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DCRTV Mailbag - April 1, 2018 to April 30, 2018

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Salem stock continues at a five year low of just $3.15 per share. They will release their Quarterly Report tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what is happening with the company. (4/30/18)

Nielsen Ratings..... PPM Measurement? Nielsen has only one Spanish Home PPM in Northern Virginia. No wonder the Spanish Stations have no representation in the market. None of the Spanish Stations can afford to subscribe to the rating service. The only station that subscribes to their service is WLZL 107.9 which is owned by Entercom. Entercom also owns WIAD 94.7, WPGC 95.5, Bloomberg 99.1, WJFK 106.7, and Spanish 1580 AM WJFK-AM. (4/30/18)

Was watching CNN and two promotional ads for FOX5 news came on. I thought that maybe I had hit my remote control by mistake, but no, I was on the CNN channel..So why would FOX5 be advertising on CNN?. (4/30/18)

So, alleged news radio 1090 is running spots during morning drive promoting WBFF-TV, Fox45 news at 4. Who knows if they mean 4 a.m., or 4 p.m., but the point is this: aren't they (1090) part of the Hearst cluster(fuck) with a sister FM station (98Rock) and Channel 11??? So why are they asking people to tune in to the competition? Am I missing something? (4/30/18)

Talent exodus from Tribune's WDCW (Channel 50) ahead of the Sinclair takeover. Those with options are getting out of Dodge. Anyone hearing anything about departures at the other Trib stations in big markets? (4/30/18)

Let’s try again. The first link didn’t go through. Here’s WRNR’s Petition to Deny against WBMD 103.3 FM in Baltimore. fcc.gov (4/30/18)

Don Geronimo's Book Manuscript:: Calling Mike Sorce. Bro, what page is the ghost writer on? (4/30/18)

I guess the Hawksworth and Hoffman experiment is over on 106.7. They had good chemistry. She was only on a few times. Oh well.... Bob from Bowie (4/30/18)

{I know they got some good people there, but am I the only one who finds Channel 9/WUSA's news just absolutely} When I moved to the DC area years ago, 9 was the only station to watch for news/weather/sports. Over the years its gotten pretty bad, now, it is totally unwatchable! (4/30/18)

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I agree the news presentation there on WUSA is bad so the new set design means nothing there was nothing wrong with the old set anyway guess everyone always wants change.Thats too bad about the cancelation of the Saturday program at 89.3 I don't listen to it every week but when I did it definitely had stuff you don't hear on commercial radio The Gamut is where you'll here deep tracks. (4/29/18)

Hopefully WUSA won't end up like their Denver sister KUSA. Within the last month KUSA reported that actress Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls is ALIVE even though she died several years ago. KUSA did a story about a 30 year old stroke patient who he credits Red Bull to his recovery. The doctors in Denver said that story was bull shit. Oh KUSA said it was OK to give dogs pot. Even their weather is a joke as they didn't say a word about the last 4 snowstorms Denver had. Maybe this is a Tegna thing as Norfolk's WVEC led off their news recently about some rats that was up for adoption at a local animal shelter. Rats ? Really WVEC !!! (4/29/18)

Oldies are now gone from DC radio? WPFW has cancelled Scooter Magruder's popular Sat. afternoon show 'Baby Boomer Boogie', as of yesterday. Scooter was one of the few 'professional' sounding DJs at the station, and his show was always a good money-raiser for the non-profit outfit, so the cancellation is somewhat puzzling. He announced that the station wants to 'go in another direction' (down?) (4/29/18)

It's a shame that Andrea Roane has retired but she got thrown off the morning slot after they decided to make the morning news into a silly talk show. They only gave her the noon news which is nothing at all. They did the same thing to J. C. Heyward. I guess getting older in TV "news" is a no no. (4/29/18)

Dave's response: I know they got some good people there, but am I the only one who finds Channel 9/WUSA's news just absolutely awful. Basically just gooey fluff. I mean, should it even be called "news"? Tegna has made it even worse than Sinclair's PR-ish pseudo "fair" sludge on Channel 7/WJLA. Fox 5, WTTG, isn't much better. The only DC TVer that has a decent news presentation seems to be NBC's Channel 4/WRC. That's how I see it.....

Michael Savage was invited to the White House for a meeting with President Trump and Vice President Pence this past week. After the meeting, he said " I am convinced that we have some of the best people in the world running this country". Savage is not on the air in DC since WMAL dropped his program. (4/29/18)

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Why is the Salem stock at a five year low? The price is $3.20 per share now. They have not made any major changes. 80% of their stock is owned by Stu Epperson and Ed Atsinger. (4/28/18)

Where can I listen to ESPN RADIO in the DMV? (4/28/18)

Gus, Gus, Gus. Your perpetually hostile attitude is going to pickle you. I know you’re joking trying to interject “racist” in an assessment of a crummy conglomeration of real estate borders, but the humor might be lost on some. The land we’re talking about (around the River Road tower) has been host to many falling-down, neglected cinder block commercial buildings and muddy informal parking lots since the 1940s. I think I heard the county will try to impose some evolutionary discipline to raise the quality of businesses in this zone. Might take a long time. (4/28/18)

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More channels just added to this station. Here's the full line-up: 39.1 ARTS... 39.2 Justice... 39.3 Quest... 39.4 ShopLC... 39.5 Buzzr... Your Odenton reader... (4/27/18)

At the end of this evening's "Off Script", host Bruce Johnson announced he tested positive for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and will taking time off for Chemotherapy treatment. He also said he'd be active on social media to keep the viewers updated. Sending healing vibes your way, Bruce! (4/27/18)

"It’s an amazingly crummy conglomeration of bad real estate borders to be in such an upscale neighborhood." That's not too racist. What exactly is a "conglomeration of real estate borders"? Gus in the Gaithersburg secretly Don Geronimo (4/27/18)

re:cemetery; Think this what you're referring to. The black cemetery is said to be beneath land north and northeast of the Westwood Tower Apartments on Westbard Drive. wtop.com... www.washingtonpost.com (4/27/18)

I don’t know why Gus is in such a hurry to call people liars but I can believe there could be an ancient burial ground/cemetery behind the River Road McDonald’s. I’ll bet after so many centuries of people there are forgotten burial sites all over the place. That’s entropy for you. I recently explored around under the tower there and it’s an amazingly crummy conglomeration of bad real estate borders to be in such an upscale neighborhood. -P of the AW (4/27/18)

Manning has a construction permit, W292FR 106.3, in the works to relay WARK into Frederick. That should solve the Orioles radio problem. As far as 820/94.3 The Gamut, I don't know why Hubbard is doing it. But I hope they continue to! (4/27/18)

Unless you can say where the cemetery is you're lying. You may be thinking of Scotts-thingy off of 7 Locks Road. I would love to hear about this thriving Negro community off of River Road near Whole Foods, but I don't think so. Gus in the Gaithersburg secretly Don Geronimo (4/27/18)

A few questions that keep me up at night regarding radio in the Fredneck metroplex...I love the Gamut, but how can Hubbard keep it on 820 and 94.3 without it generating any kind of income? Does it somehow make business sense to fill most of the day with an interesting and eclectic (if somewhat random) blend of music that doesn't make them any money so that they can claim a few more ears for the Nationals broadcasts? I just don't get it. I'm not sure why it's even worthwhile for them to pay the electric bills in Braddock Heights. And why can't Manning put the Orioles (which they carry on their 106.9 HD-4 subchannel via a relay of WARX-AM Hagerstown) on their 93.5 translator in Frederick? How can a Maryland market the size of Frederick not be able to receive the Orioles somewhere on the radio dial? You can barely get 102.7 on a really good radio if you climb a tree. -Mike in Bartonsville, just east of beautiful downtown frantic Fritchieville. (4/27/18)

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The land has been sold off and the developer is in a contentious fight with the surrounding community(s) over the size and scope of the overall project. There is also controversy about a possible African- American cemetery that belonged to black communities that’s once thrived in this area along River Rd. Word on the street is that the cemetery was paved over and turned into a parking lot. I have yet to get anyone to say exactly where this cemetery was or is, because people are trying to protect its exact location. The cinder block building and area directly around the tower and behind the McDonald’s I’ve heard is going to be another public storage business / building.. Now you know.. Cheers, Pineapple Landscaping (4/26/18)

37-year veteran anchorwoman Andrea Roane announces she's retiring from the CBS station in July. WUSA and DC market has had plenty of veteran talents to retire recently. Time will tell whether we could see a few other local TV veterans. I could see Bruce Johnson retiring in the next couple of years, as he's been with WUSA for 42 years. Other local TV vets, Pat Lawson-Muse has been with NBC 4 for 36 years, and Barbara Harrison, another NBC 4 veteran, has been there 37 years. Today is the day WUSA 9 debuts its new set. Along with the new TEGNA group graphics package, and the new "C Clarity" music package. (4/26/18)

