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DCRTV Mailbag - February 1, 2019 to February 28, 2019

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If the Junkies are smart, they will never have Steve Phyllips on again as a baseball analyst. EVERYTHING he said this morning regarding Bryce Harper's situation and future was wrong. He did not say one thing that was right. No wonder The Mets fired his ass! LOL. OOBBEE (2/28/19)

RE: "People don't design websites for no reason." Yes, yes they do. Especially when they operate radio stations as hobbies and change formats with the wind. (2/28/19)

Amelia Seagull bogative attempts to be folksy during her forecasts are getting increasingly lame. Telling the kids to turn their pj's inside out for snow, soup talk and ripping off Topper Shutt's bread o' meter are driving me away from News 4's weather forecasts. Just give me a straight up forecast without all the fucking flair! (2/28/19)

A 2008 interview with the late John Harter detailing his 44-year broadcasting career, as well as his High School job as a wrangler on Pick Temple's Giant Ranch. vimeo.com (2/28/19)

Thanks for the TMOS update. Enjoy the infamous "Yaz is a fag" meltdown: paintyourbaldspot.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/28/19)

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Entercom 4th Quarter results are released for 2018. Their expenses went up to $286,500,000 vs $186,750,000 for the same period in the previous year. Their stock is not doing well. At $6.76 per share, it does not look like a good investment. Cumulus stock continues to improve at $17.48 per share. Urban One down to $2.19 per share and Salem down to $2.80 per share. (2/27/19)

iHeart is still in Bankruptcy. Their stock is at $1.10 per share OTC. Does anyone know when they will come out of Bankruptcy? With $24 Billion in Debt, it may take a long time. If their lenders would permit, they could start selling off some of their stations. (2/27/19)

What a total S-Show on TMOS from what I read on their fan club face book page today. Mike was a total A Hole and shut down the show today because of his obsession with Robbbbb's wife not liking him . People on that closed page block people who say the gentlest negative things there are raging at Mike. I have not heard it. Anyone have a copy???? Then, the pussies at TMOS put up a "Best Of". Are you kidding me?????? That would have been the best of all "best of"s. Last two weeks: Mike took off a week. Then, he included Presidents Day to extend it. Came back to bitch about the cleansing for a colonoscopy which included his wife injecting his final enema because he could not? Then two days off for the flu. Now, he flips out on everybody because Cary doesn't kiss his fat Irish ass like the rest of the P1s on the FB page??? And, now the P!s including Pauline the fake NYer and Flip the homo are yelling at each other. Don is doing and Irish Jig somewhere! (2/27/19)

As Mix 107.3 marches ever closer to its final salute, I've noticed Jack's mic sounding a bit metallic on Wednesday. Has he been doing his show from home or a remote studio? Because it certainly didn't sound like there was any studio processing or room ambience on his mic. (2/27/19)

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TV REPACK NEWS: WTTG FOX 5 (& WDCA) wants to move its tower from DC to River Road in Maryland but the FCC hasn’t yet approved it after a long time since filing. It’s not a new tower. It’s the previous tower of WDCA 20 and WETA 26 way way back. Now WPXW ION 66 wants to move there. This complicates the WETA FCC complaint at the WUSA/WJLA tower in Tenleytown. Clearly, WPXW wants to be out of this tower dispute. What will WHUT do now, pay for half of the cost for WETA for the combiner? I think not. WETA blames Sinclair and Tegna. When will someone build a modern TV tower in DC? (2/26/19)

WTOP is NOT going to buy WMAL! If you have any doubt you can contact WMAL. (2/26/19)

Lauren is fugly...she has to be the over the top fun chick or the guys will direct all their attention to chicks like Sheena....Sheena was so balls she just rolled out of a major market and didn't give a dayam! (2/26/19)

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new wmal tv ad (2/25/19)

It's funny, Lauren gets soooo caught up in laughing and being cool that you never understand if it's going to be sunny out or what. Same thing the other post wrote, I was driving back from SC all I heard was temps and more temps. If she would stick to the basics like Chuck and Amelia, and just tell us if it's sunny, temp and winds, I could listen to her and not change the station. (2/25/19)

RE: Erin Cuomo... Yep, not surprised they put her on the newscast since they seem to groom all the hot traffic wenches to be on the anchor desk in this town (i.e. Lauren Demarco, Amy Roadblock, Larry Miller, etd) and saw her on the 6:00 PM newscast on Saturday with Lauren and it was a disaster. They were chatting about some BS entertainment is not news story and Lauren said she liked something which Erin responded with a half-catty remark. I immediately switched channels. Even though she is good to look at, Erin has an off-putting bitchiness about her that often makes me switch the channel as soon as she starts to opine on anything. (2/25/19)

Looks like the WUSA/WJLA/WETA/WHUT/WPXW tower may be loosing shared tenants. WPXW has applied to move to the tower on river rd. (2/25/19)

Forgot to completely send this to you Dave as it's now been changed/updated… I thought based on a source that former WRQX Mix 107.3 & programmer/DJ Jason Kidd also had lost his last SMASH HITS contract on WHGM, ending the locally DC based SMASH HITS programmed music service. This comes after DC's WRQX 107.3 just got sold to EMF and everyone fired. The irony is in that 107.3 FM going not local is the exact opposite situation is here, totally local. I was reluctant to believe this at first, but the new website was pretty certain, but now they deleted it. They appear to be partially still using Jason Kidd's programming, but changed the Facebook page and website although a SMASH HITS WHGM website does still exist. More as I hear it. Here’s the Google cached new WHGM website that was then pulled offline. So something is going on. People don’t design websites for no apparent reason. webcache.googleusercontent.com... — BaltoMedia.net (2/25/19)

I hope Rush Limbaugh chokes on the paltry $84.5 million he earned in 2018 ! His show still has too many ads for this listener. There's a difference between interrupting a sermon and posting on a discussion board. Are you an idiot Focker? Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/25/19)

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Turned on Fox5 news at 11pm b/c hockey game was still on NBC4 & who’s sitting on the anchor desk but traffic lady Erin Como. WHY???? Was there really no one else available to cover tonight? That station is determined to make her an anchor despite her difficulty reading news stories on the TelePrompTer. (2/24/19)

Does anyone else notice that Lauren Ricketts is waaaay too over the top with her weather casts? She sometimes rolls way back in her chair while at the anchor desk. Then other times she’s laughing so hard that she has to put her head down in the desk. But then again, maybe she’s just a happy person. (2/24/19)

Have you made a donation to DCRTV? You are getting a lot of good information for free! Dave has been providing you this information for 22 years at no cost. (2/24/19)

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Did you know that Radio Reaches 96% of Hispanics in the United States Weekly? DC has more Hispanic Radio Stations than these markets......New York, Los Angeles or Miami! (2/23/19)

iHeart Stock price fell 9% to $1.01 per share OTC. When will they come out of Bankruptcy? Do you think their stock price will improve when they come out of Bankruptcy? They are still reporting $12 Billion in Assets and $24 Billion in DEBT! (2/23/19)

Gus. If there are too many ads on Rush Limbaugh's show it is because the ads are mostly direct response. DR ads rely on you buying the product before Rush is paid. In order for Rush to keep making money, he need a lot of ads, selling different products, coupled with people buying those different products advertised, so he gets paid. What percentage of people listening actually call 1.800.DINOVITE, or call for boner pills? The answer is way less than one one percent. So, more ads, selling different products is the key for Rush. Gus, you didn't know what a power ratio was, and now you didn't know what direct response meant, so why do you argue with people who know what the " F" they are talking about? A true business broadcaster knows the answer to this complex question; if a broadcast license is valuable, and can be valued, why is it considered an intangible asset, and not a tangible asset? Why can't a broadcaster borrow money using a license as collateral? The answer has nothing to do with the paper it is on, or depreciation. Broadcasting is a business, some of us are in it, and understand it, and some of us stand on the sidelines bitching at those who actually understand it. You have made the point clear where you stand. (2/23/19)

