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Dave, I've been a Don and Mike fan since about '96. I have followed both their careers since then. When I heard you were going to be on Sadly Lacking Radio I was pretty excited to be getting a chance to hear both of your opinions on it. I attempted to contact the host of that show so I could send him clips of Don's appearances on other shows talking about how and why he was going the direction he is. Unfortunately I got no response from him and he went into the show completely uninformed(by his own admission on the show). The show ended up sounding like an intentional hit piece. You had more knowledge of what was going on and it showed, but even you were not fully informed on the structure of RELM and Don's relationship to it. I would hope that the next time you are on a show like that you do a small amount of research to be more familiar with the subject. If you ever need available information on either Don or Mike or their networks, I would be more than happy to help you get it. I don't know either man but I follow both closely because of the love I had of the show they did together. I don't know if you are listening to Don's show or not, but if you don't have the subscription I can send you links to clips or even send you some full shows if you want to see how he is doing now. To me he is doing a great show, putting out a lot more content than what was promised and reminding me everyday of what good radio used to be and could have been today if corporations and the FCC would have allowed it. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Bubby (4/21/14)

RE WRQX, a correction and for WMAL, an illumination: Kenny King was never GM of WRQX. He was PD of Smooth Jazz 105.9 and then became PD/Ops manager of that station and WRQX when Steve Kosbau left for Detroit years ago. Lauren Murphy isn't on WMAL anymore because she worked for Metro/Shadow/Total Traffic and went away with them when WMAL switched to a different provider about a month ago. (4/21/14)

Count Gore with Dr Who's Billie Piper at awesomeCon (4/21/14)

So Ollie LIED TO CONGRESS and used funds that were supposed to go to fighting the Communists, but instead used them for personal gain and you jump on DCRTV to bash anyone who points out the TRUTH? Its not a left vs right issue. Its a right vs wrong and truth vs lies. And you my dimwitted little dolt are on the wrong end. Ollie North was and is a LIAR. Ollie North STOLE money that was supposed to be used to fight Communists to enhance his own home. Not to mention that the Marine Corps asked him to leave. He didn't even make full bird and was ASKED TO LEAVE. You might want to do the same. (4/21/14)

Weird to hear Pat Garrett on BOTH of the all news stations in DC. The TOP suits must hate this! (4/21/14)

Dave's response: Pat is now only with CBS-DC, including WJFK and WNEW. He's no longer "the voice" of Hubbard's WTOP.....

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\/ April 20 Messages \/

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: A Washington Post reporter spent an hour talking to me about 94.7 Fresh FM's Tommy McFly but not a word of what I said made it into its Sunday piece about him. Hmmm....] Maybe you said something that didn't go along with the predetermined story line. (4/20/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: A Washington Post reporter spent an hour talking to me about 94.7 Fresh FM's Tommy McFly but not a word of what I said made it into its Sunday piece about him. Hmmm....] I enjoy Tommy too, but it's a PR piece. I would have enjoyed some perspective from Willard Scott and Johnny Holliday, who led the way for Ryan and McFly. That's all. (4/20/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: A Washington Post reporter spent an hour talking to me about 94.7 Fresh FM's Tommy McFly but not a word of what I said made it into its Sunday piece about him. Hmmm....] Terrific article on Tommy; he's worked hard to get where he is. He's down to earth, grounded and has a great personality. He's a breath of fresh air and I wish him all the best life has to offer. (4/20/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: A Washington Post reporter spent an hour talking to me about 94.7 Fresh FM's Tommy McFly but not a word of what I said made it into its Sunday piece about him. Hmmm....] Reporters write the article and then submit it up the line. Editors have a tough job and what they write is also edited by the senior editor. Plus the article has space constraints. You were probably one of many that was interviewed for this article. It's like a pro photographer; they take hundreds of pictures at a photo shoot just to use a couple. Your comments were probably very similar to the rest since Tommy is a great guy. Just wish Tommy the best during his journey in life. Take care (4/20/14)

"You know “Z.W.” with the following post by you at last I understand why DCRTVDJDAVE posts your posts: you actually made sense with your assessment of that idiot Cizz Ill Ya." - Jesus Christ, bro (he is risen, as you know) dial it down a notch, and take a med according to your doctor's instructions. An author's ouevre should be judged as a whole and others like my other bits, like Mike O'Meara's morbid obes-- uh, poorly considered podcast. Glad that you liked this bit of it. Cillizza-Weingarten? Same cloth. If Bezos was hands-on they'd both be gone. That rhymes. Always merry and bright. - ZW (4/20/14)

Dear "So Ollie lied..." As long as we're making one of our periodic forays away from DC radio and tv, we might as well pass along a little recent history that you could have picked up if you'd ever read a newspaper. Ollie North diverted funds to the FIGHT the commies and other allies of Danny Ortega--you know, the Sandinista thugs whose idea of campaigning was beating up the opposition, which leftwing slugs like you find so appealing when it's done by the left. In other radio and tv news..... (4/20/14)

Tommy Mcfly is only 27 years old WOW never knew that he is such a young man. To be that young and have a morning show in a Top Ten market is a tip of the hat to him. (4/20/14)

Interesting that WaPo seems to have disabled comments for the Tommy McFly profile. (4/20/14)

It is nice that WNEW has re-branded itself as Maryland's All-News Station. It does cover all of Baltimore. What about Washington, the 7th Market? It still does not cover the Northern Virginia & Western part of the market. 99.1 FM will never cut into the WTOP audience until it gets this area covered. The people have no choice but to listen to WTOP. CBS could lease WKDV in Manassas and cover this area. (4/20/14)

As the Grand-Dragon-all-seeing-Wizard of the Baltimore Mensa, I'd like to offer you a position on our "All-Knowing-Seer" group to the one who calls himself :D. We'd gather round and listen intently as you would educate us about Money-Management, Decision-making-processes, Blog-obsessions and staying humble amongst the pinks (the under 200-IQ's) who populate the masses. We could all learn at the feet (assuming that you've washed them) of one who so masterfully has bludgeoned the pinks with your breath-taking grasp of the language and hand-to-keyboard kombat. Our doors are open to you and we encourage you to come be with others of your kind where we sit around and tell stories of our mastery over the lower IQ apes. Just looking back at the numerous posts you've made about your purchase of the $80 Terk Antenna alone has made a place for you in our midst. You won't need employment or money when you join our ranks as an "All-Knowing-Seer" as the pinks will bow in your presence, doors will open in awe of your intellect and the sun will shine in fear of your wrath. GDASW-BaltimoreMensa (4/20/14)

Ironically NATION was in an area for a new baseball stadium for the Nats the same way the infamous Hammerjacks was on the Camden Yards property in Baltimore and had to be torn down. At one time Hammerjacks was the largest nite club on the east coast and was in movies and several videos. (4/20/14)

Its not uncommon for more than one jock to subscribe to the same joke/prep service, so I can see some duplication between Diamond and DnM. Bond stole everything: the Burger King I Love You game, the first 20 mins of the show filled with SFX carts and dopey shit, and when some guy stood up and yelled "Don and Mike, Jer-rryyy!" during a Seinfeld standup performance, Bond sent his interns to NYC to duplicate the bit in the audience of the Letterman show. It was pure gold when DnM came to town and shellacked him. Hard to believe its 20 years later and I still consider him a pickle-brine douche. (4/20/14)

The “Digital Dash”… Here’s why it will take a lot to make it work. That is, if it ever does work! First, there’s server capacity. The earlier comment about problems with the Tune-In app is on the money. At peak usage, that service, along with, and iFart all face the same problem of not having enough server or bandwidth capacity. And, it’s not just the aggregators. Try the WTOP website during the next major crisis, storm, emergency, or afterwards. It can be a slow-loader at best sometimes. And, it makes no economic sense to build server and bandwidth capacity for “once in a lifetime” events. Speaking of costs, let’s take a look at listening. It’s no secret that Americans pay the highest prices for the slowest broadband in the developed world. Guess what? Same thing’s true about wireless connectivity. That’s why the major wireless carriers are trying to buy as much bandwidth as they can. Buying bandwidth is cheaper than investing in new data compression protocols to make better use of what they’ve already got. So, you have that resource cost on top of your basic subscription and equipment expense. Now, add in your listening time. The era of the unlimited data plans is ending or will become so expensive as to make it unaffordable, except to the wealthy. Talk about “pay to listen”! Your new digital dash will bring new meaning to the term. Just wait until you see your first month’s bill! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/20/14)

/\ April 20 Messages /\

\/ April 19 Messages \/

Re: Bruce Bond- he wasn't the first to rip off Don and Mike on a next day basis, Jack Diamond was the first (and Don and Mike called him out on the air when they were on WAVA for this). I think back in 1991 if I'm not mistaken (4/19/14)

If you read my blog, you’d see not just a “source” but The Washington Post backing me up as per the terms of the radio deal. But as far as sources, both Dave and I both got the wrong info initially, CBS & Hubbard. But sorry, the Wizards contract predates the Nats radio contract, so they didn’t have to move the game. They did it because they either wanted to or some deal was agreed by all. Word to the wise. You can insult people as loud as you want, but it won’t make you less wrong. I was going to say something about people who say “As someone who as handled…” but I won’t. — BaltoMedia.Net (4/19/14)

1015 Half St, SE has a familiar ring to it. I remember seeing björk there. (4/19/14)

Dear BaltoMedia.Net ... As someone who handled sports broadcast contracts in DC for the past ten years allow me to set the record straight. First, the domino effect that caused a major shift. The Nationals changed flagships from WFED to WJFK in order to secure a stable FM signal in Northern VA after 107.7 FM was transferred back to WTOP. The standard Nationals radio contract has "primary" language, which sets the terms for pre-emption or signal changes, and did not include the Wizards until recently. The contract does however include the ability for CBS Radio/DC to pre-empt the Nationals from WJFK at the beginning of the season for Capitals & Wizards playoffs. Historically, there is also language in Ted Leonsis's Capitals radio contract put into place when he left Red Zebra for then Bonneville that has "secondary" priority, again except for playoff games. because he was being pre-empted too many times for Wizards games at Red Zebra. All games would still air on Hubbard's 1500 AM and most likely be shuffled to CBS's 1580 AM for weekday broadcasts and 99.1 WNEW for weekend broadcasts with an option depending on playoff rounds to do weekday playoff games as well. With Monumental Sports now owning the Wizards as well as the Capitals, with the move of the Wizards to WJFK, there is a similar "secondary"/playoffs clause in place. There's no buyout, no decision made by one team over another, no rumors to be correct or incorrect about, because there is already contractually binding language woven into the agreements between the three major teams, CBS Radio/DC and Hubbard that outlines specifically who carries what under what circumstances & what pre-emptions, frequency moves and other variables are in place for the crossover months of April, May & early June (for the NHL & NBA playoffs) and September, October & early November (for MLB playoffs). To think otherwise is uninformed speculation. Your quote, "...and a source did tell me..." tells us everything we need to know about your qualifications to speak on this topic. (4/19/14)

In "CBS Radio Exits Lanham For DC", Dave wrote, "...CBS will start moving its facilities in the fall and be completely in the new gigs by the end of the year...." Perhaps Dave meant "digs" rather than "gigs". (4/19/14)

Dave's response: Hmmm. Maybe I meant to write that WNEWers will be completely in new gigs by the end of the year.....

So Ollie North lied to Congress, diverted funds to Communists and stole money to install a "security system" in his private residence. What's not to love about this guy? And he's a Faux News pinhead. I can see why you admire him so much!!! (4/19/14)

“Hey Dave, Do you know anyone -- or a service -- that still records the air product of stations in the area? I don't think there is, but thought you might know... Dave's response: Anybody know?” Hey Dave here is at least a partial answer: back in the day, before DVR, “capturing”, streams, podcasts, etc. those of us in “the business” (media, pr, campaigns, policy organizations, lobbyists, think tanks, the Usual Suspects) relied heavily on VIDEO MONITORING SERVICE which could supposedly provide any video and/or audio from any major local market broadcast (or back then, mostly CNN, but today, you can get pretty much all cable news clips for free), with offices everywhere from LAX to NYC to DCA. Spent loads of campaign & client money for the service and for a few bucks more, they would make multiple copies, transcripts, even edit the clip down to the specific subject (otherwise, you would just get an hour long tape of everything, including commercials). There was a time we would make what were called “Radio Actualities” which were 30-60 second audio clips of a particular candidate or spokesman recorded on cassette tapes and sent to radio stations. Sometimes we would just PLAY THE TAPE for the news station over the phone! Also, there was a service (I think it was Court Reporting Service) at Conn. & K that would take a tape and transcribe it: these days, all you need to do is make certain the video has closed captioning and capture the closed caption text to a word program. Now, on the other hand, since everything is via internet and/or computer these days (can’t remember the last time I used a CD, DVD, let alone VHS or cassette player) there must hundreds of services out there that can either track down or capture ahead of time whatever you are looking for: probably for a fraction of what it used to cost. This is also why paid for podcasts or radio will never take off: too much free or cheap stuff out there (You Tube and unauthorized sites abound). (4/19/14)

":D" wrote about OTA DTV and an $80 antenna. Then he said, "While I'm in the top 10% in IQ, I'm in the bottom 10% for suffering fools and assholes." How does bragging about your IQ bolster your argument? Apparently, your high IQ doesn't enable you to figure out how to receive OTA DTV. Rather than bow down to your superior brain power, most people will laugh at you for bringing it up. Try another way to that assert your position is correct. s/ Former Mensa Member (4/19/14)

Quote:"While I’m in the top 10% in IQ"UnQuote: Really? Just because you just barely break double digits, does not put you into the "top 10%". Whomever told you that you were, probably was the same person selling you that "$80 Terk" antenna. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING about any of your posts reflects that you show any intelligence of any kind. Those Baltimore IQ tests are only meant to warn the rest of us that you could be harmful to your surroundings. (4/19/14)

I dont know about GG Liddy consulting for a movie, but he proved he has a pretty good sense of humor in this YouTube clip from five years ago... (4/19/14)

Wow: all you Reagan hating libs don’t fall out of your straight jacket but Ollie North – yeah THAT Ollie North – wrote an absolutely impartial, pragmatic, intuitive column about “The Americans” for the uber right Human Events where besides being calm about the premise of the show, he reveals he has been hired as a consultant to the series as The Commies venture toward the Contra Era of Ronaldo Maximus. Amazing: like having G.Gordon Liddy hired as a consultant to the making of “All The President’s Men”! Still, he writes a sensible piece: (4/19/14)

Fact: OTA DTV doesn’t work well. It’s not an option for a lot of people, especially people not with a lot of money. And since when is $80 cheap for an antenna? You must be one of those DC Club Fed entitled with the $200/month Comcast package. Good for you. Does the government pay for that? You get a cookie! Now go back to stomping the poor people down while pretending to be liberal. Next you’ll say everyone who is laid off from a job is a loser huh? Typical snobby liberal elite “faux open minded” DC. For some reason, you had to throw politics into this? Seriously? Well there you go. I gave it back. While I’m in the top 10% in IQ, I’m in the bottom 10% for suffering fools and assholes. :D (4/19/14)

I’ll repeat again. The Washington Wizards Playoff games are on WNEW 99.1 by choice, not per contract or because they were bumped. In other words, either The Nats paid them money or they simply chose to move the games to WNEW on their own or of free will. Those are the facts of the team media contracts this season. Google the Nats contract at The Washington Post and you’ll see i’m no clown. I won’t devolve into the insult/hate Baltimore crowd here so I won’t respond, since the facts prove I’m right and a source did tell me the Nats might get bounced. Dave Hughes checked his source and they said no, but they didn’t say what was going to happen to either the Nats or the Wizards since there was an obvious contractual conflict. Almost nothing comes up googling me btw. Interesting how you just made that insult up completely out of the thin air. I WISH I could find myself on Google! :-) — BaltoMedia.Net (4/19/14)

The point that continues to get missed about WPGC and its ratings and other stations as well are that the station does well with young people 18-34 and 18-49 which are also MONEY DEMOS. It is a MAJOR point that gets missed on DCRTV but local radio people do not release or leak those numbers either. So ad people are not dumb. (4/19/14)

REF:[CBS Radio Exits Lanham for DC] So much for branding WNEW for Baltimore. While I understand the argument that it's not where your "newsroom" is but rather where your "newspeople" are that's important, perception is reality, and planting this station's roots in DC will never allow it to be perceived as home for Baltimore area listeners, period. (4/19/14)

"Due to conflicts with Nationals baseball, Wizards playoff games will be bumped from CBS sports talker WJFK, 106.7 The Fan, to the firm's all-news WNEW, 99.1 FM." Just checking, but isn't the whole reason for being an all-news station is to do, uh, all news? Although I guess, given WNEW's ratings, it probably doesn't matter. (4/19/14)

"How can you compete with WBAL or other Baltimore news stations when your newsroom is near Nationals Park? Especially in breaking news situations in say -- White Marsh or Timonium. Just sayin'... "--Knowing people in Lanham (soon to be SE DC) & listening to the station quite a bit, WNEW has a bureau in Baltimore now at WJZ. Also unlike WTOP, which houses their reporters inside and then sends them out to stories. I'm told WNEW reporters have everything they need in their mobile news trucks and rarely, if ever are in studio. So if your reporters are scattered around the DC/Balt metro. Probably isn't an issue. -- Ted M. in NW (4/19/14)

