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\/ January 24 Messages \/

Thought you might like this article from reporter (and Terp) Bethany Rodgers of the Frederick News-Post. Remember she was criticized by Frederick City Council member Kirby Delauter earlier this month for using his name in an article. The firestorm it created even ended up with comments on the Rachel Maddow Show! (1/24/15)

[Mediocrity is status quo and acceptable with CBS Radio, apparently] Precisely why they took an excellent Free Form radio station and castrated it until it became the lamest Mainstream AltRock format broadcasting on a walkie talkie. Donnie (1/24/15)

RE: JC Hayward send off. Forget it. It isn't gonna happen. If the suits at WUSA honestly felt she was without sin than they would have given her the proper good bye. Right now they are just cutting their loses and saving themselves some future embarrassment. Down the line they may be thinking about selling that station. They don't need any sign of a past problem to haunt a possible sale. My advice to all her followers is to just simply be glad she didn't get dragged thru the courts. (1/24/15)

JC Hayward says a final goodbye to Channel 9/WUSA after four decades on the DC TV news scene. Alpha buys four stations in Fredericksburg, including WFLS. WASH gets a huge surge in the Holiday radio ratings period with Christmas tunes. Pablo gets pink slipped from WPGC. Is WNEW about to surmount 20th place as it starts its fourth year? In today's "Dave TV"..... (1/24/15)

"This just in at WTOP: it's raining." And then there's this... (1/24/15)

While I'm certain it's a worthy cause, enough is enough with all the media reports and live shots about the polar bear plunge. Again, these reporters and broadcasters make themselves the center of the story with their childish shenanigans and ridiculous costumes. It's as bad as watching them do the ice bucket challenge a few months ago. If you cared about the Special Olympics you'd do more than give it lip service one day a year. Shame on you for your lack of attention to those who really deserve it: the special needs children who compete in the Special Olympics. (1/24/15)

Oh how Baltimore misses Ron Smith. The watering down of the talent pool is evident on his station every Saturday morning. A tediously dull wanna be talk show host, the same droning professor, and the same hack politician named Brochin. Please give us something better. Even the Ehrlichs were more entertaining than this boring line-up. (1/24/15)

The news of JC Hayward's retirement from WUSA-9 after 43 years is somewhat of a shock. JC being a fixture to the DC television market and to channel 9 all these years. It would be fitting for WUSA-9 to at least give her a proper sendoff, allowing her to speak to the viewers from her heart, farewell messages from other local media personalities and other movers and shakers, and a final look back at her remarkable career (of most memorable stories and events, to one-on-one interviews, community involvement, and so on)... giving WUSA-9 viewers a sense of closure. The most memorable moment was when Glenn Brenner (God rest his soul) had the on-air joke of the Shanghai Gardens calling and wanting her dress back, and JC laughing. Here's the video... That was classic. I certainly wish JC all the best on the next chapter of her life. (1/24/15)

This just in at WTOP: it's raining. (1/24/15)

[RE PGC morning shows: Big Tigger, Big Tigger and Free, Free, Pablo and Free, The Pablo Show, and now ???? Its a management issue IMO] Having worked for that cluster, I can absolutely guarantee it's the management. Especially the current regime of the Steve's (Swenson/Davis.) Problem is, those guys do no wrong. Swenson was brought in to create a 1010 WINS for DC with WNEW, which he has failed to do successfully. Davis has his head so far up Swenson's butt, you get the idea. And Dan Mason looks the other way. Mediocrity is status quo and acceptable with CBS Radio, apparently. (1/24/15)

Tony Verna, Who Started Instant Replay and Remade Sports Television, Dies at 81 - - Before the Army-Navy football game of 1963, Mr. Verna, the inventor of instant replay, puzzled out a method to rewind videotape and immediately run it again. (1/24/15)

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\/ January 23 Messages \/

Re WRQX: Where do we send our resumes and airchecks when the turnaround specialist flies in? (1/23/15)

Proud to say I worked with JC (and Leslie too) She is a legend in this town. (1/23/15)

It’d be wonderful if WUSA would let JC come back for one final newscast before the retirement is official. (1/23/15)

Re: "Disneyland/World Parks ... Do they wipe any of those rides/metal rails/walls or anything down?" Every night. "After dark, the dirty work at Disneyland begins. A crew of 600 custodians, painters, gardeners and decorators works 365 nights a year to ensure that the 85-acre park meets Walt Disney’s squeaky-clean ideals. May 02, 2010|By Hugo Martín, Los Angeles Times. When the last Jungle Cruise boat docks for the night and lights fade to black on Sleeping Beauty's Castle, the real work begins. At lush Pixie Hollow, gardeners don miner's headlamps as they begin uprooting stubborn weeds. On Main Street, custodians scrape chewing gum off the sidewalk. And over at Mickey's Toontown, painters sand and recoat chipped handrails. Few see it happen, except perhaps for the dozens of feral cats that emerge from their hiding places to prowl the park after hours, stalking rodents. Welcome to the dark side of Disneyland. Gone are Mickey and his friends. In their place are about 600 custodians, painters, gardeners and decorators, working to ensure that the 85-acre park meets the squeaky-clean ideals that Walt Disney himself extolled even before he launched the park 55 years ago." ~~ Blair in Alexandria. I have no financial stake in this. (1/23/15)

rumors are swirling out of CUMULUS WRQX. The station is basically on autopilot, also known as life support. the massive decline in cash and ratings will not be sustainable for much longer. (1/23/15)

[So Google Chairman Eric Schmidt says “The Internet(s) will disappear...] What Schmidt means here I think is that the internet will become so ubiquitous that it will disappear like air does for land dwellers and water does for fish. Reminds me of the Phillip K. Dick novel "Ubik." (1/23/15)

[RE PGC morning shows:] Big Tigger, Big Tigger and Free, Free, Pablo and Free, The Pablo Show, and now ???? Its a management issue IMO (1/23/15)

I've a weird question. How many themes did WJZ use for their "late night movie"? I know of two, but I remember one I can't find on YT (1/23/15)

how many morning shows has WPGC been through since Donnie Simpson? (1/23/15)

Is Chicago's numbers gonna be a bad omen for the DC and Baltimore markets? From Tom Taylor Now: Chicago radio revenue slid 10% last year. Ouch – that’s the Miller Kaplan report on what Robert Feder calls “A terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad year” for the local industry. The Miller Kaplans show total radio income from all sources slumping from $419,715,000 to $376,231,000. Only one station in the top ten was up (WGN), and its gain was minimal, two-tenths of a percent. The #1 billing cluster is CBS and the market’s top biller is its all-news/NFL Bears flagship WBBM/WCFS. Even it was down 6.5%, from $41,969,000 to $39,215,000. While the #2 biller, Hubbard’s hot AC “Mix” WTMX really got roughed up, down 17.4% from $37,459,000 to $30,925,000. In fact, those are the only two stations billing more than $30 million. The #3 biller was Tribune’s talk WGN, up two-tenths of a percent to $29,266,000. (One positive factor - the NHL Blackhawks.) Fourth was CBS’ top 40 “B96” WBBM-FM (down about 10% to $22,695,000). And fifth was all-sports clustermate “Score” WSCR, down 11.5% to $21,957,000. The rest of the Windy City’s top ten – CBS-owned country “US 99.5” WUSN (down 8.6% to $21,176,000). Top 40 “Kiss” WKSC, the first iHeart station on the list (down 13.2% at $20,183,000). iHeart’s urban AC “V103” WVAZ (down 11.4% at $19,515,000). Univision’s regional Mexican WOJO (down 12.8% to $18,490,000). And iHeart’s urban WGCI, down 4.1% to $18,184,000. (1/23/15)

"So Google Chairman Eric Schmidt says “The Internet(s) will disappear” and I wondered, “What will DCRTVDJDAVE do then?” Yes and the "Radio is Dead" guy said the same thing about AM several years ago. I was in South Dakota recently doing some set up for the 58th quadrennial U.S. Presidential Election. Some of these area's barely have internet connections and some have none. I was introduced to a polling official who said he was "looking forward to getting Internet one day". It will be a long time before "the Internet will disappear". Just like AM radio, its here for a while. (1/23/15)

Do you work in sales for Cumulus? Cumulus Corporate Atlanta Considering Cutting Sales Commissions Rates in Half? Begin in San Francisco? #DickeysRDicks (1/23/15)

Someone posted this trailer on my Facebook feed. Looks like an awesome documentary about the studio musicians behind the hits we grew up with, along the lines of Standing in the Shadows of Motown, from 2002. (1/23/15)

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\/ January 22 Messages \/

Re: Emily Miller, I can't take her very seriously. Especially when I saw her on that Good Day DC show and she was going on and on about possibly joining some dating show to find a man. The time she was on The View, she said she had joined some dating site and there were no matches...And speaking of the local FOX morning news shows, I know that the changes are a work in progress, but I think they made a mistake by adding Melanie Alnwick and Holly Morris. Melanie seems somewhat overbearing and seems more suited to being in the field. Same with Holly Morris..In my humble opinion, I think a better fit would've been adding Maureen Umeh for both the anchor desk and Good Day DC.. (1/22/15)

Is it any wonder that Disneyland/World Parks are breeding grounds for communicable diseases? Honestly how many snotty nosed little rug rats spewing germs do they cycle through those parks on a daily basis? Do they wipe any of those rides/metal rails/walls or anything down? More than once a year? What is more amazing than having a measles outbreak is that there hasn't been a continuing stream of disease explosions at these bacteria farms. More believable would be that Disney Corporate is keeping a lid on these disease reports and keeping them out of the news. Why not? Spinning the news has been a political art form for centuries. And who keeps track of disease reports of people who went to a Disney park? Is there some government database keeping track (NSA) of these things? (1/22/15)

So Google Chairman Eric Schmidt says “The Internet(s) will disappear” and I wondered, “What will DCRTVDJDAVE do then?”: (1/22/15)

That actor who got killed by a train north of Burbank has local roots: (1/22/15)

FCC news... Two Low Power 94.3 FM's ok'd for the DC area, one in Bowie (religious), one in Takoma Park (historical society). Two other applications for 94.3 FM in DC were dismissed. Since the FCC is working on LPFM applications, it should be interesting what their decision will be on the 4-5 Baltimore applications for 92.7 FM. -- www.BaltoMedia.Net (1/22/15)

The actress in the Apple "1984" commercial mentioned earlier is Anya Major. She turns 50 next year. Yep, fifty. Sorry, geezers... (1/22/15)

[RE Dave McConnell's 50th anniversary at WTOP:] My mother listened to WTOP when I was small...I can honestly say I've heard Dave McConnell since I was knee high. I even have vague memories of him playing music before they went all news (might also have been on what was then WTOP FM). (1/22/15)

On MLK day, Fox 5's resident liar and destructionist Emily Miller travelled down to Richmond to speak at the annual Virginia Citizens Defense League pro gun rally and "Lobby Day" at the state capitol building. You got that right, this group has their pro gun rally every year on MLK Day. But hey , they are not racists or racially motivated by any means. It's just a coincidence, year after year, their "Lobby Day" falls on the day that we are to celebrate a civil right leader who was felled too early in his life by a looney racist with a gun. Anyway, Ms. Miller, Fox 5's investigative numnut and Hillary Clinton fantasy story teller, gave a short speach at the rally, while flanked by a man armed with an AR-15 style assault weapon and an openly carried handgun, and said "It's great to be in Virginia, which is part of America where you recognize the Second Amendment. I came from D.C. this morning, which is not part of America, because they don't recognize the Second Amendment." Meanwhile, investigative reporters for channels four, seven, eight, and nine were....Oh, never mind. (1/22/15)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] POSTING DATE: January 22, 2015... JOB#: 2-15... JOB TITLE: Web Developer... COMPANY: WTOP-FM, Engineering... SCHEDULE: M-F... STATUS: Full Time, Salaried... QUALIFICATIONS: Experience with HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other internet-based technologies. Experience with creating and interacting with SQL database systems. Working knowledge of networking hardware, protocols, and theories, preferred. Experience working with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP both hardware and software disciplines, preferred. Experience with WordPress, MVC frameworks, version control systems, project management software, automated build systems and test-driven environment, preferred. Team-oriented, flexible, and able to work in an ambiguous and/or changing work environment. Ability to utilize accepted design and development practices. Project an appropriate professional appearance and demeanor. Ability to work in compliance with company policies and procedures. Ability to function in a team environment. Ability to work established schedule and other hours as needed DUTIES: Design, develop, implement, and test web, standalone, and database applications. Utilize various networking protocols in creating new systems. Interface with the IS Department in providing technical assistance to the Internet operation... PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to perform the essential functions of the job. The Company will make reasonable physical accommodations to facilitate the ability to perform essential job functions. APPLY TO: Job# 2-15... Washington, DC... No Telephone Calls Please... AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER (1/22/15)

WASH 13.6, WLIF 14.6 (6+) Before Christmas I asked if anyone knew why the numbers for All Christmas would be so high. Higher this year than last year. (No one bothered to contribute) Now the numbers are in. I would think programmers would want to know. When a station playing Christmas music gets a 14 share this month and drops to a 4 share next, someone should study that. My last book on WBAL was 15.9 (12+) without Christmas music, but that was a few years ago when the station mattered. How can radio compete as a medium with so many other media sources flooding the market? They know how to do it Christmas month, but have no clue the rest of the year. Ed Graham (1/22/15)

January 22, day of anniversaries. 1947, KTLA, the first commercial television station west of the Mississippi River, begins operation in Hollywood. ~~ 1984, Apple Computers runs a TV commercial. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (1/22/15)

Radio ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC – All-Christmas AC WASH way out-performs last year’s Holiday book number, which was a 10.6 share with age 6+ AQH. This time the iHeart station moves from a November-book 4.8 to a December 8.6 – and now a 13.6. That’s a new PPM record for Our Nation’s Capital. #2 is American University’s non-com news/talk WAMU (6.0-6.8-6.4) and #3 is Hubbard’s all-news WTOP (7.4-7.0-6.1). If Howard University’s commercial urban AC WHUR (7.0-6.2-5.5) looks a bit low, that’s roughly where it was with the 5.6-5.4 run it had in the Summer. Fifth place this time goes to iHeart’s rhythmic “Hot 99.5” WIHT, which took a header, 6.6-5.5-5.1. Also sinking is Cumulus talker WMAL-AM/FM (4.4-4.8-3.6). Not a memorable book for iHeart’s country WMZQ (3.4-3.7-3.3), or CBS Radio’s hot AC “Fresh” WIAD (3.8-3.4-3.2). Ditto for Radio One’s gospel “Praise” WPRS (3.7-3.4-3.1). Things got quieter on the all-sports front with Red Zebra’s WTEM (2.7-2.3-2.1) and CBS Radio’s “Fan” WJFK-FM (2.4-2.1-1.9). No momentum yet for Cumulus top 40 WRQX (2.1-1.9-1.9). The Christmas spirit pushes the average weekly cume for WASH up over two million, to 2,017,300. Baltimore – A much higher result this year for all-Christmas AC WLIF. The CBS station doubles the December-book share, 5.7-7.0-14.6. A year ago, it was an 11.9 share. Radio One’s urban “92Q” WERQ is next, 6.6-7.3-7.2, and then iHeart’s country WPOC (7.7-8.6-6.6). The #4 and #5 stations are Radio One’s urban AC WWIN-FM (6.3-6.3-6.2) and CBS Radio’s all-sports “Fan” WJZ-FM (5.0-4.7-4.7). Soft book for hot AC sister “Mix” WWMX (5.6-5.0-4.5). Post-Orioles baseball. Hearst’s news/talk WBAL moves 5.1-3.9-3.7. CBS is trying to flank iHeart’s country WPOC with an WLIF HD channel-fed translator, and it’s flat, 0.4-0.5-0.5. CBS Baltimore-D.C.-corridor-facing all-news WNEW stays in the mid-1’s, 1.5-1.5-1.3. WLIF has the largest cume with a 300,000-person gain over last month, from 661,300 to 963,400. (1/22/15)

Read the Reuters article regarding The Turtles(Flo and Eddie) lawsuit against streaming oldies channels(for songs pre 1972}. If this lawsuit turns into a class action suit by other music acts with pre 1972 music could this possibly bring about the end of streaming oldies music channels because of the huge new costs of damages and royalty fees? (1/22/15)

Congrats to Dave McConnell on hitting 50 years at WTOP! Stan Chambers made it to 63 years at KTLA... Dave, what's your plan? Two things I'll say about Dave McConnell that few know: He's the most honest man on Capitol Hill, and he's the most decent man on The Hill to ever get a reserved parking space. His longevity in the hill is probably second only to that of Sperm Thurmond. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/22/15)

MEMO TO WJZ: Please keep Vic Carter inside in the anchor chair surrounded by teleprompters. He is clueless in the field. (1/22/15)

["On Fox5's Bio page, they have a guy named Charlie LeDuff who's listed as a national correspondent. Has anyone seen him on air or ever heard of him? Why's he on the local website?"] Charlie LeDuff is an investigative reporter for the Fox station in Detroit. His reporting is focused on corruption in city government and the fire department. (1/22/15)

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\/ January 21 Messages \/

I don't usually comment on what I watch or listen to in the office... But right now (2::23 pm EST 1/21/15), I'm sitting in my office watching Steve Harvey, and WRC-TV is running two different sets of school closing graphics at the bottom of the image! With that kind paranoia, I'm surprised they're not running a third, at the top of the image. All this for 1/2" of snow! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/21/15)

Too funny about Newsradio 1090 not knowing York County is in Pennsylvania. Just another sign how far the station has fallen. Has anybody heard those "local" news updates from a syndicated service. Some of those anchors sound so bad they make the WBAL full-time team sound good. Those updates are the best wire stories you can get, delivered by a bunch of people who shouldn't be in broadcasting. (1/21/15)

{RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Surprise! WMAL's Brian & Larry didn't like anything Obama said last night. The steel doors of their minds remain tightly shut, as always...] And vice versa! They are all the same. Watch MSNBC lately? Just the reverse! SSDD in the world of politics! Meantime, the deficit is going to hit 20 trillion, Muslim fanatics will kill us all if they get the chance, but hey, as Alfred E. Neuman said, "What, me worry?" Have a good day!!! (1/21/15)

Too funny on the WBAL post below. Here’s another gem from today. There was bus accident in West Baltimore. Headline says “….Sending 30 to Hospital” In the body of the story, “Officials say 15 adults and 3 children have non-life threatening injuries. They were transported to the hospital.” So the remaining 12 were…..??? Dead ? Aliens? Animals? (1/21/15)

So WTOP doesn't have the edge that it used to but its still easier to listen to than WNEW. The WNEW website has a link to "listen live". I tried 3 times and it wouldn't load. WTOP's loaded first time, fast and sounded good. The WTOP website is not as easy to navigate as WNEW's. Much better layout on the WNEW website for news stories. I'm curious if anyone knows what kind of audio processing is being used on WNEW? And what is being used on WTOP? The WTOP audio is superior to WNEW's. Fact is, Newsradio as we knew it is gone and doubtful it will ever return. Best laugh of the day is the Mayor of Paris suing Faux News. If you are the judge hearing the case, how do you discern intent, when they just make shit up all the time? (1/21/15)

Hey! Maryland just added a 24th County!!!! Thanks, WBAL! (1/21/15)

On Fox5's Bio page, they have a guy named Charlie LeDuff who's listed as a national correspondent. Has anyone seen him on air or ever heard of him? Why's he on the local website? (1/21/15)

So, what's up with Evan Haning? Gone from the WNEW cast page . . . on to Westwood One? Really? Jumped or pushed? (1/21/15)

Actually, those TV rankings are WRONG! Here’s Nielsen’s latest estimates… As for the disparity of population & market size vs. TV ranking, that shows the inaccuracy of the Nielsen system in general. A 22 slot difference shows Nielsen’s estimates are flawed. I find it simply inaccurate that Raleigh-Durham is 22 slots higher than 22 statistically proven bigger cities. Simply can’t be true. Has to be the Nielsen methodology. (1/21/15)

/\ January 21 Messages /\

\/ January 20 Messages \/

[RE: WJLA seeking weeknight news anchor…] Actually, according to, Sinclair is looking for a lot of people. There are openings for evening news anchor (replacing Gordon, I presume), AM news anchor (who’s on their way out?), weekend news anchor, and breaking news anchor, as well as a lot of off-camera positions. And, despite already having probably the largest local weather team in the country, they're looking for a meteorologist. The listing for traffic reporter says they’re looking to fill several positions, which I find odd. Are their partnerships with WTOP (WJLA) and Total Traffic (Newschannel 8) for traffic reports about to end? (1/20/15)

Hi Dave, Love the site. I hear your rants about how 107.3 is badly underperforming. My opinion Cumulus does a crappy job promoting their stations. If the CHR don't work, 1073 should call Jason Kidd and program the awesom Smash Hits format. I stream the South Dakota station that has the Smash hits format. it's awesome. For a Gen Xer like me, a true oldies station. keep up the good work Dave. (1/20/15)

I'm sitting here watching WJZ's 6pm news. What has happened to Mary Bubala's hair? On the right side of her face there is a hunk of hair hanging along her face that is what looks like its brown and then there are streaks of lighter hair on the top of her head. It's all really bizarre and very hard to look at...very distracting. Strange. (1/20/15)

[RE today's "Dave TV":] Dave great idea but wnew is only news but its not design not to be morning drive program jack should go to wjfk in washington dc simulcast on wjz am fm baltimore md. (1/20/15)

OK, CBS launched all-news WNEW three years ago this month. As the station enters its fourth year, it has yet to crack the "top 20" mark in the DC radio ratings. So, CBS needs to make a big move and hire DC radio legend Jack Diamond and do a morning "news zoo" with a female co-host and have "fun" interplay with WNEW's anchors and reporters, including Lisa Baden. In today's "Dave TV"..... (1/20/15)

Father of Instant Replay Dies... PALM DESERT, Calif. -- Tony Verna, a television director and producer who invented instant replay for live sports 51 years ago, has died. He was 81. Verna died Sunday at his Palm Desert home after battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia, daughter Tracy Soiseth said. CBS used instant replay for the first time in the Dec. 7, 1963, Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia, after Verna developed a method to cue the tape to pinpoint the play he wanted to immediately air again. He said he was looking for a way to fill boring gaps between plays during a football telecast. The concept was so new that when Army quarterback Rollie Stichweh scored a touchdown, announcer Lindsey Nelson had to warn viewers: "This is not live! Ladies and gentlemen, Army did not score again!" (1/20/15)

Sadly as far as deep tracks or rarities go you almost have to just dig them up yourself and build a huge musical library. Of course that takes away the surprises since you had to add them but with enough songs set on random you may almost kinda feel like you're listening to a defunct favorite station from FMs good days. Maybe you could aqcuire some old stations IDs and liners just to be defiant. FM stations are narrow,predictable and boring in song play now. That's OK though, my playlist goes from rare Hendrix to The GoGos to Elliot Smith to Tool with breaks in between only if I choose to be ironic about my "station". The 'Real Men Of Genius' commercials and some Jerky Boys keeps it amusing. Sometimes I'll use my little AAA powered transmitter on the job to hijack the Spanish station the other crews are tuned to. Some of them listened to HFS before the flip. Anyway...Most stations or channels ,whether FM or Sirius/XM, have shallow and heavily rotated playlists. The pleasure of hearing new music or cuts you somehow missed from older albums no longer comes easily from a fellow music lover over the air. Ya gotta do it yourself now. Thank the "It's All About Me" generation. Donnie (1/20/15)

Was so bummed when Rehkopf left WNEW a few years back, he is the quintessential news radio voice & with years of being in Baltimore. He will definitely help with some of their coverage there. I'm always back and forth between 99.1 & 103.5. With him coming back in the afternoons when I need news radio the most, I'll be locked on 99.1! Ted M in NW DC (1/20/15)

[“It’s always funny when people think they KNOW something but they really know NOTHING. Cincinnati is a much larger market than Columbus. Columbus is actually #32! As for Raleigh-Durham, they’re #47! Baltimore is #20 btw and DC is #7. Cleveland, Buffalo, & Detroit are all losing population while CT is gaining in the Nielsen rankings. Go figure. — Just the facts…”] TV market size and rank is NOT the same as overall population as that Wiki chart lists. Just the facts Jack: TV Markets: Radio Markets: (1/20/15)

There may be a broader reason why a lot of Oldies aren't being heard on SiriusXM: According to Reuters, "some recording artists and labels have won rulings entitling them to copyright protection under individual state laws". Having to handle so many licenses to play songs of fifty years ago might be prohibitive. Also, don't expect a rock-block of The Turtles anytime soon on Sirius-XM: (1/20/15)

It’s always funny when people think they KNOW something but they really know NOTHING. Cincinnati is a much larger market than Columbus. Columbus is actually #32! As for Raleigh-Durham, they’re #47! Baltimore is #20 btw and DC is #7. Cleveland, Buffalo, & Detroit are all losing population while CT is gaining in the Nielsen rankings. Go figure. — Just the facts… (1/20/15)

Now that another Martin Luther King Jr. Day has passed, I can once again condemn Chris Core for devoting time on his now cancelled radio program to ask people to defend why we have a holiday dedicated to Dr. King. Chris should have known that argument died when Ronald Reagan flip flopped, and phoned Coretta Scott King to apologize for his words and assertions about the civil rights leader. Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law, saying at the time “it was the right thing to do.” You would now think, “Game over.” Twenty years later, however, Chris Core tried to make the DC community defend that decision. As far as I know, Chris has never apologized for that racially hurtful, insensitive, and smug topic he chose to resurrect and broadcast. His words for that segment were divisive, and arrogant, as immediately reported right here in the mailbag. Chris, you were wrong to resurrect that topic; it was settled back in the early 80's, and even John McCain has apologized for not voting for that legislation. A few days after you did what you did, even Howard Stern condemned the question you asked. Chris, use your current platform to finally apologize to the DC Community you hurt so badly on that day of remembrance. It is due, Chris, it is long over due. Trying to erase or ignore what you said in the past shouldn't be a "Core Value.” (1/20/15)

To the poster asking about the lack of a deep playlist with, you are correct. I have noticed this too. I listen to a variety of channels--Lithium, 60s, 80s, 90s, Classic Rewind, Classic Vinyl. All are predictable and you can almost set you watch based on the song rotations. I used to LOVE 60s until they put Pat St. John on from 1pm. He is horrible...always over modulated and really is boring to listen to. Mic quality is obvious no concern there, as it sounds like he is talking through a paper towel tube. (1/20/15)

In response to Sirius 60's, I have to agree regarding the limited playlist, which is so disappointing considering it's a paid service. The generation that grew up in the 60's thru 70's knows their music intimately because of radio, including music that is 50 years old. (Even if we can't remember where we put the damn car keys!) We grew up at a time when radio was a big part of our life, before the days of internet streaming, and before FM took off. The DJ's had fun and we were part of that, RADIO WAS KING! Consolidation changed all of that to some degree. There were many thousand hit's covering those decades, yet it's my opinion as a listener that were we let down by the big radio groups by burning out a very limited number of "tested" songs. When I was on TDY with the Army, I'd sample oldies stations across the country, many sounded similar. I'll pull out albums or research the lists of the top100 songs from Billboard for each of the years and wonder why so many were not part of the resurrection of the oldies format in the 1980's-1990's. It's interesting looking at US demographics that 35-64 makes up a sizeable 32.5% of total population, surpassed only by 25-54 at 41.2%. I read about AM stations that are having a difficult time and it's undestandable because it's not just AM-FM anymore (plus technical considerations and canned programming). Target for 35-64, those who grew up with AM. Top 40 in the 60's was a mix of british invasion, garage bands, country, motown, folk, psychedelic, etc. It was all over the place yet it worked! I still think it's so important for an AM to be live and very community oriented to be somewhat successful for a few years with so much competition. Bring back a solid Top 40 oldies format with a minimum of the Top 100 for each year, also consider bringing back a country format covering the 80's, 90's and 2000's. This is the country that the big FM's have forgotten. On another note, 1330 in Havre de Grace is doing a pretty good job with a more modern version of MOR, a good choice. Like many in the industry, it will take major technical changes for AM to survive, hopefully brilliant engineers and the commission come to some agreements. I can only hope that the big groups allow the creativity of today's radio personalities to shine, because what is happening to AM now may one day spell the demise of FM too. Again, it's not just AM-FM anymore. (1/20/15)

A few things to check out, including my recent Q&A Cafe interviews with Dan Rather and Chuck Todd... - Carol (1/20/15)

I finally gave in and got Sirius XM radio. I listen a lot to the 1960's channel. Now there's nothing like the music played on an over the air station in the D.C. area but it sure seems like this Sirius XM channel doesn't have the deepest playlist. Seems like a fixation with Johnny Rivers and the Rolling Stones. Is it just my imagination? (1/20/15)

Joel, and Hubbard nominated for big industry awards. The whole radio industry gets to vote in this one..... (1/20/15)

" I would never use those terms to characterize anyone with Down or Down's Syndrome." That is exactly what you did. Don't back peddle now, you said it, own it. Maybe if you weren't trying so hard to be cute and edgy you'd realize what an enormous ass you are and go away. (1/20/15)

Tip: Washington Post Magazine that came in Sunday's paper has a feature on Will Thomas from Fox 5 at 11pm. The guy deserves it. Just Asking: Will Thomas from Fox 5 News - (1/20/15)

"..We would be #25 except for Raleigh-Durham, where I fail to see how that market is bigger except in land area. Does the “Triangle” really generate that much TV money.." ..Ask ABC/Disney who owns WTVD channel 11 in that market and the NHL since the Carolina Hurricanes play there...I am sure they will answer that question with a BIG yes considering that ABC/Disney probably could had sold WTVD in the past and get millions for it but yet they still holding on to WTVD. I can remember when it was announced that the old Hartford Whalers were relocating to North Carolina. Even ESPN joked about it predicting that the team would move elsewhere within a decade.The success of the Hurricanes proved them wrong. "And how is Columbus a bigger TV market than Cincinnati?". Could it be that Cincinnati had lost population over the years while at the same time Columbus had grown so much so that it is now the nation's 15th largest city ?? I would imagine that would play a part as to why Columbus is a bigger TV market than Cincinnati. (1/20/15)

Sorry ZW I was going by the tons of medical documents I've recieved over the years. Most spelled it Downes. No he won't be posting here,he's smarter than I am as far as music, he has me load up his music player while I wait for a long gone radio station to come back. Donnie (1/20/15)

WJLA seeking weeknight news anchor... (1/20/15)

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Donnie, I would never use those terms to characterize anyone with Down or Down's Syndrome. Consider your spelling/punctuation subtly corrected. Anyone posting here, on the other hand, is fair game. In other news, after being castigated for an unfortunate metaphor involving sausage, WAPO's Tom Sietsema snuck/sneaked one by the editor when he slipped one into a recent steakhouse review..'anything with a bone...makes my mouth start to water.' - ZW (1/19/15)

[RE Error Message: "This is awkward. If you have reached this screem, your current device or browser is unable to access the full Baltimore Sun Web site...] If you think the Washington Post or NY Times sites are challenging on certain older computers, look at what Tribune has done to The Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, & LA Times. I did some testing on computers that are about 5-8 years old. That’s old, but you would think a newspaper page would work with almost any computer right? Many computer geeks buy new equipment every 3 years, but older people tend to just stick with what works. I tried several different browsers, but ironically the Post & The Times both work albeit slow, but not any Tribune sites Instead you get this picture... — BaltoMedia.Net (1/19/15)

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Why is it that Google actually indexes the Washington Post's articles far better than the Post's own website search function? Ponderous...] WaPo's web site is an overdone collection of scripts, graphics, and ads that drags the best web browser to its knees. (1/19/15)

Re: Don G. remark just below -- Not only should you let it go, you might want some remedial math courses. Don left WJFK in April of '08....that's less than 7 years by my count, not 10. (1/19/15)

Fox News Channel developing scandal over Kevin McCarthy review of “American Sniper”? Say it ain’t so Kevin: (1/19/15)

(Re: Mike Sorce choking)... Yeah, and how about the president's latest bonehead move? Man, what was Eisenhower even THINKING? [Translation: it's ancient history. Let it go, f'chrissakes] (1/19/15)

Green Bay Packers "choking" against the Seattle Seahawks yesterday or Mike Sorce's radio career since leaving the Don & Mike Show 10 years ago? #ChokePackChoke #ChokeDonChoke (1/19/15)

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What a terrible NFC Championship Game broadcast. Nothing to do with the winner. The loser was clearly FOX. The FOX Noise Meter? Seriously? They could have obviously filtered out some of the crowd noise. Instead they amplified it, making it virtually unlistenable. I can tell this because the crowd was insanely loud even when Seattle had the ball. That either means FOX hyped/amplified the crowd noise on purpose or Seattle football fans are the dumbest in the NFL. My thinking is that the FOX producer is instead the dumbest in the NFL since you could barely hear his announcers. Just an annoying broadcast. (1/18/15)

Regarding Holly Morris' uber-short dress sitdown with Kevin Costner: I have no doubt the powers that be told her to tart it up, as the British would say. And if Holly chose that rig on her own, it shows her own shallowness. I would have no objections, because Holly is putting herself out there and should know by now what is professional and what is not. A short, fashionable dress is fine...or perhaps she's auditioning for the Fox News Channel and their Aryans Club gatherings. The RCL (1/18/15)

Dear DC, Interesting Nielsen stat. Both Washington and Baltimore each gained only 4000 new TV homes between the 2014 season and the projected 2015 season, which is basically stagnant, so we’re even on one thing. Love, Baltimore. :-) (1/18/15)

Holly Morris' dress was waaaaay too short the other day..And her boss should've made a comment and have her change. But hey, maybe her boss knew exactly what he/she (and I'm thinking it was a "he") was doing by strategically sitting her in that chair with that micro mini dress. (1/18/15)

I missed this story, but WJZ hasn't promoted it yet, You won't see this in Washington DC, but you will see it in Baltimore this spring... All CBS owned TV stations including WJZ 13 will start showing a new sub channel, DECADES, WJZ.2, a channel of old shows but also different from MeTV in that every day will be a different series of TV shows out of a package of over 100 TV shows. DC's WUSA 9 is not owned by CBS, so most likely will not be carrying this channel immediately, but might as an affiliate. -- Balto Media / www.BaltoMedia.Net (1/18/15)

Typo of the week... (1/18/15)

Actually Baltimore rose to #26, not fell. It was #27 for 3+ years. I think back in the late 1990s, it was #24. We would be #25 except for Raleigh-Durham, where I fail to see how that market is bigger except in land area. Does the “Triangle” really generate that much TV money? And then there’s Portland which has no football or baseball. I see Cleveland dropped again. Salisbury, MD dropped from #142 to 143 because something’s happened apparently in Bismarck, ND that nobody noticed. They jumped 6 places! Are all the Hollywood stars buying ranches there and buying TV advertising? And how is Columbus a bigger TV market than Cincinnati? Another head scratcher. Baltimore simply has very few TV stations, no religious, no independent unlike practically any other TV market in the Top 50. Sinclair runs 3 of them. There’s a serious lack of competition in the market. Whatever happened to the FCC cracking down on Sinclair? Yeah Yeah, so they turned in some licenses, yet are still running all the same stations as sub-channels. How is that good for competition or for the market? The spineless FCC has backed down again. Sinclair allegedly has a year or so to comply but can file for extensions. Do you really think they will sell WUTB 24 or WNUV 54? No, they will offer the FCC the licenses back and run one or both of them in SD on sub channels of WBFF. Mark my words. They’ve already set this precedent. How will that serve the public? It will serve the FCC coffers though since they will sell the frequencies to the cell phone companies for additional broadband. (1/18/15)

""Unlike others, I would encourage you NOT to use your real name; it would simply bring shame upon your family." OK, That's funny. Ed Graham" Especially from somebody who calls themselves "Zombie Woof". I don't understand why Dave allows a troll to infest his board, unless of course he is Dave. If you've got someone who is driving away the paying customers, doesn't make sense to keep him on. Unless of course its Dave's alter ego. Sorry, I'm not paying to read ZW's crap every day. (1/18/15)

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"Unlike others, I would encourage you NOT to use your real name; it would simply bring shame upon your family." OK, That's funny. Ed Graham (1/17/15)

(WCXR's Paul Harris in the 80s/90s did Knuckleheads In the News. TOP did not create this feature.) That is correct, although I did not know that when I moved to DC and WTOP in 1996. I learned about it when he sent us a bill. To this day, he still collects a small royalty for use of the title since he had the foresight to copyright the name "Knuckleheads in the News”. (1/17/15)

ZW stop insulting the waterheads and windowlickers. My son has Downs Syndrome and he makes better decisions and statements than media moguls in the 2 markets discussed here. Donnie (1/17/15)

We hear that Cumulus is going to buy Red Zebra. Will they put the Redskins on WRQX? It would make a good Sports/Talk Station. Red Zebra needs to get out of the radio business. I guess you have to ask the question. Which is the better broadcaster......Red Zebra or Cumulus? (1/17/15)

Dave's response: I've predicted that, but I don't think there's any official announcement yet.....

