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\/ December 13 Messages \/

NBC4 announced today on the 6pm broadcast that Sherri Burris will be leaving the station. It was said that she can't say where she's going which usually means she'll be going to a competitor network..Oh well, another one bites the dust in their sports department. (12/13/19)

Salem declares a Dividend for the stockholders even though their stock is at an all time low of $1.45 per share. The two main shareholders control the stock! Stuart Epperson and Ed Atsinger. (12/13/19)

NBC4 bid farewell to sports anchor Sherree Burruss on last night’s broadcast. Burruss said she is leaving for a job in another market but could not say anything more than that. Burruss made history when she became the first black woman to do sports at NBC4. (12/13/19)

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\/ December 12 Messages \/

Sinclair Broadcasting will discontinue its 'must-run' political commentaries done by BORIS EPSHTEYN and AMESHIA CROSS. According to this story from NBC News, the company says it's part of a move away from political commentary in favor of investigative journalism. (12/12/19)

I read that (Fast) Jimi Roberts got caught in a budget cut at WLIF. (Entercom is cutting everywhere.) When I lived in New York in the 80’s, WPLJ-FM had slowly segued from AOR to Top 40. When they had finally eliminated the AOR product, I didn’t think their jocks, a combination of the former AOR talents and some new ones, fit the new format or the new Power 95 positioning. When Fast Jimi Roberts arrived several months later, there was no doubt they had hired someone who fit perfectly on a state-of-the-art CHR station. He sounded great from day one and eventually moved from weekends to afternoon drive. He remained the best that station had through my time in New York. I’ve heard him doing several formats in Baltimore, and he was able to tailor his delivery to each. I want to congratulate him on a 45-year career on leading stations, a very difficult accomplishment in today’s radio industry. Roddy Freeman (12/12/19)

The “DC idiot who hates Gerry Sandusky” is actually an avid Baltimore Ravens fan who did not express any hatred toward this well respected broadcaster, but merely stated how annoying his “the hay’s in the barn” references (for whatever reason) are. Now, get back in your stall, pound some straw up your ass and bury yourself in a pile of fresh made meadow muffins, you stupid jackass! (12/12/19)

If you are an Engineer who reads DCRTV, you might be interested in checking out the power levels of WDCN 87.7 FM. They are operating at a higher power level than they are licensed. Does the FCC care? Does the FCC have an enforcement division anymore? (12/12/19)

The 26 Franken FM stations (Channel 6 LPTV Stations) should not be extended. Since they did NOT operate as Television Stations as licensed. They found a way to operate on their audio FM Channel 87.7 FM ….. rather than operate as they were intended. They made representations to the FCC that were never fulfilled. These stations are operating at higher power than licensed by the FCC. How many of these stations are owned by Minorities? The answer is None! Why were they licensed in the first place? (12/12/19)

I'm somehow not going to miss "Need windows or hot water heater or roof etc. Hi This is Chris Core" He hawked everything there was to advertise and it got old Dave please bring best and worst back this year. I really missed it last year (12/12/19)

A commenter on this board recently suggested that full band digital AM was a foolish proposition due to lack of HD receivers. Another pointed out that nearly 80% of new vehicles sold in the DC metro area were such equipped. That supposition is probably correct. (12/12/19)

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\/ December 11 Messages \/

Anyone remember a novelty rap song from 1994 called, "Short Dick Man"? The act that released it was called "20 Fingers" and the lead singer was Sandra Gillette. Well, Sandra turned 45 years old in September and is now, no doubt, explaining her way through countless PTA meetings and hemming & hawing to her kids (and to their friends' parents) as to what she was thinking back in the day when she recorded that tune. (12/11/19)

Now that Chris Core is retiring, maybe he can take a picture or two without leaning so far to the right. (12/11/19)

The DC idiot who hates Gerry Sandusky probably also thinks he’s a child molester too as he clearly doesn’t watch the Ravens games very much or he’d know that Gerry only says “The hay’s in the barn!” when the Ravens score a touchdown or play that clinches the game for a win. So that’s one time for every win. Obviously, this moron doesn’t like the Ravens winning so much while watching the Skins wallow in their own feces. I have a dumb dog like that so I get it. LOL GO PLAYOFF BOUND #1 RAVENS! THE HAY IS IN THE BARN! I sure hope I have triggered you. Please find a safe space and have a good Skins cry. HAHA! (12/11/19)

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\/ December 10 Messages \/

Who the hell would agree that 6 MHz of spectrum should be wasted on a single radio station in every non-channel 6 TV market? THIS NOTION IS CLEAR MADNESS, especially with the repack and ATSC 3.0 need for more spectrum. If you leave the analog channel 6’s, you MUST open up channel 6 to FM radio and deal with the REAL TV channel 6 implications. Or better yet, make channel 6 be an ATSC 1.0 sunset channel in every market to aid the switch to Next Gen TV. There are so many better ideas for the use of the peoples’ spectrum than eternal Franken FMs wasting valuable public space. They’re basically squatting and daring the FCC to make theme move. (12/10/19)

Feeling thankful this holiday season that the Core values time killers are now dead themselves. Wouldn't shed any tears if they dropped the Clinton Yates time killers as well. Just want to hear the straight news and traffic together on the 8's without the whiny rants. (12/10/19)

Steven Melfa Obituary - Baltimore, MD | Baltimore Sun... Steve was known as the “Rock & Roll Doctor” on WKTK and later WQSR. He also did a show on 91.1 WHFC for awhile later in the years. Steve was a good guy to work with, and will be missed. - Tom Conroy www.legacy.com (12/10/19)

" RE: MIKE O’MEARA BROADCASTING FROM THE POOR HOUSE….The back drop is gone because the house is for sale. Under contract now. New house will have a formal studio" Hey Dullard, SLOW your TMOS role. This relocation is all Carla O'Meara!. Mike was just fine where he was at. With the move around the corner where more old people live, no formal office/studio with french doors for Mike. That extra room goes to Carla for her new self-employed, Stiletto Heels wearing "Esty" business. Yes Dullard, it now means that grown ass hairy, sweaty & horny men - and hot firemen - will be taking off their shirts in Mike's house while he's broadcasting from the garage - or kitchen - or master bedroom. Hey Mike, Carla's 10'oclock is here. Can you get the door? LOL (12/10/19)

The people who got the Channel 6 LPTV licenses agreed to operate the stations as they were intended. (Television Stations.) They made representations to the FCC and NEVER operated them as Television Stations. The FCC does not follow up after the license is awarded to see if the promises were fulfilled. All of these owners found a loophole in the FCC Rules and operated them as FM Radio Stations on their Audio Frequency 87.7 FM. Why should these station now be rewarded for NOT doing what they agreed to do when they got their license. The purpose of licensing these stations in the first place was so that Minorities could have an opportunity to get into TELEVISION OWNERSHIP! How many of these stations are owned by Minorities now? (12/10/19)

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\/ December 9 Messages \/

Re: The Franken FMs on 87.7 It looks like the FCC is proposing to allow the 26 Franken FMs to continue broadcasting on 87.7 FM while using the rest of the bandwidth for ATSC. See fcc.gov, III.B.13 on page 8. (12/9/19)

RE: MIKE O’MEARA BROADCASTING FROM THE POOR HOUSE….The back drop is gone because the house is for sale. Under contract now. New house will have a formal studio. (12/9/19)

Congratulations on your pending retirement, Chris Core. While at WMAL, you told then GM Chris Berry I sounded like a network news anchor. This comment stuck with me from then until now. Happy holidays to you and your family! (12/9/19)

The good news.....the stock market continues to rally. The bad news is that the radio stocks continue to tank. No one is interested in investing in these sick stocks. Too much debt! Urban One $2.00 per share and Salem at $1.45 per share. Where is the upside? (12/9/19)

I have filed multiple complaints against BOTH channel 6’s in both DC (WDCN) and on Delmarva (WOWZ) for the annoying over-modulation of volume and sound that is clearly against several FCC policies and never once got a response on even the poor operation as FM stations let alone as TV stations and the fact that they’re clearing operating at a higher power than licensed not matching their initial permitted contours. They just don’t fucking care due to whatever influence peddling has already occurred from K Street. This is one instance where I’d approve of Trump stepping in and saying deport those freaking FAKE TV ILLEGAL ALIENS from the FM Dial! The other LPTV stations not on channel 6 should band together and sue both the FCC and these stations in class action for “LACK OF CANDOR” in the application and usage of FCC regulations. Why should a single FM station be allowed to control 6Mhz of valuable land for just an accidental purpose that serves the few vs. the many? A whole new FM BAND, all DIGITAL could be created from just these SQUATTERS without any legal rights with many new stations and they could also have minority ownership preferences for applications. This FCC DEFECT only serves the rich in a very despicable way. Who’s being paid off here? Someone is in the government. :( (12/9/19)

