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If I’m not mistaken, anyone with an HD Radio in their car should be able to get and test the WWFD full digital AM signal. I’m pretty sure the standard they’re using is within the IBOC standard. So some won’t lose The Gamut. They'll get to hear what music sounds like on full digital AM radio. Maybe the future? The key is going to be how many dropouts due to interference & static, especially at night. Wish I was close enough to hear it. (6/30/18)

Is there some kind of sudden Nationals' broadcasters' curse? First, Johnny Holliday and Phil Wood. Then, 20 minutes into today's Nats' Talk on MASN, while Craig Heist was talking, there was a crashing sound on the set. Craig nervously went straight to commercial and, after about 10 minutes of commercials, the station went to an ESPN News simulcast. When O's Talk came on at 12:00, Tom Davis explained that Mike Wallace had gotten sick. (Ian) (6/30/18)

Living in the mountains of Northern Virginia at over 1200 feet and having lots of aluminum on the roof, I receive TV signals from many cities hundreds of miles away on a regular basis. Since the channel 21 transmitter of Virginia public TV went off the air in Front Royal Va. I have had breakup free reception of WBOC in Salisbury Maryland about 155 miles away. Every morning I watch their news and have been delighted at what I have seen or I should say not seen. One guy sits on the set and competently does his anchor job without chat chat with others or personal comment. No one attempting to show how funny or smart they are, no mindless cackling women in dresses they don’t fit into, who fail at being funny or professional. I get more news from the world, nation, surrounding states and Delmarva in 10 minutes than an hour of alleged news from DC or Baltimore. They deliver well balanced news, weather and have a dedicated sports guy too. You are not teased to death and every story coming up is not promoted as breaking news unless it really is. When you are told a story or feature is coming up next, it is, not 15 minutes later. Most important you are never insulted with Chrystal Koons in your face ! You are never directed to the stations web site to get a story. If they have a story or feature, they put it on the air at the time they mention it. It would really be good for one of the DC or Baltimore stations to take a look at WBOC and follow their lead. You want a dog and pony show poorly executed, watch morning news on any Baltimore or Washington station. You want a competent news program that does not insult you, attempted receiving WBOC. (6/30/18)

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Yes, WWFD has applied to go all-digital on an experimental basis. You will still be able to hear The Gamut in analog on 94.3 FM in Frederick and 98.3 FM transmitting from Great Falls. There's also www.thegamut.fm and the TuneIn app. In lab and field tests, the all-digital mode of AM HD has been shown to have significant technical advantages over the hybrid mode, as well as over analog-only transmission. It's my belief that this is the direction where AM radio needs to head, hence why I first proposed taking WWFD all-digital at CES in 2017. Thanks, Dave Kolesar (6/29/18)

So what's the consensus on the most informative & accurate coverage of the shooting attack in Annapolis? We watched WBAL for the most part, but the DC stations deployed and caught up too, notably WJLA/NC8. I was disappointed in CNN's coverage, with stupid questions asked of the Anne Arundel County Executive in an interview. And they had some guy doing his impersonation of former TV crime show host John Walsh, with elevated language and a tone that made his opinions sound like fact. WBAL seemed to play it safe, except when Stovall did some speculating. And they seemed to get on the air the soonest when police or other officials briefed reporters. (6/29/18)

Is today Cooley’s last day? Sounded a bit like that on his sign off today. OOBBEE (6/29/18)

Here’s something waaaaaay out of left field: Hubbard has applied for an experimental STA to take WWFD 820 all-digital. As in just an HD signal and no analog transmission whatsoever. So much for being able to listen to the Gamut... fcc.gov (6/29/18)

I'm in radio now, but along the way I've also worked in cable TV production and for two newspapers. A media gig has never been a safe one, but this one (Annapolis) really hurt. I'll spare everyone the overbaked thoughts-&-prayers platitudes and instead ask you to tell me what I can do to make our industry safer. (6/29/18)

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WRDE NBC Coast TV in Delaware really f’d up tonight. They were scheduled to run the Phillies @ Nationals game on their Cozi sub-channel, the Phillies broadcast, but someone fell asleep and they ran Little House on the Prairie instead. They are listed as a Phillies broadcast partner too. And it’s almost 7:30pm so not likely anyone is answering the phone to fix it. Is master control in Florida too? What a crappy operation. I wonder how many employees they have, certainly none that pay attention to the station! (6/28/18)

Jamie Costello has worked with WMAR Channel 2 Annapolis Bureau Chief Don Harrison (cough) long enough to know he needs to watch what he asks. During Thursday’s Annapolis shootings, Jamie asked Don where the Governor was, to which Don responded, “I don’t know.” It hurts to watch (but feels so good when I stop). (6/28/18)

I wish I'd gotten to tell Bob Ramberger how much he meant before his passing. Of course now that WAMU sucks I will miss it also. But there's still time to tell Dan Snyder how much I admire him for fucking more people than Ron Jeremy. Gus in the Gaithersburg, out where the buses don't run (6/28/18)

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Not that anyone seemed to understand the earlier question on this but apparently WDCA will be gone on July 19---a few days in advance.The shutdown Spots apparently started to run earlier than expected---so as to be starting 30 days before the actual shutdown date. www.fox5dc.com (6/27/18)

From 1969 to 1979 Johnny Holliday on WWDC gave Harden and Weaver a run for their money. He was 2nd in the critical 6 to 10 am morning drive slot. Never able to overcome H@W, Holliday moved to WMAL in 1979 with the idea of someday taking over for the Two great morning guys, Frank and Jack ,when they retired. That never happened, Johnny was their sports guy and filled in when Harden and Weaver vacationed. He is about to begin bis 40th year as voice of the Maryland Terrapins and is seen before and after every Washington Nationals game hosting Nat's Xtra on MASN . Things worked out for all parties. Harden and Weaver were the best and Johnny is still going strong. Bottom line, Radio today can't hold a candle to what WMAL presented with top flight personalities, news, traffic and sports. (6/27/18)

Re: "On another topic, is it conceivable that Andy Pollin could return to the station he helped launch back in 1992 now that new ownership’s in place and Dan Snyder’s out of the picture? – sure doesn’t seem like 106.7 The Fan has any interest in giving either him or Thom Loverro fulltime gigs although their Saturday show’s better than some of the weekday fare." I sure hope not ... Andy rode a wave but he was awful. Knows Redskins and little else. He jumped on the Caps bandwagon when they made it to the finals but for years he avoided the topic completely. Never took calls in the day either. I actually put 980 back on the other day for the first time in forever ... signal was awful. So go ahead and put Andy in no-mans-land. (6/27/18)

As for history of market contenders before Harden and Weaver, yes, Bill Malone was on WMAL mornings before 1960. Pretty sure he also did Redskins game coverage on 630. I have an aircheck of his show for about a half hour as it segues into the Don McNeil breakfast show. I also have an immaculate (can one say that about audio?) aircheck of Art Brown at 1260 from about the same late '50s period. -P of the AW (6/27/18)

I have always harshly criticized the FCC and Sinclair for the phony existence of Cunningham Broadcasting, the fake 1st African American TV group, and Howard Stirk, another fake TV group. But put blame where it belongs, the FCC and Jesse Jackson and probably people like you, who once stupidly supported Sinclair! Don’t blame me for your stupidity and hypocrisy in now hating Sinclair for your own political reasons now that it’s cool. The FCC f’d up by not allowing the Sinclair duopolies in the first place, but you cannot put the Jeanie back int he bottle, especially now that other companies like Nexstar have used the same loophole. Sinclair owning Tribune will not change the political media landscape that much. There will still be more liberal voices by an over 2-1 margin even after the merger. I simply pointed out that the Comcast/NBC/Universal and even more importantly, Comcast/NBC/Universal/21st Century Fox merger is the more dangerous one because far more people are affected. In many of Comcast’s markets, they are a monopoly. Sinclair will never be a monopoly. Therein lies the antitrust issues I have with ANY Comcast merger. Same with ATT/Time Warner. ATT markets are mostly monopoly markets. These sort of deals allow price fixing for content they own. Sinclair owns very little content and none that anybody wants. Satellite is somewhat an option, but still cannot compete on internet delivery and maybe never will. If you had your fascist way, there would be no conservative media at all. (6/27/18)

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Just an observation on the death of legendary DJ Dan Ingram: If there is someone out there that heavily influenced you to do whatever it is you now enjoy, seek out your idols and the folks who inspired you and let them know what they meant to you. Do it NOW. You will hate your indecisiveness later on if they die and you never took advantage of the time to say thanks. (6/26/18)

WKYS was sold to Albinmar in 1988. (6/26/18) I was watching yesterday's Mid Atlantic Sports Report (MASN at 5PM) and Alex Parker was hosting. He mentioned that Phil Wood is pretty sick. Is there any word on how he is doing and what is wrong? He is a one of the great sports historians in this town and I have always enjoyed listening to him over the years. Thanks, Chris (6/26/18)

"Dan Ingram is dead. Radio is over." I just turned on my radio a moment ago to check and see if this is true. It's still there. Don't scare me like that, you asshole. (6/26/18)

(regarding the WKYS 93.9 and WTEM 980 thread) Now that we've settled who owned that local combo when and their format histories, I've got another query... With the recent passing of Frank Harden, all the obituaries mentioned how Harden & Weaver teamed up in 1960 and led WMAL to a long run of ratings dominance in DC. So here's my question: Before H&W ruled the market's morning drive time slot, who held that distinction? I'm old enough to remember when WTOP still had music (and an FM side). If I had to guess, I'd say that Eddie Gallaher was the likely morning ratings leader back then. Al Ross was WRC's wake-up guy back then, though I'm not clear on how he did ratings-wise. Back then, WWDC was a contender on the local radio dial. I recall that Art Brown handled mornings (with an assist from his warbling canaries & massive organ) until Fred Fiske took the reins in morning drive at 1260. I think Harv Moore landed the WPGC morning drive slot in late 1963 and he was always pretty popular in the AM. Lord knows who WEAM had on in the morning back then. Ol' 1390 always seemed to be a bit of a revolving door station. Was WOL still a ratings contender in the early 60s? When did they make the switch to Soul? ('65 or '66, I think) Finally, who did H&W replace in the WMAL morning drive slot? Wasn't it a guy who moved to NYC for an ABC Radio Network gig? I think I recall he also did a game show or two and commercials. Maybe Bill Malone? Hopefully the old-timers will chime in with stats and vivid recollections. (6/26/18)

