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\/ September 16 Messages \/

So we can not call them Cheap Channel Communications anymore? (9/16/14)

Just from what I've read about Sinclair's management style, it seems pretty close to Bain/Clear Channel - the only thing that matters is the number at the bottom of the page, and the ink had damned well better be black. That can't be good for the folks who work there..... (9/16/14)

It should, of course, be called "iHeartLessMedia". (9/16/14)

Dave's response: I like iFartMedia.....

It looks like the comedy club (alleged news radio 1090) has signed up another act...this time, some no-name dude doing sports for Mills. Like the alleged news reader, he shouts and sounds obnoxious. I must say, however, I did not miss Mills' "dub-ya" nonsense. Kramer is trying desperately to hold onto her half of the anchor chair, but Patti hasn't been on with her which makes me wonder if the morning shift remains the audition shift for this circus. Ringleader Nehman is now reading news while Patti does the afternoon Hydro-Clean commercials. Go figure. (9/16/14)

Hey Dave, how is your first withdrawl week of Comcast cable tv going? Any DT's? (9/16/14)

Dave's response: No problem at all. I did catch some pro football over the weekend on CBS, Fox, and NBC, and have been watching the Ken Burns "Roosevelt" series on PBS this week. In fact, the over-the-air HD picture directly from Channel 26's antenna looks a bit better that the compressed feed I was getting from Comcast. Otherwise, I caught Robert Redford's fascinating "All Is Lost" and Johnny Knoxville's surprisingly good "Bad Grampa 0.5" making of documentary on Netflix, and a bunch of cool hiking stuff from Sintax77 on YouTube.....

Thanks to whomever posted the info about ‘Elsie Janis’. I had never heard of her, or the related history.. I learned something today. Great Job ! (9/16/14)

Here’s a photo I saw on Radio Broadcasting History Facebook Group. -- Female radio announcers weren't regularly heard in the USA until the 1970s. It was believed that "audiences don't like or trust women as announcers" and that "only male voices can speak with authority." A rare exception to that rule was Elsie Janis, who became an NBC announcer in 1935. Elsie was an American singer, songwriter, actress, and screenwriter. Entertaining the troops during World War I immortalized her as "the sweetheart of the AEF" (American Expeditionary Force). Her fame allowed her to break the network "glass ceiling" and become the only woman on the NBC staff of 26 announcers. But she wasn't well accepted and didn't last long in the job. NBC said they were "not quite sure what type of program her hoarse voice is best suited for, but he is certain she will read no more press news bulletins. Listeners complained that a woman's voice was inappropriate. For any other sort of announcing job, however, Miss Janis is well equipped. 'I can even push all the buttons on the control board,'boasted the 44 year old ex-vaudevillist." In this photo, Elsie is on the air in front of one of NBC's "Announcer's Delight", the famous (or infamous) control panel that gave the announcers direct control over what went on the air. Sometimes the wrong show or an inappropriate announcement went over the airwaves. Once an errant voice interrupted a speech by the Pope to announce, "this nonsense was brought to you by the National Broadcasting Company." (9/16/14)

/\ September 16 Messages /\

\/ September 15 Messages \/

Speaking of Chris Lawrence, a few days before his famed "Chick-Fil-Ah" he blessed us with the ebonic "John" Hopkins. Regards Biff (9/15/14)

WPGC has not renewed the contract of night jock(7pm-12am) Mr. Peter Parker. He was 3rd In the 25-54 demo so this is a interesting move. CBS DC says it was a budget cut but I doubt that they would leave a major airslot like that jockless but only time will tell. (9/15/14)

Sinclair takes over the Allbritton stations in Washington, D.C. and their acts validate their awful reputation. When it was announced Sinclair would take over channel 7 and 8 , several sales people who had been there for over 8 years left. These were good salespeople concerned about Sinclair. Then Bill Lord was pushed out in early sept. and on 9/11 of all days, two sales managers both women over 60 were told their positions were eliminated. Together these managers had over 20 years with ABC7. Will keep you posted on who's next. (9/15/14)

Re: "Last I checked, every day White House press conferences and Presidential appearances are not carried live on practically any American local TV station." Yep. That's because they're all available on C-SPAN, which is on every basic cable package in the country, and available online to anyone with an internet hookup at It's not a conspiracy, it's markets. The programming is available free to everyone who has an interest, it's a very limited audience, and nobody would buy spots for a 15-minute daily press briefing in any case. (9/15/14)

Don Geronimo Podcast. A well-oiled machine it is not. "Don, please help! I'm a paid sub. I've not yet received my free access code, I sent Janet my proof of Relm payment" (9/15/14)

OPINION: It’s true. Once you’re hooked into sports or specific content like cable or premium cable only series, you have few options. If you’re lucky, you can wheel and deal between COMCAST & VERIZON FIOS. But most are not that lucky. FIOS is here across the street, but will never be here at my house from what I’ve read. This is because of the FCC giving VERIZON favorable preferences for where it wanted to build and not build. Basically, as long as VERIZON keeps a racially diverse socioeconomic mix of people in their buildout, the Feds will not bust them. They achieved that and are basically done building out because the places left are simply too costly. Instead, they signed a deal with COMCAST instead which should be illegal since it’s basically price fixing, but Club Fed looks the other way. At the end of the day, you have 3 options left… DISH/DIRECTV, buy content online, in most cases after it’s broadcast, or you can just plain out STEAL IT ONLINE. The same phenomena in the music industry that Apple solved involving music theft is once again rearing its ugly head, but Steve Jobs is dead. Apple TV is not the solution, at least not yet. Until the Cable Industry switches to an a la carte pricing for content, there will be more cable cutters like Dave Hughes, and more people looking to digitally purchase/stream programming or as a last resort, STEAL IT. At the moment, with sports, there is no alternative to cable TV or satellite. The NFL is the only league now with mostly free over the air TV events. If you’re a Nats or Orioles fan, try getting a TV package w/ internet under $100/month with those channels. So my point is that the same thing that happened with Steve Jobs and music has to eventually happen with TV content. Otherwise, people will steal it. I know someone who streams/watches every cable TV channel he wants at any time or any movie or TV show in the same way people used to steal music. And he does it on a laptop with free WIFI and no content cost. The FCC is way behind the technology curve on this. — BaltoMedia (9/15/14)

I just saw Kai Jackson on Channel 7's 4pm show. I was going to tweet him, but he does not have Twitter handle. How can this be? (9/15/14)

Last I checked, every day White House press conferences and Presidential appearances are not carried live on practically any American local TV station. It’s only in DC where when Club Fed farts, it’s local news. And I don’t see any anti-administration venom on WBFF FOX 45 either. They don’t even carry FNC partisan reports or shows. I don’t ever remember seeing Hannity or Glenn Beck on a FOX 45 political news report. Can you name some examples? Otherwise, you sound like Grandpa Simpson in the old folks home. “Back in the day we walked MILES to school in the snow without shoes even AND WE LIKED IT!” LOL (9/15/14)

Kai Jackson on ABC 7 news at 4pm Covering RGIII. Sinclair hired him as national reporter. When did that become national news? Could he so be in the anchor chair? Not so sure about ABC news at 4. I couldn't watch two hours of this! (9/15/14)

Wow. The guy has got his panties in a bunch over Sinclair. Whether or not they cover the whitehouse or grant the WH requests for tv time is not a license breaker. Although the WH might sick the IRS on them :) (9/15/14)

Now that Sinclair has WJLA-TV, let’s see if intends to display the same level of disrespect toward this White House as it displays on its Baltimore Fox Affil, WBFF. Ignoring presidential appearances and statements on a regular basis while filling the airwaves with anti-administration venom may please Sinclair’s obviously partisan right wing management, but to behave that way with their DC properties would be without defense. Sinclair’s behavior is intolerable – back in the “old days” when stations actually had to prove they were entitled to keep their licenses, this would have been solid grounds for cross filing challenges. Too bad the candy company has lost its teeth… (9/15/14)

I am the radio/digital way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Malebag except through me. If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; from now on you know Him... as Dave. The Real AHHHH (9/15/14)

It went quietly unnoticed, but Baltimore based Sinclair/SBG has purchased another large market TV station, KSNV NBC 3 Las Vegas. As a result of the sale, SBG will own stations in practically every Nevada TV market and too many in Las Vegas, so it will have to turn in at least one TV license in Las Vegas & add another sub-channel. This is apparently SBG’s new strategy to keep the programming, yet not violate the FCC’s station ownership regulations. What’s ironic is that the FCC is actually promoting TV station owners to turn in licenses, which is a complete contradiction to their own purpose in the TV license restrictions in the first place, the notion to have diversity in station ownership in local markets. — BaltoMedia (9/15/14)

More on Alex Cortright's dismissal from WRNR? - (9/15/14)

Dave, I read today that you are blocking half the Real Ahhhh's pointless DG obsessed comments. So, how much would it cost me for you to block the other half? Not kidding. How much? (9/15/14)

It was only a matter of time until Sinclair cleared a D.C. timeslot for its Ring of Honor wrestling company. Here it is. [Via Twitter:] "Washington DC ROH Fans are you ready for ROH TV? ROH will now air in Washington, DC on WJLA, Sat night @ 1AM beginning 9/20/14" (9/15/14)

[RE WJLA:] Last year when Sinclair purchased the station, the newsroom feared their would be allot of cuts and it appears Sinclair is doing just that. I'm sad to see Kris Van Cleave go. (9/15/14)

This morning listening to WRNR-FM and Albie Dee is doing the 6-10 shift. (9/15/14)

/\ September 15 Messages /\

\/ September 14 Messages \/

Closing Night of the Fifth Annual U Street Movie Series to Show "The Bayou: DC's Killer Joint" September 17th. The 5th Annual U street movie series will show "The Bayou DC's Killer Joint" at the Harrison Recreation Center 1330 V Street NW. The movie will begin at sundown. The gates will open at 7:00 pm. The Timber Pizza Food Truck will donate a percentage of the sales to the Friends of Harrison Recreation Center. The free showing celebrates the musical and culturally diverse roots of the Greater U Street Corridor. The film was nominated for a Mid Atlantic Emmy. The film showing is free. (9/14/14)

Wow only half of TR Ahhs stuff makes it onto mailbag? Damn HAHA that means I'm not quite as bile filled and jaded as Ahh,maybe a few others, or Dave happens to like,or agree with, my tirades. Admittedly I've gotten a bit lazy and tired on my rants, probably the blood pressure meds, and I only scream about WHFS to aggravate the music haters here. By the way there's my clain to relevency for posting.....HFS......Hazno Fockn Signal.....can't get antenna trick in my radio racked brain will catch a 10 watt signal 40 miles away....also why I never heard 102.3 WHFS......speaking of...the ghost clone of an echo of the real HFS,yes WRNR, has been hard to catch for months now. Maybe IBOC, maybe changes in patterns,either way I can't even fall back on a mellower version of my old favorite. Hearing Rob Timm and Bob Waugh kinda dulled the sting of what CBS's version of HFS has become. The clone of almost every other CBS "Alternative" station does not make HFS. The letters " h f and s" do not make HFS. Planting the calls on a Florida sports station and piggybacking a signal on HD2 of a popmix station and a stream on glitchy Radio dotcom or paying Neci and G Crash to act like they get to play anything they like doesn't do it either. The only damn thing HFS has in common with its origin is 3 letters and a weak signal most of Maryland can't get. Donnie....evolve991....fuckers..... (9/14/14)

