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\/ April 19 Messages \/

From Balto Media: LAFF NETWORK quietly soft launches on WMAR ABC 2's sub-channel without notice a day or so ago. So far, it's lots of Drew Carey, Ellen, Grace Under Fire re-runs and old comedy movies owned by ABC/Disney including the Flubber movie series and other Disney movies not currently being shown on TV. The network also launched on ABC O&O stations, but I've seen nothing yet about WJLA ABC 7 or WMDT 47. ABC has a deal with Scripps, the WMAR owner for the network to replace the failed defunct LIVE TV Network. It can be seen on Comcast Xfinity already, at least in the Baltimore market and over the air. (4/19/15)

WIAV-CD channel 58 is now relaying Shenandoah Valley’s WAZT-CD. (4/20/15)

Laff has replaced "Living Well" on WMAR-TV 2.2. (The channel label has yet to change)... TK near Baltimore (4/19/15)

From the Facebook page of former WTOP Program Director Laurie Cantillo (Sat 4-18-15, 9pm): I'm taking a giant leap to NASA. As a longtime space geek, I'm honored to join the Office of Communications at NASA as a contractor with ITI. Among my initial projects: the search for life on exoplanets, next week's Hubble 25th Anniversary, and New Horizons--a Pluto fly-by in mid-July (pictured). Yes, I had to peel my son David off the ceiling! (4/19/15)

This is probably old news to a lot of folks here, but your smart phone is in theory also an FM radio receiver. - ZW (4/19/15)

To the person who posted (4/17/15) about the NAB Convention and AM Radio Stations: You said the following: " In Orlando, 990 AM, a 50,000 watt station, previously sold for $5 Million and just resold for only $1.3 Million." My response: The station you refer to is WDZY, 990 AM, in Orlando. It is 50,000 watts daytime, and 14,000 watts at night. It was recently sold to Salem Media Group. It was Radio Disney, but with the ownership change, it now carries the Spanish language Radio Luz. Tracy in Florida (4/19/15)

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\/ April 18 Messages \/

I've had Sling TV for about two months and offer my impressions of the online cable network service, including the Roku version. Plus, Verizon announced more "skinny" channel packages for its Fios service. And, it looks like the Department Of Justice may not approve the Comcast takeover of Time Warner's cable systems. A bigger Comcast, with its poor customer service and monopolistic practices, is not a good thing for consumers. And more in today's Cord Cutter"..... (4/18/15)

Fox 5 Good Day DC’s “Growing Pains” take... (4/18/15)

Britt McHenry could have easily avoided the entire incident had she behaved in a manner consistent with her car not being towed. (4/18/15)

Remember Betsy Ashton? She was an anchor and reporter at WJLA-TV, WTTG-TV, WMAL Radio, and WWDC Radio in the 60's and 70's, before becoming a reporter at WCBS-TV New York and the CBS Morning News. But her training, and first love, was always art, and she's quite good at that, too. (4/18/15)

To those who wondered what happened to Bob Beckel, the token liberal on Fox News' "The Five". Bob has tweeted that he's recovering from back surgery and hopes to be back soon. Unless, of course, Bill O'Reilly writes a new book, "Killing Beckel". (4/18/15)

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\/ April 17 Messages \/

The authority for AM 1590/105.1 The Ryde to broadcast has expired but they’ve requested that WRJE AM 1600’s license be deleted since that station is supposed to be silent, but it’s also still streaming music online & possibly on the air. WRJE's renewal has not been accepted yet because they have no permanent transmitter facility anymore. I guess the FCC is waiting to decide which station to take off the air or maybe both. The FCC already rejected WIJK’s construction permit and WRJE has no plan at all it seems. They can’t both be on the air at the same time. Hmm. I wonder what side the FCC will take. It looks like WLXE 1600 has been granted authority to stay on the air until the FCC makes any decisions on AM Revitalization, so nothing is going on there either it seems. With WFBR 1590 so close by, where can they go that doesn’t interfere and is affordable? (4/17/15)

NPR Pulls Branding From 'Latino USA' Episode On 'Chuy' : NPR Ombudsman - (4/17/15)

[RE today's "Dave TV":] 1) We here in DC knew before the nation that Britt was a no-talent and is where she is on looks alone. (Russini follows in the same vain vein) She is doing no favors for the Sage Steeles, Lindsay Czarniaks and Jill Sorensons of the business. 2) Chad Dukes is less taxed taking on the World for four hours than carrying LaVar's burdensome carcass during an entire show. 3) This week of Andy Pollin co-hosting the Man Cave made it sound much more like his old Sports Reporters show with Jason Reid playing the part of Steve Czaban. And isn't that what 980 wanted to move AWAY from by creating the Paul/Reid show? Steve in Lanham (4/17/15)

Hi Dave, Still wondering what has happened to Bob Becker from Fox’s “The Five.” There has been no mention of his absence and he has been gone for weeks. Any chance you can reply? (4/17/15)

Dave's response: Beckel. I never watch Fox News and have no idea. He got real fat over the years and he's probably in bad health.....

My take on Britt McHenry's tirade against a towing lot clerk. Is ESPN 980 testing more of an Andy Pollin presence on its new "Man Cave" show? Could Lavar Arrington return to 106.7 The Fan's afternoons with Chad Dukes? And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (4/17/15)

I think everyone is missing the big point about Ms Britt. SHE’S JUST PLAIN STUPID! For her to think that in 2015 there would be no video surveillance at a place dealing with cash transactions, and that said video wouldn’t be leaked, is laughable. And of course, we get the canned apology, which ultimately means “I regret THAT I GOT CAUGHT.” Sorry, ESPN should can her. (4/17/15)

No, Britt doesn't deserve to be fired, but let the punishment fit the crime: send her down to the minors for 6 months. Let her file baseball reports from the farm teams, and local charity golf & tennis matches until she's properly humbled. Maggot... (4/17/15)

Now living as a cord cutter for the last 4 months, it just dawned on me. Why don’t the programmers at Ch 7 put NewsChannel 8 on one of their sub channels? Is it a contract requirement with cable that they don’t? I’m sure we can do without the content on 7-3. Charlie / Alexandria (4/17/15)

Dave's response: I believe that WJLA's contracts for NC8 carriage include a cable exclusivity clause. Since it's not a broadcast channel, area cable companies are not required to carry it.....

The punishment doesn't fit the crime. ESPN was far too lenient with Britt McHenry. Her sexist remarks were indefensible no matter what the parking attendant may have said or done before the video began rolling. Compare what she said to Tony Kornheiser, who was slapped 30 days for mocking colleague Hannah Storm's wardrobe. It will be interesting to see whether Tony has something to say on the air today. (4/17/15)

Is this how her parents raised her to behave? If she were my daughter I'd be humiliated and embarrassed. Mocking a poor parking attendant like this is shameful regardless of the provocation. And Ms. McHenry should remember that she was born with certain physical traits that broadcast corporations are only too happy to market. Without those traits, I doubt if she'd be on ESPN. I mean, even with them she's only on ESPN! (4/17/15)

Having dealt with Advanced Towing before, I'm not going to throw any stones at Britt McHenry. (4/17/15)

Let this be a lesson to Britt McHenry and everyone else. Stay the hell out of the Democratic People's Republic of Arlington. (4/17/15)

What a narcissistic, entitled, good for nothing POS! If I were ESPN management, I'd make sure sweet little Miss Sunshine got a pink slip, fast! (4/17/15)

I would like to see the whole tape before passing judgment. Not the part starting from where Britt's insults start. (4/17/15)

Hey Dave just wanted to give u a little update on the Mpt. the state agreed to outsource master control to WGBH in Boston. It will take effect the end of July beginning of August. 900k over a 5yr period of tax payers money/donations will be the cost to do this.9 state employees will loose their jobs in a few weeks... (4/17/15)

To the person asking if 1590/105.1The Ride is still on the air..yes. I was in OC Tuesday and heard the Ride on 1590/104.3/105.1. (4/17/15)

The NAB Convention is over now. What was accomplished? Lots of talk and NO ACTION. There are 30 AM stations in the Washington area hoping they would have a shot at an FM translator. It is not going to happen. What does this do for the value of AM stations? It continues to decline. Here is an example of the decline in value......In Orlando 990 AM, a 50,000 watt station, previously sold for $5 million and just resold for only $1.3 million. You do the math. (4/17/15)

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\/ April 16 Messages \/

''In the thread about wrongful termination cases, ZW said: "When the decision is made is irrelevant, it's the date of the action that counts." That's simply not true. It's actually the exact opposite of the law, at least in places I'm familiar with (Maryland, DC, Delaware and Pennsylvania). I never dealt with Virginia's "right to work" statutes, so I don't know how that works (but from the sounds of it, they side with the employer at the employee's expense).'' - Remember that 56 of the 57 states, including the ones you named and DC, are right to work states/jurisdictions. Anything that can't be proved is irrelevant. Good luck proving when a decision was made....''I'm sure I heard the boss say 'hmm' one day.'' - ZW (4/16/15)

Anyone know if 105.1 The Ryde in Ocean City and WIJK 1590 are still on the air? Pretty sure their FCC authorization deadline to broadcast is past.The streaming is still working. Can anybody still listen? (4/16/15)

Re: Buckeystown 1700 - I've heard it; the "AM station with the FM sound." Figure it must be somebody playing radio. Given the signal strength I suppose it could be a well engineered Part 15, vertical radiator with ground radials, etc. Does seem to be slightly off frequency tho. You get some het when traveling away from its "primary coverage" area. And that off-frequency whine goes for miles (and seems to "wobble" a bit.). It's heavy on the oldies, with old Chickenman "he's everywhere, he's everywhere!" episodes thrown in. I've gotten it from Frederick's Golden Mile down to around Urbana on 270, It also used to have a transmitter at 1620kc, but that's been MIA for a long time. (4/16/15)

Earlier anon post: "... There are no FM frequencies available in the Washington area..." Wrong! There are several currently available FM frequencies with good inside-the-Beltway signals. All you have to do is meet the asking price of the current owner(s) of the license(s). So, it's not the question of availability. Remember the most expensive meal is the "free" lunch. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/16/15)

(regarding the mystery station at 1700 AM) A clue about Rinko/Renko/Ringo Radio. (4/16/15)

(Why would Disney launch a new format on 60 HD Channels? There are very few HD receivers.) Really? There are several million rolling off auto assembly lines EVERY year. There is a big hidden distribution channel building out there. From the iBiquity website: HD Radio Technology is available or has been announced to be available on 35 different brands of new vehicles (Acura, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Ram, Rolls Royce, Scion, SRT, Subaru, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo). 35 automakers have now publicly announced plans to incorporate HD Radio Technology in 185+ models by year-end with more than 90 models featuring HD Radio receivers as standard equipment. 5 automakers utilize HD Radio Technology to deliver subscription-free Traffic & Data information to their vehicles. Each year, millions of new vehicles hit the roads with HD Radio broadcasts entertaining consumers in their cars. Whether a new car buyer is interested in a Ford F-150 pick-up, a high performance Mustang, the luxury of a Mercedes E-Class, the satisfaction provided by the Buick Enclave, the elegance of a Land Rover, the value of a Kia Sorrento, the confidence of a Ford Focus, the fun of a Scion tC, or any of the other 185+ choices; there is a vehicle equipped with HD Radio Technology for just about everyone. (4/16/15)

Re the lower-power AM'er in Buckeysville: I've posted a query to, a site devoted to legal low-power broadcasting, to see if anyone has heard of, or is responsible for, "Ringo Radio 1700." It's nobody I heard of. (4/16/15)

"Buckeysville" ... jeezus, I cant read maps worth a crap ... "BuckeysTOWN"! (4/16/15)

Revitalize AM? There is nothing to listen to! I do not think the FCC cares about programming. The last AM station that I listened to on a regular basis was WKCW when it was classic country. With all the noise and the close proximity to WMAL on the dial, I cannot listen to WSM over the air, but I am able to listen to it online. How would I revatalize AM? First get rid of foreign language and foreign owned stations, especially those broadcasting propaganda. Ban talk stations from AM - there are plenty of those on FM now. Promote music content that is generally not available on FM. I would also require local content and programming - not some satellite feed. Creating a special FM band for AM stations is not revitalizing AM - it is converting those stations to FM. (4/16/15)

From TVNewser: ESPN reporter Britt McHenry wasn’t happy with the employee of a parking lot and decided to criticize her education, career, weight and even teeth. Among McHenry’s insults are gems such as “I’m in the news, sweetheart, I will f*cking sue this place,” “That’s why I have a degree and you don’t. I wouldn’t work in a scumbag place like this” and “it makes my skin crawl even being here.” McHenry goes on to ask the clerk, “Do you feel good about your job? So I could be a college dropout and do the same thing?” The insults then get even more personal with the ESPN reporter telling the clerk “maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh?” and “lose some weight baby girl"..... (4/16/15)

Re: "Kevin McCarthy making it", yes, he's been in commercials, but he now has his own individual promo for Good Day DC. Just like the promos that say something like "Allison Seymour, mornings on Fox News" and then they show an individual picture of her. In the past he was grouped in with everyone else in the commercials. (4/16/15)

Need to ask the help of my fellow Dashboard DXers and other DCRTV faithful. I’ve been hearing a station lately on 1700 AM (yes, he said “AM”) calling itself “Rinko Radio” (or perhaps “Renko” or even “Ringo”) at the top of the hour. Sounds like an MP3 operation, with no chatter, other than the occasion promo, “The AM station that sounds like FM.” In truth, they have a strong, clear, quality signal, as long as you’re not more than a mile from Buckeystown, Maryland. Perhaps a Part 15 broadcaster, or maybe the Jolly Roger flies from a vessel on the mighty Monocacy River (more like a raft than a galleon, or even a half-galleon). Has anyone else heard this wee hairy beastie? Inquiring minds want to know. Mike from Frederick and the Dashboard DX Society; we’re all ears, except for those big feet. (4/16/15)

The NAB Convention is over. Everyone is heading home today. What did we learn from it? The FCC Chairman said we are going to look into ways to revitalize AM Radio. We will put in on a fast track. What does that mean? They have been talking about it for the past three years and have done nothing. No FM translators for AM stations now. This would not be fair to FM operators. The FCC discovered it would not work in the major markets because there are no FM frequencies available now. There are no FM frequencies available in the Washington area. (4/16/15)

Why would Disney launch a new format on 60 HD Channels? There are very few HD receivers. They would have a limited audience. Disney is still selling off 22 AM stations at a fraction of the price they paid for them. For example, stations they paid $6 million for are being sold for about $1 million. Where is the economics? (4/16/15)