[Because I don't think on-air games like "Mystery Newsmaker" belong on a credible All News station, that makes me a whiner?] Lol..Read the post again stupid..There are no all news stations here in NM. The ones you refer to are all news/talk. Apparently you do not know the difference. (1/17/15)

'Of some concern is the poster "ZW" who keeps making reference to "waterheads" in his daily diatribe. The Urban Dictionary defines...' - Wow, the Urban Dictionary has really taken me to the woodshed. I sure hope there's no one in the woodpile, and that everyone's armor is in order. Thanks for checking in, mystery poster. Let's get this straight... you're saying anyone who calls someone else a retard, for lack of a better word, is themselves a retard, right? Let's do the math on that, shall we? Where do you fit in this picture? Unlike others, I would encourage you NOT to use your real name; it would simply bring shame upon your family. But thanks for the lulz, as the kids said like 8 years ago. - ZW (1/17/15)

WCXR's Paul Harris in the 80s/90s did Knuckleheads In the News. TOP did not create this feature. (1/17/15)

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I love all the chatter here about Knuckleheads in the News! You are all talking about a feature that has been on for over a dozen years and STILL generates buzz. GOAL!!!!!!!! Jim, semi-retired in Florida not far from where WAMU gets morning traffic reports. (1/16/15)

Kevin Costner-Holly Morris. (1/16/15)

Sarah Simmons was a full time anchor and now seem to have been demoted to either fill in status or field reporter...Just find it unfortunate. She seemed to be doing a good job on the anchor desk. Well, at least in my opinion (for all that's worth) (1/16/15)

I will think about donating to your site as soon as you stop writing about Jack Diamond. My god give it a rest. He milked WRQX for all it had and then some. You two should move in together. (1/16/15)

WUSA continues to lose talented staff as Joe Martin, asst chief photog, leaves to be chief photog at the Fox O&O in Boston. (1/16/15)

Dave's response: That's now a Cox station. Fox recently swapped WFXT it for Cox's station in San Francisco, KTVU.....

Michael Davies, the man behind "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and other shows, who now co-hosts "The Men In Blazers" soccer show on NBCSN, said on the "Dan Patrick Show" this morning that they were influenced by the late George Michael on NBC4 and that they have some of the equipment from the "George Michael Sports Machine" show near their studio up in New York. (1/16/15)

regarding Holly showing some major leg yesterday, wasn't Kevin Costner in the studio that day? (1/16/15)

Saw a good one this morning on the comments section of a well-known talk station hereabouts: "If you like what government deregulation did for airline service and fares, you'll love what it'll do for Cable TV!" -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/16/15)

I meant to post this yesterday. It's a TBT to 1997 and Jennifer Franciotti in News Chopper 11. She also flew with the Blue Angels for the Star Spangled 200 Celebration in Baltimore. -- www.BaltoMedia.Net (1/16/15)

From what i remember a couple of weeks ago Sarah Simmons mendtioned that she was moving to evenings (not night) and she was looking forward to not getting up at 3am. I think she is the new eveing anchor and will fill in as needed at other times. Melanie is now doing mornings with Wisdom. (1/16/15)

It's journalism contest time in Washington, D.C. This year, the Washington, D.C., Pro chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists has updated its Dateline Awards, offering more possibilities for a range of journalism. New this year is a division for social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We also have a variety of categories for daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, newsletters/trade publications, online, photography and design, as well as Washington correspondence. All entries must be postmarked by February 27. Awards will be presented to winners at the Hall of Fame/Dateline Awards dinner on June 9 at the National Press Club. Entry criteria may be found at The entry form may be found at The contest is open to print and broadcast media outlets throughout the D.C. metropolitan area. This includes the District of Columbia; Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudon, Stafford and Prince William counties in Virginia; and counties throughout Maryland. Journalists and related professionals from another region will review local entries. Judges also will consider entries worthy of the Robert D.G. Lewis Watchdog Award. That award is presented to an applicant in any award classification whose entry best exemplifies journalism aimed at protecting the public from abuses by those who would betray the public trust. To enter the Dateline Awards, please fill out the form and mail it with your entry and entry fee of $30, made out to the Washington, D.C., Pro chapter of SPJ. Joyce Wang-Chia, 14217 Bauer Dr., Rockville, MD 20853... If you have any questions, feel free to email me at (1/16/15)

Throwback Thursday: My business card from the old WJFK here in DC - I can't believe it's been 10 years now (1/16/15)

The signal plot at the FCC is not really a signal plot. It’s strictly an Interference report to support the claim that this LPFM will not interfere with 94.3 WWXX. The actual signal should stretch further I’d imagine, certainly into DC. As an LPFM, not a translator, it has more rights. Danny Snyder might not as easily be able to shut it down. I also don’t think it’s 250 watts like the Hope Church tried with 98.3 several times. But here is the interference report… (1/16/15)

Of some concern is the poster "ZW" who keeps making reference to "waterheads" in his daily diatribe. The Urban Dictionary defines "waterhead" as: "A person with mental health problems, ie downs syndrome, or retard for the lay person. Hey why do all the water heads work at McDonalds; Someone stop this water head from humping my leg; that effing water head just pooped his pants." One need only to see his posts to realize he has is identifying his own shortcomings with his imagined tormentors. Its not funny to let people with mental health problems post their illness on DCRTV. Its not hard to see that this "ZW" is struggling with mental health issues. While we may all laugh and snicker at his posts, DCRTV Dave should show more discretion in allowing him to display his mental health problems for all to see. Lets show a little more compassion in dealing with someone who can't help himself or keep his illness contained. (1/16/15)

I only see Tim Tooten on WBAL TV when there’s a local education story to cover or snow closings to run off. Although they do list him as a full time reporter, how often does anyone see him? His bio does not exactly mention that he founded a church by the way. As for Tasselmyer, he is on 5 days a week, slightly different if he’s a preacher too. Rod Daniels of WBAL TV also has close ties with the Baltimore Catholic diocese, but he has no title within the church. They have used him on many Catholic stories, but never on any of the priest scandal stories, so I see no conflict of interest there. I find it interesting because the mainstream media is often criticized for being atheist or anti-religion, but not in Baltimore apparently. Sinclair btw, is very different. They’re more about political ideology, not as much actual religious ideology. They have gay employees as long as they “toe the line” so to speak. WJZ TV on the other hand has a reporter with a gay husband working for Al Jazeera so I guess it works both ways! (1/16/15)

DISH and FOX News Reach Content Carriage Agreement - Check out this article from Fox News Insider: (1/16/15)

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New Low Power 94.3 FM in Bowie is on the same frequency as the Red Zebra station 94.3 FM in Warrenton. This is a non commercial station using the WNEW-FM Tower in Bowie. Will it cause interference with the Red Zebra Station? They just got their license renewed by the FCC. (1/15/15)

“I think I'll start a drinking game that whenever Kevin McCarthy thanks FOX5 for giving him a job, I'll take a sip or shot of something..And considering his public gratitude occurs during the morning hours, I should be drunk by time I leave for work..Come on man..I'm sure all of the other anchors and reporters are grateful that they have a job, but do you see them constantly giving and/or sneaking in a shout out to their bosses for hiring them?.. (1/15/15)” Kevin all but crawls up the Junkies butt every time he is on despite all his success: remember he is “obsessive compulsive” so he is compelled to grovel. He actually has a great life flying all over the world and must be making some bucks by now: still, he IS a nerd. (1/15/15)

I can see why it is easy to hate on "Knuckleheads in the News" segment on WTOP. It takes no effort to produce them since the stories are most likely derived from the DJ's crutches USA Today, News of the Weird, or a morning zoo joke service as most of the stories are old news by the time they make the Knucklehead segment. To make it even worse, it is delivered by train wreck team of Mike Moss and Jean Jones who have zero chemistry together. (1/15/15)

Anyone see Holly Morris' dress today? Good Lord, it was so short. It barely covered her "hoo-ha" !!..Someone made a comment regarding that on FOX5's website and her comment was that it's only short when she sits down..Yeah, ok, Holly, when you stood up, it was still pretty short.. (1/15/15)

'Golf bag update' on today's edition of America's Podcast. We are truly living in a golden age. And yes, waterhead, I see your reply coming. - ZW (1/15/15)

Re: Sarah Simmons recently being seen on the anchor desk, I'm thinking that she's filling in for someone. I know that when I turned it on today, she said she was filling in for Tony Perkins. Both the evening and night broadcasts have a solid group of anchors and I can't see the station replacing any of them. But hey, they did a crazy shake-up on the morning crew, so who knows. And it seems with this new "Good Day at 10a", Holly will no longer be doing her remote segments. Wonder what prompted all of those changes. Have they had a change in management? (1/15/15)

Sarah Simmons and Laura Evans on the desk right now. (1/15/15)

"WAMU and WNEW are both enjoying on the upswing." Seriously? WNEW's ratings remain microscopic, and bulk of their advertisers seem to be snake oil salesmen and debt refinancing scams. That "upswing" you perceive is likely what stock analysts sometimes call "the dead cat bounce." Re: Knuckleheads in the News. I'm not the one who posted the original snark about it, but it's a feature I've always loathed as well. Not necessarily because it's light and frothy, or because Mike Moss's delivery is sooo grating. It's the "voting" thing. What's the point of texting in my vote? Who cares what a handful of WTOP listeners think is the "knuckle-headiest" of three human interest stories? It would be much less irritating, if they just said, "Now for the lighter side," and read a story or two, instead of playing a bumper and turning it into an election. (1/15/15)

What are people supposed to think when Sara, Sammy and Mel talk about "We need more listeners" and "Well, it's not looking like this radio show is going to be very permanent" or "Can't make any decisions based on this job, because of the ratings"... it's always followed by laughing, but WRQX's ratings are in the ground and someone who just left called their office (in this mailbag) a high school hangout, with the staff just worried about gossiping and making weekend plans. If the Morning show isn't convinced that the station will be around long, then why should anyone else. It's easy to see why WRQX is a bottom tier station, like many Cumulus places. (1/15/15)

Fox 5 was airing a story about General David Petraeus on one of its recent newscasts and the anchorman referred to him as architect of the “successful surge” In Iraq. How pathetic is it that after all these years, news outlets under the Fox umbrella (not just FNC but the local news departments as well) are still trying to defend the discredited foreign policy decisions of one George W. Bush? Last time I checked, Iraq was controlled by a terrorist organization called ISIS (that’s why Obama had to send the troops back in there) so you could hardly call what happened in the waning days of the Bush administration a ‘successful’ surge. (1/15/15)

Thank God Tom Tasselmyer is content to be an elder, unlike his colleague, Tim Tooten, who, with his doctorate degree in ministry, has founded and pastored a non-denominational church in Baltimore while serving as a reporter at the station. Amen? (1/15/15)

RE: New 94.3 Low Power FM approved by the FCC for Bowie ....Plot on FCC per using WNEW-FM tower (1/15/15)

I think I'll start a drinking game that whenever Kevin McCarthy thanks FOX5 for giving him a job, I'll take a sip or shot of something..And considering his public gratitude occurs during the morning hours, I should be drunk by time I leave for work..Come on man..I'm sure all of the other anchors and reporters are grateful that they have a job, but do you see them constantly giving and/or sneaking in a shout out to their bosses for hiring them?.. (1/15/15)

In case anyone out there even cares, 950 AM was off the air the last 2-3 days and today the carrier is back accompanied by a constant rumbling, engine-like sound—kinda like the first few seconds of “Telstar”! KOF (1/15/15)

MPT (govt/pledge funded) is on their second attempt to outsource jobs to other states under the idea of old equipment and the cost of fixing it. This is a blanket statement for the three on top to keep themselves getting raises and no one else anything. George Bennaman makes triple digit salary and cant seem to find the money to fix anything, because he "doesnt think its worth it", his words. So he wants to send [MPT jobs] out of state... the first attempt to outsource us was a failed attempt... (1/15/15)

I can't wait for the "in-depth" interview about the Knucklead features. Should be compelling radio. (1/15/15)

Because I don't think on-air games like "Mystery Newsmaker" belong on a credible All News station, that makes me a whiner? Oh brother. Guess that's to be expected from someone who listens to a local news station 2000 miles from where they live because they can't figger out how to tune in KBIM, KENM, KGLP, KSVP, KDEF, KTBL, KMTH, KVSF or any of the half dozen other news stations in their own state. Enjoying hearing what the traffic is in DC every 10 minutes? That pretty helpful to you? Oops! Sorry! Whining again! (1/15/15)

What is it about 'TOP's semi-literate fans that makes them attack any non-cheerleading comments about the station as "whining"? (Re: " ..stop your whining ...if you dont like WTOP try WNEW. Quit your whining!") Looking over the ratings for the last 12 months, it is obvious that a growing number of people in this town are taking your advice. WAMU and WNEW are both enjoying on the upswing, and the snide crowd of fuckups at 'TOP are just too self-loving to notice it. (1/15/15)

("And can't believe they took Sarah Simmons off morning and sent her back out as a field reporter. ") Is this accurate? I've seen this mentioned twice here but whenever I've seen her in the evenings she's at the desk. (1/15/15)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] WGTS 91.9 – Washington, D.C. Opening – Part-time Traffic Reporter - We are seeking a talented, driven individual with a deep knowledge of Washington DC traffic and weather to serve as traffic reporter. S/he would provide live and/or voice tracked traffic reports for morning and/or afternoon drive, gather relevant and up-to-the-minute reports utilizing company traffic software, including websites and maps, etc. Send resume and aircheck via email to Other details: Qualifications - Minimum of 2 years of on-air broadcast experience in a major market, preferred - Working knowledge of DC, MD, and VA area roads and traffic patterns, preferred - Home studio set up for recording and sending reports, preferred - Possess and demonstrates excellent organizational, interpersonal, oral and written communication skills - Ability to multitask and adapt to the stations’ needs in a fast paced atmosphere - Must be detail oriented, able to decipher information, and able to "follow-up until resolved" - Windows based computer skills and audio editing skills, required (1/15/15)

Has anyone seen the Help Wanted page at recently? Man, is there anyone left over there? (1/15/15)

New 94.3 Low Power FM approved by the FCC for Bowie, MD. Will apparently be community, religious, and music programming according to the application. No word on when the FM will go on the air. No signal plot as of yet -- Balto Media / BaltoMedia.Net (1/15/15)

Contemporary and Classic Rock freaks, take note: Karma sure works in weird ways. (1/15/15)

Dear Snobby DC, everyone in Baltimore is very happy about the Baltimore Ravens. Obviously you don’t watch much football since the Ravens haven’t gotten their asses kicked much. Are you sure you weren’t watching a Redskins game instead? Love, Baltimore. :-) (1/15/15)

The reason for posting the Tasselmyer thing is that an elder can mean different things in different churches. In the Mormon church for instance, an elder can perform marriages and priestly type services and preach sermons, which would be somewhat of a conflict of interest working at a news station. At this church, Tom Tasselmyer might not be a preacher himself, but just a benefactor of the church which of course is his own private life and not anyone’s business. But it is on the web, so it's noteworthy. It’s difficult to tell what capacity Tasselmyer serves, but most news organizations would not hire a priest as a meteorologist, although they hire religious figures as opinionated contributors. I’m just saying. (1/15/15)

Hey PD and GM of WTOP…take a listen to last nights 10;15 sportscast with someone named J Brooks. Not a mention of 14th ranked Maryland knocking off Rutgers in a game that started at 7 and ended at 9pm. You have got to be kidding (1/15/15)

Re: "Knuckleheads in the News" - I remember hearing the very first pieces of information about the Navy Yard shootings on WAMU, flipped over to WNEW and they were also talking about it. I finally went to WTOP, who came out of spots and went straight into "Knuckleheads in the News". It was arguably the biggest breaking local story of the year and they were goofing around. (1/15/15)

[In response to "Knucklehead in the News," I love it.....] This person is right on! I listen to WTOP even though I live on the other side of the country. We do not have an all news station in NM that I am aware of. So people ..stop your whining ...if you dont like WTOP try WNEW. Quit your whining! (1/15/15)

