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DCRTV Mailbag - March 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018

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RE: WMJF 39 (originally analog 16), soon channel 23. Now owned by the HME Equity II fund, along with an LPTV in Buffalo and Detroit, it was sold during the repack, but not turned into the FCC for the repack money as suspected. Most of the stations owned by the previous owner, LocusPoint Networks were not in fact turned in for cash. My theory is that someone is banking on these stations as ATSC 3.0 test stations and/or ATSC 2.0 leftover stations. The ATSC transition will require at least 1-2 TV stations to carry today’s HDTV signals when channels start switching to ATSC 3.0 in each market, which is incompatible with all current TV equipment. There will not be enough frequency space to assign new channels to every station for ATSC 3.0. Interestingly, HME Equity Fund II is owned by a former Obama campaign official. Other than those prognostications, little is known of what HME intends to do with these stations. Obviously, the shopping channel is for some short-term money. WMJF is being run on an extremely low budget at the moment. (3/31/18)

Larry O'Connor had a BFF named Scottie Nell Hughes who Larry had on his show a lot talking Conservative values, libs, and guns. Larry had to drop the sassy Scottie because she, it turned out, was sleeping with a Fox Business anchor, trying to use the affair to get a full time job at Fox. Kind of embarrassing for Larry to have his big boossomed bestie turn out to be a slut in a size 14 dress. So, Larry needed a new yenta to giggle and politically gossip with on the radio. Behold, Larry finds Diamond & Silk, a sassy opinionated podcasting duo who love Trump, and hate Democrats. Did I mention they were Black? This scenario is great for Larry-outspoken Conservative Back women who love to bash Democrats. Anyhow, Larry and Diamond & Silk get along swimmingly on Larry's radio show slamming Dems and praising Trump. Last week, Diamond an Silk go on Fox News to bash Hillary. They said, I kid you not, that after Hillary sold uranium to Russia in 2010 (Fact checking reveals no uranium from North America actually went to Russia), the Russians got the nuclear b@mb, and we can blame Hillary for Russia getting it because uranium is used for b@mb making. Students of history, they are not. Is it time for Larry, again, to find a new sassy Conservative gal or gals to giggle with on the radio? (3/31/18)

What has happened to the Salem stock? They are trading at an all time low price of just $3.60 per share. They own four stations in DC.....WAVA AM/FM, WWRC and WSPZ. (3/31/18)

It is sad its become where you have to pay to see most sports more people stream from sources like Netflix as opposed to traditional cable so many people don't get MASN I use Sling TV so I can see the handful of Nats games on FS Network Sling doesn't provide NASN I don't even have ESPN Why because with Sling when you upgrade from the basic package Blue to the next one Orange for $5 more a month it gives you alot more choices like NFL Network and NBC sports as well but you loose ESPN See how they screw people the Saturday games on FOX 5 is the only way to see the Nats OTA I think its like 3 games that Will feature them but the Fox Saturday games don't start till May 26 .One thing I do have to add is when WUSA 9 aired Nats games there were a few times a game went into a long rain delay like 1 or 2 hours 9 didn't air the game when it resumed instead went with its regular programming so I didn't think that was fair. (3/31/18)

It's bad that MHZ is dropping all its channels in the D.C. area. In addition to RT we're losing a whole bunch of rather unique public TV stations. I'm waiting to see whether Xfinity will replace these channels with other programming options. Wonder why they made such a drastic cutback in their offerings. (3/31/18)

re: Nats on WUSA; 3/29 WaPo article: Nationals, Orioles games won’t air regularly on local broadcast TV www.washingtonpost.com (3/31/18)

The Washington Post finally posted on Thursday about the Washington Nationals (& Baltimore Orioles) being off broadcast television. WTOP did so on Wednesday. Everett W. (3/31/18)

Laura Ingraham is taking a week off from her TV show. Anyone know if this extends to her syndicated radio program too? (3/31/18)

Interesting post about Mark Ramsey and "bring back something 20-30 years from the past" Bring back ??? In the Baltimore market, THEY NEVER LEAVE !! Frank Luber, Sean Casey, Bruce Elliott, Les Kinsolving, Tom Davis, Donna Hamilton (though retiring), Denise Koch (also retiring) Stan Stovall, Marty Bass, Bob Turk, Bill Vanko, John Patti, MS Kramer, Jamie Costello, Jennifer Gilbert, Tony Pann, and on and on. Bring back 'Bowling for Dollars' and Pinb'usters' (3/31/18)

Memo to KHZ Networks (khztv.com), 970 WAMD and 1460 WKHZ: Take the lens caps off your webcams. (3/31/18)<

Thanks to the tipster with the suggestion of $15,000 per month for WMAL AM to join the 570 site in Germantown. Probably cheaper than the taxes they're been paying at the old Greentree Road site. There must have been a pretty big initial capital outlay to disrupt all the Salem gear and jam the WMAL gear into and over top of it. Salem must have sent them a hefty bill for that, too. Costs a lot to degrade these days. (3/31/18)

The former Towson State TV channel is now carrying ShopLC on subchannel 39.4 They have long carried "Arts" on 39.1 as a placeholder service. No mappings for 39.2 or 39.3 noticed yet. (I thought the station was bought for a spectrum resale play.) TK in Odenton... (3/31/18)

Interesting that the Washington Nationals never even made any announcement that neither Opening Day or any Nats games will be on free TV this year and The Washington Post hasn’t even mentioned it yet either. In fact, the Nationals broadcast page still says WUSA 9 is a Nats affiliate. Boy are the Nationals media people asleep at the switch. Apparently, the Nationals intend to wait until people find out at the last minute and just blame it on Angelos. :-) (3/31/18)

Consultant Mark Ramsey had some interesting radio insights following the Roseanne reboot: among them, "There’s a bonus for what’s familiar and dependable", and "What popular brands from your station’s - or market’s - past deserve a place on your station today?". In essence, he's just thrown away 10 years of radio research telling us what to do to rope in Millennials. Well, we know it aint happening, and we found that out a few years back with the abortive "Sarah show" on 107.3. Now Ramsey is telling us to bag all that and do what TV, movies and Broadway is actively doing right now: bring back something 20-30 years from the past. I wont debate the concept -- after all, if it didnt work, we wouldn't have Will & Grace, Roseanne, Hawaii 5-0 etc. But assuming it's viable, what station(s) in the DC-Balt region, whether AM or FM, would be good candidates to fire up their own Time Tunnel and bring it all back again? (3/31/18)

Sad but true.....Cumulus Stock price closed today at just 7 cents per share. That is $0.07 per share OTC. They are Bankrupt and their stock is worth nothing. Where do they go from here? (3/31/18)

No one has figured out which station in Baltimore is for sale at $2 million. I think it is WJZ 1300 AM. Your thoughts? (3/31/18)

“This is new found revenue for Salem!” Hardly. Salem doesn’t own the Germantown site. They sold it as soon as they bought it. (3/31/18)

?No, no, no WMAL; do not cut back on or remove the John Batchelor Show!! He's the only civil talk show host on the station. Boring if you don't like intelligent discussions with authors of newly released books and political commentators (mostly righties anyway). We don't need another hour following Mark Levin of shouting and name calling by these so-called firebrands. Get this all day from the other WMAL hosts. (3/31/18)

"So from the Don Geronimo Business School of thinking, Mike Sorce moving forward, won't follow you on Twitter " Yeah you're right, he should have said 'Twitter is stupid, there's a reason they're called followers, and why would I follow a listener?' Gus Still Not Don Geronimo in the Gaithersburg (3/31/18)

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RT broadcast was taken off the air by MHZ about 3 weeks ago... ...seems kind of suspicious since they knew the whole shooting match as going to go. RT is still available on Comcast for now. IMO had some good programs. (3/30/18)

Hold up; The Ben Shapiro Show is apparently only an hour long...what will WMAL use to fill up the other two hours? Will they cut back to the boring John Batchelor, delay the John Batchelor Show or replay that one Ben Shapiro episode, or will Ben Shapiro make his show longer? (3/30/18)

Dave FYI RT has been off the air of over a month( 30-4 has been running a black screen) also ROKU has pulled it from streamingb (3/30/18)

The Nats can't be bothered to update their broadcast information page for Opening Day, but anecdotally there are a few changes afoot. They have gotten a significant upgrade in Richmond as games move from WXGI 950 to WRVA 1140/96.1 according to WRVA's facebook page. That puts them on two clear-channel AMs which is neat for those of us too cheap to pay for MLB's streaming audio package. They have also lost two stations already - WGLD 1440 in York switched to the Orioles, and WHGB 1400 became the flagship of the Harrisburg Senators. It will be interesting to see if any of the Valley stations that picked them up last year en masse (WINC/WZFC Winchester, WFTR Front Royal, WKCI Harrisonburg/WKCY Waynesboro) will keep them this year. (3/30/18)

I'm so excited that WMAL is getting the Ben Shapiro Show. FINALLY WMAL has a show in the 9 PM slot that WON'T put me to sleep! P.S. kudos for calling him a firebrand, you're totally right. (3/30/18)

One poster asked how much is WMAL 630 AM is paying Salem to diplex with 570 AM in Germantown? We hear that it is $15,000 per month.....$180,000 per year. This is new found revenue for Salem! (3/30/18)

You pointed out that RT is losing it's OTA signal in DC. While this is a GOOD thing what is a VERY BAD thing is that English Language feeds from DWTV from Germany France 24 and RTE from Spain ALSO will lose their DC area OTA signals! I understand the owners want/need to upgrade services in Richmond and Charlottesville and anyone who is familiar with the OTA signals in both of those cities can't be against this, but that is a horrible non-financial price to pay for it, especially in the current xenophobic political situation. So it is not only a negative for me personally since I will lose my only year-round OTA signal which DOES suck, it is a high price for the country as a whole to pay (3/30/18)

Dave's response: Many of those foreign "news" networks do stream fulltime on YouTube or elsewhere on the net. For example, France 24 in English is available at youtube.com. DW in English is also on youtube.com.....

RE: “What is up with Bill Kelly at WJLA…” Remember, Kelly replaced Doug Hill – so he gets the same work schedule. (3/30/18)

Now here's somebody who speaks woefully about iHeart and doesn't say a single word about their stock price: sandiegoreader.com (3/30/18)

Speaking of broadcasters paying rent to other broadcasters, I’d love to know how much WMAL AM is paying to move in on the 570 site out in Germantown. Quite a lot of disruption for the hosts. Worth their while? Leakers and spies: ready, set, go! (3/30/18)

Ben Shapiro's podcast is coming to radio via WestwoodOne including locally on WMAL at 9pm weekdays. www.allaccess.com... www.politico.com... Does John Batchelor lose an hour? (3/30/18)

Hey Dave, ?I gave a quick listen to the 14-minute podcast on WABC website and a number of times it sounded like he was overcome with emotion. All the segments of his final show seem to be posted: wabcradio.com/imus (3/30/18)

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Stations in DC that lease out their stations......99.1 FM leased by Entercom to Bloomberg, WZHF 1390 AM leased by Arthur Liu to the Russians at $35,000 per month for Russian Propaganda. WDCN 87.7 FM leased to a Spanish Broker for $35,000 per month. Yes, it is legal under the FCC Rules, for an owner to lease out their station. WTOP leases out their WBQH 1050 AM to a Spanish Broker for $35,000 per month. (3/29/18)

Re: What is up with Bill Kelly at WJLA.? WJLA has at least five better weather people, so I don't mind Kelly taking off as much time as possible. (3/29/18)

Dave, people always keep asking about the FrankenFM’s on channel 6, and here’s some FCC data from their own Channel Availability mapping and a pic that clearly shows that Channel 6 in both DC and Salisbury are unprotected in the repack, meaning anyone could apply for these channels and if not DTV by 2021, they will be forced dark. The only 2 stations protected on this map are WPVI ABC 6 Philly and WKBS 6 in Altoona PA. Maybe someone else could explain the Pairwise IX designation, but either way, only full power/Class A’s are protected. (3/29/18)

Re the WBVA "temporary dink-watt site", where is that? Radio-Locator isn't coming up with anything useful, nor is Google Maps. Where is the station temping from? (3/29/18)

GERONIMO UNIVERSITY: Re: "What, I don’t follow you. And yes, I guess we live in the same city. But unless you subscribe and are a die hard fan, no follow for you. Sorry." So from the Don Geronimo Business School of thinking, Mike Sorce moving forward, won't follow you on Twitter unless you a] subscribe to his Podcast & b] are a die hard fan - not a new fan or a former fan but a die hard fan. Questions. When they see each other, how do cult like "die hard" Don Gerorimo fans greet each other? What flavor Kool Aid is served at the live shows? Over ice by the cup or in a big cauldron? Will Geronimo buy land in the California desert and Invite his "loyal fans" to come and live? Become part evangelist / part Podcaster? Will Sorce now demand that his "die hard fans" buy his upcoming book? Did Sorce get his Marketing degree from Trump U? Strategy from the Trump campaign? Be loyal or else! (3/29/18)

MASN employees appear to be under a complete lockdown as far as talking about the no OTA TV or streaming deal w/ Nats/O's (3/29/18)

Sweet Jesus! Will somebody please take the morning speed reader on 1090 and teach her proper inflection when she delivers her newscast? She is the most unnatural sounding announcer on the radio. And while you're at it, please tell her co-worker Troy that the word is "elec-tor-al." There is no "i" in the word. It is not "elec-tor-i-al". (3/29/18)

Another Loophole in the FCC Rules still exists and the FCC does nothing about it. They were the Channel 6 LPTV Stations designed and permitted to operate. When the FCC permitted these LPTV Stations to be licensed it was designed to permit Minorities to get into Television Ownership.....The original licenses were granted to Minorities; however, soon after they were sold off for big profits because the new owners realized they could be used as FM RADIO STATIONS, rather the operating them as they were intended, as Low Power Television Stations serving their Local Communities. By using their Audio Channel 87.7 FM, they could become just an FM Station and make much more money than operate as a Television Station. What has the FCC done about this? NOTHING! (3/29/18)

To the poster who complains about WRC's recent reception difficulties: I have no direct knowledge of the problem, but I doubt it'll be fixed anytime, soon. As part of the repack, the existing antenna is up for replacement, so the WRC bean counters probably think any fix to the existing antenna wouldn't be financially viable, especially since a vast minority of people get WRC by antenna. The new antenna will be installed around summer of next year. They have to wait until WDCA 20 vacates the UHF 35 frequency, then have WPXW switch to UHF 35. Only then can WRC move to the UHF 34 channel allocated for them. I still don't know why the FCC didn't allocate UHF 35 to WRC; that way, they could optionally move there earlier than their allocated repack phase, while needing to collaborate with only one other station, instead of two. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (3/29/18)

Entercom will place four stations in their "Trust". This is so they can get around the ownership rules that the FCC must follow. SHAME ON THE FCC......This will be like the iHeart "Trust" where they placed their stations in the "Trust" eleven years ago and still own them and enjoy the cash flow from them. If the FCC continues to permit this loophole in the rules then they should not exist! Look at WFRE 99.9 FM in the DC Metro Area. (3/29/18)

Some hiarity in today's FCC filings as Birach wants to return WBVA to the air from its temporary dink-watt transmitter site to avoid the 1-year automatic deletion. It's as if Birach doesn't even know that their license renewal is going to a hearing! By the way, the deadline was March 22 for them to file a pleading in that license-renewal hearing and I can't find any evidence that they did. So, those two stations are as good as dead. (3/29/18)

What is up with Bill Kelly at WJLA. He's only been in the job around 6 months but he seems to take a lot of time off. I didn't think people got vacation so soon after starting a new job. He seems to be off again this week. (3/29/18)

Dave's response: Didn't he transfer from a Sinclair TVer in Columbus, Ohio? He's obviously worked for the company that owns WJLA far more than six months.....

