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[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] MORNING SHOW HOST: VIRGINIA’S NORTHERN NECK - You have years of on air experience. You know the importance and value of smaller market morning shows. You handle production and some web content. You work well with others and your on air approach is real, not affected or forced. This morning drive slot on BAY-FM in Virginia’s coastal Northern Neck, puts your high profile responsibilities to use in a community where local radio truly dominates. Plus it can provides long term security, a great working environment, and lifestyle for the right talent. Our morning talent leaves for Saga, our first staff change in 8 years. Sound interesting? We should talk soon. EEO Send an email only with resume and Mp3 aircheck attachment to: (5/22/15)

CBS will be airing PBR (Professional Bull Riders) bull riding on Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. ~~ What will OTA channels 9.1 (WUSA) and 13.1 (WJZ) be showing? Baseball or the PBR? ~~ indicate that OTA 9.1 will begin airing baseball at 1:30, followed by golf at 4:30. OTA 9.2 will air the PBR, starting at 1:00 p.m. and going until 3:00 p.m., when it broadcasts golf too. ~~ Let's check Baltimore. ~~ OTA 13.1 will also be airing baseball and golf. OTA 13.2 will be airing episodes of the Fugitive. Is someone at WUSA reading DCRTV? If so, thank you. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (5/22/15)

“God doesn't need money to operate Heaven. The devil doesn't need money to operate Hell, either. Even though money is the most mentioned topic in the Bible, Jesus was neutral on the topic. Tracy in Florida” Yes, but DCRTVDJDAVE needs money to operate DCRTV so be sure to take some of that money God don’t need and send it him: (5/22/15)

It's really nice to see the advertising coming back to the mailbag. I was concerned for a while, but those that buy space are an intelligent group of advertisers....CONGRATS DAVE.....YOU DA MAN!!! (5/22/15)

If I hear that Comcast “Sunshiny Day” song one more day, I think I’m going to go postal and snap somebody’s neck? Is there anyone who ad bombs more obnoxiously than Comcast? I know you cut the cord Dave, but I can’t believe they’re not ad-bombing DCRTV anymore! HAHA! (5/22/15)

Josh Duggar "pals around" with WMAL's Dan Bongino! [via Twitter:] "I'm up next on @wmalnews with my friend @dbongino talking #HobbyLobbyDay" (5/22/15)

I knew there was a reason I liked Megan McGrath on channel 4. This morning when reporting from the Howard Johnsons on Rt 1, she slipped and called it "Howard Jones". If she digs the 80s as much as I do, I wanna buy this lady a coffee & scone and chat about dem Good Old Days when we were bright-eyed broadcasters with our whole careers yet to unfold. (5/22/15)

Dave's response: Proof that things can only get better - By the way, if CBS would flip 99.1 to tunes like this, they'd triple the ratings overnight.....

From today's Tom Taylor Now: Uncle Sam sues Birach Broadcasting over failure to pay a $17,000 FCC fine. This is unusual – U.S. attorneys in the area where the violation occurred are supposed to chase the non-payment of FCC fines, but prosecutors usually have much bigger fish to fry. But something about this case caught the attention of U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade in Michigan. Her office just sued Birach Broadcasting to force payment of a fine issued for violations of the tower fence rule and the public file rule. Specifically, an FCC inspector in 2010 found that the public filed was missing 24 quarters worth of material – the entire eight-year license term. Plus, the fence around the transmitter had deteriorated and “allowed unrestricted access to the antenna structure.” Birach’s original 2010 response didn’t dispute the problem with the public file but said it had repaired the fence. Two years later came the Notice of Apparent Liability for $17,000, but this time Birach pleaded that it didn’t own the towers and shouldn’t be held responsible for them – a long-settled no-no at the FCC. It also said the public file material was somewhere else at the station and had been reassembled, so the public file was okay. The FCC didn’t buy it (no surprise) and earlier this year issued a Forfeiture Order for its $17,000, giving Birach 30 days to pay. Birach didn’t. Whatever else happens, the owner’s probably going to spend more than 17 grand in legal fees. (5/22/15)

To the poster that said about Rush Limbaugh: "... and he's got more money than God." Well, duh. ANY human being on this planet has more money than God. Even if you only have a penny in your name, you have more money than God. That's because us Humans use money as our societal operating system for living on Earth. God doesn't need money to operate Heaven. The devil doesn't need money to operate Hell, either. Even though money is the most mentioned topic in the Bible, Jesus was neutral on the topic. Tracy in Florida (5/22/15)

/\ May 22 Messages /\

\/ May 21 Messages \/

I may have misspoke about Julie not giving notice to TT. It could be that Ron just forgot to fill her shift... However, calling Julie a "fat sack of shit" just insults a sack of shit. That's uncalled for. (5/21/15)

''I'm no fan of WTOP, but enough with the thrice-daily whining about error messages on their website. That's a problem at your end of the wire; the website loads just fine, every time.'' - Well, yeah, except no. If it's a 503 error as reported, that's on the server's side. This is entry level stuff, not rocket science. Now scoot. - ZW (5/21/15)

Thank you the poster who submitted that picture of Julie Wright at her going away party. Dave, you have a popular blog that a lot of people respect. But the majority of people that write to your blogs are either A) Media Rejects or B) Psychotic local news fans. Either way, there is a festering of negativity & animosity that completely takes over your website. You are a credible source of news and information for the people in the DC & Baltimore metro area media. But when you allow people to post 100% nonfactual bullshit, on a continious basis, the crediblity that you seek and beg for, gets knocked down time and time and time again. You may have sources, you may call out the Washington Post, you may get a scoop every now and then. But when you allow these idiots to post this crap, you're not taken anyone. You're just another snarky blogger trying to stir the pot. The inmates running the asylum. (5/21/15)

Dave's response: I just provide a platform for the inmates. Nothing more.....

RE: Julie Wright leaving Fox 5. Your facts are totally wrong and without merit. Julie gave two weeks notice and sure I'm sure a few stations were upset, Julie Wright is a brand name. Calling another human being a "fat sack of shit" in any public forum is truly tasteless. Especially a woman ! Please fact check before you make statements you know nothing about. (5/21/15)

Thanks for posting that picture Julie. Nice pic of you and a couple of sycophants. The rest were there to make sure you were actually leaving. Julie may have told 99-1 and 5 directly that she was leaving, but her sole employer, Total Traffic, was given notice the day before she left. You should've seen Ron running around this place trying to fill her meat hooks! (5/21/15)

CBS Baltimore’s web site has so much going on and so many ads it makes yours look blank: too many ads, too much hype, too little content blinds the viewer. There ought to be a law: (5/21/15)

re: "I am a sports fan and live in Northern Virginia. I listen to WTEM on 94.3 FM in Warrenton." I'm a sports fan and live in Northern Virginia. Ever since the Man Cave took to the airwaves, I made the jump to the "other sports station" and am not looking back. No more Cooley and Czabe either 'cause talking Redkins depth chart in March and May just doesn't work. Yes, we are in a football town, but there are other teams too -- and for once in our lifetimes, they are ALL doing well and the Redskins aren't. Hope the new PD at WTEM and Danny are taking notes. (5/21/15)

Just saw Bruce Leshan reporting on the murder of that wealthy family in DC. When he discussed how the suspect screwed up by having a pizza delivered to the house and how the suspect's DNA on the pizza crust that tied him to the crime scene, Leshan actually produced a half-eaten pizza crust and an otherwise empty pizza box. Bruce Leshan, I've seen Pat Collins up close in person investigating stories before. You're no Pat Collins. (5/21/15)

In spite of the media's best efforts to help and support it, "Red Nose Day" wasn't exactly an event that'll be carved into a stone tablet somewhere. Nice try though. Maybe next year they'll try "SMYT Day". (5/21/15)

Every time I and others post great ideas and suggestions on here, I ask myself why we make such whores of ourselves by allowing stations like alleged news radio 1090 to benefit from all the free advice. Then again, after tuning in, it became clear to me they aren't taking any of it. (5/21/15)

Picture from the "sparsely attended" party for Julie Wright. For the record she did give 2 weeks notice---but apparently name calling and posting flat out lies are all that some choose to do in this mailbag. (5/21/15)

"Heard the Merson Person on 101.9 all this week in the afternoon. Did he replace Jimmy Roberts?" Nope, just filling in for FJ this week. Ken is now regularly heard weekends on WLIF 101.9. (5/21/15)

WHGM has been on the 104.7 translator for about a month using just a temporary GE Superradio to input the transmitter until an STL can be installed. This is only a 10 watt signal covering Aberdeen, Havre de Grace, and up river about 15 miles. (5/21/15)

Heard the Merson Person on 101.9 all this week in the afternoon. Did he replace Jimmy Roberts? (5/21/15)

