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I usually dont go to 93.9 WKYS but I noticed 980 WTEM is now simulcast on their HD 2 sub dont know if its been there awhile or is it since they switched affiliation from ESPN to Fox Sports.The HD Radio website is useless you can check available HD stations by zip code but whoever runs it doesnt update changes the 93.9 HD 2 sub shows a simulcast of WOL 1450 Talk radio and they still have not listed the new WASH FM HD3 sub The Breeze soft hits and its been on the air almost a year now as well as 94.7 The Drives HD 2 Station Q.Still lists it as Classic Hits. (9/21/19)

Westwood One, which is owned by Cumulus, is syndicating the Michael Savage Show. Why don't they put him on WMAL? At one time they had the show on from 3 PM to 6 PM on Monday thru Friday. He would do well in DC. (9/21/19)

[RE: I'm an early commuter, so I have WTOP on long before 6am. In the 4:51 and 4:59 breaks, I have heard a short clip of music (one of them is "Kiss an angel good morning") followed by "You're with Dean Lane on WTOP." What? Bruce Allen and Joan Jones are the anchors on at that time. I can only guess that Dean Lane is their board op. Interesting that he gets to run his own "image drops" on the station. His idea, or station management's?] Dean Lane is the overnight anchor on WTOP from midnight to 5 am Monday through Friday nights. Joan and Bruce come on at 5:00. They’ve played those little sound bytes during Dean’s shifts for years. (9/21/19)

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\/ September 20 Messages \/

What's the prob, man? WMAL has been taking money for Russian propaganda for years. Paul Manafort signed a contract with Russians in 2016 to boost Putin's profile in the US, and he used Rush Limbaugh and WMAL to spread the crap out. The Mueller Report outlined the contract. Remember Chris Plante talking about what a great leader Putin was, and Obama can learn a thing or two from Putin? Paid propaganda. (9/20/19)

What is a Sapiosexual? I have not heard this term before. (9/20/19)

What has happened to Entercom? Their stock is now down to $3.55 per share. It does not look like a good investment. When will they start selling off some of their stations in order to pay down their large debt? (9/20/19)

Congratulations to DCRTV for 22 years of reporting on DC News. Their service is free! They could use some help...... (9/20/19)

Salem is also advertising for new board-ops, according to All Access. How 'bout some of those former Board of Directors members step up and take the weekend overnight position? Also, Christmas is coming and the fulltimers are going to want that week off. *Somebody* is going to have to cover that shift. (9/20/19)

The FCC grant for 103.1 FM, W276DT, has been rescinded by the FCC, so if they’re broadcasting, they are a PIRATE! fccdata.org (9/20/19)

Dave, another intercept from Russia. As a DC radio expert, can you tell us what this person is talking about? “Comrades Larry O’Connor, Chris Plante, and Mark Levin, Dear Leader appreciates efforts you have been putting on American radio concerning Joe Biden’s dead son and corruption in Ukraine. Mark, reading our news generated for US with NBC News music in background was genius. Disguising Russian propaganda as American news is what you do best. Good Russian plants the three of you are. Unfortunately, American spy found us out, and this Russian disinformation campaign needs to stop, immediately. IF CIA shows up at your radio station asking about Russian generated fake news you read on air, go to Russian Embassy. We will arrange smuggling you out of America and in to Mother Russia. We are currently working on next news campaigns for you, one will be about Warren and her University, and another on Iran. Watch Breitbart for its release. “ (9/20/19)

I'm an early commuter, so I have WTOP on long before 6am. In the 4:51 and 4:59 breaks, I have heard a short clip of music (one of them is "Kiss an angel good morning") followed by "You're with Dean Lane on WTOP." What? Bruce Allen and Joan Jones are the anchors on at that time. I can only guess that Dean Lane is their board op. Interesting that he gets to run his own "image drops" on the station. His idea, or station management's? (9/20/19)

Yet another sloppy error from channel 4's Mark Seagraves. He kept yapping today about when "Mike Pence was in the Senate" and then repeated the error yet again by showing file video that CSPAN correctly identified as "Rep. Mike Pence" - and he called him Senator again! This guy covers politics? Seagraves keeps making mistakes that show he's not up to the job. I can't trust channel 4 when he's on. Sorry. (9/20/19)

W276DT filed for its license-to-cover on the 17th, which was granted and almost immediately rescinded on the 18th. that means someone -- almost assuredly WRNR-FM -- has complained about it, although I don't see any notices or docs yet. So if it's still on the air, it's operating illegally. (9/20/19)

Congratulations to the News4 ad team for coming up with a radio commercial that's matches Kars-4-Kids for fingernails-on-chalkboard potency. You know, the one in which the dude name-drops the News4 morning team, singing as if he's both constipated and has diarrhea at the same time. Somebody got paid to come up with that bucket of slop? JFC (9/20/19)

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\/ September 19 Messages \/

WMET 1160 (EWTN/Catholic Radio) is now simulcasting inside the Beltway on the W276DT 103.1 FM translator (in Merrifield, licensed to Falls Church.) (9/19/19)

Salem is trying to cut their operating expenses by reducing their Board of Directors from nine to just five Directors. They have also sold off some of their stations recently. Their stock continues to drop.....now down to $1.83 per share. They need to sell off more of their AM Stations. (9/19/19)

It is interesting to see what the Russian Government is paying the stations in DC to carry the Russian Propaganda. WZHF 1390 AM is receiving $55,000 per month and W288BS 105.5 FM is receiving $30,000 per month to carry the propaganda. Are these stations operating in the "Public Interest"? (9/19/19)

A minor correction to your blurb on the front page about Nexstar. They will not be in New York; to stay under the ownership limits, they've spun off WPIX to Scripps. (9/19/19)

Furthermore, as part of the Nexstar / Tribune merger, Nexstar has sold WPMT Fox 43 to the north in York coveraing south central PA to Tegna as it already owns WHTM ABC 27. The question one wonders is, what will Tegna do with the poor signal in the York/Lancaster area after the repack? Tribune sort of conceded defeat in the 4 station news battle in a small market. — BaltoMedia.net (9/19/19)

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\/ September 18 Messages \/

Transparency needed! Congress is investigating the Russian funded propaganda heard on WZHF 1390 AM and W288BS 105.5 FM. Both of these stations are broadcasting the Russian Federation without the proper notice that the Kremlin is paying for their programming. This is against the FCC Rules. WZHF is owned by Arthur Liu and W288BS 105.5 FM is owned by John Garziglia. (9/18/19)

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\/ September 17 Messages \/

If I may be allowed to vent, was listening to Mark Levin, Mark Levin ladies and gentlemen, and leaving aside his insane Zionism (if that's possible) he's beating the drum for war with Iran. War with Iran ladies and gentlemen. What a douche. Three simultaneous wars are not enough? Have I mentioned his irritating habit of repeating himself as if he invented it? He repeats himself ladies and gentlemen. Just like the U.S. did with three wars. Three wars ladies and gentlemen. Where have all the flowers gone? Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/17/19)

Regarding 103.7, they are in northeastern Md, 37kw with a null to the south west to protect 103.5. This station typically serves a good chunk of southeast Pa, plus New Castle Co DE, on south to Dover, and down south along the I-95 corridor to around Glen Burnie. WXCY was recently taken over by Forever Media. They have been at this power level for thirty years with their transmitter close to the Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna River. (9/17/19)

Re: mystery 103.7; there has been some interesting tropo this week. I had WTMD, WSCL and even WCVE-FM booming in all the way over in Purcellville on Monday morning. Not hard to all to imagine you were hearing WXCY out of Havre de Grace. (9/17/19)

Following the death of Ric Ocasek, I wandered back thru my music collection looking for a few familiar memories. I came across my copy of the original vinyl album, "The Cars" with the brunette model and her big toothy grin behind the clear acrylic steering wheel of some out-of-frame vehicle. Curious about her, I found out her name was Natalia Medvedeva, and she was a Russian-born singer, poet and model. She posed for the album cover when she was 20 or so, living in L.A., as well as for Playboy magazine. I'm using past tense here, as she died of a heart attack at age 44 some years ago. You have to use the Internet Wayback Machine to look up other images of her, and I'm here to tell you she sure doesn't look like what you would expect after seeing that Cars cover art. (9/17/19)

Diminished reception of WMAL on 105.9? It’s true their main transmitter shares the Merrifield tower with 106.7 but lots of separate equipment, any one item of which could be in trouble, right up to and including the antenna. They’re probably on their aux transmitter at a much lower height on WETA’s tower on George Mason Drive in Arlington. -P of the AW (9/17/19)

WOCM - Colleen Carew PD as of 9/23. (9/17/19)

To the 103.7 listener: I'm on the roof of the 2nd tallest building in Ballston with a portable receiver and a directional antenna, and I can't find anything on 103.7 MHz. In fact, I'm getting splashed a little bit by the edges of WTOP-FM. Where in NoVa do you hear this signal, and what kind of programming are they airing? I am now officially very curious. (9/17/19)

The DC stocks are still not doing well. The owners of radio stations in DC.... Urban One $1.80 per share, Salem $1.96 per share and Entercom at $3.89 per share. Investors are not buying these stocks. (9/17/19)

The new Translator at 98.1 in Northern Virginia is causing interference with WSMD 98.3 in LaPlata. They have killed the WSMD signal in Northern Virginia. I am surprised that SOMAR has not objected to the FCC. (9/17/19)

Re: "Where have all the good shows gone and the good talent?", I wonder the same thing. People are jumping from one station to another and pretty much jumping from the frying pan into the fire. In my opinion, the only station worth watching is NBC4. The rest just seem to be competing to see who can put on the biggest circus. The majority of the on air talent, and I use the word "talent" lightly, have become a joke regarding any sort of professionalism. They're more interested in celebrity or entertainment news. The only ones who seem to take the news seriously are the reporters out in the field. I remember when FOX5 started that Good Morning DC show and had Melanie Alnwick as part of that. She didn't last long and was back out in the field. She really wasn't a fit for the foolishness and you could tell she didn't want to be a part of that mess. I have to wonder when these morning shows are just going to do 30 minutes of real news and then just a bunch of fluff for the rest of the morning..Oh, stupid me, that's pretty much what they're doing now.. (9/17/19)

Atmospherics can have a big affect on TV reception, as it can with FM and across some of the non broadcast spectrum. I one worked at WQSR when they were at 105.7 and had complaints of interference several times keeping in mind that there is also a 105.7 in nearby York Pa. Both use highly directional signals to protect one another. 100.7 Owings Mills gets beaten up by a station in New Jersey. It is not unusual to receive FM and TV signals 150 miles or more under the right conditions. This generally disappears for the most part once summertime passes. Temperature inversions can be interesting! (9/17/19)

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\/ September 16 Messages \/

Person replacing Erin Como two days a week is named Stacey Rusch. She's a lifestyle expert and has experience in health and wellness. Didn't see anything about previously doing traffic. But if I remember, I think Holly Morris said when she came to the station that they had her initially doing traffic. (9/16/19)

What's on 103.7 FM blazing into northern Virginia and interfering with WTOP, 103.5 FM. Where does this 103.7 FM come from? Are they way over power to overpower 103.5 FM? Thanks Dave. (9/16/19)

BREAKING NEWS:: Mike Sorce dissolves Don Geronimo Productions LTD, a California corporation since 2014. His home is currently not for sale so all those years of living in Sacramento and begging to come back on the air may have paid off. (9/16/19)

You think Ken Harvey and his female co host are bad...have you checked out that Julie Donaldson Brian Mitchell train wreck..or anything that pops up on NBC Sports Washington. Where have all the good shows gone and the good talent. There is very little in this DC market. (9/16/19)

Hi - Is anyone having trouble or noticing a weaker signal with WMAL-FM 105.9 which began over the last weekend 9/14/2019? I can't receive their signal on 2 radios which previous to that date were receiving them. I don't have any problem receiving WJFK 106.7. I believe both radio stations are transmitting from the same tower in Northern Virginia. Thanks. TOMR (9/16/19)

"I used to listen on Saturdays to wjfk Andy Pollin. He seems to no longer have a show with Tom lavero [sic]. Did Andy leave wjfk? Thank you for any insight." Pollin jumped to AM-630 after it flipped to an all sports format a month or two ago - he's co-hosting with Carol Maloney 10 to noon as well as doing morning updates. Loverro stayed with 106.7 The Fan where he continues to do weekend and part-time work. A question to ponder is why DC needs three independent sports radio stations when all the various show hosts seem to want to talk about is one specific local team that's enjoyed very little on-field success since the early 90s and whose fan base is steadily eroding as evidenced by declining attendance figures and TV ratings. In other markets I'm familiar with, the teams that get discussed the most are those that are winning the most - if that were true here, the Nationals and Capitals would dominate the airwaves but the program directors are adamant that it's impossible to talk too much Redskins whereas there's room for only a certain amount of baseball and (unless the Caps are making a deep playoff run) hardly any hockey at all - I don't get it. (9/16/19)

Have you found any truth to the rumor that Donnie G is going back to TV or radio? I heard that he ended his podcast and told people to look for him in the next 30 days on TV and radio. I didn’t subscribe just heard about it. Wondering if you heard the same. (9/16/19)

Thanks for explanation of distant stations blanking out the usually received stations sometimes. I think that has been happening here because I also use an amplified yagi antenna because I'm in a rural area. I guess this may happen more often after more stations are compacted..I understand that ATSC3 may solve some problems but will require a stronger signal due to higher data rate and that may limit coverage of some stations. (9/16/19)

