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23 years ago today Jimmy Mathis from WBAL radio took off from OC MD. At 16 years old he became the youngest to make the flight solo. A record he still holds today. Thought you may find it interesting. Please don't use my email. Thanks (6/30/17)

Arch Campbell and Ann Hornaday have started a weekly entertainment podcast. We tape Friday's at chatter - Tony kornheiser's restaurant at Jennifer and Wisconsin. Episodes stream Friday afternoon. We cover new movies, cable and culture, entertainment news and fun things. Search for "at the movies with arch and Ann." The show also features longtime sports producer Marc Stern aka Nigel on the Tony Kornheiser podcast. (6/30/17)

Sorry to hear that Greta Van Sustern was fired from NBC. She was on FOX for 14 years. She had good ratings on FOX. Where will she go next? (6/30/17)

Saw that my DVR was recording Perry Mason… and I’m thinking WTH. Realized that FiOS finally brought back Me-TV to its lineup. It took 2 months but It’s on channel 489… yay (6/30/17)

re: Gary Michaels and WMET-TV. That tall skinny guy with the bad voice and lisp was me ... John Maxian. (Unless you are thinking of a fellow named Dennis Lilley who worked in the offices.... but I don't think he did any voice work.) I started at WMET-TV in June of 1968, working camera, loading film on the two JAN (Bell and Howell) 16mm projectors and slides on the S&S slide projector which made up the one film chain we had., running the audio board and the switcher. (Who can forget the 16 slide Lincoln Technical Institute spots!) In August of 1968 I went over to the office and worked the program logs for WSID-AM (1010 kHz), WSID-FM - Later WLPL-FM (92.3 MHz) and WMET-TV (24). You gave me the film segment timings so I could time out the filmed programs on the logs ... (Rocky and Bullwinkle, Water Front with Preston Foster, The Untouchables, etc.) Yes, we had two Vidicon cameras (throwaways from WOOK-TV (later WFAN-TV) Channel 14 here in DC.) Remember, we were always envious because WOOK-TV had RCA image orthicons while we were stuck with the Sarkes-Tarzian vidicons. I don't think it made much difference because with only 17,000 watts visual and 3,000 watts aural power at UHF channel 24, the signal barely made it down the hill and across the JFX. I remember standing in the control room and watching the Visual and Aural meters waving at each other as the carriers meandered off and on frequency. Concerning "Fitness and Fun with Janis", Janis was known to be not the most punctual star in the WMET cast of characters, and so we always had to have a 28:30 free film ready to rack up when she didn't show for her live program at 7pm. One hot and steamy Baltimore July evening, the clock ticked ever closer to 7pm, and still no Janis. That's went we pulled her Christmas show from the tape library as it was affectionately known and ran it on air. Janis was (surprise) watching and was not at all pleased. I think that was beginning of the end of "Fitness and Fun" on WMET! Golly, Gary, those are fun memories. We should gather in those whose lives were affected and enhanced by working at WMET and have a reunion. What stories we could tell!! John Maxian (WMZQ-FM-iHeartmedia commercial traffic manager, retired) (6/30/17)

"It’s pretty ironic that DC’s tallest tower will actually no longer be used for any TV station unless WJLA 7 intends on using it." And it's for good reason: The tower is too far east to project a better signal into the Virginia suburbs than the traditional signals in NW DC. I did a TVfool.com search of TV signals for various spots around the DC area, and for some reason, there are various spots, especially west of town (where the eyeballs are), where the higher WDCW tower actually is not line of sight, while the usual suspects are line of sight (or there's no advantage either way). Based on my signal analysis, if I had to pick one tower to broadcast from the top of, it would be the WRC-TV tower; it (and WFDC, lower on that tower) seems to have the best signal in Alexandria and southern Fairfax County. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (6/30/17)

I've been enjoying these reminiscences of Baltimore's WMET-TV. Richard Eaton was a rather bizarre owner/operator of TV stations. His most successful station was WMUR-TV, channel 9 in Manchester, NH. Good signal into the Boston area and into parts of southeastern Quebec. Especially on CATV. United/Eaton also owned KECC-TV, another channel 9, in El Centro, California. Now, if you look on a map, El Centro is in the middle basically nowhere. The USMC Logistics Base in Twentynine Palms and the U.S. Army Proving Ground in Yuma, Arizona are the two “population centers”. Otherwise, it's prospectors, hippies, and in this era no doubt, preppers. Both stations were ABC-TV affiliates. As for Washington's WOOK-TV/WFAN-TV, I think the only color they had was a color wedge test pattern that I only saw in black & white. I doubt if they carried any uncleared network programming. When that happened, it was carried on WTTG until WDCA-TV came along. I remember back in the late 1960's WDCA-TV carrying “Medical Center” and “Hawaii Five-O” from CBS-TV on Saturdays when WTOP-TV was running something else and WTTG was carrying uncleared ABC-TV programs rejected by WMAL-TV. Billy Graham “Crusades” often generated this until the Graham operation took their money over to WTTG. At one point, WTTG was carrying ABC-TV programming so frequently that there were talks with Metromedia about switching the affiliation to WTTG. It got to the point that network engineering went through the WTTG plant and liked what they saw. In the late 1960's, WTTG was the most modern VHF-TV in D.C. Everything was new in 1967 after moving from the Raleigh Hotel and the tower DuMont built in Arlington. At that time, WRC-TV was still running color cameras from the early 1950's, WMAL-TV and WTOP-TV had only recently bought Norelco PC-70 cameras (which WTTG also had), but were saddled with short towers. As was WRC-TV. WTTG was on a “whopper” (for this area) 770' stick, equal to the WDCA-TV candelabra. As for ABC-TV and WTTG, the network had a history with Metromedia due to a very successful affiliate in Kansas City, KMBC-TV. As for WOOK-TV/WFAN-TV, I think the “Teenarama” dance party show survived the life span of the station. I remember seeing Marvin Gaye, “Little” Stevie Wonder and other stars from the Motown label on that show. They even had a local half hour newscast. The local spots (I don't recall ever seeing any agency spots.) were homemade and usually live as I don't think 14 ever had videotape. The place reeked of being a cross between small market broadcast TV and what local access CATV would be in the early 1980's. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/30/17)

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Re: WMET, tell us about the kids program. OK, please understand that in the 45 or so years since my working for WMET-TV, I have killed and or modified more than a few brain cells, so my recollection my not be the most accurate. Yes, I believe the show was called Pogo’s cartoon circus. The show was tossed together live from the Avalon theatre studios of WMET in black and white. We only had 2 sub broadcast standard cameras. The guy who played Pogo I also remember named Bob Acton. A very tall and skinny fellow who as I remember liked to have a bit of the old sauce before dealing with children. That may account for the cursing incident you referred to. We did have a big problem getting all but the neighborhood kids to come to the show. This had to do with the where the studio was located, the 4300 block of Park Heights Ave being less than desirable to white folks. Many times on the Pogo show and on the Johnny Dark dance TV show also produced there, we had family members appear to fill the void of a balanced audience. You asked who was the announcer for the station. Many voices filled that position including mine. The strange voice you mentioned I think belonged to a tall skinny fellow who worked more in administration than on air . He did seem to have a bit of a lisp as I remember. Not a good voice at all and a bit wimpy too. I have beat my head against the wall to remember his full name, but all I come up with is John. I have been asked by a few friends to write down the many funny and strange things that happened at that station, including one where the live afternoon exercise girl (Janis) ran screaming from the studio never to be seen again. She had looked at the monitor and saw.... Guess you will have to wait for the book. Hope that helps. Gary Michaels/retired (6/29/17)

Fox News transplants Megyn Kelly and Scientologist Greta Van Susteren to PMSNBC/NBC are having a rough time with both ratings and colleagues: Megyn Kelly’s Sunday ratings are dismal and so are Van Susteren’s nightly ratings. Now Van Susteren has been canned: www.vanityfair.com (6/29/17)

?Chris Emry doing mornings on The Bay is only temporary until they find a new Program Director to take over. Klug was scheduled to only do those 2 or 3 mornings a couple of weeks ago.?The search is on. (6/29/17)

It has been nearly a year since WHAG lost their NBC affiliation. So how much of a hit did they take ratings-wise? How are their ratings now? Also regarding their upcoming change in call letters what does WDVM stand for? (6/29/17)

Looks like FIOS has quietly added WHAG/WDVM on channel 31. No HD relay as of yet. (6/29/17)

A blast from the past for you this was one of the Jazz or Soul shows that aired on WACC 89.9 at Anne Arundel Community College. A ham operator that lived at the house in the mid 70's helped put this station on the air. (6/29/17)

The application for Sinclair’s purchase of WDCW CW 50 has been filed. It’s over 100 pages long. I could find no mention of channel sharing with WJLA ABC 7, although I’m not sure Sinclair has to even file anything about that other than turning in the license and shutting down the transmitter. It’s pretty ironic that DC’s tallest tower will actually no longer be used for any TV station unless WJLA 7 intends on using it. (6/29/17)

The Politico’s Anna Palmer pulled a Mel Gibson on Trumpsters at The Four Seasons with a drunken rant. DCRTVDJDAVE’s favorite Betsy Rothstein of the Daily Caller reports: dailycaller.com (6/29/17)

WTTG gets dumber all the time. Instead of an 8:25 am weather report, they alternated between a costumed Erin gabbing in from of a prop camp sign and pictures of Tucker sleeping. Weather forecast? Apparently not important. (6/29/17)

More Baltimore Media simply regurgitating a press release: Last week, reports flowed regarding the lack of availability of the emergency opioid overdose treatment, Narcan. Turns out that there is no shortage of Narcan at all, but a shortage of funds in the City of Baltimore to pay for it. Ever stop and wonder how the current news media would have covered the original radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” ? (6/29/17)

WMAL’s “Mournings on the Mauled” had Mary Walters and the flavor of the week have WMAL talker and author Mark Levin on for a supposed “interview” this morning. Turned into an infomercial for his book, with him spouting a rehearsed rant that has already been on FNC and every other interview to date. Neither “host” was able to ask a question and just ended the segment with yet more information about the book and a local signing. Bill Hess should charge Levin for what essentially was an ad. (6/29/17)

""You can access the incognito mode via the menu (three dots) in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser window....." Not to pile on, and this could be a version issue, but in my browser the "three dots" show up as three red bars. Slate.com has something similar on their site that they call "the hamburger". An easier and hopefully version-agnostic method of opening an incognito window in Chrome is to go to the File menu, in the upper lefthand portion of the screen. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/29/17)

What's up w/ WZBA The Bay? A couple of weeks ago I punch on the station & Klug is back doing mornings. A few days later he's gone Chris Emry is on & has been ever since. It's like radio Twilight Zone. If Emry is back...swell. He's not saying that he's filling in for anyone. What's the deal? When's Rod Serling showing up? (6/29/17)

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Just noticed MeTV on FiOS (finally!) on channel 489. No guide data, yet (or even mention of the channel in the program guide). You have to manually tune to the channel. Also, I saw a billboard with WDVM branding, today on a Ride On bus, so that was a fast re-branding. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (6/28/17)

RE: “Did Chad ever sign a new contract with JFK?” Not certain but given how much he talks about food, rumor is that he just signed a multi-million dollar contract with: www.foodchannel.com (6/28/17)

To Gary Michaels -- I grew up in the 60's and enjoyed listening to you on WLPL. My question is about WMET. Tell us about the kids program -- was it called POGO's Cartoon Circus?? -- that was broadcasted live. I thought I remember the host once using some profantiy when he thought the microphone was not on. It also seemed like the number of young people in the studio audience depended on the weather outside. Also, who was the announcer that did the station IDs. He seemed to have a very unusual voice. Rob from Baltimore (6/28/17)

Did Chad ever sign a new contract with JFK? (6/28/17)

WMAL’s Larry O’Connor Show broadcasting LIVE from FAIR’s radio row at the Phoenix Hotel on Capitol Hill today. Reportedly, they couldn’t get any food service as the help slipped away out the back door: www.fairus.org (6/28/17)

Having spent the better part of my late teens and early 20’s working for United Broadcasting’s Baltimore stations, I spent a number of years doing everything at Baltimore’s first UHF-TV station WMET channel 24. The studio and transmitter was at 4340 Park Heights Ave. I was in the control room the last time the station signed off. I think that was about 1972. For years after, I still had business in the old TV control room where WLPL-FM housed it’s transmitter. I would spend hours looking at old programming and such before the place was cannibalized for a number of parts and favors. I had the only remaining 2 inch tape of some of WMET’s local programming until a flood sent them to the land fill back in the early 90’s. I thought nothing remained. In talking to a longtime friend a few weeks ago, he said remember that slide you gave me years ago ? This is that slide and I believe the only remaining vestige of WMET-TV. This simple black and white slide was used as the I.D. for the five years or so the station operated. Oh, one more thing. I remember some discussion about the station transmitting color or not. I can tell you without a doubt, the old RCA TTU1B was modified and did transmit color programming we got via microwave. We carried programs the big 3 Baltimore V’s preempted. The FCC made us kill the color burst after a few years because we did not have the required color monitoring and adjusting equipment. Talk about being blessed. That place gave me the best broadcast education anyone could get. Oh, and a party everyday. Gary Michaels/retired (6/28/17)

Hey Dave a few questions about online newspaper & other publications that have firewalls. When we access a posted story with an outlet that has a firewall via a search engine does that count as say, one of five free articles? I have noticed that with MSN/Bing, certain publications keep count (like The New York Times) while others do not (like The Los Angeles Times) while some only offer a snippet (like The Wall Street Journal). But since I have an online subscription to The Washington Post anytime I access a story via a search engine it always comes up with my screen name & I am logged in. Since I rarely use Google, I am not certain if the same applies. Also, with web sites like Drudge or other blog sites, I notice that sometimes I can access the story with no count on how many stories I have left for a certain period. I believe you once indicated that there are ways around these firewalls: maybe detail? Please explain: thanks. (6/28/17)

Dave's response: They're not firewalls, they're paywalls. The easiest way to get around them is to use a browser with an "incognito" mode like Google Chrome. When you visit many news media paywall sites in incognito mode, the site does not know who you are because it can't access the "cookie" they previously implanted on your system. So there's no article "count" after which you get a nag box to subscribe. You can access the incognito mode via the menu (three dots) in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser window.....

Sarah Palin files suit against The New York Times. She deserves to win this law suit. Good luck with your litigation. (6/28/17)

"To the “Pilot”: The tower I was referring to is the American Towers structure on Nebraska Ave, near the National Presbyterian Church and Center." So, "Ward Circle" in the sense of "Glen Echo Park"? "testing from their transmitter site on Ward Circle" It's fun to pile on the elderly isn't it fellow posters? I bet UCS doesn't even have the latest version of Safari installed! I wonder what iHeart and Cumulus stock prices are doing today. There should be a website for that. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/28/17)

The Washington Post (that quaint little penny saver publication they give away a version of at Metro stations) offers two takes on the lawsuit Sarah Palin has filed against the New York Times for libel. One is from Erik “The Wimp” Wimple who concludes via “experts” that there is no there, there: www.washingtonpost.com... The other from Callum Borchers is more fair minded, “How to argue Sarah Palin v. New York Times”, concluding “The former Alaska governor can (and did, in her complaint) point to previous Times coverage that indicates the newspaper knew there was no link between Palin's committee and the shooting of Giffords.”: www.washingtonpost.com (6/28/17)

CNN clip of Sentinel reporter Brian Karem blasting Trump spokeswoman Sara Huckabee Saunders at WH briefing is worth the watch: www.cnn.com... Karem calls himself: “Emmy nominated producer/writer/ best selling author/ humorist/ father/ musician/ television personality/ WH reporter/ stand up comic/ columnist for Playboy”. Add to that “Asshole”: twitter.com/BriabKaren (6/28/17)

Re: the post about possible anchor changes at NBC4, I'm thinking it may be due to summer vacations? At least I've noticed rotating seats on Fox5 because of anchors on vacation. As for Leon Harris, I'm thinking it's only a matter of time before he takes over Jim Vance's spot. Although Vance said that he wanted to anchor (whenever he could) while being treated, I think he's only been on maybe one or two times which suggests his treatment may be taking a toll on him. So I'm thinking he may just call it a day regarding coming back. (6/28/17)

Just wanted to know if you or anyone out there are aware of any anchor changes at NBC4? I noticed that Barbara Harrison is no longer on the midday broadcast, and instead they go with a hybrid team that changes daily. (Last week was the exception on Tom Kierein's last day where she anchored with Pat Lawson Muse). News 4 at 4 is now Pat Lawson Muse and Leon Harris, with Chris Lawrence apparently relegated to fill-in anchor duties or the Live Desk Assignment. Can anyone with any knowledge provide any actual updates. Thanks. Lee - Ft. Washington (6/28/17)

Thought a comment made by a Fox5 anchor was a little tacky this morning. She was giving a preview of an upcoming story on alleged grade tampering in PG county schools and said "It's a story that Fox5 broke that those other stations are TRYING to follow". I'm sure she wasn't the person who wrote that script, but this isn't the first time they've made shady comments regarding their competitors. Yes, we routinely hear stations say "First on NBC4 or FOx5", etc, but come on, isn't that enough? What about the stories that Fox5 follows when they're broken by other networks? (6/28/17)

Re: "When does the K-LOVE Format start on 94.3?" K-LOVE needs to close in on the deal first. I have no idea how long it will take, but I'd assume in less than two more months. From, Amar (6/28/17)

About WETT 1590 and WWTR 96 Rock… That is INDEED the original studios for 96 Rock when it debuted in 1981. I remembered both logos on that building as a child and my memory from childhood is better than today. After I posted the pic, I looked it up further. It’s unclear whether that was any original tower, but is is the original studio. As noted on the Facebook Tribute page: “96 Rock was licensed to Bethany Beach, Delaware and debuted it's Rock format in September of 1981. The studios were located at various locations including the WETT-AM studios in West Ocean City, The Connor Realty building in Bethany Beach, the tower site in Roxanna, DE and on the 3rd floor of an office building on 57th Street in Ocean City, MD.” At the time, both stations were co-owned, so it makes sense. I assume the tower today is used for mobile communications of some kind and might have been used for studio to tower relay back then or maybe it wasn’t even there then. That part I do not know. I was down here in the 1980s, so I know what I saw. (6/28/17)

To the poster asking about the video feeds on 105.7. Local management have killed the video streams. They have disabled the video production room them spent in excess of $25k on. All of the HD cameras, lights, studio improvements, Tricaster video switcher and other equipment now sits...unused. (6/28/17)

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To the “Pilot”: The tower I was referring to is the American Towers structure on Nebraska Ave, near the National Presbyterian Church and Center. It was owned by NBC until around 2008 or thereabouts when Richland Towers bought the sticks for WRC, KXAS (Fort Worth), and KNSD (San Diego), with Richland later being bought by American Tower. Remember that a good landing is one where you can immediately re-use the aircraft afterwards. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/27/17)

I was interested to see the feed from WHAG in Hagerstown is now carried by Comcast here in MoCo. However, there's an interesting glitch. I can see and hear their HD feed on channel 811 on my full DVR box, but on the small DTA boxes, there's no audio. The channel is listed in the setup as "0 Languages" while other channels have at least 1 (English) if not 2 (Spanish). No problem with their SD feed on channel 24. I've informed Comcast, and they've acknowledged the problem. Is it something with the way the HD feed is coded? -- Jerry in Rockville (6/27/17)

WMAL talker & author, the “Pit Bull” of conservative talk radio, Mark Levin, clocks in at Number Uno on Amazon with his new book, “Rediscovering America”. Paul Bedard of The Washington Examiner reports: www.washingtonexaminer.com (6/27/17)

