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\/ September 30 Messages \/

It's bad enough when they force John Patti to read Hydro-Clean commercials, but to hear him read a story in morning drive about some victimless armed robbery at a Subway sandwich shop in BFE Baltimore this morning makes be wanna puke all over the floor. Wait a minute...puke on the I get it. Maybe this station is onto something. (9/30/14)

Here we go again: "Boy the old Mailbag must be on the rag: getting kinda bitchy, yada-yada-yada" Can't let it go huh? Ho-hum, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Same old shit, different old day, same old poster that can't let it go. (9/30/14)

Dave, you have a lot of influence with local media. Could you use some of that influence to stop people from calling the DC area "The DMV". One, it sounds incredibly stupid, and Two, any media outlet that uses it (I'm looking at you, WUSA) loses all credibility in my eyes. The DMV is bureaucratic hell; not the place I call home. So, please help me stop the spread of "The DMV". (9/30/14)

Boy the old Mailbag must be on the rag: getting kinda bitchy !!! As Rodney King said: "Can't we all just get along?" Signed: not ZW UCS The Real Ahhhh or DCRTVDJDAVE but we might be Dan & Nick (not a gay couple not that there is anything wrong with that we are poon hounds) in Reston! (9/30/14)

Getting the weirdest feeling of deja vu reading this morning's Wash Post funnies page... (9/30/14)

"How's that? I'm guess you'll pay no more attention to my rule than I'm going to pay to yours" "Wah-wah-wahhhhhhhhhh, you don't agree with my constant harping about what I think is "off topic" so I'm going to just keep posting inane post, after OFF TOPIC inane post until you submit to my crybaby points." Wife doesn't listen to you huh? Don't get any and the kids walk all over your grass. Life sucks to be you! And yes it seeps out of every word of your posts that you are a frustrated, impotent pussy. Now roll your fists up and hammer out yet another "OFF TOPIC" post about what you consider an OFF TOPIC post, so the Mailbag can be tied up with your crybaby rants and my pointed, ON TOPIC post about a post that not only was ON TOPIC but made a valid point about the Redskins name lawsuit. UCS made an "analogy". This may be a bit too intellectual for you as it compares one thing, to another. But do look it up. In a Dictionary. Whew, heavy stuff for you huh sparky? As noted previously the only point you make is on your little pointy head. Don't cry, please don't cry and slam your tiny little fists on the keyboard in frustration. Hey you can dress up in a Tuxedo and tell your friends that if you are going to be IMPOTENT, you must dress like you are IMPOTENT!!! All your friends and family will be so impressed. The staff at WMAL will applaud you as you show up for your airshift. Bravo! Bravo, indeed. Win-Win! See DCRTV Mailbag wins again. (9/30/14)

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\/ September 29 Messages \/

First No one gets free live broadcasts of Major sports games on internet.Mighty 1090 They took away their entire broasdcasts signal no more coverage of station at all.I live in Philippines because I can't afford to live in the USA so I certainly can't afford paid coverage of live sports games.Stop calling it the World wide net when its not!Just call it the tiny USA net.John T. Henneman (9/29/14)

"Whine and cry about the criticism all you want, but blah-blah-blah" No one is "whining", no one is crying, except you. The topic was the lawsuit about the Redskins name, which in case you live under a rock has been the topic of discussion on radio and TV in DC since the lawsuit was filed. That is not "off topic". But your constant complaints and vulgar language, name calling is not only off topic but shows that you are indeed the one who needs to "grow up". But not that point on your head, that seems to have outgrown your intellectual ability long ago. Don't Wah-Wah crybaby! (9/29/14)

Three questions for the Mailbag's Self-Appointed Rulemaker (Re: "...your numerous posts using inflammatory, degrading wording brings your own motives into question, not UCS's. You don't like UCS. We all get it. You are like (may be the same person) who posts ad infinitum, about WBAL delving into the minutia of daily broadcasts..."). (1) Where did you get the psychic powers to know which unsigned posters post which posts? (2) What particle of your brain determined that someone who agrees with USC must also not like WBAL? and (3) What makes you think anybody gives a shit about rules you make up about how to use the Mailbag? Here, I'll make one up too: Don't post inane, off-topic crap. How's that? I'm guess you'll pay no more attention to my rule than I'm going to pay to yours. (9/29/14)

John T Henneman you whine all the time about this and that with both and that with the Baltimore sports teams. You chose to live in the Phillipines so get a subscription to Direct TV and MLB TV. You are such an angry man! Joe in Pasadena (9/29/14)

Channel 9's Pat Collins (Yes, Channel 9) profiles Willard Scott as he leaves DC for the Today Show in 1980. (9/29/14)

I heard WBIG is giving away Six Flags America passes. Am I the only one that finds that kind of funny? (9/29/14)

Hey Dave, why do you think the Washington Post is running a story possibly linking the Hannah Graham disappearance with another UVA woman, Morgan Harrington, who disappeared after a Metallica concert, under the heading “Education” with the reporter T. Rees Shapiro described as an “education reporter”? Wouldn’t it make more sense for a crime reporter: how is this story about education? (9/29/14)

Whine and cry about the criticism all you want, but it is a fact that the "colonial" posts are just goofy and have nothing to do with the topic the Mailbag is devoted to. Time to grow up. (9/29/14)

Lest it be lost to history, "Hybrid Digital" is what HD Radio originally stood for. But the proprietary franchise operator, Ibiquity, soon discontinued using "hybrid digital" and instead tried to associate with the other meaning of "HD" as "High Definition." Their timing was during the transition to an improved type of television signal. It was a deceptive tagalong. For AM radio, there was no quality advantage imposing a digital datastream on top of the higher range analog signal. Today very few AM stations continue to pay for and use Hybrid Digital. (9/29/14)

A poster wrote last week "Two AM stations in the area seem to have gone dark. 1420 AM in Warrenton and 610 AM in Winchester. These small AM stations are having trouble surviving. You will see more and more of them going dark. Is there still hope for AM?" The answer to this rhetorical question is "Of course not." The poster knows this, we know it--everyone knows it." The FCC's "Tell City" decision this month sealed the deal--no special help for that daytimer down the street. The exception to the AM story is the handful of major-market AM sticks with 24-hour big signals (WCBS, WBZ, WSB, et cetera--the old "clear channels")... and even those stations are generally heading downhill from their peak years. There will always be room for very smart operators willing & able to turn the proverbial "sows ear into a silk purse"--uh, you know--chicken shit to chicken salad--but they will be the exception. And there will always be room for hobbiests--folks for whom profit isn't a critical issue... the "fun" of doing radio is enough. Don't 610/WXVA & 1420/WKCW fall into that category? But AM has been dying a slow (somewhat grueling) death for 40 years. No, it ain't coming back. (9/29/14)

Dave's response: Back about 20 years ago, the FCC should have started a dedicated digital radio band somewhere in the 200 MHz range. And manufacturers should have gotten busy making receivers. Now today, AM broadcasters (and weaker FMers, too) could shut down their grunky old signals and move to the new digital band. But, noooooooooooo, instead we got the screwed up "IBOC" of something mis-named "HD Radio." And then even tried it on the AM band. Huh? The FCC: "Fucking-up Consumsers' Communications." Again and again. Now, go approve that Comcast's takeover of Time-Warner and the world of shit that will be created for America's cable subscribers.....