WNEW has built a physical Baltimore bureau inside WJZ-TV. It's staffed 5am-midnight (9am-midnight on weekends & holidays) with WJZ staff providing coverage on the overnight. On air: Sarah Jacobs, Karen Adams, Jenny Glick, Steve Dorsey, Brad Frietas, Rick Boone, And there's a FT job posting for a Baltimore street reporter on There are also three off air people (with two more on the way) doing radio news production and making beat calls in the Baltimore bureau. And that's in addition to the ENTIRE WJZ-TV staff. That's how. (In answer to) WNEW, which CBS Radio re-branded as Maryland's all-news station to capture the Baltimore market and the Maryland-DC market of Montgomery County and Prince George's County is moving OUT of Maryland into DC?!? I get why CBS Radio did it, but doesn't that send mixed messages about their commitment to WNEW? How can you compete with WBAL or other Baltimore news stations when your newsroom is near Nationals Park? Especially in breaking news situations in say -- White Marsh or Timonium. Just sayin'... Also on WNEW, can you claim to be Maryland's all news station, if your newsroom isn't even in Maryland?? Not that WTOP is located in Maryland, but it doesn't brand itself as a Maryland station, it brands itself as Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. (4/19/14)

Hello ... I've noticed that Lauren Murphy is no longer on WMAL. I did an internet search because I was curious, and it looks like she is at Voice of Russia. Do you know if she was let go from WMAL? I wondered about her background while she was doing the news there. No disrespect intended to Ms. Murphy, but it sounded like she might not have had a lot of experience. I appreciate your web site. It's a great source for radio information! Thanks ... Linda W. (4/19/14)

For the person posting he can't get over the air DTV with an 80 dollar antenna in the Baltimore area that sounds like BS to me I live in Glen Burnie and get all Baltimore and DC channels with a 24 dollar UHF thats right UHF antenna from Radio Shack mounted 36 feet up my tower pointed towards DC so you are doing something wrong (4/19/14)

"Over the Air Digital TV simply(yada-yada-yada)" If you think calling anyone who questions your position a "moron" is making you look smart, you are wrong. I remember now, you're the guy who thought spending $80 for a cheap Terk antenna would fix his reception problems. And you had the audacity to call anyone else on this board a "moron"???? I'm just throwing this out for consideration but maybe your people skills account for your unemployment. Maybe your inability to distinguish cheap crap ($80 terk antenna) would be a clue to your reasoning skills. Don't want to put up a big honking roof top antenna? Then get over it. Your rant has run it course and you've revealed for everyone on DCRTV exactly how smart you are. You calling anyone else a "moron" is like Chris Plante giving tips on kindness. Too funny. (4/19/14)

I wouldn't exactly say “bumped” Dave as obviously a deal was made at the Wizards offering, not the Nationals. That explains why CBS radio denied the initial rumor that The Nats would be bumped. They must have already had a deal in the works. I see the reasoning. The Wizards still court Baltimore fans and claim the market, yet their games are not on the radio here and haven’t been for I don’t remember how long, so this is the perfect free advertising opportunity to showcase the Wizards on a radio station more and more people in Baltimore are listening to that has full market coverage and reach people that may have not listened to a Wizards game since, well maybe The Bullets days! But yes, I had the rumor wrong, but in reverse. :-) — BalltoMedia.Net (4/19/14)

Technical question for anyone who knows. If a radio station files to go silent, then goes back on the air without notice, at what point is the station in violation of FCC regulations and can they be fined or lose their license? (4/19/14)

Hey Dave, Do you know anyone -- or a service -- that still records the air product of stations in the area? I don't think there is, but thought you might know. (4/19/14)

Dave's response: Anybody know? WNEW, which CBS Radio re-branded as Maryland's all-news station to capture the Baltimore market and the Maryland-DC market of Montgomery County and Prince George's County is moving OUT of Maryland into DC?!? I get why CBS Radio did it, but doesn't that send mixed messages about their commitment to WNEW? How can you compete with WBAL or other Baltimore news stations when your newsroom is near Nationals Park? Especially in breaking news situations in say -- White Marsh or Timonium. Just sayin'... Also on WNEW, can you claim to be Maryland's all news station, if your newsroom isn't even in Maryland?? Not that WTOP is located in Maryland, but it doesn't brand itself as a Maryland station, it brands itself as Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. (4/19/14)

[RE: Unless the Wizards decide otherwise (unlikely), ALL Wizards playoff games will be on WJFK 106.7. If there’s a conflict, the Nats are getting bumped, not the other way around. The Caps & Wizards have priority over the Nats, at least until their current contracts run out. — BaltoMedia.Net (4/18/14)] Actually, according to, all of the Wizards' games - at least for the first round of the playoffs - will air on 99.1. (4/19/14)

You know “Z.W.” with the following post by you at last I understand why DCRTVDJDAVE posts your posts: you actually made sense with your assessment of that idiot Cizz Ill Ya. What idiot with a serious job at one of the nation’s top newspapers (although it’s always been a piece of CIA shit) like the The Washington Post say something like all he knows about Russia is from “The Americans” (a great show and it makes me sick that he watches it). So Z.W. this repost is for you: “In a good lookin' Good Friday WaPo chat Chris Cilliza wrote "Well, calling me a "buffoon" is a nice start to a serious analysis." - I agree but maybe not for the reason he hopes. Cilliza also said "Everything I know about Russia I get from [the TV show] The Americans." And he says the only polls he looks at (because he's too busy drinking pumpkin lattes and blogging about Springsteen and Active Velvet or Daft Punk or whomsomever) are the ones he "know[s] are "good -- WaPo-ABC, NBC-WSJ -- and then look at the basic trendlines in polling on all specific races." and yes, he put spaces around the em-dash (Go on, I dare ya).” (4/19/14)

The Wizards announced that all playoff games will be on WFED 1500 AM & WNEW 99.1 FM. The first round games are listed as such on the official team website. Everett W. (4/19/14)

"Unless the Wizards decide otherwise (unlikely), ALL Wizards playoff games will be on WJFK 106.7. If there’s a conflict, the Nats are getting bumped, not the other way around. The Caps & Wizards have priority over the Nats, at least until their current contracts run out. — BaltoMedia.Net"--Dave can we stop allowing posts from this clown? Not only has CBS been promoting that EVERY SINGLE Wizards playoff game, 1st round (and beyond if they make it). But the Wizards also have 99.1FM listed on their website as the FM place to listen to the games. Dude, a single google search proves your stupidity BaltoMedia. Stop trying to act like some insider. (4/19/14)

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\/ April 18 Messages \/

In a good lookin' Good Friday WaPo chat Chris Cilliza wrote "Well, calling me a "buffoon" is a nice start to a serious analysis." - I agree but maybe not for the reason he hopes. Cilliza also said "Everything I know about Russia I get from [the TV show] The Americans." And he says the only polls he looks at (because he's too busy drinking pumpkin lattes and blogging about Springsteen and Active Velvet or Daft Punk or whomsomever) are the ones he "know[s] are "good -- WaPo-ABC, NBC-WSJ -- and then look at the basic trendlines in polling on all specific races." and yes, he put spaces around the em-dash (Go on, I dare ya). - Good pick for a politics column, Washington Post. This guy actually has a staff of five. - I've lost track of who claims to work at Best Buy and who claims that he called all the Best Buy stores and they gave him information that only Corporate would know or give out. Color this my last post, which means look for the next one. - ZW (4/18/14)

The difference is Dave credited CSN for the Fred Manfra story. As far as I know The Baltimore Sun has never reported it yet! LOL The problem with David Zurawik is that he never credits blogs even when its obvious he got the tip or story from one. Big difference. (4/18/14)

Dave's response: Amen.....

Unless the Wizards decide otherwise (unlikely), ALL Wizards playoff games will be on WJFK 106.7. If there’s a conflict, the Nats are getting bumped, not the other way around. The Caps & Wizards have priority over the Nats, at least until their current contracts run out. — BaltoMedia.Net (4/18/14)

Over the Air Digital TV simply DOES NOT WORK MORON! Even only <12 miles from TV Hill, I’ve found no way to get all the Baltimore locals even with an $80 antenna! Digital Television was by design designed to fail. I have no options but COMCAST and they know it. At one point I had most of the locals but still couldn’t get WBAL TV. I tried everything. Just not possible here because of either trees or the low lying land. I don’t know. I just know it’s not possible. And no, I’m not putting up a big ass rooftop antenna. It’s not like I live out in the boondocks! It’s like the song Crashing By Design… (4/18/14)

Since you often take the Post to task for being late to stories, it's worth mentioning that the Fred Manfra story you linked to on CSN is dated April 5. (4/18/14)

On the topic of stealing from other stations and other talent: About 19-20 years ago, when Bruce Bond held down afternoons on Harrisburg's WNNK ("Wink-104"), many folks marveled at how creative his bits were, and why a guy that talented was stuck doing local radio in a medium market and not being courted by syndicators. It wasn't until a crosstown station began importing the Don & Mike Show that the truth came out, that Bruce was listening to D&M on a distant station he was able to receive (likely 1300 out of Baltimore) and did their same bits a day later in Harrisburg. It was galling to find this out, as Bond had won a Bobby Poe radio award and a Marconi Award based on his performance, which now turned out to be one big fat falsehood. He was once called out by Stern for stealing his bits as well. Yes, we all steal from each other and laugh it off. Bond was just plain arrogant about it all. (4/18/14)

The earlier post referencing the late J.J. Freeman brought a tear to my eye this Good Friday morning. Jerry and I were good friends and we used to B.S. on the ham bands every chance we got. Even all these years after he left us, his good humor, professionalism, and depth of technical knowledge are much remembered and sorely missed. Jerry, wherever you are, I know you're reading this over a better connection than we can even dream of... 73 N4JJ(SK) DE -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/18/14)

So I've heard several mentions on WNEW that they will be airing the postseason Wizards games. Interesting, but I guess they have to put them somewhere and WJFK has Nationals games just about every night. As for JC Hayward, I read recently that the trial isn't slated to begin until early next year, so she likely won't be back anytime soon unless she somehow succeeds in her efforts to be dropped from the lawsuit. I wonder if WUSA is paying her while she's off? To be honest, I think her career is done no matter what happens in court and I wouldn't expect to see her back on the air ever again. (4/18/14)

Re: Dave TV: Does WNEW Gets Traffic From WBAL? I don't know anything particularly about that, but I do know that radio people (at least this one) do steal info from other stations. Years ago when I was working at a 50K FM station in Indiana I would monitor, while on the air, an AM station about 60 miles away who used the syndicated Earl Finckel (sp?) service. Because his weather forecast was scheduled just about the same time as mine I would to move the music around a bit on my station so I could listen to Earl and report on my station any interesting insights he may have had. (4/18/14)

Quote:" When I lost my job it took me over FOUR FUCKING HOURS WITH COMCAST TO TRY TO DOWNSIZE MY CABLE BILL"UnQuote: You rant and rave about "media elites" but for some reason think you are entitled to cable tv, internet and phone. Here's an idea. If you lost your job, watch over the air tv and use the library for internet. Why do you think its Comcast job to provide you with discounted bills? You're so pissed off at everyone else you can't see the hypocrisy of your position. And really enough of the all caps. The people that read DCRTV can see that you are pissed off at the world and outraged at this or that. Spend more time looking for a job, paying your bills and less time sharing your outrage at how unfair the world has been to you will solve your situation a lot faster than hammering out all caps tantrums on DCRTV. (4/18/14)

Answering the question: "Why go to all the trouble of hauling out the ol' Radio Shack DX-440 and the Select-A-Tenna and plug it into my sound system, when I can punch up an iPhone App and get KNX and thousands of other stations, in a matter of a few seconds?" Because radio is still free. No one here has addressed this, you know? You will see the cost of data for your phone go up incrementally and considerably as the iPhone radio platform becomes more the norm and those radio plans begin to have fees attached. If you dont believe that, compare your cable bill today to what it was in 2007. Yes, I admit I'm over 35 and according to today's analysts & pundits I should hate everything that was invented since the Pringles can. But I just dont like throwing money after stoopid shit, and if we can predict where AM will be in five to 10 years, then we should also be able to predict what our wireless bills will look like in 2019. If someone doesn't rethink that expensive trend soon, I'll happily continue to curl up with my OTA radio (AM, FM, SW and HD) while I endure continuing taunts about gumming my Maypo in the dark cab of my steam locomotive with the dial-up modem, thank you very much. (4/18/14)

To the person who made the comment re: JC Hayward donating her wigs to cancer patients, you do know that she had cancer herself? I think it was breast cancer.. (4/18/14)

RE: KNX. You say you live within listening range of KNX. What's so terribly hard with tuning your radio to the station and hitting the on/off switch to hear it. I also use a select antenna signal booster for one particular station in my area. They run 500 watts some 25 miles away. It takes less time to hit the on/off switch on my GE SUPER radio than to switch on my PCor tablet and WAIT for their stream to start working. You guys that think radio receivers are useless are living in a different universe. Online streaming is nice but it's unreliable for long form listening. There is so much traffic on the Iheart app it makes the selected stream cut out frequently. (4/18/14)

(regarding AM radio) I'm lucky to live within the over the air signal range of KNX in Los Angeles. That's the only AM station I ever listen to. Hell, it's the only radio, AM or FM, that I ever listen to. I don't even have a radio that's always set up and ready to go. Why go to al the trouble of hauling out the ol' Radio Shack DX-440 and the Select-A-Tenna and plug it into my sound system, when I can punch up an iPhone App and get KNX and thousands of other stations, in a matter of a few seconds? Radio here sucks and there's hardly anything left that worth listening to via shortwave, so it makes no sense to have an actual radio sitting around. It just takes up space and collects dust. (4/18/14)

What is essentially wrong with AEREO replacing THIS EYESORE at low cost when it was free before? Seems like a win win for low cost consumers to me. Snooty Brian Bolter would probably disagree though, and would say, “LET THEM DRINK WINE!” :-) (4/18/14)

[RE Ernie Fears:] you should mention he's the son of ernie fears, who was Q107's GM in its heyday.... (4/18/14)

At first I thought the UCS post was too long but upon reading it realized that it covered some interesting and insightful territory. The comments about fining the Power Companies for errant AM noise was spot on. Problem is, how do you get a bureaucratic behemoth that could care less about AM to take enforcement action? Were this the 70's with the FCC Field Agents like JJ Freeman or Judah Mansbach you'd see action. Sadly the FCC is populated by Cellphone, 1ghz or above Computer driven folks who could care less about AM. In their eyes this is a Dinosaur mode that is dying out and to them the sooner the better. And its not just power-line/transformer noise. Its noise from the TV, Computers, monitors, neon signs and pretty much anything that has either step up or step down transformer. AM has become useless because of the progress of everything else. Not to mention that AM station owners aren't helping themselves by putting un-listenable crap on their stations. There is no call to action to listen to an AM radio station anymore. Hate talk is its own worst enemy. When you program to the unintelligent, you get people who seldom have the money to keep advertisers in business and who drive people away from your station with their unsolicited rants at family or social gatherings. AM is fast becoming a niche hobby group much like the shortwave listeners of today. Don't look to the FCC to fix it. And AM station owners haven't helped their cause either because if it isn't hate talk they're letting the predatory preachers take over or are trying to program Big Band or 50's rock that sounds better on FM. I'm afraid AM is on its last leg and there doesn't look like there is a magic genie in the bottle that can save it. Looking at DCRTV over the past year there are few solutions and lot of resentments by people who don't want to see it go. If you don't want to see it die out, offer solutions not personal attacks. Its this very mentality that is killing AM. This is not about defending AM its about finding solutions and in both DCRTV and the FCC filings there are few. Very few. (4/18/14)

I love the hypocrisy of media industry hacks or plants attacking AEREO without a care in the world of the unemployed or underemployed consumer who cannot afford COMCAST’S $150/month VALUE packages and cannot get FREE TV anymore due to the FCC’s FAILED DTV rollout. Was Sebelius involved in that too I wonder? How high and mighty of you media ELITES. You’re nothing more than CLUB FED Deux! Pretend you care about the poor, but off the clock, FUCK THEM, I WANT WHAT I GOT! Truth be told, AEREO has WON EVERY court case so far except ONE! Stop the SPiN media sycophant AHOLES! You’re not fooling anyone. You just want your paycheck to stay the same. Meanwhile you’ll promote all kinds of charitable faux causes while trouncing on the people that pay TOO MUCH to see you on the air! AEREO has made mistakes, but I hope they win because that upsets the crooked CORPORATE apple cart and then throws the whole DMCA law into challenge too, which is also anti-consumer! When I lost my job it took me over FOUR FUCKING HOURS WITH COMCAST TO TRY TO DOWNSIZE MY CABLE BILL! They lied repeatedly to me, threatened penalties, you name it. THEY’RE WORSE THAN DEALING WITH THE IRS! Oh, and from a media perspective, how come no major media outlet has touched this story? BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW YOU CAN GET NETWORK TV FOR $8/MONTH! So the story is buried in blogs like here instead. YOU MEDIA PEOPLE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! Ok, finally, I admit FILTHY RICH Harry Reid, yes I AM a domestic terrorist, only with words you don’t like you filthy hypocrite you. (4/18/14)

Wow! I'm sitting here at College Park waiting to check on my daughter's registration, and never realized how good WTMD comes in at the Univ. of Maryland! Oh poor WMUC eat your heart out. (4/18/14)

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL! Here’s a classic flashback from WJZ 13’s Jerry Turner & Richard Sher. Complete Baltimore Hanukkah Candle Lighting Blooper... If ONLY we could hear the audio after they went to commercial. :-) (4/18/14)


"Any update on the JC Hayward situation?” Yeah, she’s running a new enterprise: (4/18/14)

