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DCRTV Mailbag - October 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018

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EB arguing with Barry Svyluga that UMD can't afford to do the morally correct thing in Jordan McNair's death on The Junks this AM was cringe worthy. Just hard to listen to his reasoning. Then, he more or less cut off Barry. The other Junks were mostly silent. Weird. (10/31/18)

TMOS in Vegas: It is just a 300 seat place. And, every day on the FB Fan Club page, people are dropping like flies. Trying to milk it more, they added a mystery show with Rob and Joe. That has only sold 200 seats. They said the meet and great will only be at the second show to squeeze people into buying more tickets. Way to treat your biggest fans at show # 1 who spent good money on tickets, air fair, and hotels. BOAD sells 300 seats all the time. Mike is alienating listeners every week with his Hippocratic rants and Rob's impersonation of Robin Quiver's cackling. Rob is the biggest kiss ass in the history of DC radio/Podcasts. And, his wife is the only spouse not supporting the show. Finally, Chad tried to put together a Dis-functional Family reunion at the State Theater. All were in until Big Time, I live in a FLA retirement home with a five year old, Mike bailed on the Junks and BOAD. Why cross pollinate? I'll sit on my Lanai and eat my chocolate cake! Speaking of cakes; Hope the fruit cake sale, yes a fruit cake sale, goes well. (10/31/18)

So it's "wrong" to mock "a couple seconds of silence" which by its very brevity devalues Jewish lives? Is calling murder victims at a gay nightclub "homos" worse than murdering them? Thank goodness and JHVH that we're all on the same page when it comes to murdering Palestinians! "we can refuse the right to serve someone!" As Lou Gossett Jr. said in Roots "You in America now boy!" Could I trouble you to rephrase that in English? Gus in the Gaithersburg still not Don Geronimo (10/31/18)

It will be interesting to see where WBAL's grand experiment with 101.5 FM goes. The initial launch is unimpressive. Now we can get Screamin Scott and the morning speed-reader in clear FM translator fidelity. Will those passing by on the FM dial find anything of substance to hold their attention? (10/31/18)

Gus in Gaithersburg needs to be blocked, once and for all! Homos is not appropriate language nor is your making fun of O’Meara’s moment of silence. I say we all refuse to read this page till he’s gone! Yeah, yeah free speech blah blah , but we can refuse the right to serve someone! (10/31/18)

Wow Gus ... you actually signed that bile? (10/31/18)

Gus in Gaithersburg is Eddie Fenton (10/31/18)

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Jesus fucking Christ, Mike "Gun Control" O'Meara did a rant followed by a patented "couple seconds of silence" I believe he did a full minute for the homos in Florida. So he's an anti-Semite. If the Jews would stop slaughtering Palestinians and move away and stop being an anchor on the U.S. and stop slaughtering sailors on the U.S.S. Liberty, that would be nice. Under the Ottomans Jews were welcome in Israel, under the Jews the Jews have to slaughter. Gus in the Gaithersburg still not Don Geronimo (10/30/18)

WBAL FM 101.5 is currently on the air, but only at 50 watts under an STA. They are having antenna performance issues on the proposed signal. Eventually, they will be 250 watts and have coverage outside of the city. — BaltoMedia.net (10/30/18)

The Mike O'Meara Show - VEGAS BABY! Congratulations to Mike, Robb, & Oscar as they head West this week to perform their SOLD OUT Las Vegas Show - LIVE! NOT a Las Vegas "style" show BUT the REAL SHOW LIVE IN LAS VEGAS! [Wonder if that Geronimo fella will show up disguised as Batman or an Elvis impersonator?] (10/30/18)

As much as wild TV crush I have on the very talented and very gorgeous Annie Yu, Get Up Washington gives me a ice cream headache that lasts all day. What a dreadful show. Paul (10/30/18)

WTOP features “Spooky Deals: Where To Get Free And Discounted Food And Drinks For Halloween”. Chipotle is featuring $4.00 burritos, Papa John’s is featuring $11.00 pumpkin shaped pizzas, and Krispy Kreme offers a free donut if you are wearing a costume. DCRTVDJDAVE and “Tank” are going as themselves which is pretty scary. Scariest of all: Gus in the Gaithersburg showing up at your door as Don Geronimo! (10/30/18)

During his show on Halloween, would be great if Chad Dukes revived the old Don & Mike tradition of sending someone out for "Trick or Beer." Maybe send out Landphill. (10/30/18)

Gus in the Gaithersburg is Jack Diamond... (10/30/18)

Nielsen......is it a Monopoly? The DC ratings are out today buy only the subscribers to their service are published. The small stations that cannot afford to subscribe to their service are NOT published. How much does it cost for a station to subscribe to their service?( $110,000 per year.) Obviously, WTOP can afford this and so can WMAL! What does this do to the small radio station? Maybe......there will be some competition for Nielsen. (10/30/18)

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Still not Don Geronimo. I've tried to tell you guys. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/29/18)

In the first minute of today's TMOS, failed club DJ from the all-purpose room at the Ramada Mike "gun control" O'Meara said "We stopped in Pittsburgh on our way to Iowa" in order to make it all about him. So they drove an RV from Manassas to Pittsburgh and then to Iowa. Does that make sense to you? It's all about Mike eating ice cream and his rejected personal chocolate cake that he took to a party out of a bowl in his bed. In other news, at 11:21 today Chris Plante demonstrated that he doesn't understand what a 3rd degree felony is. Jeebus effing Christ, Chris! Google it won't you? The Mexican invader knows it better than you. Just so we're clear, if Trump doesn't stop the Caravan Invasion, up to and including killing the invaders, he should be impeached. Jornada del Muerto. Gus in the Gaithersburg Still Not Don Geronimo (10/29/18)

Dave Hughes, Bryan Nehman announced this at 6:00 AM this morning on WBAL-AM 1090, and John Patti reiterated at 6:10 AM. WBAL is now heard on 101.5 FM in the greater Baltimore area. After John reiterated it, I changed over to 101.5. I could hear the broadcast in the Greenspring Valley area just northwest of the Jones Fall Expressway with some static. I suspect the signal will be static free in downtown Baltimore. By the way, good call by you. You have been predicting for at least the last 2-3 years that BAL needed to simulcast on an FM signal. Thank you, Scott (10/29/18)

Haven't heard from Big Don O'brien on his twitter page in a while... how's he feeling. Thanks, J. Roberts (10/29/18)

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Anyone else wondering how much time left The Mike O'Meara Show Podcast has? More and more shows with a host missing, same old technical problems, Mike raging out more and more about everyone else who works on the show (before heading out on his boat or to the golf course - those 2 hour days are tough). When they use Facebook to try to generate publicity online, posts on their show page get 15-30 likes. Most people get more interactions for pictures of their dog. The show can't be making enough money to live on, and at some point Oscar will have to get a real job to pay off those MBA loans and keep Peach in Lu Lu Lemon yoga pants. (10/28/18)

Salem stock continues to drop every day! Yesterday, it was down to $2.90 per share. This is an all time low.......They own some good facilities in the DC Market, including WAVA-FM 105.1, WAVA 780 AM, WWRC 570 AM, WSPZ 1260 AM . (10/28/18)

Great to hear Kevin on with Thom and Andy this AM. OOBBEE (10/28/18)

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So apparently, according to the BOAD folks, Oscar just blurted out Drab to CDVTW with no truth to it. The other two hosts seemed really pissed. But, why would Chad seem so pissed about an "Announcement" ruined on TMOS by Big O. Drab complained some Junks approached him about it. And, apparently everyone at JFK reads this website. Something is up. Chad and Drab in PM drive? Valdez takes over as producer with Awad helping in the AM? The new owners are cheap! Get's rid of Chads THREE helpers and have Drab focus that show better? It reduces $$$. The Junks contract talks???? Split them? Any opinions? (10/27/18)

Breaking DCRTV Mailbag news: mystery of who sent the “suspicious package” to WMAL solved! You guessed it, the sender was none other than “Gus A. Gaithersburg”. And we all know what the “A” stands for: www,yelp.com (10/27/18)

To Carl in Olney. Howard Stern was talking about another Johnny Dark who worked at WNBC in New York back in the early 80's. Baltimore's Johnny Dark spent 30 years at WCAO and was never at WNBC. (10/27/18)

Sorry to disappoint Carl in Olney but our Johnny Dark and WNBC's Johnny Dark are two different people. Both talented. Both beloved. But the WNBC JD on Stern was not our WCAO/WBIG Johnny. (10/27/18)

Once and for please stop printing bullshit supposedly from me under an alias in your “mailbag.” You’ve let it go long enough. Really, I’ve been out of the market 10 years ago. Just give whomever is obsessed with “Geronimo/Sorce” my email and let the coward contact me directly. Your site lacks credibility. Thank you. Don Geronimo (10/27/18)

Carl in Olney said WUSA rejoins CBS network programming late on purpose so as to squeeze in local show promos. Decades ago, this practice was known as "clipping" and there was quite a stink about it. AFAIK, networks have contracts with local stations that spell out such things as how much time the local station has to insert local commercials and promos. This is defined down to the second. If the local station is taking time away from the network program, it is probably in violation of its contract. Send complaints to CBS. (10/27/18)

Checked out WCTG 96.5 in Salisbury this morning. The signal was marginally better. Not city grade by any means. (10/27/18)

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I was listening to Sirius XM's Howard Stern 101 (which plays old shows of his) last evening, and it was a show from WNBC-660 in NYC from 1983. He started to talk about how Johnny Dark gives away prizes on his show on WNBC, and then played some clips of Johnny Dark giving away money to seemingly unexcited people. I'm glad that Baltimore and Washington's own beloved Johnny Dark is still on the (satellite) airwaves at least that one time. My wife and I (before we knew each other) listened to him for years on WCAO-600, and then when he was in Washington. He was a great guy and at least Howard's old program wasn't insulting to him, just (atypical) gentle fun . -- Carl in Olney (10/26/18)

"Gus - Get off your beach towel. Do you ever miss the Junks or TMOS? You are obsessed. That chocolate cake goes back a bit. Loveless marriage is recent. The junks are given vacation instead of raises." Nice to know you're picturing me on a beach towel, but I have to ask "Obsess much?" Junkies are given "bacations" because it's standard for well-paid radio talent. Haven't listened to them since they went to mornings. Haven't listened to TMOS but one day this week. The chocolate cake indeed goes back a bit, as does passing out on the neighbor's lawn, as does pledging to buy drinks for first responders, as does challenging a customer at Clyde's to a fight, as does complaining that strangers don't pay enough attention to his spawn, and the list of "interesting" things MOM has admitted to goes on, just like the beat. I personally think the loveless marriage thing is a bit because historically Robbbbb seems to think the Catskills is the epitome of humor. But even I don't care what I think. Lighten up Francis. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/26/18)