Birach’s WBVA AM 1450 is attempting a last ditch effort to keep the license promising to go back on the air under STA from somewhere (who knows) by April 10, in order to keep the license. I hope the FCC doesn’t buy this, another phony story. You just know they’ll put the station on the air for 2 weeks and then gone again. This was ridiculous before. Now its insane that it takes this much effort to get back the public’s airwaves when its being misused. I doubt WGOP AM 540 in Pocomoke will stay on the air long too. Tick tock. (3/29/18)

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Well hey, how about that? We had a pirate FM'er on the air in Deltaville VA, out on the Middle Peninsula! Who'd'a known? fcc.gov (3/28/18)

Don't look now, but the final "Imus in the Morning" broadcast is this Thursday. Another "end of an era" item for the "When Radio Was Great" file. (3/28/18)

Hearing some pretty reliable gossip that Montgomery College Rockville may need a radio/audio instructor for the Fall. The current professor is changing careers after 15 years. Anybody got a Masters in Communications and weeknights free? (3/28/18)

Don’t screw with Z on TV! He gets even. If you’re not banned from The Sun (I think they stopped him from doing that now), he stops you from getting SUN POINTS. It must make him sleep a little better getting some sappy useless vindication. If Z the TV Nazi doesn’t like what you posted, NO POINTS FOR YOU! And probably soup too. LOL (3/28/18)

"Two shows that were a blast back in the day and when they were all on with Howard Stern on JFK" Maybe it's just being old and not knowing about radio, but I'm a little fuzzy on when O&A, Howard, and Don & Mike were on WJFK at the same time. Hep me somebody? Pat Goss!! Throttle body!! Gus in the Gathersburg (3/28/18)

FYI, WKRP is back weeknights @ 9:30 on MeTV, starting April 2nd. And as a public service, if you have Xfinity internet service with Norton Security, you might want to verify that you are protected. Past 2 nights, I'm getting pop-ups that my Norton has been cancelled. Get ready to play back-and forth w/Comcast & Norton if you have the issue. Norton claims the servers are out of sync. (3/28/18)

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I was with WBMD doing regular shifts and occasional fill in's as needed for about twenty years and saw many changes there. For granted PSSA, seems to me it was about seventy watts. That after sunset signal was still very readable in many parts of Harford County, down in St Mary's County, and into Easton. I later found after my move to SW Virginia that WSB Atlanta, the clear channel 750 apparently was receiving interference from 750 in Baltimore and as a result the PSSA was dropped.. Just goes to prove how far an AM signal can go with a well designed antenna/ground system. It was, and likely still is a folded unipole on a 500 foot tower. Before they shut down, they were one of the best daytime Baltimore signals in NE Maryland, better than WBAL which is onni day. It will be interesting to find out what caused them to have to file with the commission to go dark for awhile. I do miss the days when they really were a local station with real people in the studio, somehow you have to wonder how a remotely run station with no local programming can still be serving the public interest. Clark West would roll over in his grave with how WBMD has changed. Clark was one of the best managers whom I had ever worked for. Tom Conroy, WXCY (3/27/18)

Oh Happy Day.....You can buy Cumulus Stock at 82 cents per share today, OTC. Where is Lew Dickey? Are you going to buy the company? (3/27/18)

A lament: I realize that the role of Dr. Gridlock as reporter, columnist and traffic ombudsman is never going to return to the Washington Post. The first Doc was very, very good and set the standard, and our most recent Doc, Robert Thomson, brought it to an even higher level. It must have been too popular, because no one has replaced him. Yes, Lena Sun and others write great articles, and yes, the Metro section on Sunday still is traffic and transit oriented. But having one person whose job it is to do research into everything transport related, and to be crystal clear about all the things that governments and other reporters have been ambiguous about was a great position to have at the Post. Maybe someone will read this and restore that position. If I knew anything about journalism other than how to criticize people, I would apply for the job. -- Carl in Olney (3/27/18)

The following is from the WBMD AM 750 public notice letter of resumption of operations, posted herein for nothing but wholesome Christian reasons. QUOTE: “Everything we do at Family Radio is to enable people to discover, read, trust, and profess the Word of God, the Bible.’ -------------------------------- Confidentiality Notice: This message and any attachments may contain information that is privileged and confidential. If you have reason to believe that you are not the intended recipient or a person responsible for delivering this message to an intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any review, dissemination, distribution, or copying of this message is strictly prohibited. If you have reason to believe that you are not the intended recipient or a person responsible for delivering this message to an intended recipient, please contact the sender immediately by reply email and destroy all copies of the original message. ### Please consider the environment before printing this email. " Isn’t that just so nice? The recipient is the FCC & the public. Is this a warning to God so that he shalt not know or read what they hath done? :-) (3/27/18)

I’m sure there’s no public record of this because Baltimore City would have pushed this through with no public consent or no opposition, but then Radio One likely got a sweetheart deal from Baltimore City for the land adjacent to a city Public Works lot for the new transmitter. At the other locations they paid to rent. So chalk it up to cost savings on the Baltimore City taxpayer. In FCC documents, Radio One claimed the power decrease was due to increased conductivity at the new site, not location. They claimed the signal would be nearly the same. I find that doubtful, especially for WOLB since the distance is greater. (3/27/18)

I have to admit to laughing at Don G actually blowing off steam about the mailbag. Like what I’ve said time and again about both Don and Mike: Two guys that are tired of the same question(Are either of you game for a reunion). It’s the same question that will haunt Opie and Anthony who still get along even though they both got the shaft from SiriusXM. Yes, the ship has said for a full reunion of both shows long term and I respect those who want to dream about it but it’s all in the past. Yes, I give Don grief about the book which would be good for nostalgia pre Don and Mike for those who want to know about Don’s early years. To be blunt though: I would take a reincarnation of those two fun shows over the crap that’s on radio today. Don and Mike would probably toss Chris Plante over their shoulders like a empty beer can and Opie and Anthony would probably show Elliot still how it’s done. Two shows that were a blast back in the day and when they were all on with Howard Stern on JFK…it was a part of the heyday of DC radio. Dan (3/27/18)

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DON GERONIMO RAGE: So on his Twitter feed, Geronimo/Sorce calls DCRTV mailbag "dumb." You'd think that a guy whose radio/broadcasting career tanked years ago, would appreciate that his name is even mentioned at all - anywhere!. Furthermore, he'd be smart to place an ongoing display ad on DCRTV for his Podcast - like the astute The Mike O'Meara Show; Listen And You'll Get It. Seems ole' man Mike Sorce hasn't "gotten it" for decades. Hey Geronimo, good luck with yo' "dumb" book. (3/26/18)

Comcast and another investor have sold the Weather Channel for $300 million to Byron Allen (yes the same Byron Allen who has the late night interview show). www.bloomberg.news... Original purchase price was $3 billion. The digital rights had been sold off some years ago. Comcast had taken a writeoff of several hundred million dollars on the Weather Channel in 2015 so it is not as though this is an unexpected loss for the cable company. The Weather Channel was great for the first 20 years or so until they kept expanding the inventory of tornado damage documentaries and made it close to impossible at times to get the weather. Would be nice if they spend a little money to improve the WRC signal. Used to be consistently strong. In recent months, not so much. (3/26/18)

DUMB TV COMMERCIAL DEPT.: Its way too early to include this in a Best/Worst listing, but I just have to say the current "Drop the Mic" campaign for Wayfair (the online home furnishings company) is among the dumbest things being aired today. Sure, you're saving money with Wayfair's free shipping plan, but dropping a $500 smartphone on a hardwood floor or throwing it over your shoulder sorta offsets the bargain, doesn't it? Why not have Pete Townsend do a commercial for Guitar Center while we're at it? (3/26/18)

I am not a stock guy, but the comparison of stock share prices has little to do with the value of a company. A company can have, for example, 1 million shares outstanding at $1 per share so the company is worth $1M. Another company can have 10,000 shares at $100 per share, and yet is still worth the same $1M. In other news, the low-power FM station at 93,5 in Baltimore, owned by the Md Transit Administration is piped in to many of the Light Rail train platforms, so everyone gets to hear Smooth Jazz and traffic reports while waiting at those stops. And lastly, anything Urban One did to WWIN-1400 by moving its transmitter from the shopping center at 29th and Greenmount, and moving WOLB-1010 from the McDonalds on Reisterstown Road, was its own error. They could have kept the two stations in their original locations and kept the better footprints and higher power. Maybe if they are the current sellers, someone can upgrade the stations. But I give them credit for one technical thing: WWIN is an HD AM station; of course as a "local" frequency, the HD doesn't carry too far, but it's more than any AM station in Baltimore or Washington does (except crosstown competitor WCAO-600, broadcasting the same Gospel format).-- Carl in Olney (3/26/18)

A couple of WMAL-related: Long retired newscaster Bud Steel is almost certainly still around. I’d feel better saying that if he’d accommodate me and pipe up in some forum. As for WMAL reception, the 630 AM still does not have the new license to move permanently to the (compromised) Germantown transmitter site and testing might complicate reception. The 105.9 FM main site in Merrifield, contrary to you jokesters, likely didn’t have a power-bill-paying problem. More probably a truck-hitting-pole problem. That whole neighborhood has lost power before for weird reasons. Once in the past Dominion Power had to run extension cords across Lee Highway for us. -P of the AW (3/26/18)

RE: WBMD 750, the “ships in the night” crossing of letters is disingenuous . More than likely, it’s just a lazy ass government employee who took 3-5 business days to post the letter that the problem was solved. I looked at the letters folder and it wasn’t there when I posted. This kind of thing happens daily. There was no suggestion that WBMD intended to remain off the air for a year. They simply could have if they wanted to per FCC rules. Another thing, yes it’s true Urban One’s WWIN AM 1400 might not have the coverage of West Baltimore’s black churches anymore like before, but just like with Nestor’s WNST AM 1570, do you really think either WOLB 1010 or WWIN 1400 is worth $2 million dollars or even $1 million? I think not. Plus, it’s unclear if Urban One even owns that site. It was Baltimore City land and an environmental waste cleanup area at one point. At least with a purchase of AM 1570, you’d have options. It is a Class B 5000 watt station, not necessarily limited to 270 watts at night. The station for sale for $2 million has to WJZ AM 1300, not because of the Entercom buyout, but because CBS itself didn’t want it and wasn’t making money on it. Maybe Entercom will change its mind? So far, it’s still listed for sale, unless they haven’t even bothered to notice yet. (3/26/18)

After Empire proved listener complaints and financial damage to the FCC, Family Stations' WBMD AM 750 has abandoned its plan to go on 103.1 FM in Baltimore. They are now attempting to do 103.3 FM at a much lower power. Few details as of yet, but definitely a big win for WRNR FM 103.1. More soon. —BaltoMedia.net (3/26/18)

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Has anyone considered Radio One might be trying to unload WOLB 1010 and WWIN 1400? The 1400 property lost substantial value when it moved east to be co-located with 1010. The power was halved to 500 watts and it now serves a less economically viable area. Meanwhile, AM 1010 is a pea-shooter at 250 watts and nighttime coverage is worthless thanks to WINS - just 30 watts. Both those call signs have some corporate value as they are associated with other Radio One properties (WOL in DC , WWIN-FM Glen Burnie.) While both AM properties are streamed over the in the Internet I don't think either is carried on local HD radio, unlike WOL and WYCB in DC.... My two centavos. (3/25/18)

Surprised to see tWRZB out here in Odenton today. I guess switching antennae to a UHF bow-tie helped. ----- Meanwhile, concerning WBMD's STA.... Please look at the cumulative correspondence files whenever you examine FCC paperwork. There was a "ships-in-the-night" crossing of letters. While the FCC granted an STA on March 19th Family Radio had days earlier informed the Feds that 750AM issues had been solved: "WBMD BALTIMORE, MD RESUMPTION OF OPERATIONS EXHIBIT THE LICENSEE FOR AM BROADCAST STATION WBMD (FIN: 1913) ARRANGED FOR A CONTRACTOR TO FURTHER ASSESS THE CAUSE OF ITS OFF-AIR STATUS, WITH THE LIKELY ISSUE BEING ANOTHER TOWER TENANTS EQUIPMENTS CLOSE PROXIMITY TO ITS ANTENNA. UPON EQUIPMENT ADJUSTMENT BY THE CONTRACTOR, WBMD RESUMED NORMAL OPERATIONS ON 3/12/2018." TK in Odenton (3/25/18)

Maryland Public TV's WWPB 31 Hagerstown has gotten approval to increase its power substantially to 700 kw and more southwest directional towards West Virginia & Virginia. This is 7X the power of Baltimore's MPT station WMPB 67, but it is mountainous terrain, hampering reception is some areas without cable TV. This upgrade also changes reception towards southern PA. The directional pattern change seems to take advantage of natural terrain advantages in various directions. -- BaltoMedia.net (3/25/18)

Whatever happened to Bud Steele,who for 18 years was the morning local newsman on the Harden and Weaver show at WMAL radio from '71 until his retirement in '89 after which Mark Weaver,Jack Weaver's son,succeeded him at the station as newscaster until his retirement in 2009 or 2010.Is he still around or is he deceased?If he's deceased when did he pass away? (3/25/18

RE: Nats games OTA - MASN told me that they won’t have a local OTA partner this year, all games that aren’t featured by ESPN, FOX, or MLB Network will be exclusive to MASN. (3/25/18)

Whatever happened to Robb Spewak from Don and Mike? (3/25/18)

DCRTV CARNAC THE MAGNIFICENT:: Answer: 12 Question: How many pages has Don Geronimo written of his radio autobiography? Hey Gus in Gaithersburg aka as Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce. May a weird customs inspector discover a secret compartment in your 3rd wife and that she gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to the Sacramento Kings. Hey Geronimo, may you be forced to visit a near-sighted proctologist. Hey Sorce, May your only son become a Pointer Sister. #DCRTVMikeDrop #StormyDanielsDay (3/25/18)

Watching CNN and see former NBC 4 reporter/anchor Joe Johns reporting from the gun rally today. Didn't know he was still reporting. (3/25/18)

/\ March 25 Messages /\

\/ March 24 Messages \/

Question for the stock guy. Why is Cumulus selling at 85 cents per share and iHeart is selling at only 52 cents per share? We know that Cumulus owns over 400 Radio Stations and has a $2 Billion Debt. iHeart owns over 800 Radio Stations and has a $20 Billion Debt. If the FCC would change the rules on foreign ownership, iHeart could sell their company to Saudi Arabia. (3/24/18)

Seems like WUSA isn't airing Nationals games this season at least I cant find any info on that does anybody know if any local OTA TV station is going to air any Nats games ?Only stations I see is of course MASN and MLB Available on cable or Fios I don't have cable I have Sling TV and some games on FS1,TBS which I get plus the occasional Saturday game on FOX CH 5 which is OTA. Is this mostly the end of free baseball Ch9 aired about 25 games but at least it was something but its sad you have to pay for sports. (3/24/18)

Dave, I’ve been having problems receiving a clear signal for WMAL for the past few weeks. Do you know if they are running on reduced power (possibly due to Cumulus money issues), or if they have moved their transmitter? I live in NoVa, and believe their transmitter is in Merrifield. I know that you reported on Feb 13 that they didn’t pay the power bill, but it sounded like things were back to normal. It appears they aren’t. I’ve made a couple of calls to the station to ask, but my voicemails haven’t been returned. I’ll keep checking dcrtv.com for an update - thanks for your help! Dave (3/24/18)

Dave's response: 105.9 is in Merrifield and 630 is in Germantown or still in Bethesda? Had it moved yet? I listen to 105.9 from Springfield and I'm not noticing any problems reception-wise. As for content, well Chris Plante is still doing the same tired old jokes about Ahmed The Clock Boy.....