"Van Jones on CNN said that Smollett was the Jackie Robinson of our time. CNN’s Don Lemon though takes the cake. 'Sean Hannity is gonna be eating Jussie Smollett’s lunch after this. Tucker Carlson is gonna be eating Jussie Smollett’s lunch. Donald Trump gonna be eating Jussie Smollet’s lunch.' Turns out it looks like Jussie Smollett gonna be having his lunch money stolen in the prison cafeteria during the day and his ass stolen at night! " Van Jones is of course a reliable idiot but it appears the rambling poster doesn't understand what "eating someone's lunch" means. It means beating them so Lemon was right and there's no "turns out" about it Mr. Tossed Salad Man. Or maybe you don't know what "takes the cake" means. Just one question...jelly or syrup? Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/23/19)

L.A. TV anchor dies from meth toxicity. You will squirm when you read just how it went down. www.yahoo.com (2/23/19)

Gus, do you go to church and attempt to correct the Reverend on the meaning of Bible passages? There is still an advertising boycott on stations carrying Rush, because, if their ad is placed, say, in the 8:00 AM hour, it is possible they may place the add next to " The Rush Limbaugh Minute," and major advertisers don't want that association. Therefore, McDonalds, GM, Suburu, Chase, and dozens of other major national advertisers don't advertise on stations like WMAL. Direct reponse is pay commission. The station gets paid a percentage of the sales it generates. You do not get rich running direct response ads. Look at local advertisers. Home remodeling, gun shows, political advocacies, gun stores, Catholic Cemteries, A place for Mom, etc, don't pay high dollar to reach WMAL listeners. Advertisers like debt help, age creams, male potency pills, IRS and time share lawyers, and Dino-vite, don't pay unless you and others call or log on and give them a credit card number. If you follow conservative talk radio billings, year to year, you will notice their revenues keep going down, at least 20 percent annually. They sent Chris Plante to do an appearance in Chicago on Thursday. Will Chris, still under contract, be based out of the Windy City, when WMAL goes away? (2/23/19)

I’m still wondering why the FCC is not cracking down on FM translators still operating after their AM radio stations are deleted. This seems to be a contradiction to the AM Revitalization Plan There’s a 105.1 FM in central Delaware still around and properly licensed as far as the FCC is concerned but the originating station AM 1600 WRJE Dover is long gone, one of Vince Klepac’s many kills. But why is it still on the air? I can find no originating station for this programming. When reported to the FCC, there is only the simple response that they will look into it and then crickets. This seems to be a blatantly illegal abuse of the FM translator rules. The owner was required to keep WRJE AM 1600 on the air, but failed. Can someone explain how this is not a pirate radio operation? By the way, when you file that a radio station is silent, it doesn’t mean that you cannot still broadcast or are giving up your license, but why does 105.1 FM still have a license? This ignorance of the law is mind-boggling. (2/23/19)

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Hi Dave. Just watched your CORDCUTTER13. We installed Roku/Sling with a Duro 50 mile range antenna. We cannot get WUSA, WETA, WETAUK, WJLA, NC8 . Very frustrating. I have Amazon Prime so I do watch old stuff on it. Can you give me some advice? Im in Town of Herndon/ Cavalier Park/ townhouse. Thanks! Lee (2/22/19)

Message to WKCW 1420: I'm too far out of town to be listening this morning, but were you able to weave any Monkees tunes into the playlist today? It is certainly appropriate, and you're the only guys in town who could do it right --- by design, 94.7 The Drive is basically limited to "That Was Then, This is Now" from 1986, and that song wasn't even written for the Monkees! (2/22/19)

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I get the top and most popular WaPo stories emails every day. The failing Washington Post has now buried the Bezos lawsuit story along with the Jussie Smollett story fearing that their fragile readers could not handle the truth. MSNBC did the same thing. Van Jones on CNN said that Smollett was the Jackie Robinson of our time. CNN’s Don Lemon though takes the cake. “Sean Hannity is gonna be eating Jussie Smollett’s lunch after this. Tucker Carlson is gonna be eating Jussie Smollett’s lunch. Donald Trump gonna be eating Jussie Smollet’s lunch.” Turns out it looks like Jussie Smollett gonna be having his lunch money stolen in the prison cafeteria during the day and his ass stolen at night! Jackie Robinson just rolled over in his grave from these media clowns including the biggest scary clown of all, Jeff Bezos and his blog, The Washington Post. Blue Origin has a scarier origin than previously thought. No wonder they can’t get a satellite into space. The FAKE NEWS is too heavy to launch. (2/21/19)

"With a good portion of ads on WMAL being PSA's or direct response, the national advertiser boycot of Rush Limbaugh, the dreadful support for Agent Orange (Trump) in the area, and the loss of coupling some local sales with 107.3, Chris, Larry, Mary and Vince will probably be out of jobs soon, " Are we listening to the same station? "national advertiser boycot [sic]?" Is this still the Sandra Slut thing? If anything Limbaugh's show is kind of a drag to listen to because it has too many ads. "Direct response" is a term new to me www.strategicmediainc.com but it appears that it does involve paying money to the radio station, so we come to the age old question: What the fuck is wrong with you? Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/21/19)

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I was saddened to hear of the passing of Skip Groff. He had a huge impact on the DC music scene with his ownership of Yesterday and Today Records in Rockville, Md. Back in the vinyl days of 45's and LP's Yesterday and Today Records was the place to find the new releases of the up and coming out of the mainstream artists. But, I worked alongside Skip in the mid 70’s as I started my radio career on WINX 1600. He went by the name Skip Nelson. Skip was very helpful to me and free with suggestions as I got started with my journey in the radio business. Glad to see all the memories in the Washington Post obit and the mention on WTOP. My condolences to his family and friends. (2/20/19)

Bob Griggs was "Sailor Bob" on Richmond television during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. WTVR.com reports that Mr. Griggs passed away Wednesday night. He was 85 years old. (2/20/19)

Totally loving that Tucker Carlson clip from last week where he gets owned by a Dutch historian, resulting in ol' TC launching into a tirade of poopy-words. The clip never aired, but was put online by said historian. My question is this: the historian agreed to be interviewed for purposes of broadcast and other dissemination; but because Tucker was not the interview subject and probably did not agree to a reciprocal recording arrangement (and why would he?), by what legal precedent -- copyright, intellectual property et al -- is the historian allowed to air/stream/upload his own recording of the exchange? Don't get me wrong, I'm GLAD he did it. But what's the legality of releasing the kerfuffle and what can Fox News do about it? (2/20/19)

iHeart is still in Bankruptcy......they do have approval to emerge from Bankruptcy. Their stock is now at $1.10 per share OTC. It will be interesting to see what happens to their stock price when they come out of Bankruptcy. Some of the other radio stocks are not doing well. Spanish Broadcasting System is at $0.18 per Share, Salem at $2.77 per share and Urban One at $2.23 per share. (2/20/19)

Really sad how WTTG's morning show is literally begging people to use social media to solicit the most ridiculous stuff. This morning they wanted people to send in favorite foods they like to eat when snowed in. I know at one time, one of the anchors asked "has anyone sent in any recipes/food they like to eat yet?" Do they REALLY need to be on for 7 freakin' continuous hours each morning anyway??? (2/20/19)

Please remember that WMAL AM/FM have the "rights" to carry the Redskins Football games. If WMAL 630 AM were a "stand alone station," their nighttime coverage is terrible now that they have moved to Germantown to simulcast with 570 AM. Take a look at their nighttime coverage on Radio Locator. (2/20/19)

It is good to see Cumulus making a come back. Their stock price is up to $16.40 per share now. iHeart is still in Bankruptcy. (2/20/19)

Family Radio’s WBMD AM 750 has filed an STA to diplex with tower #3 of sister station WFSI. The interesting part of this is that WFSI AM 860 already has problems with at least one of its towers in water half of the time as the entire tower site is sinking into the Chesapeake Bay. And more importantly, Family Stations is not filing any permanent application to operate WBMD from this site so it's unclear what the long term future holds for WBMD AM 750. — BaltoMedia.net (2/20/19)

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W282BT , the WFSI FM translator on 106.9, appears to be powered up now, nicely clobbering WWEG for its former listener base. The translator's 110 watts new coverage might give Family Radio some more fodder to let WBMD's license expire and go to Radio Heaven. TK in Odenton (2/19/19)

