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DCRTV Mailbag - February 1, 2018 to February 28, 2018

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"Thanks for advertising your whack-job bigotry" Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! I committed a MAJOR thoughtcrime by suggesting that sometimes people do things in order not to be perceived as racist. You are rightly angry at me. I will sit in front of the Viewscope and await my punishment. Seriously dude? Are you an idiot? Walk us through your reasoning process, won't you? Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/28/18)

Sinclair's CEO David Smith announced that he expects to close on the Tribune Media TV station buy in the 2nd Quarter of 2018. If they're worried about getting FCC approval for the merger, they certainly aren't acting like it, even though there is an investigation opened by the FCC Inspector General over the deal. SBG also announced slow early 2018 earnings due to the Olympics, since they own few NBC affiliated stations. The merger will make Baltimore area Sinclair Broadcasting (owner of WBFF Fox 45 & WNUV CW 54, as well as DC's WJLA ABC 7 and WDCW CW 50) the largest TV station owner in the country. (2/28/18)

Shore news: WBOC buys another TV station. Yes, WBOC now owns 3 TV stations in the Salisbury TV market, but 2 are only Low Power TV, which will avoid all FCC ownership limits. Draper Holdings recently purchased WSJZ-LD, channel 33, which is not on the air, licensed first to Rehoboth Beach, then south Jersey, now apparently back to Delaware. It's unclear what their purpose is for the TV station or what programming it will have. -- BaltoMedia.net (2/28/18)

More shore news: A lot of chatter about this on DCRTV, but it's settled. WGOP AM 540 was off the air for a time in 2018, a month or more, but they are back on the air, but not as licensed, just on low power, so you might not be able to receive them well. They filed for Special Temporary Authority with the FCC to operate at 25% power, 125 watts. WGOP is also seeking an FM translator in the area. Keeping the AM radio station could impact getting the FM. WGOP is owned by Birach Broadcasting, but operated by 97.9 LLC, Bay Country 97.9. -- BaltoMedia.net (2/28/18)

Just read the article about Fox5's new show Like it or Not. Well, ya can't say that the station isn't continuing to try and be creative. Didn't they give Jim Lokay some late night show at one time? Does he still have it? (2/28/18)

I hope the suits at alleged news radio 1090 paid close attention to news anchor Stacy Lyn this morning so they can explain why they wouldn't keep her on mornings permanently. Presumably, she filled in for the speed-reading chick and, for once, we could understand what was being said with time to absorb and process it. Lyn sounds good; knows how to read with inflection and end sentences on the downbeat, not up; is personable, and seems to go with the flow without all the antagonistic bullshit that has become such a part of the morning circus. It was such a pleasure to tune in! Keep her on!! (2/28/18)

FOX 5's 'Like It or Not' sets debut www.fox5dc.com (2/28/18)

Thanks for advertising your whack-job bigotry, Gas in Gaithersburg. Ever wonder why you aren't invited to parties? (2/28/18)

"gay man who was addicted to porn" I think you're projecting a little. Was it Harden or Weaver or Ken Beatrice who said it? WMAL back then was quite different. Anyway since the guy was killed at the scene they soon knew who he was and that he had tried to get mental health treatment the day before. The poster who began this discussion was complaining about CNN MSNBC and the national networks dropping the story after the killer was stopped. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/28/18)

Top honors for the quote of the day go to John Patti, morning news anchor on alleged news radio 1090: "Condom bill gets action in Annapolis" (2/28/18)

There were 850 applications filed in the last and final window for translators. The filings were in January, 2018. The FCC has not opened the window yet for the filing of the "long forms". (2/28/18)

Watching Fox5's morning show and although Erin Como seems like she might be a nice person, she seems somewhat insecure. She tries SOOOO hard to fit in with the anchors with insignificant chit chat which usually falls flat. Most of her comments are about some fashion or cosmetic flaw she's experiencing. Like this morning, she must've mentioned at least twice how her dress had static cling. The other day it was a complaint about how the back of hair needed to be brushed. Or how she didn't wear the "color of the day". Wish she would just do the traffic & not make such a big deal about her personal appearance. Maybe it's a millennial thing that I don't understand as I am waaaay past that age. (2/28/18)

Well it’s finally explained why WGOP AM 540 couldn’t be received in areas they should have. They in fact were operating not as licensed on a 25% low power of only 125 watts vs. 500 watts. How do I know this? Well they finally filed for Special Temporary Authority. Better late than never I guess. fcc.gov (2/28/18)

To the person who was complaining about CNN and the high school shooting coverage well there is a reason for that. Every time there is a shooting it lights up the internet and there is a pattern. One...the shooting happens. Two..everybody goes into mourning. It is just not school shootings but the Las Vegas shooting, Aurora and so forth. Three.........everybody wants gun control. I remember the 1984 California McDonalds massacre. Even WMAL at the time said something should be done while the old Q107 took callers and they too wanted something to be done. 4...why ??? Mental illness ?? Jesus out of pubic schools ?? Porn ?? Gays ?? Al of them were brought up as far back as 1984 !! I think it was WMAL that said that guy who did the shooting was probably a gay man who was addicted to porn. What ?? Anyway in the end it was mental illness was the cause. How often do you hear "..I am going to hunt humans" coming out of a sane person's mouth. I haven't heard much of anything about the Virginia Tech shootings lately but the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shootings DO get mention from time to time because one of their victims Jessica Redfield was a intern for one of the Denver cable channels and her parents want everyone to know that. Honesty I think those parents are as crazy as James Holmes !! Anyway outside the area where the shooting took place give CNN til mid March and they won't be covering the shooting...we not much anyway. (2/28/18)

Someday soon all of The Washington Post, DCRTV & the DCRTV Mailbag will be written by AI/Robots, if it is not already: “During the U.S. national elections in November 2016, the Washington Post published hundreds of local articles tracking the results. One article that recapped Republican Darrell Issa’s win over Doug Applegate, a Democrat, for California’s 49th Congressional District seat, read: “Republicans retained control of the House and lost only a handful of seats from their commanding majority, a stunning reversal of fortune after many GOP leaders feared double-digit losses.” While the verbiage has the ring of a veteran political reporter tracking election results, the article was in fact produced by a robot—Heliograf, the Post’s artificial intelligence (AI) system, built in-house.” Dell explains: www.delltechnologies.com (2/28/18)

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Why didn't CNN stay with the Navy Yard shooting? Easy answer is that children being killed is more heart-grabbing until you do the math that the adults killed were someone's kids or someone's parents. Let's be brutally honest as well: the killer was black and it would seem racist to give the event too much coverage. Similarly it would be racist to care about Chicago, singling out the black killers. Why did Obama call the Fort Hood shooting "workplace violence"? Precisely because the killer was a Muslim with "S.O.A" (Soldier of Allah) on his business card. In other news, as of 4 pm today Chad Dukes thinks spaghetti bolognese has baloney/bologna in it. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/27/18)

If you’re the morning news anchor on alleged Newsradio 1090, you’d think you’d know how to pronounce common words in everyday language. So Bryan Nehman, the word is “real-tor.” Not “real-a-tor.” (2/27/18)

It is Monday after 11:00 p.m. and Ch 4 news is on. Volume way down, way up, distorted, way low, way high, distorted, and so it goes. I expect this from a high school or college TV station, not this one owned by Comcast/NBC. A JOKE! (2/27/18)

Senator Savage? Former WMAL talker Michael Savage, sworn enemy of Mark Levin, and more pompous than Rush Limbaugh, claims he’s been approached by “some very important people” to run as an independent against presumed Democrat candidate California Senator Diane Feinstein. Savage, who lives in Feinstein’s base of San Francisco, says “I can't say very good things about politicians . I'm just probably not cut out for it, but then again that's what the people want. They want an independent who is not a politician or a lawyer to go out there and represent their interest. I'll say again if you think the entire state of California is like what Nancy Pelosi represents, you're mistaken." More: “Savage, who was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2016, spearheads "The Savage Nation," the country’s No. 1 streaming radio show. It boasts millions of listeners and is broadcast on more than 230 stations, including WABC and KSFO”: www.newsmax.com (2/27/18)

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How come some of the top Talk Radio People are not in DC? People like Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Brian Kincaid, Dave Ramsey and Michael Savage? DC is an important market for these Talk Personalities. (2/27/18)

Can Liberty Media save iHeart from Bankruptcy by buying 40% of the stock in the company? They still are a minority shareholder in the company. The iHeart stock is now at 44 cents per share. (2/27/18)

Sean Hannity will no longer be represented by Cumulus (Premiere Radio Network} effective 1/1/19. He is jumping out of a sinking ship! Salem is trying to pick him up. (2/27/18)

Every time I come across a TV screen tuned to CNN, they still seem fixated on the mass shooting that took place at the high school in Florida 12 days ago and I can’t help thinking back to how tepid (by contrast) the reaction of national news media was to the worst one DC has ever experienced, namely the Navy Yard massacre that claimed 12 lives back in 2013. Within hours of the situation being defused and the killer neutralized, the CNNs, MSNBCs, network newscasts and morning shows were already moving on to other news events and it became essentially a local story for the DC media. The same national outlets that can’t seem to tear themselves away from the aftermath down in Florida right now and flash the victims’ pictures on the screen ad nauseam showed little or no interest in the federal workers killed at the Navy Yard or their surviving colleagues and family members back then and I thought it showed an incredible lack of respect for those who serve this country on a daily basis (either in a civilian or active military role). As I recall, Fox was the only national cable or over-the-air network that stayed with the story for more than a day or so and Howard Kurtz actually devoted a segment on his weekly “Media Buzz” program to the puzzling apathy shown by the rest of mainstream media on that occasion. I think one of his guests remarked that network news execs didn’t consider the Navy Yard story all that riveting or the victims the “type” TV viewers could be expected to care about all that much. The only plausible explanation that I can think of is an ingrained anti-military bias at ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN – they may try to act all patriotic and supportive when troops are being deployed to a new war front but somehow their cameras are nowhere to be found when soldiers are returning home in body bags, PTSD sufferers are seeking treatment or veterans are being turned down for jobs. From that vantage point, perhaps the abject failure of national networks (with the exception of Fox) to pay due deference to the innocent people working in support of the US military who fell victim to senseless gun violence right here in DC that day shouldn’t have seemed quite so surprising. (2/26/18)

Mark Levin’s “Life, Liberty and Levin” is a total train wreck and literally a duplicate of his “Levin TV” which aired on Fox News Sunday night: he even used the same set as “Levin TV” so he does not set foot in a Fox News studio for the show. Levin even does an ad for his “Levin TV” and CRTV within the first segment, telling Fox viewers how to subscribe. Levin’s first guest, George Mason economics professor and frequent Rush Limbaugh sub host Walter Williams, was brilliant but not newsworthy of an entire show. If this is what Levin fans can expect from “Life, Liberty and Levin”, they might as well just subscribe to “Levin TV” and be done with it: video.foxnews.com (2/26/18)

"Mother's basement"?? That's the best you've got? If so it's time to shuffle off the old mortal what's-it. Yeah I'm living in my mother's basement.... WITH HITLER. You do know the difference between a download and a live stream don't you? A download is when you spray or squirt Big Toi-toi and a live stream is something you can't scare up in the middle of the night. "Mother's basement" indeed. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/26/18)

No, actually the government puts out FAKE NEWS. Noted in the WGN link… “REDACTED - FOR PUBLIC INSPECTION”. There is still no public WGN-TV filing in the CDBS. It was only leaked, but congrats. You found it deep within the bowels of the FCC. You get a cookie. WGN-TV is still not publicly listed for sale. Search WGN-TV in the CDBS and see what you find. NOTHING. Not even in the TRUST filing. Why this happened does boggle my mind though. All the other stations are listed. If you don’t believe me, check for yourself… fcc.gov (2/26/18)

WMAL talker Mark Levin’s “Life, Liberty & Levin” premiers Sunday at 10:00PM on Fox News. Ad Week interviews Levin and reports what to expect: www.adweek.com (2/26/18)

To the person who asked, yes, iHeart could be in bankruptcy this week after electing not to make last month’s payment to its bondholders. iHeart’s lenders seem to have come to an agreement with the company, but iHeart was supposedly still negotiating with the bondholders. Word is if iHeart and the bondholders don’t come to an agreement, the company will be forced into bankruptcy. Roddy Freeman (2/26/18)

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Is iHeart trying to "unify their lenders and creditors"? They owe over $20 Billion and their stock is down to just 52 cents per share. Does this mean that bankruptcy is coming soon? (2/25/18)

RE: “As of yesterday, Friday, WMAL's website has a Cumulus box requiring you to login or register an account. Fortunately everything I wabnt to hear can be found elsewhere. As of today you can get around it by using a google-cached copy of the homepage.” Gus, Gus, Gus: that’s just you because you say so many nasty things about Cumulus, Bill Hess & WMAL! They got ahold of your IP address and now you are paying the price, Goggle-cached or not AND don’t look now but they are spying on you via your laptop camera in your mother’s basement, so keep your hand off your Johnson. Speaking of Ajit Pai (who DCRTVDJDAVE just hates now) and to disprove Gus in the Gaithersburg, one can readily download the following audio of the Morning on the Mall” interview of Pai at CPAC: www.wmal.com (2/25/18)

Anybody know who the DJ is for Hot 99.5's Party Playlist? (2/25/18)

To the person complaining about WGN being sold by Sinclair and the newspaper correctly reporting it, it's right in the FCC filing. fcc.gov (See page 31.) The only fake news here is your own. (2/25/18)

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CPAC’s biggest star next to President Trump may have been FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: “FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was honored at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Oxon Hill, Maryland, by the NRA with the "Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award," an honor named for the late actor who was an NRA president. The award is a Kentucky long rifle that will stay at the NRA's museum in Fairfax, Virginia. The NRA was not allowed to bring the weapon on stage, said Carolyn Meadows, an NRA official.” Pai might need that gun according media reports of threats to his life: “Pai canceled his appearance in January at a large consumer electronics event in Las Vegas after receiving deaths threats, sources told Reuters.” Pai has also been courted by GOP leadership to run for office, which means should there be a campaign event there would be square roots for Pi, which could go on forever. Reuters explains: ca.news.yahoo.com (2/24/18)

Dave's response: I have seen some really awful FCC heads over the years, but this Pai guy takes the cake. He's is a total Sinclair stooge.....

