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Re WTNT not going to 25W at night: WTNT has a pre-sunrise and post-sunset authority, which based upon a given month, allows for a period of reduced power that is actually above 25W. For example, for November/December, they can run a whopping 38 watts 2 hours before sunrise vs 25 watts. At night, for November/December, they can run 139 watts up to 7:00 EST. Trouble is, they seem to be running a LOT more than 139 watts post-sunset. And the poster is correct. Sometimes they don’t reduce power at all. I’ve seen them go to 25 watts, and 15 minutes later go back to assumedly 139 watts for the remainder of night ops. And yes, the FCC has been notified – and yes, they have been busted for running power – and yes, they know that the FCC simply does not have the resources to constantly monitor them. (11/24/14)

CBS is going a little nuts with football! First there was all day Sunday football. Then there was Thursday night football. Now they show the last quarter of a 3rd game on Sundays after the late game to make absolutely sure they don't end football before 8 pm. Some of us do not like football and do not like having to wait until 11 pm to watch our regular CBS shows on a work night. CBS you are not ESPN! (11/24/14)

Agree with the poster about trolls. They thrive off of creating chaos. If they can't ruin a board they move on to one where they can. Not sure why Dave allows them on DCRTV but if he won't edit them, don't respond to them. (11/24/14)

Speaking of WTNT AM 730 not shutting power down to 25 watts at night, anyone remember this FCC application? This is Daniel Snyder’s failed attempt to use an error in the Canadian/American radio allocation treaty to somehow make AM 730 a Class B station. There is a Class A AM 730 in Montreal, but somehow it’s not in an FCC agreement on Class A protections, but the FCC shot him down anyway. WTNT would have been 28kw day/20kw night and arguably a better signal than WTEM 980 at least nighttime, but the nighttime contours were never fully disclosed so the FCC balked for several reasons, But, if it had been approved, AM 730 probably would be heard on the beaches of DE/Ocean City daily and during Redskins games. The Redskins have tons of radio affiliates in many more states than the Ravens, but whoa, guess what? None in Baltimore, none in PA and a lot of their stations are not even carrying the games. A quick check says no, The Redskins do not have an affiliate in Nebraska or Texas, few of the NC listed affiliates carry the games. It’s basically a complete lie. At least half of these stations do not carry The Washington Redskins games anymore. — BaltoMedia.Net (11/24/14)

"As a long time reader, poster, contributor and observer of DCRTV let me posit that the best thing you can do with posts by ZW and other trolls is to IGNORE them. Don't respond to them. They post to do one thing, start a fight, illicit a response and get attention. If you don't provide them with that attention, they will find someplace else to troll. Just ignore their idiotic nagging and nit picking. If they don't get a desired response they will go away. I've seen numerous trolls on DCRTV over the years and they all have one goal. To bother people. If you want to bother this one, IGNORE HIM. ICU" - Yet you felt the need to post. "illicit a response"? Seriously dude? Is this your best? You sound like you've been bothered. In other news, thanks to Steve Floyd for the tech talk on OTA TV reception. I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates your input. - ZW (11/24/14)

/\ November 24 Messages /\

\/ November 23 Messages \/

for the person asking about the Redskins game being on CBS today: this year, the new tv contracts with CBS and Fox included a provision called "cross-flex scheduling", which means that on certain weekends where there is an imbalance in games each network would cover, games could be switched to the "off" network (11/23/14)

Dave, I noticed a post on the mailbag asking why the Skins vs 49's game is on CBS instead of FOX this week. This will help explain. (11/23/14)

Would someone please explain to me why the Redskins game is on CBS today when it is against the 49ers and clearly should be a Fox NFC game? Thanks! (11/23/14)

Whats more "departed" than former DC Mayor Marion Barry and Bill Cosby's legacy? Don Geronimo's subscription-based Podcast network! But there's good news for Mike Sorce; ADD PODCASTS! For example, during the season, add a FREE, once-a-week Green Bay Packer Podcast; sponsored by Madison, WI and national merchants. Go all 360 degrees and ADD a once-a-week political Podcast; you cannot beat back the GOP political deluge, so you might as well join - and profit from it. Up sell to cable TV like FOX News, CNN, MSNBC. In other words, reinvent yourself Mike Sorce. (11/23/14)

DCRTV Dave, many thanks for giving humanity the encouragement that Miracles do happen! Of course, I'm referring to your comment that Comcast's customer service is "horrible". Going from nonexistent to horrible is an improvement in my book. When a cable company takes critical customer support jobs out of the community served (like Comcast has), the result is customer service akin to what a cow gets from a bull in a feedlot. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/23/14)

Hi Dave, Just watched your latest cord cutters video and I can help you get excellent HDTV reception. I am an RF Engineer and long time FM radio and TV reception Hobbyist in the No VA area. What you need is simply a directional antenna AND a low noise pre-amplifier at the antenna feedpoint to set the sensitivity of your system. Indoor antennas and flat panel amplified antennas are junk and cannot work for digital HD signals. You will need a High band VHF and UHF antenna that fits your available space pointed at NW DC. Channels 7 and 9 are back on High Band VHF and all other TV stations are broadcasting on UHF spectrum channels Can you put an antenna secretly up in the attic above your condo unit? Attic mounted antennas with a pre-amp work great! I can recommend an excellent antenna for you with pre-amp to fit in your attic. Not expensive! If your attic is not available, the lets hope your balcony looks basically to NW DC (E or ENE of Reston). For Balcony mounting the Winegard Sensar IV is a good choice. Attic mounted antenna with pre-amp is best. Small Balcony antenna with pre-amp is the only other option, and can work. The one reality with HDTV using the 8-VSB ATSC standard is that an outside antenna is required since this standard does not work well with multi-path signal reflections, and this is all you are getting with any type of indoor antenna! Let me know what your available areas are for placing an antenna and I will recommend a simple but effective antenna system for you. All can be had on You can certainly install it yourself. Regards, Steve Floyd (11/23/14)

As a long time reader, poster, contributor and observer of DCRTV let me posit that the best thing you can do with posts by ZW and other trolls is to IGNORE them. Don't respond to them. They post to do one thing, start a fight, illicit a response and get attention. If you don't provide them with that attention, they will find someplace else to troll. Just ignore their idiotic nagging and nit picking. If they don't get a desired response they will go away. I've seen numerous trolls on DCRTV over the years and they all have one goal. To bother people. If you want to bother this one, IGNORE HIM. ICU (11/23/14)

/\ November 23 Messages /\

\/ November 22 Messages \/

I look at more Roku channels in my latest "Cord Cutter" segment. Plus, evil Comcast, which has absolutely horrible customer service, unveils a new service app. Also, CBS News starts a cool new internet-based news network - CBSN..... (11/22/14)

"Let's just clamp this down before it disintegrates into lemon bar recipes." - That's just the sort of thing someone who has sex with Maryland State Police helicopters would say. Interesting.... - ZW (11/22/14)

Dave, I hope all your Armchair Programmer Mailbag Posters & WBAL bashers will be applying ..... Director of Programming-WBAL and WIYY/Baltimore - (11/22/14)

"For God's sake find some other forum to post your idiotic bullshit." --- How about you ALL just stop now? Look how far off-topic this got" This happens every time ZW noses into a conversation. Cranky old man with nothing better to do with his time. Lets hope Ebola hits in targeted area's. We could all do with less of his nonsense. (11/22/14)'s true. WLTF is not playing any Christmas music that refers the birth of Christ in any way. Check out their recently played :'ve found away to completely to eliminate the reason for the season !!! (11/22/14)

The WBAL radio guy is a "shouter" eh? I don't get that. He just has a high-pitched, whiny voice. Everybody thought Weasel WHFS was okay. This is the same. There is a CBS radio network guy who sounds the same too. Andrew Cohen does courthouse stories. Same. There's a guy on NPR too, next time I hear him I will get his name. All share DNA with Joe Besser "Not So Loud!!!" (11/22/14)

Bankruptcy filing not the end for streaming service Aereo (11/22/14)

WKCW Warrenton got it goin' on this morning. Between 7:30 and 8AM Saturday, I caught "Soul Deep" and "Rock On", in between the usual core tunes like "Hooked On a Feeling (Oo-ga-chak-ah)". More cuts like this please! (11/22/14)

Re Christmas music on WASH: I'm a regular listener at work, but at 8:00 yesterday morning, I switched my radio over to Big 100. I don't mind SOME Christmas music AFTER December 1st, but the 24/7 starting in mid-November is too much for me. I guess I'm in the minority since it boosts their ratings every year. (11/22/14)

Wbal weather reporter Miri Marshall is a rain drama queen and should be fired for inaccurate reporting. On more then one occasion, the weekend was filled with sunshine and Sunday night a storm rolls in and rains occasionally until Monday dawn. Miss Marshall however, forecast talks about rain and highlights rain throughout her forecast. This leads everyone into thinking there is a constant threat of rain all weekend. (11/22/14)

From FCC filings… It looks like WTRI AM 1520 is another AMer to bite the dust. An Extension to remain silent authority has been filed with the FCC, but not yet approved and April 15, 2015 is the deadline to turn in the license. The land value right near the Potomac has to be more than the radio station and clearly from the filing, the land and/or station is for sale. The person who won the station in bankruptcy clearly has no intention of running the station. Also, WHGM (WRSS) AM 1330 in Harford County might be back on the air in December. An STA extension was filed stating December and that a land issue has been resolved, so they have until May 2015 to either get on the air or turn in the license. The interesting thing about this filing is that they specified when they’d be back on the air, so failure to do so would make the application a falsified document to the FCC. — www.BaltoMedia.Net PS: I have a big DC scoop, but I’m sworn to secrecy, so you’ll see it on Monday. All apologies for the tease. (11/22/14)

I've been listening to Martinsburg's WLTF all week since their Christmas flip.....and haven't heard one religious-based Christmas song. I know commercial Christmas music stations don't play a lot of them, but there are some very popular titles missing. There's no "Oh Holy Night" by either Celine Dion or Josh Groban. Plus no "Little Drummer Boy" "Do You Here What I Hear", "Silent Night" or any religious oriented classic. Yes, it's early in the season, but I'm sure I didn't hear them play any last year, either. Could this be the work of SATAN CLAUS? Also heard that West Virginia Radio Corporation has been talking to former PD Stacey Drake about a possible return. (11/22/14)

/\ November 22 Messages /\

\/ November 21 Messages \/

It’s Way Too Early for Radio Stations to Be Playing Christmas Music - (11/21/14)

The SHOUTER on WBAL doesn't bother me as much as the silly female newscaster who reads in a sing-song voice and always has some sort of sexual innuendo in the stories that only she seems to find funny. Between her and the giggly weather girls and the bell ringing it sounds like a day care center. (11/21/14)

Another reason why radio's better days are in the past. Today I'm in my car listening to newradio 1090 when they play a "breaking news now" intro and some breathless news guy says there is a report of someone with a gun at a community college in Baltimore County. While he's talking and hyping the story, I look down at my Twitter and social media and from Baltimore County Police and Fire, there's this: "#BCoPD has confirmed that there was no shooter and no gun. Police are speaking with the complainant now." Too much hype and premature reporting about a report of something without verification. Oh yeah, and way behind social media with the facts. (11/21/14)

"For God's sake find some other forum to post your idiotic bullshit." --- How about you ALL just stop now? Look how far off-topic this got. What does Hendrix' service record or broken leg have to do with present-day radio or TV? Let's just clamp this down before it disintegrates into lemon bar recipes. (11/21/14)

Found it! "That stint with the Maryland State Police Helicopter mess will haunt you to your grave ZW." - As much as I wish I could fly a helicopter I wouldn't get involved with any police agency in Maryland. Cranky old men are the gift that keeps on giving. One could spin this into an episode of NCIS where someone lost a family member and went all psycho. Glad that's not my cranky old world. - ZW (11/21/14)

"the paper has discarded its goal of being 'for and about Washington.'"....basically so has one of Gazette-owned local papers in Southern Maryland. The local freebie deattree and two websites provide much better local coverage. (11/21/14)

Wasn't it the Freedom through faith Ministries poster that was asking for a kinder, gentler tone to DCRTV posts? Here is a direct quote from their website by their cult leader, "Brother Bob" Robert Thibodeau. "We need to prepare for another civil war in this nation. One which will reinstitute the Constitution as the basis of law in this land. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights was not designed to tell the people and the states what they can and could not was made the "law of the land" for the purpose of telling the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT what ITS LIMITS ARE! It will take an "act of war" (with all of the atrocities that brings with it) up to and including, if necessary, the execution of government officials who are bound and determined to "hold onto power by any means necessary." We should see them receive the same punishment Saddaam Hussein received if they defy the Law of the Land - which IS the Constitution" So here is an organization that is calling for an "act of war" and "execution of government officials" and a "civil war", that is calling for a "kinder gentler tone" to posts on DCRTV? And they want an AM/FM station license in DC? Oh yeah, where's my checkbook? Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! (11/21/14)

Re: "...Was there some sort of company edict that the [WTOP] morning anchors say "Wow," "Awesome," "Neat" or "Good stuff" after every item? If so...well, Joan and Mike are faithfully complying with it." Ain't that the truth? It's part of their insincere attempt to sound "folksy." Same train of thought that has them gasping with horror when the weatherman says it might rain, and saying stupid things like 'killed in a car crash! How awful!' It's news for morons. Speaking of which...what's with the mental midgets who are clogging up the Mailbag debating about celebrities who did or did not "support Vietnam" 50 years ago? None of it based on facts, just ranting and raving back and forth on a topic none of them have any knowledge of...? Get a life already. (11/21/14)

Uhhh...."...This will impact our nations leaders as well as the residents of our nations Capital. Please prayerfully consider donating and helping us raise the $100,000 we need to get started!" I pray that you'll use some of that money to hire a copy editor who knows some basic grammar, spelling and punctuation. Becuz it am hard to tern the nashions leader's to Geezus if tha cant unnerstan yu! (11/21/14)

HEADLINE: "Lord Brings Changes To 9's News" Things must be pretty bad at 9 News. (11/21/14)

Are your ears ready for some holiday music? StormTeam4's Tom Kierein had the honor of hitting the switch for this year's dose of seasonal sounds, courtesy of 97.1 WASH FM (11/21/14)

Between being out of town and otherwise occupied, I hadn't listened to WTOP morning drive in several weeks. I tuned in a couple of times this week. Was there some sort of company edict that the morning anchors say "Wow," "Awesome," "Neat" or "Good stuff" after every item? If so...well, Joan and Mike are faithfully complying with it. (11/21/14)

ABC7's Steve Rubin posted this: Last night at 11 PM, ABC 7 News topped the ratings (P25-54) with a 2.3/8.0. In comparison, take Channels 4, 5 and 9 – clump them together and they total 2.7/9.4. Our female viewership was also #1 - 2.7/9.5 for ABC 7, all the other news stations combined 2.5/8.5 (11/21/14)

I'm so surprised that no one has sent a note to say how toxic the work environment is at channel 7 TV since Sinclair took over. There has been a mass exodus in the news room as well as the sales staff. Many sellers left before they took over , and those who are still with channel 7 are left in a state of chaos. Two managers were let go immediately which left the sales staff short of managers....there's no direction and from what I hear an awful place to work. (11/21/14)

I just saw in one of the trades that Aereo has filed for Chapter 11. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/21/14)

The learned Chris Plante show today spent the morning bashing the undocumented then went on to bash Elizabeth Warren for saying she was Native American heritage. I know he is not a racist cause he tells us so often. But wow. Anyone who did not know he is not a racist would think he is if they listened today. (11/21/14)


With any luck the changes at WUSA 9 News will include teaching the on air staff how to say "W". (11/21/14)

Justin Berk meltdown at awards? - (11/21/14)

WTNT AM730 isn't reducing their power to 25 watts after sunset AGAIN! (11/21/14)

""Please note that they supported the War in Viet Nam during the War in Viet Nam as there are some here that have comprehension problems." - Prove it" Well ZW this here is AMERICA! And in America when you challenge someone's factual statement, YOU HAVE TO PROVE IT! Burden is upon the accusor and that would be YOU DUMBASS! You prove it or fuck off! Your only function here is to nit-pick, pick apart people's posts and make absurd statements. You like to "challenge the cranky old men" when its you that's the cranky old man. For God's sake find some other forum to post your idiotic bullshit. I read DCRTV daily but its about to go into the "oh well" file and on the "don't bother list". Come on Dave this moron ZW is a troll, enough already! (11/21/14)

/\ November 21 Messages /\

\/ November 20 Messages \/

If WAMU is having budget problems is it possible the Bluegrass music on 105.5 is on the chopping block? I hope not! (11/20/14)

"To end the Hendrx military BS, I served with Jimi at Ft. Jackson SC during his basic training." - And when you say South Carolina, you actually mean California, where Hendrix actually did his basic training, right? - "Please note that they supported the War in Viet Nam during the War in Viet Nam as there are some here that have comprehension problems." - Prove it. - "Hendrix did spend a year on NO DUTY because of a broken leg, suffered in a jump accident." - His military records say otherwise and make for interesting reading. Of course you could call racism because we all know the Army was all white in the 1960s. When the First SEAL (then a UDT trainee) Roy Boehm went to jump school at Benning (or maybe you trained with him in South Carolina, who knows) his training sergeant was, wait for it, America... a black man. - "Come on Dave do we really need ZW on a board of professional broadcasters?" - Dave, do we really need cranky old men who imagine they had a personal relationship with Jimi Hendrix? Answer: yes, because they add spice and entertainment. It's fun to laugh at cranky old men. And really, how many people here are "professional broadcasters"? No love for the radiophiles, cranky old man? - "the only experience you have is with the Maryland State government as a bureaucrat. You are out of your league here, go away you've humiliated yourself, your family and the entire Maryland State Police." - Dude, your schizophrenia is showing. What's your beef with the Maryland State government, and specifically the Maryland State Police? Do share. I think we've heard from you on this before, with an equal paucity of details. - Dave, DCRTV is incredible because you have at least two anonymous borderline psychotic posters who can't be bothered to even create a fake name and think they knew Jimi Hendrix personally. This is like the Birthday Paradox in probability theory (the answer, btw, is either 19 or 20 depending on how the question is phrased). - Sorry to be so longwinded, I know that's UCS's gig. Shoutout to him for staying on the sidelines during this D&C. Shoutout! Hope all is well. - ZW (11/20/14)

Make it stop Dave: now Casey Kasem is "rotting in Norway" according to TMZ. Casey Kasem Widow -- My Husband is Rotting Because Of His Kid (11/20/14)

"I really wish there would be a positive tone expressed more often here in the mailbag, especially with regard to various ministries. Thanks." I think any intelligent person would have to admit that the various and sundry "ministries" of radio and TV have had a less than stellar history. From Swaggart to Baker and the whole PTL fiasco, the Benny Hinn mess and the list goes on and on; ad infinitum. I think the opinions expressed by DCRTV mailbaggers reflects the "inside broadcasting" view of religious broadcasting. I for one am an Engineer and to this day have past due bills from several religious broadcasters who seem to think I should sacrifice my services for the Lord. This when I see them driving new Mercedes wearing the most expensive clothes and clearly they haven't seen fit to sacrifice, why should I? I refuse to respond to pleas of "Please put my station back on the air" from religious broadcasters anymore. There is a double standard in the religious broadcasting world that generates the comments you see on DCRTV. Bishop Willis had dozens of stations, not a one within FCC regulations. Didn't pay his bills, stiffed people for their services and there is a whole string of Willis type religious broadcasters that is as long as your arm, maybe longer. If you think you are going to get some sympathy because "its Christmas" from DCRTV folks who have dealt with the people who hide behind God, you are in for a surprise. If you want respect, you must get it by living what the Bible teaches, not hiding behind it. You aren't going to guilt anyone into anything on DCRTV. Right Dave? (11/20/14)

Live coverage of the DCRTV Thanksgiving Golf Classic at the Reston National golf course. With David Burd, Andy Parks, Jim Farley, and more. Plus, what's up with all the big changes at WAMU, which sees the departures of two biggies, including PD Mark McDonald. To the joy of many WTOPers. And, more rumblings that WRQX could be celebrating a "Country Christmas." Plus a shout out to Reston Now and a slam of Current. And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (11/20/14)

Re: WAMU... McDonald applied for the WAMU GM position before Yore was hired. His wife, Melinda Wittstock, got in trouble with CPB over an audit of the now-defunct Capitol News Connection: (11/20/14)

Nice to hear "Smokin' Al" back on 980 this morning. Hope he'll get more fill in slots on the station moving forward. Tom in Wheaton (11/20/14)