The CBS Network doesn't put on the local ads for WUSA programs; WUSA puts them on, and they put up their ad so that, rather than have the 2-second blank screen that the network provides to get the viewer ready for more of the program, they use those seconds for advertising and often go over so that the first second of the program is missed and we get the program mid-word from some actor. That is so cheap and greedy; CBS should do something about THAT. Sometimes small affiliates miss like that by mistake; but to do it at every single break is clearly on purpose and very jarring. -- Carl in Olney (10/26/18)

DELMARVA CLASS A MUSICAL CHAIRS: Chincoteague's WCTG 96.5 has now moved, basically closer to Salisbury, while WVES 101.5 FM from south of there is now on their old tower in Chincoteague. The combo move adds the Salisbury area while still keeping their VA roots. Meanwhile WICO 101.1 is moving to 94.5 FM, closer to Chincoteague. Makes one wonder if they're expecting the FCC will take away 87.7 FM aka channel 6 during the TV repack. Hmm. More as I hear it. — BaltoMedia.net (10/26/18)

Week 8 NFL TV maps show the Ravens@Panthers coverage for the CBS single/early game expand to a large swath of the southeast as well as the entire midAtlantic which will anger many in southern PA as they will not get to see the Steelers game on WHP 21, which is forced by NFL rules to carry the Ravens as a secondary market. The FOX early game has the Redskins@Giants on almost the entire eastern seaboard as well as entire south & southwest. The FOX late game, Packers@Rams, is nearly national. More maps as always at 506sports.com — BaltoMedia.net (10/26/18)

FROM WBAL RADIO & a HAPPY 93RD BIRTHDAY SOON... "On November 2nd, 1925, WBAL Radio signed on the air in Baltimore. Consolidated Gas, Electric & Power Company (later BGE) was the original owner, with Hearst purchasing the station in 1935. Over the last 93 years, no other radio station has been more connected to our city, state and region. From coverage of monumental news events to broadcasting the Ravens, Colts, Navy, UMD, and Orioles to the area’s most prominent radio personalities, WBAL has been the 50,000 watt voice of ‘All Things Baltimore’. In 2018, WBAL is available on numerous platforms: AM 1090, our WBAL mobile app, on-line, the Tune-In app, 97.9FM HD2 and on smart speakers via Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. Now, we significantly expand our portfolio of listening options with our new Greater Baltimore FM signal at 101.5. 93 years strong, and still growing. We are pleased to add FM 101.5 as we broaden the reach of one of America’s most renowned radio stations. More than ever, you can’t spell Baltimore without B-A-L!" — BaltoMedia.net (10/26/18)

WMAL “suspicious package” update: Mark Levin announced at the beginning of his Thursday show that he had gotten an e-mail from Larry O’Connor that a package had arrived at the WMAL studio bearing Levin’s first name, Mary (that would be the dreadful Mary Walter), Chris (the rabid Chris Plante) and Larry (what, no Vince or Bill Hess?). WMAL reports: “UPDATE: ALL CLEAR An all clear has been given to re-enter the building. Earlier today, a suspicious package was received at Cumulus Media, home of WMAL and mix107.3, in Washington DC. Police were called and upon reviewing the package decided to evacuate the building. The package was examined, opened and it was not a threat. Pictures show the package and what was inside: www.wmal.com (10/26/18)

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Hi Don [Gus in the Gaithersburg?] (10/25/18)

Gus - Get off your beach towel. Do you ever miss the Junks or TMOS? You are obsessed. That chocolate cake goes back a bit. Loveless marriage is recent. The junks are given vacation instead of raises. If your boss gave you vacation, would you take it? You must be one of the people obsessed with TMOS on Fairfax Underground! (10/25/18)

Any word on why WMAL started playing nothing but “The Best of Larry O’Connor Show” his afternoon? I THINK it was live around 430p when I started listening. Since then, it’s just been “Best of”. No news. No commercials. I like listening to Larry, but this is very strange. Blake Sanders (10/25/18)

Dave's response: Suspicious package bomb scare. Front page story now up.....

Anyone have an over/under on Megan Kelly surviving her Halloween blackface kerfuffle? I've got five bucks on her losing her gig and no one in NY touching her ever again. (10/25/18)

WUSA's morning show is bad enough. Do they have to run ads for it all evening when I watch CBS shows? There is not talent, no news, nothing but slapstick that insults the intelligence of adults. I love CBS but having to sit through the ads during every commercial break is pretty awful. CBS please find something else to advertise and don't waste your time on WUSA (10/25/18)

Just read post by Annie Yu on her FB page & she’s going to WUSA’s Mon-Fri morning show. Seems like she’s wanted this opportunity for awhile, but maybe saw it wasn’t going to happen at Fox5? I truly would’ve rather seen her rather than Holly Morris every morning. She also talked about she’s now working for a station that was “Paving the future for local news in the DMV”. Hmmmm. Interesting statement. (10/25/18)

As per her Twitter, Annie Yu now at WUSA on their early morning show Wake Up Washington (10/25/18)

Looks like NBC4 just brought a new guy on board to do sports. Young guy named Cary Chow formerly of ESPN. (10/25/18)

Annie Yu has switched to 9. Via twitter, she’ll be on WUSA9’s morning shows, Wake Up Washington and Get Up DC from 4:30-7. (10/25/18)

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Yes I’m still here. If you want to double check, check out my show tunes program every Saturday afternoon 4-5 PM EDT at www.whfc911.org. Alan Field (10/24/18)

Sputnik, The Russian News Agency continues to run their propaganda on WZHF 1390 AM, owned by Arthur Liu and the Translator 105.5 FM owned by Communications Attorney, John Garziglia. Both facilities are leased to Sputnik. How do these facilities serve the Public in DC? (10/24/18)

Does anyone know why the Salem stock continues to drop every day? It is the lowest it has been in years. They have the same management now. Today it is down to just $3.02 per share. (10/24/18)

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What has happened to Salem Stock? It is at a 5 year low of just $3.05 per share. In September, the company declared a dividend for their shareholders. The company is primarily owned by Ed Atsinger and Stu Epperson. (10/23/18)

"Geronimo can buy a display ad on DCRTV?" With his ten million dollars that ad buy will make his life complete. Idiots still fixated on Geronimo. SMFH. Mike O'Meara brings a personal chocolate cake to parties and Fattt Robbb is in a loveless marriage for a reason. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/23/18)

REF: [Alan Field] I think the earlier poster just wanted to see if you were still above ground or dirt napping between tunes. (10/23/18)

Someone asked Annie Yu via Twitter at what station she was now. Her response was she’d let them know when she could. Sounds to me as though it’s going to be local and if so, obviously a competing station and probably an anchoring position vs. part field reporter & part werkend anchor. But guess we’ll just have to see. (10/23/18)

Dave: As much as I can't listen to one show on 980, the old CSN is just as bad and this comes after giving their awful postgame shows a chance. Seriously, I sat in my den for a hour watching their pre/postgame coverage of Sunday's Redskins game and it was just terrible to the point of just needing to watching SVU re-runs! At this point, Julie Donaldson has to realize she's no match for "network" talent and is even a tough to watch in-studio. BUT, let's not totally blame her because I'm sure she gets no support or direction from management and that's an old story with those guys. Finally, what's with 980's new owners letting Czaban run wild with his mouth. He really comes off bitter and has fallen off the deep end! I just wish there was a reason to listen to 106.7 and therefore I could make a clean break from 980. (10/23/18)

You know how at most parties there's a guy who gripes about everything, but doesn't seem to know much about anything? Who butts into conversations when nobody wants him to? Who thinks he's funny, but is really just an annoying pain in the ass? The guy whose wife seems sad and desperate to talk to someone other than him? Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Gus in Gaithersburg (10/23/18)

{In other Mike O'Meara Show news} If it is true among mailbag rumors that Gus in [the] Gaithersburg is Don Geronimo, then he's been busy in the mailbag ripping O'Meara, Spewak & Santana. Irony at its finest considering O'Meara has indicated more than once lately on his Mike O'Meara Show / Podcast that he has no contact with Mike Sorce aka Geronimo. Spewak no contact with Geronimo too? Maybe Gus in the Gaithersburg / Geronimo can buy a display ad on DCRTV? You know, with Sorce/Geronimo's new book coming out. Manuscript must be done if Gus in the Gaithersburg has so much free time on his hands lately. #GeronimoBitterMuch (10/23/18)

Dave, how is the suspect doing? Is he responsive? Is he responsive? Just wanted to know if he's responsive. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/23/18)

Someone dropped my name in your column asking about the time I moved from weekdays to weekends at WCAO in 1961 and then back again to weekdays. What’s the question. Alan Field (10/23/18)

“The Michael Baisden Show” is mysteriously absent from WHUR this afternoon. They have a new dj playing music, and it sounds like he could be sticking around because he announced a contest for “lucky listener” to have lunch with him this week. Any mention of Baisden has also been removed from WHUR’s website... The dj who has apparently taken over Michael Baisden’s afternoon slot on WHUR is Wes Hall, who hosts the “Hang Suite” on Saturdays from 6pm to midnight on HUR. (10/23/18)

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\/ October 22 Messages \/

Baltimore tv news hottie Jessica Kartalija is leaving WJZ for the Eyewitness News team at the CBS affiliate in Philly, according to her Twitter message. Same station that former ‘JZ meteorologist Chelsea Ingram now works. (10/22/18)

I have a question about Alan Field the DJ who worked at WCAO for years. I was wondering if sometime in 1961 that he left the daily lineup and only worked weekends. Then in 1962 came back to do a daily nine to noon shift after Bob Koolage moved to WITH. (10/22/18)

You think 94.7 will bring Loo Katz to host morning drive? (10/22/18)

I'm very sorry to hear of Jeff Leonard's passing. In addition to his work at WKYS and WMOD (now WMZQ), he did some weekends at WYRE-AM (810khz) in Annapolis in the years of 1973-77. I did traffic and continuity and often enjoyed his company as he did his shift on "The Voice of the Bay". He had the greatest voice and a killer smile. He will be greatly missed. John Maxian (10/22/18)

In other Mike O'Meara Show news, Oscar Santana claims to have 4 paid porn subscriptions. That's the decision an MBA teaches you to make when porn is free? Keep forgetting your first anniversary, PEACH!!! The important thing s your Bang Brothers subscription is in place. SMFH. Robbbbbb Spewak is a tool but that's for another day. Tuscarape-a High School, apparently. Will he be calling the gangbangs as well as the games? Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/22/18)

[RE: Annie Yu] I have no idea where she might end up but morning anchor Jan Jeffcoat left WUSA a few weeks ago. Their 6am hour is a joke (literally) now but I guess they still do actual news for the 90 minutes before they turn it over to the wannabe comedian. If she’s staying in the area that’s the only real fit I see. Who knows... (10/22/18)

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From Annie Yu's Twitter page, she says she'll have news soon on her next move and "we'll see you soon"..I wonder if she's doing a Julie Wright and moving to another local station. If so, I wonder where. Has anyone left recently for which they'd need a replacement?. I know a couple of the meterologists have left NBC4, but I think it's safe to say she won't be doing that!. (10/21/18)

