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WRC NBC 4 has filed for a maximization of its facilities to increase power to a maximum of 1000kw. This is not in relation to WETA’s TV repack problem that led to a flurry of channel changes. There is a filing window open for any TV station to file for displacement and facility change requests. But in a surprise move. WNVT & WNVC 30 have arranged a channel sharing agreement with an as yet unannounced TV station. Who could share that many channels I have no clue, but apparently MHz Networks will survive in some manner. — BaltoMedia.net (10/31/17)

RE: The Baltimore AM station for sale...ever thought about WQLL? It's doing nothing, they own the land in Harford County, as well as the land in Baltimore County. It's got market coverage. Just a thought. (10/31/17)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] WHUR-FM DIGITAL SALES MANAGER - OVERVIEW: WHUR is looking for a motivated, passionate and creative leader to join our team as the Digital Sales Manager. The DSM is responsible for growing digital sales revenue and exceeding revenue goals by prospecting for new clients and opportunities with existing clients. The Digital Sales Manager will lead a team of Digital Account Executives and work directly with all Sales staff to educate, inform and develop strategies to increase revenue. PRINCIPLE ACCOUNTABILITIES: Develop and implement a strategic plan for digital sales of all Howard University Radio Network (HURN) digital platforms. Develop new business and enhance digital engagement with current clients. Build and develop relationships with direct clients and key advertising agencies. Train and assist AE’s on digital advertising strategies and products. Responsible for recruiting, training and management of Digital Account Executives. Grow and exceed digital sales and market share goals. Discuss and guide Digital AE’s weekly planners Creates, prepares and execute presentations to clients. Generates advertising revenue and meets sales quota set by station management. Analyze and provide necessary sales reports, market analysis and identify potential for growth. Implement sales activities/opportunities that generate new business and develop existing relationships. CORE COMPETENCIES: Ability to grow, develop and motivate a team. Strong knowledge of comScore and related digital metric software. Ability to promote, establish and maintain harmonious and effective work relations with students, faculty, staff, University officials and the general public. Demonstrate knowledge of digital products and applications, including SEO/SMS, mobile, social media, etc. Creative thinker and problem solver Skilled in oral/written communications in English and the ability to articulate concisely and professionally. Comfortable making presentations to different types of groups/clients. Excellent computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Traffic software. Valid driver’s license and state mandated automobile insurance. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s Degree in Radio and Broadcasting, Communications, Journalism, English or closely related field and (3) years of related experience or an equivalent combination of at least (5) years combined relevant training and experience. Minimum (2) years of sales management experience Apply today at hr.howard.edu or contact Deputy General Manager, Sean Plater at splater@whur.com (10/31/17)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] WHUR-FM ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE - WHUR-FM is looking for a self-motivated, creative and resilient Account Executive to develop new business in the Washington, DC marketplace. PRINCIPAL  ACCOUNTABILITIES: Contact prospective customers to sell advertising opportunities via broadcast, digital and non-traditional revenue. Prospect for new clients by cold-calling, networking, canvassing and researching. Generate advertising revenue and meet/exceed sales quota set by the station management. Generate creative ideas to meet the needs of clients and provide superior customer service. Attend sales meetings, training seminars, conferences, remote broadcast, etc. Develop and prepare sales proposals to present to clients. Services commercial accounts assigned or obtained. Assists in the training and supervision of student interns. Picks up and monitors commercial copy of clients. Performs other related duties as assigned.   CORE COMPETENCIES: Knowledge of advertising in the broadcast industry. Competence in both oral and written English. Ability to promote, establish and maintain harmonious and effective work relations with students, faculty, staff, University officials and the general public. Must be customer driven. Ability to contact advertising community and advertising agencies to sell advertising time and generate revenue for WHUR-FM. Ability to plan monthly, quarterly and annual goals based on commission. Ability to prepare sales proposals/contracts. Maintain stable administrative discipline; organizational skills. Effective communicator, excellent time management skills and persistence. MINIMUM  REQUIREMENTS: Associate's degree in business, marketing or related area and three years media sales experience or any equivalent combination of five years education and experience. Apply today at hr.howard.edu or contact Deputy General Manager, Sean Plater at splater@whur.com (10/31/17)

Mark Levin(e) is a boob and an ass who is often wrong about the Constitution and wrongly advocates war with Russia and Korea. That said, he is not the Power Incarnate that boob and ass Boehner makes him out to be. No one turned on Boehner. Boehner is an idiot and that's his own fault. Gus in the Gaithersburg I wish I had a cheeseburger. (10/31/17)

Why, yes, Mark Levin IS the root of all evil. I've met him several times and he seems like a downright antisocial, anaerobic bacterium. I've never understood the willingness of normal broadcasters, politicians, or business people to pay any attention to him whatsoever. Shame on Hannity, well, just for being Hannity. Extra shame for his influence on other broadcasters. (10/31/17)

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More fallout from the WETA TV repack channel change demands. It’s getting hard to keep up with these channel changes. Religious broadcaster WIAV is crying foul and demanding more power on channel 30 to 48 KW due to projected interference from WETA on channel 31. At the same time WDPB 64 on Delmarva (WHYY affiliate) has filed for a power increase that seems to be unrelated. And WHSV in Harrisonburg has also filed for an upgrade but that and WCAV’s changes are related to The National Radio Quiet Zone, which basically wants them to just go off the air. The thing about the repack is that every change automatically affects so many nearby stations. It’s a ripple effect. (10/30/17)

House of Cards, the Netflix political drama filmed in and around Baltimore, has been cancelled. Season 6 will continue filming as planned, but there will not be a season 7. Netflix producers deny that the cancellation has anything to do with the sexual abuse charges with a 14 year old boy against lead actor Kevin Spacey but admitted they were "deeply troubled." variety.com (10/30/17)

It’s that awkward moment when Kevin Spacey is spending more time at Baltimore’s Patterson Park than Marty Bass or the Catholic priests. :-) (10/30/17)

This sale INCLUDES the land, precludes format usage or call letters. See #2 So that rules out AM 1570 since Nestor owns no land. AM 860 is a possibility, but who would buy if you couldn’t use the format or have a brokered format? And why would they sell after getting an FM translator for WFSI 860 on 106.9 FM? The sale doesn’t seem to include any FM translator. The other Baltimore AM station (#1) could be any AM, but #2 sure looks like AM 1300. www.radiotvdeals.com (10/30/17)

WMAL’s Mark Levin is apparently the root of all evil, according to former Speaker Boehner (pronounced “boner”) in The Washington Post. He claims LEvin turned fellow conservative talkers Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity against him: “In particular, he (Boehner) took aim at radio host Mark Levin, saying his popularity among right-wing audiences turned fellow conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh and Fox News host Sean Hannity against him while he was speaker. Levin, he said, “went really crazy right and got a big audience, and he dragged Hannity to the dark side. He dragged Rush to the dark side. And these guys — I used to talk to them all the time. And suddenly they’re beating the living s— out of me.” More on how Republicans eat their own: www.washingtonpost.com (10/30/17)

“IS WJZ AM 1300 FOR SALE?” No, it’s not. But 1570 and 860 both are for sale, and neither would include the land. Likely 860, as Family wouldn’t give up the WFSI calls...and would move them to 750. (10/30/17)

WJFK’s John Paul Flame complained this morning that his wife, Jessica "Jess" Boughers, as a former Redskins cheerleader, had to endure the rain & wind last night at Fedex as that team honored “Alumni” during homecoming week that included Sonny Jurgensen and past Redskinettes: www.redskins.com (10/30/17)

"Can you pick up anything more than WMET, just up the street from you?" I'm not familiar with that station but I busted out the "set" tonight and was able to get WFMD. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/30/17)

It looks like the final issue of the Baltimore City Paper has been published. www.baltimoresun.com (10/30/17)

Speaking of Eyewitness News, WPVI ABC 6 in Philly still uses the ACTION NEWS branding to this day and even uses a more modern version of the original Action News theme based on the “Move Closer To Your Wold” song, but completely different than the one WBAL TV used which was based on the song Classical Gas. The funny thing is that both news opens ended with the same dramatic notes even with different songs. WBAL here www.youtube.com WPVI ABC 6 today... www.youtube.com (10/30/17)

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Just sitting down to read Saturdays Post and they have what appears to be this Mondays TV listings for Saturday night all new shows on the broadcast networks Kevin Can Wait,The Good Doctor ect.of course World Series Game 4 on Fox Saturday night not Lucifer.Guess no proofreaders there. (10/29/17)

With WJZ dropping the name Eyewitness News I have to wonder how long will it be before a group of people demands WJZ to bring it back ?? Wasn't WJZ one of the first stations to use Eyewitness News ?? My late father remembers watching Eyewitness News and Jerry Turner way back in the middle 60s !! I remember some people tried to get WUSA to bring Eyewitness News back around 2000 but of course they were not successful and it was the same in Richmond too with WRIC. .Eyewitness News seems to have had a checkered past. Some markets they were successful like New York, Los Angeles and the Twin CIties while you had markets like Denver where Eyewitness News had bombed so bad that the name was dropped from then KOA-TV back in the early 70s and never to be seen on any TV station in the Mile High City again. Roanoke's WSLS had Eyewitness News but I believe only for maybe a year or two. Norfolk/ Virginia Beach and the name Eyewitness News had an interesting history. WAVY had that name for over ten years but Larry Bonko the TV guy from the Virginian-Pilot newspaper hated it. When WAVY dropped it in the early 80s in favor of The Daily News he wrote it was a good move for WAVY "...even reruns of Wonder Woman were beating Eyewitness News on WAVY" and "....our area can not support Eyewitness News !!". In the early 90's when WTKR brought back Eyewitness News for their newscast only to drop it shortly afterward Larry wrote "TOLD YOU SO !! This area can not support Eyewitness News !!".If Larry Bonko is correct as big as that area is I wonder why that area can't support Eyewitness News while Charlotte, Wilkes-Barre, Buffalo, Raleigh and even Charleston, West Virginia had a station using Eyewitness News for years and still do ?? (10/29/17)

IS WJZ AM 1300 FOR SALE? I was looking at the Baltimore AM radio stations that are for sale, in particular the one available for $2 million. There are several interesting stipulations to the sale offer. You can’t have the format or the call letters but the land is included. Well that sort of narrows it down quite a bit. The only reason I could think that you could not have the call letters is if the owner also owns an FM or TV station with those call letters and doesn’t want any confusion or connection. That would narrow it down to WRBS 1230, WWIN 1400, WJZ 1300, and WBAL 1090. Of those, AM 1230 doesn’t own its transmitter site. Baltimore City owns Radio One’s AM 1400 site or used to and they just built it. And also, only WJZ 1300 and WBAL 1090 really have “full market coverage”, another thing stated in the sale offer. My guess is CBS Radio wants to sell AM 1300 as part of its merger with Entercom... -- BaltoMedia.net (10/29/17)

Interesting post on low level 630 signal detected from Germantown. Sounds low enough it could be just a handheld battery powered generator to start getting complex impedance readings on the four towers and aggregate phaser. A daunting assignment, mathematically. Could last for months. (10/29/17)

Hearing that Roger Stone will be part of the Jimmy Mathis Show on WBAL Radio (10/29/17)

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There seems to be some progress in Germantown today. This Friday afternoon, an unmodulated carrier appeared on 630 while I noted 570 was nowhere to be heard. Coming up Rte. 118 you could hear weak audio from 630 in Bethesda underneath the new signal which was strong only in the southern portion of Germantown and Darnestown. Perhaps they're doing some fine tuning at low power, or taking non-directional antenna measurements. I didn't notice any heterodyne beat note between the two 630 signals. (10/28/17)

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The FCC’s TV repack plans in the DC/Baltimore/Virginia region appear to be falling apart. In the past month there have been a dozen channel change requests, all started by Washington’s WETA. WETA 26 is now requesting to stay on its digital channel 27 at 1000 kw instead of channel 31 or 14. This would really screw up the FCC repack since that channel has already been given to WMAR ABC 2 in Baltimore who is presumably already making preparations to move to channel 27 from 38. It’s still not explained why WETA cannot use channel 14 which they were originally assigned, but I assume that has to do with Federal land mobile requests for the channel that are national security related and not disclosed for security reasons. WETA had previously requested channel 31 which caused a flurry of other channel change requests in the region regarding Maryland Public TV. It’s unclear what this new request today will cause, but it’s starting to look like a dragged out boondoggle. — BaltoMedia.net (10/27/17)

The FCC’s TV repack plans in the DC/Baltimore/Virginia region appear to be falling apart. In the past month there have been a dozen channel change requests, all started by Washington’s WETA. WETA 26 is now requesting to stay on its digital channel 27 at 1000 kw instead of channel 31 or 14. This would really screw up the FCC repack since that channel has already been given to WMAR ABC 2 in Baltimore who is presumably already making preparations to move to channel 27 from 38. It’s still not explained why WETA cannot use channel 14 which they were originally assigned, but I assume that has to do with Federal land mobile requests for the channel that are national security related and not disclosed for security reasons. WETA had previously requested channel 31 which caused a flurry of other channel change requests in the region regarding Maryland Public TV. It’s unclear what this new request today will cause, but it’s starting to look like a dragged out boondoggle. -- BaltoMedia.net (10/27/17)

The FCC approved WBOC-LD channel 42, Georgetown, Delaware. Telemundo Delmarva is officially on the air, but not on Comcast or cable anywhere. (10/27/17)

FCC’s Pai squared: Democrats are crying foul over pro-Sinclair effort by Republicans. Bloomberg explains: www.bloomberg.com (10/27/17)

In response to an earlier posting suggesting that the WFDC request for higher paymentsfrom Verizon might be due to the channel sharing with WDCW---No this is not the case. The channel sharing application t the FCC specifically said that each station would negotiate its own transmission rights. (10/27/17)

Re: "First: 4 or 5 million for some dirt that WNAV (radio park) sits on has no bearing on whether or not WNAV can be a profitable enterprise moving forward if it were put on a better stick." When the owner fires you, does he ask if you want your severance on a gift certificate? Do you get a memo saying " _ O U A_E _ I _ E _" ? (10/27/17)

