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Didnt the folks at channel 7 already try a channel called TBD? Or was it some other acronym? (12/7/16)

Dave's response: Oh yeah. TBD was coined by (now Washington Postie) Eric Wemple - "To Be Determined." It was a local news website and news channel. NewsChannel 8 was redubbed "TBD-TV." It was an Allbritton venture, along with Politico. A total failure. Now Sinclair has resurrected the name for its new venture. Ponderous, man, ponderous.....

Remember TBD-it’s back in a new form ! www.tvtechnology.com (12/7/16)

"Joe from Baltimore," a town that's lost one NFL franchise and stole another, hasn't won the American League championship in 33 years, couldn't hold on to an NBA franchise, doesn't have an NHL team, doesn't have an MLS team, etc etc etc, calls DC "the most PATHETIC SPORTS CITY IN AMERICA sans Cleveland," because there was an article in a paper about a former QB. Now THAT'S funny! (12/7/16)

"Fly on the Wall" listening in on the last four employees at Adams Broadcasting/Salisbury. Albie: "This has got to be the worst career decision I've ever made. I think I'd rather go back to unemployment." Paul: "I wonder if my job is still open at IHeart? Oh wait, HELLLLO Megan!" Tom: "I can't believe that bitch is my boss! She's been selling radio for 10 months and I've been selling for 112 years." Megan: "If all else fails, I'll show them the cool tat I have above my even cooler tits." (12/7/16)

Dear DC, You are the most PATHETIC SPORTS CITY IN AMERICA sans Cleveland. There are as many stories about RGIII in The Washington Post as there are in The Cleveland Plain Dealer! HAHA! There must be some connection between the 2 cities, both a collection of whiners. Still stories in Cleveland about Art Modell, a man who was nearly driven into bankruptcy by a city/state. Another RGIII story today. Sound familiar? It’s like the sound of tiny violins that won’t go away. Joe in Baltimore. www.washingtonpost.com (12/7/16)

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\/ December 6 Messages \/

Just to put a punctuation mark on the discussion of the CBS Radio News operation, is it widely known it will have to move in with WMAL and WRQX at 4400 Jenifer St. NW in coming months? Wondering what that might portend. Might be good luck/bad luck neutral, depending on how professionally it's handled. (12/6/16)

What is the real story on 104.3 in Ocean City? I don’t ever remember hearing the station actually on the air during any recent visits. Currently 105.1 is broadcasting dead air. MLB4 (12/6/16)

Dave: I guess have minor pneumonia can cause you to do weird things like listen to a Redskins game on the radio. I really, really, um,um,um, had no idea how bad the broadcasts really were and what an tough thing to listen to...even when you're sick! Not sure you agree, but, if Sonny can't make-it through a game, then, be professional and don't step over him every moment during the game. The other terrible part of that broadcast is why do we have to listen to Doc make grunting or sound effect noises, how totally unprofessional can you get. Clean the entire house and maybe re-stack the deck with pro instead of people who are just in-it for the paycheck like Doc, Czaban and Pollin. (12/6/16)

In the 1951 movie The Day The Earth Stood Still, WMAL radio and TV got prominent visibility. WEAM got a quick scene later on, too. Here's a brief edit of just those scenes from a DVD lent to me by Chris Plante approximately one million years ago. (Chris, doncha want this thing back?) -Pilot of the Airwaves youtu.be (12/6/16)

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\/ December 5 Messages \/

WestwoodOne Radio News--currently based in the CBS News bureau in downtown DC--provides 24/7, 365 network newscasts to more than 5,000 radio stations. It offers three minutes of news at the top of every hour, one minute of news at the bottom of the hour, live anchored and unanchored coverage of major news events, one minute special reports of breaking news and an audio service featuring actualities and reports from WestwoodOne and CNN reporters. (12/5/16)

Good Lord! Who's got the major league hard-on about Rob Carson? So the guy hit a rough patch and is asking people to voluntarily help him out. What a major felony! As a decades-long veteran of network radio, let me note that Rob has more talent than 90% of people in radio, and 100% more than the whiney radio wannabe's who infest this mailbag. My advice to them: Get a life (or perhaps lease a life--I hear there's a tax break). (12/5/16)