Dan Ingram is dead. Radio is over. So lucky there are recordings of the most genius and entertaining disc jockey ever. RIP Big Dan. (6/26/18)

RE: “To the poster that posted his "history" about the last time that WKYS and WRC were owned by the same owner, at the same time, your have your facts wrong...... NBC Sold WKYS to Albimar and they changed the format from Easy Listening to Urban/Black Format. Greater Media never owned WKYS. WRC 980 was sold to Greater Media and they changed the Format. (6/25/18)” – And your facts regarding WKYS’ format at the time of NBC’s sale to Albimar are historically wrong, too. 93KYS wasn’t doing Easy Listening when NBC sold it. The Peacock Network dumped the Schulke Beautiful Music programming for a Disco format after the all too brief 93KYS/98WRC simulcast in late spring 1975. WKYS had morphed into an Urban AC hybrid at the the time of the 1984 sale to Albimar. Get your facts here: www.98wrc.com. (6/26/18)

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What is up with the control room at Channel 4 lately? Several times, I've observed they neglected to cut the mike for a few seconds after a reporter finishes a story. It happened again to Darcy Spencer fortunately without the embarrassing results like what happened a few weeks ago. (6/25/18)

I heard that stocks of companies that are in radio aren't doing good. Is that good? How not good is it? If they don't make money, is that good business? Also, bankruptcy! Don't invest money that isn't guaranteed to profit from it! And then what will happen? (6/25/18)

Um, Sinclair merger lover (“STFU”) still with not even a fake name: I do not watch MSNBC, CNN or any other cable “news” channel so you can’t accuse me of having a preference. I only know that Sinclair has had a jaundiced and destructive attitude about the form and content of the sacred OTA business for many years and deserves to be pilloried for it. Rail against Republican tolerance of mega-media-monopolies if you want (calling Ajit Pai?), but that’s a separate odious topic. -Max Critic (6/25/18)

To the poster that posted his "history" about the last time that WKYS and WRC were owned by the same owner, at the same time, your have your facts wrong...... NBC Sold WKYS to Albimar and they changed the format from Easy Listening to Urban/Black Format. Greater Media never owned WKYS. WRC 980 was sold to Greater Media and they changed the Format. (6/25/18)

Actually, "The Great 98" was long gone by the time NBC corporate sold WRC 980Kc. In the final years where WKYS was also owned by NBC Corporate, WRC-AM was doing a NewsTalk format and had reached the peak of its ratings for that programming when the station was sold. Gone were Joel A. Spivak (speaking), Mike Cuthbert, Richard Day, Ron Eisenberg, Dave Eanet and Andy Pollin, among the man luminaries in the final time there at 4001 Nebraska Avenue. (6/25/18)

So Max Critic thinks that the Sinclair/Tribune merger is bad, but that the Comcast/NBC/Universal and ATT/Time Warner mergers are just fine? Not concerned about anti-trust violations either? Not concerned about the content providers controlling all the pipes to the system huh or the political agendas? You’re either delusional, a hypocrite, or in dire need of schooling or Trump Derangement therapy. Pick your battles logically and consistently or STFU. All of them will raise prices for the consumer of Cable TV. But you only like the ones that support your political AGENDA! (6/25/18)

Meteorologist Mike Bennett, previously from Tampa. FL, made his Fox 5 debut this weekend on the evening news broadcasts. Looks to be a good addition and frankly does a better presentation job and is more comfortable on camera than other meteorologists at Fox 5 that have been there a lot longer. (6/25/18)

RE: “The last time WKYS 93.9 FM and WTEM 980 AM were both owned by the same company was when NBC owned them and Bruce Houston was the General Manager. WRC was called the "Great 98" with a Contemporary Format and WKYS was called "KISS" with an Easy Listening Format. Those were "The Good Old Days"! (6/24/18)” – Guess again. NBC Radio sold then-News/Talk WRC-AM to Greater Media early in 1984. Greater Media flipped the format to Adult Standards. Then-Urban Adult Contemporary WKYS-FM was sold to Albimar in 1988. FYI – The Great 98 Top 40 format on WRC-AM from October 1972 – June 1975 before morphing into All News 98 WRC combing local anchors with NBC’s ill-fated NIS (News and Information Service). (6/25/18)

Re Sarah Sanders: let's keep it about broadcasting OK? (6/25/18)

Interesting about Sarah Sanders. Question. What if she were a lesbian or transgender, or person of color ? How would the media cover a story if the main food and/or beverage supplier to the restaurant decides not to sell to them anymore? Maybe she just should have stayed like the gentleman at Starbucks. And they took that bakery to court for refusing to provide the wedding cake for the gay marriage, No double standard here in the 21st century. (6/25/18)

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Hey, Sinclair merger lover (can’t you think of a handle so we can get your attention more easily?) the difference between your favorite bad cable channels (MSNBC, CNN) and Sinclair is that the cable channels are on an even playing field, just trying to compete fairly for audience share. Sinclair, though, is cutting every regulatory corner and hiding destructive schemes behind LMA deals and shell companies to take over local OTA TV broadcasting. The fact that their forced program content is menacing right wing nonsense is just diarrhea on top of a turd cake. - Max Critic (6/24/18)

The last time WKYS 93.9 FM and WTEM 980 AM were both owned by the same company was when NBC owned them and Bruce Houston was the General Manager. WRC was called the "Great 98" with a Contemporary Format and WKYS was called "KISS" with an Easy Listening Format. Those were "The Good Old Days"! (6/24/18)

I am sorry that Sarah Sanders was "kicked out of a Virginia restaurant" because she works for President Trump. The Liberal People in Virginia are not very nice. It is too bad that we can't be civil and have a difference of opinion. Do we have any Republicans in Virginia? (6/24/18)

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I just found the most compelling reason ever to stop watching TV forever and get my ass outside to enjoy my life: Right now -- 2:20PM, Saturday -- ESPN is running championship Cornhole Tossing. (6/23/18)

Dave: Regarding Mike/Fairfax's last post, a great loss to the airwaves not having Phil on the air talking about golf. The difference is Czaban's been doing it for personal gain without anyone noticing and that's wrong. You know, I tried listening to 980 the past few days/afternoons and finally, I realized it's tough to understand Doc in general..I mean just his content! In addition, Brian Mitchell's rants are too often and really off the charts where the new station owners just need to clean house and move on. Is Bram that much of a mess that he needs a producer to talk with on the air? Move Phil to Saturday AM on 106.7 with Thom and you'll have a dynamite team! (6/23/18)

For the folks on the mailbag, here's information about the coming WDCA channel share: www.fix5dc.com (6/23/18)

Looks like nighttime changes at WBAL 1090.Went to tune in the 10:00 WBAL-TV News simulcast, and Andrew Langer was on with one of his buddies. The other night, someone named Dan Joseph was hosting a show. Langer went on to go over his upcoming on-air schedule (as if I really care). So it looks like Jamison Hensley and the other sports guys that were manning the whatever time to 10:00 are gone, Where do they dig up these minimally talented people like Langer, Joseph, Morgan, and so on? The GM's been there what, 3-4 years now, and WBAL has slipped from 6th (or there abouts) to 13th/14th. I will continue to ask....where can you get a well paying job like the GM, be so ineffective, and continue to be employed? Maybe Mama Carlson is running the company, and is simply looking for a write-off. (6/23/18)

"When someone asks whether anyone is listening to the HD Radio Channels," ... they typically mean FM digital sub-channels that hitch a free ride on an existing terrestrial signal. The AM "IBOC" digital format works very badly and receivers are scarce; and radio channels from space are generally the domain of SiriusXM, with many of their channels sounding grainy and "gargly" without a whole lot of detail or definition. (6/23/18)

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RE: Sinclair/Blair in Alexandria… Did you cry with Rachel Madcow when she did her faux outrage tears on MSNBC, the least watched cable TV network? The irony of that is that Maddow got higher ratings on the networks that mocked her hilariously or displayed her outrage in support of their own faux outrage than she did on her own show, which nobody watched! HAHA! If you’re worried about Sinclair, you’re in idiot. COMCAST is the bigger enemy. Try and cancel MSNBC from your cable lineup. Nobody watches it, but you’re forced to pay for it. That’s a higher level of outrage. I don’t have to pay to watch free Sinclair TV, but if I can’t get free TV, I’m forced to pay for the MSNBC/CNN agenda with it. I get it. Liberals are all up in arms over Sinclair because they like their monopoly. This is why I hope the Sinclair/Tribune merger goes through. (6/22/18)

I'm confused. When someone asks whether anyone is listening to the "HD Radio Channels," do they mean the digital overlay on an AM station's signal, or the one that might be found on an FM signal, or the ones that come down from a satellite? NO wonder more and more people just plug the dashboard into their pre-recorded player. "Signal" based radio, as we have known it, is in a competition for real estate on that dashboard. They'd better tune into the changing market. (6/22/18)

Not to answer the question that was actually asked but.... It does not look like WDCA started the required PSA/Screen crawl which means they appear to plan to shutdown right on the deadline date of July 23. If they had started the announcements early that could possibly indicate an earlier date but, a tthis point, it sure looks like July 23. So if you depend on OTA plan to rescan on that date. (6/22/18)

RE: NAB Lobbies for 'Updated' ownership Regs: This is pretty damned INSANE! WE need broadcast facilities to be into MORE hands, NOT fewer! Moreover, AM facilites - especially smaller ones - need to be in the hands of LOCAL broadcasters; NOT large conglomerates!!!! www.insideradio.com (6/22/18)