RE: WETT I don't think that is the tower for the former 96 Rock as the studios and tower were located in Bethany Beach. Maybe that was a transmission stick for the AM & FM? Just a hunch. (6/27/17)

Now that Red Zebra has closed with Urban One on 92.7 in Prince Frederick, MD they will be simulcasting WMMJ 102.3 in Bethesda. This will give them coverage in Prince Georges County. This will expand their coverage and ratings of WMMJ. This is a smart move for Urban One. (6/27/17)

Red Zebra is still broadcasting sports talk on 94.3 FM in Warrenton. They are simulcasting WTEM 980 AM. When does the K-LOVE Format start on 94.3? (6/27/17)

Hey UCS, just curious. What did you mean when you said channel 32 has a transmitter site at "Ward Circle"? In DC by American U? There's no tower there. You mean NBC's tower at 4001 Nebraska? AU's tower on the campus? -P of the AW (6/27/17)

I've been noticing that the live video feeds, which I've enjoyed a lot, have been down/having technical difficulties for close to two months now. 106.7's feed says they're having technical issues and the stream is down "temporarily", while 105.7's stream is just a blank stream. Anyone know what going on over there? From, Amar (6/27/17)

WRZB-LP’s FCC contour is not the only determining factor in TV channel spacing per se. It more than likely is a pre-determined co-channel distance spacing based on power/tower height, but there probably shouldn’t be any contour overlap. but contour overlap is a good indicator. Also, the Longely-Rice coverage map overlaps on land. With an outdoor antenna. WBOC can be picked up on the western side of the bay in some places. WRZB-LP has to protect any full power TV station. WRZB currently has easy outdoor reception in even Stephensville, MD. There is no way that WBOC would accept that interference and I’m sure WRZB will lose channel 32. The same thing is happening to WRDE 31. WMPT 22 moving to channel 31 will bump that channel to 19 for just minor interference. LPTV stations simply cannot interfere in ANY way with full power TV stations. That’s why nearly a thousand or more LPTV stations are getting bumped or might do something even better. Those that cannot find an approvable channel, can enter into a channel sharing agreement probably with an even better signal. The FCC has already approved this ability which essentially puts a Low Power TV station on a full power signal. (6/27/17)

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WRZB-LD 32 - “there is a clear but minor contour overlap that would not be allowed.” Would they take into consideration that all of the overlap occurs over the bay? Kent Island isn’t even in the overlap. (6/26/17)

Lauren Ricketts is from Winchester and I belong to the Winchester Facebook page as does Lauren Ricketts. Don't you dare say she "sucks" or is "hyper" as she will go off and rip you a new one. The woman can NOT handle criticism. This seems to be the norm isn't ?? Today's news people can not take criticism !! (6/26/17)

RE: WDCN 87.7 FM and WOWZ 87.7, both on channel 6 in DC and Delmarva. From the recent FCC report: “All LPTV stations and TV translators still operating in analog will have to be operating in digital by the end of the repacking – July 13, 2021.” The filing window for displaced LPTVs (WDCN’s Digital channel is a displaced channel above 36) is the 1st quarter of 2018. WOWZ as far as I know does not even have an application on file for a digital channel, so it will simply be deleted on that date. But keep in mind, that’s 4 years of guaranteed income for these stations while they are probably not hassled by the FCC for operating beyond their licensed power. The FCC simply has too much on its plate with the a million other pending repack issues in the midst of budget cuts, to take on these stations legally at this point, so nothing is really going to happen until the repack is finished. The only interference these stations have is from far north or each other, and neither would ever file a complaint against each other. However WOWZ does have a pending complaint, presumably from a WPVI viewer in Delaware, where some people still do have roof top antennas pointing to Philly. It doesn’t appear the FCC has acted on that complaint except to note it. (6/26/17)

Technically as of July 11, 2017, WGBG AM 1590 Ocean City MD ceases to exist, not that anyone cares, probably even the owners themselves. The station has been static for months. Failure to be on the air properly licensed on this date causes automatic expiration of the license and station Yes, just over a week until Ocean City’s AM 1590 is no more. They have that much time to not only put the station back on the air, but file an STA since there’s only one working tower remaining, if even that. After 10 years, and multiple final warnings, will the FCC let this NON-STATION hang on in license value only? No one wants to run this station. It was sold TWICE in a YEAR while almost never even being on the air! They tried to save it with FM translators and that failed too. I mean, at this point, what is the point of letting this continue? Here’s a pic of the original WETT AM 16 station. The building still exists. I think at the time it was co-housed with 96 ROCK, 95.9 FM. way back in the day. I’m guessing that’s the original 96 Rock tower in the back, not WETT AM 1590. (6/26/17)

I was saddened to read that Carl Rochelle has died. He was not a household name, but he was a very solid reporter who believed in facts and no-nonsense storytelling. (He once told me he dressed in non-flashy clothes to avoid distracting from his reporting.) I met him in the early '80s when I was an intern and production assistant at CNN. He was always generous with his time. Given the way the business has changed, I'm glad I had the chance to meet Carl and others of his era. (6/26/17)

WRZB-LD 32 can currently test, but they will not be on that channel very long. It’s being displaced by WBOC 16, which will move from 21 to 32 in a couple years. Even with that distance apart and being low power, there is a clear but minor contour overlap that would not be allowed. They will have a window to apply for another channel if one is available or go off the air. (6/26/17)

Where can I find a list of winners from Saturday night's Capital Emmys? I have two former students up for awards. (6/26/17)

Watching Good Day DC and they have a former TMZ guy on there for which they're trying to include in their celebrity gossip segment. A TOTAL disaster!!! He's not into it at all. He's making comments that are obviously making Allison and Holly uncomfortable. And, they said that he's scheduled to come back later in the show. I'm thinking the powers that be may rethink that move. (6/26/17)

DCRTVDJDAVE may not have heard this given he is in Podunk, Delaware these days and can only hear the local radio stations beach reports and community swap events announcements, but his old pal WMAL’s Chris Plante started his show off, predictably, trashing Lisa Durden. Who’s Lisa Durden? Why she’s the latest black racist Superstar victim/hero thanks to Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson. The Washington Post, which must cost poor Dave $3.00 during the week, reports: washingtonpost.com (6/26/17)

FCC Chairman Pai has asked again for suggestions on rule changes that should be made now. Channel 6 LPTV Stations should turn in their licenses because they never operated as Television Stations. They made promises to the FCC about how they would operate as local community TV stations. They took the 87.7 FM Audio frequency and operated as FM Radio Stations. They never operated as intended when they got their Television License. (6/26/17)

More media laziness in Baltimore. The speed cameras are back. According to the official from the city that I saw on TV (CH 13) they were placed in areas with these 3 criteria: School Zone, high pedestrian traffic, and a place with high accident rates. Well there is one on Caton Ave. just above the Seton Keough school. Only problem there is that when Seton Keough closed a few weeks back, that was it. The school is permanently closed. Even when open, most of the students were driven. Most of the “pedestrian traffic” in the area is from the panhandlers walking between rows of vehicles stopped at traffic lights on either side of Caton. There is an Elementary School on Pine Heights Ave. that has more children walking to school. Why no camera there ? Oh, vehicle volume is so low as compared to Caton, that it wouldn’t generate any $$$. Why not pin down these city officials and make them admit that this entire speed camera issue is nothing more than a money grab ? Oh, once again, we media folks can’t ruffle any feathers of anyone in government (Trump excluded). (6/26/17)

To the poster who watched the Nat's post game show yesterday on MASN. One observation... Johnny, Ray, and FP, were all on the same page!!. They discussed the early inning meltdown that Roark went through in that 1st and 2nd inning that cost him the game then proceeded to say...he HAS to get back to pitching the way he did last year . All Three of the guys were disappointed in Tanners performance and made it quite clear of their feelings. yes he did get better but the damage was done! In Dusty's post game press conference he said the exact same thing. I doubt if there are any restrictions on what they say or don't say on both the Radio and the TV side of the broadcast. I've heard both crews tell it like it is and thats refreshing as compared to Redskins broadcast. (6/26/17)

Happened to tune in MASN's Nationals postgame show after Sunday's 6-2 loss to the Reds and Johnny Holliday, Ray Knight and F. P. Santangelo were going on and on about how "great" Tanner Roark had pitched from the 2nd inning on. Hello - he gave up five runs in the first inning and that was essentially the ballgame. If you invite someone over for dinner and he spills coffee on your expensive carpeting five minutes after arriving then it doesn't matter if he's the perfect dinner guest from that point on - there's still that darn coffee stain to deal with after all's said and done. A few minutes later, the hosts were gushing about how potent the Nats' offense is to the extent that you almost expected to hear comparisons to the 1927 "Murderer's Row" Yankees at any moment. While I know they've scored a boatload of runs this season, they'd only managed two in the game just completed and I thought postgame shows were supposed to be game recaps - not promos for the team. Switching over to the radio coverage on 106.7 The Fan, I heard Charlie Slowes, Dave Jageler and Phil Wood discussing how Roark's recent poor starts have to be concerning to the team. What a refreshing contrast to the TV side where they seemed to give the pitcher a complete pass for his first inning meltdown (Knight actually suggesting he'd pitched well in that inning but just run into bad luck). Is there some edict from Nats ownership that nobody working the telecasts is allowed to say anything the least bit negative about their play on the field? (6/26/17)

Happened to tune in MASN's Nationals postgame show after Sunday's 6-2 loss to the Reds and Johnny Holliday, Ray Knight and F. P. Santangelo were going on and on about how "great" Tanner Roark had pitched from the 2nd inning on. Hello - he gave up five runs in the first inning and that was essentially the ballgame. If you invite someone over for dinner and he spills coffee on your expensive carpeting five minutes after arriving then it doesn't matter if he's the perfect dinner guest from that point on - there's still that darn coffee stain to deal with after all's said and done. A few minutes later, the hosts were gushing about how potent the Nats' offense is to the extent that you almost expected to hear comparisons to the 1927 "Murderer's Row" Yankees at any moment. While I know they've scored a boatload of runs this season, they'd only managed two in the game just completed and I thought postgame shows were supposed to be game recaps - not promos for the team. Switching over to the radio coverage on 106.7 The Fan, I heard Charlie Slowes, Dave Jageler and Phil Wood discussing how Roark's recent poor starts have to be concerning to the team. What a refreshing contrast to the TV side where they seemed to give the pitcher a complete pass for his first inning meltdown (Knight actually suggesting he'd pitched well in that inning but just run into bad luck). Is there some edict from Nats ownership that nobody working the telecasts is allowed to say anything the least bit negative about their play on the field? (6/26/17)

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Got up in the middle of the night and caught WRZB-LD, channel 32 (Imaginary 31) testing from their transmitter site on Ward Circle. Good signal level into Great Falls, but had some encode problems with their three 480p streams. No ID given on-air. Station had been dark since 2014. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/25/17)

Commenting on the various posts on HD radio I've mentioned before sadly there used to be a helpful site HD radio.com that used to give you HD stations by city as well as their formats and currently available receivers but I haven't been able to access it for about 6 months it must have been removed I think HD radio is more practical at home last year I tried out a Honda that had it and this was in Woidbridge and too many dead spots with stations like the Gamut because with the subchannels it's either all on nothing and reception is worse if you are near trees when they have leaves on them and much better in winter when trees are bare. (6/25/17)

Question: "Does anyone know how many HD Receivers there are in the DC Area?" Answer: How would they? Does anyone know how many bikes there are in the DC area? Does anyone know how many vacuum cleaners there are? Of course not, there's no way to keep track. (6/25/17)

"I have trouble sometimes receiving The PBS. Stations WETA CH 26 which is on CH 27 and WHUT CH 32 which is on CH 33 and yet have no. Problem with CH 5 on CH 36 And CH 4 on CH 48 Or are the PBS stations broadcasting with lower power?" WETA is limited to 73 kW output, compared to WTTG at 1,000 kW, and WRC at 813 kW. WHUT operates at 1,000 kW from the WWPX (RF 34) tower, but that operation is financially limited, so they probably don't have a high-end transmitter or exciter that ensures the cleanest, easiest-to-decode signal. The repack will affect outputs for WETA & WRC, as they will move channels. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (6/25/17)

Several days ago, WYRE AM 810 returned to the air. The audio actually sounds better now too. For HD radios Best Buy sells an inexpensive FM only version for about $50 under the "Insignia" brand. This will get your feet wet in HD. I prefer the Sangean brand, much more sensitive and has a few diagnostic/added features (emergency alerts, etc.) Universal Radio (universal-radio.com) is a good vendor to deal with on HD radios and the Sangean linel. Meanwhile, WGY AM 810 last night provided me with some great nighttime HD-via-skywave coverage. Seems to hold up better than WCBS or other New York state HD radio stations for nighttime HD locks. TW in Odenton (6/25/17)

Dave's response: The Best Buy HD radio is hard to find in stores. Your best bet would be to order it from their website. I'd say that 99% of HD Radio listening is done on the road, as many new car radios are equipped with HD Radio and SiriusXM per radio manufacturers' licencing agreements with car companies.....

Have to agree with the poster re: the drama aspect of news broadcasts these days. It's all drama and entertainment; what antics, stunts and bits the stations can fit into their newscasts..They seem to hire people who are quite hyper and/or can provide that entertainment factor. Case in point, Kevin McCarthy on Fox5 and Shomari Stone on NBC4. And don't know with Tom Kieran gone whether she'll be permanent for weekends, but saw Lauren Ricketts on the Sunday morning program who's another hyper personality. (6/25/17)

Ruh Roh Scooby Doo; Seems like the Don Geronimo Paid Podcast monthly subscribers are getting Twitter restless. Steve? @DammitIgavein Jun 23 writes Replying to @DonGeronimoShow @LittleJoeRadio Been waiting. The pike seems to be the never ending tunnel. I can review my own TV Shows. Same shit every day. Not worth $9.95 right now... Sad that a man cant afford to fly his family to their summer home. #FreePonyRides (6/25/17)

According to the the FCC, the lower the UHF channel the better the frequency transmission range at a given power, hence a better signal contour. One of the purposes of the repack was to ensure a similar station signal contour to previous wherever possible. So to ensure that the repack goes more smoothly with less possibilities of interference, no station is allowed their same power unless they’re staying on the same channel. The FCC has an algorithm in place whereby for every channel lower or higher the station moves, power must be adjusted commensurately. Hence stations that move to lower channels have to reduce power and those that move up in channel are allowed to increase power. Now, with PBS stations, there is no rule that they be lower in power or contour. That is simply a matter of economics. For instance MPT uses WMPT 22 as its highest power and centrally located TV station. Baltimore’s WMPB has always been a much lower power because it’s the original MPT station that was put on the air at the lowest cost possible which much help at the time. MPT has done similar things with other satellite stations, WFPT 62 being one of the lower power ones. Also, the FCC has a window in place to file for exceptions, power increases, & other grievances like a bad channel, but for now everyone is filing as directed by the FCC pretty much without exception. Now, one of the deficiencies of the repack is a tighter co-channel spacing. This is supposed to be mitigated by ATSC 3.0, but there’s no current timeline for ATSC 3.0. For instance, a channel 21 in Frederick, MD and Salisbury, MD at the same time would have previously not been approved nor would a channel in Philadelphia on the same channel as Annapolis. Some stations are going to object to such tighter spacings or complain about interference. Just wait until the testing begins. The original HD transition packed stations tighter, but the Spectrum Repack is double downing on that. (6/25/17)

Someone posted that you can still hear Bluegrass Country on WAMU 88.5 FM on their HD2 Channel. I don't own a HD Receiver. Does anyone know how many HD Receivers there are in the DC Area? I have not been able to find this information. (6/25/17)

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Is it true that the lower Channels have more power ? Will that be an advantage for those using an antenna when they reassign the TV stations above CH 36 I have trouble sometimes receiving The PBS. Stations WETA CH 26 which is on CH 27 and WHUT CH 32 which is on CH 33 and yet have no. Problem with CH 5 on CH 36 And CH 4 on CH 48 Or are the PBS stations broadcasting with lower power? (6/24/17)

Someone said "... You can bet that somewhere in the Snyder Potomac mansion, there is a voodoo doll of Bennett Zier with a LOT of holes in it. :-)". While this may be true, the purchase of 980 had nothing to do with Bennett Zero. The purchase of the (then) Clear Channel stations was orchestrated by Bruce Gilbert Voss. Maybe a second voodoo doll is floating around. (6/24/17)

Concerning comments on WTOP's website, I found a good number of comments to be concerning inaccurate reporting as well as leaving out details found on other websites. The comments helped to fill in the blanks. (6/24/17)

Thought I'd give you a heads up. WBAL is looking for a new meteorologist. Any word of who might be leaving or if the adding to the team? (6/24/17)

Is it true that K-Love will be on 105.5 FM starting 7/1? We know that it will be on 94.3 in Warrenton on 7/1. The format will do well in the DC area. It sounds much better than WGTS 91.9. (6/24/17)

To; Anonymous Horse and the question if people still watch TV news....yes they do but it's all about drama. People love it !! That is why people listen to WMAL or WBAL even though they don't like WMAL or WBAL !! This is why we like reality shows, why Trump is president, why a celebrity or politician on purpose sticks his/her foot in their mouth like Johnny Depp did recently... we love drama !! It's not a surprise that TV news is going down to same road. I can remember when news meant informing the people but how can one be informed by a small little boy breaking into a garage and hugging a dog and the anchor replays the video over and over ?? Or how about a dog, cat and a rat in the animal shelter and the 3 are best friends ?? DRAMA !!! Weather ?? I miss the days of Barry ZeVan the weatherman when a magic marker and a map was it. Funny how predicting the weather hasn't changed that much over the years but today they have a 24 year old guy in Kansas with a phone taking a pic of a tornado and oh boy we can hear the guy saying "Oh SHIT !!"....yeah it really is about drama. (6/24/17)

In addition, WWPB Hagerstown is moving from 44 to 29, also lowering their power, but moving down in channels. (6/24/17)

So Fox5 is adding yet another reporter. I see that he will be on both Fox5 and the Fox5Plus. He also may replacing Alexndra Limon as I havent't seen her in awhile and her pic is no longer on the website. (6/24/17)

Yes, WMPB will being using WMPT's original channel 22, but at a significantly lower power (1/10th that of WMPT). Just like when on channel 67, MPT’s most powerful signal will still be Annapolis’s WMPT but on 31 now. (6/24/17)

NBC News icon, Edward R. Murrow Award winner, and long time reporter Gabe Pressman has died at 93. Pressman who covered everything from Woodstock to the attacks in NYC on September 11, 2001, died in his sleep: www.nydailynews.com (6/24/17)

Maryland Public TV filed its post spectrum repack applications for all of its stations. For those wondering the outcome, here are the stats. WMPB Baltimore is moving to channel 22 from 29, WMPT Annapolis to 31 from 42, WFPT Frederick to 21 from 28, WCPB Salisbury also to 21 from 28, WFPT Oakland to 26 from 36. Since they are all moving lower on the dial, every station is applying for a lower power per FCC rules as lower UHF frequencies travel further by nature. It's assumed that MPT will continue to use the original channel numbers, 67, 22, 62, 28, and 36, but they don't necessarily have to. For those on cable, nothing will change. Those using antennas will have to rescan for the new channels sometime in mid 2019 although testing might begin earlier. (6/24/17)

Dave's response: WMPB to 22 which was WMPT's original channel? What goes around comes around.....