Re: WHGM..translator?. W284BE MD HAVRE DE GRACE USA HOPE CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF MARLTON, INC.: FX 104.7 MHz Licensed File No.: BLFT-20080708AOH Facility ID number: 146400 CDBS Application ID No.: 1254949 39° 33' 52.00" N Latitude 76° 06' 7.00 " W Longitude (NAD 27) Polarization: Horizontal Vertical Effective Radiated Power (ERP): 0.01 0.01 kW ERP Antenna Height Above Average Terrain: 160. 0. meters HAAT - Calculate HAAT Antenna Height Above Mean Sea Level: 207. 207. meters AMSL Antenna Height Above Ground Level: 139. 139. meters AGL (5/21/15)

Call the gamut's playlist whatever you want, but mostly call it unlistenable. I checked in again this morning and yet again found them playing dusty old disco records. I'm all done checking them out. I gave them a preset in anticipation of something new and exciting. It's just awful. Cleared from my presets. (5/21/15)

Heard last evening and this morning in the Bel Air area, WHGM (AM 1330 – Havre de Grace) on 104.7. Not sure what that’s about. Yesterday, a strong signal on I-95, but in and out as you head west to Bel Air, over-taken by WAYZ in many parts. This morning, a battle between WHGM, WAYZ and “105”, which based on the traffic report was somewhere on the DE/MD Eastern Shore. Curious if WHGM is going to 104.7, and if so, where they are targeting the signal. Signed, A Dashboard DX Society wannabe. (5/21/15)

"The Gamut has radically altered its playlist" --- How do you sample this station, through a keyhole? There is no alteration that I can hear, and I have it on a lot on both AM and HD, depending on where I am and what comes in the best. The station is what it is at any given moment of the day, which means you may hear a burst of 90s, then a mid-50s bossa nova cut, a novelty tune, something from a '70s dentist office, a deep-cut Beatle tune, you just never know. Perhaps a better branding decision would have been to call it "Sybil Radio" (look her up, ya lazy bastids). (5/21/15)

Re: Thrice daily whine, brought to you by Ronnie Mervus jewelers. Site was experiencing problems again at 6:55 for a short period of time. It is not my computer, as confirmed to me by WTOP's John Meyer: "I agree it is getting to(sic) much..we are in the process of moving to a more reliable hosting environment unfortunately it is like moving a house and takes time...we are trying to make this happen as quickly as possible.." [/End of Whine] (5/21/15)

Dittos & why "Rush is Right": (From Rush Limbaugh web site transcript May 20th) RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, before we get going here today, I really, really need to offer you a sincere apology for the last hour of the program yesterday. I mean, it was an absolute bomb, and it was because for the first time in I don't know how many years, I abandoned totally my professionalism, and I allowed myself to be totally distracted by a bunch of stuff that was happening that had nothing to do with the program, off the air stuff. I even alluded to it a couple of times during the program, but the bottom line is that I ended up being distracted, and I don't remember very much of the last hour of that program, and that means it wasn't very noteworthy if I don't remember it. You know, I do this every day, the only measure that I have of this program each day is, you know, when I say meeting and surpassing all audience expectations, I sincerely mean that. This program has always been for the audience. It's never been for the media. It has never been for buzz or PR or hype. It's always been for the audience. I'm very empathetic in relating to you and imagining how you are hearing the program. And if you thought yesterday's last hour was an abomination, I would have to agree with you. The great thing is in this business there's always tomorrow. When you do one of these programs every day, there's always tomorrow. Tomorrow is now here. Snerdley said, "It was a great hour. You don't need to --" It was not a great hour. I'm telling you it was not a great hour. (interruption) "The only thing wrong was it wasn't long enough." Don't give me that. Look, you know, I had these two stories on women, that Mad Men story I mean, I just went through the motions. I might as well have not even done those two stories because I added nothing to it. Anybody can do what I did. I just read because I was so mad. You do not know how mad I was, and it's rare that I allow this to happen. I'm able to compartmentalize and, you know, put everything out of my mind for these three hours and then join the drudgery afterwards. But it overcame me yesterday, and even if you didn't know -- and I doubt that you didn't. I mean, it was so bad, you had to know based on comparisons of previous programs and what you expected, it was bad. So I've been waiting all day for this hour to start here so I could apologize to you. I will never, ever -- I mean, yesterday was the equivalent of phoning it in. But it was even worse than that 'cause I was going through the motions of trying. Phoning it in, you don't even try. But I was going through the motions of trying in the third hour. I just was unable to overcome these distractions": and (5/21/15)

Re: Channel 6 LPTV.....The FCC announced three years ago that the Channel 6 LPTV stations must go digital or give up their analog Channel by 9/1/15. These stations have been operating as FM stations rather than LPTV Stations as intended. This group of stations hired a lobbyist to lobby the FCC to extend the date indefinitely so that they could continue to operate as FM Stations. It sure looks like the lobbyist did a good job with the FCC. The FCC can change their rules depending on how good the lobbyist is with them. Is this fair to other FM Stations in the market? How much power does the FCC have now? I thought they were a government agency designed to be a "regulatory agency"? This agency receives your tax dollars, license fees from stations and the new regulatory fees. (5/21/15)

/\ May 21 Messages /\

\/ May 20 Messages \/

To DCRTV Dave: You said (in a response to another poster) "Or, hire the crew from WDCN, 87.7, which will be going away soon when the FCC ends these low-power analog "TV stations" on the channel 6 audio frequency....." I hate to tell you this, but these radio on TV stations on 87.75 FM in places like New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, and other cities are NOT going away anytime soon. Originally any LPTV station that was still on analog had until a specified date (I forget the date) in 2015 (this year) to either go digital of go off the air; but that's now been delayed by the FCC to an unspecified date. Just like the FCC: Delay, Delay, Delay. Last year, they went ahead and delayed (for a second time) the spectrum auction until 2016. As of today, they still have NOT set a definite date for it. Maybe the FCC is waiting for 2017 with a new President and new Commissioners before they take action on matters like the digital LPTV conversion, the spectrum auction, and the repack ~ just saying. Tracy in Florida (5/20/15)

I don't see Cumulus flipping WRQX to "Classic Hip Hop" I might be wrong but I just don't see it. Now ALL of the DC Urban`s still bill well that maybe what Cumulus is looking at and as we know billing is more important than ratings we will see. I think that now more than ever with PPM that these stations no matter format all depend on "Money Target Demo" performance to survive it has turned stations into narrow DEMO stations IMO. In the case of WPGC and WKYS they are 18-34/18-49 narrow target demo stations WMMJ 25-54 so keep that in mind with these ratings. (5/20/15)

RE: “On an unrelated topic...Rush is finally being shit-canned by stations in major markets, some that have run his propaganda machine for more than a decade. No comments here? Who'll be the first to blame Obama? Lastly...what's the over/under on total combined audience of Don Geronimo and Mike O'Meara's current incarnations? I'll start the betting at 4,000 individuals. And I think I'm being very generous.” Okay: I’ll bite. Rush has weathered drug abuse, the loss of his hearing, four or five wives, boycotts, record Rush 24 subscribers (his Limbaugh Letter is among the top in the nation),menopausal/hysterical Femi-Nazis, long hair dope smoking FM radio types, stations dropping him, stations adding him, rip-off mimickers making their radio careers off him, did I say four or five wives?, snarky DCRTV Mailbag posts, ratings drops, ratings gains, his producer & friend dying, not having lunch with Bill Hess, not having coffee with DCRTVDJDAVE at Starbucks, a dead cat, a dead mouse (he killed with a broom), his parents dying, his brother being an oaf, my feeble defense of him, DCRTVDJDAVE hating him for standing him up at Starbucks, six or seven wives, and a partridge in a pear tree. Rush could broadcast via an orange juice can attached to a string and people would listen to him (he’s still King of AM radio): name anyone else in the business who has anywhere near his numbers. He who has the last laugh laughs best: Rush laughs at himself as well others. Besides, he makes more money in two years than Georgie boy makes in five and he’s got more money than God: (5/20/15)

When does the WDCN 87.7 go away? The Channel 6 TV station that never was a LPTV. It has always operated as an FM Station and the FCC does not care that they never did keep any of their programming promised when they received their "TV License". (5/20/15)

The gamut or whatever it's called (does it not have call letters?) has radically altered its playlist already. Now it sounds like a pretty standard Oldies station, with a scoop of 90s Alternative. A step in the right direction, but still zero personality. Cue the screeching (for some reason) about "Spirit in The Sky." (5/20/15)

Classic Hip Hop on WRQX 107.3 with 50,000 watts. Does this hurt the Radio One WMMJ with just 3,000 watts? Radio One is already having difficulty in DC. It will also cut into WKYS. Radio One describes the WKYS Format as Hip Hop. It will be interesting to see if Cumulus can beat Radio One. This should be a good contest. (5/20/15)

Dave's response: The ratings are down for DC area urban outlets like WKYS, WPGC, and WMMJ. So, yeah, the dopes at Cumulus probably think it'll boost WRQX's sorry fortunes. Instead of a "flash in the pan" format like classic hip-hop, how about taking to us back to the "Jammin' Oldies" format that once graced DC's 99.5? Classic soul, pop, R&B, and (!!!) hip-hop. That would be more "substantial" and would probably do well with both whites and blacks in DC's current anemic music radio market. Now, if Cumulus was smart, they'd do a bilingual Spanish-English hits format on 107.3. Lean in the direction of El Zol - as if it had a decent "inside the Beltway" signal, which 107.3 does. Or, hire the crew from WDCN, 87.7, which will be going away soon when the FCC ends those low-power analog "TV stations" on the channel 6 audio frequency.....