RE: Erin Cuomo's weekend gig. Can't stand Cuomo on the weekday trainwreck show so it makes it easier for me to choose which channel I flip on in the mornings on the weekends when I drag my ass out of bed. It ain't Fox 5. (9/16/19)

Re: "When [Erin Como] has been on the anchor desk w/other anchors, she’s just not assertive enough with them while in conversations." IMHO there should NOT be any other anchors or conversations. When I watch "news" programs it is because I want NEWS. Not the opinions and celebrity gossip that result from having two windbags engaging in idle chitchat instead of reporting real news. (9/16/19)

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\/ September 15 Messages \/

As per Fox5’s Cori Coffin’s Twitter page, she’s not being kicked off the weekend broadcast. She said she’s moving to NY to be with her husband as they’ve had a long distance relationship for quite awhile. She didn’t say she had a gig lined up in NY, but hopes she can stay w/Fox. So, lucky for Erin that an opportunity has presented itself for what she’s wanted to and has been groomed to do. (9/15/19)

I used to listen on Saturdays to wjfk Andy Pollin. He seems to no longer have a show with Tom lavero. Did Andy leave wjfk? Thank you for any insight. (9/15/19)

The Drive has been displaying on RDS the song played earlyTuesday afternoon at 12:37 PM Africa by Toto for 5 days now ! Every other HD station in DC area has thier display up to date and theyve done this before several times. (9/15/19)

Came across some show on Fox5 called Redskins Game Time with Ken Harvey & Erin Como. Watched for a few minutes & had to turn it off. Horrible..Who thought these two were good candidates to host a sports show? (9/15/19)

[RE: Tony Perkins may be going to an anchor spot at channel 9?.Hmmmm. Have only seen that morning program a couple of times and thought they had an anchor crew in place. So does that mean someone's leaving, or maybe being sent out into the field?] I had the same thought. Maybe Tony is going to an evening slot? I rarely watch 9 anymore, but it seems like Bruce Johnson has been MIA for a while. (9/15/19)

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\/ September 14 Messages \/

Dave, It looks like Entercom is suffering from a ransomware incident affecting their offices around the country. www.bleepinccomputer.com (9/14/19)

The viewer who lost WJZ etc on Tuesday evening may have experienced the tail-end of a reception phenomenon we saw that morning and evening. From predawn through 11 a.m. and again from sunset to about midnight, VHF and UHF stations from the south rolled into our directional outdoor LPV-Yagi antenna. WNCT in Greenville, NC and at least two North Carolina public TV network stations were seen for hours in the morning along with Richmond and Tidewater Virginia stations in both morning and evening. Around 8:25 a.m. WSKY RF channel 9 wiped out WUSA at our location 44 miles north of WUSA. WSKY broadcasts from NC and covers the Hampton Roads and Outer Banks markets. WJZ uses the same RF channel 13 as WVEC in Tidewater just as in the analog era. Then, the interference showed up as horizontal lines and unstable pictures. Now with the current digital system, a second signal can leave viewers with nothing, unless the second signal is strong enough for complete wipeout.. see WSKY/WUSA above. (9/14/19)

Promoting Erin Como to weekend anchor is a slap in the face of Cori Coffin. When Annie Yu left, they put, or should I say they USED Cori Coffin to save a space for Erin once they finished grooming her for an anchor spot. And since no way would they get rid of the veterans, giving Cori the boot was the easiest option. Within a year of arriving at the station, Erin was dating a producer there & no way do I believe that didn’t play a role in her being promoted. Look, from what I’ve seen, she’s just not strong enough to be an anchor. When she has been on the anchor desk w/other anchors, she’s just not assertive enough with them while in conversations. She probably should stay in her lane, at least for now, doing traffic. And who is this random woman they’re bringing in to do traffic two days a week? Never heard of her prior to seeing her appearance on that Like it or Not show which is just a local version of TMZ. Guess we’ll see her anchoring soon as well. (9/14/19)

Re: FOX5 moving around their news personalities, who knows what they're up to over there..It has just become a circus..They keep coming up with more and more skits, antics,segments that are so not needed. Who needs a real time poll on some random, unimportant subject..Guess constantly begging people to tweet wasn't getting the response they wanted..As for splitting Erin Como between weekends and weekdays, this is my take..She's being paid for a 5 day a week schedule. So, with the weekend being two of those days, they had to put her somewhere for the remaining three. And no way were they going to put her out in the field for those three days. However, mark my words, just give the powers that be a minute and Erin will be replacing one of the Monday-Friday anchors..As for Cori Coffin? If I were her, I'd get the hell out of dodge. Management did her wrong. No way is Erin a better anchor than Cori. (9/14/19)

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\/ September 13 Messages \/

To Tom Conroy: Yes…I remember that you had said you started working at WBMD; I also enjoyed the story you had told of how Clark West kind of auditioned you right there on the spot! As I remember it, he went into the news room, got some copy and said to you “okay, read this!” I never got to meet MR. West; aw…but I’ve heard that voice a many a time as he was on during those days in the mid-60s! Back then, Joe Powers took care of the morning shift; Ray Davis came on with “Hymn Time around one o’clock. Then it was Clark West and Bobby Brown in the afternoons, with Ray Davis for a half an hour at around 4 P.M and repeated at 6 P.m.! I also remember the time you spoke of, when WBMD stayed on for a couple of hours in the 80s; believe it or not, it did come in here on the Eastern Shore during that time! But getting back to Clark West, I just think it was neat that he hired you, strictly (at least as I remember) just by you reading that copy for him; he apparently knew he had himself a good one! Thanks to all the rest of you for kind of “strolling down Memory Lane with me! Tom in Denton, MD (9/13/19)

FOX5 announced on their morning show that Erin Como has been promoted to the morning weekend anchor position knocking Corri Coffin out. Guess her dating one of the producers paid off.. Have noticed that they've been grooming her for awhile for an anchor seat, just didn't know where it would be.I personally don't find Erin very strong on the anchor desk; seems to struggle reading the teleprompter if it's not traffic. But hey, she wanted to be an anchor and now her wish came true. (9/13/19)

Why does Fox5 seem to move their news personalities around like jigsaw puzzle pieces? Erin Como is taking over as weekend morning anchor BUT she's still going to be on weekday mornings twice a week. HUH? That makes 0 sense. I guess Cori Coffin is being ''reassigned'' which means ''dust off your resume.'' And is Tony Perkins slumming going to WUSA9 in the mornings? I channel surf past there and I actually feel bad for Annie Yu, WJLA7 could really use a Annie or Cori for their morning news. THAT is almost as cringe worthy bad as WUSA9 is between 6-7AM. Paul (9/13/19)

Chester Lampkin is coming to WUSA-TV's weather shop. This link takes you to the news... www.stltoday.com (9/13/19)

Dave, since you couldn’t post the email pic, at least post the text from the Baltimore Ravens to fans. This is the email that they sent to to fans and season ticket holders. “Under NFL broadcast policies, the Ravens-Cardinals game this Sunday at 1 pm will air on WBFF Fox 45 in Baltimore but will not air on the Fox affiliate or any other TV station in Washington, D.C. If you live in the state of Maryland but do not receive WBFF Fox 45 on your home television, you will not be able to watch the over-the-air broadcast of the Ravens-Cardinals game unless you subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket. We encourage you to make other arrangements to see the game by finding a local area bar or restaurant that airs the game or by purchasing tickets to the game. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by NFL policies." (9/13/19)

More syndicated talk on WXDE, Delaware 1059. The Dana Show replaces local talk with Rob Sussman. Only Local weekday talk now is Dan Gaffney 5-9am. WGMD continues with local talk 5am-12noon and 3-6pm. (9/13/19)

Tony Perkins may be going to an anchor spot at channel 9?.Hmmmm. Have only seen that morning program a couple of times and thought they had an anchor crew in place. So does that mean someone's leaving, or maybe being sent out into the field?. (9/13/19)

A new sub-channel just popped up on WJZ-13.3 yesterday. It’s a “lifestyle” (think HGTV marries FoodNetwork), and is distributed by CBS. See: www.cbscorporation.com... (9/13/19)

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\/ September 12 Messages \/

The Baltimore Ravens have sent a rare email warning out to fans that Sunday's 1pm Cardinals@Ravens game will not air in the DC market on DC's WTTG Fox 5 or any local DC TV station. In other larger TV markets, the NFL has made allowances to show a 2nd game, as in LA, but the NFL will not allow WTTG to show the Ravens game on WDCA My20, which was an option. So the Ravens are urging fans to seek out locations with NFL ticket in the DC area. The NFL normally schedules the Ravens and Redskins on opposite networks, but not this time. The game will air as scheduled on WBFF Fox 45 wherever that is available. — Baltomedia.net (9/12/19)

To Tom in Denton, I was with WBMD part time, starting about 1975. Clark West was the station manager and PD, Ken Miller handled many other duties, there was “Smilin’ Jack” and Ray Davis, he did his show from studios at Johnnys Used Cars on Harford Rd. WBMD is a daytimer, though in the 80’s and 90’ had a pssa power of 78 watts, which did well all around Baltimore and could be heard in Harford and Anne Arundel Co for about two hours after local sunset. Apparently WBMD caused interference to WSB Atlanta at which the commission terminated pssa authority about 1997. To my knowledge, we were country in the morning with Clark West then to religion from 10-1, with Ray from 1-2 then Smilin’Jack or Kenny Miller from 2-6 or to sign off which could be as early as 445pm as pssa came later. The WBMD log cabin was very active in the 60’s and 70’s. It was about 1978 that the station went all religion and southern gospel weekdays with ethnic and religion on weekends. I did nearly every shift as needed, and stayed with them about twenty years. That 730 watts covered from Baltimore to Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Ocean City, and Norfolk! 750 khz was a great spot to be on the dial! I have a few of my airchecks but unfortunately none from the others. My memory is terrible, jump in with corrections! Tom Conroy WXCY (so far) (9/12/19)

To the poster who asked, Jennifer Rubin is one of two full time whores, the other being the delightful Alexandra Petri, whose only job is to criticize Trump. Rubin has a history of contradicting herself and may safely be ignored. Gene Weingarten on the other hand should be shunned for referring to his daughter age girlfriend as "my sweetie" as well as his weekly unfunny "humor" column. Gus up the duff in the Gaithersburg (9/12/19)

FYI--the WAMU website (wamu.org) reports that a new antenna and a 419 feet tower will be renovated on the American University campus beginning this fall. WAMU received a $1.2 million bequest from a Virginia public school teacher to fund the project. (9/12/19)

Just wanted to pass along that a former radio engineer from Baltimore has passed away. Wendell S. Hall Jr died today from a massive stroke at the age of 50. He did engineering work for WJFK-FM, the Redskins Radio Network, Radio One in Baltimore and worked part-time at WCBM and WLIF. (9/12/19)

Supposed musicologist and self-styled TV expert Rob Spewak pontificated on the Mike O'Meara Personal Time Off Podcast Thursday Edition that The Brady Bunch had 39 episodes per season. True in the sense that 39 equals 25, 24, 23, 23, and 22. Now let's get back to complaining about WBAL and Angie Goff. Gus in the Dust in the Gaithersburg (9/12/19)

Last night, Tues., around 10:00 P.M. I could not get OTA Channels 45, 24, and 13 on any TV. 2, 11, and all D.C. stations came in good. This morning 24, 45, and 13 all have strong signals again. Anybody know if some stations mad changes or had problems last night? Why did WETA Ch. 26 ever leave the River Road tower? THey had a goo analog signal on Ch. 26 from there. (9/12/19)

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I can't take it anymore: I listen to WBAL and it is done just right. Maybe its audience is the people of Baltimore and even the rest of Maryland (other than Montg and PG) who happen to like the local-ness of it, who don't mind people with non-network voices, who are willing to be professional yet less formal. And it's not CNN: big local stories can be 12 hours old and people still want to hear about them. Yes, a host calls himself C4, everyone knows he is Clarence Mitchell IV, of one of the most famous families of Baltimore in the past 80 years. Too bad if one poster here doesn't like it; if most didn't like it, he'd call himself to Larry, or 'Rence or something; he still has a really interesting show every day. Next: I think whoever commented about the profile of Weatherist Michelle Rotella should be ashamed of himself; I looked at images of her from Google, and at one time she looked different; it could be a medical issue; often the first weather report she does is done sitting down; then later she stands up. I know two women who had a similar-seeming medical issue, and had procedures to mitigate it (of course, I'm not a doctor, but it's just not right to joke about someone's appearance like that). She does a very good job on TV if you ask me. On the lighter side, the 7-8 Family Hour? Not quite correct. At one time, Prime Time began at 7:30 PM; then the FCC decided that that 7:30 half-hour had to be local. So for awhile, it worked out, now it's all syndicated shows from the big networks anyway. The family Hour was meant to be 8-9 (7-8 Central and Mountain) so no violence or implied adult themes would appear. Well, that didn't work out for too long either. Finally, WCBS-880 in NYC has 9/11 Commentary all day today. I heard it through my trusty phone and Bluetooth in the car. Wow! They really remember it properly, unlike every other commercial broadcaster. They still have traffic reports and sports, but no other stories but discussions of 9/11. I was uptown in NYC that morning, and local stations (TV and Radio) gave news, actualities, info, stories, interviews with local people, while the network talking heads all gave long-term philosophy (in other words, BS) about the terrorists and politics. I was sickened that day seeing the networks and helped enormously by the way local personalities in New York treated it. Every FM station carried its related News/talk AM station that day, like WCBS-FM with WCBS, WPLJ with WABC, etc. and they gave us all hope. The networks, when I saw them later in the day, gave nothing to me. Oh, one more thing: let's start a rumor: Esta Erika embarazada? I have no idea...-- Carl in Olney (9/11/19)

