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\/ July 25 Messages \/

Dave, here’s something you’ve not considered when saying the TV repack won’t affect anybody. It will. The Where’s My Me-TV? crisis might again arise on DC TV come late Jan. 2018. WTTG FOX 5 has to add WDCA’s MyTV Network Fox 5 Plus in 720p. That will only allow 1-2 sub-channels beyond 2 720p HD channels at the most currently and possibly just one. FOX TV seems to have a national agreement for Buzzr and FOX TV also appears to have an agreement or financial interest in Light TV too. Movies and Heroes & Icons will probably go by the wayside, but where will MeTV land this time? And even bigger problems for Sinclair’s WJLA. The CW on WDCW 50 is in 1080i. Add this to ABC in 720p and once again, little room for SD sub-channels, probably just one. Where will Antenna TV or ThisTV go or Comet, TBD, and Charge!, some of which are owned by Sinclair? None of these sub-channel networks have cable TV agreements. They can get pushed around by local TV stations based on whatever contracts have been signed. One thing is clear though. There will not be enough room for all these networks on just two TV stations, WTTG and WJLA, so you will lose some on cable as well as over the air. In central PA the crisis is even greater. Where is FOX 43 going? Sinclair owns WHP CBS 21, but they already have the CW downgraded to 720p and MyTV downgraded to 480i. There’s no room for WPMT FOX 43 at all, let alone Antenna TV, ThisTV, Grit, or Comet TV. Only the public TV station, WITF has any channel space. Baltimore is lucky. Only one TV station is lost, WUTB My24, but still some sub-channel networks will have to disappear from cable TV unless some agreements have been previously made with the local TV station owners. Only Salisbury is unaffected that I can see. — BaltoMedia.net (7/25/17)

REF: "Jim Russ is just as bad talking about Eastern Shore all morning." Speaking of tornados, alleged news radio 1090 continues to spin out of control for everyone to hear. Too bad the tornado didn't spin through northwest Baltimore and level the place. William Donald Schaefer once called the Eastern Shore a "shithouse." I think it now sits on TV Hill. (7/25/17)

Radio Stocks continue to drop.....Sad but True. This does not mean anything to you unless you invested in these stocks. Cumulus now down to 42 cents per share and iHeart down to $1.35 per share. iHeart is still trying to work something out with their lenders. (7/25/17)

Music on WBAL-am? Just how old are you? That’s what radio is missing, more geezers. (7/27/17)

For those complaining about the Kent County news coverage on Baltimore radio. HELLO! Kent County is in the Baltimore DMA so it is news worthy and should be covered. Most times, stories from across the bay are totally ignored due to the difficulty and laziness in getting across the bay. It’s about time something there got covered. Normally the Salisbury stations make the Baltimore stations look like fools on these stories. (7/25/17)

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\/ July 24 Messages \/

As per a promo I just saw, beginning next Monday, NBC4 will be starting at 4am. So how long before channels 5,7 & 9 jump on that bandwagon? If the stations keep pushing back their start times, I wouldn't be surprised to see local stations beginning their newscasts right after the late night talk shows end. If so, they're definitely going to have to hire more staff. Especially on channel 5 as their morning broadcast is already almost 7 hours. (7/24/17)

Dave, I go away for nine days, and all hell breaks loose. I want to comment on a couple things. I decided long ago that I wouldn't comment on WBAL again, but they are so bad that I'm embarrassed that I worked there twice. Last time, I was working in DC and weekends at WBAL. They were just turning to full time talk, but had me stay with music on Saturday morning. I had a 15.9 share which was number 1 in Baltimore for any time slot. They went down hill when the Talk format was screwed up. Only Ron Smith had a professional show. Ron Smith's death was the death of WBAL. Programming sucked and the ratings held on for a while. But suck always wins out. I talked with the manager about how to make it a radio station again. He didn't seem to understand the problems, and thought everything was great. All they needed was a PD that could make the station the talk of Baltimore. They didn't have a budget problem, they had a stupidity problem. Now, it's worse. For the same money, you can hire really great people, or really bad personalities. I thought the new GM might help, but he must play golf all day and not listen to his station. Shame on them.*** The other thing that is related is the lack of programming at WQLL. Rouse gave them credibility and I have no idea why he left, but they have a way of presenting their programming that is completely without direction or purpose. That's why nobody listens. While I understand why WQLL sort of drifts along, there is NO EXCUSE for the pathetic performance of WBAL. Ed Graham (7/24/17)

Don Geronimo Show Paid Subscription Podcast: Monday Update:: Twitter. "We're here having internet issues. Stand by, please !" Of course you are Mike Sorce. Of course you are. LOL (7/24/17)

Jim Russ is just as bad talking about Eastern Shore all morning. Drove through Security Boulevard 3 times this morning and the traffic lights were out and a major headache because the road was closed. WBAL needs Detour Dave back. (7/24/17)

I want to write about a station that perhaps has never been mentioned in Mailbag before: WOLB-AM in Baltimore and the Larry Young Morning Show with Coach. (It’s a Cathy Hughes station). Sure, it sounds dated at times (Larry refers to coming into the “chatroom” and calls his audience “family”), but the show is literate, honest, always local local local (which WCBM and Bruce Elliott rarely is), and probably features more callers and viewpoints than any other station in town. Just like WCBM has its racists from the right (who are most of its callers), WOLB has a few racists from the left. But as a white guy who is probably not their target audience, WOLB is a great talk show and worthy of a mention and a listen. (I believe they are also on the FM dial, but I am an OLD white guy and like AM). (7/24/17)

Further evidence that the “Post Bezos” Washington Post has lost its mind. First of all, did DCRTV fans know that there is now an online section of The Washington Post entitled “Animalia”: who knew. So under that section is the headline “An ‘unusually aggressive’ Brooklyn squirrel that attacked five people may have rabies” which means with quotation marks The Washington Post is giving the squirrel the benefit of the doubt that it may NOT be “unusually aggressive”, just aggressive, and even that is an allegation. All that was needed was a quote from the squirrel. But the real kicker is that the story is written by, get this, “Lindsey Bever”. So what we have here is a story about a squirrel written by a Bever in the Animalia section. Can’t make this stuff up: www.washingtonpost.com (7/24/17)

Rodney Baylous was back on WCTG this AM (7/24/17)

WBAL Radio is absolutely unlistenable this morning. The major news item: In Kent County, ‘Was it a tornado?” I swear Nehman went on and on about saying tornado 20-25 times between 5:30 and 6:00. “was it a…”, “Possible….”, “A probable….”, “looks like it was a….”. WHO CARES ? The senior citizen in Kent County on oxygen without electricity? The homeowners who lost their decks, roofs, second floors? Does it really matter? Sort of like having a loved one shot in Baltimore and going on and on about whether he/she was shot with a .38, .22, or Glock. Did it matter? If it is announced that it has been officially deemed to be tornado, I think Nehman will have an orgasm on the air. And of course, we’ve got Scotty there, reporting in his usual style. You know. The same fake style he uses whether it’s a report on devastation and destruction, or a 4th of July parade. I feel so sorry for JP having to put up with this mess every day. He and Jim Russ are the only ones worthy of a listen. (7/24/17)

The station that was, many years ago, WEBB/1360 AM The Webb with legendary deejays and great music. The Mangione Family purchased the station snd spent loads of money moving the frequency to 1370 and boosting it to s 50 K station. It once ran job ads exclusively on WHLP with Robert C. Allen reading the latest jobs from the paper. It became Legends 1370 and later on, the format became the flavor of the month including canned Oldies that made sloppy I-Heart AM stations sound great, Fox Sports, a Women's formatted WVIE, an all-news station, a PM music talk format with the memorable Maynard & Sherry show among the many, courtesy of former GM Bob Pettit. Fast forward a bit and they haven't learned their lesson yet, that talk with some music mixed in on pm drive DOES NOT WORK, The Mickey show as other posters have noted is un-listenable. The short-lived Rouse & Co. morning show limps along without Steve Rouse and in the middle of the day is canned music. I don't think Nick Mangione had this vision of the station! What's next? Stand by... (7/24/17)

Yes Dave, I remember "Car Tunes" well on the old XTRA 104- FM with Steve "More Music" Michaels in PM Drive before Oldies 100 moved in. (7/24/17)

Add "negative racial stereotyping" to The Gas in Gaithersburg's resume. Everyone knew he was stupid, but we didn't all know he was a bigot. Until now. (7/24/17)

WAMU’s “Big Broadcast” tonight features radio drama classics like “Johnny Dollar”, “Gunsmoke” and “Dragnet”. Many of the radio episodes from “Gunsmoke” and “Dragnet” went on to be television episodes too. Tonight’s “Gunsmoke” is “Chester’s Mistake” and “Dragnet” is “The Big Church”. Listen in at 7:00PM on WAMU 88.5 FM or via link and be sure to “Book ‘em Danno”: wamu.org (7/24/17)

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\/ July 23 Messages \/

Hey Dave WTOP’s Rob Woodfork must be watching “Dave TV” because his ode to Jim Vance says even uses some of the same language or phrases as your beautiful eulogy: “Surely people both inside and outside the broadcast business can appreciate that kind of longevity. This business is rough and often unforgiving, so anyone capable of lasting that long is rare in its own right. But Vance did something even more rare: He held the same gig at the same station over five different decades. That kind of run is practically unheard of.” Not that it’s plagiarism, just that great minds think alike! Anyway Rob’s, like yours, is worth the read and has a great photo of him, Jim (he’s the one not drinking) and former NBC News producer now with ABC News, Jack Cloherty: wtop.com (7/23/17)

Great video of Jim Vance at dedication of Ben’s Chili Bowl mural that included his image: www.youtube.com (7/23/17)

"Name a business where more minorities own businesses." Barbershops, beanpies, nail salons, massage parlors, restaurants, motels, medical practices... it wasn't hard. What is hard is understanding what your point is? I suspect you were getting at something but I couldn't get it. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/23/17)

Regarding Q1370...I smell a format change coming...and time for Tracy to return to Havre de Grace or wherever she came from. Maybe Dave Sandler can come over, play some tunes and do the traffic too. (7/23/17)

Dave's response: How about "Car Tunes," great oldies to listen to in the car, with frequent traffic reports from Dave Sandler.....

Don Geronimo Show Monthly Subscription Based Podcast:: Missing Bonus Shows. Mike Sorce's response in part via Twitter "Not perfect, my apologies." #Refund (7/23/17)

Has anyone noticed that all the media critics are slobbering over MSNBC’s recent ratings increase? It’s mostly at the expense of CNN though, something they will not tell you. Greta Van Susteran flopped on MSNBC and Megyn Kelly is flopping on NBC since her big debut. Why did these people do so much better on FOX than on NBC properties? Hmm. Don’t bother asking David Zurawik. He has no clue. The irony of Greta is that she’s probably the ONLY woman who quit FOX News who was NOT hit on by Roger Ailes! I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back now that he’s long gone. (7/23/17)

A sad day. Jim Vance is missed by thousands upon thousands. I first saw him more than 40 years ago. He was on the air when someone gave him a "real" breaking news story. Vance said Elvis Presley has died. I think that was around 5:15 p.m. on August 16, 1977. Jim Vance was, and shall always be, the best TV news anchor in the history of Washington, DC. He was smooth, fair, courteous to his colleagues and funny. And was quite entertaining when bantering with George Michael. I think Vance won every battle with George. Not really battles but fun to think that way. Mr. Vance, RIP. We shall remember you always. (7/23/17)

A favorite memory of Jim Vance... the falling model story from a few years ago. The model in pink dress, holding flower watering pitcher, and big high-heeled shoes, losing her balance, and falling twice. Jim, along with the late George Michael (God bless 'em both) had their on-air laughing fit, and retired anchor Susan Kidd didn't find it amusing. www.youtube.com (7/23/17)

Dog days for WMAL & WJFK: Talk Radio’s Michael Harrison from 3:00PM to 7:00PM Saturday on WMAL and “Best of the Sports Junkies” for an hour Saturday morning and then nearly five hours in the afternoon on WJFK. What’s next: Ed Walker re-runs on WMAL and Don & Mike re-runs on WJFK? Sheesh, almost feel asleep listening in the heat: washington.cbslocal.com (7/23/17)

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\/ July 22 Messages \/

A touching tribute tonight on NBC4 news to Jim Vance..Doreen and Vance will always be a class act. Same goes for WRC.TV Washington.. condolences from The McGarry Family... (7/22/17)

RE:"Why is it that Minorities don't own more radio stations? Banks are not lending money to prospective buyers. It is too risky. There were a lot of people abusing the Minority Tax Certificates in the past. What is a Minority Today? Is the Chairman of the FCC a Minority?" -Name a business where more minorities own businesses. -Also, Banks don't lend to many with out a contract, PO, etc in han (7/22/17)

They should be working on a statue on Nebraska Avenue. I had the privilege and pleasure of working in the same building with Jim Vance for 3 years, and enjoyed many a hallway laugh with him. Rest in peace, sir. Jim Bohannon, Westwood One Radio (7/22/17)

Dave's response: Rename Nebraska Avenue as Jim Vance Boulevard.....