As for The Danny changing the name of the Washington Football Team, isn't the obvious winner... the Washington Americans? No, not Native Americans or Irish Americans--just Americans. It's a win/win/win deal. A marketing windfall. It's Snyder crying "Whatever you do, don't throw me in the briar patch"--where the briar patch isn't filled with briars, but billions of dollars instead. The League will eventually step in and force the issue, and The Danny will eventually sell the Washington Americans (the new "America's Team") for a much larger fortune than The Redskins would fetch... (9/29/14)

RE: John T. Henneman..chill out fella. You should NOT be hearing the Ravens and Orioles on WBAL's stream anyway, regardless if you are in the US or abroad. WBAL's market is local, why should they (as a business) care about streaming to folks in other countries. That is not where the revenue is coming from. (9/29/14)

Overheard at the Flavia machine this morning... Keep longtime former WaPo editor Ben Bradlee and his wife, Sally Quinn, in your prayers if you're religious and your thoughts if you're not. Ben is 93, has had Alzheimer's for a number of years and is now in hospice care. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/29/14)

The Mighty 1090 has cut off the Philippines from their Internet Service,The New GM is really a dirty rotten fucking Bastard! No more Orioles Ravens News Now. John T. Henneman (9/29/14)

"These posts about “colonial” being an offensive term are seriously stupid and completely off topic." Just because you are incapable of getting the point, doesn't make it "stupid". In fact your numerous posts using inflammatory, degrading wording brings your own motives into question, not UCS's. You don't like UCS. We all get it. You are like (may be the same person) who posts ad infinitum, about WBAL delving into the minutia of daily broadcasts. It is not necessary to call someone "stupid" just because you disagree with them. You lower the level of debate to childish school yard "I know you are but what am I?" levels every time you post your attacks. If you don't like what UCS posts, STOP READING IT! You have officially joined the ranks of ZW, The Real Ahhhh and the WBAL basher on DCRTV. (9/29/14)

Former Seoul sister, Herndon Hornet, and GMU Patriot Angie Goff back on NBC and MSNBC this morning anchoring the early morning news. Second call-up from the minors in the last two months. (9/29/14)

Hi Dave, I mentioned it years ago and I will repeat it now--the Suit is my favorite contributor in this forum. And I found his Colonials comments both humorous and insightful. And so I'm thinking, why not have the Redskins keep their logo and change their name to the Colonials--that'd be pretty snappy, sort of a diversity mash-up. Or the team could just return to the District and call itself the Columbians. Or maybe it is time to go the trade name route and just plaster a new logo on the gear whenever a new sponsor steps up for a game or a season--the Washington Six-Flags, the Washington Johnny Rockets, the Washington Jerry's Ford with trucks, trucks, trucks. Robb de la Metro Hagerstown (9/29/14)

The biggest kick in the pants for WJLAers concerning consultants was the lead consultant was a former WJLA news director fired for inappropriate use of reporters expense accounts. I can imagine staffers surprise when that clown showed up. (9/29/14)

/\ September 29 Messages /\

\/ September 28 Messages \/

For too long I let the Doug Culver (formerly with WJLA) memo go without comment. His phrase “workflow analysis”, is code for “business process mapping”. The intent is to find “processes” and thus people to eliminate. Other code words saying that jobs will be eliminated are “tear down walls”, “remove roadblocks”, and of course, the classic “improve our processes”. Remember what I said ages ago that the “efficiencies” and “improvements” talked about in any acquisition or merger are actually job eliminations? People out the door and on the street. At a time when “labor” is the highest controllable cost in almost every industry (not just broadcasting), it’s interesting that seemingly nobody talks about the direct and indirect impact “efficiencies” have on real people…. From the executive suite to the front line. What is largely ignored by the “consultants” is the ‘frustration’ of job insecurity. But, individuals who express such usually have their worst fears come true quick as they will be the ones let go first in the inevitable “job consolidation”. A Sinclair example of this was the late and unlamented “News Central” concept. Face it, having individual local newscasts is –how many markets is it now- is expensive. And, easily controllable. –From a dispassionate spreadsheet, of course. (I like to call managers and others who solely rely on spreadsheets for decision making, “sheetheads”…) But, in terms of real people serving real people, it doesn’t serve your community, your marketplace, nor especially your people who made your new buy the gem that it was. I use the past tense intentionally, because once you have let those people go, you’ve already devalued the asset value of the property for the sake of cash flow. That is especially a danger in a market like the D.C. area which is one of the most expensive in the nation to operate in. So what happens after the “consultant” does their task? Everyone gets scared. Scared for themselves (and their families) and of course their co-workers. The ignorance on jobs by politicians and bureaucrats borders on criminal cynicism that when there’s a merger or business acquisition they seem solely concerned about “competition” and tax revenue. (Of course, I’m thinking of the Burger King - Tim Horton’s deal on the latter.) They never talk about saving jobs, let alone creating new ones. Yet, they are the ones screaming the loudest when the merged/acquiring company announces “regrettable staffing reductions due to efficiencies gained in the merger/acquisition”. I also bring this up because of the proposed Time Warner Cable buy by Comcast. Both parties have talked about “service improvements” and such if the deal is consummated. I think the use of the word is appropriate because of what will inevitably happen to so many current employees for both firms, should the deal go through. Remember my earlier comment about the D.C. area being too expensive to do business in? When you factor how many people Comcast already has in the D.C. area with the people in the Time Warner Cable offices you see near Dulles Airport, there will obviously be substantial job losses. Speaking of cynicism, the initial name for the “holding company” for those CATV systems being “spun” to Time Warner Cable’s rejected suitor, Charter Communications was what? SPINCO! And, those who tell people in our profession to “start looking now” show their status as either armchair or chemical “media professionals” because those of us, who are in it every day, know the jobs aren’t there anymore. There’s no “competitor” pining for your services because there’s no competition! So, is there an answer? Yes. And, regrettably, no. It’s not too late for politicians and bureaucrats at all levels to start asking the difficult questions about jobs of businesses seeking to acquire and merge. They need to impose binding commitments on these businesses. They also need to learn to say “no” instead of “Thank you sir, may I please have another?” But, as for the Justice Department to break-up an established corporation ala Standard Oil, that’s for your high school history book. Won’t ever happen again. Sorry for the long soapbox. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/28/14)

I would like to quote 2 people here for your opinion. "We have to embrace the idea the equality doesn't mean that people are all the same, but instead that they are treated with the same dignity regardless of their differences" 13 year old Madison Kimrey. And I thought of that quote when I was listening to the Chris Plante show on Thursday when he played a song by a Inuit "throat singer" and said "I think Linda Blair did this song in the Exorcist.". I am beginning to think he may not be as learned as people say. But he is not a racist. I know that. He says so on the radio. (9/28/14)

WKCW does have a studio located at 7351 Hunton Street in Warrenton. This is the same location where WPRZ was located. It faces Rt. 29 (9/28/14)

WCKW's 22kW daytime signal shrinks to 60W at night. Can't be heard in Manassas after sundown. (9/28/14)

WKCW 1420 AM.....the station is for sale. You can contact the owner at ..... 703-359-5969. It operates with 22,000 Watts and has a new transmitter. It needs good programming. (9/28/14)

Does WKCW even have a studio now? I think the old studios of Big K country are now used by WPRZ. (9/28/14)