I had the misfortune to have to drive to downtown Baltimore the other morning and my key route (root) was the Jones Falls Expressway. Knowing that Jim Russ is the best thing going in traffic reporting I switched from WNEW-FM to WBAL. Then while waiting for the Russ report I got a dose of the worst sounding imitation of a newscaster I've ever heard. I thought this was the news station, not the radio amateur hour. I've read here about "the shouter" and now I've actually heard it. Isn't this the November ratings period? OMG who made up this schedule. Now back to WNEW-FM and they had a good Baltimore traffic report, but Russ was better. (11/20/14)

I'm reading all of these comments against the Freedom Through Faith Ministries organization, and I see no harm in what they're trying to do. Why not give them some support, especially with Christmas coming up? We could all use more joy and hope in our lives. I really wish there would be a positive tone expressed more often here in the mailbag, especially with regard to various ministries. Thanks. (11/20/14)

To end the Hendrx military BS, I served with Jimi at Ft. Jackson SC during his basic training. He went airborne and got hurt...THAT'S THE REST OF THE STORY. Pound Sand on "ballbuster highway". (11/20/14)

The Baltimore Sun's David Zurawik gives his explanation of the success of the often criticized & demonized FOX NEWS. Here's my take & OPINION... Regardless of whether FOX NEWS is biased or not, this past weekend MSNBC had on marathons of "SEX SLAVES" & "LOCKUP-RAW" prison shows instead of hardly any news. To add insult to injury, they throw "Meet The Press" replays in between which destroys the credibility of that program too on NBC. With Gruber Gate, 2 of the big 3 networks waited an entire WEEK to mention it. Only CBS & FOX covered it. MSNBC quickly covered it up & turned it over to Al Sharpton for non-credible analysis. Ginning up the race thing is just not a model for ratings. Furthermore, FOX NEWS documentaries score ratings. Let's face it, nobody really cares where CNN's Anthony Bourdain is. It's not news. Whether you like Bill O'Reilly or not, he's today's Cronkite. Love him or hate him, you want to know what he's going to say. Even John Stewart is fascinated & almost obsessed with making fun of him, as they laugh themselves quietly to the bank. Letterman enjoys sparring with O'Reilly but hates him. Overnight during the week, CNN doesn't even have its own US based anchors. They use the feed from CNN Europe instead which is highly biased against the US at times. Having European friends, I can tell you that they don't much like Democrats or Republicans all that much. The tone is sometimes very anti-American in slant & content choices. Finally, most people don't know this but COMCAST which owns MSNBC doesn't even offer it on Limited Basic Cable anymore, yet offers CNN & FOX. HUH? Somebody explain that one. One last point... Most people don't notice these things specifically, but FOX NEWS is paying more money to steal journalists & Fox News contributors from the big 3 & CNN & MSNBC. The list is getting long. And the CBS, CNBC, MSNBC bias stories involved with them are catching hold every time they let a journalist go. (11/20/14)

This week's NFL TV maps: Since The Ravens/Saints are on Monday Night Football, Baltimore & Delmarva chose the Bengals/Texans for the early CBS game while DC & PA, & all of VA chose Titans/Eagles which make no sense to me since the Redskins are out of it, but WHP generally uses every excuse to carry a PA NFL game. The entire area except PA gets the Redskins/Giants late game oddly on CBS. In Baltimore that's forced per NFL rules, but FOX 21 Delmarva & all of VA unfortunately chose that bad game. For the FOX single game, the entire area gets Lions/Patriots. I'm sure all of Baltimore would rather see the FOX Chargers late game, but that's not possible for FOX 45 to choose per NFL rules again. (11/20/14)

OK, in DC we're all pretty much in agreement that station X FM is for teenage girls who sneak out after midnight and get drunk on school nights, and that station Y AM is for white angry old men. Station Z FM is in a pending three-way battle for Country fans, while station K AM plays noisy low-power oldies to a western suburban audience. Almost every other AM station is Spanish, and station V FM plays up political propaganda in the guise of contemporary Christian values. It has been stated here that there is no station dedicated to serving the 50+ music enthusiast. So let me ask, before everyone goes All-Christmas: what DC station comes the closest to serving that ignored demographic, even peripherally? I need a reason to listen to SOMEBODY. Pandora is getting too plain-vanilla, I dont like paying for SiriusXM, and personal playlisting=predictability (the very reason we were chased away from radio to begin with). I like to be surprised by a tune I wasn't expecting, entertained by someone of my own era and experiences, and I want to hear it on something other than $14 earbuds. Somebody suggest to me an existing terrestrial station I can like NOW, please! (11/20/14)

The Freedom Through Faith Ministries ? Sounds like they might be interested in establishing a Theocracy. I’m sure they really like Gay people too. For these guys to beg for bucks on DCRTV is without a doubt indicative of their naiveté. The last place you are going to find those sympathetic of their M.O. is with us guys and gals that party with the devil ! Download a copy a Paul Kelly’s 1970 song called “Stealing in the name of the lord” perhaps he was on to something about the vast majority of religious broadcasters who get tax exempt status. (11/20/14)

Got my first chance to listen Glenn Clark's new webcast yesterday and as I predicted last week, it's chock full of ex-WNST advertisers that quickly latched on to Clark's new venture and left 'NST in the wings. I guess those hints dropped by Nestor Aparicio about Clark not being able to sell his own product/show weren't true after all. He must be having a fit seeing Clark and Drew Forrester rolling on with new sponsors and new gigs while his own entity sputters along with incredibly weak show content, no caller interaction at all and the same sponsors getting airtime over and over. Good to see Clark bounce back. He knows his stuff and deserved a better fate than he was handed by Aparicio. (11/20/14)

Re: WVU Games. WVAQ lost the Mountaineer games. Variety 101 is now the flagship. WZST was using the WW1 Hot A/C service. They are now Elvis Duran in the morning, Ryan Seacrest 2-6, and a locally automated variety hits format otherwise. Musically, the station plays a lot of “oh wow” songs. But the signal does not really get out of Mon County and northern Marion. Someone told me the station is owned by two lawyers in the Washington DC area and by the West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust Board. West Virginia Radio Corporation still does extended pre and post game shows on WVAQ. (11/20/14)

Didn't state that Hendrix supported the War in Viet Nam during the early 1960's. By all means go back, re-read it without pounding out a mindless reply you idiot. Hendrix did support the Viet Nam war as did Eric Burdon, John Steel and Chas Chandler of the Animals. Please note that they supported the War in Viet Nam during the War in Viet Nam as there are some here that have comprehension problems. Hendrix did spend a year on NO DUTY because of a broken leg, suffered in a jump accident. If you dispute that statement then instead of making childish, snarky comments, come up with something factual instead of your usual blathering idiocy. Come on Dave do we really need ZW on a board of professional broadcasters? You don't know shit about Hendrix other than what you read on Google and its driving you mad because the only experience you have is with the Maryland State government as a bureaucrat. You are out of your league here, go away you've humiliated yourself, your family and the entire Maryland State Police. (11/20/14)

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Looks like Comcrap is giving lessons tonight to cord cutters in Reston to show how "essential" they are. My Comcrap internet has been off since this morning and now well into the evening. When I first called, they said my service would be back on by 6:30 PM. When they failed at meeting that, they then said 8:00. At least they made that deadline as my internet is back on at 7:45. I guess that's what we get when the local governments fail to keep local jobs local, and allow cable companies to eliminate jobs, and either bring in people from outside (like Dale City, as I was told by a tech in my neighborhood fixing service last time) or even contractors. God help any company that tries to use the Comcrap model for running a service business. They haven't twice won that "worst company" award for doing things right. Just because a company is the biggest doesn't mean it's the best. In fact, it's my experience that the biggest is usually the worst. (11/19/14)

To be fair, it should be noted that cranky old men to the contrary, there was no Vietnam War when Hendrix joined the Army. To say he supported the war is a bridge too far in my view, but cranky old men say all kinds of stuff. - "Something most people don't know is that Hendrix supported the Viet Nam war. Hendrix had been injured in a jump (paratrooper) exercise at Ft. Bragg NC, that laid him up for close to a year. It was during this year of "No Duty" that Hendrix refined his talents on the guitar." - Also to say that the Army let a black fella who enlisted in 1961(!) just lay about for a year defies belief. He was discharged in 1962 because he just wasn't a good fit for the military. Airborne! All the way! How 'bout that Mike Wise? - ZW (11/19/14)

“[John] Feinstein, who continues to be a Washington Post contributor, signed a one-year contract with CBS when the sports radio network launched in January 2013, which was renewed for a second year. But he [states] that ‘the handwriting was on the wall for a while’ after a CBS executive told him that his lengthy stories about sports events and personalities ‘were slowing the show down.’" I thought sports talk radio was supposed to be the one non-print media outlet where you’d have the opportunity for extended anecdotes and reminiscences. Why was Feinstein (a veteran sportswriter and author best known for candid commentaries and inside access to various sports organizations) hired in the first place? – I don’t think it was to poll his listeners on their favorite stadium beverage. So what if a Dean Smith story from 1979 or a Tom Watson story from 1987 runs a bit long at times – still better than 99 percent of what we get from national sports radio these days. Do the suits at CBS think listeners have the attention span of a house fly and zero interest in anything that happened in sports before they learned how to walk? I assume that Feinstein’s weekly appearances with the Junkies and Grant & Danny (on 106.7 The Fan) will come to an end once he leaves the network, which could open the door for ESPN 980 to bring him back as a regular guest. A potential obstacle to that happening is Feinstein’s outspoken criticism of Dan Snyder (who owns that station in addition to the Skins) and refusal to use the team name either in print or on the air. At the very least, you could see him returning to Tony Kornheiser’s show where he was a frequent guest for many years (and BTW - Kornheiser relates lengthy stories all the time on that program and nobody at Red Zebra seems to have a problem with it). Mike, Fairfax (11/19/14)

NDXE! Now THERE'S a call sign from the past! Another SW station that never quite realized its plans to launch out on its own, was Radio Earth International. For several years in the 1980s, REI produced a nightly one-hour magazine program called "The World." Each night, several segments would combine everything from different forms of music, to DX-ing info, to travel stuff. The program was compiled in Evanston, IL using the individually produced segments, done by content contributors from all over the place. Then the tape would be shipped to whatever SW station REI had bought time from. For a while, the show was aired via WRNO International in New Orleans. Later, airtime was purchased from WBCQ, WHRI and for a time, it was simulcast on Radio Milano, in Milan Italy. For a couple years, I did a 30-minute jazz show, out of Kansas City. The grand plan was to build a station on the Dutch island of Curacao, off the coast of Venezuela. There was a drive to attract investors, but it never managed to really get off the ground. Somewhere around here, I've got a few stock certificates for Radio Earth International that were issued to me, in lieu of actual payment, for doing my show segments. They're in a box somewhere, along with an expired FCC 3rd Ticket -- and they're probably equally valuable! (11/19/14)

Maybe there are enough country stations serving DC. I count 7 stations now doing country. WMZQ, WFRE, WPOC, WFLS, WGRX, WAYZ, and WKIK. If WRQX changes to country that will give us 8 country stations. Are there that many country fans in DC? There are more country stations than CHR. (11/19/14)

"I traveled with Chas Chandler of the Animals in 1967 to London with Hendrix as they put together the "Are you Experienced" album that the "Hey Joe" single was included." Well, that's wonderful. I hope you gave a lot of oral pleasure. Since you're going to this level of detail, surely you'll be willing to identify yourself as something other than "cranky anonymous poster who sounds like he's making stuff up". Since you won't, we'll just classify that as a lie, shall we? We shall! I don't remember you being on the plane. Anyway, what does an album from 1967 have to do with a single released on December 16, 1966? - "So anyone claiming Hendrix was the only artist who recorded and released "Hey Joe" is as pointed out, arguing with himself as we've come to expect by ZW." - Show me where I said that and I will pleasure you orally. In the meanwhile, go piss up the aforementioned rope, you cranky old and probably drug-addled most likely man. You're like a dog who's caught a car and doesn't know what to do with it, so you revert to being cranky and making stuff up. - "ZW is a groupie..." and for someone who CLAIMS to have traveled with Hendrix, you have a bizarre definition of "groupie". Seriously, old man, hang it up. Really, the cartalk website wants to hear from you. - ZW (11/19/14)

REF: [Schieffer Lusts After Pope] Wow...I didn't know he was like that!! LOL (11/19/14)

Actually, Jimi Hendrix hurt his back at Ft Campbell, KY, home of the 101st Airborne, not Ft Bragg. He played the clubs along Highway 41A between Ft Campbell and Clarksville, TN before he was discharged from the Army. (11/19/14)

Re: indoor antennas. 100 bucks for one of those things?? I live ~6-10 miles from the transmitters in NW DC. I found that jamming the end of a 10 foot piece of #26 wire (completely random, not "designed", just something I had laying around) into the receiver's antenna connector brought in all those stations plus the ones on the tower at the DC Beltway and Rt50 in northern Virginia; that even surprised me. Of course, this may not work somewhere else or much farther from the transmitters. I'd really like to see the actual measured patterns, gain and impedance plots for some of these highly advertised and overpriced indoor antennas. I'd say they aren't any better than some home made dipoles, old rabbit ears, UHF loops, etc. (or the piece or random wire that I used) which can be built for pennies. (11/19/14)

I am hearing a lot of grumbling about new NPR clocks for this very reason: less time for local news. (11/19/14)

UCS's observation is spot on about NDXE! Now if The Freedom Through Faith Ministries really wanted to make a splash in DC they could bring in Brother Stair 24/7. It would give the misguided faithful someplace to put those un-needed dollars in their budgets and give the non-believers something funny as hell to listen to since I can't hear the Comedy Station anymore from Salisbury or Norfolk. This is DC home of the Redskins(who can't win an easy game)(Bucs last week) and the United States Congress. Isn't there room for another bullshit artist like Brother Stair? Come on now doesn't DC need another Pray-for-Pay station? Everybody say Amen! (11/19/14)

Re: "The Sports Fix...has been a ratings leader achieving number one ratings throughout their (its) five year run,' a statement from station owner Red Zebra claims." That's pure fantasy, of course. It might be beating DC's other sportstalk station during that shift, but it isn't even a top 10 show compared to the full spectrum. Ever heard of WTOP? WAMU? WHUR? etc, etc, etc? They don't just close up shop middays. (11/19/14)

The Freedom Through Faith Ministries effort to go from being a webcaster to a broadcaster reminds me of perhaps the greatest commercial SW broadcaster that never was, NDXE. They even fooled the publisher of the WRTVH! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/19/14)

If WNEW is going to get ratings like a Baltimore Station, why not embrace it and be all-in as a Baltimore Station?? (11/19/14)

Mike Wise blew his only attempt at a positive legacy by becoming a harassing, bully on twitter. If you read some of what he says and does, it's borderline terroristic. He will seek out Redskins fans, and tear them down based on their kids' pictures, shame them on their favorite football team, and relentlessly bash their interests. Then. when someone fires back, he always says "I'll be sending this to WP security." But here's what not many know: Mike was told after he called Virginian's "racist" that he needs to kick the can down the road, and his job was gone after Jan 1st. Mike was a one-trick pony who stirred the pot by bashing DC sports fans. He became predictable and then became a mean spirited, angry activist, so WP said "BYE". His act will get tired, even quicker, as an ESPN blogger (make no mistake, that's what this job is) , and he'll be a guest host (every couple months) on CSN, when they need an anti-Redskins guest. In all fairness, he's a decent "personality" bc he knows how to get people angry, and attack otherwise innocent sports fans, but, there's just no real need for media companies to have a person like that on a full-time staff. (11/19/14)

In response to “All last week, the clowns at the alleged news station in Baltimore identified a 12-year old kid as a missing child but now that police have charged a dude with raping her, they are withholding her name, like, we don't know who she is.” Oh, it gets better. None of the media outlets I checked - WBAL radio, the Baltimore Sun, WJZ, WBAL TV, WMAR, and Fox 45 – have removed their stories from last week which identified the missing girl. The stories containing her name, pictures, and information about her are all available on their websites by doing a search for “missing 12”. If they really don’t want to identify her, shouldn’t they/couldn’t they redact that information with their standard note that they don’t identify victims of alleged sexual assault? Mari (11/19/14)

Hi, I was a Comcast customer since 1983, on Nov. 4 turned on TV to find out I was not authorized to receive any channels. My bill was paid. I called Comcast , was always pleasant and calm, always got same message , you do not have a Comcast box (I did) . I would give them the serial number and every other number on the back of box. The answer always was, the serial number was not on their computer screen , so I could not have a Comcast box. After several phone calls ( I always getting hung up on after they told me my cable box did not exist). Finally , several hours later one of the reps said they were having technical problems, so it was possible that my cable was affected or the box was defective due to some of their Tech problems. I had to go out of the area , when I came back I spent , just for the heck of it (I am retired) over four hours calling the Comcast customer support Nov 12 in the am and pm. All people could do was read the same script over and over , when I would ask to speak to a supervisor I would be put on hold usually, then after 10 minutes that would disconnect me. I would call back and nicely ask for the person I was talking to. I would be told they were not available , but the person answering the call could help. They read the same script over and over . no one ever bothered to THINK. A few times I got a supervisor who would promise to call me back with the problem resolved . None ever did. That evening I called billing , they were pleasant, sorry for what happened, and helped me with how to close out my account. Nov. 13 I took my cable box to the Comcast - White Marsh Center in Baltimore, I was in there less than 10 minutes. I had all my paperwork, everyone was friendly . The young man who took the cable box , said the computer shows the cable box. I gave him did not exist . But he gave me paperwork to show I did turn in the cable box that did not exist. He just shook his head, I smiled and thanked him. The White Marsh Comcast Center, has a small area for customer service, BUT the rest of the complex is filled with employees that handle their customer support.. I doubt if anyone with any real ability with IT knowledge is located there. They are probably all located at Comcast Corp Center In Philly. What an experience. Hope You share some of this with your readers. PS I do not miss Comcast ! And Tech support operators did not even know what a server was , or any basic computer info.I doubt they even knew what coding was . I think some did not believe a mere woman would know anything about computers or cable . :) (11/19/14)

Re: NPR's new "Clock". I used to listen to WYPR (instead of WAMU) at 5AM so I could hear the entire NPR newscast. Now with the new clock, they cut off the NPR news half way through and insert promos for the day's upcoming programs. Bring the news back. (11/19/14)

Note to Lew Dickey: Don't let the door hit 'ya! (11/19/14)

Thank goodness Mike Wise is gone from the Post. I don't watch ESPN and I don't read ESPN, so I'll never have to see that smug bastard ever again. His phony piousness about the Redskins name made me sick. He was an agitator, a liar, and a disgusting person in all ways. (11/19/14)

Dave's response: Oh come on. He was a bit of a pompous ass like many other Posties, but he wasn't thaaaaat bad.....

