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P said: "To my ear the processing is too timid". Which raises a whole new set of concerns: How do you process a digital AM signal? I don't mean by what technical means, but artistic ones. Do you squash it and heavily clip the peaks to sound like classic AM radio? Do you try to out-FM the FM band? Or do you go directly after the XM model and come up with a whole new way of mushing up the airchain? The beauty of digital circuitry and code is that we may well come to a point where the receiver itself can someday contain its own multiband dynamics control, so it may be feasible down the road to potentially dial in your favorite station's settings -- imagine where you can make WWFD sound like WKBW Buffalo in its heyday on your own radio. Or WABC, or any other nostalgic flamethrower. If digital AM radios could do *THAT*, I'd be first in line at Best Buy at sunrise on Thanksgiving morning. (7/31/18)

I’ll see if I can rig a better off-air audio recording of WWFD-HD. I will say that their source material is so eclectic that quality jumps up and down as well. The first tune I heard sounded as lame as you describe, but just as I was going to crack hostile on the fidelity and processing, the next tune was damn clean. To my ear the processing is too timid. The volunteers who do the occasional voice ID seem to be very weak with no healthy compression. And for those who wonder if this particular station could take the industry by storm, I think it’s better to remember it’s a test bed, to plant the idea in the heads of others who could take it and run elsewhere in the country with different formats. I’d bet with a decent format and modest promotion all-digital AM could do very well. -P of the AW (7/31/18)

To the poster suggesting going directly to alleged wanna-be news radio 1090 with all the complaints, what difference would it make?? It is very obvious management does not listen to their own station, so why would you think they would listen to anyone outside their sound-proof broadcast booth? It is also very clear that they have absolutely no interest in improving their on-air product, or they would not have moved a seasoned veteran news reader to weekends and bounced a popular long-time traffic reporter to competing stations. What is not so clear is why they continue to allow an obnoxious street reporter, a speed reader and Mr. Dubya (the sports dude) to remain on morning drive, while another (former) sports announcer babbles his way through mid-day posing as a talk show host discussing topics with no depth that are way above his reach. WCBM is emerging as the "go to" news and information station. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go too. (7/31/18)

Dave: Yesterday, I stumbled upon 980 after 4pm and I have to highest respect for Scott Linn. However, Doc's senseless commentary and talk brought things to a new low! The new owners should clean the slate and just air the games and be done with that terrible product. Maybe Doc, Sheehan and Czaban will finally be off the area airwaves and we can focus on listening to 106.7. Also, Pollin has never learned from his earlier days and brings nothing to the table with Laverro. He's still as arrogant and a know-it all as he sounded on 980. I thing 106.7 can do better..hey, bring back Jerry Coleman! (7/31/18)

Po/tAW: Any chance a direct-line audio recording of WWFD can be made & posted, bypassing the camera mic and going straight into the recording device? I haven't the ability to listen to the station myself, and the YouTube recording you made seemed to suggest exaggerated highs and generally "swimmy" digital audio, much as I would hear on some XM channels. I'd be very interested in hearing an accurate uncolored recording of the station, if one can be made available. Thanks for your contributions thus far. (7/31/18)

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WWFD 820 AM has a Translator on 94.3 FM. Even with both an AM and FM signal, they don't show up in the ratings. What does this tell you? Maybe, they don't have any audience! (7/30/18)

I haven't seen Gwen Tolbert doing the weekend weather on the weekends on Channel 5 lately? Any ideas to her whereabouts? A curious viewer. (7/30/18)

As for time required to lock in all-digital 820 WWFD, yes I avoided editing the clip so you could accurately gauge the lock time, and yes, someone used to quickly punching across the dial would be seriously inconvenienced, but do people do that anymore? Lots of us have a favorite station and pretty much just leave it there. To answer the other question, on my drive back toward DC on I-270 the station dropped out whenever passing under a bridge but came back more quickly on the other side. If I’d been listening to analog AM that would probably be an area of typical re-radiation hash. Nighttime might be a bit stinkier considering dramatically lower carrier power and sky waves. -P of the AW (7/30/18)

Wow, the video shows it really did take 16 seconds to tune in that digital signal on 820KHz. I wonder if it takes that long for reception after a minor dropout, like going under a bridge or a static crash that blanks the receive signal. Most people who would not put up with that kind of delay as they punch around. And what kind of programming would have enough draw to bring people back to this unfamiliar part of the radio? Another talk show? Religion? Sports? ***ALL NEWS*** I mean, if the strapping signal on 99.1 FM was a failure with all-news WNEW, I can't imagine how a station could successfully lure people to an unorthodox, specialty signal with limited range. (7/30/18)

I like the Gamut, but frankly, if it were a 60's and 70's based oldies station, it would have 10 times the number of listeners, and no competition. (7/30/18)

Has Molly Cochran left W J L A? I have not seen her on for several weeks and she is not listed in the staff bios. (7/30/18)

Watching that WWFD HD tune-in video, I already know that digital-only AM is going to be a failure. Why? Simple: It took sixteen seconds to tune in the signal. That's way too much time for low-attention-span Millennials to wait. They can tune in an internet radio service like Spotify nearly instantly. SiriusXM and digital TV stations can also lock in almost instantly. No shade on Dave Kolesar, because the problem appears to be a technical limitation of the iBiquity standard. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (7/30/18)

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How can the former newschannel 8 call themselves WJLA News 24/7 if they still show the same lame infomercials during certain hours of the day? (7/29/18)

RE: "They’ll tell you they have to ‘play the hits’ and the Redskins have been numero uno by miles in the DMV since the 70s.".....They do. But, why are they taking seats out of the stadium by the 10s of thousands? Why is there game day experience the worst in the NFL? And, finally, why is, especially the Junks, TEM killing JFK in the ratings? Shit, The numero uno Skins sold TEM! OOBBEE (7/29/18)

Too far from Frederick to tune in to the new all-digital 820 WWFD-HD? Here, join me in my car - P of the AW (7/29/18)

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So as it turns out after all these years, it's Robb Spewak whose more entertaining, talented and humble than Don Geronimo or Mike O'Meara #HBOCrashing #Actor #Respect (7/28/18)

Hi Dave, I wanted to add information for the poster in eastern Baltimore County. I too had the same problem with channel 11 here in Miller’s Island/Sparrows Point. This was particularly a problem when they first went digital. I think they were as low as 12.5 KW then and ch 13 was at around 9.8KW-then both got their power increases. Back then I used a Terk U/V antenna + another whip all fed into a Philmore signal amp. It worked well. I got the locals and ch 16 from Salisbury + ch 50 from DC. Never could get 7 or 9 with that set up. Now using the Antop 400 BV big boy indoor/outdoor antenna with supplied pre amp 16 db fed into a Televes 15 amp distribution amplifier yielding 31 dB total amplification. It works well. I have the antenna sitting on 5 lazy Susan discs sort of a hand rotor. Again locals are stable plus I get WMJF 39 running 5KW. Suggestions are of course experimenting with placement and height. There is a nice antenna put out by Antennas Direct called the 2 Max which has a stand for. Indoor placement. Any amp will work. The websites are www.antopusa.com and www.antennasdirect.com Antop provides their amp I think antenna direct sells their amp separately. One final note when ATSC-3 comes in signals will be better as they will be able to penetrate house walls/buildings better. Signals in ATSC-1 currently are designed for outdoor antenna installation. That’s the 8VSB(outdoor antenna standard). Things are going to get better in addition to the antennas being improved on. Hope this helps. Nick L. (7/28/18)

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Every car radio on the market that can receive FM HD and AM analog can also receive AM HD, both hybrid and the all-digital version WWFD is experimenting with. It's baked into the chipset. That's why Dave Kolesar and his crew are on solid ground when they say somewhere upward of 16% of all cars on the road in the DC market are capable of hearing WWFD in HD right now. (7/27/18)

“You wonder why the Junkies are #1 in the ratings? I like Kevin but this am it was Skins bla bla bla…..Then Skins Bla Bla Bla…..and of course after that it was “Skins at Ten”. Like it was not at 8:00 and 9:00?”. They’ll tell you they have to ‘play the hits’ and the Redskins have been numero uno by miles in the DMV since the 70s. By contrast, mention the word ‘hockey’ on the air and you instantly lose half your audience (at least according to Tony Kornheiser when he was hosting on 980) – perhaps the recent Stanley Cup run will change that to some degree but I’ve been hearing way more about the Skins, Nats and Wizards than the Caps on both sports talk stations over the past few weeks. Speaking of The Team 980, I heard Al Galdi strongly hint this morning that next Tuesday’s edition of Cooley & Kevin will be Chris Cooley’s final appearance as a host on the station although he’ll still be heard on the Skins game broadcasts and possibly in other football related roles. A major shakeup of 980’s daily lineup appears imminent although it’s unclear when the official announcement will be made. (7/27/18)

"I’ll trust Hubbard’s estimate of the % of AM HD radios in cars than a DC snob any day." You are the first person to utter the phrase "I'll trust a broadcast conglomerate" ever in the history of the world. Congratulations! (7/27/18)

"I like Kevin but this am it was Skins bla bla bla…..Then Skins Bla Bla Bla...The Junks had a Peanut Butter and Jelly contest and later it was John Witherspoon." Hmmm...you might have made a better case had the Junks been talking abou the Nats or PGA golf. But complaining that a sports station was talking about football...on the opening day of NFL training camp... instead of talking about peanut butter and jelly and interviewing a comedian... makes one think you may not really want "sports radio." (7/27/18)

WBAL TV has filed to maximize its digital signal during the repack to match WJZ’s 30kw signal from TV Hill. I hope this fixes the previous signal which was the most difficult for me to get via indoor antenna in eastern Baltimore County. 26.6 kw just did not cut it at my house even though I could receive even WUT My24 from Catonsville at the time (before they moved to TV Hill). WBFF 45 was sometimes sketchy while WNUV was fine, but WBAL was the most difficult signal to get. Even WMPT from Annapolis was easier, which made no sense to me, although I was living near the water then. (7/27/18)

You wonder why the Junkies are #1 in the ratings? I like Kevin but this am it was Skins bla bla bla…..Then Skins Bla Bla Bla…..and of course after that it was “Skins at Ten”. Like it was not at 8:00 and 9:00? The Junks had a Peanut Butter and Jelly contest and later it was John Witherspoon. They did not skip sports but they entertained. It’s a no brainer. OOBBEE (7/27/18)

ROBB SPEWAK: EMMY NOMINATED SUPPORTING ACTOR! From comedian Greg Fitzsimmons, lead writer on HBO CRASHING, Robb Spewak "did a great job." during his BIG 'Lester DJ' scene. No word if Robb made out with guest co-star Eve Plumb aka Jan Brady of Brady Bunch fame. (7/27/18)

The AM DIGITAL Doomsayer obviously drives a BMW, probably part of the swamp? My biggest pet peeve about DC is the SNOBS! The high end automakers consider AM radio as a sales negative and have made no attempt to shield from AM interference anymore. They consider that a “perk”. Most American made cars that have HD-Radio have the standard package AM/FM. I’ll trust Hubbard’s estimate of the % of AM HD radios in cars than a DC snob any day. (7/27/18)

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Hybrid Digital on the FM band still has life in it, and it is on that band that many car manufacturers have included digital decoding (reception). Far less common are any car makers adding digital receive capability to the AM section of their over-the-air receivers. So when anyone cites a percentage of Hybrid Digital receivers, make sure you are quoting an accurate figure for the AM band. Even the publication RadioWorld, an industry newspaper, has discontinued what had been a running tally of AM and FM stations transmitting Hybrid Digital. In fact, that publication has covered concerns in the broadcasting industry that car makers no longer presume they have to carry traditional AM radio capability at all. Several models start with FM and head to satellite and streaming or MP3-type playback options. Does anyone really predict success for any "all digital" stations on the air between 530-1710KHz? OH, and by the way, the "more robust" signal that the General Manager has apparently described to the previous poster, probably has to do with the power level of the transmitted signal, and nothing else. Hybrid Digital was at a lesser power when riding along with a traditional Amplitude Modulated signal, and reception shortcomings helped doom that little experiment. (7/26/18)

No one seems to know how many digital receivers there are in the DC area. BIA does not have that information. FCC does not have it. (7/26/18)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Description: WCBM-AM 680 and WQLL-AM Q1370 Radio, Baltimore are looking for an Account Executive to join our local sales team. Responsibilities include growing existing client billing, generating new business, and developing digital and non-traditional revenue. WCBM has been Baltimore’s Talk station for 30 years! WCBM is a Fox news affiliate with a local and national lineup. Experience, Requirements: You are a motivated, self-starter with the ability to succeed in a challenging, competitive environment. The ideal candidate will have experience servicing local agencies, as well as billing direct accounts. You must be outgoing, possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, manage your time effectively, have a strong work ethic, and meet and exceed personal, and company, objectives and goals. WCBM and WQLL are family-owned stations that care about team members and strive to be #1 in the market. WCBM and WQLL are an Equal Opportunity Employer, women and minorities are encouraged to apply. To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to: businessmanager@wcbm.com (7/26/18)

