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As currently written in the FCC repack rules, sometime in March 2021, the last possible extension for any analog TV station or station not protected in the repack will either switch to whatever digital TV channel it has been assigned to or go dark for good. DC’s channel 6 has an assigned DTV channel, but it’s outside of the repack, so in the next couple months, they will have an opportunity to apply for another channel. The question is, will they even bother and if not, will the FCC enforce this final deadline in March 2021? With ATSC 3.0 and better OTA signals, even on lo-VHF, channel 6 might be more valuable to someone else. (1/31/18)

Per Bill Miller/Bob Raleigh (www.legacy.com) .I wonder if he was the WPGC DJ I often sat next to in an 8:00am class at the U of MD in College in the Summer of 1966. My then future father-in-law knew the then owner(s) of WPGC...which was either still just the daytime AM'er or had recently gotten the FM signal. Not that the '66 Chevy Nova had a new fangled FM radio in it. (1/31/18)

Another radio legend has left us. I remember listening to Bob Raleigh on WPGC as a kid. He was the epitome of Top-40 radio. Years later .... many years later .... at a model railroad show in Hagerstown, I was able to meet Mr. Miller as I was just starting a career in the biz. Of all the things he loved the most, next to his wife and family, it was model railroading. But when I asked him about what he thought about today's world of radio, I'll never forget it. He just shook his head a few times and said "It's hard to even listen to it anymore." Rest in Peace, Bill. Thanks for the memories and setting the standard for all Top-40 DJ's to aspire to be. You'll always be 'the real' Bob Raleigh to me. Bob's obituary is here www.legacy.com... JA )1/31/18)

Snyder has one thing in his favor over WILC AM 900 regarding value. The AM 980 land is at least usable for something other than a swamp or a radio station. AM 900 has nowhere to move to, but AM 980 could be diplexed with another station from another location if necessary. (1/31/18)

How much is Red Zebra asking for WTEM 980? They have given WMAL AM/FM the rights to carry the Redskins Games. If they give up ESPN, there is no much left. (1/31/18)

Today is the last day to file for an FM Translator to go with your AM Radio Station. The FCC says this is the Final Window for filing for a Translator. Over 175 AM Stations have filed. (1/31/18)

The sale of 900AM certainly brought back fond memories of live radio in the swamp. An age of innocence and great fun...plus a lot of amazing people - Steve Allan (1/31/18)

Re: Lyndsy Czarniak, I agree that the focus of her segments seems more on the Redskins than the Super Bowl and its teams. Since NBC4 pretty much only has one permanent sports anchor, I can see them. It sending her to Minnesota. However, as they do with every other story, there has to be some sort of local connection with members, coaches, etc. on the teams playing local fans there to see the game who she could've interviewed. (1/31/18)

The recent $700,000 sale of WILC (nee WLMD) may not be the best guide to AM station valuations, most of which include the property beneath the towers, and the prospect of expanded housing or commercial use. (see: WMAL) Regarding the Laurel, Maryland site, the late Scott Standiford, a local broadcast engineer and licensed radio hobbyist W3YTW, once told me a radio station is about the ONLY use possible for the WLMD parcel. He stood at a radial marker near Schrafft's with his Potomac Instruments field strength monitor, impressed at the effect of ground conductivity that made for good signal. The phasing system that kept the station's signal in compliance with the FCC had to be adjusted for Spring and Fall to adjust for the rising and falling water table. There has been quite a build-up of residential and retail around what was the Laurel Pines Golf Course bordering the antenna farm, but I don't think environmental restrictions would allow much other use. The station house, a brick structure that originally included sales, management, a newsroom, a production studio and the on-air studio as well as the technical room, was declared unfit for occupancy some years ago when the water table became contaminated. When I was last there in 2009, they had bottled water on site and had not yet relocated the personnel. A skinny dirt lane comes off a residential street (Briarchip St.), went down between a fairway and the backyards of then-new houses, and ended at the house and the antenna field. Scary at night, and of course perfect for high school kids wanting to go back there and party since the station had closed for the day. (1/31/18)

Wait ... WILC sold for $5.5 million in 2002, and only went for $700k this time? That HAD to hurt. (1/31/18)

Dave's response: That's Dan Snyder's problem trying to sell AM 980. He'd take a huge loss on it.....

What are some of the loopholes that should be eliminated? Permitting Channel 6 TV Stations to operate as FM Stations rather that Television Stations as intended. These LPTV Stations were licensed so that Minorities could get into TV ownership. Rather than operate as intended, they operate as FM Radio Stations using their Audio Channel 87.7. A second loophole is permitting stations to get around the ownership rules by putting their stations in their "trust" and never selling them. iHeart has done this in the DC Market. (1/31/18)

Its nice to see the Kennedy's back representing the Dems. They need a new leader. Joe Kennedy III is the grandson of Robert Kennedy. (1/31/18)

How many Federal Regulations have been dropped or changed at the FCC during the past year. Not many. There are still thousands of regulations on the books for radio stations. The one regulation that will help radio stations is the discontinuation of having a "Main Studio" in your "city of license". Most radio stations serve much more than just their city of license. Let's get rid of all the loopholes in the FCC Rules! (1/31/18)

The value of AM Stations has really dropped. As Tom Taylor pointed out this morning, WILC 900 AM in DC sold the last time for $5.5 Million. Yesterday, the Current Owner just sold it for $700,000. The seller takes just $75,000 down and holds a Note for $625,000. (1/31/18)

980 has rebranded from ESPN 980 back to the "The Team". i dont listen to the station. Does this mean ESPN programming and sports breaks are gone? replaced by what? Whats the reason for the change? (1/31/18)

I’ve posted this before, but WILC AM 900 no longer has any nighttime protections to the east at all. They could put as much signal to the coast as possible. WJWL AM 900 in Delaware has downgraded to Class D and no longer has to be protected. And daytime, it’s also no longer 10kw either, so I’m not sure if that would help the daytime nulls, but it’s worth looking at. But of course, no one invests anything in AM radio anymore, not even the FCC. (1/31/18)

From what i can glean from Radiolocator.net, the WILC studios are in the back of a Ford dealer. Can anyone confirm this? Cuz that just sounds weird. (1/31/18)

Valley news: Another local broadcaster bites the dust as the WAZT network out in Winchester ends programming. Three of its stations (WDCO, WAZH, WAZT) are all switching to Jewelry Television at least temporarily starting today. They didn't say what was going to happen to their DC-based station, WIAV, anyone who can pick it up want to check what it's broadcasting today?...lAlso, WVPY has asked for an extension of its extension to find a channel-sharing partner - apparently it has found one and wants extra time to finish negotiations. You'd think the mystery partner has to be WWPX as there is literally no one else in the Front Royal/Winchester area. (1/31/18)

After reading Tom Taylor Now, I thought, hmm, if Hubbard is buying rock stations in St. Louis, why wouldn’t they be interested in Baltimore’s WIYY 98 Rock? I mean Hearst has no interest in radio. Their lack of interest hampers both WIYY and WBAL radio in so many ways. Obviously the call letters are a problem, but WBAY could be available possibly. That’s not a bad trade-off. In other news, WBAL Radio owner WBAL TV submitted its costs related to the TV repack and them switching to channel 12. This is probably the most costly in Baltimore. This proves the fallacy of the FCC TV repack plan. The cost is nearly $430,000, originally estimated over a million dollars. WBAL TV has an antenna than cannot switch channel to 12. WJZ appears to have one that can switch channels to 11. And major structural changes have to occur on the candelabra tower on TV Hill. Instead of WBAL moving to 12 and WJZ moving to 11, the FCC could have offered them the option of making a cost savings deal… WBAL stays on 11, 13 moves to 12, and the cost savings are shared by both companies. It wouldn’t have changed anything in the TV repack plan in any other market or to any other TV station. Why didn’t the FCC use common sense? The TV viewer will not notice any of these channel changes, except that both WJZ and WBAL will have to be off the air for a significant amount of time for these tower structural changes to be accomplished. On cable, you won’t notice any difference at all. Of course this isn’t happening in a couple years, but the changes are complex enough that this will be one of the last TV repack changes since the FCC made it so involved, unlike anything in DC. The planning is just beginning in Baltimore. Oh, and WMAR apparently has a switchable UHF transmitter to go from 38 to 27, so they seem not so much affected either. (1/31/18)

WTEM radio apparently rebranded from ESPN 980 to The Team 980 last evening. As has been pointed out by numerous people on the Facebook page there, it'll now need to replace Kirk Cousins in the picture. www.facebook.com/team980 (1/31/18)

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I have listened to Stash for years....his new morning show is great but the traffic girl Meredith Marx needs to just stick to the traffic. She is not funny, nobody cares about her dating website or her other band podcasts and the interaction is awkward. Stash, sorry man...I had to change the dial and sadly I'm just one of many. (1/30/18)

Someone wrote that "There is a new documentary film about WHFS..." Well.....not exactly. I mean, that's what we've been hearing for quite some time, and there has been a years-long online fundraising effort to pay for it. But as for an actual film, there isn't one yet. Frankly, some of us are starting to think there never will be. It's been a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng haul. (1/30/18)

WTOP reports that DC bars will have drink & food specials for tonight’s SOTU. Want to stay sober? Have a shot each time Trump mentions “DCRTV”. Want to get drunk? Have a shot every time Trump mentions “taxes”, “jobs”, “great”, “I”, “Democrats”, “Republican led”, or “pussy”. WTOP list of DC bars with specials: wtop.com (1/30/18)

A million dollars isn't what it used to be, but it seems like $700,000 is a good price for the former WLMD 900Kc AM that first went on the air about 50 years ago as a 1,000 watt daytimer that had to sign off at sunset. The station was ahead of its time back then, with the nascent "Talk of the Capital" format with Eric Stephens being quite an unusual programming attempt. The station saw much more success with music formats that followed, and included a real news presence with the late Bob Lopez (later of WIYY) kicking things off, followed by Cathy Ponton (of the blues group The Rhythm Masters). The station was the first real job for many University of Maryland graduates, such as Rich Hodge, Steve Alan (later of Big 100), Pat O'Leary, Melinda Johnson, others whose names I can't recall. Another novelty was the creation of a "fishbowl" studio at Columbia Mall, at a time the station was the only one covering Howard County with news, public affairs, and commercial advertising. A sports guy, Roger Caplan, quit his teaching job with Howard County public schools to become a radio personality. There was some discussion, soon abandoned, of changing the calls to WBYA for Columbia. When Bill Lemer sold the place to a group of Washington investors, the station no longer felt like a family-run local media outlet. They held the license for a while, with the irascible Bill MacAtee as General Manager, then sold it to Israel Lopez who started the Spanish format and the change of call letters reflecting his ownership. WILC. I last visited the place when Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed. The station had continuous coverage of what was a momentous event for the Latin American community. With the towers in a swamp with ground radials chewed up by beavers and floodstreams, and the transmitter house in disrepair, I wish the buyer of the station the best of luck fixing the place up. (1/30/18)

On WILC: The buyer is Alejandro Carrasco, the owner of Spanish news/talk WACA "Radio America 1540". ZGS has already LMA'ed 900 to Carrasco since January 1, 2016, and it is currently Spanish AC "Radio America 900" (www.america900.com). With the sale of WILC, which was its only radio station, and all of its TV stations, ZGS is now totally out of broadcast ownership. (1/30/18)

I don't think ABC 2 could pull off a studio downtown. It already looks like they are using dollhouse furniture - the anchors look huge compared to desk. Plus it already looks like they use a green screen back ground, they could just put up a fake window with a live camera feed behind them. IF they did something like that downtown it would probably be a tiny window that they all crowd around. Now Fox 45 could probably do something decent if it wanted...... (1/30/18)

Somebody at WMAR TV 2 or someone who irrationally loves the station is upset about the Scripps employee cuts story being posted on Facebook. They reported the story as SPAM to Facebook and some moron at Facebook believed them even though the story is in a Cincinnati newspaper. I just find that amusing that a news station or someone that likes it attempts to CENSOR negative news about itself. I guess this is a new era of FAKE NEWS. :-) (1/30/18)

An update to radio stations for sale. There’s an FM translator for sale in Warrenton I see that’s currently non-com. Not sure how that works if anyone wants it commercial. Plus there are now 4 AMs for sale in Maryland, the same 2 previously bandied about, one I think is WJZ AM 1300, the other possibly any Baltimore AM, maybe WNST or WNAV? But now there’s one not identified in location (Western or Southern MD?), and also one on the eastern shore with supposedly two FM translators to go along with. I wonder who that could be. Check it out… www.radiotvdeals.com (1/30/18)

I'm glad to see Lindsay Czarniak back on Washington TV (although temporarily) but if she was brought in to tout the Super Bowl why is she including a lot of Redskins content into her broadcasts? Granted this is the DC market but the 'Skins were nowhere to be found in the playoffs. It's Eagles-Patriots NBC4! Let's give credit to those that earned it. (1/30/18)

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There are plenty of FM translators available for a station like WGOP AM 540 if, and that’s a big IF, they even wanted one. Birach didn’t ever want an FM translator for its failing AM radio stations. They are simply warehousing the frequencies in hopes of a buyer (sucker) or some government AM radio bailout. They have nothing to lose really since they’re not spending a dime on the radio stations and they are probably long since paid for. There are 2 FMs, 104.3 and 105.1 right near WGOP AM 540. Both are being used for an HD-Radio signal and not except technically even as translators, instead of translating any AM signal. (1/29/18)

RE: "And I imagine the FCC looks at such a case like no signal = no interference issues.”… There’s an inherent problem with that thinking. Allowing stations not on the air but still holding licenses still affects all the other stations on the same frequency or adjacent. Other AM 540’s cannot expand their signals or reduce nulls in certain directions. They are required to protect a station NOT EVEN EVER BROADCASTING! This is the problem with companies like Birach warehousing signals. While they might not be interfering, at the same time they are hindering the market and limiting station protections unfairly. Stations that are still surviving could have better signals if not for these phony protections. (1/29/18)

Hmm. WMAR 2 w/ downtown studios. It would be a game changer for sure. There are plenty of Inner Harbor locations for such a downtown Baltimore TV studio overlooking the Inner Harbor. WMAR has no real ties to the area of Baltimore they’re in. They already need a studio to tower link that’s pretty far, so it would not be much difference. WJZ & WBAL are directly linked to the candelabra tower, so its doubtful either would ever consider such a move, although CBS’s WJZ probably has the oldest building of the three. But Scripps is such a conservative, non-big thinking type company. They would have to completely expand their morning news program to before and after GMA. I just cannot see them doing anything that big in Baltimore. They probably have in Cincy, but not here. They’re not even challenging FOX 45 in weekend morning news. I mean, that’s like throwing in the towel and just giving up. When you give up to Sinclair, that’s pretty pathetic. Although that’s another idea. Might Sinclair think about something like that with WBFF being their flagship TV station? Their studios have already been mocked publicly by Hollywood stars that have visited it. Wasn’t it once a car dealership or repair shop? I know it was never originally built as a TV studio. And their studio is not directly linked to their tower even though it’s very nearby. I would think they would have the money. Hmm. (1/29/18)

As for WMAR, I’m surprised Scripps hasn’t yet sold it Cunningham Broadcasting, with parent Sinclair either selling off WUTB or WNUV or taking that station dark. And, don’t say anything about legalities or rules and regulations. We’ve seen enough of selective enforcement at the federal level to take it at face value. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/29/18)

There is a new documentary film about WHFS. The Alt Rock station on 102.3 FM. It will feature some of the original cast from the station. It should be very interesting. Jake Einstein owned the station in the 1960's. We heard that Entercom might bring back this format on one of their stations in DC. 107.9 FM was mentioned. It covers both Baltimore and the Eastern Half of DC. The Call Letters are now on the Beasley Station in Tampa. (1/29/18)

Dave's response: Currently El Zol, 107.9 is not so bad in DC's western suburbs either. I can it quite easily even out in Manassas.....

To the mailbagger on a mission: Good luck convincing the FCC to act on stations that are off the air. I totally agree that such licenses ought to be put back on the market and not warehoused by companies for whatever reason. An AM license at that kind of power level, without a parallel FM signal, isn't worth much. And I imagine the FCC looks at such a case like no signal = no interference issues. (1/29/18)

RE: WAMR ABC 2. I have always thought they should do a street level studio downtown much like ABC 7 in NY. WMAR needs to look like a 'big' city station, right now it looks like its something that belongs in some small western, middle of the country town. (1/29/18)

WTEM will get sold down the road. He’s either got it on the market for a price no one wants to touch or it’s not on the market as of yet. Now if he would only either change his ownership mentality or sell the Redskins so they can actually win again….I know....keep dreaming LMAO! Dan (1/29/18)

The notion that any young broadcaster is still waiting for a "big break" is misplaced. Nowadays, that big break happens on the internet, creating podcasts made on sub-$100 equipment anyone can afford; and only then stations come calling. Meanwhile, there is no shortage of young actors and dancers that wouldnt think twice about suiting up as a giant talking ant-eater for a whole summer. The glut of star-struck, wanna-be-famous talent is on the side of the amusement park rather than radio. No matter; a $10/hr radio salary is unjust, given the technical and regulatory responsibilities involved in operating a station -- which I may add, once required being stringently licensed to do so by the FCC, even for the lowliest employee entrusted with twisting a single knob. (1/29/18)

RE: WTEM 980. Of course, no one today would consider spending money on expanding an AM radio station, let alone in DC, but if WTEM 980 AM moved and added just 1 tower to WCRW’s array in Dulles (yes, there is more land and county owned, available with little NIMBY restrictions), they could completely solve the Northern Virginia problem. AM 980 is not that overly crowded as AMs go, but there is that pesky Nashville 980 that causes the lack of NoVA signal along with the Dayton AM 980 sports station to the northwest. WCRW 1190 has the exact same NE null. The only question would be, could they project a strong enough signal east to replicate the current DC and Maryland suburbs monster signal. It seems to me it would require more than 5000 watts at night, but not sure if possible. Food for thought. Danny Snyder has tried far stranger things like going after Canadian protections. This would be far easier than battling another country. :-) (1/29/18)

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As expected cramming so many subchannels together has its consequences CH 50 WDCW is in 720 I'm receiving it OTA Still looks good after all WJLA. And WTTG run in720 but the subchannels Antenna TV Get TV Look absolutely horrible the picture has severe breaking up and lags.I mean under the circumstances the broadcasters did the best they can do with the current technology to keep these subchannels on the air I'm grateful for that.Whats up next when is CH 20 WDCA expected to start sharing with WTTG CH 5 RF Channel 36? (1/28/18)

"Can someone tell me what's wrong with this picture?" What's wrong is you missed the supply-and-demand element. The radio station will probably find someone who is willing to get their "big break" for $10/hr. Busch Gardens needs to offer that much to get someone to put the suit on and humiliate himself for a couple hours. (1/28/18)

"Is Red Zebra going to sell WTEM 980 AM? Their nighttime coverage in Northern Virginia is terrible." WTEM stopped being a real radio station about 10-years ago. AM radio has become a rich man's hobby, and WTEM is proof of that. (1/28/18)

Is there a new FCC policy that allows AM radio stations to go dark for the winter without any notification? One wonders as there are two currently doing that in the area. At least WYRE notified the public and FCC that it had to cease broadcasting. There is something intrinsically illegal and wrong about the FCC allowing stations like WGOP to just turn off the transmitter to save costs for the winter without notifying the public. How does this serve the public? Btw, the same people programming WGOP 540 AM are the same people who have not turned in the license on AM 1590 which as been dark for a year. We’ve come to the point that people are actually fighting over airwaves they don’t even want to use. :-( (1/28/18)

Cumulus stock OTC at 9 cents per share. Their lenders want to be paid. They have not been able to work out a deal with their lenders. What will happen to WMAL? (1/28/18)

Is Red Zebra going to sell WTEM 980 AM? Their nighttime coverage in Northern Virginia is terrible. (1/28/18)

The iHeart people say that they are not going into bankruptcy.. Their stock is down to $0.63 per share and they have over $20 Billion in debt. The predictions are that they will never be able to pay back their massive debt. They continue to own six FM stations in DC. They did put one of their FM stations in their "trust" which they control. That was over ten years ago. (1/28/18)

The JKF event at the Tally Ho Theater was kind of a dud once Danny finished the opening. (1/28/18)

Noticed WRC weekday morning co-anchor Aaron Gilchrist was anchoring on MSNBC late this afternoon. Wonder if this was a fill-in gig or perhaps a try out for a permanent position with the network? (1/28/18)

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Given the current “Eliminate Career Employment” culture among American businesses, I would expect Scripps to first eliminate as many back office jobs as possible at WMAR and other stations/products. Remember that the “efficiencies” touted as “benefits” of acquisitions and mergers always equals jobs lost. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/27/18)

So who is Scripps going to let go at WMAR ABC 2? I mean, they already have a limited crew, little weekend news, no sports reporter. I think their reporters shoot their own video. I mean their land near Towson on York Road is probably very valuable. They could just move into an abandoned strip shopping center just further inside the city. Yeah, I’m joking, but really, WHERE could they possibly make cuts for Scripps without not being a full service ABC news affiliate? No morning news or morning cut-ins during GMA? Sinclair probably hires as many people at their Top 100 level market ABC stations! Baltimore is one of Scripps largest markets yet the Cincinnati TV station has twice as many employees! It’s kind of sad really what’s happened to Maryland’s pioneer TV station. They should sell it. They obviously do not know how to run this TV station. (1/27/18)

What’s even more embarrassing is that Scripps has 2-3 sports reporters in other NFL towns, even with ABC affiliates and in some towns a sports reporter not in an NFL market, but not one sports reporter in Baltimore, one of its top NFL towns. Pathetic. (1/27/18)

Looking back on Wednesday 1/24's mention of the crummy pay ($10/hr) being offered by the radio station(s) in Beltsville -- I just saw a listing on an out-of-town job board for "costumed characters" to perform at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg VA, and that job pays $14.57 to start. So let me see if I have this straight: someone who needs to maintain an over-the-air broadcast facility within strict government parameters and compliance gets ten an hour, but someone dressed as "Norbert the Walking Salami" who just waves at crowds and poses for pictures makes nearly 46% more? Can someone tell me what's wrong with this picture? (1/27/18)