Re: WKCW - "Wish I hosted a morning show on that stick." In all likelihood, you COULD host a morning show on that stick... IF you BOUGHT the time. (9/28/14)

Say what will be said about WKCW, but Sunday morning they did the impossible. A little after 9am they played "Leader of the Laundromat" by the Detergents. A novelty song that doesn't test for crap and wouldn't ever be heard on a corporate cookie cutter oldies property. There are many things I wish the station would do differently, but Sunday morning they redeemed my faith in independently owned oldies radio. Wish I hosted a morning show on that stick. (9/28/14)

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\/ September 27 Messages \/

These posts about “colonial” being an offensive term are seriously stupid and completely off topic. (9/27/14)

I do another fundraising pitch for DCRTV's 17th anniversary celebration this month. Also, what's WNEW anchor Chas Henry up to? Arch Campbell will now be heard on WNEW. CBS Radio openes up its new perfoance space at its new digs near Nats' park. And a shout-out to Ken Mezger as well as "Nick and Dan" in today's "Dave TV"..... (9/27/14)

In my earlier post contrasting the FCC petition against Red Zebra by GWU Professor Banzhaf on the Washington Redskins with the GWU team name, “Colonials”, I neglected to mention the action most frequently associated with that team name: War. Since that team name advocates war and the other atrocities I mentioned earlier, I’m disappointed that Dan Snyder has not filed with the IRS, a request to revoke that institution's tax-exempt status. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/27/14)

In my earlier post contrasting the FCC petition against Red Zebra by GWU Professor Banzhaf on the Washington Redskins with the GWU team name, “Colonials”, I neglected to mention the action most frequently associated with that team name: War. Since that team name advocates war and the other atrocities I mentioned earlier, I’m disappointed that Dan Snyder has not filed with the IRS, a request to revoke that institution's tax-exempt status. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/27/14)

Hi Dave, Just sent you $17.00 via Pay Pal to extend my subscription for another year. Keep up the great work. We are moving to The Villages, FL the end of October. It is an over 55 community now over 100,000 people in Central Florida. They have their own radio station, WVLG 640 AM running around 900 watts non-directional. The amazing thing it has live personalities almost 24 hours a day. It plays 50s through 80s music with a lot of news and weather. Of course, the developer advertises homes over the station. I believe many of the DJs are retired from other areas who want to be on the air. If you ever want to check out The Villages, their web site is We are going to miss the DC area. We have been in our present home over 43 years. We will keep track of DC radio and tv through your site. BTW, it will be a thrill to cancel our Comcast service in several weeks. - Dick (9/27/14)

Dave's response: Sounds like WVLG might be the next career stop for WMAL's Brian Wilson.....

Why is it necessary to call someone "dumb" or a "jackass" when you are disagreeing with the point they made? You may not agree with UCS but if you have to stoop to name calling you have lost the argument. I see decades of first hand experience in UCS's posts. They may be long but they are always full of good information. I see a frustrated 4-year old unable to make a valid point in the name calling response. But when people have to call him (or anyone) names to make a counter-point, they only show us how little they know. I don't agree with UCS's idea of moving the Redskins to Las Vegas or L.A. But I also don't find it necessary to revert to 1st grade playground mentality to counter his points. The sooner Dave goes to making everyone use their real name and pay their dues to post, the sooner we can get rid of the childish, juvenile, inane people who think calling someone a name makes their point valid. This nonsense name calling is more fitting to a political blog than a broadcast-media blog. Unless of course we've got the WMAL air staff posting, then it would all make sense. Still asinine and pointless but question answered. - MNU (9/27/14)

What the hell is going on at fox 5 news. They are doing a stupid segment on the 10:00 news where they are talking about stories and giving opinions on the neews and someone hits a switch when they are tired of the topic. They are turning it into the Morning Show at Night. What a horrible train wreck. (9/27/14)

/\ September 27 Messages /\

\/ September 26 Messages \/

Hi Just wondering different peoples thoughts on what might become of MeTV and LWN now that Sinclair has taken over. I also wonder why Get TV is not on Comcast here in our area yet. It would be cool to have it on there. But back to my original thoughts.....just wondering what will be done with these sub channels. I hear there is a country music video channel out there...who knows. By the way MHZ networks is putting in their schedule that CCTV Documentary will only be on worldview come March. So I guess they are changing that. I think that is how it is worded. Looks like it might not be full time in our area anymore. Have a great weekend. Tim (9/26/14)

UCS, if you knew what you were talking about, you would know the NFL will never allow a team to move to Las Vegas as long as Las Vegas has sports gambling. Look at what is going on with the NFL and New Jersey now? If they are willing to risk losing their top market over sports gambling, they are certainly not going to make themselves look two-faced by allowing a team to move to Vegas. The NFL has had this anti-organized sports betting stance for over 30 years. Second, no other ethnic group would tolerate "the Yellowskins," or The Blackskins," or the "Brownskins," or the "Slanty Eyes." Why should one community be forced to tolerate it? Were the fans in the Jason Jones interview in DC "ambushed?" No. Were they misled? I don't know, but I can tell you Native Americans have been misled for centuries in this country, and the result they got was a lot more than a six minute TV segment making them look insensitive. (9/26/14)

"Don't complain about your cable bill going up and up and up...cancel you cable!": WMAL ad. (9/26/14)

WFLS 93.3 in Fredericksburg.....the number one station in the market. We hear that it is for sale now. Does anyone know the asking price? (9/26/14)

Given all that Roku appears to be, I wonder how long it'll be before it starts acting like a "cable company", but with lower overhead and without franchise oversight? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/26/14)

While WKAJ/Saint Johnsville, NY is licensed for 10kW daytime with a directional pattern with major lobes to the North and South, they drop to 400W at night with a major lobe to the North, and a much smaller lobe to the South. Unless the poster was listening during the "maintenance" window from Midnight-6 AM, the station likely didn't power down at local sunset. (9/26/14)

UCS: dumber than ever. You think a small band of ultra-Liberal reporters are forcing the no-Redskin argument on an unsuspecting public, and your resolution is that Snyder move the team to Los Angeles or Las Vegas...? So the name stays the same, DC loses a team, the NFL trades one of its most profitable franchises for one doomed to fail, LA or Vegas taxpayers, who have expressed no interest in an NFL franchise, are saddled with the cost of an 80,000-seat stadium that they don't want and won't fill....where's the upside? What's your fuckin' point, jackass? I never bothered to read your 2,000-word dispatches, and now that I've looked at a couple of the shorter ones I know that was the correct decision. (9/26/14)

Coming in loud and clear last night - WKAJ, 1120 kHz and 10 kilowatts, in Saint Johnsville, New York. I've never heard them before. Good mix of oldies that I actually like. Checking Wikipedia,, I see that's WUST's frequency. They must have been off the air for some reason, or do they go off the air at midnight? (9/26/14)

Technically, as previously posted, all you need is a relative’s Comcast email password to sign into ESPN or other channels you don’t have or pay for. When streaming video, there is no way for your computer or Comcast to know who’s using the service except by the account info. If they were checking IP addresses or more detailed protection, your smart phone would be rejected. I imagine they will ultimately find a way to stop this, but the more they crack down on the portability of Streaming TV, the less people will want it. It’s a catch 22. (9/26/14)

If UCS thinks the LA market would tolerate the miserable organization that Danny Snyder has put together, he must be smoking something. And Vegas is where the Redskins name game started with all of Harry Reid’s casino mafia tribes. Reid will jump on any bandwagon that fires up his base. Neither of those markets would take or want the Redskins or its name. And all Phil Simms did was make a joke of himself because he still slipped up and said the name anyway, so what’s the point of his stupid unsuccessful protest? (9/26/14)

Several people have asked how they reach the owner of WKCW. We hear that it is for sale. The owner is Dr. Edosomwan in Fairfax. He can be reached at 703-359-5969. (9/26/14)

/\ September 26 Messages /\

\/ September 25 Messages \/

Dave, When will WNEW switch to All Christmas? (9/25/14)

Don't you need a cable package to get several of the TV Roku channels? Like Fox Roku channel. Or do it not know whether you are just internet or Internet + TV? Same with ESPN app/channel? (9/25/14)

Dave's response: Yes, some Roku channels do require you to have cable TV subscriptions, like HBO Go.....