Re: "DC outlawed non competes years ago..." Not true. There is no statute in the District that governs non compete clauses. (12/5/16)

I think when it comes to Lauren Ricketts, her contract was tied to her being a WTOP meteorologist and when they switched from JLA to NBC4 she went along with the other staff WTOP meteorologists JLA had. This is also similar to when Julie Wright moved to JLA, her contract was actually with Total Traffic and not FOX5. Which is most likely why she suddenly left and then reappeared on JLA but not doing traffic right away. I think while non competes are not what they were, their are still clauses in contracts that states talent much stay off air X amount of time before going across the street. (12/5/16)

I wonder if CBS Radio's Harley Carnes might go back to O&O WCBS from whence he came. Carnes has a friendly delivery, is a good writer, and avoids cliches that infest so many newscasts. As for alternative network newscasts, is Associated Press still in the radio business? Based in DC somewhere on K St., as I recall, they used to have a full clock of news, sports and business casts plus sound bites for affiliates. (12/5/16)

I think Peter Diaz meant to say "There's a warm wind blowing out of my mouth" matching the winds of Tigna blowhards who have driven their local station properties into the ground. Channel 9 and Channel 7 are neck and neck in a race to the bottom. (12/5/16)

Re: CBS Radio News. What a shame. Another quality network news operation lost. I listen to their news on WBBM after dark; they broadcast the entire report (unlike WTOP and WCBS who cut it off after the first three minutes to play a station promo jingle). Looks like NPR will be the only network left which will continue to provide a decent top-of-the-hour news report. Unfortunately, many affiliates cut that off at the first break. (12/5/16)

"Dave's response: She's probably got a non-compete clause in her WTTG contract so if she's jumping to a rival station, she'll have to stay quiet and sit it out for a while." I'm curious about non-competes in TV land. Do only the anchors have them? I ask because Lauryn Ricketts showed up on WRC immediately upon leaving WJLA. Thanks. Tom in Wheaton (12/5/16)

FYI, DC outlawed non competes years ago Laura Evans could work for anybody as soon as she wants to..... (12/5/16)

RE: ABCNews online article brought up a couple days back... " Wow. Did the reporter type this in the dark while wearing boxing gloves? Hopefully by now they've changed it. But wow, it's true: nobody proofreads anything anymore." You clearly didn't notice the disclaimer under that, which tells you: "This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate." Meaning a computer program is responsible, not a person. It's the same reason that sometimes closed captioning on your TV goofs up words. If you turn on the CC while looking at that video, it got the most confused by the muffled 911 tape, and it even created words from the sound of the gunshots. (12/5/16)

From Monday's NewsBlues: Ten days ago, Tegna announced it was replacing Mark Burdett, as president and general manager of WUSA-9-CBS in DC (Market #7), with Richard Dyer, the general manager at Hearst Television's WLWT-5-NBC in Cincinnati (Market #36). Burdett held the top job for five years. Dyer, a DC native, starts January 2. It didn't take long for the dominos to begin falling. On Friday, Bill Lord, the highly respected VP Station Manager/ Director of Content (Tegna-speak for news director), announced he was "retiring" after two years at WUSA and nearly 40 years in the TV news business. Within the hour, Tegna announced his replacement... Michael Valentine, Tegna's vice president of news for the past four years. Earlier in his career (2005 to 2012), Valentine was executive news director at WFAA-8-ABC in Dallas (Market #5) before getting promoted to corporate VP of Content for Belo. He joined Gannett (which later became Tegna) when Gannett bought Belo in 2013 for $2.2 billion. On the surface, it would appear that Tegna pulled a slick double-switch, jettisoning Burdett as general manager and Bill Lord as news director to clear the deck for a fresh new management team at the corporate flagship. But, in his farewell email to staff, Lord insisted he was hitting "the exit happy, fulfilled and thankful to all the people I've encountered along the way." Lord spent 12 years across the street as station manager and news director of Allbritton's WJLA-7-ABC, before Sinclair took control and replaced him with former Columbus Sinclair news director Mitch Jacob. A month after Lord was canned, Tegna hired him at WUSA. According to Tegna Executive VP Peter Diaz, Lord was brought on board at WUSA to "right a tilting ship. Today the ship has wind in its sails and [is] bustling to overtake the worn masts of other boats." Continuing the sailing metaphor, Diaz added, "And it is fair wind, blowing warm out of the South, beckoning the Captain to chart a new course." We're not kidding. That's actually what he said. Anyway, over the next few weeks, there will be a whole lotta office furniture moved around on Wisconsin Avenue as Lord, 69, sails off into the sunset. (12/5/16)