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Why is Huffington Post so obsessed with Chrissie Tiegen and Jim Carrey? Why is the Washington Post's Gene Weingarten in the corner of Louis "Aggressive Masturbator" C.K.? Birds of a feather? I couldn't possibly comment. Why can Mark LevinE not stop shouting? Why do people post here instead of just calling the FCC and asking them? Why did the (pre-Bezos) WaPo eliminate the Ombudsman position? Why is hockey the suckest sport to watch? That's for you, Chad Dukes. It kind of explains the low ratings. Hockey sucks my ass. Gus in the Gaithersburg, secretly Don Geronimo (4/25/18)

Empire Broadcasting's WRNR 103.1 has filed another Petition to Deny against Family Radio's plans to put an FM translator on 103.3 FM in Baltimore. Originally, they tried on 103.1 itself, but abandoned that. WRNR says the new filing on 103.3 FM will also wipe WRNR off the air around most of Baltimore and affect the staton financially. More in WRNR's filing, which identifies individual WRNR listeners. The FCC is considering dismissing these FM complaints, so this is an important issue with regards to that FCC proposal, as this might be WRNR’s last chance to stop this. —BaltoMedia.net fcc.gov (4/25/18)

Baltimore's religious WBMD AM 750 has filed another STA / Remain Silent Authority request from the FCC. It turns out, there was no equipment failure on the 105.7 The Fan site on Moravia Road. They were simply evicted. Shades of WHGM 1330. Family Radio claims they are looking for an alternative site. My guess is that will be WFSI AM 860 in Essex, not far away, could diplex both Class D AMs. But nonetheless, it's still funny that they claimed another tenant damaged their equipment in an FCC filing. Sure (4/25/18)

Fire Alarm goes off at WJLA right before going on the air last night www.facebook.com/ABC7Brian (4/25/18)

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"From the 4/11/18 Mailbag: "Chris was reading some [tweets], and announced that one of them was from "Vince Collin-ay-zee," - ... Ellipses! THAT'S how the MF'er is done! ... So now it can be told: Gus in Gaithersburg is actually Chris Plante." Apparently there are TWO contenders for the Someone-Too-Dumb-For-WMAL Crown. Gus in the Gaithersburg Secretly Don Geronimo (4/24/18)

I hope alleged news radio 1090 will finally come to their senses and keep Stacy Lyn on morning drive. She sounds fantastic! (4/24/18)

What are the worst radio stocks now? Cumulus at 6 cents per share OTC, iHeart at just 52 cents per share. Urban One at $1.85 per share and Salem at $3.40 per share. Are any of these stocks worth buying? (4/24/18)

When does WMAL 630 AM start broadcasting from the new Germantown Tower Site? Their new nighttime signal will just cover Germantown, MD. How the "Mighty" have fallen! (4/24/18)

REF: [Les Kinsolving gone from WCBM] That other frail, old man over there, Frank Luber, can't be far behind. (4/24/18)

WOL's 95.9 translator is indeed bad news for WGRQ - it would get wiped out in most of the Northern Virginia metro, although it's a hard catch north of the Prince William Parkway it's listenable in PW and southern Fairfax. Concurrently, the FCC is considering a change to the rules, under which translator interference complaints from those who listen outside of a full-powered station's 54 dBu contour will not be considered. You can get an idea of where this is as it's a little more than halfway between Radio-Locator's red (60 dBu) and purple (50 dBu) contours. While this would cut down on clearly ridiculous complaints (the dispute between Saga Charlottesville's translator and WJMA comes to mind), there would also be no remedy for stations like WGRQ that rimshot into a large metro area. (4/24/18)

Baltimore's religious WBMD AM 750 has filed another STA / Remain Silent Authority request from the FCC. It turns out, there was no equipment failure on the 105.7 The Fan site on Moravia Road. They were simply evicted. Shades of WHGM 1330. Family Radio claims they are looking for an alternative site. My guess is that will be WFSI AM 860 in Essex, not far away, could diplex both Class D AMs. But nonetheless, it's still funny that they claimed another tenant damaged their equipment in an FCC filing. Sure. - BaltoMedia.net (4/24/18)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Do you have the knowledge and ability to work a beat, write compelling and accurate news stories, edit sound on the fly, computer skills, social media savvy and want to live at the beach? WGMD is searching for a news hound to become our next morning radio news anchor. WGMD is a legacy Class A FM news/talk radio station in southern Delaware, only 5 miles from pristine mid-Atlantic beaches with growing populations, vibrant shopping and world class restaurants. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, aka “The Nation’s Summer Capital”, is only 90 miles from major east coast cities of Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, and Philadelphia, PA. WGMD offers benefits and salary commensurate with experience. If you’re a self-starter and have the burn in your belly for news, send resume and air check to airjob@wgmd.com. NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE" (4/24/18)

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From the 4/11/18 Mailbag: "Chris was reading some [tweets], and announced that one of them was from "Vince Collin-ay-zee," - "ever heard of him?" Plante interjected before reading the tweet - as though he'd never encountered the name of the man who co-hosts the morning program that precedes Plante's show on WMAL." A rhetorical question directed at the audience. Notice he said "Ever heard of him?" not "Never heard of him!" Is it possible we've found the elusive someone-too-dumb-for-WMAL? Time to alert the Smithsonian. Gus in the Gaithersburg Secretly Don Geronimo So now it can be told: Gus in Gaithersburg is actually Chris Plante. (4/23/18)

Dave: I've been down here in Charleston for the past few weeks and have been able to followe the Caps-Wizards playoffs and it's amazing the amount of fans around here. Anyway, last night I'm out having dinner and caught some of the CSN/NBCW postgame show and I really can't believe the "poor quality" [putting it mildly] that goes on their air! Some of my friends couldn't believe what Julie was wearing and in the middle of their show, a bunch or guys are working on a ladder in the background? Really??? I can't really watch any of their show because it looks like a local access program but come on...at least be professional! I really miss those old HTS days growing up with Mel and Fornes. (4/23/18)

About 95.9 FM...mailbagger writes: Slightly different more expanded 95.9 FM translator (retransmitting WOL AM) now proposed by Urban One with a more expansive 250 watt signal that wraps nearly completely around the DC metro area, infringing more on Baltimore’s #1 rated WWIN Magic 95.9. Won't this type of activity interfere big-time on WGRQ, 95.9 FM, out of Fredrickburg, that has listeners in some Northern Virginia areas? (4/23/18)

While burping as I climbed in my car behind the River Road McDonald’s I couldn’t help but notice a crew tearing down an old cinderblock transmitter building at the base of the big TV tower. What will be going there? Could it be a new transmitter building for FOX 5? Another entity? Burpers want to know. (4/23/18)

Looks like Les Kinsolving has gone from 5 nights a week to 3 hours on Sundays to 1 hour on Sundays to gone from WCBM. Larry D (4/23/18)

I literally cannot believe this. But, this like the 2nd or 3rd time that David Zurawik has cried to the editor of The Baltimore Sun to have me BANNED/BLOCKED from commenting on his Z on TV Sun column! Could this guy be any more thin-skinned? It was a very valid criticism. Zurawik has been slamming Fox News lately and Sinclair, but when he worked for Fox News on Howie Kurtz’s program MediaBuzz, he was all a buzz about how good Fox News was & how dysfunctional CNN was. Then, they let him go and he went to CNN and every opinion changed. Fox News was the devil and CNN was sparkling journalism. This guy is worse than Brian Stelter! He’s a hired media opinion. Pay him the most money and he likes you. It’s that simple. You can just go through his archives and see who was paying him at different times just from his stories! Obviously I touched a nerve and he fought back. He’d already banned/blocked me on Facebook. How can a credible journalist ban/block differing opinions? It’s like admitting you’re a fraud. So yeah, The Baltimore Sun is all about CENSORSHIP in the new media landscape. Of course I will just register a similar name and slam Z on TV all over again when he’s wrong or biassed or corrupt by money. — TheComicsHero (4/23/18)

Regarding music on FM 90.3 here in Frederick - Thanks for the info, Mike! Had I known you were up to the challenge, I would have knocked on your door! My hopes were that I missed some sort of announcement of a new Low Power FM coming to life but, I guess that's not the case. Tom in Frederick (4/23/18)

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Here is what I got when attempting to look up a few TV stations this morning on the “query” section of the FCC site this morning. There is nothing wrong with my computer. It has not been compromised. Guess we will get this everytime they screw up or are down. Sounds like fake news to me. [ Security Violation... INCIDENT ID: N/A... Your request looked malicious and has been blocked. You can use your browser's Back button to return to the previous page. If you have questions, please contact the FCC at 1-888-225-5322 If you think that you have reached this page due to an error on our part, please contact let us know.] (4/22/18)

Tom in Frederick: Tonight, I drove around the Ballenger area with the 90.3 station on; seemed strongest near Tuscarora High School and up the hill in Villages Started getting scratchy on Ballenger as I got closer to Wawa. Nothing scientific - no signal strength meters or fancy antennas, just "ear-balling" the signal.as I drove. LATER THAT NIGHT: Signal was heard in downtown Frederick as well, strong but "picket fencing." Curiouser and curiouser...Mike in Frederick, and yes, we know each other. (4/22/18)

