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RE: “Julie Swetnick? We've really got to endure references to Julie Swetnick in these idiotic and seemingly endless back-n-forths between "Gus" and (probably) himself in the DCRTV Mailbag?!? This is beyond sad. It's a sign at just how far this site and forum have slipped. Sad.” Well my lawyer says any press is good press as long as they spell your name right (that’s Swetnick, S-W-E-T-N-I-C-K) so my thanks to Gus in the Gaithersburg for keeping my profile high in the World Famous DCRTV Mailbag: I need all the publicity I can get and am willing to take on all comers so to speak! And on the advice of my attorney, “The Creepy Porn Lawyer”, I am making a “Pay Pal” (and boy is he going to pay) donation of $22 to DCRTV in honor of Dave Hughes’ 22 years of, like me, servicing the Washington community. Signed, Julie in the Gaithersburg: www.paypal.me/dcrtv (9/30/18)

Julie Swetnick? We've really got to endure references to Julie Swetnick in these idiotic and seemingly endless back-n-forths between "Gus" and (probably) himself in the DCRTV Mailbag?!? This is beyond sad. It's a sign at just how far this site and forum have slipped. Sad. (9/30/18)

WQLL 1370 AM is kind of a costly pet project for Mangione. Separate tower sites built in 2 completely different locations and a total of 12 towers! Might have already owned the land, but music on DC’s AM radio stations is a bit of trouble as there are few AMs that were designed to cover what is today’s DC market and land prices have made any movies or upgrades very costly. Baltimore conversely, still has AMs that cover the entire market, 600, 680, 1300, 1370, and of course 1090. Even WCRW with 50kw is still very limited at night. WUST has no night signal at all, well except maybe right across the street from the tower. I will say one thing though. WCRW is on Loudon county land and there’s lots of unused space there and few NIMBYs there to really notice the towers. I just don’t think they would attempt to build any more towers to expand their night time signal. Cost benefit analysis just doesn’t make much sense in today’s radio. I wonder if Mangione has made all his money back just on building AM Q1370. (9/30/18)

RE: “406 error. It's entirely possible that it's caused by the HTTP request my browser is sending. Gus in the Gaithersburg”. Once again, Gus, Gus, Gus: don’t worry about the “406 error”, worry about the “69 error” you keep getting visiting porn sites that your mother has banned you from visiting (since she reads DCRTV’s World Famous Mailbag, she now knows about) in your underwear from her basement. Didn’t you get enough from your Gaithersburg High School classmate Julie Swetnick back in the day at those Kavanaugh parties? From the Gus in the Gaithersburg Patch: patch.com (9/30/18)

Was pulling up 94.7 HD2 playlist on radio.com to show a coworker what types of stations are on HD radio in the DC area Early in the week the playlist same as usual lots of 70s and 80s some 60s Beatles Stones then around Wednesday it started resembling the once great WCBSFM in New York lots of 80s some early 90s but little 70s and if it was it was mainly late 70s like Staying Alive or Fleetwood Mac there was only one early 70s song in 2 hrs Lets Get itOn Marvin Gaye no more CCR Three Dog Night and other late 60s early 70s so I guess there going In a different direction pretty sad even on HD radio you cant find real oldies at least here in DC True WKCW 1420 Plays 70s and occasional 60s but it would be nice to hear those songs in stereo and AM has interference alot..The Wash HD 2 station I heart Cool Oldues still plays early 70s I heard on Saturday I Can See Clearly Now Saturday In The Park and Drift Away all from around 72,and in a 2 hr period heard 4 60s songs Mrs.Robinson Simon and Garfunkel Im a Believer Monkees Cant Help Myself Four Tops and Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison still both HD stations suffer from a repetitive playlist more so 94.7 HD2 Wanna Be Starting Something from Michael Jackson was played 4 times in 2 days as well as several other songs played too much if there becoming an 80s station lets get some variety how about Smiths Devo Edie Brickell I can see why people stream music. (9/30/18)

DC needs a Q1370. While WASH and MIX do a *meh* job of weaving in some 25+ year old tunes, a dedicated signal with live local talent is painfully absent. WCRW: you listening? (9/30/18)

Hector Hannibal out at WHUR... Hannibal and a few changes on Friday. Any news on the moves? (9/30/18)

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Just turned on NBC4 & who do I see but their former weather guy Clay Anderson doing the weather!!! Guess he’s one of the people they’ll be rotating through until they replace Somara Theodore. But hey, talk about blast from the past. Especially since he was cut about 10 years ago (9/29/18)

I'm no expert but the many sources of interference increasing for AM how would digital AM benefit from it? Wouldn't excessive dropouts occur? I tried out a Honda At a dealer that had FM Hd radio here in Wood bridge VA and the Gamut and a few other HD stations you would loose at traffic lights and if a building was in the way.Also does anybody who reads DCRTV have one of the supposed better radios for AM like CC Crane or the old GE Superadio was wondering how they perform on AM ? I understand if interference is there no radio no matter how good will help? Fortunately the one AM station I like 1420 WKCW classic hits comes in quite good here in the house and car ( daytime only) and yes would be nice if the 2 mentioned AMs that have been sold do a unique format. (9/29/18)

Has Ray Knight been fired by MASN? He hasn’t been on since September 14th and his Twitter feed has also been silent. No mention of his whereabouts by the other MASN personalities. (9/29/18)

Thanks for pre-empting my Britcoms, MPT! It has to be said: Christine Blasey Ford, who is 2 years younger than Kavanaugh, looks like she went to school with Hillary Clinton. The secret word is "haggard". Say the secret word and win a thousand dollars. I don't know who to believe; liberal and conservative media both seem to be whistling past the graveyard. No one talks about his complicity in the Vince Foster murder coverup. There used to be an article about it at dcdave.com/article5/180715.htm but now that link yields "Not Acceptable An appropriate representation of the requested resource /article5/180715.htm could not be found on this server.", a 406 error. It's entirely possible that it's caused by the HTTP request my browser is sending. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/29/18)

\ Virginia Forwood Pate Wetter, a prominent life-long resident of Havre de Grace, Maryland, died in her home on September 25, 2018... This lady was a pioneer in broadcasting www.legacy.com..... In 1941, she married Jason Thomas Pate of Atlanta, Georgia. Together, they created the Chesapeake Broadcasting Corporation, opening in 1948 as the first radio broadcast station between Baltimore and Wilmington. On Mr. Pate's death in 1960, Mrs. Wetter became the chairman and CEO of the Chesapeake Broadcasting Corporation, the parent of stations WASA (AM) and WHDG (FM). Mrs. Wetter had an outstanding career in broadcasting, one of only five women nationwide to manage a broadcast operation when she assumed management. Early on, she recognized the possibility of cable television and secured the cable franchise for Harford County, the beginnings of Comcast in the county. (9/29/18)

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If I understand "light dimmers" correctly it's hard to see how they would interfere with AM reception. Aren't they just potentiometers? One item left off the list was home security systems; you can often know if the security system is turned on by walking on the sidewalk in front of the house with an AM radio. Question: if your outdoor lights interfere with your reception of digital TV how would digital AM radio solve this problem? Imagine building a digital crystal radio. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/28/18)

Loved your interview with Neal Stevens, brought back a lot of old, old memories! But the reason I'm writing is the new Murphy Brown show on CBS. The program she hosts is "Murphy in the Morning". I love it! I'm like a bad penny, just keep popping up in DC media! The trademark ran out years ago for my hold on the name but it made me laugh to see it on the TV. By the way, I retired to Montana several years ago. I have Stage 4 Metastic Bone Cancer of the Spine and the V.A. here is taking wonderful care of me keeping me comfortable and as out of pain as possible. I check DCRTV every once in a while just to see what is going on in DC. Thanks and many thanks for the mention on the Neal Stevens interview. Pat "Murphy in the Morning". (9/28/18)

Re: "So, Baltimore television is airing a gubernatorial political ad with a news clip of current WJZ political reporter Pat Warren doing a live shot lifted from one of their newscasts. Really???!" Pol, please? (9/28/18)

RE: "I personally would love it if WINX flipped to classic rock, but it’s doing well with country." Actually, no it's not. The station has lost over 20k in cume since making the change to Westwood One's bland country format. Actually, going Classic Rock with that killer signal would be great, as no the mid-shore has no local classic rocker, even though if Forever did flip 94.3 to Rocky, it would not be local. (9/28/18)

