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\/ July 31 Messages \/

Where's my love interest Dave, where's my love interest Dave: oh yeah, she's sitting with the Governor in court. I'd still hit it! Signed: Johnnie Williams (7/31/14)

"Hmmm. - ZW" Oh yes, Hmmm a little faster, yes that's it, you little trolling monkey, Hmmm on it, Oh yeah, Oh Yeah, Ooooooh Yeah! Finally found what ZW is good for! You can take the bag off but don't turn the lights on until you've gone back to your hole. (7/31/14)

"Another day, another dumbass: re "Chad is in the OBX for a PLANNED" LMAO! You are the dumbass, dickweed. Does the truth hurt you? People say a bad thing now and again; it happens. (Years ago??) You are the D head now on Facebook too; I can tell by the verbiage. I don't care if a person sucks goats balls to get off. You are getting off on this gay statement years old...Years old. Comments; one word? Have you ever said it?? Have you ever been on air? Ex intern not with a nickname and not on the the radio???? Dumbass.....Let's meet and talk... OOBBEE (7/31/14)

A morning show aimed at 12-16 year old girls on 107.3……..this will go over as well as CBS thinking that just 99.1 for a frequency was a good idea to launch a all news station. Cumulus and CBS DC have a common bond….both offices make lousy decisions at times. Something we need to remember…..actions have consequences when it comes to jobs as well as other areas of life. I see changes coming and not just personalities. Dan (7/31/14)

/\ July 31 Messages /\

\/ July 30 Messages \/

What's all of this discussion about Robert Allbritton? He was a non-factor at WJLA. Bill Lord ran the place and Allbritton was rarely around. We all knew Allbritton was joke. When he would drop by and share his "wisdom" we would just ignore him and get back to work. I do hope he is able to get his meds right with all the money Sinclair is giving him. Some days when he passed through the newsroom he was way off in "happy land". (7/30/14)

When I said, “I'm expecting the WJLA to W-whatever callsign change to be as dramatic as the one from WDVM-TV to WUSA(TV)…”, I meant in presentation. That change was a big let-down. Figure at midnight a simple cut or fade (likely a quick cut) from a WJLA ID to a W-whatever ID. Nothing dramatic. As for a new GM at 7, expect Sinclair to bring in a successful veteran GM from another large market Sinclair station. But, likely not WBFF. I say that because of the intrinsic differences between the two markets. Easier to learn fresh than to make the sub-conscious mistake of trying to make work in D.C. what works in Baltimore (due to proximity), while still bringing in Sinclair culture. What surprises me is that Sinclair gave Bill Lord through the end of September. That was extremely classy of Sinclair. Surprisingly so. I’ve seen buyers of stations this size blow-out the execs within a week or two of closing with no notice and almost no severance, despite the usual “we like the leadership already in place and don’t plan any major changes at this time”. Usually, it’s done over breakfast or lunch with a “veteran executive” of the acquiring company, with the “veteran executive” pulling envelopes containing a summary of their formal termination notice out of either their suit coat or handbag/briefcase. There’s one company in this business (I won’t say who…) that decides who stays and who goes by having an “executive coaching team” from the acquiring corporation take the “executives” of the acquired property to lunch or dinner. As the meal is served, the reps from the acquiring company watch to see if the execs from the purchased property season their food before trying it. And, if they season it at all, to what degree. I know it sounds petty, but I’m sharing one of the secrets of the biz here. Another company (Which I won’t name in case I have to work for them again) requires non-CB employees of the acquired property to “re-apply” for their current jobs. This is called the “McDonnell-Douglas System”, after McDonnell bought a struggling Douglas Aircraft in the 1960’s, and did the same thing. Some of the “best and brightest” at Douglas said “fuck it” and quit, with many going to Boeing. The last laugh part was when Boeing bought a struggling McDonnell-Douglas about thirty years later, and some of the guys and gals who had quit McDD were back in Long Beach as Boeing VP’s and such… giving “see ya” notices to their former bosses at the former McDonnell-Douglas. Which is why one of the truisms of this business is something you learn at OCS, “Remember that the toes you step on today may be indirectly connected to the ass you’ll have to kiss tomorrow.” –Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/30/14)

The shortage of toilet paper at WJLA was solved today when "Robert L. Allbritton" sent out his "heartfelt message" to his employees. I see he also sent a copy to DCRTV to be read by all who don't give a damn about him. It looked to us like he was trying to create a resume by concocting roles he claims to have had that built this company. The fact is his daddy built Allbritton Communications. Robert nearly wrecked it and finally sold it. The past year has not been easy for us. While Robert Allbritton pocketed the money, we busted our butts. Nobody I talked to received any piece of the action as usually happens when companies are sold. Even a small piece Robert? Even a very small piece Robert? The fact is the Allbrittons are greedy and were very happy for us to send them money that they could use to keep Politico from sinking. Let's see what happens now! He's sold the real business and kept the toy. Wait till they ask us to help with one of their video productions! I don't think Mr. Sinclair is going to want us wasting WJLA resources on that! Robert Allbritton, forgotten, but not quite gone! (7/30/14)

Hey Robert Allbritton! Why don't you stop using the moniker of "Unsigned Corporate Suit" and start writing to DCRTV as "Empty Suit" which better describes you! We have a countdown clock going at WJLA waiting for Friday morning when they can change the locks and keep your sorry ass out of OUR newsroom! (7/30/14)

Why are you idiots arguing over Lord's firing. He WAS NOT FIRED! He announced he’s LEAVING in a MONTH! DUH So all this LMA BS is stupid. Allbritton will exercise whatever SBG wants now that the sale is approved. This happens all the time. (7/30/14)

Dave , why does the fcc let two stations on 105.7 that are only 50 miles apart. I live in Pa and this wqxa the x always interferes with the fan . I went out and got a directional fm antenna and it does the job. The fan also has HD which really helps . When in the car I can't the Fan till I get to Oxford. The York station is very annoying . Having stations that close doesn't make any sense. What do you think ? Thanks. (7/30/14)

"Are you trying to say the LMA went into effect before the sale?" OK smart guy. Does the LMA go into effect before the sale? The "sale" can't be completed until the FCC has its seal of approval. So yes the LMA goes into effect before the actual sale. The LMA is contintigent on the FCC approval. If the FCC does not approve the sale, the LMA goes away (laymen terms) and the old owners have to look for a new buyer. Do you have personal knowledge of when the LMA went into effect? You didn't say in your post because you were trying so hard to correct something you clearly know nothing about. Again, for the dumb asses, this is SOP for the sale of a station. (7/30/14)

Had the complete misfortune and poor judgement to tune in to the new WRQX morning show this morning. About two minutes was all I could take. And people thought the Bert show was juvenile? This new monstrosity is a total train wreck. I have never heard people talk over themselves more than this group. WRQX has hit rock bottom. And that includes the ghetto-ese music it plays. Disgusting. (7/30/14)

Re: "'Where is Sinclair's legal standing to fire Bill Lord from a station they don't legally own yet.' Its called an LMA (Lease Management Agreement). Sinclair comes in under an LMA and purchasing 49% of the station until the final 51% is approved by the FCC. Jesus how many Noobs are there on this board? Standard Operating Procedure for the purchase of radio and TV stations all over America." In your haste to ridicule a "noob" for having the audacity for asking a question, you forget to answer the question. Clearly he wasn't asking for the name of the legal document, he was asking how Sinclair can fire someone before said document goes into effect. Are you trying to say the LMA went into effect before the sale? Idea: stop slamming people who ask perfectly logical questions, and focus instead on speaking/writing clearly. (7/30/14)

"Jesus how many Noobs are there on this board?" - Jesus why are you such a dick? - "Are you a wiry kind of guy, very muscular?" - Michael Savage on Wednesday July 30. Hmmm. - ZW (7/30/14)

"Where is Sinclair's legal standing to fire Bill Lord from a station they don't legally own yet." Its called an LMA (Lease Management Agreement). Sinclair comes in under an LMA and purchasing 49% of the station until the final 51% is approved by the FCC. Jesus how many Noobs are there on this board? Standard Operating Procedure for the purchase of radio and TV stations all over America. (7/30/14)

Sinclair has posted 2 job openings at WJLA: General Manager & Topical Promotions Producer. (7/30/14)

Another day, another dumbass: re "Chad is in the OBX for a PLANNED vacation. Talked about for weeks on the BOAD Podcast. The Dead Spin thing was probably planned for you idiots to run with after his show just began for publicity... OOBBEE" Yes, because anti-gay slurs are so popular. Most popular programs include them in their advertising. Oh -, that's in the Bizarro world. Here on planet Earth programs and their hosts are never heard from again after this kind of shit. Especially when the host (even one who is on "a PLANNED vacation") issues no comment of any kind to explain himself. Reminder: Arrington sat next to this guy for years blathering all kinds of racist claptrap, and neither Chad nor the station ever breathed a word of protest about it. So the unlistenable 106.7fm will probably do nothing about this...but will continue to wonder why they can never pull much of an audience outside the Junks' shift. (7/30/14)

I'm expecting the WJLA to W-whatever callsign change to be as dramatic as the one from WDVM-TV to WUSA(TV).… --Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/30/14)

The only reason WBAL’s numbers are up is that the Orioles are in first place and are playing baseball games sports’ fans want to hear. Once the season ends, unless they add real talent to their lineup, then the ratings will disappear into the abyss again. (7/30/14)

RE: Bill Lord… If he took your advice, he’d never work in the business ever again. Burning bridges never opens new doors. Technically, Lord is not even fired. He’s just been notified that his services will no longer be needed after such and such a date at which point SBG WILL own the station. As for the TV allocation WCIV (4), I’m not totally sure it will go to the cell companies. Last I checked, turning in a TV license doesn’t automatically make it a cell phone frequency. The TV allocation will still be in the Table of Allocations. It’s my understanding that if no one wants it, then the FCC will sell the frequency to the cell companies. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong. There’s another issue at work here too not mentioned. If the FCC removes the TV allocation, not all of the broadcast networks will be in HD over the air. And some consumers also might not like the loss of ME-TV. SBG has a deal with THIS TV and a Country Music Channel but I don’t think ME-TV. (7/30/14)

The final papers are to be signed this afternoon to close the Allbritton Sinclair deal. To keep the books clean, Sinclair will publicly take over at 12:00 am Friday. This is the note that was sent today: An Open Letter to everyone at Allbritton Communications - Dear friends and colleagues, Almost 40 years ago, my family moved to Washington, D.C., because my father had exited a career in Texas banking and purchased the Washington Star and its broadcast properties (WMAL AM/FM/TV, WLVA FM/TV and WCIV-TV). Dad was a national collegiate champion debater because as a teenager, he was too short for sports, and competitive by nature. He had always been fascinated by politics and was a successful speechwriter for local Houston politicians as far back as high school. When the Star came up for sale, he believed that the nation's capital needed more than one newspaper, and he was determined to save the Star. But even in 1974, he could see the rise of broadcast television, as the industry was beginning to come out from behind the shadows of its newspaper owners. He could see that television was the future. Twenty years later, Dad had returned to his original passion for banking, and professional managers were running the TV stations (by this time he had expanded the group to include two wonderful stations - KTUL and KATV). As a recent graduate of Wesleyan University, I was like my peers: trying to figure out what comes next in life. I was fortunate that Dad was completely hands off running the TV stations, and I had a golden opportunity. I could work in a family business without a family member as a day-to-day boss. With great freedom comes great responsibility. I did my best to take that responsibility with the greatest seriousness. I was lucky to be guided and trained by the best broadcasters in the business. They sent me out on the road to work at each of our stations and to experience as many positions as I could: making sales calls and closing deals; working overnight shifts in master control; hauling cables at Arkansas basketball games; shooting, writing, and editing stories on deadline; working in accounting and HR; preparing ratings research presentations; and answering phones in reception. I learned that every single job is important, tough, and has its own unique challenges. I learned how important everyone is to the whole organization. I learned that we have the best and the brightest working with us, and I remain humbled by the skill and dedication you bring every day. With so much potential, it was obvious that we had to grow the company, and so that's what we did: We bought WHTM, and when the opportunity came up, we started ABC 33/40 in Birmingham. I was proud to live and work in Birmingham for almost half a year. Thanks to the hard work of hundreds of professionals, we premiered as the No. 2 station in the market and had the most successful new station launch in the past 50 years. We invested in news across the company, and recruited WJLA's dream team of Maureen Bunyan, Gordon Peterson, Leon Harris, Alison Starling, Doug Hill and Tim Brant, just to name a few. WJLA went from last to first, and battles on today in the incredibly competitive Washington market. NewsChannel 8, KTUL, KATV, WCIV, and WSET all continue to be driving forces in the cities that they serve, while being incredibly successful businesses, providers of good jobs, and contributors to the communities. None of this would have been even remotely possible if it had not been for the outstanding efforts, skills, and dedication of everyone at ACC. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with you for the last 20 years. For everything that you have done for me, my parents, and my children, I thank you with all my heart. Dad passed away two years ago, but I know he shares my pride in the first-class reputation you have earned and preserved over the years. Now the day has come when structural changes in the business required us to make a decision: Get Big, or Get Going. I feel the same way that my father did 40 years ago: Television has a bright future. I would have liked to have stayed on for many years to come, but given the reality that only the very largest television groups will thrive, that was not possible. I will have to watch your growth from the sidelines, but I will do it with pride and support. On behalf of my family, I wish for continued success, and all the very best for everyone. Thank you for the best 20 years any man could ever ask for. Respectfully, Robert Allbritton (7/30/14)

RE: Bill Lord. Correct me if I'm wrong. Where is Sinclair's legal standing to fire Bill Lord from a station they don't legally own yet. According to the front page of this website they won't close on Allbritton until Friday. Legally the powers that be at Channel 7 don't have to let the Sinclair people in the building. If Bill Lord wanted to be a complete dick he could have told those losers you can't tell me anything until you close on the joint. (7/30/14)

"Say it ain't so...a chink in the WTOP armor!" kindly watch what you say. Regards, Anthony Federico, watching daytime TV with Stephen A. Smith (7/30/14)

Hi Dave! Here's a Youtube link to the call letter change of ch 7 back in 1977. Channel 9 is there as well. The culprit in all this Sinclair controversy is the f. c. c. The crime is also the shutting down of a heritage a b c affiliate WCIV(4) Charleston,S.C. Their ch 47 allocation going to auction for the mobile phone fat cats-----who want you to pay for t v. What a shame!! Lost in this is a news department----all kinds of jobs,really good for the economy huh? Where's ME-TV going to land by the way? WCIV preempted a large amount of programing from the Chicago based classic net anyway. They are far worse than ch 11 up here in Baltimore which airs to much news and to much sports for my taste on 11.2! There a lot of ramifications to this. We really need a new f c c--one that makes sure you ca get a signal and that stations contours are protected and that's all period. (7/30/14)

The audio posted to the WJFK website is actually more damning to management than to Chad Dukes. Its one thing to have said these things years ago when sensibilities were different - but quite another to actually archive them and bring them back out in today's environment. Seriously - TOTAL lack of awareness on the part of station management. Not sure how far up the ladder a decision like this would be - but a serious sign of why this station is ALWAYS failing. As for Chad - I would be seriously concerned about the comments section following the Deadspin article. A whole lot of former coworkers sharing the same sort of stories. Sounds like he's a serious liability - and any HR department worth its salt would be asking some questions. (7/30/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Somebody please fix WTOP's website. It always takes forever to load.....] It's been acting like this the past few weeks. And I know it's not my browser as I can use IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari and experience the same sluggishness. (7/30/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Somebody please fix WTOP's website. It always takes forever to load.....] All news 99.1 has the same webmaster. Coincidence or decide... (7/30/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Somebody please fix WTOP's website. It always takes forever to load.....] Say it ain't so...a chink in the WTOP armor! Can't believe it. (7/30/14)

[RE Bob Rivers:] Is Bob retiring from radio to tour full time with Heart By Heart? They recently played the Dundalk Heritage Fair (7/30/14)

The Federal Court case is completely different than the MLB Arbitration because the arbitration was Selig’s idea and non-binding to either team. Did anyone ever think Angelos would accept the decision of MLB arbitration when he doesn’t have to? The federal court case, however, would be binding, but that still remains in Angelos’s favor since the Nationals signed the deal. There are no do-overs in binding contracts. If anyone knows that it’s Angelos. The court case is designed to put pressure on Angelos, not to win it because the Nats simply can’t win it and Angelos knows it, but its not in either teams best interest for all their finances to come out in Federal Court. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Selig sent a scathing letter to both owners for not negotiating in good faith. The owners and Selig’s worst nightmare is that it goes to court because that will open up all of MLB’s dirty little secrets. That would be a disaster for the next Player’s agreement. (7/30/14)

Albie Dee to program WPGC's Area 955. WRQX launches new morning show for teenage girls. Corrupt FCC, which charges Sinclair with "intent to deceive," gives it WJLA anyway. News czar Bill Lord is forced out with the big changes coming to WJLA. A Chicago gig for Jack Diamond? And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (7/30/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Listening to new RQX morning show. Sounds like its target demo is girls age 12-16.....] In reality, that's always been their target! Their DJs talk more like teen girls than most teen girls do!! (7/30/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Listening to new RQX morning show. Sounds like its target demo is girls age 12-16.....] yeah, this is a far cry from the days of Jack Diamond....your description is spot words (7/30/14)

Popo - [BTW to the one poster, yes the show is bought time but didn't think it mattered] It certainly does matter, Michael. A show that is "bought time" isn't a "show", it's a commercial. There's a huge difference, but whatever helps you sleep. (7/30/14)

