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DCRTV Mailbag - March 1, 2017 to March 31, 2017

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Is the WCTN transmitter still trying to feed three towers instead of the remaining two? I can see how that might play havoc with the loading. Some nearby station (or a local packrat engineer) ought to have a little 1 kilowatter laying around they can rent or loan them just to get them back on the air. (3/31/17)

WCTN is NOT "dark". The transmitter is having terrible issues. Any engineering types that know a Harris SX (known as the sucks series) transmitter knows that they are not easy to repair. (3/31/17)

The Washington Post’s Fung continues with his reports about internets security, now focusing on “HTTPS” & “porn websites”: www.washingtonpost.com... He cites the “Google Transparency Report” of top sites, but somehow DCRTV.com did not make the list. Dave, can we assume that yours is a “safe” site? Here’s the list, which oddly does not include The Drudge Report: www.google.com... (3/31/17)

According to the WRNR (the Annapolis one) website they still have a pretty good sized staff for a station of that size. Sounds like someone has a gripe? (3/31/17)

Another DC area AM Station has gone Dark. WCTN 950 AM, licensed to Potomac Maryland, went dark about a month ago. It is owned by a New York company. It has been absentee owned since being purchased by Win Radio in 2002. (3/31/17)

WMAL’s “Mourning The Mauled” featured a rare live appearance by one Bill Hess being interviewed by Brian Wilson. Apparently there is The Hess Rule that nothing be said ill about Beyonce now immortalized as a cheese statue: www.cnn.com (3/31/17)

For the record, National Black Forest Cake Day got more publicity on March 28 than 98Rock's 40th anniversary. Looking ahead 10 years, maybe the crack promotions people at the station could light 50 candles on a black forest cake filled with Exlax and send it to the Hearst suits for doing such a shitty job promoting the station. (3/31/17)

WTOP’s website is carrying news this evening (3/30) of the second eaglet hatching at the bald eagle nest at the National Arboretum. I have a suggestion for very D.C. names for the little ones. How about “Harden” and “Weaver”? Or, perhaps “Walker” and “Scott”? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/31/17)

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I am very saddened at the sudden news that longtime Washington area broadcaster and a good friend for almost 40 years, Dave DeForest passed away earlier this week. Dave was apparently, in good health until being stricken very recently with a devastating illness. Dave and I worked together back in the late 1970’s at WEZR radio in Fairfax, Va. We were both announcers there. We also worked together at WGAY in the 1980’s. And, we were both newscasters at VOA a few years back. Dave had spent close to 20 years at VOA until his tragic death. He was 64. As a quality broadcaster, he will be missed, and as a good friend, I will always miss him. Bob Gotkin (3/30/17)

I cannot tell since I don’t get them on cable anymore, but is Sinclair’s Charge! network on any of its Baltimore channels, 24, 45, or 54? None are listed as an affiliate currently on the Charge! TV website. (3/30/17)

Based on the ratings, every single viewer of MeTV is posting in the mailbag. (3/30/17)

The Washington Post’s Fung has a story (www.washingtonpost.com) with the header “What to expect now that Internet providers can collect and sell your Web browser history” that portends “After Congress handed President Trump legislation Tuesday that would wipe away landmark privacy protections for Internet users, we received a lot of reader questions about what happens next. The legislation makes it easier for Internet providers, such as AT&T and Verizon, to collect and sell information such as your Web browsing history and app usage. But let's get into the details: You wanted to know whether the measure could help the government dig up dirt on people. You asked how to protect your privacy. And some of you even asked if it would be possible to buy up the online browsing histories of Trump or members of Congress.” Asked and answered? For some reason The Hill in a story with the header “Internet users raise funds to buy lawmakers' browsing histories in protest” took Fung to task thehill.com saying, “A Washington Post reporter also wrote it would be possible to buy the data “in theory, but probably not in reality.” So which is it: can anybody, even a Member of Congress, have their web history bought or is this “not in reality”. (3/30/17)

RE: “5 To Launch Nightly Political Show - 3/29 - TVSpy reports that Channel 5/WTTG is launching a nightly political show. With a working title of "The Final Five," the program will bump "TMZ" from its slot after the WTTG late news Monday through Friday. No word from Fox-owned WTTG about hosts, TV Spy adds. More as we hear it.....” Well Mailbaggers, “The Final Five” sounds like a sports event more than a “political show” or a terminal version of this FNC “political show” whose name sounds litigiously close: www.foxnews.com (3/30/17)

HBO’s “The Sopranos” has a classic scene where Sil says to Tony and the boys, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in” www.youtube.com... Apparently FNC thinks like the mob: just when we thought Judge Napolitano was out, they pull him back in, resuming him as an analyst after suspending him over his involvement with Trump’s “Obambi bugged my campaign” Tweet. Napolitano wasted no time and reinterated his original accusation: www.washingtonpost.com... (3/30/17)

ME-TV is airing tonight OTA on WTTG 5-3. (3/30/17)

If Cumulus goes into bankruptcy, it could effect the entire radio industry. This is sad and shows what can happen when you have massive debt and poor management. (3/30/17)

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Channel 5.3 is MeTV now. "M*A*S*H" was on from 7:30 to 8:00, and "Andy Griffth" was on 8:00 to 8:30. They must be showing back-to-back episodes, as it's on now too, at 8:33. My Vizio E322AR, the Wonder TV, found the channel all by itself. I was scrolling up the channels, and 5.3 popped up automagically. Channel 7-2, not to be undone, is showing "A Bullet for Pretty Boy." I do not know when the transition occurred. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (3/29/17)

Dave's response: Confirmed. MeTV is now on WTTG's 5.3 as of Wednesday evening.....

Although not totally local, but just read an article about GMA and it made me think of former FOX5 anchor Amy Robach. Was wondering how she's doing on GMA as whenever I see press for that show, it's about everyone else on there but her. Lots of stuff about Robin Roberts, Michael Strahan and Lara Spencer. But not much about Amy. I understand that awhile she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, but I think it was caught in time and she's in remission. Anyway, liked her when she was at FOX5...and speaking of FOX 5, was glad to see Annie Yu on there this morning. Didn't miss cackling Holly at all. (3/29/17)

Me TV website lists WTTG 5-3 as the new home in DC for its programming so maybe I'm thinking April 1 even they don't list a start date but say to rescan if you ate receiving over the air but so far nothing on there yet. (3/29/17)

Does anyone know when Fox channel 5.3 will take over METV or if it has started? I live in Rockville, MD and whenever I go to that channel it shows just "no signal." I don't know if it's my TV or if METV hasn't started on 5.3 as yet. I do not have cable and use antennas. (3/29/17)

Dave's response: I'm seeing nothing regarding 5.3 either. If I see anything I'll let you know.....

We were talking at lunch today about the “re-pack revenue” various broadcasters will receive. I couldn’t resist commenting that the next re-pack auction will involve channels 14-36. And, after that one, there will be broadcasters going away permanently. When will it happen? My guess is sometime between the years 2030-2040. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/29/17)

FYI: Both Comcast.net and WTOP.com are demanding a suspicious Flash Player update. BEWARE. I’ve checked with Adobe.com and I know my plug-in is up to date. Many websites hacked or designed to hack attempt to get you to upgrade to a suspicious Flash Player Plug In that will allow your computer to be exploited. Any website that gives this fake warning to me I avoid. It either means they don’t know what the hell they are doing/website outdated or their websites have been hacked or non-secure or any/all of the the three. Comcast doesn’t surprise me. They just don’t give a rats ass about their customers. Now WTOP, I’m a bit surprised to get that FAKE warning. (3/29/17)

This notion that because Comcast & Verizon contract out their Program Guide service doesn’t make them any less responsible for the content. I find it hard to believe that Fox News is deliberately giving them incorrect programming information daily. The responsibility for the daily mistakes lies WITH THEM! I find it extremely difficult to believe that a national news network doesn’t want people know what they have on the air. Comcast then uses this error-prone programming guide sometimes to CONTENT BLOCK certain syndicated programs under the FCC’s network and syndication exclusivity rules. One time, I got a message from Comcast that a program on WBAL TV 11 was the exclusive content of WRC TV 4. And I was like WTF?! I live on the Eastern Shore. Clearly neither of those 2 stations would able to block syndicated content from each other in an outside market! And I checked to see if the show was on any local station and no, it wasn’t. But the REAL maddening thing was that Sunday Night Football ran long, so instead of blocking the syndicated show, Comcast BLOCKED the Ravens Wrap-Up show, which is available nowhere else in the market. Clearly Comcast has no one in any sort of Master Control to monitor these mistakes. If it was an obscure channel, I’d understand, but this is a network TV station. That’s inexcusable. (3/29/17)

Come on now, how many times are we going to keep seeing the same posts about Cumulus stock and when will it be delisted? It's like the movie Groundhog Day over and over and over! Pleeease, write to the regulators at NASDAQ and complain if you are so unhappy. We all know Cumulus has their issues. Now, make it interesting and startup a website showing the listings of all the media stocks, with your analysis, that may actually be worth reading. (3/29/17)

I was absolutely shocked, gobsmacked, and flabbergasted when I heard a one-hour infomercial on WCBS-880 in New York. Is CBS that hard up for cash that they can't just play the news 24 hours/day? I am sure they believe that the people who want news would just go to WINS-1010, which CBS also owns. But it is hard to believe that the absolute best-run all news station wouldn't be on with something other than a one-hour ad for (insert your own vulgar noun here). I have listened to my share of all-news stations, including (besides the usual CBS-owned suspects) CFTR-680 in Toronto, KQV-1410 in Pittsburgh, and LBC News-1152 in London, and everything pales in comparison to WCBS, except maybe for KCBS-740 & 106.9, which comes close, but is still not quite as good. And now WCBS has infomercials on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. What is the world coming to? Even when they carried Yankee games, you could hear WCBS's news on the Internet. What a letdown. -- Carl in Olney (3/29/17)

97.9 FM has an interesting history. It originally went on the air as WMAR FM at the same time as WMAR TV in 1948, both owned by The Baltimore Sun at the time. It was only used for transit purposes mostly to be heard on busses & trollies. It only lasted for about 2 years and The Sun turned in the license to the FCC. The second 97.9 FM was called WFDS-FM in 1958, started by an electrical engineer, one of the earliest FMs to experiment with Stereo music, classical music. That was bought by Hearst in 1960 which kept classical music until 1975 and the failed NBC Radio’s NIS news network. Low ratings led them to drop it on March 28, 1977 for WIYY 98 Rock to compete with smaller competing stations that were doing well at the time with rock music, lower powered FMs WLPL 92.3 and WKTK 105.7 (3/29/17)

WXVA AM 610 is on life support basically. There are tight protections for AM 610 and their 4 tower site is gone. They are only temporarily operating from a nearby tower under STA. I doubt they have the money to build a new 4 tower array The FCC is not going to let them stay non-directional indefinitely at night where they could easily interfere with either WCAO AM 600 Baltimore or Philadelphia’s WTEL AM 610. This is a station who’s only way of staying on the air permanently is probably if the FCC allows them to just shut down the AM and operate the 250 watt FM by itself. About the FM 104.3 in Ocean Pines, they are moving that FM closer to Salisbury as WOCQ OC 104’s signal starts to get weak there. I’m unclear about the future of Ocean City’s 105.1 FM. (3/29/17)

Dave: I was watching to Caps game last night in Fairfax and the volume was a bit low. However, in the 1-hour period I was watching, I realized how cheap and over-sold the CSN broadcast has become. I'm all for selling etc., however, virtual signage during an away game, come on! Also, I really think the CSN product has reached rock-bottom with their recycled talent and holy attitude. I guess none of this will change given the fact they already do the sports segments for ch.4 in which they can't afford more light or to buy an "insignia" tv from Best Buy to put behind their very young anchor. I guess it's like sportstalk radio in the market, amateur hour! (3/29/17)

President Trump is looking for a Democrat to serve on the FCC. Rather than a politician, why not consider someone who is an experienced broadcaster? The FCC is making the "rules & regulations" for broadcasters and no one at the FCC has ever had any experience in broadcasting. When Dick Wiley was Chairman of the FCC, he sent two bus loads of FCC people out to WKCW 1420 AM in Warrenton, VA . They were surprised how a small AM station must operate. The station operated out of a 1200 sq ft building and a very small operating budget. When the FCC passes all these new regulations, they don't consider the small radio stations that cannot afford to operate with all the regulations that don't even apply to a small station. One visitor from the FCC was shocked to find out that the revenue was only $10,000 per month and the operating expenses were $15,000 per month. (3/29/17)

Entercom announced that they must divest 14 stations, when they take over the CBS Radio Group, in order to comply with FCC Rules. Just put them in your "trust" like iHeart did and you can operate them forever. For example, iHeart was suppose to sell WFRE 99.9 FM in 2007. They still own it and operate it in their "trust" ten years later. They have enjoyed the cash flow from this station for ten years now. (3/29/17)

How is the Cumulus Stock doing? It is at an all time low of just 33 cents per share. The 52 week high was $4 per share. How long will Nasdaq let them ride at this low price? They are suppose to be de-listed when the price drops below $1 per share. (3/29/17)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies had Montgomery County policeman Sgt. Dolan and his dog, Sam, were in studio this morning talking with the boys. Seems Sam is an internets sensation (7 million plus views) after the canine took to the rink at a Capitals game to chase a puck around. It is a wild watch and maybe the Caps should sign him as a ringer for the playoffs: sports.yahoo.com (3/29/17)

In response to your comments about 98 rock. I would say it is 85% true. I wouldn't say its the greatest station of its kind in the United states. I think WMMR in Philadelphia fits the bill much better. They have stayed the same since 1968. Pierre Robert has been at that station for about 40 year and is an excellent DJ. (3/29/17)

Much thanks to the respondent on my radar and repack questions. Rejoice! Facebook Topper said he would see would he could do about getting a page back up for Live Doppler 9000 (or whatever they want to call it now). Of course Topper isn't the grand overlord of WUSA and has people to work with and answer to, but I'm sure if he can make it happen he will. If it has the same accuracy and functionality as before then I'll definitely be there. To the point about stations 36 and above being disgruntled about being singled out, correct me if I'm wrong but didn't pretty much all of the stations get to choose their channel after the digital conversion. I mean the FCC chose digital allocations, but in most cases stations got to choose to stay on either their pre or post transition spots, right? So really they should have seen this coming and it's their fault if they didn't plan ahead. Plus who in the general public even knows this is coming up? What recourse is there this time when the station gets loads of coverage complaints? Dave may not agree but I think there are just as many people as back then receiving over the air television when factoring in those (like myself) who use that to supplement streaming. Even with a couple years to go, I don't see this going well. Can't we just scrap this whole thing the way it is now and start over? Right... Too much bureaucratic BS with this as everything else. Such is life. (3/29/17)

The program guide issued by Comcast and Verizon isn't populated by them. The guide is done by an external service where they license the data. If a station was saying that they're airing MeTV or whatever the provider will continue to schedule that until they say otherwise. (3/29/17)

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Re: "Jummy Olabanji leavig for New York. I still miss @ABC7Jummy the former fine street reporter, bur won't really miss Jummy the Clown from the Sinclair Morning Circus", I totally agree. Amazing how these reporters and anchors have sold their soul and lowered their standards to put on a dog and pony show in the morning. The NY station must've selected her on her previous work because I can't see any of these morning show clowns being considered based on their current work. But I guess they're willing to act a fool to avoid being sent out in the field to do "REAL" reporting. (3/28/17)

Who puts the on screen TV guide when you are recieving with an antenna? that's what I was referring to when I called Sinclair idiots? If it was Comcast or Fios I was using then its on them?My LG TV has on screen info if the station transmits it over the air program name, episode info ,resolution 1080 720 ect. (3/28/17)

The same Press Release on WXVA was carried on all the newsletters today. WXVA is 300 Watts on 610 AM and the translator is 250 Watts on 102.9 FM. It does not show up in the Nielsen ratings in Winchester. (3/28/17)

WMZQ, owned by iHeart, ratings continue to drop. WFRE, also owned by iHeart,( in their "trust") ratings continue to drop. How does iHeart continue to own WFRE when they agreed to sell this station ten years ago? When you put your station in your "trust", does this mean you can leave it in your "trust" forever? Let's hope the new FCC Chairman will look into this loophole. (3/28/17)

Mr. Olney, WXVA is on 610, WINC is on 1400. Carry on... (3/28/17)

Regarding Baltimore weather radars WJZ's seems to still be running while WMAR completely scrapped theirs. When they debuted their set a year or two ago they installed the latest WSI system and now they rely on the NWS sites. Found this out by asking one of their meteorologists on twitter. (3/28/17)

Re Jummy Olabanji leavig for New York. I still miss @ABC7Jummy the former fine street reporter, bur won't really miss Jummy the Clown from the Sinclair Morning Circus. (3/28/17)

Who can interpret the WMZQ ratings? The latest ratings Dave posted show the station in 10th place, and the quarterly books usually have it a bit lower, right? Are the suits happy with that placement? Has a piped-in morning show been a good thing, cost-wise, for the station? I'm an on-and-off listener, mostly off these days because mainstream country music has gone from bad to worse. But I'm also a 40-something-year-old guy, and I get the sense the station has no interest in me. Still, are the folks in charge pleased with where their country station is in a market like DC? Should it be higher, or is it doing well - or just fine? (3/28/17)

Its 98 Rock's "40th Anniversary"...? Wow. I did not know that... they only "celebrated" with what a segment on that blah JSS morning show? (dont get me started on how weak that show is) and some lame afternoon music segment? It is 98 Rocks 40th anniversary and the station did not do a big public celebration??? No month long celebration if it is such a "great rock station"? with historic radio spots & flashback recordings? (like 93.3 WMMR in Philadelphia does...where I live I can listen to 98 Rock -or- 93.3 WMMR thankfully) Where are the 98 Rock '40th anniversary' t-shirts? or even anniversary celebration concert? (like 93.3.WMMR does) I just dont get 98 Rock sometimes... they dont play alot of new, deep, or alternative rock music and have very few DJs or outreach-community events in the Baltimore area (like WMMR in Philadelphia) (3/28/17)

More word from the shore. It seems OC 104 is now broadcasting in HD. HD 2 was playing some form of Rock, but I cannot hold the HD signal in the car. I'm pretty sure, they are simulcasting it on 104-3 too, but I will confirm when I have the opportunity to head to OC. I'm shocked, Adams is paying extra fees for a new signal, but... (3/28/17)

Baltimore's 98 Rock, WIYY, 97.9 FM, a rock and roll radio station, came to life on March 28, 1977--and the station has retained the same name, call letters, rock format and owner--the Hearst Corporation--for all of its forty years. Throughout the communities of radio, broadcasting, communications, journalism, rock and roll, music, Baltimore and the Baltimore area, Washington, D.C. and the D.C. area, the music industry, rock and roll in general and in many other communities, 98 Rock is simply recognized as the best rock radio station in the United States--really--and one of the best radio stations, in general, in the United States--really. Forty years later, just like the station has been for the last forty years, in 2017, 98 Rock still remains pertinent, relevant, timely, up-to-date, informative, entertaining, community-oriented, civic-oriented, philanthropic, charitable, finely attuned to rock and roll and music and popular culture and musicians and the local communities and its audience, and the station in recent years has even been the official broadcasting station of The Baltimove Ravens professional football team. 98 Rock through its forty years has of course been the broadcasting home to literally dozens of the literal best deejays, newsmen, entertainment reporters, program managers, program directors, station managers, promotions managers, engineers, producers and even broadcasting interns and rookies in the radio, broadcasting and communications industries--and that's true. Sarah Fleischer--who worked at 98 Rock for her entire career until she resigned just a few years ago; Lopez; Kirk McEwen; Ty Ford; Colleen Carew; Mark Woodward; John Panzarella (sp?); Alan Cordiff (sp?); Aquaman; Tony "Mad Dog" Colter; Bob Rivers, Justin Schlegel; Scott Reardon; Josh Spielgel; Mike Anderson; Amelia; Bob Rivers; Mark Ondayko; Bird; Chris Emry; Jenn; Denise Oliver; Detour Dave Sandler and many, many, many more talented broadcasters and broadcast and radio professionals are among the folks who have worked at 98 Rock through the years. Today, 98 Rock still is among the first rock radio stations in the country to play much of the best, newest rock music; the station still has some of the best rock deejays in the business; the station retains its rock-hard commitments to rock, music, radio, broadcasting, news and information, traffic, sports, comedy, concerts and many other aspects of entertainment and music and popular culture; the station retains its commitments to community, civic groups, charity and helping people in the community; the station broadcasts the Ravens' games in the fall and winter; and the station still plays the best damn mix of rock music anyone can hear anywhere. So Happy Birthday and Happy 40th Birthday to 98 Rock in Baltimore! It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll. For 98 Rock, they've been steadily at the top for forty years. Here's to forty more. --Matt Neufeld (3/28/17)

To the person calling SBG idiots, Sinclair doesn’t run the various programming guides. For instance Comcast is wrong DAILY. They always have the wrong FOX News Channel show listed overnight sometimes for MONTHS without correcting it. Like I said before, the ball is in WTTG FOX 5’s court. Me TV’s website lists them as the official affiliate now and Me TV does NOT list Comcast or Cox Cable as carrying the network and that has nothing to do with Sinclair. (3/28/17)

Great that WTOP can brag about being the top biller. But that's a reflection of how poorly everyone else is doing -- not them blowing off the barn doors. In 2012 WTOP billed $64 million. In 2016: $67 million. Average growth of 1.1% over a four-year period is hardly something to boast about. For years they've been unable to figure out how to grow. Changing consumer tastes, consumption patterns and demographics are leaving them behind. Good business model - if this were 1993. (3/28/17)

I think I saw a few seconds of Andy Griffith on 7.2 last night (Monday). Either I was dreaming (which is not unlikely, as I spend a lot of time in front of the TV asleep), or MeTV was still on 7.2 The MeTV website, checked this morning, says 5.3 is now the channel of choice. www.metv.com ~~ Blair in Alexandria (3/28/17)

Dave's response: Just checked at 2 PM on the 28th and WTTG still does not have its 5.3 subchannel running, just Buzzr on 5.2.....

I did a quick look at "WXVA-FM" 102.9, which is actually W275BV-FM, a translator for WXVA-1400, so even though 102.9 is normally a Class B, 50,000 watt kind of frequency, in this case it's a mere 250 watts and can be heard for about 10 miles around, and mostly to the east of Winchester (thanks, Radio-Locator), hence, not in Woodbridge, unlike WINC-FM which is a full Class B station.. -- Carl in Olney (3/28/17)

Dave's response: And 102.9 in the DC area is a low-power outlet running Bollywood stuff from that big tower by the West Ox Road dump just west of Fairfax.....