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[Responding to: WBAL Radio in the 1920s on AM 1060. The pic is from a long since defunct publication and non-copyrighted, but it doesn’t look like the place on Milford Mill Road, but that’s a long time ago. Who knows how many times that building was replaced? Too blurry to read the sign either. — BaltoMedia.net] That posted photo was likely taken at the transmitter site on Hanover Pike in Glen Morris, MD between 1926-1933. The move to the new transmitter on Milford Mill Road took place on September 15, 1933. The move to the Winands Road transmitter site and change from 1060 kHz to 1090 kHz, took place in 1941. The station was first licensed in August 24, 1926. (10/26/17)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies “Dead or Alive” curse? A weekly bit by the boys includes a segment called “Dead or Alive” where Cakes picks a celebrity name and asks if they are alive or have assumed room temperature: last week he picked Fats Domino, who as we now know died this week. So on Thursday, they played Chubby Checker’s “Twist Again” asking “Dead or Alive” (Chubby’s still alive as of Thursday) but Cakes said either way, he’ll be dead next week and that they are the kiss of death when they pick a name: Chubby, call your office. Poor Fats: www.biography.com (10/26/17)

Gus sez: "One of my radios uses an old style razor blade as a diode." Havent messed with one of those in a long time and never had a lot of luck with them, even with a modest longwire antenna. Can you pick up anything more than WMET, just up the street from you? (10/26/17)

Someone asked Denise Koch directly what she thought of the end of the Eyewitness branding and she did actually respond with this answer that makes sense. Quote, “All things change. It's a branding decision for consistency” I assume that means to match all of the other WJZ 13 branding which is basically the mantra, “There’s only One WJZ” type marketing. Makes sense I guess. — BaltoMedia.net (10/26/17)

FCC Votes To End 77-Year-Old “Main Studio Rule” In Boost To Sinclair deadline.com (10/26/17)

I saw a commercial that WUSA9 is launching a new morning show and that they have hired a new host for the 6 AM hour. (10/26/17)

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"I hope you're also a 1N34 Diode Dude and not "Galena Gus". The latter is 86% lead and not at all good for the health." That's why I don't go fishing or ride in cars, because of the lead exposure. It's very likely that your TV set and computer are trying to kill you too. One of my radios uses an old style razor blade as a diode. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/25/17)

Sad situation that channel 5 has such slim pickings from which to choose when more than one person is out on the morning crew. This morning they had Kevin McCarthy on their Good Morning DC show. I watched for about 10 minutes and had to turn it off. He's annoying enough as the movie critic, but terrible as a host. He made a joke that he was now taking over Steve Chenevey's job..I'm sure he would like to be a regular host..Paul Wharton is just as bad, but thank goodness he's on there far and inbetween. (10/25/17)

RE DCRTV Mail Bag post: “Back when newspapers fell on hard times. This newspaper building doesn’t really date back to 1773, but the newspaper did. Iron buildings didn’t exist then, but as an iron building, the building frame survived The Great Baltimore Fire and was rebuilt by The Baltimore News American newspaper in 1904, eventually a Hearst company. Unlike The Post’s Democracy Dies in Darkness, the paper's logo was “Liberty Enlightens the World.” It’s a 7-11 now. Sad. (10/25/17)”. Well, while there is no 7-11, there is a bar (“Bar Deco”) at what was once the DC based sports publication “The Bulletin” in an area now known as “Gallery Place”. The Washington Post’s brilliant “Answer Man” (aka John Kelly) reports along with a great photograph: www.washington.com (10/25/17)

CBS Evening News – aired locally on WUSA – finally has a “GLORious” replacement for Scott Pelley and it’s not substitute anchor Anthony Mason (age 61): it’s Jeff Glor (age 42). CNN details: money.cnn.com (10/25/17)

Over the past few days, the four local stations that hadn't yet filed their channel-sharing plans (WZDC, WDCA, WNVC/WNVT) all filed for three-month extensions to do so. The main piece of news is that WNVC/WNVT appear to have been unable to get a channel-share with anyone, which is a problem because they have to share with *someone*. Their filing indicates they are preparing to move to Richmond and share with either WCVE or WCVW. I'm sure their five viewers will miss them. (fcc.gov) WZDC is in the middle of negotiating an unspecified "transaction": presumably a sale to someone already in the market, because a channel-share is part of the "transaction", but not all of it. (Perhaps NBC is buying to avoid building a news department from scratch? They never explained how the auction enabled them to "take back" the Telemundo affiliation.) WDCA wants the extension literally just for the hell of it - they are definitely sharing with WTTG, but neither wants to drop any of their subchannels yet. An abuse of the spirit of the rules, but this FCC will likely grant it anyway. (10/25/17)

The new guy on WJLA is a real turn off. But I find myself watching their "news" less and less, especially as the seem to be having more breathless reports about various kinds of wrongdoing that feature attacks on businesses, governments or whatever, but are increasingly one-sided with no apparent effort to interview or cover the defense claims of the accused. Of course they are not alone in jettisoning journalistic standards and fair play in favor of sensationalism and gossip. (10/25/17)

As a result of the WETA filing to not build on channel 14 during the FCC repack, there’s been a wave of FCC filings. Maryland Public TV is now requesting power increases on all of its network’s TV channels, even Garrett County and Hagerstown’s stations, WGPT and WWPB. Even Virginia's public TV stations are requesting power increases now too. There seems to be a ripple effect of these channel changes as I guess any change somewhat affects the Repack algorithm from one station to another as far as interference and signal contour. I wonder what stations will be next to cry foul and want more power. (10/25/17)

Can't help but notice all the Bobby Bones content on WWFG's Facebook and Twitter pages the last several weeks. Could changes be coming to mornings at Froggy in Salisbury? A syndicated show at the same time that K107 just went live in mornings with Big Red. Hmmmm. (10/25/17)

If you're "oatmeal coil" and not "ferrite coil", I hope you're also a 1N34 Diode Dude and not "Galena Gus". The latter is 86% lead and not at all good for the health. (10/25/17)

The new guy on Channel 7 appears to be quite pleasant, but his gestures and hand movements are distracting and he looks like the Keebler Elf or a younger version of Jeff Sessions. Otherwise, Veronica or Steve would have been my top choices. Both know the area and have been here a long time. As for the rest of the new 7 team, the anchor who replaced Leon does not seem genuine and messes up his lines. He reminds me of a trashy Ron Burgundy. I do laugh when he pronounces Spanish words with an accent, just like Erika Gonzalez on Channel 4. Sadly, Channel 9 is even worse. (10/25/17)

Back when newspapers fell on hard times. This newspaper building doesn’t really date back to 1773, but the newspaper did. Iron buildings didn’t exist then, but as an iron building, the building frame survived The Great Baltimore Fire and was rebuilt by The Baltimore News American newspaper in 1904, eventually a Hearst company. Unlike The Post’s Democracy Dies in Darkness, the paper's logo was “Liberty Enlightens the World.” It’s a 7-11 now. Sad. (10/25/17)

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Saw the new weather dude on WJLA tonight and agree the battan. i don't know if the position was even offered to him or if he wanted it. i don't like it when the carpetbagger news producers bring in talent from their old haunts that don't hold up to the high quality standards we expect in DC. You suck Mitch Jacob. Like someone else said, I'll be spending more time at Channel 4. You can't spell Sinclair without SIN. (10/24/17)

For whatever reason, 50 tweeted out that they will have Saturday night’s Duke vs. Virginia Tech game instead of 20 or 5, the usual outlets of the over-the-air ACC Network. (But, even weirder, 20 is carrying the afternoon ACCN game as usual.) By my count, it’s the first time 50 has shown any sports at all since it lost the rights to Sunday Nats games and SEC football in 2013. dcw50.com (10/24/17)

I watched a segment of Bill Kelly's weather, and he sometimes puts in personal asides (like how the cool temps may get some people happy for hot cocoa), in a way I haven't seen from anyone else. He also sounds more authoritative than Steve Rudin, which may be helpful to some people on severe weather days. I personally would have promoted Veronica Johnson, and Kelly's not obviously better than Johnson or Steve Rudin, but Kelly's hire wasn't terrible, and he holds up to the other chief meteorologists in this area. Some people may even prefer his personable style. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (10/24/17)

In a banner day for DC media, Gene Weingarten discussed his history of what a reasonable person could call molestation in his chat today, including an account of how he enjoyed making a woman feel uncomfortable on Washington's Metro and WaPo's Thom Loverro took a caller to task for "eating his mother's meatloaf" in the 4 o'clock hour of the Chad Dukes show on WJFK 106.7. Mister Loverro sounded like a huge dick. There are two kinds of people in the world, oatmeal box coil people and ferrite coil people. I am an oatmeal box person. Anyone else remember "bell wire"? Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/24/17)

You see where the Commission voted today to eliminate radio's Main Studio rule? One more Cub Scout field trip location shot to hell. (10/24/17)

FCC eliminated a rule - twitter.com - FCC eliminates rule that required stations to have a main studio in their local coverage area... (10/24/17)

WJAL was added as a subchannel to Channel 9 and it happened n schedule on October 1. Remember that these days a signal has an actual RF channel and also a virtual one with PSIP Data. In the case of WJAL it is now part of the Channel 9 signal but that PSIP data makes it display as 68.1. If you are not receiving it try rescanning----but it will show up on your TV at 68 not 9. (10/24/17)

I agree Steve Rudin should have been given position of chief meteorologist don't watch their news anymore watch CH 4 plus 7 makes too many mistakes as well wrong weather info on bottom of screen could it be maybe the money there paying the new chief meteorologist who is from Columbus I believe a much smaller market is less than if they had promoted Steve Rudin? Also when is WJAL going to be added to WUSA Ch 9 subchannel wasn't it supposed to be Oct 1? (10/24/17)

WBAL Radio in the 1920s on AM 1060. The pic is from a long since defunct publication and non-copyrighted, but it doesn’t look like the place on Milford Mill Road, but that’s a long time ago. Who knows how many times that building was replaced? Too blurry to read the sign either. — BaltoMedia.net (10/24/17)

To the person who wrote they had to listen to WTOP during an emergency as everyone else was into automation. About 20 years ago I wrote to our local newspaper about just that. In emergencies just who the people will turn too ??? Anyway I received 3 responses from general managers of our local radio stations. Two of them admitted of being "cheap" though one said they had a "deal" with the local newspaper coming in to the studio under such conditions but I never believed it. The third one ran a station using the Satellite Music Network as a format. He said in the contract they had with SMN other than the midday host who was live & local nobody else is to remain local and do anything local courtesy of the SMN ,actually at his station only the midday guy has access to the mic so the board-ops couldn't go live if they wanted too. SMN called the shots !!! This was 20 years ago and if radio didn't care about emergencies then I doubt they do now at least in Virginia or Maryland anyway. (10/24/17)

Over my dead body: Former FNC Eric Bolling to former FNC Bill O’Reilly, “Don’t drag my dead son into your sexual harassment scandal!”. Can things get any weirder at FNC? Yahoo finance explains: finance.yahoo.com (10/24/17)

You guys over at Fox will figure out fairly quickly how to handle Madame. I worked with her back in TRN days and I didnt put up with one ounce of her crap. I let her yell, then I yelled back twice as loud and just as vicious. She backs down when she knows your bite is worse than hers. Best thing you can do is frequently record 'director's cuts' with always-on mics, and then one day 'leak' them to the Internet. Look what it did for Casey Kasem ("those goddam up-tempo records, man!"). (10/24/17)

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\/ October 23 Messages \/

What gives with WJLA passing over Steve Rudin to be chief meteorologist when Doug Hill retired? Steve has more than proven himself over the years and is well known to viewers due to his having worked at almost every station in town. I would trust him to give accurate no-hype information in a blizzard or hurricane. Typical Sinclair to pick some small-market unknown. (10/23/17)

‘Tyrant’ Laura Ingraham Already Terrifying Fox News Staffers—and Her Show Hasn’t Even Aired Yet Sources say that Fox News staffers are dreading working for what one person called a ‘known tyrant.’ swww.thedailybeast.com (10/23/17)

How does Comcast get away with not carrying either Delmarva local Latino channels, WMDT’s Azteca channel WGDV 32 or now WBOC’s Telemundo channel 42? And how does it not look patently racist? Btw, since Comcast/NBC owns Telemundo, so isn’t that also a conflict of interest in showing the DC-owned Telemundo instead and its commercials instead of anything local? Sinclair is getting a lot of scrutiny right now, but look at the BIG KAHUNA we’re already stuck with that controls practically everything? Also, why didn’t NBC/Comcast offer Telemundo to WRDE NBC Coast TV? Are they going to yank that NBC affiliation next too? If WRC NBC 4 or WCAU NBC 10 had much traction or viewership on the Eastern Shore instead of mostly WBAL TV, you can bet they would yank the NBC affiliation with WRDE in a heartbeat. But showing neither local Latino station in favor of DC TV stations and their commercials is an affront to the Latino community and Delmarva. (10/23/17)

Re: "Franconia Police District – Former Major League Baseball player, manager and TV analyst Charles Ray Knight has been charged with assault and battery after an incident in his home in the Alexandria area of Fairfax County. Our officers ... " ... Why does the Fairfax Co. Police find it necessary to identify someone by their background, job, past life, etc.? Does it really matter he played professional baseball or is a current broadcaster? If Dave is arrested, will they tell everyone through a press release and Tweet that he is currently the editor of DCRTV and his hobbies include banjos, pinochle and AM radio?? Why is this arrest any different than any other? (10/23/17)

Good to hear Ray hasn’t lost the true spirit of the game!!! (10/23/17)

First: 4 or 5 million for some dirt that WNAV (radio park) sits on has no bearing on whether or not WNAV can be a profitable enterprise moving forward if it were put on a better stick. I’m willing to bet, with a cash infusion- upgraded operating equipment and that better stick, WNAV (which are just about the best calls in any market) can turn a nickel or two. As for being an idiot, that may be true- but at least I sign my name at the bottom tough guy! Finn (10/23/17)