[RE: I've noticed that the commercial breaks on WTEM have been very short recently] This always happens in January. Combination of holiday traffic having ended and Redskins seasons having ended. Under multiple ownerships, WTEM has never padded January breaks by adding PSAs and promos to breaks. Don't worry. Breaks will get longer as the year progresses, peaking in November and December as they always do. (1/27/18)

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WGOP AM 540 is not sold. It’s still owned by Birach, but they had a marketing/programming agreement which apparently fell through or suspended, so Birach has nothing left to fall back on without spending money and I don’t think they intend to go back on the air any time soon. Bay Country 97.9 is supposed to be programming the station, but they’re not now and apparently they’re not responsible for the problem. I have no clue who the FCC contacted. Whatever they have on file. Might even be someone who didn’t even know the station was off the air. Who knows? As for WDCW 50 & WFDC, I suspected that they had to be running 720p. Two 1080i signals plus the others is out of the realm of ATSC 1.0’s capabilities. Once again RabbitEars was wrong. Oh, they changed it today after I posted that. Hehe. Trip? :-) (1/26/18)

(1) With Lindsay Czarniak returning to NBC 4 for a limited run, to cover this year's Super Bowl, it'd be interesting to see whether she can do a good ebough job to get the attention of Comcast/NBCU execs to rehire her. I could see her being a good fit for NBC-SN or another NBC Sports plarform. (2) With Scripps looking to sell radio stations it inherited from the former Journal Communications group, I'm thinking Entercom Communications could be a front-runner to acquire additional stations, following its recent acquisitions of CBS Radio and Lincoln Financial Media. Other possible buyers could include Hubbard Broadcasting, Radio One, Cox Media Group, and Bonneville International, among others. I doubt Cumulus Media and iHeart Media would be interested, given their massive debt loads, and FCC limiting radio station owners to 3 AM stations and 5 FM stations per market. (1/26/18)

Golly, Gee. The "Super Plunger" at WBAL was off Monday and Tuesday, sounded, as they used to say, "like death warmed over" on Wednesday and Thursday, and is "off recovering today". Is it maybe time for Special Olympics to move on .to something else? They do a multi day 6-on-6 Flag Football tournament at Giants Stadium for NY and NJ. (1/26/18)

“CH 50 looks great”. Both WDCW 50 and WFDC 14 are now only 720 P. That is part of the way they get those 2 HD dot one’s plus all those subs on the shared channel 15 transmitter. I for one think they look muddy compared to 1080 I when viewing on a big screen. (1/26/18)

Turned on Fox5's Good Day show and Tony Perkins was co-hosting. It was mentioned that this is his second Friday hosting, BUT that it's just that Wisdom had the day off to which one of the other hosts joked about Wisdom having Fridays off. So,Tony responds with "let the rumors begin". Well, herre's my conspiracy theory. When it was announced that Perkins was going to be on Friday mornings, I was wondering what would be his role. And although they were bringing back the "Ask Tony & Tucker" segment, I didn't buy that they'd only have Tony on for that 5 minute segment. Well, we shall see. Don't forget the fact that we all saw how when he was brought back after leaving GMA to do local weather that he was subtley groomed to co-anchor mornings. Soooo, again, we shall see. (1/26/18)

WMAR ABC 2 owner Scripps plans to sell its radio station division and cut jobs, both at its Cincinnati HQ and 50 jobs at its 33 TV stations, including most likely Baltimore's WMAR ABC 2. Most of the TV job cuts will be in the 1st quarter of this year. No word yet of what the cuts at WMAR 2 will be. —BaltoMedia.net (1/26/18)

The earlier posters complaining about WBAL radio make some valid points. This morning for instance they had a reporter at a school talking about a school lockdown. A dramatic report missing the WHEN of the story. Go to the station's website for more information and you find out it was a story that was over and done with by 10:30 THURSDAY morning. Nothing new this morning, just day old news from the 24-hour broadcast center. (1/26/18)

"WGOP ... new owners"? Did Birach sell the dump? (1/26/18)

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To the poster who asked if there was any change in picture quality using an antenna now that CH 50 shares with CH 14 on RF channel 15 I view OTA if it wasn't for the increased signal strength I would have never known they moved CH 50 looks great don't know the technical details but somehow there able to broadcast in1080 as far as the subs go like Grit and Antenna TV never great picture anyway Im sure some are angry This TV is gone but at least they kept Antenna TV Great classic shows. (1/25/18)

About the FCC Howard County response to WGOP not being on the air… WGOP AM 540 is still not on the air and because the new owner has removed the station from their website, I know there is no intention of putting AM 540 back on the air. So I will wait 30 days and re-file the same complaint. Will the FCC continue to violate the LAW and not take any action at all? I mean, all they have to do is file a simple STA request. I’m sure the FCC will grant it. But Birach doesn’t care. They have no money and will not pay the filing fee or fine. This is going to be another station they lose along with WBVA & WVAB in the Norfolk area. (1/25/18)

I don’t get WDCW CW 50 or WFDC over the air, so I cannot see what the picture looks like via antenna today. I’m sure the cable signal has not changed since that can be delivered separately, but how bad is the over the air signal? Two 1080i signals plus that many 480i signals cannot possibly look excellent. This should be notoriously obvious during any soccer matches on Univision or anything fast moving on the CW with a poor frame rate. Even the sound might be out of sync at times. Has anyone noticed yet? I think this explains why they didn’t want to give much advance warning. It is very close or beyond the technical limitations of ATSC 1.0, unless they’re doing something experimental that we do not know about. I’d bet money that’s also why a lot of the sharing agreement is redacted. Somebody, at least in the interim is getting the short end of the stick (bad pun). For a time in Baltimore, Sinclair was prioritizing signals on its programming. When something very popular was on TV nationally, the signal on sub-channels would be skipping and out of sync. (1/25/18)

One thing I noticed about the first FCC TV repack transition reports recently filed is that both WBAL & WJZ reported that substantial modifications to the candelabra tower on TV Hill will be necessary just because 11 is moving to 12 and 13 to 11. This cost could have been halved easily if one just didn’t move. The same nonsense has happened in other markets. WMAR reported modifications, but nothing major to the tower. I guess the tower modifications though would explain why they all got late transition dates. The transition reports also show that DC’s TV stations all got off very easy during the repack compared to other markets. Almost no changes that anybody is forced to make of major significance, I guess partially due to the age and deterioration of the old facilities. Because of the FCC cowering to WETA, they now have to do almost nothing for the transition, at least as stated in their latest report. If anything, the FCC missed an opportunity to upgrade DC’s aging facilities some of which date back to the 1940s! WHUT isn’t even moving channels or spending a dime. WTTG is only moving due to the desire to completely leave 5151 Wisconsin Ave, not because they have to. It should be noted that both in Baltimore and DC, Sinclair got a really good FCC repack deal too, with little expenditure required for the repack. No major modifications to the Sinclair TV Hill tower nor WJLA’s are required. (1/25/18)

Kudos to the DCRTV mailbagger who actually got a response from someone at Guilford, the FCC outpost in Howard County (Md). I thought they had automated that location years ago after it had been a staffed monitoring station. What's curious about the response itself is that the person is "closing the case," obviously before seeing to it the station has made good on the information she was told, as to why they were off the air. Seems more appropriate to respond that the FCC will confirm the station is back on the air by a date certain, and tell the mailbagger that the agency is prepared to demand compliance with regulations about off-air status. So, Dave, your correspondent now has a project: to STAY TUNED. Otherwise, 301 725 3474 might just reach Alethia Nicholson, Electronics Engineer /Field Agent, Federal Communications Commission. I used to call the place about CBers getting into my television years ago. (1/25/18)

"Entercom debased the network with its in-broadcast promos and now selling opens and closes to the hourlies." No. Entercom didn't get the network, just the local radio stations. CBS still owns the radio news network, just as Disney does with ABC radio news. And as for the RabbitEars kerfuffle: the color coding for each section of the site is well-documented and perfectly obvious. "Red=moving to low-V" applies ONLY to Trip's (incredibly useful) repack tool, not to the main station listings. If you actually look at the repack tool that's linked from that color coding (rabbitears.info), you'll see WNVC and WNVT correctly listed in gray, indicating that they did not get new channel assignments of their own and sold their spectrum into the auction. Trip's tools are a tremendous gift to the industry, and I'd hate to see him driven away from here because someone doesn't understand how to use them properly. (1/25/18)

I’ve noticed that commercial breaks on ESPN 980 have been extremely short lately and that tells me the station’s having some difficulty selling ad time. Why would that be the case? – perhaps because they’re just not providing much compelling content these days so some serious rethinking is called for. With the Redskins season long since over, they seem to be trying to squeeze as much juice as possible out of the Kirk Cousins contract situation (even on days when there are no new developments) – some guy goes on sports radio in San Diego suggesting that the Chargers go after Cousins and that gets picked up by 980 and drives the agenda for all their shows that day. Bram Weinstein and Steve Czaban are the exceptions as (while hardly similar) both seem to have a knack for keeping their respective programs interesting. By contrast, the morning show co-hosted by Kevin Sheehan and Chris Cooley has become a total snoozefest while the next creative, “outside the box” idea for a sports angle or caller topic that Scott Jackson comes up with will almost certainly be the first. Al Galdi’s okay and I appreciate his attention to the local sports scene in general as opposed to nonstop Skins fixation, but he’s on too early in the morning for many listeners. I’ve heard that the trio which recently replaced the legendary Mike Francesa in afternoon drive on WFAN in New York includes a woman and that begs the question – why has it been so long since any sports radio show in DC had a female host? The last one I can remember was Carol Maloney co-hosting with Dave Feldman on WTEM about a decade ago and that only lasted a few months – perhaps it’s high time for either 980 or 106.7 The Fan (or both) to address this glaring shortcoming of the local sports airwaves. (1/25/18)

Trip, please don't let the critics get you down. Your updates are always welcome, and I think you're the only person on here likely to figure out what is happening to MHZ Networks/WNVC/WNVT, one of the ongoing mysteries of this auction and repack process. (1/25/18)

Word from All Access is that Scripps is now looking to sell off its radio stations too - 34 in all. Suddenly, radio is a buyer's market, with lots of stations up for grabs. Local businessmen & women: warm up your checkbooks and get into station ownership! Jocks and production rats: brush the dust off your audio demos and refresh your resumes. (1/25/18)

Cumulus stock is 9 cents per share now. Is Lew Dickey going to buy the company back? (1/25/18)

The NAB sells its building in downtown DC for $31 Million. It is a nice building in a good location. This was a good investment for the NAB. (1/25/18)

We take a pause from all the commotion to thank DCRTV Dave and Gary Cavell for continuing to run the colorful Cavell, Mertz ad alongside the famous Mailbag. If you ever wondered what the antenna shared by WRQX, WHUR and WASH looks like, it’s right there in the middle of the mast. All that squiggly gray wire between the VHF and UHF TV portions. What a fine memorial to Richard Mertz to keep his name on the firm. He honchoed the modification of the lowest two bays of the VHF antenna to get better coverage for WJLA and WUSA. (Am I right, Gary?) -P of the AW (1/25/18)

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\/ January 24 Messages \/

If my post is wrong Trip, why don’t you post the correct link that states what you said? I’m sure you believe what you said and it might even be true, but guess what? THERE IS NO LINK TO THAT! Because some geek forgot to post one to explain any of the channel change colors. Apparently everyone is supposed to divine that? Maybe you can work on that? :-) (1/24/18)

Any guesses as to where James Rosen, formerly of Fox's DC bureau, will appear next - or do you believe his days on TV are over? And does anyone know what the future holds for Brian Wilson, who used to be on Fox and WMAL, or is he retired now? (1/24/18)

Craigslist is running an ad for a "radio station engineer" for station(s) in Beltsville. Which stations are these, anyone know? Ad says they pay $10/hr, which is abyssmal -- I worked PT in Fredericksburg radio in 1997 and was making $13/hr then, a full 20 years ago. Whoever is running the ad, expect to get what you pay for. (1/24/18)

Dear Dave, I'm sure you strive for accuracy on your website. I'm writing to you to clarify a post in your mailbag. Here are the facts: I am taking FMLA leave for a few weeks to attend to family matters. It is nothing more than that. My scheduled return date to WRNR is March 19, but it could be sooner. For the last 14 years, I have programmed a radio station that I take a great deal of pride in. I have no intention of abandoning my colleagues, especially Steve Kingston - who has been one of the stalwarts in supporting what is left of a truly independent, local radio station with a supremely unique format. I'd deeply appreciate if you'd remove the incorrect post as soon as possible... Thanks, Bob Waugh (1/24/18)

Dave's response: Done.....

Re: "I got my info about WNVC/WNVT from Rabbitears, the color coding." Yeah... that color coding scheme is for a different part of the website. That's why it's inside a box containing a link to the page it's relevant to. I'm going to resume not posting anything here now. Obviously, saying anything here is a mistake. - Trip www.rabbitears.info (1/24/18)

Posties told to sit down and shut up splinternews.com (1/24/18)

Carl in Olney. I know 890 is AM, not FM! "JOYFM" is a group of stations in VA and NC. See my post from 01/17. I did not hear this station at sunset, but at 10:00PM to Midnight last week. Thanks for the Cuba info. On another note, and in light of the recent govt. shutdown, anyone on radio that is not doing a "My Pillow" spot...consider yourself to be 'non-essential'. Seems that almost every on-air talent up and down the east coast is doing these ads. (1/24/18)

For those of you who are old enough to remember Willard Scott's voice: Listen closely to the WTOP ad for coconut cat litter. The good ol' boy voicing the ad sounds like Willard doing a comedy bit. I half expect Eddie Walker to chime in. (1/24/18)

What will happen to LPTV Channel 6 in this repack of TV Stations? Channel 6 has never operated as a television station as they were licensed. They have always operated as a FM Radio Station on their 87.7 FM Frequency. WDCN..... (1/24/18)

iHeart Stock price is at an all time low of 58 cents per share. When will they file for bankruptcy? With over $20 Billion in debt, they will not be able to pay back this massive debt. (1/24/18)

Trip at RabbitEars/FCC made me laugh. He cited something that proved him wrong! It’s amazing he doesn’t read the website he does work for. I got my info about WNVC/WNVT from Rabbitears, the color coding. Not sure where he got what he said. Here’s my proof. Maybe you’re putting out disinformation? It doesn’t appear that Rabbitears has its bunny ears together just yet. :-) rabbitears.info (1/24/18)

Thanks for posting this Tom Wheeler interview. This is what a sane FCC would be like. "He's not Newton Minnow, but he's right about this. www.brookings.edu" (1/24/18)

Mr. Suit, Mr. Suit . . . for a guy who knows so much, you don't know crap. " What I remain surprised at is that Entercom hasn’t already put the TOH CBS News on… WIAD" ? Have you ever turned on 94.7? They have no interest in news programming, especially 3 minutes of national news plus spots, especially on the top of the hour, in the middle of the idiot Tommy McFly. ?You ARE right about the demos for ABC being younger. So is their talent. So is their experience, as several here have already reported with mistakes all over the place. And you're also right that Entercom debased the network with its in-broadcast promos and now selling opens and closes to the hourlies. The detachment of ABC, NBC, Mutual, and now CBS from their parent companies has been terrible for the industry and for listeners. Their names linger on, but they are ghost ships on the air. It creates room for the wretched casts on Fox Radio to fill the gap. At this point, there is only one reputable radio network and that is NPR. (1/24/18)

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Re: "WNVT/WNVC Mhz Networks have until April 23 to shut off channel 24 and channel 30, but the RabbitEars info that’s currently up is interesting in that the red color shows their intention is to move to a low VHF TV station." To be clear, the red color in the main listings indicates that the station has expressed an intent to share but not with which station, not anything about band placement. Yellow indicates a share has been filed or announced. Green indicates that a share is implemented. - Trip, www.rabbitears.info (1/23/18)

WNVT/WNVC Mhz Networks have until April 23 to shut off channel 24 and channel 30, but the RabbitEars info that’s currently up is interesting in that the red color shows their intention is to move to a low VHF TV station. Hmm. That doesn’t seem possible does it? Unless, channel 5 or 6? (1/23/18)

To the poster with 'a friend with access to PPM data in NYC': Stop trying to argue with WTOP's decision to swap CBS for ABC at the top of the hour. Nobody cares and rating will reflect that. What's causing people to turn off WTOP? ads for home-delivered kitty litter. (1/23/18)

After listening some more to WTOP-FM with ABC News, I’m going to be Devil’s Advocate here and say that I can see some logic in this decision on the part of Hubbard, from their perspective. First, CBS seriously devalued the network when it spun off the network and the O&O’s to Entercom. And, how they did it. Remember the cheesy “reminders” in the newscasts about how many listeners CBS Radio News attracted? Not a classy way of promoting what was still a quality radio product. Talk about “reeking of cheap”! Unfortunately, by choosing a decidedly inferior product, Hubbard has also devalued WTOP. Second, although it’s still the website of a medium market (which D.C. truly is) station, it appears that Hubbard is looking to generate more revenue from wtop.com. And, I don’t blame them one bit! However, it still leans too much on AP content, lacks competent editing, and a spelling and grammar checker. And yes, even a fact checker. Pity too many competent web people were canned by WTOP, even going back to the Bonneville days. What Hubbard still doesn’t realize is that is that while a D.C. origin national story is OK for AP coverage on the KSTP website, it’s a local story for the WTOP website. And, needs locally-focused coverage. They still don’t seem to get that point. If WTOP had a “deeper bench”, they could not only improve the WTOP product, but be a resource for the other Hubbard stations. But, that would take money that Hubbard obviously doesn’t want to spend. I can also see where Hubbard is looking ahead and beyond just radio for delivery of the WTOP product. Unfortunately, even with multiple servers you still have a finite audience capacity via the web. Remember the arguments made by some that WFED could go web only (especially outside of drive) and still bill as much? This is something Hubbard should consider doing, putting WTOP on 1500 AM at least in the evenings and overnight. And, perhaps taking WFED to a podcast otherwise. Finally, CBS Radio, while still retaining much old-school competency for when there’s a crisis, doesn’t attract and retain the younger/affluent/influence-seeking listeners that Hubbard apparently wants for WTOP. Again, I don’t blame Hubbard one bit in that regard with going with ABC for WTOP to build a “listening habit” as the audience ages… which would work if D.C. were a “lifer” market. Like the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, this logic is flawed because there are few “lifers” here! Between the climate and the culture, nobody moves to D.C. because they want to. They do it to build their career. And, then they get the hell out! Only if political power is a career do they stay. The success of the recent Ed Gillespie campaign for VA Governor amply illustrates the career retentivity of a “professional political staffer”. What I remain surprised at is that Entercom hasn’t already put the TOH CBS News on… WIAD, and in Joel Oxley’s face promoted it as “The New Home of the CBS Radio News you trust is Fresh 94.7 FM!” With that being a mere (and not very subtle) shot across the bow of WTOP as “We’re coming after you. Prepare to meet the dustbin of radio history.” Because, while “CBS Radio” may have had some “sentimental loyalty” to WTOP, that “CBS Radio” is as dead as Generalisssmo Francisco Franco who, like WHFS, is still dead. I think Entercoms’s attitude towards WTOP could be possibly summed up in the first thing you learn in OCS about how to treat Non-Coms: “Remember that the toes you step on today are indirectly connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.” -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/23/18)

A thought about JOY-AM (nor FM) on 890kHz. I looked it up on my Googlepedia (haha) and it's a actually WKNV in Blacksburg, VA, near Roanoke. At sunset, lots of local little daytime stations carry really far until they go off the air. And since JOY-AM is a gospel station, that's probably what you heard. Just as sometimes, I can hear a daytime station about to sign off on 880 KHz over WCBS. The Spanish station on 890 is easy to explain; it's almost certainly from Cuba, which is can be heard once in awhile seemingly on half the frequencies below 900 at one time or another. So it's all normal (but infrequent) stuff that has to do with the ionosphere at sunset being a little different every day sometimes good for WCBS, sometimes good for WKNV, sometimes good for Radio Reloj) and also the Daytime shutoff time for each station changes only once per month, I believe. -- Carl in Olney (1/23/18)

When alleged Newsradio 1090 says "24-hour broadcast center.” Translation: "We're telling you stories at least 24 hours old. We weren't there when it happened, but we're here now." (1/23/18)

He's not Newton Minnow, but he's right about this. www.brookings.edu (1/23/18)

This is the response from the FCC regarding Birach’s WGOP AM 540 being off the air for months. Basically, the FCC intends to do nothing, not even force them to file a Remain silent application or STA. Keep in mind, they are still off the air and probably will be for the foreseeable future. Also, AM 1590 has not turned in its license and also is still off the air for the entire year! FCC Pattern? “Good morning, I am reaching out to you in response to a complaint you have sent in about WGOP-AM 540. I have recently made contact with the station manager about the station outage, I was informed that the station was experiencing technical issues over the past few months , they believe they are coming closer to a fix and the station should be resuming its regular transmissions soon. I will be closing this case. Regards, Alethia Nicholson, Electronics Engineer /Field Agent, Federal Communications Commission, Enforcement Bureau, Columbia Office" (1/23/18)

Wow, that must be one awful crappy picture on WFDC/WDCW with 2 1080i channels and still all those others at 480i. Has to be a seriously noticeably slow frame rate. Sinclair used to do that on WNUV 54 way back. The picture on CW shows used to stutter all the time, out of sync with sound sometimes. It was really annoying. (1/23/18)

"Same guy who sold a radio station, then bulldozed the new owner’s towers within a year." Wouldn't that be illegal, did he sell the station but not the towers? Towers? Why did the station have multiple towers? Calm down and get your story straight, won't you? Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/23/18)