Now that he’s employed by CNN again, Z on TV has switched gears onto the CNN Bash Trump Brigrade for lack of transparency, even though President Trump has allowed more media access than his predecessor, President Obama. David Zurawik just boggles my mind on his chameleon type political view, the politics that pays his bills! HAHA! Before the FOX News troubles and when they were paying him, he was writing gloating stories about their dominating ratings. Like the sands of the hourglass, er, like the kaching of the check clearing, These are the Zurawik Days of His Life. (6/24/17)

About WTEM 980: Although it’s widely been rumored for sale, no sale so far has seemed to happen. It’s kinda funny. Unlike WMAL, WTEM’s transmitter land is not worth more than the station, significantly less. Land near Hyattesville just doesn’t go as high as near Bethesda. I mean when you google Hyattesville in the Urban Dictionary, it comes up GHETTO! HAHA! So poor Danny Boy is in a bind. The value of AM stations, particularly in the DC market are plummeting more than the national average. The question isn’t whether he’ll lose money. It’s more like HOW MUCH money will he lose! If Snyder had ever bought a decent Class B FM signal to combine with WTEM 980, he’d have had something. You can bet that somewhere in the Snyder Potomac mansion, there is a voodoo doll of Bennett Zier with a LOT of holes in it. :-) (6/24/17)

I’ve seen the Washington Post Bot in action. Comments that include such terms as “Libtard” are removed automatically right after posting, but such things as “Trumpster” and far worse Trump hating comments like knuckle crawling Repub neanderthal or BLM insults pass through the bot with flying colors. All the classic liberal insults are blocked and people have noticed. You can see the complaints in other comments, as long as they do not repost the same word. Would you expect any different? The Washington Post, Democracy Dies in Darkness, because they do not respect The 1st Amendment and respect free speech. They are the epitome of their own slogan. How funny and ironic. :-) (6/24/17)

RE: “WaPo Uses Bot To Moderate Comments”. WTOP got rid of comments earlier this year probably because they could not spare the manpower required to moderate and didn’t have a spiffy program like the Post to “moderate”. Many of the WTOP comments were just horrible, many were racist, homophobic, etc. and were dominated by a few posters who mostly battled with each other and are not missed. As for the Post: it seems they retain comments simply for clicks (commenters who post return multiple times to check reaction to their comments) and ad exposure. The number of comments range from a dozen to thousands. As with any comments section to MSM, blogs, etc. one has to wonder why people post comments anyway other than to see them and go, “Oh, I wrote that and it’s on the internets for eternity.” Free Republic is basically nothing but a comments site and has a very aggressive moderation system, using hundreds of volunteers to moderate. DCRTVDJDAVE uses a special system for allowing comments to be posted in the DCRTV Mailbag: he flips a coin, heads you’re in tails you’re out. And the irony of the “WashPost Pr” story is that there are no comments as of this Mailbag posting: https://www.washingtonpost.com/pr/wp/2017/06/22/the-washington-post-leverages-artificial-intelligence-in-comment-moderation/?utm_term=.3db440325ffe (6/24/17)

Bluegrass Country can still be heard on WAMU 88.5 HD-2 and streaming on line at: ice24.securenetsystems.net/WAMU2. I can handle that at home, but without the standard FM broadcast on 105.5, I can't listen to the station in my car. I gave some thought, even priced out swapping out the car radio for a new one, but with a 15 year old car, it's probably a tossup as to which will give out first, the car or Bluegrass Country. I could be wrong, but my observation is that HD radio never really got off the ground. Stations that are broadcasting it haven't been dropping it, but few are adding it. And there's pretty slim picking as far as receivers go. I read somewhere, maybe here, that 2/3 of Bluegrass Country listeners were listening on HD. They did make a pitch for it when WAMU initially added the HD channels 6 or 7 years ago and receivers were easier to find. New listeners are almost certainly using a computer or smart phone app, not an HD receiver unless they have a newer car with a premium sound system. (6/24/17)

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Regarding "...Amelia Draper is the hottest thing on TV...", de gustibus non est disputandum. (6/23/17)

iHeart does not want to hear this. Their stock is down to $1.60 per share. Cumulus is even worse at just $0.43 per share now. How long before both of these companies go into bankruptcy? If they are forced to sell off their assets to pay off their lenders, it will hurt the entire radio industry. (6/23/17)

"Yes those two are beyond bad. Also, glad Brian Wilson is gone, he was terrible! The show needs hosts who can get their facts correct, regardless of their opinions. Right now it is just awful." Then why the hell do you continue to listen?? Are you not smart enough to look for something that you might enjoy? (6/23/17)

Say what you will about voice tracking on the cheap. It’s still better than running a Westwood One feed (even their local versions). I interned with EJ Foxx way back at the old Thunder 107.7. Great person. Great jock. Glad to hear her on KHI. Most important question for Delmarva radio…. how many country stations can you fit on the dial? MLB4 (6/23/17)

What is the future of AM Radio? One fifth of all AM Radio Stations now have a FM Translator. The price of AM Stations has had a HUGH drop in value since 2008. Music Formats do not work on AM Stations. The FCC could buy up the AM frequencies at a very low price now. (6/23/17)

FCC Chairman Pai asked for ways the FCC Rules could be changed to help radio stations and get rid of old rules that should be eliminated. When owners must sell off stations to comply with FCC Rules, there needs to be a time limit on the sale or the license goes back to the FCC. A fair amount of time could be two years. Look at iHeart, who put WFRE 99.9 FM in their "trust". They still own it 10 years later and have enjoyed the cash flow from the station all these years. (6/23/17)

Interesting how quickly the DEMS started commenting on the new Health Care Bill. And did we hear anyone in the media ask one basic question ? “Senator/Congressman (or Congresswoman). Have you read the entire bill yet ? Sure must be one helluva lot of Evelyn Wood graduates in the halls of the Capital. In fairness, the other party did the same thing when the current plan was released. And kudos to WBAL radio for airing a clip from Nancy Pelosi back when Obamacare came out. Love the hypocrisy on when your party does it, it’s okay, but when the other party does it, it’s deplorable. (6/23/17)

Memo to Bill Hess @ WMAL: Much of what I heard today on "Mornings on the Mall" was bordering on unlistenable. My suggestion would be to work with Mary Walter on helping her be less annoying. (6/23/17)

RE: “WaPo Uses Bot To Moderate Comments”. WTOP got rid of comments earlier this year probably because they could not spare the manpower required to moderate and didn’t have a spiffy program like the Post to “moderate”. Many of the WTOP comments were just horrible, many were racist, homophobic, etc. and were dominated by a few posters who mostly battled with each other and are not missed. As for the Post: it seems they retain comments simply for clicks (commenters who post return multiple times to check reaction to their comments) and ad exposure. The number of comments range from a dozen to thousands. As with any comments section to MSM, blogs, etc. one has to wonder why people post comments anyway other than to see them and go, “Oh, I wrote that and it’s on the internets for eternity.” Free Republic is basically nothing but a comments site and has a very aggressive moderation system, using hundreds of volunteers to moderate. DCRTVDJDAVE uses a special system for allowing comments to be posted in the DCRTV Mailbag: he flips a coin, heads you’re in tails you’re out. And the irony of the “WashPost Pr” story is that there are no comments as of this Mailbag posting: www.washingtonpost.com (6/23/17)

The Institute of Notre Dame in Baltimore has hired Sarah Caldwell as its Director of Development. (6/23/17)

What does Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce tweet on more than one occasion whens he's just not feelin' it with his PAID SUBSCRIPTION Podcast? "We'll be back tomorrow" (6/23/17)

Been listening the past month or so to 1320 WICO in Salisbury and I must admit this new morning show they have is a well needed community and political talk show. I was very skeptical at first about the hosts mainly my concerns being about local business owner and liberal John Robinson being on a conservative talk show, plus it seemed like he bought his way in being the studio sponsor which we hear every hour during the legal id, but his co host Travis (I can't remember his last name) does a great job balancing him out with his commentary and opinions. They have a lot of local guests which certainly captures my attention and draws me in each morning and even when they don't have guests they tend to talk about subjects that are quite interesting. Hopefully this show and this duo stay on Delmarva because it's a breath of fresh air in talk AM radio (6/23/17)

[those idiots on Red Eye Radio] Yes those two are beyond bad. Also, glad Brian Wilson is gone, he was terrible! The show needs hosts who can get their facts correct, regardless of their opinions. Right now it is just awful. (6/23/17)

Is Adams Radio in Salisbury really that desperate for people that they will hire just anyone? First they bring in old washed up EJ Foxx from the former 97.5 Cat Country for middays on WKHI, now they've hired the depressing John Glassman who was formerly the operations manager also from the old 97.5 Cat Country to fill in on WZBH and WKHI? What a joke. Plus if you're going to hire someone to voicetrack make sure the shifts on the stations don't overlap because number one Glassman sounds horrible anyway but hearing him on WKHI and WZBH at the same time (within 20 seconds of the prior break) kind of screams it's not live no matter how much you say you are. How many Delmarva radio rejects (more like Cat Country rejects) are next to get hired by Adams? Now all they need is to bring back over Brian and they will have the whole team back together again sounding just as horrible as they were back then. I guess Ron Stone and Paul Burton are too worried about their portable studio trailer to worry about having good radio. Guess the ratings will eventually show they don't know what they are doing. (6/23/17)

[RE Jim Vance:] Saw Jim at the dedication of the new mural near Ben's Chili Bowl. He seems to be failing fast. He revealed he has cancer. A shame but life is what it is. He is an amazing journalist and broadcaster and deserves a dignified handling of his career and health issues. No one in the DC area TV news arena can compare with Jim. God bless him. (6/23/17)

[RE: ICYMI, Steve Solomon (Solly) of ESPN980 leaked out yesterday that he will be running for Montgomery County Council in 2018. He's hoping to win one of the five soon-to-be vacated seats due to the newly enacted term limit provisions.] Dave, Yes, this is in fact true! I'm glad someone heard that and sent it to you. The election is not until next June, but I will in fact be running. So thanks for posting this. Steve (6/23/17)

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\/ June 22 Messages \/

The ratings changes piqued my interest in DC's local TV news. Admittedly, I don't watch unless there's a big local breaking story, or seriously severe weather in the area. Most of my news consumption is online from various sources. I generally get my sports fix from ESPN and daily localized weather from AccuWeather on line. I'm curious as to why people watch local tv news. Would the good readers of DCRTV weigh in please? Thanks. Anonymous Horse (6/22/17)

They published my translator rule ideas today, and here is the link. www.radioworld.com (6/22/17)

With regard to the on Fox 43....does anyone know the rules regarding Channel Sharing Agreements? If I'm a commercial station that sold my spectrum, can I only enter into a CSA with another commercial station in the same market? If I'm a PBS station that sold my spectrum, can I only enter into a CSA with another non-commercial licensee in the same market? What are the rules? (6/22/17)

I have to disagree with posters who find Mary Walter unappealing as a host on WMAL's "Mornings on the Mall." I find her to be lively, intelligent, up to date with recent news, quick witted, and without any annoying vocal idiosyncrasies (over articulation, over breathing into the microphone, nasal timbre...). On the other hand, I find Vince's delivery style somewhat halting and so a little irritating; and it breaks Mary's more energetic, even style. And as much as I like Larry O'Connor's show in the afternoon, I thought he and Mary worked fabulously well together this morning. Both have the same delivery tempo so one doesn't kill the enthusiasm of the other with a slower pace; both delivered an entertaining combination of their point of view while having fun by poking fun at various politicians; and both, it seemed to me, fed off each other. WMAL should consider bringing Larry back to the morning with Mary, in my opinion. And I should also say I'm glad Larry appreciates opinions of his callers that differ from his--unlike Levin, Limbaugh, and those idiots on Red Eye Radio who simply insult those who disagree with them. (6/22/17)

Sonny Jurgensen's lesser schedule is not the only change on local football broadcasts for the upcoming season. Qadry Ismail tweeted that he will no longer be an analyst on Baltimore Ravens radio & preseason TV broadcasts. (6/22/17)

Today was Tom Kieran's last day at Channel 4. He is retiring. For the last day, they had Barbara Harrison and Pat Lawson Muse anchor. Some of the highlights. Pat Collins gave him an autographed Pat Collins snow stick. Bob Ryan showed up to congratulate him on his retirement. At the end Joe Krebs called in to wish him happy retirement. It was real nice (6/22/17)

Since few stations still have the same format and call letters they had forty years ago, it’s worth noting that today is WMZQ’s 40th birthday! Just before noon on June 22, 1977, WMOD played its last song, Cass Elliot’s “New World Coming”, and at noon, WMZQ debuted with Waylon Jennings’ “Are You Ready for the Country”. Happy Birthday WMZQ! (6/22/17)

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\/ June 21 Messages \/

Maybe people have been getting the replacement of Brian Wilson for WMAL’s Mournings on the Mall backwards: instead of finding HIS replacement we should be happy with Vince already and looking for that witch Mary Walter’s replacement (Vince is on the verge of telling her to just shut up). How about bringing back Mary Katherine Ham? Her daughter is old enough for a nanny, hopefully she has recovered from her husband’s tragic death, CNN ain’t using her that much these days, and she’s based in and well versed with Washington. I would much rather hearing her husky voice than that whiney Walters in the morning and she would be great with Vince. (6/21/17)

DCRTV covers DC and Baltimore so I hope this post giving kudos to Professional Pervert John Waters pertains to the Mailbag rules. Nothing says Baltimore more than him: God I just love John Waters. How is this for a question & quote: “FODOR’S: Will the political climate creep into the vibe of the Boogaloo? JOHN WATERS: Resist is now a term that the most liberal namby-pamby kind of earth mothers and granola crunchers say. But, this word Resist has always been a punk word. It's always been resisting everything. There’s probably even more reason to be angry and crazy and – rebellion – if there was ever an appropriate time for it, it is today.” Waters has always been the most astute, brilliant, maverick iconoclast and now he has spoken out on current events and “Punks in the era of Trump” (hat tip The Drudge Report) (6/21/17)

So 105.5 is going to K-love. I fucking K-hate K-Love. I hope they K-burn in Fucking K-Hell (6/21/17)

Does anyone know who the Buyer is for Red Zebra's WTEM 980 AM. WMAL will be carrying the Redskins in the Fall. (6/21/17)

EDITORIAL: I didn’t notice this during the spectrum repack news, but hindsight is 20/20. it should have been a tip-off. When Tribune turned in the license for WPMT FOX 43 for CASH, central PA was losing its FOX TV station with no sharing agreement. Obviously they knew at the time that Baltimore based Sinclair was going to buy the company. WPMT FOX 43 will disappear, but show up on Sinclair’s WHP CBS 21 as a sub-channel now along with the CW, My-TV & WXBU’s channels in the market. Sinclair will run 4 networks in one small market now and legally, CBS, FOX, CW & MY TV, two of which currently run independent news, WHP & WPMT FOX 43. WGAL is still the market leader, but Sinclair will surpass them in ad revenue if they do this right. And they will have a choice of 3 different transmitter sites, WGAL’s, WHP’s, or WXBU’s in the repack application. If the FCC forces them to divest one, central PA might lose a network. This will be an interesting test-case for channel sharing & ownership rules. It’s a very difficult case to argue though that this is in the public interest in my opinion. (6/21/17)

WJLA reports that a Jack Burkman funded group the “Profiling Project” comprised of GWU grad students has determined that the killing of Seth Rich was “murder”. Well, duh: whether a “botched robbery” or a “hitman”, the deliberate taking of a human life is murder. Otherwise, no new news and Seth Rich remains dead: wjla.com (6/21/17)

Someone posted yesterday that Channel 6 LPTV Station, on 87.7 FM in Salisbury, is operating with a much higher power than they are licensed. Channel 6 LPTV WDCN, in Washington, is also operating at a higher power than they are licensed. Engineers that read DCRTV every day can verify this. (6/21/17)

Allow me to be politically incorrect for a moment: Amelia Draper is the hottest thing on TV. End of conversation. (6/21/17)

WMAL might have the Redskins radio rights come Fall but they won’t have Sonny doing play-by-play for road games. Seems the 83 year old Jurgensen just don’t want to do that much traveling but did indicate that he decided to stay on because he thinks WMAL will bring the Skins good luck this year. This would be the Hall of Fame legend 37th consecutive year on-air. Sonny is the closest thing to being a God in Washington: www.washingtonpost.com (6/21/17)

As of today The Gamut is on 105.5 they now have like 7 places to hear it including their HD subchannels. (6/21/17)

Dave's response: Well, it's just until July 1st when K-Love will start on 105.5 (inside the Beltway) and 94.3 (west of the Beltway).....

Looks like Sonny Jurgensen will return to broadcast games next season -- but only the home games. Sonny hasn't been as prominent on the broadcasts during the past couple of seasons, but his presence still adds something special and serves as a reminder of how much fun that booth once was to listen to with Sam, Sonny, and Frank. www.washingtonpost.com (6/21/17)

Where can we hear the Bluegrass Country Format now that 105.5 FM has dropped them? (6/21/17)

ICYMI, Steve Solomon (Solly) of ESPN980 leaked out yesterday that he will be running for Montgomery County Council in 2018. He's hoping to win one of the five soon-to-be vacated seats due to the newly enacted term limit provisions. (6/21/17)

WBOC TV on the eastern shore has gotten FCC approval to construct the construction permit for Channel 42 W42EI-D near Rehoboth Beach, DE. The only thing this means is that WBOC can put the station on the air pending the Repack notices to get off that channel, which could take several years. It also means they will be able to apply for a displacement channel I suspect. The purpose of this channel as I’ve read was to only re-transmit WBOC CBS 16 and FOX 21 to the beaches where over the air reception is tough, but that doesn’t mean that is the ultimate purpose. They did put in an application to move the CP to the WBOC tower too in SW Delaware, but that seems to have been put on hold for now. WMDT ABC 47 also owns an LPTV station, WGDV 32, with 5 networks in 480i currently on air, but not carried by Comcast. It will also be displaced in the repack, oddly enough by WBOC on channel 32. Because of Salisbury’s location, the chances of finding an available approvable LPTV channel will be higher than in say, DC or Baltimore. — BaltoMedia.Net (6/21/17)

I didn’t notice this during the spectrum repack news, but hindsight is 20/20. it should have been a tip-off. When Tribune turned in the license for WPMT FOX 43 for CASH, central PA was losing its FOX TV station with no sharing agreement. Obviously they knew at the time that Sinclair was going to buy the company. WPMT FOX 43 will disappear, but show up on Sinclair’s WHP CBS 21 as a sub-channel now along with the CW, My-TV & WXBU’s channels in the market. Sinclair will run 4 networks in one small market now and legally, CBS, FOX, CW & MY TV, two of which currently run independent news, WHP & WPMT FOX 43. WGAL is still the market leader, but Sinclair will surpass them in ad revenue if they do this right. And they will have a choice of 3 different transmitter sites, WGAL’s, WHP’s, or WXBU’s in the repack application. If the FCC forces them to divest one, central PA might lose a network. This will be an interesting test-case for channel sharing. It’s a very difficult case to argue though that this is in the public interest in my opinion. — BaltoMedia.net (6/21/17)

Happy to hear 950-AM WCTN has returned to the airwaves this morning. I'm not sure how long it'll be up for, given the station's history of transmitter problems, but -- like the McRib -- I'm going to enjoy it while its here. (6/21/17)

During its flush buildout phase, WAMU built a beautiful and capable performance/recording studio from which it could originate Bluegrass programming. With 105.5 now a memory, what are the plans for that performance space? (6/21/17)

TEGNA back in play? www.thestreet.com (6/21/17)