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Mike Wise is one of the great ones. He may have not have been too good on the radio, but as a writer he is wonderful. Regards Biff (11/18/14)

DCRTVDJDAVE Challenge: Caught DCRTVDAVE rummaging thru the trash at South Lakes Starbucks for food so can’t we loyal readers figure out a way to drive “traffic” to so that he can just eat? I will match bean for bean with Baggers! Signed: Not ZW. (11/18/14)

Re: the group trying to acquire an AM/FM combo to flip to gospel- while I believe they are sincere in their mission, they are going to find out real fast it ain't as easy as they might believe in DC considering they are competing with Praise 104.1 (unless Radio One wants to blow it up for "Boom" classic hip-hop, as some on other forums have suggested that some of the Radio One 'Praise" stations might be candidates), WGTS, WAVA AM/FM, WYCB, and a few others. I wish them luck but they are in for a tough road to go unless they might be interested in a Metro Radio outlet. Maybe 730 or 1460 is up for sale. (11/18/14)

The WVU football games are aired on WVAQ (101.9) a CHR station that is owned by West Virginia Radio Corp. But what is the "variety hits" station that is owned by an owner no one knows about? Are they talking about the Hot AC (satellite-fed) WZST (100.9)? (11/18/14)

104.9 fm translator rockville is on the air today. It seems to be the religious feed from 105.1 Wava. Surprisingly both stations come in well with no static on car radio. I thought 104.9 was gonna be dc101 hd2. I remember seeing wava originally in constuction permit but licence now says wwdc. What's the deal? Mark in rockville (11/18/14)

I've read often in the Mailbag how Davy Jones was a legend. Given that, I was surprised that his name wasn't brought up once in the "Washington In The 80's" documentary aired last night on WETA. I'll let the spin doctor with many names explain this one away. (11/18/14)

Here’s why WRQX might be looking at country. In DC, News and N/T totally out performs the national numbers. Urban totally out performs the national numbers. CHR outperforms the national numbers. AC and Hot AC totals are a little below the national numbers, but they lose a bit to News and N/T here. Country in DC is way below the national PPM numbers 3.8 to 8.4. The only other growth format left is Classic Rock (or Classic Hits) but Country is easier. Would take a massive stunt, ad, campaign, but worth it, if they do it right. WMZQ is under performing big time. Ed (11/18/14)

Glad to see Mike Wise moving on. What a hack. (11/18/14)

All last week, the clowns at the alleged news station in Baltimore identified a 12-year old kid as a missing child but now that police have charged a dude with raping her, they are withholding her name, like, we don't know who she is. WTF??? Let's throw another "welcome home" party for the kid and blindfold her so we can't tell who she is in the crowd. (11/18/14)

It is interesting to note the stations outside the market (Washington) that show up well in the ratings......WBQB Fredericksburg, WINC Winchester, WAFY Frederick, WFRE Frederick, WERQ Baltimore, WQSR Baltimore and WGRQ Fredericksburg. Nielsen credits these stations just as if they are Washington stations. (11/18/14)

WRQX 107.3....The revenue on 107.3 was $16,175,000 before the station collapsed. That is a lot of money to lose, even for Cumulus. The executive decision is how can we regain that revenue? Cumulus already has 21 stations doing Nash-Country. Obviously, they believe in their format. They could start that format tomorrow and try to gain some of that lost revenue. Look at what has happened to the price of the Cumulus stock. (11/18/14)

Always amusing to watch ZW argue with himself over something he knows nothing about or has any first hand knowledge about. I traveled with Chas Chandler of the Animals in 1967 to London with Hendrix as they put together the "Are you Experienced" album that the "Hey Joe" single was included. Then traveled to Honolulu with Hendrix for a concert at the Armory that was memorable for its length (3-hours) and for its volume. (ear splitting loud) Hendrix was both engaging and fun to spend time talking about politics and music. He had som very interesting views of how music was a vibration that united the universe. Something most people don't know is that Hendrix supported the Viet Nam war. Hendrix had been injured in a jump (paratrooper) exercise at Ft. Bragg NC, that laid him up for close to a year. It was during this year of "No Duty" that Hendrix refined his talents on the guitar. "Hey Joe" wasn't written by Hendrix but by Billy Roberts. The first American exposure was in fact by the "Leaves" a Southern California rock band and included on the "Are you Experienced" album by Hendrix. Marmalade also recorded a version of the song in 68 as the "B" side to their single "Loving thing". Zappa recorded a parody of the song titled "Flower Punk" on the album "we're only in it for the money". The song has been recorded by "The Who" and "Red Hot Chili Peppers" to mention but a few. So anyone claiming Hendrix was the only artist who recorded and released "Hey Joe" is as pointed out, arguing with himself as we've come to expect by ZW. Again let me point out the obvious, ZW is a groupie, who is out of his league on this forum. Can't wait to laugh over his rant in response to someone who knew and traveled with Hendrix and has first hand experience with the topic. Know your limitations ZW, they are obvious to everyone observing. Interesting that you don't see them. (11/18/14)

Rumblings from the 'friendlies' (not many left) at 4400.. Big Fish Lewey Dickey is making a smack down appearance TODAY. Yesterday, the managers were running around like frantic rats trying to polish all their turds. After Lewey slammed his DC cluster, WRQX, specifically, for having NO ratings and generating NO revenue, looks like the end is in sight. Is this the NASH pre-amble? Maybe Lewey has figured out that hiring previously canned CC managers to bully your sales people with full of shit company rah-rah is not how you make moolah! 107.3 has been a ratings nightmare. No Ratings, No Sales... Honky Tonk Holidays, coming soon to a former successful frequency named 107.3. YeeeeHaaaaawwwwww....... (11/18/14)

"Ho Ho Ho from the 97.1 WASH-FM Morning Show. Hope YOU are ready for the holiday music. Chilli and I will kick it off this Friday @ 8AM!- Loo" (11/18/14)

Richard Harker is a damn good researcher. News/talk format is not dying except in big markets where cumulus has been gutting them. WMAL has bucked that trend.... NTS MediaOnline Today: Harker Research namesake Richard Harker is back with a new and provocative post to his Radio Insights blog, in which he is critical of Nielsen’s Newswire ratings analysis releases that portray rating trends like a horse race. “The truth is that Nielsen’s format trends have nothing to do with how a majority of stations in a format are doing,” says Harker, who cites a recent Nielsen analysis that has fueled a lot of hand-wringing over the so-called ‘death’ of Talk radio. “The problem with the analysis was that most of the ‘trend’ was actually driven by what was happening at a few outsized major market Cumulus Media Talk stations,” he notes. “WABC/New York, KABC/Los Angeles, WLS/Chicago, KGO/San Francisco and others had lost a third of their collective quarter-hours. No reasonable rate of Talk station growth in the other PPM markets could make up for the cratering of these few stations. The listenership losses were the equivalent of an entire small PPM market signing off.” (11/18/14)

Anyone remember that guy Michael Graham from WMAL radio? WOW, how hindsight is 20/20. If you remember, Graham went after CAIR (Counsel on American Islamic Relations) as part of Islamic terrorism rant and was then at the time allegedly justly fired from the station. Lo and behold, now several members of CAIR are in prison including a former President of the organization for funding and supporting terrorism and believe it or not, an Islamic country, the United Arab Emirates, has now declared that CAIR a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION! The Obama administration is now scrambling to explain its continued support of CAIR along with the NPR apologists. But guess who was correct all along? Not Dave Hughes, not the President, not WMAL, not NPR, but yes, you guessed it MICHAEL GRAHAM gets the last word on this controversy CORRECT! HAHA! Enjoy the egg on your face all of you! He’s moved on to Atlanta by the way, a more sensible market. (11/18/14)

I still remember just about every frame of this classic bit from Sesame Street. Given the state of the industry today, sadly this is closer to the truth than fiction. Classic Sesame Street - Yip Yip aliens discover a…: (11/18/14)

Pastor, I applaud your efforts (Voice of God ad) and wish you all kinds of success. But I don't know how and where you are going to find an FM property for sale in this burg, unless the Red Zeeb is closer to folding than we thought? (11/18/14)

Mike Wise is leaving the Washington Post. Hallelujah!! (11/18/14)

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A former Washington Post reporter and Pulitzer-prize winner writes about being broke... (11/17/14)

Silvie from Waldorf alert: in the final moments of Larry's quaint 5:00pm show she called in to say hello. Thought she went the way of Sean Hammity! (11/17/14)

Again, just so we're clear, anyone in radio since the days of Telstar who hasn't heard Hendrix's version of Hey Joe should just shtumm, as UCS has done, to his credit. You other cranky old guys would probably enjoy the discussion board a lot more because you wouldn't have to rail against your dissatisfaction and uselessness. Face it, you're not Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. So again, find a rope and piss up it. As Yoda would say "Strong is the need to urinate at night with these ones!" If, as you say, you've forgotten a bunch of stuff about Hendrix, I guess that speaks to the decline that accompanies advanced age. I haven't forgotten anything. - I do agree, sort of, with one poster: Mark Trail, as drawn by the current artist, does suck. Yet today we got to see Cherry rocking a bikini and a six-pack while holding what appeared to be an adult beverage and showing off the twins. Today I made allowances. And yes, that's sex code. - ZW (11/17/14)

Dave… Just found your Cord Cutter page and videos… Love it. I heard you talking about your reception problems of late and wanted to toss this your way. This antennae is the best I’ve been able to find (oddly enough, it’s called The Cord Cutter…right up your alley). I live in Baltimore and saw my signal strength reading go from 25% (I was using a Winegard Square Shooter antennae) to 75% by doing nothing more than changing out the antennae. I was shocked… It's a bit more expensive than others out there (around $100) but it was (in my case) worth it). It has something to do with the amount of the aluminum receiver element these guys use in their product. Whatever it is, it works…no more pixelation or complete drop outs. Just wanted to let you know… Keep on keeping on… -=-Dave from Baltimore (11/17/14)

Someone out at WRNR? (11/17/14)

Dave's response: "Careers1031"? Or WAFY?.....

If anyone remembers, Vince Klepac also used to own WAMS AM 1260 in Newark DE which was under STA for over 10 years too, so it looks like his time is running out now on AM 1590 too as well as its 2 FM translators, 104.3 and 105.1. AM 1260 eventually took a buyout to go dark from Salem for WWRC as everyone remembers so they could upgrade to 35,000 watts. He was also previously involved with WRJE AM 1600 in Dover which is also silent and has an FM translator on 98.3. This station was sent a final warning letter too after 10 years coincidentally. AM 1600 has until Jan. 2015 to begin operating as licensed or lose it. Ironically the 2 connected companies are blaming each other in various contacts with the FCC with interference complaints, but I think the FCC is finally in on the joke. So it’s possible that finally these 2 stations will be euthanized properly. With AM 1590 and 1600 euthanized, this might be of interest to WFBR AM 1590 Glen Burnie which still has 5 towers standing and might be able to alter it’s signal better to the coast and possibly even sell off some land to finance it by reducing the number of towers. 5 towers make a huge imprint. Not sure these final warnings affect WNST 1570 or WJFK 1580. The FCC contact info on these stations’ FCC record (public record Dave) is Joseph.Szczesny©, professional engineer, and the other letter is here. (11/17/14)

It looks as if someone wants a name change for a road in Miami Beach (not Miami, as I said earlier). More here: ~~ Blair in Alexandria (11/17/14)

It looks as if someone wants a name change for a road in Miami. Keep Arthur Godfrey Road ~~ ~~ Blair in Alexandria (11/17/14)

WIJK AM 1590 Ocean City’s Permission to Remain Silent application expires in just 2 days along with 104.3 & 105.1. Without Special Temporary Authority approval, the 3 stations would be forced to turn in licenses and permanently go dark, but apparently, Mr. Klepac has sent a begging letter of mercy to the FCC. So the FCC has given Mr. Klepac his final warning via a letter. It appears that the FCC has finally noticed that the station has been under STA since 2005! Really? They just noticed in 2014? Haha! So now Mr. Klepac has until April 3, 2015 to either build a tower or sell the stations or turn in the licenses. It also appears this notice is contingent on paying previous fines that the stations owe. Now the question is will Bayshore Media be able to even afford to keep the stations on the air over the winter? Last winter, they couldn’t afford the electric bill! Keep in mind, AM 1590 must stay on the air in order for 104.3 & 105.1. We shall see. Bayshore also owns WRYD 101.1. (11/17/14)

Wondering if the GM at Newsradio 1090 has handed down a new dictate now that WNEW is nibbling at their shorts. I noticed this weekend, especially Sunday, that most of their stories were from Montgomery and Prince George's counties. I thought that was odd considering neither county is in the station's ADI. Or maybe it's just a sign that the weekend crew doesn't have a clue, much like the others. (11/17/14)

RE: “To the DCRTV mailbagger dick who made fun of my kudos to Bill Hess: get a life and stop being so mean.” Why do WMAL loyalists always resort to name-calling to make their point? Oh, never mind. I know. And the mailbager, who you claim to be so mean, could have said “Shove it, Bill Hess fan. Shove it!” but did not. Please keep that in mind. (11/17/14)

REF: ["Vice-President Spiro Agnew's infamous 1969 speech, in which he railed about bias in the network news business. 45 years later, one wonders how Fox News would do.."] They're apparently doing quite well, according to their latest ratings, reportedly showing them still "the most watched cable news program running for more than 14 years." It's the un-fairness/off-balance, bias-bullshitting CNN, with ratings are in the basement and piss poor programming involving old, tired, talentless staff that should have the left-leaning liberals wondering how much longer before CNN becomes Completely Non Necessary. (11/17/14)

So, guess channel 4 has no plans on a permanent co-anchor on the weekend morning newscasts. This morning they had the weekday morning traffic reporter co-anchoring. If Vance and Doreen didn't have so much seniority, the powers that be would probably schedule THEM for the morning weekend newscasts (11/17/14)

"I read about the sudden passing of WNAV News Director Barbara Cox over the weekend and truly couldn't believe it. Such a tragic loss of a broadcast professional. Having worked on air and in news at NAV from 1996-2005 and then off and on again until 2008, I had some great conversations with Barbara about the possibility of doing news there again. She always had a smile on her face, and a joy for what she did. Her articulation with diction in her newscasts was impeccable as well. She will be greatly missed. My prayers and sincere condolences go out to her family and the entire WNAV team... ---Ron Stafford, Jr., Chester MD (11/17/14)

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In my latest Cord Cutter video, I look at new stats that show a lot more people cutting their cable TV subscriptions this quarter compared with the same quarter a year ago. Plus, I update what I'm looking at on Roku, including some new channels I've subscribed to. And more antenna problems..... (11/16/14)

All this talk about "NASH" appearing on 107.3 is quite reasonable. "NASH" is a low-cost format, the unit cost of which drops with additional signal it's on. "NASH" is not unlike CATV, geared to national accounts with local spot availabilities. What surprises me is that Cumulus hasn't yet developed an automated talk show host which would "listen" to a caller, and create a programmed discussion based on what the caller said. Just think... "Perfect Paul" would no longer be a NOAA exclusive. Cumulus could call their creation the "Speech Harmony Interface Terminal". Very appropriate for Cumulus, don't you think? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/16/14)

I saw this on C-SPAN 3's American History TV - Reel America over the weekend. It is interesting to watch Vice-President Spiro Agnew's infamous 1969 speech, in which he railed about bias in the network news business. 45 years later, one wonders how Fox News would do, under the same kind of withering criticism. They'd probably need to plead Nolo Contendere (no contest) to the charges, as Agnew did in 1973, over corruption charges that led to his resignation. (11/16/14)

There are several people on this board that knew Jimi Hendrix. Of which I am one. Someone spouting off about the public knowledge of when song was aired or other such things that anyone can look up on Google not only doesn't impress, its boorish at best. You aren't impressing anyone, least of which are the people who have worked in the industry for the past 50+ years and have forgotten more about Hendrix than you will ever know. Better to be thought a fool than to post something and remove all doubt. Unfortunately it won't stop a fool who calls himself ZW. (11/16/14)

Wash D.C. CBS-affiliate accuses candidate of embezzlement, confused ID with his son - (11/16/14)

How funny is it that your boy JP of the Junks got pulled over doing 72 MPH on the GW Parkway on his way to the pregame show: made him late & Cakes reamed him! (11/16/14)

" What's it like being a pussy?" Only you could tell us about that ZW. You missed the point, but the one on your head keeps getting in the way. Ponderous how you could be so obtuse. No question you are ponderous. You are way out of your league on this board, go back to the trailer park. Where I'm sure you rule! Careful who you antagonize here, one day it will catch up to you. Not going to be a happy day for you. That will be a ponderous day. Oh and Mark Trail sucks. Just like you. (11/16/14)

I don't understand the general success of NASH. Part of what makes Country so popular is the connection between the fans, the stars and the radio talent. When such-and-such station holds an event, its the local DJs that listeners want to see, not three Street Team interns handing out foam can coolers, and telling the public their favorite jock is 800 miles away and will probably never visit "city X" even on a dare. How would a NASH station in DC do what WMZQ does promotionally without any local 'stars' to make it work? (11/16/14)

"People are moving away from cable TV, but the industry is not going down without a fight. A report released Friday by the Leichtman Research Group says the 13 largest pay-TV providers -- a group that includes companies like Time Warner, Comcast and DirecTV -- shed about 150,000 video subscribers in the most recent quarter, compared to just 25,000 in the same period last year. The Leichtman Research Group said this was a greater net loss of subscribers than in any third quarter going back to at least 2002, when the company was founded. To date, the greatest single-quarter loss the company has seen was a net drop of 350,000 subscribers in the second quarter of 2013." (11/16/14)

Cumulus would be smart to bring in its Nash "Icons" format into DC instead of their current-based regular Nash format. Nobody locally is currently playing a lot of 90s country, and none are really touching the 1980s. Nash Icons would, and it might gain enough traction to pull 107.3 out of the gutter. In Southern Maryland, WKIK 102.9 is still locally programmed, unlike it's siblings who have gone to WW1 programming. WKIK's playlist is very heavy on country gold from the 90s and 00s. Their problem is a crappy signal that on any given hot summer night, is completely swallowed by 102.9 WOWI as close as a few miles from their tower. The "other" Fredericksburg country station Thunder 104.5 throws in some gold not played very often - but also on a crappy signal. And, Hagerstown's Big Dawg 95.9 is good for the older country as well. Problem is the new owner, and their mirror of the same old same old in every market they are in.West Virginia Radio Corporation has a monopoly on most markets in West Virginia. What they can't beat, they buy. Usually under a "trust" similar to Crap Channel's Aloha Trust. A perfect description of a shell game. The only time eyebrows were raised was during a recent plan for the WV Radio Corp to purchase long-standing competitor WCLG AM and FM in Morgantown. That would allow them to completely control everything in Morgantown except for a "variety hits" station owned by some unknown that nobody listens to, except for the WVU games. In Cumberland, MD the WV Radio Corp owns a bunch of dinky little signals that barely make it over the hills. Betcha they are licking their chops wishing Dix Communications puts the more powerful signals of 105.3 WFRB and GO 106 up for sale. But that's not likely. MLB4 (11/16/14)

RE: Jokes about the 1st Washington Times profit… The Baltimore Sun and Tribune were in bankruptcy for almost 4 YEARS, but nobody noticed they didn’t and probably don’t now make a profit. Tribune just recently within the year laid off around 700 people. MSNBC & CNN have the smallest audience probably ever in their histories. FOX News has the highest ratings in its history. The 3 major networks’ news shows have the lowest news ratings in their histories. Meanwhile, there’s a satirical joke posted on about the architect of Obamacare stating you’re a stupid American voter for accepting Obamacare and ironically, The ONION is actually more TRUE than these news sources! Kudos to The ONION for posting a satirical joke about a story everyone assumes is fake, but is actually REAL! HAHA! Now that is funny. :-) (11/16/14)

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The Wall Street Journal looks at the DC origins of The Muppets ... (11/15/14)

"ZW, know your place. Stay in your league with the wannabe's and groupies. Most here ignore your ignorant blatherings on topics you know nothing about. If you must address someone of UCS's stature, do so by saying "Sir". Just because you are on the same forum as someone like UCS doesn't mean you should consider yourself an equal. You aren't!" - Seriously, dude? Hendrix is something I (11/15/14)

"along with a gain in traffic for the newspaper's cluttered and ad link infested website." - That's funny, Dave. - ZW (11/15/14)

As for NASH on WRQX I side with the person who says it is just economical, not necessarily wise or very likely to succeed. Cumulus tends to put things they own into their markets even if the product is lacking, i.e. their traffic and billing software, program automation, (road) traffic reporting, etc, etc, etc. Will they be proven right in the long run? (11/15/14)

Dave, I have to admit that putting NASH on 107.3 could be just as bad as people thinking that Rush and the cronies on WMAL are credible news sources. Cumulus has a major leak right now and there are some easy fixes to help but it would mean drastic changes and for some people…a hard pill to swallow: Make WMAL into a local news talk outlet ala KDKA out of Pittsburgh. News in morning and afternoon drives and insightful talk that resonates with the area and not the insanity of Plante, Rush, Savage, Levin etc. Not suggesting far left talk hosts either…but people anchored in the middle that can really touch with the diversity of the area. I would dump WRQX and the entire concept of either NASH coming to DC, Top 40 or a return to Hot AC and instead bring in something the area is LACKING….DC Greatest Hits and bring back the name of Q 107. Instead of having a satellite fed greatest hits or oldies outlet…make it a live and local station that plays off the strengths of WCBS-FM. Have some of the DC legends run the station and playlist and it will finally generate ratings. (11/15/14)

Does the DC area need another country station? Not if it is a clone of WMZQ. Most of what is called country music today is pure trash. Now, if we could get a classic country station, similar to what WKCW was, that would be great. For those who might say we already have WAMU's Bluegrass Country on 105.5, there is too much interference from WXBN in Berryville for those of us in the western suburbs. (11/15/14)

"ZW, know your place. Stay in your league with the wannabe's and groupies. Most here ignore your ignorant blatherings on topics you know nothing about. If you must address someone of UCS's stature, do so by saying "Sir". Just because you are on the same forum as someone like UCS doesn't mean you should consider yourself an equal. You aren't!" - Seriously dude? Hendrix is a topic I know a little about. He was quite well known in the 60s. In fact, Hey Joe was the debut single of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. So poop. "Currently, the best-known version is The Jimi Hendrix Experience's 1966 recording, their debut single.[7]" Also the last song performed at Woodstock. Bet you didn't know that. I'm a space cowboy. You, Sir, can go piss up a rope. For someone in radio to not hear that, EVER? Ponderous, man. What's it like being a pussy? You bring shame to Unsigned Corporate Suit. - In today's sinecure column, Gene Weingarten writes about how he was not able to support his wife in rent-controlled New York City. Fittingly, he also writes about how he was not able to get a job as a writer. A little Big Apple justice, that. Just one of many reasons Gene Weingarten sucks dead donkey dick, Sir. -ZW (11/15/14)

" Do you think that Cumulus would put [NASH] on that many stations if it were not successful?" That doesnt make it successful, it just makes it economical. Bit of a difference. (11/15/14)

"Dave's response: There are already a lot of country stations around here. In addition to DC's WMZQ, you've got Baltimore's WPOC, Frederick's WFRE, and Fredericksburg's WFLS - all with pretty good reception in much of the DC metro. Does DC need or want a fifth country radio choice? I dunno. But since Cumulus is run by idiots, they probably think we do..... " Dave's response is spot on. Cumulus doesn't do anything for local ratings anymore, it's all for their national brands, Westwood One, RDIO, and now, NASH. They've doubled down on NASH and it is a nationally profitable brand. It makes $$, nationally. What does Cumulus have to lose by (when) switching WRQX to NASH country?! They have no local ratings, OR local revenue, now?! They are selling bottom barrel spot rates and are losing advertisers, weekly! I'm sure the skeleton crew of their sales division is busy planning their escape, as the WIHT rip-off format is a BUST! Emulating a successful Clear Channel radio station can be done by anyone, so if that was Cumulus' "secret plan"... (which it was) then these are the failing results that you receive. Jack Diamond was a $$$ magnet, and the Cumulus brain trust (LOL) clearly didn't recognize the Ad value that was attached with Jack Diamond. I'm sure the NASH morning show, whoever it is, will at least talk to adults, like adults.. as opposed to the teeny-bopper, low-income, graphic sex and dirty bathroom culture they currently embrace. The real winner of the Cumulus screw up is WIAD, which is a station on a roll, by absorbing the "thrown-to-the-wolves" former MIX 107.3 audience. You have to think that CBS and CC are hoping that Cumulus stays with this format, as opposed to changing it, and risk getting lucky with something that may get them ratings. Then again, it's Cumulus... (11/15/14)

The Washington Times says it's poised to post its first profit in its 32-year history. Maybe the free market has been trying to tell 'em something all this time. (11/15/14)

Today there are 21 Nash-Country stations in the US. Do you think that Cumulus would put it on that many stations if it were not successful? It is just a matter of time before they put it on WRQX. (11/15/14)

Dave's response: There are already a lot of country stations around here. In addition to DC's WMZQ, you've got Baltimore's WPOC, Frederick's WFRE, and Fredericksburg's WFLS - all with pretty good reception in much of the DC metro. Does DC need or want a fifth country radio choice? I dunno. But since Cumulus is run by idiots, they probably think we do.....