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Re the WHGM signal, let's get terminology straight: a "Part 15" station is not the same as a "pirate" station. Part 15 operators put up signals that knowingly fall within legal parameters -- in simplest form, 250 microvolts per meter for FM and 0.1W for AM. While operators do their best to obtain as large an audience as their signals will allow within the limitations of the technology, they typically will not venture outside the legal boundaries. Pirates just don't care how much of a signal they spray into the air, nor do they care about audio quality. For three years in the late '90s, I aired Part 15 "Annandale Terrace Radio - 'ATR-1170'" from my basement down the block from Annandale High School, so I can consider myself somewhat knowledgeable on the topic. (4/21/18)

"No one cares about your imaginary stock portfolio. Since WaPo changed their comments policy I have to complain here about Tom Sietsema being an obese snarky queen nancy who thinks "If you're such a big fan of water.." is appropriate to say. " If you have a program with Tom, why don't you e-mail him instead of going to a message board? Going straight to the source is more mature than this route. In addition, what did Wash Post do with their comments? You can create an alias still, and the comments that get deleted either have profanity or go off topic (too many people make everything political). (4/21/18)

I’m still curious about WMAL-AM’s upcoming rent payments for the 570 site. WMAL’s presence there seriously impacts 570’s equipment and license, so 570 has to be benefitting in some offsetting way, even if not by direct payment from WMAL. It’s not just about use of the property. Maybe reduced rent for 570? (4/21/18)

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This talk about a pirate station well I used to live in Winchester and they too had such a station back in the early 90s. Back then they had a house for sale and the real estate company had installed some broadcast setup to sell the house. It was on AM 1220 and they played oldies in a block of four then had some information about the house. It had to be automated because the same oldies did air. Signal wasn't bad as they could be heard all over the city of Winchester. Once the house was sold that ended the broadcast. Years later I was told that some guy who sold real estate in Winchester at the time was once an employee of WGAR in Cleveland. I wonder..... (4/20/18)

“Someone asked how much Cumulus is paying Salem to diplex WMAL 630 AM on their WWRC 570 AM in Germantown”. Cumulus isn’t paying Salem anything. Salem sold the land as quick as they got it, while retaining the station. (4/20/18)

WHGM 1330 in Harford County is in effect applying to be a Part 15 AM pirate radio station operating 3 FMs surrounding it not even near the 10 watt signal. Is the FCC going to allow this? Originally, the owner said they were downgrading from 3 towers to 1 and switching to Class D. Now the fake story has changed to a real story. They lost the site or SOLD IT. The FCC doesn’t require them to disclose if they sold the site, but it’s important because they’re attempting to operate a FAKE AM radio station at 10 watts while really running 3 FM low power signals for money. Is this really AM revitalization? How does this help any other station on AM 1330 think of making their signal better? Why are the protections still allowed? Why are they even allowed to keep any of the licenses making a mockery of the rules? (4/20/18)

These "pirate" oldies signals may just be Part-15 operations at retirement homes. When I lived in Frederick Homewood retirement community had one at 106.3, the signal carried a little past the property grounds but was spotty. Relax and enjoy the 45's, pirate or not :) (4/20/18)

Dave's response: There was an assisted living center at Reston Town Center that broadcast classic big band tunes on an FM frequency and you could hear it on car radios for several blocks around the building. Some people thought it was a pirate.....

FYI: Birach Broadcasting got the STA approval for WBVA. So that FCC circus will continue on for God knows how many years. (4/20/18)

FCC News: New engineering details on WFED 1500 applying for 104.5 FM in Sterling VA at 190 watts. It supposedly will not interfere with the 104.7 FM licensed currently to WWDC 101.1. And also on Metro Radio’s WKDV which wants 97.7 FM at 5 watts in Reston. I assume they’re confident these are going through to approval. (4/20/18)

WFRE 99.9 FM......How does iHeart get away with owning six fullpower FM Stations in the DC Metro Area? Yes, we know that eleven years ago they put the station in their "Trust". They agreed to Divest it eleven years ago but that never Happened! iHeart controls their "Trust" and enjoys the cash flow from it. If they had sold it to comply with the FCC Rules, the proceeds would have gone first to their "Trust", then to iHeart like the sale of other stations they put in their "Trust". Does the FCC not pay any attention to these loopholes? (4/20/18)

The “pirate” oldies on 90.3 has traveled around the dial in parts of northern MOCO and southern Frederick County as well. I have heard it on 104.5 near the Rio Washingtonian in Gaithersburg. If you can catch it long enough I have heard what sound like old 45s playing. This is definitely not an automated or high budget operation. There is also a lot of sound distortion, and it kind of sounds like it’s not quite at the frequency it is broadcasting on. Definitely the sound of a pirate. I have not heard the one on the air between Springfield and the Wilson Bridge - they even had liners/jingles between the oldies. MLB4 (4/20/18)

That FM'er at 90.3 wont be a Part 15'er unless Tom is listening right on top of it in their driveway. Emissions limitations are well known in the low-power community. If they dont provide an ID anywhere either side of the top of the hour, we may be dealing with a real live bootleg station! Tom, any report on their audio quality, and if they are in stereo or not? (4/20/18)

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No one cares about your imaginary stock portfolio. Since WaPo changed their comments policy I have to complain here about Tom Sietsema being an obese snarky queen nancy who thinks "If you're such a big fan of water.." is appropriate to say. Bono will not be partying with him. And Art Bell WAS local. To Parumph and any LBFM he could get his gnarled hands on. I'm sorry he's gone but more sorry he went crazy. Gene Weingarten is an ass Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/19/18)

There is no licensed 90.3 in Frederick or anywhere nearby. The nearest would be WXDM in Front Royal which has religious programming. So if you hear it regularly it's probably a Part 15, or if you can hear it for farther than a couple of miles, a pirate. (4/19/18)

Someone asked how much Cumulus is paying Salem to diplex WMAL 630 AM on their WWRC 570 AM in Germantown. They are paying them $15,000 per month to diplex. (4/19/18)

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Anyone know who is broadcasting on FM 90.3 in Frederick, MD., (Ballenger Creek area)? Been hearing oldies rolling through on what appears to be a low power FMer. Thanks. Tom in Frederick (4/18/18)

Passing of Bill McCarrey - Thought I'd pass this along. Bill was a great guy and the Manning Media family is in shock and grieving the loss of their Chief Engineer. He passed after a very short battle with liver cancer. www,heraldmailmedia.com (4/18/18)

The FCC has granted WMAL-AM's application for Program Test Authority for its new Germantown transmitter site. This means the station can begin operating at the new location pending application and grant of a license to cover. The Commission noted several discrepancies in WMAL's application, however. WMAL has 30 days to submit a response to the FCC's questions. WMAL-AM has also filed an application for Method of Moments measurement. This means WMAL-AM can use computer modeling to demonstrate transmissions from the new site are consistent with the parameters proposed in the application, rather than the more labor-intensive filed strength measurements. (4/18/18)

Another Mailbagger who doesn't know WTF they're talking about. The WJFK-AM 270 watt nighttime signal goes nowhere near the Chesapeake Bay. The major lobe is oriented to the southwest: radio-locator.com (4/18/18)

Knowing cheap ass Scripps, they probably sold www.ABC2News.com to someone to save money rather than any improvement with WMAR2news.com. Detroit is their largest market station, but Baltimore is still #3 or #4 but in the market, maybe their worst performing station. They probably have less staff than the WDCW 50 news staff and far less than WBFF Fox 45. WMAR 2 has so few reporters than they list all their photographers as reporters! Otherwise their bio page would be nearly empty! HAHA! (4/18/18)

Btw, the new DC WOL 95.9 FM signal is also changed to the DC 101 tower, which helps explain the much better signal. (4/18/18)

My comment on the ratings for Baltimore—-oh well! Radio is dead! Thanks to the democrats and republicans per the 1996 telecom act. Of course a lot of bad Broadcasters are to blame as well both living and not living! (4/18/18)

We will all miss Carl Kassel. What a professional! His NPR career has been properly discussed on the network's programs, and I assume that "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" will do a lot on Saturday. But let us not forget that, while XETRA-690 (Tijuana) was the first All-News station aimed at listeners in the US (San Diego and LA), WAVA-780/105.1 (in Arlington, VA) was the first All-News Station in the United States itself. And Carl Kassel was the News Director on that station back in the 1960s and 1970s.In the 1960s most cars had only AM radios, and then FM became popular in the 1970s. While the AM went off at sunset just as it does now, it had a clear signal for 40 miles in all directions, and also then just as now, its FM signal was on 24 hours/day and could be heard well in the whole extended area (not having a stereo signal), including Baltimore, where I happened to be at the time. So while WTOP-1500, with its connections to CBS and the Washington Post behind it, eventually became the big all-news station in DC, for four years WAVA had no competition and for another 8 or 10 years, it was always in there as an independent news station, with Carl Kassel seemingly doing the news all day and all night long, and Nat Albright with the Sports. Rest In Peace, sir; you have served the world with nobility. -- Carl in Olney (4/18/18)