With a good portion of ads on WMAL being PSA's or direct response, the national advertiser boycot of Rush Limbaugh, the dreadful support for Agent Orange (Trump) in the area, and the loss of coupling some local sales with 107.3, Chris, Larry, Mary and Vince will probably be out of jobs soon, unless The Heritage Foundation buys the station. The big secret in political talk radio is they bill less each year they continue with the conservative talk format. The epitaph will read, "Where Washington came to Talk," and we can all add "BullSh1t," or "Propaganda," to complete the phrase. Goodbye guys, and don't forget your MAGA hats, the cases of "Obama is a socialist" bumper stickers still laying around, your gun's, and your autographed shirtless Putin framed glossy 8x10's , on the way out. I can hope the station is around long enough to spin the Muller Investigation released report. (2/19/19)

Spanish programming on AM 950 now appears to be a fulltime venture. The former AM 1600 content has transferred to WCTN as “La Auténtica 950” with the website : http://autentica950.com/. Their 128 Kbps AAC Internet audio stream is at: Meanwhile WLXE AM 1600 Rockville continues in Spanish with the “La Que Buena” format, popular in México. (Sometimes the ‘Que’ is spelled ‘Ke’ in radio promotions circles.). Its 64 kbps MP3 Internet audio stream is available at: No sign of a website yet for the "new" 1600. Both stations appear to have local, live announcers during day parts. (2/19/19)

"[Nielsen] still will not list any stations in their report that do not pay them.! This is way to force stations to pay them or not get their audience reported." Just so we're clear, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU??? Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/19/19)

The DC Radio Stocks are starting to climb......Cumulus $16.10 per share, Entercom $7.43 per share, Salem $2.87 per share and Urban One $2.25 per share. (2/19/19)

Nielsen announced that they will now combine the radio numbers for stations that simulcast on other stations. They must simulcast 95% of the time. This will only apply to their "Client Stations" meaning the stations that subscribe to their service and pay them. They still will not list any stations in their report that do not pay them.! This is way to force stations to pay them or not get their audience reported. (2/19/19)

Jason Kidd is doing mornings on 94.7 The Drive. (2/19/19)

The Mike O'Meara Show - Today, the great Dude Walker is in studio! Plus… radio talk… radio names and radio Jesus. (2/19/19)

I’d rather listen to Awadd from the Junkies than Jack Diamond on the Drive its a good station now. Diamond would ruin it (2/19/19)

I am sure WRQX will be moved to 105.9. No other reason for Cumulus to hang on to the call letters. By moving Mix to 105.9 they’d only be kicking WMAL back to the AM dial where it was for years so no loss there for Cumulus. WMAL can continue on at 105.9 HD2 and maybe eventually by Translator on FM. It’s more a shame that 107.3 goes to non-commercial. (2/19/19)

Every time I read that EMF has acquired another station, it makes me cringe. To the best of my knowledge, there is little or no local programming; it’s another station plugged into a satellite. (12/19/19)

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Uh oh, I’m feeling a warm, tingly affection for Gus in the Gaithersburg, now that o know we both hate any in air people enslaved by having to say “the DMV”. We militantly avoided saying that for many years but outside consultants, without even asking, thought it would be a good idea. Oh, please. No natives say that. -Max Critic (2/18/19)

Cumulus Stock jumps to $15.87 per share on 2/15/19, after the announcement of the sale of some of their key stations to EMF for $103.5 million. Other radio stocks are still struggling. Urban One $2.15 per share, Salem $2.89 per share, Beasley $4.38 per share and others. (2/18/19)

In DC, Cumulus will move the WRQX Call Letters and MIX Format to another station. They will not take the WMAL Format off of 105.9 FM. The station is very profitable. Cumulus has sold off the land at the WMAL 630 AM Tower Site and is diplexing with Salem owned 570 AM. There is speculation that Cumulus may purchase WLZL 107.9 FM and put the MIX Format on that frequency. (2/18/19)

Dave's response: Two big problems with that move. First, 107.9 has a sucky signal in Northern Virginia. Second, 107.9 covers the Baltimore market better and there's already a Mix station there, Entercom's Mix 106.5, WWMX. Why the hell would Entercom allow WRQX to move to 107.9 when it would be a director competitor to its Baltimore Mix outlet.....

Greetings- a former WMAL colleague and I are working, via email, to recall some of the individuals with whom we worked or were in management when we were "management trainees" at WMAL (now WJLA) and WMAL-FM. The person neither of us can recall was Herb ???. He was a manager -maybe program director - for WMAL-TV and probably reported to Fred Houwink. His last name almost tips into the memory bank. I cannot locate a staff list for 1964-66 when we would have been at the station. (I left in April 1968.) Would you have a link to who this person was? Sorry for the sketchy details. Thanks! Les Myers (2/18/19)

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"don't these agency clods know that Ben Franklin was never a president? " Brought to you by the same nitwits who decided everyone should say "the DMV". That said, Franklin was the first president of the Academy and College of Philadelphia which later became the University of Pennsylvania, President of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, and President of Pennsylvania. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/17/19)

Watching morning news on NBC4 & Molette Green said she was in for Meghan Fitzgerald who was under the weather. So is Meghan the permanent replacement for Angie Goff? Maybe I missed an official announcement that she is. And any word on that rumor that Angie Goff was going to Fox5? Personally I don’t see that happening as she doesn’t seem like fitting in with the on air staff over there. (2/17/19)

First, I'm not bitter that I didn't get credit for sending along the Warner Wolf story on 2/8 which was then published on 2/9. Second, please please please, no Jack Diamond on 94.7. I enjoy the music (but typically it's the same over and and over and over ... I've heard "Somebody's Watching Me" more in the past 2 months than I have in the past 20 years I think) ... I like they are jockless much of the day. Adding in someone is a negative to me but adding in JD means I'm bailing completely. Not bitter ... (2/17/19)

So after struggling for years in the ratings They now have good ratings so they get bought out and will be changing format .Radio business does suck.I guess it leaves Hot 99.5 the only station with Top 40 current hit format although here in Woodbridge a good signal for B101.5. Fredericksburg and 92.5 Winchester for Hot Adult Contemporary will boost those stations ratings I'm sure. (2/17/19)

Screw bezos and he will get u New york found out (2/17/19)

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Pretty funny hearing and seeing President's Day commercials that talk about "the Benjamins", saving "the Benjamins", all about "The Benjamins" ... I don't care if his face is on currency, don't these agency clods know that Ben Franklin was never a president? (2/16/19)

Now that Cumulus has retained the WRQX "MIX Format" and Call Letters, they may buy WLZL 107.9 from Entercom. WLZL does not cover Northern Virginia but they could add a Translator in Northern Virginia to give them full market coverage. The move would be a simple move...... WRQX from 107.3 to 107.9. More to follow...... (2/16/19)

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Speaking of depressing DC radio sales, what a waste of a fantastic signal, still using old graphics for a station that doesn’t even serve one of the markets mentioned at all. Anyone know when this was created? How old is that logo? Is that from the Don & Mike days? I cannot believe that Salem had anything to do with this. (2/15/19)

Speaking of depressing DC radio sales, what a waste of a fantastic signal, still using old graphics for a station that doesn’t even serve one of the markets mentioned at all. Anyone know when this was created? How old is that logo? Is that from the Don & Mike days? I cannot believe that Salem had anything to do with this. (2/15/19)

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Dave, there you go! If Hubbard were to buy WMAL…there’s your regional sports talker right there to compete with WJFK. It would allow Urban One to leave the sports talk arena in DC and with AM 630 and FM 105.9…the area is well covered that way. You had that idea open a while back so MAYBE it might come to fruition! Dan (2/14/19)

I thought Topper Shutt's Bread-O-Meter was corny but also pretty lame. However, Amelia Draper's rip-off of it on Channel 4 has managed to make it an awkward train wreck. The kind that you shouldn't watch but you can't help yourself and then go 'Why? Why??!!" (2/14/19)

When Bob Woodward is on your side it's not a good sign. "The fact that Bob Woodward himself is openly cheerleading for Bezos demeans the reputation of the Washington Post. " The fact that the Post employs Lying Bob demeans the reputation of the Post. The fact that Woodward is openly cheerleading for Bezos demeans Bezos. Bezos is just a cheating horndog but Woodward taints him. "They need to change the masthead to 'Journalism Dies in Darkness' " or maybe "Lying Bob Lives in Luxury." Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/14/19)

"Since when is a billionaire that left his wife and kids for some floozy an American hero just because he’s got enough money to sleep with whomever he wants?" Hold on a sec, are you talking about Bezos, or Trump? (2/14/19)

Since Cumulus will retain the intellectual property of the stations it’s selling and will also retain the WRQX call letters, doesn’t that point to the possibility of Cumulus keeping the Mix 107.3 format intact and moving it to 105.9 FM? (2/14/19)

Dave's response: I guess Cumulus could put WMAL only on AM 630 and move WRQX to 105.9. Both stations would see significant signal downgrades.....