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\/ June 20 Messages \/

Red Zebra has sold all of their radio stations except WTEM 980 AM. We hear that it is for sale but they have not announced a deal yet. It has good coverage daytime but their nighttime signal is poor in Northern Virginia. (6/20/17)

The 105.5 Translator is owned by John Garziglia. His deal with the WAMU Bluegrass Format ends tomorrow. We hear that he has leased the Translator to a Broker. There is no announcement yet who has leased it from him. (6/21/17)

Q1370...what the HELL are you doing? I, for a few seconds, thought it might have been good adding Mickey to the afternoon show. But, after listening, I regret that ounce of thought. He's loud, not funny and playing whatever he wants. If this station really cared about trying to be 'Baltimore's Greatest Hits' through would not allow him to play Primus, Jimmy's Chicken Shack or anything that 98 Rock played. If they were hoping to get even a .01 share from this move, they are out of hope. Bigly. (6/20/17)

Hello, Fellow Posters. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here. Congratulations are in order for 2 air personalities. Bob Duckman for 50 years on the radio, and Ken Merson for becoming the new PD on the 60’s on 6 channel. I first heard Bob Duckman when he took over the old “Sunday Night Thing of the Past” on WASH back in the early80’s when John Dowling went to the country station. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him, then a couple of years later, WASH changed formats. And I first heard Ken “The Merson Person” on WCBM during our first night in Baltimore in September 1977 when he did the all night show that Saturday night. I immediately fell in love with his presentation. From that night on, I listened to WCBM. They played my music and I got to hear the other personalities. Ken Merson will be a perfect fit with the 60’s channel since he has an extensive knowledge about the music of that era. I was saddened when the 50’s on 5 stopped having air personalities, and Mr Merson was among the personalities “fired.” I’m glad that he’s back on the 60’s channel. I don’t know if he’ll be announcing like Lou Simon did, but if he does, it will be a pleasure hearing him again. Ed Jones, Bel Air MD (6/20/17)

WMAL’s Bill Hess has a good news team (Maria Leaf and John Matthews are great) but apparently WTOP gets all the awards. “WTOP wins 2 national Edward R. Murrow Awards” boasts Rick Massimo’s story about his own radio station. And what are some of the station’s hard hitting stories? “Some of the station’s highlights (for the previous year) included the Crumbling Capital series, which examined the problems with D.C.’s infrastructure, and features on the D.C. Divas women’s football team, the new Giant on Wisconsin Avenue and a vintage game room in the District.” Wow: “D.C Divas” and “the new Giant on Wisconsin” and “a vintage game room in the District” make Woodward & Bernstein’s Watergate story pale. But kudos to WTOP because not only is it the best news station in the DC area (beats anything coming out of Baltimore) it also consistently receives high ratings, no easy feat. Congrats: wtop.com (6/20/17)

My post about Delmarva blackouts was referring to the Salisbury market and the beaches, not the communities on the mid-shore. I thought I made that clear since Dave’s original post was about Rehoboth Beach. I know DC/Baltimore stations are not blacked out on the Bay side of Delmarva, but the beach side of Delmarva is nearly 150 miles at most from any DMA except Salisbury and those stations are outside antenna range, but were historically on cable TV. This is less and less the case today as I explained. Almost all WJZ network programming is blacked out from Salisbury to the Atlantic Ocean per FCC rules. WBOC is having this enforced by law now. (6/30/17)

Re: Don Brake and non-competes....Little confused here. He now does radio in Morgantown & Cumberland but had to wait six months per non-compete at WFRE in Frederick to take the job. I don't get it !! If one signs a non-compete in Frederick how does that affect gigs in Morgantown ?? Cumberland ?? I could be wrong but you can not pick up WFRE in Cumberland or Morgantown so why the non-compete ?? Also who signs such things anyway ?? Certain employees or everyone ?? For 20 years I did radio in Harrisonburg, Charlottesville and Winchester and I never signed a non-compete, Heck I never signed a contract of any kind or even "join the union". Is it part of a "you have arrived"" thing ?? In Winchester I remember this one female jock who BEGGED for a contract and non-compete even though the station didn't offer it. She wanted something that says "Baby you have arrived". I don't get it !! (6/20/17)

Would it be at all possible for some of the other weather staff at WBAL to work with Ms Marie ? Three times in the past 7 weekday mornings, I get a forecast that says either “clouds giving way to sunshine”, or “becoming sunny…” Maybe it’s me, but I take that to mean that it’s cloudy in the morning, or at least at daybreak. NOT ! There are no clouds, and the sun is shining brightly shortly after sunrise. Yes, it bothers me, because I will change my driving route if I know the sun will be hitting me in the face for 2 miles. Once last week, even Jim Russ chimed in a few times during his traffic report to report slowing “due to unexpected sunshine”. Add to that, WBAL has all of these weather people, and the radio side airs the same taped 1 or 2 forecasts all morning. Not enough time to get a new recording? You are still in the same building, aren’t you ? (6/20/17)

Does anyone know the status of Chad's contract with JFK? I though the last one expired this month. (6/20/17)

And this dedication goes out to none other than….WCTN 950 AM. It’s “Lightning Striking Again!” That must be why they’re off the air for the umpteenth time now since late yesterday. Jeff (6/20/17)

That translator on 104.7 that was playing DC101 HD2 rock programming last night it had praise music and 105.5 may have been atmospheric conditions depending on how I turned my Insignia HD portable could get 3 different signals sounded like contemporary Christian,instrumental guitar may have been the bluegrass from AMU and the clearest signal was playing Magic Man from Heart and then Stray Cats so there must be plenty of stations on that frequency or like I said certain conditions were causing these wild things plus on 97.7 which is usually a Spanish translator out of Dale City I'm in Lake Ridge a prerecorded loop was on saying this is Hope Radio Richmond we've moved to 107.7 so I could have been receiving signals from 100 miles or much more There have been times signals have skipped and I've even gotten HD signals from Richmond but these odd conditions don't last long Anyway does anybody know when 105.5 drops the bluegrass what type of programming will they have? WAMU should bring back the Xponential programming on their HD3 signal or even on analog. (6/20/17)

Sarah Caldwell provides the clearest, most organized traffic reports available on Baltimore television (or radio for that matter). Those reports are the reason I suffer with the two anchors and use WBAL in the morning. Caldwell knows what she is talking about and in the past I cringed when there was a substitute that couldn't make any sense of the traffic map. Very sorry to see her go. (6/20/17)

From the Keystone State comes word that washed-up Harrisburg shock jock Bruce Bond is again checking the classifieds for a new gig: www.philly.com (6/20/17)

RE: "...almost all WJZ network programming is blacked out on Delmarva..." This is not accurate. I am on the Delmarva Peninsula and none of the programming is blacked out from any station. I think the only major station not on the local cable from Baltimore, Washington, or Salisbury is WRC. And that just went away a few years ago due to negotiations with them. The Delmarva Peninsula, which contains the Eastern Shore of MD and VA, is nearly 200 miles long and contains 4 separate DMAs. So while statements like blacked out programming and many/all Baltimore/DC stations being removed from cable systems maybe true for the 50-60 mile radius around Salisbury it is not accurate for the rest of the Eastern Shore or Delmarva Peninsula, some of which is part of the Baltimore DMA. (6/20/17)

I’ve been looking into WOWZ-LP Channel 6 / FM 87.7 in Salisbury. This is the licensed signal plot pictured below left. But that is NOT the signal they are sending out. Here’s what they did. They filed for multiple Special Temporary Authority extensions at a higher power, but more recently at that higher power but to remain silent, meaning they don’t have to send any video signal out at all. But. they are still sending out a much higher power audio signal under that STA. Now here is the unusual part. The last STA has expired, so that authorization is expired sometime in late 2015. So, they are acting as a pirate radio station. They have not filed any construction permit to fix their interference issues reported, so by law, their permit to operate should be EXPIRED. By law, they are supposed to be showing video. If Dave Hughes will oblige, compare licensed vs. what they’re doing illegally. This FM signal on 87.7 might be the best signal on Delmarva, but it is definitely operating illegally. I did a DTV scan on my HDTV back in 2016 and this TV station never even showed up. The FCC docs are here showing they got approved for the STA that’s expired. fcc.gov (6/20/17)

About DC/Baltimore signals on the eastern shore.. At one time all the DC & Baltimore stations were on cable down here, albeit different in different parts. The DC stations were dropped from Ocean City cable in the 1980s as I recall except for WTTG FOX 5 which is still widely on Delmarva. Although WBOC has FOX 21, as a subchannel, it doesn’t have the must carry rights that WBOC CBS 16 has or WMDT ABC 47. Same with WRDE NBC Coast TV. As an LPTV station, there’s no must-carry. Although why it’s not available in Rehoboth Beach boggles my mind. It is available on most Comcast systems down here. I distinctly remember Dewey Beach and Rehoboth cable carrying both Philly and DC affiliates at one time, along with some Baltimore. WBAL TV is probably the most widely carried NBC affiliate, but at one time WRC 4 was also on cable on Delmarva. The carriage game changed mostly when WMDT ABC 47 came on the air. They successfully got WPVI ABC 6, WJLA 7, and WMAR 2 off of every cable system within their DMA or based on mileage range and they backed the claim up by putting a translator W27AJ in Dover and a news office there. Since many of the cable systems down here are interconnected, same channel lineup, that means they got bumped from some systems that actually didn’t have to bump them. Stations that are not protected like FOX 21 Salisbury, well that’s why WTTG FOX 5 and WTFX Fox 29 from Philly are still here. I find it very odd that FOX 29 is on cable in Ocean Pines just outside Ocean City MD, when no one in the area could have EVER gotten that station off the air with even the tallest of antennas! But because Mediacom has the same channel lineup in the middle and even northern part of Delaware, they still get it. WJZ 13 is an anomaly. While WBOC CBS 16 has always wanted it removed and technically could, for decades they had the most watched newscast in Baltimore and long time anchors that were stars even on the Eastern Shore. Jerry Turner had a condo in OC, was well known about town. But now, almost all WJZ network programming is blacked out on Delmarva, but other programs and news are still not, but Comcast did remove the HD signal finally. (6/20/17)

Channel 6 WOWZ 87.7 FM in Salisbury, is owned by the same people that own Channel 6 in DC WDCN 87.7 FM. This LPTV was licensed as a Television Station. However, it operates as a FM Radio Station and has never operated at it was intended. In DC they lease out the 87.7 FM Frequency to a Spanish Broker. This was a cheap way of getting an FM Station in DC. If you look at their FM Coverage, their signal goes out much farther than it should. This group of Low Power Television Stations hired a lobbyist under the previous Obama Administration and the new FCC Chairman has never done anything about it yet. (6/20/17)

Cumulus Stock Price continues to drop. Now at $0.43 per share. The $75 Million they got from the sale of the WMAL 630 AM Tower Site should help them. Salem will enjoy those payments from diplexing with 570 AM in Germantown, MD. Take a look at the new nighttime signal for WMAL from Germantown. The Salem Chairman and President paid $2.1 Million for WSPZ 570 AM. (6/20/17)

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".....Trump was also very out front in defense of gays after the Pulse Night Club terrorist attack. Hillary was too busy parsing her words to defend gays against radical Islamic hate. Hillary kept silent because she feared not being politically correct. As a gay man, I found her reaction downright OFFENSIVE and ANTI-GAY for the sake of being Sharia Law-friendly..". Far too many gays think the Muslims are with them and there is a lot of support among gays when it comes to Muslims. Now when you point out how Muslims and the like throw gays off of buildings or behead them then it's talk to the hand time as they don't want to hear it since they don't believe it. It is a bit frustrating when online someone says "I am GAY and I support the MUSLIMS" yet the Muslims don't have much in the way of support for gays. Oh well !!! (6/19/17)

Hey Dave: just wondering how or whether you are keeping up with DC radio now that you are in Delaware. What DC radio/tv stations can you still pick up via standard radio/rabbit ears: WMAL 630AM, WJFK, WTOP, WUSA, WTTG, WJLA, WRC seem possible but unlikely. We know that you can get NPR pretty much anywhere in the USA, even Butt Hole West Virginia, so that is not missing. Butt other than using the Al Gore’s internets, how are you keeping up with radio let alone DC tv & print? The Washington Post print edition must cost five bucks! Signed: Just wondering in Reston. (6/19/17)

Dave's response: No, I cannot pick up the radio signals of WMAL and WTOP here in Rehoboth Beach. But both come through loud and clear via their internet streams on my phone and laptop. Most righty talkers can be heard on local WGMD, 92.7, and WXDE, 105.9. WAMU's Ocean City simulcast on 88.3 comes in great here as does WYPR's 106.9 simulcast. Plus, there are NPR outlets from Salisbury, Dover, and Philly. I can also get CBS AM blowtorch all-newsers KYW, 1060, from Philly, and WCBS, 880, from NYC even during the daytime. Verizon Fios here gets most local TV signals from Salisbury, except NBC, which is piped in via Baltimore's WBAL. There is a local NBC affiliate in Rehoboth Beach, WRDE, which I can get via antenna. Musically, I love Ocean City's freeform rocker Ocean 98, WOCM. And, I can often get Philly's fantastic WXPN on 88.5 in the car when the reception genie cooperates.....

“The channel 6 FM 87.7 near Salisbury should be off the air by now. Its construction permits have expired as of Nov 2016.” -- The FCC database has them as licensed as a translator station and they changed their call letters in April, 2017: fcc.gov... “WOWZ is a real radio station in Chincoteague, VA on 101.5 FM so I’m not even sure how they can get away with using those call letters.” -- TV stations and FM radio stations can share the same calls (technically, one is WOWZ-FM and the other is WOWZ-LP so they are different). I’m wondering how this TV translator is allowed to relay a FM radio station and where is the relayed video coming from? WDCN-LP is also a translator (fcc.gov (6/19/17)

Yes, indeed, the same standards of watchability apply regardless of gender. Scott Pelley, for example, has the same "great voice," easy to look at, smart, and genuine personality as Sarah Caldwell. And, yet another loss for newscasts I otherwise preferred to watch. (6/19/17)

Just because Alex Jones is paranoid, don’t mean The Washington Post’s Hank Stuever and NBC’s Megyn Kelly ain’t out to get him. Cord cutting viewers trying to watch her Sunday night interview on NBC broadcast television who had their tin foil ready tin foil didn’t know whether to put it on their rabbit ears or wear it on their head: www.washingtonpost.com (6/19/17)

Cumulus receives $75 million for their Bethesda tower site. This will go to their lenders to pay down their debt. However, when you have over $2 BILLION in debt, this is just a dent in the debt. WMAL new nighttime signal on 630 AM will be terrible at the new Germantown Tower site. The new signal will just cover Germantown and not Washington. They will diplex with 570 AM, which was just sold to the Salem Chairman, Stuart Epperson and Salem President, Ed Atsinger. (6/19/17)

< No direct DC connection, though some here might remember Joe Pyne's weekly nationally syndicated interview program that aired on WTTG-5 in the 1960s. Here's a June 2017 Smithsonian Magazine piece about this forerunner of many of today's conservative media talk hosts. Pyne was pretty abrasive, but he usually had interesting guests and it was always fun to watch him tangle with them. I'm also including a link to a website about his life and his radio and TV careers. www.smithsonianmag.com... www.joepyne.com (6/19/17)

Count me among the many viewers BUMMED that Sarah Caldwell is leaving WBAL. Wonderful smile, great voice, smart, nice to look at and a genuine sort of personality that ya just don't find that often on TV. Wishing her all the best for what's next. Doesn't sound like she plans to stay in television? THAT's a loss for the business. I may just go back to reading the newspaper in the morning instead. (6/19/17)

Dave's response: Hmmm. Would those things - "wonderful smile, great voice, smart, nice to look at and a genuine sort of personality that ya just don't find that often on TV" - also apply to your analysis of male reporters/anchors?

A bit of DC radio news to watch this week: You may remember that John Garziglia's 105.5 FM is dropping Bluegrass Country this Wednesday the 21st. It is now the 19th and there is not yet a sale or an application to carry a station other than WAMU-HD2. My hunch, given the timing of the drop announcement just after the Red Zebra sales, is Salem or EMF are very interested in picking it up. But, if WAMU found a way to return music to HD3 - even if it's just picking up the syndicated Xponential Radio - would that ever be cool programming for 105.5. (6/19/17)

Why does everyone just assume Donald Trump is “anti-gay?” Think about it. He owns properties and hotels. Who do you think is working at the hotel desks as clerks and in the hotel restaurants as servers? Seriously, Trump has probably hired more GAY people than Hillary ever has in her entire life in just one YEAR at his properties! Actions speak louder than words. Trump was also very out front in defense of gays after the Pulse Night Club terrorist attack. Hillary was too busy parsing her words to defend gays against radical Islamic hate. Hillary kept silent because she feared not being politically correct. As a gay man, I found her reaction downright OFFENSIVE and ANTI-GAY for the sake of being Sharia Law-friendly. She’s a hypocrite and not gay friendly in reality. She just picks her politically correct minorities in what she thinks are the best way to get votes. I don’t think Trump gained any blue collar votes from saying what he said in defense of the Orlando victims, but I respected his courage to make that speech. Trump may have not gained any gay votes from that either, but I’ll bet that more gays stayed home when they noticed Hillary’s silence and didn’t bother to show up for her. Btw, note to The Washington Post: Some gays refer to the Q in LGBTQ as Questioning, NOT Queer. In fact some gays regard queer as a derogatory term. And the F in LGBTQF obviously refers to feminism, NOT FAG, which is considered offensive, although I can’t say I haven’t heard it from gays many times. It’s like the N word. You can’t say it, but that doesn’t mean they can’t. (6/19/17)

I hear Channels 7 and 5 are up in the ratings. Channel 4's down for the first time in decades. 9 remains nowhere. (6/19/17)

When will Nasdaq drop Cumulus? Their stock price is just 48 cents per share. Their stock price has been below $1 for over six months. (6/19/17)

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"Chime in Brian and let us know wether the stench of the WMAL cesspool is or is not your own personal dead albatross around your neck." Damn you're any angry dude. What's up with that? All of it over a silly radio station? (6/18/17)

To the anarchist Trump hater: FBI Director James Comey, your new hero, previously hated demon (making you a complete hypocrite), called out several news media in his testimony. The NY Times was #1 on the list for FAKE NEWS for 9 MONTHS! But he also called a Washington Post story FALSE, as well as stories run by CNN, MSNBC, and ABC News, some of which have since been silently retracted in the dark of the night. The fact that the liberal media doesn’t like to admit its mistakes doesn’t mean people do not notice. I knew the Trump Presidency was going to be a circus, but I could have never predicted so many people to literally lose their minds and start hunting down Congressional baseball players on a baseball diamond. :-( (6/18/17)

Sarah Caldwell has told her Facebook friends "it is with a heavy heart and immeasurable gratitude that I announce my departure from WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore on June 23," ending her 15-year run that began with a sports gig, and ended with traffic and news reporting. No word on where - if anywhere - she is going. There is more to this. Another missed opportunity by station management to put her in a prime time anchor chair, a place she certainly earned during her tenure there. (6/18/17)

Leave it to The Washington Post to come with this header: “A teacher’s decision to be ‘visibly queer’ in his photo with President Trump”. The Post tried to make it seems like the teacher was “brave” for his dress and posturing for a WH photo shoot honoring him for being a great teacher, but Trump reportedly said go for it and could care less (Trump is NOT homophobic). While many are now totally confused by the alphabet soup that are “gay” rights (LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQIOU – a queer who owes money) where or when did the term “Visibly queer” come into being and what does it mean? Was he-man Rock Hudson “Visibly queer”? TV Marine Jim Nabors? 2012 Republican POTUS candidate Fred Karger? All were gay all their lives but hid it and people assumed they were straight. But “Visibly queer”? Isn’t using the term “queer” bigoted, pejorative and replaced by “gay”? How about LGBTQF, with the F representing “Fag”? And what does “Transgender” have to do with homosexuality, anyway, it has to do with gender identity, not sexuality. Please help explain DCRTVDJLGBTQFDAVE: www.washingtonpost.com (6/18/17)