/\ March 24 Messages /\

\/ March 23 Messages \/

When you file for Remain Silent Authority, it doesn’t mean you have to remain silent. WBMD AM 750 can be on the air at anytime or not. That’s how it works. They should be on the air permanently again this fall, but nothing bad will happen until Feb. 2018 if they’re not on the air regularly. The problem at the 105.7 The Fan tower is not specifically stated in the application, so it’s unclear what the problem is or how soon it will or could be fixed. (3/23/18)

/\ March 23 Messages /\

\/ March 22 Messages \/

OR Is "Gus in Gaithersburg" really Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce? (3/22/18)

RE: "WBIG 100.3 identifies itself as a classic rock station. I would like to know why I rarely if ever here the following artists..." Simple...they are too old for the demo. Those artists are Oldies. Classic Rock is now late 70s-90s. Typically, a Classic Rock format goes back 30 years. (3/22/18)

Reputation? Which one? Failed restaurateur who surrendered his ABC license rather than paying thousands of dollars in fines? The guy who plays a victim of alcoholic brain damage on his podcast by feigning inability to follow the simplest conversation? The guy who started today's half hour swim in Lake Me (people criticised him on the internet) by saying he had "trouble fielding the bell to arms."? The one who drunkenly, not feigning, kicks people out of his Facebook fanclub page? Oh, and Rob is a human tub of goo who can't run a board because of his fat fingers, laziness and delusional self-image and whose career has been eclipsed by Joe Ardinger and every WJFK intern ever. Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/22/18)

WBIG 100.3 identifies itself as a classic rock station. I would like to know why I rarely if ever here the following artists, many of whom are members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Bob Dylan, The Band, Van Morrison, Sly and the Family Stone, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Rod Stewart, Neil Young, Jefferson Airplane, The Rascals, Jackson Browne, George Harrison,the Moody Blues, and Linda Ronstadt. It seems to me that a large portion of the recordings by these artists should fit the Classic Rock format. I'm sure I have missed some of the times these artists have been played but I am more likely to hear Journey, Golden Earring, or Def Leppard. I guess I just have a different definition of classic rock than most people, or at least the management of Big 100. (3/22/18)

What’s happening with the 750 frequency on AM? I had understood that WBMD was off the air (and I did find that to be the case a couple of days ago when I tuned by there) however, I just checked and I heard the same stuff I had been hearing all along! So are they now back on? Tom in Denton, MD. (3/22/18)

RE: Eric Bickel MIA or RIP?. According to WJFK’s Chris Lingebach, E.B.’s ordeal was worse than was first thought: “EB's trip was unceremoniously extended when, after frightening the locals with his ghostly white face, the sickly host was held back and subjected to a battery of tests to ensure he was, in fact, still among the living. Cakes: So we're down in the lobby -- this was around 2 p.m., maybe 2:15 -- and we're just sitting there, and we look over near like the elevator bank, and we see four EMT personnel walking out of the elevators towards the front of the hotel. And I'm like, 'Wonder what's going on there.' And Jason says, 'Maybe they're here for Bickel.' And I was like, 'No. They're gonna send four EMT personnel for Eric Bickel, who has a case of food poisoning?' I was like, 'I'm calling shenanigans on that!' Bish: Well, there was a firetruck and an ambulance out there. Two emergency vehicles. Cakes: Two minutes later, we figure out they were indeed there to check on one Eric Bickel and his status. Because I guess he had somehow gotten out of his hotel room, or wandered out of his room in his sickness haze, and I guess somebody from the hotel saw him and they were terrified! Bish: Right. They thought he was a zombie. Cakes: They said that person needs medical attention like five minutes ago! Somebody needs to call 911! Bish: Well, first of all, Bickel looks dead when he's 100 percent healthy. So, can you imagine how bad he looks when he's sick? So they probably thought he was from The Walking Dead. Cakes: So those guys who were there, I guess they checked his vitals. Everything checked out. But he's still laid up in his hotel room. He's scheduled to take a flight tonight at I think 6:00 or 6:15 p.m., and then arrive back here around like 11 p.m. But who knows if he's gonna be healthy enough to get on the bird today!” Lingebach Tweets E.B. is finally back: twitter.com (3/22/18)

WFRE 99.9 is in the DC Metro Area as defined by Nielsen. Frederick is in the DC Metro Area as defined by BIA. (3/22/18)

Is Don Geronimo really "Gus in Gaithersburg"? (3/22/18)

Wishing Loo all kinds of success on Hound Radio, but really man, couldn't you have produced that promo video with a decent shotgun, or a good lavaliere mic attached to you and Sean? If your ultimate product is sound, it should be the best part of your production. (3/22/18)

Question: "What would WFRE 99.9 in DC sell for today?" Answer: Nothing. There is no such station. There is a WFRE on 99.9 in Frederick though. They are not the same markets. Washington is market #7. Frederick is market #191. I suspect a Frederick station would sell for far less than a Washington station. (3/22/18)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies: down a man in Florida? Eric Bickel MIA second day in a row after suffering violent illness while the Junks were in Florida for Nats spring training media tour. Seems Bickel and Jason “Bish” Bishop had gone to Tiger Woods’ restaurant “The Woods” Monday night for dinner and EB became sickened for unknown reasons, causing him to miss Tuesday’s show as well the Junks plane back to DC. Bickel was still MIA Wednesday, stuck in West Palm Beach and called into his own show to explain why: twitter.com (3/22/18)

WMAL talker Chris Plante will MC a fundraiser for Newt Gingrich and his “American Private Radio” ( www.ouramericannetwork.org ), touted as an alternative to National Public Radio (“And unlike NPR, APR will never take a dime from the government. Not a dime”), at “A beautiful home in Georgetown, maximum 75 attendees” for $500 a head on April 17 at 6:00PM. Interested? For tickets: eveningwithnewt.com (3/22/18)

MIKE O'MEARA SHOW REPUTATION KILLER! So, fans of the Mike O'Meara Radio Show / Podcast gave Ponyboy/Matt Bluhm of the Mike O'Meara Show an all-expense paid trip to Japan. Yesterday, Pony Boy cancels at the last minute leaving thousands of dollars in yen in yang limbo. Memo to Mike O'Meara, Robb Spewak, & Oscar Santana. In the end, all we have in life is our reputation. FIRE Ponyboy/Matt Bluhm or your show loses your positive reputation with listeners/fan club - and much-needed Bonus Show subscribers? [LOVE THE SHOW. DO THE RIGHT THING] (3/22/18)

The 181 translator applications that are "MX" (mutually exclusive) to at least one other application won't go straight to auction. First the FCC will open a window in the next few months for competing applicants to resolve their MXs. That can be as simple as agreeing to use directional antennas to eliminate what would otherwise be small areas of interference, or agreeing to change frequencies...or it can involve one applicant paying another to go away. I will be surprised if more than a dozen or so MX groups remain unresolved and actually go all the way to auction. - Fybush, who does this stuff for a living these days (3/22/18)

Salem Stock closed today at an all time low. The stock closed at just $3.55 per share. (3/22/18)

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\/ March 21 Messages \/

WMAL is still the dumbest station in town. Last night I saw this on their website "Metrorail will open at 5 a.m. with trains running on a modified weekday schedule. Trails are expected to operate both above and below ground at this time." I tweeted Bill Hess, WMAL News, and all other WMAL twitter accounts I could find, telling them this is fake news. Metrorail has no below ground trails. Plus you don't "operate" a trail, you hike it, walk it, maintain it etc. They have not retracted their misinformation and it is still up on the website. Great job running a "news" station Bill Hess! (3/21/18)

Jeezus. I had hoped that the upside of iHeart's bankruptcy filing was that I wouldn't have to see anymore of those braindead posts from the stock update idiot. Please tell me you haven't just switched over to Salem. (3/21/18)

The FCC cleared the way for 669 "Singleton" new Translators out of 850 Applications. The other 181 Applications will go to Auction. The highest bidder will get the translator. Some of these translators that go to auction could sell for a high price. (3/21/18)

What would WFRE 99.9 in DC sell for today? I heard that iHeart turned down an offer of $14 Million before. They have held it in their "Trust" for eleven years and enjoyed the cash flow from it all these years. Since it is held in their Trust, they can still sell it. Loopholes in the FCC Rules! (3/21/18)

What has happened to Salem? Their stock is at an all time low since they went public. It is trading at $3.70 per share now. They own four stations in DC.....WAVA-FM, WAVA, WWRC and WSPZ. (3/21/18)

The two largest Radio Broadcasting Companies in the World have gone Bankrupt. iHeart and Cumulus. What does this tell us about the Radio Business today? iHeart has over $20 Billion in debt and Cumulus has over $2 Billion in debt. When the lenders loaned these companies these HUGH amounts of money someone did not do their due diligence. Their projections on revenues and expenses must have been very wrong. iHeart said last week, "if we didn't have this debt we would be profitable". iHeart is owned by Investment Bankers. They have always been excellent at borrowing money. Cumulus had Lew Dickey, who was great at borrowing money and doing projections. (3/21/18)

We all thought WMAL is the dumbest station in town, but I received an email this morning that casts doubt on this assertion. Sister station Mix 107.3 had to postpone due to weather their "Mystic Mix and Mingle" event tonight. This promo allowed listeners to meet and talk with scheduled psychics. Seriously, it an old joke, but, not one "seer" saw this coming? (3/21/18)

Just saw Sarah Fraser on a flooring company tv commercial. What kind of money are these spokespersons paid? Also, speaking of Fox5, Erin Como doesn't seem as perky as usual these days. Not that this could be the reason, but wonder if she's no longer dating her producer. (3/21/18)

Hey you Millennial maggots... you know that song "Believe" where Cher sounds like an auto-tuned robot? That song turns 20 years old this fall. Now you know how WE feel. (Signed, all the Gen-Xers and Boomers you blame for your life sucking so badly) (3/21/18)

FCC STA Update: WBMD AM 750 will be silent until next Feb. 2019. WHGM AM 1330 will be operating at 125 watts. Apparently, they don’t even have enough money to take the other towers down! And WFBR AM 1590 still has copper thieves in AA County. They simply don’t know if they’re operating as licensed or not they say, but NOT would be the best guess. (3/21/18)

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\/ March 20 Messages \/

Rumor has it that due to the bankruptcy, iHeart's Aloha Trust stations are being actively shopped and a new company may be ready to "hop" into Frederick to pick up a discounted WFRE. A draining of the swamp would likely follow. ~ Fred (3/20/18)

The guy who can't stop thinking about me with my pants off clearly has issues. But that "mother's basement" line is the zinger that never fails, though it still feels like a backhanded slap at Dave. Don Geronimo Book Guy is the new Radio Stock Guy. How long O Lord? Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/20/18)

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple makes the case about “CNN’s dicey interview with student on lockdown after Maryland school shooting”: CNN anchor John Berman mysteriously spoke with a student at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County who was “sheltered in place” but had no information nor witnessed anything related to the shooting. As the student was supposedly being led by police to safety Berman asked if he could stay on the phone. Now there is no corroboration that the student actually was a student at the school, CNN just put him on the air live to essentially have nothing to say. Remember: Howard Stern’s prank caller to Peter Jennings during O.J. Simpson barricade when Al Michaels had to set Jennings straight. Wemple explains: www.washingtonpost.com (3/20/18)

Minor side note: All Entercom/DC stations are now using the Entercom website template (3/20/17)

The FCC announced that they have 850 Translator Applications filed from the last window. The next phase of the filing starts on April 18. There certainly is a lot of interest in Translators. (3/20/18)

Speaking of historic calls that have little value, two of Baltimore’s most famous disappeared on one station. AM 1300 was Baltimore’s first AM radio station, one of the first in the country in the unlicensed radio days. WEAR AM 1300 aired the first live remote Presidential address at a dedication of Ft. McHenry in Baltimore of the first President to ever be heard on radio, Warren G. Harding, but neither the WEAR call letters or the later WFBR call letters ultimately had any value. President Harding was a radio fanatic, noted philanderer, who died of suspicious causes in the presence of the First Lady. No autopsy was ever performed at her request even though it was considered food poisoning! But I digress. AM 1300 in Baltimore was founded by The Baltimore American newspaper, forerunner of The Baltimore News American, but never owned by Hearst or Westinghouse, but oddly enough in modern times, CBS and now Entercom and most likely for sale. PS: This post has nothing to do with Trump preferring McDonalds to White House food. :-) (3/20/18)

Does the media truly protect its own better than the President, FBI, unions, or government? I’m dumbfounded that there is no media outrage that Sinclair doesn’t intend to sell ANY Tribune TV stations to any outside company, only shell companies whose stations they will have programming/marketing agreements with. I know Tom Taylor Now said Sinclair is selling WPIX and WGN, among others. It was in all the media. And guess what? From FCC filings on most of the SBG stations so far that is NOT TRUE! Selling a station to your mother’s trust you’ll inherit or a person who works for you is not selling to an outside company in the real world. I fully realize that SBG has Fox by the balls with so many affiliates, and probably to a great extent ABC & CBS too, but even NBC isn’t really attacking this much. The real irony is guess who helped set this precedent in stone? Bush, Jesse Jackson and President Obama for “racial diversity in the media.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (3/20/18)

DON GERONIMO BOOK:: Re, "Wow, so Don Geronimo is writing a book about his days pre Don and Mike." Question: Who was the DUMB book publisher who purchased Sorce's autobiographical manuscript pre Don & Mike? Answer: Someone who doesn't want to sell many books? The Real AHHHH (3/20/18)

/\ March 20 Messages /\

\/ March 19 Messages \/

WaPo to readers of their daily "Maryland Headlines" messages: "Dear readers, thank you for reading the best of our local journalism. Today is the last day you will receive this regional newsletter." The Post says "Democracy Dies in the Darkness." Does this mean that they are working to kill democracy. by adding to the darkness? (3/19/18)

Dear WBAL supporter. To quote Terrance Mann from "Field of Dreams"..."We got a learning disability here?" I'm not the normal WBAL 'Troll', but I do call them out when appropriate. Nowhere did I question their news coverage, but rather questioned how they would deal with the IMBC story on their shows. They didn't. It was more important to go on and on about the 16 month long so-called Russian Investigation, and yet another firing of a high ranking government official. What's that # 25? I don't know about you, but everywhere I went Saturday, people were talking about UMBC, not firings and investigations. Station management could have very easily had someone from their (or TV's) sports department fill in for Langer, and whoever that was on mid-afternoon.. That's what people wanted to talk about. Radio used to be known as an 'immediacy' medium. Not anymore. For what it's worth 105.7 Saturday: 6-Vitamin Show 7-CBS Sports Radio 8-Tony Lombardi Talking Ravens.9-noon-Finance. Bruce Cunningham on noon-1, but with a 12+min report from Spring Training with someone from Pressbox. Terry ford on live 5-6. Ford on Sunday 12-1, and 2 regular show producers on 5-6. So from Midnight Friday, to 6am Monday (54 hours) the sports fans of Baltimore were blessed with less than 4 hours live Sports Talk programming. I really didn't expect anything less. So, 'Stock Guy"...this is why radio stocks are in the toilet. Radio no longer gives you what YOU want to hear, they tell you that THEY know exactly what you want to hear, and won't dare deviate from it. Two hours of live sports talk on Saturday after the biggest sports story to hit Baltimore in years is obviously what everyone wants to hear on the so-called "Sports Leader" in Baltimore. There was more Sports Talk coverage this weekend on stations from NY, Chicago, and Philly, not to mention national coverage on CBS Sports Radio. And the local station, with the school in their back yard does virtually nothing. Pathetic. (3/19/18)