ZW, know your place. Stay in your league with the wannabe's and groupies. Most here ignore your ignorant blatherings on topics you know nothing about. If you must address someone of UCS's stature, do so by saying "Sir". Just because you are on the same forum as someone like UCS doesn't mean you should consider yourself an equal. You aren't! (11/15/14)

I had listened live and caught the news that Feinstein's show was cancelled when he was on the Junkies today. I noticed on the podcasts on iTunes and on the WJFK site that segment is missing.I guess CBS bigwigs don't want Feinstein's side of why he was let go out over their own airwaves.Just another example of the paranoid, juvenile business that radio seems to be.I seriously doubt that we'll hear him again ever on the Junkies. (11/15/14)

Have you seen the latest Mike O'Meara pic on Facebook? (11/15/14)

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So another of those fired by Nestor Aparicio lands on his feet. Good for Clark, I worked with him when he first broke into the business at CBS and I knew he had talent, just had to harness it that's all. I wonder how many sponsors/advertisers he'll have on Monday that were formerly attached to WNST? First it's Forrester with his new gig and nearly every sponsor he has was pulled from his days at 1570 and now Clark does it to him as well. Poor Nestor. Must be sick to his stomach. (11/14/14)

"Only version of "Hey Joe" that I've heard was by The Leaves. ... -Unsigned Corporate Suit" - There's a young up and comer goes by the name of Jimi Hendrix. You haven't heard of him? Are you SURE you worked in radio? - ZW (11/14/14)

A poster writes "RE: Nobody will ever need to throw a benefit for Prettyman. No, but that place was running kinda lean the last several years with cuts to the bone. And the on-air product reflected that. Few full-time staffers anymore. Prettyman's best days were in the rear view mirror. Unlike several stations in the market showing healthy billing trends, P-man was struggling to show $1 million in sales the last few years. A far cry from it's hey-day, no?" Whoo... snarkey shit. What happened, man, did they fire you while they were "cutting to the bone?" Hey, it's not just you. It's radio. According to friends who know this situation, these stations crashed a few years ago, and for the past few years they were all about repairing the damage and operating profitably. "Few full-time staffers?" "Best years in the rear view mirror?" Where in the hell have you been? The experts say that the entire radio industry is about to collapse, much like the newspaper industry. Google it, man. Ten years, tops. But probably more like 5 years. If you're working full-time in radio, now is the time to start looking for something else to do (while you still have a job). And if you're not working full-time in radio, then what are you doing here, anyway? Just throwing bombs? Radio station owners come and go. These guys hung around for something like 30 years and now they're done. That's better than most. Good luck to the new guys. Maybe they'll be the ones with radio's magic answer. (11/14/14)

Only version of "Hey Joe" that I've heard was by The Leaves. We had it marked "11 PM-6 AM ONLY". I also put "Timothy" by The Buoys and "D.O.A." by Bloodrock in that category. That last one got our all night guys some really strange (threatening) phone calls. Then the calls started coming to the station during business hours. I pulled it (never to return), with calls then coming in demanding its return! I decided being PD/MD wasn't worth it and went back to sales... -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/14/14)

(The news staffs at WNEW, WTOP, and even WAMU are some of nicest people ever.) Very true! Jim (11/14/14)

Why does it take the passing of two great broadcast legends, Joe Knight and Bob Callahan, to remind us what real radio was all about? The depth of their talents is far more than anyone in the business today could ever imagine. (11/14/14)

@UCS & Fishcheer. Wow, Didn't know you also got the memo from Stewart Brinsfield that time. Only 40+ years ago, you are old. Larry Gray also played the 14:00 version of "Hey Joe" by Fever Tree. Uh-Huh. But that was late at night. Cue up Hendrix's "Gloria," I dare you, bugga bear. (11/14/14)

RE: “Yesterday I was able to pick up a Norfolk station loud and clear from my house in Oxon Hill, WOWI-FM. Must've been crazy clear skies out!” Yep, crazy indeed, but not too clear. Downright foggy, actually. I had 92.9, The Wave, from Norfolk/VA Beach, all the way down 270 from toothless Frederick to Rockville, loud and clear as a bell. Also heard an amateur radio repeater from Hertford, North Carolina, almost as far down as the Outer Banks. Freakin’ ponderous! Mike from Frederick and the Dashboard DX Society, we never sleep (well, hardly ever!). (11/14/14)

I want to believe a 60s-80s pop/oldies station would do very well here indeed. I would be sending them a T&R every other day to get in there. But in looking at the growth in certain age groups, I can see why and where the major players would want to court the younger demographic. According to Urban.Org, "From 2000 to 2010, the city's 18- to 34-year old population grew by roughly 37,000, and now makes up 35 percent of the population... and their numbers are rising in nearly every part of the city". The folks who would dig an oldies property the way you described grew by 8,000 -- not bad, but less than 1/4 as rapidly as them young 'uns. And with the median age here being around 33-34, a '90s-intensive property might make out the best, if not for all that depressing grunge that came out during the early part of the decade. Interestingly, what might do *really* well would be a pair of low-power short-range Part 15 AM stations in Wards 2 and 6, which saw the most growth in recent times. They'd be hyper-local, low overhead, and focused on the community at large. They wouldn't get rich, but would generate a lot of neighborhood buzz. Trouble is, the 'Federated Candy Company' would kill them in one afternoon. (11/14/14)

I do not know anyone at CBS Radio DC personally so I am not going to attack any one personally but only Angelique Alston really knows what her salary is. If she is not happy and being underpaid she should resign point blank. If it was me and I felt as if I were being used I would because she could and would get another job somewhere else FAST. (11/14/14)

Mickey Cucchiella will continue fill-in work at 105.7 Monday and Tuesday. Davis is apparently back next week, but Norris will be off a few extra days. I actually thought Mickey & Weinman did a pretty good job this week. Got a little silly at times, but better than Norris & Davis, which has gotten lazy and tiresome. If both of them were replaced, it wouldn’t be a great loss. (11/14/14)

The economy must be in the dumper more than even I feared... Sirius/XM is already running "Holly" and "Holiday Traditions". Pity an early casualty of the post-merger "decontenting" was the old XM "Twisted Christmas" channel. I don't remember what the exact nsme of it was, but it played some cool stuff... like "Mrs. Claus Wants Some Lovin" by The Bobs... Or, "Letoy, the Redneck Reindeer". -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/14/14)

RE: Nobody will ever need to throw a benefit for Prettyman. No, but that place was running kinda lean the last several years with cuts to the bone. And the on-air product reflected that. Few full-time staffers anymore. Prettyman's best days were in the rear view mirror. Unlike several stations in the market showing healthy billing trends, P-man was struggling to show $1 million in sales the last few years. A far cry from it's hey-day, no? (11/14/14)

“Due to the fact that Steve Davis is PD of two of CBS Radio`s DC stations and is overseeing all of the other PD`s in the cluster as VP of Programming that he does indeed lean heavily on APD/MD Angelique Alston for operation of WPGC. “ While that may be true, that Davis relies heavily on Angelique to do the work, you can be assured that she IS NOT being paid what she deserves for the work she does. Everyone forgets the recent history of the “Steve’s” (Swenson & Davis.) Swenson was brought in by Dan Mason to go after WTOP, for revenue & ratings. So far, he has failed in that endeavor. Davis was brought in to fix WIAD. He has kept his “pets,” and shuffled others that he didn’t like to other jobs, or out to pasture, or both. And he has been very successful at cutting costs at both WIAD, WPGC, and WJFK AM/FM, to help subsidize the bleeding financial ulcer that is WNEW. The rest of the DC cluster is paying financially for the money siphon that is WNEW. The cluster’s move to DC is further indication that Swenson is putting WNEW in “close proximity” to the news of the district, (and to his home). They aren’t moving the DC cluster for the benefit of WPGC, WIAD or WLZL. Steve Davis is not a genius at programming. He is a genius at knowing how to use people, including Angelique. (11/14/14)

"A 1960s-1980s pop oldies station would get killer ratings in the DC market, but no one's doing it because it would be a tough sell to advertisers. Ponderous, man, ponderous....." You’re right about that one, Dave. Let me cite the example in the Norfolk market of WVKL (95.7). In 1989, the then WLTY switched to an oldies based format, and was very successful at it from a ratings standpoint, even beating a competing station doing a similar format on 105.3. Years passed, the station became “Kool 95.7” and even eventually was traded to Entercom from Barnstable for 92.9 (then WFOG, now WVBW). The station still got great ratings from the upper aged demos, but wasn’t making a lot of money for the cluster. On January 9, 2001, Entercom flipped WVKL from oldies to Urban AC. It is now often the top rated station in the “money” demos in the market. That was a shining example of how as the radio audience for non-current based formats got older, the advertising dollars went away. (11/14/14)

Why do we want to know that you are giggling like a middle schooler at WNEW's cum going down? The news staffs at WNEW, WTOP, and even WAMU are some of nicest people ever. Sure, there should always be some natural rivalry between us to get a good exclusive. But at the end of the day, we're all human beings who can kick back and get a meal at the end of the day. I don't root for anyone to fail. I root for journalism and the Fourth Estate and a good old fashion marketplace for news that gives people choices and serves the public interest. But Dave, I do giggle like a middle schooler at how Comcast keeps trying to get you back into the "bundles". Go Cord Cutter Go! (11/14/14)

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Ho Ho Ho! The holiday cheer has started on Q105 Salisbury. Taking advantage of the last three weeks of the Fall ratings sweep. Grandma got run over by a reindeer. (11/13/14)

So, "WNEW's cum has decreased lately..."? Sorry to hear that (My inner middle schooler is giggling incessantly). (11/13/14)

Yo, NASH boy. Read the post. I said MAY be making money. Yes, WRQX is dead in the water. Yes, their billing is in the toilet. But that does not automatically mean NASH is the answer. As they say - you can look it up. The format is not a winner anywhere. Putting that here just gives them another market for clearance for their syndicated crap. Now, if you're saying they could make more adding DC to that network than as a local biller I'd say, well, you're nuts. WMZQ barely makes noise and then you have the two Fred stations (burg & neck) that take their piece of the pie. Sorry, but you have to come a little stronger to prove to me that NASH would fix 107.3. Facts would be a good place to start. Radio Refugee (11/13/14)

WOWI-FM... the station that made "Fish Cheer" (from the "Woodstock" LP) famous. I must be getting old... -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/13/14)

Due to the fact that Steve Davis is PD of two of CBS Radio`s DC stations and is overseeing all of the other PD`s in the cluster as VP of Programming that he does indeed lean heavily on APD/MD Angelique Alston for operation of WPGC. Though she is not PD I am sure that her contract has been done over for the past 3 years as APD where now she probably is making a PD`s salary(only she knows if this is true or not). She is not dumb she could easily resign or will be promoted by another radio company as a PD somewhere else. She is staying there for a reason. When you think about it how many females(no matter race) let alone black female PD`s does CBS Radio have nationwide my guess is not many so race and sex might be an issue. (11/13/14)

When do you think WRQX 107.3 will go Nash-Country? Since their ratings and revenue are at an all time low I would think it would be soon. They lost their way. Cumulus stock is now at an all time low. I am glad that I did not invest in it. Maybe WMAL will come back alive! (11/13/14)

Yesterday I was able to pick up a Norfolk station loud and clear from my house in Oxon Hill, WOWI-FM. Must've been crazy clear skies out! (11/13/14)

RE: "...And don’t forget, we know less about each other’s TV markets now then we did then. Back then you could get all the DC & Baltimore stations over the air AND on cable TV too..."..True but it also needs to be pointed out that back in the day DC and Baltimore had shared the same edition of TV Guide magazine and of course being the "Baltimore-Washington" edition one would see a ton of local TV ads from the two markets and ads from both WBOC and WMDT from Salisbury as well. It was not unusual at all for back in the 1970's for example example to see an ad for Jim Vance on WRC right next to an ad for Captain Chesapeake on WBFF 45 on the same page. FWIW TV Guide did the same thing in Eastern Virginia at the time when they offered listings ( and ads ) from both the Richmond and Hampton Roads stations as well as Charlottesville in the same local edition. Unfortunately not everyone had like this setup. I still can remember my uncle who back in the 70's had lived in Augusta County, VA ( Staunton area ). At the time he could pick up WLVA channel 13 ( WSET ) out of Lynchburg and Roanoke's WSLS channel 10 yet in the TV Guide that was available in his area channels 10 and 13 meant WAVY and WVEC out of the Norfolk area and of course one would see the ads for those two stations as well. My uncle felt it was a pain in the ass to see listings for stations he could not pick up. Myself I felt it was cool. I miss the old TV Guide. (11/13/14)

Remember when the only Spanish language station in the D.C. area was WFAN 100.3? That was when FM was considered “the other band”! KOF (11/13/14)

I look at the most likely DC radio format flip possibilities for the new year. Will big changes be coming to WRQX and WNEW? Also, they don't all seem to be happy campers over there at WPGC. A shake-up at WMMJ. And more in a very dark, poorly-lit edition of "Dave TV"..... (11/13/14)

As we approach the time of year when failing radio stations move to all--Christmas as a precursor to a new format, you have to wonder how long CBS and Cumulus will ride with WNEW and WRQX respectively? Despite WTOP losing a tenth of a point now and then in the ratings, WNEW's cum has decreased lately at least in the DC market. It is hard to see what if anything they could do at this point to change the situation. It was simply a lousy business decision to go all news on a lousy signal in a news-saturated market. Sadly the loyal workers will pay with lost jobs, while the management fools who made the decision will move on to their next debacle. At this point, WRQX is also a lost cause. The foolish firing of Jack Diamond, the horrible year-long transition from Hot AC to CHR, the year wasted on the Burt morning show, the Kane-clone current morning show failure. Worst of all, adopting the exact WIHT format, while offering no reason for anyone to switch. In all my 50 years of radio listening, this has to be the worst destruction of a successful radio station I have ever witnessed. Who knows what's next for these stations? However, either could be more successful as a classic hit or even an all 80's station. WRQX will probably go NASH, however, despite the fact that the last thing this market needs is another country station. Andy in Reston (11/13/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Comcast take a big ad in the WaPo saying how it's raised its internet speeds every year.But doesn't mention it's also hiked prices each year.....] Comcast has raised speeds so that they can profit handsomely from the obliteration of Net Neutrality - effectively selling the fast lane to the highest bidder. (11/13/14)

Six years of my career at WCBM. were spent with one super great pro and fantastic friend-JOE KNIGHT. I remember his first day on the air at WFBR in 1956 and the Melody Ballroom. He was so funny, clever, and a 100% professional to be associated with and not a drop of ego...just a true talented guy. Thanks for great memories and regards to Bobbie and your daughters. Jack Edwards-WTTR/Westminster (11/13/14)

I have something that has been bothering me and others in the industry for quite some time. No other way but to say it except to say it.... there is a Good Ol' Boy network going on at CBS WPGC that is absolutely outrageous! You covered the promotion of the PD a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the APD, Angelique Alston, has been doing all of the PD work at that station for years and thru 5 or 6 PDs, although she has only officially even been made APD in the last year. She facilitated the exit of Donnie, having been his executive producer for years, and she puts together the entire annual signature station promotions of For Sisters Only and Birthday Bash damn near on her own... I mean booking acts, vendors, etc.. I know for a fact that she has negotiated to become the PD and for a fair salary which is in line with other PDs in this marker, and was slapped in the face by this latest promotion of the PD... The CBS Good ol (white) boy network of promoting their own who have no clue of the DC market as it pertains to the target demo is all the talk among the black industry professionals. Personally, I'm offended that they keep promoting and looking out for their own, without rewarding the people like Angelique (black woman) who are proven and skilled and in touch with the target community. (11/13/14)

I could not believe that there are 12 AM Stations doing Spanish in the Washington market. The Hispanic population is only 14% of the market while the Black population is 27 %. The Asian population is 10 % and there is only 1 AM station doing Asian. There seems to be something wrong with these numbers. Here are the Spanish stations listed previously in the DCRTV......700 730 900 920 1030 1050 1120 1390 1460 1480 1540 1600. (11/13/14)

"Low morale"? "High anxiety"? What makes the survivors at CNN in D.C. think they're unique? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/13/14)

RE: “Dave's response: Very true. Don Scott could get in his car and drive 35 miles from Baltimore, to DC, and walk down the street and nobody would know who he is. And, Gordon Peterson could go to Baltimore and do the same thing.....” I’m not so sure that’s totally true Dave. I grew up in Baltimore and knew who Gordon Peterson and Glenn Brenner were even before I moved to DC. Now Don Scott is not a fair comparison since he mostly did weekend or morning news. I think a lot of DC people knew who Jerry Turner and Al Sanders were though too. And don’t forget, we know less about each other’s TV markets now then we did then. Back then you could get all the DC & Baltimore stations over the air AND on cable TV too. By law you cannot now. I have to watch WUSA 9’s Howard Bernstein by choice now online. WUSA 9 is illegal in Baltimore County on cable TV at least and the digital conversion pretty much fixed that forever with bad signals sadly. — BaltoMedia.Net (11/13/14)

Dave's response: Back in the 1970s and 1980s, the cable systems in DC carried Baltimore signals. And vice versa. Not today. And, with analog TV, most viewers in one market could watch the signals of the other market even with a marginal antenna. Not so today with digital signals. For DC viewers, Baltimore could as well be Phoenix.....