Okay, enough venom for now; lets concentrate on something really important. Who's the yummy blonde cavewoman in the current Michael & Sons TV commercial? (7/30/14)

So Cooley radio setting looks just like The Junkies: maybe like The Fifth Beatle he could be The Fifth Junkie? (7/30/14)

Ah the lovely well-to-do Bob & Maureen McDonnell in Federal Court for Corruption, of all things I do declare! Former Redskins-Cheerleader and House of Delegates wonder-boy from Virginia Beach taking money from a sleazy little reptile so they can keep up with the Cuccinelli's! You poor people who aren't big Republicans just don't understand that a $15,000-Rolex is just a "friendship" gift between rich people. And buying lavish wedding parties for a well-connected-elected-officials daughters is par for the course amongst the elite folk, who don't have to follow the laws that lowly common folk must. Its all just a big misunderstanding and Obama's henchmen paying Governor Bob back for campaigning for Romney. And for Maureen being a vocal supporter of that "Redskins" name. Whats that cheer? Ree-Ree-Kick-em'-in-the-knee. Ras-Ras-kick-em'-in-the-Ass!!! Go Team! The laws don't apply to us elite Republican-rich-folk!! Just a rich-kerfuffle that doesn't involve you po-folks. I'm sure Sarah Palin will feature Bob & Maureen from Federal Prison on her new Cable Channel, you betcha! Hear details of how "it's all Obama's fault" and it couldn't possibly be Republicans doing something underhanded and crooked on WMAL radio. If we don't have the facts, we just make them up! Hey its worked for Faux News for year, why not us? (7/30/14)

Quote:"what so many in broadcasting have sworn to do on long-time WEAM GM Harry Averill's grave."UNQuote: I swore the same thing at the time, but now I refuse to stand in long lines to do anything! OldWeamTeamer (7/30/14)

This is laughable. Chad is in the OBX for a PLANNED vacation. Talked about for weeks on the BOAD Podcast. The Dead Spin thing was probably planned for you idiots to run with after his show just began for publicity... OOBBEE (7/30/14)

Add me to the list of people negatively affected by the Allbritton-Lord team. I've never been abused by an employer as I was with them. They lied to us about staffing, bonuses, and more. They pushed very talented people to the edge, in many cases with illegal employment practices. Most who left landed in vastly superior environments with bosses who appreciated them. I for one wish I'd never worked for them. (7/30/14)

Bill Lord, great guy and class act, leaving WJLA too soon! Robert Allbritton, total loser and absolute a-hole, not leaving WJLA soon enough! (7/30/14)

/\ July 30 Messages /\

\/ July 29 Messages \/

Ah yes more phony outrage from the mob mentality of the internet over Chad Dukes comments from 15 years ago. We can all thank Deadspin. Those comments may sound awful now, but at the time, in context, that was par for the course on regular guy talk radio. That word he used over and over again, was a staple on every guy talk show across the country. That gay slur has taken on a whole other level for the past decade where it's now considered offensive. But back then, right or wrong, it was totally fine to use. Sports Junkies used to use it on a daily basis. Times have changed. The real outrage should be at CBS & their web team, that is pretty stupid for posting that online.... (7/29/14)

Saw a funny story on WTOP's website this afternoon... seems a disgruntled Cleveland NFL fan did unto Art Modell's grave what so many in broadcasting have sworn to do on long-time WEAM GM Harry Averill's grave.. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/29/14)

Can't tell who Johnnie Williams Governor McDonnell's wife's lover looks like other than maybe Rip Torn, Marv Albert, maybe Al Michaels but he's got Dick Nixon's penis shaped nose: maybe that's why she was smitten with him although it might have been his money. This is going to be a hell of a trial: where's Judge Judy when we need her? (7/29/14)

Caught James “J.B.” Brown sitting in the anchor chair at the CBS Evening News doing an absolutely splendid job. The whole CBS team is outstanding and can perform anchor duties as well. But I really, really like J.B. (7/29/14)

Tuned in to a few minutes of Chad's show & whoever was on there said he was on vacation. Coincidence that all this homophobic stuff has serviced in his absence? (7/29/14)

To Pete MacLeod.....Glad to hear you are still doing what you love to do.....still wish I had been able to buy my f-in-l's local station, though I probably would have 'killed it' sooner that it was actually taken dark. EtaPhi '65 (7/29/14)

To: Pete MacLeod, WFMD Sports---Dave is not to blame here, its what he was told from what I understand. First off I think we met at the Kent Island-Middletown game last year. I was very much aware of your work and the great job you guys do, whoever sent should have written just slightly different, maybe Maryland's Only Game Night High School show unless you guys do as well, don't know. The Overtime Live show whose creator is Mark Potter was an off shoot of Friday night games we did each week for Easton that pre and post, it also morphed into the Sunday Sports Page both then on AM 1460 WEMD (now leased and run as Top 40 WKHZ) and then into OTL on 94-3 WINX-FM. It goes back to 2003. I am glad you guys are doing what you are doing, I wish there was more. The OTL presents a game of the week, does in game scoreboard updates, a halftime show with highlights and post game and then the OTL gets all the coaches every Friday Night after the games and goes down the line recapping the games, taking calls, scoreboard recaps etc. I wish we could do the weekly segments you do but first I don't live in Easton and second we just don't have the manpower and I work several jobs as does Mark. We would do basketball but there just is not a big enough market for it, we do do Boys and Girls Bayside Championships. Keep up the great work. I am glad there are at least two programs covering high school ball in Maryland. We should partner up for scores from Week 7 on for playoff implications...BTW to the one poster, yes the show is bought time but didn't think it mattered. -Mike Popovec (Mike Bradley) (7/29/14)

So within his first week with his own show "Chad Dukes Versus The World" it looks like The World won: no Chad Dukes! Bill Rowland/Rolland is hosting and no word on Chad. Probably at Remingtons or The Boots and Saddle giving glory holes to make amends. Thus is the power of "The Gay"!!! (7/29/14)

Everett, I believe Towson was also briefly on the failed FOX Sports 1370, or at least was supposed to be. I don’t know how many games actually aired. (7/29/14)

RE: Chad Dukes… As I recall Damon “The BullDog” Yaffe did something somewhat anti-gay for a time or at least it seemed on CBS Radio here. And he’s seriously thin skinned. When Buck Showalter first came to town, he kept saying lines like, “Congratulations so and so, you’ve been BUCKED up the….” or something like that. I can’t remember whether he said ass or not, but I made a gay comment about it on his then CBS Radio page, long gone, and he was none too happy. I apologized, told him I was gay, and just thought it was funny, but he immediately banned/blocked me from the page. Few weeks later CBS let him go, so I must not have been the only one that noticed it. (7/29/14)

Dave, you may have heard this today (7/24) on the WMAL morning show. Brian Wilson and the guest host (Crystal?) were talking about some guy in Fredrick County, MD who wants to establish a gun range on his property and the homeowners in nearby Montgomery County are concerned/if not opposed. Both hosts had differing opinions on the topic but the first commercial after this was for a gun show in Virginia. (7/29/14)

I actually worked/interned on the LaVar Arrington show with Chad Dukes on WJFK a few years ago. I disliked him very much. I have a few stories, but the one that stood out to me was that he would have all of his phone screeners put a star (*) next to a callers name if they were African American. If you messed up and he went to a call where an African American de-railed the show, he would flip out on everyone in the room. -from the deadspin article comments section. (7/29/14)

I can't wait to hear the in-depth reporting and commentary from Brian and Larry tomorrow morning regarding Maureen McDonnell’s "involvement" with Jonnie Williams. I mean Brian and Larry can get their good friend Ken Kuccinelli to call in and provide political and personal analysis. They can get their new friend William Howell to give an "inside politics" recap. They can have Barbara Comstock on to talk about her friendship with Maureen, and how she was "duped" by all that was going on. Wow, what a banner day for Brian and Larry. Or, Brian and Larry can talk about “executive orders” and Benghazi. It is your call, Bill. (7/29/14)

Dukes is f'ing terrible. He sucks as a broadcaster and he sucks as a human being. I would rather listen to the intolerable sound of a smoke detector with a dying battery beep than that d-bag. (7/29/14)

[Chad Dukes is] awful to listen to and tiresome- and I don't even care about what he said. I'm just glad more people are coming out of the woodwork with their stories of his douche baggery. The deadspin article has some top shelf comments on this bag of crap (7/29/14)

Has 103 gotten rid of Mike "Lou Dobbs" Moss? This morning on my way to WRNR I was pleased to hear the two friendly voices of Bruce and Joan doing the news, instead of PompAss. (7/29/14)

Have you seen the new price for translators this week? Two translators were for $1 million and second one for $4.6 million in Chicago. Brokers say the price of the translator is based on the number of people it reaches. In a major market they are certainly going to reach more people than a small market. It is also supply and demand. In the major markets it is very difficult to find a vacant frequency. How many translators can you squeeze into a market. (7/29/14)

Towson Tigers football radio was online only during the 2012 & 2013 seasons. Towson football's most recent affiliation before this new deal was with WNST back in 2011. Towson Tigers men's basketball was online only during the 2013-14 season & primarily online only during 2012-13 with select games on WBAL. Everett W. (7/29/14)

I just read the Deadspin blog on Chad Dukes and read the transcript that was actually POSTED on the WJFK website. I know hosts who have been fired for saying alot less - both on air and on the web.. And they actually got ratings. I think we're seeing why this station will always be a perennial loser until they make some fundamental changes. (7/29/14)

Robin Quivers never worked at WBAL. She worked for WCBM. (7/29/14)

So, now we know when Sinclair takes the keys. Will 7 rate its own GM? Or, will they add it and NC8 to the Baltimore cluster? Sorry to hear of Bill Lord's fate in this... but not surprised. The GM is almost always the first to go in these situations. He's one of the good guys and a class act. Bill will certainly land on his feet. The next big question will be the new callsign for WJLA. Expect that fairly soon. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/29/14)

I'm not sure how 106.7fm will come down too hard on Chad Dukes for his "fag" comments; they've carried LaVar Arrington for years and he is openly, blatantly, PROUDLY racist. They're about to find out what so many outlets eventually stumble upon: when you hire bigots, it eventually comes back to bite you in the ass, hard, and it doesn't matter what their numbers were prior to their unveiling. They end up deep in the shitcan and they take everyone around them down too. Witness Jimmy the Greek, Doug Tracht, etc etc etc. (7/29/14)

I read and do enjoy Deadspin on most occasions. I almost can’t blame them for finding this story about Chad Dukes worthy of print... but, it should reflect more on the talk radio climate at the time of the statements, and more specifically the Sports Junkies show in the past. In the past! If you would listen to “guy talk” radio before the FCC put its regulatory foot down the use of this homophobic slur was used all the time. Lord, if we all look in the mirror this slur was used by me and others all the time… and I can only speak for myself but I have never had a problem with homosexuals. I used it because it was part of the slang we used to ‘dis’ (for lack of a better word) friends and foes. Just like most of society, Dukes does not use that word … at least on the air – I don’t know him personally. On air he has been supportive of gay rights and civil rights in general. To judge him based on what he said as an intern on a ‘guy-talk’ radio show over 10 years ago is irresponsible. So is Dave McKenna’s lack of giving the exact date it aired. And so is the idiot producer who aired it yesterday causing this firestorm. But, in radio we can isolate any comment and the fact is it is on the record and will have to be dealt with. I just feel sorry for the man who was just offered his dream job and has to come back from vacation to deal with comments he made as a young adult. I will go back and listen to my podcasts now. M. Session (7/29/14)

Any bets on how long it takes for the fake outrage brigade to get Chad Dukes fired yet? And I'm sure this same group of "outraged" people would be just as pissed if Chad had made disparaging comments about Christians, right? (7/29/14)

Where's my job Dave: where's my job? Signed: Not Bill Lord (7/29/14)

Definition: Train wreck - WTOP at 6:05 this morning. Intro to piece. Wrong clip. Next clip still wrong clip. Third try still another wrong clip. Charlie/Alexandria (7/29/14)

So which is it? It was a kick in the balls to everyone in the newsroom. Or everybody hated Bill Lord. It can’t be BOTH! Sounds to me like Sinclair though it was the later. Obviously, someone in the mailbag is outright lying. And if I had to guess, it’s probably some loser who knows he’ll be on the chopping block who was probably a 1st class suck up to Bill Lord. This SBG paranoia is getting kind of crazy. I seriously doubt David Smith would spent all that money and leverage the whole company just to take a wrecking ball to it. Btw, I wouldn’t be surprised if Doug McKelway comes back if they can afford him. (7/29/14)

After Stern left DC101, Robin went to do hard news in Baltimore (WBAL radio, was there a less than a year, I think) before joining Stern in New York. (7/29/14)

I’ll 2nd that. I think there is or at least was a Harford County high school sports radio show too. Not sure if its still on. I think AM 1330 is silent now. It was a leased show, but so is Mike Popovec’s. (7/29/14)

Look, I’m as big a critic as the next guy when it comes to WBAL, but they DID NOT carry Towson Football games, at least not the entire season. WBAL does NAVY Football. I know they have aired select Towson Basketball games, but again, not an entire schedule. And on the Dukes fiasco, is CBS Management just now becoming aware of this? Sort of reinforces what I have long suspected; that CBS Management (both DC & Balt), never actually listen to their own product. (7/29/14)

From what I see Towson University men's basketball games and football games are now going to air on 1300 am. The games had been on WBAL 1090 for years. Another screw up that'll set them further back, if that's possible. Nice going, The Only Station That Matters! (7/29/14)

If they're going to can Chad, one of the Junkies will have to go too. At the beginning, one (I don't listen enough to tell them apart) of the Junkies says "Bob's got that faggot on" prior to Chad. If anyone's getting the ax for this, it should be the genius that spliced it together & decided to air it. (7/29/14)

Hi Dave, An item from your July 26 edition is incorrect. Mike Bradley may be an excellent sportscaster but he does not do the only high school football show in Maryland! Ed Lulie and I have been co-hosting "Frederick County Sports Weekend" which features a weekly look at Frederick County high school sports, since August of 2007 on WFMD Radio in Frederick. Starting in July each year the show exclusively looks at high school football in Frederick County with weekly guests including coaches and players and sometimes officials and referees. We also do the high school football game of the week on Friday nights from September through the state playoffs in December. We then cover at least 25 regular season high school basketball games in Frederick County plus the post season tournaments. We have won recognition for three years in a row (2012, 2013, 2014) for having the "Best Year Round Local Sports Coverage" from the Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters. Right now we are interviewing the Frederick County high school football coaches about their teams for this coming Fall season. 99 percent of your daily media news is top shelf but in this case you seem to fall into the familiar Baltimore/Washington trap of ignoring what is going on in the media in the western counties of Maryland. Pete MacLeod, WFMD Sports (7/29/14)

[RE Bill Lord:] He will remain till. September. (By contractual agreement I'm guessing) (7/29/14)

Duke's comments won't matter unless the Lexus's and Budweiser's' get flack...if the media buyers don't get rankled, it means nothing...I think Duke's should get a pass, he's sucked so much D on the way up a little more pickle tickle should smooth things over... (7/29/14)

Seen last weekend at Sea Catch Restaurant in Georgetown: Geraldo, Dave and Heather. (7/29/14)

Sinclair dropped the ax on Bill Lord today. It was like a kick in the groin to the whole newsroom. We all have the highest respect for him and know that his sacking is a very bad omen for WJLA and News8 operations. Both stations have come a long way since Bill's arrival. He hired many of us and others made the decision to stay based on the knowledge that we were being lead by a true gentleman. People are sad and angry. We have come so far and it is a shame to think that we will be going backwards. Bill was able to manage all of the complexities of a big city newsroom yet provide each of us with the individual attention we needed as we produced the news each day. Bill was very diplomatic in managing and babysitting Robert Allbritton who we all know is a first class moron. Robert would glide though the station leaving a path of destruction in his wake. Bill would diplomatically follow behind and put things back in order before too much damage was done. Even when Robert announced his plan to dismantle our web sites and redirect News8 into, Bill kept the trains smoothly on the tracks. When Robert drove Jim Brady mad with his psychotic mood swings, Bill was big enough man to console Brady and keep the peace in our newsroom. We will miss Bill for the many things he does for us. You can be sure a lot of us are updating our resumes tonight. (7/29/14)

Dave's response: Oh, and don't forget to send a thank you card to Robert Allbritton.....