The poster who seemed concerned about my "bitching about the Washington Post using anonymous sources" must live in some fantasy world. Despite his assumptions, I haven't listened to WMAL since Harden and Weaver's time. I don't know anything about someone named Bongino except that a friend told me the guy is some kind of former secret service agent. I have no idea who Bill Hess is. And I'm not a particular fan of Donald Trump. What I do know is that the Post, a newspaper that once got a Pulitzer in 1981 for fake news, and years ago promised to give up and/or cutback on the use of unverifiable anonymous sources, has recently turned around, abandoned its standards, and gone back to publishing gossip or made up stuff under the current owner and editors. Ron Smith's 2011 text "Ethics in Journalism" has some good history on the use and abuse of anonymous sources, especially by the Post. (6/18/17)

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"To the poster bitching about the Washington Post using anonymous sources about Trump being under investigation for Obstruction of Justice Just in case you have been living under a rock the past couple days, I can confirm the story has been confirmed, and by our Fearless Leader, King Orange, himself. " I couldn't find the bitching you referred to and you didn't provide a quote, but moving on: you're basically saying that if someone said last week that it wasn't raining and it's raining today, they were wrong last week. That's kind of retarded. Remember Comey testified under oath on this very issue. And while it doesn't bother me, you do realize that you're anonymous, right? In addition to not giving us a sample of what you're talking about, right? In addition to sounding like a bit of a waterhead, right? Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/17/17)

From looking at the tech specs on WOWZ channel 6, no one should be getting the FM 87.7 signal in Rehoboth Beach loud and clear. That is completely out of its licensed contour for reception. Sounds like they are juicing to me. (6/17/17)

If we're looking for new WAPO masthead slogans, how about "Where journalism goes to die" ? Genghis Cohen, in carpet-bagged Virginia, where freedom has gone to die (6/17/17)

To the poster bitching about the Washington Post using anonymous sources about Trump being under investigation for Obstruction of Justice Just in case you have been living under a rock the past couple days, I can confirm the story has been confirmed, and by our Fearless Leader, King Orange, himself. Now please go back to listening to WMAL and complaining to them how you can't trust the media. What we do know, and you fail to grasp, is every time there is a congressional hearing or Fearless Leader speaks or tweets, we learn just how spot-on the anonymous sources are. You wont find this in the Post for a while now, but Steve Bannon is also under investigation for Obstruction of Justice. And he recently threw a tirade, hurled a bottle, and kept at least two WH staffers, both women and both scared, in a room and blocking the exit during his tirade. They were not happy, according to now anonymous sources. I also can tell you that Dan Bongino's sources and his future predictions have a near 100% track record of being wrong. That is why Bill Hess wants to hire him. So go ahead a distrust the media. (6/17/17)

I have only heard the new Mary Walters show once, and I suspect she is dyslexic, hard of seeing, or just can not read. She was trying to read copy and was stumbling over the most of words. She could not tell where a sentence began or ended. She said the callers name or place wrong nearly 50% of the time. "Next up, Steve from Port Royal" instead of "Steve from Front Royal". After about a half hour of this, I turned it off. Vince, was trying to talk quick and interupt her and move forward before the listeners coiuld notice, when it was obvious her skills were not up to par. The cesspool that is WMAL. The cesspool cheerleader that is Bill Hess. And has "Hotel Room Brian Wilson" gained employment yet? I am pretty sure he still has that $5000 a month, not deductable, obligation. Chime in Brian and let us know wether the stench of the WMAL cesspool is or is not your own personal dead albatross around your neck. (6/17/17)

?I also called th KHz folks - in Aberdeen. Likewise they said the station was down for maintenance. Yes, the owners had a CP for the Sparrows Point area in Baltimore but never built on it. The current tower is a self-supporting oldie-but-goodie with a 900MHz STL from downtown Annapolis (103.1 studios?) . It's located at Truxton Park, at the end of Silopanna just off Spa Creek, Not hard to miss. There's also a children's museum adjacent to the tower and some funky wood carvings... TW in Odenton. (6/17/17)

RE: Don Bongino co-hosting “Mornings on the Mall with Mary Walter”. First of all, the job should be Vince’s: since he’s fairly new if not a novice to radio, he should come cheap and he only has one fault: he’s a really NICE guy. And he’s earned it having to deal with Mary Walter with no credit for the show remaining palatable. Second, Don Bongino has young kids and a hot wife in Florida (don’t want to leave her there sitting by the pool boy), still has political aspirations there, is a NYT #1 best selling author, does his own podcasts, is frequently on FNC shows, subs for everybody from Chris Plante to Mark Levin already, and is unlikely to uproot again to return to the more expensive Washington area for a lousy morning drive show co-hosting with a loon of a woman. Mary Walter does not get along with salty, tough, tough, conservative men who are already accomplished: think Brian Wilson. She will never get along with Bongino, who is himself a prima donna. For Walter, MOM was a huge promotion, for Bongino, it would be a demotion. What say you DCRTVDJDAVE? (6/17/17)

Dave's response: I think Vince is great. He should be the choise as Brian's permanent replacement.....

/\ June 17 Messages /\

\/ June 16 Messages \/

Hey Dave I noticed on the WMAL web site that they now call it “Mornings on the Mall with Mary Walters”. So now it’s her show? And there is absolutely no mention of Vince, who actually carries the show these days while Mary stumbles and bumbles her way through (he has had to constantly correct her, explain things, or inform her about the most basic DC based trivia anyone in the area would know) sounding like a bitter high school girl. What gives Dave and when is Bill Hess going to name him as a permanent co-host? Sheesh, she sucks..... (6/16/17)

Dave's response: I hear they're taking to Dan Bongino.....

The channel 6 FM 87.7 near Salisbury should be off the air by now. Its construction permits have expired as of Nov 2016. There were interference complaints that they never addressed. As far as I can tell, they shouldn’t even be on the air. Rabbitears.Info doesn’t even list them as a station on the air anymore. WOWZ is a real radio station in Chincoteague, VA on 101.5 FM so I’m not even sure how they can get away with using those call letters. I think someone at the FCC fell asleep at the switch. This sounds like a cool FCC complaint waiting to happen. hehe (6/16/17)

Dave's response: I'm in Rehoboth Beach and getting country "WOW 101.5" loud and clear on 87.7.....

Anyone know why the sale for WOWZ/WCTG fell through? The call letters were changed shortly after the sale announcement to WIEZ. And shortly thereafter back to WOWZ. MLB4 (6/16/17)

I think you’re confusing the old WAYE 860 with WYRE 810. They never swapped call letters. The original plan for WYRE 810 was they were going to build a new tower off Rt. 40 on vacant property next to an industrial park to cover most of Baltimore. That plan was abandoned during the recession apparently for money reasons although they did get a construction permit at one point. Then they got a CP for using one WBGR 860 tower, but AM 860 was sold and that plan was abandoned for unknown reasons and all permits are expired as far as I can see. I imagine the property near Spa Creek could be rather valuable if it could be developed for anything. (6/16/17)

It appears Larry O'Connor, or "Larry the stinking liar," pulled out some gun "expert" to tell lies on WMAL radio about gun safety. Did Larry even do any background on this so called "expert"? This guy gets paid to misrepresent the truth on guns thinkprogress.org... Just another item on the sesspool that is WMAL. (6/16/17)

On Wednesday, June 14th a group of Republican lawmakers were practicing in a quiet Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood for the annual Congressional baseball charity game when things took a scary turn as a lone gunman attacked them. Five people were injured, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey with the U.S. Capitol Police were both hurt while defending the congressman and other guests at the practice. WGTS 91.9 listeners joined together to show support for the Capitol Police by signing a gigantic card created by the station that reads “The WGTS 91.9 Family is Praying for You.” Hundreds of listeners went out of their way to come to Alexandria to share messages of thanks and appreciation for the police department. One listener named Laura said the shooting happened in her neighborhood. She said she was looking for a way to show support and this was the perfect opportunity to do it. WGTS works to bring the community together through its “Hands and Heart Initiative” which seeks to connect people with each other to impact their local cities. This card was part of that ongoing outreach. “Whenever something tragic happens, it’s easy for us to feel helpless. WGTS is blessed to be in a unique position to provide a platform where our community can show how grateful they are for our police officers. I think that’s why listeners have responded so powerfully to the invitation to show their support for the U.S. Capitol Police,” said general manager Kevin Krueger. Station staff members are taking the card to another location and urging online listeners to send messages of support online before the card is dropped off with the Capitol Police next week. (6/16/17)

A person who answered the phone at the SIlver Spring office of WYRE says the station is down for maintenance, but that it's still using that transmitting tower there at Truxtun Park. I was past there last weekend as a matter of fact and wondered the same thing -- they still on? Boat radio had noise. Some where in the past I had heard they moved to Chesco Swamp and were diplexing with the old WYRE on 860 AM. That's way close to WYRE's 810 so somebody may have gotten scrambled. Anyway, that's what they told me Friday afternoon that they're down for maintenance. (6/16/17)

What do Rachel Maddow and Tucker Carlson have in common (other than both are men)? Well, according to Drudge via The Hill, they both have had recent bouts with illness due to the “stress” of being top cable news talk show hosts. And another popular host appears to be heavily drugged according to Doctor Drudge. DCRTVDJDAVE just drinks heavily to cope with hosting “Dave TV”. The Hill explains: thehill.com (6/16/17)

Yes, the Boxing Analogy is a good one, and mine was not very good. As Ed McMahon used to say: "You are correct, sir." -- Carl in Olney (6/16/17)

I was flipping through the dial this morning in Towson, MD (just north of Baltimore) and came across a 87.7 playing country. In doing some searches, I found a Wow 101.5 in Chincoteague, VA and they are on 87.7 FM in Salisbury. I don’t remember hearing of it on here, but I found a few references to it on DCRTV’s Salisbury page and it listed its calls as WDCO-LP. According to Wikipedia, its calls are now WOWZ-LP and it says that it is relaying WDCN (which it is not). The FCC record indicates that WOWZ-LP is a translator station and the calls changed in April from WDCO-LP. How could this be a translator TV station when it is relaying a FM radio station? (6/16/17)

Instead of "Democracy in Darkness" The Post masthead should read, "Journalism Dead." (6/16/17)

Could WFRE soon be sold? iHeartMedia is about to crumble and yet they still have WFRE in their Aloha Trust. Late last year the General Manager and Sales Manger left, at the start of this year the Program Director departed, and just recently the Promotions Director and midday host left as well. The GM and sales jobs were taken over by others in house, no PD was ever hired and the midday show has been absorbed by longer morning and afternoon shows. The station is a shell of it's former self. Could it be they are dumping salaries and expenses ahead of a sale? With new competition from the popular new Max Country signals could WFRE be in trouble? (6/16/17)

?I walked by the transmitter hut of WYRE 810 Annapolis last weekend - located off the Spa Creek Trail. The tower site appears abandoned with overgrown vegetation. The transmitter hut was in úber poor condition - door was open. However the fence remains remains locked. The sad state of AM radio appears true here... WYRE has been silent now for many days. TW in Odenton (6/16/17)

WCTN AM 950 has no outstanding issues or Special Temporary Authority issues on the FCC file records, but you could add one by filing a complaint to the FCC. If they are off the air as frequently or any length of time, then it is a matter for the FCC to investigate. Try here… consumercomplaints.fcc.gov... They sometimes even respond. You never know. I got a response from my complaint about FM 104.3/105.1 in Ocean City Maryland being silent while applying for an ownership change and renewal and the FCC asked me questions about when and for how long they were silent. The FCC ultimately approved the changes, but the fact that the stations went back on the air almost immediately after the FCC responded told me someone must have contacted them. :-) (6/16/17)

FCC Updates: WCRW AM 1190 got approval to upgrade to Class B status at 1200 watts night time from the Dulles site. If DCRTV Dave will oblige, here’s the new signal contour at night, not all that good, but I guess not worse than AM 1200 to DC from Leesburg. I assume the Leesburg site will now be dismantled and the land sold. Also, as expected, for those Birach Broadcasting followers, yes, both WBVA and WVAB, with no transmitting site or tower at all got approved by the FCC for another STA Extension to clutter up the airwaves. Only God knows why. Birach must have dirty pictures of somebody within the FCC. (6/16/17)

Dave's response: Amazingly, WCRW's 1190 signal is the strongest DC area AMer I can get during daylight hours here in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Stronger than even 630, 980, or 1500. The strongest Baltimore area AMer during daylight hours is WCBM 680, which significantly beats 600 or 1090.....

For DCRTV baseball fans sick of the hot then cold Nats on CSN/MSN/WJFK, a nice break is to catch the Congressional Charity Baseball Game on C-SPAN Radio (90.1), C-SPAN 1, or online. Brian Lamb & Howard Mortman are doing play-by-play: www.c-span.org (6/16/17)

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\/ June 15 Messages \/

On Bing Maps, WXLE does appear to have one tower left. Whether it’s safely isolated from public contact is questionable. There are cars parked right next to it. It looks like you could attach your jumper cables and start your car battery! (6/15/17)

WLXE 1600 AM Rockville, MD......is operating with just one tower at the same site in Rockville, where they use to have three towers. The owner of the tower site took down two towers many years ago. They are operating with 1,000 Watts Non-Directional. The owner of WLXE, MultiCultural Radio is Arthur Liu. He also owns 1590 AM in Glen Burnie, MD. (6/15/17)

Anyone familiar with D.C. Local TV news knows that "respectable" hasn't been a factor for years. Since I don't work for either 5 or 7 I'm not sure what "pride comes before the fall" means. Anonymous Horse (6/15/17)

While they’re at it, maybe the FCC can make 950 AM DWCTN too, as many times they’ve been off the air the last few years. Jeff (6/15/17)

There actually is a WLXE tower a few yards from the position referenced by Google Maps, at 39.097911, -77.151538. Google's 3D rendering leaves out the artwork for a tower but shows the shadow of one against the fence. The only true way to know if there is a tower there is to drive past it, and as of mid-May, there was a tower there. (6/15/17)

To Anonymous Horse: You may be making a veiled reference to either Channel 7 or Channel 5. Just because they win a book doesn't make them respectable. Just sayin'. Here's another way of saying it: pride goes before a fall. (6/15/17)

"What incorrect thing is NPR saying today? That groups that are against illegal immigration are merely against "immigration". Not true; that is like claiming that people against Capital Punishment are against putting anyone in jail for any reason." No, Carl, it's like saying people who are against assault are against licensed boxing matches. In each case the second thing requires consent and following a process. Going to jail doesn't require consent. Were you being lazily or intentionally inaccurate? Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/15/17)

From FCC records, WLXE AM 1600 has once again applied for another Special Temporary Authority extension. Has it been 10 years now? And once again, they are practically admitting they’re not looking for a new transmitter site and blame the FCC for their delay because they claim the FCC has not completed AM revitalization rules. Is that even true? I honestly don’t know. Their convoluted explanation for why they should be allowed to stay on the air is confusing enough that the FCC will undoubtedly approve it. In their defense, WLXE’s problem is the short spacing to WFBR AM 1590 in nearby Glen Burnie, which precludes them finding any site further east, so that limits diplexing options, but it doesn’t look like they’re even trying. WSPZ 570 is an option as far as location, but doubtful that could happen with WMAL moving there and the cost of such a project. What about the WFAX site or the WCRW site? I mean it’s obvious they’re not even trying and a Google Maps search shows they have no tower at that location at all that I can see. The FCC should just make them DWLXE like they did with DWRJE AM 1600. (6/15/17)

I've heard there's a new TV news ratings leader in town. Anyone have the numbers? Signed, Anonymous horse (6/15/17)

Dave's response: Could be WFDC 14 at 6 PM.....

"Is there any good reason to trust any of these "news" operations anymore?" Jesus, dude...if it means that much to you, send them your résumé and show them how it's done. (6/15/17)

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WTOP’s header is “TOP’s” for lameness in regards to Congressional baseball practice shootings: “Shooting Suspect Recently Moved To Area, Was Living Out Of Van”. So one can be said to have “moved” to an area if they are living in a van? That would make it a moving van. Or living in a van down by the river. Go figure: wtop.com (6/14/17)

The Bezos Washington Post comes up with a gossipy story about Trump's alleged obstruction of justice citing unnamed sources, leaving the reader completely unable to judge if there is any truth to the story or not. It's bad enough that the Post had gotten away both in the past and recently passing off as news completely false stories, gossip, and innuendo, but now the local TV "news" operations, especially 5 and 9, as reporting the Post gossip as if it is real hard news. Is there any good reason to trust any of these "news" operations anymore/ (6/14/17)

Two Quiz Questions: 1) Where is East Monroe St. in Alexandria? Nowhere, despite what WTOP, WMAL, etc keep saying; that ball field is on East Monroe AVENUE, just west of the Route 1 Bridge , which used to be the Monroe Avenue Bridge, south of Potomac Yards. 2) What incorrect thing is NPR saying today? That groups that are against illegal immigration are merely against "immigration". Not true; that is like claiming that people against Capital Punishment are against putting anyone in jail for any reason. Which is worse: Being lazily inaccurate (like Q1) or purposely inaccurate (like Q2)? -- Carl in Olney (6/14/17)

Chris Plante is an ass of ginormous proportions. This morning Chris ranted against the Virginia Governor for "politicizing" (Chris, word) the Alexandria shooting. Then, when Chris found out the gunman may have been a Bernie supporter, Chris went into his own political rant about "the left" and how the "left" was now scrambling to cover this shooting up. How can this ass still have a platform? If it weren't for double standards Chris would have no...oh nevermind. Just an update on the sesspool that is WMAL. (6/14/17)

David Gender and Marilyn Cooley are married. They've both been at WETA for decades. I wonder if they got pushed out because of money? Or maybe they just want to live in Colorado? (6/14/17)

"What I find interesting is that an anchor on Fox5 keeps talking about getting info via Twitter. And twice the info she reported is conflicting with legitimate news agencies." So you're suggesting that the "legitimate news agencies" don't rely on social media for any of their reporting?? Right. Information is often conflicting in the early stages of a story like this. (6/14/17)

May ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC makes a habit of news and talk – surprise, right? Solidly at #1 and #2 are WAMU and WTOP. WAMU is American University’s not-for-profit news/talk WAMU (11.0-10.0-10.7), and sweeping most of the individual dayparts. It even scores double digits for all the weekday dayparts. Second overall is Hubbard’s news WTOP and its regional simulcast – 9.9-9.1-8.8 for the week and second from 6am to 7pm. Its morning show achieves double digits. Then we get to the music stations, beginning with Howard U.’s urban AC WHUR (6.0-7.0-7.5, and second place nights and weekends). Ratings-watcher Chris Huff says the 7.5 is WHUR’s best since way back in October 2009. New in fourth place is iHeart’s classic rock “Big 100” WBIG-FM (5.2-5.2-5.4). It edges out Urban One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ (4.9-5.4-5.3). Next month Majic will show as a simulcast with future acquisition WWXT, southeast of D.C. It began simulcasting with Majic on May 1, part-way through this book. (Its new calls are WDCJ.) Cumulus was probably hoping for better news out of hot AC “Mix” WRQX (2.8-2.8-2.9). Its talk WMAL-AM/FM moves 3.3-3.3-3.5. The sports leader is CBS Radio’s fourteenth-ranked “Fan” WJFK-FM (2.2-2.8-3.0). The 3.0 is the station’s best topline since October 2014. The Fan is the Washington Nats flagship and its nighttime ranking is eighth. Sometimes in comparing the AQH shares with the average weekly cume list, you see unrealized potential. That’s the case with iHeart’s sixth-ranked AC WASH – 5.2-4.8-5.0 in AQH share, but the market’s #1 cume station at an estimated 1,238,900..... Baltimore keeps Urban One happy. Its urban “92Q” WERQ (7.7-7.5-8.0) and urban AC WWIN-FM (8.6-8.3-8.0) are tied for the lead this month. Third is iHeart’s country WPOC (7.4-8.0-7.7, and Laurie DeYoung second in mornings). Fourth again is CBS AC WLIF (6.7-6.5-6.4, and again #1 middays). Improving to fifth is iHeart’s variety hits “102.7 Jack FM” WQSR (4.7-4.4-5.6). Jack is third middays. Up to sixth with Orioles baseball is CBS Radio’s “Fan” WJZ-FM (4.4-5.5-5.4). The Fan is #1 at night. Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY is seventh (5.4-5.4-5.2) – but #1 mornings with Justin, Scott & Spiegel. It’s a recent high for Your Public Radio’s not-for-profit news/talk WYPR (2.7-3.2-3.4). AC WLIF has a market-leading cume of 683,500. (6/14/17)

News outlets are reporting a shooting of a congressman in Alexandria, Va on a baseball field. What I find interesting is that an anchor on Fox5 keeps talking about getting info via Twitter. And twice the info she reported is conflicting with legitimate news agencies. (6/14/17)

Dear Dave Hughes: My name is Don Merrill. I am working on a book about the public radio pledge drive. One aspect is music, and I saw your post from about 10-days ago. Can you tell me why did Mr. Ginder and Ms. Cooley leave? Did WETA change its approach to classical as many public radio stations have been doing in recent years? Any help you can give me, I would appreciate. Sincerely, Don Merrill (6/14/17)

Dave's response: I really don't know. Anyone wish to provide some analysis to Don?