To the poster who speculated that the Real Ahhhh is in fact, Dave: I don't agree. My belief is that the RA is in fact Adam Carolla himself or one of his flunkies. This person can't stop name-dropping Carolla and Leo Laporte, and is constantly pimping the business model that allegedly is raking it in for those two. I think it's just over-inflated numbers, and an over-inflated ego that is all about Adam. The hatred for Don is particularly emphatic. I'm surprised Dave lets Mr. Malebag on this forum at all: nothing but regurgitated hate, name-calling and childish ranting. The RA loves to rant about content...well, Carolla has NO content on his garbage podcast. There is almost less in the mailbag of late. My wish would be to see these idiots clean up their act and start talking about actual issues dealing with broadcasting, not podcasting, not ranting and raving about politics, what women look like onscreen, the Redskins's irrelevant. To be fair, Don has made himself irrelevant, as has Jack Diamond. Can we stop speculating that one or both are headed for every single potential opening at every radio station in the country? I hate to say this...but both men are past it. They cannot change, they will not change, and they do not yet realize that the game has left them on the far end of the bench. Sad but true. The RCL (9/14/14)

Seems to me the lynchpin of cable/sat TV is the need of many folks to watch live, in-market sports. Aside from NFL, most of that (especially MLB, NBA, and NHL) is only available through regional sports networks. Isn't that right? (9/14/14)

Tre Johnson is doing a pretty good job paired up with Bill Rohland on 106.7's Redskins post-game show. I like him better than Fred Smoot, who'd filled the ex-Redskin role on their post-game show for the prior year or two. (9/14/14)

Here's a look behind the scenes at WMAL and WJLA in 1978 with Tom Gauger, Chris Curle and Johnny Batchelder. Tom in DC (9/14/14)

[RE: is Chad and Oscar Santana from Big O and Dukes going to XM Radio on 9/13...] curious how CBS execs would allow this (9/14/14)

So glad to hear that Drew Forrester is creating his own web site with a podcast and video to go along with his "Morning Dish." I have noticed that Drew has managed to obtain a lot of his old NST sponsors along with some of the other current NST sponsors for his blog. The way it is going, I would not be surprised to see many other sponsors jump ship to Drew after their NST contracts expire. I know Nestor is a survivor but this might be too much for him to overcome. (9/14/14)

Announcing the start of DCRTV's Cord Cutter website, which will be a forum for those exploring the many options of "cutting the cord" from their cable TV provider and exploring the many TV options available, including broadcast and internet options. At (9/14/14)

Here's why I believe Dave Hughes is the Real Ahhhh. First, most posts are about Don and Mike. I recall years ago hearing of those guys saying some unkind comments about Dave's Mom, who was very sick at the time. I can absolutely understand how Dave would feel, and why the "Real Ahhhh would use this tool, the mailbag, eh..Malebag to vent . Also, most all postings make references to the "Malebag", DCRTV, Dave etc. See what you think DCRTV readers? Now, if true, it might be more effective to have a recreation of the WPGC Soundoff once a week, on DCRTV. On the flipside, sometimes it's best to just let go of the anger and remember the old saying "what goes around comes around". I have seen that work in my life. Respectfully, Tom Conroy (9/14/14)

Dave's response: It's not me. If I post anything on the Mailbag, including my "Dave's Responses," I always sign them. I like being controversial. Why would I do anonymous posts on the Mailbag? BTW, only about half of the "Real Ahhhh" posts actually get posted. Some of "his" stuff is really rather tasteless. Have you thought about it being Geronimo himself? Hmmm. Go watch Johnny Depp in "Secret Window".....

Mike Sorce Podcast:: By placing a display ad this week reminiscent of the 1980's in a Sacramento free alternative newspaper, either Mike & Janet Geronimo-Sorce have no idea how to market their product in the digital age or they are still butt-hurt that Mike was fired from all places, KHTK 1140, and are using their Podcast to try to compete with them; prove that Mike's show concept is still worthy of terrestrial backing even though listener numbers proved otherwise. Why else would Mike and his 3rd wife choose to live in Sacramento to operate a 2-hour M-F morning drive podcast? Mike & Janet Sorce would find far more value by buying an ongoing display ad on DCRTV. My making love to your women on Monday while you idiots ignore them and watch football all day on Sunday mailbag. The DCRTV Playboy Grotto.The Real AHHHH (9/14/14)

Morris Jones anchoring on WJLA tonight… wonder if this is a sign of things to come after Sinclair settles in? (9/14/14)

Dave's response: Morris worked with Sinclair's now defunct "News Central" in Hunt Valley before joining WJLA and NC8.....

A rant about Sinclair's WJLA-TV 7 and their preemption of Me-TV's Saturday programming lineup: (9/14/14)

The FCC Chairman and Commissioners are appointed by the President and confirmed by Congress. It is just another political agency that is not very well run. If you don't like the way it is run then talk to Congress. (9/14/14)

Hi Dave, I hope you're doing well. I just got a new home stereo receiver that's supposed to pick up HD radio. But I see contradicting website listings of HD stations that are actually up and running all the time in the metro DC area. I noticed WTOP has a sub channel on its website called The Gamut. Is this an active channel? I want to make sure there are nearby strong HD signals before returning my receiver. I figured if anybody would know radio it would be you! Thanks, Morris (9/14/14)

Dave's response: Check out my DC radio bandscan I did on my HD Radio over the summer. I'm about 15 miles west of DC and this is what I can get. Yeah, there are some cool digital subchannels available, and the Gamut on WTOP's 103.5 HD3 is one of the best, but your reception may vary depending on where you're located, what kind of antenna you have, and the local "terrain" around your locale. And, you may get a lot more stuff than I get if you're closer to Baltimore, since I'm too far to get any HD Radio signals from Charm City with my crappy little indoor antenna. Good luck. By the way, you can also get the Gamut on 820 AM and 104.3 FM (soon to be 104.5) on any old radio throughout DC's western suburbs.....

/\ September 14 Messages /\

\/ September 13 Messages \/

The WBAL trucks are gearing up for the MPT/WBAL Star Spangled 200 Spectacular at the Inner Harbor. The telecast will be national via PBS, but also partly on WBAL TV and entirely via Maryland Public Television locally and jointly produced as you can see by WBAL Studios & MPT... Don't bother watching the fireworks on WBAL.2 / MeTV. They look worse than Kenny Rogers on MPT in HD, blurry in SD 480i. A complete waste. WBAL should have preempted NBC programming for this. What a missed opportunity. Poor WBAL TV. What a botched event for them... John Astin of The Adams Family TV show who's from Baltimore actually shot a clip for the Star Spangled Banner 200 TV presentation on MPT. (9/13/14)

I just noticed that the SEC Network is on FIOS channel 75 here in Annapolis. No HD channel yet. Ron (9/13/14)

I think Sinclair is going to be cleaning house. A lot of good people are going to leave. Doug Hill has been on so seldom, I think he's been given his walking papers. Anyone over 50 is OLD and that's a no no on TV Sadly. (9/13/14)

So WTTR dared to play a deep track from the Blind Faith LP, eh? My question is, which version of the album cover do they stream with the metadata for that number on their web-player....the nice "clean" band-pic (American) version, or the European one with the naked tween on it? I guess it's a matter of "Do What You Like" philosophy over on WTTR Ln now! (9/13/14)

A post from earlier today:"The NAB Convention is over now. What did we learn? We learned that AM Radio is still dead! Lots of talk and NO ACTION!!!" The NAB convention isn't about "action". Its like a PTA meeting. Lot of hand shakes, bunch of speakers, food and everyone goes home feeling better about themselves. If you are waiting for the FCC to do something about AM radio, you are in for a very long wait. Its not the FCC's job to fix AM radio. Broadcasters have let it sink into the low rent, 3rd world condition its in, why would anyone expect the FCC to fix it? With the few exceptions of major market AM's, the entire horizon of AM radio is religious, right/left-wing talk, TIS and fill in the gap block programming. AM station owners let it get to this level. What is it that you think the FCC is going to do to make it better? The FCC doesn't enforce the rules & regulations now and they have pretty much turned their backs on the whole mess. There are AM stations within two hours drive of DC that don't have studio's, offices or staff that are operating illegally and the FCC won't issue a fine. They know about it but choose to ignore it. If the FCC won't enforce the rules against blatant violators what do you think they will do to make anything better? The FCC is a useless Federal Government agency that has lost the respect of the very people its supposed to be regulating. Again, exactly what is it that you think the FCC can do to fix AM. The same AM radio it ignores, that violates every FCC rule and regulation its supposed to be enforcing. BUD (9/13/14)

What I don't understand is the is the corporate culture of assigning the title of "COMPLIANCE DIRECTOR" as part of the corporate food chain. I get that D.C. is the crown jewel for a certain broadcast group, but come on!!! (9/13/14)

So did Jim Vance make a clean break after his 45 year anniversary? His fill-ins aren't even mentioning him anymore. (9/13/14)

Just saw a promo for Fox5's weekend news & it was featuring Wisdom Martin as if he was one of the anchors on that broadcast. So is he no longer on the early weekday newscast? And if so, who took his place? (9/13/14)

/\ September 13 Messages /\

\/ September 12 Messages \/

Sad to see the departure of Arch Campbell from local tv. Wash his exit a nice way of saying adios with the change of ownership at channel 7 and his return to the airwaves is unlikely? (9/12/14)

Don't know how long Chris Lawrence has been at NBC4 but dude....seriously? "Chic-Feel-Ah" - Ted M in NW DC (9/12/14)

The NAB Convention is over now. What did we learn? We learned that AM Radio is still dead! Lots of talk and NO ACTION!!! CBS may sell off some of their smaller markets. None in the top 10 markets. Washington ranks #7. (9/12/14)

Nice to be flattered. And, the WCAO references brought back memories. Seriously though, almost every media property is for sale if the price is right. There are also some properties that have been for sale for so long that it's a joke. They have no takers at any price. As for properties not for sale at any price, WHUR-FM is a classic example. Short of financial cataclysm on the part of Howard University, that station will never be sold. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/12/14)

Two solar storms are taking aim at the earth this weekend. Get ready for some whackin' fantastic DX conditions. Start logging those out of town FMs and get back to us on Monday. (9/12/14)

Here, let me save everyone some time: Just cut and paste this handy Mailbag form, filling in your information where indicated: "I hate [station name]! They have gotten much worse since [gm name] took over! I was a fan, but now they are terrible and I never listen! This morning at 7:02am, [on-air-person's name] said "uh" on the air, and at 8:56 am described trafffic on [enter road name] as "heavy" when it was clearly "very heavy." In the ultimate blow to journalism, one of the pictures on [URL of station's website] isn't cropped as I would have done it! They do this stuff all the time, which is why I never listen, and you should check it out too. I will report in several more times today on things I've heard on [station name], which is so bad I never listen to it anymore. Signed, [self-given nickname appropriate to nobody over age 12]. (9/12/14)