I’m sorry to hear of the passing of Jeff Leonard. I seem to recall Jeff being on WMOD, also. Roddy Freeman (10/21/18)

Somebody asked about Bill Thompson at WMAL. I do seem to recall several months ago he announced his pending retirement from there. Somebody like John Matthews should be able to elaborate. (10/21/18)

I'm not a huge Tommy fan, but his appearance on NBC4 was classy and professional. One lesson from his tenure: a LOT of social media activity doesn't convert to ratings. Someday radio groups will learn this. I don't know of a radio personality in America more active than Tommy and his colleagues, yet the numbers didn't really move, certainly not enough to keep the show on the air. Social media engages a super-tiny fraction of the audience, and might even be harmful to stations because the feedback distorts what people actually think of your product. It's a terrible research tool. (10/21/18)

Perhaps the reason 94.7 doesn't register on your radio has to do with the fact that it may well be the most enept station flip roll out in the history of radio. (10/21/18)

Former WMAL "Host" (in quotes because hers was a brokered show) Found Guilty Of Fraud www.insideradio.com(10/21/18)

When I was 10 years ago my father, my brother, and I visited WOL 1450 on P Street, Northwest. My father was a typewriter mechanic who had been called to do a repair at WOL. He asked about a visit and permission was granted. The visit was on July 31, 1962. Bill Mayhugh was interviewing Roger Williams, the pianist. We stood behind the engineer Jim Dodge and Mr. Mayhugh asked our names on the air replies to which were difficult for him to hear because of the sound proof window between us. Obviously it was a memorable experience for me. I would listen to Felix Grant and Bill Mayhugh on my commute from my “day” job as a programmer of mainframes in Alexandria, Virginia. WMAL-AM 630 was a class act. It is a shame to lose that resource to full-time hate radio. Advertisers go where the listeners are. (10/21/18)

Tonight when Erika Gonzalez introduced Somara Theodore to do the weather tonight on the 6 PM news broadcast, Erika thanked Somara for "lending a hand" which tells me Somara is NOT coming back permanently to do the weather on NBC4. (10/21/18)

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\/ October 20 Messages \/

94.7 The Drive the last several days has not been displaying song titles my car radio has RDS I mean that's a standard for most stations now. It just says The Drive Or DCs Greatest Hits Also 1420 WKCW off the air the last 2 days. (10/20/18)

WHGM AM 1330 might soon affect a precedent as far as FCC policy. The FCC has not yet allowed, except for in cases of hurricane emergency, an AM station with FM translators to shut down their AM station and keep the FM translator(s) on the air. But in this particular case, the FCC has allowed WHGM to leave its AM transmitter site (which still exists) for a Christmas tree like bulb 10 watt signal from the top of a small building in what looks like a Radio Shack kit while keeping 3 more powerful FM translator signals in northeast Maryland on the air. This STA is until April 2019, but I'll bet it gets an extension request. This could be a potential test case as possibly, they attempt to take the AM totally silent through technical failure next? — BaltoMedia.net (10/20/18)

Very sad to see that Jeff Leonard, former afternoon drive host of WKYS, has passed away, at 70, from cancer. In the early 80s it was a pleasure to have spent some time as the board operator while Jeff and newsman Joe DeCapua did their thing. Jeff had this really subtle hand cue that he'd give, when it was time to roll the music as he did a talkup. I remember having to focus really intently to avoid missing it. (I seem to recall he had to re-cue me a few times). But, the show was great, Jeff was a total pro. My best to those who love him most. Neal Augenstein (10/20/18)

OK. Somara Theodire is BACK doing weather on NBC4 this evening. Her leaving is the readon why they’re bringing in weather people from out of town as well as Doug & Chuck Bell rotating through the weekend. And now she’s back?? (10/20/18)

Tommy explains to NBC Washington what happened www.nbcwashington.com (10/20/18)

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\/ October 19 Messages \/

The Week 7 NFL TV maps are unusual in that an NFL TV rule has been been exempted. WTTG Fox 5 apparently requested a 2nd game on a Single game week. That rarely happens and usually only in 2 team markets like LA or NY. So DC will get the late FOX Saints@Ravens game as will Baltimore & Delmarva, but also the early Single FOX game, Panthers@Eagles, which DC is not supposed to get and Baltimore will not get, among other cities. Southern PA/WPMT is getting the Panthers@Eagles game. The CBS early game for most of the country is Patriots@Bears. The CBS late game is also unusual in that CBS has the Cowboys@Redskins game on the entire east coast, a matchup they haven't had on TV in a very long time. As always, more TV maps are at 506sports.com — BaltoMedia.net (10/19/18)

"And finally, finding fault with the use of a single adjective..." Shockingly, "shockingly" is not an adjective. Carl in Olney makes a good point. Shockingly, a magazine called The New Yorker has a slant. "Mike O'Meara Show Drama": Oscar's "no call, no show" was a radio bit. Perhaps the Mike O'Meara Show is too intellectual for you? "On a related note, once again a Junkie is on vacation, forcing Entercom to pay four guys to do a three man show. Would someone explain that?" It's contractually specified paid vacation, just like you probably get, in other words management signed off on it long in advance. You really need that explained? Perhaps the Junkies show is too intellectual for you? Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/19/18)

Annie Yu is gone from FOX5??!!! That sure came out of left field. And the only announcement is via a personal tweet from Tony Perkins? Something's weird about that. Considering what appeared her being popular and well liked by her colleagues (or was that for show?), it's surprising that there's no announcement and or send-off by the station. Well, it isn't the first time someone popular just disappeared. Case in point, Julie Wright. (10/19/18)

Not-Radio's Mike O'Meara referenced today a time when he was a Program Drinker, I mean Director. In the 1980s. At a C&W station. He's also going to stop his political show because NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR MIKE O"MEARA TALK ABOUT POLITICS. Or more likely his cohost is done dealing with him. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/19/18)

For those who haven't heard, Jeff Leonard passed away last Monday. He was best known in the DC area for his work on WMOD and WKYS. You can find his profile and more at 98wrc.com (10/19/18)

Any idea whether Bill Thompson is still with WMAL News? John Matthews has been on the morning shift for the past several weeks. Thanks. (10/19/18)

WBAL-TV and reporter David Collins committed an egregious journalism error on Thursday’s broadcasts. As part of the station's "Commitment 2018" campaign, in a profile of two candidates running for Maryland Attorney General, Collins interviews one outside “expert” about the race. He identified his expert, Larry Gibson, as a University of Maryland professor. What he failed to mention is that Gibson is a lifelong notorious Democrat cheerleader who fills his social media posts with constant photos that say “Vote for the Democrats.” There was absolutely no attempt to balance the story or even reveal Gibson’s lifelong career as a Democrat operative. It was lazy reporting. It was bad reporting. It was biased reporting. Shame, shame, shame on WBAL-TV. www.wbaltv.com (10/19/18)

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What happened to Fox5DC Annie Yu? Cori Coffin nabbed her weekend anchor spot...(Tony Perkins Twitted via TV News Check) --Lee (10/18/18)

Carl In Olney...ya can't be serious. You wrote: "I started reading the New Yorker article about Sinclair; within the first couple of paragraphs, I see what they leave out; they state quite 'shockingly' that Sinclair reaches 39% of the country with it's O&Os...Now I'm just showing the slant and hypocrisy of the New Yorker article, not condemning any networks or station operators." Aren't you silly. First off, maybe READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE before you spout off about what it says. Second, the New Yorker actually RESEARCHED and tallied that number, while you just take a guess and then call them wrong. Really? And finally, finding fault with the use of a single adjective in "the first couple of paragraphs" and extrapolating that to equal "slant and hypocrisy" of an entire publication is fucking crazy. Grow up already. You're the one with a bias, not them. (10/18/18)

Siriusxm 60s on 6... Any idea who will be the next program director to replace Ken Mersin? (10/18/18)

Junkies let a F-Bomb on the air this AM, in a song, I believe. (10/18/18)

This is how WUSA/TEGNA treats their employees. www.gofundme.com (10/18/18)

I started reading the New Yorker article about Sinclair; within the first couple of paragraphs, I see what they leave out; they state quite "shockingly" that Sinclair reaches 39% of the country with it's O&Os. I'd say NBC, for example, reaches more than that, considering they own stations in the 3 largest markets just in California, and also in every market from Boston to DC, even Hartford (but not Providence). And that's just the O&Os. However, I always find that local news on NBC O&Os (and the other three big networks) is done just as straight news; most local news done by the main networks is the only place left to get a fair news summary of the day, without opinion. I also see that our own Sinclair stations WJLA and WBFF do insert opinion pieces in the news and I personally do not like seeing that because my expectation is for straight news only. But the New Yorker is showing a disingenuous shock that 39% of the country see Sinclair's local news. 100% of the country sees the big networks' news and talk shows; at least Sinclair doesn't have a nightly show that incites anger and insult at the President the way CBS does. Now I'm just showing the slant and hypocrisy of the New Yorker article, not condemning any networks or station operators. The can do what they want. -- Carl in Olney (10/18/18)

RE: The Post's TV listings comment... That wasn't the only error in the Highlights section. They also said that "The Big Bang Theory" was on the CW at 8 p.m. Of course, that listing should have read CBS instead. "Supernatural" is the show that's SUPPOSED to be on at 8 on the CW. Andrew Fauver (10/18/18)

Just spotted WBAL’s translator at 101.5. Very weak here in Sparrows Point. It’s in mono with RDS reading WBAL. (10/18/18)

Interesting to hear Chris Cooley on the junks for almost an hour this morning. I don't know if he stopped by 980 too. (10/18/18)

Really funny error in The Post's TV listings today: I suspect the person putting it together was told to put "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", on ABC at 8, at the top of the highlights. But, she obviously confused ABC/WJLA with WJLA 24/7 News, and so there occupying the top spot is the extremely boring sounding "Government Matters with Francis Rose", which is on WJLA 24/7 at 8. How on earth did no one catch THAT? (10/18/18)

Speaking of the recently departed Bill Mayhugh, a typical hour of his WMAL show, this from January 1980... (10/18/18)

I need to report that Ken Merson is still voice-tracked on SiriusXM; he was doing the "60s Satellite Survey" after Cousin Brucie (Bruce Morrow) on "60s on 6" Wednesday night. Maybe they've got a lot of his shows saved up; I certainly have no problem with that; he's a great radio personality. You know what? They both are. -- Carl in Olney (10/18/18)

Mike O'Meara Show Drama:: So, according to O'Meara, last weeks cancelled show for "technical reasons" was really co-host Oscar Santana's one day "no call, no show" walk-out? #SantanaStayInYourLane #SantanaNotAsValuableAsYouThink (10/18/18)

What ever happened to that guy who collected all that money a few years ago claiming he was making a documentary about WHFS? I wonder what he really used the money for. (10/18/18)

