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For those of us outside the DC area who want to listen to the automated “Classic 94.7” off the WIAD- HD2 signal…it’s now streaming on radio.com. Mind you, it’s not really what I would put on there but it’s standard classic hits. Nothing really huge about it….just the usual classic hits format. Nothing really in the form of deep cuts... Dan (2/28/17)

DCRTV Mailbag alert: if you can read this the “outage” must not be impacting you. If you can’t read it how would you know? Seems there is a major internet outage: “It’s not just you: Massive internet outage is sweeping the East Coast”. More: bgr.com (2/28/17)

Agree about The Weather Channel vs Accuweather. However, if the former (TWC) has a show about something other than the forecast, at least Accuweather has the local forecast rather quickly. Thanks. (2/28/17)

While the eastern shore looses a country station Hagerstown/Frederick gained one. "Max Country" launched on 106.9 WWEG's HD3 translators at 100.5 and 93.5. (2/28/17)

Eastern Shore news: Cat Country 97.5 is now gone. The station switched to urban as of this week. As mentioned previously, new owner Rolol did not buy the intellectual property for Cat Country, a signal that a format change was coming. With now 2 Class B/B1 Country stations on the eastern shore, it was difficult to compete since you could not receive Cat Country at the beaches. -- BaltoMedia.Net (2/28/17)

Manning Broadcasting has applied to up the power on their 93.5 FM translator near Frederick to 150 watts for WWEG The Eagle in Hagerstown. From the WAFY 103.1 FM tower at over 1000 feet above sea level, this signal should go pretty far. for 150 watts. -- BaltoMedia.net (2/28/17)

From MeTV to Charge = Verizon dumping the Weather Channel in favor of AccuWeather, 2.0. Stoopid stoopid stoopid!! (2/28/17)

I think this 'Charge' channel is owned by stupid Sinclair. So now the cheap company won't have to pay MeTV, although MeTV is better. But who cares about the customer? Hey! This is 2017. Anybody find good customer service anywhere? (2/28/17)

Dave's response: Yeah, it's purely a business decision. Sinclair must pay MeTV for the rights to carry it. Charge is being run by Sinclair, so there's no fee to carry it. And they get a bigger cut of the ad revenue. Duh! It's a shame that MeTV doesn't have an online stream available in markets where it's not carried. I'm sure some folks would pay for it.....

For the first time ever, the Washington Post cut me off from reading their stories saying I’ve read too many for free. I thought it was ironic but not conspiratorial that I’ve been harshly criticizing and ridiculing them online. But nonetheless, just like The Baltimore Sun, once click enables private browsing. FREE WAPO AGAIN! Of course commenting is difficult but who would? I laugh at most of the stories! HAHA! (2/28/17)

Dave's response: Poor baby. But unless you're logged in to an officially-sanctioned account you can't post any venom in their story comments.....

To the commentator who thinks that "everything that isn't streamed isn't worth watching..." That's a bunch of baloney. Many viewers young and old enjoy Me-TV's lineup of classic/cult TV shows throughout the country, including the iconic Chicago-based horror film host "Svengoolie." Weigel Broadcasting's Me-TV network is one of the more popular diginets around the country. WJLA (and the beancounters at TV-7's parent, Sinclair) is making a major mistake by dumping Me-TV. We're hoping that another Washington affiliate will pick up Me-TV soon on one of their subchannels. Because of WJLA's idiotic plans, I'm glad that Frederick's GS Communications (before it was swallowed up by Adelphia, then Comcast) dumped Sinclair's flagship, WBFF many years ago. I don't miss Channel 45 at all- as it was (and still is) the face of low-budget, bottom-of-the-barrel television (like many Sinclair-owned TV stations). The late Joe Allbritton must be spinning in his grave. (2/28/17)

Well the wait is over. Manning Broadcasting just launched at 12pm on 100.5 Hagerstown and 93.5 in Frederick there HD3 programming which is Max Country, sounding like a classic country format. So that's two classic country formats in the market, 95.9 and now max country. (2/28/17)

All this heartbreak over MeTV. I thought no one was watching TV anymore; everything that isn't streamed isn't worth watching. (2/28/17)

Some spectrum auction news: MPT’s repack allocations have apparently become public. None of their stations are going off the air, but all are moving channels. In the DC-Baltimore area, WMPT (Annapolis) is moving from 42 to 31, WFPT (Frederick) from 28 to 21, WMPB (Baltimore) from 29 to 22, and WWPB (Hagerstown) from 44 to 29. Of note: WVPY (Front Royal) and WFPT would be *very* close together on channel 21, and WGPT (Oakland) is moving to WHAG’s channel 26. This could indicate that WVPY and WHAG are moving or leaving the air, but nothing from them has been made public yet. Employees of KLRU Austin are keeping a spreadsheet of auction results for public TV stations: docs.google.com, and RabbitEars.info has a running log of all results that are public: www.rabbitears.com (2/28/17)

I think Doc walker dropped a hint about the coming demise of wtem today... (2/28/17)

Judging from the content of the continuous flow of tweets this evening from "@ABC7News" on "transgender" and "LBGT" issues, I can't help wondering whether they are reporting news or advocating one side of a contentious public policy issue. (2/28/17)

I contacted Me TV on Sunday by email to let them know I was unhappy about MeTV being dropped by WJLA that and Antenna TV available on WDCW CH 50 subchannel are the best stations for classic TV except Antenna TV is mainly comedy no dramas like Perry Mason Cozi TV is OK there are other networks that rerun shows like Decades and Laff available in Baltimore. but I notice there very repetitive but Me TV Is among the best all genres of shows.I believe someone will eventually pick it up has anybody checked out WJLA s new subchannel on 7-4 cant get into that put Me TV there Sinclair is really making bad moves we don't need another movie channel. (2/28/17)

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Eastern Shore News: Adams Radio has applied to move W282AW FM 104.3 from Ocean Pines near Ocean City to Salisbury as a repeater for WOCQ 103.9/OC 104. As proposed the signal is extremely directional to the west and towards Baltimore's WZFT 104.3. It's unclear as of yet if this changes from recent FCC translator changes that are after this application was submitted. -- www.BaltoMedia.net (2/27/17)

To fellow viewers of Me-TV in the Washington area: I have contacted WJLA's competitors (including Tegna's W*USA 9 and Fox's WTTG/WDCA, since Fox O&O KTBC in Austin, Texas carries Me-TV on one of the subchannels) to see if they would be interested in becoming the new Washington affiliate of Me-TV on one of their subchannels. I have also contacted Nexstar's WHAG in Hagerstown (since Nexstar has multiple stations throughout the nation that carries Me-TV). I have also contacted WJLA/Sinclair about their disastrous decision (to replace "Me" with "Charge"). All concerned viewers are highly encouraged to do the same. (2/27/17)

At the very end, few Baltimore Colts games were on TV in Baltimore. I listened to most on WCBM 680 the last year. I don’t exactly know how the NFL TV money split was back than in the late 70’s/early 80s, but yeah, the 2PM start was City law for events on Sunday. I’m not sure if it was specific to Memorial Stadium, but there are many churches in that area and both the black churches and the Catholic Church lobbied to keep the law in place to the bitter end. Very few Colts home games were seen outside of Baltimore, and when things got nasty with the fans vs. the owner and TV blackouts started, then things got ugly and attendance faltered for the first time ever. But it wasn’t the reason the Colts moved. The Colts only threatened to move because of the dilapidated state of Memorial Stadium and that it wasn’t built for football, no 30-40 yard line seats on both sides and the 50 yard line seats were the worst condition in the stadium, bench seats in the upper deck. Today’s RFK is a gem currently by comparison as an analogy. One fan was severely injured as I recall falling into the collapsed escalator once. A lot of people blame former Mayor/Governor Schaefer for the loss, but in truth, it was Gov. Harry Hughes, who’s STILL alive, and the legislature who’s ultimately at fault. Hughes declared that no state money would go towards any new stadium project in Baltimore and then supported the ill-fated eminent domain proposal in the legislature, upon which The Colts legal counsel told Irsay. “YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF TOWN BEFORE THIS LAW IS VOTED ON.” And that is why they moved in the middle of the night. To escape the law. After they left, Commissioner Pete Rosell, who was against the move, allowed WMAR 2 to carry as many Colts games as possible, and some appeared on Central PA TV stations too. (2/27/17)

I am very unhappy that Sinclair Broadcasting and WJLA have decided to drop METv. I called Sinclair Broadcasting this morning and told them I wanted to complain. I ended up at a WJLA voicemail. Really wanted to talk to a live person. I basically told them that I was very displeased with this decision and that I was boycotting all Sinclair stations and their sponsors until METv is back in Washington DC. I can't imagine METv being very happy about losing a major market like Washington DC. Plus ironically I believe it is the #1 station if its kind in this market. Have you heard a lot of complaints about this? Can you suggest any other way of "rallying the troops" to try to persuade some channel to pick up this station? Have you heard of any other station in Washington or nearby (Baltimore? Richmond? ) that might pick up the station? The second part of the problem would be to have fios and other cable systems pick up METv if/when it is picked up. Once I know it has been picked up I can switch to another provider if Fios does not pick it up. Thanks for any information and input. (2/27/17)

RE: The Washington Post’s new “motto”. There was a time that on the Washington Post’s editorials page top masthead it did have under its name “An Independent Newspaper” as a “motto”. From 2005: www.finebergresearch.com (2/27/17)

Very upset about Sinclair Broadcasting dropping MeTV – just chiming in. Was a big fan of Perry Mason, Svengoolie, the original Star Trek, among others. By the way, I listen to DC101 on weekday mornings for the Elliot in the Morning show, but not so much the rest of the day. Not a big fan of Elliot, but like the others on the show (Tyler and Diane). Dave C. (2/27/17)

Regarding the new slogan under the Washington Post masthead online: It is not the first; they used to have a slogan from the 1950s-1970s under the name Washington Post. It said: "and Times-Herald". Not as inspiring, but it helped some people buy the paper who missed the story of the merger in 1954. I don't remember if they used the word "and" or an ampersand or maybe neither in those inspiring words. I think they got the idea from the New York afternoon newspaper called the "World-Telegram & Sun", the last two words in teeny tiny letters, as if anyone would say, "Just it being the successor to the 'New York World' or the 'New York Telegram', I'd take a pass. but now that I know it used to be the 'New York Sun' of the 1930s, I'll buy it." -- Carl in Olney (2/27/17)

I may be the last person to realize this, but after reading about the battle of the repeaters west of the area, I realized that the low-power FM repeaters have the FM "channel" embedded in the name. 88.1 MHz = Channel 201 according to the FCC, and 93.5 MHz is Channel 228, then two letters are appended to create the full call letters. There is even a Wikipedia page that lists them. You can find out anything from the Wikipedia. -- Carl in Olney (2/27/17)

NBC’s “Today Show” seen locally on WRC aired an interview with George “Miss Me Yet?” Bush in which he took to task some of the recent criticism of “the media” by Trump & others: “George W. Bush opens up on Trump's war with the media, travel ban, Russia and veterans”. Bush comes across pretty well: www.today.com (2/27/17)

Im looking at the WJLA weather website Monday around 9 AM its saying current temperature is 62 degrees when its around 40 or so! (2/27/17)

Communications Attorney, Wray Fitch, owns LPTV Channel 6 in Fairfax, they operate as a FM Station on 87.7 FM as WDCN and simulcast on the Eastern Shore on Channel 6 LPTV, which he also owns. That station is WDCO also operating as an FM Station on the 87.7 FM audio channel. Attorney Fitch leases these stations to a Spanish Broker. They have never operated as a television station as they were intended. Evidently, the FCC does not care if you use the stations as FM Radio Stations. (2/27/17)

Not the normal WBAL basher, but this was too good to pass up. This morning among the “teasers” before the 5:30 news was “DISASTER at the Academy Awards” Are you kidding ? All of the problems in the world, and you classify that as a “DISASTER” ? And on the curfew at Memorial Stadium, it was some type of City Ordinance, but the penalty was a minor fine, so it was often ignored. I worked there in the 70’s and 80’s, and there were many games lasting until 1:00 am and beyond. (2/27/17)

This past Friday, both WDCW and WJLA did stories on their evening newscasts about the students from DC's Watkins Elementary school participating in a reenactment of Dr. King's famous "I have a dream" speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Normally this takes place around the MLK Day holiday but it was pushed back this year because of the inauguration. Anyway, at least twice over the weekend, WMAL news reported on this event as well. The only problem was that they reported that it would be taking place this COMING Friday. Really, really sloppy. WMAL's local news folks are fine, but the Cumulus after-hours news and traffic people are just awful. They reported on two traffic accidents on major roads just after 8 p.m. on Sunday that a quick check of Google Maps and a listen to WTOP's traffic report proved to be completely false. (2/27/17)

WVTO update from their FB page- Launch Update: WVTO 92.7 will go on the air starting March 4, 2017 @ 9:15 AM. Listen to us live as Fr. Paschal Morlino of St. Benedict Church launches our station with a blessing. Stay tuned for Baltimore's Catholic Radio! (2/27/17)

Colts start at 2PM- It was to appease the churches around Memorial Stadium. In fact retired WBAL'er Vince Bagli's 1995 book on the Colts is titled "Sundays at 2:00 with the Baltimore Colts". (2/27/17)

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WJLA ABC 7 is dropping MeTV this week in favor of Sinclair's new network CHARGE! TV, with the help of the MGM movie & TV library. Not sure yet what's going to happen in Baltimore. In PA, there will probably be changes at WHP CBS 21 or WXBU 15 to add Charge! Network too. Might WBFF be dropping THIS TV also? THIS TV also had a deal with MGM. (2/26/17)

Did Sinclair cancel Goss's Garage on NewsChannel 8? It used to air at 9:30 AM on Saturday morning. Now in that time slot, since last Saturday is 7 On Your Side. Goss's Garage has aired for many years on NewsChannel 8. Goss does a radio show at 1 PM and is seen on PBS's Motorweek. (2/26/17)

Re: the MeTV channel being discontinued, has there been anything in writing regarding this? I have Fios, but haven't received any notice or seen anything in Verizon's website regarding dropping any channels. (2/26/17)

Dave's response: No cable companies are dropping any channels. Fios and other cable companies have an an agreement with WJLA to carry it in the DC area along with its several subchannels, once of which happens to be MeTV. Apparently, WJLA's owner Sinclair has decided to discontinue carrying MeTV on the subchannel and will replace it with something else. The cable companies will continue carrying the WJLA subchannel but it's WJLA that decides what it will put on it.....