So revenue growth at WTOP has been essentially flat for years and they're making cuts. So why do they have FIVE news directors? There's an opportunity to lop off a couple of heads and save a few bucks. (3/19/18)

Wow, so Don Geronimo is writing a book about his days pre Don and Mike. Translation: I don’t want to relieve my glory days when radio was really kickass with Mike and company because I’ll have to actually give them credit. Don’t get me wrong ladies and gents, I LOVED Don and Mike as a show. That being said, I doubt the book will sell like hotcakes because it won’t cover what people want to listen about…the glory days of Don and Mike but more so focus on the days before that. Do I think Mike and company were purposely shunned, MAYBE. This is just more evidence that people will NEVER see a full reunion of Don and Mike with the surviving mainstays of the Don and Mike show. Don has NO interest of looking back at those days and it’s like a non stop holding pattern. You might get a few rumblings here and there like small crumbs but you won’t get a actual reunion. Dan (3/19/18)

The statement by Fred Thomas at Mhz Networks is beyond disingenuous. For the past year, his team has misled international broadcasters about the likely outcome of the spectrum sale and its impact on their transmissions in the DC area. At least two clients were consistently told there was no reason for anxiety, that their contracts with Mhz were safe, and that their output would continue to be available in the DC DMA. Of course, that was never likely to be the final outcome of this process because Mhz had no realistic opportunity to secure similar spectrum in the market. Now the global channels are left scrambling and viewers will soon be denied access to some interesting international content. It was a totally avoidable mess, and it's got nothing to do with "major changes and challenges" in the broadcasting business. (3/19/18)

iHeart owes Nielsen $20 Million. I am surprised that Nielsen would continue to permit iHeart to use their ratings. (3/19/18)

Cumulus is Bankrupt, but you can still buy their stock "over the counter" at 94 cents per share. The Court has approved $4 Million in Bonuses for their "Top Executives". Are these the same "Top Executives" that took them into Bankruptcy? (3/19/18)

Nasdaq is still listing iHeart Stock at 52 cents per share. How long will Nasdaq carry them? They have a rule that they don't carry stocks that are below $1.00. (3/19/18)

If sports is such a big deal on alleged news radio 1090, why is it not included in their promo: "your station for news, weather, traffic and stimulating conversation?" (3/19/18)

/\ March 19 Messages /\

\/ March 18 Messages \/

Yesterday, MHz announced they are leaving the DC market entirely: mhznetworks.com... They could not lease any subchannels anywhere else, cable providers weren't willing to carry them, and they can't even get WorldView cleared by any of the pubcasters around here. Come March 31st there will be no MHz anywhere here, besides apparently Cox in Fairfax which is dropping everything but WorldView. I knew there was little demand for their programming to begin with, but this is shocking - a complete and utter embarrassment. (3/18/18)

WJFK’s Craig Hoffman announced Sunday that WJLA’s Erin Hawksworth will return to their Sunday 9:00AM to Noon show beginning next Sunday; WMAL’s Saturday 7:00PM to 10:00PM syndicated talker Larry Kudlow announced on his show Saturday that it would be his last show before joining the Trump administration as his Chief Economic Advisor next week; and last but not least, Gus in the Gaithersburg’s mother has restored her son’s internet access in the basement since she caught him with his pants around his ankles last week so the DCRTV Mailbag can expect new posts sometime soon. Gus has been MIA since his last post on 3/13/18... (3/18/18)

Wonder if this is part of the new Sinclair-mandated programming? Yesterday at 5:30pm, WJLA aired The Rise of Terrorism: Clash of Cultures with host Seb Gorka. (3/18/18)

DON GERONIMO BOOK:: Breaking News! Trying to sell his autobiography for 20 plus years, will Mike Sorce's book be named "Writers Block?" (3/18/18)

No front page news on the Iheart bankruptcy, Dave? (3/18/18)

While the "Alleged WBAL Troll" was passed out in his own bile and beer vomit NewsRadio 1090 did indeed cover the UMBC win over UVA. At the top and bottom of every hour from 7am to 2pm the station aired clips from UMBC Coach Ryan Odom, Guard Jarius Lyles (even pointing up his DeMatha HS/Silver Spring connection) Forward Joe Sherburne & UVA Coach Tony Bennett. The Sherburne clip about the team wanting to be a part of the NCAA "Once in a Lifetime" video was the only clip repeated over the 8 hrs IIRC. WBAL led almost every newscast with the UMBC story, so honestly this WBAL troll needs to get a fucking life and realize he was fired at sometime in the recent past from a radio station for a reason. (3/18/18)

WMAL syndicated talker Larry Kudlow aired his last radio show on that station on Saturday, March 17th at 7:00PM: Kudlow will suspend his radio show to assume the position of Chief Economic Advisor for the Trump administration. Kudlow explained on his final show how Trump called him last week and asked him while Kudlow was on the way to do the John Batchelor Show in New York and he accepted. No word from Bill Hess who or what will replace Kudlow in the Saturday 7:00PM to 10:00PM time slot. (3/18/18)

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\/ March 17 Messages \/

While channel surfing with a green beer, i see that Aaron Gilchrist is hosting on MSNBC at 5:00. is it a regular weekend gig for him or a tryout to stop setting his alarm clock for 2:00 AM? (3/17/18)

I'm writing this around 3am Sat. UMBC has pulled off one of the biggest upsets is sports. Nationally, it's being compared to Douglas beating Tyson, The 'Miracle on Ice', and so forth/ It's the lead story on CBS Sports Radio, WFAN, WMVP (Chicago) and even national news updates. So I can't wait to see how WBAL and 105.7 cover this historic event today. As far as I know, Peter Schmuck is still in Florida with the Orioles, which probably means we'll get Andrew LANGER,AF 7, WHO APPEARS TO BE AS CAPABLE OF DEALING WITH SPORTS AS ONE OF THE GUYS FROM THE BIG BANG THEORY', THEN THEY HAVE A FINANCIAL ADVICE SHOW, NORMALLY FOLLOWED BY 'BEST OF C4', IF YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE THAT'S EVEN PLAUSIBLE. THE FAN HAS BROKERED PROGRAMMING ALL MORNING, MOSTLY FINANCE until noon. That leaves noon to 1, then O's Spring Training Baseball, which is so important that the team owner won't even put it on the cable network that he owns. I would hope that both stations would pre-empt the normal; stuff to cover the UMBC story. After all, WBAL says for us to expect more, right? Sorry for the CAPS everyone. It's late (or early), and I'm tired. Alcohol was not involved, just good ole' Coca-Cola. (3/17/18)

?Re: the 3/14 post about WMAL's 7:00 - 10:00pm airing of the Larry Kudlow Show, hopefully no more rebroadcasts of Mark Levin and his obnoxious shouting. 1 or 2 Saturdays a month WMAL airs guest hosts live in the 4:00 - 7:00pm block. ATTN: Bill Hess, why not try something new in the soon to be vacated Sat. night block? Try something other than replays of conservative talk; maybe some locally-focused call-in talk show, live and local. What do 'ya think Bill- give it a chance! (3/17/18)

BREAKING! WNST 1570’s Nestor Aparicio hates Trump for attacking the media. Go figure. One toxic gasbag hates another. Who woulda thunk it? If only extreme irony could get stupid people off the air. (3/17/18)

/\ March 17 Messages /\

\/ March 16 Messages \/

The WHFS calls are so valuable that CBS/Entercom doesn’t even own or control them anymore. Even if they wanted to bring WHFS back, they couldn’t use the calls. (3/16/18)

Regarding an earlier post, Adam May didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of filling Donna Hamilton's seat on WBAL-TV's weekday evening news set. My money is on their other anchor, Debra Hotdog. (3/16/18)

I think that call letters that are a brand can have quite a bit of value. WHFS, WLIR, KDKA, WTOP, WFAN, etc. It doesn’t matter what a branded station like “98 Rock” or “Mix” uses for call letters though. (3/16/18)

More fun from Bob Pittman (from the Tom Taylor Now newsletter): "He says all the employees 'will be fine' ... There will be no changes to your wages and benefits, subject to routine court approval'.” Or again, translated into American English, "No one is going to lose their jobs and we're not selling any stations." Okay, yeah, sure. Most of us who've been at this for more than a few years are already reaching for the Instant Replay sound effects box: "MOOO! PLOP!" (3/16/18)

I was joking with someone at WJFK 106.7 about this. CBS DC yanked their website and Entercom had nothing ready for days. And NOBODY NOTICED! HAHA! 105.7 The Fan also has a new Entercom website and is also off of CBS Baltimore, but they timed it a little better. :-) (3/16/18)

Speaking of Baltimore AM stations for sale, anyone have a guess on who the $1.1 million AM station is that has no limitations for sale? I don’t think Family Radio is selling or WRBS or iHeart. Is it Nestor’s WNST AM 1570 or someone else? (3/16/18)

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Call letters mostly have no value. But when attached to a TV station in the same market, they have immense value. That’s why WBAL & WJZ are the ones that could never be used, but WBAL radio, regardless of what the 1090 hater says, would be listed for more than $2 million. $2 million sounds about close for AM 1300’s station, land and of course Entercom/CBS Radio would never want a competing sports station from another company going against 105.7 The Fan. The WCAO calls are heritage call letters for Baltimore, but otherwise, have no real value to iHeart. If they did, they would have used them on an FM by now. I do think that Clear Channel did once intend to sell WCAO, but probably not now nor would they care about the format or call letters if they were selling. WJZ is on an FM and TV station! And the FM has virtually the same format too. (3/15/18)

I told Adam May directly that he was committing career suicide by joining Al Jazeera America and he laughed at me and unfriended me on Facebook. He could have probably been a weekday main news anchor by now, but he ended up crawling back to Baltimore stuck working weekends again after AJ America folded for lack of credibility and viewership. Apparently, he was not being considered for replacing Donna Hamilton at WBAL TV either. Talk about career suicide. He did it to himself. (3/15/18)

Here's an abridged version of the official statement from Bob Pittman at iHeart Media: “iHeartMedia has created a highly successful operating business ... The agreement we announced today is a significant accomplishment,... achieving a capital structure that finally matches our impressive operating business will further enhance iHeartMedia’s position as America’s #1 audio company.” The English translation: "I'm full of more crap than the insides of ten elephants". Evidently, the difference between a "highly successful business" and a "highly successful *operating* business" is the latter needs to be propped up by assloads of money paid in by somebody else, of which will never be see again. (3/15/18)

The owners of iHeart are investment bankers. They are experts at borrowing money. They owe over $20 BILLION. Even if they sold off all their assets, I doubt that they could ever repay their Hugh debt. Their lenders will probably receive only a few cents on the dollar if the company is forced to sell their assets. (3/15/18)

Cumulus took $78 Million to the bank when they sold off the WMAL 630 AM Tower Site in Bethesda. This did not keep them out of Bankruptcy, but it did help them pay down their $2 Billion Debt. When these Bankrupt Companies go into Chapter VII, they will be forced to sell off their assets. (3/15/18)

What is it with Nikole Killian who does the early liveshots on WBAL television? She is stuck speaking in this reallllly booooooring monotone and constantly looks down to read a script instead of TELLING us whatever story, with a little bit of life in it. Gawd awful. For a while there it was a competition between her and their Lisa Robinson as to which could sound the most disinterested and unhappy to be there that hour in the morning. (3/15/18)

WJFK has a new web site separate from the shared one at CBS DC. Features enhance audio, visual and show schedules and is really slick. Well done CK! New WJFK web site: thefandc.radio.com (3/15/18)

WMAL’s Chris Plante is holding another one of his “Politics & a Pint” events: “Meet Chris Plante at WMAL’s Politics and a Pint Thursday, March 29th 6-8pm at Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill, located at 2424 Wilson Blvd in Arlington, Virginia. Mix and mingle with like-minded people, enjoy a beverage and a bite to eat, and chat with Chris Plante!” (3/15/18)

The mystery station in Baltimore that is for sale for $2 million is not WCAO 600 AM. This station is owned by iHeart and they are not selling anything right now because they will probably be going into Bankruptcy soon. (3/15/18)

iHeart filed for Bankruptcy today. This is the largest radio company in the world. With both Cumulus and iHeart in Bankruptcy, what does this tell us about the value of radio stations? Why would anyone invest in Radio Stocks? (3/15/18)

Wednesday night on MSNBC's "Rachel Maddow Show", she talked about Japanese businessmen buying New York's Rockefeller Center building back in the late '80s. They held onto it for a few years, then the place went bankrupt and they had to sell it. The good news is it's still there today and doing fine, thank you. Why bring this up? Maybe the "OMG-what-will-happen-to the-whole industry" stock price guy who's terrified of the prospect of both an iHeart and Cumulus bankruptcy will read this and CALM THE #?%$!! DOWN. New potential owners are waiting in the wings looking for bargains. (3/15/18)

What Radio Company will be next to declare Bankruptcy? It looks like it might be Spanish Broadcasting System. You wonder why Wall Street does not like Radio Broadcasting as an investment. Since 2008 Banks have not wanted to make loans to Radio Stations. If you wanted to buy a Radio Station today, where could you borrow the money? Maybe Friends and Family? Big Risk! (3/15/18)

Re: 2million dollar station in Baltimore. AM towers I think need lots of acreage if I’m not mistaken. So while everyone is speculating of the value of an AM signal / calls and equipment. What you may want to focus on is the dirt which the towers stand on. Who says the owner is marketing to radio station operators? Maybe they’re marketing to developers? What was it? 78mil for some WMAL dirt? Finn (3/15/18)

"MEMO TO KEITH MILLS: NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE NFL AND THE RAVENS IN MARCH, YOU FOOL. ITS SPRING...BASEBALL...MARCH MADNESS" All Caps Guy, you just demonstrated how little you know about Baltimore sports. (3/15/18)

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About Keith Mills and his football talk I was out in Denver for business last week and OMG Broncos talk !! On their sports stations that was the ONLY thing they talked about !! "...John Elway this" or "The Broncos that". The Rockies ?? Who are they ?? Nuggets ?? What is it ?? The Avalanche ?? Who cares !! Even their stores are full of Broncos stuff and it's only March !! It is almost like the Broncos are playing this weekend. I always felt that Denver should give the Rockies or at east their NHL team to Salt Lake City since everyone there is into the Broncos way too much. Anyway I afraid there are enough football fans who will listen to THAT even in March and I am sure Baltimore is the same way. (3/14/18)

Y'all think the reason an owner does not want to convey a station's call letters with a sale is because of concurrent use elsewhere. What if the seller wants to keep the call letters and move them to some other property, owned or potentially owned? That's why I would put WCAO in consideration as the $2M mystery AMer for sale. A broadcast service of Plough, Incorporated, remember that, kids? (3/14/18)

[RE: "Memo to Keith Mills..." I dumped listening to that piss-weak mess of a morning show 'JSS' on 98Rock in part because of Keith Mills and all his Alzheimer influenced rants... Everyone of his "sports stories" it seems has to have some local high school sports tie-in that made no friggin sense.] That 'JSS' show was also really based around all that useless sports reporting. I thought it was suppose to be a local wacky morning show... Justin is the only one on that show with any personality-humor-or sense of current events. Scott is grumpy, really dumb guy who works in radio but knows nothing about current music or pop culture. And that Spiegel is the most obnoxious & clueless so-called 'news reader' I have ever heard. (3/14/18)

