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\/ October 23 Messages \/

So Liberals are somehow evil because they unFriend people they disagree with on Facebook, while Conservatives believe themselves witty intellectuals because they make up hateful shit about people they don't like when they die. The Mailbag has become the favorite stomping ground of the lowest forms of humanity. (10/23/14)

A poster writes "It just amazes me that broadcast stations are prepared to pounce on the retail industry for false advertising, but very willingly allow, and, in my view, encourage false political advertising during the campaign season. What's even more disturbing is how after they air this shit, their so-called "I-Teams" investigate the claims as a stories entitled "Fact Check." Why don't they do some "fact checking" BEFORE they clear this propaganda to air? The last time I "checked," prostitution was illegal in Maryland. So why are these whores allowed to f- us with this endless barrage of money-making bullshit? (10/21/14). The poster needs to bone-up on his/her political advertising rules--created BY politicians FOR politicians. Political candidates are protected from libel & slander laws during campaigns--they can say anything, whether it's true or not. Stations are REQUIRED to accept political advertising for federal races--and are REQUIRED to charge their LOWEST RATES. So don't blame the broadcasters. We would be much happier to sell those same spots to car dealers or furniture stores for much higher rates--and much less trouble. (10/23/14)

There's much consternation at WUSA since no interim News Director has been named. Tomorrow is D'Ambrosi's last day. (10/23/14)

"Ben Bradlee is also notable for his role-blah-blah-blah". By all means, yes lets dig up a 50-year old gossip accusation and regurgitate it on DCRTV. While we're at it, why not bring up the Mary Todd Lincoln gossip and how it relates to the Kennedy assassination. Jackie Kennedy loved banana's and Mary Todd Lincoln was banana's. Coincidence? I hope you same people can resolve the Roswell conspiracy while you're at it! I'm pretty sure Dave Hughes is an Alien controlling the Washington-Baltimore media elite. According to inside sources at WMAL, Obama is behind it all and we should blame him. Go ahead, prove me wrong!!! (10/23/14)

"Ben Bradlee is also notable for his role in destroying evidence in the never-solved murder case of Mary Pinchot Meyer, one of John Kennedy's mistresses..." Certainly, she was not the only mistress named Pinchot. How else can you explain "Perfect Strangers" remaining on the air for eight years? (10/23/14)

Can you please help the area of Delmarva out? I am wondering about what had happened to Peter Neill who is a reporter for WRDE Coast TV channel 31 in Rehoboth, Delaware that serves the Delmarva area (DMA # 142). Peter has not been since on the air as of August 19th stemming from a drunk driving crash. Many people in Delmarva are concerned about whether Peter is still with the station. His twitter and facebook page still mentions WRDE, but not recent activity. Can you and your sources be kind enough to figure out what happened to Peter Neill and whether he is still with WRDE Coast TV? If he is still with WRDE, when will he return on-air? If he is no longer with WRDE, where has he gone to? Another tv news station and if so, where? Thank you. Sincerely, Anne (10/23/14)

Well "ZW" if that is your name there is The Watergate break in and then there's The Bradlee break in: (10/23/14)

"there is no such thing as libeling the dead. -ZW" We are all anxiously awaiting your demise. That old Karma thing is a bitch, but then so are you! De mortuis nil nisi bene [dicendum] (10/23/14)

/\ October 23 Messages /\

\/ October 22 Messages \/

The late Ben Bradlee is also notable for his role in destroying evidence in the never-solved murder case of Mary Pinchot Meyer, one of John Kennedy's mistresses. He always denied it, but I know a lying sack when I see one. Otherwise, top marks! - Before knickers get twisted, this is common, published, knowledge, and in U.S. law there is no such thing as libeling the dead. -ZW (10/22/14)

REF: [Daughter of Former 11 News Anchor Dies] To Marianne from those of us who either had the pleasure of working with you, or simply following you on Baltimore television, please know that our hearts are heavy with sadness over the loss of your daughter, and that we are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. (10/22/14)

REF: [The meager attention paid by Fox the passing of Ben Bradlee] How can anyone be shocked at this, at 5 or anywhere else? These newsrooms are filled clueless kids who couldn't pass a 10-question who's-who quiz on any of the area's big names, much less one from an era when many of them were still sloshing around in their father's balls. Speaking of Tricky Dick... (10/22/14)

A swell WTOP headline this morning: Mike Moss says, "Ben Bradlee died. We'll tell you what happened." Oh? What happened Mr Moss is, he died. And you already said that. What a waste of hot air: M Moss. (10/22/14)

(regarding a previous post) “Liberals are less tolerant of differing opinions than conservatives and much more likely to un-friend someone with a differing political view.” As a liberal, I have no problem when someone holds a contrary opinion -- but I do have an issue when someone passes off, as fact, something that is provably false, blatantly misleading or irretrievably stupid. (10/22/14)

Coming from The Washington Post, this was kind of shocking. Liberals are less tolerant of differing opinions than conservatives and much more likely to un-friend someone with a differing political view. My Facebook experience has taught me this is true long ago, but that’s a bit expected in Maryland. It’s the left leaning Post confirming it that’s shocking. (10/22/14)

The meager attention paid by Fox 5 (on its newscast following last night’s World Series game) to the passing of Ben Bradlee can only be interpreted as an insult to the legacy of one of the towering figures in modern day journalism. I was fully expecting this to be the lead story with extensive coverage including comments from prominent local and national media figures, but they didn’t even get to it until ten minutes into the broadcast and were on to something else within a minute. I’m sorry – a skimpy synopsis of the legendary publisher’s career followed by an old Obama clip from some awards presentation is woefully inadequate by any measure. The only plausible explanation is that Fox 5 considers its core audience to be the under-30 crowd which may have little or no sense of Bradlee, but if that’s the case isn’t it your job to try and fill that void? On the other hand, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised about any slight by a media outlet with “Fox” in its name toward someone best known for his role in bringing the wrongdoing of a Republican president to light – had Fox News Channel existed during the Watergate era, it would probably have devoted the lion’s share of its broadcast day to vilifying Woodward, Bernstein and Bradlee and calling them “anti-American”. Mike, Fairfax (10/22/14)

Thanks, Ed. At that site, Cass Elliott says, “I was in the class of 1959 at Forest Park High School but I never did graduate,” she said. “I got bored with the whole thing two weeks before graduation and I took off." Interesting. Her Wikipedia entry says, "While still attending George Washington High School, she became interested in acting and was cast in a school production of the play The Boy Friend. She left high school shortly before graduation and moved to New York City to further her acting career." That entry does not make clear that it was not GWHS that she left just before graduation, but Forest Park HS in Baltimore. I hope someone who is more knowledgeable about the life of Cass Elliott makes that correction. Thanks to Ed and Carl in Olney for writing. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (10/22/14)

[RE Mama Cass:] If only Karen Carpenter had eaten the Ham Sandwich that choked Mama Cass, we'd have both of them today! (10/22/14)

Obviously, the person posting about WBFF FOX 45 weekend news is not from Baltimore or probably not even from the DC area. Everyone in Baltimore knows who Tony Pagnotti is. He used to do weekend weather on WMAR 2 years back before WMAR started one of the many of Scripps house cleaning stunts to improve ratings. Over the years, he’s filled in at various stations. I don’t know what he does during the week, could be semi-retired now. Anyway, one of Tony’s claims to fame is that he went to college with Howard Stern and they actually knew each other. So when Stern first splashed onto the scene, not only radio, but TV, the movie and all, Pagnotti got an exclusive interview with him for WMAR 2. It was quite funny. WMAR should put it on their YouTube page if they have one. Stern answered some basic questions, mainly promoting his movie, but he also talked about college a bit & they had some old photos and Stern said to Tony, “So you’re all the way in Baltimore now doin’ the weather? You were a dork back then and you’re still a dork!" (10/22/14)

Gee, who am I going to believe? Staffers in the newsroom who say they are uneasy and frightened, or Scott Livingston, a man who probably have visited the newsroom less than 5 times, if at all, and is a suit that probably knows little about the day-to-day operations on the newsroom floor in Rosslyn? That's a hard one. Um, let me think about it. Yeah, I'm going to go with the WJLA staffers on this one. Not overblown. Staffers can read the tea leaves when the top three newsroom bosses are given the ax. They're bolting to NBC, WUSA, Fox 5, or any place that'll take them. If Mr. Livingston truly believed what he said, he would show up in the newsroom and call a station meeting where he said just this, then issued a signed memo to all the employees as a follow-up. (10/22/14)

In re: Cass Elliot; I think I was just going by the received wisdom of NW Baltimore when I said she graduated from Forest Park HS. I looked now at a lot of web sites, and it is really hard to tell what's true and what isn't. The closest I can come to something believable is this page from the Baltimore Sun, hon. It's probably the most likely to be true; it says she dropped out of Forest Park just before graduation, and a few years later received an honorary degree personally from Mayor Schaeffer. I'm not even sure about that, because it's contained in a comment. It's amazing that what should be easy to confirm almost sounds like a Greek myth from thousands of years ago. Someone must have the right FPHS yearbook; she'd probably be in there be cause it was probably printed way in advance of graduation. Then again, what do I know? I don't even know what high school I went to, if any. -- Carl in Olney (10/22/14)

Did Bezos comment on Bradles's passing or was he too busy counting all his money? (10/22/14)

I understand both MASN and the MLB TV coverage. The Orioles were not covered by national media much until well after the All Star Break and only 1 national broadcaster picked them to win the AL East, Harold Reynolds. Unlike the Nats, the Os are in an historically much tougher division. Most sports writers picked them 3rd, 4th, or last! And the first thing they wanted to talk about is Davis, Machado, & Wieters, the 3 players that did not get them to the playoffs. As for the MASN lawsuit, the Nats are going to lose that. MLB knows it, but they don’t want to get sued by the Nats for making fake promises to the Lerners, so they’ll just tag along for the ride. The Nats net worth or value due to the size of the market is irrelevant to the case, so you can jump around in court until you’re blue in the face screaming what a big market DC is or how unfair or how much more wealth there is in DC and it won’t matter. The only thing that will be discussed is the signed contract and whether MASN is paying the Nats as per the terms of the contract. And that will involve looking at TV ratings, and revenue generated for MASN by the Nats. And from looking at The Post partial TV ratings comparative to the Os, I don’t think the Nats have a leg to stand on here. There seems to be this common misconception that the Nats are like floating the Os via higher ratings & revenue, but every time some numbers come out, they don’t seem to support that claim. I understand that the deal is a bad scummy deal, but the court is not going to restructure the MASN ownership structure. The best you can hope for is that Angelos wins this round, then dies, the team is sold & a new owner of some character agrees to restructure the deal. (10/22/14)

I heard that WBFF-TV has found a new person to anchor their weekend morning news. She apparently will start this weekend. Now they need to find a new person to do the weather segments. The person they have doing the weather talks like a second grader and is just plain annoying to watch. That's just my 2 cents and why I can't watch the news there on weekends. (10/22/14)

NBC4's Tom Sherwood worked with Ben Brandlee - (10/22/14)

Dave's response: I was going to look at it but when I went to the page a horribly loud auto-load video ad started and I quickly bailed. Ugh.....

