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To the moron who keeps harping that the FCC did not place any time limits on Entercom to divest the 19 stations required by the Department of Justice and the FCC to gain approval of the merger wit CBS Radio... YOU'RE WRONG. Please read the following except from the FCC's Memorandum Opinion & Order approving the deal: "Entercom Divestiture Trust (EDT) shall have six months from the consummation of the merger to complete the assignment of each of the Trust Stations or file an acceptable assignment of license application. If and to the extent that EDT fails to do so with regard to any of the Trust Stations, it must provide the Commission with a detailed explanation of its efforts to sell such stations in the confidential report referenced in Section 4(g) of the Trust Agreements submitted with the Divestiture Applications. EDT must continue to provide reports at six-month intervals until all stations held by EDT are sold." Now please STFU! (11/30/17)

Will the next company to file for Bankruptcy be iHeart or Spanish Broadcasting System? It could happen very fast. Ridiculous, you say. Stay tuned. (11/30/17)

"Does anyone know the rationale behind dropping those 30 minute local sports reports?" I can guess: No one watches them. Same reasons the sports portion of the nightly newscasts have shrunk to a couple of minutes. Why wait to tune in a highlights program (one often with an uncertain time start, no less), when you can get video replays instantly from Twitter, Facebook, local news sites etc. BTW, the demise of sports-center shows is one of the many problems afflicting ESPN and FS1. They used to be reliable ratings-getters, now no one watches. Which is why they've given way to Skip Bayless-shoutfests. (11/30/17)

Let's drain the swamp in DC at the FCC. There are still some ridiculous rules at the FCC that should be changed immediately. Yes, Chairman Pai knows about them but has done nothing to change them. The present FCC Rules say that Entercom must "divest" 21 Stations in order to "comply" with present FCC Rules. So what happens now? They put the stations in their "Trust". They still operate them and get the cash flow from them for as long as they own them! THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT FOR THEM TO DIVEST THEM......They could still own them 20 years from now under the stupid FCC Rules! Look at iHeart and how they have "divested" their 14 Stations. The JOKE is that they still own them 10 years later. iHeart was suppose to "divest" WFRE 99.9 FM in 2007 and still own it and have collected the cash flow from it for TEN YEARS! (11/30/17)

It never ceases to amaze me that the stock prize guy is so obsessed with something he clearly doesn't understand (re: "CUMULUS files for Bankruptcy! Their stock drops to 8 Cents per share....Who is in charge now? "). The answer to his latest brick-headed question is: the judge appointed in the bankruptcy proceeding. Stop typing and start reading. You'll be doing yourself and everybody else a favor. After all, you aren't providing a sliver of information about this that we haven't all seen hours before you email the Mailbag. (11/30/17)

Talkers Magazine is reporting that Rob Sussman from KBUR Burlington, Iowa will start in December at Delaware1059. No word on who he will replace. (11/30/17)

I’ve noticed that NBC Sports Washington (formerly Comcast SportsNet) no longer provides sportscasts – all I found on their schedule (besides game telecasts) were Wizards and Capitals related shows, Larry Michael’s Redskins program, simulcasts and replays of the Sports Junkies radio show and infomercials. Does anyone know the rationale behind dropping those 30 minute local sports reports? Distressed to tune in ESPN 980’s afternoon drive show and hear the three co-hosts (Czaban, Linn and Solomon) discussing the Matt Lauer story in a tawdry, gossipy manner without the slightest recognition of the fact that women are severely traumatized in these sexual harassment incidents. To be honest, they came across as three turds on the radio reveling in the misfortunes of other people in the broadcasting industry for their own personal amusement and I find that nothing short of appalling. The only proper response to this type of story on a talk show would be serious, sober discussions of the underlying societal and psychological issues associated with the treatment of women in the workplace but apparently these sleazebags are incapable of anything remotely approaching what could be considered responsible, thoughtful content. (11/30/17)

Fox News hero host Tucker Carlson showed real guts Monday night on his “The Tucker Carlson Show” when he said that not all men accused of sexual assault or even harassment are necessarily guilty. Carlson, who was falsely accused of rape at a Kentucky hotel he had never even been in by an Indiana woman obsessed with Carlson, Kimberly Carter ( www.dailymail.co.uk ) took the politically incorrect position that allegations can destroy a person’s career without even being proven: www.youtube.com (11/30/17)

Hey Trekkies, did you know "Q" is in town? John De Lancie has been on stage at the Atlas Theater on H Street for a month now, in the play "Vicuna". He's joined by TV actors from "How I Met Your Mother" and "Nurse Jackie", as well as local performers Laura Harris and Kim Schraf. The show leaves town at the end of the week. (11/30/17)

CUMULUS files for Bankruptcy! Their stock drops to 8 Cents per share. The company said yesterday, they will spend the next six months going through court-supervised Bankruptcy process. They are trying to restructure their debt. The company cannot make any major decisions without the court approval. Who is in charge now? (11/30/17)

Hmmm. Does this mean NBC has a place to park super expensive Megan Kelly? (11/30/17)

The fact that Variety and The New York Times tipped off NBC News to the Matt Lauer story is irrelevant. Obviously, NBC already knew. That’s the secret being hidden by all main stream media sources. The importance is that they tipped them off to save face for NBC so that they could break the story themselves unlike the media did with Fox News where they ran the story FIRST and then said, oh yeah, we were working on this story, forgot to tell you or ask for comment. BIG DIFFERENCE! No matter how you look at it, it’s BAD JOURNALISM ALL AROUND! The double standard is just too glaring. (11/30/17)

Cumulus filed for Bankruptcy yesterday. Their stock drops to just 8 cents per share. The company said they will spend the next six months going through court-supervised Bankruptcy process. They will continue to try to restructure their debt. The big problem now is that they cannot make any major moves with the court approval. (11/30/17)

Entercom changes another station format to "Alternative Modern Rock" in Orlando. Since they closed on the CBS Radio deal they have also changed formats in New York and Dallas to the "Alternative Modern Rock" format. They seem to like this format. Rumor has it that the next market that will change to this format is DC. (11/30/17)

Remember how well the old WHFS Alternative Rock format did on the 97.5 FM Translator in Baltimore until the Hope Church kicked them off to put their religious format on that frequency. It seems like Entercom really likes this format. This format is void in DC. (11/30/17)

REF: [The rumor (Matt Lauer) running around..."both New York Times and Variety tipped NBC off to Matt Lauer."] Oh, puleeeez...neither of these shark tanks tipped the network off about anything. NBC management had to know what this dude was doing in a newsroom, where there are NO secrets about anything. These rags would do their own mothers to get even with someone; kinda like a tit for a tat. (11/30/17)

Tom Taylor reporting that Cumulus has filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection. The sun still came up this morning, I had a successful trip to the bathroom when I got up, and the earth hasn't cracked open to reveal an angry asthenosphere (Google it, ya lazy bastids). So to answer our friend *before* he asks, "Apparently, nothing will happen to the industry when Cumulus files for bankruptcy". (11/30/17)

The Nov. 28 filing FCC filing window is open for changes to the allocated TV Repack of facilities. The first ones I noticed is that WHUT PBS 32 has filed to more than double its power from 100kw to 265kw for a better signal. But the bigger news is WTTG FOX 5 is leaving DC completely for Maryland and has filed to maximize to the full power of 1000kw non-directional, but at a different location outside DC. They want to move to the River Road tower outside of DC, the former WDCA tower it appears. The only reason I can think is that it’s closer to Bethesda, where they intend to build new studios/offices in a planned building and they want to completely abandon the current DC Wisconsin Ave. property in all ways. It makes me wonder if they might be considering building a new tower ultimately. In DC, that would not be possible. Out on River Road, maybe. Not much else is disclosed. — BaltoMedia.net (11/30/17)

Ummmm Larry O'conor has zero integrity, zero credibility, and very low standards. That is why having discredited botched criminal James O'keefe on his show today was so predictable. I have a smart phone and even it suggests "incompetent" when I type in O'connor. (11/30/17)

WMAL’s “Mourning The Mauled” with Vince & The Virgin Mary had an expert on sexual harassment in the workplace on this morning but unfortunately it was a prominent media figure whose company paid out seven figure settlements for his alleged actions: one Bill “Killing O’Reilly” O’Reilly. O’Reilly was on to comment on an interview he gave Matt Lauer who grilled him about sexual harassment and how does it feel know to know that now Lauer has been accused of sexual harassment, sort of like O.J. Simpson interviewing Charlie Manson about murder. Anyway, speaking of O.J. O’Reilly disputed what media critic Brent Bozell said on the Larry O’Connor Show Wednesday that O’Reilly, like O.J. is claiming innocence but not suing his accusers saying that HE IS going to sue his accusers but could not while at Fox News. O’Reilly, who once had a show on WMAL, ended the interview by asking Mary Walter if she was wearing a thong: naw, just kidding. MOM interview here: www.wmal.com (11/30/17)

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Can anyone on here explain the differences between the morning show broadcast formats of; 98 Rock Baltimore vs. 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia. The 98 Rock live 'JSS' morning show sounds constricted; they always have tight few minute segments, never running long when they have talks or interesting guests and they never really talk to more than 1-2 callers (if ever) and JSS never run past 10am...(I won't get into the very limited "live" format of 98 Rock vs. 24hr "live" 93.3 WMMR formats...) Meanwhile the WMMR 'Preston & Steve morning show' goes on for 3+ hours, and has long live segments with guests and callers...{they are currently doing a massive live week long camp out-broadcast} and they seem to talk-chat-joke more freely than 'JSS' about everything (who say they are not allowed to say lots of stuff) 'Preston & Steve' also have edgier comments & jokes than 'JSS'...why is that? (11/29/17)

Matt Lauer has left the building. (11/29/17)

WMAL’s Larry O’Connor, host of “The Larry O’Connor Show” (TLOS) did as predicted by a previous mailbag poster grovel up to the horrid James Edward O’Keefe of Project Veritas by having him as a guest on Wednesday. O’Keefe, a convicted criminal, heads up the discredited organization that failed at a recent sting on The Washington Post with a phony U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore story: if you can’t pull a fast one on the insipid Washington Post (witness Janet Cooke wikipedia.org ) who can you pull a fast one on? So what Larry does not seem to understand is that he was successfully scammed by O’Keefe and Veritas by having him as a legitimate guest and did not take one call to the contrary. Really disappointed in Larry who usually has some integrity: www.wmal.com (11/29/17)

Another thought on "Does anyone under 50 listen to broadcast commercial radio any more?" I spoke to my 24 year old niece in Las Vegas earlier about the holidays. I asked about her daily drive to work and school and she said she spends about 40 minutes each way. I then told her I have an extra (HA! I have seven of them) Sirius radio with a lifetime subscription I would be happy to send her if she would use it. She politely said "no thank you, I would never use it". I explained it has a crapload of music stations, news, Broadway (she really likes show tunes), and it was free. She again said no. She said she listens to her podcasts and NPR, that it. Just saying.... (11/29/17)

Washington DC based C-SPAN has a gem from the video vault from April, 1994, where Garrison Keillor at the National Press Club says: "A world in which there is no sexual harassment at all is a world in which there will not be any flirtation." Keillor, who was fired today by Minnesota Public Radio for sexual harassment, is now living in that world, and it ain’t Lake Wobegon it’s Lake Keillorbegone! The smoking gun video from C-SPAN: www.c-span.org (11/29/17)

The President of Broadcasting has declared the need for hearings on men's sexual misconduct in the industry. The primary question will be "Are you now touching, or have you ever touched, a woman." The hearings committee will accept all allegations for scrutiny. Those interrogated will be required to provide the names of fellow broadcasters who have interacted with women. A list of perpetrators will be compiled. To all of you 60-plus-year-old jocks who ever chatted with a teeny-bopper contest winner: Beware! (11/29/17)

This is a great time for young people to get into broadcasting. All the old dudes are getting fired for flappin' their doodles at their co-workers all throughout their careers. (11/29/17)

About the song Ben by Michael Jackson Richmond got off lucky since it took only 30 minutes for WLEE to explain what the song about, I don't know about the stations in DC and Baltimore but the all time champ here was the late Boots Bell on Youngstown, Ohio's WHOT. It took him an entire shift ( 4 hours !! ) to explain Ben. On You Tube there was an actual aircheck of this. I couldn't help but thinking "why is he doing this ?? Just tell the people that the song came from a movie about rats and leave it at that". Apparently even the record cover was taken out of stores because Michael Jackson was surrounded by rats replaced by one with just Michael. Today who cares !! I take that back. I guess some would have an problem especially if they have a rat phobia like some are scared of cats. (11/29/17)

iHeart still has 14 stations in their "trust". They were suppose to "divest" these stations ten years ago. When the FCC says "you must "divest these stations". They don't say when you must divest them! iHeart has enjoyed the cash flow from these stations now since 2007! Is there something wrong with this FCC Rule? (11/29/17)

WMDO-CD has filed to go off the air on Friday, 1 December. It will begin channel-sharing with WIAV-CD on channel 44. Perhaps UniMas will move to WJAL on this date, although the channel-sharing agreement gives each station half of the 19.3 Mbps, so WMDO could continue to run 1080i UniMas along with WIAV's two SD subchannels if it wanted. enterpriseefiling.fcc.gov (11/29/17)

Make it stop Dave, make it stop! First Charlie Rose, then Al Franken, then Your Name Here, now it’s “Fat Al” Roker (Hey, Hey, Hey) accused of sexual harassment (in Al’s case, it’s allegedly him groping an Italian sub)! Who’s next Dave, Matt Lauer? The Washington Post’s resident entertainment crime reporter Paul Farhi reports: www.washingtonpost.com (11/29/17)

So-o-o, there's a job opening at NBC NY then? (11/29/17)

Entercom has placed 21 of their stations in their trust in order to comply with FCC Rules. Chairman Pai, have you looked at this Rule? Isn't it time to make some changes in these FCC Rules? (11/29/17)

Three of the largest radio companies in the USA are on the verge of bankruptcy. One poster says, "who cares". This is ignorance. If these companies go into bankruptcy it will hurt the price of all radio stations. He may say, "who cares" I don't own any radio stations and don't plan to buy any stations. (11/29/17)

To the person defending The Hope Church of Marlton NJ, while I don’t think the current IRS would go after The Hope Church given the current administration, but Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker would still disagree with you. (11/29/17)

FCC news: The FCC has granted Birach Broadcasting two more Special Temporary Authority permits to Remain Silent for WVAB and WBVA AMs in Norfolk VA. This are the ridiculous STAs where Birach claimed the kid’s baseball team stole or dismantled/damaged their tower. Still the best FCC “Dog Ate My Homework” story ever and it’s still working. Also, as a matter of law, the FCC says that the license for WGBG AM 1590 in Ocean City will be deleted in 2 weeks on Dec. 12 at 12 midnight. The station hasn’t been on the air mostly for around a year and never as licensed in over 10 years. Maybe WFBR AM 1590 near Baltimore might want to consider re-directing their signal to the coast? Same thing with WILC AM 900 Laurel. There are now no night time protections on AM 900 to the east due to WJWL changing to Class D status. If the FCC ever allows FM translators to not have an AM originating station, WJWL AM 900 would go dark in minutes as they have an FM that covers the same area. (11/29/17)

The rumor running around is that The Washington Post notified NBC on Monday that they were going to publish a story about Matt Lauer based on one account from a victim who said there were many others, so they acted to prevent that story from being printed, at least the way it initially was. The question begs… Is it journalism if you tip off the perp’s boss ahead of time to save face for another left wing company? Something stinks very badly here. If NBC hadn’t been tipped off, they probably would have just paid out some money to make it go away just like Fox News..... Correction. Both New York Times and Variety tipped NBC off to Matt Lauer. Same problem. (11/29/17)

To the person who thought it was funny for the reaction of the so-called millennial people when it comes to Greaseman you should see what they do with Cousin Brucie. It's "..my god does this guy ever shit up !" and it's pretty much the same with anyone who was on the air back then too. When Michael Jackson had "Ben" many of disc jockeys at the time had a hard time saying just who BEN was ( a rat ). I remember it took WLEE in Richmond almost a half hour to explain that this and it was funny but today with so many millennials having rats and mice as pets they of course don't see what the big deal was back in 1972. I worked in radio for 20 years and often I did the overnight shift and even that is considered "weird" to a millennial. (11/29/17)

The Nov. 28 filing FCC filing window is open for changes to the allocated TV Repack of facilities. The first ones I noticed is that WHUT PBS 32 has filed to more than double its power from 100kw to 265kw for a better signal. But the bigger news is WTTG FOX 5 is leaving DC completely for Maryland and has filed to maximize to the full power of 1000kw non-directional, but at a different location outside DC. They want to move to the River Road tower outside of DC, the former WDCA tower it appears. The only reason I can think is that it’s closer to Bethesda, where they intend to build new studios/offices in a planned building and they want to completely abandon the current DC Wisconsin Ave. property in all ways. It makes me wonder if they might be considering building a new tower ultimately. In DC, that would not be possible. Out on River Road, maybe. Not much else is disclosed. — BaltoMedia.net (11/28/17)

One of Greaseman's PBUH "brief forays" was a Saturday morning show about 10 years ago. Not the best time slot for his wacky bits at the ring dang doo. "This poster who calls himself "Gus in Gaithersburg", does not like to hear about the stock market. He or She probably does not own a single share of stock in radio. Those of us who have invested our hard earned money in radio stocks care a great deal about it." A. That's not what I call myself B. Anyone who comes to this site for stock news is a retard. C. Anyone who posts stock news on this site is a retard. D. It would be uncharitable of me to point out that maybe investing your hard earned money in radio stocks is the move of a retard. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/29/17)

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Not Radio Rebelde. The Cuban station on 570 is Radio Reloj (Radio Clock), Havana. It's the "WTOP" of Cuba with a fast-paced news format, and a unique jingle which sounds out the station's initials in morse code, "RR". Radio Reloj has been operating for years with 50 kW transmitters on several AM frequencies. They are often clearly audible under 570 in the winter. I've read the station can be heard in the daytime as far north as South Carolina. (11/28/17)

To Baltomedia.net, I don't know how many times people have explained this to you, but I'll try again. Being a "non-profit organization" does not mean you can't turn a profit on transactions. Many do. What it *does* mean is that at the end of each tax year, you can't show a profit. Many non-profits meet this simply by giving employees bonuses, buying stuff, or otherwise spending enough money to make outlays equal intake. Stop posting your fake incredulity about how "Hope Church can still be called a non-profit", and consult your tax professional. (11/28/17)

I would think the odds of anyone listening to either WSPZ or WWRC while driving at night and then switching to the other to continue listening are close to zero. Do either of them even show in the book? These stations only exist so Salem can claim clearance in DC to network clients. Otherwise they're ghost signals. (11/28/17)

Salem Moves "Answer" To 570 - Where will UVa football/basketball games be aired; 570 or 1260? (11/28/17)

This poster who calls himself "Gus in Gaithersburg", does not like to hear about the stock market. He or She probably does not own a single share of stock in radio. Those of us who have invested our hard earned money in radio stocks care a great deal about it. If you don't want to hear about it read another blog. The stock market is at an all time high. However, the radio stocks are at an all time low and going into bankruptcy. This is NEWS about the radio industry. My advise to this "jerk" is go read another blog and stop posting your stupid comments on DCRTV. (11/28/17)

Stockruptcy Guy: On November 10 you reported a price of 55 cents a share. On November 12 you reported a price of 81 cents a share. On November 13 you reported a price of 86 cents a share. On November 17 you reported a price of one dollar per share. On November 28 you reported a price of 85 cents a share. I think a much more interesting post would be a running tally of how many people want you to take you own life. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/28/17)

"Does anyone under 50 listen to broadcast commercial radio any more?" Heh heh ... other than the occasional foray, Greaseman has been off the local FM band now for nineteen years (wow, really?). Play one of his clips for some P.C. Millennial puke today and watch their face curl into a horrific puckered grimace. "Oh my God, Dad, you and your friends thought this guy was *funny* when you were younger?" Yep we did. Still do. (11/28/17)

"...Does anyone under 50 listen to broadcast commercial radio any more? No......"..Ah this I disagree with you Dave. They do listen BUT the millennails don't like the radio WE like. Take WPGC in the 60s & 70s and WAVA in the mid to late 80s You had jocks around the clock. They ( millennials ) don't like that except for weekday mornings and maybe afternoons . A weather forecast at 8pm or 3:30am ?? To us that was no big deal but they "...OMG...don't these people have the weather app ??'. Time checks ?? ".....OMG GET A WATCH !!". My 24 year old son was listening on You Tube to an aircheck of WAVA from 1986 sometime ago and he was bored. He couldn't get it. News ?? OK for WTOP and a few others but on the music stations ?? For many of them not acceptable !! The millennails for the most part want to hear someone closer to their age which is why so many of the oldsters were laid off or simply got out of the business. No those under 50 DO listen for many of the millennal crowd they just don't like what radio was doing 30 or even 20 years ago. (11/28/17)

From Dave: "Does anyone under 50 listen to broadcast commercial radio any more?" From a Nielsen Report Study, Audio Today; November 2016: "Traditional AM/FM radio is still the fastest way to reach a local audience, with 93% of Americans (ages 12 and up) listening to local radio each week". Yes, 12+ covers a lot of territory. But folks still listen. Too bad that radios being manufactured today are made out of sh*t --- if there's anything killing radio today, its lousy fidelity and lousy content. Let the discussion begin... (11/28/17)

Dave's response: I know a few folks under 50 and it seems that almost none of them are regular listeners of broadcast radio. Most listen to their podcasts or favorite songs through their phones with headphones or earbuds.....