Maybe coincidental, but ever since that blowup with Holly saying what was considered negative comments about the student who applied to a bunch of colleges, I have noticed a few things with scheduling that may be punitive in nature. Her comments, along with others on the panel that morning (Sara Fraser and Allison Seymour) resulted in the Tuesday Talkers removed from the lineup as well as Sara Fraser disappearing. Also, in previous years, she was scheduled quite frequently for their Friday Zip Trips which occur out of the studio which I would think is a nice perk. However this year, don't think she's included as much. And recently she was scheduled to anchor 6.5 hours straight when two anchors were on vacation and two others were scheduled to go to the Zip Trip. Again, maybe just coincidental. (7/26/18)

“On 980 this morning Sheehan said Cooley is out this week but “possibly for good. Just want to be honest with you”. Any word on Cooley?”. Sheehan announced today that Cooley will be back on Monday for the first full week of Skins training camp coverage. A general comment about 980 is that Weinstein and Czaban need to involve the listeners more in the content of their respective shows – I thought the original rationale for sports talk radio was dialogue between hosts and callers on the sports topics of the day as opposed to endless pontificating or rummaging through “news of the weird” and tabloid type stories. (7/26/18)

I could be wrong, but it seems like George Wallace has taken over as the lead on air sports anchor for NBC4. When Sheree Burris was the only one they had, George would fill in every now and then as a backup. But now, it appears the tables have turned and he's the lead and Sheree Is the backup. I must admit that he has a better delivery and is much more entertaining. So maybe management felt the same way. (7/26/18)

“Lock her up”! What do DCRTV’s Dave Hughes and CNN’s Kaitlin Collins have in common? Both are banned from the Trump White House press pool: Hughes for not asking questions & just eating the free sandwiches and Collins for refusing sandwiches and asking questions. Seems Collins, who was the “pool” reporter (representing all broadcast & cable networks) shouted questions to Trump unrelated to the event he was holding and was booted from the next Rose Garden event. Now the media horde is coming to her defense, even FNC’s President Jay Wallace and Bret Baier. And since Max Critic demands DCRTV Mailbag posters have handles, mine will be “Bob A. Bowie”. More on Collins, who is very easy on the eyes, from Mediaite: www.mediaite.com (7/26/18)

Fox5's show Like it or Not-----Not. One story is on a woman who wants to have the world's biggest butt. The hosts are horrible. (7/26/18)

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In unusual news, President Trump chimed in on the Sinclair/Tribune merger being sent to an administrative law judge, criticizing his own FCC for the decision. It's not likely this will have any effect on the decision however a lawsuit filed against the deal by opponents has been won by Sinclair. So Ajit Pai and the other FCC Commissioners are the only stumbling block at this point. Regardless, Tribune can on Aug. 8 back out of the deal and choose another buyer. With all the twists and turns in this deal, who knows what will ultimately happen? (7/25/18)

WJLA 24/7, not the best name in the World but a lot better than TBD. (7/25/17)

"What good is a digital AM signal if very few people own digital receivers?" --- Dave K, this is a good time to chime in here for the benefit of folks interested in following the tests. Can the WWFD signal be decoded by typical software-defined radio (SDR) programs? Or borrowing a page from the Amateur Radio community, can digital radio programs such as FLDIGI, MultiPSK or HamScope be of any use? (Apologies to those readers unfamiliar with these programs, but it's a valid question. Google them if curious) (7/25/18)

Max Critic, you are arguing with documented FCC data. The transmitter heights are on the FCC website as HAAT, height above average terrain. I clearly mentioned location, but that doesn’t mitigate 50-100 feet difference necessarily. All of the transmitter heights listed are correct and which is tallest. You’re just trying to diffuse and deflect the issue to make useless points and/or insults. I’m sure everybody else knows that the FCC specs on height are correct. The River Road tower is not the tallest broadcast tower for transmission. That is a fact in FCC records. However even I stated it’s a good location. Go argue with Ajit Pai or something. You’re one of those people who could argue with himself in circles. (7/25/18)

The point the the WWFD engineer and Gamut creator was making to me at least is that less than 20% of total potential listeners would ever consider ever listening to music on analog AM anymore. So now that HD Radio market share is reaching 20% of vehicles, maybe this is the tipping point where making the switch doesn’t mean a loss of listeners, but a potential long term gain. It’s a risky move, but I applaud his forward thinking. I guess my major question is how well can redundancy overcome static or signal fade, particularly at night? We know that it didn’t work with Hybrid AM, but this is kind of a different animal having the whole 10khz to play with digitally. Keep in mind HD Radio is morphing into one international digital standard, but what they’re currently testing will run on all current HD Radios, just not with all the newer features. (7/25/18)

What good is a digital AM signal if very few people own digital receivers? Does anyone know how many digital receivers there are in the DC area? The number is very small. (7/25/18)

Every year or two some know-nothing throws out the same tired idea: "...ratings mean nothing. The bottom line means everything." Since the bottom line is in large part, if not entirely, determined by ratings...the slogan means nothing. But back to the point: the Junks have NEVER had the kind of ratings they or their fans pretend they do. They do pretty good, but hardly great, in a demo that pays, but they've always been second-tier in this town even in that column. They're a B+ hype machine, at best. (7/25/18)

Congratulations to WGTS 91.9 on the sale of your station. It sounds like $12 Million is a good price for a non-commercial station. I hope the new owners will retain the format. (7/25/18)

When is President Trump going to drain the swamp at the FCC? We are still waiting for him to keep his promise to the voters that elected him. The regulations are still there! Terrible burden on small radio broadcasters! How about the Channel 6 LPTV Stations? They are still operating as FM Radio Stations on their audio channel 87.7 FM. This was not their intended use! They were licensed so Minorities could get into TV Ownership. (7/25/18)

Please, all posters, give yourselves at least a fictitious but consistent name so we can have a meaningful conversation about who said what. I recognize the DC tower height lecturer who never seems to know exactly what he’s talking about. WJLA and WUSA have different tower heights from the others at the “Fort Reno” tower because they are on the 50’ VHF antenna which was formerly the top of the tower. A similarly sized UHF antenna was added above in the 1990s. That’s where all the other stations transmit. And don’t waste our time by dwelling on which towers are “taller” because they sit on plots of different elevation, which confuses a layman. I realize you did state HAAT but there are plenty of reasons for minor variations unrelated to “tower height”. Geographic location within the metro area is still the biggest determinant of coverage for the desired community. -Max Critic (7/25/18)

Thanks for the websdr.org web site. Rather interesting. I see the bulk of 820's signal is within +/-5kHz; however, if I'm reading the waterfall and S-meter correctly, from looking at an empty channel, the noise floor of the receiver is only ~6dB below that meaning there's likely more signal farther away from 820kHz than the waterfall shows. So, I'd really still like to see what's coming out of the transmitter. The sideband energy in the 800kHz channel may be many dBs down, but still more than existed with the analog signal. Incidentally, I can see my 80m signal nicely on the waterfall. (7/25/18)

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Junkies: ratings mean nothing. The bottom line means everything. If 980 evaporates then so go the Junks. Who needs number one when you're the ONLY one. Junkies should pray 980 stays afloat under 980's new ownership. I don't need to hear four spoiled millionaires talking about their silly freebees and gambling wins while I grind an average life. It's goche. Have some class. (7/24/18)

While I did study engineering for a short time, I’m not an electrical or broadcast engineer, so I very much appreciate the physics lessons given and I do at least understand them and appreciate them. From the explanations on the sideband problem possibilities, this might explain why WWFD stated the signal would be more robust. What I don’t understand is how you can translate digital failing on a small portion of the AM signal in hybrid mode with all digital AM, which has not been much tested and say it is certain to fail. This seems to me to be comparing apples and oranges. I fail to see how the previous hybrid testing on AM radio has much impact on all digital testing. Testing any skywave of course would fail, but this is a no-brainer and not what is being tested here. I personally think Class A skywave signals are dinosaurs and wasting valuable space. The number of people listening this way is so minuscule as to not even be measured anymore. (7/24/18)

Another tower misstatement post… Nope the River Road tower is not the tallest tower in DC nor has it ever been, at least not for broadcast purposes. In fact, it’s the same height as WTTG’s tower on Wisconsin Ave. They are both 745" HAAT. The location might help the signal in NoVA though. Technically the tallest tower in DC is the Hughes tower, previously used by WDCW 50, but that’s no longer being used for TV and is located further from northern Virginia, so not the best location although it did make it much easier to get channel 50 in Baltimore. WETA/WJLA/WUSA/WPXW/WHUT’s Fort Reno tower is the tallest in use in DC with WPXW at 846’. I assume the disparities in WJLA & WUSA being lower on the tower are due to structural & weight issues of the equipment needed. WJLA & WUSA 9 are not modifying the tower for the repack since they don’t have to move, but WRC is modifying its tower. WRC’s tower at close to and soon 801” HAAT (after repack modifications) is the 2nd tallest. Of course there are always several ways to discuss this so for my purpose, this is for broadcast purpose, not other purposes. (7/24/18)

A previous poster wanted to see a spectrum plot for the station attempting a digital signal on 820KHz. There is a public, no-charge, no registration website called websdr.org that has a constellation of streaming audio receiver "nodes," which include a consumer-grade spectrum display not intended to be a technical reference or any proof of regulatory compliance. On this screen grab of a receiver located in Washington, DC, the digital signal on 820KHz can be clearly seen. The vertical height expresses the duration of the sample, and the horizontal axis illustrates the chunk of the dial taken up by this telemetry. The AM station of interest on 800KHz is not heard well enough by this particular receiver node to get a meaningful picture. As a layman, I would conclude that a 10Khz swath taken up by the datastream is shown here, and that the posting person's receiver was simply overwhelmed by the strength of that digital signal, thus was unable to disregard that signal as the listener tried to pickup a weaker signal on 800KHz. (7/24/18)

Of NC8, someone writes... "The brand should remain, IMO. Outstanding news station." Seriously? It seems like a waste of space to me. When there is breaking news, NC8 either simulcasts WJLA or sticks to its regular schedule of infomercials and news reruns. Maybe I've missed it, but I can't recall ever seeing any original or exclusive live reporting. And the news reruns are often out of date, reporting on things that will take place "later today" that have now already come and gone. In this era of expanded live news coverage, DVRs and video on demand, what purpose does a channel that mostly reruns news broadcasts serve? (7/24/18)

Fox 5 WTTG is moving their antenna off the tower on Wisconsin Avenue. They are moving over to the River Rd tower in Bethesda at 745 ft HAAT. This is the tallest Tower in the DC Area. Their signal should be better on the River Rd Tower. What other antennas are on the Wisconsin Avenue Tower? (7/24/18)

Re: WWFD digital. I realize that they aren't using the standard IBOC. Actually, I've never heard IBOC interfere with any station farther away than the adjacent channel. All Amplitude Modulated signals contain sidebands whether they are analog or digital. As Max Critic mentions, it's physics: the higher the modulation frequency or bit rate, the wider the sidebands. (If you modulate the 820kHz carrier with a 20kHz sine wave, it will create sideband signals at 800 and 840kHz.) Let's see the spectrum analyzer plot! If they are keeping their sidebands within +/-5kHz of 820kHz, that will show it. (I'd do it myself but my analyzer only goes down to 10MHz and is not exactly portable.) If I'm in error, the plot will show that, too. Howard (7/24/18)

While most people are bitching about the torrential rains in the area, I am thanking God for the downpours that prompted the reassignment of the screamer on alleged wanna-be news radio 1090 from the day-old (yesterday's news) house fire in Howard County to a more pressing and timely location in the midst of the stormy weather. This dude may not be all washed up after all. (7/24/18)

About WJFK. Junkies: bored, too much overhead, start every show talking about all their gambling. Does new owner Entercom not realize they could efficiently salary the whole day of new programming with their combined salaries alone? Well, the Junkies were first place in the June book in men 25-54 with an 11.7 share, so I'm guessing Entercom is quite happy with their show's performance. And it sure seems like they're reading every other commercial on that station, so the advertisers must be happy. (7/24/18)

I don't know quite what to make of the "blame RabbitEars" brigade. 15 seconds of searching would indicate that the FCC has marked the WTTG move record as "inactive" which, in turn, leads to it being hidden not only on RabbitEars but on other sites that depend on FCC data. (7/24/18)