[RE Mama Cass:] It's all here... Ed Graham (10/22/14)

to see who gets to sit alongside Angie Goff... Right? With a voice that sounds like a hacksaw on sheet metal, yeah, it really defines "drawing the short straw" on that gig, acck! (10/22/14)

Regarding Bradlee, a TV newscaster this morning said "A giant from the newspaper era has died." Wow. Sounds like they consider the newspaper era a thing of the past, too. (10/22/14)

The Newseum loses $42M a year, really? Why does it still exist? Why didn't the move from Rosslyn to DC save its skin? What a stupid joke. Who are the people running that fiasco? -Chainsman (10/22/14)

OK, that rant about JC Hayward….that was a joke, right? (10/22/14)

Going back to this past weekend, I too was surprised to see Chris Lawrence anchoring News4 on Sunday morning in addition to his weekend evening duties. My only thought is that with the developing news out of Charlottesville over the weekend, they must have wanted a veteran anchor. Normally, they must draw straws in the NBC4 cafeteria every week to see who gets to sit alongside Angie Goff. I don't know why they can't find a permanent replacement for Richard Jordan, who still even fills in from time to time with no explanation as to why he lost that gig in the first place. Given how they love to play musical chairs, I wouldn't be surprised if I turn on the TV Saturday morning and see Jim Vance anchoring. Switching gears to JC Hayward, I bet she's anchored her last newscast at WUSA. "Pray" all you want, but she's done. Her trial isn't even scheduled until sometime in early 2015. She was nowhere near as solid a news anchor as she used to be and really needed to retire gracefully prior to this whole issue arising. I wonder is she's been on 9's payroll this whole time, because I bet she makes a pretty penny. If so, it's a good gig for her... (10/22/14)

/\ October 22 Messages /\

\/ October 21 Messages \/

RIP: Ben Bradlee. Sadly he's been dead a week: Sally didn't notice. (10/21/14)

The radio broadcasts of Redskins games went downhill pretty much in the same way and time frame of the quality of the product on the field. Dumping Herzog was a huge mistake, and a move that could only be made by someone with no understanding of the desires and listening habits of those who tuned in each Sunday. (And by an organization that has inexplicably and unforgivably forgotten the importance of having a dominant offensive line.) Many Redskins fans would turn down the TV sound and tune in to listen to the broadcast team who had build up a family-like rapport between themselves and the listeners. Herzog was not technically perfect, but he was an essential element of that broadcast team. Larry is no better technically (he botches quite a bit) and has never fit in that booth. Whatever the ultimate outcome of the name change debate, the unfortunate fact is that the history and tradition of that team has already been diminished in multiple ways that are painful to its loyal fans. (10/21/14)

Following the news of legendary Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee’s passing, I wanted to share the full statements from Frederick J. Ryan, Jr., Martin Baron, and Donald Graham, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, and Leonard Downie, Jr.: (10/21/14)

The beloved JC Hayward will be 70 years old on this Thursday, October 23. Her friends from around the country will celebrate her Birthday in a unique way. Since JC is involved in a m major court fight with the DC Attorney General's Office, they have opted to forego a party and spend the day in Pray for this Queen of Community Service. JC has not been on the air for over a year because of this investigation that seems to have no end. Since no resolution seems to be in sight at this time, the Friends of JC organization is requesting that at 12 noon on Thursday that all fans of JC offer up a special prayer asking God to give this news personality strength and courage to sustain her through this gruesome ordeal at the noon hour or the time when she anchored the news on Channel 9 . Her fans firmly believe that she is innocent of all these charges and that her name will be cleared when all the dust settles. We are also praying that when here name is cleared that Channel 9 will do the right thing and bring her back on the air so that she can continue to bless the community as she has done for over 40 years. We are delighted that the Capitol Press Club will be honoring JC on December 4 for her outstanding contributions to black journalism. In the past, JC has been instrumental in bringing revenue to black newspapers such as the Washington Informer and the Afro-American. It was her influence at Channel 9 that resulted in the Black News segment that used to appear on Channel 9. We invite all the friends of JC and organizations that she has helped to celebrate her Birthday with prayer and not with cards and birthday cake. We need JC back on the air now. Prayer is the answer to ever problem in life. Human efforts are failing. We need divine intervention now. Pray, Pray without ceasing. (10/21/14)

The WRQX to NASH country format are louder than ever. Their new morning show, which seems fun for teenagers, and anyone else who wants to hear about Anal sex, 2 ego- driven girls continuously complaining about their lives and all the drama of cheating relationships has done really well in making Bert's show look awesome and makes Jack Diamond to be a biblical savior to DC media. Xmas music by Thanksgiving, and NASH on NYE. WRQX will be on it's 3rd format in 3 years. (10/21/14)

As far as "Mama Cass", my late father (GWHS class of '61, along with Jim Morrison, whose music with the Doors is heard on classic rock/ classic hits stations locally) once mentioned about "Mama Cass" being at GWHS in the late 50's. So wikipedia is out of bounds here. (10/21/14)

Cord Cutter Dave... Dave: I enjoyed today's edition, but the Hacker mag you cited in today's Cord Cutter video is "2600: The Hacker Quarterly" with the article "Xfinite Absurdity: True Confessions of a Former Comcast Tech Support Agent". The article is not available for reading online. (10/21/14)

The latest episode of DCRTV's "Cord Cutter" finds Comcast - yet again - wanting me back with a deal that's loaded with catches. As I wonder why people pay Comcast so they can date mine them. Plus, HBO announces that it will be available without a cable TV subscription come 2015. And, CBS also announces an internet service..... (10/21/14)

I agree with Carl in Olney. Jim Russ is an outstanding traffic reporter. Clear, concise, and easy to follow. The Valedictorian is a great nickname for him. He is the one bright spot on a station that sounds more and more like it's in a small town instead of a top market. Is anything more ridiculous than this headline segment called 'three things you need to know?' Half the time the stories are old and dated. What if I want to know two things or more than three things? It's just silly. Very old time small market thinking. And wonder if the new boss is going to end this credibility-sucking practice of news reporters doing commercials for mattresses, carpet cleaners, dry cleaners, etc. When are they going to find an advertiser for that guy in the morning who sounds like a cross between a carnival barker and a high school play-by-play announcer? (10/21/14)

re: "...Cass Elliott was a graduate of Baltimore City's Forest Park High School. Oh, well... -- Carl in Olney" Carl, can you elaborate on that? That's what Wikpedia says too, at, but I'm a little shy of citing Wikipedia. The Wiki for Cass Elliott,, says: "Elliot was born Ellen Naomi Cohen to Philip and Bess Cohen in Baltimore, Maryland. She had a younger sister, Leah, who also became a singer as a member of the Coyote Sisters. The Cohens later moved to Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C.. She adopted the name "Cass" in high school; possibly, as Denny Doherty tells it, borrowing it from the actress Peggy Cass but in any case, it was "Cass", not "Cassandra". She assumed the surname Elliot sometime later, in memory of a friend who had died. While still attending George Washington High School, she became interested in acting and was cast in a school production of the play The Boy Friend. She left high school shortly before graduation and moved to New York City to further her acting career. She toured in the musical The Music Man, but lost the part of Miss Marmelstein in I Can Get It for You Wholesale to Barbra Streisand in 1962." She must have gone back to Forest Park later to get her diploma. ~~ Blair in Alexandria. (10/21/14)

It is pathetic that some comments wishing Big Don well, could bring such a firestorm of vulgar,hateful comments. Unfortunately, it seems this is the case on any public forum, It is one thing to take issue with a comment, it is another to be vulgar and call others names because you do not agree with them. For this reason, I will only read Dave's blog from now on, but no longer comment. Fed up in Falls Church. (10/21/14)

Dave's response: What? That's how you'll solve the problem of too many lunatic posters? The sane posters will stop posting? That'll only make things worse.....

1)Regarding the political Ads, you know how on the weekends stations will do the “the following program has been paid for by xxxx. The views and opinions expressed on the program do not reflect the views of Wxxx, the staff or management”, or whatever the exact verbiage is. Can’t they do a similar pre-emptive strike before airing a political ad? 2) Agreed…Jim Russ is the best. 3)”a sh#tty little station manned by overblown egos doing a half-assed job” Are you talking about WTEM or WBAL ?. (10/21/14)

Baltimore wasn't expected to be in the ALCS? Why not? They had the second best record in all of baseball. You might want to rethink that right after you try to figure out the MASN revenue case, because you clearly don't understand that either. (10/21/14)

I agree 100% that Cooley, Sheehan, Doc Walker, etc. are bad news on the air. For a station owned by the Skins owner, they sure do a shit job of covering the team. They get scooped on a regular basis on their own beat by out of town reporters. After all these years, Larry Michael still sounds like a high school announcer crossed with a third-rate used car salesman. I've never met anyone who thinks the post-Herzog gameday stuff is worth listening to. But year after year, there it is: a shitty little station manned by overblown egos doing a half-assed job. Just another embarrassment for the once-proud franchise. (10/21/14)

I see that Monica Lewinsky is back in the news again in Washington. Is she still providing the same service that she did for Bill Clinton? If so, how do you reach her? (10/21/14)

Three thoughts: 1) Not only are stations required to carry all political advertising if they carry any, but they are not allowed to make alterations to it; 2) Jim Russ's traffic reports on WBAL are perfect, detailed, concise, crystal clear, he never refers to things like "The" Perring Parkway or tiny streets no one every heard of, to me he is the Valedictorian of traffic reporters in the Balto and DC areas; 3) During an interview with Barry Manilow (yes, to promote a CD of his) on WBAL today, Mama Cass's name (of the Mamas and Papas) was brought up, and the interviewer missed the chance to mention that Cass Elliott was a graduate of Baltimore City's Forest Park High School. Oh, well... -- Carl in Olney (10/21/14)

I find it hysterically funny that all the complaints about MLB Playoff announcers come from Baltimore Orioles fans on DCRTV, a Virginia based website. Being from Baltimore, I didn’t find the TBS crew at all anti-Baltimore. I just thought they were terrible. The Orioles were just not expected to be there & weren’t expected to go far if they even made it all. In the the Royals series, neither team was expected to go that far. They just seemed a little unprepared to me. As for Cal Ripken, well that’s simple. He’s just no good as a baseball analyst in general! People often criticize or criticized Jim Palmer & Brooks Robinson over the years for talking about themselves too much, old stories etc, but at least in Brooks’s case, he really followed the team and knew stuff. Palmer is always in PalmerLand and follows the team when he wants, but Cal? Honestly, I wondered if he even watches Orioles games anymore! And then there was “Not Tryin’ ta Do Too Much” Mike Bordick. I like the guy, but man give that line a rest. Finally, I haven’t seen any complaints about the FS1 announcers for the Nats games. Hmm, after reading that Post story on TV ratings, I can tell you why… NOBODY WATCHED! Funniest of all was that Os ratings in DC weren’t much lower than Nats ratings in DC! HAHA! The Post didn’t have all the numbers, but we’ll find out soon when they show up in court in the MASN vs. NATS TV money trial. I think that fantastic baseball city Washington just sunk the NATS chances of winning that case. DOH!! :-) (10/21/14)

Does anyone even care what Chris Cooley or Sheehan think about the Redskins? Um, um, um, um: Sheehan just can't talk and he really shows his true colors of a wanna be football coach. And, even though there's zero quality control at 980, Doc really needs to stop calling everyone 'dawg." (10/21/14)

It just amazes me that broadcast stations are prepared to pounce on the retail industry for false advertising, but very willingly allow, and, in my view, encourage false political advertising during the campaign season. What's even more disturbing is how after they air this shit, their so-called "I-Teams" investigate the claims as a stories entitled "Fact Check." Why don't they do some "fact checking" BEFORE they clear this propaganda to air? The last time I "checked," prostitution was illegal in Maryland. So why are these whores allowed to f- us with this endless barrage of money-making bullshit? (10/21/14)

Dave's response: I think there's an FCC rule that forbids broadcasters from refusing to run specific political ads if they accept political ads in general.....