From Feb 2 Mailbag: "WRQX (MIX 107.3)/Washington, D.C ... vacancy for an afternoon personality who can also handle APD/MD duties. If this is you, reach out to WRQX PD and Cumulus VP/Hot AC Programming Rob Roberts with your audio and resume." Thanks for THAT job tip, pencil-dick. (12/14/19)

When is someone going to have the balls to stand up and tell Congress and the FCC that the unlimited ownership policy is NOT working. It has put hundreds, if not more, local Mom and Pop stations and employees out of work. Now they are not just fucking around with small market stations, but LEGACY outlets nationwide. Just how many God dammed Christian radio stations does one city need ??? WPLJ and WRQX are the cream of the crop. Whatever happened to those 5 words which aired adnausim during relicensing season ???? TO SERVE THE PUBLIC INTEREST!!!!!! (2/14/19)

Dave's reaponse: The hundreds of K-Love stations are plugged into a satellite and have no significant local programming content. American radio in 2019 is a sick puppy despite all the NAB hoopla. And the FCCC (extra C for corruption) is largely to blame.....

Now that Cumulus has sold off some of their stations, including WRQX 107.3 FM, who will pick up the WRQX format? EMF will put their Non Commercial Religious Format on the station. The $103 Million that Cumulus will receive from the sale of stations will go to pay down their debt. (2/14/19)

The sale of RQX brings us to an interesting juncture. What will be Jack Diamond’s next job? I can’t see him “Jeezin” just to keep two nickles in his pocket. If he didn’t save and invest his prior earnings, it’s his own fault. Maybe he’ll greet me at the door of the MGM casino in PG county. (No name, please. Harvey Fisher and I go back more than 40 years to the same station in Fresno California. I wasn’t impressed back then, and haven’t changed my opinion since.) Jeff (2/14/19)

"Cumulus has done a big deal with Educational Media Foundation". Some "big deal"... $103.5M for six stations works out to about $17.5M per station. And that includes properties in metro Atlanta, NYC and DC. In contrast, how much did Snyder pay a few years ago for a paltry handful of DC AM'ers? Just how badly does Cumulus need the bucks to have to pawn its best jewelry? (2/14/19)

Dave's response: Good point.....

107.3 is changing? Wow. That is a huge. Not that I listen anymore, but my memories of growing up listening to local radio are very special. I know there are so many people like me who remember when it was Q107 - when they first started they were the MF bomb! I remember Elliot and Woodside, Sandy Weaver. I remember the Top 5 at 10. People would call in and vote for their favorite songs and play them at 10pm. My other fun memory - it may have been E & W in the am - whenever they played Dancing in the Dark, just before the end, they would ask Bruce, "What do horses eat?" and he would respond "hey Baby!" oh yeah and the Huey Lewis Promo - "if you're looking for the heart of rock and roll in DC, you found on Q107". (although it may have been Mix 107.3) at the time. Wow. A part of my childhood gone. (2/14/19)

How long until WMAL goes? Why would Cumulus keep one station in a market? Unless their plan is to buy another station/s in this market, which doesn't really make sense. (2/14/19)

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\/ February 13 Messages \/

The long active dead-air carrier on FM 101.7 that can be heard from Shirlington to Greenbelt finally lit up the other day. It's airing Spanish-language fundamentalist preaching. (I still don't see any translators listed for that frequency but it is an fairly open channel around here.) Apparently the FCC does not care. No harm no foul I guess. TK in Odenton (2/13/19)

"To bezos ,post basher are u ok with nat enq blackmailing people?" I'm okay with it if they limit it to blackmailing guys who send other people pictures of their cocks. They didn't blackmail presidential candidate John Roberts who fucked his photographer or Morgan Freeman who fucked his step-granddaughter. Sadly, Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner and Bill "Is" Clinton are beyond blackmail. Makes one wonder what the going rate is for a photo of Hillary's twatchomper "in flagrante delick-to". Hypothetically of course. Bezos's situation is the poster child for "first world problems". Fuck that guy. Dickocracy dies when the photos get out. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/13/19)

Anybody in town still own an audio cart tape player in decent shape? I went and dumped my last machines a few years ago. Now a local legend has asked me to help plow through his vault. (Sigh.) Thanks. davidasproul@gmail.com (2/13/19)

Sinclair failed at buying WGN TV in Chicago, so instead they bought the Chicago Cubs baseball rights out from under WGN, which has had the Cubs for 70 years. They’re creating the Marquee Sports Network, where all Cubs games will be in 2020. It’s a joint co-ownership of Sinclair and the Cubs. (2/13/19)
I guess we now why Cumulus/WRQX didn't renew Jason Kidd's conract. They are selling the frequency to EMF who seems to have an endless supply of cash to buy sticks in large and small markets alike. I guess being a not for profit operation has it's advantages. Minimal taxes. In case you aren't familiar with who the Electionic Media Foundation (EMF)is it runs 2 Christian music services K-Love, which is a Christian Adult Contemporary and Air-1, a Christian CHR. Each format is national service which means no local jocks. I am predicting K-Love comes to WRQX. EMF also bought WPLJ New York from Cumulus. Bet your paycheck that K-Love going on in the Big Apple. Getting back to my friend, Jason Kidd, he will be fine. He is well respected in the business. Good luck Jason. There's about to be a lot of talented people on the streets in Washington DC and New York City. It's tough to be mad when lose your job to God. Dave: I've rambled long enough! Rob Heckman Nottingham, MD. (2/13/19)

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Isn’t it standard journalistic policy to contact the person involved in a story to get their comments, rebuttal, or defense? Was the National Enquirer expecting payment to kill the story? Possible, more likely probable. But that doesn’t prove blackmail in any way shape or form. Only someone with Bezos money could get that narrative all over the media and the media is just pissed that the lowly Enquirer is beating them to stories they either missed or chose not to run. Just because The Washington Post or Jeff Bezos says it’s blackmail proves nothing. The fact that Bob Woodward himself is openly cheerleading for Bezos demeans the reputation of the Washington Post. Woodward suggested that Bezos was like a hero from the Watergate scandal! That is batshit crazy! Since when is a billionaire that left his wife and kids for some floozy an American hero just because he’s got enough money to sleep with whomever he wants? The media’s response to this story in its entirety is disgusting and shows why the media has the lowest approval rating of practically anything. Yes, the media’s approval rating is just at 18%, lower than Congress, the Supreme Court, and even Trump! Clearly they do not represent America like they think they do. (2/14/19)

WBAL-TV must be using the same “expert consultants” their radio counterparts are using to sell their news product. It appears that the same consultant who has successfully taught Scott Wycoff how to make a fool of himself by screaming radio news in the morning is coaching tv’s Kate Amara on how to turn a story on a winter weather advisory into a knee-deep-to-an-elephant blizzard. What’s up with all her melodramatic delivery? Every time I tune in to this chick, I raise the living room window, and scream like ‘ole Scottie, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore,” before I look up to make sure the sky isn’t falling and the world isn’t coming to an end. Damn...I feel better now... (2/14/19)