CONGRATULATIONS ROBB SPEWAK of the Mike O'Meara Show & Podcast who auditioned, and won what may be, a prominent re-occurring role on HBO's CRASHING starring Judd Apatow, Pete Homes and Artie Lange. Off to NYC for a few days of filming, Spewak will play a 50ish, over-the-top and washed-up DJ..Will Spewak be channeling his inner Don Geronimo? (7/24/18)

I used the word sidebands because he specifically stated that to me. But no, there are no plans for a sub-channel either, although I’d imagine that would be more possible all digital than previously tested. WWFD clearly stated they were NOT using the same IBOC system for AM Digital used before that went outside the core channel. You can read his exact words at BaltoMedia.net, but I think I already repeated them here once before and he has commented as well. But, like I said, he did say the signal would be more robust full digital than full analog. I don’t know how to gauge that, but I assume that would mean it could increased interference too? I don’t know. (7/24/18)

A signal carrying digital telemetry streams will occupy a certain amount of space on the dial, to the left and right of the center frequency such as 820KHz. Better quality audio will require more space. This chunk of space, when used for a digital data stream, can interfere more dramatically with people trying to listen to AM stations up and down the dial near 820KHz. There are two reasons, one is that the loudness of the datastream is at its maximum all the time as monitored on a normal receiver. Interference would be at its worst, rather than the more tolerable interference caused by the varying loudness of audio on an analog signal; the other reason is that the telemetry may extend further away from 820KHz, and into a receiver that is tuned to frequencies nearby. There also remains a problem of nighttime distortion caused by nature against signals between 530-1710KHz, which can render these datastreams useless. A quick scan of Baltimore-DC-Annapolis signals on the AM finds no station continuing the failed experiment with "hybrid digital," which tried to impose a digital datastream on top of an analog AM signal. Those signals gave off a telltale "hash" noise that generated many complaints and few, if any, additional listeners. The digital component of those signals was tested in a real environment, and the results bode poorly for any all-digital signal that may be planned for a frequency on today's AM band. (7/24/18)

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Thanks Wayne Lynch for NC8 history. The brand should remain, IMO. Outstanding news station. FYI: Wayne is Mr Philly 76ers fan. As I am a big Celtics fan, I still take #6 Bill Russell over Wilt Chamberlain. Forever I shall remember the many battles at the real Boston Garden, Philly’s Convention Center and the Spectrum. (7/23/18)

WWFD bandwidth? Putting a spectrum analyzer image on this board would settle the question. I hope the Balto Media commenter isn’t confusing “sidebands” with “subchannels”. I’ve read that the station won’t attempt subchannels, at least for now, but sidebands are an undeniable fact of physics. The higher the frequency of the amplitude modulation, the wider the sidebands. No skimping or you lose your available bitrate. Can’t have it both ways. -Max Critic (7/23/18)

Saw a promo for a new show on Fox5 starting this evening as well as yet another newscast at 8pm. Seems as though they're moving in the direction of having pretty much all of the show's broadcast be locally developed and produced. I'm waiting for an eventual overnight newscast unless of course they want to keep that for infomercials. (7/23/18)

As founding News Director, I helped launch NC8 in 1991. I want to comment some on the name change announced today and offer some quick history. It was a pioneering regional cable station, the third of its kind in the country when there were no 24/7 smartphones or a pervasive internet. For those who complain about replays and infomercials, allow me to clarify, please. Yes, there have always been taped replays to maintain staffing levels. It was never designed to be LIVE 24/7 but has always had a LIVE newscast schedule, including the revolutionary, simultaneous zoned newscasts for Maryland, DC and NOVA in late afternoon and early evening for the 90s and beyond. Yes, there have always been infomercials to continue pumping some revenue into a niche channel, not a mass appeal channel. Today local affiliates are loaded with infomercials. Check your on-screen cable guides. We focused our coverage on the burbs and community meetings and politics, avoiding the DC crime hype on 4, 5, 7,9. The other stations got that wisdom and adapted their approach to the daily news cycle. We also went live on TV for breakers when the affils were stuck in soap operas, syndies and prime time shows. They changed their tunes on that as well. It will be denied but it is true. The channel is 27 years old in Oct. 2018 and still going strong. My guess is that it will become a digital broadcast subcarrier as time goes by. We shall see. Thanks for reading. - Wayne Lynch (7/23/18)

"Other than the Junks, the station's only good show is Pollin/Lovero on Saturday morning. At least there is some intelligence there. Remainder of the programming is really dumbed down...." As the kids these days say, "LOLOLOL" and "ROTFLMAO." I used to hate The Fan early on. Couldn't stand the Junkies or other shows. But 980 got so stale. Andy was condescending (I think he's mellowed a bit after being shown the curb and has to do the weekend sports on WTOP.). Cooley was over the top annoying. They were all in Danny's pocket and were all Redskins, all the time, no matter what else was going on in sports. The Fan has grown on me ... enjoy Grant and Danny and Chad. Russell has to go though ... UGH!!! Even Loverro trying to be a hockey expert during the Cup run was a turn off. ~PB&J (7/23/18)

About WJFK. Junkies: bored, too much overhead, start every show talking about all their gambling. Does new owner Entercom not realize they could efficiently salary the whole day of new programming with their combined salaries alone? Move Grant and Danny to am, leave Chad where he is, and how about hiring on Lindsey Czarniak for middays so she could resume choice tv drops as she likes? Junkies are a combined 1 million plus commitment and don't deliver anymore. You don't need to spend all that to beat a nearly nonexistent 980. And 980 may not even stay sports with their new ownership... (7/23/18)

Just to note about WTTG’s tower move. RabbitEars is incorrect again. They have no record now of the tower move as if it had been canceled, but nope, WTTG/WDCA are still moving back to the WDCA tower on River Road. (7/23/18)

Kathy Stewart, long-time reporter at WTOP has left the station recently. She is a dedicated and knowledgeable journalist who will be missed. (7/23/18)

Maybe it’s not their current intention, but separating the studios and facilities of WGTS from the college and building off an off campus facility does increase the station value and simplicity for a sale. It separates the finances and for tax purposes, makes the sale easier. So there’s no doubt that making this step was not part of the reason, regardless of what they say. (7/23/18)

I’ll quickly dispel a mailbag myth I just read since I talked to WWFD 820s GM about this. WWFD is NOT using standard IBOC for AM that people have heard of testing before, meaning they are not going out of channel like standard HD Radio, so there should be no difference as far as sideband interference going all digital. I understand you had a real life experience, but that is not the reason unless they were doing some other test on the station that I’m not aware of. All Digital AM does NOT use the sidebands like all the previous tests of HD Radio on AM meaning no digital sideband hash. Technically, it could, but that is what I was told by WWFD, that they are not using the sidebands. i was also told the full digital signal would be more robust, so maybe that is the reason? — BaltoMedia.net (7/23/18)

On 980 this morning Sheehan said Cooley is out this week but “possibly for good. Just want to be honest with you”. Any word on Cooley? I’m not really a fan of his since the Skins aren’t my team and he only seems to know about football or pottery. But I do like Sheehan and Cooley’s rapport. Keith in Rockville (7/23/18)

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Ref: WWFD, 820kHz going digital. Until the last few years, I frequently travelled I-70 past 820's towers listening to WCHA on 800kHz. Except for a mile or so on either side of their towers due to receiver desensing (not sideband interference), receiving WCHA clearly was no problem. The past few days, going east and west, I found that 820's digital sidebands now obliterate WCHA for at least 15 miles or more in both directions on I-70. In other words, the digital signal takes up at least 25kHz or more on both sides of 820kHz. I would really like to see a spectrum plot of the WWFD digital signal posted here. Howard (7/22/18)

Re: WJFK using cheap talent all day after the Junkies. That's almost certainly true, especially when compared to 980. Which makes it all the more incredible that "The Fan" crushes 980 in the ratings every single month, all day long. You can track the ratings at sportsradiopd.com, where the writer summarizes many markets each quarter. Grant and Danny seem to be doing particularly well. Chad Dukes desperately needs a partner, and sounds miserable hosting by himself. I love Loverro with Chad or anyone else. Even Lavar Arrington coming back would be an improvement. Yet, he still wins in the ratings every month. 980's shows are all terrible. Andy's Saturday show is ok, but would be boring if it was every day. (7/22/18)

"I have to laugh at the 106.7 the Fan cheerleaders in the mailbag. That station has one thing going for it: the Junkies." Yes, the mailbag is literally infested with such posts and Lurch loves backfat. Seriously dude, where are you seeing these posts? The Junkies had a good run but are no longer money. You can throw poo at the wall for three hours in morning drive and turn a profit as Elliot in the Morning proved. I listen to Chad Dukes because sports can suck it but he's a good broadcaster. Similarly I don't need Rush Limbaugh's guidance but his voice and performance turn me on so I dip in a few times a week. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/22/18)

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I have to laugh at the 106.7 the Fan cheerleaders in the mailbag. That station has one thing going for it: the Junkies. After morning drive, it programs guys who are cheap and available and it shows. They don't know anything and their schtick is lame. Other than the Junks, the station's only good show is Pollin/Lovero on Saturday morning. At least there is some intelligence there. Remainder of the programming is really dumbed down............. (7/21/18)

Just read his Facebook posting, and it would seem longtime morning news host at WMAL, Bill Thompson has retired after 20 years. Just came through a colon cancer scare. Wishing him the best…. (7/21/18)

Reminiscing about Milt Grant and WDCA: Whenever I’m sitting along the sidewalk at the Wow Cow on River Road, nursing a bowl of cookies’n’cream ice cream (way too often) my whole field of view is full of Milt Grant’s 1965 tower. That’s the biggest true permanent monument to him. And to think, it’s about to take on a whole new realm of repack TV. Astonishing. -P of the AW (7/21/18)

Friday, I was listening to BBC4 Radio over WEBSDR.ORG (a website allowing you to tune in software-defined radios anywhere in the world). Not only did they cover Adrian Cronauer's death, but they had a good number of BBC announcers of varying degrees of familiarity and fame repeat his signature "Go-ood Morning Vietnam!" sign-on. Very entertaining, and a fine tribute to the man. (7/21/18)

Al Koken said on 980 yesterday that the Better Golf show with Phil Hawes will air its final show this weekend. What I always noticed about Phil was how he uniquely used the word, "alright," as his pause word. Instead, of words like "you know," or "umm." (7/21/18)

WTTG Fox 5 has filed to immediately move its transmitter from the Wisconsin Ave studio & tower site in the District and maximize its signal at the River Road tower (formerly used by WETA and WDCA back in the day) at 1000 kw at 745 feet HAAT. it’s unclear if this will have any effect on their signal as both towers are around the same height, but it is in Maryland outside the District. Of course they are also moving the studios out of DC to Bethesda so this was planned. — BaltoMedia.net (7/21/18)

Per Metro Weekly, Count Gore de Vol himself will host the showing of "Creature From the Black Lagoon" at the AFI Silver in Silver Spring on Saturday night. "The screening will be hosted by Count Gore de Vol, whose “Creature Feature” and “Saturday Chiller Theater” were mainstays on WDCA Channel 20 from 1973 to 1987. A creation of Dick Dyszel, who also portrayed Bozo the Clown for the UHF station, the Count has hosted his own weekly horror movie show online since 1998 (countgore.com)." Mark your calendars. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (7/21/18)

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I can't think of a time when I have read so much complaining about a radio station, namely WBAL. DCRTV is getting back to the old days of the real Ahhh in ways. Remember those posts? True, none of us are happy about everything in the radio & TV business which leaves me the option to rescan, or go online for other sources! I would assume that the WBAL hater is a professional broadcaster. Maybe writing up a proposal to revamp WBAL is in order, you never know until you try. I am sure you have ideas that might just get some attention, and may be in good position to get over there and pull it off. It's been well over a year of complaining, points well made, but not effective to bring about change. DCRTV will not drive WBAL to changes, knocking on their door personally just may. Now of course it takes more effort developing a proposal and selling it to Hearst than pounding out one negative post after another.. Perhaps one day you will sign your name proudly and be able to say "look what I did for WBAL". Take it from a guy who is still in the business after fourty six years. Best to you. Tom Conroy (7/20/18)

Dave said, "I lived to see the day that Channel 20/WDCA died. All those great memories - from Captain 20 to Count Gore De Vol." Let's not forget the man who made it great, Milt Grant. RIP, "Super Power Channel 20" with the one million watts. Where's UCS to give us the background stories like how Barry Richards got a TV show on 20. (7/20/18)