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In response to "Knucklehead in the News," I love it. Don't you always hear how the news is violent, so depressing, so sad? Everything has to be stuffy and serious. I'm fine with WTOP being funny for 2 minutes out of probably 38-40 other minutes of serious news. If you can't handle 2 minutes of laughing at silly news, then I'd suggest you have a ol' stick up your butt. We sit in so much traffic and deal with serious, stressful situations every day that taking two minutes to laugh at what some dumb guy did is worth it. Laughter is the best medicine. So stop being so darn serious all the time. Life is short. Now to Mystery Newsmaker, I don't have an opinion. I can understand why some people wouldn't like it. It doesn't bother me, personally. (1/14/15)

I remember just how much of a train wreck the original Good Day DC was when it started. So when I was just starting to get used to and tolerate Good Day DC, they change up. Now we're back to another train wreck. Who thought Holly (with her cackling) and Wisdom (with his grunting after everyone makes a comment) would be a good idea?. And what's up with people rotating into the "fourth chair"?..Tried to give it a break, but think I'm going to have to watch something else during that time. And can't believe they took Sarah Simmons off morning and sent her back out as a field reporter. (1/14/15)

Jack Diamond is done at WLS! Although his pic is still on the website, his bio has been taken down. He never had any intention of staying in Chicago. I think his career is over as well. Who would hire him knowing he has left the last three stations he worked for within weeks of starting? Jack needs to retire and stop fooling himself and others. (1/14/15)

Who the hell has the time or inclination to look into where some channel 11 meteorologist goes to church? Who gives a flying fook? Do you people in Baltimore not have enough to occupy your idle minds? Those Ravens getting their ass kicked was the last straw of sanity for some of you. How much does the weather guy put in the collection plate? OMG does he pray using "thee and thou" or just talk directly to God? What's the 4-1-1 on where he sits in the church? Up front or towards the back? Does this indicate he is a conspiracy nut? Was he abducted by aliens? Does he wear a tin-foil hat to services? How about that receptionist at WBAL-TV? Something very fishy going on there. Inquiring minds insist on knowing. Come on Baltimorons, get with it! (1/14/15)

(QUOTE) did anyone ever notice that WBAL 11's Tom Tasselmyer was an elder in an extremely right wing fundamentalist Church that is pretty much anti-gay rights? (END) ...A-annd..?... (1/14/15)

What a “morron”, hee hee hee heeeeeee! What an ignoranimus! B.B. (1/14/15)

While I usually bash WTOP for what is devolving into, "Knuckleheads in the News" and "Mystery Newsmaker" are from the Jim Farley days, and bring humor and audience participation to a format usually devoid of both. That is, serious All News. Which is something WTOP currently is not, alas. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/14/15)

I received an email from Bob Haynie 105.7 the fan on Monday 1/12/14. He told me that as of that date, Glen Younes is no longer co host with him on sports rehab, the 6-10 pm show on 105.7 the fan in Baltimore. He told me Glen quit,he doesn't want to work nights an more. He will, however sub from time to time on the fan. Terry Ford in co host for now. (1/14/15)

I don't think the fact that a Mailbagger spelled a word wrong automatically invalidates anything and everything else he says. After all, even Mr. Augenstein must occasionally misspell or mispronounce a So let's get back on point: the app that will allow listeners to record stuff for on-air use. Moronic? No, I guess not. Well -- not any more moronic than "Knuckleheads in The News," "Mystery Newsmaker" or any of the other childish stuff they use to fill those 10-minute cycles. I mean, seriously, how does Joe Blow's opinion on news stories get on the air in the first place? Easy answer: it's not a news station, it's a public bulletin board. Cue the apologists. (1/14/15)

Not that I'm saying this is necessarily bad for the station as he just does the weather, but did anyone ever notice that WBAL 11's Tom Tasselmyer was an elder in an extremely right wing fundamentalist Church that is pretty much anti-gay rights? Scroll down. You'll see. (1/14/15)

Maybe we should forgive Cumulus for RUINING WRQX. Yes, it has NO ratings, they continue to lose MILLIONS, the management has zero input, the staff is depleted...but let's not forget that forgiveness is essential. Look at the bright side, if you want to advertise your business and only have a couple HUNDRED dollars, that may be a two year schedule on WRQX?! See...there is a bright side! Happy Hump Day! (1/14/15)

I look at Doug Hill signed a deal to stay with Sinclair 7. Plus, what's up with the Orioles leaving WBAL radio for 105.7 The Fan? WMAL's Larry O'Connor does Geraldo Rivera. And, Paul Farhi does what he does best - covering his own WaPo. On a "very" snowy day when Fairfax County closed the schools. In today's "Dave TV" (1/14/15).....

Here's the pertinent part of the Jack Diamond story from Feder's blog: It’s less clear whether the station expects Diamond back on the morning show, which he began hosting in November. His last broadcast was December 24. As of this week, Diamond is no longer being mentioned on the show and his name no longer appears in on-air promos. Back home in Washington, D.C., Diamond, 60, said he will be undergoing surgery for diverticulitis, which he called “a very painful and debilitating condition.” On Saturday he told Facebook followers: “I hope to return to Chicago absolutely as soon as possible. I thank the wonderful staff there for being supportive, professional and kind. This is not the way I wanted to start 2015 . . . but I am so lucky to have family and friends close at hand.” Co-host Brant Miller is back to hosting solo from 5:30 to 9 a.m. weekdays on WLS FM. (1/14/15)

But DISH has another plan for cord cutters as detailed in The Post... (1/14/15)

More on the Orioles/Nats/MASN TV Rights court case... The Orioles, after getting authority for more discovery into MLB's dealings with the Nats, now contend that the legal team representing both the Nats and MLB exerted un-do influence on MLB in its arbitration decision & is a conflict of interest. This is from recent court filings. The case will not go to trial until some time in March. The Orioles are requesting an independent arbitrator to decide how much money MASN (largely controlled by the Orioles) have to pay the Nationals for TV rights. So far the Orioles are winning in this case. A decision against MASN could cost the Orioles roughly $40 million. -- (1/14/15)

From Tom Taylor Now: “Every time I hear my station’s play-by-play on SiriusXM, it makes my blood boil a little.” The announcement that the Baltimore Orioles are shifting their relationship back to CBS started a round of questioning here of the flagship radio GMs – is a huge play-by-play contract still worth it? That GM in the headline mentioned the pleasure of walking around his market on a Summer day and hearing the talent and the production that he’s paying for - but feeling the pain of knowing it’s been appropriated for literally no compensation by satellite radio. He’s not even legally allowed to stream it on his own site. This situation’s been shaping up for years, ever since Major League Baseball and other professional leagues decreed that they were keeping their streaming rights. A decade ago, that wasn’t a big deal, but streaming continues to expand. So is the availability of play-by-play on TV, cable and (the big one) mobile. Checking around, the answer to the “worth it?” question seems to be, “It depends.” Entercom’s burdened with a crushing ten-year $200 million deal for the Boston Red Sox. iHeart recently bet big on the New York Mets for its talk WOR (710), and that deal may not be paying off yet. While at least CBS Radio’s all-spots “Fan” WFAN-AM/FM (660/101.9) knew what the Yankees were doing the previous year on sister all-news WCBS (880) and presumably made a bid they could live with. We haven’t yet heard the terms of the Orioles deal that CBS pursued, but the company may perceive baseball as a necessary cume-getter for all-sports “105.7 the Fan” WJZ-FM. And it may be able to cross-sell non-game advertising in tandem with the team. It’s not one-size-fits-all – but radio’s scrutinizing the sports contracts harder than ever, for good reason. (1/14/15)

" You think I didn't see that coming?" No, you didn't. When you have your head in your ass all the time, in your case, you don't even see shit coming. Just another dullard, desperately trying to be relevant on DCRTV. Hope you paid your dues. Would hate to think you are getting a free ride on DCRTV. People like you should always have to pay. (1/14/15)

Emily Miller is supposed to be the chief investigative reporter, but they have her on Good Day DC talking about reality shows? One of the contestants on that bachelor show used to be an intern at WTTG and there was some comment about that contestant having a "hairy butt". So Emily had the nerve to ask Steve if that was true, suggesting that maybe Stve & the woman had dated. He refused to go down that road with Emily. And could she be more obvious with her desperation to find a man by saying she was going to apply to some tv matchmaking show? Kind of hard to take her seriously after seeing her on there yesterday. (1/14/15)

Kane is launching a video podcast - (1/14/15)

That Robert Feder link was pretty useless. In order to "Continue Reading" the Jack Diamond story, it is necessary to become a Digital Member. Bag that, bucko. -MM (1/14/15)

Where's the like button for Neal Augenstein's response to any "morons." Finn- a former WTOP'er (1/14/15)

It would be nice if the "MORRON" spouting off idiotically about WTOP could learn to spell "moron" first. (1/14/15)

Well that’s news then about WIJK because just a few days ago and long after that letter was sent, the STA request said Application Pending. As of today, it says Granted. If you read the entire letter though, it’s clear the FCC is not giving another extension and no engineering application has been filed yet and he only has until April 3. I don’t believe any tower or engineering study is going to magically appear before April 3, but we’ll see. I predict he will sell the station and keep a minor ownership stake in the new company and that company will then file an extension. The problem is, who will deal with the guy anymore? He’s tried to make deals before, but nobody is that gullible to get screwed again! The repairs needed are more costly than the value of AM 1590 itself. (1/14/15)

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Biondi, Diamond on disabled list at WLS - (1/13/15)

Dave's response: Comcast may be Santanic, but Cumulus is as dumb as shit.....

'"Even the worst waterheads here wouldn't mess with you if they knew your situation. Rock on. - ZW " Who could speak more authoritatively for these folks than ZW? NO ONE!' - You think I didn't see that coming? Well played, waterhead. VIRTUE is its own reward, and brevity is the soul of lingerie. - ZW (1/13/15)

To the unsigned poster who's concerned that any "morron" who submits audio to WTOP with our new engagement app will result in firings and fake stuff on the the air apparently doesn't understand the app. It allows listeners and users to send studio-quality audio for Talkbacks, instead of dialing their cell phones. If a listener records a video of a news event they can send it directly from their phone to the newsroom. Of course, all of this submitted audio, video, and photos goes through an editor, who decides whether it sees the light of day. Just like the editing process has always worked. The app is, in my opinion, a really powerful way to engage the audience, and make it incredibly easy for the user to add to the conversation. Here's how it works: Cheers, Neal Augenstein, Technology Editor/Reporter, WTOP. (1/13/15)

I am surprised that I did NOT see a blurb on the surprising canning (non-renewal of contract actually)of Anthony Gargano in mid-December, at all-sports WIP (94.1) in Philadelphia. Gargano had been a prime 2 to 6 daily co-host at the station for quite a long time and was a “Philly native” with the South Philadelphia dialect and all! Some believe that WIP will rue his firing, given his Philly roots, caller affinity, and engaging personality. In his stead, they have married carry-over Rob Ellis with a relatively new talent in town, Josh Ennis. (1/13/15)

I do not want to get into a spitting (or skating) contest about the AHL. It had many fine teams but it was still a minor league to the NHL not a rival to it. When the NHL had only six teams a lot of good players were in the AHL simply because there was no place for them in the NHL but the only rival to the NHL was the WHA which was formed in 72 and was finally absorbed into the NHL. The Clippers were nowhere near as good as the minor league entries in place s like Cleveland, Buffalo and Nova Scotia but it was alla minir league. (1/13/15)

“Good riddance to Joe Angel and the snorefest broadcast team” Umm….sorry to burst your bubble, but they’re moving to 105.7 too. According to The Sun, they are Oriole Employees, and thus part of the deal. Even heard on the Scott Garceau Show that Joe and Fred will be still be calling the games on “The Fan.” (1/13/15)

"Regarding WNEW, Swenson will milk every dime he can out of it.” Duh! Of course he will! That is the job of a GM or Market Manager. Nothing damming about that statement in the least. (1/13/15)

So WTOP has an app now where listeners are going to submit audio? Is this serious? Will this be justification for more producer/editor firings down the line? So any MORRON with a phone can start sending in their bullshit. I can't WAIT until this first time someone trolls them with a fake news story. This is the virtual equivalent of "According to John Doe's Facebook page...." but revving it up to the max level. I'm astonished that WTOP, with it's prestige reputation, is now fielding audio from any idiot that wants to send it in. Technology is great in news gathering. But it's also letting the inmates run the asylum. Keep up the good work guys. (1/13/15)

REF: [It is bittersweet to see the news about the O's leaving WBAL (alleged) Radio] There is absolutely NOTHING bittersweet about this at all. Good riddance to Joe Angel and the snorefest broadcast team. It will be refreshing to hear the broadcasts, minus the Buick commercials. (1/13/15)

["WTOP's coverage of the smoke/fire at Metro's L'enfant station yesterday was the same panicky, fear-inducing crap as ever. Megan Cloherty reported that she had seen "busloads of people being given oxygen" and "hundreds of people covered with soot." Since both of those have proven to be flat out lies, I assume she's been fired? No? What a surprise that the region's least credible news source hasn't issued an apology or disciplined a reporter for filing bullshit on air. Again. There's a chance of flurries later this week, so they're promoting panic over that harrowing situation now, and don't have time to talk about their past fuckups."] Really? Did you not watch the other news stations last night? FOX 5 showed someone that had a dirty undershirt because of the smoke, and in a different shot, they showed people with a oxygen masks on a bus. (1/13/15)

Like 90 to 95% of the people in here I dislike wmal&wbap cumulus needs to equal it out. Cumulus has ruined the media it’s sad when I first wanted to try2 get in media it wasn’t like this (1/13/15)

RE: WIJK -Certainly NOT defending Klepak nor am I supportive of continuous STAs that allow AM stations to limp along on less-than-licensed facilities. Was simply presenting an accurate statement of the station's legal status as stated in the Commission's correspondence to Klepak. The STA has NOT expired. Had you read the October 3, 2014 letter closely, you would have seen, "Accordingly, the request for extension of STA IS HEREBY GRANTED. ... This authority expires on April 3, 2015." (1/13/15)

The WBAL GM says they will continue to be “committed to our sports coverage”. Reading between the lines, that sounds like it could be ESPN Radio after 9:00 pm. Now they are re-airing the Derek Hunter show from 9-midnight. It’s barely worth being on noon-3, let alone a re-air. I’m pretty sure that they went ESPN the last time they lost the Orioles. On another note, I sort of suspected something was up with the rights. 105.7 has been in full Orioles love-fest mode, even as Cruz and Markakis departed, and no significant moves were made at the winter meetings. “Say bye-bye” Game Day ‘uncensored’ So who is CBS going to hire as the baseball mouthpiece for the station? They have no truly knowledgeable baseball person on staff (like Phil Wood) Look for them to possibly hire Melewski. Last I knew, he was at MASN, so he’s already on-board with “the program”. For the love of God, please tell me that Tom Davis & Dave Johnson don’t come along with the deal ! And, as last time 105.7 had the Orioles, Univ. of Maryland Sports programming gets screwed. Anyone know how long they are contracted to be the Flagship Station for UMD Sports? (1/13/15)

The Baltimore City police commissioner announced today that they had the wrong man in a murder case. If he can do that why can't the leaders of Sinclair admit who was really at fault in the "cop killing" story scandal and take the appropriate action which would include correcting the scapegoating. (1/13/15)

“Now here’s something I wonder. Did DC have any minor league basketball or hockey team before the mid-70s?” In hockey, the Washington Lions played in the 50s and 60s at the Uline Arena. In basketball, the Washington Capitols played two seasons in the Basketball Association of America (precursor to the NBA). Washington also had a short-lived team in the ABA, the Washington Caps in 1969-70. The following year the team moved south and became the Virginia Squires. And I suppose you could also include the Washington Generals, the eternal foil for the Harlem Globetrotters. (1/13/15)

WTOP's coverage of the smoke/fire at Metro's L'enfant station yesterday was the same panicky, fear-inducing crap as ever. Megan Cloherty reported that she had seen "busloads of people being given oxygen" and "hundreds of people covered with soot." Since both of those have proven to be flat out lies, I assume she's been fired? No? What a surprise that the region's least credible news source hasn't issued an apology or disciplined a reporter for filing bullshit on air. Again. There's a chance of flurries later this week, so they're promoting panic over that harrowing situation now, and don't have time to talk about their past fuckups. (1/13/15)

[RE the Orioles move to 105.7:] 105.7 is a good move..1090 for a AM station doesn't have much of a signal outside of 30 miles, whereas 105.7 does. (1/13/15)

Dave's response: 105.7's signal depends on the direction. To the north, it's limited by a 105.7 signal in PA, and to the southwest, by close proximity to DC's 105.9. But to the east-ish, out to the Eastern Shore, it carries quite a ways.....