"Sinclair Forced Its Local Stations to Discredit Outrage Over Family Separation" ~~ nymag.com ~~ "I'm the best you can get; have you guessed me yet? I'm the slime oozing out from your TV set." ~~ Blair in Alexandria (6/22/18)

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The silly season is here, for sure. On the way home (Frederick) from work (Rockville) tonight, I stopped at the state emissions testing station so that the state could rob me of yet another $14.00 for no good reason. On the way out, I stopped in their parking lot to put away my credit card. I had the car radio on 98.5 in York/Hanover, a classic rocker that can be heard daily in Fredneck. But there was another station sputtering in and out on frequency. I stopped the car by the curb and listened for a short while. It was a " contemporary Christian" station - KTIS in Minneapolis! It was in and out for about 15 minutes and then gone. Welcome to the wacky world of enhanced propagation - happens every year, about this time, can continue right through the summer. Listening requires no special equipment; in my case, just the factory radio installed by Nissan in 2006, with the generic POS antenna featured in most cars. Early evening is probably the best time to listen, although band openings can and do occur any time of day. So listen up - surely you'll hear something to fascinate! Mike from Frederick and the Dashboard DX Society, living the dream. And don't call me "Shirley"! (6/21/18)

"An incredibly hard worker and quick learner..." is how WBAL Radio afternoon traffic reporter Liz Drabick's Linkedin summary reads. Hope someone at the station teaches her that it's Owings Mills, not Owings Mill. I nearly ran off the road. (6/21/18)

Not that that many people would notice or care, but DC gets a channel 10. Low power religious W45DN-LP filed an emergency displacement request for channel 10, once again for expedited T-Mobile testing in the 600 MHz band. The station has no protections in the repack, so they were going to have to leave channel 45 anyway, but now sooner due to the T-Mobile request. The signal is not so good compared to the old one which reached Baltimore & DC better. rabbitears.info (6/21/18)

RE: WDCA. It works like this. Fox has to start running the 30 day warning this Saturday or file for an extension. If they don’t run the warning on Saturday, Fox will likely be fined. Since they have not as of yet filed anything, I’m guessing you’ll get the warning starting Saturday. it’s not like they can petition the FCC for grievance on the loss of sub-channel networks like BUZZR or LightTV or Heroes & Icons. (6/21/18)

Better Golf on WTEM, "The Longest Running Sports Show in DC", apparently becomes the first casualty of the new ownership group at The Team 980. On yesterday's show Phil Hawes … revealed that yesterday would be his last regularly scheduled appearance on the station.] Hawes said on the broadcast that he was leaving voluntarily in order to spend more time with his family and get to more golf venues on weekends. I think 980 still airs a Sunday morning golf show co-hosted by Steve Czaban and some of his golfing buddies – maybe that program could be moved to Hawes’ old timeslot on Saturdays so it doesn’t have to go on hiatus during football season. On another topic, is it conceivable that Andy Pollin could return to the station he helped launch back in 1992 now that new ownership’s in place and Dan Snyder’s out of the picture? – sure doesn’t seem like 106.7 The Fan has any interest in giving either him or Thom Loverro fulltime gigs although their Saturday show’s better than some of the weekday fare. Mike, Fairfax (6/21/18)

I think it is interesting to note that at the recent annual Chesapeake AP Broadcasters Association (CAPBA) convention in Ocean City (MD), judges apparently skipped over alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 for the prestigious "Outstanding News Operation" award; at least, the station has made no mention of it. This just provides more proof that the station's relentless, out-of-control downward spiral is continuing. Could the switch in format be even closer? ESPN Sports radio, here we come. Or maybe, a Spanish music format? The ratings couldn't get worse. Stay tuned! (6/21/18)

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You know exactly what HD Radio needs? A serious shot of innovation. And that means it's probably time to trot out this six-year-old editorial again for a refresher: www.radioworld.com (6/20/18)

WNUV CW 54 has applied to the FCC to change to its TV repack assignment channel 25 by Sept, 2018. WNUV is currently on channel 40 (RF), but T-Mobile is aggressively proceeding with its expansion onto the 600 MHz band for mobile phone use around Baltimore so they are asking CW 54 to shut down channel 40 early. For cable TV subscribers, you'll probably notice nothing, but antenna users may have to rescan their TVs to continue to receive CW 54 in Sept. Other Baltimore TV stations affected by T-Mobile expansion are WMAR, WMPT, WBFF, & WMJF but none of them can move due to area channel conflicts until Stage 8 in the TV repack in early 2020. T-Mobile fans, a note of caution. Except for 1 phone currently, the 600 MHz band phones won't really come out until this fall, but Baltimore will be one of the first markets with 2 TV stations giving up their channels in the 40s this year. WWDD 40 (RF 49 in Harford County) has already applied to give up their frequency for T-Mobile testing, pending FCC approval. -- BaltoMedia.net (6/20/18)

Mr. Ten Share, Jay Stevens, is stepping down from his SVP/Programming perch at Radio One, er ah, Urban One. Will Colby Colb be evaluated to SVP? One never knows... (6/20/18)

[Not that most people would care much, but if WDCA doesn’t run a shutdown warning starting around the end of this week, Fox will get fined by the FCC, as it is not optional, but required. I know Sinclair got into trouble with the FCC for not doing that on WUTB 24 in Baltimore.] Well some of us OTA and we would appreciate a warning about when we should scan. The real question here is exctly when. The 23rd of next month is the deadline but it may happen earlier and those warnings may tell us. (6/20/18)

Are people listening to any of the the HD radio channels? I don't hear many "regular" people talk about them at all. (6/20/18)

When will iHeart be coming out of Bankruptcy? Do you think the price of their stock will jump up to $15 per share like Cumulus did? iHeart is now selling at 48 cents per share. If so, that would be a good investment! They still have $20 Billion in Debt. Will their Lenders become the owners of the company? (6/20/18)

Re the writer who said " I've never understood why GMW needs about 3 or 4 anchors and News at 4 needs 3 anchors." If WJLA and the others got rid of the multiple "anchors," they wouldn't have all the idle chit-chat that preempts detailed hard news. I'd rather hear more local, including suburban, political and education news, not some news reader's opinion about national news or the latest antics of various celebrities. All the local channels have far too much editorializing and general BS in their so-called "news" programs. Given a choice between competing "news" programs, I'd almost always pick one with a solo news reader. And I don't understand why apparently cost-conscious news directors insist on wasting money on unnecessary and redundant personnel. (6/20/18)

Phil Hawes wasn't on WTEM at 8 am last Saturday, but I tuned in later and he was on as he has been for 26 years. I didn't hear the end of the program, but I understand that was his last show. I don't play golf, but I enjoyed listening his program when I was up at 8 on Saturday morning. He lasted almost as long as Pat Goss who was on various stations over the years. Hit em straight Phil. Bob from Bowie (6/20/18)

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WAVA-FM debuted HD radio near the beginning of the month. It sounds like 780 on HD2 and 570 on HD3. Also, some FM band cloggage news: WFSI's proposed translator in Baltimore, which was forced to move to 103.3 by WRNR-FM, has now attracted an objection from WTOP. And 1460 WKDV's second translator, on 97.7 from Reston went on the air very recently. Driving on Rt 7 in Loudoun there is lots of interference with WIYY. It feels like they are playing fast and loose with the power, as the signal is much more potent up 7 than 98.3 (licensed for 4x the power) is, although it does have the advantage of a relatively open frequency. (6/19/18)

Cumulus just came our of Bankruptcy and their stock price jumped from 35 cents per share to $15 per share overnight. It's a Miracle! The Stock Market is great! They still have $2 Billion in debt! You should run out now and buy iHeart Stock before it comes out of Bankruptcy! (6/19/18)

Dave's response: Shhhh. Nobody under 40 listens to radio. Great investment....

I feel badly that Larry Smith lost his contract after only 3 years. He was good on Good Morning Washington and at 5. WJLA is tripping over anchors at all news times of the day except noon and 11 where the anchor has to go solo. Maybe he wasn't needed or maybe he wanted more money than they were willing to pay. I've never understood why GMW needs about 3 or 4 anchors and News at 4 needs 3 anchors. I'm still disgusted with "Weather on the Go" Bill Kelly is so interested in interviewing people that he kind of forgets the weather and slips it into his chat and interviews as an afterthought . Why do they have to entertain instead of inform? (6/19/18)

WAVA 105.1 has reported Digital Notification to the FCC. No word on what sub-channels they might launch. — BaltoMedia.net (6/19/18)

Dave's response: Probably simulcast their righty talker WWRC 570.....