Dave, have you given any thought to segregating the 2-, 3- and 4-times a day 1090 posts into their own B-list version of the Mailbag? One I never have to see again? Seriously, this is out of control, especially since the station isn't even in this market. Trolls can be obsessed about whatever the voices in their heads direct them to, but do the rest of us have to be subjected to it endlessly? On a different note, why do so many people assume a story they're interested in isn't being covered by media? First it was the MGM thing, which was top news everywhere; now it's Adrian Cronauer. C'mon, open your eyes -- his death was breaking news all over the place and has been on the front page of every entertainment/style section on earth for 48 hours. The obit you're pining for was in the New York Times yesterday, fer chrissakes. Why pretend nobody's covered the story? (7/20/18)

BINGO! Another day of yesterday's tv news on the radio, as "All Twitter Radio News 1090" runs the story about the 7-year old who died YESTERDAY as a lead story today, continuing its desperate attempt to compete with social media, adding the morning sports dude (Mr. Dubya) to the mix. This morning, he airs the story of Orioles legend Brooks Robinson being hired by the team to be a "senior advisor" to go into communities to promote the team. The story was all over social media TWO FUCKING DAYS AGO, you morons!!! Someone, please pull the plug on this disaster and relieve us of all the pain. (7/20/18)

If at first you don’t succeed try try again… Birach Broadcasting’s 1st “donee” has apparently declined to take WVAB & WBVA for whatever reasons, most likely realizing it’s a lost cause and/or the fines alone are too great to stay afloat running the stations, so Birach found another non-profit sucker to donate them to. How nice of them. Let’s see if this marriage happens. The Vegas odds are not particularly good. :-) (7/20/18)

"Do you find yourself showing up at more funerals lately?" Just holding out for yours now, Smiley. Your wife has both my numbers on speed-dial so i wont miss anything. And she told me she really likes my bedroom clock radio. (7/20/18)

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Did anyone see that Adrian Cronauer died? The man who was the inspiration for the phrase 'Good Morning Vietnam' passed away in Virginia. I'm sure an obit will be published somewhere ... shortly. JA (7/19/18)

Chalk up yet another pitiful day in the newsroom of alleged news radio 1090, where there is no news; only lazy, wanna-be copy readers reading everyone else's tweets, like the one this morning from a Baltimore police spokesman informing us that a 7-year old girl shot in the back during a recent high-profile crime has died. It shows, once again, the lack of any news enterprising or story follow up in this sorry excuse for a newsroom that would have enabled this station to break this story rather than Twitter and the other social media platforms. I am convinced that if there are no overnight dumpster fires to report, the dude who screams his way through day-old news every morning on this station will be out there tomorrow morning (perched outside Shock Trauma) deep throating all the tv news interviews from today's and tonight's television newscasts. From day one, we have not heard a peep out of anyone at Shock Trauma where the child was hospitalized; only this media-hungry police spokesman who should not be commenting on any patient's condition or status without attribution. If Shock Trauma declared this child deceased, then THEY, not him, should have said so. Did anyone at this station reach out to Shock Trauma to confirm before they aired it? I doubt it. And, why did HE know about it and not them?? The station could save allot of money by cleaning house and replacing these clowns with someone with iPhone skills who can simply sit there and read all the tweets. We'll call it "Twitter News Radio 1090." (7/19/18)

The irony of the FCC Sinclair rejection is that one of the reasons is Cunningham Broadcasting, which was heralded by Democrats and even Jesse Jackson as America’s 1st African American owned TV station ownership group! And then he died and the white privileged took it over, except that they already always owned it and were actually funding it the whole damn time. The hypocrisy of social progressives just is mind boggling. How could you fall for that crap morons? Now that Jesse Jackson's favorite African American company is out of the picture, it will probably go through. And the outrage of Republicans for lack of candor is beyond ridiculous. Like they didn’t know this whole scam from day one? The whole thing start to finish is simply mind boggling in hypocrisy. (7/19/18)

RE: WWFD clock radio person… Do you find yourself showing up at more funerals lately? Blame your clock radio. Everyone I know charges their smartphone by their bed and use it as an alarm which can play any music they want. In other words, sorry man, time has passed you by as has even AM RADIO NOW! hehe Sorry to be the one to break the news. Have a nice day otherwise. :-) (7/19/18)

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The Sinclair Broadcasting news is fast and furious today with SBG firing back that it will restructure its deal to not include the key markets cited by Ajit Pai as a problem, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas, the later of the 2 markets where stations were to be sold to Sinclair controlled Cunningham Broadcasting (now technically operated by the SBG owner's mother). The other change is that Sinclair will not longer sell WGN to a new shadow company run by an auto dealership chain that SBG owns/controls. It will simply buy the station outright, which it says is still within the FCC rules. With the Standard Media sales looming in the background as well as Howard Stirk Holdings, I'm skeptical that this will settle the deal. The options to buy most of the divested stations still remains an obstacle that Sinclair's David Smith just doesn't seem to want to admit. -- Baltomedia.net (7/18/18)

According to Tom Taylor Now, Sinclair will not give up on the Tribune merger. But clearly, they misjudged the amount of opposition. If the merger doesn't die completely, they will at least have to sell off a lot more TV stations to actual competing companies, not the shell companies they tried to get away with. The most glaring example of their mistake in the proposal was the opposition to later buy back pretty much all of the stations they were selling off. That and the contractual managing agreements for all the Tribune stations sold is exactly what FCC commissioner Ajit Pai was referring to "lack of candor." In essence, Sinclair was only giving up one TV station as far as daily operations and management. -- BaltoMedia.net (7/18/18)

"...few people listen to radio stations at home anymore so I don’t think they’re worried about Best Buy not carrying $19.99 HD Radios. The only thing you need these days is a certain percentage of vehicles with the radios and that number is increasing." Whether in the car or as a portable unit, digital radios are still unrealistically expensive. I can buy an MP3 player for under $4 (www,gearbest.com) but I cant touch a digital radio for anything less than ten times that amount. Not everyone lives in their car, and many folks I know still prefer a clock-radio on their nightstands. Just on those points, I put it to the industry that, if you are going to digitize the AM band, at least provide us with a practical and affordable means to be able to listen to it. Otherwise, all you're doing is just playing "mine's bigger" with the engineers at the station across town. (7/18/18)

“How many media companies in the DC market will report on the disgusting and disgraceful MGM plaintiff lawsuits from the Vegas shooting? Answer: Zero.” WTOP reported it extensively both on air and on their website. In fact I think almost every news outlet covered it pretty well. (7/18/18)

The downward spiral continues at WFRE. New PD who doesn’t deserve it. (7/18/18)

On the MGM thread, the company isn’t really cruelly suing people when they’re down. It is establishing a defense against the victim suits based on applicable law. A judge will decide, but if you owned a company and were facing an avoidable $100 million liability you’d do the same thing. After all, the company isn’t a charity and who in the world could foresee that hideous one-off crime? Knocking out glass curtain walls for a shot? Sounds more like gruesome fiction. Max Critic (7/18/18

Noticed that both The Team 980 and 106.7 The Fan were carrying ESPN Radio’s feed of last night’s MLB All Star Game at Nationals Park - how was the latter allowed to do so when it doesn’t have a contract with ESPN? Why was Steve Czaban promoting 980’s “exclusive broadcast” of the event when that clearly wasn’t the case? Why did 980 abruptly pull the plug on its afternoon shows originating from the site of the game at the first hint of rain on both Monday and Tuesday while competing remotes on 106.7 were continuing to air seamlessly through those short periods of bad weather? Finally, how is it possible that Al Galdi (980’s lone baseball guru) picked this of all weeks to be away on vacation? (7/18/18)

When local AM stations were testing "hybrid digital," listeners and technical experts found out what they needed to know -- the signal behavior is very poor for datastreams on frequencies from 540-1710KHz. It was never a matter of receiver presence in the marketplace, the continued strength of analog AM, or even the potential audience. Technically, signals using digital protocols will fail after sunset on the AM band because of distortion caused by nature. (7/18/18)

"How many media companies in the DC market will report on the disgusting and disgraceful MGM plaintiff lawsuits from the Vegas shooting? Answer: Zero." Hmmmm....let's see if you're right: WJLA, NBC-4, WUSA9, WTOP, WAMU.... looks like they all covered it. Sooooo.....guess you're pissed off at the world, but you don't have any idea what you're talking about. Nice talkin' to ya. (7/18/18)

Dave's response: The author provided weblinks for all of the above outlets. The coding would have taken me 20 minutes or so. Trust me, the stories really exist.....

["DARK! That should be the truth for 980 AM. This morning, I took a chance and tuned in. Topic? Not the Home Run Derby or All Star Baseball game (all in DC), not the World Cup. Nope! The dope on the air is talking about the Redskins. Are you kidding me? So much for being relevant as a sports station. Plenty of time to talk Skins stuff, only a short amount of time to talk about what nearly all sports fans are talking about. Over at 106.7 FM, the Junkies were on topic, on time, and on budget. Way to go guys!"] This Mailbagger makes a good point. The Junkies, whom I've criticized for overzealous Redskins coverage in the past, have had a pretty great run during the off-season. It helps, of course, that the Caps had a playoff run all the way through the Stanley Cup finals. The Nats are disappointing, but it's good to hear the Junkies talk about the team with some frequency. I, too, turned on 980 twice in the past 24 hours to discover both times that they were talking about the Redskins. Pure speculation. Save it at least until preseason, guys. (7/18/18)

WDCA's signal shut off just past 12 noon right on schedule. RF36 now has 6 subchannels, it appears the only casualty was LightTV. (7/18/18)

Dave's response: I lived to see the day that Channel 20/WDCA died. All those great memories - from Captain 20 to Count Gore De Vol. Now, it's just a subchannel of Channel 5/WTTG, as Fox 5 Plus. Sad.....

Neither WMAL or WTEM ever tested all Digital AM. They, like many AM stations, attempted hybrid Analog/Digital HD Radio and it failed. This is different. It wasn’t tested much in the past because of so few HD radios in cars. Now many more cars have HD Radio that can also receive all digital. All digital has no analog taking up most of the bandwidth and greater redundancy and a more robust signal. Also, few people listen to radio stations at home anymore so I don’t think they’re worried about Best Buy not carrying $19.99 HD Radios. The only thing you need these days is a certain percentage of vehicles with the radios and that number is increasing. (7/18/18)

According to Tom Taylor Now, Sinclair will not give up on the Tribune merger. But clearly, they misjudged the amount of opposition. If the merger doesn't die completely, they will at least have to sell off a lot more TV stations to actual competing companies, not the shell companies they tried to get away with. The most glaring example of their mistake in the proposal was the opposition to later buy back pretty much all of the stations they were selling off. That and the contractual managing agreements for all the Tribune stations sold is exactly what FCC commissioner Ajit Pai was referring to "lack of candor." In essence, Sinclair was only giving up one TV station as far as daily operations and management. —Baltomedia.net (7/18/18)

Re: "How many media companies in the DC market will report on the disgusting and disgraceful MGM plaintiff lawsuits from the Vegas shooting? Answer: Zero...See how corporatocracy works class?" Weird how it has been reported, in fact, by EVERY media company in the market. Obviously you didn't bother to listen/watch before firing off your missive, but check their websites for verification. See how paranoid, uninformed nutjobs work, class? (7/18/18)

[RE: How many media companies in the DC market will report on the disgusting and disgraceful MGM plaintiff lawsuits from the Vegas shooting? Answer: Zero. ] WTTG (Channel 5) reported this story Wednesday morning sometime between 735 and 755. Didn't see anything about in the Post today. (7/18/18)

So FOX5 has chosen to put Erin in the co-host spot to fill in for Steve Chenevey on their Good Day show..Epic fail. She pretty much sits there with her head going back and forth just listening to the others speak. And when she does contribute, it's snooze worthy. I just don't see what management sees in her that they feel she's worthy of being an anchor or co-host. She really needs to continue with the traffic and fluff stuff. (7/18/18)

When WTEM 980 AM and WMAL 630 AM had HD Digital a few years ago it did not work for them. These were the two best AM signals in the market. They both ran it for over a year and just turned it off. They had no audience! They gave it a good test. (7/18/18)

I wish the folks at 820 WWFD all kinds of luck with the digital experiment. The reality is, the public won't be buying a proper digital receiver until it's $19.95. Will this be the impetus the industry needs? (7/18/18)

How many media companies in the DC market will report on the disgusting and disgraceful MGM plaintiff lawsuits from the Vegas shooting? Answer: Zero. Too much money involved now that MGM has a footprint in the advertising budgets around the dial. See how corporatocracy works class? (7/18/18)