Saw this one in today's edition of Tom Taylor NOW, Radio's Daily Management Newsletter, in the You Can't Make This Up, kicker feature ... Ad-libbing the open - Ty Ford spent 17 years in the DC and Baltimore markets and says "I was working evenings at WNAV in Annapolis, doing a mosh of AC and Top 40. We had four stacks of 45 rpm records to air back then: male vocals, female vocals, groups and instrumentals (really). We carried Mutual News on the hour. One night after carefully back-timing an instrumental to the news, I gave the station ID and potted up Mutual. For a second or so there was nothing - dead air. I guess a cart machine failed to fire. Then I heard a male voice say, 'Dun da da, Dun da da DUN Da.' He was doing the Mutual News sounder all by himself, and after he finished, he began reading the news. I was on the floor under the console, laughing so hard I thought I'd pass out." (4/16/15)

"Well, looks like Kevin McCarthy has "made it". He's now being included in the promos for the Fox Good Day shows." Uhhh.....clearly you haven't been paying attention because he has been in commercials for several months. (4/16/15)

Well, looks like Kevin McCarthy has "made it". He's now being included in the promos for the Fox Good Day shows. (4/16/15)

Thanks so much for giving a note to my story on The Gamut. You know how I learned about the station, right? On dcrtv! Please let me know if I can ever help you in any way. I learned about the site when I worked with Frank Hammon in Fredericksburg, and I have followed it since. Take care, Jonathan Hunley, Leesburg Today (4/16/15)

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\/ April 15 Messages \/

Lavar Arrington's NFLN morning show is likely done. (4/15/15)

In the thread about wrongful termination cases, ZW said: "When the decision is made is irrelevant, it's the date of the action that counts." That's simply not true. It's actually the exact opposite of the law, at least in places I'm familiar with (Maryland, DC, Delaware and Pennsylvania). I never dealt with Virginia's "right to work" statutes, so I don't know how that works (but from the sounds of it, they side with the employer at the employee's expense). (4/15/15)

I have to laugh at all of the posts on Fox5's Facebook page asking about Julie Wright's whereabouts. Reason being, even though there have been comments saying that she's at channel 7, people continue to ask about Julie. Theses people must think if they ask every day that someone, be it an anchor or management, is going to confirm her leaving and going to WJLA..I also found it funny that this morning during a lighthearted moment, Steve somewhat hinted at his leaving & going to WJLA was a mistake. (4/15/15)

“Man Cave this week is much better with just Jason Reid and Andy Polley. Chris Paul is off this week. (So soon?).” Were it not for the unusual circumstances surrounding that show’s debut, this would have been its fifth (as opposed to third) week – apparently Paul had already planned to be on vacation right now. Pollin may have much more sports radio experience than Paul but his cynical ‘curmudgeon on the park bench’ act often rubs me the wrong way. Did anyone catch how he got blindsided earlier this week? – Paul concludes each opening segment with an inspirational prayer and when they reached that point of the show on Monday, Pollin said ‘I think we’ll dispense with that this week’. He was almost immediately cut off by theme music followed by a replay of one of Paul’s earlier prayers - do they put any time and effort into pre-show planning or does Pollin think he can just wing it? Earlier today, he called himself a ‘fanatical supporter of the Nationals’ which I find hard to believe considering that all he does is rip the team whenever baseball comes up on any show he’s hosting. Although competing successfully with The Junkies (an iconic radio program in this market) would be a tall order for anyone, perhaps the Man Cave’s urban barbershop approach (in contrast to four middle-aged white guys from the suburbs doing a show) can build and sustain a sizable audience. Jason Reid’s considerable sports knowledge and experience as a sportswriter should compensate for his lack of a dynamic on-air presence, while Paul is clearly the seasoned radio entertainer playing the role of “Joe the Fan” (as John Thompson often referred to himself when hosting a show on 980). Mike, Fairfax (4/15/15)

Lesson learned: when you call out ZW for talking before thinking, he misquotes you in his response. If you fire someone at a later date for taking the maternity leave your company offered her, she will still be able to sue your ass into oblivion, and without much trouble. 'Cause, guess what -- other people know how calendars work too. It may not be rocket science, but it IS labor law, and anybody who follows your advice would be out of a job long before the woman you've determined must be fired without cause. And, no, I never said or implied that "an employer can NEVER fire someone who has once used maternity leave." Time for you to shut the fuck up, you silly, stupid child. You may have enjoyed firing people, but hatchet men aren't really known for their smarts. (4/15/15)

REF: [New Gig for Cantillo] Let me guess...President of CBS Radio, replacing Dan Mason? Gotta wonder what the folks at WNEW must be thinking. (4/15/15)

''If a company fart offers employees maternity leave fart, and a woman takes it and is fired while on leave fart, FMLA regulations and even a half-decent attorney fart will have that company on the ropes pretty quickly.'' - Speaking as someone with actual experience in firing people, the obvious and perhaps only approach would be to fire her AFTER the maternity leave. With an appropriate separation package. When the decision is made is irrelevant, it's the date of the action that counts. This is not rocket science. Otherwise it appears that you are asserting that an employer can NEVER fire someone who has once used maternity leave. What do you use your noodle for if not noodling? You should have noodled this. That being said, I'm not familiar with the woman in question and have no position on her continued employment. - ZW (4/15/15)

Day 3 of the NAB Convention......FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will give the final speech today. In his previous speech, he said NO to giving AM Stations translators. It would not be fair to the FM operators. What does this mean for the AM Stations? It means they are dead. There are no FM frequencies left in the top ten markets for new FM translators. In small markets it could still work. (4/15/15)

RE: Anchor shuffle at WJLA/NC8: I guess this also means (for now), Sinclair won’t be shit canning NC8 to launch a cable news net. (4/15/15)

Man, this "ZW" fart loves to talk, but he is chronically uninformed on all topics. Latest example: "''You have to have an actual, job-performance reason to fire someone. Using maternity leave hardly qualifies. Will that be cash or check, sir?' - In general, that's not strictly true." In fact, it IS strictly true. If a company offers employees maternity leave, and a woman takes it and is fired while on leave, FMLA regulations and even a half-decent attorney will have that company on the ropes pretty quickly. (4/15/15)

WIHT is #1 in CUME, 6+! Almost 1.4 million people, and has a 6.1 share. I thought WRQX was supposed to "challenge" them... 2 years since Jack Diamond has been gone... WRQX still sits in the toilet. Sara, Sammy and Mel are an awful Old women, pretending to be teenagers show. The Music is Bi-polar. You can buy commercials for $2. Cya WRQX, can't even say it was a good try... it sucked! (4/15/15)

Man Cave this week is much better with just Jason Reid and Andy Polley. Chris Paul is off this week. (So soon?). Maybe it'll be permanent. (4/15/15)

"In general, that's not strictly true." --- Examples? Other than Virginia's ridiculous reasoning that you can be fired for any reason and the employer doesn't even need to tell you why? (4/15/15)

New sign at 107.3... (4/15/15)

Tom Taylor Now's March radio ratings analysis: Washington DC – Country hits a recent high with iHeart’s WMZQ rising from a January-book 3.2 share to a Feb-book 3.4 – and now a March-book 3.9 share, with age 6+ AQH. Also a braggable month for Radio One’s gospel “Praise” WPRS, 3.5-3.6-3.9. Winter weather and traffic snarls are prime stuff for all-newsers such as Hubbard’s WTOP (9.2-9.3-9.1). It repeats at #1, and this recent string is the first time it's held above a 9-share for three consecutive months since April-May-June of 2011. Second is American University’s non-com news/talk WAMU (7.9-7.5-7.2). In third place is Howard University’s urban AC WHUR (6.0-6.9-6.3), just ahead of iHeart’s rhythmic “Hot 99.5” WIHT (5.2-5.8-6.1). Cumulus talker WMAL-AM/FM improves to the level of last December (4.2-4.5-4.8). Rhythmic “Hot” once again leads in average weekly cume at 1,330,200 Washingtonians... Baltimore – What a spike for “Jack,” iHeart’s variety hits WQSR (3.6-3.7-6.1). At least for this month, it’s in fourth place, with its best PPM yet by a margin of nearly a point and a half. iHeart’s country WPOC rules in Charm City (8.3-8.8-8.8), ahead of a rebounding-from-the-Holiday-book urban “92Q.” That’s Radio One’s WERQ, 5.4-6.5-7.0. Urban AC cousin WWIN-FM is third, 7.3-6.4-6.7. CBS Radio’s attempt to challenge WPOC was a translator named “Country 106.1” and it (as “WLIF HD2”) is about to go out with a 0.5 share. Radio One’s taking it over next month to do gospel. CBS Radio’s AC WLIF is #1 in cume (637,000) but seventh in AQH share. (4/15/15)

''You have to have an actual, job-performance reason to fire someone. Using maternity leave hardly qualifies. Will that be cash or check, sir?'' - In general, that's not strictly true. Would you like to deliver it to my mansion or my yacht? - ZW (4/15/15)

Re: changes at channel 7, I have no problem with stations making changes. My problem is when the don't make any sense. I rarely watch channel 7, but it appears from what I'm reading here that it's not necessarily changes for the better. I've seen this with channel 5. They started off with moving Tony Perkins to evenings. Then they demoted anchors, specifically Sara Simmons, putting her out in the field. They've promoted Maureen Umeh and Melanie Alnwick to the anchor desk, of which I see lacks some chemistry with the other anchors. And that Good Day DC and Good Day DC @ 10a is sometimes just unbearable to watch. So yes, I turn it off. (4/15/15)

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\/ April 14 Messages \/

REF: [Ken Merson is NOT full time at CBS Baltimore.] Wow...current air staff getting a little nervous over there? (4/14/15)

Re: “Ken Merson is NOT full time at CBS Baltimore.” - I could have told you that! “After five years as a weekend, fill-in guy with CBS Radio's hot adult contemporary 94.7 Fresh FM, WIAD, in DC, Ken Merson (right) heads to CBS's adult contemporary Today's 101.9, WLIF, in Baltimore for similar duties”. - Ken Merson (4/15/15)

[RE: regarding Good Morning Washington ABC7 and News Channel 8---who's getting laid off?]... So it appears that Jacqui Jeras is being "demoted" moving from channel 7 GMW to NC 8. Poor Brian Van De Graaf gas been moved around so much that I'm shocked that he's still there. I used to work for them and noted that he was always treated as an afterthought. I also hated that they marginalized Adam Casky until he finally left. I've also noticed that the reporter bios show few of the pre-Sinclair folks. I ran into one at Starbucks and he didn't appear happy with the changes. Shortly thereafter he just disappeared from the roster. (4/15/15)

Ken Merson is NOT full time at CBS Baltimore. (4/14/15)

Re: "I'm laying good money on the line that the moment Jan Jeffcoat goes on maternityeave, WUSA9 News fires her." Then you just lost all of your money, because that would be against the law. You have to have an actual, job-performance reason to fire someone. Using maternity leave hardly qualifies. Will that be cash or check, sir? (4/14/15)

Day 2 of the NAB Convention. All the important FCC folks are at the convention. It appears that they are not going to do anything to help AM STIMULATION. They talked about perhaps permitting AM Stations to improve their coverage some. What good is more coverage if no one is listening? They have been talking about this for three years and have done nothing. (4/14/15)

I still watch IMUS because I am a loyal Warner Wolf fan....The quintessential classic sportscaster and is still great even in his old age. IMUS for about 3 months now has been hinting he has a big announcement "Come May 1st". He's realllllly out of it....Has never been the same since Charles McCord left the show. People even come on the show and say to him "We'll miss you come May 1st", but he hasn't come out and set in a concrete fashion that he's retiring on May 1st. It's not official but it appears he's stepping down from radio and TV is on May 1st. (4/14/15)

Great! WNEW, 99.1 FM, news some of the time, beats 980 AM, an alleged sports station, in the latest ratings. I do expect 1500 AM, Federal News Radio, to very soon move ahead of WTEM, the wasted frequency of 980 AM in the Washington, DC area. Thank you. (4/14/15)

I'm laying good money on the line that the moment Jan Jeffcoat goes on maternityeave, WUSA9 News fires her. (4/14/15)

Does anyone know that Sinclair's WJLA has launched a new StormWatch7 Weather App? They haven't promoted it or updated the links on For iTunes users, search Sinclair Broadcast Group For Android users, it is listed under WSI Corp (4/14/15)

[RE: regarding Good Morning Washington ABC7 and News Channel 8---who's getting laid off?] I really liked Melanie and Kellye on Newschannel 8's morning news but I figured this was coming sooner or later. Why would one company produce two separate morning shows that essentially competed with one another during the 5:00 - 7:00 a.m. timeframe? It looks to me like Dave Lucas might be getting forced out. He anchors their mid-morning and afternoon news now, but if GMW continues until 10:00 and Melanie Hastings is taking over at noon, that leaves no space for Lucas. Another biggie is that there's no mention of Brian van de Graaf. Maybe he goes to doing weekend weather to replace Eileen Whelan? I also can't believe that Doug Hill is actually taking on the noon newscast as he's been scaling back recently by no longer doing the 11pm news. I know he's been off a lot in recent months due to family issues and he's got to be way past eligible for retirement so this is a little bit surprising. (4/14/15)

Dave's response: I didn't print the entire memo that I got from my WJLA source in today's Front Page newsblurb. But there was more to what I got, including more weather staffing changes at 7 and 8. Here's the entire memo.....

Starting Monday, April 20th - Good Morning Washington will now air from 4:25am-7:00am on ABC7 and then will continue under the same brand on News Channel 8 until 10:00am. The newscast will be anchored by a large team including Larry Smith, Autria Godfrey, Jummy Olabanji, Eileen Whelan, Jacqui Jeras, Jamie Sullivan and Julie Wright. News Channel 8 morning anchors Kellye Lynn will move to the weekend anchor desk; Melanie Hastings will co-anchor the “Let’s Talk Live” with newcomer Julie Wright and continue with News Channel 8 at Noon. The field reporters will include Sam Sweeney, John Gonzalez, Jeannette Reyes and community lifestyle reporter starting at 7:00am will be Eileen Whelan. With the new schedule, come weather anchor changes. Weekday mornings from 4:25-7:00am will feature Eileen Whelan. Jacqui Jeras joins Good Morning Washington on News Channel 8 until 10am. Noon weather duties will be handled by Doug Hill on ABC7, Jacqui Jeras and Brian van de Graaff on News Channel 8. Brian van de Graaff will anchor weekday afternoons and early evening on News Channel 8 with appearances by Devon Lucie. Steve Rudin will anchor News Channel 8 and 10 and ABC 7 News at 11 Monday-Friday. Weekend AM- Dave Zahren... Weekend PM- Devon Lucie...