"I usually work in derivatives... in Swahili" Of course you do dear. Who's Daddy's sensitive little girl? You are, yes you are! Num num num nummy nummy num! Maybe try being a little less of a dicktater. And why does 1067 The Fan's website have such a dropout problem? Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/22/17)

[RE Jim Vance:] I'm hoping NBC Nightly News does a trubute to him. (7/22/17)

[RE Jim Vance:] Looks like Leon Harris will take his place I'm sure. (7/22/17)

[RE Jim Vance:] Sad to see Vance go, but Leon Harris is def a good replacement. He'll be with WRC for years to come. (7/22/17)

[RE Jim Vance:] I was in high school when he started at Channel 4. End of an era. (7/22/17)

[RE Jim Vance:] What a wonderful life Jim had, and the happiness and joy he brought to the many who knew him on a personal level. I feel the loss because I have followed him from the time I moved here in the 60s.As a Cancer survivor this loss hits harder for me at my age. My prayers are with he and his family this day. (7/22/17)

[RE Jim Vance:] A life worth well worth celebrating!! Iconic and legendary. He was a great example and role model and showed naysayers that you can have a come back!! (7/22/17)

[RE Jim Vance:] Nearly every major news event in my life Jim Vance was there to explain it to me and to other Washingtonians. Truly a broadcasting legend. He will be missed terribly for his professionalism and dedication to the community. (7/22/17)

[RE Jim Vance:] Jim Vance was a class act on the air and off (7/22/17)

[RE Jim Vance:] He was like everybody's favorite uncle, the one you turn to when times get tough. (7/22/17)

[RE Jim Vance:] Condolences to Channel 4 and the Vance family on this major loss (7/22/17)

So sad to hear of the death of TV Legend, Jim Vance. He was one of the best. RIP Jim. (7/22/17)

Why is it that Minorities don't own more radio stations? Banks are not lending money to prospective buyers. It is too risky. There were a lot of people abusing the Minority Tax Certificates in the past. What is a Minority Today? Is the Chairman of the FCC a Minority? (7/22/17)

RIP to Jim Vance, and condolences to his family the WRC 4 family. (7/22/17)

[RE Jim Vance:] For decades, this man was DC News. It will never be the same. Thank you for your many years of class broadcasting Jim. You will be greatly missed. (7/22/17)

I think the death of free TV is something to express OUTRAGE and DEFIANCE about. I wish more people would see this. ATSC 3.0 is an attempt to fix the failed ATSC 1.0 which most of the world rejected. Thank God LG bought Zenith Electronics because that SHIT American company is the reason people have so much trouble using indoor antennas to get ATSC 1.0 channels. The European/Asian HD plan was far better as Sinclair argued before the FCC, but politics related to LOBBYING in DC was the reason we got stuck with inferior TV. Even developing countries chose a better over the air TV standard! You can blame George W and Obama & The Swamp for the over the air TV mess. :-( (7/22/17)

CORD CUTTER ALERT! Date of TV Repack list of TV stations to go OFF THE AIR has been released by the FCC. Jan. 23, 2018. In Baltimore, that only means WUTB My24. But in DC, WDCW CW 50, WDCA My20, the MHz channels 53 & 56, WZDC 25 Telemundo (which might move to WRC NBC 4 since co-ownership), WMDO Unimas 47, and also WPMT FOX43 & WXBU 15 in PA. Lots of stations going away, but programming mostly will remain on cable or sub-channels, but not necessarily in HD. WUTB My24 is moving to WNUV CW 54 in HD, WDCA My20 is moving to FOX 5 Plus. Not sure about the rest. Updates as they happen. (7/22/17)

Correction: in Baltimore, MyTV, former WUTB 24 will be in 720p on WNUV. Sinclair is going to have to ditch some of its own networks in the transition though. The DC transition is still up in the air for CW 50. Maybe the new WDVM 25 (WHAG) will get Antenna TV or ThisTV? DC is losing quite a few TV stations. Some sub-channel networks will have no place to go until ATSC 3.0 which is still years away. (7/22/17)

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\/ July 21 Messages \/

So why is WDCA 20 adding another sub-channel, LightTV, when WDCA is going dark on 1/23/2018? Sure, MyTV is moving to Fox 5 Plus, but certainly not all the other sub-channels yet. It won’t be technically possible for several years or so with ATSC 3.0 Also on that same date, WUTB My24 is going dark, but moving to WNUV in SD like My20. It appears that 1/23/2018 is the date for almost all stations turning in a license to go off the air including those channel sharing. That means that’s also the date for WDCW 50 to go dark as well as FOX 43 in PA. No word yet on where those 2 are moving but the SBG stations are the best bet. Another repack anomaly is that Boston will no longer have an over the air NBC affiliate, at least not one close or full power. Even the low power NBC station in Boston is going off the air. Only the New Hampshire station will be left. The FCC should investigate this. This is clearly an attempt by Comcast/NBC/Universal to force all TV watching to pay/cable. It couldn’t be any more blatant. And NBC can use the FCC repack mandate as the blame even though they planned it all way ahead of time. By the way, WHDH is not turning in their license just to spite NBC/Comcast. I don’t think a lot of cord cutters have yet to realize that Channel sharing, at least in the interim, will mean the loss of an HD signal. Most sub-channels will be in 480i SD. (7/21/17)

Dave's response: I've said it many times before. The death of free broadcast TV in the USA is just a few years away. Most of it is garbage anyway.....

WSUX is in the news again, that is FCC news. This time the FM. They’ve filed an application to move from 101.1 FM to 94.5 FM at a higher power but further south from the current location. Not exactly sure why they’d want to move further away from Ocean City & Salisbury though. Adjacent interference? (7/21/17)

Yep, you caught the big conspiracy! I said "Nymex" when I meant "NASDAQ." Thank god you saw that! I usually work in derivatives, so out of habit I wrote the exchange I work in. That, of course, invalidates everything else I said, which you ignored. Nice job, Sherlock! By the way, did you know that "Gus in Gaithersburg" in Swahili is "Childish Unlikable Fucktard Who Has No Friends"? (7/21/17)

There was a lot of noise and fundraising a couple of years ago for a documentary film about WHFS. Did anything ever come of that, or has the idea been shit-canned? (7/21/17)

Dave's response: The fundraising and promotions seem to go on forever. Will we ever see the documentary? I dunno man - www.facebook.com/feastyourearsWHFS.....

"dropping off of Nymex due to low share prices is hardly the end of the world for any company. It only means that traders go to OTC or another, lesser known exchange for the shares. It doesn't qualify as even a mild inconvenience. The rest you'll have to look up yourself. " "Nymex" is a funny way to spell "NASDAQ" but thanks for trying to help. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/21/17)

Repack news - the FCC started the process yesterday. After a 5 day period to receive payment, stations that are going off air have 90 days (October 25) to do so, and stations that are channel sharing have 180 days (January 23, 2018) to turn in their license and move. Those that are moving bands have until their area's repack deadline. All stations in the DC market that accepted payment in the auction (20, 50, Telemundo, UniMas, both MHz stations, WAZF) are channel sharing and subject to the 2018 deadline. apps.fcc.gov (7/21/17)

WJFK's Redskins beat reporter, Brian McNally, has ended his gig after three years. According to his Twitter, he'll be covering the Caps hockey team for NHL.com. (7/21/17)

Since WMAL had Danica Roem on this morning, does this mean Bob Marshall will need to go on the Kojo show soon? (Danica was on Kojo last week or the week before). I ask this question because Corey Stewart was on Kojo a few weeks before the primary, and Kojo asked about the removal of Confederate statues. Stewart said was against it, and Tom Sherwood asked "why?". Corey then went into an oral word salad that would even embarrass Sarah Palin. Corey mumbled through incomplete sentences, dropping words like "Freedom," "History," and "Heritage," willy-nilly. You could tell he was not prepared for a simple "why," and Kojo and Tom seemed uncomfortable (maybe annoyed?) with Corey because he tried to wing it, and didn't really answer the simple question. Go ahead Bob, go on the Kojo show and discuss giving guns back to felons, invasive ultrasound, women's birth control, women's health, Confederate statues, "legitimate rape," and the NRA. It can be a lively and entertaining interview. Did WMAL cover this morning Trumps legal team's spokesman resigning last night, after only two months on the job? WMAL's philosophy is, as the old Russian Militsiya officer used to say, "?????????? ????? ???????, ? ??????????? ?????????." "The thief who stole an altyn (3 kopecks) is hung, and the one who stole a poltinnik (50 kopecks) is praised." (7/21/17)

A few months ago a poster asked about the Legend of Cool "Disco" Dan documentary. It is scheduled to air on WJLA DT Channel 7.4 on Saturday at 1 p.m. If you were in the area 20-30 years ago, it is well worth watching. If you weren't, it likely won't resonate with you. I'd give it a solid three stars but be aware it has a sad ending. Certainly not a major Hollywood release but ultimately well done and worth your time. (7/21/17)

Regarding Somara Theodore, I heard her on WTOP the last two days. My original basis for my comment was the fact that she had a picture on the weather page that disappeared. So I guess that they are just revamping their photos. (7/21/17)

According to their website, LightTV is airing in DC on 20.4. Hope it gets carried over to channel five with the Fox 5 Plus thing. www.lighttv.com (7/21/17)

So, "no comment" from the so-called GM and wanna-be PD at alleged news radio 1090, according to a published report in Baltimore after dumping their traffic reporter. How pathetic is that? CLICK (7/21/17)

K-Love has some competition with their format. WGTS, WPER and WJYJ. All of these stations cover Northern Virginia. All of these stations sound similar. Who will win? The station with the best coverage. (7/21/17)

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\/ July 20 Messages \/

LightTV (35.6), the Roma Downey, Mark Burnett family-oriented network is now airing (since yesterday). (7/20/17)

With 94.3FM now playing static and some music, what does Doc Walker do when he wants to shout cliches with his mouth full of food? (7/20/17)

I noticed a change to The Baltimore Sun and Tribune newspapers’ websites and Pay walls. If you use private browsing to access any of the sites, you cannot comment on any story. Basically commenting beyond the few free stories a month is only allowed by subscribers. You can still avoid this by completely clearing your device’s web history, but that’s an extreme hassle that few will do. They will just have less people commenting or paying attention to Tribune newspapers. (7/20/17)

Detour Dave Sandler posted on his last day at WBAL 1090 / 98 Rock yesterday, stating he has future plans and will be back soon. As he says, "STAY TUNED!" (7/20/17)

My dad and sister both tell me that K-LOVE is now on the air now on 94.3 FM! More CCM! Yay, woo! From, Amar (7/20/17)

If the iHeart/Cumulus stock price guy is as interested in the topic as he so desperately wants everyone to think he is, he should invest some time in learning about the topic. For example, he seems to be under the impression that bankruptcy means a company is dissolved, or that its lenders are simply given possession of the company and all of its assets. Neither is true. For another thing, dropping off of Nymex due to low share prices is hardly the end of the world for any company. It only means that traders go to OTC or another, lesser known exchange for the shares. It doesn't qualify as even a mild inconvenience. The rest you'll have to look up yourself. (7/20/17)

I love the K-Love Music on 94.3 FM. It is too bad that they only cover about one-third of the Washington Metro Area. Their tower is in Warrenton. They have good coverage in Northern Virginia. (7/20/17)

WMAL’s “Mourning The Mauled” with Mary “I Might Be A Man Too” Walter and Normal Guy Vince had Danica Roem, a transgendered candidate who won the Democrat nomination to run against bigot Bob Marshall to be the Delegate from Virginia’s 13th District, live on air this morning: www.wmal.com... Danica Roem, actually held her own despite Mary’s usual dim witted questions and Vince’s barbs that all her money is coming from outside the district, and had well informed answers to questions about transportation and development issues. Roem was also recently profiled in The Washington Post that also reported he, er, ah, she, is outraising Marshall and taking her campaign to the streets. No word if Marshall plans to campaign in drag to counter Roem: www.washingtonpost.com... (7/20/17)

WBAL TV weekend anchor Lacee Griffith is the new traffic reporter there, replacing Sarah Caldwell, who left to work in development at a Baltimore girls school. (7/20/17)

The WSJ has an interesting article on iHeart's last ditch efforts to save itself from getting sucked into a black hole: https://www.wsj.com/articles/ihearts-battle-with-bondholders-reaches-pivotal-point-as-it-tries-to-avert-bankruptcy-1500506942 JA (7/20/17)

How did you know that the PD from WSUX was now flipping pies instead of records at Grotto Pizza? :-) (7/20/17)

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\/ July 19 Messages \/

RE: "I’m going to sleep much better knowing the PD at WSUX 1280AM has been canned." Wait, you mean to tell me that someone actually got paid for this...or did the trade at Grotto Pizza run out? (7/19/17)

I'm glad WJFK 106.7 broadcasts live and local sports talk on weekday evenings before Nats games and when they aren't playing, but I'm pretty tired of the dynamic that has emerged between Chris Russell and Nick Ashoo. I think both do a decent job, but the theme of making fun of the quirkiness of Russell is just sooo tired and overplayed. Once in a while, fine, but it ceases to be entertaining -- and listenable -- pretty quickly each night the two are on together. It's just tedious, so give it a rest. (7/19/17)

94.3 on the Bear Wallow Rd tower in Warrenton, Which had been Space-man Dan Snyder's sports talk radio relaying 980 is now Christian music K-Love making 2 of the 3 FM stations physically in Warrenton competing for the same Contemporary Christian Music The other 89.9 which is on the old WQRA tower just south of town is a 50KW signal which has already merged with 90.5 WJYJ in Fredericksburg with a coverage overlap over nearly all populated parts of the area. 2 50 KW signals established for many years against a newcomer with a good class-A signal It would seem obvious which will get squeezed out. One thing for sure ONE OF THEM WILL!! (7/19/17)

K-LOVE now on 94.3 in Buckland. Adios ESPN 980. My cell phone makes enough RF interference that 980 AM is just a rumor here in Fauquier County. -- nokesvillejr (7/19/17)

Re: "Lefties are listening to WYPR (or WAMU) and righties to WCBM. While WBAL is wanderingly aimlessly in the middle - on grunky old AM..." Poor old WCBM. This poor station is reduced to playing commercials for erectile dysfunction, testosterone and penis enlargement pills during their morning “talk” show featuring extreme right wing politics. I can’t wait for Bruce Elliott, the morning host, to replace his inline promotions for “My Pillow dot com” with “Hey, if you’re like me, then you probably have trouble getting it up occasionally…” I shudder to think what of the grumpy old right wingers who listen to this station think of the penis pill commercials. Regards, Larry in Mount Airy (7/19/17)

I’m going to sleep much better knowing the PD at WSUX 1280AM has been canned. Now that laughable cease and desist order I was emailed is now invalid, not that it ever was in the first place. (7/19/17)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Laurel TV in Laurel, MD is looking for an experienced Production Manager. This is a one year assignment for an Independent Contractor with the option to renew annually. The pay is $25/hour up to $46,000 a year and you must have your own gear. This position is responsible for performing a variety of technical duties for Laurel TV including directing, shooting videotape, and digital editing, both in the studio and in the field. The Production Manager will assist with training the technical staff, interns, and volunteers. In addition, the Production Manager will direct approximately 70 Government Meetings airing on Laurel TV. Experience with Adobe Premier and the Tricaster 8000 Video Switcher preferred. The Independent Contractor selected must maintain Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Email resumes and inquiries to info@laureltv.org. (7/19/17)

The WBAL posters below are absolutely correct. This week, ‘Screamin’ Scotty’, at 5:30 in the morning, was reporting “live from City Hall” on Monday, and “live from Loyola University” today. Mr. PD and Mr. GM. What exactly is that supposed to add to the newscast? To me, it’s dumb enough when TV stations go that route, but radio ?? WHY??? And while on the subject of “pull(ing) the plug on Ann Kramer's silly gigglefest: Perhaps you could talk to Scott and tell him that the fake 50’s/60’s “Hot Stacks of the Hot Wax” style of broadcasting is dead. Can you just read the news without the phony professional radio guy voice. It died about 50 years ago. And the other poster is correct. The station has never been the same since the loss of the great Ron Smith. As I’ve said before., the GM has been there for what, 2 or 3 years now? Exactly what has he accomplished? Simulcasts of TV news. Third-rate syndicated talk show hosts. Good Luck to Dave Sandler. Always seemed to be a class guy. (7/19/17)

Gene Weingarten's "chat" on the WaPo website is meant to be a safe space for folks pooping themselves because of Trump. From yesterday's: "I do not regard buses as a serious transportation option" (Nice white privilege Gene) "We have a terribly violent society with waaay too many emotionally disturbed peopled armed with assault weapons." (and badges) "I've been told that one of the great tools against the heat, for men, is to take a tip from the ladies and shave your pits. " After giving him a buyout package the WaPo pays him for this. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/19/17)