/\ July 29 Messages /\

\/ July 28 Messages \/

Here is the email Dave. It's about time. Nobody liked Bill at WJLA --- Hello Everyone. I have just received word that September 30thwill be my last day at WJLA. Sinclair will be posting the GM position in the morning so I wanted to tell all of you first. I will be here over the next two months to operate the station until a replacement is found. I’ll try to keep this simple. These past twelve years have been far and away the best of my professional life and it’s all because of my association with you. It has been an awesome privilege to come to work with you every day. I know I’m supposed to be the boss but as I look out over the station I see hundreds of mentors always helping me arrive at the right decision. For that and everything else you have done to fill up my life I thank you. We’ll talk more later. In the meantime, keep up the good work. Bill... Bill Lord, General Manager, WJLA-TV/NewsChannel 8 (7/28/14)

Take a tour of WBOC AM-FM-TV in the 60s, look at the size of the videotape machines! Tom in DC (7/28/14)

In the discussion with what's wrong with AM radio, I came across this "AM is dying for two reasons. Owners put crappy, unrelatable programming on the sticks and no one pays attention; and owners put no effort or money into maintaining the signals themselves (grounding, etc). The audio quality is crap, and the content is crap. Why would anyone listen except out of habit or necessity?" This has hit the nail on the head with one particular owner that thinks he has an entertainment network but is on stations with horrible signals, poor sound quality and unrelatable programming. There is nothing live or local worth a shit and the station is playing the SAME music you can hear on big, more professional sounding FMs. (7/28/14)

Re: WTOP web site & app. Because WTOP probably puts more value on social disease media (Twatter and Fuckface which I detest and will never use) they could care less about the app let alone the web site (web sites are oh so low rent these days). Yes: the web site is very slow to load via any internet provider and the app's opening blue page can stare at you for several minutes and once on has about the same download speed as the web site. Now I wish DCRTV had an app as the web site can be slow too. But then: what's the hurry? What me worry (7/28/14)

Well, if CBS is as strict on gay slurs as Sirius was on Anthony when it came to his race rants….Chad Dukes will be fired. No worries though….there is always podcasts or WMAL….where the homophobic righties reside. Dan (7/28/14)

[RE Chad Dukes & Deadspin:] a total witch-hunt. Everyone knows Chad loves gay people. Surprised Deadspin had the time to comb through old audio and find this. (7/28/14)

My friend your friend who says Stern worked at DC's 98 Rock is just plain wrong. Go rent "Private Parts" where Stern is depressed when the Detroit station goes country and is thrilled when he went to DC 101 at Conn. & M Streets NW: I remember it like it was yesterday. That's where he met Robin and totally shook up DC radio overshadowing The Greaseman et al. One of if not the greatest thing to ever happen to DC radio and then sadly he moved to NY's horrible AM station WNnnnnnnBC and then was syndicated. The rest as they say is history. Stern created shock jock radio not Anus in the Morning and Rush not only saved AM radio he invented conservation talk radio. They also share the same birthday in Januay and are but years apart. (7/28/14)

[RE Chad Dukes & Deadspin:] I remember this. This bit is the EXACT reason why I hate Chad Dukes and The Sports Junkies. This bit is why I've referred to them as "circle jerking assclowns" in the past. (7/28/14)

[RE Chad Dukes & Deadspin:] He's a chameleon...or an asshole (7/28/14)

The FCC already cluttered up the dial with FM translators. The problem is, the AM stations are so fucking BROKE, they can’t even afford the damn electric bill on an AM/FM combo! Another failed FCC attempt. Let me repeat to the Old Folks Home… THERE IS NO SPACE AT THE INN! NO JELLO FROM THE NURSE! THE FM DIAL IS FULL! LOL (7/28/14)

So kids what did we learn today from the DCRTV Mailbag: Chad Dukes is "homophobic" so there goes the contract he just signed with C.K & WJFK (talk about a short career); guys who make homophobic slurs -- Chris Plante?-- are self loathing gays; Allbritton gave poor Arch Campbell a black eye (hope you slugged him back Arch); AM radio sucks (who can even get it on the radio with all the signals flying thru the air these days); and last but not least DCRTVDJDAVE might stand a chance with either Chris Plante (Number One Boy?) or Larry O'Connor if & when he comes out of the closet. Gotta go now: have a date with The Daily Caller's Betsy Rothstein. (7/28/14)

Dave's response: Chad Dukes and Betsy Rothstein - one and the same person? Hmmm.....

WTOP's website is horrible. 80% of the time the front page and stories take minutes to load, if they do at all. A lot of time I just give up and go to another site. Didn't they can the internet manager a couple years ago? Well we need another one who can convince management to fork out the bucks to upgrade the site. No it's not on my end, have no trouble at all with any other sites. Maybe if we complain enough in the DCRTV mailbag,management will get on the ball. (7/28/14)

Need to settle an argument. A friend insists that Howard Stern was on 98Rock briefly before he went to DC101. I say no...he went from Detroit's WWWW (after they went Country) straight to DC101. I don't mind admitting if I'm wrong, but I'm 100% sure about this. (7/28/14)

Dave's response: Never heard of Stern ever working at 98 Rock.....

[RE Chad Dukes & Deadspin:] I guess today the world won (7/28/14)

[RE Chad Dukes & Deadspin:] Dave McKenna did a great job again but I guess he is not getting a gig at CBS Radio or Red zebra (7/28/14)

[RE Chad Dukes & Deadspin:] The language was from a different time. The real problem is that WJFK posted that garbage without reviewing it first. (7/28/14)
[RE Chad Dukes & Deadspin:] less than a week on the air and the Gawker people already trying to get him fired! don't they have anything better to do? (7/28/14)

AM REVITALIZATION.....whatever happened to the idea that the FCC would open a window for AM station owners to apply for an FM translator? They could only apply if they were an owner as of 1/1/14. This would certainly help the situation. (7/28/14)

Dave- In response to your comment: "Most homophobic morons are closeted, self-loathing gay guys..." To quote Brian Billick, "you're not qualified." (7/28/14)

Sour grapes for NewsBlues because half of their half baked rumors turned out to be false! HAHA! As part of the deal as I stated previously before NewsBlues, Cunningham Broadcasting has to check in with the Media Bureau quarterly. As someone posted on TVNewsCheck who had the entire story right from FCC filings, if you paid NewsBlues for wild false interoffice station gossip, you’re a fool. Most of those stories of bad retirement plans, mass firings, blah blah blah, were all false. It just so happens that Robert Allbritton simply ran some of those stations into the ground and they should be firing people at 3rd place in news ratings TV stations. (7/28/14)

RE: “Dave's response: Most "homophobic morons" are closeted, self-hating gay guys.....” That’s true sometimes, like former Wizards player Christian Laetner who’s a devout Christian & family man, but I won’t go there. I wouldn’t be surprised if former Ravens Matt Birk also falls into that category. Then there are those 100% narcissistic straight guys who like to look at their own bodies and enjoy that other guys are jealous they can’t get chicks like they can or aren’t as powerful in the media as them. (See Brian Bolter who kept taking pics of his FEET up on the news desk, propped up on vacation, etc etc etc LOL) They egotistically get off on other straight guys being jealous and are simply pissed at gays for not being jealous because instead they’re horned up and getting a free look at the gym! LMAO PS: See also Tony Lombardi, Nestor Apararicio :-) (7/28/14)

RE: Death of AM Radio… I’ve said this before, but the people in the old folks home don’t get it. Turning AM over to more low power stations solves nothing. Keeping failed stations around solves nothing. HD-Radio solves nothing, even exacerbates the problem! Translators solve practically nothing except to interfere with legitimate FM broadcasters making money. You can say all you want about how good AM Radio CAN SOUND. The fact is it will never sound that way again using the same 1920s technology EVER! There’s too many computers, cell phones, electric lines, incandescent bulbs are gone. There are computer chips in cars, watches, wireless head phones, keyboards, mice. I could go on and on. They’re all interfering on the spectrum and AM Radio is the most susceptible because it was not designed for ANY OF THIS! THE ONLY SOLUTION IS ALL DIGITAL RADIO. Get rid of a lot of lower power stations, create a system with incredible redundancy for signal loss or distortion. For AM radio, MUST USE THE ENTIRE BANDWIDTH OF THE STATION for ONE POWERFUL SIGNAL. For FM, quality would be amazing even if sub-channels were added, but all would have the same signal strength and coverage map. I know this sounds like DTV which largely failed, but now that we know the problems of that, there’s no reason those couldn’t be solved with AM/FM. The problem is the FCC is mucking it up instead, kicking the can down the road, stop-gap measures, none of which have worked. Unfortunately, there are no thinkers at the FCC, just lawyers, so oh well. :-( (7/28/14)

Why did Monday's WaPo Sports section contain TWO side by side stories about how the new coach of the Washington Anacostia Residents You Wouldn't Like To Be Near On The Subway (that's my proposed new name) is "delegating" to his sub-coaches? Maybe the White House could take some lessons from The Little Tree-Killer on spin. - "Most "homophobic morons" are closeted, self-hating gay guys....." Hey, whatever thought gets you to sweet release, I guess. - ZW (7/28/14)

I just went and read the Deadspin story about Chad Dukes and The Junkies and found this update: "UPDATE: The WJFK web page with the personalities saying "fag" and giggling was removed after this piece was posted." I'm guessing that CBS doesn't think it is funny now. I guess they don't want everyone to hear their talent calling people "faggots". I guess they are not as proud as they were originally. (7/28/14)

Bob Rivers is most known in Baltimore for his almost 11 day continuous stint on the radio that caught international attention during the Orioles 21 game losing streak to start the 1988 season. Rivers says he will continue doing his famous "Twisted Tunes." Here's a flashback to People Magazine 1988 and more at KING TV 5 - (7/28/14)

" I think the FCC ought to open up the AM band to individuals who want to play broadcaster and just let them set up shop" & "Even have the local NAB or AFTRA chapter set up a coordination council, and use the environment to groom talent and engineering" And who is going to PAY for all this "coordination"? Not the NAB. Certainly not AFTRA and the FCC budget is cut to the bone now. Who will tell the errant hobby-caster they are creating interference? Possibly you will volunteer your time, gas, vehicle and possibly life to the cause? Radio stations are like life. Fleeting and too short. Maybe we should just let individuals who want to play Hospital "just let them set up shop" and see what happens too? They could take you to one of the Hobby-Hospitals after you tell a hobby-caster he's interfering with a real broadcaster! (7/28/14)

Story About Chad Dukes Homophobia Picking Up Steam On Deadspin - (7/28/14)

Hey, Dave.I just caught Arch Campbell's review of "Snowpiercer". What's up with his left eye? (7/28/14)

[RE Flounder to 107.3:] Good for him! maybe he can convince the Cumulus bosses to let him resurrect his Saturday night mashup show. (7/28/14)

Chad Dukes is a homophobic moron? Who knew? Well, everybody. Better yet, who’s going to listen? Lavar only had a nodding acquaintance with the English language, but it’s hard to imagine how a dim bulb like Dukes is going to fill that much air time. Sincerely, TMU. (7/28/14)

Dave's response: Most "homophobic morons" are closeted, self-hating gay guys.....

Did somebody say the TV stations were shills for Metro? Haha... (7/28/14)

AM stations can sound really good. I have some recordings made 30+ years ago listening to a 50,000 watt daytime station in Norfolk, Virginia, WZAM, 1110KHz, with a format "The Rock of the 80s." Really good playlist. The station had just gone on the air, and had brand new equipment start to finish. Excellent loudness (compression without earbleed), open fidelity (both lows and highs were there), and live talent spinning the songs. ("Big Mac," where are you now?) They carried the NBC radio newscast "The Source." A strapping signal all around the state's most populated area. Should have had commercial success. All of that is long gone, now the station is just another Bible beater. Wither AM? At this point, I think the FCC ought to open up the AM band to individuals who want to play broadcaster and just let them set up shop. Who knows what might develop. A 100 watt MOSFET transmitter might cost a couple hundred dollars. Toss a wire in the trees with some CB coax and an antenna tuner, and drive it with a $49 Behringer board, a couple of players, and DJ mic. Make it daytime-only on any channel that is open. If a commercial station complains, then move the newcomer to another channel. Plenty of room on that band for a local signal daytime. Even have the local NAB or AFTRA chapter set up a coordination council, and use the environment to groom talent and engineering. (7/28/14)

From Dave McKenna at - WJFK, a CBS-owned sportstalker serving the D.C. market, made a big announcement last week. LaVar Arrington, the former Washington Redskins star and longtime co-host of the station's afternoon show, LaVar and Dukes, had moved to Los Angeles to join the NFL Network. Instead of hiring a big-name replacement, management gave the four-hour daily block to Arrington's sidekick, Chad Dukes. Dukes started out as an intern in D.C. radio years ago, so working his way up to the prime drive-time spot in such a massive market could make for a sweet story. But to promote Dukes's recent promotion, WJFK posted a sort of Tomahawk dunk reel of his finest moments on the air. The best, according to the list, was an appearance on WJFK's morning-zoo-ish Sports Junkies program in which Dukes and the hosts revel over a prank call he'd made to Elliot in the Morning, a show at rival station DC101, posing as Lance Armstrong. There's no year given, but, it's an awfully hard listen in 2014. The takeaways from the vintage segment are: 1) Times have changed, and 2) nobody at WJFK vetted the clip before posting it. It's full of dated meanness and homophobic slurs that nobody—on air or off—uses for cheap giggles anymore. You can listen to the whole thing here, but among the, um, highlights—captured in the reel above—are these: 1:08: Eric "E.B." Bickel, one of the Sports Junkies, says he's angry because somebody inside the WJFK studio had dialed up DC-101, so he was forced to hear the voice "that faggot," meaning Elliot Segal. 2:43: Dukes says Segal bought into his Armstrong impression and was fawning. "Basically he was smoking my bone," says Dukes. "He was like, 'You're the greatest athlete ever!' And I'm like, 'Thanks, fag!'" 6:35: "They broke into traffic to go to me," says Dukes, "which is great, because you know over there, traffic and temperature and time! That's number one over there! Faggots!" The segment ends with Dukes saying it was hard to stay calm, given how much he hates Segal. 22:48: "Yeah, I hate him," says Dukes. "I'm very offended by him. And I'm very offended by him and I'm offended by the way he won't respond, and I think he's a faggot and I think he likes [BLEEP] sex." Why whatever was bleeped was bleeped given what wasn't will remain an eternal mystery. On Friday, a day before the gay-bashing bash was posted, Dukes went on the air with his first big guest as a solo act: Anthony Cumia, the former co-host of Opie and Anthony on satellite radio. Cumia made the news this month for repeated racist rants on Twitter, which wound up getting him fired. Dukes introduced Cumia as "one of the most talented radio personalities in the history of the medium." The pair then spent the next 14 minutes agreeing that radio hosts should be able to say whatever they want. (7/28/14)

@ Silver Line Coverage - I was utterly AMAZED by how all four local TV stations became total shills for Mama Metro this morning. I did not see one person who voiced a complaint – and there were many to be voiced. And reporters at all the Tyson’s stations ? Why ? They are destinations, not boardpoints. 4,5,7, and 9 should change their tag lines to “ Always Selling Silver”. (7/28/14)

To the poster asking what is wrong with AM radio and blasting WBAL. Give it a rest dude. Tune in 600, 680, 810, 1090, 1230, 1300, 1400. And for that matter 93.1, 101.9, 1027.7, 104.3, 106.5. ALL these stations mail it in or are on the bird. Good content beats boring radio. Radio has killed radio, not WBAL. And yes, I used to listen to 1090 a lot, but guess what? I learned to flip and go where there is something I want to hear. Give it a try. (7/28/14)

As long as WKCW is being brought up, anyone see this video of 1420 AM being picked up in Scotland, at 60W? That's a'ight! (7/28/14)

From what I'm reading here Robert Allbritton and David Smith seem like one in the same. Watch out future Sinclair employees. Get your resume tapes ready. Just love the comments by the FCC. (7/28/14)

If you want to know what's wrong with AM radio, just punch in 1090. A crappy signal would be an improvement over the current signal. Most of the talent have voices that would make nails on a blackboard sound entertaining. And the news has become nothing more than stories ripped from the entertainment pages. An earlier poster called it the old gray mare. Time to euthanize the station and put everyone out of their misery. (7/28/14)

The meme 'The miseducation of basically everything' caught viral fire over the weekend depicting a combination of the just released Nicki Minaj 'Anaconda' cover and the cover of Lauryn Hill's mega success "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" (7/28/14)

From Today's NewsBlues: INTENT TO DECEIVE - The FCC, on Friday, approved Sinclair Broadcast Group's $985 million purchase of Allbritton Communications but also accused Sinclair of "serious breaches of trust" in its widespread use of local marketing, shared-services, and joint-sales agreements to sidestep and "evade" federal ownership guidelines. The commission directly addressed what it described as Sinclair's "intent to deceive," and promised to issue a separate order later, dealing with Sinclair's "lack of candor" and "intentional misrepresentation of fact." The allegations were first raised last September in a petition by Rainbow PUSH ("People United to Save Humanity"), the non-profit coalition formed in 1996 by the Rev. Jesse Jackson to "raise public awareness on political issues." PUSH argued that Sinclair was unqualified to be a broadcast licensee. The petition contended that Sinclair had used its longtime relationship with Cunningham Broadcasting to evade FCC ownership restrictions that generally stop broadcasters from owning more than two TV stations in the same market. In Charleston, SC (Market #95), for instance, Sinclair owned WMMP-36-MyTV but also operated co-located WTAT-24-Fox via a "local marketing agreement" with Cunningham Broadcasting. PUSH argued that Sinclair was the "de facto" owner of both stations. It opposed Sinclair's purchase of Allbritton's WCIV-4-ABC, arguing that the sale would give Sinclair three stations in the same market. It accused Sinclair of "misrepresenting or withholding facts." The conflict was settled when Sinclair agreed to give up the broadcast license for WCIV-4-ABC and sell full control of WTAT-24-Fox to Cunningham, which, it promised, would be operated independent of Sinclair control. In its ruling Friday, the FCC said Sinclair had satisfied its ownership concerns. The petition by Rainbow PUSH was denied, and the sale of Allbritton's TV group was approved. But buried deep in the FCC document was an ominous section concerning Sinclair's "intent to deceive" the commission. "We believe that the facts show that Sinclair apparently violated the local TV ownership rule with respect to its continued operation of the LMA in the Charleston market, and we plan to issue an order addressing this potential violation specifically." The FCC said it viewed Sinclair's "misrepresentation and lack of candor" as "serious breaches of trust." It said the company was guilty of "intentional misrepresentation of fact intended to deceive." However, according to the FCC, Sinclair's violations "do not involve conduct likely to impact the future operation of other stations and that we have adequate enforcement remedies to address them. Nonetheless, we do note that proceedings raising potential character allegations against Sinclair remain open." Translation: We've got our eye on you, Sinclair. The company was given 60 days to complete its transfers and transactions. (7/28/14)