Radio ratings analysis from Tom Taylor: Washington DC has favored the same top-four stations since January – WTOP, WAMU, WHUR and “Majic” WMMJ. The double-digit winner continues to be Hubbard’s news WTOP and its two simulcast FMs (10.6-10.2-10.4). This is even a more convincing book than February, since ’TOP now sweeps every daypart, including double digits from 6am-7pm. (At night it’s tied for the lead.) Second is another news-oriented station, American U.’s not-for-profit news/talk WAMU (9.3-9.2-8.1, and tied with ’TOP at night). Third is Howard U.’s commercial urban AC WHUR (7.1-6.2-6.1), followed by Urban One’s urban AC WMMJ, at a third straight 5.6 share. Up to fifth is Cumulus talker WMAL-AM/FM (4.8-4.6-5.0). “Largest share for WMAL since the Winter 1993 diary book,” according to ratings-tracker Chris Huff, when it was only at 630 AM. ’MAL is second middays, in the Rush Limbaugh daypart – but just seventeenth on Saturday/Sunday. iHeart’s next with classic rock WBIG-FM (5.0-4.7-4.6) and AC WASH (4.7-4.7-4.5). WGTS, the Seventh Day Adventist-connected not-for-profit contemporary Christian station, may be on another roll, like a year ago (3.0-3.2-4.0). The urban stations include Entercom’s WPGC (3.7-4.5-3.9) and Urban One’s WKYS, with a third-straight 3.8. The D.C. market’s leader for average weekly cume is news WTOP (1,174,600). Baltimore doesn’t tarnish the lamp for “Magic,” Urban One’s urban AC WWIN-FM – 10.6 to a PPM-record 11.6 and now a near-match 11.5. It takes all dayparts with double-digits. Little brother urban “92Q” WERQ is now second (5.9-6.3-6.7). From there, it’s iHeart’s country WPOC (7.1-6.2-6.4), Entercom AC WLIF (6.1-7.0-6.3), Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY (4.0-4.4-4.7), Entercom hot AC “Mix” WWMX (4.9-4.7-4.6), iHeart’s top 40 WZFT (another 4.3), sister “Jack” WQSR (4.0-4.3-4.1) and tied at 4.0-shares – Entercom’s sports “Fan” WJZ-FM (4.6-4.4-4.0) and Shamrock’s classic rock “Bay” WZBA (3.8-3.8-4.0). Hearst news/talk WBAL is next (3.1-3.1-3.3), just ahead of Mangione family-owned talk WCBM (2.9-3.0-3.2). Also at a 3.2 is Your Public Radio’s not-for-profit news/talk WYPR (4.2-3.7-3.2). AC “Lite” WLYF attracts the highest cume (656,500). (4/18/18)

Slightly different more expanded 95.9 FM translator (retransmitting WOL AM) now proposed by Urban One with a more expansive 250 watt signal that wraps nearly completely around the DC metro area, infringing more on Baltimore’s #1 rated WWIN Magic 95.9. Of course, Urban One can get this signal approved as they own both 95.9 FMs. No one else could ever do this. The question is, will people in Columbia or AA county complain from the expected interference to Baltimore’s #1 rated radio station? — BaltoMedia.net (4/18/18)

I'm not sure what is dropping faster, iHeart's stock or WFRE's ratings. They have lost a third of their audience in Frederick and now have only a 0.5 in DC. I wonder if you can put that on the back of a jersey? Perhaps a station sale can bring it back to life. (4/18/18)

I own stock in iHeart. My stock is now worth just 52 cents per share. The company is still drowning in DEBT! $20 Billion in debt. The Good News is that the DOW is up 213 Points today. (4/18/18)

Cumulus stock price at an all time low at 6 cents per share OTC. What happens when it drops to 0? Does that mean their stock is worth nothing? (4/18/18)

Who audits Nielsen and keeps them honest? I have a degree in Business Statistics. The methods they use are a JOKE!! 2.4 million people in Baltimore and you have a sample size of 1000. This is a dangerous monopoly rolling unchecked. My favorite station 100.7 is 9th. But everyone I know listens to Stash in the Morning on 100.7. He had Geraldo today, Joe Flacco, and things you don't hear about anywhere else. I totally agree with the post on 4-11 that compares Preston and Steve (great show) Philly to 98Rock. JSS is awkward, stupid and only funny when Justin speaks. Keep it Real Nielsen. Ron, Baltimore (4/18/18)

No comments on Art bell passing? He was a legend. Passed many nights listening to him. He had the perfect voice for late-night. When WTNT switched to talk I believe it was Imus in the Morning, then Phil Hendrie reruns all day until Henrdie went live, then Art Bell all night. "Retired" more times than Ric Flair. He will be missed. (4/18/18)

Dave's response: Art really wasn't a local radio personbality and DCRTV focuses on local media news. I did post some stuff about Art on my Facebook page.....

WMAL AM 630 is getting close to switching full time to the AM 570 site. They filed a Moment of Methods application with the FCC. The new strict daytime null towards Baltimore not only completely removes the previously decent Baltimore area reception, but also removes Columbia and a good chunk of AA county. They probably don’t care that much about Columbia, but those are areas where FM 105.9 doesn’t much help them either. (4/18/18)

I was able to find the link to the live feed of WMAR (www.wmar2news.com/live) during the noon -12:30 Midday Maryland show. I was able to make it through a few segments, 1st was a comedian pushing his career, second was about flooring (basically a commercial), the third was an interview with 'DJ' from Roseanne (a plug for Roseanne) and finally a plug for tomorrow - TMJ & dental health - what a teaser! It was almost too painful to watch - the local show from WBOC - Delmarva Life - seems like a better produced, definitely not as awkward and that's from Salisbury. (4/18/18)

/\ April 18 Messages /\

\/ April 17 Messages \/

Like I predicted, WHGM AM 1330 is now saying it’s lost its transmitter site and needs to transmit at 10 watts, a Part 15 signal, temporarily. Temporarily my ass. They intend to save money on the 5000 watts daytime signal on purpose while transmitting on 3 low power FM translators. This was all planned in advance by Imperial Broadcasting. They have no plans on searching for a permanent daytime site. The originally stated plan was to keep 1 of 3 existing towers. Now its clear, they just sold all the land despite what they told the FCC. And the application makes it clear that they planned this in advance since they have pics of the temporary transmitter operation already even before applying for it. This shows a lack of candor with the FCC. The FCC keeps bragging that AM radio licenses are being saved by stuff like this. The fact is that this station will have a licensed 5000 watt daytime signal that will never again be used even though it’s still protected for a great distance. This is a disservice to other AM radio stations on AM 1330. (4/17/18)

Does anyone have a cause of death for mike mckay? Much too young rip (4/17/18)

/\ April 17 Messages /\

\/ April 16 Messages \/

WJFK-AM 1580 AM ......Entercom puts a Spanish Format on 1580 AM. Their nighttime signal is terrible with 270 watts directional East over the Bay. Just what DC needs....... Another Spanish Station. Their are more Spanish Stations in DC than NY, LA or Miami. There are 13 Spanish Stations in DC now! (4/16/18)

RE: WMAR 2… Still cannot watch any newscasts online unlike every other TV station in DC/Baltimore. Even WDCW 50 does that. No difference in webpage. If they’re rebranding, they’re sure keeping it a big secret from everybody. (4/16/18)

Correction: I have been told by someone who watches WMAR TV that they do stream their news, but they don’t archive any of the shows, so it never shows up on the website unless they’re live on air and even if they are, you’ll have to search for it as it’s NOT on their front webpage prominently. Makes you wonder why they’re #4 huh? WMAR 2 is like the station you keep hoping for, but it’s always epic fail. People are attacking FOX 45 and Sinclair with reckless abandon and they still can’t take advantage of it. Oh well. I’m starting to think Scripps really doesn’t even care. :-( (4/16/18)

Hi, is this the place where pantyboys complain that the FCC isn't doing what they want? If I were Don Geronimo I wouldn't be badmouthing my old drunken effed out partner and his ess show of a show where he ignored my advice and gave an idiot man-child more mic time than a sack of ess deserves. On Friday, in the audio vault, which is the Manchild's Promised Land, listeners were treated to "a guy falls into a swimming pool and here's the kicker: his mic cuts out." Yes ladies and gentlemen, a mic cutting out is considered audio. Mike O'Meara rapes the baby that is radio on a daily [when he's not too hungover to go to a room in his house] basis. Don GeroGus in the Gaithersburg phew! (4/16/18)


I'll ONLY buy Don Geronimo's new book if Dennis Murphy does the audio version. (4/16/18)

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\/ April 15 Messages \/

Although I think Fox5's Holly Morris using the words "ridiculous" and "obnoxious" to describe that high school student applying to 20 colleges was off base, the way people are attacking her on her FB page and Twitter has gotten totally out of hand. People have become downright nasty and cruel. It appears that she and/or management won't be making a public statement or apology. They're pretty much between a rock and hard place as it doesn't seem as though Holly believes she did anything wrong. And management seems to be sending the message that "it's not OUR problem". Plus, at this point, any statement probably wouldn't be considered sincere. Just glad I'm not Holly having to show up on air everyday as well as have all the vitriol being spewn on her social media. (4/15/18)