I posted that Sinclair was launching a new network CHARGE! in conjunction with MGM that might be on WJLA 7 and/or on FOX 45, etc. this Spring, but nobody listened. I’m surprised nobody from Baltimore has posted yet. Anybody know which station it’s going to be on? (2/26/17)

Re: Washington Post slogan. "highs school" "literally identifies the paper as a propaganda paper" ? Really? Literally? You need to question your dealer, he must be supplying you with some weed left over from the Nixon era. (2/26/17)

WMAL web site at 3:00PM Sunday just goes to “Triton” logo that lists as one of its clients Cumulus ( www.tritondigital.com): maybe Hess or Cumulus forgot to pay their web master? Try it: www.wmal.com... (2/26/17)

I recall the Baltimore Colts Sunday kickoffs were always either @ 2:00 (due to blue laws and out of deference to the neighborhood around Memorial Stadium), or 4:00 for a doubleheader game. Needles to say, that screwed up the NFL's TV broadcast schedules for many years, and contributed in a minor way to Bob Irsay moving the Colts to Indy. Now the only NFL teams with scheduled Sunday starts in the local 2:00 PM hour are in the Mountain Time Zone - Denver, and Arizona (but only after daylight time ends outside of AZ in November). The Orioles also had this weird curfew for a long time that no full inning could begin at Memorial Stadium after 11:45 PM. Not sure if that changed before Camden Yards opened. Seems like the Nationals Sunday home starts aren't until 1:30 due to desiring good relations in the neighborhood - - - - - Larry (formerly) in Luray (2/26/17)

I'm hoping you can help me. It appears from my cable guide that ME-TV is changing format on 3/1. Can you please verify this for me? (2/26/17)

Dave's response: It looks like WJLA is dropping it from its line-up of subchannels. No word if another DC area station will pick it up.....

"Burdine - But fine has been in the DC area since 2006 but not at WUSA for that long. Most reporters look to get to D.C. from places like Nashville. Sounds like her contract wasn't going to be renewed." She is from Tennessee originally, and I suspect she wasn't going to get an anchor slot at WUSA. Nashville's economy has been exploding in recent years, and the cost of living is significantly less than DC. (2/26/17)

The irony in the Post’s new slogan is that it is actually factually incorrect. Did they even take American Government in highs school? The US is not a democracy, but a Representative style Constitutional Federal Republic. Their slogan and the very fact that The Post think’s it’s true literally identifies the paper as a propaganda paper. How embarrassing for their loyal readers. It’s pretty bad when your slogan is factually incorrect. (2/26/17)

WMAL is going through many changes what with the return of the Skins come fall, the addition of the dreadful Mary Walter to “Morons on the Mall”, and is now airing Mark Levin’s Friday show on Saturday between 10:00PM and 1:00AM. Why do you think Bill Hess made this addition Dave? Levin already has plenty exposure on WMAL 15 hours a week as well the occasional call-in to various shows. What’s in it for him or does Hess just want to fill the time with a better rated show than John Batchelor: www.wmal.com (2/26/17)

The best station that Entercom will get in DC is WPGC and the weakest station is WLZL, the Spanish Station at 107.9. Since Entercom does not operate any Spanish Station, they will probably sell or trade WLZL. (2/26/17)

Speaking of failing press, The NY Times is taking out an unprecedented ad tonight during The Oscars to defend their credibility. (2/26/17)

I mentioned how D.C. went with 1:00 kickoff to get in line with most other teams. I'm sure you recall that Balt was 2 PM when at home until 1970s. I had kneejerk assumed 2:00 was because of a liquor rule. Friend corrected me and said that there was simply a law disallowing pro' sporting events before 2:00. I then said tongue in cheek "Oh, I get it now. If you start at 8 AM and keep jumping forward in 75 min' leaps, you reach the start time of the last (Catholic) mass, 1 PM." (which ends at 1:45) ! (2/26/17)

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If 'Skins jumped to WMAL a yr before they picked up all those new players, I or anyone else who was not a fan before that could have missed it. If we weren't paying attn. to the team, we may not have paid attn. to who their outlet was. Sort of a Catch 22? A friend whose father had tix in early '60s used to berate me for listening to Colts instead when I rode my bike around. I like their announcers better and when my battery got weak I could get decent volume!! A minor factor having to do with the game on TV was that when savings time ended, the gms, at least here, moved to 12:30. This changed around 1965 I think. Anyhow, living here I have no first hand feel/memory of the increase in NFL popularity during late 50s and early 60s as it happened all in one season here. -GUS (2/25/17)

Re: "Democracy Dies in Darkness." The WaPo certainly is contributing to the darkness. Not only have they cut way back on their reporting on local political issues--they have nothing like the fine coverage of Prince George's County by long-gone investigative reporter Miranda Spivack--they also shut down the Gazette newspapers which once covered suburban Maryland and state politics in Annapolis. Seems hypocritical of Bezos and his minions to complain about darkness after having extinguished much of the light on local issues. Diane in PG (2/25/17)

Personally I think the new Washington Post slogan is ridiculously partisan, basically removes out doubt. I won’t go so far as to say it’s un-American, but it sounds like something a BLOG or college newspaper would do. VERY SMALL TOWN, almost high school. Sad. :-( (2/25/17)

The Roth sale is unofficial as in nothing in the FCC database as of yet. WDCO is actually another channel 6 TV station that is operating as a radio station and on an STA. I’m not even sure they’re on the air It will be interesting to see if the sale goes through as a radio station or at all as it will be precedent setting. It will definitely be a clear sign of what’s to come for DC’s 87.7 FM pirate. (2/25/17)

Sad News for Cumulus. A US District Judge rejected their bid for refinancing. They have $2.4 Billion in Debt. The interest rates they are paying are very high. Their stock is now trading at just 72 cents per share, near an all time low. (2/25/17)

The FCC is considering a change to Class 4 FM Stations that will operate at 12,000 Watts. This would permit Class A FM Stations to increase their power. They also approved this past week to permit Translators to locate their antennas anywhere within the AM Daytime Service Contour, even if the contour extends further than the old 25 mile radius. (2/25/17)

A previous poster did an excellent job of explaining the situation about the 87.7 FM Frequency. Here is how you can get around the FCC Rules. You buy a Channel 6 LPTV Station and never intend to use it for what it was intended. You can use it as an FM Radio Station on 87.7 FM and forget about any Public Service as a television station. You will get good coverage on that frequency, because there are very few FM stations on 87.7 FM, so the audio signal goes out further that you expect. (2/25/17)

Burdine - But fine has been in the DC area since 2006 but not at WUSA for that long. Most reporters look to get to D.C. from places like Nashville. Sounds like her contract wasn't going to be renewed. (2/25/17)

I hope Sinclair/WJLA doesn't do away with their Me-TV sub-channel (as of this writing, WJLA is listed as the default affiliate for the D.C. area, according to the official website for Me-TV). One of my favorite programs on Me-TV is the Chicago-based horror host "Svengoolie" (and his weekly showcase of classic Universal horror features, including his recent salute to several cult "Godzilla" flicks from Toho Studios). Will Washington area cable systems pipe in WBAL-TV 11's Me-TV sub-channel or will they carry Me-TV in the clear? With W*USA-TV as the the other non network-owned television station in the area, I'm wondering if they might pick up "Me-TV?" If Sinclair/WJLA does do away with Me-TV, fellow fans of Sven in the area will be displeased. (2/25/17)

Bye bye Nikki Burdine... www.instagram.com... nikkibontv.com... (2/25/17)

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Can I take a swing at explaining why sneaking a competitive FM station onto 87.7, masquerading as a TV station is fundamentally wrong? It's because the whole idea in the beginning was for an agreed-upon temporary public service fling until the digital TV evolution displaced it. To then change the rules so that the station is permanent is fundamentally unfair to other licensees in town who have paid dearly for their equity in the existing licenses. It's like having the government create real estate where there was none before, benefitting the dope who just happened to be sitting there. If it was going to be made permanent it should have been opened up again for auction. As Warner Wolf would say, C'mon!! -P of the AW (2/24/17)

It looks like those mystery listing s for 7.2 are for a new Sinclair diginet called Charge! Perhaps another station will pick up Me TV. It is one of the more popular diginets. (2/24/17)

W228AM is back on the air. I noticed it this morning fighting with W228BA Leesburg, which relays WPER "Positive Hits Radio" in Culpeper. W228AM is relaying WWEG 106.9 "The Eagle". The signal is fair in Laytonsville, fighting with PER, good in Damascus, and very good in Mount Airy. I hope they find something other than a relay of 106.9 to put here. That station has superior coverage of north and central Montgomery County already. Regards, Lw in Mount Airy (2/24/17)

RE: “Have you seen the new post slogan that runs right under the name of the paper: Democracy Dies in Darkness... It just started running or at least noticed by me, the other day Joel (2/24/17)” For an explanation from The Washington Post how Bozo Boy & this “slogan”came to be Joel: www.washingtonpost.com (2/24/17)

That online auction appears to be underway in Arlington for that surplus/retired radio network gear. Looks like some bargains can be had for sure. rasmus.com (2/24/17)

Well, Mike from Fairfax, at least Cooley and Kevin are talking some type of sports-related topic. Up here in Baltimore, Norris and Long spent well over 30 minutes yesterday doing their best “Siskel and Ebert” imitation, reviewing all sorts of recent films. It continued today, but they had to add in whether a hot dog is a sandwich. And you think 106.7 in DC is bad ?? Give these 2 a listen. I’ve said many times that Norris is mis-cast there. If they wanted to waste away time this morning, I’d rather they have Ed talk about the 9 shooting in Baltimore yesterday than Hot Dogs ! I’ve listened to 106.7 on occasion, and as bad as you think it is, it’s heads above 105.7, which is a complete joke. (2/24/17)

Looks like MeTV is gone next week at least from WJLA 7-2 I see movies on schedule but maybe it's moving to a new subchannel just don't see it where its at now. (2/24/17)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies are holding contest to win, well, something some but not all men might want let alone need (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but would a gay man need one?): “Vasectomy Madness: Enter to Win”. Here’s how to win a free vasectomy: “How to Win: *Tell us in 250 words or less why you deserve a free vasectomy. *Three finalists will be selected from all online entries.*Finalists will be asked to discuss their submissions on-air and in studio. And undergo an in-studio medical examination to determine if they’re medically eligible to go through with the procedure.*Listeners will vote for their favorite in an online poll.” Enter here: washington.cbslocal.com (2/24/17)

Penis contour? Looks more like a T-bone steak from some old Hanna-Barbera cartoon. (2/24/17)

I'm a man in my mid-40s who grew up in the DC area listening to DC-101, but my listening to that station faded after college. That's understandable: As we get older, we start to lose touch with newer music and maybe don't rock out the way we did when younger. Though I've tried to listen to DC-101 periodically over the years, it's never taken. So imagine my shock to see the station so highly rated among men age 25-54! Really, I know some men that age must listen to DC-101, but so many that it's one of the topped ranked stations in the demo? I'd love to hear from Mailbag readers in that demo who listen to the station. In my day, I loved the deejays as much as the music, but those days are long gone. (2/24/17)

Have you seen the new post slogan that runs right under the name of the paper: Democracy Dies in Darkness... It just started running or at least noticed by me, the other day Joel (2/24/17)

FCC News: Manning’s 93.5 FM translator filed for a License to cover at new location meaning the new signal should be on the air and licensed soon. The new signal has better coverage of Frederick. (2/24/17)

"Does anyone know the status of Don Imus on his own morning show? I've been tuning in again recently, but he's not on the show as often as he's on it. The absences are rarely explained. The guest hosts - other show regulars - will just say they're in for the I-Man. Sometimes they say he's "under the weather," etc., but more often than not, they say nothing at all about the reason for Imus' absence from his own program. Is he untouchable enough that he can just take day after day off? Could this be some sort of contract ploy? I like the other team members of the show, but it definitely lacks something without the man for whom the show is name"... He works Monday through Thursday per his contract. On other days he accompanies his son Wyatt to rodeos in parts of Texas and the southwest. He is also 75 years old and has a hard time getting up at 4am on some days. (2/24/17)

By all radio industry accounts I don't know since they have never operated stations in DC or Baltimore Entercom Communications lead by David Field is a well run company much better operations than Iheartmedia and Cumulus and its not close. They were already the fourth largest radio operator in the US so they were not that small and even though CBS will own 72% of the shares current Entercom management will run the day to day operations of this expanded Entercom which people seem to love Field and his management team who also supposedly stress "locally programmed ". Only time will tell what happens but people seem fond industry wide of this company and this deal. We shall see (2/24/17)

I told 100.7 The Bay’s Chris Emry about this and he thought it was funny. We have another Penis Service Contour Alert. WZBA’s 96.7 translator in Parkville has applied for this signal. Baltimore was originally approved for a better signaled 96.7 FM back in the 1990s, but it was never built. Now WCEI 96.7 on the Eastern Shore has upgraded its signal and has a greater protection range. Hence this. I asked Chris Emry if 96.7 The Bay was on Cialis or Viagra. :-) (2/24/17)

Good News for Translators. The FCC approves giving translators more flexibility from their AM Tower site today. Under the previous rules, the translator must be located within the AM 2 millivot signal. Now the FCC will permit the translator to be located within the AM 1 mV/m contour. This change will give translators more flexibility. (2/24/17)

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This might include WJLA ABC 7 soon… Baltimore based Sinclair Broadcast Group is launching this Spring, a new network called Charge! Action Network. It will have the rights to a major portion of the MGM movie collection including most of the James Bond films and the Rocky collection among other films & series that MGM owns. It will launch streaming on the web initially with a phone App and eventually on all of Sinclair's many TV stations adding it as a digital sub-channel and on other distribution partners. Presumably, this will eventually be on one of SBG's Baltimore stations as well as WJLA ABC 7 in DC as Well as SBG’s Baltimore stations. deadline.com... — BaltoMedia.Net (2/23/17)

Entercom is taking over CBS Radio in the sense that the company will be called Entercom, David Field will be CEO and the current Entercom will have one more board member than the current CBS Radio. But keep in mind that CBS shareholders will own 72% of the stock in the new company. Roddy Freeman (2/23/17)

What are the CBS Stations in DC? When will Entercom take them over? Entercom is a small company and I am surprised they could get the financing to take over such a large group of stations. They will follow iHeart with a large debt of $20.9 Billion Debt and Cumulus with a $2.5 Billion Debt. What happens if they can't pay this money back? The CBS Stations in DC are.....WPGC...WIAD....WDCH.... 99.1 (formerly WNEW)....WJFK....WLZL......five FM Stations. (2/23/17)

Dave's response: And one AM station, CBS Sports Radio on 1580, WJFK-AM.....