Re: WTTG investing in Julie Wright for an extended amount of time, stations do that all the time & employees still choose to leave when they feel a better opportunity presents itself. Case in point, Lyndsay Czarniak, Craig Melvin, Gurvir Dhindsa, Amy Robach & the list goes on. And there's nothing wrong with that. Now, the problem is if someone tries and/or breaks their contract OR as someone posted on this site that in this case, Julie gave no notice. That's a completely different story. If she indeed gave no notice, that's just totally unprofessional and yes, WTTG was right in not allowing her to have a "good-bye" sendoff on air. However, she also kept posting on her FB & Twitter that management wouldn't allow her to talk about her new job. Don't know if that was WTTG or channel 7. In any case, who knows if the real story will ever come out as to the circumstances of her leaving. (5/20/15)

Looks like Sherri Ly is switching jobs... [From Twitter:] It's official! I'm joining Metro as Media Relations Mgr. Excited for the challenge & life outside TV ?? #wmata (5/20/15)

Concerning the 220 MHz band, the interference people seem to think comes from power companies is not interference, it's ownership. Years ago, the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative acquired nationwide licenses in the 220 MHz band. It was initially intended for "smart meters" for power companies and mobile digital radio for power company crews, but nobody wanted any of it. For the past ten years the NRTC has been trying to repurpose, rebrand, and sell it off, and some parts got sold off to different owners for the same allocation. This was far before radio-based PTC in its current form was anticipated. It is an ideal band for railroads, it penetrates structures and foliage and can travel very far between base stations and vehicles. For Amtrak's implementation of PTC, there's a problem. The Northeast Corridor is over 450 miles long and goes through the most densely populated areas of the world. For the radio-based implementation of PTC, they have to have clear access to their 220 MHz allocation for the entire length and many miles adjacent. Some of this wasn't available. Luckily, from the start, the digital parts of 220 MHz use TDMA and are explicitly designed to work together, much like modern mobile phones and your home cordless phone does. I hope this clears up some confusion. -Chainsman (5/20/15)

Caught part of Tony Kornheiser’s radio show yesterday and they were reacting to some public comments by Ted Leonsis regarding perceived favoritism by DC media outlets toward the local pro football team at the expense of the two he owns (i.e., the Capitals and Wizards). Three statements that I consider highly debatable need to be addressed here, the first being Kornheiser’s contention that ‘we talk about Ted’s teams all the time on this show. ‘ I listened fairly consistently over the month long period when both the Wiz and Caps were competing in the playoffs and don’t recall a single interview that focused exclusively on either team. While three or four NBA reporters (such as David Aldridge and Chicago writer Sam Smith) appear regularly on that program, those interviews tended to be about the playoffs in general and only briefly touched on the Wizards. Kornheiser’s lone hockey guest (and only on an occasional basis) is the Post’s Neil Greenberg – inexplicably he wasn’t booked for an appearance during the Capitals’ recently concluded postseason run. Just coming on the air and calling the Caps ‘chokers’ without making any sincere effort to understand what’s going on in the games doesn’t qualify as covering the team in my view. The second controversial remark was Kornheiser saying that Washington, DC ‘is becoming a baseball town’. I’m sorry – it’s always been a baseball town and anyone who denies that is simply ignoring documented facts. Back in the late 60s and early 70s, mediocre Senator teams drew nearly as well as the Oriole teams up the road that were going to the World Series almost every year and through much of the 33 year period when Washington was without a team, between 20 and 30 percent of Baltimore’s attendance came from fans who lived closer to Eastern Market than Lexington Market. Just because you didn’t start paying more than passing attention to the Nationals until they became good a few years ago (although now acting like their most dedicated fan) doesn’t mean the whole DC area was like that – check those attendance figures from the inaugural season of 2005, for example. Finally, sit-in guest Gary Braun saying ‘there’s no burning desire in this town for hockey talk on radio’ – to the contrary, I have it on good authority that both 980 and 106.7 The Fan get constant feedback from listeners requesting more Caps related discussion on the various shows. Mike, Fairfax (5/20/15)

Could WRQX be one of the four? I guess we will learn tomorrow. From Tom Taylor Now: Westwood bets on classic hip-hop with a new 24/7 format. They’ll model it on the one-month-to-#1 launch of Indy’s “93.9 the Beat” WRWM, believing that the formula they’re doing there is broader and perhaps more sustainable than the execution of classic hip-hop by some others. (They don’t mention names, but think Radio One and “Boom.”) Westwood One parent Cumulus media will install the new “Classic Hip Hop” format on four of its own stations beginning Friday, going into the Memorial Day weekend. Personalities include WPLJ New York’s “Ralphie” in the important evening slot. And Westwood/Cumulus veteran Adam Bomb in mornings. Since July 2013, Adam’s been fronting the syndicated nighttime Adam Bomb Show that replaced Perez Hilton (“Perez Nights Live”). Presumably Adam will continue that show as well as waking up classic hip-hop listeners with LL Cool J, 2Pac, 50 cent and Missy Elliott. There’s an obvious question for a format that’s basically been seen only since last October, outside of L.A. and one or two other markets – is it too soon to offer classic hip-hop in syndication? Cumulus is committing four of its own (unidentified) stations as test cases, and we’ll start finding out whether classic hip-hop has legs, with the Summer and Fall Nielsen diary books. (5/20/15)

I'm no fan of WTOP, but enough with the thrice-daily whining about error messages on their website. That's a problem at your end of the wire; the website loads just fine, every time. It's become pretty much a worthless website, but it isn't going down nearly as often as you pretend. On an unrelated topic...Rush is finally being shit-canned by stations in major markets, some that have run his propaganda machine for more than a decade. No comments here? Who'll be the first to blame Obama? Lastly...what's the over/under on total combined audience of Don Geronimo and Mike O'Meara's current incarnations? I'll start the betting at 4,000 individuals. And I think I'm being very generous. (5/20/15)

I am a sports fan and live in Northern Virginia. I listen to WTEM on 94.3 FM in Warrenton. However, when I am in DC I can't get the WTEM Sports on any FM station. Why doesn't Red Zebra buy WFRE 99.9 FM so you can hear them on FM? It is 50,000 Watts and covers Frederick, Montgomery County & DC. AM is Dead now and maybe Red Zebra doesn't know it. We hear that WFRE has been for sale for 8 years. Why can't they sell it? (5/20/15)

Julie Wright burned three bridges when she signed that fat contract with Channel 8. Total Traffic, WNEW and Fox 5. She left with no notice and they all had to scramble to cover the shifts she walked out on. For her sake, I hope it was a long term deal, because if 8 doesn't renew, she's done in DC and maybe done period. You don't piss off companies like Clear Channel, CBS and Fox and think they'll just hire you back. Plus the word is out that she's a selfish employee and a nightmare to work with. (5/20/15)

"...suggests FOX5 wasn't too pleased with her decision..." When a company makes an investment in an employee for an extended period of time, they are never happy when they leave. However, in this case I can tell you that there were two parties when Julie left WTTG. The first she attended and was sparsely attended. The other was well attended, and she wasn't invited. You do the math. WJLA has no idea what they're in for with this fat sack of shit on their staff. (5/20/15)

After watching WBAL, I have to wonder why the station suddenly feels compelled to be the ears of a community rather than the eyes on it. The station aired a story last evening entitled 'GEMS help troubled girls turn things around,' by Deborah Weiner, who said "people wanted to hear voices previously unheard" as she trumpeted the station's new series, "Baltimore Listens." First of all, you have to understand why viewers associate the name "Weiner" with hot dog. Her lead-in included a pat on the back over her story with gang members during the riots that "went viral with some two million hits" on the Internet. Then, the story began showing her shaking hands and greeting people in what looked like a receiving line as if running for mayor. Seriously? This self-serving, egotistical crap was enough to make even the soup kitchen crowd puke up their Bea Gaddy turkey sandwiches. "Baltimore Listens" is about as phony as a similar gimmick aired in Baltimore years ago, "WCBM...We Care About Baltimore...and You!" Don't be fooled. Radio and television stations care about one thing: revenue. If anyone should be "listening," it's the community, and, more specifically, the families of the thugs who brought this city to its knees, not just a television station in search of higher ratings, interviewing murderous gang members as a way to achieve them. (5/20/15)