Goodbye Chris Core. Any regrets? Maybe apologize for that whole Iraq was responsible for 9-11 thing? How about your show questioning “why we have a holiday to honor Martin Luther King, Jr?” Or, all the nasty things you said on the air about a guy who hired day laborers to clean up some trash. You were sued for that one, right? Now that you are getting out of the system, how about coming clean on all the machinations you were given, and by whom, for the lead up to Bush the Lesser’s Iraq War? You were told to lie on the air about missile silos, chemical weapons, yellow cake, etc. Maybe If you come clean on the system you were involved in to dupe the country, your knowledge may shed some light for all of us on the current machination used to defend the current President. It should be your duty as an American to come clean with your knowledge of a a system designed to mis-educate the electorate. Keep your eye on the mailbox, Chris, for a “Happy Retirement” card from Valarie Plame. It’l come, any year now. Still can’t admit you were wrong, can ya? Good bye. The world would have been a better place if you just learned to ask the right questions, and not just follow orders. (12/9/19)

Can someone please tell Baltimore Ravens play-by-play broadcaster Gerry Sandusky (WBAL) to please STOP screaming “THE HAY’S IN THE BARN” every time the team scores a touchdown, or when they win the game. It’s a f’n football game, not a local farm report. (12/9/19)

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\/ December 8 Messages \/

For those interested in digital (aka HD) radio, check out
www.hdradio.com for listings of AM and FM HD stations in your area and HD radios on the market. They don't mention a nice Insignia FM-only HD radio sold at Best Buy which make a good introduction to the technology. There are very few AM HD stations out there at this time. If you want to listen to WWFD 820 AM HD (The Gamut) alternative solutions include WTOP 103.5 FM HD3, live.gamut.fm/listen, and the TuneIn app on your smartphone. I have an Insginia FM HD radio which I use for extending the range of stations like WWFD as mentioned above for music, WJFK 106.7 via WIAD 94.7 HD3 and WFED via WTOP 103.5 HD2 for live sports. (12/8/19)

Here is an article discussing the FCC request for Comment concerning the continued use of TV channel 6 as a de facto radio station. www.rbr.com.... The FCC is apparently considering allowing this beyond the current deadline to end analog TV broadcasting in 2021. read it yourself and decide where you stand. (12/8/19)

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\/ December 7 Messages \/

Don't forget that the Ravens B ills game will be available locally on WUSA-TV and WDCN La Nueva 87.7 (David Andrade, Gustavo Salazar, Ximena Lugo) (12/7/19)

Things have been quiet on ATSC 3.0 after the 7 low power Next Gen licenses were issued in test or small markets, but the first major market TV stations has now has filed an application to switch KFLA-CD to ATSC 3.0. Not a network station, but I suspect the market motivation is to be a paid transitional Next Generation TV station in a major market to see what happens since as of now, there are no widely available ATSC 3.0 tuners or 4k TVs even available. (12/7/19)

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\/ December 6 Messages \/

Read "Mike O'Meara broadcasting from the poor house". Should have read "Mike O'Meara broadcasting from the POUR house. Chateau Chug-A-Lug (12/6/19)

Rick Ritter still hasn't found his way to the big boys clothing department, and Chipotle is pronounced "chi-pote-le" not "cha-polty". #hesnojerryturner (12/6/19)

Re:Al in Springfield. First of all, thank you for the kind words. I was reading articles about WWFD and if I understood correctly, vehicle and portable HD radios are capable of receiving this all digital signal. Sangean builds a few HD models, as do others. Keep in mind however that portable radios today do not have the receive sensitivity, so you would pretty much need to be in an area where the signal is robust. So your search for HD radio, most will be hd on both bands, just check the specs. There are articles on the web regarding the 820 testing. It appears that the digital signal is fairly impressive compared to that of analog. Impulse noise can still be a problem at times, but not too bad. Good luck, check Best Buys for HD too. Thanks, Tom Conroy (12/6/19)

Two 20 year vets now gone. “Fast Jimmie” afternoons and Fran Burns nights. Voice tracking to save money. (12/6/19)

Urban One stock price hits bottom! $1.98 per share. This is the lowest price in their history. What is wrong with this stock? Not a good investment. Is it poor management or too much debt? (12/6/19)

LPTV Channel 6 has never operated as a Television Station. When the license was granted, they promised the FCC certain TV Programming that was never done! The Station is known as WDCN 87.7 FM. They have always used their audio channel 87.7 FM to operate as an FM Radio Station. Some stations have lied to the FCC and never been challenged...... It is a shame that the FCC does not cancel the license of stations that make promises in order to obtain the license and lie to the FCC! Their audio channel is leased out to a Spanish Broker. (12/6/19)

MIKE O'MEARA BROADCASTING FROM THE POOR HOUSE: For the past few days, Mike O'Meara has been broadcasting from his small Florida home without a backdrop. Boy, makes Oscar Santana's Wash, DC crib look Donald Trump "huge.” Boy, 2 divorces and all O'Meara got was an autographed Joe Theismann jersey hanging on the wall. Boy, Carla O'Meara, Esthetician or Interior Decorator? Boy, O’Meara must keep his golf clubs in the Outhouse. Boy, they make Sleep Number beds that small? Boy, where is Little Michael's room - the closet? Boy, Mike O'Meara's house is so small, when Carla drops a Kleenex, she has wall-to-wall carpeting. Boy, Mike O'Meara's house is so small, his Welcome mat only says "Well", Boy, Mike O'Meara's house is so small, when he orders a large pizza, he and his family need to eat it outside. Boy, Mike O'Meara's Florida home is so small, Carla doesn't have room to change her mind. Boy, Mike O’Meara’s house is so small, a Robb Spewak holiday fruit cake has more square footage... (12/6/19)

Reply to Tom Conroy: Tom, I have always appreciated your rational and factual contributions to the Mailbag, and your Dec 5 posting has a good blend of information and commentary to convey your points. But doing a basic Google / Duckduck / Bing search for "digital AM receivers" brings up a bunch of links not worth ougatz. Most are links to radios with digital tuning or receivers with MicroSD card recorders; nothing for receivers that can actually receive a digital AM signal. Since you've taken the point on this topic, can you suggest or recommend any actual brands and models (car or personal) suitable for proper reception? Or perhaps a way of decoding a digital signal using a common SDR-type computer radio? I don't want to think I have to buy an Si468 silicon chip and build my own digital radio like some Boy Scout project. -- Al in Springfield (12/6/19)

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\/ December 5 Messages \/

The Mueller report clearly stated Paul Manafort signed a contract with Oligarchs tied to the Kremlin to boost Putin’s image in the US media. Right after this contract was signed, Chris Plante and Rush Limbo both started talking about what a real ”leader” Putin is, and how Obama can learn from Putin’s leadership skills. Our friend over at The Hill, and WMAL frequent guest, the traitor Jon Solomon, also penned a similar piece praising Putin’s leadership skills. How much Russian money did WMAL get from this deal to smear the then current president, Bill Hess? On another note, Bill, Seth Rich. Did you know the story disseminated by Chris Plante, Larry O’Connor, Rush, and Mark Levin was fabricated by Russians? Of course you did. Now that we know your team knowingly participates in schemes, aided by Russians, to disrupt the upcoming election, and to obstruct justice, isn’t time the whole truth comes out about WMAL’s long history of planned lying and deceiving of the American people for political gain? Ahem, Herritage………ahem…..cough, cough (12/5/19)

Just enjoyed Tom Conroy’s message about all digital AM. Can’t the NAB play a role in marketing? Maybe even subsidizing (time limited!) a couple of stations in each major market with compelling programming? As many have said, nearly all new car radios can receive it. Excitement could build quickly. -P of the AW (12/5/19)

"Anyone know when Bloomberg’s lease of 99.1 runs out?" LMAs are public record and uploaded to the station's public file. It expires 4 January 2021. Either side may terminate it early with 4 months' notice but that certainly won't happen. fcc.gov (12/5/19)

Dave's response: 99.1 is a mixed up frequency. It is controlled by Entercom's DC cluster but has a better signal in Baltimore, which also has a (rival?) Entercom cluster. (Witness the then-CBS mess that was WNEW.) Renting it out to Bloomberg News, which is actually not a bad news talker, makes a lot of sense.....