Franconia Police District – Former Major League Baseball player, manager and TV analyst Charles Ray Knight has been charged with assault and battery after an incident in his home in the Alexandria area of Fairfax County. Our officers responded to a fight call in the 7500 block of Ashby Lane around 4 a.m. Sunday, after an argument between Knight and an acquaintance, a 33-year-old man, became physical. Both men had visible injuries. The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Knight was also treated at a hospital and then taken to the Adult Detention Center. He has since been released and his scheduled court date is January 8, 2018. Knight played for a number of Major League teams including the Cincinnati Reds and New York Mets and is currently a broadcaster for “Nats Xtra” on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MSAN). More & mugshot: fcpdnews.wordpress.com (10/23/17)

When will WJZ get a new 21st century news set? (10/23/17)

Dave: There are some really un-informed and bitter people out there who have no clue about sports or even radio! I read someone taking a shot at WTOP and that's crazy. They probably have the best people in the market who I imagine are well respected within the area teams. George, John, Dave, Steve, JBrooks I've all heard and area quite entertaining. Also, I think it's refreshing to have feedback from their news anchors about various sports headlines because it gives yet another perspective to the reporting. Gee, I really want to hear what Bram's producer or Solomon thinks about a meaningless topic that 980 always has on their airwaves! (10/23/17)

Probably Mike Jone's replacement covering the Skins at WaPo: Kimberley A. Martin? "@KMart_BN... Sunday is my last day as a sports columnist at @TheBuffaloNews. Starting Nov. 13, I’ll be covering the @Redskins for the @washingtonpost" (10/23/17)

The internet feed of 810/1460 has been espanol for over a year now. OTA format can vary on either frequency, when they are on. WAMD runs different liners than the other KHZ stations at certain times specific to Harford County. With the death of Bill Parris, kind of surprised that any of the stations or the network itself is still on. MLB4 (10/23/17)

Who can turn the world on with her smile? Damn straight it ain't THIS lady! www.thedailybeast.com (10/23/17)

Re; Comments about WNAV's profitability... Of course their bottom line takes a hit everytime their radio van is stolen. See this: WNAV van stolen in Annapolis www.capitalgazette.com (10/23/17)

Shades of DCRTV going to white lettering on black background: for some inexplicable or announced reason, The Washington Post online has gone from black lettering in headers to light blue, with the content remaining in black (even “Democracy Dies in Darkness” is now in blue). Go figure: www.washingtonpost.com (10/23/17)

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\/ October 22 Messages \/

Week #7 NFL TV maps has the Ravens@Vikings fully regionally covered from Pittsburgh to the beaches and Norfolk to Scranton PA and the #3 CBS crew for the CBS early game. For the CBS late game, most of the east coast gets Bengals@Steelers. For the FOX single game, most of the region gets Cowboys@49ers late except for southern PA, which gets the #1 Fox game early, Saints@Packers. The Washington Redskins are on Monday Night Football national. -- BaltoMedia.net (10/22/17)

This was announced at the beginning of October, somewhat prematurely due to the untimely death of WBOC TV's founder & owner Tom Draper, but the launch of Telemundo Delmarva TV Channel 42 has happened with a recent FCC filing, 42.1 via antenna. The interesting thing about this deal is that WRDE NBC Coast TV, the NBC affiliate on Delmarva, did not either seek or get the Telemundo rights even though NBC's parent company, Comcast, owns Telemundo. The signal on channel 42 is currently located near Rehoboth Beach, DE but licensed to Georgetown, DE. The current signal is not an easy catch in Salisbury or Ocean City. I suspect WBOC eventually wants to move this to the WBOC tower near Laurel, DE but because of the FCC repack of TV stations, I think it was imperative to get this TV station on the air ASAP. (10/22/17)

This is why you need local radio rather than the major stations just relaying network broadcasts. When an emergency comes up, it can quite literally be a lifesaver. I remember some years ago when a hurricane came through Baltimore and knocked out the power, I was forced to listen to WTOP in Washington for information because the local stations up here either had ESPN radio on or they were running canned political talk shows... www.radiosurvivor.com (10/22/17)

Putting WNAV on 103.1 would mean Baltimore/Washington would have only one good radio station left, WTMD. If anything, WRNR (FM) should be on 107.9! (10/22/17)

More details... WKHZ is carrying 24x7 "La Voz del Cordero" at www.vozdelcordero.org... So, will WYRE be next?. Annapolis is around 20% Hispanic currently so they would have a readymade audience... TW in Odenton (10/22/17)

I am listening to WKHZ 1460 Easton via their Internet stream ( khztv.com/wkhz ) this Sunday afternoon. It's broadcasting brokered Spanish religious programming "Uniendo Familias" from Silver Spring. WAMD is carrying KHZ Networks typical teenie-bopper music while WYRE 810 is silent (again). Argh! TW in Odenton (10/22/17)

Believe it or not WJAL was broadcasting in glorious 480i SD even before the channel sharing agreement. I am not sure why Justice Network went away and then came back (10/22/17)

“Put WNAV on 103.1”. Finn - you’re an idiot. WNAV makes no money, WRNR grosses about 1/2 million a year. Why fuck with that with a station that has been in the red since 2007? (10/22/17)

The small building appearing in the photo of TV Hill was indeed used for the transmitters of WMAR-TV, the second version of WMAR-FM 106.5 and its successors, and the pre-transition digital station WMAR-DT, RF channel 52. WMAR-DT appeared as virtual channel 2.1 on converter boxes and digital tuners until transition day in 2009. On that day, WMAR-TV moved to channel 38 from NTSC channel 2. WJZ-DT had used 38 as its pre-transition digital channel until then, and as I understand it, the channel 38 transmitter remained in the WJZ building (and may still be there, used by WMAR-TV). At some point after the taller tower used by WBFF-45 was built, the FM station moved to the higher tower and put a transmitter or two at its base, leaving behind the small building connected to the candelabra tower. In more recent years, under CBS ownership, 106.5 moved back to the candelabra as part of a deal with CBS station WJFK-106.7 that allegedly reduced 106.5 interference with 106.7 in Maryland and DC. It is not known if the new 106.5 transmits from the WMAR building or from WJZ, Remember also that under the TV repack WMAR will change RF channels...will it use the old channel 2 building or share floor space inside WJZ? (10/22/17)

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\/ October 21 Messages \/

Someone wrote “...WRC continued on the airwaves at 980KHz for many years after NBC corporate sold its onetime flagship station...” Um, no. The calls were changed to WWRC soon after the purchase by Greater Media. (10/21/17)

The only FCC requirements that I can see for TV channel sharing involve any change in the city of license and notification or severe change in coverage contour. For instance in WJAL 68’s case, they could not have moved to WUSA 9 without approval to abandon Hagerstown for Silver Spring, MD. While technically in the same DMA, the signal difference is a complete change of contour. In situations like WDCW CW 50, there is sufficient signal overlap to only require notification. As far as Must Carry situations, LPTV stations are still LPTVs and do not have to be carried on cable regardless of being on a Must Carry channel as far as I can tell. None of this should effect WDCW or WFDC. They would both be Must Carry, but if they want money, they’ll have to negotiate separately. The odd thing about the repack though is that while sub-channels are not Must Carry, full power station licenses still have that perk while sharing. If WFDC is negotiating for WDCW on behalf of Tribune, that might explain the cost demands, but it seems to me that Tribune would do that themselves. Sinclair, at this point, doesn’t really have any legal right to get involved. I don’t see this bothering Sinclair. I see no reason for them to want WB 50 on WJLA’s channel anyway. Making a deal with WFDC in effect gives them a partial duopoly in the DC market. If Sinclair takes control of WFDC, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Sinclair sub-channel on the station too. I assume somebody in DC would want Antenna TV. As for WUSA 9 adding back Justice, that’s because WJAL 68 is no longer in HD. I’m pretty sure they were before on the main channel. (10/21/17)

If the sale of WNAV (1430am) can proceed, Sajak and Hopp should take the cash from the sale of that dirt and make Kingston an offer he can’t refuse. Put WNAV on 103.1 Finn (10/21/17)

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Its funny in a pathetic kind of way whenever WTOP tries to do sports. Whether it be that cringe-worthy Redskins roundtable thing or their awkward patter today about the Nationals or anything else sports-related, they're consistently out of their depth. They should stick to time and temperature. That's all they're good at. (10/20/17)

I am not sure that stations ina channel sharing arrangement need to file construction permits of any kind. What exactly are they constructing? The same transmitter simply has the new station as a subchannel with PSIP Data that identifies it as xx.1 instead of the next number in sequence off the station that owns the transmitter. (10/20/17)

"I believe the FCC has begun allowing multiple owners to use variations of official call letter assignments. Didn't we have a WRNR-AM in a West Virginia town and WRNR(FM) in our area?" Yes, it didn't use to be the rule, but since 1987 you can re-use any base callsign with permission from the existing callsign holder, assuming your proper suffix is available. So when WRNR-FM signed on in the 90s, all it had to do was ask the existing WRNR(AM) in Martinsburg. (There is no such thing as an -AM suffix, BTW, a common misconception.) Not everyone lets this happen, though - when WTJU at the University of Virginia got an LPFM signal for their student radio station "WTJX", their request to use WTJX-LP was denied by the existing WTJX-TV in Charlotte Amalie, USVI. They had to undergo a complete ID change and are now WXTJ-LP.....Dave said: "Huh? Sinclair is buying Tribune so wouldn't you think [WDCW] would share spectrum with WJLA?" Well, yeah, but WDCW and WFDC need to file construction permits in the next month, and who knows how long the Sinclair/Tribune merger will take to get approval and close. Even then, Sinclair owns all three of the 7.x subchannels and might not want to give them up... (10/20/17)

Regarding WFDC and WDCW channel sharing. WDCW will not lose its must carry once it vacates its RF channel. Sharee stations retain their own FCC licenses, rights, and obligations, including must carry rights. There is a misconception out there that sharee stations become subchannels on somebody else's station which is not true. The sharer station is reallocating bandwidth on its transport stream for a tenant, but channel sharing means there are two licensed stations sharing the same transport stream. It's not the same as an FM station putting a reading service on an HD2. More like two licensed stations diplexing into the same antenna. (10/20/17)

[Dave's response: Huh? Sinclair is buying Tribune so wouldn't you think WFDC would share spectrum with WJLA?] Dave there you go applying logic to the whole repack thing. That would have made sense but it is not what happened. WDCW filed a channel sharing agreemtn with WFDC not WJLA... You can check the FCC LMS filings. (10/20/17)

Dave- Over at WMAL someone was asleep at the switch; Sunday night at 11:00 they were running an ad for the conservative gab fest featuring their hosts held earlier that evening over at The Birchmere. Shame, they could have put those 30 seconds to better use- such as running those scam ads i.e. gold investments or settling with the IRS taxes due for pennies on the dollar. (10/20/17)

I have a question maybe somebody can answer. In this photo, there are 3 connections to the TV Hill candelabra tower. I never noticed this before as you cannot see it from the street. Two connections to the tower are WJZ & WBAL, but the third connection is to a small building on Parkdale Ave. (on the left in this pic). Is that owned by WMAR 2 or related to radio operations on the tower? (10/20/17)

The Justice Channel has resurfaced this morning, now on 9.2. (10/20/17)

Really? Do the assigned call letters still have any significant value to an AM station? Uh, contrary to the previous poster's impression, that has not been the case for a while. Even if Hearst sold the station on 1090KHz, it would be easy to create a purchase agreement that gives the new owners permission to use "WBAL" as a marketing and promotion identity. The official, assigned call letters are uttered only at the top of the hour for regulatory compliance, and they could be anything and not undercut the brand whatsoever. WRC continued on the airwaves at 980KHz for many years after NBC corporate sold its onetime flagship station. The prime, three-letter call remains with the NBC-owned television outlet. For a while, the other owners of the AM radio station went to great lengths to minimize any distinction, even convincing the Washington Post's Radio-TV columnist that "WRC" was still the official call sign. The paper at the time had an editiorial policy in story coverage to refer to call letters, not marketing logos like "Q107" or whatever. Even when confronted with the assigned call letters, which were initially "WWRC," the paper insisted there had been no change, and they refused to use the replacement call letters. In the time since then, I believe the FCC has begun allowing multiple owners to use variations of official call letter assignments. Didn't we have a WRNR-AM in a West Virginia town and WRNR(FM) in our area? (10/20/17)

An interesting question about channel sharing is posed by this WFDC/Verizon dispute. WDCW has not given up its license but will be channel sharing with WFDC starting next year. Who gets to negotiate for the rights to WDCW---WDCW who owns the license or WFDC that owns the transmitter? I do not have an answer.I was hoping someone else might. (10/20/17)

Dave's response: Huh? Sinclair is buying Tribune so wouldn't you think WFDC would share spectrum with WJLA?

