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In addition to Daves wishlist a few more things Why cant there be several hours a day for a subgenre of music remember a few years back BIG aired a show called the Deep End Sunday nights lots of interesting stuff.I know in NYC where I grew up no station plays 50s or 60s anymore full time WCBSFM used to but a surburban AM station forgot which one does a Saturday night Oldies show if something like that was tried here at least several types of music would be available even if it was one evening a week.Also wish they would put HFS on down here even on an HD Subchannel.Another joke is satelite feeds I think WGRQ down in Fredericksburg uses it and 1690 Lexington Park called Americas Best Music a mix of pop standards and soft oldies a commercial for a local business. comes on and when it ended there in the middle of a Cat Stevens song or sometimes start of song cut off.Maybe there not timing local station breaks right but local programming is fading. (12/31/16)

New Years prediction Goldman Sacs buys WRQX and replaces Jack Diamond with Jamie Dimond hehe (12/31/16)

Happy New Year! Thank you to DCRTV for another year of great local news about DC. As a previous poster said, the stock market is at an all time high now. This is a great way to end 2016. However, the radio stocks are not doing well. Cumulus closed at just $1 per share and iHeart closed at just $1.11 per share. The people that work at these companies do not want to hear about it because there is a possibility that Cumulus may go into bankruptcy in 2017. If that happens, iHeart may be close behind. This will effect the entire radio industry. (12/31/16)

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RE: 2017 Wish List - Moving the Redskins to the WTOP family is a great idea, except for Monday & Thursday night games which could go to 1500 as not to disrupt traffic reports during the week and also air traffic reports during each commercial break. I don't recall what they did when they had the O's broadcast rights, but this seems like a solid idea. My other idea involves TV. WDCW has impressed a lot of us, so I think in 2017, they should move out of the Richmond CBS6 studios, bring everything in house to D.C., while still maintaining a "Richmond bureau" out of WTVR for Virginia politics, especially with the gubernatorial election in 2017, and also, make an attempt at a serious morning newscast to try to lure in folks who are tired of the fluffcasts. Keep somewhat of a fun element to it, but emphasize news first, fun second. (12/30/16)

PREDICTIONS FOR 2017: Fox News Channel becomes the flagship for the Trump News Network. Whenever ANYONE tries to say anything against Trump….no matter how substantive it might be…a host will shout them down immediately. Greta Van Susteren will go head to head against Tucker Carlson at MSNBC and has a good chance at taking a slot away from FNC and delivering a win to MSNBC WMAL’s ratings will improve with the removal of The Savage Nation in PM drive for Larry O’Conner. However, expect the same horserace long term between WTOP and WAMU. CBS will dump Bloomberg 99.1 and do a shakeup of sorts. Move Washington’s Greatest Hits to 99.1 and try to find a new transmitter site that will be able to give it a better area wide signal. Also, include web streaming and adding of deep cuts and DJ’s that made DC radio great. iHeart will finally realize that DC 101 needs a new format but to retain Elliot In The Morning. They flip WBIG to Alternative Rock and change the call sign there and they put in Heritage Rock on DC 101…with some current rock but a heavy dose of classic rock as well. Cumulus, in a last ditch attempt to try to salvage the 107.3 frequency…will try to talk to Red Zebra about switching up WRQX and WTEM. Cumulus puts WRQX on the signals that carry WTEM and change the format to the Westwood One fed NASH format. WTEM lands on 107.3 but the ratings stay the same because of perceived controlled content. Larry Michael will quit Redskins Radio after admitting on the air with Cooley that he has single handily RUINED the traditions of Redskins Radio. MASN will reach a agreement with Dish Network as well CSN for their alt channels to be carried full time. Right now, MASN2 is just overflow for DISH and CSN Alt is practically non existent at times on DISH. Expect yes…more contract disputes and more people cutting the cord because of increasing costs being passed down to the consumers and more availability possible with online television sources and websites. Happy New Year Everyone…have a great 2017... Dan (12/30/16)

Why does there always seem to be a problem with Direct TV dropping major local stations? I don't know if I've ever heard this happening with Verizon/FIOS or Comcast. (12/30/16)

RE: Drudge hacked? DCRTVDJDAVE thank you for at least making mention of this HUGE in the words of Donaldo Trump story! While your report seemed to associate the “hacking” (is denial of service “hacking” because it happens all the time) with the NSA (now DCRTV is on their radar) the conservative political web site run by Glen Beck, The Blaze, seemed to associate it with the Pentagon. Now NSA is supposed to be free of politics while the Obambi administration has turned the Pentagon into a bastion of political correctness (trans gendered/gay rights, paying for sex changes, the firing of military critical of Obambi, making our military a social experiment). So it seems unlikely NSA was the culprit and more likely the Pentagon. Either way, it is really scary and should be to all web sites, even DCRTV: what would be the MSM reaction if one of THEIR web sites was taken down by the incoming Trump administration? More from The Blaze: www.theblaze.com (12/30/16)

[RE WMAL moving Larry O'Connor to afternoons:] They just ruined the fantastc chemistry of the great morning show and the nice change of pace in the afternoon with Savage. Bad move. (12/30/16)

DC 101 is having their annual Jew Rock Marathon right now. (12/30/16)

RE.: “SO”. Where the heck have you been ? That’s been going on in the business world for the past 2-3 years. It’s the millennial equivalent to “WELL” I can still remember my 7th grade teacher telling the class to never begin a sentence with “well”. On another note, why do ALL RADIO STATIONS continue to either come out of breaks, or run promos for their regular programs this week? WBAL is an easy target, as always. “News Now w/Brian Nehman”. “I’m Stacy Lynn in for Brian. “The C4 Show”. “I’m Jimmy Mathis sitting in for C4”. “Peter Schmuck in for Derek Hunter”, Phil and someone else in for Bill and Stacy. It just seems to be a totally asinine practice. Finally, my personal favorite is the continued airing of commercials/promos well past there expiration date. I’ve heard this week a Toyota add with the last line “Black Friday Pricing expires November 30” A grocery store ad promoting your first choice for all of your Thanksgiving shopping needs, and the best one yet is 105.7 The Fan with a lead-in of “Your Official Station for the Baltimore Ravens.” Wonder what the Ravens brass and WBAL think about that one ? When did 105.7 lose the rights to WBAL, anyway? Happy New Year !! Be Safe (12/30/16)

What was it that made me stop listening to Savage? How much in love he was with himself. At every turn, he reminded us how many books he has out there - even devoting time on his show to reading full passages and asking listeners what their favorite chapters were. He couldnt resist rolling out his résumé, talking about how high his ratings and podcast ticks were. The show in DC became a two-hour valentine to himself. I won't miss him or his boasts. (12/30/16)

RE: “Cumulus is syndicating the Michael Savage Show. They have dropped the show in DC and Chicago. Savage cannot be happy about this move.” Savage is prone to temper tantrums and may very well opt out of everything with Cumulus: he is about to do a Limbaugh with his version of a “Ditto Cam” and relies more and more on internet streaming of his show for “ratings”. He hates WMAL, has trashed it, and is probably glad he’s gone: if he loses NYC it’s over as most of his remaining terrestrial markets are the size of Dubuque. He’s also litigious and loves to sue radio networks: watch him sue Cumulus and refuse to honor any existing contract. He has become the terrestrial version of Alex Jones and even turned on his old pal Trump who has not been on the show since before the election. Limbaugh, Levin, even Ham Hammity have all resigned long term contracts: Savage has nothing other than a soon to be rabid internet following. MRC predicted this nearly three years ago: www.newsbusters.org (12/30/16)

To my conservative WMAL friends: With Savage gone, how will we ever learn the outcome of his Obama murdered Justice Scalia investigation he was doing? (12/30/16)

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Cumulus is syndicating the Michael Savage Show. They have dropped the show in DC and Chicago. Savage cannot be happy about this move. (12/29/16)

To the guy bemoaning "fluff" journalism, point taken. Now go find a good editor to slim down all that awkward verbiage. (12/29/16)

We have a serious problem on our hands. For the love of gawd, NPR (and WAMU) from now on you MUST order all your guests to refrain from starting every damn reply with "SO". It is such a conspicuous crutch for the lame! (12/29/16)

I can confirm that 950 AM is off the air, and this time they’re on a bender. It’s been 3 weeks now. KOF (12/29/16)

RE: "Eastern Shore talker WGMD and WGMD.com airs and streams Savage delayed six hours 9p-12m". Sure, hear the show 6 hours after everyone else....or, you can listen live...WSBA from York, PA runs Savage live in the 3-6 daypart. (12/29/16)

RE: Tegna...yes a lot of local TV stations regardless of ownership have already hired younger anchors and reporters to probably attract younger viewers and yes many younger folks DO get their news online rather than watch TV or listen to the radio BUT you really can't tell local TV stations that as somebody somewhere will come out of the woodwork to say they know "Bill from Buffalo", "Donna from Denver" or whoever and how he/she is only 24 and still watches local TV news or listens to local radio even though they can't tell you who is this Bill or Donna. Kinda like with businesses and homophobia. To say a business is homophobic then the business in question will come back and say something like "..NO NO we are NOT homophobic...Jim in our office went to a gay wedding recently and we did not fire him for doing that..." of course they won't tell you who exactly this "Jim" is. Recently I was chatting online to a guy who helped launched an AM station in the Rocky Mountain states. The station did go on the air playing pop classics such as Doris Day, Dean Martin and Judy Garland. I asked him how on Earth do they plan to get younger folks to listen to such stuff. His response was that they already have the younger listeners calling in to make requests. Is what he said was true ?? I doubt it !! OK I somewhat take that back. Maybe there are a few folks in their 20s and 30s who do like Sinatra and that kind of music but I doubt it would be a big enough number to really make a difference. Fluff on local TV news....well one can thank the dumbing down of America for that. The problem with ISIS ?? Who cares but that dancing rat on a New York City subway train or that guy whose dog was dying had wanted to take the animal to the beach for one last time oh people care about that. The economy ?? Whatever...but that story which later turned out to be false about a small little boy who died in the arms of Santa that is what get people talking. Want more proof ?? Look at the recent celebrity deaths. There are those who were so upset about Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds dying that they are actually calling in sick at their jobs because of this even though I doubt many of those same people had thought about either one of them in years or how Zsa Zsa Gabor was "..too young to die". I actually saw people on Facebook saying that one even though the woman was 99 and had been in ill health for years. Kardashians ?? Yes way too many people care about them too. That is why "fluff" exists and unfortunately it's not going away anytime soon as long as society has social media anyway... (12/29/16)

In contrast to many of the non-news segments people have been writing in about, I want to say that I happened to watch Ch. 50's 10PM news (a football game delayed others at 10). I was shocked! It's an actual honest news program, some local news, all the important national and world news (not just a bare mention, as on many local news programs), the weather, sports, and that's it. An honest-to-God local news program, with a few local on-the-scene reporters doing stand-ups (and not just every murder or fire in the area). It's been mentioned that it's done by WTVR-6 in Richmond: Well Done!! -- Carl in Olney (12/29/16)

Eastern Shore talker WGMD and WGMD.com airs and streams Savage delayed six hours 9p-12m (12/29/16)

Another poster asked about local HD Radio stations. Here's a list of subchannels for the DC market from when I checked recently. Sorry for having to format the long list, Dave...
88.5-2 Bluegrass
90.1-2 CSPAN1
90.1-3 CSPAN2
90.9-2 Opera
91.9-2 Christmas (for now)
93.9-2 WOL
94.7-2 Oldies
94.7-3 WJFK-FM
95.5-2 Dance
95.5-3 WJFK (AM)
96.3-2 Soul/Jazz (WHUR World)
96.3-3 College (Howard student radio)
97.1-2 Oldies
98.7-2 Classic Country
99.5-2 Dance
100.3-2 Vietnamese
101.1-2 Active Rock
102.3-2 WOL
102.3-3 WTNT
103.5-2 Russian
103.5-3 Gamut
103.9-2 WFED
103.9-3 Gamut
104.1-2 WOL
104.1-3 WYCB
106.7-2 WJFK (AM)
106.7-3 WFAN
106.7-4 WJZ-FM
106.9-2 Hot AC
107.7-2 Bollywood
107.7-3 Gamut
Stations that broadcast an HD signal but no subchannels include WRQX, WMAL-FM, WJMA, and WLZL. I don't believe there are any AM HD stations remaining here - I think WYCB was the last one. For large markets, www.hdradio.com/stations seems to be at least marginally up to date. For small markets, it's sometimes horribly wrong or includes stations that have shut off their HD signals. (12/29/16)

Dave's response: First. You probably won't be able to receive all those signals even if you're close to DC. The digital subchannels operate at just a fraction of a station's main power. And, second, you'll often find that some stations drop their digital signal for days (even longer) without warning. I frequently find WJFK 106.7's digital signal, along with its multiple subchannels, completely gone. Good luck.....

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Just heard that meteoroligst Mike Thomas (Fox5) will be moving to the morning shift. No details, but I'm guessing that maybe he will be replacing Gary McGrady? Can't imagine him replacing Tucker Barnes. (12/28/16)

Dave/Anybody: Do you have a full list of DC/Baltimore area HD radio stations and their format formats? (12/28/16)

Re: the story about the changes TEGNA wants to do to increase their ratings, the local stations are pretty much doing that now. They're bringing on younger and younger anchors and reporters to, I guess , appeal to the younger audience. But a lot of the younger audience aren't getting their news from tv. In fact, in conversation with some young folks, many of them say they don't watch much tv at all. They watch a lot of Netflix. Also, it's not unusual to see Macs, laptops or cell phones on the anchor desks. So many times they're shown checking these devices while one or the other is talking. Or when a guest is on set, they're seen in the background checking their cell phones. However, they say that as per their job, they need to be involved and interactive with social media, the station's website, etc. I also wonder how the enrollment in journalism programs is going in colleges & universities. Especially since I've heard a number of anchors didn't major in journalism in college. (12/28/16)

WMAL to Michael Savage: RIP! Whether Savage is on elsewhere in the DC radio market or not, he is dead in the water on WMAL. Have not even heard a Savage commercial ad of late: total shutdown. Wednesday WMAL ran reruns (not “Best Of”) Chris Plante from 3:00PM to 5:00PM then went with some sort of version of “Drive at Five” sans Larry (hello Larry, are you out there?) who did do Mornings on the Mall this morning. Very confusing, maybe the way Bill Hess likes it: drama radio on Jenifer Street! (12/28/16)

Dave's response: I hear that Bill Hess is on vacation this week. I don't know who is running WMAL. Maybe the ghost of Fred Grandy.....

