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DCRTV Mailbag - May 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017

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Someone alert WKCW: it’s May. Tuned in this afternoon and caught Al Jarreau’s “Christmas Morning” playing in between Gene Cotton’s “Before My Heart” and “Lotta Love” by Nicolette Larson. Couldn’t make out the lyrics at first and just assumed it was more of the usual “waiting-room-lite-pop" fare, but decided to investigate upon a careful listen to the words. Must have gotten mixed into the wrong playlist. Oh well. But really, where else can one find Nicolette and Gene nowadays? Always a pleasant surprise to be driving along and hear one of these forgotten 70s wonders still living on in AM radio. Per NYT obit, Larson died some 20 years ago. Who knew. We like to poke fun at 1420, but gotta hand it to ‘em, the guy running the place has a quite the knack for unearthing neglected oldies. (5/31/17)

Tom Kierein's house is for sale... (5/231/17)

WBAL TV has filed its post transition application for a construction permit on channel 12. It’s at a slightly higher power than on 11, and thus a minor contour adjustment (increase). I don’t think anyone will notice any difference. — BaltoMedia.net (5/31/17)

Czabe says Cooley is out for a few weeks at ESPN980. Is this a suspension or maybe because he is doing duties at Redskins training camps? (5/31/17)

It is sad about iHeart possibly going into bankruptcy. They report a debt of $20.375 BILLION. Their lenders want to be paid. We understand that. They are paying very high interest rates now. All of their assets are pledged as collateral on their debt. If they sell off any assets, proceeds must go to pay down their debt. Ten years ago they agreed to sell off WFRE 99.9 FM in DC. They still own it and have enjoyed the cash flow from this stations for the past ten years. (5/31/17)

Is Autria Godfrey gone from WJLA? (5/31/17)

WTTG is starting a new late night show at 11:30 with Jim Lokay next week. As per Jim, it will be live and include things we may have missed during the day. He said it won't be a news show and it doesn't seem to be an entertainment show. So, I'd be curious as to what type of audience they're trying to attract. (5/31/17)

Erin Como's dress was so tight and short this morning that she could hardly move. I had heard that the females were expected to wear tight fitting clothing and Erin truly lived up to that requirement. (5/31/17)

RE: Eastern Shore’s 93.9/101.1 FM webpage RIP splash: I’m guessing he didn’t pay the website guy, kinda like ripping off a poor high school kid of his allowance because it’s doubtful he hired any professional, and someone got back at him. Anything bad that happens at one of his radio stations always involves someone not getting paid and/or abruptly fired, up to and including, Delmarva Power & Light, or the FCC according to public records! (5/31/17)

Former WJZ (Baltimore) meteorologist Chelsea Ingram has surfaced on CBS Philly, although she does not appear on the station's website as a member of the weather team. Very little has been said about her short stay at and recent sudden departure from WJZ. She is definitely one gorgeous chick. Hope she lands a full-time gig. (5/31/17)

My name is Natalie McGill, a correspondent for Redacted Tonight, an award-winning weekly political satire news show on RT America taped in Washington, D.C. We thought you might be interested in a piece my fellow correspondent Naomi Karavani did in our most recent episode on Sinclair Broadcast Group and its purchase of local news stations that will give them access to 72 percent of American households. The piece also makes a few references to local D.C. area news..... (5/31/17)

I look at the sad state of American TV news with today's news that CBS is canning Scott Pelley as anchor of the "CBS Evening News." I also look at Mike James selling his excellent NewsBlues TV news site.....

To the long-winded poster: Joe Scarborough is mentally challenged. He's maybe slightly smarter than Hannity which means he's qualified to be a panhandler. It's surprising that you're not interested in why Mr. Rich was shot in the back and not robbed, and the authorities can't get their story straight on where his laptop is. Scarbuoy is no Gary Condit but as you mentioned he's also got a dead intern in his closet? Interesting. Try to learn something from my brief posting style, won't you? Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/31/17)

RE: “I challenge anyone to defend what Chris Plante and Larry O’Connor did here, and if you accept the challenge, [Bill], be prepared to defend other statements these two fools made on the air, or in blogs, [under your watch], condemning innocent people for political gain.” All I can say is “LEAVE CHRIS PLANTE AND LARRY O’CONNOR ALONE RIGHT NOW!!!”. Thank you. (5/31/17)

I noticed that Sinclair has an ad at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. It has Sinclair in the center. On the left is the Fox 45 logo, on the right the WJLA 7 logo. I wonder if they have the same ad at Nats Park? (5/31/17)

After she left WBAL TV, Rudy Miller also did TV commercials for a local hospital. Of course, she was also working in Public Relations for them at the time too so I don’t see anything wrong with it. (5/31/17)

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Wow. Why do you folks have such a problem with a guy who, regardless of his previous career, wants to be an actor in TV commercials? Maybe he simply wants to put Brian Bolter the Fox News Fink behind him and just enjoy his life. (5/30/17)

Friday morning, Joe Scarborough tore into former WMALer Sean Hannity, saying that Joe was disgusted with how Hannity had pursued the Seth Rich story long after it was debunked and despite the express wishes of the Rich family. Joe said, “Now we are reduced to fake news and Sean Hannity ripping the hearts out of parents for their son, their young, gifted son who was shot in the back, and trying to twist that [incident] into something that somehow helps Donald Trump. It’s gross and it’s repulsive.” Scarborough continued, saying the entire affair reminded him of how some of his critics had targeted him, alluding to a 2001 incident during his time in Congress, when a 28-year-old intern Lori Klausutis was found dead in his district office. Donny Deutch, was on hand for the assist, saying, “I could speak a little freer because I don’t have a show on the network,” he continued, “it was despicable what [Hannity] did. It mirrors another time where there was a person who had zero empathy to another family who lost a child. We all know what happened with President Trump and the Gold Star Family. It’s the same thing with Hannity and Trump." “What type of person does that?” Scarborough asked, then answering his own question; “I’ll tell you what. A person that has no shame.” Thank God Scarborough didn't hear Larry O'Connor and Chris Plante’s presentation of this deliberate deceit and nefarious twisting of “news.” Poor Joe’s head would have probably exploded had he heard what those two buffoons said and inferred about Seth Rich. Deceit, fake news, and partisan political propaganda, with no boundaries for human decency, can be heard daily on the cesspool, WMAL. I challenge anyone to defend what Chris Plante and Larry O’Connor did here, and if you accept the challenge, [Bill], be prepared to defend other statements these two fools made on the air, or in blogs, [under your watch], condemning innocent people for political gain. (5/30/17)

The FCC TV Re-packing schedule is pretty much set in stone. In the 1st Stage, Fall 2018, it's mostly small markets. No large markets are affected except Memphis, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, & Phoenix. Stage 4 will hit major markets DC, Philly and NYC, as well as small Salisbury, MD in June 2019. Baltimore stations won't start moving channels until Jan. 2020 through May 2020. www.nab.org (5/30/17)

RIP Frank Deford. He always gave some credit of his success to growing up in Baltimore. He said that the fact that it was a quirky town with a chip on its shoulder gave him the spirit to look into stories reporters in other major metro areas would not even notice. I didn’t even know he grew up in Baltimore. He was never on any local media in Baltimore, but he did go to Gilman HS before Princeton, so while he was not a man from poverty, he obviously was a man that saw the blue collar sports fan attitude growing up. (5/30/17)

RE: “RE: the Novec commercial.... It ought to look like Brian Bolter, because it is Brian Bolter.” Well Brian has apparently “traded news for booze” and “Wit. Wine. Whiskey”. What a stud: twitter.com/brianbolter.com (5/30/17)

Re: the comment about the actors in commercials not using their own names, of course I know that. However, as Dave said, it IS quite odd to see Brian Bolter "acting" as someone else in a commercial. Why not just endorse the product as himself? (5/30/17)

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RE: the Novec commercial.... It ought to look like Brian Bolter, because it is Brian Bolter. Otherwise, somebody's surgically had both his face and his voice duplicated on themselves. And as for the nametag saying "Michael", you do know actors are used in commercials playing people other than themselves, right? The AT&T salesgirl isn't really named "Lily", her name's Milana. The guy who squeezed the Charmin back in the day wasn't actually named "Mr. Whipple", and so on.... the more you know :) (5/29/17)

Dave's response: You do gotta admit that it is a bit odd to see a former top DC TV news anchor "acting" in a commercial.....

PBS/NPR commentator and sports writer icon Frank Deford has died at 78: who knew PBS/NPR even acknowledged sports? Deford had been at it for 37 years: www.npr.org (5/29/17)

While watching channel 5 this morning, I saw a commercial for Novec (electric cooperative) and the guy in it looked exactly like Brian Bolter. However, he had on a name tag that said "Michael". So I went to the Novec webpage and the commercial and found the commercial. Still think it's Brian Bolter. If not, a great lookalike. (5/29/17)

Re: the new meteorologist Somara Theodore, as per a few articles online, it appears that she and another on air employee were let go for going to buy concert tickets during work hours. Seemed pretty harmless to me, but as I read further, it was a "get out the vote" concert for Hilary Clinton and the station had instructed its employees not to participate in any political activities. Quite ironic that she would relocate to one of the most, if not the most, political cities in the country. (5/29/17)

Ironically, Philly’s WKBS 48 had an 1100 foot TV tower in 1968 and DC still doesn’t have a 800 ft tower in 2017! LOL Also the Me-TV FM being channels 6’s being FM stations means more lobbyist money from Weigel Broadcasting to keep the channel 6’s as Franken FMs. Money talks BS walks. The FCC will say they’re letting them stay on the air for diversity reasons, but that’s bullshit. They’ll stay on because the FCC has no balls to do anything about channel 6 to improve radio. They’re repacking every TV station in the country and they’re gonna let these channel 6’s waste 6 MHz of space for ONE FM station? Yeah, that sounds like the Federal Government in action. (5/29/17)

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DELMARVA TV: I’ve been looking at the result of the repack on the Eastern Shore. What WRDE Coast TV 31 did in scooping up the Channel 19 construction permit appears to be an amazing coup. All of the rest of the CPs on the Eastern Shore are going to lose their channels from the repack, including WMDT ABC 47’s WGDV 32, which carries Azteca, Laff, Bounce and couple other stations. WBOC is getting channel 32 as a full power station moving from 21. WBOC’s W42EI, which they just purchased is getting booted from 42 also. The only two already approved construction permits on Delmarva are channel 14 and channel 35. WETA 26 is moving to 14, so that’s a goner. WPXW 66 is moving to 35, so that wipes out channel 35 on the shore too. The only CP I see that’s been approved is W23ED channel 23. Baltimore’s WMJF is moving there, but that’s 150 miles away and doesn’t appear to be a problem. That means they’ll all have to scramble with no favorites for possible leftover channels not being used in the area. Increased engineering studies and costs, all equalling money. WRDE Coast TV however has an approved construction permit that is ready to go on day one. The repack starts summer of 2019 for Salisbury and DC mostly. I’m thinking about studying this the same way for DC/Baltimore, but that will be VERY time consuming considering the # of applications on file in a major/large market, but it’s safe to assume there will be even less frequencies available than the smaller market Salisbury. (5/28/17)

I enjoyed Andy Ockershausen's "Our Town" interviews with Jim Vance. Watch closely around the 4-minute point and you'll see a young Vance reporting for WKBS-TV48 News from the Poor People's Walk on Washington... (5/28/17)

"Jesus H.....can unsigned corporate suit hire an editor? " Seconded. - I suggested years ago Dave charge him/her by the word. This site would be funded for years, with no need to ask for donations! (5/28/17)

I’ve been looking at the result of the repack on the Eastern Shore. What WRDE Coast TV 31 did in scooping up the Channel 19 construction permit appears to be an amazing coup. All of the rest of the CPs on the Eastern Shore are going to lose their channels from the repack, including WMDT ABC 47’s WGDV 32, which carries Azteca, Laff, Bounce and couple other stations. WBOC is getting channel 32 as a full power station from 21. WBOC’s W42EI, which they just purchased is getting booted from 42 also. The only two already approved construction permits on Delmarva are channel 14 and channel 35. WETA 26 is moving to 14, so that’s a goner. WPXW 66 is moving to 35, so that wipes out channel 35 on the shore too. The only CP I see that’s been approved is W23ED channel 23. Baltimore’s WMJF is moving there, but that’s 150 miles away and doesn’t appear to be a problem. That means they’ll all have to scramble with no favorites for possible leftover channels not being used in the area. Increased engineering studies and costs, all equalling money. WRDE Coast TV however has an approved construction permit that is ready to go on day one. I’m thinking about studying this the same way for DC/Baltimore, but that will be VERY time consuming considering the # of applications on file in a major/large market, but it’s safe to assume there will be even less frequencies available than small market Salisbury. — BaltoMedia.net (5/28/17)

RE: Fox 5 trainwreck - I noticed that Erin Cuomo was wearing a ton of mascara when she did the story at the firehouse yesterday. it was definitely overkill. I have to say Holly Morris looks hotter to me than Erin. younger is not always better. Erin is the main reason why i spend more time on the Abc morning trainwreck on newschannel 8. ultimately, it's all fluffy. nothing to see here. (5/28/17)

Make it stop Dave, make it stop: in their day, the Allman Brothers were a WJFK/WHFS favorite. Now that Midnight Rider Gregg Allman has died at 69. No word on where Cher was as it’s just not her cross to bear, but reportedly she was eating a peach. While he was no angel, he was a rambling man: wtop.com (5/28/17)

DCRTVDJDAVE (now known as Delaware Chesapeake Radio Television Disk Jockey Dave) is hanging in Rehoboth for Memorial Day Weekend with who else, Hardin and Weaver, according to “Our Town”: ourtowndc.com (5/28/17)

Just turned on NBC4 and saw a new weather person; Somara Theodore. And the need for yet another weather person? (5/28/17)

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"Today with the internet I question the pics when I see them on jock pages, Gay jocks are now straight..." If you can tell from a photo you've got some kind of Double Nought Spy super gaydar. Cum now! And how inconsiderate of that fellow to lose an eye. That must have been quite a disappointment to you. Guy really let you down. A bro doesn't lose an eye when another bro expects him to have two. Total brocode violation. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/27/17)

"...It’s going to be a lot harder to shut down the Channel 6 Franken-FMs now..." Do you really believe this? Harder for who(m)? The FCC could give a glass laden turd about a stations format. (5/27/17)

There will be one less guest at the power wedding of PMSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Affair and “Mika”: her father, Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, former security advisor to President Jimmy Carter, has assumed room temperature at 89. Brzezinski was a frequent guest on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN and of course, PMSNBC: www.washingtonpost.com (5/27/17)

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Not surprised at what Laura Evans said re: the current state of affairs at Fox5. It's become a bunch of fluff and entertainment station, especially in the morning. It also seems to have become a co petition between the females as to who can wear the tightest & shortest dresses. Well, mostly between Erin and Holly with the latter seeming to be somewhat envious of the younger and prettier Erin. I found Laura to be a good, solid journalist and can understand her having to make a decision as to whether to stay with a station that has gone in a different direction than her idea of journalism. And although she fulfilled her dream of being a journalist, Fox5 has become a circus, she realized that and said "time to go". Those who have stayed, particularly the morning crew, want to be entertainers and celebrities, not journalists. (5/26/17)

Where was the Mid-Atlantic Sports Report on MASN today at 5PM? No show. Did someone DIE or get FIRED? I mean if it’s a planned vacation, then don’t put it on the damn schedule! (5/26/17)

Re: The Hitman & Marky Mark..... Do any music stars even come to small markets anymore? Easy one,...if the act is popular then NO !!! If an act is unknown and/or on the way OUT then maybe. Down in Virginia Beach right now there is talk about an arena and of course there is a debate about it. Some want it as they see major acts bypassing the area and a new arena can solve that issue but others see it as a waste of money and there is nothing wrong about heading to Raleigh, Charlotte or DC to catch a show. Come to think of it I don't think Richmond attracts the acts they once did either. The pic of Hitman. That was a time when you got the real deal. Today with the internet I question the pics when I see them on jock pages, Gay jocks are now straight while fat jocks are now skinny. I think it was in the Winchester area that I saw a jock that was totally different looking than what was online. Online he was handsome and young but in public he was fat, middle aged and had only one eye. It's radio why not tell the truth ??? (5/26/17)

For a quick data dump on the lies of the Washington Post and in particular the Seth Rich case, another Dave: dcdave.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/26/17)

It’s going to be a lot harder to shut down the Channel 6 Franken-FMs now. Coming to Chicago on Channel 6 / 87.7 FM now. DC next? Quote: “Targeting an underserved audience of “hipsters, hippies, boomers and beyond,” Me-TV FM showcases such artists as Billy Joel, Carole King, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, The Carpenters, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Simon and Garfunkel, Chicago, Hall and Oates, The Four Seasons, and The Eagles. Many of the songs on its 3,000-plus playlist haven’t been heard on the radio in decades. The radio station is a spinoff of Weigel Broadcasting’s Me-TV (Memorable Entertainment Television), the digital classic television network covering 98 of the top 100 markets in the United States.” (5/26/17)

Remember when music stars had to tour radio stations to get their songs played? This is The Hitman, then at the Eastern Shore’s Top 40 station 100 KHI (99.9) with Marky Mark in the 1980s. At the time, The Hitman was the #1 morning guy in the market and got this pic. How often does that happen anymore? Do any music stars even come to small markets anymore? (5/26/17)

The Washington Post sure is spending a LOT of its resources trying to debunk and put the last nail in the coffin of the Seth Rich conspiracy story, but their latest story still has more holes in it that that pair of socks I wore all season long once for soccer! The first paragraph of the story says something that couldn’t be true. Seth Rich’s family has claimed that they do not have his laptop. So he gave his parents his password to his DNC email account and they’re watching it from their house? Does that really sound believable? Clearly, they are not a reliable source since their only goal is to clear his good name as you would expect. But the conspiracy story will never go away until someone states where the laptop is. If the laptop is DNC property and back in their hands, then all bets are off and all The Post’s sources are as suspect as FOX 5 and FOX News's. For some reason no one involved with the case wants to disclose the location of or who has the laptop. Any good reporter would notice this glaring omission. If the laptop was the only thing stolen on him, then that also makes the case suspicious, but I haven’t seen that stated yet either. washingtonpost.com (5/26/17)