Just can't listen to WMZQ in the morning anymore. Somebody please tell Bobby Bones enough is enough with the Vegas shootings. You'd almost think he was happy that it happened. Talk about taking advantage of a situation just to better one self. Disgusting. (10/20/17)

Former WRC sports babe, all around All American Girl and Uber Hot Lindsay Czarniak is leaving ESPN. While her contract had ended last summer, she was offered a re-up which she has since declined so she can spend more time with her two kids, her husband and Bible study (told you she was an All American Girl). Her husband, Craig Melvin, another former WRC alum, remains “in the business” at NBC/MSNBC. The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg explains: www.washingtonpost.com (10/20/17)

"Just noticed. WETA has been running their pledge drive..." WETA is never NOT running a pledge drive. Cut back on the opiates and the opioids. Stop supporting MS-13. Gus in the Gaithersburg. (10/20/17)

I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned, yet, but flipping through channels on FiOS, Univision/UniMas is off the air. Verizon claims that Univision wants to be paid more than double what they've been paid in the past, and Verizon doesn't want to force customers to pay more for content. Well, no wonder WFDC wants double: WDCW 50 is going to be a WFDC subchannel, and if I'm not mistaken, even channel-shared feeds need to get retransmission consent from their parent channel, and WDCW's current retransmission deal will be voided when the Channel 50 transmitter is shut off for good in February. So WFDC probably wants to get the WDCW retransmission deal out of the way, and Verizon likely hopes the general public is unaware enough of the TV business to think a doubling of retransmission fees, in this case, is extreme. Sorry, Verizon; you've got to pay up this time. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (10/20/17)

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\/ October 19 Messages \/

CBS owned WJZ 13 ends Eyewitness News title and imaging after decades! No notice on the website, but the commercials are all different as well as the news promos. No mention of Eyewitness News. Only the website has yet to be updated. It's the end of an era. Must be a corporate move from CBS. Will the intro song be next? CBS has its own package for all of that too. Anyway, you will not see this again apparently. -- BaltoMedia.net (10/19/17)

Re: Aaron and Eun going to NBC4's 6pm newscast, hmmmm, don't know about that. Yeah, Vance and Doreen were the gold standard for the 6pm newscasts. But, do the powers that be really believe that Aaron and Eun can step into those bigs shoes? And if so, who gets the "honor" of starting at 4am? (10/19/17)

Just noticed. WETA has been running their pledge drive for nearly three weeks. I suspect that this is a record for public radio pledge drives. To be frank I'm not too enthused over pledge drives which have the negative effect of turning music stations into "talk radio". I just think that WETA has gone a bit overboard here. Three day pledge drives ought to be sufficient. (10/19/17)

The FCC has put a 15 day pause on its review of the Sinclair/Tribune merger that would create one of the largest media companies in the U.S. The FCC is already 104 days into its 180 day review. The 2 weeks is to allow opponents more time to submit objections to the merger which was widely favored to be approved. There has been a surprising amount of opposition from a wide variety of groups, mostly within the media industry among competitors, but also from both liberal and conservative groups as well as consumer advocates. variety.com -- BaltoMedia.net (10/19/17)

The original WBAL tower when they were on 1060 AM on Milford Mill Road is on DCRTV Dave’s Facebook page if anyone wants to look. I shared many old pics there. According to radio history, the station was originally licensed to Glen Morris, MD, a town which from what I can tell, no longer exists, but that is apparently what the Milford Mill area was once called. In the 1920s, Milford Mill Road would have been open country, no houses, maybe a scattered farm or so. When the current site was built on Winands Rd. I’m sure it was also open country, no houses. WBAL radio will be 92 years old this Dec. 1. (10/19/17)

I happened to stumble across ESPN 980 this morning while in my car...and was bored to death listening to Chris Cooley and Kevin Sheehan. It's no wonder that station has very little audience and 106.7 wipes them off the map. For the life of me I just don't get the ex football player at all....and the other guy is just downright...ummm....ummm...to borrow his favorite expression, unlistenable. Where is Andy Polin when we need him or Kornheiser, or anybody for that matter. (10/19/17)

To the poster who asked how the Hope Church could have gotten an FM translator in Baltimore without an AM station: An FM translator does not necessarily have to “translate” an AM station; it has to translate another station somewhere. Many translators lease an HD-2 or HD-3 signal from an FM station, broadcast on that HD signal, and then use a translator to simulcast that signal. Also, thanks to the person who identified the original WBAL-AM tower site location and posted the picture of the property today. Dave, you said you were going to post the picture of the original tower on DCRTV Plus so I’m hoping you do that. Roddy Freeman (10/19/17)

Outside of the U.S., phone numbers of other than seven digits are not uncommon, whether used with a city code or not. When I lived in the BRD, Deutsche Telekom assigned an eight digit phone number to my residence, with the first four digits being my city code. So, a phone number future where a phone number includes a four digit area code in the U.S. isn’t unthinkable. Just remember that there are numerous areas in the U.S. where seven-digit dialing (within an area code) is still used, unlike the ten-digit dialing that seems to be so much the norm. But, why do we still call it “dialing” when most of us haven’t used a “dial” in decades? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/19/17)

NBC 4 aaron and Eun... Moving to 6p? Watch what’s happening, they’ve been testing both (individually) in that time slot for over the past month. NBC 4 also looking to finally update studio in next year or so. (10/19/17)

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Let's start with some telephone History: There were 800 numbers, then they added 888, then 877, 866, 855, and 844. Just last week I heard an 833 number on the radio (there is the Radio/TV connection). They seem to be almost out of toll-free numbers; otherwise why would they be at 833 already? Is a four-digit area-code in our future? That's more likely. I could see them tacking on a 7 (or a 3, or anything but 0) to the end (or beginning) of all our area codes to make them 4 digits, (but still like 3 digits + that uniform digit), then start branching out from there years later. That's how they got Paris to have more phone numbers; everyone's local 7-digit number in the (01) area code got a 4 at the beginning. Then after a couple of years they released more and more 8-digit local phone numbers beginning with other than 4. The UK just changes everything every 10 years and makes people crazy. The area codes in London have changed 4 or 5 times. And in Germany some local phone numbers are 8 digits, and in some towns some numbers (but not all) can be 4 digits. And the area codes can be 2, 3, 4 or 5 digits long. I assume that here we will go to some kind of constant number of digits. I'm guessing 4-digit area codes and 7-digit local numbers for the whole country (because that's how we do things) and if it happens in the next 5-8 years, you read it here first! -- Carl in Olney (10/18/17)

Can you explain How the Hope Church in Marlton, NJ can get a FM Translator in Baltimore for WBAL a 50,000 Watt AM Station? Hope Church owns other FM Translators in Baltimore but they do NOT own any AM Stations in the Market. What is the trick to getting around the FCC Rules? Yes, they are a Non-Profit Corporation. It is very easy to set up a "Non-Profit" Corporation. (10/18/17)

With Regard to the posting, (Roddy Freeman (10/10/17)), the WBAL-AM site was at what is now the 800 block of Milford Mill Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208. The attached Google Maps photo attached reveals it is in use as a residence. It's appearance has changed many times through the years... (10/18/17)

One of the first things I learned in All - News radio was that "accuracy = credibility". In that regard, perhaps WTOP needs could use a multilingually talented proofreader for their website. The restaurant guide is from Michelin, not Micheline! The error has been online for seven hours at this writing. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/18/17)

I was on vacay in the Denver area during late August and noticed that it seems to be the mecca of AM HD for the whole country. I counted a total of 8 stations like that—at 560, 670, 810, 910, and 1220 kHz in the immediate Denver vicinity, and 740, 1300, and 1490 kHz in the Colo Springs area. That’s an awful lot of #@%!ing hash. Had absolutely no problem receiving KLZ—and its HD—making DXing at 550 and 570 kHz impossible until you drive west on I-70 to about Vail and only then does KREI in Craig take control at 550 kHz. The real bummer is that 670’s blowtorch wipes out everything on either side of it, even preventing you from getting KNBR in Frisco at nite. Jeff (10/18/17)

Hearst has not had any interest in radio for decades now and long since got out of radio. The initial reason to keep WBAL radio was it being a market leader in the market, but not on TV. Now it is the reverse and they cannot get the money they want for WBAL radio. The other problem is, while selling WIYY 98 Rock would be easy, selling WBAL 1090 sort of requires a call letter change which would really devalue the radio station. Witness Jordon Wertlieb, WBAL TV President signed the WBAL radio purchase of FM 101.5, nobody else at Hearst. I can’t believe it has anything to do with some abnormal fixation with Baltimore. I mean, look at history. Hearst’s Baltimore News American, one of the oldest newspapers in the US, was unceremoniously ditched by Hearst without even a thought of the newspaper's historical significance, not only for Baltimore, but the country. There are few newspaper archives that go back to the times just after the Revolutionary War. (10/18/17)

I know this has been discussed before, but I’ve never seen an answer yet. How the hell does The Hope Christian Church of Marlton, NJ remain a non-profit Church despite making a FORTUNE off the dozens of FM stations they own. There’s no way on earth they could give any financial reason for them not making tons of money or making a profit. How is it that the IRS does not question this? It is not my belief that the IRS should go after people for political or religious reason, but there’s clear evidence here that they are NOT a NON-PROFIT! How it that no red flags went off? (10/18/17)

Yet another shining moment for news radio WBAL 1090. It's 11:55 and they claim that the shooter in the Harford County incident has a criminal record but they no nothing about it. NEWSFLASH GENIUSES. Google Maryland Judicial Case Search, type in the suspects name at the site, and you'll find it. Clueless idiots !!! (10/18/17)

WBAL has several options on 101.5 FM. They could easily file another application to use one of their own towers on Winands or they could use TV Hill. The major signal limitation on 101.5 FM is due north in PA, so the signal will be poorest in that direction, just north of Towson. Signal to the west does not appear to be a limitation. There’s a slight null towards WBQB in Fredericksburg too, but that’s pretty far away. You won’t be getting WBAL 101.5 around DC. (10/18/17)

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\/ October 17 Messages \/

This will be the exception to my rarely commenting about media in Baltimore. Had Hearst been serious about “Channel 1090” (as it’s been listed on the corporate website), they would’ve bought 102.7 to be “WBAL-FM” when CBS was unloading it a few years ago. What amazes me is that the company still has both WBAL-AM and WIYY when all the other radio stations were sold ages ago. In a business bereft of sentimentality, I can’t imagine them hanging onto those stations for that reason. Unless it’s “a Baltimore thing” that outsiders will never understand. Were they simply asking too much money when the great sell-a-thon of the 1990’s was going on? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/17/17)

The Three Sisters towers are still standing at Greenbury Point, but good luck on Pat Sajak getting approval to put AM ground wires in the earth next to the Chesapeake Bay. Like there’s a chance in hell that’ll happen. I’ll bet money Sajak switches WNAV to a Class D station allowing them to just use 1 tower anywhere with or without ground wires. There is the odd chance that ground wires already exist on the property though. There were once 19 towers there at one point for all kinds of transmissions. (10/17/17)

I agree with most of what Mike in Fairfax wrote about local radio coverage of the Nats during the playoffs. I only get to listen to Grant and Danny occasionally, but the two of them, along with Al Galdi on 980 and Loverro on 106.7 on Sat mornings, are the most passionate and knowledgeable voices regularly on baseball on DC radio. I'd add Phil Wood to the mix, but his post game shows are pretty brief. As Mike said, I think Galdi is an O's fan -- and is Paulsen, I'm pretty sure. But they do a great job covering the Nats as well as the rest of MLB. I'm also glad that 106.7 devoted time for post game shows hosted by Chris Russell and Craig Heist. No matter the outcome, playoff baseball is tense and it's good to have some analysis and discussion after the games to wind down. (10/17/17)

The actual cost of $650,000 is a below market price in large rated markets. The rate for a translator sale in Phoenix and one in Las Vegas was approximately $1.25 per population (person) within the 60 dBU contour. It looks to me like the cost here is substantially below that benchmar (10/17/17)

This is to Jeff, I live in Denver, Colorado and I wish you luck in getting KLZ-AM 560 back in the Washington, DC area. Back in the day KLZ was a big station here. Powerful signal, good ratings, state of the art equipment, great staff, they even owned Denver's channel 7 for years. Today's KLZ is shell if you want to call it that as 560 AM was so neglected it's very poor ( programming sucks BTW ) and it's one reason why KLZ has so many FM translators some of which a few of them only reach a few blocks. Today KLZ-AM is hard to pick up even in Denver so I can imagine the signal from the air is even tougher to get in DC. (10/17/17)

Something in the local OTA TV scene that bears watching: WAZT, channel 10.1/RF 45 from The Plains, changed callsigns to WDCO last week. Its repeater WAZW, which broadcasts from Signal Knob near Strasburg, became WAZT at the same time. With the AZT network's two other repeaters (WAZF and WAZH) having gone dark or about to do so, it seems they might have designs on confining the God-cast programming to the new WAZT, and pairing WDCO and co-owned WIAV to cover the DC market with something less useless plus UniMas through WMDO's channel share. If WDCO sounds familiar, until April of this year it was the callsign of the channel 6 "Franken-FM" in Ocean City that simulcasts WDCN -- the two aren't related, as far as I can tell. (10/17/17)

Re: WBAL proposed FM signal. West of Randallstown after sunset BAL’s AM signal goes to hell. Low power FM no use for west suburbs (ie, Carroll, Western Howard & Fredrick counties. (10/17/17)

Well, that's about the only nice thing I've every heard anyone say about 106.7FM's midday show ("....the show hosted by Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier (on 106.7 The Fan) clearly did the best job not just during the playoffs but throughout the regular season as well. They're the only two hosts on either station who came across as passionate fans of the team..."). How supposedly being "passionate fans of the team" somehow makes listening to that monstrosity any easier is unclear, especially in a Mailbag replete with complaints that the Nats' radio crew need to stop being "homers." Dant and Granny suck because they do shitty, boring radio. One's a failed standup comic that hasn't made anyone laugh in this lifetime, and the other one is....what? Just some jerk with a bad voice who does 30minutes of dull monologue every hour. Unlistenable. (10/17/17)

I'll predict the FM relay for WBAL won't do much to improve its ratings. The station simply has no compelling programs and it is now uniquely positioned as the poster child for abysmal mediocrity. How many more times do we have to hear days-old television news stories, television news interviews, television news simulcasts, alternating anchors reading rip and read stories, endless discussions about what's trending on social media, giggly nonsensical banter from the female morning newscaster, over-the-top shouting from Screamin Scotty, and now a new female voice on Saturday who sounds worse than a 9th grader doing the morning announcements over the school intercom. And don't forget the ridiculous "Three things you need to know" and " When the weekend comes, President Trump often tweets" promos. The pros who remain there like John Patti, Bill Vanko and Jim Russ must just be counting the days until some buyout offer comes along. (10/17/17)

Dave: Just got back into town and was able to listen a bit to Nats coverage on the various stations and agree that The Fan was ok for their usual playoff coverage. Snyder just needs to sell 980 soon because it's such an uncomfortable listen, it's not funny. Having Doc read an update is sooo painful and obviously, their three-time PD is not doing his job letting an amateur hour sound go over the airwaves. That guy Ralph who does the Redskins spots and voiceovers needs some courses on how to talk instead of blowing air at the end of each line..pretty annoying. (10/17/17)