WJFK’s John Paul Flame (“Hey JP”) and wife Jess are the proud parents on one Isabella Flame born Saturday, March 25th around six pounds: no word if she will become the fifth Sports Junkie. Congratulations and may her first words be “Hey JP”! (3/28/17)

When does Me TV appear on 5-3 ? the idiots at Sinclair were still listing Me TV Shows on my program guide such as Twilight Zone last night I use an Antenna so this is coming directly from the station yet Charge! Was already on the air showing a movie but 5-3 wasn't in place what day does it go to 5-3? We also need something here in DC Area on radio like the station mentioned in Winchester classic hits funny cant get that station in Woodbridge must not be real powerful but can easily get 92.5 WINC FM From there. (3/28/17)

At the stroke of midnight, Charge dumped Me TV. How do you access 5.3? One hopeful sign is that Cox has picked up Me on Ch. 804. (3/28/17)

Yes, Sinclair bought Dielectric a few years back because it was on the verge of bankruptcy and Sinclair knew it was needed for so many projects, even before repack. Speaking of repack I stopped by the WJLA-WUSA transmitter site today and there's a dumpster in the driveway with probably $100,000+ worth of retired gear "repacked" in there. Somebody's upgrading, bigly. -P of the AW (3/28/17)

Gray Station to Pull the Plug on Newscasts, From FTV Live: Gray's WCAV in Charlottesville uses the slogan, "Where Charlottesville News Comes First." That will no longer be the case on weekends. Sources tell FTVLive that Gray has decided to pull the plug on WCAV's weekend newscasts in a cost cutting move. The station is going to start simulcasting weekend news from WHSV in Harrisonburg, which is an hour away. No word, if they will now dump "Where Charlottesville News Comes First" slogan. Stay tuned... (3/28/17)

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\/ March 27 Messages \/

Here’s an interesting fact about Sinclair Broadcasting that I haven’t heard mentioned. SBG owns Dielectric, the TV transmitter manufacturer, who’s likely to supply and profit immensely from the TV repacking since practically every TV station in America will have to buy a new transmitter if not now, pretty soon. The irony though is that WJLA ABC 7 doesn’t necessarily have to install a new transmitter anytime soon. While there is a repacking cut off date, there is not ATSC 3.0 cut off date, but WJLA 7 can get a new transmitter anytime they want at virtually no cost and have no deadline since they’re staying on Channel 7. www.thebroadcastbridge.com (3/27/17)

[RE: Legend of Cool "Disco" Dan] Saw about 30 minutes of it when it was previously broadcast in February. From what I saw, it didn't make me feel as though I needed to watch the rest ASAP but I haven't deleted it either. It seems not to have been screened for critics because no reviews exist. Thought I had found one in the City Paper but the article I located from around the time of the movie's release several simply mentioned the existence of the movie but did not review it. (3/27/17)

Try this for President Reagan's radio promo for WSM, Nashville: www.youtube.com (3/27/17)

About the repack and why aren’t stations already under channel 38 staying put… I checked this out too and there were complaints from station owners, but this is one of those cases where you can blame the lawyers and lobbyists. The FCC was too scared of being sued by singling out only stations over channel 36, so their lawyers made it completely random affecting all stations good or bad. This is why some stations on a low UHF channel actually got moved up the dial in some cases. These stations will have a reduced coverage area as a result, but by doing it completely random, the only stations allowed to stay on the same channel were left alone only by accident or channel availability. This is why the Baltimore channel moves are particularly odd, WJZ to 11 and WBAL to 12? Wouldn’t it have been easier to just move WJZ to 12? Nope, because most likely CBS would not be happy as it would cost them more to move while leaving a competitor alone. As for the local weather radar question, I’ve been told directly by someone at WUSA 9 that their weather radar is back up and running. However they don’t have a direct link to it anymore. WJZ 13 has a weak radar in Catonsville that I don’t think they even use anymore and they also have no link to it anymore that I can find. Whether its operational, I don’t know. WMAR ABC 2 also owns their own weather radar. They claim it’s Maryland’s Most Powerful radar, but it’s near Towson on York Road in north Baltimore, so poor coverage of DC. WJLA ABC 7 also has their own radar, but nobody from the station has ever told me anything about it. I know there is definitely a DC area weather radar in southern Maryland, because WBOC shows scan sweeps on their news and it shows one somewhere near Waldorf. Maybe that is WJLA 7’s? (3/27/17)

If WCTN is bothering you not being on the air, just file a complaint with the FCC. I filed one about Ocean City’s AM 1590, 104.3 & 105.1 FMs all being off the air at the same time and got a response asking for more info. Someone at the FCC must have checked it out because within a week or 2, the stations filed FCC applications for STAs under hardship and might have been fined. Maybe WCTN needs such a wakeup call? hehe consumercomplaints.fcc.gov (3/27/17)

A former AP Broadcast journalist, Liz Flamhaft, is the one who asked President Reagan to do the station promo near the end of a general news conference. She gave him a piece of paper with a script that included the call sign and "the blowtorch of the South" since the station she was working for was a 50,000 watt AM with a tremendous signal. Reagan, a former sports announcer, seemed delighted to call on his previous skill set, but soon afterward, White House officials raised concerns about the commercial use of the President's voice and asked the station not to play the recording anymore. Just looked on YouTube and a few other places -- not found! (3/27/17)

Here's the thing I find weirdest about the whole Trump-Tweeting-about-Judge-Jeanine-Show affair. Ages ago, after chatting up reporters, then-President Reagan was approached by someone who asked him to record, "Hi, I'm President Ronald Reagan. And whenever I'm in (city) I always listen to (station)." Well, the weight of the world came down on this reporter and her station for not only asking, but for also receiving and actually airing such an endorsement. Have times changed so much in the office that President Trump can promote shows such as Judge Jeanine that come across as an implied endorsement, yet no one G.A.S. anymore? (3/27/17)

Ron Stone is using "Cool Oldies" for the 105.1 positioner? Wow - can't wait for the C/D letter to come from Milford. (3/27/17)

WCTN?? Yooohooooooo!! Where are you? Come out, come out, wherever you are!! El Guapo (3/27/17)

It appears 105.1 is back on in Ocean Pines. Dead carrier at the moment, but the RDS says Cool Oldies. Could it be everything is "fixed" again for the summer. Stay tuned. (3/27/17)

CH 5 only has 1 subchannel with BUZZR game shows so a new one must be added for MeTVs new assignment.Also I thought Radio Shack merged with Sprint I believe the store in Dale City near me still exists I saw it around Christmas at least. (3/27/17)

When is DCRTV going to publish the formats that are being broadcast on the FM HD Channels? I can't find a listing anywhere. How many HD Receivers are there in the DC Market? (3/27/17)

RE: “Dave's response: A still-open Radio Shack? Where?” DCRTVDJDAVE might be joking (“Jokes: I get jokes!” says Homer Simpson) but the closest one to DCRTV World Headquarters would be at Dulles Park, 1072 Elden Street, Herndon, VA 20170. Might want to call them first to see if they went out of business by the time you read this: (703)834-7027. And brush up on your Spanish as one Yelp reviewer said: “Don't expect to be helped at this store. The sales people were too busy chatting in Spanish to help me. I asked where a specific cord was after searching unsuccessfully and they gestured vaguely towards the front and went back to their discussion. After several more minutes of searching unsuccessfully and no offer of assistance, I left. They didn't deserve my business and I will not go back.” Yelp: www.yelp.com (3/27/17)

Hi Dave, I'm curious if you are aware of any local stations in VA, DC, MD, WV who still have their own local radar, ideally one whose beam covers western VA. For some reason the weather service radar has a glitch that causes it to barely pick up precipitation in Staunton, VA and immediately north. Accuweather, of all sources, is the only place I've found that doesn't seem to use the same NWS radar that TWC, WeatherNation, iWeather, 3, 4, 9, and 29 use. WUSA (Live Doppler 9000) and WWBT used to have their own live local radar that was specifically theirs, but I can't find any links to them anywhere so assume they've been shut down to better serve the community. And probably a naive question, but why aren't television stations 38 and lower just staying on their current physical channel with those 39-51 simply filling in around them on open channels in a given market? It seems like that would make the whole repack a lot easier for everyone. (3/27/17)

One of my TVs, a Vizio TV will not allow a partial re-scan. It requires a FULL RE-SCAN to add new channels, so you can add & lose at the same time depending on reception. I can manually type in the channel, but I’ve never seen that work with this TV. As for MeTV, the thing is that Comcast cannot legally dump WJLA’s channel just to keep MeTV. They have a signed contract with WJLA so this forces the new CHARGE! network on Comcast whether they want to carry it or not. So the ball is totally in FOX 5’s court to negotiate. On the Eastern shore, WMDT ABC 47 just started WGDV 32 with Bounce, LAFF, Azteca and other sub-channels, but Comcast refuses to carry any of them to this day, and the station has been on the air since last year. The FCC does not include LPTVs or sub-channels in the “Must Carry” rule. www.wmdt.com — BaltoMedia.net (3/27/17)

/\ March 27 Messages /\

\/ March 26 Messages \/

Was watching MeTV on FIOS and a message appeared saying they will no longer be carrying MeTV as of tomorrow. (3/26/17)

Is anybody else watching the locally produced "Legend of Cool 'Disco' Dan" documentary on channel 7-4? Unlike the oft-aired DC in the Seventies infotainment that WETA runs during the begathon, it omits, as far as I can tell, that blowhard Pat Buchanan. Instead, we get to see lots of Experience Unlimited, Chuck Brown, and - your favorite, Dave - Count Gore De Vol. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (3/26/17)

I have an Apex DT502 set top box that clears the memory if you try to add a channel. Talk about annoying. Anyway, my Vizio is pretty basic. It's an E322AR. Under system info, my version is 3.68.321. The set has only one set of input jacks, to be shared by AV and component sources. There are three component inputs (red, blue, green) and a pair of audio inputs (red and white). Let's say you have a DVD player and a VCR. The DVD video outputs are connected to the component inputs, and the audio connection is straightforward. If you want to watch a videotape, you have to disconnect the green component jack and plug the VCR's composite video feed (yellow) to that plug. Disconnect the DVD player's audio source and substitute the VCR's audio source. You can't leave both sources connected simultaneously. Maybe Radio Shack will sell me a video switcher at 90% off. That would solve that problem. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (3/26/17)

Dave's response: A still-open Radio Shack? Where?

Re: putting up an antenna to get WTTG 5.3, I actually have one of those converter boxes on one of my televisions. But, it's on an old tv that was only watched occasionally. I saw no need to put cable on that tv and pay an extra fee for another cable box. However, if Verizon chooses not to make that deal, I just may have to relocate that tv every now and then when I want to watch MeTV. (3/26/17)

I too have seen the notices on MeTV telling of the move to 5.3. I have a Vizio TV that does not have a function that easily lets you scan the entire spectrum for new channels. Rather than let you add whatever channels are new, it first resets the existing memory to zero and starts all over again. There's a way around that. You have to do a partial channel scan. I have tried twice to do that to add channel 5.3 and avoid the rest of the spectrum. First, I make sure channel 5 is coming in well. Then I go to the partial rescan function. I set the lower limit on channel 36 (channel 5's real channel) and the upper limit also on channel 36. Then hit "scan." That way, I don't lose the channels I already have in memory. Both times I tried that, I did not see that channel 5-3 was active yet. My Zenith DTT901 and Digital Stream DTX9950 set top boxes do permit adding channels without zeroing out the memory, so the experience of rescanning them will be much less dramatic. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (3/26/17)

Dave's response: I have a Vizio too and as long as I can receive a new channel, while tuned to it, I can then add that specific channel using the antenna option and channel add/delete sub-option, after hitting the menu button. Or something like that. But it is possible to add one channel without doing a complete re-scan, which always causes some channels you had stored to go missing again. You know, sometimes I just miss the simplicity of analog TV.....

I noticed that the morning traffic lady on Fox5 has been co-anchoring the early morning broadcasts this past week. Seems to be due to both regulars being on vacation. However, the chemistry between her and Wisdom Martin was lacking and strained. He seemed none to pleased with the pairing. Anyway, then this morning, I see that the new NBC4 sports anchor is hosting "News 4 This Week", a review of stories reported this past week. Guess if one is hired to report on a specific segment (sports & traffic) you better be ready to fill in if someone's on vacation or just because management wants you to be cross trained. (3/26/17)

Regarding the MeTV channel change, if I'm understanding this correctly, it's only affecting the local subchannels. I have FIOS which carries MeTV on channel 462 and have received no notification of it being dropped or a channel change. (3/26/17)

Dave's response: The way I understand it is that Verizon has a deal with WJLA to carry its 7.2 subchannel on cable channel 462 which currently carries Me-TV. If WJLA replaces Me-TV with Charge! on 7.2, Verizon will relay Charge! on 462. With Me-TV moving to 5.3, Verizon will have to do a deal with WTTG to starting carrying that broadcast subchannel and continue carrying Me-TV on a different cable channel. And that might not happen right away. Otherwise, put up an antenna and see if you can get over-the-air reception of WTTG's 5.3 come April 1.....

Hey DCRTVDJDAVE since you’ve become a “cord cutter” have you felt the desire to get your Phd. and become an Olympic runner? Seems one woman gave up television for a year (no word if it included radio) and did just that according to The Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.com (3/26/17)

That commercial where Lester Holt philosophizes with Grady Vance and Doreen Gentzler in restaurant about how they should do the news shows what is wrong with the news because it is fake. (3/26/17)

Sue Palka's title is Chief Meteorologist. However, from what I understand, she didn't go to college or other school that provides formal training in meteorology. So, I wonder if she was given that title due to her seniority at the station or whether the title was grandfathered in due to maybe some weather training she's done along the way. (3/26/17)

Today’s WBAL TV morning newscast was a complete utter disaster. Poor Mindy Basara. She must have been cringing off camera. Her co-host, I don’t know her name, could not pronounce any Baltimore Streets or even say the name of Baltimore area Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger! It was so bad, I was like “Someone please put a hook around her neck and yank her off the stage.” Maybe she was a last minute fill-in, but I can’t remember the last time I saw something so bad. It’s like as if they shipped her in from Alaska YESTERDAY! LOL (3/26/17)

Dear Dave, Thanks for your great coverage of radio and TV in DC and the surrounding region! I promise to send a contribution soon. I particularly appreciate your stories and correspondence about what's happening to MeTV. I bet your coverage has helped MeTV find its new home on WTTG 5.3—thank goodness! All the best, Alfred (3/26/17)

/\ March 26 Messages /\

\/ March 25 Messages \/

Two things shouldn't surprise anyone about the Washington Post Thursday in the TV listings they put the same guest lineup for Steven Colbert on CBS CH 9 as Wednesday Glen Close except due to NCAA playoffs Thursday nights show was a repeat and yet they listed Wednesdays new show again Thursday! Glad to see ME TV is staying I use OTA except when its very windy there tends to be a occasional dropouts on the UHF stations I have alot of trees in the direction of DC CH5 I believe uses CH 36 whereas the signal from CH 7 Which uses CH 7 doesn't have that problem.But at least Me TV stays does it move there Monday or April 1? (3/25/17)

During a Facebook live video, Wisdom Martin said he has a major announcement on this coming Monday. Maybe he's leaving. (3/25/17)

Not local media related but there's always breaking news political related since Trump became President and CNN is supposed to be airing a very interesting series the History of Comedy Thursdays at 10 PM they aired the first 3 installments I think it started Mid January with no problem but the last 4 weeks always Breaking News at that time so no special Anybody else saw the show and is fed up with it not being able to continue? Maybe airing it Sunday night when there's not a business day would make sense. I understand its a news outlet but seems like everything is Breaking News had similar situation last summer during the Presidential campaign they were showing a series on The Eighties on Wednesday night and it often got pre-empted but not like now. (3/25/17)

A Big (and we do mean they are big) Happy DCRTV Mailbag Birthday to Aretha Franklin, Elton John and WJFK’s Tom Leverro: wikipedia.org (3/25/17)

They passed on 7 three years ago. There is no way they would look at it again. Why Bob Iger is going to wait a little longer for his Disney ending wapo.st (3/25/17)

About Me TV, basically if WTTG 5.3’s current channel is on your cable system, you’ll get it. If not you’ll get Charge! instead on WJLA’s sub-channel. The cable coverage for Me TV is not arranged by the network, only the local TV station. It will be up to WTTG to arrange for cable coverage of WTTG 5.3 If/when FOX 5’s deal with Comcast is renegotiated, I’m sure it will be added, but it’s hard to know when that is. They might be negotiating right now. (3/25/17)

How could anyone know from the FCC application that Bill Paris’s wife was ill? In the application it only states illness of the owner. Speaking of STA’s, Birach Broadcasting filed another one for the other AM in the Hampton Roads area. Neither of the 2 AMs, 1450 and 1550 AM are ever going to build a tower to broadcast or find or pay for the usage of one. They should just delete the licenses and allow someone else to bid for the frequencies or just remove them to clean up the AM dial. (3/25/17)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies had LAX Pro Lacrosse player Paul Rabil (www.paulrabil.com) take shots at “Awadd” (aka Adam Epstein) their gopher outside the Half Street studios and it isn’t pretty: washington.cbslocal.com (3/25/17)

Looks like MeTV is staying in DC after all. The channel ran an announcement saying that the affiliate relationship with WJLA will soon end (Tuesdy 3/28). But they also say WTTG Fox 5 will be picking up the affiliation and will carry the oldies network on one of their sub-channels. The announcement advises that its available to those who are able to pick up Channel 5’s signal off the air. They only listed a couple of cable outlets that will carry the new affiliation as well. No mention of Comcast or Fios… yet. (3/25/17)

Just saw an ad during "MacGyver" this evening (the original, not the CBS reboot) on WJLA's Me-TV subchannel that the popular classic TV diginet will be moving from Sinclair's WJLA (7.2) to Fox's WTTG (5.3) this Monday. No word if Comcast (the "only game in town," in terms of Frederick County, Maryland) will carry Channel 5's upcoming Me-TV affiliation. According to the advertisement, the cable providers listed (for DC-area viewers) are Atlantic Broadband (Channel 157), Hardy OneNet (252/1252) and will be coming soon to Antietam Cable in Washington County (Hagerstown). Might have to invest in a strong antenna to watch "Svengoolie" (if Comcast does not carry WTTG 5.3 soon). (3/25/17)

Regarding WKHZ's STA "...but this looks like a bogus request". Parris' wife is very ill. Stop being an asshole and think about other people instead of masturbating to the FCC database. (3/25/17)

/\ March 25 Messages /\

\/ March 24 Messages \/

Re: WCTN; Win Broadcasting has not submitted an application of any kind for the AM facility itself since its last license renewal in 2011. Whatever happened to it, it's not authorized to be silent. (3/24/17)

Will you stop bothering the guy! He already said the ME TV switch-off would occur at the end of March. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, reading remains fundamental. Genghis Cohen, with his wife at the Doc, in drippy Arlington. (3/24/17)

Happy to hear that the FCC Chairman Pai said today, that for every new regulation, the FCC will eliminate two old regulations. There are many old regulations that should be eliminated. (3/24/17)

A reality check on NPR. Tom Taylor’s mention of WYPR is pretty exaggerated. They did have a ratings rise post election, but they didn’t beat out a single commercial station they already weren’t beating that wasn’t in the basement. I didn’t analyze the other markets mentioned, but I’m sorry, the Baltimore market analysis of NPR is pretty much fake news. (3/24/17)

I don't blame Lew Dickey for resigning from the Cumulus Board. The stock is at an all time low of just 33 cents per share and expected to drop to nothing. The next step is bankruptcy. It is time to get out! (3/24/17)

Is our resident FCC documents expert checking in today? Can you see if WCTN has submitted an STA (special temporary authorization for non-geeks) to the Commish to go silent and remain silent? Or if there is another reason the lights went out in Cabin John? (3/24/17)

So, alleged news radio 1090's morning chick reads the story of Cardinal Keeler's death at 7:30 a.m., barely three hours after he passed, and ends the story with "funeral arrangements have not been finalized." Seriously??? When is this station going to bury this woman on the graveyard shift??? (3/24/17)

FCC News: Easton’s WKHZ 1460 is citing the owner’s illness as a hardship in the current STA extension request. At the risk of sounding heartless, isn’t he dead a while ago or is he still ill? I hate to seem heartless, but this looks like a bogus request. fcc.gov (3/24/17)

?Somebody who knows web programming, please create a ticker app for Dave to put on the main DCRTV page that shows the current price of Cumulus, iHeart and other media mega-companies. (3/24/17)

Lately, I've been paying close attention to the possible lift of ownership cap via Trump and new FCC leadership. If all comes to fruition, I see CBS buying WUSA 9 since Les Moonves says that CBS prides itself being a big market network. But the biggest coup of all could be Disney finally buying out WJLA from Sinclair so they can have another big market station on their belt. If that happens, I see big changes happening at Channel 7 once and for all.... for all the right reasons. Hopefully, this all plays out as I see it. Let's push for Trump and FCC to release those ownership caps. (3/24/17)

Topper Shutt. The Most Accurate Forecaster in D.C. The Biggest Douchebag in D.C. is more like it. (3/24/17)

/\ March 24 Messages /\

\/ March 23 Messages \/

Ann Kramer has got to be THE worst sounding news professional on radio or TV in the Baltimore Washington area yet the station keeps this person on morning drive but I cannot figure out why. When there is banter over a story she is snarky and mean spirited and out of touch with regular family type people & its clear she cannot stand anyone else who is on the air with her. And likely vice-versa. Not to mention the rapid fire pace which renders her contributions unlistenable & incomprehensible. People still tune in to that station for traffic reports and weather but GOD THE NEWS PART IS A NIGHTMARE. Please Baltimore give us some alternative for a morning news update. And the ads for Bryan KneeMan oh geesh don't even get me started. (3/23/17)

Hi Dave. Sharing this, if anybody cares... www.ebay.com (3/23/17)

Interesting week in sports radio…. Cooley on his own in the am as Kevin is on vacation. Chad goes on vacation. He is replaced by Thom and Andy who compete against Czabe who then goes on vacation. Is this one of those weeks where ratings are not monitored? OOBBEE (3/23/17)

I don't like disagreeing with someone's opinion, but here I must: Someone did not like the statement,"Funeral Arrangements have not been finalized" three afters after the Cardinal died. But if the news reader hadn't said that, there would be people half-listening who would wonder, "Why didn't they mention Funeral Arrangements?" And sometimes when someone high up in a Church dies, it's immediately known what the arrangements will be, just not this time. To think someone is incompetent because they included good information that one person thought was unnecessary is just plain cruel. And I might guess that ads are being removed from some sites because of the "hate speech" being written ABOUT our President, not by our President (you never know...). -- Carl in Olney (3/23/17)

Paul Farhi portends that FNC’s Shep Smith may be ready to jump ship like Greta Van Susteren to possibly PMSNBC, saying that Smith is not liked by the “faithful” watchers: “Shepard Smith, the Fox News anchorman who drives the Fox News faithful crazy”. Farhi gives all the usual reasons, that Smith is perceived as too liberal for the network, but Farhi avoids speculating that they typical FNC viewer’s hidden reason are the rumors that Shep is “gay”: Gawker is up front about it gawker.com and Russ Grim in the Huffington Post touches on it as well huffingtonpost.com. More from Farhi: washingtonpost.com... (3/22/17)

Later this year, Baltimore might drop in DMA Rankings for both TV and radio. New US Census numbers came out. A sad day in Baltimore. Baltimore has its lowest population in 100 years, yep, since 1917. Baltimore was even growing faster during The Great Depression than now! That suggests a drop in the DMA ranking is likely as well as an automatic loss of Federal funds for everything from transportation to education to police/fire safety. Thank You Gang Leaders, Protestors, and inept city & state leaders. (2/23/17)

"The NPR station is the number one station in the market with a Hugh budget. Why should NPR be receiving our tax dollars? " Because it doesn't assault us with 5 minute stop sets and 22 minutes of commercials an hour, that's why. All of the noncomms are a welcome relief from the awful crap. The programming of DC radio stations sucks, and the advertising here is even worse. No thought, no creativity, repetition of old ideas. I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness for the Geico spots. They are the sole respite of creativity across this entire vast radio wasteland. (2/23/17)

/\ March 23 Messages /\

\/ March 22 Messages \/

Yes, we are following the price of Cumulus Stock. It is sad, but true, that their stock price is at an all time low. 41 cents per share. When will they be dropped from Nasdaq? (3/22/17)

While any right-thinking American wishes that the Cumulus stock guy would go deep into the woods and fling himself into a pit, if you're going to correct him get it right won't you? According to Cumulus's figures, they ended 2016 with $2.4B in debt, $138M in interest payments, and a net (operating and non-operating) loss of $510M . And I looked that up all without having the very latest released-yesterday browser version. Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/22/17)