WMAL’s Saturday 7:00PM to 10:00PM host and a frequent guest on “Mornings on the Mall” Larry Kudlow will be appointed as early as Thursday by President Trump to replace Gary Cohn as his top economic advisor. The real question for WMAL’s Bill Hess is what will replace Kudlow’s show in that Saturday slot that is followed by a repeat of Mark Levin’s Friday show: more boring “Best Of” from existing WMAL talent or a new original show? (3/14/18)

Baltimore weekend television anchor Adam May is leaving his broadcast career and heading to a "corporate communications" position in his hometown of Minneapolis, according to his Facebook page. In addition to WBAL (his current position), May worked at WJZ, a position he left for a stint with Al Jazeera America's flagship show, America Tonight. (3/14/18)

iHeart still owns six full power FM Stations in DC. Remember the limit in this market is just five FM Stations. How do they get away with this? They found a loophole in the FCC Rules by putting one of their stations in their "trust". That was eleven years ago. They own the following stations is DC......WASH 97.1, WMZQ 98.7, WFRE 99.9, WIHT 99.5, WWDC 101.1, WBIG 100.3. The FCC has done nothing to plug this loophole. (3/14/18)

iHeart asks for a 24 Hour Extension to work out a restructure agreement with their lenders. Their lenders agree to this extension. (3/14/18)

The dude referred to as "Screamin Scotty" has added a new dimension to his annoying, obnoxious delivery: he growls. Tune in to alleged news radio 1090 and hear it "live." What a zoo. (3/14/18)


Arguably, WJZ AM 1300 (formerly WFBR) in Baltimore is the 3rd best AM signal in the Baltimore market as a regional 5000 watt signal. It also owns a sizable plot of land in a very developed area of Baltimore County off Rolling Road just outside the Beltway west of Baltimore. And unlike in DC, Baltimore’s regional AMs are better situated with signals that better cover most of the entire market. The location of DC’s AM radio facilities is very antiquated comparatively due to the incredible change in the size and more importantly the direction of growth in the market. WTEM 980 for instance, could have a much better signal covering the DC market even at 5000 watts night if its transmitter was further to the west near say Dulles. Where it is now, the signal can barely be heard in Fairfax. Is AM 1300 worth $2 million dollars? Apparently not so far since its been for sale for over a year with no takers. Btw, CBS Radio people denied that’s the station on DCRTV, but I’m still not sure that’s true since almost no other station fits all the sale criteria. If anyone has a better suggestion on which station it could be, I’m game. Surely, Hearst would want more money for WBAL 1090 right? That’s the only other call letters that absolutely could NOT be used by another owner. (3/14/18)

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WJFK’s Sports Junkies must have gotten the memo from CBS News’ President David Rhodes that alleged Trump concubine Stormy Daniels still has news to offer: the Junkies will have her on their show on April 19th. CBS/Entercom considers Daniels a worthy interview: deadline.com (3/13/18)

RE: WTRI AM 1520. Sorry, I got confused. There are so many dysfunctional AM radio stations. How can you keep track? Well either way, you won’t be hearing much of WTRI anymore around DC for God knows how long. (3/13/18)

WDSD has shuffled the line up. Out is Sky Phillips, from the Sky & Christa show. The Bobby Bones show moves from nights to Mornings. Christa replaces Billy Greenwood for middays, Buzz remains in PM drive and Benny Panella takes over nights. (3/13/18)

Re: "...$2 million dollar AM radio station..." what could possibly make an AM station worth that much? Is the antenna gold-plated? I'm a fan of radio, but the interference on the AM band makes it unlistenable. I will say I've taken to asking my Google Home "Play WJFK/WBAL/105.7 The Fan." Maybe the value is just as a source of internet-streamed audio? (3/13/18)

WTOP needs to leaf through a Civics 101 textbook. They're screeching that Trump has "named Mike Pompeo Secretary of State!" That ain't how it works, kiddos, as you may realize during Pompeo's Senate confirmation hearings. (3/13/18)

WTRI at 700…..You mean WDMV 700. Or do you really mean WTRI 1520? Jeff (3/13/18)

Okay, lemme get this straight. Whites living in Anacostia are called brothers. There's one Mexican in Arlington so all Hispanics in Arlington get called Mexicans. Rich people in Georgetown got rich by not having cable. Then the planet destroying win-the-internet "mother's basement" which I have to tell you sounds like a veiled swipe at Dave. Your "feeble [attempt] at lame humor" shows that your "takes one to know one" applies to YOU you racist idiot. You have a nice day "brother". Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/13/18)

"WTRI 700" ... who? (3/13/18)

My suspicion on the identity of the $2 million dollar AM radio station for sale is WJZ AM 1300, mainly because neither the call letters or format are allowed to be used by any potential buyer. I can’t think of any other station that fits that price range & terms in the Baltimore market. (3/13/18)

re: Erin Hawksworth; Maybe she wasn't on WJFK because she's in FL? Saw her interviewing Anthony Rendon yesterday... (3/13/18)

DON GERONIMO BOOK:: DCRTV MAILBAG POLL. 20 plus years in the making, will Mike Sorce ever finish his book manuscript? 1] YES 2] NO 3] Who Cares. Make a DONATION to DCRTV. VOTE NOW The Real AHHHH (3/13/18)

Note to a previous poster today......WTRI is 1520 in Brunswick and 700 AM is WDMV in Walkersville. WDMV is owned by Birach Broadcasting. (3/13/18)

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What is the AM Station in Baltimore that is advertised for sale for $2 Million? Does anyone know? (3/12/18)

Cumulus is in Bankruptcy; however, you can buy their stock "Over- the-Counter" at just 95 cents per share. Remember, they own 446 Radio Stations. (3/12/18)

A poster asked last week, are there and Radio Stocks worth buying? No one came up with an answer? Does that mean there are none worth buying? (3/12/18)

Special Temporary Authority Update: WTRI 700 has filed an STA Extension for as little as just over 100 watts daytime while repairs are going on. The upgrade to 50kw is apparently a forgotten memory. Just staying on the air seems too expensive now. Their reception should be pretty poor around DC for awhile. Also over on the shore WDOV 1410 Dover, has filed another in a long line of STA extensions. iHeart/Clear Channel must get special treatment. This station has been on STA for around 10 years now and the FCC isn’t even writing them any letters to get their act together yet. WDOV’s nighttime signal does not hit its required contour. Some people further south from Dover probably haven’t heard the station at night in 10 years! But I doubt the FCC cares. It’s iHeart. They get what they want. (3/12/18)

RE: WJFK, Erin Hawksworth and women as sports commentators: spot on analysis and points Mike in Fairfax, though there may be other reasons for Hawksworth being MIA at WJFK than sexism. And speaking of “isims”: Gus, Gus, Gus in the Gaithersburg, not everything is “racism”, sometimes it’s just feeble attempts at humor by a lame poster to the DCRTV World Famous Mailbag. You seemed to link the consumer description to the location as “racism” when a “brother” in newly gentrified Anacostia could be a white who watches WDCW (I am white and loved “Sanford & Son”), there could be at least one Mexican in Arlington who likes to watch soccer via broadcast on WFDC as well a wealthy person watching WETA for free in Georgetown (how do you think they became wealthy). Maybe YOU are the “racist” Gus watching your NASCAR in your mother’s basement (“Gus I told you to turn down that noisy car racing” Mama Gus hollers to him down the stairs) and stereotyping people based on their descriptions: takes one to know one! (3/12/18)

“WJFK’s Sports Junkies and others, including [Erin] Hawksworth, made a big deal about her joining the WJFK talent pool and now she’s gone: what happened, did WJLA shut it down?”. I hope this isn’t a case of 106.7 The Fan caving in to complaints from a small but vocal minority of its audience that objects to the entire notion of women hosting sports radio shows or doing play-by-play or color analysis of major sporting events. You might call it the “sexist pig” element – those same listeners probably can’t get enough of “eye candy” female sideline reporters on TV but put Doris Burke in the booth for ESPN telecasts of NBA games, Beth Mowins on NFL play-by-play or Kara Lawson on analysis for Wizards games and they can’t stand it. I think Hawksworth got to do exactly two Sunday morning shows on WJFK, after which there were two where Craig Hoffman (her co-host) said she was away covering Nationals spring training or the NFL scouting combine for WJLA-7, a third where Chris Russell filled in on a solo basis and finally yesterday’s program with Hoffman doing three hours without even mentioning her name. I’d point out that TV ratings for the Wizards on NBCSW have increased by 70 percent this season despite the team’s record not being any better than last year and no high profile additions to their roster – this is by no means intended as a knock on Phil Chenier who did an outstanding job in the analyst role for years and is still involved with the coverage, but the hiring of Lawson has clearly brought a significant new audience to the telecasts. For whatever reason, the history of female sports radio hosts in the DC market has been spotty at best – Pam Ward (who later called college football for ESPN) did some weekend and fill-in work in the early years of WTEM while “[Kris] O’Donnell & Cook” and “Feldman & [Carol] Maloney” were short-lived ventures on that same station but I’m at a loss to come up with other examples of women being given those opportunities. Mike, Fairfax (3/12/18)

All this happy go lucky talk about OJ on TEM and JFK does not seem right. OJ trivia? Two people died. OOBBEE (3/12/18)

On the eastern shore, I’m very happy with the Orioles move from WGMD 92.7 to WXDE 105.9. Better signal to Ocean City during the summer, more games. What’s not to like? I understand why WGMD wouldn’t commit to the 7 day deal. Every station has to do what’s in their best interest. Trying to catch Orioles games at the beach in past years has been very troubling if not next to impossible. I sorta understand the Phillies decision, at least for Rehoboth to Dover, but south of there in Bethany across southern Delaware to Georgetown, you’re getting Mediacom or FIOS most likely with DC/Baltimore NBCSN, not the Philly version, so probably not too many Philly fans overall in the Salisbury/Dover market. The Nats should get busy and find some station. The Orioles radio affiliate list is far superior to the Nats and it doesn’t look like the Nats are even getting any better with the team success. (3/12/18)

"Some Mexican in Arlington is probably delighted to just get soccer games on WFDC broadcast, or some brother in Anacostia is happy if he can see “Sanford & Son” reruns on WDCW, or some rich cracker in Georgetown is happy to watch “Democracy Now” on WETA, or some redneck like Gus in the Gaithersburg is happy just to see NASCAR on WTTG." Let me get this straight: Mexicans (not Salvadorans or Guatemalans but Mexicans) in Arlington, "brothers" and only "brothers" are to be found in Anacostia and they loooooves them some Sanford and Son [when they're not slinging rock], "rich crackers" [who "cannot afford cable or stream"] live in Georgetown. What say you about that poster's obvious and casual racism Dave? Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/12/18)

To the viewer in Fairfax who can't get NBC/Telemundo's Spanish stations 44.1 and 44.2 -- you need to rescan your TV. Some receivers will update their channel tables automatically, others don't. (3/12/18)

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RE: “Dave's response: No, but if you like to watch NBC, which is owned by Comcast along with WRC, it would be just great if you got a cable subscription, where you would pay the wonderful broadcast surcharge and Comcast could make some more money from you. I have predicted that broadcast "free" TV will be gone by 2025.....” So the notion set forth by DCRTVDJDAVE is that Comcast and in turn WRC is actually deliberately screwing with the broadcast signal to drive consumers to Comcast cable. Yet all cable companies know that it’s CABLE, not BROADCAST that will be gone by 2025, replaced by everything from ala carte streaming of outlets and stronger, better antennas for broadcast. For instance, if a consumer wants “cable” channels, they can subscribe to Hulu, Amazon, Apple, Direct, Comcast, Cox and just use an antenna for the broadcast networks: no need for consumers as possible regardless of the medium and many consumers are satisfied with having just broadcast channels or cannot afford cable or stream: why would the broadcast channels deliberately deny those consumers? Some Mexican in Arlington is probably delighted to just get soccer games on WFDC broadcast, or some brother in Anacostia is happy if he can see “Sanford & Son” reruns on WDCW, or some rich cracker in Georgetown is happy to watch “Democracy Now” on WETA, or some redneck like Gus in the Gaithersburg is happy just to see NASCAR on WTTG. If anything, there might be MORE broadcast channels, including some of the cable news networks also broadcasting in large markets to circumvent expensive cable company charges. What say you, Dave? (3/11/18)

No problems here getting channels 4.1 and 4.2 out here in Fairfax, using indoor antenna. Subchannels 4.3 and 4.4, the Spanish language stations require me to enter as 44.1 and 44.2 however. (3/11/18)

Heard about that WKYS on air fight from a post on Facebook. Went to the link and listened to a bit of it and I think a few f-bombs were dropped as well as other profanities. So will the FCC get involved with this? (3/11/18)

Ever since that high wind storm came through the DC area, our reception of Channels 4-1 and 4-2 has been impaired to the point of not being able to watch it. Have you heard anything about Channel 4’s antenna being damaged in the wind? That would seem to me to be the most logical culprit, as our antenna is inside and was not affected by the wind. (3/11/18)

Dave's response: No, but if you like to watch NBC, which is owned by Comcast along with WRC, it would be just great if you got a cable subscription, where you would pay the wonderful broadcast surcharge and Comcast could make some more money from you. I have predicted that broadcast "free" TV will be gone by 2025.....