I too noticed something odd on the late newscast w/Erika Gonzalez. When Somara was finished her weather-cast, I think I heard her say “stretch it out?” as if someone, maybe the director, told her that. So she started repeating what she had just said, although somewhat awkwardly. Maybe Erika Gonzalez had gotten sick. But if I remember correctly, I think someone’s filled in for her quite often lately. (9/11/19)

Looks like the folks over at FTV Live have a story about Tony Perkins soon to be over at WUSA... it’s hiding behind the grandiose Patreon Paywall, but I’ve screenshotted (is that a word?) it below. I just knew TPerk couldn’t stay away from the bright lights of TV for long. (9/11/19)

The Post broadcasts a daily email of "Post commentary and guest opinions'" Today six of the items (out of 17) are Trump-bashing hit pieces by someone named Jennifer Rubin. She posts lots of similar material on Twitter. Does the Post employ her to spend full time attacking Trump? Might not that money be better used to restore some of the staff they have slashed from suburban beats? (9/11/19)

Tony Perkins to WUSA9?? Why in the world would he want to go over there? And to do what? When he left FOX5, he gave the impression that he was through with television. He seemed quite excited to go back to radio with Donnie Simpson...Or maybe he was just through with FOX5 which I can understand considering the path they seem to be going: entertainment television..But WUSA9 seems to be going in the same direction. Well, we shall see what his role will be over there. (9/11/19)

RE-WBMD AM: In a way, the possible sale of WBMD-AM makes me sad, although I realize that WBMD (as I knew it) has been gone for a long long time! Of course I go back to the days when WBMD was a country station…at least it was during the early morning hours and during the afternoon! Does anyone know if WBMD ever programmed country music all day? Would love to come by some air checks (if any even exist) of WBMD in the early days…say from the time they came on the air through the mid-60s (when I actually started listening to them mostly all the time! Along about late 1967, I discovered that there were other country stations in the region that did a little better job! But WBMD was pretty good back in its day; I always did wish, however, that they would had programmed country music all day, although I think maybe now that I know a little more about it, I understand why maybe they didn’t want to do that! Tom in Denton, MD. (9/11/19)

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Dave: I have to admit, I've been sitting at home the past three weeks working and watching college and pro football. Unfortunately, I've given a listen to the various sportstalk stations in the market, and what's changed? Absolutely nothing! What's wrong with the people at 630...I guess they didn't want to make an impact in the market and I've heard it's another case of friends hiring friends! Carol Maloney is not made for radio or TV and Pollin should just stay away from DC radio. He's just as arrogant that when he was on WTOP and comes off as a know-it-all and what a terrible listen. While over on the TV side, I guess the NBC/CSN people or whatever they're now called, haven't said anything to Julie Donaldson about her lack of on air wardrobe knowledge as she doesn't even belong on regional TV. So now the trend is to hire awful radio talent and put them on TV? I spent the day watching some CSN shows and that former 980 update guy who over-emphasizes his words is now on TV. What's this world coming to..obviously not a professional media sports market! (9/10/19)

I’m on my way to Metro before 5am, listening to WTOP. At about 4:58am every weekday, there is a five second drop that starts with the song lyric “Kiss an angel good morning” followed by a few more words. What’s that all about? Is it directed toward a family member of a WTOP staffer? I wonder how long this has been going on… (9/10/19)

On the "cost sharing" of a combiner that WPXW no longer uses: If WETA bought WPXW's used combiner for less than what WPXW paid for it new, then perhaps WETA could claim that each station, over time, "shared" the cost of combiner in said way. I would suspect WETA's lawyers looked through the documentation before filing, and wouldn't approve outright lies being submitted to a government agency. So perhaps that's what happened, but as a non-engineer, I don't know if it could be modified to support a different RF channel. If it could be, then why couldn't WETA have modified its old UHF 27 combiner? Was it less naturally beefy, and couldn't effectively be beefed up to support 1 MW? Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (9/10/19)

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Obviously, it's going to be a Long season, obviously, for Morgan "Obviously" Moses on The Junks this year. It's obvious. He obviously likes that word. LOL (9/9/19)

WJZ-TV Ch 13 is debuting a 7:00 pm newscast tonight. So from 4:00 - 7:30, the only break from local news is the 30 minute CBS Network news. Gee, Dave, what ever happened to the 7-8 'Family Hour' ? 7 o'clock local news takes me back to when I was kid. (9/9/19)

Hey, I like checking out the 'weather babes' to see their 'junk in the trunk' ;-) they wear tight one piece dresses and you get to see some nice ;-) full body (chest, legs & trunk -lol) profiles as they stand in front of the maps. (9/9/19)

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Any idea what happened to WRC (NBC Washington) weekend anchor Erika Gonzales? On Saturday’s 11pm news, weather anchor Somara Theodore came directly on after the first break, about 10 minutes into the show. She tried to toss it to commercial after her weathercast and then obviously stalled for a while. She eventually tossed it to the sports anchor who did an early sportscast which led up to a commercial break. After the break, the sports anchor came back on with some filler material before he tossed it back to the weather anchor who closed out the newscast. Erika was MIA after the first block and weeknight anchor Jim Handly subbed for her on Sunday. Just curious... (9/8/19)

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new weather person on fox 5... is it me or does fox5 rarely shows a side profile of michelle rotella giving the weather because she has so much "junk in the trunk"? (9/7/19)

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I am seeing where a natural gas explosion in Columbia MD on Aug 25 that wiped out a good portion of a shopping center also took out an office that was the birthplace of HD radio: www.radioworld.com... Write your own punchline, folks. (9/6/19)

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Re: "" Chad Dukes signs a new two year with JFK to continue afternoons" Mike O'Meara, who Dukes replaced so many 4X full moons ago, could not be happier.. Right? If you need O'Meara, he's at the Cocoon Village Bar (9/5/19)

Kinda sad that Holly Morris tries so hard to stay young & relevant. She should just embrace her age & stop with the short, tight clothes. She’s obviously trying to compete w/Erin Como, who the station is obviously easing into an anchor chair. (9/6/19)

WHY is WETA TV LYING TO THE FCC? I’m continually dumbfounded by WETA’s Form 399 submissions to the FCC. They are continuing to claim they are sharing the cost of a combiner with WPXW ION 66 on the WUSA/WJLA Tenleytown tower. This is false! WPXW has moved to the River Road tower, no longer even broadcasting there and no intention of ever again. WHUT TV has no need for a new combiner. The only TV station that needs it is WETA TV. Who is paying the other half of the cost and is there some SCAM on the FCC going on here? Is WETA trying to defraud the US Government or the taxpayers? fcc.gov (9/5/19)

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[From DCRTV's Job Ads: Laurel TV is looking for a part-time reporter to shoot and edit stories. The candidate will also have opportunities to Anchor or host shows and help with productions. $17.28/hr for up to 20 hours per week. Send resumes and links to your work to Communications Director Audrey Barnes at abarnes@laurel.md.us (9/4/19)

Chad Dukes signs a new two year with JFK to continue afternoons. OOBBEE (9/4/19)

iHeart now has their PRIDE FORMAT on 41 stations. In DC, it is on WIHT HD2 . Obviously, if you don't have a HD Receiver, you CANNOT hear it. If iHeart put their format on their FM Translator then you could hear it. It is a good format and would get good ratings in DC. (9/4/19)

Salem stock continues to slide......now down to $1.48 per share. There is no sign that it is going to improve. Urban One is at an all time low price of $1.78 per share. Why? (9/4/19)

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Another shining moment for WBAL 1090. This is a direct quote from wbal.com "Six schools in Anne Arundel County are opening a day late due to planned construction projects." You've known for over a year when the 1st day of school is, and you're not ready ? Really ?? WBAL aired either live or recorded interviews with all of the area school superintendents. The one for AA County was a recorded interview by Ms Kramer. Think she brought this up ? OF COURSE NOT. I don't know what's more pathetic. The 6 schools not opening on time, or her not even bothering to ask a painfully obvious question. How is it that NO ONE in AA County is being held accountable for this ? I guess it's Hogan's/Trump's fault for not giving them enough money. (9/3/19)

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So, since hiring her, WJZ has identified Meg McNamara as a meteorologist. Over the weekend, she announced the completion of training to become a meteorologist. WTF!!! And, after all that training, she gets to do 30-second live shots from their stupid “mobile weather lab,” telling us how hot and humid things are in BFE, while dinosaurs Bob Turk and Marty Bass - neither of whom are meteorologists - predict the weather. How long can this go on??? On another weather note, WBAL sent one of their “meteorologists” to her old station in Florida, so she could help with forecasting the hurricane. I hate to keep repeating myself, but WTF!!! (9/2/19)

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Angie Goff has hit the jackpot at Fox5. Watched her on the 4pm news & the Like it or Not & she has made those shows all about her. On each of them, if she’s not streaming live on Facebook, she’s shamelessly plugging her podcast. I’m sure management loves her since although she’s constantly self promoting, her mastering social media is just what management wants to keep the viewing audience tuned in (9/1/19)

Memo to "Hunker Down Dude" -- I'll suggest what one of my old radio bosses told us once: If you want us to retire "hunker down" and "batten down...", come up with five alternative ways to say the same thing that we all can use on the air. If you can't, piss off. (9/1/19)

WJZ or any of the 3 stations on the Baltimore’s candelabra tower have done no re-pack work as of yet. They can’t until next year. So if you’re having problems with reception of WJZ, it’s not a re-pack issue. The problem is on your end. (9/1/19)

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MEMO TO NEWS DESKS: Please refrain from using “hunker down” and “batten down the hatches” while covering Dorian. And, when someone tells you “we’re preparing for the worst but hoping for the best,” tie them up and toss them into Sheryl’s she shed. (8/31/19)

My inability to keep names straight strikes, again! Mixing Univision in the place of Telemundo 44 is an own goal. Same number of syllables and letters, both Spanish-language channels. Eek. In other news, the Aspen Hill viewer is the second person in this Mailbag to lose WUSA 9 after the repack. What could make a signal no longer come in despite ostensibly no changes to its transmission during the repack? Maybe it was a temporary power reduction, and they're back to full strength? Maybe it's a more mid-term reduction to manage WETA's tower work? In case it's the former, he should rescan, now, in case his tuner can't discretely tune channels outside a rescan. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (8/31/19)

"I know the crime occurring in Baltimore is extremely serious" I'm not current on the Baltimore crime scene. Did yet another Mayor screw up or have high-spirited young people been getting up to rambunctious shenanigans in the streets again? At least it's not like Ocean City where you can go on the "Get Stabbed By A Savage" ride on the Boardwalk. Pindinjara Tribe don't play that. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/31/19)

RE: Bob Marbourg’s haircut retiring. That things gotta be a rug… (8/31/19)

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I know the crime occurring in Baltimore is extremely serious, but I am sitting here laughing my ass off at this dude who calls himself “C4,” the motor mouth on 1090, who is about to blow himself up on the air as he speeds through the English language faster than a toupee in a fan factory. LMFAO (8/30/19)

I feel rude coming on. Anybody know how old Bob Marbourg is? Wasn’t he doing traffic back when we were transitioning from horses and carriages? - Max Critic (8/30/19)

The problem on Baltimore's three-headed tower occurred in September 1999 as new UHF digital antennas were being added. A crane atop the tower became unstable and threatened to topple or collapse the candelabra and the nearby taller Sinclair-Cunningham tower. Buildings below were (mostly) evacuated, including WBAL, WJZ and a nursing home. A hurricane or tropical storm had been predicted to hit later that day and evening, adding more urgency to a dangerous situation. A part that would stabilize the crane had to be delivered from a manufacturer or distributor, extending the crisis into the early evening. Recorded and network programming appeared on the two TV stations through the afternoon. WJZ broadcast its early evening news from a garage and driveway at WBFF, only yards away from the danger zone. WBAL news originated from Maryland Public Television in Owings Mills. The two commercial stations made great use of their mobile news trucks, with field editing and microwave capacity saving the broadcast day. WBAL radio had only recently installed gear to allow talk host Allan Prell to broadcast from his home in Northern Virginia, and that led to a phone-call-free non-commercial marathon until host Ron Smith started broadcasting from the WBAL Orioles network booth at Camden Yards. Radio news originated from the offices of heating and cooling business on the other side of the bridge over the Jones Falls. WIYY 98 Rock played quickly-gathered LP music in mono from a restaurant where it did a regular remote broadcast. (8/30/19)

Talked with Bob Marbourg twice per traffic conditions in Southern Maryland .... he was more than decent .... and the reports aired. Hope he gets to do what he wants during his retirement .... he is the type of person who should be remembered and decency emulated. (8/30/19)

Looking forward to Bob Marbourg's podcast every ten minutes on the eights. I hear his haircut is retiring too, so there's that! (8/30/19)

Taking about the repack, from Aspen Hill MD two weeks or so ago I totally lost WJZ, WUSA, MPT (which only came in poorly before), WETA the LP on 49, ION and all the associated subchannels. All I can get is WRC, WTTG, WDCA, WHUT, Telemundo, and WDCW, with the subchannels. Went from 40-odd stations to 16. (8/30/19)

"BTW, this email is being sent via Ku satellite on a transatlantic flight... that sort of says-it-all about the value of AM radio in this hyperconnected world..." It actually says nothing about the value of AM radio but I bet you're glad your pilot had it when he needed to talk to the tower. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/30/19)