Drab moves to Chad? That's because the Junkies are dead men walking. Too old, too expensive, and played out. With the eventual take over of the station by the Redskins before next season the Junks will be shown the door. Excessively overpriced talent is a thing of the past in radio. Before the 2019 NFL season a shake up of the roster at WJFK will occur. Grant and Danny to mornings, Chad survives in afternoons, and the rest filled out with TEM holdovers. Chris Kinard gets pink slipped too. Replaced by Larry Michael right hand man Charles Broyhill or, should he decline, veteran NFL game producer Cameron Gray. On a related note, once again a Junkie is on vacation, forcing Entercom to pay four guys to do a three man show. Would someone explain that? And with holidays coming up, the Junks will essentially be a three man show from Thanksgiving through New Years. (10/18/18)

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Excellent 2009 interview with Bill Mayhugh and his wife, Shirley covers his long career: vimeo.com (10/17/18)

So, Drab T Shirt is moving from the Junkies to Chad???? Oscar let the big announcement leak out on TMOS yesterday. Chad did not sound happy! (10/17/18)

Why didn’t The New Yorker get to the bottom of the biggest Baltimore TV news question, “I want to get into your head”, from CBS’s WJZ’s Marty Bass in Patterson Park with the toupee? What did Marty find out and when is that investigative story running? (10/17/18)

Re: Somara Theodore on WTOP, that's interesting since they partner with NBC4 where she just left. But then again, she was back at the station doing weather recently. She said she was leaving for a digital job. So wonder if she's doing whatever that is and freelancing with the news stations. (10/17/18)

"Every time I think of Tegna, I think of"... a dun-down discount gas station or a prescription drug whose most prominent negative side effect is death. (10/17/18)

The New Yorker does an in depth story on Maryland corruption and all they found was a Republican using a Sinclair corporate chopper 10 years ago and helping out a corporate constituent with the FCC that hires hundreds of Maryland workers? Wow, they really must be asleep at the switch considering Maryland’s legislature has been controlled by Democrats for what, over 100 years now! And still no scandal there? Why not look into what Defense contractors have done for Chris Van Hollen and Steny Hoyer?! The funniest part of the story though, that really invalidates the article in general, is that this is the only positive article I’ve read about Kathleen Kennedy Townsend possibly in my entire lifetime, a woman who literally created her own bad press through one misstep after another. The most famous quote I ever heard about KKT was from her own campaign worker who said, “Umm, She’s so nice, but she’s such a dim bulb. Knock knock, anybody in there?”, at which point she giggled, and I cringed. Even the late William Donald Schaefer didn’t support her! HAHA! (10/17/18)

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Gues who i heard on WTOP at 2:30pm? One former NBCWashington meteorologist Somara Theodore. To which Hilary Howard exclaimed, "You're back!" Guess everyone has their price to return? I'll look for her on tonites news later.. (10/16/18)

I was listening to WRNR yesterday and the top of the hour ID was WYRE Annapolis WRNR Grasonville in a strange twist they must have bought WYRE the station that originally owned them in the WAQA days (10/16/18)

"Every time I think of Tegna, I think of..." See, I think of the Tenga sex toy, but maybe that's just me. (10/16/18)

This is a clip from the New Yorker magazine about Sinclair broadcasting: Around that time, David Smith was arrested for committing “an unnatural and perverted sex act” with a prostitute while riding around Baltimore in a company-owned Mercedes. According to a police report, the prostitute called him her “regular date.” Smith never spoke publicly about the episode, but, after a plea agreement, he found an unusual way of fulfilling his community-service obligation—by having WBFF produce anti-drug ads. In subsequent years, Smith took measures to deepen Sinclair’s influence among policymakers, apparently recognizing that the company’s profits were dependent upon regulatory decisions made in Washington. One of Smith’s first notable forays into politics was his support for Robert Ehrlich, Jr., a Republican congressman who represented Maryland from 1995 until 2003. Sinclair became a top donor to Ehrlich and, in 2001, Ehrlich sent the first of several letters on Sinclair’s behalf to Michael Powell, who had recently become the chair of the F.C.C. The commission was investigating a request from Sinclair to buy a new group of stations, and Ehrlich protested the “unnecessary delays on pending applications.” The F.C.C.’s assistant general counsel responded that Ehrlich’s communication had violated procedural rules. Ehrlich sent another message, alleging that the delays were politically motivated and threatening to “call for a congressional investigation into this matter.” He added, “Knowing that you have served as Chairman for a few short months, we would prefer to give you an opportunity to address these concerns.” The proposed acquisitions were approved. The following spring, Ehrlich announced that he would run for governor of Maryland, where a Republican hadn’t been elected in thirty-six years. According to a former employee of Sinclair’s station in Washington, D.C., Sinclair journalists were encouraged to broadcast stories critical of Ehrlich’s rival, Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. “They went after her hard core. They put all the resources of the station into defeating her, and to electing Bob Ehrlich, because they wanted that kind of power in Maryland,” the former employee said. Ehrlich used a helicopter owned by Duncan Smith, David’s brother and the vice-president of Sinclair, to travel to campaign events, and to attend various functions in the week after he won the governor’s race, by four points. After the Baltimore Sun began reporting on the trips, the Ehrlich campaign said that it would reimburse the company for the flights. (10/16/18)

I usually listen to the Junks on the way to work in the AM. Chandler Stephenson came on. I had to change the station ASAP. I went to TOP. Neal Augenstein was interviewing a record store owner blaming lagging sales on the interim elections…. So I went to DC101 where Elliot was eating Ziti with a side kick woman yacking….. So I went to maybe BIG? I think? Blue Oyster Cult was playing “Don’t Fear The Reaper”. It was the Beltway…I could not grab my phone for a podcast….. Radio hell in DC 8:45 AM. OOBBEE (10/16/18)

I can’t help it. Every time I think of Tegna, I think of TENA absorbent pads for men and women. Anyone else have that feeling about WUSA 9’s management? (10/16/18)

Z on TV has jumped the shark or the Stelter, whichever you choose. Once again he’s pimping his CNN gig on Reliable Sources w/ Brian Stelter, America’s Hall Monitor, praising CNN, and then giving his review of the 60 Minutes interview of Trump, calling him a serial liar, among other things. When are they going to tap David Zurawik on the shoulder and tell him that his column is supposed to be a TV/Media review, not a political editorial? I counted exactly 1 media criticism amongst a dozen Trump diatribes. Just put him on the Sun Editorial staff! What’s the point of having a media critic when he’s nothing but a cheap ass political hack? Oh, and The Sun allows NO COMMENTS or OPINION from subscribers or readers on its site. It’s like PRAVDA for Baltimore, supporting all the failures of the city. What a worthless rag. (10/16/18)

The original WETT AM 1590 / WWTR 96 Rock Ocean City/Bethany Beach studio building in Ocean City as I recall it was in this still standing building on Rt. 611 in West Ocean City. I remember the call letters on the front on a trip to Frontier Town as a kid. It’s right next to The Shrimp Boat which has great food btw. www.google.com... And yes, Adams Radio stupidly gave up the WKHI calls and Vince Klepac’s 94.9 Jack FM immediately snatched them up. (10/16/18)

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A couple of shore notes: It looks like the remnants of Michael took down the final 1590 tower. I took a ride back and the transmitter shack still looks solid, but the towers have went to sea. Question for any of the old timers, did WETT in its day broadcast from Bishopville or did they have studios in Ocean City. When I was kid, I always tried to find the broadcast location. Speaking of Ocean City. I do remember when 100 KHI was in the Westward Ho. Took a ride back there and it still looks like radio studios on the first floor in the back. The WKHI call letters have been on 99.9, 95.9, 107.7, 98.5 (for a short switch over time) and over the weekend I heard them on 94-9. (10/15/18)

Just sharing some big news from WFLS in Fredericksburg, VA. Congratulations to Steve & Jessica on their CMA (Country Music Association) Award!!! They got the call this morning from country star Jason Aldean with the big news. The official trophy will be handed out in Nashville, TN on 11/14 at the 52nd annual CMA Awards. Here's the category: Small Market Broadcast Personalities of the Year... Bill Barrett, Tim Fox, Tracy Berry, Barrett, Fox & Berry, KKNU/Eugene, OR... Brent Lane, Candy Cullerton, The Cat Pak Morning Show, WYCT/Pensacola, FL... Eddie Fox, Sharon Green, Eddie Fox Show, WKSF/Asheville, NC... Todd Harding, Susan Moore, Brian Gary, Good Morning Guys, KUAD/Ft. Collins, CO... Steve Waters, Jessica Cash, Steve and Jessica Mornings, WFLS/Fredericksburg, VA (10/15/18)

I disagree that WQLL would not appeal to certain locally-famous radio personalities because of low pay. Ask Bob Duckman during his time at WNAV, or the late Johnny Dark while he was at WTTR. And now legendary Ken Merson, hailing from U of Md's WMUC more than 40yrs ago, becomes another example of someone motivated by the love of radio broadcasting. His first day on the air last week at 1370AM, WQLL, was posted recently on YouTube. youtube.com (10/15/18)

WBAL Newsradio 1090 isn't nearly as bad as some on here would argue. But there sure are some weak spots. Listening to Tashawna Gaines anchor makes a listener wonder just how lame the labor pool must be. She sounds barely literate. She is cringeworthy in every newscast. Follow that with this Steve Ray guy. Over the weekend he did a story about a motorCYCLER. Dude, the word is motorCYCLIST. He sounds like a guy in love with his voice who would be happy reading the ingredients of the Geritol label. The coziness between the air staff and former police "Chief" T.J. Smith sheds some light on why there's never be any investigative work done by the news staff of police department policies. Finally, please eliminate the Bryan Nehman monologues during morning drive and give us some more real news. His spin is a tuneout. (10/15/18)

REF:[WSPZ/WAVA “This was a great station at one time”] This aligns with a prior post proclaiming “AM radio is dead.” Sad, but true. (10/15/18)

This is Ray Knight’s page on MASN’s website. www.masnsports.com... It’s clearly been removed. Other references/videos of Knight are still intact on the website though. But as was stated before, his contract is apparently up and it’s fair to say that negotiations might not be going so well after the police report on him. Plus, with both the Nats and Orioles not making the playoffs & the Orioles at historic worst, I’m sure MASN made a lot less money last year. (10/15/18)

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bill mayhugh played good music they did not have politicial crap on then (10/14/18)

I was so sorry to hear of Bill Mayhugh's passing. He was the epitome of radio personality civic involvement, with a droll sense of humor and a profound knowledge of jazz and pop standards. I recall visiting Bill and Shirley at their Rehoboth Beach, Delaware A-frame many years ago. Jim Bohannon, Westwood One. (10/14/18)

Salem is selling WSPZ 1260 AM and asking $1,250,000 for it. They now have a terrible signal in Northern Virginia. You can't hear them at night. They don't own a tower site. They have no format and are simulcasting their sister station WAVA-FM. This was a great station at one time. (10/14/18)