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Someone forgot to tell Andy Pollin that Sportstalk 570 is ending and possibly WTEM 980 too if the fire sale continues. Here’s his 25 years of DC Sports Talk column as one ends without him even knowing it. hehe www.washingtonpost.com... Also, it’s possible that WSPZ 570 might try to increase its night time signal since they’ll own both AM 570s in the region. I don’t see WHP 580 as much of an impediment either as their night time signal does not head much southwest or northeast. (5/25/17)

[RE: Apple Macs updated to the latest Safari browser ... deactivates Adobe Flashplayer by default.] The good news, I suppose, is that Apple has not permanently disabled Flashplayer, as had been rumored for several years. It's annoying to have to go to a table on a station by station basis to enable Flashplayer but at least that is just a one time thing (I hope). As a user, it is just one more thing we have to accept, like the slightly fuzzy picture on WJLA (regardless of provider or set) and the audio volume on WUSA that is 30% louder than other stations (regardless of provider or set). Speaking of CBS Radio streaming, ever since they centralized streaming about five years ago, it's been so painful to try to stream any of their stations, I've tried to minimize my usage. I'm now down to one CBS station (WFAN). Had been stable for several months until a couple of weeks ago. Hard to connect (not just in Safari) and crashing frequently. If the pattern holds, this will continue for a few weeks, then suddenly correct itself. (5/25/17)

Sucker click bait header: “Sean Hannity goes on vacation as advertisers drop out of his show”. But within the story: ““Like the rest of the country, Sean Hannity is taking a vacation around Memorial Day weekend and will be back on Tuesday,” a spokesperson for Fox News said. “Those who suggest otherwise are going to look foolish.” Happy holiday, Sean “Ham” Hammity: www.latimes.com (5/25/17)

The speculation that Salem (or an offshoot) purchased WSPZ for the purpose of downgrading the signal to allow WMCA to increase power is unrealistic. The limiting factor to power increase in this direction, among others, is the adjacent channel WFIL 560 in Philadelphia. WHP, 580. Harrisburg would also be a limiting factor. Reasonable market coverage of market 8 is more valuable than coverage of a small station in Harford County. (5/25/17)

Re: Anti-Drug Abuse Act - Caught this at the FCC site - www.fcc.gov (5/25/17)

Now, what is going on at WSUX 93.9/101.1 on Delmarva? Their FB page has a RIP image for their cover photo. And asks don’t you hate it when your favorite station disappears? Did Klepac pull the plug on the LMA? MLB4 (5/25/17)

Looks as though the ax may have fallen at iHeart in Richmond. Good friend of mine got canned after 17 years at WRVA. Dunno how many more were let go... Damn iHeart... (5/25/17)

"Jesus H.....can unsigned corporate suit hire an editor? " Seconded. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/25/17)

From FCC records, i find some of these things odd about Ocean City’s AM 1590. No such modification of the station has been proposed, no tower painting has been done, and how is the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 involved in this? Am I missing something? I mean, has prior ownership or management of this station been involved in drug trafficking or something? And of course the station was silent long before this date. Very odd. Read it here. “This letter concerns the request you filed on December 12, 2106, on behalf of Adams Radio of Delmarva Peninsula, LLC (ARDP), for Special Temporary Authority (STA) to permit AM Radio Station WGBG to remain silent.ARDP's request states that Station WGBG(AM) went silent on December 12, 2016, pending the proposed modification of its facilities. The request includes the appropriate certification regarding Section 5301 of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988.” "The station's silent status does not suspend the licensee's obligation to comply with all other relevant Commission rules, including the filing, when appropriate, of applications for renewal of broadcast license. It is imperative to the safety of air navigation that any prescribed painting and illumination of the station's tower shall be maintained until removed." (5/25/17)

According The NY Post, the Sinclair purchase may have included Tribune real estate holdings, but it doesn’t matter now because Sinclair doesn’t currently own Tribune and the Sun building sale has closed. nypost.com (5/25/17)

The rules on turning in your channel are pretty simple. Once you take the payment, the clock starts ticking for 6 months. The FCC wants the channels turned in quick because the frequencies are going to be paid for at the same time by someone else and they want to start testing 5G mobile and other things. WDCW CW 50 might have had a deal in the works for another channel share before Sinclair bought Tribune, so it might not immediately go to WJLA 7 right away, but certainly will eventually. It’s almost certain that WUTB My 24 will go to WNUV or WBFF as soon as Sinclair takes the FCC money as 20 goes to Fox 5. I’m curious when the FCC is going to finalize ATSC 3.0. That seems kind of crucial to me for this repacking plan to ultimately work out. But what TV channels will be legacy ATSC 1.0 and which ATSC 3.0? As far as I know, you cannot broadcast both on the same channel. (5/25/17)

I did not realize this at first, but Salem Media owns WMCA AM 570 in NYC too, so that means the new Salem connected owners of WSPZ could possibly alter the signal of the station by accepting a certain amount of interference via a waiver. Salem has been known to do this before. The more likely possibility is they do what they did to WAMD AM 970 in Havre DeGrace, MD. Decrease the power and downgrade the station to upgrade WMCA 570 in NYC. They have a track record of this. When Salem bought WAMD, it fell under the radar too at first. Then they reduced WAMD’s power greatly to upgrade WNYM AM 970 in New York City to 50kw. After they were done destroying that station, they sold it, probably for a loss. They didn’t care. The intent of the purchase was to make money elsewhere, not in Harford County. How will this affect WMAL, which is using the site Salem just bought? Troubling implications here for sure. I do not think Cumulous thought this was going to happen or maybe they did? Hmm. — BaltoMedia.net (5/25/17)

"...so he must lease an HD Channel to broadcast his translators..." Where do people dream up this shit? John never leased the 88.5 HD or the 103.5 HD to broadcast the formats on those stations. He had an agreement to broadcast what happened to be on those frequencies. Remember in the past, 105.5 broadcast WTMD. You don't need an AM to put programming on a translator. You also don't need to "lease" an HD channel. Read the rules, google is your friend. (5/25/17)

Jesus H.....can unsigned corporate suit hire an editor? Stop falling asleep on your keyboard! (5/25/17)

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Got a good laugh about the latest post concerning Salem and EMF! I am a born-again Christian, active in my church as a Scripture Reader, Greeter, Worship Leader, and member of the Finance Committee. However, I am not the only broadcaster in our church. Yes, there’s one other. At a recent well-attended social event (133 people), we decided to do an informal and very unscientific survey to see what “Christian” radio station(s) different members of the congregation listen to. From age 13 to age 80, the most popular was WGTS-FM followed by WRBS-FM at a distant second. Nobody seems to listen to WAVA AM-FM, WFAX, etc. So, it begs the question of what the “mission” of these other stations happens to be? If it’s the propagation of the faith, I have my doubts on the efficacy of these radio “ministries”. On WAVA-FM, it’s too often politics. While as a Christian, I decry the “Johnson Amendment” regarding politics in the pulpit and a 501(c)3, when I listen to WAVA-FM, I understand its logic. Yes, all too often, these stations are nothing more than an electronic soapbox for rent, as opposed to an electronic pulpit for rent. There should be an “answer”. And, it’s not one of Salem’s canned formats! When what became the much-hated Communications Act of 1934, an overriding concern was “chain broadcasting”. Specifically, networks, syndication, and multiple station ownership. In the 1990’s, that was all changed by Congress and signed into law by the President of that era. (I’ll let someone else do the research on who controlled Congress and the White House when legislation changing this and other broadcast rules was passed and signed into law.) Gone was the 12/12/12 rule. My feeling is that if you can’t make money owning 12 AM’s, 12 FM’s, and 12 TV’s you’re either incompetent at operating a business or too greedy. A broadcast station should be like a wife or husband: You can only have one at a time. And, only one of each per DMA. I would allow cross-ownership of broadcast stations with newspapers that do not have a web presence in order to encourage the thoughtful journalism inherent in an unrushed environment. Obviously with a 12 station limit, there would be no need for a UHF “discount” rule. Would this ownership restriction possibly result in fewer stations? Yes! But, wouldn’t it be better to have fewer stations with a greater diversity of ownership? My experience as a broadcaster says yes! You would have fewer stations. But, you would have stronger stations. It would compel owners to succeed through service. Providing a service desired by an audience would drive income from ad clients wanting their message presented to that audience. Would it chill “experimentation” out of “fear of failure”? No! I believe it would be quite the opposite. It would encourage experimentation to serve an audience not being served by the competition. Serving that audience would bring in clients and revenue. “What about MP3’s?” What about them? To my senior citizen ears, unless the bitrate is at least 256K, the sound quality of an MP3 is like listening to an over-compressed Optimod being received on a crystal set. To succeed in a newly competitive environment, broadcasters would be compelled to Entertain, Inform, and Educate! That is the way you compete against the “Brave New World” of electronic media. Trouble is, few broadcasters do any of those three anymore. There are precious few talented entertainers out there. What passes as “information” is often anything but. Usually, it’s someone’s corporately-driven opinion, be it from left or right. And, it’s often nothing more than verbal diarrhea. As for “educate”? Not a chance? Do these stations reflect “local values or tastes”? Often not! The economies of scale permitted by voice-tracking, satellite feeds, ISDN, etc., has helped kill broadcasting. In other words, in the quest to save dollars, you’ve forgotten the audience your advertisers are expecting to hear their message. As a result, your clients follow your audience by migrating to other electronic media. Or, they go to non-electronic marketing. Will most broadcasters “listen”? Probably not. Why? Because, they know they don’t have to. After all, they aren’t likely listening or watching what’s on their air! Case in point: There’s what used to be a Class 1-B “clear channel” station that was a very successful Top-40 back in the day. Today, it is religious. Does anyone on the staff listen to it? Only the contract engineer when notified that the carrier has dropped from air or the audio on the air signal is absent or distorted. The station is fully automated. The business the station supports is still very successful as it is profitable. But, does it succeed as a radio station? Although it covers its state capital and a large swath of the “Bible Belt”, the station no longer shows up in the ratings. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/24/17)

Sinclair did not buy Tribune's real estate assets so the people at the Sun never had anything to worry about (5/24/17)

hold on, Andy Pollin not on The Fan anymore? (5/24/17)

The 105.5 FM Translator is owned by John Garziglia, who is a FCC Communications attorney. He also owns a second translator 98.3 FM. He does not own any AM Stations so he must lease an HD Channel to broadcast his translators. (5/24/17)

When does Lew Dickey start buying radio stations with his new $250 million fund? He likes top ten markets like DC. He knows how to raise money. Good luck with your new venture. (5/24/17)

Baltimore Sun building sold by Tribune to a local firm. It was disclosed that The Sun’s lease is up in 2018, although they have some extension options. So Sinclair, which just purchased Tribune Media, apparently will have no influence on The Sun’s future lease agreement or location. I’m sure they are breathing a sigh of relief. www.baltimoresun.com (5/24/17)

RE: WTMD & WMUC in DC. WTMD has no money for a translator. It’s amazing they can keep the station on the air in Baltimore. As for WMUC, UMCP has the money, but has no interest in WMUC and they have repeatedly shown that. They’ve had options to apply for many FM signals in DC and chose not to even try. Some alumni posted here once before that WMUC had nowhere to go. Well that’s been proven wrong over and over. They chose not to apply for a single FM. In that time, both Loyola U and Johns Hopkins U applied for FMs. They didn’t get it, but they tried. (5/24/17)

Interesting post from one of the regulars over at AVSForum's DC OTA thread (www.avsforum.com)...."Regarding WDCW-50, they just informed me that they expect to receive their payment for giving up their transmitter in one to three months, and they will then have six months from that date to implement their new transmission arrangement. They have not announced their new, real UHF channel but said it will be a full powered transmitter, and that the PSIP will still identify it as 50.1." As Dave mentioned earlier, if the Sinclair/Tribune deal goes through, there is no way 50 doesn't end up sharing with 7. I don't know why, but I'm surprised the channel-sharing is beginning so soon. Perhaps that's the reason 20 is becoming "Fox 5 Plus" in a few months, to coincide with the start of that channel-sharing. (5/24/17)

About the last Seth Rich post: If Sean Hannity questions a source, I’d say it’s a little bit shaky. hehe The big mystery of the story to me is why is everyone passing the buck on where his laptop is? We know it exists. It’s in the initial police report. Family says they don’t it, FBI says ask DC Police, DC Police says ask FBI. Unless this question is answered by someone, the conspiracies will continue. Somebody has it and somebody is lying. That much is proven. The question is WHY? And if the laptop was stolen in the botched robbery, that really complicates the story. (5/24/17)

FCC News: Not that important but WJZ 13 got approval and a construction permit for their new post-repack signal on channel 11. No word on when they’ll begin testing, probably not anytime soon, but the deadline is late 2020. I expect there will be a lot of repack applications in the next year or 2. (5/24/17)

Baltimore Sun building sold by Tribune to a local developer. It was disclosed that The Sun’s lease is up in 2018, although they have some extension options. So Sinclair apparently will have no influence on The Sun’s future lease agreement or location. I’m sure they are breathing a sigh of relief. — BaltoMedia.net (5/24/17)

I'm glad the Gamut has an LPFM signal 98.3 to cover DC. However, that doesn't make up for the fact that DC still needs a live and local AAA. A WTMD relay would meet that need. I blame the power hungry bastards and bitches at Salem, and EMF, who buy up everything in sight to relay their piss and shit everywhere. But more importantly its the fault of the owners who have money, but no ideals, and creativity. Also can't stations like WTMD, AND WMUC start campaigns to buy low Power signals in the DC Area? (5/24/17)

Andy Pollin explains why not only WTEM 980 is the past, but that WJFK 106.7 is the future of sports radio in DC. Nearly credits the Kings, “The Sports Junkies” but falls short: www.washingtonpost.com (5/24/17)

Seth Rich was the source of Wikileaks and should be considered a hero according to Kim.com via Gateway Pundit: www.thegatewaypundit.com (5/24/17)

The Washington Post has a new excuse for Trump attacks and fake news. Headline, “Trump Attacked the Free Press and He Got Exactly What he Deserved.” The Post continues to say this has invigorated journalism, but in fact, it’s acknowledgement that journalistic standards going way back are being thrown out the window in favor of revenge activism. This is a stunning admission for anyone who’s ever taken 1 journalism class. www.washingtonpost.com (5/24/17)

"What will be broadcast on 105.5 now that Bluegrass Country won't be?" I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see a continuation of interesting or unique programming on 105.5. My wild guess: the deep-pocketed orgs that just picked up Red Zebra's stations are probably mighty interested. I could see it going to Salem to pair with 1260 or 570. Or, like we've seen in Richmond, EMF has a thing for slurping up as many signals as possible -- and would probably love an outlet for Air1 to complement K-love. We'll find out whenever it appears in the FCC application list. I wish it was 2008 again and it ran WTMD... (5/24/17)

Dave's response: I think WTMD could benefit greatly from having a DC market analog signal on 105.5. It would need to be feed from a DC area HD2 subchannel. Maybe they could do a deal with WAMU or WCSP or WPFW.....

WRQX , on the ropes, AGAIN! New PD can't win without Bert Show... Company refers to it as "Black Hole".... Used to print money, now loses hand over fist... ADVERTISERS shocked at continued ratings nightmare... Diamond seen as 'irrelevant', same stuff as 20 years ago, just can't innovate...Will they sell it? Who would buy? Lew Dickey to pick it up on the cheap? (5/24/17)

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A mix of the humorous and the serious in the same post? Yes! But, there's even a serious message in the humorous. For the humor, I like all these posts about WAVA, WWDC, and, Salem that bash them as, at best, underachieving broadcasters. The first question I must ask is, what is a broadcaster? In the U.S., it is usually a business. The second question I must ask is, what is a business? It sells goods and services at such a price as to attract purchasers, but sufficiently high as to pay the wage bill of the business, purchase materials and supplies, and provide a profit to the business owner. (OK, a surplus for a not-for-profit.) Now, who provides the income for a radio station? Those who purchase time on the station. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is not the audience! In this early-21st century of fragmented media -much of it not ad-supported- the audience is less of a factor than ever. Once upon a time, one of the micro-market stations in my past got a bunch of letters from a nearby U.S. Air Force base, lamenting the 1 AM sign-off after the late movie. The letters included signatures of a considerable number of non-commissioned and commissioned personnel from the base who were regularly up all night, ready to fly to Armageddon if the call came. It was a no-brainer to take those letters, prepare a presentation for local businesses and go all night seven days a week with movies the station already had rights to. The presentation was called “Would You Like to Own an Audience?” It caught the competition flat-footed. It took them months to catch-up. (They didn't have much of a movie library.) The only audience complaints were when movies like “Panic in Year Zero” and “This is Not a Test” aired. Between cable, satellite, and the internet, that kind of market dominance is gone forever. Alas, that kind of entrepreneurship is also gone. It spent its final days in cable, until corporate takeovers happened. In radio, entrepreneurship has also pretty much died, as well. But, Salem, and its stations, while debatable as broadcasters, are very successful as businesses! With perhaps some content limitations, I'm sure WAVA would be happy to air any religious programming as long as someone is paying the bills! So, who among the Salem-haters in DCRTV land is going to come up with the big bucks to get their programming on WAVA? With others, I want to thank PAW for recognizing WTTG's anniversary. Well, WTTG is indeed sort of 72 years old this month. It was originally licensed as W3XWT on channel 1 before moving to 5 as a part of the postwar re-alignment of TV channels. (As for WNBT, the old timers never referred to it as channel “1”. It was always “Channel One”.) However, what PAW didn't mention is that WTTG itself is 70 years old this year as it's commercial license became effective on 1/1/47. (The previous “experimental” licenses early TV's operated under limited commercial airtime.) This is also the 70th anniversary for WRC-TV (as WNBW) and WJLA-TV (as WMAL-TV), so this is quite an anniversary year for what was called “TV Year” hereabouts back then. I have no doubt all three of these will make it to 75 years. Doing a centennial? Doubtful. However, one of our AM's celebrated its centennial the same year that broadcast TV began its one-way ride down the tangerine sliding board to possible oblivion. So, you never know. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/23/17)

Reason: “Instead I became a whore, a bimbo, a slut and worse,” Lewinsky wrote. “Just days after the story broke, Fox asked its viewers to vote on this pressing question: Is Monica Lewinsky an 'average girl' or a 'young tramp looking for thrills?' ” She claims she “became” a “whore, a bimbo, a slut and worse”. Became? She already was long before she met Bubba B.J. Clinton. More slop from The Washington Post:www.washingtonpost.com . Ms Lewinski was a 20-something right out of college who was confident with her prowess and sexuality. Being in the media at that time, and not being married at that time, I can assure you we all (single DC men) used Monica as a tacit example of our version of the 60's free love movement, and as a baseline for dating steps. Heck, before Monica was famous she dated a man (once) who later became a DC Network news powerhouse (who remembers that?). Anyway, that question Fox news asked is equivalent to Sean Hammity's expose's on Spring Break. Give the old people something salacious to see and bitch about. She was in the crosshairs at the time, and Fox News exploited it. But Hey, at the same time Newt (who was married) was playing "hide the Little Newt" with Callista just 100 yards from my back door, and I didn't even know it. Callista will be the next US Ambassador to the Vatican (where there is no poon for Newt to go after) very soon, So, Monica, historically, got the short end of the stick (or did Calista, bad-a-bing). (5/23/17)

Dave, What will be broadcast on 105.5 now that Bluegrass Country won't be? (5/23/17)

Dave's response: Good question. Somebody will be paying more than BGC to lease that signal.....