I was just up on the Aereo 'Jobs' page. Every position they are looking for is software-related. Frankly, if Aereo went tits-up and a pile of bespectacled soulpatch-wearing hipster coders suddenly lost their jobs tomorrow morning, they would be employed by someone else by sunset. I fear the argument of "how many jobs would be lost" wouldn't be as seismic as all of Detroit finding itself out of work, or entire banking empires suddenly turning to crumbs. And at $8/month, I cant see a whole lot of state, local or federal taxes being raised. In spite of all the support they are trumpeting on the "Protect My Antenna" site, they still have an uphill battle. (4/18/14)

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"Any update on the JC Hayward situation? I see that she's not been on the noon news for quite awhile..Has she even been seen?" I'm more concerned about what is going to happen to her prolific collection of wigs? Will she have to hock them to pay for her legal bills? Will the government seize them to pay restitution for the embezzled funds if she is found of guilty? Will she donate them to cancer patients who have lost their hair to chemotherapy and take the tax write-off? Inquiring minds want to know! (4/17/14)

A few additional things about the “Aereo Case”… First, if Aereo wanted to show in good faith that it wasn’t developed specifically to be a technical dodge around the “Cablevision case”, it would’ve sought re-transmission agreements with broadcasters from the beginning. Yes, it would’ve cost more. But, the monthly charge could’ve still been less than basic cable because there wouldn’t be any “franchise-required” (what would otherwise be called extortion in most businesses, and is state-socialism at best by requiring a consumer to make an undesired purchase in order to make a desired one) channels to be subsidized by the customer. Second, since Aereo only provides broadcast channels (with few exceptions), I’m surprised that the various trade and labor groups representing local governments, their franchising authorities, and their workers haven’t filed at least an Amicus brief on the case. Why? Because with Aereo, the consumer isn’t paying for the “crickets” channels local governments are so fond of forcing on the cable companies and their customers. Third, why did I say what I did about Aereo’s best cards being social and political? Whatever your political preference, the judiciary is oft-viewed as an “unelected legislature”, without electoral answer. If Aereo were to play its hand right, the specter of putting a chill on capital investment, entrepreneurship, job creation, and innovation in a down economy would further tarnish the image of not just the Supreme Court, but the judiciary as a whole. Just the jobs that would immediately be lost could be a political nightmare. Fourth, reducing consumer choice and increasing consumer cost isn’t a great way to influence the electorate upon whom your profession ultimately exists. A Constitutional Convention has been called once within the last 100 years, and could be called again. Changing gears a bit, “HVA” made a good start regarding AM radio. The electrical noise you hear is actually lost electrical energy which all power consumers are paying for. Where electricity is expensive or the electric utility is government-owned, that kind of interference is rare. What the FCC should do is make cleaning-up the power distribution system “economically attractive” to the power companies by enforcing existing rules and regs about RFI, and don’t just warn offenders, fine them! Remember the dire consequences facing offenders creating “harmful interference”? Perhaps broadcasters should start suing power companies that are too cheap to clean up their distribution systems. I’m sure the FCC still has its cars with the fiberglass roofs with the hidden antennas inside and could easily start enforcing existing rules and regs before creating new ones! On technical standards, start enforcing them for transmission and create some for reception. AM stations should not have to be ashamed that many CB radios sound better than they do. There was a time when AM stations could sound almost as good as FM. Yes, the receivers today blow dead bears in the woods at night. They don’t have to! OK, so it might add $10 to the unit cost of a radio. The result would be worth it. The X-Band is a joke. Who listens to it? It’s a graveyard of things ranging from TIS stations (Several of which probably violate current FCC rules and regs on things ranging from coverage to programming) to what on shortwave would’ve been called a “numbers station” back in my misspent youth. If you want a station, make it viable. Otherwise, turn the ticket back to the Fully Corrupt Commission (DCRTV Dave was being charitable for Lent, I suppose!) and build townhouses where the tower(s) stood. The “Opinions Are Like…” analogy is a good one when it comes to “community voices” in broadcasting. Having deep pockets doesn’t give the right to force others to be subjected to the results of your dietary choices any more than it gives you the right to force political choices onto the public airwaves. The 75% local content is a good idea. But, it has to originate from the station’s primary studio in the city of license. Although a TV, the joke of WHYY being a “Wilmington” station is a notorious example. I would also add no program length commercials >12 minutes. On power levels, I agree. One problem is we have too many stations. Not just on AM, but FM and TV, as well. On AM, nothing below 5KW. I’d scrap the oddball powers and go with 5KW, 10KW, 25KW, 50KW, 100KW, and 250KW. Three stations would be allowed 250KW: WLW-700, KOA-850, and KFI-640. There would be no other stations on those “national clear channel” frequencies. Those stations would have a more stringent local origination, news, and entertainment commitment than others. 100KW stations would be “regional clear channels” on frequencies such as 650, 660, 770, etc. No more than three stations would be allowed on those frequencies at night, being DA-N. 50 KW would be for “area clear channel” stations, using directional antennas (Except for Alaska and Hawaii (I’ve never understood why the FCC thought 10KW KNOM-780 in Nome, AK needed to protect WBBM in Chicago!), with some allowance for 10KW or 25KW night powers. 10KW would be for “urban” stations, not unlike today’s 5KW night power stations. 5KW? Those would be the modern equivalent of yesterday’s “graveyard” of 1230, 1240, 1340, 1450, and 1490. But, there would be fewer stations. And, fewer stations overall. How would this be achieved? First would be via a “renewal extension buyback” for every license turned back to the FCC (up to a max of seven) which the owner could request the FCC apply to extend the license of a single station, which once selected could not be changed. Extended licenses would not apply should the station be sold while that license is in force. Second, part of the licensee fee would be a “contribution” to a “buyback fund”, administered by the FCC. Licensees seeking to exit the business would each be able to “sell” one license to the FCC at a fair market price, with the station being subsequently deleted. FM translators would be strictly in-band for use by the licensee to either reinforce service within the primary coverage area of the station or to provide FM service where none would otherwise exist due to population, topography, economics, etc. Final comment: There has been much said on this board about how extreme both local and national talkers have gotten of late. My theory on this goes back to my “middle-age” era in the business. Today’s talk stations remind me of “beautiful music” stations on FM back in the 1970’s. Remember when the D.C. market alone had WRC-93.9, WJMD-94.7, WGAY-99.1, and WEZR-106.7? Note that I’m not counting the rimshots or Baltimore. The biggest fear those FM’s had was that one day their audience would be dead and gone. That is the fear the talk stations today have, along with people like Limbaugh, Hannity, Plante, Levin, etc. To modernize a saying from that era, ‘a dead listener is unlikely to carry a PPM regardless of where they go’. End of rants… -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/17/14)

Why hasn't new country 106.1 shown up in the baltimore ratings? Hfs got a .6 on 97.5 tho I expect that to dissapear after their move to 104.9. Any answers out there? Mark in rockville (4/17/14)

Dave's response: "NC1061" was in 31st place.....

A number of people I know here in Baltimore are now sending time listening to WNEW. They like the fact they can get news anytime and of course traffic/weather on a regular basis. (4/17/14)

A bit of perspective on Dave’s “Ad Rev 2013” story: WTOP: $173,972.60 PER DAY ! The oft maligned WTEM, $37,534.25 and WBAL $24,794.52 per day (4/17/14)

Since I've already shared on this board how broadcasters could win their court cases against Aereo, in the interest of equal time, here's how I would win if I were building the case for Aereo before the Supremes. First, I would identify who the investors are and how much they would lose with a ruling against Aereo. Second, I would also identify how many jobs would be directly and indirectly lost immediately, as well as jobs that wouldn't be created with a ruling against Aereo. Third, and finally, I would identify how much Federal, state, and local tax revenue of all types would be lost with a ruling unfavorable to Aereo. Now, before you say that I'm being political, remember that the U.S. judiciary has not been apolitical or independent since the 1930's. This will be more a ruling of politics than a ruling of law. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/17/14)

So who is “lying”: Americans, Fox News, The Washington Examiner, Chris Plante or Obambi? Inquiring DCRTV Mailbaggers want to know: (4/17/14)

Dave: I have a few friends of mine who do/did work at WTOP and one thing's consistent. Their new PD maybe short on people skills, however, she deserves a bit of credit when it comes to following an industry great in Jim Farley. Come- on, anyone following Jim Farley is going to be under the microscope for several years and in a no-win situation. The current PD has made some minor talent moves, some may not have been popular within the office, but ratings and profits are still strong and people still have their jobs!! Add-up the above and it sounds like there's some envy and jealousy leaking out of that station. (4/17/14)

I analyze the monthly March radio ratings for DC, including various dayparts and trends. Also, I preview the new "Alan Partridge" movie that's coming out this weekend - a must for radio freaks. And, what's a "Dave TV" without more complaints about the Washington Post's misguided Style section. And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (4/17/14)

March radio ratings according to Tom Taylor Now: Washington, DC – “Hot 99.5” now holds second place, going from a 6.4 share in the January book to a 7.0 in February and now a 7.2 share. That’s the best topline for Clear Channel’s rhythmic WIHT since November 2012 – and it’s now DC’s cume leader, at an estimated 1,338,000. It’s going to be tough for any music station to topple either Hubbard’s all-news WTOP (9.2-9.0-8.9) or American University’s non-com news/talk WAMU, 7.6-6.9-7.1. But “Hot” is going to keep up the charge. The leading urban station in this 27% African-American market is Howard University’s urban AC WHUR, 6.4-5.9-6.0. Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ is next, 5.0-5.6-5.0. Nice pop for CBS Radio’s hot AC “Fresh 94.7” WIAD, 2.6-2.9-3.6. Cumulus Top 40 WRQX runs 2.2-2.4-2.1. Its talk sister WMAL-AM/FM holds, 4.3-3.9-3.9. In sports, It’s Red Zebra’s WTEM (2.8-1.9-2.4) and CBS Radio’s “Fan” WJFK-FM, 2.6-1.9-1.9. Nielsen’s “March” book was in the field from February 27 through March 26, and all shares in this section reflect age 6+ Average Quarter Hour..... Baltimore – Virtual three-way tie at the top, between Radio One’s urban “Q92” WERQ (7.6-7.9-6.9), Clear Channel’s country WPOC (7.1-7.0-6.9) and Radio One’s urban AC WWIN-FM (5.6-6.3-6.8). This is literally the first time in market history that the #1 station has pulled less than a 7-share. CBS Radio’s AC WLIF starts to shake off the post-Christmas blues, 4.9-5.2-6.0. (It drew an 11.9 in the Holiday book.) The talk stations are also compressed, with M-10-owned WCBM going 3.6-3.4-3.6, which beats Hearst’s news/talk WBAL, 4.0-3.5-2.8. (That’s another station waiting for baseball to help rescue it.) Your Public Radio's non-com news/talk WYPR is off 3.0-3.2-2.6. The Charm City’s cume leader is “Today’s 101.9” AC WLIF at 627,100. (4/17/14)

RE: "Isn’t it pleasing to note that Baltimore’s low-powered “HFS@104.9” is actually outbilling its successor at 99.1, 50kw WNEW-FM." ACTUALLY, those billing figures are from when HFS was on 97.5. Since it is on a 10w station, I wouldn't expect to see anything close to that now. This goes to show that CBS Radio Baltimore can sell ANYTHING! A bulk of the commercials you hear now on 99.1 come from Baltimore's sales efforts. (4/17/14)

I had to shake my head (as I do every morning) over the pathetic state of affairs at WBAL Radio, particularly in morning drive, where, once again this morning, the out-of-control circus continued with ringleader Bryan Nehman performing his latest rendition of "I am clueless." He insists on presenting himself as a national correspondent in these 10-minute segments that air around 5:20 each morning. This morning, he interviewed a WSJ deputy bureau chief in Moscow about the turmoil over Russia and the Ukraine. If you handed out a world map to 10 of his 20 listeners, they couldn't find Russia on it, much less give a rats ass about it. Meanwhile, there are local farmers (up early) to interview on what everyone is talking about: the frosty weather. There is a study out showing our beloved Ocean City as one of the country's most dangerous places to live; a story that would be hugely appealing to listeners, especially with tens of thousands of them headed there for the holiday weekend. Or, how about the death of longtime Baltimore sausage maker, John Ostrowski, whose product has been on Baltimore breakfast plates and backyard grilles for decades? What doesn't this stooge and the others who work with him over there understand about being LOCAL?? Someone needs to crank up the volume in Nehman's headsets so he can hear the disaster he brings to this station. With a little volume, he might also have heard the WBAL-TV news promo that aired a few minutes after his worthless Soviet tirade. It was Stan Stoval promoting "local news coverage" on WBAL-TV at tonight at 11. Even their rival station, WJZ, begins its newscasts with "here's what people are talking about." As a Baltimore native with more than six decades of radio listening experience, Nehman, I can tell you, it isn't Russia. (4/17/14)

Isn’t it pleasing to note that Baltimore’s low-powered “HFS@104.9” is actually outbilling its successor at 99.1, 50kw WNEW-FM. (4/17/14)

Dave's response: It is rather ironic that a major, fully-staffed CBS all-newser is getting beat revenue-wise by the former rocker on its 99.1 freqency, which became a 200-watt voicetracked, low-budget operation 97.5. Maybe the ghost of Jake Einstein is pulling some strings.....

Baltimore broadcaster Brenda Carl is headed to'll hear her on thr air, presumably overnight to start, after successfully completing an orientation/training period. She has worked in radio and television news at a variety of stations, including, most recently at WCBM, as well as WBAL Radio, WMAR-TV, and WJZ-TV. She has also filled in for WCBM Radio talk show host Tom Marr. All the best to this well-respected reporter!! (4/17/14)

I am not sure when the station will formally announce it, but it appears Brenda Carl is headed to WNEW. I hope they eventually put her on morning drive to give those of us in Baltimore our morning radio back. There is no local radio news whatsoever, giving this station it's Baltimore radio audience on a silver platter. Carl in the morning would allow them to strike gold. (4/17/14)

The real question about the O's broadcasters might be what's up with Tom Davis. He's not among the rotation to fill in while Fred Manfra is out, and as someone else noted, people like Holden Kushner have been hosting the Mid-Atlantic Sports Report instead of Tom. He even skipped his Saturday talk show a couple weeks ago. (4/17/14)

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The Baltimore Sun finally posts that WJZ 13’s Don Scott is retiring, A WEEK LATE! Haha! Apparently nobody has tapped David Zurawik on the shoulder and told him about this new fangled technology called FACEBOOK! You would think Z would have tons of Facebook connections right? Apparently not since Don announced on Facebook a week ago that he was retiring and all of the WJZ employees commented. Everybody on Facebook knew it already except Z! New marketing slogan for The Sun “REPORTING LAST WEEKS LATE BREAKING NEWS TODAY!" LOL (4/16/14)

Dave's response: David Zurawik has learned well from Paul Farhi about how to handle missed stories. You simply ignore that anyone beat you to the punch and run your "exclusive" anyway - days or weeks late.....

Dave...Why all the hate for Laurie Cantillo? She is one of the most pleasant people in the business and a real pro. As for cutting staff, more people work at WTOP now than when she started. There are zero plans to cut and more plans to grow. So many of your writers are badly misinformed and seemingly full of anger... I just get tired of seeing her trashed. I have worked with a LOT of PDs and she is among the best and easiest to get along with. And when they write "people are leaving in droves", it's nuts. Except for one reporter, everybody else has left for more money or a better job...or in a couple of cases retirement. WTOP is by far the best place to work in local radio in Washington...morale is very high and we all take enormous pride in working there.... WTOP staffer (4/16/14)

Dave's response: Hey, I like Laurie, too. Don't blame me for the opinions of mailbag posters. I assume a lot of the "hate" is from the gang over there in Lanham.....