But still 94.7 what are they going to do with the HD2 channel? Put something else on or move The Fan106.7 which is on the HD3 station there and eliminate HD3? Don't get why there running the Drive on both stations.To the poster who said they heard Break My Stride on 2 stations the same time that's happened to me often a few months back America Sister Golden Hair ending on Wash HD2 station beginning on what was Dcs Classic Hits 94.7 HD2.Still WKCW 1420 far from great but the widest playlist for Classic Hits. (10/14/18)

The song "Break My Stride" is by MATTHEW Wilder, not Andrew. Signed, a guy whose name actually IS Andrew, Andrew Fauver (10/14/18)

Hey Dave, Were you ever able to find out what happened to Ray Knight at the end of the season on MASN? He vanished from their Nationals coverage after many years doing their pre and post game shows. The Post did a piece which you quoted, but there was no reason given, and nobody has followed up. Dan Cohen (10/14/18)

FWIW, Entercom is advertising on its website for on air talent for 94.7. Perhaps the days of Mr RobotoDeejay are numbered. (10/14/18)

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94.7 is basically for now like your run of the mill Classic Hits station. Maybe a deep cut here and there but other than that, it's all mainstream. It's just the nature of the beast and even when Entercom gets a music director for The Drive it's going to remain mainly the same. It was a major stretch to look for something along the lines of a WCBS FM when they were oldies or starting up with classic hits post JACK format. You won't see a station that is heavily mid 60's-80's with deep cuts as well as mainstream hits. Corporate radio terrestrial wise won't get that daring. Yes, Entercom found a gap in what was needed format wise but expecting something risky isn't going to cut it. Not like it was going to be a throwback HFS like station with classic alternative-progressive classic rock. Mainstream comes into play for a lot of corporate terrestrial stations. It's just how things are. (10/13/18)

Hey Dave, Just a note from Fort Payne, AL as I sit in my EMT class this Saturday on my way to getting my Paramedic patch and get back into EMS. Many things have happened good and bad since that chilly October morning laying on the ground waiting to be put into an ambulance after surviving the crash of N36KL a Cessna 172XP at Freeway Airport while reporting for Metro Traffic for WMZQ 98.7fm. So much has changed in 20 years in broadcasting and I am finding out in EMS. I have recently bought a program to digitize my collection of VCR tapes from the day of the accident. When I get finished I will send a link to the old news coverage. I just wanted to remember the anniversary and send a prayer to the family of my pilot Doug Duff who was ten years younger than I am today when he died at 42. Thanks Rob Edgar, Editor Dekalb County Daily News on Facebook, Fort Payne, AL (10/13/18)

Clay Thompson back at NBC4 doing weather for second time. Hmmm. Wonder if TPTB are considering bringing him back. (10/13/18)

I agree with the poster who stated radio is repetitive but some stations more than others Top 40 which is mostly current hits and some recent like MIX 107.3 yes but an example without going on here too long 94.7 plays Hungry Like The Wolf from Duran Duran love that band yet they had like a dozen major hits The Reflex, Rio, View To A Kill add those Donna Summer the only songs I've heard She Works Hard For The Money and Hot Stuff she had a ton of songs Bad Girls Macarthur Park do those and Paul McCartney had a huge batch of hits yet all they do is Live And Let Die and Maybe Im Amazed add more songs by the artists they play and there will be less repetition. (10/13/18)

I was listening to 94.7 The Drive around 9:25 AM and they were playing Break My Stride by Andrew Wilder. I flipped to WASH and they were playing the same song at the same time. All the songs of the 80s and they both picked the same one. What a world! Ron in Annapolis. (10/13/18)

To Carl in Olney: You have your wish. Do this. Go to www.weckbuffalo.com which is WECK 1230 in Buffalo, New York. Harv Moore is on from Noon to 3 weekdays and the station plays Oldies mostly from the era you requested. The station is making money and has DJ's everyone knows with a local owner. Check it out. Dave in Buffalo, NY (10/13/18)

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Work ethic, thy name is O'Meara. From the Mike O'Meara Show tweeter today: "We apologize folks. Due to technical issues down in Florida, we will be unable to do a show today. " But the studio and two of the three voices are in DC, and often the best episodes are the ones without the marquee name. So, today's pool: 1) hurricane, 2) unannounced "travel day", 3) Facebook-induced meltdown, or 4) the obvious? On another note Don Geronimo (insert real name here) will never come back to radio, he's too in love with the s-word and the f-word. I miss the delicate dance of avoiding fines but that's just me. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/12/18)

WMAL became WHEW for exhausted talker Larry O’Connor after he pulled a six hour marathon Wednesday filling in for Mark Levin from 6-9 PM after doing his own show from 3-6 PM. Hope Bill Hess paid him overtime. So it’s no wonder Larry is MIA Thursday with WMAL’s “Mourning The Mauled” co-host Vince Coglianese (sans the dreadful Mary Walter thank God) filling in for him: it’s musical chairs over at WMAL! (10/12/18)

You can’t get WRNR in Virginia, but DC is not just VA. WRNR can be heard in the Maryland suburbs of DC, PG & Charles Counties. As for WQLL, they cannot afford all these names. Mickey, Rouse, and Merson are not the type of people who in this stage of their careers want to be making McDonalds money for a small AM station that bills little advertising and has a tiny budget. (10/12/18)

Nothing from the FCC on the WBOC purchase of WRDE NBC Coast TV after almost 2 months now. Is that normal or does that spell trouble for Draper owning the CBS, NBC, FOX, & Telemundo network stations in a small market like Salisbury? (10/12/18)

Not defending 94.7 but they don't have a Music Director yet it might not matter. A lot of these formats repeat the same songs over and over radio is just so repetitive period. (10/12/18)

$1.25 million for WSPZ AM 1260? Of course it’s worth it. That includes the special blessing from God too! AM 1260 would be quite a monster signal had the ground system not been destroyed by buildings and various construction. Even upgrading to 35,000 watts, I’d bet the signal is not nearly as good as it was 30 years ago. (10/12/18)

Has anyone heard about what happened recently at WMAL’s sister station in Atlanta? Management asked a host at the station to take down a “Trump 2020” banner. I’d like to think the sign will resurface at a corkboard near Jenifer Street. mediaconfidential.blogspot.com (10/12/18)

WMAL’s Larry O’Connor watch: our lisping hero was off Friday after pulling a six hour double shift Thursday subbing for Mark Levin after doing his own show. Our boy Larry was off to Las Vegas with wife Meredith, family and friends according to his sub-host Derek Hunter (whose wife produces The Larry O’Connor Show) formerly of Baltimore’s WBAL. It is a small, incestuous family over there at WMAL headed by Papa Hess... (10/12/18)

Completely agree, 94.7 is a disaster. Who wants to listen to this nonsensical scrap pile of overplayed records? There's just no audience for it. Has to be a holding pattern until they put their master plan in place, though by the time they do their audience, such as it was, will have moved on (I'm sure they already have), and the station will be starting from 0.00. A more poorly managed transition is hard to imagine. (10/12/18)

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I agree with the post about 94.7 repetitive playlist don't get me wrong Hotel California BillyJean. Every Breath You Take are classics. But like 4 plays a day of this stuff! Cmon just play some other stuff from the broad choice of songs from the 70s and 80s everybody has artists they don't like Michael Jackson is not my favorite I like Paul McCartney but Live and Let Die also played to death. You can overdo anything And its absurd to keep the new format on the HD2 channel as well have no idea why there doing that I guess we'll have to see what the ratings for The Drive are. if anyone can pull in 1280 AM from Hanover PA comes in pretty decent in my car in the day you'll hear what a good Classic Hits station should be lots of solo Beatles I heard the Stampeders Sweet City Woman anyone remember that one from 71' ? WKCW 1420 is good also but it doesn't play alot of major 70s like Solo Beatles Badfinger CCR Steely Dan.Does play a wide range of 80s. Though. (10/11/18)

They want $1.250M for WSPZ, and that's without the tower. Sure guys... want the combination to my house alarm while we're at it? (10/11/18)

UPDATE: Regarding the WMET 103.1 FM application in DC, the owner of WMET AM 1160 has refiled this a few days ago with a slightly different stronger signal. WRNR 103.1 FM might want to take note of this. If this is approved, you will definitely no longer receive WRNR anywhere around Washington, DC anymore. (10/11/18)

Dave's response: I live in the DC area and never could get WRNR. Nothing will change here.....

Did Larry say his show is on 106.7? Last time I checked that is Sports Radio WJFK. WMAL is on 105.9 and that signal weak to the north due to 105.7 WJZ. Ron in Annapolis. (10/11/18)

94.7 is a disaster. A dumpster fire. A mess. It has to be a joke. It must be going to a different format. This must be a stunt. It is so utterly un-thought through you can't take it. It infuriating. I'm all for a different approach but WTF? It's like they took WAVA and Q107's old 80's playlists, shredded them and then play whatever they picked up off the floor. Oh and don't forget Hotel F#kkin' California! F###CK! Did BIG just play Hotel California? AGAIN?!!! QUICK GET IT ON! Before Diamond plays it!!! (10/11/18)

Dave's response: How about Don Geronimo in mornings and Ken Merson in afternoons? But it will not happen because Entercom are cheap bastards and hope they can get ratings by sounding like any old cheapo web stream. And I thought Phil Zachary was going to bring something really cool to the stagnant DC radio market. Sheesh.....