About the Cuban station on 570 KHz: Radio Rebelde has been on nearly every frequency between 540 and 620 for decades. It's always had that Morse Code version of their name in the background and some guy yelling the news as long as I've been DXing. It's a part of having a station at the low end of the dial, like living near a freight railroad track. Here is the Wikipedia description: wikipedia.org. The US response, in the 1960s, was covert station Radio Swan, 1165, just to the left of WWVA, Wheeling, WV, and to the right of WJJD Chicago (at winter sunset) on our kitchen radio in Brooklyn: wikipedia.org. You can find anything on the Wikipedia. -- Carl in Olney (11/28/17)

iHeart stock continues to drop. Now at 85 cents per share. When will they be delisted? They still have a massive debt of over $20 Billion. Lenders like to be paid back. If you invested in this stock, you will probably never regain your investment. (11/28/17)

Dave's response: All these radio corporate stock plunges are not surprising. Does anyone under 50 listen to broadcast commercial radio any more? No......

Spanish Broadcasting System- SBS....stock drops to an all time low. Their stock price is now 40 cents per share. Wall Street sure does not like radio stocks. This will scare future investors in the radio stocks. SBS sold their studio building in New York for $14 Million. (11/28/17)

A few years back during the summers, 570 AM was enduring background interference from a Cuban operation, repeatedly sending the Morse Code sign for "R" -- dot-dash-dot (or dit-dah-dit if you're a ham). Is this still happening, did Salem know before they bought, and do they even care? (11/28/17)

Regarding the bungled Project Veritas dcrtv hit job on the Washington Post..... Don't worry. Larry O'Connor and James O'keefe are BFFs and I am sure Larry will have him on the radio to discuss what a successful mission it was. Go Larry Go! (11/28/17)

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Hey, I'm as bored with the stock price guy as anyone, but to see the Gas in Gaithersburg telling anyone to stop posting because "No one cares" is just too much. Way beyond pot calling the kettle black. (11/27/17)

WQLL AM 1370 has cancelled Bill West's Purple Pride weekend sports show as of a few days ago. They are going strictly all music now, most likely mostly automated. — BaltoMedia.net (11/27/17)

“The end of the Maryland-St Bonaventure broadcast should not come as a surprise.” I agree and for sure, not the fault of the analyst. The person who hired the play-by-play guy needs to do his/her job much, much better. This is big-time radio and college basketball. There are some fine sportscasters in the DC/Baltimore area. I am sure this guy hired to fill-in for the great Johnny Holliday wasn’t the only candidate available. Johnny—you were missed a lot that evening but we know you cannot be in two places at the same time. Thanks. (11/27/17)

The Washington Post breaks a story about, what else, The Washington Post. What may be the oddest fake news story of the year, it seems that a Post reporter was approached by a woman who claimed when she was 14 she was impregnated by Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore that resulted in an abortion. The woman even met with a Post reporter, claimed she had interviewed with The Daily Caller (which The Daily Caller denied) for a position in New York (the Daily Caller is only based in DC), but wanted to give The Washington Post the exclusive on her story. The Post reporter after checking out the woman’s background found it was very fishy and it turns out that the woman was part of a bumbled sting by Project Veritas to embarrass the Post. Absolutely amazing story that even DCRTV might like: www.washingtonpost.com (11/27/17)

[[The end of the Maryland -St Bonaventure game broadcast should not come as a surprise. The guy filling in for Johnny Holiday was in a no win situation and not an experienced broadcaster. That's what happens when you have people trying to fill someones shoes that have no experience in doing a sporting event.]] Those fill-in decisions are made by the University. It was an unusual situation where both teams played at the same time. There's been little occurrences of these conflicts in the past. Beltway Way Boog-a-Loo in Fairfax. (11/27/17)

"Cumulus stock now at 16 cents per share. Bankruptcy could come next week. Thanks to a previous poster for explaining the difference between Chapter XI Bankruptcy and Chapter VII Bankruptcy." You do realize that that makes you and your obsessive posts look like ass don't you? Not knowing the basics of what you obsessively post about? Not "like an ass", "like ass". Just stop. No one cares. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/27/17)

NBC (local affiliate WRC) reports that Senator Elizabeth “Pochahontas” Warren is upset that Trump called her that name again at a White House ceremony honoring Native American “talkers” who broke enemy codes during WWII. Warren, you might say, is on the war path and wants Don’s scalp: twitter.com/NBCNews (11/27/17)

As Gus in Gaithersburg said himself, he is an Apple Mac expert from 1984. I’m not sure if the year or the Super Bowl TV commercial though. www.youtube.com :-) (11/27/17)

VOA releases its 2018 calendar free on PDF docs.voanews.eu (11/27/17)

The end of the Maryland -St Bonaventure game broadcast should not come as a surprise. The guy filling in for Johnny Holiday was in a no win situation and not an experienced broadcaster.Thats what happens when you have people trying to fill someones shoes that have no experience in doing a sporting event. The color guy has no shot at doing play by play of a major college basketball team like Maryland. Thats why he's the color guy or so called analyst. Many of my friends heard the game as well and said it sounded like an amateur production. When Johnny, Walt Williams and Chris Knockie are all together, it's the best college broadcast crew around. (11/27/17)

Martinsburg's WKMZ reaching Harrisonburg. It sure does but mostly to the north end of Harrisonburg but in the south end you would get Charlottesville's 97.5 3WV instead. In Harrisonburg proper WKMZ and 3WV really is a crap shoot. Long time ago I had friends who lived not far from WHSV and they got WKMZ but their neighbors across the street got 3WV. Back in the late 90s when both stations had more/less the same format going around Harrisonburg you really didn't know which station was on 97.5 at all. Now whenever WKMZ or 3WV is off the air for whatever reason if it is 3WV then WKMZ can make it to almost Lynchburg or if it is WKMZ then 3WV booms all the way to Hagerstown. (11/27/17)

It's a homecoming of sorts for the WWRC call letters on Salem's new 570 since they were parked there for a few years in the '90s after WTEM moved up the dial to 980. As for 1260 being turned off, it might be better for Salem to consider simulcasting The Answer on both 570 and 1260 since the new signal from Germantown basically becomes a Montgomery County station at night, and has some tight nulls to the northeast. 1260 is 15-miles closer to DC and actually has a better signal over the District after sundown which is very obvious to anyone driving from the District out to Germantown in the evening. (11/27/17)

Gus, Gus, Gus, “A perhaps interesting article on the GWEN (Groundwave Emergency Network) system: Radio Apocalypse: The GWEN System hackaday.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/26/17)”. GWEN may be your favorite radio station or the girl who makes your subs at Subway but why would anyone want to go to a link to “hackaday.com” unless they wanted to be hacked? (11/27/17)

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After several days of running nothing but a 1-minute loop directing people to WWRC 570, I guess Salem decided to save on the electric bill as the new WSPZ 1260 appears to be off the air today. Since they already have talk on 570 plus Christian teaching on 780/105.1, the rumor had been that this week 1260 would get either some form of Christian music (English or Spanish) or a secular "Health and Wellness Radio" format that recently popped up in Minneapolis. (11/26/17)

A perhaps interesting article on the GWEN (Groundwave Emergency Network) system: Radio Apocalypse: The GWEN System hackaday.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/26/17)

I just heard about this earlier today on WBAL There is an exhibit entitled "The Wider World of Jim McKay" at Harford Community College through Jan. 12. It chronicles the career of Mr. McKay. Details/Info can be found here: www.harford.edu (11/26/17)

WDCN 87.7 FM is spraying the dial with a careless signal. This is the audio channel for the Channel 6 TV.....LPTV Station. This is the "FM Station" that never operated as a TV Station that it was intended. It is licensed to Fairfax. However, they are operating at a much higher power than licensed. The FCC does not seem to pay any attention to it. (11/26/17)

Hearst paid $650,000 for W268BA 101.5 FM in Baltimore. Moving it to the 1000 foot tall TV Hill candelabra tower won’t be cheap either. How The Hope Church stays a non-profit still boggles my mind. If Dave will oblige, here’s the signal the Hope Church applied for at around 400 foot. There is no plot from TV Hill yet as it’s not approved yet. There’s a severe null to the north to protect WROZ 101.3 Lancaster, PA and a null to the southwest to protect WBQB 101.5. — BaltoMedia.net (11/26/17)

It’s unclear to me what exactly will happen with WDCN-LP. They have a construction permit unbuilt for channel 43, but that will be taken away under the TV repack. Technically, after the repack, all analog signals will disappear too, so all Franken FMs on channel 6 should disappear by law. But we’ll see what happens. (11/26/17)

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I did not realize it until now that WZHF 1390 has pulled the plug on Spanish and is back to relaying Radio Sputnik. I also guess the engineers are still asleep at WJFK...Their 106.7HD3 relay of WFAN remains horribly distorted.. TK in Odenton (11/25/17)

I was tuning the FM band.with my HD Radio last night and noticed 98.7 HD2 which played I Heart Radios Classic Country has talk thinking since it was like 1AM Maybe it was a special program but Saturday afternoon still talk since there's no longer Hdradio.com which was good at listing HD stations and their formats by city don't know what there doing but it now leaves no Classic Country station in the DC area. (11/25/17)

When Salem moved The Answer to 570 last Monday, it also flipped the station call letters. 570 is now WWRC and 1260 is now WSPZ. Virginia Cavaliers football & men's basketball games also moved from their temp home of 1260 back to 570. Everett W. (11/25/17)

So, Martinsburg's 97.5 has switched from adult contemporarry to contemporarry hits. Not sure what to think about this. They have quite a bit of competition, including 98.3 in Winchester, 92.1 in Chambersburg, 96.7 in Hagerstown which has more of a hip-hop leaning and a very week signal. There's also 103.1 in Frederick, and I guess you could include 92.5 Winc and mix 95.1 as somewhat competitive as well, but they're more Hot AC/ adult contemp stations. However, 97.5 has the strongest signal by far out of all the CHR stations in the area. If they know how to do it right, they could do quite well. Pretty sure the signal reaches almost as far South as Harrisonburg and definitely pretty far up into Pennsylvania and Western Maryland. It also reaches a good chunk of Northern Virginia and parts of Montgomery County. We'll just have to see what happens. (11/25/17)

DCRTV Redskins fans who want to know how next Thursday’s game against the Cowboys in Dallas will go should tune into “Morning Joe” this Monday morning for the score. Seems Joe & Mika are either clairvoyant or liars, pretending the day after Thanksgiving what a great meal & time they had. The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi reports: “The hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” did the usual day-after Thanksgiving kibitzing on the air on Friday morning, telling viewers about their turkey dinners and mentioning the big football game the night before. One problem: None of those things had actually happened at the time Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Co. started talking about them. The program that aired Friday morning was taped Wednesday, but made to look and sound as if it was airing live. “Morning Joe” airs live on MSNBC five days a week. It features discussions of breaking or very recent news events. Friday’s program had all the earmarks of a typical “Morning Joe” and few viewers seemed to notice that it wasn’t happening in real time. MSNBC offered no announcement or statement to viewers that it was a taped program. The only indirect clue was at the bottom of the screen: The “Live” graphic that normally appears was removed. The rest was cooked up to appear as if it was happening in real time. Brezinski opened the program by saying, “Day after Thanksgiving! Hoo! I’m stuffed.” More from Farhi: www.washingtonpost.com (11/25/17)

Cumulus stock now at 16 cents per share. Bankruptcy could come next week. Thanks to a previous poster for explaining the difference between Chapter XI Bankruptcy and Chapter VII Bankruptcy. (11/25/17)

I know there's some unhappy people here - in general - about the Spanish LPTV/FM station parked at 87.7. But I want to know if their signal, while iffy, isn't actually out of tolerance. The Shell Gas Station in Springfield VA that does the Christmas Light/Sound show every year just signed back on the air the other night at 87.9, and unless you are pumping gas right under the antenna, the signal is being splashed by WDCN-FM. If they really are spraying the dial with a careless signal, there's another reason to direct some ire at them. (11/25/17)

Dave's response: My new pads is just down the road from that Shell station. I'll have to check it out.....

Actually, I get 99.1 loud and clear north of York along I-83. I also get 107.9 pretty clear well into York County in I-83. (11/25/17)

What did WBAL pay for the 101.5 Translator from the Hope Church in Marlton, NJ? The Hope Church has been selling off several of their translators for big bucks. Remember, they are a Non-Profit Organization and pay NO TAXES. (11/25/17)

We missed you Johnny Holliday. Friday night's play-by-play of Maryland vs St Bonaventure was horrible. Example: final play with the Terps ball and 3 seconds to go down two. The announcer says, "We gotta go, go, go". No description of the throw-in, any dribble or any attempted shot, if there was a shot. Just a terrible non-call by the announcer. (11/25/17)

NBC4 in their promos are saying that they are the most watched local news. Well, over on Fox5, they're claiming that they are the number one watched local new as well. I'm going to assume that each station is "number one" for different broadcast times and/or demographics. For example, NBC4 stops broadcasting news at 7am and Fox 5 continues until 11am. Although one can't say that the latter is reporting much news during that time, maybe they're claiming larger local viewership during that time. So, is there fine print at the bottom of the screen that my old eyes can't see that provides the specifics on these "number one watched" claims? (11/25/17)

Can we now start referring to The Washington Post as a political blog instead of a newspaper? Now that it’s been reported that their own reporter participated in a George Soros strategy session, how is it possible to even call them a newspaper anymore? And the staff person wasn’t even reprimanded. This is a clear violation of The Post’s own ethics code as well as anything you’d learn at JOUR 101 at The Phillip Merrill College of Journalism. And the other story that came out was that Jeff Bezos hired nearly 100 non-journalists simply to investigate Trump and Russia to effectively get him out of office. This explains why there’s multiple stories in The Post every single day even when nothing is happening or there is no new news. Instead of Democracy Dies in Darkness the paper should say “Journalism Dies in Darkness." (11/25/17)

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I, too, saw the live coverage of the Baltimore Police Department's presser on the detective's murder, and how pathetic it was as 11 and 13 cut away early. What's even worse is how these stations are clueless about how to advance the story, especially without lead investigative reporter Jayne Miller. Instead, they keep running BPD Police Commissioner Kevin Davis over and over, saying the same shit from three days ago. This morning, same shit, different day with alleged reporter David Collins on tape from the night before, saying the same thing from Wednesday. It's laughable, but yet sad how stupid the coverage has become. And no one challenges BPD over the commissioner's assertion that there was no conspiracy. REALLY? And still, no clarification of the so-called "partner" who allegedly accompanied this detective in one of the worst neighborhoods, if not THE worst neighborhood in the entire city. Again, we do not know all facts because BPD has been reluctant to provide them, but according to published reports, this so-called back-up officer was running for his own cover, no body cam and no radio to call for help. He allegedly had to use a cell to "call 911." REALLY??? The whole thing stinks, and not one peep out of their public information officer who is normally all over the media. He even stood there with the commissioner, with nothing to add which, for him, is very strange. And now, more than a week after the death of this detective, no arrest. There is another shoe to drop in this case. I hope someone in this pathetic pack of pencil-pushing, pontificating press people will wake up and see if it fits. (11/24/17)

What are the Entercom Stations in DC? WIAD 94.7 AC... WPGC 95.5 CHR/Urban... WDCH 99.1 Leased to Bloomberg... WJFK 106.7 Sports... WLZL 107.9 Spanish... (11/24/17)

Re: "DCRTV fans who lean right might want to watch the knives at Thanksgiving dinner if your family includes Commie Trump haters: seems the pajama crowd is planning to confront you over mashed potatoes even if you don’t totally support The Trumpster just for not wishing him harm…blah blah blah blah blah….” Huh? (11/24/17)

WHFS favorite and Bethesda boy, “pop hero” Tommy Keene assumed room temperature “in his sleep”: “His sound was exactly the right fit for musicians we liked to champion on WHFS,” said Cerphe Colwell. “He had the gift of writing unforgettable, beautiful songs that became a huge component of the late 70s and 80s D.C. music scene.” Keene, who was DCRTVDJDAVE’s age at 59, had “movie star good looks” and graduated from Walter Johnson High School. WTOP reports: wtop.com (11/24/17)

"When a company goes into Chapter VII, the court can force them to sell off their assets to pay off their Creditors/Lenders" WOO HOO! Let's pool our money together, buy the stations and the building they're in, turn in the licenses and gut the buildings, then use them to revive the Hot Shoppes restaurant brand! (11/24/17)

"Alice's Restaurant". Wowee. For six months in 1989-1990, I held down the afternoon shift at WSBS-AM in Great Barrington, Mass., a town just south of Stockbridge. I got to meet Officer Obie at the studio. The story of Arlo Guthrie's adventure became very different to me that day. It was a cool station and I would have stayed there longer than six months, except a plum gig opened up in Connecticut a full sixty miles closer to my elderly parents. - Al Peterson (11/24/17)

Saw Kevin McCarthy's recorded piece yesterday with him apologizing for not being in the studio & how he loves his job (which he must be required to say every day). He then talked about some show that was available for streaming but then advised the viewing audience to only watch the streaming program AFTER the Fox morning show goes off. His insecurity and desire to be liked is so obvious. I am all for a team player, but find butt kissers and suck ups quite sickening. (11/24/17)

The Baltimore Ravens are advertising tickets for sale for Monday Night Football on WBAL TV. This is rather unusual since practically every Ravens game since the team's inception has been sold out or in recent memory. The very fact that the Ravens are spending advertising money seems to suggest it's a significant number of unsold tickets. Under the no longer strictly enforced NFL policy, the game could not be shown locally, but it makes one wonder. Is the NFL thinking about blacking the game out in Baltimore or is there an effort to avoid a national TV embarrassment of empty seats? And one wonders, who is paying for the ads? — BaltoMedia.net (11/24/17)