Anyone know what’s up w/O’s broadcaster Fred Manfra? I think he’s been MIA since the 1st series of the season. And, what’s up at WBAL and traffic? Jim Russ has been doing double duty (Am & PM drive) for the past few weeks. Is Ms Nelson gone?? (4/16/14) - Sinclair Broadcast announced that it has engaged Moelis & Company as Sinclair's exclusive financial advisor in connection with the company's potential sale of WHP in Harrisburg, PA, together with the right to provide services to WLYH in Harrisburg, PA, WMMP in Charleston, SC, and WABM in Birmingham, AL so as not to result in undue further delays to processing the applications for the previously announced acquisition of the Allbritton Communications television stations. The potential sale of the stations had been previously proposed to the Federal Communications Commission in order to meet certain objections to shared services agreements. (4/16/14)

Anybody know the whereabouts of Traci Hughes, one a WTOP reporter then DCPD PIO? (4/16/14)

Any update on the JC Hayward situation? I see that she's not been on the noon news for quite awhile..Has she even been seen? (4/16/14)

The $ numbers for DC are fascinating. Thanks for posting. My questions are this... 1) With WRQX numbers in the toilet (financials and ratings) how is this new "Club mix-semi-urban" presentation going to help??? Especially with the boredom of The Burt show, who talk about everything south of the carolinas, and do so on and on and on. HOT destroys WRQX, but only bills 12 mil... the pie is too small, and some of the songs sounds like they are more urban than HOT. FRESH was smart to isolate themselves "without the rap", CBS knows there's not enough room. At least CC and CBS have Morning Hosts that actually fit their format. 2) Why does everyone keep talking about another Spanish station? Where's the $$ to support that? 3) Pretty clear that DC listeners love traffic and info.. and the agencies have no problem spending their $ there.. maybe 99.1 has the right idea, but they are just awful at executing it. It's looking more clear that a Jack style format could work, even financially... you have a displaced former MIX audience, that will never return to WRQX, WASH audience who are clearly getting bored, and some AM drive WMZQ audience that is wondering what is going on.... a JACK format could be appetizing to all those folks. (4/16/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: CBS could dump its all-news WNEW airstaff and flip 99.1 to a Jack-type oldies format with no live DJs and increase ad billing by at least 700%...] Sure Dave, just what the country needs - more unemployed people. (4/16/13)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: CBS could dump its all-news WNEW airstaff and flip 99.1 to a Jack-type oldies format with no live DJs and increase ad billing by at least 700%...] A country channel that plays some 70s 80s 90s and 2000s songs would be good instead of just the top 40 over and over again like WpOC and wmzq. .. The Dog 95.9 in Hagerstown is a great channel. (4/16/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: CBS could dump its all-news WNEW airstaff and flip 99.1 to a Jack-type oldies format with no live DJs and increase ad billing by at least 700%...] In-house DJ's is slowing coming to a halt. WMZQ, with the "BobbyBones" show, in which by the comments on their website, everyone hates! The Big Time with Whitney Allen, WFRE, Saturday evening. She IS funny! The trend is to save money and go sindicated.... (4/16/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: CBS could dump its all-news WNEW airstaff and flip 99.1 to a Jack-type oldies format with no live DJs and increase ad billing by at least 700%...] Bring back The History Of Rock And Roll. Lot cheaper to run and 99.1 could actually help their billing. (4/16/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: CBS could dump its all-news WNEW airstaff and flip 99.1 to a Jack-type oldies format with no live DJs and increase ad billing by at least 700%...] W H F S (4/16/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: CBS could dump its all-news WNEW airstaff and flip 99.1 to a Jack-type oldies format with no live DJs and increase ad billing by at least 700%...] CBS should have done a WPHT 1210 style Format on 99.1 News block in the morning to compete with WTOP then talk the rest of the day (4/16/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: CBS could dump its all-news WNEW airstaff and flip 99.1 to a Jack-type oldies format with no live DJs and increase ad billing by at least 700%...] Bring back Jack Diamond, CBS! So simple! (4/16/14)

Look, just because I have to work in a Big Box Store (I wont' tell you which one because it would blow my cover) after 30 years in the radio business, and end my sentences in prepositions and put too many words in my sentences, doesn't mean I'm a moron. You'd know my name if I wasn't afraid of posting it. I was famous once and so what if I was in Viet Nam, I suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic SynDrome) and GOMNWS (Grumpy Old Man Never Wrong Syndrome) as well. OK so you caught me in a big lie. I don't really work in a Big Box but I thought it would make my point more believable. And my 30-years was running Board on the weekends and answering phones. You caught me. Happy now? I wanted to be a big radio star but just couldn't get the hang of reading the cards without making my voice go into falsetto up at the end of every sentence. Much like I end my sentences with prepositions here. I'm a mess and DCRTV is my only outlet where I can feel like a man. Now STFU and watch your back, I was Special Forces, Black OPS, be very afraid! (4/16/14)

To the maroon who responded, "30-years in the Broadcast industry and you end your sentences in negatives?" to the poster who wrote, "I posted I was refering to the store I was working at", the rules of grammar tell us, "Don't end your sentences in PREPOSITIONS", such as "at", not "negatives", assclown. (4/16/14)

Re: "["I posted I was refering to the store I was working at"] 30-years in the Broadcast industry and you end your sentences in negatives?" So writes a DCRTV Mailbag reader... #DaveSpeak (4/16/14)

Re: Q107: So Q107 signed on on Easter Sunday? (4/16/14)

So Mix 106.5 (WWMX) couldn't crack the top 15 billers and lost to HFS? (4/16/14)

Dave's response: Whoops! WWMX got left off yesterday's newsblurb. It made $9 million in ad revenue last year, placing it 7th on the list of Baltimore market stations.....

"The 63 million WTOP billed gives Laurie Cantillo more reason to cut news programming. Maybe..oh the overnite or weekends. Hubbard and the witch will destroy WTOP.If CBS can hold on they can pick up the audience Laurie will lose." WHAT SAY YOU, LAURIE CANTILLO?....LET'S HEAR FROM YOU Yamanock Trueblood (4/16/14)

Who announces the weather on 1220 WFAX in Falls Church? What a great voice. MLB4 (4/16/14)

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[RE 2013 radio revenue numbers:] Very interesting...WPGC still dominates where it matters, in revenue! And by 6 Million over Hot 99.5. Fascinating that most stations are between 8 and 18 Million! this paints a MUCH clearer picture than the PPM #'s do that's for sure! (4/15/14)

[RE 2013 radio revenue numbers:] Didnt JFK used to be north of $30m when they had Stern an D&M? (4/15/14)

(SNIP) Liar-Liar-pants on fire! Foul stench just keeps coming back. Little man begone! (END) Know what helps make your posts palatable? I read them in my head in Glenn Quagmire's voice. SERIOUSLY, do you ever check what you write? (4/15/14)

I tuned in the Mid Atlantic Sports Report today on MASN to see if the Orioles game had been rained out - it was - and was surprised to see Holden Kushner hosting. It was immediately apparent that he's not ready for that type of assignment, and when he referred to the manager of the Washington Nationals as "Matty" Williams, he lost whatever small amount of credibility he had to start with. I've never heard anyone on that show, or any news show, call Williams by that name. People inside baseball, ex-players like Ray Knight, yes, but it's just not appropriate for Kushner to do that in that type of setting, given that he's not a baseball insider or former teammate. I've never heard Williams call himself that, and it implies that Kushner has some kind of "Oh, I'm so tight with the Nats' manager" relationship with Williams, who is many years older than Kushner. Would he call call him that to his face? I seriously doubt it. I'm sorry, Holden, but you come across as a smarmy frat boy who doesn't know what he doesn't know. It's not a shock, since that's the kind of image he cultivated for himself when he was co-hosting a show on 106.7. Chris, somewhere in the sticks of Howard County (4/15/14)

"I posted I was refering to the store I was working at." 30-years in the Broadcast industry and you end your sentences in negatives? My you must have been the Star of the show! Again, which "big box" store do you claim to work? (at?) Liar-Liar-pants on fire! Foul stench just keeps coming back. Little man begone! Or will you dazzle us with your claim of service in Viet Nam to elicit sympathy? (4/15/14)

Dave, If your numbers are correct and WNEW billed only $1.5 million last year, they are losing money hand-over-fist. They had to offer big contracts to lure talent away from other stations, primarily WTOP. Furthermore, if you look at the money WTEM bills, you can see that radio is more than just's results and demographics. WTEM does only fair in the ratings, but way out-performs its numbers in the marketplace because of its perfect demo and the direct results it gets its advertisers. WFED rarely even shows up in the ratings, but if your numbers are correct, it does triple the business of WNEW. One would have to ask just how long CBS is willing to pour money into this expensive losing enterprise. (4/15/14)

Dave's response: CBS could fire its entire expensive and large WNEW airstaff and flip 99.1 to a Jack-type oldies format with no live airstaff and probably increase ad billing by at least 700%. Sad but true.....

WTOP should happy about the big revenue and I'm SURE DCRDave got the best friend treatment from Jim Farley on the skewed (and they are skewed) numbers, just like the big weekly ratings. But everyone employed at WTOP should realize that $65 Million is going towards a massive debt that is owed by its parent company. That $65 Million is to stem the bleeding of the people who own the glass enclosed nerve center and just bought (while still in debt) a group of stations in Phoenix. Tout and shout all you want, but as the saying goes, you're only good as the people ahead of you. There's a reason people have been fleeing that station left and right. (4/15/14)

WRQX dropped from the number 3 biller in 2012 to number 8 in 2013 which is interesting. (4/15/14)

[RE 2013 radio revenue numbers:] I am never not amazed by these numbers. WAVA bills nearly as much as 94.7. Worst-programmed station ever (WFED) rakes in $3.2 million (4/15/14)

[RE 2013 radio revenue numbers:] Top billing D.C. radio station, WTOP, brings in four times more ($63.5 million) than the next four top-billing stations COMBINED. (4/15/14)

[RE 2013 radio revenue numbers:] WTOP bills better than stations in NY LA and Chi Town so this is no surprise its a monster biller Amazing (4/15/14)

RE:"You think you know so much?" REREAD my post. I posted I was refering to the store I was working at. Once again people inject their own feelings into a post. Let me say it again. I was referring to sales of Digital Dash at the store I was working at. Let me let you in on a secret if the people you spoke to (that's if you actually did) are digital dash fanatics too, than to them selling one or even two of those devices every couple of days might mean to them they are selling off the shelves. Remember we are in a recession. My store actually sells more replacement speakers than head end units. It's not because they don't want the other stuff it's just cheaper. Now be a good little lad and reread my post! (4/15/14)

I analyze the DC radio revenue numbers for 2013. More great news for Hubbard's WTOP, which saw a slight drop from 2012 like almost everyone else. A huge revenue drop for Cumulus's WRQX, accompanies its ratings meltdown. Very dismal revenue numbers for new CBS all-newser WNEW. Also, I rank the revenue of DC radio's corporate owners. And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (4/15/14)

Mike from Frederick: I can attest that radio conditions on all bands are always great on the Outer Banks. Almost no man-made interference other than the hundreds of wi-fi routers in vacation homes along the shore, but homes are far enough apart that its not an issue. Ham bands are equally fantastic: with 50 watts and a 73-foot wire stretched across a backyard in Corolla NC, I was talking SSB effortlessly to Austria and Italy back in March. (4/15/14)

"You think you know so much?" I called several of the "big box" stores here locally and the floor reps told me the Digital units of all makes are selling fast and furious. I called Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target (all in the Baltimore area) asking the same question. You've had several opportunities to share which big box you work for but have avoided details as you are just making it up as you go along. You want to beat your chest, call people names and have repeated temper tantrums. Anyone that supposedly spent 30 years in broadcast that needs to get a part time job in a big box for extra spending cash is what we call in the biz, "a slow burner". Digital units of all makes are selling very well and not at the inflated prices you quoted and now you're caught in another lie. I don't know "so much" but I do know when I'm dealing with a liar. Be gone foul smell! (4/15/14)

From what I read, Comcast/NBC Universal is just taking advantage of the sale of WMGM TV 40 because it’s being sold to a signal speculator that doesn’t intend to run the TV station and will instead use it for an FCC spectrum auction for other purposes. This is happening all across the country. Once again… THANK YOU FCC for taking away news from small markets. This is an absolute disaster of a decision by the FCC, either that or just shows how dumb the people that run the FCC are. (4/15/14)

I was in a rented GM truck last week and they've revised the layout of the stock AM/FM radio in such a way that could help listenership to the AM band. Instead of a band switch that gives you a row of (virtual) buttons for AM and two selectable rows for FM, they're providing four selectable rows that don't care what frequency you've programmed. So, on just the first row, I found two NPR-type FM stations, a strong AM station, a sports AM station, and two or three more FMs. It made the search for a station a lot easier. (4/15/14)

The only way "local talent" can succeed is if they are allowed to BE talent, complete with their own unique way of presenting the music and assembling a show; not just a pretty voice delivering the usual TMZ crap everyone else is doing. Who cares about Hollywood Pukes when there is so much local material with local performers (musicians, actors, athletes et al) to talk about? (4/15/14)

WTF is going on with I follow a tweet to read a story, I get a huge First Alert video take over, followed by a very large in your face radar!. I know it's fucking raining, I can look out the window. SO that settles, then I get a huge ad take over everything. At that point I jump to, I finally read the story I want. Why does wusa9 think this works!? It just sucks, I don't mind ads around, but to whore me and send me elsewhere. I guess the brains behind this know sweet fuck all about website retention. Idiots! (4/15/14)

RE:Possibly the reason the "Big Box Boy" couldn't grasp the "Dash Digital" REREAD MY POST. It said nothing about not being able to "grasp" digitial dash. That is you making that assumption. I was pointing out how much my store was selling them for. Like too many others on this board you are reading too many of your own opinions into it. You think you know so much? (4/15/14)

[ RE: Was in the Virginia Beach Area this weekend. Happened upon WAFX the fox at 106.9. What a killer signal. I didn’t lose it until I almost was at Tappahannock, VA. I just want to know what the tech specs. were? One could probably hear it 100 Mi. off the coast. And this is FM.] One summer morning, I was in my car in Frederick, MD, listening to 106.9 as I usually do, playing classic hits/rock; then, they ID’ed as “106.9, The Fox”. The signal was rock solid, must have been one heckuva band opening, a little summer enhancement to keep things interesting. Same thing happened another day while listening to 100.7, The Bay (or so I thought), until they went to a PSA for the Carolina Hurricanes and Carolina Credit Union! It was actually WRVA-FM (now WRDU) in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Summer means fun on the FM dial! Mike from Frederick and the Dashboard DX Society, still alive and well. OBX in July! (4/15/14)

Has anyone else seen the "Sponsored" posts from Jack Diamond? His latest "So, that means I didn't get the gig (Did they even LOOK at my audition reel?? : ) So, I am 100% ready to return to Morning Radio and The Jack Diamond Show!! If Washington area Radio Stations don't respect you, your opinions, needs and wants in a local Radio Show, I'll find a city that does! Let's get this bad boy back on the air! Hey, I am DYING to get up at 3:30AM and "SEIZE THE DAY!" Cumulus is settling (and sticking with) The Burt Show who can't even pull a share in their target demo. WRQX has been shelled and yet they are not going to make any changes. It's insane , but it does show how much they aren't interested in Jack Diamond. WASH AM number are down, but again, no interest in Jack Diamond. WMQZ could have gone local, but nope. BIG hasn't been willing to bring Jack on, either. Moral of the story: No interest in Jack Diamond in DC. Yes, he could go somewhere else, but what does the name Jack Diamond mean to that market?? He'd just be a stranger amongst other known morning shows. If he'd be willing to not be the "focus", 99.1 would be smart to make him an anchor, he knows the city (cities) etc., but as a Host of a Talk show... i think those days have passed. Dave, I'd imagine the "Jack to **(fill in call letters)**" have settled down? (4/15/14)

When is too much. ie Cove point. These commercials are so over exposed they have lost their impact. And they should have done a series of ads. Dominiun could have reduced their rates too! (4/15/14)

Anyone heard how Brian Bolter's doing with his restaurants in Annapolis? (4/15/14)

"Hyperventilation by the AM defenders is un-necessary and only meant to cloud the discussion with emotional outbursts." There are no AM-Defenders. Owners would like to survive and make money as long as possible, but they have to know that AM is over. AM is a faulty medium that should have been saved by the FCC, but the FCC didn't choose a digital plan that worked. IBOC put the nail in the coffin of AM. Saving the AM station required a new digital transmission and not digital on Amplitude Modulation. Other countries solved the problem by using a digital system that worked. AM is dying, nobody cares but the owners stuck with the frequencies, and workers that need the money. AM is going down. Political Talk is going down. The only available audience for AM is getting so old that it is irrelevant - - dying. We don't have to worry about saving AM. Owners worry and are waiting for the FCC to figure out a system that will move their property to a better place. The owners know that they will have to get rid of the archaic programming if they can use a better delivery system. They use political talk now because a small percentage of the population is served and the AM station can survive with small, old shares. If I owned an AM station, I would give it away to a non-profit, or a school, and write it off while there is some value. The current owners are hoping for a government bailout. I don't see that happening. Glad I don't have a 3 billion dollar debt coming due. Ed Graham (4/15/14)

Re: "Call it DC’s Greatest Hits and have ALL local talent there." They tried that on Jenifer Street. It was called 105.9 The Edge. Note that it's no longer on the air... (4/15/14)

Dave's response: It was basically a classic active rocker that didn't play any more than the top three songs from about three dozen bands. Over and over and over. It got boring real fast.....