FCC News: WRBS wants an expanded signal for its 94.3 FM Baltimore signal for AM 1230. The Hope Church wants an expanded signal also for 101.5 FM for Urban One’s WWIN AM 1400 as well as a slightly different signal for 102.3 FM for WOLB 1010AM. On the Eastern Shore, WCTG 96.5 FM wants to move from Chincoteague to the Salisbury market, specifically Eden, MD. They have attempted to do this before unsuccessfully. — BaltoMedia.Net (7/19/17)

The stock quote guy is on his deathbed. He is not able to satisfy his wife. "Quotes that aren't attributed are a sure sign of fake news." When will he pull up his pants and get a job? As a previous poster said, citing your own previous post as evidence is moronic. (7/19/17)

RE: WBAL....The elephant in the room is that WBAL died with Ron Smith. Ron Smith was the foundation. Hasn't been the same since the Voice of Reason left us. (7/19/17)

94.3 shows up in the FCC database this morning owned by EMF under the callsign WLZV. If it isn't already relaying K-Love, it probably will be within a day. (7/19/17)

Re: Somara Theodore - I just saw a promo this morning with the Storm Team 4 weather team and she was a part of the promo. Honestly, I really don't believe she has been added t to the NBC 4 website yet. I've checked daily, since her arrival, and have never seen her bio on there. To the original poster, what evidence do you have that she's left, aside from not seeing her bio page on the NBC 4 site? (7/19/17)

How many radio stations can you fit into a shoebox? If you're iHeart in Williamsport PA, five. Maybe more. Google Maps 41.240102, -77.039783 then switch to Street View. Oh, and that clothing donation drop-box in the parking lot? That's the production studio. (7/19/17)

Interesting news about Dave Sandler's run coming to an end after 31 years at WBAL. The station likely couldn't afford him once they realized just how good Jim Russ is and how lacking Sandler's reports were. There is a noticeable difference in the quality of the information when Russ is behind the microphone. Also, a recent mailbagger wondered about the station's direction with yet another new news director. All you have to do is listen. Earlier this week, Scott Wycoff was reporting from Baltimore to tell listeners what some state lawmakers had told Jayne Miller the day before. How screwed up is that? Now they're chasing the poor guy out to empty buildings and street corners to essentially read wire copy and incessantly repeat himself over and over in the same report. And please, someone over there pull the plug on Ann Kramer's silly gigglefest at the end of the morning newscasts. Her banal (she's searching for a dictionary to find the meaning of the word) utterances are merely the re-telling of days old stories from social media. The station continues on rudderless, with the real problem rooted in the clueless and small-market mentality residing in the GM and PD offices. Listeners aren't stupid. Your station has no substance. What do you think Mr. Hughes? (7/19/17)

Dave's response: Lefties are listening to WYPR (or WAMU) and righties to WCBM. While WBAL is wanderingly aimlessly in the middle - on grunky old AM.....

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Sales Account Executive sought for Annapolis full-service radio station. Sales experience required, preferably in media advertising sales. Applicant will meet with local business decision-makers and advertising agencies to coordinate advertising/marketing plans using broadcast, internet and social media. Applicant must be creative and self-motivated. Knowledge of local market required. Compensation includes salary plus commission. Fax resume to 410-268-5360, or email resume to jobs@wnav.com. EOE M/F (7/19/17)

With the addition of its 8 p.m. newscast, WDCA's MyNetworkTV lineup (including "The X-Files" reruns on Tuesdays) now airs on a one hour delay from 9 to 11 p.m. instead of 8 to 10 p.m. Everett W. (7/19/17)

If you had just waited 30 more minutes, you could've enjoyed both episodes of the X-Files because, as of this past Monday, Fox 5 Plus (formerly My 20) has moved the My Network TV schedule to 9:00 - 11:00 instead of 8:00 - 10"00. Andrew Fauver (7/19/17)

iHeart is on their deathbed. They are not going to be able to satisfy their lenders. "They can see the handwriting on the wall". When will they be forced to start selling off their assets? As a previous poster said, their massive debt is the demon. (7/19/17)

Yes, it does seem like Shomara Theodore "has left the building" over at channel 4. Not listed as one of the Storm Team members. How long was she there? Two months? (7/19/17)

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\/ July 18 Messages \/

Hey, what happened to my weekly showing of "The X-Files"? I turned on channel 20.1 at 8:00 p.m., as I do every Tuesday night, ready to see Mulder and Scully take on aliens, or maybe Charles Nelson Reilly. Instead, I see "Fox5 Plus, WDCA." Can it get worse? Yes. At 8:30, "Dish Nation" came on. It seems I have to settle for the Tommy Lee Jones movie on 20.2 or "Star Trek" on 20.3. I wonder who's playing in the Copa Oro on 14.1 ~~ Blair in Alexandria (7/18/17)

"The Gas in Gaithersburg just drops missives defending his own stupidity? That's considered Mailbag-worthy? No need for any reference to media at all now, just self-absorbed yakkity-yak?" Deliciously ironic. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/18/17)

That was a short stint… I notice Somara Theodore is missing from WRC’s website after a very brief time. She was fired from her gig in Cleveland and this makes me wonder what happened here? (7/18/17)

You know I did not post about WSUX 1280 going dark. It didn’t come from me. I don’t even get the station when it’s on the air! LOL (7/18/17)

Axios is reporting that online ad sales are down and tv, radio and billboard ads are up. Could this be helpful to troubled radio companies like Cumulus or local news shows where revenue is down? Axios explains: www.axios.com (7/18/17)

Chad just eluded that some people go past their contract deadline but keep working. Is he working without a contract? Did he and the junks just kill in the rating? (7/18/17)

As DCRTV Dave could attest to, there is not just one person who has Vince Klepac stories to tell. Probably a dozen different people. He’s like the running joke on the shore. Everyone seems to have heard a story or two. I only post when I hear a new one. :-) (7/18/17)

Dave's response: What? It's pretty much just you, buddy.....

Dave: Working in Hampton Roads this month and yesterday, was watching CSN regarding the Cousins news and has their coverage always been that bad? Mr. Hernandez has run his course in this area and always demonstrates he's too cool and much smarter than the viewers and now, it's become annoying while Jill should stick to hockey and that's it. Of the 25-mins I watched, their talent made fun of an audio issue and were babbling about only having 1-camera available. I don't get it, there aren't any TV/Radio stations in our area that know how to cover sports anymore? 980 needs to be sold ASAP and someone tell Cooley that we don't care about his opinions..since he never cared about the fans or anyone when he played. I must say, the print reporters in our market are terrific at what they do and that's what keeps me informed these days! (7/18/17)

Man, the guy going on and on about WRJE, 101.1 in Ocean City and naming Vince Klepac in a post has an axe to grind with ole Vince. No one on the Shore cares about this guy. He's take stations that no one listened to before and make them even worse. Did he not return your underwear after the last slumberparty? (7/18/17)

The Gas in Gaithersburg just drops missives defending his own stupidity? That's considered Mailbag-worthy? No need for any reference to media at all now, just self-absorbed yakkity-yak? Talk about summer doldrums. (7/18/17)

This is absolute proof the FCC has no clue what it is doing. WRJE AM 1600 has been gone more than a year now, yet its FM translator, W286BS will be LICENSED until 2022 without any originating SIGNAL! The remain silent authority expired in 2015! But the FCC has taken NO ACTION! This is a 105.1 FM allocation that no one can use in this area being taken up for NOTHING! Or maybe they’re on the air as a pirate radio station? This would make a good road trip from your Delaware vacation spot Dave. Ironically, the transmitter is at the Delaware State Police tower. Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump deports them too? (bad joke) LOL radio-locator.com (7/18/17)

"Much like her wedding band was missing from her hand late last week, the real Julie Wright was missing from Good Morning Washington." It is summer, all news people (and most of the employed) take a week off. Steve Chenevey is off this week too, going to bust his chops too? (7/18/17)

DCRTV Mailbag classic: “He's an enormous Whiny Nancy who should not be interacting with the public”. The Real Gus In The Gaithersburg should know a “Whiny Nancy” when he sees one: www.youtube.com (7/18/17)

Someone wrote "Much like her wedding band was missing from her hand late last week, the real Julie Wright was missing from Good Morning Washington. Coincidence?" Sadly, yes, Rasmus. Julie celebrates the date her mother dropped that spawn onto Virginia soil every single year. Happy 46th, Babyduck! (7/18/17)

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Much like her wedding band was missing from her hand late last week, the real Julie Wright was missing from Good Morning Washington. Coincidence? Then I came home this evening to see ultra conservative Sinclair doing a story about how rising sea levels affecting the Eastern shore of MD. Wow, I'm having a dissociative reality disorder moment. (7/17/17)

"TRESPASSING: Signed, " Dave, you know good and well that didn't come from me. Now let's talk about how Hank Steuver, the WaPo's TV critic, is a shanda for the love that dare not speak its name. Over the last three weeks he has berated the folks in his Thursday chat for not using Google, for liking British TV shows, and this past week moaned that he couldn't wait for 1 pm, when the chat is over. He's an enormous Whiny Nancy who should not be interacting with the public and is the opposite of a credit to the wonderful Washington Post brand. See? this is how one of my posts sounds. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/17/17)

Rouse leaving? This is what happens when you have a sales guy playing programming, which is way too common over on Reisterstown Road. No concept in quality programming (Mickey in PM drive is a great example). So, you lose the only real asset on your station. Pat and Tracy are weak and aren't big enough names to draw any audience. If they station was unable to crack a .5 share before, kiss a .1 goodbye! (7/17/17)

Eastern Shore update: The streaming for Jack FM 101.1 OC/Salisbury is down as well as WSUX 93.9 FM / 1280 AM in addition to the 93.9 & 1280 signals already reported here. 101.1 FM is still on the air currently, but the Death Watch begins. :-) (7/17/17)

My favorite Vince Klepac story is the one where he sold WRJE AM 1600 to the Latino Group. Apparently, their English was not so good or their lawyers bad because they apparently only signed a 1 year lease for the 1 remaining tower, which Klepac kept, which alone was no good for the AM 1600 signal anyway. So when the year was up, he just bull-dozed the remaining tower, knocked them off the air. They complained to the FCC, but legally, he had them. Sabrosa Radio is still streaming, but AM 1600 is gone even though they’re still advertising it along with its FM translators. Maybe one day I’ll drive there and see if the FMs are still operating as pirates. Nothing would surprise me. They still advertise that they’re on the air. www.sabrosaradio.com (7/17/17)

RE: Ravens broadcasts. In the past, the TV play by play was heard on the radio. This year, the Ravens stated the game call will be more TV oriented, so I’m not sure if it will be the same broadcast or not. I don’t think they’ve clarified that. (7/17/17)

The WMAL day and night patterns from the 570 site are the same, the only difference is the power reduction from 10kw day to 2.7kw at night. This is basically a 6 db signal reduction that equates to a 2 to one signal ratio...i.e. if the signal at a given location is 10 mv/m in the daytime it will drop to 5 mv/m at night. You can see the pattern for the CP at radio locator.com. Some areas will have more signal (northwest) some will have less (northeast) after the move. (7/17/17)

Dave, can I pile on some footnotes to your Dave TV at the WMAL-AM transmitter site? Too bad your shot didn't include the fourth, far away "dogleg" tower. The property is 75 acres. Not really right to say the towers are moving. 630 AM will just be physically jammed into the existing four towers at the 570 site on Black Rock Road in Germantown. I designed and commissioned those two green signs in your video. I'm amazed they've lasted this long. Microwave antenna seen on top of the small forefront tower was for WJLA and defunct for a year. That little tower will come down, too. No microwave shot to Jenifer St. Blocked by the "Irene" (Pollin) condos in Friendship Heights. - Pilot of the Airwaves (7/17/17)

Rouse is gone ? Wrong person left. Guess there’s no reason to listen to that station any longer. The afternoon drive show is dreadful. (7/17/17)

Can you show us what the new WMAL 630 AM nighttime signal looks like from their new tower site in Germantown, MD? (7/17/17)

J Michael appears to out at CSN MA (7/17/17)

WUSA only puts NATS home games on the 7 day graphic since the forecast is for DC.....so the AWAY games, even when the Nats play on WUSA, would not be on the 7 day forecast (7/17/17)

"WJLA Ch7 has several preseason Redskins games that often are on when Jeporady! Is on but they put the regularly scheduled programming on News channel 8 which is of no good if you don't have cable." Redskins pre-season games are on NBC 4. Ravens pre-season games are on ABC-7. (7/17/17)

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings… D.C.’s pioneer TV sportscaster, Bob Wolff, died peacefully yesterday (Saturday, August 15, 2017) at his home in Nyack, NY. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/17/17)

RE: “Dave TV: WMAL's AM 630 Tower Site - 7/16 - I visit the soon to be former transmitter site of WMAL's AM 630 signal on Greentree Road in Bethesda. The towers will soon be torn down to make room for a new residential development.....” DCRTVDJDAVE YOU ARE TRESPASSING: Signed, Gus in THE Gaithersburg (7/17/17)

Dave's response: I did not walk more than four feet from the public road. Oh shut up.....