As previously reported, soon WBAL 1090 will also be on 101.5 FM. Hearst’s WBAL 1090 has filed to move its newly purchased FM translator from the Hope Marlton Church to the TV Hill candelabra tower at 997 feet at 250 watts. Even with that low wattage & directional due to protections, the height will make the soon to be WBAL Low Power FM on 101.5 a rather impressive signal. I don’t see any updated contour from 997 feet yet, but it would be a big improvement from 419 feet, the previous construction permit. That’s over double the height. — BaltoMedia.net (11/24/17)

Again management at Fox5 believes that Erin Como is competent to be an anchor on the desk. With Steve, Allison and Holly out today, they do need a third person to swap in for either Maureen or Wisdom every so often as they're obviously holding down the fort all morning. But Erin is so weak when it comes to reporting the news as well as attempting to ad lib. But hey, when you have no one else, you go,with what you have. Also, we probably should get used to seeing her anchor as I believe within the year she'll be on the anchor desk. And in reality, whether people want to admit it or not, her tight dresses and dating the producer have been to her advantage. (11/24/17)

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Yes I remember The Charlie Rose Show in the early 80s on NBC 4. It really was like Donahue and I am pretty sure it was produced in DC too. Syndicated ?? That I am not sure but it was on WAVY in Norfolk and WWBT in Richmond. Come to think of it anything that NBC 4 did like George Michaels Sports Machine would also air on WAVY and WWBT as well. Makes me wonder why have local news ?? Might as well beam NBC 4 over channel 12 in Richmond and channel 10 in Norfolk. (11/23/17)

The WDCH city grade signal covers 95% of the district. The 60dbu contour covers about 80% of the metro population. This station really isn't signal limited. It is interference limited. The desence from the second adjacent channels in DC are the problem. Remember they cracked a 3 share playing the History of Rock and Roll. (11/23/17)

Someone mentioned about ads for soda pop being removed from TV. Ah that is not about to happen. The only people who would support that idea would be the fine folks at Yahoo. Yahoo declared war against the Coca-Cola company years ago for some reason. "Diet Coke...why do we drink this crap ??" and "Is Coca-Cola the next Phillip Morris ??" were some of their headlines. Yahoo went big some years ago about a girl from New Zealand who died from drinking Coke. Of course Yahoo was quiet about the same girl who died had another addiction...cigarettes !! Yahoo did a story about some people laid off in Chicago some years back but they kept bringing up Red Bull which I think they gave them money. I do recall getting cigarettes banned from TV was a bit of a challenge, though successful one even for the late 60s so I would imagine doing the same for soda now would be much more difficult if not totally impossible. (11/23/17)

With WHFS off the air, in case DCRTV Mailbag fans missed it elsewhere on radio, a great video (from the movie) of Alice’s Restaurant. Happy Thanksgiving: www.youtube.com (11/23/17)

Congratulations to Entercom on closing the CBS Radio deal. There is a big loophole in the FCC Rules that will help you. The present rules say that you must "divest" 21 stations in order to comply with the present rules. Here is your loophole.....The Rule does not say when you must "divest". You have put these stations in your "Trust" but you can keep them in your "Trust" forever..... You can continue to enjoy the cash flow from these stations until you decide you want to sell them, if ever! iHeart put WFRE 99.9 FM in their "Trust" ten years ago and still own it and enjoy the cash flow form it ten years later. They did the same thing with WFMD 930 AM! These FCC Rules are a JOKE. FCC Chairman Pai is aware of these "loopholes" and has done nothing about it. (11/23/17)

Everyone complains about 99.1 & 107.9’s signals for DC but neither are actually DC stations. They both are Baltimore market signals that are being forced to act like DC frequencies. 99.1 has a terrific signal to the Mason Dixon line all of 20 plus miles North of Baltimore and it usually carries clear for at least 3-5 miles into PA. Meanwhile you have complaining about these signals not reaching 20 miles from their tower site for DC. Land elevation plays a part in that but DC’s signals all fall short of the same distance by about 10-15 miles unless there’s something giving the DC signals an extra push on a certain day. If Entercom took back 99.1 and moved it back to the Baltimore cluster where it belongs the frequency would get solid ratings. You can’t take Baltimore frequencies with a big signal and say these are for Manassas, VA only where their signal was not intended for. If the now defunct WNEW was geared to Baltimore specifically they probably would have been consistently in Baltimore’s top 5 in ratings if not #1. (11/23/17)

You can still buy Cumulus stock OTC....".Over The Counter." Why would anyone want to buy it? It will be worthless soon.! Chapter XI means "Reorganization" by the court to try to avoid Chapter VII. The court will have final decision making power over the company. When a company goes into Chapter VII, the court can force them to sell off their assets to pay off their Creditors/Lenders. With over $2 Billion in debt, their lenders want to be paid. (11/23/17)

If Entercom put their Alternative Rock format on 107.9 FM, they cover Baltimore and the Eastern half of the DC Market. They could lease or buy a Translator in Northern Virginia to cover the Western half of the DC Market. There are some good Translators in Northern Virginia they could simulcast the format. (11/23/17)

"When ... their stock price drops to zero, then their stock is worth nothing." Where else can we find such brilliant analysis? Pleeeeaaase give it a rest. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/23/17)

The Reston Patch reports that this Thanksgiving is the 50th anniversary of Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” (which the late great WHFS would always play) and that many area radio stations will be playing in its entirety: patch.com (11/23/17)

WTOP’s George Wallace (no, not that George Wallace) reports that the NFL Network’s “A Football Life” series will present a documentary on Skins famed HOF coach Joe Gibbs. The show will air Friday, November 24th at 9:00PM: wtop.com (11/23/17)

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Seems there are big changes at WMZQ as iHeart Radio gets cheaper. Aly Jacobs out, Michael J to middays and WWDC vet Ty Bailey to afternoons. (11/22/17)

Almost a day after he died but the Gamut did play 2 Partridge Family songs after 4 Pm today I Think I love you and I Woke Up In Love This Morning. they have a website of playlist for past day They play lots of stuff not heard elsewhere like Bob Dylan Moody Blues Fats Domino. (11/22/17)

From CNN's Brian Stelter: How Trump's FCC is rewriting the rules... A very smart story by CNN's Seth Fiegerman: "Ajit Pai may go down as one of President Trump's most effective, and controversial, regulators." The FCC chairman "has moved fast to eliminate regulations for large internet service providers and broadcast media conglomerates." Along with the "net neutrality" rollback... -- Pai is reviewing "existing rules that prevent broadcast companies from owning TV stations that reach more than 39% of all TV households in the U.S..." -- "Earlier this month, the FCC voted to eliminate a longstanding rule that prevented entities from owning a radio or TV station and a newspaper in the same market. The FCC also loosened restrictions to make it easier for a company to own more than one TV station in one market..." -- "This month, the FCC also voted to begin scaling back a federal program" called Lifeline "intended to help low-income U.S. households get access to the internet..." (11/22/17)

Sinclair has changed its TV repack plans slightly. WUTB My 24 is not moving to WNUV CW 54 as was previously notified. Now, it’s moving to the WBFF Fox 45 channel. Same height or close, but it will shuffle around both stations' sub-channels. Not sure how yet. Either way the tallest tower in Maryland will certainly improve the signal from the current shorter Catonsville tower outside of Baltimore. The repack will reduce the number of sub-channels on these 3 TV stations, as early as Jan. 2018, having only 2 channels. Mostly affects Antenna using people, but the sub-channel networks will disappear from cable too possibly. —BaltoMedia.net (11/22/17)

Cumulus stock drops to an all time low of 17 cents per share. When they go into Bankruptcy, and their stock price drops to zero,then their stock is worth nothing. The next question is if Investors wanted to get rid of their stock what would it be worth? (11/22/17)

Okay, about the idea of Entercom changing WLZL to alternative rock…there’s a issue with that and it’s the same issue with it on 99.1 With WLZL…the transmitter is just outside of Annapolis. The signal actually goes more towards Baltimore instead of the western parts of Northern Virginia and Western Maryland. Although WDCH is out of Bowie…again, it’s more aimed at Baltimore and not the western parts of Northern Virginia and Western Maryland. Sure, you could bring a alternative rock format to either signal but those areas not registering a good signal won’t be putting in either station into the ratings and you end up with where ratings are now….18th or so and below. I do admit that DC 101 has a standard alternative playlist but it’s to be expected…it’s iHeart for crying out loud. Not like DC 101 is a independent blowtorch with the ability to think outside the box. With the major corporate radio structure…your basic formats will have basically a set playlist with little wiggle room to play around with. Sadly, with corporate radio it’s like this…very standard and very much without a LOT of major shakeups. Even iHeart’s WDVE out of Pittsburgh is very much a standard Mainstream Rock station with some deep cuts but for the most part…the first word in their format spells it all. Be well everyone and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Dan (11/22/17)

Around 5:00pm today (Wed.), the Baltimore Police Dept. has a press conference with the latest info on the murder of Det. Suiter. Shortly after the question segment begins, CH 13 breaks away to go back to the normal newscast with a teaser about not pouring your turkey grease down the kitchen drain tomorrow. CH. 11 breaks away shortly thereafter to preview the weather and holiday traffic. To their credit, much criticized WBAL 1090 aired most of the presser, airing about 10 additional minutes. 11 and 13: How do you expect to be taken as a legitimate news organization when you break away from the biggest news story in Baltimore since the Freddie Grey riots for fluff Thanksgiving pieces? WE GET IT--- It' Thanksgiving, and people TRAVEL You've been telling us about it since last Friday !! What a sorry lot all of you are. Wouldn't have anything to do with the BPD press conference last week when they called you out for running with incorrect information and presenting it as fact, would it? They mentioned again today that there never was a confrontation when the Det. knocked on a door, as Jayne Miller and others reported. Original reports last Wed, had the Det. as a 17 yr veteran with 2 kids, living in Delaware, not the factual 18 yr vet, 5 kids, from PA. So based on info today, we have a conspiracy theory. This should be fun to see how the local media covers this. On a lighter note, anxiously awaiting the annual DCRTV Turkey Day post from a fellow mailbagger. You know who you are ! (hint A.C.) (11/22/17)

WLZL 107.9 has the worst ratings since they started the Spanish Format. They rank #20 now. WILC 900 AM in Laurel is beating them and ranks #17. Entercom could do much better with an Alternative Rock Format. When that format was on a translator in Baltmore, it did well. (11/22/17)

DCRTV fans who lean right might want to watch the knives at Thanksgiving dinner if your family includes Commie Trump haters: seems the pajama crowd is planning to confront you over mashed potatoes even if you don’t totally support The Trumpster just for not wishing him harm. The best thing to do is to arrive with cotton balls in your ears and claim you have an ear infection and cannot hear and just eat & drink & watch football as much as you can before bolting. CQ’s Joe Berkowitz, younger brother of Son of Sam Berkowitz details what’s ahead for you: www.qq.com (11/22/17)

Anyone remember The Charlie Rose Show on WRC (NBC4) in 1981? From what I remember, it had a similar format as that of Donahue. Was that 1981 Charlie Rose show produced in Washington or syndicated around the country, with WRC as an affiliated station? (11/22/17)

Since Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is just phrase used to describe a court-administered re-organization for the purpose of preventing actual (Chapter 7) bankruptcy, I'm not too concerned. In the worst (best?) case, all the stations will be sold to small owners who will possibly restore local broadcasting to what it used to be. In the best case (for the current owner) they will just keep on going as they have always done. -- Carl in Olney (11/22/17)

Cumulus has been delisted by NASDAQ. Chapter XI Bankruptcy will follow soon. All of their assets are pledged as collateral on their $2 Billion Debt. Their debt is $2,235,000,000. (11/22/17)

Watching the Charlie Rose story on BBC World News, I like that they stick to principles and call him a "news presenter". It sounds so ordinary, which is NOT the way US news presenters like to think of themselves. Also, I heard Tchaikovsky's 1st Piano Concerto on WBJC-91.5 recently in HD in my car and realized from the extreme clarity that WBJC seems to have the highest quality sound in the whole region; it may be because it has only one HD channel. You could hear each instrument separately, and even the keystrokes on the piano had a stereo quality to them that I never hear on any other classical (or other) station. And it's run by a community college in Baltimore City (hence the call letters from its original name from fifty years ago: Baltimore Junior College) and I was about 25 miles away when I heard it. -- Carl in Olney (11/22/17)

Har, I thought the WMAL “student” was so far off in his initial facts that it was more likely some sort of tongue-in-cheek hoax. Otherwise, you’re right, I would have provided the Martin A. Leese confirmation for the calls. May they survive until their 100th birthday on October 28, 2025. This is your Pilot speaking. (11/22/17)

"[Entercom] seem to like Alternative a lot as it appears they’ve done 3 format flips to Alt rock..." Entercom knows they are now a few large- and medium-market flips away from essentially owning the "alternative" format, and it is valuable as one of the few formats targeted toward those young whippersnappers. There's a format war brewing as iHeart has started killing off moribund classic/active rock stations and replacing them with "Alt". Last week they flipped 106.7 Detroit and have now registered domains for a few more - 101.3 Grand Rapids, 101.1 Orlando and unidentified 95.5 and 105.7, which could be their active rocker in Greensboro. (Pretty confusing that both them and Entercom use the "Alt" branding.) And on Monday RadioInsight reported another Entercom Alt flip in a large market, although I couldn't find indicators of one and the report is behind a paywall. There will be more flips. As has been written here, it would be surprising if they bring one to DC given DC101's crappy ratings - although IMO DC101 has a terrible playlist thanks to no competition, and another option would be nice. (11/22/17)

Does anyone have the November sweeps results for the DC TV market? (11/22/17)

Memo to WCTN, WKCW and The Gamut: David Cassidy is dead. Would it $%^&*ing kill you to drop a Partridge tune or two in rotation just for today? You can do that from your smartphone. (11/22/17)

To our communications student, WMAL stood for Washigton, D.C. Optometrist "Martin A. Lease"....I thought the "Pilot" would have already taken that one. Mike Daws (11/22/17)

"The stock market is doing great. However, Radio stocks continue to drop. Cumulus in talks about bankruptcy. They will go into Chapter XI soon." What would we ever do without you? I'd really really really like to know. You're confusing being "in talks about" debt restructuring with "filing" for bankruptcy. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/22/17)

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Hasn’t gotten attention here yet, but I’m noticing Entercom has flipped formats on multiple former CBS Radio Stations including 104.3 Chicago and 92.3 New York. The seem to like Alternative a lot as it appears they’ve done 3 format flips to Alt rock all with the same branding. (11/21/17)

Breaking DCRTV Mailbag news: Mark Levin on his Tuesday show has confirmed he will have a Sunday, 10:00PM show on FNC beginning in February called, “Life, Liberty & Levin” that will be a “Firing Line” (William Buckley) single guest hour long interview show. Levin, once a “never Trumper” acknowledges that he met with Trump and Chief of Staff General Kelly last week at The White House, but claims although he supports Trump on most issues he “breaks with him occasionally”. The news, that first broke with a “Tweet” by Matt Drudge, has also been confirmed by Jason Schwartz of Politico: www.politico.com (11/21/17)

CBS has gone beyond suspension on Monday to firing Charlie Rose on Tuesday, which just shows how quickly outlets & businesses are reacting to sexual harassment: will PBS follow suit or leave him dangling? Glenn Thrush: check your inbox. And Senator Franken, if another shoe drops (a third or fourth groped woman) expect censure and further calls for resignation. The Washington Post’s (which may be next to self-out sexual harassment there) J. Freedom du Lac reports on Rose: www.washingtonpost.com (11/21/17)

“Jammin Oldies on 99.1 would do well in DC.” It was already tried on 99.5 some years ago. I don’t know why it failed, but I would have preferred less disco and more classic R&B, including Stax and Philly. And some deep Motown cuts that never got played on traditional oldies radio, which was hellbent on running the Temptations’ “My Girl” into the ground. (11/21/17)

Well Said!!! about the "pathetic local broadcast news business" in Baltimore... I am always amazed and insulted with how weak-willed & shallow local news is, and from what I follow off the Baltimore market that is especially true. That Justin Spigel on 98Rock is a prime example...they claim he is some "award winning news reader"? but he is a rather ignorant news reader who really dose not understand the "news stories" he reads; try asking him an indepth follow up of a story and he has no idea...or just spews his personal, biased opinion (he does brag his news hero is that dishonored Dan Rather -who openly lied about his biased reporting) (11/21/17)

WMAL talker, Loudoun County resident, and all around pit bull conservative radio star Mark Levin has been hinting that he had a major announcement to make and now Drudge leaks what it will be: Levin, who has his own “Levin TV” on CRTV, apparently has a deal with Fox News for a show. The biggest questions would be, “What day(s), what times?”. With the FNC weekday evening line-up etched in stone from 5:00PM to 11:00PM, from “The Five” to “Laura Ingraham”, and Levin’s radio show airing live from 6:00PM to 9:00PM, it is not likely during that time frame. So what is most likely is a taped show airing at some time on weekends. Whatever the time, it will be a ratings bonanza given Levin’s rabid following and ability to promote the show: twitter.com (11/21/17)

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The stock market is doing great. However, Radio stocks continue to drop. Cumulus in talks about bankruptcy. They will go into Chapter XI soon. Why doesn't the market like Radio Stocks? Is it because of their massive debt? Investors are afraid they will never be able to pay back their debt. Even stocks like Salem continue to drop. Now down to $4.75 per share. In the past, they have been very stable. (11/20/17)

Wouldn't surprise me if 94.7 were the next to go Alternative. Mix keeps beating them in 12+ and women 25-54. 94.7 has some rock formats in their history and IHeart could be ripe for the picking. RadioInsight is suggesting another Alt is coming to a large market. (11/20/17)

Dave's response: I don't know. DC101 is pretty much alt and its ratings have been very soft of late. A rock, pop, and soul oldies outlet on 94.7 would probably make more sense.....