It's only a matter of time before AM radio goes all digital, and for good reason. Over the years AM station transmission facilities have aged, not many owners have been investing in new ground systems, which are about 50% of the signal. Many plants that were in the sticks are surrounded by urban growth. Power lines and associated equipment have also aged, with more arcing and noise being radiated and utilities doing little unless complaints come in.. Add to that a somewhat weak FCC in regard to Part 15 radiators and their enforcement. With today's technologies, there is far more interference to AM, and SW for that matter. Wireless routers, CFC and LED lighting, computers and servers, dimmer switch's, switching power suppliers etc., all Part 15 devices. I still have OTA TV in Aberdeen. A few years back, I updated to LED lighting outside first. Funny thing is, the outdoor lights would come on and goodbye TV! All pixilation, trial and error to narrow it down. NO AM reception in my neighborhood from all the noise except for 970. Even outside the neighborhood the noise floor is very high, thus very little on AM, even 50kw WBAL is spotty just 35 miles away. Oh yea, I have to add this too, piss poor quality AM radios, both portable and in vehicles. No more sensitivity, selectivity, and a frequency response that rolls off at about 3-4 khz, when AM analog is transmitting 9khz or so if not in stereo. Doesn't look like the FCC really cared when the manufacturers cut back the quality. Back when I was at WCAO and WXYV in the late 80's, we could punch up either station using good air monitors and hear very little change except on the high end. That was the way AM should sound, it was even better in the 50's! The FCC, in my opinion has allowed AM to die slowly. Full digital like they use overseas , plus compelling live programming is what AM needs sooner than later. There was a time I got upset at the thought of having to toss my really good vintage radios. Not anymore. I'd like to see AM reborn. Stations testing full digital are going in the right direction and are the trailblazers! Once in digital, I also question the viability of the clear channel 50kw allocations, maybe I am wrong on that one and welcome your thoughts. Changes are coming with technologies, even the TV receivers we switched to in 2009 will become dated with ATSC 3.0 (NextGen TV) coming to a market near you! It's going to take a concerted effort to make the right choices for AM's to become viable again, better sooner than later when the AM listeners have all died off. Tom Conroy WXCY (9/28/18)

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RE: WBAL radio. In no way was I suggesting that WBAL’s ratings was due to its signal which is certainly a monster signal daytime. It was only a suggestion that FM might gain more types of listeners regardless of the product since many people no longer listen to AM radio at all. Some don’t even have it in the car anymore. (9/27/18)

DCRTV cord cutting fans who now have antennas seeking to watch the Thursday U.S. Senate Kavanaugh hearings best bet is WETA live, commercial free coverage beginning at 10:00AM. Otherwise, C-SPAN will have live coverage also commercial free. It will be better than any soap opera and more salacious than Mash “Hot Lips” re-runs: weta.org (9/27/18)

"WBAL Radio’s “sagging ratings” have less to do with the station’s poor signal and more to do with the station’s poor product. Even screaming the news in the morning is not enough to penetrate the weak signal areas." You realize you're saying the problem IS the weak signal, right? Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/27/18)

WMAL went C-SPAN radio Wednesday afternoon starting at 5:00PM by pre-empting The Larry O’Connor Show (who kept doing play-by-play) into The Mark Levin Show for Trump’s UN News Conference which was about anything but the UN: it was almost all Kavanaugh questions. Trump was at his best or worst depending on your view, berating Democrats as “Cons”, asking questions to reporters asking questions, using the term “Fake news” repeatedly, and generally acting like a stand-up act: perhaps his funniest news conference yet! You Tube link: www.youtube.com (9/27/18)

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REF:[From FCC filings] WBAL Radio’s “sagging ratings” have less to do with the station’s poor signal and more to do with the station’s poor product. Even screaming the news in the morning is not enough to penetrate the weak signal areas. (9/26/18)

RE: WCRW and WUST: MEGA-KUDOS to the person who posted that either or both of those stations should be dedicated to unique formats not being done by other broadcasters! The suggestion for doing local talent would be an EXCELLENT choice for 1120! There is so much local talent that is not being aired on local radio that should be! There's a station in Cocoa Beach Florida (WKQK @ 1300) www.facebook.com/radio1300 that has a local music format and seem to be doing well with it. Now on 1190, I'd like to see either a classic country/bluegrass format or a pop-standards format. These are all genres being overlooked by current broadcasters. (9/26/18)

RE: “Cumulus Extends Contract For Bill Hess”. Does this mean that Hess will be able to afford to take DCRTV Dave out for lunch again? And no fast food dump, at least Clydes in Reston: www.clydes.com/reston (9/26/18)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Affiliate Relations Pro Julie Bell---On The Loose: After 20 years as a top sales performer with United Stations, Affiliate Relations Pro Julie Bell is now in play. Julie is ready to benefit her next team with strong sales skills, numerous key radio station/industry relationships---along with an abundance of loyalty and passion. Ms. Bell's previous industry stops include Vallie-Richards Consulting, B.I.A. and a stint as Research Director at EZ Communications' Top 40 WBMW (B106)/Washington in the late '80s. She is now ready to get rolling with her new opportunity and can be reached at 703-909-5678 and/or Julieahbell@gmail.com. (9/26/18)

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From FCC filings, it appears WBAL radio has run into technical difficulties in putting WBAL 101.5 FM on the air. They have requested an extension to Feb, 2019 to work out the transmitter issues on the candelabra tower. The FM signal couldn't come at a better time with the recent sagging ratings. -- BaltoMedia.net (9/25/18)

RE: WINX …. Forever Media has gone on the cheap using the Westwood One country service in place of local jocks on WINX. It wouldn’t take much to flip to their classic rock service and go as “Rocky 94.3”. Kind of surprised they haven’t tested WINX as “Froggy 94.3” Doubt the signal overlaps much with Froggy 99.9. MLB4 (9/25/18)

The Washington Examiner’s ace veteran reporter Paul Bedard in his “Washington Secrets” column reports that WMAL talker Mark Levin has excelled in the cable television ratings since launching his “Life, Liberty and Levin” show on Fox News Channel earlier this year: “That was fast. Media mogul Mark Levin’s Sunday Fox News show has surged to No. 1 on cable news in just seven months. New ratings showed that the popular conservative lawyer and commentator didn’t just win his 10 p.m. slot on Sunday, but according to Adweek's TVNewser it had the biggest audience of any cable news show last weekend, one in which there was intense interest by viewers in the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.” Interviewing Levin, Bedard writes Levin is the busiest news personality in the business, with his nightly radio show, an Internet TV show on CRTV, his Fox show on Sundays, and writings. Levin told Secrets, "We couldn’t be more pleased to have such a loyal, smart and patriotic audience. It’s also a pleasure working with the terrific folks at Fox and CRTV." Bedard’s “Washington Secrets”: www.washingtonexaminer.com (9/25/18)

I personally would love it if WINX flipped to classic rock, but it’s doing well with country. As much as I dislike country, it has a lot of fans in places like Kent Island, Centreville and Grasonville where WINX comes in and none of the other Eastern Shore country stations reach. Classic Rock would do well too since 100.7 The Bay and DC’s Big 100.3 are very spotty in the area, but why fix what isn’t broken? (9/25/18)

Boy The Baltimore Sun’s headline today sure is timely and topical, “Have You Been Lynched Today?” I’m exaggerating the title, but seriously the top story for today’s Baltimore Sun is about LYNCHING! Meanwhile young black men die every day from each other’s bullets. Oh, more gun control and less lynching, problem solved. To say that newspaper has jumped the shark would be an understatement. (9/25/18)

WBOC & WRDE both on channel 21 (soon 32) would be a monster signal increase for WRDE NBC Coast TV, who’s biggest complaint is non-reception, followed by master control issues. With CBS, FOX, & NBC, Draper would be a formidable competitor to anyone let one little ole WMDT 47/ABC. it might be legal, but is it in the best interest of the viewers of Delmarva? The lack of competition? This transaction pretty much encourages everyone in the market to invest less and less money in the market in my opinion. I see a very short-lived upside followed by years of neglect in local Delmarva TV. (9/25/18)

Pioneer cord cutter DCRTV Dave should be pleased to know that antennas are making a big comeback with millions using the once dated device to watch local television: minnesota.cbslocal.com (9/25/18)

So, Baltimore television is airing a gubernatorial political ad with a news clip of current WJZ political reporter Pat Warren doing a live shot lifted from one of their newscasts. Really???! (9/25/18)

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[So, another country station in the Salisbury/OC market. This after Adams Radio Group CEO Ron Stone said that 98.5 would be something new that the market needs. Well the market does not need another country format. There already six; 97.9, 99.3, 99.9, 100.9, 101.1, 106.3. Why can’t we think outside the box? How about an 80’s/90’s format? Something different than Jack-FM and CTG. I guess it doesn’t matter since no one is going to beat Q105 and Froggy.] Don't forget 94.3 WINX and 94.7 WDSD in Dover that the 98.5 signal has to go up against. And now the central Eastern Shore and parts of Sussex County don't have a classic rock station since 107.7 has a terrible signal to the north and west of Salisbury. Perhaps this would be an opportunity for WINX to step up and change format to classic rock? (9/24/18)

Mark Levin offering an olive branch to Michael Savage? Saying he had his differences with Savage in past years, Levin included Savage as among the conservative talk radio pioneers – “like Rush Limbaugh” – who have made it possible for the younger up and coming ones like Ben Shapiro. Levin’s inclusion of Savage is likely due to the announcement today that “Westwood One is shaking up its weekday afternoon Conservative Talk block in January 2019. Michael Savage’s “The Savage Nation” will cut back from three hours to one hour daily from 3-4pm eastern while Ben Shapiro takes over the 4-6pm slot.” While Levin and Savage have traded barbs for years, Levin was trying to take the role of wise elder to let Shapiro, who’s hour podcast show is on WMAL right after Levin’s from 9:00PM to 10:00PM, know he should respect his elders. No word if Shapiro’s expanded hours will further cut into John Batchelor’s 10:00PM to 1:00AM slot on WMAL after already taking an hour from his show earlier this year. More on Westwood One’s changes: radioinsight.com (9/24/18)