RE: WQLL post. I think you summed it up best by feeling the need to explain WQLL is (WCBM’s sister station). If Steve Rouse, Mickey and whoever else couldn’t stick around for more then a year I’m fairly confident they won’t bring WBAL to their knees. (10/11/18)

DC resident and Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s new book “Ship of Fools” apparently has gone number one on the New York Times Bestseller List and his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” is among the top five cable shows. So Tucker took to Twitter to thank his many fans and breaks up laughing in the middle of the video that he overtook Bob Woodward. Great view from his Fox News office on North Capitol Street: twitter.com (10/11/18)

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WMAL talker Larry “Double Shift” O’Connor filing in for Mark “Pit Bull” Levin Wednesday night making his air time on WMAL from 3:00PM to 9:00PM. Larry kept plugging his own show to listeners and callers, referring to Levin as “The Great One” and himself as the “Moderately Great One”, reminding one caller from Wisconsin to “Tune into my show on WMAL 106.7 FM weekdays 3 to 6”: that would be a powerful radio. Larry, who Mark’s listeners might mistake as gay, Tweets his followers to “Call now”: twitter.com (10/10/18)

I think the WBAL radio hater is becoming delusional. While I applaud WQLL Q1370 AM’s minor success, they’re hardly just 2 behind WBAL radio in the ratings. WBAL 1090 is #14 and WQLL 1370 is #28. Not exactly knocking on the back door. Well, if you remove all the DC radio stations in between the two, they’re two apart from each other, but you’re still comparing a .4 rating against a 2.5, hardly close. WMAL is even higher rated than Q1370. WQLL 1370 could really use an FM translator in the Baltimore metro area, but they missed out on that wave. (10/10/18)

"Should all 3 of WFST's towers have red lights at the top?" Sorry, which station? WFST-AM is in Maine and not exactly a major concern for us in DC. Did you mean WFSI 860 AM? (10/10/18)

Former Fox 5/DC anchor Mike Landess will be leaving his current station in Denver at the end of the November sweeps book. www.ftvlive.com (10/10/18)

WIAD 94.7 Fresh has changed their format to 80's music and new name to Drive 94.7. They fired their entire staff. I wish they would have changed to a true Oldies Format!!! (10/10/18)

Congratulations to Robb Spewak of the Mike O'Meara Show & Podcast. First, his highly praised guest appearance on HBO 'Crashing" and NOW his one-man play The Un Supportive Wife has been optioned for off-Broadway production. #SadClown #WriteWhatYouLive #CarrieSpewakUnsupportiveWife (10/10/18)

RE: WFSI AM… Yes, all 3 towers, at 240 feet, by law, must be lit up at night. Otherwise there is a fine. (10/10/18)

Although AM radio is dead, WQLL (WCBM’s sister station) is the station to watch now that they’ve hired veteran Baltimore radio personality Ken Merson to do mornings. If they blend his Baltimore-rooted radio talent with a sprinkle of people news, traffic and weather (much like CBS-FM in New York), they could accelerate the downward spiral of alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 to a much deserved crash and burn. Right now, the September radio ratings for Baltimore list WQLL in position 17, just two behind 1090. Merson is in the driver’s seat on this one. Let’s hope he floors it. (10/10/18)

"Hey Google, play 105.7 The Fan" is working again. It says it is streaming from Radio.com. (10/10/18)

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Concerning WPGC, I personally would want all 1959-1971 songs all the time and Harv Moore back on in the mornings (and voice-tracked the rest of the day). But that's just me...-- Carl in Olney (10/9/18)

Should all 3 of WFST's towers have red lights at the top? At midnight Saturday into Sunday only the center tower had a light at the top. (10/9/18)

Both 980 AM and 106.7 FM broadcast the Sunday Night NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans. 980 AM carried the Compass Media Network broadcast, while 106.7 FM used the Westwood One coverage. The Compass Media broadcast was several seconds later than Westwood One. Often a play from scrimmage would end on Westwood One, then Compass Media broadcast the same down. (10/9/18)

WLIE AM 540 is coming in loud and clear on Delmarva. Is BIRACH’s WGOP AM 540 off the air again without FCC notification? Hmm. (10/9/18)

After seeing the parade of former meteorologists and weather presenters, at NBC4, I was hoping that there weren’t going to wheel out Willard Scott. (10/9/18)

I put those Nielsen dicks in the same category as the rat bastards at McDonalds: They both refuse to give me their product without me paying for it! What the hell man??? MONOPOLY!! Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/9/18)

Not surprised about the news about Tommy McFly. DC radio is not listenable at all. After Loo Katz got canned, it's been all Tune-In all the time for me. I paid for the Pro Version so I can record audio while I'm asleep for the times I don't have cell coverage and I donate to the stations that give me the most joy (SomaFM's Bagel Radio is like how WHFS used to be 20 years ago, for instance). Terrestrial radio is dead and Sirius XM too for that matter. Every day I hear awesome stuff I've never heard before and would never hear on either Terrestrial radio or Sirius XM. (10/2/18) Well said and something I have done for a few years now. I record music and programs while I am asleep as well.to listen while driving in the car. I wont pay for Sirius XM. There are lot of choices on Tunein! (10/9/18)

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Current Article about State of Virginia... current.org... (Behind a paywall... still interesting despite an inaccurate map of WHRV's radio coverage area). Of course, Northern Virginia residents lack their "own" PBS and NPR outlets.... Thank you Richmond! TK in Odenton (10/8/18)

Dave's response: According to the map, half of Loudoun County can't hear 75,000-watt WETA-FM. Wrong. And what about WAMU?

A scan of the dial appears to have Federal News Radio called Federal News Network now. federalnewsnetwork.com (10/8/18)

Dear Dave, Why haven't you figured out, in nearly 20 years, how to monetize DCRTV? You should have been quite wealthy by now. Bumperstickers? Signed, RL. (10/8/18)

Dave's response: DCRTV does make some money, but never a living wage for its webmaster.....

Someone is mad that MASN is still on cable TV? What, don’t love Bundesliga? Or bad college football games? Obviously, they have years long contracts with the cable operators, so MASN is going nowhere unless the Nats break the contract, which is unlikely since MLB’s antitrust situation will immediately be brought into play and all unholy hell would break loose. Angelos might be gone soon, but I hear the “chilblings" don’t fall far from the “Bundesliga apfel" and they’re even worse lawyers too! It’s no wonder the family hires outside lawyers to represent them. :-) (10/8/18)

Someone mentioned meteorologist Andrew Humphrey. Oh wow..Can't remember the last time I heard that name.. (10/8/18)

Is there a reason for MASN to exist now that the Nationals and Orioles seasons are over? Is there anybody watching this channel from October to April? (10/8/18)

Re: Chikage Windler...How about Silver Spring's own Andrew Humphrey? Tom in Wheaton (10/8/18)

I get that 94.7 is unmanned right now and that the computer is driving the on-air schedule. But fellas, Michael Jackson's "PYT" is coming up a bit too much, and you can't segue from the Eagles into Madonna without puckering a few assholes. Totally different styles. And a liner/jingle between isn't enough to soften the blow. (10/8/18)

To the poster who posted about WPGC anything is possible its radio but highly unlikely that Entercom flips WPGC which had worse ratings 5 years ago than it has now. CBS didn't flip it 5 or 6 years ago with worse ratings because it's Ad billing has always been strong and even though we haven't seen the overall market Ad billing numbers in awhile most likely that's still the case it WAS the number #2 biller unlike Fresh which wasn't billing as well apparently. Ad billing is key not ratings we have seen that for years now time and time again but it is radio. (10/8/18)

Here is a list of the radio stations in DC that do NOT subscribe to Nielsen......You won't see their ratings or rank published! WTNT, WFAX, WCLM, WURA, WWGB, WUST, WMET, WCRW, WWRC, WSPZ, WDCT, WZHF, WKDV, WPWC, WTRI, WACA,WLXE, WLZV. Do you know what it would costs for these stations to subscribe to Nielsen? We are told it would cost each of them $110,000 per year to subscribe! (10/8/18)

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The Worst Place In USA For Hurricanes:: The Hurricane Hotspot list includes Southwest Florida and the cities of Fort Myers & Naples. Of all the places to relocate to from DC, where does legendary radio/podcast jock Mike O'Meara, third wife & young son live? Fort Myers! It could be worse. O'Meara could have relocated to Sacramento like Geronimo did. #BadDecisions (10/7/18)

RE: Ray Knight and his disappearance from MASN & the Nats. His contract is up and apparently things are not going well and that’s probably because of his domestic charge which was later dropped. Since Peter Angelos is out of the way (house-bound/nearly bed-ridden), right now John Angelos, who pretty much runs MASN, is very busy firing the entire management of the Baltimore Orioles, so Ray Knight is probably not high on his priority list. (10/7/18)

Is Nielsen a monopoly? They no longer are going to publish ratings for stations that do not subscribe to their service! If you cannot afford to pay their rates then you will not know where your station ranks. This will force stations to use their product. I would call this a MONOPOLY! (10/7/18)

Spotted Clay Anderson doing the weather this morning back at WRC. Wonder if this is just a fill-in gig or full time? (10/7/18)

Yesterday's contestant in News 4's weekend weather forecaster roulette was Somara Theodore. Today, they really reached back to the ghosts of News 4's forecaster's past and brought us Clay Anderson. Who will be next? Chikage Windler? (10/7/18)

Just wondering if Entercom is through with format changes in DC? WPGC is last in the Urban battle and has lost over 100,000 in cume since earlier this year. Very similar to what happened to Fresh. Moreover, it has very few Urban stations across its 200 plus stations nationwide. Would it choose to move WPGC back to its CHR roots or to alternative? Both formats are Entercom favorites. What does everyone think? (10/7/18)

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I wonder if WBAL FM 101.5’s recent transmitter troubles that left it silent had anything to do with interference to WBQB 101.5. (10/6/18)

Carrie Spewak, come to Vegas for the Mike O'Meara LIVE Show. Love, Wayne Newton (10/6/18)

Somara Theodore back on Channel 4 (WRC) this morning ? Ed in Potomac Falls (10/6/18)

After a year of negotiations, congress gets involved with WUSA and IBEW talks. www.ibew.org (10/6/18)

Just turned on channel 4 & Shomara Theodore is doing the morning weather. Didn’t she just leave her job there a couple of weeks ago? Maybe she agreed to freelance for them if needed. (10/6/18)

Dave wrote, "You're simply too old. Radio doesn't care about you any more. Go drop dead....." Hey, I helped build radio into a dynamic industry. Then you young bastards came in and ruined it. Stop playing that hip-hop noise and get off my lawn! (10/6/18)

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I am hearing reports that DISH Network and TEGNA are in negotiations fora new carriage deal and things are not going well. Does anyone have any solid information they can share. the last negotiation was in October of 2015 and it came down to the wire---in fact there was a shore tem extension followed by a 1-2 day blackout before a settlement was reached and carriage was restored. (10/5/18)

94.7 The Drive - Don and Mike all morning...or at least Don...(ducking now) (10/5/18)

I don't envy radio listeners in DC. I have the impression that the radio market there probably sucks just as vigorously as my own San Diego market does. Radio doesn't have much to offer the 50+ crowd or even to those who fall within the younger "prime" demographics either. As with the current cord cutting trend in cable TV, for some years now radio has mostly not offered anything remotely close to the variety that many now-former listeners want, including me. Other than a local non-commercial jazz station (KSDS-FM) or KNX, I have no use at all for radio. Lately, virtually of my music needs are met via Amazon Music Unlimited. It's quite affordable and brings me virtually all of the tunes I want, at home or tooling around town, via their handy app. Even with their incredibly wide selection of content, on those rare occasions when they don't have a song I want to hear, I can usually upload it into my playlist from a CD or some other source. If there's something newsworthy or noteworthy that I need to hear, there are also plenty of dependable apps for that as well. With each passing year I hold out less and less hope that local radio will ever do again, what it once did so well - relevantly connecting with listeners, with imagination and immediacy. Those days, sadly, are long gone. (10/5/18)

I guess I'm a rare breed born in 1960 but like Elvis Buddy Holly Chuck Berry 60s British Invasion Motown 70s 80s its not that there is not an audience for the music of 50s 60s 70s its not attractive to advertisers people above 50yrs old or so.Now 1430 Annapolis don't get it too clearly but they play oldies 1420 WKCW lots of 70s even early 70s some 60s mainly from 65' to 69' Im still hoping for something good on the 94.7 HD2 channel it makes no sense to run The Drive on both stations.Also rented a car with HD Radio the past 2 days while I had body work done on mine and I checked out the 820 Gamut Digital AM signal surprisingly it locked into it down here in Woodbridge VA. When car was still daytime of course but was erratic as you drove.I think the FM side sounded better 103.5 HD3 but still great audio for AM! It locked onto Wash HD2 And WHUR HD Subs great with just the rare dropout.DC 101 HD2 Active rock hard to get so HD in a car of course is Dependant on location station signal strength it improves when trees loose their leaves based on my Experience with my HD radio in my home. (10/5/18)

Dave's response: You're simply too old. Radio doesn't care about you any more. Go drop dead.....