Did someone really say conservatives don't do radio right? I have to ask him how Air America worked out. (5/23/17)

Re: WWRC 1260: Are the studios at 8750 Brookville Rd still in use these days? I remember picking up prizes there from back in the DC101 days. Tom in Wheaton (5/23/17)

The WTRI translator in addition to changing location of the site also change frequency to 101.7 at 220 watts, 54 meters AGL. 1260 WWRC does not use the middle (or taller tower) in the daytime, and the tall tower is electrically detuned to the equivalent of a 90 degree radiator, the same as the other two. Several AM arrays have different height towers, that does not make them deficient. Lacking field intensity measurement and system impedance and reactance measurement data how can one determine if an array is in "bad shape"? (5/23/17)

Reason "THE FAMILY HAS ALREADY ADMITTED THEY HIRED WHEELER. RICH’S FATHER’S SIGNATURE IS ON A CONTRACT! All of these reports of him being a Republican political operative are simply talking points handed directly from the DNC to its media cronies." OK, let's get to the whole story, here, directly from Butowsky's mouth. Ed Butowsky told Buzzfeed he recommended, contacted, and promised to pay Detective Rod Wheeler. From Buzzfeed " "Butowsky, a prominent wealth manager from Dallas and a contributor to Breitbart News who attended President Trump's inauguration, told BuzzFeed News that he reached out to the Rich family after hearing about the Clinton-Rich conspiracy theory from a friend. "They said they didn’t feel they were getting any answers," Butowsky said. "The investigation wasn’t going anywhere. I said, 'Why don’t you hire a private detective?' They said they didn’t have any money." Butowsky said he offered to pay for a private investigator, and called [Rod] Wheeler. There, he said, his involvement ended. "They negotiated something," Butowsky said. "In their contract it said any money Rod is going to bill, Butowsky is going to pay."
From The Washington Post story (basically a rehash of her NYT oped) that allows Monica Lewinsky to be portrayed as some kind of victim by Fox News come these idiotic quotes: “It worked like magic: The story hooked viewers and made them Fox loyalists,” Lewinsky wrote. “For the past 15 years, Fox News has been the No. 1 news station; last year the network made $2.3 billion.” Lewinsky added that John Moody, a Fox executive editor, has been quoted as saying that “Monica was a news channel's dream come true.” “Their dream was my nightmare,” Lewinsky continued. “My character, my looks and my life were picked apart mercilessly. Truth and fiction mixed at random in the service of higher ratings. My family and I huddled at home, worried about my going to jail — I was the original target of Ken Starr’s investigation, threatened with 27 years for having been accused of signing a false affidavit, obstructing justice, suborning perjury and other crimes — or worse, me taking my own life. “Meantime, Mr. Ailes huddled with his employees at Fox News, dictating a lineup of talking heads to best exploit this personal and national tragedy,” she added. Unable to go outside without being hounded by paparazzi at the height of a scandal that consumed Clinton's final years in office, Lewinsky notes that she stayed in her home and watched Fox News around the clock. Lewinsky wrote that other news networks piled on, but it was Fox that lowered the journalistic bar, turning reports about innuendo and accusation into the norm.” But his was the best one: “Instead I became a whore, a bimbo, a slut and worse,” Lewinsky wrote. “Just days after the story broke, Fox asked its viewers to vote on this pressing question: Is Monica Lewinsky an 'average girl' or a 'young tramp looking for thrills?' ” She claims she “became” a “whore, a bimbo, a slut and worse”. Became? She already was long before she met Bubba B.J. Clinton. More slop from The Washington Post:
www.washingtonpost.com (5/23/17)

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As far as ground systems, the WSPZ 570 site is one of the better maintained ones. WWRC’s AM 1260 ground system is built over and probably largely destroyed. Plus their middle tower is an FM tower of greater height so the array is uneven. Their signal is probably not nearly as good as it looks on Radio-Locator. Salem doesn’t have typical listeners though and without music, the difference between AM & FM is less an impact. Here’s the WWRC site. It’s in bad shape. www.google.com (5/22/17)

RE: FOX 5/Seth Rich… The lengths that some people will go to continue believing their own BS regarding the Seth Rich case is mind boggling. THE FAMILY HAS ALREADY ADMITTED THEY HIRED WHEELER. RICH’S FATHER’S SIGNATURE IS ON A CONTRACT! All of these reports of him being a Republican political operative are simply talking points handed directly from the DNC to its media cronies. I’ll believe the family and a CONTRACT before I believe an “unnamed source” from today’s media. You basically named all the usual suspects of FAKE NEWS and phony spin. HAHA! If only you realized how foolish you look. It’s like arguing the earth is flat all over again even though you know it is not. Why is the family unhappy with Wheeler? Simple. They are good Democrats and don’t want to see Republicans use their son’s name as a political tool and they can’t believe the DNC could possibly be implicated in his death. But at the same time, they know the murder is not being properly investigated and is just being dumped in a cold case file. The family is between a rock and a hard place, so they’re putting pressure on Wheeler to stop throwing their son’s name under the bus. Would you blame them? (5/22/17)

What a shameless self-promoter David Zurawik is. So CNN had a good 2 weeks in the ratings. Where does Z go on TV? You guessed it, CNN, to predict the downfall of Fox News. If you remember way back, he was on Howard Kurtz’s FOX News program Media Matters to gloat about FNC ratings and CNN/MSNBC’s falling ratings. Personally, I do not like Reliable Sources. It’s more like Unreliable Sources. Brian Stelter is more controlled by CNN management. He never even ever discussed the Donna Brazile fiasco. He just pretends like bad things at CNN never happen. At least Howard Kurtz did both the Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly stories with a healthy dose of criticism. www.baltimoresun.com (5/22/17)

Late-in-the-day FCC news: WTRI (which is apparently still on the air -- who knew) has won approval to further clog up the FM band with a 102.1 translator licensed to Leesburg. It appears the site will be along U.S. 15 south of Leesburg, pointed mostly east to cover the Ashburn/Sterling area. Earlier they tried to stick it on the VA/WV border ridge near Harpers Ferry with a directional signal pointed southeast, which was pretty quickly shot down by Manning as it was close to their 102.1 in Hagerstown. I wonder if WMMJ would be happy with this one. (fcc.gov) (5/22/17)

Dean Dalglish's comments at UMD's Main Commencement Exercise... merrill.umd.edu (5/22/17)

To the guy who thinks that Salem selling 105.1 is a good idea: First of all, the WTEM signal doesn't transfer well into Fairfax and Loudoun counties at night. Yes, AM 570 does a better job for that, but in an era of "push-a-button simplicity (or even "push no button at all" simplicity), who's going to want to change the channel on their commute? You can't assume they will. Also, note how WTOP's ratings improved upon the youth when they went to FM. They want better sound quality. AM audio quality can't compete with FM. HD Radio on AM could fix that issue, but unless you spend the money to keep groundwave emission in top shape, you'll have occasional analog dropouts, and that's no bueno; besides, how many cars have AM HD radios, anyway? But let me let you in on a little secret: AM and FM's real competitor isn't even satellite radio, but podcasts and Internet radio. The variety and depth of selection far outpaces what traditional radio can ever offer. Just plug your phone into the aux or USB jack on your car, and off you go. One final little tidbit: When will carmakers get rid of AM radio equipment, and just rely on FM tuners built into WiFi/Bluetooth chips in modern infotainment systems? I've heard rumors of that eventually happening. Short summary: It would be better for Salem to keep 105.1, and build housing communities on the land they buy. There's guaranteed $$$$ in monthly HOA fees. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (5/22/17)

Hey Dave, I think WMAL's problem isn't with them alone, but with the fact that they're conservative. Conservatives have NEVER been able to do mornings right, either on TV or radio! I'm a big FNC fan, but I found those "Fox & Friends" hosts annoying, just like on WMAL. I want WMAL to adapt a "New Day"-esque format. The only conservative radio show that was even palatable for me was America's Morning News, they should do something like that. From, Amar... P.S. I miss your old Dave TV intro, sometimes I'll walk into a room and say "Hello everybody!" in a goofy voice, it still cracks me up. Please bring it back! (5/22/17)

TVNewser: FOX 5 DC says a source that made claims about a high-profile murder case on Monday is now retracting his statements. The station’s original story featured Rod Wheeler, a private investigator hired by the family of Seth Rich, to look into the circumstances surrounding Rich’s murder last summer. Wheeler told FOX 5 on Monday that he had sources at the FBI confirming there was evidence of communication between Seth Rich, who was a staffer with the Democratic National Committee, and WikiLeaks. Speculation that Rich’s murder was not a botched robbery, as law enforcement has claimed, caused backlash from media outlets and Rich’s family. But last night on the 10 p.m. newscast, Wheeler retracted his original on-the-record statement saying over the phone that it was a “miscommunication.” Local papers and the Rich family called out FOX 5 for airing the original interview, with some calling for a retraction. “The family has relayed their deep disappointment with Rod Wheeler’s conduct over the last 48 hours, and is exploring legal avenues to the family,” a Rich family spokesperson said. (5/22/17)

Section 73.1125(a) requires virtually all AM, FM, and TV broadcast stations to locate their main studio at any location within the station’s community of license; within the principal community contour of any station licensed to the same community of license; or within 25 miles from the reference coordinates of the center of its community of license, whichever it chooses. Nothing in the Rule requires the main studio to be located in the actual city of license. The proposal to eliminate the Rule applies to TV as well as radio. (5/22/17)

washingtonblade.com: “The first reporter from a local U.S. television station who is based in Cuba once worked in D.C. Hatzel Vela, who is a reporter for WPLG, a South Florida television station, and photojournalist Brian Ely have been based in Havana since January. Vela — who was a reporter at WJLA from 2012-2014 — and Ely must return to the U.S. once a month as part of the agreement that WPLG has with the Cuban government. Vela told the Washington Blade on May 17 during a telephone interview from Havana that he is hopeful WPLG will be able to open a permanent bureau on the Communist island”..... (5/22/17)

iHeart stock? The stock market is doing very well. Why is Wall Street avoiding the iHeart stock at just $2.15 per share? I know they have massive debt. Their parent company said recently that "their days are numbered". What does that mean? (5/22/17)

Re: "Regarding Sinclair ..." NO, we don't all agree with you. Rather it is the cynically leftward, increasingly deranged media cabal that has moved society backwards, casting a hateful shadow over all its operations, and working to destroy our duly elected president. A recent Harvard study clearly documents how biased the media has become. And even when they are not showing their bias, there is no balanced news because the time is spent clowning around and/or gossiping about celebrities. (5/22/17)

Even D Magazine (in Dallas) confirmed it was Ed Butowsky who hired Rod Wheeler in the Seth Rich case. Also, NBC News, CNN, and Washingtonian reported it was not the Rich family who hired Mr. Wheeler, but Ed Butowsky. www.dmagazine.com... (5/22/17)

Regarding Sinclair and its cynically rightward political stance: Can't we all agree that a large asset like Sinclair has moved society backwards when it casts a hateful shadow over all its operations, including (formerly) beloved WJLA? What a waste of otherwise versatile community voices. I felt the same way when the law school at George Mason University decided to openly brand itself as conservative, to the exclusion of other points of view. Shameful, third world behavior. -P of the AW (5/22/17)

Is it possible that Salem’s intention is to buy up many of DC’s most powerful AMs in order to sell WAVA 105.1? They do not play much music if at all, and their listeners will find them wherever they are, AM or FM as long as the signal is good. One thing about buying AMs with large transmitter sites, you are buying up valuable land too. The irony of Danny Syder’s business dealings is that he probably could make nearly as much money turning in the licenses and selling the land. Of course, he would be mocked and ridiculed for that, but the deals he’s making are hardly much better. He’s still being mocked and ridiculed anyway. If Salem bought WTEM 980, they would pretty much duplicate the WAVA 105.1 signal at much less cost and have a valuable land investment that is only going to appreciate. They would make a fortune off of selling WAVA 105.1, one of DC's totally non-directional full market FMs with no adjacent interference. Like WAVA, WTEM reaches much of Baltimore too during the daytime. Salem knows how to make money. Danny Snyder has proven he only knows how to run things into the ground. (5/22/17)

RE Washington Post’s Margarett Sullivan & Sinclair: How is Sinclair’s Tribune purchase remotely as far reaching as what the mainstream media of multiple stations in every market favoring President Obama’s every move for 8 years did? If anything, it simply evens the play field very slightly, and certainly doesn’t come anywhere near close to giving right wing media an advantage! (5/22/17)

After 80 years the FCC will no longer require radio stations to have their main studio in their "city of license". For example, iHeart has all their studios now in Rockville, MD. Their stations are licensed to Washington. All of the other group owners have consolated their studios in one location. What other out of date regulations will be changed? (5/22/17)

Sorry to see Brian Wilson go from WMAL. I hope he has something good lined up. Yes, he had some annoying affectations, but I invite YOU to try and fill several hours of rush hour radio every day with the sheer attractiveness of your mind and personality. He probably suffers from some of the afflictions all us mortal earthlings share in our private lives. -The Old Philosopher (5/22/17)

Dave's response: I have new respect for the guys and gals who do the morning shift at area radio and TV stations. You've got to come in at something like 3 AM to get ready for your on-air shift that starts at 4:30 or 5. And that means you have to get up at 2 AM or earlier to get dressed and get into work. And, as someone in their 50s, it's really hard to screw with your body's natural sleep patterns as you get older.....

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Hi Dave--thanks for your review of Brian Wilson's departure from WMAL. I have to disagree with your conclusion, though, that Brian and Larry made a good team. To my ear, the tension between them was obvious. Haven't quite figured out why, but I'm thinking that Brian felt he was the senior partner and that he was being upstaged by the younger (and frankly, quicker of mind) Larry. Too, Larry was always a little more willing to depart from the morning script (note his freer form during his afternoon show), and didn't hesitate to put Brian on the spot when he disagreed with Brian and Brian couldn't quite defend his position--both of which I suspect got under Brian's skin. I think Brian finally came to resent Larry. And again, I disagree with your conclusion that Mary and Brian don't (or didn't) work as well as a team. I found them working pretty comfortably together. All that said, I'm not a fan of Brian primarily because of his affectation of stuttering before every word that starts with a vowel. A small complaint, perhaps, but over time I found it more and more irritating. Finally, I'm one of those 5% who listen to WMAL on AM. Hey, I'm old, and old habits are hard to break! (5/21/17)

The Washington Post’s resident Trump media hater Margaret Sullivan bitches up a storm about Sinclair with “Sinclair’s TV deal would be good for Trump. And his new FCC is clearing the way.” No word from her about the COMCAST/Universal/NBC/PMSNBC deal or that mega-media conglomerate DCRTV World Wide merging with Dave TV. More from the dowdy Ms. Sullivan: www.washingtonpost.com (5/21/17)

RE WMAL signal: While they will gain Germantown, Barnesville, & Leesburg, WMAL is going to lose a large part of northern VA including that huge null to Reston. Mannasass will be terrible. Even Fairfax will be iffy. I don’t see why WMAL needs these huge nulls to the south honestly. I can only assume its a necessity because the tower array is not exactly designed for the station. The property is quite huge and probably has enough space for another tower or a tower re-allignment, but that of course would be costly and probably out of the question. They’re definitely not keeping anything near the same night time contour. It doesn’t appear as if they even care about the AM side anymore. (5/21/17)

Dave's response: Shhhh. Don't tell anybody but 95% of WMAL's audience doesn't even know or care that they're on 630 AM. Almost everybody who listens to WMAL tunes to 105.9 FM, which penetrates deep into Virginia, where the station's core audience is. The only listeners who will lose out are in places like Laurel and Columbia who rely on 630 AM due to the short spacing with and interference from Baltimore's 105.7. They'll probably be OK during the day but at night they'll have to flip over to Baltimore's WCBM on 680 for their Mark Levin fix.....