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RE: “Dave's response: A number of AM stations tried running digital signals back when HD Radio debuted. The problem isn't with daytime reception, when you have a nice steady signal. It becomes a mess at night when AM signals get bounced around by the ionosphere with lots of fading, and signal levels can change from second to second. The digital signal would come and go and if it wasn't perfectly synched with the analog signal, there'd be delays and an echo effect. Very difficult listening. A number of AMers in the DC market once ran HD Radio, including WMAL and WTEM, but they've pretty much abandoned it. WWFD 820 isn't running an analog signal, but I'd imagine the night fading would still be a problem. Does anyone listen to WWFD after dark? Probably not unless you're very close to the Frederick area transmitter.....” Dave, I think you’re partially wrong on this one. Hybrid AM HD Radio was tested on Class A, B, & C signals, but ALL Digital has not often been tested or tried before. So there is not extensive data on how it will perform at night. My prediction is that Skywave of course will fail, but that’s sketchy on analog as far as fading in and out, so why would anybody have that expectation? So the point is, we don’t really know the outcome of regional all digital reception for a market. I applaud Dave Kolesar for taking this risky move. If only 20% of the people listen to a crappy AM signal, how many of the 20% will try it out sounding really good? (7/17/18)

"DARK! That should be the truth for 980 AM. This morning, I took a chance and tuned in." To clarify, this was sent on Monday, 04/16/18, so "this morning" references Monday morning. And to avoid frustrations galore, I DID NOT listen to 980 AM this morning (Tuesday morning). Thank you Dave. (7/17/18)

DARK! That should be the truth for 980 AM. This morning, I took a chance and tuned in. Topic? Not the Home Run Derby or All Star Baseball game (all in DC), not the World Cup. Nope! The dope on the air is talking about the Redskins. Are you kidding me? So much for being relevant as a sports station. Plenty of time to talk Skins stuff, only a short amount of time to talk about what nearly all sports fans are talking about. Over at 106.7 FM, the Junkies were on topic, on time, and on budget. Way to go guys! (7/17/18)

Dave, this'll crack you up. T-Mobile will be airing commercials In tonight's All-Star Game, saluting veterans and the sacrifices/contributions made by them for our country. I extra'd in that commercial and I'm visible for a whopping 3/4-second. If that. See the white-haired gent with his left arm in the air? That's me. Hey 'House of Cards': I'm ready for my closeup! (Al Peterson) (7/17/18)

The Sinclair deal is NOT dead. Anyone how knows anything about the Smith boys knows that. Politico his hardly an un-biased source of info on the Sinclair/Tribune merger. I predict it will go through, well unless, Trump himself has intervened, which I highly doubt. Ajit Pai is just covering his ass and he want Sinclair for ATSC 3.0. They just want to make it look like they were tough on them. Sinclair has already changed the deal once. They will again. They’ll have to sell more stations to Meredith or Gray or somebody else. That’s all. The Chicago Tribune keeps saying that WGN is the sticking point, but I think that is BS. WGN is hardly the most watched channel in Chicago, but it probably does a lot better ratings than the Tribune LA or NYC station. The major problem here is Cunningham Broadcasting and this new Sinclair startup shell company, Standard Media Group. Except for the station to Meredith, Sinclair would manage EVERY SINGLE STATION! That is beyond greedy! It’s important to note that Jesse Jackson once held a press conference in favor of Cunningham Broadcasting, the first African American TV station ownership group, and every Democrat supported them. In hindsight, they are all kicking themselves that an elderly white Republican woman now owns the company. Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it. (7/17/18)

Just saw Diane Roberts doing sports from Nationals stadium for WUSA9. Is she now a regular sports reporter for them or maybe just freelancing? (7/17/18)

If AM goes all digital, I would certainly miss having nighttime reception of all the amazing out-of-market signals like I've experienced my whole life. But then I ask myself how much I miss insulated milk bottle boxes on my front porch, my local Dart Drugs store, or my high school girlfriend...all the other things I've experienced my whole life. The answer: not that much. Sorry AM my old friend, maybe it really is time you changed the way you operate. (7/17/18)

The OEM radio in my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee immediately locked on to WWFD sitting in the parking lot of my office in south Reston, more than 30 miles from the tower site. The sound quality is nothing short of stunning. Definitely fewer compression artifacts than SiriusXM and almost as good as digital FM (I realize that’s very subjective). The processing of the audio wasn’t exactly my taste - somewhat flat and on the thin side - but it’s still very impressive. I think Dave Kolesar might be on to something and more AMs should take notice. (7/17/18)

Dave's response: A number of AM stations tried running digital signals back when HD Radio debuted. The problem isn't with daytime reception, when you have a nice steady signal. It becomes a mess at night when AM signals get bounced around by the ionosphere with lots of fading, and signal levels can change from second to second. The digital signal would come and go and if it wasn't perfectly synched with the analog signal, there'd be delays and an echo effect. Very difficult listening. A number of AMers in the DC market once ran HD Radio, including WMAL and WTEM, but they've pretty much abandoned it. WWFD 820 isn't running an analog signal, but I'd imagine the night fading would still be a problem. Does anyone listen to WWFD after dark? Probably not unless you're very close to the Frederick area transmitter.....

Do you have a list of the Family Radio Stations that are for sale? They have two stations in Baltimore that are for sale. (7/17/18)

Congratulations once again to newsfraud 1090 for putting the screamer back out on the street Tuesday morning to repeat the same damned story they reported on all Monday afternoon, and even used the same soundbites. And they madeit the lead story all morning long. Their new slogan should be "start your day with the news everybody else reported earlier this week." (7/17/18)

Mike in Kensington, I think you're suffering from the placebo effect. Checked this morning and while 68-1 is now in 720p as you noted, the bitrate remains a constant 4.5 Mbps as it's been since sharing began. It should not have had an impact on WUSA. (7/17/18)

Don't be too hard on poor Larry OConnor. He spent the last two years of his life, under the direction of Bill Hess, telling us this "Trump Rush-er thing" wasn't a thing. I am sure he is deep soul searching mode right now questioning why he even exists. (7/17/18)

Monday, 6 AM. Entercom launches "New 102.7" on WNEW/New York. Monday, 11 PM. If you go to wnew.com or wnew.radio.com, you still get the "CBS DC" splash page. Whoops! (7/17/18)

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\/ July 16 Messages \/

WJAL 68 is now transmitting the SonLife Christian network in HD, forcing WUSA 9 to reduce their bitrates. WUSA picture quality has somewhat reduced during complex motion. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (7/16/18)

No Pai for you Sinclair: looks like Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s deal with Tribune Media may be “doomed” according to FCC Chairman Pai who has “serious concerns”. Politico reports: www.politico.com (7/16/18)

Amplify.FM member station WWFD 820 AM The Gamut is the 1st AM station in the U.S. to broadcast exclusively in HD Radio format. Congrats and good luck, Dave! (7/16/18)

Dave: I gotta tell you, 106.7 has really stepped it up with coverage and their overall product..it really shows they're trying to bury 980. It good Cooley isn't around but Sheehan, Doc, and Czaban just need to be shown the door and maybe things will change. I don't understand why the new owners don't clean house, including their P-D, and attempt to start over and re-image everything and everyone. It gives none of us an option but to listen to 106.7 I guess. (7/16/18)

So, according to the latest Baltimore market radio ratings, alleged news radio 1090 slips again...to #13, as WCBM jumps ahead again. We can only hope the trend continues. (7/16/18)

WBAL 101.5 FM btw is on the air from the candelabra TV Hill tower and they have filed for a license to cover. Should be a pretty good signal for just 250 watts at 577 feet up that tower. (7/16/18)

Speaking of Family Radio, WBMD AM 750 is no longer listed as one of their radio stations on their website. Only WFSI AM 860 is listed. That could just be because they’re off the air or because they intend to just turn in the license. Both of Family Radio’s stations have technical issues currently, and there doesn’t seem to be any plan to return WBMD 750 back on the air. WBMD still has an FCC filing for FM 103.3 in Baltimore that WRNR 103.1 is fiercely fighting. Hmm. (7/16/18)

Speaking of Gurvir Dhindsa, went to her FB page and she seems to be doing well. She's posted some pics of what I'm assuming is her property and it's absolutely gorgeous. Seems to be a ranch with a barn and pool. (7/16/18)

Hey Dave, Last night, on Sasha Baron Cohen’s new TV Show he had as a guest Larry O’Connor’s friend Philip Van Cleave. Sasha’s character convinced Philip that arming 4-6 year olds in school was a good idea, and Sasha and Philip made a training video for children who want to pack heat in First Grade. Philip appeared on Mornings on the Mall in May of 2016, to promote his arming everyone agenda. Also that day’s Mornings on the Mall., Larry had his then BFF, homewrecker packing a pistol in her size 14 dress, Scottie Nell Hughes. From this gun nut to this fat slut, to grossly wrong historians, to family values preaching cheaters with prostitutes, to a neo Nazi guy calling on “death squads” to go after journalists, to two women who believe in all sincerity Hillary gave Russia the nuclear bomb, for a social “Conservative,” why does Larry have such a hodge podge of idiot guests on his radio shows? (7/16/18)

Looks as if a 35-year-old Robin Williams makes a character appearance in today's (7/16) Mark Trail strip. -MTG. (7/16/18)

Is Gwen Tolbart still at WTTG? Haven't seen her for weeks? Was Matt Ackland's departure voluntary? (7/16/18)

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\/ July 15 Messages \/

Matt Ackland is moving on from Fox5. www.fox5dc.com (7/15/18)

For the person who asked, though Gurvir Dhindsa left WAGA (FOX 5) in Atlanta, she is still in Atlanta as part of the early morning show on WGCL (CBS 46). Roddy Freeman (7/15/18)

Family Radio is selling off their stations. This was Harold Camping Group of stations. They have stations in Baltimore.(7/15/18)

To "Gus" re: Gene Weingarten: He's an "idiot" who has won two more Pulitzer Prizes than you have. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (7/15/18)

The Gamut is running announcements that 820 AM will become digital Monday 7/16 at noon. (7/15/18)

I just now read where Best Buy ended compact disc sales as of July 1. AND that they are launching a two-year agreement to sell ... vinyl. UFB. I think if i wait long enough, Lafayette Radio will be revived and will sell player piano rolls. At the White Flint Mall. (7/15/18)

“What’s the deal over at 980?” Um, can’t you provide a clue why you’re asking? (7/15/18)

WRBS AM 1230 is not getting rid of its AM 1230 signal even after losing the transmitter site. In fact, they are currently planning triplexing with WOLB 1010/WWIN 1400 at Edison Highway & Monument Street in Baltimore City. The site is close enough that their signal coverage will change very little from the site they lost. — BaltoMedia.net (7/15/18)

WDCA 20’s channel is no more in 3 days. The recent FCC filing says July 18 while website says July 19. So we’re left guessing until Wednesday? Nothing on their website as to where the channels will be exactly. Is this surprise marketing or just poor planning by FOX 5? I sure as hell hope they kept Comcast more notified than their OTA viewers. (7/15/18)

A few weeks ago, WaPo's noted idiot, Gene Weingarten mentioned he had found a new place to bury his bone. Is he sullying Rachel Manteufel's sweater burgers? He's always had a fascination in that direction. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/15/18)

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\/ July 14 Messages \/

W232CL, the translator of WRBS 1230 / WRBS-HD3 is now on the air from Baltimore. Perhaps they're now running under their 100-watt CP versus the original 4-watt authorization. The signal makes it to Odenton quite well. Maybe now WRBS management can pull their AM license given they have lost their tower site and an HD3 feed is sufficient. Sadly, gone is another DX'able open channel out here. The Bowie LPFM proposed for 94.3 was never built, ultimately helping WRBS. TK in Odenton (7/14/18)

DC is not representative of the United States. That’s one thing I learned a long long time ago. Over the air TV probably is less than 10% in the DC area, but certainly not in other large cities or among Blacks and Latinos or even cord cutting millennials. DC doesn’t really have poor cord cutting millennials. It has all the rich millennial kids and kids of government workers, none of which would go without cable TV. (7/14/18)

RE: Clickhole & The Washington Post… There’s no arguing with a Trump Deranged person. He’ll continue to believe the Washington Post story even though they themselves have retracted it for being completely false and a mistake. They were duped Some people simply cannot be helped from themselves. Or was he public school edumacated to not understand what the word satire means. :-) (7/14/18)

What’s the deal at 980? (7/14/18)

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\/ July 13 Messages \/

"Here some facts for the Washington Post basher concerning American Idiot voices.clickhole.com... I believe the guy who wrote the song and not some truth averse maga nut" Um... you do realize you are pointing to the Onion-based article that the Post admitted it was wrong to rely on, right? (Seriously...the fact that the website is called "Clickhole" didn't clue you in??) (7/13/18)