Make it stop Dave Department: Veteran radio & television sports broadcaster Bob Wolff (no relation to Warner Wolf) has died at age 96. Wolff was the first broadcaster of the then Washington Senators baseball team. The best anecdote from retired Washington Post reporter Bob Levey’s story: “During his years in Washington, Mr. Wolff often ventured outside the booth to roam the stands at the old Griffith Stadium, interviewing die-hard Senators fans. Between the games of a doubleheader in 1957, he approached a spectator sitting near the dugout, telling him: “Let’s play a game. Don’t say your name until we’re finished talking.” They spoke about the game and various players before Mr. Wolff asked the fan about himself. “What sort of work do you do, sir?” “I work for the government,” the fan responded. “Oh, for the government?” “Well,” Richard M. Nixon finally said, “I’m the vice president.” More from Levey: www.washingtonpost.com (7/17/17)

Re: Ravens new pre-season TV lineup. Does anyone know why Stan White and Quadry Ismail were let go? I enjoyed them along with Gerry Sandusky. Who will do the radio once the regular season begins, since Brian Billick and Evan Washburn have other gigs? Tom in Wheaton (7/17/17)

Ok That shocked me another Nats game ON CH9 Sunday because I watched the entire Saturday night Nats game on CH9 And at the end of the post game summary the announcers said to join us tomorrow at 1:05 on MASN 2 At least I didn't see any mention of game on WUSA CH9 I use OTA for my local channels and have Sling TV so no MASN or ESPN my LG TV has a program guide I'm off Monday the game is early like 12:30 I guess Ill check the on screen program guide Every time In going to be home when there playing I was out most of the day Sunday so I wouldnt have been able to watch most of the game anyway but I'm going to email WUSA and kindly suggest if there going to air a game not on their original schedule for 2017 to put it on their website and just communicate better about it because even their 10 day forecast on their weather site will have the Nats symbol on the day there showing a game and I didn't see it this weekend.I only saw it Saturday because The Post has a primetime TV guide Titan. TV is a good app also I'm going to check that as well now that I see they alter the original broadcast schedule. The thing I give WUSA CH 9 thumbs up is at least when they air a Nats game they put the regular CBS programming on 9-2 digital subchannel which you can get OTA WJLA Ch7 has several preseason Redskins games that often are on when Jeporady! Is on but they put the regularly scheduled programming on News channel 8 which is of no good if you don't have cable. (7/17/17)

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I don’t recommend trying to slam Vince Klepac anywhere. All he does is threaten to sue anyone who criticizes him or his various radio stations that he’s ran into the ground. But let’s recap… AM 1260 in Newark DE, AM 1600, these 2 he directly caused the FCC deletion of. Soon, you can add AM 1590 Ocean City to that list, even though he doesn’t own it now. They’ll probably run out of money to afford Jack FM on 101.1 FM too after the summer, so that’s iffy too. If you’re genuinely interested in WSUX AM 1280 or 93.9 FM, simply click here and complain to the FCC and maybe they’ll stop giving him TOYS to destroy. consumercomplaints.fcc.gov (7/16/17)

The Nationals Reds game was on WUSA CH9 Saturday night so I guess they do add games not originally on CH9 original schedule for season and a great game it was Nats leading 10-0 going onto the 8th inning then Reds scored 7 runs in the last 2 innings.10 -7 final Nationals.Funny the Post which has gone downhill as far as accuracy was correct yet WUSA Website never had the game listed. (7/16/17)

Another unscheduled Nats game on WUSA today! 1:10pm. Woo-hoo-ray-knight! (7/16/17)

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In Saturdays Post TV listings it shows the Nationals Reds game on At 7PM Saturday night on WUSA Ch 9 yet. WUSA website lists the next of the 20 Nats games that they will air in the 2017 Season will be on July 28 Ill tune in tonight and see.I don't think once they contract for a certain amount of games there's a change to the schedule unless one of the scheduled games is rained out and its moved to a later date. (7/15/17)

Nostalgia found at the bottom of a drawer... (7/15/17)

DCRTVDJDAVE’s favorite FNC host Shep Smith, a Roger Ailes protégé, a closeted gay man for so long, and an ardent propagandist for the right, now is suddenly aghast with the Trump administration’s “lies, lies, lies”. Smith has had a “Walter Cronkite moment” according to The Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.com (7/15/17)

As for Julie Wright not mentioning her husband lately, I've noticed that Caitlin Roth and Tucker Barnes haven't been posting "couple" pics as they routinely did previously. So wonder if they're still together. If. It, how akward must that be to work pretty much right next to each other. Also, never heard anything officially that Sarah Simmons had divorced her husband. She, as has Julie, just stopped wearing her wedding ring. (7/15/17)

I think Mark Trail may have discovered a stand of illegal pot plants deep in the woods. He looks positively wasted & about to start giggling in his first closeup in this week's WashPost Sunday funnies. ---MTG (7/15/17)

Ok DCRTV crew, I have a memory that I keep thinking about. Back in the early 80s when I went to movies, before the movie started, there was a little cartoon animation telling us not to litter in the theater. It was a janitor looking in 1 trash can that was empty, then another. Then when he opened the movie theater door, he was squashed by an avalanche of trash! Then narrator came on and said 'please don't litter.' Then the janitor comes out of the trash and just says "Thanks!" Does anyone else remember this? I wont be surprised when someone posts the clip. Thanks! (7/15/17)

Universal HD was a free channel on many Comcast Xfinity packages. The Olympics channel is a PAY channel. Comcast taketh away again for more money. (7/15/17)

I happened to notice Julie Wright was not wearing her ring this morning as well. And it made realize she hasn't talked much about her personal recently except her parents and something about Chuck going back to school a month or so ago. Hoping all is well there since finding true love and maintaining it is so hard to find in this town. (7/15/17)

RIP Universal HD Network. Xfinity/Comcast/NBC/Universal deleted the channel without warning to replace it with the Olympics Channel. (7/15/17)

You can hear Harv Moore weekdays from Noon to 3PM on WECK 1230 & 102.9 Radio on their super excellent stereo stream. It still uses www.timelessweck.com... Tune in and enjoy. (7/15/17)

Re:Fox taking over WDCA, they are already rebroadcasting some of their shows on WDCA such Good Day DC, TMZ and The Real. So I wouldn't be surprised if they just repeat more of their programs for those in the viewing audience who didn't see the original broadcast. Also, it appears that the new 8pm program is being promoted as an early news show for those who don't or can't stay up until 10. However, is there really going to be that much new news between their 6pm and 8pm newscasts? (7/15/17)

I didn't know that Ron Weber called Washington Commandos arena football games or that they were even on the radio. WWDC 1260 apparently carried the games. It was certainly a different era back then as opposed to now with Ted Leonsis' new Washington Valor team not on the radio. From what I can tell, the two Leonsis-owned teams are the only Arena Football League teams without radio deals. Everett W. (7/15/17)

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Hi Dave, I heard W225AQ 94.3 for the first time today, dead air/open carrier in Laytonsville at 4:35, signal much stronger open carrier in Mount Airy at 4:54. Checked again at 6:25 and it's the Gamut, parallel 820 AM, with a great signal and sound. A short while later, they're doing the Nats pregame show. Regards, Larry in Mount Airy (7/14/17)

Dave's response: The new 94.3 is a simulcast of WWFD, 820, which breaks away from the Gamut for sports events, the same sports events carried by WFED on 1500.....

About Ron Weber doing baseball he did a few televised games for the minor league Frederick Keys that were shown prerecorded on some access channel in Montgomery County in the 90s as I remember. He was also the radio voice of the Washington Commandos, DC's first arena football league team. If you want to play-by-play year round you have do more than one sport. (7/14/17)

Someone wrote "is Julie wright (abc-7) still married? I notice she's not wearing her wedding rings anymore..." let me bring out my inner Nipsey Russel. "When the Jimmy Deans get too big, honey, the rings start to fit a bit funny." (7/14/17)

Curious to see if FOX actually shuts down WDCA channel 20 on Monday. I think for now, FOX Plus will be on WDCA. I don’t see any notification of taking WDCA silent just yet nor any sub-channel notifications on FOX 5 WTTG unless they’re running notifications already. (7/14/17)

Simply Hired is reporting an evening personality vacancy at WRQX. Who'd they lose? (7/14/17)

Delmarva News...So it looks like Vince Klepac has killed another station. WSUX-AM 1280 & W242AV 93.9 are off the air. I believe that he had someone leasing the station for the past year and a half. My sources tell me that person left at the beginning of June. So he couldn't survive even a month. WSUX-FM 101.1 is still playing the Jack-FM format, but I wonder how long that will last until he spins his wheel of formats. When will the FCC stop giving Mr. Klepac licenses. Vince Klepac, the Grim Reaper of radio! (7/14/17)

I find it odd that only WRC NBC 4 has filed for Post Repack TV allocations in DC. Most of the Baltimore stations have already filed the applications and they are mostly in Stage 8 or 9. DC’s TV stations have to switch sooner, in Stage 4 or 5. Seems like they’re a little behind schedule. Even low power WMJF in Baltimore filed a post-repack application for channel 23 already. WMJF is still technically for sale, so it will be interesting to see if any buyers appear. As it is now, Baltimore has no PAX TV station, or religious, independent, or Latino stations, odd for a market that size. (7/14/17)

MultiCultural’s WLXE AM 1600 is successful in blaming the FCC for their inability to find a new tower site in the DC area. In the filing WLXE claims that the FCC’s inability to finish the AM refurbishment rules is the reason they haven’t even begun looking for a new transmitter site. Am I wrong or wasn’t this already completed by the FCC? (7/14/17)

is Julie wright (abc-7) still married? I notice she's not wearing her wedding rings anymore... (7/14/17)

Well it certainly appears that 106.7 The Fan has buried WTEM. Dave, any insight into how the individual shows are doing? Both the Junkies and Dukes mentioned getting ratings bonuses this week. (7/14/17)

Dave's response: In the June ratings, male demo age 25-54, WJFK was 2nd and WTEM 14th in morning drive. In afternoon drive, WJFK was 5th with WTEM 16th. Looks like the battle of the DC sports talkers is pretty much over. Dan Snyder's got WTEM's main 980 signal up for sale and ESPN 980 will go away completely when he lowers the asking price for the 980 AM signal and it gets sold - at a big loss.....

"Where can you hear Bluegrass/Country Music now that WAMU kicked them off their station after 60 years? I don't have HD Radio or any kind of HD Receiver." WSDL 90.7 in Ocean City plays thee hours of Bluegrass every Sunday night from 8-11PM on Steve Martin's Unreal Bluegrass www.unrealbluegrass.com... You can stream it if you live out of the area... (7/14/17)

Steve Rouse posts on the Q1370 Facebook page that after 50 years, he is retiring from broadcasting. (7/14/17)

June radio ratings analysis from Tom Taylor... Washington DC doesn’t reward any station with double digits, for the first time this year. The #1, #2 and #3 stations repeat from last month – WAMU, American U.’s not-for-profit news/talker (10.0-10.7-9.3). Ratings historian Chris Huff says “This makes the sixth consecutive #1 for WAMU, its longest win-streak ever.” Hubbard’s news WTOP and its regional simulcast (9.1-8.8-8.7). And Howard U.’s commercial urban AC WHUR (7.0-7.5-7.5, matching last month’s best topline since October 2009). As for dayparts, the only daypart WAMU doesn’t win is weekends, where it’s #2. It scores double digits in both drivetimes. WTOP is #2 everywhere except weekends, where it’s #3. It’s also a double-digit morning-drive player. The #1 weekend station is urban AC WHUR. Rising to fourth is Urban One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ and new simulcast WDCJ (5.4-5.3-5.7). Fifth is iHeart’s AC WASH (4.8-5.0-4.9, but only thirteenth at night). In that same neighborhood, there’s a tie for sixth between iHeart’s classic rock WBIG-FM (5.2-5.4-5.8) and sister CHR “Hot 99.5” WIHT (4.2-4.5-4.8). An answered prayer for Seventh Day Adventist-connected not-for-profit contemporary Christian WGTS. It’s up to eighth place thanks to its best share since September 2009 (3.7-3.7-4.5). Cumulus talker WMAL-AM/FM is steady (3.8-3.5-3.8). It’s an up book for co-owned hot AC “Mix 107.3” WRQX (2.8-2.9-3.4). The MLB Washington Nationals help CBS sports “Fan” WJFK-FM (2.2-2.8-3.0). At night, the Fan improves from eighth to sixth. DC’s leader for average weekly cume is CHR “Hot” at 1,211,800..... Baltimore welcomes Summer by boosting Urban One’s urban “92Q” WERQ into first place by itself (7.5-8.0-8.7). Last month 92Q was tied for the lead with urban AC sister WWIN-FM (8.3-8.0-8.4). 92Q is #1 from 3pm to midnight, while “Magic” WWIN-FM is #1 with the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Holding third for the week is iHeart’s country WPOC (8.0-7.7-7.7, and a double-digit winner on Saturday/Sunday). New in fourth position is CBS AC WLIF (6.5-6-4.-6.6, and a #1 midday ranking). Fifth is Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY (5.4-5.2-5.2, now second in mornings with Justin, Scott & Spiegel). CBS sports “Fan” WJZ-FM (5.5-5.4-4.7) has the baseball Orioles. It slips to second place at night, but still pulls double digits there with the Birds. Your Public Radio-owned not-for-profit news/talk WYPR continues to grow share (3.2-3.4-3.6). Chris Huff calculates WYPR’s highest share since August 2012. Its version of “Morning Edition” rises from ninth to sixth in the market. AC WLIF stays around 680,000 cume to lead that category. (7/14/17)

VOA TV also did a story about Radio Sputnik... It's at : www.voanews.com... How ironic... In the Cold War days Moscow heavily jammed the Voice of America and RFE/RL. In return, they broadcast their lame Radio Moscow programs to North America.... Hey wait a minute! They still do that latter bit - it's just now called "Radio Sputnik." Come 'on guys at Radio Sputnik-- I want more tractor factory production statistics like the good ole days. Humored in Odenton (7/14/17)

Gus, only you are entertained by all the circles you talk in -- re: your posting today - Savage is a "glug-glug poodle groomer" ? By all accounts Google can determine, you just called him an alcoholic lesbian" I don't know what kind of off-brand Google darkweb clone you're using but you sound like a perv-o. Are you a perv-o, Focker? When I googled "poodle groomer" I found poodle groomers. How many hours before you found lesbians? Savage takes his actual dog, a poodle, to the groomer twice a week and routinely talks about how he doesn't really drink but regrets what he drank the night before. Nothing more than that you perv-o. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/14/17)

Re: "Fox5 Plus debuts Monday at 8pm on WDCA, channel 20, with Shawn Yancey, Tony Perkins and Sue Palka". Was this sent in by their PR dept? How much more original programming are they going to put on air? They already have six and a half hours in the morning. Then, don't they have some show @ 6:30 pm and another show at 11:30? Any info on ratings for the latter two shows? (7/14/17)

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Can anyone explain why Tom Taylor Now keeps listing WUPR Str News/Talk Info. last in the Baltimore PPM ratings? No such FM station exists. The closest thing is an AM station in Puerto Rico, so that seems unlikely. (7/13/17)

The Nats did NOT win the MASN lawsuit. The Orioles have already appealed it. It’s going to go on for quite a while longer. The Nats got NO MONEY once again! It’s a mixed decision upon further reading. (7/13/17)

The Washington Post erroneously reported that the Nationals had won the MASN lawsuit without any details or notation that it was not over. This is exactly what happens with FAKE NEWS. A news headline is tossed out without any context or a thorough reading. The Orioles might still win the whole thing and get it to independent arbitration. Angelos would probably not go to the Supreme Court, but he is certainly going further, and he’s so far won every appeal except for this one. It was also a split decision 3-2, with the lead judge taking the Orioles side. So who knows what’s going to happen? (7/13/17)

Fox5 Plus debuts Monday at 8pm on WDCA, channel 20, with Shawn Yancey, Tony Perkins and Sue Palka. (7/13/17)

Gus, only you are entertained by all the circles you talk in -- re: your posting today - Savage is a "glug-glug poodle groomer" ? By all accounts Google can determine, you just called him an alcoholic lesbian (???) (7/13/17)

I doubt many people in Ocean City care much about WGBG AM 1590, but I bet WFBR AM 1590 does as well as DC’s WLXE AM 1600 which is looking to move to a new tower location. If the FCC deletes the allocation, it gives them slightly more wiggle room. WFBR recently had some tower issues. Who knows how long they’ll be able to keep all 5 towers working with all those nulls? (7/13/17)