RE: TV REPACKING News. The one thing I’ve noticed so far is that the co-channel distances and Channel powers seem to be automatically diminished by the FCC through an algorithm, so I suspect this will impact signal range despite the advantage of ATSC 3.0’s greater signal range. It seems to be more like a -1/+1 situation technically. I’m anxious to see the directional signal contours and how many more directional there are. Those stations that chose to not maximize their facilities after the first digital conversion will feel the greatest pain. Baltimore’s WMPB btw, will be the near equivalent of an LPTV after this. Maryland Public TV did not maximize really many of its facilities and will be prohibited to do so during or after the re-pack. The only new DC repack stations announced are WAZT & WAZW to channels 30 & 26 respectively. (3/22/17)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] 3/22 - CENTENNIAL BROADCASTING IS LOOKING FOR ONE EXCEPTION INDIVIDUAL TO JOIN OUR SALES TEAM. It’s not just about Radio. Soon we will offer a complete portfolio of digital products that any business would be interested in. We also have a number of exclusive initiatives that will help you make money. WE TRAIN YOU; Radio, DIGITAL AND MORE WE SUPPORT YOU, WE OFFER A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT AND COMPETITIVE COMPENSATION. HAVE YOU SOLD BEFORE, ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND WOULD BE A BENEFIT; get into the challenging world of advertising armed with the top radio station, a full complement of digital products and a lot more. E mail your interest to wendy@wbqb.com that’s wendy@wbqb.com Centennial Broadcasting is an equal opportunity employer –join us, were having fun and making money every day. (3/22/17)

That's a lot of unsubstantiated gibberish about WAMU/NPR ratings. Actual fact, though, is that NPR listenership has ballooned over the past year (radioink.com). (3/22/17)

WJLA & MeTV "...... If they dump it I hope someone else picks it up because they have a lot of good older shows when people get sick of "reality" TV."..Oh come on now reality TV isn't that bad. Seriously I can do without it..well that and Steve Harvey. I was thinking the other day what MeTV, Antenna, Cozi and the like will be like ten or even five years from now ?? I have a gut feeling they will not be airing much classic TV, I can see it now some consultant will give them "ideas" that recent TV is the ticket and they will make more money. Remember how good Nick @ Nite and TV Land were ?? Game Show Network ?? Look at them now !! There is already buzz that both Hulu and Netfilx is cutting back on classic TV. I guess not enough people are binge watching That Girl or Dragnet with Jack Webb but they are with Breaking Bad. If WJLA were to dump MeTV I hope somebody else will pick them up fast because in it's current form ..well can we say reruns of Friends or The Family Guy on MeTV ?? The Big Bang Theory on Antenna TV ?? They ain't gonna be around forever, Just like oldies radio. 20 years ago we had several in this region. How many do we have now ?? (3/22/17)

Re: "...Cumulus Debt now reported at $2.4 Billion. And yes, they do pay a high interest rate on their debt. Check out their prospectus." Nope. Wrong again, on all points. You talk a lot, but you don't have any idea what you're talking about. Cumulus debt is now less than $1.8 billion. Check out anything related to the company published this year. (3/22/17)

Looks like we have another complete DCRTV Trifecta! Legandary TV entrepreneur (Dating Game, Newlywed Game, and Gong Show) and Top-40 hit songwriter ("Palisades Park") Chuck Barris died today at age 87. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/22/17)

Thank you for the rating analysis in DC for February. The NPR station is the number one station in the market with a Hugh budget. Why should NPR be receiving our tax dollars? (3/22/17)

One more thing. The 42 cents per share for Cumulus Stock is a 52-Week Low. When they lose their listing on Nasdaq, the price could still go lower. (3/22/17)

“It’s amazing, it’s incredible, Kemp Mill Records”…is closing. Another long-time DC area institution bites the dust. Whatever it does…it’s doing it now. Sad. (3/22/17)

WJFK’s Sport Junkies made mention of the Wheel of Fortune (seen in Washington on WJLA) contestant who flubbed an unbelievably simple answer making him “Donkey of the Week”. Instead of choosing an “m” he picked a “k” for the following: “Streetcar Na*ed Desire”. We all have naked desire: ew.com (3/22/17)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Looking for that next exciting career move? Strauss Media Strategies, Inc. (www.straussmedia.com) seeks to immediately hire an account executive or senior account executive for our growing team in Washington, DC! Strauss Media Strategies, Inc. is the nation’s premier public relations, communications and strategy firm that provides comprehensive radio and television outreach services to public relations firms, Democratic political campaigns, progressive non-profit groups, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations around the country. We organize and conduct radio and television media tours, audio news release campaigns, radio PSA production and distribution, on-site event bookings, radio promotion campaigns, and other services aimed at getting our clients exposure on radio and  television. As one of the elite firms in the broadcast public relations industry, our firm’s industry reputation is first-class, our company has won numerous prestigious media relations awards, and our clients are exciting, prestigious, sought-after and impactful. The applicant must be dedicated, hard working, and energetic, have the ability to prioritize and multitask, have excellent organizational, interpersonal, problem-solving and communications skills. A minimum of one or two years or more of experience in public relations, communications, political communication, or television, and/or radio, or related work is required and a working knowledge of radio and television PR tactics is desired. Job Duties: Booking radio and television interviews with networks, cable, and local stations. Organizing and managing radio media tours and television satellite media tours. Working directly with from beginning to end to manage their project. Writing press releases, audio news releases, and PSA announcements. Generating radio public service announcement campaigns and implementing radio station promotions. Create and develop new business, write proposals and make presentations to generate new business. Producing radio commercials and buying radio advertising. Consulting on radio and television usage, strategy, and event planning. Required Skills: Dedicated, organized, hardworking, energetic and loyal. Smart and quick on feet, creative, and willing to work long hours if necessary. Positive working attitude and ability to get along with others. Excellent interpersonal communications skills and organizational skills. Detail oriented, task oriented and ability to be flexible. Ability to juggle multiple projects. Strong writing skills. College education required. We are located in the heart of downtown Washington, DC and conveniently situated within two blocks of the Metro Center metro location (Red, Orange, and Blue lines). Salary and title of position are commensurate with experience. E-mail cover letter, resume and salary expectations to jobs@straussmedia.com. We are equal opportunity employers; we do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, age, religion, disability, national origin, uniformed status, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. (3/22/17)

The increase in NPR news ratings does not surprise me, but Washington DC will always be an outlier and not representative of any national trend. NPR is not taking the country by storm as much as they’re just milking the Trump media crusade. Trump ALWAYS gets ratings, pretty much no matter what he says, good or bad. And DC is too politically skewed to Federal Gov’t Employees in such a way that NPR will always be #1 for the most part. I doubt the parents at Rockville High School are listening to WAMU today. They don’t so much don’t want to hear the kindly stories of all the beautiful “Dreamers” right now. The Obama Reality Distortion Field has finally been burst and hit home right outside his own neighborhood with his most supportive constituents. Of course, they’re NOT going to magically turn into Trump supporters by any stretch, but they’re going to question the fake social justice agenda they got confused into supporting that has now endangered their own children. (3/22/17)

February ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC just can’t enough of Trump and politics on the radio. You know that American U.’s not-for-profit news/talk WAMU just set an all-time PPM record for a non-commercial station. It’s up 9.2-11.0-11.5 and claims every single daypart. #2 again is Hubbard’s WTOP-based regional news service (8.7-10.4-9.5) – and it’s just as consistent as WAMU, placing second across the board in the dayparts. D.C.’s third, fourth and fifth stations repeat from the January book – urban AC WHUR (5.7-6.0-5.7), Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ (4.4-4.9-5.4) and iHeart’s AC/ex-Christmas WASH (10.4-4.8-5.0). Majic’s #3 in morning, afternoons and nights. How about commercial talk? That’s Cumulus WMAL-AM/FM, ranking #8 (3.3-4.1-4.5). It’s third in middays, with Rush Limbaugh. iHeart’s country WMZQ finally peeks above a 3-share again (2.5-2.9-3.4). An off-book for Radio One’s urban WKYS (3.7-3.7-3.1). We give you each market’s leader for average weekly cume, and the news cycle is helping news WTOP (about 1.2 million) keep the lead..... Baltimore keeps Radio One’s combo #1 and #2. First again is urban AC WWIN-FM (8.2-8.9-8.8) followed by urban WERQ (8.3-8.3-7.3 and first at night). Third and rebounding is iHeart’s country WPOC (4.7-5.9-7.1). It’s second on the weekends. Fourth overall is CBS AC – and obviously post-Christmas - WLIF (15.3-7.1-6.8). WLIF repeats as the midday winner. Hearst is fifth with “98 Rock” WIYY (4.9-5.0-5.6) – and a first-place “Morning Show”). CBS Radio’s sports “Fan” WJZ-FM is seventh (4.1-4.4-4.2, but third at night). Chris Huff singles out Your Public Radio’s not-for-profit news/talk WYPR for its three-year best (2.0-2.9-3.1). “Today’s 101.9” WLIF is the cume champ at 712,600. (3/22/17)

Something totally blew up at WAMU this morning - it was running the national NPR feed straight from the satellite for the whole 6 a.m. hour, with no local breaks or programming at all. On the upside, the music NPR picks to fill local breaks is pretty cool. (3/22/17)

Re: "Wmal could not find a conservative women in DC market to take the job?". (Insert hotel room job interview comment here). No. seriously, Brian has what is called "Mitt Romney Syndrome" meaning those who know him the best, like him the least. And I am not implying Mary showed anyone her hotel room, but as our Godly conservative POTUS would say "People are talking". (3/22/17)

"The FCC should correct this rule (Trusts) and make it fair. Maybe the new administration will do something about this. Let's hope so!" But then whatever will you talk about? (3/22/17)

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Here's something for us all to think about (Especially my fellow “Suits”): Notice the recent mailbag threads about the past in both Radio and TV, and wonder why? Notice the recent threads about the coming of ATSC 3.0 and the Re-Pack of TV, and wonder why? Could it be an illustration of how bad Radio and TV are right now compared to the past? And, a hope -perhaps even a plea- for a better future? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/21/17)

You had stated that WJLA was going to dump METV as of March 3. It is now March 21 and METV is still on station 7-2. Did Sinclair change their mind? If they dump it I hope someone else picks it up because they have a lot of good older shows when people get sick of "reality" TV. (3/21/17)

Entercom said today they will put 14 of their stations in a "Trust" to be sold off. This is a joke! Look at the iHeart "Trust". Some of their stations have been in a trust for 10 YEARS.....since 2007. For example, WFRE and WFMD in Frederick. They can put them in a "Trust" forever. The FCC should correct this rule and make it fair. Maybe the new administration will do something about this. Let's hope so! (3/21/17)

Cumulus Stock Price now down to just 42 cents per share. Cumulus Debt now reported at $2.4 Billion. And yes, they do pay a high interest rate on their debt. Check out their prospectus. (3/21/17)

Thanks Dr Gridlock. Super job you have done. May all road work and traffic problems be on highways you are not traveling. Good luck. (3/21/17)

Before everyone makes certain assumptions regarding the repack keep in mind the new modulation scheme is COFDM and VSB 8. New sets must accommodate both codecs to be backward and forward compatible. COFDM should make the hi-VHF channels perform much better than the existing system. I'm not certain how much better lo-band VHF will perform although COFDM is more tolerant of bit/loss/error and bit/timing issues. In the end all of that is meaningless if the noise floor is too high. (3/21/17)

The Mike O'Meara Show Podcast/Radio Show is sooooooooo much better - WITHOUT Oscar Santana. #Oscar'sathirdwheel #MikeandRobbjustfinethankyou (3/21/17)

Cumulus had over $1.14 billion in revenue last year. How will they ever recover from all that cash in hand? (3/21/17)

If WCBM signed on in the 20s, Frank Luber must be approaching 100. (3/21/17)

Another thing about the Bromo Seltzer tower… It could not have been used by WFBR because there is an historical record of them broadcasting the first live radio remote Presidential Address in Baltimore in 1922 from South Baltimore as WEAR by stringing wire to Fort McHenry from the nearby transmitter. The Sun says that studio was in the Munsey Building, 18th Floor, described here: baltimoresun.com... They used a combination of wire with the help of The Bell System telephone company to accomplish this. But yes, the transmitter floor in that building also could have been WCBM too if used in the 1920s. I have no idea where their original tower was, but it most likely was not on Painters Mill Road back then. I doubt it was WBAL too unless somebody knows something I don’t know. But I’m told it was WITH so that would change the date to much later in the 1940s. (3/21/17)

Tonight, Washington Women of Excellence Awards will honor former WJLA anchor Maureen Bunyan and retired WJLA photographer Pege Gilgannon. They announced this on Good Morning Washington this morning, but I cannot find anything about it on WJLA.com See post here: twitter.com (3/21/17)

Pigmeat Markham used to say “Here comes the judge” on Laugh In: Fox News says “There goes the judge” regarding frequent FNC commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano. Seems he is the fall guy for the supposedly “debunked” Obambi wiretapping of Trump campaign allegations made in a Tweet by The Great Orange One. Napolitano, more a libertarian than a Republican or a conservative will no longer be on FNC: www.washingtonpost.com (3/21/17)

Well I see that one DC TV station is finally reporting a channel change or actually a non-channel change. Sinclair’s WJLA 7 is staying on Channel 7. No word on the others yet. As for the Bromo Seltzer tower, I really didn’t know when WITH signed on or even when the tower was used as a radio transmitter. The only thing mentioned is that it’s there, and Robert Altman stated it was probably WITH. The building dates back to the 1920s. When it was in use, I don’t know. The room was rediscovered as the clock face hands were being removed for refurbishing. Anybody know more? Here’s a non-copyrighted pic in the public domain showing the outside of the room above the clocks and the towers on the corner of the building. (3/21/17)

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WCBM was still on the 1400 “graveyard” in 1942. I want to say it was either 1950 or 1951 that they went to 680... Remember when Metromedia owned them? A class act back then. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/20/17)

All sorts of happenings in the hills. Frederick gets another country station (Like they really need one) www.fredericknewspost.com from the people at Manning. And a hostile reaction from locals in Morgan County, WV who aren't pleased that their country station went to Hispanic talk www.journal-news.net... JA (3/20/17)

WCBM signed on in 1924, but they were on 1370 at the time. I’m guessing they moved to 1400 with the NARBA realignment in 1941. Roddy Freeman (3/20/17)

Didn't WCBM start in the 20's as well? If what I have read is correct, they started as a daytimer at 1400am. (3/20/17)

Leave Mary Walters alone RIGHT NOW! (3/20/17)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Sales Positions - Maybe you have worked in Radio in DC and have found yourself part of the consolidation epidemic that has affected so many good people. We are Centennial Broadcasting, a small Virginia company with great radio stations in Fredericksburg and Winchester. WBQB reaches from Richmond to DC and into southern Maryland and we are very active in the region. Our ratings typically have us number one in all the major demos and our station is about 70% female with an average age of about 37. We offer good benefits, a positive environment some expenses paid and more. If you want to work, grow and feel you have some control over your day we might be a good fit. E mail Wendy@wbqb.com all of your information; we will need several references and you need to convince us you can work independently and want to make great money. Centennial Broadcasting 2 LLC is an equal opportunity employer. (3/20/17)

Baltimore Media sent a post about the radio room in the Bromo tower...WITH signed on in 1941. WFBR and WCAO both signed on in the early 20s. Ed Graham (3/20/17)

Part of what makes the Cumulus guy such a thundering bore is that his 'news flashes' about the company are always months out of date (Re: "Will they ever be able to pay back the $2.5 Billion Debt they owe?"). Cumulus debt hasn't been that high in over a year. In December, when the debt was less than $2.4 billion, the company announced a debt for equity swap that reduced its debt by more than 25% -- ie, to somewhere in the area of $1.75 billion. You also said "they will have to borrow more money just to pay interest on their massive debt." Clearly you don't know anything about how businesses operate. There are NO interest payments on this type of debt. Cue the "Cumulus employee" response from Cumulus guy. (3/20/17)

[Mary Walter joins Brian Wilson as co-hosts of WMAL’s “Mornings on The Mall” program] While I have my own problems with Brian, Ms. Walter is not a value added addition to the show. Not very knowledgeable aboutr DC area or even national issues. Why was she selected? Wmal could not find a conservative women in DC market to take the job? (3/20/17)

Why does NPR need our tax dollars? They are much stronger today that the small AM Commercial Stations. Their management and administration people make far more money than any AM Commercial Station. In DC, they are the number one station in the market. (3/20/17)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] 2017 Producer-Board Operator Position - WCBM has an opening for a Part-Time producer/board-operator. Experience preferred. Interested persons should be able to monitor transmitters, operate an audio console, screen calls, and edit audio. Must have reliable transportation. Please submit resumes to: WCBM,1726 Reisterstown Rd. Suite 117, Baltimore, MD. 21208 or to sean@wcbm.com. WCBM is an EOE. (3/20/17)

Watching the detectives: the Washington Post’s “Media Columnist” Margaret Sullivan claims she will be “keeping track” on how Trump treats the media. She bitches up a storm that Trump called to thank Uber-hot blonde (I would eat a mile of her poop to see where it came from) and accused “racist” Tomi Lahren after she praised The Orange One on the Sean Hannity Show. Sullivan warns Trump: “So we’ll be taking note of what (he) does.” I’m sure he’s quivering in his Guccis. Maybe Trump will call Rachel Maddow to thank her for pointing out that he did indeed pay his taxes despite Hillary’s lies. More from Margaret: www.washingtonpost.com (3/20/17)

Washington Post owner Jeff Bezo has come up with a new way he will be delivering your newspaper: www.theverge.com (3/20/17)

Scott Fybush, take note. Robert Altman says this might be the original transmitter room of WITH AM 1230 Baltimore, one of the earliest AMs on the air in the 1920s within the top of the iconic Bromo Seltzer Tower in Baltimore, at that time, the tallest building in Baltimore. This room is just above the four facing Clock mechanism room. At one time there was a Bromo Seltzer bottle on the top of the building until it was removed for structural safety concerns. From multiple pictures there are definitely antennas atop this building — BaltoMedia.Net (3/20/17)

Dave's response: The picture you sent is copyright Baltimore Sun. Can't run it.....

Flashback to WMAL heyday, with Tom Gauger, Gary Reals, Chris Core, and John Lyon, and Pat Collins, too in WTOP's new investigative podcast, "The Investigation Continues: Lyon sisters" wtop.com (3/20/17)

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The passing is noted of Jimmy Breslin, the last of the old style wise guy newspapermen in NYC. Ran for City Council President on Norman Mailer's Mayoral ticket, and was a regular on WOR's Daily News Broadcast every weekday evening for many years (starting with the 1978 NYC newspaper strike). He was often an ass, but he was a brilliant and perceptive one-the last of the Damon Runyon types that used to chronicle that once and future great city. Genghis Cohen, feeling suddenly very old, in wistful and windy Prince William County... (3/19/17)

The absolute date currently set that would end WDCN channel 6 operating as an FM in DC would be July 2020, although it might be sooner. As part of the repacking of the dial, all LPTVs are deleted and have to refile for a space on the dial. At that point, no analog permits will be given out, thus ending all the FM channel 6’s. I’m sure they’ll apply for a waiver, but I can’t imagine that the FCC is going to give those out, that is unless they have plans for FM on channel 6 that we don’t know of yet. Keep in mind, no LPTV is guaranteed a channel in the repacking. They have to all scramble for leftover space for a digital channel. This could potentially seriously impact stations like WRDE channel 31 NBC Coast TV and WGDV 32 on Delmarva as well as some of the Spanish TV networks that use LPTVs in many markets. There’s no guarantee that Delmarva will keep its NBC affiliate. Class A TV stations are protected, but not other LPTVs. It’s likely some will find a space, but not guaranteed. LPTV’s also do not get any reimbursement from the FCC for the needed changes in their facilities, so that makes money an issue too. I assume that all of the previous LPTV permits issued but not yet built will also be deleted. (3/19/17)

DCRTV Mailbaggers know that they die in threes: First Chuck Berry (musician), now Pulitzer winner Jimmy Breslin (writer), so next will be an actor or politician. Breslin assumed room temperature at age 88. He had run for City Council the same year Norman Mailer ran for Mayor of NYC, helped break the Son of Sam story, and was a true, slug-your-buddy old school journalist. New York Daily News for whom he wrote... (3/19/17)

I am trying to figure out why anyone would name their podcast "Cigars and Curveballs" ?? Doesn't Thom Loverro know that cigars cause cancer ?? Didn't cigars kill channel 4's George Michael ?? What Thom does is great but I wish they drop the word cigars. They are worse than cigarettes. (3/19/17)

Will Entercom change the format of WLZL 107.9 to Hip-Hop as they are doing in some other markets. That signal would be good for that format because of the area that it covers. DC and Prince Georges County. It does not cover Northern Virginia. You cannot hear it West of Rt 123 in Vienna. (3/19/17)

Someone posted that Channel 6 LPTV will be gone soon. This will eliminate the FM Radio Station operating on 87.7 FM as WDCN. What is the FCC time table for this? (3/19/17)

FLASHBACK: I've never seen this before, but it's the Radio room from the iconic Bromo Seltzer tower where there was a radio transmitter in Baltimore apparently. I have never heard of this before, but apparently during renovations, like with another Baltimore Building, 10 Light Street, this room was found. Before 1929, this was the tallest building in Baltimore. Does anyone know what radio station it might have been? (picture courtesy of The Baltimore Sun) -- BaltoMedia.Net (3/19/17)

RE: ATSC 3.0 conversion: Unlike the repacking no TV station is forced to switch to ATSC 3.0, just suggested to. Unlike the first DTV Switch, this will not happen with the repack at the same time. I mean, most broadcasters will be buying ATSC 3.0 transmission equipment, but they’ll be able to also still transmit ATSC 1.0 as I understand it. There will be no strict turn off like with the analog signals, the channel switch yes, but 4k no. The extra CBS and FOX TV channels in New York for instance will probably be ATSC 3.0 duplicates of CBS and FOX in 4k video during the transition. However, most markets will be more confusing. Some ATSC 3.0 stations will continue to broadcast some 1080i and 720p content mixed with 480i. Some you’ll get on your old HDTV, some you won’t without a converter box or new TV. This transition is completely monetary based, meaning there'll be haves and have nots. Some markets won’t see 4k video for a much longer time. I do find it really odd that Washington, DC is the only major market where no station is reporting a single channel move. That can only mean sharing deals are still in the works. Also, Comcast/NBC has been curiously silent with all their O&O’s. God only knows what evil scheming they have planned. So far, I haven’t seen anyone nearby bumped to a Lo-VHF 2-6 channel. Although, WPVI ABC 6 is still staying on channel 6, so there won’t be any FM expansion anytime soon with the #4 TV market still having a channel 6. But DC’s WDCN, the TV/FM station will be gone soon, thank God! There will be NO analog TV stations after the final date this time. Also, the only station reporting in the central PA market so far is WHP CBS 21, which is moving to 32, so they will undoubtably lose viewers. To sum up, the channel changes might affect reception for some, but the need for a new TV will not be until after 2020 at the earliest and probably 2025. The ultimate goal is that you’ll eventually be able to get streaming feeds over the air on your cell phone, tablet, and computer WITHOUT any cell phone data fees. At least that’s in the ATSC 3.0 spec. The industry pain in this is that Comcast/NBC doesn’t want this and neither do the cell phone companies and so far I see no cell phone manufacturers jumping on board because none of them want to piss off Verizon, ATT, etc. (3/19/17)