Thanks everyone for the update on the 60 and 61 broadcast on WTOP 1500 I think Dan Daniels took over for Arch Mac Donald in 1960 Patrick (2/23/17)

“Aside from Al Galdi's quick baseball show, [weekend programming on WTEM] is all generic and boring ESPN programming when games are not broadcast.” There’s also Phil Hawes’ golf show which I think has been a Saturday morning staple since the station was launched nearly 25 years ago. Heard Nick Ashooh on 106.7 The Fan last night doing updates and chatting with Chris Russell (another host who got his walking papers from ESPN 980 over the past year or so) - so I guess it’s only a matter of time before the two Tims (Murray and Shovers) also turn up on the rival sports talk station. After listening to Andy Pollin and Thom Loverro filling in for Chad Dukes on 106.7 the other day, it’s clear that Steve Czaban was an impediment to some hot button issues getting a proper airing on Sports Reporters. They devoted a full segment to sports figures who’ve spoken out publically against Donald Trump – by contrast, I distinctly remember Czaban not seeming all that thrilled when Pollin brought up a similar topic on 980’s soon to be cancelled afternoon drive show and quickly steering the discussion to something less controversial. But not long after Pollin was gone and Czaban had the timeslot all to himself, he went on a rant defending Trump’s immigration policies and ripping those opposed to them – go figure. I fully expect Pollin to be given a role in The Fan’s Redskins game day programming in the fall and perhaps his new Saturday show with Loverro will eventually find its way into the daily lineup. Can someone explain why the local sports talk programmers think listeners “can’t get enough” about the contract negotiations of Skins QB Kirk Cousins? – for example, anyone who’s not a rabid fan of the team may as well turn off Cooley & Kevin at the first mention of Cousins as they’re not likely to discuss anything else for the next hour or so. Doesn’t DC have pro basketball and hockey teams on extended hot streaks, a highly ranked college hoops team and an elite baseball team that just began spring training? Even if you argue that the Skins’ popularity exceeds that of all other local teams combined, why the constant fixation with the quarterback position to the detriment of other key issues with the team such as how to improve the defense? Mike, Fairfax (2/23/17)

Does anyone know the status of Don Imus on his own morning show? I've been tuning in again recently, but he's not on the show as often as he's on it. The absences are rarely explained. The guest hosts - other show regulars - will just say they're in for the I-Man. Sometimes they say he's "under the weather," etc., but more often than not, they say nothing at all about the reason for Imus' absence from his own program. Is he untouchable enough that he can just take day after day off? Could this be some sort of contract ploy? I like the other team members of the show, but it definitely lacks something without the man for whom the show is named! (2/23/17)

I just found out WJLA is dropping Me-TV after next Tuesday. Me-TV is one of the best of the oldie TV services around. Can you find out why WJLA is doing this...and why they seem to be replacing it with a bunch of old cheap movies and hours of infomercials? Thanks. - - Scott Slonaker (2/23/17)

Dave's response: Read the post below.....

Baltimore based Sinclair Broadcast Group is launching this Spring, a new network called Charge! Action Network. It will have the rights to a major portion of the MGM movie collection including most of the James Bond films and the Rocky collection among other films & series that MGM owns. It will launch streaming on the web initially with a phone App and eventually on all of Sinclair's many TV stations adding it as a digital sub-channel and on other distribution partners. Presumably, this will eventually be on one of SBG's Baltimore stations as well as WJLA ABC 7 in DC. -- BaltoMedia.Net (2/23/17)

Tweet by Dan Steinberg on Twitter - John Angelos wouldn't want the Orioles to host a Trump first pitch -- without an apology (via @Bmoreopinionate) wapo.st (2/23/17)

Talkers Magazine is reporting for the first time in 27 quarters, debt-laden iHeart had actually turned a profit. In other news: the sun rose in the west today, bacon has been declared kosher, and Hillary Clinton is the new morning sidekick on WMAL. (2/23/17)

FCC Action Today......the FCC will decide today if relaxing translator-sites will help AM Stations. The present rule states that a translator site must be within 25 miles of the AM Station. Under the new rule, it would be extended to 40 miles. The FCC will open a window during 2017 for remaining AM Stations for a translator auction. (2/23/17)

RE: Redskins on the Radio in '60 & '61: A quick check of Wikipedia would seem to indicate that former Washington Senators' play-by-play voice Arch "Ducks Are On The Pond" McDonald did the radio for the Redskins during those years. However Arch died unexpectedly in Oct. '60. Thus proving the adage "just because it's on the Internet doesn't make it correct." Tom in Wheaton (2/23/17)

Fox News Channel has announced that one of their original on air talents who was once paired with Sean “Ham” Hannity has assumed room temperature: Alan Colmes is dead at 66. According to Wiki: “Colmes was married to Dr. Jocelyn Elise Crowley, a professor of public policy at Rutgers University, whose sister is Monica Crowley, the conservative radio commentator, pundit and television personality.” Colmes was known as the liberal counterpart to any of FNC’s numerous “conservatives” and was considered a token progressive in order to fulfill FNC’s motto, “Fair and balanced”. Colmes had been described as a having fish like face because his eyes looked close together. Colmes was actually a decent guy for a liberal and will be missed: twitter.com (2/23/17)

Tom Taylor Now January ratings analysis: Washington DC stuffs over 21 shares of combined listening into the pockets of American University’s not-for-profit WAMU and Hubbard’s news WTOP (plus its regional simulcast). WAMU follows a December-book 11.5 share and Holiday-book 9.2 share with a January 11.0. (All shares in this section are age 6+ total-week AQH shares.) How about WTOP? The Trump phenomenon pulls it into double-digit territory, too (9.4-8.7-10.4). WAMU is #1 from 6am to 3pm and at night, and #2 in PM drive and weekends. WTOP is the mirror image, #1 PM drive and weekends, and #2 everywhere else. Third place is where we see a music station, Howard University’s urban AC WHUR (5.6-5.7-6.0), followed by Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ (3.8-4.4-4.9) and iHeart’s AC/former Christmas WASH (5.9-10.4-4.8). (The comparable trend for WASH a year ago was 7.0-12.0-5.3.) Nothing too special from the Trump Effect for Cumulus talk WMAL-AM/FM (4.2-3.3-4.1). Hot AC sister “Mix 107.3” WRQX comes back (2.5-2.7-3.1). Seventh Day Adventist-connected not-for-profit contemporary Christian WGTS improves (2.9-2.3-3.0). iHeart’s country WMZQ can’t quite crack the 3.0-share level (2.9-2.5-2.9). We always report the lead in average weekly cume, and this book that’s news WTOP at an estimated 1,233,900..... Baltimore has its habits restored, post-Christmas. Radio One’s #1 and #2, with urban AC “Magic” WWIN-FM (8.1-8.2-8.9) and urban “92Q” WERQ (8.5-8.3-8.3). 92Q ranks first from 3pm to midnight, while WWIN-FM’s #1 on weekends. Third is CBS AC/ex-Christmas WLIF (8.3-15.3-7.1, and #1 middays). Fourth and recovering from Christmas is iHeart country WPOC (6.3-4.7-5.9). Fifth is Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY (6.0-4.9-5.0, and still #1 with “the Morning Show”). Sixth is CBS sports “Fan” WJZ-FM (4.4-4.1-4.4). A probably Trump bump for Hearst’s news/talk WBAL (3.8-3.5-4.2). Also a Trump bump for WCBM Inc.’s talk WCBM (3.9-3.6-4.2). While we’re on that topic, Your Public Radio’s not-for-profit news/talk WYPR’s also gaining (2.4-2.0-2.9). Oddly, none of those three stations (WBAL, WCBM, WYPR) show much of a short-term influx of cume – they’re doing it on time-spent-listening. AC WLIF is the market’s leading cume station at nearly 690,000. (2/23/17)

UCS, around WMAL we all understood that the station had had the Redskins broadcast rights for more than 40 years (this was in the 80s) with only a short exception due to some labor strike or something. Can you confirm that WMAL had the rights before and after WTOP? (We're talking exclusively about radio here, right?) (2/23/17)

What’s in a motto? For DCRTV it’s “Just a few bucks a month is all we ask!“. For the New York Times it’s “All the news that’s fit to print”. Now for the Washington Post it’s “Democracy Dies in Darkness”. Go figure: www.washingtonexaminer.com (2/23/17)

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To answer Patrick’s question, the Washington Redskins were indeed on “the real” WTOP in 1960 and 1961. -Unsigned Corporate SuIt (2/22/17)

DCRTV Mailbaggers who have had enough of Kellyanne Conway rejoice: sounds like she has been “sidelined”. Kellyanne, we hardly knew ye: www.mediaite.com (2/22/17)

Jebus! Today is "National Margarita Day," and, as far as I could tell, not a peep from Holly during the 8:00 AM hour about it. A back and forth between Holly and Erin on this subject between 8:00 and 9:00 AM would have made my and other's day, (As John Belushi said, "but NOOOOOO!"). Steve, why didn't you bring Holly and Erin margaritas for the 8:00 AM hour? As George would say, "That's Gold, Jerry, Gold!" Thanks Fox DC-for nothing! (2/22/17)

FCC news: Manning’s temporary STA for its 93.5 Braddock Heights translator (W228AM) is granted. After buying it from WAMU, they intended to move it across I-70 from its current site next to WTLP, but ran into unspecified delays that led them to ask for an STA to go on the air from temporary facilities at the new location. So, it could be on the air ASAP, although who knows what it will broadcast, as until WWEG-HD3 exists it doesn’t have a legal programming source. (fcc.today) (2/22/17)

[105.7 The Fan doesn't have to change its call letters.....] I know what Tom Taylor had but I was told that is wrong. I believe the only way it would is if Entercom would turn around and sell them at some point or if they had a format flip. I reference this article from Chicago: chicagoradioandmedia.com... (2/22/17)

Dave's response: I dunno. Apparently, the CBS-Entercom deal puts the sports talkers in a different division (the CBS Sports Radio Division?), which must stop sharing radio calls with CBS TVers within a year after the deal is consummated. This does not apply to CBS's music or news/talk radio stations, which have a longer "window" to keep their current calls, but will probably have to change them at some time down the road. But, hey, you've got places like NYC where you have Channel 7/WABC owned by Disney-ABC and WABC-AM owned Cumulus.....

I don’t know about Detroit, but the WJZ calls are not historic radio calls in Baltimore, only on TV and to Westinghouse, not CBS. Whereas the WCBS calls in New York and KCBS in California are both iconic on radio first, then TV later. (2/22/17)

Dave, Please correct me if I am not correct. I think the Redskins were on 1500 am WTOP in the 1960 and 1961 seasons with Dan Daniels and John McLain. Patrick (2/22/17)

Dave's response: Way before my time. Anybody know?

Fake or real news? Right wing video journalist James O’Keefe has announced he will release “hundreds of hours” of Wiki-leaked style video of CNN’s inner sanctum showing the anti-Trump bias of Ted Turner’s cable “news” network. Should be interesting: www.zerohedge.com... (2/22/17)

What with WMAL coming back into the NFL fold, I would like to get a minor detail straightened out. Going by memory, the Redskins jumped from WWDC AM & FM to WMAL in 1964. I have heard other slightly earlier years, also. But it seems to me that leaving WWDC AM's weaker signal and listless announcers was also a rejuvenation factor in addition to its acquisition of Sonny Jurg', Sam Huff, Charley Taylor, Paul Krause, and the often over looked one year wonder return man, Ozzie Clay. Could you research this, time permitting? -Gus Mancuso (2/22/17)

RE: CBS: If 1300 and 105.7 must relinquish their call signs, does that mean the others; particularly WWJ, WBZ and other three-call signs will have to do the same? (2/22/17)

Dave's response: The change is not because of the three letter calls, which will continue to be grandfathered by the FCC. The CBS deal to sell its radio division to Entercom requires that CBS sports talkers in markets where they share their calls with CBS-TV stations, like in Baltimore where WJZ is used for the TV and the FM/AM combo, the radio stations must change their calls within a year after the deal closes. For some reason, this does not apply to CBS news radio outlets like KYW-AM in Philly and WCBS-AM in NYC, which also share their calls with CBS TVers.....

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Gus in Gaithersburg. You symbolize all that is wrong with radio. You’re busy crossing T’s and dotting I’s while Rome burns! Too many radio people like you are tech morons, fear the iPhone and wisely so you think. But It’s putting all you morons out of jobs! Yes, dare I say it, MTV & Video didn’t Kill the Radio star. The iPhone & the internet did! HAHA! (2/21/17)

[RE: “Ok, I doubt that this will ever happen, but I think an awesome morning show for WMAL would be Tommy McFly from Fresh Fm and his husband Chris Kefallas, a former republican candidate for the Maryland senate seat. The show could be a mix of news, politics, and pop culture, and it would attract younger audiences who normally listen to Fresh. Chris would give an interesting perspective being a gay Republican, having experience running for office, and experience as a lawyer. It would give them much higher ratings. This is what CBS should do if they were to ever get back into News/Talk in Washington.”] Mixing up CBS with WMAL indicates not knowing one’s ass from a hole in the ground. Kefallas sounds like a Greek pasty. Just what would a “gay” person bring let alone being a “lawyer” to either market? I don’t listen to radio based upon someone’s sexual proclivity: neither should you. (2/21/17)

"DISCREET": Yes chip no chip three chip four chip, I'm sorry your presentation wasn't purposely deliberately as good as you intended. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/21/17)

Ok, I doubt that this will ever happen, but I think an awesome morning show for WMAL would be Tommy McFly from Fresh Fm and his husband Chris Kefallas, a former republican candidate for the Maryland senate seat. The show could be a mix of news, politics, and pop culture, and it would attract younger audiences who normally listen to Fresh. Chris would give an interesting perspective being a gay Republican, having experience running for office, and experience as a lawyer. It would give them much higher ratings. This is what CBS should do if they were to ever get back into News/Talk in Washington. (2/21/17)

Interesting FCC filing today: WWMX 106.5 has applied to create an auxiliary transmitter in Towson at the WLIF tower. Why? They are expecting serious downtime on the candelabra tower and FOX 45 tower on TV Hill. As noted in the application, they expect 3-5 TV stations to have to swap out transmitters in the coming year or two as part of the spectrum auction and ATSC 3.0. Also noted in the application is the different signal plot from Towson. Good for fans of WJFK 106.7 with reception issues northeast of DC. Much less signal reach towards DC. (2/21/17)

WMAL’s “Mauling the Morning” solo host Brian Wilson announced that his new chosen one to “co-host” will be – drumroll – the dreadful self-described “Jersey Girl” none other than Wary Malter. Bill Hess might like her, Brian might like her, her husband probably does not like her and it is the worst choice possible and will prove to be a fiasco. She brings nothing to the show, has nothing to do with DC, is a hostile, sycophantic, maniac who will do nothing for the ratings and will eventually say or do something so moronic that even Brian will be cringing in his Gucci’s. Mary Walter looks like the nanny from The Omen and has evil eyes. What say you DCRTVDJDAVE? More from the “Jersey Girl” web site: www.marywalter.com (2/21/17)

(Response from interested 3rd party) FM Chip Guy: I get what you're saying and what you meant, but there's a difference between "discreet" and "discrete." I believe you mean the latter. And FWIW, the only way I'd ever own an iPhone for any reason is if one had to be sewn inside me as a last-resort lifesaving measure. Other than that, bag 'em. (2/21/17)

Here is yet another poorly written headline by WBAL TV: 'President Trump promised more toughness on immigration weekend'. How about adding illegal to the sentence somewhere and following that, correct the grammar. You have to wonder the age and education level of the people at the station writing these stories. (2/21/17)

If the FCC required all the Illegal Channel 6 radio stations to operate as digital TV stations, they would probably turn in their channels for the spectrum auction! The only way Channel 6 can help AM radio or Full Digital FM is if the FCC took it completely out of the TV allocation range of 2-36. There is a proposal for that, but it doesn’t seem to be gaining any support within the FCC. The radio industry does not seem to be very forward thinking as far as digital. Radio will continue to lose listeners to higher quality streaming. Apple isn’t going to add FM capability to an iPhone EVER, not unless they are forced to by the FCC and even then, they would sue and probably win. To Apple, FM is a dying competitor. Steve Jobs was never a big fan of sustaining legacy technology. The world is going digital, but the radio industry didn’t seem to get the memo. Several European countries are planning or have just turned FM OFF! (2/21/17)