Rush Limbaugh Mocks NFL Pregame Show For Raising Awareness Of Domestic Violence - Limbaugh: "Football Has Jumped The Shark And Has Now Become Politics"... (9/12/14)

Unsigned Corporate Suite wrote: “Finally - Someone heard Blind Faith on 1470 WTTR? (So YOU were the one that was listening?!). Perhaps their part-time PD Betsy slipped that one in. It most certainly wouldn't pass the Johnny Dark smell test. I can almost hear him walking the halls on Chase Street declaring that song "an FM record". And now, a word from "St. Joseph's Aspirin".” ** Ain’t that the truth, UCS? LMAO! Funniest post you’ve ever contributed IMHO. Betcha the folks at Carroll Lutheran Village Retirement Home were sharing bong hits when that Blind Faith cut was playing. A product of Plough, Incorporated. (9/12/14)

I think that any stations in the nation`s Top 10 radio markets would not be included in any potential CBS Radio sale of stations. Moonves however who is strange has been saying this same thing for years so who knows with that guy. (9/12/14)

A follow up to yesterday on my Cox service. On the positive side I have had a good experience with their reliability and tech support. I can only think of two outages in the 12 years I have subscribed to Cox and they were short. When I have called customer service to change my bundle the wait times have been short. When I had my box upgraded and it required a tech to come to the house he was there on time the next day. I rarely have to reboot the box, the phone quality is very good and the internet speed is great. Bob Fairfax (9/12/14)

First of all, the people that are writing about Laurie Cantillo are out of their minds. She's one of the nicest and most genuine people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. What you are hearing on the air isn't Farley's TOP. She's doing it her way, and remaining on "TOP" doing it in that fashion. A couple of things that my programming ear hears when listening bother me though. When they use music clips, they seem to be able to only find the worst quality material available (or maybe that's just the import settings they have in Burli as of right now). With the amount of source material (especially for new tracks), you'd think they would put the best quality on the air. Speaking of quality, this past week WTOP traffic/weather/beat reporter Dave Dildine (what a name! Very "Fred Figenshu") did a piece on the traffic becoming worse when Congress (and the like) go back into session. He interviewed Reada Kessler and Jack Taylor in the traffic center and the audio quality of the interviews were HORRIFIC! How do you lose that much audio quality when you are doing the interviews in the same building! As for WTOP not being an "All News" station, surely WCBS with their sports commitment isn't "All News" either. That's the same thing that WNEW is now going to suffer from. Ironically, the sports may boost their ratings up past WNEW's "The History of Rock and Roll" days. Plus, I've heard long form interviews on WCBS, as well, KYW? That's all news. WINS? That's all news. Regarding the sale of CBS Radio, Les (a mensch) was talking about selling the smaller markets. I mean, everything is for sale for the right price I suppose - but Labrozzi (and his bat), Phillips, Davis and Swenson have nothing to worry about at this point. Cleveland, Palm Springs, and Riverside I could see going away however. The UCS is correct. Channel 4 will never be converted to the FM broadcast band. The 5-6 however is a prime target. Maybe when the Funny Communications Commission finally puts analog TV down for the last time. I can only imagine the levels of propagation during ducting events on frequencies that low. And friend - the ARRL is dying. Their 40 meters will wind up as silent as Bob Crewe. Finally - Someone heard Blind Faith on 1470 WTTR? (So YOU were the one that was listening?!). Perhaps their part-time PD Betsy slipped that one in. It most certainly wouldn't pass the Johnny Dark smell test. I can almost hear him walking the halls on Chase Street declaring that song "an FM record". And now, a word from "St. Joseph's Aspirin". ~Another (long winded and long in the tooth) Corporate Suit (9/12/14)

We also stopped listening to WTOP very little news/talk. I listen to my wi-fi radio.I listen to WCBS,KNX,WINS and KYW. Laurie Cantillo is killing that station.Jim Farley where are you when we need you? (9/12/14)

Tina Fey may have to return to SNL for a special skit on the Palin family brawl: (9/12/14)

More rumblings that CBS might sell some of its radio stations? Could WNEW or WJFK be on the block? Also, could a big front page Style section piece in the Washington Post of Bill Maher be connected to a color full-page ad for Maher's HBO show in the very same Post section? A "cut the cord" update, after ditching my Comcast TV service earlier this week. Where's Paul Farhi? Plus, I do a "shout out" to Nick and Dan in today's "Dave TV..... (9/12/14)

WNEW, JFK etc for sale? From Radio Ink: As CBS Radio CEO and President Dan Mason was talking content with Bob Pittman to several hundred radio people in Indianapolis, his boss was on Cable TV talking about dumping some of his radio stations. In a wide-ranging interview on CNBC Thursday, CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves said he might try to "trim down" the CBS stable of 127 radio stations, "in that some of our radio stations aren't in major markets." He added, "We still believe in radio," but called it a "slow growth" business. "You might see a reduction in the number of radio stations that we have," Moonves said, but he didn't give any specifics or timetable. In response to a question about spinning off the radio division, he called that "highly doubtful." He said, "Radio is a content business. We have developed our sports radio network, which works in concert with our other divisions," and that is "valuable content." (9/12/14)

Dave's response: With CBS just having invested in new studio digs in DC, I can't see them selling anything in their DC cluster. Now maybe Baltimore would be a different story.....

A reminder that WTOP is not an all-news radio station. A little news at the top and bottom of the hour and then way too many and mostly boring interviews. For this person, at night, it's either KYW in Philly or WCBS in New York. Those are real news-radio stations. Mr. Farley built WTOP into one of the best, but now the level of that station's product continues sliding downward. Watch out below! (9/12/14)

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\/ September 11 Messages \/

I've listened to a few of the Washington professional football teams radio broadcasts during the pre-season. Sure seemed like Sonny Jurgenson's voice was quite weak. Has age caught up with voice or does he have some illness that affects his voice? And Chris Cooley reminds me a bit of the Eddie Haskell character from the old Leave It To Beaver show. (9/11/14)

I've noticed that although Sara Frazier has a radio gig now, she still does "man on the street" interview stuff for FOX5 and comes on Good Day DC to talk about it..And speaking of Good Day DC, I've been seeing promos for the fall season and it appears that the powers that be have decided to continue with the 2 hour format for that show. Guess they feel having Steve and Allison on for 5 hours straight, Wisdom and Sara on at 4:30 and having to stay until 11 is fine as well. But at least they somewhat get a break at 6am and only have to come on every now and then afterwards, except of course with Sara on again at 9-11. And poor Tucker, isn't he on from 4:30-11 giving the weather every 10 minutes?? But then again, it does seem like I'm seeing Gary McGrady a little more in the morning. Just hope the morning team doesn't get burned out with the decision to have them on as long as they do. (9/11/14)

Dave, The basic cable bundle structure supported the launch of hundreds of programming voices, serving a variety of interests, that wouldn't have gotten off the ground in an a la carte world--things like Discovery, the Weather Channel, Bravo (which used to be highbrow arts programming), AMC, and a few others that I was involved in. Distribution in basic at least gave the new service a potential exposure as viewers clicked by. Ironically, it seems like most all the services have trended back toward programming for the same audience as advertising came their way so that many are the same thin gruel of movies and reality shows. Sports is a whole other thing, and the costs are so high that they really should be non-basic premium services. Many, many people have made the argument you do, and yanked the wire out. No doubt the value proposition of basic cable is different at near $100 a month versus the $20 or so it was back in olden times. But, for a good while, it benefited subscribers, operators, and program services. Basic cable's day has about hit sunset, but it wasn't entirely a bad day. Regards, John Hillis (9/11/14)

Dave's response: Remember the days when MTV actually played music videos. That was cool.....

How is Sarah, Mel and Ty doing on 107.3? gaining any traction? I hope they do well. Better than Bert(even though I like him) and then way better than the "old man". Who should just retire. (9/11/14)

I tried listening to NewsRadio 1090 this morning and was glad I could hear CBS news at the top of the hour. Then I heard what I thought was a series of local pre-recorded reports, or "spots," as they call them in the business. Ann Kramer read a story, then the guy who sounds like Weasel read a story, then Phil Yacuboski read a story, then Brian Nehman read a commercial for just my kind of age group's kind of car, a Cadillac, then Ava Marie read a spot, and my God, by the time it was quarter past, the jumble of voices was making no sense and the "show" sounded like something on bad automation. Pick a spot from Column A, female reads news, then one from Column B, male reads news, then have the entertainer read the commercials, toss in sports, traffic, and weather among them all, then flush when the bowl gets full. (9/11/14)

"Will it make $ if no one listens?" Are you the same genius filling out your imaginary Arbitron diary? Nope, just a listener who got tired of the dumbification of the news as presented by the 'happy-happy' news presenters. And the number of stories which have a close relationship to an advertiser. WTOP was more like WCBS when it has strayed from those roots, sometimes for better but more often for worse. Compare today's product with that 10-15 years ago. I don't expect BBC nor want NPR....but reporting without cuteness. (9/11/14)

WUSA9's pregame coverage of the Thursday Night Football game on CBS is embarassing. Mic's sounded way out of whack. Dave Owens saying "slobberknocker" over and over again. And I'm pretty sure Jan Jeffcoat doesn't even know who's playing. Sometimes sports should be left up to the sports pros. Between the McGinty/Owens yuckfedt snd the clueless video they were cuing up...that was embarrasing. (9/11/14)

Where's Jim Vance?..Seems to be that he started going MIA soon after his 45 year anniversary..Now, he hasn't been on for at least 2 weeks. (9/11/14)

Interesting chatter about Laurie in your mailbag! (9/11/14)

I subscribe to a Cox TV, Internet & Phone package. Every year in June when my annual agreement is up for renewal I have to negotiate a new agreement. The first thing I do is call Verizon Fios and get a quote for a similar package which is always slightly lower than what I'm paying Cox. Then I call cox customer service and ask them what my new rate will be when my agreement expires. This year they told me it would increase $100 a month. I said that was unacceptable and quoted what Verizon offered me. They said they couldn't make offers like that any more. I said I would be switching to Verizon and hung up. Having played this "Car buying game" before I called cox back two days later and pressed the buttons to get to the cancellation dept. When I said I wanted to cancel service the person ask me why and I told him about the price increase and Verizon's offer. He switched me to the customer retention department. The person in the retention department checked my account and said he could offer me a price increase of $50 instead of $100. I said that that was still a big increase but I would think about and call back. He gave me a case number to use. A few days later I called back with the case number and said $50 was still to much. The person said let me see what I can do. He then offered a $30 increase. I again reminded him of Verizon and he put me on hold. When he came back it was down to $20 which I accepted because my old price was lower than most for the package I have. If I did not live in a place where I have two options for TV Internet and Phone I would be paying a lot more. Cable has become like buying a car only you have to do it every year. What a pain in the neck. Like everyone else I think you should be able to get the channels you want. I only watch about 10 channels and most of the rest are complete garbage. It's the high speed internet that is really important. Bob Fairfax (9/11/14)

Dave's response: As I said in my latest "Dave TV," I really don't watch cable TV any more. I can get 37 channels of broadcast TV, dozens of additional free "channels" via Roku, and an infinite amount of viewing possibilities via the internet, including Netflix, Hulu, and especially YouTube, which is free. Not to mention my 1500+ DVDs. With TV and internet, my cable bill was going to jump from $120 to $185. With just Blast internet, it will be $85. I could downgrade to Performance internet and save $10 and probably not notice any degradation in my service. But what the heck. As I've always said, I don't mind paying for television. But I am tired of being forced by these fascist cable companies to pay for a bundle of crappy channels that I don't want in order to get the handful that I want. Imagine if grocery stores refused to sell you peanut butter unless you also bought a "bundle" of mustard, laundry detergent, ginger ale, and dog food. That's ridiculous. But that's exactly the way the cable TV business model works. If everybody out there told their cable company to take a hike, at least with the TV service, they would be forced to find a better system. Which is desperately needed.....