In going after Red Zebra and Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder with the FCC, I find it interesting that Professor Banzhaf hasn’t looked in his own backyard for “offensive team names”. The George Washington University team name is the “Colonials”, an offensive term historically associated with imperialism, slavery, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, human subjugation, economic exploitation, and much worse. Yes, the “history” argument could be made justifying the use of the word. The same as for the Washington Redskins! C’mon, Dan! Just sell the team to business people in another city or move it there yourself. Given the on-going negative publicity and media avoidance, the Washington Redskins have obviously worn out its welcome in this region and is unwanted. Otherwise, the local/regional media would be defending the team and telling everyone else to STFU. As for moving, if not Los Angeles, how about Las Vegas? I’m sure either city would love to have your team. And, your business. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/25/14)

Limbaugh was slow to realize he got his ass kicked by a girl. I swear he reminds me so much of South Park's "Cartman," especially the recent episode where the character made awful ridicule of Breast Cancer activism. She took care of that, as in real life with the blowback against Limbaugh's crappy treatment of her. If anything, the late response will remind advertisers to stay away. (9/25/14)

Re: Rush: Somebody married Sandra Fluke? Gross. (9/25/14)

Why is Jim Rome on the stream on JFK? Where is Chad? --- Disregard....Nat's game. (9/25/14)

Jim Vance thinks there's too much "bullshit" in local media. I couldn't agree more. On a related note, the top story on WTOP's website this morning was "DC's Most-Tweeted Food Might Surprise You." (9/25/14)

"Hard to believe the college can’t find or use a more secure streaming system for free or for whatever it’s costing them to use Realplayer." --- As was stated in a much earlier message, there now is a new GM/PD at the helm of MC's streaming radio station who will be making changes and improvements as the semester continues. Can we now let that be the end of this nonsense? (9/25/14)

I saw the item on DCRTV about Limbaugh raging against the people he thinks are responsible for his on air decline...He is really starting to remind me of Walter Winchell towards the end. The latter became increasingly paranoid from the late 1950's forward, began loosing both radio stations and papers running his column the more he lashed out...By the mid 1960's he was literally taking out ads, offering to write a column for free. There were no takers. Rush looks headed in that direction. JZ (9/25/14)

Hey Dave, nice ad for "" on the DCRTV front page. I'm a big fan of gratuitous soft-porn. Just curious, though...what exactly is "a dicussion"? (9/25/14)

A behind the scenes look at the anchor desk of News Channel 8... (9/25/14)

Say what you want about the “new” but 3 YRS OLD Realplayer for being more secure, but it still phones home and tracks what you’re watching/listening to. VLC is frequently updated and more secure and FREE and does not track you! For the most part, people have Realplayer on their machines simply because they just forgot to remove it and it’s not easy to remove either. But, there’s no need for it really. It’s ancient software that people leave on their machines that slow them down because they’re resource hogs even when you’re not using them. Just hard to believe the college can’t find or use a more secure streaming system for free or for whatever it’s costing them to use Realplayer. (9/25/14)

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. Rush Limbaugh calls Sandra Fluke a slut, more than two years ago. People are rightly offended and they call him out, alerting his sponsors and asking the public to express their outrage to his sponsors and to the stations that air his show. Now, after losing advertisers, ratings and some prime stations, Rush decides to call out those who called him out, citing “a conspiracy” and “harassment,” by a small group of “bullies.” If nothing else is clear, it’s a certainty that we’ve gone through the goddamned looking glass and we're way, way down the effin' reality rabbit hole. (9/25/14)

"Since some people have said, why is Ty Bentley on STM..... This is from a blog, but it is a good get to know about Ty:" People question why Ty is on the show b/c what he does "on the show" not a blog. The predictable answers he gave these questions further laments that he's a boring, 4th wheel on that show. Sara, Mel and Sammy run that show. Ty is an unknown whom Mel and Sara roll right over. He even sounds scared to talk. WRQX talks about oral sex, why guys suck, how the drunk they all got and that's about it. It's "REAL" LOL---- WRQX ratings continue to GO DOWN! You can do a million interviews, but the more you talk smack about Kane, who is destroying your "REAL" show, the more desperate it sounds. If you have $30, you can buy a year long sponsorship on WRQX, if you're paying any more than that... well, that's a real shame. (9/25/14)

Linda Sherman once did news in Baltimore. Is she the mystery newscaster in question? (9/25/14)

In today's edition of the "Cord Cutter," I take a look at a cool "private" channel on Roku, Nowhere TV, which features loads of really neat live local news feeds from TV stations around the country. As well as many live news networks from around the world, including throughout Europe and the Mid-East..... (9/25/14)

RE: "I think some of the changes at Newsradio 1090 are good ones but they have to stop doing silly things that reveal how little original reporting they actually do." OH MY GAWD, shut up. All news outlets credit sources. 1010 WINS, WCBS, the networks, etc. Give it a rest and listen to something else. There are about 20 other stations in the area to bitch about. This is getting old! -Steve (9/25/14)

WKCW 1420 AM is For Sale. The owner does have 22,000 Watts and a new transmitter. The coverage can be very good. There may be something wrong with their automation system. Classic Country and Blue Grass would do very well on this station. It was a Country Station for 40 years. Known as Big "K". (9/25/14)

Since some people have said, why is Ty Bentley on STM..... This is from a blog, but it is a good get to know about Ty: (9/25/14)

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\/ September 24 Messages \/

Question about WKCW - Several years ago, WKCW had a significant transmitter power increase. I think it was from 5kW to 22kW. When that happened, the signal in western Fairfax was much improved. I also remember driving on the beltway in Montgomery County and having a clear signal. Now, however, it sounds like the transmitter power has been reduced. Did that happen? Or is it the studio to transmitter link causing the station not to sound as good? Just my personal opinion, but I wish someone would buy the station and bring back the classic country format. (I cannot receive WAMU's 105.5 bluegrass country station here - too much interference from WXBN in Berryville.) (9/24/14)

Since Mitch Jacob was named Director of News for ABC 7 and News Channel 8, what title does current News Channel 8 News Director Joe DeFeo assume? (9/24/14)

Real Audio files play back fine on the free open-source VLC media player (as was mentioned in the first posting). Because of that. there really is no valid reason to download or use the official Real player, in spite of the fact that fears of viruses and malware were resolved in 2010 and 2013 (Real Player SP has been tested clean in August). The Real Player may be an aggravating resource hog, but it is no more prone to hacks, attacks or vulnerabilities than your current web browser and is probably more secure than shopping at Home Depot. If you have a legitimate gripe with the college, you're not presenting a very strong case by faulting it for a streaming technology; and if you have a real solution other than "don't let your children go there", enlighten us. (9/24/14)