Noticed that the Fox5 anchors didn't have the usual stack of papers in front of them this morning. But then as I looked closer, it seemed like they had iPads or some sort of tablet. Is that easier to manipulate for the TelePrompTer copy than the papers? And please Allison, when are you coming back? Holly is such a media whore. (4/15/14)

[Are you kidding me?] The writer mentioned so many of the radio folks from the 60s, and 70s but left out a few that warrant mentioning but not in the same context. They dug up stories on their own and were top competitors and the listeners benefited. Mark Miller was one of them who later became the News Director at WBAL radio. Miller had a Rolodex of contacts second to none. Bob "Smokey" Shilling was another and he too became a News Director at WCBM and WBAL. Ron Matz is on this list too as a reporter who dug up his own stories. Or as CBS TV says "original reporting". No such thing as iPhone then, only a pocket full of change for the closest pay phone, or a two-way radio that sounded like it was coming from Saigon, or a friendly secretary at some politicians office. (4/15/14)

So good to see Ernie Fears will be GM at WRQX. Exactly 35 years ago today Q107 hit the air. I'm proud to say I worked with his Dad, alongside many professionals who I still know today. Doug Limerick, Joe Cipriano, Barry O'Brien, etc. Heck - Katie Couric was an intern across the hall at WMAL! Best wishes to Ernie and the gang on Jenifer Street. (4/15/14)

Possibly the reason the "Big Box Boy" couldn't grasp the "Dash Digital" is because he's grabbing the most expensive models (a trait retail salespeople are want to do) instead of the consumer models. JVC has a Dash Digital for $163 and the same model on Amazon: 1 new from $159.59 1 used from $63.95 2 refurbished from $63.95 And that's just one model (JVC) The Hyperventilation by the AM defenders is un-necessary and only meant to cloud the discussion with emotional outbursts. Dash Digital is readily available online a lot cheaper than Big Box Bubba says they are. The AM discussion falls into several categories. 1-technical: noise from electronics (devices) in houses, businesses and in public. 2-Standards from the FCC: narrow or widen the bandwidth and apply more power to cover a marketplace. The question of using the X-band for low power community broadcasters needs to be addressed. 3-Programming: a minimum of 75% local content every day 24/7/365 or you lose your license. This applies to everyone. Big Corporations, churches, 501-c groups and for profits. Everyone has to obey the same regulations. 4-Market/power equation: No AM's under 5-kw in markets of 250,000 people. Get rid of the 1.5kw's, 500-watt and 250-watt stations. Upgrade them to 5KW to cover the market. Stop assigning FM translators to AM's. That doesn't fix AM it just moves the problem over to FM. Most importantly the FCC has to act on these recommendations within 6-months. NO ONE is taking the FCC serious anymore because they have failed to act in the past. The FCC has asked for suggestions and recommendations in the past, only to sit on their collective hands and watch AM slide into oblivion. The time to "study" the issue has long past. Its time for action. HVA (4/15/14)

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REF: [Dave TV: Does WNEW Gets Traffic From WBAL? ] Are you kidding me? Stations have been listening to each other for years, and not just for traffic, but also for news, sports, and weather.Do you honestly think Marty Bass, the non-meteorologist-wanna-be-weather-forecaster, has never tuned in to Tony Pann or Tom Tasslemyer for his next forecast? There was a day when WCBM's morning news anchor Dave Humphrey, WCAO's morning newsman Alan Berrier, WFBR's Ron Matz and WBAL Radio's Galen Fromme would tune in to each other just to see what they would lead with, what stories they had, or didn't have, and which one broke fresh news in the morning. They'd even call each other up after they got off the air just to mess with them, in a fun-filled competitive jab at each other that kept us all on our toes. Eddie Fenton was the dean of street reporters, who, along with Tom Lattanzi and a handful of tv reporters, did their damndest to beat the competition to the phone booth to call in news. Others nearby would listen in, then go run for another phone booth down the hall or around the corner to phone it in to their stations. So, yes, we listened to each other...but so did everyone else with an AM/FM radio, who did not have many options in a pre-iPhone, Blackberry era without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every other social meda site that now dominates the news biz. Now, if you'll excuse me a minute, I really need to go see what TWC is saying about the snow, so I can call Marty with a heads up! (4/14/14)

Re: "UMMM...99.1 is NOT WHFS. How heavy was that rock you just rolled away?" He forgot to mention that he's driving a DeLorean. (4/14/14)

Hmmm ... had not even considered the expense of a digital receiver. If I had $799 laying around, I'd be buying an Epiphone guitar and going off to make my own music. I'll bring my $19 AM/FM radio with me, which is already paid for. (4/14/14)

" me expressing an opinion (asshole?)" No one has a problem with you expressing your opinion and the post made very clear that the problem was that you can't express yourself without un-necessary expletives. Its one of the things that people of low IQ's suffer from. They can't express themselves unless they throw in some tantrum language and name calling. I'm sure everyone who reads DCRTV (except maybe you) understood what I was saying. I'm sure your gutter language has advanced you in both the broadcast and retail world to positions of authority and prestige. If you would only use that "extra money" to buy some culture and decorum. I'm sure you'll share your vulgar outrage over my latest attempt to get you out of your tire swing where you fling excrement at anyone who disagrees with you. (4/14/14)

RE: WMGM-TV. I looked up that station's coverage map on It's funny that Comcast (NBCU) has decided not to renew a station's network affiliation whose secondary signal reaches right up to the suburbs of Philadelphia. That means anyone with rabbit ears can actually recieve that station (WMGM) up to about 30 miles from Philly. Now legally Comcast can't kick the station off the cable but with them (WCAU) now being the sole NBC affiliate for that area they can place their own station on cable systems that serve that area. I'm sure Comcast is just testing the waters and they will pull this in other adjacent markets where a competing station is also using NBC. (4/14/14)

The less of Doug Gansler speaking on TV the better as his voice is a dead ringer for Spaz from the movie Meatballs, and equally sincere. (4/14/14)

RE: "Big Box store"? Honestly who cares? Hey! you got a problem with me expressing an opinion (asshole?)! I was mearly pointing out that based on my experience with digital dashboards on the retail level they don't sell very well. When the average unit is running anywhere from 349 to 799 dollars that is gonna make a lot of people think twice. Just so you know I have been in radio (Top 40 and Rhythmic Top 40) for about 30 years. I do retail for extra money and of course the employee discount. What I don't need is crybabies like you who also give me the impression they "think" they know about how well Digital Dash is selling but yet their expertise is limited to being an armchair critic on this board. If you have a problem with me telling you how slowly those units are selling..............tough! Don't sit up there on your armchair butt and dictate to me about something you aren't that versed in. Shut up already! (4/14/14)

NBC (Comcast) has notified WMGM-TV, Atlantic City, that their NBC affiliation of 48 years will not be renewed at the end of their contract next year. WMGM is a small market television station serving the southern New Jersey counties of Atlantic, Cape May and Cumberland. These counties are within the Philadelphia DMA in which NBC owns WCAU and Comcast has their headquarters. The decision not to renew WMGM's affiliation is anticompetitive and raises serious questions about Comcast's proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable and the company's concern for their Comcast's Southern New Jersey cable customers, localism, public service and the television viewers of Southern New Jersey. Attached is a copy of the letter I sent to the Federal Communication Commission with a copies to the Senate and House Judiciary Committees about my concerns. Ron Smith, Retired, Former General Manager of WMGM-TV...

The Honorable Tom Wheeler, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20554... RE: Small market NJ NBC station to lose its NBC affiliation after 48 years*... Dear Mr. Wheeler, On February 13, Comcast announced its plans to buy Time Warner Cable for approximately $45 billion, a proposal that would concentrate significant power in the hands of an already huge corporation. I am concerned that the proposed acquisition could result in even worse service for consumers. WMGM-TV*, Wildwood, NJ, is the only local television station that provides local news and weather to Southern New Jersey. (Atlantic, Cape May & Cumberland Counties). NBC has notified the station that it will not renew its affiliation agreement for a five period after 48 years as an NBC affiliate. As a 22-year former employee and General Manager I am very concerned that the station will not be able to financially survive without the NBC affiliation. The FCC classifies WMGM as a small market station; however, Nielsen considers the Southern New Jersey area part of the Philadelphia market where NBC owns WCAU (Atlantic and Cape May Counties are a separate radio market). This is the first affiliation renewal for WMGM since Comcast purchased NBC. The decision not to renew WMGM’s affiliation agreement is anticompetitive and raises serious questions about Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable and their concern for localism, the Comcast cable customers in Southern New Jersey and the Comcast customers everywhere. WMGM is a lifeline for Southern New Jersey and provides a valuable service that no other television station currently provides. The weather along the shore is frequently different from Philadelphia. During Hurricane Sandy the chief Meteorologist, Dan Skeldon, was the only Meteorologist to forecast exactly where Hurricane Sandy was to hit and has been recognized by the National Hurricane Center. WMGM has continued to increase its local news coverage. Prior to my retirement Nielsen ratings for Atlantic and Cape May Counties indicated that more Adults 25-54 watched WMGM from 6:00 – 7:00am and 5:30 – 6:30pm than the ABC, CBS or NBC stations in Philadelphia. WMGM’s commitment to local Public Service is exceptional. WMGM has absolutely no revenue from Philadelphia and does not compete for sales with WCAU, the NBC owned station in Philadelphia. For many years WMGM has provided WCAU with access to all of its local news. In addition the former WMGM News Director, Ted Greenberg, is the South Jersey reporter and fill-in anchor for WCAU. He works with the news staff to provide WCAU with more Southern New Jersey news than their Philadelphia competitors. John Clark, the WCAU Sport Director, was a former Sports Director at WMGM. WMGM is the closest network small market television station to Philadelphia and New York. The station is a great training ground for talented young people that want television as a career to get experience. Many former WMGM employees now work at a major market television station and a few are even employed at a network. I am also concerned about WMGM maintaining its present cable positions adjacent to the Philadelphia network stations. (In Atlantic and Cape May Counties Channel 4 and HD Channel 798). In the past Comcast has undertaken efforts to favor its own programming and harm its competitors. Recent history, including Comcast’s adherence to the legal obligations it owes the public, should be taken into account when deciding whether to permit further consolidation in the cable and broadband markets. Regards, Ron Smith... *WMGM-TV (Channel 36) has been sold to LocustPoint. LocustPoint has indicated they plan to sell the spectrum back to the government. Access.1 New Jersey is still the licensee for WMGM-LP (Channel 7) and holds the Construction Permit for WMGM-LD (Channel 10). Coverage for the new Channel 10 facility will serve approximately the same coverage area as the present Channel 36. (4/14/14)

This is rich! Even shortwave is going digital. Radio World Shortwave going Digital Wonder if Home Depot and Lowes (Big Box) have stocked up on shortwave radios? Could it be that AM will come into the 21st Century and embrace the inevitable? (4/14/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: CBS head Les Moonves gets paid $257,000 ... a DAY!] With kickbacks, pay offs,campaign payola and bribes. CONGRESS makes even MORE! (4/14/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: CBS head Les Moonves gets paid $257,000 ... a DAY!] I'm sure that matters little to Julie Chen who married him for true love and stuff. (4/14/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: CBS head Les Moonves gets paid $257,000 ... a DAY!] And that's why board ops make $8 an hour and don't get benefits (4/14/14)

UMMM...99.1 is NOT WHFS. How heavy was that rock you just rolled away? (4/14/14)

"Are you really a horse drawn moron that just likes to hear the sound of his own brain rattle?" Way to elevate the discussion. The very thing you accuse him of doing is exactly what you are doing. "Big Box store"? Honestly who cares? That does not make you an expert at anything except "can I help you sir?" Manufacturers include features as an incentive to buy their product because it has so many extra's. Your demeaning descriptions only make you look like you are unable to have an intelligent discussion unless you can throw out insults and slander. The people who peruse DCRTV are broadcast professionals, not retailers who have products to hawk. Seriously doubt you work in any "Big Box" or you'd share which one so we could all visit it to see if you are telling the truth or just shoveling a big story to bolster your account of the issue. If you have to stoop to calling people names you lose credibility and the fact that you really don't know anything about AM radio or the history of its decline only adds to the lack of standing you have in this discussion. Please people lets discuss this and stop the insults and demeaning characterization. AM radio is in trouble for this very reason, that we can't focus on it rather than on issues that have caused its decline. (4/14/14)

Judging by the ratings……if Cumulus cared about making a dent in the ratings with 107.3…….there are one of two formats NOT in Washington DC. One is Oldies…..and the other is JACK. Both can make a dent in the ratings. Maybe it’s just me and I’m crazy but WCBS FM still has one great reputation when it comes to being a premiere oldies station. Heck, it’s a legendary station so much that when CBS flipped it to JACK…..people were pissed off more than Dave gets at WMAL with their nutjobs on the air. Actually, Oldies has become more a Classic Hits outlet now with the advent of 80’s music but still… would be a good thing to have a Oldies outlet or a JACK outlet in DC. Call it DC’s Greatest Hits and have ALL local talent there. If it’s a JACK outlet….bring in the old days of the popular outlets that made the area so great. Lots of potential to be unlocked….and if they could make money on Cumulus off both a Jack/Oldies Hybrid and a Right wing whackjob outlet on two signals….consider Cumulus to be a gold mine. If they stay the course though…..All The Hits 107.3 will end up belly up as a joke. Dan (4/14/14)

Dave's response: Or an inside-the-Beltway big signal Spanish or Spanish/English contemporary hit outlet.....

Re the DCRTV frontpage item "HS Player To Announce College Decision On CSN..." And, like everything else on Comcast, it will have an audience of about 15 people. Which is about right for what is, production-wise (and excepting the games it broadcasts), basically a public access station. (4/14/14)

"Off work today & watching Good Day DC & b/c some regulars are off, Holly Morris, the new meteorologist guy & someone named Kellie are all filling in. Now they're showing some woman named Emily Miller who is coming on board as the new investigative reporter. Somewhat of an annoying voice, but will give her a chance. (4/14/14)" Yeah, you ought to give her a chance as she carries a gun ("Dude did you say I have an annoying voice?) AND she's easy on the eyes: (4/14/14)

BREAKING NEWS!!!! CNN is STILL covering the Flight 370 "Mystery" wall-to-wall. Wolf Blitzer, Chris Cuomo, Ashley Banfield & Carol Costello are all en route to a ship in the middle of the Indian Ocean so to be the first on scene for this BREAKING NEWS!! All hope is that they return without Ashley Banfield. (4/14/14)

Just to put this schooner back on its original course ("You spew off the wall crap bringing up examples that have nothing to do with the ORIGINAL discussion"). the original discussion addressed the FCC's invitation for comments on improving the AM band. Anything either side of that -- such as "bring back so-and-so jock from the 1970s" or "die already grampa" are not relevant. (4/14/14)

Has anyone else seen the "Sponsored" posts from Jack Diamond? His latest "So, that means I didn't get the gig (Did they even LOOK at my audition reel?? : ) So, I am 100% ready to return to Morning Radio and The Jack Diamond Show!! If Washington area Radio Stations don't respect you, your opinions, needs and wants in a local Radio Show, I'll find a city that does! Let's get this bad boy back on the air! Hey, I am DYING to get up at 3:30AM and "SEIZE THE DAY!" (4/14/14)

You kids get off my lawn: kids react to a Walkman. ~~ ~~ Blair in Alexandria (4/14/14)

I had to drive on Saturday from DC to Philly. I had the car radio on WHFS 99.1FM on the drive northbound. The signal was solid all the way to mile marker 98, where it started to flutter. But when I got to mile market 106 – even farther north – the signal came back strong again. I finally lost it about MM115 or so. That’s an impressive signal! But, since it’s covering a big swath with a low population density outside of DC and Balto, I’m not sure how the sales department could best “monetize” it. (4/14/14)

RE:the issue is how many people actually use the radio feature. Are you really a horse drawn moron that just likes to hear the sound of his own brain rattle? I actually work part time at a big box store store which specializes in everything from cell phones to your beloved Digital Dash. NO MANUFACTURE is gonna put a feature on a piece of merchandise that will cause the potential customer not to buy said merchandise. If there weren't any AM/FM listeners out there than that feature wouldn't be on the Digital Dash! Want to know something else smart guy? Those digital dash units are the SLOWEST selling items in our mobile section. For what a smart phone can do the Digital Dash is an expensive item for our 20 to 45 year old customers. I can tell you they are slow sellers because I'm one of three people that help stock that part of the store. I've been reading the crap you post and from a retailer's view you ABOLUTELY no nothing! NADA! You spew off the wall crap bringing up examples that have nothing to do with the ORIGINAL discussion. Please sir, do us all a favor and stick your head in the sand and live your skewed life. Oh, and before you have a chance to spout off something else, very few if any "grandpa's" visit our mobile audio section. It's mostly the age group you THINK you're an expert on. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is rushing out to buy digital dash. It wouldn't surprise me if they (digital dash) are soon marked down for a close out. Shut up already! (4/14/14)

I may be late on this, but I just read this on FOX's FB page regarding change in their lineup which extends some of their news programs. And I use the word "news" lightly... WTTG FOX 5 Local News Lineup: Monday-Friday 4:25-9 AM: “FOX 5 News Morning"... Monday-Friday 9-11 AM: “Good Day D.C.” (previously 9-10 a.m.)... Monday-Friday 5-6 PM: “FOX 5 News at 5 PM”... Monday-Friday 6-6:30 PM: “FOX 5 News at 6 PM”... Monday-Sunday: “FOX 5 News at 10 PM” from 10-11 PM and “FOX 5 News Edge” from 11-11:30 PM “News Edge at 11 p.m."... Saturday 7-9 AM: “FOX 5 News Morning” (new)... Sunday 7-9 AM: “FOX 5 News Morning” (previously 8-9 a.m.)... Saturday and Sunday 6-7 PM: “FOX 5 News at 6” (4/14/14)

"Firewall between the newsroom and sales." That's a problem, not a solution. When sales folks do not interact with the news folks, it actually is a problem for both teams. You see, sometimes sales people can give some good ideas/tips for the news. And hey, sometimes news people can give a good lead to the sales department. But a 'firewall' does no good. I experienced a news director who locked the newsroom door so sales folks could not come in. They were banned. And we newsers were told not to go into the sales office. How silly, stupid, and wasteful. That news director didn't succeed. So much for being a team, a family, and everyone working together for the good of the station. (4/14/14)

Dave, I never thought we would agree on something ...but you nailed the FCC as being corrupt!! Ed (4/14/14)

Dave's response: The public be damned with skyrocketing cable and internet bills, the FCC will most certainly approve the Comcast-Time Warner merger simply because it's "controlled" by "corporate media" interests. Amazon/Washington Post-owned Jeff Bezos must need some favors from the Commission because that Cecilia Kang Sunday profile of Tom Wheeler looks like it was written by his PR firm. Another new low for the Post. Sheesh.....