Did anyone know this woman from Harrisonburg, VA who was a Las Vegas radio personality? Not sure if she ever worked on the air in these parts...... Brittney Cason, the former KOMP-92.3 FM Las Vegas morning radio personality, has died, according to The Las Vegas Review-Journal citing a Facebook message from a friend of her family announcing her death. The Clark County Coroner’s office today also confirmed her death. Jordan Fish, a close friend of Cason’s dating to their high school days, posted a message on Facebook on Friday night: “At the request of Brittney’s family, they’ve asked me to post a statement regarding her. It is with deep sadness that our dear friend, Brittney Cason, passed away on Wednesday, January 23, 2019. Just mere hours shy of what would have been her 38th birthday. Her family and close friends want to thank all of you who have sent messages, made phone calls, and expressed their deepest condolences over the past couple of days. They are greatly appreciated. We understand people have questions, but privacy is requested during this difficult time. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as we all take time to heal.” Cason’s last Twitter post was a photo Wednesday from McCarran International Airport. She was reportedly in town to interview for a job with Beasley Broadcasting and to celebrate her birthday with friends. Cason’s last activity was Instagram “likes” at noon Wednesday. Her family has not disclosed the cause of her death. The sharp-witted Cason had for years hosted KOMP’s “B.S. In the Morning” show, and had also previously worked for CBS Sports radio, KISS 95.1 FM in Charlotte, N.C., and had freelanced for The Charlotte Observer. Cason did not renew her contract with KOMP last fall, and in November left to return to her original hometown of Harrisonburg, Va. and live for a time with her parents. (2/12/19)

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I gotta give credit to Warner Wolf for what he did. I have a nazi HOA too, and Warner gave me a great idea. I live in a gated community that has a huge sign out front, all lit up at night, that says 'COLONY.' I think I'll pry off the Y. Signed, Randy Quaid (2/11/19)

Re: "It is really a shame how Jeff Bezos has destroyed the reputation of The Washington Post. No one will ever think of them the same again, right or wrong." A question: why would anyone have a problem with the Post if they get it right? I mean, other than people like you who despise the Post because Rush tells them to? (2/11/19)

Regarding the "emergency" notification station in Northern Virginia on 1700KHz AM, I had read that the state would discontinue its support for such stations as it transitions to "511" type cellphone audio services for information. Arlington local government originated its own programming too, but I wonder whether it had lost enough to sustain running the station at all. www.dailypress.com (2/11/19)

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Anyone know why Somara Theodore is back at NBC4? Remember Erika Gonzalez giving her a farewell sendoff months ago and now she's back every weekend. (2/10/19)

Besides the Bezos henchmen appearance at The Post and Trump Derangement Disorder, The Post admitted it had the Fairfax story and didn’t run it. So much for taking all women seriously. They need to change the masthead to “Journalism Dies in Darkness”. The average person is shaking their head thinking, “How do these crazy people tie THIS thing to Trump?” But Bezos proved a simple rule. If you use the media to make it all about Trump, you get an automatic Get Out of Jail Free card. The Post won’t be hurt much locally where every one of their readers and subscribers are Trump deranged, but nationally, they’re looking like a joke along with their billionaire owner. (2/10/19)

Attention journalists: The deadline to enter the Society of Professional Journalists Dateline Awards contest is February 28th. Local radio, TV, print, and online entries are welcomed. Awards will be presented at the annual dinner of the SPJ Washington DC professional chapter Tuesday June 11th at the National Press Club. For details, contact datelinecoordinator@gmail.com (2/10/19)

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To bezos ,post basher are u ok with nat enq blackmailing people? Who else have they gotten ? lindsey graham changed trump oppinion pretty fast (2/9/19)

To the unsigned guy who thinks the Post is demeaning itself covering the Bezos-Enquirer scandal: I detect an odor of wanting the Post to be diminished, but you’re wrong, thank goodness. Bezos has zero control over the paper’s editorial priorities and the Enquirer story is a very legitimate bombshell. You should be thanking Marty Baron for navigating such an awkward balance with high principle. But then this isn’t a newspaper board. -Max Critic (2/9/19)

Dave - Your DC FM radio nerds will love this. The site American Radio History, online at www.americanradiohistory.com, is packed with PDFs of old radio and broadcast journals. Included is the magazine "Forecast FM." Which was a FM radio and Hi-Fi magazine for the Washington, DC, area during the 60's and 70's. It began as principally a guide to serious music on the radio, later adding high fidelity articles. By 1975 the name was changed to "Forecast!" The direct link is here: www.americanradiohistory.com... Tom in Frederick (2/9/19)

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It is really a shame how Jeff Bezos has destroyed the reputation of The Washington Post. No one will ever think of them the same again, right or wrong. The newspaper is now only going to be regarded as the Bezos' Media Henchmen from now on. Not that I’m at all defending The National Enquirer, but the fact that the newspaper is writing story after story about Bezos vs. AMI is simply unseemly and there’s just no way any resemblance of journalistic ethics or standards are still being used at the newspaper. I guess this is what Bezos meant when he said he was going to hire 100 more people for investigations. As his media bodyguards. When The Post is on the same playing field as The National Enquirer, the only winner will be The National Enquirer. But Bezos does not care. The Post value is chump change to him. He can write it off on his taxes and fold the paper with probably no loss! But right now, he’s bought his money’s worth. (2/8/19)

Settle down, Francis. CBS talked about their flash survey immediately after the state of the union speech. Hence the name flash survey. No surprise that they still weren't talking about it on the evening news the next day. New news cycle. Remember: just because you didn't personally see something, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. (2/8/19)

Hi Dave, Love your site. Wanted to tip you to a Q&A I did this week with CK from 106.7 The Fan: Barrett Sports Media's Matt Fishman chats with 106.7 The Fan PD Chris Kinard about programming philosophy, rising thru the ranks, and the BSM Summit. sportsradiopd.com (2/8/19)

A combined food truck, performance space AND remote broadcast studio/vehicle? Great idea, and its being done in Phoenix AZ: www.prodoundnetwork.com... They really ought to rethink those call letters though... (2/8/19)

Its beginning to look like Arlington's Emergency Radio Service at 1700 AM has disappeared. The dial position has been pretty quiet in recent weeks and the dedicated 1700 AM web page is reporting back a "Page Not Found" response. The only other signals heard locally on 1700 during the daytime are a couple of Northern Virginia low-power Part 15 hobbyists that only go a couple of blocks at best. (2/8/19)

Dave's response: I'd have to think that 99% of Arlingtonians have no idea that there is/was an emergency service radio station at 1700 AM. Duh.....

For almost a week NewsChannel8 is playing what I call a magic-unicorn-Glenda-GoodWitch sound effect between stories and I might throw a brick at my tv. -Lee in Herndon (2/8/19)

The thing about stupid people is that they think they're really smart. Example: "While CBS might have published the poll somewhere buried on their website, they did not mention it at all on the CBS Evening News." That's because, perfessor, the Evening News was on two hours BEFORE the Trump speech. If you'd bothered to look at the link, you would have seen that it wasn't something "buried on their website," it was the CBS FEED FROM LESS THAN 10 MINUTES AFTER THE SPEECH. You're just making shit up to try to make a childish point. Nobody believes you. As always. (2/8/19)

HOLY COW. I In a medium post, @JeffBezos says that David Pecker and AMI threatened to release embarrassing photos unless Bezos agreed to stop investigating them and released a statement saying he didn’t have anything on them! He included emails in the post. medium.com (2/8/19)

Hi Dave. I live in Reston, and have been trying to buy one hour of time on a local am station to broadcast a show once a week. This could be an oldies station or a talk station. Do you have any suggestions for who would be interested? I've tried 1420 am in Warrenton, but they don't answer their phone. The rest seem to be religious or Spanish. A station in Tampa, Florida, WWPR 1490 am told me they would be happy to do it, but I would have to come to Tampa. Do you have any suggestions? (2/8/19)

Forever Media Pays $18.5 Million For 10 Stations From Delmarva Broadcasting (2/8/19)

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\/ February 7 Messages \/

Two memorial services are being held in the DC area for recently deceased Mutual/Westwood One colleagues. Sean Hall’s memorial is Friday, February 8 from 7p-10p at the Greene Turtle, 15660 Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD 20866 and on Sunday colleagues will gather to remember the legendary MBS/WW1 correspondent Dick Rosse, who joined Mutual in 1963 and retired in 1999 as its Senior Broadcast Correspondent. Dick died last Sunday in Delaware. His memorial will be Sunday, February 10, 2p-4p at Ramparts Tavern, 1700 Fern Street, Alexandria, VA. (2/7/19)