As of yesterday, Friday, WMAL's website has a Cumulus box requiring you to login or register an account. Fortunately everything I wabnt to hear can be found elsewhere. As of today you can get around it by using a google-cached copy of the homepage. And in the interest of saving time stockguyisanidiot: Cumulus is the second largest radio operator in the US, with $2.4 Billion in debt. Their lenders want to be paid. The secured lenders will probably be paid just a few cents on the dollar. The stock is now traded "over the counter" at 9 cents per share. The unsecured lenders will probably NOT get paid. Will the company be forced to liquidate their stockguyisanidiot assets? Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/24/18)

I’m both amazed and dumbfounded that this false Baltimore Sun story is still uncorrected and still online. I have checked the FCC filing and I cannot make it any more clear that WGN-TV CHICAGO IS NOT BEING SOLD BY SINCLAIR! But yet it’s still in The Baltimore Sun for 3 days and running, probably even on the AP Wire. If this isn’t fake news I don’t know what is. www.baltimoresun.com (2/24/18)

With WTOP staying at #1 in January without the CBS network shows that Hubbard’s gamble is working. So far… -Unsigned Corporate SUit (2/24/18)

Dave's response: Ain't much of a gamble. Seriously? Some people actually think WTOP will lose listeners because they replaced CBS with ABC news at the top of the hour? Come on. Mike Moss went away and WTOP's morning ratings are still rather massive. And even if the lovely Hillary Howard flew the coop in afternoons, WTOP would still be in first place. It's all about the constant drumbeat of news headlines, traffic, and weather. That's it.....

"Why doesn't Hubbard buy these stations? " Cuz ... they don't ... *want* ...them? (2/24/18)

Have you listened to the Russian Propaganda on John Garziglia's 105.5 Translator? If not, you can get it on Arthur Liu's 1390 AM. Both stations are paid large fees to carry this propaganda by the Russians. (2/24/18)

RE: “Russian propaganda can be heard on 105.9 FM in DC every weekday between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM.” Well you can also hear “Russian propaganda” on 630 AM and from the fillings in your teeth, but this poster may be on to something: Vince, Mary and Chris, from 6:00AM to Noon are definitely Commies! And Limbaugh from Noon to 3:00PM: his first name is “Rush” as in “Russian”. Larry O’Connor from 3:00PM to 6:00PM once wrote for Pravda & has a secret show on RT. But it’s disappointing you think it’s only between “6:00AM and 6:00PM” when “Russian propaganda can be heard on 105.9 FM”: what about Mark Levin from 6:00PM to 9:00PM (his grandfather was a Russian Jew), John Batchelor from 9:00PM to 1:00AM (a British double agent) and those guys on “Red Eye Radio” from 1:00AM to 5:00AM (get it, RED Eye Radio). And Bill Hess according to his LinkedIn before coming to Cumulus worked for the “progressive” (i.e. Commie) Air America radio network, so he’s obviously the Russian ring leader at WMAL: www.linkedin.com (2/24/18)

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WBOC got approval for their purchase of WCEM, WCEM-FM Cambridge, WAAI Hurlock, and WTDK Federalsburg. (2/23/18)

Cumulus is the second largest radio operator in the US, with $2.4 Billion in debt. Their lenders want to be paid. The secured lenders will probably be paid just a few cents on the dollar. The stock is now traded "over the counter" at 9 cents per share. The unsecured lenders will probably NOT get paid. Will the company be forced to liquidate their assets? (2/23/18)

What are the Cumulus owned stations in DC? WMAL 630 AM, WMAL-FM 105.9 and WRQX 107.3. Why doesn't Hubbard buy these stations? They seem to be the only profitable radio company in DC. (2/23/18)

I don't know anything about WFRE's city of license or where their studio is located, but I do know that I can listen to it when commuting from eastern Loudoun County to DC and back without any problem. Maybe the Stop It guy just needs to get a better receiver. (2/23/18)

WMAL is at CPAC this week- CPAC is a forward thinking conclave for the best “conservative” minds. The last time I attended CPAC was 10 years ago in 2008. On the agenda were symposiums on the upcoming “Fairness Doctrine,” and why “conservatives need to oppose it, and a panel on defending “traditional marriage,” and why we need to stop gay marriage, to save our country. A panelist on both those sessions was…Mike Pence! There were also talks on why we need to keep gays out of the military. Did they predict the future accurately? NO! Were their warnings apocalyptic results of gay marriage and gay service members prescient? No! Were their warnings about the “upcoming “Fairness Doctrine” and how it would destroy conservative talk radio and the conservative message scarily prophetic? No! Were their predictions Obama would destroy this country, and turn it into a failed state, acutely accurate. Hell no! As a matter of fact, they could not have been “wronger.” Actually, looking back, it was all BS. I wonder how the panels this year will be looked at in 10 years. Anyway, again, is WMAL in bed with Russian hackers? I mean in 2016 I can vividly recall the idiot Chris Plante telling us that Putin was a "strong leader" who was "able to command effectively," and Obama was a "wuss." That crap had to come from Russia. Where else would Chris Plante get that talking point? Perhaps Mueller should look into the 2015-16 relationship between Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, and then Heritage (Conservative talk radio founder and boss) bigwig, Jim DeMint. DeMint was fired from Heritage in 2017, and we were never given a good reason. Could it have been Heritage’s communications with Manafort and the Ruskies in 2016? Perhaps, after 2016, the Russians kept calling Heritage demanding return favors? This coordination crap between Russia, Conservative think tanks, Trump and his allies, and Conservative talk radio, has got to stop. Perhaps they need a panel at CPAC to finally expose this secret cabal, and ask what to do about it. Russian propaganda can be heard on 105.9 FM in DC every weekday between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM. (2/23/18)

Back when I lived in the Aquasco/Brandywine area in the early 2000’s AM 540 came in loud and clear with their nostalgia format. Does it even cross the bay anymore? WCEM-FM (106.3 The Heat) was another signal that was surprisingly almost a local grade signal…. On a completely different note, to FOX 5: Please stop with the annoying music bumpers before and after the commercial breaks. Not only is it irritating but it is extremely unprofessional. Do we need a DJ spinning tunes to entertain us through the newscast? No. Even worse is when the anchors start dancing to it. Those type of shenanigans may fit on a more casual broadcast like the AM show. But please - what marketing guru said we need to hear Quad City DJ’s before a Metro story. Stop it! And, it’s been awhile since I watched ABC 7. When did they start with the continuous flag waving behind all of the graphics? I have nothing against the US flag - but again - why the need for it nonstop on every graphic? MLB4 (2/23/18)

Hey dummy that keeps harping on how many stations iHeart owns in DC, WFRE is not in DC. City of license is Frederick, studios are Frederick. You can't even get it in DC. It's not a DC station. Stop it. Just stop it. You're embarrassing yourself. (2/23/18)

Dave's response: I get 99.9 loud and clear all across Northern Virginia. And, parts of Frederick County MD are closer to DC than are many parts of Loudoun, Prince William, and Charles counties, which are well within the DC radio market. Just sayin'.....

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21st Century Fox is said to be buying six television stations from Sinclair Broadcasting Group: “The deal is understood to encompass Tribune-owned Fox affiliates in five markets — Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, and Cleveland — and Tribune’s CW affiliate that serves the Miami market. The pact also ensures the Sinclair will lock in long-term Fox Broadcasting Co. affiliation deals for dozens of other stations it owns that are currently Fox affiliates.” More from Variety: variety.com (2/22/18)

Well, I do know one AM station that’s definitely off the air: WBMD 750 had xmitter trouble last Friday and has been silent since. Jeff (2/22/18)

Had a quick question. What happened to Sheila Quinn on WGRQ radio in Fredericksburg? She hasn't been on the radio for several days and nothing has been said about vacation or illness. Not sure if I missed a morning and maybe didn't hear what happened. Thanks for your assistance. BTW, Penny Wack does a great job on the radio. Alice (2/22/18)

Alleged news radio 1090 is not as stupid as we thought when you step back and admire them for coming up with an innovative way for us to never miss an evening television newscast on sister station WBAL. All you have to do is tune in to mornings where you will hear yesterday's news every morning, complete with an alleged reporter who will make you feel right at home with his "live, on the scene" broadcasts screaming around all the soundbites from the day before. Take this morning, and the lead story of the PG County police officer shot to death nearly 24-hours ago. The station even aired a fake promo of the alleged reporter's upcoming report, promoting it with "new information this morning." Really??? Must have been something in one of the newspapers they repeated. When are these twatwaffles going to get serious about news and restore some of the trust and respect so many of their predecessors worked so hard to achieve there?? The olympics coverage took another dive too, as the morning dude got into a jock strap stretch with the sports dude over "olympic moments." They never even mentioned the station and its second gold medal for speed reading; this one given to the traffic reporter for his high-speed sprint every morning through the traffic reports. The medal comes on the heels of gold won recently by the morning news chick who took top honors for speed-reading in the rookie news reading competition. Maybe they'll pull her off early mornings for a midnight shift, or maybe weekends. It would surely compliment their other fake claim as "Baltimore's 24-hour broadcast center." (2/22/18)

What is the close relationship that FCC Chairman has with Sinclair Broadcasting? (2/22/18)

Final Translator Window in January, 2018......when will the FCC announce the construction permits for this final Window? (2/22/18)

WGOP AM 540 has been on the air for at least the last few weeks and today was playing oldies. I have also heard them simulcast 97.9 WBEY FM during that time period. I live in southern Caroline County approximately 40 miles north of WGOP's transmitter and while the signal is far weaker than normal I can receive the station in my car and on my house radios every day. I know this because there has been so much chatter on DCRTV about the station that I've been checking daily. I see that others can pick up the station as far away as Annapolis. Perhaps the person who is so obsessed with WGOP being off the air could buy a better radio so that he could hear it for himself. (2/22/18)

I forgot to check all the stations that Sinclair is selling and putting in a trust, run by of course, someone who will make any decision they want. But anyway, the stations to be sold also include WPIX New York! The Baltimore Sun says WGN is also in the mix, but I do not see that in the application. The Sun is wrong again. Here’s my take. Publicity stunt. I do not think that Sinclair intends to sell WPIX or WGN or KTLA ultimately if they don’t have to. Those stations are sort of the purpose of the deal in fact. But just putting them in the trust puts them solidly under the FCC 39% rule meaning guaranteed approval of Tribune deal. Why do I think this? Richmond and Harrisburg are telling. They put all the stations they own there up for sale when they didn’t have to. In other words, they are throwing a lot of cards on the table to see where they fall. Plus, it’s eye candy for potential buyers. God knows CBS would love to have WPIX. The only surprising thing is that KTLA was not included. — BaltoMedia.Net (2/22/18)

RE: "Brian Wilson to Nashville’s WTN." Will he play the song on the radio written for and about his friend Bill when it is released? The chorus appears to be "He's a liar, for hire // He gets paid to start fires // Facts could never prove him wrong // Even if he loved this song // He'd lie and say he never sang along // Bill Hess, liar, for hire". I cant wait for the release date. (2/22/18)

"SBG is proposing to put 21 TV stations for sale in a trust" --- Oh, yippety-skippety. Expect a shit avalanche from the 'Aloha Trust' guy any minute now. Seems the "T Word" is not safe to say around him. (2/22/18)

Ever since Cumulus declared bankruptcy, their stock has been at 9 cents per share. It must be stressful to have over $2 Billion in debt and know that you can't pay it back. What is the future of this company? (2/22/18)

Sinclair Broadcasting plans to put 21 TV stations in their "Trust" in order to comply with FCC Ownership rules. Putting stations in their "Trust" is a joke. Remember iHeart put WFRE 99.9 FM in their "Trust" 11 years ago in order to comply with FCC ownership rules. They still own it today and operate it. Why is it a joke? Because there is NO Time Limit on when they must divest it. They can keep it forever! This is a Loophole in the FCC Rules that has never been changed. Why has the FCC never changed this rule? (2/22/18)

What are the iHeart owned stations in DC? How many FM Stations do they own in DC? WASH 97.1, WIHT 99.5, WFRE 99.9 FM, WBIG 100.3, WWDC 101.1, WMZQ 98.7. iHeart owns six fullpower FM Stations in DC......What is the legal limit you can own in a major market? FIVE. This is the loophole in the FCC Rules that has NOT been changed. (2/22/18)

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It appears that Baltimore area based Sinclair Broadcasting is planning for approval of the merger with Tribune Media. SBG is proposing to put 21 TV stations for sale in a trust, 4 nearby, WHP CBS 21, WPMT FOX 43/Harrisburg, and WTVR CBS 6, WRLH FOX 35/Richmond in anticipation of the approval among others. In other news, the State of Maryland and Baltimore County officials have offered a bunch of tax incentives for Sinclair should they hire more employees in Maryland at the expanded HQ in Hunt Valley. The combination of these moves seems to suggest the deal will go through. More here at the FCC... fcc.gov and in the Baltimore Sun baltimoresun.com... (2/21/18)

Delmarva Public Radio adds out of state AAA Service delmarvapublicradio.net (2/21/18)

Good morning. Notes to WMAL’s Bill Hess. Your station, WMAL, yesterday and today, via Chris Plante and Larry O’Connor, turned up its smear campaign against the Parkland mass shooting survivors, calling the survivors who are advocating for stricter gun laws “actors,” “Democratic plants,” “pawns,” and “false flag operators.” On the other end of the dial, Ari Shapiro, via NPR, proclaimed those talking points, locally being made by our foolish friends, actually originated from Russian bots. In related news, convicted felon, and dear friend to Larry O’Connor, Dinesh D’Souza, over the holiday weekend, started mocking these survivors, in step with the Russian bots, on blogs and in Conservative media outlets. As of Tuesday, Dinesh, again, dear friend of Larry O’Connor, was kicked off an upcoming CPAC panel, after CPAC publicly called his comments “indefensible.” Dinesh claims he was never actually invited to participate on that panel. My question is, "why is WMAL in bed with Russian hackers?" (2/21/18)

Both Princess Anne and Snow Hill are within WGOP AM 540’s local coverage area. That means if you’re getting interference from 1 or more other stations like WLIE AM 540, or cannot receive the station at all, then WGOP is not operating as licensed. It’s that simple. Regardless, they were off the air completely for more than a month, if not 3 months. So no one is on the sauce and the FCC knows this. I would love for someone to report directly from Pocomoke City. I might even drive down there and shoot some video in front of the towers and record WLIE 540! (2/21/18)

Re that Web SDR site, you'll have to look for that DC receiver. Yesterday he was 21, last night he was 28 ... just check the map at the bottom of the page. (2/21/18)

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RE: Former/fired WMAL “Morning on the Mall” co-host Brian Wilson to Nashville’s WTN. Besides the Cumulus connection, Wilson having the same hours at WTN that he had at WMAL (5:00AM to 9:00AM), and that both Wilson and Savage were formerly on WMAL but are now both on WTN, the real connection between WTN and WMAL is Dan Mandis. Mandis is heard frequently on WMAL mostly on weekends or holidays subbing for regulars like Chris Plante. Mandis is also WTN’s program director: www.997wtn.com (2/20/18)