Quote:" Is it too late to do anything about AM?"UnQuote: No its not. But station owners have got to get out of the "I'll just turn on the satellite and let it run" mindset. An AM station that has something "entertaining" to offer listeners would garner ratings and even street-talk (a big item that pushes local advertisers) and regain some lost ground. into talent, promotion, management that knows how to handle talent (special kind of management indeed), a bankroll and patience to let it jell over a couple years is essential. Sadly the radio business has devolved (much like the rest of society) into an instant gratification-gimme it now, mindset. There are a few exceptions in the DC market and WTOP being one AM that comes to mind. Given the increased expense (overhead) for owning an AM (towers, transmitter, ATU's, ground-systems) the pressure to keep the bottom line is always on unenlightened management. Its not too late but the end is rapidly approaching for those who refuse to act on the future with a plan. A lot of radio-empires are sinking right now because they have no plan. Even Salem who fleeces the faithful is struggling to make ends meet. I'm reminded of the old saying "if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there"; when I see the landscape of AM radio today. - CornerOffice WithAWindow (7/28/14)

Just a little correction to the poster with "So, while we may not be thrilled to be owned by Sinclair, at least they are real broadcasters and have earned everything they have received. Quite a contrast to "Richie Rich" Allbritton." Sinclair was originally 3 stations owned by Mom and Dad which were handed down to the sons. (7/28/14)

AM is dying for two reasons. Owners put crappy, unrelatable programming on the sticks and no one pays attention; and owners put no effort or money into maintaining the signals themselves (grounding, etc). The audio quality is crap, and the content is crap. Why would anyone listen except out of habit or necessity? The good news is, both problems are very fixable. The bad news is, no owners are likely to fix either one, "they cost too much." (7/28/14)

I guess the gloves are off and the Truth Squad is out on Robert Allbritton. I'm usually a reader of DCRTV and not a poster. But, hats off to the guys are are telling the truth about the little weasel Allbritton. For years, he has paraded through the station trying to flex his muscle as owner. He'll make some stupid point and expect us to agree with him even when it is clear he has no idea what the hell he is talking about (which is most of the time). The deal is done and we will see what the cards hold with Sinclair as our new owner. Greatest fear is about what they will do with Bill Lord. Bill is a stellar guy and is the best thing that has happened to the newsroom in many years. Hopefully, Sinclair gets it. Even when Robert Allbritton was really screwing things up with his lame idea of, Bill kept us focused on the big picture. Bill respects the role of news and the tech guys. Several of us were surprised he didn't just take another offer and escape Robert Allbritton's insanity. But, Lord hung in there and hopefully he is still standing when Allbritton gone and forgotten. Add me to the list, Allbritton is a miserable flake and we will all be glad when he has cashed out. (7/28/14)

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\/ July 27 Messages \/

UCS, I'm seeing numerous Google links referencing fixed-wing hybrid helicopters. Why can't they be real? (7/27/14)

Yeah, the whole Sarah Fraser hiring by Mix 107.3 has me a little..confused. She wasn't the strongest personality in the peanut gallery on Kane's show, and didn't particularly stand out in her own 2 hours after that show on Hot 99.5.So Cumulus brings in Ty Bentli to co-host/usurp her? This is the same guy that worked at 92.3 NOW in NYC, and tried to steal 'Whip 'Em Out Wednesdays' at the SAME station Opie and Anthony had done the promotion years earlier when it was a different format! I (and probably management) don't know WTF Mix/DC 107.3 is trying to pull, but this show could be a disaster of comically epic proportions. -Billy Sparks (7/27/14)

Once again WTOP is showing the perils of not proofing AP copy that’s posted on their website! In a story 7/27 about California wildfires, the copy reads in part: “About 400 firefighters aided by fixed-wing helicopters were battling the flames…” What is a “fixed-wing helicopter”? Powered aircraft are classified as either fixed-wing or rotary wing! (The military V-22 Osprey is in a class by itself!) I don’t know whether to consider ignorance or laziness on posting a gaffe like this. (Jim Farley, your thoughts would be welcome…) Laurie, you and your people seriously need to proof this stuff before it’s posted. Credibility is king in all-news! Especially in a market with as many current and former pilots as D.C. Plus, how many of your clients are aircraft manufacturers? Companies are known by the company they keep. If you fail the accuracy test, your credibility could easily be questioned. Remember how quickly the existence of Woodstein’s “Deep Throat” was questioned when the Washington Post published a series called “Jimmy’s World”, about an 11-year-old heroin addict in Anacostia who existed only in the mind of the writer of the stories? If you don’t watch your accuracy… drip… drip… drip…, as DCRTV Dave used to say about what WNEW could do to WTOP. It’s business to be killed by a competitor. It’s laziness to be killed by your own efforts. Or, in this case, non-effort! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (and yes, I am a pilot.) (7/27/14)

"I smell a cease & desist coming from Clear Channel… “DC’s 107-3” sure sounds awfully similar to “DC 101.” That would depend. If DC101 is not trademarked or if the trademark has expired and wasn't renewed, then every station in town can claim the DC(fill in the blank) name. I don't know if "DC101" is trademarked. I'd be surprised if it wasn't but more than likely it has expired and wasn't renewed. I did a trademark search for "DC 101" and all its variations and didn't find it. Stranger things have happened. (7/27/14)

AM Radio? The blame of it's downhill slide goes to the owners. If you own an AM radio station, put compelling programs on the air, people will come and listen. Sure, lots of young people go to FM (if they go to the radio at all) for music. But what about people a little older, or even a lot older. AM radio can garner listeners if they have something interesting to listen to. I know making money is the key for the corporate rich. Well, for instance, Cumulus' WMAL pretty much sucks. However, apparently the bosses like the bottom line. That doesn't mean what's on the air is compelling. Certainly the morning and the mid-morning shows are losers. I just cannot imagine huge ratings. Rush, I suppose, brings up WMAL's bottom ratings line. Without Rush, can you imagine. I think in New York City that's happening. Rush leaves WABC for WOR and ratings for 770 AM are down, and up for 710 AM. I say AM radio can succeed but what is broadcast has to have meaning to the listener, possibly educational, and for sure, compelling. That's it for now until the next time. (7/27/14)

Put oldies on AM radio. That's where they started and that's where they sound best. If WKCW blew open their playlist a lot wider and put some live or 'tracked talent on to give the station some personality, I'd listen a lot more, in spite of the noise and weak signal. (7/27/14)

It sounds like Robby Allbritton and Danny Snyder should join a new club… The Young Filthy Rich But Still Losers Club! LMAO Even Aretha Franklin hates Johnny Rockets & the Redskins. See here… (7/27/14)

Who cares about AM Radio? I only listen to FM. The industry killed AM with the help of the FCC, by not doing anything to improve AM, about 20 years ago. That seems to be the attitude right now. AM should be sports and news. Is it too late to do anything about AM? (7/27/14)

“What person in their right mind would say "have some mercy on poor Allbritton: his father died and left him a mess"??? That's Robert Allbritton sounding off with an alias again in the Mailbag.” What person in their right mind or at the very least DCRTV Mailbagger (big difference) would believe either of the statements this obviously foolish reactionary poster made about a faux post: “Don’t feel sorry for Allbritton” and I ain’t Allbriton. Signed: Ken Kesey & His Merry Pranksters (7/27/14)

What person in their right mind would say "have some mercy on poor Allbritton: his father died and left him a mess"??? That's Robert Allbritton sounding off with an alias again in the Mailbag. He must not have much to do but sit around and whine while he counts the money he inherited. No chance he's spending time as the visionary CEO of Politico since they ignore him and just spend his money. We all know his father died and LEFT HIM WITH $$$ MILLIONS!!! A good thing for Robert since he's incapable of achieving any success on his own. Within WJLA the joke is that without the money his dad left him, he probably be "Bobby the backup engineer" on the overnight shift! (7/27/14)

107.3 is clearly in "one more chance" mode. Sara Fraser was hired for her name value, CLEARLY Ty Bentley, Rick Gillette's former AM driver is going to run that show. Sara has no host experience and has been out of work for over a year. The FOX 5 descriptions of the show sounds like the Kane show, with 2 girls?! Umm, ok. They said "we are going to talk about issues that face our audience." LOL- Really??! Was that the best they could come up with? They looked lost in explaining exactly what there show was about. DC doesn't need "So, my GF is mad cuzz her bf is mad, b/c she put on 10 lbs before beach season..." they tried that, it was called Burt show. PPM doesn't reward name awareness, it rewards live listening. Also, Rick Gillette has been running that station for like 4 months, and it continues to bomb... 25-54's are non-existent b/c DC doesn't need another 12-24 format station. Whether it sounds good, or not doesn't matter.. all that matters is if there' s a need for this club/rhythmic sound on a heritage Adult frequency. The smartest thing ever offered about this station is a Hispanic/Latino presentation. That population is under-served and it is expected to grow faster than any other population group in DC. It's free money waiting to be spent. I feel bad for the advertisers who don't pay attention, and spend their money on the wasteland that is WRQX. It's will be a historical lesson, while looking back and seeing how one of the best stations in the USA was dismantled. (7/27/14)

"The FCC didn't let AM die. The marketplace and the industry took care of that" Amen brother! Truer words have never been spoken here. Broadcasters did it to themselves. (7/27/14)

The Washington Post reports that the first U.S. Senate race in VA was held in WVA: what, no place in VA would have them debate? Very odd and perhaps a reason to return WVA to VA. Sen. Mark R. Warner and Ed Gillespie discussed health care, immigration and foreign policy.. (7/27/14)

I smell a cease & desist coming from Clear Channel… “DC’s 107-3” sure sounds awfully similar to “DC 101.” Why not use X107-3 or Q107 instead? Regards, Mark W. (7/27/14)

Dave's response: I thought the same thing. What's so awful about going back to Q107? A little heritage link to the station's legendary past might not be such a bad thing.....

Re: Aaron Gilchrist being a possible successor for Vance, hmm, I don't know about that. Now, I've only seen him when he did weekend duty & just don't think he has the right personality for the evening/night crew. Unless that personality has changed, he seemed somewhat straight laced & needed to loosen up somewhat. I do think that Chris Lawrence may indeed be a good fit. For one, he seems to be comfortable with the other anchors when he fills in and seems to enjoy being there vs it just being a job. I don't see that with Aaron. (7/27/14)

Wow. A swipe at Johnny Holliday. He doesn't deserve that at all. Now swipes at Bob Carpenter on Nats games are permitted. It's great when he takes time off. Years ago team announcers never took days/games off. And as for announcers, that guy Kruk on last night's ESPN ballgame was just awful. Many, many mistakes, Called the right fielder "the left fielder" and on and on and on. He should go back to first base. (7/27/14)

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\/ July 26 Messages \/

Re: "We know that the FCC reads DCRTV." Just how far up your ass did you reach to come up with that handful of shit? The Commission doesn't act on anything that isn't received via formal/informal complaint or comments in response to a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM). Most of the professional staff are attorneys or engineers, very few broadcasters. They don't scan the Internet looking for the next great idea. Regarding "AM revitalization" (the correct term, not "stimulation"), the FCC issued a NPRM seeking comments on AM revitalization last November. Comments were due in January, with reply comments due in February. The FCC's Media Bureau is in the process of reviewing all of the comments. There is no set timetable for the Bureau to complete its review. AM revitalization is the pet project of Commissioner Ajit Pai. The FCC didn't let AM die. The marketplace and the industry took care of that. (7/26/14)

[RE: With Jim Vance's intention of retiring next year, any rumblings on who will be his successor?] I wouldn't be surprised to see current morning anchor Aaron Gilchrist getting tapped for the job. He's filled in on the evening shows, in addition to his morning show duties, occasionally and I think the brass is high on him. I don't see any other in-house candidates - the only possibilities are likely Jim Handly and weekend evening anchor Chris Lawrence and I don't know if they're good fits. (7/26/14)

Good luck to PLB on the stent implant. Seems like us old guys are always going into the “body shop” for one procedure or another. Looks like I’ll soon be having my third in as many years. And, yes the first time I heard “Je t’Aime/Mon Non Plus” in oldies rotation on our air, I remembered your WPGC episode. But, at our station, it was just another 60’s oldie. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/26/14)

“A longstanding rumor in the WJLA newsroom has been that Robert Allbritton sends bogus emails to DCRTV and other media outlets. He confessed it to a previous chief engineer. The "Unsigned Corporate Suit" message below is clearly from Allbritton.” Now-now: DCRTVDJDAVE has integrity even if he does allow just about every Tom’s Dick is Harry post on DCRTV Mailbag: don’t shoot the messenger! After all, he posted your stupid, conspiratorial e-mail. And wise up: “Unsigned Corporate Suit”, “ZW” “OBEEE” and even me are the same person. In reality: only two or three people read or e-mail DCRTV. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. And have some mercy on poor Allbritton: his father died and left him a mess. Rosebud anyone? Signed: “Unsigned Corporate Suit”, “ZW” “OBEEE” and even me. (7/26/14)

"ZW comes through trying to muscle everyone aside with his enormous ego. So someone who calls himself Zombie Woof is going to demand that everyone else post an equally absurd pretend name or persona to make their comments accepted? What an idiot." - Wow, Ed in Bethesda. Quite the bitter bitch. Sorry you got muscled aside if that helps. Loosen up, have a drink. I hear the Fukertons here are excellent. - Some people might find other material on the site objectionable, but this is a pretty comprehensive guide to shortwave for you non-SBEs. - ZW (7/26/14)

A longstanding rumor in the WJLA newsroom has been that Robert Allbritton sends bogus emails to DCRTV and other media outlets. He confessed it to a previous chief engineer. The "Unsigned Corporate Suit" message below is clearly from Allbritton. It reflects much of what he has been saying when he graces us in the WJLA newsroom during his recent visits. For years, Robert has made it clear that he only cares about the "cool kids" on the Politico side or our floor. They play mind games with Robert making him think he is a "visionary". He really hasn't engaged in the TV side since his idiotic disaster of TBD. It took Newschannel 8 years to recover and the WJLA web site never has. Robert now comes in days before his big payday to seek sympathy from us for his decision to dump the TV company he inherited from his father. He is so oblivious that he can't tell we despise him and can't wait until a serious broadcaster takes over. Although there has always been some tension between WJLA and Politico staffers, we are close enough to know the scoop that Politico is a money loser that has been buoyed up by the profits WJLA makes. Now, Robert will have a wad of cash and a vanity play political news organization. Let's see how long it is before he tanks Politico. (7/26/14)

RE: SBG… If you read the NewsBlues/SBG rumors and then check them against the facts listed in the TVNewsTalk forums regarding the Birmingham & Charleston changes, most of the NewsBlues detailed rumors, which I assume are from scared employees at the stations involved, turned out to be completely false. There’s no cut in benefits, no stations are being sold, and no programming will be lost. The FCC is even forcing the networks going to sub channels to remain separate units with regards to Cunningham and for once they're being forced to actually operate a station and has to report to the FCC quarterly for EIGHT YEARS about any sharing agreements and the FCC has to approve them. SBG gets to power down a transmitting facility as a cost savings in each market. The FCC in return gets to auction off those frequencies to any company interested in getting into those markets, 1 of which is a Top 50 market, so SBG has no guarantee that they’ll continue to have those network affiliations in the future except for ABC because of the pre-existing Allbritton deal with ABC. With PSIP and all, SBG has the ability to make the transition rather seamless. Only in Harrisburg might things change since there will be new owners of the news operation. — BaltoMedia.Net (7/26/14)

Re: [The FCC - How long does it take them to study it?] Answer: They probably studied it and said it isn't worth it. What is this so-called "AM Stimulation" you're talking about? The only stimulation that could happen is if they got rid of analog and went to some sort of digital streaming. But even then what would it matter? AM is dead. FM is dying. To quote Hillary,"What difference does it make?" BTW - what station do you own? John in Stafford. (7/26/14)

It looks like the cloud company is serious about reviving WRQX. Rick Gillette is a highly-regarded PD, and new morning host Ty Bentli is a major talent. Maybe Cumulus looked at the billings from a couple of years ago and realized they needed to spend money to make it, not the usual Cumulus thinking. It’s going to be difficult, however, after the way the station was basically ruined over the past 24 months. Roddy Freeman (7/26/14)

Robert Allbritton chimes in on the newly approved Allbritton/Sinclair deal and touts Politico of course since he still owns it saying the internet is the wave of the future, not TV, and basically calling TV something he didn’t want to waste the rest of his life doing. More in Politico… (7/26/14)

UCS is correct. Baltimore is a very liberal market and WBFF FOX 45 is not run like SBG’s small town conservative market stations. Sure they did run that Kerry video way back, but I don’t remember them promoting it on their newscasts or anything. SBG tailors its stations to the market they’re in. If they hadn’t with FOX 45 and gone with a conservative FNC type spin, they would have never beaten WMAR ABC 2 so soundly. Lead anchor Jeff Barnd seems a bit on the conservative side, but WBFF has hired openly gay reporters/anchors before. WBFF also doesn’t hardly ever use biased or controversial video or stories from FOX NEWS. They rarely even mention if video footage is from FNC, although I assume they use some for national stories. Mostly their broadcast is almost all local. As far as investing money, I would bet FOX 45 has twice as many reporters as WMAR. Also don’t expect the new ABC 7 to be preempting any ABC programming anymore. They never preempt network programming in Baltimore. SBG will have to handle ABC differently than they do FOX up here. Here, FOX 45 almost never breaks into FNC for a national story unless its HUGE. I’m sure ABC 7 will do every ABC News Break-In. Expect ABC 7 to have a weekend Sports Wrap-up show like Sports Unlimited up here, however WBFF rarely carries any local sports itself but than again WBAL has the Ravens locked up and WJZ has the Orioles locked up. I don’t think WBFF has ever competed for either teams games. I don’t know if ABC 7 has weekend morning news, but if they don’t expect the new ABC 7 to have a 2 hour local block of weekend morning news like WBFF does, probably wrapped around Good Morning America. WBFF also runs an hour long 9am weekday news show, but not a noon news, so I expect ABC 7 might do something similar. What will be most interesting is what they do with News Channel 8, which I assume will eventually get integrated into both WBFF & ABC 7’s newscasts. As for call letters, obviously the WJLA is going, but I’m not so sure it’ll be WSBG. They could have used those call letters in Baltimore for several stations & didn’t. Ironically, WDVM is available for a small amount of cash. Gannett never held onto the calls anywhere. Even WDMV is available. I’m sure Birach could use some cash right now. :-) Other names being bandied about are WADC (for Washington DC or Washington’s Abc DC), WJSS (Julian Sinclair Smith). If you want to read the anti-Sinclair RANTS, there’s lots here on TVNewsTalk. It’s like nothing but a Gloom & Doom page! (7/26/14)