I’m sorry that the technology of the broadcast spectrum was too confusing for Gus in Gaithersburg to understand. When I say DISCREET CHIP. I mean a chip only for FM radio. There is no such chip in today’s cell phones. The Broadcom and Intel chips for cell phone reception just have a broad range that the FM band falls into. As you might recall, the original cell phones bands were in the TV spectrum. But that is why it takes action from Samsung or Apple to access those frequencies. And access to an antenna. Apple has nixed that by removing the headphone jack. I’m going to experiment to see if I can get FM reception via a Lightning to headphone adapter on an iPhone using a headset as an antenna. I’ll post my results when I get the adapter, but I don’t expect that this will work. They don’t make these in America, has to be shipped from China. Assuming it doesn’t work though, No future Apple iPhone will ever be able to get FM radio unless Apple does something. And that is not likely. (2/21/17)

I very happy to hear that Andy Pollin and Thom Loverro are back on our local airwaves! WTEM was stupid to let them go and kudos to The Fan for bringing them in! (2/21/17)

One of the real bad impacts of WTEMs "housecleaning" is that it has left the station without the in house talent to offer any live/local shows on the weekends. Aside from Al Galdi's quick baseball show, it is all generic and boring ESPN programming when games are not broadcast. Losing Andy Pollin meant one excellent week in review show is gone. Canning the up and comers like Tim, Tim, and Nick leaves nobody on the bench to talk local sports during the weekend. Some of us, running errands, consume a LOT of sports talk radio on the weekends. And The Fan wins by default. I am a reluctant listener of WJFK, since the flipped formats and stripped the area of its best radio personalities. I'll tune in more now with Andy and Thom coming up! (2/17/17)

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Dear WTOP, Will somebody over there please tell John Doman at WTOP to stop SCREAMING the news. It's almost like the old SNL skit, "News for the Hearing-Impaired." Thank you, The Belle of West End Alexandria (2/20/17)

Larry O’Connor’s BFF, and sexually confused pearl necklace wearing racist, Milo Yiannopoulos, has been dis-invited to address CPAC in Maryland next week for making comments allegedly defending pedophilia. Listen Monday afternoon to WMAL for full coverage, and look out for another tweet from Donald Trump defending this verbal manure spewing a$$hole . No, just kidding, they will blame Bill Maher and Larry Wilmore. (2/20/17)

Will Donald Trump send out ANOTHER Tweet tomorrow defending (cheap Chris Angel stand-in) Milo Yianopoulos’ right to free speech as the Donald did last week when criticizing UC Berkley? Milo set another low watermark for WMAL, Fox News, Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, and Larry! (2/20/17)

"First off let’s clear up a misconception. There is NO DISCREET FM CHIP in cell phones! [NO CHIP] It just so happens that Broadcom and Intel cell phone frequency chips also pick up those frequencies and FM decoding is included generally by default. In most cases, and NO iPhones, [HUH?] the FM part of the chip is ignored. Most phones don’t have proper software [are you in the business of sounding silly?] to access the chip [YES CHIP] and also, the chip [YES CHIP] must be physically attached to an antenna or some sort or a headphone jack to use the headphone cord as an antenna. You have to have the whole package for that to work. In the case of the iPhone, iPhones 6 & below I believe all have FM capability, not be design, but by accident, and it’s deliberately [deliberately] deactivated by Apple [HUH?] on purpose [on purpose]." You're all over the map there Friendo, not making a cogent or coherent argument. Gus in the Gaithersburg, enjoying Mike O'Meara's Travel Day of Sobriety. (2/20/17)

Re: the "winter begins" and "Christmas" graphics on WJLA's weather board, look, it's become obvious that there's littlest accountability for such errors at these news stations. It's just become normal to see the wrong caption under a picture, wrong picture shown for the story being read, anchors reading the wrong info on the TelePrompTer or the TelePrompTer not even being advanced for them to read. But hey, the people who are responsible continue to keep their job. Must be great to have a job where they can continuously screw up and continue to keep their job. And if indeed they're let go, who,ever replaces them are just as trifling (2/20/17)

Hey Dave, Take a look at the graphic below, it says that today, "Winter Begins" and this Friday is Christmas! OOOOPS! Rob Rob (2/20/17)

The Washington Post’s Chris “Rush is Right” Cizzilla ranks – by era -- American presidents (with a hat tip to C-SPAN’s historian’s rankings list www.c-span.org ) and it isn’t pretty for poor James Polk. The best Top Five ranking by this Mailbagger would be: #1 Ronaldo “Maximus” Reagan; #2 Thomas “Baby’s Mama Hemmings” Jefferson; #3 George “I Ain’t No King” Washington; #4 Harry “The Buck Stops Here and The Bomb Goes There” Truman; and of course Abe “Honey I Forgot to Duck” Lincoln. What say you DCRTVDJDAVE? Cizzilla says this: www.washingtonpost.com (2/20/17)

OK, I know being grammatically correct isn't required on this website, but am I old fashioned in wanting to see a period between sentences so I can get what someone's saying? A friend of mine who's a teacher says that periods and commas are non-existent on a number of her students' papers. They leave it to the teacher to determine where one sentence ends and another starts. (2/20/17)

Keeping abreast of Kristen Berset: sadly, the WUSA sports reporter has breast cancer “again” for the second time since her original diagnosis in 2009. Berset, now 35, will undergo treatment: “Like the first one, this tumor is Stage 1, and Berset has a great prognosis, but she will probably require six weeks of radiation therapy and possibly chemo.” Very sad as she is a great reporter, one of the best on WUSA, a former beauty pageant winner, and easy on the eyes: www.washingtonpost.com (2/20/17)

WMAL’s producer Mike Piercy filling in for Chris Plante this morning with “Best of Chris Plante” (if there is such a thing) so that The Frother in Chief can celebrate Trump at home on President’s Day: somehow Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, even Reagan are rolling in their graves at the thought of Trump as POTUS. Meanwhile, if you would like to enter the WMAL contest to win a steak dinner with Chris Plante at Ruth Chris Steak House (is it Ruth or Chris who are transgendered?) for a “Steak of the Union” for the SOTU, February 28th go here and may you not choke on your filet mignon: www.wmal.com DCRTVDJDAVE you really ought to enter: great way to eat meat with Chris! (2/20/17)

One of your previous posters said that if you eliminated the LPTV Channel 6 Stations it would help AM Stations. I don't see how that would happen. If the FCC required these LPTV Stations to go to a digital channel is would prevent them from operating as FM Stations on their audio channel 87.7 FM. (2/20/17)

There seems to be a false misconception that if WHUT 32 turned in its channel space, it would go off the air. Not so true. WRC 4 with the channel 48 allocation is certainly going to lose its channel but definitely not going off the air. In the following rounds of the spectrum auction. channels out of the 2-36 range are going to start getting desperate and WHUT’s channel 33 is inside the repack range, meaning it will increase in value. Howard University probably pulled out of the first round simply because the money wasn’t quite there just like Scripps Howard’s WMAR 2 did. Sinclair, at least in Baltimore, was sitting pretty. With ATSC 3.0, which they are testing already, they already know they can sell at least one channel with no loss of programming and maybe even two. Companies with a duopoly are in a very advantageous place. With ATSC 3.0m any two stations can use 1 channel in 1080i or 720p or better. In DC, WFDC at Channel 15 might have the best allocation possible. Ultimately the FCC would like to narrow it down to channel 30, but that’s probably not practical, at least yet. The irony of the Re-pack and ATSC 3.0 is that those stations that stayed on VHF channels and had signal problems like 7, 9, 11, 13 are sitting pretty too because they will probably have those problems solved since ATSC 3.0 signals will be more robust in general. However the interference issues on 2-6 will still remain. (2/20/17)

It’s that awkward moment when someone tells me I’m SOMEWHAT CORRECT while talking about WMAL FM when I was strictly talking about WMAL AM 630! I don't disagree with the 105.9 parameters you discussed. It’s just that wasn’t what I was talking about. But WMAL FM 105.9 offers nothing as far as Redskins Radio for most of Baltimore. Maybe you can pick it up in AA County, but you certainly cannot around the other counties in the Baltimore market. Hell, when I lived in College Park, 105.7 & 105.9 battled each other nearly equally, same with 106.5/106.7 It’ll be another year without a Redskins Baltimore affiliate while the Ravens have Big 100.3. To say Danny Snyder is a failure in the radio business is an understatement. Unlike Jack Kent Cooke, he’s literally conceded the Baltimore market away. The Ravens conversely are actively pursuing DC area fans. (2/20/17)

Still on WMAL AM and FM signals. As for AM being hemmed in by 640 in Philly, my recollection was that it was a Radio Disney station and so part of the same ownership "family". If they had moved their site farther north the problem could have been avoided but the only parcel available was butt-ugly, a steep muddy hill. Enthusiasm melted away. The 105.9 directional installation in Merrifield was indeed clever engineering which probably could not be replicated in today's rules. (2/20/17)

To Carl in Olney: First off let’s clear up a misconception. There is NO DISCREET FM CHIP in cell phones! It just so happens that Broadcom and Intel cell phone frequency chips also pick up those frequencies and FM decoding is included generally by default. In most cases, and NO iPhones, the FM part of the chip is ignored. Most phones don’t have proper software to access the chip and also, the chip must be physically attached to an antenna or some sort or a headphone jack to use the headphone cord as an antenna. You have to have the whole package for that to work. In the case of the iPhone, iPhones 6 & below I believe all have FM capability, not be design, but by accident, and it’s deliberately deactivated by Apple on purpose. Why hasn’t Apple done anything about it? Simple. No one has complained. Most people in the radio industry like the general public are tech idiots and don’t even know the FM is there! KUDOS to the new FCC Commissioner for letting them finally KNOW! HAHA! As for Channel 6, being properly licensed as a TV station and not operating as a TV station is ILLEGAL. I doesn’t matter whether it’s Latino music or Rush Limbaugh. IT’S ILLEGAL. Stations have lost licenses for lesser crimes. I hope Trump has them all yanked and Channel 6 officially be put in service for DIGITAL FM RADIO, that’s high quality and a worldwide standard that rivals or beats Digital Streaming. Only THEN will there be a push from consumers to activate the FM capability in their phone. (2/20/17)

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So is Jim Lokay the permanent replacement for Laura Evans on Fox5's 5pm news broadcast? Also, the few times I've caught the 4:30 am broadcast, I see Erin Como at the anchor desk. So is she the "opening act" for the early broadcast before Holly or Maureen show up @5am? (2/19/17)

Hopefully MeTV remains in DC I checked their website and nothing is mentioned but WJLA now has a 4th subchannel it seems to be geared towards you tube videos and gaming definite appeal to Milennials maybe there just going to put Me TV on another subchannel well have to wait and see I enjoy alot of classic TV But I admit we do have an over saturation of reruns and movies on these digital subchannels but ME TV and Antenna Tv are the best ones Cozi is Ok also.Looking forward to watching NBC 90th Anniversary special tonight 8 PM I knew the network was around since at least the 1930s but not this long. (2/19/17)

The previous poster is somewhat correct. The deepest WMAL (FM) null results in about 5.075kw radiated in the direction of Baltimore. The HAAT along that radial is 205 meters so the coverage in that direction to protect 105.7 in Catonsville is nearly equivalent to a class B1 station. Given all the protection parameters as well as the wide face of the NoVaTV tower; the late Charlie Gallagher (N3EAF) did a great job engineering the move from SE FFX County to Merrifield. I've always found the 105.9 coverage is superior to 106.7 because the protection ratios with 105.7 and 106.5 respectfully are more favorable even if the power is reduced. (2/19/17)

Looking ahead on the Fios program listing... I've noticed that from 6A and onward starting on 2/28/16 instead of the regular Me-tv schedule I'm seeing paid programming and these god awful B movies scheduled. Does anyone know if JLA dumping Me-Tv for some crappy replacement? I enjoy classic TV and I would miss Me-TV if it were to disappear. (2/19/17)

Regardless of what Red Zebra and Cumulus might be up to, I wish people would stop talking about 105.9 as if it is an all-metro signal. It is not. My friends will recognize who's talking when I say the 105.9 audience is a big backwards "D" with the straight line being roughly the Potomac River. Only 1,000 watts makes it into DC and Montgomery. The station's coverage woes have led to seven or eight, maybe ten formats since the station went on the air in the 50s. It HAS to be paired with a sister signal, AM or FM, covering the NE segment of the market. -The next best thing to UCS. (2/19/17)

Disney/ABC Radio screwed WMAL AM 630 when they let WWJZ AM 640 in NJ go to 50,000 watts. At the time WMAL was allowed to go to 10,000 watts daytime, allowing the signal to reach Baltimore. But, with both stations being sold to different owners, that agreement is out the window as WMAL 630 moves its tower to the AM 570 site. Now there will be a severe NULL towards Baltimore again, and no Redskins games heard in Baltimore. Danny Snyder is the only NFL owner of a cash rich team that always seems to turn Gold into Salt. (2/19/17)

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\/ February 18 Messages \/

Dave, if Cumulus had ANY common sense at all….the three signals where Red Zebra runs WTEM could turn into their NASH outlet from Westwood One. Put WTEM with a better lineup on 107.3 and adjust WMAL to have more of a balance. Wait…..corporate radio hardly uses logic. Dan (2/18/17)

Is Red Zebra going to buy WMAL-FM 105.9? They sure could us a full power FM station in DC for the Redskins. The two little Class A FM stations they own are suburban stations and only cover part of the market. They don't cover DC or Montgomery County. Only 4% of the people in DC listen to AM Radio. (2/18/17)

Dave's response: Or the other way around. Cumulus could buy Red Zebra and WTEM, ESPN 980, and put it on 107.3, replacing the struggling WRQX.....