To your newsblurb on cuts at Adams Radio Group/Salisbury, you missed three other people who were shown the door in the past few weeks -- Tykena Hagans, former OC104 middays; Garrett McAuliffe, Promotions Director and Catherine Curran, account rep. FYI -- all the people listed were FIRED....and look for more cuts soon... Missed one other person FIRED at Adams Radio Group/Salisbury's OC104 -- morning show co-host Brian "Crookid" Johnson. (12/5/16)

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\/ December 4 Messages \/

DCRTV Sports: learn it, live it, love it. www.washingtonian.com... Hughes created DCRTV in 1997 as a hobby, covering his self-appointed beat, the behind-the-scenes happenings in local broadcasting: the anchors who are household names; the management who pulls the strings; the general assignment, weather, and sports reporters (12/4/16)

Dave's response: Have you been Googling me?

The newest DCRTV link: DCRTV Sports. Come on DCRTVDJDAVE: “man up” you ankle grabber. You can start with Too Much Sports on air in DC. WJFK tripped on its Sports Dick today airing the Georgetown basketball game which pre-empted The Sports Junkies “unofficial Pre-Game Show” which started so late it ran into the real “official” Skins vs. Arizona game. Then Fox/WTTG carried the dreadful New Orleans vs. Detroit game instead of a NFC East game that mattered, Phille vs. Cinncie. Are you following this Dave? (12/4/16)

Laura Evans signs off... www.fox5dc.com (12/4/16)

Albie Dee posted on his facebook page about his recent worst day in his radio career. What happened? He did not say, but responded that he did not get fired to one of the comments that was posted to his status. (12/4/16)

Dave's response: I'm hearing that the Salisbury station he works for, OC104, has cut several positions, but not Albie.....

Swinging door Adams Radio Group makes more changes at OC104 on the Eastern Shore. Gone are Brian K. Hall, Albie Dee, Wookie and GSM Mike Cobo. Megan Chirillo, former sales consultant for news talker WGMD, becomes Adams Regional Sales Manager. (12/4/16)

Week #13 NFL TV Maps: For the CBS single game, The Ravens are being covered all over the region from the shore to Ohio. For the Fox early game, Baltimore gets no game due to NFL rules. However DC, gets Lions @ Saints while PA and Salisbury get the Eagles @ Bengals. For the Fox late game DC gets the Redskins as does Salisbury, but Baltimore's FOX 45 has somehow figured out a way to opt of the Redskins game in favor of Giants @ Steelers, which PA also gets. With Baltimore as a secondary market for the Redskins, its curious that WBFF Fox 45 somehow managed to not carry the game. More at www.the506.com (12/4/16)

The Washington Post’s “Answer Man” (aka John Kelly) reports that what was once “The Radio Building” in Arlington -- then home of WEAM 1390 -- is no more. Seems that the building has disappeared: washingtonpost.com (12/14/16)

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\/ December 3 Messages \/

Listening to ESPN 980 at night when they have local programming is like to listening to a High School show, no offense to High School's. And who are those Two guys who seem to enjoy talking to each other and not the listening audience? Enjoy The Sports Reporters with Steve and Andy on the way home from work each day , its about the only decent show on that station. Chris Knocke was on the other day, sure has very little to contribute except to laugh from time to time. Hardly worth wasting time away from Czabe and Andy for that guy! Thom Loverro is a much better guest . Tony Kornheiser is sorely missed but I'm sure he's happy to be out of that sinking ship. (12/3/16)

www.facebook.com... Laura Evans farewell last night at the end of the 5pm news. Her message makes it seem like she is leaving the business altogether. However, it would be interesting if she did indeed go across the river, but it doesn't seem that way. It seems to me these days that going to JLA is more of a step down because you have to be on 8 now and Sinclair has cheapen the image of the station. (12/3/16)