We know that the FCC reads DCRTV. Perhaps this is a way to reach the FCC about how they have let AM Radio die. They talk about AM STIMULATION and do nothing about it. In Washington, only 4% of the total audience is listening to AM. For months people sent in ideas on how to stimulate AM and the FCC said we are researching it. How long does it take them to study it? (7/26/14)

Make it stop Dave: make it stop!!! Casey Kasem's body could be kept in freezer for months (7/26/14)

Although Angie Goff has been "filling in" at MSNBC and saying she"ll be back in DC soon, I wouldn't be surprised if she's offered a spot with them in the near future. Isn't that how Craig Melvin started? "Filling in"?. I also notice that the weekends she's not on, her replacements don"t say the usual line of "I'm _____, filling in for Angie Goff". And note to Kristin Wright, although long hair seems to be in, it doesn't work for everyone. She seems very small & skinny & the hair overwhelms her. (7/26/14)

When radio had people running it who respected the medium, respected the people in it and its great heritage, we actually had personalities on radio who really had talent and great voices. People and personalities you listened to because of their on air presence, as it wasn't just about the music or the format alone. And the voices made listening to radio special and almost magical. To my mind, there are not many of these radio talents around today. Their voices, styles and personalities have been silenced by corporate radio and by people who never listened to radio for the magic and excitement of it. However, there are, on occassion, bright and talented technicians of the craft that surface as examples of what radio should be. One of them is Michele Wright who's leaving WHUR for WMMJ. This lady has a personality so bright it could blind you. She's of new school radio, but wth old school flair, class and style. I don't know the lady and have never met her, but her sound is smart, sweet and sexy. She reminds me of some of the greats who were and are a pleasure to listen to. All with voices as sweet as honey with sprinkles of class. Radio talents like Candi Shannon WKYS-NBC, Rene Chaney WGMS-Channel 9,, Dara Welles NBC Talknet, Lisa Simeone NPR-WJHU, Terry Gross NPR Fresh Air, Angela Stribling WHUR-BET, Beverly Fox WLTT and Michele Norris NPR. They all have made radio classy, sexy and fun to listen to. Michele Wright does too. (7/26/14)

I see that Michele Wright will be joining WMMJ in the 11-3 slot. However, local programming usually starts at 10am after the Tom Joyner show with April Watts hosting. So is April Watts out at 10am, is she just doing an hour or is it a misprint and Michele Wright is doing the 10-3 slot? (7/26/14)

I hope the Channel 4 viewers luck out as well as we did here in San Diego, when longtime NBC 7 anchor, Marty Levin retired, a few years back. I hadn't seen a successor arrive quite like it happened here. One afternoon, on the 5 o' clock newscast, I was surprised to see NBC corespondent Mark Mullen in the chair. It came across as an impromptu, on-air try out, though I'm sure that some planning had to have gone into it. Within a month or so, Mullen became the regular co-anchor on the 5, 6 and 11 weeknight newscasts. I have no idea how it's working out for the station ratings-wise, but I’d be really surprised if the station isn’t doing well. Mullen is a great addition to an already fine team. (7/26/14)

Wishing Paul Bicknell a speedy recovery. Pat Murphy OBX (7/26/14)

I agree with the guy who says "the place goes downhill" when ZW comes through trying to muscle everyone aside with his enormous ego. So someone who calls himself Zombie Woof is going to demand that everyone else post an equally absurd pretend name or persona to make their comments accepted? What an idiot. Can we please get back to the broadcast/media/market stuff and drop the loser ZW and his arrogance? Its obvious he's posting and responding to himself. I hope he's paying you a big price to walk the DCRTV runway and sashay his idiocy Dave. Rumor from the street is that WTEM and the Richmond stations of Red Zebra (WXGI) are being actively pushed for sale. Red Zebra sold the two in Hampton/Virginia Beach stations at a huge loss last year (bought for $1.5-million/sold for 750-thousand) and are looking to take a loss here in DC. Red Zebra is bleeding dollars and little Danny doesn't like writing checks to bail them out. Brokers have the stations actively listed for sale. Expect someone, possibly Salem to make a deal on them soon. Ed in Bethesda - *You must post a location with your pretend name, " then maybe people will care what you think." (7/26/14)

Not to be an uber stickler, but a Stint is when you do something for a time period. A Stent is a matrix used in a cardiac procedure to keep blood vessels open. Just so we're all on the same page. (7/26/14)

June Smith will be joining the Friday Round Table on August 1st on WBAL. We hear C4 is thrilled to have The First Lady of Baltimore Radio back at The Only Station That Matters (LOL). (7/26/14)

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\/ July 25 Messages \/

With Jim Vance's intention of retiring next year, any rumblings on who will be his successor? Not only would the person have big shoes to fill, they'd have to have great chemistry with the current people on the anchor desk. I'm thinking whoever it is, it will be someone from the outside as I don't see anyone currently at NBC4 to move into that seat. (7/25/14)

I think everyone is freaking out way too much over the FCC approving the Sinclair purchase of WJLA et al. First, Baltimore is a pretty liberal market and the news on WBFF isn’t as right-wing as on some of their smaller stations. Considering some of Joe Albritton’s shenanigans, I expect WSBG to be moderate conservative. Second, Sinclair isn’t cheap when it comes to technical investments in its stations. Expect WSBG to get some much needed upgrades. As for people, yes there will be job losses. That’s where the “efficiencies” come from in all mergers and corporate takeovers. Most of the back office ops will likely go to Hunt Valley, while the people in Arlington will go away. Sinclair is a classy company in its own way. I rate them as more mature than Fox. Expect Peterson, Bunyan, et al, to make well-publicized and “much appreciated” retirements. Expect them to bring in seasoned pros. Conservative? Perhaps. But you won’t see anything like “Ailes’ Angels” like you do on FNC. While it’s a shame to see WCIV go away, that station has always been something of a bastard stepchild ever since ESBC bought it in the 1960’s. (Originally WTMA-TV, it was affiliated with Charleston’s big Top-40 AM back in the day.) It was strange hearing WMAL-TV/WJLA’s John Batchelder and Fred Weiss doing the voicers on WCIV. What can we expect to see on WSBG? In your face promotion like this market hasn’t seen in ages! Sinclair will want to become #1 and keep it. Expect the “I-Team” to return on aggressive steroids… not going after businesses as much as politicians and government waste. You can also expect Sinclair not to screw around with the station and do anything dumb, let alone stupid. I think that’s why some are upset about Sinclair. They know how to run efficient and popular local broadcast stations. You may not agree with them. But, unless you believe in running a money-losing business, you have to respect their cash flow. Also, unless something like WHDH or WSVN comes on the market, I don’t see Sinclair going shopping again for quite a while. As a large market, I don’t see Sinclair trying for anything as large or larger than D.C. until they’re confident running WSBG. Sinclair is not Clueless Cumulus. After that, who knows? As for now, they’ve got a lot of debt to refinance/retire as it is. As for ABC-TV not wanting WJLA, they just didn’t want it bad enough to go through the trouble Sinclair had with the FCC, and then run the pico-market crap until they could sell it off at the inevitable loss. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/25/14)

"Honestly the board goes downhill for days after this asshole smears himself all over DCRTV." - Thanks for your contribution. Establish a persona, a name, a handle, and then maybe people will care what you think. Are you Spelling Guy? - "Who is the person named "Jake" who filled in as the news reader on WPOC this past week? I never caught his last name. Hopefully they bring back him as a sub sometime. -Tom In Wheaton" - And you're going to top the heck out him, right, Tom? - "Mark Gray just took a major shot at Dukes with a welcome message saying, "station will benefit from a perspective of someone who has never been inside a locker room." Wow. I can generally get with Gray but that was just nasty and a surprise coming from a good dude." - To be fair, Chad is a fat load whose on-air persona likes to lick womens' anuses. But really, locker rooms are overrated. You're literally jock sniffing, Mark Gray. But hey, if you like to watch the BBC.... - ZW (7/25/14)

Far better to have Paul Bicknell's new STINT than Don Geronimo-Sorce's career CRUTCH. My mailbag recovery room. Dr. Dave Hughes MD. The Real AHHHH (7/25/14)

WTEM’s Sports Fix show was doing a segment on most likeable team in DC and Loverro said that the Capitals didn’t belong in the discussion because ‘nobody even notices they play in this town’. If there’s a handbook for doing sports talk radio, exactly where does it recommend antagonizing and alienating fan bases of teams in the listening audience as a means of improving your ratings? (7/25/14)

Re: “One guy doing a sports radio program? And a success?” Don’t forget Phil Wood on WTOP. It was really tough to choose between him and Ken back in the heyday! – Uncle Frank in Arlington (7/25/14)

I remember "working" with Neil Boggs and Glenn Rinker and Willard Scott in 1971 at WRC. Wow. Hadn't thought about Neil or Glenn in YEARS! Apparently Neil is retired and living in New Mexico! Glenn died in 1993. (7/25/14)

Anyone know what became of Neil Boggs?, a WRC anchor in the early Vance days and a fine newsman... (7/25/14)

Is it really that difficult to give tv anchors correct information about their guests? This morning on Fox5, there was children's dance group on that was going to do a performance. So she's talking to the dance instructor & reading information that was totally wrong. She first said the dance studio was located in Silver Spring & the guest corrected her. She then said the performance was in Silver Spring & the guest corrected her yet again. Then she read the time & date of the performance, which again was incorrect. Then by time they went back & forth, the children's performance was about 30 seconds. I would've liked less chit chat & more time to see the kids perform. (7/25/14)

I too want to send well wishes to Paul Bicknell on a successful surgical procedure. It's important that he stay alive so that local radio GM's continue to have someone they can collectively pass over for a gig. Oops....perhaps "pass" was a bad choice of words....No, on second thought, it's appropriate in this case. (7/25/14)

At least the new 1073 morning show will be "Live and Local" which is always a plus. The jock Ty Bentli used to work for PD Rick Gillette in NY as his morning man. Lets see what happens. (7/25/14)

The synergy will exacerbate between WBAL-TV and Radio. If I were a betting man, WBAL radio will utilize the Sports talent at TV plus sport's rights To O's and Ravens with ESPN on Weekends to build a sport's talker with news, traffic and weather to go up against The Fan and their 12-13 million in billing. It's AM but localized focus and Sports will galvanize listeners, utilizing web and cross promotion. (7/25/14)

FYI, paul bicknell just had heart surgery for a blockage..had a stint put in, He's home and resting and doing fine. Now the cannibals can start feasting, He won't reply I'm sure of that. He has more important things to concern himself with. Take care Davy!! Mend quickly. (7/25/14)

Dave's response: Get well, Bick. Mailbag filters engaged.....

[RE Sarah Fraser to WRQX:] If it weren't for PPM, That Q107 slip would be a big deal. But it's really irrelevant with PPM no one really needs slogans. just like TV. Rooting for her, she's the real deal! Hopefully Cumulus won't screw it up. (7/25/14)

Video of Sarah Fraser's announcement this morning - (7/25/14)

I will agree with the other poster. Melser seems like a nice dude, but trying to listen to him this week was as exciting and entertaining as waiting for my toast to brown. The station is a total mess but mostly it's the sound of it that bothers me. Most of the voices, including the woman in the morning and the guy with the raspy voice just don't belong on a blowtorch of a station like that. There's even one voice on a lot of the commercials that sounds like a college kid trying to learn the art of broadcasting. Are they in such dire financial shape that they can't spend a little money and get a ballsy voice to do their imaging, rather than a lispy guy who over-enunciates every word? I listen for two reasons, traffic and sports. But the moment I'm halfway down I-95 I switch to WNEW. It sounds like a big time station and with a little more promotion and marketing I think it could do well in Baltimore. I hear more reports on Baltimore stories than I do on the blowtorch. Very sad, but I think I hear death gurgles and bet we'll see some major changes after the start of the year. (7/25/14)

So Sarah Fraser is coming back to DC radio. Curious to find out if her show or WNEW turn out to be a bigger ratings debacle. Sarah should add Julie Wright and Kevin McCarthy to truly make the show the most unlistenable piece of crap on the air. (7/25/14)

Dave's response: Cumulus is dropping the ball by trying to carbon copy Hot 99.5. They should carve out a new contemporary hits position for WRQX as a hybrid Hispanic/English hits outlet. There's a huge Hispanic population in the DC market and none of the area Spanish language stations (WLZL & WDCN) has the killer coverage that 107.3 has. Plus a lot of Anglo kids love the Spanish stuff. Gee, I sound old, don't I. But Cumulus is a terribly run company that doesn't know how to run big market radio. They know DC just about as well as they know NYC, where their radio clusters are floundering big-time. I wish Sarah and her new crew well, but I dunno.....

As annouced on Fox 5's Good Day DC Former Hot 99.5's Sarah Frazer is coming back to radio on 107.3. Also Mel also of former Hot 99.5 fame. {Opinion} I wasnt surprised because of the video she put up recently saying she didn't need "Cane or Roses" in an obvious diss to Kane over on WIHT. I bet $10 that she was waiting for a non-compete clause to run out. {Opinion Over} -DarkPC (7/25/14)

After a week of hearing Lowell Melser on WBAL, it’s easy to reach the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter who the host is. Melser or Nehman actually even sound similar. The real problem, as others have said, continues to be the content. A few examples from the week. “It’s going to be hot and humid, temperatures in the upper 80’s. Okay geniuses, there’s always humidity. So what range ? 20%, not so bad: 40%, ehh: 80%, approaching miserable. Is it too much to ask for that info? After all, they’re so hot to trot with the ‘Wind Chill’ in the Winter. And while we’re with the weather, why can’t you give a current temp on the ‘traffic and weather’ segment? Today at 5:55, I know it’s going to 88 on Sunday, but have no idea what the temperature is now. But the best of the week had to be the Wed. @ 6:00 newscast. We learned that the O’s would again be playing the Angels tonight, coverage starting at 9 whatever. That’s nice, but WHAT ABOUT THE SCORE FROM TUESDAY? The game ended somewhere around 1:15 Wed. morning. I’m sure everyone up and about at 6 also was up when the game ended. It’s basic reporting that no one in ‘BAL management seems to care about. And, yes, I’ve tried WNEW. I personally cannot take more than 10 minutes. You know those sound effects at NHL games when a goal is scored? Some Arenas use a fog horn, others a siren. My dream is to have a ‘Big Bang Theory”-type geek wire the WNEW building such that every ime we hear ‘All News 99-1” the fog horn goes off. Each time we hear ‘WNEW’, the siren goes off. I don’t get the concept. It’s just plain annoying. Can someone please explain why they insist on continuing with this practice? I know I am not alone. If they would stop that nonsense, they may actually attract a heck of a lot more listeners. At this point, 2+ years in, tell me exactly what they have to lose if they put a halt to it? (7/25/14)

Oh hey, look, here's something else your cool hipster music-playing iPhone can do that your grampa's antiquated obsolete static-ridden FM receiver cant: report your ass to the Feds! And that's why I dont own one and never will. (7/25/14)

Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler celebrate 25 years together on Channel 4/WRC. Plus memories of George Michael and Bob Ryan. Also, the corrupt FCC approves the Sinclair takeover of Channel 7/WJLA and NewsChannel 8 and what will happen to news vets like Gordon Peterson, Maureen Bunyan, and Doug Hill. More: Chad Dukes goes solo on WJFK. And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (7/25/14)

For all those complainers about WBAL is suggest you find WNEW-FM. They actually have reporters covering the news in Baltimore and Maryland. This started as a D.C. all-newser but is having a difficult time breaking the WTOP listening habits in the District. WNEW is a CBS owned station and is getting promotion help from WJZ-TV. I hope CBS is patient and can afford to keep it going. If you haven't heard them give this station (a real radio news station) a tune in. 99.1 (7/25/14)

bravo to Fox 5 exposing rats eating dead bodies at providence hospital morgue in dc (7/25/14)

Perfect suggestions on Dave TV this AM for RQX! Ill give Gillette credit at RQX, they sound tighter since he got there, but yes they are sort of a third wheel. Fresh, PGC and Hot are all good solid stations! (7/25/14)

WBAL radio folks still don't get it. Posting an online story about the John Wayne museum in Bowie possibly closing is silly. (7/25/14)

Hi Dave – It’s Allison Seymour at FOX 5, Marc Clarke’s wife. The Cumulus station is new Radio 103.9 located at 2 Penn Plaza. Marc is living in the city M-F and working the evening shift. His show is called “Hanging Downtown with Marc Clarke,” and we are thrilled about the opportunity. Wanted to set the record straight, have a great weekend everybody (7/25/14)

Where's the love Dave: where's the love? (7/25/14)

I liked CDAW today except for the engineering F-ups and the stream crashing at work where the radio is weak. With Cooley and Czabe out, not a good time to start off with glitches. (Once again, TEM misses with key talent on Redskin's day on PM drive.) Chad missed "Million Dollar Man's" catch phrase which sucked. (TEM got it later with a turgent Al Galdi). I was thinking Drab would add a lot as a producer for Chad. They have a great history and chemistry. The Junks don't utilize Drabs talent. (More BOAD time?) Valdez would pack his bags. Judging by today, Drab is a must for Chad to go solo. This is prime time alone. Like crisp fries over soggy. These kids Chad has can not be trusted. Speaking of the Junks...the podcast is full of Phlegm. Is that Jason every morning? I would get it checked out. Every version of the Junks that has not all four is a different personality. OOBBEE (7/25/14)

Question are Gannett and Tribune Companies any better than the Sinclair Broadcast Group? (7/25/14)

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I see that Marc Clark has a new gig in NYC. Good opportunity?. Meaning, did he go to a good station? (7/24/14)

Dave's response: Look, it's a crappy Cumulus station. So it can't be very good. I like Marc. He's a cool cat. Gotta make a living. Isn't he voicetracking? So he's still here in the DC area.....