"In two years, Entercom won't care about me any more". Maybe not on the FM dial, but there's always Good Old AM. Back in the earliest 1980s, the AM band was "saved" by the emergence of The Music of Your Life (one of many events that allegedly rescued AM), which served up music of the 1940s and 1950s to what was *then* the Forgotten Audience. By the time Entercom forgets you and me, we may possibly have digital AM; and since Oldies in general experienced their salad days on the AM dial, it doesn't seem too much of a stretch to think popular music of the 60s and 70s would end up back there again. Anyone up for a spin of "Green Tambourine"? (10/5/18)

What amuses me is during two weeks in Washington DC, while the whole town was excoriating Judge Kavanaugh for possible, though not nearly as provable, abuse against a woman, Peter Deibler, AKA Kane, continues his high paid job as a DJ in the very same city. For those with a short memory, Mr. Deibler was arrested in 2016 for second-degree assault against his wife. So ladies as you slug it into work every morning listening to Kane, remember that he drives a nicer car, has a nicer house, and probably has a better job than you, oh, and he beats his wife... Obviously the standards are much lower for radio DJs.... (10/5/18)

Hey Dave, Did you ever learn what happened to Ray Knight from MASN? I saw you ran an item after the Post, but were you able to follow up? The whole thing was strange, and he just vanished. Not a good way to go after years on the air there. Dan Cohen (10/5/18)

Listen to the awesome Infinity Radio station identical to”Drive” app.radio.com (10/5/18)

Did radio curmudgeon Mark Levin really congratulate "my daughter Lauren and my stepson Steven" on their "anniversary" tomorrow? In other news Mike "Korsakoff" O'Meara thinks Lloyd Bridges was on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Any publicity is good publicity. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/5/18)

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More than likely 94.7 won’t be as good as WOGL & WCBS. It could very easily be, good air personalities for the format go a long way when it comes to a station with a new format. But what’s likeliness that Entercom brings in several Familiar DC faces over the years to the music that’s being played? I don’t think it’s likely. Now if CBS never traded 102.7 off to CC/iHeart one could only wondered if Classic Hits 102.7 WQSR like WCBS would have popped up between 2008 and now as CBS went through the phase of undoing the Jack-ing of Radio stations former Oldies stations and bringing the back as Classic Hits stations. (10/4/18)

A Mailbagger wrote about The Drive: "Why not give equal attention to the 70's, and even throw some 60's in there?" It's all about the demos and the math. They'll make bank on 25-54, especially 35-54. I was born in 1965, I was 15 in 1980, and I'm 53 today. 1980 to 1990 was the prime music listening, buying, and connecting-to-memories time of my life (songs in movies etc). The 70s don't mean as much to me, and the 60s are my parents music. That's why you'll hear very little 70s and no 60s. You'll hear more 90s in the coming years, as I and my peers age out of the demo. In two years, Entercom won't care about me any more :) (10/4/18)

To the poster asking how long the Classic Hits format had been on 94.7 HD2 it went on the air at the time 99.1 dumped the all news format late 2015 Either November or December not certain.A few thoughts first off the good thing this brings a Classic Hits format to more people since a small though increasing amount of people have an HD radio receiver the bad it will no longer be commercial free like it was on HD2 and yes it could use more 70s songs and be less repetitive because there's only so many times anyone could take the Police there's so many great songs from the era they could play.Now the big question what are they going to put on the HD 2 channel really hope its something unique HFS or Alternative would be great or a genuine Oldies station with 50s and 60s songs we could use that have to wait and see. (10/4/18)

So, the “Maryland We Rise PAC” ads continue to run on Baltimore television stations featuring an old newscast clip of a standup involving current WJZ political reporter Pat Warren. Can someone explain how this is possible??? Worse than running stories based on unsubstantiated “allegations” or “unnamed/anonymous” sources. Are there no professional journalism ethics and standards that prevent this nonsense? What could possibly be next??? SMH (10/4/18)

The September radio ratings for Baltimore once again show WCBM ahead of alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090. Congrats to Sean and Frank! Hope their dominance, particularly in mornings, continues! (10/4/18)

Wow, you can finally listen to Redskins radio broadcasts in Baltimore, but only in Spanish where few Latinos live! HAHA! Good job Dannyboy! And start learning Spanish Skins fans in Baltimore! The fact that the deal even made news made me laugh. It’s just a quick and fast deal to suck up to the Dannyboy teet while they’re fleetingly in 1st place. :-) (10/4/18)

(QUOTE) While hearing The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony", I thought they were hinting at a flip to alternative. (END) I'm going to go out on a very short limb here and say a purebred Alternative station wouldn't stand a lot of chance in DC. The town is run by Old White Guys and they have been the neglected demographic for awhile now. (10/4/18)

Who actually talks like this? Well, I heard it yesterday in a traffic report. "There's a debris issue that requires resolving." 4pm WBAL Radio. (10/4/18)

Re: Curious how many DCRTV Mailbaggers received the text message or saw or heard the television and radio alerts. I did not--no TV or radio turned on and my old cell phone does not have texting. Diane in PG. (10/4/18)

Well, it appears that WYRE is off the air again! (10/4/18)

I, for one think the DC market has needed a classic hits format for some time. I listen to WCBS & WOGL on Radio.com and they are great. I hope Entercom can duplicate their success in DC. Ron in Annapolis (10/4/18)

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Re: 94.7 The Drive... I listened to the end of Fresh and the beginning of the new format. While hearing The Verve's Bittersweet Synphony, I thought they were hinting at a flip to alternative. I guess it was just their way of saying that the end of Fresh was kind of bittersweet and a nice way to say goodbye to that format. I think The Drive sounds pretty good so far, but why does it seem so 80's centric? Why not give equal attention to the 70's, and even throw some 60's in there? From the RadioInsight article, it seems like a lot of market research was done in creating the format, so I hope it does well... but still! On the Radio.com app, it looks like the main signal and the Hd2 are being simulcasted right now, and I know the format has been on the Hd2 for a while as "Classic 94-7." I'm would assume that having the format on Hd2 was abig part of their research, but does anyone know how long it was on Hd2? I know 94.7 Hd-2 was relaying 99.1 during its WNEW days and for a while during Bloomberg, but I would kind of like to know when the classic hits format debuted on Hd2 and the process that was involved in deciding to put it on the main signal. Hopefully, the station will be managed as well as Philly's WOGL and New York's WCBS and that they acquire good on-air talent, so that it does well. Nevertheless, I think the station will nicely compete with and also complement Big 100 by playing a lot of classic rock while also having a bit more of a Michael Jackson- Cindy Lopper pop focus. (10/3/18)

Still compiling photos and ephemera for my upcoming book on Baltimore Radio & TV. It will be a photo history--part of Arcadia Publishing's "Images of America" series. Right now, African-Americans are underrepresented. I've written to the public affairs people for Radio One, but so far no reply. If you have photos of prominent African-Americans in Baltimore radio or television through the early 90s, or anything else you'd like considered for inclusion, please email me a.s.a.p. Gary Helton, WHFC-FM, Bel Air (10/3/18)

I'm a hip-hop guy. I understand that there are audiences that don't like rap at all; I'm cool with that. However, stations that don't play rap, but will play versions of songs with the rappers edited out, just irk me. I remember giving Fresh FM a listen and hearing Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" with T.I. edited out, and, on another occasion, hearing Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie" with Jay-Z edited out, all while running "all your favorite songs... and no rap!" imaging... made them seem unclear about the tastes of whoever they presumed their audience to be. Good luck with this 80s channel they seem to be rolling out. (10/3/18)

So DCRTV Dave did you make the list? What list? The White House list! I made The White House list Dave! Over 225 million cell phones, or 75% of cell phones, at 2:18PM Wednesday received an “emergency alert” text message reading “Presidential Alert”. So I guess if you were among the 25% who did not receive the text and it was for a real emergency (like aliens invading or a comet headed toward Earth) you would be shit out of luck. But since all television and radio had a similar emergency test as well you still stood a chance. Curious how many DCRTV Mailbaggers received the text message or saw or heard the television and radio alerts. (10/3/18)

From radioinsight.com: "Each week, 92% of Washingtonians spend time listening to FM or AM Radio, and it’s fair to say most have at least one favorite station. In a market where so much time is spent driving, radio holds a unique and unchallenged position of dominance in the car. That’s why it’s such a privilege for us to announce a new listening—and advertising—choice uniquely created for the pace, preferences and people of the DMV." ... (10/3/18)

Seems the good ship Cumulus continues to take on water. And now Augestine's little "yes man Bradley" is up for a promotion to VP? Hopefully this means he's heading to Atlanta, or better yet Kansas City! (10/3/18)

It will 94.7 The Drive. Classic hits (10/3/18)

Dave, you were asked a while back about WMAL and the morning traffic reporter. Jamee Whitten's last day was September 7. Here's a tweet from Jim Russ, WBAL Traffic: " ...Best wishes to my former colleague and friend @JameeWhittenTrx. Today is her last day watching brake lights and bent fenders for @WMALDC in Washington. Jamee, your listeners will miss you. #mdtraffic #dctraffic #vatraffic" (10/3/18)

94.7 could take Bloomberg and new format pops up on 99.1. Or 106.7 could move to 94.7 for better signal and part of deal with Redskins, and new format to 106.7. Do think Classic hits would be the obvious choice one way or another most top markets have a Classic hits station today, to the point of why doesn’t Washington & Baltimore have one. (10/3/18)

Dave's response: Moving WJFK to 94.7 would improve its signal, and moving WLZL to 106.7 would improve its signal. And then put the new WHFS on 107.9. That would work.....

I loved weasel and cerphe but that train has moved on Renember when johnny holiday came back with another old DJ and it flopped (10/3/18)

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Did anyone catch Chad ranting against Entercom management last week about having to do a personal appearance? He said they couldn't fire him until July. I'm sure they duly noted that. In July Chad can listen to his pool filter run while he has no more fat checks coming in....that's the trouble with a pool, it keeps running when your unemployed....purrrrrrrrr $ purrrrrrrrr $ purrrrrrrr... So WJFK lands the Redskins today and tonight they have a repeat of the Caps win last spring in the Stanley Cup....what IS that? (10/2/18)

Dave's response: WJFK didn't really "land" the Redskins. They did a promotional deal with them and their Spanish language game coverage will be on WJFK-AM, 1580. But the team's games will continue to be heard on WMAL and WTEM.....