Re.: Man Cave. “they do need time to find themselves and for people to find them.” Absolutely. Be just like WNEW. Give them 3 years. That must now be the industry standard. I guess that also means the GM at WBAL still has 2 more years to figure things out. Who is the new pm drive guy at 100.7 the Bay? Sounds like he’s related to one of the afternoon news guys at 1090. Dave Hovel (WXCY/New Country 106.1) is now doing the sports updates on 105.7 The Fan during pm drive. (5/20/15)

What is even funnier is 980 promotes the SHIT OUT OF MIKE AND MIKE. Yet.........tune M AND M. (5/20/15)

Well, this is refreshing: a radio station so modest, it doesn't like to talk about itself very much: (5/20/15)

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\/ May 19 Messages \/

On Allison Seymour's FB page, she addressed Julie leaving by saying that she chose to go to another station.Of course we know that now, but this is the first I've heard/seen anyone from the station responding to requests as to Julie's whereabouts. Obviously Julie did what she felt was best for her, but for to make a comment that she wasn't allowed to tell the viewing audience goodbye suggests FOX5 wasn't too pleased with her decision. (5/19/15)

ESPN 980's "Man Cave" Gets Low Ratings - gotta hand it to WTEM, they actually came up with something worse than Mike & Mike. (5/19/15)

Dave, I am not defending the Man Cave but it is a little too early to pronounce a verdict. Do I think they will beat the Junkies? No way in hell. But they do need time to find themselves and for people to find them. Keep in mind that what little audience Mike & Mike had were listening because of Mike & Mike. You have to assume they mostly left and the MC was starting at zero. The station is in its annual "down" phase. It will start to come back to life when training camp opens. Let's see how the MC does when all the football cume comes back to the station. (5/19/15)

Dave's response: In the overall numbers, WTEM is now frequently no longer among the top 20 most popular radio stations in the DC market. Things will probably pick up when the Redskins' new season picks up. We'll see.....

Who are the top ten morning shows in DC this ratings period? Who is winning the battle between Russ Parr and Joe Clair? (5/19/15)

Dave's response: Didn't get the overall show numbers for April, but it seems that Radio One's KYS and Parr is leading CBS owned PGC's Clair. But, most urban outlets in the DC market are not faring well in the latest batches of numbers. Particularly problematic is RO's WMMJ. Only RO's Praise 104.1 seems to be substantially up when compared with previous years. But Radio One czar Alfred Liggins seems to be more concerned with growing his personal fortune and investing in casinos than dealing with the local radio biz these days. Oh, Howard's HUR is doing just fine, thank you.....

Some months ago, Middle Eastern Broadcasting decided to off its English-speaking staff and make it mandatory for employees to speak and understand Arabic. I cant fault them for that -- after all, its their company -- but today, Simply Hired is listing no less than six open and as yet unfilled positions over there in Springfield. I hope they weren't too hasty in their decision and lost too many staffers charged with keeping the place running successfully. (5/19/15)

RE: “Another day, and the Guru at WTOP is mediating... Embarrassing. "Error 503 Service Unavailable Service Unavailable Guru Meditation: XID: 2087440398 Varnish cache server” It’s because aliens are seeking your brain and it’s a way of setting off their mechanism when you read “Error 503” that will transport you to Mars: “Just because I’m paranoid don’t mean they ain’t out to get me!” Beam me up Scottie: (5/19/15)

I am surprised that Jayne Miller is still at WBAL given the facts that the suits usually come knocking when an employee turns 58 or so. Maybe in the past she did not take that generous parting package that others have in recent times. The money Hearst must have paid out in severance and early retirement packages has to be pretty steep. Good luck in retirement Rod and Jayne. (5/19/15)

I take a look at the latest male demo DC radio ratings and find that ESPN 980's new "Man Cave" is in big trouble, losing big time to the the Junks over on 106.7 The Fan in mornings. Why my hometown of Reston is so hip. A shout out to David Michaelson, a neighbor who did a rockin' blues podcast. Plus, my new website. And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (5/19/15)

I won't miss Tim Brant starting every story with "Hey". (5/19/15)

I used to love watching local sports but I don't think I've seen any in, maybe, 20 years. Is there anyone local who focuses on the Nats and/or Caps? (5/19/15)

America's Podcaster pledges to stop telling people in his invitation-only-fan-club to ''f*** off''. So far the over/under is 2 weeks. - And to the WTOP 503 guy, I DO believe you but I DON'T CARE. How about next time you provide the date and time? That's the first thing someone in tech support would ask for when you report a server error. - ZW (5/19/15)

I just now checked. WTOP site is working fine. JohnnyuinHanover,Pa. (5/19/15)

Not a big fan of FOX5 using their new set across all newscasts. I wonder if they’re going to build a main set in addition to the set for the morning news? (5/19/15)

Another day, and the Guru at WTOP is mediating... Embarrassing. "Error 503 Service Unavailable Service Unavailable Guru Meditation: XID: 2087440398 Varnish cache server" (5/19/15)

Dave's response: Site works for me.....

Tim was a fixture in this town. Dianna cant say much. Did not really care for her reporting. Dull! (5/19/15)

Webcam view at Fox 5's old set coming down. (5/19/15)

With WBAL's Rod Daniels set to retire Friday, get ready for non-stop coverage featuring his 30+ years there. Hopefully it won't take too much attention away from Jayne Miller, and the potential for her forced retirement over the Freddie Gray fiasco. (5/19/15)

So, Dave, it would appear that Channel 4 NBC Washington is becoming the unofficial minor leagues team for the Big Time, with Miguel Almaguer and others that have moved up the ladder, and particularly in Sports recently, with Dan Hellie to the NFL Network, Lindsay Czarniak and now Dianna Russini going to ESPN. We just have not had a consistent voice in Channel 4 sports since we lost George.... (5/19/15)

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Suprised you didn't have anything about Keli Fulton leaving Comcast SportsNet after a year and a half. Last broadcast was Sunday night. Headed back to South Florida to become Director of Marketing and Communications for The Ferguson Firm, her husband's law firm. (5/18/15)

It seems that Channel 4 is now the place to be if you want to get a job at ESPN. Not going to miss Dianna . I could never warm to harm or to anyone who does sports on Channel 4. (5/18/15)

Why is Fox 5 showing a promo claiming more Holly Morris in the morning is a good thing? As we saw in Philly last week, train wrecks are not good at all! (5/18/15)

Is channel 5 using their new set for all of their newscasts now? (5/18/15)

REF: [Bannister Returns To 45 For Cancer Report] WBAL, her "other station," aired a lengthy story on her daughter two weeks ago. (5/18/15)

[RE: WDEL AM 1150 just applied for another STA extension] I stand corrected. There is indeed an STA extension on file for DEL, for an STA ongoing since 2010. I'm not familiar with the nature of the problem, having only seen the FCC's side of the STA approvals. WDEL-FM is a full power class A, not a translator, and though it primarily covers sparsely-populated South Jersey, the signal does reach Wilmington and Dover. Delmarva could try to make a deal with Temple University to buy their 107.7 translator near Wilmington, though it's doubtful Temple would give it up unless they hit a financial snag and really needed the cash or one of the Wilmington-area noncomm religious signals found itself in dire straits and sold to RTI. Otherwise Delmarva's options are limited to fixing the AM without spending too much and promoting (5/18/15)

The wireless spectrum for "Positive Train Control" is either shared with or has been assigned to United Parcel Service for more than 20 years. The package delivery company never did much with the allocation after the FCC took it away from licensed radio hobbyists, and according to at least two media outlets (AP and U.S. News & World Report), Amtrak had to negotiate some kind of transaction to obtain access to those frequencies.The magazine, in a May 14th article online, quotes an FCC official as saying “The spectrum Amtrak wanted to use in 2011 was owned by someone else," the official says. "It took them three more years to negotiate with private parties to acquire the needed spectrum for the Washington, D.C.-to-New York corridor. Once Amtrak finalized their application, the commission approved it within two days.” (5/18/15)

On Friday night and then on Sunday night I had no OTA signal for Channel 32 or its subchannels. Were they experiencing technical difficulties? Thanks. Tom in Wheaton (5/18/15)

Most Positive Train Control systems in North America operate in the 220 mhz band just below the Amateur Service band. All you will hear are bursts of data. Am not aware of interferrence from the power grid. (5/18/15)