Someone asked about Bill Vanko. It appears that he is now assigned to the 9:00am - 2:30 pm shift, doing the news at the top and bottom of the hoir. He was on Saturday as well. Now, did I miss something? Is it February already? This always happens during TV Sweeps months. Already, Sinclair is bombarding the Baltimore radio airways with their ads for Judge Judy, Jeopardy, Wheel and Fox 45 News at Ten. .Get ready for more of the same with the rest of their shows for the next month. And the JOY-FM on 890AM was just last Mon. and Tues. I few days later it was a Spanish peaking station, although no where nears as strong a signal as Joy. It's been strictly WLS recently. (1/23/18)

well now we know that both Antenna TV and all the subchannels of WFDC continue in to channel sharing. As for notice they have been running frequent on air announcemets. I have seen 3 or 4 of these. I am unaware of any requirement to post it on a website. My only gripe is that my DISH network hopper guide is meesed up. If I look at 50-1 it shows the programming for 14-1. It is just like what happened when WJAL started channel sharing with WUSA. (1/23/18)

What is the $3 Million Lawsuit against WTOP all about? Sexual Harassment? (1/23/18)

There is absolutely nothing on CW 50’s website about them moving channels. It’s like it’s not even happening. Isn’t there some requirement about that? They didn’t say anything on the news tonight either. Just kind of baffling. Don’t they have to do that? (1/23/18)

A friend with access to PPM data in NYC showed me an amazing graph the other day. You see huge spikes in listening to WCBS at 8am straight up for the start of the "CBS World News Roundup." It's one of the most-listened to features on the station, and pretty clearly appointment listening. I'm just guessing here, but you have to figure that since they ran it each morning for decades -- as a feature sponsored by a BMW dealership -- that the pattern was exactly the same at WTOP. Now that they've dropped it for that sub-par ABC product, it stands to reason that AM drive TSL and cume will take a dip on WTOP. Just look at the response to the switch on social media. People are pissed! Such a reckless move on their part. I still don't get why they did it. (1/23/18)

Just read that Lyndsy Czarniak will be doing some Super Bowl stories for channel 4. Knew she had left ESPN, but thought it was voluntary and to spend more time with her family. But guess the offer from channel 4 was quite tempting and possibly lucrative. (1/23/18)

The Vampire of Eastern Shore Radio (everyone knows who he is without even naming him) sucks the life out of radio stations, then leaves them for dead. He once couldn’t pay his house electric bill, so he shut the radio station down, laid off all the employees, and got fined by the FCC. Same guy who sold a radio station, then bulldozed the new owner’s towers within a year. Probably about to do that again in Seaford soon. He’s taken at least 2 radio stations dark in Delaware, soon more. Yeah, great guy, someone Grumpy Gus in Gaithersburg could respect. This guy has been fined more by the FCC than any other Eastern Shore radio owner. Love all you morons defending the guy. Speaks more about you than me. I actually know people this monster fired via email. He left stations dark just in 2017 with everyone fired too! (1/23/18)

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\/ January 22 Messages \/

"RE: "Check it out that [the station owner] didn’t even have his driveway paved even though every other house in the very nice neighborhood [does]" Oh my fucking God, who gives a shit?!?! What is your grudge? Move on, because this obsession is not healthy." Agree. You know who else didn't have a paved driveway? The Grantham family. You may know them from Downtown Abbey. Oh, and Stock Guy, suck it won't you? Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/22/18)

The Government shutdown is over so the FCC can continue to work. (1/22/18)

I have to admit, 25 pages of redacted material in WDCW CW 50’s channel sharing agreement has me wondering what Sinclair is hiding. There has to be options in the agreement that they do not want anyone in the market or nationwide to know. Like maybe Sinclair has an option to buy WFDC ultimately from Univision? Of course, that would have to be long after the Tribune merger is approved. The redactions seem to begin after the mention of ATSC 3.0, but 25 pages is a lot of redaction. I haven’t seen any other channel sharing agreement this secretive or anywhere near this long, not even Sinclair’s agreements in some other markets, but I’ll have to start looking now since this one is so interesting. (1/22/18)

Imus retiring www.dailymail.co.uk (1/22/18)

Lawless DC radio hosts pulled over: DC 101’s Elliot Segal aka “Elliot in the Morning” apparently has the Fairfax County police listening. In the wee hours of Sunday morning Segal was pulled over for a variety of offenses but given a warning. Segal talked about the incident on his morning show and the cop who pulled him over had tuned into the show, heard it & was chagrined. Oddly, WJFK’s Eric Bickell told a similar story Monday morning how he was driving in MOCO with his daughter, had run a stop sign and dangerously cut in front of an unmarked county cop who “lit him up”. He whined he had just taken his daughter to a clinic for the flu and the cop let him off with a warning. So Segal’s infractions made it to the FCPD Twitter, with the cops admonishing Segal that “improper lane change” and “curb jumping” is frowned upon: twitter.com (1/22/18)

Just 30 seconds through the FCC LMS huh? Why don’t you waste your day there instead. I looked at the WDCW CW 50 sharing agreement and its amendment. It’s 55 pages long, 20 of which are redacted, totally BLACKED OUT. I assume WDCW 50 is sharing WFDC as of tomorrow, as that’s the suspension of operations date, but you’d be hard pressed to find out for sure the details from the FCC LMS or even on RabbitEars, which still shows WFDC carrying all its sub-nets as of today and not WDCW. Is Antenna TV going away tomorrow? Or Bounce? Your guess is as good as mine. — BaltoMedia.net (1/22/18)

As for WUTB 24, their press release stated they were simulcasting programming on both channels for a month or so even though the FCC LMS info doesn’t seem to suggest that. By law, channel 41 should be gone tonight from Catonsville. WUTB did request an STA from the FCC, until March 1, 2018, but that only seems to include public service announcements as they were late to inform their viewers per the FCC’s guidelines. (1/22/18)

This is the confusing public notice that Sinclair put out regarding WUTB MyTV 24 as posted on BaltoMedia.net. It does not mention Jan. 23, 2018 and mentions simulcasting to continue. FCC documents differ, not to mention there’s an STA filing as Sinclair violated FCC notification rules and had to ask for a waiver. mytvbaltimore.com (1/22/18)

No Maureen Umeh or Holly Morris on Fox5's morning show this morning. Want to assume that it was coincidental that both were off. So Allison Seymour and Erin Como were filling in. Now, Allison was great as usual. However, why do they keep pushing Erin to be an on air host/anchor??!! She's so out of her element and I just don't see her improving. Reading stories and news of the day from the TelePrompTer seems to be such a challenge for her. The powers that be need to acknowledge her strengths which are doing the traffic and the cooking segments as she just isn't a good fit in the anchor chair or the Good Day couch. (1/22/18)

RE: "Check it out that the WAMS 94.9 Jack FM owner didn’t even have his driveway paved even though every other house in the very nice neighborhood has a paved driveway." Oh my fucking God, who gives a shit?!?! What is your grudge? Move on, because this obsession is not healthy. (1/22/18)

Heard on the alphabet network news on ‘TOP at 3 o’clock — “Montana senator Joe Tester.” Yeeeah, sorry. It’s Jon Tester. Nice try though. (1/22/18)

I know piling on gives some folks a boner, but Blair in Alexandria is to be praised for making it work with what he has. But the message I'm hearing from Johnny Longwinded is "Ooh! You're not cool if you're not looking at a DIGITAL picture!" Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/22/18)

No more “Anus in the Morning”: 77 year old Don Imus is “retiring” before a “firing” occurs (his contract was not renewed). Imus, who “tangled” with Howard Stern (who could forget the scene in “Private Parts” where he slams the door on Stern’s nose and allegedly called Robin Quivers Stern’s “House @#$$%&”) was a top rated “shock jock” on New York’s WNBC until Stern dethroned him and was only heard recently on Cumulus stations. He once hosted a PMSNBC show that was replaced with “Morning Joe” but has mostly been unheard of for the last decade (who knew he was even alive). The Observer reports: observer.com (1/22/18)

These ABC Radio newscasts on WTOP are godawful. At noon, just as the Senate was voting to end the shutdown, I swear I heard the girly reporter they put on say she was live “on the Capitol.” What the hell is WTOP thinking. (1/22/18)

Is Martin Decaro still working at WAMU? I haven't heard him on the radio in a while. (1/22/18)

Dave's response: I believe he got cut at the end of last year.....

Dave: I was finishing a two week job in Tennessee and was able to catch some of the Wizards coverage on the old CSN and even with the sound turned down, are you kidding me? Who's running that place? Julie Donaldsson needs some education about TV wardrobe..obviously she doesn't watch her friends at NBCSN...but likes to remind us when she's appearing on that network. Also, for a great blooper, it would be great if one of the guys holding that dumb banner in back of Buck would stumble or something..so we can see how ridiculous it looks that they're holding it up. I remember growing up watching HTS and they were once the gold standard of regional sports. Wow, how the times have changed for the worse! (1/22/18)

BaltoMedia wrote re WUTB: “It's unclear if Sinclair has filed for an extension to April 23, 2018 or not, but they are warning viewers [of the channel-share] now.” Unclear? Seriously? What good are you as a news source if you can’t even be bothered to do basic research? Thirty seconds in the FCC LMS would have told you the answer is no. In fact, you would have also learned that Sinclair already implemented (or claims to have implemented) the WUTB/WBFF channel share on December 29. Who knows why they are only warning viewers now? (1/22/18)

It’s amazing the things you can find in public records, like where radio station owners actually are or LIVE! Check it out that the WAMS 94.9 Jack FM owner didn’t even have his driveway paved even though every other house in the very nice neighborhood has a paved driveway. Could it be because of strapped funds from recent dark radio stations? Who knows? Today’s interesting FCC public info from the FCC directly. I’m thinking of looking for more. This could be a new feature. fcc.gov then from Google. Isn’t Google wonderful? www.google.com/maps (1/22/18)

To Blair in Alexandria: All TV’s have to have connections to antennas by law, but not antennas or ones that work well, but you’re NOT using ANY of the DIGITAL HD TV connections! COMPOSITE CABLE = ANALOG! It’s basic science. Whatever Radio Shack or government BS you found doesn’t make you any LESS WRONG! I’m sorry I humiliated you. I hope you get into the DIGITAL HDTV age from my advice. But apparently you want to stay in the Radio Shack ANALOG AGE as you’re arguing with my post and making an argument of Sony worse than Radio Shack. The FCC does not guarantee you a digital future, nor does the government. There are numerous ways you can screw that up on your own, like you have. All TV stations will soon be digital though. You’ll be one of the few that is not, but only through your own fault. Please look up HDMI vs. Composite for clarification. (1/22/18)

The FCC announced that they have the funds to stay open thru Friday, 1/26/18. Sounds like they have been saving their money! (1/22/18)

Did you know that there are over 400,000 people working for the government in DC. We will be hurt more by the government shutdown than any other area in the country. How long will this shutdown last? (1/22/18)

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Baltimore is not free of some channel changes in the Great TV Repack. Jan. 23, 2018 is the deadline for the first round of TV channels being turned in so if you use an antenna for My24 for the MyTV network, you will lose 24.1 if you haven't already. WUTB has already moved to 45.2, but both have been simulcasting since December. If that hasn't ended already, it will very soon. It's unclear if Sinclair has filed for an extension to April 23, 2018 or not, but they are warning viewers now. In DC, the same thing will happen on WDCA My20, 20.1, but Fox 5 has filed for an extension to April 23 to move it to 5.2 permanently. -- BaltoMedia.net (1/21/18)

Yesterday, a commenter wrote,"To Blair in Alexandria: There is no such thing as a TV designed for OTA reception anymore. I don’t know of any big screen TV that even comes with an antenna anymore." To the commenter: you might be mistaken. Turn to https://www.fcc.gov/reports-research/guides/dtv-enforcement, where we read, "The Commission's digital tuner rule specifies that as of March 1, 2007 all new television receivers must include digital tuners." If I recall correctly, the requirement for a digital tuner was introduced according to screen size. I think that all sets with a screen size of 12" or more were required to have a digital tuner as of March 2006. One interesting implication of the requirement is that there were a few CRT TVs built with digital tuners, since CRT TVs were at the tail end of production. It is unlikely that any TV manufacturer has included an antenna with the set for some time, but any set sold in the United States will, by FCC regulation, have a connector for an antenna to supply a signal to the tuner. This connector is also the de facto cable input. This will surely be an F-type (threaded) connector. You didn't say what kind of TV you have, but have you tried reading the instructions? ~~ Blair in Alexandria (1/21/18)

Then Dave said, "Broadcast and cable TV are dead. Find other ways to watch if you want to. Better yet, give it up completely. Avoid brain rot." NOW you tell me. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (1/21/18)

Cumulus has an LMA and option to purchase WLUP-FM and WKQX-FM in Chicago from Merlin Media. Now that they are in Bankruptcy, they want to scrap this deal. They don't have the money to purchase these stations. Merlin Media can take them back or sell them to another buyer. Will Cumulus sell WMAL in DC? (1/21/18)

To all those proclaiming that OTA TV and cable are dead, are you really saying that’s a good thing or just an unavoidable reality? Big difference. Without a trusted aggregator bringing stuff to you under a single subscription the choices are very burdensome. Even the colossus Disney will be just another pesky source. To top it off my quite modern Samsung “smart” TV passes audio from any HDMI input (FiOS set top box, DVD player) on to my nice add-on Polk sound bar but does NOT pass any streaming audio. Inexplicable! -P of the AW (1/21/18)

WP obit for John Irving: www.legacy.com (1/21/18)

RE: Dave's response: Broadcast and cable TV are dead… Actually Next Generation TV (ATSC 3.0) will be just like the internet w/ streaming. You’ll barely notice the difference on Network TV but you’ll get network TV on YOUR PHONE or LAPTOP and be able to stream stuff live without cell phone data charges. It’s the only thing that will save free broadcast TV and Ajit Pai knows this. There will be some things you’ll have to pay for of course, hence the trade-off has yet to be announced, but basic free TV will still be in more places than ever before. Remember the term IPTV Dave. The cell phone companies are declining in investment, content to sit on their asses. Comcast is only investing in controlling content, not infrastructure. Verizon has stopped the FIOS build-out. The ATSC 3.0 build out is only beginning and besides Sinclair, it will be led by mostly the smaller media companies that do not own tons of programming they want to keep in Al Gore’s Secure Lock Box. And btw, I’m still laughing that Blair in Alexandria even thinks he’s getting HDTV or digital TV. He’s tragically stuck in a Radio Shack gizmo Analog Hell. But the funniest thing is that he thinks Sony sucks and old Radio Shack gadgets w/ ancient composite cables are still better! So he’s STILL WATCHING ANALOG TV without even realizing it! NOT HDTV 1080i or 720p. Just ANALOG. I laughed at first, but now I’m sad. I just cannot believe there’s so much misinformation out there that someone would attempt such an awful doomed route to get channels. All he needed was a good antenna, possibly outdoors or in an attic. With ATSC 3.0 Next Generation TV, you won’t even need an outdoor antenna anymore. (1/21/18)

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To Blair in Alexandria: There is no such thing as a TV designed for OTA reception anymore. I don’t know of any big screen TV that even comes with an antenna anymore. Clearly the tuner is not your problem, but your ANTENNA, which you did not once mention. There is also no such thing as a “Cable-Ready” TV set anymore. The government has allowed the media providers to scramble everything on cable so that no TV works out of the box as it was built to work. By using the composite inputs, you are not even getting REAL HDTV in digital. You’re getting old blurry ANALOG TV the dimensions of HD! Only with HDMI would you be getting REAL HD. To say you’re doing everything wrong would be an understatement. Getting channels is the LEAST of your worries. I’m surprised you’re not blind yet! You’ve basically put yourself in an ANALOG RADIO SHACK HELL! Didn’t someone warn you that they went bankrupt by selling junk? I hope not one person listened to your advice. It might be the worst I’ve ever read on DCRTV. (1/20/18)

Dave's response: Broadcast and cable TV are dead. Find other ways to watch if you want to. Better yet, give it up completely. Avoid brain rot. You will be happier. Trust me.....

"Someone needs to buy Cumulus @ 5 cents on the dollar! It could be turned around under the right management." Respectfully disagree, on the basis of a clarification: Cumulus needs to dissolve and someone needs to buy the Cumulus *stations* on a market-by-market basis @ xx cents on the dollar. Don't sell off the whole company to another whole company because that's how they got in the pickle they are in in the first place. Devote stations either to local or regional ownership that has a stake in their successes, and with a realistic idea of the amount of debt they can comfortably take on. Only then will those stations become viable again. (1/20/18)

Some quiet Comcast news I noticed both on cable systems and online. Two of DC’s Latino TV stations have been dropped from some or most Eastern shore cable TV systems in Salisbury to Ocean City, possibly elsewhere on the shore. WBOC’s Telemundo 42 has replaced DC’s WZDC that’s now moving to WRC. At the same time, Comcast dropped WQAW’s Azteca America too in favor or WMDT’s co-owned WGDV 32’s Azteca America. In an official Comcast response to complaints online in the Salisbury market, Comcast stated that it has no legal obligation to carry WGDV’s Bounce or other subnets and has no plans to do so anytime soon. Clearly, there’s going to be a drawn out battle when WMDT 47ABC has to re-up with Comcast on the shore since WMDT is selling local ads on Bounce and Heroes & Icons but Comcast won’t add the channels while Mediacom on the Delmarva has. (1/20/18)

On January 16, a commenter said, "channel 9 now puts on 3 subchannels of "Justice" channel...." The following day, another commenter said, "I have no idea how you re getting Justice three times. Are you seeing that oTA or are youa cable or satellite sub?" The tuner in my Sony Bravia has problems with 9.2 too. I keep pressing the remote's "up channel" or "down channel" button, and the channel does not change. Only after repeated attempts does the channel change. Not only that, but there is not signal there to see, or at least there was no signal there the last time I scanned. That set, and I don't have the model number at hand right now, is poorly designed for over-the-air reception. It is so bad that I have given up using it. Harking back to the days of separate stereo components, I now use a Digital Stream DTX9950 CECB converter box as a separate tuner for the Sony. That's the one Radio Shack sold. I connect the Digital Stream via one of the composite (red,yellow,white) inputs. This is a far superior arrangement than using the Sony's built-in tuner. The outboard tuner finds stations that the Sony can not, and the user interface is actually pleasant to use. One button on the Digital Stream gives me a display of signal strength. Getting this information from the Sony requires navigating through several layers of menus. Unlike the Sony, the Digital Stream shows me the program on 9.2. Further, 9.2 shows up only once. It does not hang up wehn I try to go up or down through the dial (so to speak). Since only about 7 or 8 percent of the population watches TV over the air now, Sony has no incentive to spend more than about 35 cents on a tuner. The Digital Stream, by contrast, was designed solely for people who watch TV over the air. It shows. If you have problems getting TV over the air, pull out that old converter box and see if it doesn't make a difference. By the way, is it just me, or have the local stations cut their broadcast power levels substantially? I used to get channel 9.1 with signal levels of 65 to 75 on the Digital Stream's arbitrary scale. I can't get it with anything like that now. What gives? Finally, happy new year, Dave and all the other DCRTV readers. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (1/20/18)

What most people don’t understand about WBAL radio and WIYY 98 Rock is that Hearst has no radio division at all and own no other radio stations in the country. WBAL-TV actually runs both radio stations as it’s the big money maker of the three. So that involves everything, including censorship and anything edgy on 98 Rock or the hiring at WBAL radio and content. Both radio stations have loosely been rumored for sale for quite a long time, but Hearst refuses to sell cheap and other radio players in the market are already at their cap limits, Entercom/CBS and iHeart. Coming into the Baltimore market for just those 2 radio stations (one of which cannot be called WBAL anymore) is not a very enticing proposition. Who might consider it or have the money? Hubbard probably could, but I doubt they’d be interested. (1/20/18)

iHeart is calling in their debt from Cumulus. They are worried that they might not get paid. Someone needs to buy Cumulus @ 5 cents on the dollar! It could be turned around under the right management. (1/20/18)

Our Government is shut down now. The FCC stays home and does not work. How will this backlog at the FCC get done? (1/20/18)

950 AM out of Cabin John is back on the air Saturday 1/20. Same dissonant mix of oldies and modern tunes, but the audio doesn't sound as telephonic as it used to. Anyone know if they are getting ready for anything special, or just wanted to get back on the air to continue their write-off and not jeopardize their license? (1/20/18)

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Can someone explain to me the differences between wacky morning show formats? I can listen to 98Rock Baltimore and 93.3WMMR Philadelphia. I have noticed the 98Rock morning show "JSS" is rather limited & censored. On 98Rock the hosts are not allowed to say many things, and their segments are only 3-6 minutes long (never taking anymore than callers and their 'guests' can only speak for 2 minutes). Meanwhile WMMR Philadelphia morning show "Preston & Steve" is a free ranging, open radio program. The WMMR morning show has segments that go on for 10+ minutes, when they have a guest on the guest is allowed to speak and have conversions with the hosts, the WMMR show hosts also say many words and joke about stuff that those guys on 98Rock are not allowed to. (1/19/18)

Who gets to be the new host of Face the Nation? Will it be Major G. - or a even woman maybe? (1/19/18)

Someone recently asked about a WOWO jingle that sang a bunch of locations in the station's listening area. Is this the item the poster was looking for? www.youtube.com (1/19/18)

I'd like to chime in on the WBAL discussion. Yes, radio isn't what it used to be. In general terms, it is worse. In response to why do people listen, it's because much like 105.7 the Fan and WPOC, it's the only game in town. I sometimes tune in only for the news updates at :00 and :30. While I appreciate what Stacy Lyn is doing for Special Olympics, to include this in a hard news break is ridiculous. If you thinks that this is acceptable, then we will just disagree. I kind of equate Baltimore with the Washington Redskins and their fans. We remember the glory days of the Coach Allen and Coach Gibbs eras. Now the team is awful, yet you all still support it. Why ? It's a mediocre team at best, just as most Baltimore Radio outlets are. Mr. Snyder continues to make money, and based on the lack of management changes at WBAL, they must be doing okay. Point is, the customer/listener continues to accept mediocrity, while the business continues to male a profit. It seems that the bashers of those that criticize WBAL are just saying to shut up and just accept the mediocrity. And while on the psychology of Baltimore listeners, I'm wondering about both Balt. and DC listeners. How, year after year, can you listen to the same 60-70 Christmas Songs for 8 weeks, and push WLIF and WASH to the top of the ratings? That's a better question. (1/19/18)