RE WMAL & FOX News/FOX 5: If the private investigator was hired by political operatives, then why do they have a signed document with Seth Rich’s father’s signature on it? Is that fake too? The family has not even denied hiring the guy! So stop with the madness. Talk about nutty Trump haters! Come up with a real reason next time. Now that CNN is out of the news reporting business, you should get a job with them. They’re only hiring news “predictors” now. LOL (5/21/17)

If Salem moves their talk format from 1260 AM over to WSPZ 570 AM, what will they put on 1260 AM? Salem has a large investment in AM Stations in DC. $4.1 Million for 1260 AM and $2.1 Million for WSPZ. Then there is $20 Million for WAVA-FM and $4.1 Million for 780 AM. There must be more money in Religious Programming than we thought. Salem has invested a total of $30,300,000 in DC stations. (5/21/17)

The new Night Time Signal with just 2,700 Watts, on WMAL, will only cover Germantown at Night with their city-grade signal. Not very good for sports at night or talk! Remember when WMAL 630 AM was the number one station in DC. (5/21/17)

RE: "Does anyone at the FCC have any radio experience?" Does our President have experience with anything besides bankrupting companies? Evidently. experience does not apply anymore in DC. (5/21/17)

For the DCRTV record, the FBI is not involved in the Seth Rich investigation. Numerous calls to the FBI press office regarding this investigation have been reffered by th FBI BACK to Metropolitan Police because the FBI press office states the FBI is not involved. The press office also stated to NBC and CNN it was not the FBI that did the forensic analysis on Mr. Rich's laptop. Also, the "detective" who first voiced the allegations has walked them back, saying he was pressured by Fox News to make those claims. Fox News aired the claims before talking with the MPD or FBI. (5/21/17)

Mr. Rich's family did not hire and pay for a private detective. Mr. Wheeler was hired by a Texas Conservative businessman, and Fox News and Breitbart contributor, Ed Butowsky. (5/21/17)

Does anyone at the FCC have any radio experience? They are now deciding what rules to keep and what rules to discard. I think you will find that most of the people have never been inside a radio station! What qualification do they have to make these decisions? (5/21/17)

New WMAL listening area, once it transmits from Germantown. Daytime (10 kW) contour: radio-locator.com... Nighttime (2.7 kW) contour: radio-locator.com... Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (5/21/17)

When does WMAL 630 AM move their tower site to Germantown? What will their new coverage look like from this new tower site? Day & Night? (5/21/17)
Dave's response: Someone sent us this graphic a while back.....

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\/ May 20 Messages \/

I noticed that WFSI (Family Radio) will enter back into the local FM airwaves with the "importation" of W282BT on 106.9 from State College, PA. The 106.9 MHz signal will have 110 watts, hitting a good part of Baltimore from an antenna on one of the WFSI towers. What I was really surprised to find out is that WFSI AM 860 is a daytime-only signal. Yet, how many times have I heard this signal overnight, conflicting with Radio Canada Toronto (CBC French) also on 860? Does not the FCC care? Heck, there monitoring station is at Laurel. An AM DXer in Gambrills, MD (5/20/17)

Dave's response: 860 has long had an official authorization of a few watts at night to cover the core Baltimore market. I'm sure it doesn't have enough power to reach Hunt Valley, much less Canada after dark.....

Danny Snyder should have sued Bennett Zier for fraud for that scatter-brained idea to make AM 730 a Class B 28kw-D/20kw-N watt station and fight a Canadian FCC treaty! I downloaded a copy of that application just for fun and laughs. It would have been an amazing signal if it didn’t violate an international treaty! HAHA I’m shocked the FCC still has it on file. fcc.gov (5/20/17)

P of the AW, thank you for mentioning Thomas Goldsmith and the story of how WTTG got its callsign. wikipedia.org... ~~ Blair in Alexandria.
[RE Brian Wilson leaving WMAL:] Just like when Donnie Simpson's contract was not renewed, and just like when Don Geronimo left the air, the outporing of love, respect and tributes willl... Oh wait - it is WMAL. Nobody will care. It is a cesspool over there. (5/20/17)

[RE Brian Wilson leaving WMAL:] How many ex WMAL DC talent have gone onto bigger and better things? I cant think of any except for Grandy. (5/20/17)

[RE Brian Wilson leaving WMAL:] God only knows what he'll do next... Surfing USA? (5/20/17)

[RE Brian Wilson leaving WMAL:] If they keep Mary, wonder who the next guy is. O'Reilly looking for work... (5/20/17)

[RE Brian Wilson leaving WMAL:] It sounds like Brian was just ready to leave the station. He had spoken openly about being able to retire. He may be ready to settle down in a little shack in Florida. (5/20/17)

The last purchase of radio stations Red Zebra made was from iHeart that included WTEM 980 AM, WWRC 1260 AM and WSPZ 570 AM in 2008. They sold WWRC to Salem in 2002 for $4.1 Million and WSPZ in 2017 for $2.1 Million. What value are they asking for WTEM 980 AM? (5/20/17)

In May 2006, Red Zebra paid $33 million for 3 stations .......730 AM, 92.7 FM and 94.3 FM. This was just before the Radio Market crashed in 2008. They bought them from Mega. When Obama was elected in 2008, people thought the market price for radio stations would come back quickly. It never came happened! (5/20/17)

To the one saluting WTTG's 72nd anniversary, don't forget their brilliant engineer and call letters namesake Thomas T. Goldsmith. He lived to a very advanced age and continued to be a source for good in the industry the whole time. P of the AW (5/20/17)

[RE Brian Wilson leaving WMAL:] Not sure why he was let go, but the banter between him and his new partner is hard to listen to, and she has the personality of an eggplant... (5/20/17)

RE: Fox News/Fox 5 DC & Sex Rich… Follow the money. First the $130,000 reward. Then, I’m sure Wikileaks issues $20,000 rewards for most DC burglaries right? There’s also a $25,000 reward for information from DC police/the family. However, strangely the DC police refuse to discuss the case with any media as if they have no interest in solving it. That is why the family hired its own private investigator. More money. If there was no there there, why all the money being thrown around? Only a moron would conclude this is just a normal mugging. Even the DNC hasn’t necessarily denied he had some Wikileaks emails nor has the family. The family is desperately trying to keep everything private as you would expect and don’t want to see his name smeared. They’re even denying they hired a private investigator, but a signed document by his father proves they did hire the person. Finally, how often is the FBI involved in a normal mugging? (5/20/17)

My analysis of why Brian Wilson is gone from Cumulus news talker WMAL after six years. The DC radio and TV political reporter veteran - Fox News and Channel 5/WTTG - informed everyone yesterday via Twitter that his journey with WMAL is over. No official word yet from station management. Did he get fired or quit? In today's DC media edition of "Dave TV"..... (5/20/17)

Hi Dave. Will Bill Hess send out some formal communication announcing "Brian Wilson is no longer with us"? Also his name is still on the website. Any word on if Mrs. Fred will join the show, or will it be called "Mary in the Mornings"? (5/20/17)

Dave's response: I did notice that Brian's image is still on the WMAL website. But, according to his Twitter page, he's gone.....

It was stunning to see the price for WSPZ 570 at only $2 million. Snyder has managed to take 6 stations that cost him nearly $60 million 10 years ago, and now sell 5 of those 6 for under $5 million combined. Salem, Radio One, and EMF should all get together to laugh and toast champagne that this idiot ever got into the radio business. What a disgrace. From Bennett Zier to Rick Carmean, and now clowns like Terry Bateman and Chip Ford running Red Zebra. Amazing incompetence. (5/20/17)

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"Another Snyder radio station bites the dust. Do I hear 3 cheers." For another decent signal and an OK sports format going the way of right-wing/Christian talk? Sorry, no cheers from me. AM 570 (like 1260 before it) was a great heritage signal before it was allowed to go fallow -- a piece of DC broadcasting history, now lost forever to Salem's "no one listens to this crap" programming. And, BTW, to the various entities throughout the years who claimed they really wanted to put something unique on DC's airwaves if only they could find a signal to purchase .... you've been exposed. (5/19/17)

Earlier this week, Fox News, Fox 5 DC, and WMAL ran with a made up story that Seth Rich, the 27-year-old Democratic National Committee staffer who was killed last summer in Washington, DC was not the victim of an apparent botched robbery. Fox News, Fox 5 DC, and WMAL stated it was in fact Rich who last summer provided WikiLeaks with more than 44,000 DNC emails concerning mostly finances and the Hillary and Sanders campaigns. (The emails that were hacked, were hacked by Russians, according to U.S. intelligence agencies.) No, Chris Plante, the Clintons did not have Rich murdered. And no, Larry O'Connor, there hasn’t been a sprawling political cover-up. None of the salacious allegations that Fox News, Fox 5 DC, and WMAL, peddled earlier this week were based in reality. THe reports were just a faux gotcha type of hearsay reporting, according to sources close to the investigation. This situation is as bad as when Larry O'Connor and John Bonbozo on WMAL claimed a dirty cop who committed suicide was "murdered by the "Black Lives Matter" movement. "Black Lives Matter, you have blood on your hands," "Larry the Fable Guy" said on air before knowing the cop was caught embezzling funds from police-youth charities. Remember how Larry tried to destroy Shirley Sherrod's life for political points? Well, she sued him for that, and won. Now, Larry was caught again smearing and lying about someone for his own political gain, only this time, Larry was sick and devious enough to pick a dead guy to be the recipient of Larry's dirty and disgusting deeds. Larry, what you did this week proves, again, you are a sick and evil man. And don't get me started on the half witt Chris Plante. I am making quotations with my fingers...Oh, never mind. (5/19/17)

DCRTV Mailbaggers who have followed the ups & downs of FNC’s Bob Beckel will not be surprised to learn that B-1 Bob has yet another down: he’s been fired (again) from “The Five” for an allegedly – wait for it – “racist” remark. Bob, who is an admitted drug and alcohol abuser may be off the wagon again soon: perhaps he now could be considered to replace Sean Spicer at The White House! More on Bob’s firing: www.huffingtonpost.com (5/19/17)

Happy 72nd birthday, WTTG. wikipedia.org... Early years - The station traces its history to May 19, 1945, when television set and equipment manufacturer Allen B. DuMont founded W3XWT, the second experimental station in the nation's capital (after NBC's W3XNB, forerunner to WRC-TV). ~~ Blair in Alexandria, who remembers when WTTG was a DuMont station. (5/19/17)

FCC security guards manhandle reporter, eject him from meeting for asking questions ~~ www.washingtonpost.com ~~ Blair in Alexandria (5/19/17)

Another Snyder radio station bites the dust. Do I hear 3 cheers. Thank you. And if he gets rid of 980 AM then the air is clear of nonsense radio. I know the folks at 980 AM try hard but I think it is so much better to have interaction with sports fans of the area. Not enough of interaction on that station. So, goodbye, soon, to WTEM which didn't appear in the last set of ratings DCRTV Dave put up. (5/19/17)

Dave's response: If it's Salem that's buying WSPZ, I would expect them to put their conservative talk format, The Answer, on it. The 570 signal provides much better day and night coverage into Northern Virginia than does 1260, WWRC.....

About the WSPZ 570 buyers group, everyone appears to be a member of Salem Media, but i couldn’t immediately tell if the LLC is independent, a division of Salem, or just a front to avoid radio ownership limits, but it’s definitely all people from Salem included in the group. I assume the sports format will be gone soon. (5/19/17)

Dave's response: See my response above.....

Check out the two new signs on WMAL's building on Jenifer Street in NW DC..."Cumulus" and "Westwood One News". Cumulus is the parent company. Westwood One News...which now broadcasts network newscasts out of the currently under-renovation CBS bureau on M Street...is moving to Jenifer Street in late June. A state-of-the-art radio newsroom is being installed there as you read this. Westwood One News is gaining more affiliates as other network news operations...such as AP Radio...cut back or shut down. (5/19/17)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Sales Account Executive sought for Annapolis full-service radio station. Sales experience required, preferably in media advertising sales. Applicant will meet with local business decision-makers and advertising agencies to coordinate advertising/marketing plans using broadcast, internet and social media. Applicant must be creative and self-motivated. Knowledge of local market required. Compensation includes salary plus commission. Fax resume to 410-268-5360, or email resume to jobs@wnav.com. EOE M/F (5/19/17)

FCC News: Looks like Danny Snyder’s Red Zebra has sold another radio station, this time WSPZ AM 570, and its 58 acres of land to a group called AM 570 LLC, which appears to be controlled by Salem. Of course this includes the WMAL tower site lease agreement, assuming nothing happens with that. (5/19/17)

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I really loved that interview at WRDE NBC Coast TV! I really like what the upstart scrappy TV station does. They also show The St. Patricks Day Parade in Ocean City live every year with actual reporters and cameras. The others don't. Walt Barcus came very close to admitting what I’ve already reported. WRDE ownership has purchased an existing construction permit on channel 19 to solve the TV repack situation where they will lose channel 31 and be forced off the air. Also WMDT’s WGDV 32 station of sub-channels will lose that channel to WBOC which has to move from 21 to 32, and WMDT 47 will end up on channel 29 from 47. The problem with channel 19 historically is that channel 18 is used for land mobile use in major cities, meaning everything from police to the Secret Service in DC! So the permit for channel 19 in Salisbury was held up for many years because no adjacent channel interference from TV 17 or 19 is allowed around Washington DC. You won’t find a lot online about this because it’s part of post-911 FCC decisions and not clearly noted in the Spectrum map. — BaltoMedia.net (5/18/17)

RE: “I interview Walt Barcus, who runs the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware area's NBC affiliate, WRDE.....” OMYGAWD DCRTVDJDAVE: Walt Barcus looks just like Roger Ailes! (5/18/17)

I interview Walt Barcus, who runs the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware area's NBC affiliate, WRDE..... (5/18/17)

Has Comcast dumped the MOVIES Channel? Ch 200 is now Heroes & Icons and the Buzz ch is on 197 and 264. (5/18/17)

Dave's response: Maybe 5 & 20 (soon to be Fox 5 Plus) are moving their subchannels around. It might not be Comcast's fault. I'm here in Rehoboth Beach and can't check for myself.....

To clear up history, here are the facts. I was sadly around both stations for a lot of this. 94.3 was WQRA, locally owned until 1996 when Bill Parris purchased it and changed it from AC to Oldies. The WINX calls came late in 1996. In 1997, Billy sold 94.3 to Bonneville for 2.4 million. 94.3 was the first (recent history) home for WTOP. Bonneville wanted a better stick, so they traded 94.3 and a ton of cash to Uncle Syd for 107.7 WRCY. 94.3 became WUPP "Up Country" and then quickly became WPLC "The Pulse" with a neat Hot AC format. It then became WBZS FM, simulcasting (for a while) with 730 WBZS under Mega. In 2006, Danny Boy bought them (and 92.7) from Mega for a shit ton of money (33 million). After 980 was purchased, 730 became ESPN Deportes, the Spanish language service of ESPN. Red Zebra was making no money off that format, so oldies (first in house, then ABC Satellite) was place on the station. This lasted about two weeks. Bruce Houston purchased the station and the WTNT call letters from Red Zebra - and on the same day the Zeeb abandoned conservative talk on 570, Cousin Brucie picked up the entire lineup for 730 and called it "The Truth". Within a year, 730 was back to a Spanish format under the Houston family. (5/18/17)

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The Baltimore Sun newspaper turn 180 years old today. It is not Baltimore's oldest newspaper, but it is the city's oldest Penny newspaper as it was launched when the town's other newspapers cost more to buy and had smaller circulations. The newspaper, now owned by Tronc (a spinoff of Tribune, Inc.) goes back to 1837 and was founded by A.S. Abell, the same company that put Maryland's first television station on the air, WMAR Channel 2. darkroom.baltimoresun.com (5/17/17)

560 AM in Frostburg? They might simulcast Redskins games but Danny Boy doesn’t own WFRB, does he? I thought WTEM is the only AMer in Red Zebra nation. (5/17/17)

Dave's response: Was a typo for 570 WSPZ.....

Is Snyder only going to have 980 & 560 AM to mess-up with all these deals? Since I have not tuned to 980 AM in a lifetime, I am sure it is no better than the bottom of the barrel it has been. And Dave, I see those ratings show Federal News Radio, WFED, 1500 AM, is listed AND NOT 'WTEM' 980 AM. I see a late night joke there somewhere. (5/17/17)

When 94.3 starts broadcasting k-love, I dont see it standing a chance against WGTS (as a previous poster noted). What concerns me is WPER. Like 94.3, PER is western northern VA, and the same contemporary christian music format. But its a weaker station than 94.3 I hope WPERs local announcers during drive time help it stand firm against this commercial competition. - Roger (5/17/17)

Is iHeart stock a good buy at just $2.10 per share? Their parent says "there is substantial doubt it will survive another year". What do you think? Their Massive Debt is the demon. (5/17/17)

"How many stations is EMF on in the greater Petersburg/Richmond area now? Half a dozen full powered FM frequencies?" I think EMF owns five stations there - another one of Danny Snyder's rimshots which he was running under LMA (100.5 FM Goochland), a couple they picked up from Alpha Media, plus two non-coms. Three or four of them broadcast K-love. Massive waste of signals if you ask me. (5/17/17)

WWXX 94.3 in Warrenton is a Class A Station with 3,000 Watts. When the new owner puts their K-Love Format (Christian Music) on they will be in competition with WGTS 91.9, which is a Class B Station with 50,000 Watts in DC. WGTS has been getting very good ratings in DC. The big difference is that WGTS covers the entire market and WWXX only covers half the market. (5/17/17)

I must admit that I wasn't paying close attention to WJLA's crawl line this morning, but it seemed that they had a list of MARYLAND Metro stations that are closed, including DEANWOOD and MINNESOTA AVENUE. Does anybody there care whether or not they get details right? (5/17/17)

For the poster who wonders what will happen to must-carry in the repack: Rules aren't finalized, but the FCC has pretty much concluded that ATSC 1.0 channels will remain subject to must carry, under existing rules. ATSC 3.0 channels won't be subject to any must carry rules. However, any TV station that wants to move to ATSC 3.0, regardless of whether they currently invoke must carry or not, will have to make an agreement to air their x.1 channel on an ATSC 1.0 channel. Basically, must-carry of some sort will continue for years to come, post-repack. Source: www.commlawblog.com... Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (5/17/17)

Dear Comrade Brian Wilson! Greetings from Moscow! On behalf of our respected leader, Vladimr P, we wish to extend our warmest thank yous to you, the other beach boys Larry, Chris, and Billy, along with your hotel room lady friend Mary, for all that you do in support of the Russian State! Our President is quite pleased! While what you call "fake news" journalists have notined that every time comrade Trump has a made a mistake - it has to do with Russia, you and your fellow loyalists have have done your best to steer the conversation away from the Russian bear in the room. President P listens to your radio program on internet and is quite happy with what you show. Our intelligent people have told us in the next few days, things will get very interesting times. We trust that you will continue calling it the fake news and leaving the Russian peoiple out of it. You have done a great job so far. We want to extend a invitation to Summer Palace in Saint Petersbug to you to personally reciev thank you from the President. Saint Petersburg is beautiful in the summer and Vladimir would like to reward with local ladies who will show you a hotel room. We understand you like that. Again thank you for supporting us and remember when interesting times come in the next couple weeks, we adore that you keep personally telling Putins side of the story alone. ??????? ???????, Misha. (5/17/17)

Red Zebra Broadcasting....The "Albert Haynesworth of Radio!!" (5/17/17)

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94.3 was “Up Country”, ran by Syd Abel, the former owner of Thunder 107.7. Tried to be an all upbeat country station. Then, it was The Pulse 94.3 and ran the former Waitt Radio Networks Hot A/C format for awhile, before Mega bought it. It was local a few hours a day. Would really have liked to have seen a local mainstream radio format return to Northern Virginia. And Jesus Christ, how many stations is EMF on in the greater Petersburg/Richmond area now? Half a dozen full powered FM frequencies? MLB4 (5/16/17)

"WWXX 94.3 FM -- in a previous life -- the old original "Thunder Country" based in Manassas around 1995-96? Or am I thinking of someone else? Dave's response: No, that was 107.7, now the Warrenton area WTOP simulcast." Actually, IIRC, Thunder Country started on 107.7, succeeding an Oldies format. WTOP's first foray onto the FM band was 94.3, and there was an eventual swap of the 94.3 and 107.7 signals. The Thunder Country format was on 94.3 for a year or two. At some point, Mega or some such outfit bought 94.3, and flipped it to Spanish. Then Snyder swooped in and overpaid for it. Another recollection: After Snyder got a hold of AM 980, he relaunched AM 730 as an oldies station. Clear-as-a bell signal for us Southern FFX County-ers. They had jingles and sweepers, and it sounded really good. It lasted exactly one week, until Snyder sold the station to a Spanish-language broadcaster, who immediately flipped it to whatever variety of Spanish-language music it plays today. As for the person who opined, "The K-Love Format will be a nice addition to the Northern Virginia area"... to each his own I guess. Christian music doesn't seem under-represented here. (91.9, 104.1, 105.1.) Just for the sake of programming diversity, it would've been nice if someone interested in putting, say, rock oldies, country oldies or AAA/Americana on the air had purchased the station. (5/16/17)

Dave's response: You are quite correct. WTOP's Virginia similcast was originally on 94.3. But I do remember Warrenton's 94.3 as WQRA, with a music and talk format, oldies WINX (paired with 1600 in Rockville), and alt pop "The Pulse" WPLC. But I don't remember the WRCY rockin' country format on 94.3, just on 107.7.....