Regarding the death of over the air TV. Every article on the subject I can find indicates that over the air (antenna) television has over the past few years been growing and continues to do so. I am reading articles that say the current percentage of homes viewing OTA is as high as just under 20 percent. There are places in many poor rural areas that will never have high speed cable and would need to pay for expensive satellite delivery to see most TV. That is a lot of folks to just cut off from your audience. OTA goes where other services can not or is not lucrative enough for providers to serve. It may become a very bad political choice for politicians to support eliminating OTA. (7/13/18)

"Oh sweet Jesus, Gus and whoever is arguing with him, will you give it a damn rest." With that post you are that guy. Idiot. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/13/18)

Dave Hughes, if you think free TV will come to an end by 2025, what do you envision for the “must carry” legal framework? That’s been a HUGE part of the financial confidence for traditional broadcasters. They can’t compete without it. -P of the AW (7/13/18)

RE: "Dave's response: Yeah but the 96% of Baltimore area viewers who watch WUTB on cable will get a landline-fed HD signal. As I predicted, free broadcast TV will come to an end by 2025….." True about the 96%, but free broadcast TV will not end by 2025. However ATSC 3.0 will allow internet services that companies will demand the FCC allow broadcasters to charge for. That is the part of the Sinclair merger that nobody has really mentioned. Sinclair is banking on the ability to sell services to customers through the IP layer of ATSC 3.0. It’s highly unlikely that the ability to watch live TV on your cell phone or other services ATSC 3.0 creates will come free of charge. The other good news about ATSC 3.0 and free TV is that once again, only a small indoor antenna should be necessary for reception, unlike with ATSC 1.0, which is still very sketchy indoors even when close to the transmitter. The ATSC 3.0 signal is supposed to be much more robust. Otherwise, receiving live TV on a cell phone could never be possible. — BaltoMedia (7/13/18)

Is Lisa Baden still doing traffic reports around the area? I haven’t heard her in quite some time. (7/13/18)

Here some facts for the Washington Post basher concerning American Idiot voices.clickhole.com... I believe the guy who wrote the song and not some truth averse maga nut. (7/13/18)

For whatever reason, Gurvir Dhindsa crossed my mind and was wondering where she is now as I understand she's no longer on air in Atlanta. Then I saw that Fox5's Wisdom Martin had retweeted a post by her. Found it interesting as he cohosts each day with Holly Morris, who is Gurvir's husband's ex-wife. But then again, Wisdom seems like,the type who doesn't get involved in drama, looked at Gurvir as a former colleague and liked her Tweet. (7/13/18)

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\/ July 12 Messages \/

Sinclair has changed its sharing agreement with Deerfield Media’s WUTB My24. As part of that agreement, it appears the major change is that WUTB will be allowed only a 480i SD signal on WBFF 45. So no more HD soon for MyNetwork 24 under ATSC 3.0 with this agreement. ATSC 3.0 is specifically mentioned as the reason. (7/12/18)

Dave's response: Yeah but the 96% of Baltimore area viewers who watch WUTB on cable will get a landline-fed HD signal. As I predicted, free broadcast TV will come to an end by 2025.....

Oh sweet Jesus, Gus and whoever is arguing with him, will you give it a damn rest. Google "Arguing on the Internet is like...", let auto-complete finish the job for you and then take the hint already. (7/12/18)

Ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC likes the status quo – radio-wise, that is – in the first six slots. WTOP, WAMU, “Majic,” WHUR, WASH and WBIG-FM all keep their positions from the May-book. And we might even say that the top seven slots are the same, since Cumulus hot AC “Mix” WRQX is now tied for seventh (with contemporary Christian WGTS) instead of owning it outright. Here’s the D.C. top-10 countdown - #1 is Hubbard’s WTOP regional news simulcast (9.6-9.7-9.5). It wins or ties for the lead in every daypart except nights (fourth). #2 is American U.’s not-for-profit news/talk WAMU (8.5-8.3-8.3). It’s tied with WTOP for the morning-drive lead (in double digits). Then, Urban One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ/WDCJ (5.8-6.6-7.1, and #1 at night). Ratings-watcher says that’s “the largest share in station history,” so last year’s addition of the southeast-suburban 92.7 signal pays off. Next, Howard U.’s commercially-run urban AC WHUR (5.7-5.7-6.3, tied for second at night). iHeart’s AC WASH (4.3-4.8-4.8), and sister classic rock WBIG-FM (4.8-4.7-4.7). Then there’s that tie between WRQX (3.8-4.4-4.0) and WGTS, the not-for-profit contemporary Christian station connected to the Seventh Day Adventist Church (4.2-3.9-4.0). That’s the start of a highly-compressed pack – Entercom’s urban WPGC (4.1-4.0-3.9), iHeart’s top 40 “Hot 99.5” WIHT (3.9-3.8-3.8), Entercom’s #11-ranked sports “Fan” WJFK-FM (3.1-3.4-3.7), Urban One’s urban WKYS (3.8-3.7-3.6) and – tied for thirteenth – Entercom’s hot AC “Fresh” WIAD (3.0-3.3-3.5) and Cumulus talker WMAL-AM/FM (4.9-3.9-3.5). That’s a 2018 low for ’MAL, and this book’s also a 2018 low for iHeart’s country WMZQ (3.0-2.8-2.6). The capital market has three stations drawing more than a million average weekly cume – AC WASH (1,110,100), news WTOP (1,108,100), and CHR “Hot” (1,041,900)...... Baltimore keeps urban AC “Magic” one of the highest-ranking Class A signals in any major market. Urban One’s WWIN-FM stays strong at #1 (10.3-9.4-9.7). The only daypart it doesn’t win is nights, where it’s second behind its sister station, WERQ. Summer in Baltimore often means strong numbers for Urban One’s urban “92Q” (6.2-6.6-7.1). Entercom’s AC WLIF is third this time (6.8-6.5-6.1, and second middays). iHeart’s country WPOC is back (4.9-5.5-6.0), ahead of Entercom’s hot AC “Mix” WWMX (5.4-5.6-5.4). “98 Rock” and “Jack” are tied for sixth. Those are Hearst’s rock WIYY (4.7-4.9-5.2) and iHeart’s variety hits Jack FM WQSR (4.1-4.4-5.2). 98 Rock’s “Justin, Scott & Spiegel” remain second in morning drive, while Jack is third middays, behind Magic and WLIF. Shamrock’s classic rock “Bay” WZBA also likes the Summer (4.0-4.3-4.5 – and tied in fourth place at night). Entercom’s sports “Fan” WJZ-FM has the Baltimore Orioles (5.0-4.5-4.0, and tied in fourth place at night). The consistent cume leader is AC WLIF (641,200). (7/12/18)

RE: "105.7 and other Radio.com stations would be pulled off of Tune In effective August 1st, 2018" 1) When WJZ-FM gets pulled from TuneIn, just add it as a custom stream URL in the TuneIn app. (The URL is streamtheworld.com BTW.) Now, this will only work in the mobile app, but you can easily use VLC to stream the station from the URL. videolan.org 2) Nowadays, stations are making Amazon Echo and Google Home skills, even if they're totally unnecessary. (See WMAL and WTOP.) Perhaps, now that one is necessary, Entercom or even WJZ will make their own apps for those speakers, if they haven't already. From, Amar (7/12/18)

Where's Chris Plante? I haven't been listening to WMAL a whole lot recently, but I don't think he's been in the chair all week. Also, interestingly enough, every time I've heard the Mark Levin Show this week, he too has been out. What's goin' on? From, Amar (7/12/18)

Dave's response: Summer vacations?

Newfraud 1090 was at it again this morning. The screamer was "out on the street" reporting on a family awakened at 2:30 in the morning by a burglar. What he didn't say was it happened 2:30 YESTERDAY. Once again, a day late and a dollar short. A staple of most newsrooms is making police rounds. It's mundane and tedious work, but it pays off. Instead of the newsfraud being there the day the story happened, they end up being a day late yet again. Is there any wonder why they can't crack the top 10? (7/12/18)

"Wow. Looks like I hurt The Gus's iddy-biddy widdle feelings. Sounds like a disgruntled former WAMU employee who was never able to move on with his life. Sad, really." No, I am a consumer. But I have had my physical fingers on every personnel file at American University, including Berendzen's which strangely had nothing about his child molesting fantasies. You're a fag and I listen to the radio. That's the difference. "If he had a spine and said things like this face to his opinion is meaningless." Hard to know what to say about that because it sounds like a retard wrote it. Are you a retard Focker? Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/12/18)

WFSI AM 860 is now also on STA after a power module failure and operating at 75% of daytime power and silent at night as nighttime transmitter has completely failed. This is more bad news for Family Radio in Baltimore. WBMD is silent, lost its longtime transmitter site, which I’m pretty sure pre-dates 105.7 FM being there. I was thinking that WBMD would be diplexed with WFSI 860 at the Essex site, but this will delay that for sure. And then there’s WBMD AM 750’s application for 103.3 FM in Baltimore. I think it’s safe to say that that is DOA. Even if they get approved, it looks like they got more problems on their hands right now to meet that timetable. (7/12/18)

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"TuneIn Radio Users: Entercom is planning to pull its stations off the app. " I was listening to 105.7 the Fan on Tune In from my backyard (I just didn't want to drag out my OTA radio) and heard an announcement that 105.7 and other Radio.com stations would be pulled off of Tune In effective August 1st, 2018. I only hope Radio.com works with my Google Home. I don't see Radio.com listed in Audio services available for Google Home. (7/11/18)

Have to agree with the guy who had the temerity to point out that nobody gives a damn what the Gas in Gaithersburg has to say about WAMU or anything else. Posts like the one below, which is wall-to-wall lies, inaccuracies and childish insults ("...fuck you with your 'no resume to speak of" bullshit. I'm a consumer, I don't need a fuckin resume. Suck me, won't you?") demonstrate why this toothless geek can't find work or friends. If he had a spine and said things like this face to his opinion is meaningless. Nobody cares what he thinks. (7/11/18)

Washington Post had to remove a FAKE NEWS story they ran. The Post that said that the Green Day Song “American Idiot” was about George W. Bush, etc, but guess what? They got duped by a website owned by The Onion so the source was a joke source! HAHA! — Journalism Dies in Darkness (7/11/18)

Wow. Looks like I hurt The Gus's iddy-biddy widdle feelings. Sounds like a disgruntled former WAMU employee who was never able to move on with his life. Sad, really. Don't worry, grandpa, I won't tease you anymore. It's an unfair fight. (7/11/18)

I heard a promo on WBAL Radio this morning that made me chuckle. It talks about how they utilize the resources of WBAL-TV. Then they go to a soundbite of a TV anchor saying "our information comes from the NBC affiliate in..." Therein rests the problem with broadcast media. Seems too few can generate their own information and actually break news. Instead, they rely on reporting what other media outlets are reporting. Sad state of journalism. (7/11/18)

Looks like someone just handed Sinclair a big ass spoon: www.ftvlive.com (7/11/18)

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\/ July 10 Messages \/

I did some re-checking on RabbitEars's profile of WBFF. While there's the initial appearance of that station being a 3 HD + 1 SD outlet, look closer at the technical data. Both 45-2 and 24-1 point to the same PMT PID, Video PID, and Audio PID. In other words, they're pointing to the same HD encoded feed. In effect, WBFF is running 2 HD and 1 SD, but it may not appear that way to the casual observer. My guess is that the My 24 feed was duplicated to ensure people with certain OTA tuners wouldn't need to rescan to get My 24, that the previously-scanned 45-2 would work. By extension, if CW 54 moves to WBFF as part of an ATSC 3.0 rollout, I expect it to replace TBD on 45-3, while also appearing as 54-1. I highly doubt that all three channels will air in 720p OTA; for one, it wouldn't look good, but more importantly, the way FOX's splicer works will often force too little leftover bandwidth for anything more than one HD and one SD feed. When WBFF, itself, changes frequencies at their own repack date, and people will absolutely need to rescan, I'd expect the 45-2 and 45-3 "channels" to go away. As for the Sinclair-Tribune merger being required to advance ATSC 3.0, that would definitely help, but it's not exactly a necessity. Sinclair is forming a consortium with Nexstar and Univision to deploy (including via channel sharing across corporate stations) and promote ATSC 3.0. Univision owns WFDC, making a 3.0/1.0 channel share with WJLA a real possibility. That said, if the Sinclair-Tribune merger is completed, I can see Univision moving WFDC to 3.0, so the resulting signal will be easier to receive than it would be over VHF. As a side benefit, WJLA OTA watchers would therefore not need to rescan their tuners to keep getting the 7-1 ATSC 1.0 feed. Also, I can see Univision demanding that the WJLA 1.0 feed carry 14-2, 14-3, and 14-4, especially if there are must-air-in-1.0 contractual obligations that need to be kept with Get TV, Grit, and Bounce. I especially can see this with Bounce TV; I remember reading, somewhere, that 70% of that channel's viewers watch OTA, a very high percentage for a subchannel. One interesting fact about ATSC 3.0 that one person touched upon: In its "progressive mode" (in other words, when the signal is locked to not sending interlaced video), not only can resolutions change on the fly, but frame rates, as well. So, ABC could transmit an episode of some show (or a commercial) at 4K/24fps, and then seamlessly transition to a locally-generated news promo, or a straight-up breaking news event, at 1080p/60fps. These two combos use similar bandwidth, too, so expect one of those two in a lot of programming. The real advantage to ATSC 3.0, however, is the built-in real-time severe weather alerting that, unlike most existing alerting systems, only alerts people actually in the warning area. awarn.org... Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (7/10/18)