Not that most people would care much, but if WDCA doesn’t run a shutdown warning starting around the end of this week, Fox will get fined by the FCC, as it is not optional, but required. I know Sinclair got into trouble with the FCC for not doing that on WUTB 24 in Baltimore. (6/19/18)

Re: Weather Guessers. Our lead weather people are basically entertainers rather than serious, professional meteorologists. Topper Shutt is most likely the exception with Doug Kammerer the worst example. Why doesn't WRC NBC4 show the wind direction on it's visuals? The technology is there. The professionalism is seen in the weather support staff in each local channel in DC (and probably everywhere). The reporting of future weather is not funny; it's serious. It's NEWS and INFORMATION! People plan their lives and travel around the forecasts. (6/19/18)

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[...useless "feels like" temperature] Here here. The same argument can be applied to wind chill; a misleading number derived from the highest wind gust over an hour's time, a sensation felt by relatively few viewers/listeners. Many meteorologists outside the broadcast community detest the "feels like" hype. Unfortunately is seems a great many news managers and even some on-camera folks can't get enough. (6/18/18)

I know that asking if anyone knew the date when WDCA will shut down their transmitter and channel share with WTTG produced a lot of responses but no answer. Well they are required to provide notification via PSA or screencrawl 30 days before shutting down. I have not seen any such crawl but maybe others have. If so let us know when you saw and we can count forward 30 days for at least an approximation. If not perhaps it will be at the deadline----July 23. (6/18/18)

Slow news day means DC weather peeps are into overdrive about high temperatures. We get it, it's hot. If you insist on giving viewers the useless "feels like" temperature then at least make it interesting. If it's going to be 96 today, what's the "feels like" if I am wearing a Chewbacca costume, on a sro metro bus sans ac, next to an obese guy who just got off from a double at the sewage plant? Do we really need a weather person reminder to not lock our kids or pets in our vehicles? Can I sit bare-assed on my hood in direct sunlight? Just give us the facts! (6/18/18)

Former radio's Mike O'Meara, who fancies himself a hockey player, has been going on and on the last couple weeks on his little pretend show about how DC hasn't had a championship team in like forever. He must not like Hispanics because he never mentions DC United. The self-hating third banana Oscar Santana-Cady goes along with this. If you feel the same way about Hispanics buying the Bonus Show is really the best way to support the show! Buy it even if you're never going to listen to it! TMOS for the win baby! Champions! Sainted Mother! Alcoholic brain damage! DC United won the MLS Cup 1996, 7, 9, and 2004! Join TMOS in ignoring Hispanics and real football by buying the Bonus Show! It's really the best way to support Mike's happy hour margaritas! On the bright side his four year old son has written a song about being a spree killer and they play it often on the show. It's better than anything the show's fat load Robbb Spewak could put together. So buy the Bonus Show! Have to go now, a guy on CNN is making the international "Bounce for formatic reasons!" sign. I miss Bella Whosit and Bernard Shaw. And the Scud Stud. If Dave moved to Idaho he'd be the Spud Stud. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/18/18)

I was saddened to hear the news of the death of Frank Harden. These days, WMA-Yell is a sad shell of its former self and so unlike Frank & Jack's glory days, in the kinder, gentler, inclusive and welcoming era of a once-great station. (6/18/18)


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Sad to learn of the passing of Frank Harden. When I was in 2nd grade, Mrs. Mayer (the teacher), who drove to school in her late 1950s Ford, chuckled to we youngsters about what she heard that morning on AM 630. –Mark Rockman (6/17/18)

Better Golf on WTEM, "The Longest Running Sports Show in DC", apparently becomes the first casualty of the new ownership group at The Team 980. On yesterday's show Phil Hawes (sp?) revealed that yesterday would be his last regularly scheduled appearance on the station. In one form or another this show has been on the WTEM airwaves almost since when the station signed on in '92. I always enjoyed the show. I'll miss it. Good luck Phil. May your drives be long and straight. Tom in Wheaton (6/17/18)

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Rob Sanchez, the General Manager of WLZL 107.9 El Sol, has left and moved to Boston to Manage WBZ 1030 AM. In the last Nielsen Report, WLZL had the lowest ratings ever, with a 1.0 Share. (6/16/18)

Anyone know whether WHUT has started carrying some of the Chinese channels previously broadcast by Mhz Networks? A re-scan of my TV today yielded only 32.1 and 32.2, with no sign of any additional sub-channels. (6/16/18)

Just received initial word of the passing of legendary WMAL broadcaster Frank Harden last night, June 15th, at age 95. Frank parlayed an “aw shucks” sense of humor and a superior broadcast voice into an extremely successful career, beginning down in Savannah but the rest of the time spent here in DC. WMAL morning show partner Jackson Weaver died in 1992. -P of the AW (6/16/18)

"it seems to me that promoting the sale or distribution of firearms isn’t exactly the most responsible thing for a local media outlet to be doing in these post-Parkland, post-Vegas, post-Newtown, post-[insert the mass shooting of your choice] times we’re living in. I’d strongly recommend that WJFK’s management call Dukes into the corporate offices for some serious discussions that hopefully result in him being given the choice of either dropping that particular sponsorship or being shown the door." Okayyyyy, it's almost like you have no idea how a radio station operates. Someone above him long ago approved the ad that triggered you. The mass shootings of MY choice are the mujahid at Fort Hood, the Navy Yard shootings, the SPLC shooting, and one that wasn't really a MASS shooting, the guy who traveled here and lived in his van until he could shoot a REPUBLICAN at a softball game. I'm also troubled by the mass shootings in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Gaza. Move to Montgomery county, you'll only have to worry about MS-13 and people digging tunnels under their houses... and the Montgomery County Police, retards who show up for court with up to sixteen magazines strapped to them. I done seen it, you can't make this stuff up. CNN's delay is caused by interference from their broadcast of archival tapes of the old WHFS on a subwave channel (WSJS) that only the super-hip are hip to. Still a few bugs in the system. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/16/18)

www.baltimoresun.com... Also note WFBR has been having transmitter issues lately...and their 128kbps WMA stream has a terrible hum as well. Finally, AM 540 Pocomoke City seems to be at a higher strength now. I heard them in Baltimore and in College Park recently... (6/16/18)

The first post from Saturday was so misinformed - par for the course in the Mailbag - that I feel the need to correct it...."WHUT's channel 32 is also being shut down with a repack buyout." No, it is absolutely not shutting down. Howard announced their intention to enter the auction very early on, way back in 2015, but reversed their decision due to objections from faculty and community members. They also determined they wouldn't make all that much anyway... (current.org) "They'll make off better than Commonwealth Public Broadcasting did when it sold their two (2!) MHz Networks channels, licenses, and facilities to a firm that then profited nicely..." There is no other "firm", that never happened. CPBC never sold the WNVC/WNVT licenses and still controls them today. In 2013, they did sell the towers and spun off MHz into its own nonprofit. MHz continued programming the stations under contract, but otherwise had no further relationship to CPBC, so they had the proverbial rug pulled out from under them when WNVC/WNVT went in the auction. CPBC kept all of the $182m in proceeds and are investing them into their Richmond stations and their newest acquisition WVPT. (6/16/18)

While WHUT may have started airing some of the MHz Networks channels formerly on WNVT/WNVC , WHUT's channel 32 is also being shut down with a repack buyout. They'll make off better than Commonwealth Public Broadcasting did when it sold their two (2!) MHz Networks channels, licenses, and facilities to a firm that then profited nicely when they flipped the 2 channels to the FCC in the repack buyout. Prior to their 12 years of MHz Networks, Commonwealth aired "World View TV" on Fairfax WNVC and independent public programming on Goldvein WNVC. -Chainsman (6/16/18)

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WJAL 68.1 has flipped once again - it is now broadcasting SonLife, which has also been seen for a couple of years on WWTD-LD 49.5. It seems like they are literally just flipping between whatever they can stream on a Roku...if there are no solid programming plans, why does Entravision bother keeping the license or paying WUSA? Their JSA with Univision (which keeps Univision on WFDC and UniMas on WMDO-CD) does not expire for more than 3 years, so it's not as if WJAL can switch to UniMas any time soon. Also, according to RabbitEars, LATV has returned to WMDO 47.2 after it was dropped by WJAL last month. I can't confirm because I can't pick it up over the air. Of course, to keep things crystal clear, WJAL's PSIP identifier is still "LATV".. (6/15/18)

CNN’s “Formatic Reasons”? Is that code words for politically slanted censorship reasons? Or does it depend on what the definition of word “is” is? :-) (6/15/18)

Hopefully this will answer the bankruptcy questions once and all. Once again if a company is in bankruptcy, the shareholders basically out of luck. There are 2 common types of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 when a company goes out of business and chapter 11 when a company tries to stay in business. Either way the stock is usually worthless and the shareholders usually get nothing if the company come out of bankruptcy. In a nutshell stockholders are last in line. Investors should be cautious when buying common stock of companies in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It is extremely risky and is likely to lead to financial loss. Although a company may emerge from bankruptcy as a viable entity, generally, the creditors and the bondholders become the new owners of the shares. In most instances, the company's plan of reorganization will cancel the existing equity shares. This happens in bankruptcy cases because secured and unsecured creditors are paid from the company's assets before common stockholders. And in situations where shareholders do participate in the plan, their shares are usually subject to substantial dilution. (6/15/18)

Again, to the suspecter of a nefarious CNN delay scheme: Are you naive enough to think they’d confess and explain to you after your 55th email? There are many formatic reasons why content has to be shaped into time constraints which don’t have anything to do with a political slant. If you insist on perpetuating this thread I’ll have to conclude you don’t believe it yourself but are playing some kind of three-layer chess with us. -P of the AW (6/15/18)

Heard Steve Solomon (who produces Steve Czaban’s program) come on different shows on WTEM to promote his campaign for a seat on the Montgomery County Council. I initially thought this whole campaign business was a radio stunt but since it’s real, isn’t the station obligated to offer air time to Solomon’s opponents in the upcoming primary (some sort of equal time provision)? On a somewhat related note, 106.7 The Fan’s been running a spot voiced by Chad Dukes where the winner of some contest gets a handgun as the prize – must be in conjunction with the gun shop that partially sponsors Dukes’ afternoon drive show but it seems to me that promoting the sale or distribution of firearms isn’t exactly the most responsible thing for a local media outlet to be doing in these post-Parkland, post-Vegas, post-Newtown, post-[insert the mass shooting of your choice] times we’re living in. I’d strongly recommend that WJFK’s management call Dukes into the corporate offices for some serious discussions that hopefully result in him being given the choice of either dropping that particular sponsorship or being shown the door. (6/15/18)

“I have emailed CNN multiple times asking why a 7 second delay on Trump to no answer. The 30 second delay from Singapore was just outrageous. And I can tell that they know when EXACTLY WHEN to cut away from Trump. That is the dead give-away that it is on purpose.” Aha! We “fake news” people have indeed been caught red handed. We’re ready to be sent to a “re-education” camp in ‘Tucky or ‘Bama where we can hoe weeds in the sunshine and be fed a diet of Oxycontin and Rebel Yell. Seriously, Mr. Low-Information Viewer, you need to re-tune the corners of your tinfoil hat to get rid of that delay on CNN. Or have your pal Corey “Tiki Torch” Stewart do it for you. (6/15/18)