I was fortunate to work with/for Bob Duckman at two of the stations where he served in a managerial position, and have enjoyed listening to him on the radio for decades. He truly is a consummate professional, and the personality you hear on the air is real and genuine. He’s one of the best. Congratulations Bob on 50 years in broadcasting. Tom Yeager (6/14/17)

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\/ June 13 Messages \/

DCRTVDJDAVE apparently ain’t the only cord cutter around (although rumor has it he has reconnected the cord where he is staying, watching “The Rachel Maddow Show” nightly). Seems CNN likes to cut the cord, too, especially when things ain’t going their way during a Hill hearing: www.breitbart.com (6/13/17)

Here is the biggest "Fire Sale" I have seen in radio sales. In 2006, Red Zebra paid $33 Million for WTNT 730 AM, WWXT 92.7 and WWXX 94.3 FM. They sold these three stations for just $3,250,000. They had a LOSS of $29,750.000. (6/13/17)

For my broadcast engineering brethren: I don't know if you looked up the last time you drove out River Road in Bethesda, but riggers are in the process of cutting the abandoned WDCA-TV Channel 20 UHF antenna mast into chunks and bringing it down via gin pole from one of the three top platforms of the tower. That's the same fate met by the WETA-TV mast a few years ago and leaves just the 99.5 and 94.7 FM main antennas stacked on the third platform. (How DOES that structure stay safely in balance?) To connect the timeline dots I just reached into my cavernous archive and fished out my video of the mast going up by helicopter in March of 2004. It's easy to underestimate the size of these things until you see them up close lying on the ground. I'd love to know if there is a new tenant for one or both empty platforms. Are the cord cutters among us actually improving the prospects for OTA TV? Something to do with spectrum repacking? There appears to be some new building construction at the base of the tower. - Pilot of the Airwaves (6/13/17)

I love Bob Duckman! Consummate professional broadcaster and a gentleman in every sense of the word. As a bonus he is kind to bartenders! (6/13/17)

[RE Bob Duckman's 50th anniversary:] Bob lived on my street ( Lackawanna in Adelphi) when I was growing up. Us neighborhood kids would play basketball in his backyard. I didn't get to the NBA but I did get to DC radio. Great guy and talent. (6/13/17)

[RE Bob Duckman's 50th anniversary:] I was an engineer at WASH when did my favorite show "the Sunday Night thing of the past." Great guy. Always pleasant. (6/13/17)

WBAL TV’s post-repack facilities construction permit has been approved by the FCC even though they have until late 2020. 2 TV stations in Virginia have applied for post-repack facilities, one being WTVR in Richmond. So far, no DC area TV stations have filed for post re-pack TV facilities, but the clock is ticking. Most DC TV stations, unlike Baltimore, only have just 2 years to complete the transition, so there should be a flood of applications soon. (6/13/17)

No more press gaggles on The Hill: thehill.com (6/13/17)

When Cumulus and iHeart collapse, there will be a "fire sale" with their stations. This will hurt the price of radio stations across the board. If you are thinking about selling your station, now would be a good time to do it. (6/13/17)

Front page story in today's Annapolis Capital about Bob Duckman's 50th year in radio fom WINX to WNAV. Congratulation's to Bob. Ron in Annapolis (6/13/17)

I admit that I don’t watch too much TV ‘News’ anymore. This is exactly why. I’ve been trying to follow the OC topless issue, and the secondary story is that the Town of OC asked the MD Attorney General for a legal opinion LAST SUMMER. A Ch 13 alleged reported asked the AG’s office on Friday when they would be coming out with the opinion. The response was that “we’re working on it”. No follow-up questions at all. Then yesterday, the AG sues Trump, which in reality has no effect on the State of Maryland. And not a single alleged reporter asked why he can find the time to sue the Prez, but can’t find the time to deal with issues that pertain to his own state. Less than 6 months to sue, and over 9 months to offer the opinion. Why are alleged reporters in the Baltimore region so intimidated by any governmental agency these days, that all they do is regurgitate official press releases? It’s pathetic. Typical spineless, gutless politics in Maryland that the media just plays along with. Meanwhile, also on Ch 13 last night, they did one of those live weather segments from downtown Baltimore. At one point, the camera showed the weather van with the wording on the side (line 1) WJZ MOBILE, (line 2) WEATHER LAB. The ‘W’ was 90% obscured. Go ahead and make your own jokes. (6/13/17)

I think radio is on the verge of a major correction. Iheartradio and Cumulus are on the brink of collapse. When they do fall, there will be a much needed "fire sale" with regard to big properties. Iheartradio and Cumulus over paid for their properties. This is exactly what happened with the housing bubble. Oddly enough, Lew Dickey may rise from the ashes with regard to station ownership. He may be actually able to buy properties on the cheap and finally make money. Don't get me wrong: Lew Dickey is a douche, but he's on the verge of becoming a major player AGAIN with terrestrial radio. (6/13/17)

Heard Tim Murray subbing for Czabe this afternoon on 980. What's up with that? Is he freelancing? I'm happy he's back on. Tom in Wheaton (6/13/17)

In the last quarter hour today, former DC talker, self-hating homophobe and twice-a-week poodle-groomer Michael Savage (real name Mike Sorce), whose favorite phrase is "you don't know this" floated the revolutionary idea that Ireland should be its own separate country. What part of "neutral during WWII" does he not get? And he let a Hispanic caller tell the audience that the majority of Medal of Honor winners have been Hispanic. Sixty out of 3500? I guess "I don't know this." SMFH. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/13/17)

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"JEEEEEZ-Louise! This morning, at 8:45 AM, the Huffington Post published a debunking of a Republican talking point that Comey assured the Donald three times the Donald 'wasn’t under any investigation.' " Since Trump took office, HuffPo has been your one-stop-shop for whistling past the graveyard and wishful thinking. In answer to a question from Senator Rubio Comey testified under oath that he told Trump that Trump was not "under investigation". As for Ocean City, sorry, but it was a New York outside agitator that screwed it up for you. There is or used to be a beach a few miles north of the main part of town that was a de facto nude/topless beach but that'll probably go away. I personally will forego looking at Tia Carrere if mandatory Roseanne Barr is part of the bargain. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/12/17)

Cumulus will be delisted on Nasdaq. According to the Drudge Report, "Cumulus is on the verge of total collapse". What is their problem? Their massive debt of over $2 Billion. (6/12/17)

Tom Miner - Wow, 22 and eight years of experience and doing AD in a top 10 on a station with decent ratings. Not bad and impressive although not a format that I tend to listen to. (6/12/17)

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\/ June 11 Messages \/

Forgot to report this last week. During the May Sweeps period, WBAL 11 won every major news slot in ratings, beating WJZ 13. As the detailed ratings are rarely released, it's difficult to say where WBFF FOX 45 or WMAR ABC 2 placed. Got anymore info Dave? —BaltoMedia.Net (6/11/17)

Forgot to report this last week. During the May Sweeps period, WBAL 11 won every major news slot in ratings, beating WJZ 13. As the detailed ratings are rarely released, it's difficult to say where WBFF FOX 45 or WMAR ABC 2 placed. swww.tvnewscheck.com (6/11/17)

In the May sweeps period, down in DC, Sinclair's WJLA ABC 7 is touting that it won the 6PM ratings period, beating WRC 4. No word on the other time periods or stations. Do you get any more ratings Dave? www.tvnewscheck.com... — BaltoMedia.Net (6/11/17)

It's not like this is a big shocker, but I do find it interesting that this story gets a byline on DrudgeReport: (Cumulus media on verge of total collapse) nypost.com... JA (6/11/17)

It’s really painful to watch the media, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, & especially the NY Times squirm like crazy over Comey’s testimony cherry-picking what they want without mentioning the fact that Comey basically called all of them out and their unnamed sources for spreading FAKE NEWS to the American public for 9 MONTHS that Trump was a target of an investigation. Comey stated that he clearly was not, yet, people are still trying to play the Clinton Parsing Words Game with Comey’s words. Multiple times Comey said simply, “No, that story was false” or “inaccurate” or “untrue.” Is the media going to get down to what the meaning of the word “IS” is. So sad that the media as a whole preached a fantasy dream story of Trump being investigated that never even happened and hell, I don’t blame people. If you tell me something for 9 months straight, I’m likely to believe it. But now we now it’s NOT TRUE, and few media are coming forward with retractions. I think The Post made one, CNN, one, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews came out and said they had the collusion story all wrong for many months. However, The NY Times and others are sticking to other related stories following the same narrative that are ALSO FALSE even though Comey said, quote, “Not true in the main” basically meaning the entire premise was FALSE! By the way, the only major news network not criticized by Comey was Fox News! (6/11/17)

Oh thanks Larry O’Connor and Gus in Gaithersburg (if that is your real name) for bringing attention to OC’s lax laws on topless women on their beaches: now you’ve gone and done it. From The Washington Post: “Ocean City acts to keep women from going topless at beach”. Just because you two like (Larry) or don’t like (Gus) to view men’s hairy chested, barrel bellied busts don’t mean us red blooded American men don’t want to see Eastern Euro Trash women bare chested on the beach! Granted there are a lot of beached whales but just look the other way and you’re bound to see some hot babe lathering up her shinning tits with sun screen. The Post reports: “Concerned that its family-friendly beaches would become a destination for bare-breasted sunbathers this summer, the Ocean City Council held an emergency meeting Saturday to pass a public nudity ban. “We will not allow women to be topless on our beach or on any public property within city limits,” Mayor Rick Meehan said on his Facebook page after the council unanimously approved the ordinance. Topless sunbathing has never been a feature of Maryland’s popular vacation spot. But it suddenly became an issue when authorities in Ocean City directed the beach patrol not to confront bare-chested women or ask them to cover up and WMAL’s Larry O’Connor and Gaithersburg’s Gus chimed in. The edict was the result of a legal challenge filed by a beachgoer. She argued that if men can go sans tops, then women can, too. The newly approved ordinance makes public nudity a municipal infraction punishable by a fine of $1,000 and once again enforceable by the local beach patrol. A ruling by the Maryland Attorney General’s Office on the state’s ­indecent-exposure laws is still pending.” More from The Post with photos: www.washingtonpost.com (6/11/17)

Cumulus Stock Price drops to 49 cents per share. Who will buy the company when the stock drops to 25 cents per share? They still have over $2 BILLION in debt. Their lenders are worried. Where is Lew Dickey when you need him? (6/11/17)

When Entercom takes over the CBS Radio Division they must sell off 14 stations to comply with FCC Rules. Why not just put them in your "trust" and you could still be operating them ten years later. Look at iHeart......they were suppose to sell WFRE 99.9 ten years ago and they still own it and enjoy the cash flow from the station. They just put it in their "trust". (6/11/17)

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LEAVE LARRY O'CONNOR ALONE RIGHT NOW! Most women at Ocean City should not go topless. Most men at Ocean City should not go topless, yes including me. Also, I hear that iHeart and Cumulus are experiencing some stock woes. Has there been any news on that? Seems like the sort of thing DCRTV should be keeping us updated on as the situation changes but I haven't seen anything. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/10/17)

After having to watch a “KARS FOR KIDS” ad, catch WJFK’s Sports Junkies catch nerf footballs in their studio shot from the Ball Cannon: washington.cbslocal.com (6/10/17)

Didnt hear much in the way of mystery operators this morning on 98.1, but when I was on top of the hill on Sleepy Hollow Road in Falls Church, Mix 98.1 (WTVR-FM) Richmond VA came in pretty well. (6/10/17)

Just a commercial for NOVEC and it had former fox 5 anchor Brian Bolter as the spokeshole. (6/10/17)

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\/ June 9 Messages \/

WMAL’s Larry O’Connor was absolutely giddy on his show about the recent Ocean City policy in regards to women going topless. Larry, who might be looking at topless men more than women, took a hard approach, saying he would tell them women to cover up. Many callers said they supported going topless. DCRTVDJDAVE always goes topless when at the beach and loves them lifeguards going topless too! More from WMAL: www.wmal.com (6/9/17)

"Pirate Radio: I still want to know who the heck is re-broadcasting a Spanish radio station on 92.9FM..." In the area you describe this is more than likely W225CN Centreville, the legally licensed translator of WTNT 730. The discussion about local FM pirates got me googling, where I came across an interesting local FM DX blog that mentions them.... fmradiodx.wordpress.com... It is that time of year - I had a 97.9 from Florida totally wipe out WIYY in my car last weekend. (6/9/17)

iHeart seems to be very sensitive about their stock price. At $1.65 per share they should be nervous! Their lenders seem to be nervous and want to be paid. As someone reported before on DCRTV, their massive debt is the demon. (6/9/17)

Watched about 5 minutes of FOX5's late night show and that was enough. Jim Lokay and the producer had masks of Trump and Comey, put them on and were reading a dialog of conversations between Trump and Comey. (6/9/17)

RE: SMASH HITS WHGM: FCC filings do not lie. But people do sometimes. I don’t know if SMASH HITS is going away. I only know the history of the new owner, a conservative talk station in Lawrencevile, VA, and financial issues and eventual loss of the station. That is a matter of public record. I’m not privy to what he might do with the stations, but I’m glad to hear that someone knows that the format will stay and everything is fine. (6/9/17)

Here is the FCC sale info of WHGM. Since this application has not yet been approved by the FCC, it is not final. I found one discrepancy in the application that they might want to change. The new owner is NOT a first time buyer as claimed: “THIS WILL BE PROPOSED ASSIGNEE'S FIRST BROADCAST LICENSE AND UNDER ANY INTERPRETATION OF 73.3555 ACQUISITION OF THIS AM FACILITY (TOGETHER WITH SEVERAL FM TRANSLATORS IN A RELATED TRANSACTION) IS PERMITTED AS OF RIGHT.”. Here’s the application. fcc.gov... Here’s the previous station he owned and all of these are in the public record... rbr.com (6/9/17)

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RE: SMash Hits WHGM. Don't worry, Smash Hits is going no where. Imperial Broadcasting, owner by Jeff Davis, has taken ownership of WHGM. The Smash Hits format was his doing. He has been brokering the station. The only thing that will change is ownership. No format changes. Take it from me....I know this venture very very closely. (6/8/17)

Pirate Radio: I still want to know who the heck is re-broadcasting a Spanish radio station on 92.9FM It comes in strong Fairfax Hospital to Dulles Airport - although sometimes it is a rebroadcast of EWTN Catholic radio. (6/8/17)

Regarding "Ever want to know all the places in Maryland that Veep and House of Cards have filmed in Maryland? Well The Sun put a good map together." Take the map's locations with a grain of salt. The location off of Guilford Road in Columbia, listed as "The soundstages for “Veep” are housed in an industrial park in Columbia" is wrong. The real location was on the north side of Robert Fulton Drive, to the east of the Home Depot. Also, the campaign headquarters location was just across Robert Fulton Drive in a single-story office building. (6/8/17)

After further googling... the frequency is 98.1 and indeed a pirate station in the D.C. South area. They run a semi professional sounding classic hits format. This is NOT the FM side of WURA. It comes on usually during afternoon drive and can be heard from around Oxon Hill to Springfield. They identify as Classic Hits - The Fox. Damned shame they aren't legal the format is missing on the D.C. Airwaves. Used to be another strong pirate back in the 90s on 104.5 FM in the same area. That pirate actually had long talk blocks with people talking about current events. Otherwise it was a classic rock jukebox, playing rock albums in their entirety. Interesting that this goes on at all in the FCC's backyard. (6/8/17)

JEEEEEZ-Louise! This morning, at 8:45 AM, the Huffington Post published a debunking of a Republican talking point that Comey assured the Donald three times the Donald “wasn’t under any investigation.” (the talking point obfuscated the real quote which said Comey assured the President the Donald wasn’t the subject of a “counter-intelligence investigation”). At 9:10 AM, Chris Plante repeated that talking point, word for word, omitting the dreaded clarifier “counter intelligence,” as if Chris were reading off a prepared script for him (hint, Chris was). Chris noted he read Comey’s opening remarks, but Chris failed to reveal a section of the paper on which Comey wrote “It is important to understand that FBI counter-intelligence investigations are different than the more-commonly known criminal investigative work.” Is it common for Chris Plante to obscure the truth? I am kidding, Chris Plante is an arrogant lying a$$hole. Remember in 2008 when Chris Plante spent a full hour on the difference between a birth certificate and Obama’s “certificate of live birth,” and years later Chris and Heather both denied he did a show on that subject, even though it was ridiculed extensively at the time right here on DCRTV? Why is this fool given a platform? Speaking of fools, former WMALer Sean Hannity writes at a third grade level. From a Tweet Sean wrote yesterday; Joe Scarborough has one of the lowest rated shows ever in cable. He always has. He has always had delusions of grandeur. He has begged for jobs here and that he be the president. He’s really just an arrogant, pompous jack — but the way him and his fiancee, Mika, are treating this— it’s a constant refrain over there. They have taken it to a new low. They have no evidence, no facts, no message. They have no class, they have lost all of that integrity to those people who know what the facts are. It’s absolutely a disgrace and they are deceiving the few viewers they have left. If they continue this nonclassy attack on the president and his administration and everything he does, despite the list of great accomplishments so far — that integrity will cause even more and more people to simply turn the channel as you have indicated they should do if they don’t like it. (6/8/17)