Is WMAL really out of touch? It is true that impeachment doesn’t have to involve a criminal act as The Washington Post and CNN point out every day in their various anti-Trump diatribes. They are convinced they can enact political change, er, actual regime change, through smear tactics, and fear mongering. But this can also backfire. As a recent poll pointed out, if the election were to happen again today even with the new circumstances, Trump would still win the same states, minus 1 possibly. He would lose the popular vote by more probably, but still win enough electoral votes. The reason is the media approval rating poll numbers are even worse than his and Congress! No one trusts anyone in the media anymore. They’ve blown their credibility. They are the most hated now. You can believe all your “Inside the Beltway” thinking all you want, but Trump has already proven that even a circus like campaign & administration can still beat “Inside the Beltway” thinking. If people in the Washington DC market chose our President, there probably wouldn’t have been a Republican elected in my lifetime nor even such a party any more! (5/16/17)

[RE: DCRTV Mailbag factcheck: WTEM, WWRC, and WTNT were purchased from Clear Channel for 24.5 million in 2008. WBZS, WBPS, and WKDL, were purchased from Mega in 2006 for 33 million.] Wow! All I can say is he paid to much for a bunch of second tier stations! Tom R. (5/16/17)

DCRTV Mailbag factcheck: WTEM, WWRC, and WTNT were purchased from Clear Channel for 24.5 million in 2008. WBZS, WBPS, and WKDL, were purchased from Mega in 2006 for 33 million. (5/16/17)

Hey Dave, I think the $32M for the Snyder stations may have included WTEM at the time. He was in a deal or negotiating a deal to buy 104.1FM with an almost full market coverage for $42M back in the day. He thought the price was too high according to news reports at the time. Ended up buying two rim shots and 730AM. Tom R. (5/16/17)

Wasn't WWXX 94.3 FM -- in a previous life -- the old original "Thunder Country" based in Manassas around 1995-96? Or am I thinking of someone else? (5/16/17)

Dave's response: No, that was 107.7, now the Warrenton area WTOP simulcast.....

950 AM has done its disappearing act again. (5/16/17)

Dave - forget the Moon...head over to the Purple Parrot Grill on Rehoboth Avenue; fun place to hang and get to know the locals. As for radio stations, tune into 97.1, The Wave in Ocean City for classic 60s, 70s and 80s. You may also like "Bulldog" in the morning on Ocean 98 (98.1 WOCM at Seacrets). WGMD (92.7) is small market news/talk in Rehoboth with mediocre talent, including former morning host Dan Gaffney and another mid-day whack job by the name of Morris. I think a former CBS Radio dude was an owner. (5/16/17)

Would someone knowledgeable about the TV spectrum repacking assure me that the full force of the longstanding "must carry" concept will still rule for cable outlets? That thing has had an outsized role in TV station valuations and I can't believe the industry would shed it carelessly. (5/16/17)

To the guy warbling that there must be a crime committed before an impeachment can stick, it ain't so. Read up. It is basically a political judgment. If an elected official is so clumsy that he makes everyone hate him, he can be impeached. And it will make for great TV! (The last sentence offered to justify posting on this broadcast-oriented site!) (5/16/17)

Reason: " During the 2016 campaign, at no time was Donald Trump under a criminal investigation." I cannot tell you when the FBI-Russia investigation began to focus on Donald Trump. The CI doesn't reveal that information. But I can tell you an investigation into Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort was underway during the 2016 campaign, and there were investigations focusing on Michael Flynn in 2014-2015 ( young Russian girlfriend, perhaps?). The Secret Service in 2016 was investigating Trump's campaign comment about "Second Amendment People," and Hillary Clinton, and the FBI was investigating Trump's comments on asking the Russians to hack Hillary's 30,000 emails. FOI requests to the FBI in August and September of 2016 asking the FBI for expedited information on any Trump investigation were returned with a "Glomar Response" at the end of November, after the election. So, it can be said, your declaration is not well grounded. For more misinformation, listen to Chris Plante on WMAL. (5/16/17)

If Cumulus were smart, they would buy WSPZ 570 AM since they will be diplexing with them with WMAL 630 AM. Their Tower Site is in Germantown, MD. (5/16/17)

My favorite Daniel Snyder / Red Zebra radio moment was when he decided from bad advice from Bennett Zier to take on the Canadian Government and challenge the clear channel (technical, not company) status of AM 730 and tried to make DC’s AM 730 a Class B powerful DC AM radio station of over 20kw with a night time signal. Whatever clowns were involved found some loophole that was immediately closed because it involved international relations and treaties! From then on, everyone should have known it was going to go downhill from there. — BaltoMedia.net (5/16/17)

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I see that Red Zebra has sold WWXX 94.3 in Warrenton to EMF. What was the sale price? The K-Love Format will be a nice addition to the Northern Virginia area. (5/15/17)

iHeart Stock Price drops again today. Now down to just $2.06 per share. I understand why iHeart does not want to flag this. It is sad. (5/15/17)

Can this be true? Red Zebra paid $33 million for WTNT 730 AM, WWXT 92.7 and WWXX 94.3 in May, 2006. They just sold WWXX 94.3 for $250,000. What does this mean now? They sold these three stations for just $2,750,000. So Red Zebra has a LOSS of $30 Million on the sale of these three stations! CAN THIS BE TRUE? (5/15/17)

If it wasn't for the fact that Cumulus could go belly-up alongside iHeart, they would be a logical buyer for WTEM/WSPZ. (5/15/17)

[RE EMF buying Snyder's 94.3:] Daniel Snyder has the reverse Midas touch. (5/15/17)

[RE EMF buying Snyder's 94.3:] I remember when K-Love came here to Philly in Aug 2013. They ended up on 106.9 which was Family Radio for decades. Then for a couple of years before they came, they were Conservative Talk IQ1069. For a time you heard the same programming on 106.9 and low powered 89.5 in Cherry Hill, NJ which didn't last too long. (5/15/17)

[RE EMF buying Snyder's 94.3:] I hate EMF. Not because they're a Christian organization, but because they buy radio stations, and fire everyone there. (5/15/17)

I'm glad my radio career was short lived, otherwise it would have been a lifetime of misery moving from town to town for minimal $$. Radio is basically dead. (5/15/17)

[RE EMF buying Snyder's 94.3:] We don't need any more Christian stations or Spanish stations. (5/15/17)

EMF has it figured out. They get good numbers. Probably not a good enough of a signal on 94.3 to run at WGTS though. (5/15/17)

I enjoyed the parallels between sports and media drawn by Ted Leonsis in the Multichannel article. Perhaps he has a disdain for the old or traditional media; a point not mentioned in the story. Friday night the Wizards played in a game 7 of the NBA East semi-finals. In areas such as Manassas and Warrenton...it was impossible to hear the game on the radio. Seriously, is there any other NBA franchise so constricted by poor radio broadcast coverage? At least you could hear the game in Baltimore on 1500AM. Yes. Even worse a game 7 last week in the NHL. I could only hear the game on WWDC HD2 or the pipsqueek translator on 104.7. Come on. Who in their right mind can even consider Washington a hockey town when the President's Cup winner isn't even on local radio? If Leonsis cared about the local fans: the games would be on the radio. (5/15/17)

The importance of the actual TV channels that stations use is because it affects Free Over the Air TV for all Americans and it is something that people should be interested in, that is, in my opinion. How much do people trust the government to protect over the air Free TV in America? The current TV stations owners now know where they stand as far as the repack. The next few months will be interesting as there will be disputes and emergency interference and loss of signal claims in all likelihood depending on how good the FCC engineers did this repack. There will almost certainly be winners and losers. (5/15/17)

The MSM parsing words on the phrase “criminal investigation.” This is more simple than people want it to be. During the 2016 campaign, at no time was Donald Trump under a criminal investigation. Period. Unlike Hillary Clinton, FBI Director James Comey, at no time EVER, has stated that Donald Trump was under criminal investigation. He did state that Hillary Clinton was multiple times. Trump was never a target and at this point STILL IS NOT! An investigation is just what it is, an investigation, in this case into Russian intelligence abuses. Stop playing Bill Clinton word games. Any prosecution of the President of course includes an impeachment, but you have to have a criminal case, crime, & target first! If you listen to CNN or MSNBC, you’ll think we can just jump over all that unimportant part of finding a crime and just start the impeachment NOW! How silly you sound. Sure, there is a lot of smoke. The problem is you’re all smoking the same shit and blowing it around in circles! Did you find the sealed indictments with Rachel Madcow trying to find Trump’s hidden tax treasures? Talk about fantasy world! I’ve not even seen any news report of even a Grand Jury yet, so how could there be sealed indictments? This is what happens when people get all their news from blogs. In the 1970s, people spaced out from dropping acid. Today, you can space out just from reading Moveon.org. :-) (5/15/17)

One of the ironies of Sinclair pushing ATSC 3.0 so fiercely is that none of their TV stations even live stream their own newscasts or offer them for later viewing and all of their stations’ websites are lame as shit! The only thing they did with the WJLA ABC 7 website was to dumb it down to their own corporate structured web design, boring, non-interactive. Many of the things that SBG is pushing for are things they are TOO CHEAP to do now with existing technology! It’s almost too funny when you think about it. (5/15/17)

Dave, How is life in Rehoboth? Have you gotten to the Moon for happy hour? Real quick on WMAL: You frequently post comments after listening to their programming. But I'm not sure why. As a longtime Washingtonian media guy, you know that the station's glory days ended long ago. Unlike when they were a real part of the media fabric, MAL now is just rightwang haters preaching to a relatively small and angry audience. It's not news when someone on AM 630 says something ignorant. Time to let it go, Dave. (5/15/17)

Dave's response: Well, I haven't been listening as much to WMAL now that I'm here in Delaware. I do get WAMU just great on 88.3, WRAU, from Ocean City. So that's where my radio dial is usually parked these days. As for the Moon, no, haven't been there.....

In case you missed it, I wanted to flag that Ted [Leonsis] has an opinion piece running in the Upfronts Issue of Broadcasting and Cable this morning on the intersection of sports and media... www.multichannel.com (5/15/17)

Hey Dave, according to the Huffington Post, former WMAL contracted news commentator KT McFarland recently slipped President Trump a fake Time magazine piece on the upcoming ice age. If KT is willing to present the President with misinformation, how much misinformation do you think she was she proudly dishing out for years on WMAL? Stay tuned to WMAL for full details-NOT! (5/15/17)

To the person commenting on Saturday night's newscast... welcome to the world of newscast automation. 4 and all the NBC O&O's are fully automated TV stations and their newscasts are controlled by computer codes and a single person pushing a button. Therefore, majority of the technical errors seen have to do with either coding or a change in the rundown during the show that wasn't properly recoded. The other issue I see is around the animation heavy NBC O&O graphic package. I worked for an ABC O&O almost a decade ago, when they switched to IGNITE the system used by all ABC owned stations and at the network level, we had regular "IGNITEMARES" but now when I watch that station, it appears a lot less buggy. (5/15/17)

Someone asked rhetorically why the FCC "awarded" 3 additional HD sub-channels to every full power FM station, and apparently doesn't like what many of them are broadcasting on them, implying that they should be illegal. Having up to 4 HD channels (the 1st has to be a simulcast of the analog output) is a technical specification of digital output on FM just like Stereo, not an award like a license; it's what every FM licensee is allowed to do, and they can split the bandwidth however they want, and have as few as zero HD channels if they want. For example, WBJC has exactly one HD channel; WETA's HD3, for whatever reason, is their main channel delayed by 30 seconds. In some small towns there are no HD sub-channels at all. Anyway, those stations can put whatever they want that is not forbidden by the few content rules on those channels; they can get the content from anywhere that they want; those sub-channels are not in any way translators or repeaters, they are just content carriers. Just as some stations get much of their content on analog from NPR, others can get it on HD-n from Sputnik Radio, Hope Church, an out-of-town station like WFAN, or a guy playing records (okay, MP3s) from his phone patched into the board. They are not translators, they are just where the station gets its content from. The only content requirement, other than whatever they FCC has decided over the years is obscene, is an ID within 10 minutes (or is it 8?) of the hour. -- Carl in Olney (5/15/17)

Dave's response: “the 5% of viewers who watch via antenna” . Try over 17% exclusively get TV from antenna back in 2012. From what I understand more people each year since then have cut the cable. The number is likely to be even higher today. I have seen several articles written recently and all show an increase in OTA viewing. In no recent article do I find as little as 5%. Look for yourself. Do a search for Percent of people using OTA antennas for TV viewing. The article I have a link to is a press release, so no copyright problem to use it as an example. www.nab.org (5/15/17)

No "criminal investigation" into President Trump? Well that is really playing a word-smith. You can't really arrest the President without impeaching him first. So the goal is to provide enough evidence for the impeachment route, then, well let us just say Trump apologists will have egg on their face, comrades. Sealed indictments are now being held by a federal judge in Northern VA. Either you are I are living in a fantasy world. It will be fun to see who is right. I am not an insider. I operate heavy machinery for a living and even I know what is really going on. (5/15/17)

"And the idiot sports guy leads with last night's Bullets win over the Celtics. Only 26 hours old." I've seen this sloppy work from time to time too over at NBC 4. Message to poster: They haven't been the Bullets since 1995. At least the idiot sports guy knows that. I guess this dude still refers to the Nationals as the Expos. (5/15/17)

According to a recent study, antenna usage has gone up from 9% to 15% in just the last couple years. So it’s not just 5% anymore. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s only 5% in the snobby Washington market. Some of these people may also have some cable or programming package elsewhere, but more people definitely cutting the cord. This is why I’m hoping the FCC doesn’t screw up this repack or ATSC 3.0 rollout. ATSC 3.0 should improve indoor and mobile reception greatly with the better transmission method. Right now, no converter coupons for consumers are planned, but I hope this changes. The advantages of ASTC 3.0 are ten-fold over ATSC 1.0 or even the never really implemented ATSC 2.0. 4K, higher frame rates for sports that can change on the fly, double the channels. Conceivably, you should be able to watch most local TV stations on any smart phone. Imagine how many people will walk into Lamp posts, fountains, into traffic or off the road when that’s possible! HAHA! (5/15/17)

Speaking of channel changes, some of the old network switch’s were fun to watch. However, WJZ’s switch to CBS must have made CBS execs in New York cringe. How could they have expected that the Big CBS switch would only involve the paint on a concrete floor and an egg cooking in a pan with a Marty Bass rant about how unimportant it is? And to add insult to injury, WJZ uses the NBC chimes in the opening too right after the Tiffany bell! LOL www.youtube.com... But I’d never seen the CBS/NBC switch in Philly before. Ironically it involves former WMAR anchor Ken Matz on NBC 10, who had that hysterically funny on-air “ringing out my golf balls" gaff with Norm Lewis on air at WMAR many years ago. I never forget anything. I was like OMG! That’s the same guy on WCAU NBC 10! LOL Here’s the WMAR 2 gaff with Ken Matz and Norm Lewis. www.youtube.com... And here’s the Philly switch. I finally realized it's the SAME guy! LOL www.youtube.com... Finally, if Dave will indulge, here’s a clip of none other than FOX New’s Steve Doocy in a WRC 4 NBC Come Home promo. I think above his head, one of his horns is starting to sprout! HAHA! (5/15/17)

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Any news where CH 50 will go and is it definite CH 20 is going off the air? As far as estimate only about 5% of people use an antenna A look when I was at Lowes and Home Depot several antennas they have in store mainly indoor .Home Depot had 2 small outdoor ones as well.If you have SlingTV like I do you still need an antenna but they do carry CH 4 and 5 now but not the subchannels but the HD picture is a bit better over the air sharper more detailed. (5/14/17)

Dave's response: Well, if Sinclairs buys Tribune, WDCW will most certainly be broadcast as part of WJLA's spectrum.....