RE: “While there have been some horrendous charges made in the current spate of sexual misconduct accusations, and no sane person is FOR rape, molestation, etc, the longer this goes on, the more ridiculous it's getting. Charlie Rose, for example, is charged by one women with touching her ass at a party more than 20 years ago.” Well, not to get into a pissing match with a well meaning fellow DCRTV Mailbaggers because yes, “rape” (which is not a sexual crime but a violent one) is very serious and no, Charlie Rose and others have not been accused of rape (not even Roy Moore or Trump, but Weinstein has) but no, Rose did not just take a shower and was accidentally viewed he did according to the detailed accounts given in the Washington Post story deliberately position himself to reveal his nudity as well hugged & touched women unexpectedly. So did Franken. So did Thrush. So did many others recently reported in the media. The point is we want people whether it is men on women, men on men, women on men or women on women (now that’s hot) or tranny on tranny to not make people uncomfortable, not make unwanted or unexpected advances or touching, and basically behave themselves and if you do offend someone immediately apologize and stop. You should really read the Washington Post story on Rose again as it is very detailed and damming of Rose. And even Rose knows he has problems and has posted the following on Twitter: twitter.com (11/20/17)

While there have been some horrendous charges made in the current spate of sexual misconduct accusations, and no sane person is FOR rape, molestation, etc, the longer this goes on, the more ridiculous it's getting. Charlie Rose, for example, is charged by one women with touching her ass at a party more than 20 years ago. For that, she is destroying his life and any likelihood of him being able to make a living in his chosen profession ever again. Two others say they were in Rose's home while he was taking a shower (on different occasions) and he -- gasp! -- came out of the shower. What the hell were they doing in his bedroom/bathroom while he was showering if they didn't want to be there when he came out? Was it impossible to walk into the next room before he turned off the faucet? Is seeing someone nude for a half second 20 years ago really something that has been bothering you all this time? If so.....why? Is there anyone on earth who hasn't had that kind of experience at some point? This is precisely the kind of allegation that makes it easy for some people to attack women who have ACTUAL SEXUAL MISCONDUCT TO REPORT. (11/20/17)

Seen locally in the DCRTV/Washington television market on PBS/WETA and CBS/WUSA one Charlie Rose, who apparently has also been seen by numerous young, female assistants naked and giving unwanted touching & hugs. Also seen locally on CNN, MSNBC, et al as well famous for his goofy hat and stupid questions at White House briefings challenging press secretary Saunders’ ethics, one Glenn Thrush formerly of Politico and now formerly of the New York Times (they already have shit canned him in just one day) after reports of complaints by, you guessed it, young women for unwanted touching and advances. And last but not least, one Senator Al Franken is now facing allegations by a SECOND WOMAN that he “grabbed her buttocks” during a photo shoot at the Minnesota state fair. What do all these men have in common? WMAL’s Chris Plante, Rush Limbaugh, Larry O’Connor (who gloated that his wife has a Glenn Thrush story of her own) and Mark Levin would have us think it’s because they are all “liberal Democrats”. Fox News will be all over these stories like flies on shit. But the real thing they all have in common is that they are powerful men who took advantage of their positions to harass or do worse to young women. That said, DCRTV Mailbaggers have just GOT to read the Washington Post’s very detailed story about Charlie Rose, it reads like a cheap porno novel, and to tell the truth, I never knew he had it in him to be such a creep: www.washingtonpost.com (11/20/17)

Jammin Oldies on 99.1 would do well in DC. The format would cut into WKYS! It would also cut into WMMJ. If Entercom cannot get out of their lease with Bloomberg, they could put the Jammin Oldies on 107.9. That signal covers Baltimore, DC and Prince Georges County. (11/20/17)

Baltimore's coverage of the shooting death of the city police detective reminds us yet again of just how pathetic the local broadcast news business has become, and how easy it is for most of these wanna-be star reporters to be duped and led around like a pack of lost sheep. Admittedly, I, like everyone else, am on the outside looking in and do not have all the facts, but I find it hard to understand why police have not publicly released any photos or sketches, given the fact that police surely must know who he or she is since this detective went there to question an individual about an unrelated case. Typically, police are very transparent about this, knowing the power and reach of social media to quickly saturate an area with photos and information that hopefully leads them to the suspect. Instead, they launched a so-called "massive manhunt" in search of someone, while cordoning off the neighborhood for several days. And while THEY must know who they're looking for, WE still don't. There is much more to this shooting than we are being told, including where his partner was when he knocked on that door? None of this has been probed and reported by the media. Instead, alleged news radio 1090 runs an interview (probably lifted from a weekend television newscast) with Congressman Elijah Cummings, who, until this morning, has been hiding under a rock, calling on the shooter to surrender. REALLY?? Then, they allow some schmuck from the ACLU to babble on about the inconvenience of the neighborhood lockdown. SERIOUSLY?? How about the "inconvenience" this detective's family is experiencing without him?? And, all the mayor can say is "pray??" HONESTLY?? And, as if that were not enough, last week alleged news radio 1090's Bill Vanko makes a complete fool of himself in an on-air interview debating gun control, and asking how arming people would make things safer, given the fact that this detective was armed and trained, and still went down. What an absolute embarrassment for him and an outrage for anyone listening to his ignorance. What a worthless waste of radio air time. No wonder this city and its so-called media, are in such a pathetic state of affairs. (11/20/17)

After reading Ed Graham's post, I feel compelled to reassure him that WBAL is still bad...and getting worse, if that's even possible. Stay tuned...another post is coming that will be sight for your sore, bleeding eyes. (11/20/17)

"it makes you wonder how Howard Stern survived all these years" Well, maybe, if you don't read newspapers, watch TV or listen to the radio you might not have heard about all the FCC fines or his record-setting deal when he moved to satellite radio over a decade ago. As somebody already pointed out, WASH-FM is now airing 24/7 Christmas music. From, Amar Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/20/17)

As somebody already pointed out, WASH-FM is now airing 24/7 Christmas music. From, Amar (11/20/17)

Agreed that 107.9 would do better as an Urban formatted station. The problem is that Entercom already owns WPGC-FM which is Pop-Urban of sorts and 107.9 would hurt that property as an Urban. 107.9 is being wasted with Spanish, but I’m not so sure what else could go there as long as Entercom keeps it a Washington DMA station. If they target Baltimore there are more options, but that’s quite a market drop. As an Alt-Rock station it would probably be an upper top ten Baltimore station, plus get revenue from the Annapolis and Eastern Shore area where the signal is still solid city-grade. It would likely bury WRNR-FM out that way, and dig deep into 98 Rock’s numbers. 98 Rock is really the only game in town for new rock and some alt-rock and they are holding in the 5th position with a scattered presentation that includes too much talk and endless Ravens chatter and coverage in a bad year for both the NFL and the team itself. A focused Alternative Rocker would work. (11/20/17)

Salem moved their talk format, "The Answer" over to 570 AM today. They have not announced yet what format they are going to put on 1260 AM. 1260 AM does not have a good signal in Norhern Virginia because from their tower site in DC, they are directional East. They put a good signal in Prince Georges County and DC. At night they have no signal in Northern Virginia. (11/20/17)

WJFK 106.7 HD3 relay of WFAN has been completely distorted over the weekend. Funny note - I noticed their national relay of CBS Sports Talk Radio on HD2 is labeled in part as "WJFK AM". Of course, that station does not exist...but that should give you a strong hint that CBS-Entercom's WJZ-AM is the "anonymous" property being offered for sale. If corporate management is happy just to have a DC HD2 relay of the signature sports product I would imagine that a similar arrangement in Baltimore would also work fine. Now, if we could just get all the stations running HD to transmit their graphics (logos, album art, etc) we might actually have something useful. Many stations such as WBJC and WYPR are happy just to run "text" IDs.. Also, it has now been several weeks since AM 810 Annapolis has been missing (again) from the airwaves. TK in Odenton... (11/20/17)

It’s a good thing that PBS/WAMU’s “Car Guys” is off the air because had they used the term “tranny” instead of “transmission” they might have had the manger & police at their door. Seems that’s what happened at a Minnesota college radio station when one of the conservative “Deplorable Radio” talents used the word “tranny” and the station manager and campus police shut them down for “hate speech”. Can’t make this stuff up and it makes you wonder how Howard Stern survived all these years: www.thecollegefix.com (11/20/17)

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Karl Helft, who had worked for Art Kellar at the old WZER-FM 106.7 passed away this morning at the age of 87. (11/19/17)

I was searching for the Redskins game this afternoon and found that WASH FM has switched to all-Christmas. (11/19/17)

If I were a honcho at Entercom I would put El Zol on 94.7 to actually reach the Spanish speaking people in NOVA with a solid signal. It's wasted on 107.9 which covers Baltimore better than the DC market. 107.9 is a tough one though. Maybe a simulcast of WJFK to cover the Maryland side where 106.7 is bad. As a stand-alone, it will never be a top performer in Washington with that signal. The interesting thing is that Entercom likes Alternative Rock and is flipping under-performing stations around the country to that format. Might Alt-Rock end up on a Baltimore signal? A bigger question - are they willing to give up 107.9 in Washington for Baltimore, where it could get bigger ratings in a smaller market? "Alt-107.9?" Hmm. (11/19/17)

The late Bob Raiford's moving account of JFK's funeral cortege, November 25th, 1963...www.youtube.com (11/19/17)

I'll take a stab at it....the reason why Washington doesn't have a throwback classic hip hop station is probably because of marijuana. Yes pot is legal in DC ( I think ) but what abut Maryland and Virginia ?? Yes even if the cops won't get you or even care if you are caught with pot that really isn't the point. Make it legal in Maryland and Virginia for everyone and we'll maybe see a throwback hip hop station. Besides I can't help but think this format is a flavor of the month much like the long defunct 70's format on XTRA 104 and Jammin Oldies on 99.5 . What is successful today may not be successful tomorrow. On other websites I see people bring up Denver's FLO 107.1. Yes FLO has been a success...maybe. People forget that 107.1 has had many of formats in the past ten years and besides going back to pot every other ad they air is marijuana related. This reminds me if one can't advertise tobacco on the radio and TV how can one advertise pot and other things pot related on the air ?? Online listening to FLO I caught an ad advertising rolling papers and cigar wraps for blunts yet there is a growing movement from folks trying to ban soda ads like Coke and Pepsi from radio and TV but rolling papers are OK ?? Even FLO had been airing PSAs against soda but not for Red Bul and other energy drinks. I guess their target demo likes them too much. (11/19/17)

Reading about radio towers is causing my eyes to bleed. What happened to the good old days when I could read about how bad WBAL, Bennet Zier's radio empire, WMAL, Paul Bicknell, and Christmas Music in October is? Ed Graham (11/19/17)

WLZL 107.9 would do well as an Urban Station. It has a good signal in Prince Georges County and DC. It does not cover he Western Half of the market. BTW.....WMZQ is not owned by Entercom. It is owned by iHeart. They owns both country stations in DC, 98.7 and 99.9. (11/19/17)

Yeah, DC's at a huge disadvantage due to a lack of huge fires (War of 1812 aside). San Francisco's subway system went into service in 1972. DC had buses and streetcars a few years before that. "Unlike some other cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore, there has never been a Great Fire in Washington DC. New York and Philadelphia resorted to other means to allow skyscrapers or never considered the height to street width as both had early public transportation systems unlike DC at that time, as Metro did not open until 1976." SMGDFH. Of course it's been pointed out that no one ever lived in the DC. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/19/17)

There was big news in the world of rock as Malcom Young passed this morning - founding member of AC/DC. 98 Rock broke format, got a jock on to report the news, and played some interviews and a bunch of good cuts in tribute. (I don’t think they are normally live on Saturday morning, could be wrong.) 100.3? Same old satellite delivered voicetracked crap. You’d never know. Almost disrespectful, to be honest. (11/19/17)

What will Entercom do with the DC Stations? WPGC is profitable, WIAD is a good signal but not doing well. WMZQ doing well with country format. WJFK doing well. 99.1 FM is leased out to Bloomberg is a fair signal but not making money. WLZL 107.9 not doing well with a Spanish format. Their tower is over near BOWIE. They must protect WWWT 107.7 in Manassas. WLZL only covers half the DC Market. WLZL ranks near the bottom in the ratings. (11/19/17)

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I wonder how long before Entercom flips the low rated, unsuccessful WIAD-FM to a new format? Fresh 94.7's ratings woes are every bit as bad as WRQX's ratings woes of 2015. To me, it is NUTS that Washington, D.C. does not have a hip-hop throwbacks station. Classic hits is another noticeable programming void; we all know that the closest thing to Classic Hits on the radio dial - not counting out of market signals - is Big 100.3. Question #2 - how many years (or months?) are left on the LMA for 99.1 MHz ? Might Entercom choose to take this station back into the fold and program it directly? (11/18/17)

Dave's response: You know, the reason CBS all-newser WNEW died a premature death is because it was on the wrong signal - 99.1. If CBS successor Entercom brings it back, and makes it more of a news talker with George Noory in overnights, and puts it on 94.7, it might just be a success. Then take 99.1 and return El Zol to it and put a resurrected progressive rock WHFS on 107.9. Or, how about buying 980 from Dan Snyder and put El Zol there. Spanish WILC has been rivaling WLZL in the ratings and it's on dinky 900 AM. Imagine that.....

Re "Mike O'Meara had a hangover/ Skype problem today. As others have noted the show is better without him. Gus in the Gaithersburg." For years, its been suspected in the mailbag that Gus In Gaithersburg is actually Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce. #Bitter #HeHateMuch (11/18/17)

Goodby CBS RADIO. In order to comply with FCC Rules, Entercom put 21 Stations in their "Trust". They are suppose to divest these stations. Let's see how long they keep these stations in their "trust"? iHeart was requied to do the same thing and the stations they were suppose to "divest" are still in their "trust" 10 years later. Shame on the FCC for not changing this rule. They have looked the other way for 10 years! (11/18/17)

Unlike some other cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore, there has never been a Great Fire in Washington DC. New York and Philadelphia resorted to other means to allow skyscrapers or never considered the height to street width as both had early public transportation systems unlike DC at that time, as Metro did not open until 1976. Conversely, DC stayed the same mainly because of the L’Enfant Plan, which was considered historic. Baltimore, after the Great Fire, had a program called “The Super Block Program” where everywhere city streets were burned down after the fire were rebuilt double sized and properties were pushed back with greater set asides because the close proximity at that time was considered part of the spread of the fire. Alternate city streets became alleys, only for usage as deliveries and garbage pickup mostly. This is also why Washington, DC has some of the worst traffic in the nation. From a traffic standpoint, none of DC’s streets would meet current traffic recommendations. People forget that DC was a sleepy town before the 1970s, not a major city at all. couldn’t even support a baseball team that left twice in just a few years. There was no economic benefit to building large TV towers like in Baltimore which at the time was booming in the 1950s and DC had no tall buildings to obstruct signals and at least in the District, still doesn't. The tables have turned now. DC is stuck with poor TV facilities in a major metro area. But because of Cable TV, none of the broadcasters really care anymore. You are now sufficiently beholden to the Federal Government and Comcast/NBC/Universal. Bow down to your masters DC. •ComicsHero (11/18/17)

Just saw an ad on Facebook by 105.7 The Fan advertising Entercom. Guess that switch has officially happened for the CBS Radio stations or begins Monday I guess. (11/18/17)

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It appears that WLIF 101.9 is building or rebuilding a new transmitter tower on Hart Road in Towson, same height, no changes. WWMX 106.5 has also filed to use the tower during the TV Repack transition as well as virtually every Baltimore TV station has to replace it's transmitters and change TV channels, requiring extensive work on the Candelabra tower and the WBFF tower on TV Hill. You will notice some changes in signal reception very soon, particularly on WWMX 106.5. -- BaltoMedia.net (11/17/17)

The FCC yesterday relaxed rules on JSAs and SSAs, joint and shared services agreements between TV stations. This is another move that effectively gives Sinclair more wiggle room within the ownership cap limits regarding its pending Tribune merger. That’s not specifically stated in the order, but it is the effect. It appears the FCC is paving the way for approval of the merger that involves WJLA ABC 7 and WDCW CW 50 in DC and tons of other markets. — BaltoMedia.Net (11/17/17)

Wash FM's nonstop commercials touting it's all X-mas music programming ensures I will NOT be listening to that station anytime soon especially after the firing of Loo Katz. (11/17/17)

How are the Radio Stocks doing now? Unfortunately, they are not doing well..... Cumulus at 29 cents....going into bankruptcy. iHeart down to $1 per share. Massive Debt is their Demon. Radio One $1.50 per share. Yes, they have changed their name. Salem at $4.90 per share. stock is not improving. (11/17/17)

WMAL-AM isn't licensed from the 570 site yet, but there are probably many tests going on there. I've heard that the engineering work is essentially complete, awaiting the license. P of the AW (11/17/17)

I guess WMAL (AM 630) is operating from new site now because their signal here in Eastern Carroll County is stronger at night almost entirely riding over the digital hash from WCAO as received on my Sony Walkman radio. ( I thought AM stations were supposed to shut down their static generators at night. ) WMAL's signal is very weak during the day here now. (11/17/17)

"The proposed tower I’m talking about was about 50 years ago! Rather than one long post, I’ll do this over comparatively shorter posts." If that's your idea of "comparatively shorter" you need a locked room, a Luger, and one last chance to do the right thing. Stop the madness, Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/17/17)

FCC news: Speaking of tower heights, WLIF 101.9 has apparently installed a new Auxilliary transmitter from a recent filing, same height as the main one and on the same tower, 951 foot above average terrain, 827 feet above the ground, and 1257 feet above sea level. Their existing Aux facility is on the TV Hill candelabra tower where all three TV transmitters have to rebuilt due to the FCC TV repack so the FMs are scrambling for new backup facilities. No word on what WIYY 98 Rock is doing yet. All the other FMs on TV Hill have filed some backup. From TV Hill, they have to reduce power due to possible adjacent interference and the different location. Coincidentally, the WLIF tower is taller than all of DC’s TV stations. Just a fact. — BaltoMedia.net (11/17/17)

Here's a radio jingle mash-up for AUDIO INSANITY. My thanks to Mr. J.D. Kassiday for providing me with some of the clips here. Here's a trivial pursuit: Can you name the vendors of each of these jingles? www.youtube.com (11/17/17)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies sans “Lurch” bemoaning CBS Radio becoming Entercom this morning, complaining they were unable to log onto e-mail and worrying about their health care plans, while simulcasting their show on NBC Sports: go figure. Entercom and its new employees are still working out the kinks: www.insideradio.com (11/17/17)

Mike O'Meara had a hangover/ Skype problem today. As others have noted the show is better without him. Gus in the Gaithersburg. (11/17/17)

Before anybody salutes Sinclair for creating more jobs in Hunt Valley, find out if even more jobs will be eliminated at Tribune. I know, I know, anything that helps local employment is good. That is, if you don’t give a damn about anyone outside your small circle, which seems to be the bedrock of modern politics. Sinclair is bad for the country. Too bad it will take a few more years for the unmistakable proof. Harrumph. P of the AW (11/16/17)

Despite being sued by the State of Maryland over the proposed merger of Sinclair Broadcasting and Tribune, SBG has announced it still plans to incorporate and expand its headquarters in Hunt Valley, Maryland and double the number of employees. The merger is in the final stages of FCC and DOJ approval, despite growing protest from political groups and the cable/satellite industry fighting against free Television or conservative control of it. SBG owns locally WBFF Fox 45 & CW 54 & WJLA ABC 7 among its hundreds of stations nationwide. The merger would give them control of TV stations in NY, LA, and Chicago as well. — BaltoMedia.net (11/16/17)

PAW asks a good question. The proposed tower I’m talking about was about 50 years ago! Rather than one long post, I’ll do this over comparatively shorter posts. Keep in mind that without the New Deal, WWII, the Cold War, and the development and widespread availability of air conditioning, D.C. would likely have turned out much different. As would TV. For one thing, without the R & D of WWII for high-power VHF Radar, the development of the RCA TT-25AL and TT-25AH probably would’ve come along after color because General Sarnoff was willing to pay for developing color. And, with lower power TV stations there would be more stations, thus more customers for RCA Broadcast. How low? In the below listing of stations, the original ERP levels are shown in parenthesis. Also, by the time discussion of the proposed tower first came about, of the four TV stations in D.C., two had already been sold, with one already on its third ownership. Although suburbs were expanding, there were still many farms in the region with Montgomery and Fairfax Counties being major dairy producers. Much of the population was clustered in the city and immediate suburbs. For some perspective, here are the early 1960’s transmitter stats for the D.C. and Baltimore (for comparison) stations: WRC-TV Channel 4 100kW Visual/50KW Aural (20.5KW/10.5 KW) 570’ HAAT 459’ AGL ; WTTG Channel 5 100KW Visual 50KW Aural (17.5 KW/10.5 KW) 500’ HAAT 542’ AGL; WMAL-TV Channel 7 316KW Visual/158KW (22KW/12 KW) Aural 590’ HAAT 398’ AGL; WTOP-TV Channel 9 316 KW Visual 174 KW Aural (27.3 KW /14.2 KW) 530’ HAAT 373’ AGL. Baltimore: WMAR-TV Channel 2 100KW Visual 50 KW Aural (17 KW/ 10 KW) 730’ HAAT 729’AGL; WBAL-TV Channel 11 316 KW Visual 158 KW Aural (27 KW/13 KW) 730’ HAAT 729’AGL; WJZ-TV Channel 13 316 KW Visual 158 KW Aural (26.1 KW/13.8 KW) 732’ HAAT 729’AGL. Final thought for now… In the early 1960’s, only WRC-TV had color cameras in D.C., as well as handling color off the network as well as from film and slides. WMAL-TV still had no color capability since the CTI line sequential tests in the early 1950’s, while WTOP-TV and WTTG still had no color cameras although they could handle color from network, as well as film and slide sources. In Baltimore, as an NBC-TV affiliate, it’s not surprising that only WBAL-TV had color capabilities equal to WRC-TV. WMAR-TV was equal with WTTG and WTOP-TV in D.C. WJZ-TV? Only network color. Without “The Jetson’s”, I wonder when they would’ve had any color capability? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/16/17)

