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Dave: I wonder how the Cumulus corporate ax is going to carve DC's WMAL AM-FM and WKQX. Time will tell. FRANK K, Annapolis... BIG News Regarding [cuts at] Cumulus Radio - Chicago chicagoradioandmedia.com... (4/30/17)

Hey Dave, While we're informing organizations of people who are no longer alive, could someone please let Maryland Public Television know of the passing of Gwen Ifill? Her face continues to pop up on promos asking for money and asking us to watch PBS news. (4/30/17)

There’s another reason ESPN has lost viewers. Bob Ley, who’s been with ESPN since nearly day one said recently that the culture at Disney/ABC leaning left and politically correct has damaged the quality and direction of ESPN and softened the network to the point that males are turned off. I think he’s right. That and they want too much money for the crappy programming they produce. Also speaking about sports, someone criticized Tom Davis on MASN. I actually like Davis. He knows Baltimore & the Orioles history very well. The only problem I have is that his one show is taped a day or 2 before, so sometimes they will say things that have been disproven in just yesterday’s game. I think they should do the show live but I realize everyone likes a weekend off. But that explains some of the problem with Tom Davis’s show, Take Me Out to the Ballgame. (4/30/17)

Today I noticed that BBC news has switched to widescreen SD letterboxing on Fios. Could this mean an HD version for us in its future? Also, Leon Harris looks great on Ch. 4 tonight. My guess is he is just doing weekends to get comfortable with the equipment and the staff. One more way NBC runs a tight ship here in Washington. --Carl In Olney (4/30/17)

You know that TV commercial for GE with Millie Dresselhaus? The elderly lady dressed in iconic red and white clothing, intent on empowering young women in the fields of science, math and physics? Has anyone told GE that ol' Millie died back in February? Kinda creepy, still running that spot. (4/30/17)

The FCC regulations for LPTV stations specifically allow a LPTV analog station to broadcast broadcast unrelated material on audio and video. In fact they have specifically addressed the practice several times. While I understand that many AM broadcasters would like to see the spectrum at channel 6 repurposed to serve several FM stations (and they would prefer translators of their AM stations). I grew up in an area where there was a channel 6. In those dsy it was common for people to listen to TV news or other programming at 87.7. IN recent years several broadcasters obtained LPTV channel 6 licenses. Some likely always intended to use them as "Franken FM" stations. Other seized on that when other formats did not work. I am unaware of any of them explicitly stating in their license application that they intended to use the audio and video independently but I am also unaware of any requirement that they do so. this does not mean their use of the license to broadcast audio formats is illegal. the last time i checked WDCN broadcasts an endless loop of silent movie footage on video, Hardly a public service but not a violation of any law or regulation either. Unless the FCC specifically addresses the situation and allows the continued use of analog broadcasting at channel 6 this will end when the repack is complete. That means it either ends in 2010 or that there will be a specific regulation that allows this. In either event there will be no violation of law. the only real question is whether the FCC will repurpose channel 6. Since the TV spectrum is contracting this seems unlikely but perhaps the FCC will evaluate the situation after the repack and decide that they can safely move all of the digital TV broadcasters there to some other slot. Then again maybe they will decode that they cannot do that and will simply decide to let a few LPTV stations use the frequency as they have been in areas where there is no full power channel 6 ---to the great consternation of at least one DCRTV poster. But most likely there will be no Franken FMs and no translators for those AM stations. (4/30/17)

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Another myth to debunk. You do not need to subscribe to The Washington Post or most other newspapers just to leave a comment. All you have to do is just give them your email address, which you also have to do to subscribe. The only difference is I’m not paying. And btw, most of the search engines of these newspapers are terrible. You’d have a better chance of finding the archived story with Google than with The Washington Post. (4/29/17)

RE: "Will they drop Matt Monks 3-7 for WDEL's Afternoon News." The short answer...yes. There isn't enough money, or news, to justify a station like this in that area. They will just be a simulcast of WDEL, with some local breakaway.....but not a full show. (4/29/17)

MeTV is now being carried on Comcast channel 196. Yayyyy!!!! (4/29/17)

To the poster trying to justify Channel 6 LPTV Stations operating as just an FM Radio Station, you are wrong. These Low Power Television Stations were licensed as television stations and not as radio stations The intent of these licenses is to operative in the Public Interest to serve the local community as television stations. When these LPTV stations were licensed in was done to promote minority ownership of television stations. Please get your facts straight. (4/29/17)

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To the person from WDCN radio who posted the “FACTS” about channel 6 rules: Boy are you wrong. No one ever said WDCN was getting shut down tomorrow, but at the end of the repack, there will be no analog TV stations, PERIOD. It’s in the rulemaking And new FCC commissioner just confirmed this week that he will force Franken FMs to abide by the rules. The gauntlet has been thrown down against everything you stated already. You either don’t read the current news are are just making up stuff to defend your business model. No TV station on Channel 6 is authorized for this unknown entity as “flexible use” in the fashion of an FM station. The notion that any LPTV can also apply for this is also laughable since no FM radio would pick up any of those. My personal opinion is that the FCC should just license the channel 6 spectrum for legitimate FM stations and dump all 20 of you, some of which have already been forced off the air for various reasons. If you were trying to make a case for your cause, you certainly didn’t choose a factual or motivating one. Good luck in the LPTV Re-dress window on those points. You’re going to need it. Guess who’s the yoyo? (4/28/17)

RE: “Any idiot knows how to read The Washington Post or virtually any local newspaper for free online. If you don’t here’s your sign. Just clear your browser history and cache or open the page in private browsing and they don’t even know who you are. Very simple. I do it every single day.” Well this “idiot” subscribes online for a very modest rate ($19.00 a year) because I don’t have to do that, I can leave comments, do story searches going back decades, etc. Besides, I’m hoping by paying my subscription it will tip Bozo Bezo to being the richest man alive: www.thejakartapost.com (4/28/17)

ESPN: The grunts take the fall when the executives don't do their jobs, in this case, getting greedy, not keeping in touch with your core audience, and overpaying for the rights to carry live sports. I rarely watch anything other than live sporting events, and even then, that is becoming more and more torturous (read on). Yet John Skipper, ESPN CEO, and his merry band of men stay employed, while some good people got let go (and some whose time there had come and gone). I'm old, I don't get SC6. ESPN's live sports coverage has gone downhill, becoming a circus of graphics, windowing out live action for interviews and/or promos, and people like Jessica Mendoza doing Sunday Night Baseball. (4/28/17)

Hey DCRTVland: Some yoyo is posting about LPTV 6's and does NOT know what they are talking about, so here are the FACTS: 1) VHF channel 6 LPTV which have chosen to air an aural service as FM using their unique signals are fully authorized and licensed to do so. About 20 of them are now broadcastings to million of listeners all around the country. 2) ALL remaining analog to digital LPTV conversions must be completed by 39 post auction ending, so about mid 2021. 3) If they have a digital companion it may also stay on the air that long, unless of course the companion is not displaced by the auction (UHF 36-50), or the repacking of the primary stations back down into VHF 2 to UHF 36. 4) The LPTV radio FM stations are considered an acceptable "flexible use", and you can actually apply and receive permission to do this on any LPTV channel assignment. The yoyo posting false information must have a personal agenda, since the FCC fully understands and respects the 6's as a service. The rules for a digital 6 with FM will be considered post the current NextGen ATSC 3.0 rulemaking. The 6's are unique and provide a valuable licensed and authorized service! (4/28/17)

Any idiot knows how to read The Washington Post or virtually any local newspaper for free online. If you don’t here’s your sign. Just clear your browser history and cache or open the page in private browsing and they don’t even know who you are. Very simple. I do it every single day. I noticed that if you’ve signed up for emails to The Washington Post though they are getting tougher. They’ll send you the daily top stories, but you can’t read any of them without private browsing. So, they’ve actually ruined the only reason to sign up for emails anymore. How stupid. Jeff Bezos is a genius with Amazon, but he sure has no clue how to run a newspaper. “Democracy in Darkness” ? Yeah, that’s a paper selling jingle. “Lord Vader Has Spoken” would have been more charming! (4/28/17)

The only reason I watch ESPN anymore is for the live sports, ‘The Sports Reporters’, (which is going away next month) and the ‘30 for 30’ series. I used to watch PTI, but when they started with 3+ of the first 5 segments NBA related night after night, I stopped. That show has run its course anyway. They let a lot of good people go, yet the 30+ year Dick Vitale act rolls on. And they wonder why viewership is declining. (4/28/17)

Re: ESPN- was out of the range of ESPN 980 last night but tried listening to the NFL Draft on WNTX (1350/96.5) Fredericksburg and got an Adam Schefter podcast on instead of the draft. No wonder they are falling apart in Bristol CT. Can they not do anything right these days at ESPN. It's no longer "The Worldwide Leader". John Skipper, the head of programming for ESPN should have been among those let go, but he was the one doing the letting go. (4/28/17)

Delmarva Broadcasting pulls the plug on local news at Delaware 1059. They let go morning newscaster Kelli Steele, and News Director Mark Fowser. Shorter newscast, no local before the top of the hour, and cast recorded in Wilmington at WDEL. Previously they dropped a local 9-noon show in Wilmington, and put Susan Monday on "statewide" 9-noon, and Rick Jensen 1-4pm "statewide". Will they drop Matt Monks 3-7 for WDEL's Afternoon News. (4/28/17)

"Never would have believed I'd be saying this just a few years ago, but if FIOS dropped ESPN this afternoon, I'd never miss it." Exactly my thoughts too regarding Directv. ESPN's programming sucks, but I also resent their political leanings and injecting it into their coverage whether on TV, radio or the web. Equally as bad is ESPN Radio. Nothing but chattering skulls. And is there anything they don't commercialize? This guest is joining us via the ### sponsored phone line. That crap drives me nuts. (4/28/17)

Also don't know if anybody here is familiar with Sling TV but I have it and if you want to stream it to more than one device you loose ESPN (and a couple of other channels like Freeform and Disney) another person in my household wanted use of Sling if you want to keep ESPN on more than one device you need to open another separate account $20 a month for the most basic package what a farce. Apparently ESPN Wants more cash from people if there going to use it on several devices when they should be happy because more people are watching but that's the deal they apparently have I'm not paying anything extra to get it Also in case someone here is concerned about how to receive the local channels Sling currently offers WRC CH4 and WTTG CH5 on the multi stream package but no subchannels and not the other local broadcast stations.The package to multi stream is only $5 more a month and they add like 10 or so channels FS1 And FS2 ,NBC sports, NFL network and a bunch of non sports like SyFy, Tru TV, BET ,National Geographic, FX ,so Sling is attempting to compensate viewers. (4/28/17)

Maybe someone can get a quote from the tow truck company woman concerning Britt McKenry being on tv baby girl! Karma is a bitch! (4/28/17)

Uh, oh. FNC is under federal investigation (the USPS of all agencies) according to rival CNN. If you can’t beat ‘em, investigate them: money.cnn.com (4/28/17)

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Re: "Along with cord cutters, ESPN has really gone down hill overall with their coverage. I honestly prefer watching MLB, NFL, and NHL networks to get my sports news..." I agree 100%. I hate finding out that a game I want to watch is on ESPN (as opposed to MASN, CBS, NBC, TBS/TNT, etc), because it means I'm going to hear three hours of b.s. about every player's childhood, substance abuse and criminal backgrounds, favorite hip-hop stars, hobbies, family cancer scares, etc etc etc, AND four-times-an-hour cut-ins to the Yankees-Sox game (or preview of their next game, or highlights from their most recent game), AND extended monologues from somewhere in the stadium by a second-tier ESPN talking head....but as little attention as possible paid to the actual game. ESPN has gone completely off mission. Even their 6pm SportsCenter, once their flagship program and possibly the most popular sports highlight show in history, is now packaged and advertised as a "variety show." Lots of music, jokes, pre-taped skits, entertainment-celebrity interviews, even dancing, with sports used only as window dressing. Never would have believed I'd be saying this just a few years ago, but if FIOS dropped ESPN this afternoon, I'd never miss it. (4/27/17)

Along with cord cutters, ESPN has really gone down hill overall with their coverage. I honestly prefer watching MLB, NFL, and NHL networks to get my sports news, they focus on their respective leagues as a whole and not just drooling over the NYC, Chicago, and LA teams. (4/27/17)

The Washington Post’s Williams and Fung Shway detail how DCRTV cord cutters can develop their own criteria for subscriptions to streaming their favorite shows. No mention of how to access The Washington Post online for free. More: www.washingtonpost.com (4/27/17)

The reason ESPN is laying people off in droves is because of cord cutters and budget cutters dropping the channel, meaning less cable carriage money. Basically, Comcast/NBC is saying, “Well guess what? We don’t owe you that much money anymore!” People should have seen this coming with the Comcast/NBC/Universal/NBC Sports merger. But OF COURSE the FCC is watching them so they don’t fudge the numbers! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t think ESPN is losing subscribers. I just know that Comcast’s business model is to teach their own employees to LIE DAILY. So why would they tell the truth in business agreements? I mean, it’s not like anybody could sue them out of business! LOL (4/27/17)

I love the baby picture you keep posting of Mickey. (4/27/17)

ESPN News.....100 people lose their jobs. Most of the people were air staff. Remember, ESPN is owned by Disney. The reason is said to be falling revenue. This is sad. (4/27/17)

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To a prior poster, your information is correct. Red Zebra did pay $33 Million for WTNT 730 AM, WWXT 92.7 and WWXX 94.3. They bought them in May, 2006. They will be taking a big loss on the sale of these stations. If Red Zebra does retain 94.3, their loss will be about $30 Million! (4/26/17)

Has anyone here actually listened to the "Channel 6" radio station to see if they are doing some sort of "farewell" promotion? Or if they are asking listeners to petition the FCC to remain on the air? With so much at stake, I cant imagine they'd just yank the plug without so much as a mention or a plea to their audience. (4/26/17)

Dave's response: And where's my Me-TV? C’mon Dave you must know a lot of bands in your area. Maybe you could get one of them to do any update version of “Money For Nothing”, and show it DAVETV. Ya’ know…’I want my. I want my MeTV’ (4/26/17)

As far as I can tell, WDCN, channel 6 has not applied for any Flashcut digital option on channel 6. The channel they did apply for is out of the spectrum and getting automatically deleted. So any remaining digital LPTV could apply for channel 6 when the filing window opens under the repack rules as I read them. No analog TV station will have any advantage on keeping channel 6 unless they file a Digital Flashcut application. There are plenty of LPTVs being bumped like WWTD 14. They will all be looking for digital channels if they don’t have guaranteed cable coverage. No analog channel is going to get any kind of priority. (4/26/17)

Wow, Red Zebra is selling WWXT AND WXGI for $2 million. In 2000 MJS Communications sold 92.7 Prince Frederick to Mega Communications for $5.4 million. In 2006, Snyder bought the station in a package deal that had the license's price even higher than that. And now what is tantamount to a $1 million deal--Snyder must be very desperate to get out of broadcasting, or the station a depreciated in value the same way a used car might. Maybe it's a combination of both. Marty Madden, Prince Frederick (4/26/17)

WE GET IT !!! iHeart is in debt. Cumulus is in debt. CH 6 is used as an FM Station. And Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead ! For the love of God, please get some new material ! Now about that WFRE trust thing…… (4/26/17)

Dave's response: And where's my Me-TV?

I can’t believe CBS wouldn’t want to jump in to try to get WUSA 9 or even offer a creative trade with Nexstar of WJZ 13 + cash for WUSA 9 with Nexstar and/or Tegna. (4/26/17)

Holy balls ... I just read that TEGNA story from FTVLive. How's this for a pullquote: "When a station group is bought up by Nexstar, we feel so bad for the employees ... they will be going from a cheap owner (Tegna) that has all but given up on covering real news to Nexstar. Just more of the same." Channel 9 employees: get out now while your career still has some tread. (4/26/17)

iHeart stock is not good. It is down. It is not up. What if it goes down more? And not up? What will happen if they go out of business? And about their debt? Do they have to pay it? I are smart. Also, Cumulus. (4/26/17)

There are 103,443 people attending the NAB Convention in Las Vegas. Chairman Pai said yesterday, the new translator window for AM Stations will be " this summer". This will be for Class D and Class C Stations first and then will open up for all AM Stations to apply. (4/26/17)

The FCC announced that the LPTV Channel 6 television stations must obey the FCC Rules for television. They cannot use their analog channel 87.7 FM as an FM Radio Station. This is not serving the Public Interest when you run "Silent Movies" on your Video and then use your Audio Channel as an FM Radio Station. These LPTV Stations were licensed to serve the local community. If you use WDCN 87.7 FM as an example, the owner leases the frequency out as an FM Radio Station for $420,000 per year. ($35,000 per month). How is this operating in the Public Interest? (4/26/17)

Despite being a jerk and a womanizer, O’Reilly did set a very high bar to reach indeed. He had the best ratings of any cable TV show for a decade! Who else can say that? Chris Matthews missing the thrill in his leg, Dumb & Dumber Don Lemon, or Rachel Madcow? Nope. If Tucker Carlson even comes close, he'll be a success. (4/26/17)

If Verizon is cutting things, like email is history, could Cumulus buy the phone company. LATE APRIL FOOLS! (4/26/17)

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I too am disappointed with FIOS dropping CNBC (channel 602). It was one of the channels that I regularly watched. First MeTV, now CNBC..What next??!!!.. (4/25/17)

The classic feminine "long e"—sexy and annoying at the same time: “PenFed’s got greet reets for everyone!!!” (4/25/17)

Mean DCRTV Mailbaggers leave Kars for Kids ads alone RIGHT NOW: www.youtube.com (4/25/17)

Re Birach: How much more rent is that farmer -- who owns the land where the towers are -- going to demand for the additional bite of real estate that Tower #4 is going to eat up? Why are they even going through with this? Just to show they can uselessly piss through more money than Dan Snyder did? (4/25/17)

Well, I've found a way to make a lot of those really awful radio commercials somewhat palatable, and it took my kid to do it: just improvise a new set of lyrics while they are playing. When the Kars for Kids commercial came on during a ride home, she started singing, "Drugs for Dogs," "Sex for Ducks", and a few other that got her friends in the back seat cackling with guilty laughter. For the PenFed spot, she worked in Moms and Dads, Recent Grads, and a Punch in the 'Nads. Now here I am hoping the Belvita breakfast bar commercial is revived, because I'm ready. (4/25/17)

Is MeTV. Back on Fios yet? (4/25/17)

For Ron in Annapolis: CNBC is only being removed from the FiOS Custom Sports and More package. Those with other packages are unaffected. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (4/25/17)

Even with Mickey Cuchiella and Steve Rouse, WQLL won't crack a 0.4. (4/25/17)

Is Me TV coming back to FIOS soon? And since FIOS is dumping CNBC from Ch 602 (HD), is CNBC remaining on SD Ch 102? The message about Ch 602 does not reference Ch 102. Thanks. (4/25/17)

FCC Chairman Pai gave a speech today at the NAB Convention in Las Vegas. He discussed more Diversity in Broadcasting. Let's bring back the Minority Tax Certificate. It was an incentive for station owners to sell their stations to Minorities. Sellers discounted the price of their stations if it was sold to a Minority. We need to define what a Minority is today. Let's avoid the abuse of the system this time. What is a Minority? (4/25/17)

RE: “Tucker Carlson said Bill O’Reilly set a high bar….excuse me? Oh yes, shouting down your opposition, treating women like crap and trying to act like anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant or bloviating is a high bar Tucker. Get real…. Dan (4/25/17)” Well Dan (last name Quayle?), while I too loathe O’Reilly, I know Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly is no Tucker Carlson. And even though O’Reilly is claiming the allegations against him are false and he will eventually prove them so (highly unlikely), Tucker Carlson was the victim of a totally false claim of actual sexual assault, not just harassment, which proved totally untrue when the woman was found to be a mentally unstable stalker (see Tucker’s Wiki). Meanwhile, nothing succeeds like success and love it or hate it, FNC is bouncing back nicely from the O’Reilly and other scandals, with “Tucker Carlson Tonight” kicking ass in the new 8:00PM time slot (with O’Reilly’s high end advertisers returning too) and even “The Five” beat out Rachel Maddow in their new 9:00PM time slot. Overall, FNC handily beat out PMSNBC & CNN, nearly COMBINED: Monday, April 24 (8-11 p.m.) 1. FNC: 2.8 million viewers; 582,547 adults 25-54) 2. MSNBC: 1.8 million viewers; 424,425 adults 25-54 3. CNN: 944,570 viewers; 328,705 adults 25-54). More: www.hollywoodreporter.com (4/25/17)

He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack: Larry “No Show Jones” O’Connor mysteriously departed half-way through his show Monday and people were wondering why? Well, it seems Larry ducked out to attend an “off the record” meeting of fellow conservatives with, drum roll: The Trumpster! Joining the likes of Laura Ingram, people from the Daily Caller, News Max, you know, the Usual Suspects, Larry was proud to represent WMAL. They all had their cell phones confiscated and were sworn to secrecy but naturally it being Washington, news of the meeting has leaked. And just as naturally, the MSM/Media Elite were jealous and The Hill is claiming that the conservative media clan was “disappointed”: thehill.com (4/25/17)

I got a message from FIOS Message Center that they are dropping CNBC channel 602 as of May 15,2017. It is one of my wife's favorites. Do you why they would drop it? Ron in Annapolis (4/25/17)

Dave's response: Comcast owns that. My only guess is that Verizon balked at the price Comcast/NBC wanted for renewal of their contract.....