Could one of the Mailbaggers who report in virtually every day about how bad WBAL 1090 is explain why you continue to listen to it? Seriously -- why do you torture yourself by constantly tuning in to a station you hate? Over here in DC, we're trying to figure out the psychology of Baltimore listeners. (1/19/18)

I’m not sure why the geriatric listeners on here can’t accept that radio is not what it used to be… Neither is anything else. WBAL-AM is doing what they can to attract an advertiser-friendly demo. Hearst has 98 Rock to get males 21-54 who are centric and a bit left leaning and WBAL-AM for conservative males that are a bit older. Problem is, they are a lot older and WBAL needs to do something to attract a younger demo for better overlap with 98 Rock. Adding the FM translator will help with that since we all know that AM is not exactly robust among anyone under 50. It’s all about packaging WBAL & 98 Rock and selling the demographic to advertisers who want to target men. “Want men with disposable income? Buy time on our duo…” I’m not a WBAL listener because I don’t like conservative talk radio, but I do listen to 98 Rock and I’m in their demographic for a few more years. On another note, the MSP Polar Bear Plunge is a big-money advertiser for WBAL and 98 Rock. There has to be some ‘show’ in pushing it because it’s exactly what they are paying for. It’s not a PSA and no different than the guys on WTOP pushing new windows and gutters. Once wi-fi is available everywhere (it’s going to happen), AM or FM won’t matter much and the product will really change on you. Hey Alexa, play WBAL. (1/19/18)

Bill Vanko is still listed on the WBAL web staff page; maybe he has the flu; maybe he's on vacation. It also says he's married to Joan Doniger, formerly of many DC area station, and now at Bloomberg News. Cool! And I apologize for erroneously describing Tashawna Gaines of WBAL as a traffic reporter; I was typing too fast; she's a news anchor and regular news reporter. -- Carl in Olney (1/19/18)

According to Radio World (www.radioworld.com), iHeartMedia is filing suit to recover nearly $186,000 from Cumulus. Yeah, you heard that right -- one on-the-ropes company is squeezing another one for money. Corporate radio has become a Mobius strip. (1/19/18)

I agree with the earlier poster’s comments about the sorry state of affairs at WBAL 1090. Listen to WBAL 1090 for one day and you'll hear the constant staccato of endless superlatives. Everything is "amazing." I would add that their constant fawning over each other is ridiculous. Take the station’s relentless promotion of the Polar Bear Plunge. Stacy Lyn has been described by her co-workers as “brave” and “heroic” for plunging into the Chesapeake Bay. She is neither of those. She is merely a performer running into cold water to try and benefit her station and their ratings. As the parent of a special needs child, while I appreciate the fund raising, I am disgusted how the focus is shifted away from the true heroes – the Special Olympics athletes – and placed on media “personalities.” I commend the many, many law enforcement officers who participate and support Special Olympics and have done so for many years. They too are heroes. (1/19/18)

This morning offers a perfect example of the dangers of WTOP going with ABC. The region’s largest employer is on the cusp of a shutdown, and all we hear about it at the top of the hour is a very brief report from a very green reporter. CBS would throw all it had at that story, and give it the time it deserves. Now if you hope to hear a full report about the shutdown on WTOP, you have to wait and wait and wait through an irrelevant network newscast, and then hope that the local folks will get back to the story. More likely, you’ll just switch the station. Ugh. Awful. (1/19/18)

If you’re picking up WDCW CW 50 on antenna, here’s what you’re going to notice on Jan. 23, 2018 when WDCW turns off channel 50 and share with WFDC on channel 15. First off, yes, you might have to rescan for channels to pick it back up, but it still should show up as 50.1. Here are the plusses: WFDC’s signal is better to the northwest and southwest, so it might be better in those areas near Frederick and Northern VA. WFDC has a directional signal and east and northeast is the null. Most of the signal goes in NW to SW directions. Minuses: Weaker signal to Annapolis and the Maryland suburbs to the east and northeast, including probably loss of previous reception around Baltimore. I don’t think Sinclair ultimately would care one bit about the minuses. Overall I’d say it’s a positive signal change compared to some others I’ve looked at. Even though WDCW’s tower is taller by a good bit, it’s on lower land and not as well situated for Northwest of DC or certain parts of NoVA. It makes me wonder if these negotiations opened up the door for cooperation on Sinclair’s Next Generation TV with Univision. The major networks don’t seem interested in ATSC 3.0, but Sinclair, Nexstar, and now Univision are certainly interested. — BaltoMedia.net (1/19/18)

Here's a nice jingle package demo for a kinder, gentler WMAL, back when it was eminently listenable, friendly, full-service and top rated. Sadly, it's a cesspool of crazy talk these days. www.jingles.com (1/19/18)

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Has anyone noticed the high bass level on TEM lately? In the morning Kevin is making my car speaker shake. It’s less noticeable on line. Just seem to be in the car. OOBBEE (1/18/18)

In reference to the recent comments about errors on WBAL-1090: I also happened to hear the traffic person mispronounce Olney (where I live) and Broadway as Broadway St. It happens sometimes. I remember (here we go...) when a DJ named Jefferson Kaye moved from WBZ-1030 in Boston to WKBW-1520 in Buffalo to be both the evening DJ (temporarily) and the Program Director. So, this was the PD, a person with years of experience in a major city. For the first half-hour or so on the big KB (I have it on a reel-to-reel tape), he identified it as WBZ instead of WKBW. Eventually, the engineer must have pasted a big sheet of paper on the window saying W-K-B-W, because he finally got it right. If Jeff Kaye, the PD, can make mistakes, so can a traffic reporter at WBAL on a weekend afternoon. I know someone from Brooklyn who kept calling the Beltway the "Belt Parkway" for the first few months after moving to the area. And then years later got into trouble back in NYC calling the Belt Parkway the "Beltway"; and I have neighbors and friends who for months after we moved here couldn't pronounce the name of the town I live in. Only Philadelphia people get it right, because there is a major street there called Olney Avenue. The comedians ask if the Broad Street Subway stops near our house. As a final thought, I personally have no problems with WBAL's entire weekday presentation. -- Carl in Olney (1/18/18)

I know there has been some back and forth on when (and even if) WDCW will stop broadcasting from its current frequency and channel share with WFDC, I happened to see the periodic on air notice the other day and it identified 10 AM on January 23 as the time. So if you watch it OTA remember to rescan after that time. (1/18/18)

Alleged Newsradio 1090 appears to have rearranged the deck chairs on its sinking ship yet again. Now it is calling itself the “24-hour broadcast center.” Apparently, they were only operating part time previously. And where has Bill Vanko gone? Demoted? Retired? Fired? The station and its website are promoting afternoons with Robert Lang and Stacy Lyn. The traffic reports have been moved to the 3’s instead of the 5’s. Screamin Scotty remains hard at work reporting from empty street corners and from in front of empty buildings telling us what we already saw the day before on social media and television. One bright spot is they seem to have cut back on the silliness at the end of the newscasts. But they can’t seem to address their real problem and that is no substance to the stories they report. Sounds mostly rip and read, recycled every two hours or less. Rarely do they have any story that their own reporters have developed. The weekends are still awful. The newest disaster is Tashawna Gaines. Barely literate. Calls it "Only" instead of "Olney." Calls it Broadway STREET instead of just Broadway. Can’t pronounce Anne Arundel County. Call it "And Arundel County." I had a huge chuckle when one news reporter credited the Baltimore Sun for reporting we had a new record low temperature. With all those meteorologists on TV Hill, you’d think they would have credited their own people. Will the FM translator solve those problems? By the way, I wanted to call the news director to complain about something I heard and they don't even have the news director's name listed on their website. (1/18/18)

Steve Rouse Is Back, Again - www,smashhits.fm - After a hiatus, our very own Steve Rouse is back. That’s right, every afternoon beginning January 22nd from 3pm – 7pm, Steve’s new show, “The Ride Home With Rouse” will keep you entertained for the ride home (1/18/18)

Wasn't WYRE one of Bill Paris' stations? And didn't he die a few years back? (1/18/18)

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Baltimore area based Sinclair Broadcasting has formed an agreement with Nextstar and Univision to develop the nation's first full Next Generation TV (ATSC 3.0) implementation & test in the Dallas market, pending FCC approval. Sinclair has recently tested ATSC 3.0 in a limited fashion on channel 43 in DC/Baltimore. This, however, is a much bigger test involving 3 or more TV stations and towers in multiple locations/markets to test both TV reception and internet performance. ATSC 3.0 will allow for 4k HDTV, as well as video via internet to other devices. The test will involve reception on TVs, tablets, laptops, & cell phones of TV reception and internet via ATSC 3.0 from multiple towers, some even cell phone towers. No current TVs can receive these transmissions and most likely all the equipment to be used will be things demo’d recently to be available soon. The FCC is expected to approve the rollout of ATSC 3.0 this year in some fashion. — BaltoMedia.net (1/17/18)

Regarding "before Bill Hess {WMAL} started deodorizing the place!". Add deodorizing to the list of failed accomplishments on his resumé. From an upcoming musical piece in his honor being recorded now, "He crosses every line he blurs with propaganda. How come he only cares about lies and pandas?" (1/17/18)

Jim Lokay getting Tony’s spot on Fox 5 is pretty good. I enjoyed watching him when he was on KDKA-TV here in Pittsburgh, hated it when he left for Boston, but was thrilled when I heard he joined Fox 5 since I knew I’d be able to watch him again on my visits to the DMV. On a side note, Fox 5 has been a hotbed of former Pittsburgh talent. Shawn Yancy having worked at the ABC affiliate WTAE and Steve Chenevey having worked at the NBC affiliate WPXI. Seems like all the good talent we get somehow makes it to DC! (1/17/18)

One odd benefit of the repack is that Chambersburg PA and Hagerstown now get a FOX affiliate over the air. WITF PBS Harrisburg has a Chambersburg LPTV on channel 33 which now has WPMT Fox 43, so while people in York might not be able to get FOX 43 anymore, people in Chambersburg and Hagerstown probably can for the first time. (1/17/18)

a morning radio show host who admits he's never seen Anchorman??? WTF?! That useless, grumpy host Scott on that hotmess of morning show "JSS" on 98Rock admitted he has never seen the comedy classic 'Anchorman' with Will Ferell. How the f%ck does Scott even have a job co-hosting an alleged wacky FM morning show when he has NO KNOWLEDGE about pop culture movies, TV shows, current events, news etc. (1/17/18)

Re: Jim Lokay, I saw the promo of him with Shawn Yancey for the 10pm broadcast, so guess maybe he is the one replacing Tony Perkins. And speaking of Tony Perkins, he said he'd be on Friday mornings during the 9-11 hours. So, is he replacing one of the anchors on the Good Day show? (1/17/18)

It does not surprise me that the Chesapeake Childrens Museum might try to strongarm the City of Annapolis against allowing the WYRE tower and equipment hut to remain standing. The proprietor of the museum made a poor impression on me and several associates when we showed up to remove the old Gates transmitter from "their" newly-leased building. It was as if we were not welcome and neither was the transmitter, even though our purpose for being there was something they should have appreciated. Looking at the group's website, the City of Annapolis owns the building and the five acres around it, and the "museum" has a five-year renewable lease. I will guess they hyped-up the presence of lead paint near CHILDREN (OMG! OMG!) to compel the landlord, the city, not to renew the other tenant on the property, regardless of WYRE management's own shortcomings in keeping the station viable. (1/17/18)

A daytimer on the air after 10PM? "Very Interesting" indeed... (1/17/18)

I've been doing some AM DX'ing lately. Came across this gem the past 2 nights after 10. There's a station on 890, and it's not 50,000 watt WLS out of Chicago. It's a station playing which can best be described as Contemporary Country Christian. They've not done an official top of the hour ID, but the station is part of the 'JOY-FM" network. ID just lists a plethora of small towns in VA and NC. Searching the joyfm.org website points to a station in the Blacksburg, VA area, WKNV, which according to Radio Locator is a 10,000 watt Daytime only station. Very Interesting. Picking up this station in Harford Cnty. (1/17/18)

Shouldn't surprise anyone on WJLA weather website the 7 day forecast is Ok but on the detailed forecast someone apparently doesn't know what day of the week today is they have it saying Today snow ending early then blustery Tonight clear cold WEDNESDAY sunny and seasonable! (1/17/18)

The DOW hits 26,000 for the first time! The Stock Market is at an all time high. Why are the radio stocks doing so poorly? iHeart at 65 cents per share and Cumulus at 5 cents per share. (1/17/18)

(regarding Limbaugh's KQV departure) That's not the first story of that kind I've heard about him. In the 1980s, he did a brief, unremarkable stint at KMBZ-AM in Kansas City. When I was there several years later, many of those who'd worked with him, recalled him vividly, though not at all fondly. The consensus was that he was a know-it-all, pompous blowhard. My most lasting personal memory of him is from a KC Royals Media Night event one year in the 80s, when he did PR for the team. He had his Herb Tarlek look going on that night: Loud, large plaid pattern slacks, with white belt and white shoes. It made for a comical scene, as he droned on and on, after the dinner. More than a few people began drifting out as he rambled, heading to the stadium for the game. (1/17/18)

Are these stocks a bargain? iHeart at 65 cents per share or SBS at 28 cents per share? (1/17/18)

Actually there are quite a few posts about the changes in the WUSA signal. The station is now channel sharing with WJAL 68 (not WJLA). They temporarily dropped Bounce and Justice to make room for WJAL. Justice came back but Bounce moved to become a subchannel on WFDC. I have no idea how you re getting Justice three times. Are you seeing that oTA or are youa cable or satellite sub? (1/17/18)

Looks like Jim Lokay will be taking over as Tony Perkins' replacement on the evening news. Noticed that since he's come on board, he's moved up through the ranks. Didn't he start off as the sports guy? Then he was eventually given his own late night show and now permanent evening anchor. Have never watched him, but guess he's pretty good to be given the opportunities that he has. (1/17/18)

More about WYRE AM 810. The problem seems to have to do with the Children’s Museum being involved in some of the land purchases (the WYRE office building) and complaints to the city about peeling lead paint off the tower. Painting the tower would be a simple solution, but apparently that is not enough for the City of Annapolis or the land owner or regardless, they’ve come to an impasse. They want it taken down, period. At least that’s what I’m hearing unless somebody is hearing something different. Either way, WYRE does not own the tower or land anymore, so they have nowhere to go easily, not especially easy on a Class A frequency and their lease is expired. (1/17/18)

There are at least 2 posts this week about ThisTV being dropped along with other networks as part of the TV Repack, both in DC and Baltimore on WBFF 45. THEY WILL NOT BE COMING BACK ANY TIME SOON, over the air or Cable TV although WBFF seems to still hold the rights to the network. Sorry for the all caps, but that is probably the best prediction right now and apparently people aren’t getting that Dave. Maybe a News Blurb? Could some other station pick them up? Possibly, but not right away and with channel constraints during the repack, not likely. You can complain to COMCAST, your local county authorized cable TV operator, but guess what? They’re going to say, “We’re not legally required to carry that channel as it is not on any local broadcast station that the FCC forces us to carry.” That was Comcast’s response to an Eastern Shore complaint about not carrying BOUNCE Network on WGDV 32 as I saw online on their online complaint page. Comcast doesn’t even care if you make a racism complaint, which I did just for fun because it’s mostly African American programmed. THEY DO NOT CARE. In DC, the station with most capacity might be WUSA 9 or one of the religious channels. Best to contact them directly. In Baltimore, probably WJZ or WBAL, but CBS has a long standing policy against sub-channels and Hearst is pretty strict too, so I wouldn’t hold your breath, although some Hearst stations have carried ThisTV before if I recall correctly in other markets. (1/17/18)

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I haven't seen anything about THIS TV disappearing from DC & Baltimore and I haven't read anything of why channel 9 now puts on 3 subchannels of "Justice" channel, removing the crap channels they used to have. What possibly new channels are coming to DC or why have these sub channels suddenly disappeared, are they coming back? Nothing said anywhere about this major calamity. (1/16/18)

Here is the real story of why Rush Limbaugh left KQV. user.pa.net (1/16/18)

I think I may have finally found the the WOWO jingle package Chris has been looking for. The production company is TM and it's listed as the "BZ '73" package, from 1975-76. The first cut is a long list of sung places. The overall theme of the package is: "WOWO-Land: It's a great place to be." www.historyofwowo.com (1/16/18)

Rush Limbaugh (on air as Jeff Christie) was fired from KQV circa 1973, not because of on air failure (he was simply outstanding, one of the best deejays I've ever heard), but because he was so neurotic and insecure that he was driving his coworkers and management nuts. Hard to believe isn't it? (1/16/18)

I can name at least one job Rush Limbaugh was fired from. Does anyone think the little fat boy could chase the baseball fast enough to be a Kansas City Royals bat boy for very long? :-) (1/16/18)

I didn’t listen to Howard Stern in Baltimore until after word of mouth in high school about the 14th Street Bridge story. I remember listening after that, when he was told never to talk about it up until him leaving DC/101. The funny thing is that he was told not to talk about it, but that’s practically all he did in one funny veiled reference after another. I can’t remember if he got suspended. (1/16/18)

There is a lot of interest in resurgence of the Alternative Rock Format. Entercom has brought the format back in several markets. There were rumors that they were going to bring it back to DC. Will that happen? The 107.9 FM Signal covers Baltimore and DC. It is the station with the least amount of revenue in the market. (1/16/18)

Before Rush Limbaugh had his national radio program, he worked for a number of radio stations, most notably KQV-1410 in Pittsburgh and KFBK-1530 in Sacramento, CA. Also, he worked, if I remember right for the Kansas City Royals in management and marketing. And when he started his national show, I believe he was an employee of WABC-770 in New York for a short while, which did the syndication; later he syndicated the program through his own company. Like most people in radio, he has probably lost his job a number of times. And I think he fired himself from his TV show 20 years ago. As far as Howard Stern is concerned, he did not become nationally famous until awhile after he moved from WWDC-FM in DC to WNBC in New York. The 14th St Bridge story made him nationally known for about one news cycle, but it definitely was foreshadowing for the future. -- Carl in Olney (1/16/18)

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Wow. I'd like to hear about all the times Rush was fired or suspended. Keep in mind he's self-employed so cannot be fired or suspended but there might have been a time. Howard was a national figure before he went to NYC. 14th Street Bridge bitch. Sounds like someone's got a big case of the jealousies. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/15/18)

Thanks for the 1988 spirit of new England jingles from jam they are great. The ones to which I refer though I think were earlier and sung the names of the towns in one note. There is one just like it done for wowo radio in fort wayne Indiana which you can find on the history of wowo page. Would love to find that same package for wbz. They were both Westinghouse stations and I definitely remember hearing the one which just starts mentioning names of towns then ends by saying they’re all part of chain yes wbz is a great place to be. Think they were the great place to be series. Chris Ramsay (1/15/18)

Thought Phil Chenier had retired from broadcasting Wizards game. But seems like the majority of the times I watch the game, he's on there doing play by play. (1/15/18)

Did anyone see the January 4th episode of the new Will and Grace? Maybe it was mentioned before but in that episode there was a hilarious parody of KARS 4 KIDS call TRUCKS for Tykes. I happened to catch the rerun over the weekend. (1/15/18)

Here’s the list of 10 stations I think FOX might want from the Sinclair/Tribune deal: 2 stations in Seattle for a duopoly, WPHL 17 in Philadelphia (duopoly), 1 or both in Denver (duopoly), WSFL Miami, 1 or both in Raleigh, NC (duopoly). Then the predictions get dicier. I’m leaning to FOX wanting duopolies, so that leaves New Orleans (NFC team), San Diego, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh (duopoly?) for 2 to 5 stations. Would Sinclair sell a founding station that created Captain Pitt and Chesapeake? Although Fox could buy a few stations Sinclair must sell and flip them to someone else, but I think those are the ones they probably want. Harrisburg PA is a market Sinclair has to sell 1 TV station or the whole deal falls through. Not to mention, some of their sketchy duopolies in small market might possibly face new scrutiny. There are few other small markets where FOX wouldn’t want to own a station, but might agree to buy to flip to someone else. Definitely will be some other buyers in this deal. I didn’t pick Cleveland because FOX owned the station once before and sold it. This will definitely cause some network flips in several markets. Anybody have some thoughts/changes? — BaltoMedia.net (1/15/18)

Sorry to hear it's apparently over for WYRE 810AM. The tower at the top of Spa Creek near Annapolis put out a tremendous signal with what little power their license allowed, because the marshland and brackish water reinforced the signal. Easily covered Baltimore and Washington back when there was less man-made electrical noise against the AM band. Several radio hobbyists "rescued" two of the station's transmitters as the station started cutting back in the past 25 years. One is a 250 watt, 1946 Collins that the original station owners bought brand new when they were first licensed after World War Two. The other is a 1000 watt, 1970 Gates that was called the "new" transmitter on the circuit breaker panel box, until we arrived to disconnect and take it away. Last I saw, they were running a little rack-mount thing that resembled a kitchen microwave oven. It's true the years have not been kind to the presence of the station on the property off Silopanna Road. The owners in the early 1990s handed the building to a non-profit "children's museum," and moved the WYRE business office elsewhere. That's when they got rid of the big transmitters and scaled back the size of the technical room for the museum to use the rest of the place. Then, there were concerns about years of lead-based paint on the tower and how to mitigate that as an environmental concern near sensitive waters. Finally there had been talk, that I could never confirm, that the station would diplex, or electrically share, a different tower that another station has near Baltimore. Occasionally I would tune 810 on the AM dial to see what was up, and it sounded as if the signal was far weaker, either from relocation or reduced power. I don't think the land can be handed over to developers, a common fate with any property near the water like that. If the City of Annapolis doesn't already own it in conjunction with Truxtun Park, then they probably have their municipal eye on it. (1/15/18)

That "popular deejay" (pictured below) appears to be James Michael Wilson. Locally worked at WRC - "The Great 98" and WWDC-AM 1260. Talented air personality. Liked to complete his commercial production during his airshifts -- running from studio to studio. Rarely missed a perfect read on the first take. (1/15/18)