To Potomac Mills Man: WRC+Cosi shares UHF 34 with co-owned Univision 44 and its TeleXitos subchannel. There are 2 1080i and 2 SD on UHF 34 as it is, and there's no room for more SD or HD channels without degrading picture quality. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (8/30/19)

[What has happened to Channel 49, WWTD-LD? It has been off the air for the past week or so. At first, a couple of the digital channels (49.1, 49.2) were still broadcasting, while the others (49.4, etc.) were not (but saying TEST). Now, Channel 49 is completely off air. Is the station gone for good, or are they having temporary troubles?] The only channel i cannot receine is 49.4 which is Retro TV. it is likely that the problem is at the Retro TV end but i cannot day for sure. (8/30/19)

These radio stocks continue to slide to an all time low price. Entercom $3.43, Salem $1.51 and Urban One $1.86. At these low prices they could be a good investment. (8/30/19)

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Now that Bob Marbourg has left WTOP, veteran traffic reporter Jim Russ should beeline it to DC to succeed him and get the hell out of Baltimore. Russ has worked the DC market and knows it extremely well. More importantly, leaving alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 would help pull the plug on this dying AMer. He’s the only reason people listen in the morning. The station sucks bigtime, and as the ratings continue to slide, it’s only a matter of time before they dump the day-old, regurgitated, tv-Twitter/newspaper-plagiarized news format and go with ESPN Radio. (8/29/19)

Looking like goodbye for Baltimore’s WBMD AM 750. Baltimore's religious now silent WBMD AM 750, owned by Family Radio, is now for sale. Is it worth $700,000 with no tower site or transmitter? An FCC application to relocate WBMD to the WFSI tower site is still pending though. WBMD is Baltimore's only daytime ONLY radio station due to the fact that Atlanta's east coast 50kw blowtorch WSB is also on AM 750, heard at nights around the area. My guess is that without a buyer, WBMD AM 750 might be no more as Family Radio is not doing so well since the death of its owner/founder. www.radiotvdeals.com... —BaltoMedia.net (8/29/19)

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Dave, Just saw this on the WTOP website. Best wishes to Bob and many thanks for all you've done to help us get through traffic over the years! wtop.com (6/28/19)

Wow...Bob Marbourg is retiring from WTOP. He’s truly a local legend and one of the best in the business. I called in with tips several times and he was always very appreciative, no matter how crazy it must’ve been in the traffic center. Happy trails Bob! (8/28/19)

Another Phase 4 repack is not quite finished. WMPT did move to channel 21 and moved up its repack, but it is also on a backup auxiliary transmitter at 800kw 150 feet below the top of the tower. They are waiting on chopper availability to do the final installation of their 1000kw signal at over 900 feet. So if anyone is having any trouble with WMPT, that signal while still good now, will only get better, higher power and top of the tower soon. Now the question that still boggles my mind is why is WETA still claiming it has to share a combiner with WPXW on the WJLA/WUSA tower? Clearly, WPXW has no current transmitter apps or authorization to use the Fort Reno tower anymore. Why is WETA supplying false information to the FCC? Obviously Sinclair and Tegna know what’s going on, but I still don’t get the obfuscation here to the FCC. (8/28/19)

"Does anyone know/remember a DC TV station that was WTTC-TV?" You fell for a typo or poorly OCRed article. The callsign WTTC has been in use on an AM station in Towanda, Pa. since 1960, which would restrict its use in any other location for most of the 20th century. Any purported evidence I found of a WTTC TV station is actually referring to WTTG. (8/28/19)

Looks like we've got another Spanish language translator here in Northern Virginia. First noted today (8/27) on 98.1 mHz with "WURA Quantico - Washington" ID at 3 PM. Licensed to Manassas and booming in "rock solid" here in West Springfield. They were not there yesterday. This was one of the last open frequencies for DXing and I check it daily. Usually get Richmond on 98.1... Larry N4VA Springfield, VA (8/28/19)

It's official now...Family Radio has WBMD AM 750 on the market for a cool $700K.... The listing went pseudo-public on RadioTVDeals.com today....No FM translators come with the deal... BTW, this email is being sent via Ku satellite on a transatlantic flight... that sort of says-it-all about the value of AM radio in this hyperconnected world... TK in Odenton at 35000' (8/28/19)

JFK still has Andy Polie’s pic on their webpage. Lazy. OOBBEE (8/28/19)

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Does anyone know/remember a DC TV station that was WTTC-TV? What years it was operational? What affiliation was it and what was it replaced by. Thanks for any info. Signed MediaMaven (8/27/19)

What has happened to Channel 49, WWTD-LD? It has been off the air for the past week or so. At first, a couple of the digital channels (49.1, 49.2) were still broadcasting, while the others (49.4, etc.) were not (but saying TEST). Now, Channel 49 is completely off air. Is the station gone for good, or are they having temporary troubles? (8/27/19)

Chris Russel l Getting pulled over by police for being on the phone with Dukes has to be one of the funniest things I have ever heard on DC radio on years! OOBBEE (8/27/19)

To Mike in Kensington: A similar repack question could be asked in Baltimore. Why is WJZ being forced to move to channel 11 and WBAL to channel 12. Couldn’t WBAL just stayed on 11 and WJZ moved to channel 12? I realize they’re attempting to re-space the VHF channels to shorter spacing, but just moving WJZ would have served the same purpose with the added coast of changing all three transmitters on Baltimore’s candelabra tower at the same time. It’s going to very interesting to see how the 3 stations pull that magic act off on the same tower within a 24 hour period. I was recently told that the last time all 3 transmitters on the TV Hill candelabra tower had to be changed, a storm hit, knocking a crane over and stranding a worker atop the 1000 foot tower for 24 hours. Should be a fun time in 2020. The FCC appears to have scheduled Baltimore for a snowy repack. (8/27/19)

Thanks for the poster letting me know that ION is running on lower power the repack is a partial mess too little frequency space in a congested market also ION could have shared space with WRC CH 4 on CH 34. WRC they only run 1 HD sub with COZI tv they could even broadcast in 720 p resolution like CW 50 does on CH 15 Some advantage in my location WRC 4 is stronger as well as MPT couldnt always recieve MPT before now no problem.Now just a matter of waiting to see how my reception is when WETA ups thier power in the Fall.but at least I have access to a PBS station compitable with WETA. (8/27/19)

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To the guy living near Potomac Mills who can't get Ion TV on channel 35: Since the channel change, they've been running on a low-power "Special Temporary Authority" at 10 kW directional, from a different tower than the old My20 tower. Ion 66 hope$ to go to a >900 kW antenna on their new tower -- eventually -- but meanwhile, it's tough for people more locally than Potomac Mills to the tower to pick it up, including myself. Why did the FCC force WPXW to change channels for the repack? It would have been completely acceptable to leave them on UHF 34, and put WRC on UHF 35. What would have been wrong with that? Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (8/26/19)

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Speaking of rumored acquisitions, former Baltimore Sun writer Michael Olesker is floating a rumor that David Smith might purchase the Baltimore Orioles and thus a controlling interest in the Washington Nationals broadcaster MASN. Keep in mind, Sinclair already just purchased Fox Sports Networks. Apollo Global’s Tegna offer is from the beginning of this year and old news. Apollo has tried to be involved in practically every media related deal in the past year or so. (8/25/19)

Not mentioned ever in the repack is that a city/market like Baltimore will never ever probably get another independent, religious, or Latino TV station ever, no minority TV of any kind. Locked between Washington and Philadelphia now like never before, there is simply no available channel space. Even WMFJ 39 is locked in a tight space on channel 23 with WDVM close to the west. The combination of the repack of channels 38+ and the expansion of land/mobile into channels 14-20 makes almost no channels available in many markets, but Baltimore is probably the hardest hit being so sandwiched. Even Sinclair’s WBFF 45 is now going to be sandwiched on channel 26 by WRDE NBC Coast TV. Good luck mid shore people picking up Fox 45 in 2020. Better have a directional antenna. (8/25/19)

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"What is RF 30 these days?" Nothing yet, but that's where WIAV-CD/WMDO-CD will move post repack. Yes, there is one DC-based station yet to be repacked - it has to wait for WMPB to move from RF 29 to 22 in I believe phase 8 next spring. It'll be quite the signal once it's on 30, with 48 kW on the WRC-TV tower. Also, congrats to the guy who discovered WRZB-LD for the first time. RabbitEars is that way... www.rabbitears.info (8/24/19)

Now that we know who owns the radio stations in DC...... who owns the FM Translators in DC? Hubbard, John Garziglia (Communications Attorney), Urban One, iHeart, Metro Radio. (8/24/19)

WMDO Unimas & WIAV Jewelry TV are moving to channel 30 at 48kw, surprisingly higher than the 15kw max for Class A LPTVs, but that’s due to WETA’s escape from the channel 14 allocation. On channel 31, WETA would obliterate channel 30 at 15kw, hence the allowance for a higher Class A power. As for WRC NBC 4, if you can get WBAL TV in Springfield VA, but not WRC NBC 4, you obviously have too strong of a signal and need attenuation of some kind added. WRC is overloading your receiver that its so strong. (8/24/19)

Thanks to the mailbaggers with suggestions about receiving WRC OTA. Am definitely at a high elevation about 12 miles from the transmitter with good line of sight. Would never have thought that would be a liability but how things have changed. For the time being, the workaround is watching NBC on Channel 11 in Baltimore. In a related unrelated question, I occasionally visit a gym with Dish TV. Channel 4 has been dark for several weeks there too. I'm guessing Dish is picking up the local stations OTA and adding them to the cable stations for transmission to the individual customers because the locals all disappear in a heavy thunderstorm while the cable-only stations generally do not. Thoughts, anyone. Mark in Springfield (8/24/19)

DISH does not get WRC by antenna but by fiber which generally is unaffected by weather.. The channel has been on DISH continuously for some time. The gym must have a problem somewhere. (8/24/19)

Funny the person who said at gym Dish Network loses locals in stormy weather but cable channels remain where I work at Ft Belvoir they have Direct TV and it's the opposite the cable channels go out especially in heavy rain and thunderstorms but the locals never do! Also I live near Potomac Mills in Woodbridge so a bit of a distance from the transmitter of WRC CH 4 but still can't receive ION on CH 35 Or WETA On CH 31 I know WETA posted on thier website about temporary reduced power through the Fall but don't know what's going on with ION because when CH 20 Was on that frequency all was well. And I'm totally aware of rescanning TV But fortunately with my LG TV if you manually enter a specific RF channel if a station is there it will lock into it so while a rescan will enter all available stations into memory you can look up" a specific frequency when I had an older TV in the late 2000s and bought a converter box for DTV you had to do a scan not practical if you were receiving stations from different antennas.It would only lock in what was available when you scan. (8/24/19)

The Wall Street Journal reported last week about Apollo Global Management approaching TEGNA about possible merger. www,wsj.com... Apollo is in the process of acquiring Cox Media Group TV and radio station properties, and Northwest Broadcasting portfolio. TEGNA, owner of DC's channel 9/WUSA and owner-operator of channel 3/WTKR and channel 27/WGNT, is in the process of acquiring a few stations from the Nexstar-Tribune merger. If such a merger were to occur, stations in at least 6 other markets (Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Memphis, Seattle, and Spokane) would be subject to divestiture due to overlapping conflicts. Even FTVLive has ran stories, including a story where TEGNA employees are hoping Apollo buys them. We'll have to stay tuned on this one. (8/24/19)

Dave's response: Here in the Atlanta metro (where your trusty DCRTV webmaster has been since February), Cox owns Channel 2/WSB, the ABC affiliate, and Tegna owns Channel 11/WXII, the NBC affiliate, and Channel 36/WATL, the MyNetworkTV affiliate. Would the FCC allow Apollo controlled companies to keep all three?