REF: [Well today on “Norris and Davis” we were enlightened about the difference between MLB baseballs and Japanese League baseballs...] Speaking of balls, when is the GM there going to show his and dump these two nuts? (4/14/15)

I’d like to welcome back The “Merson Person” back to Baltimore radio. I didn’t get to listen to him on Fresh, but I listened to him when he was on XM’s 50’s channel. Ken Merson was one of the first air personalities I listened to when I moved to Baltimore in 1977. It great hearing a great professional on local radio again. Ed Jones, Bel Air MD (4/14/15)

Well today on “Norris and Davis” we were enlightened about the difference between MLB baseballs and Japanese League baseballs, complete with all of the 12yo jokes and double entendres that would go along with that. Is the target audience for 105.7 11-17 year olds? Tomorrow: Fart Jokes (4/14/15)

regarding Good Morning Washington ABC7 and News Channel 8---who's getting laid off? (4/14/15)

Someone wrote, "Dirctv to Tivo - Baltimore, April, 2015...Internet purchased from Windstream." I went to the Windstream website. They don't appear to offer service in Maryland. How, then, do you have it? (4/14/15)

I'd like to be among the first to extend sincere congratulations to Baltimore radio veteran Ken Merson. I have followed his career all over this market, and, after eight years of being shoved down the road to Washington, it is great news for him to return to his "alma mater" so to speak, back home in his hometown where his fans and listeners will appreciate him much more than any audience could have - including DC - elsewhere. He is quite a talent and very deserving of his new position at WLIF. Good luck, Ken! We can't wait to hear you for the first time as a fulltime employee there...again. (4/14/15)

Recently, I've heard Don Imus alluding to leaving Fox Business Network. I believe his son, Wyatt, plans to attend college in Texas and Imus has mentioned moving there. I checked online, but didn't find anything about him leaving FBN. Have you heard anything about a timeline on this and if he'll continue on radio? (4/14/15)

A nice story in today's Annapolis Capital newspaper about Wizards and DC United play by play man Dave Johnson. He lives in Annapolis and he worked at WNAV before going to WTOP. (4/14/15)

Dirctv to Tivo - Baltimore, April, 2015... Old System: Directv, $140 per month for most all channels plus HBO and Showtime. New System: Tivo Roamio DVR Receiver – moved main receiver from basement to office upstairs due to better antenna reception. Receive all local channels (plus their digital subchannels) via HD antenna located in office upstairs - into Tivo DVR and distributed to: Tivo Mini in basement... Tivo Mini in bedroom... Both mini’s are fully functional, connected through Mocha Connection (system utilizing existing coax installed in-house). Needed to purchase a Mocha adapter (2) to connect tivo and the minis to router (for streaming channels) – all connected to wifi router in office (no wireless use – no slow down to wifi). Internet purchased from Windstream. Channels Available: All local channels, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, METV, FOX, CW and their subchannels are available over the air through HD antenna – great picture – distributed and dvr capabilities through tivo and minis. HBO NOW - $15 month through Apple TV, installed in bedroom... Netflix - $9 month through Tivo/Roku in basement, Apple TV in bedroom, Tivo in office... Hulu Plus - $8 month through Tivo/Roku in basement, Apple TV in bedroom, Tivo in office... Sling TV via Roku- $25 month in basement includes: ESPN channels, AMC, Food Network, A&E, History, TNT, HGTV, IFC, Disney, TBS, Travel, Adult Swim, CNN, ABC Family, Lifetime, Cooking, DIY, Tru, FYI, WE and LMN…plus addition channels I know nothing about like Elray, Maker and H2. New, free channels include: Yahoo Screen (Community!), AOL ON, MLBtv, and a few others on TIVO, plus Apple TV has a whole bunch of additional channels like SkyNews, Weather Channel, and more. Roku includes Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video. Total monthly bill now $57 per month: A savings of $83 per month. Had to purchase: Tivo DVR ($145)... Tivo mini’s (2 at $150 each)... Mocha adapter (2 at $50 each)... Roku and Apple TV – already owned... Missing my British Premiere League Soccer (via NBC Sports Net) and Showtime – here’s hoping they are soon offered without cable. (4/14/15)

'' If you were Spanish, would you want every station you listen to recorded on the 'meter'?'' - Really? ''Spanish''? Let's see, there's Tom Sietsema's secret boyfriend Jose Andres and the people at the embassy, plus a few at the World Bank and IMF, and a few others elsewhere. Otherwise, the people you're thinking of largely are not ''Spanish''. Come, join the rest of us in the 20th century. - Listening to the recent installment of Sadly Lacking Radio,, even though it was largely devoted to criticizing the empudment of laziness that is Mike O'Meara, normally one of my favorite things, I realized why they call it what they call it. It's really kind of lame even by podcast standards. Especially with disturbing commercials breaking in mid-sentence, like that's going to make me give them money. Shuh! Butt, prepare to launch monkeys! - ZW (4/14/15)

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\/ April 13 Messages \/

Did you notice today that all the pictures of Hillary are "air brushed". Just like a movie star. You should not say bad things about her. She could be your next President! (4/13/15)

Over 100,000 people at the NAB Convention today. AM REVITALIZATION..... FCC Chairman says NO to giving AM Stations an opportunity to have an FM translator. What did he do for AM stations? NOTHING SO FAR. There are no FM frequencies available in the Washington area for new FM translators.. Basic economics of "supply & demand". According to BIA, only about 4% of the listeners are listening to AM in Washington. (4/13/15)

Most of the people listening to AM stations in Washington are listening to Spanish. Nielsen does not reflect this very well because the Spanish people do not want to be monitored with a PPM Meter. That "meter" follows you everywhere you go. This could be considered an invasion of privacy. Does Nielsen make any "adjustments" for this? If so, what? If you were Spanish, would you want every station you listen to recorded on the "meter"? (4/13/15)

"As usual, DC people don’t remember these facts because none of them were here probably. — Joe in Middle River" - I was here and I remember it pretty well. RFK was in fact NOT a new stadium when EBW briefly floated the idea of moving his Redskins (he was the President) and his Orioles to a multi use stadium to be built in Montgomery County. I also remember JKC paying for his stadium in PG County - yet as a MD taxpayer I have had to pay for not one but TWO stadiums in Charm City. (4/13/15)

''Maybe I'm old fashioned, but do you think news anchors should announce their support (or non support) of presidential candidates?'' You might as well have them announce ''My race is such and such'' or anything else that's glaringly obvious. Aside from that you're asking news anchors to endorse Presidential candidates. What could possibly go wrong? Since you're old fashioned you may remember Johnson saying ''If we've lost Cronkite we've lost America.'' Here's a rule of thumb, anyone who says they're a ''registered Independent'' is actually a Republican, anyone who says they're an ''Independent'' is a Democrat, and anyone who says they're ''neither Democrat nor Republican'' is a Democrat. And in a close race, voting for a third party candidate is effectively voting for the candidate you least want to win. Ross Perot and Ralph Nader. Go thou and do likewise.- In other news, George F. Will, DBA GFW, Inc. recently published his annual ''Here's a Bunch of Baseball Statistics That Even I Don't Know But I Looked Them Up'' column. Every year I expect better from him and every year I am cruelly disappointed. - ZW (4/13/15)

Well, it looks like 1520 AM has fired up its long neglected xmitter to keep the FCC from taking further action on their recently expired license. Yes, they are back on the air as New Jersey-based Radio Asia although with reduced power. Now waiting for them to go back to sleep for another 3 years until the next time they have to crawl out of bed to feed another bone to the ineffective powers-that-be. KOF (4/13/15)

Let me correct some things… Danny Snyder did NOT have anything to do with Baltimore losing or getting a team! He wasn’t even the owner then. The relationship between the Ravens & Snyder have heated up recently though since Baltimore now has Big 100 as a radio broadcaster and I don’t think Snyder has a radio affiliate in Bmore. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. But it’s true that Jack Kent Cooke met often with then commish Paul Tagliabue, who still lives in Bethesda I think, to make sure Baltimore didn’t get an NFL expansion franchise. Basically the deal was the NFL would not support Baltimore out of deference to The Redskins because JKC openly claimed publicly that we were one market and that it couldn’t support TWO NFL TEAMS, but the NFL wouldn’t stop another team from taking our deal. Basically the FIX was in for somebody’s team and it turned out to be Cleveland in the end. That’s how you ended up with the failed franchise called The Jacksonville Jaguars, who have to tarp over more than 10,000 seats to avoid every game blacked out. Ideally, Baltimore would have gotten that franchise & the whole Browns fiasco would have never happened. As for preventing DC from getting a baseball team, that involves other people than Peter Angelos. DC is such a transient town. You all forget history because you weren’t HERE! HAHA! It was DC lawyer Edward Bennett Williams & New York invest broker Eli Jacobs who kept DC from getting a baseball team. It was those 2 that made every deal in DC sour. The only reason Oriole Park was built is because Williams was seriously considering moving the Orioles to RFK Stadium if Memorial Stadium here was not replaced. When the Orioles were for sale, there was sheer panic in Baltimore. RFK was a new facility and a bigger market and a NEW YORKER BOUGHT THE TEAM! HAHA! However, Eli Jacobs had a heart for old baseball history of sorts. He knew that Babe Ruth had played in the streets of Camden Yards, which would be center filed today, so the Orioles didn’t move to DC, but he kept every other team out of DC the whole time and then marketed the team to DC BIGTIME just like DC lawyer Edward Bennett Williams did. YES, I’m saying that JKC ultimately caused the BROWNS move and the owners BEFORE Angelos kept baseball out of DC. I’m not defending Angelos in any way, but he’s the only Orioles owner that made ANY DEAL to let a team in DC. As usual, DC people don’t remember these facts because none of them were here probably. — Joe in Middle River (4/13/15) is dead in the water again. This is getting a bit too frequent. (4/13/15)

No one in their right mind with a journalism degree is going to apply for a $10 an hour "news geek" position at a radio station with a listenership that couldn't fill the waiting area at the nearby Jiffy Lube. But then again, who in their right mind has a journalism degree? (4/13/15)

Even on a Monday, the DCRTV mailbag is always good for a hearty laugh or two...or three, especially when someone suggests that it takes a "journalism degree," or "spelling skills," or perhaps "the ability to write complete sentences." Dude, put the pipe down, hold up on any more Kool-Aid, and dial up 1090AM, and you'll learn very quickly how to land a job - at a 50,000 watt station - without any of the above. (4/13/15)

Re: "'Last Thursday, I listened to WBAL for 17 straight hours'. Uh, don't know if you're a man or woman, but do you not know how to masterbate? Seems like you'd be doing yourself, and the rest of us, a favor. Or maybe you have no arms. Christ." Dude. You thought I was serious? Maybe stop with the jokes about people having no arms, learn how to spell "masterbate" and do yourself, and the rest of us, a favor: work on the reading comprehension. You're at about a third-grade level right now. (4/17/15)

What's all this brouhaha about who gets paid what from MASN. Who gives a flip? It ain't our money. As long as the game is on somewhere we're happy. That said, I hope MLB sticks it to Angelos. He kept baseball out of DC for a very long time. And, he ruined a once proud franchise. He was B'more's version of Dan Snyder. Its an unfair deal but none of us have a dog in this hunt. The best thing we can hope for is a Nats-O's World Series. Play Ball! (4/13/15)

cumulus has owned every NashFM frequency variation domain for over two years. Nothing new there. (4/13/15)

It appears that WNAV in Annapolis is rebuilding the newsroom again. The ad in DCRTV says that they are looking for "news geeks". In my opinion they should rethink that and look for someone with "a journalism degree" or "spelling skills" or perhaps "the ability to write complete sentences". (4/13/15)

Looks like Cumulus has scooped up ?! With WRQX's awful ratings, and having practically zero commercials, looks like the Top 40 experiment is over.Sarah, Sammy and Mel have not generated any ratings, and the station is a poorly done HOT 99-5 ripoff. Maybe the NASH is a smokescreen for Oldies/Classic Hits?! (4/13/15)

Man, that old radio gear keeps on going long after the digital ones fizzle and burn out: You gotta love what the copy says about "retired radio jocks". (4/13/15)

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but do you think news anchors should announce their support (or non support) of presidential candidates? I mean, on Facebook, on the news set, in a newscast, etc. Where is the objectivity in reporting? (4/13/15)

(Heh heh... Can u see religious-leaning Hubbard hiring Don Geronimo...). Religious leaning? How do you figure that?!? (4/13/15)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] WNAV Annapolis, is re-building it's news department from the ground up and moving in a multi media direction. We are looking for hard working, dependable, "news geeks" to fill our part-time bench. Positive, team player (s) attitude a must! Resume / MP3 audio / video reports / digital chops / social media skills / Mobil IPhone reporting skills- Send me what you have, and sell me on what you can do. (4/13/15)

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\/ April 12 Messages \/

So John Dickerson gets the job at Face The Nation...gee, I'll bet that was a tough negotiation......what do you think, 13 week loops, or 26? PS.....the next sound you hear will be Major Garrett calling his agent. (4/12/15)

Noticed that yesterday, Annie Yu was the sole anchor & this morning it was only Maureen Umeh. So are they going with a single anchor now on weekend mornings vs the Annie/Maureen pairing they advertise? (4/12/15)