According to Washington Post archives, Dan Snyder paid $33 million for 730 AM, 92.7, and 94.3. He sold 730 for just $1.5 million a few years ago, and now sells 92.7 and his Richmond station for $2 million. So he's only gotten back about $3 million of his $33 million original investment. How much is 94.3 worth? A million or less? He's going to be in the hole $28 million! Genius businessman! (4/25/17)

Dave's response: He'll just write the loss off his taxes and come out ahead in the long run.....

Radio One will cover Prince Georges County now by simulcasting WMMJ 102.3, in Bethesda. The antenna for WWXT 92.7 is in Prince Frederick, but does a good job of covering an area that WMMJ does not cover now. This is a smart move for Radio One. WMMJ is a Class A station with 3,000 Watts. This is the top rated station in DC for Urban programming. Red Zebra is left with 980 AM, 570 AM and 94.3 FM in Warrenton. (4/25/17)

Emmis must sell off $80 Million of assets to pay back their lenders. When a Broadcasting Company borrows massive amounts of money it must be paid back when due. Their lenders don't want their stock. It will be interesting to see how Cumulus and iHeart are going to pay back their lenders. Will their lenders permit them to sell off their assets to pay back the debt? Remember, all their assets are pledged to the lenders as collateral on the debt! (4/25/17)

This the final time you'll hear from Me TV people because the station is back. It's now back on Comcast at ch.196. They even added the second Perry Mason which had been preempted for informercials. Me TV had already had been returned to Cox. (4-22-17) (4/25/17)

WDCN channel 6’s digital channel is outside the repack and they are not protected so that channel will be automatically canceled although they can they re-apply for something. So, technically, they should go off the air completely as their license will automatically expire as I read the repack stages and rules. Of course, the FCC could change this at any time. Ironically, the FCC did not re-assign anybody else to channel 6 during the repack, which they easily could have and still could. Any LPTV not protected that wants to stay on the air will have an opportunity to apply for channel 6 presumably. But this won’t happen anytime soon though. (4/25/17)

Dave, I count only 4 TV stations that Sinclair controls in the DC/Baltimore region, not 5, although they do control 2 stations in the Harrisburg PA market. Soon they will own only 3 licenses. Plus one in Harrisburg instead of 2. (4/25/17)

Dave's response: I included NewsChannel 8.....

I was looking at the Birach proposal to upgrade WDMV AM 700 to 50,000 watts. While they currently have 3 towers in Walkersville, that won’t work. At first I thought they were just adding one tower, but no. To obtain the parallelogram array they proposed, they have to build at least 2 towers and ground wires if not 4 if they start from scratch. Does anyone really think they can make enough money from this to even finance it? I mean, Birach has 2 stations in Hampton Roads that are dark and in danger of losing their licenses. It doesn’t appear they have any money. But if they do it, AM 700 would be listenable at times from central PA to northeast NC. (4/25/17)

Tucker Carlson said Bill O’Reilly set a high bar….excuse me? Oh yes, shouting down your opposition, treating women like crap and trying to act like anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant or bloviating is a high bar Tucker. Get real…. Dan (4/25/17)

And the iHeartMedia debt Mailbagger checks in in 3... 2... 1: mysanantonio.com (4/25/17)

Does anyone know what the new 1000 level channels on Comcast are? All I see is a 3rd duplication of the same channels. Is this just some marketing schtick where they can say they offer more channels than Verizon FIOS now? Because that’s what it looks like to me. (4/25/17)

I found this link during my Internet travels today and thought you might enjoy the article about a company that made these posters & the efforts to preserve that archive. jhu.edu (4/25/17)

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\/ April 24 Messages \/

WMAL’s Rush Limbaugh gave a beautiful eulogy for the great, now late, Kate O’Beirne, who as Rush would say, “assumed room temperature” this weekend after a battle with cancer (Kate was a dedicated smoker). O’Beirne, an alumni of National Review, Crossfire, and the McLaughlin Group, was a beloved conservative icon in Washington. Just Google (well, don’t Google, Bing) Kate O’Beirne and there are numerous accolades to her, including this fine one by Tim Carney of The Washington Examiner: www.washingtonexaminer.com (4/24/17)

I have to agree with the posters who are ripping CSN Mid Atlantic. Some of the things they have done over there recently are puzzling, to say the least. First there was the rule prohibiting the male announcers from wearing ties on air. Now, I know it is "only sports" but it seems to me wearing a tie shows a certain respect for the viewing audience that the current dress down look does not. Of course, the no tie rule appears to apply only to the on site announcers, not to the Caps and Wiz play by play guys, who continue to wear ties when doing the games. So the entire thing makes no sense. Then there was CSN Mid Atlantic's dismissal of Phil Chenier as the Wizard's play by play guy starting next season. Apparently, in someone's mind, Phil is no longer young or hip enough to do the games. Never mind that the guy was a terrific player, knows the game through and through and does a fantastic job of analyzing the game for the viewers (and has for many years). That move has been justifiably criticized by local sportstalk hosts, Wizards fans and just about everyone else. Finally, we have some of the new programming mentioned by the previous poster. The so-called "Overtime" post game shows that can at best be described as sophomoric. Apparently someone at CSN does not have a very high view of the intelligence of its viewers. And, yes, we have to watch the station to see the games, so in that sense are a captive audience. But we do not have to watch the pre and post game stuff and the various sports news shows. Someone should tell them that. (4/24/17)

As usual, Gus in Gaithersburg’s brain could fit in a thimble. WUST is applying for a 50 watt NIGHT TIME signal! This has NOTHING to do with their 50,000 watt DAYTIME signal MORON! English a second language? (4/24/17)

First, WDCN and the other “Franken-FM’s” on 87.7 will leave the air only if one of two things occur. Either the stations will decide to comply with FCC Rules and Regs, or the FCC will have to contact the U.S. District Court Magistrates and the U.S. Marshalls Service and have warrants executed and served on the operators of the stations for violation of the FCC Rules and Regs, with equipment seizure. Possibly “with extreme prejudice”. Expectation: No change in operation will occur. Especially for WDCN. Sorry, PAW. Broadcasting is barely ground clutter on the FCC’s Radar these days. Second… Dave, the Sinclair buy of the Bonten stations was leaked on the Mailbag back on Friday… -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/24/17)

For the record: "Toots Sweet" was a joke, though I do know people who write "Wallah", instead of "Voila". Or as Don Francisco says: "Bonus Nachos" (another joke, don't worry) -- Carl in Olney (4/24/17)

April 24th, 2017 is the thirtieth anniversary of the Howard Stern Show’s rally at the UN to protest the FCC: www.bing.com (4/24/17)

WMAL’s Larry O’Connor scored a coup by having FNC’s ace Tucker Carlson at the beginning of his show today and it was as expected, a love fest. Tucker spoke about taking over acknowledged pervert Bill O’Reilly’s time slot at 8:00PM. But no sooner had Larry done that than he disappeared from the radio and was substituted by Dan Mandis, who frequently has a show Saturday afternoons on WMAL. Another WMAL on air firing? Where’s Larry, Bill Hess? (4/24/17)

C'mon, Carl in Olney, if you are going to use French words then use them correctly. It's "tout de suite" not "Toots Sweet". (And, don't sully the memory of Toots Shor by dragging him into this! :>) And, for you other ill-educated heathens, the word is "voilà", not "walla"! As "The Tick" villain Handy used to say, "Read a book!" (4/24/17)

Dave, another new meteorologist at NBC4. Somara Theodore. Was this mentioned on DCTV? Don't recall it. (4/24/17)

Don't know if anybody mentioned this but WXGI Richmond will still be ESPN (WTPS will simulcast 950) so the Redskins for now won't end up on 99.3/105.7 Kiss FM. This according to multiple sources (AA, VARTV) (4/24/17)

Our Government is wasting our TAX Dollars at the FCC. Look at the incredible prices they are paying for these LPTV Licenses! For example, WZGC $66 Million and WMDO $58 Million. Did they get an appraisal on these stations? The answer is NO! There are no Broadcasters or Station Media Brokers working at the FCC. Who determines what these licenses are worth? (4/24/17)

Does the person who said Cozi and Antenna TV were off the air have cable ?I use an antenna and I'm getting. It just fine as of 11AM.Also I see DC101 HD2 has switched back to harder leaning rock Black Sabbath,AC/DC ,Stone Temple Pilots were among the artists played when I listened yesterday they were doing 80s hits for several weeks under the name Cherry Blossom Radio. (4/24/17)

Here is a break from Stock Prices, 87.7MHz stations, Channel 31 problems, and WUST's strategies. Last night I was listening, in Olney, to WGY-810 Schenectady on the car radio (my brother, "Robert in Altamont", lives in Albany County, NY, so I sometimes like to hear what's going on there, and how much colder it is than here). All of a sudden, the sound got much, much better; I couldn't believe it but the HD part of the signal came in loud and clear, for about 10 seconds, then it was gone; then a few blocks later, there it was again, for 10 seconds. I had no idea the HD part of an AM signal could carry that far at night that well, even just for moments. Of course, around here, only WCAO-600 and WWIN-1400 have AM HD signals; I don't think a single Washington area AM station has it. But I could be wrong, and someone else will write about it Toots Sweet (Didn't he own a restaurant in NYC? :^) -- Carl In Olney (4/24/17)

[RE: Have Cozi TV on 4.2 and Antenna TV on 50.2 been discontinued?] As of 930 a.m, Monday, they're coming in OTA in Springfield. Signal strength seems to be a bit weaker than normal. Maybe that is the result of today's weather. (4/24/17)

LPTV Channel 6 in DC will shut down. After the repack of TV Stations, there will be no analog TV Stations. Therefore, the 87.7 FM frequency will go away. (4/24/17)

Dave, while we can all agree on how wonderful it is to be constantly updated on stocks, especially on the weekends when the markets are closed, but THIS STUPID ASSFUCKER needs to be treated badly. "Sorry for the typo smart ass, but 5 watts or 50 watts, you’ll still need to get a parking space on the street adjacent to the tower to hear WUST at night! Who’s the dummy now?" ---- Shall we do the math, ASSFUCKER? It's a 50,000 watt station that doesn't operate at night. wust1120.com... That's right, 50, 000 watts. Not on in the nighttime so if you're scoping pavement you're doing something creepy. WHO'S THE DUMMY NOW panty thief? Do you even speak Amharic bro? Do you even travel bro? I know for for sure you don't lift. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/24/17)

In Eastern Shore news, is WRDE 31 NBC Coast TV on Delmarva going to stay on the air? The station doesn’t appear to be protected during the FCC repack and WMPT 22 in Annapolis has been assigned channel 31. Because of the clear signal overlap, as WMPT’s signal contour does cross into Delaware, I see no way WRDE can stay on the air on channel 31. Would Comcast/NBC allow them to stay an NBC affiliate on cable only? That’s highly unlikely. The FCC has not yet opened a filing window for displaced LPTV stations that still want to stay on the air. By the way, while looking for info on this, I also discovered that WDCN channel 6 in DC will have to shut down as a radio station after the repack within the following year. At the very end, there will be no Analog TV stations left on the air. (4/24/17)

I find it rather interesting that LocusPoint Networks did not turn in to the FCC all of the TV stations they bought, including Baltimore's WMJF 16 (which btw, stands for Michigan J. Frog, the WB days) nor WMGM 40 or other stations they bought presumably to auction off. Everyone assumed when they took down South Jersey’s WMGM News, that the station would be put up for auction, same as WMJF 16 in Baltimore. This has gone completely unnoticed in the repack. They obviously have a completely different business plan than people thought. Short term transition leasing money to stations that have to channel share or for legacy ATSC 1.0 purposes maybe? Hmm. (4/24/17)

RE: WQLL/Q1370 PM Drive talent hunt – There is no hunt. The position had already been filled before the news blurb was posted on DCRTV. The hiree’s name will be announced at the WQLL/WCBM Preakness Balloon Race and he (yes...he) will debut on-air in June. (4/24/17)

Have Cozi TV on 4.2 and Antenna TV on 50.2 been discontinued? I tried to get both channels and all I get is snow as if the station no longer exists. I realize that at this time many stations are changing or discontinuing their sub channels. (4/24/17)

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\/ April 23 Messages \/

I noticed that WYPR's HD3 classical programming now seems to be nothing more than satellite-fed classical music, the kind you would find at many NPR stations needing overnight or 24x7 classical music (e.g. KAZU-HD2 Monterey Bay). The HD3 from JHU's Peabody Institute was probably one of the concessions WYPR's new owners made to acquire the old WJHU license... Perhaps it's time to move that programming over to WBJC and establish an second HD channel on that classical station. WYPR's HD3 signal could better be used for news or bilingual programming. -- Bummed out in Odenton (4/23/17)

iHeart Radio warned their parent company, Bain Capital, that they may not survive another year. Why? Over $20 BILLION in Massive Debt! Bain Capital is an Investment Banking Company that knows how to leverage debt. Some of their lenders are getting 9 % interest and some are getting 12% interest. Their stock price is now $2.75 per share and falling. If these major companies default on their debt it will hurt the entire radio industry. What will this do to the price of radio stations? (4/23/17)

Dave: I just read a post from Carl saying that CSN does Channel 4's sports over the weekend, I didn't know this? More importantly, I cannot believe how bad things have gotten at CSN that now all of the postgame shows are a joke and from a studio "sports bar." What are those people thinking? Their credibility went right out the window! If they think it's all about twitter and facebook clicks, they're are wrong because people now realize there's no talent worth watching on that channel, what a total train wreck! (4/23/17)

Cumulus stock price continues to drop. Cumulus stock now at an all time low price of just 23 cents per share. Their lenders will never get their money back. The Massive Debt is the Demon. (4/23/17)

RE: “Are any radio companies/stations/networks etc represented at the Science March downtown? Maybe not broadcasting the event, but just putting on the ol' dog-&-pony show and giving out [earth-polluting plastic] swag? Thomas Dolby and Bill Nye are here in town, and it'd sure be nice if someone is there thrusting a microphone into their faces.” Looks like “someone” (C-SPAN radio aired the entire event) already thrust a microphone in that big phony Bill Nye’s face at the “Science March” and he grabbed it: www.washingtonpost.com (4/23/17)

Sorry for the typo smart ass, but 5 watts or 50 watts, you’ll still need to get a parking space on the street adjacent to the tower to hear WUST at night! Who’s the dummy now? (4/23/17)

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Thousands of Broadcasters are on the way to the NAB Convention in Las Vegas which starts on Monday. The new FCC Chairman will be one of the main speakers at the convention. It is expected that the FCC will announce when they will open the new window for AM Stations to apply for a FM Translator. On 4/12/17, they announced that under the new rules, the antenna could be located within 25 miles of the AM Station Tower or anywhere within the Daytime Contour of the AM Station. This will give stations that missed the last window to apply now. (4/22/17)

Here’s a funny thought Dave. If Sinclair buys Tribune, they won’t own The Baltimore Sun as Tribune split up newspapers from TV, but ironically, they will own The’s Sun’s Calvert Street building! Will Sinclair raise the rent or evict them? HAHA! (4/22/17)

Are any radio companies/stations/networks etc represented at the Science March downtown? Maybe not broadcasting the event, but just putting on the ol' dog-&-pony show and giving out [earth-polluting plastic] swag? Thomas Dolby and Bill Nye are here in town, and it'd sure be nice if someone is there thrusting a microphone into their faces. (4/22/17)

Discussion about longtime DC station WUST aroused my curiosity. The District's African-American population burgeoned following the end of World War II, and one of the first stations to aim squarely at that growing audience was WUST which changed format, city of license (formerly Bethesda), and call letters (formerly WBCC) at the end of 1951. Read about it in the Washington Post of March 1, 1952: dcmemories.com... For the record... WBCC (1120kc AM) debuted on Sunday, February 9, 1947 using a transmitter at Kenwood Country Club. See the Washington Post article here: dcmemories.com... The first indication in the Post that WBCC's calls had changed was in the Thursday, October 18, 1951 edition when their FM side was shown as "WUST-FM Channel 292 - 106.3 mc". The AM side had changed calls as well, but the change must have been dictated over the phone, as the listing incorrectly showed "WUFT - 1120 kc - 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m." The Post fixed that typo in the following day's editions. The first appearance of "WBCC-FM Channel 276 - 103.1 mc" was in the Post of Thursday, September 29, 1949. On September 24, 1950, the Post showed the frequency as "WBCC-FM Channel 292 - 106.3 mc" for the first time. The final appearance of "WUST-FM 106.3 mc - 2:30 a.m. to midnight" in the Post was Wednesday, May 11, 1960. The very next day's Post radio listings show a brand new station at a different position on the FM band: "WJMD-FM 94.7mc - 6 p.m. to midnight." as Julius, Milton and Daniel Diener (who had bought the WUST stations in 1959) used their initials for the new call sign. (The 106.3mc freq was subsequently assigned to Cambridge, MD). The Post shows that WJMD-FM had stretched their operating hours by June 1960 to "8 a.m. to midnight". So why did the Diener's ditch WUST-FM for WJMD-FM? Roddy Freeman speculates that it was because 106.3 was a class A FM frequency (maximum 3,000 watts), and 94.7 was a class B, allowing for a lot more power. If you look up WUST 106.3 FM in the 1959 Broadcasting Yearbook, they were still simulcasting the "Negro Programming" of WUST-AM at only 500 watts until their demise. So, by changing both the calls and freq, the Dieners started fresh with an all new format at 20kw! (4/22/17)