Cumulus Stock Price drops down to just 48 cents per share. They will have to borrow more money just to pay interest on their massive debt. Will they ever be able to pay back the $2.5 Billion Debt they owe? (3/19/17)

Not too surprised at what was written in that Washingtonian article re: WJLA. Reporting the news has significantly changed. The stations seem to no longer make news a priority and have started focusing on the entertainment piece. Social media has definitely become a big deal with the stations with management encouraging, or probably requiring it's on air staff to constantly be engaged. I'm thinking, and could be wrong, that maybe for the veteran newscasters, they may not want to be plugged in 24/7. Whereas the younger staff may enjoy it or choose to do,it to keep their jobs. I think channel 4 may be the only channel that hasn't gone the route of the silly "gimics" to keep or lure in new viewers. Well, at least on the evening & night shifts, as those are the ones I routinely watch. And although I miss and will miss the veterans that have and are gradually being phased out, it's a new day and a new way we will see our local news stations operated and news presented. (3/19/17)

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Very sad to see that Chuck Berry has died today (3/18) at the age of 90. When I got my start in the business we could only play his records (along with Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, etc.) on the FM after the AM signed-off at sunset. ”Hail, Hail, Rock and Roll!” -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/18/17)

So, it's almost been a year since WDCW launched their own newscasts, any word on how they're doing, ratings-wise? I still prefer watching them to WTTG at that hour, no fluff or TMZ drama, just a half hour of news, WX, and sports. (3/18/17)

Neither WETA or WNVT/WNVC have announced where they’re moving as of yet, but yes, most certainly WETA is moving off of channel 27. As for whether you’ll notice the difference in all these moves, with cable TV on Comcast, most likely you’ll not notice at all unless Comcast screws up. But via antenna, with many HDTVs, you’ll likely have to re-scan for the channels, you may have more or less trouble getting them. For instance WMAR is going from 1000 kw to 797 kw, so you might experience more difficulty receiving it. With WBAL moving from 11 to 12, the power is going to be the same so unless the signal is more directional, you shouldn’t notice much of any difference. As for virtual channels, the FCC doesn’t require that unless there’s a conflict, but most all stations have chosen not to market any channel changes simply to cause less confusion. But yes, WBAL TV could conceivably call themselves WBAL 12 if they wanted to since there are no channel 12s in the market. WJZ could not call themselves WJZ 11 though. (3/18/17)

The Repacking has 10 transition phases. The WBAL / WJZ channel 12/11 switch is Transition #9, so it mostly won’t happen until sometime shortly around or before 2020. Philadelphia’s WHYY 12 will have to move at that time also, but most of the other transitions and channel changes in Baltimore appear to be Transition #4, so they will be moving more soon. There is a filing window for channel change requests or complaints too in September and a waiver request window before June. July 2020 is the final date for every station to move. In general, it appears that the stations on channels 38-51 are going to be the first to move to start clearing space for mobile cell phone & data usage. As for the value difference form one channel to the next, there is a 30% difference in signal resilience between even 14 to 36 so on UHF, a lower # is always better. WMAR 2 probably won’t be affected much by moving down even at a slightly lower power. But those stations at 1000 kw that move up the dial will definitely lose coverage. Here is a great synopsis of the complexities… www.tvtechnology.com — BaltoMedia.net (3/18/17)

I read up on this and it is more than receiving broadcast TV Its going to be eventually sent to mobile devices provide interactive features And higher resolution like 4K And ULTRA HD bur doesnt quite make it cleat if the current method of DTV transmissions is going away soon.I stream use SLING TV for cable channels but still use an antenna for OTA But by the time this system is in use I'm sure Ill need new equipment anyway as my TV Is almost 7 yrs old so we'll have to wait and see. (3/18/17)

Dave, This FCC repacking BS, how is that going to effect my ability to watch channel 5 with my OTA? Living in the Baltimore DMA, Comcast or any other provider does not carry channel 5 or or any other Washington channel in HD. I watch all local channels with my OTA. The picture quality is far better......jag (3/18/17)

If the poster who said WMAR Is moving to CH 27 then WETA would have to move there on there now I receive OTA and my TV shows the actual rf frequency of a station and 27 is WETA Now. (3/18/17)

Dave's response: Hey guys, look. Basically, it is not supposed to matter to the casual TV viewer what channel a local TVer is actually broadcasting on - before or after the repacking. Yeah, WJZ may get moved to 11 and have to share an allocation with another station. So what. The FCC has said that when it repacks the TV bands, probably everyone's going to get moved to somewhere new. Your favorite TVers will still come up on their familiar channel numbers on your cable box or your broadcast TV. So what. The only "problem" here is for people who still depand on an antenna. They're going to have to buy a new TV or get a converter box that can receive ATSC 3.0 signals. That'll be a pain in the ass for the 5% of viewers that still watch broadcast TV and they'll either (1) give up traditional local TV fare altogether (if they haven't already), (2) suck up to the assholes (Comcast/Verizon) who run cable (and pay), or (3) watch their locals via some internet package stream (and pay). The third option is probably the most-likely.....

Kemp Mill Music closing its final area store Saturday: “The last remaining Kemp Mill Music store closes Saturday after losing its lease, but one item isn’t for sale: a battered cardboard cutout of go-go icon Chuck Brown. Armando Cruz is turning out the lights on the once-ubiquitous regional chain that boasted more than 30 locations in the Washington metro area at its peak. He’s held on to the Brown promotional cutout for years and once rejected a $500 offer for it.” There’s always Joe’s Record Paradise in Silver Spring. Otherwise, Kemp Mill’s demise is the final nail in the coffin for DC area chain retail music stores. (3/18/17)

While there is little reporting of the DC market TV repacking, the Baltimore market is mostly reported according to the NAB. WBAL is moving from 11 to 12, WJZ is moving from 13 to 11 oddly, and WMAR is moving from 38 to 27. Also WBFF to 26 and WNUV to 25. Of course you won’t see these RF channels on your TV as it will automatically remap them to, for instance WJZ 13 even though they’re on 11. It appears Sinclair might be turning in WUTB or combining it with WBFF and/or WNUV. In Salisbury, WMDT is moving from 47 to 29, WCPB to 21, but no report of where WBOC, now 21 is landing. I noticed that in New York City, CBS and FOX are both getting 2 channels for one, apparently through other deals. I wonder if that might happen in DC. I could see Sinclair wanting a second channel in DC. — BaltoMedia.net (3/18/17)

Ocean City/Salisbury Market on the Shore....why is WAMS stunting ? what will they do? why the WAMS calls? - Answers: stunting until they staff up with market rejects.....what will they do - AAA like she has tried and died before....WAMS...."W - Adult Music Station" slogan.... (3/18/17)

Why should taxpayers provide $445 million to Public Broadcasting? That was the budget in 2016 for "Non-Profit" "Non-Commercial" Stations. NPR, PBS and CPB Stations do not pay any taxes. When these stations first started, congress felt that they needed to subsidize them. However, after many years, they are strong enough to stand on their own. In some markets like DC, they are number one in the market. Remember, all the donations you give to these " Public Stations" are tax deductible to you as Charitable Donation. Should this process continue? (3/18/17)

WMAL’s resident gadfly Larry “I Only Sound Gay” O’Connor claims he’s wearing a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” tee shirt. And Chris Plante is probably face down in a plate of cabbage and corned beef after twenty shots of Jamisons’ Irish Whiskey & a dozen green beers. So DCRTVDJDAVE: this would be a good time to hop on the Metro, get off in Friendship Heights, saunter over to Jenifer Street, belly up to WMAL, give Larry a big wet one, get back on the Metro, get off at Federal Triangle, stumble over to Trump International, find Chris Plante & Number One Girl, and lock lips with The Frother! Then you can get back on the Metro and head over to the Eastern Market stop and dance the night away at the Boots & Saddle or Remingtons. This is your big chance Dave: go for it! (3/18/17)

RE: “Hi Dave, You may have already written about it and I might have missed it, but it seems that WDHC in Berkley Springs, WV has switched formats.” Doh! Has this become “DCWVRTV Mailbag”? Who cares about some hillbilly station you can only get on what’s left of your teeth? Berkley Springs? How about the latest radio news from Paw Paw next? What does WDHC broadcast, tips on how to pick-up your cousin? Okay: why do WV men go to family reunions? That’s where the chicks are! Sheesh. Here’s WHDC’s staff: www.retrokimmer.com (3/18/17)

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Fox5 Morning News (oh, my error "News Morning") has become a joke. It's obviously become an entertainment show vs news. The best part of the show is Tucker Barnes' segment where he plays a teacher grading the weather for the day. Yeah, it's shtick, but actually entertaining. Kevin McCarthy acting like a 10 yr old, the Good Day DC show posing as a local TMZ and the other soft stuff that makes one not take this morning show seriously. So, are the local ABC, NBC & CBS morning shows any better as I'm ready to switch. (3/17/17)

Hi Dave, You may have already written about it and I might have missed it, but it seems that WDHC in Berkley Springs, WV has switched formats. They were MAX music and playing anything and everything. But unless my car radio is a little stronger than I thought, they have now changed to a Spanish station...I'm not sure what there target market is in Berkley Springs, but maybe they know something I don't know. Can't find anything on the internest (their facebook or webpage to verify, just whenever I tune in to 92.9. Just found that curious. Thanks, Greg (3/17/17)

Nothing on the radio really jumped out at me this week, so much of my commute was spent listening to the Bluegrass station at 105.5 FM. I'm here to tell you that nothing puts you in a weird mood quite like songs about mama dying of tuberculosis in jail. (3/17/17)

It appears Comcast in the Frederick, Maryland area has added the WHAG subchannels of Grit and Escape. Escape on 210 and Grit on 211. However upon tuning to these channels it says HD equipment is required to view it. Comcast seems clueless and even seemed to think the subchannels weren't available at all. After looking forward to getting Grit for awhile now they seem to be just teasing us SD customers with it. Hope they fix this issue soon. Grit and Escape will be welcome additions if this gets worked out. (3/17/17)

Its been close to 15 years since Birach Broadcasting began leaving a trail of debt to creditors, abandoned office buildings, derailed careers and general bad will among the DC engineering community with its WGOP-now-WDMV debacle (anyone remember "DC Radio 700" with The Greaseman?). To this day, the Birach.com website still has the following warning in big red letters: "My company was registered in Virginia without my knowledge and approval. Several people imposed fraud on courts in Virginia and Maryland using my company. This is the warning to the public that for any business you want to do with Birach Broadcasting, you should contact office in Southfield, the only office for Birach Broadcasting Corporation." Wow. Fifteen years, and he's still sore. (3/17/17)

DCRTV Mailbag Fake News Alert: Did Sean “Ham” Hammity really “pull a gun” on fellow FNC talker, formerly of Washington Post/PBS fame, Juan Williams as CNN supposedly reported? Breitbart reports: www.breitbart.com (3/17/17)

WMAL’s Chris Plante taking the day off to probably celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Number One Girl drinking green beer at the Trump International. Sub-host Dan Mandis (www.facebook.com/danandisshow ) says the “ill” Chris Plante is out but we all know he’s playing hooky! Look for Chris here: www.trump.com (3/17/17)

Ocean City, MD’s new Class A FM, WAMS 94.9 FM is stunting, playing anything from Sinatra to hip hop to 80s New Wave right now, advertising a new format coming soon. No way to really tell what direction they’re going. Why they chose the WAMS calls is curious though considering they’ve mostly been used by failed radio stations in Delaware & Maryland that have gone off the air before. (3/17/17)

Seems like there have been a lot of comings and goings in the local TV newsrooms recently. Can you update us on these changes. (3/17/17)

PBS, The Petroleum Broadcasting System, made a lot of sense when it was first conceived back in the 1960's. Today, it doesn't. The idea of local “non-commercial” or “educational” TV stations made sense in an era when television was a scarce and expensive resource. But, with the “Public Access/Local Government/Public School” channels forced on the CATV's by their local franchising authorities (one of those cases where extortion is legal), these broadcasters have become an anachronism. Thanks to CATV, “independent” local non-commercial TV is much more available now than it was in 1968. As for programming “resources” (AKA money), the original NET (National Educational Television) was funded by the stations, grant money, and donations. NET and NET stations created and distributed numerous quality programs that brought specialized educational and cultural resources into areas where it wouldn't otherwise exist. There is no reason why an independent (non-government) organization could not take the place of CPB/NPR and do its job not just more efficiently, but effectively in providing programs to these CATV channels. Many of these CATV channels are funded at astounding levels out of the pockets of the customers of the CATV's with what many CATV bills call “PEG Fees”. Wonder how much you're paying? Look at your bill! Want your opinion to be heard by your neighbors? Look for a “soapbox” type of program on an access channel on your CATV. Many CATV's have a channel with such! If your system doesn't have one, contact the manager of the access channel and offer to produce one yourself! Don't have CATV, but it's available where you live? That is your choice! It's called the marketplace. What about those who live in an area where CATV is unavailable? There are non-commercial broadcast channels on the satcasters! What if you can't afford CATV or satellite? There are many things in life which I would like to have, but that I cannot afford. And, I'm not talking about extravagances, either. But, because the dollars aren't there, I have to do without them. When it comes to having satellite or CATV vs. medicine or heat, the medicine or heat will win. Same thing about NPR. Yes, NPR provides “national” programming that otherwise probably wouldn't exist. But absent NPR, what would “non-commercial” radio stations broadcast? Probably whatever their members wanted! And, probably a much more varied choice than what is now currently available. All most “Public” radio stations are these days is nothing more than a government programmed version of what WMAL is most of the time: A repeater for programming originated elsewhere. The end of CPB/NPR necessarily won't mean the end of non-commercial broadcasting. It will make it more effective by forcing the broadcasters to actually serve the needs of the audience. Remember when D.C. had five broadcast non-commercial channels: WMPT, WETA, WHMM, WNVT, and WNVC? As for radio, what about WAMU? WAMU is an D.C.-unique anomaly that probably couldn't exist elsewhere. Just like its often #2-rated competitor, WTOP. And, we all know what #2 is, now don't we? Now, for the $64,000 question: Will the end of PBS or NPR mean the end of non-commercial broadcasting? I would look first at the stations that were built after 1968 and their current funding resources. I would expect those in the states that were late to the game to be the first to go dark or silent. My guess would be Mississippi and West Virginia would be among the first to see a cutback, if not total termination of operations. Yes, that means job losses. Not much different than what happened when people preferred buying a Lexus over an Oldsmobile. Sad. But, it's a fact of life. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/17/17)

Enjoy reading your webpage, keep up the great work. On a AM & FM band, how does whomever get their stats to project the market radio ratings? Thanks, oldMan OUT (3/17/17)

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Re Wisdom Martin "contributes absolutely nothing to the conversation." Absolutely nothing is what most of the am Fox5 conversations deserve. THey ought to cut the celebrity gossip and inane chit chat and report some of the real local news that is ignored by what's left of the local print media. (3/16/17)

Fox5 really needs to take Wisdom Martin off the anchor desk and give him a sports gig at the station. This morning it was obvious that he's much more knowledgeable and passionate about talking sports vs the "news" or the other soft stuff they do each morning. He's so disengaged and disinterested when doing that Good Day show. There are times when he just sits there and contributes absolutely nothing to the conversation. (3/16/17)

WMAL’s Larry O’Connor reaming PBS: must be ream PBS day with conservative trolls. I say: LEAVE PBS ALONE RIGHT NOW! I happen to like Sesame Street, tote bags, Hillary Clinton, Mister Rogers (ooops, he’s dead), DCRTV, WHUR, WAMU, WHFS, WMAL, WJFK, NPR, did I say tote bags?, Big Bird, PBS, WETA, Donald Trump (oooops), Starbucks, PBS, NPR, did I say Starbucks?, tote bags, and old bags answering the phones at PBS fundraisers. LEAVE PBS ALONE RIGHT NOW... (3/16/17)

Sir Maddow? Seems the infamous lesbian may go both ways, hinting that “you would be surprised” to the notion that she is a male. Wonder how her wife, Susan Mikula will take that. More from the Free Beacon: freebeacon.com (3/16/17)

RE: “Trump Plans Big Cut For CPB - 3/16 - President Donald Trump made good on a long-time conservative goal in his first proposed budget - targeting the Corporation For Public Broadcasting for complete elimination. Trump's budget would zero out the $445 million budget for the DCRTV-biased CPB, a relatively small source of funding for programming and broadcast operations on public TV stations and NPR radio stations nationwide.” Well cry a little, listen instead to WHUR and quit bitching: enough is enough. Y’all had your free ride and tote bags for years and now it’s time to REALLY PAY THE PIPER. NPR/CPB/DCRTV/FREE LUNCH/WETA/ RIP at last! NPR: “National Panhandler Radio” according to Chris Plante. You want a friend: get a dog. (3/16/17)

thought you'd be interested to know - in car last night at 945, heard Andy Pollin doing WTOP sports update on the fifteens. (3/16/17)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies sans Lurch & JP (“Hey JP”) had Chad Dukes as a ringer this morning and although not a huge fan have to say he fit right in and did a great job. He had EB & Cakes eating out of his hand, threw in a lot of wrestling crap, and brought with him his “Yacht Rock” music. Jason Bishop and John Paul Flame better beware: EB & Cakes could pull a coup and be done with you & replace with Chad who might do it for free (therefore EB & Cakes get their salaries). Chad Dukes Twitter thanking the Junks: twitter.com/chaddukes (3/16/17)

Chris Plante gets confused a lot. This morning he said WHUR Radio is a Public broadcasting, National Public Radio station. He also said WHUR Radio gets funding from "National Public Broadcasting". Was he confusing WHUR with WPFW (Which I believe is not part of NPR) , or was he was confusing WHUR Radio with WHUT TV? But hey, we all know Chris is no expert on the media in this town, so we should let it slide. (3/16/17)

With WCTN 950 sidelined for the time being, it opened up the adjacent frequencies enough to see who else is out there. 960 WFIR out of Roanoke was audible in Newington VA this morning; about 180 air miles away. Not great, but readable. (3/16/17)

This morning about 5:15am I was driving like an old lady, doing about 70MPH on the outer loop of the beltway near Route 66, when I Jeep Wrangler blew past me. The Virginia license plate read "XM RADIO". HAHA. Ok lead foot, slow it down a little. (3/16/17)

[RE: So Jennifer Dolnelan is now a Prince Georges County police spokesperson? I thought another former newscaster was the PG spokesperson. (3/7/17)] You are right. Julie Parker left WJLA a couple of years ago to take the PG job, but she is now the spokesperson for Fairfax County Police. (3/16/17)

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Michael Savage was beaten while having dinner in San Francisco. He supported President Trump and the liberals hate him. It is a shame we can't have different opinions and still respect each other. Savage was kicked off WMAL by Bill Hess. (3/15/17)

While Maddow over-hyped what turned out to be not much of a story (a 12-year-old tax return revealed almost nothing of interest), saying "the real question should be 'Will Someone Go To Prison For Committing Felony Of Revealing Trump’s 2005 Tax Filing?'" is uninformed, to say the least. The 1st Amendment and courts' attitude toward it for at least a century guarantee that the answer to your question is a resounding "no." Unveiling numbers from a tax return simply isn't a felony. Now, if it can be proven that someone stole the forms....that's a different story. (3/15/17)

Michael Savage Thrown to Floor by Man Shouting ‘Weiner, Weiner’ - www.mediaite.com (3/15/17)

What is the cut off date for LPTV Channel 6? This "Television Station" is licensed to Fairfax and has been operating as a FM Radio Station on their audio channel 87.7 FM. The owner has been leasing their audio channel to a Spanish Broker. They operate as WDCN on 87.7 FM. (3/15/17)

DCRTV Mailbaggers beware of what you wish for: you might just get it. PMSNBC’s Rachel Maddcow’s “scoop” may have blown up in her face with her airing of a segment “leaking” Trump’s taxes, which apparently only proved that in 2005, he made $150 million but paid $36.5 million in taxes (Her Thighness Hillary Clinton claimed throughout the campaign that he paid none www.politifact.com ). So the Washington Post’s header reads: “Did Trump have his own tax return leaked? That was the big question after Maddow.” when the real question should be “Will Someone Go To Prison For Committing Felony Of Revealing Trump’s 2005 Tax Filing?”. I, for one, DEMAND that DCRVTDJDAVE post HIS TAX RETURNS on his web site. More from The Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.com... (3/15/17)

“Rachel Maddow Turned a Scoop on Donald Trump’s Taxes Into a Cynical, Self-Defeating Spectacle”: header from The Daily Caller, Breitbart, Info Wars, The Washington Times, Redstate, Town Hall, or even DCRTV? Nope, the lefty Slate: www.slate.com (3/15/17)

WJFK’s Eric Bickel of Sports Junkies fame touting a classic man in the (snowy) street interview by WTTG in Fredneck: twitter.com (3/15/17)

WRBS AM 1230 (formerly WITH AM) is about to launch its FM station on 94.3 FM from the WRBS FM tower in southwest Baltimore County. It will duplicate AM 1230's programming. This is after WRBS was turned down by the FCC for trying to get an FM license on 103.1, the same frequency as WRNR 103.1 after complaints. The station will broadcast from the WRBS tower in southwest Baltimore County. (3/15/17)

A somewhat dire warning about the TV Spectrum Repacking from HDTV Magazine. What markets will be stuck with a Channel 2, 4, 5, or 6 such that they’ll never be able to receive the station with an indoor antenna? Some real live tests: www.hdtvmagazine.com... Maybe all stations will fit in the new spectrum (2-36), but which ones will have terrible signals? A random allocation system guarantees there will be some winners and losers in this. And for those wondering about WDCN, DC’s Channel 6 acting as an FM station… They will definitely have a hard cut off date to go off the air regardless of whether any TV station is allocated there. They can reapply as a digital LPTV, but that is their only option. So that mess will end. LPTVs have absolutely no priority and pretty much will all be automatically deleted and have to reapply for any available leftover space in a final round. Class A TV stations are protected, but not other LPTVs, so in markets like Salisbury/Delmarva, WRDE NBC Coast TV will be forced to scramble as will WMDT 47’s WGDV 32 carrying Bounce & Azteca and other networks. Delmarva still has no other OTA NBC affiliate other than WRDE NBC Coast TV, so yes, some network stations could lose their channels and have nowhere to go. www.commlawblog.com... — BaltoMedia.Net (3/15/17)

Some repack news: In the past few days, the NAB has started having stations self-report their post-repack allocations until the FCC issues a formal notice. www.nab.org... It appears to be limited so far to stations that are moving but not channel-sharing or going dark. So most markets only have some stations reported, and there are none at all from Washington. The only band change that has been reported in any nearby markets is a whopper: WVIR Charlottesville is moving from 32 all the way down to 2. As of last night stations that did report are reflected in the RabbitEars.info listings for each market for easy searching. (3/15/17)

The laws of propagation have consistently shown that lower UHF channels work better than higher ones for TV reception, however there won’t be that much difference between 14 & 36. I have read dozens of articles about the Spectrum auction and almost every one of them surmised that in many crowded markets in the northeast, it would be difficult to fit every station. The original plan was 2-30, but that was quickly nixed for lack of channels. Does anyone know if channels 18 or 19 will be used or not for TV? Like channel 37, they have often been used in some markets for non-TV related communication. I can’t wait to see what these compacted contours look like or whether they will remotely match each TV station’s previous contour. (3/15/17)

Speaking of WCRW 1190, they originally had a night time application from the Lessburg VA former site but after the owner’s death, the application was sort of abandoned. Originally four new towers were proposed. But now they have re-filed their 1200 watt night time application, but this time from the Sterling location using the same 3 towers. The FCC currently has it on its blocked application list for technical deficiency, but an amendment has been filed. (3/15/17)

