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Well it’s official. WTTG Fox 5 and WPXW 66 are both moving to the River Road tower and out of Tenleytown in DC to Maryland. Minor change, maybe a little better signal to the west, but not much difference around town as it’s only about 45 feet taller. Assuming WETA still needs a combiner at the WUSA/WJLA tower, this complicates their money troubles as now they are the only TV station that needs it. Their recent FCC filings do not seem to mention that WPXW is gone, so I guess there will be another filing next week. (3/31/19)

Some DCRTV readers have no interest in the owners of the radio stations in DC. Some don't own any stock. Some readers are more interested in which DJ is on which station and what time they are on. That is fine. Entercom owns five FM Stations in DC and their stock just hit a five year low in price. Their stock price is $5.25 per share now. (3/31/19)

I guess no one at WJLA-TV cares anymore, their time is off since Feb. It was four, now six minutes slow. Even tried contacting their technical dept. (3/31/19)

Cord Cutter News... I just noticed this. Baltimore based Sinclair plans to launch Next Generation TV (ATSC 3.0) in 26 markets later this year. Baltimore, where Sinclair operates 2 channels & 3 stations is most assuredly one of them as ATSC 3.0 is not compatible with today's TV sets without a dongle or new TV. So what will likely happen is that one of Sinclair's Baltimore TV stations, WBFF or WNUV will house both Fox 45 & CW 54 in ATSC 1.0 HD, the current TV standard, while the other will operate as Next Generation TV with 4k capability as well as offer more channels and IP capability, Mobile TV on laptops, iPad type devices and also Cell phones. Sinclair is planning to populate each market with dongles they claim. At what cost no one knows, but South Korean TV manufacturers, chip plants, and their TV service are invested in this already as they have this up and running in South Korea already. ATSC 3.0 TVs are supposed to be rolling out later this year and more in 2020. Now in DC, Tegna is a partner in ATSC 3.0 promising a rollout too. Will WUSA & WJLA be sharing channels for the rollout in DC? They are on the same tower they co-own and seem to be clearing at least one TV station off of it if not two. But on the other hand WRC did collaborate on Sinclair’s first ATSC 3.0 DC/Baltimore test using their tower. Next Generation TV will make for some strange bedfellows in the short term as there really is no available channel space anymore after the repack for the most part. As a 4 month FCC notification is required, we'll know a start date soon if anything is to happen this summer. Hmm. www.cordcutternews.com... —BaltoMedia.net (3/31/19)

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Hey Dave, is today's post about Jam Nantz a pre-April Fool's joke :) There is/was no Friday, February 29 this year. There is a Feb 29, 2020. Tom in Wheaton (3/30/19)

What the heck is in NBC4’s Lauren Ricketts’ coffee??!! Is she drinking multiple shots of expresso? The woman is just so hyper & erratic. And she’s now on screen much more often on Saturday’s as there’s only been one anchor resulting in her kinda co-anchoring every now & then. And speaking of anchors, or should I say an anchor wannabe, Erin Como is just awful when she’s on the anchor desk. Turned on Fox5 for the 4am newscast & there she was co-anchoring. She has yet to get comfortable reading the teleprompter longer than the minute she’s given for traffic. Fox5 is obviously trying to attract more males as they routinely have the females w/short, tight dresses or skirts. Especially on that show Like it or Not. Good Lord. On there between boobage & miniskirts, kinda hard to focus on what’s being discussed. And I actually like that show as it’s somewhat unfiltered... (3/30/19)

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RabbitEars is wrong again. I noticed that Draper’s WSJZ-LD 33 got a License to Cover for channel 34. I don’t know what is on it as I cannot receive it over the air, but apparently it is on the air. But Draper’s WBOC-LD Telemundo 42 will be short-lived as that station will soon have to go off the air during the TV repack. WBOC-LD has not filed for a displacement channel for Telemundo 42. Is Telemundo on WSJZ now and will it become the replacement channel? Tripp or anybody? (3/29/19)