Any info on why Savage was yanked off WMAL mid program yesterday? I know he's being replaced in that time slot next week but now there's an old podcast on today. Cant stand him. Just being nosy. (12/28/16)

Dave's response: Savage's ratings on WMAL weren't the best - 15th place or so - and afternoon drive is a major daypart. I think WMAL's management thinks it can make more ad revenue and get better ratings with a local show from 3 PM to 6 PM, instead of two hours of Savage via satellite. We'll see.....

Done with WMAL! Bye bye, I'll listen to Savage's show, via streaming. (12/28/16)

I can't believe WMAL is taking Savage's show off the air. Not happy about this decision at all. Huge fan of Dr. Savage. Why was this decision made? It was the wrong one in my opinion. (12/28/16)

I can easily see WTTG, WJLA & WUSA continuing with the fluff morning shows. Don't watch NBC4 in the morning, but from the promos, it appears that they haven't caved to providing entertainment in the mornings vs news. Can anyone who watches confirm? (12/28/16)

TEGNA - Could this be a glimpse of what's coming to WUSA? www.ftvlive.com (12/28/16)

There may not, in fact, "always be WCTN 950". No sign of a signal or a carrier on there at all today. Anyone else hearing anything? (12/28/16)

If Cumulus is forced into bankruptcy, will they sell off some of their stations? Their lenders don't want their stock no one else is buying it. If it falls below $1 per share, they will no longer be listed on Nasdaq. (12/28/16)

I was looking through signal plots today and found an oldie but a goody. This IS in the FCC database. Somehow I think this was a joke from a GAY ENGINEER. The signal null to the south makes no sense. It’s all over open water. This is a religious right wing Christian TV station just outside of Rehoboth Beach DE that I’m not even sure is on the cable system or not. Anyway, here is the signal plot of Ocean City’s Channel 35 low power TV station. I tried to get the station, but I just couldn’t get some head. :-) (12/28/16)

Saw Good Morning Washington's "dance party" segment which was HORRIBLE...Who the heck thought THAT was a good idea?? None of them could dance.. I can't believe I actually watched the entire few minutes..Truly hope they do away with that. However, as was mentioned, we probably will see more and more of this foolishness and less hard news. At one point, we may not even hear them reporting the news and just see it scrolled across the bottom of the screen. (12/28/16)

WBOC TV on the eastern shore has applied to increase the power and move the transmitter of the new Channel 42 that they just purchased. The proposed location is their tall WBOC tower in southwest Delaware, north of Salisbury at 12 kw. Still no word on what the programming will be. After this goes on the air, both WMDT ABC 47 and WBOC CBS/FOX 16/21 will have their own LPTV stations. The station's call letters at the moment are W42EI, but that might change. -- BaltoMedia.net (12/28/16)

Dave, let us hope things may turn around for the local media market in 2017. Very sad to hear of the current trends this year. I really miss those golden days of Radio and TV locally. Congratulations on your 20 years covering it all for us with DCRTV. (12/28/16)

Tommy Jacomo, the Palm's general manager who knows the secrets of Washington's power players, is retiring at the end of the year.... www.washingtonpost.com (12/28/16)

I enjoyed listening to Al Santos’ on WJZW; not only for the music he selected but also for his delivery and sense of humor. WJZW had some type of listener signup in which listeners were asked, among other information, to indicate their birthdays (details escape me). My phone rang one day and what should I hear on the line but the dulcet tones of Al wishing me a Happy Birthday. At first I assumed it was a recording but it soon became evident that it was Al himself. The conversation was as good humored, genuine and unhurried as two neighbors talking over a back fence. I do hope Al is doing well and enjoying life. (12/28/16)

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After losing his on-air gig at WJZW Al Santos worked some off-air board shifts and then went to work off-air as a studio tech at VOA. Maybe he's still there? Hey Al, knock, knock, knock. (12/27/16)

Not to worry about Mike Benonis leaving WMAL. His decision and he has something better lined up. (12/27/16)

Ying/Yang or buyer’s remorse? Bill Hess MUST be reading DCRTV! As a previous DCRTV Mailbag post reported Monday, WMAL aired all three hours of Savage, a first: previously WMAL had pre-empted Savage for seemingly any reason from The Pope’s visit to Washington to local dog shows so that Larry O’Connor could go live early with Drive at Five. Now Tuesday afternoon Savage was MIA entirely from 3:00PM to 6:00PM just under a week from the launch of the aptly named “Larry O’Connor Show” but instead of Larry it was, surprise, surprise, Chris Plante reruns! Boy this guy Hess must REALLY hate Savage. A quick check via Al Gore and George Bush’s amazing internets of San Francisco’s KSFO and one could listen to Savage alive and well, broadcasting LIVE with a new show for all three hours (Noon to 3:00PM SFO time). BTW: Larry is back from vacation and was on sans Brian Wilson with the latest info babe live this morning for Mournings on the Mall. The plot thickens! (12/27/16)

Dave's response: At 3 PM today, WMAL started airing Savage, but soon switched to Plante reruns (I didn't say "best of" because there is no such thing). Ponderous, man, ponderous.....

In answer to "curious as to what we can expect from our morning news broadcasts." My prediction is less hard news, fewer investigative reports, more and longer teasers, more inane idle chitchat and personal opinions, especially about "celebrities," more clowning around and dancing around the studio, and more pictures of "cute" kids or pets. And, maybe repeating myself, less hard news. (12/27/16)

RE: “Let me preface this with the fact that I'm sure Erin Como is nice young lady. And listening her do a couple of minutes of traffic is fine. However, when she's either on Good Day DC or reading headlines, her voice is so annoying. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is, but so many times, I have to mute it when she talks for an extended amount of time. Just don't think she's ready for prime time.” Well whenever Erin’s on just put the closed caption on, mute the sound, drop your drawers if you are so inclined and have at it: she is voluptuous and easy on the eyes. Besides, she loves Wisdom Martin and thinks him an angel: twitter.com (12/27/16)

Let me preface this with the fact that I'm sure Erin Como is nice young lady. And listening her do a couple of minutes of traffic is fine. However, when she's either on Good Day DC or reading headlines, her voice is so annoying. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is, but so many times, I have to mute it when she talks for an extended amount of time. Just don't think she's ready for prime time. (12/27/16)

It is great to see the stock market at an all time high. However, the two largest radio broadcasting stocks are not doing well. Cumulus at just $1.01 per share and iHeart down to $1.21 per share. The market does not like these stocks. (12/27/16)

With 2017 a few days away, curious as to what we can expect from our morning news broadcasts. Any changes, new formats, new on air talent? (12/27/16)

Leon Harris isn't the only person that Sinclair's 7 let go this year. They also let go one of their long time reporters - the woman that had a heart attack after her on air report. Leon Harris has not posted anything on his Facebook page in 2 months, so must not have found another job yet. (12/27/16)

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Just saw Audrey Barnes doing a report on a car crash in Laurel as the Communications Director for the city of Laurel. I remember her reporting for all three major networks In DC before lastly leaving channel 5. Maybe she's finally found her niche. (12/26/16)

Bill Hess’ Hanukah gift to Savage? Perhaps others caught this but at 5:00PM instead of Drive at Five with whoever was to host WMAL carried the third hour of Savage instead: only time it has ever happened and on the eve of him being dropped entirely. Go figure. (12/26/16)

While 7 is rather obviously undergoing some strife with the new ownership (letting Leon go was a huge mistake, and I'd say the same for Jennifer Donelan), WaPo seems pretty rejuvenated lately. Is it the same stodgy old powerhouse it was for the last 50 years? Of course not. Neither is NYT. All the old business models for news outlets have been turned upside-down/inside-out, with varying results. Of the old-school papers that still remain with us, I think Bezos has done more good than harm with his stewardship here. (12/26/16)

Charlie, Al Santos is living in the greater Washington area, he's consistantly goes to Capitol Raceway in Crofton during the spring and summer months and races his Toyota.....don't know much else about hiim though. He's a great guiy and I think he's on Facebook...Davy Jones (12/26/16)

Has nothing to do with DC radio but shocked about George Michaels death anyone like myself growing up in the 80s couldn't escape him on radio I looked up his songs had like 15 top 10 hits (including with Wham!) and so hot he was that the only other #1 song Aretha Franklin had other than Respect in 1967 was a duet with Michaels "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me" in 1987 and to be real she did alot of better songs like Chain of Fools And Natural Wonan yet as big as they were didn't go to the top on Billboard Hot 100.A great performer lost. (12/26/16)

WMAL started airing ads on Saturday giving the name of Larry O’Connor’s new program the Larry O’Connor Show and implies it will start this monday, as opposed to the week afterwards. From, Amar (12/26/16)

"The sub-head on the article says, "The radio personality was best known for shouting “Baba Booey!” BEST known? Seriously, in the end, is that how YOU would like to be remembered? " Beats "remember that guy who whined once about the Baba Booey Guy?" or "the guy who could never get past Chris Plante's callscreener". Gus in the Gaithersburg (12/26/16)

George Michael and the music of Wham was part of what made being a morning DJ in the 80s such crazy fun. Thanks for having me along for the ride George. You'll be missed. --Alan Peterson, Professor of Audio Technology, Montgomery College Rockville (12/26/16)

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RE: Roddy Freeman’s post: “WCBM had beautiful facilities in the original WBAL building for a number of years. When the station was about to move to Painters Mill, morning man Lee Case, apparently not happy with the move, remarked that they were “moving to the transmitter shack.” Roddy Freeman (12/24/16)” – Roddy is right on the money. WCBM was located next door to Mayflower Moving and Storage at 2610 North Charles Street. The place had a state of the art studios, a spiral staircase and Elaine Stein’s famed “WCBM Art Gallery” showcased there as well. Metromedia moved the operation to the Owings Mills transmitter site to save money. A facade and studio/office space were added to hide the brick transmitter building. I’m sure Roddy accurately described “Morning Mayor” Lee Case’s disdain about “moving to the transmitter shack”. It sounds exactly like something Lee would say. It also meant Lee begrudgingly traded his cakewalk drive from his Roland Park home to Charles Village for the long haul up the Jones Falls Expressway, to the Beltway, ramping off at Exit 20 North on Reisterstown Road to Painters Mill Road, to the left turn on Painters Mill Road and the final left onto 68 Radio Plaza. - Ken Merson CBS Radio Baltimore/Proud WCBM Alumnus. (12/25/16)

Merry Christmas to Dave Hughes and his "Staff". Still not to late to make your Christmas gift to him. (12/25/16)

RE: “Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the WCAO old location of Reisterstown Road @ the Beltway have a name too?” The WCAO studio and 4 tower transmitter site was way out Park Heights Ave extended, just before the beltway. As a very young man I went out there many times in hopes of talking to Kerby Scott and the other jocks who taught me how to do be a broadcast personality. Not many people in the business willing or able to help aspiring talent anymore. Gary Michaels (12/25/16)

The appropriately named “Deadline” reports that former WJFK star Howard Stern’s “wack-pack” member Joey Boots has assumed room temperature. Boots was famous for harassing people with the proverbial “Bobba Booey” chant and oddly died seated in front of his computer: let that be a warning to all you pajama boys living in their mother’s basement. I guess you can say he kicked the Boot: deadline.com (12/25/16)

Does anyone know what ever happened to Al Santos? I used to record his Sunday Jazz Brunch on WJMD that later became WLTT and then on WJZW and at this time of year listen to his Christmas specials. His delivery was unique and I miss not hearing him on the air. Charlie Wilson/N4COW (12/25/16)

Noticed some new reporters on NBC4 the past few days. just saw a guy named Justin Finch, saw a sports reporter Sherre Burress and another female reporter who I think had the last name Cho. And some guy named Steve (didn't get his last name) was doing the weather this evening. Curious as to what's the average number of reporters that stations have on board. Is it that much going on that NBC has needed to increase their reporting staff? Especially when more and more people are getting their news online vs. actually watching newscasts. (12/25/16)

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With all of the history being discussed, I want to mention that the term “Television Hill” was coined by Channel 13. They were the first station on that site, and their ID was always augmented by “from Television Hill.” I’m not sure if this goes back to the WAAM days, but it probably does. Of course, WBAL-TV and WMAR-TV relocated their antenna to Television Hill when the Candelabra Tower was built in the late 50’s. (WBAL-TV had been on another hill nearby.) Also, Painters Mill Music Fair might have accommodated band performances in its later days, but for at least most of its life, it was a venue for theater, presenting a lot of musicals. WCBM had beautiful facilities in the original WBAL building for a number of years. When the station was about to move to Painters Mill, morning man Lee Case, apparently not happy with the move, remarked that they were “moving to the transmitter shack.” Roddy Freeman (12/24/16)

1420 WKCW actually mixing in Christmas music other than the usual Jingle Bell Rock White Christmas ect. Heard tunes I actually had to Google Greg Lake .Judy Collins.Some different stuff you wouldn't hear on WASH FM. (12/24/16)

Huffington Post is reporting the untimely death of Joey Boots, 49, one of Howard Sterns "Wack Packers". The sub-head on the article says, "The radio personality was best known for shouting “Baba Booey!” BEST known? Seriously, in the end, is that how YOU would like to be remembered? (12/24/16)

RE: “WCBM 680 called their studios Radio Park on Music Fair Road, also the site of the famous old Painter’s Mill Music Fair Theater where many legendary bands played. Yes WCBM and its towers were right next to that. And now the old WCBM building is long since torn down for a Toyota dealership, but the WQLL 1370 6 towers are still behind the car lot.” - During my stint (1974-82) at the great 68 WCBM Metromedia Baltimore (Owings Mills), our plant was known as “Radio Plaza”. In fact, the mailing address was WCBM, 68 Radio Plaza, Owings Mills, MD 21117 (how many times did I say that over eight years LOL). 68 Radio Plaza consisted of a driveway, two speed bumps and a parking lot off Painters Mill Road. The Heritage Toyota Owings Mills Service Center sits on what was WCBM’s studio and transmitter building. The 6-tower directional AM tower array between Heritage and BJ’s Warehouse where WCBM’s old 4-tower self-supporting towers once lived are WQLL/Q1370’s night site. BJ’s occupies the space where Painter’s Mill Music Fair and Skateland once sat. Where did the time go. Ken Merson – CBS Radio Baltimore. (12/24/16)

TO Roddy Freeman: Thanks for the update. I was never sure if WMAR ever had studios in the building or not because back in those days, there really was no news set like today, but I’m told that during the renovation of 10 Light Street, they did find a lot of of stuff that they didn’t understand, all from the WMAR days. And sadly, they threw it all out in the trash. Your timeline makes sense for the move to York Road and Calvert Street, which by the way is now also for sale and probably going to face demolition at some point. Yes Tribune sold the Sun printing plant and now the Sun Building on Calvert Street is up for sale. Doesn’t bode well. — BaltoMedia.Net (12/24/16)