It is bittersweet to see the news about the O's leaving WBAL radio, but certainly understandable. It seems that the biggest mistakes the executives at Hearst made were in bringing in Merrie Street and Dave Hill and now a GM from Maine. They can't get out of their own way there. The product that is on today is probably the worst sounding in the station's history. All the employees who truly mattered jumped ship a few years back and the station has yet to recover from their departures. Don't be surprised to see a similar move coming from the Ravens before you know it. (1/13/15)

Lots of good reading this morning about the big move of the Orioles to 105.7. From the Baltimore Sun. The GM of Newsradio 1090 says "“It’s an interesting radio station, WBAL, and there might not be another one like it in this country. It’s so indigenous to Baltimore. It’s almost like a clearinghouse for everything Baltimore." I wonder if he ever listens to the station. This 24/7 news and traffic thing is a mess. Clearly rip and read news and traffic from some service not around here. Just awful. And apparently the Orioles feel the same way. (1/13/15)

New CEO at DC-based Voice of America soon to take office. Major changes are expected at agency, which has one of the lowest employee morale rankings in the federal government: (1/13/15)

RE: “Doug Hill Signs Deal To Stay At 7” – Why on earth would Sinclair keep a guy who works maybe 3 days a week? And how about that over bloated weather staff? You would think that as cheap as Sinclair is he’d be the first to go… (1/13/15)

"Even the worst waterheads here wouldn't mess with you if they knew your situation. Rock on. - ZW " Who could speak more authoritatively for these folks than ZW? NO ONE! (1/13/15)

Anyone know where The Hitman is today? He still has 101.1 & 105.1 on his LinkedIn page. (1/13/15)

["Here’s something people don’t understand about the FOX Network… Unlike ABC, CBS, NBC, the FOX Network rarely does national news except Presidential speeches or national tragedies here. While FOX 5 can tap into FOX News Channel if they want at any time (same company), WBFF FOX 45 CANNOT. It’s unclear to me whether they can even pay for the coverage. And Sinclair’s news bureau is simply not equipped to do this, at least not yet. When WUTB 24 was owned by FOX, they could switch to FNC on a dime like FOX 5 can. No more. So it’s not really WBFF’s fault. The FOX Network does not operate the same as the the other 3. Maybe they should but they don’t. "] This is half true. WBFF cannot tap into Fox News Channel whenever they want to but Fox does offer special report broadcasts if their affiliates want to pick it up for all major news events. 90 percent of the time Shep Smith is the person at the helm but on Friday during the breaking news in Paris, Harris Faulkner was providing special reports for Fox affiliates who wanted to pick it up, but they're optional. WBFF could also technically pick up NewsChannel8. (1/13/15)

To the person defending WIJK 1590, aka Vince, since it’s probably actually HIM posting, LOL… WIJK’s STA has already expired. The station is only operating under authority of that warning letter. If you check the FCC website, you’ll see that. The letter basically states that the FCC is not going to accept another “Dog Ate My Homework” excuse and the STA is NOT RENEWED and WON’T be in the spring if repairs are not made. The station does not have enough money to erect another tower and I don’t even think the station has access to the land anymore. I doubt they have the money for an engineering study to operate with just 2 towers (assuming those 2 can even be certified too). I mean, that 3rd tower has been down what? 10 years now? You can’t tell me they’re gonna rebuild that. And they could have hired an engineer for several years now but haven’t to file a form 301 if it was so simple. I’ll be surprised if the electric bill is paid! HAHA! (1/13/15)

Comparing today’s AHL and the 1960s AHL is like comparing apples to oranges. There were many major cities in the 1960s AHL that eventually became NHL cities today. Like the person stated, the quality of play was major league. The Capitals didn’t even exist back then so the Clippers could have only been associated with them for maybe a year or 2. That explains why the Baltimore Bullets and Baltimore Clippers were on DC TV for a short time. Neither sport was in DC at the time. It should also be noted that at that time, Baltimore was a bigger market than DC. Only in the 1970s did Washington eclipse Baltimore in population and growth. Now here’s something I wonder. Did DC have any minor league basketball or hockey team before the mid-70s? (1/13/15)

Kai Jackson is actually anchoring on the evening Monday, January 12th for WBFF-TV/FOX45 News at Ten days earlier than expected. Any idea of what is going on here? How are the current photojournalists at the station including my neighbor, Luke Rollins holding up after the "Kill A Cop" story? (1/13/15)

I guess Kai Jackson made his debut on WBFF at Ten on Monday evening a few days earlier than expected as he was anchoring on the smoke ventilations at WMATA's L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station. What will WBFF have him do next despite the controversy regarding the "Kill A Cop" story ? (1/13/15)

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\/ January 12 Messages \/

Glenn Younes at 105.7... What happened to him? He is no longer on the Sports rehab show with Bob Haynie. (1/12/15)

Jack Diamond falls ill and returns from Chicago to DC, at least temporarily. A top WBALer, Michelle Butt, leaves her Charm City news director gig. I talk lots of local media stuff each week on the "Sadly Lacking Radio" podcast. And much more in today's "Dave TV"..... (1/12/15)

Congratulations to the new GM of Newsradio 1090. You've now officially taken a heritage news station and single-handedly turned it into a small market sounding also ran. Expect more cuts to come. Are the Ravens the next to leave? (1/12/15)

You have to keep in mind that when the Baltimore Clippers started play in 1962, there were only the “Original 6” teams in the NHL, so the quality of play was pretty good. When the NHL expanded in 1966, the quality went down, then the WHA came along, and it got even worse. After the NHL-WHA merger, the Clippers/Bandits/Skipjacks were in a variety of lower tier leagues. Think “Slapshot”, and that’s what you had. In the earlier years, the games were carried on WBAL-Radio. Jim West was the play-by-play guy. He was one of the best radio guys around. He eventually left for a job as the Chicago Blackhawk TV announcer. I’ll stick with the CH 20 thing to be around the mid 60’s. I don’t recall that ever lasted until 1970. Ah, the good old days !. (1/12/15)

CP guy, you may have vision problems but you have the eye of the tiger. Maybe adopt a handle like 'CP Phil' or something, so people know who they're dealing with? Even the worst waterheads here wouldn't mess with you if they knew your situation. Rock on. - ZW (1/12/15)

Since it seems like Holly Morris is permanently on the revamped Good Day DC, guess she'll no longer be doing remote segment since they were usually during the 9-11 am segment..Also, yeah Kevin McCarthy has his dream job, but how many times do we have to listen to him kiss his boss' behind in thanking FOX for hiring him and allowing him to do what he loves, YADA YADA.. (1/12/15)

It's reported that WBAL radio has lost the Orioles contract. Without the Ravens, this station just doesn't have much and the Ravens are only one day a week. (1/12/15)

105.7 the Fan is the new Orioles flagship station for 2015. Garceau just announced it. (1/12/15)

Uh-oh, WBAL. The Orioles have switched to 105.7 The Fan. Joe Angel and Fred Manfra remain commentators. (1/12/15)

Dave: I have some shocking news about WBAL. A very reliable source has told me that the Orioles will be leaving WBAL and going over to 105.7 The Fan. According to my source the new general manager at WBAL is not so keen with sports. What a disaster for Baltimore and the Orioles because WBAL was really so supportive of the Orioles over the past 5-6 years. The announcers will still be Fred Manfra and Joe Angel. Stay tuned!! (1/12/15)

I answered 2 questions that were posted on Friday 1 being about nash fm and the other being the fox network. I’ve been called a lot worse than bumbling idiot. I can relate 2 bill powers also as I have cerebral palsey that causes blindness . bill, look up “jaws for wendows it cost$$$ but works like a charm on dcrtv does anybody know a site like dcrtv for west texas? The media has always been a passion for me, but cerebral palsey prevents you from talking clearly so can’t work in radio (1/12/15)

The AHL is not and was not a major league. It has always been a minor league feeding the NHL> The old Baltimore Clippers werea arounf for a long time. I am not sure when they were on DC TV but they were the AHL affiliate of a number of NHL teams over the years including the Caps for a season or so. (1/12/15)

Happy Birthday Buddies: today -- believe it or not -- is both Rush "Fat Boy" and Howard "Skinny Boy" birthday. Go figure! (1/12/15)

Dear Baltimoron: You're still the #26 market and falling. Your team LOST. And you still SUCK! Toodles (1/12/15)

Looking for a job? VOA Music Branch has an opening: www (1/12/15)

Re: The WIJK "Final" letter, it is hardly an ultimatum. In pertinent part, the October 3, 2014 letter reads: "In order to avoid a POSSIBLE cancellation of the station's license in the FUTURE, we RECOMMEND that Bayshore either complete all required repairs or retain a consulting engineer now to file an acceptable FCC Form 301 minor change application to modify the licensed facility before the expiration date shown below" (April 3, 2015). [Emphasis added.] Nothing in this correspondence indicates that the FCC is prepared to immediately revoke WIJK's license once the current STA expires. Sorry, haters. (1/12/15)

In today's front page story on the WBFF-TV scandal, it was said that the reporter "covered the story" and photographer Greg McNair "reportedly shot the video" neither of which is true. The reporter tracked the story in house and the video was taken from an internet source which was not vetted. Neither the reporter or photographer were anywhere near DC when the protest took place. (1/12/15)

Kai Jackson... second thoughts? (1/12/15)

Dear Washington, Baltimore had an NFL season worth watching with huge ratings. What did you have? See here. Enjoy suckers. :-) Love, Baltimore (1/12/15)

RE: OC radio... I wonder if Vince will have the money to pay the electric bill this year for WIJK 1590. In previous years, he’s violated FCC rules, shut down the AM while operating the 105.1 translator from somewhere else. Since the FCC has given him a FINAL WARNING and sorta caught him if you want to call it that, I would think he’ll have to keep AM 1590 running until April or take 105.1 & 104.1 dark. Hmm. We’ll see. (1/12/15)

CORD CUTTER… I don’t know if anyone read that Washington Times story, but the recent changes proposed to the FCC maybe actually give AEREO another avenue to resurrect itself. The potential changes in a la carte availability as in forced changes and the $5 set top box fee on every TV might re-open that Supreme Court case. Many of these new services are using the cloud just like Aereo did. The Cable vs. OTA paradigm that The Supreme Court based its decision on is truly changing before our eyes faster than could even be predicted when that decision was handed down. Along with that story, the FCC is proposing to regard cable and the internet service providers as utilities, which they are currently not regarded as. (1/12/15)

Radiate Media- are they still in business? (1/12/15)

For those wondering why the holdup in the WJLA website and TV station still saying ©Albritton Communications, WJLA just now filed on Jan. 8 an application for consummation to the FCC and since the government is apparently still on holiday, no action has been taken on it yet, but it’s been filed by ACC License, LLC, just not acted on. So legally, they can’t really say Sinclair yet. The person signing the document is labeled as Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. They have 90 days. — BaltoMedia.Net (1/12/15)

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"Lest we forget Steve Swenson's WNEW radio station makes a lot from infomercials and not nearly as much running a pro football playoff game. Ratings? RATINGS? The name of the game is $ $ $ $ $ $". I agree. So using that logic, why run the game at all? Seems Swenson would make more run just running infomercials every night from 10pm to 5am and weekends from 10pm to 7am. Then dump the All-News All The Time lie and leave the moniker to WINS and let WJFK or another CBS property carry the NFL playoffs. Frankly, if it's about cash and not ratings, just blow up the news and go to a cheaper format. WNEW News is not cheap to produce and probably does not bring in much cash on its own. (1/11/15)

It would seem neither Mark Levin nor the Landmark Legal Foundation seek nor sought to not pay taxes. Just the opposite: (1/11/15)

During the AFC playoff game, Channel 9 is running promos for the cord cutting segment they'll run on the 11 PM news tonight. Snip, snip. (1/11/15)

A few thoughts, first and foremost - would you please pre-read the mailbag messages? The bumbling idiot in Abilene is of no interest to this forum, other than for comedy purposes. Something must have happened (again) between Mike and Vince in Ocean City. A couple of weeks ago, 1590/105.1 were running some sort of rock and reggae mix. A few weeks before that, they were running a simulcast of Mike's 97.9 country station. Now, country again but without Mike Powell. There is more drama between those two than their is in an episode of Dynasty. The FCC doesn't give a shit about AM radio. quote "The Principal", the FCC doesn't give a shit about radio at all. Why an enforcement bureau still exists is a mystery to me, because nothing is enforced. The amount of main studio staffing violations within 30 minutes of the FCC office is baffling, if not insane. But, the "owners" get away with it because they know the FCC doesn't care, and is just an agency that collects fees and arbitrary fines. Regarding WNEW, Swenson will milk every dime he can out of it. They surely aren't making bank on a standard spot rate model. Advertisers are surely seeing that they aren't "All News All The Time", and were being sold a bill of goods. Then again, their advertisers are getting 6a to 7p placement due to all of the games and infomercials. Plus, WNEW can run carryover sports for two different markets. I guess it is there for a reason. I feel bad for Swenson, though. He's concentrating more on the move of the studios to the former Congo than worrying about what is happening on air. I also have read (sadly) that Jack Diamond has Diverticulitis. I had always wondered where she had gone after her record "I Touch Myself". I hope she makes a comeback. Finally, it's good to see that Michael Hughes is doing the polar bear plunge again this year. It's all he talks about at the office. All of us on Admiral Cochrane do agree, we believe the best place for him is in the bay. (1/11/15)

Someone once said "it doesn't matter what they say as long as they get the call letters right". I bet they're not saying that at WBFF-TV or Hunt Valley today after the story by David Zurawick in the Sun and the placement of the story, with pictures, on the front page of the A&E section. His story continues to follow the news story content scandal that led to the termination of a reporter and photojournalist. This, just days away from the start of the 4pm newscast on WBFF-TV. Some will be watching the ratings...WJZ's 4pm or Ellen DeGeneres Show at 4pm, or the startup of the 45-4. (1/11/15)

Five months after telling Comcast to "take your 300+ channel tier and shove it." I look at cool tubitv via Roku with loads of cool free British shows including "Space 1999." C-Net's streaming services takes a cool show off its video podcast line-up. Plus, I help my friend Sandy "shave the cord" via Verizon's Fios. And will offer my "cable cutting" consulting services to you, too. In today's edition of the "Cord Cutter"..... (1/11/15)

Yes Baltimore's Ravens are losers. Yes DC's Redskins are losers. Nothing to see here, move along. #8 taunting #26 isn't going to resolve anything. LC (1/11/15)

This was posted on the Jack Diamond Show FB page: He’s ALIVE!!! Sorry I’ve been absent for a few days. I have been dealing with some serious stomach issues, doctor appointments and trying to make some tough decisions. Let me start here; after our band played at a Zoofari fundraiser for their Endangered Species Program one rainy but wonderful Thursday evening, and this was about 20 years ago, I had some terrible stomach aches and pains. I thought maybe it was something that had spoiled and I ate. I was staying at a hotel near... the radio station so I could get up early and do "Free For All Friday" the next morning. The pain got so bad, at 2:30am I drove myself to a hospital. At this point I couldn’t walk, doubled-over in pain, I called the hospital and asked for some assistance. None came. So I crawled on my hands and knees through the parking lot into the emergency room in a driving thunderstorm. I’m not mentioning the hospital because their care and concern was apathetic and pathetic in every way. All the woman wanted was my insurance card and for me to fill out forms. I told her it would be a few minutes before I could pull myself together. She said “You’re getting the floor wet”. I crawled back out and left. I drove home and took some antibiotics and in a few days got a bit better. A mistake all the way around because it stopped me from getting a proper diagnosis for several years… Let’s forward to today. I have diverticulitis. It can be a very painful and debilitating condition. Here are a few links if you’d like to learn more, or know someone who needs answers. Jimmy was kind enough to share these links with me: … and Sadly, I have been through all of the various treatments leading up to the decision to have surgery. ASAP. I’m fortunate, my type and location can have a good result with surgery. So, I am in DC, where my wonderful gastroenterologist is located, along with the surgeon he works with. We did an endoscopy and colonoscopy yesterday and will be making a decision on surgery over the weekend. I hope to return to Chicago absolutely as soon as possible. I thank the wonderful staff there for being supportive, professional and kind. This is not the way I wanted to start 2015, (Aren’t we supposed to be in a big hotel ballroom together eating great food, playing great music and celebrating?) but I am so lucky to have family and friends close at hand. Including you. I’ll keep you in the loop, I wish you a VERY happy and healthy New Year! Love YOUR Show, Babe!! - Jack (1/11/15)

So finally Baltimore shares something in common with DC. A LOSING FOOTBALL TEAM! Ah the irony can't be lost on the Balmur braggards on DCRTV. That last minute interception was the delicious highlight of year. Let the people bitching about the bitching begin! (1/11/15)

Lest we forget Steve Swenson's WNEW radio station makes a lot from infomercials and not nearly as much running a pro football playoff game. Ratings? RATINGS? The name of the game is $ $ $ $ $ $ and $ $ $ $ $ $. (1/11/15)

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WNEW had an informercial playing instead of the Seahawks-Panthers game. Joined the game in progress in the second quarter when it was 7-0 Seahawks. Joining a game in progress for news is one thing, or for a local sports team that you're the flagship for, but for an informercial?!? I would imagine the few people who would've turned to WNEW to listen tuned out when the game started with the infomercial. Dave, have you ever asked and gotten an answers from Lanham on why the infomercials for an "All-News All the Time" station (obviously not true) and especially on NFL Division Saturday? (1/10/15)

[RE: First of all Mark Levin did not "owe" taxes to Loudon County...] There are always fools on the internet that love to make up crap about others. I had a person insist via the internet that I should not be teaching because I was in his words..."a convicted sex offender" I have never been arrested in my life. He would ask what my last name i was going to tell I always said you know so much ..prove it. I finally reported his butt to the FBI for cyber bullying...Not long after that he disappeared from the internet. (1/10/15)

Dave, sorry for posting so much, but where I live in texas nobody does this,. Now, we were talking nash icon on 101.1 we can all hate cumulus&mr. dicky all we want but nash icon may be the 1 thing cumulus got right I’ve listened 2 a station in fort smith Arkansas it has the right mix of new&old country last time I checked www.92.3 the ranch it was real country (1/10/15)

Dave, Two weeks from today, I'll be jumping into the frigid Chesapeake Bay. Today's High temp 21 and water temp 33 degrees...Brrr...Please help! Details and my personal donation page are below! Thanks so far to Paul & Kelly, Ed, Tim & Tracey, Brian and more! I'm looking forward to the The 19th Annual MSP Polar Bear Plunge on Saturday, January 24th and my 8th year of Plunging. Thanks so much to those of you who have donated in the past! I’ll jumping into the Chesapeake Bay to ensure that I can support Special Olympics Maryland athletes in honor of my Aunt Marilyn. This year, we have created a special WRNR team together with and our friends at Stan & Joe's and Big Bats! I need your help reaching my personal fundraising goal. Every dollar helps! You don’t need to be a million dollar giver, unless you want to be, but any donation will help! Just click on my personal page link below, give me a little support, and watch me reach my goal! Of course, you can always join me at the Plunge…or just wait for the pictures to appear on Facebook. Thanks so much! Michael (1/10/15)