That would be a real shame to lose the current version of WHGM in NE MD. It’s the closest think going to the old “Capt. Jim” on WAMD. No other station is what you could classify as ‘Local’ anymore. Now WAMD is that KHzTV, or whatever it’s called, and that’s a waste of airwaves. WXCY is more focused on Delaware, which I’ve never really understood. WHGM has a young, live voice in the mornings, many local ads, info on area events, and so on. I don’t like every music selection, but I do listen. (6/8/17)

A dial position/frequency for The Fox would have been helpful, but yeah, you might have been getting some ducting. There's a "Fox" classic hits station around Norfolk/Hampton Roads, and they are experiencing some stormy weather on Thursday morning, which might have been enough to bend and 'lens' their signal our way. I doubt its a station performing testing: they would be obligated to do so with call letters and city, not a slogan. The only low-power signals originating from Springfield -- other than the FM Christmastime Shell station on Old Keene Mill Rd. -- are on AM: the parking garage for NOVA, and an occasional Part 15 hobby station at 1700 kHz that pops on now and again from West Springfield. (6/8/17)

THROWBACK THURSDAY! Ever want to know all the places in Maryland that Veep and House of Cards have filmed in Maryland? Well The Sun put a good map together. I know they both filmed in DC too but that's not included. There's more details in The Sun. data.baltimoresun.com (6/8/17)

Goodbye to SMASH HITS in northeast Maryland? Looks possible with the sale of WHGM 1330, and its 3 FM translators on 104.7, 107.5, & 100.5, covering all of northeast Maryland, to Imperial Broadcasting, LLC of Virginia. Owner Jeff Davis previously ran a failed Conservative Talk station in Lawrenceville, VA. No word on what is going to happen to the 4 stations serving a large region of northeast Maryland but a Brokering agreement has been reached also, so that means Imperial will take over programming almost immediately. — BaltoMedia.net (6/8/17)

Hearing a station on 644 in Springfield playing 70s 80s Classic Hits identifying as “Classic Hits - The Fox.” Very strong signal, but distorted audio. Does not appear to be tropo from out of the area. Got back into my car about 30 minutes later and it was gone. New signal testing that I am unaware of? Pirate? The low powered Shell gas station’s radio station that usually plays Christmas music? MLB4 (6/8/17)

All your LPTVs are belong to us! That’s what that LPTV website to fight the FCC looks like. LOL But seriously, when the full power stations start blasting on your LPTV signal, you won’t have an LPTV regardless and/or you’ll be sued out of existence. No LPTV is going to impair the big 4 networks from using the channel the FCC gives them. I’m sure there will be some holdouts. If you look at all the LPTVs overall, 25% of them are construction permits that never went on the air. If they didn’t have enough money to fund the station in the first place, they certainly won’t have enough money to fight for the channel in court. Btw, WDCN channel 6 in DC is one of the stations listed as fighting the FCC as well as the channel 19 that WRDE NBC Coast TV just bought. They are requesting Congress to intervene. God knows they will be disinterested! A lot of Latino LPTVs are listed but many of them took money from the FCC to turn in their channels, so what right do they have? They’ll have the money to lease space on any ATSC 3.0 channel. The religious channels might be the most angered. (6/8/17)

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FTV EXCLUSIVE: THE TEGNA HUNGER GAMES: www.ftvlive.com... (6/7/17)

Tattoo You: DCRTV favorite WMAL’s Larry O’Connor does segment on tattoos and admits that he has one discreetly placed. Further information from him reveals it’s located above the groin and says “Bill Hess Was Here”. DCRTV has tattoos but won’t tell us where... (6/7/17)

Has anyone watched FOX5's new late night show "The Final 5"? (6/7/17)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads: 2017 Producer-Board Operator Position - WCBM has an opening for a Part-Time producer/board-operator. Experience preferred. Interested persons should be able to monitor transmitters, operate an audio console, screen calls, and edit audio. Must have reliable transportation. Please submit resumes to: WCBM,1726 Reisterstown Rd. Suite 117, Baltimore, MD. 21208 or to mailto:sean@wcbm.com. WCBM is an EOE. (6/7/17)

June 7: Happy Birthday Freda Wright-Sorce. RIP (6/7/17)

About Iheart Media.....if they do file for bankruptcy what will happen to the lawsuits they field against those who say that Iheart would file ?? Granted I did not hear this on the DC and Baltimore Iheart stations but on Pittsburgh's 3WS and Denver's KOA I did hear that Iheart Media has filed lawsuits against those people who said that the company will file bankruptcy. Actually Steffan Tubbs the morning guy on KOA was quite blunt "..we are NOT going to file bankruptcy and we will sue anyone who says it" and later "we have served people and are suing in court right now". Actually I think KOA has a special number to a local Denver lawyer firm to report people who say that Iheart would file and I heard the same about 3WS too. This reminds me of Montgomery Ward back in the early 90s. It was in the paper many years ago that they sued a young man somewhere in Virginia who spread the "wild rumor" that the chain did filed for bankruptcy. Wards got a judgement and everything. When Wards did file the paper unfortunately they did not give an update on that situation. I guess bankruptcy is "bad" for business and some folks will do anything to stop rumors even if it means lawsuits. (6/7/17)

DCRTV fans – especially wymyn – should know that there is finally a CNN show they can wrap their legs around: “The Badass Wymyn of Washington”. While it does sound a bit like a porn site, CNN’s thrice married Dana Bash will host the online show. Bash: “The idea for the series stemmed from a conversation Bash had with fellow CNNers Abigail Crutchfield and Rachel Smolkin shortly after the November election about what Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clintons loss would mean for women. “We discussed the fact that they’re already so many amazing, accomplished women working in Washington, and the idea took off from there,” Bash says.” Rachel Smoking? Sounds like porn to me. The Hill reports because DCRTVDJDAVE does not care: thehill.com (6/7/17)

It looks like iHeart days are numbered. They have a reported massive debt of $20.375 BILLION. Their stock is now $1.94 per share. They don't keep their promises to the FCC. Ten years ago they agreed to sell WFRE 99.9 FM in DC and still own it today. It was necessary to sell it in order to comply with FCC rules at that time. They found a "loophole" in the FCC Rules. Just put it in your "trust" and you can keep it forever. That was not the intent of the FCC Rules. (6/7/17)

Will Entercom use the same tactics that Heart has used to get around the FCC Rules? Place the 14 stations you must spin off by in your "trust" ? By doing this, you can keep them forever and enjoy the cash flow. Chairman Pai, please look into the FCC Rules and correct this situation. (6/7/17)

Hey R. Dunn- yes Amelia is real, she is the former co-host of "Mickey, Amelia, and Spiegal", the predecessor of JSS, and when Sarah Fleischer hosted her last show, Amelia was running the board and answering phones. I know, I got through to Amelia while Sarah had company. She may not do "cross-overs" with other shows, but when I listen, she sounds live to me. (6/7/17)

Baltimore based Sinclair now tops all TV station groups in revenue with the acquisition of Tribune, Inc, moving from #4 to #1 atop CBS! Of course the local angle is that Sinclair is based in the Baltimore metro area and owns/controls WBFF FOX 45, WNUV, WUTB and DC's WJLA ABC 7 & CW 50, while CBS, #2, owns WJZ 13. Hearst, who owns WBAL TV, came in at #8, while WMAR's owner Scripps was #12. In DC, NBC (WRC) is #4, FOX (WTTG) #5, and Tegna (WUSA) #8 That's the local angle on how much money the station owners are making, nothing to do with ratings. Here's more at TV Newscheck. www.tvnewscheck.com (6/7/17)

Cumulus stock price drops to just 44 cents per share. They are trying to prevent a "takeover". If they go into bankruptcy, they may be forced to sell off some of their assets to pay their lenders. When will Nasdaq drop them? (6/7/17)

Dan Bongino Back to WMAL? Would not surprise me. If you have listened to his commentary and analysis over the years, he is dead wrong 97% of the time and when he predicts the future he is wrong nearly 100% of the time. Just what Bill Hess likes. I think WMAL should do a benefit of sorts, and take him and $100 to MGM National Harbor. Ask Dan "red or black" and what he says, bet on the opposite. In a couple hours they will walk out with millions of dollars they can donate to Ted Nugent's possible congressional run or the Trump Foundation. (6/7/17)

For those of you who think LPTVs will go quietly into the ATSC 3.0 good night, look at this site www.lptvcoalition.com (6/7/17)

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\/ June 6 Messages \/

We interrupt the breathless updates on iHeart and Cumulus stock prices and the TV transmission repack analysis to pose a question to the readers of dcrtv. Let's say you were given the chance to completely remake WMAL (or as the French would say, WEVIL.) AM 630/105.9 is a great property but the current format blows. Completely shit. So if they handed you the keys, what would you do? Would you take on WTOP? Would you create a REAL sports-talk station? How about a DMV version of WBAL (personality driven news-talk with news updates at :00 and :30)? Ideas please. (6/7/17)

"Ask Dan 'red or black' and what he says, bet on the opposite." Jeez, if you ask Dan 'red or black' he'll say, "Pepsi". (6/7/17)

To UCS; The announcer who replaced Chuck Thompson on Orioles radio was Jon Miller. Although he wasn't the of the same local legend as Thompson, Miller was no slouch. After 13 seasons in Baltimore, O's owner Peter Angelos declined to renew Miller's contract, instead seeking to hire someone who would "bleed more orange and black" (Orioles' team colors), or to put it bluntly, a "homer." Miller became the PBP announcer for the San Francisco Giants, a position he holds to this day, and also spent 20 calling baseball for ESPN. Point here being, whether the posts be short or long, you can always count on UCS to be inaccurate. (6/6/17)

Just to update on WDCN channel 6 in DC. The license will expire as a matter of law automatically on Oct. 1 2020 right after the TV repacking process completes. That’s is scheduled expiration date already for the station unless they refile. Of course they will file to continue the license, but it won’t meet any of the current Post TV Repack auction standards by matter of law and will be rejected. Since WDCN already failed to build out a digital station of any kind, they will have no legal standing. At that point the FCC can do anything it wants with Channel 6 in DC, and for other reasons in other markets. Even if their individual licenses haven’t expired yet, their license will be in violation of current law. But in the case of WDCN the license will expire anyway at the same time, so they will be gone. (6/6/17)

Was the guy who mentioned Felix Grant referencing nighttime AM listening? During tensions with Cuba in the early 60s Felix put together what amounted to a publicity stunt. He had heard from listeners that a Cuban station was interfering with his show on 630 WMAL. He periodically instructed WMAL's engineers to turn off the transmitter, then once it was back on he asked listeners to send him postcards describing whatever it was they heard during the intervals. I discovered all that mail while sorting the piles from the transmitter basement a few years ago, read most of them, then donated them to the National Capital Radio and TV Museum over in Bowie. -P of the AW (6/6/17)

You hit the nail on the head, Dave, with your quip about TV weather. While it's still important to have real-time coverage of breaking weather news (tornadoes and snowstorms, etc.), 99% of us get 99% of our weather on our devices. I laugh out loud every time some schmuck says, "Stick around for my 7-day forecast!" No thanks, dude. Time to face reality: TV weather -- and traffic -- are strictly filler. News execs need to find new, more relevant content, pronto. (6/6/17)

AJ, a former part time on-air personality for Baltimore’s Classic Rock 100.7 The Bay returns to The Bay this Sunday, 6/11. AJ spent 7 years at WZBA-FM from July 2006 to February 2014. He’ll again be a part time DJ and The Bay’s utility jock filling in for the full timers and occasional weekend shifts. (6/6/17)

We’re not going to have any senior meteorologists left on D.C. TV. Bob Ryan quit 7 years ago after Snowmageddon, the Doug of Doom’s walking out later this year, and now Tom K. Is Topper next? Jeff (6/6/17)

Dave's response: Seriously, with all the apps and websites, does anyone still get their weather from TV? Fewer and fewer.....

Oh Dave, talk about a painful listen..how about Doc Walker doing a 980 update! Even worse, hearing Doc give his NBA analysis while adding some former athlete verbage. Come on, just sell the station and move on. It's pretty sad we don't have a credible radio/tv station that know talent or that can cover sports..or even that can afford to have their people own a tie? Back to internet radio I guess. (6/6/17)

In response to “R.Dunn” about 98 Rock: 98 Rock is a union shop and all local jocks are live. Mornings, afternoon drive, Amalia in mid-days, and even weekends are all live. Nikki Sixx in evenings is canned, but that’s it. I’m not sure why they (98) went with a bad syndicated bush-league sounding show over a local, but they did. Don't get me started on the Kirk / Maryann show either. I'm not sure why they (98) feel the need to have a second chatty morning show and if I were the JSS guys, I'd be having a raised eyebrow over that peculiar decision... Although after suffering through parts of Kirk /Maryann over the last few weeks, I'm confident that the popular morning show has nothing to worry about. Yes, it's that bad. C.L. (6/6/17)

Here’s an interesting question. What if people in Greenbelt, Clarksville, or Bowie complains about poor WWIN Magic 95.9 reception interference? Will the FCC even investigate against Radio One’s wishes since they own both stations? (6/6/17)

Viewing C-SPAN’s “Q&A with Thomas Hazlett” will take less time than reading his book, “The Political Spectrum”, that chronicles both the FCC and the history of “spectrums” in the USA. For a fascinating interview by Brian Lamb of Professor Hazlett: www.c-span.org... (6/6/17)

For R. Dunn....here is 98 Rock PD Rick Strauss email, ask him... rstrauss@hearst.com (6/6/17)

WaPo's Jason Samenow on Tom Kierein's post-WRC plans. Kierein, who is an outdoorsman, said he is moving to Colorado, where he has many family and friends. “I’ve seen and done everything I want to do in Washington,” he said. “I’m going to explore the West, using Colorado as my base.” www.washingtonpost.com (6/6/17)

Back in day we used to hear it on the am radio. And his name was Felix Grant. (6/6/17)

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\/ June 5 Messages \/

Heard "Connected Vets" programming on 1580 during the 6pm hour - the press release is conspicuously silent about whether it will be a 24/7 broadcast on there, so I'll bank on "not yet". Still, along with 1420 and 820, I like seeing unique programming on these moribund AM signals. Beats a simulcast of FM or some useless satellite-fed crap. (6/5/17)

Dave, someone masquerading as Unsigned Corporate Suit posted a short message. I hope you will track this impostor down. The real UCS is old enough that it's like an episode of Perry Mason. To those who enjoy weird, weak, or strong AM signals, ... YES! Of course I like tubes too. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/5/17)

Dan Bongino headed back to WMAL? There be some rumors.... (6/5/17)

Is "Amelia" on 98Rock Baltimore a fake/pre-recorded radio show? Are all of her segments pre-recorded? I hear her from 10am-3pm and "Amelia" never has any LIVE segments on her show. She never does a "live" show turn over with that cheese-dick morning show JSS...and "Amelia" never talks with listeners (calling in, winning a contest!) on air Live!! Why is that? Is "Amelia" a real Baltimore radio host? I listen to WMMR 93.3FM and that station is always Live with DJs/Hosts every day and always interesting...unlike most of the 98Rock Baltimore broadcasting-line up. (dont get me started on that Kirk afternoon and useless Nikki Six evening shows...) ~R. Dunn (6/5/17)

Fred Manfra called his last Baltimore Orioles game yesterday. A Baltimore native, Patterson High School, he covered everything on ABC Sports to the Olympics on radio, but his first love was to get the chance to do Orioles games in 1993 with Jon Miller and the late great Hall of Fame Chuck Thompson. After 2 hip replacement surgeries, and upcoming 2 knee replacements, he's retiring for health reasons. The Orioles team tipped their caps to the radio booth at Camden Yards in the 4th inning. (6/5/17)

ABC7's Autria Godfrey gets married. If you wondering why you haven't seen her on GMW last week and this week, this is why. (6/5/17)

Hi Dave-- Hope you are well. I am reaching out because I recently saw your article about me, which, I realize was spawned by an article in the Potomac Local. You need to know the attention grabbing headline, which claimed I said "morale is at an all time low" is 100% inaccurate... and the tone of the article was an inaccurate representation of my talk. I would like you to correct your article, take it down or issue a retraction. The fact is, I actually never said "morale is at an all time low". I followed up with the Potomac Local reporter who wrote the original article, letting him know he misquoted me, and that the tone of his article was highly negative and inaccurately reflected my speech, which had little to do with the station. I asked him to change the headline to make it accurate. He reviewed the video of my speech and not only realized his headline was wrong but that in fact the tone didn't fairly and accurately represent my talk. So he deleted the article in its entirety. I will tell you, Dave, when I did talk about the mandate to do social media in our newsroom, I was complimentary of management. While I did call it "the board of shame" because we all jokingly gave it that name, I mentioned that it did NOT create divisiveness in our newsroom, it taught me the importance of keeping up with social media in this industry and that it drew viewership, and when other stations saw how well we were doing as a result of our social media game, they followed suit. So please understand and make the correction that I never said "morale is at an all time low"... Thanks, Laura Evans Manatos (6/5/17)

Interesting trivia. What was the meaning of the Towson WMJF 16 call letters? Answer: They were an original WB affiliate for Baltimore, so they mean Michigan J. Frog. :-) (6/5/17)

How long will it be before Nasdaq drops Cumulus? Their stock has been selling below $1 for a long time now. Even at just 53 cents per share, people are not buying it. (6/5/17)

Agreed on the WKCW guy's observation about the magic of listening to a marginal AM signal. Whenever I'm stuck having to drive somewhere on an Interstate at night I always start by scanning the AM dial for something tasty. Never disappoints. It's usually just one quirky guy with a playout computer (well, and maybe a 50,000 watt transmitter, a 500' tower, 50 acres of land and a big power bill) but compromised audio bandwidth and fidelity, shackled with co- and adjacent-channel interference plus atmospheric skip = JOY. Somehow. -P of the AW (6/5/17)

From today's Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC’s Ed Walker “was always joking about” his condition – Being blind, that is. Westwood One host Jim Bohannon had the privilege of knowing Ed, “who partnered with Willard Scott (yes, that Willard) for decades as ‘The Joy Boys.’ Ed would tell people his Braille typewriter was ‘great for opening beer cans.’ Once, during a speech, Ed lost his place on his Braille remarks, and while he let his fingers do the walking, he ad-libbed, ‘Sorry. The waiter stepped on my notes.’ One time after an evening show, Ed, Willard, and a friend were driving home and Willard was bragging about his new car. ‘Easy to drive,’ said Willard. ‘Why, this car is so easy, Ed could drive it.’ And so, fueled by some post-show lubrication, they changed places and, for a couple of hundred yards, Ed Walker did the only driving of his life. ‘Turn left, Ed. NOT THAT FAR.’ Willard once answered the phone at the station, and a woman began telling him how wonderful he was, how funny, and added, ‘All that and you're blind, too.’ ‘No ma'am,’ replied Willard, ‘That's my partner. I'm not blind.’ To which the woman said, ‘Well then, you're not so hot’ - and she hung up.” We’ll continue this week with more stories about blind and visually impaired radio pros. Got your own favorite true story about the business? Email “You Can’t Make This Up” – Tom@RTK-Media.com. (6/5/27)

Not mentioned in the TV channel repacking yet is that some of the DC Latino Networks are losing channels in DC. Telemundo is losing its channel along with Unimas on WMDO. Univision is staying on WFDC, but it’s unlikely they would host a competing Latino Network. WRC probably will host Telemundo eventually. It’s unclear what’s going to happen with Azteca America on WQAW-LP 69 (RF 20) also. WWTD 49 (RF 14) is also losing its channel so goodbye to Retro TV & MBC. And finally, some religious LPTVs are losing their channels too. Both area Daystar channels do not appear to be Class A, so it’s unclear if they can stay on those channels or not. In Baltimore, the Havre DeGrace Daystar channel is going dark too, WWDD-LD 40 (RF 49). Both DC ION channels are staying around though, so I have a feeling they will be used in ATSC 3.0 sharing in the future as 66 (RF 35) has a strong market signal. Does NBC/Comcast still have a minority interest in ION? — BaltoMedia.net (6/5/17)