Another unannounced rage day off for Mike O'Meara's PTO Playhouse Podcast? Too bad, they've been doing so well with the hard start time of sometime after 9:30ish sharp. On Tuesday March 5 MO'M assured the listeners that he'd be "redoubling" his efforts (hard to imagine what that would look like) "with everybody on my team re-engaging". Even stole from Jimmy Carter and talked about "malaise". To be fair his last rage cancellation was on February 27 so maybe the new standard is one a month. Of course it's always possible I missed the announcement. Gus n the Gaithersburg (3/29/19)

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iHeart finally announced that they have swapped the Frederick, Md stations, WFRE and WFMD to Connoisseur Media for their Erie, PA stations. iHeart held these stations for over 10 years in their "Trust". iHeart still owns 5 FM stations and a Translator in the DC Market. (3/29/19)

Hey, CBS News, what's up? You're no longer identifying congress folks you interview on Evening News? For several weeks now, you've been showing some familiar faces in videotape cuts, but without either a chiron or verbal identification. I get that you want to keep the screen clean, but when these guys answer your questions and do interviews that you use, please respect your audience and the speakers and tell us who they actually are. I suspect this decision is made in NY, but if the DC bureau has any juice in the system, please tell NY to tell us who is speaking . . . (3/29/19)

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In the FCC applications this morning: Aloha Trust is swapping WFMD and WFRE for Connoisseur Media's entire Erie cluster - 7 stations (5 FM, 2 AM). Connoisseur doesn't own any large market stations besides a few rimshots in New York, this is a bit of a coup for them. So can that one guy shut the hell up now? fcc.gov. (3/28/19)

DCRTV Dave, I’m amazed you can find the strength to keep posting long-winded screeds from the anonymous guy who can’t stop criticizing all cable news outlets (except FOX) and politicians (except Trump). Such willful idiocy. When I hear him talking my mind just pictures a turd standing there with a little flapping mouth. -Max Critic (3/28/19)

Finally WFRE 99.9 FM has been sold by iHeart! Sold to Connoisseur Media Licenses, LLC, who own a lot of small market FMs and a lot in nearby Pennsylvania. This sale includes other radio stations in the Aloha and Ocean Trusts, not sure if all, as I’ve never done a count. (3/28/19)

Can you put a stock widget on the mailbag page and stop posting the same 1-3 people opining about radio stocks? No one cares what entercom is trading for. No one. (3/28/19)

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Circa is no more! Sinclair Broadcast Group has shut down Circa. The company made an announcement on March 26th. Speculation has been circulating about Circa as many staffers were leaving the online company and some job positions were not filled. FTVLive has more information about this development: www.ftvlive.com (3/27/19)

Not local but National News ratings: Not surprisingly, after the Mueller Report came out with no collusion or conspiracy and refusal of prosecution of any obstruction. Fox News ratings immediately doubled and CNN & MSNBC have been ranting like mad crazy people about Mueller and Barr like a pit bull that turns on its owner while plummeting in the ratings. CNN couldn’t even get 1 million viewers during the Hannity hour. I’m not a big fan of Hannity, but his FAKE NEWS montages of all of their reporting over the last 2 years, all of which Muller debunked, was just like a comedy show. Maddow ranting about Trump letting the Russians take over the power grid and turning off our heat was the best one. She should be on a sitcom. Trump says they just hate him, but the truth is that hating Trump was a cash cow for MSNBC and CNN and The Post & NY Times, and the network news, with all making a fortune in ratings increases while pushing boycotts of Fox News. Now the cash cow is over and the chickens have come home to roost. In addition, all of the late night TV hosts combined have plummeted in ratings when compared to Letterman and Leno. When are people in the news media, both local and national going to apologize for all the false reports that Mueller has debunked? When will late night TV go back to comedy instead of a daily political rant? Prediction: The next fake news narrative will be that Bill Barr & Mueller are both Republicans and therefor the Mueller investigation was flawed. It’s already starting, but the ratings show that people are now tired of being fooled and it’s not going to work a 2nd time. (3/27/19)