BaltoMedia.Net did a good job of explaining how some people, like The Hope Church, found a loophole in the FCC rules regarding acquiring translators. They just leased HD Channel from FM Stations and applied for new translators. The real purpose of the translators was to help AM Stations. Particularly daytime stations or stations that had to reduce their power at night. It wasn't until the new AM Revitalization Act was passed that the FCC finally got it right. (12/3/16)

If indeed Laura Evans is going to WJLA, would be curious as to what she'd be doing. Don't see an advantage of going from being an anchor at Fox5 for 18 years and going to WJLA to do the same. Doesn't seem like a step up. But hey, who knows. (12/3/16)

My DCRTV December update - including the latest developments regarding the DC area media news website. Plus, a new "National News + More" mission for my fuzface.com website. And, the latest local media news including big management changes at Channel 9/WUSA, a new market manager for CBS Radio in Baltimore, and some frequency changes for the Gamut..... (12/3/16)

Was there a farewell party for Laura Evans today & if so, did she hint at or say what her next job would be? (12/3/16)

Dave's response: She's probably got a non-compete clause in her WTTG contract so if she's jumping to a rival station, she'll have to stay quiet and sit it out for a while. My guess, as I've said before, is WJLA. We'll see.....

Where did you hide the National News prior to 10/3/2016? (12/3/16)

Dave's response: I've been moving stuff around lately. A lot! The new new new new place is now fuzface.com - National Media News + More "Dave Stuff." Also, I post a lot of National Media News Stuff on my Facebook page - facebook.com/dcrtv.....

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\/ December 2 Messages \/

TO the WGRQ fan: The FCC did not start the FM translator craze to expand anybody’s signal range beyond their original territory. Only organizations like The Hope Church of Marlton NJ & others have bastardized the program by extending their FM signal from NJ to PA, DE, & Maryland station to station. The whole concept of FM translators was for weak signaled stations to fix their signal problems and solve reception problems within the original reception area. WGRQ doesn’t qualify to get a translator for the DC market because they are not in the DC market. Furthermore, the FCC allowed the use of HD signals as translator sources to promote the failed HD Radio system. So now you have many 250 watt FM stations using an HD Radio signal to broadcast a non-local signal. One again, The Hope Church and Liberty University and others jumped on this loophole. So finally the FCC did it right the THIRD TIME! They limited the last round of translators to AM stations ONLY! I guess third time is the charm? — BaltoMedia.Net (12/2/16)

Cumulus Stock Price continues to drop. The stock market is at an all time high now. They own Westwood One and syndicate " The Michael Savage Show." They have an obligation to place his show on another station in DC since the are dumping it off WMAL. Where will they place it? (12/2/16)

Any bets on how long before Erin Como has a permanent seat as one of Fox5's morning anchors? And who will she replace? Seems like more and more, the powers that be are starting off the 4:30 broadcast with her as their anchor as well as increasing her presence in non traffic related segments. Maybe becoming an anchor was part of her contract, but if not, sure seems questionable that within being at the station for about a year, she hooks up with one of the producers and within months of that, she's moving towards anchor status. (12/2/16)

WMAL talker Rush Limbaugh’s new self-ad promotion motto: “Making Radio Great Again”, thus piggy-backing on The Dumpster. Apparently making anything “Great Again” is racist according to Symone Sanders former spokeswoman for Bernie Sanders and maybe his offspring. DCRTV has always been “Great Again” so no need to call for it to be great again as it always has been great. Again. Rush trashes “Symone Sanders” if that is her real name: www.rushlimbaugh.com (12/2/16)

Nobody has mentioned WBAL TV’s downsizing of its website. It’s more simple, less graphic, boring, previous links you might have bookmarked gone. REALLY? Was this a Hearst corporate decision or something? Because it’s a DISASTER. The website is less informative, harder to navigate and boring to use. The previous website might have been a bit cluttered, but the new one, which is less cluttered, is just plain BORING! EPIC FAIL. Apparently they brought in a new web design team who throw all the good stuff away, and added little but simplicity for morons. (12/2/16)