From Tom Taylor Now: Details about Saga’s $1,335,000 purchase-and-spin in Harrisonburg, which turns out to be with Lynchburg-based Liberty University, founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell. The May 6 NOW heard the spin might be with a different Christian broadcaster, but Saga didn’t have to look far in the Shenandoah Valley to find nearby Liberty U. So this is a two-stage deal, and Stage #1 is Saga buying classic country “Real Country” WSIG, a Class B1 at 96.9 licensed to Mount Jackson, north of Harrisonburg, plus AC WBOP, a Class A licensed to Buffalo Gap. Seller is New England-based Gamma Broadcasting, led by Bruce Danziger. Broker is Kalil & Co. Saga’s problem is that since it’s already applied to buy the local VerStandig properties, it needs to spin off WBOP to fit under the FCC cap (while keeping WSIG). WSIG is valued at $885,000 and WBOP at $450,000. Stage #2 is swapping WBOP to Liberty University, and gaining Harrisonburg translator W267BA at 101.3. (Translators don’t count against your FCC cap, and Saga’s Ed Christian likes translators as what he calls “metro signals.” We’ll see if Saga upgrades the 10-watt translator.) Under Liberty’s ownership, WBOP will convert to non-commercial status and simulcast with its contemporary Christian “88.3 the Journey” WRVL Lynchburg. The donation of WBOP to Liberty something like $404,000 (subtracting the $50,000 in translator value from the “Assets Value” of $454,000). That’s a nice tax break for Saga. (5/18/15)

So what the heck is Fox5 NOW doing with their morning news? Thought they had finalized their anchoring crew with the launch of their new set. But tuned it on this morning & saw that they've added Holly Morris to the 4:30 broadcast. WHY??? Also on separate occasions, they had her and Maureen Umeh standing with the weather guy as he did the weather. Well, wonder what other changes to expect later this morning. (5/18/15)

I live near the extremely high voltage northeast AMTRAK line. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned this before, but you can’t receive AM radio at all close to high voltage lines. My oldest car picks up a few frequencies, but I have to drive many blocks away before AM reception is clear, even for 50,000 watt stations like WBAL 1090. There are certain streets I drive on with high power lines where AM radio is obliterated too until I make a turn. Ocean City Maryland’s main power transmission line runs along Coastal Highway through the entire city. As a result, it’s difficult to listen to any AM radio unless you’re off the main road like on the beach or bay blocks away. I thought of this because of the recent AMTRAK disaster. One of the complexities of this positive train control, why it’s so expensive, and difficult to install is that it requires radio transmitters to the train for about every mile. Once again, interference has been a problem. I don’t know what frequencies AMTRAK is using, but they seem to be having some problems with interference on this system, hence the slow rollout of this important safety technology. I haven’t ridden on AMTRAK in many years. Can you even pick up AM stations while on the train? Anybody know? (5/18/15)

Curious question… I realize simulcasting rules are different for public vs. commercial stations, but how can WRAU have no employees at all? I mean what if there were an FCC inspection of records or facilities? Wouldn’t SOMEBODY have to be there? (5/18/15)

Sorry but wrong. WDEL AM 1150 just applied for another STA extension, and yes I was made fun of in the mailbag for making fun of their STA status, but true, they didn’t follow through with 10kw upgrade, but worse yet, they didn’t even FIX the problem! It must have been someone from the former owner that got mad at me, but the STA is on public FCC records. I don’t see what the point of the Jersey translator is. No one there cares about what’s going on in Delaware and it really doesn’t even reach Wilmington but barely. (5/18/15)

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WAMU and WRAU: Purchasing and operating WRAU on the Eastern Shore did not create WAMU's current financial situation. The price tag was about $300,000 and operating the station cost very little. WAMU racked up its current deficit due to the cost of moving into its new Connecticut Avenue space. Look at the online financial reports before and after. WAMU was doing fine before the move, not so much after. No matter what you think about JJ Yore's micro-managing, the new GM certainly is reducing WAMU's deficit by slashing operating costs. He ended a program that could not sustain itself, Animal House. He reduced the number of traffic reports to recover valuable underwriting spots. He laid off WRAU's sole employee and he's let go some department managers. It remains to be seen what longterm negative fallout his actions will create but Yore IS chipping away at a deficit that is an embarrassment for DC's #2 radio station. (5/17/15)

A Downton Abbey Preview party will be held in historic Ellicott City on June 4th, 6-9 p.m. showcasing newly designed Downton Abbey inspired products including Heritage Lace, designed home goods, 1928 Jewelry designed for fans of the PBS series, Downton Abbey. Marvelous crystal perfume bottles and newly created scents will also be previewed in Ellicott’s Country Store on Main Street in Ellicott City. The 4th generation family owned store is open to the public for a festive preview party. (5/17/15)

Concerning the recent article you featured from RTDNA about FM simulcast of AM Radio stations, it isn't the demographic that is "noticing" the new stations on FM. It's the simple fact that nobody in any modern internet-connected home is able to hear any AM Radio station in its own service area beyond five miles. The delivery of these same AM Radio stations on FM, whether by translator, or simulcast, or even by a HD Radio subchannel, is only available to this "demographic" via formats other than AM Radio. The idea that the FCC should enforce interference by commodity devices to AM Radio is a joke. The AM Radio band is dead. The only way the "Senior Band" can survive is to move to FM modulation on frequencies at 87.7 and below in the VHF TV Channel 6 band. All current radios produce in the past twenty years are able to tune to these frequencies. Why can't the FCC see this obvious solution? It's a mystery. Radio World magazine articles and editorials present both sides of the argument, but the solution is obvious even to the most casual observer: AM Radio stations should be moving to 87.7 and below on Channel 6. *Sigh* (5/17/15)

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I've been noticing some different new songs on Bay100.7 with 90's rock now classic. I thought it was a goof by a DJ but there's Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Cure that I've heard a couple of times now. And 98 Rock sounds different too, I think they play less of the heavy new rock. It's too bad Sarah is leaving because I'm hearing more of the songs she played when they came out. are they classic rock now too? (5/16/15)

Regarding WFRE/WFMD and how long they have been in the Aloha Trust. Don't forget WALK-FM/AM on Long Island were in the Aloha Trust for 8 years before they were sold in May 2014. Clear Channel traded a bunch of stations (including WALK-FM/AM) to a company called Qantum Communications and they in turn sold WALK-FM/AM to Connoisseur Media for $50 Million. (5/16/15)

To the "Facts prove you wrong" Gamut Guy: I was wondering what happened to you. You've been gone far too long, and so much primo material has passed through these pages without you getting all torqued off and starting flameouts. Now that you're back, do us a favor: go away again. The Gamut is unique, period. Maybe its not for you, but its worth listening to when everything else on the dial is either crap or stuck in replay. Your examples are a bit off target too: the occasional Bert Kaempfert tune is not going to cause any bleeding eardrums anywhere, so dont worry. And one of pop music's most recognizable tunes of the past 50 years is a Christian Rock anthem -- you familiar with "Spirit in the Sky"? So what would *you* do with the Gamut's dial position if it was given to you? (Let the "little man" insults begin). (5/16/15)

You can claim the gamut’s playlist is “NOT boring,” but facts prove you wrong. “Sometimes When We Touch”? Seriously? And there are lots of Percy Faith-like instrumentals and what is, I guess, some Christian Rock thrown in too. For the most part, it’s the old WGAY playlist. But everyone who was a fan of that station died of old age 25 years ago. No station IDs, no live jocks, no advertising, no streaming: IT ISN’T A RADIO STATION. IT’S SOMEBODY’S GRANDMOTHER’S IPOD SET ON SHUFFLE. (5/16/15)

WAMU....I wonder how much of WAMU's financial woes are tied WRAU, their repeater on the Eastern Shore. Delmarva already had two existing public radio stations, WESM out of Princess Anne and DelmarvaPublic Radio (WSCL and WSDL) from Salisbury. Did anyone at WAMU stop to think what damage bringing in yet another public radio station, which has the same basic format at WSDL, would do? How much money was thrown down that hole? (5/16/15)

Amazing that when a crime occurs in a high end, upscale neighborhood that it's emphasized on the news that it occurred in an affluent, wealthy neighborhood. But let a crime occur in a middle or lower class neighborhood, no mention of the income level or status is mentioned. (5/16/15)

Since Maureen Umeh's been promoted to the Monday through Friday "Loft" duties on channel 5, any idea who they're going to pair with Annie Yu on the weekends?. Also, saw a clip from Friday night's 10pm newscast and they were using the new kitchen for one of their segments.Since I rarely watch channel 5's evening and night news, are they using the new set for their newscasts? (5/16/15)

[Re: why The Gamut doesn't stream] We had this discussion here last month - I speculated that the royalty costs of streaming would be prohibitive for a noncommercial channel; format creator/programmer Dave Kolesar confirmed that. Plus Hubbard wants to promote HD technology, admittedly tough when it's almost impossible to find the radios (Best Buy might stilll have a few of their own in-house brand in stores, otherwise, good luck - buy a luxury car loaded or go for the translator or 820AM). I suppose Hubbard could promote the Gamut on WTOP's analog signal, but that's high-priced ad inventory to surrender. And the format, entertaining as it is, is definitely niche. I can stay tuned between Dan Hill and Tegan & Sara, but how many others would? Too much success would likely pressure Hubbard to turn this into another watered-down 'Jack' or 'Sam.' And nobody needs that. Enjoy it for the treasure that it is and be glad they made the effort to put it on a few analog signals so it can get exposure beyond us HD hobbyists. (5/16/15)