So if CSN Sports is in Bethesda, why does the Channel 4 Sports guy on the weekend have to do his report from there? Can't the people at NBC pay for him to take a taxi to spend an hour or so on Nebraska Avenue, so he does not look like he's reporting from the Gulag? It just seems wrong. -- Carl in Olney (4/22/17)

Guess it's time to dump your iHeart stock. They've informed their parent company that they "may not last another year." www.marketwatch.com... JA (4/22/17)

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RE: Sinclair eyeing Tribune - The issues I see about this possible merger between Sinclair and Tribune. (1) Legacy Tribune stations WPIX, KTLA, and WGN being turned into something that viewers would likely no longer recognize. (2) Conflict markets where Sinclair and Tribune own stations that rank top 4 in terms of audience share (overlapping)... markets, such as Seattle-Tacoma, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, Greensboro-High Point, Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, Des Moines, Oklahoma City, etc. If Tribune is looking to sellout entirely, I would think that Meredith, Cox, Hubbard, and/or Graham ownership would be more preferrable, as those groups would treat those stations better than Sinclair and Nexstar would. (4/21/17)

DCRTV Dave's favorite group owner, Sinclair, just picked -up Bonten Media's 14 small-market TV's for $240M. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/21/17)

WUST's night power operation in inconsequential to translator operation. Daytimers can continue on the translator 24 hours a day. Good luck finding a channel. (4/21/17)

RE: WUST application for nighttime operation - "5 watts... LOL" Looks like someone wasn't paying attention when they taught decimal conversion in their 6th grade math class. The FCC database shows the WUST application seeking 0.05kW. That's 5% of 1 kilowatt (1000 watts) = 50 watts, not 5 watts. To the truly knowledgeable, the reasons are obvious. Nighttime operation will allow WUST to feed a FM translator on a 24-hour basis, should it be able to acquire one. Further, the FCC's recently-adopted translator siting policy will allow WUST and other Class D AM stations nighttime operation, even though its limited signal won't cover its city of license. Rather sharp thinking by New World Radio, WUST's licensee. Once again, this proves that the DCRTV Mailbag is where know-nothings openly flaunt their ignorance. LOL indeed! (4/21/17)

RE: Gus in Gaithersburg’s comment about Kars for Kids. Gus, if that is your real name, just because we’re paranoid don’t mean they ain’t out to get us. Not only do I hear the Kars for Kids jingle in my head all the time (make the voices stop Dave, make them stop) NOW because I foolishly did a quick search for the Kars for Kids web site their ad pops up throughout my web downloads. Now they are everywhere: the other day I was bouncing back and forth between WJFK and WMAL and their ad was on BOTH stations at the same time. Make it stop Dave, make it stop. (4/21/17)

A few Friday thoughts: I love when Dave posts the 6+ Full Day ratings for WCBM. Does anyone think the numbers for 60+ would be much different? And the talk of Jim Vance yesterday got me thinking. Is there a market anywhere like Baltimore ? Take a look around at all of the people in their mid 60’s and even 70’s still on the air. Bob Turk, Marty Bass, Laurie De Young, Steve Rouse, Sean Casey, Frank Luber, Bruce Elliott, Scott Garceau, and on and on and on. If this current management concept of holding on to ‘talent’ was around in the early 1970’s, we might still have Rhea and JP doing the weather on CH 11. And before y’all criticize me for age discrimination, look at WJZ recently. You had an attractive, intelligent, likeable young women (Chelsea Ingram) who is gone. Can you blame her ? Playing 3rd fiddle to 70+ Turk, and the goof in the morning. She had to realize that there was no future there. I swear CH 13 will go ‘Weekend and Bernies” someday, and prop Bass and Turk up at the anchor desk when they pass and digitally move the lips. (4/21/17)

Dave's response: Well, with today's digital technology maybe Channel 13 could bring Jerry Turner back to the anchor desk? Hmmm. Or how about Fox News making a digital clone of Bill O'Reilly, one that doesn't try to seduce fellow female employees, to replace the real one? They'd work longer, possibly indefinitely, keep their good looks, and not need health insurance. More hmmm.....

Breaking News - by the time you read it it's not breaking news. By the time you email it, it's not breaking news. By the time Dave pastes it into this page, it's not breaking news. And for Kars for Kids sake will you (one person with a real mental problem) stop posting about how you've messed up your computer to the point where the WBAL website doesn't work for you on your computer? - Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/21/17)

I forgot to post this, probably because it’s pretty much unimportant, but WUST 1120 has applied for a nighttime signal, but it’s only 5 watts still at Class D, so I’m not sure how many people will get it. You might have to be parked next to the tower. LOL (4/21/17)

For those who think 1080i+720p+one SD is the limit for ATSC 1.0, well, the folks at NBC Boston have done the impossible: The NBC & Telemundo O&O have configured two 1080i and two SD feeds into one channel. This is the HD encoder used: www,ericsson.com... Here's the TSReader bitrate/metadata info on NBC Boston: rabbitears.info... That said, I have a feeling that with any motion, the HD picture becomes a block party. Betcha next year's Super Bowl on NBC will look plenty Comcastic to the Boston faithful, especially if Tom Brady's Patriots make it back to the championship game. The HD picture quality apocalypse is nigh. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (4/21/17)

Ahhh… the speculation of the “armchair GM’s” who think a Sinclair buy of Tribune is a slam dunk. If Sinclair buys any Tribune assets, they’ll likely be the individual ones Sinclair wants. Major market gems like WGN-TV, WPIX-TV, and KTLA(TV) along with a few others would be the attraction. However, like Albritton, Tribune also owns a bunch of junk. Yes, I know “junk” can be profitable. But, that’s when you either work your economies of scale in a large group, or have a low-budget local ownership operation. The latter still works in radio. Especially in markets where there’s only one or two markets with shopping carts. TV would be questionable. So, I don’t see a buy of all stations happening. This time around, Tribune has already taken the cash for the stations they’ve promised to take dark. So, Sinclair wouldn’t have anything to offer the FCC to defuse media concentration. Additionally, if Sinclair bought the portfolio, they would own just under 30% of the Fox affiliates. I don’t see the Murdoch’s allowing that potential negotiating power to happen. After all, how many Fox affiliates have quit and gone to another network? Especially one of the “big three”? Yes, I know XETV in Tijuana went to CW after a San Diego UHF screamed to the FCC wanting the Fox affiliation. Maybe someone with more time to research than I can answer that question. After all, perspiring minds want to know! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/21/17)

Somebody ought to tell WTTG's Shawn Yancey that the helicopter crash this week was in Leonardtown, MARYLAND, not Leonardtown, Virginia, as she reported about 6:15 pm on April 20. (4/21/17)

Sincere Seven's lawsuit against the entrepreneur reviving WOOK was dismissed by D.C. Superior Court judge. Blog: ...A Fully Operational Death Star... Post: Judge Tosses Lawsuit Against WOOK Founder... Link: fullyoperationaldeathstar.blogspot.com (4/21/17)

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Dave, Red Zebra’s sale of WXGI Richmond is effective May 1. It will have a relay of Radio One’s WTPS out of Petersburg basically doing Urban Oldies/Urban Talk. For those wondering who might pick up Redskins Radio in Richmond now…it could go to KISS 99.3-105.7 as Radio One had it on there before it was on WXGI. Dan (4/20/17)

[RE Leon Harris to WRC:] Hopefully this is just to get his foot in the door there. He would make an excellent replacement for Jim Vance should he ever decide to partially or fully retire. (4/20/17)

[RE Leon Harris to WRC:] I agree. It is time for Jim Vance to retire and Leon Harris can take his place at the anchor desk. (4/20/17)

[RE Leon Harris to WRC:] He's apparently being groomed to replace the indomitable and remarkable Mr Jim Vance. Not that he particularly needs grooming, just needs an introduction to the Ch 4 audience. He'll be subbing for JV at vacations et al. Smart move for WRC-TV which needs a seasoned, credible balance for the accomplished Ms Doreen Gentzler as Vance heads off to an earned retirement. (4/20/17)

[RE Leon Harris to WRC:] Said it here when Leon was let go at JLA, that WRC would be smart to pick him. Great anchor with years of name recognition and solid reporting. Should we read into this announcement that Vance's retirement could be by year's end? (4/20/17)

[RE Leon Harris to WRC:] Woop! Onward, Leon! (4/20/17)

[RE Leon Harris to WRC:] Leon is an awesome anchor. 7 should have never let him go. WRC is very smart to pick him up! (4/20/17)

[RE Leon Harris to WRC:] He got his start as a crackerjack video tape librarian at Turner Broadcasting. Whenever I run into Leon I always tell him that he owes me some tapes he never delivered back in the late 80's! ;) (4/20/16)

Federal Communications Commission Chair News Conference Ajit Pai spoke to reporters following an open meeting of the Federal Communications Commission. www.c-span.org ~~ Someone please help Helen Keller comprehend this. (Whoever did that, I loved it.) ~~ Blair in Alexandria (4/20/17)

At worst case (picture quality wise) WDCW would transmit as a 720p signal as a multiplexed/encoded stream on WJLA. This assumes that Sinclair buys Tribune. Several new encoders have been able to combine a 1080i and 720p on the same channel. ABC after all is 720p even though JLA is 1080i. Keep in mind the current Tribune TV group walks away with 132 million bucks by going "plate off" on WDCW. Money they do not have to share with a potential suitor. (4/20/17)

Dave's response: The vast majority of WDCW's viewers watch on a cable or satellite system. And WDCW would feed them directly via a landline or special link with a full HD signal. So, yeah, the 5% or 6% of viewers who watch with an antenna, would get a non-full HD signal. So what.....

RE: “WAMU Tops DC Radio Ratings For March - 4/19 - The Washington market radio ratings for the month of March. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WAMU, 2) WTOP, 3) WHUR, 4) WASH and WBIG, 6) WMMJ, 7) WIHT, 8) WIAD and WMAL, 10) WPGC and WPRS, 12) WKYS and WMZQ, 14) WGTS, 15) WWDC, 16) WRQX, 17) WJFK-FM, 18) WETA-FM, 19) WLZL, 20) WOL, 21) WAMUHD2 and WFED. Stations from Baltimore, Hagerstown, Winchester, and Fredericksburg are not included in this list.....” Forget the March DC Radio Ratings: the real action would be the “US Media Publications Rankings” for March which are in THE MILLIONS! Drudge beats out Google, CNN, FNC, The NYT, The Washington Post, you know, the Usual Suspects. DCRTV is moving up in the ratings too: www.similarweb.com (4/20/17)

DC's two oldies-based AM stations played the same song almost at the same time Wednesday, right around 5:20PM or so. WKCW was first up with Sanford Townsend's 1977 hit "Smoke From a Distant Fire." When they segued into a mushy old Whitney Houston tune, I dialed over to WCTN to hear what they were offering. "Smoke" was also playing there, about 90 seconds behind. It doesn't happen that often on the radio anymore, but when it does, its weirdly fun to listen to. (4/20/17)

Tom Taylor analyzes March radio ratings - Washington DC – Let’s temper the recent superlatives about WAMU, American University’s high-performing not-for-profit news/talker – it actually lost one daypart, compared to last month. It’s merely second in afternoon drive, though it wins every other daypart, and again wins the full-week crown (11.0-11.5-11.0). Second again is Hubbard’s very much for-profit news WTOP and its regional simulcast (10.4-9.5-9.9). If you guessed that ’TOP took afternoon drive, you’re right. Third for the total week is Howard U.’s urban AC WHUR (6.0-5.7-6.0). Two iHeart stations tie in fourth place with 5.2 shares – AC WASH (4.8-5.0-5.2) and classic rock WBIG-FM (4.5-5.9-5.2). WBIG-FM’s third in afternoon drive. Radio One has the #6 station, urban AC “Majic” WMMJ (4.9-5.4-4.9, and fourth middays). We’d share the numbers for the four Red Zebra sports stations, because Red Zebra is not a subscriber. Those are WTEM, WWXX, WSPZ, WWXT. (Yesterday's Rumor Mill item carried speculation that WWXT is one of two Red Zebra stations being sold to Radio One. The other one is Richmond's WXGI.) We always end each market commentary with a look at the leading station for average weekly cume, and for DC it’s almost a tie between news WTOP (1,189,000) and AC WASH (1,167,700)... Baltimore keeps last month’s top five in the same order. There are Radio One’s two urban stations, urban AC WWIN-FM (8.9-8.8-8.6) and young-end urban “92Q” WERQ (8.3-7.3-7.7). Daypart-wise, WWIN-FM’s #1 in afternoons and on weekends, while “Q” wins nights. iHeart’s country WPOC is still third (5.9-7.1-7.4, and second Saturday-Sunday. CBS AC WLIF is next (7.1-6.8-6.7, and first in middays), while Hearst’s “98 Rock” holds fifth place (5.0-5.6-5.4 – and #1 mornings). iHeart’s last remaining “Jack”-branded station, WQSR, is doing just fine in sixth place (4.2-4.3-4.7). Seventh is CBS sports “Fan” WJZ-FM (4.4-4.2-4.4, and in third place at night). Hearst’s news/talk WBAL holds its elevated post-election position (4.2-4.0-4.2). WLIF, the big CBS AC station, is the cume leader at nearly 670,000. (4/20/17)

Hey O’Reilly have some cheese with your whine: “Bill O’Reilly has released the following statement: “Over the past 20 years at Fox News, I have been extremely proud to launch and lead one of the most successful news programs in history, which has consistently informed and entertained millions of Americans and significantly contributed to building Fox into the dominant news network in television. It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. I will always look back on my time at Fox with great pride in the unprecedented success we achieved and with my deepest gratitude to all my dedicated viewers. I wish only the best for Fox News Channel.” More at WMAL: www.wmal.com...

To the person looking for news on WTTG this morning, know that you didn't see it this morning and won't see it in the future. It's an entertainment show these days. (4/20/17)

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\/ April 19 Messages \/

"For instance it’s doubtful CW 50 would want to reduce it’s signal from 720p or 1080i to standard definition. That would seriously harm the station’s value and competitiveness." No, it wouldn't. Most of a TV station's audience is on cable and satellite, who can still be fed an HD version of the channel by fiber or microwave. With OTA providing such a minority of viewership source, just having a feed up will be fine. If everyone is willing to get an ATSC 3.0 conversion box, or intentionally gets a new TV with a 3.0 tuner (such a tuner won't be a requirement, last I checked), that's fine, but what if the public isn't very interested? You put the channel up where the eyeballs are, and until otherwise proven, it's on ATSC 1.0. If that means it's SD widescreen, then as long as it renders the channel eligible for Nielsen ratings, that's fine. Of course, Tribune may disagree; we'll see what happens. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (4/19/17)

It looks like the FCC will announce the new window at the NAB Convention for AM Station owners to apply for a new translator. If you can find a vacant FM Frequency. If you missed the last window for filing, you will have another chance to file. The Translator Antenna must be within 25 miles of the AM Tower or anywhere within the AM Daytime Contour. (4/19/17)

Breaking news on O’Reilly departure and changes to FNC evening lineup: Larry O’Connor just had The Hill’s Joe Concha on who claims he has the new lineup as follows and it is along the lines of Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s on First”. No more “The Five” at 5:00PM: now it will be Eric Bolling with his own show. Bret Baier’s show remains a 6:00PM. Martha MacCullum will retain her 7:00PM time slot as well. Now the biggest changes are Tucker Carlson going to the O’Reilly time slot at 8:00PM with “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “The Five” taking his former 9:00PM time slot, with SIX co-hosts, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Dana Perino, Bob “Pill Popper” Beckel, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters and Juan Williams. Maybe it should be renamed “The Six”? Concha suggested than maybe in a year’s time O’Reilly might get picked up by Sinclair Broadcasting, but that nobody else will touch him for now. Bye-bye Bill!!! More from Joe Concha at The Hill: thehill.com (4/19/17)

I see that Comcast is picking up METv. They join Cox who was one of the first to put this station back. Soooo FIOS, when are you joining the party? My patience is beginning to wear thin. I'm constantly getting Cox advertising flyers and if Verizon does not pick it up soon I will switch. If you look at the FIIS directory there seems to be plenty of open slots. For example channels 465 and 466; 468, 470-471, 473, 476-480. There are other open spaces but these are the open channels in the "neighborhood" of where METv was. (4/19/17)

Kars for Kids isn't in the business of "helping helpless children." It raises money to send Orthodox Jewish kids to religious schools and summer camps in America and Israel. And they probably don't like Mailbag trolls misrepresenting their work. (4/19/17)

RE: “Well, it looks like Fox could be looking for a way out of their PR disaster with Bill O’Reilly….maybe they can bring in Juan Williams for a full time hosting job. Wait, never mind…he’s a Democrat and the Trump bots would cry. www.wsj.com... Dan (4/19/17)” Actually a great suggestion Dan that Juan Williams would be a great replacement for Bill O’Reilly (actually even Bozo The Clown would be an improvement and he kinda looks like Bill) but it is highly unlikely and not because Williams is “A Democrat” (which he isn’t necessarily but he is a “liberal” even though his son works for the GOP) but because he would not want to be tied down and prefers being on The Five and numerous other FNC shows. Williams is really a fine man who frequently sides with the more conservative talking heads at FNC. No, as previously posted, Martha MacCallum’s “First 100 Days” show if the title means anything is over in ten days just in time for her to move from the 7:00PM slot: she could take Tucker’s slot at 9:00PM to go “head to head” so to speak with Rachel Maddcow as Megyn Kelly did and Carlson can take the much prized 8:00PM slot. FNC needs a prime time broad to show they ain’t all quitting for a Trump administration position (KT McFarland/Monica Crowley), changing to another cable station (Greta Van Sustren/Megyn Kelly) or suing (too numerous to list) and MacCullum is easy on the eyes, very smart, does great interviews and is a seasoned FNC veteran. So my prediction is that she will be in the mix and Williams will continue to do what he does: you read it here first in the old DCRTV Mailbag! (4/19/17)

Breaking news update on Bill O’Reilly replacement: Sharyl Attkisson is now in the mix! The former CBS, CNN, PBS info babe and current Sinclair Broadcasting host of “Full Measure” seen on WJLA Sunday mornings has become a darling of FNC and would make for a coup being a woman (an attractive one at that), a former liberal network/cable/public broadcasting reporter, and a well-known DC media insider already based in Washington. Attkisson has reached third-degree black belt in taekwondo, so she could fend off any sexual advances by FNC big wigs... (4/29/17)

Who knew Helen Keller was such a braindead jackass? (Re: "Gee, we are so sorry you find the Kars for Kids ads so 'annoying' We guess you find helping helpless children 'annoying' you heartless bastard!!!! Just look at the good that they do...take a stick and puncture your eardrums you heartless bastard!"). The first guy was 100% correct, those Kars4Kids ads are annoying, AND they're downright creepy, no matter how much good the organization might be doing. The two things aren't mutually exclusive. By the way, Kars4Kids donates any proceeds from car donations exclusively to Oorah Kiruv Rechokim, a 501(c)3 organization which says its purpose is to "awaken Jewish children and their families to their heritage." I have no problem with that, but it isn't exactly the kind of work most people think of when they're told their donation is going to charity. (4/19/17)

Dave, it looks like it’s official. So long Bill O’Reilly. nymag.com... Dan (4/19/17)

What happened to Channel 7's Noon News? A-block: All weather and traffic. B-block: Hernandez package and long dip-in to W.H. briefing. C-block: More weather, then 5-minute commercial break. D-block: Serena Williams v/o, then goodbye along the lines of "We'll be back at 4 and hope to have everything fixed then." Jeff Easton (4/19/17)