Fox 45 news at 11 p.m. just ran a story about Marianne Bannister's daughter dying of cancer this weekend. They explained that Marianne quit her job there this summer to take care of Claire, who was 17 and had just been accepted into college last week. Services are tomorrow, Tuesday, and more details are available on the Fox 45 website. So sad for the family... (10/21/14)

/\ October 21 Messages /\

\/ October 20 Messages \/

Seeing that great pic of Herzog and the WMAL Redskins crew is wonderful, and heartbreaking. In those years, I would never go to a game without taking my transistor radio to listen to that great broadcast! And listen to the radio while watching the TV broadcasts of the away games. I tried to listen at the game this Sunday, and just couldn't take it. First of all, the WTEM broadcast is a full 30 seconds behind the live action. Impossible to listen while watching the game, as they were a full play behind the live action. Dan should put in an LPFM to cover the stadium with the outbound feed from the booth, rather than the return feed from the transmitter, for the folks who want to listen. They use that audio over the stadium closed circuit feed in the hallways, so there's no reason not to make it available to all. BUT, then there's the Larry Michael problem. I can not believe that after all these years, he still doesn't have the basic drill of down, distance, formation, personnel, type of play, direction of play, player who made the play, line marker at the end of the play, and member of the opposing team who was involved. And, poor Sonny. He is either disgusted with what he's seeing, or he is just out of it . . . with nothing to say, and only speaking up when Cooley or Walker call on him. There is none of the great wit and insight that we heard in the years of the great Super Bowl teams and broadcasts. He turned 80 this year. Frank Herzog says he well over his Redskins years. I, for one, am not over Frank Herzog's work in all of those games, especially with the ineptitude of Larry . . . (10/20/14)

Bad, Bad days at Politico. It is clear that the days of VandeHarris are over. Harris is checking out via the Aloha Suite in Brussels. It is some vanity paly that Robert Allbritton thinks will make him a "global player"! VandeHei is trying to keep the wheels on the place, but Robert Allbritton has closed his wallet. We have all known that Politico is a money loser, but, until now Allbritton has been willing to subsidize things. His ego requires the monthly press release announcing our newest cool inititative. Since he has no income from this TV station, we are all feeling the pinch. Internally, it is becomming hell. Sweet Kim Kingsley has been forced to show her fangs to Susan Glasser. Glasser is on one woman tornado of damage and pain. Many of my colleagues have their resumes floating around town. It seems everybody wants out of Politico. Once Glasser slashed Rick Berke's throat it became clear where we are headed. She will destroy the place and Jim VandeHei will bail one step ahead of the disaster. Allbritton seems giddy (usually with the help of meds his MD wife gives him). Like several others, I came here a few years back thinking we were on the cutting edge of redefining journalism. Turns out it is a lot of BS. How long can we keep going knowing we are losing money every year? Some may want to hold on to the last hour, but many of us are ready for the net chapter. Politico was definitely cool while it lasted, but its glory days are over. (10/20/14)

oops! In the middle of Sonny and Sam is the all time best play by play voice of the Redskins, Frank Herzog. (10/20/14)

Thank you for finally solving the mystery about Doug Hill's absence from WJLA. I really feel for him as I can imagine how difficult it is to manage work and home responsibilities right now. I just wonder why WJLA didn't explain it unless he asked them not to. I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed he was gone a lot of the time. (10/20/14)

REF: [CMA Honors POC's DeYoung] Hopefully, when she is presented with the award, she shows up in jeans, boots and cowgirl hat instead of the chiffon dress, pearl necklace and boots that look like something you would ski in, which she has been known to show up in while introducing country stars in Baltimore. Actually, she should ride in on a bull, since that's what really earned her the award in the first place. (10/20/14)

REF: [Five days later and you're still whining about TBS announcers] Let me just say this...none of them would be worthy of holding the late Chuck Thompson's jock strap. (10/20/14)

This Brings back memories of the great days of Redskins football. Sonny and Sam with the play by play.Johnny Holliday with the pre game show. Burt Cohen engineering, with Jim Gallant, and Len Deibert producing the broadcast. The late Eileen Griffen and Bob Bowen were part of the broadcast team along with the best GM in the biz Andy Ockerhausen. This is the WMAL Redskins radio team in Pasadena for Super Bowl 17. Oh for the days of that Redskin team as well as Broadcast team!!! (10/20/14)

So the local news stations are insistent on trying to force the Charlottesville police to give them information on the body they found that "may" be the missing student. One reporter stated that the police said they wouldn't be giving a press conference or any information as they didn't know when the forensics report would be complete. So the reporter asked "what if you find something out at 8pm tonight?". The officer's response was that if indeed it's the missing Virginia woman, her family would be notified FIRST, not the media.. (10/20/14)

Big Don O'Brien WAS NOT fired by WINX, he left on his own for certain reasons. They had no intention of firing him when he walked out of a meeting. That is A FACT! (10/20/14)

RE: “Tried to listen to ESPN 980 this morning to heat them talk about a rare Redskins win. Instead the 30 minutes or so that I listened, was about 20 minutes commercials and maybe 10 minutes of actual Redskins coverage.” Sounds like Harden & Weaver! 20 minutes of commercials, 10 minutes of local announcements, inane DJ patter, and maybe a little music. KOF (10/20/14)

"Take a lesson from the Lt Colonel North debacle of last week" But apparently you did learn to refer to North by his proper rank and not "Colonel". So the only "doink" is you my little keyboard kommando! See some people are teachable, even here on DCRTV. (10/20/14)

Five days later and you're still whining about TBS announcers having more positive things to say about the Royals than the Orioles? Did you watch the series? Did you notice that the Royals swept the Orioles? What, exactly, was TBS supposed to do? Pretend that the Orioles were dominating the series, all evidence to the contrary? Is the job of sportscasters to talk about what's happening on the field, or talk about what YOU wish was happening on the field? And please explain how the Royals "had no business winning that series." Again, final tally was Royals 4 wins, Orioles 0. The Orioles are just lucky that TBS didn't decide to focus on the team's humiliating post-season choke. (10/20/14)

Tried to listen to ESPN 980 this morning to heat them talk about a rare Redskins win. Instead the 30 minutes or so that I listened, was about 20 minutes commercials and maybe 10 minutes of actual Redskins coverage. Back to listening to Mike and Mike on Mondays, during football season, at least they have some structure and actual information. 980 should change the name to the Redskins Commercial Filled Sports Program. Disgusted in Falls Church (10/20/14)

Aaaaaannnd out come the argumentative doinks that want to turn everything into a battle. Take a lesson from the Lt Colonel North debacle of last week and don't take the bait, people. Just stand back and let this Hardees nonsense wither and die the pathetic death it deserves. (10/20/14)

Redskins.....Redskins....Redskins..... Since we don't like the owner, let's take away all his radio licenses. We can use the FCC to punish him. The FCC has too much power now. Remember, it is just a regulatory agency appointed by our government. This is a joke! (10/20/14)

Wow, Dave, is your comment on the front page intentionally misleading, or what? (Re: "The Newseum charged $21.95 to see the NBC desk of the longtime NBC 'Meet The Press' host.") The Russert exhibit has been just a part of what the Newseum has on display, and their entrance fee is for the entire museum. I think the whole Russert canonization at the Newseum was way over the top, but to make it sound like they were charging $22 just to see a desk is ridiculous. On a separate note...hurray for WRNL's decision to drop Czaban. WTEM should do the same. He's impossible to listen to. (10/20/14)

Dave's response: That comment was attributed to NewsBlues.....

Hard to believe an announcing crew including Cal Ripken, Jr. could come across as anti-Baltimore, but that’s the impression I got from TBS’ coverage of the recently completed ALCS . Nearly a week later, it still seems as if they’re throwing bouquet over bouquet at the Kansas City Royals (who had no business winning that series) whereas the next complimentary thing they say about the O’s will be the first. (10/20/14)

Hey, Clueless fool (to put it mildly}. Come out and say that in person, little man...Big Don was doing a remote for either WCEI or WINX at the time. And he took the time to chat with customers.. You look in the mirror to see how stupid you are. You are stupid to even make the above comments. Go get a 6 pack and cry in your cheap beer, lol. (10/20/14)

Humor is so subjective, ain't it? Come on, man. The "Hardees in Easton" joke is funny. It's the kind of wise-ass line that Ol' Big Don would laugh at. Wish we had a few funny jocks on the radio nowadays, but the funny ones seem to be choosing to work at Hardee's, instead... (10/20/14)

Richmond affiliate dropping [Czaban's] morning show in favor of local Wes McIlroy. (10/20/14)

Surprised to learn that Marion Barry Day interviews will be studio-based. I would've thought that they'd emanate from the Bitch Set Me Up Suite at the Vista Hotel. (10/20/14)

You should have spent the 30 seconds. The latest Hogan for governor is the oldest son of the 1974 Hogan for governor. Larry the elder, 86, lives in Frederick. The Democratic candidate, Brown, links the two on his campaign website, asserting "Hogan and his father ... had to be forced to approve a labor contract by a court after violating county labor laws during contract negotiations." (10/20/14)

It's my favorite morning weather... Howard B's from WUSA CBS 9 DC! IT'S LIVE IN THE STUDIO & usually interesting &/or funny, sometimes crazy! Today, HB is talking about bad restaurant experiences in between the forecast. (10/20/14)

I noticed people on DCRTV are asking how Big Don O'Brien is doing. Just to let you know, he's doing fantastic (10/20/14)

"LMAO. So you're saying that Hardees in Easton is a place where many media members can not be bothered to talk to the public?" Is that what you got from that statement Einstein? Jeez the Mensa meeting must have forgotten to call you. For some reason the Big Don O'Brien query has brought out some of the bottom of the barrel posters on DCRTV. You couldn't ask for a kinder spirit and on air pro than Big Don O'Brien. The guy is dealing with Cancer. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? The only reason you should be LMAO is because you're looking in the mirror. Only all the lip prints are blocking the view. Come on Dave clear the low-class nescient dim-wits from the board. (10/20/14)

I talked to Big Don recently online & he’s fine, but as he’s posted before on Facebook, his radio voice is kinda gone and he’s permanently retired. He’s still funny, controversial, backs the Redskins name (how horrible!), and he puts most of his jokes on Facebook now and participates in various events on the Eastern Shore. He also broke political news recently, well kind of, by taking a picture of Anthony Brown’s campaign van with VIRGINIA license plates on it to avoid Maryland registration, taxes, & fees. What’s interesting is that some people in the local media that I’ve talked to said the photo might be phony, but I know it isn’t because I remember the event and the day he posted a photo he took! He’s quite popular on that “new fangled” technology called Facebook for you old folks. :-) — Bmore Joe (formerly from Essex) (10/20/14)

