DCRTV Mailbag

Come on, isn't DCRTV's Mailbag, your "voice" in the local media community that reaches many thousands of "movers and shakers," worth $18 a year?

DCRTV celebrates its 18th anniversary in September, and we're asking all loyal DCRTV readers and contributors - and that means you, Mailbagger - to help us with a donation.

Make it $18 and get a full year of local radio and TV memory-packed DCRTV Plus. A $36 donation gets you two years. And $54 gets you three years. If you've already got access, extend your current Plus subscription.

The normal yearly subscription rate for DCRTV Plus is $39.....

Go to PayPal.com and "send money" to DCRTV's dcrtv@hotmail.com address. Or, make a check payable to "Dave Hughes" and mail it to:

Dave Hughes
1981-B Villaridge Drive
Reston VA 20191


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