Speaking of TV Hill, it was also used as an unofficial Postal address. Both WBAL & WJZ had contests that said to send entries to their stations at TV Hill Baltimore, MD, and the zip. WMAR did a similar thing calling their York Road complex TV Park. WCBM 680 called their studios Radio Park on Music Fair Road, also the site of the famous old Painter’s Mill Music Fair Theater where many legendary bands played. Yes WCBM and its towers were right next to that. And now the old WCBM building is long since torn down for a Toyota dealership, but the WQLL 1370 6 towers are still behind the car lot. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the WCAO old location of Reisterstown Road @ the Beltway have a name too? I know the WQSR 102.7 tower is still there but their 4 towers are long gone. Even the road name has changed. The current WCAO site seems to have some issues. See here in this pic. Anyone could get onto that property from the front gate. (12/24/16)

Who is Jamie Sullivan and why is he going to Cleveland? (12/24/16)

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Woke up early and began watching WTTG's 4:30 broadcast and who do I see but the two worst newsreaders onscreen: Wisdom Martin & Erin Como. Don't know if Wisdom needs glasses or what, but it's quite painful watching him try to read the teleprompter. And although Erin can handle a minute or two doing traffic, give her a news story and you can see that she's "in training". Plus, there is zero chemistry between these two. Does management not see that? Or are they so pressed not to rock the boat and move Wisdom off of the desk as well as being determined to promote Erin as a favor to her producer boyfriend? (12/23/16)

To BaltoMedia.net: While you are correct that WMAR-TV’s first antenna was atop the Baltimore Trust/Matheson Building, the studio was not there. The studio was in the Baltimore Sun Building at Baltimore and Charles Streets. When the Sun building was torn down to make way for the Charles Center, the Sun moved to Calvert Street and WMAR to York Road. Roddy Freeman (12/23/16)

Cumulus webpage advertising for a new Chief Engineer. They were just recently advertising for an assistant chief. What happened to CE Mike Benonis? And this close to Christmas? Maggots. (12/23/16)

I am amazed that the Metro people didn't defuse the whole Presidential picture Metrocard frenzy with one simple explanation: Pres. Obama's picture was put on PAPER farecards that could be set up and printed very quickly. This year there are only HARD PLASTIC farecards with a computer chip in them that has a much longer lead time for manufacture, so there was no way they could get them ready after the election in time for the Inauguration. With that simple explanation, the whole thing would have been defused. Can I be their spokesman when I retire? -- Carl in Olney (12/23/16)

RE: the TV stations on the famous candelabra tower. WMAR Channel 2 at its inception did not have a tower on TV Hill ever nor ever studios either. I found these pictures that explains why. In the early days, the 1930s, Baltimore was twice as big as DC, but it also wasn’t the nation’s capital. But the Baltimore Sun applied for channel 2 and got it for that reason. Because it was the nation’s capital, even though much smaller, DC had the testing stations of 4 & 5, so they remained. So WMAR TV started out a block away from Sun Plaza, now called Charles Center. While the original Baltimore Sun building was torn down in the 1950s/60s, the WMAR TV tower, which had studios at one time still stands. 10 Light Street, The Baltimore Trust Building and various names since was the tallest building south of New York City when built and obviously the tallest structure in Baltimore also when WMAR TV went on the air. Since there were no other buildings that tall in Baltimore, WBAL & WAAM had to resort to higher ground, the tallest hill in Baltimore City. The 2nd pic is from the METRO station at Charles Center, so it’ about the view you would have seen of WMAR TV from The Sun Building or close. Back then, they probably ran the news down the street from the newspaper to the TV building. Today, the room below that tower is a swanky new private bar, members only, with great views of the city. I wonder if they have any clue there were TV transmitters in that room way back. — BaltoMedia.net (12/23/16)

Dave's response: Not clear if the there was copyright on the second pic you sent so I'm not running it.....

22.4 and other XX.4 MPT outlets are now carrying NHK World TV 24x7. PBS's Create service has been relegated to overnights on MPT-2 (11pm-7pm). More details at MPT.ORG . (V-Me continues on 22.3)... TW in Odenton, MD (12/23/16)

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Fir those who’ve had too much of “Christmas Shoes” and long for the true meaning of Christmas music, this quiz is for you! www.classicfm.com... And no, “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” is not among the options. Merry Christmas! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (12/22/16)

Dave, looks like NBC4 has added a new sports reporter, Sheree Burress. Just saw her do a segment. I'm guessing you mentioned her coming in board and I just missed it. Wonder how long she'll stay around as we've seen channel 4 be the stepping stone to ESPN. (12/22/16)

Hi Dave- Quick question about Wendy Rieger. Was watching the news on channel 4 last night, and it appeared that she was crying while on-air…or at least getting choked up. It was obvious enough that it appeared to have visibly flustered her co-anchor, Jim Handley. My wife and I both noticed it, but there was, no has there been since, any mention of what was going on at the time. We both thought that it appeared that she perhaps got some sudden bad news while on the air, and she was having a problem maintaining her composure. Have you heard anything about what might have happened? (12/22/16)

Dave's repsponse: No idea.....

More David Zurawik / aka WBAL tower flub…. I posted a correction on The Baltimore Sun page, but I had to use a different log-in. You see, if you correct Z- on TV too much, he WILL have the Sun staff block you from posting anymore. So I can no longer use my name on The Baltimore Sun! You would think he would be smart enough to realize I could create a dozen Baltimore Sun accounts a day if I wanted to. They consider each one as potential subscribers so no one would get turned down! HAHA! And then there’s his weekly critique of the CBS or FOX Sports coverage of Ravens games. You notice very quickly reading them that he doesn’t know a lot about football or sports. Sometimes his criticism just makes no sense to me. But he’s Z on TV. He knows better! (12/22/16)

Washington’s WTOP benefits from popularity & hits by being linked on Drudge: usually posted stories have at most a dozen or so comments (now done via Facebook) but with its story on Drudge’s opening page that Metro won’t feature Trump like it did Obambi on their special inauguration smart trip cards they had over six hundred comments and who knows how many hits. WTOP is already an opening page listed link, but this certainly drives traffic to their web site: wtop.com (12/22/16)

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It would be nice if President-Elect appointed someone to the FCC that actually knows broadcasting. In the past, all the political appointments have been friends of the President that have supported him. The people that work at the FCC have never been in a radio station. Yet, they are making the "rules & regulations" that are forced on the small broadcasters. Thousands of regulations that are not needed. Will the new President "Drain the Swamp" at the FCC? Let's hope so. (12/21/16)

Heard the engineer for WPOC Baltimore was recently let go. (12/21/16)

The stock market is at an all time high now. They sure don't like radio stocks. Obviously, they don't believe these stocks are a good investment. Cumulus at just 99 cents per share and iHeart at just $1.23 per share. The market experts don't believe these companies will ever be able to pay back their massive debt. (12/21/16)

ABC7/NC8's Jamie Sullivan returning to Cleveland - www.facebook.com/jamiesullivanradio (12/21/16)

Was watching TMZ around 3:30 & all of a sudden it was interrupted with some 80's game show called Body Language!!! What the heck was the person in the control room thinking to broadcast this?? (12/21/16)

So a "random" woman starts singing in the Metro station and tells her child to record it. Well, come to find out, she's a professional singer in Las Vegas and wants to be famous, probably knowing a local station would put her on tv. Well, not surprised that Fox5 took the bait. (12/21/16)

Sunday's Family Guy episode is a repeat of the 12/11 Christmas episode that pays a nodding tribute to 1-877-KARS-4-KIDS. (12/21/16)

Skip McCloskey! Kris Marlow is calling... Where's Jay? (12/21/16)

Scottie Nell Hughes is really Chris Plante in a size 12 dress packing a gun in a size 38D bra. Just an FYI, in her short term as a political pundit, "Thunder Thighs Scottie" has pissed off dozens in the DC media scene including DC's beloved Diane Rehm. Going to Scottie for political analysis is akin to getting tax advice from Cliven Bundy. Scottie is a self-centered, uncaring, motor mouth who focuses on "the perceived" faults of the society that doesn’t "think" like her, not their attributes. In other words, she is a narcissist, but not a very good one, given her extremely limited intellectual abilities. Go ahead, put her on with Brian, "It will be like sitting down at a meeting at the Brookings Institute,” said absolutely no one. "What could possibly go wrong?" said Fred, Mrs. Fred, Andy, Michael Graham, Mary Katherine, Chris Core, and Bryan Nehman. (12/21/16)

Cumulus has dropped Savage in DC, Chicago and Detroit. Since they syndicate his show, this does not look good. Their stock closed at just $1 per share yesterday. If it goes below that price they will not be listed on the Nasdaq. (12/21/16)

"...the Sports Junkies simulcast on CSNMA over the past month or so ... it's horrendous." A radio show on TV is like watching a slow drip from a bathroom faucet. If you're doing a TV show, do a damn TV show. (12/21/16)

Ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC rewards American U.’s WAMU (not-for-profit news/talk) with the 11.5 topline share you read about. Here’s the three-month trend, from an October-book 9.6 to a November-book 10.0 – and now that stratospheric 11.5 share, with age 6+ total-week AQH share. Hubbard’s news WTOP and its regional network is high-level steady (9.2-9.4-9.4). Last month it won the PM drive daypart and loses that distinction – though its share is higher there. And it’s #2 behind WAMU in every daypart. Third and clearly showing Christmas-music pixie-dust is iHeart’s WASH (4.5-4.9-5.9). Last month it tied for fifth. In fourth place this time is Howard U.’s commercial urban AC WHUR (5.7-5.9-5.6, and third-place mornings and tied for third on weekends). Fifth place with a record PPM share goes to Radio One’s gospel “Praise” WPRS (4.6-4.9-5.1 – and up from a 2.9 share in July). Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” might be on the wrong side of the Christmas Effect, sticking with its usual playlist (4.7-4.3-3.8). It ranks tenth. CBS Radio’s sports “Fan” WJFK-FM misses Nats baseball (2.9-2.7-1.8). AC-and-Christmas WASH is D.C.’s leader with average weekly cume at 1,340,100. Speaking of cume and time-spent-listening – WAMU has the sixth-largest collection of average weekly listeners (859,100). Cumulus hot AC “Mix” WQRX is virtually tied at 854,000 – but it ranks #16 with AQH share (2.9-2.4-2.5)..... Baltimore knows AC WLIF is coming on strong with Christmas, but it’s not visible yet. It moves 8.3-7.2-8.3 but can’t squeeze past Radio One’s first-place urban “92Q” WERQ (8.2-8.0-8.5). 92Q is #1 from 3pm to midnight. WLIF’s still #1 middays. Third for the week is Radio One’s urban AC WWIN-FM (8.4-8.4-8.1). Fourth is iHeart’s country WPOC (7.2-6.9-6.3), followed by Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY (5.0-5.9-6.0). 98 Rock repeats at #1 in mornings, and it’s sharing the NFL Ravens with news/talk sister WBAL (3.1-3.8-3.8). It’s tight between ’BAL and WCBM Inc.’s talk WCBM (3.3-3.5-3.9). Also doing Christmas – with not much to show, so far – is “Shine” WRBS-FM (4.2-4.3-3.7). It’s the commercially-operated contemporary Christian station owned by not-for-profit Peter & John. Probably iHeart’s DC-market AC/Christmas WASH is showing more strongly up I-95 and the Parkway – but it doesn’t subscribe in Baltimore. AC/Christmas WLIF leads in cume (761,100). (12/21/16)

Hi Dave, Note to Bill Hess as to what NOT to do @WMAL in 2017: DO NOT REMOVE John Batchelor at night. The only thoughtful talk show host in the line-up; intelligent interviews with authors and politicos who are in the know (Larry Kudlow, Monica Crowley, et. al.). Glad they have decided to give Larry a full 3 hours instead of that stupid routine of coming back for only 1 hour at 5 p.m. after doing a.m. drive. And please no more of the idiotic Chris Plante-type!! (12/21/16)

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"I've seen portions of 3-4 episodes of the Sports Junkies simulcast on CSNMA over the past month or so, and....it's horrendous. What a lazy bunch of nobodies. I have yet to see all four of them show up at the same time, and usually it's just two of them. They seem bored to death. They yawn. They scratch themselves. They text constantly. More than once I've watched as one of them picked his nose on camera. They have no insights at all. They do interviews via phone with people who sound like the call woke them up. This morning, one of them told an interviewee that they had taken "about 75 calls" about last night's Redskins game. They had actually taken six. Pathetic. As bad as they are on the radio, they're even worse on TV. (12/20/16)" You must not be watching on the right day, but this is the time of year that radio "takes time off". They were all in studio the week after Thanksgiving and the first week of December. I do agree on the amount of calls taken, as more often than not, most people seem to stay on hold forever to talk. (12/20/16)

It is interesting to see the relative strength of WAMU versus WTOP. I've seen posts hypothesizing the reason(s) behind the perceived weakness of the all-news station. Two key reasons seem to be missing. 1) TOP is awfully cluttered. In the past listeners may not have consciously noticed. But with commercial free music the norm either through streaming of satellite radio. WTOP indeed sounds cluttered. The other. Slowly but surely the linchpin of the all-newsers, "traffic and weather together" or "on the 8's" is being eroded by the Waze and Google maps applications. WAMU with unique content may be less vulnerable. Remember the outcry when AMU jettisoned traffic? Well.... Finally even many of the local stories on WTOP are attributed to TV partner WRC. Original exclusive reporting is important to audiance retention. Happy Holidays. Bob (12/20/16)

[RE WMAL:] Scottie has guns so if Brian Wilson asks about a hotel room, she can take care of it. Unless she is into that type of thing. Micheal Steele has a show on Sirius and then runs over to MSNBC after. I don't think an WMAL gig would work. But Larry could give him fashion tips. That would be good radio. (12/20/16)

[RE WMAL:] I'm excited that Larry is getting the PM Drive time slot!!! And it's an added bonus that Savage will be gone. He was so difficult to listen to! As for the AM Drive show... glad that Brian is staying, and I would LOVE to have Scottie with him. Or Michael Steele. (12/20/16)

I've seen portions of 3-4 episodes of the Sports Junkies simulcast on CSNMA over the past month or so, and....it's horrendous. What a lazy bunch of nobodies. I have yet to see all four of them show up at the same time, and usually it's just two of them. They seem bored to death. They yawn. They scratch themselves. They text constantly. More than once I've watched as one of them picked his nose on camera. They have no insights at all. They do interviews via phone with people who sound like the call woke them up. This morning, one of them told an interviewee that they had taken "about 75 calls" about last night's Redskins game. They had actually taken six. Pathetic. As bad as they are on the radio, they're even worse on TV. (12/20/16)

C’mon guys. Give the weekend reporters a break regarding the location of the accident. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve heard the so-called traffic reporters talk about “an accident southbound I-95 at the Beltway” without bothering to mention whether or not it’s on the NE side, or SW side? This comment is not aimed at Jim Russ @ WBAL….he’s the best. (12/20/16)

I will say it: Southbound 95, at Washington Blvd, in the City one mile from the Stadia. The crash was mentioned on the NBC Nightly News, but all they said was that there was "this crash" on Interstate 95; they never said that it was Maryland, much less saying it was in the City of Baltimore on an elevated highway in a residential and industrial neighborhood, where it could have been even worse than it was, and it was still horribly tragic. So NBC sets the example for the local stations, unfortunately. -- Carl in Olney (12/20/16)

Dave's response: I gave up watching network news about 10 years ago because it was just so awful. Maybe you should, too.....