Did PPM Kill Smooth Jazz? fivethirtyeight.com (3/15/17)

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WBIG holding on to the #6 spot is proof that radio is dead in this town, I guess. It offers nothing of interest at all. The same small handful of records, played over and over, and robotic DJs who have nothing to say in the few seconds they're allowed to speak. Tune in now and you're likely to hear "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," followed by some monotone nobody saying something like "Pat Benatar. She'll be playing two shows in Las Vegas in July," followed by 4+ minutes of commercials. Tune in again in 90 minutes and you're likely to hear basically the same thing again. And yet....#6. DC radio is the worst. (3/14/17)

When will WMAL 630 AM move to Germantown? Can you show us what their new nighttime signal will look like from there? As I recall, when they applied to move out of DC, their new signal at night only covered half of the DC Market. (3/14/17)

"That means a Big Three network station could by chance have nowhere to go." - No. You're still not getting it. The whole idea of the auction was to match up the amount of money wireless carriers were willing to pay for new spectrum (forward auction) with the amount of money station owners were willing to accept to go dark, channel share or downgrade (reverse auction), plus the cost of the payments to licensees to move existing facilities. When those auction rounds were done, the FCC concluded that it could free up what are now channels 38-51 while leaving channels 14-36, plus VHF, to accommodate EVERY TV station that still wanted to retain spectrum. The preliminary channel assignments are done and were delivered to station owners a few weeks ago. Anyone who wanted to keep 6 MHz per license was able to do so, including the three Sinclair-controlled licenses in Baltimore. WBFF and WNUV are going to 26 and 25, respectively. There is no reason right now to think that a UHF station ending up on RF 14 has any greater or lesser value than one that ends up on RF 36. All TV stations that have to move will get money out of the auction proceeds to help pay for their moves, regardless of whether they participated in the auction process. What's still so unclear about that? (3/14/17)

Win some, lose some.. I enjoy NHK World but MPT just replaced Spanish-language V-Me with PBS Kids... Bummer.. TK in Odenton (3/14/17)

Does anyone know why Channels 4 and 7 chose to blow off the Today Show and Good Morning America (respectively) this morning in favor of lame, repetitious coverage of a relatively minor weather event? I lived in the NY area for many years and don't recall a single instance of network morning news shows (which are appointment viewing for millions) being preempted for snow coverage despite some blizzards that dwarfed anything the DC area experienced today. Perhaps local TV news brass got so frustrated at the lack of snowstorms thus far this winter that they were going into hysterical overdrive over the first one regardless of how insignificant it turned out to be? (3/14/17)

Here's what WPFW has to look forward to.... K-LOVE RDS Hacked longisland.news12.com (3/14/17)

WPFW 89.3 adds RDS to its signal. The last one in the DC market. (finally) (3/14/17)

Here is a new service that DCRTV could provide for their readers. Post a list of the HD Channels in DC and update it each week with changes. If people knew where to find the programming they like it would help the listeners for the HD Channels. Nielsen will NOT show the ratings of the HD Channels unless the station is a subscriber to their service. The last I heard, it costs $110,000 per year for a station in DC to subscribe to Nielsen. Small stations cannot afford to subscribe. (3/14/17)

Riddle me this, boy blunders: What is the only station that continues to go south by going north? WMAL!!! And with the Redskins on it next fall, its value will be even further diminished!! Heheheheheeheheheheee……… (3/14/17)

In response to the person who wanted a list of HD Radio stations and their programming unfortunately there was a site HD Radio.com that would list by city available HD stations and their programming but I haven't been able to get onto it for a few months They must have taken it down.It was good because it would give you other helpful info like available HD radio receivers. (3/14/17)

Enjoyed seeing the Kintronic ad touting the new WMAL-AM transmitter shed for the Germantown site. So, basically, the current shed operation will be transported 10 or 15 miles farther away from the target audience. It must gall whoever is going to all that trouble for the end result to be damaging and diminishing the station. Not your typical motive for a capital outlay. (3/14/17)

WASH Sunday Night Thing of the Past: I really enjoyed listening to that show, whether it was Bob Duckman or John Dowling hosting. Suppose I'm feeling nostalgic about the nostalgia of that show. A snow day will do that for you. Hope those guys are doing well. Would be cool if the show could be revived by one of them somehow. (3/14/17)

Havre DeGrace, Harford County's WHGM 104.7 FM/1330 AM has its new FM on the air. FM 107.5 FM for Bel Air and central Harford County. Along with 100.5 FM on the Eastern Shore, they now have 3 FMs for AM 1330. While the FMs are in side the daytime signal of WHGM AM, they tremendously extend WHGM's signal at night when the AM is on 500 watts that does not reach Bel Air. (3/14/17)

Brent Harris will call Baltimore Brigade arena football games for Monumental Sports Network. (3/14/17)

WMAL Pre-fab Transmitter Building Just Completed. www.kintronic.com (3/14/17)

As I understand it, the FCC is not guaranteeing every currently licensed TV channel a channel of their own. The whole point of the auction is for many stations to be sold and go off the air. But it doesn’t appear enough TV stations have done that. I assume the new Channel assignments would be somewhat random. That means a Big Three network station could by chance have nowhere to go. Because this is partially market driven auction, channel winners of lucrative locations like lower UHF channels will gain instantly greater value with their channel location. Based on market economics, for instance. WRC NBC 4 is not going off the air, but they are certainly losing channel 48. WMAR ABC 2 is certainly losing channel 38, but they still didn’t participate in the auction. All of Sinclair’s Baltimore stations have to move. Are all 3 going to fit somewhere? Unlikely separately. As far as stations who don’t have to move, I have not read anywhere that Hi-VHFs might have to move from their VHF channels. I have also not read anywhere, that EVERY single TV station in the US is moving channels. If someone has a link to that, I’d love to tread it if true. I’ll bet that WJLA 7, WUSA 9, WBAL 11, & WJZ 13, all stay on those channels. Unless somebody knows something I don’t. (3/14/17)

Regarding "...I'm trying to remember who hosted Sunday Night Thing of the Past on WASH. I seem to recall Bob Duckman hosted for a period and someone else also hosted for a while...." It was John Dowling. (3/14/17)

Is there a published list of the programming that is available on the various HD Channels? No one seems to know how many HD receivers there are in the DC market. (3/14/17)

A few days ago, UCS made reference to the allocations in Richmond and that "6 went to Havens & Martin (originally an auto repair partnership which had founded WTVR-AM in the back of a garage)." The original call of the AM station was WMBG which stood for "Motors, Batteries, and Generators" or "Magnetos, Batteries, and Generators" - depending on which source you reference. The call did not change to WTVR-AM until Roy H. Park purchased the station around 1966. In a clipping found on the WTVR website, apparently WMBG was considered as the original call for the television station. (localtvwtvr.files.wordpress.com) (3/14/17)

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Allow me to summarize the Sports Talk Heavy Hundred top 20 for you: White guy, 2 white guys, white guy, white guy, white guy, 2 white guys, 2 white guys, white guy paired with black guy, 2 white guys, white guy, 2 white guys, 2 white guys, 3 white guys, 4 white guys, white guy, 2 white guys, 2 white guys, white guy paired with black guy, 2 white guys, 2 white guys. Gee... I wonder why sports talk stations tank in the ratings? There are no solo African-American hosts on the entire list, nor any women -- though two black guys who are allowed to host a program in Los Angeles without the steadying presence of a white guy do occupy slot #96 -- between 2 white guys in Kansas City (#95) and 1 white guy in Cleveland (#97). The "Heavy 100" authors, in trying to defend the shaky methodology used to compile this list, says the factors chosen are "reflective of the industry's diversity." Yeah, that's some diversity! BTW, I have never understood why anyone takes any of the "Heavy 100" lists seriously. Talkers "Magazine"/talkers.com has never been able to say exactly how it comes up with its rankings. Its flagship list has long been a laundry list of right-wing hosts. In describing the science behind their picks this time, they write "Ratings and revenues are two of the major factors...but the editors took into account ... courage, effort, impact, recognition, service, talent, potential and uniqueness." In other words ... Mike Francesca first, and then we'll try to come up with 99 others ... as long as they're white guys. (3/13/17)

The DCRTV Mailbag Dope of the Week Award goes to the fool who wrote, "do what the Chinese owners of WCRW did to the moribund WBIS several years ago." Until his death in June 2015, WCRW was owned by Jim Weitzman. The station is now largely held by his family. As you might tell from his name, Jim was hardly Chinese. Let's just say he was an American who was also strongly pro-Israel. Jim also owned WBIS. He made the decision to shutter WBIS when an agreement with two other stations in the northeastern US on 1190 to make changes in their directional patterns that would move WBIS to a different transmitter site failed to materialize. WBIS was also losing its Annapolis tower site power of WBIS. This allowed Jim to increase the daytime power of WCRW. Once again, the DCRTV Mailbag is where know-nothings freely display their ignorance. (3/13/17)

WCTN 950AM now appears to have gone silent. No carrier at all as far as I can see. Anyone know what's going on? It's a shame, because the music was rather good. (3/13/17)

“Cherry Blossom Radio.” Sounds like a station from Japan. Do they also play the Vapors? Jeff (3/13/17)

DCRTV Mailbag Fake News Update: according to The Washington Post, where “Democracy Dies in Darkness” and fake news lives, Trumpettes are getting bent out of shape over, well, fake news about a fake internets radio station. And the link between the two is – you guessed it – Amazon, who’s owner is Wapoop’s owner Jeff Bezo. “Amazon launched a fake radio station to promote ‘The Man in the High Castle.’ Angry Trump supporters thought it was real.” reads the header to the story. You can’t make this stuff up: www.washingtonpost.com (3/13/17)

A station that elects to give up their frequency and channel shares will still be treated as a separate station by the FCC. The station will have the same responsibilities as they had before. (3/13/17)

Heard "DC 104.7 cherry blossom radio" followed by a Bruce Springsteen tune today. (3/13/17)

The “old” Z-104 in Braddock Heights/Frederick, 103.9 WZYQ, ran an annual special for several years in the 80s that, IIRC, they called “Concert from Imaginary Park”. It wasn’t the syndicated package referred to by the mailbagger below, but was locally produced and included cuts from “live” albums mixed with crowd noises and commentary by the Z-104 jocks, with local references that made it kind of fun. Just another example of the creative programming and “big-market” sound that “The Real” Howard Johnson’s crew produced back in those days. Lots of very successful programmers and DJs spent some time at the little brick building on Mt. Phillip Road on their way up in the industry. It was a great time and a great station. -Mike in Bartonsville (3/13/17)

With the “Channel Sharing” as part of the repack, do the current license holders, who want to share channels, keep their licenses and are responsible for their own content or will there be one owner of the license for the channel who is responsible for all of the content on their frequency? (3/13/17)

"...frequencies within the repack would have more value. How do I know this? Not from the FCC. But by economics. Any TV station within the REPACK who’s tossed from their channel would immediately SUE if they were forced off the air without agreeing to anything!" - That's not how this works. That's not how ANY of this works! Nobody's suing anybody, because nobody gives up their spectrum in the repack unless they get the money they sought in the auction. If you're currently on UHF, you get to stay on UHF if you want to. Or you can take money and go to VHF, or do a channel-share with another licensee and split the money, or take even more money and leave the air. But the catch is that *nobody* is guaranteed to keep their current channel position, regardless of whether they're in-core (14-36) or out of core (38-51). Most markets that are getting repacked are getting nearly everyone moved off existing channels. Oh, and the preliminary new channel assignments have, in fact, all been determined and have been in the hands of station management for several weeks now. Some are sharing them, some are keeping them as state secrets. The FCC is expected to release the whole list publicly in April. (3/13/17)

The Washington Post’s loss is CNN’s gain: Chris Cillizza of “The Fix” fame is leaving WP for CNN (also no more PMSNBC), part of the effort by the seminal cable news channel to expand it’s stable of known Washington politicos. The Post’s Marty Baron seems to be taking it well: "We’re grateful to Chris for all his excellent work at The Post and for creating The Fix, an innovative approach to political coverage in the digital era," Baron said. "We’re sorry to lose him. The Fix is blessed with an exceptionally talented team of reporters, and it will remain a central component of The Post’s political coverage. We wish Chris the very best in his new role." More from Politico’s Hadas Gold: www.politico.com (3/13/17)

Fox D.C. Station Goes Nearly NSFW for Weather Promos - www.adweek.com... (3/13/17)

Another host of the WASH "Sunday Night Thing of the Past" was the late, great Eddie Galliher, who would occasionally re-create his old WTOP "Moondial" program. That was great radio. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/13/17)

WMAL is running an ad for a part-time staff engineer, which is kinda weird. As I understand it, there is no Chief Engineer there to which a PT'er would report to. And what a rotten time to be down an entire engineering staff -- the old AM site's being torn down, the new one is being pushed thru the sausage-maker, and 630 is filled with pops, clicks and dropouts. As the Prez might say, "sad". (3/13/17)

Does anyone know how many HD Receivers there are in the DC area? Only one or two of the HD Side Channels show up in the ratings. Nielsen will not list them unless they subscribe to the Nielsen Service. It would be nice to have some other rating service in the market. (3/13/17)

DCRTV Mailbag exclusive: Sean Spicer punked! Seems poor White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was shopping at a Washington Apple Store when he was approached by a woman who accosted him with questions and accusations pertaining to POTUS Donaldo Trump. Spicer responded that she was lucky to be in this country which the woman took as racist because she is a person of color (not Native-American Indian, India the country Indian-American). Spicer might want to consider Jeff Bezo’s Amazon drone delivery: www.dailymail.co.uk (3/13/17)

Here's a real memory flogger for Dave & all the Mailbaggers ... Billed as "a concert of the mind," on Labor Day weekend in 1975, radio listeners to some 200 stations experienced a 48-hour syndicated program called "Fantasy Park." It featured dozens of major rock acts in an imaginary concert, complete with crowd noise and other sound effects. Each hour opened with this disclaimer of sorts, voiced by Rod Serling, recorded just weeks before his death: "This is Fantasy Park...the Greatest Live Concert....never held." One note of interest I found: "In New Orleans when the concert aired the IRS came knocking on the doors of WNOE trying to attach the gate receipts to make sure the Feds got their cut!" I've also been looking online for promotional ads for it -- in publications like Broadcasting Magazine or Billboard -- but I'm not coming up with anything. I thought maybe if the folks who syndicated it to stations had been running ads in industry periodicals in order to sign up participating stations, they'd list the stations who'd bought the package. There's apparently an 18-minute promo tape, presumably for potential "affiliates," so they could form a basis for buying in. I had also wondered whether it was distributed via a set of LPs or if it had been provided on a set of 10-inch tape reels. I've verified that it was sent out to station on tape. At least one station thought to make t-shirts to promote it. The concept presented some unique problems in that a station couldn't very well give away concert tickets as contest prizes to listeners, hence the t-shirts. Does anybody out there recall this radio special or do you know if any/all of it is available for online listening? I did find the demo on the REELRADIO site, but listening is limited to subscribers only, which I'm not anymore. Did this program air in DC? If so, I'd guess it was most likely on Q-107-FM or maybe WPGC-FM or perhaps even WHFS-FM. (3/13/17)

I love the Junks and esp EB. Worried about him based on that commercial.... (3/13/17)

On a Sunday night, I'm trying to remember who hosted Sunday Night Thing of the Past on WASH. I seem to recall Bob Duckman hosted for a period and someone else also hosted for a while. John Bodnar? Folks who remember, help me out. Thanks (3/13/17)

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I happen to disagree about HD Radio being a joke .I will say its probably more practical at home than in the car because of the subchannels either get it or you don't digital signal I've never tested a car in dash unit with HD radio but I plug my Insignia pocket radio into my cars Aux jack and use the Aux cable as an antenna draped against the top of windshield of course reception varies its worse when the trees have leaves but Fresh FM HD2 Classic Hits is very reliable as well as the Gamut I live in Woodbridge and travel near Lorton to work.At home with an outside antenna its reliable on the DC stations HD Radio is the only place to hear Classic Hits on Fresh FM HD2 And Wash FM HD2 All commercial free! aside from WKCW but that's not in stereo or 95.9 Fredericksburg but reception is spotty.Its the only place to hear Classic Country on 98.7 HD2 Smooth Jazz on WHUR HD2 And Active hard leaning rock on DC101 HD2 And of course the deep cuts on the Gamut also commercial free yes the programming could be better but my HD pocket radio was $40 and I picked up a boombox style HD radio from Salvation Army for around $12 and having the song titles and artist displayed is great I must note the radio in my Honda has RDS display for station info call letters song title And artist name most FM stations use it but its not HD capable.And of course I'm sure more than 30 miles the signal is harder to get the range is not as far as analog but sound quality is great on many stations.The Classic Hits ,DC101 HD2 and 98.7 HD2 subs broadcast in stereo the Gamut and WHUR subs do not.Basically HD radio has many of the formats that used to be on regular analog radio. (3/12/17)

It's interesting how the unanimous opinion of those here is that Metro Radio will sit and run a Spanish format in Morgan County for the long term -- they would get more money out of it by knocking it down and selling the equipment. The endgame for WDHC has to be either (A) an attempt to move it as close to Northern Virginia as possible, to replace WTNT's existing 92.9 translator in Centreville, or (B) do what the Chinese owners of WCRW did to the moribund WBIS a few years ago: shut WDHC down and use the vacancy to upgrade their existing translator to 250 watts. (A) would likely require very creative engineering because of WINC and WWXT, and I wouldn't agree with (B) at all. If neither of those come to pass, then yeah, Metro is truly the dumbest station operator in existence. (3/12/17)

RE: “New CroppMetcalfe Winter Commercial - featuring EB From The Junkies! – YouTube” Forget EB: Cropp Metcalfe should being advertising on DCRTV! (3/12/17)

ENTERCOM has worked out a deal with Radio Disney to lease their HD Side Channels for the Radio Disney programming. Disney sold off all their radio stations a few years ago except Los Angeles. Now they have found a cheap way to get their programming back on the air again. So far, Disney has lease 31 HD Channels from Entercom. (3/12/17)

Dave's response: Kids don't listen to radio and HD Radio is a joke. All Disney needs to do is stream it via an app and the dear tykes can listen on their phones and other devices.....

Of course they already have a replacement for Krystie McIntyre. The new PD has his own guy he wants to use. As far as ads in the trades, they're all about EEOC requirements. They are a JOKE. Every PD knows by the time the ad shows up on All Access, the job has been filled. Also, I don't know anyone working at Cumulus who's happy. They preach a lot of rah rah bullshit, but they don't give a shit about people. Their staffs are like cattle. I laughed out loud when they're financing plan was rejected. The Dickeys were truly the most despicable people in the history of broadcasting, but their replacement just talks the talk with regard to "force", their corporate mantra, while recognizing anyone is disposable. (3/12/17)

New CroppMetcalfe Winter Commercial - Featuring EB From The Junkies! - YouTube (3/12/17)

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RE: WDHC in Berkeley Springs has switched to Spanish... Considering less than 1/2 of 1% of the Morgan County WV population is Latino, sounds like somebody didn't check out the demographics before making the flip. I doubt the local business there will be breaking down the door for the opportunity to advertise on that gold mine. (3/11/17)

Ha, I'm having a tougher time figuring out the anti-Cumulus stock guy guy than the Cumulus stock guy. I'm so hot to see the Cumulus way of doing business getting spanked in public that I wish Cumulus stock guy would post every ten minutes or so. I can probably find a psychiatrist's couch for the anti-Cumulus stock guy guy. (3/11/17)

DCRTV’s Dave Hughes gets a nice “tip of the hat” mention by WJFK’s Pete Medhurst (washington.cbslocal.com) at the end of his Saturday Noon to 1:00PM (washington.cbslocal.com) show, telling listeners to go to DCRTV.com and what a great job “Dave Hughes” does. DCRTVDJDAVE fans should “Tweet Pete” a thanks for the mention: twitter.com/PeteMedhurst... (3/11/17)

Dave's response: Wow. Thanks Pete!!!

I really enjoy reading DCRTV each morning. I think their staff is fair and balanced. It is great to have broadcasting news for the DC area. Most other newsletters try to cover the entire country. Speaking of staff, Dave Hughes could use some support. Please send him a check so that we can continue to get this free service. (3/11/17)

As for UHF in D.C., WOOK-TV never really had a chance. It wasn't just the tower, the power, or the programming. It's that United didn't really know how to sell local TV. Of United's TV stations, only WMUR-TV in Manchester, NH was the closest thing to a success. But, that was mainly because of good CATV carriage and coverage of Boston's northern suburbs. But, it was very dependent on their rep agencies on both sides of the border thanks to CATV carriage in Canada. United's other “major” TV was a bit of a dud. KECC-TV, El Centro, California. Other than the USMC Logistics Base at Twentynine Palms and the Army base at Yuma, there's basically no population. It's ironic that when United's WMET-TV was “resurrected” (intentional pun) as WKJL-TV, it was also not much of a success despite having a better signal and programming. It's all about selling. Which it did well as an HSN O&O (WHSW), although it did run music videos in AM drive with Don O'Brien, simulcasting with B104. IMHO, what really killed UHF in the early days wasn't just low power or that you couldn't tune them in, but serious high-power at VHF with tall towers which eliminated the need for small market TV in so many cases. The technology for real power at VHF was developed for Radar during WWII. (Edwin Armstrong was heavily involved in it. Even working with his nemesis, RCA, for the war effort. In the mid-1970's, a lot of Radar-related stuff was dumpstered out of the old Armstrong lab in Alpine, NJ.) Some examples: When WGAL-TV in Lancaster was on channel 4, their ERP was 1 KW visual and 500 watts aural! By contrast, WNBW in D.C. had 20.5 KW video and 10.5 KW aural. They wouldn't get 100KW until 1954-1955 or thereabouts. Now, as for the new, with the re-pack, expect the first moaning coming from the “Franken-FM's” on channel 6 to be loud when they get the boot! (I expect all sorts of rules violations here.) Next will be the LPTV's and CD's when they get tossed. It's going to make the mess of John Brinkley and Norman Baker look like a kids sandbox spat. “Underserved audiences” will be the likely plea. Now, here's where things could get interesting with the whole concept of “channel sharing”. Regardless of how many streams are going out of a transmitter, unless the FCC gets creative about licensing, somebody could end up being responsible for airing someone else's “objectionable content”. And, get the fine! So, I don't see that working out. At least not long term. The whole idea of “shared time” facilities is one the FCC wanted to get away from ages ago. The most famous being the WFAA/WBAP duo on 570 and 820 which lasted into the 1970's. The most cumbersome was in Chicago where three AM's on 1390 shared time every Sunday! The good thing is that ATSC 3.0 changes the mileage math for adjacent channel separation. Also, because of COFDM, channels 2-6 should be usable for TV once again as packet collisions and delayed packets shouldn't be a problem. As for propagation, that could still be a challenge. (I remember the first time I saw KVOO-TV from Tulsa instead of WFMY-TV...) But, given the infrequent nature of these events, I'll trade the fulltime coverage for the occasional interference to my non-MVPD audience. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/11/17)

The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi ponders “What’s a legitimate news outlet? A new face in the White House press pool raises questions.” Hopefully, that “new face” (and what a face) is DCRTVDJDAVE who will receive his White House Press Pass soon enough and begin reporting REAL NEWS on what radio, television and print reporters are doing LIVE from the White House: www.washingtonpost.com (3/11/17)

1010 WCST sounds like it's a computer playing oldies with no dj's. Probably will get more listeners in Berkeley Springs than the FM side. (3/11/17)

Dave's response: A WKCW clone.....