[Re: Someone from Delmarva’s WDEL/1150 slammed me in the DCRTV mailbag making fun of of their STA (Special Temporary Authority). They were originally going to upgrade AM 1150 to 10,000 watts and expand the signal into Philadelphia. I took a lot of grief for making fun of them, but guess what? They cancelled the project apparently and they’re back to what I criticized. A continuing STA forever. Now they have a Class A in Jersey that doesn’t even barely reach Wilmington?] Not sure what this guy is talking about - WILM had a Construction Permit to upgrade 1150 to 10kW days, but they apparently opted not to spring for the cost and the CP expired on January 31. They aren't and haven't been operating under any STA that I can see listed. The 101.7FM simulcast isn't ideal for Wilmington reception, but they decided (and apparently are confirming) that being on a weak FM does more to expand the younger listeners than a stronger AM. Plus it gets them some more listenership in the Dover area. I don't know why they ever considered expanding the DEL signal into Philadelphia since the programming is mostly Delaware-centric. And again, if Philadelphians (and even north of Philly) want to hear DEL, it's got a killer signal on WSTW-HD3. (5/16/15)

Before he retires, could someone explain the significance behind Tim Brant's gesture when he signs off the news in the evening? A touch to the heart and a point towards the camera? I'm sure its some Carol Burnett-like thing that's sentimental and symbolic, but who is it meant for? (5/16/15)

I never thought i'd say I'm getting hooked on a soap opera, but I do love horror movies. This soap originally aired on WJZ, then ABC 13 back in the 1970s. I'm not sure if I saw this in re-runs as a kid or maybe the last season, but I've never seen it since. While originally produced by ABC Programming it was later sold to a syndication company now owned by The CBS Library. So CBS is now running it in a marathon on their new channel, DECADES on WJZ.2. WJZ.2 is not yet on Comcast cable, but you can get it via a simple antenna. Soap operas back then were shot live to tape & the tapes were often re-used due to cost & destroyed, but this is one of the few where almost the entire collection was saved for some odd reason. It's worth the $15 for an antenna. (5/16/15)

Foo Fighters - Jim Vance, we're gonna miss you... (5/16/15)

(regarding the Gamut playlist) I had a look at their playlist via the link. I liked a lot of what I saw and thought a station like that would be fun to listen to. I clicked the "Listen Live" button, but nothing streamed on either my laptop or iPhone. Their entire online exercise so far, is not unlike being allowed to peruse a menu posted at the entrance of a nice restaurant, but not being permitted to actually be served a meal inside. I did notice that songs on the playlist are available for purchase, so I guess it’s possible to replicate The Gamut on a personal listening device, but as with the restaurant analogy, it would be like shopping at the store for the ingredients for a meal on a menu, then cooking it in your own kitchen. C'mon, people! Just stream the goddamned station! Either stream The Gamut online or just sell the format/concept to SiriusXM or some other broadcaster, who believes in the format enough to put it out there and promote it. It could be a winner, but it won’t be, if you folks refuse to get out of your own way. (5/16/15)

Dave's response: The Gamut it something of a mystery. Hubbard puts the signal on two area broadcast analog frequencies, western market rimshots 820 AM and 104.5 FM, in addition to digital HD Radio simulcasts on WTOP's FM frequencies, including 103.5 FM. While I did convince Hubbard to buy an ad here on DCRTV, there are no other promotional activities, other than a Facebook page, for the cool station, which carries no advertising or live DJs. And, of course, no webstream. Hubbard needs to take the station to the next level with that webstream, more promotions, and maybe a live DJ or two. And, yes, start selling ads. Will it beat DC101 in the ratings? Probably not. But the Gamut certainly could be profitable for Hubbard as well as being a wonderful and unique service for local music and radio lovers.....

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Someone from Delmarva’s WDEL/1150 slammed me in the DCRTV mailbag making fun of of their STA (Special Temporary Authority). They were originally going to upgrade AM 1150 to 10,000 watts and expand the signal into Philadelphia. I took a lot of grief for making fun of them, but guess what? They cancelled the project apparently and they’re back to what I criticized. A continuing STA forever. Now they have a Class A in Jersey that doesn’t even barely reach Wilmington? Now neither station will barely reach Philadelphia. I really don’t know what they’re doing, but I don’t understand the mindless decision to put WDEL in Jersey while not covering Delaware on FM? Am I missing something here? The majority of the signal will be in JERSEY! Sounds like Delmarva is in financial trouble too! (5/15/15)

From what I understand about the FCC Rules......if you are required to spin off a station in the market and you put that station in your "trust" you can keep it forever and get around the FCC rules by doing what iHeart has done with WFRE 99.9 FM in DC. It pays to have a good FCC law firm like Wiley-Rein. The big law firms get bigger and the big broadcasters get bigger! What a story! Whatever happened to the small broadcasters? (5/15/15)

Who is the largest radio broadcasting company in the WORLD? You guessed it. iHeart. Is Mitt R. still the head of iHeart? (5/15/15) How many radio stations does iHeart own now? The last that I heard was over 2,000 radio stations and counting. That should have been more than enough to get Mitt R. elected. (5/15/15)

So Geraldo (remember him?) is crying foul over his being fired by ABC News for donating $200 to a friend’s non-partisan campaign while George Stephanopoulos’ $75,000 donation to the – let’s admit it – highly political Clinton Foundation & Massage Parlor goes unpunished: Dave, why don’t you make DCRTV a 501 and solicit donations from DC/NY media types? Could make you flush! Read about Geraldo’s “Me Too!” whine: (5/15/15)

I keep reading about the death of AM radio and the latest about WDEL in Wilmington going to FM. It's a big shame that HD radio didn't kick in for AM radio. I just bought a car with H D and while FM sounds more full, AM HD really sounds good. The music on Heaven 600 and Spirit 1400 is not my cup of tea, but the sound is awesome. WBAL and WCBM should consider adding the HD sound for the folks that have it. This could have saved AM radio, but I think we/ they missed the boat on HD. (5/15/15)

Time for the daily WTOP outage: "Error 503 Service Unavailable... Service Unavailable,,, Guru Meditation: XID: 2049467084" (5/15/15)

Why doesn't the FCC enforce their rules? In 2008 when the Clear Channel sale was approved they agreed to sell off WFRE 99.9 FM in order to comply with the FCC rules. Here it is 7 YEARS later and they still have NOT complied with the rules and promises they made. Why not? iHeart has enjoyed the cash flow on the station all these years. Estimated to be $16 million. You say, who cares? iHeart found a way to get around the rules by placing it in their "trust". Because they are the largest radio broadcasting company in the country...... just look the other way. Why have they not sold it? They have priced the station so high that no one will buy it! This is a desirable Class B FM station in DC and could have been sold 7 years age if iHeart had priced it to sell. (5/15/15)

Sorry to read about Joe Galuski in Syracuse. He and I arrived in the Salt City right around the same time, separated by mere months. He at WSYR, me at WHEN. I was gone after 11 months, he stayed and became a fixture of the city. Congrats Joe, and nice run. Syracuse is a better town for your being there. --Alan Peterson (5/15/15)

Jayne Miller just did a story last night at 5PM. It’s on her Facebook page. Although it’s not about that story. She did announce that she was stepping down from that story because of her relationship with the lead prosecutor, but I don’t think she should have been involved at all! It’s still debatable whether she deliberately leaked a false story about the guy who was the other passenger in the police van. Either Jayne is correct or The Washington Post is. They can’t be both correct. (5/15/15)

WBAL-TV' news anchor Donna Hamilton read a disclaimer on one of the stories involving the six Baltimore police officers charged in the riots by confirming that papers filed by lawyers for the officers asking the court to dismiss State's Attorney Mosby in the case also name I-Team Lead Investigative Reporter Jayne Miller, and therefore she has essentially been removed from any riot-related coverage; at least from any stories involving what Hamilton stated was the potential for her involvement as a witness as this case moves forward, and based on her (Miller's) "personal relationship" with a member of the Baltimore state's attorney's office. Ahhhh...the power of p---y. Rules everything, doesn't it? (5/15/15)

Dave, I like your idea of pairing Kirk and Sarah for a morning gig on WNEW. If these knuckleheads who wear the suits at WNEW would bend the format a little, and try the #1 rated radio station in New York, WCBS-FM approach to mornings with personality, a good traffic dude like Jim Russ, and a little news and sports, I think they would bury alleged news radio 1090. The ratings indicate 1090 is finally going down the drain. (5/15/15)

Okay Dave this time PMSNBC’s Andy Lack and Phil Griffin real mean it: they are going to revamp & save the Lean Forward cable network and attract viewers. Who are they kidding: a test pattern or Yule fire would garner more viewers. So here they go again: (5/15/15)