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Thanks to the mailbaggers with suggestions about receiving WRC OTA. Am definitely at a high elevation about 12 miles from the transmitter with good line of sight. Would never have thought that would be a liability but how things have changed. For the time being, the workaround is watching NBC on Channel 11 in Baltimore. In a related unrelated question, I occasionally visit a gym with Dish TV. Channel 4 has been dark for several weeks there too. I'm guessing Dish is picking up the local stations OTA and adding them to the cable stations for transmission to the individual customers because the locals all disappear in a heavy thunderstorm while the cable-only stations generally do not. Thoughts, anyone. Mark in Springfield (8/23/19)

Hey Dave, I've discovered recently on local OTA TV a new series of six HD channels 31-1 through 31-6 (Court TV, Escape, Laff, Decades, Faith). There is no indication which network this is; hitting the program information button doesn't bring up any information. Does anyone out there know what network this is? (8/23/19)

"In DC, 30 - 36 are all being used ' What is at RF 30 these days? (8/23/19)

Who are the major station owners in DC? iHeart owns owns six FM Stations, Cumulus owns one AM and one FM. Entercom owns six FM and one AM, Hubbard owns three FM and two AM, Salem owns one FM and two AM. Multicultural owns two AM. Urban One owns four FM and three AM, Educational Media owns two FM, Howard University owns one FM and Metro Radio owns two AM Stations. (8/23/19)

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Salem sells off 14 Fulltime Stations and 7 Translators for $17.7 Million. Their stock remains at an all time low price of $1.66 per share. Will they be able to recover? They are trying to reduce their debt. (8/22/19)

Dave a new NSA Intercept. What does it mean? “Comrade’s O’Connor and Plante, Generous Leader happy with what you say on American radio. Generous Leader not happy with Comrade Kudlow going on American Television Sunday morning after drinking full bottle of Russian Vodka Saturday night. Keep your pressure on Denmark to sell Greenland to US, so realtor Clown with long tie can, how realtors say?, Oh yes, “Flip it” to Mother Russia in 2021, right before Clown leaves. Clown will get big commission for “Flipping Greenland,” over a billion dollars, which is what he told Vlad he wanted out of the deal. Also, as Russian propagandists on US Radio, Glorious Leader Putin wants you two to start talking about made up crap about Joe Biden’s dead son, and link it to Venezuela or Epstein. You two are good at talking about made up crap, right? Also, keep talking about your right to arm bears, I mean Bear Arms, Arming the bear and wrestling bears is what fearless leader do every morning for workout. If Americans keep shooting themselves in vast numbers it is good for Russian propaganda. So please allow more Americans to die because you feel 250 year old guidelines you worship as words from God, apply today, and are as powerful as 10 Commandments. Most Powerful leader will be talking with Clown with Long Tie tomorrow, and I will have update for you soon. Praise to Mother Russia. “ (8/22/19)

Comcast was out for much of the evening here in MoCo on Wednesday night. TV, phone and Internet. But luckily, I had connected my 40-year old rooftop antenna to my TV, did a quick scan, and lookee--36 channels at least, all the networks, PBS, etc. So at least we were able to watch Jeopardy in peace. Yes we're old. -- Jerry (8/22/19)

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I figured Nestor would have sold WNST ages ago. Baltimore isn’t a city that can handle two sports talkers. (8/21/19)

WRC NBC 4 has completed its repack to channel 34. A License to Cover means finished, no more testing, operating as licensed at the maximum power authorized. At 1000 watts, there will be no increase or change. For those having problems, I suggest getting new equipment on their end because nothing is going to change at the Ward Circle tower. Adjacent channel issues also suggests old equipment cannot separate the adjacent channels well or at all. In DC, 30 - 36 are all being used with WRC right in the middle, but also with the strongest signal. Both 33 and 35 are weaker signals, so it’s likely the problem is overloading and/or adjacent channel selection, not receiving at all. (8/21/19)

There's been some speculation about Thom Loverro's status with 106.7 The Fan - looks like he's staying there and will be co-hosting with Nick Ashooh on Saturday mornings (not sure about Sundays). Previously Loverro was paired with Andy Pollin on weekends but of course Pollin recently left that station (which never gave him full time work) to help ESPN 630 get off the ground. Speaking of which, Bram Weinstein has apparently managed to get his old producer/co-host Mike Callow to jump from 980 to 630 where he'll assume similar roles on the afternoon drive show. There's something about this move that rubs me the wrong way - Callow's by no means essential to that program and I've never understood why certain radio personalities insist on trying to bring over their old supporting cast when changing venues instead of learning to work with new people. If there's a distinguishing characteristic of this new DC sports talker thus far, it's the near total absence of call-in segments on the local programming - the Maloney show is basically two hours of chit-chat between Carol and Andy while Weinstein has always preferred the sound of his own voice to any form of interaction with his listeners. (8/21/19)

Thoughts and prayers for Jason Bishop of The Junkies on the passing of his mother. OOBBEE (8/21/19)

Wow. Hard hitting broadcast journalism this morning when Newsradio 1090's Brian Nehman went on a loooonnnngggg diatribe about a new chicken sandwich at Popeye's. He spent about 5 minutes talking about the pickles, the wrapper, the thickness of the chicken and just went on and on. With all the serious issues facing the city and the state, this is the best they can do? Must have been because they didn't have the shouter out reporting on a story that happened yesterday. Three thing you need to know: 1090. Really. Sucks. (8/21/19)

n what way are Entercom and Salem "DC radio stocks"? Eff the Stock Guy, in the nicest possible way. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/21/19)

Just saw a promo for yet another gimmick Fox5 will be implementing next month, They will now have something called Instapoll where viewers can “vote” on how they feel about stories broadcasted. Seems like the poll and results will be shown on the screen for all to see. As one anchor said, it will be another way to interact with the viewers. Wow, I can’t wait!!! (insert sarcasm)..Guess Twitter wasn’t enough. What next? FaceTime or video chat with viewers? Anchors/reporters going to people’s houses, sitting in their family room & watching the show with them? (8/21/19)

To Mark in Springfield: Based on the data you provided, I'm 99% sure you're experiencing signal overload of WRC on your newer TV's. The fact that as you go to older and older tuners, the easier the signal is to pick up tells me a lot. Newer tuners are more sensitive than older ones, but that sensitivity has the dual-edged sword of being easier to "overload", where an overly-strong signal will overpower the tuner's ability to decode the signal, especially if the house is located further up in altitude than other parts of the area, such as in Franconia and York Manor.. If you're running a preamp, then just remove it, entirely, and that should fix things. If you don't use a preamp, here's a highly-rated 6 dB attenuator that you'd plug into the TV tuner; then plug the coax in the other end. The oldest TV probably just doesn't recognize the WPXW-WRC channel change. It probably has nothing to do with WRC's equipment; just chalk it up to old age and live with it. Finally, if you ever need to replace the antenna, and are line of sight to the DC antennas, you can likely install it in the attic just fine, with no need for any attenuator. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (8/21/19)

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Baltimore's Sports talker WNST AM 1570 appears to be for sale. Baltimore has no other 5000 watt radio station that is lower power at night. Somebody know more? radiostationsforsale.net (8/20/19)

Dave: First, I really must say, it's quite painful watching the Redskins preseason games! It's just amazing how Theismann has zero clue about this team and Kenny Albert is just a puppet in-disguise taking Snyder's money. However, what's with the woman from WRC and Portis..they just have no clue about what's going on and both add nothing to the game. What ever happen to educating us Redskins fans about football and the team itself. I remember George Michael had Jeff Bostic as the sideline reporter when WRC first started showing the preseason games and they had the best on air talent..even Wilbon was decent. Bostic was right there telling you about the line play and all Portis does is laugh it up with players he doesn't know about. The WRC reporter kept looking at her phone and thought she was cool. One of my old friends from CSN told me over the weekend that they actually missed the Redskins first touchdown of the game..where the shot changed. Later in the evening, I switched over to the Ravens telecast and actually liked hearing their radio guy on TV. Their telecast looked like a CBS game with that aerial camera flying across the field. I know Snyder probably hates the fact there are many empty seats during the preseason but show some creativity where you can..oh, I forgot, we're talking about CSN where low budget TV comes first! (8/20/19)

What’s with the 9/9/19 commercial/teaser for nothing on WJZ? (8/20/19)

DC Radio Stocks continue to slide. Entercom $3.65, Urban One $1.94 and Salem $1.69. Is this because of poor management or too much debt to service? Salem just sold off a number of stations. Urban One has also sold off some stations. (8/20/19)

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[RE: For those who have trouble getting UHF channel 34 (NBC4) despite multiple rescans] With a rooftop antenna in Springfield, just ran three tests. With the most recent receiver and set, no WRC. Moving down to an older combo, WRC comes in intermittently. With decade old equipment, WRC comes in just fine... on Channel 66! I'm guessing and hoping this means the engineers are still working on the current project. BTW, scanning through all the channels, I was reminded why so many of us are turning back to OTA: the picture is markedly better than through the pay services, in my case, Cox and Verizon. A huge plus for OTA, especially watching NFL and NCAA football. One exception: WJLA, which for years and under two ownerships can only be described as mushy. An added note, watched two minutes of the new WTTG 4 P.M. news. All three of the stories were stale (4:15 seems awfully early to be going to the "in case you missed it" videos) and the you could sense the "Do I read this one?" unease on the part of both anchors.-- Mark in Springfield (8/19/19)

Andy Pollin took a really bad spill on his bicycle this weekend and ended up in the hospital. OOBBEE (8/19/19)

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Couldn’t figure out why Angie Goff would want to leave a quality station like NBC4 to go to Fix5. But after watching a few of the 4pm newscasts as well as her on that Like it or Not show, I know why. She wanted quantity vs quality. She truly enjoys having her face on tv five days a week, promoting her podcast, broadcasting her shows on Facebook Live as well as posting anything & everything about her & Fox5 on social media. Between her & Kevin McCarthy, I don’t know which one I’d give the “Me, Me, Me” award; tight race. (8/18/19)

For those who have trouble getting UHF channel 34 (NBC4) despite multiple rescans, I may have found the problem, especially if you have a GE attic-mount or outdoor compact antenna: One reviewer with a spectrum analyzer tested two versions of the same GE antenna, both assembled the same, and found that on one of them (and not the other), there was a significant reception null at 594 MHz, which corresponds with UHF channel 34. www.amazon.com... If you had never bothered to attempt bringing in ION 66 (which had been on channel 34, previously), then the antenna may never have had the capability of bringing UHF 34 in, but you just didn't notice. Replacing your antenna may be able to resolve the problem; here's a competing directional short-range attic/outdoor antenna that's well-priced: www.amazon.com... If you were able to bring in ION 66 on the old UHF 34 frequency, then given how most of these complaints are coming from Northern VA, to the south of the DC TV towers, the most likely possibility is overload due to the more potent and more southerly WRC signal (especially if Fox5 and WFDC14/DCW50 are coming in with 95 signal strength or higher), in which case, placing a 3 dB or 6 dB pad (attenuator) may bring the station in. However, such overload conditions weren't applicable when WRC was running at a lower power level immediately after the channel change-over, so I'm not 100% sure this plan will work, either. Could it be related to multipath from the UHF 34 signal that isn't applicable with the UHF 15 signal of WFDC14/DCW50, which a more directional antenna would fix? Either way, an old antenna you won't use, anymore can be gifted to someone who lives closer to the tower, and would benefit from the coming ATSC 3.0 AWARN geotargeted severe weather warning capability (awarn.org), or someone in the Baltimore area who doesn't mind not having NBC4, but would benefit from AWARN. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (8/18/19)

Regarding WXCY, Tyler Daniel was moved to afternoons, which was held by Brad Austin. No changes to midday nor nights. By the way, Brad was one of the absolute best pd’s I had ever had the honor to work with in my 48 year career. An extremely talented guy who was silky smooth on air and with interviews, excellent leadership skills too! I wish him the best! Tom Conroy (8/18/19)

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RE: WXCY. It is just a matter of time before it becomes Froggy 103.7. People thought Forever Media would not mess with WCEI or WINX, and both stations are automated/on WW1 programming after AM drive. People thought Forever would not mess with WGTY since it was making money and had good numbers...then BAM, it became Froggy. (8/17/19)

Hey dave it’s been a long long long time.If McLaughlin gets renewed does my pop get his 5 $ royalties for the opening voice over credit?? Regards Mark Mcgarry (8/17/19)

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Word is that WXCY Havre de Grace PMD, PD Brad Austin is out. Also, Tyler has been removed from the WXCY morning shows facebook page. (8/16/19)

WMJF's 39.4 Ion channel has video again this morning. (8/16/19)

Reason, the satire " We [Russia] also want Comrade [Chris] Plante to go back to talking heavily about Putin being a real leader, ” may have some very dark and troubling references for Chris Plante. In late 2006, the now convicted foreign agent and tax evader, Paul Manafort, according to the Mueller Report, signed a million dollar a year contract with Russian Oligarchs to bolster Putin's image in the US. The contract was open ended, and not reported to the Federal government as required. In 2007 and 2008, Right wing looney talk radio, represented by Rush nationally and Chris Plante Locally, started saying things like "unlike Democrats, Putin is a great leader, dontcha think?" "Putin is a real man." "When Putin says something, people jump to action," and "Obama can learn a lot on leadership from Putin." I will bet the mortgage there is a clear line from that contract to what came out of Chris's mouth. The questions now become, "did Chris Plante accept money from Manafort to say those things on the air?" and "if Chris Plante used the American airwaves to disparage a Presidential candidate, while being paid indirectly and secretly by a foreign government, is that treason? " Remember, Chris Plante was abruptly fired after the 2008 election. WMAL, Chris Plante, Heritage Foundation, care to comment? (8/16/19)

Salem sells off nine more stations. Their stock is down to $1.60 per share today. They are trying to reduce their debt! (8/16/19)

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"Rescanned my channels, but no channel 4 in Springfield,VA (8/13)" .... Rescan again! (I gather we'll be doing that often for awhile). WRC must have finished their adjustment as promised by the fellow who responded to my email, and last night, Wednesday 8/14, the main channel and SD COZI were working fine. -Chriscom/Manassas (8/15/19)

Dave, the NSA field office in Ireland picked up the email sent from Tennleytown in DC, to a Russian Oligarch. It mentions DC radio again. Any thoughts on its origins? (8/15/19)

How about some love and support for my buddy Lee Bailey and his MoreJoyRadio.com station. Check out nice piece from WJLA wjla.com... A lot of people are pulling for him! -- Bob Appel (8/15/19)

Only those who have been around long enough to remember the glory days of AM radio in Baltimore can understand the frustration among those of us who tune in every day hoping to hear a return to a station’s commitment to locally produced news and information. Instead, all we get on one particular station are speed-reading, tweet-repeating, newspaper plagiarizing wanna-be reporters who wouldn’t know a good news story if one bit ‘em on their ass; a motor mouth talk show host with a huge following that calls in daily after their morning oatmeal and prune juice break at Charlestown and Oakcrest; and, weekend traffic reporters who couldn’t find their way out of a one-toilet bathroom. Today, the mid-day motor mouth talk show host is talking trash, literally, in a desperate plea for people to join a campaign to clean up Baltimore’s trash. Why not let the people who dumped all that shit to begin with clean it up?? Stop dumping all the Baltimore radio shit on us. Most of the listeners are NOT in Baltimore City, and could give (pardon the expression, Mr. Cummings) a rats ass about it. Get back to covering news out of Towson and Annapolis, and stop all this boring, meaningless bullshit, and convince us that AM radio isn’t dead...yet. (8/15/19)