Yes, maybe it is a darn shame that Montgomery College (in Montgomery County, Maryland, for you out-of-towners) uses RealPlayer to stream its music station. But maybe it's because MC is a Community College with not much funding, very low tuition, three campuses to manage each 10 miles from each other, AND is considered one of the best community (2-year) colleges in the entire country. People from other countries (mostly in Asia and Latin America) try really, really hard to find any "relative" they can in or near Montgomery County to be able to attend MC for two years to get their foot in the door of American higher education. Mrs. Olney teaches there, does not earn a huge amount, but appreciates and respects her students, and it's a large, successful, popular, high quality community college run with low tuition. RealPlayer is the least of the faculty's and the students' concerns. -- Carl in Olney (9/24/14)

I think some of the changes at Newsradio 1090 are good ones but they have to stop doing silly things that reveal how little original reporting they actually do. The other morning, they did a story about Amazon charging sales tax in Maryland. They said, "Let's go to Robert Lang for a report." What were his first words? "The BBJ is reporting." How lazy can you get!?!?!? This story was everywhere the day before. I'm guessing Amazon issued a press release. Either Newsradio 1090 didn't get it, or they lost it. But how can they be taken as a serious news organization if they are always crediting other publications? Maybe they could have checked the Amazon corporate website for a news release or something. No wait. That might have been reporting. Without some reporting of their own, instead of calling it Maryland's News Now they should call it Yesterday's News Now. (9/24/14)

“I seem to remember there was a woman who did morning news for WCAO and maybe later foe WASH. Would anyone know who she is? I believe it was in the 7's at WCAO.” I recall a newswoman named Shannon LeHere (sp?) on WASH in the 80s…could that be who you’re thinking of? She did “97 second news updates”. (9/24/14)

Ditto for Amy Morris at all-news WNEW. She is the best. Amy presents the news. No happy talk needed as they do over at the not-all-news WTOP. Keep it up Amy. (9/24/14)

Anyone who pays for the NFL Ticket is not very bright computer wise. NFL & MLB games are mostly free in Europe. All you have to do is find a link to whatever game you want streamed for free. You can even stream multiple games PIP on multiple computer screens and HDTVs. I’m very close to cutting the cord. If ATSC worked better, I’d probably have already done it, but I think the FCC designed it to fail on purpose. I also learned another trick the other day. I have a different cable package than a friend, but mine has FREE HBO. He gets other channels I don’t get. So if you share account passwords (assuming you don’t use it for anything important except streaming), he can stream HBO shows for free and I can stream ESPN for free and not using each other’s internet connection either so no effect on our internet usage, either home or phone. Yes, this will also work on iPhones and I assume Android phones. Of course I wouldn’t do this with a total stranger, but with a close friend or family member, it saves tons of money! It’s like the modern day way of sharing your cable line to another house, only LEGAL, well at least for now! :-) (9/24/14)

REALPLAYER is one of the most insecure and virus prone pieces of software you can have on your PC or Mac. It fails practically every security check known to mankind. I don’t think the Mac version has been updated in 3 years! It’s literally categorized as “BADWARE.” Seriously, there’s no reason to use it anymore. All the other options are more secure for your home PC and family’s privacy. Any school that would still be using such an insecure proprietary & adware laced streaming technology is just opening up its students & families' privacy. Best thing to do would be to DELETE ASAP! That’s not complaining that wrestling is fake. That’s just good advice from computer experts. And if your child is going to that school, think of it as them teaching them how to use a rotary dial phone! Or better yet, PHONE HOME ET! Nevermind, REALPLAYER already does that for you. :-) (9/24/14)

I seem to remember there was a woman who did morning news for WCAO and maybe later foe WASH. Would anyone know who she is? I believe it was in the 7's at WCAO. (9/24/14)

Can we be unserious for a minute? What is it with these "Al-Queda affliates"? Do they ever pre-empt Al Queda main programming? Are there Al Queda O&Os? Who is this guy Al, anyway? Does he have a duopoly in Syria? I was just wondering.... And to be more normal: Amy Morris on WNEW-FM does her news half-hours perfectly every time. It sounds as organized, professional, and well done as the evening news on any TV network. And she doesn't have a million editors and producers helping, just a couple (I assume). I hope (selfishly) she doesn't get moved "up" to New York, though she would be better than perfect on the Gold Standard, WCBS-880. And Happy New Year to all. -- Carl in Olney (9/24/14)

DCRTV Dave, I don't have any plans to cut the cord myself. In fact, I'm very happy with my DIRECTV service here in Adelphi, Maryland. I upgraded my DIRECTV service to HD 5 years ago, but didn't get a real HDTV until 2011. And, I also have NFL Sunday Ticket in the comfort of my own home. But, I no longer have Comcast XFINITY in-home WiFi, because my landlord's son got Verizon FiOS in-home WiFi, which means that my Comcast XFINITY in-home WiFi is completely blocked off. And I'm not very happy that I have had to go back to sharing the in-home WiFi. I know how detrimental it is for me to have internet access at home these days. As for my phone service, I share that, too, through Vonage.b (9/24/14)

From Tom Taylor's Newsletter: It’s official – Bloomberg to take over iHeart’s KNEW San Francisco (960), and this might be something like a stop-loss maneuver for the former Clear Channel. The September 8 NOW Newsletter had the story about Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck joining Cumulus-owned KSFO (560), leaving former “960 the Patriot” KNEW in search of an identity. Speculation was that Bloomberg might cut the same kind of deal it did with iHeart in Boston, taking over WXKS/1200 there and re-branding it as Bloomberg business news. And as of September 29, that’s just what’s going to happen at 5,000-watt Oakland-licensed KNEW. Bloomberg Radio’s Al Mayers says San Francisco’s desirable as “a vital market for those who create, move global business and shape conversations about the innovations of tomorrow.” So we’re going to have a niche-format battle, between “Bloomberg 960” and Salem-owned biz-talk KDOW Palo Alto (1220). KNEW will also be available on the HD2 signal of iHeart’s KOSF at 103.7. (9/24/14)

I have to disagree with the anon poster who said that a Top 40/CHR station cannot win by targeting W18-34. Actually, that is exactly HOW they win. CHR's lean female across the board and if they don't own W18-34 they don't survive. WRQX's strategy of targeting that demo - which happens to be HOT's and Kane's wheelhouse - is smart. Yes, a well functioning CHR will draw M18-34 numbers but the women drive the bus because they contribute more TSL. Now, whether ti will work or not is a whole 'nother discussion. Radio Refugee (9/24/14)

[From NewsBlues:] Mitch Jacob, who has been news director at Sinclair's co-located duopoly WSYX-6-ABC and WTTE-28-Fox in Columbus, OH (Market #32) since May 2009, will start October 1 as news director at Sinclair's recently acquired WJLA-7-ABC and Newschannel 8 in DC (Market #8). According to a memo, obtained by DCRTV Dave, Jacob replaces Doug Culver at WJLA and Joe Defoe at Newschannel 8. Culver "resigned" 12 days ago, after two years in DC. It was Jacob, you may recall, who recently offered former WBNS-10-CBS anchor Kurt Ludlow a job at the Sinclair duopoly, setting off a legal battle over the non-compete clause in Ludlow's employment contract. Jacob was called to testify at a hearing two weeks ago on the matter. We wondered, at the time, how Jacob's Sinclair bosses felt about his involvement. One might conclude that Jacob's pending departure for DC will effectively end Ludlow's hopes of landing across the street in Columbus. (9/24/14)