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I bet WHVR's 95.3 translator W237EN has both channels in stereo. Most broadcasters don't give a crap about the AM signal. Look how many class B AM's are downgrading. (11/15/17)

Tower Troll, the little shreds of justifications you hurl to support your positions are now so weak a dust broom is all that’s needed to sweep them aside. The WUSA and WJLA transmitting antenna is 50’ below the top of the tower. Dumb. Ass. (11/15/17)

Everything Scott Fybush said about tower heights is exactly correct with regards to HAAT as he wasn’t referring to height above sea level. While there are different rules for each, sea level is irrelevant to the FCC, aviation, or zoning unless you are in an airport restriction zone. There is no 1000 foot above sea level restriction on any TV tower. That should have been the end of this mess. No DC tower is near the suggested max for HAAT either. (11/15/17)

This proposed WUSA CBS 9 / WJLA ABC 7 tower would have been 1166 feet above sea level, but still below the FCC’s 1000 foot HAAT recommended height. Approved, then rescinded, partially built, then torn down. Not because of the FCC, but just opposition groups, NIMBYs. There was no technical limitation stopping it from being built. DC lawmakers said they didn’t follow proper zoning review. Broadcast Hill in Tenleytown is considered the tallest point in the district, but residents despise all the towers there. While it’s true, a tower can be taller than the actual antenna, it is generally not by very much if at all. It would be nonsensical to build a tower taller than the purpose, broadcasting. On shared towers, the antennas are of course different heights, but not by a lot. If you don’t believe the Washington Post, I don’t know what else to say. How much documentation does this 1049’ person need to prove he’s wrong that DC’s TV facilities are maxed out and not antiquated? This argument has been battled from all different angles and he’s been proven wrong about this 1049’ aviation rule. Even Scott Fybush proved him wrong. What’s left? Jesus? tower.marginata.com (11/15/17)

Re: “Memo to WCTN - - One of your console connections is loose. All we're hearing is one side of the stereo signal on ‘My Girl’, ‘19th Nervous Breakdown’ and a few others.” Same thing’s going on with WHVR 1280 kHz. I recently took both settings off my car AM. Howdya like that, guys? Jeff (11/15/17)

Is Salem just simulcasting 1260 AM and 570 AM? When does WMAL 630 AM start diplexing with 570 AM in Germantown? (11/15/17)

Nameless Tower Troll, I’ve got to hand it to you. You’re one stubborn jackass. Anything you got from RabbitEars about TV station height is the station’s ANTENNA, not the tower it’s bolted to. Now, I think you’re just pretending to be a cretin to see how much fame you can milk from it. -Dr. N. (11/15/17)

UCS, yes, I’d like more details of any planned taller tower which didn’t get past the planning stage. Are you referring to the one proposed for Silver Spring about 20 years ago? Near where the present DC101 tower sits? Oh, and a footnote, I’ve heard more than once that the classic old “Western Union” structure was always just a cover for classified government gear, at least in its early years. P of the AW. (11/15/17)

Was it really necessary for alleged Newsradio 1090 to interrupt the Keith Mills 7:45 morning sportscast about five words in with an EAS test? (11/15/17)

No offense to Stash, but "100.7 The Bay" is where "98 Rock" people go to die. Easy to bust on the big guys when it's a room full of castaways. Has anyone ever went in the other direction, from "The Bay" to 98 Rock? I don't think so. (11/15/17)

"Making this local say you saw someone making a fool out of themselves. Say he was hitting and cussing people in the parking lot. This guy tells everyone he works for NBC 4. Would you contact WRC or just send in an email to DCRTV ??" Since he's hitting people I'd call the police not his employer you nitwit (the slowbrains in blue love this kind of thing), then track down whatever middle school teacher taught you that long-windedness is a virtue. Jeez Louise, SMFH. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/15/17)

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All of the DC tower heights are listed at Rabbitears.info. Just type in WUSA or WJLA or any DC TV station, click on Technical Data, then click on RabbitEars TV Query. All the info is public info from government statistics. This 1049’ above sea level thing is simply fake news from a troll. You will not find 1049’ above sea level for ANY DC TV station if you look! I guess all the government statistics lie too? No, only people do. DC TV facilities are antiquated. If they weren’t WUSA 9 and WJLA 7 wouldn’t have already tried and failed to build a news one taller. But feel free to search on aviation charts to see if a plane actually killed JFK. :-) (11/14/17)

Memo to WCTN - - One of your console connections is loose.All we're hearing is one side of the stereo signal on "My Girl", "19th Nervous Breakdown" and a few others. (11/14/17)

Earlier posting, “…Scott also knows one was planned, but then torn down and never built. — Mr. Anonymous…” Mr. Anonymous, there was one planned before the infamous “Tenlytown Tower” was partially built on what old timers remember as the Western Union site. But, it never got beyond the CP application stage. It was a “NIMBY” victim before the word was likely even invented. More details available, if anyone cares. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/14/17)

"It’s that awkward moment when neither Gus in Gaithersburg or Dr. Nose it All don’t even realize that the tower king Scott Fybush just schooled them on tower heights." Is this business of claiming victories you never won a new thing? I NEVER commented on tower heights, fuckstick. Maybe you should do a personal inventory and look for other areas in your life where you're an enormous douche. Take all the time you need. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/14/17)

Dave: On Sunday, I was only able to listen to the Redskins game for about 7mins until I switched to the FOX feed. I can't believe what the radio call of the game has come to and that's rock bottom. I've always like Sonny and have the highest respect for him. However, it's so unprofessional, arrogant, and disrespectful the way his "other" announcers treat him. At this point, Doc grunting and giving one worded responses is so count-productive to the broadcast as well, 980 just needs to be sold. Also, it's so obvious Gruden doesn't pay much attention to Cooley on his TV show, it drives Cooley crazy when his point of view is shotdown by the coach..pretty funny. Too bad this market has no intelligent sports talent to interact with our area athletes. (11/14/17)

Cumulus is preparing for Bankruptcy. They must get rid of those 7.5% Notes coming due. They missed their last interest payment. The Massive Debt and high interest rates are killing them. (11/14/17)

What's up with Alpha Media Fredercskburg? Market Manager Ralph Salierno is out in Fredericksburg and Richmond. No replacement named. Looks like another cost cutting move (11/14/17)

With John Fredericks taking over the morning slot on 1260 AM, does anyone know what's become of "The Hugh Hewitt Show"? Also, when will The Answer switch to the 570 AM frequency? (11/14/17)

Basically WUSA was the breaking news and couldn’t find a way to report it. They win the award for mediocrity. The only TV station in the history of the medium where the employees actually leave when the fire alarm goes off. Bill Lord has to be shaking his head in disgust. (11/14/17)

All this talk about tower height and stuff I am curious..has anyone thought of contacting WJLA or WUSA by phone and ask them ?? Or are we simply to scared to contact WJLA directly instead we allow Scott Fybush ( no disrespect ) someone from out of town to answer the question for us ?? Same thing with WMAL or WBAL. All the bitching about them why not call hem up and bitch ?? They have telephones !! Back in the day if one has a question or complaint you go right to the source. Virginia Senator Bob Marshall was driving to Front Royal back in 1993 and picked up 99.3 WFQX, He heard Swamp Thing and was disgusted !! He rolled tape on Swamp and contacted WFQX directly and guess what ?? Swamp Thing was fired !! Today you have that TV intern in St. Louis who had a bipolar episode or whatever in a supermarket parking lot. She starting screaming and cussing even taking her clothes off and hitting herself. She even mention the fact that not only she worked in TV but what station had employed her. Anyway an older woman caught this episode on her cell phone and sent the video to her TV station. The intern was fired but the woman who shot the video was bashed too. Making this local say you saw someone making a fool out of themselves. Say he was hitting and cussing people in the parking lot. This guy tells everyone he works for NBC 4. Would you contact WRC or just send in an email to DCRTV ?? I am just wondering why everyone is so scared to actually a contact TV and radio station today ?? (11/14/17)

I thought the whole idea of WASH-FM was to cater to an older demographic. Toby would be an awesome morning man, but he may be too hip for the typical WASH listener. And I, for one, would miss him during Drive Time on Hot 99.5. Nobody can do traffic reports like Toby!! Sorry to hear about his fall; I hope he's on the mend. (11/14/17)

I notice Tower Troll is toning down his rhetoric to try and stay in the conversation, but I’m afraid it’s too late. Respect has already been lost. Towers themselves are described by AGL, their height above the ground (not to be confused with HAAT) or by the AMSL of their tops. HAAT is only relevant for describing individually licensed transmitting antennas on a tower. TT, do you really believe all the unrelated broadcast owners in town, with their capital investments at stake, haven’t had the presence of mind to improve their facilities if that were allowed and in their best interests? It’s a pity so many people have to divert their scarce time in the process of isolating you. (11/14/17)

It’s that awkward moment when neither Gus in Gaithersburg or Dr. Nose it All don’t even realize that the tower king Scott Fybush just schooled them on tower heights. Fybush knows there are no towers anywhere near 1000 foot in DC and have never been. Scott also knows one was planned, but then torn down and never built. — Mr. Anonymous (11/14/17)

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Scott Fybush is correct about the original 1000 foot height limit. But that is HAAT (height above average terrain), not sea level as the 1049’ Conspiracy guy is arguing due to aviation. DC has no towers over 800 feet HAAT except the Hughes Tower for WDCW (830’ HAAT) which soon will no longer be used. None have ever hit 1000 foot HAAT in DC. It just confirms the point that none of DC’s TV stations have really improved their facilities since the original days of TV while NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, and even Baltimore all have better facilities. The candelabra tower in Baltimore is 1256’ above sea level. This does not concern the FCC nor aviation or even zoning there. It is duly registered. The WBFF tower is nearly 1500 feet above sea level. This 1049 feet above sea level thing is simply nonsense Scott Fybush as you well know. (11/13/17)

Tower Troll (why won't you at least pick a pseudonym, you big dope), I know I said I wouldn't waste any more words on you but I have to thank Scott Fybush for his cool explanation of tower heights posted a little earlier. I know reading this will induce you to scream until your eyeballs flop out onto your cheeks, but if that happens you have no one to blame but yourself. No "fiasco", no "conspiracy", no "gibberish", just the facts, ma'am. -Dr. Nose-Even-More-Than-He-Did-Yesterday (11/13/17)

None of the radio stocks are doing well. Most of them are at an all time LOW! Here are some of the prices.....Cumulus 29 cents, iHeart 86 cents, Salem $4.95, SBS 65 cents and Radio One $1.95. Wall Street does not like any of the radio stocks. None of these stocks seem to be a good investment. Why would anyone invest in them? (11/13/17)

The fact that DC towers are effectively limited to 1049' AMSL means that the tower location matters more than anything else. Research coverage patterns, and it becomes pretty clear that the Merrifield site is best for covering populated, money-dense areas. Current transmitter tower sites are linked to studio location with WTTG (for now) and WRC, and otherwise linked to historical precedence, when there wasn't such population density in western Fairfax County and vicinity. Eastern parts of DC, MoCo (Silver Spring/Wheaton) and PG County often have terrain-limited signals from Merrifield, but not in all areas, especially eastern MoCo. Compare signals between the 160 kW channel 24 from Merrifield (rabbitears.info) and 73 kW WETA from NW DC (rabbitears.info). It would be nice to have a 1 mW signal from the Merrifield tower to see what coverage to the DC area would look like, but here's a look at WRC's future RF 34 coverage area: rabbitears.info. Even the higher power level can't make up for the longer signal throw to the Manassas area. Dulles/Sterling looks about identical in strength; a 1 mW signal from Merrifield would be far easier to receive with a mini antenna in that area. Even central and southern Montgomery County generally looks pretty easy to pick up the existing 160 kW RF 24 Merrifield signal, and that area has some money. I would expect TV stations to someday put up an ATSC 3.0 SFN tower in either Merrifield, or somewhere west of it, possibly the old WPXW tower in western Fairfax County. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (11/13/17)

Didn't see THAT downpour coming, didja Topper? (11/13/17)

Dear Aaron in the Arlington - Your associate professor is correct and we are glad that you’ve found the coolest and most factual place on the inter webs. While almost correct, there are actually no towers in Washington DC proper that are taller than 47 feet. This is part of the Jay Beattie act of 1945; you’ll find more information in the stacks at the FCC and FAA, and perhaps even the FBB. The call letters for WMAL actually have nothing to do with the geographic location of the radio station at AM 630(that drifts from 628kHz to 632kHz on odd numbered nights on days that end in “q”) and FM (which is just a fad you kids listen to) 105.9. The call letters actual stand for We’re Mad At Liberals. Dr MA Lease owned the station initially and he was a hardcore conservative so he wanted to put liberals on notice. That’s why he chose those call letters. Look it up. It’s fact. As for your pornography result on google, Mother took away my keyboard when that happened to me, and wouldn’t let me eat Berger’s cookies for a month. That was a long month... Yours in broadcasting - Zina Waylath (11/13/17)

Dave, I don’t think you’re right that WBZ will replace some of its daytime news programming with talk. Its news programming generates really high revenue, and ratings are still pretty good. Most likely iHeart will move Rush and Sean from poor-signaled 1430 to WRKO/680, the other 50,000-watt AM station that the company is getting in the swap with Entercom. Roddy Freeman (11/13/17)

[RE: I watched CBS This Morning from 7 to 8:30 today... WUSA9 didn’t provide any local weather cut-ins, there was just the network filler at those points.] I noticed the same thing. Apparently they had a pipe burst, flooding their control room, and their fire alarm went off so they all had to evacuate. They were supposed to be back up and running by 9am. (11/13/17)

Listened to some of Stash's inaugural morning show on WZBA this morning. At least twice he made reference (likely) to his former station WIYY. First time was in discussing that contests would be more fairly run - he said something to the effect that at "the other place" that the same 10 people won 90% of the phone-in contests (and that he got to the point where he had memorized their address, phone, and birth-date!) Second time was something to the effect that his show wouldn't be like the "who farted?" show "lower on the dial" (Sorry, not exact quotes, but close...) Guess he's still a little bitter about getting the boot after his legal and substance abuse problems.... (11/13/17)

Since I've been summoned, I guess I'll jump in here: the "1049-foot cap" is NOT, in fact, entirely imaginary. Back in the days of analog TV, the FCC had divided up the country into two zones for TV allotments. Just as in FM, where there was a more congested part of the country (northeast-midwest and California) that had smaller class B signals and the rest of the country that had bigger class C signals, there were two TV zones. In the more congested northeast and midwest, TV stations could run maximum power (100 kW for VHF low, 316 kW for VHF high, 5 MW for UHF) only up to...yes, the 1000-foot area. Beyond that, they had to derate power if they were on a taller tower. In the rest of the country, stations could run those maximum powers as high as they wanted, right up to the FAA's de facto limit of 2063 feet above ground. So there IS in fact good reason why so many stations in the northeast (and not just in DC) all top out right around 1049 feet HAAT. Any taller and they'd have had to reduce power, with no additional coverage to be gained. Any shorter and they'd give up height advantage to other stations in the market. Having said that, there were still some markets that built taller for various reasons, whether because they were grandfathered in or to provide space for multiple antennas for multiple stations, or because it made sense with local terrain conditions. And, yes, because it's easier to do with zoning in some areas than in others. - Scott Fybush (calendars now available at fybush.com!) (11/13/17)

"Last word on the DC tower fiasco...." Great ! We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming (iHeart/Cumulus stock prices, Ch 6 as a radio station, WFMD still operating in a 'trust'.) Question though. Up here in Harford County, we get both WTTG and WBFF on Comcast (905 and 805 respectively - both HD). Switching back-and=forth during live sporting events such as the World Series or an NFL game, 905 (WTTG) is anywhere from 22-17 seconds ahead of 805 (WBFF)..Any of the technical mailbaggers have a reason for this ? Curious. (11/13/17)

A pipe burst at WUSA this morning, hence why there were no local updates during CBS This Morning. www.wusa9.com (11/13/17)

I watched CBS This Morning from 7 to 8:30 today... WUSA9 didn’t provide any local weather cut-ins, there was just the network filler at those points. (11/13/17)

Last word on the DC tower fiasco. There is nothing in FCC regulations that limits tower height to 1049’ anywhere in DC or the United States. It’s as if the voices in your heads are talking. Even Scott Fybush, the tower genius knows that. There is also nothing in DC zoning regulations that limits tower height to the Washington Monument, but the defacto zoning does indirectly cause that to happen. There simply is no street in DC that is wide enough for a building or structure to be taller than the Capitol or the Washington Monument without some waiver of some kind because that is how the law was designed. The law was specifically written for that reason. None of this has to do with the broadcasting companies all agreeing on 1049’ or something. It is just simply not true. I’m putting up facts. I’ve already proven every goofy statement wrong. Put up or shut up. Where is 1049’ in any FCC document or law? Nope, you’ll never find it, nor is it even true that all the towers are 1049’ even! This is just gibberish. (11/13/17)

Mr. Hughes I am a communications student at Northern Virginia Community College with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Communicable Diseases and my Associate Professor assigned me to monitor your web site (he says it’s “Cool”). I only have two questions for your groovy “Mailbag” section and they are: Mr. Hughes, do you or any of your readers know anything about why there are no radio or television towers taller than 50 feet in the Washington, District of Columbia market and do you or any of your readers know anything about a Washington radio station that goes by the call letters “WMAL” that I am told can be heard on 630 AM? Oh, one more question: does “WMAL” stand for “Washington, Maryland, Arlington and Landover” and are those the only places you can hear 630 AM? Mr. Hughes thank you so very much and I am sorry to say I don’t have a radio or a television so I get all my information from my Associate Professor, Facebook, The Washington Post Express they give out at Metro and Google (I tried to “Google” you but it led to a restricted pornography web site so my mother wouldn’t let me see the results and unplugged my computer in the basement). Sincerely: Aaron in the Arlington (11/13/17)

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DCRTV Dave, can't you just put Tower Troll in a box, gently close the lid and seal it with some sound proof tape? Words are wasted on him. He almost makes me feel like I'm in solidarity with Gus in Gaithersburg and I never thought that could happen. Anyhow, this is my final blast on the subject. I don't harbor any hope it's the last word because Tower Troll will come swirling in again like the Tasmanian Devil, and about as coherent. The seven major towers in the DC market (River Road, Brookeville Road, 9th and Peabody NW, 4010 Chesapeake NW, 5151 Wisconsin NW, 4001 Nebraska NW, and Merrifield) topped out at 1,049 AMSL when they were built, and the only one to exceed that today is the WJLA-WUSA tower with 50' more added in the late 90s. Some of these towers have had minor fiddling at their tops is subsequent years, probably due to beacon changes or removal of small hardware, accounting for differences of a foot or two, plus or minus. All the towers were allowed to be 1,000' AMSL, by whom or why I do not know, but I suspect the FAA for air navigation safety reasons. The towers built on lower ground could be taller physical structures. If they were on higher ground they had to be shorter structures. And finally, the heights could be rounded to the nearest 100'. That is why 1,049' is so prevalent, because that's how high the permit could be and still get rounded back to 1,000'. Finis. -Dr. Nose-More-Than-The-Troll (11/12/17)