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To the person trying to find a clear spot for their wireless "church mic" system. Call any of the network TV bureaus in Washington, ask for Engineering, then ask for the White House list of wireless assignments. It's being compiled right now, started in July and circulating to crews. It's a voluntary coordination, just like "the old days" for broadcast cues and dispatch on two-way radio and STL. Only this set of frequencies is from the "re-pack" so we don't get in one another's way. And although the list took form among White House crews, many of those crews will find it easy to stay parked on those frequencies around town on other assignments. (8/14/19)

Dave, the NSA obtained this email, and forwarded it to several DC radio experts for comment and clarification. As a DC radio insider, do you know what this guy is talking about.? Here goes…. Comrades O’Connor and Plante, Dearest most excellent Putin sends his thanks for all you are doing on American radio airwaves to help him and clown with long tie. We had minor nuclear accident here last week, and we appreciate you not talking about it, and keeping focus on spreading ridiculous information on why clown with long tie is best man for the job of president. Leader Putin also wants to thank Larry for all the airtime Larry spent on “American Greatness.” It will be a , how you say, ‘talking point” for leader on how dumb Americans really are. Also, now that the Russian mercenaries at the NRA have been exposed, you two, and Vince, have done a nice job of switching to Vandershit over at Gun Owners of America for gun comment on radio. Remember Vandershit went on national television to teach four-year old’s how to shoot to kill with guns? He makes good fodder here in Russia on why America is so trigger crazy. Your next assignment, comrades, is Russia will make up story on upcoming US Census being obfuscated so to be a Democrat power grab. Our dear colleague, ass faced O’Keefe, has already been given his assignment and is about to start filming. Larry, your former fatgirl slut Scotty Nell Hughes is already working on how to break the story to the legitimate media. We wish you two talk a lot about this fake Census news as being real. We also want Comrade Plante to go back to talking heavily about Putin being a real leader, and Democrats are all nutty socialists. Putin wants clown with long tie to be re-elected next year, so, Comrade Larry, Comrade Chris, keep doing your best to talk about Russian generated fake news to make Cherished leader Putin happy. We will be sending over a case of vodka. (8/14/19)

When is WJZ going to unload the dinosaurs? Why in the hell do they send their gorgeous weather ladies, who just happen to be certified meteorologists, out in that stupid “mobile weather lab” for a 30-second (or less) standup in 90+ degree heat and hair-curling humidity while the non-certified meteorologists remain in the air conditioned, comfy studio to predict the weather?? Hair wrecking humidity would not be an issue for Marty Bass and he and Bob Turk, the other wrinkled up old fossil, are well beyond makeup. Now, if you’ll excuse me a minute, I really must get back to The Weather Channel. (8/14/19)

So if the 'Justin, Scott & Speigel show' will be on TV will it be like their morning show... 5-7 minute segments, only 1-2 listeners calling in & 25+minutes of music & ads. IDK...the format of their morning show dosent make sense to me; their segments are so short/shallow...meanwhile the MMR morning show in Philadelphia often has 20+minute segments and takes calls from lots of listeners. (8/14/19)

WBAL AM dropped the O’Reilly Update from their midday newscast this week replacing it with the Nehman Briefing. Which is surprising, they were one of the first stations to carry O’Reilly’s segment when he returned to radio. Doesn’t affect me though because I listen to it on podcast- but I wonder what happened? Was the O’Reilly Update not similar enough to Paul Harvey News & Comment? (8/14/19)

The only logical reason that someone can’t get WRC NBC 4 at 1000kw on channel 34 but could get WRC at 813kw on channel 48 is, well, I can’t think of one outside of an X File secretly guarded the the FBI on how Comcast is secretly sabotaging OTA TV or the dumb fuck doesn’t know how to RE-SCAN for channels on their TV set, later of which is more likely. It is clearly a more dominant signal despite whatever the voices in your head might tell you. Now as for getting WETA 26, you should see a doctor about that transmitter stuck up your ass. :-) (8/14/19)

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98 ROCK on TV? Yep, or something like that as Justin, Scott, and Spiegel from WIYY will premiere a TV show on WBAL TV Aug. 17th after Saturday Night Live. More details as I hear it. —BaltoMedia.net (8/13/19)

These DC Radio Stocks continue to sink.....Entercom $3.59.....Joe Field, the founder, needs to buy more stock in his company to prop up the price. Salem at an all time low price of $1.86 and Urban One at a low of $2.00 per share. (8/13/19)

This is interesting: Jay Cottrell of WBAL dishes dirt about WTEM’s Al Galdi on the latest edition of the Steve Czaban TV-MA podcast: czabecast.libsyn.com (8/13/19)

DC sports talker WTEM 980 AM is applying to add low power 95.9 FM as a translator. The Urban One radio station originally started DC's 95.9 FM for WOL AM 1450, but now it appears it will be another FM signal for Redskins Radio if approved by the FCC. —BaltoMedia.net (8/13/19)

Rescanned my channels, but no channel 4 in Springfield,VA . All other DC channels are fine including 22 & 26 Patrick (8/13/19)

To the poster on WTOP traffic: You need to dump the 1996 Rand-McNally Road Atlas and get up to speed on traffic information. There is no such thing as “the Nyce Bridge being closed for over an hour.” It was the westbound span of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (not to be confused with the Harry W. “Nice” Memorial Bridge that spans the Potomac River) that closed for over an hour. The station is keeping a closer eye on beach traffic now, but not until after this poster complained a few weeks ago about their lack of beach traffic mentions. This traffic story should have remained on the radar of the newsroom where questions should have been raised over the issue of two-way traffic patterns on the westbound (and eastbound) span and whether or not this dangerous traffic pattern was a contributing factor in this multi-vehicle collision. If so, the Maryland Transportation Authority should be held accountable and questioned over why they continue to jeopardize the safety of the motoring public to reduce the severe delays. The mandatory headlight requirement and speed limits are NOT enforced, which also contributes to the rise in safety risks. Just last week, a tractor trailer tipped over and nearly plunged into the bay in a crash that also occurred (I believe) during a two-way traffic pattern on the eastbound span. If traffic is such a priority for this station, where are all the questions?? Where are all the traffic safety groups?? And, more importantly, where are all the answers??? (8/13/19)

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Regarding using Towson's WMJF 39.4 Ion as a substitute for the degraded WPXW, 39.4 hasn't had any video for at least ten days - just audio. I sent a note to Ion on their website on Aug 6, but nothing heard back. The thought occurred it was using MPEG-4 encoding like WBFF's 45.4 Stadium, which results in audio only on older TVs, but I can see that station just fine. (8/12/19)

None of my college friends were Washington Redskins fans since most were from other states even though the college was near DC, so I’ll never forget a call on the phone I got back then screaming, “TURN ON THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS ON THE RADIO”. I had no clue what station even, WMAL AM I’m sure. The running joke among everyone outside DC back in the Redskins heyday was that Jurgensen & Huff were the best comedy team on the radio! That’s the only time I remember listening. We actually had Listening Drinking parties even with even being Redskins fans. I know they deserve respect, but they really were a comedy team of clowns on the radio for a very long time. I said the same thing about Tom Marr when he did Orioles broadcasts. He often had no clue what was going on, MLB rules, or could remember players names, and that was in Tom Marr’s PRIME! God rest his soul, but he was just TERRIBLE at that particular job! He once even said it himself on WCBM decades later. I’m sure Marr’s FB hater son will now chime in here now to defend his Dad, but he probably long ago banned DCRTV for being too “commie pinko”. :-) (8/12/19)

To the person having trouble with CH 4 did you get good reception before the 11th but on the 2nd or later when they went to thier new frequency CH 34 ?because I did Get it strong and now I can't get CH 4 either I tried it after seeing the post because last time I watched it was last Thursday so I guess Tuesday after noon it will be back I had to do without CH4 for over a month during the repack and stream a program if there was something I wanted to watch so I hope all is fixed for good before the new Fall Season starts.Also can't get ION on CH 35 or WETA on CH 31 either with their lower power but thankfully I get MPT On CH 21 now it was hit or miss before but depending on how I aim my antenna it's in my yard I approach 68% signal strength at night a bit lower in the day and this is with the leaves on all the trees behind my home reception improves somewhat when trees are bare I'm in Woodbridge VA Pretty ironic I have to watch PBS from an Annapolis station yet can't get PBS from DC well I do get WHUT but programs are different quite a bit from WETA MPT is more similar to WETA hopefully WETA will return to normal power in the Fall and ad soon as possible as stated on thier website. (8/12/19)

FYI--The Epoch Times free newspaper distribution ends in the Washington, D.C. area on August 15, 2019. (8/12/19)

ION’s DC WPXW’s delay in the repack and low power signal appears to be a company wide policy from company filings with the FCC including many of the northeast TV stations. WSPX-TV, Syracuse, NY WPPX-TV, Wilmington, DE WPXW-TV, Manassas, VA WINP-TV, Pittsburgh, PA WPXN-TV, New York, NY all appear to be seeking 90-180 day relief from the repack. What struck me about the repack delays are that they are in NYC, Philly, and DC, possibly more soon and all claiming similar problems that cannot all be possible at the same time in different places, well in a logical mind. Extensions to 180 days goes nearly to the end of the repack. ION Media is in financial trouble as well. Why do I smell the Sinclair vultures circling? David Smith is still smarting from the Trump FCC’s rebuke of his Tribune merger, but he has no farmers north of Hunt Valley, MD to put on an ICE plane to Central America anymore and he has too many mutual deals with Nexstar to fight them. Also, the ION founders and Sinclair are both conservatives. Hmm. I wonder what’s going on. fcc.gov (8/12/19)

Dave: Gotta tell you, WTOP really saved my family's butt over the weekend and I wish Rob and Steve were on more! Waze didn't have a few incidents during our trip back from VA Beach and I'm totally done with Waze. More importantly, I'd really like to know how WTOP is always on top of their traffic info. It's great to hear they don't ignore beach traffic like the Nyce Bridge being closed for over a hour. We immediately turned around on 301 and went to I-95...and got home just in-time for the Redskins game. (8/12/19)

I didn't notice this last week, but it's rather big news for Baltimore area based Sinclair Broadcasting. Using WBFF Fox 45 and WNUV 54 to build a market wide 5G network and nationwide. This is deep in the weeds in the ATSC 3.0 Next Generation standard, but might provide motivation to cell phone manufacturers like Samsung or Apple to provide Next Gen TV chips in their phones. Samsung is already based in South Korea which already has ATSC 3.0, so this is apparently another nudge to offer it in the U.S. Currently, no HDTV in America can receive or any full power TV station broadcasting in Next Gen TV, but several market tests are ongoing and a half dozen Low Power TV stations have made the switch. SBG has promised 40 markets by the end of 2019. 5G could be picked up by more cell phones in the next 2 years even without ATSC 3.0 chips. Unless I'm reading this wrong, seems like a very clever technical move to get in the door by Sinclair first. Additional costs might even be included. Free over the air TV will still be free, but some of the perks and internet related aspects most certainly will not be. With more sub-channels too as many as a dozen and the IP protocol, there will be the option of interactive over the air pay channels or programming that can be ordered right through your HDTV or cell phone just like on your cable or satellite box currently. www.cordcutternews.com... — BaltoMedia.net (8/12/19)

Another big winner from the WETA TV repack problems: WTXF Fox 29 in Philly. They just filed during this current maximization window for the greatest/highest omnidirectional signal possible on channel 31. WMPT 22, Maryland Public Television was originally awarded channel 31, but now that they’re moved to 21, WTXF has the ability to expand. I wonder who else might file during this window to maximize their signal. I’m still wondering what the status of channel 14 is in DC. Is it actually available still or locked to the low power TV signal that dodged a bullet? Hmm. (8/12/19)

"Sonny Jurgenson has called it quits as radio analysts for the Redskins radio network. He had a heck of a run but it was way past time for him to hang it up. Wonder if this was is choice or if he was forced out." If I had to make a guess, I'd say it was a little of both. Sonny should have hung up the microphone years ago. The Redskins let Sam Huff nonsensically ramble on for several years before they finally pulled Sam's plug. A great QB Sonny was. A great broadcaster in his final years he wasn't. (8/12/19)

I only recently was reminded of the repack issue when I started noticing weak or missing OTA transmissions out here in Manassas, after cutting the cord years ago. On Sunday (Aug. 11) “Channel 4”/WRC in Washington went blank for awhile, then came back weakly, if at all, with freeze-frames. Within an hour of my email to a contact form on their website, I received the following reply: “Our new transmitter is up, but we are having some technical issues which will be fixed by Tuesday at noon.” Props for the quick response on a Sunday. Chriscom/Manassas (8/12/19)

Re: WMAL question- No. (8/12/19)

On Fox5's personalities page, noticed that there were two new names listed; Christine Devine and Bob DeCastro, but no pics or bios. Looked them up and it appears that they're currently at other stations. So why bother to list them. (8/12/19)

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\/ August 11 Messages \/

This thought crossed my mind upon hearing that the WMAL AM 630’s Greentree Road site is hung up on NIMBY, political, and zoning issues. If they don’t get the money for the purchased land, could Cumulus move back there and return to its original monster 10kw signal that had no nulls due to the grandfathering and interference agreement with then co-owned WWJZ 640 AM near Philly? Their current signal way out in the boondocks is half as big as the original which reached near Richmond daytime, and even somewhat decent to Baltimore. The irony of Redskins radio is that they have the worst radio signals in DC still. This WAS an awesome signal for DC in this pic... (8/11/19)