(QUOTE) If Montgomery College still uses REALPLAYER, then you DON’T WANT TO SEND YOUR KID THERE! (END) Buddy, sometimes you pick the dumbest crap to get militant about, y'know? A piece of audio software is enough to convince you that a particular school is a bad choice? How on earth did you handle the news that wrestling is fake, without wanting to burn down your parents' house in a paroxysm of blind rage? (9/24/14)

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Dave - Thanks for the funniest thing I have ever read on DCRTV. Doug said ". Their final report will make recommendations designed to tear down walls and remove roadblocks that have sprung up over time. This is good. When you are approached by the consultants, don’t be shy! Seize the moment! Speak up! If you have a question or concern, please see me or any news manager. Thanks Doug". So people do not be shy. Speak to the consultants, be open and honest. As Buzz Burbank used to say "What could possibly go wrong?". Talking honestly to an outside consultant....Nothing bad could happen. You crack me up Doug! (9/23/14)

No need to seek outside of the DC area for a smokin' online oldies station, is still going strong. If you missed it, a few months ago they added Harv Moore. Harv programmed WPGC for years and constantly edged out The Great 98, WRC. You can hear ‘The Boy Next Door’ Monday thru Saturday 10am-2pm Eastern. He's just one of the historic voices from Washington, DC radio on Web Radio Classics (9/23/14)

Another AM Station that is dark in our area is WTRI 1520 AM in Brunswick. It has been dark over a year now. (9/23/14)

At 4:15 pm on 9/23, 1420 had "Surfin' USA" followed by "The Boys Are Back In Town" with WKCW's automation abruptly clipping "Boogie Oogie Woogie" in the middle for a CNBC business report. Station reminds me of a kid playing records into a Remco "Radio Broadcaster" transmitter. Also, lots of dead air between songs. Is this a serious commercial station? Or, a "hobby broadcaster"? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/23/14)

FCC news… The Hope Christian Church is going to give the 98.3 FM thing another go round after southern MD’s 98.3 put them off the air. This time CBS Radio has opted out. The new 250 watt 98.3 proposed will be still licensed to Edgemere, MD but be from the WCTR 1530 tower on the mid shore, former WJZ 13’s Dick Gelfman’s oldies station and might be heard in Eastern Baltimore County if approved. As for AM stations going silent, you have to file an application for that to get approved unless it’s just very temporary. Any regular or extended turning off of the signal without FCC approval would be considered a violation of the license and subject to a fine. I didn’t see any FCC silent notification for WXVA. As for the Ravens vs. Redskins ratings, I don’t have actual ratings, but it’s a no brainer that both teams do well in their respective markets and not so well in the other market. However the Ravens have had some advantages in ratings in DC and in the Salisbury market. In DC, the Ravens have pretty regularly had a DC TV & radio affiliate. The Redskins in Baltimore is a different story. No radio affiliate ever, sporadic TV affiliations, My 24 for a brief time, now CW 54, but a lot of gaps in between. The Ravens have always been on WBOC 16 Salisbury while the Redskins games were more sporadic until FOX 21 went on the air since WTTG FOX 5 has been dumped from many cable systems over the years down there. — BaltoMedia.Net (9/23/14)

To be scrupulously fair: I have no personal knowledge of who Gary Hart's "Other Woman" was, I was just summarizing on what I have read or seen broadcast in various media. -- Carl in Olney (9/23/14)

If Montgomery College still uses REALPLAYER, then you DON’T WANT TO SEND YOUR KID THERE! Didn’t that die before 2010 at least? Is that like the “short bus” college or something in Govt Monkey County? I thought Baltimore City Community College was bad! Next you’ll tell me WMUC 88.1 Indie music college radio actually is on the air too. What do they use? Napster? HAHA! (9/23/14)

Oldies? Yes, NO oldies in DC. But on the Internet, try from Philadelphia. The late, great Hy Lit was one greaat DJs. His son has this web site and features oldies that you cannot get on any radio station in our nation's Capital. Yes, THE Capital of the United States. No R&B oldies (except on WPFW Saturday's) and no oldies. Enjoy the real hits from Philly. (9/23/14)

Does the topic of "Local and non-local Newspapers and Politicians" count for DCRTV? I was just reading (online, don't want to pay the $6) the New York Times Magazine about Gary Hart and how his dalliance with Donna Rice undid his campaign. Interestingly, the Times mentions that Ben Bradlee of our very own Washington Post (and if you ask me, a newspaper with Integrity) said something to him about some other woman and.... well, the Times didn't say who it was, what the story entailed, and what eventually happened as a result of that little conversation. Apparently it was not "Fit to Print" that the Washington Post knew he was having an affair with then-Sen. Joseph Tydings' (D-MD) estranged, but not yet divorced wife, Terry. Mr. Bradlee told Mr. Hart that if he suspended his campaign they would not print the specifics of the story, just that there was some other woman; if he didn't suspend it, they would put Senator's Tydings' wife right there on the front page of the Post. So he stopped his campaign. I distinctly remember her being interviewed a few days later on WRC-TV and her denying the whole thing with a very, very, very nervous laugh. And now, decades later, Terry Tydings is not even listed on Joseph Tydings' Wikipedia page; when's the last time you saw a famous person's Wikipedia page not list their spouse(s) and child(ren)? The page even mentions that he was the adopted son of Sen. Millard Tydings, a pretty darn personal detail. Well, now here at DCRTV, we have completed the story that the New York Times would not put in their magazine. And I can guarantee you, they would never print a Letter to the Editor about it, or even allow a moderated comment abou it, or ask anyone at the Washington Post (now that it's 27 years late) who the "Second Woman" was that really got Gary Hart to stop running for President. Well now we know (once again)the Rest of the Story. (Feel free to search for "Tydings wife Gary Hart") -- Carl in Olney (9/23/14)

Yesterday a little before sunset while driving up I-270 I was getting “The Legend 1420, WEMB” in Erwin, TN (not far from Knoxville). C&W, but didn’t sound like classic country. Also a traditional religious station—probably WCOJ, Coatesville, PA. KOF (AM and FM) (9/23/14)

WXVA 610AM Winchester, VA. is on the air this Tuesday 9-23-14 at 12:10 PM. If they were off as reported by a couple of folks, it must have been an equipment problem. They have not gone dark from what I hear. Gary Michaels (9/23/14)

With WKCW sidelined, WCED AM out of Dubois Pennsylvania was floating in and out this morning (listening while driving on the Fairfax Parkway). That's close to 300 air miles from Springfield/Burke VA. Live local news and a giveaway from Scotty's Donuts in that town. AM might be on life support, but its still fun to hear those marginal out-of-market signals wander in now and again. (9/23/14)

Dave, Thought this might interest you. I get these job alerts every day, and today's is LOADED with Sinclair gigs! Of the 19 jobs listed, 13 are Sinclair and one internship. Looks like the carnage is pretty widespread. Keep up the great work! Al Mayo Pasadena, MD. (9/23/14)