NEW FM to go on the air soon. The last approval request has now been filed for a new CLASS A full power FM station WAMS 94.9 at the beach's Ocean City / Salisbury market. The tower is just outside Berlin, but this signal will effectively wipe out WDSD 94.7 on much of Maryland Delmarva. The owner is Miram Media, but the call letters have a conspicuous history, previously being on AM 1260 & AM 1600 in Delaware, both deleted by the FCC for violations, and on AM 1590 in Ocean City, also threatened by the FCC. The format as of now is listed as JACK FM, not exactly the best news for Vince Klepac's WSUX FM in Seaford, & Snow Hill. More soon... -- BaltoMedia.Net (2/18/17)

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\/ February 17 Messages \/

Heard Andy Pollin on the Junkies this AM announcing he will be joining 106.7 The Fan. Dan Steinberg of the Post then wrote this. www.washingtonpost.com (2/17/17)

Now with the Redskins being simulcasted on WMAL, I hope this is a wake up call to iHeart to put the Caps on DC101's main signal full time, instead of relying on a HD2 subchannel/translator. Also, w/ Andy Pollin & Thom Loverro joining WJFK, I think in due time, they should get the afternoon drive slot. (2/17/17)

Re Interesting Mike OMeara:: Isn't there speculation within the DCRTV mailbag that Gus in the Gaithersburg, is Don Geronimo? (2/17/17)

There seems to be a lot of discussion about the status of Channel 6 LPTV Stations. The reason the FCC granted these licenses in the first place was so that a minority would have a better crack at owning a television station. There were a lot of promises made to the FCC about local television programming and children's programming along with programming aimed at the minority market. However, soon afterwards, the owners of these television stations sold them off for big profits. "That is the American Way." The buyers discovered they could make more money by operating them as FM Radio Stations on their analog frequency 87.7 FM This was not the intent of licensing these TV stations. The way they are being operated now as" FM Radio Stations" is a misuse of the TV spectrum. (2/17/17)

Andy Pollin joining WJFK on the heels of Thom Loverro. When is Chad Dukes' contract up? (2/17/17)

Shirley, someone has seen this: Andy Pollie, Andy Pollie -> WJFK 106.7? (2/17/17)

"FCC Chairman Pai said that he would like to see all smartphones have the FM Chips. Only 44% have them now." Sure about that figure? Sure it's not closer to 101% ? My question is how will it work with the current trend toward wireless earbuds since the earphone wire is the antenna, Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/17/17)

Big Bozo is watching? Seems that WAPO/AMAZON/et all Jeff Bezos may be too cozy with the CIA, leaving his newspaper’s “readers” & Amazon consumers in the dark about that dark organization. So if you read The Post online or access any Amazon product, the CIA may very well know every breath you take: www.alternet.org (2/17/17)

Today's three comments: 1) The ostensible (and perhaps honestly real) purpose of the FM Chip is so that cell-phone users will always have access to broadcast stations up to 50 miles away in case of an emergency where the nearby cell-towers are not working. A power outage in a small town could make cell service unavailable, but, if FM is available, a person can still hear emergency information. 2) What is wrong with having an extra de facto radio frequency at 87.7 (TV Ch. 6)? My wife teaches somewhere in Montgomery County, and once a discussion of favorite radio stations in her class found that the college students' favorite in her class was the Latin music one at 87.7 in Washington (most of her students are from families originally south of the Rio Grande). Whom does it hurt where the frequency is not used by anyone else? And obviously, it benefits an awful lot of people who listen to those stations. And it IS licensed by the FCC, so they are not pirates. 3) WETA-FM now has an HD-3 channel, which, I believe, is their main channel delayed by about 30 seconds. What's the deal with THAT? It's a waste of HD packets and it can potentially lower the fidelity (bit-rate) of their other HD channels; or maybe this is technical prototype for a future HD channel, like jazz or the BBC World Service. Which reminds me: Who provides the classical music on WYPR-HD3? It is so quiet I have to crank up the car radio a lot, and there never seems to be any identification of it; I see a list of the music on their website, but who provides it to them? Personally, I like WBJC's classical music selection the best, but that's just me. -- Carl in Olney (2/17/17)

FCC Chairman Pai said that he would like to see all smartphones have the FM Chips. Only 44% have them now. Since most people carry their phones with them, this will make it very easy to listen to your FM Station at anytime. This will help by making it very easy to listen longer and more often. (2/17/17)

Interesting Mike O'Meara Show podcast on Thursday 02/16 where Mike really gave Oscar the battered wife treatment about how Oscar telling him the truth made Mike slap Oscar repeatedly. No wonder he can't talk about the details of his first divorce. Gus in the Gaithersburg, watching the dry drunk train go off the rails. (2/17/17)

Is there a radio station in DC that broadcasts MSNBC's Morning Joe live? Rowlen Wilson (2/17/17)

Dave's response: Nope. But you can listen to MSNBC audio on SiriusXM - www.siriusxm.com.....

/\ February 17 Messages /\

\/ February 16 Messages \/

The Washington Post finally woke-up Thursday afternoon with Scott Allen’s “blog” about WMAL broadcasting Skins games: DCRTVDJDAVE beat ‘em to the punch by a full day. The story is fairly interesting but what stands out is some of the memorabilia photos and the comments of the readers, some of which are similar to what we’ve been reading in the DCRTV Mailbag. It would have been more of an “edge” blog if Allen would have gotten more reaction from WJFK and/or ESPN 980: The Sports Junkies must be crapping in their pants and have made no mention of it so far. Allen’s “blog”: www.washingtonpost.com (2/16/17)

If the FCC is indeed considering a proposal to let the legacy channel 6 LPTV stations have an analog audio carrier it sounds like they are ratifying the practice of using it as an FM station. Let's face it these posts expressing mock outrage about Ch. 6 are hiding some kind of agenda-------like a desire to turn channel 6 and perhaps 5 over to radio so AM broadcasters can use it as a second FM band. (2/16/17)

Dave, as mentioned earlier- Yes- bring back Frank Herzog on the Redskins broadcasts! A class gentleman and thinking of this is bringing back fond memories of Sonny, Sam and Frank and all the laughs they had in the broadcast booth! How about it Dan Snyder? (2/16/17)

NBC looks like it's on some kind of hiring spree of Atlanta TV talents. 2 names coming to the DC area are... Blayne Alexander, who was previously weekend morning anchor and reporter for WXIA, the TEGNA owned NBC affiliate, will be joining NBC Newschannel affiliate news service. Jodie Fleischer will be leaving her investigative reporter role at WSB, the Cox owned ABC affiliate after 10 years to join NBC 4 as an investigative reporter. NBC got 2 good ones. (2/16/17)

Regarding "The FCC has established a new deadline for the termination of all analog operations by LPTV Stations....The stations that have been operating as FM Radio Stations on 87.7 FM will go away." Not so fast! Those stations may be able to stay on Channel 6 as a digital service, and there is a proposal that they be allowed to operate an analog carrier on 87.75 MHz as an auxiliary service. Let's see what the lobbyists do with that. (2/16/17)

WMAL and the Redskins. Just Imagine, replacing in the booth Larry with Larry, or, having WMAL Larry sit in for Sonny. Can we handle two Larrys? Can Larry Michaels be a guest host on the WMAL morning show, and not let Brian get a word in edgewise? Just think about having Brian on the field asking cheerleaders if they want to come up and see what the inside of the broadcast booth looks like. Can Chris Plante get away with only talking to the White players, while at the same time blaming the Black players? We need answers, people. Speaking of blabbering idiots, I thought the Trump presser today went swimmingly. If you don't believe me, or think I am being sarcastic, listen to Brian tomorrow morning. I am sure he will agree Trump is a fine orator, and one hell of a communicator. (2/16/17)

Post headline: "Cooley questioning McCloughan." Disgusting article by Dan Steinberg. 1) Why write a story on a rumor?' 2) Why write a story because a radio station talks about something with no evidence, facts, or sources? Come on Washington Post/Steinberg. You can do a lot better than that. Report stories with a base. That 980 radio station is baseless. It deserves no publicity. (2/16/17)

"Question: does anybody know if "Murphy in the Morning" Michael Graves is still living?" Former show co-host Jessica Cash is in Fredericksburg at WFLS these days. Jess, can you chime in? (2/16/17)

Dave: Following up from Mike/Fairfax line of thinking. What's even more delusional about anything connected to 980, Pollin tweets something about how TNT does a good job on the NBA but Buck and Phil are a better listen than Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller. Hey Pollin, stay out of the business and again, your arrogance and ignorance have shown their true colors...Czaban isn't far behind! (2/16/17)

Question: does anybody know if "Murphy in the Morning" Michael Graves is still living. I've lost track of him and I'd like to know if he's OK. Thanks in advance for any information you can give. (2/16/17)

[RE: Find it hard to believe that Steve Czaban was caught completely off guard by Red Zebra’s decision to ditch Andy Pollin a few weeks ago – 980’s new afternoon drive show (hosted by Czaban with Scott Linn and Steve Solomon) seems much too smooth and polished to have been rushed into production on such short notice.] Considering that Czaban, Linn, and Solomon have more than the better part of a decade's experience in doing the same sort of show for Fox Sports Radio, Yahoo Sports Radio, and SB Nation Radio (most recently four months ago), that Linn and Solomon are currently doing morning drive for SB Nation Radio (not carried here), and that Czaban previously was the go-to short notice replacement for Jim Rome, the more logical question is why did it take a whole two days to stand up the new show after Red Zebra sprang the Andy Polley surprise. Maybe Czaban was faking his on air reaction but it came across as the most visceral anguish heard on WTEM since the day John Thompson hosted his regular shift the day Georgetown fired Craig Esherick. (2/16/17)

(QUOTE) WMAL 630 AM will be carrying the Redskins again ... Their nighttime signal will just cover Germantown. (END) Pretty sure both AM & FM will be carrying the broadcast. Seems to me most listeners will be tuning in the 105.9 signal so I would not concern myself with the AM at all. Cumulus can diplex it on iHeart's six-tower WTVN array in Columbus Ohio for all the difference it will make here. (2/16/17)

Hell freezes over: The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza says that WMAL’s Rush Limbaugh is right about Trump. “Rush Limbaugh is exactly right about how Donald Trump can fix his problems” says the header. Go figure: who would ever thought that Cillizza would say “Rush is right” about anything, even the time of day. What are they smoking over there at The Post? More: www.washingtonpost.com (2/16/17)

So all three FM Redskins broadcasters' towers (92.7, 94.3, 105.9) form a line across the far south side of the DC area. The two AM transmitters (630, 980) are both near the Western Avenue side of the District. This means that there is still no way to hear Redskins games in Baltimore on the radio (not that I care, but some in Baltimore might want to hear them). And yet the Ravens are heard easily on 100.3, 97.9, 97.9-HD2, and 1090. -- Carl in Olney (2/16/17)

Dave's response: Your best bet would be 980 AM, which is 50,000-watts by day. Not so sure about it's night coverage up your way, but it should be pretty good to the east over the Annapolis area and onto the Eastern Shore.....

[RE Redskins to WMAL:] Now if only Frank Herzog would return and Larry the Hack would just go away...forever....he is just plain awful (2/16/17)

And.....if someone can convince Danny Boy that a possible fine for an occasional curse picked up isn't worth a LONG delay..... (2/16/17)

[RE Redskins to WMAL:] Translation.. the Redskins are going to put AM 980 on the market . WMAL AM and WMAL FM Cover the whole market. Why else would they add them . Just my opinion (2/16/17)

[RE Redskins to WMAL:] As cheap as stations are being sold for, Cumulus could probably buy Red Zebra for $5 million!! (2/16/17)

[RE Redskins to WMAL:] WMAL will receive listeners and revenue. It's a great deal for them. (2/16/17)

Re: “WMAL airing Skins games is the biggest thing to happen to that station since adding 105.9 FM.” Come on, people. April Fools is still a month and a half away!! Jeff (2/16/17)

It is nice to hear that WMAL 630 AM will be carrying the Redskins again. When they move to their new tower site in Germantown, MD, their coverage will be very limited. Their nighttime signal will just cover Germantown. (2/16/17)

Cumulus needs all the help they can get. With the stock market at an all time high, they are trading at just $1.03 per share. The people that work at Cumulus don't want to hear this. With $2.5 Billion Debt, they are in trouble. Will they ever be able to pay back this debt? (2/16/17)

The FCC has established a new deadline for the termination of all analog operations by LPTV Stations. (See www.fcc.gov) The stations will have 12 months from the completion of the auction transition to cease analog operations and begin operating in digital. LPTV Stations will have the opportunity to seek an on-channel digital conversion of their existing analog facility. Analog Channel 6 will go away. They were previously scheduled to go away in September, 2015. The stations that have been operating as FM Radio Stations on 87.7 FM will go away. (2/16/17)

“WMAL carried the team through the early 1990s, when the Redskins moved to WJFK for 10 years.” The newly launched WTEM had the Skins games for a few years (starting in 1992) before JFK acquired the rights. Is Chris Cooley’s four-day break from ESPN 980’s morning drive show this week actually a suspension for speculating on Monday that alcohol could be a factor in Skins GM Scot McCloughan not being allowed to do radio and TV interviews? Find it hard to believe that Steve Czaban was caught completely off guard by Red Zebra’s decision to ditch Andy Pollin a few weeks ago – 980’s new afternoon drive show (hosted by Czaban with Scott Linn and Steve Solomon) seems much too smooth and polished to have been rushed into production on such short notice. Having said that, many of those who tolerated Czaban on Sports Reporters because he had to share the stage with Pollin and the recurring guests like Loverro and Knoche might find the replacement program (where he has free rein to jam his penchant for tawdry content and neanderthal social views down listeners’ throats) to be simply not their cup of tea. With Loverro having already signed up with 106.7 The Fan, you wonder if that station would be interested in bringing Pollin on board as well – if not on a full time basis then at least for some weekend and fill-in work. Mike, Fairfax (2/16/17)

DCRTVDJDAVE: we didn’t see this one coming! WMAL airing Skins games is the biggest thing to happen to that station since adding 105.9 FM. But with the Skins games on Sundays at either 1PM or 4PM, no more “Best of Rush” and Monday & Thursday night games means The Mark Levin Show and The John Batchelor Show will be pre-empted too. Noticed that nobody is talking about this on WJFK: eat your heart out CBS! WMAL’s announcement: www.wmal.com (2/16/17)

To the mailbagger who wrote: "Re: I did my best to listen to Frank Harden on Andy O's Our Town podcast, but it was too painful. Instead of denigrating a 95 year old legend . . . ." The denigration of Frank Harden was not done in my message to the mailbag. Frank Harden was denigrated and debased by Andy O posting that podcast. I wasn't criticizing Frank, who is still obviously a grand old man, from the once-upon-a-time Grand Family Station. He was exploited and taken advantage of by Ockershausen. Otherwise, Our Town been a good listen . . . though the Tommy Curtis pod was unlistenable. (2/16/17)

I meant to write this on Inauguration Day but did WRC 4.2 go HD? I know Cozi is archive content but their website TV guide listed it and programs as HD - specifically their inauguration cafe coverage and the Cozi program's afterwards. -RO (2/16/17)

I'm still not gonna listen to the Skins even if the games are going to be on WMAL. To try and listen to the terrible alleged radio announcers for the Skins is very difficult. First, the only time Larry Michael says anything that makes sense are the down and yards to go. Other than that, he should just say "good bye" and go the heck home. What a waste of a microphone. Sonny is way beyond his time. Who else is on? Is it Cooley. He sucks and we all know Doc Walker IS NOT a broadcaster and adds nothing. (2/16/17)

This will make someone happy. The FCC has established a new deadline for the termination of all analog operations by LPTV stations. That date is dependent upon the completion of the Commission’s incentive auction, which involves a repacking process that will displace some LPTV stations. Therefore, the Commission has determined to allow LPTV stations to wait until the incentive auction is complete before transitioning to digital. LPTV stations will have 12 months from the completion of the 39-month post-incentive auction transition (51 months from the completion of the incentive auction) to cease analog operations and begin operating in digital, at which point analog television will no longer exist in the United States. Until that time, LPTV stations may continue to operate their analog facilities. LPTV stations should monitor the Commission’s web site (www.fcc.gov) for more information on the status of the incentive auction and the establishment of an exact date for the completion of the LPTV digital transition. LPTV stations have the opportunity to seek either an on-channel digital conversion of their existing analog facilities (“flash cut”) or may construct and operate a second digital companion channel during the remainder of the digital transition. However all LPTV stations will be required to decide a single digital channel to continue to operate after the final transition date. So analog channel 6 will go away bit it will NOT be turned over to current AM broadcasters. Hopefully we will stop hearing about this topic now. (2/16/17)

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\/ February 15 Messages \/

McPaper Update: USA Today rebranding as “US Fake News Today” reports that Demonrat congresspersons Cummings & Pelosi (both of Baltimore with Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi of pin up girl fame www.snopes.com) fell for fake Twitter: www.usatoday.com. DCRTVDJDAVE never falls for fake news as he’s the real thing. (2/15/17)

Re: "I did my best to listen to Frank Harden on Andy O's Our Town podcast, but it was too painful." Instead of denigrating a 95-year-old legend, watch this 2007 video for a synopsis of Frank's career.