Today on Facebook I decided to upload one of my airchecks only to get it taken down by Iheart Media. Even though the station is now part of Iheart it wasn't when I worked there so I don't get it. Anyway I called up Iheart to ask them why and I was told only "Ellis Feaster:" can legally upload airchecks on Facebook, You Tube and similar sites and the conversation ended, OK..who is this Ellis Feaster ?? Suppose he/she doesn't like your aircheck ?? (7/13/17)

BREAKING: Washington Nationals win latest round in the MASN TV rights court case. The ruling forces the Orioles to accept the judgment of a new round of MLB's RSDC panel to decide how much MASN must pay the Nationals for their TV rights. The Nationals however will not receive the money already awarded to them in a previous decision, so the case goes on. More info as it comes out. (7/13/17)

"Really ??? Lars Larson ? So when Lars is off, is his guest host Sven Svenson or Thor Thorssen ? You have to love the names of the Conservative Talk Show Hosts. Of course, there’s ‘RUSH’. And Michael SAVAGE. " No, I don't. Because you don't tell me who the liberal hosts are, because there are few or none after the epic failure of Air America, due largely to internal financial mismanagement. Randi Rhodes was a great name but she had a drinking and lesbian street-fighting problem. "Limbaugh" is a pretty lame name, and "Rush" punches it up. "Savage"? An improvement on the original, and a necessity for a closeted glug glug twice a week poodle groomer. WMAL used to have a "pet liberal" on Sundays, Jerry somebody. I WANT more liberal radio, liberals either don't want it or can't do it. No mention of anti-Trump lib Don Geronimo (real name Mike O'Meara)? Interesting. What peeves me lately is fatty Doctor Phil turning "childhood hunger" into the new Kars for Kids. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/13/17)

The Hope Church has applied for an expanded signal on Baltimore’s 101.5 FM for WWIN AM 1400. The new proposal expands the signal towards NW Baltimore which the old proposal did not cover. This application still includes protections towards the north for a PA station and to the south for WBQB 101.5 Fredericksburg. (7/13/17)

Where can you hear Bluegrass/Country Music now that WAMU kicked them off their station after 60 years? I don't have HD Radio or any kind of HD Receiver. (7/13/17)

Friends of the Bluegrass/Country Foundation would like to know how much the Russians are paying Urban One for leasing their WKYS HD Channel? How much are they paying John Garziglia for leasing his Translator 105.5 FM. It is too bad that the Russians have more money than the Bluegrass Foundation. The Foundation is a NON-Profit Foundation. (7/13/17)

Hubbard put new translator on the air in Frederick, MD 94.3 FM. It is fed by their WWFD 820 AM in Frederick. This translator was on the air before when iHeart owned it. They had complaints about interference with 94.3 FM WWXX in Buckland/Warrenton, VA, Red Zebra owned WWXX. iHeart took it off the air and turned in the license to the FCC. The new owner of 94.3 WWXX will file a complaint against Hubbard for interference. (7/13/17)

I think no one should be surprised that Leon Harris has moved into a weekday slot. Chris Lawrence is now the Live Desk anchor and Leon is most likely going to permanently fill Jim Vance's slot when he decides to retire. It's like even once, he takes over the 6pm slot that he would remain the anchor at 4pm as well. In terms, of him doing the backyard weather segments, it's to reintroduce him back to the community as a member of the NBC4 team and not the team across the river he's been associated with. Personally, I've always felt like for as long as Chris Lawrence has been in this market he still has no name recognition here and 4 wants someone with name recognition to fill that seat at 6. (7/13/17)

Regarding the appearance of Johnny Holliday on the TV Series "Good Morning, World": According to IMDB.com, he appeared only in Season 1, Episode 14, as the character Andy McChesney. The title of the episode is "The Voice Of The Turtle Is Better Than Mine". The "Turtle" reference is interesting, given that the episode aired on December 12, 1967, before Johnny was calling Terps games. A foretelling of the greatness to come? (7/13/17)

Someone wrote on Tuesday “It should be interesting to see how the sound and image of WBAL radio changes with another new news director” Well here’s an initial observation from this morning. During the news reads by both Ann Kramer and John Patti, while reporting on the heat wave: “Extreme Weather Coverage is presented by Horizon Services” (an area HVAC Co. and regular ‘BAL sponsor). Then we move on to the next news story. So we are now interjecting commercials during the actual newscast. I suppose it won’t be too long before the daily Baltimore murder rate update is “presented by” by Evans Funeral Chapel. The once proud newsroom descends further and further into the abyss. Sad…so sad... (7/13/17)

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If NBC4's Leon Harris is moving into the co-anchor seat at 4pm, he's going to be replacing some regulars already in those seats. 4pm: replacing Chris Lawrence and 6pm: replacing Jim Vance. Then today I noticed that he was doing the weekly Backyard BBQ that weatherman Doug has been doing for at least a year. And let's not forget to mention that he abandoned his weekend co-anchor after a couple of weeks. Well, for the latter, of course it wasn't his decision not to work the weekend shift. (7/12/17)

RE: “Fans of older times at WMAL and WRQX might want to see this, my second and final collection of ancient VHS video segments. -Pilot of the Airwaves (7/12/17)” Wait: is that “WMAL reporter” Jim Acosta in a devil’s outfit in the 1994 video? (7/12/17)

The Washington Post’s Justin Moyer writes about Commie radio station Sputnik: “On a Washington radio station known for broadcasting the high and lonesome sound of bluegrass, the fiddles recently fell silent, replaced by a very different kind of programming: Russian state media. Rather than string instruments, 105.5 FM listeners now hear Sputnik, a terrestrial radio station named for the satellite that started the space race. Funded by the Russian government, the station began broadcasting July 1 out of unassuming offices about three blocks from the White House, next to a Chop’t on K Street NW. WAMU 88.5 FM announced last summer that it was selling its Bluegrass Country service, citing changing demographics and a greater interest in news programming among listeners. The station reached an agreement with a nonprofit earlier this year that kept bluegrass on D.C. radio at 105.5, although that move was short-lived. “The owner of the transmitter clearly got a better deal from Putin than a public radio station,” Randy Barrett, president of the D.C. Bluegrass Union and a board member of the Bluegrass Country Foundation, wrote in an email. “It’s a pretty amazing story, as Vlad has bumped all-American bluegrass in the very heart of the nation’s capital.” More: www.washingtonpost.com (7/12/17)

DCRTV’s older fans might recall “Disco Demolition Night” on July 12, 1979, where 50,000 fans of radio shock jock Steve Dahl showed up at Chicago’s Comiskey Park (home of the White Sox) to watch him blow up disco records on the field. A riot ensued when fans took to the field destroying it and causing the doubleheader game to be cancelled. Sports radio legend Harry Carey gave the play by play which turned into the blow by blow. Maybe Nats Park could have a “End Rap Night” and see what happens? Wiki details: wikipedia.org (7/12/17)

Re: the post about Leon Harris, not surprised that he's no longer on the weekend news. I always believed that was a temporary spot in which he was placed until he could slide into Jim Vance's seat. I'm thinking Vance let the powers that be know his health situation at which time they began searching for a replacement. I don't watch the 4pm news, but today while flipping through the channels a little after 4pm, Jim Handley was on. So maybe Leon's not officially in that spot yet. If indeed that was Chris Lawrence time slot, kinda sucks that he was kicked out of it. He was pretty good as an anchor when I've seen him fill in at 6pm. (7/12/17)

Fans of older times at WMAL and WRQX might want to see this, my second and final collection of ancient VHS video segments. -Pilot of the Airwaves (7/12/17)

Sad news for investors who invested in these radio stocks. The price continues to drop every day. Cumulus at 42 cents per share, iHeart stock down to $1.51 per share and Urban One at just $2.10 per share. None of these stocks are doing well. (7/12/17)

A while back somebody mentioned the ancient Good Morning World TV show running ion Antenna TV and said that Johnny Holliday played the newscaster. I've recorded eight or ten shows and I don't see him anywhere. Was he only in one season or something? (7/12/17)

The FCC reports that AM Stations lost ground this year. "It's the fewest number of AM Stations licensed since the 1980's". The FM Band is so tight now, you cannot find a frequency for new translators in the major markets. (7/12/17)

RE: "The Remain Silent Authority for WGBG AM 1590 Ocean City has expired as of today, July 11, 2017 and AM 1590 is not on the air." My God, give it up. No one listens. No one cares, even the FCC evidently. This topic is just as annoying as the constant Cumulus stock death watch post. (7/12/17)

WRC NBC 4 has filed its post repack application on channel 34. Only change is a lower power than before due to the large drop in channel number to 34 from 48. No change in signal contour that is noticeable. (7/12/17)

What do you think of the Russian News on Translator 105.5? It is fed by Urban One WKYS HD Channel. How much are the Russians paying Urban One and John Garziglia, the owner of the Translator, for this propaganda outlet? (7/12/17)

When Channel 4 hired Leon Harris not too long ago, his role was to co-anchor the weekend evening news with Erika Gonzalez. Well, that didn't last very long. Saw a promo today that he's now co-anchoring the 4:00 news with Pat Lawson Muse. That role is also reflected in his station bio. I don't know what that means for Chris Lawrence who had been the 4:00 co-anchor. Leon's also been on at 6:00 a lot lately as we're seeing less and less of Jim Vance these days. That's a shame but I guess he must not be doing too well. Maybe he should retire and when he's well enough to come in they could do a nice on-air sendoff for him. (7/12/17)

RE: DCW50 News at 10. I agree with the previous comments that the addition of a co-anchor hurt the newscast. It was a nice, fast-paced newscast when they just had Candace Burns - who is very good - anchoring. Adding the new guy - who is not so good - really changed the dynamic and flow of the show. Just like Newschannel 8 as their 10:00 news used to be a 30-minutes newscast with a single anchor, but now it's an hour-long fluff piece. I guess it doesn't really matter as Sinclair (who owns WJLA and Newschannel 8) is buying Tribune (who owns DCW50) and I imagine they wouldn't want to run competing newscasts. (7/12/17)

All of this hemming and hawing and outrage by the Baltimore media over the crime rate is amazing. Could any of you possibly look into (what I suspect) is the real story? We go through this routinely in our city. There’s not enough jail space to house the criminals, so that’s why we get early releases, paroles, reduced sentences, etc. It isn’t “breaking news”, it’s a pattern that shows itself every so often. I don’t understand why the judges don’t unite and stop the nonsense and come out and say that if you don’t have the jail space, that not our problem. We’re tired of catching the blame for all of this turmoil. (7/12/17)

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W*USA broadcast a short infomercial lodged between their 6pm news and the CBS Evening News. It is called "Money Matters" and has the look and feel of a consumer report within a newscast. IT IS NOT. There is a brief bit of a disclaimer flashed for a few seconds but I could not decipher it. Monday evenings installment seemed to criticize the government process of processing federal retirement benefits calling that system a "throwback to the '60's" . However there were no facts or sources cited. No experts interviewed. Just an assumption by some small market anchors. This is "fake news." Not sourced, quoted or verified. It should be clearly labeled COMMERCIAL CONTENT. (7/11/17)

The Remain Silent Authority for WGBG AM 1590 Ocean City has expired as of today, July 11, 2017 and AM 1590 is not on the air. That’s a fine at the very least if not a revocation of the license. From the FCC letter, the final deadline for something to be done with the AM 1590 allocation is December of this year. At that point the FCC has stated the license will expire for good. Tick Tock. If this station disappears along with the AM 1600 in Delaware, which is already gone, this could impact the DC AM 1600 and Glen Burnie’s AM 1590. fcc.gov (7/11/17)

It should be interesting to see how the sound and image of WBAL radio changes with another new news director. Someone from New Hampshire named Jeff Wade who started a month ago. This will be the third news director in the five years since longtime news director Mark Miller left. The new guy joins the "new" gm and pd who came on board a couple of years ago. That news room was one of the few in the nation with journalists who were born and raised in Baltimore and had solid connections and sources. Now it seems to be saturated with former DC jocks simply reading and posting online two day old news. While I'm on station personnel changes, two weeks after Sarah Caldwell left WBAL TV reporter Omar Jimenez tweets yesterday that he too is leaving, but won't be going too far away. Hmmm (7/11/17)

The Washington Post’s Brian Fung of “The Switch” explains ch-ch-cha-changes: “Your favorite websites might look a little different soon. Here’s why.” Wow: their Comments section was changed and The Washington Post is now using something called The Coral Project. DCRTV will only change when Dave ditches the white on black, comes out of the darkness and goes rainbow. Hopefully these changes won’t blow Gus in THE Gaithersburg’s mind. More on “websites might look a little different soon”: www.washingtonpost.com (7/11/17)

The Gamut has added a new FM translator, 160 watts on 94.3 from Frederick. The signal is nonexistent to the west and south to protect WQCM and WWXX. It is fed directly by 820 under AM revitalization, so it will break away from the Gamut for Nationals games. (7/11/17)

Brian Wilson surfaces on alleged news radio 1090 this morning in a brief appearance with alleged morning host Bryan Nehman, his former radio companion. Misery loves company. (7/11/17)

Ron Weber was and still should be "The Voice of The Washington Capitals". He was outstanding and not as over the top as the guy who now does the games. As for Senators baseball, the last couple off years it was Shelby Whitfield and Tony Roberts who did the play by play with Johnny Holliday hosting the "On Deck" pre game show featuring manager Ted Williams before every game. After Whitfield moved on to ABC S as their Director of Radio Sports, Ron Menchine took over his duties and everyone loved the guy. Tony Roberts was the Voice of Westwood One and Mutual for years doing everything from Basketball and Golf to Football and later become the voice of Notre Dame Football. If I recall, Roberts and Johnny Holliday also teamed up to do the Bullets games on WWDC. All, good guys with terrific voices and they really connected with the fans. How things have changed!! (7/11/17)

The seemingly unrelenting splooge of random, disjointed posts by this Gus In Gaithersburg guy make me recall a time when the DCRTV Mailbag was frequented and even dominated by people who were actually in radio. I take comfort and hope that some day Gus will go the way of a cadre of a long line of all the other fringe characters who have inflicted themselves on this forum over the years. (7/11/17)

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Only have time for a short comment today: The Insider is not made available to stations until after 6:00 PM Eastern, so WUSA, if it wants to show it at 3 PM has to be a weekday behind. So on Monday, they show the previous Friday's show. It's nearly a moot point because the show has been canceled by its creator, CBS, and should disappear by Labor Day. -- Carl in Olney (7/10/17)

Ron Menchine didn’t come along in the booth until 1969, when I had stopped listening to Senators games because even at that tender age I knew they would always be losers. The Senators announcers I remember with much fondness are Dan Daniels and John McLean, who were at the WTOP mike for most of the ‘60s. John’s voice was the dramatic one—especially when Hondo hit one out of the park—and Dan provided the matter-of-fact stats and somewhat stentorian commentary. Ah, memories. Jeff (7/10/17)