To the mail bagger who posted about Wendy Rieger`s coverage of the concert last night……….You sir are a PUTZ……….Ratso (11/13/14)

So the reviews of Drudge's revised "APP" continue to trash and complain with no word from Drudge why the change. Read thru the reviews and see for yourself: I now do not use the APP more than once a day. Worst APP ever: (11/13/14)

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Plenty of patriotic happy talk about Veterans Day on TV and radio (both local and national) this week but I sure didn’t see much meaningful coverage of real issues confronting those who’ve served in this country’s wars (such as post-traumatic stress syndrome, homelessness and unemployment). Mainstream media (perhaps due to their defense industry ties) seem to have a hidden agenda to put a smiling face on war and everything associated with it – even Memorial Day is becoming more and more about shoutouts to troops serving overseas now and less and less about remembering the fallen. Why is it far-fetched to expect CNN, MSNBC or Fox to broadcast a documentary on PTSD? – because to do so would shed light on the true face of war (which is lightyears away from the smiling one they want to project). What’s also largely missing is any significant recognition of those who put their lives on the line in peaceful, nonviolent ways (such as humanitarian aid workers) – the same media outlets which fall over themselves to honor soldiers have little or no interest in publicizing the work of organizations such as the Peace Corps, CARE and Doctors Without Borders. (11/12/14)

Joe Knight was a great artist and professor of being creative and entertaining, qualities so lacking in today's "broadcasters". -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/12/14)

Adding to the Joe Knight thread: One day in 1979 Joe was on the air at WCBM. It was his birthday. Someone brought a cake into the air studio to celebrate the occasion. As a song was playing, Joe was eating cake when then PD Ray Quinn came into the studio and began ranting and raving over something Joe played on the air (or maybe it was something Joe said). Quinn was really putting on a tantrum when Knight calmly turned his head to the frustrated Program Director and while wiping his mouth with a napkin before cracking the mic...said, 'Here Ray, have some cake!'. (11/12/14)

"To the poster who lamented the fact that WRQX did not go NASH, I have breaking news for you. NASH is not working. Anywhere. It is not getting ratings. It may be making $$ because of its national footprint but if you look at the individual markets - bupkus. Radio Refugee" Are you serious? 'It may be making money' is all you need to know. NASH is a profitable brand, and that's ALL that matters. WRQX has neither ratings or Ad money! WRQX is sniffing the #20 spot in the Miller-Kaplan report, you probably don't know what that is, BUT they used to be a Top 5 player. Even the CEO, Lew Dickey, blamed WRQX for half of Cumulus' problems. You can't keep selling $5 spots in Washington DC and expect that to be a realistic business model. No ratings, No revenue, No quality management, No Morning Show in the Top 20... what do you really expect? (11/12/14)

The Post sports strikes again! Two big articles on Matt Williams..and how much on Buck Showalter? Six fucking lines! Regards Biff (11/12/14)

Sorry to hear of the passing of Joe Knight. As a young wanna be dj, I listened to Joe Knight on WFBR and later WCBM. I would later get the pleasure of working with Joe at 92 STAR. He was our Creative Guy in Production. He would write and produce about 10 spec spots a day. Each one had a gazillion sound effects and 6 different voices on it, all his voice…of course living up to the title of “Man of a Thousand Voices.” I learned a lot from Joe. He was always the consummate radio pro. A very humble guy too. We could use a few Joe Knight’s in the biz today. JE Salisbury (11/12/14)

Larry was OUTRAGED this morning over Eminem dropping the F Bomb at last night's Concert for Valor. As Larry knows, none of our troops have ever used that word, and it is not a part of basic training. The troops seemed to like the performance Eminem gave though, so perhaps they didn't care as much as Larry cared. Why does Larry hate our troops, and think he is better than them because Larry has "better" musical tastes than they do? I hear Larry is going to sponsor his own salute our troops concert, featuring Larry's newest BFF, Barry Manilow. Also, did any one notice the Freedom Alliance, Sean Hannity's pet sham of a charity, was not mentioned last night as one of the great charities to donate to to support our troops? Lots of other charities were mentioned, but not the Freedom Alliance. Why does WMAL hate it when our troops are enjoying an eminem performance? Does WMAL hate our troops? (11/12/14)

It looks like Wendy Rieger’s been slowly going to pot, but this is ridiculous…… (11/12/14)

“You can get great ratings with an over-50 audience but it does no good if you cannot sell it for a decent buck.” So is the WRQX morning mess model, that is geared younger, where you get lousy ratings, and ‘you cannot sell it for a decent buck’, still a better option in the minds of programmers and the advertising community? That’s part of what’s wrong with the industry today. (11/12/14)

Joe Knight. I hate to write about Joe's death. Reading Ken Merson's post reminded me that I met Joe in similar circumstances. I went to work at WFBR in 1964, Joe had been there since 1957, the year I joined WCAO. Radio was different then, FM was not an issue, there were 5 major AMs that divided up about 90% of the ratings. A few AM daytimers got the rest. Before 1956 the five AM stations all had about a twenty share and played almost the same music. People listened to the on air personality and not the station. I listened to Joe in the morning, WBAL midday, and WCBM at night. When top 40 went to WCAO in 1956, they dominated the market. By 1957 their ad was, "twice the listeners of the next two stations combined." That was true, but I still listened to Joe. When I finally joined the air staff at WFBR, and worked with Joe, I found out what a real professional he was. He had the ability to never have a bad show. Consistent quality. I know his secret. Joe loved what he was doing. He was the poster boy for, "I hope they never find out how much I love this job, they might make me pay them." Joe never looked at his talent and experience as a finished project. He incorporated new ideas into what he did all the time, and couldn't wait to try them out. Sometimes when I tell young personalities that they just don't get it, I think about a guy who did. Joe went on the air each day to make his audience happy. He knew that getting ratings and making sponsors happy would follow. We had an assistant PD, Harvey Mednick, who really got the station on track in 1966 and we were number one in the ratings. The station had a little party at the PDs house, and we were told that they were very happy with the ratings, but they viewed the station as having a niche in Baltimore as number 4. Being young, I said that was nonsense...we were number one because of what we accomplished during the rating period, and we should always strive to be number one. The PD ripped me a new one for about 15 minutes, and after an awkward pause, Joe stood up and took my back. He made the PD back down and led the other DJs to join in with ideas. Joe only cared about his family, and his listeners. Never politics, or complacency. I'll miss Joe, and being able to kid him..I used to tell him that Mr. History was his real voice, and Joe Knight was a character he did. I am happy that Joe was able to be whoever he wanted to be and do it on the air. Great guy. Ed Graham (11/12/14)

"I get so sick of network executives thinking that 50 is dead!” It’s not network executives or radio programmers. It is the entire advertising community. You can get great ratings with an over-50 audience but it does no good if you cannot sell it for a decent buck. Remember, it is not about ratings. It is about REVENUE and THEN ratings that translate into a good return. You know what the bottom line job of a network executive or PD is? It is to create SALEABLE ratings. Jim (11/12/14)

Dave's response: That's exactly what's gonna kill the cable TV model. All the networks are now gunning for an under 50 crowd, some an under 30 crowd. So all of us 50+ folks are finding most of the hundreds of channels unwatchable with all these silly reality/competition shows that the younger folks like. But these younger folks are frequently "cord nevers" who watch TV via the internet on their devices and don't subscribe to traditional cable TV packages. And we older folks are ditching or cutting back our cable TV packages because they're full of channels we no longer watch. Ditto with radio. Many of the younger folks that advertisers crave are not listeners of traditional radio, like we older folks are. But most radio stations don't care about older listeners because advertisers crave those young demos. A 1960s-1980s pop oldies station would get killer ratings in the DC market, but no one's doing it because it would be a tough sell to advertisers. Ponderous, man, ponderous.....

Hello, Fellow Posters. I’m am very sorry to hear about the death of Joe Knight. He was one of the first air personalities I heard on Baltimore radio when I first moved here in 1977 from Kansas City. I immediately liked what I heard. His many voices and funny quips had me listening to him when I had a chance. I heard that he and Lee Case hosted the morning show together on WCBM in the early to mid ‘70’s before I moved here. I’m sure that it was worth listening to. I would have loved to hear them. By the time I moved here, Joe Knight was on from 9 to 12, following Lee Case on WCBM. When driving to work, I would hear Joe Knight come on Lee Case’s show between 8:45 and 9:00 and trade quips with each other. Lee Case’s dry sense of humor along with Joe Knight’s humorous quips would bring out Lee Case’s ability to be funny, although by himself Mr. Case would make me laugh with his dryness. Joe Knight will be sorely missed, and I missed hearing his brand of humor when WCBM changed to the News Talk format back in 1982. Condolences to Mr. Knight’s family. Ed Jones, Bel Air MD (11/12/14)

I have to laugh at how serious some broadcasters take themselves, with no clue how meaningless their tenure in the broadcast biz is to viewers/listeners. I am referring to news of Mr. Peterson's expected departure from 7. With all due respect to Peterson, do you honestly think the general public gives a rats ass about his "three-ish decades" of experience, or that he's covered more news than Walter Cronkite, or that he may return to 9, or that he may retire, or that he might be worried that people will forget him, etc.etc.??? Get over it. Forty years ago, he, Jerry Turner on 13 in Baltimore, George Rogers on 2 and Rolf Hertzgaard were kings of their tv hills, but in today's news world, we are saturated with so many "stars" that it is impossible to align with one. Don Scott recently retired in Baltimore after decades of being on the air, replaced by an out-of-town kid who can't even correctly pronounce John Unitas. Give Scott another year or so, and few people will even remember what station he was on much less how many years he was there. People don't tune in the news because some "longtime" barnacle remains attached to the ship. Peterson's ship should have set sail a long time ago, but he, like so many other hangers-on in this business, managed to keep his job. He has earned his retirement. I say take it, go hug your grandkids, dig in the garden, trade in the cheap readers for a pair of bi-focals, shop for a new Buick, take an AARP-sponsored cruise in the Bahamas, and, as Bob Hope would say, "thanks for the memories." (11/12/14)

Dave's response: Very true. Don Scott could get in his car and drive 35 miles from Baltimore, to DC, and walk down the street and nobody would know who he is. And, Gordon Peterson could go to Baltimore and do the same thing.....

Speaking of Chris Cooley..Why TF can't he wear proper attire on tv? He wears a sport jacket and a sport shirt usually and looks ridiculous. He'd be better off wearing Redskin attire or NBC4 attire. Regards Biff (11/12/14)

Watching channel 4 and Wendy Rieger is doing a remote downtown for the concert tonight. Well, she started off her report by saying that "It's starting to feel like a concert because we just got our first whiff of marijuana!!".Wonder how the powers that be will feel about her making THAT comment..And if she's going to be covering the concert all evening, who knows WHAT kind of mood she's going to be in by the 11pm newscast. I anticipate her being high as a kite!! (11/12/14)

CNN President Jeff Zucker to visit D.C. amid newsroom discord - (11/12/14)

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I slam the mediocre Washington Post's coverage of the batch of cable TV political hucksters and righty radio talkers as merely an attempt to get traffic up at the newspaper's website. With little or no real news involved. And also take down WMAL's Chris Plante as a clownish hypocrite. In today's "Dave TV"..... (11/11/14)

"Only ZW would remember the massage parlor where Glenn Brenner got his last massage over the Crab." - How would the Mrs. feel about you knowing more about it than I do? Bazinga. And congrats on keeping it classy, douche. - And to the poster who asked, I am still having trouble adjusting to the new Mark Trail artist. It's like getting used to a new Dr. Who but more difficult. - ZW (11/11/14)

To the poster who lamented the fact that WRQX did not go NASH, I have breaking news for you. NASH is not working. Anywhere. It is not getting ratings. It may be making $$ because of its national footprint but if you look at the individual markets - bupkus. Radio Refugee (11/11/14)

Interesting to listen to Michael Savage's opening segment today, in which a reporter told him about a missing military dog that had been separated from the soldier with whom the dog served. Repeated requests by the soldier to be reunited with the dog were rebuffed by military brass. The reporter said the person who has the answers is named Richard Vargas, and he apparently now is a civilian. About the third time she used Vargas' name, the online stream went silent. (11/11/14)

I was barely 22 years old in 1974 when newly arrived Program Director Bruce Holberg hired me to work weekends at 68 WCBM Metromedia Baltimore. As excited as I was about being brought aboard, I also knew I was three years younger than the lower end of the 25-49 demo WCBM appealed to and probably had no business being part of an on-air team that included the “Morning Mayor” Lee Case, “Ol’ Dirty Shirt” Larry Walton, talk show titan Alan Christian, all night guy Cleo (aka Don) Brooks and the “Man of a Thousand Voices” Joe Knight. But there I was scared to death by the enormity of the challenge yet mesmerized by the talents whose voices I knew so well. It would take endless chapters to relate what I learned from each of these gentlemen who mentored me and so many others. Lee took me under his protective wing keeping me on the straight and narrow. Larry taught me how to relate a story on the radio. Cleo endured countless hours of me observing and asking questions. Joe schooled me on how to “sell” commercial copy live on-air and in a production studio setting. Joe Knight was the man when it came to creating advertising concepts, writing clever copy and recording technically tricky yet entertaining multi-voice projects as both narrator and character. This was back in the day when we edited tape on a splicing block and long before Adobe Audition digital ease. On-air, the audience loved Joe Knight and his cast of characters (Mr. History, Mother Rancid et al) who sounded remarkably like…well...Joe Knight LOL! What I’ll always remember and admire about Joe will be his generosity of time as a mentor, his kind patience, those trademark “Joe Knight” rapid-fire adlibs and his ability to adapt and move forward year after year in spite of the never-ending changes in the broadcast industry. He loved what he did and did what he loved. Safe travels to you Joe. My deepest condolences go out to Joe’s wife Bobbie, daughters Lisa and Kim and their collective families. Thanks for sharing an exceptional man with the world. Ken Merson - 94-7 FRESH-FM and 1974-1982 WCBM Alumnus. (11/11/14)

Does anybody know how to find out what radio stations are being sold in the market? Is there a website? (11/11/14)

Does WILC's signal even reach DC? What is the signal like? (11/11/14)

Back in 1972, WCBM needed to spice-up the morning drive slot and the answer was Joe Knight, who starred for 16 years on WFBR as "Joe Knight, the Knight of the Spinning Roundtable." By bringing Knight to its 26th and Charles studios, WCBM staged a spectacular coup as Joe joined "Morning Mayor" Lee Case in the 5-10 a.m. slot. Knight and Case enjoyed tremendous success together. Joe was a consummate professional as a broadcaster and as an ad writer and pitchman. Many people often said Joe said was "a man of a thousand voices, and they all sound like Joe Knight." Even Joe agreed. One of his best voices was that of 'Maude Frickert" who was comedian Jonathan Winters most memorable character. Joe was also active in the community, but perhaps one of his favorite endeavors was the Ed Block Courage Awards. From its inception with the Eastside Athletic Club and the Baltimore Colts, Joe was the emcee of the NFL honors dinner. After his move to Sarasota, Joe returned to Baltimore for to participate in the annual dinner. Dave Humphrey (WCBM 1968-1985). (11/11/14)

Only ZW would remember the massage parlor where Glenn Brenner got his last massage over the Crab. (11/11/14)

I had the pleasure of working on many many project with Joe Knight, Flo Ayers, Walt Teas...Lary Luman and the rest of the Flight Three crew. We did many Golnick Furniture spots together in the 70's. Joe was a great guy and really fun to work with. HIs Daughter Kis is active here in the Baltimore market. RIP Joe-Paul (11/11/14)

There are a few precious snippets of Joe Knight in this sales presentation produced for WCBM. (11/11/14)

[RE Mickey on 105.7:] Maybe he can take over Davis chair. Mickey and Ed sound good (11/11/14)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Heard a neato profile of former DC radioer Peter Rosenberg, now on NYC's Hot 97, on NPR/WAMU over the weekend.....] Was the interview conducted at McDonald's? (11/11/14)

Mickey Cucchiela is on 105.7 this morning w/Norris and Davis and will be filling in Wed/Thur/Fri while Ed & Steve take time off. I don’t know how that could be, as I seem to remember Norris blasting a NY Mets pitcher leaving the team early this past season to attend to the birth of his first child, saying that “We NEVER TAKE TIME OFF DURING FOOTBALL SEASON.” (11/11/14)

Nestor Aparicio must be having a complete cow over Drew Forrester's growing website. Can't you just see Nasty now, poking holes in his Drew voodoo doll from his gorgeous apartment in Baltimore city that he always brags about on the show? Karma is starting to settle in on Nestor as his sponsors and advertisers flee the scene. That's the last straw of course. (11/11/14)

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Joe Knight was an exceptional talent. In my opinion, he was at his very best in mornings on WFBR. My perception is he left when WFBR started leaning top 40 in the early 70’s. I thought he was good on WCBM but a little bit reigned in. A couple of things no one else has mentioned so far: In the mid-1960’s, he did a bird-watching segment on WFBR, I think in the 9AM hour. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s, Joe Knight teamed up with the man he had replaced at WFBR, the late Walt Tease, to do commercials for a company called Flite 3 Studios on Cold Spring Lane. A women named Flo Ayers was on many of the spots. They were all over Baltimore radio. I’m looking forward to reading Ed Graham’s comments on Joe Knight. Roddy Freeman (11/10/14)

Joe Knight left WFBR 1300 AM to team up with Lee Case on 68 WCBM and went on to do 10:00 AM-2:00 PM there when Dennis Murray (Bowling For Dollars Channel 11) vacated the time slot. Dennis soon joined 60 WCAO and eventually moved back to the west coast for family reasons. He had a great set of pipes! (11/10/14)

"If "Gordo" leaves for anywhere it would to be to drink again at The Dancing Crab... " - Too bad the massage parlor upstairs closed. - ZW (11/10/14)

WRQX 107.3.....I was hoping that they would do Nash-FM. Cumulus seems to be very successful with it in other markets. Are they afraid of WMZQ 98.7? They can beat the iHeart Media station. WMZQ is OK but they are not great. The present format on 107.3 is a mess. Their Nielsen ratings are down and their revenue is way down. How many format changes are they going to do before they wake up? (11/10/14)

As usual, a local news station shows up at a crime scene and starts reporting unconfirmed information. Shomari Stone showed up at the scene where a deadly shooting occurred, received some information from "someone" who claims the victim was a student at the nearby school and reported that info. He then said that info hasn't been confirmed. Then idiot, why report that!!..Although that info may eventually be found to be true, to prematurely report that info is obviously just to say you got the "scoop". Especially since Shomari made the comment that he was the first one to arrive at the scene..Good for YOU Shomari, good for you.. (11/10/14)

Balto Media / www.BaltoMedia.Net BREAKING... The MASN/Orioles vs. MLB/Nationals TV rights case continues to twist/turn. The case has been postponed until March now. MASN'O's have filed new motions attacking MLB's new Commissioner elect for being implicated in the arbitrating panel that awarded the Nats much more TV money, even calling him "the 4th arbitrator." Angelos made more requests for disclosure about the new MLB commissioner regarding MLB's TV rights money sharing and is making a direct attack not on Commissioner Bud Selig, but his successor. More around Spring Training - (11/10/14)

"Your endless "insights" are one of the big reasons Redskin games have become the radio equivalent of the Hindenburg's final flight" I have to agree 100%. Why doesn't someone shut him up? Used to be you'd turn TV audio off to listen to the radio but now you can just go with the TV audio and leave the radio off. Not only is the team struggling but so is the radio team. Oh and Baltomedia guy, couldn't agree more that all this idiocy over the "Redskins" name is ginned up hyperbole to give some media types something to scream and whine about. In reality calling them "native American" or "Indian" is as much a racial slur as Redskins. The proper way to address someone is either by their tribal name or by the tribes proper name. The whiney-gimme-a-new-cause-complain-about folks are just as insulting as the claim that the Redskins name (one that the tribal folk chose) is a racial slur. Almost like watching dumb & dumber when they come out to protest! When is someone going to bitch-n-moan about the insult to the Falcons? Birds of prey my ass! Or the Ravens? Poe must be spinning in his grave. (11/10/14)

I worked with Joe Knight at WCBM long ago when it was NewsTalk 68. He was a fabulously talented, wonderful man who brought great production values and whimsical commercials to the place. (I was a fan of that station well before I worked there, and remember his partnership with Lee Case. Joe always seemed to be the fun part of that couple.) Someone once said he was “a man of a thousand voices, and they all sound like Joe Knight.” Both parts of that claim were true. His family was wonderful too! Bob A. in Pikesville, MD. (11/10/14)

Any commuters on the Virginia side of the Beltway, do me a favor: sometime on your way around this week, click on 1670AM briefly. Between the exits for Little River Tpke and Braddock Rd, something is causing loud interference on that position, making a weird pattern like "PUTT-putt-putt-PUTTA-PUTT-putt-putt-PUTTA...". I know there's nothing there except the NOAA filler for the Farifax Emergency Radio system, but please holla back if you hear it too. (11/10/14)

Dave's response: There are some "spook" stations in the DC area on the expanded AM band. I'm pretty sure the CIA operates something in the Fairfax Parkway - Sunrise Valley Drive area on that or a nearby frequency. Sometimes just a silent carrier.....