While looking at the TV repack deadlines and requirements, I noticed something. This doesn’t affect cable viewers but, at some point before any station changes channels, stations will be required to put on screen scrolling notifications and/or ads up stating they are moving from one channel to another. So as an example, CBS’s WJZ 13 will have to notify viewers that they are moving to Channel 11! Remember this? www.youtube.com... DC's WRC NBC 4 will also be required to notify on air that they are moving from channel 48 to 34 on multiple occasions a certain amount of times before it happens. The funny thing about this is that most WJZ CBS 13 or WRC NBC 4 viewers don't even know they’re on channel 48 or some other channel in the first place! This has nothing to do with network changes or ATSC 3.0 btw, just the channel changes but there will be some confusion for sure. It’s assumed that most major broadcasters will be purchasing ATSC 3.0 capable transmitting equipment, but guess what? It’s not required and many stations will not be able to afford it either at this point. I find the staggering timeline of the two transitions as troubling in a way that could hurt the breakout of Next Generation TV. What are your thoughts? — BaltoMedia.net (5/14/17)

Dave's response: The 5% of viewers who watch via antenna don't need to know which channel WJZ is broadcasting on. So, all WJZ needs to do is to inform viewers that they need to do a rescan of their TV tuner to continue watching the station. They could run an announcement like this: "To our viewers watching via antenna: We've made some signal channels. Please rescan your TV to continue watching the joyful Bob Turk every morning." No biggie, really.....

Terrible camera work and OLD sports = Ch 4. At 11:00 Saturday evening the production was like a high school station. Two anchors, but only one, Leon Harris, seen on camera, not talking while the other anchor was talking, but not on camera. And the idiot sports guy leads with last night's Bullets win over the Celtics. Only 26 hours old. What about current sports...a Harper walk-off to win Saturday night. What a sloppy mess on Nebraska Avenue in DC. (5/14/17)

Here’s The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik making fun of Trump conspiracists about the Maryland Republican raid for those WMAL listeners suffering from “Trump Derangement Disorder” / TDD, slightly different than ADD or ADHD. It’s more like being so distracted like a kitten so as to not see reality. There’s only one reason I like Trump. He replaced my amusement at Barnum & Bailly’s Circus which is now gone, only to be replaced by unhinged Democrats attacking like crazed zoo animals! Just to update FACTS. There is STILL no criminal investigation of President Trump, but you wouldn’t know that from the media. There is an ongoing Intelligence Investigation of Russian hacking and any possible campaign involvement. That is not criminal since you cannot put a Russian spy in jail. Right now the point of this investigation is at The 6th Sense level. I see dead people. :-) www.baltimoresun.com (5/14/17)

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After an hour of unsuccessfully trying to solve my Comcast email problem (no email at all), I got disgusted with the customer support and told her that Comcast sucks and thanks for solving nothing. I still have no email. Then I closed the chat. What did the COMCAST rep do? Out of spite, she immediately pulled the switch on my internet. It was too obvious as to not be deliberate, no outages in the area. I assume she wanted to wipe our chat somehow from her logs so as to not get fired. Now THAT is what you call COMCAST CUSTOMER SUPPORT! UGH! :-( (5/13/17)

To the person ranting about WMAL having EGG on their face for downplaying the Maryland Republican office raid. Well, The Baltimore Sun ran just a story about YOU conspiracy nuts for making up a completely false narrative on a story they first ran, ridiculing people for automatically assuming it had something to do with Trump! The Sun specifically stated the point of the raid from sources. There was no connection to Trump. Enjoy your egg. Add some cereal next time. Because you’re a full Fruit loops breakfast of Trump Dementia. :-) (5/13/17)

WWMX is NOT leasing out any of their subchannels. HD-2 (HFS) and HD-3 (The Point) are all programmed internally. WLIF is leasing out HD-2 (to Radio One, for simulcast on 106.1 translator) and HD-4 to Hope Christian (for simulcast on 97.5 translator). (5/13/17)

Does anyone know how many HD Radio Receivers there are in the DC Area? I have not been able to find this information. (5/13/17)


RE: “So if the news breaks that it is Manafort (and it will) will WMAL retract or keep blaming everyone else for being fake news? (5/12/17)”. LEAVE PAUL MANAFORT ALONE RIGHT NOW! Signed, not Paul Manafort: twitter.com (5/13/17)

crosscut.com: Fearing for their own reputations, local journalists are pushing back against their station’s corporate owners, arguing that higher-ups push far-right content that borders on propaganda. Last week, KOMO-TV was forced to air a segment from its famously conservative parent company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, that decried “fake news.” In the segment, Sinclair Vice President of News Scott Livingston accused the national media of “using their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control exactly what people think.” He warned of “the troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country...” (5/13/17)

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This morning at 6:00am, the fake news department at WMAL was reporting on the FBI raid in Annapolis and said it had to do with Ken Cuccinelli fundraising fraud - a four year old case that has been settled civilly. I immediately called the propagandist and call screener at WMAL and said it appears that is not Cuccinelli, but has something to do with Paul Manafort. And why would they believe anything Cuccinelli says after that rat fiasco on their very station? , So if the news breaks that it is Manafort (and it will) will WMAL retract or keep blaming everyone else for being fake news? (5/12/17)

RE: “What the hell kind of company is Comcast/NBC/Universal? You pay them all that money and their email system is down 3X a frigging week!?!?!? Nobody can rely on that for anything! Hell, you cannot even send them an email about your own freaking BILL! UGH!” The most hated kind of company. Do what DCRTVDJDAVE did: cut the cord then don’t pay the bill and move. (5/12/17)

Because of a rain out of the Nats vs. Phillies game and no on air talent available WJFK had to run Sports Junkies rerun from this morning. Like corn enjoy it a second time! (5/12/17)

Perhaps iHeart can take a lesson from Emmis. They are selling off stations in order to pay down their debt. The Emmis Lenders want to be paid back on their loan. (5/12/17)

Ownership of Television Stations. Why was Channel 6 Television divided up into LPTV Stations? Their analog audio channel was on 87.7 FM. The FCC was trying to promote diversity for minorities to get into television ownership. The intent was to serve the local minority community. Many of the licenses were awarded to minorities in major urban markets. However, many of the licenses were sold for big profits to non-minorities. They discovered a "loophole" in the FCC rules. They could use just their audio channels (87.7 FM) and operate as FM Radio Stations. They never operated as television stations. WDCN in DC is an example of how this works. The owner of the Channel 6 TV Channel leases out their station as an FM Radio Station. (5/12/17)

Question to ponder over the weekend. Why did the FCC award every FM Radio Stations three HD Channels. HD2, HD3 and HD4. Many FM Station are leasing out their HD Channels. It is legal under the present FCC Rules. Stations like WAMU, WTOP, WMMJ, WLIF WWWT and WWMX. It is a great way to make more money for the stations. This is also another loophole in the FCC Rules. You don't need to own an AM Station in order to get a FM Translator. Look at the Hope Church in Baltimore. They don't own any AM Stations in Baltimore but have several Translators in the market. (5/12/17)

I don’t know what crazy world or assisted living facility Unsigned Corporate Suit lives in, but the FCC just shut down an LPTV just today in New Jersey, DELETED, will not be on the air digital or otherwise. I doubt there will be any appeal. This notion that WDCN makes so much money that they could afford high priced lawyers to sue the FCC is just ludicrous. There will be NO ANALOG TV stations, PERIOD after 2020. As of right now, any LPTV could apply for WDCN’s channel 6 at the end of this year. The FCC won’t have to invade the place. A competitor could conceivably just obliterate their analog signal while testing digital and it will be of no use to them as all their advertisers will immediately cancel and they’ll be too broke to even pay the power bill! At least that’s my favorite scenario. hehe. But in reality, there are actually some REAL Latino TV broadcasters that would be happy to take channel 6 for Digital TV as some will lose channels in the repack. (5/12/17)

1) Best to Doug Hill. THE best he is. We do not really know but hopefully this is completely Doug Hill's decision to call it a career, and not Sinclair saying, "Go" because he makes too much money. Sinclair is a mess and Tribune mess shall get larger, bigger, and greater. And as for cable companies, don't try Verizon. In the past few days...Day 1 made one order with two upgrades; Day 2 nothing happened, called and cancelled one part of the order and retained the other; Day 3 nothing happened and called again and was told both previous orders cancelled each other out and I had no orders in the cue and we tried again; Day 4 still nothing, called again, and all previous orders cancelled and tried on more time. I await more problems. (5/12/17)

More TV Repack news from the Eastern Shore: WRDE NBC Coast TV, soon to be displaced from channel 31 due to WMPT 22 moving to 31, has agreed to purchase the unbuilt construction permit of W19DZ-D channel 19 in Salisbury. This is awaiting FCC approval. WRDE 31 was not a protected station in the TV repack because they are a low power TV station which did not get protection or a reassigned channel. This is not a part of the LPTV filing window, which won’t start until the end of this year, but more a preemptive move to assure a backup plan I imagine to to secure a frequency already filed and previously approved, but not in use in the area yet. -- BaltoMedia.net (5/12/17)

I see radio station ratings always how about local news who leads or is it different stations at different times I know only 7 and 9 have weekday noon news and 4 does it at 11 am and 4 and 7 start at 4 PM weekdays has WJLA lost viewers with much of the news anchor turnover? (5/12/17)

I noticed the 1st TV Repack and channel moving FCC filings this Friday in the region. CBS Inc. filed for an AUX permit for Channel 11 on the TV Hill candelabra tower for just slightly less power than the current 13, but at a different location on the tower, thus increasing the contour very slightly. At some point, when they start testing, those watching on antenna will see WBAL TV suddenly switch to WJZ 13, probably late night, that is if you do not re-scan your tuner on some HDTVs. WBAL TV will also be testing on channel 12 probably around the same time. At the very end of testing, no one will notice the difference and no one on cable will probably notice this either, well unless Comcast screws up. :-) — BaltoMedia.net fcc.gov (5/12/17)

Several things in one post while on travel. First, Doug Hill... sorry to see you leave the vice of broadcasting. You brought charm, wit, and a sense of good humor when called the “Doug of Doom”. I wish you many blessings as you pursue Christian service. I pray that you employ your communication talents as a broadcast professional in that service. Second, BET moving out of D.C. No surprise for me. Just that the move is to New York. That bucks the trend in cable of eliminating local community jobs with an individual system or a cluster in favor of creating national employment centers in places with a lower cost of living where employees will serve systems all over the country, with only a skeleton management/executive group remaining with individual systems or clusters. Contractors will perform whatever other functions on an as-needed basis. “Political leaders” showed either gross ignorance or dereliction of responsibility by not mandating local staffing requirements in franchise negotiations. Cable is quick to take money every month from a community. But, reluctant to support that community except by occasional charitable gifts. As a New Deal Democrat who later became President once said, “The best welfare check is a paycheck.” Finally, I remember when BET was evenings-only and uplinked out of the basement of the WDCA-TV (RIP) building at 5202 River Road in Bethesda. Third, WDCN... I love the naivete of those who think WDCN will be gone by 2020. Unless Ajit Pai (or successor) brings in the U.S. Marshalls to cart away the equipment and take people into custody, any fines the FCC may levy will be considered a business expense. In some parts of the world, commercial broadcasters are accustomed to paying government fines as a normal part of doing business. Given its commercial strength, FCC fines would be a negligible expense for WDCN to continue operation past any 2020 deadline. There are other “Franken-FM's” in similar circumstances. In my >50 years in the business, I know of only one broadcaster who sold a property because of an FCC fine levied against it. To a major market broadcaster, an FCC fine is a nuisance like a gnat to an elephant. As for license revocation? Give me another joke! All you have to do is take the FCC to court. Given the glacial pace of the U.S. judicial system, you will still be able to bring new broadcasters on board to have long careers before final ajudication happens. Remember, I'm not advocating violation of any law or FCC Rule or Regulation. However, you are more likely to face financially injurious penalties from moving violations than from violations of FCC Rules and Regs. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/12/17)

What the hell kind of company is Comcast/NBC/Universal? You pay them all that money and their email system is down 3X a frigging week!?!?!? Nobody can rely on that for anything! Hell, you cannot even send them an email about your own freaking BILL! UGH! (5/12/17)

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Best Wishes to Doug Hill on his retirement. It is well deserved. I remember watching him on WUSA9 as well as WJLA and he has always been remarkably professional and prepared. I have heard rumors that Brian van de Graaff has always been groomed as his replacement, but I don't know if that's true or not. (5/11/17)

I too saw Sara Fraser's "big reveal" and it was pretty sad that either she or FOX5 is so desperate for attention. Glad that she's happy with her body, so I won't make any body shaming comments. Then Sara said something about Allison Seymour doing this next year with her. Obviously Allison wasn't for that...Also, speaking of FOX5, is Annie Yu married?. Not that she has to, but noticed that she doesn't wear a wedding ring. (5/11/17)

I certainly don't want to discuss stock values, but if iHeart went bankrupt, then all their assets and licenses could be distributed to lots of local would-be broadcasters, and good local radio might return to what it was 30-50 years ago. It might once again become a passion and not a business. We could only hope -- Carl in Olney (5/11/17)

iHeart days are numbered. Their stock is down to just $2.05 per share. But wait..... Cumulus is now down to just 33 cents per share. Wall Street does not like these stocks. Why? Their massive debt! iHeart reports their debt is now $20.375 BILLION. (5/11/17)

As I said to my loan officer yesterday, "I would like to have a loan that you don't have to pay back". How about $20,375,000,000? What happens when iHeart goes into BANKRUPTCY? How will this affect the price of radio stations? Lot's of questions and no answers. All of iHeart's assets are pledged as collateral on this loan. (5/11/17)

Just a note to Doug Hill...Sorry to hear that my favorite weather person is leaving. I wish you and yours, the best. Ed Graham (5/11/17)

Paid subscribers reporting Don Geronimo Show Podcast off the air - again! (5/11/17)

"ONLY The Baltimore Sun is being blocked! Since Tribune news syndicate stories published between their newspapers are identical, there is really no other explanation unless someone has another possibility?" Since you didn't supply a link no one can tell but an easy explanation is that Facebook might not like http links on an https page. As you pointed out they're rejecting the links not the content. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/11/17)

Tonight on MSNBC, it's the Bald Guys With Glasses show! (5/11/17)

Dave's response: I'm staying in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for a while with my friend Sandy, who pretty much only watches MSNBC. They're really all over Trump's ass regarding his Rusky connections. They really do a good job. Rachel is really amazing as a cable news carnival barker. Perhaps the best now that O'Reilly is gone.....

Hey Dave, It must be ratings time because Sarah Fraser took her clothes off on the Fox 5 morning show today. Massive Kudos (I am serious) to Holly for holding back comments! I was impressed Holly kept her mouth shut about Sarah posing more than half naked and constantly picking and adjusting, but disappointed at the same time Holly didn't throw in at least a one-liner. "I see there are muffins left," would have been a perfect Hollyism. What's on the sked for tomorrow, Wisdom modeling men's underwear or Tucker doing the weather shirtless? (5/11/17)

As much as I hate to see him go, he's had a hell of a career and deserves to finally settle down. (5/11/17)

[RE Doug Hill leaving 7:] I'm hoping they promote someone like Steve Rudin or Veronica Johnson, both equally qualified in their own right and have been in this market for quite some time. (5/11/17)

[RE Doug Hill leaving 7:] Fair winds and following seas... (5/11/17)

[RE Doug Hill leaving 7:] I'll miss him. A couple of year ago he signed a multi-year contract because he said he loved his job. Time for him to retire and enjoy life with his family LikeShow more reactions (5/11/17)

I'm 70% happy for Doug, as I know he's excited about some new opportunities that are close to his heart. I'm 20% sad that viewers will no longer have him on screen (though radio peeps might want to keep an ear open); and I'm 10% sympathetic to coworkers who will lose his wit, intelligence and heart. Good luck, Doug, and congrats on a great run! (5/11/17)

[RE Doug Hill leaving 7:] I'm glad that Sinclair (the station owners) didn't force him out like they did the long time anchors (5/11/17)
Doug was at 9 when I arrived there. He told me a few weeks later that I should get away from there ASAP... a short time later he left. I should have listened. (5/11/17)

[RE Doug Hill leaving 7:] Rob Conway He'll still be heard mornings on WGTS 91.9 (5/11/17)

Going to miss you Doug Hill. (5/11/17)

So with Doug Hill leaving, isn't he the last of the old guard to exit? I see Leon Harris is settling in at channel 4. Was never a real fan, but I'm sure he's glad he has a job. (5/11/17)

Three FCC items: "I didn’t know that WETA 26 was running a Frederick translator on channel 31, south of Frederick." -- They aren't. WETA has held the construction permit for three years, and with all the repack business going on, my money is on them not building it out before it expires in December. "Radio One’s, er, Urban One’s 103.1 FM for Washington DC has been dismissed by the FCC, so apparently WRNR & Key 103 combined to nix that idea." -- Not quite, the FCC indicates the application was dismissed by the request of Radio One. No oppositions were filed, but of course that doesn't mean they didn't hear from WRNR via unofficial means. Related, farther south, the long-running dispute between Saga and WJMA (Piedmont) over Saga's Charlottesville translator on 103.1 is nearing an end, as Saga decided it wasn't worth fighting the three or four WJMA listeners still in opposition and filed to move to 102.9. (5/11/17)

What is a young Bill Murray doing in "Mark Trail" today? (5/11/17)

The repack is based on a partially random algorithm that offers no station preference, at least allegedly. This is largely to prevent any lawsuits in my opinion. The results from one market affect other markets in the grand scheme, so a lot of the channel changes are based on the total lack of interference, not local concerns. For that reason WBAL TV is moving from 11 to 12, WJZ to 11, and WWPX to 13. The reason they cannot stay where they were is that Philly’s WHYY 12 is moving too, to channel 13 and WNET NYC is moving to channel 12. With ATSC 3.0, adjacent channel interference will be greatly reduced. That is also included in the algorithm I assume more so than ATSC 1.0. During the original DTV transition, there were more worries about adjacent channel interference by station owners, most of which were unfounded and will definitely be under ATSC 3.0. (5/11/17)