Well, I guess the day is nearly here that all of us at WJLA have been expecting. With the FCC approval that we heard about this afternoon, it looks like Sinclair will become our owner next month. Let's face it, most people in the TV business would prefer not to be owned by Sinclair. But, for some of us it is a relief. "Richie Rich", as we call our owner Robert Allbritton, inherited the station from his father who died two years ago. Robert's track record on his own has been less than "inspirational". After destroying Riggs Bank through his incompetence, Robert Allbritton directed his attention to the TV company. His brilliant venture with was another failure. Somehow he connected with some smart, but arrogant, folks at Politico. They have created a high profile company which everyone knows is a money loser. Word is that it has worked because they keep Robert out of the newsroom. They give him lot's of psychic gratification by touting that he is a successful "media entrepreneur", but we all know he is a loser. The wounds are still raw about his "FU" message to us on the TV side when the sale was announced. So desperate to maintain this illusion that his is a visionary, he sold us at WJLA out in the announcement making it clear that the internet is the future. The fact is Allbritton is such a loser that we all know that he would never have been able to get a job and that the inheritance is the only thing he has going for him. So, while we may not be thrilled to be owned by Sinclair, at least they are real broadcasters and have earned everything they have received. Quite a contrast to "Richie Rich" Allbritton. (7/24/14)

Dave's response: Robert Allbritton - an even richer creep. What an awful person. How many loyal, longtime workers did he trash to make a few extra bucks? Sheesh.....

One guy doing a sports radio program? And a success? Yes. Ken Beatrice. Yaw next. (7/24/14)

Jesus enough of ZW arguing with himself over non-broadcast bullshit. Honestly the board goes downhill for days after this asshole smears himself all over DCRTV. Nobody fucking cares about your non stop analysis of the world. If I wanted to see self aggrandizing masturbation, I'd read the Post. (7/24/14)

The decision to put WBAL TV's Lowell Melser on mornings to fill in for the vacationing Bryan Nehman on WBAL Radio is like spraying more stale perfume on a tired, old horse, and has left loyal listeners singing yet another stanza of "the old grey mare...she ain't what she used to be." I suspect the suits are going to leave Durian out to pasture too, or they would have corralled him for the assignment this week. Don't get me wrong, Melser seems like a really nice dude, but, when is this station (or some other) going to shock this Baltimore radio market with a fresh, new, creative approach to mornings with an electrified format that makes us want to tune in to hear, in the words of WJZ, "what people are talking about." Quite frankly, they're NOT talking about the day-old, regurgitated, recycled CNN interviews about some international story from BFE, and no one is dashing off to the water cooler at work to repeat the lame, laughless humor the alleged morning news chick burps up at the end of newscasts. There is nothing local about this station anymore, other than the handful of callers on the mid-day talk shows who dial in on their princess phones at the local nursing homes after their oatmeal and prune juice shooters each morning. Put it on auto-pilot, and dump 'em all. Even that would be a vast improvement over what we're getting now. (7/24/14)

Just found out 1250 WKDL Warrenton (which simulcasts 1260 WWRC Washington) has been granted to new call sign WRCW. For those who don't remember, WRCW used to be the call sign for the old Warrenton 107.7 "Thunder 107.7" back in the 90's before it started carrying "Traffic and Weather on the 8's" as part of the WTOP network. (7/24/14)

Dave's response: WRCY for "Rockin' Country." I know everything.....

Not a Race War at 106.7 - Mark Gray just took a major shot at Dukes with a welcome message saying," station will benefit from a perspective of someone who has never been inside a locker room." Wow. I can generally get with Gray but that was just nasty and a surprise coming from a good dude. I somewhat like Chad (not crazy about the gun crap) but have not listened since his teaming w/Lavar. Without exception I like all 106.7 folks, including Gray, but not sure where Gray's shot came from. I prob didn't spell Grey's name correctly because I can't find him on the 106.7 crappy CBS website- a whole 'nother issue. Glad to see that So. Maryland's Pete Medhurst is listed on the site but others are missing. Some ways, I can see Marks point, but Chad is an entertainer in or out of the locker room and I'll prob give him a listen. (7/24/14)

Dave, Good to see WJFK give Chad his own show by himself. I was sure they'd do the stupid thing and hire an ex-Redskins player to replace Lavar. Probably someone terrible like Fred Smoot or Brian Mitchell. Better that he has no cohost than some no talent ex Redskins player. I wish they had taken a chance on other less known talent here in the area. Like they did with Danny Rouhier giving him his own show when no one knew who he was, there's plenty of other good guys here in the area at WJFK and WTEM (Nick Ashoo, Tim Murray, Steve Soloman, Kevin Shafer) It would have been nice to see someone like that given a chance with Dukes. (7/24/14)

“An old Sony Discman or even a Walkman with metal tape sounds better than any IPod or MP3 player out there.” A Discman, probably; but a Walkman with metal tape? Under certain conditions, maaaaaybe, but as a blanket statement, this is patently absurd. –Brian (7/24/14)

Re the comments yesterday concerning WTTG-TV's turgid morning show marathon: Has anyone over there considered reviving a "Dialing For Dollars" format to fill that 2 hours of unneeded drivel they call "Good Day DC". It's got to be better than being tortured by Kevin McCarthy and those painfully obvious disinterested anchors! Your count for today is "7 from the bottom" and the amount is: $220. Signed, the ghost of Sylvia Scott. (7/24/14)

An old Sony Discman or even a Walkman with metal tape sounds better than any IPod or MP3 player out there. (7/24/14)

"SNIP:"when your argument devolves to pointing out misspellings in another person's Mailbag post, you're admitting that you've lost the debate"END. That would only apply IF you are the person making the post with the misspellings! - (Stewie voice) What the hell, man? Did you type this post with a clothes hanger in a back alley? - "As usual ZW misses the point (except the one on his head) in that the person making the original post was insisting he was right about everything (Mr. Bossy Pants)" - Are you a Tina Fey fetishist? - "and everyone who disagrees should "shut the hell up"." - Sounds like that's YOUR position, Slick. - "When one insists that they are the only one right about an issue, they should be careful about how they present their argument." - I disagree, and more importantly, I just don't care. If coherence were a boat you'd be a drowning victim because you can't seem to reach it. - "You don't set the standards for DCRTV ZW so you don't get to say who won and who lost." - Wow, thanks for that newsflash. I'll have to rethink my whole worldview now. - "Just another of your pointless points that make no observable sense." - Pot, kettle. - "When you have to complain about other people pointing out yours or others misspellings, you really have lost all credibility and don't get to set the standard. " - Again, what the fuck are you talking about? It sounds like YOU are the one complaining about people pointing out misspellings, or are you complaining about the people who complain about misspellings? Clarity seems to be a foreign country to you, although you have the ad hominem thing down. - ZW (7/24/14)

Rumour has it that well-known social commentator Anthony "Twitter" Cumia will guest on the Big O and Dukes podcast Thursday night. - ZW (7/24/14)

Who is the person named "Jake" who filled in as the news reader on WPOC this past week? I never caught his last name. Hopefully they bring back him as a sub sometime. -Tom In Wheaton (7/24/14)

Dave's response: Was he wearing khakis? Maybe it's Jake from State Farm.....

Chad deserves time alone after working with LaVar these past years. He steered that ship into port every day. I do not like the name of the show. Kind of corny. What did The NFL channel smoke before hiring LaVar? Have they ever heard him stumble and bumble after a softball question from Chad? I know Chad will do well from 2-4:00. He should kill TEM’s LaVar equivalent. Then, he goes up against his old bud Cooley. Who is taking the 6-7:00 hour? It’s still rush hour. I guess with all the games interrupting Chad now it might not be a big deal. Chad’s first real guess today? Ted DiBiase. Later? Weird Al Yankovic. In between, sports. A younger Mr. Tony? I guess I am saving the TMOS podcast for later in the day. I agree with the previous post about not pairing him with an ex-Jock. The luckiest persons in this are the produces, interns, and hangers on. ¾ of the people at TEM are former Interns of Chad. (He was a Junkie intern). Chad is best when brining out personalities around him. The quirkier, the better……The sports fix on TEM 110-200 today was hilarious. Kevin had a first day of Skins camp orgasm to start off. Later, they did “Skins at 1:00” after spending 80% of the first two hours on the Skins. OOBBEE (7/24/14)

Just want to share my experience with iPod/iPhones Headphones audio quality. I'm in my 60s and still have vacuum tubes in some of my home audio equipment along with a turntable and moving coil cartridge. That said I also value the ability to take a large amount of music in a portable device that goes in my car or my pocket. When I first purchased an iPod I ripped a number of songs from CDs at various bit rates and file types and compared the sound quality. I finally decided to use AAC at 320kps and Apple Lossless files for my iPod. Since then I also investigated headphones and currently use Sennheiser Amperiors for travel and portable use and Sennheiser HD 700s for home use. The Amperior phones work well plugged directly into the iPod or iPhone. Apple allows 3rd party apps access to the music library and I use an app called Can Opener on my iPhone to fine tune the sound quality. Another thing you can do to improve sound quality is use an external DAC or Digital to Analog Converter with your portable device or computer. These DACs take the digital audio from you're device and turn it into analog which you can then feed to your stereo or headphones. They have better quality than audio directly from your computer. Some have built in headphone amps to drive a good pair of headphones. I'm using the Centrence Hi-Fi M8 which works with USB and my iPhone/iPod. It can process various bit rates and sampling rates and uses asynchronous protocol. It has a Class A analog amp to drive any pair of headphones. You can find good info on headphones at and DACs at has phones from $25 to $2500 with lost of tech info on each model. That thing that matters most is the quality of the files you put on your device. Higher bit rates require more room but sound a lot better. AAC will sound better than MP3 at a given bit rate. If anybody has more info or experience it would be interesting to hear it. Bob Fairfax (7/24/14)

“Has any sports show that long been successful with one person?” Sure is….Nestor Aparicio…Just ask him. (7/24/14)

Tomorrow at 3pm Adimu at Majic 102.3 will make an announcment regarding more changes for Radio One. There have been a lot of moves going on rebrand the station and this announcement will make many in the DMV proud. (7/24/14)

Fox5 had two people in the studio talking about a project aimed at benefiting the homeless. So right after finishing that segment, with those people still sitting there, the anchors announce the next story "Is Bethesda really that snobby?". So they go from talking about the super poor to talking about the super rich in 2 seconds. Seems kinda insensitive w/those people still sitting there. Just think they could've followed up with a different, neutral segment in-between like maybe their garden segment. (7/24/14)

SNIP:"when your argument devolves to pointing out misspellings in another person's Mailbag post, you're admitting that you've lost the debate"END. That would only apply IF you are the person making the post with the misspellings! As usual ZW misses the point (except the one on his head) in that the person making the original post was insisting he was right about everything (Mr. Bossy Pants) and everyone who disagrees should "shut the hell up". When one insists that they are the only one right about an issue, they should be careful about how they present their argument. You don't set the standards for DCRTV ZW so you don't get to say who won and who lost. Just another of your pointless points that make no observable sense. When you have to complain about other people pointing out yours or others misspellings, you really have lost all credibility and don't get to set the standard. (7/24/14)

WRQX's savior will be Sarah Fraser. Her joining the morning show will definitely boost their ratings. Right move for 107.3 and few things they should do: change their name from "DC's 107.3" to "Q107-3" and market/promote. If they really want to be a top40/CHR station then they have to spread the word! Take on WIHT!!! (7/24/14)

Distinct difference at work here: "Apple doesn't use MP3 compression" is not the same as "using an Apple phone to PLAY MP3s". Any player worth its salt, even my 10-year-old Sandisk with 512 MB, plays MP3s. Apple uses the Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) in an MP4 wrapper -- which actually sounds okay, all things considered - instead of MP3. The point is, many MP3 files available from almost anywhere really do sound bad. But let's please stop the deflecting and name-calling and keep the discussion on the tracks: we are addressing over-the-air FM versus streaming digital audio to a portable device, not how one brand of player stores and delivers music into your gradually-deafening ears. Smaller files move faster and allow a station/music provider to accommodate many streams at once down its paid-for pipeline. The tradeoff is that the smaller file throws away too much data and sounds bad. Go to TuneIn, pick some itty-bitty station somewhere and listen: you may get decent stere sep, but the gargle and metallic grind is intolerable. Streaming music is da nuts, to be sure, but it still has a ways to go across-the-board before it can be held up against FM. (7/24/14)

[RE Chad going solo at JFK:] They looked across the isle and punted. Czabe and Cooley are dominating the demographic. (7/24/14)

[RE Chad going solo at JFK:] Has any sports show that long been successful with one person? Even Kornheiser and Wise had a cast of regular characters. Interesting (7/24/14)

[RE Chad going solo at JFK:] LaVar was a huge negative for that show. Chad is head and shoulders above Chris or Czabe. (7/24/14)

[RE Chad going solo at JFK:] The dream lineup is Czabe and Dukes together on a radio signal I can't receive (7/24/14)

[RE Chad going solo at JFK:] Cooley and Dukes would be the go to, if wasn't for broadcasting games I think it would have happened! (7/24/14)

I look at all the changes at Cumulus's DC radio cluster, including removing Mark O'Brien from the czar position as market manager. And rumblings that former Hot 99.5er Sarah Fraser may be jumping to Cumulus's WRQX, All The Hits 107.3, which has seen a ratings meltdown under O'Brien's watch. Plus, some memories of George Michael and Gordon Peterson from the 1980s, in today's edition of "Dave TV" (7/24/14).....

Having Sarah Fraser on the radio again would be great. She was great on the Kane Show and if she went to RQX she probably would dent the ratings of everyone else in the Top 40/Hot AC formats at least a little. DC101 may be mainstream Alt Rock and the signal covers both markets but DC101 leaves a lot to be desired as an Alt Rock station, so if HFS got a big signal and the big signal marketing that comes with it in music, air talent, and a few DJ'S then it would be successful but in Baltimore. With Dukes being solo on 106.7 the one guy I'm surprised they haven't put in DC is Vinny Cerrato. (7/24/14)

Chad Dukes vs. The World: Glad they didn't pair him up with an ex jock. That route has already resulted in waaaaay too much lousy radio in this town. (7/24/14)

RE: (#1 Apple doesn’t use mp3 compression!). You really are an idiot! Everyone that I know that has an Apple phone uses it to play Mp3 files. Yes we know who bankrolls I Tunes but any legitmate maker of portable digital equipment will make sure it plays MP3 files. Secondly if your receiver can't receive an HD signal than try a better antenna. Stations that do transmit HD programming are hampered by the low power they are forced to transmit. Everything else you post and stand for is just pure "teenage" dreaming. Thanks for the laugh! (7/24/14)

Okay “ZW”: how about an Obambian style “Beer Summit” with DCRTVDJDAVE? Once upon a time there were “Rush Rooms” where people gathered during lunch to mutually listen to and adore that fat pill popping slob: how about a DCRTV Room? Dave could waddle over to South Lakes Shopping Center and meet his most loyal readers to knock back a few and watch the ducks from the proverbial “Lakeside”. Uh oh, it’s closed... (7/24/14)

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\/ July 23 Messages \/

Is the Sarah Fraser that may come back to RQX the same one who's done segments on FOX 5's morning news? (7/23/14)

Dave's response: Yes.....