The Larry Hogan running now is not the son of the earlier Larry Hogan. Maybe a nephew. I'm too lazy to invest the extra thirty seconds required to Google the subject. (10/20/14)

I for one would like to see a posting from “Don O’Brien” and hear about how he’s doing. –John Pinckney, Pasadena, California (10/20/14)

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[RE: As a commuter I have no problem switching between WTOP every 10 minutes and WNEW every 5. While the reports are similar, occasionally one will scoop the other out and/or offer more detailed information on an incident.] Because the poor saps who survived the last round of layoffs with a paltry wage who recite old traffic data while performing other assorted slave labors for Clear Channel overlords are able/willing to scoop reporters who are well compensated for focusing on one market on one station. Yeah, that's it. Here's another idea: Maybe it's because I don't care about an accident that cleared two hours ago on the JFX Freeway in Baltimore while I'm struggling to hear WNEW's signal on 66 in MANASSAS. (10/19/14)

So...WUSA9 on Sunday had primary sports anchor Kristen Berset reporting from BALTIMORE. What's interesting though is that they had Frank Hanrahan at FedEx Field. If they somehow hire Frank, that's a big move and gives them the best sports team in this town by far, though that's not really saying much. Upon further research, however, it looks like he's just freelancing with 9. He's got numerous other jobs too, including PM drive anchor on WNEW, radio broadcaster for DC United, plus gigs with the Wizards and Mystics. I remember not too long ago when the weekend - or "B-team" - sports anchors were Ken Mease, Wally Bruckner, and Greg Toland, all of whom were much better than any of the "talent" on air today. (10/19/14)

""Haven't seen anything here in ages about how our old buddy Big Don O'Brien is doing these days. Anyone (even Don himself) have an update?" Who cares?" Looks like the work of ZW. The description of "ass wipe" and "asshole" fit him to a "T". Lot of people both in the business and as listeners love ole' Big Don O'brien. Just as many hate ZW. Has his snarky style all over it. (10/19/14)

"I met Big Don a few years ago while he was doing a remote at Hardees in Easton. I had a nice chat with him, where many media members can not be bothered to talk to the public." LMAO. So you're saying that Hardees in Easton is a place where many media members can not be bothered to talk to the public? (10/19/14)

I've watched all of the Maryland governor debates including Saturday night's out of sync broadcast on WBAL-TV. Ironic isn't it that "out of sync" is the term used here. I also watched Meet the Press this morning where voters in different parts of the country seem to be supporting unlikely candidates with interesting backgrounds. It would seem that voters in Maryland, based on recent polls, think politicians in Maryland are "out of sync" with what is needed in Annapolis and despite the 2 to 1 Democrat majority a Republican candidate could win. This could be the most interesting election in Maryland in years and will put the electronic media to the test of accurate and timely coverage of the returns. And the web could also be shown to be the fastest at getting the numbers into our computers and smartphones. And will any outlet do its own computation of the returns using key precincts and exit polling to predict the outcome? Despite the winner won't it be great to see all the negative ads off the air! (10/19/14)

Who cares about Big Don? Many!!!!! What kind of pathetic person are you to make such a hateful statement. The guy was known all over the area and was always well liked. And always did a good job whether it was radio or TV, Sadly,I do not know if the cancer ruined his career. I do see him comment here and there on Facebook. It would be nice to get an update on Big Don. I met Big Don a few years ago while he was doing a remote at Hardees in Easton. I had a nice chat with him, where many media members can not be bothered to talk to the public, he is one likable person. Best to you, Big Don, hope you are doing well! Burt (formerly from Easton) now in New Mexico. (10/19/14)

"Haven't seen anything here in ages about how our old buddy Big Don O'Brien is doing these days. Anyone (even Don himself) have an update?" Who cares?" What kind of ass wipe posts something like this? Big Don was a seasoned pure professional on the air, and off the air he was a really decent person. Can't imagine the self loathing and disgust you must have for yourself to post something this stupid. We can only hope that Karma visits upon you, what you do to others. I worked with Big Don, I've listened to Big Don and you sir are a pure unadulterated asshole. Hope to hear how Big Don is doing after the Cancer surgery. (10/19/14)

So is channel 4's Chris Lawrence the Lester Holt of the local news? He did the Saturday 6pm & 11pm news & is now back on Sunday morning news AND said he'd be back doing the news tonight. And why is he even doing the weekend morning news? They have plenty of other anchors they could've scheduled for one day. But then again, why don't they just give someone the permanent weekend gig as co-anchor? Is NO one qualified? (10/19/14)

Yes, Fox5's weekend morning news is painful to watch. The first time I tuned in, the anchors were Melanie Alnwick & Annie Yu & it was unbearable. I was guessing that management was trying to see if Annie Yu could handle "real" news vs. the lightweight stuff that seems more comfortable to her. Then I saw a promo for the weekend news with Wisdom as an anchor. So I tuned in again & the chemistry between him & Annie just wasn't there. And the weekend producer & director must be interns as the quality of their work throughout the broadcast is amateur at most. Couldn't watch the entire newscast. If I were Wisdom, I'd truly feel that putting me on weekends was a demotion. (10/19/14)

"Haven't seen anything here in ages about how our old buddy Big Don O'Brien is doing these days. Anyone (even Don himself) have an update?" Who cares? But if you really need to know, after he got fired from WINX in Easton, MD. he waited out his non-compete and was hired to do mornings at MTS Broadcasting's country station 100.9 WAAI in Cambridge, MD. Apparently he had a bout with tongue cancer which left him unable to do an airshift. While I do not wish ill will on anyone in that position, it really isn't a huge loss to the radio airwaves. (10/19/14)

I watched the Maryland gubernatorial debate and came away all the more convinced I don't like either candidate. Brown has trouble expressing himself, probably because he was over rehearsed, and Hogan has an arrogance that resembles that of his father, an ex-congressman and former PG County Executive. I'm surprised no one has reported on the similarities between those two. The elder Hogan also ran for Md. governor and was rejected by voters at the polls. But that was 40 years ago. Yet, in a 1978 Washington Post story, found online, this quote easily applies to the latest Hogan candidate: "he is a driving, magnetic and often combative politician, outgoing and gregarious. His present wife once described him as a "short dumpy guy," yet he nonetheless evokes the word "charisma." (10/19/14)

I don't watch FOX 5's morning news during the week (I opt for Newschannel 8 for local news after 7:00 a.m.), but I tuned into their Saturday morning show and I can see why so many people complain. The anchors were Wisdom Martin and Annie Yu and they were awful. They looked like they were anchoring a high school newscast. The weather guy was out of his league and there were production problems galore, like no audio on a live shot and akward pauses leading into commercial breaks. It was pretty bad... (10/19/14)

In nearby news, now that New Young Broadcasting has digested its buy of Media General (whose name it took), and now LIN Television (which as LIN Broadcasting owned a station in my past, KAAY-1090), looks like Media General (er-New Young) is trying to strengthen its balance sheet for a possible sale itself; refinance accumulated debt; or go shopping for more medium to small market TV stations. Besides the usual layoffs and cost cutting, what’s not so obvious is that they’re contacting MG alumni, covered by the MG pension plan but not yet receiving payments, and trying to buy them out. I’m sure James Ciehola will chime in on with his thoughts on which stations Media General will buy next. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/19/14)

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The Baltimore Sun completely revamped its website a day or so ago unexpectedly. I thought it was a glitch at first. It's very large print headlines, huge pictures, lots of video, an entirely new format. Check it out. OPINION... It's basically large enough for toddlers or the clinically blind to read, more pics than a kids book, and more cluttered with video than TMZ. What were they thinking? (10/18/14)

Tomorrow's NFL TV Maps. Of importance is The Baltimore Ravens will NOT be on TV in DC or a large part of Maryland, parts of Virginia, & PA. That includes Hagerstown, Frederick, lots of Maryland with Ravens fans. This due to NFL & Network rules, not FOX 5. The Redskins game however will be all over the region except for Harrisburg (WHP 21 opted out on their own). So if you live around DC, Frederick or Hagerstown and are looking for tomorrow's Ravens game, You'll find it here... (10/18/14)

"Should the FCC be used to punish broadcasters?" The question is: what FCC regulation is violated by Snyder? This whole GW Professor generated hoopla is nothing but hyperbole. Look for a book by the Professor soon. The FCC doesn't enforce the regulations is has, so don't look for them to start making up custom fit regs to stop Snyder. Its all media generated hysteria to keep the controversy running to the benefit of a couple of special interest groups that have the ear/eyes/ass of the Washington media. And honestly, really, does anyone with an IQ over single digits give a shit what the "sports talk" dim-wits have to say? I wouldn't be surprised to find out Snyder has been behind it all along. He has sold multi-millions worth of hats, shirts and anything that you can put a "Redskins" logo on because of this "controversy". I'd almost rather hear the constant whining and complaining about WBAL than another pointless rant about the "Redskins" name. Look we took their land (the Redskins) we took their heritage we took everything they had and they lost. The losers don't get to say what happens in the future. Maybe in the make-believe-lala-land of the GW Professors but not in reality. You want to make up for us kicking their asses so bad, give them your salary, house and car, then stop whining. You people really are a bother. I'm looking forward to PETA generating a shit fit over the "Ravens". Oh yes it belittles the rights of the bird community, oh the humanity! Come on Costas show some real balls and get on the PETA bandwagon you pussy!!! (10/18/14)

Merry Jon "Jonnie" Kelly Kalin died in Newburg, Charles County, MD on October 14. She was the first wife of the "Kalin Twins" Herbie Kalin and mother of his four children. (10/18/14)

Windbag = Jerry Del Colliano. His opinion piece that was posted here was almost impenetrable. His clearest line in all that verbiage? "I’m sure but don‘t know for certain..." Okay? Got it. (10/18/14)

Should the FCC be used to punish broadcasters? If the FCC doesn't through out the complaint against the "Redskins" then their "power" should be reduced. They are just a regularatory agency appointed by the government. They are like the IRS, appointed by the government. If they don't like your political views then they can get back at you. (10/18/14)

[Re: Lauren DeMarco and Melanie Alnwick are great out in the field, but on the anchor desk, nah. Alnwick seems like a caged animal when she has to sit at that desk for an hour or so.] I agree...there's a reason why some reporters should remain in the field. I flip between nbc and ch5 in the morning because both do a good job. But tuned into ch5 if Annie Yu is on. Stunning. -Bill (10/18/14)

I would have thought that WNEW would have higher ratings since starting "Traffic Every 5 Minutes, Every Weekday." I support this completely. As a commuter I have no problem switching between WTOP every 10 minutes and WNEW every 5. While the reports are similar, occasionally one will scoop the other out and/or offer more detailed information on an incident. (10/18/14)

We hear from two local TV weather titans today - Doug Hill and Kirk Clyatt. What's up with them? Plus, why Hubbard all-newser WTOP continues to way out perform all of CBS's radio all-newsers. And, while I think that George Washington University law professor's license challenge against Dan Snyder's radio station is a colossal joke - even if you don't like the team's name. In today's "Dave TV"..... (10/18/14)