Someone asked about the HFS documentary. There will be a preview 4/27 Vinyl Day event at the Silver Spring Library, 12pm-4pm. -Panel discussion on vinyl recording and collecting -Preview of “Feast Your Ears” documentary on WHFS with Cerphe Colwell -Signing of Cerphe’s book Cerphe’s Up -Record sale by Friends of the Library, Montgomery County. (3/27/19)

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Salem stock hits a 10 year low price of $2.38 per share. Other radio stocks that are near an all time low price are Urban One $2.05 per share, Beasley $3.83 per share, Entercom $5.27 per share and Spanish Broadcasting 20 cents per share. iHeart is trying to come out of Bankruptcy. So far they have not been able to do it. Their stock price is at $1.17 per share OTC. Why are the radio stocks at an all time low? It can be summarized in just one word..... DEBT....they borrowed too much money and now they must pay it back! Someone at iHeart said "if it weren't for the debt, we would be profitable". (3/26/19)

Thank God for Baltimore investigative reporter Jayne Miller, who is as relentless as a rooster on a grub worm when it comes to investigating when shit happens. She is onto the mayor of Baltimore and her downward spiral in the wake of even more corruption alleging her involvement in a scandalous self-enriching book-deal with the University of Maryland Medical System. Where the hell is the Maryland Attorney General; with Governor Hogan on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court today for a network photo-op on more dirty politics: democratic gerrymandering?? When is this “wanna-be president” going to direct the AG or the state’s special prosecutor to look into this??? And while these bozos are in DC, do you think they’ll check in with the state’s Congressional delegation on what’s being done to fix the BW Parkway potholes?? What a frickin joke, and what’s worse, how no one but Jayne is investigating; not even her colleagues at alleged, wanna-be news radio 1090. No wonder AM radio is dead. Hip hip hooray for SiriusXM!!! (3/26/19)

Thank God for Baltimore investigative reporter Jayne Miller, who is as relentless as a rooster on a grub worm when it comes to investigating when shit happens. She is onto the mayor of Baltimore and her downward spiral in the wake of even more corruption alleging her involvement in a scandalous self-enriching book-deal with the University of Maryland Medical System. Where the hell is the Maryland Attorney General; with Governor Hogan on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court today for a network photo-op on more dirty politics: democratic gerrymandering?? When is this “wanna-be president” going to direct the AG or the state’s special prosecutor to look into this??? And while these bozos are in DC, do you think they’ll check in with the state’s Congressional delegation on what’s being done to fix the BW Parkway potholes?? What a frickin joke, and what’s worse, how no one but Jayne is investigating; not even her colleagues at alleged, wanna-be news radio 1090. No wonder AM radio is dead. Hip hip hooray for SiriusXM!!! (3/26/19)

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"How does iHeart get away with the loophole of owning 6 Fullpower FM Stations, 1 AM Station and a Translator in DC Metro Area? " I'd rather have iHeart own every radio station in the universe than you breathing my oxygen. Lemme ask ya something: why do ya care? Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/25/19)

TK in Odenton wrote, "The metro DC pirate on 101.7 FM still puts out an amazing signal after several weeks. I guess the FCC does not care." The 1520 Radio Asia translator in Leesburg is on 101.7. Are they receiving interference? In Baltimore, there is a translator on 101.5 and WLIF on 101.9 so they don't care. The FCC won't do anything without a complaint. Has TK filed one? Go to consumercomplaints.fcc.gov... Or, if this were 30 years ago, you could call their Duty Desk. (3/25/19)

Salem sells their WSPZ 1260 AM for $750,000 to Immaculate Heart Media. They will program their Catholic Radio religious programming. Salem paid $3.7 Million for the station in 2008. Why is the Salem stock price now selling at just $2.59 per share? (3/25/19)

For what its worth, mix947dc.com was registered last month. Of course, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to register an address such as this to get rumors started. However, it would be a shame to see the Mix that we know going away to the God Squad. Mix is having it’s best numbers in years. MLB4 (3/25/19)