(re: Your September 19th DCRTV headline) "Levin's Mystery Absence Confuses Listeners." Let's face it, the typical Mark Levin listener was born confused and has been losing ground ever since. Thanks in no small part to Levin's insane ramblings. (9/24/18)

Forget Judge Kavanaugh, listen to Judge Judy, who, if his accusers were before her in court would receive a grilling and the a stern lecture (“You were drunk around a bunch of drunk boys! What did you think would happen?”). Trump should have nominated her to SCOTUS in the first place. TMZ says Judge Judy, seen locally on WTTG weekdays from 4:00PM to 5:00PM, explains: www.tmz.com (9/24/18)

A LPTV channel sharing with a full power or CA does not change the protected status of the full power station. www.broadcastlawblog.com... If it did, no full power station would channel share with a LPTV. The LPTV can be kicked off the full power station when the contract term runs out, but for the full power station, all that changes is less bit rate for their programming and someone helping pay the electric bill. On the other hand, a CA or a Full Power being guests of a LPTV host does not give the LPTV protected status. So if WUTB had decided to channel share with WWDD [which would never have happened, this is an example] and WPHA-CD in Philly wanted to increase their coverage with more HATT/pattern change they would displace WWDD which could push WWDD/WUTB off the air until WUTB found a new channel sharing partner. (9/24/18)

Ok Dave, When the AM630 towers coming down??. What up with Lisa doing traffic on MAL??? (9/24/18)

Dave's response: Lisa Baden back on WMAL? Honestly, I don't listen any more. I can't take all the Trump shit. Plus, Bill Hess doesn't buy me lunches any more. Anybody know what's up with that? As for the demolition of the 630 towers, I've been reading reports that there's a lot of NIMBY stuff going on from the neighbors around the site that's delaying the rezoning, which, I assume, is a condition of the land sale deal.....

The answer to the WBOC/WRDE sharing possibility is interesting. Sure WBOC would be vulnerable to displacement, but would the FCC take out CBS, FOX, & NBC from one market for such a technical reason? Seems incredibly unlikely. I would take that bet. (9/24/18)

Dave DCRTV has not had much about the Kavanaugh nomination in peril but since it dominates radio, television, print and internet media, perhaps something would be of interest. It seems that once again, The Drudge Report, has first news about a breaking news story in New York Magazine by Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer that claims Kavanaugh participated in wild sex parties, including a “dildo” used on a woman. You can’t make this stuff up: www.newyorker.com (9/24/18)

So, another country station in the Salisbury/OC market. This after Adams Radio Group CEO Ron Stone said that 98.5 would be something new that the market needs. Well the market does not need another country format. There already six; 97.9, 99.3, 99.9, 100.9, 101.1, 106.3. Why can’t we think outside the box? How about an 80’s/90’s format? Something different than Jack-FM and CTG. I guess it doesn’t matter since no one is going to beat Q105 and Froggy. (9/24/18)

"Gus, Gus, Gus: where’s the love for those who have served their nation in our military? " No love whatsoever. I support the war but I hate our troops. I especially hate Bradley Manning and Dakota Fanning (not a soldier but still). Noted with hook nosed interest: Mark Levin is back. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/24/18)

Thanks for the link to the Wikipedia article on Bernie Ward but it doesn’t explain why he’s a familiar radio host to me if I always lived in DC and never in San Francisco. Did he routinely sub remotely for somebody around here? You sure he didn’t work for 980 at any point when he was here in DC in the early 80s? - Max Critic (9/24/18)

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Proof that WMAL’s publicists (or at least Bill Hess) read the DCRTV Mailbag! From September 9th Mailbag: “The Washington Post tv & radio sports listings for Sunday, September 9th does not include The Sports Junkies “Unofficial Pre-Game Show” from 11:00AM to 1:00PM on WJFK 106.7 FM nor WMAL 105.9 FM pre-game and live coverage of the Skins vs. Cardinals game starting at 3:00PM and only lists WTEM 980 AM. WMAL & WJFK publicists: call your office. What gives, Dave?” Well in the Sunday, September 23rd edition of The Washington Post’s ‘TV and Radio Listing for September 23rd” WMAL is finally listed as carrying the Redskins vs. Packers game: “1 p.m. Green Bay at Washington WTTG (Ch. 5), WTEM (980 AM), WMAL (105.9 FM, 630 AM)”. Memo to WJFK’s publicists: get the Sports Junkies Unofficial Pregame Show in the listings! www.washingtonpost.com (9/23/18)

Bernie Ward ..... wikipedia.org (9/23/18)

Seems like lately, Angie Goff has been anchoring every other weekend vs every weekend. Maybe it’s due to requested time off. But wondering if she’s being transitioned into the Mon-Fri schedule (9/23/18)

"Now that WBOC CBS 16 has bought low power WRDE NBC Coast TV, could they legally enter in to a sharing agreement?" Well, they could just add WRDE as a subchannel without a sharing agreement. But, the FCC has passed rules allowing channel-sharing agreements by LDs outside the context of the auction. (No LDs that entered the auction were allowed to channel-share, only CDs.) There are a couple of rules that seem intended to discourage it - notably, a full-powered host becomes subject to displacement like an LD would be. For obvious reasons, I don't think anyone has done it yet. www.wileyrein.com (9/23/18)

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FCC & Cigs/Alcohol… The FCC has control over “The Peoples Airwaves.” That means radio & TV broadcasts including to some extent content. There is no content rule with the FCC with regards to things you pay for. So the FCC has no control over ads you see streaming content or really anything on the internet. This could possibly change if the internet is ever regarded as a strict utility. (9/22/18)

Here’s an interesting thought. Now that WBOC CBS 16 has bought low power WRDE NBC Coast TV, could they legally enter in to a sharing agreement and make WRDE a sub-channel at full power? (9/22/18)

Just read the riveting story in today’s Post on troublesome figure Mark Judge. I’m now recalling all his bylines in the Post. The article mentions his “religion and sexuality” teacher at Georgetown Prep, Bernie Ward. Wasn’t he a host on 980 in DC back in the first talk years? ... - Max Critic (9/22/18)

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RE: Gus in Gaithersburg. Who knew that even Trump is talking about DCRTV Mailbag regular “Gus in (the) Gaithersburg”? And the previous poster was wrong about Gus & the military: seems Gus proudly serves in the Antifa! But he does live in his mom and dad’s basement. More from Trump on Gus: www.thegarewaypundit.com (9/21/18)

I guess it's an open secret that Comcast sends out its self-install HD boxes set to 720p. Found instructions online on how to reset mine to 1080p, Much better picture now on my 55" screen. Not sure why they do that these days. (9/21/18)

"Bob A. Bowie"? [Groan] ... that's almost as bad as Lou Kadeesh (say it in a Greaseman voice). (9/21/18)

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To the person who saw a Newport ad on The Roku Channel well contact your cable company since what one sees on Roku in Baltimore isn't the same as say in Fairfax. The Newport ad doesn't surprise me though because I see ads all the time on the streaming channels at my house for things that would not be allowed on regular TV. I see guys and girls advertising things like KY Jelly and Rush poppers on the adult channels ( I admit it !! ), When will ads for Rush be seen on CBS ?? Never !!! I saw an ad for Asylum 13 cigars on the 50s channel recently. The ad was shot at a gay wedding and in the end all the guys including the groom and groom were lighting up.. Complain ?? I guess I could do that but since it was shot at a gay wedding people will get the idea I must hate gay people even if I do not. One reason why such ads won't be banned. The marijuana question I I would be curious too. I know sometime ago there was a effort in Denver, Colorado to ban such ads but the millennials had a field day about that. "Nothing wrong with the ads..leave them alone !!" and the ads continued and besides such stations as Denver's FLO 107 would be forced to go off the air since they aired a lot of them. I don't think the FCC cares !! (9/20/18)

"Bob A. Bowie" made a very long post about how he thinks about little boys in the basement with their pants down. Not that there's anything... no, wait there IS something wrong with that. If it walks like a child molester and talks like a child molester you gotta wonder if he knew Junior Burdynski. George Stanley Burdynski Jr. – The Charley Project Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/20/18)

RE: “I love how the sponsors on WMAL tout that their founder and/or staff is ex-military, like it's relevant. Just heard Larry O'Connor sniffing some carpet cleaning guy whose qualification is he served in Iraq. That's precisely the sort of freakshow I do not want in my house so WMAL provides a service in this regard. Gus in the Gaithersburg”. Gus, Gus, Gus: where’s the love for those who have served their nation in our military? The closest you ever got to the military was playing with G.I. Joe dolls. As for YOUR MOTHER’S carpets in HER HOUSE don’t worry: those mean carpet cleaners won’t come down to your room in the basement because the floor is made of rubber so you won’t hurt yourself playing. As for “Does the FCC have statutory or regulatory authority over content delivered over cable? Smart money says no. They also don't control that internet the kids seem to like.” Gus the FCC might not control the internet but your mother does control yours so please keep your pants up, stay off those porn sights, and try to be a good boy, or she will have to shut it off again like last time when you ordered all those “The Girls of Gaithersburg” DVDs. Your pal: Bob A. Bowie (9/20/18)