DC’s 95.9 WOL FM has been operating under a construction permit for some time, but the FCC’s License to Cover notice means it’s officially approved and permanent. I assume they had a lot of interference parameters to test during that time, but it’s all done now. the questions is, will it hurt top rated WWIN 95.9 in Glen Burnie, MD?. I would imagine there might be some Magic 95.9 listeners in Bowie that could be a bit upset at losing their music station and getting a talk station or possibly just interference that’s unlistenable in some areas in between. From the coverage map and application, I don’t see how it could interfere with Fredericksburg’s 95.9 WGRQ. If you’re getting it in Arlington or Fairfax, really, you shouldn’t be. That’s why there’s room for a translator here. The only complaint that could be filed on this translator is WWIN in Baltimore, but it’s owned by Radio One, so as long as they’re both co-owned, this will stay put. — BaltoMedia.Net (12/2/16)

I guess News4 has the intern working the captions today. (12/2/16)

Re Bob, SE's comment that Bill Lord "had a penchant for mainly hiring pretty blondes for reporting/anchor positions." Have you seen local news in the last 40 years, Bob? Everyone has a penchant for mainly hiring pretty blondes, male and female, for reporting/anchor positions. (12/2/16)

DCRTV cable viewers who are familiar with FNC’s Megyn Kelly may want to know where she may go next when her contract is up next year: they are probably losing sleep pondering her next move. Well Variety speculates it may be CNN but she apparently is also considering other moves (maybe Vivid Video and make porn movies?) that do not include WJLA where she once worked. How she would fit in at CNN is not explained: variety.com (12/2/16)

WTOP’S Neal Augenstein goes down memory lane featuring Cerphe with Colwell’s classic recordings/interviews and some great photographs: wtop.com (12/2/16)

Thank the real Lord that Bill Lord is finally out of D.C news. He was one of the most hated guys when he was at WJLA. This guy came from Seattle where he had the nerve to put his wife on air as anchor even though she wasn't qualified. He had a penchant for mainly hiring pretty blondes for reporting/anchor positions. I never met anyone from the anchors, reporters, producers, or any level employee that liked the guy. As Green Day once said Good Riddance. Bob, SE (12/2/16)

(The fun just seems to never end for Michael Savage) The December 2 edition of Tom Taylor NOW reports news of a defamation lawsuit against Michael Savage and Westwood One, filed by Art Bell & his wife ... Art Bell and his wife sue Michael Savage and Westwood One for defamation... Bell says Westwood should’ve hit the dump button on his September 25 show, when Savage allegedly said this – “You say ‘UFOs’ [on a radio show], you wind up in the Philippines with a ten-year-old hooker and you are off the radio after a number of years...That’s an in-joke, by the way, for people who understand the business.” Former “Coast to Coast” personality Art Bell says the industry should know his story – that he married his wife Airyn Ruiz Bell in the Philippines when she was 22, not 10. The suit says she “has never been a prostitute.” And that the reason he’s “off the radio” is not “because he discussed UFOs or married Ms. Bell.” The couple’s been married ten years and have a daughter, and their suit says they “demanded that defendants make a correction or retraction of the defamatory statement.” But neither was forthcoming. The named defendants in the suit filed in federal court are Michael Alan Weiner, known professionally as Michael Savage. Syndicator Westwood One. And its parent Cumulus. The Bells are suing in the Bay Area because Savage is based there. The Bells admit that Michael Savage didn’t mention their names. But their defamation suit says “a listener of the program would understand” that Art Bell was the subject of the gibe about marrying “a 10-year-old hooker” in the Philippines and as a result being off the air. Savage didn’t launch his September 25 routine talking about another talk-show host. He wandered there, while musing about the topics he usually eschews – “I generally avoid gun questions. I know from the first day in radio. I learned you never do certain topics where you can destroy your show. Third rail...You say ‘UFOs,’ you wind up in the Philippines” – and you know the rest. The Bell suit alleges that “Cumulus and Westwood failed to exercise due care and adhere to standard radio broadcast industry practice, by not utilizing the delay button.” The suit then covers the legal ground for defamation – “reckless disregard for the truth” and “cognition that such broadcast would defame and disparage plaintiffs.” Art was inducted into the Chicago-based National Radio Hall of Fame in 2008, after ending his 19-year stint as full-time host of “Coast to Coast AM.” He did some guest-hosting after that, then returned in Summer 2015 with his own “Midnight in the Desert.” He says he halted that show after receiving a death threat. The Bells’ lawsuit was filed by the L.A.-based Gerard Fox Law P.C. campaign-archive2.com (12/2/16)