It is interesting to note that the little Class A Station, WMMJ 102.3 is beating their big sister station WKYS 93.9 in the ratings. WKYS is 50,000 Watts and WMMJ is only 3,000 Watts. WMMJ is Urban AC and WKYS says their format is Urban Hip Hop. I wonder if the big fight on the morning show yesterday, between their morning "personalities", was to get ratings? (3/11/18)

iHeart seems to be in a holding pattern until March 13 when they have another meeting with their lenders. Their stock closed on Friday at 49 cents per share. It is expected that they will go into Bankruptcy next week. (3/11/18)

With the stock market at an all time high, are there any radio stocks worth investing in now? (3/11/18)

Is there any update on the Channel 6 LPTV Stations? These are the stations that use their audio channel 87.7 FM to operate as FM Radio Stations rather than operate as Television Stations as they were licensed and intended. Remember, these stations were licensed to help Minorities get into Television Ownership. It never happened! BTW, what are some of the FCC Regulations that have been changed during the Trump Administration. Yes, we know about the main studio rule. (3/11/18)

WJFK’s Craig Hoffman goes solo again Sunday morning sans Erin Hawksworth: “Sunday, March 11th CBS Sports Radio – 12 to 6 a.m. Washington Report – 6 to 7 a.m. Best of PFT – 7 to 9 a.m. Craig Hoffman – 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Nats Hot Stove w/ Pete Medhurst- 12 to 1 p.m.” WJFK’s Sports Junkies and others, including Hawksworth, made a big deal about her joining the WJFK talent pool and now she’s gone: what happened, did WJLA shut it down? (3/11/18)

DON GERONIMO BOOK:: Spring Ahead DCRTV Think Tank. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If Mike Sorce writes a book leaving out the Don & Mike Show years and no one is around to read it, does he need to give the publisher back their advance money? The Real AHHHH (3/11/18)

"Whoever they are, they are causing harmful and illegal interference, and not just on one receiver." Panties untwist! Life is too short to go back and reread your previous correspondence so I'm replying only the to the recent one. Devices in the U.S. are supposed to be manufactured to reject interference. Since you don't know the source of any of the interference, how do you know it's "illegal"? Many home security systems interfere with AM radio reception. Did you know that? You might find this link interesting: arrl.org... While posting about it here is obviously the best way to resolve your issue lesser hoomans might contact WMAL or the FCC. Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/11/18)

To the WBAL hater . . . I listened to their 6p news block on Friday. It was pretty darned good. Man and woman co-anchors. At least 5 different voicers from WBAL reporters, including actualities and other sound. Maybe even more than 5 over the course of about 20 minutes (half an hour minus the network, spots, and sports). It was local, it was well written, it was well produced, it was professional and better than any half hour in the DC market. So, back off, clown. Now, I do have a complaint about the station, and it's a major one. I felt assaulted by the number of times they used the call letter and frequency in short periods of time. 3, 4, 5 times in 10-15 seconds. In that regard, the format treats listeners like idiots . . . Hey, PD, back off on the idiot cards and clean up this crap. But the newscast it self was damned good. (3/11/18)

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Speaking on behalf of News Talk and Sports 92-7 WGMD at the beach...the Orioles wanted a 7 day a week committment as we had aired weekends for a couple of years and then WXDE aired during week. We could not justify preempting our popular syndicated night shows for roughly 100 some days. That said sadly the Os never gave us a chance to at least counter their wishes which out of professional courtesy is disappointing considering we had them first. However we wish them well. We are airing Phillies on the weekends. We re-upped w Ravens for 2018. (3/10/18)

Good Morning Dave. There was a huge fight on air yesterday [Thursday] over on WKYS Morning Show. Danni Starr was blindsided by her co host Quicksilva and DJ 5'9. Go to kysdc.com... You can hear the entire exchange. This morning [Friday], Qucksilva and DJ 5'9 are not on air. WKYS is billing this morning as the ladies Take Over with Danni Starr, Deja Perez and Angie Ange. It got so heated, CATHY HUGHES appeared on the radio show this morning for the first 30 minutes of the show. If you want to hear Danni's response after being blindsided yesterday, go to kysdc.com... This happened on Interantional Womens Day. Dave - it got so thick that DJ Quicksilva's wife came on air and told him that he was wrong. I don't know if they are getting fired or not..... [Media statement from Cathy Hughes:] Silver Spring, MD…March 10, 2018 – Yesterday I co-hosted The Fam on WKYS 93.9 FM in Washington D.C. with the female talent of this station as an act of solidarity to support the show’s co-host Danni Starr who was placed in an embarrassing situation on live radio Thursday – International Women’s Day. The aftermath of this emotionally charged interaction became national news and has played out on social media for the past 48 hours. After a full investigation, I’ve learned this incident was a radio prank ‘gone bad.’ None of our talent were adequately informed or prepared to have effectively executed this prank on Danni Starr. We have taken the necessary steps to resolve this matter. I agreed with Danni Starr’s expressed public sentiments that QuickSilva and DJ 5’9 are good guys who would never deliberately harm her or intentionally cause her embarrassment. I stand firmly behind The Fam and will be providing the team a time of healing and refocus so they can continue to entertain, inspire and inform our listeners in the morning. To that end, next week’s show will be hosted by KYS DC’s afternoon drive personality Angie Ange and Baltimore Q92’s Konan, who himself is DC homegrown. Once again, I apologize to our listeners who had to experience this most unfortunate incident. I appreciate your continued support of WKYS, but more importantly our talent, Danni Starr, QuickSilva and DJ 5’9. I’m prayerful we all will emerge a stronger family. www.cathyhughes.com... kysdc.com... (3/10/18)

Watch this space: CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter teases Drudge’s tease about a Washington Post story on “sexual turmoil” at CBS, whose local affiliate is WUSA. Stelter teases: “Keep an eye on the Washington Post web site. The news outlet is finishing up a months-long investigation of CBS News, specifically looking at who knew what when about Charlie Rose's alleged misconduct. Based solely on the calls I've received from people who have spoken with the Post reporters, I expect this is going to be a big story. It's an open secret within CBS News. The Post has already gone to CBS for comment... But it hasn't been published yet...” mailchi.mp (3/10/18)

2018 MLB Radio Affiliates Update: The Baltimore Orioles have added several stations to their network: WWEG 106.9 FM Frederick, WYUS 930 AM Milford Delaware, WGLD 1440 AM York (stolen from The Washington Nationals apparently) and the Orioles affiliate page appears to be more up to date than The Nationals. New this year also will be that many of the AM radio stations from last year now have FM translators in those markets, so that means better sound if not coverage. The Orioles page is updated to show that, but not the Nats. Also to note, the Nationals as of yet have no radio affiliate anywhere on Delmarva, not Delaware or Maryland, or even Chincoteage VA, so don't expect to hear any Nats games at the beach this summer unless they're playing the O's, Phillies or Mets. The Phillies actually have a radio affiliate on Delmarva, but not The Nats. The Orioles at the beach are on WXDE 105.9 FM all summer, and to the south, WGOP AM 540 picks up the games. They are listed as an affiliate with an FM too, but never picked up the Orioles games last year, but possibly with WBEY 97.9 programming, they just might this season. -- BaltoMedia.net (3/10/18)

Here’s something for perhaps WBAL’s most consistent listener: www.youtube.com -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/10/18)

I wish the media (primarily biz networks & Tom Taylor Now) would STOP promoting this notion that Sinclair is selling TV stations in New York and Chicago and in total 11 markets to meet FCC regulations. THIS IS FAKE NEWS, TOTALLY FALSE! Sinclair is proposing to sell WPIX in NYC to David Smith’s DEAD MOTHER’s TRUST, which he controls! HELLO! Cunningham Broadcasting is a shell company. Cunningham himself is DEAD too! When created, technically Cunningham Broadcasting was a minority company, but now the stations aren’t even owned by a minority COFFIN ANYMORE! This is like a running joke. And then there’s WGN Chicago. Sinclair wants to sell it to the CEO of MileOne Auto Group in Baltimore, a Mid-Atlantic car dealership chain. But GUESS WHO OWNS THAT? UH HUH! DAVID SMITH, who controls Sinclair Broadcast Group. This notion that SBG would sell stations to Meredith or Nexstar? FORGET IT! In all 11 markets, they’re going to do this to KEEP THEM ALL with OPTIONS TO BUY! Sinclair’s David Smith is actually going to pay these people to buy these stations with proceeds from SBG he receives. Nobody who’s buying these TV stations, the companies, even have the liquid cash or available credit to buy them! The Sinclair Divestiture Trust is not controlled by David Smith, but after he sells all the stations to Cunningham or MileOne Auto, he will again control them. Sinclair is still going to have programming agreements with all of these TV stations throughout including news. Just for now, the news will have to remain separate on well, say WPMT Fox 43 in York and WHP 21 in Harrisburg. That will last just a few short years before they’re 1 combined news organization w/ many layoffs. Am I the only one who sees this BS? I was ok with the merger if they REALLY sold stations to other companies like Meredith or others, but this BS is off the charts CRAZY! — Concerned Citizen (3/10/18)

Adams Radio on Delmarva BLOWS out another Program Director and Air Personality after a couple of months on the JOB, And no mention…..all I hear is crickets…..Coleen Carew (Coleen Kennedy) deserved better than that, she worked with/for me years ago downy ocean Hon, J.J. “Hitman” McKay Classic Rock 103.5 & 106.1 “The Vault” (3/10/18)

From a Facebook statement, Jon Boesche' and Katie Rose are gone from Mix-106.5 Mornings. Bethany Linderman from WGNA Albany will be joining Reagan in the mornings this Monday. No word on whether Boesche continues to work for Entercom/CBS Radio as of yet, but his weekend 105.7 The Fan show will continue. Boesche stated he can't yet divulge what he'll be doing next. — BaltoMedia.net (3/10/18)

"To the poster hearing a high pitched whine while listening to WMAL: check proximity to other, non-broadcast signals ... The reported signal, at a high pitch, is nowhere near the intended reception of the 630KHz frequency of WMAL, suggesting some other source (not an AM broadcaster) that's overwhelming the ability of your receiver to reject the interference." Okay, so tell me how to find them and what to listen for. Whoever they are, they are causing harmful and illegal interference, and not just on one receiver. (3/10/18)

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\/ March 9 Messages \/

It's a shame the owners have neglected the old Virginia Beach AMer, WVAB. The station actually had a good following many years ago when the AM band itself was still viable. I can recall when it was WKVK, and had a studio at Princess Anne Shopping Center. The main "on air" studio had a soundproof window that looked out onto the sidewalk, where shoppers could see the station personality and hear the music from a set of weatherproof speakers. This was in the days of turntables and cart machines, kids, when radio was something that actually took some physical dexterity to make the creative talent flow. (3/9/18)

To the poster hearing a high pitched whine while listening to WMAL. I will avoid the easy jokes, and instead (seriously) suggest that the poster check their proximity to other, non-broadcast signals their radio is probably picking up, either as a mixing product among other strong signals or as a primary, single source of interference. Really strong signals can overload a receiver and create such interference, having nothing to do with "other stations" in the sense I believe was intended. For example, electrical noise from nearby industrial and commercial facilities can resemble an interfering AM carrier, like you'd hear among heterodynes on CB Channel 19. The reported signal, at a high pitch, is nowhere near the intended reception of the 630KHz frequency of WMAL, suggesting some other source (not an AM broadcaster) that's overwhelming the ability of your receiver to reject the interference. (3/9/18)

Elaborating on the post regarding the 105.7 power increase to 50,000 watts back in the Carl Brenner days, Brenner worked out a deal with the owner of 105.7 in York, PA. Both stations would increase to 50,000 watts, but they would radiate less power toward each other. In the case of 105.7 in Baltimore, the station would send out 50,000 watts in all directions except toward York. Going toward York, the power would be 2,800 watts, the same wattage the station had been prior to the increase. Roddy Freeman (3/9/18)

More BS from SBG... The latest controversy surrounding notorious TV station owner Sinclair is getting more play by the day. This one is worth the read: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/03/local-news-anchors-now-have-to-read-pro-trump-propaganda.html I truly feel bad for the workforce at the Tribune stations. Surely they've heard by now that working for Sinclair sucks. All they can do, as they wait for the merger to close (and it will, as they've got the FCC in their hip pocket) is sit back and await the crazy. (3/9/18)

Just saw a promo for Fox’s show Like it Or Not. Anyone seen it yet? (3/9/18)

Re: WBVA and WVAB; Birach was given 60 days from the original order to file copies of public-file records they are supposed to have kept (station logs, EAS test records etc.) and then a pleading showing how they have served the public and their licenses should not be deleted. That deadline is March 23. Tall order, and the FCC presumably knows it. But, no matter how badly and flagrantly you abuse their rules, you still get your due process and the opportunity to appeal. What a country! (3/9/18)

DON GERONIMO BOOK:: Exclusive to DCRTV, here's Mike Sorce's 3-page mailbag book right from the biography page on his website. Done. Finished. No need to publish another book Sorce. Don Geronimo got his first job in radio at the age of 14, at WRWC in Rockton, Illinois. Fired by the General Manager for breaking the “beautiful music” format to play some Top 40 music, it wasn’t the first time Don broke a format. Or got fired. But his love of radio never stopped growing, as his career accelerated.By the age of 16 Don was out and on the air in the major market of Pittsburgh, at Fun Lovin’ 13Q. At seventeen, he was working in New York City, doing the night shift at 99X. And then he got fired. Again. And started the climb all the way back up the radio ladder.From 1977-1979 Don worked in Providence, RI, Indianapolis, and Detroit. In 1979 he was hired at WPGC in Washington, DC. From there it was on to KIIS-FM in Los Angeles and then WLS in Chicago. After moving to WBBM-FM in Chicago for mornings, he relocated yet again, back to Washington DC in 1985.The move to WAVA along with the birth of Don’s son Bart in ’85 meant no more moving for a while. After doing the afternoon shift on WAVA, Don was moved to mornings and partnered with Mike O’Meara on the WAVA Morning Zoo thru 1991. At that point, the now rebranded “Don & Mike Show” moved to WJFK and back to afternoons in DC. The D&M show ran for over 20 years, and at one point was syndicated to over 50 stations. Don retired from that show in 2008, returning to radio in 2010 at KHTK in Sacramento. He remained there of three years, until he was fired. All over again! That led to the inception of the DonGeronimoPodcast.com! Many samples of Don’s air work solo and on the D&M show can be found at Airchexx.com. Don continues to make his magic everyday via live streaming and downloads. Don won the Billboard Air Personality Of The Year in 1978 (medium markets), and again in 1981 (major markets) and 1984 (major markets). Don has appeared in a handful of movies and tv shows, most famously, his two “stellar” appearances on King Of Queens. In the end, Dave Hughes of DCRTV was the best radio Program Director to never work as a PD. (3/9/18)

I should know this as I check with the grave diggers & the baseball teams that apparently knock down radio towers every day: WVAB, WVBA, WDMV, & WGOP all still have valid FCC licenses. I sometimes wonder if this was part of the Bush deal with the Saudis over 9/11, that Birach gets to keep his American radio stations as long as nobody ever listens to them ever! :-) (3/9/18)

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\/ March 8 Messages \/

Former WMAL talker Michael Savage had been touted for & was considering a run for the U.S. Senate in California. Today, he made an announcement via a statement on his web site: “Today is the deadline for me to announce and file my candidacy for the Senate representing the state of California. After careful thought and serious consideration I have reached a critical decision. The issue of granting permission to big game hunters to kill elephants, lions and other big game on a case-by-case basis was the deciding factor for me. What this showed me is that my real role is better served here behind this microphone than as a senator, where I would be one of 100. Right now I am at the pinnacle of my profession. I am in the top 5 of people in radio and the number one streaming talk radio show. I have seen that my influence goes much further and carries much more weight than it would if I was in the United States Senate. In the Senate, people are seen as just partisan. Many times you have to go against what you believe to please the leadership of your party, or a lobbyist, or a donor. That’s just the nature of the beast. In radio you can be seen in many ways. You can seem partisan at times, but uniting in others. All in all, I don’t have to betray my beliefs or who I am to please a constituency.I could never have taken an issue like the elephant issue and had the influence I had on the administration if I was in the Senate. Although I would have my voters behind me in theory, it carries more weight to have my audience behind me. Because you are active and influential. This struggle has just begun. If I were to have mentioned this issue on the Senate floor, it would not have been heard and most likely ignored. It’s a non story to partisans on both sides of the aisle. They are tuned out of anything except for attacking the other side. That tells us what we need to know about where the media is today. The only stories they care about are what Trump did or didn’t do. I have more freedom to promote America’s agenda on the radio, than I would in congress. Pragmatically, we all know the Democrats have rigged the voting in this state so overwhelmingly that no American Patriot would stand a fair chance. So I will stay here, behind this microphone for the foreseeable future. While I know California is in dire need of leadership politically, my position in the media helps me better serve the state and the nation. While legitimate patriotic Californians currently have no voice, their voices are heard every day on the Savage Nation. By staying here behind the microphone, where God put me, not only can I be the voice of California, but the voice of an entire nation – The Savage Nation.” michaelsavage.com (3/8/18)

I was just pondering. There is a $2 million dollar AM radio station for sale in Baltimore requiring not using the call letters or the format and only 4 Baltimore AM radio stations where you could not use the call letters… WBAL 1090, WJZ 1300, WRBS 1230, and WWIN 1400. Of those, which format could not be used if someone bought it? While WRBS and WWIN might have some misgivings about format, I don’t think they’d rule out a new owner using it. I don’t think Hearst would care about format. That only leaves WJZ AM 1300 left unless someone else has a suggestion. Pat Sajak certainly wouldn’t care about the WNAV calls or format being used even though we know it’s for sale. Nestor couldn’t possibly be that vane about WNST, could he or the format? :-) (3/8/18)