I don't regularly listen to WASH except in December. One thing about the station that gripes me is there is almost never any identification of the artist. In the 4+ hours I've had WASH on in my car this month I think I have heard the artist identified a total 3 times. I don't have a fancy radio that displays the artist and title. Someone recently told me that Siri can help on this quest. So I have taken to using her, but that's a bit of a challenge on 95. Is not identifying the artist standard procedure for WASH during the other 11 months of the year? Thanks. Tom in Wheaton (12/5/19)

I hate to disappoint our resident crusader against the use of Channel six for radio but that FCC review seems to be aimed at possibly extending the use of the frequency in this manner. if the FCC did nothing the issue would go away when all LPTV stations go digital but the FCC is responding to comments that want to allow continued analog use. But I am sure we have not seen the last of our Channel6 Crusader. (12/5/19)

Attention Tom Conroy WXCY: I purchased a 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage last year. It has HD radio in it. Trouble is, in my town their are no HD signals to tune in. As far as people talking about it? I hear zilch! The only way that medium is gonna catch on is for the FCC to allow AM broadcasters to keep their AM signals on (if that is technically feasible) and simulcast on the HD channel. Remember when stations use to simulcast AM programming on FM? I remember when one station about 40 miles from me added an FM signal they actually gave away car FM converters just so people could hear them. Some kind of HD radio giveway will be necessary even today "to get the word" out. If not HD just isn't gonna happen. Sorry 'bud! (12/5/19)

RE: WHGM's sale. The sale was to get the assets out of Jeff Davis's company, Imperial Broadcasting. Jeff abandoned the station and left town in March, owing over a half-million dollars in loans. Now, with the new company, the option to buy can move forward with the current LMA. (12/5/19)

WHGM and its two co-owned translators were sold to Andrulonis Media for ten (10) dollars. The buyer owns several country-formatted stations plus a couple of classic hits, largely in NC and SC. Jeff Davis bought the three stations for just over $400k just two years ago... fcc.gov... (12/5/19)

I have been around for awhile and remember broadcasters ways to improve AM quality. There was the Motorola C-Quam stereo system, Kahn tried too. GE and perhaps others developed an AMax certified radio capable of receiving the full spectrum of what was broadcast, much like the older radios already did pre-1970 or so. Later came the hybrid in band HD which has a bad side band artifact. Now the commission has allowed AM broadcasters to go fully digital, which makes current non HD receivers obsolete. That is a bold move, but matched with compelling programming, may stand a better chance of reviving the old medium band over time. The FCC would need to mandate that receivers are in the marketplace, otherwise it is like pissing into the wind. It is a touchy choice for an AM to suddenly turn off their analog signal, hoping the new technology will be in the hands of the consumers. It would require a huge investment by the broadcaster along with having a serious public information program in place, maybe even giveaways of portable full hd radios initially. I have heard 820 in Frederick, comparing it’s quality to satellite radio, which is not perfect, but is a major improvement to the spectrum. It is no longer amplitude modulation which has been around for over one hundred years. Could the commission mandate a complete changeover to full digital, like they did with the ATSC-1 system for television offering incentives to broadcasters? Maybe... That may be the only way to jump start the declining numbers in the medium band we currently know as AM. Your soundoff is welcome! Tom Conroy WXCY (12/5/19)

Dave: You have to love the new Wizards TV guy[replacing Buckhantz] calling Butler, Drew Goodman! Say what? I know it's a slip of the tongue, but, I still think Ted made the right call in making an on-air change. Gotta tell you, NBCSNDCCSN Wash, or whatever they go by, really thinks using very young talent to speak of gambling odds and sports and how team operates, will really get viewers, NOT. Also, it's amazing how much the same Carol Maloney sounds like Sheehan on the radio...um...um...um. I wonder how many friends Pollin has left to keep on the air in DC because 630's talent is just as bad as 980. And, poor Doc, now he's really preaching to the choir because no one's listening to his show and Al just needs to turn his own volume down. (12/5/19)

Anyone know when Bloomberg’s lease of 99.1 runs out? Or when hopefully Entercom take it back from Bloomberg? Absolute waste of a good Maryland FM signal. (12/5/19)

Two Radio stocks seem to have hit bottom and stay flat. Urban One at $2.00 per share and Salem at $1.46 per share. Both companies have very large debt. Why don't they do what iHeart did and just sell their debt? (12/5/19)

The FCC has requested an update on the use of 87.7 LPTV Channel 6 for FM Radio. Remember, when these LPTV stations were granted, it was to provide Minorities an opportunity to get into television ownership. Rather than use the TV channels as they were intended, the new owners of these TV stations found it was much more profitable to operate them as FM stations on their audio channel, 87.7. Most were in major markets and were NEVER operated as TV stations. Soon after these licenses were granted, they were sold at premium prices because of the revenues they generated as FM radio stations on 87.7. (12/5/19)

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\/ December 4 Messages \/

Anyone know what happened to Fox5’s reporter Nick Smith? He was a field reporter & then was on that Like it or Not show for a minute. Then just disappeared. Don’t see anything online about him leaving or working somewhere else. Also no hints as to what he’s doing on his Twitter account. But hey, there’s been a number of other reporters who have just disappeared from that station w/o notice. (12/4/19)

Mr Blue State: What does your post have to do with DC radio or TV? (12/4/19)

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\/ December 3 Messages \/

How much is Bloomberg paying Entercom to lease WDCH 99.1 FM in DC? We know that the Russians are paying Arthur Liu $35,000 per month to lease WZHF 1390 AM for their Russian propaganda and they are paying John Garziglia $30,000 per month to lease his Translator 105.5 FM. (12/3/19)

The FCC is going to permit AM stations to go all digital. How will this help AM Radio? (12/3/19)

Beasley sells two AM stations in south Florida for $7.1 Million. (Parkland, Florida) WSBR and WHSR. The city bought them for the land. The stations will go silent and their towers will be removed. This is going to happen in many markets. The land is worth more than the AM stations! (12/3/19)

/\ December 3 Messages /\

\/ December 2 Messages \/

News channel 8 down/must be time to renew contract with FIOS! (12/2/19)

I saw a noticeable signal level drop in the three TV stations broadcasting from the Fort Reno tower (7, 9, and 32) starting at 9am today, Monday. You'd have to think it's WETA working on their permanent post-repack facility, which is also licensed to that tower. In their latest progress report they estimated the month of December as the completion date. (12/2/19)

/\ December 2 Messages /\

\/ December 1 Messages \/

Is CNN going to move their headquarters to Virginia? (12/2/19)

Virginia is now a "Blue State" with just one political party! The liberal Democrats Rule the Commonwealth! The other party was defeated. Northern Virginia Rules! Virginia is following DC with their voting pattern. This seems to be the RULE OF THE PEOPLE. Is that true? (12/1/19)

It appears as if WMDT 47abc has cancelled the Ravens program Ravens Rap from The Green Turtle in Ocean City with Mike Bradley and produced by Ravens24x7/Russell Street Reports Tony Lombardi. I personally liked the show a lot myself, but WMDT appears to have picked up the Ravens own produced shows Ravens Report and Ravens Unscripted to replace it or its been moved somewhere else? I didn’t see it on Facebook either. Anybody know? (12/1/19)

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\/ November 30 Messages \/

The other "Christmas Station" in the DC market went on the air over the Thanksgiving weekend: the Cardinal Forest Plaza Shell garage & gas station fired up its annual light show and short-range FM transmitter on Friday, entertaining motorists backed up at the intersection of Old Keene Mill Road and Rolling Road in West Springfield. This year, the signal is way down near 88 FM and doesn't really come in until you're right on top of the intersection. When traffic is really bad, you might be treated to "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" more than once. (11/30/19)

/\ November 30 Messages /\

\/ November 29 Messages \/

Turned on Fox5 around 4:15 this morning & saw the new traffic woman. Fell back asleep & when I woke up around 5:25, Mike Thomas was doing the traffic & has continued ever since. So have the powers that he realize she wasn’t a good fit for that job? Or maybe she got sick & had to leave. Awww shucks to the latter which means she’ll be back next week. (11/29/19)

/\ November 29 Messages /\

\/ November 28 Messages \/

This week's NFL TV maps show 49ers@Ravens getting significant national coverage on the Fox single game (and WBFF, WTTG, WBOC Fox 21), but not in Harrisburg. WPMT Fox 43 chose Eagles@Dolphins instead of Ravens while Sinclair owned WHP CBS 21 and also Salisbury's WBOC CBS 16 chose the Browns@Steelers instead of the Redskins@Panthers. In Baltimore, WJZ 13 has the Skins game per NFL secondary market rules and a lot of the southeast does also. It will be interesting to see if WJZ 13 is blacked out on the eastern shore or if once again the Washington Redskins are not available on even basic cable TV near the beaches. WBOC choosing the Eagles or Steelers over the Redskins or Ravens almost never ever happened in past years, literally never for the Ravens still, but this is now multiple times this season for the Redskins. The CBS late game is Raiders@Chiefs for much of the country. More maps at 506sports.com , including any late game changes. — BaltoMedia.net (11/29/19)

Angie Goff truly is a media diva. It’s not enough that she tries to dominate the 4pm broadcast & the Lije it or Not show, she was co-anchoring this morning on Fox5 & did all she could to make that show all about her. Because she kept going on & on yapping,, it cut into Tucker Barnes’ weather segment a couple of times & he seemed none too pleased. Oh, and BTW, she let it be known that she will be leading the Reston Center festivities tomorrow & broadcasting live for Fox5. Must say that she’s willing to do anything to remain relevant. (11/28/19)

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\/ November 27 Messages \/

Are there any statistics on how many people are actually listening to HD radio? I just don't hear "regular" folks talking about it. (11/27/19)

Now that the FCC has approved Digital HD for AM Radio Stations, what will this do for radio? New cars have HD but most of the older cars do not have HD. None of the FM Stations broadcasting on their HD Channels have any ratings! It means they have no audience. How many people in DC have HD Receivers in their homes? (11/27/19)