This is too funny. I’m having trouble on FACEBOOK posting links from The Baltimore Sun. Why? Facebook is saying they are invalid links, which can only mean one thing. Facebook is blocking Baltimore Sun links DELIBERATELY as either FAKE NEWS or for some other reason. How do I know this? I’ve found the exact same stories in the LA Times and Chicago Tribune and those links work fine. ONLY The Baltimore Sun is being blocked! Since Tribune news syndicate stories published between their newspapers are identical, there is really no other explanation unless someone has another possibility? (5/11/17)

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\/ May 10 Messages \/

Some repack info that I missed. I didn’t know that WETA 26 was running a Frederick translator on channel 31, south of Frederick. Since WMPT 22 is moving to channel 31, that will be deleted if it cannot be moved to another channel. The only other option would be to channel share with WHAG 25 or WWPX. That wouldn’t duplicate the current signal exactly, but I doubt that MPT would allow them to use the Frederick station, WFPT, but you never know. All the non-coms are going to be starving for cash even with subsidies. (5/10/17)

Since someone asked, for those wondering when local TV stations will be moving to new channels and/or going off the air, it depends on location and same and nearby area market conflicts. Most of the northeast and parts of California are considered more complicated due to the proximity of so many stations. Most of the DC stations are Stage 4 except for a couple, WWPB and WWPX, which are the last stage along with most of the Baltimore TV stations which are all stage 8 or 9. Because of the much longer Baltimore transition, pretty much all of the FMs on the 2 TV Hill towers will be often from their new or old Aux facility. That means WZFT 104.3 FM from Kingsville in far northeast Baltimore County and WWMX 106.5 temporarily from the WLIF Towson area tower I’m sure there will be similar issues in DC. Here are the deadline dates. Expect summer of 2019 for DC and winter to Spring 2020 for Baltimore. Finally, the displaced LPTV will be notified Nov-Dec. this year that they are going off the air unless they apply for a displacement channel by Jan/Feb ‘18 and all repacked stations have until end of Oct. to file their construction permit for new facilities, which will start middle of July and waiver period is beginning just now, for those that claim they can’t do it in time. — BaltoMedia.net www.nhab.org (5/10/17)

Sorta funny that 106.7 ran those negative promos about Baltimore, and Nats blow both games. First, pretty dumb, since Montgomery County is home to many Orioles fans, and a central Nielsen county. Maybe the WJFK PD should stop spending all his time tweeting his ultra liberal, Anti-Trump rhetoric and focus on his audience. Entercom will not put up with his Negative, Politically charged Twitter BS. They just will not. I can hear Paxton now "If he wants to be flamboyant, then he can be on the air, otherwise, worry about your station, JACKASS".... HAHAHA... (5/10/17)

Yes, since WRC 48 is above the UHF 36 frequency, it will have to move in the coming repack. It will move to WPXW 34's current frequency. WPXW will move to WDCA's current frequency of 35. I don't know why WRC wasn't simply moved to 35, especially since WDCA is being shut down, but there you go. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (5/10/17)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Region Manager, Client Solutions Support, Bethesda, MD. Comcast Spotlight, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, helps put the power of cable to use for local, regional and national advertisers. It is focused on providing multi-platform marketing solutions to reach audiences most effectively and efficiently. Headquartered in New York with offices throughout the country, Comcast Spotlight has a presence in nearly 80 markets with approximately 35 million owned and represented subscribers. Comcast Spotlight offers clients easy-to-buy, easy-to-execute options customized around their business goals. We work with clients to provide them with customized, multi-screen media marketing solutions that utilize our suite of products in the way that's best suited to meet their objectives. Our media solutions provide advertisers with the ability to reach, engage and connect with their customers viewing content on any device or screen. Job Summary: Responsible for and leads the development of a team of Client Solutions Specialists to ensure creative presentations and pre -built packages are created to address the priorities and target account needs designated by DOS. Provides advanced and specialized support to team(s) and Account Executive(s) by guiding and directing the researching, organizing and conducting of presentations, inclusive of Creative Proposals and Category Focused Proposals. Creates and provides sales materials that drive target account work; and moves business through the sales funnel with creative, data driven resources. Works closely with Executive Leadership in Research, Marketing, Sports, Interactive and all key business development functions to serve as point person for target account work. To apply, please visit: www.ecentralmetrics.com. Core Responsibilities: - Plans daily activities and assigns tasks, ensuring all tasks are carried out according to proper policies and procedures and are in accordance with the overall functional strategy. - Creates and maintains financial reports including revenue, forecasting, and budget reports. - Facilitates sales materials and resources needs. Coordinates the distribution of sales materials and resources. - Maintains relationships with key stakeholders throughout the organization to ensure strategy is being met. Works closely with Sales for revenue optimization. - Interfaces with Ad Sales and other departments to coordinate ad packages, sponsorships, and ad options being offered. - Creates work performance standards. Remains available to Client Solutions Support Team and resolves questions and issues. - Implements operational policies and procedures. - Consistent exercise of independent judgment and discretion in matters of significance. - Regular, consistent and punctual attendance. Must be able to work nights and weekends, variable schedule(s) as necessary. - Other duties and responsibilities as assigned. Job Specification: - Bachelors Degree or Equivalent, - Generally requires 6-9 years related experience. Comcast is an EOE/Veterans/Disabled/LGBT employer. (5/10/17)

Radio One’s, er, Urban One’s 103.1 FM for Washington DC has been dismissed by the FCC, so apparently WRNR & Key 103 combined to nix that idea. (5/10/17)

As for the repacking of TV stations timetable, stations will start moving in 2018, but many will not move until the end of 2020. As for channel 6, as I’ve said before, regardless of whether channel 6 operates as a TV or radio station, there will be NO ANALOG channels after 2020, period. WDCN has to file a digital application. The current one they applied for is outside of the repack range and will be deleted. If WDCN does nothing, their license will simply expire and not be renewed. (5/10/17)

Haven't heard much about CH 50 lately here but how long do the stations that have sold their frequency have to move to a new one? Also CH 4 WRC uses CH 48 does that have to move because it is above CH 38? (5/10/17)

Revisiting the topic of LPTV Channel 6 WDCN -- the TV station that thinks its an FM radio station -- let's say that they did drop what they are doing and "became" a TV channel. What would they possibly put up that would be considered good programming? Arent we already losing the MHZ channels here in DC? Havent the broadcast biggies already helped themselves to all the available nostalgia channels? What could WDCN air that would be any good or interest to the public? They might actually be doing more for the Hispanic community as a radio signal than they could as a television operation. With all the changes happening across the entire electromagnetic spectrum right now, the owners of WDCN should petition the FCC to allow them to remain on TV analog channel 6 as a radio property. What else can go there that does any good? (5/10/17)

Regarding "National Public Radio (NPR) still receives our tax dollars. If our government is going to continue subsidizing this left wing agenda, they should also start funding a conservative network like the FOX News Channel." Geez, doesn't Trump have enough to do in his first 200 days? Give him some time! He will find a way to subsidize FOX (Ajit Pai is probably working on it right now). (5/10/17)

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\/ May 9 Messages \/

Entercom says they will spin off 14 Radio Stations when they take over the CBS Radio Group. They are suppose to do this in order to comply with the FCC Rules. That is a JOKE....10 years ago, iHeart said they were going to spin off WFRE 99.9 in DC in order to comply with FCC Rules. They put it in their "trust" and have enjoyed the cash flow from this stations for 10 years now. CBS/Entercom should be able to do the same thing as iHeart. Just put them in your "trust". Let's hope that the new FCC Chairman will close some of these loopholes. (5/9/17)

In case anyone is interested, The Baltimore Sun Z on TV’s David Zurawik posted an editorial describing how Sinclair buying Tribune might be a “threat to democracy.” Hmm. Where did I hear that? OH, The Washington Post title, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” HAHA It’s as if the media in general thinks that because Trump uses hyperbole successfully, they can do and also pretend it’s absolute fact? Two wrongs do not make a right, my mother always said. www.baltimoresun.com (5/9/17)

To the writer who said on 5/5 of Jim Vance "It's time to retire and enjoy the rest of his live." Why should he retire? He loves what he does and has been an institution in DC for over 40 years. He's only on 1 broadcast for 30 minutes. What is he going to do? Sit around and worry whether or not his treatment is successful. Leave him alone and let him battle his cancer his way. May God Bless you Jim and heal you. Leon Harris will probably assume that seat permanently when Jim Vance decides to retire and not before Jim is a good example for others battling cancer with his courage. (5/9/17)

National Public Radio (NPR) still receives our tax dollars. If our government is going to continue subsidizing this left wing agenda, they should also start funding a conservative network like the FOX News Channel. (5/9/17)

There's a "PBS Radio"? (5/9/17)

The mailbagger who is ripping into the Post being unable to "can’t keep decent reporters" That's Sinclair's MO: get rid of decent reporters who make too much money. All over the country. They were too big to begin with. (5/9/17)

WJFK 106.7 taunts Baltimore, its culture, and Orioles fans in a Nats/O’s series radio ad. Kind of small market, don’t you think? Here’s the text: "This week two of the hottest teams in baseball meet in the Beltway Series. First, the Nats travel to Baltimore to face Manny Machado and the Orioles. Side note: Natty Boh is brewed in Georgia, and 50 percent of crabs served in Maryland are actually from Japan. Then, Baltimore brings its massive inferiority complex to D.C., a city with more jobs, a lower crime rate and a better baseball team. Hear it all on your flagship home of the Washington Nationals, Sports Radio 106.7 The Fan.” Of course, the statistic about Japanese crabs is false, but who cares? Many crabs in this area do come from Texas, the Carolinas, and Louisiana though. Since most DC people don’t even know how to pick a crab, I assume the Japanese crab stat comes from the fake crab cakes that Joe’s Crab Shack & other places near snobby DC serve! HAHA! www.baltimoresun.com (5/9/17)

Why should our tax dollars go to NPR Radio and PBS TV? That's a very good question. It's not like either NPR or PBS would go away. They and their ideological ax to grind would just have to make it on their own, with actual spots, perhaps, instead of "underwriting". And to the poster who noted that such funding "has been agreed to by society--stop whining": "Agreed to by our society" means nothing and is beside the point: It was agreed to without any constitutional basis for such expenditures (google "U.S. Constitution". It's our rulebook for government). And any thinking citizen will whine a lot about our $20,000,000,000,000 national debt (that's 20 trillion bucks). We got that deep in hock, endangering our economy and our kids and grandkids, by just such airheaded thinking about a few bucks here and a few bucks there. (5/9/17)

RE: "Why should our tax dollars go to PBS Radio?" Maybe you need more "PBS Radio" in your life. First off, it's called NPR. (5/9/17)

With the Sinclair-Tribune merger happening, we await word on conflict markets, where stations will have to be divested. Hopefully Fox will get its much desired Seattle-Tacoma O&O (KCPQ-KZJO). Other markets include... Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, Greensboro-High Point, and Harrisburg-Lancaster... and those interested in buying any affected stations. (5/9/17)

What moron wrote this? "Why should our tax dollars go to PBS Radio? They have large budgets and all the money you donate to them is tax deductible for you. The Management and Administration of these stations pay higher compensation than many commercial stations." Obviously no one who has ever worked in public broadcasting. In the major markets, the talent salaries in public radio are less than half of those in commercial radio. Most management jobs in major market public radios barely reach 6 figures, and many top out in the $60s. Find me a DC radio GM making less than $150. Just doesn't happen. These are shoestring budgets. Now, I argue that with majors like WAMU and WYPR invading smaller markets like OC, they are crowding out the much smaller local stations. But it is dog eat dog in the public sphere, just as anywhere else." (5/9/17)

The Washington Post – never known to pass up trashing Sinclair Broad Group when it can – comes up with the ridiculous header linking “fake news” to its purchase of Tribune Media: “A TV company warned its viewers about the media’s ‘fake news.’ Now it’s about to take over some of the nation’s biggest stations.” The Post is just jealous because once upon a time it too was part of a multi-media conglomerate (newspaper, Newsweek Magazine, radio and television stations) but now is reduced to a hobby for Jeff Bozo, can’t keep decent reporters, costs way too much both online & in print and its print edition could blow away after delivery in the driveway it is so thin. More crybaby rabblerousing (“A Sinclair-Tribune combination would boost the company from just under 39 percent of the nation’s TV audience to nearly 45 percent, according to Free Press. Remove the UHF discount, and an expanded Sinclair would have stations reaching 70 percent of the nation”.) from The Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.com (6/9/17)

WMAL talker Mark Levin self-lauding himself and the other “live” talkers at the end of his show Monday for the success of their “Free Speech Forum” (“Free speech” tickets were not free) at The Birchmere last weekend. Levin kissed everybody’s butts real good, including Bill Hess even the dreadful Mary Walter whose ass must be as big as her ego. No mention of DCRTVDJDAVE getting up on a table and dancing nude in front of Chris Plante & Larry O’Connor hollering “Want some of this?” More from WMAL with photos & videos (just think of all the money you saved by viewing afterward): www.wmal.com (5/9/17)

Re: "Why should our tax dollars go to PBS Radio?....yak yak yak" Because, like everything else in the federal budget, the relatively tiny line for Corporation for Public Broadcasting has been agreed to by our society over the years. The average American pays about 3 cents a week for PBS. Stop whining. (5/9/17)

Other things Sinclair will now own: 5% of the Chicago Cubs and The Baltimore Sun building, which is already up for sale with a tentative buyer. Also, the Food Network, Antenna TV, This TV and WGN America. The Baltimore Sun claims they have a longterm lease, but nothing with Sinclair would surprise me. hehe (5/9/17)

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Why should our tax dollars go to PBS Radio? They have large budgets and all the money you donate to them is tax deductible for you. The Management and Administration of these stations pay higher compensation than many commercial stations. (5/8/17)

The return of MeTV for Xfinity subscribers but still not for Fios ones? Maybe I’ll switch back to Xfinity….. Jeff (5/8/17)

I don’t know if the ZGS Radio people, owners of WILC AM 900 know this, but the AM 900 in Georgetown, DE just east where their HUGE NULL is, WJWL, is downgrading to Class D from 10,500 watts to only 1000 watts daytime with no night time protections to just basically use an FM translator instead. If the WILC people were smart they could greatly expand their current signal while protecting WJWL 900 daytime probably just using their current 3 towers as well as expand their night time signal too. (5/8/17)

Unless there is already some other binding deal in place, I guess it’s safe to assume that WDCW CW 50 will be eventually be a WJLA 7.# channel. (5/8/17)

Sad news today for all the employees at Tribune-owned TV stations. They ain't gonna like Sinclair. They really aren't. And hey, FIOS was asked about MeTV and all they would say is, "We do not carry that." They have no information if it is returning to the FIOS channel lineup. Yep, pay more for less, that's the motto for cable customers. (5/8/17)

Congressman Andy Harris was in Current (the trad mag for public media and tv) today talking about defunding the CPB. current.org... Given the current economy, and with the over saturation of public radio on the eastern shore of MD (WESM in Princess Anne, WSCL and WSDL in Salisbury, WAMU repeater WRAU and WDDE in DOver along with WYPR repeater WYPO in ocean City)...can public radio in Maryland sustain itself? (5/8/17)

First and most importantly I join my fellow viewers listeners readers in rejoicing about the return of ME TV. I'm a big Perry fan and Our Miss Brooks is a hot sexy minx. That said, let's revisit the Rockville rape. The age of the older offender has been changed from 19 to 18 (remember this is a high school freshman) to keep him from being charged with statutory. Sadly MS-13 infests the DC area and Montgomery County government is infested with pussies. "WMAL listeners were even calling into CSPAN Radio" WAIT, WHAT? PEOPLE WERE CALLING A CALL-IN SHOW ON THEIR CALLING MACHINES? That bothers you but a 19 year old high school freshman having statutory rape in a school bathroom doesn't bother you? Jesus fuckin' wept. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/8/17)

Anyone else noticing the continuing slide of WRQX? I mean, they've sucked for years now, but as they again approach 20th place, what on earth is going on there, again? Does new PD really want to bring back Burt show radio? Oh man, if that happens, it's going to be awesome. Music sounds like a teenagers iPod, which occasionally gets hijacked by her grandmother, just way too hard to follow. If commercials are still only 5 bucks, maybe have DCRTV buy some spots and just read the best mailbag comments, that would be hilarious. (5/8/17)

I just realized that as the result of the TV repacking of signals, the tallest tower in DC will no longer be used for TV! The Hughes Tower has WDCW CW 50 on it and they turned in the license. It is 55 feet taller than the WTTG tower and is 761 feet tall. Wikipedia btw, also calls this the tallest structure in the Baltimore-Washington area. TOTALLY FALSE! Both the candelabra tower and the WBFF FOX 45 tower and even the WUTB 24 tower are all at or over 1000 feet tall! That’s a HUGE Wikipedia mistake. Some people base their whole political arguments on on alleged FACTS from Wikipedia. HAHA! Here’s a write-up on the tower in The Post: washingtonpost.com. And here’s the phony Wikipedia page that says it’s taller than any structure in Baltimore or Washington which is CLEARLY FALSE! wikipedia.org. Is DC ever going to construct a 1000 foot tower? Btw, I changed this snobby WIKI written by someone in DC, but it will probably be immediately removed because as we all know DC people are smarter than Baltimore people..... (5/8/17)

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\/ May 6 Messages \/

(Dum-dum-dum: "1-877-Kars4Kids....") Last night, the CBS Evening News had a segment showing where that money sent to 1-877-Kars4Kids really goes. "States demanding more transparency from Kars4Kids," www.cbsnews.com. I read it at the DCRTV Mailbag first, about two weeks ago. Thanks. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (5/6/17)

I know with the other discussions going on this seems trivial, but it looks like Me-TV is back on Comcast. I know for Central VA/Southern NOVA suburbs it’s gone to Channel 194. (5/6/17)

WCTN was back on full power on 950 last night. Strongest signal I've ever heard from them. Clean from Tenleytown half way up 95 to Baltimore. Still with a non-stop music mix. (5/6/17)

Dave, there was a mailbag post earlier that said "This chris plant guy is wacco... how can dc stand that wacco. How does w.m.a.l do in the ratings from 9:00 to noon". In the future, you may want to consider answering Bill Hess's emails privately and not on the forum. Kindest regards. (5/6/17)

Dave's response: Good idea.....