Re: Icy accident rant: I thoroughly agree with the ranter. However, s/he wore out before ranting about the reporters/anchors calling this an “I-95 accident” without a hint of WHERE on I-95-- which runs through Maryland through many counties—this all occurred. The real problem is that the storm occurred on the weekend when coverage decisions have to be made but no one is in the newsroom to make them and news directors have turned off their mobile phones. Meanwhile, David Zzzzzzurawik thinks he simply must bash network football coverage again, rather than hold local media accountable for another horrible job. Bob A. in Pikesville, MD. (12/20/16)

Hi Dave, Did you ever find out what happened to Jason Pugh at WRC-TV? That station once had a premier sports department but it seems to be down to Carol Maloney who’s okay but would have been a B player in the old days. (12/20/16)

Dave's response: His contract was not renewed. He was not really fired, just a "hey we don't need you any more." That's the business.....

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"During most of the second half hours of his three hour show, Rush Limbaugh voices program-like ads in between the formal ad breaks. Is he really that desperate for ad dough?" Mega dittos Dave. I couldn't agree with you more. I'm a fairly regular listener but I've tuned out for the most part starting a couple of weeks ago. Enough with the iPhone, Rush Revere, and all the other crap. (12/19/16)

Re: Skip McCloskey...Mark McCluskey is a corrupt Irish-American police captain -- a dishonest cop, a crooked cop who got mixed up in the rackets and got what was coming to him. He was in the service of Tattaglia, who is a pimp and could never have outfought Santino. (12/19/16)

After watching and listening to how pathetic the news product has become in Baltimore, I am convinced the stations have definitely lost their way when it comes to basic news instinct, judgement, and creative journalism skills to know what to do when the shit hits the fan, like a 67-vehicle pile-up on an Interstate highway. The public should be outraged over the lackadaisical handling of this story, and, more importantly, the mediocre, unprofessional coverage that left all of us scratching our heads in disbelief over how absent these stations were on what should have been a non-stop multi-pronged approach to an urgent need to reach the audience with potentially life-saving information. During the very early hours Saturday morning, WBAL TV decided it was more important to carry NBC rather than stay with the non-stop local coverage. WJZ carried paid-programming and offered nothing until later in the morning AFTER the shit hit the fan. WBAL TV finally sent one of its alleged reporters downtown, where he stood on Russell Street, with a city police car in the distance, for "live coverage" that offered absolutely nothing to the story. There were two lanes of tractor trailer trucks across the street that were sidelined until conditions improved. A good "visual" that would have provided a much better backdrop for the live shots, not to mention the numerous interviews with the drivers who could have described driving in the mess before they got sidelined. But instead, the alleged reporter stood there, scratching his tennis shoes on the curb to show us what ice looks like on a frosty morning, with a police car with lights flashing and an empty gas station over and over. One of the station's reporters even posted on Facebook that she was "sleeping in on vacation" in Westminster, in the midst of some of the worst conditions west of Baltimore. Really??? There was a time in news, when, during emergencies or other breaking events, everyone worked and it was all hands on deck. This station also allowed an SHA spokesman to be interviewed on a number of live updates without being asked, first and foremost, how many personnel and resources were deployed, where they were concentrating their efforts and where the trouble spots were. During the live shots from downtown, and during my travels from Anne Arundel to Howard County and back around noon, I did not see one salt truck or snow plow in the city or these two counties, and did not see any sign of salt on the roads, which makes me very suspect over whether or not SHA was asleep at the switch during this weather emergency. And don't try to tell me the roads were pre-treated with the beet-brine solution. These are questions for the state transportation secretary and governor. Who is holding them accountable for missing this mess? I wasn't there, but the tragedy on I-95 was very preventable. Was that stretch of roadway treated and when? If the road was that dangerous, why didn't they shut it down and order everyone off the roads until the danger passed? Where is the MdTA police command? What did they do? Why was traffic - including the big rig that overturned and exploded - barreling down the road at what appeared to be speeds too great for conditions? And why would anyone think the Saturday before the holidays was any less important for motorists than a weekday workday, and not have the snow trucks on standby??? And as if all the lousy spot news coverage Saturday was not enough, this morning, alleged news radio 1090 decided that yesterday's Ravens fiasco was more important as a lead, than advancing the story of the horrific crash. They don't make any calls or overnight rounds or they would have also had the death of the father, critically injured with his son in another timely story, a tragic sledding accident. I realize this is the flagship station for the Ravens, but since when does another dismal Ravens performance on Sunday trump such compelling news??? This story begs for follow up, investigation, and someone with an understanding for and appreciation of the big league news business and what it means to those of us who rely on these stations to provide us with a quality news product that is accurate, timely, informative and complete. On this one, it was anything but. (12/19/16)

Re: Skip McCloskey... WAMU's morning person is Matt McCleskey who previously worked for KQED per his station bio. Tom in Wheaton (12/19/16)

My Indie TV has been founded by a Baltimore area man in Perry Hall. The company will host a bunch of Streaming video channels for mostly independent artists to show their craft on a national platform. It doesn't launch until 2018 and will cost $20 for the first year. There are previews up of some upcoming content already at www.MyIndieTV.com. (12/19/16)

[RE "Dave TV" & David Zurawik:] You would think he would know the very basics of AM vs. TV signals and towers. I suspect he does know this, but just arrogantly said it that way for effect, thinking none of his readers would notice. But ironically, on the Baltimore Sun story's comments, that is the very first comment correcting him even before you noticed it Dave. (12/19/16)

Hello Dave, here's a new museum of note... Broadcast Equipment Museum Debuts in Texas: www.tvtechnology.com... Rob (12/19/16)

Is Skip McCloskey who was on WOCQ in Salisbury/Ocean City for several decades the same as the McCloskey now on WAMU who uses his real first name?? (12/19/16)

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Re: WWAY gaining a second network: Two HD feeds on one OTA channel is far from impossible. Locally, in Charlottesville, the CW is carried on WVIR 29.3 with an SD local weather channel on 29.2. OTA, the CW broadcast is in HD but compressed to 720p, with the main NBC feed of course being in 1080i. As well, the equipment has advanced enough that two 1080i feeds alone is very doable. The best examples are markets where there are both Univision and Unimas O&Os, and they simulcast each other on x.2 in 1080i -- in some markets, they each carry one or two additional SD subchannels! That's pushing it, so I'd imagine the SD subchannels are near unwatchable most of the time. ABC and CBS both in HD on WWAY is very possible. With ABC already broadcasting nationally in 720p, I'd imagine the CBS feed would also be compressed to 720p, although it's hard to tell the difference in the first place. (12/18/16)

News from North Carolina. WWAY Ch 3, which is an ABC affiliate is adding CBS to it's lineup starting January. The current CBS outlet in Wilmington is low power WILM which is a satellite of NBC affiliate in Raleigh, but shows CBS Network programming here owned by Morris Communications on Ch 10. This means that those without cable will be able to finally see CBS programs outside the city of Wilmington. The cable system where I live, who's head end is in Holly Ridge, Spectrum, is 30 miles north and receives the signal probably via fiber. WWAY says in a press release that ABC will remain on 3.1, CBS will be added to 3.2 and they will keep Me-TV on 3.3 and drop Cozy TV. My question that I sent to the reporter from the local paper that had a story on Friday, is will the 3.2 signal be SD or HD. I don't know of any on the air stations in the US that have 2 HD's and 1 SD in their 6 Mhz bandwidth channel. I guess it's possible, but wonder if now the only way to watch CBS will be SD if that is how it's delivered over the air. What is funny is if you watch WILM before 7 a.m., it's Raleigh's output and promotes the Today Show coming up at 7, but switches to a 3 minute Wilmington based news segment with WX before 7 and then goes to the CBS Morning show. Charlie Wilson, N4COW (12/18/16)

Dave's response: The broadcast subchannel feed will most certainly be in standard-def but it may be widescreen. Now, if WWAY feeds its signals to area cable systems via landline or via a non-broadcast feed (as is the custom in most major metro areas) it could provide them with a high-def feed of the CBS channel.....

A little more tower talk not covered. WAAM/WJZ was using a self supporting tower directly in back of their main building. When the candelabra was finished the old 13 tower was taken down and eventually sold to United broadcasting who re-erected it in back of the Avalon movie theater at 4340 Park Heights ave. It was used to support the WMET-TV (24) antenna at the top and the WSID/WLPL-FM rings side mounted. So I was told in 1968 when I started working for the old UBC. The tower is still there, now used for 92.3 WERQ ,which are calls that lead back to the original 92.3 WSID-FM. By the way, WSID-AM, WLPL-FM and WMET-TV all had their studios in the Avalon theatre. (12/18/16)

In light of the recent DCRTV Mailbag action concerning broadcasting towers, isn't it that time of the year for the ghost of Christmas lights past? thanks to eyeontv (aka "Tom of DC") http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHm8DbSG1nQ And practically in the shadow of the WPOT-TV tower, the traditional shooting of the lights has commenced ... thanks to Bob Bybee's TheJoyBoys.com (mp3) www.thejoyboys.com... (12/18/16)

Whatever happened to Albie Dee? Is he still in Ocean City? What station? (11/18/16)

Dave's response: PD and afternoon jock at OC104, WOCQ in Salisbury.....

Dave, I noticed a lot of discussion about the TV Hill candelabra tower on dcrtv.com. My dad was an elevator constructor for Standard Elevator and one of his duties was to service the elevator that runs up the tower. Sadly he passed away in 1986 so I would guess this was between 1982-1986. (11/18/16)

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The WGMD Orioles deal is the same as last year. The bad part is that no stations down on the shore will carry any week day games anymore, not even the AMers with nothing on. :-( (12/17/16)

After the B104 Studios moved from the Downtown Baltimore to TV Hill location, next door to Channel 13. Most listeners assumed we were also on the Candelabra. It was just another way of making B104 Bigger than Life. For a short while I did afternoons on B104 and "Dialing for Dollars" between 4-5 on Channel 13. I had to drive back and forth, up and down the driveway to do the TV breaks and Radio at the same time. Big Don O'Brien (12/17/16)

Christmas is just one week away. Have you forgotten someone? Think about it. Who brings you DCRTV? Please don't forget Dave Hughes at this time. Thanks. (12/17/16)

WKCW 1420 has been off the air again for several days.Lets hope someone puts a Reliable Oldies/Classic hits station on the air with wide variety in the New Year. (12/17/16)

Dave's response: There's always WCTN 950.....

To the poster who asked, the Candelabra Tower is not on the exact site of the former WAAM-TV tower, which I recall being right in back of the building (which was smaller then). And yes, the station was on the air while the Candelabra was being constructed. Roddy Freeman (12/17/16)

I just saw the job postings for interns and more at WMAL. I am curious, will Brian be paying for the interview hotel room out of pocket, or will Bill Hess allow a radio trade? (12/17/16)

About the candelabra tower. As I understand it, It’s on the site of the original WAAM tower. If that’s the case. where did they transmit from while it was being built? It’s a rather complex structure. This is about as close as you can get to it from the WJZ parking lot. Note to David Zurawik: This is NOT an AM radio tower. :-) (12/17/16)

Radio Garden - In the event you've not seen it already, you're going to want to check this out. A new app finds streams of radio stations across the world, Dave. It's too fun; I'm already addicted... wamu.org... radio.garden (12/17/16)

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\/ December 16 Messages \/

Veteran Baltimore newscaster Brenda Carl is leaving WBAL Radio at the end of her shift today to start a new career with the state of Maryland. Carl had returned to the station last year as a part-time member of the news staff, working weekends and filling in during vacations and other leave by the full-time staff. Carl has a 30+ year career in Baltimore radio and television that has earned her various awards and recognition over the years for being among the best in the business. (12/16/16)

I have a couple of corrections to my own post. The person below is correct that WWMX-FM moved from the WBFF tower to the Candelabra Tower. Also, the correct call letters of 104.3 are WZFT-FM. Roddy Freeman (12/16/16)

DCRTV radio market station WJFK has an on air sports show called “Chad Dukes vs. The World” weekdays from 2:00PM until whenever. Now it seems that Mr. Dukes has written a “DC Sports Blog” for a local pennysaver, The Washington Post, to announce he will NEVER “root” for the Dallas Cowgirls to win, even if it supposedly helps the Skins chances at making the playoffs, just in case you were wondering what his opinion was on this topic and don’t listen to his show. Maybe Bezo (who sat at Trump’s right hand the other day during the meeting with tech CEOs) will buy CBS radio and in turn WJFK just to stick it to Dan Snyder? Is WJFK going multi-media now with The Junks on CSN and Chad Dukes in the Washington Post? Chad’s missive: www.washingtonpost.com (12/16/16)

Love your website! On radio station ratings could you add one more thing. In addition to the ranks, can you add the exact rating share pct. of each station?- Thanks, Gus Mancuso (former DJ) (12/16/15)

Dave's response: That would be cool but it would be a lot of work since we get radio ratings every week.....