I failed to notice this, but the Nielsen TV Market Rankings are out for fall 2019 through summer 2020. The biggest area change is DC falls from the #6 market to #7, beat by San Francisco and Salisbury jumps from #138 to #136. Baltimore stays the same at #26, now beat by Indianapolis instead of Raleigh-Durham and still stays out of the Top 25 list. Another big change is Harrisburg/York/Lancaster moved down 5 spots from #41 to #47. In VA, Norfolk moved up from #44 to #42 and Richmond moved up 2 spots also, #56 to #54. Charlottesville moved up 1 spot, #183 to #182 while Harrisonburg stayed at #175. The Top 5 TV markets, NYC, LA, Chicago, Philly and Dallas all stayed the same. Although as had been said before, if DC/Baltimore were combined, something once discussed by the FCC, we would be #4. Baltimore might change if York County is added to the market as there is no TV station in York County anymore, now that WPMT Fox 43 has moved north to Harrisburg and most new residents and development to York County is now statistically relocated from Baltimore and an NFL secondary market of Baltimore. tvnewscheck.com... — BaltoMedia.net (11/27/19)

I agree with the post about Georgetown Basketball on the radio. I too was trying to listen to the Duke game in Springfield, No luck. Need to be on a better signal 93.9 or maybe 63. Patrick (11/27/19)

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\/ November 26 Messages \/

Who's the WTOP freak who keeps pressing Dave with, "What's wrong with you"? If you can do better, it's a big Internet out there: start your own damn Radio-TV-Print-Web news site and watch the trolls jump -your- ass. (11/26/19)

To the "check your facts" guy: I'm not the author of the first posting, but *I'd* like to check the facts. Links please... (11/26/19)

"why couldn't [Terps and Hoyas] have been split between WTEM's AM (980) and FM (95.9) signals?" That's literally illegal, a translator cannot broadcast anything other than the programming of its originating station, regardless of which band it is on. This is why for example the Frederick Gamut translator breaks for Nats and Caps games -- because its originating station is WWFD -- while the Reston one doesn't because its is WTOP-HD3. (11/26/19)

Dave, you missed WTOP's revamp of business news. What's wrong with you? While Jeff Clabaugh was away the week of November 18, the managers did play. They freshened the 25 and 55 intro, buried the market numbers at the end of the report, and eliminated the quick check of Dow numbers before sports at 15 and 45. Daresay the last move was to obtain perhaps 30 seconds in the hour to sell, sell, sell! Got to keep that revenue up for the folks in MN. (11/26/19)

On Friday evening both the Maryland/GMU and Georgetown/Duke basketball games were going on at the same time and Urban One (which has the radio rights to both teams) inexplicably chose to air the Terps on WTEM and move the Hoyas feed to WOL which is impossible to pick up at night in the Vienna/Fairfax area. While I assume that it's written in the contracts that Maryland gets preferential treatment in the case of conflicts, why couldn't the two feeds have been split between WTEM's AM (980) and FM (95.9) signals? A recent Washington Post poll where DC residents were asked to name their favorite team has generated a lot of discussion due to the world champion Nationals receiving more than twice as many votes as the chronically dysfunctional Redskins. Has the time come for TV and radio outlets in the DMV to seriously consider transitioning away from their current heavily Skins-centric approach to coverage (which dates back to the glory years of that franchise which ended in 1992) to a more up-to-date, merit based philosophy where far more attention is paid to the other major professional and college teams in town (in particular the Nats)? I think the answer to that question is a resounding yes and in fact such an upheaval is long overdue. (11/26/19)

To the poster who remarked that few AM HD radios exist in the DC area....Check your facts. 78% of car sales and leases in the Washington DC Auto Market since 2015 have HD radios. All of them are capable of reception of the HD standard on AM. (11/26/19)

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\/ November 25 Messages \/

So, this morning I tuned in to 105.9 WMAL at 7:05 AM to hear their segment “What Russia wants you to think, with your host Joe DiGenova,” a weekly Q&A sponsored by Plutocrats United for The Indoctrination of the Nation (or PUTIN for short). Mary starts off by asking Joe why everything went bad last week for the Democrats. Joe, immediately started calling Democrats names, and slandered them with debunked talking points. Joe did not mention how Dr. Fiona Hill continued to disgrace his theory that Ukraine, not Russia, interfered with the 2016 election. Joe did not mention how witnesses implicated more White House officials, including the Vice President. Joe forgot to mention the phone call from the restaurant overheard by diplomats. Joe conveniently forgot to say there is evidence Republican Devin Nunes traveled to Ukraine to meet with ousted corrupt prosecutor Shokin. (Joe is working for at least two oligarchs with ties to Putin, and Joe has never discloses this information when making media appearances). Joe DiGenova paid (laundered) hundreds of thousands of dollars to two men to do brief translation work. Oddly, a lot of that money ended up at conservative congressional campaigns. If you ever wondered how Russian state sponsored news works, just listen to Comrade Joe DiGenova Monday’s at 7:05 AM on WMAL. Comrade Joe strongly smacks his lips after firmly planting them on Putin’s buttocks on a daily basis.Joe's Putin's ass licking lips can be heard every Monday morning at 7:05 AM on WMAL. FBI, are you aware what this clown is doing? (11/25/19)

Dave's response: I am back in the DC area thru the end of the year and I have made the decision not to listen to WMAL. I could never stand Joe DiGenova and all he did was make my blood pressure go up. I try to confine my talk radio listening to WTOP, which doesn't sound quite as regal after their move to Maryland, and the always glorious WAMU. Hopefully, I will be making the move to western North Carolina in January. There's a great NPR station in nearby Charlotte plus additional cool public radio outlets in Asheville, Tennessee, and South Carolina, but Charlotte news talker WBT's broadcast signal is kind of iffy at my new place.....

Just FYI - just saw on LinkedIn that Michael Miller (Formerly at Comcast Spotlight for WDC area) is now GM at WJLA (Had not seen this yet in DCRTV) (11/25/19)

How much is Bloomberg paying Entercom to lease their WDCH 99.1 FM? When a company does an LMA like WDCH, they are suppose to file it with the FCC. I could not find it in the FCC Data. (11/25/19)

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XFINITY & WBOC FOX 21 COMBINE TO BLACK OUT WASHINGTON REDSKINS GAME on Delmarva. This might be the first time I’ve seen this in 3-4 years, but WTTG FOX 5 was blacked out on Delmarva, at least near the beaches for certain. What’s most funny is that this disclaimer is false. WBOC Fox 21, not even broadcast in HD, and has no exclusivity rights to programming they are not even carrying themselves. I’m guessing they are not worried with the Skins such a poor team, but this is definitely a legal issue, if nothing else, for Xfinity subscribers and or the team. Last I checked, the FCC gives no exclusivity rights to low power TV stations or sub-channels. I don’t believe this involves any arcane NFL rule either as WTTG was not blacked out the last time WBOC took the Eagles game over the Redskins and that game did air on WTTG on the shore. Someone has some explaining to do, not sure who. —BaltoMedia (11/24/19)

Dave's response: DC's Fox 5 should do us all a favor and black out the Redskins too given the way they've been playing.....

Dave, you missed the departure of WTOP's Mike McMearty? What's wrong with you? (11/24/19)

Seems the Drive now plays 70s and 80s Disco and dance music Saturday night.Theyve been doing an hour for a few weeks around 11 PM as well as 70s non disco songs. Last night at 9Pm till Midnight it was all disco and dance music definitely some seldom heard songs remember Doctors Orders from Carol Douglas plus Donna Summer. Earth Wind &Fire, BT Express Heatwave some great songs if you like that type of music. (11/24/19)

Regarding "...Taco Bell and KFC food is more healthy being irradiated by the WFED AM 1500 50,000 watt ground wires underneath it...." The western boundary fence of the Hubbard property appears to be in the same position as it was 15 years ago. Doubt that the AM ground plane extends beyond it. This isn't the same as the downfall of WINX Rockville. Back in the day, Sleeman might have appreciated the convenience of food so close by. (11/24/19)

As expected, EMF ( K-Love) has expanded its HD offerings on the 107.3 WLVW signal. HD2 now airs K-Love Classics while HD3 carries the Caligornia-based Radio Nueva Vida's Spanish-langyage religious programming. If you understand Spanish you will be treated to timechecks based on the Pacific Time Zone.. (Another inaccurate report from TK Odenton...) (11/24/19)

Assuming the WFED ground field is symmetrical, I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the KFC/Taco Bell building did not disturb any buried wires when it was put in. To do so would have required the filing of a Minor Change application with the FCC, and I cant find any of those on file anywhere. Maybe I haven't looked thoroughly enough. (11/24/19)

All FCC Commissioners gave their blessing today for AM Stations to go all Digital with HD Radio. This is MAJOR NEWS..... How many Digital Receivers are there in the DC area? Not many! What will this mean for the future of AM Radio? How will it help AM Radio? (11/24/19)