Looks like Steve Rouse is back on the radio, again. He's going to be doing PM drive on WHGM, based on a photo shared on Facebook. So, the station has an incredibly weak morning show, Tesh mid-day and Rouse in PM. That is until Rouse retires, again. (1/15/18)

Multicultural’s WLXE AM 1600 might be on life support soon. They just requested another rather unprecedented Special Temporary Authority after almost 11 years without proper towers for their licensed night time signal. They keep sending in the same request with no updates. I cannot imagine that the FCC after 11 years is going to accept that they cannot find any diplex location considering so many other stations during that time have successfully done that and it doesn’t appear that they have done anything in years. They don’t even update the STA request, they just copy the last one! The AM 1600 in Delaware went dark, so they don’t have to protect that anymore, just WFBR AM 1590. They’re obviously not even trying. Just put a fork in this AM noise on the dial. It’s not like anyone can hear them at night. (1/15/18)

Dear Sip of Honesty… Here ya go. Wasn’t it so beautiful when Bill Clinton raped a woman and then called her “Trailer Park Trash” through his sycophants? And then them saying, “What do you expect when you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park?” There’s your sip of honesty. And furthermore, instead of moving to Canada, how about Sudan or Haiti? I’m sure you’d love it. :-) (1/15/18)

Lee Dickey trying to buy back Cumulus? Ugh. I was freshly sizzled at the sight of that name when I recently checked into the former Trump Soho, now the Dominick Hotel in NY. On the end table? Several copies of Modern Luxury magazines with all three Dickeys listed on the masthead. I handled only with tongs. (1/15/18)

DCRTV INSIDER. Message to Mike O'Meara. Jimmy's Old Town Tavern Super Bowl / Expansion Party is for MEN ONLY. EVERYONE at TMOS wants you to leave your wife Carla at her moms house. #GrowAPair #BeATeamPlayer (1/15/18)

Can you guess the identity of the popular deejay in this mid 1960s photo? He graced the DC airwaves in the early/mid 1970s, on several stations. (1/15/18)

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Speaking of WMAR TV, the Baltimore Scripps station is now the only area TV station left that doesn’t stream its newscasts online live or even full newscast replays. Even WDCW 50 streams their newscast. More about the repack, someone in York county pointed out to me that southern PA rural residents are certainly getting screwed. WPMT FOX 43 is leaving York for north of Harrisburg as is York’s other TV station and Lebanon’s. It is very difficult to get very weak signaled WITF 33 PBS in York if you do not have cable due to the mountain ridges. It’s kind of clear that Sinclair doesn’t care much for WPMT or plan to keep the station. It has a competing newscast with co-owned WHP CBS 21 maximized at 1000kw and the FCC would not take kindly to them cancelling that Fox 43 news or combining it. Keeping it could be costly too. It looks to me like they’re gonna unload that station in a weakened market position and I’m not sure who’s going to want it in such a bad situation. With two stations turning in their channels in a small market, they’re losing a lot of sub-channel networks too OTA and on cable, more than DC and Baltimore. Really, the whole market is getting screwed over by the TV repack. (1/14/18)

There are a lot of new Translators and LPFM Stations in the DC Area now.....The DC dial is very crowded now. Here are some of the new ones...... 93.5 WBQH 1050 AM, WOWD 94.3 LPFM, 95.9 WOL 1450 AM, 96.7 WERA LPFM, 98.1 WURA 920 AM, 98.3 WTOP, 100.7 WFAX 1220 AM, 101.7 WTRI 1520 AM, 104.7 WWDC and 105.5 WZHF 1390 AM. There are now 30 AM Stations and 40 FM Stations in the DC Area. (1/14/18)

Sad but true, Cumulus stock price drops to a new low of just 5 cents per share. Lew Dickey is trying to buy the company back. If he can buy it back, he will change the name of the company. What will the new name be? (1/14/18)

LPTV Channel 6 in New York, just sold for $1,750,000. This is the TV Station that operates on their audio channel 87.7 FM, as a FM Radio Station. The new owner will put Korean Programming on it. When this station was programming a Dance Format they were profitable and had good ratings! They never operated as a Television Station as intended when they got their license. (1/14/18)

WYRE 810 AM in Annapolis does DARK. If the owner had applied for a Translator they might have survived. They are a daytime only station. Back in the 60's they were a good station with their Top 40 Formay. (1/14/18)

Have you been listening to the Russian Propaganda on 1390 AM WZHF, owned by Arthur Liu or on 105.5 FM, owned by Communications Attorney, John Garziglia? What do you think? (1/14/18)

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Chris (WBZ Jingles) hit me up at onairjock@aol.com (1/13/18)

(regarding the WBZ jingle package) Here it is. The longform "song" the poster asked about is Cut #10. What a nice package! www.youtube.com (1/13/18)

Re: WBZ jingles.... I have the CD sent by Jam years ago that includes The Spirit Of New England.. I could possibly copy and send via email.... Scott StJohn.... (1/13/18)

(Regarding the WBZ Jingles) As I recall, the name of that jingle package was "Spirit of New England." At one time I actually had the demo cassette. It may still be in a box somewhere around here. I'll check, but in the meantime, browse around online using the name of the package. You never know -- The Internet often has stuff I thought I'd never find. It was a JAM production, by the way. (1/13/18)

Dear anonymous dope doing the “whatabout” thing with Trump profanity vs. Obama or Clinton, do you really not absorb the difference between off the record private remarks and reckless public, racist statements? Please try a sip of honesty. (1/13/18)

Kelly Swoope answered the question on Facebook of why she removed ABC2 News anchor from her page. First off, she’s not leaving WMAR or Scripps, but she said she’ll have a cool announcement soon. So possibly another Scripps production at WMAR? Speaking of WMAR ABC 2, I don’t know if it got noticed, but Richard Sher’s Square Off program has gone off the air. Sher says hiatus while retooling and looking for new sponsors for 2018. He’s hoping for a March return to WMAR ABC 2. As for WDCW’s 50.3 and ThisTV, don’t expect it back anytime soon. WDCW is turning in its channel and sharing with WFDC soon, meaning half the sub-channels have to go. At least two will be disappearing from WFDC soon too, probably GetTV and Grit. WDCA 20 will be losing its networks too, probably 2-3. I assume they’ll keep MeTV and one other in the sharing with WTTG. — BaltoMedia.net (1/13/18)

Chris, I sent a copy of your WBZ jingle request to a few old radio friends who are still in New England. Watch this space. (1/13/18)

Fox showing interest in acquiring some stations from Sinclair, and the proposed merger between The Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Fox. I can see KCPQ-KZJO in Seattle going the Fox O&O route. In Denver, I could see Fox also wanting KWGN, along with KDVR. Indianapolis, Green Bay, Nashville, and Pittsburgh, I think the jury would still be out on those markets... 3 are AFC markets, and Green Bay being NFC market. Pittsburgh, Fox could easily end the WPXI newscasts for newly revived in-house news operation on WPGH. Indianapolis, if Fox were to get WTTV-WXIN, CBS could easily go back to WISH. Cleveland and Kansas City, despite being AFC markets, those stations, along with Greensboro, St. Louis, and Milwaukee, are former O&O's with the distinction of being legacy New World and Citicasters stations, as they were once affiliates of ABC, CBS, and NBC before the big switch in the mid 90s. I can't picture Fox wanting Sacramento, San Diego, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Harrisburg, Hartford, and Greensboro, as those markets don't (or no longer) have NFL teams. Although Sacramento, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Harrisburg, Hartford, and Greensboro could be seen as secondary markets. I don't think Sinclair would give up its Baltimore flagship station, and WBFF being built and signed on by Sinclair. Sinclair will have to divest stations in markets with overlapping conflicts, and we could see Scripps, Hearst, Cox, Meredith, Raycom, and Graham being in play. Things could prove to be interesting. (1/13/18)

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Guys I am looking for some jingles wbz used to run when they were know as the spirit of newengland the jingle said they were a great place to be also at the end and named several towns in Massachusetts and the wbz service area during the jingle. I have one here that wowo used to use in the 70s. does anyone have the spirit of newengland one naming the towns? Chris (1/12/18)

Baltimore's Low Power FM WVTO 92.7 FM, Baltimore's Catholic Radio, has filed to move its transmitter from the top of St. Benedict's Church's building on Wilkins Ave. to the Transamerica Tower in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Being Baltimore's tallest skyscraper at over 500 feet, even at only 100 watts, this should greatly enhance the signal. At first, I thought they might be using the original WMAR TV tower atop the former Baltimore Trust Building, but the Transamerica building is taller. — BaltoMedia.net (1/12/18)

Listening to the media's obscene obsession with Trump's vulgari0t0ies, I can't help wonder why we heard so very little about Obama's and H. Clinton's foul mouths. Bias or just new "standards"? According to retired ABC News journalist Ann Compton (in a C-SPAN interview) Obama launches into "profanity-laced" tirades against the press in off-the-record meetings with reporters. In a C-SPAN interview, Compton also derided the President for leading "the most opaque" administration of "any I have covered." (1/12/18)

Happy Birthday Birth Day Twin Brothers From A Different Mutha: WMAL talker Rush Limbaugh is 67 and former WJFK talker Howard Stern is 64 today, January 12th, 2018. The two most successful, revolutionary talk radio icons could not possibly be more different yet the same: both have trophy wives (Howard’s is Beth Ostrosky Stern, Rush’s is Kathryn Adams Limbaugh), both have token black sidekicks (Howard’s is Robin Quivers, Rush’s is Bo Snerdly), both launched their syndicated careers in the 80’s from New York City (Rush at WABC New York, Stern at WNBC New York), both have been fired or suspended numerous times from radio, both were on the cover of Time Magazine in the same issue and both are multi-millionaire, totally narcissistic assholes. (1/12/18)

The most interesting thing about the Sinclair deal to secure and renew ABC affiliations for its stations including WJLA ABC 7 had one other interesting nugget of info. They made the deal for Tribune ABC Network stations too in all such markets. This makes me wonder what Sinclair will do with WDCW CW 50 and its delayed deal with WFDC 14 (RF 15). If they made a deal for Tribune stations with ABC, seems to me, they could make a deal for WDCW at least verbally, just not filed with the FCC. The delay makes me wonder. With channel 14 open for a full power TV station in DC, might Sinclair have some other plan in mind now? Probably not short term as I doubt they could pull out of the repack in any way shape or form. But Sinclair has found ways around things before. One thing is certain. We won’t find out WDCW’s fate as far as sub-channels and such until the SBG/Tribune merger is approved. The Smith’s know how to play a good poker hand. (1/12/18)

Could be nothing but Kelly Swoope just removed ABC 2 News Anchor from her Facebook page name. (1/12/18)

The dcrtv.com website offers some interesting insight into the media business. I am a fan of THIS TV, which was taken off channel 50.3 a few days ago. I read an item posted on dcrtv.com January 11th about the disappearance of THIS TV from channel 50.3. It says “Since Tribune owns 50% of THIS but all of Antenna TV, it makes sense that THIS is the one to go”. I do not understand the connection between Tribune, THIS TV, and Antenna TV, so could someone explain why THIS TV disappeared from channel 50.3? Thanks much. (1/12/18)

LPTV Channel 6 in New York was just sold to New York Metro Radio Korea, Inc. This the LPTV Station that uses their audio frequency as an FM Station on 87.7 FM. They were a Dance Format before and had good ratings. Now they will program a Korean Format. Perhaps the FCC will continue to let them operate as an FM Radio Station rather than a television station as intended? (1/12/18)

RIP WYRE AM 810, the little daytimer from Annapolis. The AM station has requested remain silent authority. The application is sparse with details, but it looks like their landlord for the tower site off Spa Creek is evicting them or selling the land or both as they acknowledge a dispute with the landlord. That rarely ends well for a small radio station. :-( (1/12/18)

The Sinclair Broadcasting/Tribune Media merger deal has been delayed a second time by the FCC. This time to allow SBG to finalize deals to sell at least 10 TV stations. But it also means that in all likelihood, the FCC is going to approve this merger despite the many objections from differing groups. The 2 most concerned markets are Denver and Seattle. Denver has 2 Tribune TV stations already. The FCC wants them to get rid of one. In Seattle, SBG one stations & Tribune two. Once again the FCC wants at least one sold. Sinclair will likely make a deal in the coming weeks that appeases the FCC, maybe. They could attempt sales to Cunningham Broadcasting or Deerfield Media, their shell companies, but Cunningham is now just a trust in their deceased mother's name, so I don't think the FCC is going to buy that story anymore. -- BaltoMedia.net (1/12/18)

Screw you CBS (1/12/18)

Any TV/Radio stations today (other than cable or satellite) feeling the freedom to say "shithole" as often as they want to, hoping it's now fair game? I heard only one reference this morning to the non-OTA TV show "Schitt's Creek", and that was on a syndicated morning talk program. Anyone picking up the turd and running with it? (1/12/18)

Pretty funny to think about WNAV using one or more of the old NSS longwave towers at Greenbury Point, Annapolis. The "wireless" site first went on the air 100 years ago for military comms in World War I. Besides the missing 1200 footer they brought down about 20 years ago, the ones remaining are all grounded, and would have to be "shunt fed" to use as radiators for 1430Kc. I suppose they could hang a horizontal wire array between a couple of them to help comply with signal pattern requirements (avoiding interference with other stations on the dial), and build a tuner to resonate the thing at WNAV's wavelength. Or they could build a unipole cage and dangle it off the side, since those Eiffel Tower-style bases would get in the way. I was fortunate to see NSS while it was on the air at 21.7Hz RF. Two Continental Electronics 500 kilowatt transmitters and a combiner were configured to make 1,000,000 watts of power into the antenna array. But even with all that wire in the air, there was a lot of signal loss at that frequency. Only a small percentage of the power actually came out of the antenna, yet it was enough to be heard worldwide including underwater. That WNAV should do so well ! (1/12/18)

Seems as if WPFW/Pacifica may have dodged a bullet. Pacifica is in bad shape though. See article below. Securing A Bridge Loan, Pacifica Dodges Bankruptcy www.insideradio.com (1/12/18)

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Sinclair makes news on a second front today. The company renewed all of its ABC Network affiliations, including WJLA ABC 7 in DC, as well as the Tribune owned ABC stations they will soon acquire. People often associate SBG with Fox stations, but in fact, Sinclair has 34 ABC affiliate stations in 30 markets, which reach 16 million households so this extension is a rather huge agreement. -- BaltoMedia.net (1/11/18)

For those eager to maintain access to the CBS top-of-the-hour newscasts following the WTOP/ABC hookup, there's a great little app for both the iPhone and the iPad called "Hourly News". It offers hourly news updates from a variety of sources including CBS, NPR, VOA, SRN, FSN and others. You can find all the details at: hourlynewsapp.com (1/11/18)

Looks like This TV is the second subchannel casualty of the repack: the report on AVS this morning (avsforum.com) was that 50.3 is gone, and sure enough, it is and both 50 and This have scrubbed all mention of each other from their respective websites. Since Tribune owns 50% of This but all of Antenna TV, it makes sense that This is the one to go....In FCC news: WCST 1010 in Berkeley Springs has been granted a translator on WXDC's old frequency of 93.5. WCST has one of the worst signals ever and I'm still surprised Metro Radio even bought it. Probably the translator is the only reason why. WSVG 790/WAMM 1230 out between Winchester and Harrisonburg, which these days run an automated "Americana" music format that's kind of cool, also applied for translators in the same window and are waiting to hear. (1/11/18)

RE: WPOC… WPOC filed an application to move their transmitter to the adjacent tower which is being upgraded and lengthened according to FCC filings to match the current height. Apparently, they are leaving the old WBFF tower for some reason, possibly the Sinclair rent? I’m conjecturing as I don’t know who owns either tower. But they are moving. There won’t be any change in signal. — BaltoMedia.net (1/11/18)

Hey Dave this Friday and Saturday, Warner Bros. Television Group and DC Entertainment are coming to the nation's capital to present their world premiere of the new CW series "Black Lightning", as well as the DC Universe animated movie Batman: Gotham By Gaslight. They will also be bringing their producers, writers, and artists together with invited guests from publishing, politics, and academia for panels about female heroines, people of color that are heroes onscreen and in the community, and the inclusion of LGBTQ superheroes through their new series Freedom Fighters: The Ray. Just think: DCRTVDJDAVE could be a LGBTQ superhero!!! More from The Reston Patch: patch.com... (1/11/18)

I have a question for Mailbag readers. I was in Baltimore a couple of weekends ago and noticed from the Beltway that a tower was erected next to the WPOC (former WBFF) tower on Rolling Road. From a distance, the newer tower appeared to have FM bays on it. Could someone tell me what it is? Thanks in advance. Roddy Freeman (1/11/18)

I have no idea what the rules actually are about simulcasting, but WBMD-750 and WFSI-860 in Baltimore are 100% simulcasts and they are both licensed to Baltimore, and they have been for a few years now. I wish they didn't: they are both AM, they are both Daytime-only, 860 is very clear to receive 30 miles to the south, being 2500 Watts, and 750 has a mere 700 W. If that can be done, why not 780 and 1260? Not that I want them to be a simulcast. Nor do I want the two in Baltimore to be a simulcast; in both cases it's a waste of a license. And I still miss WAYE-860 all these decades later. -- Carl in Olney (1/11/18)

I have a question for Mailbag readers. I was in Baltimore a couple of weekends ago and noticed from the Beltway that a tower was erected next to the WPOC (former WBFF) tower on Rolling Road. From a distance, the newer tower appeared to have FM bays on it. Could someone tell me what it is? Thanks in advance. Roddy Freeman (1/11/18)

There’s another way to hear the CBS newscasts- go to www.cbsradionewscast.com. You can hear it head-to-head, just how much better the CBS shows are than ABC’s. I’ve been listening to 880 on my drive home, instead of WTOP... WCBS comes in clear as a bell at night this time of year. (1/11/18)

Hell freezes over? We have the perfect DCRTV Mailbag trifecta here: radio, television and print. WMAL talker Rush Limbaugh Wednesday read from a transcript of Tucker Carlson Tonight’s “Tucker’s Take” where Carlson bashed President Trump’s immigration love-in Tuesday with the Demonrats, the media and GOP leadership, saying that Trump has abandoned his base: fair enough, Carlson’s no sycophant of Trump but has been overall supportive – especially on immigration issues – of his administration. Limbaugh’s take is that Trump is playing rope-a-dope with the Dems and is just using them in order to eventually say he reached across the aisle but now’s the time to throw all them illegals the hell out of the USA. So we have perhaps the most influential conservative talk radio icon criticizing one of the most influential conservative cable show icons for criticizing Trump. Meanwhile, The Washington Post’s Erik “The Wimp” Wemple is singing Tucker’s praises for it: “Fox News host Tucker Carlson has done a whole lot of devilish work to defend President Trump. As this blog has noticed, the nimble TV debater has used his highly watched program to belittle a whole range of Trump critics, all the while protesting that he was not defending Trump and his minions. Even though he was. Not on Tuesday night, however. “President Trump, you’ll remember, ran for office promising to fix immigration, make good deals and, in general, do a better job than the corrupt, incompetent lawmakers, he said, were wrecking the country. And he was right, they were wrecking the country,” said Carlson. “And yet, today, in a remarkable twist, the president held a televised meeting with the very swamp creatures he once denounced. He told them he trusted them to craft immigration policy without his input.” Correct: Trump on Tuesday allowed White House reporters to hang out at a bipartisan immigration discussion with Capitol Hill lawmakers. The notion that Trump was highlighting his deference to Congress riled Carlson: “If these are the same people the president now says he trusts to write the immigration bills, the one he will sign no matter what it says, so what was the point of running for president?” Good question, Tucker Carlson!” Jesus Tucker, if Rush is bashing you and Wemple is praising you can a guest appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show be far off: www.washingtonpost.com (1/11/18)

Hey Dave it would be interesting to know about DCRTV’s audience: what would you say are the demographics of your readers as in what parts of the Washington/Baltimore/Eastern Shore do you get the greatest “hits” from, what is the age range, and what are the gender rankings? Is DCRTV just a sausage fest or do you have a decent female following (I noticed for the first time a female Mail Bagger, “Diane in PG”)? And besides Gus in the Gaithersburg, who is you most famous reader? Just wondering and thanks for your answer ahead of time. Best: Nick in Arlington (1/11/18)

I don’t call stereotypical DC gov’t political correctness wonks snowflakes. I use more accurate terms like moron and idiot. If the shoe fits. You jumped 3 flights to scream RACISM/BIGOT for no reason and now I’ve made a fool of you by showing you how minority business people often get ripped off or taken advantage of. Just eat your crow and shut up you moron. (1/11/18)

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Dear leader wrote “Salem should relay its WAVA-AM 780 signal, which is not as great in parts of Maryland as 105.1 is, on 1260” But Salem cannot. You see, this branch of government called the FCC still had strict enforcement over simulcasting the same programming over the same area. They may not care about where your main studio is, but they still manage to put their hands in programming. (1/10/18)

I checked out the new morning show on WUSA called “Get Up DC”. What a joke, this would have fit better at 9am. I give it 6 months at the most before they can this show and return the 6am hour to regular news. (1/10/18)

Take a nice long sip of Clorox and settle down, Mr Giggles. Latino or not, laying down money before buying a radio property involves more than peeking through the window before writing a check. Anyone - not just Latino - making that kind of purchase should practice Due Diligence and ask a lot of questions, or Caveat Emptor. Your Aunt Matilda could just as easily get dinged by a bad radio station sale, whatever her heritage happens to be. Note your actual wording was: "And once again he found a Latino buyer which means there’s a good chance they don’t understand the terms of the agreement fully." Your implication is plain on its face, and in no way DEFENDS Latinos, or any other ethnic group you might want to plug into that sentence. By way of including the FCC link or some other clarification in your first posting, maybe you could have made a lot more sense. No matter; we've seen your venomous postings and name-calling here for years, so I'll just let it ride after this. Let the poopy-pants crybaby Lefty snowflake namecalling begin. I wont take the bait, and the last word is yours if it means so much. (1/10/18)

“Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins was at Jammin Java in Vienna on Friday for a two-hour, question-and-answer session with fans hosted by 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier. During the sold-out event, which will benefit the D.C. Dream Center, Cousins answered questions about his six years in Washington and his uncertain future.” The whole thing rubbed me the wrong way – how can Grant & Danny (or any host on 106.7) claim to be providing unbiased opinions on the Redskins’ performance on the field and front office moves when the station’s paying the starting quarterback for two hours of air time to plead his case for a new long term contract? Not only that, but since when does Cousins or any other local sports figure get to dictate what charity (or charities) WJFK-FM should be helping out? By the way, why does it seem like every charitable or community service effort that the NFL and other sports leagues participate in involves either children, the military or breast cancer? – nothing against those efforts but (for example) you never hear about pro athletes lending their time and energy to promoting world peace, saving endangered whales or visiting old age homes, for example. Getting back to the Skins, both 106.7 and ESPN 980 are making a huge mistake by narrowly focusing on Cousins’ contract to the exclusion (by and large) of all other issues with the team – DC’s a knowledgeable, sophisticated football town that’s just as interested in how the defensive backfield can be improved as whether or not there’ll be a new starting QB next season. (1/10/18)

The last couple of times I listened to 100.7 the bay, I thought my head would explode. I’ve been Hearing Joanna & Huber starting their breaks WAY too early over the end of a song. When I was in radio we didn’t start talking until the song had faded to @ 30% on the vu meter, and if the song ended cold you didn’t say a word Until THE SONG ENDED! If you had a cold ending into a cold intro, you shortened your break. Period. Trust me, if there’s one thing that’ll piss off a listener, it’s yakking all over their favorite song. Drop the small market crap & respect the music. (1/10/18)

To the poster who misses the World News Roundup on CBS, I do too. But if you have an Amazon Echo, you can set up CBS Radio News in your flash briefing, and -- when you ask it for a flash briefing -- it plays the most recent top of the hour CBS newscast. Now, to be honest, I haven't tried that just after 8 a.m. (to see if they play the whole thing). Other than that, to all of the people bloviating about the WTOP CBS-ABC switch: just wait a few months. You'll see what CBS Radio News becomes, if even still exists by then. (1/10/18)

"Birach’s WGOP AM 540 has been off the air for most of 2017 and into 2018." Skeptics, rejoice: there IS a God. (1/10/18)

RE: “The most offensive thing I’ve heard in 2018”… Well if you, on your high and mighty DC pillar want to know what I mean, ask the last Latino buyer of AM 1600 in Dover DWRJE, EKO Media, a DELETED radio station because it was sold to a Latino Group that barely spoke English without knowing the TOWERS were going to be SOON KNOCKED DOWN! Look it up first before you post your DC SWAMP Politically correct BULLSHIT! The Latino buyer did not have the MONEY for a communications lawyer like you! DUH! I was defending a Latino and you instead attacked like a trained DC SWAMP bulldog. If you are really concerned, read the pleading letters to the FCC from the Latino group about the towers being knocked down. If not, STFU! You Diane are what’s wrong with society in a nutshell. Your “feelings” got hurt. But yet you couldn’t give a rats ass about the reality of what I said which is based on facts, not feelings. Here are the facts about what happens to Latino business owners who don’t fully understand the contract and I fear that will happen with AM 1280 and its FM soon. fcc.gov (1/10/18)

Potomac Local launches its premium membership content tier Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018. potomaclocal.com (1/10/18)

Dave: Great to read there's a new GM coming to the old CSN. Former employee friends of mine told me their old GM really didn't care about the operation and it was all about her! I hope Damon will make a difference because their shows are totally unwatchable along with their talent. (1/10/18)

American Sports Network is not shut down. Sinclair just merged it with another venture and it’s called STADIUM now and it can be streamed online. watchstadium.com... Although it doesn’t seem to carry anything that is not college sports now. (1/10/18)

Funny quote from Steve Kingston which I think I can share simply because I figure he wouldn’t have told me otherwise. Anyway, Kingston said, “If they keep this 103.1 FM Baltimore crap up, I might just buy the translator and put WRNR on it instead!” But obviously he wants the license denied and at least in this Translator round, only an AM station could apply for it, so he wouldn’t be allowed to buy this one in particular at this time unless he bought the AM too. I think there was an app for 103.1 for DC too, but denied. But, that would be interesting huh? Alternative rock on WBMD AM 750? :-) (1/10/18)

Dave's response: Well, that would mean a better signal for WRNR in Baltimore. And how about buying a translator in DC too? Or buy WAFY 103.1 in Frederick. Sheesh.....

There were 332 new Translators licensed in 2017. The FCC has not issued Construction Permits yet from the last FCC Window. They are due to be issued this month. (1/10/18)

The Main Studio Rule for Radio evaporates today. Radio Stations no longer must keep a main studio in their city of license. This is good news because most radio stations serve a much larger area than just their city of license. (1/10/18)

WSPZ AM 1260 is on STA now due to damage caused by ATT equipment installation affecting its nighttime signal. Also, Birach’s WGOP AM 540 has been off the air for most of 2017 and into 2018. Might they be turning in the license? WLIE is coming in great on Delmarva, but my Spanish is not so good. But WLIE is still WLIE in Spanish. :-) (1/10/18)

1260 AM is carrying the same broadcast as WAVA 105.1 FM. (1/10/18)

Dave's response: Huh? Salem should relay its WAVA-AM 780 signal, which is not as great in parts of Maryland as 105.1 is, on 1260.....

"And once again he found a Latino buyer which means there’s a good chance they don’t understand the terms of the agreement fully". Wow, pal ... 2018 is barely two weeks old and that's the most offensive thing I've read here all year. Why wouldn't said "Latino buyer" have a communications lawyer involved that would absorb, negotiate and otherwise respond to any questionable terms of the sale that would not otherwise occur to the buyer? (1/10/18)

Re: "Not sure if you have seen this study about local news... www.poynter.org" My view posted as a comment there: How much of the local "news" programs is devoted to news, especially local news? Most DC area local "news" programs are larded up with celebrity gossip and inane chitchat. They have very, very little local type news of the type you might find in smaller markets. Virtually no coverage of local politics or schools except when there is a scandal. The one minor station that often has only one newsreader does more in half an hour than the majors do in two or three hours filled with constant, repetitive teasers and dual news readers exchanging opinions with each other and sports, weather, and traffic people. Diane in PG (1/10/18)

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Not sure if you have seen this study about local news... www.poynter.org (1/9/18)

For New York City and New York State to successfully outbid Montgomery County and the State of Maryland (and no doubt VA (perhaps with Fairfax, Loudoun, and Arlington Counties on board) and D.C. which probably all put money on the table, as well) for the relocation of the HQ of Discovery Communications, illustrates the seriousness of these opportunities to bring in new tax revenue… er- I mean employment. All jurisdictions realize that the indirect money offered to a company to stay or move is a mere pittance compared to direct and indirect tax revenue to be received (taxes are revenue and are not earned income, as such) from the business, its employees, and the local businesses patronized by the company and its employees. Of course, don’t forget local real estate taxes from the employee homes, and fees such as driver’s licenses, etc. (Think of it as “trickle-up” economics because of the new revenue being received by the various government jurisdictions.) The interesting part is that despite its reputation as a “high-tax/business unfriendly” state (and, thus anti-worker because businesses create jobs) New York has succeeded where others have failed. Especially a supposedly “business friendly state” like VA. It looks like VA, D.C., and MD are going to have to up their game should there be a similar opportunity in the future. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/9/18)

Here's an interesting DC media story shaping up: with two months to go before the start of soccer season, DC United does not have a deal for radio or TV coverage. It's spent the last two years on a really terrible TV deal with Sinclair, with games appearing on Newschannel 8 and a weird ad-hoc network of subchannels on Sinclair stations in Baltimore and Virginia. It sure doesn't look like they are going to re-up with Sinclair, since ASN is now shut down, the past two years a local TV deal was announced before Christmas, and the full MLS season schedule came out last week. That Sinclair deal came about after the team walked away from CSN, who had carried them for 19 years, as it was upset about important late-season matches ending up on CSN+ or not even on TV. My bold prediction: United will go crawling back to NBCSW this season, with the addition of some or all of the games appearing in Spanish on WZDC. Makes a lot of sense when you think about it - regional fans get to watch again, the team taps a new market of fans as there hasn't been regional Spanish TV coverage ever, and games could still appear on WZDC alone when there are conflicts. But hey, what do I know, I'm just some schlub shouting into the mailbag. (1/9/18)

The Chairman of the FCC is getting death threats over the Net Neutrality Battle. Is this now the "American Way"? (1/9/18)

Another thing about the Greenbury Point towers… They are 800 feet tall, more than double WNAV’s current towers and taller than any DC TV station! After I realized that I figured there would be a need for a severe reduction in power too even if the interference nulls could be worked out. Basically, those towers are too good for WNAV! With the ground conductivity near the bay though, they would make for an awesome transmission facility. If they’re going to keep them standing for historical purposes, they may as well use them for some purpose that helps pay for their upkeep, painting/lighting and such. (1/9/18)

And the winner is… Amazon FireStick says The non-biased Washington Post sportswriter scared to death of being fired! Picking SlingTV over Amazon would be akin to writing a positive Trump story! The story is informative for cord-cutters, but mostly if you want to go the Amazon route, hence the SERIOUS conflict of interest. It’s quite clear in the article that he didn’t try out any of the competitors to Amazon. Journalism Dies in Darkness. Read it for yourself… www.washingtonpost.com (1/9/18)

WRNR 103.1 has filed a Petition to Deny with the FCC against Family Stations' plan to put a 103.1 FM on the air to broadcast WBMD AM 750 on FM. It lists 68 people within the proposed contour of the new proposed FM translator that currently listen to WRNR 103.1. This will, in all likelihood, kill the new Baltimore FM 103.1 proposal as it only takes one legitimate interference complaint to stop such a proposal. fcc.gov... —BaltoMedia.net (1/9/18)

The WETA move to channel 31 instead of channel 14 has been completely approved as to all the collateral channel changes. Maryland Public TV’s channel changes and power increases along with Towson LPTV WMJF’s have been approved. WMPT will now be maximized to 1000 kw on channel 21 and WCPB, WFPT, and WMPB will all get power increases along with WMFJ-CD on channel 23 to 15 kw, the max for an LPTV. The only reason that WMJF 39 got a power increase is because WMPB is moving to 22 and getting a power increase. Being adjacents, that would clearly impact their signal as was the case regarding the other channel changes since WETA will now be 1000 kw on channel 31. — BaltoMedia. Net (1/9/18)

What I miss most of all on WTOP is the World News Roundup. I made it a point to listen to it every morning. “Time on the Roundup, 8 past the hour!” Now it’s gone. Finding myself sticking with Morning Edition... (1/9/18)

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Greenbury Point towers are not likely to be a good move for WNAV night signal. Protections are to the NW and the towers are far apart and likely to produce a convoluted directional pattern at 1430. (1/8/18)

Hi Dave, In your announcement about the switch of WTOP’s affiliation from CBS to ABC you made quite an understatement: "The switch ends a decades-long partnership between CBS and the nation's top-billing radio station.” This affiliation switch is the first time in 88 years WTOP is not affiliated with CBS. CBS is not on WTOP for the first time since 1929 when the station was still WJSV and still owned by the Old Dominion Broadcasting Company (James S. Vance, owner). While it didn't go on the air with CBS in 1928 (that was WMAL before it became a full-time NBC Blue Network affiliate), it was one of the earliest affiliates of the new Columbia Broadcasting System radio network. The station was bought by CBS in 1932, changed to the call letters WTOP in 1943 (they were purchased by CBS from the Tiffen, Ohio police for $60,000) and was owned by CBS until 1948 when CBS partnered with The Washington Post to own WTOP Inc, which held WTOP-AM, WTOP-FM (the former Washington Post FM station WINX-FM, now Howard University’s WHUR-FM), and starting in 1950 WTOP-TV (the former Bamburger Broadcasting’s WOIC(TV), now TEGNA’s WUSA-TV). Thought you should know. James (1/8/18)

I remember when I was growing up, if the weather guy said it was going to snow, rain, etc., then it indeed did just that. However, it seems that as I've gotten older, I've noticed that the forecasts aren't as accurate. Take today for example. Forecasters went on and on about expected icy roads for the evening rush hour. Well, schools were either closed all day or closed early. And what happened? NOTHING!! (1/8/18)

“Re: “Daily Caller” has a “man bites dog” ethical dilemma: is it such an ethical dilemma if it's disclosed? If everyone watching knows they're married, what difference does it make? The viewer can decide if she wants to watch, if she cares how it biases the questions/answers, etc. They'd have an ethical problem if they concealed the association, but it's pretty obvious. (1/18/17)” Well, “she” can decide “if she wants to watch” but apparently HE (David Uberti) had questions about the ethics of such an “interview” whether it is “obvious” about the relation between the interviewer and interviewee or not: splinternews.com (1/8/18)

Re: “Daily Caller” has a “man bites dog” ethical dilemma: is it such an ethical dilemma if it's disclosed? If everyone watching knows they're married, what difference does it make? The viewer can decide if she wants to watch, if she cares how it biases the questions/answers, etc. They'd have an ethical problem if they concealed the association, but it's pretty obvious. (1/18/17)

"the backs of the ABC ‘casts are filled with kickers!" Have you watched morning "news" shows lately? They're hours of kickers. Maybe WTOP woke up and realized what their target audience cares about. Hint: it's not politics or government. (1/18/17)

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"Someone should tell WUSA9 that all tunnels are underground"--- knock yourself out, tiger: W*USA-TV, attn News Director, 4100 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20016 (1/7/18)

Does anyone know if there’s any chance WNAV 1430 could use the Greenbury Point towers? I know they are protected as a Nature Center, but how better to maintain them at no cost than to let a local radio station use them and make them sign a deal to maintain them at their own expense? I don’t know about the height of the towers, but two appear to be the same orientation as the WNAV towers. The 3rd could be useful if more protections are required than the original allocation. (1/7/18)

DC based “The Daily Caller” has a “man bites dog” ethical dilemma: wife interviews husband. Seems that The Daily Caller News Foundation has an “Exclusive” interview with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (available on Drudge as well), which would be a scoop given that Thomas does very few if any interviews and offers very few if any opinions or questions from the SCOTUS bench as well: he is a man of few words. But the interview (“Justice Thomas Opens Up on Life, Faith and Interracial Marriage”) is ethically challenged because the “journalist” interviewing Thomas is none other than his wife, Ginni Thomas, who is a regular contributor to The Daily Caller and is employed by its foundation. Thomas answered questions that touched upon his upbringing, faith and judicial philosophy, but also about his “interracial marriage” : “I don’t think of it as some statement. You’re my wife.” said Thomas. The Daily Caller interview video features Ginni Thomas and Justice Thomas: dailycaller.com..... (1/7/18)

“We’re bootstrapping it,” said Eric Muhs, a physics and astronomy teacher. Headphones were slung around his neck, and a mop of unruly gray hair came further undone as he leaned into his laptop trying to fix a software glitch. But Mr. Muhs, 60, one of KBFG’s founders, admitted that the stakes for failure were relatively low. “Almost nobody knows that we exist,” he said.//Turns out playing radio is hard, isn't it kids? LPFM=waste of bandwidth. (1/7/18)

'Tis the Season for 2 new local news sets. WBFF Fox 45 in Baltimore has moved its newscasts to a temporary set, retiring their nearly 10-year-old set that coincided with their HD debut in June 2008. From Kai Jackson's Twitter... twitter.com... WUSA Channel 9 in DC is moving to a temporary set, retiring their nearly 13-year-old set that coincided with their HD debut in May 2005. From Mikea Turner's Facebook... facebook.com... Both stations could see their new sets debut in Spring, as both will be on temporary sets during February sweep, as the saying goes, "The show must go on". Sinclair has a strong relationship ship with Devlin Design Group, and we could likely expect Fox 45 to go with Devlin yet again. WUSA 9 could and might be likely to get the so-called "TEGNA look" like that of other TEGNA stations (KING, KUSA, WHAS, KENS, and KSDK) by Jack Morton PDG. (1/7/18)

Someone should tell WUSA9 that all tunnels are underground... www.wusa9.com (1/7/18)

The problem with these ABC newscasts on WTOP is that they’re only two minutes before the commercial, then another two minutes before local news. In the network business, they call that the “top” and “back” of a newscast. ABC’s tops are only two minutes, while CBS’s are 50% longer, at three minutes. That means ABC has to give its lead story short-shrift compared to CBS, because they just don’t have the same amount of time to do good storytelling. Then the backs of the ABC ‘casts are filled with kickers! It’s totally slowing down the momentum at the top of each hour on WTOP. I bet that’ll have a negative affect in the PPMs. Going to a commercial just two minutes into the hour has to lead to more tune-out. (1/7/18)

UCS is just piling one error on top of other errors now. WFDC 14 is actually on RF 15 now. WZDC 25 has never been on RF 14. They’re on RF 25 and soon sharing with WRC on RF 34. WRC has also never been on RF 14. WWTD 49 is RF 14, but is not protected in the repack, so doesn’t necessarily get to stay there and wasn’t supposed to stay there. The repack rules about sharing is that Low Power TVs can share with full-power TV stations even if it expands their signal, assuming they have the money to do it. Most will not have the money to do that, but in this case the Telemundo affiliation was valuable enough to Comcast/NBC that they just bought the company and stations owned by ZGS. UCS is also wrong on the next spectrum auction if there is one. The original plan was that the ultimate repack would be TV channels on only 2-30, but the FCC’s analysis showed that there wouldn’t be enough channels to protect all the full power and Class A TV stations within 2-30, so a voluntary 2-30 repack would be a failure. The reason there won’t be another repack any time soon though is that mobile company demand for the channels was actually lighter than expected, and brought in less money than the FCC originally projected. From a money perspective, the mobile companies have realized its cheaper to repurpose 2G spectrum for 4G LTE than it is to buy more spectrum and soon, when 4G/LTE is everywhere and few 3G phones remain, 3G will be phased out too and you’ll only have 4G and 5G. So the cell phone companies will not be pounding at the TV door again anytime soon if again. If ATSC 3.0 takes off and the FCC doesn’t botch it like AM Stereo or HD Radio, then more HD stations can exist on the same TV channel. Only then will there be another repack. (1/7/18)

Harrison & Krebs? Saturday night, Verizon FIOS TV guide shows WRC, Ch 4 news after the NFL playoff game, featuring “Harrison, Krebs.” Barb Harrison is on weekdays and Joe Krebs retired a couple of years ago. Error on service feeding FIOS the Ch 4 schedule. (1/7/18)

DCRTVDJDAVE might actually be able to be a DJ again were he to start Washington Dave Hughes Radio (WDHR 108.0 FM) on a “Low power, local radio” station, according to a report in The New York Times about the boom in small radio stations, mostly in the Pacific Northwest: “SEATTLE — A knowledge of geography is essential if you are running a tiny, 100-watt radio station. Hills are bad, for example, as are tall buildings. Salt water, though, which lies at this city’s doorstep, can boost a radio signal for miles, like a skipped rock. For a low-power FM radio station, anything measurable in miles is good. But on a recent Thursday night, one station, KBFG, was struggling to even get on the air. The station’s signal, audible since November in an area measurable in square blocks, had flatlined. The Ballard High School basketball team was about to take the court and the live play-by-play was in doubt. “We’re bootstrapping it,” said Eric Muhs, a physics and astronomy teacher. Headphones were slung around his neck, and a mop of unruly gray hair came further undone as he leaned into his laptop trying to fix a software glitch. But Mr. Muhs, 60, one of KBFG’s founders, admitted that the stakes for failure were relatively low. “Almost nobody knows that we exist,” he said. Low-power nonprofit FM stations are the still, small voices of media. They whisper out from basements and attics, and from miniscule studios and on-the-fly live broadcasts like KBFG’s. They have traditionally been rural and often run by churches; many date to the early 2000s, when the first surge of federal licenses were issued. But in the last year, a diverse new wave of stations has arrived in urban America, cranking up in cities from Miami to the Twin Cities in Minnesota, and especially here in the Northwest, where six community stations began to broadcast in Seattle. At least four more have started in Portland. Some are trying to become neighborhood bulletin boards, or voices of the counterculture or social justice. “Alternative” is the word that unites them.” So if Dave starts a radio station, he can report on himself in DCRTV! More from Kirk Johnson in the New York Times: www.nytimes.com (1/7/18)

Based on market research that is out there, I don't think most people in the DC area care very much weather WTOP is a CBS or ABC affiliate. Seriously, who cares? Everyone knows, except those who work at WTOP, apparently, that most people tune to that station for traffic and maybe some local news. CBS, ABC, It's the same slanted crap coming from both. If this is your big concern, you really need to get a life! (1/7/18)

RE: “I confess… I got WZDC-LP and WFDC-DT mixed-up!” That nothing: I got Unsigned Corporate Suit and Carl in Olney mixed up! Signed: Gus in the Gaithersburg. (1/7/18)

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I confess… I got WZDC-LP and WFDC-DT mixed-up! Yes, the Suit is unafraid to admit when he’s committed an error. WRC-TV is on channel 34 and one of the Spanish language streams carries a dual ID for both WRC-TV and WZDC-CD… What I can’t figure out is how a “-CD” TV station is allowed to operate with an ERP of 1,000 KW on channel 34 when it was only 6.8 KW on channel 25? I agree that 1,000 KW is a not unreasonable amount of power for a TV station with a serious HAAT. But, it’s far from being a “community” station with a megawatt. Even with the low antenna heights endemic to this region. As for channel 14 in D.C., that one is going to be problematic. The nature of the beast that is digital TV is going to create channel sharing concerns with Land Mobile not just in smaller markets like D.C., but elsewhere. The next spectrum auction, the money raised, and the broadcast casualties will be interesting. My best guess is around the 2025-2035 timeframe. I’m predicting it’ll be all of UHF. The amount of money of money raised will be enormous because this will be the last TV spectrum the broadcast industry will give up without a fight. Just like the hams at 220-222 MHz, , broadcasters have been “Thank you sir! May I please have another?” with the FCC and Congress for far too long. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/6/18)