"I have emailed CNN multiple times asking why a 7 second delay on Trump to no answer." It's no use, you're arguing against someone with "many years in local radio" and as we all know, phone screeners are the brainbasket of the media world. The guy you're arguing against "clenched" his argument by mentioning Mark Levin. "Clenched"...it's funny because it's wrong. It's also funny that after 38 years in the business and covering 2 Gulf wars CNN hasn't mastered 1980s technology. But I'm sorry, according to the rules of the game, your multiple inquiries to CNN lose decisively to the former phonescreener's probably made up anecdote. All the more reason to buy the Mike O'Meara Show TMOS Bonus Show. You get to hear a lame show with "fucks" in it! What's not to like, and it's really the best way to support the show! But in all honesty it's like the WBAL guy and the Stock Market guy had a stupid saying "fuck" baby and someone gave that baby a podcast. But supporting the show is important, I know it's my first thought when I get up around noon. Mike's ice cream and margeritas don't just buy themselves! Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/15/18)

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Larry Smith has quietly left WJLA as Sinclair didn't renew his contract after 3 years at the station. His bio is gone from the website and he hasn't been seen on the air since the first days of June Sources tell FTVLive that Sinclair owned WJLA in DC has parted ways with morning Anchor Larry Smith. (6/14/18)

I'd like to correct an earlier post alleging alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 delays its broadcasts 24 hours to give the screamer time to position himself in the field with all the tv news audio from the day before. Well, this morning, they aired a story that occurred on Tuesday, so, I guess the delayed broadcasts involve stories that are AT LEAST 24 hours old, but could be 48 hours or more, depending on whether the tv newsroom covers them. I, too, could scream. (6/14/18)

What is going on with iHeart stock? Is it up or downwards? Is that a good thing? Or bad? Or both? If I declare bankruptcy, does that mean I'm out of business? If 34 cents is less than $1, does Nymex become Nasdaq? Over the counter? Also, other stocks! Cumulous? I hope the FCC is paying attention! Or SEC. (6/14/18)

I have emailed CNN multiple times asking why a 7 second delay on Trump to no answer. The 30 second delay from Singapore was just outrageous. And I can tell that they know when EXACTLY WHEN to cut away from Trump. That is the dead give away that it is on purpose. If they weren’t watching what Trump was saying ahead of time and making decisions what will air, how could they edit his impromptu comments so expertly? I’m not as dumb as you think. It’s very clear what comments they want and do not want aired to their audience, especially when he gets in a jab at them. Also, a common occurrence is that Trump says something controversial and CNN will cut away from it right after. Then I switch channels and I can see Trump explaining his comment, but CNN wants to editorialize on Trump’s comment without his explanation, so they have their “experts” at the ready to jump in on his every word to attack. It doesn’t take a genius to say they are delaying White House feeds on purpose to control the content. MSNBC also sometimes does the same thing, but not always, especially when its on NBC too. Fox News is always 7 seconds ahead of CNN. What is your next argument going to be? That CNN & MSNBC just have crappier technical facilities? I think not. There’s no way it’s not deliberate. (6/14/18)

"RCA 44 BX mic - Anyone know where you can get a stand for one of those?" Hey John Holt, are you lurking? (6/14/18)

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I can't understand all the anxiety over delayed broadcasts. Alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 has been broadcasting on a 24-hour (or more) delay every day for months, bringing us yesterday's tv news today with the screamer. (6/13/18)

RCA 44 BX mic - Anyone know where you can get a stand for one of those? Friend of mine wants to display one. (6/13/18)

To the guy suspecting CNN of using a delay for stealthy censorship: Oh, please. There are many possible technical reasons and zero conspiratorial reasons. You think if they really had such a policy that it wouldn’t have leaked long ago? I worked for many years in local radio and it was always comic relief to entertain angry calls from listeners who suspected every satellite burp or power interruption was a deliberate attempt by the engineering department to silence or embarrass Mark Levin or to deny a conservative’s opportunity to clench an argument. To such devolved states does the human mind occasionally wander. -P of the AW (6/13/18)

Congrats to Mix 107.3 for its best numbers in years. Hot 99.5 is losing its touch with the voicetracking, a morning show without a local sound and its mandatory Seacrest crap. And the lifeless Stale 94.7 leads to this question: which will come first to DC/Baltimore Entercom – a 1980s centered classic hits station or alternative? Also, interesting to hear how 101.9 is marketing to both Washington and Baltimore on-air now. MLB4 (6/13/18)

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"CNN always has Trump on delay. Anyone know why?" If you want an actual definitive answer and not the speculative and opinionated circumlocution many Mailbaggers engage in, why don't you ask CNN? www.cnn.com/feedback (6/12/18)

Hi Guys! Thank You to the person who answered my question on the Baltimore Family Stations. Much appreciated! I didn’t know that about WBMD 750......interesting! You’re right it will be tricky to move WBMD. Whenever you move you lose any grandfathered protection you previously had. Something to watch. I’ll monitor 860 around power down and see what happens. A quick check of radio locator says that WFSI is 2500 watts directional days and now 65.7 watts directional nights—-3 towers. That’s a change for the nighttime as they used to run a little higher.I see their towers on 695 on the way home all the time but I must be slightly out of the pattern even though I’m very close to the site. Thanks Again! Nick (6/12/18)

On Wednesday, June 6, Westwood One and WMAL-AM/Washington, DC talker Chris Plante of The Chris Plante Show joined WLS 890/Chicago’s “Politics And A Pint” event at Rock ‘N Ravioli in Evanston, IL. The evening was emceed by WLS 890 morning show hosts Big John (R) and Ramblin’ Ray (L). The capacity-crowd audience engaged with Plante while he discussed everything politics and current events. (6/12/18)

Hello there Dave, Didn't know if you had heard, but yesterday, WVPY official entered into a channel-sharing agreement with its sister station WVPT. Because of this, WVPY has changed its city of license to New Market and now emanates from the transmitter facilities of WVPT in Staunton. It is actually now a simulcast of new sister station WCVW in Richmond. Because of this move, WVPY no longer covers the northern half of the Shenandoah Valley with an over-the-air signal. I'd be curious if local cable systems will continue to carry WVPY. Jay (6/12/18)

Not sure what’s going on at WFSI at night, but sister station WBMD will be off the air for most of the year, possibly as long as April 18, 2019, as they’ve lost their transmitter site. The owner of the 105.7 The Fan tower on Moravia Road evicted them for nonpayment. Presumably Family Stations will move them to the co-owned AM 860 site in Essex, but nothing has yet been filed. Moving WBMD is a bit tricky as it has to protect 50kw blowtorch WSM 750 Atlanta both day and night. (6/12/18)

Dave's response: That's WSB you idiot.....

I find it interesting that CNN always has Trump on a delay, and in Singapore, it was nearly 25 seconds after Fox News. Even in U.S. Trump meetings and press interactions, statements, CNN always has Trump on delay. Anyone know why? It’s clearly not satellite reasons, but it seems to be because they want to censor his statements or cut him off when they don’t like what he’s going to say. Sometimes I’ve seen CNN cut Trump off and immediately criticize him for what he was ABOUT to say and I could tell their purpose by simply switching channels very quickly back and forth and seeing Trump’s exact words and explanation that they didn’t want their viewers to see. This is clearly NOT proper journalism. Opinion is fine if you’re commenting on news you actually broadcast. This is blatant censorship. (6/12/18)

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Wow, the special section on the Caps in today's Washington Post has several full-page ads and some partials. I can see why the paper went forward with the section - unlike other special sections that are ad-free, like today's World Cup insert. (6/11/18)

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I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but WHUT 32 is adding some of the now gone MHz Networks, specifically the Chinese networks CCTV News, CCTV Documentary, and CNC World. — BaltoMedia.net (6/11/18)

Hi Dave and Everyone, I have a question regarding 860 am WFSI in Baltimore. Have they(Family Stations) taken the station back to daytime status? Noticed The French Canadian station coming in loud and clear last night. Full disclosure where I live WFSI didn’t come in well at night but did come in. In addition 750 WBMD is off the air again. Been out of touch with this would appreciate information update from you guys. Another note,1010 WOLB has modified their format and goes solid gold soul at night and on weekends! Kind of cool to hear it. They stream on The Grace internet radio and The Alexa. Brings back memories of Super Soul 1010 WSID! Thanks in advance! Nick L. (Baltimore) (6/11/18)

[RE: The last week I've been watching NBC4 Washington's sports coverage of the Capitals Stanley Cup run and I've seen very little of Sherree Burruss, NBC4's lead sports anchor and reporter. It's been all Dave Johnson (WTOP), a guy from NBC's Telemundo(?), George Wallace (WTOP) and one night a blonde young lady, that I hadn't seen before, was on the sports desk. What gives?] Sounds like someone has too much time on his or her hands to be complaining about this matter. Or maybe you have the hots for Sherree Burruss. (6/10/18)

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Channel 35 is a bit of an anomaly in DC as the channel is staying DC in relatively the same location, just for WPXW. Therefor, it affects no other markets or stations in the repack in any significant way. Fox, owner of WDCA has presumably already been paid to vacate the channel. So it would be within the rules of the repack to reject further extensions simply because they’ve been paid and the rules are off the air within the timeframe which they’ve already gone past. The reason I mentioned precedent is that in some other markets, there might be a somewhat similar situation where such an extension might cause enormous trouble. This is why the FCC might give them one more extension, but doubtful they’d go right up to Stage 4. But the FCC is also prone to setting precedents they regret. Remember Cunningham Broadcasting becoming America’s first African American TV station owner and the Sinclair debacle today that resulted that violates all the FCC duopoly rules? Ajit Pai might not regret that, but I’ll be most of the other FCC commissioners do. (6/9/18)