Dave, it gets worse. On Wednesday, Asshole of the month Joe DiGenova went on Lou Dobbs show on Fox Business. Joe seemingly trafficked anti-Semitic tropes by accusing financier George Soros of controlling “very large parts” of the U.S. Department of State. Speaking directly with host Lou Dobbs—who has a history of peddling Soros-based conspiracies—DiGenova dismissed the impeachment testimony of senior diplomat George Kent by baselessly claiming he is part of an insidious Soros plot to take over Ukraine with the help of State and the FBI. This fable Joe was pushing was adapted from a 1903 Russian book, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which describes a Jewish plan for world dominance. the Protocols are the minutes of a late 19th-century meeting where Jewish leaders discussed their goal of global Jewish hegemony by subverting the morals of Gentiles, and by controlling the press and the world's economies. Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Russia, and remember, Putin made a public joke about Jews and their money taking over the world when his was in Crimea in March. So not only is Joe DiGenova running around trying to muddy up the water when it comes to Russia and our 2016 elections, he is now doing Putin’s anti-Semitism propaganda, trying to declare Jews are not fully American, only out for their best interest, and are planning to, and preparing to, take over governments. (My wife’s ophthalmologist did an emergency surgery for her on the eve going into the Sabbath, and did follow up office work on the Sabbath for her, so, with that alone, I don’t agree with the premise Joe was alluding). Our nation is being torn apart,” Dr. Fiona Hill said on Capitol Hill Wednesday. She continued, “Truth is questioned. Our highly professional and expert career Foreign Service is being undermined. U.S. support for Ukraine—which continues to face armed Russian aggression—has been politicized. The Russian government’s goal is to weaken our country, to diminish America’s global role, and to neutralize a perceived U.S. threat to Russian interests.” Thank God the Russians have WMAL’s Joe DiGenova on their side. WMAL fire Joe DiGenova, and march him down to the FBI building and turn him in. (11/24/19)

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\/ November 23 Messages \/

Did you know that RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA is still alive in DC? Arthur Liu, owner of WZHF 1390 AM, is receiving $35,000 per month from the Russian Government to lease his station to the Russians. John Garziglia, owner of Translator 105.5 FM, is receiving $30,000 per month to lease his Translator to the Russians. Are these station owners registered as Russian Agents? (11/23/19)

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\/ November 22 Messages \/

Dave, do you think it might be possible that the Taco Bell and KFC food is more healthy being irradiated by the WFED AM 1500 50,000 watt ground wires underneath it or less? I have other jokes like, “Yep, the Colonel said FRY IT with that 50,000 watt blowtorch!” This location is on the original WTOP transmitter grounds and now built over along with many other buildings nearby. That is an area previously fenced in. Makes you wonder. (11/22/19)

Dave, Can you look into is Aaron Gilcrest is married? He’s been wearing a silver ring and not sure if it’s just “a ring” or what? Jane B. (11/22/19)

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\/ November 21 Messages \/

Depending on how nostalgic you all feel, I can heartily encourage you to take a tour through archived back issues of Broadcasting Magazine (americanradiohistory.com). It is definitely an enjoyable look back at an industry that, once upon a time, meant something. Check the Classified ads in the back pages -- you may actually find the radio or TV job you answered and got, way back in 1979. (11/21/19)

Two years later, I still can't get used to hearing Radio Sputnik instead of Bluegrass music on 105.5 FM. I can't linger on that signal very long when I'm dialing around --- it makes my butthole pucker so hard, the skin around my ankles tightens up. (11/21/19)

The stock market has been doing very well recently. However, it sure does not like these radio stocks......Salem $1.50, Urban One $2.05 and Spanish Broadcasting System $0.15. (11/21/19)

WMAL's resident asshole, Joe DiGenova, went on Fox News two weeks ago and said the United States intelligence has not concluded if any country interfered in the 2016 election. Joe made this statement while secretly being paid by at least four people with convincing ties to Putin,and Russian dirty cash, who are, in fact, lining Joe DiGenova's wallet with some of that dirty cash. How anyone at WMAL can stomach putting this mercenary treasonous clown on the air blows my mind. Anyway, Dr. Hill testified today on Capitol Hill that the theory DiGenova was peddling was false, and was designed by Russia to "Muddy up the water" concerning Russian involvement in the 2016 election. She said Russia interfered, Ukraine did not, claiming the rumors of Ukrainian involvement actually came out of the Kremlin. Good God, WMAL's Joe DiGenova repeated a Kremlin lie on national television. Joe is taking money from Putin, and lying on national television to distract from Putin, and blame another country. WMAL, march Joe, Mark Levin, and Dan Bongino down to the FBI, and have them turn themselves in for treason, and obstruction of justice. Each one of them helped in conspiring a political dirty trick, which lead to treason, slander against a US Representative, and bribery of a foreign official. Is war down the road? Look what happened 15 year ago when WMAL put on the air all those assholes who blamed 9-11 on Saddam Hussein? we have 5,000 US troops dead because Chris Core could not be burdened with asking known Iraq War Hawks "Are you sure?," and "If you were so sure with the claim you made last week, which turned out false, how can you be sure of this claim you are telling me now?." 5,000 dead, Chris, because you wanted to play "propaganda-man." How do you sleep at night, Chris Core? Are we going to lose 5,000 troops soon, over lies Joe DiGenova is peddling now, like when Bill Kristol and his ilk were cheering for a war with Iraq by lying on WMAL 15 years ago? Bill, for God's sake, just turn off the transmitter, and bring your clowns to justice before another needless war starts, based on lies heard on WMAL. (11/21/19)

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\/ November 20 Messages \/

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] 2019 Producer-Board Operator Position - WCBM has an opening for a Part-Time producer/board-operator. Experience preferred. Interested persons should be able to monitor transmitters, operate an audio console, screen calls, and edit audio. Must have reliable transportation. Please submit resumes to: WCBM,1726 Reisterstown Rd. Suite 117, Baltimore, MD. 21208 or to mailto:sean@wcbm.com. WCBM is an EOE. (11/20/19)

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\/ November 19 Messages \/

One solution for 105.9's and 106.7's signal problems in Maryland might be what a couple of Boston-area FMs have done: set up a network of small on-channel boosters to enhance each station's signal in highly-populated areas within their 54db contours. This would have to be done within a somewhat narrow band where 105.7 and 106.5 are already outweighed by 105.9 and 106.7 (i.e. probably not much past the Beltway) but I think it's doable. (11/19/19)

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\/ November 18 Messages \/

RE: WUSA 9 and Blue Bloods; Call their studios (202) 895-5999 and ask to speak to someone in programming. Very odd that they’re doing this, unless it’s because it’s a sweeps month and they want to milk every last second of time before Colbert comes on? (11/18/19)

Dave: Got back to town Friday night and what a difference in listening to internet sportstalk radio in the car vs. 980 or 630...ok, I'm still forcing myself to listen to 106.7. Also, 103.5's traffic people are soooo good and I hope they stay with a constant line up soon! They saved my butt all afternoon and evening on Thursday and Friday and they really have some personable talent, too bad other stations don't know how to report traffic! (11/18/19)

To re-boot his now, nonexistent radio career, Don Geronimo needs a Colin Kaepernick type of workout. Invite 32 NFL "teams" er radio stations to a scheduled online "tryout" Lord knows, Mike Sorce took a "radio knee" years ago. #HailMary (11/18/19)

I wish the guy who has (mostly) written competently in the long post about the River Road tower would pick a nom de plume so we could address him properly. There are no "guy wires" on the tower. (Guy wires are permanent supports.) Riggers have, well, rigged the tower on several occasions in recent months to do specific hoists or demounts but I assume it's too risky to just leave them up, and the next job might require something subtly different. I just wish somebody would tell me when and by which broadcaster the big new white UHF mast went up on the west-facing platform at the top. Did no one really see that thing going up in the last week of September? PS - the tower isn't going to get any taller. The new TV mast is a few feet above the shared FM mast nearby, but that's it, I'm afraid. -P of the AW (11/18/19)

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So sorry to hear about Dave Johnson. I have always loved him on Wizards games. A good, reliable radio voice. Be well, Dave! (11/17/19)

One thing often forgotten is that 106.7 was a Virginia countryside FM when created for Manassas. The signal was never intended to reach Maryland really and not that powerful past the district. It barely has city grade coverage in DC and local coverage has issues at the Maryland line even after improvements. WMAR 106.5 was originally created by WMAR TV and The Baltimore Sun, so WWMX 106.5 today still is authorized for omnidirectional local reception even to the District of Columbia. Entercom/CBS Radio has been favoring WJFK 106.7 because it’s a bigger market, but no business wisely neuters a full power non-directional FM signal in any large market, even as small as Baltimore, well except for iHeart. 104.3 in Baltimore was tweaked and moved from Perry Hall to TV Hill, giving up Cecil County to Wilmington to reduce adjacent channel interference with bigger Philly market WRFF 104.5. It wasn’t an all bad move though as 104.3’s coverage in # of people stayed about the same or increased slightly closer to Baltimore, but overall signal contour was definitely reduced going from omni to directional. CBS Radio also moved 106.5 to the smaller tower on TV Hill, but 900-1000 feet is always going to beat 500-600 feet in FM or TV, no matter what that Tower Height Dispute guy thinks. If DC didn’t need a taller transmission tower, they wouldn’t have even tried to build one. It’s a no brainer, but nothing is that simple in Washington. My personal theory is that WTTG and Fox have plans we don’t yet know about for River Road with all the construction going on and demolition and guy wires being put up. The fact that WTTG Fox 5 has not moved there when WPXW 66 had to, but only used a very low power transmitter tells me that that is not the permanent location on the tower for WPXW ION 66. I’m hoping someone will drive out to the site and just see if guy wires are actually still being put up or if they were just gin poles to hoist the TV 66 low power transmitter up there. That is a tower that could possibly go higher with mostly industrial nearby or McDonalds. The candelabra tower on TV Hill in Baltimore was originally about 200 feet shorter, then the top extensions were added later I read. (11/17/19)