I know someone asked which subchannels will be left behind when WDCA and WTTG start channel sharing. Since Fox has been silent on this we will not know for certain until it happens but one indicator is that in Chicago and Charlotte where they faced the same situation ALL of the subchannels made the transition. That would mean lower PQ if viewed OTA but may not affect PQ when viewed on cable. (7/10/18)

Google Maps street level (39.627042, -77.402765) shows a great big "For Sale" sign, proclaiming "5+ acres, Residential Development" just at the foot of the WTHU radio station property. The situation may have changed since the photo was taken in 2012, but - new format or not - seeing the dirt under your tower is for sale does not bode well. (7/10/18)

Note regarding the Ogden Newspapers purchase of the Loudoun Times-Mirror. The Ogden newspapers are owned by the Nutting family. Bob Nutting, the President of the company, also owns the Pittsburgh Pirates the so-called major league team in the Steel City. If they run the papers like they run the team expect expenses to be cut, minimal investment in people and declining news support. If they could the firm would trade away all their stars and many of their best prospects. (A disgruntled Bucco fan.) (7/10/18)

"I doubt that anyone at WAMU, which has been in a virtual tie for No. 1 in the market for a couple decades, is much wounded to be called "idiots" for their programming decisions" You have very precisely nutshelled the problem. WAMU is a remotely programmed robot station whose main business is real estate. It is the soft-spoken slime coming out of your radio. Their weekend morning programming is like being in special Paula Poundstone detention. Gives you a glimpse of what her children experienced. Dave has often railed about how WMAL should do more live and local programming and I agree with him but say "WMAL and WAMU". That said, get rid of the middle schooler in the 9 pm hour and play the whole John Batchelor Show, WMAL. And you poster, fuck you with your "no resume to speak of" bullshit. I'm a consumer, I don't need a fuckin resume. Suck me, won't you? There's a lamb. The Gus Who Squats Behind the Man Who Works the Soft Machine in the Gaithersburg. (7/10/18)

Hello Dave, I heard W268BA 101.5 FM for the first time this morning, the new repeater for WBAL 1090. The signal was performing surprisingly well while I was on the road in northern and central Montgomery County. It was very good on the channel until I got to northern Rockville, where WBQB 101.5 Fredericksburg started to take over. Regards, Lw in Mount Airy (7/10/18)

To the person "Living in the mountains of Northern Virginia at over 1200 feet and having lots of aluminum on the roof." Please contact WBOC News Director John Dearing at jdearing@wboc.com. (7/10/18)

Dear Dave, Please let your readers know that WTHU 1450AM has changed to an all music format. We are now COOL1450AM and our music mix is very different from any other station. Please take a listen and tell us what you think...… Thanks! (7/10/18)

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"To reach this height in my career and be in a position to give that same energy while also inspiring and enlightening our listeners as they start their day is the opportunity of a lifetime." We appreciate the sentiment and your enthusiasm, but jeez, that reads like an intern writing the "Objectives" line on their first resume. Why not come right out and say, "You want fun? You want a great morning show? Me too! Let's get together tomorrow at 6!", without all the corporate-speak. Unless the show is REALLY GOING to sound like that. In which case, unh-unh no thanks. (7/9/18)

Always LOL when you see the WNST Mic flag in the Orioles post game interviews and no 105.7 The Fan mic.or flag. Dundalk's Dan. (7/9/18)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Part-Time News Anchor for WAMU 88-5 - WAMU 88-5, the NPR News Station in the Nation’s Capital, is looking for part-time news anchors for weekend hosting. If you are passionate about news, public affairs and public radio storytelling, with the ability to evoke a distinctive sense of place about the Washington, DC area on-air, then we want to hear from you. The ideal candidate will have a conversational, inviting, warm and friendly on-air delivery and style. S/he will sound authentic, curious and engaging. Must be able to move nimbly between difficult and upbeat stories with the appropriate tone or emotion. Ability to use the immediacy of “live” radio to engage in the digital world. Skills & Abilities: Excellent verbal and written communications skills; Professional sounding voice with a sound and style that connects with public radio listeners; Strong work ethic; ability to work under pressure; General knowledge of radio station operation and specifically broadcast board equipment; Must be available to work weekends and holidays on a regular basis; 2+ years on-air hosting experience preferred; Associate’s Degree or more; Associate’s Degree or more. If you are a qualified candidate and want to join a fast moving, growing public media station, apply today at careers.american.edu. Please upload a cover letter and resume along with an audio sample of your hosting experience. (7/9/18)

I doubt that anyone at WAMU, which has been in a virtual tie for No. 1 in the market for a couple decades, is much wounded to be called "idiots" for their programming decisions by "Gus in the Gaithersburg," a nobody with a lot of time on his hands who has never accomplished anything and no resume to speak of. Time to climb in the box, grandpa. (7/9/18)

Noted with interest: WAMU's Lake Nothing Whatsoever to Do With Garrison Keillor's Humping Behavior From Here now has an 8-10 pm timeslot. It's almost like they have a hole in their schedule. Stellar job, WAMU. Idiots. In a world where Diane Rehm was making $50K in 1992, how much could Bob Rumplesberger have been costing them? This listener really dug that old timey music. Gus in the Gaithersburg, Out Where the Buses Don't Run (7/9/18)

“I have enjoyed my Saturday morning coffee and breakfast for years listening to Better Golf With Phil Hawes on 980. He has not been on the last few weeks. Has the show been cancelled? Thanks JB”. As previously mentioned here, Hawes announced a few weeks ago that he was pulling the plug on the show for personal reasons although he may reappear on an occasional basis for big events on the golf calendar such as the Ryder Cup and Masters. On a related note, with most of The Team 980’s weekday hosts away on vacation the station’s been using the likes of Chick Hernandez (recently let go by NBC Sports Washington), ex-Redskin Fred Smoot, veteran broadcaster Al Koken and longtime Terps basketball analyst Chris Knoche to fill timeslots – on-air auditions in anticipation of a possible major shakeup of the daily lineup heading into football season, perhaps? I understand that Phil Wood’s been off the Nationals radio postgame show and MASN programming over the past few weeks while recuperating from heart surgery – it’s a shame that he apparently won’t be able to work the upcoming All Star Game and associated festivities because few if anyone else in local media are capable of covering those events and putting them in the proper historical perspective the way he can. Mike, Fairfax (7/9/18)

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RE: Mike in Kensington/ATSC 3.0… Not only will Sinclair start with ATSC 3.0 in Baltimore, but most likely in DC at the same time. I read the very long channel sharing agreement between WDCW 50 and Univision’s WFDC 14. Nearly half of the agreement is simply redacted blacked out pages. That means it's likely there’s a plan in place to move WJLA’s 1.0 HD signal to WFDC at some point as Sinclair takes WJLA 7 to ATSC 3.0 before anyone else. This is of course assuming the Sinclair/Tribune merger goes through. One of the things not often mentioned about the merger is that if it fails, it will set ATSC 3.0 back by several years as Sinclair is one of the few station groups with enough duopolies to facilitate an easier faster transition for a lot of stations nationwide. Few if any of the other sharing agreements I’ve read seemed to have finite plans of any kind for how they were going to deal with ATSC 3.0 and several of the networks gave up duopoly channels in the repack for the money instead. In nearby Salisbury, the ATSC 3.0 dilemma seems to solved by LPTV stations. WBOC, WMDT, and WRDE all now own secondary Low Power TV stations. Ultimately, ATSC 3.0 will support nearly double the channel space as 1.0 if not more, so eventually in the end, it will solve the channel crunch problem, at least until 8K video comes along. — BaltoMedia.net (7/8/18)

More about Sinclair’s ATSC 3.0 plans… According to Rabbitears, WBFF is already testing three 720p channels + one 480i channel on WBFF right now because of them not warning about WUTB’s turn off in time. So WUTB is running on 24.1 (46.6) and 45.2 (46.4). This means they could move WNUV CW 54 over to one of these channels without even making MyNetwork 480i. WNUV CW 54 also has an application pending to maximize its signal to non-directional at a near power limit. All of the current channels that WBFF & WNUV are running would fit together on an ATSC 3.0 WNUV. I’m curious which Sinclair will test first in NextGen 4K TV? WNUV CW or WBFF Fox? Interestingly, WNUV’s original owner was NuVision Television. Ultimately, I assume they’d run Fox in 4K and maybe the CW sometimes in 4K as I believe ATSC 3.0 allows for live switching of resolutions on the fly and certainly variable bit rates. I’m not sure how many 480i SD signals they could run. In DC, WFDC would have to do what WBFF is doing, run WFDC, WDCW, & WJLA all in 720p at the same time, but that would only leave one 480i SD channel left, presumably Antenna TV? In return, the ATSC 3.0 WJLA 7 signal Could run all of the channels at different resolutions with presumably ABC TV in 4K video with occasional Univision programs in 4K when any are available. Does anyone have any clue what the other stations are even pondering? In Baltimore, WMAR, WBAL, & WJZ and their sub-channels could all run on one ATSC 3.0 channel from the candelabra tower, and the other 2 channels could still fit all the ATSC 1.0 signals & sub-channels. In DC, it’s much more complicated because NBC, FOX, & CBS are all transmitted from different locations and even more problematic, they’re all involved in sharing agreements unrelated to ATSC 3.0 and have more sub-channels that would all not fit on a single ATSC 3.0 signal. And then there’s WETA and WMPT. MPT might petition the FCC to allow them to run WMPB 67 in ATSC 1.0 and WMPT 22 in ATSC 3.0 or vice versa. Their signals do overlap, but certainly not completely. It’s kind of fun to imagine what’s going to happen, but it might likely be something completely different involving Low Power TV stations too. As I read it now. an ATSC 1.0 full power signal must stay on the air, but ATSC 3.0 can begin on Low power TV if necessary. (7/8/18)

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I have enjoyed my Saturday morning coffee and breakfast for years listening to Better Golf With Phil Hawes on 980. He has not been on the last few weeks. Has the show been cancelled? Thanks JB (7/7/18)

So Ronica Cleary is no longer on Fox5 as well as being a White House correspondent. She's now the communications director for a guy running for the Senate. People do tend to disappear without notice at that station. And looks like they've done away with their Tuesday Talkers (along with Sarah Fraser). Then I see Fox 5 has brought a new guy, Nick Smith on as an anchor / reporter. (7/7/18)

Re: New WNUV repack date. WNUV is de facto owned by Sinclair, and given how aggressive they are with their ATSC 3.0 advocacy, I wonder if they'll start running ATSC 3.0 on WNUV when they switch frequencies. To do this, they'll have to reduce My24 to SD, at least on WBFF's ATSC 1.0 feed, which would air CW 54-1 in HD. My24's HD feed can remain on cable and satellite, as well as over the 3.0 channel. The existing subchannels (Charge!, TBD, Antenna TV, and Comet) would air over the 3.0 feed, and perhaps over cable and satellite, if retransmission agreements allow. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (7/7/18)

Re: WBAL Radio. I will ask the same question that I have often asked of last place WMAR Channel 2. Is it possible that they make more money where they are than they would make by having to spend money in an attempt to be number 1? (7/7/18)

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"TuneIn Radio Users: Entercom is planning to pull its stations off the app. " That would suck, especially if the Radio.com app doesn't connect to my Google Home. Also, another GD app I have to install and finnd when I need it. (7/6/18)

I posted about this recently, but now it's official. WNUV TV CW 54 Baltimore has been approved by the FCC to leave channel 40 on Sept. 1, 2018 for channel 25. Sinclair hasn't made an official announcement yet, but If you use an antenna to get WNUV, you will have to re-scan your HDTV on that date to continue getting CW 54. T-Mobile intends to start testing cell service on channel 40 in the fall. The rest of the TV Repack channel moves will happen as scheduled unaffected and as usual, those on cable should notice no change, well unless their cable company screws up. —BaltoMedia.net (7/6/18)