Received this e-mail from MeTV. I live in Frederick County, Virginia, so I’m unsure if the move to Ch. 196 applies to Winchester and Frederick County Comcast customers. In any event, here is the e-mail (they misspelled Martinsburg, not me! J): Comcast Viewers Starting April 21th, MeTV is Back! In the DC Metro and surrounding areas MeTV will be found on Comcast channel 196... MeTV viewers in outlying areas will find MeTV on the following Comcast Channels... Page County Channel 198... Hancock, MD Channel 198... Front Royal Channel 192 or 202... Luray, VA Channel 187... Martinsburgh, WV Channel 195... Thanks for watching MeTV! (4/19/17)

Everything that Mike in Kensington said about ATSC 3.0 is true, but keep in mind. Some of these channel sharing agreements are not possible without ATSC 3.0 because it allows so many more channels and maybe as much as 3 HD signals and/or sub-channels. While it is possible to support 2 HD signals on ATSC 1.0, most of the sub-channels would have to be tossed. Witness WBOC TV on the Eastern Shore. They could broadcast CBS 16 1080i & FOX 21 720p both in HD, but not with Antenna TV while WMDT 47 can do 2 720p signals for ABC & CW with MeTV in 480i. Yes, the FOX Network is only Standard Definition over the air on the Eastern shore. Only on Comcast is it 720p by direct feed. ATSC 3.0 allows a broadcaster to have both. For instance it’s doubtful CW 50 would want to reduce it’s signal from 720p or 1080i to standard definition. That would seriously harm the station’s value and competitiveness. So whatever channel they are latching onto probably will not have any sub-channels and technically could not have more than 1 if at all and frame rates for all 3 would suffer under ATSC 1.0. Maybe Tribune is that broke to settle for that. I don’t know. But I don’t think that’s their plan. In some markets, I think a single or couple TV stations are going to used for legacy ATSC 1.0 with some in 480i, while the ATSC 3.0 conversion starts. There’s also the possibility that some stations will have a transmitter than can switch from ATSC 1.0 to 3.0 during certain times of the day. Because the FCC has almost no mandates other than channels above 36 go off the air. Additionally, the channel changes in DC appear to be mostly Stage 4, so a lot of this isn’t going to happen until 2018 earliest in DC. But in Baltimore, all of the channel changes are stage 8 or 9, so more like 2020. So DC will have 4k TV maybe 2 years before Baltimore and some smaller markets. (4/19/17)

So I tune to WTTG "news" at 7:54 looking for their weather on the 5s. At 7:55 there is some kind of celebrity gossip with people chatting and pictures of a couple of bald heads on the screen. That's followed by something called the "fan of the day" with more chit-chat running through 7:56. Finally, at 7:57 there is an abbreviated weather report. As in the old Wendy's commercial, I'm wondering "Whar's the news?" (4/19/17)

Well, it looks like Fox could be looking for a way out of their PR disaster with Bill O’Reilly….maybe they can bring in Juan Williams for a full time hosting job. Wait, never mind…he’s a Democrat and the Trump bots would cry. www.wsj.com... Dan (4/19/17)

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RE: “I thought those "Kars for Kids" commercials were annoying but there's another spot that is driving listeners crazy in the Baltimore-Washington market. "Tasty Bites,". Gee, we are so sorry you find the Kars for Kids ads so “annoying”. We guess you find helping helpless children “annoying” you heartless bastard!!!! Just look at the good that they do: www.kars4kidsprograms.org... You don’t like the radio ad: take a stick and puncture your eardrums you heartless bastard! Signed (and I do mean signed): Helen Keller. (4/18/17)

To Carl in Olney, and all others interested: This time, there is no subsidized ATSC 3.0 converter box program, nor are broadcasters required to move to ATSC 3.0. Everything's totally voluntary. There are HDMI to coaxial channel 3/4 converters available, if anyone is interested. Stations going to ATSC 3.0, at least in the interim, may choose to channel-share their main feeds on a remaining ATSC 1.0 channel. So I would expect ABC 7 will remain available as at least an SD service on an ATSC 1.0 channel, and it will remap to 7-1, as usual. (I would like it to replace the Justice Network feed that currently is on 9-3.) So grannies, everywhere should be fine to keep what equipment they have, with minimal interruption. Also, Carl, you could sell your unopened ATSC 1.0 converter boxes online for some quick cash. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (4/18/17)

Why does CBS Radio allow the Sports Junkies and Grant and Danny from 106.7 appear on NBC/CSN television programs? (4/18/17)

Dave's response: Additional exposure and promotion of their radio show. CBS doesn't own any TV properties in the DC area, so I guess they don't see Comcast's NBC/CSN as a competitor.....

You’re not going to have The Don to kick around no more: The WH is considering ending the Dump on Trump “We The People” web site that allows what’s left of our citizenry to petition the Executive branch for things like legalizing pot (the number one petition), throwing Trump in prison, and making Hillary POTUS. The good thing about DCRTVDJDAVE and DCRTV is that we, the DCRTVers, can always petition Dave via the mailbag. More on Trump dumping the WH petition site: www.usnews.com (4/18/17)

Metro Radio will begin leasing the 92.9 frequency in Berkeley Springs to a local restaurant owner and Max 92.9 will return with its classic rock/oldies format on May 1st. Makes you wonder why Metro even bothered with the espanol? MLB4 (4/18/17)

I'm wondering if the government is going to be subsidizing converter boxes from ATSC 3.0 to ATSC 1.0 for all those people who still use antennas for at least some of their televisions. I can picture my very elderly mother having an ATSC 3.0->ATSC 1.0 connected up to her ATSC->NTSC converter (I have a couple left in the garage, but no televisions that need it). I can't wait to see the newpaper articles that appear once that second format conversion is publicized more than among us. (I know the cable companies will provide ATSC 1.0, of course). It also seems like this "combining many stations" model is very similar to the FreeView setup of digital TV and radio stations in the UK (and probably most of Europe); one couple of aggregating transmitters for each region. And while so many are reminiscing: I remember when WDCA-20 carried Baltimore Bullets games exclusively and had ads on the sides of Baltimore buses. Now that's a long time ago. -- Carl in Olney (4/18/17)

FNC’s “The First 100 Days” is down to 89 today so what will happen to the Uber-hot MILF Martha MacCallum? You heard it first here at the old DCRTV Mailbag: she will take over “O’Reilly The Factor” at the 8:00PM slot on day 101. She is one of the only wymyn at FNC to not lodge a sexual harassment claim against him and is easy on the eyes. More on Martha: www.foxnews.com (4/18/17)

BLACK HAWK DOWN...BLACK HAWK DOWN...the headline over and over all morning on alleged news radio 1090, nearly 24-hours after the story broke. And, as if that were not bad enough, the screamer in the alleged newsroom kept reading the same scripts with the same sound bites from some cheap phone interview from yesterday. And, of course, Bryan Kneejerk just goes along with it, clueless over how to advance the story with updates on the conditions of the soldiers hospitalized at Shock Trauma, or the military teams returning to the crash site in search of clues that might point to the cause. Where is this station's GM??? Does management ever listen to this abortion of a morning show? (4/18/17)

I thought those "Kars for Kids" commercials were annoying but there's another spot that is driving listeners crazy in the Baltimore-Washington market. "Tasty Bites," with its chalkboard-thumbnail-screetching singers holding a steady pitch for what seems an eternity, is enough to make people tune out. Who comes up with this shit? Does the ad agency really think pissing off and annoying listeners is going to bring them to grocery stores in search of the damn things? NOT! (4/18/17)

Sad but true.....if Cumulus had not done the 8-for-1 reverse stock split, the present value of their stock would be just 3 cents per share today. When they go into bankruptcy, can their lenders foreclose on their assets? (4/18/17)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] WNAV Radio in Annapolis is seeking enthusiastic news anchors with flexible schedules to fill part-time vacancies. Some on-air experience, news writing and digital editing is preferred for the candidate. The skill set must include multi-tasking. Please email your resume and an air check to News@WNAV.com, ATTN: Jane. (4/18/17)

Ummmm…buying all shares of Cumulus stock at 25 was a joke. Guess you never saw the movie “Trading Places” (4/18/17)

You would think someone from Broadcasting and Cable would know something right? WRONG! WTTG Fox 5’s spectrum and channel is NOT on channel 5. How could they be so dumb to not understand that? WTTG is on channel 36! And that is supposed to be their line of work? HAHA! (4/18/17)

Unlike previously surmised, I personally doubt that WJLA and WDCW 50 will channel-match, despite their parent companies' allegedly cozy relationship. If you have an hour to kill, you can watch a Sinclair executive wax poetic on how ATSC 3.0 will make Sinclair a trainload of money. youtubeom... Sinclair will want to switch WJLA-DT to ATSC 3.0 as soon as the FCC will legally allow them to do it. So unless Tribune agreed to put 50-1's signal on an ATSC 3.0 incarnation of WJLA, I doubt a WJLA-WDCW channel-sharing arrangement will happen. By extension, a lot of people think Tribune, Fox, etc. got overpaid for their spectrum. If the Sinclair executive is right, it'll turn out the spectrum sellers got hosed. (Note that only Sinclair shell companies sold spectrum here and there, not Sinclair, itself. Got to keep the shareholders happy.) Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (4/18/17)

About WDCA 20’s demise, WTTG FOX 5, could still create a virtual channel 20.1, 20.2, and more upon ATSC 3.0 so your TV could still see channel 20. They just won’t be calling it WDCA anymore. Same thing with WDCW and WUTB. They’ll probably have a virtual channel 50.1, etc. and 24.1, etc. also and still be called CW 50 and My 24 on somebody else’s channel. On the shore, WBOC already does this with WBOC 16 and FOX 21, which are technically both on channel 21. On Comcast and Cox Cable, nobody will really notice the difference. However, unless the rules are changed though, these types of sub-channel agreements, the stations will lose their Must-carry status, but probably none of them use it anyway. (4/18/17)

WDCA and WDCW selling their spectrum, along with WZDC (Telemundo 25)... I also notice that WUTB in Baltimore had its spectrum sold as well, but don't know whether it'll do channel share with WBFF (Fox 45) or WNUV (CW 54). Besides DC, I believe Chicago and Charlotte are the other Fox O&O duopoly markets that'll do channel shares. NBC/Telemundo O&O duopoly markets doing the channel share agreements are New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia. WNBC will channel share with WNJU, as its signal is far more superior, but don't know whether WNBC call letters will be transferred, as it has such a rich legacy and history. It wouldn't surprise me if we were to see WZDC channel share with WRC (NBC 4), and NBC maybe having its sights on eventually acquiring the Telemundo affiliate. Other notable duopolies expected to do channel shares... Boston: WHDH and WLVI, Cleveland: WOIO and WUAB, Tampa Bay: WFLA and WTTA, Indianapolis: WISH and WNDY, and Connecticut: WTIC and WCTX, just to name a few. (4/18/17)

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Laura Ingraham is going to run for the Virginia Senate seat held by Tim Kaine. She is honest and one of the best informed people in the country. It would be very refreshing to see a woman Senator from Virginia. We have always had male politicians from our state in the Senate. Laura lives in Alexandria. Please give her your support. (4/17/17)

Someone posted that all of the stock would be purchased at Cumulus when the price drops down to 25 cents per share. The poster probably did not know what they were talking about. TODAY the stock price for CUMULUS is 25 cents per share. (4/17/17)

If WZDC the LPTV Stations is receiving $66 million and WMDO the other LPTV station is getting $58 Million for turning in their license, how much is the LPTV Channel 6, WDCN getting for their license? When does this happen? The prices the FCC is paying for these licenses is ridiculous! These LPTV Stations would never sell for these prices on the market today. Remember, there are no Broadcasters working at the FCC. That part of our government is like the "Blind leading the Blind". It is time to"Drain the Swamp" at the FCC. (4/17/17)

Hey Dave & fellow DCRTV Mailbaggers I just got back from the South Lakes’ Haircuttery and got my hair done just like WTOP’s Bob Marbourg & boy do I look cool! Problem is I keep mumbling something about a big back-up at 495 and the Dulles Toll Road: wtop.com (4/17/17)

Oh, my, “Black helicopter” story abounds: just because we’re paranoid don’t mean they ain’t out to get us! Alex Jones, call your office: www.washingtonpost.com (4/17/17)

The Washington Post said yesterday that Hardin coached the "inaugural" Army/Navy game for Navy in 1960. DEAD WRONG!!! The first Army/Navy football game was played in 1890 (shortly after the inauguration of college football!) and, with a few exceptions, West Point and Annapolis have been squaring off annually since 1899!!! I distinctly remember watching Army/Navy games on our family's black and white TV while growing up during the 1950's! What more likely happened was that Wayne Hardin coached Navy for the inaugural COLOR TELECAST of Army/Navy in 1960. At any rate one of the most storied rivalries in college football dates back to long before the 1960's. In fact the competition among the Armed Services Academies has become a three-way affair with the formation of the Air Force Academy and the inauguration of the Commander in Chief's Trophy for the winner of each year's round robin among the Academies. In short the Post's reporter is DEAD WRONG...and a sizable number of Armed Forces commissioned officers will likely be calling the Post to task during the coming weeks... www.usatoday.com (4/17/17)

If you really think the Baltimore Sun "will go down the drain" because of an html screwup on their web page, you need to up your Valium prescription significantly. The Sun has one of the largest, if not the largest, circulation bases in the country. The nit-picky problems you're pointing out have zero effect on revenue and, for normal people, don't warrant anything more than a momentary chuckle. At most. Get a grip. (4/17/17)

Some intriguing FCC news this morning. Manning sold the former Hagerstown Bluegrass Country translator to Radio-One back in November. Radio-One immediately filed under AM revitalization rules to move it to Richmond and rebroadcast.....WXGI. It didn't really make sense at the time, but becomes a lot more interesting in light of the Red Zebra rumors reported on Friday. The translator was supposed to be on 106.9, which drew complaints from WAFX Suffolk that Radio-One had been fighting. It popped back up in today's FCC applications because of a change to 99.5, with the proposed primary station still listed as WXGI. If Radio-One is really going to buy WXGI, it's not a stretch that they would want to get the translator legally squared away and built, and then launch it the minute they take control. (4/17/17)

David Letterman got screwed several times on Baltimore TV. When WMAR TV got screwed over and CBS dumped them for WBAL, WMAR switched to lowly NBC, one of its lowest points ever in ratings, and WMAR TV didn’t like carrying Letterman or even Carson much. WBFF was running some NBC late night programming for a short time as I recall during that switch. Also, as I recall, WMAR TV also considered switching to the new FOX Network, but instead took on NBC grudgingly. (4/17/17)

This story has gone largely unnoticed. MLB changed its policy about in-market streaming of local market games this year and has agreements read to sign. Every team signed onto this except 3 markets, LA, DC, & Baltimore. MASN refuses to allow MASN local team games to be streamed on devices, computer or phone via MLB.TV streaming in the market. This limitation runs from Baltimore to Charlotte, NC! As for LA, it might have something to do with the Time Warner cable dispute, but It's hard not to think that the MASN issue has something to do with the MASN/MLB lawsuit between the Orioles & Nats which is still unresolved. See some people venting below. orioleshangout.com... — BaltoMedia.Net (4/17/17)

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"But the cool thing about the 50/54 Super-TV Days is that if you had a manual tuning TV, you could detune the scrambling to get a clean picture of the Orioles game. It was inverted negative, but you could stabilize the pic and watch the game with the radio on instead of paying for Super TV!" I remember doing that with Super TV not for the Orioles but for the porn movies on after like 11 or 12. Porn, Orioles, whatever floats your boat... (4/16/17)

Dave's response: You did that too? Ha ha ha. Yeah, if you didn't mind your porn star a strange shade of blue.....

Should anyone be interested in hearing some great, live music radio....Radio Caroline, the pirate station that revolutionized British music radio in the 60s and 70s is celebrating its 53rd birthday on Monday. The station is broadcasting live from its radio ship, the MV Ross Revenge, anchored close to the coast of Essex in the UK. Radio the way it's supposed to be, via www.radiocaroline.co.uk (4/16/17)

Talking about news WJLA News at Noon Thursday had the weather at bottom of screen Tonight 70 Thursday 52 Friday 67 and this is several times they made mistakes similar to that. (4/16/17)

The Washington Post reports that the Nats lost to the Phillies 4-2 Saturday but how odd is that was the score on a day when all players in MLB wore Jackie Robinson’s number, 42, in his honor (4/16/17)

Slowly but surely…the merging of NBC Sports and CSN Mid-Atlantic to form what could likely be NBCS Mid Atlantic started last night with the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I wasn’t blacked out of the NBCSN feed last night(Although during the regular season, I am in favor of CSN) and they actually had the promos under the score for Wizards Gametime and Caps in 30. So…slowly but surely….CSN will become NBC Sports Mid-Atlantic. Dan (4/16/17)

Made the mistake of watching local tv news Saturday and again Sunday morning. Its surprising that "news stations" are able to run the same exact stories over and over again. So many times, that it makes you wonder, is there no other news at all happening in the area? Can't a writer or producer put one or two fresh stories in the rundown, or even re-write a story so it seems like its new. Guess I will go back to watching NETFLIX and avoid the local (not) news. (4/16/17)

Another Tribune/Baltimore Sun epic fail. Now Facebook is not accepting their webpage links! HAHA! I tried to post something about the tragic death of former Ravens player Todd Heap’s young daughter and Facebook said that the link is INVALID and not acceptable. Usually online, that can only mean one thing: Their website is corrupt with virus spreading or links that have been reported to Facebook too many times. This is the price you pay for 3 different advertising popups for every click. What morons. (4/16/17)

Oddly enough during the repack, LPTVer WMJF 16, which Towson University sold to Locus Point Networks, which appeared at the time designed to sell for mobile money, did not give up the channel and got reassigned from channel 39 to channel 23. The question is WHY? TU took its TV station to online streaming now. What will be the purpose of this TV channel staying on the air? No reason has been revealed, but I suspect Channel 23 might be used as part of an interim channel sharing agreement. This is not a good enough signal for most people at home to pick up, but it is good enough for a Comcast headend to pick up for keeping channels or sub-channels on cable. Several Class A stations around DC also got new channels instead of being turned in for cash, so I suspect a similar thing might happen in DC. (4/16/17)

Dave's response: I imagine that the remaining TV stations, even like little ones like WMJF, will make big bucks by leasing their spectrum to other stations that have given up their channels.....

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First What will happen to CH 20 programs like Seinfeld Family Feud and the whole MY TV? Also will CH 50 only go to a subchannel and what do you think will happen to the current subchannels of CH 20 and 50 like Antenna TV? How long do the stations selling their spectrum have to be off their current channel?Any proposed deadline in place?Like I posted early the picture quality of CH 50 is excellent now until ATSC 3.0 is in place picture quality is gonna stink if its on a digital subchannel. (4/15/17)

Dave's response: Nothing will happen. You'll be able to watch 20 and 50 just like you always have. Like the vast majority of viewers, just tune to their channels on your cable, satellite, or online TV system as always. If you're one of the few people still watching over-the-air via antenna, both stations will be available as part of another station's digital transmissions. That is until the FCC shuts down over-the-air TV in 2030 or until people stop watching traditional "linear" network TV, which may come sooner.....