The stock price for the world's largest radio companies still looks terrible.....iHeart is selling at just 52 cents per share on NASDAQ and Cumulus is selling at 62 cents per share OTC. How long before NASDAQ drops iHeart? (4/15/18)

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\/ April 14 Messages \/

Dave, By now somebody else has probably let you know that Larry O’Connor gave you a prominent “shout out” (of sorts) at Mike McKay’s funeral last night. Details only if you can hypnotize me. (4/14/18)

Birach....I can remember back the summer of 1984 hearing WVAB, They were live and they were doing a live remote from a McDonalds but even then I felt like I was their only listener well 2 if you count the guy who has VARTV. I guess I don't get it now. It has to be asked. What is the point of this ?? Go dark and live on memories like Richmond's 1480 WLEE !! WVAB had nothing in 1984 why would anyone expect them to have something now when so many people don't bother to listen AM or even FM. Maybe a tax write off but other than that who cares !! Nobody listens to them !!! (4/14/18)

Teen with full ride to 20 colleges requests public apology from Fox affiliate in order to air interview... www.usatoday.com (4/14/18)

RIP Mike “Commander McKay” Forslund. You’ll be missed, our radio brother! (4/14/18)

Dave, I will miss Pat Korten. was so sorry to hear about his unexpected passing at 70. Much too early for anyone to go. It was an honor to call pat my friend and I enjoyed listening to him on Wtop many years ago. May he rest in peace. (4/14/18)

Re: WBVA - Check the parking lot @ 413 Davis St, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 for any signs of a 'tower' or broadcast signal before 4/12/18. (4/14/18)

Dave, Not sure if you are aware of this, but Art Bell died last night. www.reuters.com... Kurt (4/14/18)

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\/ April 13 Messages \/

Both Tom Taylor and HobbyBroadcaster.net are reporting yet another Old Dominion pirate has been busted. This time, it's John Hart in Blackstone/Crewe Virginia, who was running an illegal FM at 103.1 FM. This guy has balls: his pirate signal was mounted on a commercial structure owned by American Tower, which also supports Religious-formatted 104.7 WPZZ "Praise Richmond". Nothing like pissing off the Commission and Lawd God Almighty at the same time. fcc.gov (4/13/18)

If anyone wants a sneak peek at the new WUSA 9 set, Adam Longo posted a panoramic pic of what's expected to debut later this month. facebook.com... Looks like WUSA 9 will get an updated logo as well. 9 looks kind of similar to sister station KUSA's 9. The anchor desk is similar to that of other TEGNA group stations. Very soon, the USA Today style color-coded graphics and "This Is Home" music will be phased out entirely, in favor of the new TEGNA group graphics, and new "C Clarity" music package. It'd be interesting to see whether 9 could and might bring back its "Eyewitness News" name. Hopefully WUSA 9 blows up the current morning format (of Wake Up Washington and Get Up DC, if I have those names correctly), and opts for traditional local morning newscast while they're at it... news stories of the day, updates on breaking news and severe weather, weather and traffic on the 9s, and common morning news segments (sports minute, consumer minute, health minutes, community calendar, etc.), and live preview of CBS This Morning. (4/13/18)

Dave, hearing Fauquier Times Exec Editor Kari Pugh is out. You'll remember a group of wealthy community investors formed a company and purchased the paper in 2016 "promising the best paper you've ever read." www.fauquiernow.com (4/13/18)

I find it hard to believe that Birach will be able to get both radio stations up and running at the same time from the same transmitter. And even if initially successful, for how long? Their ability to get the stations on the air quickly also makes them even more culpable in all of their various excuses over the years for not being on the air. it’s a Catch 22 situation. By salvaging the licenses last minute, they are proving they could have had them back on the air 5-10 years ago! For that reason alone, the FCC should yank the licenses. (4/13/18)

Birach notified the FCC that WBVA resumed operations on Friday, April 6 at 12 Noon. Did anyone hear it? (4/13/18)

Where is WBVA on the air from? Do they have a tower site or are they diplexing from someone else's stick? (4/13/18)

FOX 5 - Sarah Frasier... Teen with full ride to 20 colleges requests public apology from Fox affiliate in order to air interview www.wusatoday.com... (4/13/18)

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\/ April 12 Messages \/

Sorry, Birach haters. This past Monday (April 9), Birach notified the FCC that WBVA resumed operations on Friday, April 6 at 12 Noon. Looks like you'll have to wait a while longer to shred that license. WVAB's current STA to remain silent runs until May 7. (4/12/18)

I hope more news on 5 and 20 does not mean more Guy "the Puker" Lambert. (4/12/18)

Re WJFK-AM ... you talking about the station's night pattern? Because the day pattern is spraying a major lobe to the southeast -- at least according to the pattern shown on radio-locator.net. It might just be that was the best they could do with a four-tower array and still throw a decent pattern over the populated suburbs. (4/12/18)

Believe me, you've only scratched the surface of Holly Morris' stupidity ("I wonder if she is really that dumb?"). The void between her ears is stunning. (4/12/18)

Has there been a public statement/reply from FOX5 management and/or Holly Morris regarding that blowup of her calling that student obnoxious for apply to 20 colleges? (4/12/18)

So channel 5 is adding a half hour newscast at 7 PM weekdays and 11:30 PM on Sundays...They already have news (well, news and fluff) on weekdays from 4am-11am, 5-6pm and 10-11:30pm...What more can they add to their broadcasts by adding another 30 minutes??!!!..And who's going to anchor these newscasts?..Are they going to staff this extra 30 minutes with the current evening anchors who cover the 5-6pm news as well as those who anchor the 10pm news or what?..I just think that expanding these newscasts serves no purpose. I've watched the morning newscasts and I can't imagine repeating the same news over and over and over pretty much for at least 5 hours. Logic please on the extra news time. (4/12/18)

I sure as hell hope Gus in Gaithersburg is not Mike Sorce, because it would only make me feel like I wasted a year of my life listening to a moron on the radio. :-) (4/12/18)

WJFK AM 1580 has a severe null to the east. Does anybody know what that is for. It’s not for AM 1590 in Glen Burnie. They also have a northeast null for that and AM 1570, but due east/southeast. Makes no sense. What in the world could they be protecting at night in that direction? (4/12/18)

Who’s the androgynous-looking guy—or gal—panning for money in Germantown this morning at the corner of Route 118 and Middlebrook Road? (S)he was holding up a sign saying “Former TV meteorologist – Health Tragedy.” Jeff (4/12/18)

I wonder if Don Geronimo / Mike Sorce will have Gus in Gaithersburg write the forward to his new book? (4/12/18)

Cause of death for mike mckay? (4/12/18)

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\/ April 11 Messages \/

NBC4 catches the fly by of a Bald Eagle Thursday 5:44pm (4/11/18)

"Chris was reading some [tweets], and announced that one of them was from "Vince Collin-ay-zee," - "ever heard of him?" Plante interjected before reading the tweet - as though he'd never encountered the name of the man who co-hosts the morning program that precedes Plante's show on WMAL." A rhetorical question directed at the audience. Notice he said "Ever heard of him?" not "Never heard of him!" Similarly Trump said "You can grab them by the pussy" not "I have grabbed them by the pussy." Is it possible we've found the elusive someone-too-dumb-for-WMAL? Time to alert the Smithsonian. Gus in the Gaithersburg Secretly Don Geronimo (4/11/18)

Hi Dave, I have seen some of the discussion on the Sinclair "must carry" editorial/commentary and I'd like to put my two cents in. In addition to all the other things I have been doing (teaching, writing a book) I started a blog a few months ago that sometimes touches on radio, TV and journalism issues. This week's included the Sinclair issue but on a different plain than some of the comments I have seen. After 40 years in the news business I have a different take than some of the folks who have been commenting. The blog is called "Time to Think" Here is the link. I thought you might want to post it. https://hanksilverberg.blogspot.com (4/11/18)

The right-wing Sinclair Broadcast Group forces its local-TV stations to air pro-Trump propaganda — and if its merger with Tribune Media goes through this dangerous content will reach 72 percent of U.S. households. If you haven't already, RSVP to join Free Press and our allies this Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT for a virtual town hall on how to stop Sinclair from taking over your local news. Hope you can make it! (4/11/18)

Can someone explain the difference in Morning Show formats between WMMR 93.3FM (Philadelphia) & WHYY 98Rock (Baltimore)...? I have noticed, and really like & prefer the Morning Show format on WMMR (Philadelphia)...the "Preston & Steve Show" seems to have 15+ minute rambling, free-form, open & very funny segments, and seem to use alot more 'naughty words', with many air-staff allowed to talk. ... Meanwhile that "Justin, Scott & Spiegel" is a very limited & awkward Morning Show. The only funny guy on "JSS" is Justin; and he uses the same lame sound effects & jokes to shallowly talk about some pre-scripted current events remarks (because the "JSS" show has to allow Keith Mills to ramble on about sports during useless 10+ segments...) That Scott is a bitter, and clueless dumbass co-host...and that Spiegel is a so called "news expert" who has no clue/is news-biased & can not answer any Real question about the 'news' he reads. By the way why is no on the "JSS" allowed to use such naughty, sexy or racy language that the "Preston & Steve" show can use...? I have the listented to both the Philadelphia (far superior :-) & Baltimore (very sad :-( Morning Radio rock stations... All I can say: what a vast difference in quality. (4/11/18)