All this nonsense of huge costs for a Channel 14 in DC. Umm, WFDC was there for a long time so it can’t be that expensive. The reason WETA abandoned the channel 14 repack allocation is because the antiquated WJLA/WUSA 9 tower facility has NO ROOM for such a filter the size of an 18 wheeler truck. They didn’t move for technical reasons at all if you read the actual FCC documents. They moved for COST reasons crying to the FCC that it would cost too much and be an undue burden to a non-profit company to have to move to another site. Truth is that it simply wouldn’t fit at the current tower site. Other sites have plenty of room. That site doesn’t. WRC has room for the channel 14 filter. How do I know? Because that’s where WFDC is! There in lies another problem. I could go into all the antiquated DC tower facilities again, but I won’t restart that battle, but it’s clearly relevant too. (1/6/18)

UCS is always on point, however, WRC’s current RF channel is 48. RF channel 14 (transmitted from the same site) is WWTD-LD Channel 49. On another note, you would think that WWTD-LD would have “prime” real estate for the re-pack, but as WETA discovered, RF channel 14 (at least in DC) is just too close to the “T-Band” LMR service to support a full-power operation without some pretty expensive filtering… (1/6/18)

Unsigned Corporate Suit once again shows how out of touch he is… WRC TV is NOT on RF channel 14 and has never been. They are on channel 48, and moving to 34 in the next couple years. Only an LPTV station, WWTD-LD is using channel 14, and they are not protected in the TV repack, so it could be anybody’s channel after the next filing window, starting soon for LPTVs, etc. Technically channel 14 could be a full power TV station in DC or Baltimore if anybody wanted it, but I’m not sure what full power TV channel change options are left during the Repack if any. Could WRC have filed to move to channel 14? That’s debatable, but I think the window for the opportunity might have passed. (1/6/18)

WJFK’s Kirk Cousins event Friday at “Jammin Java” in Vienna was a sold out event as described by Scott Allen of The Washington Post: “Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins was at Jammin Java in Vienna on Friday for a two-hour, question-and-answer session with fans hosted by 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier. During the sold-out event, which will benefit the D.C. Dream Center, Cousins answered questions about his six years in Washington and his uncertain future.” Allen sprinkles his story with Dan Steinberg’s Twitter photographs & tweets, but the REAL question on everybody’s mind was asked right at the beginning by Grant Paulsen: “Shortly after Cousins was introduced to applause, Paulsen wasted no time asking one of the key questions that will factor into whether Cousins is in D.C. next season: Do you want to be a Washington Redskin? “That has been the question, right?” Cousins said with a laugh. “That’s what we talked about last summer in July. The short answer is yes. I just feel that it’s been a very positive six years. Obviously, we don’t have Super Bowl rings to show for it, we don’t have playoff wins, but it’s a privilege to play here. I’ve felt that for all six seasons. I’d be foolish to say I don’t want to be here. It is truly a dream come true and a privilege to be here. Now obviously, it’s not that simple or that easy, and we have time to figure all that out, and work through all the circumstances that have to take place to feel really good about that, but I do feel the short answer is yes and let’s work through it.” Just as obviously, Cousins has picked up on some of Washington’s ways in his six years here: he gave the classic qualified non-answer like any politician or diplomat would! Scott Allen’s story & photos from the highly successful (nearly $20,000.00 was raised for the kids of D.C. Dream Center) WJFK event: www.washingtonpost.com (1/6/18)

"Say you've just moved into DC from, I don't know, Pelham Massachusetts. And you tuned in to WTOP for school closings." One more time: My contention is your Pelham, Mass., transplants wouldn't tune to WTOP. They already got notifications via the cell phone number and/or email addresses they provided to the school when Junior registered. Which, BTW, is probably how they learned about school closings when they lived in dear old Pelham. Talk to your friends who have kids in school -- even those who just moved here from Massachusetts. Ask them how they first learn when school is closed due to weather/power outages/etc. It's not going to be WTOP. Regardless, I didn't propose that WTOP/WRC/etc. entirely abandon mentioning school closings. Such closings are news after all. But, I question whether so much time needs to be dedicated reading the closing lists over and over. "Extending your logic, we don't even need WTOP anymore because news and traffic is all available on your phones." That's your logic, not mine. But, it's worth noting that WAMU scaled back traffic updates a while back, on the grounds that its listeners already had that information. "Is this the "Radio Is Dead" guy?" Nope. Are you the "OMG the 4 minutes of ABC news headlines are so much worse than the 4 minutes of CBS headlines" guy? Or the "Blow Things Out of Proportion" guy? (1/6/18)

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I just got a form email back from WTOP when I complained about the disappearance of the CBS newscasts. It reads as follows: "Thanks for your email and for listening to WTOP. We have nothing but respect for CBS and all the great work they've done for us. At this point, we just felt that ABC was a better choice for content for WTOP listeners and from a business standpoint." A better choice for content??? Are you kidding me?? Make your voices heard, folks -- email the management contacts here - wtop.com/news-team. Let them know they're not going to do well "from a business standpoint" unless they give listeners the quality news they expect. (1/5/18)

Say you've just moved into DC from, I don't know, Pelham Massachusetts. And you tuned in to WTOP for school closings: "Oh sorry, we don't do those anymore." "But the stations I used to listen to at home did." "Well, we don't." Extending your logic, we don't even need WTOP anymore because news and traffic is all available on your phones and ... waaaiiit a minute ... is this the "Radio Is Dead" guy? Crap, we were all hoping you abandoned your studio efficiency in Arlington and moved to Waco. (1/5/18)

WETA (PBS) had been seeking a new location from its current Shirlington (Arlington) studios and now apparently is negotiating with Arlington County to relinquish its property for a deal that would allow them to build new studios nearby. While not committing to staying in Arlington County, WETA has given the county a “letter of intent” to consider remaining in Shirlington. WTOP’s Jeff Clabaugh reports: wtop.com (1/5/18)

Nice to see my prophecy of government offering economic incentives to a broadcaster for keeping jobs -er, I mean facilities within their jurisdiction coming to fruition. Sad to see it being an offer to keep a “non-commercial” broadcaster, rather than to lure a commercial one from another jurisdiction. Well, there’s always WRC-TV. Face it, channel 14 (that where they are RF-wise… for now!) could use new digs. The Washington Color Plant is getting a bit long in the tooth. And, I‘m sure Comcast would like to bring all of its “NBC” operations in the area under one roof. Eliminate more employees -er, I mean Eliminate Inefficiencies! I could see a move to Maryland in WRC-TV’s future, given Comcast’s strong political -er, I mean historic ties to Maryland. As for WETA, I remember when they had their studios and offices on-campus at Howard University. But, that was when it was still “Educational Television”… -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/5/18)

There used to be a guy who, for decades, walked in front of the Sunpapers building with a sign saying "Sun Lies". I wonder if his ghost will move down to Port Covington with the Sun. -- Carl in Olney (1/5/18)

After 68 years, The Baltimore Sun is moving from its longtime Calvert Street headquarters that it has been located at since 1950 to Sun Park in Port Covington, the location of its printing plant since the 1990s. Tribune sold the Calvert Street property just before announcing it was selling the company to Sinclair Broadcasting, giving the Sun time to make plans on a move. The newspaper and the property are not owned by the same company. The Sun is owned by a Tribune spinoff of its newspapers called Tronc. The Sun's Port Covington location is owned by Kevin Plank's Sagamore Development and The Sun has a long-term lease for the property. It's unclear what plans the current owner of the Calvert Street property has for it. -- BaltoMedia.net (1/5/18)

Eastern Shore news from Tom Taylor Now/FCC: WBOC TV buys more radio stations on Delmarva. WCEM AM 1240/FM 106.3, WTDK 107.1, WAAI 100.9. "The Draper family buys four more stations on the Delmarva Peninsula, though sadly, the announcement comes just a few months after the death of patriarch Tom Draper. He was struck and killed while riding his bicycle, ending the career of a vital entrepreneur and philanthropist at age 76 (September 11 NOW). When he passed, his Draper Media was probably in the midst of negotiating this purchase from fellow Delmarva owner MTS Broadcasting. Now President/group head Craig Jahelka completes the deal for these four Maryland-licensed radio stations. The cluster is three Class A FMs and one heritage AM. That AM is adult standards WCEM Cambridge, a thousand-watter at 1240. The FMs are CHR “106.3 the Heat” WCEM-FM, also licensed to Cambridge. “100% country” WAAI Hurlock/100.9. And “Oldies Authority 107.1 the Duck” WTDK Federalsburg. Price for the quartet is $700,000. Draper’s other interests include adult contemporary WBOC-FM Princess Anne/102.5, CBS TV network affiliate WBOC-TV/channel 16 and its digital subchannel, “Fox 21.” Draper submits showings to the FCC for both radio and TV, demonstrating compliance with the local-market limits. Broker for the seller – Maryland-based Patrick Communications.” — BaltoMedia.net (1/5/18)

"Does anyone still rely on radio announcements to know if school has been postponed or canceled?" That is an extremely DC-centric assumption." Well...WTOP is a DC station, and this is DCRTV. So, that may explain that. "Distant semi-rural areas nowhere near DC may not have a robust enough net infrastructure to provide dependable email/text blasts." I have relatives in very rural western Nebraska, and their school district sends texts. Most likely, areas so remote that they don't have Internet or SMS access don't have locally programmed all-news radio stations either. "Do you want morning TV news programs to also stop airing closings because everybody's itty-bitty phone screens can provide the same info?" Calm down, I was merely asking a question, not forcing you to sell your soul to itty-bitty phone screen providers. But, to answer your question...my vote would be yes, stop wasting so much time airing closings. Look, once upon a time, people relied on the evening news for sports highlights. Now sports barely has a presence on those programs because audiences get that information elsewhere. Large chunks of newspapers were once taken up by help wanted ads and stock quotes. Things change. My hunch is, if, on snow days, WTOP/WRC/etc. didn't dedicate more than half of their airtime giving school closings (often after schools would have already opened), no one would be disadvantaged -- and the broadcasters might be able to use that airtime to provide more engaging information. (1/5/18)

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CNN: “Conservative News Network?”. Maybe: gay (Thiel married log time boyfriend Matt Danzeisen last October) billionaire, GOP/Trump supporter & Pay Pal founder Peter Thiel is exploring the possibility of starting another “conservative” news network to compete with Fox News. With the DOJ implying that for the AT&T/Time Warner merger to go forward, the Cable News Network (aka CNN) would have to be sold to highest bidder. If Thiel bought CNN it would be an existing cable network to start with and all he would have to do is change the name to Conservative News Network and dump all the on air Commies: obviously this would please Trump and infuriate all three of CNN’s viewers, but it would also drive liberal viewers to PMSNBC and take away younger viewers from FNC. The Hill reports: thehill.com (1/4/18)

106.7 The Fan's video feed is back up; however 105.7's video feed has gone silent, and you can only watch and not hear the hosts. (1/4/18)

"Does anyone still rely on radio announcements to know if school has been postponed or canceled?" That is an extremely DC-centric assumption. Distant semi-rural areas nowhere near DC may not have a robust enough net infrastructure to provide dependable email/text blasts, and local radio remains the best and fastest way to get the word out. But since you asked, if the station has a reputation as a trusted news source and is recognized as the market leader of same, then yes. That's how they retain that title. Do you want morning TV news programs to also stop airing closings because everybody's itty-bitty phone screens can provide the same info? (1/4/18)

Re: “WTOP spent most of the morning repeating today's school closings. Does anyone still rely on radio announcements to know if school has been postponed or cancelled?” WTOP included that very question in a recent listener survey and the respondents overwhelmingly replied that they still wanted school closings announced on the air (as well as on the website). Only the bigger school districts are announced on air…but that’s why you still hear them. (You might recall last winter KYW in Philly finally stopped doing them.) (1/4/18)

Entercom picked up WJFK 1580 AM when they closed on the CBS Radio deal. It never shows up in the ratings. They will probably sell it or change the format. It does not cover Northern Virginia at night with 270 Watts. It does cover DC and Prince Georges County at night. A gospel format might work on it? (1/4/18)

Dave's response: It's easy to see what CBS has been doing with 1580. They're running a veterans-oriented niche format on it to gain favor with the feds in DC in order to smooth over the Entercom takeover.....

WTOP spent most of the morning repeating today's school closings. Does anyone still rely on radio announcements to know if school has been postponed or cancelled? If you have a kid in school, or if you work for a school district, you get email and texts announcing delays and closures as soon as decision are made. The school districts' websites also post open/close status. Is the litany of school closings a service... or just force of habit? (1/4/18)

Fox5 has sent one of their rookie reporters out into the extreme elements twice this week. On Monday, she was out in DuPont Circle in chilling temps and today they sent her to Ocean City into a blizzard. She mentioned on Monday that she was a California native, so she's definitely miserable out in these temps. Almost seems like she was scheduled to cover these stories as an initiation for being at the bottom of the employment totem pole. (1/4/18)

Tom Joyner is retiring in two years and Reach Media(Radio One) will need a replacement for him on their affiliates it's interesting that Donnie Simpson is sitting in for him could this be a try out for national morning syndication finally for Donnie Simpson? Just wondering... (1/4/18)

I actually listened a bit today to the CBS-less WTOP. My take? I’ve heard high school kids “playing radio” who sounded better. Second, one of my “advocacy clients” has a plaque in the lobby of their Tysons tower that reads, “Companies Are Known By The Company They Keep”, with photos and hire dates of their local employees with 30-50 years of service. Remember those :00 and :30 slugs of “The news this hour is brought to you by Boeing” on WTOP? Well, now it’s “Ledo Pizza”. Finally, for the first time in my 50+ years in broadcasting I’ve set a pushbutton (actually a touchspace) on my car radio for a non-Christian non-commercial station… WAMU-FM. If I were WAMU-FM’s GM, I’d put a dartboard up in the lunchroom, break room, etc. And, I’d put a WTOP-FM logo in the bullseye. Below the dartboard, I’d put, “Hubbard, Thank You For The Audience! Now, It’s OUR Game! Advantage OURS!” With fewer spot avails than WTOP-FM, WAMU-FM is in a golden position to grab the WTOP-FM audience. And, the revenue. Remember the demos of the WTOP-FM audience. If it weren’t for the astronomical start-up costa, I could easily see Entercom going all-news on… 94.7! Yes, “Fresh” makes money. But, all news on 94.7 with solid talent… like Mike Moss and other vets… and promotion, I could see WTOP-FM becoming either WJOK-II or WHFS-III because all news done right on 94.7. would make even more money! (Except for Paul Anthony and Chas Henry, WNEW never really had any credible local talent. And, more often than not it did sound like college radio. Also, WNEW had zero promotion.) When a competitor is wounded, I’ve taken pity and helped them where we could. That’s called being a professional. And, having ethics. But, when that competitor’s wounds are self-inflicted, that’s another story. Then, there’s no pity and you go for the jugular. With Entercom, CBS in this market still means “credibility”. Unfortunately for WTOP-FM, in this market, “ABC” still means, “Mrs. Fred”, Chris Plante, and Michael Savage. Not to mention Michael Graham and others. In other words, all that was bad about WMAL before Bill Hess started deodorizing the place! For WAMU-FM and Entercom, this could become another “Happy Time”, as the Kriegsmarine called it. Except this time, instead of sinking shipping in the North Atlantic, the target would be the current highest billing radio station in the U.S. It’s one thing to be the steward of the goose that lays the golden eggs. It takes a special talent to perform a hysterectomy on it. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/4/18)

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[Previously on the DCRTV mailbag.... I give these new ABC newscasts on WTOP a very poor grade. The stories after the commercial are really boring. Bring back CBS..... Dave's response: Look, WTOP is a cash cow but its parent, Hubbard, is probably not. Like most broadcast radio companies. Some even, like iHeart and Cumulus, are teetering on bankruptcy. So WTOP is being forced to pinch pennies for their 2018 budget. Goodbye Mike Moss. Hello ABC News. And the like. Now, what is my 2018 wish for WTOP? Put the all-newser back on 1500 AM. It would improve the station's coverage in Baltimore, Annapolis, and on the Eastern Shore and up the I-95 corridor. They could still run the WFED line-up of sports on 1500. What the hell.....] I would like to add, I would not be sad to see Core Values and Clinton Yate's My Take time wasters also cut to help save the budget. Also the native ads for ABC programming like the plug for the Bachelor as news when it is is really entertainment crap needs to go as well This is not news!!!! (1/3/18)

Dave's response: Yeah but Chris is the station's ad pitchman - "The proof is in the roof".....

This morning, Donnie Simpson said that Tom Joyner will be back on the 16th. (1/3/18)

Whoa. CBS' Steven Portnoy just tweeted this link to his facebook page. Shows you what a bad move WTOP made. The people on the ABC newscasts sound like high schoolers. How do they expect to maintain an edge against NPR now? www.facebook.com/steveportnoy... --------- To our DC listeners and fans ... Thank you so much for your loyalty and support for our good journalism, which you've come to depend on each hour on WTOP Radio. Every CBS newsman and woman, from Edward R. Murrow to Gayle King, has been heard on that station -- which joined the CBS family on October 20, 1932. Most unfortunately for our Washington listeners, a business deal couldn't be reached to continue the legendary WTOP-CBS relationship, and it ended on Monday. That so many of you have registered your disappointment, either online or by contacting the station, speaks to the power of radio in 2018. In fact, it's that strong affinity that you have for our CBS News reporting that is encouraging advertisers to associate themselves with CBS News Radio in a way they haven’t in decades, providing support that will ensure the strength of our audio journalism for years to come. In recent months, more than 450 other radio stations from coast-to-coast have signed new affiliation agreements with CBS News, and we look forward to serving them -- America’s greatest radio stations -- with news broadcasts of the highest quality, hour after hour. Tune us in whenever you'd like by downloading our mobile app, asking Alexa for CBS News, or listening any hour to WCBS, WBBM, KNX, KCBS, KMOX, WWJ, KDKA, KRLD and many other great radio stations. (1/3/18)

Those eight-track reels? Maybe studio worktapes of themesongs and music bits by outside talent. Doug, if you're lurking, chime in. (1/3/18)

So it’s time to wonder, what channels will DC lose? Will WFDC run The CW in 1080i or 720p? If they run it in 1080i, you could lose all but one of GetTV, GRIT, Bounce, AntennaTV, or ThisTV. If they run it in 720p, maybe you keep two. I would think AntennaTV and Bounce would be the two to chose first. (1/3/18)

I had an argument with somebody here over virtual channel number conflicts and one current one comes to mind. How is WZDC Telemundo DC allowed to use virtual channel 25 when WDVM (WHAG) 25 is in the same market and is this part of the reason that WRC now has Telemundo as 4.3? If Virtual 25 is allowed for both, than clearly that guy was wrong about virtual channels. As for this notion that no TV station can use its real channel number, WBOC in Salisbury defies that logic since their Fox 21 is 21.2 while WBOC CBS uses 16.1 with both on channel 21. (1/3/18)

WDCW has already started running the trequired periodic on screen notice of the channel sharing with WFDC and advising OTA viewers of the need to rescan after that date. It would be illegal for Sinclair to be making policy for WDCW at this time. I doubt that they would do anything as obvious as cancelling the deal with WFDC. In addition Without an extension the station is required to stop transmitting from their current frequency within so many days of receiving the repack money from the FCC. there fore I assume the changeover will happen as advertised. What may happen down the road is another story but right now I expect it to occur. (1/3/18)

Good Morning David and Happy New Year ???? to All! All The Best in 2018! I wanted to add to what others have posted on WTOP(sans)CBS News. Apparently a number of Cumulus Stations That were CBS like WFNC 640 Fayetteville,NC and KVOR 740 in Colorado Springs have dropped CBS News as well. It’s a shame but we will have to wait and see what happens. On a different topic but well worth mentioning. A great station died New Years Day and that is KQV (1410) in Pittsburgh! How sad it was that such a great station went off without paying tribute to its great Top 40 heritage. My only other comment would be they should have never gone ALL News. It killed the station. RIP KQV Pittsburgh. There are some great air checks on line on Uncle Ricky’s great site, Ellis B.Feaster’s YouTube channel and of course Jeff R’s KQV Tribute site. Take Care, Nick L. (1/3/18)

RE: “Someone on Craigslist is selling Greaseman worktapes”… 8-track reel-to-reel? WWDC/DC101 didn’t have 8-track machines. Half-track stereo maybe. Also IIRC, the “Grease” recoded his “masters” on DAT. The reels were mainly used to record phone-in’s which were later played back for intro to some of the “bits”. Caveat emptor… (1/3/18)

I too would like to see WTOP back on AM 1500. Hubbard has WBQH 1050AM now at 10,000 watts daytime. I just don’t understand how that signal can’t do the job for Federal News Radio. The last time FNR was on 1050, they were lower power, but they have a good daytime signal now. What purpose does FNR really serve at night anyway? I also wondered why AM 1500 cannot be 50kw non-directional daytime. I guess part of it is WARK 1490 in nearby Hagerstown, but why the bad signal to the SW in Virginia? That’s AM 1500’s biggest signal problem, both day and night, Northern Virginia. Btw, the WFED transmitter site/building next to the blowtorch towers says 103.5 FM even though only AM 1500 is from that site! Did they change the sign yet? :D (1/3/18)

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Tom Joyner announced late last year that he was retiring in two years. He said he would continue working with the foundation, but he didn't state whether the radio show would continue without him. Bob from Bowie 1) WTOP has been using ABC and Fox News reports for some time before the switch. However, ABC seems to be better than CBS lately. Case in point: CBS TOTH Dec. 31 8AM- no mention of the huge Powerball jackpot and whether or not somebody won the Dec. 30 drawing, instead there was a mention that back in the 40's, on Dec. 31, Roy Rogers married Dale Evans. How far CBS has fallen. In fact I've heard former WAVA "Morning Zoo" newsguy Dave Schreiber filing reports for ABC News and NBC News on WTOP'a airwaves. 2) as to Oscar Santana teaming up with the folks at Podcast Village, PV has been in operation for awhile out of Gaithersburg over in a space by the Rio shopping center. Small outfit trying to go bigger and landing Oscar is huge. And their prices are reasonable depending on what type of podcast you want to do. Gaithersburg is still operational as well for smaller shows. (yes I should know..) The website is under construction for an update however. (1/2/18)