In the battle of territories, I always wonder how the ratings for the Redskins compares to the Ravens in the DC market when they go head-to-head like they did this past weekend (Redskins vs Philly on FOX5 and Ravens vs Browns on WUSA-CBS). Does anyone have these numbers? (9/23/14)

Interesting article with Sarah Fraser with a few shots across the bow at The Kane Show. "She’s promising no more thorny wars" and "we’re working on real segments. With radio there is a lot in the business with this kind of staged calls and actor...". Obviously taking shots at Kane's very fake Battle of the Roses segment. (9/23/14)

You want oldies from the DC area? The Montgomery College online radio station "e-Radio WMCR" plays 60s thru 80s every evening starting at 6PM. Its a RealAudio stream, so you need the RA player or the free open-source VLC media player to listen. I understand there is a new station director in place who may be making some changes, but for right now, you can get an oldies fix most every weekday evening. (9/23/14)

Two AM stations in the area seem to have gone dark. 1420 AM in Warrenton and 610 AM in Winchester. These small AM stations are having trouble surviving. You will see more and more of them going dark. Is there still hope for AM? (9/23/14)

As ratings continue to fall at WRQX, and Advertisers continue to get lower rates, or just leave, it's time for Cumulus to end the 107-3 nightmare. Sarah Fraser keeps saying that her show is "Women speaking to Women"... YIKES.. The Fraser show is two girls, who get drunk and complain about guys. It would be a good podcast, but, it's not a way to win PPM numbers. Top 40's win because they are P formats, not exclusively W formats. There aren't enough W 18-34 to make the show a hit, it's just a fact. Mass appeal is the answer to Top 40, especially when such a small amount of the population are on a PPM panel. Kane is a hit b/c he offers differentiation, and creates something for everyone. Fraser is all about losing weight and bitching about why guys suck.... It's NOT a show, it's a soapbox platform. Oh, and why is that guy even on the show... he adds nothing, It's embarrassing when those two chicks put him in his place every time he tries to talk. (9/23/14)

It's that awkward moment when you upgrade a computer browser and get THIS WARNING! Poor Baltimore Sun. Tribune videos by the way are still entirely FLASH based meaning they won't run on most smart phones. Is this company a dinosaur or what? (9/23/14)

I hate to be a"knit" picker, but, before we "sick" the dogs on the Alexandria Freecycler, can we educate him to the fact that the tapes are really "reel-to-reel"? Spelling must not be necessary to that person's "employement". Perhaps it's not "imprortant" though it might cause spelling-correction "withdrawl". Freecycle is a great place to find stuff but they can require you to live within the area served by a particular group. (9/23/14)

What is up with Winchester's WXVA-AM 610 ??? I was in Winchester over the weekend to attend a wedding. Staying at the Aloft Hotel on Saturday I dialed up 610...nothing !! The next morning I did the same thing only to get the same WXVA !! The website is still up but their online streaming unfortunately has been down for some time now. Were there plans for WXVA to move to 102.9 FM at one time ?? Not sure if I had read here on DCRTV or if it was on VARTV but I do remember reading about it. Whatever became of that move ?? For the record I did email WXVA..twice but so far I had heard nothing from them. Hope everything is OK as WXVA is a good radio station. (9/23/14)

Fans of WKRP will want to know that the series will be released on home video by Shout Factory. After the CBS run, a lot of the actual rock music heard in the show, was replaced by similar sounding content, due to the high cost of licensing the actual songs in re-runs. The link below notes that much of the original music will be reincorporated onto this new home video version. Just about every radio person I've known has worked with one (or more) people, who were real life counterparts to the characters on the show. (9/23/14)

Derek McGinty Cursed By Mistake (9/23/14)

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\/ September 22 Messages \/

Dave, Yes, good feedback on the Roku system, I have been considering it for the past year or so. Maybe you need to contact them about advertising with special promo codes on your site for those online, maybe they could put a short “how to” demo video on the site too. BTW, I have had Dish for about 25 years. Cry monetary hardship and they’ll probably put you on a package that’s under $20 a month if you threaten to drop them. Some cable companies have just gotten to be way to big, even Dish has changed a lot over the years. Yes, you may have sold me on Roku. Do you recommend Roku 2 or 3? I also see earlier models on EBay. Thanks, Tom (9/22/14)

Dave's response: When I asked to cancel my cable TV service, the Comcast lady on the phone did not make any attempt to move me to a cheaper TV tier after ending my promo rate and hiking my bill $60. She simply cancelled my TV service. I thought that was strange. If she'd offered to move me to Comcast's "basic" or "economy" service and moved me down to the "performance" level of internet, a la the more expensive "blast" service, I might have bitten. But she didn't. That told me that Comcast is an extremely inept company with very poor customer representives. They let subscribers go needlessly and then spend a lot of energy and effort to get them back. Or maybe I just happened to get a really inept service person who was probably paid a low salary, worked long hours, and simply didn't give a shit. As for Roku, I don't know why anyone would want to spend the extra cash for a 2 or 3 model, when a 1 model gives you all you'll need.....

Has WKCW 1420 am Warrenton gone off the air permanently? Nothing but static last few days. Enjoyed the music they played from 1960's and 1970'.s not available elsewhere in the D.C. radio market. Bummer. (9/22/14)

Someone please make sure "Doug" reads this. Doug wrote "Their goal is to identify things that get in the way of our being the best we can be." Doug, per the English language (Webster's Third Universal International Dictionary, Unabridged and every other unabridged dictionary ever printed), that statement cannot, I repeat CANNOT, be a "goal." The English language is very clear on what separates the word "goal" from other words, like "mission," or "purpose," or "duty." You should know this, Doug; by all definitions, a "goal" must have a clearly defined unequivocal finishing point, or clear line to cross over, to be a “goal." When do they announce they are done with the "goal" of "identifying things that get in the way," Doug? How can "being the best we can be" be a measurable and definable outcome of a goal? "Goals" cannot be vague or arguable. You made a goal, or you didn’t. Example; a legitimate "goal" would be to make a touchdown in the first quarter. At the end of the quarter, you made your goal or you didn't. A goal cannot be “to have the best offense in the NFC.” Any fan of another team can argue you did not become “the best offence in the NFC” Get it? A goal cannot be vague in definition or outcome. A “goal” cannot be "to identify things that get in the way of our being the best we can be." There is no clear, unequivocal line to cross, and there is no measurable finish line or outcome. That statement is more like a “purpose,” or maybe a “mission.” I hate business consultants. It is so frustrating how "consultants" never use the word "goal" correctly. They use the word incorrectly so they can equivocate their actual results to meet the undefinable "goals" for themselves they set. Slippery, dontcha think? Watch for more word games, Doug. Wait till you hear jargon like "drill down, "sage," and "therorize" from them. (9/22/14)

Re: WJLA memo. Looks pretty much like Sinclair modeled this after they saw the movie “Office Space” Doug Culver sounds just like the ‘Bill Lumburgh’ character, and the ‘3 folks’ are equivalent to ‘The Bobs’. (9/22/14)

Pretty funny segment on FOX5 news this morning. Allison had to read a story about the status of some Mars satellite. Included in her copy were suggestive phrases such as "fired thrusters to slip into orbit", Mars went from being "warm and wet" to now being "cold and dry". When the camera panned back to the anchor desk, Tucker was on the desk laughing so hard with Allison just shaking her head..She then said "maybe some flowers, a bottle of wine might work"...Also, after hearing Emily Miller go on and on about her obsession with Reese Witherspoon, she may want to get some counseling. She was on last week talking about how she met Reese at an event and was so overwhelmed that she started crying!..As she was going on and on about this, Allison, Steve and Wisdom were looking at her like she was crazy! (9/22/14)

The following WJLA August 29 memo from Doug Culver, the station's news director who was soon fired, has been forwarded to DCRTV by a source. Titled "Workflow Analysis," it shows one of the first moves from WJLA's new owner, Sinclair.....