If anyone is truly bored with DC radio in general, there is a free website for you to try: WEBSDR.ORG lets you connect to any one of 180 SDRs (software-defined radios) scattered around the world and listen to radio from practically anywhere, with one such receiver here in Washington (he's #21). Depending on how their owners have them set up, SDRs can pick up the broadcast band, LF radio (cool stuff below AM), shortwave, local hams, and now and again on weekends & holidays around 6.925 MHz you can hear shortwave pirates. I totally recommend this site to everybody looking in here! -A.P.D. (2/20/18)

The idiot saying WGOP is off the air needs to get off the sauce. The station is on the air loud and clear in Princess Anne. For your information I'm.also hearing LaFabulosa 95.5 on WBEY HD 2 and Bay Rock on HD 3 (2/20/18)

Pretty amazing that WHFS is heard in Baltimore City with such little power (10watts) from White Marsh. Be nice if the Hope Christian Church can get this powered up a bit. (2/20/18)

Re: "How many of our tax dollars are going to NPR to support their liberal agenda? For years our Federal Government has been subsiding NPR. You don't hear much about it but it is still there." Really? I don't hear much about it? NPR "subsiding" is one of the things Conservatives LOVE to whine about. Every time I'm near a Conservative, they start crying like a baby about this topic. And you, like all the rest of them, don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about. NPR stopped getting major federal funding more than 30 years ago. Last year less the average American paid less than 23 cents of tax money to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which NPR is a piece of. Stop believing everything Rush and the Russians tell you. (2/20/18)

iHeart stock isn't doing good! It is low! I hear they have debts. That means they own people money! Is it bad for a company to spend more than it makes? If ClearChannel goes bankrupt, then what? That is what could happen. Could someone loan me yesterday's newspaper, so that I can check the latest stock number quote? I am very important. I have to go now, my mom is coming. I'll post again in two hours. And every two hours for the rest of eternity. (2/20/18)

Listening Report for WHFS 104.9 FM: I started listening in my car (2010 model) at Howard and Pratt and the signal was weak. As I moved further down Pratt the signal got stronger and was very good as I turned onto Gay St. and moved through downtown. The signal got weak again at 83 North and North Ave. Soon past North Ave on 83 North and the signal became unlistenable. To me at least it was an odd mix with the Strokes, the Ramones, some new music, and Outcast. I guess I was surprised they were playing so much older music. (2/20/18)

The worst commercial advertising in the DC-Baltimore TV market has to be when Krystal Koons tries to sell a Mercedes. She's really more suited to a used Kia or Hyundai, but I don't think her parents have those franchises. Sometimes, they do us the favor of not letting her speak. She will nod at the marketing points uttered by others. I greatly prefer the natural, sincere family advertising approach of "Bird" Bell with the automotive chain around Baltimore. Heavy advertiser on WBAL. (2/20/18)

RE: WGOP I drove south towards Snow Hill and still could not receive WGOP AM 540, so this notion that they are on the air as licensed is a HOAX! Keep in mind they have filed NOTHING with the FCC, no STA or anything. If they’re using a lower power, even that is an FCC fine. To add insult to injury, when WLIE started to fade heading south, I started to pick up, NOT WBEY, but some station further south playing gospel! What’s going on here is that Bay Country and Birach are BOTH doing damage control over 2 FCC complaints against both because they both face fines for different reasons. Can you say, BUSTED? (2/20/18)

I must protest: I sometimes use the glottal stop instead of the "t" for words like button, Clinton (the town in Maryland) and for my cousin Martin, yet I am of the Caucasian persuasion, and from New York City. I also don't think it's a great way to say those words, but it has nothing to do with some reporter's race, though it does have to do with what you heard as a child. Mostly I heard it from Jackie Mason. -- Carl in Olney (2/20/18)

Every time the lone guy who slanders NPR and its “liberal agenda” says something, I feel like I’ve been held down while somebody cuts a fart in my face. No doubt the same guy who trashes the Post and NY Times. NPR does an amazing job examining the issues of the day and receives very few tax dollars. It survives by thoughtful philanthropy (Joan Kroc, etc.) and member station fund drives, all voluntary, because listeners think it’s important. Please go back to FOX where none of the hosts actually believe anything they say. They just fish for anything to enrage the base and pump their salaries. Gag. (2/20/18)

RE: "Anyone who thinks they got [WGOP AM] in Annapolis must be delusional, drunk or on something else, or they turned the signal on for an hour only." Out of your alternative choices, the first is the least likely, the second and third sound like the most fun, and the fourth is the most probable. Some years back when Birach's WDMV Walkersville went dark for months at a time, they flipped the switch on just long enough to report to the Commission that they fulfilled the requirement to "be on the air" to avoid losing their license. The efforts by Birach Broadcasting to keep their fleet of AM stations alive is as futile as applying CPR to John Torrington (Google him, ya lazy bastids...). (2/20/18)

Now this is interesting FCC news today, but not local. After a complaint was filed with the FCC, Bay Broadcasting sold W238BY 95.5 FM northeast of Crisfield to a Latino owner. Now the complaint was, unauthorized broadcasting of an FM translator with no originating station. After that, they just recently filed a License to Cover, and now the sale. Coincidence? I think not. Question now is whether the HD radio signal for WBEY 97.9 FM is actually on the air or not and what station could they possibly use otherwise? Hmm. Looks like time for a road trip. :-) (2/20/18)

I'm in Snow Hill and receiving 540 AM WGOP The Station is steadily on the air. Maybe a tad weak and playing Oldies and sometimes simulcasting WBEY 97.9 It may be necessary to be closer than Berlin to hear the signal as 540 on Long Island made some pattern changes a while back. I'm also receiving WBEY 97.9 in High Definition. I have listened to it on and off for several weeks . There are also 3 HD channels (2/20/18)

“WGOP AM 540 is not on the air at all”. Another lie from the shore. I was in Salisbury today, and it was on at 12pm broadcasting 97.9. When I left at 4pm it was still broadcasting 97.9. Put down the sauce and become a better person. Stop trying to be the FCC and lying about things because you have something against the operator. You have a sad fucking life. (2/20/18)

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How many of our tax dollars are going to NPR to support their liberal agenda? For years our Federal Government has been subsiding NPR. You don't hear much about it but it is still there. (2/19/18)

What is the "Special Relationship" between FCC Chairman Pai and Sinclair Broadcasting, the owners WJLA Channel 7 in DC? (2/19/18)

On Jimmy Mathis' Twitter page he asks followers to join him this weekend at 6 pm on WCBM where he will kick off his inaugural show. (2/19/18)

Tommy McFly... Can anyone explain his appeal? I do not listen to him on the radio but when he is on TV I wind up changing the channel. (2/19/18)

RE: Birach: I have checked repeatedly from Berlin, MD and parts south, and WGOP AM 540 is not on the air at all. Anyone who thinks they got it in Annapolis must be delusional, drunk, or on something else or they turned the signal on for an hour only. WLIE AM 540 is coming in loud and clear with no interference from any station all day long, just a drifting signal as you would expect from that far away. The FCC needs to yank this license and the proposed FM translator. They haven’t even filed a single Remain Silent Authority application since September! This is ridiculous. Operate it or lose it. And Birach should also lose the 2 Norfolk area stations. They’ve made no effort over years to put either back on the air and have no intentions. (2/19/18)

The Stock Guy of course is a special sort of mental patient but the posters who whinge on abut "FCC this" and "station license that" remind me of nothing so much as Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched, unless of course it were a small Mexican chee-hua-hua. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/19/18)

WMAL’s “Mourning the Mauled”, “The Chris Plante Show” and “The Larry O’Connor Show” will be broadcasting live Thursday & Friday from The Gaylord Center (we knew God was gay) as the anal Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) brings rabid right wingers together from all around the country. Besides President “Twitter” Trump, Vice President Pence, Sean “Ham” Hammity, Mark “Pit Bull” Levin & wife Julie “I’m Mark’s Second Wife” Strauss Levin, John “I’m Not A” Batchelor, Rick “Pawn Stars” Harrison, Eric “The Texter” Bolling, as speakers, so will there be the FCC Chairman known as Ajit “Sinclair” Pai speaking and to make certain WMAL’s signal is legal. (2/19/17)

Hey UCS... Regarding that mysterious Four Seasons song brainteaser... Has anybody guessed "C'mon Marianne" yet? Signed, Rice Dellman (2/19/18)

With AM 1590 in OC gone, why is 105.1 FM Ocean City still on the air? I know it’s running Kool Oldies from WOCQ HD2, but there’s nothing in the FCC records about it except that it’s supposed to be translating WGBG 1590. Did they forget to file some notification paperwork? (2/19/18)

"The FCC bought their phony story that the station was only off the air for a week or so"...ouch, making a false statement to the FCC will not end well. (2/19/18)

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Birach’s WGOP AM 540 is back on the air only because of someone filing an FCC complaint. The WBEY 97.9 FM people, programming it, who just gave up the AM 1590 license in Ocean City, realized they were jeopardizing the FM translator Birach just applied for the Ocean City area. That will likely be transmitting WBEY Bay Country to the beach this summer, but not if there’s FCC trouble with WGOP. The original plan must have been AM 1590, but they made the mistake of switching to another dark station! The FCC bought their phony story that the station was only off the air for a week or so at first, and I did a followup to say that the station was probably off the air since Sept, 2017 and continuously from December. There seems to be this tradition on the eastern shore than you can just turn a radio station off during the winter when the tourists are gone, save on the electric, then just power it back up in the spring/summer and make money, and no one will notice. Well that has changed. (2/18/18)

Loopholes at the FCC......Does anyone know what the FCC is going to do with the Channel 6 LPTV Stations? Theses are the stations that operate as FM Radio Stations on their audio channel 87.7 FM. As soon as these licenses were granted, the owners found that is was more profitable to operate as an FM Station rather than a LPTV Station as they were intended. WDCN 87.7 FM is an example of how they operate. (2/18/18)

Now that the FCC has deleted WGBG 1590 AM in Ocean City, this will permit WFBR 1590 AM in Glen Burnie to expand their signal. Both 1590 AM Glen Burnie and 1600 AM WLXE in Rockville are owned by the same company, MultiCultural Radio. (2/18/18)

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RE: FCC's Pai under investigation. There's no telling whether the Sinclair-Tribune merger could and might be a potential conflict of interest. The merger has been pending for a little over 9 months, and met with a lot of criticism. 10 of 12 markets have overlapping conflicts. FCC doesn't allow for a company to own stations that rank in the top 4 in terms of audience share. Fox is said to be wanting KCPQ in Seattle, as Sinclair has KOMO. Other conflict markets, it'd probably come down to other media groups acquiring stations that Sinclair wouldn't be able to keep. Plus there's the 39% national ownership cap. A couple of non conflict markets Sinclair may not be able to keep either. If the Sinclair-Tribune merger were to fail, and if Tribune is still looking to sellout, a lot of other groups (like Nexstar, TEGNA, Cox, Meredith, Raycom, Hearst, and Scripps, to name a few) would have a few conflicts. Graham would appear to be the only company to not have any major conflicts, but they'd likely unload a few stations to other groups. (2/17/18)

Birach is still around in Pocomoke City. I heard the station this past Thursday while down by the waters in Annapolis. AM 540 was relaying WBEY.-FM. The signal level was way down, struggling to break through the co-channel interference from the Long Island Spanish-language station. Perhaps Birach is running nighttime power instead. Also noted is the absence of "Radio Pan de Vida", the long-time 1710 AM religious pirate. (I think the church may have moved elsewhere in the city). TK in ODenton (2/17/18)

"...ghetto...ghetto...I'm a grammarian, not a racist. -Rick from Manassas" That last bit's just the sort of thing a racist would say. You're not a grammarian since the glo`al stop has nothing to do with grammar. And by the way something, it's still used in England. England, English, get it? Save us O Lord from wogs and gtammarians. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/17/18)

I realize the FCC is being overly lenient on these sharing agreements but WNVC’s current signal plot doesn’t even reach Culpeper, VA and WTHJ’s Charlottesville signal is not strong in Culpeper or viewable at all in northern VA around DC. At least WCVE can be barely received in Spotsylvania and is in the signal plot. But once again, not viewable in nearly any part of northern VA around DC. This is definitely stretching the limits of the FCC’s rules. If Comcast can find a way out of must cary, I bet they attempt to. I would imagine their current headend locations would not pick up the stations. (2/17/18)

The FCC Inspector General investigating the FCC Chairman is going nowhere. He did everything by the book. He made public notice of his plans, they were out for public comments, and objections. Other companies will benefit too, not just Sinclair. (2/17/18)

From the FCC… Not that many people care, but the FCC deleted the license of AM 1590 Ocean City, WGBG. It’s gone for good. It was sold by Adams Radio along with some other stations, but new owners, WBEY 97.9 chose not to do anything with the station and turned in the license. A lot of radio people got their start on little ole WETT 16 back in the day spinning Top 40 at the beach. Kind of a shame. :-( fccdata.org (2/17/18)

"WNVC & WNVT will now be outside of the DC market, so they will no longer be must carry cable TV stations. " I don't think so, actually. The channel-sharing rules state that stations can only move their city of license within the market. Culpeper and Spotsy are just inside the DC market, and just inside each station's 48 dBu contour that must entirely encompass the city of license. As a side effect, they should remain must-carry. If a non-commercial station is licensed 50 miles or less from a cable system's designated principal headend, it is still must-carry, even if there is no OTA coverage. So WNVC/T should remain on pay-TV in at least the Virginia metro, most of which is in the 50-mile radius from each city. With little significant overlapping OTA coverage to speak of, though, I imagine the multicast will be gone and they'll start carrying the same programming. (2/17/18)

Rick - Re "levers of power", WTF are you talking about? And can you do it without disparaging another race? (2/17/18)

When I read that post about WMAL carrying "Retirement Radio", my first thought was that possibly being the radio version of the now defunct cable TV network Retirement Living TV. Then I thought of Daily Cafe on that network staring our beloved and missed Fred Grandy. Oh if only there was such a thing and to get Fred and Mrs. Fred back on WMAL.... I should start a petition. (2/17/18)

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WNVC & WNVT will now be outside of the DC market, so they will no longer be must carry cable TV stations. I wonder who will drop them. They won’t be easily picked up over the air by anybody either. I can’t see any of the foreign networks wanting to pay to lease channels to be in those 2 small markets with no international interest if they’re not seen in DC. (2/16/18)

Turned on FOX5's Good Day DC and see Tony Perkins sitting on the couch with the other four regulars. And when he was introduced, it was said "Tony's here as always now". Yes, we knew he'd be on the show on Fridays, but initially it seemed as though he was just there to do a segment with Tucker. But should've known that they didn't bring him back for a 5 minute sketch each week. I personally like the four they had on the Good Day show prior to him coming to Friday morning and really don't see a need for FIVE people on that show. Now, I do like Tony Perkins, but I hope the powers that be don't decide to kick one of the regulars off the couch to accommodate Tony. (2/16/18)