I PROMISED SO HERE GOES… Dear Baltimore, Washington is the #7/8 market in the country. Why should The Nats be forced through a back door deal into accepting the same amount of MASN TV rights money as a #26 TV market? Clearly the DC market is the growth market here. Baltimore will hardly get much bigger. The TV rights measurement is clearly debatable and it’s in The Orioles best interest to undervalue it. The deal is supposed to be based on the fair market value for The Nats. So The Nats don’t care if the Orioles get paid too much or are overvalued as long as The Nats get their fair share. #2: Since MLB gave the Nats $25 million dollars, obviously they understood that this was an unfair deal to the new Nats owners, The Lerners. Sure, they signed the deal, but it will come out eventually that MLB made assurances that didn’t come to pass, hence the $25 million payment. #3: Even though the TV ratings and attendance might be similar for the 2 teams, the value of the advertising market in DC is just much larger than in Baltimore given almost the exact same production of Orioles/Nats baseball televised events. Hence the Nats bring in a disproportionate amount of money to MASN than do the Orioles. #4: If the amount of money via the predetermined formula already signed is too much such that it will bankrupt MASN, then that is MLB’s fault for creating the deal that way in the first place, not the Nats fault so if CSN can do a better job, why not? It’s a double edged sword. If the Nats don’t contribute as much to MASN profits as MLB/Nats think, than let somebody else try? And following that thought, MASN should be just fine with the Orioles all by itself with all the perceived money they generate. #5 Coercion: The Nationals were made promises by MLB that have not been kept, but yes the Nats signed a deal and the arbitrators have spoken and think the TV rights for both teams are undervalued simply for the sake of Peter Angelos, the majority owner of both MASN & The Orioles. He gets the money both ways. If he undervalues the Orioles TV rights, he undervalues the Nats too and simultaneous, that money is not shared with the other MLB owners. OK, THAT’S BOTH ARGUMENTS. :-) They both are convincing & compelling arguments, but which one is legal? Emotionally, and fan wise, I’d side with the Nationals even being an Orioles fan, but legally, I don’t think they will win and I’ve followed Peter Angelos for a long time. He wouldn’t sue just for the sake of a losing case. The Nats have nothing to lose and MLB is largely footing the bill for the lawsuit, so like I said, Angelos wouldn’t sue if he thought he would lose. So I think The Nats will lose on legal terms that will piss all Nats fans off. (4/12/15)

"Last Thursday, I listened to WBAL for 17 straight hours". Uh, don't know if you're a man or woman, but do you not know how to masterbate? Seems like you'd be doing yourself, and the rest of us, a favor. Or maybe you have no arms. Christ. (4/12/15)

''''Is a DCRTV Doctor Who reference a burst of brilliance or a nerd's wet dream? - You do understand why that's a silly question, right?" No. "Enlighten me" (Chris Pine as Capt James T Kirk), and please try to do so without the go-away-little-man commentary.'' - Because a burst of brilliance IS a nerd's wet dream. I knew JTK, JTK was a friend of mine, and you are no JTK. Stay as long as you like, li'l fella. - As far as Chris Plante and the cop goes, I'm in the guilty guilty guilty corner, but I haven't seen anyone cite South Carolina law on fleeing felons, but I haven't really been following it because it does seem open and shut. Still, you'd think that would be one of the first avenues of research. Certainly the crime scene was interfered with. - ZW (4/12/15)

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\/ April 11 Messages \/

I don’t know if anyone caught this yesterday, but WMAL’s Chris Plante made his 1st appearance on FOX NEWS’ Outnumbered show and it was probably his last. I’ve never seen the ladies dislike someone so much! HAHA! At one point he appeared to defend the cop in South Carolina with his “War on Cops” speech and there was like a moment of disbelief. Then one of them called him out and said, “Did you just say he MAY be guilty of something? MAY?” It was like they were confused, then shaking their heads that he said that, then an awkward moment of silence. I don’t think he will be back. It seems as if nobody on FNC ever wants to use him as contributor. He’s like always a last minute backup because he’s available & near a satellite remote in DC! HAHA! (4/11/15)

''Is a DCRTV Doctor Who reference a burst of brilliance or a nerd's wet dream? - You do understand why that's a silly question, right?" No. "Enlighten me" (Chris Pine as Capt James T Kirk), and please try to do so without the go-away-little-man commentary. (4/11/15)

Does Hillary still live in Washington? What radio station does she listen to in Washington? Do you think it might be WMAL? (4/11/15)

Dave's response: Nah. Probably WAMU, WPFW, WCSP, WETA-FM.....

Thanks to WBAL for moving Christy McEntire to Saturday mornings. It's always nice to hear Friday's news 24 hours later. (4/11/15)

''Is a DCRTV Doctor Who reference a burst of brilliance or a nerd's wet dream?'' - You do understand why that's a silly question, right? - In other news, speaking of radio wars, fast forward to minute 14 in this when the host trots out his crap degree from a crap school and loses control of his show, his career and his life. You can actually see the shark making a beautiful jump. - ZW (4/11/15)

Doreen Gensler on the 6pm news tonight with what appears to be the sales tag on the back of her dress. (4/11/15)

Heh heh... Can u see religious-leaning Hubbard hiring Don Geronimo to be their liner guy? "God Dammit, its The Gamut!" (4/11/15)

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I told WJZ’s Denise Koch what was said here about the giddy hype of Opening Day coverage on WJZ & media here in Baltimore and here is her direct response and I quote her with her approval… “Baltimore loves their O's! DC is a cynical town....for good reason!” That’s a direct quote. — BaltoMedia.Net (4/10/15)

TTAC and car radio... i think they covered the universe (including Canada) of car radio here. (4/10/15)

Thank you for making my point ! “Opening Day in Baltimore is a big media event” Exactly. A Media Event, not NEWS. BTW I grew up in Baltimore, still live in the area, and worked in the Press Box at Memorial Stadium for over 10 years. Then, and now, anyone in town with a press pass shows up. 80% of them won’t show up again until post season, or something unusual, like last year winning the division at home. (4/10/15)

Unsigned Corporate Suit wrote, "Going to have to belatedly agree with ZW on something: Some mailbag posts are getting way too long! Especially WBAL, Don Geronimo, etc." Pot, meet kettle. (4/10/15)

I just read the article about The Gammut. Now THAT’S a station I can get into. The only thing is I don’t live in Virginia to pick it up. Sounds like it has potential to be an excellent radio station if it generates enough listeners and support. One question: Is it commercial free? The article did say that WTOP didn’t sell advertising time on The Gammut. Ed Jones, Bel Air MD (4/10/15)

Dave's response: No commercials, no DJs, and no webstream for the Gamut.....

Yeah, an office building near Nats Park! Washington is crazy! Who wants all that tax revenue and all those jobs, when you could do the Baltimore thing and leave a vacant lot in the middle of town for people to pound beers in before ballgames? Baltimorons am so smart! (4/10/15)

Re: "If Kristi King expects to be taken seriously as a reporter..." Nice try, but it's way too late for that to ever happen. She's awful. The personification of a lazy reporter. She thinks filing 40 seconds about a six-month old magazine article she read on her lunch hour is work. (4/10/15)

Hmm, Jealous a bit much DC? That Opening Day in Baltimore is a big media event that’s broadcast on a CBS O&O & 35 radio stations? We expect it to be overhyped on TV. It’s a big deal. WJZ is making a bundle in advertising in addition to whatever MASN is making. Meanwhile, in DC it’s just part of the season ticket package. Tailgating at Camden Yards is huge event. Meanwhile in DC, you’re about to get rid of the 1/2 Street Fairgrounds for an office building. Ho hum. Washington business as usual. The 1/2 Street Fairgrounds is the coolest thing that Nats Park has to offer for the local fan, not the same, but close to what Eutaw Street and the tailgate areas in Baltimore are. Yet, just blah blah in DC. Tear it down for an office building. Ho hum. Nobody cares. Oh, the Nats are on 17 radio stations, but 4 are in DC, so that’s really just 14! (4/10/15)

Dear DC, here’s why The Nationals should not get more TV money from MASN… Yes, DC is a substantially larger market, but let’s get down to viewership numbers. The Nats have no viewers in Baltimore and few outside of DC. The Orioles have traditionally been on cable and watched from PA to the Carolinas. They have a traditional following and have even tied the ratings in DC with the Nats before. The Nats have no ratings in Baltimore. Of course this will change over time, but the current ratings don’t substantiate a much larger sum of TV rights money at the moment. The numbers don’t lie. #2 Cross promotion: The Orioles have a major radio presence in the DC market while the Nats have nothing in Baltimore. #3 The Deal: A deal is a deal. The Lerners didn’t have to sign on the dotted line, but they did. Was it a bad deal? Probably, but it doesn’t matter. It’s not like anyone put a gun to their head. You make the bed you sleep in. They signed a deal for eternity in essence. Who does that? Well they did. #4: Despite what people say on blogs, DC people still make the drive to Camden Yards. It’s very hard to find a Baltimorean who’s been to more than one Nats game if any. Overall, in attendance, the two teams are largely equal in attendance despite the population disparity. The Nats have finally eclipsed the Orioles in attendance, but not by that much. Which brings me to the another point. #5 Market share: While the overall attendance of the Orioles has had its ups and downs, one thing cannot be disproven. The Orioles have lost DC area season tickets, probably anywhere from 20% to 33%. The Orioles have the season ticket locations to show in court that The Nats have negatively impacted The Orioles bottom line. And before someone says you can’t have it both ways, you can. Season ticket holders are guaranteed money. Casual fans from DC who buy tickets are different. While DC people might still be going to Camden Yards, the Orioles have lost a significant number of high dollar club & box seat people from DC. It’s a loss they can prove on paper that the Nats can’t dispute. Finally, #6 the MLB arbitration: The renegotiating process for TV Rights should have been a no-brainer. MLB has an established formula that MASN used. Assuming that’s true, this arbitration gets thrown out unless it wasn’t followed properly. Then add in the crooked part of the arbitration: the secret $25 million given to the Nationals by MLB, the choice of owners that made the arbitration decision, the cash starved Rays and Pirates wanting more shared TV money, them all hiring the same law firm. Then there’s the fact that a larger TV money pie means more money for all the other owners, not just the Nationals since there is now limited revenue sharing in MLB. The DC media paints the Nats argument as a noble cause. Well, a sleazy lawyer like Angelos knows how to see and out sleaze when he sees it. Within MLB circles, it was widely known that most owners thought the Nats were getting shafted so they got together to overturn the deal they in fact created. Well, the Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos does not play that game. Prediction: ORIOLES WIN MASN CASE. (I’ll post a Dear Baltimore, DC counter argument next) (4/10/15)

Any clues or speculations as to what may happen to CBS Radio Baltimore’s New Country 106.1 deejays after Radio One’s May 1st debut of Praise 106.1? Will they be absorbed by their two remaining music stations MIX 1065 and Today’s 101.9 or sent packing? (4/10/15)

I don’t know what Nestor meant, but let’s be clear. None of Peter Angelos’s partners in The Baltimore Orioles ownership group are suing him. They are totally on board with what he’s doing. The Nationals are not even suing to end the MASN deal, although they would like to do that too. The joint lawsuit by the Nationals and MLB is simply to increase the TV rights payment by millions a season. Now this might be a veiled attempt to end the MASN deal because it requires the 2 teams to be paid equally. So if the Nats get millions more, the Orioles would get the same amount. And I say veiled attempt because the amount the Nats are asking for might potentially make MASN insolvent, which the Nats would be just fine with. The Nats can’t reasonably expect a judge to throw out the entire MASN deal. The only negotiating authority they have is a market study to judge the amount the Nats & Orioles are owed every 5 years or so. They would be quite happy if MASN simply went under right now. But due to all the meddling from MLB and cash struggling teams that were used in arbitration and their financial involvement & gain in the decision, the hidden $25 million payout to the Nats, I predict the Nats will lose at least partially this case. But even if they lose, they win because they’ll still get to keep the $25 million that MLB gave them. So either way they get some more money, but not the amount they want. And if Angelos loses completely, he will surely appeal and drag it out until his last breath and probably even challenge MLB’s anti-trust exemption. Allegedly, Selig & Angelos are good friends, so God knows what ultimate scheme Selig had in mind. He retired so we’ll never know unless he writes a book! HAHA! (4/10/15)

Since the Orioles have jumped flagships to 105.7 The Fan, I’m listening to the pre-game show with, according to the webpage, is Vinny and Rob. Is the guy who sounds constipated Vinny or Rob? (4/10/15)

C’mon UCS ! Picking on WBAL is just too easy. Today, the 6:00 am local lead story was ”Screamin’ Scottie” interviewing the head chef at Oriole Park, and almost having an orgasm discussing “gourmet” Hot Dogs. Of course this was done with the same tone, inflection and enthusiasm as the house fire death of 3yo last week. Anyway, I just love how ALL of the Baltimore media cover Opening Day. They pull out the same topics year after year, and “report” on them like giggling 12 year olds. It’s not like baseball has returned after a 30 year absence. It’s the 61st (I believe) home opener. Show some maturity and find at least something serious in the area to cover. Actually, WNEW is giving the baseball game the coverage in really deserves. (4/10/15)

Going to have to belatedly agree with ZW on something: Some mailbag posts are getting way too long! Especially WBAL, Don Geronimo, etc. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/10/15)

Congratulations to Radio One on bringing Praise Radio on 106.1 to Baltimore. According to the release, it will be a spiritual format like WPRS in Washington. This format will do well in Baltimore. (4/10/15)

Dave: Just got back in-town last week read through a month of mailbag emails. I cannot believe what I've heard on 980 in the past week...yes, I know it's mostly "poor quality sportstalk" radio [I'm being polite]. However, I listened to the new morning show and can't believe management actually allowed Pollin to talk about how he "did have a show" on 570! Say what? This is why the prisoners are running the asylum and now, 6a-7p is totally unlisten-able. The 2015 NFL Preseason schedule was released and no immediate break-in or update about the teams the Redskins will be playing? Czaban and Cooley are too busy discussing b-s and can't take time to talk about the Caps..let alone they're on a remote at Verizon Center. Oh well, back to internet radio. (4/10/15)

Some months ago, a poster included the phrase "Gallifrey Stands" in his/her text and was given quite the trouncing by one of the regular trolls here. This week, the mention of the Big Blue Box is explained as an effort to "class up the joint." Come on folks, which is it? Is a DCRTV Doctor Who reference a burst of brilliance or a nerd's wet dream? (4/10/15)

AM the FCC heads to the NAB Convention this weekend, they are going to be talking about AM stimulation. Wait a minute......they have been talking about it for the last three years. What have they done? Nothing! Talk is cheap. (4/10/15)

Proof that this is a great country. Where else can someone who has never reported a story, never written a story, never written a newscast and never anchored a newscast rise to become news director? (4/10/15)

If Kristi King expects to be taken seriously as a reporter, she better learn how to spell Anne ARUNDEL County: "Officer shot Anne Arundle Co. serious condition. College Pkwy. Manhunt for suspect #WTOP". Par for the course for her and Laughable. (4/10/15)

The *Infamous* Don & Mike Dennis Murphy Viagra Experiment (feat. Lewis)... Lewis with Dennis Murohy on his Viagra experiment... (4/10/15)