Yes WNUV channel 54 did air the Financial News Network in it's early days. They also aired Jim Bakker ( who is still on TV ) , the short lived Soap World and very old movies too. By 1984 WNUV would switch to regular syndicated shows and I think Jim Bakker was one of them while Super TV continued.. Looking back I am surprised Super TV wasn't available in Richmond when that city lost WVRN channel 63 in the mid 80's. That station went dark as I can recall. (4/15/17)

Dave's response: I remember when David Letterman moved from NBC to CBS, Baltimore's CBS station (WBAL 11 at the time) wouldn't carry him and DC's CBS station (WUSA 9) delayed his show to 12:30 AM (in favor of "Aresenio"), so we got his show "live" on WNUV 54. For about a year until 11 started carrying him.....

DCRTV Mailbag Mournings: first it was Chuck Berry at 90, then Don Rickles at 90, now the world’s oldest person Emma Morano at 117! Make it stop Dave, make it stop... (4/15/17)

Are you sure that DCRTV is written by a Human Being? When will the Robot take over? (4/15/17)

Wikipedia has the full story of NBC announcer Donald Newton Rickles, who unlike his namesake, died far too young at the age of 57. wikipedia.org... Tom Snyder interviews announcer Donald Newton Rickles on NBC-TV's Tomorrow Show in 1978 (4/15/17).....

DCRTV Mailbag Mournings: first it was Chuck Berry at 90, then Don Rickles at 90, now the world’s oldest person Emma Morano at 117! Make it stop Dave, make it stop
Yes, WNUV was originally owned by local investors backed by a NY company called NUVISION which invested in Super TV. They ran the same Pay TV format in NYC, DC, Philly, & Baltimore, maybe other cities. I picked them up from an antenna originally. The cable company in Baltimore County was partially owned by the former Baltimore County Executive, Ted Venetoulis. Then called CALTEC, short for Calvert Telecommunications. Of course the county approved the license because a former County Executive was on the board of directors. Then he sold it to Comcast. Corrupt Maryland at it’s best. Btw, 24 and 54 were always from the Catonsville site back then, much closer to DC. That tower, without 24, will have little purpose but cell phone use. The problem with picking up DC signals in Baltimore was always the shorter towers in DC and Baltimore has skycrapers while DC does not. So the DC signals are much tougher than the other way around. (4/15/17)

Why I think The Baltimore Sun will go down the drain? Simple answer. Tribune has no clue what they’re doing. They’re bailing water. Videos don’t play or stop in the middle. Emails sometimes show up as total HTML text instead of a viewable message. I have seen this with The Baltimore Sun, San Diego Union Tribune, Orlando Sentinel & The Chicago Tribune. They just don’t know WTF they are doing. Their web design & internet people are just MORONS! (4/15/17)

Re: “Dave's response: This mailbag is moderated by a human being. Things don't get posted automatically. I know, it's old fashioned! And since I am not a robot, I do occasionally step away from the computer/internet, maybe even sometimes for 18 hours at a time (gasp!) and live life like a normal person, and possibly catch up on some sleep. So, please don't get your panties in such a wad if you don't see your post up in the mailbag right away every time. Sheesh.....” Well, you know DCRTVDJDAVE we DCRTV subscribers ain’t paying you the big bucks to sleep, be “normal” (that’s a laugh!), let alone eat, so let’s get with it old timer or we’ll get someone younger who can do the job. What, there are no subscribers to DCRTV? As Emily Latella (played by the late Gilda Radner) would say, “Oh, that’s very different, NEVER MIND!” (4/15/17)

In light of the recent passing of a true comedic genius, Coleman Clarke recalls there was also a Donald Rickles who staff announced for NBC in the 1960s. He was previously a West Coast radio personality and newscaster and became a staff announcer at NBC there on the West Coast where he was notable for reading the intro and sign-off for "Saturday Night At The Movies." Never worked in New York, except to fill in occasionally. When Cole worked at NBC in New York, announcer Rickles name was mentioned quite often. (4/15/17)

Spectrum Auction......Our government is paying very high prices for the TV licenses. For example, WDCA $119 Million, WDCW $122 Million. The Low Power Television Stations WZDC $66 Million, WMDO $58 Million. As a Station Broker told me, all of these prices are more than double what these stations would sell for if they were on the market. What a waste of our Tax Dollars. What price will Low Power Television Station, WDCN, Channel 6 get for their spectrum? This is the Television Station that operates as an FM Radio Station on their audio channel 87.7 FM. (4/15/17)

As I recall, WNUV switched to daytime programming before WCQR 50, which had a daytime screen shot from the tower towards DC all day long. I’m pretty sure WNUV 54 had The Financial News Network which no longer exists. WCQR also took on FNN later, but as usual Wikipedia is incorrect and doesn’t even mention WNUV carrying it. :-( wikipedia.org (4/15/17)

I remember WDCA channel 20 when I was a kid. They haven’t been anything like what UCS said since I was a kid and had to watch a fuzzy pic from a rooftop antenna from Baltimore City coming from DC. I remember WCQR 50 from the early days too. It was more difficult to get from Baltimore, but I still watched it occasionally, the camera from their tower towards DC showing the weather conditions most of the day! LOL But the cool thing about the 50/54 Super-TV Days is that if you had a manual tuning TV, you could detune the scrambling to get a clean picture of the Orioles game. It was inverted negative, but you could stabilize the pic and watch the game with the radio on instead of paying for Super TV! I never saw the original WMET 24 in Baltimore. They were off the air before I remember TV, but Baltimore's WKJL TV 24 in the earliest days showed ancient movies that literally had no copyrights anymore they were so old, even silent movies some times. It was totally strange but interesting since I’d never seen any silent movies before, but clearly they had no money to buy any programming. The irony is that LPTV WMJF channel 39 from Towson University is getting a new channel for no particular reason. The already sold the station to Locus Point. It doesn’t make any sense. (4/15/17)

Dave's response: Neither 24 WKJL or 54 WNUV, when they started, were carried on cable here in Reston back in the 1980s, as 45 WBFF and the other Baltimore TVers were, but both put out excellent analog signals into Northern Virginia. On my TV upstairs, 24 and 54 often looked as strong as 20 WDCA, not slightly "snowy" as Baltimore TV did back then down here. WKJL started with a religious format, like 66 WTKK in Manassas, but quickly went to syndicated "family fare" before getting sold and becoming part of the Home Shopping Network. Didn't WNUV start out with a nighttime Super TV type scambled subscription service, like DC's 50 WCQR/WFTY?

Snyder’s failed radio empire is just another example of his failed DEADSKINS team. Except for the first business he made all his money on, he has no clue about anything else. Witness the failed attempt to turn AM 730 into a Class B radio station at 28 kw with a night time signal at 20kw because someone found a technicality in a TREATY with CANADA? HAHA! He took on the Canadians and the Canadians won! Too funny. It’s just a long list of jokes about him. You’re stuck with him and we’re stuck with Angelos. The only difference is that Angelos is 86 and not long for this world. hehe (4/15/17)

Dave, since, you didn’t post this yesterday, I’ll send it again & update it… GOODBYE BALTIMORE! The FCC announced some of the TV channel spectrum auction results. WUTB MyTV 24 Baltimore is going off the air. More than likely, the programming will move to sub-channels on WBFF and WNUV. WUTB is owned by Deerfield Media, controlled by local TV giant Sinclair Broadcasting. In DC, WDCA MyTV 20 is also going off the air along with WDCW CW 50 and several public TV & Spanish language TV stations. Up in PA, WPMT FOX 43 (also owned by Tribune), WXBU 15 (owned by Sinclair loosely) & WGCB 49 (religious) are going off the air. Presumably, some or most of these channels will stay on cable TV, but getting them over the air might be problematic with these channel sharing agreements as you might need a new TV or converter box for ATSC 3.0 to get them. On Delmarva, WBOC is moving from 21 to 32, so that wipes out Marguee’s WGDV 32 on Delmarva, which is not protected under the repacking but under ATSC 3.0. WMDT ABC 47 would be able to still broadcast those channels eventually, if not apply for another frequency. Another mystery is WBOC just bought the permit for channel 42 W42EI, which is not protected in the repack, so it will be deleted at some point! So what was the purpose to buy a channel that is certainly going off the air? A stop-gap signal during the transition to ATSC 3.0? I can’t think of any other reason unless someone has another idea. By the way, in New York City, Both Fox & CBS got two channels each for the transition while Comcast/NBC gave up WNBC. If you count WWOR, FOX will have 4 signals in the NYC. market All the major networks got reassigned new channels there, but not NBC/Comcast, except for their Telemundo station. Are they really going to give up the iconic WNBC call letters or just transfer them to the Telemundo channel? Hmm. — BaltoMedia.net (4/15/17)

Dave's response: This mailbag is moderated by a human being. Things don't get posted automatically. I know, it's old fashioned! And since I am not a robot, I do occasionally step away from the computer/internet, maybe even sometimes for 18 hours at a time (gasp!) and live life like a normal person, and possibly catch up on some sleep. So, please don't get your panties in such a wad if you don't see your post up in the mailbag right away every time. Sheesh.....

Okay, for those wondering what happened to the Hampton Roads outlets that at once belonged to Red Zebra…Dan Snyder sold them to Davis Media and they help fill in the gaps of a AAA station out of the Northern Neck into Hampton Roads. There was one in Goochland that he bought that is now a relay of K-LOVE radio. In Richmond where Red Zebra currently owns WXGI…during the daytime it covers the immediate Richmond area but at night…that signal drops from a 3,900 watt station that spreads the area pretty well to a 45 watt signal that basically covers the city of Richmond and most of Henrico and Chesterfield counties…that’s it. If Radio One buys WXGI…I would use it to a AM fill in for WTPS…which is a Urban Oldies/Urban Talk outlet. For the person who wanted to bring it back to it’s Bluegrass Country roots…your best bet for that is if the idea of Radio One in Richmond falls flat and either Alpha Media or Summit buys it. Not sure if anyone short of a local owner would bring WXGI back to it’s Bluegrass roots….but I do know that the odds of iHeart or Radio One doing it are the odds of WHFS coming back to DC as a progressive rocker or Rush Limbaugh becoming a Democrat….NONE If someone does bring back another sports talker to DC after WTEM is finished….may it please be on a area friendly FM frequency(105.1 comes to mind or if Cumulus wanted to take a stab at it…107.3). DC can support two sports talkers….with the right frequencies in use and the right personalities-hosts. Just like with the right frequencies, personalities and promotion….DC could support two All News outlets. Dan (4/15/17)

Could a mailbag watcher kindly clear up some confusion I have with the repack. Some stations, like those of WAZT, are listed as having a new channel post repack by NAB but are listed as going off air and having a signal sharing agreement with an existing station by the FCC site. As far as I've read and know there are no other LP stations current or future on 26 or 30, so how can such stations go off the air and have a CSA with another channel yet also go to a new channel and stay on air? The two sources seem to contradict. And to the poster who has a meltdown when the word MeTV is mentioned and is adamant how such a netlet can't have two affiliates in one market. WDCA and HAG both have H&I. The end. (4/15/17)

RE: About sub-channels. With some channel sharing going on, in many markets, there will be trouble with sub-channels. Expect to lose some at least temporarily OTA. The situation won’t pan out until all TV stations permanently switch to ATSC 3.0 and all legacy TVs are gone or have adapters, or they’ll just remain on cable through deals. But that’s all up to Comcast. They simply have too much power in this transition sadly. (4/15/17)

Happy Easter! Regarding WUTB in Baltimore it will obviously be repacked into the bandwidth of WBFF which will move to r f 26 or WNUV which goes to 25. WDCW will more than likely cut a deal with WJLA or someone else. I'm thinking WJLA because Tribune has a close relationship with Sinclair but who knows. All The Best! Nick L. (4/15/17)

[Regarding the Red Zebra/Radio One deal:] "You've never heard an antigay statement coming out of my mouth and you never will." - Michael Savage 4:45pm EDT Friday 4/14/2017 “Hey, Michael Savage, pleasure to speak with you today. I was flying down to LaGuardia and there was two undercover security guards. Somebody was smoking in the bathroom,” the man said. “Somebody was smoking the bathroom? Okay, what happened?,” the host coolly replied. “Half hour into the flight, I need to suggest Don and Mike take your [unintelligible] because your teeth are really bad,” the caller shifted gears. And… we’re off. Next came the homophobic exchange that ended it all: SAVAGE: Oh, okay, so you’re one of those sodomists? Are you a sodomite? CALLER: Yes, I am. SAVAGE: Oh, so you’re one of those sodomites. You should only get AIDS and die, you pig. [OFF-CAMERA VOICE: Whoa!] SAVAGE: How’s that? Why don’t you see if you can sue me, you pig? You got nothing better to do than to put me down, you piece of garbage? You got nothing to do today? Go eat a sausage, and choke on it. Get trichinosis. Okay, do we have another nice caller here who’s busy because he didn’t have a nice night in the bathhouse who’s angry at me today? “Whew,” exclaimed an off-camera crew member, clearly understanding the magnitude of what just happened. But Savage persisted, concluding his MSNBC career with these final words [emphasis added]: Get another — put another sodomite on. Oh, no more calls? Then let’s go to another scene. I don’t care about these bums; they mean nothing to me. They’re all sausages." Gus in the Gaithersburg, rocking the PJ31002 phone tone chip. (4/15/17)

FNC’s Bill O’Reilly supposedly on “vacation” may have already been replaced and is not returning as has been rumored. Seems O’Reilly’s “Factor Friday” is now “Factor Friday with Greg Gutfeld”. Gutfeld, who was on today’s “Larry O’Connor Show” is a co-host of the high rated “The Five” as well host of his own show Saturdays at 10:00PM, may be the replacement for O’Reilly... (4/15/17)

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Dave, The failure of Red Zebra is due to one thing. Poor management. Their last 2 CEO's (Rick Carmean, and now Terry Bateman) and current CFO (Chip Ford) literally had no Radio Experience when they got their jobs. All 3 worked unti l their 40s or 50s before ever working in radio. Despite having talented people in programming, when you have non-radio men making radio decisions, you're doomed. (4/14/17)

Sorry to see WDCA-TV going away. I bet Milt Grant is spinning in his grave. I remember the first time I saw their test pattern one afternoon as well as their inaugural program. OK, so their early fare was typical of independent TV's back then. Re-runs, junk movies and such. But, for the kiddies, they had Soupy Sales and for the older kiddies, a Kerby Scott dance party. That was long before the “MTV precursor” of “NOW EXPLOSION” came along with its videos and psychedelia. But, WDCA-TV also had the most sophisticated mobile unit of any local TV when they first hit air. Just a few days after they started broadcasting, their first remote was a lacrosse game at the University Maryland in College Park. WDCA-TV was infamous for running job ads trying to lure away holders of first phones away from directional AM's and others with their not infrequent on-air job ads for techs. WDCA-TV was also infamous for its “Gerbil Races”, hosted by Dick Dyzel... and the Letter of Admonition they got from the FCC when they were pre-recorded without an MRA. Until the kid of some lawyer was watching with his mom (the lawyer) and they called his house and said “sorry, nobody answering!” Of course, WDCA-TV was famous for the candlabra, the first “modern” tower of any D.C. TV station. Sorry to see another D.C. TV bite the dust. As for WDCW, sorry to see them go as well. But, face it, they don't have the local history WDCA-TV did. Would WDCA-TV have survived without duopoly ownership? Doubtful... And, “channel sharing” is like polyamory. Somebody is going to eventually feel “left out”, “taken advantage of”, etc., and get hurt followed by a trip to the legal team. I really don't see that working long term. For WDCA-TV it'll likely become the “My Washington” sub-channel under the WTTG callsign. Likewise, “CW Washington” under the callsign of whatever station they'll “share” with. More memories of WDCA-TV to come as time goes by... -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/14/17)

Dave's response: Huh? WDCA was long "gone" long before Fox bought it. Probably back when Count Gore De Vol got canned.....

Jim Vance is one of my favorite anchors, but he's not been seen for awhile. Those sitting in for him on the 6pm newscasts when introducing themselves, don't even say "in FOR Jim Vance"..I know he's been known to take extended vacations, but seems like he's been MIA for about a month..Hope all is well. (4/14/17)

A job listing on fox5dc.com refers to "WTTG/WDCA". Is it saying that the new employee would work at either station or (more likely IMHO) would they merge, putting the WDCA channels and sub-channels under the WTTG signal. In any case, I hope they get rid of that boring Buzzr station... Here's the link: www.fox5dc.com... From, Amar (4/14/17)

Dave's response: When Fox bought WDCA years ago, they pretty much merged all their operations with WTTG back then. Nothing new, really....

Saw your tweet today and it looks like NBC Sports wants to rebrand all their CSN networks. I wouldn't be shocked to find that CSN Mid-Atlantic switched to NBC Sports Mid-Atlantic in a few years. Makes sense to me, as per the press release most (if not all) CSNs are produced by NBC Sports anyway...here's the release: nbcsportsgrouppressbox.com... From, Amar (4/14/17)

There are a few widespread markets that have two HD subchannels on one frequency. For example, WVNS in Beckley WV has CBS in 1080i and FOX in 720p. Also, WNCT in Greenville NC has CBS in 1080i, the CW in 720p, and GetTV in 480i. It can be done, but I don't see a lot of stations doing it often. (4/14/17)

A high level person at WTEM (says) that they are no longer subscribing to the Nielsen ratings, as of Feb. Interesting in retrospect given the sale news you reported this morning... (4/14/17)

Does anybody know whats going to happen to the CH 20 and CH 50 Digital subchannels like This TV Antenna TV MOVIES and Heroes @ Icons when those stations move? Also is their capability of broadcasting high definition subchannels because I don't see any in place now and CH 50 in particular broadcasts in 1080 according to info on my TV It has excellent picture quality I use an antenna. Interesting to see if they will compromise picture quality and how long do they have to move to a new channel once the station has made a deal to sell off their frequency? (4/14/17)

Congratulations to Radio One on buying three of the Red Zebra Stations in DC. WWXT 92.7 FM in Prince Frederick does a good job of covering Prince Georges County. ( This is an important area to cover for Radio One.) WWXX 94.3 FM in Warrenton/Buckland, covers the Western Suburbs. WSPZ 570 AM in Germantown, covers the same area that WMMJ 102.3 covers. If Red Zebra retains WTEM 980 AM, They will have good coverage of the Redskins on both 980 AM and WMAL. (4/14/17)

Well, despite the differences between streaming "radio" services and genuine terrestrial radio, one constant remains: job insecurity. Tom Taylor's newsletter is reporting today that Slacker Radio has laid off up to 25% of its workforce. Roger Daltrey had it right: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss... (4/14/17)

[Regarding the Red Zebra/Radio One deal:] The 92.7/94.3 part of this concerns me. Even though I live in Lanham, 92.7 is an easy pickup in my car and is preferable to listening on AM. (4/14/17)

[Regarding the Red Zebra/Radio One deal:] If/when 980 gets sold, I imagine it more likely that WMAL or another station would become the new team flagship. (4/14/17)

[Regarding the Red Zebra/Radio One deal:] What would R1 want to do with the AMs? And I can see 94.3 possibly flip to a simulcast of PRS. (4/14/17)

[Regarding the Red Zebra/Radio One deal:] Without an FM presence, WTEM doesn't just keep losing the ratings battle with WJFK, it goes down in flames like the early '70s Caps losing 11-2 to Montreal. (4/14/17)

[Regarding the Red Zebra/Radio One deal:] WSPZ 570 airs weekday Orioles games as well as Virginia Cavaliers football & men's basketball. Would the O's & UVa need new D.C. affiliates? (4/14/17)

[Regarding the Red Zebra/Radio One deal:] Sounds like the end is near... A sad 25+ year run (4/14/17)