Below is today’s column from popular radio blogger Jerry Del Colliano on the future of all-news radio, with MAJOR kudos to WTOP. Jerry rarely breaks his ‘paywall’ so we can share stories, but he has great respect and affection for WTOP, so he made an exception so I could share this with you…because you’re making it happen. WTOP is leading the charge into a Brave New World of news on multiple platforms, and it’s being noticed! ====== The Last Days of All-News Radio, Except WTOP - The format that Westinghouse Broadcasting built is on its last legs. Westinghouse developed perhaps the most expensive format ever when they stubbornly concocted all-news all the time. Perfect for AM stations at a time when FM stations had no listeners. Now the company that took over the originator of all-news, CBS Radio, is going to be remembered for killing the format off. What is incredible is that CBS still has some of the giants in all-news running their stations. Scott Herman, is the current CBS all-news mastermind. How does 1010 WINS get by on a 3.7 average quarter hour rating mostly with older listeners? WCBS-AM gets a 3.7-3.4-3.2 in Nielsen PPM with the same problem – old demographics. Why is corporate cutting news resources as aggressively as it is cutting its music stations? The pretenders like Cumulus who try a mix of news and talk don’t fool listeners on the AM band. Cheap syndicated political talk shows and a few hours in drive time of cheap-cheap local news gets disastrous results. Can you say KGO? Only one operator has taken news to another level and that’s Hubbard’s WTOP in Washington. Is it a bird, is it a plane or is it Superman? A WTOP hybrid of digital content and immediate local on-air radio aimed younger than CBS news stations. It’s ironic that the number one billing station in all of radio year after year is doing the news format as we know it that is soon going to be history. And ironic that the great keeper of the all-news format, CBS, can’t get a one share in Washington at WNEW up against WTOP. An FM station, even. Blame it on CBS. They want out of the expense of this format and are dumbing it down to fit the budget cuts. Everything they do now is to save money. They’ve doubled up so many times that their workers can’t keep up. And CBS is loaded with good people and good management. How can this be? Because the company is available for sale. Radio is on the decline. Your number one leader of dropping ad rates is CBS. It’s killing iHeartMedia in LA by dropping its pants faster and further than the Evil Empire. This kills radio in every market where it is done. Why do that if you’re planning to stay around and be in business? Why do that if you’re planning to be in all-news? Let me give you an example. Corporate sees the significant money KYW pays AccuWeather. I’m sure but don‘t know for certain that local people fought the cancellation that happens this month after almost forever. Ask KYW listeners which station gives them AccuWeather and they will tell you KYW Newsradio 1060. KYW has hammered it into their heads since the 1960’s and now because CBS is cutting costs above everything else, AccuWeather is expendable. But top corporate bean counters don’t know and don’t care. They believe in marrying the TV stations with radio and online so the TV weather people pimp out forecasts all day on KYW. It’s cheaper. But not the same. Their listeners know it. KYW programmers know it. Scott Herman knows it. Yet it’s out of their hands. KYW has been lumbering in the 4-share territory for months. Anyone who knows all-news knows that it always helps to have a big news story to get big all-news ratings. But how can WTOP keep turning in 8 shares with the same lack of news? The answer is simple. Family-owned Hubbard intends to stay in the news and radio business. Then there’s Radio One which got out of its there-year news experiment in Houston last week for music. All-news doesn’t work quickly. It takes a decade to build. That’s what Westinghouse, the founder of the genre, should have taught us. CBS is a temporary owner. Les Moonves is coming right out and saying that he’s getting out – at least one-third of his stations are in harm’s way. Makes your employees worried. Know what else makes CBS Radio employees worried? They are cutting as aggressively if not more so at the stations Moonves says they are supposedly keeping – the major markets where CBS also owns television. He may keep these larger market stations for now, but not long. And anything close to the highest multiple radio has seen in decades goes to the bidder willing to make that a Reverse Morris Trust. Radio is dying and the people who own the stations iHeartMedia, Cumulus, the hapless folks at Entercom and now CBS are putting the nail in its coffin. Talk died thanks to iHeartMedia and Cumulus. Now killing news radio is blood on the hands of top CBS executives. What a lousy time to cut resources on AM stations that outperform other AMs and FMs. (10/18/14)

Weeks ago, I told Sorce that USTREAM was a bad idea because of the live streaming expense verses the number of shows he was doing per week, verses his number of subscribers. He must have got his first monthly statement because Sorce just wrote “Our deal with U Stream went bonkers, our live streaming AGAIN became a major issue.” Sorce, the issue is money. Post breakup, RELM Networks indicated that they “we disappointed with the lower number of paid subscriptions” Now,, the preferred payment processing portal for USTREAM discusses the Don Geronimo Podcast by stating “hundreds of fans are active subscribers and are participating in the astounding talk show’s live stream and episode archives.” Wait, hundreds of fans not tens of thousands of fans as Sorce previously indicated? As Paul Harvey said “now we know the rest of the story.”(10/18/14)

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I usually watch channel 5's morning news during the week. But recently it seems that almost every week or every other week, one of the regular anchors is either out sick or on vacation. And when they're out, with all due respect, it's obvious why the "second string" fill-ins are not on the anchor desk on a permanent basis. Lauren DeMarco and Melanie Alnwick are great out in the field, but on the anchor desk, nah. Alnwick seems like a caged animal when she has to sit at that desk for an hour or so. She seems so ready to get out of there and do a remote. And Annie Yu is fine if she's doing fluff, but give her serious news and she just looks uncomfortable. And who the heck is the new weather guy filling in for Tucker?. He was so dry and boring that I fell back asleep. It would be great if the "powers that be" went back to ending the newscast at 9am because with extending the show another 2 hours, there's just too much musical chairs going on. Also, those 2 hours seem pretty useless. OK..Off my soap box. (10/17/14)

So I was right... He had no idea how to do a podcast. Unbelieveable. From "I didn’t know how to record, stream, or place the show on the site for downloading. It was a learning experience for ALL of us. The upside is now the show is being presented the way it always should have been: with loud/perfect levels and streaming that actually works. I didn’t know the levels had been low prior, and will make sure they are correct. Most of these tasks had been under the direction of Drew, and I was left without any knowledge or direction how to handle them when he unexpectedly left." (10/17/14)

Good lord, what a flashback. I remember in the mid-1980s subscribing to a weekly Washington Post color tabloid of national and international news. Was in college then in the Midwest. So this new thing is a fresh 30-year-old idea. (10/17/14)

Is there any OFFICIAL reason why Doug Hill is down to working only 2 days a week and never on the 11:00? I asked him and WJLA several times and there is no reply. Is this a deep dark secret? I don’t think he should keep the title “Chief Meteorologist” if he’s only working a couple of days a week. Steve Rudin and Eileen Whalen are doing a great job covering the weather, but what is up with Doug? (10/17/14)

Let's play the WMZQ Ally Jacobs Shot game: 1) Every time she says "Ammmazing" - 1shot... 2) Every time she says "OH..MY..GOD" - 1 shot... 3) When she talks over lyrics at the end of a song- 2 shots... 4) When she takes a request, but the song started 12 seconds ago- 3 shots... 5) When she combines "Ammmmazing" with "How Cool is That"- 4 shots... Basically, you're gonna be awfully drunk in a hurry! I'd never listen to WFRE but when Ally "Valley-Girl" is on... we have no choice. AMMMMMMMAZZZZINGGGG..... (10/17/14)

Hi Dave, Thanks for publishing my note. Thanks Tony for your support! I checked Titan and their schedule has something totally different from what 'BAL has. To the person who said to put up an antenna well,I wish I could put up an antenna again.The antenna I had up in this locale pulled in WJLA,and WMDT,the latter being out of Salisbury.Problem was it was taken out by storms and then there is the salt air here very corrosive. The other alternative is an R V type antenna---the Spectrum IV by Winegard might work,I'm looking into it.This unit has a 55 mile range---might work for what I want. Then again I might move,who knows. I don't really want to get into this junk because in the final analisys I have some of the d v d's so that solves the issue right now. Everyone settle down.My suggestions and Tony's don't disadvantage anyone. With multicast technology which every station has, the broadcast offerings will be enhanced and all are served with no degradation of the 1080I signal and as a result the networks and locals make more money. As for having to much time on my hands I have worked for about 40 years in private industry and now that the old body is broken I want enjoy the rest of my life-----I've earned it! There is no argument here it's just stubbornness on the part of this broadcaster WBAL! They have a good thing and are messing it up. Thanks again Tony stay tuned! Trust me things will change in the market place. Enough said--that's all. NL (10/17/14)

Haven't seen anything here in ages about how our old buddy Big Don O'Brien is doing these days. Anyone (even Don himself) have an update? (10/17/14)

Shades of the Junkies when two Arizona sports guys go at each other: (10/17/14)

The Revolution Will Be Televised, but it will cost a hell of a lot less because of those who got the nerve to cut or shave the cord. (10/17/14)

To Nick from Baltimore, Thank you. I don’t feel so all alone anymore. I checked the menu yesterday and found out that WBAL Plus has now again change the Saturday night schedule and remove Svengoolie and replaced it with those outstanding and much need “NEWS” programs. I forwarded through to next Saturday and what a mess, news at 10:00pm, Get Smart from 10:30pm to 11:00 pm and the ever popular “To Be Announced” from 11:00pm to 1:00am. I’m not sure if it’s the original “To Be Announced” starring Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney or the remake starring Nick Nolte and Gary Busey. Please, make up your minds WBAL. Nick from Baltimore said it perfectly, it makes you want to stop watching any of their stations. Well, as Rod Serling use to say, there is a fifth dimension and you’ve just crossed over to “The Forgotten Demographic”. Tony from Catonsville (10/17/14)

Source needs to hang it up. Seriously wondering if hes hitting the drugs again..or maybe dementia? & what were those loud beeps during the conversation? Very jarring (10/17/14)

Is it me or does Eileen Whalen seem like the unsung hero of WJLA. She always come across as personable and authentic. That works nicely in the morning. (10/17/14)

Don still has a cadre of kool-aid drinkers... (10/17/14)

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[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] We are looking to fill immediate openings for talented local radio producers who can write, voice, produce on Pro-Tools on a MAC platform and blow listeners away with amazing radio creative. The lucky bastard will work out of our amazingly cool Georgetown space. It is all due to due to major expansion of our services nationally as well as the political revenue category exploding in D.C. with the election year ahead. Part-Time and Full-Time positions are being interviewed for asap. Interested talent should hit me up. EOE. Yaman Coskun CEO/CCO, (202) 888-7776, YAMANAIR CREATIVE, the anti ad agency, (10/16/14)

Here's a website for all those needing help to cut the cord - (10/16/14)

Internet coming to Western Loudoun via All Points Broadband - (10/16/14)

Dave, I’m really liking your Cord Cutter segments…I was inspired to drop my FiOS TV sub in favor of Netflix, Amazon Video and OTA signals. For those of you who are making the switch to OTA TV for the first time, I recommend checking out The site includes a very useful tool which matches your zip code with the type of HD antenna you should buy (rabbit ears, rooftop, etc.), and this recommendation is based on your relative distance from station broadcast antennas. Also, I recently discovered the FX iPad app, so I can still watch some of my favorite shows like SOA and Tyrant, although only 3-4 shows are cached at a time. At any rate, I can see where this new setup is going to gradually transform me into more of a binge viewer, but it’s working out well so far…Chris in Alexandria. (10/16/14)