TV Hill has 2 major towers. The original candelabra holds the antennas of WBAL-TV, WJZ-TV, WMAR-TV and WIYY-FM. The other tower, the one closest to the Jones Falls Expressway, has WBFF-TV, WNUV-TV, WZHF-FM and WWMX-FM. Near TV Hill and also visible from the JFX are the original WBAL-TV tower on Violet Avenue off Park Heights, now home to WYPR-FM, and the WERQ-FM tower on Park Heights Avenue near Cold Spring Lane. The WERQ tower was built for the now-defunct WMET-TV and WSID-FM (now WERQ). Roddy Freeman (12/16/15)

/\ December 16 Messages /\

\/ December 15 Messages \/

RE: "FYI: The only radio station on a TV Hill tower is WIYY “98 Rock” – They are on the “candelabra”, right below the 3 sticks" WRONG. WWMX-106.5 is also on the Candelabra Tower, as well as the back-up site for WJZ-FM and WLIF-FM. Also, 106.1 and 97.5 (250 watt translators) are on the tower. (12/15/16)

RE WDHC: "To the last poster that likes to do a critique on Metro Radio. Has Metro Radio said they are going to do Spanish Format on their new stations in Berkeley Springs? If you know so much about them why don't you sign your name to the posting." Reading comprehension escapes you apparently. Nobody said they WERE switching to Spanish. And if you know so much about it why don’t YOU sign YOUR name? "Owning the only radio stations in a market is like owning the only newspaper in town." The town’s population is 616 people. How much of a market can that be? The FM 60 dBu contour barely reaches the outskirts of Martinsburg with significant multipath distortion thanks to three ridges, and falls well short of Hagerstown. Outside of Morgan County, only in the western sections of Berkeley and Washington Counties do they have any appreciable signal; areas where the population is the lowest. As far as owning the only newspaper in town, that would be The Morgan Messenger, a weekly publication in a county of less than 20,000. Not exactly the LA Times or Chicago Tribune. "This beautiful little town is between Hagerstown and Martinsburg." While Berkeley Springs is a beautiful town it is NOT between Hagerstown & Martinsburg. That would be Falling Waters or Williamsport. Berkeley Springs is nearly 20 miles Northwest of Martinsburg and almost 30 miles Southwest of Hagerstown. Perhaps you should brush up on your geography as well as reading comprehension. I hate to see dumb postings from people who don't know what they are talking about. (12/15/16)

1590 and 105.1 were both on the air broadcasting dead air without a legal ID that I ever heard as of last week. That alone, should be a nono with the FCC. I don’t think anybody knows the last time 104.3 was broadcasting. Possibly airing Bill Parris’ KHZTV ? MLB4 (12/15/16)

RE: Radio stations on TV Hill… Actually there are 2 FMs on the famous 1000 foot Baltimore candelabra tower. WWMX 106.5 is also there now. Z-104.3 FM is on the next door neighbor FOX-45 tower now, but was also for a brief time on there. WIYY 98 Rock has always been on the tower as far as I know. WZFT still has its tower in Kingsville as a backup. WWMX might have a backup transmitter on the FOX 45 tower. WERQ 92Q and WYPR NPR 88.1 are nearby around TV Hill, but not on the hill itself. The story on the tower as I’ve been told is that Westinghouse bought WAAM Channel 13 Baltimore, made it WJZ 13, but was unhappy with the station having the weakest signal in Baltimore. They only had a short tower on the hill, great location, but short tower. WBAL TV had a taller tower just a mile away from TV Hill, and still standing. WMAR had a transmitter atop Baltimore’s then tallest downtown building, the Baltimore Trust tower / Matheson Building, known by many as the Bank of America Building. At the time there was motivation to cooperate. Westinghouse was a tech giant. Neither WMAR (The Baltimore Sun) or WBAL (The Baltimore News Post) wanted to be the weakest signal, but they didn’t have the resources or technology that Westinghouse had. So tthey all agreed to join in financially to build the structure, which at the time was the tallest freet standing tower on the East coast., and the only candelabra that tall. — BaltoMedia.net (12/15/16)

Concerning the WBAL 1090 towers: Everyone I knew in Baltimore knew where those towers were. My wife's home growing up was so close to the towers, you could always hear WBAL faintly coming out of the toaster. Nothing like a little of Harley's jazz music in the kitchen before getting a late evening snack. -- Carl in Olney (12/15/16)

EASTERN SHORE NEWS: WBOC TV owner Draper Communications has purchased a Low Power TV station in Georgetown Delaware on channel 42 according to TV Newscheck. The signal is very local to Georgetown/Rehoboth Beach currently, but not clear what WBOC's plans are for the new TV station. If I had to guess, I'd say probably more Sub-Channel networks. WBOC doesn't currently carry either CBS's Decades channel or FOX owned My Network TV. -- BaltoMedia.net (12/15/16)

[RE WRNR:] They are building a 60' tower to get the digital signal over 2 new buildings that went up on the Annapolis side that are blocking a direct shot to the Grasonville transmitter. (12/15/16)

Eastern Shore FCC News: More trouble for Adams Radio's stations. WGBG AM 1590, 104.3 FM, and 105.1 FM have all filed for authority to remain silent after a check by the FCC on whether they were indeed on the air or not apparently found them off the air. I'm hearing that AM 1590 was on the air periodically during the summer along with 105.1. Then they both disappeared in the fall. With 104.3 FM, it's unclear when it was last on the air, possibly 6 or more months ago. From the FCC filings, it appears some or all of the 3 stations are up for sale again. WGBG Big 98.5 FM however, appears to be unaffected by this, but whatever plans Adams Radio had for the other stations appear to have not panned out as expected. -- BaltoMedia.net (12/15/16)

Last night on Buzzer-TV (Ch 5-2), there was an old "I've Got a Secret" from around 1960 on with host Garry Moore (an alumnus of City College HS in Baltimore), and guest visitor Arthur Godfrey. Here's the DCRTV connection: They mentioned that they both got their start in radio at WFBR in Baltimore and Moore even mentioned that it was "even before I moved to WBAL". Many know that eventually Mr. Godfrey moved to WHSV here in DC (soon to be WTOP) and then to the CBS radio and TV networks. And we all should know that when he moved to CBS, Eddie Gallaher took his place as WTOP morning man. Finally, Garry Moore acts so classy and friendly and like an everyman on that show, and Arthur Godfrey acts like he's King $hit on that "I've Got a Secret" episode. My father always hated him and I could see why just in that 10-minute clip. -- Carl in Olney (12/15/16)

Dave's response: WJSV not WHSV.....

Hi Dave: I know there’s a crank who writes complaints to mailbag about some of us talking about the stock prices of CMLS and IHRT…but it’s good information about the state of these two major industry entities. In perusing CMLS on the stock charts today, I note with interest that the entire Market Capitalization of Cumulus now stands at only $33.34 million. That figure, which represents total number of shares times the share price, is astounding considering that Cumulus has, among its assets, what used to be the ABC O&O stations such as WABC, WLS, and WMAL. Over at iHeart (IHRT), the market cap is a paltry $127.29 million – especially considering how many stations it owns. By comparison, Dollar General, the “dollar store” chain, has a market cap of $21.20 BILLION. Best, Jeff (12/15/16)

“Fox's Guilfoyle Could Be Trump's Press Secretary” – what, not Kellyanne Conway? Just as well – we’ve seen enough of her skeletal presence to last a lifetime. Since day one of the campaign and now into the transition, I don’t think she’s given a straight answer to any question asked of her. She just deflects. All the time. Ugh! Mike from Frederick and the Dashboard Skeletal Presence Society. (12/15/16)

Well I can settle the WBAL Radio transmitter issue real simple with this pic. I don’t know if the WBAL building ever had studios in it in the past, but it doesn’t now but yes this is the WBAL Radio building. The 3 towers are there (one behind the tree). Of course, the current studios are in the basement of WBAL 11’s TV Hill building for quite some time, but this is the original WBAL building from the 1950s, still in use for the transmitter equipment and towers. It is a huge pice of property, but then again you cannot have houses very close to a 50,000 watt blowtorch AM Radio station. Even the ground around those towers is electrically charged, hence the barbed wire fence around the entire perimeter of the property. While only 500 feet tall, the 3 towers are clearly visible to the outside of the 795 interchange at the Beltway. www.google.com/maps... — BaltoMedia.net (12/15/16)

WRNR: Constant sound dropout and “hiss” noise. It’s been going on for months. I don’t know how they still have advertisers, let alone listeners. (12/15/16)

I was driving through Wilmington this morning and didn't hear Catey Hill on WJBR. I looked on the website and her name is missing. Anyone know what is going on? (12/15/16)

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler resigns and Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel resigns. Let's hope the new President will appoint some new people that will get something done at the FCC. Perhaps reduce the thousands of regulations that exist now. (12/15/16)

Both Cumulus and iHeart are in lawsuits with their lenders now. The stock market is at an all time high but the stock price for both of these companies is at an all time low. Both trading at about $1 per share. Are both companies having problems paying back their massive debt? (12/15/16)

Anyone else having these issues while listening to 103.1? Been going on for weeks on my end, both vehicles. Dave Hughes you know anything about this? (12/15/16)

FYI: The only radio station on a TV Hill tower is WIYY “98 Rock” – They are on the “candelabra”, right below the 3 sticks. (12/15/16)

again I'm hearing mike and Mike on am espn980 but the local Galdi show on the ESPN fm station Anyone know why? (12/15/16)

Regarding Dave's front page rant about Zurawick's recollection of being on Prell's show: Yes, the WBAL transmitter is not on TV Hill, but the radio studios of WBAL and WIYY were (are?) in the same TV Hill building as Channel 11. Non-tech person sees a tower and assumes it is for that radio station. Got to cut him some slack. (12/15/16)

Dave's response: Hey, I was up in Delaware over the summer, visiting stations. There's was one station with a tower out back. But, guess what? That was not their tower. That was something like five miles away. You just never know until you ask.....

Anyone have any idea what our local news readers' salaries are? I'd be curious as to what someone like Kevin McCarthy or other part time on air personalities are paid. (12/15/16)

The last time I visited the WBAL studios, which was 6 months ago, it was on TV Hill. Both Radio and TV are in the same building just off 83. (12/15/16)

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\/ December 14 Messages \/

Cumulus Stock Price continues to drop. Down to just $1.19 per share today. They are having trouble with their lenders. (12/14/16)

Either Diane in PG or R. Emmett Tyrrell (or both) are making things up. I'm no fan of Paul Fahri's sad little column, but he never wrote that, as they put it, "after an extensive search of the newspapers of this great country he could find hardly any pro-Trump columnists." What he wrote was, and I quote, "major newspapers, from the Washington Post to the New York Times, have struggled to find and publish pro-Trump columns for months." If you read both of those sentences, you should see that they say quite different things. Dave, Diane's note and a few others in the past week have me wondering if you aren't another target of the ultra-Right's fake news propaganda campaign. (12/14/16)

Just saw a promo for Fox5's weather team and when they showed Gwen Tolbert, I hardly recognized her! I don't know if it was makeup or lighting or possibly some surgical procedure that's been done, but there's definitely something different with her face. And Barbara Harrison appears to have had some work done as well. Yes, both of these women were obviously showing the signs of aging and it's unfortunate that the media doesn't allow women to age gracefully which has resulted in them having to resort to surgical procedures on their faces. However, there is one male anchor who I think is on channel 8 and been on air for quite awhile who's face is pulled so tight, he doesn't look real anymore. (12/14/16)

Allan Prell -- A true great. RIP (12/14/16)

RIP Allan Prell. The best. Worked with Allan at WEEL. The station rocked and it wouldn't have without Allan. See you on the other side my friend. (12/14/16)

I have been grieving the passing of legendary talk show host Allan Prell. I was so proud of Allan when he landed at WBAL in the early 1980s, and the long run job stability he had there. He deserved a major market audience (and, the income that went with it) after working in the "minor leagues" of radio broadcasting for many years including WLMD, Laurel where I was his producer/engineer. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it was working with Uncle Allie, my radio pallie. Allan was a genius, and a throwback to an earlier era of radio when radio was "theater of the mind". And the way he was on the air was the way he was in real life. After I left radio, I enjoyed having dinner with Allan a couple times in Little Italy in the 80s. I last saw Allan in person when he drove out to Bowie to have lunch with me at Rips restaurant in 2010. In honor of Allan, here is an unedited vintage collage of Allan on WLMD radio in 1975... Richard Dahms (12/14/16)

The first sentence in the R. Emmett Tyrrell column in the Washington Times today is great: :Over the weekend some pathetic wretch--obviously a casualty of the Nov. 8 election--writing under the pen name Paul Fahri, filed a column in the Washington Post lamenting that after an extensive search of the newspapers of this great country he could find hardly any pro-Trump columnists. Actually he could not find any ..." Tyrrell continues on to identify many of the columnists missed by "Fahri's" extensive search. Both amusing and sad. Diane in PG. (12/14/16)

I seldom agreed with Allan Prell’s politics, but it didn’t really matter. He put on one heck of a show each and every day. I never met him, but I always got the impression that he was way more intelligent than he let on. I think that when WBAL let him go, it was the beginning of the downward spiral from which they’ve never recovered. RIP “Allie Elf” (12/14/16)

Now that iHeart has decided not to pay on their debt, how long before they finally are forced to sell of WFRE in Frederick?. Well, it may be sooner than you think. Word is that sales people are informing advertisers that the GM has opted to leave the station after two years. He will be gone by the end of the month and will dismiss the PD before he exits. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. (12/14/16)

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I was so sorry to hear about the Passing of Allan Prell. He was a True innovator of the Talk format. It was a pleasure to know him and to learn from him. A great Baltimore/ Washington Broadcast Legend. Before Allan went to WBAL and I went to B104 in Baltimore, we both worked in DC at WEEL. RIP Uncle Allie (12/13/16)

[RE Allan Prell:] Sorry to hear this news. When I was a kid and Prell was on WEEL, I use to try to call in to his show all the time. Got on the air once or twice, but was generally turned away by his call screener, because I was a stupid kid. They were right. (12/13/16)

[RE Allan Prell:] He interviewed me or a jock-job at WEEL a very long time ago. Thoughts to his family. (12/13/16)

[RE Allan Prell:] Who could ever forget honest Al's yard sale every Friday on WBAL and his confrontation with the Baltimore County school superintendent. It was must hear radio. Larry D (12/13/16)

So Jason Pugh's gone?? Anyone check ESPN? No on-air sendoff or comments by any of the other anchors? (12/13/16)

[RE Allan Prell:] Loved him on WEEL in the early days when he did the PM shift, then later with his noontime swap meet show. To this day I pronounce the word "tires" in the snarky Prellian "TARS", as in "I'm selling some TARS for my '68 Camaro". I loved that guy. (12/13/16)

A Christmas without Allie Elf. How sad. Now he and Ron Smith can continue their delightful exchanges. (12/13/16)

Dave's response: With Tom Marr, too? Oh nevermind.....