I haven't seen the Newport ad on Roku and don't see any evidence of such an buy on the 'net, but it wouldn't surprise me if they snuck one through a gap in regulations -- or just defied the rules altogether. After all, Newport is the company that got in trouble for targeting teenagers, for targeting its menthol cigarettes at African-Americans, for including pregnant women in print ads for Newport Lights, and even for handing out free packs of cigarettes to children and INFANTS. Pretty sure even pro-tobacco Americans have been disgusted by Newport for decades. (9/20/18)

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I love how the sponsors on WMAL tout that their founder and/or staff is ex-military, like it's relevant. Just heard Larry O'Connor sniffing some carpet cleaning guy whose qualification is he served in Iraq. That's precisely the sort of freakshow I do not want in my house so WMAL provides a service in this regard. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/19/18)

"Is "television" defined by the source (a broadcast TV station or satellite delivered cable network) or by the reception device (a TV screen or any other non-TV device)? Who knows....." Oh Dave. That seems like a no-brainer. Does the FCC have statutory or regulatory authority over content delivered over cable? Smart money says no. They also don't control that internet the kids seem to like. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/19/18)

An open request to Brian and Patricia Lane: now that you have the reins of radio stations WCRW and WUST, I beg of you: please do not "play it safe" and put up the same-old same-old boilerplate bullcrap heard on every marginal AM station everywhere. You have a shot at putting something amazing up on a 50kW stick, the likes of which have not been heard in this area in ages. Just like another writer suggested, there is a dearth of unique music formats deserving of a shot, with LOCAL TALENT that can do things and be places that syndicated white-bread hosts cannot. Just put out the call and I'll be the first one standing outside the studio on Emma Lane with my audition package. (9/19/18)

Anybody remember Bill Gable at WEAM around 1970? He passed away yesterday, 9/18, at age 69. He was in the business for 46 years retiring in 2014. Worked major markets in the U.S. and Canada including CKLW. More at MediaiaConfidential.com, Audio at RockRadioScrapbook.ca and the CFZM Toronto website. -Thom in Mt. Airy (9/19/18)

I was watching Bewitched the other night on The Roku Channel and what did I see ?? An ad for Newport filter cigarettes !! Not a retro ad from the 60s but a new one with a bunch of 20 somethings puffing on their Newports and listening to hip hop music. OK I know cigarette and cigar ads are banned from TV but The Roku Channel ?? I didn't know one could advertise smokes on streaming services. With that said could you advertise marijuana on TV in places where pot is legal ?? I heard both yes and no. (9/19/18)

Dave's response: In 1970, Congress banned cigarette ads on "television and radio." But is Roku "television"? If you watch Hulu or Netflix or YouTube on a phone or a tablet or a computer screen, is that "television"? Is "television" defined by the source (a broadcast TV station or satellite delivered cable network) or by the reception device (a TV screen or any other non-TV device)? Who knows.....

We'll probably just continue to get brokered religion or ethnic programming on WUST and WCRW. But how cool would it be if the new owners put on programming that could actually attract an audience? Some missing formats locally include country oldies, non-political talk and music of your life. All-comedy (a format pioneered in this market in the early 1980s) could attract an audience. Even though we have 2 (well... 1.5) sports stations, that's another opportunity: 1190 has a decent signal and could function as a flagship for teams like DCUnited, Wizards, UVa, etc. Another dream scenario would be Bloomberg moving off of 99.1 and onto the AM dial, freeing up that frequency. Whatever happens, hopefully the new owners won't choose to follow WFMD's lead and broacast for the 18 listeners of AM digital. (9/19/18)

Hey "Tom in Frederick," please tell me how many times WFRE was below a 15 share the previous 10 years? I'll put it at under 3. It's now been under that mark for three consecutive books. Your comment proves that point. That's failing, especially for a monster station like WFRE which routinely posted numbers in the 15-20 share range. Poor leadership (or no leadership, really) the past couple of years....plain and simple. If not for the morning show, the station would be in serious trouble. Fred (9/19/18)

After Friday's Hatch Act-Logan Act confusion debacle, which he apparently shares with Larry O'Connor, on Tuesday of this week at minute 1:13 Chris Plante repeatedly insisted that "Daesh" (ISIS/ISIL) is pronounced "DAYsh" when every Arabic speaker in the world on TV and radio pronounces it "da-esh". Then I groped him and tried to get his one-piece swimsuit off. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/19/18)

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\/ September 18 Messages \/

The guy who wrote in and said WFRE's ratings have "failed" the past few years doesn't know what he's talking about. The last 3 ratings periods they've gone from 11.0 to 12.1 to 14.3. Not "bigly sad" as stated. Holding their own despite the ever-increasing listening options today. Tom in Frederick (9/18/18)

Your FCC "Regulatory Fees" are due on Tuesday, 9/25/18. This is fee every station must pay or the FCC can demand that you stop broadcasting. There is a increase in the amount every station must pay this year! This is like an additional TAX to operate......Congress has also approved larger funding in 2018 for the FCC. These are your tax dollars at work! By the way, when is Congress going to "Drain the Swamp" at the FCC? (9/18/18)

Can you tell us some of the FCC Regulations that have been dropped since President Trump was elected? Yes, a radio station no longer has to maintain a studio within their "City of License". (9/18/18)

I misread a comment about WYRE. It’s apparently broadcasting from the same tower or some other one, but not WRNR. -BaltoMedia (9/18/18)

When they say dozens of FM, AM, & TV stations total are off the air, nothing says this better than the last broadcast of Sinclair’s WCTI TV 12 in New Bern, NC. The last broadcast online appears to be even before the hurricane hit landfall! And more than 4 days ago. It appears as if they all jumped to ship to another nearby Sinclair station, WPDE ABC 15, further south which apparently is still on the air. Check it out… wcti12/com... The Sinclair Cares Fund is kinda funny. It’s really the Salvation Army Fund and there’s a disclaimer that they are just simply allowing Sinclair to make it seem like it’s their RELIEF FUND. Really? Check that out too… wcti12.com... (9/18/18)

I am told now that WYRE AM 810 is broadcasting from the WRNR tower in Grasonville and that WRNR is doing hourly local ID for both stations, at least during the daytime. I assume an FCC filing is pending. — BaltoMedia.net (9/18/18)

Another AM station who’s license should be yanked by the FCC. Someone mentioned it takes 10 years for the FCC to take action. Well Delaware's WDOV AM 1410 have been operating under STA continuously since 2008! Enough is enough. In one year they blame the FCC for not including an expiration date in the system. BIG WHOOP! It’s 2018 and they haven’t fixed an original transmitter/antenna array problem since 2008? The FCC hasn’t even sent them a warning level! Clearly they have done NOTHING for 10 YEARS! YANK IT FCC! (9/18/18)

Hurricane related station outages: Three AM radio stations are out in the Carolinas from the hurricane, but 2 are daytime only. The only major one is 5000 watt WAAV AM 980 The Wave. Will Cumulous have enough money to rebuild it? Hmm. Many FMs off the air and even a lot of TVs. Makes you wonder why AM radio is still important. It seems to survive almost anything. Many cell towers are down, but many still in service too, but none allow any radio support via cell phone. This is really an issue that the FCC will ultimately have to deal with even if they have to take on Apple and Verizon and ATT, which is unlikely. But every hurricane seems to reinforce this problem. (9/18/18)

RE: WYRE: If Empire is serious about doing something with WYRE, might I suggest perhaps going to block programming that could feature, among other things, a local music show, a bluegrass or roots music show, possibly even a folk music show; among others. (9/18/18)

If you play the Chris Plante podcast at 1.5 speed (to save time) he sounds like he's jacking while he's talking. His defense of Kavanaugh today was kind of lame: "she didn't remember the date, or where the house was, or whose house it was, and pools are very rare in Montgomery County." It's like he was never a teenager. I'm not convinced about who's telling the truth or who's lying, but his friend the Judge guy who says he doesn't remember the incident has written an autobiography telling about his alcoholic blackouts. Maybe Kavanaugh should go that route. I would like to know if the accuser remembers what song was turned up to drown out her protests at this party where there were only two girls??? Not much of a party in my book. My money's on some sort of prog rock. Then some crazy B called in to talk about how Holton Arms girls used to cut a hole in the fence so they could sneak into Landon School where she claimed the real horndogs were, when they could have just walked in through the front gate. And where did they leave their car? Holton Arms isn't right nextdoor. I just don't know who to believe, and I don't care but at 1.5 times normal speed. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/18/18)

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Well my progrock on wpfw idea has been shot down by most of you so I stand properly chastised maybe I underestimated the donnie Frank Sinatra stuff and jim beyer Latin flavor popularity (9/17/18)

Dave's response: How about DC's version of Philly's WXPN on 89.3? Maybe WAMU or WETA could do it.....