Frank Harden - Out of The Past - 2007 from Chuck Langdon on Vimeo... (2/15/17)

WFRE will never be a player in the DC market. As a second adjacent channel to 100.3 they must maintain a transmitter distance of 40 miles from WBIG(FM). If you recall WFRE and WBIG(FM) reached an agreement (surprise) for WFRE to slightly decrease their ERP to allow a 1/2mile short spacing with WBIG when the station moved from Arlington to the WMZQ site in Falls Church. At best the station will cover Montogomery and Loudoun Counties as well as part of FFX. (2/15/17)

Dave's response: As I said many times, 99.9 would have been a great western metro signal addition for CBS's now-dead all-newser WNEW, 99.1. Even today, it would be great simulcast for Annapolis eclectic rocker WRNR, 103.1.....

Congress has approved the Army to spend $300 Million over the next eight months to recruit people to serve. The Army could be one of the largest advertisers in 2017. There are our tax dollars they are spending. When I was a young man, I was forced to serve in the army! It was called the "Draft". They still have the Draft in Israel for both men and woman. They must serve two years for their country. (2/15/17)

News from nearby Frederick: Someone has finally discovered why iHeart is once again trying to sell WFRE 99.9 and WFMD AM. Answer? Tom Taylor Now reports that some of the Aloha Trust's FM licenses are now being held up by the FCC for renewal in Georgia & other places. Selling any station without an FCC license makes it rather difficult because technically the FCC could revoke those licenses making them worthless. (2/15/17)

WDCH 99.1 FM......why did CBS have the fee amount that Bloomberg is paying CBS to lease 99.1 redacted. Doesn't the public have a right to know everything? This deal can be canceled after January 2018. Will Entercom cancel this deal when they take over the CBS Stations? (2/15/17)

DCRTV favorite Howard Stern can add another lawsuit to his repertoire: “Howard Stern sued after airing private call between IRS agent and taxpayer”. Seems Baba Booey and company were asleep at the switch and broadcast a conversation between a woman and an IRS agent who thought he was on hold with Stern: www.washingtonpost.com (2/15/17)

Swastikas and “white power” graffiti were removed from walls at Yorktown High School in Arlington two weeks ago. There were also anti-Semitic, anti-gay and anti-immigrant incidents at the school this year. In response, the school put up signs promoting science, diversity, and respect for fellow students. White “Conservative” student doesn’t believe in science, the strength of diversity, facts, and inclusion, so he takes his argument against these signs to the ultimate in fair and sane news reporting, WMAL. This interview leads to an appearance on Tucker, “I am usually confused,” Carlson, on Fox News where the student plugs WMAL. www.arlnow.com... Seriously, why wasn't WTOP all over this local incident? (2/15/17)

THAT'S "RUFF" DON GERONIMO:: Holy dog biscuits Batman, not only did another dog die under his care, but did you hear that Mike Sorce's 3rd wife Janet Sorce @mrsgeronimo had to get those painful series of rabies shots? [Insert joke here] (2/15/17)

Can we make an addition to the "Get Off My Lawn Friday" lineup? Let's include the stooge who endlessly uses the Mailbag to slurp the posterior of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. If you're such a big fan, send him a letter with your praise and suggestions. What makes you think he'll see it here? Other than eliminate the need for inclusion of written correspondence in stations' public files (a proposal started by his predecessor), just what has he done for the industry? Oh yeah, that AM Revitalization thing that's done nothing but clutter the FM dial with dinkwatt translators to retransmit the programming of AM stations that have no audience in the first place. If you haven't already discovered, radio is well down the list of priorities at the FCC. And, by the way, Pai is an attorney, not a broadcaster. (2/15/17)

A PDF copy of the LMA between CBS & Bloomberg regarding WDCH is included in the Public Inspection File for WDCH at FCC.gov. The Agreement is for five years, expiring on January 3, 2021. It can be ended at any time upon the agreement of both parties. Either party can terminate the deal anytime after January 3, 2018, upon 120 days written notice to the other party. Although a listing of the monthly fees Bloomberg is paying to CBS is an exhibit attached to the LMA, the dollar amounts of the payments have been redacted. (2/15/17)

KARMA: As for 105.7, the classic WXYV calls are still available. And AM 1300 had the opportunity to grab the historic and classic WFBR calls from the Orioles Magic days and they botched that and they got snatched up by AM 1590. Maybe they can ask for the WJRO, the old AM 1590 calls and play Polka music on Sundays too!!! HAHA! (2/15/17)

I did my best to listen to Frank Harden on Andy O's Our Town podcast, but it was too painful. Frank has no memory left and couldn't tell most of the stories that Andy was prompting. They played a couple of Harden and Weaver clips, but even they were hard to listen to, some distorted and badly taped. The other guests on Our Town have been quite good, but hauling out Uncle Frank for this was just cruel. (2/15/17)

The Rasmus auction is for Radio America. They've done some upgrades. The lot of stuff you see is overused and abused. Buyer beware. (2/15/17)

/\ February 15 Messages /\

\/ February 14 Messages \/

Congratulations to the new FCC Chairman Pai. You are already making some well needed changes at the FCC. Here is another change that should be made with Channel 6 LPTV Stations. These licenses were granted so that minorities might have a chance to get into Television Ownership. It didn't work out that way and these stations should move to their digital channels now. Their analog channels are being used as FM Radio Stations, rather than Television Stations. They are operating on the 87.7 FM analog frequency. When these LPTV Licenses were granted, the people who won the licenses never fulfilled their promises they made to the FCC. This is a complete misuse of the intended spectrum. (2/14/17)

A great guessing game? Which DC area TVers will sign off, change channel or combine operations as part of the repack. WRNN a full power UHF station in the NYC market just got $211 million to pull the plug. No, this is not a high power station on Empire State Building. Rather a directional full power station 45 miles North of NYC near the Army Academy at West Point. I'm curious how much $$$$ some the fringe stations in the area may have received. (2/14/17)

I’ve come up with an idea for the Friday Mailbag. We’ll call it “Get Off My Lawn Friday”, brought to you be Sunsweet Prune Juice. On Friday ONLY, the iHeart still owns WFRE guy, the Stock/Debt guy, the WBAL sucks guy, the WMAL sucks guy, the this Del/MD Eastern Shore Station is off the air guy, and the Don Geronimo sucks guy can all post. For the rest of the week, please SHUT UP !! (2/14/17)

Sinclair fires Executive Producer over liberal social media... ftvlive.com... Interesting letter to Sinclair news employees from Scott Livingston can be linked to from this article. (2/14/17)

Looks like the new TBD network did a soft launch yesterday, it's on 7.4 now. (2/14/17)

I just noticed this auction for radio broadcast equipment on the Rasmus Auctions site. That was the company that sold off the surplus pieces of NPR a couple of years ago. Anyone know who this is? Salem, Westwood? rasmus.com (2/14/17)

Eun Yang guest hosting today's Kojo Nnamdi show on WAMU. Right now. Also, yesterday.... re: Eun Yang; Correction Tues/Wed; NBC 4's @eunyangnbc is our guest host this coming Tuesday & Wednesday. Tune in at 88.5 or at kojoshow.org at 12! (2/14/17)

I sure would like to own WFRE 99.9 FM......but not at the $25 Million asking price. Radio Sale Prices are not what they use to be a few years ago. When will the seller put a reasonable price on it? (2/14/17)

Dave's response: Frederick's 99.9 could easily be re-purposed as a major DC market signal, a la what's been done with Woodbridge's 105.9 (WMAL) or Manassas's 106.7 (WJFK). I think that's probably a fair price for it.....

CBS is leasing 99.1 to Bloomberg When CBS becomes part of Entercom, will they continue to lease out the station? I thought that station owners were suppose to file an LMA with the FCC. How much is Bloomberg paying CBS to lease the station? (2/14/17)

“The callsign for the ATSC 3.0 experimental station is WI9XXT, as in Whiskey India One Niner X-Ray X-Ray Tango”. UCS: you almost had it right; it’s Whiskey India Niner X-Ray X-Ray Tango. Not trying to troll you, brother, just correcting a clerical error. I knew what you meant; great respect here. 73 from Mike in Frederick and the Dashboard DX Society, no alternative facts or fake news here. (2/14/17)

We hope that the new FCC Chairman Pai will get rid of some of the loopholes in the FCC rules. If a broadcaster owns six FM Stations in a market where the limit is five, you can put one of them in your "trust" and operate it for 10 years or more. You price the station so high that no knowledge buyer will buy it. Then you tell the FCC "you are trying to sell it". There should be a time limit on selling it. For example, sell it within three years or turn it back to the FCC to auction it off to the highest bidder. (2/14/17)

From Tom Taylor Now: Scripps Howard, owner of WMAR ABC 2 has opted out of the TV spectrum auction. Scripps, which owns a lot of large market stations, cited that too low a price was offered to them to sell & turn in any TV channels. This doesn't guarantee that WMAR will keep it's current channel 38 with arguably the best signal in the market. The final TV spectrum is supposed to be repacked to 2-36, or smaller, depending on the success of the auctiosn. Channels 2-6 however are not ideal for DTV transmission with more interference issues, so WMAR would not like to return to Channel 2 even if it was possible. Locally only the RF channels WJLA, 7, WUSA 9, WBAL 11, WJZ 13,, WFDC 15, WETA 27, WNVC 24, WMPB 29, WNVT 30, WHUT 33 (which has already offered up its channel for sale), WPXW 34, WDCA 35, and WTTG 36 are in the TV Channel Allocation. All the others will have to move most likely and share channels. In Baltimore, all of Sinclair's stations will have to move, and in DC, WRC NBC 4 must move too. -- BaltoMedia.Net (2/14/17)

Would you happen to know any commercial TV stations in the DMV area which are looking to sell? Yours sincerely, Tina (2/14/17)

Hey Scott Thuman, great job there on the national stage yesterday! And the rationale you gave on your Twitter feed -- even better! (basically, "I'll let other reporters ask the tough questions"). Now we know why Autria canned your ass -- you're a eunuch in every sense of the word. (2/14/17)

The most embarrassing thing about the fake Fred Trump ad is that the esteemed Washington Post FACT CHECKER Pinocchio Team was actually spreading the FAKE STORY on twitter! Somebody at The Post should be FIRED but I doubt anyone will be. How can the paper be trusted to cover the Trump Administration even remotely fairly? (2/14/17)

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\/ February 13 Messages \/

Union decertified - The shape of things to come at Sinclair? finance.yahoo.com (2/13/17)

Cougar Michaels worked at WFLS in Fredericks burg before heading to WGTY. If I recall correctly, he did afternoon drive. (2/13/17)

Word from the Eastern Shore. OC 104 is off the air this am. Not sure if it is weather related or if Adams was unable to pay the electric bill. Stay tuned! (2/13/17)

RE: Gus in Gaithersberg.what the hell are you talking about? (2/13/17)

Good article in Tom Taylor's news letter today about the LPTV Channel 6 Television Stations that operate as FM Radio Stations on 87.7 FM. These stations were scheduled to discontinue operating on their analog channels in September, 2015; however, they did a good job of lobbying the FCC to continue operating on their analog channels rather than switch to their digitial channels. In DC, they operate as WDCN 87.7 FM. They have never operated as a television station as they were licensed. Let's hope the new FCC Chairman Pai corrects this misuse of the spectrum. (2/13/17)

iHeart agreed to sell off WFRE 99.9 FM, "Free Country" and WFMD 930 AM , Talk Format in 2007. They still operate them in their "trust". They have enjoyed the cash flow from these stations for 9 years. This has given them an advantage in the DC Market by owing 6 FM Stations and one AM Station in the market. The legal limit in the DC Market is just 5 FM Stations. No other broadcaster in this market owns more than 5 FM Stations. Is this fair? (2/13/17)

To the guy who is giddy that Sidney Blumenthal fell for the fake Fred Trump TV ads, I'm afraid you've made yourself look worse than Blumenthal. You admit he was fooled, not that he deliberately set out to spread false news. It's the opposite with most Trump supporters. They are fine with intentionally twisting public opinion with lies. (2/13/17)

More about the spectrum auction: The point being missed in the discussion is that these so-called “downgrades” of stations moving to weaker signals for cash will be short lived. Sure some stations may take the money and run, mostly marginally successful or already failing TV stations, but most others will use the spectrum auction money to upgrade to ATSC 3.0 or Next Generation TV and just rent or be allocated space on another channel. With Next Generation TV, stations like WHUT will just use space on WRC, WJLA, or WUSA. All the PSIP testing to do this is now being done. Your TV for example won’t know you’re getting WHUT on channel 7 along with Channel 7. It will still scan as WHUT 32. There will be as many as 5 HD stations per channel and as many as 20 SD 480i signals. Some stations will be 4K video at high frame rates, for say, sports. Others will be lower frame rates and standard 1080i or 720p. A place like Hagerstown or Altoona PA might have just one TV tower and transmitter for PBS & local or network programming all on one channel with multiple competing stations. Most certainly the TV table allotment will be a mess until this all shakes out. Sinclair might be frugal on talent, but they are spending quite a bit of money testing all this on channel 43. The reason for the FCC quiet period is to prevent collusion between companies ahead of time and make the process fair to both small and large TV companies. The current kink in the operation is that the mobile companies do not seem to be biting as hard as expected. The corrupt near monopolies that companies like Comcast have is going to make them obstructionist through lobbying. This is why allowing Comcast to buy NBC was a mistake. NBC might also not be a willing participant. WRC TV could say to WHUT, “No, we’re not interested in you using our frequency space.” We shall see. As always, the devil is in the details. — BaltoMedia.net (2/13/17)

Maybe when Reagan was assassinated Cory Haber caught his Alzheimers. It just kept happening over and over in the 80s. Remember when Reagan shot John Lennon and Duran Duran made that video? Remember when Joan Rivers said to Annie Duke "You're a pokah playa!" Cory, you're an engineeah! Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/13/17)

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\/ February 12 Messages \/

In The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore area based TV Group giant Sinclair talks "Next Generation TV", also known as ATSC 3.0. The head of Sinclair talks about Mobile TV on laptops & cell phones without phone data charges and the ability to offer as many as 5 HD channels and 20 SD stations on just one over the air channel. Sinclair has many duopolies (multiple owned TV channels in the same market), Baltimore included. This explains how Sinclair expects to earn $313 million dollars from the TV Spectrum auction. www.baltimoresun.com... — BaltoMedia.Net (2/12/17)

The importance of being a 2 newspaper town. This wouldn’t happen in many 1 newspaper cities, but The (esteemed) Washington Post has egg on its face thanks to The Washington Examiner. Post reporters caught red handed spreading FAKE Trump Racism video on Twitter. See here: www.washingtonexaminer.com (2/12/17)

Reagan was assassinated? Musta missed that. (2/12/17)

The man at the head of this table is Sheldon (Shelly) Fielman. Photographer extraordinaire who captured Ronald Reagan getting shot by John Hinkley for NBC News in 1981. He passed away this weekend after retiring two years ago, with 50 years at NBC News. A great man, colleague, friend to everyone who knew him. RIP Shelly. (2/12/17)

This morning we lost a great NBC News cameraman and a good to friend to all of us NBC,Shelly Fielman. Shelly shot the definitive pictures of the Reagan assassination .He won an emmy for it. I will miss him... (2/12/17)