You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can't always take all the ghetto out of the girl. Yamiche Alcindor of PBS's NewsHour still uses the glottal stop when she encounters 'button,' 'Clinton,' and 'Martin:' 'buh' en,' 'Clin'en,' and 'Mar'en,' to name a few. I'm a grammarian, not a racist. -Rick from Manassas (2/16/18)

Let's keep the wogs and piss-heads away from the levers of power, at least to the extent I'm personally affected. I say, if you can't hold court at a pig-roast, you don't have the right to blow the Christian Right. Leave that job to the Evangelicals. -Rick from Manassas (2/16/18)

WNVT/WNVC's channel sharing agreements are in just ahead of the February 22 deadline. Both are leaving the DC market. WNVC (30.1-6) will move its city of license to Culpeper and channel-share with Charlottesville's WHTJ. (fcc.gov) WNVT (30.7-12) will move its COL to Spotsylvania CH and share with Richmond's WCVE-TV. (fcc.gov)... There is no formal contract because all of the stations are commonly-owned, so no details on how much data each station will get. You've got to wonder what's even going to be done with them now since they will certainly be forced to drop subchannels. How relevant is international programming to those two markets, anyway? This leaves WVPY as the last DC-area station that has not yet worked out a channel-share. (2/16/18)

Well now we know where some of the MHz Networks are going. WNVC is sharing with WHTJ Charlottesville, and WNVT is sharing with WCVE Richmond. It looks like only MHz Worldview is going to be shown, at least at this point. Not sure how it will affect cable TV. — BaltoMedia.net (2/16/18)

Could someone on here explains to me the differences between 'Morning Show' radio breaks/segments. I listen to the "98 Rock morning show with JSS" & "WMMR with Preston & Steve" and I am blown away with the quality and content of both morning radio shows. Could someone explain to me why "Preston & Steve" on WMMR is such a better morning radio show...? I luv how they can say many, many things those losers on 98 Rock "JSS" morning show can never say -LOL On "JSS" the only person to listen to is 'Justin'...He knows most current events and understands lots of pop-culture, news & stuff going on in the World. His co-host 'Scott' is an asshole...He is so clueless about News, Current Events & the World, it makes my hair hurt. All Scott does is bitch & complain how awful everything is because he is Stupid! That 'Speigel' is the most stupid so-called news reader I have ever heard... (2/16/18)

Power Problem with WMAL.....there was no power problem with WMAL. They didn't pay their power bill and the power company turned off their power. That could happen to you. Cumulus owns 441 stations and is in bankruptcy. (2/16/18)

I need help with a technical problem. How do I remove Krystal Koons from my tv signal? Regards Biff (2/16/18)

Dave's response: Just Google "Krystal Koons Blocker," download it to a flash drive and install it on your TV. Works wonders.....

Hi Dave, I've been trying to find unscoped airchecks from WGAY 99.5 FM before they switched to oldies in 1999 as well as some from WASH-FM circa 1998-2002. Would you know of anybody that might be able to help me out? Thanks, Stanley (2/16/18)

Dave's response: I have a WGAY one but it's packed away in my storage locker. Back in the "beautiful music" days. I'll try to find it next time I'm out there.....

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The original mid-day man at The Great 98 (WRC) lost his battle with cancer February 15. Johnny Andrews (Klecic) was a true gentleman and a class act! RIP 'ol friend. -skip (2/15/18)

More than a few have given “Gus in the Gaithersburg” grief on this board. However, either he knows his history, or he is good at research. Yes, “Marlena” was the hint as in Marlena Chalmers Cooke, who was twice married to… Jack Kent Cooke. When JKC failed in his application for what eventually became CFTO-TV in Toronto, he followed in his brother David’s footsteps and came to the U.S. However, when he bought KRLA, citizenship (and licensee control) in the licensing process which came to light when some lawyers did some structural and financial research into Oak Knoll Broadcasting, licensee of KRLA-1110 in Pasadena, CA, which was a competitor of RKO General’s KHJ. So, P of the AW came close in that an “RKO Issue” was involved. But, not quite perhaps the way he thought. And, yes LBJ was something of a broadcast owner operator. Among other things, his wife’s “Texas Broadcasting Company” owned 1310 in Fairfax at one time. The LBJ broadcast holdings were highlighted in a 1960 Nixon TV commercial which mentioned the “TV Monopoly” LBJ had in Austin, with KTBC-TV. And, “Marlena” hit #36 on the Hot 100, while “Candy Girl” hit #1. This was fun. Let’s see if someone else can find something else with a Washington and Broadcast connection to allow exercise of the brain. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/15/18)

Is WMAL 620 AM operating from the Germantown Tower Site? Their nighttime signal sounds like it is still coming from the Bethesda site? (2/15/18)

Dave's response: I'm pretty sure they're still running from the old site but I don't think they've changed frequency.....

Former DC sportscaster Warner Wolf of then WTOP fame is suing Don Imus of “Anus in the Morning” fame for, of all things, “age discrimination”. Wolf, who is 80, claims Imus, who is 77, dumped him from his morning radio show, according to The New York Post: “In the suit, Imus is the first one named as a defendant, along with WABC GM Chad Lopez, Cumulus senior VP Mike McVay and WABC program director Craig Schwalb. The claim was filed late Thursday morning, and a copy was obtained by The Post. Wolf’s lawyer, Douglas H. Wigdor, writes, “Imus routinely made inappropriate comments about the Plaintiff’s age, including stating that it was ‘time to put [Mr. Wolf] out to pasture’ and ‘shoot him with an elephant dart gun.’” In 2016, the suit says, Imus replaced Wolf, then 78, because of his age and hired Sid Rosenberg, who was 30 years younger. Wolf claims that Cumulus refused to honor severance for 26 weeks of pay, amounting to $97,500. There seems to be a disagreement between the two parties on whether a deal had been officially consummated.” More about these grumpy old men: nypost.com (2/15/18)

RE: “So let’s get this straight: Cumulus can’t pay their power bills..." It sounds like you don't understand the concept of companies owning companies. "Cumulus" does not receive WMAL's electric bill. You are an idiot. "Closeted Larry O'Connor"? If I say "Closeted Van Jones" does that make his comments less incisive? You are an idiot riding the Carl Grossman highway with your obsession. Gus in the Gaithersburg” Gus, Gus, Gus in “the Gaithersburg”: maybe take your meds and have a cold one or now a hot one at Hank Dietles. Obviously you take Mailbag postings way too seriously when many are made in jest. (2/15/18)

Watching the pairs skating, with the German couple that won (one originally from Ukraine, the other from France), I couldn't help but notice Aljona Savchenk's resemblance to Krystal Koons (they really look alike and their hair has the same type of blonde coloring). Then when the Koons ads came on with Krystal imitating Olympic athletes, the connection was complete, advertising imitating real life. All she had to say was "Kaufe ein Ford bei uns. Vielen Dank". -- Carl in Olney (2/15/18)

RE: Donna Hamilton retirement... This will be the end of an era for Baltimore TV. It'll be interesting to see whether Hamilton will ease herself into retirement. For instance, we could see Hamilton doing her final 11PM newscast in the next couple of weeks, ahead if her last day in May, and WBAL-TV management introduce viewers to her successor. I could easily see Deborah Wiener being a front-runner, as she's got name and face recognition... assuming Baltimore TV viewers like names and faces they know and trust. We'd have to stay tuned on that one. Another interesting TV story I'm hearing... The CW will be bringing back its Sunday prime-time line-up. The CW will be 6 nights a week again, for the first time since 2009, when it went 5 nights a week. The only thing different is that it'll be 8-10PM, instead of traditional 7-10PM. No Saturday prime-time. Tribune and Sinclair are agreeing to this change, along with CBS O&O group CW affliates. It'd be interesting to see half-hour comedies/sitcoms make their return to The CW, instead of focusing so heavily on dramas, and if we could see newly revived incarnation of America's Next Top Model and/or another worthwhile reality-competition shows. Not sure of the chances of The CW acquiring sports programming other major networks may not wish to carry, that could be profitable as well. (2/15/18)

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"So let’s get this straight: Cumulus can’t pay their power bills..." It sounds like you don't understand the concept of companies owning companies. "Cumulus" does not receive WMAL's electric bill. You are an idiot. "Closeted Larry O'Connor"? If I say "Closeted Van Jones" does that make his comments less incisive? You are an idiot riding the Carl Grossman highway with your obsession. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/14/18)

WTOP reports that a Montgomery County icon Hank Dietles (aka “Hank’s on the Pike”) had an early morning fire that nearly destroyed the famous dive bar: wtop.com... Hank’s was well known throughout MOCO as a place you could have a cold beer and play pool and maybe get in a fight and buy a six pack for the ride home. The Washington Post’s Dana Hedgpeth (who wouldn’t be caught dead there) tried to write a story (“The tavern has been described as a “rough-and-tumble” dive bar.”) but had no idea what she was writing about. The comments section to her story quickly turned to an argument about WHFS, whose disk jockeys were known to frequent the bar also known as a cocaine haven back in the 70’s. The Washington Post story: www.washingtonpost.com (2/14/18)

RE: "...have run out of patience with CNN and MSNBC..." -LMAO!!! what frigging rock have you been under in a coma lately friend? CNN and MSNBC have been over the past 8 years nothing but weak-willed sycophants for the(Dear Socialist Leader)Obama regime...and today CNN and MSNBC's only mission is to report any all negative & false & misleading stories about the Trump administration. Heck, CNN and MSNBC readily lie and make up stories to trash Pres. Trump (2/14/18)

RE: “Power Problem For WMAL - 2/13 - Sources tells DCRTV that Cumulus, which currently is filing for bankruptcy protection, didn't get around to paying the power bill for WMAL's 105.9 FM signal. So, Dominion Virginia Power turned off the juice to the news talker's Merrified transmitter on Friday.” Yeah, I noticed that Friday but figured it was the usual WMAL skeletal engineering crew asleep at the wheel. So let’s get this straight: Cumulus can’t pay their power bills but they can pay a bloated millionaire like Dennis Miller to do worthless “Miller Minute” bits? Miller was barely funny when he was a regular on O’Reilly and that old codger Cal Thomas does a similar lame Chris Core like segment for WMAL as does Rush Limbaugh at 5:50AM weekdays: does Cumulus really think local listeners are tuning in for these? If Cumulus keeps these expensive “talents” on their payroll while not paying their bills, fighting bankruptcy and stock devaluation its destined to become a chain of local AM radio stations playing swap meet notices and paid shows like “Hero’s Talk Radio”, “Retirement Radio” and “The Ric Edelman Show” that can be found on WMAL Saturdays and Sundays. Judging by the number of non-profit “Kars for Kids” ads WMAL plays everyday (dozens) along with cheapo “Long Fence” ads, they must be hurting (I never hear McDonalds or other major brands ads on WMAL). And syndicated shows like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin that carry their own ads must cost Cumulus a fortune in lost ad revenue. WMAL may soon go the way of WRC and WAVA, joining them in the ash heap of once profitable radio stations. WMAL’s Vince & that witch Mary, the arrogant Chris Plante and the closeted Larry O’Connor could not possibly command the salary they are getting elsewhere and Cumulus should remind them of that daily: they should be getting DC’s minimum wage which is $15.00 an hour. Bill Hess should offer DCRTVDJDAVE his own show who would gladly do it for minimum wage and food: “Dave TV” could become “Dave Radio”! What say you Dave? (2/14/18)

The Washington Post has finally published an obituary/story on the passing of WMAL “Garden Sense” co-host Jos Roozen by veteran gardening reporter Adrian Higgins: “Jos Roozen decided to launch the show, which was also a vehicle for product sales, after the dominant voice on the radio in Washington, WTOP-AM’s Jack Eden, ended his long-running program. After its debut on WMAL AM 630 in 1999, “Garden Sense” developed a broad fan base of listeners who tuned in to hear Mr. Roozen’s advice on everything from vegetable varieties for wet soil to the importance of selecting the correct springtime crabgrass preventer if a lawn reseeding was in your future. The hour-long show aired at 8 a.m. every Saturday. Mr. Roozen’s tone was always firm but never hectoring and delivered with an attribute other garden show gurus lacked, a smooth Dutch accent that was authoritative and reassuring. “That was part of the magic,” said Rick Fowler, who joined the program as co-host in 2005. Listeners would travel from as far as Alabama and New York to visit Mr. Roozen at his nursery, though he never considered himself a media personality, said Nicholas Roozen, a son. He once took a group of listeners on a spring tour of the bulb fields of Holland, his brother said, where much of the world’s bulbs and cut flowers are raised in broad, flat landscapes of striking spring color. It was a terrain that defined his childhood. Mostly, he was absorbed by running his nursery and cultivating the radio program. Although the show would be rebroadcast later during the weekend in other markets, Mr. Roozen would man his phone back at the nursery so he could personally answer the questions of listeners in cities as far away as Aberdeen, Washington. “We were on for an hour” live, Fowler said. “For most talk shows it would be over. For Jos, it was the beginning of the weekend.” More from Higgins: www.washingtonpost.com (2/14/18)

It is with the greatest of reluctance that I have to give credit to 5 and Newschannel 8 for their coverage of the Ft. Meade shooting in the 9a hour today. 4 went back to Megan Kelly (yechhh!) and 7 went back to Kelly and Whoever (belch), their standard network programming. Poor Andrea Roane had to front that embarrassment on 9, which had about 30 seconds on the Ft. Meade story. 8 had the chopper up and two reporters either there or en route, as did 5. They both had background on the base and history of previous shootings there. Both stayed with the story well into their 9a hour. (2/14/18)

UCS: Please make arrangements for my winner winner chicken dinner. Jack Kent Cooke, like Lyndon Baines "Asian Baby Killer" Johnson was originally a radio guy. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/14/18)

Friends, I have run out patience with CNN and MSNBC. Yesterday, the heads of US intelligence agencies gave the most alarming testimony about Russian interference in the 16 and upcoming 18 elections. Yet, this MOST important topic go no coverage at the beginning of shows last night or this morning. They were fixated on the security clearances in the White House, and the changing timelines. And while that's a story, it is FAR from the most important story in our democracy yesterday and today. I had the same frustrations with the evening news' on CBS and NBC early this week, as well as CNN and MSNBC, which didn't cover the details of the president's budget, which was released early in that day. It's not as if the nets didn't have time to come up with a 90 second story on it. Fortunately, the PBS Newshour has been providing some good content on these topics, but their viewership is infinitesimal compared to the nets and cable news. And while we're all fixated on the idiocy in the White House, regulations and agencies are being gutted by the day, with no notice. Our country and our democracy deserve better. This fixation on this trivia is a waste of their resources and our brain cells. Come on, editors and news directors. Widen the lens, cover the news, and get over this stupid fixation and incessant drum beating and distraction that is coming out of the White House. You've fallen victim to exactly what Steve Bannon has said is this president's strategy: swamp the press with BS with distractions and tweets while the real work goes unnoticed. (2/14/18)