"Hey, Dave, it looks like, maybe, Mark Levin is going to pay his Loudoun property taxes after all." That's the beauty of a forum like this. You can lay your complete ignorance out there for the world to see but still remain anonymous. Either you didn't bother to read the article or, you have the reading comprehension of a public school 5th grader. You completely whiffed on this one. (1/10/15)

Congratulations Mr. Zurawick for continuing to try and get the real story on the WBFF-TV story that lead to the scapegoat dismissals of two quality journalists who it would appear simply did what they were told. And one must ask why the general manager and news director continue to refuse to answer questions about how this could have happened. So much for transparency which this station continues to push for, for all but themselves. (1/10/15)

Happy New Year FCC. You have been talking about how to improve AM Radio now for three years and have done nothing but talk. NO ACTION! Are you just going to let the AM Radio completely die? (1/10/15)

Chris Plante's hero in the news again. Remember his on air love fest with this guy? (1/10/15)

OC’s 1590/105.1/104.1 combo has until I think April to either put up another tower for 1590 or sell or give up the license. They got a final letter from the FCC before the holidays and their Special Temporary Authority request has not been renewed. The stations, along with 101.1 is owned by Vincent Klepac. If 1590 is not on the air, then the FMs cannot be either, so if he loses 1590, they’ll all go off the air except 101.1. (1/10/15)

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WBAL TV news weekday morning show will start at 4:30 on Monday with the regular cast of characters (1/9/15)

First of all Mark Levin did not "owe" taxes to Loudon County: Landmark Legal Foundation -- a non-profit just like the porn ridden Clinton Foundation or even the NORML Foundation -- may have "owed" something. Second: Mark Levin, private citizen probably pays more taxes & donates/raises more monies than the entire DCRTV readership combined. So shut your piehole asshole. (1/9/15)

1 more thing about fox the fox here in Abilene is not fox o&o ganet owns kxva they ran fnc this morning (1/9/15)

I DON’T THINK CUMULUS OWNS REAL COUNTRY WW1 DOES I THINK. I’M NOT SURE IF CUMULUS GAVE UP ALL CONTROLL OF REAL COUNTRY TO WW1 BUT I KNOW THIS, WHAT CUMULUS REPLACED abc news with is even cheaper than cbs sports radio that replaced the far better espn feed hear in Abilene. (1/9/15)

"The never ending bitchfest about DC vs Baltimore is childish as hell" I don't know which is worse. The two of them or you bitching about them. All of you suck! Stop bitching about people bitching! (1/9/15)

Wizards radio is a #RadioParty with Dave Johnson and Glen Consor. (1/9/15)

The never ending bitchfest about DC vs Baltimore is childish as hell. Two fucking idiots without a brain between them. (1/9/15)

Hey, Dave, it looks like, maybe, Mark Levin is going to pay his Loudoun property taxes after all. Loudoun County first responders now owe Mark a big "thank you." As a property tax payer in Loudoun County, I say to Mark "welcome to the club, you big Jackass." (by using the word "jackass," I am being welcoming because I know Mark likes to make up nicknames and throw them arouound). (1/9/15)

"Dear DC… Jealous a bit maybe?" And the hyperventilation has begun and hyperbole has taken hold. Only took a few minutes. "Jealous?" Realllllly? #8 is NEVER jealous of #26. And if you base your self image on a football team, what a sad little excuse for a human you are. But huff-n-puff. Just be careful you don't blow yourself! Ooops too late! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and Ha! (1/9/15)

“Sling TV?” Who’s the spokesperson – Billy Bob Thornton? MmmHmm. Mike from Frederick and the Dashboard DX Society, chowing down on some potted meat and French fried po-taters! (1/9/15)

This isn't radio-related, but I wanted to post here to those who know me to let you know I've had a life-changing event happen over Christmas. I suddenly lost a good chunnik of my already low vision in what one doctor describes as a "non-arterial optic stroke", so what I see now is kind of like what you might see right after someone flashes a really bright camera bulb in your eyes, but the "stars" never go away. Overall, everything looks darker except those things that are already extremely bright, so it's kind of like someone turned up the contrast all the way on a TV set. We don't know at this point if any of the vision will return and there are no treatments for this, so now it's wait-and-see if anything changes. At first the doc thought it might be a tumor of some kind but that doesn't appear to be the case, it doesn't appear to be retinal either nor corneal, so we forge on trying to find out what changed my vision. I'm glad I still have some vision, but it surely is very frustrating. I've always been able to read things on my own but now am trying to reconfigure my computer so that a voice will read the text from the screen to me, but the screen reader isn't doing a very good job with anything like HTML, which is how DCRTV is displayed. What I want to hit home here for you is to encourage all of you to start out the new year by getting an eye exam, get them often and protect that vision. I always got exams often, so neglect was not an issue. But my only eye has been through more surgeries than it should have ever had and is therefore more delicate, but it served me well for 63 years anyway. I'd ask for your thoughts and prayers. I'll post back if there are any further developments. Meanwhile, let's all do everything we can to promote eye health so that no one else has to lose their sight. You know, it's not the end of the world, but it sure does make things more challenging. Take care all, and may your new year be a better one. Bill Powers, Las Vegas (1/9/15)

Here’s something people don’t understand about the FOX Network… Unlike ABC, CBS, NBC, the FOX Network rarely does national news except Presidential speeches or national tragedies here. While FOX 5 can tap into FOX News Channel if they want at any time (same company), WBFF FOX 45 CANNOT. It’s unclear to me whether they can even pay for the coverage. And Sinclair’s news bureau is simply not equipped to do this, at least not yet. When WUTB 24 was owned by FOX, they could switch to FNC on a dime like FOX 5 can. No more. So it’s not really WBFF’s fault. The FOX Network does not operate the same as the the other 3. Maybe they should but they don’t. (1/9/15)

Glen Younis announced a couple of weeks ago that he was leaving his evening show for work in a charitable foundation. He had been attempting to do both but not possible. Bob in glendale (1/9/15)

Just noticed that in Ocean City, 101.1 FM has changed formats AGAIN to Nash Icons 101.1. The alternative rock format moved to 1590/105.1 according to the website. Couple of questions here: Who owns 101.1/1590/105.1? Wasn’t there a sale pending to the owners of 540/97.9, etc.? I wasn’t aware that Cumulus was syndicating the Nash Icons format. Did this replace the former ABC Real Country 24/7 format? Also, the former Great Scott stations that were sold to Adams - from someone speaking outside of the market - why do they continue to program formats that are now duplicated on the other properties? I thought I heard rumors that OC104 would flip to more of a mainstream CHR and another FM would flip to an adult contemporary format? MLB4 (1/9/15)

Dear DC… Jealous a bit maybe? Lacking a winning team? Your TV stations are covering OUR NFL team and not yours? Bothering you just a bit maybe? Gotta make up stuff like “harboring a wife beater” when the player was released outright? Maybe you should become a Patriots fan, where a serial murderer has still yet to be fined or banned by the NFL. Nobody’s talking about that. I wonder why. Love, Baltimore. :-) (1/9/15)

The world's news media has been covering the events in Paris involving two hostage situations. The coverage included three of Batimore's four broadcast television stations. Once again only WBFF-TV failed to recognize the importance of these events and carried its regular programing. Disgraceful. (1/9/15)

NBC News shoddy reporting is not surprising. It is the same outfit that employs the "Reverend" Al Sharpton, America's foremost race hustler, corporate shakedown artist, and anti-Semite as a "political commentator". Sharpton has as much credibility at MSNBC as Jeffrey Daumer had as a chef. (1/9/15)

A negative review about Balmur? Say it ain't so. Let the hyperventilation begin. Hands will be wrung, teeth will be gnashed and DCRTV will become a battle ground of insults, denials, accusations and hyperbole of Congressional proportions. How dare that scoundrel say something negative about folks who already have an inferiority complex. Folks who place their entire self image on a football team that harbors wife beaters. Balmurons will not like this DCRTV Dave. You must repent, you MUST REPENT! If you want to run with the big dogs, you must get off the porch! (1/9/15)

with the pending changes at WJFK who will take over the afternoon drive Spot? (1/9/15)

[From Steve Rudin's Facebook page:] Never a dull moment. This was the scene during our 11 pm newscast Thursday evening. Everything is fine..... (1/9/15)

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The death of cable and the coming war for the online streaming market - (1/8/15)

This was a 98 Rock interview. The guy Eric Wilbur wrote a negative column about Baltimore on (12/8/15)

TBT: I was too young to remember The Baltimore Clippers on Channel 20 or the Baltimore Bullets on Channel 5 but I would have loved to have seen that. People forget the Caps didn’t exist then nor did the Capital Center even exist so it makes sense. At that time, the AHL was a competing league with the NHL, so it was considered Pro hockey, not minor league. The company that owned 24 in Baltimore back then went under so they would have never been able to afford to broadcast any local sports. WBFF back then was strictly Baltimore’s Finest Features concentrating on almost all movies outside of Captain Chesapeake and old re-runs (really old, not even the good ones). Back then the Smith family had little money. No way they could afford to do any local sports. Hell, they did news updates without any graphics on a black screen! Both 5 and 20 were at least owned by decent sized corporations. 2, 11, & 13 here had network commitments. While I didn’t see those Baltimore sports on 5 & 20, once I found out about Captain 20 & Creature Feature and the better re-runs that 5 & 20 ran than 45, we got an outdoor antenna, which allowed me to get all the DC stations. Dad didn’t like spending all that money, but I showed him that we could also get other NFL games on 4, 8, & 9 and he was happy camper. Back then the NFL TV rules were slightly different. WMAR didn’t have to carry every Redskins game and WRC didn’t have to carry every Colts game and WGAL 8 carried whatever it wanted. Kids used to come to my house to watch kids shows they couldn’t get and my Dad would invite people over to watch football games that other people in Baltimore couldn’t get! When Caltec came to town, we were one of the first wired areas 2 blocks from the eastern hub, and they promised us perfect DC TV station reception. It was a big selling point, much better reception than we were getting on the northeast side of Baltimore, plus a station in Atlanta, New York, & San Francisco, so called “Super Stations." I wish it was like that today, but thanks to the DMCA law and FCC it appears it’ll never be that way again. The government technically combines the markets in a CMSA statistic, then divides them totally in media. Makes no sense more an more because now I can stream the DC news even though I can’t get the stations. But still the era of Free US TV is gone. Most people don’t know that Europeans now pay far less for TV services than Americans do or that every TV you buy has a $5 tax on it that goes to some mysterious FOR PROFIT company. How many people even know that? (1/8/15)

Thought you would like this... Broadcasters Are Missing a Huge Mobile Opportunity: Engagement in Apps... (1/8/15)

Easy Peasy with the Press (1/8/15)

Installation of LPTV test transmitters atop One World Trade Center in New York City is expected to begin on 1/19 with overnight tests on channels 12 (5 KW ERP) and 32 (230 KW ERP) to begin six to eight weeks later. The signals are expected to be beamed north of the site. Tests will be made using the single-carrier ATSC 1.0 mode as opposed to the multicarrier ATSC 3.0 mode. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/8/15)

You may no be a "millennial" Dave but you are among them by cutting the cord, streaming and using alternatives to cable: (1/8/15)

Maureen Umeh will now be on weekend morning news on channel 5. She was previously working on the weekend evening broadcasts. I suspect they're going to replace Maureen with Sarah Simmons. I remember hearing Sarah saying she was going to be on the 10pm newscast "momentarily". I remember when the station moved Laura Evans to the weekend newscast for awhile..That station is a perpetual musical chairs place. (1/8/15)

I’ve always believed that the sports talk stations in DC were making a mistake by not providing any more coverage of the Ravens than they do NFL teams from hundreds of miles away such as the Kansas City Chiefs. While it’s understandable that Dan Snyder’s Red Zebra network wouldn’t be too keen on pumping up a team that competes with the Skins for fans, 106.7 The Fan appears to be missing out on a golden opportunity to expand its listener base. In the category of contributing to the dumbing down of America, heard one of ESPN 980’s update guys recently refer to the Wizards’ just completed “west coast trip” to Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, San Antonio and New Orleans (and the same geographical faux pas committed by WTEM’s Scott Jackson and Doc Walker as well as a caller to the team’s postgame show on 106.7) – wasn’t aware that the Pacific Ocean had submerged the entire western half of the country. When exactly did sports radio interviews become more about affirmation than information? – noticing that a lot of the questions posed by Tony Kornheiser, Andy Pollin and other hosts to their guests are in the form of a statement of personal opinion on a topic followed by “right?” (which doesn’t seem like great interviewing technique to me). Mike, Fairfax (1/8/15)

There may be some management people at WUSA9 that like the Ravens or used to be with the Ravens or whatever....But I think it's a smart move to cover the Ravens. A) The organization is actually winnning B) They're not run like a 7-car circus side show like the Redskins C) They don't have to deal with the name debate nonsense and D) THEY WIN. There is a huge, huge Ravens fan base just north of D.C. in rural Montgomery, Prince George's, and Anne Arundel County. It's mostly west and south of D.C. that is Redskins country. I think they're is absolutely an audience for it and they're owning it....NBC4 is official "Redskins partners" ABC7 I don't even think has a sports department anymore. And WUSA9 is going after the Ravens audience. -- Ted M. in NW (1/8/15)

[RE SiriusXM dropping Oprah's channel:] She is worth 3 Billion dollars she will be just fine (1/8/15)

[RE SiriusXM dropping Oprah's channel:] She has her network and other media properties now making movies. (1/8/15)

[RE SiriusXM dropping Oprah's channel:] She can always get tea and sympathy from Dr. Oz... (1/8/15)

[RE SiriusXM dropping Oprah's channel:] She showed up for 30 minutes a month on one show to take calls from her sycophantic followers telling her how much they worshipped her. That was it. I recall saying while there that if she just did a 2-hour midday show, the ratings would have skyrocketed. But nooo... (1/8/15)

[RE SiriusXM dropping Oprah's channel:] Don't really care about Oprah, to me she is one of those that continues to divide our nation.... (1/8/15)

[RE SiriusXM dropping Oprah's channel:] I wouldn't have known if you didn't tell me...on that same note, I wouldn't know if Howard Stern 's channels were dropped. (1/8/15)

Dave: I don't know if you've seen the documentaries from local filmmaker Jeff Krulick, but his latest film, "Led Zeppelin Played Here," screens next week on the 14th at the Avalon theater in D.C. I'm not a friend of the filmmaker and have no role in publicizing it beyond being a film fan who saw and LOVED this movie at the most recent Virginia Film Festival. The reason I'm sharing about it in the Mailbag is because I think it's right up readers' alley (alleys?), with local rock-music collectors and radio folks discussing the possible urban legend of a very early Led Zeppelin performance in Wheaton, Md. I think you're really dig the movie, Dave. Your readers, too! (1/8/15)

About the Ravens coverage in DC, I heard that Channel 9 has some employees that used to work for the team. I think that's where their DC affiliate for the preseason games will wind up there next year as they already carry on of the Ravens studio show's Ravens Report. They only reason they were on WJLA was that Sinclair was had to fulfill some contracts. Sinclair doesn't carry sports and is mostly committed to not interrupt network programing, although the M&T Bank Stadium P.A. announcer Bruce Cunningham is their Sports anchor. WUSA has a good relationship with Hearst in Baltimore. If they don't wind up on WUSA, there's always WDCW 50 or WDCA 20. (1/8/15)

I can remember when Ch. 20 aired Baltimore Clipper (American Hockey League) games. Probably in the mid to late 60’s. No one in Baltimore was doing that. You couldn’t even get decent reception of Ch 20 where I lived in NE Balto. (1/8/15)

RE: when UHF wasn't included on TVs until 1964. Our family owned an 21 inch Admiral TV (which included UHF reception) from the mid '50's until it "died" in the late '60's. 1964 was the year the FCC passed the all channel act. That required all televisions manufactured after a certain date in 1964 to include both UHF and VHF tuners. (1/8/15)

I see that Sarah Simmons' first few appearances on nights have included 2 reports lasting about 2-3 minutes. So I think it's safe to say that she's gone the same route of channel 4's Richard Jordan (field reporter to anchor then back to field reporter). And I guess this means she's no longer the health reporter. As for Holly, is she permanently in studio now? Can't imagine her liking being cooped up inside every day as it's obvious she likes the attention she gets on those remote stories. Bottom line, lots of changes at that station. (1/8/15)

So on Wednesday night anchorman Jeff Barnd says goodbye to Fox45 in Baltimore. Then on Thursday night his co-anchor disappears from the set. Where is Jenifer Gilbert? Now I must admit I didn't see the opening of the newscast where the fill-in, Karen somebody, may have explained Gilbert's absence but the scheduling in view of all the issues (terminations) seems a bit strange. Also 90 minutes with a single anchor is a bit much. (BTW how many Kais can one market take?) (1/8/15)

Two points; First regarding Washington v Baltimore media, have worked in both, currently in DC, would rather be in Baltimore. News is more fun to cover in that town, and in a lot of ways more rewarding. Plenty of people make a good living there and are happy to stay for a fulfilling career. Second, no surprise WUSA covers the Ravens as they are a CBS affiliate and show the majority of the Ravens (AFC) games on their air. Couple that with the fact that there are numerous Ravens fans in the area primarily served by WUSA as their CBS station that an improved coverage plan is a no brainer. The ratings results back it up. (1/8/15)

The reason that WTTG marketed in Baltimore might had to do with when UHF wasn't included on TVs until 1964, and even it your had a converted box, it was hit or miss getting those stations in clearly. The Baltimore Bullets were on Channel 5 as their TV affiliate in the 1960s according to an old film narrated by Chris Schenkel which is strange that a DC station carried some of games and not one in the home city of Baltimore. (1/8/15)