[Regarding the Red Zebra/Radio One deal:] Why don't Snyder sell the Redskins.... he's horrible owner.. (4/14/17)

[Regarding the Red Zebra/Radio One deal:] Wxgi to radio one (snorts) no chamce they'd return it to its original bluegrass format (4/14/17)

[Regarding the Red Zebra/Radio One deal:] Hope WTEM retains its Sportstalk format, personally I like it a lot more than WJFK. (4/14/17)

[Regarding the Red Zebra/Radio One deal:] Wish he would keep the stations....And sell the Team (4/14/17)

This came from the head of video at the Washington Post this morning... "Colleagues, This week we were informed by the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences they are disqualifying 12 of our regional Emmy entries. The disqualification includes our entry for Overall Excellence, which we won last year. The stated reason for the disqualification is The Washington Post’s “unfair advantage” due to the reach of our national audience. As you know, we’ve entered the Emmys for as long as online news organizations have been permitted to do so. We won 10 regional Emmys last year for entries NATAS would disqualify this year. The rules have not changed, the application of the rules by the local committee has. We entered these awards in good faith and following past practice. It was not until well into judging, the awards committee notified us of the disqualification because “we have the resources a local TV station does not.” You know by the daily challenges we face how ridiculous a statement that truly is. We have no helicopter, no satellite or microwave truck, no fleet of news cars. We do not cover stories in teams, but almost always as one-person efforts working long hours against heavily-resourced competition to produce what used to be considered award winning coverage. The disqualification leads to no other conclusion than this-- the awards committee, which has no representation from an online news organization, made this decision to protect its TV-station membership from losing to a small scrappy team of newspaper VJs. I’m sure our collecting numerous awards in recent years has been an embarrassment to these stations. Given these circumstances we have made the difficult decision to withdraw all our entries from the judging process, including those not disqualified. I understand this may be disappointing to some of you personally who worked tirelessly on the stories entered. However, we cannot reasonably participate in a process that is so heavily weighted against us as to be considered a farce. We will also no longer participate in any local-chapter sponsored awards or events. Frankly, we are surprised the local chapter even invites online entrants into its competition given the clear lack of regard it has for non-broadcast entities. There will be other opportunities for us to showcase our work and please know you have my full support in finding other avenues for recognition. Micah" (4/14/17)

The WOL translator on 95.9 is not moving because of WGRQ 95.9. Look at the signal plot. The signal is actually greater towards WGRQ and also greater towards WWIN 95.9 in Baltimore. Unless you know something no one else knows, that is simply not true. They’re expanding the signal, not decreasing it. The application clearly shows that. (4/14/17)

More FCC repack results. WWPX to channel 13 at WJZ 13’s expense. WRC NBC 4 to 34. WETA to 14 (so WWTD LP is gone). WPXW 66 to 35. WDCA, WWDC, WMDO, WAZF, WZDC gone on their current channels. In the Salisbury market, WBOC CBS 16 & FOX 21 moves to 32, so that means Marquee's WGDV 32 is gone but WMDT ABC 47 to 29. No word on whether WRDE NBC Coast TV will exist OTA just yet. I don’t think they’re protected. Oddly, WMJF, formerly of Towson University moves to channel 23. They sold the channel, presumably for the sale of channel 39 for the spectrum auction, but it wasn’t even given in to the FCC! ... Baltimore’s channel 24 is a goner too. Sinclair took the money to shut it down. But don’t worry. SBG doesn’t own Deerfield Media illegally! HAHA! (4/14/17)

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I am very much looking forward to the Monday or Tuesday Chris Plante Show on WMAL. Since he criticized Obama, for not making an "Easter Proclamation", I am sure will he criticize Trump for the same thing. I am not going out on a limb here by predicting Trump will NOT make an Easter Proclamation. The only question is will Plante be appalled by this or is he only appalled when a black man does not do it? Feel free to chime in Plante, Hess and/or O'Connor. Brian Wilson was out this morning. Is he involved in another hotel room scandal like Bill O'Rielly? (4/13/17)

Oddly enough WNBC 4 is going off the air in New York, at least the channel they are currently on. That's kind of unusual news. I’m sure they’ll take over the Telemundo channel as there is no way WNBC is going away. Of course Comcast/NBC got a lot of money for the frequency. Comcast is buying up spectrum btw, which is scary monopoly news. It’s possible they bought their own channel. I’m sure they have a Dr. Evil plan to eradicate free over the air TV or cord cutter deals. (4/13/17)

Sure the 95.9 translator for WOL is being moved only due to 95.9 WGRQ. I'm sure somebody had to complain about the interference around the Woodbridge/Dale City area for this move to be in the works. WGRQ has had problems with translators on their frequency before (one out of Gainesville that moved to 106.3 comes to mind). So I'm not surprised Radio One is doing the smart thing and filing to move the translator to the northwest. (4/13/17)

Looks like WDCA will combine with WTTG. No surprise. But what happens to WDCW? With the rumors that Tribune will be purchased by Nexstar; a big part of their value is the station in DC. In the shot haul I suspect they will do a deal with TEGNA to be carried on a WUSA sidechannel. (4/13/17)

Before Buckhantz? Well, for a couple of years yours truly broadcast Bullets games on TV with James Brown and a fellow named Sonny Jurgensen who had not only played the game in his youth but had an uncanny knowledge of game-strategy. The two of us also did a small package of Maryland basketball games. All this happened on Channels 9 and 20 when Washington, D.C., had six TV stations and telephone booths. Frank Herzog (4/13/17)

Entercom is a small company. How can they borrow $1.7 Billion to buy CBS Radio? There does not seem to be a problem with massive debt. Cumulus has a reported debt of $2.4 Billion. Their stock is now worth just 25 cents per share. iHeart has the largest massive debt of any broadcasting company in the world with a reported debt of $24.5 Billion. All the assets of these companies are pledged as security for the debt. (4/13/17)

WJLA should have run the story. Plenty of other news organizations have covered this doctor who’s an ex-felon with psychological issues related to previous disruptive events in his life that have previously made the news. It doesn’t absolve the airline of anything, but telling the whole story is always better than just telling one side. (4/13/17)

According to the FCC repack announcement both WDCA and WDCW are giving up their channel assignments. No word on whether either or both will wind up in a channel sharing arrangements with another station. I suspect that they will do so. (4/13/17)

Here’s a thought that I haven’t heard much discussion about: Can you imagine the media feeding frenzy, and general turmoil in the US had that United Airlines passenger been African-American………or Muslim ? (4/13/17)

It's becoming, if it wasn't already, that Holly Morris is somewhat jealous of Erin Como. She's made more than a couple of sarcastic remarks (with a smile of course). This morning they set up a random survey about Peeps candy: yay or nay. So, a number of tweets were shown as yay (Erin likes Peeps) and Holly made a comment of "that's what happens when you're dating the producer" as if he was only showing tweets for Erin. Also noticed is Holly's wardrobe: shorter dresses and occasional cleavage being shown. And with Erin's role on the show being increased (especially when she's given anchor duties during the early broadcast), "maybe" Holly feels threatened that she will be replaced? Or at least have her duties and air time reduced. (4/13/17)

Dave: It looks like social media backlash prompted Sinclair's WJLA (TV 7) not to air its I-Team story about the guy who was dragged off the United flight. www.washingtonian.com... dcist.com... Even AdWeek jumps in with condemnation and some snarky tweets: www.adweek.com... (4/13/17)

One of DCRTV’s favorite local publications The Washington Blade reports that Dove soap has a new television ad that features a transgendered “mom”. No word if Caitlyn Jenner is doing an ad for Tampon. More: www.washingtonblade.com (4/13/17)

I doubt this applies to him :^) but I would say that David Letterman ought not shave his beard between Passover and Shavuos; not only that, it's traditional not to have eulogies during this period. But he can shave his beard on Lag B'Omer in a few weeks. To be more serious, we are all saddened by his mother's passing. -- Carl in Olney (4/13/17)

I finally figured out the purpose of WCTN-950; it's for 11-year olds in western Montgomery County to write for their first QSL card: "I heard poor-quality sound, then I heard silence; please send me a card" -- Carl in Olney (4/13/17)

There is a new bill being brought to Congress to bring back the MINORITY TAX CERTIFICATE. This is backed by the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters. The only question is who is a Minority? Is it just a Black owned broadcaster? What about an American Indian, a Spanish Broadcaster or a Female owned company? Let's define a MINORITY...... (4/13/17)

I don't understand the animus towards Robin Rothschild and WAMS 94.9....I've been listening for a few weeks now and quite like it. Its nice to not hear the same ten goddamn classic rock songs (anyone who thinks playing Loverboy, for any reason is a good idea , should not be allowed anywhere near a mic) over and over again. I hope her new station takes off. (4/13/17)

Snip from an earlier post. “... a tactical/ethical/accounting question: If they have $2 billion+ debt coming due, but $250 million in cash, is it right to spend that cash on themselves?...” Ethics is like beauty, obscenity, and the West Virginia family tree: It's strictly relative! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/13/17)

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This is the expanded but highly directional signal of W240DJ 95.9 FM For Washington DC's WOL at 250 watts. Radio One can get away with this because they own Baltimore’s WWIN 95.9 FM which is limited to only 3000 watts from south Baltimore. Another owner might attempt to complain, but obviously they’re not, nor will it interfere much. But, I imagine if you’re a WWIN listener in northeastern PG County though, you probably won’t be happy. (4/12/17)

Thanks to Phil Chenier for so may great years. He will be missed. I'm sure this has been asked, but who was the color guy before him? I remember Wes doing it. Who did play by play before Buckhantz? Anyone remember? (4/12/17)

FNC’s resident cad who has cost the network over $12 million in sexual harassment settlement suits so far, Bill “See my small weenie?” O’Reilly is on “vacation” for the next two weeks: rumor has it he may not return. The Washington Post reports (www.washingtonpost.com ): “Around this time of year, O’Reilly said on his show, “I grab some vacation, because it’s spring and Easter time. Last fall, I booked a trip that should be terrific.” He will return April 24, Fox News told reporters. O’Reilly spokesman Mark Fabiani told CNNMoney that O’Reilly will be replaced by rotating substitute hosts during his absence. The host’s apparent vacation comes after dozens of companies have pulled advertisements from his show, demonstrating a mass exodus from the airwaves in the wake of news of the accusations against O’Reilly. No information was immediately available on how Fox will use his time slot.” What is really remarkable is who O’Reilly’s “spokesman”, Mark Fabiani is: a dedicated liberal Democrat who worked for Clinton & Gore. Looks like O’Reilly has fooled us all as a “conservative” and is actually a raging, perverted liberal like Fabiani’s former boss, Bubba Clinton: wikipedia.org (4/12/17)

WCTN has become like the Anacostia lost oldie “On and off, off and on”…..Was on Monday, off yesterday, on early this a.m., off by noon. Make up yer minds! Jeff (4/12/17)

Fox5 decided to send Kevin McCarthy to a local hospital to do a segment on the Capitals' promo of giving paraphernalia to babies born during the playoffs. What a bust. He was horrible. They obviously had no one else to send. He started interviewing a guy asking him how he feels that his baby is a Capitals baby. Well. The guy said his family is a Penguins family and will not be wearing Capitals gear. He obviously didn't talk to this guy before the interview. My question is, who thought the movie guy was a good candidate for this segment? Just like who thought Erin Como should be at the anchor desk and/or having her read news segments during other parts of the show? She's so much better on the cooking segments or other non-news segments. Everyone isn't successful when put in areas beyond their expertise and management needs to realize this. Some people need to just be allowed to stay in their lane. (4/12/17)

“And we all know how painful that can be”: David Letterman’s mother, Dorothy, who frequently appeared on his various shows, has passed in Indiana at age 95. No word if Letterman will shave his beard for her funeral: wtop.com (4/12/17)

Sit tight, Cumulus Stock Guy. When the price hits 25 cents, I’m hearing that Winthorpe and Valentine will buy all shares ! (4/12/17)

WMAL’s Larry O’Connor gave an impassioned explanation about how his daughter was involved in a late hour car “accident” when a drunk driver struck her while she was driving with friends – all under aged. He had given her permission as had the parents of the other underage kids to be in a vehicle after curfew so that they could attend a “wrap” party for a play they had put on. But now Larry was agonizing that had he not, she would never been hit and that he was never going to do it again, albeit that she is nearly 17. Larry, I would worry more about National Review’s Charlotte Allen insisting on doing an in-studio-interview the next time given that she looks half-dead in the accompanying photo from the last one! Sheesh, get a load of her: www.wmal.com (4/12/17)

Speaking of radio pastors, you can count all the famous Sprouls on one hand with no thumb, and R. C. Sproul is one of them. Unfortunately, I'm not related to him. Probably for the best. I'm not on his wavelength, anyway. -Dave Sproul (4/12/17)

As for Cumulus finances, a tactical/ethical/accounting question: If they have $2 billion+ debt coming due, but $250 million in cash, is it right to spend that cash on themselves? I sort of feel it isn't theirs to spend. (4/12/17)

/\ April 12 Messages /\

\/ April 11 Messages \/

Speaking of those radio preachers and the big bucks they pull in... Back in the 60s an elderly family friend was a big fan of the programs of Oliver B. Greene and J. Vernon McGee, whose programs aired daily on WFAX-AM. They died in 1976 & 1988 respectively, yet their programs are still being aired on many radio stations -- and still bringing in lots of donations from gullible blue-haired old ladies. (4/11/17)

"How long before they go into bankruptcy? When they go into bankruptcy, how will this affect the radio industry? Will the Cumulus Lenders ever get paid?" (Fade in Soap Opera organ music, cue 1950s TV announcer) "For the answer to the-e-ese and other oleaginous questions (Google it, ya lazy bastids), tune in tomorrow for an-n-nother episode of . . . 'A-a-as The Dial Tur-r-rns-s-s'." (4/11/17)

Cumulus Stock continues to drop. Now at just 26 cents per share. How long before they go into bankruptcy? When they go into bankruptcy, how will this affect the radio industry? Will the Cumulus Lenders ever get paid? (4/11/17)

To Amar: What's on WAVA doesn't have anything to do with the quality (or lack thereof) of the teaching. It's all about the money. If you pay the bill, you keep your show. If you don't want to pay the quoted price, WAVA/Salem have a waiting list. I imagine the preachers you named didn't want to pay the bills and they've been replaced. WAVA does not care about the number of listeners they have. They care about "return to shareholders" (sales). They make more money, in terms of profit, than many stations that destroy them in the ratings. WAVA may have the highest profit margin of any station in DC. (4/11/17)

To the fellow who asked why some ministry's paid programs were now gone from the line-up at WAVA-FM -- It's simply a matter of economics. Most of these radio preachers keep very close tabs on exactly how much revenue comes in monthly from the listeners to each radio station they buy time on. If a program is not bringing in enough in donations to justify the expense of the airtime purchase, it gets yanked. If listeners miss the programs in question, they need to check for the websites run by each one and they should find a list under the "Where To Listen" link. Check that. There'll likely be a list of other stations elsewhere that carry the show(s) and it's a simple matter of listening to them online. The middle step might even be avoidable, since each of the ministry websites may also stream each broadcast there. (4/11/17)

The new FCC Rules go into effect today for FM Translators. The Translator can be placed anywhere within the AM Daytime Contour or 25 miles from the AM Transmitter Site. This will give the Translators more flexibility. (4/11/17)

Cumulus Stock continues to drop. Now at just 27 cents per share. How long before they go into bankruptcy? When they go into bankruptcy, how will this affect the radio industry? Will the Cumulus Lenders ever get paid? (4/11/17)

Yesterday a loosening of the AM revitalization rules went into effect. Previously, the local-grade contour of the translator (60 dbu) had to be contained within the local-grade contour (2 mV/m) of the AM station AND reach a maximum of 25 miles from the AM station. The FCC has now changed that AND to an OR, allowing greater latitude in where the translator is placed. (recnet.com) In the flood of applications that went in yesterday there are few of local interest due to our already clogged-beyond-belief FM band. WTRI filed a new one for 102.1, transmitting from Harpers Ferry, licensed to Leesburg -- no way it makes it over the hills enough to be listenable by anyone in suburban Loudoun. Radio-One thinks it can get away with claiming 102.7 for WYCB from downtown DC will not interfere with WQSR -- good luck with that. Their 95.9 application for WOL is moving northwest into Maryland. WXVA is increasing power toward West Virginia. Farther away, Saga's sports translator in Charlottesville is moving one notch down to 102.9 in order to alleviate a long-running interference dispute with WJMA. (4/11/17)

Hey Dave, I was wondering if you or your readers knew anything about why RYM (Renewing Your Mind) with R.C. Sproul and Truth For Life with Alistair Begg have left WAVA FM. They're the two of their three soundest teachers on the stations, so that will likely mean my parents will listen to WAVA less. Dad says it's "all about the money" but if this will lower their listenership, that's not good for business. (I happen to think those ministries refused to renew their contract with the Salem Media Group, but why...) Another thing, I forgot to write in on April Fools and let you all know that starting with the All-Star game, WMAL will flip to a repeat of WTEM. From, Amar (4/11/17)

Some of us Me-TV (and Svengoolie) fans are young and not "over-the-hill." I do understand that Me-TV and WTTG/Fox 5 are doing everything that they can to have Me-TV restored on all Washington-area cable systems. Yet it still boggles my mind that it took days for Cox Cable in Northern Virginia to restore Me-TV after the switch from Sinclair's WJLA (yes, I do know that Sinclair owns "Charge") to Fox's WTTG and Comcast is still ignorant in restoring Me-TV to the Washington, D.C./Montgomery/Frederick, Maryland lineup. But as I've stated before, it is not easy for most of us who reside in Frederick County (Maryland) to receive WTTG's digital over-the-air signal (even with the strongest indoor and outdoor antenna setup), due to terrain and other atmospheric issues (thus, "Kodi" would not be a viable option as an over-the-air DVR utility in my case). Ditto with the digital OTA signals of Hearst's WBAL and WGAL. And Nexstar's WHAG is difficult to receive over-the-air (the Catoctin mountains block 25's signal). Even an antenna technician said my area (in Frederick County) was deemed a "DTV dead zone." (4/11/17)

RE: “They must be tied to contracts with GRIT and GET TV that they cannot break.” Leave GRIT (Magazine) alone RIGHT NOW: www.grit.com... And get off my lawn! (4/11/17)

/\ April 11 Messages /\

\/ April 10 Messages \/

MeTV MeTV MeTV… I’ve never seen so many old people in crisis. MeTV is NOT GOING TO MOVE TO WHAG! Forget all these pipe dreams! WTTG would never let it! WTTG now has the exclusive right to MeTV now. Call Comcast and threaten to cancel. That is your ONLY LEVERAGE. Or call Channel Master and have them put a roof top antenna on your house. As for WJLA 7 dropping MeTV, once again, this is a no brainer. THEY OWN CHARGE! They make money off of every single advertisement on the channel even if nobody is watching! Why Charge! is not on in Baltimore, where they own 3 TV stations boggles my mind. They must be tied to contracts with GRIT and GET TV that they cannot break. (4/10/17)

Hey, where's Jim Vance?? I think I remember the weather guy mentioning some cold "bug" going around the newsroom and mentioning Vance as if he had caught it, but that was about 3 weeks ago. (4/10/17)

A friend of mine lives in Los Angeles and I told him to check out WTOP. According to him he goes to the WTOP website and click on the live feed BUT according to him he gets an automated message saying that the content is not available to California and then he gets KNX ( LA's all news station ) right there on WTOP's website. I don't get it !! Since when local radio stations are able to block the audio from out of town radio stations on their own website ?? (4/10/17)