Funny thing about WKCW and maybe its just me... I live south of DC and the station comes in low with more than its share of noise and static. I listen to it that way and I'm fine with it. But Sunday, I drove out to a ham radio fest in Manassas and 'KC was loud like a local. And strangely, I didn't care much for it that way. Odd out-of-town stations with weak signals are always the gems to listen for, no matter where you live (my clock radio is always set "between the cracks"), and to my ear, WKCW sounds best to me as an odd little distant signal playing better music then the DC sticks. Up close it' s meh, but far away I treat it as a cool little secret station only a few know about. (6/5/17)

Just saw a promo for WJLA's morning show and Julie Wright was shown in a helicopter. So, is she now doing reports from the air?. (6/5/17)

Today (Sunday, 6/4), Fred Manfra called his last Orioles game. Retiring to Florida due to health. He had tough shoes to fill… Chuck “Ain’t the beer cold” Thompson. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/5/17)

Here's a late local newscast from WHTM/27 in Harrisburg, PA on Labor Day 1993. Sounds like Dude Walker is the VO of the station. Also, notice every single commercial break is nothing but station or ABC network promos or PSA's. Wonder who the sales manager was at that time? www.youtube.com (6/5/17)

I’m surprised nobody nationally has looked into LocusPoint Networks. Locally, they bought Towson’s WMJF TV, a protected Class A, which didn’t seem important at the time. At the time of the sale, it was assumed that Towson U sold the station for money and that LocusPoint had bought it to sell it for the Mobile phone purchase/sale of TV frequencies. What went unnoticed is that they bought stations in cities near a lot of major and large markets. When they bought WMGM TV, South Jersey, it was also assumed the mobile sale was the reason. But guess what? They didn’t sell any of the stations they bought, all Class As that got new TV channels in the re-pack. What does that mean? They now own Class A TV stations in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Detroit, Miami, Orlando, Baltimore, and Milwaukee. Owned by The Blackstone Group, clearly, there is a purpose here. None of the stations currently air any programming that costs much money or gets many viewers. Here’s my theory. During the ATSC 3.0 transition, the FCC is not giving out new channels. And every station that switches to ATSC 3.0 will have to keep a legacy ATSC 1.0 signal up and running for a certain amount of time at some resolution from 480i to 1080i. There will be a nearly decade long need possibly to RENT a channel to keep the legacy ATSC 1.0 still active per FCC rules. Markets like Baltimore, for instance, have no spare TV station to do this. WUTB is gone soon. This scenario might happen in many markets. In some, competing stations might share the same ATSC 3.0 channel while keep some legacy ATSC 1.0 duplicates up and running. In other markets, it might be the reverse. There will have to be a station to house the legacy ATSC 1.0 signals for a time. This is what I think LocusPoints business model is. wikipedia.org... — BaltoMedia.net (6/5/17)

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To the previous poster, Wikipedia is your friend. England Dan and Dan Seals are the same person. And he is not Jim Seals of Seals and Crofts. Dan (who is deceased) and Jim are brothers. Thanks and stepping off my soapbox now. Tom in Wheaton (6/4/17)

Thanks didn't know England Dan was a Seals brother related to Jim Seals of Seals and Crofts my mistake. (6/4/17)

Regardless of what CBS Radio has attempted to do with 99.1 and 107.9, the FCC allocated them for the Baltimore-Annapolis Radio market. Therefor their signals are both great in almost all of Baltimore. Attempting to move them towards DC has only proved a failure because there are strong 1st adjacents in northern VA that hurt their signals and always will because 99.1 & 107.9 were not designed to cover DC. Engineering can only do so much. It cannot work miracles. The last time either signal was successful was when they served Baltimore as well as DC. (6/4/17)

Just found out who Chelsea Ingram's replacement will be on WJZ. Her name is Meg McNamara who was a meteorologist at WEAR in Pensacola, Florida. I believe she will be starting some time this week. (6/4/17)

Memo to WAMU: I listen to A Prairie Home Companion because I do NOT want to listen to the news, not because I want to hear AN HOUR OF NEWS. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/4/17)

DCRTV is correct. Entercom would never compete with their own WPGC. They are making too much money with that station. The other format that is missing in the market is Classic Hits. What use to be called Oldies. We did have two Oldies formats with WBIG 100.3 and WXTR 104.1 with the same format. (6/4/17)

Just saw the worst local tv promo ever for Fox's weather app featuring Tucker Barnes taking off his clothes because he supposedly misunderstood abs for app. This commercial is stupid, has NO redeeming social value and will require years of therapy and lots of doses of date rape drugs to remove it from my memory. (6/4/17)

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If 107.9 drops the Spanish Format they should go with a Hip Hop Format. They cover Prince Georges County very well. They could take a large part of the WKYS audience. WKYS is reported to have $15 million in revenue. Entercom should do well with the CBS Stations. (6/3/17)

Dave's response: CBS to put a hip-hop format on 107.9 to compete with their very own WPGC? Won't happen.....

RE: “Jenna Lee is NOT related to Geddy Lee AT ALL!” Actually Geddy Lee is the son of Rush. Limbaugh. LEAVE GEDDY & JENNA LEE ALONE RIGHT NOW! (6/3/17)

About TV weather page temperatures, I noticed on WBAL TV’s website, that their automated forecasts if you type in a zip code use Weather.com or Accuweather stats rather than their own Baltimore forecast, so I think this is common and it doesn’t surprise me that Sinclair does the same thing on WJLA. Also your IP address is often given out and many websites have identification ability, so they cue the stats to match where you are, not the forecast for the metro area. (6/3/17)

Okay, someone set off the Kathy Griffin alarm. She has clearly been driven mental I must say by her own actions so we should be charitable but the fact remains that "Many people have forgotten, but five years ago on her talk show Kathy Griffin called Elizabeth Hasselbeck a “bitch” and a “cunt” for apparently disrespecting then-President Obama." The article below relies on Mediate.com, a leftwing source so apparently everyone has turned on her. Doesn't affect me, don't care. Although it bears pointing out that Bitch of the Day Kathy Griffin lied about Obama being a Harvard Law Professor. He never was. Now THAT I hold against her. dailycaller.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/3/17)

Kathy Griffin sure is getting a lot of publicity on all the network shows. She is not funny and has no talent. I am happy to see that CNN fired her. (6/3/17)

We hear rumors that Entercom will drop the Spanish format on 107.9 FM when they take over the CBS Stations. Their ratings have declined and revenue is way down during this past year. One of their problems is that they only cover half of the Metro Area in the Washington Market. (6/3/17)

Does anyone know how many HD Receivers there are in the DC area? Sorry to hear that 105.5 FM Translator will no longer carry the Bluegrass/Country Format. If the Foundation must depend just on the HD Receivers they won't have much of an audience. (6/3/17)

Jenna Lee is NOT related to Geddy Lee AT ALL! She was born in San Francisco and her parents are Janice and Bob Lee. Geddy Lee was actually born Gary Lee Weinrib in Willowdale (North York) Toronto, ON Canada. His parents are Morris and Mary Weinrib. Andrew Fauver (6/3/17)

Look at WJLA Weather website the temperatures in the detailed forecast for Sunday mid 80s don't match the ones in the 7 day chart 76! And the temps and precipitation chances never seem to line up on both things. (6/3/17)

RabbitEars.Info now lists Channel 19 as WRDE NBC Coast TV along with channel 31 for the Salisbury market. I don’t know if that’s because they read DCRTV or because they know more than what’s been hinted here and BaltoMedia.net. (6/3/17)

In my radio days, more than a few listeners got the Seals brothers confused. Dan was half of England Dan & John Ford Coley in the 70's and early 80's and was the brother of Jim Seals, he of 70's hitmakers Seals & Crofts. Dan went on to solo success with "Bop," one of his 11 #1's on the country charts, and passed away in 2009. Information for life - - - - - Larry (formerly) in Luray (6/3/17)

DCRTVDJDAVE knows that when it comes to ads, the customer is always right. So do FNC’s Hannity and PMSNBC’s Maddow, but does Subaru? For some reason, they keep advertising on those cable networks despite the opposite messages they are sending and consumers they are trying to reach. So in the end, politics aside, it all comes down to money, because as they saying goes, “Money talks and bullshit walks”. The Washington Post explains: www.washingtonpost.com (6/3/17)

Thanks for the person from the mailbag who helped me identify yesterday a song heard on WKCW I Want to Bop With You Baby but I think your confusing Dan Seals with England Dan of the duo England Dan and John Ford Coley their biggest hit was Id Really Love To See You Tonight from1976 Dan Seals is from the duo of Seals and Croft whose many hits include Summer Breeze, and Diamond Girl from the early 70s and Get Closer from 1976 Still not a song you hear on other stations except maybe from the huge playlist of the Gamut.Also. anybody know how you can contact Fresh FM HD2 called Klassic 94.7 Dcs Greatest Hits? Its not an I heart national feed like 98.7 HD2 Classic Country looked online nothing came up not sure who runs and programs it just want to suggest some songs Id like to hear I like the station because its commercial free with songs from the 70s and 80s with an occasional 60s like the Beatles and Aretha Franklin with a very strong signal but the playlist is tight lots of songs they could play its very rock and soul oriented soI'm not expecting to hear easy listening like the Carpenters or Barry Manilow but alot of songs that are upbeat and were hits from artists like the Motels ,Pet Shop Boys,Starship they don't play it needs more variety. (6/3/17)

Interesting WJLA TV posting... www.journalismjobs.com (6/3/17)

Another one bites the dust at FNC: now it’s Jenna Lee (daughter of Rush’s Geddy). Apparently, with Roger Ailes & Bill O’Reilly gone, there’s nobody left to sue: heavy.com (6/3/17)

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[From Steve Handelsman's Facebook page:] R.I.P. Wayne Wood, ace cameraman, with whom I worked far too infrequently at NBC, but whom I IDOLIZED as an intern at WTTG in 1973. Wayne, always sweet, well usually, had savvy and swagger. He let me go out with his 3-person crew (!) and, when, playing with his film camera, I forgot to turn it off and burned thru all of his film, forcing him to do a fast magazine change when news broke, Wayne Wood looked at me and just cocked his head. Later that same day, he set up to shoot a porn shop on 14th St. The guy inside came charging out. When he got close, Wayne warned, "Don't touch." But the guy slammed the lens, jamming the camera into Wayne's eye. Still rolling, Wayne kicked the guy in the balls. Down he went. Rubbing his eye, Wayne said, softly, " I said don't touch." So cool. An intellectual. A sharp dresser. A horseman. Wayne Wood. Read the great tribute by Lynda Lopez... www.facebook.com... (6/2/17)

Wow, Jenna Lee now leaving Fox News. (6/2/17)

Craig Chambers (DJ & PD) is leaving WZBA 100.7 The Bay for personal reasons back to his home of San Antonio, TX as of June 9th. His wife took a new job there and its an amicable leaving. (6/2/17)

It was seven years ago, June 2, 2010, when then-NPR president Vivian Schiller was interviewed for the Dow Jones blog AllThingsD. In that interview, she gave two memorable quotes: "First of all, note we don’t call ourselves National Public Radio anymore. We’re NPR."; and, "Radio towers are going away within 10 years, and Internet radio will take its place." When you no longer call yourself "Radio", it's easy to predict the industry's demise. Per Viv, only three more years until those pesky towers are gone. (6/2/17)

DCRTV & DCRTV Mailbag has been void of any references to the Kathy Griffin scandal which is understandable because it is not directly related to the Washington/Baltimore/Delaware media axis. Still, as a loyal DCRTV fan, one has to wonder what DCRTVDJDAVE’s take is on this redheaded bitch, a favorite of the so-called “gay community”. Griffin now claims that Trump “broke” her and that she is being bullied, which sounds like Hillary Clinton of late. The Washington Post essentially comes to her aid: www.washingtonpost.com (6/2/17)

I can understand why people don't want to be reminded of the falling stock prices of iHeart and Cumulus. It makes people nervous about bankruptcy. Today Cumulus is at just 53 cents per share and iHeart is at $1.85 per share. If these companies go into bankruptcy it were hurt the price of all radio stations. It is too bad that they were both allowed to borrow BILLIONS of dollars and not put enough equity into the companies. The parent company for iHeart is Bain Capital and they are a master at borrowing money. Lew Dickey was a master salesman at Cumulus and convinced the lenders to loan them over $2 Billion. (6/2/17)

Interesting new show at TEGNA/WUSA districtdaybook.com (6/2/17)

The Washington Post’s Callum Borchers take to task The Daily Caller and The Daily Caller Foundation as possibly being a conflict of interest if not a violation of non-profit IRS rules. Hope Borchers does not investigate the relationship between DCRTV Worldwide and the DCRTV Foundation co-mingling too (although both seem to be non-profits for DCRTVDJDAVE). And Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson claims his hands are clean: www.washingtonpost.com (6/2/17)

The following was forwarded to DCRTV.....

Dear friends, It is truly bittersweet for me to bring you the news that David Ginder and Marilyn Cooley are leaving Classical WETA. David and Marilyn share a deep love for the great outdoors and, specifically, the Colorado Rockies. They have both hoped that one day they would live and work in that beautiful part of the country. That day has arrived. David will be joining the on-air staff of Colorado Public Radio, while Marilyn pursues free-lance opportunities in the Denver area. Our listeners know David and Marilyn as bedrocks of Classical WETA. Their daily on-air presence, their expertise at interviewing classical artists, their professionalism and zeal during on-air fundraising, their work in Washington’s cultural community and their countless behind-the-scenes contributions to the operation of the station, have been central to the sound and the spirit of Classical WETA. All of us here at the station are saddened by the departure of these two cherished members of the Classical WETA family. However, I hope you will join us in wishing David and Marilyn the very best as they move on to this next exciting chapter in their lives together. David’s last day is June 6th; Marilyn’s is June 9th. We thank them both for their decades of service to the station, and to the classical music community. Sincerely, Dan DeVany, Vice President & General Manager, Classical WETA 90.9 (6/2/17)

DCRTVers may recall former WJLA Emmy Award winning reporter Julie Parker who was hired by the Fairfax County Police Department as their Bureau Director. Now Ms. Parker is being joined by former WTOL (Toledo, Ohio) reporter Emily Voss: fcpd.wordpress.com (6/2/17)

It's bad enough that Fox5 is obviously trying to groom Erin Como for an anchor spot, but this morning they had Kevin McCarthy on Good Day DC anchoring with Maureen and Annie..Soooo out of his lane. But then again, looks like no one else was available to sit in for Steve. (6/2/17)

Dave - one of our Ph.D. students did a workshop on how to spot “ Fake News” at a local high school and wrote an article about it for our news site here at Merrill College. I think folks might find it interesting… merrill.umd.edu (6/2/17)

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What Birach Broadcasting is doing with WBVA and WVAB is they are lying to the FCC stating that they have found a new transmitter site and are just awaiting zoning approval. The FCC really has no way of investigating their claims or disproving them. And apparently, no one in the Norfolk market has complained in any way, so the FCC continues to give them extensions. The FCC took the license of WRJE AM 1600 Dover because they admitted they could not find a site or afford one. But the FCC let them keep a translator for 105.1 which they took silent, but are still using legally. Remain silent authority doesn’t mean you have to remain silent. Birach has far more experience at deceiving the FCC. They know the right things to say. The FCC is very easy to fool. (6/1/17)

"How is it that BB has been able to hang on to licenses for those defunct Norfolk stations (WVAB, WBVA) for nine years, when the stations haven't moved one electron in free space since 2008 when the towers got toppled?" There is no way to keep the licenses afloat without going on the air, so that's the answer -- they have transmitted, or at least have claimed to transmit, every year. WBVA/WVAB first filed to go silent on March 21, 2008. Every March since then, Birach has filed an STA to go on the air, pleading that they are tirelessly dealing with zoning issues and finding a new tower site etc. etc. The stations get approved to go back on the air from the same site with a hamster-wheel level of power (in the past as low as 6 watts, this year it was 30 watts) from a 12-meter-high wire. After a couple of weeks, they file to go silent, and get another year before the license expires. At this rate, nine years on, you have to wonder what the hell the whole point is of these gymnastics. This bald-faced exploitation of this loophole isn't totally unheard of -- Clear Channel did it for several years with 610 in Winchester while they searched for someone onto which they could unload that license. (6/1/17)

Holy crap ... "Bop" ... haven't thought of that dog for years. Dan "England Dan" Seals did that one. Want to feel your butt pucker even tighter? Go back to that wonderful era and Google Fred Knoblock, Dean Friedman, Dara Sedaka or The Korgis. I was in my second pro year as a radio DJ and never forgot those guys. No matter how many drugs I took. (6/1/17)

Since “Cumulus Stock Guy” hasn’t been around, and I jokingly made reference to ‘Trading Places’, (which someone took seriously) by saying that Winthorp and Valentine would buy all shares at 0.25…..Cumulus Media was up to 0.62 per share earlier today. Now about those Ch 6 FM Stations……. (6/1/17)

Scott Pelley a pleasant person I read a few weeks ago don't remember where CBS evening news is in last place Lester Holt on NBC nightly news is first.Also WKCW does play stuff you don't hear anywhere else though It perplexes me they hardly do any solo Beatle songs considering the massive amount of hits they all had in the 70s and early 80s especially from Paul McCartney I have heard Woman from John Lennon and Got My Mind Set On You from George Harrison but that's it Heard a song yesterday lyrics go I want to be bop with you baby don't know who did it..Remember the song from around 81 but not who did it gotta google it. (6/1/17)

The two major radio stocks are not doing well, iHeart is down to just $1.89 per share and Cumulus is down to 53 cents per share now. If both of these companies are headed for bankruptcy, why would anyone invest in them? Their massive debt is the demon. (6/1/17)

One afternoon a coupla years ago, I heard Tom Waits’ unique version of “Somewhere” (West Side Story) on WKCW. He sounds like a bloody ogre the whole song, but he interpreted it that way on purpose—I’m guessing he was filtering the lyrics thru the perspective of NYC’s lowlife. That’s one you never heard even on Top 40 radio back in the day. Oh BTW, somebody lift 950 AM out of the gutter again. They’ve been off the air for a week now. Jeff (6/1/17)

Hi all --- Can someone with FCC legal knowledge clarify something for me? I realize bringing up Birach Broadcasting is like bringing up a burp that tastes like last weekend's chili dog, but how is it that BB has been able to hang on to licenses for those defunct Norfolk stations (WVAB, WBVA) for nine years, when the stations haven't moved one electron in free space since 2008 when the towers got toppled? FCC regs dictate that, if a station cannot put up a signal for 12 months, the license is terminated and deleted. How has the corporation gotten around this? Looking for an answer from the legal and engineering community. Thanks. (6/1/17)

"Tom Kierein's house is for sale..." Tom is retiring from NBC 4 June 30th, per Amelia Draper's Facebook page. Now this explains why they hired Somara Theodore. I wish him nothing but the best in his upcoming retirement. (6/1/17)

The big question in my mind is, Will the little man, Danny Snyder, sell WTEM 980, and thus possibly kill the sports format or is he done selling and intends to just use that as his only loss-leader for the Redskins? I mean, he could never make money selling the station at this point, but that didn’t stop him from selling the other stations at a loss. (6/1/17)

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