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\/ January 7 Messages \/

Just pointing out that Baltimore isn’t a “3rd tier market” as a poster has claimed. Baltimore is a larger market than San Diego, New Orleans, Nashville, Kansas City, OK City, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Memphis, Austin, Milwaukee, Little Rock, Jacksonville, Richmond, Buffalo, and a lot of other notable markets. There are people who work many years with the hope of making it to a market the size of Baltimore. Just sayin’. RJF (1/7/15)

Dave, Happy New Year! Speaking of Baltimore/Washington or vice versa I can remember when channel 5 used to market in Baltimore back in the mid 60's---dual marketing has always been going on and always will.The argument is stupid.Dual market marketing is beneficial to all concerned. (1/7/15)

The Baltimore bashing in the DCRTV mailbag by at least one person is childish at best that whole debate is old and tired at this point both sides need to grow up. Does the general public really care that Baltimore is the 26th largest TV market probably not. Its funny how this comes up every NFL post season when Dan Synder becomes a better owner the Redskins will be a better team. (1/7/15)

It seems that Glen Younes is gone fro 105.7 the fan...Terry Ford is paired with Bob Janie...Website has pic of him and Ford together on sports rehab page... (1/7/15)

Don't know if it's been noted but WUSA aired Ravens Report all season. Hosted by Kirsten Berset Sat night/Sun morning after the Game On Overtime program. (1/7/15)

The Mailbag argument about Baltimore vs Washington is going to advance beyond the third grade level at some point...isn't it? (1/7/15)

Well golly gee. It didn’t take too far in to 2015 before we start with the immature and name-calling posts in the Mailbag. Thanks so much Mr/Ms CSMA. Each of us is so greatly enlightened by your well written post. (1/7/15)

In today's "Cord Cutter," I look at Dish's new Sling TV service which will feature streams of ESPN and a batch of other cable channels for just $20. Will this service, plus new stand-alone streaming services from HBO, Showtime, and CBS, really safe you money. Plus, what am I watching on Roku and Netflix these days. My favorite broadcast channel for movies. And more..... (1/7/15)

To the fella looking for the old cartoon music: if there is a way you could hum the melody and post it to SoundCloud or a similar service, it would be easier to identify. Meantime, do a search for "Capitol Production Music", a collection that was used on everything from radio commercials to Ren and Stimpy cartoons; and check out Jingle Jetsam - one of my favorite websites for wacky old music used in radio production. -al p. (1/7/15)

I was tipped off by someone at WUSA 9, but after some investigation it makes sense why WUSA 9 is courting the Baltimore Ravens telecasts & expanding coverage & totally makes sense. I didn't realize Mark Burdett, station GM, has worked with both the Redskins & Ravens organizations in marketing the NFL teams before. He has extensive experience in this field and I wouldn't be surprised if WUSA 9 gets all the Ravens shows & pre-season games next season in Washington DC. If only the Redskins could get such a deal here. Not anytime soon. Below is a Gannett press release... -- Balto Media/BaltoMedia.Net (1/7/15)

"but you’re part of the Consolidated Statistical Metro Area called “Washington-Baltimore” Oh the Bal-ti-morons are shaking their cages again. No pimplehead, YOU ARE PART OF THE WASHINGTON bal-ti-moron statistical metro area. You forgot(must be the water) that its STARTS with WASHINGTON, not bal-ti-moron. Duhhhhhh. Oh and Baltimore is the #26 market. A third tier by any standard and you should be thanking Washington for including you, not deriding it. You do have a enormous inferiority complex being in a third tier #26 market. Unfortunately for you, the world doesn't give a crap about what football team is doing well and what team isn't. Only your little inferior cranium cares. Advertiser's (except beer and chip) don't care what team is doing well. They care about market size and demographics. Go back to whacking your inferiority complex, it could use some more strokes! But it was good for a laugh to see #26, third tier, huffing and puffing and providing an impudent broadside. (1/7/15)

Saw a tweet from Sarah Simmons regarding a report she did tonight. So does that mean she's a contributing reporter now and back out in the field?..If so, sounds like a demotion to me..Hmm. (1/7/15)

I used to go to the Orlando Sentinel website on a almost daily basis, but I no longer go there at all. The Orlando Sentinel is owned by Tribune, so the website got a makeover, redesign, whatever the hell Tribune did, and it totally sucks now! I can’t make heads or tails out of it; it’s that BAD!!!b (1/7/15)

Looks like WWTD-LD sources its Jewelry TV stream on 49.5 from a Roku box. This is what's broadcasting OTA at 9:20 pm tonight. (1/7/15)

/\ January 7 Messages /\

\/ January 6 Messages \/

Former FOX 5 reporter Karen Gray Houston talks about family hist - DC News FOX 5 DC WTTG - (1/6/15)

BIG NEWS - (1/6/15)

You can't make up this stuff...Seen today on the WTOP website this headline, "Region caught off guard by snowfall." Well maybe if your highly paid meteorologists actually did their job, we wouldn’t have been off guard. (1/6/15)

The way the Skins are continuing their descent to oblivion, the whole D.C. area’ll be in the pockets of the Ravens before long. Can you blame the media for encouraging that? ? KOF (1/6/15)

I was told by a source that you should expect to see more Ravens coverage on WUSA 9 and I guess the source was correct. Apparently several higher ups at WUSA 9 are Ravens fans. I’m not sure if Bill Lord himself, but definitely some Ravens fans in the building. I’m sure it will die off immediately if the Ravens lose in New England. But what Redskins coverage are you missing? Think about it. A playoff team 40 miles away is newsworthy. — BaltoMedia.Net (1/6/15)

If the late Glenn Brenner were alive, he probably would have already made loads of fun of the Redskins and given up covering them in anything but a comedy setting. As for Ravens coverage, I hate to tap snobby DC on the shoulder, but you’re part of the Consolidated Statistical Metro Area called “Washington-Baltimore” and as far as the NFL goes, DC and is a secondary market to Baltimore and vice versa. Way way back, a long time ago, I seem to remember the then winning Redskins pushed down Baltimore's throat. So paybacks are a bitch. Enjoy. And don’t forget, most people in Howard, AA, Frederick, & many eastern shore counties can get both markets’ station. Covering a winner has its benefits & ratings. If the Redskins had made the playoffs, there would probably be some coverage up here too, but we don’t have to worry about that happening anytime soon. :-) (1/6/15)

“Wizards sportsball” game? Seriously? LOL I’ll answer anyway even though everyone knows the answer. The big leagues generally own the streaming rights of their games & sell them, not the teams or radio stations. This can vary in college or other sports, but generally if you hear a major sporting event streamed online, it’s an accident at the radio station. I often catch Orioles games streamed out of state on the large Orioles radio network. If they get caught, I’m sure there’s a fine, but nobody ever reports it unless somebody big like WBAL radio or WTOP makes such a mistake, which never happens. (1/6/15)

"The Dean of Folk DJs" Gene Shay will retire from the airwaves this month - (1/6/15)

I was looking at the Sun's website this morning and was surprised to see an article credited to the Associated Press. Looking deeper, I saw a lot of AP material. IIRC The Sun, along with most of the rest of the Tribune papers, left AP for Reuters a couple of years ago in a cost-cutting move. Jim Romenesko has a couple of details. And, Dave, Happy New Year! (1/6/15)

Re.: WBAL Traffic. So does that mean Dave Sandler is gone ?? Have to agree with others. Mike Franciotti is bad. They had someone named Jay Walker (I think) last night at 7:35 who was worse. And Dave, what’s up at 105.7 ? It looks like Glenn Younes is gone. It’s been Haynie and Ford evenings. If Yopunes is gone, it’s probably the smartest thing Labrozzi has done in the past 2 years. (1/6/15)

Dave's response: Have I been hearing Dave Sandler on WMAL, which gets its traffic from Cumulus in Atlanta? Maybe.....

"She sounds like a self absorbed diva, which I guess you have to be to make it in local radio. Whatever" No that "self absorbed" persona is reserved to anonymous jerk-off's who post snarky comments online. Word! (1/6/15)

RE: Sun website… All Tribune newspapers are switching to that terrible format including the Chicago Tribune & LA Times. It’s awful, confusing, a mix of VERY LARGE print with very small print, near unreadable. I have no idea what they were thinking. It’s made me read The Post much more often lately. — BaltoMedia (1/6/15)

If you are going to take a shot at someone in radio, at least get the names right. Kelli is spelled Kelly and Jin is spelled Jen. Unless you know either in real life, you shouldn't assume how one is on radio is how they really are. (1/6/15)

I'm wondering when a real journalist will uncover the real story into the termination of the reporter and photographer at WBFF-TV, FOX45, Sinclair Broadcast Group, for following the directions of their superior. (1/6/15)

[Has anyone tried listing to WNEW online.] WNEW was broadcasting, over-the-air, the Wizards sportsball game, which they can't stream online. Would be nice to have a explanation on the stream though, as other streams do. (1/6/15)

Tommy Show sidekick Kelli from 94.7 Fresh FM called into X-Rated "Opie & Jim Norton Show" on Sirius Monday morning during my commute. The guys were talking about a new girl DJ in New York and under the guise of defending this new DJ, Kelli just had to chime in. She could have remained anonymous, but when they pressed her just a little bit she was only too happy to give her name plug her station and the show she's on. Her whole call was so self serving. The guys looked at her pic on the Fresh website, and took a shot at Jin when they saw her pic. That was funny, otherwise nothing Kelli had to say was worthy. She sounds like a self absorbed diva, which I guess you have to be to make it in local radio. Whatever ... (1/6/15)

"Try to find a "Listen Live" button to click on. Can't locate it anywhere." Upper right corner, where it was on the old page too. (1/6/15)

[Dave's response: It [] can't be any worse than the brutally stupid new website for the Baltimore Sun.....]: Dave, are you ever right. Both revised websites just stink. Each of the former websites visually looked far better, were easy to navigate and were much better for readability. (1/6/15)

It's not only the DC news stations shoving the Ravens playoffs down our throats. Check out the Baltimore stations. If I hear about one more pep rally or spray painted Ravens logo car decal story I will scream! Enough of it already. WBAL Channel 11 and radio staff are in the pockets of the Ravens PR people obviously. How many more half drunks on a bar stool can they put on air? Heaven forbid a real news story, like steroid use or domestic assault, happens again. I wonder who will cover it because most reporters and anchors don't possess any journalistic integrity when it comes to the team. When the snow clears they'll go shopping for more purple clothes so they can dress up on Friday and put pictures on Facebook. They are all guilty of it, Channel 2, 13 and 45 also. It's a shame what the industry has become. (1/6/15)

If you think Jennifer had anything to do with the hiring of Mike Franciotti, you'd be wrong. Mike Franciotti works for iHeart Total Traffic, which supplies some of the reports to WBAL. I will agree, he sounds horrible. He sounds horrible doing traffic on WNEW, to the point that I can't understand a word thorough his 'Hon most of the time. I bet he's a big hit at Jimmy's on Holabird, however. The new WTOP website seems to be powered by Wordpress, the same outfit that provides the template for the CBS O/O websites. By the way - what's with the new WTOP logo? All LOWER case letters? The old logo screamed at you. The new logo looks like a little boy hiding behind a bush, waiting to take a beating. PS - UCS, check your keyboard. For "bullshit listening" you penned the frequency of CSPAN and not WNEW. Just my take. Taxes and tags not included. (1/6/15)

The "new" website is absolutely abysmal. Try to find a "Listen Live" button to click on. Can't locate it anywhere. News items are spread all over hell, instead of being presented clear and concisely in the old format. Way too much white space. It's a plain mess. It's probably the most user-UNFRIENDLY news website I've ever seen. I can't imagine why someone would approve this type of format and ditch what they had. It's lost me for good. (1/6/15)

Dave's response: It can't be any worse than the brutally stupid new website for the Baltimore Sun.....

I have long been scouring the Internet finding this one song or instrumental that was used on the old WJZ Cartoon Festival, and no I am not talking about the Lorenzo theme but a piece of music that sounded a lot like some 1940s or 1950s instrumental or kind of like a classical music piece that would sound best when played with clown footage, and it would start off as sounding bombastic like in a type of circus setting and then trail off into being romantic, plus it was heavy with horns, strings and some percussion, even possibly like some movie or Broadway theme, and I am sure if I hummed that for you, you would have the best idea as to what it would be. (1/6/15)

Looks like the new WTOP website handles extra users well. #morecapacityneeded (1/6/15)

The Ravens are advancing in the NFL playoffs, so that means WUSA will be shoving unending Ravens coverage down our throats as long as their playoff run continues. Kristen Berset (who, coincidentally, is a Baltimore reject) already announced they’ll be live in Foxborough later this week and this weekend. To Bill Lord: WUSA is a WASHINGTON station, not a BALTIMORE station. Can all the Ravens crap you guys put on the air and maybe, just maybe, I’ll start watching your station again. Good grief, local sports in DC really sucks these days. George Michael and Glen Brenner are probably both turning over in their graves. If one station would have the guts to hire a decent lead sports anchor based on some factor other than having the largest tits, they would have a great opportunity ahead of them. (1/6/15)

I think this is funny, but most won’t in DC. THE FCC HAS DONE ALMOST NO WORK OVER THE HOLIDAYS FROM DEC. 23 TO JAN. 5. No action on applications, almost nothing acted on. It’s as if there was like a Republican government shutdown or something. WHO DOES THIS SEQUESTER THING? OH WAIT! That’s what Federal employees NORMALLY do during the holiday break… NOT WORK! HAHA! Sorry, my bad. — Emily Litella (1/6/15)

Has anyone tried listing to WNEW online. I listened tonight from 8:40 until 9:15pm and heard nothing but commercials. Nothing from WNEW at all!! Ads from CBS,, Walgreens, DirectTV, etc. Many repeated multiple times, some in a row. How can they have a stream that has absolutely nothing from the station they are supposedly streaming? Not even an ad for WNEW! (1/6/15)

I am surprised that WBAL 1090 brought back Mike Franciotti on traffic duty. He was horrible a few years ago there with a heavy Baltimore accent and equally as bad when he read news in the afternoons on WCBM. Though as the husband of Jennifer, maybe she convinced the stations dual news director into bringing him back. Remember, standards mean nothing to any of the aforementioned people. They are all just coasting. (1/6/15)

/\ January 6 Messages /\

\/ January 5 Messages \/

RE: Jim Russ and WBAL traffic. Jim wraps up around noon or one. The rest of the time is handled by Total Traffic. That has to make Jim happy, since they blew him out a few years ago. I heard Mike Franciotti on before rush hour today. That also has to bring a smile to Jim's face because Mike is horrible. (1/5/15)

Forget how bad WTOP or CNN's dismal improvements: Drudge blows them aways with hits. Again, pay attention to the reviews of Drudge's new APP: (1/5/15)

Perhaps instead of a full-blown retirement for Jim Vance, he could step back and just anchor the 6pm news? (1/5/15)

Is it coincidence that WTOP and CNN, two of the worst sources for news anymore, have both come out with "new" websites recently that have less functionality and are less user friendly than previous iterations? Looks to me like somebody has come up with a cheap alternative to the way the station and the network were handling their websites, but the onscreen product is awful: not much info, almost no graphics; the top several inches are just a list of headlines. Very generic look; little branding; and overall most users will think they accidentally surfed to 1998. I'll admit I'm glad to see 'TOP slipping in the ratings and simultaneously shooting itself in the foot online....but why? Could it really just have been to farm out web work to save a few bucks, or was there something more to this stupid move? (1/5/15)

So channel 5 has replaced Sarah Simmons with Melanie Alnwick and Sarah's going to nights at 10pm. What's up with sending the morning people to evenings/nights?..And how did the new Good Day DC @ 10a go this morning? (1/5/15)

Maria Dennis won her battle with cancer and returned to Mix106 today, (10AM-2PM) (1/5/15)

Re: Can anything be more obnoxious than that ridiculous Ravens announcer who says "The hay is in the barn!"? No, nothing. But when he dies they’ll mention him as being famous for saying it. (1/5/15)

At the 9-minute mark of your DaveTV3 2015 Predictions, please tell me you didn't say that WASH and WLIF are going to try to euthanize their listeners? (1/5/15)

Dave's response: Ha ha ha. I said "youthenize".....