"Boy, both Gus in Gaithersburg and Dr. Nose It All got schooled [not true in my case] and their DC [in which quadrant of DC is Gaithersburg?] white privileged sissy pants got all a wet. [George Takei checking in] Give me a break. I’ve never seen so much junk science in my entire life. [You should get out more] Gus just keeps babbling the same mantra over [Only until you prove me wrong]... You both are morons who couldn’t be any more wrong. [Since I'm in fact RIGHT, it IS possible I could be more wrong] There is NO SUCH WASHINGTON MONUMENT HEIGHT RESTRICTION! [Fixed it for you.] ... I didn’t intend to make fools of you. [And those grapes are probably sour anyway.]" Wow. Just wow. Another screed about how you're somehow the victor. And waaaay too long. You say you schooled me (in some manner discernible only to you) yet you don't present any proof of a Washington Monument height restriction. If it existed it would be easy to find. So you fall back on blather even though several posters have explained the actual facts to you. You probably knock over the Monopoly board when you lose too. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/12/17)

Boy, both Gus in Gaithersburg and Dr. Nose It All got schooled and their DC white privileged sissy pants got all a wet. Give me a break. I’ve never seen so much junk science in my entire life. Gus just keeps babbling the same mantra over and over again like the nurse was late on his jello and Dr. Nose is STILL talking about AVIATION CHARTS and the UFO 1049’ Conspiracy! You both are morons who couldn’t be any more wrong. There is NO SUCH FCC BROADCASTING HEIGHT LIMIT WITH THE FCC! If you think so prove it from something other than Aviation charts or Gus’s experience building The Washington Monument. I didn’t intend to make fools of you. You just did it to yourselves. Sorry. Once again, All FCC regs say Dr. Nose is COMPLETELY WRONG! No TV tower in DC is near 1000 feet HAAT. That is ALL that counts. I cannot stand idiots that keep repeating their same mantra without checking facts. I’m enjoying making fun of you two fools. Don’t you get it? I could turn it into a new hobby if I didn’t have a job. (11/12/17)

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Tower Troll, it really escapes me why you are investing so much vitriol into this discussion. All major towers in the DC market are even steven at the tops (plus or minus a couple of feet), except for WUSA\WJLA, which is 50’ higher, but even that one started out at the same top height as all the others until the late 90s, when it gained 50’. You’ve screamed and pouted about this fact but you’ve never explained it. Times up. -Dr. Nose (11/11/17)

"Anytime Gus chimes in on an argument, you know it’s gone way off the rails. Tell us about your Apple Mac expert advice from 1984 again Gus." You can drink my Metamucil anytime Sweetie, and yes, that's sexcode. First, I'm not even eligible for AARP. There several buildings in Washington taller than the Capitol. "The DC height limits go back to 1910" Actually 1899, ASS. And the point that you don't seem to FOCKIN' get is that contrary to "Yes, everyone knows there is a Washington Monument height restriction" THERE IS NO WASHINGTON MONUMENT HEIGHT RESTRICTION. It's really that simple. You say "1049’ above sea level restriction is nonsense and does not exist anywhere on paper." NEITHER DOES THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT RESTRICTION. Get a grownup to explain it to you. But first try to follow it yourself. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/11/17)

The only way to prove Dr. Nose or Gus in Gaithersburg wrong is to take away their Metamucil or beat them senselessly over the head with FCC documents, zoning regulations, and aviation charts. Anytime Gus chimes in on an argument, you know it’s gone way off the rails. Tell us about your Apple Mac expert advice from 1984 again Gus. The DC height limits go back to 1910 so at least we know Gus probably was there. The original height limit was the height of the U.S. Capitol, but it has been amended to be street width + 20 feet since then which still serves nearly the same purpose. Practically nothing is taller than the Capitol or Washington Monument without a zoning exemption. The reason WDCW is on the tallest tower in DC is only because The Hughes Tower was constructed by the District itself and therefor got an exemption. WUSA 9 and WJLA 7 also got such an exemption to build a nearly 900 foot tower (nearly 1200 feet sea level) adjacent to the same location they are now, but even after it was half constructed, NIMBYs in Tenleytown fought and stopped it and the district ended up paying to have it destroyed at taxpayers expense. The FCC has nothing to do with these limitations nor does aviation. 1049’ above sea level restriction is nonsense and does not exist anywhere on paper. Then there is the National Capital Planning Commission and Fine Arts Commission, which in some circumstances can block construction of any tower. Even if you get through all that red tape, under some arcane circumstances, an Act of Congress could be required to build certain things in DC! (11/11/17)

And don’t forget The National Historic Preservation Act, which precludes tearing down this on the WUSA 9 / WJAL 7 property site. It’s the first DC Western Union microwave tower for telegraphs, which for some odd reason has historical protection and cannot be torn down. It’s in a great Youtube video entitled Wildflowers or Weeds, meaning you can protect even eyesores these days! This is still on the WUSA 9 / WJLA 7 tower site to this day for no reason as in this historic picture. Notice that they were not allowed to use any metals, only stone to the top. DC is simply an F’d up place. www.youtube.com (11/11/17)

Entercom’s soon entrance into the DC market as well as Richmond could come with a few POSSIBLE changes. As Dave suggested, 94.7 could flip to Classic Hits(Which is already on WIAD-HD2). I still feel that El Zol and Bloomberg 99.1 would be better served on signals closer to DC than signals that are more aimed at Baltimore as if you had them on closer to the DC idea….their ratings would take a major bump up with El Zol and if 99.1 did all news again…same outcome of better ratings IF the signal was closer to DC but that’s just me. WJFK and WPGC will stay the same. In Richmond, I don’t foresee any major changes. Entercom will weigh the pros and cons of beaming Elliot from DC101 on WRXL(XL 102) and make a call if they want to continue that or have a live and local morning show but given Elliot’s buzz around Richmond over the last 15 years…I don’t see Elliot losing XL 102 as a affiliate. iHeart has a Urban Contemporary station that is routinely top five in the ratings in WBTJ. WRVA is still a top ten station with News-Talk(The talk is very much right wing, but still gets ratings). WTVR is a AC station that is routinely top ten as well. WRVQ is a long time Top-40 outlet(Even when they leaned Rhythmic they were considered Top-40). There’s also a low power classic rocker on 96.1, a low power country station on 98.5 and a Fox Sports outlet on WRNL-AM. Not going to say that Entercom won’t blow up both markets…but I just don’t foresee it. Dan (11/12/17)

Know this is more in Scott Fybush's area...but what will iHeart do to the profitable WBZ-AM? (11/11/17)

Dave's response: Probably more talk (less expensive) and less news (more expensive). Probably make it more like NYC's WOR, 710, which they bought a few years ago.....

"...When they go into bankruptcy, they cannot sell off any of their assets without their lenders permission and approval. Their lenders will have much more control over the company than before. " And again I have to ask, how will this hurt the radio industry? Maybe they'll tell the local PDs to "just come up with something good and keep us on the air," until they can find buyers. (11/11/17)

The only way to prove Dr. Nose or Gus in Gaithersburg wrong is to take away their Metamucil or beat them senselessly over the head with FCC documents, zoning regulations, and aviation charts. Anytime Gus chimes in on an argument, you know it’s gone way off the rails. Tell us about your Apple Mac expert advice from 1984 again Gus. The DC height limits go back to 1910 so at least we know Gus probably was there. The original height limit was the height of the U.S. Capitol, but it has been amended to be street width + 20 feet since then which still serves nearly the same purpose. Practically nothing is taller than the Capitol or Washington Monument without a zoning exemption. The reason WDCW is on the tallest tower in DC is only because The Hughes Tower was constructed by the District itself and therefor got an exemption. WUSA 9 and WJLA 7 also got such an exemption to build a nearly 900 foot tower (nearly 1200 feet sea level) adjacent to the same location they are now, but even after it was half constructed, NIMBYs in Tenleytown fought and stopped it and the district ended up paying to have it destroyed at taxpayers expense. The FCC has nothing to do with these limitations nor does aviation. 1049’ above sea level restriction is nonsense and does not exist anywhere on paper. Then there is the National Capital Planning Commission and Fine Arts Commission, which in some circumstances can block construction of any tower. Even if you get through all that red tape, under some arcane circumstances, an Act of Congress could be required to build certain things in DC! (11/11/17)

About Christmas music when did society changed ?? I knew a woman who worked in sales at WSIG in Mount Jackson ( Harrisonburg ), Virginia and back in 1991 two weeks before Thanksgiving they started playing Christmas music however they quite quickly went back to playing classic county. Their listeners went nuts !! People calling up WSIG to cuss them out for playing Christmas music so early and clients threatened to take their business elsewhere I can remember her telling me. Today you have stations start playing this type of music not only a few weeks before Thanksgiving but in October in a few places. Now before I am told that is just WSIG I also knew people who worked at stations in Ohio and Montana around this time ( early 90s ) and they too went went Christmas early but listener feedback was not kind. What changed ??? (11/11/17)

"Yes, everyone knows there is a Washington Monument height restriction in DC on buildings at 555 feet without a waiver or historical review board hearing in various areas." A lot of people think they know that but no actually knows it because you can't know something that's not true. There is no such restriction. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/11/17)

"Well, unless you have Roy Halladay’s aviation charts?" I would have gone with John John Kennedy or Hale Boggs. But that's just me. Whatever makes your leg tingle I guess. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/12/17)

The good news today is that the stock market is at an all time high! The bad news is that the radio stocks are not doing well. The two largest radio companies are on the verge of going into bankruptcy. Cumulus stock is at an all time low of 30 cents per share and Cumulus has a debt of $2.34 BILLION . iHeart debt is $20.4 Billion now. iHeart stock price is now down to just 81 cents per share. All of the assets of these companies are pledged as security on their massive debt. When they go into bankruptcy, they cannot sell off any of their assets without their lenders permission and approval. Their lenders will have much more control over the company than before. Why would investors invest in these companies? (11/12/17)

I don't know if this has already been reported, but I found out yesterday that MHz will cease their virtual CH 30 12 channel operations on March, 2018. As DCRTV reported earlier this year, that spectrum was sold in the FCC repack auction. The actual frequencies were 24 and 30. The new over the air offering will be 4 channels and they are being leased by the highest bidder, the one I work for is not one of them. I don't know the method of transmission, but I am guessing that they will be virtual channels piggybacking on other local channels that have the capacity, probably Ch 4, or 5 or get some of the ad channels replaced on 66. The channel I work for in turn will be part of the nation Mhz Cable network for 3 hours a day. Charlie / Locus Grove (11/11/17)

Happy Holidays, Dave !! WARM 103.3 in York has flipped to All Christmas ! Maybe in 5 years, we can just forgo Halloween and move right to the "Holiday Season" right after Labor Day. The first fabulous Christmas Song that I heard was "Step Into Christmas" DCRTV Readers: Your assignment is to report on the number of times the title is repeated in the lyrics in one of the most hideous of the Holiday Songs. WLIF and WASH....we're waiting. (11/11/17)

to the poster about the use of channel 6 to operatean FM station----how can you call it "Another FCC loophole?" when you have posting these rants about it for years? (11/11/17)

For the tower troll who still has no name: You’ve expended so many nasty irrelevant words on this so-called discussion that I assume you must be very young and naive, obnoxiously unemployable, or both. Prove me wrong. -Dr. Nose (11/11/17)

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Yes, everyone knows there is a Washington Monument height restriction in DC on buildings at 555 feet without a waiver or historical review board hearing in various areas. It’s why DC has no skyscrapers and no tall buildings and tower structures are rarely approved. It has nothing to do with FAA Air charts or even FCC limitations. Technically, there is no tower height restriction in DC per se, but they never get approved and even when they’re approved, like WUSA 9 / WJLA 7, they made them tear it down half constructed. Only in DC could such an antiquated infrastructure remain by design. This 1049’ height conspiracy theory is simply complete hogwash invented by a troll who knows nothing of what he is saying. They are not all the same height at 1049’. Go to RabbitEars.info and check. Few are close to each other in height and of course sea level is irrelevant. Well, unless you have Roy Halladay’s aviation charts? NYC, Philly, and even Baltimore have broadcast structures built long after the 1960s, some in the 1990s and 2000s. To say DC is antiquated is an understatement. The FCC would allow any DC TV station to construct a taller tower. That is a simple fact. You’ll find that in FCC regulations, not on aviation charts. You’re just mad because a Baltimoron made a snobby DC person look unintelligent for being grossly incorrect. Boo hoo. Get over yourself. I will admit though, there is a bit of a Chris Matthew’s thrill in my leg making a fool of you though. :-) (11/10/17)

"When they go into bankruptcy, this will hurt the entire radio industry". That's been said a lot here, mostly by you. Can you explain how? (11/10/17)

Anyone with even a passing interest in radio NEEDS to read this article on Canadian radio: www.fymusicnews.ca... Does this sound like anyone you know? (11/10/17)

Is Salem just simulcasting The Answer, WWRC 1260 AM on 570 AM now? It sounds like they are running the SRN Salem Radio Netwok on WWRC 1260 AM. What is the story? (11/10/17)

What stations is Entercom getting in DC? WIAD 94.7, WPGC 95.5, WDCH 99.1, WJFK 106.7 and WLZL 107.9. CBS is leasing 99.1 to Bloomberg Communications. WLZL 107.9 has a poor signal and must protect WWWT 107.7 in Manassas. (11/10/17)

Here's where everybody chimes in on this topic, so let me take my shot now. Building height in DC began to be regulated in the late 19th Century out of concern for fire safety, then was modified a few years later as a proportion of height vs street width. Its not based on some dumb ratio, like 10x the height of the left boobie on the chick on the Marconi statue off of 16th Street. The Wikipedia entry for "Height of Buildings Act of 1899" may not be drop-dead accurate, but is about as good as it gets. (11/10/17)

Another FCC loophole? Originally low power television station (LPTV) licenses on Channel 6 were made available to encourage minority ownership of television stations in major markets. Shortly after these licenses were granted, they were sold for large sums of money. The reason they became so valuable is that under the FCC rules, low power television stations could use their audio channel, 87.7 FM, as an FM radio station--an inexpensive way to obtain an FM station in these major markets--a "loophole" in the FCC rules. These LPTV stations were never operated as intended as television stations, but instead as FM radio stations. FCC chairman Pai has asked for comments on "loopholes" in FCC rules. This is one "loophole" that deserves comment. (11/10/17)

iHeart stock has dropped to just 55 cents per share. They have not been able to work out a deal with their lenders. When they go into bankruptcy, this will hurt the entire radio industry. Cumulus now at just 33 cents per share is on their way to bankruptcy. The massive debt of both of these companies will cause this to happen. (11/10/17)

Dear [editor: insert cute name for the tower troll who hasn’t taken a name yet] All it takes to be a troll is to needlessly inflame an argument with personal invective, way beyond a simple discussion. A coincidence that all the prime DC market towers are at the same height AMSL? Preposterous. The FAA charts merely state the facts, not the broadcasters’ wishes. (Oh and the River Road tower was left off my list. Top? Um, 1,049’ AMSL.) The reasoning behind the limit is known only to consultants when these major towers started up in the 60s, but a limit it was, and has been successfully exceeded only by the WUSA-WJLA tower so far. Go take a long, cold shower and snub the urge to hurl undeserved insults. -Dr. Nose It All (11/10/17)

"The other problem in DC with tower heights is the Washington Monument restrictions ..." There is no "Washington Monument restriction". Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/10/17)

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A troll is someone who knows that he is wrong. Dr. Nose It All is still completely wrong and I think he does know it. The FCC tower height regulations have nothing to do with aviation charts. Except there’s not even any aviation height limit unless you’re in an airport flightpath zone for takeoffs and landings. Yes, all of those numbers you mentioned are a coincidence, not a limit. There is no such airport zone limit in Tenleytown or Merrifield. There is only zoning regulations which once again have nothing to do with FCC regulations. The FCC and broadcasters only care about Height Above Average terrain. None of these towers is over 780’ tall HAAT. You are simply spouting gobbledegook from inconsequential sources. Sea level numbers are inconsequential You are using the rules for Checkers to try to play Chess. Don’t you think NYC and Philadelphia have airports with 1200 - 1700 foot broadcast structures nearby? DC’s broadcast structures are simply antiquated mostly due to red tape, zoning, and NIMBYs. I’m using FCC broadcast regulations. You’re looking at meaningless aviation charts. WUSA 9 & WJLA 7 already tried to build a taller tower at the same facility. They even got FCC approval for it as well as zoning and FAA approval before the NIMBYs stepped in. Under your rules, the WBFF tower (1498 ft above sea level) in Baltimore would be illegal as well as all the TV broadcast towers in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City, not mention all the TV towers atop mountains that are over 2000’ tall. Maybe you should change your name from Dr. Nose It All to Inspector Clouseau. Your alternative facts will sound more dignified in a French accent. :-) (11/9/17)

The other problem in DC with tower heights is the Washington Monument restrictions and the Historical Reviews that are required of anything built in the District. They are more stringent than probably almost any other in the country. (11/9/17)

FCC Filings: WTTR AM 1470 is downgrading its signal from 1000 watts to 538 watts day/300 watts night omnidirectional and getting rid of two of its towers. WDVM (WHAG) 25 filed to maximize its facilities with a power upgrade on channel 23 to 800 kw. That would allow the station to more easily reach the Montgomery County suburbs. Also WSUX FM 101.1 on the shore has filed to remain silent, noting its pending sale and move to 94.5 FM in the Chincoteague market. Both Seaford Media radio stations will now be silent pending sale. The Klepac radio station wrecking ball continues on. (11/9/17)

Warner, we still use the expressions "filmed" and "taped" up here in the pros, no matter what media or device is in use. If you're shooting a complex preplanned production, you're "filming" (especially on-location shoots). If you're doing a gun-n-run when a bus full of gamblers goes off the Wilson bridge, you "got it on tape". Both still acceptable and widely understood terms. (11/9/17)

Regarding "...Fox5 chooses to do a bit on the latest fad of eating a super spicy hot chip....Holly was filming this with her cell phone...." And, just what type of film was Holly using: 8 mm; 16 mm; 35 mm? Folks we have to discard these old, general terms from our lexicon. No one films, or tapes, or shoots footage, with a smartphone or other digital device. Just say "records" or "recorded". Signed, Warner Wolf no longer going to the video tape (11/9/17)

Dear Screaming Tower Troll: Can’t you at least give yourself a made up name so the rest of the people on this board can know who I’m addressing? You can use “Screaming Tower Troll”. Consider it my gift to you. Have you looked at an aviation chart for the DC area lately? Merrifield tower 1051’ AMSL; NBC tower 1049’; WTTG tower 1048’; DC101 tower 1051’; Channel 50 tower 1048’ and WUSA-WJLA tower 1102’ (with addition of UHF mast on top in late ‘90s). You haven’t answered my question. Do you think all that uniformity is a coincidence or a limit? You think the owners were too stupid to ask for more height? Besides, beyond a certain point more height just makes for more multipath and reflection problems in close-in service areas. Please stop screaming and acknowledge some facts. -Dr. Nose-It-All (11/9/17)

Memo to Entertainment Gossip Reporters: When referring to finished projects Kevin Spacey has been involved in that have been shelved due to his scandal, I don't think "In The Can" is an appropriate expression to be using right now. (11/9/17)