There are plenty of reasons not to put a prog Rock show on WPFW, but the two that top the list are (1) nobody's listened to prog Rock shows in about 40 years, and (2) a prog Rock show plopped down in the middle of WPFW's current lineup would make about as much since as playing Catfish on TCM. Just because you're in to something doesn't mean it would be a wise programming decision. (9/17/18)

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The McClatchy newspaper chain, owner of 30 newspapers in 14 states, is in talks to purchase The Baltimore Sun and other newspapers including the Chicago Tribune and NY Daily News. The Baltimore Sun has been for sale for quite some time. -- BaltoMedia.net (9/16/18)

The station is Identified as WYRE in top of the hour legal station ID. It is seperate from WRNR Grasonville. No on air mention of 810 by jocks. Another added note the station is on all night despite WYRE is a dawn to dusk license. Ron in Annapolis (9/16/18)

Amber Athey, the Breaking News Editor (who knew there was such a thing?) for the Daily Caller is at Peak Tan and looks just like Veronica from Riverdale. And a real degree, not an Ocasio-Ortez degree, from Georgetown. Ernt-y, ernt-y, ernt-y....Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/16/18)

Per the FCC, WYRE AM 810 has to be on the air as licensed by Sept 21, or the license expires. How they’re doing it makes one wonder. Their landlord evicted them. Have they made a settlement with the museum? (9/16/18)

Hey Dave how about a new section for DCRTV: “DCRTV Cartoons”? CNN’s “State of the Union” has a political “Cartoonion” section at the end of their show... The Washington Post has Tom Toles’ political cartoons... And MSN has a regular political cartoon feature as well, like this one: akamaized.net... DCRTV is already a pretty funny web site what with you & Mr. Crotchy (well, Mr. Crotchy is funny at least but it’s hard to tell you apart) but besides Gus in Gaithersburg’s stupid posts, which aren’t that funny, it could be funnier: just seeing a photo of you isn’t enough. (9/16/18)

Slight correction: 810 WYRE's license is *about to* expire, having ceased operations on September 20, 2017 - at least that's what they told the FCC. I'm sure WRNR-FM doesn't even know it's being relayed. As we saw with Birach's stations, they've got about 10 years before the FCC comes calling...The provision of automatic license deletion in the Telecommunications Act (it is the law, not an FCC rule) was supposed to address the issue of people from holding on to dormant licenses indefinitely like this, but clearly it does not work. (9/16/18)

Ron wrote, "...I was scanning the AM dial this morning and heard a signal on 810. It is from WRNR FM 103.1. The 810 signal has been dead for over year." According to the FCC's database, WYRE Annapolis is still operating on 810 kHz with 250 watts. If it was repeating the programming of WRNR-FM, that's a different matter. (9/16/18)

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Well, this may finally speed up the sale of WFRE/WFMD and the rest of the Aloha Trust stations The Frederick properties have really failed the past couple of years, it's been at least that long since the ratings were above a 15 for WFRE...bigly sad! Perhaps health issues of the trustee were part of that. Sell, sell and then hired some quality managers and bring these stations back! radioink.com (9/15/18)

Dave I was scanning the AM dial this morning and heard a signal on 810. It is from WRNR FM 103.1. The 810 signal has been dead for over year. Have a nice weekend. Ron (9/15/18)

Good AM! Or is that FM! I grew up in Tidewater (Norfolk area) to the progressive sounds of WOWI-FM 103 and around 2010, went on the net to see what I could find about this impressive and influential station. It located at 913 Colonial Avenue in the Ghent section of the city. Studio was on the third floor, accessible after hours by the long straight fire escape stairs, leading to what the dis referred to as the ‘earth orbital escape hatch’. That initial search yielded only two sentences and I knew one of them was wrong…so I began what was a 3-5 year research project, locating tidbits here and there, piecing together the history in a rag tag style. Conducted interviews with some of the djs, found people who were hoarding old tapes, had them re-engineered…we have some 20 hours of original and reunion shows (from the early 80s). Began a book page, have a website and wiki.The station was owned by the late Stewart Brinsfield, Jr (a lawyer) and his father (a Reverend and I understand that is/was a common practice). Their relationship over what the station was playing was always contentious. In a landmark case, the FCC charged Stew Jr and the station with playing ‘obscene lyrics’ with the Country Joe and Fish’s ‘Fuck’ chant at Woodstock. This was the first time that the FCC had done so. This was the front page story in several issues of Billboard. The charges were later dropped by the DJ who played it, John Nesci, was fired. But then again, people were coming and going to/from the station all the time. The station’s last song was Hendrix’s All Along the Watchtower that Art Williamson played, leading to midnight on Jan 15, 1975…Bishop Willis, who bought the station, brought in armed ‘thugs’ to ensure a smooth ‘takeover from the hippies’… I, like many, were listening that night, knowing that the airwaves in Tidewater would never be the same. Many still hold on to the fact that radio there never recovered. Brinsfield Jr, when I interviewed him, said that ‘Selling the station was the biggest regret of my life!”; ‘I was driving around listening to the last show, crying like a school girl!’ I then asked him what he would have done had he kept the station: “would have made it bigger and better”. Seems like you cover mostly the DC area yet I see that you do have news going down to Norfolk. Progressive WOWI-FM 1970-75 links: Fbook: www.facebook.com... Website: www.progressivewowifm.com... wiki: wikipedia.org... Former WOWI-FM dj Larry Dinger thanked me for ‘resurrecting the station!” After WOWI was sold, he went on to Austin, TX to KOKE-FM who are regarded as being the source of what became known as the ‘Austin sound’. Not bad. davidjbrown winston salem , nc (9/15/18)

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The Washington Post reports that WMAL talker Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly pushed a conspiracy theory that government exaggerates hurricane forecasts to prove climate change: wapo.st (9/14/18)

Imagine being the new baseball play-by-play guy for THIS team. You'd never get the name out without laughing: ballparkdigest.com (9/14/18)

WMAL talker Mark Levin abruptly departed before his show’s third hour Thursday night after sounding weak and coughing in the final moments of the second hour. Levin, who has a long history of heart ailments, was barely audible answering his final caller. Just after WMAL’s 8:00PM news ended and the third hour began frequent sub-host Don Bongino came on air to announce Mark rarely departs his show, but he had been called by the producer & asked to take over the show for the final hour. Besides Levin’s heart ailments, he has said both of his parents (in their 90’s) had been ill of late and he has taken off from his show several times in recent weeks to tend to them in Florida. Either way, prayers to Levin, the “Pit Bull” of conservative talk radio: twitter.com/marklevinshow (9/14/18)

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Sorry to hear of the passing of Mike Pintek. I grew up listening to him as the News Director at WKBO in Harrisburg. He broke the Three Mile Island story. –Brian (9/13/18)

RE: the oldest person to have a hit song - 96 year old Fred Stobaugh penned the song "Oh Sweet Lorraine" which peaked at #42 on Billboard in 2013. That, according to them, made him the oldest living artist to appear on the Hot 100. His documentary is on YouTube. Tom in Frederick (9/13/18)

Yes, The Baltimore Sun took its Paywall down for just ONE AP story about the hurricane, not any of its own stories about the hurricane. Golly gee, that’s real nice of them. (9/13/18)

"Why don't radio stations see themselves as "internet-based audio content providers" instead of "Radio Stations"?" Because they have dozens of times more listeners over the air than they do on the internet, and there's no money in online. It's all about the money. (9/13/18)

DCRTV Dave in a rare moment of emotion should be congratulated for a passionate video recounting of his “Where were you on 9-11?” moment, especially since he was accompanying his now deceased mother to the doctor which must bring back other memories as well. Indeed, many of us were listening to the Howard Stern Show that morning (which is a little embarrassing to admit that is how we first learned of the attacks): I was on the second floor of the Hart Senate Office Building for a hearing on Bush’s newly designated “Drug Czar”, John Walters, wearing headphones & listening to Howard on my Sony Walkman, and looking out onto the huge foyer when I noticed that hundreds of people were running for the exits. Moments later the U.S. Capitol Police were evacuating people from the hearing room, ordering us out of the building. As we came outside and looked down the Mall towards the Washington Monument, we could see what looked like smoke rising in the background: it was moments after the plane had hit the Pentagon. We made it to the jammed Senate parking lot, got my Jeep and I turned Howard back on who by now was in full hysteria about what had happened: as we know today, had United 93 made it to its intended target, the U.S. Capitol, we could have all been toast that day as well (our thanks to those heroes on UA 93!). Here’s Howard’s first moments learning of the attacks: www.youtube.com (9/13/18)

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I asked someone in management at 105.7 The Fan why it is not available on my Google Home. His response was "buy an Alexa" (is it really available on Alexa?) Why don't radio stations see themselves as "internet-based audio content providers" instead of "Radio Stations"? It seems to me they should be looking beyond the users listening OTA, and toward anywhere/anyhow audio content is provided. WBAL is always mentioning where, beyond OTA, they can be heard. Of course they are on the AM band, so I can understand. (9/12/18)

"The Washington Post in an act of public service has taken down their firewall for all Hurricane Florence related stories on their web site" And the Baltimore Sun still has unlimited access. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/12/18)

Don’t you worry your pretty little self about Bezos and The Post PAYWALL loss of money. He would just put more Amazon employees on Food Stamps and welfare to make up for it. And better yet, he’ll get back at Trump at the same time for his damn positive growth! :-) (9/12/18)

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The Washington Post in an act of public service has taken down their firewall for all Hurricane Florence related stories on their web site: “Note to Readers: The Post has removed article limits on coverage of Hurricane Florence to make these stories available without a subscription.” No word on how much this will cost billionaire Jeff Bezos but rumor has it he will take it out of the pay of Post staffers: DCRTVDJDAVE refuses to take down his firewall. (9/11/18)

Dave's response: I've also noticed that live feeds of The Weather Channel proliferate all over YouTube. You don't need no stinkin' cable subscription to get it during the hurricane emergency.....