“Though there is a big item about proposals to improve the Emergency Alert System...” Bringing back CONELRAD, are they? Mike from Frederick (12/2/16)

Dave The WOL transmitter on 95.9 should not be allowed because it interferes with WGRQ 95.9 from Fredericksburg va Daves morning show, the best is gone now. I thought WGRQ should get a trans on 95.9 to extend their signal to more of the D.C. Area Patrick Peartree (12/2/16)

"Will Laura Ingraham become the new White House Spokes person for Trump? If so, will she give up her national talk radio show? Inquiring minds what to know" And the rest of us are smart enough to know she couldn't possibly carry out both positions. In the words of Bill Belichick, "Jesus Christ" (12/2/16)

Cumulus Stock Price drops to just $1.06 per share . They had a reverse stock split of 8 for 1. That means that the real value is about 13 cents per share. They did this in order to retain their listing on NASDAQ. They own Westwood, the company that syndicates The Michael Savage Show. Will they find another station in DC to take his show? (12/2/16)

Will Laura Ingraham become the new White House Spokes person for Trump? If so, will she give up her national talk radio show? Inquiring minds what to know. (12/2/16)

From the ABCNews.Go website, reporting on a man who shot an intruder in his home: "How else. Can they're you don't president. The column voice you're listening to belongs to a 31 year old homeowner whose inside is sunrise residents Monday morning ... But. It. Also. An important point act. And to." Wow. Did the reporter type this in the dark while wearing boxing gloves? Hopefully by now they've changed it. But wow, it's true: nobody proofreads anything anymore. (12/2/16)

Let's drain the swamp at the FCC. Thousands and thousands of regulations. The new administration says that for every new regulation they must eliminate two old regulations. This is why small radio stations must pay thousands of dollars for communications attorneys. This could also get rid of the lobbyist. (12/2/16)

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\/ December 1 Messages \/

There’s some brain-dead people over at WJLA. Anyone see the 11:00 news on Channel 7 last night? At one point they were talking about the wildfires in eastern Tennessee, and the bottom screen crawler gave the location as “Gatlinburg, MD.” Oh my. I have no comment. KOF (12/1/16)

WCRW AM 1190’s construction permit for 4 new towers in Leesburg has expired, but WCRW has found a way to use the AM Revitalization rules to use its existing daytime towers for nighttime operation, thus keeping its Class B full time operation. The change in the AM Revitalization rules is that Class B AM stations are no longer required to have an interference free signal over their city of license. WCRW’s application hasn’t been approved by the FCC yet, but it also has some implications for diplexing other area stations. This takes away Multicultural’s excuse that no suitable transmitter site if available in the DC area for AM 1600. (12/1/16)

I decided to take the newly-launched AT&T DIRECTV NOW for a free 7-day test drive. For reasons that aren't quite clear to me, on several channels (MSNBC for one) instead of the usual commercials in the breaks, they show a graphic: "Streaming Will Continue Shortly" (or some such), with a dramatic/generic music bed. The only similar thing I've seen elsewhere is on CBSN. Sometimes they'll begin a break like that, but they'll usually fill with a couple spots or promos. On most of the other DIRECTV NOW channels I've sampled so far, it's the usual complement of commercials. Anybody know why some of these channels are "sans spots"? Back when I used to have regular cable, those breaks on MSNBC always had both local and national ads. (12/1/16)

Radio One has Tom Joyner on WOL 1450 AM. It operates with just 400 watts and has very poor coverage. They need all the translators they can get to try to improve their coverage. (12/1/16)