Rob Carson gets scratched from Cumulus Geraldo fill in gig. Shocked. #notreally (4/14/14)

(SNIP) shall we bring back dial up modems, steam locomotives and horse drawn carriages so great-grandpa won't bitch and complain so much? (END) For God's sake fella, what part of "coexist" is bouncing off your skull and heading into deep space? Drop the grandpa crap already. (4/14/14)

Off work today & watching Good Day DC & b/c some regulars are off, Holly Morris, the new meteorologist guy & someone named Kellie are all filling in. Now they're showing some woman named Emily Miller who is coming on board as the new investigative reporter. Somewhat of an annoying voice, but will give her a chance. Don't know if I'll give today's show a chance though. Holly Morris is just so annoying & tries too hard to be center of attention. (4/14/14)

Everybody on here fancies himself an effin' program director. If your ideas are so super, why not invest in some equipment, hire some talent and start streaming your content? If your programming notions have any merit, there'll be an audience for it and advertisers to support the effort. But stop with the daily parade of pipe dreams, it makes my ass ache. (4/14/14)

Is there a companion to DCRTV in NC? I will be moving to the Wilmington area next year. Charlie / Alexandria (4/14/14)

RE: WAFX - Tech specs according to Radio Locator ( say its 100 KW ERP, COL is Suffolk, VA, Transmitter is a few miles SW of Windsor, VA. By the maps I can concur that the signal can reach up to Tappahannock with no problems. It also can be heard as far west as Richmond and well down into North Carolina. I was also in VA Beach last week and listened to that station for a while. Nice variety of classic rock :) Dave in Fredericksburg (4/14/14)

Comcast Limited Basic consumers, mostly poor and elderly will have to get used to this on their HDTV without being held hostage to Comcast for more money. The end of “Cable Ready” as we know it. — BaltoMedia.Net (4/14/14)

Was in the Virginia Beach Area this weekend. Happened upon WAFX the fox at 106.9. What a killer signal. I didn’t lose it until I almost was at Tappahannock, VA. I just want to know what the tech specs. were? One could probably hear it 100 Mi. off the coast. And this is FM. (4/14/14)

To Quote "the folks at Alpine still felt compelled to include an AM/FM section section on it? Hummmmm!" Just like cars still include a cigarette lighter, your monkey tail is still on your ass (coccyx) and airplanes make you put a seat belt on, they do it just for "old times sake". The issue isn't that they include it, the issue is how many people actually use the radio feature. When you've got crystal clear digital or noisy, crap filled hate speech AM, most intelligent human beings will choose the clean noise free digital. But like the people who still smoke in their cars, the people choosing AM will soon die off and we can debate about something meaningful that actually affects peoples lives. Or shall we bring back dial up modems, steam locomotives and horse drawn carriages so great-grandpa won't bitch and complain so much? Hey sonny don't touch my crappy AM radio!!! (4/14/14)

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Per a FIOS tech, checking Internet speed is extremely accurate when you plug the ethernet cord directly into your computer. If you are using a computer via Wi-fi, the speed is always slower than what you subscribe/pay for with your ISP. I did the test. Amazingly true, thanks. (4/13/14)

Sorry to see Adam Caskey go but glad to see he was able to depart the sinking ship. I still don't understand why Albritton hired Jacqui Jeras when Adam was the perfect person to do the Good Morning DC weather forecasts. (4/13/14)

Thank God marijuana is being decriminalized in Maryland and the District. I hate to think that so many mailbag posters might otherwise wind up behind bars, depriving us of their invaluable insight into an industry they know nothing about. (4/13/14)

Channel 6 TV Fairfax.....Someone asked me what my favorite TV program is on Channel 6 TV in Fairfax and I said I don't think I have ever watched Channel 6. You won't find the Channel in the TV Guide. It is not on the cable and you cannot get it over the air. I live in Fairfax. Then I discovered that they only due audio on 87.7 FM. They are licensed as an LPTV station but only operate as an FM Radio Station. What about all the promises they made to the FCC when they got their TV license? (4/13/14)

Nice to hear Jim Hunter on the Orioles Radio Broadcast. Jim did an excellent job for many years on the radio working with Chuck Thompson. Keep Jiim on the radio. Patrick (4/13/14)

(Farley and Kiernan did NOT win those awards. The people they hired to attract listeners did…..) That is absolutely correct. My running gag in the WTOP Newsroom was that I had a career based on getting credit for the hard work of others! For WTOP staffers….and good jocks and talk show hosts….it IS all about the listener. It's about their interests and needs, not ours. But at the PD and GM level, it's about the revenue as well. You can't compare the work of great air talent with the task of GM's or PD's. …..different responsibilities, different obligations And I always thought it was my job to treat my people fairly, and to maintain the firewall between the Newsroom and Sales. Jim (4/13/14)

After reading the Washingtonian piece about DCRTV I noticed the Comment Count stood at zero - after 3 years. Apparently none of the DCRTV Mailbag regulars reads Washingtonian. I've never known most of 'em to not have a stupid opinion about some damn thing - or maybe, the online editors there actually edit. (4/13/14)

Dave's response: It's funny because right after the Washingtonian piece appeared online, there were a bunch of comments on it. I guess Washingtonian deletes them after a certain period of time.....

Anyone who speculated that Rush Limbaugh or Pat Sajak might/should replace Letterman are/were living in a dream world. It does not matter they once had a TV show or whether it was successful or a failure. I matters less that they have a following. Right or left has no bearing what so ever. Rush's audience is in bed by 10:00pm and Pat's is walking around the house in a robe and curlers. They are not the demographic people at the network are looking for. And anyone in the executive washroom at Black Rock would have been fired and escorted out of the building for merely suggesting them. Now let us discuss something that has a better chance of happening: Chris Plante replacing Hannity on Fox News at 10:00pm. Or Bill Hess writing a book on leadership skills. (4/13/14)

Oh, Jim Lavin. Listen, we get it. Working the overnight shift stinks. Working the overnight shift on a weekend stinks even more. We all would rather be out partying or at home sleeping or doing anything other than working. But there we have it and that's the straw you drew. However, those of us who have lives and have to drive between midnight and 6 AM on Saturday or Sunday morning know we'll get better traffic from WNEW or an app or a Ouija board. Because we still want actual news instead of a random, rambling laundry list of often trifling fender benders. You might get a pass if we thought you were at least trying, but you sound like you do your report then go take a smoke break. At least early on. As the night wears on and you sound sleepier and sleepier, it would be a safe bet to wonder whether you're going to sleep through a report. Not a bad way to earn a premium paycheck, I suppose. (4/13/14)

For those with limited money on Limited Basic via Comcast in the Baltimore area who will lose your channels, there is a simple solution to stick it to Comcast good… $8/MONTH & legally! Comcast is now charging for DTA devices and every cable box in your home, which is completely against their public statements and advertising during the DTV Switch. They should be sued for false advertising honestly or unfair business practices. Getting people hooked on those promos was like giving crack out free for a limited time only in fine print (if there ever even was any fine print). The FCC or FTC should step in on these shenanigans. Look how many people bought HDTV sets that were advertised as “Cable Ready” too. Also false advertising. It’s basically a total SCAM all around! If you’re on Limited Basic, switch to AEREO TV and you’ll lose no channels you currently get worth watching except maybe C-SPAN and that’s hardly worth $30+ more dollars a month! Comcast and other cable and content providers are ultimately shooting themselves in the foot. I canceled a lot of channels. I can get Orioles & Nats games from European sites and practically everything on cable TV now too there too. It’s the music companies all over again. People will just start stealing the stuff if it’s not priced fairly. Apple taught the music companies a lesson. That same lesson will soon have to be taught to the cable companies & video content providers. The FCC also should have never approved the Comcast/NBC Universal merger. That immediately drove up cable TV prices. What a mess! They’re literally motivating people to choose THEFT! (4/13/14)

I reset my COMCAST modem and saw no speed increase near Baltimore, nor did I get any email from Comcast notifying me either. In fact, if anything, my speed decreased! I also noticed the origin of my internet comes from Comcast in Washington DC, not Baltimore, so it’s possible that might be why. It might be only a DC thing for now. (4/13/14)

A google search for "Dash Digital/Digital dash produced this link Notice on the same page it lists this units features: digital media receiver with AM/FM tuner (no built-in CD player)... internal amp (18 watts RMS CEA-2006/50 peak x 4 channels)... 7" touchscreen display... MirrorLink™ for in-dash control of select smartphones... built-in Bluetooth® for hands-free calling and audio streaming... built-in HD Radio™ with iTunes tagging... iPhone® Pandora control through USB... Android™ Pandora control through Bluetooth... iPhone app direct mode... fits double-DIN (4" tall) dash openings... Gee with all the shouting and screaming about AM being dead and Dash Digital being the new "king" the folks at Alpine still felt compelled to include an AM/FM section section on it? Hummmmm! (4/13/14)

WHO THE HELL etc ... the very response we expected. All fart, no bean. AM will surely go the way of the coal deliveryman and the whalebone corset, perhaps in 20 years (2034!), but it remains technically feasible at present, which is why the FCC is soliciting comments and not just recalling licenses. I'm producing content across all platforms: radio, internet and TV. All coexist and all have their place in American life, even for grandpa. So lighten up. (4/13/14)

[Does WNEW listen to and get info from WBAL's traffic reports?] TTN's #1 source for traffic information is WTOP and WBAL. "Just got off the phone with police" translates to "Just listened to WTOP." Sad. Speaking of, 495 was ridiculous today. I wanted to die. (4/13/14)

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Shortwave radio is dead. Jim Farley is a radio god. Don and/or Mike jumped the shark years ago. Sports radio doesn't talk about sports and if they do they ignore the sport of the season & recent local accomplishments and focus on the Redskins. Out of town morning shows trying to be local suck. Out of town news anchors attempting to convince themselves they are local suck more. The woman who was fired from WBAL should just give up on her daily diatribes because we all know who you are. Julie Wright needs to stop turning sideways in front of the green screen. Political posts in the guise of media posts don't fool anyone regardless of what point in the spectrum you represent. And the Sunday comics, along with Gene Weingarten, stopped being funny around 1978. Sorry...I had to do some spring cleaning on rants I meant to send over the winter. (4/12/14)

Dave's response: Hey Angela, Dave Hill says hi.....

Quote: Someone put up some factual links that define-yada-yada-yada"UnQuote: I'm sorry but who appointed you the Supreme Court of DCRTV? Possibly you missed the object of the forum. OPINIONS! Let me put it this way, WHO THE HELL MADE YOU GOD? If you don't like what has been said, you provide links and documentation and the other crap you are insisting others provide. Who really gives a damn about AM radio anyways? Static, noise, satellite pablum for the masses, something to DX on long car trips? You're all worked up about something that has become a ghost. Another 20-years and they'll be talking about AM like we talk about how the Networks used to be on Shortwave. If I want self righteous demands I'll listen to one of the many FM outlets that pander to religions. Dave is the only one on DCRTV that can make demands. You want a link? (4/12/14)

The Comcast "News Release" says, "In the Northeast, the Xfinity Internet Blast tier now offers speeds of up to 105 Mbps (formerly 50 Mbps), and the Xfinity Extreme 105 tier offers speeds up to 150 Mbps (formerly 105 Mbps)." The slower, lower tiers did not receive a speed increase. $29.99 a month still gets you less that 5 Mbps. Would it have hurt Comcast to give a speed increase to all tiers? (4/12/14)

Comcast announced to customers in the Baltimore area that "On 06/10/2014, Comcast will start encrypting Limited Basic service on your cable system....if you are currently receiving Comcast's Limited Basic service on any TV without equipment supplied by Comcast, you will lose the ability to view any channels on that TV." In other words, the "clear" (non-scrambled) QAM channels will become scrambled. Your expensive TVs and other devices that can tune clear QAM channels directly from the cable without a set-top box or a Digital Transport Adapter will require such boxes to tune in cable channels. If you were watching local broadcast channels in HD directly from the cable, you'll have to pay to get them via an HD package and box from Comcast. Thank you, FCC and Comcast. (4/12/14)

Talk of WBAL radio managers makes me inquire: When Allan Prell was on that station, he used to refer to two of the managers as "Big Boss" and "Semi-big Boss". To whom was he referring? (4/12/14)

REF: [Sorry, but I never thought Jim Farley or Ed Kiernan were full of themselves..."BTW ALL news stations or news departments long for the awards Farley and Kiernan have won in near-perpetuity] Farley and Kiernan did NOT win those awards. The people they hired to attract listeners did, the likes of their only seasoned, legitimate newsman, John Patti, who, unfortunately, has been relegated to reading "Hydro-Clean" commercials, not to be outdone by alleged morning news announcer Bill Vano, dubbed on this mailbag as the Macho Morning Mattress Man, who knocks it out of the park with his sleep number commercials. So, yes, Farley, you may be onto something about commercial radio being all about revenue; radio news people pulling in the revenue reading spots. (wink) By the way, if you ever visit the mattress place, dial up 1090 and tell 'em Vanko sent'll sleep like a baby. (4/12/14)

Against my better judgment I'm watching WBAL Plus and see one of the many, many anchor promos that run constantly. This one is Mindy Basara saying "as a working mom living in Catonsville I know how hard it is to...". Huh and who cares? Catonsville isn't exactly a cutting edge town. How is that related to anything? But I guess that's WBAL TV's way of trying to make her seem local. I can see them trying that with the new morning anchor who says he is from Baltimore, but living in a particular place does not make you local no matter how long you've lived there. Baltimoreans do not like people from other places. When Governor O'Malley was Baltimore City's mayor, how often did you hear him promote that he was born and raised elsewhere? I wish this station would focus more on hard news than on silliness. (4/12/14)

Currently is radio/tv news in the dc metro area really really slow with continuous boring stories . Same old Same old.. or are the DCRTV reporters just dtuck in a media rut ? Seriously who cares about some of this stale old crap we read here anymore ? Same cliche catch phrases, Sametired old Don Geronimo/ Mike Omeara items. Isn't there anything fresh related to radio news witout the same dull & dead lingo ? (4/12/14)

"Dave's response: I knew I was quoting Franken....." - Yeah, figured you did. I'm far from liberal but I think Franken kicks ass as a senator. He's there to do the job. I would take him over John McCain any day. Wish he was from Maryland instead of Minnesota. - People, give up talking about Rush hosting late night. No one was ever considering him for the job. You're just doing a circle jerk bukkake on a straw man. - ZW (4/12/14)

Sorry, but I never thought Jim Farley or Ed Kiernan were full of themselves. Now, that doesn't mean some of their underlings didn't try and defy gravity. But I don't think true success comes from patronism. You can't stay in a job like theirs for as long as they did while your nose is surgically attached to someone else's asshole. It might work for a year or so, but woe be unto the patronizer after that. Seen that happen too many times. BTW ALL news stations or news departments long for the awards Farley and Kiernan have won in near-perpetuity. And as far as concentrating on "listeners;" that held water 15 years ago. The Internet changed everything. Radio stations that don't expand their platform(s) are the ones that suffer. Show me a number one station--hell; a top-20 station without Web presence, streaming audio and social media pages and it's unlikely they're doing well. People don't just listen to the radio anymore. I know I don't--and I'm in radio! Nearing 60; I couldn't IMAGINE what would happen 15 years ago. Tape is gone. You can get a DAT or reel-to-reel for $25. And, when you're done transferring your career to non-destructable media; you can throw the reel or DAT in the trash! I was a master with a razor blade. But all I do now with one is scrape my old county stickers off my windshield! Yes; think about your listeners. But also find out what your listeners do when they're not listening. The big stations know and that's why their presence crosses so many platforms. Good luck to Ed Kiernan. You don't spend 30+ years at a place because you suck. Believe me. Sean Hall (4/12/14)

Dave, interesting on the potential WNEW stealing Jim Russ's traffic info...although the blame should be placed on Total Traffic & dare I say Lisa Baden, not really 99.1--WNEW's entire traffic operation is in Silver Spring with TTN. Was Lisa Baden streaming in Russ to get some Baltimore roadway scoop & hit a wrong button or something when they tossed it to her?? interesting (4/12/14)

(From Participant #3 in the AM debate) How about, 1) We try and understand we're not "going back to the days of AM", but exploring technical methods and programming strategies whereby AM can coexist with - and not displace - contemporary technology; 2) Someone put up some factual links that define and explain the *actual term* "Digital Dash/Dash Digital", because right now the term is being used too loosely and abstractly here, and web search attempts for the exact terminology yield sites for bicycle racing displays and an Australian ad agency; and 3) We lose the whole generational thing and its associated insults. Convince me with proofs, rather than inflame with ignorant adolescent jabs. Broadcast pros, whether on AM, FM, shortwave, streaming digital media or in a mailbag forum, should be deft communicators and not whiners. (4/12/14)

The writer of the long anonymous (ergo gutless) post railing on Ed Kiernan showed right at the top he is clueless, "...broadcast 'executives' who…...forget about the real reasons radio stations exist: listeners." Sounds nice but it's wrong. It is about revenue. Commercial radio is a business. It exists to get revenue and keep costs lower than revenue to turn in profits. Ratings are a means to that end. The bottom line job of a PD is to create salable inventory, while at the same time operating in the public interest. By the way, everybody in the WTOP Newsroom was and is eligible for bonuses. They have always shared in the upside of the business. Jim Farley (4/12/14)

Hey Dave, this is crazy, but it happened. I was booked onto Good Day PA, the inoffensive noontime gab show on WHTM-TV (ABC-27) a few days ago. Amy Kehm was all enthused at having another local author. We booked May 20th. I filled out the paperwork, sent them what they asked, even mailed 'em a copy of the book. Then this happened: I'm amused more than anything, but the support I've gotten has been nothing but positive. I'm not trying to demand that Amy put me on her show (I don't want it now), but we're having fun with it. Mitch Bentley, the creator of the art and I find this so hilarious...we've been banned! Thought you'd find this interesting. Take care! Tory Gates (4/12/14)

Dave's response: That's an Allbritton, soon to be Sinclair, station. And how dare they treat a DCRTV advertiser like that.....