“Emmy Nomination Party has been postponed until May 28 at Bread and Salt in Upper Northwest DC. Come at 630. We are handling your entries with care! Thanks for your patience with the process!” What? The Emmy Nomination party is postponed? Stephanopoulos will be crushed & give all his money away to the Clintoons, Charlie Rose will cry, Ellen will moan, Maury Povich will demand a DNA test, and Jerry Springer will pick a fight: what will these people do in the meantime? Justice postponed is justice denied: no Emmy Nomination Party no peace! Just saying….oh, it’s not THAT Emmy? Never mind: signed, Roseanne Roseannadanna (5/15/15)

RTDNA column of interest, quoting WTOP staffers... AM radio news migrating to FM... One of those who told me to expect a younger demographic was John Matthews, managing editor at WMAL radio in Washington, D.C., which added 105.9FM to its heritage dial position of 630AM in 2011. “We’ve noticed a sizable difference in our audience since we went combo,” Matthews said. “We’ve grown much younger, and thankfully, much larger.” ... Probably the biggest AM-to-FM success story is WTOP in Washington, D.C. – consistently the market’s ratings leader and one of the highest billing stations in the entire country. At WTOP, Senior News and Sports Director Mike McMearty said, in addition to a younger audience, they noticed their FM audience has a 50/50 male-female ratio while their AM audience was closer to 60/40 male. But in talking with McMearty about this, he brought up an excellent point that we, at WDEL, also noticed pretty quickly. “There has to be more of a focus on sound quality (on FM),” McMearty said, “because cellphone quality interview and reports just don’t cut it on the FM dial.” High fidelity, indeed. (5/15/15)

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(Re: Gamut Playlist). You probably won't like everything in the playlist, but it's NOT boring. (5/14/15)

Was glad to hear Maureen Umeh call out the producers on a teleprompter error. The person(s) responsible for the teleprompter script and/or matching the video or picture with the script the anchors are reading seems to have such a problem doing their job!!! I know as a viewer that it's annoying for example to see a picture of one person on the screen that's totally different than the name being read by the anchor..And I can only imagine how the anchors feel to have to constantly apologize for the errors.. (5/14/15)

Emmy Nomination Party has been postponed until May 28 at Bread and Salt in Upper Northwest DC. Come at 630. We are handling your entries with care! Thanks for your patience with the process! (5/14/15)

Bill Henry, a longtime D.C. and Baltimore area journalist, film critic, film writer, film historian and the host of scores of film-related events and programs in the region for many years, including being half of the film-criticism duo "The Movie Guys" with the late Joe Barber, recently died. This leaves a huge hole in the D.C. and Baltimore region's film, entertainment and journalism communities. Bill Henry will be missed by everyone. He was a journalist, film lover, film historian, film critic, film commentator, film events host, and a lover of film, television, sports, history and literature. He was smart, brilliant, funny, engaging, intellectual, well-read, and a walking encyclopedia of film, television, history, sports and popular culture. It is impossible to imagine going to screenings now without seeing Bill Henry there at the front of the theater--Bill loved sitting up close, very up close--with his ever-present book, and talking movies with Bill. In addition to loving music, Bill loved to read--about everything. Before the screenings, if he wasn't talking movies with everyone, he would read his book!! And if you asked him about what he was reading--he would talk about the book, too! I made a point of always talking with Bill before--and after--screenings. I am so glad that I saw him, talked to him, and enjoyed his company, just a few weeks ago at the screening of "Little Boy" (a great film, by the way). I also can't imagine the D.C. Film Society Coming Attractions, or Trailer Park, event without Bill, who hosted this trailer event twice a year for several years in D.C. The summer version of Coming Attractions is forging ahead--I think Bill would have wanted this to proceed--this coming Tuesday, May 19, 2015, at 7 p.m. at the E Street Cinema in D.C. Let's have a full, huge house for this version of Coming Attractions as an informal remembrance of Bill Henry. Tim Gordon will host this version of Coming Attractions. It would be great to see a full house on May 19 in honor of Bill Henry. Bill's longtime partner in film criticism, Joe Barber, just died four years ago, in 2011. Bill and Joe would appear together in the D.C. and Baltimore areas to talk about film on radio and television and in person, and they also hosted for many years a monthly fun and funny film discussion group in the region, first at the Columbia, Md., Borders, and later at the Silver Spring Border's. Many people attended just to enjoy the back-and-forth banter between Bill and Joe about movies----which was often far more entertaining than the movies they were talking about. We'll all miss Bill Henry--and we'll miss seeing him at the movies. Somewhere, Bill and Joe are now reunited, and they are talking movies again, hosting their lively film discussion groups, likely with many of the people who they watched and talked about for years up on the screen. I'm sure the new film discussion groups are well-attended, and just as fun as they always were. See you at the movies, Bill Henry. (5/14/15)

“Good old analog TV is alive and well in CUBA. Caught this frame [still shot of ID slide] Thursday morning 5/14/15 at 8:30AM from our roof top antennas in Virginia. The signal was on channel 2. “ Channel 2 today, 6 meters tomorrow! Word to Dashboard DXer at large – the 6-meter season is upon us (May through September, roughly). Fire up your rigs, make sure your antenna and coax are in good shape, and let the good times roll! Mike from Frederick and the Dashboard DX Society, quietly surfing the 6-meter band and waiting for the eventual but inevitable DX. VIVA la Magic Band! (5/14/15)

Jayne Miller was on the air last night?... She was at the Mayor's press availability yesterday and also on the air with a story last night. (5/14/15)

Someone over at WKCW got the memo, apparently. "Rich Girl" still aired at around 7:10AM, but the rest of the hour was completely different; along with several songs that hadn't come up in awhile. (5/14/15)

Sources at WBAL report that Jayne Miller has been assigned to desk duty as they are not happy with her failure to report that her long-term relationship with an attorney in Marilyn Mosby's Baltimore City attorney's officer may have compromised her sources. Hearst, the owner of WBAL radio and TV, have not taken a public stance on this situation, but insiders expect action on her employment there. They feel the heat of civil suits. (5/14/15)

Good old analog TV is alive and well in CUBA. Caught this frame Thursday morning 5/14/15 at 8:30AM from our roof top antennas in Virginia. The signal was on channel 2. (5/14/15)

Where exactly in DC was this coverage heard? [From NTS Media Online:] "When Amtrak train # 188 derailed in Philadelphia last night, 24/7 News reporter Scott Pringle (right) was among the journalists dispatched to the scene of the deadly accident, where he provided on-the-scene coverage for iHeartMedia stations along the busy northeast rail corridor cities of New York, Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore and Washington, DC …" (5/14/15)

Just saw a promo for FOX5 morning news and there was a blonde standing in front of a traffic screen. So I think it's safe to say that she's the new traffic reporter.Did she start today with the new set? (5/14/15)

Chad dukes on Ferral on the Bench tonight: go CBS Sports!!! (5/14/15)

Just an observation..Noticed that channel 5 has changed their Facebook page showing the morning crew. However, interesting that they didn't include Allison Seymour. Only Steve, Wisdom, Holly and Maureen. Thought she was an integral part of that crew. But then again, I've also noticed that she's only front and center from 6-9. After that, she's situated to the side reading news headlines. (5/14/15)

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\/ May 13 Messages \/

Note to WTOP morning zoo crew: On a morning when you're reporting nonstop about the deaths and injuries caused by the Amtrak derailment, you may want to refrain from constantly referring to the Caps playoff game as "Do or die." (5/13/15)

So the train's engineer is taking the fifth but the "driver" was "injured": thought the engineer was the driver. (5/13/15)

"By not exposing the systematic structure that produced the propaganda they disseminated, Chris Core and Andy Parks are morally complacent in watching this country continue to implode because of misinformation and propaganda with a sinister purpose. It is time to come clean, boys. Do the right thing for your country, ands stop the deliberate damage being done." It's stuff like this that keeps me coming back to the Mailbag. That's gold Jerry! Gold! (5/13/15)

You were wrong about Iraq’s WMD’s You were wrong about Ebola being airborne You were wrong about Obama’s birthplace You were wrong about Obama being a Muslim You were wrong about George Zimmerman being a hero. You were wrong about Shirley Sherrod You were wrong about Ebola coming in to the US from our Mexican border. You were wrong about Ebola occupying “Thousands of beds in this country.” You were wrong about Iraq being involved in 9-11. You were wrong to claim Sudam moved his WMAD's to Syria You were wrong about “Obamacare stalling 16% of the US economy.” You were wrong about Iran, on many levels. You were wrong about who to blame for the government shutdown. You were wrong to put Michael Graham on the air. You were wrong about climate change. You were wrong about Scott Brown’s character You were wrong to put Mrs. Fred on the air. You were wrong to not beep out Rush when he said the word “Slut” to describe a woman who lived a mile from your station. You were wrong to compare Obama to Hitler. You were wrong to put Cookiinelli on the air to quote a DC law that didn't exist. You were wrong to allow Sarah Palin to comment on the First Amendment. You were wrong about torture being used to find bin Laden. You were wrong about the treatment of prisoners in Gitmo. You were wrong to not release Rush Limbaugh years ago. You were wrong to have DR. Laura on for so long. You were wrong about the American Sniper movie being factual. You were wrong to imply our founding fathers had “Jedo- Christian” values (they did not, they were for the most part deist). WMAL, please stop trying to destroy this country with misinformation and propaganda. (5/13/15)