Cumulus has started advertising for a new WRQX evening talent after pitching Kristie McIntyre's butt out the door. So, what do you think? Do they already have the replacement waiting in the wings and are running a dummy ad just for EOE compliance (a practice that I wish was illegal)? Or are they really on the hunt because no sensible talent wants to board a ship that's worth 53 cents/share? For that matter, what was she doing wrong that made them boot her? I thought she was a'ight. (3/11/17)

Good morning. I noted late last month in DCRTV that MeTV was coming to an end on channel 7-2 as of March 1. My kids took this news poorly, since they love watching Andy Griffith before bed. FYI: We came across Andy earlier this week so it seems WJLA has had a change of plans! I surely hope so because most of the evening shows are family friendly. (3/11/17)

So is Erin Como being groomed to take over one of the anchor seats on Fox5's morning news? If so, unfortunately I think she will replace Maureen. Holly's gone out of her way to solidify her spot with her over the top "look at me, I'm the center of attention" personality. Replacing her would probably result in an uproar from her fans. Management has already kicked Gary McGrady off the morning news for the "younger" Mike Thomas. So going younger on the early broadcast with Erin wouldn't be a surprise. (3/11/17)

In response to the WKCW chatter, I’ve observed in my travels throughout the country (especially on road trips while flipping stations) that our 1420 is hardly alone among obscure AM oldies stations about which little information can be gleaned. Seems like in almost every market one has popped up, presumably catering to an older audience looking for “nostalgia," as the genre is frequently branded. Oftentimes few commercials (though the AdCouncil seems to be well-represented), no website, no on-air personalities; just Al Green, The Carpenters, and a muffled musical trip down memory lane. (3/11/17)

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You don't have to be a Cumulus employee to recognize that the Cumulus stock price guy who trolls the Mailbag is a clueless douche. Nobody wants to read the same uninformed shit every day. (3/10/17)

WTOP remembers the “first” domestic “terror” attack that took place in DC: wtop.com... I would say that Root Boy Slim’s first show at the Bayou might qualify as well: www.washingtonian.com (3/10/17)

Thanks Metro Radio for killing small town radio in Berkeley Springs. The 92.9 signal does not even reach Winchester with a local grade signal, where I assume they MAY try to be targeting a larger Hispanic audience? Not sure if their AM side 1010 is even on the air. At its strongest, the signal barely covers the county. Nothing like serving less than 3 percent of the population in a small town while alienating the other 97 percent. They could have easily, and cheaply, ran a WW1 automated format and at least attempted to sound local. But is anyone surprised at the outcome? If i was an employee I would have started packing my desk as soon as the deal was announced. Metro isn’t exactly known for its creative programming side. Now one has to doubt their intelligence as well. MLB4 (3/10/17)

The Washington Post reports that “hundreds” marched in DC for International Women’s Solidarity Day (that’s hundreds not the expected thousands): www.washingtonpost.com... But ladies, don’t start to cry, get your panties in a wad, break a nail or be disappointed by the poor showing: imagine the disappointment of those calling for a “March on Ashburn” to protest how fucked up the Redskins management is these days. Seems that those who showed up outnumbered the media: just four hardy souls (that’s four not the expected hundreds). WJFK details: washington.cbslocal.com (3/10/17)

There is a new bill being considered, RM--11727, to permit Class A FM Stations to increase their power from 6,000 Watts to 12,000 Watts at 328 ft HAAT. This would become a Class C4 Station. This would create a new Class of FM Stations that would help small broadcasters. Many of these stations have trouble penetrating buildings with their signal. We hope that Chairman Pai will support this and enact it this year. (3/10/17)

I don't blame the people at Cumulus for not wanting to hear about their falling stock price. The 52-week all time low was just 51 cents per share. It is selling at just 53 cents per share now. The new head of the company doesn't seem to improve the stock value. If Nasdaq drops them, their stock value will continue to go down. (3/10/17)

Adding some information to the UCS Theodore Granik post of March 8th, the WGSP 50 transmitter was indeed a GE. The chief engineer for WGSP was Ray Harrison formerly of WDCA, when Channel 50 declared bankruptcy, the unit was retuned to Channel 53 and moved to Independent Hill in Prince William County where it was used for WNVT-53. While acting as Chief Engineer for WNVT, Ray also taught a two year degree program at NVCC in Broadcast Engineering, using the studios of WNVT as the classroom before the station moved out to Merrifield. He often told the story about how an allocation for Fredericksburg was moved 30 miles north to the DC area. The city of license could be 15 miles away from the allocation. Goldvein, Virginia is 14.9 miles from Fredericksburg, and the transmitter could be another 15 miles away from that and that's how the tower got installed at Independent Hill off of 234. Tom in DC (3/10/17)

Think about it. You work in the VOA Newsroom or in one of the VOA language services, and suddenly, without warning, one of your colleagues experiences respiratory failure and becomes unresponsive. Faced with this medical crisis, other than calling 911 immediately, what would you do in those intervening moments before the EMT help would arrive? Not so far-fetched because that's what actually happened on Wednesday, February 15th in the VOA newsroom. Fortunately for the employee concerned, Paula Hickey, a member of the Digital Asset Processing unit and a member of the AFGE Local 1812 Executive Board, just happened to be in the area. Hearing the commotion, she came over and immediately began applying the knowledge and skills she had learned from her EMT training and then began applying CPR. Another employee assisted Paula while a colleague made the call to 911. During a crisis like this, time seems to stand still. According to a witness, it seemed like at least five minutes before the nurse arrived and another five minutes before the Fire Department’s EMTs arrived. In the meantime, Paula continued applying life-saving aid until the EMTs could take full charge of the situation. According to experts, administering CPR while waiting for paramedics to arrive could be crucial in ensuring that the victim’s brain receives oxygen and his or her neurological functions remain intact. A co-worker of the VOA Newsroom accompanied the stricken employee in the ambulance to the hospital and notified relatives. It is heartening to know that quick-thinking and trained fellow employees were able to step in and save the life of a colleague. We especially want to acknowledge Paula for her actions. We commend her for taking the time to learn such life-saving skills that proved invaluable in this crisis. According to one witness, “Paula was like a rock star” in taking charge and exerting command of the situation until medical help could arrive. Those without the requisite skills in resuscitation and stabilization could only wish that they had the skills to do what she did as she methodically determined that the employee had a pulse but was not breathing and then started to apply the appropriate life-saving first aid required. Experts among firefighters and police have stated that the time before paramedics arrive on the scene is the most critical because the brain is not receiving normal blood profusion. Quick action, as what happened in the VOA newsroom, increases the chances for survival. Administering CPR and especially electric shocks from a defibrillator, if necessary, make it much more likely neurological functions will remain intact. This may be a good time for management to take a look at offering CPR training to those employees who wish to take it and also to check if defibrillators on hand are in good working condition as well as making sure that first-aid supplies in the language divisions are in a handy place and accessible. Paula has suggested that these kits include: gloves, protective eyeglasses, CPR pocket masks, tourniquets, splints and other necessary material for emergencies that no one can predict when they will happen. AFGE Local 1812 is glad to report that the employee who suffered the respiratory failure has been released from the hospital, is now at home and doing well. (3/10/17)

Noticed that 92.9 WDHC in Berkeley Springs has switched to Spanish rebroadcasting WTNT. The signal seems to be a bit weaker even though it is mono. Can't imagine there is much of a market for that format in the Morgan county, Berkeley Springs area. They have to know that there is no way to move this closer to DC because of WINC, WPOC, WWXT, and WFLS. (3/10/17)

Good morning. I noted late last month in DCRTV that MeTV was coming to an end on channel 7-2 as of March 1. My kids took this news poorly, since they love watching Andy Griffith before bed. FYI: We came across Andy earlier this week so it seems WJLA has had a change of plans! I surely hope so because most of the evening shows are family friendly. (3/10/17)

Comcast is doing their upcoming "Enhanced HD" conversion here in Baltimore later this month. I noticed on my TiVo and their XfinityStream app that it appears most of their channels have been duplicated in the 1000s. Here's what the line up looks like: -1000s seem to be locals with a 10 prefix then OTA number with shopping channels in between... -1100s are news channels... -1150 and above are the diginets... -1200s and 1300s are sports and their overflow channels... -1400s appear to be general entertainment channels... -1600s are music, religious, African American centered channels... -1700s are kids... -1740s are the free movie channels (TCM, Starz Encore, etc.)... -1790s are adult content and their PPV channels... -1800s are the premium channels (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel and Starz)... It looks like they now have some sense of categorization with room for additional launches. Additionally the channels are mixed between SD and HD (for example TVLand is carried as an SD channel and is wedged between the HD channels of GSN and POP). I wonder if this new program will keep the existing SD simulcasts or if they're ditching the SD channels (that they carry in HD) and have their boxes (such as the digital transport adaptors) down convert it. -rko (3/10/17)

The LPTV Stations like WDCN are NOT protected in any way during the repacking and are vulnerable to lose their channel, that is if any TV station WANTS channel 6. Last I checked, vacuum cleaner motors have mostly not changed all that much. hehe Also, speaking of Comcast/NBC monopoly, I’m surprised there’s not an uproar that Comcast/NBC is ALSO RACIST. On Delmarva, Comcast refuses to carry channels like BOUNCE and AZTECA, which are readily available over the air via WGDV, Marquee Broadcasting’s Channel 32 in Salisbury. I filed a complaint with Comcast and of course got no response. Here’s the press release from last year… www.wmdt.com (3/10/17)

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Interesting that two of MPT’s stations are moving to Channel 21, both Frederick and Salisbury. And even more interesting is that WBOC is currently on channel 21. So that makes one wonder where they’re moving or if they’re co-locating. WGPT 36 moving to 26 doesn’t necessarily mean WHAG is going off the air either by the way, but they are too close to both stay on that channel or co-locate. However, WHAG could easily co-locate with WWPB on 29 with little trouble with cost savings for both. With Baltimore getting a channel 22, that makes it certain that WMDO in DC is losing its channel and could have trouble finding a new channel. I would imagine under ATSC 3.0, WBOC could handle 3 HD signals for CBS, FOX, & PBS, but probably not with the current ATSC 1.0. ATSC 3.0 will probably be approved before the repacking is complete, but not be very widespread as every current TV will need an adapter. Excuse my typos Finally. I have been clinically blind for nearly 6 months now. I’ve kept the typos to a minimum considering. Thank You to UMCP's The Philip Merrill College of Journalism’s JOUR 101 for my ability to blind type. — BaltoMedia.net (3/9/17)

One of the finer points about Harrisonburg getting channel 3 was the topography of the area. So, WSVA-TV ran a blazing 8.32KW ERP visual power. See coverage map below. It would be a long time before CATV would come along and provide decent reception of the D.C. stations. So, they basically had a monopoly. In addition, being such a micro-market, it didn’t rate a microwave link to the ABC-TV network. So, they relied on OAI, or “Off-Air Interconnect” until satellites came along. This occasionally had some hilarious results. Like the morning that the VTR of “The Galloping Gourmet” snapped at WRC-TV. WRC-TV apparently didn’t have any “emergency programming” available. So, they ran an ID slide for the rest of the time slot. And, WSVA-TV ran the WRC-TV slide for the rest of the time slot! At one point, WSVA AM-FM-TV was part of the Evening Star Broadcasting family, with WSVA-TV program listings included in the Evening Star’s TV Sunday TV magazine. Another stillborn TV operation was that of Richmond Newspapers Inc., which built studios, bought equipment, hired people, did “public demonstrations”, but never got a license… that is until many years later as, Media General, it acquired WRIC-TV, channel 8 as part of the buyout of another station group. WRIC-TV had originally been WXEX-TV, licensed to Petersburg, with the allocation being later moved back to Richmond. See what I mean about FCC politics? RNI was all ready to go with WRNL-TV (“Watch Richmond’s News Leader”, for the afternoon paper, The Richmond News Leader and WRNL AM-FM.), but it came to naught. When the FCC made its allocation decisions, 6 went to Havens & Martin (originally an auto repair partnership which had founded WTVR-AM in the back of a garage) and 12 went to a tobacco family, Laurus (which owned WRVA AM-FM, hence the WRVA-TV callsign), and got the WWBT call when it was later bought by Jefferson-Pilot Insurance. I think the only D.C. station to go through so may owners and callsigns would be channel 9. But, that’s another story. One probably best told by someone else… -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/9/17)

The TV Spectrum is very valuable. Look at the millions of dollars the spectrum is selling for now. Some companies are making more off selling the spectrum than operating the stations. (3/9/17)

Will Entercom keep the Spanish Format on WLZL 107.9 when they take over the CBS Stations? They don't own or operate Spanish Stations. Entercom likes these formats......AC, Country, Rock and Talk. If 107.9 had better coverage in Northern Virginia, it could make a lot of money in DC. Remember, 107.9 must protect the Hubbard Station 107.7 WWWT in Manassas. (3/9/17)

Will the Channel 6 LPTV Stations be auctioned off? If they don't move to their digital channel that part of the spectrum should be repackaged. If so, the owners of these LPTV Channels will make more money than they are now by leasing them out like WDCN. (3/9/17)

WMAL’s Chris Plante may have had a sudden nervous breakdown at last: what else can explain the third hour of his show on Thursday, March 9th going to a replay of his Wednesday, March 1st post POTUS show? He is rehashing Trump’s February 28th SOTU speech and callers are commenting: what gives? Who airs a re-run in prime time a week later if there is not something serious happening? (3/9/17)

To try to answer some questions... I never heard of a channel 3 for Frederick, MD. Co-Channel and adjacent channel separations would've made that one problematic. However, FCC politics often ignores real life and does things like putting a channel 3 into Clearfield, PA. There was a CP in Frederick iin early fifties for channel 62 which got as far as a request for WFMD-TV as the callsign. As for the Trans-Lux theater and other Trans-Lux properties it's quite possible that the two were connected. There was a lot of "cross-pollination" back then. However, I'm thinking more "Felix the Cat" than "Speed Racer" when it comes to Trans-Lux cartoons. "Speed Racer" reminds me more of racing gerbils. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/9/17)

I see WJZs Meghan McCorkell has become spokesperson for the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore. Glad she is getting out. A side note- I went to the WJZ website to see if she was still listed as a reporter, and I couldn’t find anywhere on the site a list of their ‘news personalities’. Either it is not there or hidden, perhaps because there are too many changes to keep up with. (3/9/17)

Mike in Bartonsville is correct. Monocacy Broadcasting, who owned WFMD, indeed applied for a permit for channel 3 in Frederick in 1948. This was in September 1948, so there is no way it was granted before the FCC stopped issuing TV construction permits the next month. (www.americanradiohistory.com) When the freeze was lifted in 1952, channel 3 was disputed between station owners in Altoona PA and Harrisonburg VA, and it ended up being assigned to Harrisonburg. No mention is made of Frederick at all, and it ended up with channel 62. (americanradiohistory.com) -- p. 47 (3/9/17)

UCS: Don't forget that the NBC tower from the old Wardman Park hotel (only later joined to Sheraton) is still in operation on the MPD property out at 9th and Peabody NW. -P of the AW (3/9/17)

RE: REPACKING TV: I think a previous poster misses a simple point: Those stations inside the TV REPACK do NOT have to enter the auction unless they want to. No determination has been made about where any station will land, but it’s less likely that if you’re in the REPACK zone 2-36, you will LOSE your frequency. Technically yes, you could. But, yes, frequencies within the repack would have more value. How do I know this? Not from the FCC. But by economics. Any TV station within the REPACK who’s tossed from their channel would immediately SUE if they were forced off the air without agreeing to anything! Sorry, it’s like Rock, Paper, Scissors. Lawyers, Economics beats science. I’m sure you had good intentions and know your stuff, but sorry. But you’re thinking from a different paradigm. (3/9/17)

To UCS: You mentioned the Trans Lux Building in DC. The same company that did Speed Racer? LOL (3/9/17)

While we’re on the subject of old TV allocations in the DC area…I remember hearing somewhere that Channel 3 was allocated for Frederick at some point in the 50s or 60s and that the WFMD ownership at the time had a CP for a transmitter; actually building a studio on Gambrill Park Road, which still exists and houses the WFRE transmitter. Does anyone here know anything about the Frederick TV station that never was? Mike in Bartonsville (3/9/17)

RE: My reading on the WHAG statement is that they’re being removed from Franklin County, PA, by COMCAST, but demanding removal from Chambersburg, PA in the southern part of the county where WHAG News would be highly viewed. So it appears to be a tit for tat thing. Nextstar is challenging Comcast this way this way. The big question is, will enough people in Chambersburg complain? It is definitely a David vs. Goliath scenario. — BaltoMedia.net (3/9/17)

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Theodore Granik... I hadn’t read that name in ages! He was one of FDR’s staunchest defenders of the “New Deal” and moderated a bunch of “debate” shows on Mutual and NBC radio, and for awhile on NBC-TV. This was from the 1930’s into the mid-1950’s. He was a New York lawyer who migrated to D.C. and IIRC, was involved with one of D.C.’s pioneering FM’s, WHMB. He did manage to get one TV to air with programming, WSNL-TV, channel 67 from Long Island. He was a lawyer who loved broadcasting. He intended his “broadcast empire” to be a financial legacy to his family. Auto buffs reading DCRTV might find it interesting that Granik was the attorney representing would-be automaker Preston Tucker while he was being investigated by the Feds. As for WGSP-TV broadcasting from the Sheraton Park Hotel, the original studios of WNBW/WRC-TV were in the hotel from 1947-1958 with a tower on hotel property that was about 500’. WRC-FM also broadcast from that tower back in the day. When the WRC-FM transmitter moved from the hotel to the Washington Color Plant, I understand the transmitter was moved to save bucks for RCA, while WRC-TV got a new rig. (Until the move, WRC Radio studios were in the Trans-Lux Building.) IIRC, WRC-FM was off the air for several weeks for the move to happen with WRC-TV not losing one day of air. However, except for “special occasions” like FCC hearings, WRC-TV could only air network color until the move. I would love to know what happened to the WRC-TV TT-5 that was at the hotel. I believe the WGSP-TV transmitter was a second or third-hand GE and had likely come from yet another still born or aborted UHF-TV. Of the other applicants for 50 in D.C., while O. Roy Chalk was locally infamous because of his D.C. Transit buses, he was already something of a semi-successful broadcaster when he applied because of stations he owned and operated in Puerto Rico. While we’re talking about stillborn TV stations in D.C., let’s not forget WETA’s attempt to shoehorn channel 12 into D.C. to “test experimental directional transmitting antennas”! They were apparently basing this on an earlier successful effort in New Orleans where a similar experimental station was allowed by the FCC to become “educational” WVUE-TV channel 12. Unfortunately for WETA, the two situations couldn’t have been more totally different. I spent the better part of a day in the FCC’s Public Record Room when they were at 1919 M St NW, reading the file on that would-be red-haired stepchild of illegitimate parentage. Amazingly, even the FCC saw through that one and denied it. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/8/17)

DCRTV Mailbaggers can forget the toilet paper, bread, milk, and beer according to The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang: “Weekend snow threat disappears, shaky storm potential shifts to Monday night”. So just get the beer and enjoy what will likely be a loverly weekend weather wise, although most real men will be inside watching college basketball. The Capital Weather Gang’s predictions: www.washingtonpost.com (3/8/17)

WMAL’s Larry O’Connor was out Tuesday due to the flu but somehow managed to be live in the studio Wednesday: he should have stayed home as he sounds dreadful. Instead he went on and on again and again about the “Women’s Strike Day” and panhandlers: how sad. Larry: your voice is your livelihood and you do no good stressing it out so put on “In a Gadda Da Vida” and call it a day! www.youtube.com (3/8/17)

{What’s the deal with WMAL in Washington, D.C.} They you must like the two right wing nuts on Red Eye Radio from 1-5 in the am? (3/8/17)

Re "I think the whole point of Dan's (Steinberg) column is to comment on DC Sports media." Well, if Cooley on 980 says something that may either be a rumor or not true, why should Steinberg write a column on that without getting his own facts and report the truth? Columns on rumors are as bad as Cooley. (3/8/17)

The Mailbag posts concerning unused UHF allocations from the 1950's brought to mind that the tug of war that took place when WWDC, WEAM and WGMS were fighting over Channel 20. WEAM was the initial victor, but by 1956, they told the FCC that they wouldn't be able to make a go of it, and allowed WGMS to assume the license. Not long after that, WGMS also backed down, so the frequency didn't finally get on the air until April 1966 as WDCA. Richard Eaton grabbed DC's second UHF allocation for WOOK-TV in 1954 on Channel 50. However in January 1955, Eaton persuaded the FCC to shift the assignment of Channel 14 from Annapolis to DC and requested a CP for the lower frequency. For a while, the FCC assigned Channel 53 to Annapolis to make up for the loss of 14. Then, Eaton dragged his heels, not actually bringing 14 to air until 1963. A tug of war over Channel 50 continued through the 1960s and 1970s with bids from O. Roy Chalk of the DC Transit Bus System, Mitch Miller, and Theodore Granik. For a spell, GWETA also wanted 50 (and then later decided they needed Channel 32 instead) for a second WETA-TV "community service programming" frequency. It was Granik who ultimately got the nod for 50, planning to broadcast from the Sheraton Park (nee Wardman Park) Hotel, but his unexpected death in 1970 put the new station in bankruptcy before they made it to air. Channel 50 was finally brought to air by Ted Ledbetter in 1981. The ups and downs of UHF allocations in Baltimore were also interesting... but that can wait 'til another time. (3/8/17)

Chairman Pai just got a new five year contract as Chairman of the FCC. His visit to the White House with President Trump must have gone well. (3/8/17)

"It would be great if the Post's Dan Steinberg would write stuff without taking topics from the radio. C'mon Dan, be creative. It is okay if there's a real news story about radio (see DCRTV.com). But to write a column following-up with comments from those on the air is just laziness. You are better than that, Dan. Thanks" - I think the whole point of Dan's column is to comment on DC Sports media (3/8/17)

The Washington Post’s Michael Alison Chandler and Perry Stein, both women despite having men’s first names, apparently did not get the day off for the “Day Without a Women” and instead wrote an article entitled “Women plan to strike as part of ‘Day Without a Woman’ protest”. DCRTVDJDAVE never has the day off. Go figure: www.washingtonpost.com (3/8/17)

Re: "So Jennifer Dolnelan is now a Prince Georges County police spokesperson? I thought another former newscaster was the PG spokesperson." Julie Parker was the PGPD spokesperson from 2011 until mid-May 2016 when the department announced and the WaPo reported that she was leaving to become director of communications for Total Wine & More. That didn't last long. In late August 2016 Fairfax County announced that Parker had become their new police communications director. Jennifer Donelan, who left WJLA in June 2016, took over the Prince George's job at the end of November 2016. Diane in PG (3/8/17)

If WHAG wants to be remembered in Franklin County, PA they better work out something fast or I give it 6 months if that until WHAG is forgotten by many of the viewers who live there. Hey how many people in Frederick County, Virginia remember ABC TV3 Winchester ?? How many people in Berkeley County, WV remembers WYVN FOX 60 ?? Not many of them !!! I doubt you will have many who can remember Fredericksburg's WHFV NBC 69 either. I noticed that many people blame NBC/Comcast for all of this. Whether true or not is anyone's guess but CBS has been known to play this card too. Fort Collins, Colorado for a time had "Northern Colorado CBS 5" which came from a TV station out of nearby Cheyenne, Wyoming despite that town being in the Denver market which of course includes CBS O&O KCNC channel 4. Anyway CBS/KCNC from what I was told had it yanked and that was that as far as Fort Collins having their own CBS station. (3/8/17)