An UPDATE to the radio old folks home with the ATT GoPhones… #1 Apple doesn’t use mp3 compression! And to add insult to injury the notion that HD-Radio is better is a laugh fest to teens. YOU CAN’T RECEIVE IT even if you have a receiver, but NOBODY HAS A RECEIVER! My ALL DIGITAL vs. ANALOG arguments stand unless you still have an old quality turntable like me where you can hear things the iPhone users can’t. But guess what? THEY DON’T CARE! It’s inconvenient and doesn’t fit their lifestyle. Also, the BEATS deal was not so much about quality although they are pretty good headphones with BASS, which is what the original poster suggested wasn’t possible. And I read Macrumors, so you can’t bullshit me. Yes there is a rumor that Apple considered removing the standard connector, but it’s not happening in the iPhone 6, so go back to your conspiracy theories. You can still use KOSS or Ars Technica. I personally still like my kludgy old AKG headset myself, but the real reason Apple bought BEATS is for media attention, PR and their music site, NOT what you said. Your rumor is completely outside of this argument. You obviously DON’T read Macrumors. And finally, HD-Radio uses the same compression mechanisms as mp3 and AAC and various others, so basically, umm YOU’RE ALL WRONG in many ways! Try to tell your stories to the teens that visit you at the Assisted Living Facility. Sorry, the teens know better than the parents and they’re not buying your argument in REAL MONEY. :-) (7/23/14)

' Keep it in your pants. "Angie Goff looks amazing on NBC..." ' -- Why the hell do you think she's there on The Early Show? For her news judgement & teleprompter reading skills? Stating the obvious. (7/23/14)

"Said it before and I'll say it again: when your argument devolves to pointing out misspellings in another person's Mailbag post, you're admitting that you've lost the debate and are about to wet your pants." - To which I would add: when you say "LOL" like the iPhone/Beats guy, when you mention Don Geronimo's real name, when your post requires a scrolldown to read, etc. - "Whoa "ZW" take a chill pill if that is your real name! Nothing "ghoulish" speculating about Don's wealth let alone if he received rightful payment for her wrongful death: that's what insurance is for." - Sorry, it was ghoulish, or perhaps "douchey" is a better word. Don was the millionaire in the family, the meal-ticket. That's where the insurance money is. He chose not to sue the driver who was at fault, and probably for all the right reasons. I question your understanding of what insurance is for, so let's leave it at that, since you think "ZW" might be my real name. What the iPhone/Beats guy said. - ZW (7/23/14)

Re: "Kevin McCarthy is the most annoying human!", post, I totally agree. I have never seen a station invest so much time and money on a new, pretty much unknown on air employee as they've done with him. He is being sent to practically every high profile movie premiere or event in NY, L.A., Europe, Asia, or wherever. He brown noses all the celebrities, fawns all over them, praises their movies and then on many occasions, comes back and trashes their movies. We used to only see him do movie reviews on Fridays, which was more than enough. But guess they added him to that Good Day DC show to take up some time. And as far as the Good Day DC show, I can't believe that management believes it's lived up to expectations. I think 2 hours of that show is waaaay too long...The anchors are routinely making remarks such as "we've been on air for 6 hours" or "we're into our second hour of Good Day DC" in a very sarcastic manner. They also try so hard to make the show interactive by BEGGING the viewing audience to tweet something or post comments on Facebook regarding something they're talking about..I did see that the talk show "The Real" is returning in September, so I'm assuming that the Good Day DC show will be cut down by an hour. Hopefully they'll find something else to take up the other hour. (7/23/14)

Mark O'Brien wasn't responsible for the collapse at Mix. He presided over it. Jack Diamond's firing wasn't the reason why Mix collapsed. He was barely in the top 10 with adults the last few years of his tenure. Things really went downhill when Jimmy Alexander left. The reason why Mix collapsed is a combination of things: The installation of the juvenile/offensive Bert Show and development of a music format that leans further towards Rhythmic Top 40 than even Hot 99.5. It's easily fixable. It needs to recognize WRQX's former P1's and do a show that appeals to adults without the cheese and cliché of the Diamond Show. Hot AC is not dead as a format, but it does need to recognize its listeners are not as unhip and unplugged as some programmers think. Music radio needs to evolve and stop being so "age-ist". (7/23/14)

'Keep it in your pants. "Angie Goff looks amazing on NBC on the Early Today Show. She looks too good to be mulling around in different roles on NBC4. Eye candy is eye candy, that's exactly what she brings to the table. She should be on National TV on a daily basis"' Anything to get her off NBC4 since I never watch NBC Nightly News or MSNBC except for Al Sharpton versus the teleprompter show. (7/23/14)

Mark O'Brien's departure through the revolving door on Jennifer Street reflects the way the company is run. Bringing in "little dave" to do the dirty work. Oh I miss the good old days of how radio was run! (7/23/14)

Said it before and I'll say it again: when your argument devolves to pointing out misspellings in another person's Mailbag post, you're admitting that you've lost the debate and are about to wet your pants. (7/23/14)

Kevin McCarthy is the most annoying human! I simply can't watch him with all the jerky arm and leg movements. He looks like he's having seizures! Fox 5 is shoving him down viewers throats. Does he have naked pics of the GM's wife or something? How can they give him so much air time??? That Sara person who used to do radio is also horrible. Her voice is so nasal. The whole Good Day DC concept should be trashed. This is Washington, D.C. not some diddly squat small town! (7/23/14)

RE: Ravens 24x7 buying Baltimore Sports & Life… The first member comment on the story on Russell Street Report says, “Translation: Tony took out a loan to buy a dying website in an effort to save his own dying website.” I would post something, but the guy has banned me from his page. Apparently he doesn’t like gay people much I hear. Personally, I’d never heard of Baltimore Sports & Life and I hit Nestor’s site and and most of the other sites often. But anyway, knowing how Tony operates, this was not to keep or merge the 2 sites, but to eventually get rid of a competitor and it was probably a cheap buy. Funny how this dumb story got on DCRTV though. Nobody’s even HEARD of THIS WEBSITE even in BALTIMORE! LMAO. If not for a few friends at 105.7 The Fan, nobody would even know what Ravens 24x7 is! I wonder if Tony even has a press pass. Every month I’d look at his personal FB page and he was bragging about being in Cancun or Key West or something, even during the NFL season! LOL I get the impression a lot of OTHER people do his work for him. He was probably in Ocean City this week instead of training camp. Nestor is guilty of using people too, but at least the man knows how to sell sell sell himself & his site and can afford a radio station all these years. So you gotta give him credit. (7/23/14)

Incorrect. Apple bought Dre's BEATS to create and promote a proprietary headset+connector arrangement. For the upcoming generation of i-gear, you can only buy and use what the almighty Apple tells you that you can. If you want to continue using your common earbuds, you will need to buy an adapter ... from Apple of course ... for $29. If Apple really cared about decent audio quality and not expensive happy-buzzy-hipster pop junk, they should have made an offer to buy Audio-Technica or Koss. THOSE are quality headsets, fairly priced. Let's also not forget that audio quality is a result of the encoding and delivery method: even a 4:1 compression rate throws away 75% or more of the data necessary for accurate reproduction. Higher than that, and all bets are off, leaving the software codec to guess how its supposed to sound. FM signals may be digitized in-house for transit, crushed to death for loudness, and have to travel through miles of air pollution and airborne eagle shit to reach your receiver, but the effect on data is far less than what everyone's favorite music broker does to music files. (7/23/14)

To the person who thinks that Mp3 audio streaming or as a file is better quality than FM: The whole reason that albums made a niche comeback is that Mp3 audio is very compressed and thin. When a file is compressed, you lose parts of that file. CD audio, or a “.wav” is still compressed, but not nearly as much as an Mp3. FM automation software (most) plays .wav files and not Mp3’s. Also, FM stations use technology to expand the sound such as an “Optimod”, giving it a wide loud sound. If you don’t believe me than simply plug your smartphone or Ipod into the aux of a good quality home stereo and bounce between the music playing on your phone and a local FM radio station. The difference is very obvious. -Rich (7/23/14)

Just when I got used to the new weather guy Drew Tuma on FOX5, I see this morning that he's leaving for San Francisco.. (7/23/14)

Kevin McCarthy must count his blessings every day with being hired by FOX5. He seems to be on screen at least twice an hour "geeking" out (or as I see it, being annoying). But he's living his dream of doing movie reviews, interviewing celebrities, traveling all over the world and getting lots of face time on t.v. (7/23/14)

Keep it in your pants. "Angie Goff looks amazing on NBC on the Early Today Show. She looks too good to be mulling around in different roles on NBC4. Eye candy is eye candy, that's exactly what she brings to the table. She should be on National TV on a daily basis" (7/23/14)

If the audio on your phone sucks, it just means you bought a cheap ass phone and headphones. Today’s teens have better phones than their parents normally and trust me they know what decent bass is! That’s why Apple bought BEATS headphones. Sorry, but an iPhone with one of their headphones sounds far better than FM radio. You probably have an ATT GoPhone! LOL (7/23/14)

There were two responses to the posting about radio, analog audio and iPhones. One was civil and presented technical reasons & Millennial behavior when it comes to music delivery over personal electronics; the other eroded into baseless namecalling, unnecessary spellchecking and general juvenile nonsense. The latter can be more fun to read in a forum at first, but like eating a whole jar of Nutella, one gets sick from it very quickly. How about some more thoughtful discussion and a lot less fourth-grade-recess posturing, hm? (7/23/14)

Do you have any news on AP Radio Michael Weinfeld – he is the entertainment correspondent? (7/23/14)

Just curious - how long have Ed Graham and Paul Bicknell been f*cking? (7/23/14)

Hiding cash around the city won't help bring people to WRQX as the product sucks. It's like putting a sign spinner outside of a crappy restaurant. (7/23/14)

(previously posted "Well at least I know how to spell "arrogant' unlike you!!! Hahahahahahaha. You must be working on one of those Commodore 64's with no spell-checker. You get so angry that anyone would dare challenge you that you hammer out a response and hit the "send" button before you let the post sink in and check your spelling. Mr. Bossy-pants. That's you. Bet you scream at the kids "hey get off my lawn" too.") What does this have to do with anything? (7/23/14)

Another article about "I Hid the Cash" - (7/23/14)

"you'll always be an arragant know nothing!" Well at least I know how to spell "arrogant' unlike you!!! Hahahahahahaha. You must be working on one of those Commodore 64's with no spell-checker. You get so angry that anyone would dare challenge you that you hammer out a response and hit the "send" button before you let the post sink in and check your spelling. Mr. Bossy-pants. That's you. Bet you scream at the kids "hey get off my lawn" too. Don't know where you worked but clearly you didn't work in the biz long enough to recognize someone who has made a living in it for half a century. But every station always has, as you put it a "Know-it-All" and clearly you are qualified to recognize one since you are one. If you weren't so intent on calling names and demanding that you are right, you'd see your flaw. What part of my post about how Digital Radio has been a failure (my post)"The problem with digital broadcast has been on the technical side" didn't sink through that thick head? You are so focused on yelling at everyone else that you fail to see someone who was agreeing with you. But apparently if they don't call everyone an "idiot" and "stupid" you dismiss it and run to the keyboard to pound out another indignant, Bossy-pants-knows-more-than-you-do response. Jesus no wonder the industry is in shambles. Bossy-Pants is your name and being right is your game! For someone who is so sure he's correct about everything, you sure do make a lot of mistakes!!! (7/23/14)

/\ July 23 Messages /\

\/ July 22 Messages \/

Johnny Holliday is a local legend (and a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer too). But I am going to join the piling on with the people who are complaining about his baseball announcing. Try listening to a Maryland football game sometime. It may often be ten minutes of real time elapsed between when he gives the score. I am going to miss being able to switch over to Bill Roth and Mike Burnop on 106.7 when the Terps would play Va. Tech. (7/22/14)

So Savage from 5-6pm was a total repeat of the previous hour: how does Cumulus allow this: makes Bill Hess wise for replacing a same day repeat of Savage for that hour with Take A Dive At Five with Nancy Boy instead! (7/22/14)

Whoa "ZW" take a chill pill if that is your real name! Nothing "ghoulish" speculating about Don's wealth let alone if he received rightful payment for her wrongful death: that's what insurance is for. As for Savage half the time he's brilliant and the other half he sounds like an old bitchy Jewish mother from NYC. Now if Cumulus really wants ratings have him & Levin go at it live on air for a week with Rush moderating and Ham Hammity doing play by play. (7/22/14)

RE: "Mr. Bossy Pants ". If you weren't the typical "know it all" digital zealot (who has no background in audio be it digital or analog) I wouldn't have to "scream" . As long as idiots like you who like to claim or infer that everything digital is superior I'll be the first to call you an idiot. You come across with the impression that you speak for us all. You don't. You know nothing about how radio stations are programmed and you try to tell us you do. ALL YOU KNOW is your favorite songs on your mp3 player and that's it. Go ahead and call me all the names you want but to me you'll always be an arragant know nothing! (7/22/14)

Re: " P (tick, tick, tick) L (tick, tick, tick) B (tick, tick tick)" I was working in Baltimore when a former manager of mine, Bob Howard, went to WPGC as manager. I began listening to WPGC whenever I could. Howard and Cousin Duffy (old school mate of mine) put together a great Top 40 station in the mid 60s with a great staff. There were changes over time, but for a good decade, the station was fantastic. PLB, Davy Jones, popped up one night and I really liked the way he rocked On the edge, sometimes over the edge...couldn't turn him off. It was like he could be fired at any moment. Having worked for BH, I knew what could happen. PLB was there for about 4 years though, and I became a big fan. There are a lot of people who write nasty things about him, but few were ever as good as Davy Jones on PGC. Ed Graham (7/22/14)

"That's digital! What do want? Just shut the hell up!" Well thank goodness Mr. Bossy Pants has checked in to set everyone straight on his paradigm of the perfect world. (where everything and everyone revolves around him) Kids aren't listening to FM or AM because it SUCKS! And they don't want the crap their grand parents accepted. The smarter ones are figuring out the fidelity issue but they're just sick of the shit that radio stations are passing off as "entertainment". The world is changing, and while we all regret that it doesn't revolve around Mr. Bossy Pants, the kids just want something different. The problem with digital broadcast has been on the technical side and inability of the FCC to make a decision or let IBOC lead them around by the nose. And AM propagation is the biggest stumbling block to night time signals, not to mention the adjacent channel NOISE! The world is changing and no one person has the answer, no matter how often they come on DCRTV to tell people to "just shut the hell up". Maybe if we listen to each other's idea's instead of screaming at each other to "shut the hell up" we could work something out. Oh that's right, its a broadcast-media forum. What the hell was I thinking? Why would anyone think of communicating on such a forum? (7/22/14)

As much as I enjoy his show, Michael Savage can be a stupid fuck. Today he said that the sinking of the Lusitania had something to do with World War II. He criticized former UN Ambassador John Bolton for never having worked for a living? Well, um, he was a lawyer in private practice for 25 years. When did Michael Savage ever work for a living? Seriously, sometimes Savage is a strapping douche. And he complains that he Fox won't ask him to be on TV, not that he'd go, you understand. Anyone who saw his self-hating anti-gay meltdown on MSNBC knows that he is just plain unpleasant to look at. - "I listened to Don & Mike on occasion during their hay days but that was a long time ago." - Yet in the intervening years you still haven't learned to spell "heydays". - "Remember how everyone thought Stern was crazy to move to satellite? " - Reality check, dude. No one thought that. It was an enormous payday for him going in. - "First of all, didn’t a “Jeremy” once work with or for The Don & Mike Show? Seems to me I remember that name." - Yes, Jeremy Coleman is now a CBS VP. Probably not in Bethesda. With regard to your goulish speculation, no. You can look him up on but you and I part company when you call America's Podcaster a "fat slob". This cannot stand! - ZW (7/22/14)

Wow. Swipes at Johnny Holliday. He doesn't deserve that at all. Now swings at Bob Carpenter on Nats games are permitted. It's great when he takes time off. Years ago team announcers never took days/games off. And as for announcers, that guy Kruk on Sunday night's ESPN ballgame was just awful. Many, many mistakes. Called the right fielder "the left fielder" and on and on and on. He should go back to first base. (7/22/14)

Angie Goff looks amazing on NBC on the Early Today Show. She looks too good to be mulling around in different roles on NBC4. Eye candy is eye candy, that's exactly what she brings to the table. She should be on National TV on a daily basis. (7/22/14)

Say what you want about Megan Pringle, She's a potato cookie who's always up for a big zucchini and what's wrong with that! (7/22/14)

(QUOTE) Young people today don’t even know what analog means anymore and won’t put up with static...They get better audio quality on the iPod and iPhone or Android phones (END) Cant agree there. Audio on these devices, unless listening through decent earphones, is atrocious. I've heard folks enthusiastically listening to tunes on their phones out in the open (no earphones) on Metro trains and in public places -- its all shrill, all highs, no balance, no intelligibility. What is happening is they are listening with ears that have been attuned to a previous performance and are just mentally filling in the frequencies and other missing data in their heads. By extension, they can listen to FM radio (mentally turn off the hiss) and gain the benefit of some decent bass. Connecting one of these phones to an external speaker system with some decent response will vastly improve fidelity, but then it stops being an iPhone and becomes a boombox. No, I fear the primary reason young folk listen through these devices instead of the radio is because "I Want It NowNowNowNowNow!" The audio fidelity issue doesn't even play into the equation. (7/22/14)

Re: Angie Goff and MSNBC, I think it's only a matter of time before she goes to the network. (7/22/14)

RE:Regardless of whether Podcasting is the future. Dude, you're another one of these digital know nothings that KNOW NOTHING about what you are talking about. You say the audio that comes off Ipods and Iphones is better than the type of music files radio stations. That so called "I tunes" audio format that the I tunes website trys to force on us is a joke. That's why broadcasters stay away from it. If you listen to streaming audio these days (FM or AM stations streaming their signals) the best you can get is NEAR FM quality. That means it's not good enough to surpass commercial FM. Why? Take a look at the 20 dollar PC speakers that most people use to listen to their favorite station streamed online. Guys like you are nothing but a terrible joke to the industry at large. You so called digital zealots know nothing of what you talk about. Nada. Before you go spouting your so called beliefs on websites like this take the time to do some honest HANDS ON research. Did you know I actually get better audio (when played thru a decent stereo) from my tiny Sony Walkman as opposed to playing the same audio files on my phone. Did you know that hot shot? You say radio should go all digital but yet the broadcast industry has yet to make a go of HD. That's digital! What do want? Just shut the hell up! (7/22/14)

I listened to Don & Mike on occasion during their hay days but that was a long time ago. I do not find either of them entertaining or interesting now. (7/22/14)