The Redskins haven't played in more than a week, but I bet Chris Cooley is still jabbering. Between now and Sunday somebody at WTEM should let him know that it's okay to SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR TWO SECONDS every once in a while. You're not that smart, you're absolutely not that interesting, and you're in a booth that, for whatever reason, includes five different voices. Granted it's one hall of famer and four mush-mouthed morons, but maybe one of them would also like to speak during the broadcast. Your endless "insights" are one of the big reasons Redskin games have become the radio equivalent of the Hindenburg's final flight. (11/10/14)

[RE Gordon Peterson leaving 7:] Either he goes back to 9 or retires altogether. Sinclair is putting their mark on 7, in the morning you hear Mark Hyman's Koch Brother like commentary "The Point"., Ring of Honor Wrestling is on Sunday Mornings at 1am Still surprised they didn't drop the WJLA calls for WSBG.. I hope they don't take News Channel 8 in a hybrid National direction with local cut ins. This area still needs a 24/7 local news channel. (11/10/14)

In today's edition of the "Cord Cutter," I look at Silver Spring-based Discovery Communications' sagging fortunes which may be caused by being too closely tethered to the cable TV industry. Perhaps Discovery should focus more on selling its programming directly to viewers via the internet. Plus, I review some cool C-Net programming on Roku. And more..... (11/10/14)

It's not that Gannett specifically "bought" WDVM, per se rather Gannett bought the Evening News Association which included WDVM as an asset. IIRC, the WUSA calls had been on the second generation WTCN-TV before that. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/10/14)

Gordon has had his day. WJLA found out that it's been years since he's pulled in ratings. If he goes to WUSA that's another big salary for a guy whose time has gone. The biggest problem at WUSA are staffers who won't let go of 20 years ago. Those are the first people Lord needs to drop. "Bam" (11/10/14)

I can't help but wonder if anchors/reporters retire from ABC7 because they don't want to work for Sinclair. As you know, Greta Krutz recently retired as well. Allbrition had put together a great news team (11/10/14)

I get so sick of network executives thinking hat 50 is dead! Why not keep the people with the most experience rather than some young kid that really has no idea what he's doing. Channel 4 did that getting rid of Bob Ryan and their new chief meteorologist isn't doing it for me. I never watch NBC4 because of that. They got rid of George Michael too although he probably would have had to quit anyway soon for health reasons. (11/10/14)

Don't know if you heard the news but Joe Knight passed away. Take a look at social media. He was on WCBM for many years. Part of the Lee Case / Joe Knight team. (11/10/14)

"Fleeing Sinclair" in today's NewsBlues: Less than three weeks ago, Scott Livingston, Sinclair’s VP of news, told that reports of newsroom unrest at Sinclair's WJLA-7-ABC in DC (Market #8) were overblown. Livingston agreed that while Sinclair has had to make some "tough decisions," newsroom fears are being exaggerated. Denying insider reports that "at least three dozen staffers" have left the newsroom this year, Livingston insisted that only eight station employees have departed: General Manager Bill Lord, News Director Doug Culver, and Managing Editor Dan Patrick. Another five staffers, three of whose contracts expired, voluntarily left the station. But, days after Livingston's comments, Kris Van Cleave, a veteran reporter and anchor, jumped to CBS Newspath in New York. A week later, Greta Kreuz, another veteran anchor and reporter, retired. Kreuz joined the station in 1988. She spent 26 years at WJLA. And, on Friday, Gordon Peterson, the market's dean of local television news, announced plans to leave the station at the end of the year. And he wants you to know he isn't retiring. "There’s still some mileage in this Chevy," said Peterson, 76, a fixture on DC's airwaves for 45 years. He won't say where he’s headed next, but he's clearly done with Sinclair's WJLA, where he has anchored for the past 10 years. In an email to "friends and colleagues" on Friday, Peterson wrote: "My current contract expires at the end of the year and I have decided that after ten terrific years here, it is time to leave Channel 7." Is Peterson headed back to Gannett's WUSA-9-CBS, where he worked for 35 years, and where Bill Lord, his former boss at WJLA, is now news director? "Speculate all you want," he said, "but I'm not going to say anything beyond what I've already said." (11/10/14)

The Maryland DC Delaware Broadcasters Association inducted Bob into their Hall of Fame earlier this year. Here is the info from the NOW newsletter: Bob Taylor died last Wednesday at age 87, after a distinguished career in management and putting several stations on the air. In 1966 he relocated to Wilmington, Delaware, eventually becoming the GM of WDEL/WSTW and later President/CEO of parent Delmarva Broadcasting. In the industry at large, he chaired the NBC Radio Affiliates Board and was a chair of the Maryland-D.C.-Delaware Broadcasters Association – which welcomed him into its hall of fame. Current Delmarva Broadcasting President/CEO Pete Booker tells this NOW Newsletter that “Bob was my predecessor, my boss, my mentor, and my friend. Bob Bloom, General Manager, Delmarva Broadcasting Company, WXCY 103.7 FM (11/10/14)

Again Saturday night, WUSA-9 dumps the CBS college football post-game show for the insipid SportsCenter wanna-be, "Game On!", barely getting back to the network at 8pm for the next SEC game. This show will definitely be on my worst list for BW2014. (11/10/14)

OPINION: I found it interesting that this was on The Baltimore Sun website, and no, I did not upload this pic. But from a historical perspective, this partisan website probably created by Daniel Snyder is partially true. The Redskins name originated among American Indians and it's also true that most people of American Indian descent simply don't care about the name and it's also true that the Redskins had maybe the first Indian player. This past week the US Military published a manual that inadvertently used the word negro just by accident from copying old text from another manual and some people went nuts. My point is that this seems to be an issue only important to people in the media ginning it up and no one else for ratings. Am I right or wrong? -- BaltoMedia.Net (11/10/14)

[RE: November 9th Dave TV] According to its Wikipedia entry, WDVM was bought by Gannett in 1985. The call letters were changed to WUSA on the 4th of July the following year. Andrew Fauver (11/10/14)

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The following was forwarded to DCRTV.....

Nov. 9, 2014... For Immediate Release... RAVENS' STATEMENT ON CBS-TV AIRING JOHN HARBAUGH'S POST-GAME COMMENTS TO HIS TEAM... "The comments made by John Harbaugh in the locker room following today's victory over the Titans were meant for Ravens players and coaches only. The CBS-TV crew that was in the locker room was told by Coach Harbaugh that it could not broadcast what he was about to say. When Coach Harbaugh finished talking about various things happening around the NFL and in the AFC North, he told the crew that it could now use what he was going to say. Inexplicably, CBS-TV then aired comments Coach Harbaugh specifically said were not to leave the locker room. CBS-TV immediately pulled the video and apologized to the Ravens." (This statement is from Kevin Byrne, Ravens Senior Vice President of Public and Community Relations.) (11/9/14)

People often criticize me for sometimes watching things on FOX NEWS. Well, Tonight's lineup on MSNBC is a "SEX SLAVES" marathon, followed by "Meet The Press", followed by a LOCKUP: RAW marathon. And you think FOX News is CRAZY??? This is like a creepy R rated prison sex porn channel! What a mess! LMAO (11/9/14)

It appears that Sinclair's "weathernation on Comcast 205 in B-More has crashed. Screen has been black all weekend. I guess no one is paying attention there or doesn't know what to do. (11/9/14)

The Sunday morning news on WBAL-TV, with one exception (Deborah Weiner), was absolutely the worst this morning. Lowell whoever just doesn't belong on an anchor desk anywhere, and to bring his kid on the cooking set was the best imitation of small market television ever. And the weather Miri is equally small market. She kept saying "fall like" temperature. It is Fall. And for some reason she says "The BWI Airport". At BWI is sufficient. It was so bad this morning I had to switch to Fox Morning News. And while I'm at it who is this woman who replaced Weiner on the weekend evening news. Have now switched to 13 but this new guy is not much better. (11/9/14)

People have issues with the Sinclair Broadcast Group but Gordon Peterson is in his early 70`s I am sure that he wants to cut back on the weekly anchor grind. Note Sinclair will save money with this move but Leon Harris,Alison Starling, and Maureen Bunyun are not cheap. Also due to the market size they will not be able to hire anchor talent on the cheap but so much. (11/9/14)

I take a look at what's behind Gordon Peterson's decision to leave Channel 7/WJLA only months after Sinclair has acquired the station. And what the future holds for Peterson, possibly a return to Channel 9/WUSA, where he spent three-ish decades. And I look back at his career at both 7 and 9. Plus, a Cord Cutter topic in which Verizon FIOS will start offering free Netflix in some parts of the country. In today's "Dave TV"..... (11/9/14)

Snclair is going to make a clean sweep at Channel 7 and that's his right. He may even change the call letters at some point. He should be careful though. He's cruising through a lot of good talent. I guess Maureen Bunyan is probably next. (11/9/14)

[RE Peterson leaving 7:] What's a bored, wealthy new owner of a TV station to do? A new broom sweeps clean. Let's get some young talent on board, on the cheap. Next up? Ratings cellar. (11/9/14)

To the person who noted on 11/2 that nothing was airing on WUTB 24.2 will be happy to learn that Bounce is back on air. My TiVo's guide still lists it as sign off however. I guess contract renegotiations stalled and they had to pull the channel but with no other options they had to settle. (11/9/14)

WBAL TV has altered it’s MeTV schedule, apparently from complaints on DCRTV. They’re still running the 10PM News, but they’re now adjusting the schedule so that Svengoolie runs at 11PM with an episode of Get Smart that’s I guess is cut from another 10PM time period. What’s lost now is Lost in Space. Apparently they heard the complaints. Now the Lost in Space fans can complain I guess. — BaltoMedia.Net (11/9/14)

Hey out-of-work radio people: get your CVs in now for that Doug Stephan gig before I do. (11/9/14)

Re: "..The Washington Post quotes Peterson as saying that while he's leaving WJLA he isn't completely retiring from the local news business.." With all due respect towards Peterson but don't they are say more or less the same thing with their time is up ?? If it's not "I am not completely retiring from the business" then it is usually something like "..I am not retiring as I have so many exciting projects lined up"...and then they pretty much disappear only to never be heard from again...that is until their name pops up in the press when they die. Makes me wonder when someone says such things if this is a case of the fear of being forgotten which BTW in the broadcast biz once someone steps away from the camera or behind the mic among the average viewer/listener it doesn't take very long at all for that to happen. (11/9/14)

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Whether Gordon Peterson is being forced out or wanted out are just two sides of the same coin. That relationship was never going to be successful. Peterson has one way of doing things in the news business, Sinclair another and they were never going to meet in the middle. (11/8/14)

I'm not really surprised, but I am saddened. I remember him on Channel 9 with Max Robinson back in the 70's. He's a Washington institution. He's getting up there though and he already retired from Inside Washington which I really miss. Best wishes to him whatever he chooses to do. (11/8/14)

AM Radio is Dead.....not really. They all went Spanish. I didn't realize that 12 AM stations in the DC area are now Spanish. Count them.....700 730 900 920 1030 1050 1120 1390 1460 1480 1540 1600. Can any of them make any money? Maybe WMAL 630 should also go Spanish! (11/8/14)

Don Geronimo never learned that the hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn. (11/8/14)

RE: WILC: Ever since that stations signed on with their talk format, they always seem to be having technical glitches of one kind or another. Despite having been Spanish for over 28 years, what makes the powers-that-be think that they can make a 'go' at it this time? 700, 730, 920, 1030, 1050, 1120 (part of the time), 1390, 1460, 1480, 1540 and 1600 are all doing the format; and that's too many IMNSHO! It's probably time to sublet the station, find a competitive format or sell it! (11/8/14)

There are reasons why Red Zebra chose to advertise the Cowboys/Jaguars game the way they did. The Washington Redskins are on their bye week, so they have to get another game to broadcast. Both the Redskins and the Cowboys are in the NFC East. The Cowboys may have been the so-called ‘America’s Team’ for years. What a joke! The sound clip of a interception of a Romo pass is GREAT advertising. I HATE the Cowboys! I live in Florida and I follow both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. I look forward to watching a Jaguars victory in London over the Cowboys and watching this game on FOX. (11/8/14)

If "Gordo" leaves for anywhere it would to be to drink again at The Dancing Crab... (11/8/14)

UCS, There have been no problems with COMCAST Infinity here in Hanover, Pa. this week. JohnnyuinHanover,Pa. (11/8/14)

Greetings from south Florida. Just thought you'd find it interesting that Clear Channels....err I Heart Media station 95.3 in Ft Myers FL made the switch to Christmas music on Friday 11-7, earliest switch I have ever heard! (11/8/14)

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Whoa. If Gordo leaves, I leave. (11/7/14)

Ever the pro, Gordon is. Somehow I feel he's being forced out by the new Sinclair overlords (11/7/14)

To the DCRTV mailbagger dick who made fun of my kudos to Bill Hess: get a life and stop being so mean. (11/7/14)

Kristie was on with Steve Rouse on 102.7 WQSR until they flipped to JACK. She later did mid days on 94.7 WIAD Fresh FM. She also does voice over work. Ron in Annapolis. (11/7/14)

I'm hearing that Comcast Xfinity is having another service meltdown. Their second in a week. Any truth to that? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/7/14)

The following was forwarded to DCRTV.....

Dear Friends and Colleagues: As most of you know, I have been in the television news business in Washington, DC for 45 years. It has been my privilege to have covered many of the great issues of our time beginning with the struggle for civil rights and the huge anti-war rallies of the late '60's and early '70's through eight administrations. It has been wonderful to have been reunited with Maureen Bunyan and Doug Hill and to join forces with Tim Brant, Leon Harris and Alison Starling. I dare not name anyone else, for fear of leaving someone out, but I want each of you to know how important you are to me and how grateful I am for having had the chance to work with you. My current contract expires at the end of the year and I have decided that after ten terrific years here, it is time to leave Channel 7. I did not want you to hear this from anyone else. Sincerely, Gordo (11/7/14)

Comcast to issue discounts for days-long outage caused by bad update... (11/7/14)

ESPN 980’s been running a promo for its airing of Sunday’s Dallas/Jacksonville game that includes an audio clip of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo throwing an interception. Since when is it good advertising practice to highlight something negative about the product you’re trying to sell? – not that the sales staff at Red Zebra includes any Mensa members but it’s hard to believe they could come up with an idea that asinine (no less authorizing it). (11/7/14)

So, Fox5 has hired yet another reporter..Out of curiosity, how many reporters are needed by each station for them to be considered "fully staffed"? Seems like over the past couple months, channel 5 has added at least 3. (11/7/14)

Va-va-va-voom!! Looking good, Cherry. Although, there seems to be more honey in here than a beehive these days. Not a "dear" to be found. What say you, MTG (ZW)? (11/7/14)

Newsradio 1090 may have finally discovered a diamond in the rough. A new female reporter named Kristy McEntire has appeared on the air. She has a pleasant major market sound. Much better than the other female anchor who has such a nasally sing songish delivery. Pair her with John Patti, and eliminate the other woman and the shouter. Good move by the new GM to finally add a professional sounding voice. It's about time. (11/7/14)

"Nice quality choices all around for Bill Hess to recommend keeping around"..."Kudos to Bill Hess"... oh for God's sake, just send him your resume already. (11/7/14)

Dave, GREAT site! --- I'd encourage you to try and get the Miller-Kaplan reports. It really tells the true story, much more than Nielsen ever could. Things like why WTOP is in ZERO trouble, and how WRQX is making 1/5 of the $$ they did just over a year ago, which means WRQX clients can, and ARE, getting an 80% price cut on their spots and promotions. Also, FRESH has been on a financial uptick, as well, WIHT continues to be a MEGA bank of a station (because they have a HUGE morning show). WMAL also converts an older audience into a very solid cash flow. By far, WIHT and WTOP have the best value, conversely, if you're paying more than $10 per spot on WRQX, expect your client to eventually fire you, or, expect to receive zero return on that miserable investment. Broadcast companies no longer look at ratings potential, they look at where the current and fast cash is.... as always, $$$$ talks. (11/7/14)

A poster writes: RE: "...and besides other than beefing up WEPM I just don't see any changes taking place there as a result of this sale at least on air anyway since both 97.5 and 95.9 are doing just fine." Except that Prettyman seemed to be more interested chasing nickles and dimes in Martinsburg while the is market is Washington & Frankling counties." Wait a minute. First, anyone "beefing up" a one-kilowatt AM station in Martinsburg, WV or anywhere else is delusional--at least if it costs any money. The entire AM band is melting away in front of our very eyes. In this case, the new outfit (WV Radio Corp) owns a little statewide "network" called MetroNews and they needed a place to clear all their stuff in West Virginia's "glamor" market, so they'll bump most of the ESPN programming off WEPM to make way for their own stuff. "Glamor?" Hey, you ought to see the rest of West Virginia! As for "chasing nickles and dimes in Martinsburg while the market is Washington & Frankling (sic) counties"... here's reality. Both FM signals are rim-shots in the Chambersburg-Waynesboro half of the Hagerstown-Chambersburg-Waynesboro Nielsen market. As such, it has always been a fringe player in H-C-W... and Winchester... and Frederick... and--as Dave says--the western counties of the DC metro. Nielsen doesn't survey their own market, Martinsburg--except as part of everybody else's TSA. Oh, and those nickels & dimes? Nobody will ever need to throw a benefit for Prettyman. Those nickels & dimes must really add up. (11/7/14)

Dittos on the WMAL local (not the dreadfully liberal ABC feed) news effort: they do what they can given their limited resources & time. Thompson is an old pro and Maria Leaf is great! She sounds like the late great Mae West: can't you hear her say "Why don't you come up and see me sometime big boy"? Kudos to Bill Hess. (11/7/14)

Here we go again. Apparently another big departure from Politico tomorrow. Don't know who it is, but the usual spin masters are busy behind doors crafting statements claiming it is "no big deal" like they do every time a major player leaves. Some of us Politico ask what is left of the place. We know it is a vanity move to feed little Robert Allbritton's fragile ego. When will they realize the soul of Politico is long gone? Sure, the place can keep losing money. And, I guess, we can stick around as long as we get a paycheck. The charade of Politico town hall meetings is so pathetic. After Robert told us of his BIG, BOLD, DARING venture in Europe (and we all faked enthusiasm) the Editors told us privately that it was a sham. Apparently an intern and John Harris will have a European Vacation for a few weeks, then it will fade from the screen like so many Politico big ventures. Such a lost opportunity at this place. Let's see who tomorrow's big departure turns out to be. (11/7/14)

As much grief as WMAL gets on their programming on this site, attention should be given to two folks there who have sounded great in this area for many years, and are always worthwhile to tune into to see what's going on. Kudos to Bill Thompson & Barbara Britt. Maria Leaf has been a fine addition and has made Mark Weaver's news slots her own. Nice quality choices all around for Bill Hess to recommend keeping around. (11/7/14)

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the notion that WMAL and/or conservative talk radio vs. non-existant (other than NPR) "progressive"talk radio is an interesting arguement why the GOP won so big but the uber liberal MSM & PMSNBC et al should more than make-up the difference. (11/6/14)

Listening to WETA and just now (1:47 PM ), the EBS alert tones came on and then they went right back into music. Odd....or was that just a late alert because the Republicans are coming? (11/6/14)

"Second, I cannot believe the lack of quality control at 980. Gary Williams was on in the afternoon and Czaban kept cutting him off like he was the expert. A really uncomfortable listen." Man I'm glad I'm not the only one. I sense sometimes the hosts and guests are in different locations, not in the same studio. Same with Cooley, is he joining the program from a home studio? They don't have that visual reference, being able to see when someone is getting ready to make a point. Go up and down the FM band. Then go to 94.3 and the audio level is consistently low. I have to turn up the volume regardless of what radio I'm listening on. Not to pick on Cooley, but at times he sounds so far off the mic, like the mic is on a desk but he's kicking back with his feet up. Same with recorded reports. I'm not picking on them because I don't like them. It's just that the quality control sucks big time. (11/6/14)

Re: "Every year 50,000+ people in the DC Metro turn 55." Whoops. The OP said every year, not every day. My mistake. I apologize for my error. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (11/6/14)

I was just thinking about Joel Spivak earlier this week. I really enjoyed listening to his show. That was a time when talk radio was worth listening to. (11/6/14)

Re...the late Joel A. Spivak, Speaking........"I wonder what people in Glen......Burnie....would think about that. And be sure not say that word!" What word is that, Joel?......"Why, 'It', of course.....Oh dear, I said 'It'"! Great radio!!!!! (11/6/14)

Dave's response: It would be oh so nice to hear Ron Smith's intelligent and thoughtful take on the Maryland governors race, instead of the dippy hacks on WMAL.....

The reason the talk format was not successful on 900 AM is because of the signal. It only covers Montgomery County from Laurel, Maryland. You cannot hear it in Northern Virginia or DC. (11/6/14)

Dave's response: Face it, the AM band is deader than a doornail in the DC area. There's only one local AM station with any sign of a pulse these days, 980 WTEM. It's really sad to tune in such previously strong AMers like 1120 WUST and 1390 WEAM (I will always call it that) and find them weak and full of static. Even WMAL, which still broadcasts on 630 AM, often runs positioning statements that only mention 105.9 FM.....