Another AM station fell silent on Tuesday Mar. 7, perhaps only temporarily: the Arlington County emergency broadcast service on 1700 AM, broadcast from Fire Station #2 at the corner of Wilson and George Mason in Ballston. Normally, this signal just rotates tips (in two languages) on what to do when it snows, what to do when there's a bio-disaster, how many gallons of water you should keep in your basement, etc. Tuesday it was just dead carrier. Not exactly pulling in those P1 listeners with THAT kind of programming. (3/8/17)

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With all the talk about the TV re-pack, I used the link an earlier poster left and went “exploring”. And, I found a tribute page for perhaps Washington’s most enigmatic TV station (OK, maybe only second to WGSP-TV, channel 50), namely WOOK-TV/WFAN-TV, www.uhftelevision.com. The Teenarama Dance Party was where I first got to see the then “Little Stevie Wonder” perform “Fingertips Part II”. I’m sure all the goodies from 5321 First Place N.E. are long gone by now. But, I wonder… Perhaps an “Urban Explorer” might find some hidden historical treasure? I wonder if any Radio or TV station abandoned prior to, say 1970, is still relatively extant… and just waiting? Yeah, I know… how much of what is shown as “Lenin” and how much is wax and makeup has always been questionable. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/7/17)

What’s the deal with WMAL in Washington, D.C.? Yes I know it’s been months, but dropping Savage was just one of many things they’ve done to loose me as fan. Over the years they have done plenty of dumb things like firing Michael Graham for alegedly disparaging Muslims, kept Chris Core around who often had C.A.I.R. bigwig Ibrahim “Dougie” Hooper on his show and generaly licked his boots. Over the years they’ve had unlistenable morons like Austin Hill and Morning Joke Scarbourough and in the evenings they have that loser John Batchelor who from time to time will have an interesting book author on, but mostly he has a bunch of liberal NYU grads from his era on ther spouting off all kinds of liberal trash. Him and all his buddies laughed when Trump joined the fray, laughed that he was the front runner, got worried like the libs when he got the nomination and then laughed at all his ideas; everyone except regular guest Larry Kudlow who was a Trump supporter. Oddly enough the guy they put in to take Savage’s place is not a bad guy; pretty witty, has a good nose for news stories and was the only redeeming portion of the morning show. I like the guy, but 3 hours of him versus Michael Savage…not working for me. His former counterpart Brian Wilson is unlistenable. I think both of my deceased grandmothers had more testosterone than this name dropping blowhard from Texas. Fancies himself to be a bad ass because he’s from TX and he’s 6’4” but I’ll bet he got his arse beat on the reg growing up in TX for wearing lace bobby socks and his sister’s frilly blouses. To replace Larry O’Conner they added Mary Walters whose only saving grace is she is a Trump supporter. Beyond that her feminist leanings really get on my nerves. Top it off with the fact that their regular news comes from ABC news so their local guy gives a conservative slant followed by ABC news that makes you want to puke. What’s up with that? At least use FAUX News as your regular news provider; they’re at least conservative half the time. Then they have Mark Levin who could have an excellent show but can’t stop preeening his feathers long enough to make you like him and his annoying voice and condescending attitude towards anyone who won’t lick his boots is a real turnoff. Of course they have Rush but I can listen to him on 500 other stations. The only thing WMAL has going for them anymore are the financial shows on the weekends and Chris Plante from 9 to noon weekdays. Chris is the best and the only reason why I still have WMAL on my radio dial in my truck. If you haven’t listened to Chris who is now syndicated on about 6 ot 7 stations besides WMAL you’re missing the boat; he’s a real gem and a rising star for sure. (3/7/17)

In response to BaltoMedia: we apparently know a lot of public repack allocations, including MPT's, thanks to a project from KLRU Austin. docs.google.com. WWPB is moving from 44 to 29. WGPT Oakland is moving to WHAG's channel 26 -- up to the reader to decide whether that knowledge tips WHAG's hand. As for "ghost" UHF stations -- after the TV license freeze was lifted in 1952 and a first round of allocations were finalized, quite a few long-established AM stations rushed to get a UHF permit, only to abandon it or build it out and then go dark because no one could actually watch UHF at the time. As another example, long before anyone thought it would be a real TV market, Charlottesville VA had three: WCHV-TV 64 (1953), WINA-TV 29 (1965) and WVIR 64 (1964). The first two never even made it close to air. WVIR was almost abandoned as well, but WINA threw in the towel first and it took the opportunity to re-launch on channel 29. WHFV 69, Fredericksburg's short-lived NBC affiliate, falls into the same category, although its failure had more to do with mismanagement and the lack of need for another network station. (3/7/17)

There is so much misunderstanding out there from the usual suspects about how the repack and auction work. To be clear: it DOES NOT MATTER what channel a UHF station is currently using. A station on channel 50 is no more or less valuable at auction than one on channel 14. The FCC simply needs to be able to end up with no more stations at the end of the process than can fit on channels 14-36 in the new core spectrum. Along the way, though, everyone is subject to repack regardless of whether they're in that new core or out of it. Nobody is guaranteed to stay on their existing channel. Think of it as pools - you start with a pool of everyone who's on U, everyone who's on hi-V, everyone who's on lo-V. Then you apply the auction and channel-sharing to create a new smaller pool of everyone who'll remain on U, everyone who'll go to hi-V or remain on hi-V, and everyone who'll go to lo-V or remain there. At the end of that process, everyone's as likely as everyone else to get a new channel assignment, depending on what the FCC software thinks it needs to do. (3/7/17)

So Jennifer Dolnelan is now a Prince Georges County police spokesperson? I thought another former newscaster was the PG spokesperson. (3/7/17)

RE: WHAG: There’s no word yet that I could find on what Nextstar plans on doing in the TV Spectrum Auction, but channel 25 is in the core TV range, so I would think it would be valuable and sought after possibly in DC or shared with WWPB 31, which has to move. Also, originally the FCC intended there to be sort of a Western, MD TV market of sorts. Cumberland got 2 commercial TV channels WTBO TV 52 and an allocation for another. Hagerstown got WHAG 25 & a noncommercial. Chambersburg, PA got WCHA TV 46 and Frederick WFMD TV 62. Except for WHAG, few of these survived long or barely ever got on the air if at all. There a cool website on old TV allocations and what happened to them. www.uhftelevision.com... For instance, I didn’t know that Baltimore once had briefly or almost had a WITH TV 71 or WTFL TV 18. There was also supposed to be a TV 58 for Waldorf, MD, presumably for the DC market & southern, MD — BaltoMedia.Net (3/7/17)

Omg! OMG! OH MY F'ING GOD!!!! Cumulus stock moved a couple of pennies today!! Don't worry, I'll check in every single day to provide this information, even though anyone who's interested can just Google it in three seconds themselves! Then I'll ask the same old worn out question that I've asked 5000 times before, even though everyone already knows the answer: What happens if they cannot pay off their massive debt? Oh my GOD!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! Why won't anyone talk to me at parties?!? AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! (3/7/17)

I said this before several times. WHAG cannot invoke must carry in Franklin County, PA or the city of Chambersburg PA because they are in the Harrisburg market now, not the DC/Hagerstown market. At one point wasn’t that county in the DC market? Anyway, now they would have to literally sue or petition the FCC for grievance with proof of significant viewership. Comcast did not do this willy nilly. They know that without NBC, proving significant viewership outside of the news is difficult. So it’s a WIN/WIN either way for Comcast/NBC and WRC 4. To say this is a deliberate plan & collusion with Comcast company divisions would be an understatement. Same thing in South Jersey. They yanked NBC from WMGM 40, probably yanked them from cable systems too, literally putting them out of business. All to benefit co-owned WCAU NBC 10. Comcast/NBC's goal is simple. Maximize profits within existing properties & get a higher price for content, and push out or down anyone seen as not in line with that plan. (3/7/17)

The people that work for Cumulus sure don't want to hear about their stock selling at just 57 cents per share. I don't blame them. What happens if they cannot pay off their massive debt? (3/7/17)

If you look closely at the FCC Must Carry rules or "re transmission consent" WHAG and other stations have two options. They can forego negotiated retransmission compensation and demand must carry on a high value channel on MVP's that serve their market area or engage in retransmission consent agreement(s) for money or other items of value. Nextar, the owner of WHAG was the first large firm to invoke the retransmission payments. If they want to sacrifice some money...they can demand must carry. (3/7/17)

The Washington Post’s David Weigel seems to lay blame for Trump’s allegations of Obama’s bugging of his campaign on “conservative media”, which includes print, internets, radio & television outlets. Weigel writes: “Trump’s wiretap allegations completed a feedback loop that started during the presidential campaign and has gotten sturdier since. The president’s media diet includes cable television news shows, like “Fox and Friends,” where guests and hosts regularly defend him. On Twitter, he frequently elevates stories that grew in conservative talk radio, or on sites like Breitbart News and InfoWars, out of view of a startled mainstream media. Monday’s news cycle demonstrated just how strong the loop was, as Levin himself appeared on Fox News for 12 barely interrupted minutes to share his theory that the alleged wiretapping was a political hit job.” Somehow, only DCRTVDJDAVE and Mother Teresa escaped blame. More from Weigel: www.washingtonpost.com... (3/7/17)

WMAL’s Mark Levin was on the Sean “Ham” Hammity Show Monday night in case you are a cord cutter or FNC denier to talk up his role in the Trump Tweet about Obambi’s wire-tapping of the Trump campaign. Say’s Levin: “"We know that if a FISA warrant [against Trump's campaign] was secured, it’s very likely ... the president would be given a heads-up," Levin told Fox News' "Hannity" "I assume Obama knew something. I mean, unless he’s Helen Keller." Levin, who said “We’re talking police state tactics”, did the interview from his Loudoun County studio where he streams his CRTV, which was prominently displayed therefore killing two birds with one interview: promoting himself and promoting CRTV. Story & interview: www.foxnews.com... (3/7/17)

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It would be great if the Post's Dan Steinberg would write stuff without taking topics from the radio. C'mon Dan, be creative. It is okay if there's a real news story about radio (see DCRTV.com). But to write a column following-up with comments from those on the air is just laziness. You are better than that, Dan. Thanks. (3/6/17)

It would be great if the Post's Dan Steinberg would write stuff without taking topics from the radio. C'mon Dan, be creative. It is okay if there's a real news story about radio (see DCRTV.com). But to write a column following-up with comments from those on the air is just laziness. You are better than that, Dan. Thanks. (3/6/17)

Re: "Cumulus Stock drops again to 56 cents per share. This is a 52 week low! How long will Nasdaq carry them at this price? " Holy crap, dude, how dense are you? This question has been answered in response to your posts about 50 times. For someone who is freakin' OCD about this topic, you pay zero attention and have zero knowledge. Get a new hobby. You're a bore. (3/6/17)

ESPN 980 - On air hosts keep dropping hints of further cuts... (3/6/17)

Dave: Just got back from Texas and catching up on some posts. Come on, people really think Pollin got "gracefully" shown the door at 980? Not! I ran into two people that said they couldn't wait to clear Pollin's salary along with the other bad and mediocre talent they had there. Also, I throw-up every time I read a Steinberg article feeling sorry for Pollin..who's certainly plays the victim well. Pollin's arrogance caught up with him and he couldn't compete with Larry Michael...and Czaban's not far behind. As I've said, our market is one of the worst in the country for Sportstalk radio and that's not going to change. (3/6/17)

Three more DC TV stations might be turning in their channels in the spectrum auction. According to multiple sources, both Entravision & Univision are about to yield hundreds of millions of dollars from the TV spectrum auction. While this doesn't affect Baltimore as neither owns any Latino stations here, It does potentially involve 3 TV stations in the DC market, WFDC 14, WMDO 47, and WJAL 68, all owned or operated by the 2 companies. 1 of the 3 stations is outside the final TV channel range of 2-36, WJAL 68 & LPTVs are not protected in the auction, WMDO. Also, WFDC 14 might be very valuable to WRC NBC 4 (48) or others which are certainly going to lose their channel. Judging from the size of the amounts of money, it's possible they might be giving up all 3 channels. The Spectrum auction details won't come out until late March. More soon on what will happen in Baltimore. www.BaltoMedia.net (3/6/17)

Dave. In a perfect world, your competition suggestion would work. But in rurual & mountainous areas, sometimes cable is the only option. Satellite dishes are affected by trees. Over the air reception is affected by mountains. I would imagine that many people in Franklin County PA have little option. The problem with WHAG being removed is that Franklin County, PA is nowhere near the Harrisburg market, but it’s just over the state line from Hagerstown. The market lines are part of the problem. Hagerstown & Chambersburg, I’m sure. do not enjoy news from DC or Lancaster PA, but they have no choice if local stations are forced out of business. Comcast/NBC couldn’t make it any clearer that they would prefer that WHAG just go away from NBC and Comcast cable. Comcast doesn’t care in this case because their customer base has few choices. Hell, there’s no FIOS out there! HAHA! The FCC has allowed WHAG to not be a must-carry for the closest PA county. Comcast/NBC is in a position where they can do anything they want, except drop WHAG from Hagerstown. (3/6/17)

Make it stop Dave, make it stop!!! TCM’s Robert Osborne has gone to that Big Silver Screen in the sky at age 84: “For TCM viewers, Osborne was a constant and calming presence. He introduced films with bits of history and trivia, and conducted interviews with stars about their favorite old films.” wtop.com (3/6/17)

The Washington Post’s “Capital Weather Gang” says time to panic and stock up on toilet paper, bread, milk & whiskey because a snow storm is coming this weekend! Giant, Safeway, CVS et al must have taken out major ads and now it’s payback time for The Washington Post. Snow in mid-March! Oh, the horror: www.washingtonpost.com (3/6/17)

Fox News Channel may soon be out one more blonde info babe: seems frequent Fox & Friends newswoman Heather Nauart is leaving to become a spokesperson for the Trump administration’s State Department. If so, this would be the third FNC talent to leave for the Trump administration: K.T. McFarland is Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor, Monica Crowley was to join the administration but dropped out due to plagiarism charges and now Nauart. More: www.adweek.com (3/6/17)

Didn’t take long for WJFK’s Andy Pollin to start taking shots at his old employer on the new show he co-hosts with Thom Loverro - caught part of Saturday’s broadcast and he referred to ESPN 980 (in clearly derisive tones) as the “[Redskins] team owned radio station” and Larry Michael (in clearly derisive tones) as the “director of broadcasting for the team owned radio station”. Inasmuch as that station put bread on Pollin’s table for 25 years and paid his kids’ college tuition, one can only infer that his parting from Red Zebra wasn’t quite as amicable as initially portrayed and perhaps (notwithstanding assurances to the contrary by team executives) the on-air talent at 980 don’t exactly have unlimited carte blanche to speak their minds on Skins related matters. (3/6/17)

WKCW never has commercials how is that possible? the only ad they run is for One God Ministries and they have preaching from them at Noon but usually when a church runs a station there's Christian music or preaching so that's odd.Wish you could contact them great music but hardly any solo Beatles music from 70s and 80s. (3/6/17)

Cumulus Stock drops again to 56 cents per share. This is a 52 week low! How long will Nasdaq carry them at this price? (3/6/17)

Two funny things: I cleverly looked at the name of the owner of WKCW on the Wikipedia, then searched for its name using Google (well, maybe Yahoo). I got this name and address: Radio Companion LLC, 3970 Chain Bridge Rd Fairfax, VA. And John Sarbanes's surname is only spelled one way, not two different ways as in a recent posting by someone who was correcting Mary Walters. I happen to live in his Northwest Baltimore, Owings Mills, Parkville, Southeast Baltimore, Arbutus, southeastern (sortof) Howard Country, Eastern Montgomery, Annapolis, Arnold, Sandy Point, Solomon's Island compact district. People on the other side of Georgia Avenue from me live in a different district. People on the other side of Muncaster Mill Road from me live in a different district. Just as Maryland is called "America in Miniature", the 3rd District can be called "Maryland in Miniature" -- Carl in Olney (3/6/17)

I have a question. Maybe I missed it. Is Barbara Harrison still doing the news at 11:00 or are they phasing her out. I know that someone was always co-anchoring with her. But I haven’t seen her for a while. (3/6/17)

According to FCC Media Bureau records, WKCW is operated by "RADIO COMPANION LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY" and is based in Fairfax on Chain Bridge Road. Visit this page: fcc.gov for a proper address and telephone number. Dont expect a whole lot from them if you call --- many of us have tried. (3/5/17)

RE: “Loved WMAL's Mary Walter's butchery of MD Rep. John Sarbane's name on Friday”. Mary Walter is a disaster and definitely makes it “Morons on the Mall”. Bill Hess: what were you thinking? Prediction: Brian will wind up strangling her on air after she makes yet another ignorant of DC gaffe. Send her packing back to Jersey and get some hot, conservative info babe in there right away. A transgendered woman would be better! Here’s 20 of them and any one of them would be an improvement over the fingers-on-the-chalkboard, dreadful Walters: rightwingnews.com... What say you, DCRTVDJDAVE? (3/5/17)

The Washington Post profiles and credit’s WMAL’s local talker Mark Levin, who also is nationally syndicated and heard by millions, with being the instigator of Trump’s Tweet accusing the Obama administration of wire taping: “Mark Levin has warned before of Obama’s ‘silent coup.’ Now he has a follower in the Oval Office.” Levin’s rant last Thursday about what he described as a “Silent Coup” by Obama that Trump picked up on, was all over the news & talk shows this weekend. He was off Friday but returns to the microphone tonight: should be explosive! More: www.washingtonpost.com (3/5/17)

Loved WMAL's Mary Walter's butchery of MD Rep. John Sarbane's name on Friday. No hometown girl, she pronounced Sabanes as Sar-BON-ees and was quickly corrected by Brian. Kinda understandable now that MD is practically a sanctuary state. Your humble AZ podster (3/6/17)

Just a note of appreciation for Warrenton’s WKCW…quite the odd little outfit it is, but the music truly can’t be beat. I consider myself something of an oldies devotee — and yet they manage to dig up songs I probably haven’t heard since high school. Anyone know if there’s a way to get in contact with whoever runs the place? No website... (3/6/17)

WVTO launch a flop- via FB: For those listening, we're experiencing technical difficulties. Please be patient as we try to fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience. (3/6/17)

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To the poster/commentor who expressed disdain for Comcast/NBC regarding the carriage of WHAG-TV, Hagerstown. Just because WHAG is no longer an NBC affiliate does not mean they lost their must carry rights. All cable systems within their grade B signal contour are obligated to carry the station under whatever terms and conditions they are able to negotiate. My bet is that station has very little leverage given their programming. It is exactly the carriage re transmission terms that are driving the mania to consolidate the industry. Nextar and Sinclair and to a degree TEGNA, Hearst, Gray and Merideth want to achieve a greater quantity of stations in more markets to be able to flex retransmission muscle. Pulling 80 stations from a cable/sat/OTT provider carrier greater leverage than the ability to just pull a handful of stations. (3/5/17)

Dave's response: If subscribers of the affected Comcast systems are upset about losing WHAG, they should make the move to Verizon FIOS, DirecTV, or Dish, which might still be carrying the Hagerstown TVer. In many places these days, you do have a "choice" about which TV provider to use.....

[RE: “Dave's response: Shut down the FCC. Let's have total deregulation of our broadcast bands. Let anyone with a transmitter broadcast anything they want on any frequency of their choosing. Interference be damned! Complete democracy and freedom. Let's see how the iHeart and Cumulus like that.....”] Wow: DCRTVDJDAVE advocating not “democracy and freedom” but anarchism and chaos! So whoever – from a Ham radio operator to Russian spies – can muster up a powerful transmitter can knock out radio & broadcast television signals at will. Pirate radio stations off shore in a dingy could broadcast profanity laden content. No more community standards, minority ownership, public service announcements, call letter requirements, station identification, no nothing. Love it! Sounds like Ronald Reagan: answers.yahoo.com (3/5/17)

The Associated Press (which numerous local media outlets use reports from for many of their stories) apparently thinks it’s alright to publish a private citizen’s e-mail address without their permission. Imagine if AP published any of the Obama, Biden, Clinton, et al families’ e-mail addresses so they could be bombarded with hateful messages. So what does it mean that AP published Vice President Spence’s wife Karen’s e-mail address: www.washingtonpost.com... Oddly, one can readily access her Twitter as “2nd Lady” via the White House web site: www.whitehouse.gov... DCRTVDJDAVE readily posts his e-mail address, his Facebook, his Twitter and even his home address because he fears nothing. (3/5/17)

When will President Trump drain the swamp at the FCC? Thousands of regulations on the books and too many clerks called "Media Specialists". People that have never been inside a radio station. People who feel they have "power". I thought they were there to serve the people? When will all the unnecessary "Rules & Regulations" be repealed? (3/15/17)

Dave's response: Shut down the FCC. Let's have total deregulation of our broadcast bands. Let anyone with a transmitter broadcast anything they want on any frequency of their choosing. Interference be damned! Complete democracy and freedom. Let's see how the suits at iHeart and Cumulus like that.....

Can’t get enough of WMAL’s Chris Plante? Want to rub elbows with him and Number One girl? Maybe meet Silvie from Waldorf? Rumor is DCRTVDJDAVE may be joining them as well for a week long cruise in Northern Europe (free of Syrian refugees). Sing-up here: grouptravel.travelstore.com (3/5/17)

Sinclair has deals in place with lots of stations for MeTV coverage nationwide. As I recall, they signed a national deal for MeTV around the same time as Hearst. Hearst has a priority because they are in more large markets. But at that time Allbritton would have signed the MeTV deal. Since MGM is involved with both Charge! and MeTV, I would think MeTV owner Weigel would already be working on a replacement station if it isn’t already signed. Keep in mind, SBG is currently working on deals with many stations for co-location under the TV repacking, so you never know what might be in the works. And with ATSC 3.0 and H.265 compression, up to 20 stations per channel are possible and as many as 5 HD stations theoretically. Testing is in the works and SBG operates a test station on Channel 43, which presumably will be turned in to the FCC at the conclusion of testing. I just doubt that MGM would allow a deal that would kill an existing deal for MeTV in so many markets or DC. (3/5/17)

I'm always amused when a complaining radio listener adopts a tone of righteous indignation, as if to say everyone agrees with him except the blockhead station PD. I'm thinking of whoever it is complaining about the absence of Michael (Weiner) Savage on WMAL. Doesn't he know Savage was run out of England because of the hateful stuff he spews, and that he was only put on WMAL in the first place because Cumulus had flushed Hannity and they were desperate for something to ("affordably") fill the hole with? Not much of a lofty endorsement. (3/5/17)

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Sinclair agreement with METV ends at the end of March. (3/4/17)

I’m not sure on what grounds since I’m not a lawyer, but if I was Nexstar, I would sue Comcast/NBC. First they take away NBC, then they take them off the cable too? I seriously doubt WGAL NBC 8 or WRC NBC 4 carry any news from Chambersburg PA or Franklin County PA. What the FCC has let Comcast/NBC get away with, from Boston to the Jersey shore, now to Hagerstown sure sounds criminal to me. And they are deliberately doing this in areas where over the air reception is problematic and most viewers have to rely on cable TV. In a perfect world, the county and its citizens should be able to fight to revoke Comcast’s cable license, but I’m sure that is contractually not possible. Plus, what county or small town could afford any litigation with Comcast/NBC/Universal? But it’s pretty clear to me that Comcast/NBC is abusing it’s near monopoly power. (3/4/17)

So is it true the local Univision Tv station beat everybody else at 6pm for Feb sweeps? (3/4/17)

Why is it that whenever there's a crime in an upscale area, the media emphasizes that?. Woman was sexually assaulted in the Kalorama area of D.C. and Angie Goff reported that it occurred in an affluent area. Why not say that a crime occurred in an underprivileged or underserved area when that happens?..Similar reporting by FOX5 one morning when one of the reporters stated that the area was one with million dollar homes. No one's exempt from crime or tragedy and their income or house's dollar worth doesn't need to be included in the report. (3/4/17)

RE: “Wow how complicated! I need the name of the general manager who hires, fires and makes decisions - specifically the moron who fired Michael Savage - thought I'd write to him and tell him why I don't listen anymore - along with many of my friends. Every time you find something good in life some mindless idiot soils the fun and success. Could you forward his name please? Already got the mailing address!” Fake Mailbag posting? Come on Dave, Savage has been off for months and now “Ken” is just waking up angry? Who are his many “friends”: me, myself and I? And Hess probably didn’t make the “decision”: Savage did. (3/4/17)

I was listening to The Jimmy Mathis Show on WBAL and at 8:30 Senator Brochin said Jimmy Mathis was running for the 42nd. (3/4/17)

Me Tv is back on WJLA 1AM Saturday running Alfred Hitchcock then Mannix this morning Have Gun Will Travel anybody know anything? Did the people at WJLA realize the mistake they made. (3/4/17)

Dave's response: Cool. Maybe WJLA's suits didn't realize how many people watched MeTV.....