WOW! $650,000 for a directional 250 watt translator CP in Baltimore. Hearst must want it real bad for WBAL. The current CP was granted to rebroadcast WWIN, but a form 350 (license to cover) has not been filed by Hope Church. Was it even ever built? It was to use a 6 bay directional at 420 feet on a tower located at Boarman Ave and Park Heights Ave. (10/17/17)

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\/ October 16 Messages \/

With the Nationals' season sadly over before the NLCS, a few comments on the local sports radio coverage - the show hosted by Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier (on 106.7 The Fan) clearly did the best job not just during the playoffs but throughout the regular season as well. They're the only two hosts on either station who came across as passionate fans of the team and reflected the highs and lows of the just completed series against the Chicago Cubs - the Sheehans, Cooleys and Czabans tried to make a pretence of caring a whole lot but it wasn't very convincing. Speaking of ESPN 980's Steve Czaban, I know he has a shtick that often crosses the line of good taste but remarks like 'I hope Pete Kozma gets gonorrhea' (referring to a St. Louis Cardinals player who hurt the Nats in the playoffs five years ago) are totally uncalled for and out of bounds - the guy was just doing his job, for crying out loud. The second best Nats coverage was provided by Al Galdi (on 980) who's by his own admission an Orioles fan but thoroughly dissected each playoff game with special emphasis on strategy and analytics. Honorable mention goes to 106.7's Pollin & Loverro show with its hardhitting commentary - unfortunately it only airs once a week (on Saturday mornings) although Thom Loverro has a regular appearance on Chad Dukes' afternoon drive program. While bringing on Nats reporters like Mark Zuckerman, Chelsea Janes and Barry Svrluga repeatedly is all well and good, there was an oversight on the part of DC sports radio in not paying enough attention to the Chicago side of the story - the listeners already knew the Nats fairly well but may have stood to learn more about the opposition. Mike, Fairfax (10/16/17)

I have to admit I’m rather confused at what’s happening on Delmarva. 101.1 FM will apparently be an available FM frequency soon I imagine. Jack FM is moving to WAMS 94.9. WSUX is moving to 94.5 and the Chincoteague market. WCTG 96.5 just filed to leave the Chincoteague market to go to the Salisbury market, something they’ve tried several times previously. (10/16/17)

Whoever told the guy who logged Denver’s KOA-AM from Hagerstown “it’s impossible to pick up anywhere in the eastern time zone” must have been thinking strictly in terms of KOA’s “coverage area.” It does extend as far as Chicago and Memphis, but that typically means that’s the region where the station is strong enough to be “listenable.” It sure doesn’t mean the signal suddenly drops off the edge of the earth from there never to be heard from again. I’ve been able to get KOA from here in the DC area many times, usually late at night and often just before dawn EST. But it comes in fair to poor at best; that’s why we’re not considered part of their “coverage area.” Before the 1980s I used to get KSL some nights even though it was quite weak, because back then there were no other US stations on 1160 kHz to interfere with it. Never logged KLZ from here though—guess I can try by listening for any digital hash on 550 and 570 (KLZ is HD, you know). Jeff (10/16/17)

Regarding the post regarding Chris Miles broadcasting Saturday night from the NBC4 studio; my guess is because the NBC Sports Washington studio in Bethesda was used for the Caps coverage; pregame, intermission, post game. Look for Mr. Miles to show up Saturday nights during any Caps or Wizards game on the schedule. (10/16/17)

I appreciate the Mailbag item about yet another new City Paper owner. That reminded me to give another breaking-news update about City Paper distribution here in the Ballston area. Last week's edition was, as of Friday p.m., still not delivered to any of the two CP boxes near my office. Then, at the Fairfax Fall Festival Saturday, I stopped into the new, larger Mobius Records and noted that it's a City Paper carrier - but the store only had last week's edition and several much older copies of the paper. (10/16/17)

On Nextdoor Fairfax, someone looking for ways to get rid of her minivan received this reply: "I always hear the ad for Kars4Kids on the radio in the early a.m. on 105.9. I will listen for the number next time and let you know." You ALWAYS hear the ad but DON'T KNOW the number? Sing it with me, wont' you? "1-877-Kars4Kids..." (10/16/17)

I am not a big fan of Al Michaels but when he said “The Giants are coming off a worst week then Harvey Weinstein”, I spit my beer out!!!!!!!!!!! OOBBEE (10/16/17)

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Dave, with all due respect, I can think of several reasons for WAMU-FM to sell WVAU-FM. The most glaring to me is that it was likely an under-performing asset (at best) or even a non-performing asset. There’s also a synergistic aspect to consider. The OC market likely has more in common with WAMU-FM’s target demographic than Fredericksburg. Your quaintly idealistic view of a radio station as providing a “service” to an “audience” (bringing to mind dusty memories of top of the hour ID’s, transmitter meter readings, and local studio operations) ignores the fact that WVAU-FM is a part of a business. Perhaps a not-for-profit business. But, a business nonetheless. I’m sure the “suits” at WAMU-FM look at all aspects of the business. In the case of WVAU-FM, it’s not a matter of “how many listeners are served”, but how much of the WAMU-FM revenue is related to the client base (if any) of WVAU-FM? Does it show up in the Fredericksburg ratings? In other words, how does WVAU-FM serve the existing client base of WAMU-FM? Having served on the boards of various charities over the years as a part of my public service commitment as a broadcast professional, I can tell you that there is often more “heart” in a “for profit” enterprise than a “not for-profit”. A “not-for-profit” broadcaster has a special burden in that there is a component of where revenue can be derived from the audience. Not likely a significant amount, though. Regarding “K-LOVE”, as a Born-Again Christian, I find their programming mindful of a TV movie ages ago that more than a few ABC-TV affiliates (WJLA-TV, among them) refused to clear, “Pray TV”. If you have a chance to see it, I recommend it. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/15/17)

WAMU alum Diane Rehm job is now as a new wife (at age 81) to former minister John Hagedorn (age 78) after the two married at Washington’s National Cathedral Saturday. Reported gifts for the honeymoon in the Baltics (who the hell honeymoons in the Baltics?) included Viagra, KY jelly and Fixodent (hope they don’t get them mixed up). The couple will split their time between Florida and DC. The Washington Post’s Roxanne Roberts explains why we should care: www.washingtonpost.com (10/15/17)

NBC4 has finally brought sports anchor Chris Miles into the station to broadcast at the anchor desk. Never understood why his reports were always remotely broadcast. (10/15/17)

Why not move the 1430 AM transmitter to Greenbury Point? I hear the "three sisters" antennas out there are still viable. A matter of fact the northwest one (closest to Annapolis) will be the eventual home of 57-watt LPFM WYZT-LP "The Crab" on 104.7FM .... Just add groundplane and phaser ...Ha! TW in Odenton (10/15/17)

What exactly would the PD for WQLL do? Are they not programmed by Cumulus about 80 percent of the time? Also, on Delmarva, with 101.1’s programming moving to 94.9… what becomes of 101.1? I understand that 101.1 has the CP to move to 94.5. But, before the move of 101.1 to 94.5 … the Jack programming lands on 94.9 which from what I read is completely unrelated to the CP to 94.5. Does Rothschild still on 1320 WICO? …. MLB4 (10/15/17)

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It was quietly rumored months ago, and sort of hinted when Comcast cancelled the Baltimore Ravens TV contract, but I didn't see much coverage of the actual change since it was enacted softly, but Comcast this week made if official now. Comcast SportsNet is now officially listed in the program guides on many cable systems as NBCSW and NBCSW+, so no more CSN & CSN+ and no more Baltimore Ravens or Orioles programming, virtually nothing Baltimore related. Sadly, there is no way to stop paying for these channels. -- BaltoMedia.net (10/14/17)

It looks like Seaford Media LLC has sold all of their radio properties on the Delmarva Eastern Shore. That includes WSUX AM 1280 and its translator FM 93.9 as well as WSUX FM 101.1, with a CP to move south to the Chincoteague area on 94.5FM. All transactions include transmitters, tower leases, but no towers or land. . They (well, Vince Klepac) previously sold AM 1590 in Ocean City and its translators on 104.3 & 105.1. See the transactions here: fcc.gov and here: fcc.gov... (10/14/17)

Neither Cumulus or iHeart have been able to work out a deal with their lenders. Cumulus is now at 32 cents per share and iHeart at $1.36 per share. They are both close to bankruptcy. When they go into bankruptcy, this will effect the entire radio industry. What will it do to the value of radio stations? (10/14/17)

EDITORIAL: The Harvey Weinstein story points out a glaring reason why the Comcast/NBC/Universal merger should never have been allowed by the FCC or the Justice Department. A major news story was quashed for political purposes glaringly. One company owned the cable lines, multiple national news networks, a film company, as well as ownership of local TV licenses like WRC NBC 4 in DC and in most major markets in America, today's equivalent of The Bell System. They turned down their own reporter's story! You can say the same thing about FOX News and Roger Ailes too, but they don't control the TV channel lineup in much of America. This makes the Sinclair hubbub about too many local TV stations minor by comparison. Sinclair doesn't have any film/Hollywood interests, no news networks, owns no TV network. -- BaltoMedia.net (10/14/17)

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City Paper employees were told today that Southcomm, their parent company, was putting the City Paper up for sale. They said that they did not at this time have a buyer. Meanwhile across town at The Current longtime editor Chris Kane gave his notice. Brady Holt is now the Managing Editor. Longtime employees who have recently left have not been paid. (10/13/17)

Interesting stuff about those blowtorches. About 15 years ago I was living in Hagerstown and one early morning I picked up in Hagerstown KSL from Salt;Lake City and Denver's KOA and KLZ. KSL and KOA were almost like local but KLZ was a bit tougher. Anyway I wrote to all three to say I picked them up in Maryland. KSL was nice about it and even sent me a bumper sticker but KOA and KLZ....My oh my !! KOA said in their letter that their signal ENDS in Chicago & Memphis and it would be impossible to pick them up anywhere in the eastern time zone. Oh KOA said I need a new hobby. KLZ was even more rude saying that I had lied about getting them in Maryland ( why would I ?? ) and that I should find Jesus Must be something in Colorado water !!! (10/13/17)

The newspaper story about WNAV's property being for sale as a housing development left out a few things. The station, owned by game show host Pat Sajak, has two broadcast towers and a field of ground radials on that acreage that comprise the antenna system. Would all that get plowed under, like the WMAL site in Montgomery County? To where would they relocate this antenna system? Or would the station simply go off the air? They have an FM relay that covers Annapolis on 99.9MHz. Wonder if they would simply string a wire in some trees on Sajak's property in Severna Park, make just enough AM signal to keep the FM relay in compliance, and call it done. Pocket the money from the land sale. (10/13/17)

A former AP Broadcast journalist, Liz Flamhaft, is the one who asked President Reagan to do the station promo near the end of a general news conference. She gave him a piece of paper with a script that included the call sign and "the blowtorch of the South" since the station she was working for was a 50,000 watt AM with a tremendous signal. Reagan, a former sports announcer, seemed delighted to call on his previous skill set, but soon afterward, White House officials raised concerns about the commercial use of the President's voice and asked the station not to play the recording anymore. Just looked on YouTube and a few other places -- not found! (10/13/17)

What's an even more interesting question is why a local low power AM station (such as the old 250-watt townies at 1440) is referred to as a "coffee pot" or a "peanut whistle". (10/13/17)

Earlier this year the DCRTV Mailbag had a posting about what's probably the most recent viral reference to a powerful AM station being a "blowtorch." It was the 1980s, at the White House, and radio reporter Liz Flamhaft, who previously worked at AP Broadcast here in Washington, asked President Reagan to cut a station promo that she could take back to her WWL New Orleans. She must have had a hunch that she could successfully slip the question in at the end of a general news conference, since Reagan's earlier broadcasting background included time at AM station WHO in Des Moines. Both of these 3-letter tall ships of the airwaves are in the category of "blowtorch" because they run the maximum power authorized by the U.S. government. The AM band is different than FM in that signals at night travel vast distances. Thus, an AM station at maximum power, on frequencies historically designated as a "clear channel," provided a strapping signal over a large geographic area. Liz caught some heat for her blowtorch promo, as the White House expressed concern against commercializing a sitting President. I sure hope someone saved the tape. The story itself is difficult to unearth in a web search, but then again kids, this all happened before the internet. Relying on memory here. Anyone out there to round it out or correct the details? (10/13/17)

Two quick clarifications: A blowtorch station, even during the day, can be heard over 120 miles in each direction from its transmitter, and if the land is flat, even farther. WLS-Chicago comes in great in St. Louis during the day, WJR-Detroit comes in very clearly in Cleveland during the day. So that's also what makes them "blowtorches". And while our own WOL is audible by day in Bethesda, it is not at night. One last comparison: when the CBC station in Toronto was on 740, I could hear it by day (barely) in Syracuse; when it moved to 99.1 FM, no more listening to it in Syracuse on the radio, despite they both being 50 KW stations. -- Carl in Olney (10/13/17)