DC Radio Ownership......The DC radio stocks continue to operate at near an all time low price. Entercom at $3.54 per share, Urban One at $2.05 per share and Salem at $2.00 per share. DC is one of the best radio markets in the country. Could it be poor management? (8/11/19)

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\/ August 10 Messages \/

Gus in Gaithersburg, I assume I could look on Google Earth and easily see a barren safe zone around your house, created by the authorities to protect innocent bystanders. Seriously, can you name a single good thing you’ve ever done? Pouring poison over other people’s hard work seems to be your only “skill”. - Max Critic (8/10/19)

Re: local frequency coordinator. If you are an old broadcaster you may be thinking of days gone by. Today frequency coordinators I am aware of are engaged in a professional service as business. (8/10/19)

Re: "For those keeping score at home, as of 8:50 pm EST Wednesday 8/7, no Youtube posting of The Mike O'Meara Show..." So at this Podcast Village corporate retreat, did they have a seminar on ongoing TMOS audio/sound/editng quality issues - especially YouTube? Or did they as go all jazz-hands by celebrating "Podcast Village is the home of great sounding, professionally managed full-service podcasting services".LinkedIn. MIKE O'MEARA must be pulling his hair out that Robb Spewak can find time to travel to, and sing a few songs at a god-damn waste-of-productive time "team-building" retreat but after 25 years, still can't run a board. (8/10/19)
At or around 2:42 pm Friday, Rush Limbaugh joined Rob Spewak in believing that John Lennon's "Imagine" is a Beatles song. Also, they're both fat and greasy. The tiebreaker? Rush has a career in radio. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/10/19)

Sonny, man. What a legend. Pro Football HOFer and would be in DC broadcasting HOF if there was one. Also, kudos to Snyder for letting Sonny exit on his own terms with a couple of home game only years and now retiring in a classy way. That overrated piece of garbage Leonsis could learn something here. (8/10/19)

Thursday was certainly a great day for Baltimore Radio. It starts w/105.7. Chris DTvis going after the O's manager is the lead story on ESPN, MLB Network, CBS Sports Radio. NOT on The Fan. The first story of the morning is about the Ravens/ After the 1st break, they decide to talk about thesituation. One of the hosts questions what the manager said to Davis that caused his outrage, as if that should matter with so-called professionals. Yes sir, please don't offend the Orioles in any way. Pathetic. Then later in the day, after a police officer is shot in NE Baltimore around 3:30 pm, the so-called news station in town stops covering the "breaking News" at 4:30 to go to Ravens coverage, that goes on from pre to game to post game until well past 12:30 am on Friday. REALLY??? Under the circumstances, you can't break your (what I assume to be a Ravens contract) To cover a police shooting? You decide that 8+hours of an Exhibition Game is MORE IMPORTANT THAN COVERING A STORY ABOUT A GUNNED DOWN POLICE OFFICERF WHO IS NOW ON LIFE SUPPORT ??? PATHETIC. And on Friday, we go to faux concern and outrage over the shooting. Did anyone call the Ravens to ask if you could forgo the Pre and Post gam BS to cover the shooting ? Bet they would have said yes. Do us all a favor. When you're not doing Ravens-related programming, just switch to ESPN Radio. A News Station you're not. (8/10/19)

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\/ August 9 Messages \/

Starting on the front page and ending in the Food section? It's clear that the Washington Post doesn't like black people. nypost.com... It's Little Jimmy all over again. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/9/19)

Sonny Jurgenson has called it quits as radio analysts for the Redskins radio network. He had a heck of a run but it was way past time for him to hang it up. Wonder if this was is choice or if he was forced out... (8/9/19)

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PAW - - If you knew the repack was coming, a call to the Washington DC Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) would have been in order. The local frequency coordinator could have told you what was coming and how to work around it with your church mics. The chapter website lacks contact information (which strikes me as kinda DUMB), but if you ring up the engineering dept at any local TV station or SiriusXM, they can tell you who to call or to whom you should send email. (8/8/19)

Re: "For those keeping score at home, as of 8:50 pm EST Wednesday 8/7, no Youtube posting of The Mike O'Meara Show..." Didn't occur to you to see if the audio version was available, did it? Listened to it during the afternoon, and it had been posted around 9am. Apparently was pre-recorded, and it's been standard most of the time for them to go audio only when that's the case...nothing to see here. On today's show, it's pretty apparent why that was done; they went on a daytrip provided by one of the business partners. (Insert *The More You Know* jingle here) Remember before social media, when most people didn't rampantly speculate on stuff before they knew the full story? Ah, the good ol' days... (8/8/19)

Sorry to hear that Bud Steele is gone. Those of us who remember when WMAL was a monster station considered Bud one of the reasons why the place was so grand. That voice, that delivery, his writing of a newscast. Hard to find that these days, even at the network level, such that it is. RIP Bud, memories in the æther. (8/8/19)

I heard the national EAS test over CNN on the DirectTV Network. The duckfarts were at a reasonable level, but the audio message was way down in the mud and actually sounded like a distant loudspeaker being picked up by a microphone, room tone and all. Wonder where the weak link was this time? For that matter, was this test intended for broadcast only, or were cellphones/smartphones supposed to be included? My phone didn't make a peep, and it usually screams at full volume for Maryland Amber Alerts. (8/8/19)

"Now this is truly amazing! After ridiculing the Washington Post for deleting people from their EMAIL News Alerts for political reasons, after nearly 6 MONTHS and my final conclusion on what they did posted HERE on DCRTV, The Washington Post fixed their self-designed problem. I used scientific method to prove what they did." Um, okay. "Ah, but the strawberries, that’s, that’s where I had them, they laughed at me and made jokes, but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, and with geometric logic, that a duplicate key to the ward room icebox did exist, and I’d have produced that key if they hadn’t pulled the Caine out of action. I, I know now they were only trying to protect some fellow officer. … Naturally, I can only cover these things from memory. If I left anything out, why, just ask me specific questions and I’ll be glad to answer them, one by one." Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/8/19)

Heard on Newsradio 1090 today. "It was another night of violence in Baltimore City." Can someone please explain how that is news? (8/8/19)

"Was scrolling through some of the radio station sites and are you kidding me, Carol Maloney being hired by 630? ..." This move has Andy Pollin's imprint all over it - he's been putting her on the air in part time and fill-in roles on various radio stations for years starting with 980's Sports Reporters. Despite it being branded "the Carol Maloney Show", Pollin's been serving as co-host and update guy thus far - I hope that's just a temporary measure to help jumpstart the program and not a permanent arrangement. If the latter, it smacks of station brass lacking confidence in the ability of a woman to be successful at sports talk radio on her own and thinking she needs a grizzled veteran of the business constantly at her side doing all the navigation and ready to take over the driving at a moment's notice. Interestingly, I think Maloney was the last of a very short list of female on-air personalities at WTEM when she co-hosted a midday show with former Channel 5 sports anchor Dave Feldman that lasted about eight months more than a decade ago (apparently it was cancelled to make room for Dan Patrick's syndicated program). Feldman (now a sportscaster in the Bay Area) appeared as a guest on Maloney's inaugural ESPN 630 broadcast the other day. (8/8/19)

To the person inquiring about the EAS. We received it on satellite radio, as we were driving through the Adirondacks. And the audio was difficult to hear. (8/8/19)

Driving by the old WMAL site last Saturday I noticed the the towers are still up ... Did the new landowner not yet get a demolition permit? Of course there may be HAZMAT concerns as the orange and white tower paint may have lead components... TK in Odenton (8/8/19)

For those keeping score at home, as of 8:50 pm EST Wednesday 8/7, no Youtube posting of The Mike O'Meara Show, "the best sounding podcast in the world". TMOS Tip. "You just slip out the back, Mike. Make a new plan, Robb. You don't need to be coy, Oscar . Just ALL OF YOU get yourself free of the Mike O'Meara Show audio H O R R O R! (8/8/19)

Carrie is out at WRNR mid day and moving to WTMD (unsure what shift or capacity). Mike Ondayko is now taking over mid-day at WRNR from Evening. (8/8/19)

Have to agree with the post about Carole Maloney. Very nice lady but should not be on Radio or Television. Dialed in this morning and quickly dialed out, not good. Obviously she is a friend of Bill Hess which explains why she is there. As bad as 980 is, 630 may give them a run for their money. (8/8/19)

Is it not universally unnerstood that roasts consist mostly of roasters roasting other roasters? What are they teaching in the schools these days? That said I haven't heard the one under discussion. In other news, someone's pulled 3 of last week's videos of The Mike O'Meara Show. A belated stab at quality control? Today, viewers were treated to Rob Spewak smearing his greasy fingers over the grooves of various 45 rpm singles. To @ #firesantana, Rob runs the board with the same greasy fingers he uses to violate records and his fatfingering of settings and audio drops have been mentioned on the show. Assigning an intern or homeless person to monitor the live feed would just be too difficult. "Best sounding podcast on the internet" Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/8/19)

RE: What's going on with WPXW? Thank you to Mike from Kensington, MD. and to everyone who provided me with the reasons why I no longer receive ION television in Baltimore. I hope the completion of the planned Phase Four project is successful in allowing television viewers to watch ION once again all over the DMV. Thanks, Sara. (8/8/19)

Now this is truly amazing! After ridiculing the Washington Post for deleting people from their EMAIL News Alerts for political reasons, after nearly 6 MONTHS and my final conclusion on what they did posted HERE on DCRTV, The Washington Post fixed their self-designed problem. I used scientific method to prove what they did. Change just one factor in the test to see if there’s change over and over until I was able to ridicule them on DCRTV and lo and behold. After Dave posted my last diatribe, The Post has WELCOMED ME BACK TO EMAIL ALERTS! But here’s where it gets funnier and I got them dead to rights. The blocked email address that wasn’t getting the email alerts is now only getting the alerts signed up for by the NEWER email adrs, not the ones signed up for by that email adr. How and why is that important? It means they’re checking servers and IP addresses and they figured out that I AM INDEED THE WASHINGTON POST BASHING ASSHOLE! HAHAHAHAHAH! Kudos IT people! You win. I wonder if any accounts will exist when I sign in next. Keep the faith though. Journalism is Dying in Darkness. :-) (8/8/19)

To P of the AW: Enjoy channels 26 & 27 while you can. WBFF will be moving to 26 shortly, followed by WMAR to 27 next spring, both transmitting to nearly a 60 mile radius from TV Hill. Washington/Baltimore will have almost no available TV channels left when the repack is finished, with the possible exception of LPTV space on adjacent market channels used in Harrisburg, Salisbury, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, & Hagerstown. (8/8/19)

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\/ August 7 Messages \/

Did anyone hear the National EAS test today? Was the audio intelligible where you were or was it complete over modulated garbage, like last time? (8/7/19)

For those keeping score at home, as of 12:15 Wednesday 8/7, no Youtube posting of The Mike O'Meara Show, "the best sounding podcast in the world". Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/7/19)

Dave: Was scrolling through some of the radio station sites and are you kidding me, Carol Maloney being hired by 630? I remember her on Ch.4 interviewing Redskins players during the news and she asked the most amateur questions. Also, I recently saw her on MASN and she was just out of her league! I kind of had a feeling we were going to get re-treads at 630 rather than fresh talent. Also, someone really needs to clean the slate at 980! How could management tolerate Doc rambling on for a few hours and Brian Mitchell preaching, it's just as bad as listening to um, um, um, and um Sheehan or Czaban. (8/7/19)

In response to "On Monday 8/5, WMAL gadfly talker and faux fag Larry O’Connor was the featured guest on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal’s week-long series profiling political podcasts," Doesn't C-Span know of Larry's sinister illegal political past including defamation? How about Larry's close association with known White Nationalist Milo Y? Did CSPAN ask Larry about how Larry went on the air and on his blog to condemn Black Lives Matter over the suicide of an embezzling cop? "Black Lives Matter has blood on their hands on this one" said and wrote Larry, without mentioning the cop had stolen tens of thousands of dollars from a police youth charity. Did CSPAN ask Larry if he was being paid by the Kremlin to disseminate Russian fabricated (fake) news like the Seth Rich debacle, or is Larry just doing Putin's political bidding out of the kindness of his own heart? BTW, I wouldn't call Larry a "faux fag," I would call him a "faux real man," and an asshole. (8/7/19)

They’re back!!! The Skins kick off their preseason in Cleveland against “The Browns” at 7:30 PM Thursday and WMAL will be offering coverage on BOTH 105.9 FM and 630 AM beginning at 6:30 PM: Sonny will not be with The Usual Suspects for this one because it’s an away game. But the real news is that NBC Sports Washington is offering a way for Skins fans to WIN $1000 per quarter: “LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins and NBC Sports Washington announced today a landmark partnership that will provide the National Football League’s (NFL) first interactive, predictive-gaming live television presentation of the team’s four preseason games. These pilot telecasts, entitled Predict the Game, will feature free-to-play contests where fans can win $1,000 cash each quarter as well as other exciting second chance prizes. The presentations will be exclusively available on NBC Sports Washington Plus, beginning Thursday, Aug. 8, when the Redskins open the preseason at the Cleveland Browns at 7:30 p.m.” Sure beats hearing Sonny’s dentures slipping! More: https://www.redskins.com/news/redskins-nbc-sports-washington-partner-to-offer-nfl-s-first-predictive-gaming-li (8/7/19)