/\ April 10 Messages /\

\/ April 9 Messages \/

I’m sorry to see Bob Schieffer retire. He was the last of the great newsmen who knew what news was all about. Reporting news and not trying to be part of the news as Dan Rather and Brian Williams tried to do. CBS isn’t going to be the same without him. Scott Peley is OK, but just OK. To the man who said he kept listening to WBAL for hours and hours and hated it, my question is: Why do it? (4/9/15)

The feud Don and Mike had with Dopie and Anthony was a ding on O&A’s career. Don and Mike were professionals and gentlemen towards Dopie and Ant before the “feud” started. The same can't be said for the former skateboarders. They were hurling on air insults at Don and Mike before they were working for the same stations. I can give you a great example. Don made the decision to call O&A on the air (O&A show in NY, D&M show in VA and syndicated), and congratulate them on getting some woman to “Whip it Out” live on the Today Show. On the phone call that Don initiated, Don was pleasant and congratulatory. O&A, on the other hand, were their mean spirited a$$holes for that call. When they worked together, O&A lost their heads later that year when Don asked the listening public to make homemade sign for their cars for Don’s new group, “Friends of Nice Asses.” Don asked the initials only be used for the signs, (“F O n A”). When D&M had the midday slot in New York and DC (and others), D&M decimated Rush Limbaugh in the mid -day ratings, and O&A were numbers 16, and 19, PM drive in the DC market the first books out. People didn’t give O&A a chance in the DC market because Don made the point clear, after then having to work with the nutcases, they were hacks. Don was right. It was that very odd radio consultant from NJ that advised Ken and Jeremy to choose O&A over D&M for the PM drive slot in New York. Thank you Mr. Sabo for all you did for us with Opie and Anthony. (4/9/15)

''Wow... not often you encounter a Doctor Who reference in a Mailbag message'' - Just thought I'd class the joint up a bit. I love BBC. - I disagree with the poster who considers the radio feud with Don and Mike a ''ding'' on Opie'n'Antny. I listened to it live and thought it was great painful radio that hurt no one. That was an occasion when Don screwed up and it was painful as great radio can be.- Speaking of screwing up, Mike O'Meara is now mounting a campaign to have his gardener be an admin on the CLOSED MEMBERS ONLY Facebook fansite for his ''show'' because people there are pointing out obvious deficiencies and mentioning that they listen to other podcasts. Apparently the current sole admin of the site is not banning people with the celerity a 300 pound man expects. - Hank Stuever's best quote from today's WaPo chat ''I'll let you know as soon as I put it in.'' - ZW (4/9/15)

Washington Post bigwig Marty Baron surrenders to print decline predictions. Puts his faith in website where you can block all the ads. Jack Diamond's back in Chicago. VerStandig sells Harrisonburg stations. Once again, CBS fails to get any of its five FMers into the "top 10" of the DC radio ratings. DC TV news vet Dave Statter turns 60. And more, including a "Cord Cutter" review of Sling TV's Roku app. In today's "Dave TV"..... (4/9/15)

My OTA NBC4 appears to have no signal. I checked the site to see if there were transmitter issues but nothing yet. Anyone else experiencing this? (4/9/15)

Dave's response: WRC-TV is coming in just fine via my "rabbit ears" today.....

Have to say that WTOP should at least bring back Doug Hill on the 8’s. I do not like Channel 7 news, but love Doug Hill. WTOP get rid of 4 and bring back Doug! (4/9/15)

Is Fox 5 going to do anything to fix the morning traffic since Julie left. I have to say I was not a HUGE Julie fan, but I do really miss her since she is gone. Miss her and Tucker picking on each other. And this guy who is not in front the camera SUCKS! Channel 5 get a real morning traffic person! (4/9/15)

O&A and the word "nasty" in the same sentence? Wow, who wudda thunk it????? Let us not forget their Sex for Sam act in the church, their physical destruction of a temporary blood donation center, their false and intentional "reporting" a Mayor being killed in an airplane crash, their feud with Don and Mike, their trashing of Howard Stern, Opie telling listeners he had "more power' the CEO of Infinity Broadcasting (CBS Radio transition), the on air drug use, a cocaine induced heart attack, their "assault on the media" campaign that rendered one NYC TV reporter deaf in one ear, and their on air jingle " I'm horny for little girls." These guys were awful, and Jeremy and Ken made the wrong decision in giving them the afternoon timeslot over Don and Mike back in the day. So it appears the O&A destruction continues, go figure. (4/9/15)

From today's Tom Taylor Now: Saga’s Ed Christian seals a five-station deal to enter Harrisonburg, Virginia, not far from Ed’s current cluster in Charlottesville. You’ve been reading recently about one of the stations he’s buying – it was the test case for VerStandig’s novel “geo-fencing” attempt to get a court to declare that “105.1 Bob Rocks” WTGD needn’t pay streaming royalties inside a 150-mile zone. SoundExchange went ballistic to defend the claim and a judge threw it out as “too speculative, indefinite and hypothetical.” But it was creative, and that’s something VerStandig’s known for. So is Ed Christian at Saga, who is buying “Bob Rocks” plus two other FMs, a couple of AMs and a translator from the VerStandig family. It’s not a big surprise that Saga’s doing an acquisition – Ed voluntarily brought up the subject of M&A on his last two quarterly calls, and the company’s balance sheet sparkles, with leverage below 2-times cash flow. Here’s what Saga will own in Harrisonburg, along the I-81 corridor in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley – There’s Harrisonburg-licensed talk WSVA at 550 (5,000 watts daytime/a kilowatt at night). Its associated translator W221CF, running the translator-max power of 250 watts at 92.1. Sports WHBG at 1360 (5,000 watts daytime, shrinking to 9 watts after sundown). CHR “Q101” WQPO, a Class B at 100.7. “Fresh 96.1” WJDV, an adult contemporary B1 station licensed to Broadway. And the “geo-fencing” poster child, 105.1 Bob Rocks WTGD, an A licensed to Bridgewater, Virginia. Buyer Ed Christian says they “fit very well into our model of owning heritage radio stations that are very tightly focused on serving their local communities.” M. Belmont VerStandig Inc. bought its first stations in Harrisonburg in 1987, and implemented one of the very first LMAs, with a non-owned station there. Now there’s a second generation of VerStandigs in the radio business. The family still owns a cluster further up I-81 in Hagerstown, including country WAYZ (104.7). Saga’s expecting to close on Harrisonburg in June. There should already be some level of communication between Harrisonburg and Saga’s cluster in Charlottesville – the chief engineer in Harrisonburg is Matt Richardson, son of Charlottesville Chief Engineer Vince Richardson. (4/9/15)

Noting the passing of Warren Elly, 64, who apparently spent time in DC radio years ago. Anyone remember where and when? I know him from Florida TV news and didn't realize he graduated from AU... (4/9/15)

Wbal's Jimmy Mathis Show has gone from Saturday mornings 7am-10pm to an expanded Sunday show of the same time. This Saturday will be a remote broadcast at Towson university in front of 300 students and hosting is Professor Richard Vatz. The guest include MD republican Andy Harris and former CEO of First Mariner Bank and owner of the Baltimore Blast Ed Hale. Jimmy also will be a guest speaker at this years annual Talkers Convention in New York City. (4/9/15)

Wow... not often you encounter a Doctor Who reference in a Mailbag message (big blue box & three friends). (4/9/15)

So, alleged news radio 1090 names an alleged news director whose experience is merely described as "producer" and "managing editor?" And, some dude who has been there for three decades can't make it any higher than "assistant" program director??? What, on earth, is this woman - with no apparent news management or senior leadership experience - going to "direct?" If she is able to provide any "direction," I hope it is to the door for an alleged news operation that remains lifelessly lost in mediocrity. Stay tuned...I hear they're getting ready to promote the mail room clerk to GM. (4/9/15)

Nestor has stated the Orioles did not get the All Star game since Angelos is suing his partners over their efforts to end the MASN deal. As retribution, MLB is withholding the All Star game. (4/9/15)

“I gave the Man Cave a try at 9 but discovered they're talking about male mani/pedis. Unbelievable.” Perhaps you should have given it a longer try because I’ve been hearing some hysterically funny bits and compelling sports and social commentary on that new morning drive show – who’d have believed that a program called the Man Cave would book more female guests in one week than all of ESPN 980’s other local shows combined including the only interview with U. of Maryland womens basketball coach Brenda Frese on that station? What Red Zebra’s management should be keeping a close eye on right now is 980’s afternoon drive show (called The Drive) which has been heading in some very disturbing directions lately. On Wednesday they decided to put Chris Cooley in the driver’s seat and it turned out to be an unmitigated disaster - in the first place, what’s the point of doing a three-hour remote from Verizon Center before a Caps game if you won’t even spend a minute on the Caps? Far worse was the choice of subject matter for the 6 PM hour, namely appraising cheerleaders body part by body part a la plantation owners at slave auctions back in the pre-Civil War days. There’s just no place for such flagrantly sexist sewage in a sophisticated, progressive minded market like DC that takes its sports very seriously - I have to believe Cooley and Steve Czaban were the prime instigators while Al Galdi (who never did topics like that when he was hosting a Saturday morning show on 980) was unwillingly dragged into the gutter. Couple that with their recurring call-in feature “who’d you like to punch in the face” (at a time when there’s an ongoing crisis of violence in this country and a massive national education effort on the nonviolent resolution of disputes is essential) not to mention Czaban’s daily news segments which often make light of tragic events and you have a show that’s about as far as one could get from the type of sports radio I grew up with. At the very least, Cooley and Czaban should be hauled into the boss’s office and read the riot act but I’d go further and take them off the show right now (limiting Cooley to Skins related programming since critiquing that team is about the only thing he’s good at). Perhaps the Sports Reporters (which should never have been cancelled in the first place) could be restored to the 4-7 PM timeslot with Galdi and Andy Pollin co-hosting it. (4/9/15)

So Julie Wright's a reporter now on channel 7? Someone posted a comment on her FB page asking why she didn't say goodbye or let anyone know she was leaving FOX5 and her comment was that she wasn't allowed the opportunity to do so..Hmmmm..Sounds like bad blood on FOX5's part. Still wonder if she left on her own or was let go..As for the latter, can't see why they'd get rid of her.. (4/9/15)

''Is The Don Geronimo Show flawed paid Podcast business model on life support? Mike Sorce cancels yearly subscription plan - switches to month to month payment plan.'' - That's the way does it and it seems to work for them. Whose net worth is 10 million dollars, you or Don Geronimo? ''Mr. President, this man just walked in here with a big blue box and three of his friends. And this is the man he walked past. ONE of them is worth listening to.'' The question you should be asking is why does The Mike O'Meara Show rely on the January to January model, without rolling subscriptions? Perhaps the same reason they're hawking generic wine at 15 to 30 dollars a bottle. Literally generic, you can't tell from the label if it's a pinot or shiraz, riesling or what. There's a deliberate error in this post but the prediction is the O'Meara Show will not correct it, because the head lush, I mean honcho, doesn't even listen to the other shows on his pretend ''network.'' Too busy producing an audio version of a book that only sold 300 copies. - ZW (4/9/15)

/\ April 9 Messages /\

\/ April 8 Messages \/

MLB attempted to state that Baltimore didn’t really want or push for the game. If you’ve read the newspaper the last few years, that is clearly not true and an attempt to divert attention. The fact is that there has been little interest for the All Star game among the AL teams, but it’s clear that The Orioles have lobbied for it for the last 4 years. Selig even said this publicly. The new Commish is literally a witness in the legal case against the Orioles. It would be difficult to say he’s not a bit partisan since the Orioles are basically calling him a liar! I never said the Orioles are overdue for a game but that the Nationals clearly are, but Selig stated publicly that the O’s and Nats were the lead candidates before both cities were passed over several times. (4/8/15)

Last Thursday, I listened to WBAL for 17 straight hours. It was terrible. I hated it. On Friday, I listened for 16.5 hours. It was terrible. I hated it. On Saturday I slept in, so I only listened for 14 hours. It was terrible. I hated it. Sunday I listened for six hours, then went out to mow the lawn, then listened for another 11.5 hours. It was terrible. I hated it. On Monday I listened for 17 hours. It was terrible. I hated it. Yesterday I listened for 17 hours, then couldn't sleep and so listened for another 90 minutes. It was terrible. I hated it. I've been listening since 6am today. It's terrible. I hate it. Why doesn't this ever change? (4/8/15)

There is a new American Archive of Public Broadcasting. “The American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB), a collaboration between the Library of Congress, WGBH Boston and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, launched a new website at today, providing the public with access to a collection of American public radio and television content dating back to the 1950s. These audio and video materials, created by more than 120 public broadcasting organizations across the country, have now been digitized and preserved, and will be a resource for scholars, researchers, educators, filmmakers and the general public to delve into the rich history of public broadcasting across America. The website will initially provide access to 2.5 million inventory records created during the American Archive Content Inventory Project.” (4/8/15)

One good thing about the Orioles’ move from WBAL: no more endless replays of the game’s play-by-play the day after. (4/8/15)

I gave the Man Cave a try at 9 but discovered they're talking about male mani/pedis. Unbelievable. (4/8/15)

I haven't seen longtime news anchor Rod Daniels on WBAL-TV for a while. Makes me wonder if he has quietly won PowerBall and just hasn't told us. (4/8/15)

REF: [You have to admit that O's games do sound a lot better on 105.7 than on WBAL Radio.] I couldn't agree more, but just imagine how much better they'd sound without Joe what's his name. (4/8/15)

The Baltimore all-star game kerfuffle: No doubt the Orioles *want* to host a game. But awarding DC the game probably has less to do with MASN and Angelos than it has to do with waiting your turn. Baltimore hosted in 1993. There are 30 MLB teams. Until Baltimore is snubbed in 2023, it hasn't been really been unfairly treated. MLB seems to be pretty good about evenly distributing the games. No venue has been picked more than once in the past 30 years. Anaheim and San Diego have hosted more than once in 30 years, but those cities opened new stadiums. New York hosted in '08 and '13, but the Yankees were the host team in '08, the Mets in '13. (4/8/15)