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\/ November 16 Messages \/

I am getting really frustrated with WUSA9 Can ANYONE find out why they refuse to show the promos for Blue Bloods on Friday nights? Every other night the 10 pm show has their promos but Friday they show "Please stay tuned for scenes from our next episode" and then go immediately into the news. I've contacted them twice to find out why they do that and have no answer. Can anyone find out why they are doing this? Really appreciate it. (11/16/19)

Vegas is Vegas baby. It doesn't change. Mike "Slot Machine Is Too Real Gambling!" O'Meara and the TMOS Personal Time Off PTO Hangover Playhouse will once again be appearing in a conference facility, taking the marquee name back to his days annoying people with records at the Ramada Inn Multipurpose Room. Expect a surprise appearance from the overhead projector. There will be no Don Geronimo appearance because Fatt Rob Spewak fucked that relationship. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/16/19(

WJZ 105.7 Baltimore and WQXA 105.7 York are only 52 miles apart so that one of the worst short spacings I’ve ever seen. If you were wondering why you can’t get 105.7 The Fan in northern Baltimore County or Westminster, there’s your answer. That directional null is actually more severe towards PA than with WMAL 105.9 in Woodbridge/DC is towards Baltimore. DC’s WJFK 106.7 is even more crippled in DC as WWMX 106.5 is omnidirectional from Baltimore's TV Hill. CBS Radio mitigated the interference a bit by moving to the shorter candelabra tower, but from the 1200 foot Sinclair tower on TV Hill, Mix 106 was basically eating WJFK 106.7’s lunch, making Redskins games a difficult catch in Raljon, MD. Paybacks are a bitch DC. (11/16/19)

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VEGAS BABY! STOP BY AND SAY HELLO! This year, THE MIKE O'MEARA SHOW LIVE returns to fabulous Las Vegas for their 10th anniversary live show! Friday, November 15th & Saturday 16th, 2019, Mike O’Meara, Oscar Santana, and Robb Spewak hit the stage at THE COUNCIL CHAMBERS THEATER at ZAPPO’S CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS in DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS, NEVADA to do a show [7-11:30 pm] unlike any other in front of a live audience. Get ready for excitement, surprises, laughs, and the signature fun of TMOS with an extra dose of Las Vegas-styled glitz. Don’t miss out on these historic nights as TMOS celebrates it's 10th anniversary with a few hundred of their closest friends - like you!. TMOS 2019: Sin City will never be the same. SPECIAL GUEST DON GERONIMO? (11/15/19)

I see some talk about FM shortspacing, so I’ll throw my 2 cents in. All AM and FM allocations and power/signal applications were made at the time they were. Some AMs in Baltimore go back to 1928 and some in DC even older, but the difference between the 2 cities is that between the 1920s and probably around 1970, Baltimore was always a much larger market while DC was this sleepy small town built out of a swamp where the President & Congress lived. Before WWII and even a bit after Baltimore was twice the population size of DC. Government was a small number of people and there were no lobbyists, corporate or even that many foreign people living around DC to lobby the government. Small population means DC didn’t get but one powerhouse AM station and even that one is limited on AM 1500, no non-directional Class A clear AM. Baltimore didn’t get that either but 1090 was a much better dial position for sure and holds up to the market’s size better even today while AM 1500 actually has a local signal in some parts of Baltimore better than west of DC. Baltimore also has more powerful full market regional AMs like 600, 680, and even 1300. Most of DC’s AM allocations were originally daytimers with a few exceptions like AM 630 and AM 570 or they were located in places not originally designed to cover DC, but the Virginia countryside. When you look at night time AM signals is so apparent in comparing AM 570 and AM 600. So on to FM, where the allocations were given out later, but not later enough for DC to be bigger than Baltimore so 105.7 and 106.5 FM were both originally non-directional. At that time 105.9 and 106.7 were Virginia local FMs out in the country, not designed for any DC metropolis. Only when 105.7 FM wanted to or needed to build a new tower did they have to switch to a directional signal and 106.5 FM to this day is full power non-directional from TV Hill while 106.7 FM and both 105.9 are both highly directional FMs. If the FCC opened up channel 6 to radio, probably 3-4X the applications would be in DC, maybe even just a few for Baltimore today. In TV, DC sorta lucked out not by design, but just that WTTG was started by Dumont as an experiment and to regulate TV, it had to be in DC. So once again if you look at the original TV Table of allocations, Virginia got 2 TV licenses not designed for DC at all and far away, 53 and 56, both now gone and Baltimore has no religious station or Latino stations. Even Cumberland Maryland got 2 commercial TV licenses never used or maybe just briefly. but think about it, during the railroad building and paper plants on rivers boom, Cumberland once had more people than Annapolis! But, in a radio frequency perspective, DC has been fucked over by growth and time, not politics. In many ways, I wish there were a TV or radio station in Laurel that had a signal strong enough to reach both markets so intertwined, or even one news that covered both, but it’ll never happen. I’ll stop before I start talking about Fredericksburg’s ill-fated Channel 69. :-) (11/15/19)

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job opening at wjfk entercom.avature.net (11/14/19)

WASH FM goes to holiday music Friday at 5 p.m. (11/15/19)

[How long is Fox5 going to keep the new morning traffic reporter on before they realize she’s just not a good fit. ] While I haven’t witnessed the FOX5 employee’s performance, this assessment—however biased—further debunks the stereotype of traffic reporting as an easy appointment. It is, in fact, among the most challenging roles to play in a hard news operation. The facets of an accident can change five times before it is announced on-air. There can be dozens at any given time. Accuracy does not come easily given the flurry of misinformation and misperception from laymen to law enforcement. “Quantifying the uncertainty” was Bob Marbourg’s mission; he did so famously. (11/14/19)

Sorry to learn that Paula Sangeleer got the ax at Cool 101.3. I listened to her back in the day on Fredrick's 82Q (now the Gamut) when it was a country station. She and I attended the same grade school many moons ago.-Tom in Wheaton (11/14/19)

What is happening to Salem stock? The stock market is at an all time high and Salem is at a ten year low. Now selling at a $1.49 per share. (11/14/19)

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\/ November 13 Messages \/

On the topic of grandfathered FM short spacing (94.7, 100.3, etc.), we suffered a milder but still obnoxious handicap when our 105.9 and Baltimore’s 105.7 were allowed to be so close to each other long ago. A painful price has been extracted ever since. -P of the AW (11/13/19)

How long is Fox5 going to keep the new morning traffic reporter on before they realize she’s just not a good fit. Talk about deer in headlights!!! Now, she does the fluff stories just fine, but she’s way too awkward trying to do traffic. I can see that she’s trying to do a good job, but she has to know it’s not working. Thinking that when Cori Coffin left, they needed someone to replace her, thought this was their opportunity to promote Erin (not a good choice), then had to replace Erin on Thurs & Fri & some “brilliant” person (not that brilliant) thought Staci was a good choice (Uh, no). And BTW, poor Erin takes every opportunity she can to talk about Tucker & Caitlyn’s engagement. Guess she’s wondering if producer Chris will ever propose. Their relationship may have gotten her a promotion, but no ring. (11/13/19)

/\ November 13 Messages /\

\/ November 12 Messages \/

Bethesda's 94.7 and Dover, Delaware's 94.7 are 68 miles apart. They are both Class B stations. They are Grandfathered in part of a deal in I think 1964, before the FCC had spacing minimums. The other stations included were WDAC in Red Lion, Pa (94.5), Trenton, N.J. (94.5) and a Newark, New Jersey station on 94.7. As I understand it, they were all around 10,000 watts and the FCC agreed to them upgrading to 50,000 watts, but only if all of them did. I believe this is the closest any two 50,000 watts stations are in the country. Not as close are 100.3 in Washington, Media, Pa, and the New York area. (11/12/19)

In case anyone really gives a rats ass, alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 and sister television station WBAL are headlining two stories that we must absolutely “need to know:” Sour Me Unicorn Farts, a DuClaws Brewing Company brew made with glitter and fruity pebbles. Yes, you read that right. The other really big news story: “Puppy with a Purpose,” a weeklong update featuring Camden, a dog the station adopted for eventual release to a veteran. Of course, the non-news sports love fest continues with Lamar Jackson, the Ravens star quarterback no one can understand when they air his interviews. What the hell is left? Oh, John Patti’s story this morning on some chick who places mouse traps on her front lawn to keep the neighbor’s dogs from shitting on it. And, this is the new wave news product??? Are you shitting me??? As Clint would say: “GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU LITTLE BASTARDS!!!” (11/12/19)

OK guys, listen up. If any of you are still convinced that women think the size of your weenie is more important than the size of your wallet when they decide to marry you, go check out the old dude walking Jennifer Gilbert down the aisle. (11/12/19)

Mailbaggerz, lets start a GoFundMe campaign to bribe DCRTV Dave into returning to a black font on a white background. I’ve never made peace with that change. Dave, what’s yer price? (11/12/19)

Dave's response: $1,059.....