Did the FCC finally delete the license for WVAB and WBVA in Virginia Beach? (3/8/18)

It's important to distinguish Mhz Networks from Commonwealth Public Broadcasting in Richmond. Commonwealth is the FORMER owner of Mhz Networks, and is unlikely to spend a dime assisting the Mhz folks to establish any continued presence in the DC marketplace. They sold the WNVC and WNVT spectrum, banked the money, and will use it to expand their core activities in Richmond and elsewhere across the Commonwealth. Mhz Networks is of no interest to them at all any longer. (3/8/18)

The new deadline for iHeart to make a decision on Bankruptcy seems to be March 13. Their stock went down today to 46 cents per share. (3/8/18)

WMAL/CNBC talker Larry Kudlow heard Saturdays 7:00PM to 10:00PM on 105.9 is being touted by The Washington Post as a possible replacement for departing Trump administration Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn. Problem is Kudlow shares Cohn’s distain for tariffs & support for NAFTA: Kudlow last served in the White House during the Reagan administration until leaving for substance abuse problems (cocaine). The Post’s Callum Borchers reports: www.washingtonpost.com (3/8/18)

Wow, I haven’t sent anything to this email address in probably 10 years. Have not had the desire to listen to my god’s D N M in more then that. What’s the latest word on the three Don, Mike & Rob? Any recent comments by any of them on a reunion? Thanks and hello again Mr. Hughes... (3/8/18)

To the "Alleged news radio 1090" posted. For the love of God, find another station to listen to. Please, go. If you have all of the answers, apply for a job. Or do what I have done...stop listening. Go to WYPR. They are much more solid. (3/8/18)

On Monday, WZDC filed its notice of suspension of operations on Channel-25 with the FCC. The channel sharing agreement with WRC-TV was quickly executed as of 2:00 AM Wednesday morning when Channel-25 went dark, and WZDC began programming exclusively on virtual channels 44.1 and 44.2 from the WRC facility. The only item now left on the agenda is to formally close on the purchase by NBCUniversal. (3/8/18)

Correction: WNVC & WNVT did not in fact turn in their licenses to the FCC. They turned in the channels to the FCC only. They are free to share with any DC TV station at any time in the future the MHz Networks should such an opportunity arise. Until the repack is over, it’s unclear what possible available frequencies will still be available for either LPTV operations or otherwise or who might have more channel space in the end. Right now, channel 14 is available for a full power TV station from a technical standpoint, although none can be applied for at this time. An LPTV window is opening this month that displaced unprotected in the repack stations will be applying for. After that settles, we’ll have a better idea of what, if any channels might be available in the DC market. Commonwealth did get a good bit of money for those 2 TV channels, and so far, they’ve not spent much of it. (3/8/18)

In parts of Northern Virginia (primarily), WMAL AM is heard with considerable heterodyning --- there is a steady high-frequency pitch riding on their audio. Does anyone *know for certain* what is generating this? Please don't speculate as to what other station ---may--- be interfering; I can look up radio-locator.net as well as anyone else. Are there any CPRE's looking in that could cast a confident opinion? (3/8/18)

Hi Dave and Everyone! Speaking as an antenna viewer in Baltimore. I have nothing against Sinclair Broadcasting. Great people and Great engineers. Having said that I wish they would sell their Baltimore properties. Duopolies are are bad but I could handle Hearst CBS or Scripps each owning one of the three stations that Sinclair currently owns. I’d really love to see Weigel Broadcasting own a station here. The sub channels that Sinclair runs are terrible! TBD needs to go and Charge needs to go! In their places COZY TV and H and I and Movies would be nice! Oh yeah dump COMET too! Give us something worth turning in Please! No group should get around the law and own Three major market TV stations. It’s anti-trust and should be outlawed. Nick in Baltimore a.k.a. Little Chicago! (3/18/18)

Do you enjoy the Russian Propaganda on 105.5 FM owned by John Garziglia, the communications attorney in DC and 1390 AM owned by group owner Arthur Liu? Both receive large fees for leasing out their stations to the Russians! (3/8/18)

Dave's response: I hear the same amount of "truth" on 105.5 as I do on 105.9.....

950 AM is back on the air this a.m. Jeff (3/8/18)

[RE: What has happened to WUSA9's morning news? I watched it and the male anchor dresses down and the entire show is pretty much fluff. Bill Lord destroyed WJLA and now he's working on WUSA9. I don't like either show. People want news not fluff. If you want real news, stick to News4 Washington.] Uh, he retired at the end of 2016. He may have had a hand in that fluffy 6am show, but not likely. (3/8/19)

Dave's response: It's called Tegnaization and it ain't pretty.....

Sinclair's new local promos to air: The promos are supposed to start airing on local stations later this month. The instructions sent to station news directors say that the 60- and 75-second spots should run frequently "to create maximum reach and frequency."... The promos begin with one or two anchors introducing themselves and saying "I'm [we are] extremely proud of the quality, balanced journalism that [proper news brand name of local station] produces. But I'm [we are] concerned about the troubling trend of irresponsible, one sided news stories plaguing our country." (I especially like the dress code at the bottom of the article.) money.cnn.com (3/8/18)

Is iHeart going bankrupt? Their stock is trading at 50 cents per share now. (3/8/18)

Have you heard the new promo on alleged newsradio 1090? "Scott Wycoff, in the field, reporting on the stories that mattered to you yesterday." (3/18/18)

IN DEFENSE OF WBAL: During the 70s and early 80s, there was a spirited news competition between WCBM and WBAL...and WFBR...and WCAO. It was the age of "real radio" in Baltimore. Following the demise of WCBM's news operation not long after the Colts left Baltimore, there was no real competition and what you have left is the WBAL of today. In the 70s and 80s, no doubt WCBM was a leader. However, in no way should the talented team at WBAL during that period be diminished. If you were around then think about Galen Fromme -- for 40 years he was WBAL's morning drive anchor. Yes, he read word-for-word from the AP wire but he had at his disposal a reporter like Tom Lattanzi who more than held his own against WCBM's Eddie Fenton and WFBR's Ron Matz. WBAL topped the ratings but the real news was found elsewhere on the AM dial. In fact, truth be told, the real radio news war was between WCBM's Dave Humphrey and WFBR's Tom Marr -- both morning drive anchors who knew the local news scene better than most. If one were to say WCBM "cleaned WBAL's clock" they should add it was not just Humphrey but a news team that as a poster on DCRTV was said "pounced on the news with passion and professionalism" Led by the legendary Bob Shilling, WCBM had the most talented team of reporters: Sue Kopen, John Rydell, Vicki Cox, John Kuchno, Ellen Beth Levitt and deskman Bob Anbinder. Let's not forget that folks like Richard Sher, Tom Clendenning, Dave Bryan and Ed Fishel were also major factors in the success of WCBM in the 70s and 80s. If you want to point to the downfall of WBAL news, Google "Mark Miller." The day he left was the the day the news died on WBAL. (3/8/18)

Sounds like WCTN 950 is back on the air after some nasty-ass weather. But I do have to say, hearing Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" on AM radio is somehow cosmically wrong. (3/8/18)

Yes, the announcement by Mhz Networks means that all the international channels are disappearing from the air in the DC area. And I'm hearing that many of those international channels have been misled by Mhz Networks for months about the outcome of this process and now find themselves scrambling for airtime in the Washington area and coming to the realization that none is available. Mhz Networks has not covered itself in glory during this process. (3/8/18)

DON GERONIMO BOOK UPDATE:: Don Gerionimo's 89 year old agent Rabbi Avi Dreidel announced yesterday that Mike Sorce will be going on a 32 city book tour. Fitting for this ill-timed and ill-conceived project, Geronimo will be signing books at Tower Record stores. #RIPTowerRecordsFounderRussSolomon #TowerRecordsWentOutOfBusinessIn2006 #D&MShow (3/8/18)

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\/ March 7 Messages \/

950’s been quiet since Friday’s Mighty Wind. Nothing new—every big storm knocks that xmitter out for weeks. Jeff (3/7/18)

Alleged news radio 1090 is so broken there may never be a complete fix. The three-ring circus that began when they wheeled Dave Durian out the back door in retirement continues with an air staff that alienates listeners on a variety of fronts. There is no morning news; just a rehash of the day old tv news, leaving only traffic and weather. The afternoon chick should be on mornings, replacing the gold-medal winning speed reader, leaving her afternoon mush-mouth co-anchor to mutter through drive time. Here it is, March, and the sports reports on radio and tv often lead with the Ravens. I understand the station(s) are flagship for this football team, but spring in Baltimore (and elsewhere) has always signaled the start of a new baseball season; the ORIOLES in Florida for spring training, exhibition games and player interviews. The station always got us excited about the end of winter, the fresh air of spring and the summer ahead with the legendary HOF play-by-play announcer, the late Chuck Thompson, belting out "Ain't the beer cold" between innings. Again, I realize the station lost rights as the team's flagship, but WE ARE SICK OF FOOTBALL AND DO NOT GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT THE RAVENS or any other franchise associated with the National Felon League (NFL) until their season resumes in the fall. The problem (one of many) with this station is not only the lack of professional air talent, but clearly the lack of management with experience and the understanding of Baltimore's traditions in news, sports and general information. There are so many good stories that can be told, but if the air staff is receiving little or no direction from people who are clueless, this is what you get. WCBM, a station with a morning news anchor by the name of Dave Humphrey, cleaned this station's clock in spot news and enterprise reporting in the '70s and '80s and has been neck-and-neck in the recent ratings. I hope they move ahead of this bunch of losers and end the daily dose of morning misery for all of us. Seeing WCBM battle it out and jump ahead of this station just might prompt many of us to step back and shout, "Go to war Miss Agnes!" (3/7/18)

Just saw this about MHz Networks in DC going off the air. Does this mean all of Russia Today and the other streams are going off the air too? miknetworks.org (3/7/18)

Screamin’ Scotty was at his best this morning on alleged newsradio 1090. Sounded like he was about to have an explosion of some type in his trousers as he reported on snowfall and wet roads. The suits there must not listen to their own station because if they did they’d recognize that so many of their on-air talent just sound unpleasant. Screamin’ Scotty, speedreading morning news lady, scratchy voice guy, the ever-smiling “even when I’m delivering bad news” Christy McIntyre, and the afternoon stumbler. And there’s a woman on Sundays who sounds like she records the news update in her echo-chamber living room and emails it to the station. (3/7/18)

Elaborating on the post regarding the 105.7 power increase to 50,000 watts back in the Carl Brenner days, Brenner worked out a deal with the owner of 105.7 in York, PA. Both stations would increase to 50,000 watts, but they would radiate less power toward each other. In the case of 105.7 in Baltimore, the station would send out 50,000 watts in all directions except toward York. Going toward York, the power would be 2,800 watts, the same wattage the station had been prior to the increase. Roddy Freeman (3/7/18)

The channel sharing agreement between WRC and WZDC is in effect. WZDC has moved from 25.1 to 44.1 to avoid conflicting with WDVM. Strangely, the only place I have seen any mention of "Telemundo 44" is in ads for the NBC4 health expo, nothing at all on their air or website. (3/7/18)

What has happened to WUSA9's morning news? I watched it and the male anchor dresses down and the entire show is pretty much fluff. Bill Lord destroyed WJLA and now he's working on WUSA9. I don't like either show. People want news not fluff. If you want real news, stick to News4 Washington. (3/7/18)

If WRNR already found dozens of people within the WBMD 103.1 FM contour that are WRNR listeners, I’m certain WAFY Key 103.1 could easily do the same. It would be utterly foolish for Manning to not file a Petition to Deny. The WMAL 103.1 signal will clearly interfere past Germantown. But it’s true, since there are 2 applications, one of which interfering much less or not at all, it’s probably better for them to wait it out to see who the victor is first. (3/7/18)

950 is quiet today... is the WCTN transmitter up on cinder blocks again? (3/7/18)

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\/ March 6 Messages \/

FYI WMAL-FM's main transmitter shares a tower and a common backup generator with WJFK-FM's main transmitter in Merrifield. If that site becomes hobbled because of power problems WMAL-FM goes to the Arlington site of WETA-FM and WJFK goes way out to their old site in Fairfax. Problems all around. (3/6/18)

The only grounds for a petition to deny the proposed DC 103.1 translators at this point in time would require WAFY or WRNR to find listeners inside the 60dbu contour of the translator. The MAL app barely puts that contour outside the beltway, the MET app is even further from WAFY. The two applications are mutually exclusive at this point so neither has been granted. Why not wait and see which is actually granted and then file the petition to deny, and/or wait until it goes on the air and then file petition to reconsider when you can claim interference anywhere regardless of signal level. (3/6/18)

RE: DC’s 103.1 FM, there are no Petitions to Deny for WMAL 103.1 FM or WMET 103.1 FM currently. I find this somewhat surprising since the WMAL FM 103.1 signal would impact WAFY Key 103.1 as close as past Germantown. That is awfully close. I cannot believe that Manning would allow this. It’s much closer than WBMD 103.1 FM would be to WRNR. Steve Kingston knows about all 3 FM 103.1s but I don’t think he has much DC or VA centric advertising at all, so it’s probably not a concern. I would think Germantown would concern WAFY Key 103.1. Somebody must be asleep at the switch there. (3/6/18)

With regards to WBMD AM 750, I saw that Steven Kingston recently Facebook posted about WBMD 103.1 FM in Baltimore… “Never Happen.” So he apparently intends to fight that to the bitter end. (3/6/18)

Regarding WBMD being silent. What does Family Radio need AM 750 for? It is a clear channel freq. (for what it’s worth). Plus I believe it was daytime only when on air. Family Radio has WFSI 860 that has good daytime coverage. Beside Family Radio just wants the money from elderly folks for the cash. Let WJZ FM 105.7 have the complete tower and equipment. Maybe CBS can relocate the tower somewhere better than having a directional null toward York, PA. A little history, 105.7 COL was Catonsville Md with transmitter and short tower in SW Baltimore area, where the WRBS tower is. Carl Brenner who owned WBMD way back then, bought 105.7 from some Christian operator and moved the transmitter facility to NE Baltimore where WBMD was located. The tower was extended taller on the AM stick and a directional antenna at 50,000 watts was installed. WKTK was the call letters. The tower remains at that location over 30 years later with COL of Baltimore/Catonsville. Family Radio doesn’t need WBMD, just turn in the damn license. (3/6/18)

The following was forwarded to DCRTV regarding WJFK-FM.....

A VDOT truck ran into transmission lines at our main transmitter yesterday, taking us off the air for a few minutes. We are on backup transmitter until those lines can be repaired. It will be a few days. (3/6/18)

Re: "Have it be more like what Rush Limbaugh does with the 'Ditto Cam', with Levin LIVE from FNC DC studio speaking into a camera." No, please don't. There is nothing duller on this planet than watching a radio show take place on TV, and way too many people already are doing it. (3/6/18)

The Charlottesville Daily Progress reports that “NBC29 anchor Ken Jefferson died unexpectedly Sunday after a brief illness. He was 65.” (3/6/18)

DON GERONIMO BOOK UPDATE::From Mike Sorce's Twitter feed yesterday "Don’t hold your breath on that one. No offense to Mike at all. This book will cover my early top40days, pre D&M show." 1] When someone says "no offense" they mean the opposite. Yes? 2} BAD marketing idea to exclude D&M Show. Yes? (3/6/18)

Dave's response: Don may have waited too long to do the book. He's been off the DC airwaves 10 years. A lot of people have either forgotten him or don't care. And, yeah, those who do remember will be disappointed that he doesn't cover the notorious "D&M" years.....