I had the the always interesting experience of working with Allan Prell at two radio stations early in my career. WLMD in the Mid-70's and WEEL in the early 80's. He was a unique character on and off the air. I was never sure when he was kidding or being serious about anything he said. But, that made it more fun to talk with him. He was always a fine entertainer. No matter whether he was talking about hot political topics or just the dating scene, his shows were always worth listening too. The DC. area has lost another almost legendary radio personality. (12/13/16)

Very sorry to hear. I worked with Allan at the former WEEL in 1977 and found him to be one of the most intelligent people I've ever known, and, by far, the most fun on radio. (12/13/16)

Sorry to hear this news. When I was a kid and Prell was on WEEL, I use to try to call in to his show all the time. Got on the air once or twice, but was generally turned away by his call screener, because I was a stupid kid. They were right. (12/13/16)

[RE Allan Prell:] Arlene Jaye My mom used to listen to him every day. Very sad news. (12/13/16)

May God Rest the great Uncle Allie. We already miss you! (12/13/16)

[You wrote....Simply Hired is running two ads for WMAL -- seeking a new morning host and a producer for the new PM drive show. Why don't those maggots buy an ad on DCRTV? Don't the want to reach RADIO PEOPLE?....] While it would be great to support Dave, as this site is mostly uncontaminated by people actually in the Radio Industry, it wouldn't appear to be a prudent investment.....P.A. Cavity, not just lurking, in beautiful, downtown, Woodbridge. (12/13/16)

Here is a question for you radio investors. Is either Cumulus stock a good buy at $1.23 per share or iHeart stock at $1.25 per share? The stock market is at an all time high now. iHeart is trying to restructure their debt. (12/13/16)

In Brooklyn NY, there is a streaming station built inside a shipping crate on a vacant lot (www.thelotradio.com) and they are really cool. DC has shipping crates, vacant lots and a very vibrant music scene with lots of local artists; why aren't we doing something like this here? (12/13/16)

Simply Hired is running two ads for WMAL -- seeking a new morning host and a producer for the new PM drive show. Why don't those maggots buy an ad on DCRTV? Don't the want to reach RADIO PEOPLE? (12/13/16)

I caught part of the NBC4 news sports broadcast on Sunday night after the SNF game. Weekend sports anchor Jason Pugh appeared to be bidding farewell to the news team. But there's nothing online except a twitter from a coworker saying he'll be missed. And today, he's no longer listed at NBC4 sites. So what happened? Where is he headed? Why did he leave NBC4? gene (12/13/16)

A previous poster is making a mistake. The asking budget for the FCC is $450 million. Not BILLION. You did not read the posting correctly. That is OK. (12/13/16)

They lied to us again! First it was the Mayans who said Friday, December 21, 2012 would be the end of the world or the beginning of something big. Didn't happen. Then, "The X-Files" Muldur and Scully discovered that Saturday, December 22, 2012 was the day set for the Alien Invasion. Smoking Man lied to us. Now we find that the 2009 TV show "Flashforward" was also wrong. Monday, December 12, 2016, was supposed to be "The End" but we're still here. Gee, you just can't trust ancient natives or TV writers to predict things accurately. (12/13/16)

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\/ December 12 Messages \/

Can anyone provided a verifiable link to the FCC request for 450 thousand million? All I'm coming up with is the same $388 million (+/-) listed earlier. (12/12/16)

Starting to think you're the same guy who can't figure out stock prices and company value. As everyone in the Mailbag but you seems to understand, "$450,000 Million" equals $450 BILLION, and nobody has ever asked for an FCC budget anywhere near that amount. Wrong-O. (12/12/16)

It is difficult for small AM Stations to pay the annual "regulatory fee" to the FCC. Most small stations are now corporations and if they make a profit they must pay a corporate tax to the Federal Government and then pay, on top of that, a "regulator fee". (12/12/16)

To answer the previous poster's question about the FCC Budget. The FCC asked the Congress to allocate $450,000 Million for their budget for 2017. In addition to this amount, the FCC collects a "regulatory fee" from each station on an annual basis. (12/12/16)

Anyone know when that CNN investigation into how Hillary got debate questions from CNN is going to be finished or did I miss it? Just kidding. I forgot The new mantra is blame Russia. Blame Bush is out for 2017. Don’t forget to mark your Media Bias calendars. The funny part is that most in the media do not even get it that the public has their number now. We’ve already read the script. It was leaked by Russia. Expect the ratings to start tumbling when these FAKE NEWS scandals heat up because no one is going to waste their time. (12/12/16)

The argument that a federal regulatory agency should be eliminated because a laymen can't understand their regulations is vacuous, at best. To ask "Why can't the industry police itself?" is to demonstrate one's ignorance of American industrial and regulatory history. And to use a figure like "$450,000 million dollars" (literal translation: "Four hundred and fifty trillion dollars dollars") is to expose oneself as a clueless moron. (12/12/16)

EXCERPT: "Do we really need the FCC? ... This would save the taxpayers $450,000 million dollars per year." Interesting figure, how did you arrive at that? From what I've been able to glean, the FCC wants around $388M for 2017, which is a great deal less than the 450 billion you are proposing. (12/12/16)

Do we really need the FCC? With thousands of regulations on the books, I doubt that anyone understands them. Why can't the industry police itself? This would save the taxpayers $450,000 million dollars per year. (12/12/16)

Dave, I'm watching local 4 news after the NBC Sunday night football game and they've been in commercials now for 15 minutes. Nonstop commercials. No explanation just running same commercials one after the other after the other over and over again. It's terribly weird. I wonder what's going on They did about 10 minutes of news and then started this endless loop of commercials. If anyone can find out what happened it's you... Still going on. On Twitter there's curiosity, too. It's a half hour news broadcast and so far almost 20 minutes of it has been commercials... Then weirdly it went to the middle of an access Hollywood broadcast. So no weather no sports. Very weird... And now after five minutes of access Hollywood back to the local news ....this is so crazy... Carol (12/12/16)

Just watched the Sunday night football game and then the local NBC news. Well, for the last 15 minutes (if not longer), NBC has played about 20 commercials in a row!! What's up with that? Is it because these sponsors paid for tv time and because of the game, weren't broadcast?.As per the tv guide, there's a Redskins show scheduled at 12:30. So since it's now around 12:20, guess they'll run these commercials for the next 10 minutes..Crazy!! (12/12/16)

Hello: Does anyone know why (at least on my end) none of the MPS Live stations (WAAI, WCEM, WTDK or WCEM) appear to be streaming? Could be something on my end…although I’ve tried on two different devices and no soap! Tom Kaufman Denton, MD. (12/12/16)

Re-WKDI; I found out about this FM signal the other night (didn’t know what it was at first) all I can say is…good thing this didn’t happen years ago, for I used to listen (or listen when it would come in) to WCMS in Norfolk, Virginia back in the day! With this frequency being covered, any chance of hearing anything like 100.3, 100.5 or 100.7 has been wiped out now! II don’t quite understand the purpose of this! As far as I know, I don’t think that WKDI has anything local going on; I don’t know if the building even has anybody working there! The only reason I can figure why they’d put an FM station on would be so they could be on at night! Tom in Denton, MD. (12/12/16)

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I watch WJLA I like Doug Hill especially but I agree Leon Harris should have stayed.And yes 10 day forecasts are stupid even 3 days is hard to nail around here. (12/11/16)

Thank you WCAO for bringing back that stupid HD signal on 600AM. A lump of coal for you in your Christmas stocking! AM 750 Family Radio seems to have timing problems. It has been running after sunset occasionally. AM 810 comes and goes as usual. TK in Odenton (12/11/16)

"To your previous poster. What is a cyber blowjob? I know what a blowjob is. Why can't we keep this site professional. Is this from Gus in Gaithersburg?" Absolutely not. I sign my posts with my real first name. Is your thinking "Hey, I'd like to try a cyber one of those!" and you're hoping for directions to a website? Can't help you. Wouldn't be professional. Gus in the Gaithersburg (12/11/16)

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Mickey Cucchiella is gone from 98 Rock. His page has been removed from 98 Rock's website. Heard he was fired two weeks ago. No mention of it on his Facebook page other then just saying he's unemployed (12/10/16)

It's officially approved. 100.7 The Bay is now also on 96.7 FM in the Parkville to Towson area. I'm not sure what the purpose is. It doesn't replicate their Inner Harbor 100.1 signal which is now silent. I'm not even sure what signal issues they could possibly have in this area. But the FCC says it's on the air. -- BaltoMedia.Net (12/10/16)

The Baltimore Sun's David Zurawik gives his media review of Baltimore's classic HairSpray Live on NBC. If you missed it for some reason, NBC has posted the entire show online as it aired here... www.nbc.com... The pre-show intro is also available on the website. WBAL TV has a live local insert from the Cafe Hon as do 3 other cities. (12/10/16)

In Eastern Shore news other than Adams Radio, WKDI 840 AM in Denton is now simulcasting on 100.5 FM. Also, 106.1 FM WXSH the Vault in Pocomoke City continues to broadcast in mono with only one of the stereo channels included which makes listening to their classic rock format unbearable. This has been going on for several months and it's a shame because they have quite a deep playlist. Perhaps they should consider switching to a talk format if they can't get this problem fixed? (12/10/16)

Hi Dave; Wanted you to know that my last day at WBAL radio is next Friday December 16th. I have been there since May of 2015 but I'm part time and would like full time work. Luckily I have found a great opportunity with the State of Maryland, and will be hanging up the headphones, after starting on radio 37 years ago (WKTK Thanks Lou Krieger for my first job!) Details to follow this week on my FB page. Here's how the journey went; Oct 79- WKTK; June 80- WBSB B104; Feb 81- WBAL Radio (1st time); Aug 84 WMAR TV. (semi retired from 1987-1995 having 3 kids) Sept 95 WJZ TV; Oct 2005 WCBM; July 2013 -CBS Baltimore & WNEW; May 2015 WBAL Radio. Wouldn't trade this career for anything but now its time for a change! Merry Christmas all and Happy New Year! Bring it on 2017. Brenda Carl (12/10/16)

To your previous poster. What is a cyber blowjob? I know what a blowjob is. Why can't we keep this site professional. Is this from Gus in Gaithersburg? (12/10/16)

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I too saw Shomari Stone jump in front of those guys and announce that the casino wasn't letting anyone else in. He's lucky they didn't punch him since he went running up on them. (12/9/16)

I was reading through the mailbag concerning Adams radio in Salisbury. Is there anyone left from the Great Scott days? I'm thinking its been a total cleaning. Great Scott was not a good company, but Adams seems to be a step down in to the dumpster. (12/9/16)

To the poster continually giving cyber blowjobs to Ajit Pai; enuff already. You've made your point. It is highly unlikely, however, the Trump transition team will look to the DCRTV Mailbag, for recommendations regarding the next FCC Chairperson. (12/9/16)

You've got to feel sorry for the poor, pathetic Loudoun Times, a glorified high school newspaper that loves to think it's more than that. This week's issue includes a story about a road opening in, according to the headline, "Ashbun" (possibly related to Ashburn?) that begins with the phrase "As the new Pacific Boulevard extension opens to up drivers..." After that, the grammatical errors and poor writing don't seem so bad. (12/9/16)

You heard the live jock on WEES-LP in Ocean City because they are volunteer. They don't pay anyone. It's a LPFM station. The commercials stations have to pay people, thus why you hear syndicated stuff instead. (12/9/16)

Unfair practice with the FCC......Congress has appropriated the largest budget in history to the FCC. These are tax dollars to the FCC to regulate the broadcasters. Does $450 Million per year sound correct? On top of that allocation, the FCC charges each station an annual "regulatory fee". This fee goes up every year. What happens if the small stations cannot afford to pay this fee TAX? They lose their license! Some people would call this DOUBLE TAXATION. Is the fair? (12/9/16)

It is time to "drain the swamp" at the FCC. Ajit Pai would be an excellent choice for the new Chairman of the FCC. He has done more for radio than anyone else at the FCC. With thousands of Rules and Regulations, that small stations must follow, the stations must pay a Communications Attorney to make sure they abide by the regulations. There are as many Rules & Regulations at the FCC as there are at the IRS. (12/9/16)

I suppose because it is cheap and easy, WBAL Radio runs the audio from ABC’s World News Tonight at 1030pm, meaning it is already four hours old. Last night (Thursday), they ran Wednesday’s WNT, meaning the News Leader presented stories 28 hours old. Guess I will tune in tomorrow night to find out what happened today. Bob A. in Pikesville, MD (12/9/16)

So I turn on WTTG at 7:44 am hoping to see the weather report at 7:45 (they falsely advertise weather on the fives). When their on-screen clock turns to 7:45, the weather person is sitting with the two "anchors" and they are showing a rather disgusting report on a hands-on "farter." After the "farter" and related inane chit-chat they go to traffic. I give up and change the channel. I find it increasingly hard to believe much of what they say when they claim to be showing "news" and lie about the timing of their weather reports. Diane in PG (12/9/16)

["Let’s see, DC, a city that failed at THREE MLB franchises even in NEW STADIUMS, stole an NBA team and technically also stole an NFL team, the Boston Redskins! Funny how nobody in DC even knows DC history when pontificating"...] Where is the poster coming up with THREE MLB franchises? I come up and agree on two of them. The current version of the Nationals are not a failure and are not moving out of DC. Unless he is counting very old (pre 1900) incarnations of teams that played here. (12/9/16)

Shomari Stone is quite entertaining..He was doing a live segment from the new MGM resort and at the time, it had been reported that the casino was closed due to it meeting capacity. So, they show some guys walking in the background and he approaches them and says "The casino is closed". They looked at him, totally ignored him and kept walking. He looked like a total idiot. (12/9/16)

I heard a live, local jock on 107.9 WEES-LP in Ocean City last night. Strange to hear that when even the larger signals are running syndicated programming. As for 104.3/105.1 - 1590 and 105.1 are still running dead air. Both are supposed to be a simulcast of 98.5? Also, I believe that 104.3 was supposed to rebroadcast OC104. Some religious station on 94.9 in the area is obviously a translator for something. It sounds like it’s being picked up from a regular stereo with a very static filled reception of the main station. MLB4 (12/9/16)

/\ December 9 Messages /\

\/ December 8 Messages \/

My favorite Christmas music "station" is back on the air: the Shell gas station at the corner of Old Keene Mill Road and Rolling Road in West Springfield VA does a huge synchronized light-and-sound show every year at this time. When 100.7 FM became unavailable in Northern Virginia, they dialed it down to just one click above everyone's favorite Spanish-formatted TV/FM station at the bottom of the dial. It's worth it to drive down after dark to the 7-11 across the street, get a coffee to sip in the car (where its warm), tune in and enjoy the show. (12/8/16)

To the "decades long radio network veteran" who says Rob Carson has more talent than 90% of anyone else in radio... why don't YOU hire him? I hope that man makes a seismic change within himself, instead of the gossipy, trolling and drama-rich style that so MANY OF US had to deal with, for SO MANY YEARS! Rob Carson must not realize how connected the broadcasting business is... everyone knows everyone! (12/8/16)

I am guessing Sinclair is using the name "TBD" because the rights transferred when they bought WJLA. Maybe someone will mention to them that "TBD" failed because nobody could figure out what the name represents. "TBD" sounds like something temporary. (12/8/16)

VOA and RFE/RL launch fact-checking site... www.polygraph.info (12/8/16)

Be careful what you wish for. Folks complained about the K**s for K**s ads and now WMAL subjects us to regular tutorials on going to the store for light bulbs. What kind of 1984 Gulag worldview are they promoting? Those commercials are audio rape, often twice in a few minutes. Will Jimmy ever look at the label on Grandpa's package? Gus in the Gaithersburg (12/8/16)

Let’s see, DC, a city that failed at THREE MLB franchises even in NEW STADIUMS, stole an NBA team and technically also stole an NFL team, the Boston Redskins! Funny how nobody in DC even knows DC history when pontificating. It’s because none of you are even from DC half the time! HAHA! (12/8/16)

Sinclair’s TBD channel sounds similar to WJLA's old Local Point TV channel from the late 2000's. (12/8/16)

Somebody mentioned 104.3 FM Ocean Pines. Well, it seems Adams Radio got dumped a pile of SHIT by you know who, who Dave told me not to ever mention again! LOL So, just to add something to the comment about 104.3 & 105.1 in Ocean City, I know that the FCC is actually investigating this. How do I know that? This is a first. The FCC actually responded to a local complaint and asked for more information on the situation of these 2 stations being off the air for, well 104.3, 6-9 months, 105.1, since the end of summer. I fully expect NOTHING to happen because they’ll tip them off and they’ll rig some batshit crazy thing up real quick, and all will be good in radio-land kiddies!! HAHA! (12/8/16)

/\ December 8 Messages /\

\/ December 7 Messages \/

Didnt the folks at channel 7 already try a channel called TBD? Or was it some other acronym? (12/7/16)

Dave's response: Oh yeah. TBD was coined by (now Washington Postie) Eric Wemple - "To Be Determined." It was a local news website and news channel. NewsChannel 8 was redubbed "TBD-TV." It was an Allbritton venture, along with Politico. A total failure. Now Sinclair has resurrected the name for its new venture. Ponderous, man, ponderous.....