I stumbled across “The Lars Larson Show” on WBAL early one morning recently. Really ??? Lars Larson ? So when Lars is off, is his guest host Sven Svenson or Thor Thorssen ? You have to love the names of the Conservative Talk Show Hosts. Of course, there’s ‘RUSH’. And Michael SAVAGE. And Bill ‘The Great American’ Cunningham. Seems more like names on the World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar roster. Maybe we can bring Bill O’Reilly back. Put him in a mask, and digitally alter the voice. Call him “The Tangent”, or some other mathematical term. If you’re missing this, Randy Poffo became Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage. Hulk Hogan entrance music in the early days was “I am a Real American”. Boy, do I miss Ron Smith and David Brudnoy (WBZ-AM) (7/10/17)

Bloomberg won its second straight Metropolitan Media Softball League championship over the weekend, defeating Comcast Sports Net. Bloomberg went undefeated in the two-day tourney and lost only one game all season (to the aforementioned Comcast). Comcast reached the finals after scoring two runs in the last of the seventh to walk off the National Press Club. Bruce DePuyt, formerly of NewsChannel 8, won the 15th annual Dale Solly Award for Sportsmanship and Camaraderie at a ceremony attended by Megan Solly, daughter of the late WJLA-TV weekend anchor. Highlights and pictures at www.facebook.com (7/10/17)

"If you Google "Gus in Gaithersburg," you get literally hundreds of his comments in the DCRTV Mailbag. And in almost all of them, he's attacking someone for correcting one of his mistakes. It's really pretty funny. The guy just goes ape shit over nothing." <<__ As opposed to whatever that is? You clearly don't understand how Google works. Quite a few of the posts Google finds are not from me, but from people, many of them retarded, taking issue with me. Taking issue is not the same as correcting a mistake, as you are learning now. You sound dismally stupid. Including this post I have posted 105 times to DCRTV. The post that apparently got your manclit in a twist was mocking someone for repeatedly posting about The Onion, and working in a mocking of the stock price guy. Gus in THE Gaithersburg (7/10/17)

A couple of days ago, a poster here said he/she thought Ron Weber (the original voice of the Capitals) may have broadcast Senators games in the '60s. I believe he/she is thinking of Ron Menchine, another great guy who did broadcast Senators games on WWDC during their final couple of years. Unfortunately, he passed away several years ago. He won't be going into the DC Sports Hall of Fame, but he is fondly remembered by the fans who listened to him and got to know him years after his broadcasting career ended. RIP Ron. As for Ron Weber, the Iron Man of NHL broadcasting, he was just fantastic and I was very disappointed when he was replaced. No good reason for it. Sorry the TV sportscast ignored his induction. The Caps should have (if they haven't already) a Ron Weber Night to honor him. (7/10/17)

To Bill Hess: I know that you are a very busy man and hate to write retractions or clrifications, so I took the liberty of writing one for you. Please feel free to use it..... To whom it may concern, On the Mornings on the Mall show on July 6, our nameless co-host made a statement asserting there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. We now know this to be false. Normally, I would have insisted he say "that I know of" because frankly, he is not that bright. But he did not. And in order to keep what little dignity I have left as a the manager at a "news" (I made quotation marks with my fingers as well) station, I wish to clarify the record. There was collusion. This is not the first time we have been wrong. We told you that Sharia Law was creeping its way into this country. But that was not under my watch. Under my watch, we said Obama was Hitler. Obama is a socialist who will confiscate your 401(K). The New Black Panthers were coming for your guns. Obama's children - oh let's just forget that one -, Hillary was going to be indicted and go to jail, and the Cliven Bundy is a great American thing. We had hoped that you, our listeners, would be equally not bright and forget what we said in the past and move on to the next made-up scandal, like Benghazi or that thing with the IRS that turned out to be nothing. And this strategy has worked well up to now. But this is a huge story and we completely got it wrong. And frankly, we can no longer hide and pretend it did not happen. In the coming days I will meet with staff at the station for some soul searching and a "post mortem". We will be looking for ways to improve our forward looking prognoses, which up to now have nearly always been wrong. Thank you for your continued support. Bill Hess, WMAL RADIO..... PS I also have some sad news. Brian Wilson, longtime morning host at WMAL, is no longer with us. Doing mornings for so long took its toll on Brian. May he get the rest he deserves in peace. (7/10/17)

Dave's response: As far as I know, Brian Wilson is still alive.....

WJFK’s “Sports Junkies” probably don’t have to be concerned with competition from Governor Chris Christie as a fellow CBS sports talker on NY’s WFAN: seems Christie can’t handle hostile callers (one called him a “fat ass”) without getting into a fight and that his try out was a bust. Christie, wearing a Dallas Cowboy hat and either a NY Giants/NY Mets sweat shirt should stick to eating which he does well: www.mediaite.com (7/10/17)

Has anyone ever questioned why WUSA 9 shows old episodes of The Insider at 3:00pm. Today's episode was from Friday. This has probably been going on for a long time, however, I'm finally fed up and wanted to post this message to see if it could be changed. Lee in Capitol Heights (7/10/17)

The Charlottesville Newsplex explained their ethical decision on why the station not to interview any KKK Klan members. facebook.com (7/10/17)

Still dumping my old VHS collection and digitizing some highlights. For anyone who still remembers the Gary Spears afternoon show era on Q107 in the late 80s, here's some video of his remote from Hawaii in 1986. Actual video from the poolside broadcast lasts only 90 seconds, at the 5:30 mark. The first half is mostly a visit to the Kilauea volcano, and the second half is a helicopter ride Gary and I chartered to see the picturesque north shore of the Big Island. -Pilot of the Airwaves (7/10/17)

If you Google "Gus in Gaithersburg," you get literally hundreds of his comments in the DCRTV Mailbag. And in almost all of them, he's attacking someone for correcting one of his mistakes. It's really pretty funny. The guy just goes ape shit over nothing. (7/10/17)

Gas in Gaithersburg wrote: "What's it like being retarded to the point of requiring 24 hour care? You just posted on a website to tell me the internet exists. The Cumulus Stock Guy passes you in his stool." Well, aren't you a vulgar old fool. Yes, I wrote to tell you the internet exists. Exactly, Captain Obvious. Because you clog up the Mailbag with a lot of moronic inquiries that could be answered in two seconds by any four-year-old using.....think about it...that's right! The internet! Anything else need 'splaining? (7/10/17)

Oh Gus again, the Stapler guy from Office space, the guy who still thinks he’s an Apple Mac expert and that Internet Explorer is still the best web browser! HAHA! (7/10/17)

Tom Taylor Now had a rather big flub in his newsletter today. In reporting the City Paper closing he referred to Times Shamrock’s sale of the City Paper to the Sun, who’s now closing it, and mentions keeping ownership of WBAL and WIYY. I think he meant ownership of 100.7 The Bay. Oops. Of course WBAL & WIYY are still owned by Hearst, who did once also own The Baltimore News American newspaper, but never the City Paper. (7/10/17)

Sunday night on WJLA 11 PM news the extended weather forecast at bottom of screen Today 87 Tonight 70 Sunday 91 no last night the next day would be Monday! (7/10/17)

Interesting DCRTV Mailbag posting on the old days at WMAL from “Pilot of the Airwaves”: “Anyone with a legacy connection to WMAL and WRQX might want to see this at least once.” Now either “Pilot of the Airwaves” and/or “Anyone with a legacy connection to WMAL and WRQX might want to” help solve the mystery or debunk the myth by CNN Fakester Jim Acosta that after graduating from James Madison University with a degree in Mass Communication (hey Dave, sounds familiar, eh?) in 1993, “he began his career” at WMAL radio in Washington, leaving in 1994 to go down the street to WTTG-TV (multiple sources including WIKI/CNN/JMU Alumni/etc.). All of this sounds not only plausible but probable: Acosta grew up in Annandale, graduated from Annandale High, and went on to work at the JMU radio station WXJM, so hearing WMAL & WTOP would be likely as well wanting to work there, but did he ever really “work” (not intern, not volunteer) at WMAL? Why does this matter? WMAL’s Chris Plante on Monday morning after reading a pedestrian story on Acosta by Paul Fahri in The Washington Post over the air seemed to question that portion of Acosta’s resume, saying “No one, but no one here remembers Acosta” even his board man who is a long, long time WMAL employee as well numerous others. Paul Fahri in the Washington Post apparently just goes along with Acosta’s standard bio, repeating “Acosta, 46, has been a prominent face at CNN for the past decade, covering the last three presidential campaigns, President Obama’s two terms and other major stories. He was a reporter at CBS News before joining CNN, and worked for TV stations in Chicago, Dallas and Knoxville before that. He started his broadcasting career as a radio reporter for WMAL-AM in Washington.” So who to believe? Does anyone out there in DCRTV/WMAL land recall ever hearing Jim Acosta on WMAL in the 1993-1994 period? Anyone “work” with him there or even remember him filling out an application? Inquiring minds as well Chris Plante want to know. More from Farhi: www.washingtonpost.com (7/10/17)

Channel 4’s 11:30 PM sports wrapup show last night included a four or five minute piece on the induction of nine new members into the DC Sports Hall of Fame (which took place at Nationals Park prior to yesterday’s game) but it was extremely disappointing that they totally froze out veteran broadcaster Ron Weber who was one of the honorees. In addition to calling Capitals games on radio for the first quarter century of that franchise’s existence, I believe he was also one of the voices of the expansion Senators back in the 60s although I wasn’t living in the area at the time – there’s definitely someone named Ron who did their games and I think it was Weber. The feature on 4 included comments by inductees Mike Nelms, Glenn Harris, Tony Kornheiser, Paul Tagliabue and Tom McMillen and it was pointed out that Katie Ledecky, Brenda Frese and Juan Dixon were unable to attend. So Weber was the only one of the nine who wasn’t even accorded the dignity of a mention on the piece and WRC-4 should be deeply ashamed about this puzzling and unforgivable oversight. (7/10/17)

Re: "Hey Dave in this era of fake news, DCRTV Mailbag, and Donald Trump on has to wonder whatever became of 'The Onion'. Gus in the Gaithersburg " The Onion has an incredibly popular website. Time to step out of the 19th century, Gus. Maybe make yourself familiar with www.google.com, another popular website you might have heard the kids talking about, where you can get answers to simple questions." What's it like being retarded to the point of requiring 24 hour care? You just posted on a website to tell me the internet exists. The Cumulus Stock Guy passes you in his stool. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/10/17)

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RE: "Scott's ignorance makes me physically ill...!!!" Well, JSS is still #1 with men in the morning and usually a top 3 morning show in Baltimore. So, evidently you being so sensitive to what he watches and does not watch does not translate to the rest of the market. You might need some blood pressure meds. (7/9/17)

Whatever happened to Andy Parks and Fred Grandy? The last time that I heard them was on WTNT 730 AM doing the morning show (7/9/17)

The WSJ says PMSNBC is surging while FNC maintains overall lead in ratings, with Rachel Maddow being a main reason for surge: “Still, the landscape has shifted. Ratings for all three cable networks are up substantially from before the presidential election cycle, but MSNBC is enjoying the most sustained growth, with liberal audiences hungry for a critical point of view on the Trump administration. Its viewership among those 25 to 54 grew 72% year-over-year in the quarter that ended in June, narrowing the gap with Fox News considerably. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s show is No. 1 overall on cable in total viewers and in the key demographic.” More: www.wsj.com (7/9/17)

Love Rebound School 101: So, did Patton Oswalt go to the Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce 'marry the first woman you date within a year or so after your previous long-term wife dies' Love Rebound School? (7/9/17)

Some FCC notes: Just noticed that the FCC has not approved WLXE AM 1600’s Special Temporary Authority Request from a month ago. June 12 and they filed for the extension on June 13 as far as the Status Date, a day late. Is the FCC fed up with them? They’ve not been operating as licensed for how long now? Is this “Dog Ate My Tower” excuse going to continue under the relaxed Trump FCC? I mean they’re not even trying to find a location. They’re practically admitting it. In other FCC craziness, I did not notice the NIMBYs from Damascus still holding a grudge against Birach Broadcasting. Just like The Living Dead, they arose from the corporate NIMBY grave to re-certify their corporation to sue Birach all over again for their new application for a 50kw WDMV AM 700 from the current tower location, which is not even in Damascus. While the FCC cited Birach for one FCC violation, a minor fine, they faulted the Damascus resident corporation for disingenuous behavior and false claims. So beware, apparently Trump is not NIMBY friendly. fcc.gov (7/9/17)

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RE: “RE Eclipse possible effect on sky waves: interesting question! The stripe of ionosphere under the eclipse will probably revert to its night time properties but it will be such a brief time and over such a limited area that I doubt it will produce anything notable. I'd like to discover I'm wrong! I'm planning on being at "ground zero" near Hopkinsville, KY. -P of the AW (7/8/17)” You mean “Eclipseville”: www.eclipseville.com (7/8/17)

Anyone with a legacy connection to WMAL and WRQX might want to see this at least once. It's Part 1 of an attempt to reduce my shelf of old VHS tapes down to something watchable. If you've never had a connection to these stations, you'll tire quickly. I promise not to take it personally. -Pilot of the Airwaves (7/8/17)

We hear that Red Zebra is going to sell WTEM 980 AM. What are they asking for it? It has good daytime coverage but very poor coverage at night in Northern Virginia. (7/8/17)

Hey Dave we know that like WMAL’s Mary Walter you’re a “Jersey Girl” at heart so maybe you will get a kick out of hearing that NY’s “Sister Station” to WJFK The Fan, WFAN 660 AM (both CBS) is auditioning soon to be former NJ Governor Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christie next week. So you might even be able to pick up WFAN 660 in Delaware on a clear night to tune into the governor: www.northjersey.com (7/8/17)

WMAL talker and best-selling author Mark “The Pit Bull” Levin will be at Tysons Corners Barnes & Noble, Saturday, July 8th at 10:00AM to sign copies of his book, “Rediscovering Americanism”. DCRTV will be there to interview attendees and maybe even Mark for the next “Dave TV”: www.wmal.com (7/8/17)

The Stock Market is UP......However, the Radio Stocks are not doing well. Cumulus is selling at just 46 cents per share and iHeart is at just $1.51 per share. Investors are not buying these stocks. Both companies have MASSIVE DEBTS. Their lenders are not happy. If they are forced into bankruptcy this will hurt the price of all radio stations. All of their assets are pledged as collateral on their debt. (7/8/17)

Breaking news for the DCRTV Mailbag: WMAL finally has a co-host for Mary Walters & Mournings on the Mauled! Bob Romanik of KQQZ 1190 AM : www.washingtonpost.com (7/8/17)

It appears the WMAL (AM) move is inching closer. Has anyone visited the Black Rock Road location lately? www.kintronic.com (7/8/17)

RE Eclipse possible effect on sky waves: interesting question! The stripe of ionosphere under the eclipse will probably revert to its night time properties but it will be such a brief time and over such a limited area that I doubt it will produce anything notable. I'd like to discover I'm wrong! I'm planning on being at "ground zero" near Hopkinsville, KY. -P of the AW (7/8/17)