Dave, turning channels 5 and 6 over to FM would make more sense than government is capable of. Channel 4 wouldn't work because 72-76 MHz (the gap between 4 and 5.) is an ISM allocation that's seemingly been there forever and is coveted more than the ARRL covets 40 meter CW. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/11/14)

I sure hope the WTOP/Cantillo critic is sending those insider comments from a home machine or phone --- anything but the company email connection. It won't be hard to chase him/her down otherwise. "Insider"? Yep. Who else would observe, know, or care about someone's wrinkles or gray hair? (9/11/14)

NAB Convention going on right now. FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai will be the keynote speaker tomorrow at the final luncheon. His speech is WHO CARES ABOUT AM? Maybe no one cares about AM except the people who have invested their life savings to buy one. There are 30 AM stations in Washington and no one is making any money. Most of them are having difficulty paying the electric bill. Thank you Commissioner Pai for at least talking about it. (9/11/14)

Regarding WRNR's ownership "I've heard that the owner is a real prick". No, you are mistaken. The owner is a mouse. Jack Diamond to mornings, you heard it here first. (9/11/14)

The FCC people are doing a lot of talking at the NAB Convention going on right now. They did that last year at the convention. ALL TALK BUT NO ACTION! They talk about how they are going to save AM Radio. That is a joke. They have done nothing to save AM Radio. Actions speak louder than words. They can't give every AM Station an FM Translator. There is no space available on the FM Dial in the major markets. Unless they change the present FCC rules about protecting existing FM stations you cannot find any space for a new FM Translator in Washington. (9/11/14)

Dave's response: If the FCC was smart, they would have taken the low VHF TV band (channels 2-6) away from TV and taken several of those channels (4-6?) for digital radio and then "moved" AMers and weaker FMers there.....

Bravo to Dave for cutting his Comcast cable. I did the same thing when my promo rate ended, and I simultaneously decided that cable TV was a huge rip-off. Sure, you’ll get a greater variety of entertainment with cable, but Comcast charges you for dozens upon dozens of channels you’ll never watch, hundreds of shows you’ll never watch, the shows you do watch are often interrupted by commercials, and the TV is off about 22 hours a day anyway. And they wanted me to pay about $100 per month for this? I agree with John McCain’s attempt to require cable firms to let viewers create their own packages, rather than having to buy one created by the company itself. (9/11/14)

Dave's response: I just got tired of "subsidizing" other people's lower cable rates. I have to pay for a batch of expensive ESPN channels that I never watch so that my neighbors who watch them don't have to pay higher rates for them. Huh? Ditto with the kiddie channels that I never watch. Nickelodeon and Disney would be a lot more expensive for my neighbors who watch them if I wasn't helping pay for these channels I never watch. I'm out of this "game." If more people join me in "cutting the cord," a lot of cable channels that no one watches will go away. And cable rates will come down. And maybe I'll get to select and pay for just the channels I want. That's OK with me.....

On this 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA, let us pause and remember our fallen broadcast colleagues who perished at their posts tending transmitters in the attack on the World Trade Center North Tower: Bob Pattison and Isaias Rivera (WCBS-TV), Bill Steckman, WA2ACW (WNBC-TV), Don DiFranco (WABC-TV), Steve Jacobson N2SJ (WPIX-TV), and Rod Coppola KA2KET (WNET-TV). Gentlemen, we remember you, your families and the colleagues you left behind when you were taken from us that tragic day. May you rest eternally in Almighty God’s Presence and Peace. Amen. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/11/14)

It's appalling and disgusting, based in the news this week, to see local TV anchors and reporters on WJZ and WBAL dressed in purple for Purple Thursday to support the Ravens. The news organizations need to get back the objective reporting and leave the cheerleading to the viewers. Every one of those broadcasters should hang their heads in shame for wearing purple. Get out of bed with the football team. (9/11/14)

Sept. 11, 2012, attack on U.S. compound Benghazi. As PMC/PSS, I use the malebag today to honor colleagues, Glen 'Bub' Doherty &Ty Woods, as well as information specialist Sean Smith for whom I never had the honor to meet. And my friend of 20+ years, Ambassador Chris Stevens. #seeyouontheotherside (9/11/14)

I’m surprised that Comcast actually let you go as a customer, given your status as the primo DC-area radio and TV info maven. Aren’t they risking regular bashings from DCRTV and its many thousands of daily visitors? I’d think Comcast would do almost anything to keep you happy - wanting you to be, as LBJ once put it, “inside the tent pissing out, instead of outside the tent, pissing in.” (9/11/14)

Pre-emption time for WJLA again last night, this time it's Tim Brandt's "expert" Pro Football Preview. I had hoped this crap would stop once Sinclair took over. If I want to watch NFL coverage, I will tune to ESPN or the NFL Network. (9/11/14)

I live in Annapolis and have listened for many years to 103.1WRNR. I have enjoyed Alex's work on the air. While I enjoy some of their music I am out of their target demo. I am 63 years old and my era was 60's to 80's thus my opinion is skewed.I know RNR ratings are not great but their signal covers the Eastern Shore and Central MD. I read in DCRTV the ratings for WCBS in NY and WOLD in Philly and wonder if it would work here. Alex was a great morning man and his knowledge of music seems very good. Maybe with a more mainstrem format RNR could rise in the ratings and increase revenue. What do you think Dave? (9/11/14)

Dave, Here is confirmation that Alex was canned from WRNR-FM: I've heard that the owner is a real prick. And so it goes. (9/11/14)

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\/ September 10 Messages \/

I went back and listened to the audio logger to hear what we said at 3:15am. Your mailbagger is mistaken. We promoted the ravens game on WUSA -9 and WJZ -13. Neither WNEW nor WJFK will air the Westwood One Ravens play by play coverage. (9/10/14)

Dave, how does cutting your Comcast TV delivery affect your Internet or telephone service -- cost-wise or otherwise? Is everything coming in on one big pipe, as it does here in Fairfax via Cox and/or Verizon? (9/10/14)

Dave's response: I still have an old fashioned copper Verizon landline service that's unaffected by the Comcast cord cutting.....

The morning voice of local radio station WRNR FM 103.1 has been silenced. DJ Alex Cortright's last day on the air was Monday. (9/10/14)

Ed Jones – Think about doing some thoughtful research before you post your next contribution to the DCRTV mailbag. If you’re not sure about the authenticity of your claims, put them to the DCRTV mailbag community as a question. There are plenty of professionals who read these posts and can give you accurate answer to your queries. Otherwise, resist hitting the “send” button. (9/10/14)

Hi, I enjoy reading your website. Even though I am in Eastern Virginia, I try to keep up with radio and tv from all over the state. I was wondering if any of the people who contribute jingles have contacts. I am a jingle collector, and would be interested in possibly trading jingles. Thanks, Bruce Anderson (9/10/14)

Heard Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Back Home” this morning on WTTR-AM in Westminster. On 100.7 the Bay...maybe. WTTR-AM...not. Responders are still on the scene cleaning up that train wreck. (9/10/14)

It is nice to see that WFRE 99.9 FM was nominated for a Marconi Award. However, this still means that Clear Channel should have sold it 7 years ago when they promised to divest it. Putting it into their "trust" is not the same as selling it. It is nice to see that they have Wiley-Rein as their law firm and have their own lobbyist. Does this mean they can ignore the FCC Rules? All radio stations are required now to pay their "regulatory fees" to the FCC for regulating the stations. Why are they not doing their job? (9/10/14)

Regarding the 9/9 post containing "As expected, the University of Maryland had no interest at all in applying for any frequencies for WMUC." Is this the same uninformed person posting the same criticism as was in previous posts? How does he know what was or wasn't investigated regarding a frequency change for WMUC-FM? Presuming he is talking about an LPFM application, the filing window for such ended long ago. I would invite him to provide a legitimate engineering study showing that a frequency change was possible for a transmitter located on the College Park campus, else forever hold his peace. (9/10/14)

It looks like the nameless poster is at it again. I’m not going through all of his or her diatribes. I never said all of my posts were correct, and neither am I embarrassed by any mistakes I’ve made on this site. I’ve owned up to anything that was brought to my attention if anything was incorrect in my posts, and I’ve made that very plain I must have struck a nerve with that person, and he/she is the one who’s making assumptions on what I’ve said, rather than comprehending what I’ve stated. I’ve explained myself clearly in my previous post. This person evidently has nothing better to do then to engage in word games. And I thought the person said in their last post that the “case is closed”. Ed Jones, Bel Air MD (9/10/14)

Two things. First, re "REF:[Man am I sick of reading the complaints about WBAL] Dude, can I make a suggestion? Why wait to read about them here, when you can tune in any day, any time, 24/7 and hear for yourself?" hate the station so much that you, dude, listen to it every waking moment, AND you want other dudes to listen habitually as well? That's textbook self-defeating shortsighted insanity, dude. Second, re: "Will it make $ if no one listens?" 'TOP may be a journalistic disaster, but it's no secret that it has been a ratings and revenue giant for years and years. Lots of talk in the Mailbag lately, but almost no thought going into it. (9/10/14)

On Monday morning Steve Davis of 105.7 FM said that he had a source in the Raven organization that told him two people in the organization saw the TMZ vidio before it was released by TMZ. I wonder if he is still going with that story in light of recent statements by management of the Ravens and NFL (9/10/14)

Time to "cut the cord" as I say goodbye to my Comcast cable TV service. My promo rate ended this month and Comcast wanted to hit me with a $60 rate hike even though I rarely watch traditional broadcast and cable networks any more. From this point onward, it's internet TV for me, mainly Netflix and YouTube, plus my little Roku gizmo. And, some "free TV" via an antenna. And, of course, my huge DVD collection. Onward to the future of TV. On today's "Dave TV"..... (9/10/14)

"Will it make $ if no one listens?" Are you the same genius filling out your imaginary Arbitron diary? (9/10/14)

Another note to Ed Jones of Bel Air re: 1) “Here’s the statement I took issue with. ‘If you don’t know what actually happened you really shouldn’t post erroneous misinformation.’ That last statement could’ve been left out of your post in my opinion, and that’s what I felt made your post mean spirited.” Ed! Doing some research instead of guessing before you post will save your further embarrassment. 2) “Here’s what I said in the previous post, ‘Whenever I was in error in ANY of my previous posts, I admitted it as I did here’. How did you get I still continue to post erroneous misinformation from that? Now, whose making assumptions here?” You did by assuming and posting that the 50s on 5 channel had been discontinued when indeed it wasn’t. 3) “And as for signing posts, here’s what I said, ‘And I sign my name to all of my posts. It would’ve been nice if you did the same (sign your name)’.” It doesn’t matter if you think it would be “nice’ if posts were signed. It’s not required. Give up on this defense. 4) “So where did that erroneous statement of yours come from? If you’ve read my previous posts prior to this one, most of my posts were correct. You just happened to catch my mistake on the 50’s on 5 post. Who doesn’t make mistakes? And who doesn’t occasionally incorrectly assume something? When you correctly informed all of us that the 50’s channel was still on the air, I accepted what you’ve said and apologized for posting incorrect information. When we make erroneous statements, that’s what we do. We all make mistakes. And when we do, the honorable thing is to own up to them.” Your information was incorrect. By stating “most” of your posts were correct” tells that not all of them have been. 5) “On to something else, I’ll listen to 107.3 to see just what everyone is talking about with their new format. More than likely it’s probably a clone of MIX 1065.” No Ed. It’s not. Had you actually listed to 107.3 you would have already discovered it’s not a MIX 1065 clone. There you go again assuming something that isn’t fact. SMH. (9/10/14)

REF:[Man am I sick of reading the complaints about WBAL] Dude, can I make a suggestion? Why wait to read about them here, when you can tune in any day, any time, 24/7 and hear for yourself? Now, if you'll excuse me a minute...I really need to tune in for my next complaint. (9/10/14)

The following was forwarded to DCRTV.....