BIRACH LOSES TWO STATIONS! RIP WVAB AM 1550 and WVBA AM 1450, now DWVAB & DWBVA. Either the FCC wasn’t buying the charitable donation thing or the charities themselves said no f’n way. Here’s wishing the same fate for WDMV 700 and WGOP 540. I know Mangione’s WCBM 680 would love Detroit’s WNZK to go off the air and take away one of their nighttime western nulls. (9/11/18)

Kevin Sheehan, formerly of wtem AM 980, started a podcast this past Thursday called The Kevin Sheehan Show. It will be a daily show that will last an hour. Tom Loverro will be with him each Tuesday and Thursday. In the first full episode, he talks about the reason he is no longer with 980 is because the new owners wanted to cut costs. TheKevinSheehanShow.com (9/11/18)

Re the Bolly station -- there is a considerable difference between OWNING a signal and LEASING one. (9/11/18)

I've noticed from FCC filings that you can now add WMAR ABC 2 to the list of Baltimore TV stations operating at lower power due to transmitter issues which will affect your reception via antenna. Failure of certain modules have limited WMAR to 660 kw instead of 1000 kw. Repairs are underway. They are switching to a new transmitter when they move to channel 27 at 830 kw. Recently, WNUV CW 54 had some problems with its move to channel 25 and is stuck at 750 kw, and might be staying there at that power from another FCC filing for a bit or longer? -- BaltoMedia.net (9/11/18)

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"Radio-locator.net shows Bolly 102.9 to be a translator/repeater for WWWT Manassas, licensed to Hubbard (WTOP). This is getting deep." What's that supposed to mean? Metro Radio leases WWWT-HD2 to feed the translator, so yes, it is licensed as a translator for WWWT. Everything is above board... (9/10/18)

(regarding a previous post) If WRC weather anchor Sheena Parveen is headed for NBC7 San Diego, she'll be welcomed warmly. KNSD is an NBC O&O and she'll be joining a first rate news operation. And this kind of move won't be without precedent. Back in the early 80s, former WRC news anchor Marty Levin joined NBC7 San Diego and enjoyed a long, successful run here. I'm sure there'll be a culture shift for Parveen, in terms of weather forecasting. There's not a market that's more different than DC, weather-wise, but at KNSD and at other stations in town, the weather departments are fully staffed and are key members of each station's news team. She'll do fine and I doubt she'll miss the frantic nature of DC itself, not to mention those seasonal "Bread, milk, toilet paper" stock-up rants that are required during DC's blizzard months each winter. (9/10/18)

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Kevin Sheehan started a new podcast on Friday, in case anyone is interested in listening to him. According to the first show, he plans to be on 5 days a week and drop a 60+ minute podcast sometime in the morning. He’ll have Thom Lavero on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and is discussing plans to have Cooley be involved too. Recorded at Mr. Tony’s Chatter studio with Mark Sterne as producer, at least for now. The initial show was a bit of a mish-mash as he crammed 4 hours of content into 60 minutes but if you enjoyed Kevin, you should check it out. Available at iTunes, Tune-in, and all the usual podcast sources. According to Kevin, the departure from 980 was because management of Urban One Radio was cheap. (9/9/18)

"Wpfw could help itself with something like a prog rock show Would draw lots of well heeled folks who would support a neglected art form Agree?" They'd be well-positioned to compete with WMAL's rumoured Go-Go show. Throwing money down a rathole is no way to deal with the elephant in the room. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/9/18)

"WPFW ... prog rock show Would draw lots of well heeled folks who would support a neglected art form Agree?" Sorry, no I dont. Fairfax Public Access TV/Radio has aired and streamed Prog-Rock shows for ages on its "Radio Fairfax" channel which can be heard by anyone with a computer. While entertaining, its certainly not knocking the moon out of the sky. Unfortunate too, as the hosts do a very capable job. (9/9/18)

The Washington Post tv & radio sports listings for Sunday, September 9th does not include The Sports Junkies “Unofficial Pre-Game Show” from 11:00AM to 1:00PM on WJFK 106.7 FM nor WMAL 105.9 FM pre-game and live coverage of the Skins vs. Cardinals game starting at 3:00PM and only lists WTEM 980 AM. WMAL & WJFK publicists: call your office. What gives, Dave? The listings: www.washingtonpost.com (9/9/18)

Wpfw could help itself with something like a prog rock show Would draw lots of well heeled folks who would support a neglected art form Agree? (9/9/18)

Radio-locator.net shows Bolly 102.9 to be a translator/repeater for WWWT Manassas, licensed to Hubbard (WTOP). This is getting deep. (9/9/18)

Is there any scuttlebutt that the TV news departures are related to pressures to be ridiculously thin? Some of the local anchors, reporters and weather staff look like they were just released from a North Korean prison they’re so gaunt. I gravitated to WJLA because their on-air staff looks relatively healthy in comparison to WRC and WUSA, where half the on-air staff look like they have eating disorders. (9/9/18)

Hmmmm why would a young, pretty, tv weathergal leave Washington DC for sunny San Diego? Maybe she got tired of being hit on by douche bag married lawyers everytime she turned around. Run Sheena Run! As far as Andrea McCarren is concerned, maybe she is tired of being surrounded by liberal pussy boy "journalists" who worship at the alter of Never Trump. For anyone with even a slight conservative bias, working in DC media has become a loathsome task. The most laughable aspect of the newsrooms in DC s the ever vigilant hope that Trump will be impeached and Hillary "reinstated". It's that bad. I can't imagine being a woman in DC looking for a man who has any ambition to actually be something other than a toad. (9/9/18)

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Have you listened to the new station Bolly 102.9 FM? The station is owned by Metro Radio. It is unique in the DC Market. They have a great signal in Northern Virginia. Try it! (9/8/18)

Longtime local sports talk radio listener here. Can some of you radio experts out there answer two questions for me. 1. Seeing all the immediate changes with the new ownership at Team980 raises the questions in my mind "don't these air staff people have contracts with the station?" How can a new owner just come in an get rid of so many people right away? Or is all the air talent just at will employees? 2. All these local local sports talk shows live by having local and national print and electronic media guests that they interview. I'm assuming that these are paid interviews correct? So the people that get interviewed alot need to keep on the good side of the station personalities so that the interviews continue? Just wondering how it works. Thanks. (9/8/18)

Its worth noting that WPFW-FM is on the lookout for a new Program Director, and has been since late July. If you think you can show them the way, send 'em your shit. (9/8/18)

Thanks for the poster reminding me of Walter Brennan having Old Rivers as a hit song late in life I remember him From the Real McCoys TV series .I thought he was maybe 69 or 70 at the time not that old people looked older than thier age alot back then.Louis Armstrong was up there also when Hello Dolly was a number 1 song I believe he was 65 an accomplishment because the Beatles were dominating the charts then. (9/8/18)

Catching up on the Mailbag, and came across this from a WBAL apologist from 08/29: "You obviously have no clue how a modern newsroom works, assignments are made..." assignments ?? There are no assignments at 1090. It's more like index cards with JP or AK in the upper right had corner to signify who reads what. Couple of recent stories. 1. Students at UMD College Park are sleeping in lobbies as there is no dorm space. This isn't "news". This has been going on since the '70s when I was there. An "assignment" is to send someone there and find our why this is still happening 40+ years later, who is accountable, and how will it get rectified in the future. 2. The recent opening of the flood gates at the Conowingo Dam. Not news. It too has been going on for decades. An "Assignment" would be to find out why they get to the point that it's open all the gates as opposed to opening a few gates earlier in the week. 3. No AC in Baltimore City and County Schools. No kidding. Not news. Why, who is responsible, why are they still in their current positions?. That's an "Assignment. I asked Jim Russ if he or someone could do a report on the Ft. McHenry Tunnel. It's been at least since May that there are long sections where the light banks are completely out. He said it was a "lighting replacement project" No s$%t. Why is it taking over 3 months? If you don't have the replacement lights available, why are they shutting down the existing lights? Anyone care to take this on as an "assignment". Sadly, there is no real competition for 1090. Back in the day, WFBR had an outstanding news team. Same for WCBM. Even WCAO had a few reporters, not newsreaders. SIGH. At least 'scremin' Scottie" had an active fire yesterday to do his live report, as opposed to standing in front of not yet opened for business buildings at 5am. (9/8/18)