If you're going to continue to cry about non-existent problems at WAMU, could you at least decide what your point is? In a 24-hour period you've made up several stories about the station being millions of dollars in debt, and then claimed it's a "printing press for money." On another, less psychotic topic, I tuned in to the Gamut today and wondered why they're allowed to broadcast without ever doing station IDs. Also...can a station that plays 1960s showtunes, second-tier 1990s aerobics class muzak and the Pop top five from June and July 2002 really expect to garner an audience? Here, I'll save 'TOP the time and expense of hiring consultants: the answer is an emphatic "NO." Unplug, recalibrate and try again later. (5/13/15)

Alright DCRTV Mailbaggers: let the conspiracy theories begin! The train in Philly was said to be travelling according to AP at 100 MPH, twice the allotted speed: why? Well, maybe the engineer had just been killed (murdered by “terrorists”?) and the train was speeding out of control: “SEPTA Says Commuter Train Hit By Projectile Just Before Amtrak Train Derailed”. CBS Philly story here: (5/13/15)

Hey why not redirect the consultants toward WBAL radio where they might actually improve things. Like the Beatles said "it can't get much worse" as WNEW keeps getting better, all the time. (5/13/15)

Laugh all we want at AOL’s (now Verizon’s) “Dial Up” subscribers – mostly elderly people who stick with it for familiarity and service – but they may have the last laugh according to one old codger: “For around $60 per year, Walters said he gets unlimited dial-up service and access to other features, including troubleshooting and digital security software. AOL's subscriptions come in different packaged tiers with other services that seem geared toward older or less tech-savvy users — such as tech support, computer security services and even digital estate planning help. However, for Walters, the biggest draw is familiarity: There are a lot of features built into the AOL interface he likes, and he’s “too much of a creature of habit” to make a switch – although he has considered changing before. There are broadband providers in his area, and Walters already has cable television through AT&T.” Now we have to assume that he either has a second line or uses his only line which obviously is a problem (especially if you have call waiting) and who knows whether there are additional long distance charges or what (remember AOL people?) but for $60 bucks a year that’s a bargain compared to other internet providers. Just saying. Full story from Bezo Post here: (5/13/15)

Dave's response: I had a subscription to a backup dial-up service (not AOL) until about two years ago for when my broadband internet goes down, which is rare. Now, when that happens, or, more likely when the power goes out, I just hike over to my nearest Starbucks and use their wi-fi.....

I just wanted to say it was nice to hear the Merson Person on Baltimore radio again last weekend good going Ken….Dave in Glen Burnie (5/13/15)

Have you looked into the decimation of the WJLA advertising sales dept? Over half the staff has left since Sinclair took over and more are ready to leave. (5/13/15)

I look at the April radio ratings and find DC news talker WNEW almost overtaking Baltimore news talker WBAL in Baltimore. Also, still none of CBS's five DC FMers make the "top 10" in the DC numbers. With Praise 104.1 now the top Radio One performer in the DC market, even besting WMMJ and WKYS. Plus, longtime Channel 11/WBAL news anchor Rod Daniels retires. A lawsuit against El Zol. And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (5/13/15)

REF:[OK...WNEW continues topping WTEM in the ratings] The bigger story is how WNEW has climbed to within one notch of alleged news radio 1090, according to the latest ratings. All they need to do is hire Jim Russ on traffic, and rescue John Patti from the misery he has had to endure in the morning with the clowns they assign to co-anchor morning drive. Patti and Russ on WNEW would push them ahead of the once-powerful 1090. And, if WNEW would modify its format a little to accommodate Sarah Fleischer in the mix as an entertainment/feature co-anchor, they would finally sink the ship once and for all. (5/13/15)

Dave's response: How about WNEW hiring Kirk McEwen and pairing him with Sarah Fleischer for a little "fun" in the morning? It could work.....

"Former Orioles flagship WBAL, the Hearst news/talker, has its smallest share in history, 4.3-3.3-2.7." OUCH! Anyone out there think WNEW will overtake WBAL this year? (5/13/15)

From Tom Taylor: “WBAL, the Hearst news/talker, has its smallest share in history, 4.3-3.3-2.7” I didn’t realize it was THAT bad. So I was going to post this soon anyway. The GM has been on the job for about a year. So what does this guy point to as his accomplishments at WBAL? What does he put on his resume? How do these guys keep getting hired in this industry? Does the next employer never even bother to look at track record and do some type of investigation, or is it just the good ole boy network like we see with coaches in pro and college sports? It simply amazes me how these people just bounce from place to place, with little regard for their past performances. (5/13/15)

WKCW did it again Wednesday morning, and in the same 7:30-8AM period: Hot Fun in the Summertime, Band of Gold, Star Wars and Rich Girl, in that order, just as they did three times last week inside the 7AM hour. I also noticed "You Dont Bring Me Flowers" made it into the mix as well, which also got several spins the previous week. Maybe as an inside joke, they scheduled "Its the Same Old Song" after Rich Girl because they knew I was listening. I realize a Warrenton AM'er doesn't even qualify as a "rimshot" station, but they're the only AM voice some 40 miles west of DC that isnt Spanish, Sports or Religion. They have to do better. (5/13/15)

The question should not be “Did Chris Core do damage to this country?” He did. The real question is, for 2015, “How much more damage are Chris Core and Andy Parks doing to this country, now, by not exposing the mechanisms that forced them to say what they said in 2002-2003?” They cheered the lead up most disastrous foreign policy decision since Napoleonic France. By not exposing the systematic structure that produced the propaganda they disseminated, Chris Core and Andy Parks are morally complacent in watching this country continue to implode because of misinformation and propaganda with a sinister purpose. It is time to come clean, boys. Do the right thing for your country, ands stop the deliberate damage being done. (5/13/15)

Fox5's "The Loft" set looks pretty cool. Looks like with the cosmetic change on the set was the decision to pack on more layers of makeup for the anchors!!! Holly said they have the best kitchen on morning news. Well, if she means locally, uh Holly, you're the ONLY local station with a kitchen. Yes it's the first day, but going forward, wonder if they're going to constantly repeat "The Loft" every so many minutes...Haven't gotten to the 9-11am part of the show that's total fluff. So looking to see how that goes. (5/13/15)

From Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC – Like the all-newsers we saw yesterday in New York and Philadelphia, Hubbard’s WTOP/regional signals is off from its Winter-weather peaks. But it still reigns, moving from a February-book 9.3 share to a March 9.1 and now a 7.9 for April, with age 6+ AQH. Second again is American University’s news/talk non-com WAMU (7.5-7.2-7.1) and third as usual is iHeart’s CHR “Hot 99.5” WIHT (5.8-6.1-6.5). That edges out Howard University’s urban AC WHUR (6.9-6.3-6.2). Fifth place goes to iHeart’s AC WASH (5.4-5.6-5.3). Another talk-based station that’s off is Cumulus Media’s news/talk WMAL-AM/FM (4.5-4.8-4.0). It’s a down-book for Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ (3.8-4.1-3.5). Washington Nats baseball flagship “106.7 the Fan,” CBS Radio’s WJFK-FM sees some daylight (1.9-2.0-2.4). So, finally, does Cumulus hot ACWRQX (1.8-2.0-2.4). The DC market’s leader in average weekly cume is CHR “Hot” WIHT at 1,312,600, just ahead of AC WASH (1,303,900). All shares in this section are age 6+ AQH for the total broadcast week. Nielsen’s “April” ran March 26-April 22... Baltimore – Last month’s spike for iHeart’s variety hits “Jack” WQSR evaporates (3.7-6.1-4.5). It’s down from fourth to eighth. On top is iHeart’s country WPOC (8.8-8.8-7.6), followed by Radio One’s “92Q” WERQ (6.5-7.0-7.2) and urban AC sibling WWIN-FM (6.4-6.7-7.0). There’s a tie in fourth place between two CBS stations. All-sports “Fan” WJZ-FM notches its best PPM yet with the baseball Orioles (4.5-4.8-6.2) and AC sister WLIF is back 6.0-5.0-6.2. Former Orioles flagship WBAL, the Hearst news/talker, has its smallest share in history, 4.3-3.3-2.7. Also down is Your Public Radio’s non-com news/talk WYPR (1.9-2.0-1.5). While CBS Radio’s Maryland-facing all-news WNEW stretches to its best Baltimore PPM ever (1.9-1.8-2.1). This April book doesn’t contain the time period when Baltimore was the focus of the Freddie Gray protests – so the May book should be interesting, for talk and urban stations. AC WLIF is tops in cume at 676,500. (5/13/15)

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