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Hmm. Noticed interfering signals on my wireless mic channels at church last Sunday. Odd. (Smacks forehead.) REPACK SUNDAY. Somehow I managed to find some quiet channels nearby. They’re within Channels 26 and 27, so I’m not letting down my guard. If this hubbub doesn’t die down soon I might have to go back to wired mics for our roving pastors. Not a pretty visual. -P of the AW (8/6/19)

Breaking news…Newsradio 1090 adopts a new slogan: “Three things you need to know that happened yesterday when we weren’t there to cover it.” (8/6/19)

On Monday 8/5, WMAL gadfly talker and faux fag Larry O’Connor was the featured guest on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal’s week-long series profiling political podcasts, which, apparently everybody is doing these days. Larry’s – from the studios of The Washington Examiner – is called “Examining Politics”. No numbers were provided as to how many “views” and/or “downloads” of his podcast but suffice it to say more people saw him on C-SPAN and hear him on WMAL that will bother with yet another silly podcast. The Washington Post has promoted their podcasts via their online “web” version to little success and most podcasts are utter bores. Judge Larry’s for yourself via C-SPAN’s coverage: www.c-span.org (8/6/19)

I’m once again noticing why The Washington Post got rid of me in the first place. The email headlines upset me to post on their website, which they obviously did not like. My current politics email is all about Trump, white supremacy, and the Texas mass shooter, but nothing about Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders Satanist Antifa leftwing Ohio shooter because it does not fit the newspaper's agenda. The Post brings new meaning to the phrase of “Killing in the Name of” and as long as they hate the name, it’s all well and good. Just another SJW fighting the good fight. Journalism is Dying in Darkness. (8/6/19)

WUSA 9 was not involved in the repack so its signal on channel 9 has not at all changed, nor has WJLA 7. However any time workers are actually on a tower with multiple transmitters, some or all might have to lower their power briefly for safety reasons. Other than that, any reception problems are strictly a localized problem related to the person’s antenna or receiver. Also, according to an STA request, WMPT is still testing its new transmitter at only 377kw from the permanent transmitter. It has not been ramped up to 1000kw yet. Last I checked WETA has still not even received its equipment for the Tenleytown site. I cannot wait until Bugtussle has to try to understand ATSC 3.0 with his abacas and MacOS System 6. (8/6/19)

Re: The Mike O'Meara Show. Hi Mike. Open wide and say A U D I B L E! As long as you have Oscar Santana running the bad sounding and at times, unlistenble podcasts, you and Robb might as well use 2 cans and a string youtube.com... #FIRESANTANA (8/6/19)

Wonder why WETA had issues moving to RF channel 14? Take a look at the size of the required filtering. (8/6/19)

/\ August 6 Messages /\

\/ August 5 Messages \/

WETA will not be returning to channel 27. 27 now belongs to WMAR TV in Baltimore for its signal move from channel 38 next year. Woodley Park is a known black out zone in the current backup signal from Arlington that will not soon be fixed until WETA switches non-directional and 1000kw full power from the WJLA/WUSA tower hopefully by the end of the year. Oddly enough, WMPT’s very strong new signal on channel 21 also is not so good in Woodley Park but WHUT is quite strong there. (8/5/19)

To all those who are saying they no longer get this or that TV channel. I live over 70 miles from DC and still get all those channels mentioned, including ION 66 on their temporary 10KW low power transmitter. Chance are if you not receiving those channels, you are doing something wrong. By the way WETA was only 73 KW before the channel switch. They are now 240 KW. Yes a shorter tower but way more power even before they maximize to a megawatt. (8/5/19)

I haven’t received OTA Channels 9 and 26 since this past weekend. I rescanned several times on 2 TVs. Sean H. in NE DC (8/5/19)

Re: “What is going on with WPXW …” You might be able to get ION on WMJF-CD, ch 39.4 (it’s real channel is 39). They only carry ION and not Qubo, Ion Plus, or Ion Shop. It’s a low power station out of Towson that used to be owned by Towson University. (8/5/19)

Repack observations: as expected, WRC has a stronger signal at our location in Carroll County MD since moving to channel 34 with 1000kw from the previous 830kw operation on channel 48. We are only a few hundred yards southwest of McDaniel College in Westminster and use a 1979 vintage log periodic outdoor VHF/UHF antenna mounted about 20 to 25 feet above ground. A stronger signal is also observed from WMPT now that it has moved down to channel 21 from 42. Documents indicate WMPT may be running 800kw non-directionally under a special temporary authorization. The official full power for WMPT is to be a non-directional 1000kw. WETA with over 250kw from its temporary tower in Arlington appears to be about 30 to 40 percent weaker than the previous channel 27 signal in Tenleytown. The WETA signal there was only 73kw but the antenna was higher than the FM tower in Arlington and northwest DC is several miles closer to us than WETA's temporary location. Finally, WPXW has become unreliable since leaving Tenleytown and dropping power and height on River Road. The 10.5kw directional signal on new channel 35 is usable only after dark and it is unstable. Our location may be receiving co-channel interference from channel 35 "digital replacement" repeater with 15kw just north of Harrisburg PA; it is owned by VHF station WGAL and first appeared on another UHF channel following complaints about poor VHF reception after the 2009 digital transition. Thank you. (8/5/19)

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I love Drab but his roast at Jammin Java was a snooze. Seemed like 80% of the jokes were not about him. Justin was almost snooty as the MC. He acted like he was above it all. Dukes braining up Beau from Atlanta for the umpteenth time is getting old. No one cares. I felt bad for Drab. Very little effort. I had a ticket for Sat and skipped. (8/4/19)

WMJF 39, formerly run by Towson U, carries ION on 39.4 and is the official ION affiliate for Baltimore. However its repack signal on channel 23 at a higher power will not occur until next year. It’s unclear what WPXW’s timetable is for channel 35. As of right now, Baltimore is no longer in the signal plot. The planned final Phase 4 signal should include Baltimore coverage, but it’s unclear what delays there are on the River Road tower. WTTG has no imminent deadline for its planned move there. As for WRC, on channel 34, it should be one of the area’s strongest repack signals at 1000 kw and 801 feet HAAT. The biggest repack losers are clearly both WPXW and WETA. WETA’s signal is much weaker from the WETA FM tower and strict directional pattern which loses Baltimore and a lot of of Virginia unless you’re right in Arlington. (8/4/19)

I looked at the WETA website because I can't get it OTA either on the new frequency CH 31 Got it fine till Friday it says the transmission will be running at lower power till sometime in the Fall while work is completed on the transmitter it's all explained on thier website.I can't get ION on CH 35 either I'm in Woodbridge VA will mess with the antenna Sunday it's not on my roof but in the backyard on a stand so that of course doesn't put it in a position for optimum reception but backyard faces direction of Wash DC CH 4 on it's new CH 34 assignment is strong higher reading on TVs signal strength indicator. The PBS stations WHUT and WETA when it was on CH 27 are the weakest of all the DC area TV stations according to TVs signal strength indicator.Had to move antenna a bit to get those (8/4/19)

To the person in Baltimore who can't get WPXW or WETA: It appears as if WPXW is on a reduced power (10kW) antenna with a null towards Baltimore. It is very difficult to receive even locally from an attic-mounted antenna. WETA is, of course, on its low-mounted, 240 kW antenna in Arlington for the foreseeable future, and it barely comes in reliably, here (there is the occasional, brief dropout). Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (8/4/19)

WETA-TV has responded very promptly to my complaint about a loss of its signal in Woodley Park. Included in the response is this passage: "...we are broadcasting at lower power for a temporary period of time – about 4 to 5 months – so it is possible that you may have trouble receiving our signals even after you rescan and/or double rescan. In order to meet the FCC requirements of this process, we must do time-intensive construction work on our main broadcast tower, which means moving operations to an auxiliary site temporarily at lower power before we can be back online at the main tower. The good news is that once that work is completed and transmission resumes at the main site, we will operate at even higher power and our signals will be stronger than ever!" (8/4/19)

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What is going on with WPXW (ION Television. I live in Baltimore, Maryland (Balt. City) and for years I was able to receive this station (Channel 66) until this morning, August 2, 2019. I rescanned my TV five times and still nothing... no signal. I'm not able to receive a broadcast signal for Channel 34 or channel 35 either. Is the channel gone forever due to the repack and what choices do I have to receive ION without paying for cable TV? Verizon Fios is not available in Balt. City. Are there any streaming subscription options available without breaking my budget? Thanks, Sara (8/3/19)

RE: The Mike O'Meara Show. Hi Mike. Hope your southward journey is going well. Just wanted you to know that although the sound of "the best sounding podcast" is typically shitty, Friday's sound was especially shitty, borderline unlistenable. Have a blessed day, won't you? youtube.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/3/19)

"All over the air viewers will need to rescan their TV's to continue to receive the station." Waaaahhh! I can't rescan because I live in Bugtussle! Waaaahhh! Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/3/19)

WETA-TV is in crisis. I can't get WETA-TV's virtual channel 26 signal anymore in Woodley Park. This is much worse than I expected since the station moved to a different transmitter location and channel on Aug. 2. Signal reception in this part of DC is non-existent now. No viewers means no donors so it's an emergency for the station and audience alike. WETA might have to get FCC emergency approval to return to it's old channel and facility until it can lease a low power TV station in DC or work a deal to simulcast its programming on an HD subchannel of a major DC signal. WHUT might like the added revenue for example. This part of the city is a PBS desert right now because of the WETA signal blackout with no end in sight. Quite a technical and management blunder on the stations part. (8/3/19)

When I railed against The Washington Post for removing me from email newsletters and alerts for possibly political reasons for posting harsh comments against The Post on various stories, I was ridiculed and accused of jumping to conclusions. So I did several things to test the veracity of my own suspicions. I logged into The Post, changed all my newsletter subscriptions, then cancelled and re-subscribed to them individually. Nothing changed. No more emails from The Post still. So I registered several new Washington Post accounts, of course clearing previous Post browser cookies/cache files, and subscribed to Post newsletters and alerts all over again as a different person. BINGO! I now once again get all the Washington Post emails I used to get before the Post blacklisted me. By the way, contacting The Post about the original problems proved useless. But at least I was able to prove that The Post, at least in my case, chose to blacklist me for political or other reasons. At the very least, The Washington Post canceled news alerts for some non-subscribers. Now that I understand, but doing that is not what they advertise. My Washington Post account is still active, but clearly The Post has given up on the possibility of gaining me as a subscriber since not only did they cancel the news alerts, they also stopped all subscription solicitations. But by registering new accounts, i get those again too. :-) (8/3/19)

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\/ August 2 Messages \/

Here in Eastern Carroll County Ch. 4 has a strong signal on Ch. 34. Ch. 22 has a strong signal on Ch. 21. Cannot find Ch. 26 at all on either 27 or Ch. 31. That's disappointing since they sometimes have different programs or at different times from MPT. Ch. 66 on Ch.34 shows high signal strength but no program on any sub. ?? No matter since I never watch that. I am using a amplified outdoor yagi antenna and tried several receivers and a converter box. (8/2/19)

Suggestion to 630 WSBN: Several years ago, the Redskins had remote radio studios in places like malls and storefronts set up around the region to do live shows and performances. Your goddam web page goes deep into how innovative the 'new' Cumulus is (along with its O&O stations), so how's this for an innovation: GO WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE IS. Bring back those remote studios and put on a show. Do what 980 and 'JFK aren't doing. (8/2/19)

Dave: What's with everyone? Why in the heck do people rehash, boring, arrogant sportstalk talent in this market? Pollin's lucky to have a new job and one of the worst personalities in sportstalk radio. Second, where to people think Bram's any good? on 980, he spent more time talking on air with his producer and voiding the radio radio audience..is this really good quality sportstalk radio? Um, um, um, um, and why do I get the feeling that Cooley's going to show up somewhere, I just get that feeling. Former NBCSNW people said Cooley was a nasty guy to cover and hated the media, funny what comes around. No one is this market wants to start fresh and hire good talent I guess. (8/2/19)

/\ August 2 Messages /\

\/ August 1 Messages \/

Does the new ESPN 630 have a sales staff? - I tuned in Bram Weinstein's first show the other day and the commercial breaks were lasting about 30 seconds. Is Andy Pollin working behind the scenes to help that station put together a local presence that could eventually give 980 and 106.7 a run for their money? While ESPN Radio's daytime lineup of Golic & Wingo, Dan Le Batard and Stephen A. Smith is very good, a sports radio station airing mainly syndicated fare with one or two local shows mixed in is more characteristic of places like Topeka, KS or Utica, NY than a major market. Perhaps Al Galdi's not too thrilled about having to give up his four hour morning drive slot at TEM to make room for Kevin Sheehan starting next week and could be convinced to make the jump to 630. If Thom Loverro's out at WJFK, perhaps he reunites with Pollin in some manner (I don't see 980 taking him back even with Sheehan there). What about Chris Cooley and Scott Jackson (both of whom got the shaft when Urban One took over 980 last year)? Sheehan's solo act can get tedious at times and he has a tendency to beat a single topic (nearly always involving the Skins) to death in contrast with other hosts who like to mix it up more. (8/1/19)

Today (Thursday, August 1, 2019) WBOC switches to channel 32. The switch is at 2 pm this afternoon. All over the air viewers will need to rescan their TV's to continue to receive the station. (8/1/19)

Concerning the July 4th weekend target practice on the iHeart building at 1801 Rockville Pike, has anyone heard any updated information on the investigation beyond the original reports (WRC-TV, etc) in early-mid July? The last I heard was that the bullet that was found had been sent to forensics for identification? John Maxian (8/1/19)

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