I believe this is a never seen before picture of our late friend Mike McKay on the air at DC101. (4/11/18)

I was listening to the "Bernie and Sid Morning Show" on WABC now that Imus is off the air, and the stream stayed on as "The Chris Plante Show" started on Plante's new New York affiliate. Chris was reading some sarcastic conservative tweets about the issue du jour, and announced that one of them was from "Vince Collin-ay-zee," - "ever heard of him?" Plante interjected before reading the tweet - as though he'd never encountered the name of the man who co-hosts the morning program that precedes Plante's show on WMAL. (4/11/18)

The earlier mailbagger who commented on newsradio 1090's morning show on Tuesday morning is precisely on target. That show is filled with regurgitated television soundbites, day old stories, crime blotter entries and not must else. This is a station that demeans its listeners with endless promos, repeated headlines and a total lack of interesting stories or substantive content. If it wasn't for the comprehensive traffic reports of Jim Russ, there wouldn't be much reason to listen. But even with that, my smart phone gives me just about all I need for traffic. Hey Alexa, tell newsradio 1090 the masses know the emperor has no clothes. And hey Alexa, switch to some other station. (4/11/18)

Holly Morris is dumber than I thought she was. She criticized the young man who was accepted into 20 schools saying that by applying to that many schools took a spot away from another student. What? Universities don't lessen their freshman class because someone didn't accept a scholarship. They just move on to the next person in line. I wonder if she is really that dumb? (4/11/18)

If Birach doesn’t have WBVA AM 1450 on the air by tomorrow, it won’t matter when the hearing is. They’ll have already surrendered the license for one radio station automatically. Is anyone going to be listening? (4/11/18)

/\ April 11 Messages /\

\/ April 10 Messages \/

Fox News certainly isn't on top of things when it comes to their webpages. The Careers page on Foxnews.Com crows about the network's four primary talk shows: Kilmeade and Friends, John Gibson, Tom Sullivan and Alan Colmes. I can overlook them botching the first three, but Alan Colmes has been dead for nearly 14 months. Is a Fox contract really THAT hard to get out of? (4/10/18)

So, the Maryland General Assembly concludes a 90-day legislative session in Annapolis, and all alleged news radio 1090 can come up with is a string of lame next-day reports (today) filled with already day-old tv interviews with the governor, repeated references to "sine die," the Latin term for adjournment, and all the meaningless, self-serving back-smacking bullshit from Hogan on "what a great session we had." There was no sound of the final closing moments, no interviews with lawmakers and others, and, most importantly, not one sentence on what WAS accomplished; no run down on key legislation that passed and nothing else about the session that would have informed listeners of what, specifically, the governor planned to sign into law at a bill signing ceremony later today at the statehouse. And, to show you how pathetic this station has become, in a live interview with Baltimore's mayor this morning, even the morning show host couldn't get the story right on the issue of arming city school police; something a good reporter would have known if this sorry excuse for a station had one or a morning talk show host with an ounce of news sense. This is yet another example of the pathetic state of affairs this station finds itself in, along with a mediocre news product. The station has changed its news promo from "stimulating" conversation to "compelling" conversation. Once again, unfortunately, they've made a "compelling" case for pulling the plug even more compelling. (4/10/18)

It appears that WBQB 101.5 FM might have contacted WBAL radio about its proposed 101.5 FM. They’ve filed another amendment with a stronger null towards DC now to make sure WBAL 101.5 has no effect on the WBQB signal in the DC metro area. (4/10/18)

For those that didn’t quite get the previous post about Sinclair/Mike Gimbel, here is what Mike Gimbel said about Sinclair and David Zurawik at The Sun. Very interesting… “For over 35 years, Sinclair Broadcasting / Fox 45 in Baltimore has supported me in producing a public affairs TV show called "STRAIGHT TALK", which has helped to educate the community about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. This very popular and effective TV show has taken on the issue of the opiate epidemic and thanks to Sinclair Broadcasting we have begun to syndicate the show and share the information with other cities. Whats really sad and hypocritical is that David Zurawik refuses to even acknowledge this show in the Sunpapers, so more of the public can get help for their addictions. So who really has the bias??? As you all fight about who's on the left and who's on the right our citizens are dying from opiate abuse and overdose and Zurawik wants to be some kind of liberal hero. Well your not and people are dying because you wouldn't help promote our show. Hope your happy!!!” Obviously Gimbel has a pretty low opinion of Z. :-) (4/10/18)

Some more Sinclair news since you cannot get away from it daily now. Sinclair fiercely defends its TV stations' statements against "fake news" saying they were trying to allay fears given the current toxic media environment. Also, in an impromptu defense of Sinclair, STRAIGHT TALK show creator Mike Gimbal announces that Sinclair is considering syndicating his show to help drug addicts nationwide. More in The Sun. -- BaltoMedia.net www.baltimoresun.com (4/10/18)

/\ April 10 Messages /\

\/ April 9 Messages \/

Re: WBVA/WVAB - All of you wannabe attorneys commenting on what Birach hasn't done need to put your peckers back in your pants because you don't know what you're talking about. No hearing has been held nor has a date for a hearing been set. Birach has 30 days from the date the Hearing Designation Order was published in the Federal Register to respond to the Commission's request for documentation. The Order was published on March 12, meaning Birach has until April 11 to reply. Parties desiring to participate in the hearing must also file with the FCC by April 11. You can read the Federal Register notice here: www.federalregister.gov (4/9/18)

People are really going in on FOX5's morning anchors Holly and Allyson regarding their comments about a student being obnoxious and ridiculous for applying to 20 colleges. Sara Fraser was the one who brought up this subject during her Tuesday Talkers segment and has offered an apology to the young man in question. People are not only flooding these anchors' social media accounts, but also the FOX5 Facebook page. Some are asking for firings as well as asking sponsors to pull their ads. I only saw part of this morning's broadcast, so I don't know if the anchors said anything about this. And I don't know if there has been a response from FOX5 management. If not, guess they feel it will eventually blow over. I can't remember the last time I've seen such a public outcry regarding what anchors have said. (4/9/18)

/\ April 9 Messages /\

\/ April 8 Messages \/

I'm really not surprised that the segment on channel 5 with Holly and Allison was a complete fail. The powers that be at that station are more and more trying to push the envelope with stories and segments that are "trending". It appears that they tend to force these stories on their anchors, a lot of time not taking into consideration whether they're tasteful and/or controversial. About a week ago, they had Holly and Wisdom read a story about that little boy who went into the men's room, crawled under a stall and there was a guy in there sitting on the toilet with his pants down who recorded the entire incident. It was obvious that neither of those anchors found any humor in that story, but obviously management wanted to broadcast it because it had gone viral. As for Sara Fraser having a segment every week, I personally feel it's a waste of time. No, she probably had no idea the direction in which this latest story was going to go and/or what the anchors were going to say. However, her segments are usually silly or on occasion inappropriate. BUT, they're probably trending, thus the reason management brings her on there. Yes, the station wants to be hip, trendy and lead in the ratings. But management really needs to think of the ramifications of some of the stories they choose to broadcast. You don't see NBC4 resorting to foolishness for ratings. They don't need to as they're classy. (4/8/18)

Two of the top headlines in today’s Washington Post email today are about Saturday Night Live ripping Trump a new one. Is that really what a “newspaper” considers a top headline in its Sunday Edition? REALLY? That sad part is that Alec Baldwin is himself the exact caricature of Trump that he portrays. It’s not Trump. It’s REALLY BALDWIN! Screaming at his ex-wife or calling his daughter a bitch, or saying horrid anti-gay things, or slapping cameramen around, anti-Semitic comments, etc. He doesn’t have to act. It’s all HIM, not TRUMP! (4/8/18)

This Tuesday, we'll start finding out where every TV channel will finally end up. April 10 is the beginning of the FCC's filing window for Low Power TV stations to relocate displaced or otherwise affected TV channels to new channels. In the Baltimore market, this affects pretty much on one, unless WMJF 39 decides to move somewhere, which is unlikely or possibly WQAW, the Azteca channel on channel 20. It's unclear to me whether that channel is still available or not due to more stringent land/mobile restrictions. In DC, and on the shore, there will be more moves of LPTV channels... -- BaltoMedia.net (4/8/18)

Mike McKay was one of the coolest people I ever worked with. He was a rock solid producer who really made Chris Plante's show sound amazing from a technical standpoint. I miss all the conversations we had especially about barbecue. He was an aficianado. He will be missed immensely.-Rob Carson (4/8/18)

“Laying down the law to Birach” was a joke, not an argument. But this is the closest the FCC has come to giving them a deadline. As for not being aware of the hearing on the two stations, that is a legal ploy. They couldn’t show up at the hearing because they had no evidence to provide to disprove anything the FCC already knew. They’re only escape hatch appears to be to delay the inevitable until they find a buyer/sucker. And I still think that is not out of the possibilities. Just not showing up at the hearings probably gives them another 30 days or much more to file for a rescheduling of the hearing. (4/8/18)