Former radio boss Jim Farley’s comments about soon-to-be former radio boss, WBAL’s Ed Kiernan, show not only his ignorance, but also the arrogance of broadcast “executives” who are so full of themselves and the corporate puppeteers for whom they dance that they forget about the real reasons radio stations exist: listeners. I know Kiernan, and I know how dedicated he and his former side-kick Beauchamp and his former so called “news director” Miller were to cutting the station’s paint and wallpaper budget by simply covering the walls of the station with plaques, photos and news awards received in a slew of back-smacking, self-serving awards banquets held every year to satisfy their huge egotistical appetites for free recognition. Free, meaning Farley, Kiernan, Beauchamp and Miller never had to match the awards with pay raises or bonuses. If anything was free, it was the “free ride” Farley and his counterparts at this station received on the backs of the real broadcasters as they ran to their corporate offices waving these awards in each hand, hoping to impress their bosses, and convince them to keep them around for another year. That's how they remained "in charge." It had nothing to do with "being good." What does any of this have to do with “listeners?” Absolutely nothing, and that’s my point. Listeners don’t give one rats ass about all this bullshit, which makes another point: stations need to focus squarely on listeners; not awards, not websites, not Facebook not Twitter; in other words, not themselves. And, speaking of egotistical appetites, Farley is out to lunch if he thinks Walden is going to cross Kiernan on here. They both have New York roots, where none of these squeaky squawk box voices on the air at WBAL Radio would be given an on-air shot at an overnight 10-second station ID. Walden was clueless about local news, and often picked the wrong lead stories, but I will say that he had the voice, the authority and trust of his listeners. Farley, I think you’re right about it being a “cutthroat” business, but I also think radio needs to return to a “deep throat” business with people like Walden and others who got the listeners, not the awards, to keep the station afloat in the ratings. Sadly, if you listen, those days are gone, and Kiernan, and the listeners know it. That’s why they’re gone too. (4/12/14)

Does WNEW listen to and get info from WBAL's traffic reports? I take a gander at former XMer Tory Gates' novel "Parasite Girls." I check out Comcast new faster internet speeds but can't get the firm's speed test site to load. Baltimore media vets Ed Kiernan and Don Scott are heading for retirement. More rants about the still slumping Washington Post. And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (4/12/14)

Comcast has nearly doubled Internet download speeds in the Washington, D.C., area and the Northeast at no charge. If you are a Comcast subscriber, all you need to do is reboot your cable modem. By doing so, my download speed jumped from 57.2 to 93.9 Mbps. Upload remained the same at 11.6 Mbps. Thanks to Dave Hughes for forwarding this news. Why didn't Comcast notify me of this change? You can check your connection speed here: or (4/12/14)

Caught at making a fool of himself, Grandpa-AM-I-want-people-to-think-I'm-a-stud then claims "it was a joke" only to make the same impotent assertion yet again. All the cell towers did not go down during Sandy. People got weather and information on their cell phones because neither AM or FM were doing it for them. If your fallback is "well it works in an emergency" then you've relegated AM to the importance of Ham radio. For some reason the irony of you using a digital technology to post your inane rants about at 1920's technology are lost on you. Why not grab a pencil and write it down and send it by US Postal Service to Dave? Why use this scary"new technology"? Everyone knows that computer stuff isn't going to work now don't they? As noted AM radio ruled the world at one time. So did Nero but we don't have Emperor's anymore because that time has come and gone, just like AM radio. Dash Digital/Digital Dash is here to stay until something better comes along. You know like your loud Muscle Car once had a record player, then it was an 8-track, then cassette and now CD's so you can play annoying loud music while you ride around trying desperately to look cool! AM is the record player. Its time has come and gone. The sad thing is, this isn't even an argument with the money demo's. They embrace the change in digital. I suppose we could go back to the days of AM but that would be before Viagra but then you'd be left in the same place your defense of AM is; limp and lonely. AM radio had a good run, but its time to let it go and let it die an honorable death. (4/12/14)

www.BaltoMedia.Net has never gotten over 600 LIKES before on any Facebook post Dave, so I thought I’d share with you the link to this Don Scott Tribute video that someone posted for a completely different reason, but it seemed to strike a chord with people that like Don, even people at WJZ 13. I simply found it by accident. (4/12/14)

Rush basically condensed a three hour radio show and put it on for a half hour on television for four years…..but what was worse than Rush or Pat was Chevy Chase’s debacle. Dan (4/12/14)

WJZ’s Viviano won an award no one even knows exists and that’s NEWS Dave??? LMAO Btw, rumor has it Richard Sher might be coming back to news anchoring. Just a rumor at this point. Not even sure if it’s WMAR ABC 2, but it wouldn’t hurt them. That’s for sure. (4/12/14)

Ok, I’ll bite… Talk of conservatives Rush & Pat Sajak talk shows should be banned because those people mentioning them are “fucking morons?” Yeah, thanks for proving my point about wacko nut job liberal transparency and tolerance and open-mindedness. YOU GET A COOKIE! THANK YOU! LOL (4/12/14)

Addendum: To my liberal friend trying to make an intelligent point… It’s helps to spell MORON CORRECTLY TOO if you want to gain any real respect! Spell Check last I read was invented before Pat Sajak or Rush Limbaugh. :D (4/12/14)

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Dave remember when you said one time a while back you were going to edit the mailbag...How about we edit the people arguing about Pat Sajak and Rush Limbaugh being conservative/not-conservative/hosting the Late Show discussions....? Seriously, doesn't matter which side of that moronic argument you're on, All of you are absolute fucking morrons. (4/11/14)

Its funny how people who make a living from talking politics and who lives revolve around Dems vs. Reps can take the Stephen Colbert hire and turn it into a political talking point(IMO both parties are full of garbage). Cable news and network news is suppose to be the place for political talk right not entertainment shows at least that's what I thought. (4/11/14)

I have known and liked Ed Kiernan for years. He is a classy guy, a good guy. He is 65, same as me. If you make it that long in this cutthroat business, you have to be good. Really, really good. Ignore any of the know-nothing's in this mailbag who want to speculate on timing or reasons. When you are 65 and have been in charge most of that time like Ed, you win. Period. Good guys sometimes DO win. Hope my old friends Alan Walden and Mark Miller will weigh in here. Jim Farley (4/11/14)

Can't say I blame the GM at WBAL/98 Rock for bailing. He knows the stations, esp WBAL RADIO have fallen terribly in the ratings. This since the program director and news director from the good years left and were replaced by two of the most inept people in the history of the stations. Even if Mr. Kiernan wanted to replace the pd, it seems like the suits at Hearst in New York would say no. I would get the hell out, too because up until now he has enjoyed a good run. They have to get someone in there who knows WBAL's audience, who can do social media, who knows Baltimore and Baltimore's newsmakers and who, with the right staffing, can bring WBAL back to the top. We should not be relying on DC stations for our local news. (4/11/14)

When Pat Sajak started his ill-fated talk show, nobody even knew he was a conservative nor did he really present that on the show. That wasn’t the problem. He just wasn’t FUNNY! And he wasn’t a good interviewer either! The reason Letterman’s ratings tanked in the end is the point where he turned from goofy, witty, sometimes insulting for sport or a stunt, but yet still a good interviewer to a politically motivated Gotcha interviewer and less funnier, cranky old man comments. It wasn’t a left vs. right thing. He just was a lot less funny and too isolated from today’s viewing public. High horse liberals preaching tolerance from ivory towers is hardly funny, especially since most of these people are not tolerant at all. Letterman consistently lost middle America unlike Johnny Carson or even Jay Leno. You don’t see Jimmy Fallon going overtly political do you? When you lose the conservative Democrats, that’s when you retire. Letterman lost them. Colbert has a unique opportunity since he’s an unknown out of character, so simply attacking his character persona is just plain stupid, but like Dave Hughes said, Rush is simply fat and stupid. Colbert was more respectful of John McCain than Letterman was. That’s for sure. I intend to give the guy a chance. I doubt he’ll do worse to Sarah Palin then Letterman saying her kid got knocked up at a Yankees game. Those kind of jokes are when you’re grasping at straws for humor you’ve run out of. Agenda based comedy will never be mainstream, right or left, only a niche. CBS knew they had to pull the plug when Jimmy Kimmel was in reach or close to Letterman’s ratings and beating him in important demographics. Colbert could be a game changer in my opinion. That’s my 2 cents. (4/11/14)

What's the deal with these sad little "Rush is right!!!" posts in the Mailbag? Limbaugh failed miserably on TV and has never really understood the medium. He's a successful Talk radio guy, but this idea that he's some kind of genius at all things has been proven wrong over and over again. He hasn't been much of a prognosticator on any topic over the past 15 years, but TV might be his worst subject. If you've been betting on things he's predicted since W entered office, you're living in a cardboard box now. We all know what Rush's real hard-on for late night TV is really about, don't we? He was humiliated when his own TV show crashed and burned, he was embarrassed when he tried to nail down a spot on Pat Sajak's show and was universally criticized; he's so impossible to watch when he guests on successful TV shows, like Late Night, that he's not invited to return....TV just isn't his element. He can't do it. Period. No biggie; Bill O'Reilly was a train wreck on the little screen too, and he's making a shitload of money writing really bad books. They're hot medium guys who just fail in a cool medium. But it's a sign of Limbaugh's decline, and the decline of Rightwing talkers in general as an influence on popular culture outside of their core audience, that they are declaring the naming of a new host of the third-rated late night show "a declaration of war on middle America." Nobody with a brain in their head gives a shit about that absurd statement. Rush and O'Reilly have become pathetic old clowns who would give ANYTHING to be taken seriously again. But the 90s are over. They've got their radio audiences of groveling worshipers, you'd think they'd be happy just glorying in that. Everything else they do is embarrassing to watch. (4/11/14)

"Dave's response: Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot. And you can quote me....." - Actually Dave, you're quoting Al Franken there. I'm not familiar with Colbert but I'm in his corner until he fucks up. Everyone else I've heard suggested has been a really bad idea. Anyone saying Rush was a possibility is just a retard. Now let's look at the Rush post: "...Rush was wrong on climate change" well, he continues to be right about that issue "defending Sarah Palin" she is kind of a retard but preferable to BHO. "defending George Zimmerman" So you're calling the jurors racist? Go to their houses and tell them that. "predicting a Romney victory in 2012" a lot of conservatives were whistling past the graveyard, I was not one of them. It was not a landslide, but a loss is still a loss, fair and square. "claiming birth control pills had to be taken before you had sex." Seriously, wateronthebrain? Do I have to spell out how wrong you are? "Rush was also wrong when he condemned Pope Francis" Pope Francis employs child molesters, but you're down with that, right? "when he condemned John Kerry's service record" John Kerry put in for SWIFT boats when they were a safe, offshore operation, only to find that they had shifted to a riverine mission when he got his command. Then he fought. He fought for a purple heart because he got a splinter in his arm. John Kerry is a pussy. "when he condemned Hillary Clinton for having wrinkles on her face." How different from people worrying about Reagan's age. I would be more worried about her mysterious health problems that kept her from testifying. "If you get your political cues from Rush Limbaugh, well, that says something." Yes, it says you enjoy an excellent broadcaster who won't be taking a salary cut to take Letterman's job. It's a win-win. - In other news: " I am not posting this on Dave's Facebook page because I don’t want the staff at WMAL to know who I am. They probably do anyway and I am taking a big risk sending this." "Also, I guaranty you that Plante has never seen my penis, so any reference he makes to it on the air is just made up. He makes up stories about a lot of people's penis's. But I am just guessing that." No wonder people drag them behind trucks. - Now, moving on, the problem with AM radio: the problem with AM radio is the space needed to accomodate the antenna. That's why you don't have AM reception on your smart phone or mp3 player, but you do have FM. I am super digging the talk about interference on the AM band, having built my own AM receiver. - ZW (4/11/14)

Dave's response: I knew I was quoting Franken.....

The thing that really gets me about the right-wing backlash on Colbert -- How do they square away the fact that the guy is a practicing Catholic AND teaches Sunday School for his church? And I mean in real life --not the pundit character, either. He may have left-ish political views on certain things, but there's no reasonable way to paint this guy as a flame-throwing Marxist of some kind. And I think that's a good thing overall -- it teaches us that on average, most people are way more complex and shaded with gray than the hardcore right OR left would prefer us to believe. I hope Colbert finds new and inventive ways to confound and baffle the blowhards on both sides of the spectrum. (4/11/14)

RE: "Seriously? Because the most recent overall ratings posted on the DCRTV home page indicate that in Baltimore WBAL is 13th, WTOP (which isn't Baltimore-centric and has an inferior Charm City signal) is 15th and WNEW is 23rd" If you refer back to the original post, it specified that WNEW is beating WBAL in certain DEMOGRAPHICS. The overall numbers posted are fluff. 13+ really doesn't mean anything...its the demo drill down that really matters. (4/11/14)

The Junks are taping a third season of "Table Manners"...but do they get paid for it? It gets microscopic ratings on a station notorious for low numbers. I'm thankful I'm not in a position where I'd be asked to try to sell that dead dog to advertisers. (4/11/14)

Colbert will do great on CBS. Rush is wrong, just like Rush was wrong on climate change, defending Sarah Palin, defending George Zimmerman, predicting a Romney victory in 2012, claiming birth control pills had to be taken before you had sex. Rush was also wrong when he condemned Pope Francis, when he condemned John Kerry's service record, when he condemned Hillary Clinton for having wrinkles on her face. If you get your political cues from Rush Limbaugh, well, that says something. (4/11/14)

Dave's response: Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot. And you can quote me.....

Anyone hear what the body count (if any) is at Al Jazerra America's D.C. bureau out of the company-wide 800+ layoffs they announced today?: I also heard they're shuttering 12 bureaus. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/11/14)

Arlington Independent Radio has re-filed its LPFM application for 96.7 FM in Arlington after it was dismissed early last week. The new application corrects some incorrect technical parameters. Both the 96.7 in Baltimore & the 96.7 for Arlington have to not interfere with Easton’s WCEI 96.7, which moved its tower closer to Annapolis now. The Arlington 96.7’s mission statement is for local community service programming, but of course many of these mission statements are, well, I don’t want to say phony, but at least a work in progress. Once the license is approved, they could program anything they want. — www.BaltoMedia.Net (4/11/14)

Actually, CBS changed the city of license from Annapolis to Bowie and moved the transmitter closer to Bowie now. It’s not in Crofton anymore so the station is technically within the DC market, albeit barely. (4/11/14)

A thing about WNEW and demographics. While Howard County is in the Baltimore TV & radio market, more than a 3rd of the population there either is from DC or commutes to DC (possibly even more). And they get stations from both markets both over the air and on cable TV mostly. WBAL radio doesn’t do traffic for anyone in Howard County commuting to DC very much, so it’s an untapped market of people not being served. Those people are people that would immediately dump WBAL for WNEW, not just women, but men also. (4/11/14)

What's with the WBAL-TV personalities getting new Facebook pages this past week? (4/11/14)

RE:Bye Great Grandpa. Sorry dude but there are articles on radio trade sheets that talked about how some AM stations were able to stay on the air and provide service where CELLS couldn't. For the guy who really went on a tangent you really didn't provide me with any valid points. All you did was just get pissy about my remark about sleeping with women 30 years younger. It was meant as a joke! The way you carried on so perhaps I stepped on a real personal issue with you? You broadband screamers have to remember when a real serious storm blows thru and area cell service is gonna go down. Some stations will drop the ball but there are some that will rise to the occasion. Also just because your sorry ass has given up on radio (AM especially) doesn't mean it's ready for the scrap pile. Now, let me get out my little black book and call up a 20 something hottie! (4/11/14)

Dave, although I admire your recommendations for CBS in the WNEW-WTOP war ("it would make sense to put WNEW on both 106.7 for Virginia and DC and 99.1 for Maryland and Baltimore. WJFK could then be shifted to the superior "inside the Beltway" 94.7, while Fresh and PGC could be "merged" on 95.5"), the simplest plan might be for CBS to just buy one of the other Virginia FM sticks. Maybe both of Centennial's (WINC & WBQB)--or, better yet, the bankrupt WFLS. That still would leave them one FM short of WTOP's trio--specifically on the northwest side of the Nielsen DC Metro. Clear Channel tossed WFRE into the Aloha Trust around 5 years ago, waiting for someone with plenty of cash to step up and take 99.9 off their hands. That would make a great pairing with 99.1. Frankly, with (92.5/101.5/93.3), 99.1 & 99.9, WNEW would have the superior setup. Somebody call Dan Mason. We've got this figured out! (4/11/14)

"We now hear that for the first time WNEW is actually tieing and even beating WBAL in some key drivetime demos throughout the entire Baltimore metro". Seriously? Because the most recent overall ratings posted on the DCRTV home page indicate that in Baltimore WBAL is 13th, WTOP (which isn't Baltimore-centric and has an inferior Charm City signal) is 15th and WNEW is 23rd. Previous week was WBAL 13, WTOP 17 and WNEW 25. That's gotta be a pretty narrow inroad. That said, I wish WNEW had a more listenable product. I am SO tired of WTOP 's morning news presentation, with the announcers chirping in with their $.02 after every story. But whenever I listen to WNEW, it seems like it's one news item, traffic, weather forecast, a self-promo about Baltimore, traffic again, a long reminder to set a pre-set, rinse and repeat. Since its inception, WNEW's problem has been its presentation. Until CBS sets about to fix that, it's going to be an also-ran in whatever market it chooses to call home. (4/11/14)