"Although not a full network, there are numerous shows that are duplicated from DC over on WHAG and WJAL... the Insider, the Doctors, court shows, Maury, Springer, Wilkos"... "The Doctors" does not air on any DC station since WUSA dumped it 1 1/2 years ago for their happy talk "Great Day Washington' yapfest at 9am. "The Doctors" website lists WHAG for Washington, DC! Sadly, there could be room for this show if WTTG and WDCA would stop duplicating hours of programming each day. Oh no! Cumulus is at 27 cents a share, down 13% today! Might as well scoop the usual dude. (4/10/17)

What's lost in the arguments over Me-TV's cable carriage is why WJLA no longer airs Me-TV. I have no inside information, but I'm confident I know the real reason why WJLA and Me-TV didn't renew their previous agreement. It's because WJLA's new owner, Sinclair Broadcasting, is an evangelist for the upcoming ATSC 3.0 system. It's totally incompatible with current OTA equipment, but offers more flexibility in airing content: It allows room for your choice of a) four HD feeds and two SD subchannels; or b) a 4K/60p channel, complete with improved colors over current TV sets, as well as two additional HD channels, all in the same 19.39 Mbps space of ATSC 1.0, with extra room, either way, for a mobile feed of the main channel. However, I'm sure Me-TV would have been upset if Sinclair put their channel on a barely-used type of signal, with basically zero market share. Knowing this, and not having a duopoly in the DC market to satisfy Me-TV, Sinclair chose not to renew, and now owns all three subchannels WJLA airs (including their Charge! channel), making them more prepared to switch to ATSC 3.0 as soon as the FCC will allow them to do so. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington. (4/10/17)

Drove through Berkeley Springs over the weekend, so I checked out what is left of their two local radio stations. On 92.9, blaring away en Español, Metro Radio changed the calls to WXDC last month, in case there was any doubt left as to what they plan to do with it in the long term. They actually also bought 1010 AM WCST, and it sounds like the locally programmed country/Americana format is still in place there. Although I couldn't tell for certain because my car radio could barely pick it up inside town limits – I believe Wikipedia’s report that it has very crappy transmitter facilities, and the power lines running all over the place didn’t help either. (4/10/17)

Both Cumulus and Spanish Broadcasting System have been warned again that if they don't get their stock price up above $1 per share they will be de-listed from Nasdaq. Cumulus is at just 31 cents per share. (4/10/17)

Maybe FOX Sports 1 had control of the sign for the game as they had advertisements on it all during their national broadcast while MASN did not. Speaking of MASN, it’s looking more and more likely MASN is going to win the lawsuit against MLB/Nationals. I wonder what repercussions MLB will have for the Orioles if they lose this case. (4/10/17)

Fair enough I suppose on WHAG/MeTv. Although not a full network, there are numerous shows that are duplicated from DC over on WHAG and WJAL... the Insider, the Doctors, court shows, Maury, Springer, Wilkos... So I think it depends on the stations and syndicators and what deals they make. Therefore I'm sure if WTTG wanted to play along they could do it. (4/10/17)

Dave.Could you also look into what happened to Carol Clark.She was a co-host of a morning talk entertainment show that aired Monday through Friday on then WTOP-TV(now WUSA)from 1967 to 1969 called "Cadence"with Lee Shephard and then WTOP-TV newscaster David French who went on to work at CNN News for 12 years as weekend anchor from '81 to '93.I had contacted Lee Shephard and asked him and he doesn't know.I know you were a guest on his and Chuck Langdon's internet show "Out of the past"about 9 or 10 years ago.Maybe you could check into some sources yourself and find out what became of Carol and she if she's alive or deceased?It's like these hosts just came and went just like that never to be heard from again. (4/10/17)

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\/ April 9 Messages \/

I chuckle every time I read one of the deep philosophical tirades about who is carrying/dropped MeTV. One bit of advice - get a Kodi Box off of the Amazon. Spend the $150 for a good one. Have your grand kids or great grand kids hook it up, And when you are not listening to WMAL, you can enjoy the ultimate MeTv. Plus it has free porn should that interest you. (4/9/17)

Whatever happened to Ruth Hudgins,who co-hosted the morning talk show AM Washington on then WMAL and(still is)WJLA TV back in the mid and late '70s with the late Ed Walker. Is she still alive or deceased? (4/9/17)

I saw the blaring blank green screen behind home plate during the Saturday Os-Yankees game on MASN, but that billboard isn't usually virtual; it's a real, physical rolling sign. Fox must have a deal to have it remain a green screen throughout their national games. You'd think that MASN would place some virtual advertising there, as well, though. Maybe they don't have the technology. Mike in Bartonsville (4/9/17)

The FCC should bring back the "Minority Tax Certificate". The question is...what is a Minority? Is it a woman, a black person, a Indian person, a Spanish person or a gay person? I think that everyone is a Minority except White people. Many Sellers took advantage of the Minority Tax Certificate before. We need something to stimulate radio station sales. (4/9/17)

MeTV cannot be on WHAG TV because WTTG & WHAG are in the same market, therefor WTTG Fox 5 has exclusivity. WTTG Fox 5 has to renegotiate its carriage deal with Comcast and Comcast has no obligation to carry 5.3. The only leverage here is threatening Comcast to cancel your service. As for Charge! and Sinclair, since SBG is a part owner of Charge!, they’ll make more money carrying it than MeTV, so they are not as much worried about the ratings difference. Ironically, Charge! is not available in the Baltimore market, SBG’s HQ market. (4/9/17)

To all posters having issues with MeTv from Frederick westward, has anyone thought to just petition WHAG to add it on a .4 sub. They already have H&I from Weigel so it probably wouldn't be too hard for them to add it, plus anything that could draw even more viewers post-NBC I'd think they'd welcome. (4/9/17)

MASN had a rather severe technical problem today that cost them some advertising money. Their green screen advertising sign behind home plate was completely inoperable for today’s Yankees @ Orioles game. The game was also on FOX Sports 1 too, and they were using it, but I don’t know if that had anything to do with it or not. Either way, they lost some ad money for sure. (4/9/17)

/\ April 9 Messages /\

\/ April 8 Messages \/

Boy this is a tough crowd here. I was sleepy when I typed about WDMV and hit send before I realized I typed ball instead of pin. So line up the firing squad! GEEZ! (4/8/17)

The Saturday WTTG 6 pm "news" crawl line had Friday headlines. Between that and the Matt-Gwen chit-chat there was precious little "news," just gossip and "olds." (4/8/17)

Would someone please explain the difference between a bowling BALL and a bowling PIN to BaltoMedia.Net. What a maroon! (4/8/17)

Re WDMV map: Helluva weird bowling ball. (4/8/17)

To the commentator (on DCRTV) who's been badmouthing my posts about Comcast's refusal to restore Me-TV: Would Sinclair's "Charge" gain more viewers? Possibly not. Me-TV and their resident Saturday night horror film host, "Svengoolie" has a loyal fan base from coast-to-coast. And again, it's not easy for many of us in Frederick County, Maryland to receive over-the-air DTV signals. Sometimes, we can get MPT's Frederick signal, WFPT-62 (UHF 28) on our non-cable DTV set (depending on clear conditions). Now please, let's stop this silly feud. (4/8/17)

I think the poster here who was upset about the Comcasr Rep was more upset like I get at lack of knowledge and people not doing their job more than Me TV Itself being gone its always best if a rep like in cable TV doesn't know the answer to google it or find out from a supervisor I don't think its wrong to embrace the past My opinion drama and reality shows a lot of decent ones today most comedies today are not funny In 1975 for example we had M A S H, All In The Family. Mary Tyler Moore ,Sanford and Son Bob Newhart ,Good Times, The Jeffersons, Chico and the Man, Barney Miller ,Happy days ,Carol Burnett to name a few what a great batch of shows quality writing less sick humor like today eg 2 Broke Girls ,Mom, Curb Your Enthusiasm today come to mind but its a matter of taste I don't have cable but I can get MeTV from CH 5 -3 Its not worth getting upset over it however even if its not carried on Comcast there's Antenna TV Cozi Heroes and Icons lots of classic tv stations. (4/8/17)

That person who was so upset at the lack of Me-TV in Frederick that he had a hissy fit in Frederick's office of Comcast I say...GROW UP !!! First of all I am sure that Me-TV will be on cable in Frederick soon. Might be next month or next year. It's not the end of the world. Second the reps who said that Charge bought Me-TV, well could it be that the Comcast reps really don't know ?? My guess is that they were trying to come up with an answer when this person appeared in their office. And third is Me-TV itself. WHO CARES !!!! It's a channel with few viewers and other than a few on this website it would not be missed. Besides what is wrong with current TV ?? I'll tell you NOTHING !! Get with the program and enjoy today's TV and radio. Recently someone asked if Don & Mike will be on the radio soon. Good idea if one wants to bore people to death. Let's face it that radio dee jays are a thing of the past other that morning shows. It's not 1987 anymore. I just wish all the music stations were like Jack FM. But going back to Me-TV if one is really hard up to live in the past then buy the dvds, listen to reelradio online and Stu Shostak's podcast. That's all one really needs. (4/8/17)

Just in case anyone cares, here’s the projected signal plot for WDMV, DC’s soon to maybe 50,000 watt AM 700. Sort of looks like a bowling ball. To do this, a 4th tower will have to be erected in Walkersville. It’s debatable whether Birach Broadcasting has the funds to even do that but there are only 4 other radio stations in the eastern US on AM 700, all at low power, so the proposed signal would blanket the entire DC market. — BaltoMedia.Net (4/18/17)

/\ April 8 Messages /\

\/ April 7 Messages \/

In answer to Frederick area fan of METV, I live in Rockville, MD and don't have access to antenna METV yet either. I don't know what the holdup is but I hope they get it going soon. My husband loves McGyver. (4/7/17)

OTA channel 7-4, TBD, aired local boy Dave Grohl's movie "Sound City" Thursday night from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. I called a friend to tell him. He doesn't get OTA TV. After a brief search, he found that Verizon channel 471 was carrying that programming too. The movie will air again on Saturday. This is not the Dave Grohl production that traveled around the country examining local styles of music, including a stop in Arlington. This is about the recording studio in Van Nuys, California. I had not known this, but recording studios are like newspapers. People now figure that, rather than turn to someone else, they can roll their own on their personal computers . ~~ Blair in Alexandria (4/7/17)

I haven’t seen this mentioned….Lisa Baden is now the regular traffic person on WASH-FM in the morning. (4/6/17)

I've had it with Comcast in Frederick County, Maryland. Last week (several days after Me-TV moved from WJLA-TV 7 to WTTG/Fox 5), I asked their representative at their local office to see if they struck a deal with WTTG to carry Me-TV. He stated "Check back with us in a week." On Thurs. (April 6), I asked a representative (at the same Comcast office on Route 26) if there were any updates on them restoring Me-TV to the lineup. The rep was unsure, and asked another rep at the office about Me-TV. The other rep's response: "Charge bought Me-TV." I had to explain to them (in person) several times that Sinclair (owners of Charge and WJLA) did not acquire the parent company of Me-TV (Weigel Broadcasting). I also had to explain multiple times (to the clueless Comcast reps) that Me-TV was dumped by WJLA because TV-7's parent company (Sinclair) wanted to scrap Me-TV for the bottom-of-the-barrel "Charge" diginet and that Me-TV/Weigel struck a deal with Fox O&O WTTG to carry Me-TV on Channel 5's third sub-channel. The Comcast reps' answer: "Charge bought Me-TV!" "Charge bought Me-TV!!" Apparently, Comcast's reps were clueless and ignorant about the recent Me-TV affiliation switch (from 7.2 to 5.3). As I was frustrated (and before I walked out the door), I told the rep- "Apparently, you all haven't done your research. Because you are refusing to carry Me-TV from WTTG/Channel 5, I am planning on dumping Comcast soon." They did not say anything else after that. I do understand that Me-TV and WTTG/Fox 5 are working with all area cable services to restore the popular classic/cult TV diginet throughout the greater Washington area (Frederick is saddled with Comcast's Washington cluster). I do agree with the previous poster (on DCRTV's mailbag) that Comcast does not want anything to do with restoring Me-TV (I was only following the directions of the program director's e-mail from Channel 5, after inquiring the Fox-owned station to see if they struck a deal with Comcast in the area). It boggles my mind that Cox in Northern Virginia restored Me-TV several days after the switch from WJLA to WTTG, yet it is taking a lengthy amount of time for Comcast to restore Me-TV. I do know that several other Me-TV viewers (and fellow fans of "Svengoolie") in Frederick are dissatisfied with Comcast's ignorance of Me-TV as well. Have any Frederick County (Maryland) DCRTV readers had luck getting WTTG (Virtual Channel 5, Digital UHF 36) with an over-the-air antenna? Signed, a Frederick area fan of Me-TV (and a soon-to-be former Comcast subscriber). (4/7/17)

/\ April 7 Messages /\

\/ April 6 Messages \/

AM 750 and AM 860 transmit from different sites. AM 750 is on the 105.7 The Fan tower atop Gunther Hill while AM 860 is on the shores and sometimes in Back River depending on the tides. If ever there is storm surge from the Chesapeake Bay, that site would never ever be able to be rebuilt in wetlands most likely (4/6/17)

Re: Jeff Kapugi to WMZQ: Why would anyone want to fix WMZQ (or DC101). We all see the 12+ numbers but in the February book DC101 was 3rd 18-34 and WMZQ was 5th 18-34. So not bad at all. The only problem maybe "Bobby Bones Show" as it is syndicated from Nashville and may not be perfect but it does well in 18-34 as well as also being near 10th with men 25-54, the last time Dave published those numbers. WMZQ may be lagging in 25-54 but not in 18-34. So they have a little wiggle room. Kapugi was brought in to take a load off Meg Stevens, who is focusing on other duties at IHeart as a Senior VP/Programming. (4/6/17)

Birach Broadcasting is once again in the FCC news. They finally got approval for their amended proposal to ramp up WDMV AM 700 from 5000 watts to 50,000 watts daytime only. This is not from Damascus, but their current location in Walkersville. They added more protections for WLW 700 Cincinnati and WCBM 680 so the station will not reach Baltimore well, but it will from Pennsylvania to Virginia quote well if they ever build it this time. — BaltoMedia.Net (4/6/17)

Dave: Think of it this way. CSN has no clue about talent, class or quality... not to renew Phil, yes, is part of the business. However, he relates well to both the older and younger demographics in the area...it's an awful decision. Talk about class-less, today on 980, Doc and others are talking about the story and Doc quotes Phil, "All good things have to come to an end." However, Doc adds his class-less, low budget remark by adding at the end, "for some people." Another example how this market is not very good for sportstalk or radio/tv. (4/6/17)

I really appreciate the DCRTV Newsletter. Dave does a good job of keeping us informed about the DC Broadcasting News. Remember, he needs your support. Why not send him a check today to keep this free service going. (4/6/17)

Phil chenier out next year as wizards color man Don't know why (4/6/17)

I am not up on the latest news in the radio world, and maybe this has been asked 1000 times, but will don and mike ever get back together? Are they in touch? Do they like each other? I have not listened to them since they went off the air. Ken S. (56) - Parkville (4/6/17)

950 AM is back on the air this morning, playing “Everything She Wants”, “Westbound #9”, and “Who’s Zoomin’ Who” among others. On the down side, 860 AM’s signal started hiccupping and died just before 11:00. I first thought it was a program feed problem, but 750 AM was still broadcasting hiccup-free. Jeff (4/6/17)

Who remembers when wmal with tom curtis played cool album rock like live Jimi followed by early bruce,allmans,csny,joni now it's this right wing political shit Hey people like me are older but we didnt die I don't mind new music either . Unfortunately my Towson radio station signal is weak but I like it Wtmd (4/6/17)

"Cumulus Stock price drops to 29 cents per share ... How will this [a]ffect the radio industry?" Probably the same way the number of chicken farms in Bald Knob Arkansas affects the price of unicycles in Westfield Massachusetts. In other words, not very much. Others will come in and pick up the pieces, or they'll be absorbed by Alpha Media, Townsquare, or someone else with a little coin and some backing. Relax, willya? (4/6/17)

Since we are obsessing on "stale" bread jingles (and the price of Cumulus stock), let's also talk about "stale" MASN music and graphics which also need a refresh. Schmidt's Blue Ribbon bread: available everywhere, including Dave's dumpy Safeway. (4/6/17)

Just read the item about Denise Koch. So, her children are grown and gone, and now she wants to spend more time with her family........huh??? But my favorite line is how she's excited to do more reporting....yeah, right! Why even say/write something that disingenuous? Maybe because the GM told her to. (4/6/17)

Comcast is currently undertaking the Enhanced HD conversion here in Baltimore. I noticed all the cable channels were downconverted to 720p. I hope this is a temporary measure. Does anyone know more? (4/6/17)

Cumulus Stock price drops to an all time low of just 29 cents per share. This is sad. It appears that they are headed for bankruptcy. What will this mean to the company? Their massive debt is the demon! How will this effect the radio industry? (4/6/17)

Noticed that Jim Vance has been away from the anchor desk for awhile. Any word on his absence? (4/6/17)

Denise Koch to leave WJZ's 11pm newscast, but she's not retiring. She will continue to anchor the 4:30pm & 6pm News. No word on who will replace her. This will mark the first time in nearly 30 years that she's not on the late news in Baltimore. — BaltoMedia.Net (4/6/17)

"Is there no way to move on from these stale topics?" I'd like to help, but the strip has been pretty limp in recent times. -Mark Trail Guy (4/6/17)

/\ April 6 Messages /\

\/ April 5 Messages \/

All those folks who bought into Cumulus (CMLS: NASDAQ) earlier this week when it got as high (momentarily) at 39 cents a share must be thrilled today, as this weary stock drops well below the 30 cent line. At 2:45 today it was at 27.5 cents a share. The volume earlier this week was massive – suggesting that some investors really believe that Cume can pull off a paper swap with its debtors. Today’s volume is light – apparently the “Golden Corral” pig out is over…save for the burp. (4/5/17)

Do the two or three children who write to the Mailbag on a daily basis never tire of the same dull repeats? Yeh, yeh, we get it -- Don Geronimo is his stage name, and the "P" in NPR stands for "Public," and Cumulus stock is bottoming out, and KHZTV is/was an abject failure. So noted. Is there no way to move on from these stale topics? Could you maybe only write when you have something interesting -- or at least fresh -- to say? (4/5/17)

Hey Dave, Just wanted to see if there is any information regarding Barbara Harrison at NBC 4. Seems like she has been demoted from the anchor desk and has been assigned to special features. Just yesterday, she was reporting live during the 6 p.m. broadcast. Thanks for any updates. Lee (4/5/17)

OK, so when a Nielsen survey diary keeper on the eastern shore writes down "cool," who gets the credit? Cool 101.3 or Kool 104.3? Two oldies stations with the same name. I'm going to guess that this will benefit the station that's been around for all these years Cool 101.3. What stupid ass at Adams Broadcasting named their oldies station the same name as an existing one? Sounds like another "out of market" decision. (4/5/17)

Re:: "Congratulations to Mike O'Meara & Robb Spewak..." Longstanding rumor that Gus in the Gaithersburg is actually Don Geronimo / Mike Sorce. #butthurtmuch (4/5/17)

Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram out at WJZ: facebook.com (4/5/17)