RE: Commission will have to list *every single word* it doesn't want uttered on radio or TV. Good point but what about George Carlin's famous "seven words"? I worked at a college station once and the record company sent us an EP with that bit on there but those seven words were taken out. In a sense there is already a list of words you can't say on the air. The only thing different is those words (all seven of them) aren't racially charged. Based on your argument alone (and I think it's an excellant one) the FCC will take a pass on this and will not block the renewel of Snyder's stations. This whole deal is nothing but one person's ego being stroked. Why his university hasn't had a "one way" sit down with him is beyond comprehension! (10/16/14)

No more NBC Radio News - (10/16/14)

Regarding "Will the Federal Communications Commission actually ban the word 'Redskins' from broadcast radio and TV stations." No, the FCC won't. But, in keeping with the circus that this has become, the House should hold hearings on the matter. Dan Snyder should be forced to show up to defend himself to special guest Heather Wilson, former representative of New Mexico, who can hiss at him about lining his pockets. (What? Reference to old?) (10/16/14)

Dear Nick in Baltimore, you've got WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOOOOOOOOOOO much time on your hands! I grew up in a market whose network affiliates would pre empt network programming at the drop of a hat. Do you know what viewers in my home town did? They put up roof antennas. That way they could receive the pre empted programming from adjacent markets. Even today you can do the same thing. Since you live in Baltimore (via a roof antenna) you can receive DC stations at the drop of a hat. Buy the biggest antenna around (plus a rotor) and you can also see the Philadelphia stations. That same antenna will also get you all the eastern shore stations. Did you ever think of that? Crying the blues isn't gonna make your situation any better. Getting off your butt and doing what I suggested will! Not quit your crying and get busy! (10/16/14)

"Will the Federal Communications Commission actually ban the word 'Redskins' from broadcast radio and TV stations." To legally do so, the Commission will have to list *every single word* it doesn't want uttered on radio or TV. Which it cant do. Why? Because it WONT. TV shows don't hit the air now without an obligatory micro-penis or vag joke (funny or not), more than one gun-related murder ("Person of Interest"), and - with increasing frequency - broadly implied pot-smoking scenes ("Mom"). Listening to 107.3 FM, you would swear the only thing the morning crew lives for is to get drunk on Fridays right after work and wake up Saturday next to someone whose name they never bothered to get the night before. With all that going on, how could the FCC surgically kill the use of "redskins" and leave the rest intact? If if comes to pass that you can't say the name of a legitimate sports team over the air but CAN use "wang" in a broadcast cartoon ("Family Guy"), then put my multimedia production gear up for sale on Craigslist because I'm leaving on the next craft bound for an asteroid. (10/16/14)

I heard Rachel Maddow talking about Ebola last night and Chris Plante talking about it this morning. I am thinking Plante may not be as "learned" as some people think. And then he started calling Dr Thomas Frieden of NIH names. Are you listening Bill Hess? (10/16/14)

on the shore 1590, 105.1 & 104.3 still tied together, why? (10/16/14)

UCS again reinforces his status as DCRTV's resident windbag. What do spelling/ grammatical errors in an online vacancy announcement, most likely written by someone in Human Resources, and probably not seen by the vast majority of WTOP's listeners or visitors to its website, have anything to do with WTOP's ratings, page clicks or revenue, all of which continue to be strong? The only drip in this thread is UCS. (10/16/14)

HBO came in on a microwave link at the high rise apartment in Laurel where I lived 30 years ago, before widespread "internet" availability. I'm glad they're getting back to a version of direct delivery. It's always been marketing crap to bundle a mess of programming and have to pay for channels never watched. Of course, car dealers do the same thing, loading up vehicles with "packages" when all you want is the damn backup camera. (10/16/14)

Hi Dave and Everyone, I'm confused as well about the messing with Me-Tv Baltimore on WBAL-DT2. On WBAL's website,the me-t v Baltimore listings it shows on Saturday 10/18/14 11 news @10,followed by access hollywood and inside edition to fill up the rest of the time. On Sunday 11news @10 followed by 11 t v hill. On the 25th the same pattern but in Titan TV it shows Svengoolie returning @11 either on delay or repackaged and abbreviated and on Sunday 11 news @ 10 followed by program substitution Twilight" Zone" at 10:30p---Oh and I forgot Titan has "Get Smart" at 10:30 on Saturday's. Let's see how channel 11 updates the schedule as of Friday 10/17/14 as this is when they usually update things. I called WCIU in Chicago and told them of WBAL's abusive preemption practices and they apologized for the situation and that they would pass the complaint on up the chain. For Tony and anyone else Me-Tv's main Chicago telephone number is 312-705-2600 operating weekdays 10 a-6p e s t (9-5 central). Call 'em let them know what's going on. This goes for our DC friends as well angered by WJLA's preemptions for those crummy college football games on their Sinclair Sports Net. Big changes are on the way as more digital sub nets hit the air in the Baltimore Market soon! I wonder what WMAR will do with 2.2 when ABC's Live Well goes away? Could be interesting. I can understand the sub channels being used for promoting your main channel product but stations need to respect the fact that viewers are more likely to go to the main channel or news product if you also respect the fact that people watch the sub channels for things like Me,Antenna or COZY. If you offer those services and then take them away it's counter productive over all. By preempting Me-TV WBAL creates annimocity and I for example will watch less NBC and TV11 altogether if they continue this behavior. What's the difference anyway if I am on 11.1 or 11.2 I am still tuned into WBAL's signal. Forced compliance never works give us a reason to watch besides those lousy infomercials and reality shows. By the way News commitment Snooze commitment we all know that this is all promotion for the 5-6 and 11p newscasts with the same warmed over and scorched news stories. While we're at it, how is the 50th airing of access hollywood and inside edition(lower case intentional) an example of t v 11's community commitment? Thanks Dave for allowing me to rant. Much appreciated, All The Best, Nick in Baltimore (10/16/14)

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White House pool reporters test own news distribution system - (10/15/14)

RE Washington Post {SALE EXTENDED} Just $26 for One Year of Home Delivery + Digital Access. Please provide the address/link....all of my browsers are missing something per the error message received. Thanks (10/15/14)

Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller previews the latest fashion rage at IAD: The Daily Caller (10/15/14)

Hello Dave, I heard some of the anti-redskin screed on WPFW yesterday afternoon around 6 or 7. Caught a guy in mid-rant, didn't hear him mention the FCC or any of Snyder's stations, but he was on a roll. He compared Snyder to Hugh Hefner, owner of Playboy, Bob Guccione, owner of Penthouse (yeah I know Guccione hasn't owned penthouse for many years now but that's what this guy says), and Larry Flynt, owner of Hustler. The speaker was putting out so much venomous rhetoric that I tended to forget what the hell he was talking about, i.e., the name of the football team. It sure was entertaining for a few minutes. What a dumb suggestion that the FCC go after Snyder. The FCC doesn't get into speech matters. If they did, you can be sure that there would be a bureaucrat somewhere who would keep preachy rants like this off the air. Regards, Lw (10/15/14)

My assertions of the content decline of WTOP are confirmed in their “job announcement” as reproduced in the Mailbag. The grammar and spelling errors would likely be caught by a kid making C’s in high school English. If this is the quality of the #1 billing broadcaster in the U.S., WTOP should’ve been easy pickings for an all-news WKCW, let alone WNEW. Very sad. As Dave has said… “drip, drip, drip…” -Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/15/14)

WHUT is exploring some really innovative ways to connect to communities and creatives in DC. (10/15/14)

Don’t know if you saw this or not…looks like HBO has decided to create a service for cord-cutters like yourself, Dave… (10/15/14)

Re: "WTOP is looking for a news writer..." That job description is interesting. Maybe they should apply it to Kristi King. Currently, her job description is: "Sit around reading magazines. Occasionally file a three-sentence story summarizing some article you've read. Timeliness, fact-checking and interest to readers not required. If you forget to read magazines, just file a story about something mundane you saw while driving in to the office that day." (10/15/14)

You heard it here first last week. Now it's in The Washington Post. The FCC radio licenses of Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder are in fact being challenged starting with WWXX 94.3 by a GWU professor over claims that the name is racist. Most of Snyder's radio stations are up for renewal this month or next, so that will soon include WTEM AM 980 in DC as well as his other properties in Norfolk, Richmond, etc. None of these Daniel Snyder owned radio stations will get automatic renewals, which is the norm. (10/15/14)

REF: [WTOP is looking for a news writer] Wow...after all these years, they're finally going to hire one. I hope they can write better than the dude who wrote the job description for it: "re-write fresh broadcast anchor ledes." WTF (10/15/14)

[RE Washington Post {SALE EXTENDED} Just $26 for One Year of Home Delivery + Digital Access!] Just received this offer, 50 cents a week for Sunday home delivery for a full year. Why bother charging freaking desperate. (10/15/14)

I’ve been following your Cut the Cord segments, so I thought I’d chime in again. The problem with Limited Basic is #1, just try and get Comcast to even offer it to you. You have to at the very least threaten to cancel everything, make up a story of someone dying or lost job, and still not easy since Comcast deliberately puts everyone in these packages that have cancelation fees. Failure to pay those fees can affect your credit report. To say they don’t try every trick in the book would be an understatement. #2, most people assume Limited Basic gets you the locals, public info, and maybe the Top 5-10 cable networks that everyone used to get on just Basic Cable. Well forget that notion. You’ll get no phone, no TBS (hence no ALCS games), no ESPN, no MASN (no Os/Nats), no Nickelodeon, no MTV/VH1, not even CSPAN 3 which is supposed to be funded by the cable industry itself! #3, you won’t get anything in HD. They charge extra for that which I believe should be illegal since every TV manufactured by law is an ATSC HDTV today. #4, You won’t save as much money as you think you will. Assuming you’ve got their internet, which is almost necessary to cut the cord, add HD capability, have more than one TV, add taxes & fees, and it would be hard to get a package for less than $90/month in the DC/Baltimore area. Sure, that’s cheaper than the almost $200/month I was paying. But once again, very expensive for what you’re getting in return. This is why I chose to use internet streaming from Russia or God knows where to get Nats & Os playoff games. If there was a la carte purchasing of channels (which is easily technically possible in this day and age), I’d have ordered Fox Sports One or TBS, but I’m not going to pay $30/month more to bump to another package just for that. It’s like Steve Jobs used to say about the music industry… If you charge a fair price for a song, 99 cents, people won’t bother to go through the hassle of stealing the content. God I wish Jobs was still around because his next project was to take on the cable industry. But he’s gone and now people will just steal the content instead just like they did music with Napster. (10/15/14)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:]


I do a double "Dave TV" and "Cord Cutter" episode today. Check out the Roku channels I'm currently subscribing to. Plus, the latest with Don Geronimo. More folks leaving low-rated Channel 9/WUSA, including its news director. The misguided license challenges against Redskins owner Dan Snyder's radio station. Still no traction at WRQX and its new morning show. David Sproul leaves WMAL. Does the new Washington Post publisher plan to pounce on Politico? And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (10/15/14)

I noticed WAMU is now announcing their Spotsylvania outlet at the top of the hour... Just what F'burg needs...another NPR outlet... (10/15/14)

Notice how it took 10 weeks of Redskins or more for WTEM to top WJFK in the ratings. Regards Biff (10/15/14)

October 15th marks the 56th anniversary of Edward R. Murrow's blistering speech to a gathering of the Radio-Television News Directors Association (RTNDA) in 1958. In the intervening years, a lot has changed on the Radio & TV landscape & the problems with media that Murrow described, have grown steadily worse. Here's a YouTube link to hear the entire speech. (10/15/14)