More on the DC tower height situation: “Any executive will tell you that MontCo is not where the money is.” REALLY? Did you actually really say that? That is EXACTLY why the towers are NOT in Merrifield and soon no major TV station will broadcast from there either! However I will say this, the local height restrictions in Merrifield might just actually allow a 1000+ foot tower to be built near DC. DC is a quagmire on height due to the historical Washington Monument related height restrictions. I couldn’t imagine who could get that through, certainly not Sinclair’s WJLA 7. The partnership between WRC NBC 4 and Sinclair however for the ATSC 3.0 station on channel 43 makes me wonder. If NBC was involved, I’d bet such a taller tower might get approved. The very fact that Sinclair didn’t use the WJLA/WUSA tower for the ATSC 3.0 test confirms they deemed it antiquated or unable to do the test, just like it was unable to house WETA on channel 14. WUSA 9 and WJLA previously sought to built a taller tower on the property. If that doesn’t say it’s antiquated, I don’t know what does. (11/9/17)

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To add insult to injury, the WUSA/WJLA Tower isn’t even 1049 ft over sea level. You couldn’t BE ANY MORE WRONG! LOL (11/8/17)

Dr. Nose It All knows very little. Height above mean sea level is a useless and meaningless term for tower height. The FCC doesn’t even consider tower height above mean sea level as a determining factor. HAAT is all that counts, Height above average terrain. That is what determines reception for the market. None of DC’s towers are anywhere near 1000 feet HAAT, which is not really the maximum either since you can just reduce power to compensate or get a waiver. The more you open your mouth, the more you humiliate yourself. This is why most people in DC can pick up Baltimore’s TV stations, but not as easy the other way. This is also the reason that both WUSA 9 and WJLA 7 requested higher than allowed powers. It's because their tower is so short at 605’ (773' HAAT). There is no TV station in the DC area that is anywhere near the FCC limit for HAAT tower height. In Baltimore, the towers range from 1000’ to over 1200’. The numbers do not lie. God knows where you’re getting your gibberish from, DC zoning codes? Certainly not the FCC. LOL (11/8/17)

About the WJLA tower hullabaloo: Yes, there are height restrictions, and the only DC tower that provides slightly better coverage to Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties is the slightly shorter WRC tower a little to the south of WJLA's current site. Since WRC is staying on that tower when moving to RF 34, it would be hard to top-mount a VHF antenna, there, at this time. (If WRC chose to use the pre-built Channel 34 antenna currently used by WPXW, then that would have made things easier for Sinclair/WJLA to move.) Honestly, if TV stations were setting up shop, today, they would all be more likely to use the tower near the I-66/I-495 interchange in Merrifield. Coverage to northern Virginia would be way more solid, and reception in Charles and western Montgomery counties would be about the same as the existing WRC & WJLA/WUSA towers. Yes, reception in PG County, along with eastern DC and MoCo would be tougher, but any local TV executive will tell you that isn't where the money is... Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (11/8/17)

It will be interesting to see what if anything Entercom does with its soon to be D.C. stations. WJFK is winning the sports war and will probably be left alone. Same goes for WPGC which dirfts in and out of the top 10. WLZL would almost surely do better it it had a better signal. The likely station for a shakeup is WIAD which is now down to 17th place and fading fast. It is not even in the top ten in women 25 to 54, which has got to be its target demo. Listening to it yesterday, it has become a horrible mix of burned recurrents along with songs from the Back Street Boys and N-Synch. What a disaster. (11/8/17)

Dave's response: CBS, err Entercom, should make 94.7 a clone of WCBS-FM in NYC or WOGL in Philly, and fire a classic hits missile at iHeart's WBIG.....

What are the six FM Stations that iHeart owns in DC? WASH 97.1 WMZQ 98.7 WIHT 99.5 WFRE 99.9 WBIG 100.3 WWDC 101.1 Under the FCC Rules, a company can own just five FM Stations in a market. However, iHeart found a "loophole" in the FCC Rules by placing one of their stations in their "trust" ten years ago. When is the FCC going to close some of these "loopholes"? (11/8/17)

Dave's response: That's probably a long-running joke when the lawyers from iHeart and the FCC get together at Burning Tree.....

Entercom says.....don't compare us to iHeart or Cumulus. We are different. They did not explain how they are different. Perhaps, they don't have as much debt as iHeart or Cumulus? (11/8/17)

Bennett Zier worked for Red Zebra and persuaded Dan Snyder to pay $58 Million for three stations in the DC Area.....WTNT 730 AM, 94.3 FM in Warrenton and 92.7 FM in Prince Frederick. Both of the FM Stations were Class A Stations. He now manages the stations in Richmond for Entercom. Good Luck! (11/8/17)

Entercom places three stations in their "Ocean Station Trust". Under the present FCC Rules, this means that they never need to sell them. By placing these stations in their "trust" they can complete the merger with CBS Radio. Shame on the FCC for not correcting this abuse of the FCC Rules. They should be changed immediately. FCC Chairman Pai should address this "loophole in the FCC Rules". iHeart has had stations in their "trust" for over ten years and are not required to sell them. iHeart has owned six FM Stations in DC when the limit is just five FM Stations. Is this fair to the other Broadcasting Companies in DC? (11/8/17)

Dear “OUCH”, why not turn down your volume for a minute and look around all the major towers in the DC area. They all top out at 1,049 feet above mean sea level (as opposed to their varying heights above the ground where they stand). Coincidence or limit? The WJLA-WUSA tower became 50’ higher in the first rollout of HDTV in the late 1990s with the addition of the UHF panel. There’s an interesting story about the odd 1,049 figure, but you probably already know it? -Dr. Nose It All (11/8/17)

PLEASE read Rob Carson ON THE BEACH (I just emailed a few dozen people) interview on All Access.... yes, he's still NOT working. The emails and other communications that are going around about that guy are hilarious, he truly treated people like garbage, especially in Cincy, but he remained class-less in all of his many and failed stops. I feel bad for the broadcasters who eventually get desperate enough to hire this dumbass, because they will get pounded with radio people (who are actually working) coming out of the woodwork with a bunch of "GOOD LUCK" with that guy (the stories are absolutely GREAT)! Within the article, you'll notice that he made sure to NOT thank everyone who contributed to his whiny-ass GO-FUND-ME campaign when he got fired, forever and ever, and ever ago. He said he was fired for money, and that's exactly right, after the radio station realized they were completely wasting theirs, on that prick. Never had to work directly with him, but sharing the hallway was bad enough. Also, received a text communication from a colleague informing that Rob is trying to build some video network, and is making embarrassing, outrageous claims about his accomplishments (there are none). What a jock strap! Signed, EVERY former and future Robby Carson co-worker (even if it's at a quick-lube shop), boss and the 1 or 2 people in his audience. (11/8/17)

So this morning, Fox5 chooses to do a bit on the latest fad of eating a super spicy hot chip. Wisdom Martin originally volunteered to do it, but when it was time, he punked out and Erin Como stepped in. Don't know if she volunteered or was the lowest on the totem pole and therefore was next in line. Wonder if she was required to sign a waiver releasing th station from any liability if she experiences any health issues. In any case, seemed like she defended doing it due to liking spicy food. Well, as has happened with everyone who's eaten this chip, it was extremely hot and she ultimately had to leave the set. And BTW, Holly was filming this with her cell phone the entire time. Amazing the things that station will do for ratings. (11/8/17)

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I just saw a name that hasnt surfaced in a while. Talkers Magazine rolled out the list of the new Entercom management structure, and the newly appointed market manager for Virginia is ... Bennett Zier. I KNOW, right?? (11/7/17)

Dave's response: The longtime DC radio management veteran who was responsible for creating Redskins owner Dan Snyder's not-so-hot radio "empire" has been managing Entercom's radio cluster in Norfolk. Now, with Entercom merging with CBS Radio and acquiring iHeart's Richmond radio cluster, Mr. Zier will now be in charge of Entercom's combined Old Dominion operations.....

RE: WHP CBS 21 and the NFL’s Eagles/Steelers… Harrisburg/Lancaster/York, PA being a secondary NFL market to Baltimore along with Baltimore to DC goes back to the Baltimore Colts days, so yes, it is an antiquated NFL rule. You can blame Art Modell for this phenomenon. He helped create all of the arcane TV rules & knew them all, so when he moved the Browns to Baltimore, he demanded that that rule be enforced with regard to the new fledgling Baltimore Ravens team. The Redskins do not have secondary market status in PA btw, just Baltimore. This never got any news. I don’t even think it’s ever been reported in The Baltimore Sun. This affects any Ravens away game in the market, whether on FOX’s WPMT Fox 43 or WHP CBS 21. That Baltimore Ravens game is MUST CARRY, no exceptions. For Ravens home games, the NFL still selects the Ravens usually for the market, but the stations can opt out in some circumstances, but not often. The market is very fractured. South of York is a lot of former Baltimore area residents, lots of Steelers & Eagles fans, north, east, and west. — BaltoMedia.net (11/7/17)

Looks as though Xfinity's Weatherscan channel is down again. It has been down for varying periods since mid-October. Today they have something new. I'm getting an all-black screen with a message directing viewers to watch the Weather Channel or a "local station". (Otherwise I'm getting rather consistent Xfinity service. I'm saying this since complaints come in from time to time regarding the reliability and quality of service Comcast provides its cable subscribers.) (11/7/17)

RE: "The WUSA/WJLA tower is already over the legal FCC height”… WRONG! First off there is no FCC limit on tower height. The only requirement is that the power be adjusted accordingly to the height. The WBFF tower in Baltimore is over 1200 feet tall. To use a maximum allowed power for a channel, the tower must 1000 feet or less. There is no TV tower anywhere near 1000 feet tall around DC. In Philadelphia and New York, there are few if any TV stations broadcasting from less then 1000 feet and most are much taller. You obviously do not know what you’re talking about at all. Now if you mean District of Columbia height restrictions, that’s a whole other story. The WUSA 9/WJLA 7 tower is antiquated by any major market standard. There was even an attempt to build a taller tower there already! Both WBOC & WMDT in Salisbury have taller towers than WUSA 9 and WJLA 7! OUCH! (11/7/17)

Am I the only one thinking the Phil Hagenah post was bogus? Put up by someone who signed somebody else’s name to hide their true identity. Chickenshit m-f. If you know where to look, you’ll learn Phil is a 67 year-old man; hardly someone in WASH’s target demo. (11/7/17)

Loo Katz to join The Mike O'Meara Show? The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and now, four guys busting each others' balls. (11/7/17)

To the guy suggesting Sinclair won’t be happy for long with WJLA’s transmitter being at a “short tower”, perhaps tomorrow you’ll know what you’re talking about. The tower at 4010 Chesapeake St. NW has always been at the legal limit for height, and the UHF antenna at the top shared initially by WJLA and WUSA was actually 50’ over the limit. Somehow the FCC forgave them and let it remain. As for signage there, why would anyone in his right mind advertise the identity of an unattended site like that, with security at stake? (11/7/17)

[UGH. Loo - good riddance. Phil Hagenah, Silver Spring] Hey Phil, when you lose your job that supports your family, I will say the same thing. (11/7/17)

From Philly.com: "[S]ome Eagles fans were angry at CBS before the game even began. In central Pennsylvania, fans were forced to watch the Ravens-Titans game from the start because of an odd mix of NFL TV rules and the fact that the game happened to air on CBS instead of FOX. The NFL requires WHP 21, the CBS affiliate based in Harrisburg, to air Baltimore Ravens games when the matchup is on the road or sold out at home. It’s a rule that’s also hurt Steelers fans, who have missed three games because of the league’s broadcast rule. In Week 5, WHP broadcast the 1995 action movie Desperado because it couldn’t air the Steelers-Jaguars game." (CC: BaltoMedia.net.) (11/7/17)

Hey I see that Chris Miles of NBC Sports Washington and NBC 4 will be the studio host for NBA TV Gametime Sundays and Mondays. (11/7/17)

Cumulus Stock continues to drop. Now at 29 cents per share. How long before they declare bankruptcy? (11/7/17)

The stock market is at an all time high today. iHeart stock is down to $1.25 per share. So far they are still listed on Nasdaq. I pity the people who invested in this stock. The company has over $20.4 BILLION in debt! (11/7/17)

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From recent FCC filings, I’ll make a suggestion about WNVC/WNVT and where MHz Networks might end up on air. What if they just stayed on the same channels? WIAV and WDCO Class A TV stations have applied for both their current channels, 24 & 30. Both of those LPTVs have plenty of channel space and one is even on the current WNVC tower and could probably use some cash for the upgrades. Such a deal would mean almost no noticeable change in service, well except for much poorer antenna reception. However even that has a positive, as WIAV is actually right in DC, so there would be no signal from way out in Goldvein anymore... — BaltoMedia.net (11/6/17)

On Friday CEO and founder of Southcomm , Washington City Papers parent company was forced to resign by the venture capital company who is now running the company (11/6/17)

Dave, Loo was a dud ever since he debuted at WASH. An on-air dweeb and I stopped listening to WASH years ago. I gave Loo and Chilli a chance for a few months when I had to get up early for a job. Chilli was annoying. Just be yourself Chilli, if that's your real name. UGH. Loo - good riddance. Phil Hagenah, Silver Spring (11/6/17)

DC people tend to understand political derangement much better than business. Businesses care about their bottom line, not DC’s politically deranged thinking. Suing Sinclair will definitely be a concern to Amazon. How many states sue corporations headquartered in their state? Bezos might not personally like Sinclair, but he’s still a greedy businessman at heart so he’ll definitely take notice. Frosh is a grandstanding moron. The Baltimore Sun comments on the story are lighting him up. (11/6/17)

I can see why WTTG Fox 5 wants out of DC. Their building’s main entrance is basically the rear service entrance. It’s the only sign on the building. Thought it was funny that Google blurred out their sign too. At least WUSA 9 has a prominent building and signage, albeit next to a McDonald’s. The WUSA 9/WJLA tower complex where WETA, WHUT, & WPXW are also located is completely unmarked on all sides and almost looks abandoned. I cannot believe that Sinclair will be satisfied with those facilities for long or sharing with 4 other stations on a short tower. DC has the worst most technically antiquated local TV facilities of any major market city. (11/6/17)

Entercom has set up a "trust" to place several of their stations that they cannot own. This new trust will be called "Ocean Station Trust". This is like the iHeart "trust" "Aloha Station Trust". THIS IS A JOKE! It means that Entercom will never have to sell these stations. A loophole to get around the FCC Rules! Everyone knows that iHeart has owned these stations for ten years in their "trust." They have enjoyed the cash flow from WFRE 99.9 FM and WFMD 930 AM since 2007 when they agreed to sell these stations to get around the FCC Rules. Shame on the FCC for not correcting this LOOPHOLE!!! I hope the petition to deny against the Entercom Merger will point this out in their petition. I hope FCC Chairman Pai will correct this situation before they permit Entercom to close on this merger. (11/6/17)

Maybe it is a good thing western Maryland didn't have those TV stations. Hagerstown I can see having can see having local TV but Cumberland has lost half their population. Back in the 50's that city had 40,000 plus but today it is around 20,000 and nearby Keyser in West Virginia is quite depressed too. WAZT....I went to their website last night and apparently they are based in Winchester !! They even have a Winchester street address !! On Front Royal Road right next to the Travelodge. For some reason I thought WAZT was on Court Street in Woodstock. When did they move ?? Their towers on the other hand are licensed in different communities except for the one in Winchester. WWPX why do they exist ?? All it is is a repeater for 66. No local content on WWPX at all !! A waste !! (11/6/17)

Cumulus missed their payment to their lenders last week. Their stock is now at just 31 cents per share. They have been notified that they will no longer be listed on Nasdaq. (11/6/17)

Here is an odd thing (and it's radio-related and not political, even though it involves the President), Pres. Trump gave an interview on WMAL-AM-FM last week; a quote and paraphrase were used in a Washington Post article, even stating that it was said on "The Larry O'Connor Show"; one would think they would write that it was on (and only on) a local radio station, WMAL and it was done at the White House. I don't get why a local newspaper doesn't mention that it was on a local radio station, and also not mention the station. Maybe the reporter, like so many at the Post now, knows very little about normal life Washington, and may be one of those who often states factoids from memory, not research; it was written as if it were about a podcast on the Internet. -- Carl in Olney (11/6/17)

The problem historically with channel 14 is that it’s not right next to channel 13 spectrum wise as everyone would assume. Right next to it on one side below 14 is a ton of land mobile uses from hospitals to national security, maybe even the Secret Service for all we know. As explained in the WETA filing, a huge filter the size of an 18 wheeler is required to insulate a Channel 14 TV station from interfering below channel 14. WFDC 14 was on channel 14, so it works. The current problems are unrelated to the historic problems since none of these interference issues existed in the 1970s. Those stations simply went bankrupt from the lack of people with UHF TVs, hence no viewers. The problem WETA has is they need to be near channels 33 & 35 on 31 or it will be costly to combine the 3 signals on the antiquated WUSA9/WJLA7 tower and facility. Btw, I looked at that facility on Google maps. There are no markings for any TV station there. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sinclair tries to do a tower build in DC, but probably outside the district as they would get no support from the DC Proletariat sympathizers. (11/6/17)

WNVC and WNVY said they were investigate chanel sharing with the RICHMOND VA area public stations. Not a DC area station. No word on how, if it will be approved or which Mhz subchannels would "live on." (11/6/17)

Dave's response: That's WNVT.....