(regarding the mystery name UCS asked about) I'll try. Was the wife's name Marlena? That was the B Side minor hit (#36) of the A Side, Candy Girl, in 1963. (2/14/18)

Has anyone seen or heard how WUSA9's new morning show at 6 am is doing? (2/14/18)

SMH. Cumulus is skipping its electric bill? How very third world. What's next, employees running to the bank on payday? Sell the properties and get out of the business, if this is the best you can do. Bill Worthington (2/14/18)

Would it be the flip side of Candy Girl, Marlena? I'm pretty sure it charted as well. (2/14/18)

Veteran Baltimore television news anchor Donna Hamilton will retire on May 23, concluding a 22-year career at WBAL-TV, according to a news release the station posted this morning on Twitter. (2/14/18)

Was the nearly 60-year-old Four Seasons song you're belaboring possibly called "Climb In The Box And Die Gramps Because Nobody Gives A Shit"? (2/14/18)

"Dawn" // John the tone deaf engineer (2/14/18)

UCS, I’m afraid we could be boring everybody else with this quiz, but I’ll give it one more shot. Are you alluding to an RKO issue? -P of the AW (2/14/18)

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\/ February 13 Messages \/

I think it may have been a misstep for Fox 5 to replace Tony Perkins with an anchor who has the worst puker delivery in the midst of the worst flu epidemic in years (2/13/18)

P of the AW… nope. Not “Sherry”. Note I said a “minor” hit. Sherry hit #1, IIRC. The Four Seasons hit with the title shared with the name of the wife of the majority owner of a broadcast licensee who had a D.C. area connection and had a revoked license in another market was the “B” side of another, bigger hit for the group. Let’s see if anyone else is interested. This is from an era when radio was really something special. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/13/18)

WDVM (formerly WHAG) airs The Doctors weekdays at 4pm. Available through over the air channel 25, FIOS channel 531, Dish Network channel 25, and Comcast channel 811. (2/13/18)

BREAKING NEWS: From PyrongChang, South Korea, comes word this afternoon that alleged news radio 1090's Anne Kramer has won gold in the speed reading competition. Wycoff is in the stands screaming with excitement in a live report. (2/13/18)

UCS, I’m not giving up yet. Somebody’s wife who shared the name of a Four Seasons hit? Sherry? Am I warm? -P of the AW. (2/13/18)

To the guy who's always asking, "What's going to happen when iHeart files for bankruptcy?" ... here's your answer: www.sec.gov... Doesn't look like the moon is going to swing back towards earth and hit us in the ass after all. (2/13/18)

RE: “Today on Fox 45 morning news - I heard the traffic guy who drives around town and does his reports from an SUV - call Joppatowne - JEWpatowne. And it was without irony. ”... Did someone on DCRTV dare to criticize Mondy The Sea Monster on WBFF 45? How dare you?! I’m sure it was an inside joke and not antisemitic. How many Jews could there even be in Joppatowne? Maybe you should get a Emotional Support Hamster and try to fly out of BWI? (2/13/18)

I posted last week that WJLA news at noon is an hour and couldn't find Who Wants To Be A Millionaire a poster said it was on after Nightline like 1:05 AM they sure have weird times for programs in the DC market WJLA already begins its evening news at 4PM its overkill with local news. in Baltimore and NYC Where I grew up you can get King of Queens repeats on local channels why not here? We did several years ago on CH 20 Also my sister likes The Doctors used to air here no more I see its on WMAR in Baltimore I guess its business obviously these shows didn't perform well in the DC market.But putting a syndicated game show like Millionare that late doesn't make sense. (2/13/18)

Mail Baggers who are fans of Frank Ski might like reading the Atlanta Journal Constitution account of his first day back on the air Monday at this link... radiotvtalk.blog.ajc.com (2/13/18)

The COL of 99.1 and 107.9 FM have both been changed for several years away from Annapolis to Bowie & College Park respectively in order to put both stations within the DC radio market officially. 99.1’s transmitter was even moved closer to Bowie. But 107.9 FM is still on the old WHFS 99.1 tower. 107.9 already has a directional null to the northwest, so they cannot really move any further in that direction. (2/13/18)

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REF: [Fox45 traffic dude] A few weekends ago he was describing traffic conditions and was about to go under an overpass, calling it a "big ass bridge." The anchor chuckled and quickly moved on. They, like alleged news radio 1090 and their morning sports dude with his "dubb-ya" bullshit, think these local yahoos attract listeners with their redneck nonsense. Sadly, they're tanking the stations. (2/12/18)

When "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" began its 16th season this past September, ABC 7 ran the show at 12:30 pm and after "Nightline at approximately 1:07 am. Now that ABC 7's noon newscast has expanded to an hour, the 12:30 showing of "Millionaire" is history, but they still kept the showing after "Nightline." In this slot, they run 2 back-to-back episodes, the first being a new one in the majority of cases, and the second a repeat of a previously aired episode. If you can't stay up late to watch it, do what I do and DVR it. Andrew Fauver (2/12/18)

So WTTG began their 4am newscast this morning with some new graphics that had horns and whistles. Guess the purpose was to wake the viewing audience up with a bang?? (2/12/18)

Once again, it looks like the CPB is in President Trump's Crosshairs- current.org... The current budget proposal reduces funding for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting to 15 million so that the CPB can begin an orderly shutdown. (2/12/18)

WMAL talker, best-selling author and conservative pit bull (not to demean pit bulls) Mark Levin announced on his Monday show more details on when his Fox News Channel program, “Life, Liberty and Levin” premiers: Sunday, February 25th at 10:00PM EST. Levin’s nationally syndicated weeknight radio program “The Mark Levin Show” airs fifteen hours a week, his weeknight CRTV Network “Levin TV” airs five hours a week, and his Sunday FNC show will be an hour, so that’s 21 hours a week of Levin if you can stand it: www.marklevinshow.com (2/12/18)

When did 99.9 change its COL? (2/12/18)

P of the AW: Sorry, you're wrong. One big hint: His wife shared her name with the title of a minor hit by The Four Seasons. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/12/18)

Today on Fox 45 morning news - I heard the traffic guy who drives around town and does his reports from an SUV - call Joppatowne - JEWpatowne. And it was without irony. (2/12/18)

This will start happening soon in the 600MHz band. Harford County’s WWDD-LP TV, a Daystar religious station, has been notified that T-Mobile intends to start testing mobile services on channel 49 in Maryland. So it’s likely, many unprotected LPTVs will be forced to scramble sooner rather than later and apply for other replacement channels. No window for LPTVs has been opened, but if a mobile company contacts a station directly, they are required to comply within reason.WWDD-LP has applied for channel 24 as a result, same as WDPB PBS in Delaware, but not sure there’s any conflict there. (2/12/18)

[Re: "(Entercom's) least profitable station in DC is 107.9... Today, we say “free cash flow” to indicate a liquid asset.] Of course we do. In fact, there is an acquaintance of "stock quote guy" - you may know him as "iHeart's 99.9 FM/Fredericksburg in the Aloha Trust" guy. He's been shouting from the Mailbag rooftops about how iHeart has been wavering from finding a buyer for the station, all the while enjoying the cash flow from 99.9 for years. - Sincerely, Rachel's Arm Fat (2/12/18)

What happened to Sheila Quinn on WGRQ radio in Fredericksburg? Haven't heard her on the air lately. Pennie Wack is great! (2/12/18)

Yes, WFSI 860 AM has a pilot light signal at night. Thanks for the heads up on the FCC cleaning up incorrect data. Hopefully they’ll work on the list of silent AM stations next. That list is completely out of date and erroneous. I used to live within sight of the AM 860 towers, could see all 3 from my house even. To the northeast at my house very close, the AM radio would not pick up the signal well. Canada would bleed in. No one in Towson could possibly get the station nor Owings Mills. To the south & southwest though, it probably does well just on 65 watts on 860 AM. As for WILC 900, changing their signal towards Baltimore would be difficult, but towards the Delmarva Latinos doable, mostly in Delaware. I’m not sure it’s worth the money though, but the night time clearance is there. I think AM 900 in Delaware is also running a Latino format, so listeners probably would not be that offended. They could possibly even make a deal to co-market. And thanks for the W238BY 95.5 FM tip about not translating an HD radio station. I checked that out too. Thanks for the info. Gotta love an FCC APPROVED PIRATE RADIO STATION! :-) (2/12/18)

My message to WAMU today: Sunday morning following the 9a NPR news -- which went the full 5 minutes -- we heard 25 seconds of promo, and then "it's 50 degrees and raining." There have been many times when it's just promo, apparently live, and no weather at all. This morning, there was nothing about the flood warnings and watches, the roads closed by high water, or the police advisories about travel. At the very least, that :30 window should have been fully devoted to the weather, but even better, how about taking just the first 3 minutes of NPR and then do some local news and a real weather forecast. You appear to have someone live in the studio already. Please put them to use for your listeners with news that we need. (2/12/18)

Mailbaggers must have missed this last week. There are multiple media reports saying Frank Ski is coming back to radio in Atlanta. Here's a link to one report... radiotvtalk.blog.ajc.com (2/12/18)

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\/ February 11 Messages \/

WJFK’s Craig Hoffman and WJLA’s Erin Hawksworth (“Hoffman & Hawksworth Show”) kicked off their first official show Sunday morning between 9:00AM and Noon with Hawksworth’s deep, hearty laugh throughout as Hoffman’s sidekick. Hawksworth plugged her upcoming WJLA Sports segments and took numerous calls from horny men telling her she’s hot, which she is but this is radio, so who cares? WJFK’s announcement of the show: washington.cbslocal.com (2/11/18)

WMAL’s Rick Fowler led a beautiful tribute show in lieu of “Garden Sense” Saturday morning just after his “Saturday Morning Update” that featured the family & friends of the late Jos Roozen. Fowler’s voice began to crack as the program concluded when he spoke of his friend and “Garden Sense” partner of nearly two decades and dozens & dozens of listeners have already posted condolences on the Lee Funeral Home Tribute Wall for Roozen: www.leefuneralhomes.com The Visitation is 6:00 to 8:00PM Thursday, February 15th and the Funeral is 10:00AM Friday, February 16th, both at the Lee Funeral Home, 6633 Old Alexandria Ferry Road in Clinton. The Washington Post obituary: legacy.com (2/11/18)

As of 02/10/18, DIRECTV has pulled the plug on SonicTap after 8 years & has replaced its audio music channels with those of Music Choice. As you will recall, the satellite television provider now owned by AT&T originally had Music Choice until November 2005, when it switched to XM Satellite Radio (now Sirius XM), which in turn, was replaced was replaced with SonicTap in February 2010. (2/11/18)

First, my apologies to Family Radio. The FCC cleaned up the medium wave (AM) data base and indeed, WFSI 860 Baltimore does have a 60-watt nighttime permit. Just of enough wattage to annoyingly wipeout Radio Canada from Toronto, the CBC French-language station. Thud! Crash! The sounds your heard are the collapsing prices of the AM-only facilities in the DCRTV coverage area. With WILC recently being sold for $700K I doubt that $2M for the mystery Baltimore AM property can hold up unless it comes with some greenfields land. Diplexing represents a solution that might not always work - stations typically need at least 125kHz separation and even then spurs/harmonics really become issues. (One vendor, Kintronics, say the can diplex down to 70kHz with additional filtering.). I hope Radio America (WILC) does chose to re-engineer their AM coverage, increasing their easterly footprint for growing Hispanic populations in Baltimore and the surrounding counties. (Oh yes, WILC AM 900 has long ago consolidated those studios to WACA Wheaton. Any Laurel physical footprint other than the transmitter site is an administrative leftover.) Remember, most low-wattage FM translators serve just to fool advertisers into thinking they're making an FM airtime buy. 10 watts here, 2 watts there just does not work with today's lowcost IC-based FM receivers on the crowded FM dial. TK in Odenton (2/11/18)

I consider the quality CBS hourly a driver in my listening decisions. Instead of seeking-out WTOP at the top of the hour, I now wait for NPR at :01 or get the CBS hourly on demand through the "hourly news" app on my iPhone. As a result, I am exposed much less to WTOP content or sponsors. Another reason not to listen to traditional radio. Seems short sighted. (2/11/18)

When are people going to realize that The Washington Post is just Jeff Bezos’s personal blog? He hired the 100 people to go after Trump right after he bought the newspaper. He doesn’t care about the truth. He sees Sinclair as a threat to The Post. Even the NY TIMES is out-scooping them on the 2016 Election stories now. When he instituted “Democracy in Darkness”, Bezos meant THE MEDIA too. Telling a GM to support your TV station as being an FCC violation is just sheer Trump Dementia. As I told my cousin before he had to be hospitalized, “You realize you’re gonna get sick right?” Sure enough, he was hospitalized right after the election for an undisclosed illness. When will the madness end? (2/11/18)

OK, UCS, I’ll bite. Could the license challenge issue from long ago that you cited be the infamous WHDH-to-WCVB TV thing up in Boston? And could the local connection be that Harry Ockershausen represented one side in the legal battle? Andy O. explained that unusual ownership train wreck in one of his recent “Our Town” podcasts. Maybe the one featuring Bob Ryan? Fascinating. For more, go to OurTownDC.com. -P of the AW (2/11/18)

Per WRNR vs The Translator.....Sometime in the last 10-15 years there was a 'roving' translator in the NYC area....new physical and frequency changes. One change resulted from interfering with a station in Asbury Park, NJ. While the translator was beyond the station's service contour, the station was listened to in the NYC area. The translator went quiet until after the next move. (2/11/18)

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The Washington Post is reporting that Sinclair Broadcast Group has a political action committee (aka PAC) to lobby the FCC on deregulation policy: “The nation’s largest TV station owner is gearing up to fight for deregulation, and it wants some of its own newsroom managers to join the effort. Sinclair Broadcast Group is asking its executives — including the news directors at its many stations — to contribute to its political action committee, a move that journalism ethics experts say is highly unusual and troubling. “Please take the time to evaluate the importance that the Sinclair PAC can have towards benefiting our company and the needs of the industry as a whole,” reads an employee solicitation letter from David Amy, the vice chairman of Sinclair and chairman of its political-action committee.” Conceivably, Ajit Pai should he decide to run for elected office as he is being urged by Republicans, could receive money from the PAC. Paul Farhi explains: www.washingtonpost.com (2/10/18)