I miss the great Joel A Spivak on WRC giving his election post mortum. Like in '86, today he would've been shell shocked. Missed. (11/6/14)

apparently masns 1970 world series replay is from Canadien feed... Game interrupted by bulletin on kidnapping of canadian labor minister (11/6/14)

Dave: With the Redskins on a bye week, what a relief to have their radio booth on a bye week..enough said. Second, I cannot believe the lack of quality control at 980. Gary Williams was on in the afternoon and Czaban kept cutting him off like he was the expert. A really uncomfortable listen. Finally, can we go back to basics, didn't Sports Business Daily do an article about how many NFL teams have their flagships radio stations on the FM band? Last time i checked, you can't pick up 980 after 6pm..any station buyer yet? (11/6/14)

Yes, “we actually don't know where any station is truly strong,” but every subscribing station has access to ratings in any combination of zip codes through Nielsen software. And while “most voters aren’t on a PPM panel,” the panel is supposed to be representative of the market as a whole. So the percentage of voters on a panel should be about the same as in the electorate at large. Roddy Freeman (11/6/14)

RE: "...and besides other than beefing up WEPM I just don't see any changes taking place there as a result of this sale at least on air anyway since both 97.5 and 95.9 are doing just fine." Except that Prettyman seemed to be more interested chasing nickles and dimes in Martinsburg while the is market is Washington & Frankling counties. (11/6/14)

There is a big Comcast TV outage this evening. Anybody experiencing the outage? This has been posted on Xfinity Facebook page: We sincerely apologize for the service issues some of our customers may have experienced. We know our customers value their TV experience and our engineers are working diligently to restore service as quickly as possible. (11/6/14)

RE: "CBS should put Christmas on 106.5 this year and move the current 'Mix" 106.5 to 101.9. Rename 101.9 AMP Radio and keep Mix 106.5 with the format that is now on WLIF. Then the names would fit the stations unlike what they have now" Huh? How does the format not fit each station's name? (11/6/14)

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During the 5:30 - 6:00pm period today (11/5) the female anchor on WTOP was discussing the Republican takeover of Congress...she stated that President Obama had NEVER cooperated with Congress. (11/5/14)

Oh, I am peeved. Once in a while when the Wapo's Tom Sietsema takes a break from servicing Jose Andres he talks about how something is a good deal or "affordable". Today it was $11.50 for scrambled eggs. As those in the know know, Sietsema never pays for a meal, which is the dictionary definition of out of touch. - In other news there was a correction on Tuesday (page A2) because Wapo's Gene Weingarten, who markets himself as a "word maven" and "humorist" bungled a Hindi name in his "humor" column; it's an easy mistake: anyone could see a word that means "dawn" and say it means "princess". Somewhere a dead donkey is having the time of his life. - ZW (11/5/14)

Population of metro D.C.? For the regional CMCSA, the 2012 Census Bureau estimate is 9,331,587... Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/5/14)

"Unsigned Corp Suit let us know that he is a senior citizen in a recent message." - You must have been away a few months ago when he talked about being in the business in the days of Telstar. Do you share my disappointment with the new Mark Trail artist? - "Dave's response: I flashed it when I voted in Virginia today" - Sex code! - On a disappointing note, Wesley Snipes from New Jack City, broadcasting from the Carter, caused a one hour delay for the Michael Savage Show today. Yesterday Savage told a caller "You and I are having a manly conversation." Hmmm. - ZW (11/5/14)

WILC.....900 one seems to know what is going on with that station. The talk programs went away overnight. They seem to just be playing Spanish background music. No one answers the phone. (11/5/14)

CBS should put Christmas on 106.5 this year and move the current 'Mix" 106.5 to 101.9. Rename 101.9 AMP Radio and keep Mix 106.5 with the format that is now on WLIF. Then the names would fit the stations unlike what they have now. (11/5/14)

I would like to encourage you to support DCRTV. Where else can you get free information on the DC market on a daily basis. Dave is always on top of the stories and gets it right. (11/5/14)

VIRGINIA.....the Republicans have all left the building.....but where did they go? They all went to Maryland to be with Larry Hogan. The only reason that Barbara Comstock won is because she is a woman and "never had a real job". (11/5/14)

What's going on at 900 WILC (Where liberty has a voice)? All day Monday and Tuesday they were back to playing Spanish music. I haven't tuned in today. (11/5/14)

Delmarva radio formats continue to change as 103.5 Bethany Beach and 106.1 Pocomoke City are now playing classic rock as "The Vault". The Spanish programming formerly on 106.1 has shifted to 95.3 Laurel DE. Hope that this doesn't spell the end for classic rock on 98.5 Seaford since that's the only station with that format that I can receive further inland but I can't see both surviving. (11/5/14)

A couple of radio observations on the morning after mid-term madness. 1) Who's to say WMAL didn't help sway the vote: If you're looking at where they are "strong" then you are falling for the Nielsen 1,400 meter game. Most voters aren't on a PPM panel: FACT. We actually don't know where any station is truly STRONG. If you go by "signal" then you discount that people actually drive and consume a station in different parts of the state other than where they live, and oh yea, online listening...there's no radius on that. Someone may live in Carroll county, and commute to DC, if they listen to WMAL and it swayed their vote, we'll never know. 2) WRQX is a filthy joke of a morning show. SEX, Obnoxious girl complaining, SEX, Nonstop bitching like a high school hallway, graphic SEX talk. 3) WTOP is so BORING. 4)WMZQ's Ally Jacobs taaaaaaalllkss sooooooo slllllooooowwwwwww.......and usage of the word AMMMMAZING is ridiculous. (11/5/14)

More political dollars for DC TV stations between now and 2016.....Hillary Clinton plans to launch her Presidential Campaign for 2016 in Virginia. She will be surrounded with friends with two Democrat Senators, Democrat Governor. Congressman Don Beyer and Congressman Connolly. (11/5/14)

Unsigned Corp Suit let us know that he is a senior citizen in a recent message. Not knowing how many of us old-line guys check in here on the Forum, I'm wondering if he just let it slip that he is the (former) Marine veteran that raised hell a few weeks ago over Ollie North. The age window certainly fits. I know he's not the "Mark Trail Guy" cuz that's me, and frankly I think that's a dopey name. (11/5/14)

Re: "Every year 50,000+ people in the DC Metro turn 55." Are you sure? 50,000 people per day times 365 equals days per year equals 18,250,000 people per year turning 55 in the DC Metro area. So what does make the population of the DC area? ~~ Blair in Alexandria (11/5/14)

Did I miss the big reveal from Dave Hill? Has anyone heard it? (11/5/14)

An watching Baltimore TV coverage of the election Tuesday night and watching various on-line sites, I note that the Baltimore Sun was way ahead in reporting the returns. At one point the Sun had Larry Hogan taking the lead (which never changed) while all 4 Baltimore TV stations still had Brown in the lead. At several points in the evening The Sun had 20% more precincts reporting than the broadcasters. Maryland has always had a slow election return reporting process while other states seem to have almost instantaneous reporting. As I understand it, the Associated Press provides election returns to broadcasters in Maryland. The question is why was it so far behind the Baltimore Sun? (11/5/14)

So happy that Mark Warner won the race in Virginia. He carried the Hispanic vote in Fairfax County and Prince William County. The Republicans did not spend any money in either county to win the Hispanic vote. Perhaps the Republicans have given up on the Hispanic vote. (11/5/14)

It's not that Republicans won because of WMAL, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. The miracle is that they won in spite of them. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/5/14)

Dave's response: It's funny. Even though Republican Larry Hogan won the Maryland governor's race, he lost in Montgomery, Charles, and Prince George's counties, in WMAL's core coverage area. And, even though Republican Ed Gillispie almost beat Democrat Mark Warner in the Virginia US Senate race, Gillispie failed to carry Fairfax, Prince William, and Arlington counties, again in WMAL's core coverage area. Also, Republican Dan Bongino, a WMAL fill-in host, narrowly lost his battle for a US House seat in Maryland, in WMAL's core coverage area. So, while the GOP did well last night, it wasn't because of WMAL.....

The WaPo keeps sending me e-mails to subscribe at 80% off (50 cents a week) for a year for the Sunday edition. Are they that desperate to basically give away the paper (the sale has been extended by one day)? (11/5/14)

As a senior citizen, I get a good laugh out of all the neglect the >55 demo gets. It’s that age group that has the bucks and the time to spend it. That’s the age group Bill Hess is playing to with WMAL, making it Cumulus’ most successful station in the process. You can laugh at WMAL’s spots and syndicated programming. But if it pays the bills, who cares? Remember that it’s revenue –not ratings- that directly pays the bills and the people. Yes, WTOP will likely be the national #1 revenue puller in radio this year and next. But, if WMAL comes up in revenue, that will help their credibility. And, open up possibilities for them. However, I don’t see Cumulus spending the bucks for a real news department, ala the ESBC days. The sad thing about WTOP is that it is the best-run radio station in the market. WTOP is easily the best-run because of what you have to compare it to. Yes, people are “banging on the doors” to work at WTOP because there are basically no jobs at the other stations in town! Or, pretty much elsewhere. I made the “Hubbard-Cumulus” merger quip because of balancing the books on the employees. I don’t think Stanley Sr. would’ve done that. Layoffs is one aspect of Citadel’s “culture” which Cumulus joyfully embraced. As for WNEW… it would be so easy for them to kick WTOP’s ass. Like most things in life, doing the obvious things are the not just the easiest things, but the most ignored. Of all the media, Radio, followed closely by CATV is the most local. Try to bring in too much listener/customer contact from outside the market and you’ve doomed yourself to irrelevancy. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/5/14)

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Wow...hopefully Shawn "Murph" Murphy will make up his mind as to what radio station on Delmarva he wants (or can foolishly be hired) to work at. Hired, and started three weeks ago, to do middays and "managerial" duties at Chincoteague, VA's 96.5 WCTG. Ended up working one week (after taking a few days off in his second week), then, in week three, takes off more time to "think about and re-evaluate" his decision (translation - "I've been looking for another gig and I ain't coming back") Yesterday was heard on Georgetown, DE's 98.5 WGBG (a soon to be former Great Scott Broadcasting station). Maybe he should thing about Froggy 99.9 since he enjoys hopping around all of the time. Not the first time he's done this, either. (11/4/14)

I don't know what Tom Foty did for WTOP, but I hear him all the time on our station, a CBS Radio News affiliate elsewhere in the country. I was unaware he did local radio still. (11/4/14)

Again from the woods, "Pixilated Dave" takes a look at some of the recent changes at Hubbard all-newser WTOP, including the departures of Randi Martin and David Burd, in its continued battle with CBS all-newser WNEW. And what the future holds for WNEW, which is inching up ever so slowly in the DC radio ratings as it approaches its third anniversary. In today's "Dave TV"..... (11/4/14)

Larry O'Connor gets name-checked in this update on the Shirley Sherrod story. (11/4/14)

Hey Dave, don't fergit to bring your USMC ID when you go to vote today and remember to vote Demonrat and often! Signed: Senator Warner. (11/4/14)

Dave's response: I flashed it when I voted in Virginia today, and later when I voted in Maryland.....

RE: Voice Radio Network. It looks like this ownership got the raw end of the deal with the GSB split. Adams (a radio company) comes in and has the more powerful stations of the clusters, and ones that already have the cume, heritage and documented success. This new ownership is doing nothing but duplicating existing formats (for now) with Urban and Classic Rock. But, how long can this local ownership last. These stations are weak signals, and with the simulcasts split, they have no documented success. All of these GSB folks jumping ship to join the "local guy" will be knocking on Adams' door within a year after the mass layoffs. Also, it must be fun going to work in the building of your former employer to run stations that are competing against your former employer, and your friend, in the same studios....things are odd in Georgetown! (11/4/14)

Happy Election Day! I always liked this iconic NBC News Election theme. composed by Henry Mancini. It always made me wanna march right out & vote ... (11/4/14)

Re: "no one has left WTOP on their own accord." The conceit behind this statement obscures a simple fact: there's nowhere to go. It's a terrible business. People don't leave because they have few, if any, options elsewhere. It's a low skill set environment, there are few opportunities to move up, and wages are modest to low. Trust me: people would love to get out, but this is not an observation that is restricted to WTOP. It is an industry-wide comment. But WTOP somehow thinks they're different. In this respect they are not. -J (11/4/14)

I did an update on my DigitalStream converter box the other day. IIRC, It's this model: I now get channel 11 in Baltimore (woohoo, a second source for Andy Griffith). I've been getting channel 2 for quite some time, and I recently added channel 13. I now also get something called WMDE, on channel 36. Who? This: That's what I like about these converter boxes: I get older, but they keep adding more channels. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (11/4/14)

Every year 50,000+ people in the DC Metro turn 55. If your target demo is 25-54, you need to replace every one with somebody under 55…..just to stay EVEN! Listeners 55+ still listen to (and love) WTOP but if you are selling the 25-54 demo, you need to replace them with younger listeners. And yes, that requires smart change, evolution and digital and social strategies. Jim (11/4/14)

UCS wrote: "When it comes to a severance package, I hope Hubbard is more generous than O&O’s that only count how long you worked for them, not how long you were with that particular property.” They are the most generous in the region. Ask AFTRA if you doubt it. Most people let go still admire the place and the people at TOP. (11/4/14)

RE: WKDB/WZEB… Those Class A FMs will regret not simulcasting in Salisbury, Dover, & Ocean City next summer when the new Class B & B1 FMs get powered up, 93.5 & 107.7. Creative engineering has aded 2 new Class Bs to Delmarva, which was previously only a Class A market except for 99.9 & 104.7. (11/4/14)

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Re: WTOP hubbub - usually UCS makes sense, but on this, he's shooting his gun with no bullets in the chamber. Hubbard's cap-ex appears to be up this year over last. New equipment, carpet, fresh coat of paint, a bunch of new furniture, new buildout for the WFED folks downstairs, there's more that I can't remember. No, it's not doomsday, just Laurie making the station sound the way she wants it to sound. Farley used to say, every day XX,000 people in the market turn 55 years old, and thus are dead to us (I'm paraphrasing, Jim please correct me, and he had the exact number). That means every day we have to replace them with the same number of 25-year-olds. They like different stuff than 55-year-olds. DUH. So the station must change. DUH. That's why they're doing it, and the haters are not. BTW, I don't see any morale problems either. Who's left of their own accord lately, and gone someplace else in the market? (11/3/14)

Apologies to UCS, if I misconstrued your position. The point though remains the same. Jim Farley, and whoever posted the "a bunch of people are beating on the door" to get into WTOP source within the building (maybe Laurie Cantillo or another senior manager) are selling one bill of goods. Everything is great, WTOP is big and better than ever. The Jim Farley greatness-era continues. Then you have the detractors, whoever they are, saying that things are awful. There is a mass exodus. People are looking for ways out the door. That Laurie Cantillo will ruin the place, the station will return to the pre-Farley days. The Farley old adage applies. It's not as rosy as Jim Farley or Laurie Cantillo would make it out to be, and it's not as bleak as the opponents would make it out to be. The truth lies in the middle. It's a mixture of the two. (11/3/14)

Jim Farley used to tell his reporters this sage advice. There's always three sides to every story. Your version, my version and the truth -- or sometimes he'd say -- the supporters, the opponents and the truth. The truth usually is a mixture of the two. His point was he was training reporters to have a BS detector. He wanted his reporters to understand that suits typically have agendas. Don't trust that any one flak, suit, or source completely. Issues are usually not binary, black or white, this or that. Jim wanted his people to know that the truth is usually in the middle and it's your job to find it and report it. Jim is one of the smartest men I've ever worked with. Why do I bring this up? Because Jim Farley articulates one point of view on Laurie Cantillo and Joel Oxley firing three employees this weekend. UCS offers quite a different view. I admire Jim, but he is a paid consultant that lives in Florida and is no longer in the newsroom each day. Of course he's going say it is no big deal. He has an agenda. Joel Oxley still pays him. Jim won't criticize a client. Thus, it would not be wise to accept Jim Farley as the truth. However, the same can be said for UCS. He protrays a much bleaker picture referring to a DCRTV Dave drip, drip, drip WNEW strategy. The implication is WTOP will free fall during the Cantillo administration out of 1st place and back to where it was in 1996. I would say again, it would not be wise to accept UCS or other such detractors as the truth. As Farley would teach his reporters, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. (11/3/14)

To the Keith Mills “Dundalk hater”, you probably thought Channel 9’s Glenn Brenner & WBAL’s Chris Thomas were white trash too. As for Baltimore, and I’m from Baltimore, Baltimore is not a MAJOR market nor a SMALL market. It’s a large market. Speaking of Baltimore AM radio, WCBM AM 680 has been running tons of TV ads this election season highlighting the “War on Women” with women based TV ads. I found that interesting as nobody ever talks about them here on DCRTV even though at one point they were tying WBAL AM 1090 in the ratings. As for WBAL TV mornings, I have to admit I still miss Tony Pann. The whole morning news has turned into a giggly girl gossip fest lately and Jason Newton simply does not possess a large enough pair of cajones to reign in those giggly, never mind. I forgot, I’m part of the War on Women too! LOL (11/3/14)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] ON-AIR AT THE BEACH! 96.5 CTG serving coastal Virginia & Maryland is expanding. Additional coverage is coming soon and we have one on-air slot to fill. Could be full-time or part-time depending upon your goals. Talk to us! Upbeat, Adult Hits format. Live and local 6am-midnight daily with fun music, requests, promotions & listener interaction. Studios, equipment and format were brand new less than two years ago. It's a hit! We're passionate about what we do and the listeners and advertisers can tell. Resumes & air checks to (11/3/14)

THE VOICE RADIO NETWORKS Hot AC simulcast WKDB-WZEB/SALISBURY-OCEAN CITY splits with WZEB becoming Urban POWER 101.7..Bill Baker takes on PD/Morning Show Host Roll with Jessica Martinez APD/Morning Co-Host. Formar WOCQ'ers Kola takes on Middays, Dee-Lite returns to the airwaves for afternoons and former WOCQ and WSBY air personality Ron Banks joins as MD/Night time host. Power mixers will include DJ Rated R, DJ Tavonne, DJ Big Mark, and DJ Dnial. (11/3/14)

It’s a shame that Hearst got rid of Classic 98 Rock….the deep cuts were really great. (11/3/14)

So I keep seeing promos for "senior political reporter" Scott Thuman's McGyver story about assembling bombs after going through the slave scanners at the airport. What does this have to do with politics? It's liike Horace Holmes doing the sports on the weekends while doing the Pat Collins type of stories during the week. (11/3/14)

Dave, did DCRTV see the 90 minute show on CSPAN about the 1934 Communications Act and the role of the FCC today? It's available on the CSPAN website. If only I had the URL....- "Soon in the late '60s a law passed by congress put virutally the whole country on daylight savings time." - In other words, not the whole country at all, right? - ZW (11/3/14)

I’ll agree w/my old friend Jim Farley on two points: To survive in this business, you need to be “versatile” (we use the term “flexible”…) and “multi-media”. And, I’ll agree with the anon poster that you need to be “crazy” to be in this business. Perhaps more so today than when I got in it! So, Jim’s comment may perhaps obliquely explain, in part why these folks weren’t “re-purposed”, as we call it. OK, I’ll give WTOP the benefit of the doubt here and perhaps they were offered encouragement, direction, and possibly training in being multi-media flexible and just couldn’t hack it. (I remember when Dave McConnell was a DJ at WTOP) However, there’s no denying that when it comes to cutting costs, the only thing left at so many stations is the wage bill. Namely, your people. Face it, older and more experienced talent will cost you more money than someone just out of J-School. So, they’ll be the first to go. And, between multi-station ownership and an ineffective competitor, you don’t have to worry about them taking an audience (and clients) with them. When it comes to a severance package, I hope Hubbard is more generous than O&O’s that only count how long you worked for them, not how long you were with that particular property. The chain PD at one of the stations in my past, was ahead of his time when he said in an interview that his “disc jockeys are pieces of meat”. OK, that was almost 40 years ago. But, that attitude has become so pervasive throughout not just broadcasting, but American business in general that is it any wonder the motivation and pride that were once there are absent today? Not just among the staff, but among the management and leadership because if the numbers aren’t made after the staff gets cut to the marrow, guess who’s out the door next? I talked with Jim on one day awhile back when he had to do this himself. So, I know he’s not fond of having to let people go. But, like any “suit”, he has to do as he (or she) is told to do. It hurts because you know that you could be next. That’s why I get a good laugh out of politicians who scream bloody murder about jobs being lost, yet are unwilling to enact the legislative remedies that could reduce layoffs, if not keep them from happening altogether. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/3/14)

I join ZW in thanking whomever posted the tribute to Dale Dorman recently. And regarding the Salem branding of The Answer, I'd encourage Mr. Ruleman to get all madmen with that and call it The Right Answer. Get the right answer or get left in the dust. Maybe I jest but just calling it an answer seems a bit tepid. And a coin into the hat of the cord-cutting chat would be that I'd rather pay for a handful of channels--and who knows, maybe there would be some freebies tossed in as a public service--than not be able to able to afford the buffet being served now. Not to argue with the Suit. Have a great day, Dave, and keep hiking! I am not a hiker but I am out there as a cyclist and it is a beautiful ride. Robb de la metro Hagerstown. (11/3/14)