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A few months ago, we heard ad nauseam Larry O’Connor’s outrage at sanctuary cities (including Rockville, MD) and the rape by two “illegals” in a Rockville High School. Brian Wilson was also blowing a gasket over it and telling us why this incident is what Trump warned us about, and the Left doesn’t “get it.” Chris Plante also chastised the “left” concerning this incident, and all of the right wing media was all over it, using this incident to defend the President, being fueled by Fox News. WMAL listeners were even calling into CSPAN Radio demanding CSPAN cover this case to legitimize Trump’s actions toward Illegals and “sanctuary cities.” This morning after going over evidence including the victim’s text messages, charges of rape were dropped. Listen to WMAL’s Brian Wilson Monday morning do a deep soul searching on his rush to judgement behavior, misdirected anger, unfair and unsubstantiated blame, and epiphany-like conclusions that he must behave in the future and not fly off the handlebars for weeks when something like this incident is told to him. Chris Plante and Larry O’Connor will also apologize on the air to the “left” for their unjustified and scornful words and their hasty on air tirades. No, just kidding, they will be hasty, illogical, racist, and pigheaded on Monday, just as usual. (5/5/17)

Update: Nehman is still doing ‘Live Reads’ for Shari’s Berries. The website is in fact berries.com. The poster regrets the error. (5/5/17)

I saw on Monday that Leon Harris was anchoring the 6PM news in Vance's absence. Jim Vance, it's time retire and enjoy the rest of your life (5/5/17)

Jim Vance said on Thursday's newscast that he has cancer and is getting treatment. (5/5/17)

Why are the Red Eye Radio boys so rude to their callers. Early this morning, some poor caller got screamed at and shouted down and finally hungup on when he tried to answer their statement on why it takes so long to see a neurosurgeon under the Canadian single payer health care system. I have no idea who's is correct, the caller or the boys, but gee let the guy talk. These guys can be such jerks sometimes and it has nothing to do with their politics. One nice thing I can say about Rush is that he is very polite to his callers, even if they don't agree with him. (5/5/17)

/\ May 5 Messages /\

\/ May 4 Messages \/

It appears that DCW50 News has ended the one feature that set them apart from other local TV news and made them my newscast of choice. Until recently, DCW50 had one newsreader who did a straightforward job of reading the news, without extraneous or editorial comments. They have now added a second newsreader. As a result, there have been unnecessary extraneous comments and chit-chat and the time actually devoted to news has been reduced accordingly. Why? (5/4/17)

Someone here made reference to Radio not getting the same scrutiny as TV for running ads, so here goes. It’s May, TV ratings month, and the Baltimore airwaves once again are bombarded with ads for all things Sinclair. Monday on 105.7, they ran maybe 1 non –Sinclair ad during an entire break, complete with the same “2 Broke Girls” ad TWICE. I sent them a text, saying how much I love when Sinclair dominates your breaks every sweeps period, and that I’d see them in June. But it gets better. WBAL Radio runs Sinclair spots for the Fox45 10:00 pm News. Incredible. You run a spot that is in direct competition with WBAL TV News at 10, WHICH YOU SIMULCAST ! Have you no shame ? So let’s move on to the ‘Live Reads’ by Nehman. For years, he’s been pimping ‘Shari’s Berries”. Not anymore. Now it’s (I think) berries.com. Same with Jeremy Conn on 105.7, who has been pimping Great Clips for 2 years, how wonderful they are, how he takes his boys there and how much they like it. Not anymore…..now it’s Sports Clips. Credibility, anyone ? What’s the perceived benefit of these ‘Live Reads’ anyway ? (5/4/17)

This caught my attention. WHY IS THE WASHINGTON POST PIMPING KATHLEEN MATTHEWS, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ wife as MD State Party Chair for solving the party’s problems? The only thing she has proven is that she’s a PROVEN LOSER! HAHA! Nothing but another clear example of Trump Derangement Syndrome. www.washingtonpost.com (5/4/17)

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\/ May 3 Messages \/

WMAL talker Mark Levin totally trashed Washington Post columnist Callum Borchers for implying that he no longer supports Trump. Levin demanded Wednesday night a retraction by Borchers for this column: www.washingtonpost.com (5/3/17)

This chris plant guy is wacco. Where I live we get him at 6:00 pm . how can dc stand that wacco. How does w.m.a.l do in the ratings from 9:00 to noon (5/3/17)

Dave's response: WMAL usually ranks in the top five during middays, but that period also includes Ruch Limbaugh.....

"Gus, Gus, Gus..." Too long to quote but your argument is that the Post publishes an email address and someone who's not an ombudsman says he's not an ombudsman, so therefore they HAVE an ombudsman? Huh. You seem not to understand that an ombudsman addresses internal issues as well as having an outward facing role. Kinda makes you an ass, don't you think? Washington Post Will Fill Vacant Reader Rep Role, But Not Revive Ombudsman You don't get the City Paper because the drug addicts who do the delivery are gradually dying off. As is paper, sadly. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/3/17)

Why did WMAL dump the Michael Savage Show from 3 PM to 6 PM on Monday thru Friday? It had good ratings. Doesn't their parent company, Cumulus syndicate the show? (5/3/17)

Visited DC for the first time in four years. WINC isn't sounding too shabby these days. When I moved to DC in 1999, it had a upbeat presentation with a lot of 80s music. Then, it later degenerated into earthy music. It's upbeat sound seems to be back now, almost like it's leaning toward Top 40. New music director? I also thought is was interesting that they are less focused on Winchester and are promoting themselves as a Northern Virginia station now with a focus city of Leesburg in their station ID. (5/3/17)

A look back to 1989. Some of the commentary is hilarious. www.americanradiohistory.com (5/3/17)

The latest ratings with the two Hot AC stations languishing in 16th and 17th place reminded me of the contrast between those stations and similar formatted stations I recently heard in Australia. There, current-based music stations have much wider playlists new and old, highlighted new music and had a lot of audience interaction. While the DJs didn't seem to babble, they were seemingly permitted to say more than the few seconds allowed here. In sum, the DJs sounded excited and made the stations sound upbeat, doing their best to make a listener feel they would miss something if they tuned out. In contrast, the two Hot ACs here generate little excitement with their tiny repetitive playlists. When they do finally add new music they provide zero info about the artist. Outside of morning drive they might as well be voice-tracked and often are. Mix and Fresh have more than earned their also-ran ratings status. (5/3/17)

Why is it WAMU, a NPR/college (for lack of a better word) station on the low end of the dial, is #1 or #2 consistently? Are there other markets where such a station is that high in the ratings? How do WBIG and WASH remain near the top when they play very limited numbers of songs/artists (especially WASH) and both have no problem running commercial marathons of over 5 minutes in length? (5/3/17)

Dave's response: San Francisco and Seattle also have NPR stations at the top of their ratings heap. You know, big "lefty" markets.....

Do WMAL listeners remember one Michael Savage, leader of “Savage Nation”? Forgotten him already and you are fine with Larry O’Connor: well, Savage has not forgotten you. As a matter of fact, Savage still lists “WMAL 630AM 3:00PM to 5:00PM” on his official affiliates map: I guess he wasn’t aware that it used to broadcast on 105.9FM as well in the day. Wonder how many other stations that have dropped him are still listed: www.michaelsavage.wnd.com (5/3/17)

I don't know if anyone else is accustomed to picking up a copy of the print edition of the Washington City Paper each Thursday, but the delivery has slipped in the Ballston area of Arlington. The paper used to be in at least one of the three local WCP boxes in Ballston by noon Thursday, but that started to fall off in recent months. Often I'd find a new copy on Friday. Last week, though, the new edition wasn't delivered, and as of 2 p.m. today (Tuesday), there were still no print copies of this week's edition in any of the three boxes (Metro station, 4200 block of Wilson Blvd., or the block between Randolph and Quincy on Fairfax Dr.). The WCP website appears to be updated, but I always worry when delivery doesn't happen, or happens late, that the paper has ceased publication. The website is nice to have, but the display ads in the print edition are one of the main reasons I prefer the print edition - and no, not THOSE display ads, but the live-music ads telling me who's coming to the Birchmere, State Theater, etc. Old habits die hard. (5/3/17)

Dave's response: Back in the days of Tower Records and Borders bookshops, you could reliably find City Paper even way out here in the wilds of Fairfax County. But no more. You pretty much have to be well inside the Beltway to find a copy these days.....

With recent talk of a possible Sinclair-Tribune merger, it looks like Fox could be in line to bid on Tribune stations. Rupert Murdoch not wanting Sinclair having too much affiliate board control. Fox has recently been plagued by low morale at Fox News Channel over the departures of Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly amid sexual harassment allegations... Megyn Kelly departing her former Fox News prime-time show for her new NBC morning show... Jesse Watters being suspended over unflattering on-air remarks and him unlikely to return... Bill Shine being the latest to get the boot... and speculation of Sean Hannity considering quitting Fox News. Fox-Tribune merger could mean... former O&O stations (in Cleveland, Denver, Salt Lake City, Greensboro-High Point, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and St. Louis) becoming O&O's yet again... plus Fox getting its much desired Seattle-Tacoma O&O... as well as a few other Fox stations (in Hartford-New Haven, Harrisburg-Lancaster, and Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo) becoming O&O's. Indianapolis market is kind of complicated (WTTV as CBS, WXIN as Fox). Fox would also have to decide on the ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates, whether to switch them to Fox, or sell them to other ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliate owners. WPIX, KTLA, and WGN would prove to be interesting as well. (5/3/17)

RE: “People who actually read the Post might have seen the announcement that they abolished the position of Ombudsman several years ago. So yeah, like the Bunnyman, the position "barely exists". Jeez Louise and Gus in the Gaithersburg”. Gus, Gus, Gus, if you do live in Gaithersburg and not Waldorf or Upper Marlboro: technically, yes, the official title “Ombudsman” (which at one time also included a “Ombudswoman”) has been retired since Pexton left that position in February of 2013. Bozo Bezo instead established a “Reader Representative” (mediamatters.org) that remains nameless save an e-mail address: readers@washpost.com What The Washington “Democracy Dies in Darkness” Post now does is allow individual reporters and columnists to engage in a form of navel gazing, such as Callum Borchers’ “Has The Washington Post been too hard on Bernie Sanders this week?” Borchers explains how he’s “not an ombudsman” and then goes on to contradict himself: “ You probably think you know how I'll answer that question. I work for The Washington Post, and I'm not an ombudsman, so I'm going to argue against the charge that our newspaper's coverage of Bernie Sanders after Sunday's Democratic presidential debate was unduly harsh, right? I could object to your skepticism — say that I call ’em like I see ’em and point to times when I’ve included The Post in my media critiques — but you still might not believe me. Especially since I am indeed going to defend the coverage.” Go figure, Gus: as the McLean Bible Church radio ad says, “Not a sermon, just a thought”. More drivel from Borchers: www.washingtonpost.com... (5/3/17)

DCRTVDJDAVETV “Out to Pasture”? The last DAVE TV “upload” (and we all know how painful THAT can be) was April 14th, 2017: what gives Dave? Camera broke? Outta film? The Photo Barn confiscated your last one and turned it over to the FBI? When we last viewed a DAVE TV your groovy pad was beginning to look a little sparse: what gives Dave? RIP DAVE TV and his the last one, “Red Zebra Put Out To Pasture”, is a classic, where Dave does a diagram of Red Zebra stations that looks like Patton’s plan for the Battle of the Ardennes: www.youtube.com (5/3/17)

Dave's response: I do DC-Baltimore media "Dave TV" episodes when I have a compelling topic to talk about. But things have been kind of slow lately. I do "Dave TV" episodes every day, but I focus on YouTube channel reviews, and soon will be branching out to do "Mid-Atlantc Meandering" exlporations of some of the quirky places around Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. Stay tuned.....

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Up betimes as we old folks like to say, and watched a bit of the Sports Junkies on TV. Maybe (definitely) it's the TV format but I did not enjoy to completion. "...ombudsman for The Washington Post (a position that barely exists: just try to find anything from the ombudsman in The Post these days)" People who actually read the Post might have seen the announcement that they abolished the position of Ombudsman several years ago. So yeah, like the Bunnyman, the position "barely exists". Jeez Louise and Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/2/17)

As long as we're paying close attention to TV commercials ... Memo to Michael & Son: Channel 4 is still running a 10-sec animated spot with snow falling. And, other than Kars for Kids, how come nobody critiques radio commercials with this degree of attention? Answer: because radio commercials lack imagination and suck. They don't have to with a skillful and creative person handling that department. (5/2/17)

Dave's response: I think ad agencies must believe that the most annoying ads are the most effective. And maybe they're right. But it sure ruins the listening experience on so many local stations.....

There was no crawl on ESPN stating the game was blacked out that I could see. Did Comcast just switch from ESPN to ESPN News without notification? (5/2/17)

ESPN isn't showing the Orioles game specifically BECAUSE the game is on MASN. And MASN isn't running behind-the-plate ads specifically BECAUSE the game is nationally broadcast on ESPN and the ads and revenues are not MASNs. It's called contractual obligation. Pretty standards stuff. (5/2/17)

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So MASN has no behind home plate ads again, total green screen. Once again, it’s an ESPN game, but ESPN doesn’t even have the GAME ON even though they put it on their schedule! HAHA! Losing subscriptions? Wonder why. ESPN is probably losing those advertisers as we speak! (5/1/17)

RE: The Frederick News Post and Patrick Pexton. Big mistake not keeping Pexton as he is a seasoned journalist and was an excellent ombudsman for The Washington Post (a position that barely exists: just try to find anything from the ombudsman in The Post these days). Hopefully Pexton will be allowed to write a “goodbye” column for The Fredrick News Post like he did for The Washington Post... www.washingtonpost.com (5/1/17)

Turned on channel 4 and who is the first anchor I see but Leon Harris in Jim Vance's spot!. wow, has he even been on there a week before they give him that prime spot?. But then again, he's probably just waiting in the wings for Vance to call it quits for good to take that spot anyway. (5/1/17)

iHeart may not be around a year from now. They are now selling at just $2.10 per share. Maybe they could sell to Entercom? They are borrowing $1.7 BILLION to buy CBS Radio! iHeart has over 20 BILLION in debt. All of the iHeart assets are pledged as collateral on their massive debt. The Massive Debt is the Demon! (5/1/17)

What is this “public interest” you speak of in broadcasting? I seem to recall a certain Newton N. Minow, chairman of the FCC under President Kennedy, making a famous speech about broadcasting in the public interest, convenience, and necessity. But that was half a lifetime ago; the current operating philosophy is more akin to “show me the money.” Certainly, the FCC under President Rump won’t worry itself about some silly outdated concept like “public interest” when there are corporate coffers to be filled. - Hypnotoad. (5/1/17)

Here’s a good example of why VERIZON is just as shitty a company as COMCAST. I upgraded my 80 year old parents to Comcast high speed since FIOS isn’t available and DSL was notoriously slow. Her email account that Verizon gave her was only a FREE Yahoo account. So what did VERIZON do when she canceled DSL? THEY CANCELED HER FREE YAHOO EMAIL! NOW THAT IS SHITTY no matter how you look at it. She could register a different name for free Yahoo email, but WHY BOTHER? She can’t get the same name. It’s already TAKEN! People don’t forget stupid shit like this btw. At least Comcast runs its own email which is not free without service. VERIZON has the nerve to delete someone’s FREE email account. UGH! :-( (5/1/17)

Dave's response: Never ever depend on a cable company's e-mail service. What happens when you switch to someone else? And you will. You lose your e-mail account. Always go to Yahoo directly or to G-Mail or Outlook. They're free and they will work with any cable TV or internet provider.....

Another one bites the dust at FNC: no Shine, as darkness falls on Bill Shine. According to Variety: “Fox News co-president Bill Shine is out at Fox News. The move comes as Shine was due back on Monday after two days out of the office for a pre-planned long weekend. Rupert Murdoch, 21st Century Fox and Fox News executive chairman, made the announcement on Monday via a brief email to Fox News staffers. "Sadly, Bill Shine resigned today," wrote Murdoch. "I know Bill was respected and liked by everybody at Fox News. We will all miss him." Suzanne Scott becomes president of programming and Jay Wallace has been promoted to president of news. Additionally, Brian Jones, executive vp of Fox Business Network, becomes president of the network reporting to Scott and Wallace.” Who’s next? Sean “Ham” Hannity? More: www.hollywoodreporter.com (5/1/17)

I don't have any problem with dead people in commercials.- Premiere Radio Network is still sending classic episodes of American Top 40 to stations across the county. The Oldies station here in Hartford, CT just started airing AT 40 The 70s in February. The 80s Version has also been airing for years on another station in the market. This Oldies I mentioned also just started airing classic episodes of The Wolfman Jack Show in April. Plus 2 years ago KFC brought back "The Colonel" with various actors playing him. Brammy in Connecticut (5/1/17)

Speaking of commercials with dead people, Empire Carpet continues to use the voice and cartoon likeness of their longtime spokesman even though he’s been dead I think for almost 10 years now! (5/1/17)

RE: "There’s another reason ESPN has lost viewers. Bob Ley, who’s been with ESPN since nearly day one said recently that the culture at Disney/ABC leaning left and politically correct has damaged the quality and direction of ESPN and softened the network to the point that males are turned off.... are devastating." I have heard that but the bottom line is ESPN booked sports at really high end fees just as people started leaving the "I'll accept all things cable/dish" offer deal. That $5 a month deal is going away slowly with commitments rising. If things stayed exactly the same it would have been tight as is. But, with people leaving, even if its just10-15% over the course of those contracts, it is devastating. 10% of a billion is? Times how many sports? Those players need to save now. (LOL..like they always did...lol.) I think ESPN will default on some of these contracts sooner than later. Disney will cut them off before it ends. They don't need sports to prop up cartoons making billions. This is not 1990 with FOX needing advertising for a startup with new shows. The people making these deals need to be cut, not the talent. oobbee (5/1/17)

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