In other WMAL is irrelevant in voting influence news, Sean Spicer was on Larry's show yesterday begging people to vote often to keep him on Dancing with the Stars. Sean said you were allowed to vote 20 times per household. Larry endorced voing for Sean, saying Sean was doing a great job. Sean was kicked off last night. In related news, Larry watches DWTS to see the older White men in sparkling shirts dancing? Not that there is anything wrong with that. (11/12/19)

Noticed that as well when I recorded Blue Bloods on Friday CH 9 News starts a few minutes early plus always pop up advertisements and promos on bottom of screen when watching Jeporady! And if you miss the 2 seconds at most they give you at end of rounds to see scores and Final Jeporady category before they jump to commercials forget it. (11/12/19)

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WBFF Fox 45's Jennifer Gilbert is retiring from the station at the end of the month she announced. Gilbert has been with Fox 45 since 1993 and recently got married in Florida to a local developer. Her last day is Nov. 26. No replacement has been announced as of yet, but it's a good bet that it will likely be recently hired Mary Bubala from WJZ. — BaltoMedia.net (11/11/19)

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So here on the Eastern Shore, in Easton anyway, when I try to listen to 94.7 The Drive it is mixed with Delaware's Country station on 94.7. While driving every few seconds it switches from one station to the other. Delaware has an 80's station on 101.3 that can be picked up here fairly well in Easton, or at least it did. I turned it on this past weekend and it was playing country music. Just what the Eastern Shore and Delaware needs is ANOTHER country station! So I listened until the end of the song and they actually named this station THE CHICKEN! I thought it had to be a joke or something so I listened through the next song to hear an ad for their morning show - The Chicken Coop! So now there is another country station on the Delmarva Peninsula WCHK 101.3 The Chicken, it's got good company with the Duck, the Frog, a Cat, and an Eagle and I am probably missing something. The 80's station moved to 102.1 which I can't pick up. :( (1/10/19)

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On Saturday I checked WETA With my outdoor antenna here in Woodbridge VA. Ive only been able to recieve it erratically nainly late night since the last phase of the frequency repack in July when they went from CH27 to CH 31 and I knew they said they would be on lower power through the Fall seems now I get it at far better signal strength then before plus I get MPT CH 22 on its new CH 21 Great since around August where it only came in erratically before. However I can no longer recieve Ion on its new channel 35 since July and Ive moved my antenna in all different directions so they must be still opeating at a lower power. (11/9/19)

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Can anyone out there tell me why WUSA9 skips the Blue Bloods promos every Friday? They don't do it any other night of the week. They did the same thing last season. Only the Blue Bloods ones which happens to be one of my favorite shows. If they need an extra minute or two they could skip the idiot commercial about Howard Bernstein that they run through every show. Seriously, why does the news on Friday nights have to start at 10:57 or 10:58. I wrote to the station and got no answer. If anyone knows why please comment. (11/8/19)

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WTEM's Al Galdi would be well advised to steer clear of sports topics that intersect with political/social issues in the future and stick to his analytic breakdowns of games - all he did was make one ignorant statement after another while devoting the better part of two hours on Tuesday to the issue of the Nationals' visit to the White House (when Kurt Suzuki and Ryan Zimmerman made pro-Trump statements that could be considered polarizing). For example, Galdi appeared to have no clue whatsoever why the MAGA logo could be offensive to anyone - his co-host Doc Walker had to educate him on that point and several others concerning race relations in America. Interestingly, Steve Czaban (on 980's afternoon drive show) took the opposite approach by dispensing with the White House matter in a tidy five minutes and then moving on to other topics - probably a good decision as I doubt anyone's tuning in sports talk radio to hear a nonstop parade of callers use the forum to air their grievances against the current occupant of the White House with a handful of Trump defenders sprinkled in (which is exactly what happened on both Doc & Galdi and Brian Mitchell's program). (11/7/19)

Raul Alarcon, Chairman of Spanish Broadcasting System has joined the FCC Committee seeking DIVERSITY in Radio Broadcasting. Please tell him that he doesn't need to worry about DC. There are now 20 Spanish Stations/Translators in DC. For your information, SBS stock is selling at 18 cents per share. Caroline Beasley of Beasley Broadcasting has also been appointed to the FCC seeking diversity in broadcasting. Beasley stock is at a ten year low in price. The Stock Market is at an all time HIGH! (11/7/19)

The NEW JOUR 101 MEDIA RULES: #1 You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB. #2 You do not talk about DEEP STATE. #3 You do not investigate the Anointed One’s scandals or VP even if he publicly threatens foreign leaders with a bribe on documented video. #4 Repeat Rules #1-3 and impeach Trump instead and talk about it endlessly until TV ratings tank and Trump wins in a landslide and then cry like a baby. (11/7/19)

Dave, what's going on? Is it Italics Pride Month and I missed the memo? I won't tell anyone about Bill Hess but I listened to Air America before it crashed and burned due to financial mismanagement and hiring alcoholics. Now I'm to believe that Strokin' and Sniffin' Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States, was "acting on behalf of" ... "NATO", "the UN", and "Europe".to "oust" a "corrupt prosecutor". And the "corrupt prosecutor" WASN'T investigating his crackhead son who couldn't go two months without failing a drug test at his part time job after getting a waiver due to previous drug offenses? I find that fascinating. I guess Strokin' and Sniffin' Joe is Prosecutor Police for the world. How he fits that in with his fulltime duties as America's Pervy Idiot I don't know. Gus in the Well-Behaved Gaithersburg (11/7/19)

Congratulations to Virginia. We are now a totally a "Blue State". No more Republicans in Virginia. In 2020 we can have Free Health Care and Free College. No more big college debt. Note to Dave Hughes......you can return to Virginia! (11/7/19)

Dave's response: I am currently back in the DC area and will be here through a good part of December. I do credit Bill Hess for the Democrats takeover of Virginia. WMAL might be entertaining, but they don't influence too many when it comes to politics.....

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Re " Why does The Mike O'Meara Show suck so bad..." Don Geronimo meet Gus in [the] Gaithersburg. Never mind. The two of you already know each other. Allegedly, Wink! Wink! (11/6/19)

Lots of people wanted to watch the Virginia Tech/Notre Dame game on NBC. Wanted to watch the Nats parade? Cool, good thing it was available on 3-4 other local channels. Also, per a tweet from NBC Sports: "Notre Dame’s exciting 21-20 victory against Virginia Tech on NBC this weekend averaged a Total Audience Delivery of 2.964 million viewers, marking NBC’s most-watched afternoon Notre Dame on NBC game since 2017", not exactly "a dime-a-dozen". Glad the programming decisions are left to the pros! (11/6/19)

"After this weekend, [Ben] Maller, 41 years young, no longer has a GAL BLADDER!" --- a "gal" bladder? Well good, I guess the gender reassignment surgery took hold after all. (11/6/19)

“Strokin'n'Sniffin' Joe Biden was at that point already on videotape bragging that he pressured the Ukrainian govt to fire the prosecutor who was going after Strokin'n'Sniffin' Joe Biden's crackhead son and within 6 hours "the sumbitch was gone". Are you a crackhead Focker? You post like a crackhead …” Gusty Gus in Gaithersburg. There is this well respected publication, having been around for a long time, called Foreign Policy, and they are located right here in DC (Local angle, Dave). They have been following this Biden Ukraine story on the ground in the Ukraine since 2014. They concluded the opposite of what you just wrote. Hunter Biden was never under investigation in Ukraine, and Joe Biden was acting on behalf of the US, NATO, The UN, and Europe trying to oust a corrupt prosecutor. Your version comes from Conservative News sources and blogs, like the Daily Caller (also DC located and owned by Tucker Carlson). foreignpolicy.com (11/6/19)

I would personally like to thank WMAL for their persistence in highlighting the Republican Bozo's running for Virginia's state house and County Councils this year. By having Mornings on the Mall in the AM, and Larry "switch hitter" O'Connor on the PM feature these idiots ad nauseam, yesterday's election not only flipped the State House Blue (using elections in WMAL coverage area), but also flipped the Loudoun and Prince William County Boards Blue. Way to go, WMAL! (11/6/19)

Dave's response: Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. Bill Hess, who is the head honcho at WMAL, is a Democrat who voted for Hillary in 2016. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. He once ran lefty radio network Air America. Shhhh, don't tell anyone.....