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So I see WJZ-FM tied for 4th . How do people listen to this station? For fun this morning, I watched the dashboard clock. 6:55-7:05 is a break w/traffic and the completely useless Coleman 20-20 update. 7:06-7:15, we have Norris and Davis. 7:15-7:25. another break/traffic/Coleman. 7:25-7:35 Norris and Davis. So in a 40 minute span, you get 19 minutes of actual program content. Before you all chime in, yes, it’s clear that they are making lots of $$$$, but who can listen through all of the garbage? On top of that, frankly, Norris & Davis aren’t that good. Many said years ago that Ed should have wound up at WBAL. If CBS is going to get these ratings with this type of product, why not make even more money and get rid of the high priced ‘talent’/ It seems pretty obvious people will listen to almost anything that’s classified as ‘Sports Talk’. Really, Really miss Drew in the morning. (10/14/14)

what does it mean in terms of ad revenues that Nielsen "screwed up" ABC & NBC news ratings: Nielsen's Colossal Screw-Up Strips ABC's David Muir of Ratings Win Over NBC's Brian Williams - TheWrap (10/14/14)

So MonicaSantami's gone from WUSA9..Well, what's up with JC Hayward's status?..I see she's still on their webpage though. (10/14/14)

Re: WYMU - Whoops .. WYAU (10/14/14)

AEREO, the company that tried to give everyone free network TV is back, now trying to be listed as a cable company and paying fees to the networks, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC etc. But there's a catch if you read this article in The Post. AEREO is hoping Congress will update the Telecommunications Act to allow more free TV for those who no longer can get it without paying high cable fees. Should be interesting. -- BaltoMedia.Net (10/14/14)

Here's my take on 1090...youth rules, especially when it comes to broadcast demographics, and if the younger generation is avoiding Facebook, won't eat at Golden Corral, wouldn't be seen on a Smucker's jelly jar, and refuses to drive anything that looks like their grandpa's Buick, why would anyone think they would tune into the "Buick" of radio stations, AM1090? (10/14/14)

I did some moaning and groaning about WBAL Plus pre-empting the Svengoolie show on Saturday nights. Then last week it showed up at 11:00pm instead of 10:00pm. Now I see it listed in the menu screen as being on at 10:00pm this Saturday. First of all, if it really is back on, thank you. I and my grandkids will be very pleased. But remember, I’m an old fart, from a lost demographic, please don’t try to confuse me by changing the time on a weekly basis. Like I always say, the mind is the second thing to go, and we never talk about the first. Tony from Catonsville (10/14/14)

I told people many months ago that while Sinclair might produce political documentaries, they would not interrupt ABC programming on WJLA to run old movies or Billy Graham specials. It’s not their thing. Plus they have NC8 so they don’t have to. Sinclair didn’t even interrupt FOX programming for the Maryland Gubernatorial Debate which they originally announced FOX 45 would co-produce & then ditched it to WUTB 24. Sinclair rarely interrupts network programming. Nobody believed me. Did that debate ever air on WJLA? Just curious. I don’t get WJLA here anymore. (10/14/14)

Re: "REF: [AM is dead] If that is true, isn't it time to bury 1090 once and for all?" They are one of a very few Top 50 market stations still hanging on, but I told them to move to FM and make WBAL a news, information, sports, and talk station with a target of 25-54 about ten years ago. Almost too late now. They have been afraid of letting go of their 65 to death audience. They have been trying to expand their demographics, but won't let go of politics. Seems they think real news, sports and information isn't good enough to hold listeners, but slanted news is. Politics on a general market station is poison. Their audience (without Baseball and football) is near death, really. Ed Kiernan was afraid to mess with their success. By the way, someone wrote that the FCC hadn't made any progress toward a solution for AM in two years. Actually, they finalized a plan for action a year ago: - - reading the ridiculous plan really shows how out of touch the FCC is. The poster was correct. There is no saving AM. I turned on WBAL to hear a bit of the baseball game the other day and the interference was so bad, I couldn't hear it (in Towson, daytime). I know car radios don't use great AM tuners, but 50,000 watts daytime? Ed Graham (10/14/14)

REF: [AM is dead] If that is true, isn't it time to bury 1090 once and for all? (10/14/14)

Did you see that Donny G now broke up w/his cohost, DrewHoffar? This guy can't keep any relationships for more than 3 months! (10/14/14)

Just in time for Fall. 99.1 WHFS custom embroidered Dickies jacket. Never worn. Adult size large available on ebay. (10/14/14)

Tom - Monika had this on her Facebook page: "My look back as I look forward...I'm starting a new journey in the biz...Love you WUSA 9 Family and wonderful viewers..thank you! Bye for now..Monika xxox" (10/14/14)

Monika Samtani has been absent for about 4 weeks now from W*USA's morning news. Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks. Tom in Wheaton (10/14/14)

7 & 8 To Produce "Terror Threat" Program - Looks like this crap is only going to be on NC8 here, and not pre-empting ABC programming on WJLA (a first-run "Grey's Anatomy" episode). C) 2014 Allbritton (NOT Sinclair) (10/14/14)

WAMU is now ID'ing their 89.5 signal (WYAU Spotsylvania-Fredericksburg) in their legal ID. No mention of the signal on their website, yet. (10/14/14)

RE: WHFS….I would welcome it back as a classic alternative/progressive rock station. Not as a mainstream alternative station or a talk or sports talker. The problem with this is that the people who enjoyed the late days of HFS on 99.1 will cry and complain because bands like 311, Oasis, Nirvana, Eels, No Doubt etc….won’t be on the channel but the early artists will be there instead. Since this won’t happen….might as well just keep the station off the air. Dan (10/14/14)

7 & 8 To Produce "Terror Threat" Program. And so it begins, the subtle, political, redirection of facts and opinion to the right by Sinclair from the nations capital to most of the country. (10/14/14)

"To our 25-year Leatherneck visitor: What year did you leave the service and in what mass media industry are/were you employed in subsequently?" You don't "leave" the United States Marine Corps you are separated. I got my separation papers in 1991. (1966-1991 25-years) I was doing part time at stations in Honolulu even as I was on active duty in the 80's. Because of my rank and assignment I was working almost a regular 9-5 job for the last 8 years on active duty. Upon separation to Reserves I worked full time in several Honolulu stations then my wife and I moved to Japan where I worked for NHK-1 ( I speak fluent Japanese) until we moved to the DC area in 2012. I have been working for a station in Maryland since August of 2012. (10/14/14)

Regarding "Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!" If Nino Greasemanelli were still on the air today, would he have said "Happy I.P. Day?" (10/14/14)

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Your outrage at the FCC's impotence on "AM stimulation" is misdirected. The outrage should be aimed directly at the AM radio station owners who have been sitting on their hands and asses for the past 30-years failing to take responsibility and action on any number of inovations that would have helped their sinking ship. AM stereo is the first that comes to mind. The FCC essentially said to let the free market determine the method of delivery. But not after trying to dictate what system, only to be sued for it. In 1980 after five years of testing five systems, the FCC selected the Magnavox system as the official AM stereo standard. The FCC's research is immediately accused of being flawed and incomplete and the FCC is flooded with lawsuits by AM station owners. In 1982 after boatloads of litigation from AM broadcasters the FCC said let the free market determine it. Then the AM broadcasters who screamed the loudest about the FCC's choice dropped the ball and let 10khz wide audio bandwidth become the standard and AM stereo get away from them and what could have been the savior to the piss ass quality of AM radio piddle down the stream. The FCC tried to fix the problem in the 70's & 80's but AM broadcasters fought the FCC then failed to act on the options they whined and cried to get. So please, when you start to blame the FCC for the decline of AM or for not "fixing" it or "stimulating" it, please reflect on the idiotic way that AM broadcasters let opportunity after opportunity to save it pass them by so they can put more automated satellite, religious, big band on AM and drive listeners away so they never come back. The FCC may have a lot of faults but this ain't one of them. (10/13/14)

There seems to be a lot of criticism of the FCC now. Remember, the FCC is just a "regulatory agency" appointed by the government. They don't make policy. Then you ask.....who does make the policies? Not sure. It is not suppose to be political. Ever wonder why there are no broadcasters on the FCC. They just need lawyers. Many of the people who work at the FCC have never been inside a radio station. Yet, they "regulate" it. They need lawyers to interpret the laws that the lawyers get passed. Lawyers like to interpret laws. They can render different opinions. Where would we be without the lawyers? (10/13/14)

The WHFS call letters was already used twice for different formats, besides progressive and alternative in the DC and Baltimore area. It was on 105.7 in Charm City as a Guy Talk station, similar to WJFK and 1580AM in Morningside/Washington as a short lived conservative talker. (10/13/14)

“It looks like the lobbyist got to the FCC about Channel 6 TV. The LPTV Channel that has operated as an FM Radio Station …” I think the LPTV 6 is a travesty! The idea that you can operate a TV6 as an FM station, with over-deviated (75 kHz), FM stereo audio, in multiple markets (including Salisbury), and then claim adjacent channel protection, is beyond absurd from a technical view. It is also a poor choice from a public interest view, since it locks out 87.9 for legitimate LPFM applicants, where you could have coordinated otherwise with 88.1 and 88.3. Meanwhile, in the Sacramento, CA market, the analog, full power TV6 ran its FM radio on 88.1 through the same amp and antenna! Cool trick. (10/13/14)

The Maryland Gubernatorial debate produced by WJLA 7/NewsChannel 8 this morning was once again ©Allbritton Communications. I’m curious how long can that go on or have the Allbritton Family signed off on selling off the family corporate name too for future use? Seems like it’s been awhile right? No call letter changes, no copyright changes on any stations. Seems odd to me. (10/13/14)

Dave's response: WJLA's website STILL says "Allbritton Communications" more than two months after Sinclair took over. Ponderous, man, ponderous.....