REF: [Verizon Outage In DC & Balto Areas - From] Wow! I am sensing some traction for this station on DCRTV with all the WNEW mentions in this front page piece. The juice might be OFF for some Verizon customers but WNEW is ON it! (7/22/14)

With newsman turned talk show host Bill Colley allegedly gone, maybe there is an opportunity for Don Geronimo to return to Delaware's WGMD. I especially loved his farm reports. (7/22/14)

To the poster who thinks "Megan Pringle is surprisingly hot:" wait 'til you trade in the black n white Philco with the tin-foiled rabbit ears for the new flat-screen HD tv, then tell us what you think. HD tv hides nothing, including mileage. (7/22/14)

Its funny how everyone (or most) in the mailbag thinks that CBS Radio DC is in the tank except the people who count the most. It appears that with PPM low ratings in SOME demo`s does not kill a station like it would have with the old diary system. PPM has changed the rules of what success is in the radio ratings world. (7/22/14)

Angie Goff kicking it in NYC as host of early Today. Will she be back? OhMyGoff indeed: (7/22/14)

Regardless of whether Podcasting is the future, it won’t be the future until you can sell enough advertising to support it. Nobody’s going to pay for a dozen or so Podcasts a month. Only rare people like Howard Stern can get away with that. People are already dumping cable TV in record numbers due to cost. What’s the limit? $500/month for all your radio/TV media? I don’t think so. I don’t believe radio is dead, but I do think drastic changes need to be done. Radio needs to go all digital. Young people today, don’t even know what analog means anymore and won’t put up with static. They get better audio quality on the iPod and iPhone or Android phones than FM radio can provide and HD Radio is a failure. The media companies will eventually catch on like the record companies did. Offer a fair price and it’ll sell or sell a lot of advertising for it. Otherwise young people today will just STEAL IT. Young people today know that you can’t steal practically any Cable/Satellite or OTA network online from somewhere and stream shows for free. I know someone who doesn’t pay for the sports package on Comcast. He watches any NFL or MLB or NBA or NHL game he wants streamed live for free from abroad. Obviously, it’s illegal for anyone to stream copyrighted material, aka Aereo, but even with them gone, guess what? It’s still out there for free. Last I checked, you can’t get arrested for finding a website online. But that is a case that might eventually hit the Supreme Court I imagine in the future. (7/22/14)

New WJFK Junkies contributor: former Washington Times sports reporter Brian McNally who will cover The Washington NFL Football Team (formerly known as The Skins). (7/22/14)

Well now. Over the past two weeks, the semi-annual DCRTV Mailbag cycle is almost complete. Comments on ZW, “Bring Back WHFS”, Don Geronimo. So that leaves only the you know who bashing to officially begin and complete the cycle so we can move on. P (tick, tick, tick) L (tick, tick, tick) B (tick, tick tick) (7/22/14)

i would hope WJFK finally gets some one on that knows all sports. not some retired jock (7/22/14)

Programming Changes for WAMU 88.5 - (7/22/14)

[RE Geronimo's podcast:] Things change. Radio, terrestrial and satellite, is a dying format and has been for awhile. Podcasting is the wave of the future, as corny as that sounds and may be hard to believe. That's where the true audio entertainment can be found...for now anyway. My opinion, right or wrong. (7/22/14)

[RE Geronimo's podcast:] I feel badly for him. Abuse your listeners you are done. He is a marvelous talent with no respect for his listeners. Stick. Fork in him! So sorry! (7/22/14)

I do believe that Don Geronimo is doing just fine in the podcast world (7/22/14)

[RE Geronimo's podcast:] The only thing pathetic is people like Jeremy who don't understand that radio is a dying format and what Don is now doing is the wave of the future. Adapt or die. Besides, Don seems MUCH happier now than he's been for YEARS. (7/22/14)

[RE Geronimo's podcast:] I think it's more than "a few hundred"... (7/22/14)

How nice of Jeremy to chime in. I would think Don Geronimo has the resume and ability to work in a multitude of markets. And who is Jeremy to judge what Don should and should not do? I was never a big fan of the Don and Mike Show but they were certainly more entertaining than most of what is on the radio today. I have friends in the business and formerly in the business that I love(d) listening to. Some of them got dropped from JFK, WTEM, happens everywhere. Jeremy needs to get a life. I can't believe I'm responding to Jeremy. Shit, why didn't he just say "If Don was a better basketball coach, he could take the Wizards to the finals." Leave the guy alone. (7/22/14)

[RE Geronimo's podcast:] In Jeremy's defense, I don't think any radio personality would choose podcasting over a multimillion dollar contract with a national radio network. The pattern seems to be that they choose podcasting only as a last resort, but that does not mean that it can't turn out to be a lucrative endeavor. Remember how everyone thought Stern was crazy to move to satellite? He seems to have turned out OK. (7/22/14)

Please someone at MASN get Johnny Holliday off the play by play for the Nats. He calls baseball like a football game. Werth's walk off hit was treated like a routine hit, not to mention the number of occasions where he flat out gives the incorrect call. (7/22/14)

Two quick notes: HFS the way it is now wouldn’t survive even on a big signal……the mainstream alternative rock is easily covered on DC 101. Why I suggested the classic alternative format similar to First Wave from Sirius XM. Last note……Sure, Don could do a mix of sports and personality talk on WJFK….but CBS DC is better off getting him back to DC Metro first before any of that happens and besides…..he’s happy with his podcasts. (7/22/14)

[“So if Don had just gotten with the times and done a show that fit the sports and personality format (like his old friends the Junkies do every morning), he likely would have had a slot in either middays or afternoons. Instead he's doing a podcast for a few hundred people a day. As a former fan, it's actually really pathetic if you ask me. Jeremy in Bethesda”] First of all, didn’t a “Jeremy” once work with or for The Don & Mike Show? Seems to me I remember that name. But yeah, it’s not so much that Don Geronimo “blew it” by not adjusting even more (he was doing a whole lot of sports during his most recent WJFK stint) as it is likely he is lazier than ever, didn’t want to have to hassle with actually coming into a studio, meeting with people and return to his hateful days with management. He also likely has more money than a Radio God (he must have received a small fortune just in the wrongful death of his wife alone) so he does not need the bucks. So he could have done it but simply didn’t want to: I have not heard even one podcast, I’m sorry CBS took down their podcasts by him, and I feel guilty knowing that DCRTV has his podcast as a sponsor and I STILL won’t pay to hear Don Geronimo nor that fat slob MOM. But he was great while he was on and as mean, caustic and degrading as ever: that’s why he’s funny. (7/22/14)

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\/ July 21 Messages \/

So, Don Geronimo's brief return to WJFK started in October if I'm not mistaken. Since then, the station has replaced Holden Kushner with Grant Paulsen, passing over Don. Then Don was fired in March. And then Friday was Lavar Arrington's last day. So if Don had just gotten with the times and done a show that fit the sports and personality format (like his old friends the Junkies do every morning), he likely would have had a slot in either middays or afternoons. Instead he's doing a podcast for a few hundred people a day. As a former fan, it's actually really pathetic if you ask me. Jeremy in Bethesda (7/21/14)

NBC4's Erika Gonzalez has quite the following and yes, she is hot: (7/21/14)

According to Facebook posts from family and friends, former Fox 45 investigative reporter Jon Lieberman has suffered a massive heart attack at age 39. I believe he is now with the Howard Stern show since leaving America's Most Wanted (7/21/14)

Even more ridiculous about many of these Kasem posts is how often he's getting called "Kasey", and that winds up being the thing the spelling police completely look over. Folks, it's Casey with a "C", Kasem with a "K"-- you know, as in Clark Kent, or Louis CK. You'd think people who follow a radio/media blog wouldn't goof that up this much. Now, I'm going to go listen to some Stoward Hearn.... (7/21/14)

While watching the noon news today on CH 11 I wondered if Miri Marshall ever got up and looked outside. She said it was partly cloudy when in fact there was a heavy cloud deck over the entire metro area. Not much of a forecaster in my mind. (7/21/14)

MASN needs to find a way to keep Johnny Holiday off baseball broadcasts. There were times last night when he didn't get anything right for 10-15 minutes. In one half inning he got the score wrong, got the count wrong several times, got the number of outs wrong, identified at least three players incorrectly, and apparently didn't notice that there had been a home run until someone told him. It's embarrassing to watch. (7/21/14)

Fox5's Tom Fitzgerald previously had minimal face time on the news. However, now that Good Day DC has given him a daily Fitz File segment which he has pretty much turned into a stand up comedy segment. Each day they have to reel him in to do the story he's supposed to present.. Also from the picky file, the new weather guy, Drew Tuma, has the habit of starting off his forecast with "Good Morning Washington D..C.". Nice touch, but how long before people start complaining that the broadcast covers DC metro area & other areas feel slighted. (7/21/14)

Re.: “bill rohland on JFK says new partner for dukes to be announced Monday but he has no clue who it is Any guesses?” With any luck, they will ship someone from 105.7 in Baltimore 40 miles South. Take one….any of them….PLEASE ! (7/21/14)

WBAL TV's Lowell Melser was filling in on the radio this morning, playing host while the regular guy is on vacation. Pretty good at giving the time and temperature. #nottheanswer (7/21/14)

Re: " would you solve the sinking ship known as CBS DC?" Sounds pretty good to me. One way I wouldn't try to "solve" the problem, is to put WHFS on a big signal. HFS type music is available for the small audience that wants to hear it. I would also avoid Al Jolson, John Charles Thomas, and Debbie Boone. Other than that (and a few changes to WNEW) I would leave it alone...Ed Graham (7/21/14)

bill rohland on JFK says new partner for dukes to be announced Monday but he has no clue who it is Any guesses? (7/21/14)

with lavar going to la and the nfl network but still being affiliated with 106.7, will the 2-6 slot still be called lavar and dukes? (7/21/14)

MORNING MUSICAL CHAIRS? WRC's Angie Goff replaced Betty Nguyen on MSNBC and NBC's early morning newscasts from NYC this morning. Meanwhile, Erika Gonzales anchored WRC. Tryout or just summer stock follies? Competetent job by both and it did not go unnoticed that network covered up or removed that birthmark on her forehead. ACH (7/21/14)

The STA shenanigans continue again for the AM 1600 in Dover, DE, WRJE which apparently hasn’t been on the air since early Jan. 2014 even though they haven’t notified the FCC of this fact until TODAY, more than 6 months later! This station hasn’t operated as licensed since 1998! However, the FCC gave them TWO 250 watt FM translators, which I believe are and/or were still operating even when this station wasn’t on the air. This station was once owned by guess who? That guy who’s playing STA and Remain Silent games with the FCC right now with WIJK 1590 in OC and its associated translator. Meanwhile in March, WRJE filed for a renewal to the FCC even though the station wasn’t even on the AIR and the renewal application makes no mention of not being on the air! How could the FCC possibly not yank the license of this station? Their current STA also expired in March upon the renewal application, so in effect they have outright falsified documents to the FCC! This is all public info by the way, but apparently, they’ve so far managed to fool the FCC through paper working them to death for confusion purposes. Why the FCC lets FM translators stay on the air when the originating station is not on the air is beyond me. Finally, WLXE 1600 in Rockville has to protect this station both day and night at 5000 watts even though it’s not really been on the air much of the last year or so and probably hasn’t operated at 5000 watts since before year 2000! It’s just unbelievable. (7/21/14)

Hey, Donnie, looks like I hit the nail on the head with you. If it wasn't true I wouldn't have seen that overly dramatic post from you. Take a chill pill dude and do some of the things I mentioned. You'll be a lot happier. Would you like for me to chip in on a box of "trojan's" for you? (7/21/14)

"This morning Erika Gonzales was reading a story on the teleprompter on NBC4 this morning." Once upon a time, apparently Erika Gonzalez was quite the hot thang: (7/21/14)

Megan Pringle is surprisingly hot. Few people watched the station she used to be on, so who knew? (7/21/14)

Just curious if anyone viewing the "mailbag" has an idea of the power level of the various HD subchannels on stations running IBOC on FM? I listened to WLIF HD 3 without a drop out from Baltimore to Northwest Branch bridge on the DC Beltway. As a comparison the WASH HD signal barely makes it North to MD rt 100 and I-95. I believe -13db is authorized across the board with -10db allowed with agreement of the adjacent stations. (7/21/14)

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It's not local, but with a lot of former radio people doing podcasts, it's an interesting story on Podcast One: (7/20/14)

re SHUTUP!!! First on your superior little post....this knucklehead has,and always will, signed Donnie even after being called out for all sorts of things that have dick to do with this forum ( yes,forum, it IS where people post opinions and information isn't it?) Next ....lose some weight...why? Will you not date me if I don't? Sounds like something embedded in your subconcious to much DO you spend at the gym while you wear earbuds to listen to your fellow Yesmen sucking the communal dick as you sweat off the lattes? Get laid? Really?? I do. And it keeps me from letting trivial things bug me ,things like you and your post which,by the way, says alot about how often YOU get laid. Beating a doubt beyond your impressive talents. Spastic screamers have no in point. I post occasionally about brining HFS back. Must be a few others too since I doubt my posing frequency is enough to cause this reaction. Hmmm same guy posting huh? Guess they all sound just like me huh? Or maybe it's your amazing perception. Give up....not in my personal arsenal,sorry....but it seems to have been a way of life for you,no? So my posts bug ya do they? If you haven't figured it our I'm over here laughing at do me the favor of another post about my chosen subject. I could give reason upon reason to tear down what you,and others, think but I don't. I say what I believe and leave it at that. If your life is so great that the only place you encounter thinking that doesn't follow yours,or lack thereof, is here at Mailbag then I applaud your choices in life. But I seriously doubt it's that. So here it is...ready? your nitro pills in hand?....kick your dog before you read this because I'm gonna say H Fuckin S AGAIN!!! And in case you didn't catch it among all those 'other guys' in my post : Donnie. Yes that same fucking Donnie that's been bitching for 9 years now THAT Donnie. Give your goddamn Midol buddy it's just a forum..... (7/20/14)

To the poster who accused people of “whining” about WHFS…..if CBS was so concerned about profit….they would do something with their stations now. Although they do bring in revenue…..their ratings on a whole….stink. So enlighten us… would you solve the sinking ship known as CBS DC? As Dave could tell you….I am very open minded and willing to discuss anything. Oh and see if you can do it without insults. Let’s have a mature discussion. Dan (7/20/14)

Another morning of musical chairs on the channel 4 morning news. I see Erika Gonzales was in for Angie Goff. And maybe because it's the summer that Angie's been off a couple of weekends. But why can't they get a permanent co-anchor? (7/20/14)

To the Kasey Kasem pretender. Get a spell checker and proof read your sentences before you post them publicly. "where I'm at"??? Really? and "keep your feet on the found"? That whirring sound coming from Kasem's coffin is him turning over. Looks like another one of ZW's posts. (7/20/14)

Will you WHFS zealots PLEASE give it a rest! If CBS thought they could make money with the old format it would be back . Shut up all ready! I have never in my life seen a place where a bunch of crybabies continually cry out for the same thing that isn't gonna happen. Move on with your lives! Lose some weight, get your selves laid! You can only ride a horse soooooooooooooo far. I'm pretty sure it's the same knuckleheads that keep beating the WHFS drum! Shut up!!!!!! Shut up! It's not gonna happen and no amount of whinning is gonna bring it back! SHUT UP! (7/20/14)

That "Kasey Kasem" post... Especially with the reports about his body being missing. (7/20/14)

Tuned into NBC4's Reporters Notebook this morning to see a two reporter panel (usually three). Tom Sherwood did explain Dave McDonnell's absence, but no mention of Jerry Phillips who used to be a regular. However, the few times I've seen the show recently, the third guy's been a guy named Fauntroy. So is Jerry Phillips no longer on there? (7/20/14)

This morning Erika Gonzales was reading a story on the teleprompter on NBC4 this morning about a incident with a hot air balloon hitting power lines in Massachusetts and they kept showing pictures from the accident in Caroline county, VA making it seem like the pictures were from Massachusetts and including showing pictures of the three people killed in Caroline when they were mentioning that five people were injured in Massachusetts again making it seem like the photos on the screen were from Massachusetts. This did reference the Caroline county incident showing photos and video from Caroline County and one photo of the balloon from Massachusetts making the whole story confusing for people who weren't aware of the earlier accident. (7/20/14)

It is quite refreshing to see Megan Pringle on the anchor desk at WBAL TV. I'll take her any time over Lisa Robinson. If Jennifer Franciotti would ditch those gaudy earrings and typical Baltimore look, I would like seeing her too. (7/20/14)

HFS is a pipe dream to resurrect unless much to the new generation’s dismay….they go into a ROQ of the 80s format or a progressive format on a MAJOR frequency that covers the area. CBS would have to find a way to separate DC 101 from HFS. DC 101 does sparingly play classic rock…..but CBS could put on a progressive-classic alternative rocker on for HFS on a good signal that covers the area. Won’t appeal to the kids….but for those of us who remember the old school HFS… would be f-cking great! Dan (7/20/14)

Another oddity about WJFK-AM is that the sound quality and robustness of the web streaming is worse than the OTA AM signal. Not sure why this is; CBS has greatly improved the streaming experience on others of their stations in recent years. I can tell you why that is: 1) CBS Radio DC market honchos Steve Swenson and Steve Davis don’t care about the AM, or AM in general. 2) “PD” Chris Kinard doesn’t care about the AM. 3) No one is listening to the AM that matters. (7/20/14)

To all of my friends and listeners, I won't tell you where I'm at, but let's just say that the beaches are marvelous. I just had lunch with Elvis, and he sends along his personal greetings to all of you DCRTV fans. So keep your feet on the found and keep reaching for the stars. Sincerely, Kasey Kasem. (7/20/14)

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