Just a note on the repack thread dealing with the 40th and Brandywine NW tower. Yes, ownership leads back to WMAL-TV and WTOP-TV when the tower first went up in 1972. 50-50 ownership. If only it could have been 51-49, but no. Made for an awkward stewardship ever since. Day to day management flips back and forth each year. At least it did the last time I was required to pay attention. Clunky, man, clunky. -P of the AW (2/7/19)

Turned on WTTG this morning and Kevin McCarthy was doing a segment on whether singer Michael Bolton was sleep or not during a televised interview..So he then asks the viewing audience to tweet as to whether WE think the singer was sleep or not..Really??!!! How desperate has this station become to keep viewers? And I'd be curious as to just how many are even going to tweet on such foolishness... (2/7/19)

RE: CBS News SOTU poll… While CBS might have published the poll somewhere buried on their website, they did not mention it at all on the CBS Evening News. Fox News found it and publicized it much more and on air. It doesn’t make CBS News fake news, but it certainly shows their bias against Trump as well as Fox News bias in favor of Trump. Same thing happens at Fox News. They often bury bad news for the President. This is why you can never trust just one news source anymore. Too many deliberately hide even their own news and polls to give you a fake perspective. (2/7/19)

The tower carrying WETA etc today went up around 1972 or 1973 to carry WMAL-TV 7 and WTOP-TV 9 and their FM counterparts, 107.3 and 96.3. The Washington Post Company gave away WTOP-FM to Howard University in the same era. Howard's 96.3 at first operated from the older and shorter WTOP-9 tower nearby, but soon the "new" WHUR joined WMAL-FM on the side of the taller structure. Up Wisconsin Avenue, WASH at 97.1 was sharing the WTTG tower, as both were owned by Metromedia. WASH had been sidemounted as well since moving there from Wheaton after the Metromedia purchase in 1968. Eventually WASH moved higher on the Channel 5 tower with a panel antenna that overcame tower-shadowing troubles suffered for years by 96.3 and 107.3 down the street. We FM geeks living 40 or more miles away to the north and northwest loved this era with good signals from sometimes oddly-programmed big-city FM's. WASH however was a station ahead of its time with modern pop music approach, live and local personalities and serious local news. Thanks. (2/7/19)

According to Wikipedia, we are rapidly coming up on a dubious anniversary: Sunday Feb 24 will be twenty years since Doug "Greaseman" Tracht uttered the ad-lib on WARW-FM (now WIAD) that got him removed from the airwaves. Despite several comeback attempts and a seemingly endless apology tour, the radio industry had had enough of his act and moved on. Two decades later, it occurs to me that the details of this incident and the time since then would make a compelling term paper for any broadcast major. Among those details, broadly unrealistic and impossible sex humor reflected the times and was funny. Theater-of-the-mind improvisational story creation was highly valued. A live connection with a performer's audience was essential (something voicetracking is incapable of), and so on. What the incident negatively revealed was that there is an inflexible line not to be crossed and a performer is responsible for knowing where it is, and that a performer and his act has to evolve and not get stuck in 1983. But twenty years later, something else has emerged: the present-day threshold of offense that Americans will tolerate has been lowered to nearly zero. Yes, his comment was explosive, it ended predictably, and in the time since, racist humor has finally gone out of fashion and exists today only as historical mile-markers in American entertainment (go back and re-watch “The Jeffersons” if you think I'm wrong). But that was 1999 - - look at this moment right now, and the feeble little instances we encounter every day that send us off to Twitter in a weepy snit. Comedians are afraid to use their "A" material, homogeneous radio DJs play it safe and only talk about Bradley Cooper or the Kardashians, and anger rules our lives. Admittedly, Greaseman's material does not hold up today in many ways, and a lot of his diehard fans like myself could all but predict the outcome of one of his improvised fantasies, sound effects and all. But with few exceptions, his preserved MP3 cuts are time capsules of funnier laugh-out-loud days before everyone got moody and unhappy. It is too bad he was unable to leave "The Greaseman" behind and evolve into "radio entertainer Doug Tracht". But a full twenty years later, I would rather curl up with streaming Grease bits on my computer than listen to most commercial DC stations, remembering a time when radio wasn't cardboardy, overly formulaic, dull and sucky, but instead was actually FUNNY. (2/7/19)

Dick Rosse has died. The great veteran newsman from Westwood One Radio and, before that, the predecessor Mutual Broadcasting System, had been in ill health in recent years. I don't have full details but I'd guess Dick to have been about 84. Such is his 35 year network legacy that he covered both the erection of the Berlin Wall (1961) and its dismantling (1989). There'll be a celebration of Dick's life Sunday 2/10, 2-4PM, at Ramparts Tavern, 1700 Fern Street in Alexandria.. (2/7/19)

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"I think The Washington Post just jumped the shark into becoming a small town corrupt newspaper." So not when Lying Bob Woodward published his fictional deathbed interview with William Casey? Not when they abolished the Ombudsman post? Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/6/19)

The FCC document says it very clearly. While the WETA, WPXW, & WHUT combiner is used by the 3 tenants, the tower owners are a joint venture of Tegna & Sinclair, and probably originally the original owners of WTOP TV & WMAL TV. Therefor, the landlords are responsible WETA claims, not the other broadcasters who for different reasons are unaffected. (2/6/19)

Ya gotta love a guy who trolls a media website to screech about how bad the media is, and then says things as moronic as: "Btw, CBS News gave Tump a 76% Approval Rating on the speech. It’s a generally worthless poll, but none the less the Sky Is Falling Media found so many ways to trash the speech and I doubt CBS News even mentioned their poll. You know the mainstream media sucks when they do a poll and don’t like the result and choose to report it." Hey, perfesser Einstein, if they didn't report it...HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT IT? Could it be that, uhh....they actually DID report it (www.cbsnews.com)? And you just made up 100% of the rest of this drivel? You really ARE a "Tump" voter, aren't ya? (2/6/19)

As usual when someone "calls out" the media for supposed bias, they don't make much sense. I'll take this one a mistake at a time. You said, "I think The Washington Post just jumped the shark into becoming a small town corrupt newspaper. " (A) That's no what "jump the shark" means. (B) The article you reference didn't actually change the size of the District -- did it? Then you wrote, "How could they write a story like this defending their politically charged owner who pays people so little they have to collect food stamps?" (A) Because it's news. (B) If you'd actually read the article, you'd see it in no way defends Bezos. (C) What does pay scale at Amazon have to do with anything? You wrote, "Yep, The Post is now openly defending Jeff Bezos from gossip about him while attacking the President with the same kind of salacious gossip!" (A) Again, the article doesn't defend Bezos. (B) What "salacious gossip" are you referring to? And when did the Post attack potus over it? Finally, you wrote "Pot, meet Kettle." (A) What on earth does this meme-like sloganeering have to do with the rest of your rant? (B) If the Post is the Pot, then what's the kettle? Or the other way around? (2/6/19)

One thing that’s never been mentioned about WSPZ AM 1260 here. The AM 1260 in Newark DE is long gone now and that null to the northeast is no longer needed daytime at least. Does this explain their Direct Measurement application to the FCC? Not sure. The ground wires are long ago paved over and not sure what changes could economically be made there. But Salem is a company that does sometimes upgrade its AM stations, unlike pretty much every other company with AM radio stations. If they relax AM interference rules, will we see some area changes? Probably unlikely. (2/6/19)

Re: "My bad" ... no it's my bad since I stopped listening to WTEM over 5 years ago!! I just wish JFK would stop hiring their deadweight like Pollin and Russell. On the rare occasion I put WTEM on in the car these days, I can't even get through the awful reception problems. Still sounds better that way though. (2/6/19)

Dave: People can't be surprised about the way 980 does business. Their 3x fired PD doesn't enforce any programming rules and talent doesn't care. I certainly enjoyed the "sportscenter updates at :30 past" as Solomon first starts at :40 and that's usually the norm. Czaban doesn't get the fact that he's old news and people have switched off his arrogant nature and show. And speaking of arrogant, and talent you can't listen to, how about Pollin on other stations. I had no idea he's on 106.7 and even 103.5...he's just so full of himself that having him on makes me go back to internet radio and WFAN or WIP. Most of the time I'm in South Carolina, so, I'm listening to internet radio anyway. (2/6/19)