(QUOTE) I was watching the Nats Parade on WUSA 9 and at 3:30 had to switch it to Justice Channel on 9-2 to continue watching (END). Poor fella, I'll bet your thumb is killing you. (11/6/19)

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I’ll tell you what. Comcast/NBC sure is one shitty company. For the hell of it, I thought I’d compare the news on Boston’s WHDH 7 (formerly NBC) vs. the new NBC Boston. NOPE. Xfinity made me sign into my cable account and denied me access to the news on NBC Boston, but WHDH News7 was fine. So I thought, why not try WRC 4 in Washington DC? NOPE! Cannot view WRC TV News on the Eastern shore either and I know I did watch it before not long ago. Once again, Xfinity/Comcast/NBC made me sign into my cable account and denied my watching the station. And before someone claims its the local TV station’s right to do so, I haven’t seen any other TV stations doing this and not even other networks. WBAL TV and other non NBC O&Os news come in fine streaming from anywhere. CBS and ABC don’t do this, checked their O&Os. What if you’re traveling and want to check in on news back home? Is NBC really trying to commit suicide? Next time I move, I cannot wait to have the option to cancel Xfinity. WHAT A SHITTY COMPANY! I hope all the DC folks who visit the beaches next summer notice this and dump WRC 4 News in 2020. (11/5/19)

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FOX SPORTS RADIO HOST ALMOST DIES!! For years, people have said legendary national overnight sports talker BEN MALLER had ' lots of gall.' After this weekend, Maller, 41 years young, no longer has a GAL BLADDER! Special thanks to docs, nurses and his wife for dragging his ass to the hospital from the COSTCO Food Court. No word if the slice of cheese pizza and half-eaten hot dog survived. Maller, storyteller, provocateur, rabble-rouser, raconteur, professional blabbermouth, sarcasm specialist, doctorate in insomnia, distant relative of Nostradamus is on the disable list until cleared by doctors - and his wife! (11/4/19)

Why does The Mike O'Meara Show suck so bad that they can't stream or post a show on a daily basis? It's like Don Geronimo and Don Imus gangbanged a moose and The Mike O'Meara Show is their mongoloid baby. This is not rocket surgery or brain science. There should be a disaster recovery plan in place for days when the marquee name is too hungover to walk downstairs to his living room. What I'm saying is, age and alcoholism. There's a continuing pattern of unreliability. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/4/19)

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Channel 4 Had to cut away from the parade because they were contractually obligated to carry the college football game. NBC owns 4 and the network has a contract to air a minimum of seven Notre Dame home games. Nothing the local staff at Channel 4 could do except shift the parade coverage a digital sub channel, which is what they did. Channel 9 had to do the same thing. (11/3/19)

In a rare moment, Draper's WBOC Fox 21 has lifted the blackout of WTTG Fox 5 on parts of the eastern shore to receive the Washington Redskins game if WTTG is on their cable system. WBOC Fox 21 normally carries the Skins game, but in a rare move, today decided on the Philadelphia Eagles game instead. Legally per FCC regulations, Comcast/Xfinity and other cable operators don't have to black out WTTG ever on the eastern shore as FOX 21 is only a sub-channel of WBOC CBS 16 and is not a full power TV station , but the carriage agreement with Comcast/Xfinity and most other cable operators specifies that it must be done. YES, regardless of Comcast tells you or the message on your TV, the FCC is often not restricting you from seeing some things. —BaltoMedia.net (11/3/19)

I was watching the Nats Parade on WUSA 9 and at 3 :30 had to switch it to Justice Channel on 9-2 to continue watching so the main channel could air College Football The annoying thing and this also happened night Nats won World Series both times there were several instances of the video feed cutting in and out when they were showing reporters from.multiple locations and at the Parade for example And I never watch WUSA news so all these reporters are unfamiliar but one would be trying to get a remote from another reporter on another part of the parade route and probably half a dozen times the video and audio would be choppy and 1 time the remote failed to display quite amature the coverage.Also noticed new station on WUSA 9-3 Called Quest seems like it has alot of programs about the outdoors and nature have to pull up their schedule online to see what they offer but looks like it might be a refreshing alternative to the mainly tv reruns that are the mainstay of most of the digital subs. (11/3/19)

I wondered this. Why can’t the FCC move all land mobile operations from 14-20 outside of the TV band of 2-36? This would solve all of the Next Generation TV/ATSC 3.0 conversion issues. 14-20 are the very best frequencies for digital TV in the first place. WETA doesn’t yet realize how stupid its decision was. They were awarded the very best DTV frequency in the nation at max power and said NO! I’d bet WPVI ABC 6 in Philly would have paid BOKU dollars for that assignment or paid to buy it over channel 6. (11/3/19)

Joe Walsh, 76, a former News Director at WBAL Radio in Baltimore and longtime Mutual/NBC Radio Correspondent died last Monday from a ruptured aorta. Here is his obit at www.myersdurborawfh.com... Joseph Patrick Walsh, 76, of Finksburg, Maryland, passed away suddenly on Monday, October 28, 2019 at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore. Born January 23, 1943 in Brooklyn, New York he was the son of the late Joseph Gregory Walsh and Jean (Ott) Walsh. He was the loving and devoted husband of 52 years to Deborah Lee (McFarland) Walsh. Joe was a radio news correspondent for most of his career, which sent him to many corners of the world. He started with WSBA radio in York, PA and then upon moving to Maryland worked with WBAL radio as a news correspondent later becoming news director. He then worked in the Washington D.C. area with Mutual Broadcasting/NBC radio and retired from the National Forest Service in their public affairs department. He was a veteran of the PA National Guard and a member of St. John Catholic Church in Westminster. He was a volunteer EMT and ambulance captain with the Reese Volunteer Fire Company and volunteered as a Carroll County elections judge. He loved technology, electronics, and operating his home weather station. He was a devoted family man, father and grandfather. Joe will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him. Surviving in addition to his wife are son, Brian Walsh and wife Laura of Westminster; daughter, Jennifer Walsh Whalen and husband Wayne of Spring Grove, PA; grandchildren, Casie and Ryan Walsh, Meghan and Tyler Whalen; brothers, John Walsh of Annandale, NJ and Michael Walsh and wife Karen of Ashville, NC. The family will receive friends from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at the MYERS-DURBORAW FUNERAL HOME, 91 Willis St., Westminster. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 31, 2019 at St. John Catholic Church, 43 Monroe St., Westminster with Msgr. Rob Jaskot as celebrant. Burial will follow in Meadow Branch Cemetery in Westminster. Memorial contributions may be made to the Reese Volunteer Fire Company, 1745 Baltimore Blvd., Westminster, MD 21157 or to the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit at University of MD Hospital, 22 South Greene, Baltimore, MD 21201. (11/3/19)

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Good News.....The Stock Market hit an all time high yesterday! Our radio stocks are not doing well......Salem $1.54, Urban One $2.29 and Entercom at $3.64. Beasley is at an all time low. None of these radio stocks are a good investment. (11/2/19)

What is wrong at Channel 4? Somebody’s priorities are really screwed up. They dumped out of coverage of the Nats first time in 95 years victory parade on the main channel to air a dime-a-dozen NBC college football game. The parade coverage has been shunted over to the very, very low-def Cosi subchannel. Vance and George Michael would never have allow this kind of programming blunder. (11/2/19)

The Nationals parade is on several channels. Channel 4-1 (NBC), 5-1 (Fox Broadcasting*), 9-1 (CBS), and 9-2 (Justice) are all showing it. Channel 7-1 is showing college football. By coincidence, it's the Sinclair-owned local station. ~ I thought nothing was allowed to interrupt college football on Saturday. Channel 20-1, which is part of Channel 5, is showing the Fox college football game. Channel 4-1 usually shows rugby at this time on Saturday afternoons. ~ www.tvtv.us lists the Baltimore stations too. They are showing what would have been shown by the DC stations were it not for the parade. ~ I don't see why Channel 9 is showing the parade on two of its channels. Why doesn't it show its college football on 9-1 channel and the parade on 9-2? I suppose at the end of the parade, 9-2 will go back to its normally scheduled programming of abducted teens. ~ The weather is perfect - not a cloud in the sky, and temperature in the mid-50s. I'm no big baseball fan, but it's nice to see people out and enjoying the day. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (11/2/19)

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Longtime Maryland Public Television (MPT) host Rhea Feikin will conduct her first interview since announcing her retirement when she appears on MPT’s Direct Connection program at 7 p.m. on Monday, November 4. Feikin will be interviewed by anchor Jeff Salkin and will welcome viewer questions and comments during the entire half-hour program, which will also feature video highlights from Feikin’s television career. (11/1/19)

Okay. Maybe you've heard of a "face made for radio" when someone is in television who shouldn't be. Here's another one. "A voice made for newspapers." There are two of them in the area, WAMU's Michael Gargle, who does a bit in the afternoon by reading aloud the New York Times, and Rita Retch, who does morning news on WNAV without ever reading the material ahead of time. BOTH sound like they are trying to talk while straining on the toilet, especially Gargle, who fits and stops the whole half hour trying to squirt out a sentence. Retch is almost as bad, but usually gives up trying to get through a sentence and goes on to the next one, frustrated. (11/1/19)

WHGM applied for a new STA. This time they said "WHGM WAS EVICTED FROM ITS LONG-TIME TOWER SITE (THE LICENSED TOWER SITE) BY THE FORMER PROPERTY OWNER. WE ARE NOW IN NEGOTIATIONS WITH THE NEW OWNER OF THE TOWER TO LEASE THE TOWER AND RESUME OPERATIONS FROM THE LICENSED SITE." Maybe the new owner will drop the two small towers and WHGM can actually build out their CP. Probably in May there will be a new excuse, the same STA for 10W from a rooftop whip antenna, and yet another plan for how they will stay on the air. Will the 10W STA for WHGM lengthen the 4 year primary station requirement for W298CG? (11/1/19)

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