The Washington Post’s “Capital Weather Gang” (Jason Samenow) is declaring “Monster storm to blast East Coast before polar vortex uncorks tremendous cold late this week”. So DCRTV Mail Baggers, time to head to your local Safeway, Giant, Whole Foods, CVS, Rite Aids, Walgreen, Wal Mart, Target or Trader Joe’s and get the following: bread, milk, eggs, toilet paper, beer, coffee, milk, bread, did I say beer?, more toilet paper (can’t ever have too much toilet paper), more beer (can NEVER have too much beer), KY Jelly (if you are so inclined), batteries for the vibrator (oh, hey now) more eggs, more bread, and last but not least, beer. Be sure to gas up your car, pull the wipers off the windshield, don’t lock the doors, park facing outward, have some sand bags & a shovel, have a flask of Jack Daniels in the glove compartment & a portable AM/FM radio in case the car battery goes dead or you get stuck, and have lots of cash in case the ATMs don’t work. Have candles and another portable AM/FM battery operated radio inside (if the batteries go dead take them out of the vibrator and alternate) with pre-sets to WTOP, WAMU, WMAL and WJFK. Charge your iPhone or Samsung and be sure to have DCRTV on screen (no APP, but you can do a screen capture that updates). Samenow warns: “Unforgiving cold has punished the eastern third of the United States for the past 10 days. But the most severe winter weather will assault the DCRTV area late this week. First, a very large and powerful storm will hammer coastal locations from Georgia to Maine with ice and snow. By Thursday, the exploding storm will, in many ways, resemble a winter hurricane, battering the DCRTV area with potentially damaging winds in addition to blinding snow. Forecasters are expecting the storm to become a so-called “bomb cyclone” because its pressure is predicted to fall so fast, an indicator of explosive strengthening.” (1/2/18)


WTOP was a CBS affiliate even before Stanley Hubbard was born. I can't imagine he's okay with one of his station managers pissing away one of the longest-running affiliations in all of broadcasting. Even if it means a few million more bucks a year. Somebody should tell him what's happened here. Maybe then they'll reconsider. (1/2/18)

"Put the all-newser back on 1500 AM. It would improve the station's coverage in Baltimore, Annapolis, and on the Eastern Shore and up the I-95 corridor. They could still run the WFED line-up of sports on 1500." IIRC, it creates a ratings problem if a station isn't a 100% simulcast. The ratings get split into two separate entities. Even if only a small portion of the Baltimore/Howard County/AA County FM audience switched to AM, that could topple WTOP from the top spot. Here's what I would do: Get rid of WFED as a broadcast entity. (Let's face it, their programs are really podcasts, not broadcasts.) Or, pay the $75 it would take to acquire the AM 1580 signal that Entercom is wasting and put WFED there. Flip 1500 AM to all sports -- which would replace the sports stations that left 570 and 1580 and could easily compete with the barely breathing WTEM. That alignment would probably generate more revenue than a few extra regional AM listeners for WTOP. (1/2/18)

Re: Donnie Simpson sitting in for Tom Joyner, as per Donnie's FB page, he said Tom asked him to sit in for him the next two weeks, but doesn't say why. I doubt that this is a sign that Donnie's going to give up his afternoon show to go back to mornings. Especially since it was just announced that Tony Perkins will be joining him on the afternoon show. I've listened to Tom Joyner's show every now and then and he and his co-hosts were talking about his retirement. However, I came in on the middle of that conversation, so don't know if they were serious or just joking. (1/2/18)

RE: What gives with WTOP saying its segments are "via Skype"? If a broadcaster is using SKYPE, which is free, for content, they have to mention it. It's a part of the terms and conditions. NPR does it, CNN, WTOP, etc. (1/2/18)

Did WBOC go "duck hunting recently?" (1/2/18)

“What gives with WTOP saying its segments are ‘via Skype’?” Skype’s TOS require that if it’s used in a live or recorded broadcast, it must be identified. It’s a legal requirement. This is nothing new, it’s been that way since before Microsoft bought Skype, and all broadcasters do (or should) abide by it – that’s why when you see CNN or one of the other cable news nets interview a guest or reporter via Skype, there’s a Skype graphic bug on the screen. Believe me, we’d rather not, but our legal beagles say we have to. (1/2/18)

Didnt WTOP pinch a whole poopload of pennies several years back when they were a Bonneville property? I seem to recall them plugging in AP news for practically the entire overnight period, and then having a hybrid Talk-News host for evenings ... maybe overnights. Been awhile, not terribly memorable. (1/2/18)

WTF? Someone on Craigslist is selling Greaseman worktapes. Hey Dougy T, are you aware of this? frederick.craigslist.org (1/2/18)

Now that WTOP has dropped the CBS News. perhaps Entercom can put it on their Alternative Rock Station? Which station are they going to put this format on? (1/2/18)

RE: "Where has (or will) CBS Radio News on the Hour land, on the DC-area radio dial?" At the new Entercom Alt station, obvs. (1/2/18) Dave's response: CBS News at the top of the hour on an alt rocker? Ha ha ha. Can't stop laughing.....”. Well Dave, if you can stop laughing, how about CBS Radio News returning (it was a CBS News affiliate from 2012-2015) to 99.1... (1/2/18)

WMAL AM 630 has until May 2019 to move to Germantown. At least that’s when the construction permit expires, but they intend to do it as fast as they can since the housing project at the current site has been green-lighted. Pretty certain it will happen in early 2018 if not in a month or two. I don’t think many people that listen on AM are going to be very happy. It’s going to be a complete loss of signal in many areas and in some places the FM doesn’t reach. But probably not in ones they care about. (1/2/18)

I give these new ABC newscasts on WTOP a very poor grade. The stories after the commercial are really boring. Bring back CBS. (1/2/18)

Dave's response: Look, WTOP is a cash cow but its parent, Hubbard, is probably not. Like most broadcast radio companies. Some even, like iHeart and Cumulus, are teetering on bankruptcy. So WTOP is being forced to pinch pennies for their 2018 budget. Goodbye Mike Moss. Hello ABC News. And the like. Now, what is my 2018 wish for WTOP? Put the all-newser back on 1500 AM. It would improve the station's coverage in Baltimore, Annapolis, and on the Eastern Shore and up the I-95 corridor. They could still run the WFED line-up of sports on 1500. What the hell.....

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Director of Sales (WHUR-FM) - WHUR is looking for a dynamic, creative, self-starter and a go-getter to lead the WHUR Sales Department as Director of Sales. This position’s primary objective is to provide guidance and direction to the WHUR Sales Department, ensuring that the division functions in an effective and efficient manner, meeting quotas set forth by the General Manager. The DOS coordinates sales distribution by establishing sales territories, quotas, goals and by establishing training programs for sales representatives. The candidate should possess superior customer service, team building and business acumen. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: Develop and execute sales strategies to exceed revenue targets in Digital, National, NTR and Local Sales. Oversee, manage and recruit top talent for Digital, Regional and Local sales teams to meet revenue goals. Plan and direct staffing, training, and conduct performance evaluations to ensure that department is meeting expectations of management. Implement sales activities that generate new business and deepen existing relationships. Hold Sales staff accountable for performance and achieving designated Sales goals; meet with staff regularly to determine pacing and forecasting. Determine price schedules for all Howard University Radio Network stations. Monitor local and national market conditions and trends in the Advertising sector. Review operational records and reports to project sales and determine profitability. Monitor customer preferences to determine focus of sales efforts. Prepare department budget and approve budget expenditures. Manage inventory and ensure efficiency of Traffic Department. Resolve customer complaints regarding Sales and Service. Performs other duties as assigned. CORE COMPETENCIES: Knowledge of the principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services. This includes marketing strategy and tactics, product demonstration, sales techniques, and sales control systems. Excellent leadership, organizational, presentation and negotiation skills. Knowledge of the digital media landscape, competition offerings and ability to research and implement new products to meet the evolving needs of clients. Principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction. Knowledge of business and procedures for personnel recruitment, selection, training, compensation and benefits, labor relations and negotiation, and personnel information systems. Knowledge of economic and accounting principles and practices, the financial markets, banking and the analysis and reporting of financial data. Knowledge of human behavior and performance; individual differences in ability, personality, and interests; learning and motivation. Knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum and training design, teaching and instruction for individuals and groups, and the measurement of training effects. Ability to establish and maintain effective and harmonious work relations with students, faculty, staff, University officials and the general public. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree and/or 6-8 years of relevant experience. Apply today at hr.howard.edu or contact Deputy General Manager, Sean Plater at splater@whur.com. (1/2/17)

Happy New Year. 1) CBS News can be heard on WNAV-1430 in Annapolis. It can't be heard more than 20 miles away and less than 10 miles at night? Never mind... 2) If big companies like iHeart sell off their stations, the "little guys" can own them once again. 3) Although the BBC Radio 4 Shipping Forecast is broadcast after midnight (0048 GMT) , here in DC, it's really at 1948 (7:48 PM for us Yanks). You just bring up the old BBC iPlayer, and Bob's Your Uncle. If he couldn't be awake for that, well, then I'm gobsmacked. 4) It is hard to believe that WTOP gave up on CBS (unless it's a ploy to be charged less for it). It could be the beginning of a slight downward spiral for WTOP. Maybe CBS will try to restart its DC/Balto all-news station again, and, this time, try harder to sound like WCBS-880, the nation's best all-news station and have it on 99.1 and something in Northern Virginia, too. And 5) "C4" on WBAL-1090 got a big mention in the Washington Post article about Baltimore's murder increase; they even used his full name (Clarence Mitchell IV, for those of us south of Route 198) and mentioned his famous (Md. and NAACP) family . He is like a one-man organizer (in a very good way) to improve the whole Balto area. He runs a class act over there at 1090. -- Carl in Olney (1/2/18)

WMAL talker Chris Plante proudly announcing Tuesday morning that his “Chris Plante Show” is now on live via Cumulus station WLS 890 AM in Chicago, Plante’s hometown. No word on why Chicagoans would want to listen to a local show from Washington, DC, but somehow Bill Hess sold it so now he’s their problem too. Maybe Chris can give Chicago & DC weather, which for now, is simply freezing cold with Lake Michigan & the Potomac frozen over. WLS announcement & link: www.wlsam.com (1/2/18)

Hi Dave – So Donnie Simpson is sitting in today for Tom Joyner on the nationally syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show”, and says he will be back tomorrow. Tom has been on Christmas vacation for the past two weeks, but it’s interesting that Donnie has not said he is sitting in for Tom while he continues his vacation. He just says that he is sitting in for Tom and will be back again tomorrow….hmmmm (1/2/18)

What gives with WTOP saying its segments are "via Skype"? I heard this after one movie-segment clip and then again after a sports report. Is there some deal where the station promotes Skype in return from some dollars? Maybe it's been going on a long time and I've only just noticed. (1/2/18)

New CBS bureau with radio studios? You sure? My understanding was that CBS net radio casts were staffed with CBS on air people but everything else done by Westwood One, including new studios (last year) at 4400 Jenifer. -P of the AW (1/2/18)

WTOP and CBS part company? Did I miss this? 'TOP with ABC TOTH at 6am. (1/2/18)

The reason you’re not hearing much about WDCW CW50s sharing agreement with WFDC is because the agreement was made by Tribune to turn in WDCW’s license. I’m not entirely sure Sinclair had much to do with that. It is entirely possible that Sinclair has other plans for where WDCW is going or under what terms. Paying other companies that they don’t control money is not exactly something that SBG likes to do. I would think ideally, SBG would love to have a duopoly in DC, since it’s more legal than what they’re doing in Baltimore right now. I’m not saying they’ll necessarily cancel the deal with WFDC, but obviously, the Smith Brothers want the final say in anything. The exact same scenario is playing out in the Harrisburg market with WPMT Fox 43, no details on the channel sharing agreement as of yet or when, and it’s apparently been delayed. (1/2/18)

Proving the point that MBA's are expensive & worthless is Oscar Santana Zeballos's new Podcast Village co-working venture for Podcasters in Georgetown, Already outdated and doomed for financial failure? Maybe, because high quality, low cost equipment & spaces to record podcasts are being created everyday - in someone's basement, home office, company conference room or kitchen table. Freelance Podcast engineers and producers are a dime a dozen. Doesn't take a MBA to figure out that his most valuable brand is opening a No Uggos! No Fatties! DC nightclub by night - Yoga studio by day. You know, for the beautiful and rich people. (1/2/18)

Happy New Year- Interesting to see an email I wrote 2 or 3 months ago about the sale of WNAV published again? More shocking to read someone recently has asked me specifically about my thoughts and comments, all while claiming to know I know business economics and money. Not sure if this is sarcasm, but in the event it’s genuine- thanks, but maybe you have me confused with someone much smarter than me- I just mow grass and dig ditches for Pineapple Landscaping. Now Assuming I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night, I might say something like this: - First, I agree 100% with the individual who’s says the potential developer has major community opposition to overcome to get green lighted for property development. (Can it be done? Sure, everything has a price) Trick is, that property is gonna be a rattlesnake to navigate and develop. Take your pick: Roads / Easements / Traffic Flow / GreenSpace / HACA / Current Residents that boarder the property.. All these without even scratching the surface of the current political climate in Annapolis that’s growing increasingly tired of “Gentrification” - And 2nd I might say something like: I never said Kingston should give up his money. I said Sajak and Hopp should give up some of their money and make Kingston an offer he can’t refuse. Ive never seen his (Kingston’s) personal net worth books, but I’m pretty sure Sajak can buy RNR like I might buy a new leaf blower or weed wacker. Should he (Sajak) sell that dirt, that’s icing on the cake- play money.. A night throwing dice. As for WRNR money and what Kingston makes running it as opposed to selling the signal / stick and Equipment as a whole? I’ve gotta assume the sale of the depreciated tangible assets are worth more than what he can net in a 3.5 year time frame, but again, I don’t know what he bills, what his balance sheet looks like or even what his EBIDA cash flow is? What I do know, Radio isn’t the same cash cow it once was. I think He’s running on a skeleton crew now as it is. Operational, Economic and Social Listening habits- not to mention Advertising Challenges due to social media is creating a very very difficult future for stations like WRNR. The typical RNR listener is more inclined to IPod in the car than seek the station- plus there are too many larger competitors that cross over into their realm. WNAV on the other hand, has Great Calls. Legacy in the community. A music format that is totally unique, (yes it has room to fine tuned, but Lusby knows his music!). Loyal listeners who don’t do IPods in the car. A Great News Department that focuses on hyper local events, And last but not least, it’s a real throwback to what made local community radio great- they’re not trying to be anything else other than your Hometown Station. Can WNAV turn a nickel if it were put on 103.1 and incorporate some fine tuning of the format and programming and marketing? I truly believe you’d have a very interesting and successful radio station. Let’s not forget- Radio is a business. Sajak didn’t buy WNAV for the radio station.. He bought the dirt it sits on- waiting on the come. If the sale goes through, it’s all house money for him to play with, and last, he’s a local owner and celebrity who can pull that card at anytime. WRNR has no dirt and I don’t think Kingston lives in the area. To use the shooting dice analogy again. If WRNR’s business model were like shooting dice, and unless you’re playing with house money- you get in, get up and get out- Never stay at the table to long. Radio is a great medium, but it’s future isn’t very bright, (just ask radio stock market cumulus / IHeart Guy.) Point is, I’m sure Steve has made mad cash by now- All I’m saying is. Should a reasonable offer be presented, I might cash out the rest of my chips and let someone else fight the good fight. And should I be Sajak and Hopp, I might be willing to make that offer. Happy New Year All- Finn (1/2/18)

NBC/Telemundo began programming WZDC, Washington at the stroke of midnight on New Years Day under an LMA. WZDC is now full power as 4.3 on WRC's signal, but will maintain its own Channel-25 signal until the sale to NBC closes, expected sometime in April. The deal also gives NBC/Telemundo WZTD in Richmond which will soon be programmed out of Washington, basically as a satellite of WZDC. (1/2/18)

"Where has (or will) CBS Radio News on the Hour land, on the DC-area radio dial?" At the new Entercom Alt station, obvs. (1/2/18)

Dave's response: CBS News at the top of the hour on an alt rocker? Ha ha ha. Can't stop laughing.....

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Okay. I give up! Where has (or will) CBS Radio News on the Hour land, on the DC-area radio dial? (1/1/18)

Joel 1, Amy 0. The new leadership team at CBS Radio News trips at the gate. (1/1/18)

Long time morning air personality and co-owner of WZBB-FM, serving the Martinsville, Rocky Mount, Roanoke area recently retired after well over 45 years on the air. Glen Lynch provided play by play locally for the Franklin County High School for a long time as well, and loved what he did. I was honored to have worked for Glen for over eight years doing afternoons. The best to you in your on air retirement Glen! Tom Conroy WXCY (1/1/18)

RE: CBS off WTOP. If what Paul Farhi tweets is true, and this really is all about money, WTOP’s GM Joel Oxley should be ashamed of himself. America’s highest-billing radio station cuts ties with CBS after 85 YEARS (!!) just to bill a few bucks more? ABC has a decent enough sound, but these days they do it on the cheap with inexperienced people, because no one else clears them in top markets. They used to have a half-dozen top radio correspondents here in DC, but now they just borrow who they can from ABC TV. After Stephen Portnoy left for CBS a few years ago, ABC Radio laid off their whole staff of managers and engineers and literally closed shop in DC. Folks on DeSales St say the radio studios that ABC legends like Limerick/Ratner/Compton used were demolished last summer. CBS has the World News Roundup and a solid team of radio reporters on all the key beats. Plus they’re building a brand new DC bureau with new radio studios this year. What will listeners be left with on WTOP? Recuts of GMA pieces, Fox News and more commercials? Shame. Oxley should reconsider and put CBS back on. (1/1/18)

The leases for 102.1 and 98.9 were sold a couple of years ago to Positive Alternative Radio, the owners of Positive Hits PER and other stations. They are using the WUSQ-HD3 feed to bring Joy FM to the Winchester and Front Royal markets. Joy FM is a Southern Gospel format, based at WXRI in Winston-Salem, NC. I will tell you, as one who has worked with PAR previously, that these two translators are doing very well in the market as there are no other worthwhile options for the format in the area. -Jay (1/1/18)

Has WMAL 630 AM moved to their new tower site in Germantown? I thought they were suppose to move several months ago. (1/1/18)

"If you thought one station's Moss removal was big, then just wait until the ball drop, when they say Adios to the Eye & learn a whole new Alphabet. It's easy as 1-2-3." Yep, they are running ABC Radio News now. (1/1/18)

At 9a New Year’s Day TOP had at the end of the headline package “ABC News is next” and it was. Ran the entire ABC hourly instead of CBS. Also been noticing Fox News reports on there in recent days. (1/1/18)

The original shutdown date was Jan. 18, 2018 but has since changed by a week. I know because I posted the FCC notice on DCRTV way back about it. I noted that some stations would file for extensions, but the point of my post is that you cannot get the money if you don’t turn off the signal within 90 days, so it’s not in anyone’s best interest monetarily to delay too long. There are 4 sub-channel networks already gone in Baltimore, and unlike most people think, that means gone from over the air and Comcast, DISH, and DirecTV until or unless those networks make their own individual deals with the carriers or some other station picks up the network. So far this affects GRIT-TV, GET-TV, and STADIUM and THIS-TV, all gone (STADIUM is available free online, but not the others). More than likely, DC will lose these channels too, although DC has nearly double the channels as Baltimore, so it’s possible some might get picked up here or there. In nearby markets, southern PA is going to lose some of the same networks as channels 15 (RF 21) & 49 are going off the air and Sinclair has started quickly consolidating up there. Salisbury is one of the few markets where no networks will go off the air, as they’ve added 2 new LPTV channels, and possibly a third soon. It’s likely that someone in the DC/Baltimore/Salisbury markets will apply for channel 14 now that WETA left it available too. (1/1/18)

So, they did it. WTOP ditched CBS Radio at the turn of this new year and switched to ABC. Happened at midnight on Jan 1 . . . They did the regular :59 billboard and hit the ABC show at midnight. The first two minutes sounded great. WTOP inserted local spots sloppily into the 2:00 break, and rejoined sloppily at 3:00 and stayed until the 4:30 dump out cue, "this is ABC news." No story about it, no explanation. The ABC newscast was tight and uptempo, and probably good for attracting a younger demo. Maybe that's also the reason for dumping Moss? I wonder if this means we'll get Doug Limerick on the weekday morning hourlies? But, overall, it's sad to see the end of a decades-long relationship between two great news organizations. Hard to imagine how the suits on both sides got to this point. Maybe our Unsigned Corporate Suit has some insights. Another great broadcasting tradition evaporates . . . (1/1/18)

Does anyone know what's going on with the translators in Wechester and Front Royal on 102.1 and 98.9? I know they were relaying the big Christian radio network based at Liberty University, I think it's called The Journey and used to be Victory Fm or something like that. However, while in Roanoke and stumbling across the Journey doing their legal ID, I didn't hear them announce wusq hd3 Winchester or any of those translators. I'm just curious. Honestly, I'm not sure how many people in Winchester would want to listen to a Lynchburg station. They already have a k-love station and Wper also has a couple translators out there, I think on 96.5 and 106.3 in addition to their main 89.9 signal. (1/1/18)

To the poster about the Redskins games on WMAL…they might’ve seen a boost at first but for the most part their ratings are because of their weekday lineup. Now, that being said I still think if the price is right…Dan will sell WTEM to the right bidder. Would it change the rights to WMAL’s coverage no…unless the prospective buyers decide to swap signals with another station that would turn WTEM into a blowtorch sports talker. Who would possibly look into buying 980? Urban One(Formerly Radio One), Salem or Entercom. Dan (1/1/18)

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