I am pleased to announce that this year’s Gold & Silver Circle ceremony will take place on Sunday, December 7th at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, D.C. I hope you will join us for these prestigious awards at one of Washington’s finest locations. Ticket sales will be available later next month once we announce the nominees for each Circle. We are asking you to consider nominating a colleague to the Gold or Silver Circle for 50 or 25 years of service respectively. Please be sure to submit any nominations by Friday, October 10th [at]. The Gold & Silver Circle Committee along with the Chapters Board of Governors will review the nominees and vote on the candidates the following week... Sincerely, Sean McGarvy, President, National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter (9/10/14)

From mediabistro TV: James Brown has come a long way from his days at Channel 9 — then WDVM-TV. The CBS News and CBS Sports anchor, who begins hosting Thursday Night Football tomorrow night, got his first big break as the commentator for the then-Washington Bullets. He got the job after impressing the bosses when he brought the team’s star over on his day off “and conducted a pretty decent interview,” he says. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing..... (9/10/14)

Radio itself has been a drag on this place for the last ten years. KOF (9/10/14)

"WTOP's Laurie Cantillo" - Will it make $ if no one listens? (9/10/14)

I don't see how a second CBS television deal with the NFL would have impacted the league's radio blackout policies. To my knowledge, WJFK-AM didn't carry WestwoodOne's broadcast of last Sunday's Ravens game anyway so the territorial blackout still seems to be in place. WNEW may have simply promoted a Ravens broadcast in error. It's severely doubtful that local rightsholders Hearst (WBAL/WIYY) and Clear Channel (WBIG) would tolerate WNEW carrying a Ravens game. Everett W. (9/10/14)

A poster writes about Frederick's WFRE "Despite all the changes the station is nominated for a Marconi Award. How does that happen?" Ordinarily it happens when somebody at the station or the company has the time and inclination to self-nominate themselves and send it into the NAB. But nobody has said that WFRE is a bad radio station. Just look at the DC PPMs--them and the Fredericksburg stations are always pushing WTEM for that treasured #20 spot. Anyway, good luck to them in the Marconi thing. FWIW, Morgan State's WEAA is also nominated for a Marconi, along with two--count 'em, two--Spanish stations in southern Delaware, Milford's little WYUS-AM and Georgetown's WXSH-FM. So, see, WFRE is in pretty good company! (9/10/14)

Melony Torres of 107.3 (check the spelling) and Grant Paulsen of 106.7 made this: (9/10/14)

Hello Again, Fellow posters. I must respond to this response of the anonymous poster who assumed things I did not say in my previous posts. “Note to Ed Jones of Bel Air, MD - 1) The suggestion that you re-add the 50s of 5 Channel to your lineup or reset your receiver was instructional and not mean-spirited. If you couldn’t receive the 50s channel, you could have contacted SXM customer care instead of ASSUMING the channel was discontinued. And by your admission you have posted and still continue to post erroneous misinformation. Perhaps if you stopped doing that you wouldn’t have to correct and apologize. 2) DCRTV Dave doesn’t require signed posts. 3) Case closed.” In response to this statement, ‘- 1) The suggestion that you re-add the 50s of 5 Channel to your lineup or reset your receiver was instructional and not mean-spirited.’ I never said that this statement was mean spirited. If you’ve ready my post, this is what I said. ‘If you didn’t know actually know why I couldn’t get the 50’s channel, you could have asked me why. And if you saw that my post was wrong, why didn’t you just correct my erroneous post and leave it at that?’ I didn’t take issue with your suggestion of remedying my lack of access to the 50’s channel. Here’s the statement I took issue with. ‘If you don’t know what actually happened you really shouldn’t post erroneous misinformation.’ That last statement could’ve been left out of your post in my opinion, and that’s what I felt made your post mean spirited. At some time or another there were erroneous posts made on this site. In response to ‘And by your admission you have posted and still continue to post erroneous misinformation. Perhaps if you stopped doing that you wouldn’t have to correct and apologize.’ Here’s what I said in the previous post, ‘Whenever I was in error in ANY of my previous posts, I admitted it as I did here’. How did you get I still continue to post erroneous misinformation from that? Now, whose making assumptions here? And as for signing posts, here’s what I said, ‘And I sign my name to all of my posts. It would’ve been nice if you did the same (sign your name)’. If you read this sentence from my previous post, NOWHERE did I say that you had to sign your name to your posts. By the way, I knew that Dave doesn’t require us to sign posts. That’s why I said “It would be nice if you did the same (sign your name).” So where did that erroneous statement of yours come from? If you’ve read my previous posts prior to this one, most of my posts were correct. You just happened to catch my mistake on the 50’s on 5 post. Who doesn’t make mistakes? And who doesn’t occasionally incorrectly assume something? When you correctly informed all of us that the 50’s channel was still on the air, I accepted what you’ve said and apologized for posting incorrect information. When we make erroneous statements, that’s what we do. We all make mistakes. And when we do, the honorable thing is to own up to them. On to something else, I’ll listen to 107.3 to see just what everyone is talking about with their new format. More than likely it’s probably a clone of MIX 1065. Bravely, Ed Jones, Bel Air MD (9/10/14)

(regarding a previous post) Mike from Frederick has it exactly wrong. I'd bet that DCRTV could get lots more in contributions - voluntarily - without all the *ahem* "prodding," if the Mailbag were devoid of content from Zombie Woof, OOBBEE, The Real AHHHH, etc. Come to think of it, there'd probably be more visitors to the site as well. Let's face it, these clowns have been a drag on the place for at least ten years. Time was, the Mailbag was populated with thoughtful, coherent communications from actual radio people, most who whom don't even bother to mix with the rabble that's found here these days. If you don't believe me, just scan random Mailbags from 2004 on back and see for yourself. About the worst you'd see back then would be the mad ravings of Granny and even those were pretty rare. (9/10/14)

Happy “Internet Slowdown Day”: be sure to slowly read articles, blogs and posts and don’t Tweet. And the logo for this event is a cat spinning in a washing machine: (9/10/14)

This Saturday Bog O & Dukes will be on SIRIUSXM! Make sure to grab your subscription & tune in. Thank you OpieRadio for the amazing opportunity (9/10/13)

Dave, Your impassioned plea has touched my heart, so I touched my wallet (yeah, still there). I made a $17.00 donation tonight so that I can continue to enjoy, guilt-free, the mindless blathering of Zombie Woof, the ongoing debate on the relevance of Don Geronimo (not much), and whether or not WOHN will return to the airwaves. Not to mention that you allow me to post my own brand of zany humor, pointless diatribes, and the occasional logging of dashboard DX stations. In the words of the late Jean Shepherd, "Excelsior!" and, "You'll shoot your eye out, kid!" AMF! Mike from Frederick and the Dashboard DX Society. Catch a wave (length)! (9/10/14)

Clear Channel Careers-WPOC I see CBS also is searching for a PD for it’s sports outlet in Baltimore. (9/10/14)

RE: Ocean City 1590/105.1 - What's the purpose of putting a simulcast of a lower Eastern Shore station on in Ocean City? Perhaps it's something just to run until they put on something else. Speaking of Vince - what is the purpose in the format on 101.1? AAA/Alternative whatever you want to call it is already on 98.1 with very little audience as it is. --- Too many frequencies in this area and not enough programmers willing to actually program a station. What Klepac did actually well was his all 80s formatted WAMS-FM. In particular their former night time 80s love songs show played so many "oh wow" songs NOBODY played anymore. Surely he could dust off the jingles and bring it back on the cheap. Seriously, that area needs another country station outlet like the boardwalk needs another Candy Kitchen or Sunsations. MLB4 (9/10/14)

Amazing...I heard a quick live read this morning during the 3 am hour on WNEW promoting that they will be broadcasting the Ravens-Steelers game on Thursday night. They must be taking the WestwoodOne Primetime Football Package. I imagine that being a CBS station that they can ignore the mandatory blackout that reads, "STATION SHALL NOT BROADCAST ANY GAMES WITHIN 100 MILES OF THE HOME CITY Of ANY TEAM PARTICIPATING IN A REGULAR SEASON, WILD CARD PLAYOFF OR DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF GAME..." (9/10/14)

MASN shows this sign during Monday's Braves game. (9/10/14)

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FCC News... New 104.5 FM translator for Sterling VA approved. 3 FM 94.3 Low Power FMs filed amendments to existing apps. In Baltimore, 5 applicants filed apps for 92.7 FM. I was talking to someone at Loyola U, an original applicant. It appears they dropped out of the 2nd round or joined the other Catholic group. Johns Hopkins wants to get back in the radio business too. They used to own 88.1 as WJHU, now WYPR. As expected, the University of Maryland had no interest at all in applying for any frequencies for WMUC. They should just turn the power off there. What's the signal reach now? 2 blocks? I'm surprised WYPR hasn't shut them down honestly. They have no signal protection and have to protect WYPR at all times. There are probably houses with stronger realtor transmitters nearby! Haha. (9/9/14)

Greed is Never Good; Adam Carolla Settles Lawsuit Over Popular Podcast Business in Midst of Trial - (9/9/14)

[From Tom Taylor: "Robert McDowell brings his seven years’ experience as an FCC Commissioner and an easygoing manner to his newest situation – as a partner in the exceedingly well-connected Wiley Rein law firm. Its chairman is onetime FCC Chair Richard Wiley, sometimes referred to as “the sixth Commissioner” for his behind-the-scenes involvement over the years. "] Wiley Rein is Clear Channels law firm. Thus answer to the Mailbag's question of why stations are allowed to languish for over 7 years in the Aloha Trust. There are challenges to all the Clear Channel / Aloha licenses in one market in Virginia on this very issue, that has been dormant for 3 years this September. Being well connected has it's privileges. (9/9/14)

Sorry to Hear about Alex Cortright I my remember right he ran the short lived Toad Music store in Severna Park in the early 90's great guy. (9/9/14)