Tonight's Maryland Gubernatorial Debate originally scheduled to be aired on FOX 45 has been moved to 8PM tonight on WUTB My 24. No reason given. It's still scheduled to air on WJLA ABC 7 and aired on NewsChannel 8 in DC this morning at 10AM. More in The Sun... (10/13/14)

Hi Dave. Any more info on the WHFS/HFS fiasco? (10/13/14)

AM Stimulation.....Where did the FCC take us on this.? Nowhere! If no one cares then why do anything about it. The last report from the FCC is that they are still "researching it" that was two years ago. AM is dead. Let's bury it forever. Disney is still trying to sell their 22 AM stations. Have any of them been sold? (10/13/14)

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! Signed, Danny “Still Love My Redskins" Snyder. (10/13/14)

It looks like the lobbyist got to the FCC about Channel 6 TV. The LPTV Channel that has operated as an FM Radio Station rather than a television station. In Washington, it always depends on who has the most money to lobby the FCC. You say it is not political....guess again. If no one cares then the FCC seems to do what they want. (10/13/14)

Hi, Dave. I hope you don't mind me throwing this question out to the Mailbaggers: What's the best car stereo value for under $200? I need a CD player and, of course, radio (don't care about the HD Radio option), but would also like the car to be Sirius-ready when/if I go the satellite radio route -- although I have no idea how much activation fees might be. I have a Mazda 6 with Bose speakers and don't plan to change those out. Thanks for any recommendations. (10/13/14)

To our 25-year Leatherneck visitor: What year did you leave the service and in what mass media industry are/were you employed in subsequently? (10/13/14)

ZW, as always, talking a mile a minute and NEVER having any idea what he's talking about. Re: "...You call them by the good part and not the minutia. What are you going to call them? Try addressing an admiral as 'Rear Admiral Lower Half' unless you outrank him...." As the son of a Rear Admiral (Ret.), I know that this is complete bullshit. My father was a Rear Admiral, he was proud to be a Rear Admiral, and nobody called him anything but Rear Admiral. Why ZW and others continue to just make shit up on this topic is anybody's guess. This is an endless conversation waged mostly by idiots who don't have a clue. (10/13/14)

[RE WUSA:] Seems they can't figure out they're running the same crawl during CBS This Morning as they have for the last week. (10/13/14)

Let me note that all the self proclaimed authorities here who claim knowledge about the whole Lieutenant Colonel controversy are all using an Internet site as their proof. I spent 25 years in the United States Marine Corps and don't need to get my proof from an Internet site. The whole issue here was Fox News calling Oliver North a "Colonel". He is not a Colonel. Calling him a "Colonel" is not only improper, it is not his rank. Don't care how you feel about the man or what your political leanings are or what Internet site you claim, he is not now, nor never will be a "Colonel". The only proper way to address him or make reference to him is "Lieutenant Colonel North". Period! I'll put my 25 years as a Marine against your cartoons, Internet sites and hysteria. I can't believe a site that is supposed to be populated by educated, informed people would keep banging on this non-issue. Just makes me wonder why people, who have no first hand knowledge of an issue would think their google searches would make them the last word on this issue. (10/13/14)

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Here's the pic for those wondering about NFL Daniel Snyder's Redskins and his radio stations. This means that the License Renewal Grant for WWXX 94.3, owned by Daniel Snyder has been rescinded. Why? Hard to say yet, but it's still of media news interest since there's no other explanation so far except the FCC going after the REDSKINS NAME complaints in his FCC renewal of the stations he owns, all of which are due for renewal this month. Hmm. (10/12/14)

Oh people, this is settled science as massage enthusiast Al Gore would say. Lite Colonel, Lt. Commander, Rear Admiral Lower/Upper Half, Vice Admiral, Admiral, Brigadier/Major/Lite General, General. You call them by the good part and not the minutia. What are you going to call them? Try addressing an admiral as "Rear Admiral Lower Half" unless you outrank him. I'm much more troubled by Friday's Mark Trail. "Bring it back slow and let it straighten...then forward like I taught you, Rusty." "I remember... this is exciting!" - ZW (10/12/14)

How is it possible that the Redskins haven't upgraded their game coverage after all this time? I prefer missing the games than listening to those annoying clowns. (10/12/14)

Our next Q&A Cafe is this Friday, October 17, timed to advance the mid-term elections, to discuss their potential impact on politics, and the economy because, you know, still "it's the economy, stupid." What will this new Congress and a possible Republican-led Senate mean to our $$$$? The guest is political and economic strategist Greg Valliere, a friend who appears regularly on the CNBC, Fox Business, CNN and CBS News. He also used to be my next door neighbor. He's also quite informed and smart on fine wine, which we'll probably discuss, too. Only, we have very few reservations. I understand it's not the sexiest subject, but please trust The Q&A Cafe to provide a lively and entertaining show ... even while talking politics and money. Please join us. We're a small crew behind the show but we work hard to get it produced. The location is the George Town Club at 1530 Wisconsin Avenue. Seating begins at noon, the show and lunch at 12:30, all wrapped up by 1:15. For reservations please call 202-333-9330 or send an email to GTC Reservations []. The fee is $35, all inclusive. Coming up on November 7, is Dan Rather, and on November 18 is our NFL show, with "Redskins" President Bruce Allen, and then a likely surprise in early December. - Carol (10/12/14)

A hobo riding the rails has a better career path than a ''news director'' at WUSA9 (10/12/14)

" Oh, and Ollie says "hi"." So now you are the spokesperson for North? Next post you'll be the Commandant of the Marine Corps eh? Tell North that a certain MGySgt who escorted him to the brig in Okinawa is still keeping an eye on him. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to hear from me. Yes the matter is resolved and we can only imagine what a productive spokesperson like you must have on their plate for the weekend. Scuttlebutt is that Faux News is looking for a Hannity replacement. You'd be perfect. I mean with making up crap and all. Semper Scrotus sunshine! (10/12/14)

Mike Sorce places his 3rd wife Janet as co-host on the Don Geronimo Show Podcast (10/12/14)

Getting a good laugh about "parking call letters"! There's a good reason for it: Broadcast callsigns are public property, with their use granted by the FCC. Any related trademarks could easily be challenged by a subsequent assignee of the callsign. This can also apply with non-U.S. callsigns that have been granted a U.S. trademark. Like when Robert Smith owned XERB as a U.S. trademark. As for WHFS, I do remember their days on Cordell Ave.. in Bethesda, running 2,300 watts on 102,3 back in the bad old days. Would've been funny if CBS had used WHFS here, but on a different format... say all-news or C&W! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/12/14)

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Let me see if I can settle this… #1, Oliver North was a Lt. Colonel. #2 Whether he lied to Congress is your opinion. #3. WHO THE FUCK GIVES A RATS ASS ANYMORE? That is all. Stand down. Or better yet here, just let the nurse give you the jello and go away. LMAO (10/11/14)

"I think you just confirmed what the "Oliver North is not a Colonel" guy was saying." Not even close. The original Oct 8 position taken by him was, "He was *never* a Colonel," not that North *isn't* a Colonel. The service record speaks for itself. For that matter, lying to Congress wasn't even part of the initial posting -- just the question of rank -- so piling on irrelevant info via a Gish Gallop is unnecessary. I'll consider the matter done with, as I have more productive issues ahead of me this weekend. Oh, and Ollie says "hi". (10/11/14)

As mentioned here a few days ago, Montgomery College is seeking a new fulltime media professor; ostensibly to take on the radio curriculum and management of the campus' streaming radio station. As there is no shortage of armchair experts and crusty ol' radio vets here in the Mailbag, this is a perfect opportunity to show 'em how its done. Walk your demo over to Mannakee Street in Rockville, and be ready to work...hard! (10/11/14)

"Animal House" needs to remain on WAMU. Why should I send hard-earned money to the station when after midnight it airs BBC news. I pass on that. Boo to 88.5 FM. (10/11/14)

CBS parking the WHFS calls means no possible lawsuits. It doesn’t mean they want to bring back the whole station again. Think of it as copyrighting. CBS owns WHFS FM in branding online. No other radio station can challenge them on the branding. If another radio station were to get those call letters, they could challenge CBS in court on copyright infringement. Basically the call letters are parked by the lawyers, not radio people. — BaltoMedia (10/11/14)

A poster writes "KROI not being in Houston's 100,000 watt league would seem to doom WTOP, which needed three transmitters on three different channels that listeners have to find. And those three all together don't add up to 100,000 watts, either. Any one of their transmitters is a rimshot, according to the poster's definition, then." Okay, Time Out. You're diving into the technical world of Class Bs & Class Cs (& C-1, C-2, C-3) and multiple signals versus single signals, and you're out of your depth. A session with a sharp consulting engineer might help. In brief, though--103.5 (4.5 miles from downtown DC) is not a "rimshot" by anyone's standard... while 107.7 and 103.9--both about 45 miles from downtown would be considered "rimshots." The three FM signals together, though, blanket the DC MSA to a degree that no other single FM station can approach. To get a different perspective, take format out of it. Think instead of, let's say, a CHR with one Class B (50,000 watt) up in Silver Spring... a full power Class B (50,000 watt) repeater down around Manassas... and another Class A (3,000 watt) repeater up in Frederick. And, just for fun, imagine that your bosses give you the reins of one Class B near Annapolis and say "Alright, get out there and beat them!" FWIW, the primary signal for a Class B goes out 32 miles and for a Class A it's about 15 miles). What do you think your chances are? Good luck! (10/11/14)

KROI not being in Houston's 100,000 watt league would seem to doom WTOP, which needed three transmitters on three different channels that listeners have to find. And those three all together don't add up to 100,000 watts, either. Any one of their transmitters is a rimshot, according to the poster's definition, then. And, anyone who remembers WHFS's popularity on flea power 102.3 (what was it, 2800 watts?) would also be unable to dispute their later ratings success on 50,000 watt 99.1, where WNEW today reaches Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis with but ONE transmitter. So. Try again. Something else is holding back WNEW's growth as a news outlet. It ain't signal, it ain't programming. (10/11/14)

"Oliver North is a de facto Lt Colonel (ret.)" I think you just confirmed what the "Oliver North is not a Colonel" guy was saying. You seem to be arguing with yourself and I for one am tired of it. Please find some other minutia to focus on and move along. NO ONE GIVES A DAMN! The note yesterday pointing out that Mailbag has turned into a "flame/grammar/he's not a Colonel/yes he is, bag of boring is on target. I think everyone will acknowledge that North got caught lying to Congress. Why even acknowledge this disgraceful P.O.S? (10/11/14)

Animal House Cancellation: I was actually ready to send WAMU a contribution; forget it now. I'll add the $ to my contribution for the shelter where we've gotten our furry family members. (10/11/14)

Right On, and I agree with Tony from Catonsville! Write Dan Joerres at WBAL-TV! Wish we could all get WJLA in Baltimore! (10/11/14)

re: Donnie head up ass. Please refrain from rubbing your nub long enough to focus on these words [CBS Corporation announced it has signed an agreement to sell its cluster of five radio stations in West Palm Beach, Florida for $50 million. CBS' West Palm Beach cluster is made up of Adult Contemporary WEAT (Sunny 104.3), Country WIRK, Rhythmic CHR WMBX (X102.3), CHR WPBZ (NOW 103.1) and Urban AC WHFS (B106.3). Two of these stations will have to be sold under FCC regulations. Which two has not been announced as of yet... Will there be a format change at B106.3? If so it won't be anytime soon because the station has syndication deals with both the Tom Joyner Morning Show and the Michael Baisden show.] Courtesy of Urban Radio Nation. The buyer is Palm Beach Broadcasting LLC.I don't mind being called out or insulted but I detest stupidity and plain laziness,check your facts before you go all internet hardass,dumbass. Oh and....son? Really? You must be one ooooold fuck to feel comforable calling me son LOL. Donnie (10/11/14)

re Shut The Fuck Up ( have some balls and say it gramps) Correction: WHFS FM 98.7 is a Sports format station in Tampa Bay, is/was owned by CBS and an affiliate of University of South Florida Sports. Not a clue what that has to do with a Houston Urban station or Radio One, a former article I pulled up mentioned Palm Beach Broadcasting selling Urban B106.3 WHFS so yeah I neglected to notice the 2012 dating of the article. Either way 'parking' the calls there and using the branding here doesn't make much sense to people who don't ride hemorroid donuts for a living. And I never said anything about putting them in Harm City just somewhere in MD/DC where they belong. Donnie (10/11/14)

So, WAMU is cancelling The Animal House but we are still suffering through two hours of that absolutely horrid show The Splendid Table hosted by some whiny dude? What a disgrace. -Chainsman (10/11/14)

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