RE: WMAL's Brian & Larry are furious…” I can only guess how outraged, furious and appalled Brian and Larry would be if they heard what Chris Plante says on WMAL on a daily basis. He is way more of a parody of a "conservative" than Colbert will ever be. Brian and Larry, listen to his show. I dare you. I want you to. Hear the nonsensical things he says. Listen to his name-calling like a third grader on the school yard. Listen, actually listen, to him say "the left" this and "the left" that, none of which is based upon anything resembling a fact or reality. All of it is in his head. What he says is completely moronic and he says it on a daily basis. He makes "evil" Colbert look like Snow White. Are you aware that he sees Che Guevara tee shirts wherever he goes? The grocery store, walking down the street, restaurants etc. And these people wearing the shirts approach him. He told stories on the air nearly every day about this. I have lived/worked in DC for many years. I have never seen one Che Guevara tee shirt, yet Plante sees them everywhere. Seriously the man is deranged. I am not posting this on Dave's Facebook page because I don’t want the staff at WMAL to know who I am. They probably do anyway and I am taking a big risk sending this. Plante has at times gone after someone's wife and children and said horrible things about them on the air. This is despite the fact the wife and children have done nothing to provoke him. I would be happy to discuss things with Plante or WMAL talent, but I don't want my wife and children dragged into this and have their good name smeared on the air with his made up accusations. Also, I have never heard Plante talk for more than 90 seconds without resorting to name calling. Also, I guaranty you that Plante has never seen my penis, so any reference he makes to it on the air is just made up. He makes up stories about a lot of people's penis's. But I am just guessing that. Maybe he really does know and keep track of everyone's size. None of this is a “swipe at the station”. Everything I said in this email has happened on the Chris Plante Show. Brian and Larry - be outraged about that, not Colbert. (4/11/14)

"He's a very smart guy, has tons of improv comedy experience, and even in character, he's done some impressive interviews on The Colbert Report even with conservatives and they were more willing to go on his show then Letterman." What is he: Pee Wee Herman? How can you do an "impressive" interview while in "character"? That's like saying that Letterman is actually in real life to the right of Rush Limbaugh but fakes being an Obambi loving liberal just for the show. Johnny Carson, although a son of a bitch, was the real thing: so was Jay Leno. How will we know whether Colbert is slipping back in his "character" if he says something perceived as "conservative" or he actually believes it? I loved Pee Wee Herman: Letterman handled him brilliantly (as he always does Richard Simmons and leggy super models). But Letterman also was always on the verge of saying to Pee Wee, "Could you stop with the schtick and just be your real self for once?" What if Paul Reubens suddenly did a late night talk show: who would we want him to do it as, Pee Wee Herman or Paul Reubens? Could anyone really take either seriously? When I saw Paul Reubens in "Blow" it blew me away: it was Pee Wee on coke! But when you see him out of character, he is a highly intelligent, real person and comes across - gasp - as a masculine man. That's the Paul Reubens I really like. Who knows WHO Colbert really is? He will be an epic fail on the scale of Obambicare: (4/11/14)

OK, first of all, there is more than one of us chiming in on the AM issue, which started out as a comment on the FCC considering FM repeaters for AM stations, and has somehow degraded into who your grandfather would f**k. How did we get here, people? So let's take a big-picture look: "AM radio ... doesn't exist for anyone under 50 anymore" ATTRIBUTION NEEDED; "Dash Digital" - or is it "Digital Dash"? ATTRIBUTIONS AND LINKS NEEDED; "NYC... Your so called Grandpa radio stations were up and running and providing that community with news and info" TRUE (; "Let us grandpa radio guys sleep with women 30 years younger than we are ... the one's that won't date you!" STOP SAYING STUPID CRAP. If you're a broadcaster, you should know how to articulate your thoughts without being a doink. And if you make statements you believe to be based in fact, give attribution. Otherwise, you're noisier and more irritating than the AM signals you are trying to bury. (4/11/14)

Having gone through Hurricane Sandy, it wiped AM and FM stations in NY and New Jersey off the air for some time. However my I-phone was able to get color radar in real time and updated weather reports from NOAA. My car radio was useless for a long time. I was able to use the Internet long before the radio stations came back on the air. And when they did come back on they spent the majority of the time telling me what they didn't know and speculating about what had, did and would happen. Pointless, useless information. The Digital age has surpassed the old technology. Sandy was a huge trauma on my family, friends and co-workers. Our cell phones not only worked they were the only source of information for many days after Sandy hit. (4/11/14)

Most women under 40 don't even bother to set AM presets on their car radios. WTOP DOUBLED it's female audience when it went FM. (4/11/14)

Sure am glad we don't have to listen to the Fireman ( kevin shafer) on 106.7 The Fan anymore. Hopefully he stays off the DC airwaves (4/11/14)

A Throwback Thursday pic of Don Scott who's retiring from WJZ 13 after 40 years. In the pic is Bob Turk, Don, Jerry and Al on Eyewitness News. Don joked in the post that they all had to wear matching blazers like Rob Burgundy. LOL (4/11/14)

Like him, hate him or love him, Rush is right and Colbert will be history within a year of taking over the tired, philandering, phony Letterman’s low ratings show with his Bald Butt Buddy Paul Shaffer Beer. And to the idiot who actually thought Chris Plante would actually waste his time to post on DCRTVDJDAVE’s “Mailbag”: get a life. RUSH IS RIGHT: (4/11/14)

SNIP: Now STFU and let us grandpa radio guys sleep with women 30 years younger than we are. You know the one's that won't date you! END: OK you started this.....Oh my! Really struck a nerve there huh great-grandpa-AM-radio-but-a-memory? Had to resort to personal attack instead of addressing the issues? You can throw anecdotal situations out all you want doesn't alter the inevitable future. And those women 30-years younger that you say won't "date" me? Where do you think she's stealing off to when she says "oh I'm just going out to shop" or "with the girls"? She's getting some real loving from someone who doesn't have his head up his hind end or wants to bring back Steam Locomotives, the Telegraph, phone Booths and ice-boxes that actually use ICE! When she comes home from me she has a big smile on her face, when she's leaving you she's desperate for human contact. The only thing in this world (and radio) that is consistent is change. If you truly are older and more experienced you'd not only know this but understand it. People who fight change are.....unemployed and like you bitter and lonely. Even in Emergency situations not many people turn on an AM radio because its not something that's part of their life or routine. It doesn't exist for anyone under 50 anymore. Do you want to be remembered (even for a short time) as the old guy who sat on his front porch and yelled at the kids "hey you kids don't walk on my AM"!! Do you want to be remembered as a pussy instead of someone who ruled the world at one time? These exchanges are only making you look desperate.She may be with you because you have an old Muscle Car but she's sneaking away with me because she doesn't want to go to the grave with you. She has too much to live for. Bye Great Grandpa, sorry to see you go in such an undignified manner. But the "30 years younger" and I will enjoy our vacations on your savings, house and Muscle Car while listening to Dash Digital. You won't even be a memory and no one will miss you. RIP (4/11/14)

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\/ April 10 Messages \/

Listened to the Yankees radio broadcast for a couple innings last night while they were playing the Orioles. John Sterling and Suzy Waldbaum are boring, to say the least. Orioles fan who prefers the Baltimore broadcast. (4/10/14)

For those with a trigger finger ready to aim at Colbert before he starts, it should be noted that’s he’s said he’s totally retiring the phony conservative alter ego completely, so he at LEAST deserves a chance. His show was a satirical political comedy based on a pre-determined premise. Get over it. Once thing is clear. He’s a very smart guy, has tons of improv comedy experience, and even in character, he’s done some impressive interviews on The Colbert Report even with conservatives and they were more willing to go on his show then Letterman. I can’t remember him ever being mean, just goofy. If they had picked John Stewart I’d protest more even though I still think he’s funny. But Stewart makes Letterman look like Nixon! I think Colbert will be independent minded except that he said he already started shaving his 2 front teeth to get the Letterman gap teeth! LOL (4/10/14)

RE:An AM fix? Are you a looney tune? Ask the people up in the NYC area last year how many cell phones (and the broadband service that goes along with it) were working when superstorm sandy hit (was that it's name.......I forgot)? C'mon let me see you hazard a guess? Now your so called Grandpa radio stations were up and running and providing that community with news and info it needed. Where were the cells and the broadbands? If your choice of communication/entertainment can't provide you with anything when mother nature rears it's head what good is it? Now STFU and let us grandpa radio guys sleep with women 30 years younger than we are. You know the one's that won't date you! (4/10/14)

Any intel on what will happen to The Weather Nation on DirecTV now that TWC is back? (4/10/14)

Dave's response: DirecTV says it will carry both channels right next to each other on the "dial." By the way, with Channel 9/WUSA now carrying Weather Nation on its 9-3 subchannel, most cable TV systems in the DC area are now carrying both weather channels, too.....

To the Digital Dash proponent: Please provide a link or links to information relevant to this process. Info Ive found so far is incomplete, and Google just points to research site -- nothing concrete. (4/10/14)

"From bad to worse: from a faux liberal comedian (multi-millionaire, mean Letterman who bangs his interns) to a faux conservative anchorman (Creep Colbert whose sister is a failed Democrat [sic] politician). What a disaster: [sic] Colbert is only “funny” because pajama boys, L-Word girls, Rachel Maddow fans and Commies (Comedy Central’s core audience) love to hate “conservatives”, [sic] even phony ones." Let's see, name calling, false accusations, flimsy comparisons, stereotyping, and arrogance...Ladies and gents, Chris Plante checking in to the mailbag! Seriously num-nuts, Mr. Colbert did stand up comedy acting and writing well before his Comedy Central gig. Is he bringing his Comedy Central character to CBS? I am guessing "NO." You, in your infinite wisdom claim he is. Why? Because you, Chris Plante, don't know the facts before you spew nonsense and make false accusations. That is why you, Chris Plante, are always wrong. You embarrassed yourself last week on television when a nice lady verbally took you down and rightly treated you like a third grader, and you embarrassed Sarah Palin because you were not smart enough to hit the dump button on her. Mike O'Meara called your show, claiming to be an old man, made a fool out of you, leaving you just yelling "liberal" several times before going to break. How embarassing, you didn't even know it was Mike O'Meara! Are you still claiming Obama is a Muslim, and wasn't born in this country, as you stated five years ago? You were wrong then, and the crap you spew today will be proven wrong tomorrow. Now go back to your talking points that say Hispanics will side with "conservatives," give Silvi a big wet kiss, and refer to yourself as "Number two." We consider you "number two." (4/10/14)

REAL HEADLINE: "CBS just announced that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman as host of the Late Show." WISHFUL HEADLINE: "COMEDY CENTRAL ANNOUNCES "DAVE HUGHES" TO REPLACE STEPHEN COLBERT"! (4/10/14)

[RE the Orioles on WBAL-AM:] I would love to know why they went back to AM. It's 2014 ! (4/10/14)

Dave's response: Uhhh, maybe because the Labrozi/Philips management team at CBS Radio Baltimore is just so, well, err, umm, whatever.....

An AM fix? Really? We may as well waste our time trying to bring back the Steam Locomotive. The Digital Dash will soon make both AM and FM obsolete. Why longtime radio professionals are so reluctant to embrace the new, superior delivery system that is the Internet is beyond comprehension. The Digital Dash will offer over 100,000 audio choices (many commercial free). This will change everything in ways we can't even imagine. When given a choice between 1920's radio technology or a 21st century, interactive, worldwide delivery system that provided high quality audio, video, graphics, text and accurate pinpoint precision targeted advertising, the choice is simple. Everything has a beginning and an end. It's time to let Great Grandpa AM go. He enjoyed a glorious life, in his heyday he ruled the world, but his time has passed. It's time to let go. (4/10/14)

Founding (and now former) WNEW anchor Bill Rehkopf, whose kids go to school in the same complex as where the stabbings happened, just played an entire 10 minute interview on KDKA that he did today with an 18 year old EMT first responder - a kid at the school. Compelling stuff, and he spoke with him in a non dramatic, mature manner. The young man rose to the interview. Best line? The teenager thought maybe someday he'd have to respond to a teacher with chest pains, but 'never in a million years' a mass casualty event at his school. Wow. (4/10/14)

WNEW does cover Baltimore.....however, it only covers half of Washington. Maybe, they should change their "City of License" from Washington to Baltimore? Washington is the 7th market and Baltimore is the 19th market. Hugh difference in advertising revenue between the two markets. (4/10/14)

Dave's response: WNEW's official "city of license" is Bowie.....

Well, didn't take the Rush cultie long to get right on the Mailbag to whine about the choice to replace Letterman, did it? So sorry, Rushbo didn't get the nod, I feel so sorry for you. Stamping your feet, grousing with all the asinine buzzwords (is this you, Pat Buchanan?)...will you hold your breath till your face turns blue next? One can only hope. The RCL (4/10/14)

From bad to worse: from a faux liberal comedian (multi-millionaire, mean Letterman who bangs his interns) to a faux conservative anchorman (Creep Colbert whose sister is a failed Democrat politician). What a disaster: Colbert is only “funny” because pajama boys, L-Word girls, Rachel Maddow fans and Commies (Comedy Central’s core audience) love to hate “conservatives”, even phony ones. What does this talentless creep have to offer: how will it play in Peoria (Illinois)? Real bad choice Les: should stay with banging your Geisha Girl and find someone who really knows the late night television market (which is NOT totally lib Commies). Read it & weep: (4/10/14)

I think it's great that one signal can cover two markets, and WNEW is doing well to finally try to cash in on that. Some of the negative postings seem like sour grapes over at the old news station, signed, Jim. (4/10/14)

The following was forwarded to DCRTV.....

Dear Richard, We are pleased to inform you that we have reached a long-term agreement with The Weather Channel. As part of that agreement, the channel has agreed to reduce its reality programming so that there is a greater focus on the weather coverage that we know our customers care about, and to allow DIRECTV customers to watch The Weather Channel on multiple devices inside and outside their home. The Weather Channel is available now on channel 362 and interactive local weather features such as the RED Button and Locals on the 8s will re-launch in May. The Weather Channel issued this statement: "Our apologies to DIRECTV and their customers for the disruption of our service and for initiating a public campaign. Our viewers deserve better than a public dispute and we pledge to reward their loyalty with exceptional programming and more weather focused news." Your patience has allowed us to give you the absolute best experience at the most reasonable cost. Last week DIRECTV also announced a long-term agreement with WeatherNation. You can tune to channel 361 to get the weather coverage you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The interactive features that were recently launched on WeatherNation will continue to be available to you. We know that weather is important to you and now you have more weather choices available than on any other major TV provider. Thank you for your patience and we sincerely appreciate your business. Sincerely, Ed Balcerzak, SVP, Customer Service (4/10/14)

[Found: WMAL overnight news dude is in Dallas, Texas. So much for being local] Far cry from the days of Larry Krebs! I hope wmal's news guy in Dallas enjoys his time with the Red Eye Boyz, who are beyond insipid. (4/10/14)

I used to listen to Don & Mike when I was in high school in WAVA and then started listening again when they were on WJFK, not everyday or the whole show but a regular listener enough to know the show pretty well. Today I clicked on he "preview" of Don's podcast on the front page, it reminded me of a bunch of 13 year olds laughing at 4 letter words. It confirmed my suspicion, I may have occasionally listened if it were free/ad supported but no way I would pay to listen. (4/10/14)

WNEW doesn’t have a full blast signal. Ever try getting it in Northern VA where WTOP’s 107.7 relay comes through clear? We have debated this time and time again. I think the ratings will inch up with the focus on Maryland but you have to bear in mind that WTOP has signals that when you get down to it….covers ALL of DC Metro. Mind you, I do agree that people in Baltimore don't want to hear about a traffic jam on 495 where the beltway meets 95 in Virginia and people in Northern VA could care less about a backup on 695. If CBS would flip 106.7 to a relay of WNEW…..they could handle the traffic reports for DC and Northern VA….99.1 could handle the reports for Baltimore. WNEW won’t beat WTOP….but two signals that can cover the area and split up the traffic coverage and you might get a station that gets above the 20’s in the rankings. Dan (4/10/14)

Dave's response: Considering the "mountain" of revenue CBS could generate (even if it could get a small percentage of WTOP's dough) it would make sense to put WNEW on both 106.7 for Virginia and DC and 99.1 for Maryland and Baltimore. WJFK could then be shifted to the superior "inside the Beltway" 94.7, while Fresh and PGC could be "merged" on 95.5, which would probably make it stronger competition for Clear Channel's Hot 99.5.....

Anyone remember Bill Rehkopf? He wasn't long at WNEW, but he was damn good. Left because he was homesick. Yesterday I was listening to KDKA as he talked about his kids going to the same school near Pittsburgh where the stabbings took place. Tough gig. And he's still good. (4/10/14)

Sorry to hear Don Scott will be leaving the airwaves. I first met him 30 years ago out at state Sen. Clark's farm in Howard County. I was a junior reporter at WLMD, covering President Carter's campaign visit. Willie Nelson was the star power. I was impressed then, and ever since, by Don's gentlemanly demeanor, and of course, that Voice that is as smooth as butter. Good luck Don. Class act. (4/10/14)

The Weather Channel & DirecTV have settled their dispute. WC is promising less ‘reality programming’. (4/10/14)

With 5's new changes where does this leave Wendy Williams? (4/10/14)

Confirmed by Kristy Breslin from WJZ 13 and in Don Scott’s own words from her FB wall… “Okay, I might as well take the bull by the horns..., and announce I'm retiring from WJZ! It's effective July 12, this year -- which gives me 40 years and 5 days on Television Hill. My choice, and I'm looking forward to doing some old and new things when I want to! I've enjoyed the ride and having everyone on it along with me!” — BaltoMedia.Net (4/10/14)

Found: WMAL overnight news dude is in Dallas, Texas. So much for being local. Check on Paul Chambers at (4/10/14)

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