Re: Holly Morris & Allison Seymour saying it was ridiculous and obnoxious for the young man to apply to 20 colleges, it appears that both have not posted any comments on their Twitter or Facebook account regarding this since that day.. Holly had a number of people confront her on Twitter and she did respond. On air as well as on her social media, she did say that the young man was amazing. However, at that point, I think the damage had been done. On Allison's FB and Twitter, she has not responded at all. I think if they hadn't used the words ridiculous and obnoxious, this may not have blown up the way it did. For those who don't watch FOX5 morning news, Sarah Fraser has a weekly segment on there where she routinely discusses subjects that can be controversial and I think the producers do this on purpose. However, this one went off the rails. Now, I saw online that since this has occurred, someone tweeted Sarah regarding this and she responded with the following apology. "Bishop Talbert - I am sorry. I’m sorry to Michael b. I truly had no malice when I set this story up, we wanted to ask is 20 schools too much? But I see now that was petty. Michael is awesome and I have learned a lesson". (4/8/18)

Re: WBVA - Check the parking lot @ 413 Davis St, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 for any signs of a 'tower' or broadcast signal before 4/12/18. (4/8/18)

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"Ok, the FCC has laid down the law to Birach..." Not really - go back and read the letters again...2 or the 3 readable letters are correspondence with David Dybas, a member of the public that filed a complaint about the latest operational STA application. It is correct that WBVA has been under silent STA since April 10, 2017, so the license will be automatically deleted unless it's on the air by midnight Tuesday. But that's not "laying down the law", that's what the law is to begin with. The only letter of the 3 that was actually to Birach was the operational STA grant, since the FCC can grant it without prejudice to the two stations' license renewal hearings. The unreadable letter is simply a blank PDF, probably a glitch. Neither Dybas nor Birach appear to be aware the licenses were designated for hearing. Since Birach never filed evidence in the hearing (that I can find) and the deadline passed a couple of weeks ago, it seems certain neither station will have its license renewed. (4/7/18)

More Shore news: WXDE 105.9 FM is not carrying today's Orioles game, which is surprising since they're a new Orioles affiliate that advertised more Orioles games than the previous station and this is a Yankees game. They aired a local radio show instead. -- BaltoMedia.net (4/7/18)

WPOC has filed digital notification to the FCC. That means they are planning a digital HD radio signal or maybe several. Maybe a classic country format? -- BaltoMedia.net (4/7/18)

Shore News: WCEM 106.3, now owned by WBOC/Draper Trust, is proposing to move its tower. Normally, this is to upgrade a station's signal, but in this case its probably more of a downgrade. So why? Well the current tower is on probably now more valuable waterfront property on the Choptank & the bay. The new transmitter is further into the city of Cambridge. There will be some signal loss to the north and northeast... -- BaltoMedia.net (4/7/18)

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Ok, the FCC has laid down the law to Birach, or as best as spineless lawyers fearing a lawsuit can. WBVA has until April 11 to have WBVA AM 1450 on the air in some manner or fashion. I’ll bet they meet the deadline and stay on the air less than 15 days. But it gets funnier. It appears that Birach might not have shown up for the hearing to determine the fate of the 2 Norfolk area AMs, WBVA and WVAB. See here… fcc.gov... The FCC sent Birach 3 letters in the same day. The 2nd one I cannot download to read. That’s probably the juicy one. Anybody? (4/6/18)

News from Salisbury/ Ocean City. Long time Froggy 99-9 morning host, Whiskey And Randy are expanding their coverage adding PM drive duties for sister station 94-7, WDSD, Wilmington, effective 4/10. (4/6/18)

So, Don Geronimo / Mike Sorce is writing a book full time, plus Gus in the Gaithersburg continues to post on the DCRTV mailbag. Nice multitasking bro' ? (4/6/18)

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"Here’s something I haven’t seen suggested. If WMAL gets FM 103.1, might they ditch the conservative talk on 105.9 FM and just go with the AM 630 / 103.1 FM combo? They could probably make more money on 105.9 FM with another format don’t you think?" Like the format on 103.1? Are you okay? Getting enough of the old oxygen? Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/5/18)

I realize it’s a fool’s errand to try and argue with whoever it is bashing the left so often, but somebody has to tell him it’s a ridiculous exercise to equate Sinclair’s national anchor scripting with coincidences in other stories. Say there’s a car wreck in Rock Creek Park and all local stations say “there’s been a wreck in Rock Creek Park”. That doesn’t mean the story was written by one unnamed idiot in an office in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Sinclair’s story WAS! How cynical and destructive of the common good. (4/5/18)

"They could probably make more money on 105.9 FM with another format don’t you think?" Well, considering classic hits and rock failed there, unless they want to get on the classic hip-hop bandwagon a couple of years too late, I don't know what else they could try besides something outlandish like AAA or going back to smooth jazz. I could see them keeping the talk and doing something like oldies with the 630 and translator pair. Translators built in the city tend to be real tough to catch outside the beltway, even more so if there are nearby interfering stations - I'm thinking of 104.7 for instance. WAFY has a crap signal, but it's readable in Loudoun and Reston/Herndon, while WJMA makes it decently far into western Fairfax. If WMAL moved everything there a lot of their audience would have to go back to AM. Actually, considering what their audience is, that may not be the end of the world for them... (4/5/18)

So Holly Morris, Allison Seymour, and Sarah Fraser of Fox 5 Morning News are catching holy hell on Fox 5’s Facebook page (and rightfully so) for trashing an African-American teenage boy who was accepted to and offered full-ride scholarships from 20 colleges, including all of the ivy league colleges, during their “Tuesday Talkers” segment. Holly in particular went on a rant about how “obnoxious” it was for the kid to even apply to 20 colleges, and took it a step further by claiming that he was taking spots away from other applicants. According to the Fox 5 Mean Girls, this kid should “only” have applied to four or five colleges. Really? Then Allison Seymour, who as you know is African-American, decided to jump into the fray and also started trashing this kid! To add insult to injury, the banner across the screen read “Stealing the Spotlight?” The group Occupy Democrats posted the clip on its Facebook page yesterday, and it has now been seen by 3.8 million people as of this morning. Have not heard whether or not they have apologized for their comments, but the people posting comments have made it clear that they were dead wrong and should apologize personally to the young man. (4/5/18)

Here’s something I haven’t seen suggested. If WMAL gets FM 103.1, might they ditch the conservative talk on 105.9 FM and just go with the AM 630 / 103.1 FM combo? They could probably make more money on 105.9 FM with another format don’t you think? (4/5/18)

RE: Sinclair/Deadspin: Fox News has already done a similar mashup of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, spilling the same talking points at the same time. So this is nothing new. What the previous poster is doing is called the Cherry Picking Crying Wolf. I despise all news organizations doing this. It’s literally the downfall of journalism as we know it, but it’s a little rich to pick Sinclair out especially since most of the stations’ news is local not a repeating of the same talking points all day long like the news networks do. In other words, me thinks you doth protest too much. The Sinclair/Tribune merger is nowhere near as dangerous as the Comcast/NBC/Universal merger which forced people into paying to watch a network, MSNBC, that few people ever watched back then so that they could start a protest generation of people screaming helplessly at the sky every weekend in DC. Liberals still make up the vast majority of the media and everyone knows it. Do you not think every market should have different voices in their communities or should they all be from the left? (4/5/18)

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RE: DeadSpin viral video of Sinclair forcing local anchors to read same prepared script, and President Trump defending this move by the Baltimore-based company, and Sinclair ordering employees to "keep quiet" or "face the consequences". That's the story getting plenty of discussion this week among many news organizations. Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner and/or operator of Fox 45, CW 54, and my24 in Baltimore, as well as ABC 7 and News Channel 8 in DC, and countless TV markets across the country, and the still pending merger of Tribune Media, owner of WDCW 50. Viral video sure to be "video of the week": www.youtube.com... We've probably not heard the last of this. (4/4/18)

If you like Spanish Hits you should listen to WTNT 97.5 in DC or 92.9 in Northern Virginia.The other Spanish Stations are doing either Regional Mexican or Tropical. WTNT has all new Spanish Personalities. (4/4/18)

Ok so WBAL 1090 has one African American Male on staff - that makes them "diverse"? 95% of the management and on air staff appears to be white males, I suppose that is their choice. (4/4/18)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Research Director Inc., a nationally-acclaimed audience interpretation company, providing insight to media companies across the U.S. and North America, is seeking a Senior Director of Business Development. This is a full-time position, based in Annapolis and does require some travel. The ideal candidate will: have a B.S. or higher college degree; have a strong history in sales or a sales organization with a strong ability to generate new business (media sales preferred); a thorough understanding of media research (preferably radio) and how to interpret data; a good network of contacts and a positive industry reputation strong communication skills; works well in a collaborative environment; self-motivated; be able to prove a history of delivering state-of-the-art customer service; work with potential and existing customers to assess needs and recommend solutions; manage a budget and achieve or exceed monthly goals. Research Director Inc. is rapidly expanding its slate of products and services to provide audience data on many levels and requires a professional who can articulate those offerings well to a new target customer. If this is you, apply confidentially by e-mailing resume and cover letter to CareersAtRDI@ResearchDirectorInc.com (4/4/18)