Not surprised about the news about Tommy McFly. DC radio is not listenable at all. After Loo Katz got canned, it's been all Tune-In all the time for me. I paid for the Pro Version so I can record audio while I'm asleep for the times I don't have cell coverage and I donate to the stations that give me the most joy (SomaFM's Bagel Radio is like how WHFS used to be 20 years ago, for instance). Terrestrial radio is dead and Sirius XM too for that matter. Every day I hear awesome stuff I've never heard before and would never hear on either Terrestrial radio or Sirius XM. (10/2/18)

RE: Dennis Ketterer... From what I remember of Mr. Ketterer he always seemed to be last resort option for the local stations when everyone else was unavailable. He was a wannabe comedian but he his jokes always fell flat. I have vivid memories where he'd take his arm out of one of his sleeves and stick it in front of his face like it was an elephant trunk and make a horrible elephant-esque trumpet sound that was not funny and he would attempt to deliver the same joke multiple times. There was always something creepy about him but I could never put my finger on what. (10/2/18)

I’m not sure if I’m reaching the right place or person, but I have to register my complaint (and I represent many, many others) about the recent dismissal of Tommy and crew. As a mom, fan, and avid listener I have to say that this is a huge mistake. The Tommy Show is one of the few programs we moms can listen to with our kids without worrying about inappropriate language, topics, etc. WE ALL enjoy listening. From middle/high schoolers, college students, millennial and their moms who have the money to spend on the products promoted on the program. I would seriously ask you to think twice before you demolish the one safe space we have — we are inundated with typical talk shows and the Tommy Show is a bright spot in our mornings! (10/2/18)

Shame Tommy McFly was made redundant at 94.7. I remember when 94.7 was WJMD and played big bands and easy listening. Of course resurrecting WHFS would be winning idea. Not likely, though. Tommy is very talented and should find work elsewhere. Congrats on the Washington Post mention. Mark Rockman (10/2/18)

Regarding 94.7: How about Loo doing mornings and Goldie in the afternoon (10/2/18)

Well at least The Washington Post’s “Reliable Source” credited DCRTV for breaking the news on Tommy McFly: “Phil Zachary, Entercom senior vice president for the Washington market, confirmed that McFly is out and his show has been canceled — a move first reported by media news site DCRTV.com. Zachary said the company, which owns about 240 stations across the country, will unveil the planned changes to the station during a Wednesday afternoon webinar for advertisers.” So we know that at least Emily Heil reads DCRTV (as do Paul Farhi and Eric “The Wimp” Wemple according to sources) and gives credit where credit is due: Beth Rothstein, call your office at The Daily Caller! But we can’t help but remember the classic “McFly! McFly!” line from “Back to the Future” when we read Tommy McFly’s name. So congratulations to the humble yet better connected Dave Hughes & DCRTV who scooped Bezo’s billions of dollars & The Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.com (10/2/18)

Wow, that "Like It Or Not" show on Fox5 might not be the worst show in the history of television, but it's no doubt in the bottom 10. What a fucking disaster! A panel of nitwits trying desperately to say something (anything!) outrageous. It's the basis for every scumbucket show and vlog on planet earth. And they can't do it! Boring, boring, boring. (10/2/18)

RE: 94.7 Format Change. DC Greatest Hits is my prediction as it goes from the HD2 signal to the main signal. (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] Tim Walker Bring back WARW? (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] Weasel and Cerphe (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] People have been predicting a return of WHFS for a decade or more. (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] Long live WJMD. More Wells Bunyea! (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] Polskie Radio 94.7 (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] Stale 94.7 just a thought hehe (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] It overstayed its expiration date. (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] That is the most unsettled frequency on DC. Like 4 formats in the last 20 years. (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] Just saw a update from Radio dot com that Entercom has entered into an agreement to do Redskins games, including on the Spanish language stations they own (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] Competing with WTOP is a fool’s errand. They tried that once before on 99.1 and it failed big time. A rock station of some sort to compete with Clear Channel would be a better option. (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] I hope it's alternative, Entercome champions that format, although the Alt brand is not very exciting (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] Variety hits does very well I'm PPM, and Entercom needs a $$ demo format. Even classic hits like a CBS FM could work. (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] How about a good ole fashioned rock station, dc101 sucks and big 100 plays the same 50 songs over and over and over and over...... (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] 94.7 WHFS (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] Please let it be HFS...please, please, please. (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] Wow people listen to radio still ? Unbelievable (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] If I was a PD, I’d run a rock station, and every Saturday night from 11pm to 3am, I’d run a 100% commercial free “Pirate Radio” that had no on-air DJ and played stuff you don’t normally hear on the radio like metal and punk for that four hour block. ... (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] Don't Fall ratings start on Thursday or something? (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] I see corporate is at it again. (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] Tommy McFly has appeared on NBC4. Remember when MIX 107.3 got rid of the Sarah, Ty & Mel show a few years ago? It's hard to compete with the Kane Show on Hot 99.5 (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] I want to comment on this, so many things I could say, but at the end of the day, I'm gonna do like my former GM Michael Hughes used to tell me, and take the high road. I'll just wish the ousted Fresh FM staff best wishes, and I hope whatever takes its place on 94.7 serves the community well. (10/2/18)

[RE changes at 94.7:] That sucks!!! I listened to this station since it began!!!! (10/2/18)

I’ve been told that Ray Knight’s contract is up, but it’s possible there are other things involved, including the domestic charge. So far, MASN is keep it internal, so we’ll see. — BaltoMedia.net (10/2/18)

I too saw that original Kevin McCarthy interview where Bradley Cooper said bullshit that wasn’t bleeped. Wouldn’t bleeping that out be part of Journalism 101? And is it Kevin’s responsibility to do that or someone in the studio who sets up the clip? (10/2/18)

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Just saw a report on the fox 5 plus news with Tom Fitzgerald talking about the DC council bill banning Air BnB in DC. The audio and video was so out of sync it was like watching a dubbed Godzilla film from the '60s. (10/1/18)

RE: Froggy from the Shore to Cumberland. Be careful for what you wish for. Forever is cheapening all of their stations with Westwood One programming. It was bad enough when everything was Froggy, Rocky, Pickle, Willie … now they don’t have local jocks either. What a waste. MLB4 (10/1/18)

Talk about a cheap shot. Lost my mom this year and honestly, I find the discussions we all have to be lively. Do I always agree with Dave, Gus and others...not really. However, we tend to be respectful of each other. (10/1/18)

Per: Virginia Pate Wetter .....she had her less than adept son running both stations for her. Not attempting to disparage the above-average accomplishments of Mrs Pate-Wetter.....my wife met the Pates when attending broadcasting meetings with her radio-station owner parents; she felt the adult Pates were very nice people but wishing they and her parents had not paired her up with Pate jr. for 'dates'. (10/1/18)

This morning on FOX5, Kevin McCarthy showed an interview with Bradley Cooper where Cooper dropped an "S" bomb that wasn't bleeped. Very awkward moment when they cut back to the anchor desk with Kevin, Steve and Allison. Kevin was apologetic, but it was pretty much radio silence from Steve and Allison. Well, you did hear Steve say something to the effect of lesson learned for the future..Later when the piece was aired, that part of the interview was obviously taken out of the clip..So, wonder if FOX5 will be fined for that "S" bomb being dropped. (10/1/18)

"you keep getting visiting porn sites that your mother has banned you from visiting (since she reads DCRTV’s World Famous Mailbag, she now knows about) in your underwear from her basement." Like DCRTV Dave's, my mother is DEAD so be a dear and go fuck yourself. What kind of idiot writes "keep getting visiting"? Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/1/18)

The potential reception quality of analog AM signals remains good, especially among stations that improved their antenna systems to support a digital datastream alongside their traditional signal. Even though "hybrid digital' on AM has failed in the marketplace, the technical improvements at such stations that tried it will continue to make their AM signal sound better, as transmitted. (antenna bandwidth is better, so high frequency audio out to 9KHz won't roll off as badly as before). Stations that avoided the "hybrid digital" promotion have probably also improved their transmitted signal in recent years, through the use of newer transmitter technology that has less distortion and can support "louder" audio than the vacuum-tube transmitters of the 1960s. But, indeed, as several posters pointed out, unwanted electrical noise comes from wallwarts, poorly-designed LED and CFL illumination, and neglected powerline infrastructure. Wall dimmers are no longer simple "rheostats," in most cases, instead using a small electrical circuit called an SCR, which is more efficient than the power loss caused by resistance. SCR-based dimmers are easily made clean against causing electrical noise, and most of the better ones will be marked "RF noise suppression" to so note. Crappy programming remains the biggest obstacle to recruiting and retaining an audience on the AM band, not poor signal reception. Nighttime radio listenership is negligible anyway, and not really a make or break factor in a station's financial health. (10/1/18)

In reply to WQLL post on 9/30: Baltimore has some well-located AM sites. WQLL’s daytime towers are right up against I-95 at the MD152 interchange, not exactly prime real-estate. They are also visually unintrusive, they are visible near the interstate but not from nearby residential areas. WFSI is on wetlands by the train tracks and the belt way, again not exactly prime real-estate. WWIN and WOLB are diplexed on a tower next to the train tracks. Being on a site where the land is not more valuable than the license is helpful to the survival of an AM station. (10/1/18)

Re: Light dimmers from Gus on 9/28. A long time ago, they may have been just potentiometers. They are now electronic circuits which chop up the AC waveform. These sharp edges in the waveform created by the dimmer produce wideband RF "trash" which extends into the AM band and above. There are ways to lessen or eliminate this problem, but that takes more parts and money so most all manufacturers don't do this. Howard (10/1/18)

How long before Forever adds 99.9 in Frederick to their swamp? Then they can run Froggy 99.9 from the Eastern shore all the way to Cumberland? 99.9 in Frederick needs new ownership, new management and a new direction. I mean how much of the Mo Cowbell show can one stand? (10/1/18)

I had the occasion of working for Virginia Pate Wetter at WHDG and WASA in Havre de Grace back in 1987. I only met her twice. She lreminded me a a nicer version of Mrs.Carlson. Just like on WKRP she had her less than adept son running both stations for her. WASA the AM was an O's affiliate. He put on the games on the FM as well to fill programming time because the station had no DJ's. I guess you could say he was an inadvertant pioneer on mlb and sports on FM Radio. By the way he sold :30 spots during O's games for $1 each! Classic. Thanks for letting me share some memories. Rob Heckman former APD/MD 98 Rock, Baltimore. and one of the 3 DJs that started the Metal Showcase oN WHDG in 1987. (10/1/18)

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