It was 25 years ago today, Feb.12 1992, that 105.1 WAVA ended its top 40 format and became a religious formatted station. still missed today. (2/12/17)

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\/ February 11 Messages \/

It's weird that DC 101 is having their annual concert "Kerfuffle" on Mother's day. (2/11/17)

"What nation bombed a US military base..." et al... Wow pal, are you still pissed at the British for burning down the White House too? (2/11/17)

DCRTV Mailbag Irony of the Week: the “ban” on foreigners from countries that would do the USA harm by the Trump administration while “The Donald” warmly greets a foreigner from a nation that did great harm to Americans and the world. What nation bombed a US military base, waged war against, imprisoned & tortured our troops, undermined our economy, treats their women with distain, and kills whales? Why that would be the country this guy is from who was hugged by Trump and is playing golf with him today: www.yahoo.com... Go figure. (2/11/17)

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\/ February 10 Messages \/

New subchannel 7.4 appeared on my TV today, with the name "WJLATBD" presumably meaning it is a placeholder for Sinclair's mystery TBD network. (When I say "mystery", I mean after reading a few articles on it I still have zero idea what its point is.) Earlier in the day it was showing MeTV, but now there is only EPG data with no audio or video. (2/10/17)

In response to the post regarding the "inside baseball" of the spectrum auction. I believe it is more a technical discussion than a non consequential business issue. (No offense intended.) Think about it in these terms. If TV stations downgrade their delivery system what affect with that have on a stations' success? Consider the advantage class B and C FM stations enjoy to this day over lower coverage class A stations. How about the AM stations on the low end of the band versus a class D station at 1550? If broadcast stations rely on the internet or MVP's for distribution; they will cede control of their product. (perhaps they've already done that.) As millennials trade in cable for a combination of Hulu/Slingbox/Roku/whatever plus over-the-air; the decisions made now could spell successful or failure in the future. (2/10/17)

Dave, I don't know if you remember a guy that used to work at 'TOP a few years back named Terry Ozanich? He passed away from natural causes here in Atlanta late Tuesday night. He had been working for the Georgia News Network (GNN/iHeart). (2/10/17)

"The TV spectrum buy out continues. Look like WQED, Pittsburgh, one of the nation's premier PBS stations (Mr. Rodgers etc.) will get nearly 10million to 'move to a lower channel.' That means the station currently operating on VHF channel 13 will take money to move to the low VHF band." This sounds really inside baseball, but because of the technical aspects this reader is interested. Any chance you could throw up a quick and dirty webpage and give us a link? Also I'm in the market for an oscilloscope. If you're selling, I'm buying. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/10/17)

Another new TEGNA Inc. set went online today. When is the DC flagship wusa9 going to get a new set? The current set has been in place since 2005 and was apart of GANNETT's previous standard set design for HD launches and is one of the last with this look. They now hold the oldest and most dated set in DC award. An honor previously held by JLA! www.newscaststudio.com (2/10/17)

The TV spectrum buy out continues. Look like WQED, Pittsburgh, one of the nation's premier PBS stations (Mr. Rodgers etc.) will get nearly 10million to "move to a lower channel." That means the station currently operating on VHF channel 13 will take money to move to the low VHF band. It will be interesting to see how many VHF Hi-Band stations are willing to move to the high-noise-floor low band VHF band in return for cash. If this option proves popular it will be almost impossible to expand the FM band into the traditional channel 6 spectrum. Now the question in Pittsburgh: what UHF station takes some cash to relocate to channel 13. (2/10/17)

According to Tom Taylor Now, Baltimore's Sinclair Broadcasting, owner of WBFF Fox 45 & one of the largest local TV station ownership groups in the U.S is. to earn $313 million dollars from the FCC's TV spectrum auction designed to turn over more TV channels to mobile phone companies.. Might Sinclair be turning in the TV channels WUTB 24 or WNUV 54? With coming ATSC 3.0 TV standard coming soon, , more TV stations will be sharing the same channel space. due to better compression technology. (2/10/17)

The callsign for the ATSC 3.0 experimental station is WI9XXT, as in Whiskey India One Niner X-Ray X-Ray Tango -Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/10/17)

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\/ February 9 Messages \/

The fallout from the spectrum auction is a really big deal. I believe Nexstar may sell WHAG. The 'repack" will lead to big changes even though the FCC is clearing 84mhz and not the planned 126mhz (2/9/17)

I thought we were past all the clown scares, but I see one popped up on here today asking if someone was a misogynist or racist over their remarks about Oprah. Dude, get a grip, and, more importantly, get your facts straight. Oprah was not removed from the WJZ co-anchor chair and "demoted" because of "the animosity she received from the old guard." She was removed because she was tankin the ratings with long-time anchor Jerry Turner, period. It had nothing to do with "anger" and "disdain" toward a woman who - at that time, and upon her arrival from a small station in the South - had very little experience and confidence; something she obviously gained over time and eventually parlayed into a life of luxury. Now, if you'll excuse me a minute, I'm checking my TVGuide for a listing on "Anger Management" for you. (2/9/17)

Notice that FOX will generate $350,000,000 from proceeds from the spectrum auction. Did they sell WDCA (their 6mhz channel)? (2/9/17)

FNC’s Bill “Hummer” Hemmer on the post F&F’s news show was referring to Senator RICHARD Blumenthal’s report that SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch had trashed Trump over his comments about judges freebeacon.com but erroneously called him “Senator Sidney Blumenthal”. I guess if you’ve seen one Blumenthal you have seen them all, mixing him up with Clintonista operative and drunk driver Sidney “Sid Vicious” Blumenthal. Surely this guy is no U.S. Senator: www.thesmokinggun.com (2/9/17)

"Gus in Gaithersburg... Are you a misogynist or racist, or both? (2/9/17)" I'm not sure I understand. I hate women, I hate blacks, and I hate fat people. Pace Crowley but I am the wickedest man in the world. And Oprah is a big fat sloppy enormous whore. This is not news. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/9/17)

Gus in Gaithersburg... Oprah is a self-made billionaire. Oprah is also a philanthropist. Why so much disdain towards a woman who is a "HUUGE" success in life? Oprah's legend in Baltimore is an Algeristic tale, but it actually occurred. From the animosity she received from the old guard, her "demotion" to "People Are Talking," to turning that demotion into a billion dollar domain, Oprah has merited respect. We all make mistakes in life, but to employ that word to describe a woman as internationally successful as Oprah displays on your part both an over encompassing anger, and more concerning, a sense of a deserved self-grandeur. Are you a misogynist or racist, or both? (2/9/17)

RE: American Sports Network. Sinclair has huge plans for ATSC 3.0 which is launching this year in South Korea and tested in the Baltimore/DC area on Channel 43. I think the station is called W19XXT. Sinclair was once in a major fight with the FCC over 8VSB and ATSC 1.0. They proposed the system used in Europe which is much better. As most people found out ATSC 1.0 was a complete failure for indoor reception way out in the burbs. But ATSC 3.0 uses a part of what Sinclair first proposed. The only reason the US ended up stuck with ATSC 1.0 was because Zenith, then the only US manufacturer of TVs was behind it. Well now, there is no US TV manufacturing business so the FCC is taking a wiser route on ATSC 3.0. Now to get to my longwinded point. Sinclair knows that it will be able to have many more subchannels under ATSC 3.0. They’ve already done tests from TV Hill to Hunt Valley. I have read that the theoretical limit could be as much as 100 channels, low def of course, in 6 MHz. In HD, there would still be at least 3-6, and possible 2-3 in 4K UHD. So this notion that WHUT wants to go out of business isn’t entirely true. They just want money for their 6 MHz. With ATSC 3.0, they could continue on somebody’s else’s at lower cost. Channel 43 is one of only 2 such ATSC 3.0 full power TV stations on the air currently, the other being WRAL in Raleigh/Durham. So WJLA ABC 7 will probably have American Sports Network next year or 2019. No currently available TV can receive Channel 43, well unless Sinclair does an ATSC 1.0 compatibility test of some box, which is possible. They’re talking at tuners that can get both and they will both coexist, so this will not be a complete turnoff/switch like The Big Switch. Here’s some more info: www.tvtechnology.com... — BaltoMedia.Net (2/9/17)

[Dave's response: In the ad, Chris is promising "private time" with his listeners. I think that's scaring some away - particularly the women...." Oh come on Dave! What would really be scary if it were Brian Wilson, dressed as Fred Grandy from the Love Boat years, on the cruise asking the women if he could see their state rooms or if they would like to party on the poop deck. (2/9/17)

Former MLB player Curt Schilling called out Sen. Elizabeth Warren on, of all places, "The Larry O'Connor Show," according to this article: insider.foxnews.com. I haven't listened yet, but the interview link is www.wmal.com. (2/9/17)

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Re: American Sports Network. I was annoyed when OTA Channel 7-3 became Comet. I had enjoyed watching some games on ASN at my cable-less abode when it was on 7-3. At my work in Howard County ASN is Channel 210 on Xfinity. We have the most basic business TV package they offer. ASN is the only sports channel we get. The other ones were dropped one by one. Even WGN is gone now, so no more Cubs games during the day. Not a fan of Xfinity. Bring back my Golf Channel. -Tom in Wheaton (2/8/17)

For the DCRTV Mailbag: I hope all Mailbaggers will wish DCRTVDJDAVE a very Happy Birthday and send him some bucks! And this guy sends his Happy Birthday Dave wishes too: www.bing.com (2/8/17)

"I was watching the New “To Tell The Truth,” ... "People are Talking" franchise hosts back then." Superlong. If you mean "Oprah's a big whore" I agree with you; if you mean something else I don't care because you're long-winded. Coffee is for closers. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/8/17)

I think that Les Alexander was the first DJ I ever met. Probably 1962-63. I was just a little kid, and he was in Betterton, MD to host (guess you’d call it) a HOP. I always remembered how nice he was to me. For you Maryland Historians, our family was staying at the Hotel Rigby. I’m sure that’s long gone. (2/8/17)

It’s a shame the George Mason game is being shown on the American Sports Network tonight, and there’s no local affiliate to show it? It’s being shown in all the other major markets in VA but CSN is showing the Wizards on one channel and ACC basketball on the other. Why can’t Sinclair ask Channel 7 to show the game on one of their digital subchannels since they own the station? Nope, have to watch online instead! Dave (2/8/17)

The Washington Post really wants you to send them “Confidential tips”. Want to rat someone out? Got a beef with a government official? Know where Steve Bannon keeps his whips & chains? Want to turn in your mother-in-law for tax evasion? Have a recording of Donald Trump beating his dog? Just follow this link and report it a dozen different ways to the Post: www.washingtonpost.com (2/8/17)

It’s funny to hear THOM on the Junkies….. Especially Cakes who used to make fun of his voice. But, I’m glad JFK picked him up. TEM is a mess. OOBBEE (2/8/17)

I love your site..congrats on BDay wishes in Politico this AM! (2/8/17)

Anyone on the radio side of things here know who in DC repairs or refurbs DAT machines? (2/8/17)

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\/ February 7 Messages \/

I was 19 years old when I started working at WCAO and every other DJ was at least 15 years older. they were all great to work with, but Les Alexander was the best. Ken Merson and Jack Edwards said some great things about him and I just want to add that Les really helped me get over the feeling that I was just a kid in a world of great talent. He was a great influence and I'll miss him. Ed Graham (2/7/17)

WBAL does make it hard to listen. I felt beaten and abused by the intense repetition of their call letters in their imaging and format features. Driving in Charm City around the 2 hour, there were no less than 3 mentions of the call letters in separate recordings in the 10 seconds at the top of the hour ID. Three more in 5 seconds in the 2 minutes coming out of the network news. The repetition is brutal and if I were a baltimoron, I'd have tuned it out years ago for being treated like an idiot. Oh. And then the pre recorded weather forecast spoke about gradual clearing this morning .... At 2:05 in the afternoon. Bad programming and amateur hour. (2/7/17)

R.I.P: Former Baltimore Radio Personality Les Alexander mediaconfidential.blogspot.com (2/7/17)

I was watching the New “To Tell The Truth,” hoping for a serial killer segment (really, Google Ed Edwards and then watch www.youtube.com), and the new segment had the very first guest on the “Oprah Winfrey Show.” It was a woman who wrote a how to marry the man of your choice book. When asked how she sold 10,000 copies of her book after the appearance, because, Oprah was a new show at that point without a big following, contestant number two said Oprah had a radio show before the TV show, so Oprah did had a big following. I turned to my wife and said “No, Oprah was in Baltimore doing a morning talk show with Richard Sher.” Tom Bergeron, a judge on TTTT, before making his pick said, that Oprah did not have a radio show, and stated clearly, Oprah, in the early 80’s “was in fact in Baltimore hosting ‘People are Talking.’” How did Tom know the title of the regional show Oprah did back in the 80’s? A quick google search showed Tom hosted the Boston version of “People are Talking,” in 1987. I believe back then both the Boston and the Baltimore stations were owned by Westinghouse. Oprah was probable a big hero for all the "People are Talking" franchise hosts back then. (2/7/17)

RE: WCAO Baltimore Radio great Les Alexander - Confirming what my friend Roddy Freeman posted earlier. Here’s the link to the Baltimore Sun’s story on Les with thoughtful remarks courtesy of onetime WCAO news guy Frank Luber now with WCBM Baltimore. Les truly ruled the Top 40 wake up ratings for many years before moving to middays. “The Beard” was affable, fun to listen to and beloved by both the kids and their parents. Safe travels, Les. www.baltimoresun.com – Ken Merson – CBS Radio Baltimore. (2/7/17)

Looks like the FCC is going to end the so called quiet period to allow broadcast stations to negotiate channel assignments. As you know the quiet period was instituted a year ago to prevent collusion in the recently nearly completed spectrum auction. We may soon learn which Washington stations will sign off the air or combine broadcasting operations with another. We may also see some stations swap channel assignments with another to achieve better coverage. What DC stations or Baltimore stations do you expect to sign off or combined operations with another existing station. (2/7/17)

I just read on another website that Les Alexander, a major personality on WITH and WCAO in the 50’s and 60’s, has passed away at the age of 93. Roddy Freeman (2/7/17)

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\/ February 6 Messages \/

Today, February 6th, is Ronaldo Maximus Reagan’s 106th birthday: wikipedia.org... Happy Birthday Gipper-in-Chief! And on the other hand, it’s also WJFK Junkies’ Eric Bickell’s 47th birthday: twitter.com/EBJunkies... Go figure: what a world of difference! (2/6/17)

[Dave's response: In the ad, Chris is promising "private time" with his listeners. I think that's scaring some away - particularly the women.....] ..Oh Dave, I would have thought you understood the CRUISING scene better. "Private time" is part and parcel of the deal. The significant thing, which you missed as usual, is "other people who've bought it don't want it, therefore it's desirable." ... Much like the black background on your website. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/6/17)

Re: WTOP removing comments- I just noticed that the IMDB.com website which features the most extensive data on Worldwide entertainment content will disable their message boards on February 20, 2017. This includes the Private Message system. " After in-depth discussion and examination, it has been concluded that IMDb's message boards are no longer providing a positive, useful experience for the vast majority of our more than 250 million monthly users worldwide. The decision to retire a long-standing feature was made only after careful consideration and was based on data and traffic." (2/6/17)

Was listening to Dave's secret crush, Chris Plante, this morning and he was shilling for some cruise deal. The selling point was "People are canceling so there are slots opening up." Curious. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/6/17)

Dave's response: In the ad, Chris is promising "private time" with his listeners. I think that's scaring some away - particularly the women.....