RE: All Star Game post: TOTAL BUNK! #1 There is absolutely no MLB rule that anybody who opens a new stadium gets the All-Star game within 2 years. First off, you have to apply for it and make a pitch which the Nationals didn’t immediately do. Secondly, the Nats stadium area was sketchy at best when it opened unlike Camden Yards. #2 As for the 4th National League Award in a row having to do with the MASN dispute, it’s almost a proven fact that it is this time. Bud Selig publicly said years ago that Washington and Baltimore were the lead candidates. Selig put off awarding either city the game because of the dispute. Sure, DC was overdue, but that was because of the MASN dispute too. Now that there’s a new commissioner and on May 18th, he’s about to lose the MASN case because of his own meddling and actions pointed out by Angelos’s legal team, it’s clear, he’s taken sides out of retribution, which MLB has hinted at several times too. Before the MASN dispute heated up, both teams were slated for 2 years in a row, AL & NL. Finally, this decision unfairly affects the American League with the World Series home field advantage, but exposed in this case was the $25 million bribe to the Nationals to not litigate and the owners are none too happy about losing that money. The dirty little secret of the case is that the 3 owners that arbitrated the case, 2 of them seek to benefit from the decision because of revenue sharing & The Tampa Rays are practically bankrupt! I can’t wait for The Post to whine over the judges decision. (4/8/15)

You have to admit that O's games do sound a lot better on 105.7 than on WBAL Radio. That's what listeners want: crisp, clear sounding audio. (4/8/15)

The reason the All Star Game was FINALLY awarded to DC had LESS THAN NOTHING to do with Baltimore! We were SUPPOSED to get the All Star Game in either 2008 or 2009. When a team builds a new stadium they are essentially "owed" an All-Star game within two years. In DC our ownership was not even in place until into the 2006 season. That, in itself was a setback! So, 2009 would have been acceptable. I realize that bringing baseball to DC was by no means universally popular with the DC government, and there remain those who will try to sandbag it, though the most powerful one, Marion Berry is no longer with us. Soooooo, bottom line: Finally giving DC a long-overdue all star game is simply removing ONE MORE of the many slights along the way to making DC into a baseball market, and helping Baseball expand it's reach. It's also a good time for another reason: The Redskins used to OWN the sports market in this town, and the still act like they do, but they are now owned by Dan Snyder, a man with a penchant for turning platinum opportunities into wet farts!! People are getting tired of it!! the Wiz and the Caps are just not quite among the elite in their respective leagues. So here we are, a long-established top ten TV market with a collection of second and third tier sports franchises. This is a platinum opportunity for the Nationals. Let's see if they can make hay while the sun finally shines!! (4/8/15)

I too was glad to see Wisdom back. He still didn't seem 100% though. Hope he continues to get back to his old self. (4/8/15)

/\ April 8 Messages /\

\/ April 7 Messages \/

Glad to see Wisdom Martin back on FOX5 this morning and hope for the best at whatever health issues he was facing. (4/7/15)

The Baseball All-Star Game in D.C.? This is more of a kick in the ass to another Washington team. And, maybe it's "owner" as well. They also have a relatively new stadium. And, they have never hosted a Super Bowl. Probably never will Hell, they haven't even been a serious contender for that game in ages! As for Baltimore and the All-Star Game... wasn't it played there in 1993? My favorite was the 1989 game in Anaheim when "Dutch" came out of his second career to spend the first inning back in the broadcast booth. Now, if the All-Star Game were played in Wembley Stadium, that would be something to see! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/7/15)

The Wapoop can’t get deliveries or stories right but somehow Bozo will get it right going into space: he looks like has gone “Heaven’s Gate” on us. He could be DCRTVDJDAVE’s twin with a Van Dyke beard: (4/7/15)

REF: [The Jimmy Mathis Show] Pushing this Senior-Ride party barge onto the campus of Towson University would be like piling these oatmeal slurping, prune-juice shooting, grey-haired old geezers into a Buick and driving them onto a beach party in Panama City in the middle of a Spring Break/Girls-Gone-Wild best body contest. (4/7/15)

Orioles / Nats battle heats up again. Baltimore snubbed for 2018 All Star Game on Opening Day. That will make for 4 consecutive NL team hosted All Star Games and an obvious slight to The Baltimore Orioles because of the ongoing MASN TV Rights dispute which is scheduled to be settled on May 18th. Not that DC isn't qualified to host an All Star Game, but no AL Team has been selected for 4 years now and the Orioles have been applying for it for some time. The only thing you can make of this is that it's deliberate because it's widely assumed MASN will win the case against the Nationals simply because they signed the preexisting deal. And if not, it's almost certain Angelos will appeal to a higher court and challenge MLB's antitrust exemption. Get the popcorn ready folks! (4/7/15)

Gee. I can hardly wait. More of the same B-string talk shows on WBAL. Just what a listener needs. More Jimmy Mathis and more of the same old tired cast of characters he has on his show. Can't you possibly break some new ground and give us something interesting? (4/7/15)

Re: 98Rock post from yesterday...It would technically be a third look there for Kirk McEwen. He was on evenings at DC101 in between his stints on Hooper Ave. I, for one, hope 98Rock would bring him back. Tom in Wheaton (4/7/15)

Just released online, Vanity Fair's May issue has a scathing story on NBC/Comcast and the Brian Williams situation. Brian Burrough is a tough, competent journalist who usually gets it right. It's a far worse situation than just Williams' problem. Since Comcast has taken over, chaos seems to run rampant. (4/7/15)

This Saturday will be the 1st time on WBAL radio's The Jimmy Mathis Show that we go remote on our college tour! We will be at Towson University with Republican Andy Harris, Ed Hale, former CEO of First Mariner Bank and owner of The Baltimore Blast and Professor Vatz. Also The Jimmy Mathis Show is now expanded to all weekend, same bat time, same bat channel on Sunday mornings! (4/7/15)

Is The Don Geronimo Show flawed paid Podcast business model on life support? Mike Sorce cancels yearly subscription plan - switches to month to month payment plan. (4/7/15)

Anyone know if Fox5's Lyndsy Murphy is also gone or is she just on maternity leave? (4/7/15)

Arlington Independent Media debuted a brand new digital audio production room on Monday night. For anyone still pooh-poohing local community-produced cable television as being little more than "Wayne's World" dreck, you would be wise to go visit this new room. Custom furniture, LEDE room design, top flight gear and a touchscreen version of ProTools. Most rooms designed for commercial broadcast production are not this well thought-out. Congrats to AIM for a job well done. (4/7/15)

/\ April 7 Messages /\

\/ April 6 Messages \/

''As for an FCC live programming "requirement", if there were one, WCSP-FM would be a goner as so much of their programming is at the very least brain dead. -Unsigned Corporate Suit'' It's almost like you're TRYING to sound like a bitter old man. Having a bad day? Brian Lamb wouldn't take your call? But points for brevity. - ZW (4/6/15)

Congrats to recently retired CBS Radio News White House correspondent Peter Maer, a veteran white house correspondent for 38 years at Mutual, NBC, & CBS radio, who will be honored with the 2015 Elmo Ellis Spirit Award at the upcoming 9th annual Georgia Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremonies on October 24th. (4/6/15)

One of the greatest “Get off my lawn” moments entitled “Anchor vs. Reporter” that inspired the Herb Welch character on SNL: (4/6/15)

Just to clear up a few things: 1) I will be revealing my next radio adventure very soon; 2) The decertification of the WIAD-FM/SAG-AFTRA was not a factor in my decision bid farewell to FRESH or in securing my upcoming gig; and 3) The” top-of-the-hour“ cuckoo clock time tone I played at 68 WCBM Metromedia Baltimore won’t be making a comeback. FYI - It’s the exact same one The Joy Boys used at 980 WRC-AM during their NBC radio run. Ed Walker told me where to find it and gave me his blessings to appropriate it since Willard Scott and he weren’t using it. If you’re going to steal, steal from the best LOL! Ken Merson (4/6/15)

I wonder if "The Merson Person" is making a nostalgic comeback, with his infamous coo coo clock, heard on the hour, every hour as he hosted an afternoon "Greatest Hits of all Time" show on WCBM? (4/6/15)

According to Facebook posts, Ken Merson already has plans lined up to be announced soon, so he will be back. — BaltoMedia (4/6/15)

How is it, that so much talent is sitting around town OFF the air, while broadcast management in the Baltimore-Washington area allows so many individuals without an ounce of talent to be ON it? Hopefully, with the departure of 98Rock's Sarah Fleischer, the suits there will give former morning man Kirk McEwen a second look, and boot the talentless trio currently on mornings out the door. Ken Merson is another huge talent that needs to be put back on the air in Baltimore, instead of the deodorant (Fresh) station he just left. And, how coincidental is that? It is my understanding - hopefully correctly - that the station narrowly refused union presence, and Ken leaves? Makes me wonder how the votes were counted and whether Ken is being rewarded with something else, in return for his. But then again, what do I know? I feel certain, at the end of the day, someone will enlighten us on that question too. (4/6/15)

Very sorry to read of Buddy Belote's passing. Although I'm old, since my career started elsewhere I could hardly be a pioneer here. However, I've been blessed with having worked with or having known more than a few "pioneers" over the years. As for an FCC live programming "requirement", if there were one, WCSP-FM would be a goner as so much of their programming is at the very least brain dead. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/6/15)

Someone told me that Nestor could possible lose his FCC license since he does not have any live programming which violates FCC rules. Is this true? (4/6/15)

Dave's response: Never heard that rule.....

Another oldies (America's Best Music satellite feed) station changes format: WTBO, 1450, in Cumberland switched to Adult Contemporary as the River on April 1 (an appropriate date). They simulcast on 105.7 W289BR, what used to be a translator for co-owned WFRB. Just what we need: another AC station that sounds like all the others on the dial. (4/6/15)

Dave thought you might be interested in this story from the New York Post: Speculation over changes at NBC News as new boss takes charge (4/6/15)

Just saw Kimberly Suiters anchoring the evening news for channel 7, but she's not on the WJLA website as a NewsChannel 8 anchor. I thought she had been on there for awhile, but is she not considered a permanent employee? (4/6/15)

/\ April 6 Messages /\

\/ April 5 Messages \/

WPFW studios: I believe 1990 K St. is the temporary place they are leaving. If they are moving to second address on K St. I could be wrong. (4/5/15)

On the NBC4's 10 am newscast this morning, the station was promoting the Meet the Press Press Pass program, which airs at 11:30 am, immediately following Meet the Press). It showed the name David Gregory as the host. "OOPS". (4/5/15)

Dave, One of the last of the living DC broadcasting pioneers, Buddy Belote, passed away on Friday, March 20, 2015. He was part of the engineering crew at the predecessor to WTOP-FM in 1945 and continued working for the Washington Post radio stations for decades after the paper bought the original WINX... Coincidentally, he was father of record breaking swimmer Melissa Belote of 1972 Summer Olympics and 1976 Summer Olympics. I don't believe his obituary has yet been submitted to any newspaper. A few years ago, Buddy did an Out of the Past interview with Lee Shephard which I will post to Vimeo and share with the DCRTV Mailbag ASAP. Sincerely, Bob Bell (4/5/15)

If I were in the union at WJLA /NC8 I would be worried given what happened when Sinclair bought KSNV in Las Vegas. The station was family owned and about a year prior to Sinclair's purchase in late 2014 they unionized with IBEW Local 45. In January 2015 the stations staff took a vote to decertify the union. Almost all of the original union members were either fired or essentially harassed into quitting. At the time of the decertification only two members of the original staff who voted in favor of unionization were left. (4/5/15)

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Anyone know what's going on with Warrenton's AM 1420-WKCW? Tuned in today while driving through the area and it was a mess, to say the least. Songs cutting off halfway through, dead air, news reports playing over music. At one point they abruptly switched over to health and nutrition programming...This has been going on for months now. Their website provides no useful information and the "listen live" feature still does not work. Frankly, it sounds as though whoever was running things down there has just decided to abandon ship. (4/4/15)

''Okay, that was FIRST... what was second?'' - The second was everything that came after, about workplaces being unionized in right to work states. Disappointing that you couldn't figure that out. In any case, your post was ''scolding aggravating and narcissistic''. And a little light of commas. Insert joke about you needing assistance for insert activity here. - ''Anyone know where WPFW's new studios are?'' If only they had a website. - Dave, what do you hear/think about the supposed end of the Ron and Fez show? - ZW (4/4/15)

WPFW is at 1990 K Street in NW Washington. Found it on their homepage. (4/4/15)

Oh, and just one more thing related to traffic plane/helicopter crashes. The WRVA helo was a Bell 47 which has two rotor blades. That kind of machine is subject to some risks encountered if the controls are moved too quickly. Something called mast bumping can knock the main rotor completely off the ship and there are ways that the main rotor can cut off the tail boom. That's what I understood happened with the WRVA copter. Howard Bloom was a funny, larger-than-life guy. Tim Timberlake had to screw up his courage and take over the airborne traffic beat before later becoming morning show host. He told me he learned how to do most of the actual flying just for the challenge, letting the paid pilot sit there and daydream...up to a point. (4/4/15)

Anyone know where WPFW's new studios are? I find it a little odd that all mentions of the move include the address of the old place but not the new. Have I overlooked? (4/4/15)

"FIRST, only one of the fifty-seven states is NOT a right to work state. It's dictionary time for you." Aaannd right on cue, there's Zombie being his usual scolding aggravating and narcissistic self. Okay, that was FIRST... what was second? (4/4/15)

I'm the one who wrote about Bob Foster. He was one of my favorite deejays and i had the pleasure of listening to him on WIBG in Philadelphia when i went on vacation to Ocean City, NJ in 1968 and 1969. Also, that I read in Jack Gale's book, another favorite deejay, that Max hassled him to death. (4/4/15)

''Re: Being situated in Northern VA - a right to work state - wouldn't WJLA be a non-union shop?'' - Misconception Central. FIRST, only one of the fifty-seven states is NOT a right to work state. It's dictionary time for you. You don't think just about everyone in the film industry in Baltimore, or North Carolina or I don't know, CALIFORNIA is union? - I would watch Melanie Alnwick read the sports section aloud, or just to herself. - ZW (4/4/15)

Johnny Holliday's crash at Hyde was well before my time so I can't speak to the circumstances. The approach to runway 23 has high tension lines quite a ways out and then, as mentioned, the power line down Steed Road that's buried as it crosses the extended centerline. There's also a hump in the runway about 1/3 down and that messes with people too. All three - the power lines and the hump - look worse than they are. I don't know anything beyond published reports for most of the other accidents. With respect to the 1998 wreck at Freeway though, I think the facts speak for themselves. We looked at the weather earlier that morning and found spotty marginal conditions that looked like things could have gone either way. That made it a "let's go to the airport & see what happens" morning. Checked the weather again at 5:30 or so and it was getting worse in more places so we canceled. We heard Rob's plane take off over the company radio and Jim Russ, then in the producer's chair at Metro, told Rob & Co he didn't think it was a good idea to go but they went anyway and the rest is history. Their plane was a C172XP with 50 gallons of fuel; more than enough to either wait it out or get to a place where conditions were better or an instrument approach was available - both of which existed within 30-45 minutes' flight time. That goes right back to my original point - training, established procedures and maintenance can take 99% of the risk out of it. sbf (4/4/15)

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[RE: Just curious as to whether there are any males on the morning news at channel 7?] I keep saying that their morning news is like an early-morning version of The View. Adding Julie will only make it worse. But Dave reported several days back that former CNN sports anchor Larry Smith is joining WJLA and will be a "morning news anchor." Guess this means someone's out, but I don't know who. Maybe Julie negotiated this as part of her deal so she could have someone to flirt with? (4/3/15)

("Also, I'm not a real fan of Melanie Alnwick's as she routinely comes off as a Debbie Downer. ") ("Maybe it's just me, but Maureen Umeh seems like such a Debbie Downer when on the anchor desk or Good Day DC.") Who's next, Holly? Steve, Tucker? Kevin? (4/3/15)

What's DCRTV Dave listening to on the car radio these days? Everything from WTOP, WJFK, WAMU, and WMAL, to DC101, Big 100.3, the Gamut, and WTMD. In today's "Dave TV" (4/3/15).....