For the record, President Elect Donald Trump has used government websites to promote his businesses, including the Trump International Hotel in DC. He used an interview with 60 Minutes to promote Ivanka’s jewelry line. He asked a British official about windmills proposed off his golf course in Scotland. His campaign has been caught urging foreign representatives to stay at and use Trump Hotel facilities. Under these circumstances, and alleged nudging of Argentina to OK his building permit there, The Donald has many ethical issues to deal with. After all these antics came to light, he is now claiming to “divest” from these business holdings, so there is no conflict of interest. I believe these issues are what Anderson Cooper was talking about. Chris Plante, on the other hand, is still an idiot. Is Brian waiting in a hotel lobby as we speak? (12/1/16)

CNN is running a fake news story currently. I guess this is being floated by crackpot Elizabeth Warren and Anderson Cooper apparently isn’t smart enough to know any better. But CNN is suggesting that President Trump could be quickly impeached for accepting illegal gifts from foreign governments due to his overseas holdings. Now I don’t even know how CNN coulda allow this rubbish to air. If the President could be impeached for accepting gifts. Grover Cleveland would have gone to jail for accepting the Statue of Liberty! The mainstream media is so pathetic. Watching Chris Matthews cry every night is painful to watch. I wish one of his friends would put him out of his misery or something.The same people that were outraged that Trump was so unpredictable that he was tanking the stock market are now outraged that the stock market has gone up. Don’t they realize they have no credibility anymore? Their ratings have to be tanking. The national news in general from FOX to MSNBC to the newspapers has reached a new low. The Washington Pot Pinocchio Team has more Pinocchios than they’ve given out! (12/1/16)

It's that awkward moment when my Dad, a Hillary supporter says, "I'm only watching MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to see if he cries again tonight. It's funny." He said it. not me. :-) I don’t watch MSNBC like most people don't, but my Dad said he’s taking it harder than probably anyone he’s seen. Of course I told him that his wife also lost an election this year in Maryland, so he’s had a bad year hasn’t he? It’s showing from what I saw tonight. (12/1/16)

RE: “Politico Founders Start Axios - 11/30 - Mike Allen and Jum Vandehei, founders of DC-based Politico, talk about plans for their new venture, Axios, which will include a newsletter that "cuts across our topic areas." Speaking of Vandehei Now, it seems “Jum” (known as “Jim” to his parents) and Erik “The Wimp” Wemple have come to the incredible conclusion that the media sucks and are a bunch of hucksters in Wimpy’s missive “Lifelong Beltway media guy Jim VandeHei calls media a ‘scam’”. Wemple then goes on to compare Vandehei’s new “start-up” (these types are always starting something “up” but need $10 million to do so) to the new Trump administration: hardly. More drivel from Wemple: www.washingtonpost.com (12/1/16)

Rob "Carson" (real name is posted on his Go Fund Me) has now added "help my family pay the bills while I'm out of work" to his cause. MY MAN--- just tell the truth! We all know 5K isn't going to give you a Podcast that makes money, and pay your rent, and insurance, and food. and credit cards, and etc and etc. Nearly everyone here in Washington has had a problem with Rob Carson at one point, but I think it's refreshing to see a few dozen people who can overlook what an asshole this guy is to work with, and lend a few bucks that they'll never see again. This isn't his family fault. They need food. They need heat. So, a few of us would like to extend a THANK YOU, of the Holiday spirit extended toward Rob's family. The mean spirit and nasty nature of Rob Carson has been outweighed by generous people, some of whom he would be shocked who sent him a few bucks. He should be in tears, on his hands and knees, giving thanks that so many people whom he treated like garbage, decided not to return the favor. Happy Holidays Rob, to you and your family... a special cheers to all who gave, and expected nothing in return. Peace and Merry Christmas! (12/1/16)

iHeart says they may not make their debt payment due on December 15th for $193 million. If this happens they could go into default. This could affect the entire radio industry. (12/1/16)

To the last poster that likes to do a critique on Metro Radio. Has Metro Radio said they are going to do Spanish Format on their new stations in Berkeley Springs? If you know so much about them why don't you sign your name to the posting. Owning the only radio stations in a market is like owning the only newspaper in town. This beautiful little town is between Hagerstown and Martinsburg. Two good radio markets. I hate to see dumb postings from people who don't know what they are talking about. (12/1/16)

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