More Baltimore AM radio troubles. WBMD AM 750 has been off the air since Feb. 16, 2018 according an FCC filing today which requests to remain silent for the time being. Family Radio is blaming close proximity to another tower tenant's equipment, meaning they are blaming CBS Radio's 105.7 The Fan or a mobile operator on the same tower. An inspection is planned. WBMD is applying for FM 103.1 as a translator, but in order to get approval, WBMD AM 750 has to remain on the air, as well as they'll need to win the Petition to Deny case with Empire's WRNR 103.1. More as it happens… BaltoMedia.net (3/6/18)

/\ March 6 Messages /\

\/ March 5 Messages \/

Noticed this morning that the signal for WJFK here in North Arlington is weak and being “stepped on” by another station. Perhaps it’s because of the recent strong winds and the tower is damaged, but I also recall recently that WMAL reportedly had a problem with the power for their transmitter and had to piggyback on WJFK’s tower. Besides the WJFK signal being weak, there is also lots of static and occasionally another station takes over the signal. Any idea what’s going on? I am in the Cherrydale area of North Arlington near Military Road and Lee Highway. (3/5/18)

el double o - loo..... any word on what loo is up to? (3/5/18)

Yeah, that does it for me. The Mailbag has become a bad joke and a waste of time. Half a page of some guy from Gaithersburg. Bye. (3/5/18)

WMAL/FNC/Levin TV talker Mark Levin continued the train wreck in the second episode of “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Fox News Channel Sunday night. Both Levin and his guest for the entire hour, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes seemed to be nodding off at times as probably was the audience: what a snooze fest! Nunes offered no new, breaking news about “Memogate” and Levin asked softball questions. Levin also made the usual plugs for Levin TV, which is actually what “Life, Liberty and Levin” is: Levin TV. The show is taped, not live, so it offers stale news, it’s done in Levin’s own studio so its not really a FNC product, and if Levin thinks this is what FNC viewers want in a show ratings will soon enough prove him wrong. A suggestion: change the format entirely. Have it be more like what Rush Limbaugh does with the “Ditto Cam”, with Levin LIVE from FNC DC studio speaking into a camera, taking calls, having a variety of guests and topics. (3/5/18)


In the 10:30 hour WAMU's Big Broadcast had a heartwarming story from the Night Watchman series about the victim of a six hour rape who slept through most of it and told a story about how her new husband pooped in the bed the first three days of their marriage. The guy does not bone her. Then the guy's boss comes over for dinner, dies, and he buries him in the back yard, takes over his job, then is killed by his replacement as night watchman. You wanted to hear about radio? Hank The Night Watchman tenwatts.blogspot.com... Gus RADIO bitches! in the Gaithersburg (3/5/18)

"Gus in Gaithersburg.....get a life. Stop posting on DCRTV. You contribute nothing. This is a radio/TV site and it is obvious that you know nothing about either." What part of my post about CNN's coverage of the Navy Yard shootings in response to another poster's post about CNN's coverage of the Navy Yard shootings has nothing to do with radio or TV? You're an idiot. Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/5/18)

87.5 FM Ghana, Tonga, Israel, UK, Brazil, Philadephia, Toronto, the list goes on.… RADIO bitches! Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/5/18)

Re 87.5: which way do you have that Yagi antenna pointing? (3/5/18)

Remember, it has long been suspected that Gus in Gaithersburg is actually Mike Sorce aka Don Geronimo. Speaking of that mailbag legend The Real AHHHH, what a great DCRTV Storyteller, Provocateur, Radio Rabble-Rouser, Raconteur, & Sarcasm Specialist. Good ole' days in the mailbag. (3/5/18)

Did iHeart reach a settlement with their lenders or will they go into bankruptcy today? (3/5/18)

RE: I lump Gus in with some of the former usual suspects -- Zombie Woof, OOBBEE, The Real AHHHH, Granny, etc -- who'd repeatedly clog the Mailbag and offer exactly nothing of value........-F U! The reason I stopped writing in so much is that radio in DC is so boring. What has changed in the last 5 years? Maybe Tony to his own Pod but most were just listening to the pod already. Andy getting knocked off at TEM and he and Thom going part time to JFK? And, I think I did write once about both things. The most posts here lately come from deaths it seems. OOBBEE PS - To the Don book title guy? That was some funny shit! (3/5/18)

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Re: 87.5 FM: "The only countries this might be coming from would be Greece, The Philippines or Spain from the research I have done this morning." Not even close, even if those are the only countries listed on the 87.5 FM Wikipedia article, there are many more stations broadcasting there as it is the bottom edge of the FM band in most of the world. The U.S. and Canada are exceptions as we allocate 82-88 MHz to TV channel 6. It sounds a lot like e-skip, which can carry signals a thousand miles or more, so unless you listened long enough to hear some form of identification it will be near-impossible to determine where it is. (3/4/18)

Receiving a wavering, but readable signal on 87.5. Sounds like it is skipping in almost like shortwave would. No RDS, but there is a stereo pilot @10 percent insertion. They are running opera so I doubt this is a pirate. The only countries this might be coming from would be Greece, The Philippines or Spain from the research I have done this morning. Does anybody have an idea if this is even possible. I am receiving this with an outside FM yagi and a BW MonMon modulation monitor. I hear a number of other signals not received before in addition at 9:30 Sunday morning. (3/4/18)

Gus in Gaithersburg.....get a life. Stop posting on DCRTV. You contribute nothing. This is a radio/TV site and it is obvious that you know nothing about either. (3/4/18)

I lump Gus in with some of the former usual suspects -- Zombie Woof, OOBBEE, The Real AHHHH, Granny, etc -- who'd repeatedly clog the Mailbag and offer exactly nothing of value. Time was, this forum was populated with thoughtful, coherent communications from actual radio people, most of whom don't even bother to mix with the rabble that's found here now. If you don't believe me, just scan random Mailbags from the early days, then compare those messages with the nonsensical crap of more recent vintage. (3/4/18)

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Val, touché on my comment re:Gus’ rant. Yes, it had nothing to do with tv or radio. Guess I was just inquiring as to what’s up with that guy! (3/3/18)

The Washington Posts proclaims the Oscars “Always gets it wrong” for “Best Picture” award: “The Oscars always get it wrong. Here are the real best pictures of the past 42 years.” My choice would be “Saving Private Ryan” (1998 lost to “Shakespeare in Love”) as THE “Best Picture” in last 42 years (Runner-up would be “Titanic” 1997 which did win). What say you DCRTV Dave? The Post’s list: www.washingtonpost.com (3/3/18)

Is iHeart close to filing for Bankruptcy? Their stock is down to just 45 cents per share now. This is the largest radio broadcasting company in the world! How will this effect the price of radio stations? (3/3/18)

Who really owns iHeart? With over $20 BILLION in debt and all their assets pledged as collateral, it looks like their lenders really own it. They will never be paid. Bain Capital is an investment banking company. They are masters at borrowing money! At just 45 cents per share no one is interested in buying their stock because it will be worthless. (3/3/18)

If that Joel Oxley was SMART he would demand his street reporters shorten their stories by 5 seconds or so and take that time and SELL it for MONEY, honey. Poor dude only has a clock to squeeze like I squeeze the squeezebox Momma wears on her chest. (3/3/18)

WJFK’s “Hoffman & Hawksworth” is apparently no more: Sunday, March 4th CBS Sports Radio – 12 to 6 a.m. Washington Report – 6 to 7 a.m. Best of PFT – 7 to 9 a.m. Craig Hoffman – 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Nats Hot Stove w/ Pete Medhurst- 12 to 1 p.m. Nationals vs Detroit – 1 to 4 p.m. CBS Sports Radio – 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. More: washingtoncbs.local.com (3/3/18)

Don Geronimo Signs Book Deal: After Mike O'Meara put out his book in 2014,, Mike Sorce boasts that he has after decades, signed his book deal. What should the title be? "WAVA Good-Bye?" " Burning Down the Don & Mike House: How I left Mike O'Meara & Robb Spewak holding the mic?" "Then there was that time I fucked a Midget.?" "My radio career was an Elvis Death Day Show?" "Last DJ to the Book Club Party?" "Stage Time:The time I fell off a riser and survived.?" "Still waiting for KHTK Sacramento to re-hire me?" "Creative Differences:Why It's Always About Me?" "FUCK CBS RADIO?" "Dave Hughes of DCRTV CAN KISS MY FAT ASS?"...keep those titles coming (3/3/18)

"logged onto the mailbag of your site this morning only to see some rant from Gus in Gaithersburg that made no sense whatsoever and appeared to have absolutely nothing to do with radio or tv. Haven't been on the site for awhile, so have no clue what that rant was all about" Thanks for that bulletin from the Life Well Lived Desk but what does it have to do with radio or TV? - Val (3/3/18)

The Oscars are on Sunday night. Who is going to win Best Picture and Best Actor? (3/3/18)

Dave's response: "Wonderwoman Versus Sinclair" and Ajit Pai.....

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Dave, logged onto the mailbag of your site this morning only to see some rant from Gus in Gaithersburg that made no sense whatsoever and appeared to have absolutely nothing to do with radio or tv. Haven't been on the site for awhile, so have no clue what that rant was all about, but sounds like he might want to look into an anger management program. (3/2/18)

Once again, WBAL-TV (Channel 11) shows how hiring out-of-town young anchors can destroy the station's news credibility and trust among viewers by mispronouncing names and places. This morning, the anchor referred to long-time Orioles trainer Ralph Salvon as "Sal-VIN." The man was the senior trainer of MLB's American League, and served in the Orioles dugout for 23-seasons. Inexcusable! Last week, it was "Wur-Chester" for Worcester (pronounced Woo-ster) County. And 11 isn't the only station showing its ass; WJZ (Channel 13) allowed an anchor to call Johnny Unitas, "U-NEED-tus" when she arrived in town. Even if the anchors flub up, someone in the control room should know enough to correct them. Pitiful...and getting worse. (3/2/18)

I guess you could say Draper has put out the Heat. LOL (3/2/18)

Sinclair is not selling KTLA in LA at all and putting WGN & WPIX in the trust was probably only done to appease the FCC approval. Once the approval goes through, they have all the time in the world to decide what stations to sell to put them under the cap. I think that Sinclair ultimately wants to keep a station in the 3 biggest markets. It’s one of the main reasons for the purchase in the first place. But in any event, Sinclair is keeping KTLA for sure. (3/2/18)

This will be a funny headline when it hits the streets of Chicago. “Baltimore Car Salesman Buys WGN-TV!” HAHA! Actually, David Smith owns Atlantic Automotive too and Steven Fader, the WGN buyer is his CEO. How convenient. www.baltimoresun.com (3/2/18)

Well, the word has leaked. Sinclair is not in fact, selling WPIX or WGN TV, well at least not any more than they don’t own WNUV CW 54 in Baltimore. WPIX New York is being sold to “minority owned” Cunningham Broadcasting associated with David Smith’s deceased mother’s trust (Mr. Cunningham, the minority, is long since dead) and WGN-TV is being sold to a family friend in Baltimore, Steven B. Fader. There appear to be options to buy for Sinclair as well, not that it makes much difference since Sinclair will still be programming both TV stations regardless. — BaltoMedia.net (3/2/18)

Jesse "Lied about the day MLK was killed" Jackson has shown a propensity for fathering children with women not his wife. Jew and cripple? Commenting on Carl in Olney's retelling of James Watt's "joke". http://www.dcrtv.com/mb1609a.html Seriously, go fuck yourself. I did indeed say "We're not all gays and there is no God, but it's stupid to be "proud" of something you're born as, gay, black, white, whatever; doesn't being "proud" of any of those sound equally silly?" and I never said I was joking. I meant it then and I mean it now. I'm going to assume you're white, because statistics, but if you're PROUD of being white you have a mental problem. Seriously, go fuck yourself. I never said I was joking because I wasn't joking. "Your focus is constantly on skin color and sexuality, and when you're called out for it you cry like a baby." That may be your fantasy, but NO, never happened. Dude how powerless are you that you build this pretend world where I cry like a baby? Currently my focus is on making my point which waterheads like you try to warp: that sometimes people make business decisions based on an effort not to appear racist. Then you veer into your fetish of measuring other mens' penises. Don't know what to tell you about that. Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/2/18)

Whatever happened to Alex Jones, Michael Savage and Glenn Beck? I miss hearing them in DC. All were very entertaining! (3/2/18)

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Draper is changing two of the four MTS stations on the shore. WCEM FM is becoming the shore’s umpteenth country station as 106.3 Chesapeake Country. WAAI is going classic country. It is unknown if they are being programmed locally or simply plugging in a WW1 24/7 format for one or both – such as the other two former MTS stations. Hopefully one of the first things Draper does is change their websites and make the streaming available to the Tune In app again. Also, the semi website-less 94.9 JACK FM is now available on tune in. In other news outside of the beltway – the leased/programmed locally after switching to Espanol for the 10 Spanish speaking citizens of the county 92.9 WXDC is now focusing on 60s-80s pop Oldies. It was a rather eclectic classic rock variety hits mix. The Max 92.9 name remains. MLB4 (3/1/18)

Here's your explanation, jackass: You think it's funny to label a man "Jesse 'Have Some Sperm' Jackson;" you try to dodge responsibility for saying things like like "Jews and cripples stand on their own," and "it's stupid to be 'proud' of something you're born as, gay, black, white, whatever," by claiming you're "joking." Your focus is constantly on skin color and sexuality, and when you're called out for it you cry like a baby. Every time. Waahhhh waahhhh wah. While we're at it....this site is supposed to be about radio/TV, two things you know nothing about, and only when you fire off your missives does it veer from that mission. Climb back under your lonely rock, moron. The world has no use for you anymore. Just ask your ex-wife. And don't bother to write back to challenge me to one of your childish dick-measuring contests. Nobody here gives a damn. And you'd lose. Again, ask your ex-wife. (3/1/18)

WRBS AM 1230 has unexpectedly lost its transmitter site and filed for Special Temporary Authority. Since WRBS has a construction permit for FM 94.3, it's imperative that the AM station stay on the air. The interim and/or ultimate plan is to tri-plex with WOLB & WWIN in east Baltimore as soon as possible. WRBS 1230 is also available on WRBS FM 95.1 HD3. -- BaltoMedia.net (3/1/18)

I really think the guy in Gaithersburg is more to be pitied more than anything. A lot of people really don't understand what they're doing. (3/1/18)

WRBS AM 1230 has unexpectedly lost its transmitter site and filed for Special Temporary Authority. Since WRBS has a construction permit for FM 94.3, it's imperative that the AM station stay on the air. The interim and/or ultimate plan is to tri-plex with WOLB & WWIN in east Baltimore as soon as possible. WRBS 1230 is also available on WRBS FM 95.1 HD3. — BaltoMedia.net (3/1/18)

Is WBAL radio serious, putting Brett Hollander on a serious talk show? What a joke. No wonder they are getting no calls. Larry D (3/1/18)

"Chad Dukes thinks spaghetti bolognese has baloney/bologna in it." Let us hope he never devotes that kind of thought to Grey Poupon. (3/1/18)

Besides the conflict markets where Sinclair has to divest stations... I'd hope WPIX New York City, WGN Chicago, and KTLA Los Angeles are sold (and kept together) to another local media group. I can't imagine those stations being turned into something that viewers in those markets would no longer recognize. Hopefully Fox is getting close to having the Seattle station it's been wanting for quite a while. I could see Meredith adding Des Moines to its portfolio (fingers crossed that Meredith can and does get WHO), and perhaps another ABC affiliate or two. (3/1/18)

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