Looks like former WPGC Good Guy, Harv Moore "The Boy Next Door," is on the ray-dee-oh again. I wonder if the station streams online? It'd be fun to hear Harv again. buffalonews.com (7/8/17)

"Scott's ignorance makes me physically ill...!!!" You listen until you are physically ill instead of switching to something you find more pleasing. So who really is the dipshit here??? (7/8/17)

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How STUPID is that "Scott" Readon on the JSS (98 Rock Baltimore) morning show...? Scott is so IGNORANT & STUPID when it comes to any talks about: News, Current Events, World Events...and anything to related to Current Pop Culture, current TV shows and Movies. His IGNORANCE makes my hair hurt!!! (I am a US Veteran, with a college degree...and I know more about "National Security/Foreign Affairs" and even pop culture than anyone on JSS) That a#%-hat Scott admitted on air this morning he has never seen the movie "Deadpool"(2016)...How the F#&K does someone who works as a radio morning host get away with never watching current movies, TV shows or even knowing what is going on in the World...?!?! Scott's ignorance makes me physically ill...!!! (7/7/17)

It appears that both WBOC and WMDT have submitted application changes to their respective translator stations in Delaware. WMDT’s WEVD-LP, first relocated to channel 3 digital from 27 analog has submitted a reduced power application specifically for Dover, DE as opposed to the recent one in northern DE, that would have hit some of the Philadelphia suburbs & Wilmington, DE. Possibly ABC had something to say about that ambitious proposal to cover northern Delaware? Also, WBOC’s new W42EI channel 42 has reduced its power to 9.1 kw from 12 kw. Since channel 42 will be taken away soon, it’s not clear where this station will end up. This is supposed to relay WBOC CBS and FOX 21 better to the Delaware beaches (although there was a short-lived application to move it to Salisbury). (7/7/17)

Are we finally done here? Gregg "Opie" Hughes was fired from Sirius XM yesterday for allegedly filming someone in the bathroom. Nice! Remember the "virus"? Remember Sex for Sam? Remember the homeless shopping spree? remember the underage girls? Remember the raid of idiots on a Red Cross blood drive? Remember the feud with Howard Stern? Remember the feud with Mel K? Remember the awkward and stupid walks in the morning down to KRock's studios? Remember Jeremy Coleman signing O&A to afternoon drive over Don and Mike? Remember the dead mayor reports? Remember, even Donald Trump called O&A "idiots"? Bye Bye Opie, you will not be missed. Do me a favor though, Ope, don't OD after this firing like you did last time..OK? (7/7/17)

Larry O'Connor's BFF, "Conservative," size 14 wearing, Christian values toting, pistol packing, anti-wordsmith, bottled Tennessee blonde, Scottie Nell Hughes, filed suit against her non-employer, Fox Business, after she tried to sleep her way into a job by bumping uglies for three years with a married FBC Host. Larry will have an exclusive interview this afternoon with Scottie to talk about if Charles Payne got off on, or was legitimately scared, when Scottie wore her holster and loaded S&W under her XXL Make America Great Again pink nightshirt, while swiggin' bottles of JD and dancing on the hotel bed to Lynyrd Skynyrd. As Garrett Morris referenced, was an old car antenna used to whip that big ass? I mead buttocks, not Scottie as a whole. (7/7/17)

"Problem solved, should be able to get 'AM gems' via your teeth while wearing [a tinfoil hat]" Hahaha, good one. See you at the Mensa meeting. (7/7/17)

While DCW50 News at 10 used to be great, with an excellent single news reader and no chitchat, they've certainly gone downhill with the addition of a redundant second news reader--one who has trouble speaking and couldn't manage to get "implementation" right tonight, despite three attempts. (7/7/17)

Dave, I don’t listen to Doc Walker’s radio show much due to my work schedule amongst other things. I have tuned in a couple of times in recent weeks and his voice sounds very different from the past. Are you aware of any reason for this? Keep up the good work. Thanks Jeff (7/7/17)

RE DCRTV MAILBAG POST: “Hey engineer dudes... with a solar eclipse in coming August, will there be any effect on AM skywave during the event? Several powerful stations will be in the path of totality, so will the temporary blocking of the sun have any influence on what AM gems can be heard here in DC? (7/6/17)” No worries “engineer dudes”, problem solved, should be able to get “AM gems” via your teeth while wearing: www.youtube.com (7/17/17)

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Hey engineer dudes... with a solar eclipse in coming August, will there be any effect on AM skywave during the event? Several powerful stations will be in the path of totality, so will the temporary blocking of the sun have any influence on what AM gems can be heard here in DC? (7/6/17)

After nearly six months on the job, you may have noticed something rather striking about Donald Trump. It is not an understatement in assessing things to note that he possesses all the humor, wit, style, verve & panache that you might expect to find in a rotting turnip. This was not always the case with the U.S. President. Don't believe me? Take about 20 minutes to listen to this speech by John F. Kennedy before The American Newspaper Publishers Association gathering on April 27, 1961. JFK's address, "The President and the Press," is an excellent example of how thoughtful & intelligent a president can be & not once did he find it necessary to allow the phrase "fake news" to pass his lips. www.nydailynews.com (7/6/17)

Re: "Hey Dave in this era of fake news, DCRTV Mailbag, and Donald Trump on has to wonder whatever became of 'The Onion'. Gus in the Gaithersburg " The Onion has an incredibly popular website. Time to step out of the 19th century, Gus. Maybe make yourself familiar with www.google.com, another popular website you might have heard the kids talking about, where you can get answers to simple questions. (7/6/17)

Re: Michael Pack-BBG ... FAKE NEWS! Perhaps the previous poster will share the source of this (dis)information. Although this appointment has been rumored for several weeks, there has been no such announcement. Both the White House & BBG websites have been silent on this matter. (7/6/17)

WMAL talker and DCRTVDJDAVE favorite Chris Plante is profiled by The American Spectator and touted as the future of conservative talk radio and heir apparent to Rush Limbaugh. That might mean a considerable weight gain by Chris, having to marry & divorce “Number One Girl” four times, and move to Florida to fill those shoes: spectator.org (7/6/17)

Please see the website for WVTF Public Radio (wvtf.org). It says “On July 10th, WVTF will become WVTF Music and RADIO IQ will be our sole news service.” Thanks. (7/6/17)

When is The Washington Post going to write that Jared Kushner has an investment in 105.5 FM? — Newspaper Dies in Darkness (7/6/17)

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On the Rouse and Company show today, Steve announced that the top-of-the hour newscast, a local production from the “Maryland News Network”, was being cut. Also, Drew Forrester’s sports update was moved from 3 minutes after the hour to 20 after. I assume this was a cost-cutting move. Ian in Baltimore (7/5/17)

WBOC has filed another application for channel 42. Oddly it appears to be a post transition repack type application. I assume this is to notify the FCC that they intend to file for a post transition allocation since channel 42 will be gone in the repack. No word yet on what WMDT is doing with their LPTV WGDV channel 32, which is also slated to be taken by WBOC in the post transition. WBOC’s current plan for channel 42 is to use the WXDE 105.9 tower west of Rehoboth DE. I believe in order for WBOC to file for a displaced channel application, they will have to get the station on the air. It currently is not. However WMDT’s WGDV 32 with Bounce and LAFF and Azteca is already on air, so they automatically qualify. (7/5/17)

I have found, as others have suggested, Hagerstown's WDVM-25 (formerly WHAG-TV) on Montgomery County FiOS's Channel 31. It is in SD on FiOS but it is a 16:9 display with excellent 5.1-Surround sound. The station's news operation seems much more like a modern station than it did a few years ago, mostly in the equipment the staff has; the news people were always good at what they did, they just seemed to not have the latest editing and equipment capabilities. Knowing that the staff is usually new to the profession (helped along, of course, by their senior weatherman, Lou Scalley and the behind-the-scenes people), they do really, really well; The 10:00 PM news seems to be 100% regional, not a drop of national or international news, which is quite a pleasant change, and unlike the DC and Balto stations, the local news is a lot more than fires and murders. And, as usual, the female anchor is stunning (they always are, no matter how often the anchors change as they move up in the TV universe). With all their hours of news every day + Gunsmoke reruns, they are close to the perfect small-town independent TV station. (And, no, I have no connection to them, I was just pleasantly surprised watching their news the last few nights) -- Carl in Olney (7/5/17)

Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) has a new CEO appointed by the White House. It's Michael Pack, a documentary filmmaker and former exec at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). The BBG controls Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. (7/5/17)

What is Radio Sputnik? This is the former "VOICE OF RUSSIA". It is a Russian News Agency that just leased WKYS HD Channel and John Garziglia's Translator 105.5 FM in Bethesda. Are Urban One and Garziglia operating in the Public Interest? The FM Translator 105.5 was carrying the Bluegrass/Country Format until 7/1/17. Do we really want to hear Russian Propaganda in our Nation's Capital? (7/5/17)

It is time to drain the swamp at the FCC. Mignon Clyburn has served eight years on the FCC. Her term expired on 6/30/17. She announced on 6/30/17 that she would continue to serve on the FCC until President Trump appoints a replacement. It is time for some new thinking at the FCC. (7/5/17)

"There is a new person in charge of enforcement at the FCC. Perhaps she will do something about [TV channel 6]. Does the FCC care?" Have you filed a complaint with them? Posting to this page is fine, but don't you think you'd get more traction if you groused to the folks who matter? (7/5/17)

Oh man, those Long Roofing TV commercials with the talking shingles... "Are you shingling me?" "Holy shingles!" "That scared the shingles out of us!" I'm waiting for, "you got shingles for brains?", or "aah, you're fulla shingles!" Actually, if I looked up at my roof and saw the shingles talking to each other, I'd be in detox and rehab within the hour. (7/5/17)

WMET-TV: In the summer of 1969, my sister and I attended a taping of the John Sterling talk show at the former Avalon Theatre. Sterling was a radio talk show host on WCBM-680 for several years starting around 1964,and he was also the host of a morning TV talk show on WJZ-13. Sterling went on to much greater fame as the longtime play-by-play announcer for the New York Yankees. WMET asked viewers to request seats in the audience, and so we did. We were the ONLY people in the studio audience that day, and we had front-row seats. As a high-school media fanatic, I wanted to see a local TV production, and WMET as a relatively-new UHF station attempting local programming sounded promising, I cannot recall Sterling's guest or topic, and I am not sure if it was a two- or three-camera production. I do recall being surprised to see a production crew of extremely young people, all of whom were pleasant and friendly, as was Sterling himself. The taping occured in the early afternoon, and I believe the program was broadcast a day or two later. The young staff clearly performed multiple duties, and I believe at least one of the cameras was locked into place. And finally, despite WMET's low power for the analogue era, we received a steady but snowy picture on 24 at our home in Carroll County MD, about 24 air miles from the transmitter. We used a corner-reflector UHF antenna mounted about 20 feet above the relatively-high ground of our location. It is good to hear again from John Maxian, Gary Michaels and Ed Graham. Thank you. (7/5/17)

TV Channel 6, the Low Power Television Stations, are still operating as analog television stations. If they don't convert to HDTV Channels,, they should turn in their license now. They are still operating as FM Radio Stations on their audio analog frequency 87.7 FM. They have never operated as a Television Station as intended. There is a new person in charge of enforcement at the FCC. Perhaps she will do something about it. Does the FCC care? (7/5/17)

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In the Baltimore Sun radio listings from the early 60's to the mid sixties there is a billy Foxx listed as a deejay on WWIN and a Billy Foxx listed as a deejay on WSID. Can I assume they are the same person? (7/4/17)

WUTB 24 moving to WNUV CW 54 not even NEWS Dave? Just curious why you ignored it. SBG announced it. It’s on Rabbitears. Same thing with HBO’s John Oliver attacking Sinclair? Have a Happy July 4th! (7/4/17)

Dave's response: WUTB will be sharing spectrum space with WNUV? Didn't we already know this? Cable viewers won't be affected and the small cadre of antenna viewers will still get WUTB on channel "24." It's largely a technical issue that doesn't have an impact on any TV viewers.....

The always cheerful local penny saver, The Bezo Post, has their annual scare story illustrating how dangerous it is to be stupid enough to actually hold fireworks in your hands. Although Darwinian theory should rule, that is, such acts help cull the hopelessly stupid from our population, because even stupid people have a right to live, we (government & The Washington Post) need to warn them no to be stupid. I say let them explode and let Allah sort them out! The grizzly header says it all: “The government’s annual mannequin murders, ranked”. Warning! Some images of exploding mannequins may be humorous: www.washingtonpost.com (7/4/17)

I have noticed these past couple of weeks, especially today, that the Washington Post has lost some more of its Washington-ness. There has been no daily listing of Folklife Festival events at all (which has been in the newspaper since it started in 1969), and barely even a mention of it all week. For today (7/4), the paper says the Mall opens at 10 AM and has a very few special security entrances; what it really means is the part of the Mall west of 15th St and east of 3rd (and NOT near the Museums) was closed overnight and re-opens with a large number of security entrances, but none are needed near the Smithsonian Museum which has no special perimeter. It also says that the Folklife Festival is between 3rd and 4th, while the map accurately shows that it is between 7th and 12th. It is also stated that the Smithsonian Station is "enter-only" after 9 PM, and in truth only the Mall entrance, but not the Independence Avenue entrance, is "enter-only". Finally, it states that all Metro service is every 12 minutes before 6 PM, but the Red Line is every 6 minutes between Silver Spring and Shady Grove before 6 PM. But the lack of info about the Folklife Festival stings the most. -- Carl in Olney (7/4/17)

Why is Urban One leasing their WKYS HD Channel to the Russian Government to spread their propaganda? HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! I thought the HD Channels were designed to give FM Stations more diversity in programming. Urban One claims to be America's largest minority broadcasting company. (7/4/17)

BREAKING: GOODBYE WUTB. My 24 to disappear sooner rather than later. Sinclair Broadcasting Group has announced its channel sharing agreement for its Baltimore station, WUTB My 24, and a revised over the air channel lineup for its Baltimore stations, WBFF Fox 45 and WNUV 54. So My TV is not going away, but WUTB channel 24 is in its current form (more on that later). My TV will now be on a sub-channel of WNUV 54. It will not be in HD, at least not yet. And, at least temporarily, GRIT and CHARGE! will be gone in Baltimore until ATSC 3.0. Here's the new SBG channel lineups. The RF channels will not change until the FCC Repack schedule allows, but the programming will change very soon. 54-1 25.3 720p WNUV-HD CW... 54-2 25.4 480i MyTV (WUTB soon)... 54-3 25.5 480i (w) American Sports Network (Soon)... 45-1 26.3 720p FOX 45... 45-2 26.4 480i (w) Comet TV (Soon)... 45-3 26.5 480i This TV... 45-4 26.6 480i Antenna TV (Soon)... — BaltoMedia.Net (7/4/17)