There is some sad news on The Richmond Times-Dispatch website Thursday. The headline is "Reports: Former WRVA radio host Michael 'Doc' Thompson struck, killed by train in Texas". Mr. Thompson was jogging early in the morning. (2/6/19)

I think The Washington Post just jumped the shark into becoming a small town corrupt newspaper. How could they write a story like this defending their politically charged owner who pays people so little they have to collect food stamps? Yep, The Post is now openly defending Jeff Bezos from gossip about him while attacking the President with the same kind of salacious gossip! Pot, meet Kettle. www.washingtonpost.com (2/6/19)

Now that The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik works for CNN, he’s following CNN’s lead and writing a story that Trump’s SOTU address was the worst in history. Go figure. When he worked for FOX News, he loved them too and attacked CNN. This guy is a walking Talking points from whatever is on his paycheck stub. What a worthless media opinion for hire he is. Btw, CBS News gave Tump a 76% Approval Rating on the speech. It’s a generally worthless poll, but none the less the Sky Is Falling Media found so many ways to trash the speech and I doubt CBS News even mentioned their poll. You know the mainstream media sucks when they do a poll and don’t like the result and choose to report it. (2/6/19)

Note to WJZ 13, WBOC is blacking out your morning news starting at 4:30AM for FCC regulations, which is completely a false statement. Comcast cites WBOC and duplicative programming as the reason, but that is clearly false from Comcast’s own program guide which ways WJZ News, not CBS national news. It is nearly impossible to complain to Comcast about this because they don’t like to take action in the case and would obviously like to get rid of WJZ altogether on this cable system, but they don’t legally have to and it’s still a significantly watched TV station no matter now much they try to bury in on the 90s channel range and not even in HD anymore. At 5am, maybe they will flip WJZ back on, but who knows? This might not sound very important to some people as football season is over, but in season, the Ravens are mostly on WJZ and watching the morning news for traffic before leaving for Baltimore from the Eastern Shore is kind of important to more people then you would think. Working in both areas, I rely on the local news and radio for that traffic info. SO FIX IT PEOPLE! (2/6/19)

My bad: Rocky was fired from JFK! But now I hear ads on both JFK and TEM? And, Kevin is in one? I always thought Kevin was bitter at Rock for losing their gig? (2/6/19)

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Re: Rocky Parrish ... I've been listening to WTEM since it was only on 570 (at least since 1998) and I have no recollection of this guy having a show. Was it on at 2 am??? Went looking to see who he is and it's not pretty if this is the guy: www.fairfaxunderground.com (2/5/19)

So, the three-ring circus continues on alleged, wanna-be news radio 1090, with the speed reading award winner Anne Kramer headlining this story this morning: “who has more BO (body odor)...single men or ‘partnered’ men?” Now, you would think that her co-anchor, veteran “newsman” John Patti would be smart enough not to get roped into this meaningless nonsense, but he did, reading a lead-in to the story: “put both arms up in the air...and take your medicine.” We often read how pathetic this station has become, but this really stinks; or as one friend concluded, “it’s the pits.” (2/5/19)

Rumor mill. WXCY soon to say ribbet. Ribbet. Out: am show, PM show, Nights, Weekends. Welcome to.forever...here's the door. (2/5/19)

In a deal yet to appear in the FCC database, STEINMAN COMMUNICATIONS' DELMARVA BROADCASTING COMPANY is selling all of its radio stations to KERBY CONFER and DONALD ALT's FOREVER MEDIA for an undisclosed price. The stations include Hot AC WSTW and News-Talk WDEL-A/WILMINGTON, DE; News-Talk WDEL-F/CANTON, NJ; Country WXCY/HAVRE DE GRACE, MD; Classic Hits WAVD (97.1 THE WAVE)/OCEAN PINES, MD; News-Talk WXDE (DELAWARE 105.9)/LEWES, DE; and Classic Hits WNCL (COOL 101.3), Top 40 WAFL (EAGLE 97.7) and Sports WYUS-A-W271CX (ESPN DELAWARE)/MILFORD, DE. MICHAEL J. BERGNER of BERGNER & CO. served as exclusive broker for the deal. (2/5/19)

DCRTV SOTU DRINKING CONTEST: Every time Trump mentions “Wall”, “Barrier” or “Border”, have a shot of Tequila. Every time Trump mentions “Illegal”, “MS13”, or “Terrorists” have a shot of Tequila chased by a Corona. Every time Trump mentions “Great economy”, “Blacks employed”, or “Hispanics employed” have a boilermaker of Iron City Beer. If Trump acknowledges Joshua Trump being “Bullied” for his name have a 7-11 Slurpee and a bag of Cheetos. If Trump mentions DCRTV donate $100 via Pay Pal to Dave Hughes. If Nancy Pelosi rolls her face lifted eyes have a glass of Chardonnay. If Trump closes his SOTU speech with “Make America Great Again” have a six pack of Natural Light. (2/5/19)

re: Rocky Parrish, I remember he and Kevin Shafer used to have a show on WJFK. Saw Kevin on WRC news last year on a piece about the junior firemen's academy. (2/5/19)

Word is Delmarva Broadcasting Company has sold to Forever Media. This would affect stations in Wilmington and Milford, DE and Havre de Grace, MD. (2/5/19)

Stock Market......the good news is that the market was up 175 points yesterday.......the Bad News is that the Radio Stocks are doing terrible. Look at these numbers......Urban One $2.25 per share, Salem $2.90 per share, Beasley $4.46 per share, Entercom $7.24 per share and Emmis $3.99 per share. The Market sure doesn't like or believe in these stocks. (2/5/19)

I can not believe WTEM is taking money from a DJ they once fired. I forget why he was fired. Anyone remember? Now, Rocky Parrish is opening a sports shoe store in Alexandria and advertising with them. He said his wife, and better half, is setting him up and taking the other half of the store. I know he has no money and has been running from creditors for years. There were accusations of stealing from youth groups years back in the day. Did Doc Walker have him on from the Super Bowl this week??? This might get interesting. (2/5/19)

"there is one 'little' problem with legal pot. Those who don't smoke it !!" Then you describe problems caused by people who DO smoke it. "Denver won't enforce the 'public smoking' of marijuana" Are you a pothead Focker? Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/5/19)

iHeart stock was being sold over the counter; however, "no pricing data is available now on their stock". The last quote was 47 cents per share. They are not out of Bankruptcy yet. (2/5/19)

RE: WETA… I’m sure you know your tech stuff, but if you read my post on BaltoMedia.net with the actual FCC filing, you would already know that you are wrong about several things. WETA specifically identifies WUSA 9 and WJLA 7 as the problem in splitting the cost for the combiner, not WPXW or WHUT. My assumption is based on ownership of the tower, not on who actually uses the equipment and no one one knows what’s in any of the lease agreements as that is not public knowledge. I assumed that WHUT & WPXW used the combiner, but they are not stated as the hold up for not contributing in cost and the FCC will only pay for one third cost. Why they blamed WUSA 9 and WJLA 7, well, I’ll leave that up to you, but it is a matter of FACT and FCC record. Look it up or ask WETA why WETA is not blaming WPXW or WHUT. They are specifically in FCC documents blaming Tegna and Sinclair as the problem and asking for FCC help. That is a documented fact. (2/5/19)

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Jason Kidd didn’t “quit” Mix, his contract was not renewed. (2/4/19)

WJLA ND is Finally Officially Confirmed by Rick Gevers and Associates. (2/4/19)

"...Since Virginia is such a liberal State now, perhaps they should consider permitting Cannabis to be grown here. The Marijuana is now a Billion Dollar Business. Just think of the Tax Dollars Virginia could collect!". I spend a lot of time in both Washington State and Colorado were pot is legal and there is one "little" problem with legal pot. Those who don't smoke it !! When Washington State made pot legal a guy was smoking pot in front of the Seattle Space Needle and said "..God it's GREAT pot is allowed and if you don't smoke it..GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE !!". In Denver their TV stations are already running PSAs to pot smokers saying do NOT force others to smoke it. Like that is going to help since Denver won't enforce the "public smoking" of marijuana so you have people smoking pot waiting for the bus, driving a car, in front of kids and so forth If you are drinking Starbucks Coffee or a Red Bull and if someone offers you marijuana and you say NO that is considered VERY RUDE. In California where pot is legal too its the same. "I smoke pot and I want everyone else to get stoned with me !!". Whatever happened to freedom of choice ?? Virginia is going to have the same proble (2/4/19)