Happened to tune in MASN's Nationals postgame show after Sunday's 6-2 loss to the Reds and Johnny Holliday, Ray Knight and F. P. Santangelo were going on and on about how "great" Tanner Roark had pitched from the 2nd inning on. Hello - he gave up five runs in the first inning and that was essentially the ballgame. If you invite someone over for dinner and he spills coffee on your expensive carpeting five minutes after arriving then it doesn't matter if he's the perfect dinner guest from that point on - there's still that darn coffee stain to deal with after all's said and done. A few minutes later, the hosts were gushing about how potent the Nats' offense is to the extent that you almost expected to hear comparisons to the 1927 "Murderer's Row" Yankees at any moment. While I know they've scored a boatload of runs this season, they'd only managed two in the game just completed and I thought postgame shows were supposed to be game recaps - not promos for the team. Switching over to the radio coverage on 106.7 The Fan, I heard Charlie Slowes, Dave Jageler and Phil Wood discussing how Roark's recent poor starts have to be concerning to the team. What a refreshing contrast to the TV side where they seemed to give the pitcher a complete pass for his first inning meltdown (Knight actually suggesting he'd pitched well in that inning but just run into bad luck). Is there some edict from Nats ownership that nobody working the telecasts is allowed to say anything the least bit negative about their play on the field? (7/6/18)

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Larry O'Connor is sitting in for Mark Levin tonight...maybe it'll lead to his show being syndicated, like when Chris Plante sat in for the Rush Limbaugh Show... (7/5/18)

Once again alleged newsradio 1090 shows it’s incompetence during Thursday afternoon drive time. First, there was the functionality illiterate Tashawna Gaines who repeatedly did not know how to pronounce the word “catastrophic.” If she didn’t know how to say it, that might make you wonder who wrote the story for her. Follow that with “I’m in love with my voice but I don’t really know what I’m saying” Steve Ray who was still reporting on the Wednesday parade in Annapolis. It was the same boring report that ran all Thursday morning. Can anyone have a more distinct monotone? Meanwhile, there were multiple afternoon events to commemorate the one week anniversary of the Gazette shootings and 1090 didn’t cover any of them. Guess they were waiting for TV to do the work for them so we can get it a day later and hear about it on Friday morning. I’m sure it will make it into one of those phony “on the streets covering your neighborhood” promos. Kudos to the Baltimore Sun for a very we’ll done video of the tribute and moment of silence inside the Gazette newsroom. Maybe Steve “the voice” Ray could have just watched that video and made an attempt to give us a report on something timely. Please return the one competent news reporter, Bill Vanko, to his rightful place in afternoons. (7/5/18)

Re: Fox 21 being SD-only over the air. It is possible that at least one local cable and satellite provider paid $$$$ to WBOC to keep the HD feed from airing OTA. Back when WBOC got FOX affiliation, the MPEG-2 encoders of the day couldn't comfortably fit two HD feeds into a single ATSC feed, and given how the FOX HD splicer works, it left little room for even two SD subchannels, let alone the CBS 1080i signal. FOX probably had little choice but to accept SD for its OTA feed, if they wanted to provide the affiliation agreement. WBOC may have thought to get some free money to take advantage of the situation. These days, encoding has improved to the point that it's possible to do 720p+1080i+480i within the splicer system, but any past contractual agreements with cable operators would still apply. I doubt WBOC or WMDT will quickly invest in ATSC 3.0; there aren't many full-power options to channel-share and keep all the existing ATSC 1.0 HD feeds in HD. Also, in that media market, I doubt there would be much initial consumer interest, anyway. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington (7/5/18)

Here’s a question I’ve always wondered. Why does the Fox Network allow WBOC Fox 21 to run the network over the air in 480i standard definition? Even WMDT runs The CW in 720p over the air. And why does WBOC have network exclusivity over WTTG Fox 5 on the shore while not even running the network in HD over the air? Since when can low-def sub-channels have network or syndication exclusivity? Are there really many places left that do not run network programming in HD anymore? Shouldn’t this be an FCC requirement given that the digital switch was mandatory? With ATSC 3.0 Next Gen TV on the horizon, this seems seriously small town, even by Salisbury standards. Even Low Power WRDE Coast TV is running NBC in 1080i. :( (7/5/18)

Hi Dave, Thanks for your post on WGTS’ sale. You always do a good job on your site and I look to you for news on the broadcast industry in our area. In an effort to give you the most accurate information, I’m sending you our press release regarding the station. To clarify, the university retains no control of the station. In essence, the station is buying itself to make it an organization that can focus solely on broadcasting. This is not a transitional move. This is a move to strengthen WGTS as a strong, local broadcaster and to enable it to grow as such. There are no plans to sell to another group. The station will maintain a back-up studio and support services on the campus of Washington Adventist University, but that will simply be a rental agreement with the school. They will have no say over the station. (7/5/18)

TuneIn Radio Users: Entercom is planning to pull its stations off the app. 105.7 is currently running a promo: "the only way you can take The Fan with you anytime anywhere is the Radio.Com app." (7/5/18)

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Poster asks about Linda Sherman. She did have a nice long run at WQSR ... and she also spent some time at WYST (92 Star), WASH (co-hosting the short-lived 'Continental Breakfast' with Arthur Crofton 1985-86) ... and, IIRC, at some point WCAO. (7/4/18)

I think the sale of WGTS from the University to a new non-profit is actually designed to keep EMF from purchasing it and putting the KLOVE format on there, rather than the speculation that it may be a precursor to an EMF purchase. It's a win-win. The University gets the cash from its asset. And the station gets to keep on doing what it is doing (quite successfully) with its existing staff and management, under the new 501c3. Best of all it stays local. (7/4/18)

Shore News: WCTG 96.5 FM, The Variety Station, has been approved to move from Chincoteague to West Pocomoke City, MD, moving it pretty much into the Salisbury market and somewhat out of the Chincoteague, VA market. They are still Class A and have made several attempts to expand their signal, but been turned down. Third time is the charm I guess here. Makes me wonder though, will they try for Class B1 status again from this location? Hmm. -- BaltoMedia.net (7/4/18)

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I found the newscaster I was looking for. It was Linda Sherman. She worked at WQSR. I thought she had also worked at WCAO and WASH but I guess I am wrong. Does anybody know? (7/3/18)

I’m trying to think of a female newscaster who worked at WCAO in the 60’s or the 70’s. She may have worked also at WASH. Can anybody help me? Thanks, Bruce (7/3/18)

While some of the criticisms of newsradio 1090 are unfair and exaggerated, I will say there is the complete lack of attention to detail that used to set this once fine station apart from the others. For instance, on Monday afternoon a news anchor kept talking about the Gazette shooting and saying "when the bullets were flying." The suspect used a shotgun, which technically, doesn't shoot bullets. And there is valid criticism of the station's inability to break news. The day of the shooting, Robert Lang repeatedly gave us the organization structure of tronc. Who cares? Why wasn't he working sources (if he had any) instead of letting himself get scooped by the competition. There is way too much regurgitation of the same story -- a day later after it's been on TV and an afternoon later after it's been on the news all morning. The very basic skill of advancing the story and finding a new angle has fallen by the wayside. (7/3/18)

With WYRE AM 810 gone for a year and/or for good, I wonder if WWFD AM 820 could increase and improve their signal. That is their only impediment to the east. There are very few AM 820s on the air. Two impediments are WNYC AM 820 at 10kw, but that’s a good distance during the daytime and then Richmond’s WNTW AM 820, a bit closer. (7/3/18)

So we know when WDCA 20 moves to Fox 5, but that doesn’t answer the more important question. Where are all the WDCA sub-channels going? WTTG already has Me-TV and BUZZR. It seems unlikely that MOVIES, Heroes & Icons, and Light TV will all fit as well with 2 HD channels? I realize there’s no legal responsibility to disclose this, but I’m sure viewers would like to know. Is there some reason to hide the info? (7/3/18)

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My recent chat with Dave Kolesar & more about WWFD AM 820 going all AM DIGITAL at BaltoMedia.net... "Dave Kolesar The lab and field tests have shown that all-digital AM HD works much better than the hybrid mode, both in terms of audio quality (higher bitrate) and range. The signal should work past the point where a listener would typically tune away from the analog signal because of noise. Track data and even album art are possible, giving AM parity with FM HD, satellite, and internet streaming in the car dash. It also stays within +/- 10 kHz RF bandwidth, unlike the hybrid mode. In other words, it represents a big technical improvement to the AM service, and it's my personal belief that AM broadcasting should head in this direction. I first talked with Xperi about taking WWFD all-digital at CES in 2017, and we're finally at the point where we are ready to try it out. As the PD and engineer of the music station in question, I'd rather take my chances with the ~20% of cars with HD-enabled receivers in the market now than try to convince everyone else to listen to music on analog AM.” Balto Media Correct me Dave if I'm wrong, but my understanding of this is that current car owners with HD-Radio units will still get this signal, but maybe not the entire DTS extra features and stuff? Dave Kolesar Yes, all current HD AM radios have the all-digital mode "baked in" to the firmware and will receive the audio and track data. Not all cars can display album art, as that is a newer feature. The same would apply to any ancillary data services." (7/2/18)

The WVAB/WBVA saga is over: Birach is donating the licenses and what little equipment there is left to Multicultural Media and Telecom Council. Although the stations are allegedly operational since April, the FCC will allow them to go silent for another 12 months per the agreement - it seems like this is part of some sort of settlement with them, although there are no documents. MMTC's purpose is to eventually LMA or sell the station to a minority operator. (fcc.gov) (7/2/18)

REF:[So what's the consensus on the most informative & accurate coverage of the shooting attack in Annapolis] Piss poor. The Baltimore stations, including alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090, spent their entire time reading every one else's tweets instead of working the story themselves. It is pathetic when the major networks and their out-of-town reporters break exclusive leads on the story, including NBC's identification of the alleged shooter. The events have become all about the alleged reporters and not the story. They even interviewed the media-hungry Baltimore police spokesman who had nothing to do with the events in Annapolis. These stations were hell-bent on being first with the information to the point of reporting what turned out to be erroneous information on the suspect alleging that he had "damaged his fingers" to avoid being identified through finger prints and that police had to use "facial recognition technology" to positively identify him. The information was eventually debunked during a police briefing when the deputy police chief with the Anne Arundel County Police Department basically said the information was bullshit. WBAL-TV even interviewed former Baltimore police spokesman Rob Weinhold, now a self-employed "terrorism expert," on the facial recognition technology. What a circus, and what a shame. For the next several days after the shooting, alleged news radio 1090 did what it does every other day: send a wanna-be reporter to the streets to regurgitate the day-old tv news sound bites with day-old newspaper re-writes. And as if all of this were not enough, these clueless, so-called "journalists" gave carte blanche to a boatload of politicians who flocked to the cameras to puke up their political poppycock from gun control to mental illness. It was laughable, but sad, to see just how pitiful Baltimore's news coverage has become. (7/2/18)

Many years ago, digital radio transmission designers iBiquity had their offices in Columbia, MD. One afternoon I drove by their office building parking lot and saw one of their engineers working in a van with the doors open. I pulled in and had a chat with him. At the time, he was tuned to an AM digital test station. I don't know if it was on 1660 KHz (wasn't there a test conducted with 860 KHz?). It was interesting to hear the high fidelity signal but also interesting to hear the static of an approaching thunderstorm. I wonder what other AM ills befall digital? (7/2/18)

Thought it was funny that there is STILL a page on the Washington "CBS Local" website that says you can "Contact The Big Talker 1580"! Imagine, a format on the frequency from AT LEAST four flips ago (subsequent formats are the ill-fated "Gov Biz Radio", followed by CBS Sports Radio, Connecting Vets and the current El Zol Deportes) is still on the server! And it lists Rob Sanchez as a contact - he just left to join iHeartMedia in Boston. And I think Lauren Sapienza is with iHeart, as well. washington.cbslocal.com (7/2/18)

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July 1, 2018.....How are the two largest radio stocks doing now? iHeart stock is selling at 48 cents per share. This is an all time low! CUMULUS MEDIA,INC is selling at 6 cents per share OTC......Potential Buyers are looking at both companies. (7/1/18)

Noticed something odd in the FCC Licensing and Management System… WDVM 25 Hagerstown filed a required Children’s TV Report to the FCC claiming they’re an NBC affiliate and aired the NBC weekend children’s programming schedule in the 2nd quarter of 2018. How is that possible? (7/1/18)

I love, love LOVE Hot 99.5's Party, but for the life of me I can't find any information about it. I really want to know who the DJ is. There's gotta be someone who knows something about the show. From, Amar (7/1/18)

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