HBO's John Oliver this week harshly slams Baltimore based Sinclair Broadcasting, soon to be the largest local TV station ownership group in the country after its purchase of Tribune Media, with stations in most major TV markets to add to its small, medium, and large market stations it already owns. Recent FCC changes have allowed it to continue to expand and buy more stations... youtu.be -- BaltoMedia.net (7/4/17)

To all those supporters of WDCN, LPTV Channel 6, AKA FM 87.7: The FCC has already begun the process of deleting the analog signals of stations. I noticed just recently that WMJF channel 16, Towson was deleted by the FCC this month. There is no way of knowing if the current owner of it requested the deletion, but I suspect it’s the beginning of deleting analog LPTVs selectively at first, since there are probably more than a thousand to delete to clear up the TV band from 2-36 for the repack. (7/4/17)

What will 47 cents buy you today? It won't buy you a candy bar but it will buy you one share of Cumulus Stock! What will $1.65 buy you today? I won't buy a cup of coffee but it will buy you one share of iHeart Stock! How long will it be before both of these companies go into bankruptcy? If they are forced to sell off their assets to pay off their lenders, this will hurt the entire radio industry. We don't need a "Fire Sale" on the price of radio stations. (7/4/17)

Kudos to WMAL’s Larry O’Connor for having a sub host today for TLOS who is how I like my coffee: strong and black! Stacy Washington of “Stacy on the Right” fame is great: stacyontheright.com (7/4/17)

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A company called ONE Media 3.0 LLC has filed a Distributed Transmission Service full power TV experimental application for channel 41, WUTB My 24's RF channel, so it looks like WUTB My 24 is going off the air sooner rather than later. No confirmation of whether this is a subsidiary of Sinclair or they're invested in it, but the details appear to suggest that. The permit calls for simultaneous and overlapping signals from the Catonsville tower of WUTB 24 and from WRC 4's tower in DC (see pic below). Presumably, this is for testing Web IP services via ATSC 3.0, which is part of the standards of the new TV system and interference issues related to it. -- BaltoMedia.Net (7/3/17)

The Onion went purely digital a few years ago and I think is still floating around, a worthy lineal successor to the National Lampoon. Being prior military, I enjoy the Onion inspired military satirical sites Duffel Blog and Terminal Lance. There's a lot of talented wit out there, if you know where to look...Genghis Cohen, glad somebody is pushing back against the smarmy opinion makers, in newly belligerent Prince William County (7/3/17)

Hey Dave in this era of fake news, DCRTV Mailbag, and Donald Trump on has to wonder whatever became of “The Onion”. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/3/17)

Just saw a promo for a new newscast show coming to Fox5's "Fox 5 Plus" network at 8pm offering "more Sue, more Tony and more Shawn". Considering all of the other shows that are on during that hour, what possibly could Fox5 contribute that's different enough to compete with that prime time spot? (7/3/17)

And now, the DX report from the Oval Office: Bzzzzzzzzzt. It is, based on this photograph: businessinsider.com ~~ That looks like the Cisco 8811 VoIP phone I was just issued at my workplace. Unlike the Avaya phone it replaced, the Cisco phone is connected to the Ethernet. With the Avaya phone, I could barely hear WTOP, if I swiveled the rod antenna on my Magnavox AE3805 just right. Other portable AM-FM and often SW radios exhibited similar performance. Now, the noise generated by the Cisco phone swamps the FM band. I haven't tried AM, but I suspect it won't be any better. The Cisco phone was probably chosen for the Oval Office on the grounds that it would render useless any Russian-placed listening device. Or was it, comrade? ~~ Blair in Alexandria. (7/3/17)

Looks like Channel 9 has dropped “Game On,” their Sunday night sports highlights show. (7/3/17)

I am really enjoying Andy and Thom in for the Junks this am sipping my coffee. Great idea by CK. I also really enjoy their Sat. AM work. I wish they would add it to their podcast list. OOBBEE (7/3/17)

Two WBAL traffic reporters ended up as anchors Jennifer Franciotti now reports news & anchors weekend mornings. Sarah Caldwell who just left anchored the noon news. (7/3/17)

DCRTV Mailbaggers should know that the Trump vs. “The Media” war is great for business, with PMSNBC/CNN/FNC and network news shows racking up record ratings. No word on conservative talk radio. The Hill reports: thehill.com (7/3/17)

DCRTVDJDAVE will be heartbroken to know about the one that got away: “Radio host Tommy McFly and Chrys Kefalas tie the knot with Baltimore nupitals”. According to “The Reliable Source” the “Ryan Seacrest” of D.C. radio, aka Tommy McFly, is officially a married man. “McFly, the 31-year-old host of 94.7 Fresh FM’s “The Tommy Show” and beau Chrys Kefalas, a 37-year-old communications executive and political figure, tied the knot Saturday at the Sagamore Pendry Baltimore.” The Washington Post reports: www.washingtonpost.com (7/3/17)

Hey Dave in this era of fake news, DCRTV Mailbag, and Donald Trump on has to wonder whatever became of “The Onion”. I used to enjoy picking up a copy of the print Onion at the metro stations when I used to commute by rail. I can only assume it is only online now. It was fake news, it was funny and everyone knew it was fake news. (6/3/17)

What has happened to 98Rock's signal over the last month? Much harder to pickup in Northern Virginia than before... Summer time . FM signals get more interference this time of year. An atmospheric thing. (6/3/17)

Re: BTW, what kind of training does one need to become a traffic reporter? Maybe the ability to read a teleprompter and the pronunciation of the streets in that city? FYI - From my experience Traffic/Weather people are 100% adlibbing. At my station we actually turn off the promoter when they're on air so it doesn't distract them. Teleprompter is only for in studio reporters and anchors. (7/3/17)

"Is there any other town besides the DC market where the traffic reporter is used as a foot in the door to eventually landing an anchor job." Of course there is but you expect your mommy to give you the answer instead of researching it. Sounds like someone's looking back in bitterness at decades of being beaten out by folks who made the slightest bit of effort. "the black guy on channel 9 on weekends, etc." laugh at you. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/3/17)

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update: had to reboot set top box by unplugging and plugging back in, MeTV able to be tuned on 489. Lee in Capitol Heights. (7/2/17)

Re: no guide data for MeTV, I know that in DC, it's listed on my screen guide and I've been able to program it as a "favorites". (7/2/17)

Yeah, you're right. Angie Goff wasn't a traffic reporter (original poster here). For some reason it seemed like she was. As far as reading a teleprompter being a job requirement for the anchor desk, it took Tony Perkins a looooooooooooooong time to get that down on Channel 5 but he's definitely gotten better over the years. However, the son of Steve Douchie on the Fox News Network still can't read off of one worth a darn after all these years #nepotism. (7/2/17)

Not sure is LPFMer WMMP in Bowie will ever be built... While surfing through the FCC files I noticed the FCC's grant of an additional 18 month extension was returned to FCC HQs in October as a return-to-sender-unable-to-forward correspondence: fcc.gov... TK in Odenton (7/2/17)

As we approach the 4th of July, to celebrate the birth of our nation, I hate to see Urban One carry the Russian Propaganda News Channel on WKYS HD3 and John Garziglia's Translator 105.5 FM Carry this Russian News....RADIO SPUTNIK. We have free speech in this country but some people and companies will do anything for money. (7/2/17)

Are Radio Stocks a good investment? Why do they continue to drop in price when the stock market is at an all time high? As one poster said before, "the DEBT is the DEMON". Let's look at how the radio stocks are doing now. Urban One $2.15, Cumulus $0.45 and iHeart at $1.65. SAD! (7/2/17)

Re: Just noticed MeTV on FiOS (finally!) on channel 489. No guide data, yet (or even mention of the channel in the program guide). You have to manually tune to the channel. Also, I saw a billboard with WDVM branding, today on a Ride On bus, so that was a fast re-branding. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington opposite problem now, guide information is available but when I turn to the channel directly it goes to 486. When I try through the guide it says unable to tune to this channel. Lee in Capitol Heights. (7/2/17)

Speaking of traffic reporters becoming anchors, if I remember correctly, Holly Morris' first gig at Fox5 was as a traffic reporter. Didn't know Angie Goff was a traffic reporter. And let's not forget about the weather people such as Tony Perkins who became an anchor. BTW, what kind of training does one need to become a traffic reporter? Maybe the ability to read a teleprompter and the pronunciation of the streets in that city? (7/2/17)

Hey Dave in this era of fake news, DCRTV Mailbag, and Donald Trump on has to wonder whatever became of “The Onion”. Do you remember “The Onion”, did you model the DCRTV Mailbag after it, and do you like onions? I checked out “The Onion” and thought I was viewing “The Drudge Report”: www.theonion.com (7/2/17)

"Hey Baltimore, have ya heard? I'm doing my morning show... at night!" - Bones (7/2/17)

Ed Graham, thanks for the kind words. I would still be working at 66 years of age, but striving to produce a quality product while dealing with management only interested in the bottom line was going to kill me. I turned in my RE-20 for tomato plants over 6 years ago. Funny what today’s radio folks think personality and entertaining is. Gary Much More Music Michaels/ tending tomatoes and a large bottle of Jameson. (7/2/17)

Is there any other town besides the DC market where the traffic reporter is used as a foot in the door to eventually landing an anchor job. Examples of this are Amy Roadblock (then went on to NBC and ABC), Angie Golfballs, Lauren DeMarco, the one on channel 5 that is banging the producer, the failed attempt by the Gridlock Goddess, the black guy on channel 9 on weekends, etc. (7/2/17)

The WDCW CW 50 tower is over 100 foot taller than any other TV tower in the DC area, both in tower height and above average terrain. There is very little difference in the Longley-Rice signal contour in Alexandria, VA vs. WRC 4. WDCW 50’s advantage is in that it adds a strong signal to Bowie and the PG/Howard County border, and covers Annapolis very strongly which the other DC channels do not, but which of course is technically in the Baltimore market (for that obvious technical reason), but has tons of more Washingtonian people now than Bawlamoreans. The DC market has the terrible problem that all of the major stations could not get together to successfully build a huge tower or tower farm like in Baltimore’s Television Hill and most major markets like Philadelphia (Roxborough) & New York City (Empire & Freedom towers). I wouldn’t be surprised if Sinclair does something about this. WBFF Fox 45’s tower is 450 feet taller than the height of WJLA 7’s tower & even taller than the TV Hill candelabra tower. Sinclair loves outer conservative suburban viewers in growing areas. (7/2/17)

Salisbury’s WRDE 31 NBC Coast TV, which is facing losing its TV channel on 31 due to the repack, has been approved for a permit on channel 19, a channel which is not affected by the Great TV Repack of 2017. The new channel is named WRUE TV 19. I expect they can switch that after the cut-off of channel 31. It’s hard to imagine that they could modify their signal to stay on channel 31 when WMPT Annapolis moves there with a signal that will clearly cross the bay significantly. But the good news is that the FCC has approved this move, and WRDE's only last step is to send official notification of consummation within 30 days, July 22, and the construction permit of Channel 19 Salisbury, MD will begin. I assume they’ll have 3 years to complete, but they’ll need to do it sooner than that since they will lose channel 31 before then. Other LPTV Stations are in far worse shape. They can’t even apply for a new channel until early January 2018. WRDE is way ahead of the game. —BaltoMedia.Net (7/2/17)

From the FCC, The Benedictine Society has apparently won complete control of WVTO FM 92.7 in Baltimore. Competing timeshare competition failed to respond to the FCC or complete any construction so their permits have been cancelled. Additionally, not mentioned in the FCC records, but on The Tom Taylor Now newsletter, is that Johns Hopkins has reached a deal with The Benedictine Society to program parts of the schedule. WVTO-LP is a low power FM radio station now on the air. Another competitor however was, ironically Loyola University in Baltimore, another Catholic organization. It's unclear why those two could not arrange a deal, but nonetheless interesting. A Catholic organization previously owned AM 1570, then WTOW Towson before going broke, leading to the ultimate creation of WNST 1570, so who knows where this will go? -- BaltoMedia.net (7/2/17)

Here is what The ESTEEMED Washington Post didn’t tell you about the VERIZON/YAHHO purchase. This has gone widely unnoticed by any media, local or national. Now that Verizon has bought Yahoo, the first thing they’ve done is cancel ALL VERIZON related YAHOO accounts associated with former Verizon DSL accounts. I only know this because my Mom’s long running Verizon/Yahoo account associated with her Facebook account all got DITCHED in one fell swoop. Now Yahoo offers FREE EMAIL publicly. And Verizon had previously used Yahoo for email even before the merger/buyout. So how is this not a violation of terms of service or actionable legally? There might be 100,000+ people or more that moved from DSL High Speed to Comcast because FIOS is simply not available. And yes, I checked, my old Verizon/Yahoo account is also toast, but I’d just never noticed. I wonder how many people are affected by this? If you’re an elderly person or single email person that uses just 1 email for everything, you are a possibly victim of this. Someone please check into this. (7/2/17)

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Interesting how MeTV just popped up on FIOS with no announcement. Only way I knew it was back on FIOS was reading it on this message board! (7/1/17)

Just a few notes...Gary Michaels, retired. Always like you on the air, now you're retired. Hard to imagine. I had a lot of friends that worked in the old movie house. Shame that kind of "training" is not possible now. | WTOP popping up as #2 way too often. Look for a few #3s in the next year. | Can't believe How trashy our president is .Frank Sinatra made a short film in 1944 about prejudice, it's also about America. "The House I Live in" which he included in all his concerts for over 40 years. Hope The Donald hears this www.youtube.com ... That's America to me. Ed Graham (7/1/17)

What do President Trump and DCRTVDJDAVE have in common? Well, they both hate COMCAST! Trump lashes out at COMCAST and blames it’s lefty leaning politics for the firing of Greta Van Susteren, even “Joe and Mika” for turning on him. The Washington Post reports: www.washingtonpost.com (7/1/17)

What has happened to 98Rock's signal over the last month? Much harder to pickup in Northern Virginia than before. (7/1/17)

I am surprised that Urban One/Radio One would lease their WKYS HD Channel to the Russian Government Sputnik News Agency. They are the largest ethnic owned radio group in the USA. Using their Radio Station to spread Russian Propaganda is NOT a smart move. John Garziglia, who owns the Translator 105.5 FM, is a FCC Communications Attorney. I would rather hear Bluegrass/Country than Russian News. Does Garziglia need the money that much? (7/1/17)

Dave's response: Before I left Reston in early May, I often saw some Russian "agents" at the South Lakes Starbucks. Maybe they were working to "influence" Mr. Garziglia, who lives in Reston, to put Radio Sputnik on his signal. Maybe in exchange for a dacha on the Volga?

I watched WMET-TV quite a bit when I was a kid in the late 60s. We didn't need color or computer graphics back then. :) I can't help but wonder if, with better equipment and reception, they could have been more successful. The arrival of WBFF in 1971 probably didn't help either. A trivia question- what song was played with that WMET station ID slide? (7/1/17)

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