Mike in Kensington says about channel relocations: "no station can begin testing until the beginning of the repack phase they were assigned to." Not strictly true - Gray filed for WHSV-TV and WAHU-CD to begin operations on their repack channels in September, roughly 1.5 years ahead of schedule, but the difference is neither is dependent on other stations moving first. Not granted yet. WHSV-TV actually has to move its transmitter to Staunton due to the quiet zone and is building several more fill-ins in the northern valley. As for all you people talking about WDCA getting unlimited extensions, the FCC will not grant another, period, it is in the rules that the maximum extension is 180 days. From the horse's mouth: https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-17-442A1.pdf (page 8-9, provisions made applicable to channel-sharing stations on page 12). (6/9/18)

It appears I misremembered the story Tom Poston told. Fair enough. "As to whether Tom “banged the bejeebers out of Suzanne Pleshette,” Wiki isn’t saying. Bob A. in Pikesville, MD. " Well, they WERE married, you ignorant fuck. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. Okay, I get that D-Day is a thing, but was there any recognition in the MSM of the murder by the Israeli Air Force of U.S. sailors aboard the U.S.S. Liberty on June 8, 1967? It was done with the collaboration of President Johnson and Admiral John McCain, father of the dying-60-years-too-late Sen. John McCain, who ironically killed more American sailors than the Israelis did. If you're with me buy The Mike O'Meara Bonus Show, it's really the best way to support the show! Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/9/18)

"As Bourdain himself said of Baltimore, he couldn’t get any good quality drugs in Baltimore." Or maybe he was spotted from Jump Street as a Hunter Thompson wannabe. I have it on good authority that there is a thriving almost boutique heroin culture in Baltimore. My thinking is he got a hot shot in Paris and the suicide bit is cover-up to preserve the brand. This kind of stuff is all the more reason to buy The Mike O'Meara Show Bonus Show Package to give to a stranger at my appearance at Normals in Baltimore this Wednesday where I will be jamming out with Angus and Rupert. It's really the best way to support the show. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/9/18)

There’s another bad thing that CNN has done in the wake of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide and MSNBC has quickly followed suit. A statistical number that the left media has ignored for a couple years suddenly jumped out on the news scene. Suicide in the US is up 25-30% since 1999. This is classic “Turn a tragedy into a soapbox”. And of course they’re implicitly implying that Trump’s America is getting dark and going down the drain via suicides. But once again, this is partially FAKE NEWS. Why? Because the numbers are from 1999-2015. They’re all from the Bush & Obama Presidencies! When will they please stop digging up old pics of immigrant kids in cages or this suicide thing and try to lay it on Trump when it happened during the Bush/Obama Great Recession? And I’m not laying it all on Obama either. Those PTSD suicides from the Iraq war also added to the number. CNN and MSNBC are just a joke at this point. (6/9/18)

There was an atmosphere of hypocrisy on CNN today watching their anchors display grief over Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. I’ll give credit to a few anchors, especially Anderson Cooper, for having the gravitas of the situation but the rest of them, especially Brian Stelter, I couldn’t care less how this is affecting their life. I rather hear from other chefs and culinary colleagues than wondering how Chris Cuomo is feeling. Because on Monday all of CNN will be back to its true nature of spewing hatred. Chef Bourdain was one of the few bright spots of CNN. (6/9/18)

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I know Anthony Bourdain hated Republicans, conservatives, & Trump with a passion as well as my hometown, Baltimore, but I still loved his show. The Sun has a good article today about his love/hate relationship with Baltimore, mostly hate. Some people are troubled even though they appear great on TV or in film. As Bourdain himself said of Baltimore, he couldn’t get any good quality drugs in Baltimore. Not exactly something you put on a tourism brochure. Having known a recovered addict, I sorta get it. Whenever you’ve hit rock bottom somewhere as an addict, you never love that place. RIP. More in The Sun... www.baltimoresun.com (6/8/18)

If I recall correctly, WPXW can't begin testing on their new channel until the beginning of Phase 4. The same policy applies to any other station; no station can begin testing until the beginning of the repack phase they were assigned to. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (6/8/18)

I think it’s possible WTTG might get another extension on WDCA moving off channel 35 since it is a repack in band channel, and yeah, WPXW is moving there in Stage 4, but I’m not sure when WPXW can start testing on channel 35. One thing the FCC does not want to do is start is a precedent of delaying the repack. There’s just too much money involved. (6/8/18)

I liked Anthony Bourdain on TV and I'm sorry he's gone, but CNN is cratering over it. SEVENTEEN stories about him on their web page? Time to close shop, apparently. (6/8/18)

Half of that Tom Poston “fact” is not a fact. As Wikipedia notes Private John Marvin Steele (November 29, 1912 in Metropolis, Illinois – May 16, 1969 in Fayetteville, NC) was the American paratrooper who landed on the pinnacle of the church tower in Sainte-Mère-Église, the first village in Normandy liberated by the United States Army on D-Day, June 6, 1944. As to whether Tom “banged the bejeebers out of Suzanne Pleshette,” Wiki isn’t saying. Bob A. in Pikesville, MD. (6/8/18)

When will iHeart come out of Bankruptcy? They still have over $20 Billion in debt. Their stock is trading now at 52 cents per share. (6/8/18)

Congratulations to Cumulus for coming out of Bankruptcy. Your stock is still worth only 3 cents per share. What a poor investment this stock was! (6/8/18)

From DCRTV's Job Ads: Centennial Broadcasting/Digital located in Fredericksburg VA is seeking its next Promotions/Marketing Director. This is a department head position responsible for all aspects of the promotions department for B101.5 and NewsTalk1230, WFVA. Experience is necessary for this fast-paced position. The right candidate should have experience in event planning, social media and website management. Experience with Photoshop and PromoSuite Next is a plus. You will have the independence you want and the tools you need to help maintain the station’s dominant position in Northern VA. To apply send all info to Wendy@wbqb.com no phone calls EOE.....

So Lyndsay Czarniak was interviewing Tex Leonsis last night about the Caps win and the conversation was quite upbeat. So what does she do? She brings down the mood by asking about going to the White House. Afterwards, she said that with all that was going on recently (with the Eagles not showing up), that question popped in her head. Ya know, can we just enjoy the happy moment instead of injecting politics? (6/8/18)

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Jeff Beck of Fredericksburg dies... www.fredericksburg.com... (6/7/18)

Ahhhh yes, the never-ending flood of ultra-Right wing bullshit, blathering, paranoia and just flat out lying: Re "Today is D-Day, an anniversary ignored by the MSM apparently because they needed the time to repeat reminders about the RFK anniversary several times and hour and to continue Trump-bashing ad nauseum" Anyone who was paying attention saw major pieces about D-Day on all your favorite "MSM," including CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Maybe spend less time JO'ing to Trump's picture and more reading before whining. (6/7/18)

"Today is D-Day, an anniversary ignored by the MSM apparently" You mean the 6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month? 666? The day Eisenhower denied Patton's 3rd Army the fuel he needed to prevent the Soviets from gaining territory in Europe? Fun fact to know and tell: Tom Poston, the caretaker and handyman on The Newhart Show parachuted into France on 666. He was the guy whose parachute got caught on the steeple and he later banged the bejeebers out of Suzanne Pleshette. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/7/18)

Re: WDCA shutting down. If they, in collaboration with their engineers, determine that Channel 35 staying on-air wouldn't interfere with any channel involved with Phase 1 of the repack (which is likely, given WPXW will be on UHF 35 post-repack), expect them to file for another extension. The worst thing the FCC could do is say no. And if they do say yes, expect them to re-file with Phase 2 and, if the FCC says yes, again, Phase 3, too. WPXW moves to UHF 35 in Phase 4, so WDCA can't keep the station on any longer than that. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (6/7/18)

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Uh... never too cool for Gruden, sorry I got along with Tiger too. The note was heartfelt and it’s what’s done there days on social media. Oh I will say goodbye on Thursday’s edition of Redskins 100 too. Stop hating. I didn’t ask anyone to feel sorry for me. It was information people were going to wonder why I left, now there’s no question. Chick (6/6/18)

Today is D-Day, an anniversary ignored by the MSM apparently because they needed the time to repeat reminders about the RFK anniversary several times and hour and to continue Trump-bashing ad nauseum. (6/6/18)

I really have to say that it's another great idea that Ch.4 hired Lindsay to cover the Caps in Las Vegas. However, what a self-serving goodbye post from one of CSN's former anchors and how his contract wasn't renewed... is he kidding? Chick was always to cool for Coach Gruden and always tried to be cool about his best friend Tiger Woods. It's amazing a guy like that writes a goodbye piece and we should feel sorry for him. Pro's usually say their final goodbyes on-camera and take the high road and thank the staff and never mention "I'm leaving not by choice." Again, that's why CSN was always weak...but, I do like their hockey talent and they shave! (6/6/18)

"I know that WDCA does not have to shut down their current transmitter until July 23 but does anyone know when (or if) they plan to do so [...]" There is no if. You said it - they have to shut down by July 23. Their reason for asking for two extensions was nothing more than wanting to avoid shutting down WDCA and dropping subchannel(s) for as long as possible. So there's your answer. (6/6/18)

The Salisbury/Ocean City market has no NBC programming on DISH Network still by the way. DISH has offered no replacement channel, not WRC 4, WBAL 11, or WCAU 10. No NBC. This is after they dropped low power TV WRDE in Delaware. (6/6/18)

Watching “CE2” Canal educativo 2 on analog channel 3 from Cuba at 2PM this Wednesday 6/6. My location is 15 miles north-west of Winchester, Va. It’s that time of year again. (6/6/18)