Since our tax dollars are going to NPR, I would like to see more diversity on the NPR Network. For example, there should be a program just for the LGBT Community. Susan Rice spent eight years in the White House as the number one advisor to Obama. She should have a program every day on NPR. (4/5/17)

A previous poster asked how much money is NPR receiving from the Federal Government. NPR does receive our Tax Dollars. I am not sure where to find this information. All of my liberal friends listen to NPR. CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN are not liberal enough for them. Let's hope that this conservative administration does not cut this funding. The conservatives can listen to FOX News. (4/5/17)

I just knew that response about Schmidt’s was forthcoming. Where’s your proof that “it works”? We’ve read here on good old DCRTV how many people change stations every time a “Kars for Kids” ad comes on. Is that how it “works” ? Annoy your listeners to the point where they tune out ? Great point there genius about how you can always NOT LISTEN. What a business model for a radio station, where success is based on listenership. What, does the GM tell the client, “Can you please deliver an ad that is so obnoxious that my listeners will tune-out”? What a concept. BTW, and maybe you haven’t noticed, at least KFK has several variations on the jingle. More than I can say for Schmidt’s. (4/5/17)

"Congratulations to Mike O'Meara & Robb Spewak for celebrating 25 entertaining years in radio together. In other news, Don Geronimo just hired another new co-host for his Podcast this is fresh off a DUI / Speeding arrest." And congratulations to Robb Spewak for only having one DUI that we know of. While we're at it let's hand out congrats to all the interns at WJFK whose careers surpassed Robb's: Oscar Santana, Chad "The Listener" Dukes, Drab T-Shirt, Greg Garcia, BDK, and maybe never an intern, but Joe Ardinger, still working in radio. I was shocked that Ron & Fez didn't invite Robb to be part of their show when they were at WJFK because he's such a huge talent. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/5/17)

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RE: "Schmidt’s Blue Ribbon Bread FOR THE 3RD YEAR". You, obviously, have no idea how marketing and brand recognition works. Why change the jingle just because you are annoyed? It's their brand, and it works. Just like Cars for Kids, they've had the same jingle for years. Get over it. You can always NOT LISTEN. Wow, options. What a concept. Now, go take a nap you old grump. (4/4/17)

FNC’s resident blowhard Bill “Sleezebag” O’Reilly is already feeling the pinch due to his salacious sexist sayings: this guy just does not give up nor learn and deserves to be off the air. Now he has lost up to 11 major sponsors due to his forked tongue. DCRTVDJDAVE never loses a sponsor due to his potty mouth. More on O’Reilly’s loss of sponsors: www.yahoo.com (4/4/17)

Re: Kapugi To Oversee iHeart's DC & Balto Clusters - One can only hope that Kapugi returns as a better manager and a better person than when he first showed up at 1801 Rockville Pike. For instance, when you get on an elevator with a coworker it might be nice for you, Jeff, to make eye contact and say "hello" instead of looking right through them. Also, make an effort to learn your coworkers names. Hopefully, you won't be there to fire so many like you did your first time around. (4/4/17)

In addition to complaining to Comcast's local office, I have contacted the management WTTG/Fox 5 twice times to see if they have reached a deal with Comcast and other major cable providers to restore Me-TV to the cable lineup (I'm sure subscribers of Verizon's FIOS in the greater Washington area have taken similar steps). Still no response from the top brass at WTTG/Fox 5. Kudos to those that can get WTTG's digital over-the-air signal without any problem. It isn't easy for some of us Fredericktonians to receive WTTG's digital signal (Virtual 5, UHF 36) with the use of an antenna due to reception problems. Just my two cents. (4/4/17)

I wouldn't be surprised to see some more changes on the programming side at iHeart DC. Kapugi has to fix WMZQ and some of the djs are likely not going to be there much longer. Also, 99.5 continues its downward slide. The biggest slide coming in AM Drive where Kane is tanking. Kapugi didn't take this job to keep the status quo. (4/4/17)

Another Opening Day in Baltimore has come and gone with another banner day for the Flagship, 105.7. We are blessed to hear the same annoying jingle/ad for Schmidt’s Blue Ribbon Bread FOR THE 3RD YEAR ! Really? The O’s or station management couldn’t tell Schmidt’s or their Ad Agency that y’all need to come up with something else? Then, apparently, we have another year of the always dull and lifeless post-game show with Tom Davis and Dave Johnson. Please tune in to these two dinosaurs as they discuss for 10 minutes a play that happened in the 3rd inning. No calls. Just those 2 babbling for over an hour. Davis, like Marty Bass, just needs to go away. Johnson, a sub .500 career pitcher comes across as the ultimate know-it-all. His voice is bad enough, but the attitude is worse. There are only a few Jim Palmers. There are hundreds of Dave Johnsons. Then, later in the evening, they’re still running ads for winning Opening Day Tickets by being at some establishments at 10 in the morning. And you think DC sports radio is bad ? (4/4/17)

FNC’s “Red Eye” gets “Pink Slip Eye”? The show that aired at 3:00AM ends its run Friday and will be replaced by “Tucker Carlson Tonight” re-run. Now if Bill Hess would give WMAL’s “Red Eye Radio” the pink slip DCRTVDJDAVE would be pleased. More on the end of “Red Eye”: www.nydailynews.com (4/4/17)

WKCW Doesnt sound right on certain songs like one channel is out even though its AM In mono. Some older recordings listen to SGt Peppers by The Beatles for example the vocals are completely on one channel if you're listening in stereo .Saturday I heard them play Bob Lind Elusive Butterfly from around 1966 and the instruments seemed almost non existent I know it sounds weird in stereo so yeah something isn't being mixed right at 1420 for their mono transmission. (4/4/17)

I’m not sure if you can help me get the word out or not. One of our employees is getting ready to retire at the end of April. Charles Graves has been a familiar voice to WSVA listeners since the 1970’s. He’s worn many hats in his years with the station but is perhaps best know for is deep voice (a favorite of a lot of our advertisers) for many years. Over the years a lot of radio personalities have worked on WSVA or WQPO (Q101) and I’d love to receive a note or even better an audio message from them that we can incorporated into our salute to Charles the week of April 24th. If you are among the alumni on WSVA/WQPO and remember working with Charles or you would just like to send him “best wishes” feel free to email me at fwilt@harrisonburgradiogroup.com Thanks! Frank Wilt (4/4/17)

I've been checking daily to see if METv will be picked up by Fios. I see Cox has picked it up. I also see that METv has indicated that "open Broadband" is coming soon. Does this mean that it will be available through either the METv website or through WTTG 5.3? Still no word if FIOS will be picking up METv. Still hopeful but not if they don't I'm seriously considering switched to Cox. My current setup does not allow me to try to get the signal off air. (4/4/17)

Congratulations to Mike O'Meara & Robb Spewak for celebrating 25 entertaining years in radio together. In other news, Don Geronimo just hired another new co-host for his Podcast this is fresh off a DUI / Speeding arrest. (4/4/17)

For the 18th time, COMCAST has nothing to do with Me TV coverage. They do NOT deal with the network! Complain to WTTG FOX 5! It’s their channel now and the ball is in their court to make a deal. Sub-channels are NOT MUST-CARRY! But if you’re that mad, the network is also available nationwide on free-to- air C band satellite via SES-1 in the DVB-S format so go buy a 12 foot wide DISH! And as far as Ocean City radio stations, sorry to offend. I guess I just have more vacation time than you. Jealous? (4/4/17)

Dave: I know Bram Weinstein was reluctant to say he didn't like the CSN talent to go tie-less on air. However, now I've seen everything and I've lost all respect [not to say they are credible] for CSN to let Julie Donaldson on-air looking like she's headed to the gym. I don't remember which day it was, but, she was in all black, what looked like workout clothing...now that is totally unprofessional...which goes along with Doc Walker eating on the air again. What's with this market? Aren't there any people who respect the area sports fans? (4/4/17)

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RE: KHZ TV "Click on any of the video streams and you see pictures of very empty, very expensive studios." No, not very expensive studios. It's all ancient equipment that does not work, it's all for show. (4/3/17)

RE: "My day is almost complete. Ch. 6 guy, WFRE guy, and Cumulus stock guy have all checked in. Paging WBAL Basher." Wait, what about the guy that obsesses with the POS Ocean City stations that no one listens to? You know, 1590, 104.3, 105.1, etc. I miss the passive aggressive emoticons :) (4/3/17)

I'm getting a good laugh out of the posts on WFRE, WDCN, WCTN, and the stations that are silent without an STA from the FCC. All I can say is... have you ever broken a traffic law that went unnoticed by the police? If so, don't complain about what these stations, owners, etc. are doing. There is no official violation of the Rules and Regs unless the FCC takes enforcement action. And, right now the FCC is more concerned with Personal Communications because that's where the jobs -I mean- money is. When was the last time you heard of broadcasters or cable companies actually creating jobs? Real jobs with careers? Especially in the communities where they operate? The recent announcement by Charter about 20,000 jobs was little more than “on-shoring” of jobs previously sent overseas by Time-Warner. Unfortunately, the media event was lost in the noise from the Congressional defeat of changes to healthcare legislation. - Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/3/17)

My day is almost complete. Ch. 6 guy, WFRE guy, and Cumulus stock guy have all checked in. Paging WBAL Basher. (4/3/17)

Comcast must be slow as molasses in planning to restore Me-TV, after the affiliation move from Sinclair's WJLA-TV 7 to Fox's WTTG-5 (I recently spoke with a Comcast rep on Thurs., claiming that it would take about a week to restore Me-TV). Unfortunately (after multiple efforts with two antennas, indoor and outdoor- both are amplified), WTTG's digital OTA signal does not reach well into the Walkersville, Maryland area. Ditto with Hearst's WBAL-TV 11 and WGAL-TV 8 (both aforementioned Hearst stations carry Me-TV on their secondary sub-channels). Unfortunately, us Frederick County goolies (who could not receive the digital OTA signals of 5, 8 or 11 and Comcast's reluctance in restoring Me-TV) missed out on Svengoolie's Saturday presentation of "Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man on Me-TV. Us Frederick fans of Sven do not want to miss out on Svengoolie's premiere of "Rodan" (1956) this Saturday. I feel that it is unusual that the Frederick area does not have multiple cable operators instead of one (we're all stuck with Comcast here, unfortunately). Hoping to hear if any Frederick County (Maryland) fans of Me-TV and Sven have had better luck with receiving Me-TV off of 5, 8 or 11. Tomorrow will mark a week since Sinclair/WJLA made the idiotic decision to replace Me-TV with "Charge" (which is basically the same 50+ AIP/Filmways/Orion/post-1952 UA and post-1986 MGM movies that can bee seen on WDCW's "This TV" sub-channel, or in terms of sci-fi flicks owned by MGM, Sinclair/WJLA's "Comet"). (4/3/17)

WCTN 950 will not be off the air for 3 years. After 1 year, the license would be revoked. But they are risking an FCC fine if off the air for much less than that. Speaking of AMs on life support WGBG AM 1590 Ocean City is on life support. They only have 1 tower left and have to be on the air by July 11. They could apply for a non-directional signal now that AM 1600 in Delaware is deleted, but I don’t see any activity. The only reason AM 1590 hasn’t been deleted yet is because they keep flipping the ownership. Adams Radio didn’t even own it for a year barely. The new owner, Bay Broadcasting, I’m sure will be given some leeway by the FCC, but at some point, 10 years of STAs with fallen towers isn’t going to last long. (4/3/17)

More word from the shore.... WOCQ HD 2 is now broadcasting "Cool Oldies 104.3". It's being broadcast (at a VERY low level) on LPFM's 104.3 and 105.1. Plus, 105.1 is out of phase, lyrics disappear. Sounds like a canned format and not a smooth listen. (4/3/17)

Had not noticed it before, but WKCW seems to be missing one channel. Evil Ways by Santana and Waterloo by Abba sounded very strange today. (4/3/17)

For all we know, 950 AM could be off the air for the next 3 years just like 1520 was. Jeff (4/3/17)

Entercom is a small company compared to CBS Radio. I am surprised that they can borrow $1.7 BILLION to buy the CBS Radio Group. Then look at iHeart with $24.4 Billion in debt and Cumulus with $2.4 Billion in debt. Cumulus is trying to trade some of their debt for equity in the company. Their lenders are not interested. The Cumulus stock is trading at an all time low of just 33 cents per share. Investors don't want to buy it even at the very low price. Why? Maybe, they are just waiting for it to go bankrupt. (4/3/17)

There are so many liberal government bureaucrats held over from the last administration it is hard to get anything accomplished at the FCC. Turning in your TV License and getting paid more for it by the government than if you sold it is not right. Talk to any Media Broker and they will tell you that the government is paying far more for this spectrum space than the stations would sell for if they were put on the market. Another situation that should be corrected now are these LPTV Stations on Channel 6 that are permitted to operate on their audio frequency 87.7 FM as FM Radio Stations rather than as television stations as they were intended. I hope Chairman Pai will address these wrongs at the NAB Convention when he gives his speech. (3/4/17)

iHeart, when are you going to sell WFRE 99.9 FM? Your company said that they would divest the station in 2007 in order to comply with FCC Rules on ownership. Here it is ten years later and you still own it. The intent of putting it into a "trust" was to place it there until it was sold. iHeart has enjoyed the cash flow from this station for ten years. You own 6 FM Stations in the DC Metro Area. The other companies in DC are only allowed to own a maximum of 5 FM Stations. Is this fair to the other stations in the market? You certainly do not set a good example. (4/3/17)

'KHZ came up in the Mailbag around a week ago. Is anything genuinely happening over at the stations comprising the KHZTV.com conglomeration? Click on any of the video streams and you see pictures of very empty, very expensive studios. There appears to be a room filled with balloons that look like, if given the opportunity, they would escape in a moment. (4/3/17)

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EDITORIAL: I’ve not read any confirmation of this yet, but if silence gives consent, it’s a good bet that Sinclair Broadcasting is turning in the license of Baltimore’s MY TV station WUTB 24 during the TV spectrum auction. They announced the new channels for WBFF & WNUV, but conspicuously did not mention WUTB 24 which they manage. Sinclair also announced a lot of income from the spectrum auction, $313 million, so they must be turning in some channels, ironically, probably mostly ones they weren’t legally allowed to even own in the first place. No TV station ownership group has more successfully and blatantly trampled the duopoly law (owning multiple stations in small/medium markets) & eluded forfeiture or daunting fines better than them. WUTB 24 is technically owned by Deerfield Media which in turn is majority controlled by SBG owners. They’re literally just selling their shell companies with fake owners back to the FCC for cash. Under ATSC 3.0 standards to come soon, SBG could operate My24 as a sub-channel of WNUV or WBFF so it's doubtful any programming would be lost. -- BaltoMedia.net (4/2/17)

EASTERN SHORE SNOOZE - Downy Ocean Hon (Ms Rothchild) Robin lays another egg…her AAA station sounds like crap, Months in the making and you come with the this? I am sure the folks at 98.1 are shaking in their sandals…94.9 WAMS, There goes another investment – down the tubes - just a matter of months and it will fade away! (4/2/17)

First sad about WNVC It offers programs for many cultures.Is the DC101 HD2 subchannel called Cherry Blossom Radio l wonder going to keep the new format? its mix of 80s songs is good. (4/2/17)

Only caught the tail end of it, but Friday afternoon, Scott Livingston, VP News, Sinclair Broadcasting Group just delivered an on-air statement against 'fake news' and commitment to real news. This was during the 4pm news cast. Anyone else catch it? (4/2/17)

Re: WNVC - These is clearly an ethnocentric aspect to this shutdown. We can't have programming in foreign languages on metro DC's airwaves. One must ask if "The Idea Stations" should be better named the "Idiot Stations". So, did they also sell off their second channel in Richmond? I doubt it. Again, NoVa gives and Richmond takes... So where's Gov'na Terry on all these matters? Disgusted former Virginia resident.... (4/2/17)

The MASN/Orioles vs. MLB/Nationals case made the news again. Both teams gave more testimony in the Appeals Court to decide if the Nationals appeal to go back to MLB’s RSDC appeals process or go to an independent review process of what MASN owes the Nationals. As it stands now, the Orioles have so far had the Nationals initial win set aside. The best line mentioned in the testimony was from the appellate judge who asked the Nationals counsel, “So would you go right back to the same dirty swimming pool?” More in the Sun... www.baltimoresun.com (4/2/17)

From FCC documents and Google Earth, it appears WCTN 950 AM is licensed for 2 towers, not 3 and they are visible somewhat in the trees at the golf course. The odd part is while being a Class D, they are licensed for more than 250 watts at night, which is a bit odd. I guess that is grandfathered or something or reduced ground conductance. And they do need to notify the FCC if they have to be off the air for any long length of time. (4/2/17)

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Any broadcast licensee that would surrender any spectrum at any price should be forever be disqualified as an FCC licensee as they have no interest in being a trustee of a scarce and dwindling public resource -the broadcast airwaves, and compelled to immediately surrender all broadcast licenses. In addition, any “broadcaster” that is a 501(c)3 that would accept such money needs to immediately have that status revoked and have that money taxed as would a commercial broadcaster who chose to exit the business via the spectrum auction. If you’re not interested in being a broadcaster, turn the license back, to the FCC dissolve the corporation, and go out of business. Thus, for the $182 million for WNVC channel 24 and WNVT channel 30 (where they really are in the spectrum) are getting in “blood money”, Commonwealth Public Broadcasting should immediately surrender the licenses for WCVE, WCVW, WHTJ, WCVE-FM, WCNV-FM, and WMVE, take them off the air, and allow either the re-allocation of the spectrum of those stations to another service without compensation to Commonwealth Public Broadcasting or the re-assignment of those broadcast licenses to entities who are focused on being broadcasters and not profiteering spectrum squatters. This also illustrates the long-time political and social attitude in Richmond of treating NOVA at best as a red-haired bastard stepchild, another reason why NOVA should secede from the rest of Virginia and become a separate state as NOVA has little (if anything) in common with the rest of Virginia. However, Richmond would never let that happen. Without the tax money from NOVA, the rest of Virginia would quickly become a place that the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Malawi would send foreign aid out of pity for their poverty. Sign me as a proud Broadcaster for over fifty years -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/1/17)

RE: WCTN AM 950… If they are off the air for a certain amount of time, they do have to notify the FCC or they can be fined at the minimum. So far, they have not notified the FCC of any trouble that I can see. (4/1/17)

There may be Bill Hess Rules about Beyonce and pandas, but the original Bill Hess Rule is that it is perfectly acceptable to go after the the wife and children of someone you disagree with. This includes making horrible stuff up about the wife and small children and disseminating that information any way you see fit. You will never be asked to asked to apologize or retract because of the Bill Hess Rule. I think Chris Plante has the Bill Hess Rules tramp stamped on his backside. (4/1/17)

iHeart, when are you going to sell WFRE 99.9 FM? Your company said that they would divest the station in 2007 in order to comply with FCC Rules on ownership. Here it is ten years later and you still own it. The intent of putting it into a "trust" was to place it there until it was sold. iHeart has enjoyed the cash flow from this station for ten years. You own 6 FM Stations in the DC Metro Area. The other companies in DC are only allowed to own a maximum of 5 FM Stations. Is this fair to the other stations in the market? You certainly do not set a good example. (4/1/17)

don't know why me tv taken off movies aren't that good (4/1/17)

Dave - I would be incredibly grateful if you could share this. Terry is fighting for her life, she is my friend and we've had lots of inquiries at WNAV about where's she's been for the past year. Thanks so much for your consideration with this. www.youtube.com (4/1/17)

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