Remember TBD-it’s back in a new form ! www.tvtechnology.com (12/7/16)

"Joe from Baltimore," a town that's lost one NFL franchise and stole another, hasn't won the American League championship in 33 years, couldn't hold on to an NBA franchise, doesn't have an NHL team, doesn't have an MLS team, etc etc etc, calls DC "the most PATHETIC SPORTS CITY IN AMERICA sans Cleveland," because there was an article in a paper about a former QB. Now THAT'S funny! (12/7/16)

"Fly on the Wall" listening in on the last four employees at Adams Broadcasting/Salisbury. Albie: "This has got to be the worst career decision I've ever made. I think I'd rather go back to unemployment." Paul: "I wonder if my job is still open at IHeart? Oh wait, HELLLLO Megan!" Tom: "I can't believe that bitch is my boss! She's been selling radio for 10 months and I've been selling for 112 years." Megan: "If all else fails, I'll show them the cool tat I have above my even cooler tits." (12/7/16)

Dear DC, You are the most PATHETIC SPORTS CITY IN AMERICA sans Cleveland. There are as many stories about RGIII in The Washington Post as there are in The Cleveland Plain Dealer! HAHA! There must be some connection between the 2 cities, both a collection of whiners. Still stories in Cleveland about Art Modell, a man who was nearly driven into bankruptcy by a city/state. Another RGIII story today. Sound familiar? It’s like the sound of tiny violins that won’t go away. Joe in Baltimore. www.washingtonpost.com (12/7/16)

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\/ December 6 Messages \/

Just to put a punctuation mark on the discussion of the CBS Radio News operation, is it widely known it will have to move in with WMAL and WRQX at 4400 Jenifer St. NW in coming months? Wondering what that might portend. Might be good luck/bad luck neutral, depending on how professionally it's handled. (12/6/16)

What is the real story on 104.3 in Ocean City? I don’t ever remember hearing the station actually on the air during any recent visits. Currently 105.1 is broadcasting dead air. MLB4 (12/6/16)

Dave: I guess have minor pneumonia can cause you to do weird things like listen to a Redskins game on the radio. I really, really, um,um,um, had no idea how bad the broadcasts really were and what an tough thing to listen to...even when you're sick! Not sure you agree, but, if Sonny can't make-it through a game, then, be professional and don't step over him every moment during the game. The other terrible part of that broadcast is why do we have to listen to Doc make grunting or sound effect noises, how totally unprofessional can you get. Clean the entire house and maybe re-stack the deck with pro instead of people who are just in-it for the paycheck like Doc, Czaban and Pollin. (12/6/16)

In the 1951 movie The Day The Earth Stood Still, WMAL radio and TV got prominent visibility. WEAM got a quick scene later on, too. Here's a brief edit of just those scenes from a DVD lent to me by Chris Plante approximately one million years ago. (Chris, doncha want this thing back?) -Pilot of the Airwaves youtu.be (12/6/16)

/\ December 6 Messages /\

\/ December 5 Messages \/

WestwoodOne Radio News--currently based in the CBS News bureau in downtown DC--provides 24/7, 365 network newscasts to more than 5,000 radio stations. It offers three minutes of news at the top of every hour, one minute of news at the bottom of the hour, live anchored and unanchored coverage of major news events, one minute special reports of breaking news and an audio service featuring actualities and reports from WestwoodOne and CNN reporters. (12/5/16)

Good Lord! Who's got the major league hard-on about Rob Carson? So the guy hit a rough patch and is asking people to voluntarily help him out. What a major felony! As a decades-long veteran of network radio, let me note that Rob has more talent than 90% of people in radio, and 100% more than the whiney radio wannabe's who infest this mailbag. My advice to them: Get a life (or perhaps lease a life--I hear there's a tax break). (12/5/16)

Re: "DC outlawed non competes years ago..." Not true. There is no statute in the District that governs non compete clauses. (12/5/16)

I think when it comes to Lauren Ricketts, her contract was tied to her being a WTOP meteorologist and when they switched from JLA to NBC4 she went along with the other staff WTOP meteorologists JLA had. This is also similar to when Julie Wright moved to JLA, her contract was actually with Total Traffic and not FOX5. Which is most likely why she suddenly left and then reappeared on JLA but not doing traffic right away. I think while non competes are not what they were, their are still clauses in contracts that states talent much stay off air X amount of time before going across the street. (12/5/16)

I wonder if CBS Radio's Harley Carnes might go back to O&O WCBS from whence he came. Carnes has a friendly delivery, is a good writer, and avoids cliches that infest so many newscasts. As for alternative network newscasts, is Associated Press still in the radio business? Based in DC somewhere on K St., as I recall, they used to have a full clock of news, sports and business casts plus sound bites for affiliates. (12/5/16)

I think Peter Diaz meant to say "There's a warm wind blowing out of my mouth" matching the winds of Tigna blowhards who have driven their local station properties into the ground. Channel 9 and Channel 7 are neck and neck in a race to the bottom. (12/5/16)

Re: CBS Radio News. What a shame. Another quality network news operation lost. I listen to their news on WBBM after dark; they broadcast the entire report (unlike WTOP and WCBS who cut it off after the first three minutes to play a station promo jingle). Looks like NPR will be the only network left which will continue to provide a decent top-of-the-hour news report. Unfortunately, many affiliates cut that off at the first break. (12/5/16)

"Dave's response: She's probably got a non-compete clause in her WTTG contract so if she's jumping to a rival station, she'll have to stay quiet and sit it out for a while." I'm curious about non-competes in TV land. Do only the anchors have them? I ask because Lauryn Ricketts showed up on WRC immediately upon leaving WJLA. Thanks. Tom in Wheaton (12/5/16)

FYI, DC outlawed non competes years ago Laura Evans could work for anybody as soon as she wants to..... (12/5/16)

RE: ABCNews online article brought up a couple days back... " Wow. Did the reporter type this in the dark while wearing boxing gloves? Hopefully by now they've changed it. But wow, it's true: nobody proofreads anything anymore." You clearly didn't notice the disclaimer under that, which tells you: "This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate." Meaning a computer program is responsible, not a person. It's the same reason that sometimes closed captioning on your TV goofs up words. If you turn on the CC while looking at that video, it got the most confused by the muffled 911 tape, and it even created words from the sound of the gunshots. (12/5/16)

From Monday's NewsBlues: Ten days ago, Tegna announced it was replacing Mark Burdett, as president and general manager of WUSA-9-CBS in DC (Market #7), with Richard Dyer, the general manager at Hearst Television's WLWT-5-NBC in Cincinnati (Market #36). Burdett held the top job for five years. Dyer, a DC native, starts January 2. It didn't take long for the dominos to begin falling. On Friday, Bill Lord, the highly respected VP Station Manager/ Director of Content (Tegna-speak for news director), announced he was "retiring" after two years at WUSA and nearly 40 years in the TV news business. Within the hour, Tegna announced his replacement... Michael Valentine, Tegna's vice president of news for the past four years. Earlier in his career (2005 to 2012), Valentine was executive news director at WFAA-8-ABC in Dallas (Market #5) before getting promoted to corporate VP of Content for Belo. He joined Gannett (which later became Tegna) when Gannett bought Belo in 2013 for $2.2 billion. On the surface, it would appear that Tegna pulled a slick double-switch, jettisoning Burdett as general manager and Bill Lord as news director to clear the deck for a fresh new management team at the corporate flagship. But, in his farewell email to staff, Lord insisted he was hitting "the exit happy, fulfilled and thankful to all the people I've encountered along the way." Lord spent 12 years across the street as station manager and news director of Allbritton's WJLA-7-ABC, before Sinclair took control and replaced him with former Columbus Sinclair news director Mitch Jacob. A month after Lord was canned, Tegna hired him at WUSA. According to Tegna Executive VP Peter Diaz, Lord was brought on board at WUSA to "right a tilting ship. Today the ship has wind in its sails and [is] bustling to overtake the worn masts of other boats." Continuing the sailing metaphor, Diaz added, "And it is fair wind, blowing warm out of the South, beckoning the Captain to chart a new course." We're not kidding. That's actually what he said. Anyway, over the next few weeks, there will be a whole lotta office furniture moved around on Wisconsin Avenue as Lord, 69, sails off into the sunset. (12/5/16)

To your newsblurb on cuts at Adams Radio Group/Salisbury, you missed three other people who were shown the door in the past few weeks -- Tykena Hagans, former OC104 middays; Garrett McAuliffe, Promotions Director and Catherine Curran, account rep. FYI -- all the people listed were FIRED....and look for more cuts soon... Missed one other person FIRED at Adams Radio Group/Salisbury's OC104 -- morning show co-host Brian "Crookid" Johnson. (12/5/16)

/\ December 5 Messages /\

\/ December 4 Messages \/

DCRTV Sports: learn it, live it, love it. www.washingtonian.com... Hughes created DCRTV in 1997 as a hobby, covering his self-appointed beat, the behind-the-scenes happenings in local broadcasting: the anchors who are household names; the management who pulls the strings; the general assignment, weather, and sports reporters (12/4/16)

Dave's response: Have you been Googling me?

The newest DCRTV link: DCRTV Sports. Come on DCRTVDJDAVE: “man up” you ankle grabber. You can start with Too Much Sports on air in DC. WJFK tripped on its Sports Dick today airing the Georgetown basketball game which pre-empted The Sports Junkies “unofficial Pre-Game Show” which started so late it ran into the real “official” Skins vs. Arizona game. Then Fox/WTTG carried the dreadful New Orleans vs. Detroit game instead of a NFC East game that mattered, Phille vs. Cinncie. Are you following this Dave? (12/4/16)

Laura Evans signs off... www.fox5dc.com (12/4/16)

Albie Dee posted on his facebook page about his recent worst day in his radio career. What happened? He did not say, but responded that he did not get fired to one of the comments that was posted to his status. (12/4/16)

Dave's response: I'm hearing that the Salisbury station he works for, OC104, has cut several positions, but not Albie.....

Swinging door Adams Radio Group makes more changes at OC104 on the Eastern Shore. Gone are Brian K. Hall, Albie Dee, Wookie and GSM Mike Cobo. Megan Chirillo, former sales consultant for news talker WGMD, becomes Adams Regional Sales Manager. (12/4/16)

Week #13 NFL TV Maps: For the CBS single game, The Ravens are being covered all over the region from the shore to Ohio. For the Fox early game, Baltimore gets no game due to NFL rules. However DC, gets Lions @ Saints while PA and Salisbury get the Eagles @ Bengals. For the Fox late game DC gets the Redskins as does Salisbury, but Baltimore's FOX 45 has somehow figured out a way to opt of the Redskins game in favor of Giants @ Steelers, which PA also gets. With Baltimore as a secondary market for the Redskins, its curious that WBFF Fox 45 somehow managed to not carry the game. More at www.the506.com (12/4/16)

The Washington Post’s “Answer Man” (aka John Kelly) reports that what was once “The Radio Building” in Arlington -- then home of WEAM 1390 -- is no more. Seems that the building has disappeared: washingtonpost.com (12/14/16)

/\ December 4 Messages /\

\/ December 3 Messages \/

Listening to ESPN 980 at night when they have local programming is like to listening to a High School show, no offense to High School's. And who are those Two guys who seem to enjoy talking to each other and not the listening audience? Enjoy The Sports Reporters with Steve and Andy on the way home from work each day , its about the only decent show on that station. Chris Knocke was on the other day, sure has very little to contribute except to laugh from time to time. Hardly worth wasting time away from Czabe and Andy for that guy! Thom Loverro is a much better guest . Tony Kornheiser is sorely missed but I'm sure he's happy to be out of that sinking ship. (12/3/16)

www.facebook.com... Laura Evans farewell last night at the end of the 5pm news. Her message makes it seem like she is leaving the business altogether. However, it would be interesting if she did indeed go across the river, but it doesn't seem that way. It seems to me these days that going to JLA is more of a step down because you have to be on 8 now and Sinclair has cheapen the image of the station. (12/3/16)

BaltoMedia.Net did a good job of explaining how some people, like The Hope Church, found a loophole in the FCC rules regarding acquiring translators. They just leased HD Channel from FM Stations and applied for new translators. The real purpose of the translators was to help AM Stations. Particularly daytime stations or stations that had to reduce their power at night. It wasn't until the new AM Revitalization Act was passed that the FCC finally got it right. (12/3/16)

If indeed Laura Evans is going to WJLA, would be curious as to what she'd be doing. Don't see an advantage of going from being an anchor at Fox5 for 18 years and going to WJLA to do the same. Doesn't seem like a step up. But hey, who knows. (12/3/16)

My DCRTV December update - including the latest developments regarding the DC area media news website. Plus, a new "National News + More" mission for my fuzface.com website. And, the latest local media news including big management changes at Channel 9/WUSA, a new market manager for CBS Radio in Baltimore, and some frequency changes for the Gamut..... (12/3/16)

Was there a farewell party for Laura Evans today & if so, did she hint at or say what her next job would be? (12/3/16)

Dave's response: She's probably got a non-compete clause in her WTTG contract so if she's jumping to a rival station, she'll have to stay quiet and sit it out for a while. My guess, as I've said before, is WJLA. We'll see.....