With the recent ownership change at WTEM it’s likely that some staffing and lineup changes will be announced soon. They should start by breaking up the Kevin Sheehan/Chris Cooley combination as that show has become unlistenable at times. Around 7:00 this morning, Cooley was discussing some home repair work he’d been doing and when Sheehan remarked that “we need to move away from toolbox radio”, his co-host’s reply was “no, we need to stay with toolbox radio”. Who in the world tunes in sports radio for crap like that? – whatever consultant came up with the idea of starting every show with “whadda you got?” (which often involves trivial matters in the hosts’ personal lives) instead of digging into the sports stories of the day right off the bat needs to look for some other line of work. Not only that, but they ended up talking way more Redskins than Capitals on the four-hour program despite the fact that football season’s still three months away while the Caps are on the verge of bringing Washington, DC its first major pro title since 1992. Dan Snyder may not own the station anymore but apparently old habits die hard. Sheehan (a lifelong DC area resident) somehow can’t seem to muster the slightest bit of enthusiasm for the local hockey team while Cooley’s essentially a fish out of water when discussing anything outside of football. Perhaps the new suits at 980 should try and find some expanded Skins-related role for him and pair Al Galdi (whose show starts too early in the morning for most listeners) with Sheehan in morning drive. (6/6/18)

I know that WDCA does not have to shut down their current transmitter until July 23 but does anyone know when (or if) they plan to do so and start channel sharing with WTTG? (6/6/18)

Lindsay Czarniak has been doing sports cut-ins on CNN for Bleacher Reports recently. WRC is supposedly sending Pat Collins to Vegas. Last night, he was previewing his white Elvis outfit w/cape along with a couple Vegas-style showgirls and inflatable Stanley Cup. (6/6/18)

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Re: the little screen time for Sheree Burruss, I think she just recently got married. So, she may now be on her honeymoon. And maybe that's why they're bringing in Lyndsy Czarniak to cover the Caps in Vegas since she's no longer at ESPN and probably has the free time to go Also, maybe WTOP wouldn't release Dave Johnson or George Wallace to go to Vegas. And I too saw that blonde young lady doing the sports the other night and had no idea who she was or where she came from. (6/5/18)

Sherree Burress got married this past weekend. Congrats Sherree! Regards Biff (6/5/18)

One interesting point about Sinclair and ATSC 3.0. When they did their dual adjacent market test of ATSC 3.0 in DC/Baltimore, they used 2 towers… WRC NBC 4’s tower in DC and the Sinclair WBFF tower on Baltimore’s TV Hill. They did not use their own WJLA/WUSA tower, which I know they do not own, but it still makes one wonder why not. That’s another reason I think Sinclair might be thinking of building a new tower around DC. I’m pretty sure Sinclair owns the Baltimore tower that they built at 1223’. They also picked WRC at close to 800’, the 2 tallest structures in both markets (except for the Hughes tower in DC, which is marginally taller, but not appropriately placed for the testing). (6/5/18)

"How does that work? ... Why don't you go find out. Take as long as you want. Then and only then, report back. "What is the real story?" The real story is that no one wants to hear from you. I should have thought that would be clear by now. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/5/18)

Sorry about the WETA to WRC glitch. True, they’re on WJLA/WUSA 9’s tower. It’s also why they couldn’t use channel 14 in the TV repack. The filter on channel 14 to protect land mobile below channel 14 is the size of an 18 wheeler truck. That’s why they couldn’t use channel 14 on that site. There simply wasn’t any available room. The WETA on 19th Road in Arlington is WETA FM 90.9. WETA FM probably has to stay there for good as moving anywhere else probably would cause them to lose the 75,000 watt FM signal, which is unprecedented in the northeast. Rather expensive houses around that tower too, so I’m sure the residents would love to see it gone. (6/5/18)

"Will miss Bob Bamberger and his show. Gus in the Gaithersburg". ... apparently not enough to get his name right. (6/5/18)

(RE: WRC Fios guide errors) The Saturday 6pm news is shown to be anchored by James Adams and Mary-Alice Salinas, the 11pm show is shown to be anchored by Barbara Harrison and Joe Krebs. (6/5/18)

RE: Birach Broadcasting. Anyone know if WBVA or WVAB in Norfolk are on the air? Their STAs and/or Remain Silent Authorities have expired in Apr/May. There are no new filings. Are they both on the air at all or is the FCC going to finally yank the licenses? (6/5/18)

Do the lenders own Cumulus now? The Lenders did not just "forgive" $1 Billion in Debt! (6/5/18)

Overly the last week I've been watching NBC4 Washington's sports coverage of the Capitals Stanley Cup run and I've seen very little of Sherree Burruss, NBC4's lead sports anchor and reporter. It's been all Dave Johnson (WTOP), a guy from NBC's Telemundo(?), George Wallace (WTOP) and one night a blonde young lady, that I hadn't seen before, was on the sports desk. What gives? (6/5/18)

Cumulus comes out of Bankruptcy.....their stock is trading at 3 cents per share! Will they be listed on NASDAQ? NASDAQ has a requirement that a stock must have a minimum price of $1 per share before they will list it. How does that work? (6/5/18)

Other blogs are saying "No More Dickeys" Cumulus comes out with their debt reduced to just $1 Billion Dollars. What happened to the rest of their debt? Did their lenders forgive their debt? What is the real story? (6/5/18)

Mike in Kensington: if WETA is on the Channel 7/9 stick, is there anyone of note broadcasting TV from (what is conveniently called) the "WETA tower" on 19th Rd in Arlington? (6/5/18)

Public voting is now underway for 2 of the inductions to the National Radio Hall of Fame, during ceremonies this year in New York City November 15th. You have until June 18th to vote, either at www.radiovote.com or by texting to 96000. Under Music Format, On Air Personality, you can text 100 for Ellen K., text 200 for Kid Kelly, text 300 for Angie Martinez, or text 400 for John Tesh. Under Spoken Word Format On Air Personality, you can text 500 for Mark Levin, text 600 for Joe Madison, text 700 for George Noory, or text 800 for Jim Rome. www.radiohalloffame.com is the website for the hall. (6/5/18)

"All live and local programming from a class gentleman to be replaced by something pulled down from the NPR network feed. A sad day indeed." A month or two after the last "we only do this once a year" fund raising scams, MPT has gone back to the well and is now in fund-raising mode. WAMU in particular and NPR in general are similar. The Cafritzes of the world are going to do what they do and all the little guy can do is refuse to participate by refusing to contribute. Will miss Bob Bamberger and his show. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/5/18)

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Not Misinformed is actually misinformed in a key respect: WETA left the River Road tower for the WUSA/WJLA tower, not the WRC tower. (WETA is actually higher up the tower than WUSA and WJLA.) As for the quality of each tower, I looked up RabbitEars coverage maps for 1MW UHF signals from each of the various towers, including the WTTG application. First of all, it's a pretty close race between the WRC and WUSA/WJLA towers. You can't go wrong with either site, but given equal quality transmission equipment, the WRC signal is a little more receivable in areas in Alexandria and southern Fairfax county that are terrain-blocked. Northern Virginia is where the most people are, so I'd say it's the best site in the area, but it's not a night and day difference. (That said, if TV stations were setting up shop from scratch, today, I suspect they'd prefer the Merrifield tower, by I-66 and the Beltway. They couldn't do it, now, as too many people would have to rotate their antennas to receive it.) The WTTG River Road tower has a somewhat inferior signal to the WRC tower towards Northern Virginia, mainly between Manassas and Alexandria. Despite it being further west of the WRC tower, which would make one think it would provide a better signal to west Fairfax and east Loudoun, the two signals are almost identical in that direction. The real difference between these sites is in signal quality towards PG County. The River Road site is worse than the tower that WTTG currently uses, even though the WTTG tower is the shortest of all the towers in use by DC stations. As a whole, River Road is the worst site for all area residents, but I suppose picking another site would have required more expensive STL equipment. As for Fox selling its duopoly status, when I read about that, it surprised and annoyed me. However, understand that they got north of $120,000,000 for the Channel 35 spectrum; that's far more than its existing market value. Most people currently watch TV by cable and satellite, so in Fox's mind, why not just channel share and take the money? (On a similar note, NBC also took the money for WNBC in New York, of all stations.) To have turned that much money down for the sake of ATSC 3.0 would have required things called wisdom and foresight, which are sorely lacking in most media executives. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (6/4/18)

Dave, For those who may want to hear Rob Bamberger's explanation, check out the podcast from last Saturday night's show. At the 2 hour, 9 minute spot he took a break from music to explain the circumstances surrounding WAMU's cancellation of his long-running show. At 38 years this must be one of the longest running radio shows in DC. All live and local programming from a class gentleman to be replaced by something pulled down from the NPR network feed. A sad day indeed. (6/4/18)

(regarding a previous post) About the FIOS menu listing "Vance and Gentzler" as the anchors on NBC4's 6PM newscast. I had a similar experience on my A&T U-Verse TV service here in San Diego, back in 2012. For some the DVR on-screen program information listing for The Price Is Right, indicated Bill Cullen as host of the modern day version of the daily CBS program. The only problem - by 2012 Cullen had had a permanent hosting gig at The Big Game Show set in The Great Beyond for 22 years. I thought cable was supposed to eliminate "ghosting" on the ol' Tee-Vee! (6/4/18)

Coming up on 1:30 and no themikeomearashow yet. Another unannounced travel/hangover day? Do they all have drinking problems now? Just one of many reasons not to "buy the Bonus Show, it's really the best way to support the show." NOT!!! If I'm going to support someone I expect them to deliver on time. TMOS scores low in every professionalism index. Ah, there it is, 1:25 EDT. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/4/18)

Hot Jazz Saturday Night, hosted by Rob Bamberger on WAMU-FM for decades, is slated to be disappeared by the station later this month. For fans of this traditional (early) jazz music, it’s a jarring and sad development... Joel (6/4/18)

[RE: Just pulled up my FIOS menu to see what was coming on and could not believe that for NBC4, the 6pm news was listed as having "Vance and Gentzler" as the anchors. Not only are neither of them anchors on the weekend, does FIOS not know that Jim Vance is deceased?] Don't blame FIOS for this. The listing services list only what the stations provide. I checked the online service Titan and it shows Vance and Gantzler too. Likely every other site does too. In a nonrelated listing mystery, in addition to each of the main local channels, the Post for at least three weeks has been displaying WRC's 4.2 (currently Cozi, although the Post thinks it is an independent station). Any guesses why? (6/4/18)