A couple of things on this beautiful Saturday morning… Despite being a radio purist at heart, I can somewhat understand why WTOP dropped CBS and went with ABC because of a “business decision”. It goes back to what I said earlier about radio being a business. If going with ABC improves the bottom line, then the bean counters at Hubbard will be happier. However, an “audience be damned” attitude can only go so far before the bottom line is affected. Problem is “mid-course correction” in this business is sort of like trying to turn an aircraft carrier on a dime. Second problem is that in American business you never, ever admit that you’ve made a mistake. Let alone correct it! It just does not happen! If WTOP were to go back to CBS, would be the case. And if it did, I wouldn’t be surprised if some “suits” at WTOP or Hubbard were suddenly receiving “career rewards” (demotions or lateral transfers, at best) elsewhere within Hubbard, taking a “well-earned early retirement”, or would be “pursuing other career opportunities” outside of the company. Because I’m not going tell a non-client how to run their business, I will only say that I’ve already seen some trends since the change to ABC that perhaps have been noticed at Hubbard. Or, perhaps not. Where WTOP has a unique advantage in this “de-contenting” is that there’s no viable competitor. With their questionable financial viability, I don’t Cumulus having the bucks to build a full-time news department at WMAL. And, unlike a music format station, there’s no direct audience erosion to non-ad supported media like an iPod, SD card reader, smartphone, or CD. And, although Sirius/XM has news products, they cannot be considered as competitive replacements for WTOP. Finally, for the person who wants an alternative FM station in D.C., there is a solution: Get some friends together… OK, some very rich friends together, buy an existing radio station, and change the format! Until such a transaction takes place, just like Generalissmo Francisco of Spain, WHFS is still dead. BTW, with the sole exception of WHUR-FM, I don’t know of a single station in the market that wouldn’t be available for sale at the “right” price. Either Radio or TV, for that matter. Of course, to have the sale approved by the FCC you’d have to meet their usual licensing qualifications. And, even those are often ignored unless someone else wants the facility badly enough and can raise a public stink about any possible disqualification with the FCC. This has happened. I know of one very prominent case out of my past involving a top-billing competitor. Let’s see if anyone here can figure out who it was. No prizes. And, only one hint: There’s a local connection. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/10/18)

People there tell me it didn’t go unnoticed in the WTOP newsroom that, on the eve of the latest government shutdown, their new network sent its White House reporter(!) to Philly to cover the Eagles parade. The shell game that net plays with small-market affils isn’t working on Idaho Ave. Buyers’ remorse is sinking in. (2/10/18)

The person defending Family Radio’s WBMD 103.1 Baltimore signal makes some very valid points, but left out one simple thing. Empire is willing to sue for lost revenue, as it can prove that they have actual paying advertisers and their listeners in the Baltimore market. How much money is Family Radio willing to spend in legal bills to fight for the right to the FM? Will it still be valuable to them when the dust settles? The attitude I get from Empire is, “Hey, I’ll either stop it or buy or sue the fuckers out!” Empire has meticulously collected a list of Baltimore listeners and advertisers serving them and will do the same thing in DC most likely. Either way, it should be interesting. FM translators have no protections from full service FMs. It works the other way around. The translators have to prove they do not impact any full service station. I’m not so sure the FCC is going to restrict that to just Grasonville. They're going to look at listener complaints and that will be the judge. My prediction is that a lawsuit will continue, but the FCC might approve the translator, but the very first listener complaint will take Family Radio’s 103.1 off the air indefinitely. (2/10/18)

/\ February 10 Messages /\

\/ February 9 Messages \/

If you pull up WRNR 103.1’s signal plot, Baltimore is only partly in fringe coverage, and even less of DC is. So as far as the FCC is concerned, WRNR doesn’t have a solid signal over Baltimore or DC and therefore both markets qualify for such a translator. However, none of this takes into account the vast Chesapeake Bay, which is in between DC/Baltimore & Grasonville. It causes an unusual propagation circumstance that enhances WRNR’s signal far beyond its stated specs. So yes, the FCC could drive around Baltimore and hear that you can get WRNR around most of the market, but on paper, they do not see that except through actual listener complaints, which is why WRNR immediately tried to seek out such complaints ahead of time. WRNR comes in fairly clearly in downtown Baltimore. Only, out in Catonsville or west of there, does WAFY 103.1 start to bleed in. The terrain simply doesn’t help Key 103.1 hit Baltimore very well. (2/9/18)

Cumulus......the bankruptcy court in New York gave their OK today for incentive bonuses to Cumulus employees. Their stock is down to 9 cents per share. I would think they are lucky to still have jobs. Would you blame the owners for the condition that the company is in now? As one previous poster said "their massive debt is the demon". Will they ever pay back their $2 Billion Debt? (2/9/18)

The job of the FCC is not to preserve the broadcast signal of existing stations, regardless of their location. The job of the FCC is to permit stations to broadcast to communities. Thus the person who wrote "WRNR covers Baltimore pretty well. How is it that anyone from “Family Radio” can’t see that, well, there’s already a station on 103.1. I can even get WRNR up 83 a few exits fairly well. If someone from the FCC would just go there with a radio, this whole thing would be over" doesn't seem to understand the way things work. The FCC doesn't need to drive anywhere. If they decide a 103.1 in Baltimore or DC won't interfere with the community WRNR was licensed to serve, they'll allow it. And everyone with a brain knows WRNR wasn't licensed to serve DC or Baltimore. The fact that they can be heard in parts of Baltimore is a bonus for them, not an entitlement. (2/9/18)

Charles and Amy and Craig done mess up. Make no mistake: CBS blew it with WTOP. Besides, nobody - except some radio dweebs - cares. (2/9/18)

I gave ABC Radio news a solid chance, but I have concluded that they're not as good as CBS. Part of it is stylistic. The anchors and reporters pretty much all sound like they just had 14 shots of espresso. Also, the content is weak tea. They don't have their own reporters. It's repetitive. And they always seem a half-step behind. To make matters worse, WTOP continues to have trouble adapting. They frequently clip network spots when ABC newscasts are over. WTOP should -- and I predict will -- go back to CBS Radio News. The sooner, the better. (2/9/18)

I’m amazed that the 103.1 Baltimore translator thing is even an option, let alone the applicant is trying to stop WRNR’s “petition to deny” based on tweaking the proposed translator’s signal. I drive through Baltimore a lot and I get WRNR pretty clear from the stadiums to the zoo, one side to the other. The only places that WRNR gets wiped is around TV Hill due to the stations on that tower bleeding over everything, and on 695 up by Reisterstown Road for a mile or so due to the tower there wiping several stations off the dial. Other than those two small areas, WRNR covers Baltimore pretty well. How is it that anyone from “Family Radio” can’t see that, well, there’s already a station on 103.1. I can even get WRNR up 83 a few exits fairly well. If someone from the FCC would just go there with a radio, this whole thing would be over. (2/9/18)

Turned on CH7 WJLA Friday saw the news at noon was on at 12:50 PM guess they expanded it to an hour my OTA guide listed it running to 1PM don't know where and when Who Wants To Be a Millionaire which was airing at 12:30 PM is now. (2/9/18)

There are actually quite a few silent stations across the country. https://www.fcc.gov/media/radio/silent-am-list fcc.gov... Of course, these are only the stations that the commission knows are dark as reported. (2/9/18)

RE: WRZB-LD & Decades. WRZB is not protected in the TV repack and the channel has been given to WBOC on channel 32 from 21. As a result, WRZB will lose the channel unless it re-files for a different signal plot on channel 32 or another channel. WRZB has 2 signal overlaps over land with the proposed and approved WBOC signal on 32, on Kent Island and Prince Frederick, MD. Those two overlaps will disqualify WRZB-LD to keep the channel as it is currently. — BaltoMedia.net (2/9/18)

The two DC area apps for the 103.1 translator could get very interesting, since they are mutually exclusive. This means they will have to be resolved during the FCC mandated settlement period (yet to be announced) or go to Auction 100. So basically one buys out the other or bids for it in an auction, because a technical resolution (lower power or directional antennas) are pretty much impossible. It will be curious to see how much they are willing to spend on a low powered application that will most likely draw one or multiple "petitions to deny" from the three obvious co- channels. They will also have to request the "Living Way waiver" for the second adjacent 103.5, that could also be contested, so there are several potential "flies in the ointment" on this one. Should be interesting to watch this unfold. (2/9/18)

Re: “I know the quality of WTOP's broadcast has fallen off a cliff lately...” Tell me about it. I haven’t listened regularly since they stopped carrying CBS. Their local news has never really impressed me, and traffic always sucks... so who needs the constant reminder? Waze has incidents first anyway. WTOP lost me Jan 1. (2/9/18)

Not only WGOP AM 540, but Birach Broadcasting has filed for FM translators for several of its AM radio stations that are NOT EVEN ON THE AIR. I found at least 3. KOLE, the Port Arthur, TX one is very funny because the Larry’s Liquor Store and Chinese & Mexican restaurants are open, but guess what? Birach didn’t get flooded at all from the Houston storm. Somebody just bought the land and tore the damn tower down! I’m not sure what the problems are at the others, but clearly false statements have been given to the FCC. I cannot file a complaint against KOLE AM 1340 as I'm nowhere near it, but Google Maps shows there’s no tower there anytime recently, with or without flooding! My estimate is that Birach has more than 8 radio stations silent right now, and about a half dozen construction permits for huge costly upgrades that will never happen, one of them being WDMV AM 700. But guess what? The FCC will probably approve all the FMs! And if it couldn’t get any better, there’s still this website claiming that someone doesn’t even own the stations! HAHA! www,birach.com... And finally, here’s another thing about the FCC. Do a CDBS search for Licensed and Silent stations in the US or unknown status. The FCC will say THERE ARE NONE IN AMERICA! Even though you can individually find them. That means, they don’t even want you to know how man AM radio stations are silent in the country! (2/9/18)

Now through the end of March, you may nominate people for inclusion in the National Radio Hall of fame. Nominations can be by local/regional or network personalities, current or longstanding personalities, and music or spoken word radio personalities. Go to www.radiohof.org and click on the "nominate" tab. DC inductees to date include Tony Roberts, Ed Walker, Carl Kasell, Bob Edwards and Jim Bohannon., Induction is this November in New York City. (2/9/18)

Sorry to read about the passing of Jos Roozen. I enjoyed listening to his very informative show almost every Saturday morning during the season- as he always had great information and tips that I often incorporated from time to time when helping our clients with their lawn care needs. His heavy Irish (I think) accent and great sound advice and tips will be missed. God speed- Finn, Pineapple Landscaping LLC (2/9/18)

I know that a lot of DCRTV readers don't own a single share of stock and could care less what happens to the stock market. For those of us in the broadcasting business who have invested in the market and media stocks we do care. The market plunged down another 500 points today. We all hate to lose money. iHeart is down to 47 cents per share, Cumulus is in bankruptcy and down again.(2/9/18)

Cumulus stock is down today at just 9 cents per share. Soon the stock will be worth nothing. This really hurts those who invested in Cumulus. I don't see how they will ever be able to pay back their $2 Billion in debt. (2/9/18)

WJMA 103.1 has a protection null towards Frederick’s WAFY Key 103.1. The Falls Church WMET 103.1 should really anger them since it’s between the two of them. I don’t know for sure, but from what I’m reading, WRNR is going to file a petition to deny against 1 or both DC area 103.1 FMs also. Also, in Baltimore, Family Stations has filed a response to Empire Broadcasting’s WRNR 103.1’s Petition to Deny. Family Stations’s WBMD has requested a delay on any action on 103.1 FM in Baltimore until such time as WBMD can file an amendment to its application, presumably to resolve the interference complaint. Here is the FCC filing… fcc.gov (2/9/18)

Washington City Paper update: The box at the corner of Wilson Blvd. and Randolph St. in North Arlington was stocked with the new issue this afternoon - the second week in a row that the box has been filled on Thursday afternoon, as was the case for decades until a breakdown in delivery the past couple of years. Bravo! (2/9/18)

"Does anyone know if WRZB ever progressed beyond the testing phase? (2/7/18)." WRZB-LD is on the air (RF32, Virtual 31) from the Nebraska Ave NBC tower. 31.1 Escape... 31.2 Laff... 31.3 HSN2... 31.4 ShopLC... 31.5 Decades... All 480i (2/9/18)

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\/ February 8 Messages \/

RE: Entercom’s Alt….WHO CARES? Look folks, the alt format no matter who picks it up is going to be a mainstream alternative format. You won’t get say a progressive-alternative format which was HFS before they went mainstream alternative in the 90s. DC already has a alt outlet: DC 101 and honestly it wouldn’t matter if iHeart switched Big 100.3 to a 50’s-60’s oldies outlet and turned DC 101 back into a mainstream rock format with Entercom bringing back HFS…the ratings for a alternative station aren’t great. Elliot brings in ratings for his audience…but you can’t justify a second alternative station or trying to resurrect HFS if you just deal with a mainstream audience all on it’s own. For the person thinking just put it on 107.9….no can do. It’s the highest rated Hispanic station and also is a good revenue maker as well for Entercom. Just stop the obsession already….DC is a solid market for radio and especially on FM…but it won’t keep two alternative outlets. Dan (2/8/18)

the call letters for 103.1 culpepper are WJMA (2/8/18)

The final window for new translators closed on 1/31/18. There are 845 standalone applications that are eligible for new translators to go with AM Stations. When all of these new translators get on the air the FM Band is going to be very crowded. Let's hope that they will really help the AM Stations. Will Nielsen find a way to measure the audience of these translators? (2/8/18)

I know the quality of WTOP's broadcast has fallen off a cliff lately, but is their website dying too? I went to check it out the last two days and it won't load. Maybe they're revising that crappy non-intuitive format from the early aughts? As for their "news"....as long as they have Hillary Howard cackling her way in and out of stories I can't take them seriously. She wasn't bad on TV, but man oh man is she a trainwreck on radio. (2/8/18)

Your daily "Imus in the Morning" update: Don Imus is out sick again. He texted Bernie at 1 a.m. to say he wouldn't be doing the show. (2/8/18)

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\/ February 7 Messages \/

The FCC got back to me about WGOP AM 540 not being on the air. They requested more specifics on how long they’ve been off the air. From my checks, I figure they’ve been off the air since early December and were off the air in September too. It seems to me, that would require a Special Temporary Authority filing or some notice to the FCC. If I’m picking up WLIE AM 540 from Long Island easily during the day south of Berlin, MD, how could they possibly be on the air? And to add insult to injury, they’re applying for an FM translator! (2/7/18)

Re: Entercom's alternative format: "Rumor has it that the next market that will change to this format is DC. (11/30/17)...We hear rumors that Entercom is going to put their Alternative Rock Format in DC.(12/5/17)... We hear that Entercom will bring their Alternative Rock Format to DC. (12/24/17)... We hear the next market for this format will be DC. Which station will they put it on? It will probably be on 107.9, their lowest rated station. (12/27/17)... There were rumors that they were going to bring it back to DC. (1/16/18)... We heard that Entercom might bring back this format on one of their stations in DC.(1/2918)... Is Entercom going to put their alternative-rock format in DC? (2/7/18)" Please STFU, you annoying twit! (2/7/18)