Besides WDCW 50 dumping the nightly 10PM newscast produced by Richmond's WTVR 6. Tribune has decided to cancel the Morning Dose program (formerly Eye Opener) from its stations. WPHL 17 in Philly is reportedly looking to expand its in-house morning newscast, but no word on the future of WPVI 6 produced 10PM newscast. KIAH 39 in Houston and KDAF 33 in Dallas is also reportedly axing non-traditional nightly News Fix newscast, in favor of relaunching more traditional newscast. This comes on the heels of Sinclair-Tribune merger going nowhere, and both parties suing one another. It still remains to be seen whether Tribune could be exploring selling its TV portfolio to a completely different company in the near future. (9/8/18)

Dave, Is it m imagination, or has there been an uptick in local TV reporters ditching their jobs for some other line of work? Andrea McCarren just left WUSA, Suzanne Kennedy said goodbye to ABC7, Matt Ackland is gone from Fox5, Mike Carter-Conneen left News8, and now the departures from WRC. Is this the usual coming and going, or something else? (9/8/18)

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\/ September 7 Messages \/

I am hearing rumors that Cox Broadcasting has closed or is closing its DC bureau? I hope that doesn't include its Capitol Hill unit. Jamie Dupree is a real pro, has overcome adversity, and deserves recognition for years of congressional coverage. Haven't found news to confirm or dispute the fate, but did find this YouTube from a few years ago produced by the Cox DC Bureau. Jamie's in there. Hoping the best.. (9/7/18)

WPFW tries to be everything for everybody. I love the jazz music on there but they are don't have much of that anymore. Are ratings a priority for Pacifica stations or are the donations? (9/7/18)

[RE: probably the oldest person 76 to have a hit song played on radio.] Walter Brennan had several hits in the early 60s at ages 76-78, most notably Old Rivers at age 77 in 1962. Ah 1962. Back when radio listeners were complaining, "Why won't Carroll James at WWDC play anything by the Beatles?" (9/7/18)

According to All Access, WZBB-FM was sold. (In other filings with the FCC, WNLB RADIO, INC. is selling Country WZBB (SUPER COUNTRY 99.9)/STANLEYTOWN, VA to TURNER MEDIA GROUP, INC. for $325,000.) They were actually put on the air as a new station. From their site: Super Country B99.9 is officially WZBB-FM, which is locally owned and operated by WNLB Radio Inc. Donny Brook and Glenn Lynch are principal owners of Super Country B99.9, which began operating as B-99.9 in March 1989. Studios are at Oak Level Va. and transmitter near Ferrum Va. on Thornton Mountain. WZBB serves portions of seven South-central Virginia counties and Rockingham County NC. Initially B-99.9 played Adult Contemporary music while sister station WNLB-AM was our country outlet. At midnight December 31st 1991 the switch was made to "Today"s Hot Country" and for the next 15 years B-99.9 reigned as the ratings champion in this area. In October of 2006 the switch to Super Country B99.9, "The Greatest Hits of All Time", became official, and the Arbitron ratings continued to increase. We're proud to serve our listeners with the largest variety of country covering four decades. I was honored to have done afternoons for them for nine years after retirement from my "real" job as a survey vessel captain. Glen Lynch and Donnie Brook were the primary owners, all are retired. There was a time while there that we were all given a 25 cent an hour raise after a big hike in gas prices. It was not much but how many station owners would have even done that. I wish them all the best in their retirement! That was a cool station to be part of, well run for a market so small. Tom Conroy WXCY-FM (9/7/18)

Anybody know what radio station airs Thursday night NFL in DC area tried to find Eagles Falcons game last night or will they only air game if Redskins or Ravens are playing? Speaking of Wash Fm glad to hear them playing Paul McArtneys latest release not a bad song but of course nothing like the old stuff from the 70s but probably the oldest person 76 to have a hit song played on radio. (9/7/18)

Re: WPFW; Pacifica's flagship, WBAI New York, resubscribed to Nielsen and drew 0.1 in August. Zero point one! In New York! Absolutely embarrassing. Pacifica has had well-publicized financial issues for years and years, and clearly there is no appetite for their programming either. American Public Media almost bought WGTS a few years ago (I imagine they would have turned it into a local AAA station similar to Minneapolis' 89.3 The Current) - it would be great if they or anyone else came in and grabbed WPFW. Really, if you're a full-power FM getting lower ratings than WYCB, The Gamut, Bolly 102.9 and Bluegrass Country, give up. Right now WPFW is just wasting power. (9/7/18)

"DCRTV hears that Tribune is yanking the 10 PM half-hour newscast on Channel 50/WDCW" How did they expect that it would ever be successful? There are too many things going against them: a decades-long reputation of being a channel filled with second-tier shows, no visible local talent, no track of being DC-centric at all, flat production values and an emotionless plain vanilla delivery. It looked exactly like what is was: an out-of-market production trying a half-assed attempt at being part of the DC tapestry. It didn't help that they were up against the sensationalist stop-the-presses breathless delivery of Fox 5. I applaud Tribune for the attempt, but they entered into it without doing all the research they should have. (9/7/18)

Re: Entercom's "I'm Listening" broadcast hosted by Seattle radio personality BJ Shea: I guess Dr. Frasier Crane was unavailable? (9/7/18)

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Did WPFW even register in the latest monthly ratings? I know it's usually low down the list, but I didn't see it on the home-page rankings. Is it really less listened to than those secondary stream-only channels? Wow. (9/6/18)

Dave's response: WPFW was nowhere in the ratings listing I saw.....

Passing along some thoughts: 1) Congrats to Steve Watters and Jessica Cash from Fredericksburg's WFLS on a CMA Broadcaster of the Year nomination in the small market category. Nice to see them getting some national attention. 2) Not surprised that IHeart is trying a news format on 104.7. But I think they will try not to upend WTOP but take aim at WFED instead (hence the "Capitol News" name that has been bandied about). IHeart doesn't have a big news presence on it's DC FM stations. Surprising since they have Total Traffic (ex-Metro Traffic) and it supposedly is called TTWN to indicate also a weather component. They have tried to launch some sort of national all-news programming as well. Just be curious as to what shows up on 104.7, but I doubt WTOP has any worries. (9/6/18)

Is the lineup WTEM’s been going with recently (Galdi 6-10 AM, Walker 10AM – 1 PM, Mitchell 1-4 PM, Czaban 4-7 PM) the permanent one? If so, why hasn’t there been any formal announcement yet? Will Scott Linn be working two different afternoon shows for the long haul? The other day Mitchell and Czaban had widely divergent takes on the Kaepernick-Nike deal and Linn appeared to agree (or at least go along) with both of them – is there some unwritten rule in talk radio that the second banana’s not allowed to spar with the main host or challenge him/her on any issue of significance? Speaking of Czaban, perhaps the station’s new owners need to have a frank discussion with him regarding sensitivity on the air – in view of the recent cancer-related deaths of Aretha Franklin and Senator McCain and the ongoing battle being waged by football legend Jim Kelly, wishing ‘the most painful form of cancer imaginable’ on anyone (even the worst scumbags) really comes across as tasteless and inappropriate and I don’t care if it was tongue-in-cheek or intended to be serious. (9/5/18)

I wonder what the suits at alleged, wanna-be news radio 1090 are saying about the Baltimore market radio ratings for August, showing a continuation of the downward spiral of this station to #14, three more notches below rival WCBM. How much longer will they allow the circus clowns to perform? (9/5/18)

OK, Labor Day has come and gone, Summer is unofficially over, and stores already have their Hallowe'en crap out. So why hasn't WASH FM started playing Christmas music yet? (9/6/18)

I remember listening to Jerry Klein when he was WMAL's "pet liberal". That different point of view made the station better in my view as a listener. It's currently an echo chamber; Dave has talked about this over the last few years. It's a far cry from the WRC AM 980 of the '80s with Joel Spivak, Bev Whatshername, and Joe Madison. More live, more local, and more varied. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/6/18)

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So yet another weather person is leaving NBC4.Somara Theodore left a few weeks ago and now Sheena Parveen..I never felt that Somara Theodore felt at home there anyway. To me, she just seemed like she was going through the motions..And now Sheena Parveen is leaving. What's going on in the weather department?? (9/5/18)

ENTERCOM has announced a two-hour live commercial-free broadcast special to raise awareness around mental health and suicide prevention as part of its multi-platform “I’m Listening” campaign. The “I’m Listening” broadcast marks the start of National Suicide Prevention Week and will be hosted by Active Rock KISW/SEATTLE morning host BJ SHEA, airing across all of the company’s stations nationwide on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th at 7a in their respective time zones. Guests will include medical experts, and musicians and celebrities including PEARL JAM's MIKE MCCREADY and STONE GOSSARD, Olympic swimming champion MICHAEL PHELPS, LINKIN PARK's MIKE SHINODA, Actor and THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS singer JARED LETO, among others. Listeners will have the opportunity to participate via a live call-in option and interactive website. (9/5/18)