Dear “Not Misinformed”, sounds to me like you’re vaguely guessing. The tower which was proposed, partially built, but not finished beside the current WJLA-WUSA tower invited them into the project. They couldn’t refuse as the new structure would have partially blocked their present antennas by being higher than anything in town. Never happened and not motivated by “improvement”. (6/4/18)

Not at all misinformed, someone else stated in the mailbag that WRC’s tower and signal was the superior one in the market long ago. I was just repeating that information, but it is also true that previously WJLA & WUSA attempted to built a new tower together, so obviously that’s an admission right there that I’m correct in repeating it. As for the River Rd tower, WETA abandoned it for WRC’s tower. There’s nothing wrong with the tower, but I don’t exactly see how it’s superior to where WTTG/WDCA is now. As for Sinclair’s CW 50 on WRC’s tower, I already said that the FCC repack rules would prevent NBC from doing anything about it even if they wanted to. The duopoly situation is also true, but the info about ATSC 3.0 of course changes everything. And that will be a much bigger problem in Baltimore where Sinclair has the only duopoly and there are virtually no other TV stations except low power WMJF. Ironically, Baltimore was screwed by the FCC in letting Sinclair have 3 TV channels in the Baltimore market in the first place. You can bet Sinclair will use its duopolies in DC and Baltimore to its advantage with ATSC 3.0. That is probably the main reason the WDCW/WFDC sharing agreement is heavily redacted. There was obviously much more agreed to that they don’t want the public, WRC or other competitors, to know yet as Mike in Kensington surmised. But yes, NBC still owns WRC’s tower. I’m still baffled why Fox gave up its duopoly in DC. They clearly didn’t think ATSC 3.0 was worth keeping channel 20. Finally, there is one other consideration. Channel 14 was allocated in the repack initially and WWTD-LD was not protected in the TV repack, so from a technical standpoint, it is still available in the DC/Baltimore area as a full power channel, if the FCC were to so choose. They were not really a party to the WETA situation in not being able to use channel 14. — Not misinformed (6/4/18)

Just pulled up my FIOS menu to see what was coming on and could not believe that for NBC4, the 6pm news was listed as having "Vance and Gentzler" as the anchors. Not only are neither of them anchors on the weekend, does FIOS not know that Jim Vance is deceased??!!! (6/4/18)

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Perhaps this has been reported before but out in the fringes, now-receivable Salem Radio seems to have started (or improved) its 105.1 HD radio footprint. HD - 1 WAVA-FM Relay (obviously)... HD - 2 WAVA-AM 780 Relay... HD - 3 WWRC AM 570 Relay... On the WACA AM 1540 news front, the station now ID's in Spanish as "Silver Spring" and not "Wheaton". They still tend to keep powered up overnight their few-watt post-sunset transmitter but without any audio feed. TK in Odenton (6/3/18)

92.7 is Eldersburg is now on the air... at least since last Thursday. Heard all the way to I-70 in Howard County. www.carrollcountytimes.com... TK in Odenton(6/3/18)

In other Delmarva news, Dish Network has dropped NBC (WRDE NBC Coast TV) from its lineup. As a low power TV station, WRDE is not a must carry TV station by Comcast, DirecTV, or DISH so they are at a negotiating disadvantage. It's unclear to me whether DISH is offering another NBC alternative. Here is WRDE's response to DISH... http://www.wrde.com/news-article/8041.htm More as we hear it. -- BaltoMedia.net (6/3/18)

Interesting "get" on AM on Saturday night: just before midnight I heard 1100 WHLI from Hempstead, NY. According to the FCC database, they are daytime only. Their directional pattern has its western edge along the Jersey coast and the rest goes out to the fishies. This was interfering with my listening to Art Bell on WTAM Cleveland. Radio waves sure do funny things. (6/3/18)

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Eastern Shore news. Marquee Broadcasting, owner of WMDT 47ABC, has filed an application to move sister station low power WGDV TV 32 to channel 28 as that channel is no longer available soon. In the FCC TV repack, WBOC TV is getting channel 32. The problem here is that there is a competing application for channel 28 in Salisbury. The other is from an Hispanic religious group, WNDC 2, which is not even on the air, but has been holding a construction permit for awhile on channel 2, which it can no longer use due to Philly's channel 2, KJWP. However, the interesting thing is that both apps list the WMDT tower. Hmm. Should be interesting negotiations there. -- BaltoMedia.net (6/2/18)

Dave, Have you heard anything about Square Off with Richard Sher being canceled by WMAR ? I called the station yesterday and I was told it was but I didn't see anything on your site or the media guy David with the Sun hasn't said anything. Unless I missed it. Thanks. Mike Martinez (6/2/18)

When reading that comment about Kevin McCarhy, I had to pile on as he has to be the most annoying person on Fox5. He continuously sucks up to management during his time on air along with trying to drag the anchors into participating in some type of schtick. On more than one occasion he has become visibly upset when someone doesn’t like a movie he likes. Whenever he’s on, it’s like watching a 5 year old. Yes, he loves what he does, but he needs to grow up & act like an adult. (6/2/18)

If NBC still owns the taller tower at 4001 Nebraska, I stand corrected! Appreciated! I’m trying to imagine, though, why NBC would sell one but not the other. You’re positive? I guess a lot of people have forgotten that, as with the shorter tower over on Brandywine, the shorter one on Nebraska was the sole original tower at that site for many years. I remember when the taller one went up with a substantially different group FM antenna on the top mast which proved unpopular (overpriced rent?) and was liquidated. Early 1980s? - Max Critic (6/2/18)

[And why does he think NBC has anything to say about Channel 50 being on the tower since NBC divested ownership of the tower long ago? -Max Critic] Max -- This is a popular misconception. There are two towers on WRC's land. They sold the short one which carries a backup antenna and some LPTVs. NBC still owns the tall tower which carries WRC and WFDC. Regardless, WDCW is a sharee on WFDC's RF channel, but it's doubtful anyone at NBC cares since American Tower manages both structures from which NBC gets a cut. (6/2/18)

Totally agree that Larry Smith's departure from SINclair is a blessing in disguise. He is better than the bogative entertainment stories that pass for news and always thought his talent was wasted there at SINclair.. I think he will get picked up by a more reputable organization pretty quickly. Now if only someone would pick up the equally talented that is wasted on SINclair known as Steve Rudin and make him the chief meteorologist at a competing station instead of the half-baked Doug Kammerer wannabe they brought in to replace Doug Hill. (6/2/18)

From outside of the beltway: What’s old is new again. Forever changes Frostburg’s WFRB AM 560 to the WW1 Real Country service. This is somewhat different than their other “Willie” stations as those are local and jockless. Also Alpha’s CHR in Fredericksburg has rebranded as Live 99.3. MLB4 (6/2/18)

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This morning, on Fox 5 Good Day DC, we learned a few things. When talking about Samantha Bee calling Ivanka the “C word,” Holly showed disgust at the description, and seemed to fuel the claim there is a double standard when juxtaposing that (descriptive noun) with Rosanne’s comment earlier this week. Kevin, a GMU grad I believe, jumped in and told us he never heard of a “word” Canadian born and educated Samantha used in the description, “feckless,” and he had to look it up, showing us his phone. What was your SAT score, Kevin? Alison then tried to calm them both down by reminding them what Roseanne said was racist, and had overt undertones of ugly racial superiority of the past, and there is a difference between that and a crude thing Samantha Bee said. “Let’s not forget that,” she told the other two, while Annie stayed silent. Alison, proved this morning she is, by far, the smartest person in the room. Holly and Kevin proved they are “thinnest books listed on the syllabus.” (6/1/18)

WJLA's Larry Smith bid his farewell to viewers last night. He said his contract was not renewed. (6/1/18)

Dave's response: A blessing in disguise. I think anyone who wants to maintain journalistic credibility should get as far away from Sinclair's stations as possible.....

Uh oh, misinformed tower guy is back in view. Why does he think WRC’s tower is so superior to WJLA’s or River Road? And why does he think NBC has anything to say about Channel 50 being on the tower since NBC divested ownership of the tower long ago? -Max Critic (6/1/18)

"SBG has a duopoly in DC on 2 distinct separate TV channels, while WRC’s duopoly is only on one channel." Well, that's the case for now, but not necessarily forever. Note that SBG and Univision have joined a consortium to implement ATSC 3.0 transmission across the country. Once the SBG-Tribune merger closes, SBG and Univision will be more free to open an ATSC 3.0 channel in the DC area, but that will force one ATSC 1.0 station off the air, and who knows how popular the 3.0 signal will be. So here's what I think will happen: WJLA 7 will form a channel-sharing deal, where Univision 14's existing channels (1 HD, 3 SD) will move to channel 7's airspace. WJLA HD 7-1's physical channel, PMID, and other PSIP will remain unchanged, so all existing tuners will not need to rescan to keep getting that channel. When moved to WJLA's signal, WDCW 50-1 will become an SD-only channel. (WDCW 50 will continue to remain in HD both on cable/satellite, as well as the ATSC 3.0 OTA channel.) Antenna TV, currently on 50-2, will soon be owned by Sinclair, so it, along with fellow Sinclair-owned Charge!, Comet TV, and TBD, will move to the WJLA/WFDC-shared ATSC 3.0 channel on channel 15. (Sinclair won't mind making its own subchannels ATSC 3.0-only; they are deep proponents of the standard, and with its AWARN severe weather alerting system, I can't blame them; it really is that good. www.awarn.org/how-it-works) All current encoder statmuxing settings at WFDC can be copied over at WJLA. Also, NBC no longer owns the WRC tower complex, so they have no say in who shares the facility; they are not currently helping out SBG, nor will it be the case in the future. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (6/1/18)

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