"WTOP directs those who are interested in commenting on stories to its Facebook and Twitter pages....." So the same trolls using fake profile names can still post nasty things! (2/6/17)

Too much Super Bowl Party or Jumped the Podcasting Shark? Mike Sorce's Don Geronimo Show subscription based Podcast takes another day off on Monday. In other news, the Mike O'Meara Show with Robb Spewak is all funny systems go today. (2/6/17)

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\/ February 5 Messages \/

I bought a newer model of the Insignia HD pocket radio on Amazon cause they don't make it any more and it's more sensitive than the older model I have. it locks onto DC101 HD 2 signal quite well I noticed Saturday afternoon it had a Caps game on while it plays rock normally Im in Woodbridge is that the only place on radio to hear Caps games? Does anyone know I know that was mentioned on here awhile back I believe 1500 Fed news dropped Caps games? Also noticed haven't been able to reach the HD Radio website for weeks if you want to know what HD radio programming was available in any city in the US that was where you went just keep saying site cant be reached.Guess I am the minority of people interested. (2/5/17)

Dave's response: We've reported that iHeart is now carrying the Caps on the low-powered 104.7 from Silver Spring which is fed by DC101's digital HD2. I believe WFED is still carrying Caps games when the Wizards aren't playing.....

Hey DCRTVDJDAVE who do you want to see prevail in The Super Bowl and who would you do, Tom Brady or Matt Ryan? The Washington Post’s “Super Coverage”: www.washingtonpost.com (2/5/17)

Re: WTOP removing comments- I never really saw anything blatantly offensive in the comments section, but what I did see were comments complaining about incomplete information in stories, poor grammar, and typos. Maybe they were just tired of the criticism. (2/5/17)

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\/ February 4 Messages \/

"WTOP's statement essentially means "We love free speech, but we don't want it on our site because of some of the things the readers have been saying." I thought that was the point of free speech. Maybe I'm wrong... From, Amar " Yeah, 'Amar' Turkish for 'Mercy', you are wrong. It's as simple as that. In other news Patton Oswalt's wife apparently succumbed to the Lowell George Special yet he can't shut up. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/4/17)

"Dave's response: I really don't know. I have very little knowledge of Entercom management since we don't have any of their stations in the DC area. Anybody got some ideas?" Dave, is it possible you haven't heard about the CBS Radio-Entercom merger? Say it ain't so! Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/4/17)

Dave's response: Someone was asking me about the merger and I said that I didn't know how Entercom management could change things at the CBS Radio stations.....

I see WHUT 32.2 (SD) is now carrying PBS Kids after years of supplying a down-converted SD version of their HD signal on that secondary channel...Too little...to late. Howard University hopes to get big bucks selling off that spectrum... The Radio/TV career students lose out in the end...Tracy in Odenton (2/4/17)

Tell the guy curious about the NBC building that network took over the old basement space which once houses. NBC and WRC radio moved to the third floor of the new addition in the early 80's. The space stayed empty when GE sold radio in the mid-80's. That space has been turned into MSNBC studios. (2/4/17)

Watching the Wizards pre game show hosted by Brent Harris along with Tony Massenburg. Those Two guys are great..But who the heck is J Michael and Scott Jackson and where did they come from? Seems like every pre or post game Wizzards show, there is someone different hosting with people we've never heard of...CSN is in serious trouble. (2/4/17)

/\ February 4 Messages /\

\/ February 3 Messages \/

Know what's weird? I find Conservative Talk on WMAL not to be anywhere near as entertaining as it was before election day. Without a legitimate target (Obama), its all just blahblah. This happened once before during the Bush II presidency, when all Rush Limbaugh could do was gripe about the Clintons for eight years. And they were long gone by then. WMAL has become just as bitter and angry as that puffball in the White House. Not entertaining at all. (2/3/17)

Hi Dave, What effect, do you think Entercom would have on CBS' s all news stations like WCBS, WINS, KRLD, KCBS, WWJ, WBBM, KNX, even WBZ, and KRLD? Living near Boston, I can tell you that not much importance is placed on news product... (2/3/17)

Dave's response: I really don't know. I have very little knowledge of Entercom management since we don't have any of their stations in the DC area. Anybody got some ideas?

A couple things, 1) WMAL's been stereo again for pretty much the whole week. Could this confirm what Dave has been saying recently, and WMAL may flip formats, possibly to music? They could be testing the stereo signal and quality, prepping for the switch. 2) You can't have it both ways. I hate "hateful and racist dialogue" as much as the next guy, but that definition isn't objective. WTOP's statement essentially means "We love free speech, but we don't want it on our site because of some of the things the readers have been saying." I thought that was the point of free speech. Maybe I'm wrong... From, Amar (2/3/17)

People Magazine claims that having problems with Trump is good for your marriage: “Megyn Kelly Reveals How Her Public Clash with Donald Trump Strengthened Her Marriage”. Yet another hidden asset of The Don: people.com (2/3/17)

The Irish magazine “The Village” has on its February 2017 cover a photo of Trump with a target on his head with the hear “Why Not”. Some Irish village is missing their village idiot. Remember the furor in The Huffington Post over Sarah Palin’s web site when it simply had a target icon linked to targeted legislative seats (something everybody in the business refers to): www.huffingtonpost.com... This cover beats that hands down: www.thesun.co.uk (2/3/17)

When I watch NBC News or MSNBC programs and there's a cut to Washington, there seems to be an endless number of news sets in DC. In the late 60s and early 70s, I used to visit the NBC headquarters on Nebraska Avenue from time to time and I recall two rather large TV studios on the main floor. Downstairs, down the hall and around the corner from where the AM and FM radio studios were, there was also a small TV studio just across the way from a large TV control room. I think I heard or read somewhere along the way that in the mid/late 70s, radio was moved to a new building behind 4001. Maybe TV took over the old downstairs radio space, though I'd think the ceiling height would make that rather uncomfortable, due to lighting for TV. Does anyone know what the current TV layout at NBC-DC is these days? I'm curious to know what emanates from where, at good ol' WRC. (2/3/17)

WTOP apparently was having so many problems with comments posted to stories on its web site and staff time monitoring them that they have decided to do away with them altogether: thank God DCRTVDJDAVE still allows the DCRTV award winning “Mailbag”. WTOP gives the following reason: wtop.com (2/3/17)

Drives me crazy when TV news anchors say ‘yeah’, like they do on WBAL all the time. Do it once it sounds conversational and is OK. More than once it sounds lazy and fake. (Of course, I also hate when the kids jump on the sofa). Bob A. in Pikesville, MD. (2/3/17)

"OMG..."blinder than Ed Walker??" REALLY??? How low can you go, dude." But Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are still fair game, right? Just checkin'. Take your time explaining why you're not a racist. I'll help. It's because Stevie and Ray are cultural icons and Ed Walker is not. You're offended for the same reason people care about who "runs" the FCC (hint: it's not the Chairman). Because you're parochial. As the late Miguel Ferrer said in Twin Peaks, "My concerns are global." As for the Wetton Asia voice blurb, they're generally recorded before the person in question dies. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/3/17)

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I can verify that the 104.7 WWDC-HD2 relay isn’t even good to Gaithersburg. Taking I-495 from Georgia Avenue to Rockville Pike north, it comes in OK until you approach what’s left of White Flint Mall, and then the Hagerstown station starts punching major holes in it. Jeff (2/2/17)

RE: "Dave still makes the decisions". Let me hit back first....if your joke had been funny, maybe it would have been easier to spot. Second, here is the real joke: Dave Labrozzi making decision. That guy can't make a decision if there was only one choice to decide on. He failed at programming a country station, which the guy loves country. "Wallpaper" is busting ass every day on that place, yet Davey boy takes credit for it. Typical for that building. (2/2/17)

"How low can you go?" Lower than your mother, Trebek! (2/2/17)

One year ago today Bill Parris passed away, he is missed by all that worked with him. He was eccentric, funny, a loyal friend and fun to work with. May he Rest in Peace. A friend. (2/2/17)

Well, Dave, it’s official – the signal for 104.7 doesn’t make it to toothless Frederick; there’s a country station in Hagerstown that comes in like it’s next door, all the way from Gaithersburg north. Looks like the only way to listen to the Caps while mobile is on the (formerly Caps, now NHL) streaming app. Last night, I had the good fortune to watch it in the Tioga RV, while eating a Walmart frozen pizza, which I shared with Jax. He offered to share his can of 9 Lives, but I declined (gack!). Girlfriend went back to Canada, nothing to do at night anymore. Catch you later! Send money! Nomadic Cat-addict. (2/2/17)

OMG..."blinder than Ed Walker??" REALLY??? How low can you go, dude. (2/2/17)

"Hey, we're freezing our asphalt off up here!" ... Ha ha ha good one, Long Roofing. Its been seven weeks since that TV flight started. Joke's over. (2/2/17)

Large Lee Chambers shares 23 minutes of early-Seventies PAMS Pop Tops from the Rock of the Bay, Annapolis WYRE! How many titles can YOU identify? soundcloud.com (2/2/17)

Recently while watching "What's My Line" on Buzzer 5-2 (I know, it's hard to admit that), we put it on Mute and Closed Captions to answer a phone call and in the captions it said "Ms. Kilgallen" and "Ms. Francis". You know that John Daly (the host) was saying "Miss Kilgallen" and "Miss Francis" because the term "Ms." was definitely not in existence in the north in the mid-1950s (it was before 1956 because Fred Allen was on it, and he died in early 1956). except maybe in Snuffy Smith comics as "Miz" and wasn't anything anyone wrote that way until 1971 just before the time Ms. Magazine came about. This either shows the lack of knowledge of youth creating the closed captions or my age for even realizing it. -- Carl in Olney (2/2/17)

Recently I wrote "Where's Niles Seeburg or Bob Moke when you need them?" That was a stab at a joke, and if you couldn't see that, you're blinder than Ed Walker. ...and just because Wallpaper gets to hit the "schedule" button and voice his opinion to Papa Dave, it really doesn't mean anything. Dave still makes the decisions. (2/2/17)

I just heard a bumper on Sirius saying "Hi the is John Wetton From Asia. And you are listening to the Big 80s on Eight". How far in advance do they record programing for that channel? (2/2/17)

There can't be anyone in any key demo listening, but Andy O's Our Town podcast has some great conversations of interest to oldsters. This one with Johnny Holiday is GREAT: ourtowndc.com... This one with Ernie Bauer is full of wonderful stories, including some Glenn Brenner and TV9 stories: ourtown.com... There's a good one with Tim Brandt: ourtowndc.com... And this from the still lovely and exciting Wendy Reiger: ourtowndc.com... Better listening than Mr. Tony some days . . . Great listening for long time DC media folks. (2/2/17)

FNC according to the Washington Post seriously messed up with its reporting about the Quebec shootings: www.washingtonpost.com (2/2/17)

RE: “Dear Dave, indeed be careful on your daily hikes in the wilds of Reston. I once spotted a lynx on the sidewalk next to Armstrong Elementary. Plenty of fox and coons out there - some with rabies. How can we get you a concealed pistol permit? M (2/1/17)” DCRTVDJDAVE is SAFE to journey outside again as Ollie has been found of all places at the very zoo he “escaped” from: thank God Dave and you may resume your journey in the wilds! From the DCist: “They say as soon you stop looking for love Olllie, she comes to you. Hours after announcing that zookeepers were ending the active search for a missing bobcat, the National Zoo said that Ollie has been found! A spokesperson for the zoo was unable to provide immediate updates, but a 5 p.m. press conference will be streamed live on Facebook. "I don’t mean to be pessimistic at all, but we're looking for a cat who could literally be sitting in a tree right next to us," Craig Saffoe, the curator of great cats, said at a press conference this morning. His words proved prescient, as Ollie was found on the zoo's grounds within hours.” More from the DCist and she gets her own presser: dcist.com (2/2/17)

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WMAL talkers beware: your words “do matter” on air and may be inspiring terrorist acts in Washington ala Quebec’s recent shootings: “Quebec City (AFP) - After a shooting rampage at a Quebec City mosque, the Canadian province's popular conservative talk radio hosts have come under fire for allegedly spreading intolerance and hate. Critics say the talk shows fuel a divisive climate that allows extreme ideologies to take root and flourish -- a charge that has taken on heightened relevance after a gunman with far-right sympathies opened fire on Muslim worshippers, killing six and wounding eight more. While not pointing a finger at any specific person or organization, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard emphasized Tuesday that "words do matter." Residents of Quebec City tend to vote more conservatively than the rest of the province. Some say that radio stations like local FM93 and Radio X -- which are respectively the region's second and third-most listened to, with a combined 30 percent market share -- simply reflect their audience's views.” So Brian Wilson, Chris Plante, Rush Limbaugh, Larry O’Connor, Mark Levin and Bill Hess be forewarned: www.yahoo.com (2/1/17)

Congratulations to the new FCC Chairman Pai. You have done more for radio than anyone else at the FCC. It will not be easy to "drain the swamp" at the FCC. (2/1/17)

RE: "Where's Niles Seeburg or Bob Moke when you need them?" Do you really think these two could program a station in today's environment. That's a big bag of NO. Greg has more say on the music that you think. Everything Dave L puts his hands on sinks. Look at New then Hit Country. HFS. Mix. (2/1/17)

Bill Lord seems to be the problem with news shows going stupid. Back in the day Good Morning Washington WAS a news show. Horace Holmes and someone named Allison (I don’t remember her last name) anchored it and it was serious news. The problem is that the competition is so fierce that the local stations seem to feel they need to fill 2 1/2 hours from 4:30-7 am. Fill it with what? News? Oh No! Contests, field trips, exercise classes, etc. Bill Lord did it to WJLA and as soon as he moved to WUSA he created Good Day Washington which is the same stupid fluff format. Why not just put the news on from 6-7 am and cut the crap. They could always break into regular earlier programming every half hour for traffic and weather like they do during the 7-9 am hours. It would save the stations money if they didn’t have to pay for the full 2 1/2 hours of garbage! I guess Andrea Roane didn’t get with the fluff program and that’s why she got demoted. (2/1/17)

"Maureen has been a trusted voice for progress in our community, and within our ranks," says WJLA News Director Mitch Jacob. "She is a journalist and advocate of the highest order, and we will miss her insight and passion tremendously." Oh, please, are you kidding? She, Leon, Tim, Bruce and others deserved better. (2/1/17)

Re: WJLA just goes from bad to worse.? Out: Real news people like Bunyan and DePuyt (who provided an invaluable public service). In: stupid cupid contest and dancing around the set. Seems more like the old Gong Show or Clarabelle's antics on Howdy Doody than any kind of serious programming. (2/1/17)

Dear Dave, indeed be careful on your daily hikes in the wilds of Reston. I once spotted a lynx on the sidewalk next to Armstrong Elementary. Plenty of fox and coons out there - some with rabies. How can we get you a concealed pistol permit? M (2/1/17)

WMAL goes anti-Trump? Seems that while listening to Mark Levin online tonight all of a sudden listeners could have heard “anti-Trump” rap song instead: www.yahoo.com (2/1/17)

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