphis,Atlanta,Boston Chicago and Baltimore. WBSB 104.3 was owned by Scripps Howard at the time. They owned Radio and TV stations in Nashville,Portland,Oregon,Memphis,Cincinnati and Baltimore. They would eventually buy WMAR channel 2 here in Baltimore which they still own. In a weird twist of fate WCAO 600 and Now WZFT 104.3 as well as WPOC 93.1 are all co-owned by IHeart Media. All The Best! Nick L. (8/1/18)

Any tips on how to listen to 105.7 The Fan (and other Radio.com stations) on Google Home? I frequently use my Google Home as a voice-controlled radio station and I guess the Entercom stations are off TuneIn. (8/1/18)

Bite me, Q. Vintage is in. No less than Abbey Road Studios is selling digital plug-ins to recording studios in order for them to recreate the sound of 1968: Tape recorder emulations, vinyl simulators, Equalizers, Mixing Consoles and the like. A company called Izotope has a free plug-in that makes everything sound like a 78rpm record played on an old phonograph. Why shouldn't receivers have such an option? Using your logic, having Bass & Treble controls on your radio is blasphemous. (8/1/18)

Why would Gamut have "no competition" if it were an oldies station? Ever heard of WBIG? Oldies station, and perennial Top 10 in the market? (8/1/18)

Responding to the suggestion that the LISTENER be left in charge of his preferred processing on radio stations: I made that very suggestion about five years ago and wrote a letter to Radio World, which generated buzz at the time. It would be the audio answer to photoshop filters. Surely DSP can be handed to the individual listener now? -P of the AW (8/1/18)

Next self-appointed broadcast genius who tells me that terrestrial analog radio is dead, I'm gonna ball up this article and thrust it vertically 'twixt his glutes: www.radiomagonline.com (8/1/18)

When I was a kid, I can remember WBSB 104.3 and WCAO-AM 600 swapping morning shows. Louie and the Bear went from WCAO 600 to WBSB 104.3, while Scott Carpenter went from WBSB 104.3 to 600. I think the switch took place at the same time with both stations signing on their newly-swapped morning shows. Were the stations co-owned? I don't believe they were. How did this arrangement work? Scott stayed on through the country format at WCAO, and I believe that Louie and the Bear just disappeared from WBSB. Would love to hear the story behind this switch. Thanks! (8/1/18)

Someone wrote, "... imagine where you can make WWFD sound like WKBW Buffalo in its heyday on your own radio. Or WABC, or any other nostalgic flamethrower." Quick, Kolesar, get the Audimax and Volumax emulators and a 10 kHz rolloff filter into your processing chain! Oh, and don't forget the skywave-fade and adjacent-channel-noise plug-ins! Wow, it's 1968 once more! Q of the MI (8/1/18)

"I like the Gamut, but frankly, if it were a 60's and 70's based oldies station, it would have 10 times the number of listeners, and no competition." Wow! That would get them up to about a dozen listeners! There's never been a bigger So What in DC than the Gamut. It isn't even part of the conversation. Any conversation. (8/1/18)

How the hell is Nick Smith an anchor on Fox 5 News. He is almost as bad as the spawn of Steve Doocey when it comes to struggling with the teleprompter like a stumbling drunk. (8/1/18)

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