Note to Ed Jones of Bel Air, MD - 1) The suggestion that you re-add the 50s of 5 Channel to your lineup or reset your receiver was instructional and not mean-spirited. If you couldn’t receive the 50s channel, you could have contacted SXM customer care instead of ASSUMING the channel was discontinued. And by your admission you have posted and still continue to post erroneous misinformation. Perhaps if you stopped doing that you wouldn’t have to correct and apologize. 2) DCRTV Dave doesn’t require signed posts. 3) Case closed. (9/9/14)

Ravens bailed on Rice and his wife too early. Releasing Rice minutes after the video wasn't decisive and proactive management. The Ravens and the NFL betrayed a husband-wife team in a time of need by pulling their source of income and sending them out on the street. This righteous witch-hunt punched the victim a second time by eliminating Rice's job. I was surprised at the Raven's kneejerk cowardly reaction in caving to instant public outcry. I'm no Ravens fan but I expected more from this well-run organization. This was a sad shocking family explosion but just because cameras recorded it doesn't give you the right to own the lives of these two people with your righteous opinions or your selling off of Rice jerseys. Yes the punch was disturbing, but what disturbs me more is the second punch delivered by us all into the gut of this couple who were trying to move forward with their lives. (9/9/14)

RE: "Regarding Vince and Ocean City's 1590 and 105.1... this past weekend, 1590 was indeed off the air, but 105.1 was simulcasting Mike Powell's country station in Pokomoke City. Things change quickly!" ONLY ONE PROBLEM! THAT IS ILLEGAL! 105.1 is only licensed to translate WIJK AM 1590 Ocean City, NO OTHER STATION. Any attempt to translate another station involves a FINE! Consider that REPORTED! :-) (9/9/14)

What is the word on Channel 6 TV? This is the LPTV station in Washington that never served as a TV station but has been using their audio as an FM station. Also known as WDCN. We hear that 9/1/15 is the date they must convert to HD and turn in their analog license. In other words, they will not exist after 9/1/15. (9/9/14)

I am a subscriber to Don Geronimo's Podcast and I am having trouble logging in. Anyone else having a problem logging in to listen? (9/9/14)

I heard both Donni and RELM’s responses. I tend to lean to Doni. RELM sounded like a 1940’s radio script. I think the contract was written by a monkey. RELM talks about 18 shows. But, how many downloads? I will not pay for Doni’s podcast although I do pay for extra TMOS and BOAD. They do mostly free shows that I really like so I want the extra content until Mike gets political. And, their quality is good. RELM talked up how good Doni’s numbers were until they slammed him. They talked high road but check their twitters. I think RELM is barely breaking even. And, we all know Marc is not the best business guy. (How many T shirts were in Mike’s attic when he moved?) Marc has always dreamed of being a “Radio Guy”. At least Lowell has a solid TV gig and Buzz has Marcia. I would check those books boys. This is all Mark has to pay the bills. Finally, it is all on Doni now. The money, stream, paying Drew, etc. The first free show sounded awful. Now, he can just look in the mirror and yell at management and the engineers. OOBBEE (9/9/14)

Re: "Filling out my Arbitron survey" - Never has so much blatant bullshit been crammed into a 3-line post. First, Arbitron went away almost a year ago when its purchase by Nielsen closed. Further, Washington and Baltimore are PPM markets. Paper diaries haven't been used for audience surveys in these two markets for several years. The post needs to be enshrined in the DCRTV Hall of Lame. Sad. (9/9/14)

Mike Sorce Podcast v USTREAM; Cost Breakdown. Sorce's ego and his fired from CBS Radio ego alone, drives his "live" USTREAM podcast business model in taking on morning drive terrestrial radio, not sound business decisions. Forget about the failed subscription model Sorce and his incompetent Operations Manager 3rd wife Janet is copying or the fact that they don't understand that the beauty of a podcast is that it can be downloaded at the listeners convenience. Without a current advertiser base and accordingly to RELM yesterday, less paid subscribers than had hoped for, team Sorce better do the live streaming math on using USTREAM. Since it's all about "viewer hours" the USTREAM cost schematic is simple. 1] Number of monthly broadcasts. 2] Number of viewers per broadcast. 3] Total time in minutes, each viewer will watch broadcast. Starting out and based upon lower RELM numbers, Sorce will need the most expensive "Enterprise" Plan; looking at $5,000 per month plus. Hey Mike Sorce, more excellent free advice here. Drop the live broadcasts! Do yo' show and just upload it so yo' subscribers can download it at their leisure - not forced to listen to it live or else. My strong malebag urine STREAM. DCRTV uni-sex bathroom with porn scenes toilet paper. The Real AHHHH (9/9/14)

Regarding Vince and Ocean City's 1590 and 105.1... this past weekend, 1590 was indeed off the air, but 105.1 was simulcasting Mike Powell's country station in Pokomoke City. Things change quickly! (9/9/14)

Howdy Dave/DCRTV; Me-TV responded to a request and instructed people to contact the local affiliate, in this case WJLA to complain about the programming bump for college football. The WJLA contact info is We've been trying to get people to complain about it, strength in numbers. Thanks, Mark (9/9/14)

Dave's response: WRC pre-empts some Cozi programming with its own stuff. I've seen WDCW do the same with local sports programming on Antenna TV and This TV. WUSA puts weekend kiddie fare on its weather channel. That's just a drawback you have with these subchannel-fed networks. Good luck with your complaints but I don't think they'll do much good.....

Man am I sick of reading the complaints about WBAL. All day every day you listen to it and fire off these missives about every little thing you hate about it. Why are you still listening?!? Turn the knob. TURN THE KNOB. TURN THE FUCKING KNOB ALREADY!!! (9/9/14)

Hello, Fellow Posters. This is in response to: “RE: “It’s been awhile. XM shut off the 50’s channel Friday night. That explains the layoffs and specialty show cuts. Ed Jones/Bel Air, MD” – Better check again Ed. The 50s on 5 channel is still there. Re-add it to your list or re-set your receiver. As for layoffs, those were budget-cutting exercises implemented by the NYC headquarters to lower operating costs. 50s, 90s classical and jazz channel personalities were let go for no cause on 1/31/2014. So, “No”! That does not explain “layoffs and specialty show show cuts.” If you don’t know what actually happened you really shouldn’t post erroneous misinformation”. First off, I apologize for wrongfully posting XM Sirius 50’s channel shutting down. The reason I made the post was that I couldn’t get the 50’s channel anymore on my car radio. Now to address the response shown above: I did check the website and saw the 50’s channel is still up. So is the 40’s channel, but I couldn’t get that on my radio either. So what else was I to think when the 50’s channel wasn’t available on my car radio, anonymous poster? Such mean spirited posts are the main reasons, among others, as to why I don’t post or read the mailbag very often anymore. If you didn’t know actually know why I couldn’t get the 50’s channel, you could have asked me why. And if you saw that my post was wrong, why didn’t you just correct my erroneous post and leave it at that? Whenever I was in error in my previous posts, I admitted it as I did here and signed my name. And I sign my name to all of my posts. It would’ve been nice if you did the same (sign your name). And this is a little or a lot late, I looked at the John Dowling interview that was in the mailbag a couple of months or more ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. They even played a clip of an air check of John on WASH back in the late 70’s. Great interview and I hope there will be a part 2. Whoever provided that interview, thank you for posting it. Ed Jones, Bel Air MD (9/9/14)

'Ripley and WMDM'......Glad that Ripley does stuff for the community..........otherwise the Somar stations, as a good many others, do little or nothing to serve the community. The original WKIK and WPTX did a lot more with a lot less. Also, it was nice that the $ man behind Somar, the owner of All-American Harley-Davidson provided his support. He is also try to save Hughesville as a place to visit. (9/9/14)

WJZ's new morning anchor, King Bui, starts off the 5:30 am newscast with Ray Rice Fired! as if it had just happened two minutes before air. No top. Then she tossed it to a street reporter who had somewhat of a top from Monday. This is so WBAL radio. I've given up on them in mornings the past couple of years, but I had put a little more faith in JZ. (9/9/14)

First the Skins suck now Six Flags catching fire. Maybe Snyder is a jinx: Part of Six Flags Magic Mountain's Colossus Coaster Collapses in Fire (9/9/14)

An alternative viewpoint... I disagree that Bruce Cunningham & Gerry Sandusky are soft-peddling the Ray Rice story. They seem to be covering it just like everyone else... OVERHYPED! What is interesting about the story & faux outrage is that the video shows NOTHING that wasn't already known or reported by every news outlet, but somehow, now that we see it, the man has to be crucified. Sure he deserved a 6 game suspension or maybe even a year, but there are players in the NFL that have criminal records, have killed people, tortured dogs, etc. But with video, it seems you're convicted without a trial. The irony is that Ray Rice will have no criminal record after this yet be banned from not only the NFL but also the CFL (basically blacklisted by the sport of football), while several NFL players currently playing have criminal records. OH, but we didn't have VIDEO of them. Someone tell me how that's fair and just. Oh, and if you believe no one in the NFL saw that video or knew what was on it, well I have a bridge in NY to sell to you. A new era term has been coined... "Social Media Faux Outrage Lynching" Next week, Bieber will commit another crime and we'll all forget about this. (9/9/14)

So who was the MASN producer who briefly broadcast fans holding up a sign at last night's game that said "Fister? I hardly know her" before turning his cameras back to the field? Brave? Maybe. Unemployed? Possibly. (9/9/14)

"Regulated" to a nursing home ( instead of relegated). "Soft-peddling" (instead of soft-pedaling). And most laughable of all..Jimmy Mathis's interest in "self-governess." Perhaps a well-educated governess could teach his producer the word "governance." This is a media-related website! How about using the language correctly? (9/9/14)

Apparently, someone read DCRTV yesterday. hehe Vince Klepac immediately fired up the AM 1590 and now is turning them BOTH on/off at the same time for now per FCC rules. :-) (9/9/14)

I listened to both podcasts of DonnyG & BuzzB and as someone who has heard both from the beginning I believe Buzz and Don needs meds (9/9/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Full page ad for Amazon's Fire phone on back page of WaPo's A section. Wonder how much Bezos paid for that?] I just saw they dropped the price of it to 99 cents to move units. (9/9/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Full page ad for Amazon's Fire phone on back page of WaPo's A section. Wonder how much Bezos paid for that?] Oh, around $250 million (9/9/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Full page ad for Amazon's Fire phone on back page of WaPo's A section. Wonder how much Bezos paid for that?] I wonder how that does work? I worked at a station once where the owner also owned a hotel and a fast food franchise. But they were separate business' who paid to advertise. could be a trade deal at the Post. (9/9/14)

“Chad Dukes 106.7 hypocrite” WTH!? I guess I miss the connection between the two but I can draw my own conclusions about you...You’re an uninformed DOUCH nozzle that reads only the headlines. Take your Bloomberg soap box back to the kitchen. Signed-Macho gunnery culturist. (9/9/14)

Filling out my Arbitron survey. I have made the switch. No more WTOP. I'm just tired of them. All the fluff, all the cackling. All the click-bait crap on their website. From now on: WNEW. So much better. (9/9/14)