In response to the Jan 31 WETA post. WETA shares a combiner and antenna with WHUT and WPXW. WHUT is not changing channels. WPXW is moving to channel 35. So the conflict is with WHUT who probably thinks “we are not moving channels, the combiner is not our problem” and Ion who probably does not want to pay any more for repacking than they have to; perhaps for the 1 channel change WPXW has to make their portion of the combiner can be retuned? The FCC has given WETA a lot of wiggle room. My guess is WETA will end up footing 2/3 of the bill for a new 31/33/35 combiner, WPXW will pay the remaining 1/3, and the entire cost will be reimbursed by the FCC. Hopefully this will lead to a better description of where renting of the shared facility starts in the lease; is it at the exit of the transmitter before the combiner or is it at the exit of the combiner up to the tower? I would hate to have a shared antenna with an Ion channel. All through the repack Ion stations have been submitting applications right at the deadline, working out mutual interference acceptance agreements after the deadline, amending applications after the deadline, and seeming to do the bare minimum to keep their part of the repack effort going without losing their licenses. WJLA and WUSA’s antenna has nothing to do with WETA other than physically being on the same tower. During the DTV transition WJLA and WUSA used the same shared UHF antenna as WETA is on now for their digital companion channels while still using 7 and 9 for analog (WJLA UHF 39, WUSA UHF 34). I wonder what the current combiner can do. Right now it has full power RF 27, 33 and 34 going into it. Pre analog shutoff it also had 39. At one point there was an application for a LP on 39 which got dismissed because it was in the city exclusion zone; that was probably a “we have the port on the combiner, lets see if we get lucky” application. (2/4/19)

How could no one at the Washington Post have not seen the Virginia Governor’s Yearbook page for so long? Where are those 100 additional investigative reporters that Jeff Bezos hired? What have they been jacking off to? Phony Russian Trump hooker “Golden Shower” dossiers produced by Clinton, Inc.? (2/4/19)

Kidd's going to New York. (2/4/19)

Dave's response: State or city?

"Why don’t you try and say something caring, gentle, supportive, positive, uncruel." I tried, on or about January 19: "In this week's chat WaPo's Gene Weingarten told a heartwarming story about stabbing a live animal in the brain." What more do you want from me? I said "heartwarming"! It's not my fault Gene Weingarten is too demented to be a circus freak. Josh Bell Great Zucchini Babies left in cars Dave Barry Googlenope shanda stickshift Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/4/19)

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" the State of Virginia is run by a former KKK Clansman, and Jeff Bezo’s blog, The “esteemed” Washington Post doesn’t report it. " The Northam story broke on Friday, on the internet. It was also on the Post's website on Friday and front page above the fold on Saturday. While I hold no brief for Bezos, Lying Bob Woodward, or Carl "Sex Club" Bernstein, what the fuck is wrong with you? Currently listening to Best of Rush and 94.7 WIAD. Fun fact: there's a WFCC-FM in Massachusetts. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/3/19)

Did Jason Kidd quit WRQX, or was he fired? His ratings were not good. (2/3/19)

Since Virginia is such a liberal State now, perhaps they should consider permitting Cannabis to be grown here. The Marijuana is now a Billion Dollar Business. Just think of the Tax Dollars Virginia could collect! (2/3/19)

But there not playing music on The Drive from '72 when the Redskins were in the Super Bowl but lost to the Dolphins perfect season anyway I listened for a few hours heard nothing from '92 and what was played from '83 and '88 was the same old things you hear everyday like how come you never hear anything from Duran Duran except Rio and Hungry Like the Wolf and Lionel Richie only All Night Long and You Are both artists had tons of hits I do most of my listening online even Wash HD2 is better than the Drive that's not saying much! (2/3/19)

Just chewing on my breakfast and suddenly felt the urge to issue a command to Gus in the Gaithersburg. Why don’t you try and say something caring, gentle, supportive, positive, uncruel. Just once. It would be good for your biliary balance. Otherwise we’ll have to write you off as a malicious anaerobic organism. -Max Critic (2/3/19)

Craigslist is running an ad for a radio production assistant, listing the stations as WQEB and WURE in DC with a dial position of 97.3 FM. No such stations exist here, and 97.3 is not an available frequency. Who are these guys? Are we looking at a micropower pirate? (2/3/19)

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Desperate times for Skins and 94.7 fans: From Friday 5PM until Super Bowl kick off on Sunday, 94.7 claims it will play only songs that were hits during the years the Skins were in the Super Bowl: www.washingtonpost.com (2/2/19)

WMAL posted on their website pics from last year's "Steak of the Union." Not a conspiracy enthusiast, but is there a Russian spy in one of the photos? (2/2/19)

It’s that awkward moment when the State of Virginia is run by a former KKK Clansman, and Jeff Bezo’s blog, The “esteemed” Washington Post doesn’t report it. I know my 1984 Yearbook doesn’t show that but I’m often called a racist! Where was doddering old fools Woodward and Bernstein? Out chasing Russian ghosts and mindless conspiracy theories of how the 2016 Election was stolen! How could every major media outlet miss this one??? Democracy isn’t dying in darkness. The media is dying in darkness. And at 18% Approval ratings, 25 points lower than Trump. Go figure. (2/2/19)

Did anyone even notice Jason Kidd quit WRQX? After three years doing afternoons at CUMULUS Hot AC WRQX (MIX 107.3)/WASHINGTON, D.C, JASON KIDD is moving on. This leaves a great vacancy for an afternoon personality who can also handle APD/MD duties. If this is you, reach out to WRQX PD and CUMULUS VP/Hot AC Programming ROB ROBERTS at Rob.Roberts@cumulus.com with your audio and resume. There will be a major announcement about where KIDD lands, very soon. Meanwhile, JASON continues to run NEW GENERATION RADIO. You can reach JASON at (410) 212-3785 or jasonkidd@getsmashhits.com. (2/2/19)

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[RE: Chris Lawrence] I would guess the move to WFAA is a promotion. Here at 4, he started out anchoring weekends and the n took over as the 4pm co-anchor when Jim Handly gave up that role up to be co-anchor at 11pm. When Leon Harris joined 4 and quickly became the 4pm co-anchor, Chris was the odd man out. He got moved to field reporter and occasional fill-in anchor for the early morning news. In Texas, he’s taking over the evening newscasts (succeeding someone who’s been there over 40 years, so kind of their version of Jim Vance) so at least there won’t be any more pre-dawn wake up calls. (2/1/19)

Other Repack News: Not reported much, but just from FCC records and letters to the FCC, the government shutdown has affected radio & TV stations. Applications submissions were still being accepted, but actions on some key things were not able to be taken. I'll give just a few examples locally that I noticed. WMPT 22 wants to move to channel 21 this summer after WBOC TV vacates that channel, but the FCC has not approved it yet. Several low power TV stations displaced have not gotten approval to move or continue operations. One example is WGDV-LD in Salisbury, WMDT's sister station with Azteca America, BOUNCE, Heroes & Icons, ESCAPE, LAFF, & GRIT. They are currently on the air, but WBOC will soon take over their channel 32. They want to move to channel 28, but the FCC was not able to make any decision until today when they finally approved it. Also today, the FCC finally approved the WBOC takeover of WRDE NBC Coast TV. —BaltoMedia.net (2/1/19)

It appears that Draper Media, owner of WBOC CBS 16 and Fox 21 and now WRDE NBC Coast TV is hiring a new news team from scratch from anchor, meteorologists, sports, and other reporters to produce local news internally for WRDE TV. No word on where the local news will be produced, presumably in Salisbury or Dover. WRDE at the moment outsources its news through a service in Florida. WBOC completed its purchase of WRDE just last month and is quickly looking to revamp the TV station apparently. www.wboc.com —BaltoMedia.net (2/1/19)

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