[Re: Being situated in Northern VA - a right to work state - wouldn't WJLA be a non-union shop? So with all the union-related venom Ive seen here in the past regarding Julie Wright, isn't it somewhat verboten for her to take a non-AFTRA gig?] WJLA/NewsChannel 8 is a strong union shop. DGA, AFTRA and NABET. Virginia is anti-union, but state law does not prohibit workers from organizing. (4/3/15)

Right-To-Work simply means you are not obligated to be in the shop to work there. Ed Little moved MBS to Crystal City to try to avoid unions but lost that bid. I’m sure Albritton did the same thing but, in the long run, it’s precedent, not intent. In reality—it just makes the union stronger in most cases. When I was at NBC/MBS, you didn’t have to be a member of the union to work there, but I think all but one person was in the unit, anyway. I don’t think anyone on-air was non-union. The union would have to be decertified to be out of the building…and in WJLA’s case…I don’t see that happening. I’m not sure what all the ‘venom’ about Julie is about. She simply got involved when others didn’t. Julie is Secretary of the Local Board; used to be President, I think. I don’t hear ‘venom’ about Joe Krebs, who spent an eternity running the Local board. Unions aren’t perfect. They are there to assure basic employee ‘rights,’ including pay, severance and representation in employee/management disputes. Most unions also offer pensions, life/health/dental and other benefits. They take that load off the companies, which is one of their big selling points. The overall relationship between unions and management has changed over time. They’ve had to learn to get along. I’ve been on both sides of the union issue. Frankly, I miss the days when every station had a union deal and AFTRA was not the rule, but law. The recent decertifcation of the unit deal at Fresh is tragic. That’s a heritage frequency for AFTRA. They represented that station since the days of WJMD. I’ll only say I hope whomever gets fired who voted down the union enjoys their less-than-stellar exit package. sean hall (4/3/15)

Just curious as to whether there are any males on the morning news at channel 7? (4/3/15)

RE Traffic plane/helicopter crashes: It's so good to know I'm not the only one on this board willing to interminably chew a subject to tiny bits. Thanks to UCS on the Steve Thompson update. As for the Johnny Holliday crash at Hyde, I'd always heard that they came back late on a dark night and there was an optical illusion possible along the northern perimeter of that airport. A power line which traveled on evenly spaced poles ran across the extended center line of the runway but the actual line was taken underground just at that one interval needed for clearance by approaching planes. The pilot, suddenly seeing the poles, assumed incorrectly that there was a line stretched between the poles, pulled up sharply, stalled the plane and nosed over into the ground. Maybe Stan Fetter can confirm that account. In any case I'd suggest it has always been a little too easy for non-pilots to unfairly heap shame on pilots. Not an attractive habit, especially when done anonymously. (4/3/15)

So The "direction" in which Julie's going is the Holly Morris of channel 7? Amazing that doing traffic gives one the background to be a field reporter. But then again, Tony Perkins was a sidekick & then a weather guy & subsequently an on air anchor. So kiddies, if you want to be a reporter or anchor, know that you don't have to go to school and study journalism. Another case in point, Holly Morris. She was an engineering major...Also, I'm not a real fan of Melanie Alnwick's as she routinely comes off as a Debbie Downer. However, I've noticed that Fox5 strategically places Melanie Alnwick in the chair on the end as she routinely wears short dresses thus spotlighting her legs. (4/3/15)

From Tom Taylor Now today: The Unknown Jock in Maryland - This week's theme of jocks who were hired and worked without meeting the boss concludes with a possible American record for avoidance of in-person contact by jock and management. Larry Fuss is now the owner of Delta Radio Network and South Seas Broadcasting, but in the late '70s he was "Larry O'Neal," and was "working for the legendary 'The Real' Howard Johnson at WZYQ in Frederick, Maryland." He continues - "One day Howard asked me if I wanted to work a weekend shift for one of his buddies up the road in Hagerstown. Being young and energetic, I agreed. I ended up doing a Sunday shift at what was then WQCM, in addition to my regular Monday-Saturday midday shift on WZYQ. The whole time I worked at WQCM, I never met the PD, the GM, or anyone other than the jocks who were on before and after me on Sunday. I continued working at both stations until I left Maryland in late '77 to buy my own station in Mississippi." Got your own true story about radio? Email “You Can’t Make This Up” – (4/3/15)

Being situated in Northern VA - a right to work state - wouldn't WJLA be a non-union shop? So with all the union-related venom Ive seen here in the past regarding Julie Wright, isn't it somewhat verboten for her to take a non-AFTRA gig? (4/3/15)

Re New Signs: Nice sign for WMAL. The New 107.3 sign is actually ready but they are waiting for the white flags that go on top of it! (4/3/15)

Dave's response: What's it gonna say? "Nash 107.3"? Ha ha ha.....

Well, now we know what the "different direction" is for Julie Wright -- she's not doing traffic this morning; she's taken the "feature reporter" role on ABC7, at an exercise studio this morning. (4/3/15)

What's up with 5 and 7 today on COX. Nothing but all others are good (4/3/15)

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When I joined CBS DC’s 94-7 FRESH-FM Christmas Eve 2009, it had been over three years since I had been on-air live. FRESH’s first PD Greg Dunkin kindly brought me aboard part-time. Current FRESH-FM OM/PD Steve Davis generously kept me on-track and viable for the next five-plus years. FRESH-FM has since grown into a respected music radio station in the DC market and it’s been my genuine honor to be a small brushstroke in the overall FRESH-FM portrait. I will always hold the entire 94-7 FRESH-FM family in the highest regard. As I depart by choice for a short break, I’ll keep you in the loop about my next radio adventure which will begin later this month. Please stay tuned. Ken Merson (4/2/15)

New signs at 4400 Jenifer... 107.3 sign will go up next week. (4/2/15)

Well Dave, again, you were on point with reporting that Julie would end up at channel 7. I went to her FB page and she's supposed to be doing traffic for their Good Morning Washington show. So as per her cryptic posts, how is this going in a different direction?..Unless of course she literally meant going in a different direction to work everyday. And because I don't watch channel 7 in the morning, is this Good Morning Washington a new show?..Also, do they not already have a traffic person?..Finally, I'm still curious as to what made her jump ship from channel 5 as it doesn't seem like she'll be doing anything different. And for all of those people who continue to post questions on the FOX5 FB page as to Julie's whereabouts, they need to give it a break as it seems obvious they're not going to get a response. Or maybe now that Julie has announce where she'll be, maybe they will...Oh, I'm suspecting that Wisdom Martin may be sicker than just "under the weather" as they initially said. This morning, it was just something about Holly and Steve's body language and somewhat protective and concerned tone..Hope he's ok. (4/2/15)

Greetings from 90 degrees and blue skies of Fountain Hills, AZ. - 35 miles from downtown Phoenix. I've been back in the desert for over three years now after my run at XM, AM Drive in Miami for Lincoln (same gig Jack had) and VP of Programming for a non-corp cluster in Fargo (you betcha its cold as shit!) Now working for a major investment group out of the Midwest that has offices in Scottsdale. They've built my own studio suite/offices a mile from my house and we'll be launching a new form of weekly investment show in June. No syndication - we'll buy the time for local clients in markets 1-50. Not the usual boring, snooze fest but pop culture meets Forbes mag. Yes we will have affiliates in the DC, Balmer, Eastern Shore, Richmond, C'Ville...etc. Update coming soon. Here's a #tbt pic for you. Starting with me on the left with Paul the rest from this telethon in '81 while on PGC. Bruce Kelly, Director of Media Operations, White Board Radio, Fountain Hills / Scottsdale, AZ., (4/2/15)

Getting some interference static on 97.9 wiyy in the rockville area last few days. Signal usally comes in crystal clear for the most part in this area. Could this be new translator interference or more likely just tower maintenance? (4/2/15)

I had the misfortune to hit a long-forgotten preset on my car radio this morning and listened to about three minutes of the juvenile triumvirate on 107.3. I misspoke ... it is absolutely unlistenable. How these three oversexed idiots who just constantly talk all over each another wound up on any radio station station is beyond me. And will someone please tell the powers-to-be that three children on any radio show is one too many. Lordy. (4/2/15)

Re.: Nestor and Mickey, if memory serves, Nestor wrote in his blog that Mickey was one of the few people in Baltimore that he actually pays to see. Guess Mickey couldn’t come up w/any comped tickets, and that was that. (4/2/15)

I'd forgotten about the.Metro Traffic crash involving WMZQ and Rob Edgar. Another poster mentioned the WTOP crash. I saw Steve Thompson several years ago at a business event in Tysons. He's still an active ham as N4TX, last I heard. I believe Bob Marboug came on board WTOP shortly before the accident. As Dave Pearce told me years ago at the old Washington-Virginia Airport, "The three rules a pilot lives by are Fly the Airplane; Fly the Damn Airplane; and Fly the G--damn Airplane!" Dave had the most beautiful blue and gold Piper J-3 I've ever seen. Speaking of flying safely, my take on the old saying of "Any landing you can walk away from is a good one" is "Any landing where the aircraft can quickly fly again afterwards is a good one". -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/2/15)

In response to Stan Fetter's post about the 1998 crash at Freeway Airport, the same thing happened to Johnny Holliday and his Daughter Tracie in 1975 The pilot used bad judgement in attempting to land at Hyde field in Clinton, Maryland when he should have gone to National, or Dulles. The weather that night was terrible and the plane crashed on landing sending Johnny his daughter and the pilot to the hospital. Holliday was in Sibley Hospital for 30 days recovering from major injuries, thankfully his daughter and the pilot of the Cessna 192 were not seriously injured. Common sense could have prevented that accident. (4/2/15)

“All Comedy Radio”….short-lived memories of WJOK here in DC in the early/mid 1980’s. I think it was on 1150AM and I think it was the first all-comedy radio station in the country. I don’t think it lasted very long, but I loved listening to it and it was funny….but not quite as funny as WMAL on some days. - Tim (4/2/15)

What happened to the Nestor and Mickey partnership? Nestor made such a big deal about it and nothing has been seen or heard about it since his announcement. (4/2/15)

To the earlier poster claiming there is only one news station left in Baltimore. Please tell me which one...I've been searching for it for the past couple of years, but all I can find is some station on 1090AM that wants to be. (4/2/15)

Thanks to the poster who put up the YT video of the police chase at Fairfax. Unusually skillful driver almost got away a couple times. Haven't seen a good chase like this in a long time on local TV, mostly because of post-911 air corridor restrictions against civilian aircraft. I wonder if TV news trucks will soon be equipped with drones that they can toss up from near the scene and give us a view (4/2/15)

“How ‘bout getting rid of Federal News Radio on 1500 AM so we can bring back WTOP and Eddie Gallaher playing music every weekday morning? Hey, look me over, lend me an ear….And to hear ‘It’s so nice to know so many….nice people’” If you want Eddie, you’d better get a shovel and start digging in the back of Normandie Farm restaurant in Potomac. Like Eddie used to say…”Oh, those golden popovers!” We went to Normandie once for dinner, and were surrounded by patrons who needed to be defibbed between courses…bye, Eddie! (4/2/15)

In Washington we could use an "All Comedy" station. Wait......maybe we already have one. Have you listened to WMAL? (4/2/15)

"..Others are free to disagree with me on this... But, I've always said airborne traffic reporting is the deadliest job in broadcasting. Besides WWDC, KFI, WNBC, and WOR have had fatal crashes that I recall...". On May 24, 1974 down in Richmond there was a very tragic crash involving a traffic copter for 1140 WRVA . Found this online "In 1974, the WRVA traffic helicopter lost a tail rotor at a low altitude and crashed into a house on West 31st street in South Richmond, killing WRVA reporter Howard Bloom, the pilot, and a small child eating dinner with his family. (4/2/15)

Correction in earlier post RE Traffic Planes. I read further down about the "Ice Tea" comment in the original post so I realize where that comes from. I will admit to going to dinner at a restaurant near the Bay Bridge Airport after our shift one night. Rob Edgar (4/2/15)

Having heard yesterday about the death of Cynthia Lennon, I was inspired to go back and put on a bunch of Beatle music, just to reflect on the old days before life got serious and stopped being fun. One of the recordings that rotated in was "Revolution #9", which I literally had not heard in a few decades. Well, not to take anything away from the genius of John Lennon, and fully realizing it was a 28-year-old rock musician's attempt at Musique Concrète, but in retrospect, Revolution #9 really is a terrible recording. That era was a time for experimentation to be sure, and it's certainly no better or worse than Jim Morrison's extemporaneous "poetry" (which today reads like diary entries by 15-year-old Emo girls), but sorry Classic Rock fans - Revolution #9 really does blow. (4/2/15)

In response to Stan Fetter, it was TUESDAY Oct 13, 1998. Not sure whether the "Ice Tea" remark was a dig against us. Doug Duff was in fact the MOST experienced and careful pilot I had during my time as airborne traffic reporter flying with Congressional Air Charters. You are correct that flying traffic is much more dangerous than normal general aviation, but we got it done EVERY day and covered traffic better than most. I can remember circling between runways out a Dulles to cover route 50. We were allowed in that airspace because of Doug's relationship with controllers and their confidence in his abilities. We flew up the BW parkway to cover a wreck for Baltimore because non of their planes could get as close to BWI as we could. I will agree that it would have been better to fly an instrument approach into BWI than to attempt Freestate, but go back and check the WX for that day. We had patchy fog in Bowie while Andrews was reporting clear sky. Remember also that SKY FOX was in the air that day. In any event traffic reporting will NEVER be good unless companies get back to their eyes in the sky. Cameras and computers will NEVER replace good reporting. Rob Edgar, , Fort Payne, AL (4/2/15)