Interesting story busting out over the past two days about a class-action lawsuit against CBS and the David Letterman show, filed by interns who claim working 40-hour weeks as unpaid employees and receiving no academic benefit at all. In recent times there has been a certain [unnamed] entity posting on the DC Craigslist, seeking camera operators, on-air hosts et al, under the guise of "internships". Seems to me, in light of this action, they may want to reconsider how they are doing biz. (9/9/14)

last time I checked Carolla, Leykis, O'Meara (or even Big O and Dukes) didn't join another 'network' and complain when it didn't work (9/9/14)

Count Gore DeVol to appear at VAComicCon (9/9/14)

[RE RELM responds to Geronimo's criticisms...] My god! Makes Don Geronimo look even more crazy (9/9/14)

So, with all the alleged "changes," it is still called "Maryland's Morning News with Bryan Nehman?" WTF...the place is a joke. (9/9/14)

Please allow me to be amoung the first to wish DCRTVDJDAVE a very Happy Birthday as he celebrates 17 years of service to the readers of DCRTV: may you have 17 more before you are regulated to a nursing home! (9/9/14)

Good to see some words of encouragement and support for our people serving our country in the United States Marine Corps and in other services too here on DCRTV. Kudo's to Ripley and WMDM in Lexington Park, MD, for a program that gives back to those who gave so much to our country. Nice to see someone do something positive instead of just be negative for a change. XN (9/9/14)

Mike Ellston aka Buzz Burbank is a nice enough guy....but. Attracting the right talent when building the RELM start-up is an essential process if it wants their company to succeed and in return, attract advertisers and sponsors. Once RELM determined a potential candidate in Don Geronimo had the skill set for a position, then the first and most important consideration was to evaluate how well Mike Sorce would fit-in on their team; team chemistry. When employees like Geronimo-Sorce don't fit on a team like RELM or CBS Radio or Sacramento KHTK 1140 and the list goes on, it brings down the entire team and creates a negative tone which wastes more energy than it creates. Plus it shifts your focus from growing your business to dealing with issues. RELM will be fine and carve-out a nice and profitable digital network niche for themselves. Someone give Sorce a mirror. What do you see Don? The man in the mirror. (9/9/14)

Anyone think the local sports guys like Bruce Cunningham and Gerry Sandusky, who are so tight with the Ravens and maybe get paid by them, are soft peddling the Ray Rice story? (9/9/14)

Lyndsay Czarniak doing sideline reporting for tonight's San Diego / Arizona game. Is this something new?. (9/9/14)

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It now appears that Geronimo-Sorce's strategy to handle website/streaming problems is to completely ignore them. A quick look at his website shows only replays from 9/2 and 9/3 and absolutely no downloads. Now take a look at his twitter feed, where all service questions are completely ignored. But Sorce is not avoiding social media. In fact, he his more than compensating for this silence by retweeting the dozen or so "soldiers" who have went at his former business partners relentlessly this evening. For Geronimo podcast subscribers, I guess it's listen live, or tough sh*# -Caller100 (9/8/14)

I believe it is important to use the power of our radio stations to give back to our communities, especially to those that have sacrificed so much. A few months ago, I was able to use my radio show to help get volunteers to move a U.S. Marine and his family. This young Marine had lost both legs and an arm in combat in Afghanistan. After that I got the idea that I wanted to throw a "Welcome Home Celebration" for injured Service Men, Women, their caretakers and guests. After speaking with two of our station advertisers, High Tides On The Potomac restaurant and All American Harley-Davidson, they threw their entire support for this event. They have absorbed all the costs. We teamed up with the Yellow Ribbon Fund and they will be transporting about 20 injured Service Men, Women, their caretakers and guests to the "Welcome Home Celebration" for an evening of Food, Fun, Friendship, Live Music and a break from their hospital treatment - routine. The event grew into a large Motorcycle Escort, and Law Enforcement Escort on Rt. 301 from Waldorf Maryland, into Virginia with the final destination in Colonial Beach, Va. We are also expecting that many people will be lining the streets, with flags, yellow ribbons to show their support and say "Welcome Home and Thanks For Your Service". Here is the article for if you want to review it. (9/8/14)

REF: [Change in morning program on WBAL] Let's be clear: there is NO change. This station has the same deck of worn out, tattered old cards that have merely been shuffled and dealt again. Another poster stated "I too heard the changes on WBAL this morning and it's a good step in the right direction." A good step?? Dude...moving Patti from afternoons to mornings may take the station one step forward, but then they pair him with the chick with no nose, and put them both in there with Nehman, and it turns the place into a three-ring circus featuring all the other clueless clowns. Even the former morning matress macho man, Bill Vanko, as bad as he was in the morning, would be slightly tolerable if they just would just let him do the matress commercials, and then let him pass it off to Patti to do one of those cleaning company commercials he voices. Does anyone honestly think that posting a different logo, or airing silly slogans like "1090 news radio," or "Maryland news now" is going to convince people that this is "the only station that matters?" Remember that one? And, why have they called it "Maryland's morning news with Dave Durian," or "Maryland's morning news with Brian Nehman," when they, for years, have had the largest staff of rip-and-readers of any station in Baltimore, and yet none of them ever gets mentioned or featured in the promos??? No one ever gets promoted but these lame ducks. And speaking of promotions, when's the last time you saw or read that new logo, or read a profile of this station or any of its personnel in any trendy pubs, such as Baltimore Magazine? The last time their sister tv station carried a promo, it was f someone's hand using a whisk broom, sweeping home plate as part of a lame, no-talent spot, to promote Orioles baseball. I say give that broom to the new GM so he can sweep out the alleged newsroom. Better yet, someone please whack him up alongside his head and tell him to wake up and shake up this station once and for all. One final thought, on another comment made by an earlier poster: "I think the new GM must be taking more control from the TV news director and the FM guy who has been calling the shots." whoaaa...wait a minute...since when does a radio general manager answer to an incompetent, clueless tv news director and radio program director??? Man-up, Mr. GM...put your big boy pants on and kick some ass and take some names around there. Some new names, so you can hire the new ones and throw out the old. (9/8/14)

So, the station that billboards itself as "Maryland's favorite news station" and runs news promos assuring us it's the station that "connects us," leaves us totally DISconnected tonight to run the f--ing U.S. Open, while all the other stations in Baltimore were all over the Ray Rice story. If WJZ is your "favorite news station," you'll have to wait until 11 p.m. tonight to hear the Ray Rice story. But now that I think about it, what's the rush? This station and all the others could have cared less about advancing this Rice story since it broke several months ago until it was handed to them with video by a west-coast celebiry gossip network. And, now all the "shock" and "awe??" Give me a break. Jail the bastard. (9/8/14)

Nestor actually took calls for the first time in a few weeks. Drew has continued his daily blog, "The Morning Dish", and has retained and acquired a decent number of sponsors. It would be so ironic if the sponsors dropped NST and put their money with Drew and then Nestor had to shut down the station. I think Glenn Clark is working for XM. Not sure about the others. Nestor's slogan for a long time was "the station with balls" and it seems very appropriate. (9/8/14)

I'm not Chad's biggest fan, but drawing a parallel between him being against Ray Rice KOing his then fiance & Chad being a 2nd amendment supporter is ludicrous. One has NOTHING to do with the other. (9/8/14)

Kai Jackson was just spotted on WJLA. (9/8/14)

WRNR morning guy is out. Is Jack Diamond coming to Annapolis? (9/8/14)

So where's Jim Vance these days?. Can't remember the last time I've seen him doing the news. Is he using up all of his vacation time before he retires? (9/8/14)

Re: Football on ME-TV – I’ve been trying to find somewhere to write a letter of complaint to about this – do you have any suggestions? There are several Saturday evening shows, especially Svengoolie and Star Trek, that I look forward to all week long, and they’ve been ruined by yet more sports as if there wasn’t enough sports on TV already. HELP from a non-sports fan! (Love your website – very informative!) (9/8/14)

I too heard the changes on WBAL this morning and it's a good step in the right direction. But much more has to happen. First, get rid of the news readers who just sound BAD! The woman in the morning, the guy with the scratchy voice, the guy who yells the news, and Derek somebody who sounds like he's making junior high school announcements over the P.A. John Patti is the best sounding newscaster on the station and he has earned a solo anchor spot in the morning. Less of that Nehman guy is good and he wasn't interrupting others and chiming in as much today. Mary Beth Marsden has really grown into the radio gig and sounds very good. But I'd can the weak sounding voices and hire a good voice to complement her in afternoons. (By the way, where is the other veteran newsman, Bill Vanko?) Lastly, I'd really focus on the news presentation and stop insulting listeners by constantly delivering days old stories. I think the new GM must be taking more control from the TV news director and the FM guy who has been calling the shots. Hopefully, he'll put his radio experience to good use and continue down this path. But, even if WNEW only shaved a half-point from WBAL, WBAL has fallen from the mountaintop and finds itself in a defensive position. It's going to be a long climb back up the mountain, and while they're at it, good luck trying to attract younger listeners who already get their news days before WBAL delivers it to them. We're pulling for you! (9/8/14)

RE: “It’s been awhile. XM shut off the 50’s channel Friday night. That explains the layoffs and specialty show cuts. Ed Jones/Bel Air, MD” – Better check again Ed. The 50s on 5 channel is still there. Re-add it to your list or re-set your receiver. As for layoffs, those were budget-cutting exercises implemented by the NYC headquarters to lower operating costs. 50s, 90s classical and jazz channel personalities were let go for no cause on 1/31/2014. So, “No”! That does not explain “layoffs and specialty show show cuts.” If you don’t know what actually happened you really shouldn’t post erroneous misinformation. (9/8/14)

Ironic that as Don Geronimo calls for greater RELM transparency, his [podcast website] operated out of his home, fails to list any physical address or more suitable, a Post Office Box where disgruntled subscribers and maybe a few lawyers, can contact/serve him. Keyword #hidden (9/7/14)

'Fox & Friends' Has A Disgusting Reaction To Ray Rice Video - (9/8/14)

Re: "Smartest thing would be either Jack going to BIG or WASH, or Cumulus flipping 105.9 back to music with a format somewhere in between WASH and BIG..." Great idea! Or move Loo Katz and Chili Amar to WBIG Mornings and give Jack the morning slot at WASH and let him reunite with Jimmy Alexander now that he is available. Clear Channel could syndicate Jack's morning show based from WASH to other CC stations that are AC/Hot AC around the country. Also 107-3 will beat Hot 99.5 in a few months - the only thing they need to do is stop calling themselves "DC's 107.3" and start saying "DC's Q-107.3" (9/8/14)

Chad Dukes 106.7 hypocrite going strong against Ray Rice's elevator brutality while at same time supporting the macho gunney culture which continues to not only spill the blood of men women and children but is tearing at the fabric of US society with a violence that costs taxpayers billions and billions in medical, law enforcement, judiciary, and prison dollars. Such a freaking transparent hypocrite. (9/8/14)

I have heard from someone approached by a broker that 1320 am, 97.5 in Salisbury as well as 92.5 in Pocomoke City may be on the block. The are all run from the same Salisbury facility. 97.1 is not included, and I understand new studios are being built at their Milford Facility. Would a company be willing to come into the market for just 2 fm's and an am that is less than 100 watts at night? (9/8/14)