At a number of recent meetings, you’ve heard that we’re going to do a “workflow analysis”. That process will begin next week. I want to tell you what it’s about and what it means to you. On Tuesday morning, three folks from Frank Magid Associates will arrive. (You may know their team leader, Jim LeMay. He was ND here many years ago.) They will be here through Friday the 5th, pretty much around the clock. They’ll observe how we do things. They’ll ask why we do things the way we do. They’ll provide fresh eyes on our processes and frustrations. Their goal is to identify things that get in the way of our being the best we can be. The consultants will talk to some folks informally. There will be a number of brief interview sessions for others. The consultants will do some ridealongs with field staff. All this is to help the consultants get a full understanding of what we do. I urge everyone to be open and cooperative. This is a great opportunity to help improve our processes for the future. When I talked to Jim Lemay this week, he told me his team has done many of these surveys at stations around the country. Their final report will make recommendations designed to tear down walls and remove roadblocks that have sprung up over time. This is good. When you are approached by the consultants, don’t be shy! Seize the moment! Speak up! If you have a question or concern, please see me or any news manager. Thanks Doug (9/22/14)

[RE Cut the cord:] Dave, just found a free movie site. Watched the new Walter Mitty last night (it just came on HBO). Doesn't seem to have any conditions or malware. Give it a try. Ed (9/22/14)

Hi Dave, Hope all's well! I saw this on the Alexandria Freecycle group and thought you might be able to find these a home. Regards, Kelly... OFFER: WWDC Radio Broadcasts and other audio on Real to Real... The previous owner of our house, Kurt Henschen, was a radio news reporter during 70's and left a number of real to real tapes of his broadcasts. Probably 15 real to real tapes. One is Nixon's inauguration. Others include radio broadcasts such as War of the Worlds. Act now and you can also get for free a box of real to reals of swanky seventies tunes. (9/22/14)

Hi Dave! Loved your segment on cutting the cord. I’ve switched to Roku now too and off-air TV. We order the 50M Internet special from RCN (with no TV or phone) and there is no tax or extra fees! It is wonderful. Roku had several underground channels that carried news networks such as Al Jazeera, BBC, DW, etc. but they’re disappearing (I assume contracts with cable keeps it that way?). How much longer are we going to put up with the cable TV industry keeping us on coax? Any suggestions for live news on the Roku other than SKY? Regards, Alan (9/22/14)

Dave's response: Thanks Alan. I'll address that in my next "Cord Cutter" video. Stay tuned.....

Hi Dave, I'd like to thank Jay Philpott for sharing the photo of--as we knew him here in DC--Adam Smasher, and I'd like to commend Adam for his weight loss and pursuit of fitness. I, too, have been coming down my own Fat Mountain and it sure feels great to be liberated from--yikes--a state of morbid obesity. Crazy how easy it is to move there--just some donuts here and burritos there and the years and the pounds add up and, for me, certainly gone were the days when I looked anything like a BMX freestyle pioneer in the Seventies. But I am back in the saddle again--rockin' the roads on a Cannondale these days--and I am thankful. And again, I commend Adam for shedding the pounds and sharing his success with his friends and fans. Robb de la Metro Hagerstown (9/22/14)

I haven't watched South Park in years but I loved the South Park/Dan Snyder ad during the (dare I say) Redskins game. Snyder's little head must be ready to explode... (9/22/14)

Given the weak signal of WTOP it will always be a failure in the Baltimore market. WNEW by comparison has a huge signal where it matters, is positioned in the middle of the dial, and has only to be promoted and marketed more effectively for people to discover them around both Beltways. (9/22/14)

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WPGC and Fresh 94.7 are the CBS DC clusters best money makers so at this point WNEW will not be on either signal I look for CBS DC at some point once contracts are up to maybe flip that signal to a music format. It cost a boat load of money to run and is making no money as stated before and the other stations appear to have to cut airstaff and talent because of WNEW. (9/21/14)

Hi Dave! 2nd week in a row that Morris has anchored the Saturday 10pm newschannel8 broadcast with Eileen Whelan on weather. Why has sinclair putting an "A" team on Sat nite? Thanks!-lee kidd (9/21/14)

Something else curious about WNEW is that they are apparently moving to new offices down by the Navy Yard (according to a former reporter I know) yet continue their focus on Baltimore. Dave O (9/21/14)

Dave's response: CBS Radio announced back in the spring that it's moving its DC cluster of radio stations (WPGC, WJFK, WIAD, WLZL, and WNEW) from Lanham to southwest DC, just two blocks from where the Nats play. The move is supposed to be completed by the end of the year, I hear.....

Dave, I agree with you on the reasons why WNEW has gotten no ratings traction, but the second 2 suggestions would not have worked given the signal. CBS made a huge mistake with this one. They probably looked at WTOP’s big shares and all the issues money, and figured if they stole a third of WTOP’s ratings, they would be in great shape. But you can’t compete against real Washington signals when you don’t have a competitive signal in DC. You and I both could have told them that. I don’t recall WHFS-FM, when it was on 99.1, ever getting significant ratings in Washington. That in itself should have given CBS a hint. And the problem that CBS has now is all of their real DC signals probably make a lot of money and are much less expensive to run than All News. WJFK might cost more to run than the music stations, but Sports stations tend to bill much more than the ratings suggest. I was shaking my head when CBS announced the decision to do All News on 99.1 and am still shaking my head today. Roddy Freeman (9/21/14)

Dave's response: In its latter years, when HFS became more of a standard alt rocker, it found it could not compete with alt rock-leaning DC101, which has a much better DC market signal. Thus its demise in 2005. And, I do agree that CBS should have started WNEW in 2012 on a better DC market signal, perhaps 95.5, moving PGC to 99.1 and improving the urban outlet's signal into Baltimore. Even on 95.5, PGC is usually among Charm City's "top 20" stations......

From Psychology Today -- Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists. A new study shows that internet trolls really are just terrible human beings. This would explain the Mailbag’s frequent bothersome posters. (9/21/14)

Dave's response: Anyone who uses technology to "hide" behind tends to be a "terrible human being." That includes many political talkers and "shock jocks" who spew their hate for humanity in general from the "isolation" of a "protective" studio.....

Someone asked if anybody else was receiving the new WMDE-TV 36, RF 5 transmitting from the Wye Mills area of the Eastern shore. This Sunday morning in the 8 AM hour I did lock them in during better than regular conditions. I am located 15 miles North of Winchester Va. or 125 miles from that transmitter. Gary Michaels (9/21/14)

It's another episode of DCRTV's Cord Cutter website! Today, I take a look at the Roku, which allows you to watch loads of internet stuff on your TV set. Including "Dave TV" on YouTube! (9/21/14)

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