The excuse that Fox Television Stations is using for a further extension of WDCA 20 turning in its channel is not any technical reason or necessary delay. The only reason they gave is the possible loss of sub-channel networks, which is tantamount to claiming financial hardship. They also cite that being a Stage 4 repack, WTTG/WDCA delays no other repack transition situation or mobile usage. Many channels have filed for 90 day extensions, but I didn’t know the FCC would even entertain a 2nd extension. I wonder if MHz Networks will file a similar such situation. However, in their case, other TV stations have filed for their channels. So they are clearly holding things up. (2/7/18)

RE: LA Times sold to billionaire. I wish someone would buy The Baltimore Sun and rescue it from Tronc, which is clearly a dying business model. With the FCC dropping the TV ownership barrier for newspapers soon, this would be the perfect time for someone to buy The Baltimore Sun and WMAR TV 2 and combine the two fledgling news organizations. Might lend some credibility to both. With WMAR routinely being 4th watched news in the Baltimore market, I see no reason why the new FCC would not allow this. Would Bezos be interested in a TV station in DC for The Washington Post to be involved with via ownership? Food for thought. (2/7/18)

I was checking the Decades TV affiliate list and noticed that they list a DC affiliate: WRZB-LD (channel 31.4). Not listed on the DCRTV station list and last chatter in the Mailbag is from June 2017 when they were testing. The RabbitEars web site seems to indicate they are on the air and the signal should be receivable via outdoor antenna well into Fauquier and Loudoun Counties. Laff and Escape also list WRZB as an affiliate. I'm not getting anything in Springfield. No web site for the station or the owner either. Does anyone know if WRZB ever progressed beyond the testing phase? (2/7/18)

Anonymous prior poster says of Entercom, “… Their least profitable station in DC is 107.9…” How quaint. The use of a term that vanished with the 20th century. Today, we say “free cash flow” to indicate a liquid asset. Particularly in a business where, traditionally little actual cash really changes hands. As for 107.9, it has not just a loyal and dedicated existing client base providing not only free cash flow, but it is growing. Changing to your suggested format would risk that asset and involve challenging two successful legacy stations (with superior signals) that have aired that format for decades. In other words, just like Generalissmo Francisco Franco, WHFS is still dead. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/7/18)

RE: "The new FCC Budget is $322 Million. The good news is that it does not cost the taxpayers anything. " Ummm I'm going to venture a guess that all the FCC employees are federal employees and get a lifetime federal pension once they've put in their time. And buildings and equipment are under GSA control. Taxpayers are probably paying out the wazoo and then some. There's no such thing as a free lunch. (2/7/18)

Elon Musk Wins (jacobsmedia.com) Hey Radio, are you paying attention?? (2/7/18)

Good News. There are 800 Class A FM Stations that are eligible to upgrade to Class C4 and increase their power to 12,000 Watts. With all the new LPFM Stations and Translators, the FM Band is going to be very crowded. (2/7/18)

WBAL 1090 radio’s 101.5 signal W268BA FM has filed a Remain Silent application, presumably to install the transmitter atop the TV Hill candelabra tower. Expect WBAL 101.5 FM to be on the air soon. It will have a very poor signal to the north, but will fill in the night time nulls to the west. (2/7/18)

FCC Chairman is backing a new class of FM Station. It would permit Class A FM Stations to increase their power to 12,000 Watts at 328 ft HAAT. The maximum power now for a Class A Station is 6,000 Watts. This is good news for Class A Stations. (2/7/18)

The new FCC Budget is $322 Million. The good news is that it does not cost the taxpayers anything. Who pays this $322 Million? It is charged to the broadcasters. The FCC charges the stations an annual "Regulatory Fee". This is the only industry that must pay to regulate itself. It is "self-funding". (2/7/18)

Is Entercom going to put their alternative-rock format in DC? They have recently put this format in several other markets. It is a profitable format for them. Their least profitable station in DC is 107.9. (2/7/18)

"After all, this isn’t the DCRTV&Newspaper site. " The front page disagrees with you: "radio/tv/media news". But this raises an interesting moral question: Is it wrong to wish BOTH elephantiasis and leprosy on the stock quote guy? The one who doesn't get that the radio stocks he's so obsessed with aren't part of the Dow Jones or S&P 500, which is what people mean when they talk about "the market" and haven't really changed that much and never do? " What are the specific sources of information for your conclusions? " " I can't imagine someone sitting at home at night listening to FM or AM." Don't you READ? HE CAN'T IMAGINE!! Case closed, settled science. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/7/18)

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\/ February 6 Messages \/

“The Young Sound”??? Arf!!! One of CBS Radio’s not so great ideas. Yes, I remember it on WTOP-FM when it wasn’t simulecasting the AM. The “legal” ID for the FM when all news was simply “WTOP with FM, Washington”. Pretty bad. When Post Newsweek gave WTOP-FM to Howard University, Virginia Congressman Joel T. Broyhill (R) gave an opposing “viewpoint” to the WTOP-TV editorial where the donation was announced. It was a classic! One point in the editorial was that WTOP-FM was failing to meet its “business goals”. Congressman Broyhill refuted that argument saying that WTOP-FM should be viewed as an investment because of “ the superior quality of the FM radio signal”. He went on to predict that the day would come when FM stations would dominate AM stations in Washington, and FM stations here would become more valuable than even Washington’s most powerful AM station, WTOP-AM.” Oh well… “The Young Sound” wasn’t the only full-blown baddie of “FM Formats” back in the day. Another one (which I believe WTOP-FM also carried at one time) was “Music Till Dawn”, which IIRC, was a product of American Airlines. The music would’ve fit in with Bob Chandler of WGAY-FM or Bob Davis of WGMS-FM as it carried a lot of show tunes. However the worst of them all, IMHO, was the infamous “Holiday Inn Nighttime”, produced by the Holiday Inn motel chain and hosted by Dolly Holiday. “Dolly” was on a mix of 1-A clears and some regional stations. In the east, WBT was probably the most important affiliate with KFBK having similar “honors” out west. In a way it’s sad that I never bothered recording “Dolly”. You always think that crap radio will be around forever. That is, until it isn’t… -Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/6/18)

it looks like WDCA filed fora second 90 Day extension before channel sharing with WTTG enterpriseefiling.fcc.gov (2/6/18)

The sad state of The Washington Post is that they are actually disputing the facts in the FBI/FISA memo that the FBI & DOJ are NOT disputing. The FBI & DOJ just don’t want those facts released. The Washington Post now supports conspiracy and secret police and a lack of transparency. The Post is actually making the same argument that Nixon did! That National Security will be harmed! HAHA! Will they object so fiercely to the Democrat memo? I bet not. This is why the newspaper is no longer a newspaper, but a blog. (2/6/18)

Thank you Jimmy Mathis for deciding to run for office. Hopefully this means WBAL will now pull this marble-mouthed blowhard from their airwaves. Not a good talk show host. Failed candidate in the past. Failed candidate in the future. And if I'm not mistaken, isn't the seat he's running for the one currently filled by that other blowhard, Jim Brochin -- the democrat state senator who appears ad nauseum on the station. What hypocrisy. (2/6/18)

On Monday, Steve Czaban reported on his Czabecast podcast that 980 dropped the ESPN name because ESPN wanted $50k / year to label the station 'espn 980' (2/6/18)

Sorry to hear about the passing of Jack Gale. I only met him once, when we had a Radio Reunion Weekend at WYST-1010 am in Baltimore, but he was a cheerful, uplifting guy to be around, and it was a pleasure meeting and talking with him. For your readers who would like to hear Jack from his days at Big WAYS in Charlotte, visit Dale Patterson’s www.rockradioscrapbook.com, click on 1960s Airchecks, and go to 1969. Best regards, Dan O’Neil, WNAV Annapolis (2/6/18)

The Young Sound was also heard locally via WTOP-FM. Here's an item about it from Broadcasting magazine, July 31, 1967. In December 1971, the license of the station was either given or sold for a nominal amout, by the Washington Post to Howard University and became WHUR-FM. www.americanradiohistory.com (2/6/18)

When the stock market took a plunge, it also hurt the Broadcasting Stocks. Cumulus at 26 cents per share, iHeart at 53 cents per share, SBS at 33 cents per share and Urban One at $1.65 per share. All of these stocks are in poor condition. (2/6/18)

I hope another station in DC will pick up ESPN. It offers better sports news than WTEM or WJFK. (2/6/18)

Dave's response: As we reported, WTEM is still an ESPN affiliate even though it no longer calls itself ESPN 980.....

DCRTV Dave, you’re totally within your rights to dump whoever it is slamming the Post and NYT over the manufactured and eminently stoopid House Intelligence memo issue. After all, this isn’t the DCRTV&Newspaper site. (2/6/18)

Fox5 announced this morning that starting next Monday, their morning news will begin at 4am. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this move was to compete with NBC4. However, with the starting times getting earlier and earlier, I wouldn't be surprised to see the local stations trying to compete with the national networks that have overnight news such as ABC's overnight news that starts at 2:30 am. (2/6/18)

Found on Youtube an hour of programming from the late 60s on WCBS-FM. The format was called "The Young Sound." It was a beautiful music structure with some contemporary sounds blended in. It was the beginning of FM's differentiation from AM. It was played at WBBM-FM and some of the other CBS O&Os. Locally, WTOP-FM featured the format before the Post donated the station to Howard. Here's an hour from WCBS-FM, including the cue sheet, some announcing, a spot, and the hour-ending theme. www.youtube.com (2/6/18)

"...very few people listen to 'radio' at night "... "very few people listen to 'radio' at the office." What are the specific sources of information for your conclusions? What about non-office at-work listenership, such as furniture stores, restaurant kitchens or car repair garages? And why should we project what happens in DC to habits elsewhere, like in Bunn, NC? Speak for the immediate community if you must, but know that it doesnt apply everywhere. (2/6/18)

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\/ February 5 Messages \/

As Don Imus approaches the announced end of his WABC show, he's getting more temperamental. This morning Sid McGinness (sports guy) made a comment about Ray Lewis, noting with some disdain in his voice that Lewis had stood by Imus during a dark time. Imus went quiet, was off air for a minute, then came back on to say that he's a broadcasting legend and won't put up with his underlings not doing what he says. So he told Bernie and Sid to do the show, and that was that. Bernie took over - just like every Friday and Imus sick day. Maybe Imus joined the show again later, but not for the half hour or so that I was listening. McGinness went silent after the dustup, so I'm guessing he was fired again (for the day, at least). I do love the show and will listen to the end, but it feels like the I-Man is off his own show more than he's on it for this final stretch. (2/5/18)

It’s sad when the movie "The Post” is actually a more accurate representation of The Washington Post than the real newspaper is today. Today, The Post wants less transparency, less FBI or government information released. As they’ve stated in multiple editorials, Republicans are endangering national security. That is the exact same claim Richard Nixon used to keep the White House tapes secret. Democracy is in Darkness alright, just at The Washington Post & NY Times. They are literally admitting they are part of a Deep State Conspiracy to hide government wrong doings and 2016 campaign Election fraud, not with Russia or against Hillary, but against Trump and defending Hillary to make her win! No Russian collusion has been found. No one has been charged with that still after over 1 year! The Washington Post now says obstruction is the crime. How can you obstruct justice for a crime never found? Mueller has fired more people in the case than Trump! HAHA! (2/5/18)

"At least for over-the-air viewers, RT appears to be gone from WNVC-30.4." Trip of RabbitEars, which has a network of OTA monitoring posts around the country including one in Alexandria, reported that it completely disappeared from their stream over the weekend. Not just 30.4 with a blank screen, there is no longer a subchannel 30.4 at all. Since the deadline to finish their channel-sharing agreement and apply for a construction permit is February 22, it sure could be they are starting to boot subchannels. "On another subject, we heard something unusual at 92.7 FM almost two weeks ago during a rare visit to the City of Baltimore." This is supposed to be WVTO-LP, "Baltimore's Catholic Radio". Sounds like it had a piece of automation equipment barf or the power had gone out. (2/5/18)

So I pulled up the Imus podcast from this morning's show, and it turns out the I-Man was upset about Sid's comment about Mike Lupica, not Ray Lewis. Sorry for the mix-up. (2/5/18)

There is also an application for a 100 watt directional translator for WMET on the WJFK tower at 328 feet. Looks like this is an MX with the WMAL app, if not real close. One thing for sure these 103.1 apps will draw a lot of attention.... (2/5/18)

Missed this in the FCC data dump… WMET 1160 also wants FM 103.1 in Falls Church, VA at 100 watts from the Merrifield tower. This is in addition to WMAL wanting 103.1 from the WJLA/WUSA tower. WAFY Key 103.1 and WRNR won’t like this either. They can’t both be approved. WMET’s is probably better for WRNR, but worse for Key 103.1. I expect there will be at least one Petition to Deny if not more. There’s already a Petition to Deny for the 103.1 FM for WBMD in Baltimore. Here’s the signal plot for WMAL 103.1 FM. I haven’t looked at the the WMET 103.1 signal plot yet — BaltoMedia.net (2/5/18)

Not a lot of practical value to the poster's observation about nighttime AM signals in the suburbs south of DC, since very few people listen to "radio" at night anyway! But yeah, when it comes to the AM band, very few people under age 40 have any reason to seek out a station anywhere around here. Daytime, you get the commuter audience mornings and afternoon, but once they're at work, very few people listen to "radio" at the office. Civil alerts come in on smartphones. People react and hit the internet or turn on a TV to see what up. I bet most offices don't even have an OTA radio anymore, and I can't imagine someone sitting at home at night listening to FM or AM. (2/5/18)

Dave, hindsight being 20-20 do you think if Dan Snyder would’ve purchased 103.9 and 104.1 from Bonneville back in 2006-07 that his sports talker would’ve really cut a dent? Yes, you combine the frequencies and you have solid area coverage for the most part but when you look at how the Redskins have fared…would Dan still be stuck in a pickle? WTEM’s ratings get a slight boost when the Redskins are doing good but the minute the bottom drops…it’s over surge wise and it’s back to 20th at best. Dan (2/5/18)

It is too bad that iHeart cannot find a Buyer for WFRE 99.9 FM in DC. It has been 11 years since they agreed to divest the station in order to comply with FCC ownership rules in 2007. There is no time limit on when they must divest it. They could keep it forever. iHeart has owned six fullpower FM stations in DC for 11 years and no sign that they are going to sell WFRE. This is one of those FCC loopholes that has never been corrected. (2/5/18)

When will iHeart file for bankruptcy? Can the "court" oversee a $20 Billion company? (2/5/18)