Ooh, Ooh, Mista Kotter, I know the answer: While FM stations are pretty much line-of-sight (not because they are FM, but because they are very high frequency, after about 75 miles (the point at which the horizon and curvature of the earth make a difference), they all fade away, even if they are 75,000 W (like WETA-FM). AM Stations have both a ground-wave (100 miles or so) and a skywave (reflecting off the stratosphere) so they can be heard thousands of miles away. When a station is 50,000 Watts and non-directional, a station like, for example, KXEL-1540 in Waterloo, Iowa, can be heard in Boston, MA. at night. KCBS in SF comes in like a local station in LA, and statoins from Cuba can be heard around 590 KHz here in DC sometimes. Also, FM, because it's frequency modulated, is either clearly audible or unlistenable because it needs to find a central frequency to keep it playing right, and FM radios always go to the strongest transmitter (hence the picket fence effect in cars old enough not to have a dual FM antenna system to mitigate that). AM antennas, because all they pick up is the amplitude of a modulation wave. not only keep the signal (even though it can get weaker) but can even play 2 stations simultaneously (you can hear one "behind the other"). So an AM Station that can be heard for 1000 miles in all directions at night (and over 100 miles in all directions by day) is a 50,000 W Blowtorch. In parts of Europe (until recently), they had 500,000 W Blowtorches, so you could hear a single station all over Europe. I'd mention Radio Luxembourg, (1439, or the Great 208) but it was very directional, so at night you could hear it in London, but not in Frankfurt. In the old days, when there were very few stations, a 50,000 clear channel non-directional station (like WBZ-1030) could be heard across the Atlantic because there was no interference from anything. Now, not so much. The reverse, a graveyard frequency in the US, as set up by the FCC, 1230, 1240, 1340, 1400, 1450, and 1490, is less than 1,000 watts and shares its frequency with hundreds of other stations, so a station like WOL-1450 can't be heard in Bethesda. The biggest oxymoron is when someone says they work at a Blowtorch station on, for example 1490.-- Carl in Olney (10/13/17)

re: 50kw blowtorch... 50 KW AM stations use 50KW transmitters that transmit a 50KW carrier. With 100% modulation the peak envelope power (PEP) is approx 200KW on peaks. FM station that are 50KW ERP usually have transmitters in the 20 to 25KW range. Antenna gain (usually 4 to 6 bays for class B) raises the effective radiated power (ERP) to 50 KW. The amplitude of the FM signal does not increase with modulation, so the peak power is about 4 times less for FM stations of equal power. Translation, usually a lot more smoke and fire when something goes wrong with an AM transmission system at those power levels. (10/13/17)

DCRTV Mailbaggers might remember DC based Chris Matthews. Seems Chris may have been the original Harvey Weinstein when he harassed on camera one Erin Burnett: www.youtube.com (10/13/17)

Just for the hell of it, I filed an FCC complaint against WOWZ, channel 6 in Salisbury, MD for interfering with WPVI ABC 6 in Kent County Delaware, within, WPVI’s designated market area. I’m curious to see if the FCC will even respond. Probably not. (10/13/17)

I have an interesting question that I’ve never seen answered. Where does the term “50,000 watt blowtorch” come from when referring to AM radio stations? Many FMs are 50,000 watts but you never hear that. I’m curious how that saying started and why. Anybody? (10/13/17)

So, Tommy McFly was on WJLA Channel 7, then WUSA Channel 9, and now NBC 4 Washington? Why does this guy keep jumping TV stations? (10/13/17)

Wow... sorry to see the news about Jon Reed. He gave me a Saturday shift on WFLS back in 1996, which was a great outlet for me after being bolted to a desk all week at an office job. One of the good guys in the biz who knew how to make a radio station sound fun. Thanks Jon; Radio is a better place for you having been in it. --Alan Peterson (a grizzled vet myself). (10/13/17)

DCRTV has wisely & conspicuously avoided All Things Weinstein (although there are numerous DCRTV worthy connections) but now even DCRTVDJDAVE will have to admit the following qualifies: seems that there is now a connection between Harvey Weinstein, Jeff Bezos and Rose McGowan! McGowan claims Bezos’ Amazon nixed a deal she had with them after she trashed Weinstein, a good pal of Bezos. While there is a story about McGowan on WAPO right now about McGowan’s Twitter account being frozen (now thawed) don’t expect any story like this one from The Daily Mail: www.dailymail.co.uk (10/13/17)

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Watching tv and see Tommy McFly doing a report on the opening of the new Wharf for NBC4. Maybe I missed that news, but is now on their payroll? (10/12/17)

Hey Dave, I thought I should pass along that former WFLS Program Director Jon Reed passed away this past Saturday. He was a wonderful gentle man and a pleasure to work with for so many years. legacy.com (10/12/17)

I took time to listen to Fresh today to try to figure out why this top 10 station a year ago is now the lowest rated English music station in the market and even losing to perennial loser Mix. My observations are that it has become a musically adrift station that is trying to be more gold-based to compete with Mix. Perhaps that is a mistake since for years they were very current-based and its current direct may be only confusing its audience, I think they would be better off emulating their Baltimore sister which is whipping its CHR competition. (10/12/17)

Looks like WNAV is on the move... www.capitalgazette.com... Bozzuto enters into purchase agreement for WNAV property in Annapolis (10/12/17)

In 1955-6 I was in a production of Alistair Cook's Omnibus that was produced at the WMAR-TV studios at The Baltimore Trust Building in Downtown Baltimore it was in studios built into the Sun Paper building. We rehearsed for a week then did it live on CBS on Sunday evening. It was done there because it was about H L Mencken. I played Mencken as a young cub reporter. Had a great time and made a really huge paycheck of $88...they reran it on kinescope (look it up) twice and sent me checks for $44 each time. Hey, that was a lot of money then. I also worked there as a TV news writer for a time. So I just want to validate that WMAR TV was in the tallest building in Baltimore for several years. Ed Graham (10/12/17)

I’m pretty sure the Lexington Building, which housed WBAL radio prior to its facility on North Charles Street, is the structure that later became the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company Building at 39 West Lexington Street. If I recall correctly WBAL’s original owner was Consolidated Gas, Light and Electric Power Company, forerunner to BG&E. While I appreciate the poster’s information and excellent pictures, I have to disagree on one point: WBAL moved to the 2610 North Charles Street building in 1947 in preparation for WBAL-TV’s sign-on in 1948. The facility was constructed to provide ample studio space for both radio and TV. Roddy Freeman (10/12/17)

About so-called "fake news" has there been a fake news story to had made it to the DC and Baltimore radio and TV newscasts ???? Last week I was in Indianapolis and watching their TV news ( WRTV ) they did a story about California's In-N-Out Burger coming to Indy. OK I flipped the TV to WTHR and WTTV and they aired the bit about In-N-Out Burger as well. Next day WRTV reported the In-N-Out Burger coming to Indianapolis story was FAKE and that they are sorry to report that the chain has NO interest in Indianapolis so they aren't coming. I don't know what WTTV and WTHU did but if they did their homework in the first place this story wouldn't air. (10/12/17)

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RE: Dave Hovel getting more duties. So, how many people is he now managing? 3. Oh, 4 if you include the cleaning crew. (10/11/17)

My point was not that WMAR or WBAL had no facilities or any studio, but from 1947-nearly 1960, they had nothing built for live news or nightly newscasts. They used spare space in the newspaper building or the radio building. WAAM 13 built a facility ONLY for TV production & live broadcast, everything from scratch. WMAR 2 also had the problem that the Sun Plaza building at Baltimore & Charles was slated for demolition for Charles Center shortly after the station went on the air, so no money was spent there on TV studios. They would have had only temporary facilities on Calvert Street until May 1963. Pictured for Scott Fybush, if Dave will oblige are The Sun Plaza Building, 1947 WMAR TV’s original studios in the newspaper building built after The Great Baltimore Fire. I think the WMAR sign was affixed to same building in 1947, original WMAR TV 2 sign & tower across the street atop The Baltimore Trust Building, original WBAL 1920s tower/transmitter building (location?), WBAL Radio Studios at The Lexington Building 1927 (no clue where that was either), WBAL radio/TV on Charles Street & the first WBAL TV studios, basically a small theater room and lastly more pics of WAAM 13 on TV Hill at the tallest point where the candelabra was built before anyone else was there. And WBAL TV built right after a block away as in the artist’s rendering. Ironically, The Sun Plaza building location is once again a vacant lot and on Google Maps you can almost duplicate the 1947 WMAR 2 pic of their sign and transmitter Scott Fybush. It’s not the tallest building in Baltimore anymore but it was in 1947 and even the tallest building on the East coast outside of New York. Like Empire State, its builders went bankrupt too during The Great Depression. (10/11/17)

Dave's response: You attached 10 images to this post. Way too many a Mailbag posting. I will add them to the DCRTV Plus Archive.....

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: call your office. Seems that The Donald has suggested that perhaps NBC (Comcast) and “the Networks” television licenses could face a “challenge” over “Fake News”: “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!” tweeted the POTUS. No word on whether radio outlet licenses for Cumulus could be challenged over questionable utterances by the likes of Chris Plante, Larry O’Connor and Mark Levin. Reuters reports: www.reuters.com (10/11/17)

To be accurate about my C-Span reception, I got C-Span Radio on Sirius-XM not at WCSP-90.1. That station doesn't come in until you cross the Susquehanna River. Also, I believe that 2610 N. Charles is a very versatile radio building: WBAL-1090, then WCBM-680 (Metromedia Radio, it used to say on the building), and now WYPR-88.1. And finally, I noticed that WMAL-630 came in really badly around BWI today; usually that doesn't happen. I wonder if they have turned on the Germantown transmitter; it really needs to be fine tuned to sound better if that's what happened. It could also be due to the weather. I could get WWJZ-640 from Cherry Hill, NJ pretty well, for a station 120 miles away, so interference may have caused WMAL to not sound that clear. But I bet the old transmitter has been played with or the new one cranked up. -- Carl in Olney (10/11/17)

[RE: Whaaaat!%@+?#%$. MASN's Nats-Cubs pre-game show on Friday comes from a studio. Why aren't Johnny and Ray at the ballpark? Another dumb MASN decision. (10/7/17)] As much as I hate Angelos, I don't think that's a MASN decision. I would bet that MLB's deal with TBS (and FOX/FS1) prohibits any other entity from broadcasting from inside the stadiums other than live hits. Full live pregame and postgame shows are likely a no-no. (10/11/17)

The Tom Taylor NOW newsletter notes that the NAB is working to fund an initative to donate 10,000 battery-powered radios to the Puerto Rican hurricane relief effort. Since cellphone/internet service may be out for weeks or months to come, and stock electrical distribution and service is equally crappy, the NAB acknowledges that portable battery-operated radio is one of the only communications resources available. So, in your face AND down your pants, you "radio is dead" maggots. (10/11/17)

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WMAR-TV did indeed have studios in the Baltimore Sun building prior to moving to York Road. The station has a long history of local programming, including shows by Stu Kerr and Ann Mar as well as news. Likewise, WBAL-TV had state-of-the-art (for that time) studios at 2610 N. Charles St prior to its new building on TV Hill. Roddy Freeman (10/10/17)

To the poster who asked about WBAL radio’s original tower site, I read it was in Pikesville. But I have no idea where in Pikesville it was. Roddy Freeman (10/10/17)

[RE: Not WAMU selling WYAU] RE: Did I misread it or is Ron Jeremy going to play the role of Harvey Weinstein in the HBO biopic? If it does happen, you read it here first. -- Carl in Olney} Great one Carl and congrats on the new car and being able to pick up C-SPAN radio driving from New York (I used to be able to get WTOP once at Maryland House). As for Ron Jeremy playing Harvey Weinstein (there is a resemblance) in an HBO bio-pic, I don’t think even the sleazy Ron Jeremy would stoop so low and Weinstein no doubt has a tiny weeny and Jeremy is hung like a horse, as he detailed to Howard Stern: www.youtube.com (10/10/17)

[RE WAMU selling WYAU:] From the heights of Leonardtown, WAMU 88.5 comes in fairly well most of the time...WRAU, WHRV and WCVE often filling in. Other areas in the 20650 zip code can't receive WAMU at all. Back in 1994, WETA-FM made two attempts at placing a station/tower in St Mary's County....first in Leonardtown and later in the southern part of St Mary's County near Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee's place. After the Quinn-Bradlee tower was nimbied efforts ceased. (10/10/17)

The records I can find show that WBAL in the late 1920s was located at a site on Hanover Road (aka Hanover Pike) in the Glen Morris section of Reiserstown. I haven't yet been able to nail down precise coordinates to see if anything at all survives of that site. - Scott ("Really! Buy my calendar!") Fybush (10/10/17)

[RE WAMU selling WYAU:] I feel bad for the announcer who has to recut all the station-id's. (10/10/17)

[RE WAMU selling WYAU:] so much K-LOVE...i don't know man, i just don't know :-( (10/10/17)

[RE WAMU selling WYAU:] K-Y for your K-LOVE. (10/10/17)

[RE WAMU selling WYAU:] The God Squad bites another one ... (10/10/17)

[RE WAMU selling WYAU:] Joy just what Fredericksburg needs more religious crap. I think there are already three or four stations with variations on that theme. (10/10/17)

[RE WAMU selling WYAU:] I put that station on to cover the fringe listeners who wanted the programming they missed with the combination of WETA going all classical and interference to WAMU. I hope there is a listener backlash. (10/10/17)

[RE WAMU selling WYAU:] Is there ANY other company out there buying radio stations besides EMF? (10/10/17)

[RE WAMU selling WYAU:] Public radio is all about money and not serving the public. (10/10/17)

[RE WAMU selling WYAU:] I can hardly pick up WAMU here in Spotsy, WYAU is/was how I primarily listened. Now to figure out if I'm able to pick up an NPR affiliate in Richmond. LikeShow more reactions (10/10/17)

[RE WAMU selling WYAU:] There’s Radio IQ in Fredericksburg at 88.3 and 94.9. It’s the NPR station for VT, WVTF. (10/10/17)

[RE WAMU selling WYAU:] When WVTF pulled it's translator in Orange last year, I switched to WYAU. Now I'll probably go to WMRA/Harrisonburg. 88.3 is iffy in Western Orange County and 94.9 doesn't register on my radio. And so soon after their fund drive. I bet there will be a lot of pissed sustaining members canceling their donations. (10/10/17)

WTOP announces that WTOP has won not one but TWO Edward R. Murrow awards presented Monday in New York: wtop.com (10/10/17)

Did I misread it or is Ron Jeremy going to play the role of Harvey Weinstein in the HBO biopic? If it does happen, you read it here first. -- Carl in Olney (10/10/17)

Too bad that Charlie “Donovan” Bell’s obit is so sparse. Just his name and years of life? Isn’t there anyone willing and able to supply at least a paragraph? -P of the AW (10/10/17)