If Channel 7/WJLA has hired Larry Smith as an anchor for "Good Morning Washington", who's out? (4/2/15)

Heard Pat Garrett on WNEW this evening and had a mind trip. Can WNEW get him to say "Traffic and Weather together on the 1s"? If it's Newsradio 99.1 now, can WNEW please get the teletype machine background like KYW and 1010 WINS? (4/2/15)

''On departure, the helicopter suffered engine failure at an altitude too low to make an unpowered landing, and burst into flames on impact. Others are free to disagree with me on this...'' - Ummm, yeah, I'm gonna say you're butt wrong about ''an altitude too low to make an unpowered landing''. Think about that. Every helo pilot I've know had to make a deadstick landing during training. The record is 40,000 feet and the trivial case is one foot. I've never tested in the U.S. so couldn't comment on the situation here but Rhodesia in the 70s was fun. Stick to stuff you know, like Sputnik and Telstar. - ZW (4/2/15)

So Al Franken, on the Letterman show, claimed he had a 40 year old grandson. At age 63. How does that work. (4/2/15)

The constant complaining about certain radio news stations is obviously emanating from a disgruntled former newsroom employee(s) with an old rusty ax to grind. Give it a break! Yes there was a scramble to cover breaking news so what if one station had it 15 minutes before the others. Do you think listeners know or care or pay attention like former news employees do? Whether it's AM or FM, most people get news through alerts on their phone or from TV. Not like the old days when Baltimore had a half dozen working radio newsrooms. Now there is one left. Unfortunately all the bitter ex employees spend too much time grumbling about the youngsters who replaced them. If the station does such a bad job, the reporters are talking too fast, too loud, drive too slow, etc., find another station. (4/2/15)

The September 12, 1965 "What's My Line?" appearance of Marie McDonald, the late airborne traffic reporter for WWDC radio. She's the first contestant, at about 4 minutes in. (4/2/15)

For our friend, the “Unsigned Corporate Suit”…. I ran traffic planes here in DC for Metro Networks for 14 years (1997-2011). The 79 crash you remember was actually October 13, 1998 (a Friday, I think, too). That involved Congressional Aviation, another operator under contract to Metro and occurred out at Freeway Airport in Bowie. The pilot died and the reporter, Rob Edgar then on WMZQ, was burned badly but recovered. That was a case of departing into questionable weather (fog). Rather than go to Dulles where the weather was better and there was an available instrument approach, they tried to sneak into Freeway and it didn’t work. Clear standards and procedures, stringent hiring practices, good training and maintenance will eliminate 99% of the risk factor in airborne traffic. Hire good, experienced people, and don’t expose yourself to additional risk (like stopping off an airport for iced tea, for example) and the odds can only improve. My operation flew roughly 25,000 hours over 14 years. I think we had two incidents over the whole time where an airplane wound up putting down somewhere other than an airport; thanks to the skill levels of the pilots neither planes nor occupants wound up with so much as a scratch on them. Try that with a low-time, inexperienced pilot and the outcome is likely going to be different. It’s like anything else, you get what you pay for. And unfortunately, very few people in the broadcast industry understand what it takes to run a safe operation. Even fewer are willing to pay for it. Flying traffic is certainly more dangerous than sitting behind a desk and reading the teleprompter, but I’ll still take it any day over going into the bowels of southeast DC for the typical crime scene standup. Stan Fetter (4/2/15)

UCS, amazing memory about the long ago WWDC chopper crash. Did you ever work there? (Ha, you're on to me.) Must have been a Hughes 269 which later became the Schweizer 300, but essentially the same machine. Captain Dan Rosenson flew the type later for WWDC. I also recall they hit some low power lines and got thrown violently back to the ground. A simple engine failure might (might) have been recoverable. I'm forgetting how I learned of it but there was a lot of legal wrangling as a result of that crash. The pilot's estate tried to collect Workman's Comp from WWDC but they claimed he was an employee of the helicopter company. IIRC the helo was leased from a well-known car dealer in the DC area who had started an "aviation division". They, in turn, tried to wriggle out of it by putting the pilot back on WWDC's books. Pretty shameless. And yes, sadly, there have been many traffic plane crashes over the years. Steve Thompson, formerly of WMAL, was the WTOP voice riding in the Cessna 172 which crashed in the dark in a back yard in Virginia after miscalculating fuel endurance and running out. I've always hoped things turned out OK for him once he recovered. (4/2/15)

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How ‘bout getting rid of Federal News Radio on 1500 AM so we can bring back WTOP and Eddie Gallaher playing music every weekday morning? Hey, look me over, lend me an ear….And to hear “It’s so nice to know so many….nice people” again. Sigh. KOF (4/1/15)

Hey Dave. As part of my job as an English teacher, I attended a "Media Madness" competition today at Paint Branch High in Md. The keynote speaker was Jim Vance. Looking relaxed and in charge, he rhapsodized and regaled his audience about the news business, his Philly area roots, and and his three daughters. He's as good speaking off the cuff as he is before a teleprompter. Would you like to see some of what he said? (4/1/15)

I think WNEW is finding its stride. They will never over take WTOP, that's pretty clear. But they're certainly carving out a niche as Maryland's true news station. As many have pointed out, that bizarre scene at the NSA a few days ago. Their reporter was there on the scene. WBAL sounded lost, confused, and just idiotic. Playing network feeds about a local story. I don't care if Baltimore isn't in the top 10 market sizes. They are big enough and connected enough to the BW Parkway, 95 corridor to sound better than they did. And Pat Garrett on the station now makes them sound like a classic CBS All Newser (even though its news radio). WTOP will always win the All News market, but WNEW is starting to carve its own identity after 3 years of trying to play catchup with 103.5. (4/1/15)

“How is Andy [Pollin] coming on once an hour supposed to help if the hosts don’t relate to anything he's talking about and vice versa?”. That’s the aspect of ESPN 980’s new Man Cave program that may need the most work – they’ve let Pollin bring along some of his old Sports Reporters bits (such as “guess the birthdays” and the obituary page) but it’s not going to fly if Jason Reid and Chris Paul can’t at least pretend to be interested in (for example) the passing of the Armand’s Pizza founder. This morning, Pollin incorrectly identified Mike Jones as the basketball coach who succeeded Bobby Knight at Indiana University and lost to Gary Williams’ Maryland team in the 2002 national championship game – even I knew that was Mike Davis despite (unlike Pollin) not being paid to be an authority on sports, yet both Reid and Paul either failed to notice the error or chose not to correct it. One thing that’s promising is an apparent interest in pursuing issue oriented discussions such as today’s segments on the declining number of African American college coaches and the religious freedom controversy in Indiana, in stark contrast to other sports talk shows in this town which seem allergic to that type of content. (4/1/15)

It's a good thing that Chuck Sapienza resigned from ESPN 980. Because he would have surely been fired soon anyway. After the debacle that The Man Cave has been, the PD who put the show together would have taken the blame. No one at the station likes the show, no sales people can sell the show, and no listeners like the show. It will be cancelled soon enough. There is no chemistry between Paul and Reid. No ability by either host to be at all interesting or engaging. A few more weeks perhaps and Mike and Mike will be back on. (4/1/15)

Is that Pat Garrett on WNEW replacing Paul Anthony? Neat! (4/1/15)

Strange how a tragic event will cause you where you were on a given day decades later. I remember the crash of "Copter 1260", a Hughes 300, IIRC. Marie and her pilot had made a brief stop at a place celled " Kelley's Midget Kitchen" for iced tea, which was pretty routine for them. On departure, the helicopter suffered engine failure at an altitude too low to make an unpowered landing, and burst into flames on impact. Others are free to disagree with me on this... But, I've always said airborne traffic reporting is the deadliest job in broadcasting. Besides WWDC, KFI, WNBC, and WOR have had fatal crashes that I recall. I remember WMAL's "police helicopter" once having to make an emergency landing in the playground of a D.C. school due to engine trouble. And, IIRC, WTOP had a non-fatal crash in 1979 or thereabouts. I believe their plane went down in a Vienna neighborhood. Flying too low and too slow... -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/1/15)

??? No April Fool's front page today? Nothing about Channel 9 hiring Jack Diamond to host a new Saturday kiddie show? Nary a mention of WMET bringing back its all-comedy format? Or WKCW buying the WMAL towers to put its Oldies format on the air closer to DC? As they say on the Internet, "I am disappoint". (4/1/15)

Well, in interesting news…Don Geronimo has formally apologized to his former colleagues for being a jerk in the last several years. He has acknowledged that his life hasn’t been the same without Mike, Buzz and the guys and has gone to confession to repent. Glenn Beck is dropping out of owning a media network broadcast wise. he finally realizes that a network predicated on him solely just doesn’t pass muster nor does 150 dollar jeans. Rush Limbaugh has come out of the closet and has admitted a longtime crush on Chris Plante. The ceremony will be held live in NY at the Empire State Building. CBS finally admits that it was a mistake putting WHFS in the realm of mainstream alternative but in a quick move…puts the letters in limbo for the next five years. If you believe any of this…you fell for some sick jokes today….HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! Dan (4/1/15)

Haven't seen anything yet. How about WTOP changing format to be the pioneering "Classic News" station with Jack Diamond anchoring mornings and Don Geronimo anchoring afternoons? "Classic News" would include the best reports and features from Ed Murrow, Eric Sevareid, Winston C. Hottelet, Bob Trout, Richard Dimbelby, Rene Levesque, and others. (4/1/15)

[“WNEW is now touting itself as Newsradio 99-1, though some of their sounders haven't been changed and some reporters are still saying All News 99-1”...] What would you expect….they’ve been saying ‘All News 99-1’ at the end of EVERY report since day one. Do you think it’s that easy to stop using that phrase that’s permanently etched in their brains? Seriously, I guess this is a pretty shrewd move by management, going directly after “NewsRadio 1090” (4/1/15)

This morning Holly Morris said a number of people have been asking about Wisdom & so she said that he's recovering & will be back. No other details. However, no mention of the fact that a number of people are asking about Julie Wright..Earlier, they were doing a segment with Julie Kurtz about an actor on that show Veep and were showing pics/video of characters from the show. Well, one of the pics they mixed in was of that escaped prisoner from yesterday!! Really? How tacky was that?! But then again, this Isn't the first time someone behind the scenes has put up the wrong picture, wrong subtitle, or wrong info on the teleprompter for the anchors. (4/1/15)

It's hard to believe that this September 1, will be the 49th year since Marie McDonald's accident. Marie would be turning 78 on September 2, 2015 if she had survived. Marie and Pilot Les Kaufman were killed when the helicopter they were in lost power and struck a 4,000 volt power line. The helicopter they were in exploded in flames just off Kenilworth Avenue in District Heights. They had just landed to pick up food from a fast food restaurant before heading for the airport to wrap up their day. Maria was a wonderful human being who was full of zest and died way to young. She loved her job reporting traffic for WWDC. Thank you for remembering her. Sincerest Regards, Joe (4/1/15)

I was thinking of Richard C. Hottelet and Winston Burdette! Can't forget my old buddy, Terry Drinkwater, either! Do you know what they all have in common? (4/1/15)

WNEW is now touting itself as Newsradio 99-1, though some of their sounders haven't been changed and some reporters are still saying All News 99-1. (4/1/15)

I don't think the FCC worries about such things, but if a station is not operating in HD, yet the legal ID says they are in HD, could there by a fine imposed for it? (4/1/15)

News junkie here again. This time to second the post on the "lack of seasoned reporters" . I wonder if anyone at Hearst reads these posts and realizes that the writers might just know more than those sitting in offices on the third floor on radio hill, 3800 Hooper avenue. (4/1/15)

Fox 5's coverage from this morning of a high speed chase involving a woman in a pickup truck. -MP (4/1/15)

Dave - do you have any idea what might be airing on WPWC in southern Prince William county? I have someone who will be in that area next week but thought you might know what is going on with the station. The LMA and programming that was there is gone so wondering if they are even on the air. (4/1/15)

Hardly a year goes by that a radio station somewhere, doesn't get snarled up in an April Fools Day prank that goes awry. This snippet from the Vox Jox column in the April 24, 1971 issue of Billboard, recounts an innocent, fun stunt that year, devised by WWDC and WOL. The only factual correction I'd make, regards WWDC's format. In 1971, the station ran a full service MOR, personality-oriented format, with a some Top 40 tunes, having adult appeal, added into the music mix. They definitely weren't "easy listening." I don't have any tape of the gag from either station, but I wish I did. Listeners to both stations got a good laugh from the stunt and it was a topic of conversation for some time afterwards. (4/1/15)

In a world where people now struggle to keep a job for 38 months, Sarah Fleischer's 38-year run at 98Rock is truly amazing. The suits there must be jumping for joy over the payroll savings because we all know her replacement will start at minimum wage. Thanks for the memories, Sarah. All the best to you in the days ahead. (4/1/15)

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, did it really fall? If PMSNBC wastes electrical power running their studios, wastes money paying bloated salaries, and portends to be a genuine cable news channel, does that mean it really is? When they are beaten in ratings by local cable access news programs, QVC, C-SPAN III and more people are watching DCRTV on You Tube than PMSNBC, will they finally give up, save the planet (that idiot Chris Hayes actually thinks he is doing so by cycling to work) and send Chris Matthews to the looney bin where he belongs, send Al Not Too Sharpton back to inciting riots, send Rachel Maddow back to Airhead America (oh, right, IT’S defunct, too), send Sgt. Schultz back to Hogan’s Heroes, and send Phil Griffin back to whatever hole he keeps crawling out of to save PMSNBC and call it a day? And where will all the faux talking head Obambians, Clintonistas, Warrenheads spew their bullshit hate America, Republicans are waging a war on women, Commie drivel? Maybe CNN can pick up some of the slack and Lean Forward a bit more in hopes of bolstering their non-airplane-crash ratings (they only do well when disasters occur). Goodbye you sorry bunch of crybaby America haters: MSNBC cannot cease their lies and slanted bullshit too soon. At least were PMSNBC to finally give up we would have the internet unclogged with endless “How Phil Griffin Will Save MSNBC—This Time He Means It” stories or R.I.P. ones like this: (4/1/15)

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