At least for over-the-air viewers, RT appears to be gone from WNVC-30.4. The other subchannels of WNVC continue on as usual. We first noticed the loss of RT on Saturday morning, February 3. Signal meters on our various ATSC converter boxes show normal levels on 30.4 but no audio or video. We cannot regularly receive WNVT Goldvein except under favorable tropo conditions, so we cannot check for RT English/America or RT Spanish there. The reception location is in Carroll County, Maryland, 50 air miles from WNVC and about 68 miles from WNVT. WWTD-RF14 and virtual 49.1, 49.2 etc is the only 'low-power' TV station we normally receive here, about 10 miles south of the Mason-Dixon Line....and so we are shut out if RT has made a deal with one of the other low-power stations around DC. Our location is beyond the reach of Comcast lines and we cannot afford satellite service. On another subject, we heard something unusual at 92.7 FM almost two weeks ago during a rare visit to the City of Baltimore. What sounded as if it were a demonstration loop for Simian audio automation was repeatedly broadcast on a weak signal heard outside University of Maryland Medical Center-Midtown Campus between 4:15 PM and 5:00 PM. Hash, perhaps from WERQ-92.3 or WPOC-93.1 possible HD Radio transmissions, overwhelmed the weak 92.7 as we drove north from the hospital. The loop demonstrated voicetracking, seques, and commercial and jingle play. The music used in the demo was from Johnny Cash, Parliament and another artist I cannot recall. The 92.7 signal was heard both on the street and in the hospital parking garage. Thanks again for DCRTV. (2/5/18)

Re: WMAL’s 103.1 translator application, if the antenna is at 816 above sea level, that would put it about 70’ down the tower from the WRQX transmitting antenna. I’d like to see a 40w antenna accomplish “non-directional” from a side mount on a tower that wide. Better pick the mounting site carefully. Many on this board recall that the pioneering WTOP-FM eons ago (now WHUR) transmitted from an antenna INSIDE the legacy shorter old tower on Brandywine Street NW. Its designers assured it was engineered in such a way that the surrounding tower was invisible. -P of the AW (2/5/18)

Hi, Dave. What's with WCTN in Potomac-Cabin John? It's all pop tunes without announcers or commercials? Are they readying that frequency for something bigger? I think they call it `stunting,' right? Thanks for your professional observations. Best Wishes, Tony Glaros, Laurel (2/5/18)

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Morning show producer for Toby and Chilli ITM open.... iheartmedia.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com (2/4/18)

Is the FCC going to publish a list of the 850 Applications filed during the Final Translator Window? If there was more that one application for the same frequency the auction will take place in May, 2018. (2/4/18)

So it turns out the WMAL 103.1 FM application is to broadcast from the WUSA/WJLA tower in Tenleytown. So doesn’t appear to be related to WTEM at all. But the transmitter height from FCC data is over 816 ft above sea level, over 406 above ground from data in the app and non-directional, so even at 40 watts, it should be pretty good over the District and drift into the suburbs. Signal plot on Monday. — BaltoMedia.net (2/4/18)

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\/ February 3 Messages \/

The final Translator window closed on 1/31/18. In DC.....WMAL 630 AM has applied for the 103.1 FM frequency. This is the same frequency that WRNR is on now. Will the FCC permit this new application from Cumulus? There were 850 new applications for FM Translators during this last window. WMAL 630 AM does simulcast 100 % of the time on their FM station WMAL-FM 105.9 FM. This is a Class B Station equal to 50,000 Watts. Do they also need a FM Translator? (2/3/18)

Deregulation.....what are some of the Rules & Regulations that the FCC had dropped during this past year? There are thousands of Rules & Regulations on the books now.Small AM Stations must hire Communications Attorneys to make sure that they abide by all these Rules & Regulations. (2/3/18)

We hear that Red Zebra wants to sell WTEM 980 AM but can't find a buyer that will pay their asking price. What is their asking price? Now that they have given the rights to carry the Redskins games to WMAL AM/FM, there is not much of interest in WTEM. (2/3/18)

I can see why 96% of the people in DC listen to FM Radio. The AM Stations have very poor signals or NO signals in Northern Virginia. This is now half of the DC Market. Here are the stations that have poor or no signals at night in Northern Virginia. WWRC 570, WMAL 630 from their new tower site in Germantown, WTNT 730, WAVA 780, WILC 900, WCTN 950, WTEM 980, WWGB 1030, WBQH 1050, WUST 1120, WMET 1160, WCRW 1190, WFAX 1220, WSPZ 1260, WDCT 1310, WYCB 1340, WZHF 1390, WOL 1450, WFED 1500, WTRI 1520, WACA 1540, WJFK 1580, WLXE 1600. WOW! Now you understand why no one in DC listens to AM Radio! (2/3/18)

Jimmy Mathis WBAL twitter.com (2/3/18)

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Some more details on the FCC translator filings. WMAL’s 103.1 FM app might have something to do with them gaining the Redskins radio rights as 105.9 FM doesn't have the greatest signal at Fedex Field and AM 630's will be worse also soon. Key 103.1 might also challenge this in addition to WRNR. WRNR is still battling Baltimore's Family Stations' WBMD's proposal for a 103.1 FM in Baltimore. And on the shore, WBOC FM wants 105.3 FM for WCEM AM in Cambridge and Birach Broadcasting 106.5 FM for WGOP AM in Pocomoke City, which is not even on the air since last year. But that's a whole other story. Why would the FCC give a translator to an AM station not even on the air for half of the last year and not on the air during the entire filing period? That would be just pure madness if approved. That actually should be a filing requirement: Must be ON THE AIR to file for an FM! (2/2/18)

RE: WBAL radio & Gov. Hogan’s skin cancer… It barely made news in The Baltimore Sun because it was minor surface skin cancer, easily removed. That is why WBAL 1090 downplayed the story as did The Sun. It has NOTHING to do with his life threatening cancer bout. What part of that didn’t you get? Maybe you should just go to your safe zone and stop listening to WBAL radio. The station is obviously a negative “trigger” in your life. Or, you can continue to scream helplessly at the sky about WBAL without any changes or results. :-) (2/2/18)

To the WBAL hater: The news about MD Governor Larry Hogan's cancer came from the Governor himself during a press conference: www.wbal.com... What greater attribution do you need? Don't let your blatant conempt for WBAL get in the way of seeking the facts. (2/2/18)

I just read about the passing of Jack Gayle. I tried to access the reelradio site and listen to the airchecks of Jacks Hound-Dog Kingdom show. I grew up in Baltimore during Jacks time there on WITH and was a huge fan. The site is apparently closed to new registrations/subscriptions. Do you know of anyway to listen to the great's of radio at the reelradio site? Thanks for what your do. 73/ John (the (ex) tone deaf Y-99FM engineer) (2/2/18)

Did Jon Doughman on WTOP used to be on 99.1 News? (2/2/18)

Now this is a surprise. Haven’t looked at the proposed signal yet, but WMAL 630 AM has filed for an FM translator on 103.1 FM for Washington DC. This will surely get Steve Kingston’s attention. Also WFED 1500 wants 104.5 FM in Sterling, VA. — BaltoMedia.net (2/2/18)

By adding all these new FM Translators helped any AM Station in this Market? The ratings have not improved. Is Nielsen rating the Translator audience? If so, it sure does not show up in the numbers. Only 4% of the people in DC are listening to AM Stations, according to Nielsen. (2/2/18)

RE WPGC, “Bob Raleigh”, etc. I thought Bob Howard was “Mr. Soundoff”. Was the job passed around? To this day, whenever I’m in a meeting and have to make my opinion known, I first introduce myself as Mr. Soundoff. -P of the AW (2/2/18)

Someone asked the rhetorical question "... radio stocks are at an all time low! Why is that?" Here's an answer. Radio has become a copy of those "professional" artists sales, where they have oil paintings done in bulk by students. The people on the air are talented, but they have to do what they are told by programmers and managers who look for profit and not creativity. They just don't understand that what's killing radio is competition that doesn't need creativity. Some formats still hang in, but they are not as good as before. Jack Gale another creative friend of mine has died. There is a long list of great radio giants who left us this year. Shame that the audience is being cheated by the ownership. Radio talent is as relevant as a blacksmith today. Ed Graham (2/2/18)

Here's a blast from the past the old timers will enjoy. It's the opening sounder & video for WRC's 6 PM edition of News 4 Washington, from November 7, 1972. As I recall, there were two main TV studios at 4001 Nebraska Avenue back then - Studio A and Studio B. Their regular local news set was in one of them, along with the Today in Washington set, across from it. It looks as if they moved part of the local news set into the other studio and filled the place with all manner of digital numeric displays, to track the local election races & voter proposition tallies. The news anchors were Jim Vance and Glenn RInker. I see Willard Scott on the far right, to handle the weather. I think the sports guy back then was Budd Kaatz (sp?). I know the announcer for the open wasn't Mac McGarry. It's likely Lee Dayton or Hollie Wright. I loved that space age set and the funky electronic sounder! (2/2/18)

It is great to see the stock market at an all time high. The Bad News is that the radio stocks are at an all time low! Why is that? Cumulus is bankrupt, iHeart stock is down to just 58 cents per share and Spanish Broadcasting System down to 34 cents per share. (2/2/18)

President Trump has asked his leaders to get rid of outdated and unnecessary regulations. I don't see much that the FCC has done to get rid of the massive regulations that have been on the books since 1934. Yes, we know about the "main studio rule change". How about all the loopholes in the Rules and Regulations that still exist? Ask any broadcaster. (2/2/18)

"Another station should pick up ESPN. How about WSPZ 1260 AM?" How about WMET 1160? Does anyone listen to that stick? (2/2/18)

Apparently there were several "Bob Raleighs". Check out this neat little posting: www.amandfmmorningside.com (2/2/18)

Don’t know if anybody else has noted this, but a legendary Baltimore DJ, Jack Gale has died. Don’t have any details, but perhaps others do. (2/2/18)

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Tom Conroy, you are correct. The WBZ Bob Raleigh (real name Rolle Ferreira) was Bob Raleigh #1 at WPGC. After he was forced out by GM Bob Howard when he asked for a raise, he went to WWDC. Bob Howard decided to keep the Bob Raleigh name, resulting in 2 Bob Raleigh’s in Washington radio. At WWDC, Bob Raleigh sometimes referred to himself as “the real Bob Raleigh.” Roddy Freeman (2/1/18)

WBAL Radio is reporting that Governor Hogan has been diagnosed with a type of non-serious cancer. This is horrible reporting unless you are attributing these words to his office news release or thoughts from a medical expert. News reporters do not have the right to determine what is serious or not. (2/1/18)

The Department of Communication at George Mason University is seeking a full-time journalism instructor. If interested, apply. The posting, and application link, can be found here: jobs.gmu.edu (2/1/18)

WTEM 980 AM drops ESPN except overnights and weekends. This means that ESPN does not have a station anymore in the DC Market. Another station should pick up ESPN. How about WSPZ 1260 AM? (2/1/18)

Tom Conroy: There was a Bob Raleigh on WBZ in Boston. Maybe that Bob #1 ? Nice to see the photos from Steve Allan. I was a UMD intern there in the late 70"s. As I remember, there was Steve and Rich Hodge in the am, Bob Showacre middays and Jim Reed in pm drive. Lopez was there doing "90 Seconds", and there was a (last name) Sheehan doing sports, which never seemed to fit in with the format. Bumper Stickers at that time was a dark burgundy, black and white "Roll with AM Radio". Near the end of my semester, Jim Herron came in to run things. (2/1/18)

WYRE AM 810 has been granted its STA to remain silent but also notified that they have until Sept. 21, 2018 to go back on the air before the license expires. The FCC also warned them regarding being silent at the end of 2017 without notifying the FCC. I’m sure the FCC will give them an extension after Sept., but the letter seems a bit more harsh than others I’ve seen, even that of WLXE AM 1600 which hasn’t been operating properly for 10 years. (2/1/18)

Pardon if anyone else has already posted a notice, but our old friend Rob Norton died in a collision on I-380 near Cedar Rapids last Tuesday evening. Rob was a NABET tech at NBC here in DC in the 70s but went on to successful radio station ownership in Iowa. He was a uniquely interesting person and will be missed. -P of the AW (2/1/18)

WJFK Sports Junkies had WJLA’s Erin Hawksworth in studio Thursday to announce that she is joining Craig Hoffman as a co-host for his Sunday morning 9:00AM to Noon show. Hawksworth and Hoffman will discuss DC sports and she will also frequently be joining the Junks in studio. And Erin is easy on the eyes: twitter.com (2/1/18)

Nice to see Steve Allen's posting with the 900LMD memorabilia photos. Eventually became known for his "Oatmeal for Brains Breakfast Club," listeners also looked forward to a mid-day oldies show that broke format. He would later parlay that expertise and his personality into a good run at WBIG. We remember... Yeah, local radio used to be fun. People welcomed you at remotes, and they'd even tap on the glass at the fishbowl studio to see the DJ swim to the other side of the tank. Tim Scott Miner, another prominent personality at the station, went on to WRLX Richmond, which was the Big Time compared with WLMD. (2/1/18)

Looks as though WINC is flipping their 104.9 FM signal to simulcast AM 1400 content (conservative talk)… www.facebook.com/newstalk1400winc (2/1/18)

I was lucky to have worked with Bill Miller (Bob Raleigh) at WPOC in the early 1980's after his WPGC days. Bob was very creative doing mornings, and surprisingly made the transition from Top 40 to country rather smoothly. At the time, WPOC's chief engineer Mike Fast and the GM wanted as clean an audio chain as possible, we used only an Orban 8000 and a pair of Prism's at some point. You have to understand that Bob came from WPGC, which was one of the best high processed stations at the time, so he was used to kick ass audio. If my memory is correct, engineering had a processor hooked up to the headphones to give him some of that WPGC affect, which made Bill much happier. Didn't he have some character her did called "The Dundalk Flasher"? It was fun working with him, and the memories of his days at WPGC. I also seem to remember him telling me there was more than one Bob Raleigh, he was the second. He was also "Mr Soundoff" in the late 1970's at PGC! Bob, you will be missed. Tom Conroy WXCY www.amandfmmorningside.com (2/1/18)

Here is a correction, Bill Miller was not the Bob Raleigh #2 as I had posted, he was #5. I certainly flubbed that one! This website has a wealth of information on the Bob Raleigh's of WPGC. www.amandfmmorningside.com (2/1/18)

iHeart fails to make the $106 Million Interest Payment due today. Do you think they will go into bankruptcy? (2/1/18)

"From what i can glean from Radiolocator.net, the WILC studios are in the back of a Ford dealer. Can anyone confirm this? Cuz that just sounds weird." Actually, the studios are on the second floor of a strip storefront at the corner of U.S. 1 and Contee Road just south of Laurel. The building once house a Pontiac dealership about 25 or 30 years ago. Academy Ford is located about 1/5 of a mile south of the WILC Studios (2/1/18)

To quote that Marvin Gaye/Diana Ross duet...."My Mistake!" That Pontiac dealership was on the northeast corner of US1 and Contee Rd in Laurel. WILC is on the southeast corner. Sorry for any confusion! (2/1/18)

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