Hi Dave, Just saw this video on the Facebook page for willthomastv. Will Thomas goes to Sotheby’s with a digital media presence. He is very missed on Fox 5 in my opinion. I thought this might be a good news item for you because I’ve wondered if he was going to pop up on another channel or network. Keep up the good work Dave. If you don’t need to use my message that’s fine by me. Adrienne www.youtube.com (9/5/18)

Award-Winning Journalist Andrea McCarren to Join PenFed Team www.prnewswire.com (9/5/18)

Speaking of "freak stories of unusual radio reception" have you ever received something when a local station is off the air ?? Back in the summer of 1988 I was in Pittsburgh, The day I was there 102.5 WDVE was off the air so what came in at 102.5 ?? Winchester's Q102 !! Some shops actually had on Q102 !! It was odd hearing Winchester content in downtown Pittsburgh !! WDVE was off the air a good part that day and Q102 was almost like a local some felt THAT was WDVE sporting a format change. It made we wondering that if Q102 was off the air can one get WDVE in Winchester or Martinsburg ?? I know that 97.5 WKMZ can make all the way to Lynchburg if Charlottesvlle's 97.5 3WV-FM is off the air. (9/5/18)

"WDMV AM 700 still has a construction permit for 50 kw expiring in 2020. But will they build it? Probably not." Oh-h-h, I hope they do. I will laugh my ass off if they go into debt sinking several hundred $K into building a 50 kW lawn dart. (9/5/18)

In the summers of 2012 and 2013 I repeatedly received fm signals from parts of Texas on two car radios just outside Gettysburg along Biglerville road. The location was a parking lot of a nursing home and the signals were heard in the late afternoon of hot humid days in Gettysburg for about a half hour each time. The specific stations have left my memory except for The Wolf 99.5 KPLX in Fort Worth. It is a former Susquehanna station that I heard twice in the 1980s while crossing over the river between Lancaster and York counties on the road to work... at the original Susquehanna station....WSBA 910. (9/5/18)

Dave, On Monday afternoon bluegrasscvountry.org, WAMU 88.5 HD-2, long-time host Lee Michael Dempsey announced that after 30-plus years he would be going off the weekday 3- 6 pm shift, and that he will moving to the weekend shift; days and times to be determined. Not know at this point who will fill the weekday afternoon drive time; supposed to happen in the next few weeks or so. (9/5/18)

WDMV AM 700 still has a construction permit for 50 kw expiring in 2020. But will they build it? Probably not. I don’t think any night time signal will ever be possible with the WLW AM 700 blowtorch in Cincy. (9/5/18)

Just read the recent posts about trope and freak stories of unusual radio reception and wanted to add that Chincoteague seems to be a really good place to experience this phenomenon, especially early in the morning. It's right on the water and there aren't any extremely tall buildings blocking the signal. It's been awhile since I've been down there, but I remember receiving stations from as far North as Atlantic City, NJ to as far South as the Outer Banks, as well as some D.C., Baltimore, and Philly stations. An example that I remember is 95.3. During the mid-day and afternoon, I would hear WKDB Laurel, DE, which is now Spanish but was Hot AC "B 101.7/95.3" at the time. Later at night and early morning, I will hear The Outer Banks classic rock station which I think was called "The Rock" and is now "Pirate Radio." I also remember hearing 94.5 WCMS, the country channel from Outer Banks, as well as 93.1 WPOC, WGTS 91.9, and 101.9 WLIF, all quite clearly. Listening to 97.1 was also interesting as WABD Ocean City which was smooth jazz at the time got quite an interference from WASH. While vacationing in Seabrooke Island, SC, just outside of Charleston, I remember hearing X 102.9, an alternative station from Jacksonville, FL during one afternoon, as well as hearing some Charlotte and Greensboro, NC stations one morning. From my home in Frederick County, MD, it's not uncommon for me to receive Fredericksburg and Richmond stations as well as Virginia Beach once in a while, mainly in the morning during the summer. The only experience that I remember of receiving FM stations from over a thousand miles away was back in 2005, not long after Hurricane Katrina, I received News Radio 104.9 out of Southern Mississippi. I would assume that the recent weather conditions in that area most likely caused the signal to bounce. I heard it for about five minutes before it completely went away. They were obviously talking about the aftermath of the hurricane and giving advice and providing support for those who were affected.- Jason from Frederick County (9/5/18)

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I am truly saddened to read about the death of Jerry Klein. He was not only my producer at WMAL, Channel 50 TV, and Sirius XM, he was a dear friend whom I loved. I think about him nearly every day. I had not heard from him for a while and did not know why. Now I do. God give you peace, Jerry. (9/4/18)

Saw post from phil wood when u comin back to radio postgame ? (9/4/18)

The two local Birach stations of note -- WDMV and WGOP -- are both up for license renewal a year from now, in October 2019. The AM dial would be a much better place if the family just turned in the licenses and slunk out of town under the cover of darkness. (9/4/18)

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Andy Parrish (Andrew Gasparich) passed away August 30. He was 86. Andy was news director at WTOP in the early 1970's and gave many of our first jobs. His obituary is in Sunday's Post. Andy was a good guy, a fine boss, and an extremely patient mentor. Phil Wood (9/3/18)

WRZB-LD definitely exists and I receive it in Alexandria, albeit poorly at times. Data collected from it: www.rabbitears.info... Live reception data (older tuner): www.rabbitears.info... Live reception data (newer tuner): www.rabbitears.info... The listing on RabbitEars is based on my first-hand reception. - Trip www.rabbitears.info (9/3/18)

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Administration may shut down time-synchronizing radio stations www.voanews.com (9/2/18)

When President Trump ran for office, he promised to "Drain the swamp at the FCC". So far, this has not been done. There are still many Rules and Regulations that should be changed or dropped! Many of these Rules and Regulations date back to 1934. They are out of date and cause a hardship on small AM Stations. (9/2/18)

Channel 6 LPTV......These Low Power TV Licenses were granted so that Minorities could get into Television Ownership. The FCC said they would grant Minorities first opportunity to obtain these licenses. Today, none of these licenses are owned by Minorities. It was a Sham! The licenses were sold off to Buyers who operated them as FM Radio Stations, using their audio channel 87.7 FM. None of these stations operate as TV Stations as was intended. Should the FCC do anything about it? (9/2/18)

Hello Dave My name is Donnie Dotson I grew up in Northern Va.in the 60'and 70's.I have been watching your videos in the Northern Va area at the different restaurants.I have enjoyed them pretty well.I spent some time in Springfield over the years.I also enjoyed your band scan on AM and FM.An answer to your question yes I listen to the radio.I am also a Ham Radio Operator.I also found you years ago looking for info on Northern Va tv stations and programs.Captain 20 and all the stuff on channel 20.Keep up the good work.Thanks Donnie. (9/2/18)

A question for you, Dave, in relation to WRZB-LD and Decades. You've never listed WRZB-LD on the station list. Is this because no one has ever been able to receive this station? For all, is anyone currently able to receive WRZB-LD? Very frustrating to see a promo on Decades telling viewers to look on the Decades website for a new station September 3 and to find nothing more than a listing for Baltimore reading "coming soon" and the old seemingly non existent WRZB-LD. Bad move, CBS. (9/2/18)

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Low power WRZB 31 (RF 32) won’t be a good option for DECADES long term as channel 32 is going to be used by 2 area full power TV stations, WBOC CBS 16 TV Salisbury and WHP CBS 21 in Harrisburg. Both of them overlap in some way with "Lower power 31’s" current signal and it will be either forced off the air or forced to move somewhere. (9/1/18)

"HOWEVER.......if I'm in the accounting department, I might be moved to ask why, if he's healthy enough to be out riding a bike, he's not healthy enough to be back at work." If you're in the accounting department you're the worst employee in the accounting department because such considerations are not part of the purview of the accounting department. But good citizens sleep better knowing you're out there POLICING CANCER VICTIMS trying to game the system with their minor facial injuries. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/1/18)

Worth noting as well that StartTV will be added to currently nonexistent subchannel 49.2 on WWTD-LD. Decades remains on WRZB-LD 31.5 but its website lists only "Coming Soon" in Baltimore. (9/1/18)

Since It's been a slow news week, I did some digging into Sinclair's plans for Next Generation TV, aka ATSC 3.0. As SBG owns Dielectric, one of the largest TV transmitter companies in the world, that website has a sample plan for WNUV CW 54 in Baltimore, which Sinclair might intend on using as its first station to use the Next Gen system in Baltimore or possibly nationwide. If you look at the signal contour pic, 4 repeater transmitters are used in weaker directional signal locations and also strategic locations for rural access. ATSC 3.0 has the ability to pick the best signal and buffer when switching so you won't notice which tower you're getting it from. This is another way that indoor reception distant from the main tower will be easier. And notice that they are mostly away from the DC market, but interestingly Sinclair has also tested a system for one signal for DC/Baltimore that covers both although that is currently verboten with the FCC. It's like Nuvision, Inc. all over again. ?? More at Sinclair's Dielectric website. Warning. Most of it is very technical. -- BaltoMedia.net www.dialectric.com (9/1/18)

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