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Have you noticed some of the smaller changes with the 105.7 shows? About a month or two ago, I've noticed that their show segments and commercial breaks are shorter. The segments were about 15 mins on weekdays (not including the over the top read-it-and-weep ad plugs by the hosts) and about 20 mins on weeknights and weekends, with the commercial breaks often running 6-8 mins long. These days, the segments are about 10-12 mins for every show and the breaks are only 3-4 mins, but I believe the old format was better. Having 5 10-min segments in an hour doesn't keep me tuned in as much as when it was 3-4 segments and in turn, fewer breaks. I'm guessing it's an Entercom thing, but hey what can you say? I'm not the head at CBS to prevent the radio division from getting away. Sucks the way the station is going though...not just the new format, but the lack of hosts too. The weekend lineup is so thin without any live sports or CBS Sports Radio programming to carry them through Saturday & Sunday nights .Not a fan of how that's their go-to move after Popovec on a Saturday or Sebring on a Sunday (assuming he hasn't left too...haven't heard him since the start of the O's season). (4/3/18)

“IMAGINE THAT! WBAL radio hires another white male talk show host. Continuing a 90 year tradition. WAY TO GO 1090 keeping up with the times. “ So, C4 is a white male? Ian in Baltimore. (4/3/18)

What do radio DJs and Porn Stars have in common? And NO, it's not what they did to get the job, you perverted bastids: jacobsmedia.com (4/3/18)

IMAGINE THAT! WBAL radio hires another white male talk show host. Continuing a 90 year tradition.WAY TO GO 1090 keeping up with the times. (4/3/18)

Brett Hollander moving to afternoons. (4/3/18)

Bret Hollander takes over the WBAL 1 - 3PM Weekday slot. Just announced. (4/3/18)

Why is Trump attacking Amazon or The Washington Post surprising or so shocking? Jeff Bezos made 2 very famous statements about Trump. In one, he said, he would like to send someone into space and hopes it was Trump without a return trip. The other comment was when he bought The Washington Post and bragged that he was going to hire 100 reporters to go after Trump. When that got some media attention, Bezos walked that back a bit and claimed they would equally investigate Hillary, but any analysis of Post investigations would clearly statistically show that the Post overwhelmingly investigated Trump at least 2-1 if not more. (4/3/18)

The Stock Market took a HUGH loss yesterday. iHeart continues at 52 cents per share and Cumulus sells for 8 cents per share OTC. Their creditors are nervous about being paid. Nielsen is one of their large creditors. (4/3/18)

As we head to the NAB Convention in Las Vegas, we wonder how many radio deals will get done. Financing is still very difficult. Banks don't want to lend money to buyers. They don't understand the radio business and read about the two largest radio companies in the world in Bankruptcy. Not good news for prospective buyers. No lenders want to take a risk. Even if iHeart and Cumulus started selling off their radio stations it would be difficult to find buyers. (4/3/18)

Congratulations to EMF.....Educational Media Foundation in California on their many new acquisitions. It seems like they buy a new station every week! The Non-Profit Corporation seems to have a good business plan. I enjoy listening to their K-Love programming on WLZV 94.3 FM in Warrenton. (4/3/18)

Brett Hollander named new Afternoon Host at WBAL 1090. More here: www.wbal.com... From the parade of those that have filled the time slot since Hunter left, I think it's a decent selection. Better than Andrew Langer, who seemed to be the favorite. Good Luck to Brett. (4/3/18)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Account Executive sought for Annapolis full-service radio station. Sales experience required, preferably in media advertising sales. Applicant will meet with local business decision-makers and advertising agencies to coordinate advertising/marketing plans using broadcast, internet and social media. Applicant must be creative and self-motivated. Knowledge of local market required. Compensation includes salary plus commission and incentives. Fax resume to 410-268-5360, or email resume to jobs@wnav.com. EOE M/F. Deadline for applications is April 10, 2018 (4/3/18)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] WNAV, Annapolis, has an opening for a part-time news anchor/reporter. You must have experience in news writing and reporting. Some knowledge of sports helpful. Duties include developing, writing, delivering newscasts, outside reporting/interviewing and digital audio production. Send T & R to News Director, 1430 WNAV, 236 Admiral Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401. Or email jobs@wnav.com EOE M/F (4/3/18)

More perspectives on Connie Lawn including tweets from Jim Acosta and Ari Fleischer: www.radionz.co.nz (4/3/18)

So what is this “big announcement” that will be made at 11:30this morning? And why all the secrecy? I hope I’m not being paranoid, but could Rush Limbaugh be returning to WBAL? I hope I’m wrong about that! Does anyone have any inside information about what is happening at WBAL radio 1090? Marshall in Baltimore (4/3/18)

Embarrassing Facebook post from WJZ TV. When your story and your graphic don’t match and one of them is clearly wrong! (4/3/18)

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"Local women meteorologists really need to check themselves. You have Miri Marshall in DC (formerly at WBAL 11) thinking she's a model. Day and night taking Glamour Shots of herself and her wardrobe. Then you have Taylor Grenda of WBAL TV using snap chat filters to post pictures of herself in bunny ears and other graphics. Ladies, you are not in high school. [except in my mind where it's Amish high school, mmmmm] You are working professional jobs where [my ability to e-stalk you] is important. I just want [to stalk and stalk and stalk]." Doesn't sound too pervy, but you might not know what glamour photography is. I'm sure you stand ready to help them "check themselves". Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/2/18)

Longtime White House Correspondent Connie Lawn Passes Away April 2, 2018 at 1:03 PM (PT) Condolences to family and friends of longtime independent WHITE HOUSE correspondent CONNIE LAWN, who died this morning (4/2) after a battle with Parkinson's disease at her home in FALLS CHURCH, VA at 73. LAWN, who most recently was GREG CLUGSTON's backup for SALEM RADIO NETWORKS and weekend correspondent at the WHITE HOUSE and reported for several radio networks around the world over the years, including USA RADIO NETWORK in the '90s, was the longest-credentialed WHITE HOUSE correspondent -- about 50 years -- at the time of her passing. SRN VP/News and Talk Programming TOM TRADUP, who worked with CONNIE at USA and SALEM, told the SRN staff, “All of us at SRN NEWS and TOWNHALL NEWS send our condolences to CONNIE’s husband Dr. CHARLES SNEIDERMAN and to her many friends and colleagues throughout the radio news industry. She was one on a million.” ~~ I used to read her ski reports at DCSki, www.dcski.com. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (4/2/18)

Question re: Sinclair requiring local anchors to read a prepared speech for a promo on irresponsible reporting resulting in "fake news". If management at these stations believes this script, why aren't THEY front and center on the screen reading this? (4/2/18)

RE: Local women meteorologists poster... Wow, the haterade is flowing from here and it's really unnecessary. Miri Marshall and Taylor Grenda are talented, attractive women having fun doing what they do. This is what people want! Don't hate on them because they didn't date you or swiped left when they came across your Tinder profile. The truth is times are changing, social media continues to change things and you need to check yourself because it's probably why you aren't working, or have the free time to talk smack on these people doing what they get paid to do and do well. (4/2/18)

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Why is Hot 99.5 playing nothing but Christmas music and promos? Mistake or stunt? (4/1/18)

Dave's response: April Fools Day, duh. Remember, April 1, 1981 (I think that was the year), when Howard Stern flipped rocker DC101 to middle-of-the-road adult contemporary tunes? Hahahahahaha.....

Local women meteorologists really need to check themselves. You have Miri Marshall in DC (formerly at WBAL 11) thinking she's a model. Day and night taking Glamour Shots of herself and her wardrobe. Then you have Taylor Grenda of WBAL TV using snap chat filters to post pictures of herself in bunny ears and other graphics. Ladies, you are not in high school. You are working professional jobs where your credibility is important. I just want the forecast, not silliness. (4/1/18)

WNVC/T are no more. Watching 30.1 at 11:59, some French program on MHz WorldView wrapped up, they ran two channel-share PSAs (lot of good that does now), then an ident, then the next show started and 30 seconds later *poof* no more. Kind of unceremonious when you think about it. Anyone reading this able to pick up WCVE or WHTJ? We know WNVC/T will not continue airing MHz - I was told in an e-mail that there will be PBS-ish programming, the same as on all their other stations. (4/1/18)

Sad to see that WJLA-TV (and Autria Godfrey) made the cut for this compilation. theconcourse.deadspin.com (4/1/18)

Local women meteorologists really need to check themselves. You have Miri Marshall in DC (formerly at WBAL 11) thinking she's a model. Day and night taking Glamour Shots of herself and her wardrobe. Then you have Taylor Grenda of WBAL TV using snap chat filters to post pictures of herself in bunny ears and other graphics. Ladies, you are not in high school. You are working professional jobs where your credibility is important. I just want the forecast, not silliness. (4/1/18)

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