Today's commentary is about HD-Radio on AM. I traded in my 240,000-mile car for a new one, and I finally got to hear a range of AM-HD radio stations while driving up to Albany, NY this past weekend (my kid brother turned 60). The only ones I had heard around home and work were WCAO-600, and WWIN-1400 (the latter only in HD when in Baltimore City). WWIN always sounded a little tinny (it IS, after all, on 1400), and WCAO "pretty good" but also a lot of high frequency, and not so great on the lows. I assumed that that's just how AM-HD has to sound. I've now heard KYW-1060, WCBS-880, and WINS-1010 in Phila and NYC, all of which also sound tinny and with less bass than the non-HD sound that you hear when it first comes on (while buffering digital data). It certainly sounds better than regular AM, though and KYW sounded the best of the lot. Finally, when I got upstate and heard WGY-810, I was really surprised; their HD sound was as close to perfection as one could expect on AM. It sounded like a good FM station, but was just 810 with HD; nice bass, nice Treble, crystal clear, even 30 miles away. Why can't everyone do that? Moving on to FM: WOGL-98.1 FM in Philadelphia must be the absolute clearest-sounding FM-HD station I have ever heard; it sounded like the musicians were sitting there in the seat next to me; it was incredible: high highs, low lows, good separation, no overloading of the peaks, each instrument and singer crystal clear. Again, why can't every big-company-owned station sound that good? And to me, WBJC-91.5-HD is the closest to it around home. And now to move on to the Internet: BBC2, through a phone app connected to my car, has even better separation, better highs, better lows, and their musicians sound like they are sitting on the dashboard. It's scary that a "broadcast" can sound that good (it must have a high bit rate); but then again, that's how BBC radio sounds in the UK, both AM and FM: as close to perfect as one can get. It's a dang (can I say that?) shame we don't have it here. -- Carl in Olney (10/10/17)

Scott Fybush sure is right. It’s even on Google Street View. The original WBAL transmitter building on TV Hill still stands. So this tower linked to the Charles Street WBAL Radio building in the 1950s. I wish someone knew where WBAL Radio’s original tower was in the 1920s. I have a pic of that, but it has no geographical reference. (10/10/17)

Obituary/Funeral Arrangements for Charlie Donovan - obits.dignitymemorial.com (10/10/17)

Speaking of Larry O'Conner: He was on C-Span yesterday morning. I heard it on C-Span Radio last night driving back from NYC: www.c-span.org... For balance (which C-Span still offers), they had Bill Press on afterward. -- Carl in Olney (10/10/17)

I'm enjoying the Baltimore history pics here immensely! The pre-TV Hill WBAL-TV building and self-supporting tower that were shown here the other day still exist, just a little west of TV Hill on Violet Ave. east of Greenspring. It's now the WYPR transmitter building and tower. - Scott ("The New Calendar's Here!") Fybush (10/10/17)

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WMAL’s “Free Speech Forum” at the Birchmere on Sunday, October 15th ain’t really free at $40 tickets! Can’t get enough of Larry, Mary, Chris and Vince? Then join them and DCRTVDJDAVE (if he’s “comped” by Bill Hess) for a night of conservative boozing and maybe slap Mary on the ass just to see what happens next (“That’s a man baby”): www.wmal.com/freespeechforum (10/9/17)

#OscarSantanaIsMarried #OscarsPreNup (10/9/17)

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Baltimore based Sinclair Broadcasting has denied the FCC's request about which TV stations it will sell off to comply with FCC regulations regarding its proposed buyout of Tribune. SBG claims that it has hired an analyst firm to study the potential sales in at least 2 markets (none near here) that are affected by the merger and that any request is premature. From an industry analyst perspective, this seems to suggest that SBG assumes the merger is a slam dunk given the FCC's recent relaxation of TV station ownership rules. There are still many complaints filed from both the cable industry (competitors) and liberal groups opposing Sinclair's conservative editorial slant. The problem that the FCC faces, even if it were against the merger, is precedent. They have, over a decade or more and different party administrations, allowed Sinclair to amass TV stations using shell companies through marketing agreements without ever addressing this issue. And it doesn't go without saying that the Cable Industry would like everyone in America to finally pay for any TV reception. -- www.BaltoMedia.net (10/8/17)

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Re: reporter speaking out about being sent out in crazy weather conditions, how many reporters are actually going to tell their supervisors that they feel unsafe going out and refuse to do it. Wonder if the woman who spoke out has ever been sent out in hurricane or torrential rain situations or just stating her opinion. As a viewer, it appears that management thinks if they don't have someone out there being blown back and forth that I won't believe those conditions exist. In any case, I too think it's ridiculous that management puts their employees in harm's way just for a story. However, I "think" the story with Tucker Barnes out in that horrific "foam" got an Emmy for that. (10/7/17)

RE: Pacifica: This is what happens to all socialists that hate capitalism. They make bad deals. They go bankrupt and their workers and the public pay the price. I’m sure the taxpayers are footing some of this bill eventually. Ask Germany how Greece still stays afloat. (10/7/17)

The WAAM channel 13 facility in my previous pics, by today’s standards, doesn’t look that impressive. But, keep in mind, at the time, WMAR 2 (CBS) had no studios at all in the 1940s or even 1959 (York Road didn’t happen until May 1963) and was just a staff and film trucks like this pic sent out from The Baltimore Sun Building at Sun Plaza downtown, which was slated to be torn down for Charles Center. WBAL TV (NBC) at that time was also being housed at WBAL Radio and not built specifically for TV. Hence this next pic, which I believe is the original WBAL tower and engineering building near TV Hill. Dating this pic is difficult with no reference, but the cars tell me 1950s, not 1960s. Terrain tells me it’s on some hill. Now whether this is the exact site where WBAL TV is now today after the candelabra tower was built is unknown, but I know for sure that’s not the WBAL radio building on Winands Road that still stands today. The last pic is an artist's rendering of the final WMAR studios as they still are today with one caveat. The candelabra tower is not nearly that close or prominent in the sky from there as the sketch seems to suggest, but is line of site from the property still today. If anyone is wondering, WBFF 45 was originally on 3500 Parkdale Ave at one point before moving to their current location closer to TV Hill on 41st Street although I don’t think either building or location was originally built for Television studios. WNUV at one point was on Druid Park Drive a block away, also in a nondescript warehouse building. WUTB channel 24 once had an office at Seton Park Drive to the west of TV Hill, but not sure exactly how they linked to the Catonsville tower from there. Now all operational control of all 3 of those stations is at FOX 45 on 41st Street. I did find a pic of the original WBAL Radio single tower & studio from the 1920s, but it’s too grainy to even tell where it was located. (10/7/17)

Kris Earl Phillips was nothing less than a pioneer in several different business domains. First, he was an outstanding broadcaster. A true radio personality, who entertained Baltimore radio audiences for years on WLPL-FM and WBSB-FM. But his career spanned much more than Baltimore and much more than radio. In 1973, few FM radio stations dared broadcast popular music on the FM dial, particularly in the FM Top 40 format, which later became known as CHR. But, Kris Earl Phillips was there in 1973, working on FM and playing Rock music, when no other station had the courage to do so. In so doing, Kris Earl helped lay the groundwork for the boom in FM pop music formats in the 1980s and the eventual dominance of FM listening over AM. He was a pioneer. And, of course, he kept achieving higher and higher FM Top 40 assignments, all the way up the the most prominent CHR station in the country, WHTZ-FM/New York. But, it is little-known that Kris Earl was a pioneer in a completely different industry as well: Computer and Information Technology. Kris Earl was an accomplished software developer, starting in the late 1970s, at the very genesis of the microcomputer revolution. In those days, most radio stations did not have a computer. But, Kris Earl designed software for music inventory and scheduling, billing, market research and host of other applications for the radio industry. He was a pioneer. But, unlike a pioneer, he always evolved and adapted himself to the changes that inevitably occur in an industry. In other words, whether it was either behind the mic or in front of the keyboard, Kris Earl Phillips was always at the top of his game. And, he kept doing it for over 40 years. As his longtime collaborator and former employer, I can tell you that Kris Earl Phillips was one of those rare people who is good at just about every challenge they choose to undertake. He was also an incredibly engaging and entertaining person when the mic was off, as well. He was always fun to be around and he had many admirers both on and off the air. I am one of them and I will always be one of them. Kris Earl, thank you for the privilege of knowing you and working with you. David Tate (10/7/17)

Re: new Fox5 reporter post. Good for her for taking a stand. If I recall, the only station to put a reporter in the midst of the hurricanes was NBC4’s David Culver in Miami. Guy was getting blown around left and right and for what? (10/7/17)

Leave Larry O’Connor ALONE RIGHT NO (redux): Late night “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah trashed WMAL’s own Larry O’Connor for trashing him over Noah’s lame remarks about “gun safety”, experiencing a Larry O’Donnell melt down moment of his own. Larry was on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to defend himself Friday night and the two gushing over each other like two Metrosexuals! Noah claims Larry was “shitting on me head” with his comments Thursday on Fox Business channel that “Noah isn’t even an American”. Larry, Larry, Larry, Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, Trevor, Trevor Trevor, Larry, Larry, Larry: hard to keep them all sorted out. Mediate explains: www.mediaite.com (10/7/17)

Whaaaat!%@+?#%$. MASN's Nats-Cubs pre-game show on Friday comes from a studio. Why aren't Johnny and Ray at the ballpark? Another dumb MASN decision. (10/7/17)

Was checking out some radio news and stumbled on this on web. Doesn't sound good at all for Pacifica. How will this or will this affect WPFW. #sad www.commondreams.org (10/7/17)

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Found some interesting public photos of Baltimore media that I’ve never seen before. Maybe you can add them to DCRTV Plus Dave. Who remembers WFBR AM 1300 having a Baltimore Traffic chopper? Or a picture of when WAAM Channel 13 when they first built a tower and studios on Television Hill before the candelabra tower? This would have been before WBAL was on TV Hill. It appears to be the same building as today except for a lot of additions. And the original WAAM tower was behind the building, not where today’s is. Or the original Charles Street building of WBAL radio/TV? Surprisingly, the WBAL building is still standing today. Or the Baltimore Colts on WITH AM 1230 Radio. (10/6/17)

Re: the new reporter coming on board at Fox5, found it interesting that she spoke out on her Facebook about how Viewers don't need to see reportters "wincing in pain, dodging debris, or tied to a tree to keep them from blowing away in order to understand how dangerous a hurricane is". Surprising to hear a reporter go against what is obviously management's philosophy of sensationalism when it comes to sending their reporters out in dangerous weather conditions. I'm sure management has taken a peek at her FB page and wouldn't be surprised to see her out in the field during the next weather storm. (10/6/17)

We've learned this week of the death of former WLPL and WBSB personality Kris Earl Phillips. According to Facebook posts and obituary notices, he died Tuesday (10/3) at age 66. Kris Earl (born Earl Warren Phillips) had been living in his hometown, Daytona Beach, Fla., in recent years. This after a radio career that took him from Florida to Boston to Baltimore (twice) to WHTZ in New York City -- along with many other towns 'up and down the dial' -- as air talent, program director and research director. In the mid-90s, Kris was Director of Product Development for David Tate's Rantel Research, and his enthusiasm for data and computers allowed him to launch a second career in website hosting and design. On a personal note, Kris Earl was my first PD at WLPL -- and it was the experience of working with him and my other United Broadcasting Company colleagues that started me on the path I follow today. As Kris would say as he'd bolt from the studio each night at 9:57, pushing up the mic and planting a feathered cowboy hat on his head for an evening on the town along Baltimore's Block: 'I'm out!' Safe travels, KEP. --Rob Sidney, PD, 101.5 LITE FM, Miami (10/6/17)

RE: “Larry O'Connor is a dumbass., an angry dumbass, and angry dumbasses, as we all know, are dangerous.” Leave Larry O’Connor alone RIGHT NOW: www.youtube.com (10/6/17)

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Dumb Larry O'Connor. Larry said yesterday no right in the Constitution has required government permits like the Second Amendment now does. Larry was angry the government "picks and chooses" who can have a gun, and the government doesn't order any restrictions on our other rights. (in Larry's juvenilistic words). Really, oh dumbbell? I have a right to free speech, and I want that right to be heard by as many people as possible, so, I am going on the Internet to buy a FM transmitter and broadcast on 105.9, my free speech. I have that right, and according to Larry the dumbass, the government does not permit, regulate, or choose who can broadcast their free speech on 105.9 in DC. Article 8 is about "excessive bail," every minute the government (in Larry's term) picks and chooses who benefits from this right, and who really doesn't. What about Article 23, Larry, which the government clearly watered down the rights of one group of people , rights others enjoy? Larry O'Connor is a dumbass., an angry dumbass, and angry dumbasses, as we all know, are dangerous. (10/5/17)

RE: I have to admit, I couldn’t stop watching the Sinclair NBC TV station in Las Vegas KSNV 3. Ive seen performances like that in many smaller markets. What a lot of people do not realize is Vegas is a pretty small market compared to a market like Baltimore and D.C. The on air people are probably one step out of College or even a smaller Podunk station. The pay in Vegas is most likely horrible (Just above minimum wage) and it's not that cheap to live there. Even though many major market stations need to step up their game,most of the time one has to be in a really big market to make any money and money attracts better talent in general. (10/5/17)

Sorry to hear about the death of Charlie Donovan. Charlie did a stint at WINX as well in 1997 before he went to WBIG. Charlie was outrageous on the air...because he could be...because he knew nobody was listening. (10/5/17)

One of the worst mass casualty sniper events in contemporary history (US and international), and all some of you can focus on is the quality of local tv coverage? Man, I’m a Lifetime NRA member and as big a broadcasting geek as they come, and even I’m appalled. Have a little consideration. Genghis Cohen, still capable of being amazed, in early autumnal Prince William County (10/5/17)

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WMAL has the Skins so naturally WJFK has the Caps. Seems WJFK will now carry Caps games like they used to back in the day: “As we all know, 106.7 is the top-rated sports station; it’s the one you want to be on around here,” said Hunter Lochmann, Monumental’s senior vice president of marketing brand and strategy. “We knew we wanted to get back there, so we were happy to work out an agreement.” And WJFK’s “CK” (Chris Kinard) chimes in: “We’re obviously very happy to have them back,” 106.7 program director Chris Kinard said. “Obviously there’s a huge fan base out there for the Caps. They want to be able to hear the game, and we want them to be able to hear the games, and I think we provide a great platform for that.” The Bezo Post’s Dan Steinberg explains: washingtonpost.com (10/4/17)