How does iHeart get away with the loophole of owning 6 Fullpower FM Stations, 1 AM Station and a Translator in DC Metro Area? Yes, we know they have owned WFRE 99.9 FM and WFMD 930 AM in their "Trust" for over 11 years! They control their "Trust" and enjoy the cash flow from it. The FCC Rule on ownership is that a company can only own 5 Fullpower FM Stations in the Metro Market. iHeart owns the following stations in the DC Metro Area......WFRE 99.9 FM, WFMD 930 AM, WASH 97.1 FM, WMZQ 98.7 FM, WIHT 99.5 FM, WBIG 100.3 FM, WWDC 101.1 FM, and Translator 104.7 FM. (3/25/19)

Someone asked what is the current iHeart stock price and why has it taken them over two months to come out of bankruptcy since the Judge approved their plan to exit? The current stock price is $1.06 per share OTC. (3/25/19)

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It's Saturday night in toothless Frederick. Tuning around the south end of the FM broadcast band. Down on 87.7, where I usually hear the Spanish station, instead I'm hearing Sirius XM channel "The Bridge". Noticed it around 6:00 PM and when I checked around 10:00, it was still there, loud and clear. So I hopped into the mobile and drove up and down Ballenger Creek Pike. Had signal within 1/2 mile in either direction from the Wawa on Ballenger. Could it be "Remco Radio", or perhaps the Jolly Roger is flying above a low-power Part 15 transmitter. Anyone else hear this? Mike from Frederick and the dazed and confused Dashboard DX Society, always on the lookout for nocturnal transmissions. (3/24/19)

To the person questioning the Salem radio sales, they are on InsideRadio.com here. No DC station is mentioned but a bunch of others are. No decision has been announced apparently still. Check it here... www.insideradio.com (3/24/19)

The question begs. With the mainstream media’s approval rating at 18% in general, far lower than Trump’s or Congress or the Supreme Court or even most Democrat Presidential candidates, now that the Mueller Report is over, and certain media talking about a cover up and that the fix was in, etc., how much lower could it go? I mean poor Chuck Todd, with all 4’11” of his might, actually suggested today that the Trump family will be prosecuted regardless on the NBC Nightly News. At what point will they realize that no one is buying this BS? And how will people regard Bob Mueller being thrown under the bus by the media because they were all lying for 2 years about a story that wasn’t really there? No wonder Trump is golfing with Kid Rock today and taking pics. (3/24/19)

The metro DC pirate on 101.7 FM still puts out an amazing signal after several weeks. I guess the FCC does not care. TK in Odenton (3/24/19)

Story about LPFM near Chambersburg/Hagerstown WRGG LP www.heraldmailmedia.com (3/24/29)

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Beasley stock is at an all time low price of $3.81 per share. There are no major changes in the company. Why has Wall Street lost confidence in this stock? Another stock that continues to drop in price is Spanish Broadcasting System at just 18 cents per share. (3/23/19)

Nobody's "on the painful subject of alleged, wanna-be news radio 1090" but you. You're obsessed. Nobody else gives a damn. You and the guy who thinks people are turning to his posts for stale stock price updates should get married and move to another market. PLEASE (3/23/19)

The sale price for WDCT 1310 AM is $800,000. The new owners will retain the Korean Programming. (3/23/19)

The Media reports today that the Muller Report is over and the Attorney General is "reviewing it". It cost the TAX PAYERS over $25 Million! These are Media Facts! All Media in DC are reporting on it today. (3/23/19)

iHeart News......it has been two months today since a Judge in Texas approved a plan for iHeart to exit Bankruptcy. Why are they taking so long to come out? (3/23/19)