I’m appalled that WTOP let David Burd, Tom Foty, and Randi Martin go. This Cantillo woman must be one piece of work. Of course, SHE (or the suits) would probably say “WTOP ranks #1 since Laurie Cantillo has been the big wig”, but WTOP has been # 1 for YEARS ! Without her. And then she puts voices on the air who aren’t even decent pronouncers let alone newspersons. If WNEW wasn’t so “Baltimore”, I’d change the WTOP button on my car radio ! I hope David, Randi and Tom march right over to the friendly competition. Ed BonGiovanni, Potomac Falls, VA. (11/3/14)

"REF: [...if you are in radio today, you have to be versatile and multi-media] The poster missed one: crazy." Being crazy has always been one of the qualifications to be in radio. Look at all the great ones and you'll find "crazy" is a descriptive adjective both individually and collectively. (11/3/14)

It's a "triple play" of "Dave TV," "Cord Cutter," and "Camo Pants Hiker" for November 3rd. I look at Dave Hill's departure from WBAL-AM and 98 Rock. Prettyman sells WLTF. And, can WMAL really boost Republicans in the DC area? On the cable cutter side, can windy weather affect your digital over-the-air TV reception? Plus, more on some more cool Roku channels. As I get lost hiking in the woods..... (11/3/14)

It is so hard to write a post about 1090AM because so much is wrong about the place that makes it difficult to capture it all in a paragraph. The departure of a so-called program manager, a sleek new logo, jingles and sound beds will do nothing to change the annoying sounds of alleged reporters and anchors who simply sound like shit and have no business on a 50,000 watt major market radio station in the first place; and, yes, Baltimore IS a major market, despite the pathetic state of affairs at this station, and, more specifically, during morning and afternoon drive. There is nothing appealing about the shouter from the morning "news" desk, the female anchor who needs to blow her nose, a hungover sports dude who brings real "Dundalk" to the station with his bush-league "dub-ya" bullshit, and tv weather people who could care less about pre-recording yesterday's forecast. The station does not need a "consultant" of any kind, including some washed up Buick-generation retired dude from WTOP, a station that can't find its own way, much less 1090's. Moving this crap from AM TO FM makes sense for audience reach, however, crap is crap, whether it's on AM or moves to FM. Talk radio is done; people are sick of all the blah blah blah and are turning elsewhere to get their news and information. There are more changes coming...look for more heads to roll, but until they do something about the station's on-air product, none of it will matter. (11/3/14)

Dave, Reality check for the WTOP-haters who write to you so often: 1. WTOP is not cutting costs or jobs...more people work at WTOP this year than did last year. More will work at WTOP next year than this year. The station realigns it's priorities as the news market changes. 2. To say WTOP's sports department is "non-existent" is laughable. WTOP employs four full-time and many part time sports reporters and anchors. What other all-news station in the country does that? For that matter, how many non-host reporters do WJFK and WTEM have? 3. People are not "leaving in droves". Instead people are beating on the doors to work at WTOP, one of the last great local radio stations in the country, and by far the best-run in Washington. Radio fact-checker (11/3/14)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook & Twitter pages: "Ben Bradlee was buried the other day.Maybe they should bury the Washington Post along with him." A utterance from WMAL's Chris Plante today...] Bradlee was peripherally involved in that little dustup during the 1970s in which President Nixon was "hounded from office." Even GOP members were unable to save Dick's bacon. The Washington Post has never been forgiven. (11/3/14)

The new GM at the Hearst stations is certainly putting his mark on them. But even if they moved the AM format to an FM frequency, it wouldn't really perform any better. The station reminds me of a person getting their first computer and writing a Word document for the first time. It's a mish-mosh of fonts, sizes, bold, italics, etc. No strategy and no consistency. It's not pleasant to listen to and borders on assaulting the ears. There are sounders for everything --news continues in 60 seconds, three things you need to know, breaking news, and the AWFUL "Commitment 2014" thing that blares in every newscast now. Combine that with the fact that ad revenue continues to decline in the market and younger people don't go to the radio for information and news. I don't see much future for 1090, or for most other stations like it around the country. (11/3/14)

If Dave Hill has the proper academic creds, Montgomery College is still looking for a full-time radio instructor and manager of the campus streaming radio station. He's got the chops. Now if he has the paper, he should try out. (11/3/14)

It looks like 900 kHz is back to Spanish. This a.m. they were playing nonstop music in that language. KOF (11/3/14)

Sometimes UCS amazes me with his utter lack of understanding of how shit works. First, the lay-offs at WTOP were part timers. The "ripple effect" will be minimal. Second, this is not a Clear Channel - oops, IHEARTMEDIA - move. There was no black Friday when hundreds were purged and escorted to the door. Third, WTF is "hard" news. News that lasts longer than 4 hours. Most people don't give a crap about "hard" news. they want to hear interesting stuff. That said, I hear WTOP cover Ebola, ISIS, Beltway wrecks, elections, etc. Is that hard enough for you? When there was a shooting at the Navy Yard they went wall-to-wall. Would you call that flaccid? Dude, you're showing your age. People do not want to hear Edward R Murrow. They want to be - what's the buzz word - oh, yea - engaged. Finally, do you really think someone would shy away from working for Hubbard or Joel and Laurie because of this? Get real. (11/3/14)

re: WBAL-WIYY Jim Farley, news guru now retired from WTOP, would be the perfect choice for a consultant for Newsradio1090. He might not like the cold weather though. (11/3/14)

Dave's response: Jim's still under contract as a consultant to WTOP. But if he did go to BAL, I think his first recommendation would be to put the news talker on 97.9, too. Or have Hearst buy an another FMer for that purpose.....

It seems that the new GM at WBAL-WIYY is getting a handle on things, if word that Dave Hill is gone is true. Now what? I suspect that there are some folks on the news side are, or should be worried about their futures. Much has been written here about the weak sound of many on the air news people as well as some of the talk jocks. WNEW-FM has to be eroding some of the BAL listeners. (11/3/14)

MEMO TO: "CUT JOAN JONES" POSTER. If you think she's bad, you obviously haven't tuned into the chick on mornings on 1090AM in Baltimore. Joan Jones is where she needs to be and the decision to put her there instead of her predecessor was the right thing to do. She's the best thing that ever happened to her co-anchor. (11/3/14)

REF: [...if you are in radio today, you have to be versatile and multi-media] The poster missed one: crazy. (11/3/14)

Retro Baltimore, Baltimore enters the TV age - (11/3/14)

".Just thought you might have missed this, multiple sources have West Virginia Radio Corp has bought Pretttyman Broadcasting's Martinsburg group (WLTF 97.5, 95.9 and WEPM)".. this is hardly a shocker as WVRC ( West Virginia radio Corp ) had been interested in the Prettyman stations for a very long time and besides other than beefing up WEPM I just don't see any changes taking place there as a result of this sale at least on air anyway since both 97.5 and 95.9 are doing just fine. (11/3/14)

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Jim Farley is hysterical....hey Jim what was Hank Silverberg's departure called? "Have a nice day"? WTOP's parent company is swimming in DEBT and they're cutting any and all costs. The so-called supplemental "General assignment" coverage will probably consist of unpaid interns doing phone interviews. Who the hell are you kidding? Some great reporters and talent just got axed. Even if they're part-time, still just a move to slash expenses. Funny how the glass enclosed powerhouse loves to brag about all the money they make, yet their sports dept. is non-existant, people are fleeing there, and more talent is being cut. (11/2/14)

Nice note from Mr Farley. Bad karma at WTOP. Thanks Laurie. TOP Joke: "In depth." Listen from :00 to :08 and mostly you've heard the local stuff. Way too many fluff interviews on 103.5. At :10, after traffic, I'm back to Internet radio where I get to hear music that I want to hear. That is :50 minutes of dandy entertainment. Maybe back to TOP at :00. I am not a clockwatcher. Goodbye Laurie. (11/2/14)

“Layoffs” at WTOP is much ado about nothing. Combined all three pulled down fewer than 30 hours a week. All part-time. All great people. Two didn’t do hard news. The one who did will still be heard on WTOP because he gets all the hours he wants and needs at CBS News Radio. The “severance package” was a “thank you” for all his years at WTOP. Tom Foty was the very first guy person I hired when I got to TOP in 1996. UCS, that last line you wrote was the single silliest thing I have ever seen you write. And if you want to see any message in this, it might be that if you are in radio today, you have to be versatile and multi-media. Jim (11/2/14)

Fox45 adds WeatherNation to 45.2 and moves ThisTV to 45.3. Still nothing has replaced BounceTv on 24.2... Just a black screen now. TW in Odenton (11/2/14)

Just thought you might have missed this, multiple sources have West Virginia Radio Corp has bought Pretttyman Broadcasting's Martinsburg group (WLTF 97.5, 95.9 and WEPM) (11/2/14)

Now I understand why I haven't heard David Burd this weekend doing the talkback. WTOP FIRED HIM! I can think of some others that should have hit the door before Burd. I agree with the other poster who said that they hope that he does his old weekend show at WMAL. That was the best show in town. It's their loss. Where ever he goes I can guarantee you that I will be following him. It's just not the same listening on Sundays. Good luck Marine! We'll all be waiting for you. (11/2/14)

Let me say this, about that. Wife and I had quite the giggle over the correspondent who looked for all the world like he got caught taking one when Lester threw it to him. Priceless. But this morning, Lester was agog over the mastery of Prince on SNL. My only thought last night was that Prince played right into the SNL culture, where bits go on about 5 minutes longer than they should. Never understood the fascination with this guy, and never cared for his music, but the team on NBC this morning were creaming in their coffee about his "epic" appearance. Yawn. To bed what a day. (11/2/14)

Re: "David Burd always came across as smarmy and condescending on the air. A generation ago that may have been "cool" when he was a hot-shot, but he will not be missed." David Burd's time came and went years ago. He was outdated even during the Baker and Burd days. His feeble attempts at humor are bizarre and always fall flat on their face. He does come off as incredibly condescending and always has. His role on WTOP put him on the payroll and that's about it. He won't be missed and I doubt he'll land a role elsewhere in DC radioland any time soon. He's not a serious newscaster in any way, shape or form. (11/2/14)

re: "Cuts at WTOP" - They need to cut Joan Jones. She can't go 5 minutes without flubbing her reads, even giggles sometimes when she messes up as if it's funny. It's not funny. It is her job to provide a smooth read of the news. It is shocking that she gets a spot on the flagship shift, weekday mornings. Shocking she gets any spot really. (11/2/14)

I always liked David Burd's old weekend show on WMAL. Would be nice to see him back on the air with a similar show. (11/2/14)

Two earlier posters nailed it regarding WTOP’s latest job cuts! “…To those out of work, it could be catastrophic…” and “…They should just stick with what they do best: hard news …” Of the three newly-unemployed, I can easily see Tom Foty, and Randi Martin landing at WNEW. Or, Fox News Channel. David Burd is a separated Marine and will land on his feet… perhaps not at WNEW, or even in radio. But, he won’t be unemployed for long. Ms. Cantillo is showing some of her naiveté in the timing of these layoffs. First, you never, ever do layoffs just before an election. In any business. But especially as “visible” as media. If the incumbents lose because of the economy, they will remember when they get the keys again because the people you canned today might be working for them next time around. And, then retribution is like “Divorced Barbie”. Second, we’re approaching the season where if you want to sow long-term fear and apathy amongst your employees, you do layoffs within 90 days of New Year’s. The aftershocks are hard to overcome. But easy when compared to the management distrust created. As for “hard news” on WTOP, don’t count on it. You need to get and keep good people to do that. That is expensive to begin with and has now gotten more expensive because of the absence of trust in WTOP being a “reliable” employer. As DCRTV Dave has said in the past, “drip… drip… drip…” The problem is worse when you inflict it on yourself. Make me wonder if a Hubbard-Cumulus merger might be in the offing. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/2/14)

Was Mike Seidel really peeing in the woods on live TV? will wind up on the TV blooper reels for long time. (11/2/14)

[RE cuts at WTOP:] To mgmt. its a simple strategic realignment. To those out of work, it could be catastrophic. Oh, well. The numbers must look good above all else. (11/2/14)

' [RE cuts at WTOP:] WOW....was it something they said? (11/2/14)

[RE cuts at WTOP:] I never really understood David Burd's role at the station anyway unless it was just filler time. They should just stick with what they do best: hard news (11/2/14)

RE: LPFMs… The WMUC 88.1 people complained for so long that WJHU now WYPR 88.1 was killing their signal and there was no place to go. Well, The FCC has relaxed the 2nd adjacent rules significantly in recent years on both translators and LPFMs, so their excuse to NOT do anything with WMUC 88.1’s lame signal that nobody can get even at the stadium probably is no longer valid. U of Maryland simply does not support WMUC anymore nor do they care. (11/2/14)

A teaspoon of sugar won't make the Don Geronimo Show Podcast medicine go down any easier with a broken subscription business model. Nor did changing out USTREAM for Livestream recently help a middle-aged Batman save Gotham City on Halloween. (11/2/14)

re: "Cuts at WTOP" - David Burd always came across as smarmy and condescending on the air. A generation ago that may have been "cool" when he was a hot-shot, but he will not be missed. (11/2/14)

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For over a decade, it was pretty much a given that an LPFM could not be established close to DC. Yet, I'm seeing where Arlington Independent Media (AIM) got the go-ahead to construct one in Courthouse, VA. Can anyone back this up, or is someone funnin' my ass? (11/1/14)

I’ve been getting some laughs out of these tales of “cord cutters”. My thoughts? First, unless I’m wrong (and if a “suit” from a CATV would like to correct me here on the board, I’d welcome the enlightenment, if not the correction), a CATV makes more net profit off an internet only customer like Dave than they did when he only bought video. Why? No content costs! Not only are they not laying out the bucks to the broadcasters, cablecasters, etc., but also they don’t have the “back office” costs related to the admin, accounting, and such to pay the programmers. While it likely makes a dent in that financial measurement that sounds like a Soviet-era infantry weapon, that makes “investors” happy, the number I care about at the end of the financial reporting period has a dollar sign in front of it and the ink had damn well better be black. While that nebulous measurement I mentioned earlier appears important to publicly-traded CATV’s, I bet the family-owned (and smaller) CATV’s don’t mind at all. To them, it’s all about the money. They know they only have customers to worry about. Not “investors” who probably don’t know a damn thing about how their business works. Second, not mentioned in DCRTV when it was before the Congress, was an effort on the part of some CATV’s to bring something called “Local Choice” into a recently deliberated piece of legislation called “STELA” for Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act. Had “Local Choice” survived in Congress, among other things, satellite and CATV customers would have to “subscribe” to the local broadcasters they wanted to receive. And, would have to pay those local broadcasters to receive their signal. If a customer didn’t want a particular station, they wouldn’t have to pay for it. While it passed the Senate, it died in the House. Right idea… wrong bill to tie something like that to. Third, Canada is currently having “a national debate” (as they like to call it), “Let’s Talk TV”, on the future of CATV there. VIACOM has already declared its intent to go streaming-only in Canada if a la carte becomes the rule, declaring “unbundling packages of channels to be offered one by one would set off “a consumer welfare destroying death spiral” for the TV business.” (Toronto Globe & Mail, October 7, 2014) Where do I see this going? There is one VIACOM channel that you can BET will be used (at least privately to Congress, if not publicly) as a “Hail Mary” to prevent a la carte from happening in the U.S., because of intrinsic political and social implications were that channel to go away because of “the marketplace”. That is one reason why I don’t see a la carte happening in the U.S. Also, the U.S. has historically been one of the most institutionally closed marketplaces in the world. From the era of “Revenue Cutters”, to automobiles, cheese, meat, clothing, copyright laws that feared the development of movable type, artistic censorship, and more, the U.S. is far from being a “free marketplace”. Few U.S. companies embrace change and the growth that can come with it. Many talk about welcoming “change” and “risk taking”… as long as it is someone else risking the change! And, it is the U.S. Congress that is responsible for fostering this paternalistic attitude through protectionist legislation on both international and domestic levels. If a la carte were to happen (which I seriously don’t see...), the good news is that you would only be paying for the channels you want. The bad news is that you’ll likely be paying more for fewer channels because you won’t be able to afford all the ones you want, with some of the ones you liked possibly going away due to economic euthanasia. You see, a free marketplace is not without its cruelties. And, just like seatbelts, airbags, and other things that make a car in the U.S. cost thousands more than it would otherwise (with a more limited selection than in many other "developed countries"), there will be those wanting Congress to “protect” them in this. The ultimate irony I see is that the people screaming the loudest would want Congress to protect them from… themselves! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/1/14)

Jack Diamond has apparently already changed his mind, and is on his way back from Chicago. Turns out he couldn't find a pizza place that offered thin crust pizza, he felt deep dish just wasn't a good fit for him, as he's trying to cut his carbs. In all seriousness (as much as possible), Cumulus just bought a front row seat to the "Windy City Comedy Club" as Jack and Cumulus will be at each others throats, as soon as Jack realizes he's a 'be-quiet' music jock, on a music station, in which not one Chicagoan has any idea who he is... but, Jack won't wait for that to reveal itself, he'll direct some far fetched docu-drama about how it just wasn't meant to be, and make the headlines again, for a day, about how he needs to return to Washington. Even crazier, is Cumulus. The company that has made an embarrassment of WRQX. They fired Jack, although he had better than average ratings, and were still making a ton of money with him, on air. Jack had no more value in DC, but apparently was primed for Chicago, although he has no audience there?! OK... um.. OK. WRQX is now a bottom of the barrel station for kids who like drugs, porn, fart jokes, ridiculous sex conversations and fake drama. Nothing wrong with that, except any client, with any budget, will walk away, or in WRQX's case, KEEP walking away. The Sammy-Frazier morning show hasn't done anything, because shows about fake teeny girl drama, and bits about sex and bodily secretions are already covered (Kane), and the remnants of that demo have mostly abandoned radio, as primary entertainment. There's no growth potential. It's been a bad year for Diamond, and even worse for WRQX. It's also been a bad year for educated, above average earning, Washington adults, whom have ABANDONED WRQX, and are now left with one less choice for a radio station. (11/1/14)

I just had a rather strange thing happen. It's of a technical nature, so maybe one of the techie Mailbaggers here can help explain it. After watching the first of three parts of an Adam Curtis BBC documentary, "The Living Dead," I decided to check out parts two and three. I went to YouTube on my laptop to find the other two parts, which I did. I clicked the "Save for later" buttons on each one. Then, using the YouTube app on my Blu-Ray deck, I began Part Two. Before the actual documentary, there was a 30-second political ad for the Democratic candidate for a local (San Diego) Congressional race, that played. Then the documentary began. What I'm wondering is whether this local ad is from YouTube or if it is somehow coming via my local Internet provider, AT&T U-Verse? I'm guessing the source is the latter, because I paused the content on the Blu-Ray deck and played the content via YouTube on my laptop. The ad there was a spot for World of Warcraft. I've heard that local cable companies can somehow air commercials that are specifically targeted to people, so I suspect that's what has happened. If I'm correct, how does this kind of technology work? How do they determine what constitutes a properly targeted ad for a particular viewer? I hope someone here can explain all this. P.S. - From what I’ve watched of this documentary so far, it’s pretty fascinating. (11/1/14)

Dave's response: I get lotsa local political and business ads when watching YouTube content on all my devices. At least the ones without Ad Block. Since I am signed in to my account when I watch, YouTube obviously knows my location and what cookies are on that system.....

I think there’s a bit of a conspiracy going on with the Delmarva FMs and WIJK 1590 and WRJE 1600 AM. These 2 companies involve the same people and the same people are blaming the same people back and forth. Vincent Klepac has been and is involved in Bayshore Media and 2 other companies. This is how he keeps fooling the FCC. The AMs keep blaming each other for STA or CP delays pretending they’re 2 competing companies and filing interference complaints against each other, but HAHA! They’re NOT! Mr. Klepac has been involved with BOTH! Neither of these 2 AM radio stations with FM relays has any intention of fixing their facilities. AM 1590 is missing a 3rd tower. I don’t think AM 1600 even has a transmitter site for possibly over a decade. No progress is going on here. They’re just biding time and making money on the FREE FMs they got, 98.7, 98.3, 104.3, 105.1 and at the same time not using the required originating station per FCC regulations. The FMs are on even when the AMs are silent. THAT IS ILLEGAL! Both of these companies should have their licenses revoked and Nov. 19 is the deadline for WIJK 1590/105.1/104.3. Contact the FCC and make your voice heard against these 2 scam companies with multiple FCC violations recorded over and and over and over. And by the way, it should be noted that both of these 2 AMs affect DC and Baltimore since there is a 1590 & 1600 AM here too that have to protect these two con artists’ signals among other stations! (11/1/14)

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