On the Eastern shore, WBOC TV CBS 16 and FOX 21 are in a carriage dispute with Verizon FIOS in Delaware causing their signal to be currently blacked out. WBOC claims that Verizon pays more for out of market stations than it does them. Verizon states that they are asking for too much money. If not settled by this weekend, it could affect NFL football on both CBS & Fox. Some areas still get Baltimore's WJZ 13 and WTTG Fox 5, so it's unclear what affect that will have on them, which are often blacked out on duplicative programming. More at WBOC.com. -- BaltoMedia.net (10/4/17)

WUSA likes to promote their call letters so much. They should say CBS 9 news instead of WUSA 9 news. Channel 7 doesn't say WJLA 7 News, they say ABC 7 News, so Channel 9 should say CBS 9 News. (10/14/17)

Well look at what WUSA just did so they can put on a crappy station that sold their channel anyway! My opinion they should go 100% dark in that case. (10/4/17)

Biff, I don't mean this in a smart-ass way, but it sounds like Bezos wants to get out of the ink-smeared-on-dead-trees delivery business and wants his customers quit on him--former big reader of newspapers who's gone all internet (10/4/17)

Was trying to watch live local news in Las Vegas the past day. It’s an odd mix of stations. A Scripps, Nexstar, one locally owned apparently operated by Meredith, and you guessed it, a Sinclair station with probably an illegally owned sister station w/ 2 other networks. Ironically, the Sinclair TV station, NBC 3 is the only one that streams newscasts live. But as you would expect, apparently on the cheap, since their newscast skips repeatedly. I tried it over and over again and it was never watchable but sometimes humorous in a bad way. (10/4/17)

I have to admit, I couldn’t stop watching the Sinclair NBC TV station in Las Vegas KSNV 3. It was like a train wreck you didn’t want to miss. Despite the constant skipping and restarts to watch the news online, I managed to see some stories. One alleged a Muslim terrorist connection through the Philippines with absolutely no facts stated at all or where they even got the story angle, no police source, nothing. An even funnier story was about Will and Grace’s return and if it turned a fan into a gay lawyer. Apparently, the Megyn Kelly show didn’t do well in Vegas so they chose to go after Debra Messing for criticizing Megyn Kelly. You can see that one on the web page. You really can’t make this stuff up. It was far more hokey than we see at WJLA ABC 7 or WBFF Fox 45. I’ve never traveled out west to Vegas. Maybe they buy into this mess out there. I dunno. (10/4/17)

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I know WUSA is sharing with WJAL I thought that started Sept 1 I didn't know Justice channel was gone that's why I was questioning why no subchannels were on as of Oct 3. (10/3/17)

the poster referencing WMAL giving away $1000 4 times a day- sounds like a national contest to me since WRQX is running the same contest at the same times. Sound familiar, IHeart (10/3/17)

A round of applause for Wendy. She said the right thing. During that story about the creeps who stole from an autistic man, the face of one of the bad guys was very clear. But Ch 4 should have shown that picture one or two more times. Let’s get those a—holes off the streets. (10/3/17)

Wendy Reiger has never held back on-air how she felt about something and today was no different. At the end of a story about a guy who took advantage of an autistic man by somehow getting access to his bank card, Wendy said "there's a place in hell for him". Tell us how you REALLY feel Wendy!!! (10/3/17)

WMAL wants to give listeners a thousand reasons to listen at least four times a day, so even if you despise the conservative talker station, you might be able to come away with some bucks. Their current contest touts four $1,000 cash prizes to those who listen at 9:00AM (Chris Plante), Noon (Rush Limbaugh), 3:00PM (Larry O’Connor) and 6:00PM (Mark Levin) for the announced “Keyword” then text that word to a designated number. That’s a lot of “Kars for Kids”, Long Fence, and Hadeed Carpet ads to hear, too. Yet another great gimmick from WMAL brain trust Bill Hess! No word on whether a single individual can win all four prizes daily but DCRTVDJDAVE, Gus in THE Gaithersburg, the Unsigned Corporate Suit and Silvie in Waldorf GOOD LUCK! Contest details: www.wmal.com (10/3/17)

FYI, Bounce and Justice network are no longer being broadcast on the WUSA sub channels as of September 30. (10/3/17)

to whever posted: "As of noon Tuesday still no CH9 subchannels on the air whats going on?" What is going on is a channel sharing agreement with WJAL (no not WJLA). WUSA terminated it's relationships with Justice and Bounce (now a subchannel of WFDC) and is now home to WJAL which identifies itself trough PSIP data as 68.1. ther are a few other posts expalianing the same thing. (10/3/17)

I've read the print edition of the Post everyday for over 50 years and everyday it gets worse and worse. Almost daily I am saying WTF to myself over the disgusting things I see. I'm not talking about politics or news presentation either. Today's example- When I retrieved the Post at 6 AM from my driveway I expected to read about the Redskins game. Well no.. they called it a "late" game and had nothing about the game except a HUGE meaningless photo on the front of the sports section. I've got news for the fuckers at the Post-A game that starts at 830 is NOT a late game. On Sunday there were no results for the Alabama game-the Post called it a late game. Horse manure. A late game starts at 10/11 PM not 8 or 830. I'm paying almost triple than I was paying for the Post just a few short years ago. The decision-making in the sports section is a disgrace. Regards Biff (10/3/17)

WMAL talker, DCRTVDJDAVE favorite and future mental patient Chris Plante was off Monday: seems he had been called for DC jury duty. As he shares with his frothy listeners this morning, he was quizzed about his status about things like does he know cops (yes), has he been a victim of a crime (yes) and what is his occupation (conservative talk show host who is followed by Rush Limbaugh). Needless to say, he was quickly dismissed as a potential juror by both the defense and prosecution, handcuffed and sent to St. Elizabeth’s for further observation, where he is broadcasting his show this morning. No comment from Bill Hess, but he is reportedly considering Chris doing his show from St. Elizabeth’s, a sure ratings bonanza. (10/3/17)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies were donning new logos Monday morning and in between gloating about their ratings bonus explained that the network their show is simulcast on, CSN, is now NBC Sports: www.adweek.com (10/3/17)

As of noon Tuesday still no CH9 subchannels on the air whats going on? (10/3/17)

From Talkers magazine: After seven years hosting the RT America television show “The Big Picture,” progressive talk media mainstay Thom Hartmann has announced he will be leaving the nightly program to devote more time to his mega-successful daily, three-hour radio program (12:00 noon – 3:00 pm ET). His final installment was aired this past Friday (9/29). The DC-based commentator also tells TALKERS he and his wife (and executive producer) Louise Hartmann want to be able to spend more time in Portland, Oregon closer to their children. Hartmann’s cross-platform radio program has been on the air since 2003 and is ranked by TALKERS as the leading progressive news/talk show in the radio industry. He tells TALKERS, “Having complete editorial control over a TV show syndicated internationally into more than 700 million homes was a great (and rare) opportunity. We worked hard not to do ‘sports’ or ‘soap opera’ when covering politics, and instead focus on issues; we believe we accomplished a lot in that regard. We’re grateful to RT for the opportunity, and for fully honoring our contractual independence at all times.” Replacing Hartmann (below, left) as host of RT America’s “The Big Picture” brand is noted media consultant and TALKERS columnist and correspondent Holland Cooke (below, right). Cooke is a former radio programmer and talent who came to national prominence during his tenure as PD of all-news WTOP, Washington, DC. In recent years, he emerged as a significant presence on cable news/talk TV as a regular guest of host Ed Schultz when he was on MSNBC and came along with Schultz when he moved to RT America. Cooke says, “Woody Allen was right: ‘80% of life is showing up.’ I showed up 20 years ago in Fargo, North Dakota to consult KFGO, where I met Ed Schultz. You’ll recall a TALKERS profile I wrote about him back then. I figured he was goin' places. Eventually, those places included MSNBC and RT America, where Ed often used me as a ‘talking head.’ On the MSNBC ‘Ed Show,’ I was Mr. Friday, available on Friday nights when true big shots were out having a life. Ed introduced me to his boss at RT, who invited me aboard.” Hartmann introduced Cooke to the audience during the last segment of his final show. (To view it, click here). Although Hartmann’s program was weeknights, the new iteration hosted by Cooke will debut on October 6 as a ½ hour weekend show to start, airing Fridays at 7:00 pm and 10:30 pm with several replays over the weekend. TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison is booked as a guest on the first program. According to Cooke, “We will continue to produce ‘The Big Picture’ at RT America headquarters in Washington DC, where I’ll work on Thursdays and Fridays. On the front half of the week, I will continue to be based out of Block Island, Rhode Island consulting a select roster of radio stations, shows, and hosts, and contributing to TALKERS and publishing my monthly newsletter.” (10/3/17)

DCRTV Mailbag is so cutting edge it is posting 10/2/17 mail as 10/3/17 while The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi is setting the record straight with a story under the header “News organizations take back reports of Tom Petty’s death amid swirl of confusion”. Seems erroneous reports that Tom Petty is dead are being blamed on everybody from CBS News, to the LAPD, to TMZ, to Donald Trump’s Twitter and to the Russians. Farhi’s report: www.washingtonpost.com (10/3/17)

When (if) the “Justice” digital sub-channel returns to the D.C. area, the station should intro it with the immortal line from “American Graffiti” where Richard Dreyfus shouts out, “Standby for Justice!” -Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/3/17)

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He won’t back down: back from the dead is Tom Petty (who played with The Dead) after CBS News had him assuming room temperature which was picked up by numerous outlets and then retracted his demise. Either way, poor Tom’s updated Wiki description starts with “Tom Petty was….” And even WTTG has him dead and buried. WTOP reports on the CBS retraction and now on says he is “hospitalized”: wtop.com (10/2/17)

WUSA apparently hired a comedian named Reese Waters last month to be a new host for its reformatted show. twitter.com/wusa9 (10/2/17)

WUSA's subchannels are not "down". They have changed though. WUSA is now channel sharing with WJAL. WJAL is the only subchannel but the PSIP data identifies it as 68.1. Bounce is now a subchannel of WFDC. I am not sure of justice is currently being broadcast in the area. Perhaps someone else knows. This is all part of the great repack experiment. enjoy. (10/2/17)

"uber-liberal Drudge report" is thata joke or is someone actually that far to the right of that site? (10/2/17)

In re: “Who the hell is listening to...”-remember the distant pre-9/11 days when everybody had it all figured out? AM would go either foreign language or narrow-cast to specialized advice seeking audiences; FM would be all talk; and music would migrate to satellite. Do you remember how it all seemed so simple and pre-destined back then? Genghis Cohen remembas... (10/2/17)

WUSA-9 subchannels are down - Noticed this today. Perhaps weekend maintenance, or permanent changes? (10/2/17)

Came in on part of a promo for WUSA's new 6am program. Some guy was on there talking about he'll be "winging it" and at least they'll have a DJ. Do viewers really need a DJ spinning records (or whatever these whippersnappers call it) at 6am every morning? (10/2/17)

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WEAA has not had a profanity delay line in the air chain since 2006, when they moved into the New Communications Building. So there is no way they could have bleeped out the N-word Live or on Playback. Maybe they could have in editing before playback, but I don't believe they are aware of how to. The interim GM has been there since April. She is not a communications professional at all. She has neither production nor management experience in broadcast or other electronic journalism. The only things she knows, such as delay lines & dump buttons etc, are what someone else has told her, truthfully or otherwise The knowledgeable person on the topic is the Operations Manager, Michael Middleton. He has been OM for @ 5 years, maybe longer. He would be the one responsible for a profanity delay line, if they had one. (10/1/17)

"....I for one can NOT understand why so many Spanish stations are needed in Washington! "..I take a stab at it. Because Spanish is a format with a future on AM unlike so many other formats. Hey I like to hear music on AM whether its standards or oldies or classic country BUT I am just one person and those music on AM stations don't stick around for very long and besides do people really care ?? NO !! If WKCW would become "BIG K" with a classic country format again and promoted as "BIG K IS BACK" sure you would get listeners AT FIRST then it's all downhill. Look at Buffalo with the failed comeback of oldies on WKBW 1520 ?? Cincinnati with WSAI ?? Failed !! WGH 1310 down in Norfolk ?? Who cares !! Denver's KLVZ "Legends 810" ?? They have been standards for almost a year and YET to air a single ad and it should be noted those stations were all well programmed right and with WKBW and WSAI they also had a great signal but it didn't take long at all for the average listener to lose interest. Music on AM is DEAD to the average listener !! A few people who post on DCRTV can't support a station. (10/1/17)

Does 950 AM maintain a studio or office anywhere, or is it just a playback computer on a shelf at the golf course transmitter site? (10/1/17)

Strange goings on at 9: As expected, their OTA signal went totally dark just after midnight Sunday in order to add WJAL. After about 20 minutes, it came back on, with 9.2/3 gone and 68.1 broadcasting LATV (strange choice) in widescreen SD. However, both channels had significant lag and video issues, as if there was some piece of equipment that was misconfigured or acting up. Just after 12:30 am it reverted to how it was, with 9.1 labeled simply “HD” and 9.2 and 9.3 “SD”. (10/1/17)

This didn't get a whole lot of media attention, but there were some minor protests outside of Sinclair Broadcasting's Hunt Valley, MD headquarters last week, owner of WBFF FOX 45, WJLA 7 in DC and hundreds of TV stations around the country. The Baltimore Sun claims they were strictly local protests, but appear to be people from The Women's March on Washington group. A wide variety of political and competing cable industry groups are against the Sinclair/Tribune merger deal, some claiming conservative political bias in the local news. Sinclair claims that the merger is in the best interest of local broadcast TV, being a major investor in Next Generation TV, the new proposed ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard. It's unclear if the merger will be approved. www.baltimoresun.com... -- BaltoMedia.net (10/1/17)

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