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Thanks for the poster explaining what happened to WJAL and why it became LATV wouldnt it have been a good idea if WUSA CH9 put on Decades or LAFF TV two subchannels seen in Baltimore reruns of course that's all there is on digital over the air subchannels but decent retro programming. (11/5/17)

Pardon if I’ve overlooked a relevant post, but doesn’t anyone else recall the woebegone history of TV stations trying to use channel 14 over the years in the DC market? Littered with (technical) failure. The most recent problem I heard was that Fairfax Hospital would be disastrously affected if any real power were to be applied to channel 14, especially anywhere west of center city DC. Any consultants out there know any better? Dr. Know-It-All (11/5/17)

WZDC Telemundo DC soon to be displaced on channel 25 has announced a sharing agreement. Hmm. Now WRC NBC 4 has already announced that Telemundo is moving to NBC 4’s channel. Does this mean they threatened to sue Comcast/NBC? So far the sharing agreement has not been revealed. I know any lawsuit threat will never be revealed, but it makes one wonder. Also still no word on where MHz Networks, Channel 30 (originally 56/53) is going to share with. I cannot think of any DC TV station that would have the spectrum space, well except maybe Martinsburg’s WWPX ION 12, which serves virtually no purpose and probably generates little money except through the failing shopping networks or religious WIAV which has now filed for channel 30 at 15kw ironically. Something will be announced soon I imagine. (11/5/17)

Wow, we have some stunted thinkers on this board. Equating the prospect of an Amazon HQ2 with Sinclair is ridiculous. Sinclair is a highly cynical, law-evading, aggressively partisan enemy of civic life. Brian Frosh should drill them a new one with a dull drill bit. (11/5/17)

WDVM (WHAG) 25 was doing just fine until the monopoly Comcast/NBC pulled the rug out from under them to benefit WRC NBC 4, something that should have caught the eye of the lazy ass FCC, but didn’t. As for WJAL, they put out a phony press release saying the FCC put them off the air, out of business, and that they were going off the air. They FLAT OUT LIED! When there was an attempt to move channel 12 to DC the FCC stepped in and said no to the allocation change. Is that next? Except for WDVM 25, there is almost no local news in western Maryland, eastern WV. Western MD was originally assigned as many TV stations as Delmarva, actually more! They are almost all gone now. Hagerstown is actually bigger than Salisbury. Most people do not realize that. (11/5/17)

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WJZ 13 has an online story about an officer in the Freddie Gray court case in which the summary mentions Freddie Gray's so-called catastrophic injuries. 'So-Called'? I didn't know it was up to a news station to make the decision about whether the injuries were serious or not. It would be nice to see actual journalists return to Baltimore's news rooms. (11/4/17)

After reading more about the WETA Repack channel change request housed in the deepest darkest depths of the FCC (not the standard CDBS public info), potential interference with Land Mobile is the claimed problem, but from reading the documents, it’s a fixable problem, meaning channel 14 is still open for use in DC. The problem WETA had was the antiquated tower & transmitter situation at the WUSA/WJLA shared tower. There simply wasn’t enough physical space for the required equipment at that crowded facility attempting to house 5 different TV stations. They needed a channel closer to channels 33 & 35 to physically fit the required filters and equipment necessary for channel 14. The filter for land mobile alone would have been the size of an 18 wheel truck! And apparently it also would have cost significantly more money to build on channel 14 too. WETA claims it would have had to possibly leave that tower even for a different location. (11/4/17)

The mystery TV station, Channel 43 that no one has ever seen. I wonder if anyone has ever received this station other than maybe at WRC TV NBC 4 Washington or Sinclair’s WBFF 45 in Baltimore on TV Hill or the FCC. Well, unbeknownst to everyone, Channel 43 exists as seen here in the FCC reception contour. The reason you can’t get it is Sinclair is testing Next Generation TV or ATSC 3.0, which you probably won’t see until late 2018 or 2019 at the earliest. Unless they send out an ATSC 1.0 signal, your TV will never pick up this TV station. The importance of this test is for overlap testing. That is why Channel 43 is on the air in both Washington and Baltimore with obvious interfering signals. They are designed to interfere on purpose to test how the system will work. While this is not part of the TV repack per se, it is part of the ultimate plan. ATSC 3.0, with more compression, allows for more stations on the same channel, better reception in buildings/homes, and greater interference rejection along with Mobile TV in cars as well as IPTV, meaning internet access of streaming video without your phone’s LTE even being accessed or technically any additional cost and with WIFI support in home. This mysterious station is why Sinclair is so feared. Because it changes the game. You might not need Comcast or Verizon as much. (11/4/17)

On Loo Katz's firing: "Age Discrimination? I think so." Maybe, but I doubt it. He sounds quite young for his age, so it would be unlikely to affect ratings. It's more likely, IMO, that he was cut to save iHeartFutureBankruptcy some money to try and avoid the inevitable. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (11/4/17)

Re: WJAL...ah I don't think they will be missed by a good many of the Hagerstown TV audience. I used to live in Hagerstown and I can tell you that it is rare that you heard anything about them and besides WJAL didn't air very much in the way of local either. Heck Hagerstown and the region could not support WHAG..OK WDVM as well. That is why WDVM had been beefing up coverage to Northern Virginia and the Maryland suberbs. Even the now defunct TV3 Winchester was in the same boat. The last few weeks TV 3 were on the air it was stories from Loudoun and Fairfax counties and not so much Winchester, Front Royal or Martinsburg. .A lot of people in that region ( Hagerstown and Winchester ) could care less about what is happening in their backyard. Sad it is but unfortunately so true. I feel bad about the employees with WJAL in Hagerstown but to the average Joe it really is like "Oh well" !! (11/4/17)

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Just another reason that Maryland will not get the Amazon HQ. When your own attorney General files suit against one of its own largest companies. In today’s Sun, “Maryland attorney general joins opposition to Tribune-Sinclair merger Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh has joined attorneys general in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island in opposing Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.’s proposed takeover of Tribune Media Co., a $3.9 billion deal that would create the nation’s largest television broadcast company.” Is Baltimore City going to throw Sinclair out next? (11/3/17)

WJAL 68 lied to their employees and the Hagerstown market and newspaper, said they were forced off the air due to the FCC repack, but instead they filed to become WJAL 68 Silver Spring, MD on channel 9’s signal. Goodbye to all the family programming in favor of programming for the DACA crowd. The FCC shouldn’t have allowed this, but they did. (11/3/17)

WJAL 68 lied to their employees and the Hagerstown market and newspaper, said they were forced off the air due to the FCC repack, but instead they filed to become WJAL 68 Silver Spring, MD on channel 9’s signal. Goodbye to all the family programming in favor of programming for the DACA crowd. The FCC shouldn’t have allowed this, but they did. (11/3/17)

[WMAL's morning show's gyrations in accommodating the hosts' and station's views to suit whatever claim Trump has made that day.] Emailer makes a good point. The hosts of the morning show are so stupid it hurts. As I have posted in the past, nothing wrong with conservative opinions, but hosts need to get their facts correct. It seems like Vince often has to correct Mary's glaring factual mistakes on politics and government 101 issues. (11/3/17)

Which is worse: Jeff Glor's toupé or. David Muir's hair shelf? At least Lester Holt looks honest. (11/3/17)

With WMAL's ratings rise (has anyone suspected this is just a momentary vagary of the barely understood Arbitron-Nielsen-Voltaire encoding and measuring process?) I still have to wonder how much more they would rise if they were to move to the already-Cumulus-owned superior signal at 107.3. As Donald Drumpf would say, "What have they got to lose?" WMAL's weekday program content is a frighteningly negative influence on decent civic life, so I'd hate to give them any ideas. (11/3/17)

Loo Katz... Age Discrimination? I think so. This shit happens all the time, and I don't doubt for one second this is why he was let go. The numbers at WASH are rarely affected by personalities as it's a heavily music driven station. He and Chlli were doing fine. I'll be he was let go because he is chronologically challenged. (11/3/17)

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"WMAL-AM/FM, the Cumulus talker that’s now fifth in the market, advancing 3.2-4.3-4.7 since the August book." I'm a longtime WMAL listener and have been an on-and-off defender of the station here in the hatefest that is the Mailbag, but as a disenchanted GOPer who can't stand Donald Trump and what he's done to the party, it's hard to hear WMAL's abandonment of anything resembling conservatism in favor of Trumpism. Adding insult to injury, that maneuvering is obviously paying off for the station. Its gaining listeners, no matter how embarrassing it can be to hear its morning show's gyrations in accommodating the hosts' and station's views to suit whatever claim Trump has made that day. (11/2/17)

Sad about Loo Katz. A living radio legend. Bad ratings? I guess being in the top 5-7 every month isn't good enough, eh? The WASH-FM train began to derail when they replaced Glenn Hollis, and now the locomotive has been derailed through no fault of his own other than he worked for a bunch of people that Ed Graham would simply call 'idiots.' JA (11/2/17)

Sorry to hear Loo katz was fired but I'm not surprised. Fondly remember his days at WAVA but could never get into the show at WASH mainly because the music is horrible and Chili always brings back memories of the Jack Diamond Show train wreck. Just another example of that terrestrial radio continues to worsen to unfathomable depths. (11/2/17)

DCRTV Mailbag breaking news: WMAL’s Larry O’Connor on the Larry O’Connor Show LIVE from the White House will have “The Don” himself, President Donald Trump, LIVE on air at 5:00PM Thursday. (11/2/17)

[I'm getting something OTA On CH 68 mapped to CH 9 called LATV Spanish what happened to WJAL which was an independent station that was supposed to be shared with WUSA CH 9?] You are not getting anything brodacst from 68. It is broadcast on WUSA's signal but is mapped to 68.1. What you are receiving is what WJAL became when it switched the community of service and started channel sharing with WUSA. Expect it to ultimately become a UniMAs affiliate but apparently that cannot happen for a while. (11/2/17)

Hey Dave, Fox News' new show, The Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham, airs live from DC. Didn't know this until just now, but thought it would be an interesting piece of trivia. (www.youtube.com) From, Amar (11/2/17)

I'm getting something OTA On CH 68 mapped to CH 9 called LATV Spanish what happened to WJAL which was an independent station that was supposed to be shared with WUSA CH 9? (11/2/17)

So sorry to hear about Loo, enjoyed listening to him on WAVA, Mix, and WASH. However this is related: WASH PD Tommy Chuck was just transferred to Tampa, according to RadioInsight. I wonder what's going on at 1801 Rockville Pike. First the program director gets moved and now half the morning show gets let go. Is the new PD going to do mornings with Chilli as well? Or, since Chilli and WMZQ's Aly Jacobs do the "MomJuice Podcast", could that be the new pairing? (11/2/17)

Today is the last day for TV Repack FCC filings in the 2nd window to address any problems or for maximization of signal. Sinclair's WNUV CW 54 just filed for 948kw, nearly double the power, and more power than sister station WBFF FOX 45. 1000kw is not possible due to the fact that the WBFF tower is over 1000 foot tall and the tallest in Maryland. My guess is that this is because of two things. Tribune's CW 50 in DC turned in their channel to the FCC already and is merging with WFDC's channel with less signal towards Baltimore and also because WHP CW 21 in Harrisburg has a very weak signal towards the PA/Maryland border. This application pretty much solves both problems for those having trouble getting The CW in the region via antenna. It should be noted that Sinclair owns or will own both of those other CW network TV stations. Once again, nothing should change on cable. — BaltoMedia.net (11/2/17)

Whoever is making the major decisions at WASH FM has broken pinball-machine parts for brains. The other night I heard them playing Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song" ("Today I dont feel like do-ing a-ny-thing...") and notice that they blipped out part of the line, "Meet a really nice girl have some really nice sex." Really guys? Your target demo is going to collectively crap itself over the word "sex"? Then the dictate comes down that Loo Katz is now a yearbook picture, after all this time and after all his work. I know that's the way of the entertainment industry in general, and legacy morning talent can be pricey (especially for iHeart right now), but HUH? Research from Alan Burns and Associates as to what drives heavy listenership notes the primary reason is: "to escape or improve my mood." DC is in such turmoil on a national level, I think the proper thing to have done was to tweak a bunch of things, lose a lot of the celeb lifestyle crap, and emphasize the stability and familiarity of the program and its cast in a churning sea of uncomfortable life changes. Something along the lines of, "Civilization may be crumbling around our feet, but there are still some things you can depend on to make it worth waking up tomorrow --- WASH FM." Whoever the replacement host is going to be -- assuming its not a piped-in satellite voice from another galaxy -- is going to have a tough go of it, winning over WASH's existing audience. (11/2/17)

Alas, poor Loo! I knew him...sad news, but Loo was a great professional and really fun to work with. He had a really long run and survived many changes over the years. WASH was an important well-programmed station for a long time, I hope they find a way to survive. Ed Graham (11/2/17)

"WKMZ...or possibly even Ken Jay, who dominated the weekend ratings for years."..say what ?? True Ken was on Martinsburg's 97.5 but it was WLTF not WKMZ and besides being on the air for a few hours on Sunday morning doesn't exactly mean he "dominated" the weekends there. Since we are name dropping those who worked at WKMZ might as well have those who were at WLTF too. Why not Stacy Drake ?? Selena or Casey Brooks ?? Marc Richards ?? Heck you could throw in Joe Sanchez in there. Joe can do both WXVA and 97.5 too since if WV Radio is anything like Prettyman well they would not care !! Seriously if WKMZ does go back to CHR considering all these people are in their late 40's thru their early 70s I highly doubt any of those people will be involved at all. Too old !! A 60 year old playing Pink ?? Oh boy won't the 20s something flock to hear that...not !! Now if it's "The Mountain" well I still have my doubts. (11/2/17)

Hey Loo, admire your talent and your tenure, alway was proud to say you are a friend of mine! Stay well, better times are ahead! Give me a shout if you want to do a lunch! (11/2/17)

Loo Katz went to a Tina Turner concert with him and some other WAVA folks in 1985.. Right next to the stage...he was a very personable guy then, and it's nice to see he hasn't changed a bit. (11/2/17)

Sad to hear Loo was let go by WASH. There's a lot of things wrong with radio these days. Loo isn't one of them! (11/2/17)

You are a pro's pro Lou! (11/2/17)

I thought that Loo Katz had good ratings in morning drive something is not adding up. Was it more a budget cut as Loo Katz was making 6 figures let's assume (11/2/17)

Wow- that sucks. Best wishes to Loo. What does this mean for Chilli (11/2/17)

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“...who dominated the weekend ratings for years...” WKMZ was a legend in its own mind during the CHR years. Never cracked a 4 share. (11/1/17)

"Rumor has that 97.5 in Martinsburg, WV is returning their old calls of WKMZ and bringing back the CHR format." Sure enough, WV Radio Corp registered 975WKMZ.com last month. Lance Venta of RadioInsight also mentioned a "heritage brand" coming back to the Hagerstown market a couple of weeks ago, although his interesting content is behind a paywall so there's no way to confirm that's what he's talking about. But it sure seems like it. Dave may know this - when 97.5 was WKMZ, wasn't it rocker "The Mountain" though? Wouldn't it be cool to bring that back.... (11/1/17)

WBAL TV 11 has filed to maximize its facilities on TV Hill on its new channel, channel 12, as part of the Big TV Repack, which starts next year. You probably won't notice any channel change, but if you use an antenna, the signal might be a bit better at a higher 30kw. Also, it appears the plans for WETA to move to switch to 27 was a clerical error and they still intend to move to channel 31, so no impact on WMAR ABC 2. The only non-confusing part of the TV repack is that on cable TV, hopefully, you won't notice any difference, well unless Comcast fails to map to the correct channels accidentally. Nothing would surprise me. (11/1/17)

Just for laughes and giggles, RabbitEars now shows all the WETA Construction permits as channel 27! HAHA! Will he even say why WETA couldn’t use channel 14? I mean it couldn’t have been their fault. (11/1/17)

WaPo subscription - I know there are very few of us left, but for those that still do subscribe: To avoid their outrageous 'regular' subscription pricing, I go through the annual song-and-dance haggling to get the 'special/promotional' pricing. A PITA but worth the savings...So this week, I get a notice that my payment is due (seems early to me), I check my account online and find my subscription period has shortened by 12 days. (You can't verify this online since WaPo conveniently doesn't keep your billing history anymore. I had to find my printed receipt from last year.) I email a copy to WaPo CS/Help and get the response below, yeah Special Editions: Our record shows that your subscription to the Daily and Sunday paper is currently under a one year promotion and it was previously paid thru 11/19/17. The subscription was shorten to be paid thru 11/07/17 due to the special editions delivered on the following dates: 11/24/16 - Thanksgiving Paper... 01/20/17 - Inauguration Day Paper... 03/29/17 - Spring Expanded Issue... 05/03/17 - Getting Ready for Summer... 09/06/17 - Fall Expanded Issue... (11/1/17)

Re; WKMZ...be great to hear that lineup again but Gary Michaels is retired. Rob Mario is on 740 WRNR in Martinsburg and Cindy McGuire is with WINC. Cliff Maxwell disappeared and Ron Baker is out of the business.. Jay Young had a stroke, Tanner Miller last I heard is in Denver, Colorado and Chris Strovel works for somebody in government in Charleston, WV. Chris Buckland I think is on the west coast, Pflash Phelps is still with XM and Ken Jaye works for Washington County Hospital I think so IF WKMZ does return that leaves Bill Hutton who did WKMZ Saturday Night. (11/1/17)

Guess it is good news that Entercomm/CBS takes over the IHeart stations in Richmond in return for the CBS Boston cluster. Gotta say, a shame that IHeart will run WBZ. (11/1/17)

Rumor has that 97.5 in Martinsburg, WV is returning their old calls of WKMZ and bringing back the CHR format. Evidence is they've registered the domain 975WKMZ.com and hearing a flip of format could happen as soon as Dec 1st. Could the legendary Gary Michaels, Flash Phelps, Rob Mario, Kevin Moore, Ron Baker, Cliff Maxwell, Cindy Maguire or possibly even Ken Jay, who dominated the weekend ratings for years...all make their return! I'll guess we'll find out soon! (11/1/17)

Tom Taylor Now October ratings analysis: Washington DC has a new star this month, and it’s WMAL-AM/FM, the Cumulus talker that’s now fifth in the market, advancing 3.2-4.3-4.7 since the August book. Chris Huff (the ratings-tracker) supplies this fact – “the 4.7 is WMAL’s largest share since March 2015.” Who’s ahead of it? Two more talk-based stations, with Hubbard’s news WTOP and its two simulcast FMs holding onto first place (8.9-9.4-9.8). And American University’s not-for-profit news/talk WAMU again second (9.6-8.9-9.3). One way to look at this - in morning drive, nearly 1-in-4 AQH listeners is tuning in for news. Repeating in third and fourth are Howard U.’s urban AC WHUR (7.1-7.1-7.0) and iHeart’s classic rock WBIG-FM (5.8-5.6-4.9). Then comes WMAL with its 4.7. Though things are congested in that neighborhood, with Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ/WDCJ at a 4.6 (4.9-4.2-4.6) and iHeart AC WASH at a 4.4 (4.2-4.3-4.4). Not a bad month for iHeart’s country WMZQ (3.3-3.4-3.7). It’s tied with Radio One’s gospel “Praise 104” WPRS (4.3-3.6-3.7). Dissecting the dayparts, WTOP’s #1 with double digits from 6am to 7pm. It ties for second at night and runs third on Saturday/Sunday. Pubcaster WAMU is #1 nights and weekends, while WHUR is second on weekends. Checking the column for “average weekly cume,” WTOP leads that one, too (1,273,400). Baltimore rewards the consistency of Radio One’s urban AC “Magic 95.9” WWIN-FM (and the loyalty of its audience) with a fourth-straight 7.8 share. Also the #1 position, bolstered by daypart wins in afternoons and on weekends. Second is another very consistent station, iHeart’s country WPOC (7.4-7.2-7.4, and #1 again in mornings with Laurie De Young). Third is CBS Radio’s AC WLIF (6.9-6.4-7.2, holding onto its midday trophy, this time in double digits). Fourth is Radio One’s urban “92Q” WERQ (7.2-7.8-6.5). It’s still #1 at night, and tied with WPOC for second on weekends. Fifth place is Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY (5.5-4.7-5.3, and third in mornings). Shamrock’s classic rock “Bay” WZBA is up to its largest share since August 2015 (3.9-4.2-4.7). AC WLIF is again the cume leader at 716,200. (11/1/17)

The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi (pronounced “Farhi”) details how NPR executive editor Michael Oreskes (pronounced “Asshole”) hit on women (now that’s an oddity for NPR) for years (never succeeded, poor putz) and now has been put on “leave after allegations of sexual harassment”. It does seem that these “allegations” (shouldn’t there be “proof” before someone is put on “leave” or can they at least get bail?) are beginning to close in on liberal Hollywood/media types daily and one can only wonder if & when The Washington Post itself will finally be hit with “allegations”. But then at The Washington Post, powerfull older men (Ben Bradley) approaching younger women (Sally Quinn) just wind up marrying them after they ditch their wives. Farhi reports: www.washingtonpost.com (11/1/17)

Two radio mentions: First, yeah, I realize that WCTN and WKCW aren't much more than Pentium II laptops plugged into transmitters, but would it have killed either of you to drop a few spins for Fats Domino into the rotation for just one day? You are the de facto Oldies properties in the DC area, and you're free from corporate dictates to execute an unwavering format. Who else is going to do it if not you? And second, its November 1st --- shouldn't WASH FM have been playing Christmas music by now? (11/1/17)

I saw no reason given in the WETA channel change filing why they cannot use channel 14. It is in current use for WWTD, but not protected in the TV repack, so will not stay on the air, so that is not the reason that WETA cannot us it. The WETA filing does not explain any of this except that they cannot use the channel due to the FCC. Why is the FCC not saying why? (11/1/17)

No one would lose value on the sale of a radio station that few people listen to by telling all prospective buyers that you cannot use the call letters WQLL! And there’s no reason those call letters have any value. Only an idiot would advertise AM 1370 for sale that way. It’s somebody who HAS LAND and CALL LETTERS THAT NOBODY CAN USE! And then there’s the issue that WQLL is probably not even paid for, neither the land or expensive station upgrade to 50kw. They would be taking a BATH! NO BUYER can use WJZ or WBAL for an AM radio station. Neither company would allow use of those call letters by anyone else, hell or high water. The only other option seems to be WFSI 860. With the CBS Radio/Entercom merger going on, I think this sale is AM 1300. (11/1/17)

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