“Washington Times commentary rails against ATSC tuners in TV sets. ~ TV digital streaming technology speeds past FCC license rule ~ ~~~” I don’t see why this is such a big deal. If manufacturers want to get around this, they can easily label their sets as monitors (with no tuners) instead of TVs. Sure, they wouldn’t be able to include a QAM or ClearQAM tuner in the set, but how many cable companies support those standards anymore? (1/5/15)

I didn’t read the story in the Sun, but The City Paper has some interesting reader comments on their story about the Fox 45 “Kill a Cop” incident: (1/5/15)

Jim Russ is still doing “traffic and weather” as of 11:35. In the past, he did mornings until 9:00 am, then came back for afternoon rush. So is Jim now on until noon and Dave Sandler handles the rest of the day? I know someone mentioned WBAL going traffic 24/7 a few weeks back. Anyone know what’s up? (1/5/15)

Explore a whole new RELM of talk radio! (1/5/15)

FB post from Greg Carpenter: "Welcome to the first day back to work. Also, welcome Gina Crash to the 101.9 morning show!! You might know her from HFS. She's all ours now....wonder how she feels about that...haha. --Greg" (1/5/15)

Melanie Alnwick - A little bit of news to share on this first work week of 2015 - I'll be joining the Fox 5 Morning News & Good Day DC anchor team M-F. After 15 years, finally - weekends off! (1/5/15)

/\ January 5 Messages /\

\/ January 4 Messages \/

Your Predictions: WMAL Local & Live in PM drive? NFW! Cumulus will be cutting back on local origination everywhere in 2015. Their cost-cutting drive is relentless; KYS & MMJ turmoil already starting; WUSA competitive? NFW! Gannett is looking at cost-cutting the same way as Cumulus; The Post –Gift of understatement; Cable –You’re right. And, their profits will increase because programming costs will go down; WFDC –Could happen; 106.7 Would you “fix” a business that’s making money? Not likely; Donnie Simpson returning? Ken Beatrice will do “Return of Sportscall” nights on WMAL before that happens; Red Zebra sale to Cumulus? They’re not interested in anything on AM. Also, they’re still choking on the debt from the Citadel buy; WRQX changes? Can you say NASH? Jack Diamond will not come back; WBAL-AM? “Channel 1090” would’ve been sold by now if Hearst set a realistic price. Likewise, WIYY would’ve been gone, too; WLIF & WASH (among others) have lazy sales departments. So, your prediction is likely; WTOP out of the Top-5? Yes. WNEW growing? Yes. If you take a very careful look behind the ratings, you’ll find that the WTOP audience is shrinking in numbers, but becoming richer. However, WTOP is losing the “power audience” component because of “happy talk”. That audience has no time for bullshit. If they want bullshit on their radios, they’ll listen to 90.1. The WNEW audience is growing. But, weirdly. The audience is well-educated and has some of the WTOP power component of people turned-off by the happy talk. But, it’s not (yet) a stable audience. When WTOP is regularly missing from the Top-5, then you’ll either see (expensive) changes, or a sale to CBS. However, I would expect a serious Jim Farley component first; “Chipotle/The Jungle” belongs to the same category as WHFS. Won’t happen. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/4/15)

Melanie Alnwick tweeted today was her last Sunday show and then (with the #Good Day DC) said that she will be doing M-F anchoring duties starting tomorrow. So who will take her Sunday spot?. Talk about musical chairs at that station!! (1/4/15)

Can anything be more obnoxious than that ridiculous Ravens announcer who says "The hay is in the barn!" Try all you want. You'll never be Chuck Thompson. (1/4/15)

So, the WAPO to its credit printed a letter in Saturday's Free For All taking openly out food critic Tom Sietsema to task for comparing a sausage to a penis. He must have been thinking about the movie 'My Dinner With Jose Andres'. Similarly, Doonesbury on the one day a week when Gary Trudeau can pull himself away from the bong addressed gang rape in a Sunday strip. Some Miss Grundy complained about it because of 'the children'. Apparently she was okay with the strips about one on one rape in the military, but gang rape somehow crosses the line. - Dave, too late for a prediction, but what's the over/under for America's Podcaster in 2015? Death, retirement, divorce? - ZW (1/4/15)

Gotta love the backhanded Facebook tribute from Nestor to Stuart Scott that starts with Nestor saying he was never a big fan of Stuart's work. Does anyone think Stu Scott would care what some small time radio guy from a hellhole of a town would think of him? I don't think the broadcasters at ESPN get WNST in too clearly. Really surprising from a guy whose wife suffers from leukemia. (1/4/15)

Just watched your predictions for 2015 & they were quite interesting. I agree that this may be the year for Jim Vance's retirement from on air duties. Will truly miss him on there. Wonder who's his heir apparent. I've seen Chris Lawrence fill in a number of times & seems to fit in quite nice with the rest of the crew..And Dave, on an unrelated note, consider getting some Mucinex for that cough and mucus problem. (1/4/15)

I take a look into the repaired DCRTV crystal ball and make some local media predictions for 2015. Including Jim Vance, Gordon Peterson, Jack Diamond, Donnie Simpson, WTOP, WNEW, Dan Snyder, WRQX, WJFK, ESPN 980, WBAL, the Washington Post, and much more. As I welcome a new "Dave TV" sponsor. In my first "Dave TV" for 2015..... (1/4/15)

Are there any restrictions on local tv "newscasts" running stories that seem like a commercial than a "news" story? I've seen a few stories on channel 5 lately that seem like a commercial for a restaurant . Are tv stations allowed to charge businesses for placement on their "newscast"? (1/4/15)

/\ January 4 Messages /\

\/ January 3 Messages \/

The Watch ABC app has a live streaming feature, but unfortunately, I believe is only available to the ABC owned stations and since WJLA is not owned by ABC, the feature is not available to the DC area. ABC should make it available to all like NBC has done. (1/3/15)

I have noticed the past few weeks that 105.7 The Fan host, Rob Long, is no longer doing weekend sports on WJZ Channel 13. He posted on Facebook several months ago that he got the gig, but that didn't seem to last long at all. (1/3/15)

Its probably a tad to early to make calls on Kai Jackson and his run on WBFF as he has not even anchored a single newscast yet but I guess if you hate Sinclair its not to early. I am moderate politically so Sinclair and their political crap does not bother me as much. (1/3/15)

Gays on the move!!! Former Virginia Senator and gay porn novel author Jim Webb has brought on openly gay columnist & former PMSNBC pundit Craig Crawford as his "Communications Director" presumably for his POTUS bid for Dem nomination. Crawford is a long time Clintonista so this is both a coup and a slap in the face to Her Thighness who it looks more and more will not run. Webb lowballs Crawford's hire but it is huge media & political news: To check out Webb's gay porn novel: (1/3/15)

WUTB Baltimore has finally reactivated 24.2 after having dropped Bounce. It is now relaying GRIT (as also seen on WFDC subchannel).. Oh well.. (1/3/15)

I am NOT the WBAL hater whose panties have been in a twist here for months . . . but I will say that the AM sounded like shit on New Year's Eve. Between bad automation, a board op who couldn't backtime, and GODAWFUL imaging, the station was a mess. On the way toward the 11p network news, there were about 5 repeats of some version of WBAL Newsradio 1090, then a badly prerecorded segment of local news, which ran past the top of the hour and upcut the network news, out of which the prerecorded local newscast was repeated, followed by another 5-6 repetitions of the calls letters, apparently waiting for some syndicated programming to begin. Sounded like WMAL on a bad day. And that's saying something bad. (1/3/15)

Is it just me or does Kai Jackson already seem to be going through the motions at Fox45? During the duo shot with Jen Gilbert in their "Hi Kai" promos, he's twiddling his thumbs behind the superimposed headers at the bottom of the screen. CBS wouldn't have stood for that inattention.... Douglas in Annapolis (1/3/15)

Dave's response: Well, he's gone from working at Macys (CBS) to K-Mart (Sinclair). What do you expect.....

Another PR person takes to the keyboard before thinking. The spokesman for Baltimore City's Health Department responds to a Sun Facebook posting about the murder of a known criminal, "the guy was a thug and had it coming... no loss". Media and public relations people have no business commenting on stories in this way. This person is a former reporter and mouthpiece for a big Baltimore hospital. He should know better. (1/3/15)

/\ January 3 Messages /\

\/ January 2 Messages \/

'And, to really beat a dead horse, Alaska is 100% east of the International Dateline, whether using the straight Longitude line of 180 degrees or the geopolitical one used to keep countries happy. So it's really the westernmost State. ' - Really, Carl in Olney?... did you really think I didn't factcheck that before sending it out to the fans? Alaska is indeed east of Hawaii. Since you're fascinated with the international dateline but seem to think it's two different things, how many time zones are there in India?... hint, fewer than you might think. Silent Trystero awaits his BJ. - And just so I can be the first to say it in 2015, Michael Sorce. So there. - Zombie Kenosha Kid Divine Right Davenport (1/2/15)

Hockey’s Winter Classic (the annual New Year’s Day outdoor game which has become a staple of the sports calendar) having come and gone with the Capitals edging Chicago at Nationals Park, it’s worth noting the stark contrast in treatment of the event offered by the two main sports radio stations in DC. While one station enthusiastically embraced it and provided substantial coverage over the days and weeks leading up to and including the game, the other barely acknowledged it was taking place and seemed to regard the scant attention it did pay as an annoying distraction from nonstop chatter about a certain football team that just completed its season with a 4-12 record. I don’t recall hearing a single Winter Classic related interview or caller segment on that latter station from the time the announcement was made that the game would be coming to this area until the day before it took place and nearly all of their high profile weekday hosts just happened to leave for vacation following last Monday’s Skins wrapup shows. ESPN 980 finally did assign Tim Murray (one of its weekend and fill-in hosts) to do a three-hour pregame remote but that was way too little, too late and I’d be shocked if the competing programming co-hosted by Grant & Danny and the Junkies (on 106.7 The Fan) didn’t attract far more listeners. Mike, Fairfax (1/2/15)

Wow,What is this? WNEW finally broke through into the top 20 stations 6 +. Do I hear an AMEN? Yamanock Trublood (1/2/15)

What the heck is going on over at WTTG morning news?? First they send Tony Perkins to evenings, then they send Wisdom to cover Saturday mornings, then they put Holly and Wisdom on that Good Day show and now I read that Sarah Simmons is going to evenings?. Haven't read anything as to who's replacing Sarah, what Sarah will be doing on evenings, whether Holly will still be doing remote segments, whether Wisdom will still be on Saturdays (or on the early weekday mornings)..So any inside info as to the reasoning behind all of these changes? (1/2/15) WASH being #1 in the ratings with Christmas music is insignificant. What's significant is WTOP slipping to #3 (cue the dripping faucet), WMAL staying in the Top-10 (still one of Cumulus' better performing talkers), and CBS getting into the Top-10 with WPGC. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/2/15)

Unsigned Corporate Suit is one of the most informed, seasoned professionals you have contributing to DCRTV. Can't imagine why he has a troll stalking his every post. I'd much rather see a post from UCS than one of these whiney, nit-picking half-wits that want to challenge his every post. Keep up the good work UCS. It would be an honor to sit next to you at a dinner party. (1/2/15)

Regarding FOX5 Sara Simmons going to the evening news, I really liked her on mornings. I also liked Tony Perkins, but don't watch FOX5 for evening news, so guess I won't see either of them on the news anymore. (1/2/15)

Sarah Simmons said she was going to evenings "momentarily"..So what does THAT mean?..It kinda seemed like the word "momentarily" slipped out..And unless I missed it, I don't remember any mention of who would be replacing her.. (1/2/15)

Washington Times commentary rails against ATSC tuners in TV sets. ~ TV digital streaming technology speeds past FCC license rule ~ ~~~ ... Years ago, the Advanced Television Systems Committee, an international standards body most people have never heard of, set the technical standard for digital over-the-air broadcasts. The agency requires every TV set sold in this country to include an ATSC receiver. The sole purpose of this equipment is to display digital TV signals sent by a cable box or picked up by an antenna. However, as the FCC chairman acknowledged, there’s a massive sea change away from such traditional methods of watching video. ... Now, while one hand of the FCC is trying to lessen the financial burden of consumers by revamping rules for the software side of streaming, its other hand is perpetuating an unneeded tax on the hardware side. Every TV sold carries a de facto tax of $5 per set. This may not seem like much — until you do the math. American consumers buy 40 million new TVs per year. That means this government-mandated standard increases the price of TVs by $200 million per year. Plus, as the price of televisions continues to drop, this tax makes up a larger percentage of the overall product cost. The per-set cost is exorbitant compared with a similar charge in Europe and Asia, where licensing fees cost around $1. ... Where does all this money go? To a privately run company in Denver known as “MPEG LA,” which serves as a patent pool administrator. The ATSC tuner requirement was put into place during a 2009 refresh of regulations dealing with digital transmissions. At the time, the mandate might have made sense, but technology moves quickly. A quarter of the individual patents within the ATSC standard have expired. Under normal circumstances, the laws of supply and demand would push manufacturers toward a competing standard. But because the FCC granted monopoly power to MPEG LA, there are no alternatives. ~~~ On that note, MeTV has dropped Dragnet at 11:00 a.m. and replaced it with Quincy. It was also showing the first episodes of several series yesterday. It ran the first "Superman," the first "Emergency," and the first "M*A*S*H." Surely there were more, but I didn't watch everything. And I'll call you Shirley if I want. Happy New Year. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (1/2/15)

As long as we've ventured into the geography of the various States and how to get to them other than by boat or plane, we should also consider the plight of Carter Lake, Iowa. The only way to get from there to the rest of Iowa is either to get on a boat or plane, or drive through Nebraska. (Look it up on a map). So, to continue this ridiculous meaningless discussion about Alaska and Hawaii, if Carter Lake can be a part of Iowa, then Alaska and Hawaii can be two of the United States. And, to really beat a dead horse, Alaska is 100% east of the International Dateline, whether using the straight Longitude line of 180 degrees or the geopolitical one used to keep countries happy. So it's really the westernmost State. (Big deal!) Happy New Year, or something... -- Carl in Olney (1/2/15)

There’s got to be more to that Melissa Roeder firing at Fox 45 News. If they started firing people for errors (which apparently may not have even been her error), there’d be no one left. What’s going on? (1/2/15)

Sarah Simmons to evenings??!! What's up with that? So is she replacing someone on the evening broadcast or are they going to send her back out in the field & have her report back on evenings? Looks like they're doing some serious changes over there. No mention of who's replacing her either. Please tell me it's not Holly. Was going to run out & do some errands, but think I'll stick around until 11 this morning to see if they announce the changes. (1/2/15)

RE: WJZ Van on RT 50 in Loudoun County - that is a mile from CVS (Communication Vehicle Services), the major ENG and public safety vehicle repair shop in the region. It was headed for repairs. (1/2/15)

Speaking of Oprah, I turned to her channel on Sirius yesterday & there's an announcer on there saying she's no longer on Sirius & was referring listeners to Joel Olsteen's channel. So does Sirius drop channels (like cable routinely does) or would this be something Oprah chose to do? (1/2/15)

Thanks, "Unsigned Corporate Suit," for the biggest laugh I've had in a long time. The thought of anyone reading the entirety of your 2,200-word Best and Worst of 2014 manifesto had me in stitches. Like anyone in the communications business would ramble on like that, and then submit it without cutting 80% of it first....! Haha! It's like you created an entire self-absorbed, jabbering, boring dumbass character! Good one! Remind me not to start a conversation with you at a dinner party! LOL! (1/2/15)

The person who wrote about the poor relationship between Good Old Boys Jerry Turner and Al Sanders and Oprah is absolutely correct. All newsrooms are not guilty of it, but the sexism and racism is very much alive in present time in a lot of them especially when there is no diversity in the staffing. You just can't be a woman, especially an Asian, Hispanic or African American woman, working with middle aged men who are set in their ways and expect to succeed. You will be disrespected and mistreated by them every day. They are not your friends as you want to believe. They are backstabbers.And most news directors see what's happening but won't change the culture because he looks like them, too. I worked at a Baltimore news station for years and suffered petty and unfair treatment until I brought in my lawyers. Remember, victims, always keep a record of what's going on because your bully coworkers will eventually be punished. (1/2/15)

Let's be clear over why Oprah was dumped from the co-anchor chair after being paired with Jerry Turner on Channel 13's Eyewitness News. She tanked the ratings. Period. (1/2/15)

I didn't realize it's been 27 years since Jerry Turner died! Unbelievable. I hate to bring up controversy, but Oprah hated his guts and still never mentions the man hardly ever or even Al Sanders. Oprah always said they were an "Old Boys Network" And claims that's how she got bounced off the anchor desk at WJZ 13 and getting that horrible gig, "People Are Talking" with Richard Sher which led to such a horrible ending. NOT! Go figure. 27 years ago yesterday. (1/2/15)

Sarah Simmons moving time slots? "yes! You can catch me on the evening shows on Monday now :)" (1/2/15)

First off, to the dude saying Alaska and Hawaii are not states--are you a fucking idiot?!?! Why would the US want to "give them" to someone else. Both are rich in valuable resources. Just because you are too cheap/poor or too stupid to find them on a map doesn't mean they don't belong to the US. Get a grip on something other than that 40, bro. (1/2/15)

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Go to and at the bottom it says Copyright 2015 Allbritton Communications Company! But, look to the right under Reach Out To Us, it says Sinclair Digital Solutions as does the other 5 former Allbritton stations websites. (1/1/15)

NewsTip: WNEW looking for a News Director - (1/1/15)

Glenn, Gordon and the Extremely Dangerous Nun... (1/1/15)

WJZ 13 Baltimore posted the entire Baltimore New Years Eve Spectacular online in HD, so if you didn't see it, here it is. It's not on Youtube yet, only on WJZ. I understand the sister station KYW in Philadelphia recorded the fireworks up there. I'll have to look. Were the fireworks in DC broadcast at all anywhere? -- BaltoMedia.Net (1/1/15)

From a Baltimore perspective, this is my favorite clip of Gordon Peterson. His face, hand gestures speak volumes. On a sad note Dec. 31 was also the last day of a local broadcast legend. Think of him as the Jerry Turner of Washington, Gordon Peterson, who spent 10 years at WJLA, now Baltimore based Sinclair owned, and 33 years at WUSA 9. Here's the Sinclair link to his "retirement", but the other one is one of his funniest on air flub moments with the late Glenn Brenner which is the best. (1/1/14)

Little Easton, Maryland gets global media coverage for it's local tradition, The New Years Eve Crab Drop! Yes, this will actually be on CNN this year. Gary Tuchman of CNN was supposed to be there but got sent abroad, but WBOC's Lindsay Tuchman will fill in. Kathy Griffin is psyched to make fun of this tradition. It should be funny. It's on CNN worldwide. -- Balto Media / www.BaltoMedia.Net (1/1/15)

Ah well ... yet another show biz legend lost in 2014... (1/1/15)

(Quote) You are to be pitied and ignored. Come back when you grow up. (End quote) Ignore Mode has been engaged. (1/1/15)

Enjoyed the Steve/Sara/Wisdom crew this morning on FOX5..Got to see Steve actually get a chance to talk!! (1/1/15)

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