We have good news, the stock market hit an all time high! We also have bad news, CUMULUS has hit an all time low, their stock is now selling at just 60 cents per share. When will they be taken off NASDAQ? (3/4/17)

What will the WMAL 630 AM Coverage look like when they move their tower site up to Germantown, MD? Will their nighttime coverage cover Northern Virginia? (3/4/17)

Dave's response: WMAL's current AM night coverage isn't so hot in places like Loudoun and Prince William. I imagine that most Virginia listeners are tuned to 105.9.....

The idea of Sinclair buying up Tribune. I would think the FCC should keep the 39% cap. I would agree with the idea of another more reputable media company being combined with Tribune, and it not be Sinclair... or Nexstar. Maybe Meredith, perhaps. Conflict markets and anything over 39% (with or without the UHF discount) would have to be divested. Unless Tribune finds the right CEO to turn things around for the better. (3/4/17)

WHAG Off Cable in One Pennsylvania County | TVSpy adweek.com (3/4/17)

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\/ March 3 Messages \/

I too found it odd that Kendis Gibson being named "anchor" was news. The announcement said he had been "filling in" for a year. Filling in??!!! Who "fills in" for that amount of time? Or is this commonplace in media? (3/3/17)

A local penny saver publication -- The Washington Examiner – whose ace reporter Paul Bedard has a rehash of a NYT report, saying that Terry McAwful might just run for POTUS in 2020 and that he may be going up against fellow VA Demonrat Tim Kaine. Why not, he can’t run as governor again and has an ego the size of Texas: www.washingtonexaminer.com (3/3/17)

Wow how complicated! I need the name of the general manager who hires, fires and makes decisions - specifically the moron who fired Michael Savage - thought I'd write to him and tell him why I don't listen anymore - along with many of my friends. Every time you find something good in life some mindless idiot soils the fun and success. Could you forward his name please? Already got the mailing address! Ken (3/3/17)

Dave's response: WMAL's Program Director is Bill Hess. He's also the vice president of talk radio for Cumulus.....

Maryland Public TV announces that it will move all six of it's TV stations to new channels, meaning they are selling the channels to other TV companies and/or co-llocating with other TV stations. MPT believes it will have just 2 years to complete the move of all MPT TV stations from Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore. No word on which TV companies MPT is collaborating with, but Sinclair is a good bet, since all 3 of its stations have to move. -- BaltoMedia.Net (3/3/17)

With the TV repack going on to move all TV channels between 2-36, the FCC Commissioner is proposing a vote to allow stations to start making channel sharing deals. In Baltimore, this will be very complicated. WMAR ABC 2, FOX 45, WNUV CW 54, WUTB 24 and WMPT 22 all have to move to new channels. The 3 Sinclair owned/operated channels are all in the 40's channel range and WMAR 2 is on 38. MPT is on 42. Where & how are they all going to fit? 11, 13, & 29 (WMPB) are the only Baltimore TV channels in the repack range currently. MPT has stated it's moving all its TV stations. Where? More details soon. -- BaltoMedia.Net (3/3/17)

Very sorry to read of the passing of Fred Fiske. Originally, WOL was on 1260 and WWDC was on 1450. The current WOL has no relationship with the WOL on 1450. In fact, IIRC, there was another call on D.C.'s 1450 before WOL was requested. The Washington Daily News was an afternoon tabloid owned by Scripps - Howard until it was bought by the failing Washington Star. For a brief time, the rag was published as the Washington Star-News until Time -Life would ultimately put it out of its misery. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/3/17)

Fred Fiske relates the details of his career = Part One... (3/3/17)

The following press relase was sent to us.....

WJLA-TV Newscasts Grow 11 Share Points in February.... Most Growth of Any Washington News Station in Key Demos... The February Nielsen ratings are in, and WJLA-TV announced today that ABC7 News experienced significant growth throughout the month in the key demographics sought by advertisers. From early in the morning with Good Morning Washington straight through ABC7 News at 11pm, the station reports an astonishing 11 share points growth among viewers 25-54. Here is how the numbers break down by key demographic: GOOD MORNING WASHINGTON 4:30AM · Adults 25-54 – #2 station, UP 56% year to year. All other stations are down. · Adults 18-49 – #1 station, UP 44% year to year. All other stations are down. GOOD MORNING WASHINGTON 5AM · Adults 25-54 – UP 50% year to year. All other stations are down. · Adults 18-49 – UP 26% year to year. All other stations are down. GOOD MORNING WASHINGTON 6AM · Adults 25-54 - UP 96% year to year. Most growth of any station. · Adults 18-49 – UP 91% year to year. Most growth of any station. ABC7 NEWS AT NOON · Adults 25-54 – #2 station, UP 23% year to year. Most growth of any station. ABC7 NEWS AT 4PM · Adults 25-54 – UP 17% year to year, only 4pm newscast to show growth. · Adults 18-49 – UP 35% year to year, only 4pm newscast to show growth. ABC7 NEWS AT 5PM · Adults 25-54 – UP 37% year to year. All other stations are down. · Adults 18-49 – UP 28% year to year, the most growth of any station. ABC7 NEWS AT 6PM · Adults 25-54 – #2 station, UP 34% year to year, the most growth of any station. · Adults 18-49 – #1 station*, UP 38% year to year, the most growth of any station. · Adults 18-34 – #2 station, UP 36% year to year. ABC7 NEWS AT 11PM · Adults 25-54 – Down only 2% year to year, the least amount of loss of any station (closest competitor down 15%) · Adults 18-49 – #1 station*. All other stations are down. · Adults 18-34 – #1 station, UP 26% year to year. All other stations are down. “Our team works hard each day to connect people with the content they want, whenever and wherever they may be,” said ABC7 Director of News Mitch Jacob. ”We are grateful and proud that so many people in our community trust ABC7 as their primary source for daily news.” (3/3/17)

RE: Fred Fiske. Apparently he took on that fat bloated Rush Limbaugh and drew the ire of right-wingers like Brent “Bozo” Bozell: “In the late 1980s, Mr. Fiske cut back at WAMU and began doing weekly commentaries about local and national affairs. He described himself as liberal but “moderate and reasonable,” although some occasionally found him otherwise. He drew a spirited response from the conservative Media Research Center in early 2010 when he assailed the firebrand conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh for supposedly advising his listeners not to contribute to charitable efforts to rebuild earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Addressing Limbaugh, Mr. Fiske said: “I think I know the cause of your heart trouble. You don’t have one.” The MRC’s president, Brent Bozell, rebutted Mr. Fiske, saying Limbaugh had never advocated withholding contributions. “I guess, basically, I’m a ham,” Mr. Fiske said of this career. “I started as an actor, and I enjoyed performing. I enjoyed the attention I got. I enjoyed the people I met. I like dealing with ideas and things I’m interested in. I got to be present at a lot of important occasions and met important people of the era... How could you not like that?” (3/3/17)

I don’t think Birach is spending any money at all. They are just holding onto the licenses to keep some of their value for some future sale. Their last FCC filing couldn’t possibly have been filed by a paid engineer. Yeah, they paid to use somebody’s name, but that’s about it. There is nothing stated technically about how they’re going to get those stations on the air or from where. Btw, when they had money, the engineering studies on AM 540 from Damascus were quite good. It would have been an impressive signal on AM 540 for DC even that far out if they ever had their act together. Now they’re just frequency squatters, desperately trying to hold onto licenses, at least in Norfolk for sure. (3/3/17)

Re: "Hate to see WaPo ditch its own crossword." I'm not sure the WaPo has ever done its own daily crosswords. The previous daily crosswords, plus I think the daily-sized Sunday Challenge in Style and Arts, were syndicated from CrosSynergy: csxword.com... The Sunday-sized one in the magazine is done in-house. (3/3/17)

Any idea whats happening to retail electronics in DC area my personal take I liked HH Gregg bought my Tv Soundbar and tablet there fair prices guess now Best Buy Wal Mart Possibly Target left for TVs Sears will probably close eventually. (3/3/17)

I'm saddened to learn of the passing of Fred Fiske. He was a stellar broadcaster and human being. I got to meet him in the early 70s when I arranged the appearance of a guest on his nightly WWDC "Empathy" talk program. And a previous Mailbagger is correct about former WWDC morning host Art Brown and his canaries. I crossed paths with him in the 60s at WRC-AM when he was on with Ed Walker and Willard Scott from the lobby of 4001 Nebraska Avenue, during a live Joy Boys show at Christmas time, for WRC's annual holiday fundraiser for The Doll House. Art was at the keyboard of an organ and played Christmas songs, though he left the birds at home. Here's an item about Art and his canaries at WWDC ... prorev.com (3/3/17)

The reason you'll see Frederick MD stations in the DC ratings is because while Fredericksburg and Winchester are adjacent markets - Frederick is actually an embedded market - meaning its actually part of the DC Metro and therefore the stations that are home to Frederick are also home to DC (3/3/17)

Hate to see WaPo ditch its own crossword. Message in today's paper: "Beginning today, we will be publishing the LA Times crossword puzzle." (3/3/17)

One glitch in the story: Fiske started at WWDC-AM doing middays. He moved to mornings following the retirement of longtime WWDC morning host Art Brown in 1965. Perhaps Joel will remember Brown as playing the organ during his show as well as being accompanied in the studio by singing canaries. I shit you not. www.washingtonpost.com (3/3/17)

Pittman's Efforts May Not Be Enough To Save iHeart variety.com (3/3/17)

No sign of 950 WCTN(AM) yesterday, not even a carrier. I'm out of town today -- anyone know if they are lit up today or still off the air? (3/3/17)

Forgive me if I've overlooked but I don't see any mention here of Fred Fisk's death at age 96, reported yesterday by WAMU. What a class act. So many years invested in DC radio broadcasting. Such a "high road" mentality he brought to all his work. I was able to meet him down at the GWU campus for one of the Broadcasting Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. (Ed Walker's?) -P of the AW (3/3/17)

Dave's response: Up on the Front Page now. I always enjoyed listening to Fred's talk shows on WAMU.....

Joel Oxley celebrates 25 years at WTOP... Actual date in February, celebration at the station on Monday, 3/6/17. (3/3/17)

Re the posting on Fox5s morning broadcast. I made the mistake a few minutes ago of turning them on hoping for some news and weather. What I saw instead was some kind of man in the street interviewer asking people "Is it ok to text your ex?" That apparently followed some kind of gossipy chatting about some celebrity. Why don't thy just change the name of the show to Fox5 Morning Chit-chat and Celebrity Gossip? (3/3/17)

I hope Autria Godfrey isn't going anywhere. She is the only thing I like about the morning programming there. I miss Arch Campbell's tv show where she would sometimes appear. (3/3/17)

Kendis Gibson has been co-anchoring the overnight newscasts on ABC for sometime now. He's always there when I turn my telescreen on at 4:00 am every day. I'm not sure why this is new news?! (3/3/17)

I notice WFMD listed in DC ratings. Which determines if station can be included, for example, in DC list? Is it where station is or where listeners are? I see a "WFR". Should have been "WFRE " ? Hard to believe WFMD out pulling WFRE. Comcast still has ME shows on, but screen bar @ bottom has the new name (Charge?). About 25 yrs ago our cable co. dropped WGN w/o notice. I sent them a complaint for laughs saying my grandfather freaked out when he couldn't see "Rawhide" and attempted suicide. ME shows getting repetitive so I'll go w/flow.-g (3/3/17)

Dave's response: That should have been WFRE. Just a typo. I dunno. The latest DC radio ratings I get from a super secret source exclude stations in nearby areas, like Baltimore, Winchester, Fredericksburg, and Hagerstown. But the Frederick stations are included. I guess that's "close enough".....

MeTV still on 7-2 along with the MeTV logo. (3/3/17)

Why does Birach Broadcasting do anything? Early last decade he/they were buying up AMs in anticipation of Digital IBOC AM putting the entire dial on parity with FM radio. Yeah, good move. Remember "DC Radio 700 WGOP" back in the early part of the last decade? At 43 miles out of DC, the station wasn't even a rimshot signal. Station management left a trail of wreckage and bad vibes behind them so bad that the local engineering community put up every objection they could to keep the company from building an antenna farm in Damascus. I don't mind if the company keeps throwing money at a kid's baseball field in Aragona Park; in fact I think its hilarious. (3/3/17)

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\/ March 2 Messages \/

Not as much media-related, but a measure of the on-going resilience of the local and regional economy, electronics and appliance retailer hhgregg is exiting the mid-Atlantic region with all of the 88 stores to be shuttered expected to close by mid-April. This will add 1,500 newly unemployed job seekers to the marketplace. hhgregg will join the ranks of Incredible Universe, Comp USA, Circuit City, Computer City, German HiFI, Sun Radio, George’s, Todd’s, Saxitone, and countless others in the dustbin of home electronics merchandising chains in the D.C. area. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/2/17)

RE: WBVA - WVAB Sta: Suggs has been engineering stations in the Norfolk-VA Beach market for a lot of years. However the issue of WBVA - WVAB is a very complicated one. The one spot where they had a tower adjacent to a little league baseball field was the ONLY place where the station could be located in the crowded market. There was one other location for a tower but it was in the middle of a nearby Golf Course. 30-watts will carry farther than you might think if the ground system is laid in the swamp. And lets face it, Virginia Beach is a filled in swamp. Not sure why Birach wants to waste so much money on getting into a crap radio market like Norfolk-VA Beach. Unless he's going to run 24/7 religion and that takes a lot of bill collectors to be successful. Those two licenses are for all intent and purposes dead and have been for the past 5 years. Enki (3/2/17)

The more I watch Fox5's morning broadcast, the more I'm starting to feel that Wisdom Martin is just taking up space in a chair. I just get the impression that he's none too pleased with the direction in which this show has gone. He seems reluctant to play along with the daily circus activities as well as join in on the shallow subjects that are discussed. The rest of the cast tends to like that atmosphere, but he tends to just sit there like a bump on a log. And when he does interact, he routinely disagrees or says something negative or sarcastic. He also doesn't drink alcoholic beverages, has made that clear and seems annoyed that he's forced to participate in those alcoholic based segments. I'm sure he'd rather be in the studio instead of out in the field, but also probably thought he was coming inside to a real newscast. (3/2/17)

I contact WUSA-TV 9 About Picking up me-tv this month or April 2017. (3/2/17)

Maybe we don’t run with the big dogs, but visitors to the website Harford County Living (www.harfordcountyliving.com) named us “Favorite Local Radio Station” for 2016. Gary Helton, 91.1 WHFC, Bel Air (3/2/17)

Sinclair is buying all the things. www.bizjournals.com (3/2/17)

Anyone wishing to provide feedback to WJLA about them dropping MeTV or the other changes at the Sinclair-owned station can write to GM Dan Mellon at dmellon@sbgtv.com. (3/2/17)

Former WJLA reporter, Marriott executive, Maryland congressional candidate and most importantly, current wife of PMSNBC mad man Chris “Thrill up my leg” Matthews, Kathleen Matthews, is now head of Maryland’s Demonrats. No word if Chris had another “thrill up my leg” with the announcement but then he has allegedly been drinking again so it’s more likely a trickle down his leg. Matthews has also been mentioned to replace U.S. Senator Ben Cardin who is getting on in age. In other fake news, Maureen Bunyon has accepted the position as head of the DC Republican party (www.afro.com). Naw. More on Matthews: www.washingtonpost.com (3/2/17)

I read somewhere yesterday that we might see the TV Re-packing results of the Auction within just several weeks. This report will list where stations above Channel 36 are moving and/or who they’re co-channeling with. WRC 4, WMAR 2, WMPT 22, FOX 45, 54, 24 & 50 definitely have to move per the current plan as they are all on channels above 36. Is WMAR 2 going to move back to Channel 2? I’m not sure WRC 4 could move back to Channel 4. I think the Atlantic City channel 4 is too close. They won’t be moving very soon, but the process is already in the works with WWMX moving their AUX off the TV Hill Candelabra tower due to pending construction plans. There will definitely be some losers in this repacking. It will be interesting to see what deals are made. I mean, like WRC 4 could be moving to WHUT’s channel while still keeping them on the air on a sub-channel. (3/2/17)

When someone posts on Facebook that they’re sick or in the hospital, they’re obviously giving up their privacy somewhat. For instance, if you have several thousand Facebook friends, clearly, they are not all personal friends. in Don Scott’s case, fans mostly. So I assume he put it out there for that reason. There are over a hundred Get Well wishes on his page. (3/2/17)

Dave's response: Good for Don. Get well soon.....

Re WVBA: 30 watts on 1450 kHz? Wow... unless you live inside the transmitter cabinet itself, you wont hear that poopwhistle at all during the day. (3/2/17)

(ME-TV) Does anyone have better contact info on who to complain to? 1. abc7-programming@wjla.com... 2. sbgi.net/contact... $inclair: "We're still not big enough". (3/2/17)

DCRTV’s favorite team owned by the most hated man in Washington the Washington REDSKINS never ceases to have controversy. Now it is combined with 980 radio speculation by Chris Cooley, “drinking” and a MIA Scott McCloughan: “McCloughan also recently found himself at the middle of a firestorm as Chris Cooley, a former Redskins player who is now a morning talk-show host of the team-owned ESPN 980, speculated that Allen was blocking McCloughan from addressing the media because of a possible relapse of the drinking problems that contributed to his dismissals as a front-office executive in San Francisco and Seattle.” WJFK’s Sports Junkies had a field day with this, with EB all but crying. The Skins are like a soap opera that never ends: www.washingtonpost.com (3/2/17)

Please Contact the People at WJLA to Please Don't Drop ME-TV Tell them to Keep it I love all the Classic shows So Contact WJLA now And Tell them To Keep ME-TV on Channel-7.2. And Make room for a new channel-7.4.WJLA for Charge-tv.that solved a problem. (3/2/17)

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\/ March 1 Messages \/

Dave Hughes, why haven’t you posted anything about WJZ’ 13's Don Scott being hospitalized with pneumonia & the flu? He hasn’t posted since saying that online. Does anyone know how he’s doing? (3/1/17)

Dave's response: I guess you could call it respect for his privacy.....

When is President Trump going to "Drain the Swamp" at the FCC? Hundreds of clerks with big titles. There are no broadcasters working at the FCC. Yet, they are making up all the rules & regulations. In the past administration, the lobbyist have had a lot of influence on the FCC. For example, on 9/1/15, the Channel 6 LPTV Stations were suppose to give up their analog channel audio 87.7 FM and either go to a digital channel or turn in their analog channel. What happened? The group hired a lobbyist to lobby the FCC and they convinced the FCC to permit these LPTV Stations to continue on the audio channel 87.7 as FM Radio Stations. They never operated at television stations as they were intended. The lobbyist did a good job on the FCC. (3/1/17)

If you want the link to the Birach FCC filing here it is. Keep in mind, they have no towers, no transmitter, no plan! HAHA! licensing.fcc.gov (3/1/17)

Hi Dave, I want to echo what another poster stated. I've lost respect for Sinclair for dropping ME-TV in the Washington market. The writer is correct and ME-TV is working on getting a new affiliation deal in DC. He's right it will be either WUSA,or Fox owned WTTG 5-3,or WDCA 20-4. Fox carries it in Austin on KTBC 7-4. A long shot is a reversal and they could put ME back on 7-4, like you say stay tuned. Charge by the way will fail as over the air isn't the vehicle to attract millennials. Nick in Baltimore (3/1/17)

RE: “Dave's response: Yeah, 980 would give WMAL better coverage into the northeast suburbs. Combined with 105.9's suburb coverage of Virginia, the combo would be pretty much "blanket coverage" of the metro. If Snyder was to sell WTEM to Cumulus, perhaps they could put the sports talk on 107.3. Or keep musical WRQX on 107.3 and make WMAL and mix of political talk and evening sports talk - with the Redskins and even some other area college and pro teams.....” DCRTVDJDAVE: what are you smoking? “Evening sports talk” for WMAL 105.9? It’s bad enough that the Great One Mark Levin will be pre-empted by the Skins for Monday & Thursday night football, now you want to remove him altogether with “sports talk” during his prime 6:00PM to 9:00PM slot? There is no “mix” of “political talk” and “sports talk”: WJFK tried that and it was turned into an all sports talk station. Perhaps you think WMAL should just become a sports radio station? How about changing it to a Spanish language station playing “Feliz Navida” all year long? Stop smoking pot and switch to Camel straights Dave. Bill Hess: cut him off!!!! (3/1/17)

VOA, WTOP reporters selected... Fellows selected for RTDNF German/American exchange... rtdna.org (3/1/17)

Dave, Just a thought... I would not be surprised if all talkers on WMAL move to 980 soon To give them a better signal once 63 moves to Germantown Sports talk 98 might go bye bye... Patrick (3/1/17)

Dave's response: Yeah, 980 would give WMAL better coverage into the northeast suburbs. Combined with 105.9's suburb coverage of Virginia, the combo would be pretty much "blanket coverage" of the metro. If Snyder was to sell WTEM to Cumulus, perhaps they could put the sports talk on 107.3. Or keep musical WRQX on 107.3 and make WMAL and mix of political talk and evening sports talk - with the Redskins and even some other area college and pro teams.....

Though Comcast's program guide has gone from "Me-TV" to "Charge" recently (via WJLA 7.2), it seems like Comcast has restored the EPG program listings for Me-TV (though the channel is still listed as "Charge"). Maybe Me-TV told WJLA/Sinclair to stop messing with their channel? (3/1/17)

Just chiming in, I'm also fairly disappointed by WJLA and Sinclair on dropping Me-TV. I've no idea who to contact in order to complain, but I imagine that Sinclair would be the place to start. Does anyone have better contact info on who to complain to? As of this morning, Comcast was displaying the Charge! logo, but the station was still showing Me-TV. (3/1/17)

"Birach Broadcasting is at it again ... if you read the application..." Link please. I DO want to read it. (3/1/17)

Birach Broadcasting is at it again. They just filed an emergency application to save the license of Norfolk area AM WBVA 1450. It’s another last ditch attempt to get the station back on air with an STA that says it’s been filed and studied by an engineer. However, if you read the application, you can clearly see that no engineer could have written or prepared such a shoddy explanation. A ch9ild could have written it. It will be interesting to see the FCC approves this phony request. I seriously doubt they can put either WVAB or WBVA back on the air. Their towers are gone now, replaced by baseball fields and a park. The license for WBVA expires at the end of March. (3/1/17)

Although FIOS hasn't dropped MeTV, looks like they've dropped some of my favorites such as Alfred Hitchcock, Perry Mason & Twilight Zone that used to come on late night. (3/1/17)

Looks like Sinclair isn't done expanding. They've got their sites set on Tribune. finance.yahoo.com (3/1/17)

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