Where did you hide the National News prior to 10/3/2016? (12/3/16)

Dave's response: I've been moving stuff around lately. A lot! The new new new new place is now fuzface.com - National Media News + More "Dave Stuff." Also, I post a lot of National Media News Stuff on my Facebook page - facebook.com/dcrtv.....

/\ December 3 Messages /\

\/ December 2 Messages \/

TO the WGRQ fan: The FCC did not start the FM translator craze to expand anybody’s signal range beyond their original territory. Only organizations like The Hope Church of Marlton NJ & others have bastardized the program by extending their FM signal from NJ to PA, DE, & Maryland station to station. The whole concept of FM translators was for weak signaled stations to fix their signal problems and solve reception problems within the original reception area. WGRQ doesn’t qualify to get a translator for the DC market because they are not in the DC market. Furthermore, the FCC allowed the use of HD signals as translator sources to promote the failed HD Radio system. So now you have many 250 watt FM stations using an HD Radio signal to broadcast a non-local signal. One again, The Hope Church and Liberty University and others jumped on this loophole. So finally the FCC did it right the THIRD TIME! They limited the last round of translators to AM stations ONLY! I guess third time is the charm? — BaltoMedia.Net (12/2/16)

Cumulus Stock Price continues to drop. The stock market is at an all time high now. They own Westwood One and syndicate " The Michael Savage Show." They have an obligation to place his show on another station in DC since the are dumping it off WMAL. Where will they place it? (12/2/16)

Any bets on how long before Erin Como has a permanent seat as one of Fox5's morning anchors? And who will she replace? Seems like more and more, the powers that be are starting off the 4:30 broadcast with her as their anchor as well as increasing her presence in non traffic related segments. Maybe becoming an anchor was part of her contract, but if not, sure seems questionable that within being at the station for about a year, she hooks up with one of the producers and within months of that, she's moving towards anchor status. (12/2/16)

WMAL talker Rush Limbaugh’s new self-ad promotion motto: “Making Radio Great Again”, thus piggy-backing on The Dumpster. Apparently making anything “Great Again” is racist according to Symone Sanders former spokeswoman for Bernie Sanders and maybe his offspring. DCRTV has always been “Great Again” so no need to call for it to be great again as it always has been great. Again. Rush trashes “Symone Sanders” if that is her real name: www.rushlimbaugh.com (12/2/16)

Nobody has mentioned WBAL TV’s downsizing of its website. It’s more simple, less graphic, boring, previous links you might have bookmarked gone. REALLY? Was this a Hearst corporate decision or something? Because it’s a DISASTER. The website is less informative, harder to navigate and boring to use. The previous website might have been a bit cluttered, but the new one, which is less cluttered, is just plain BORING! EPIC FAIL. Apparently they brought in a new web design team who throw all the good stuff away, and added little but simplicity for morons. (12/2/16)

DC’s 95.9 WOL FM has been operating under a construction permit for some time, but the FCC’s License to Cover notice means it’s officially approved and permanent. I assume they had a lot of interference parameters to test during that time, but it’s all done now. the questions is, will it hurt top rated WWIN 95.9 in Glen Burnie, MD?. I would imagine there might be some Magic 95.9 listeners in Bowie that could be a bit upset at losing their music station and getting a talk station or possibly just interference that’s unlistenable in some areas in between. From the coverage map and application, I don’t see how it could interfere with Fredericksburg’s 95.9 WGRQ. If you’re getting it in Arlington or Fairfax, really, you shouldn’t be. That’s why there’s room for a translator here. The only complaint that could be filed on this translator is WWIN in Baltimore, but it’s owned by Radio One, so as long as they’re both co-owned, this will stay put. — BaltoMedia.Net (12/2/16)

I guess News4 has the intern working the captions today. (12/2/16)

Re Bob, SE's comment that Bill Lord "had a penchant for mainly hiring pretty blondes for reporting/anchor positions." Have you seen local news in the last 40 years, Bob? Everyone has a penchant for mainly hiring pretty blondes, male and female, for reporting/anchor positions. (12/2/16)

DCRTV cable viewers who are familiar with FNC’s Megyn Kelly may want to know where she may go next when her contract is up next year: they are probably losing sleep pondering her next move. Well Variety speculates it may be CNN but she apparently is also considering other moves (maybe Vivid Video and make porn movies?) that do not include WJLA where she once worked. How she would fit in at CNN is not explained: variety.com (12/2/16)

WTOP’S Neal Augenstein goes down memory lane featuring Cerphe with Colwell’s classic recordings/interviews and some great photographs: wtop.com (12/2/16)

Thank the real Lord that Bill Lord is finally out of D.C news. He was one of the most hated guys when he was at WJLA. This guy came from Seattle where he had the nerve to put his wife on air as anchor even though she wasn't qualified. He had a penchant for mainly hiring pretty blondes for reporting/anchor positions. I never met anyone from the anchors, reporters, producers, or any level employee that liked the guy. As Green Day once said Good Riddance. Bob, SE (12/2/16)

(The fun just seems to never end for Michael Savage) The December 2 edition of Tom Taylor NOW reports news of a defamation lawsuit against Michael Savage and Westwood One, filed by Art Bell & his wife ... Art Bell and his wife sue Michael Savage and Westwood One for defamation... Bell says Westwood should’ve hit the dump button on his September 25 show, when Savage allegedly said this – “You say ‘UFOs’ [on a radio show], you wind up in the Philippines with a ten-year-old hooker and you are off the radio after a number of years...That’s an in-joke, by the way, for people who understand the business.” Former “Coast to Coast” personality Art Bell says the industry should know his story – that he married his wife Airyn Ruiz Bell in the Philippines when she was 22, not 10. The suit says she “has never been a prostitute.” And that the reason he’s “off the radio” is not “because he discussed UFOs or married Ms. Bell.” The couple’s been married ten years and have a daughter, and their suit says they “demanded that defendants make a correction or retraction of the defamatory statement.” But neither was forthcoming. The named defendants in the suit filed in federal court are Michael Alan Weiner, known professionally as Michael Savage. Syndicator Westwood One. And its parent Cumulus. The Bells are suing in the Bay Area because Savage is based there. The Bells admit that Michael Savage didn’t mention their names. But their defamation suit says “a listener of the program would understand” that Art Bell was the subject of the gibe about marrying “a 10-year-old hooker” in the Philippines and as a result being off the air. Savage didn’t launch his September 25 routine talking about another talk-show host. He wandered there, while musing about the topics he usually eschews – “I generally avoid gun questions. I know from the first day in radio. I learned you never do certain topics where you can destroy your show. Third rail...You say ‘UFOs,’ you wind up in the Philippines” – and you know the rest. The Bell suit alleges that “Cumulus and Westwood failed to exercise due care and adhere to standard radio broadcast industry practice, by not utilizing the delay button.” The suit then covers the legal ground for defamation – “reckless disregard for the truth” and “cognition that such broadcast would defame and disparage plaintiffs.” Art was inducted into the Chicago-based National Radio Hall of Fame in 2008, after ending his 19-year stint as full-time host of “Coast to Coast AM.” He did some guest-hosting after that, then returned in Summer 2015 with his own “Midnight in the Desert.” He says he halted that show after receiving a death threat. The Bells’ lawsuit was filed by the L.A.-based Gerard Fox Law P.C. campaign-archive2.com (12/2/16)

“Though there is a big item about proposals to improve the Emergency Alert System...” Bringing back CONELRAD, are they? Mike from Frederick (12/2/16)

Dave The WOL transmitter on 95.9 should not be allowed because it interferes with WGRQ 95.9 from Fredericksburg va Daves morning show, the best is gone now. I thought WGRQ should get a trans on 95.9 to extend their signal to more of the D.C. Area Patrick Peartree (12/2/16)

"Will Laura Ingraham become the new White House Spokes person for Trump? If so, will she give up her national talk radio show? Inquiring minds what to know" And the rest of us are smart enough to know she couldn't possibly carry out both positions. In the words of Bill Belichick, "Jesus Christ" (12/2/16)

Cumulus Stock Price drops to just $1.06 per share . They had a reverse stock split of 8 for 1. That means that the real value is about 13 cents per share. They did this in order to retain their listing on NASDAQ. They own Westwood, the company that syndicates The Michael Savage Show. Will they find another station in DC to take his show? (12/2/16)

Will Laura Ingraham become the new White House Spokes person for Trump? If so, will she give up her national talk radio show? Inquiring minds what to know. (12/2/16)

From the ABCNews.Go website, reporting on a man who shot an intruder in his home: "How else. Can they're you don't president. The column voice you're listening to belongs to a 31 year old homeowner whose inside is sunrise residents Monday morning ... But. It. Also. An important point act. And to." Wow. Did the reporter type this in the dark while wearing boxing gloves? Hopefully by now they've changed it. But wow, it's true: nobody proofreads anything anymore. (12/2/16)

Let's drain the swamp at the FCC. Thousands and thousands of regulations. The new administration says that for every new regulation they must eliminate two old regulations. This is why small radio stations must pay thousands of dollars for communications attorneys. This could also get rid of the lobbyist. (12/2/16)

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\/ December 1 Messages \/

There’s some brain-dead people over at WJLA. Anyone see the 11:00 news on Channel 7 last night? At one point they were talking about the wildfires in eastern Tennessee, and the bottom screen crawler gave the location as “Gatlinburg, MD.” Oh my. I have no comment. KOF (12/1/16)

WCRW AM 1190’s construction permit for 4 new towers in Leesburg has expired, but WCRW has found a way to use the AM Revitalization rules to use its existing daytime towers for nighttime operation, thus keeping its Class B full time operation. The change in the AM Revitalization rules is that Class B AM stations are no longer required to have an interference free signal over their city of license. WCRW’s application hasn’t been approved by the FCC yet, but it also has some implications for diplexing other area stations. This takes away Multicultural’s excuse that no suitable transmitter site if available in the DC area for AM 1600. (12/1/16)

I decided to take the newly-launched AT&T DIRECTV NOW for a free 7-day test drive. For reasons that aren't quite clear to me, on several channels (MSNBC for one) instead of the usual commercials in the breaks, they show a graphic: "Streaming Will Continue Shortly" (or some such), with a dramatic/generic music bed. The only similar thing I've seen elsewhere is on CBSN. Sometimes they'll begin a break like that, but they'll usually fill with a couple spots or promos. On most of the other DIRECTV NOW channels I've sampled so far, it's the usual complement of commercials. Anybody know why some of these channels are "sans spots"? Back when I used to have regular cable, those breaks on MSNBC always had both local and national ads. (12/1/16)

Radio One has Tom Joyner on WOL 1450 AM. It operates with just 400 watts and has very poor coverage. They need all the translators they can get to try to improve their coverage. (12/1/16)

For the record, President Elect Donald Trump has used government websites to promote his businesses, including the Trump International Hotel in DC. He used an interview with 60 Minutes to promote Ivanka’s jewelry line. He asked a British official about windmills proposed off his golf course in Scotland. His campaign has been caught urging foreign representatives to stay at and use Trump Hotel facilities. Under these circumstances, and alleged nudging of Argentina to OK his building permit there, The Donald has many ethical issues to deal with. After all these antics came to light, he is now claiming to “divest” from these business holdings, so there is no conflict of interest. I believe these issues are what Anderson Cooper was talking about. Chris Plante, on the other hand, is still an idiot. Is Brian waiting in a hotel lobby as we speak? (12/1/16)

CNN is running a fake news story currently. I guess this is being floated by crackpot Elizabeth Warren and Anderson Cooper apparently isn’t smart enough to know any better. But CNN is suggesting that President Trump could be quickly impeached for accepting illegal gifts from foreign governments due to his overseas holdings. Now I don’t even know how CNN coulda allow this rubbish to air. If the President could be impeached for accepting gifts. Grover Cleveland would have gone to jail for accepting the Statue of Liberty! The mainstream media is so pathetic. Watching Chris Matthews cry every night is painful to watch. I wish one of his friends would put him out of his misery or something.The same people that were outraged that Trump was so unpredictable that he was tanking the stock market are now outraged that the stock market has gone up. Don’t they realize they have no credibility anymore? Their ratings have to be tanking. The national news in general from FOX to MSNBC to the newspapers has reached a new low. The Washington Pot Pinocchio Team has more Pinocchios than they’ve given out! (12/1/16)

It's that awkward moment when my Dad, a Hillary supporter says, "I'm only watching MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to see if he cries again tonight. It's funny." He said it. not me. :-) I don’t watch MSNBC like most people don't, but my Dad said he’s taking it harder than probably anyone he’s seen. Of course I told him that his wife also lost an election this year in Maryland, so he’s had a bad year hasn’t he? It’s showing from what I saw tonight. (12/1/16)

RE: “Politico Founders Start Axios - 11/30 - Mike Allen and Jum Vandehei, founders of DC-based Politico, talk about plans for their new venture, Axios, which will include a newsletter that "cuts across our topic areas." Speaking of Vandehei Now, it seems “Jum” (known as “Jim” to his parents) and Erik “The Wimp” Wemple have come to the incredible conclusion that the media sucks and are a bunch of hucksters in Wimpy’s missive “Lifelong Beltway media guy Jim VandeHei calls media a ‘scam’”. Wemple then goes on to compare Vandehei’s new “start-up” (these types are always starting something “up” but need $10 million to do so) to the new Trump administration: hardly. More drivel from Wemple: www.washingtonpost.com (12/1/16)

Rob "Carson" (real name is posted on his Go Fund Me) has now added "help my family pay the bills while I'm out of work" to his cause. MY MAN--- just tell the truth! We all know 5K isn't going to give you a Podcast that makes money, and pay your rent, and insurance, and food. and credit cards, and etc and etc. Nearly everyone here in Washington has had a problem with Rob Carson at one point, but I think it's refreshing to see a few dozen people who can overlook what an asshole this guy is to work with, and lend a few bucks that they'll never see again. This isn't his family fault. They need food. They need heat. So, a few of us would like to extend a THANK YOU, of the Holiday spirit extended toward Rob's family. The mean spirit and nasty nature of Rob Carson has been outweighed by generous people, some of whom he would be shocked who sent him a few bucks. He should be in tears, on his hands and knees, giving thanks that so many people whom he treated like garbage, decided not to return the favor. Happy Holidays Rob, to you and your family... a special cheers to all who gave, and expected nothing in return. Peace and Merry Christmas! (12/1/16)

iHeart says they may not make their debt payment due on December 15th for $193 million. If this happens they could go into default. This could affect the entire radio industry. (12/1/16)

To the last poster that likes to do a critique on Metro Radio. Has Metro Radio said they are going to do Spanish Format on their new stations in Berkeley Springs? If you know so much about them why don't you sign your name to the posting. Owning the only radio stations in a market is like owning the only newspaper in town. This beautiful little town is between Hagerstown and Martinsburg. Two good radio markets. I hate to see dumb postings from people who don't know what they are talking about. (12/1/16)

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