Suddenly there is lots of talk about WFRE in the mailbag. This always seems to happen when someone leaves that station. There must have been a lot for Chris, Paula, Josh, Jess, Doug etc to talk about at the monthly "we once worked at WFRE/WFMD" meeting. I heard that they do have a new GM now that the NY VPs are leaving Aloha Trust with WALK FM. That must have missed the meeting agenda along with the departure of the sales manager and the hiring of a new afternoon jock. Despite all the changes the station is nominated for a Marconi Award. How does that happen? Apparently this sh#t ain't rocket surgery.... (9/8/14)

Re: RELM Responds To Geronimo. You gotta love a Podcast scandal where RELM alleges that Mike Sorce sought to secretly divert income from his 3rd wife so that she woudn't find out about it. Obviously "trust" and "honesty" were left out of the Mike loves Janet PreNup. #communitypropertystateofCA (9/8/14)

Jack back on MIX, er, whatever they are called? Fat effing chance. It has nothing to do with his relationship with them and everything to do with some facts. First, they just put a new morning show on a month ago. Second, Jack simply cannot relate to the 18-34 demographic. He's their Dad. If you look back on the last few years of his run, his audience was not the same as the rest of the station's. While stranger things have happened, Jack back on 107.3 defies the laws of logic. Then again, this is Cumulus...How's this for a rumor? They are flipping 105.9 to a format compatible with Jack's appeal? Radio Refugee (9/8/14)

Nice article today in The Sun by Zurawik, calling out the local media on their overall coverage of the Ray Rice story, and questioning their integrity if they are “somehow financially connected to the Ravens” Right you are ‘Z’, including your paper, which is full of “appears to have” and “apparently” when reporting on the story. CNN, FOX, and most other news sources that I’ve checked are not using those terms. Nope, he really didn’t hit her, did he? It was just a pulled punch a la the WWE. WBAL Radio, too, was using those terms on the 3:00 news. (9/8/14)

Hmmm. $42 million for WFRE-WFMD? Must have been back before The Recession. A 20X cash flow price tag like that (assuming a couple of million in BCF, back then), even in the Good Ole Days, was short-hand for "it ain't for sale." But things have changed. For one thing, Aloha Trust has been "running" the place for most of this past decade, and blew out the GM a few years back and didn't bother to replace him. And, yeah--as a poster noted--they're staffed like there was no stinking recession. "We don't need no stinking cash flow. We're just waiting for the commission to hike the ownership caps, again." CC has been lobbying like hell for it--unsuccessfully, so far. Thus, the sale of WALK-FM/AM. And maybe they're "kicking the tires" on Grove Hill Road, again. We shouldn't be surprised. But $42 million? No... not when CBS snagged 99.1 for--what?--$8 million--just a few years ago. WFMD isn't worth spit. WFRE? I dunno... (9/8/14)

So with the Wizards now on WNEW, does anyone else find it a bit humorous that Dave Johnson will now be heard on BOTH all news stations in town? (9/8/14)

[Buzz Burbank] always stays classy...BUZZ you are a genuine gentleman and I look forward to listening to the RELM network (9/8/14)

FCC Rules..... When the FCC says you must divest a station to comply with the "rules", and does not put a time limit on it, does that mean you can keep it forever if you put it in a "trust"? That rule does not have any teeth in it. No wonder Clear Channel wants to keep WFRE 99.9. (9/8/14)

AM revitalization. What does it mean? So far the FCC has done nothing to revitalize AM Radio. It looks like they are just going to let it die. We hear that Disney will sell their AM stations for about 20% of what they paid for them. I feel sorry for the person who invested their life savings to buy a radio station. (9/8/14)

RELM's commments regarding Don's comments from last week sounds like SPIN CONTROL and nothing more. They didn't make their case for me not to believe what Don said last week. They sound like the jilted girlfriend that is trying to spin the story that "she broke up with him" when in fact he broke it off with her. Guys, nice try but you not only aren't making your just sound sad and pathetic. Now why don't you address the subscriptions that you took money for yet no shows to be delivered. I paid for the second quarter (July to September) and only got why not refund me the difference? Or give me your PorPremium show as a stipend. You completely ignore the other elephant in the room. (9/8/14)

Hello Fellow Posters. It’s been awhile. XM shut off the 50’s channel Friday night. That explains the layoffs and specialty show cuts. Although I like 50’s music, I knew that this was coming due to aging demographics. At least I have a healthy collection I can listen to on the computer. We can expect the same to happen to the 60’s channel sometime down the road. Ed Jones, Bel Air MD (9/8/14)

“WMAL's nutty Chris Plante compares a female Jewish Dem to a Nazi. Today he linked Diane Feinstein to Hermann Goering.” Well I heard that Feinstein’ Uber wealthy husband just bought this mansion for her: (9/8/14)

That car donation organization with the obnoxious jingle does have a less obnoxious cut running elsewhere. Why nobody around here rejected it over "creative content" is beyond me. When I hear that jingle, I immediately punch out. You would think that would strike fear in the station if AQH or cume meant anything to the PD's or GM's of today. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/8/14)

I'm sure Kars for Kids is a wonderful organization. But I want to drive ice picks deep into my eardrums every time one of their commercials comes on the radio. (9/8/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Again, WMAL's nutty Chris Plante compares a female Jewish Dem to a Nazi. Today he linked Diane Feinstein to Hermann Goering. Sick!] Give credit where credit is due. It should be "Chris Plante under the direction of Bill Hess..." Mr. Hess must be so proud to be a part of this show. (9/8/14)

Nestor Aparicio, a man of integrity? He claimed he was a man of integrity in that 5,000 word blog he posted last week. I hear that Mr. Integrity is contesting the unemployment filings of the five people he fired from WNST in August. Imagine that, the guy who continues to rail on anyone who doesn't have integrity just had the nerve to tell the five people he fired that he doesn't think they should be allowed to collect unemployment from him and the state. I hope they sue him for everything he has. Someone has to call this guy out for the way he treats people, especially those people he fired! No unemployment from Mr. Integrity. What a guy! (9/8/14)

Two things to start the week. First, it is funny in a sad kind of way that Geronimo is seeking subscribers to his podcast (at least from what I read in the Mailbag) but can't seem to put together a website that allows them to actually subscribe. I'm a Geronimo fan, but I've given up on ever hearing the guy again. Second, re: "I'm surprised you people haven't kept up with the news that Live Well Network will be closing up shop early next year"...guess I'd be more inclined to keep up with that fast-breaking story if I had any idea at all what the "Live Well Network" is. Not everybody gives a damn about every niche radio/TV/online outlet on the planet. (9/8/14)

“Both WTEM and WJFK will air Nationals postseason games, WTEM with ESPN Radio announcers and WJFK with Nationals announcers.” What about Orioles postseason games – isn’t WTEM the official DC carrier for that team? Suppose there’s a conflict – I doubt Peter Angelos would be too pleased about ESPN 980 giving preferential treatment to a team with which it has no contractual relationship. Bad enough that talk shows on 980 (with the exception of those hosted by Al Galdi) try to wrap their arms around the Nats while barely acknowledging the O’s. By the way, what’s the deal with Chris Cooley missing his assignment doing color commentary in Houston for the first Skins game of the season? The stated reason was to be on hand for the birth of his child, but my understanding is that he’s not even married. Sam Huff (Cooley’s predecessor in the booth) once related a story about being on the road with his team, getting called into the coach’s office to learn that his wife had just given birth back home, lighting a cigar to celebrate and then taking the field to earn a paycheck for his family – my, how times have changed. (9/8/14)

What somebody needs to do to call the FCC's bluff on these ghost stations is set up shop with a bootleg transmitter, see if anybody notices, and when there's an enforcement action say HEY THE LICENSEE WASN'T USING THE FREQUENCY SO WHY NOT? (9/8/14)

Could someone over at Channel 9 teach the News staff how to way "W"? You'd think at some point pride would take over and they'd WANT to learn how to say it on their own. (9/8/14)

Could WRQX seriously be considering bringing back Jack Diamond? Arch Campbell does a deal to be heard on Tony Kornheiser's radio show. The Washington Post's print edition is almost as fun to read as a telephone book - remember them? More Don Geronimo stuff. What's up with the Wizards jumping to WNEW? Is it finally time for me to cut the Comcast cable TV cord? And more in today's "Dave TV".....

WFRE (as well as sister WFMD, the land on Grove Hill Road and the land on the mountain) were priced at $42 million when I went to "kick the tires". CC has no interest in selling WFRE. It's simply making too much money for them. How much of a profit margin you ask? There is more staff working on Grove Hill Road in Frederick in the daytime than at 1801 Rockville Pike on any given day. (9/8/14)

Change in morning program on WBAL. Now more news with John Patti & Ann Kramer, Brian Nehman filling spaces. Program called Maryland News Now. Tag team newscasters. IRY (9/8/14)

"Yes, 7 years is long enough. What the FCC should do is tell them..." Are you kidding? The FCC knows about numerous stations that are operating illegally and they aren't doing shit! If you are looking to the FCC to enforce the FCC rules & regulations, you are wasting your time or smoking crack or doing both. The FCC has become a useless paper tiger that couldn't crack the whip, if it wanted to. FCC stands for Federal Corruption & Cooperation anymore. You'd have more luck with Vigilantes (V) than the FCC (Feckless Corrupt Crooked) agency. The only time the FCC moves on law breakers are when they are community activists trying to run a little community FM that isn't interfering with anyone, and they have a local TV camera crew with them. This agency has become a shameful example of big - ineffective - government. To be honest the FCC should disband and let the property courts handle disputes over interference. EO (9/8/14)

Who's at WRQX from the Diamond days? Cathy Whissel is gone. Nancy Stevens is gone. Diane Pelton is gone. Robin Horn is gone. Kathy Devine is gone. Libba Fennel Johnson...gone. I guess the only ones remaining are Fay Adato and perhaps Gene Alim right? Don't get me wrong, they are sterling folks. If there are some who really revel in the glory days of Jack Diamond, they are few and far between. (9/8/14)

Don Geronimo Show Podcast. Are you a subscriber wanting to express your frustration in not being able to access what you paid for? Streaming issues? Sound issues? RELM issues? Tell your story here in the DCRTV Mailbag. (9/8/14)

Question for the FCC attorneys who read DCRTV.....Regarding 99.9 FM WFRE, when Clear Channel puts the asset in trust, does the cash flow go to Clear Channel or does it just stay in the trust? If it just stays in the trust then they could have collected $7 million in cash flow over the past 7 years. No wonder they are not to anxious to sell it. (9/8/14)

"Criticisms are fine but when the very people crying the blues look for the smallest little thing we know they are just being mean spirited. Maybe just idiots at heart" -- And there you have it. The individuals whining about WBAL, WNEW, WTOP, the spamtroll who keeps attacking Geronimo, the speculators on Jack Diamond's alleged future and the constant, ongoing railing about whether the Redskins (there, I said it) should change their name or not...they are all one and the same. These people are not broadcasters, nor are they fans. They are losers who can find nothing to do with their lives, and will not even take pains to try and offer something of use to society. They are the ones with no respect for their fellow beings, and even less for themselves. Yes, you hit it right...idiots at heart. The RCL (9/8/14)

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