Not mentioned in the WETA repack troubles is that their weaker auxiliary signal will be difficult to pick up on some cable TV headend locations in Virginia, northern Maryland, and around Baltimore while WMPT is maximizing its signal and will hit a much larger area in places WMPT wasn't easily received before. Even WHUT will have a stronger signal around DC and Baltimore and Virginia. They won’t be much stronger than Jewelry TV! They will lose a lot of viewers this summer if this is not resolved at the Sinclair/Tegna WJLA/WUSA Fort Reno tower. (3/23/19)

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While we’re on the painful subject of alleged, wanna-be news radio 1090, I nearly vomited all over my AM-FM Hi-Fi stereo console listening to all the crocodile tears over the recent passing of longtime traffic reporter “Detour” Dave Sandler. Where were all these so-called “friends” and loving co-workers when this station dumped Sandler and replaced him with a bunch of no-name flunkies who couldn’t find their way out of a one-door elevator, after 31 years of dedicated, professional traffic reporting? Admittedly, his declining health may have been a factor for the decision-makers on this station’s sorry-ass management team to terminate him, but he obviously felt he still had enough gas in the tank to resume his traffic reporting on competing stations. Shame on all of them for their phony behavior. Sandler deserved better. (3/22/19)

fox news with 18.5 million followers stopped tweeting on november 8 Does anyone know why? Thanx (3/22/19)

Boy, the chemistry between CHoff and The Rooster is uncomfortable. Learn how to argue or just agree with each other. (3/22/19)

I know that many DCRTV readers do not own any radio stocks and don't care about the market. However, some of us are interested. Most of the radio stations in the DC Market are owned by one of these companies. iHeart $1.18 per share OTC, Cumulus $19.41 per share, Salem $2.53 per share, Urban One $2.09 per share and Beasley $3.95 per share. (3/22/19)

"Salem is putting more stations up for sale in order to pay down their debt." Where is the list of stations, or at least the official story of the sale? All I'm seeing is KGBI-FM Omaha, and that was last May. (3/22/19)

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Salem is putting more stations up for sale in order to pay down their debt. (3/21/19)

WDCT 1310 AM in Fairfax has been sold. They released a statement saying the new owner would retain the Korean programming. What was the price? They will lose their tower site in Fairfax. They could diplex with WKDV 1460 AM in Manassas. (3/21/19)

It’s been nearly two years since the final live performance of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, however, for the men, women, and children of all ages living in the Baltimore metropolitan area, the circus is alive and well every day on news radio 1090. The parade of clowns starts every day at 5 a.m., with the ringleader of what could hardly be called “the greatest show on earth,” performing a juggling act featuring stories that are supposed to represent “three things we need to know.” Unfortunately, it’s turned into three things we still want to know; (1) why this station’s love affair continues with Larry Hogan that has allowed him ample airtime to posture himself constantly on this station and elsewhere for a possible bid for the White House? (2) why all the hype over a lame interview with Hogan on a story about horse racing (that no one gives a fuck about) that trumped (pardon the expression) news of what appears to be a major scandal involving the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS), Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh (pronounced pew, as in this really stinks), and several other prominent individuals who sit on the UMMS board? (3) where are the station’s good ‘ole boy network Congressional chums, Cummings, Cardin and Hoyer, and why hasn’t the station bothered to ask why THEY - not Hogan - need to fix the BW Parkway potholes? Maybe if Hogan would act more like a true Republican and stop trashing Trump he could go to him directly; or, if Cummings got off his lazy ass and worried more about his constituents rather than focusing his relentless attention on investigating Trump, maybe HE could intervene in the pothole mess. Stay tuned...and when someone tells you they wished the circus would come to town, tell ‘em it’s already here, every day on 1090. (3/21/19)

I know of the differences in the Family Radio companies. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to undo an email already sent. I still don’t know exactly who bought them though or if it means any change in format. (3/21/19)

The FCC approved WPXW’s move from the WJLA/WUSA tower to River Road. That means no one needs a new combiner but WETA now at the Fort Reno site. (3/21/19)

Re: John Harter obit. John Harter was the most decent man I have ever worked with. Down to earth, kind and never spoke ill of anyone...a rare kind in tv news. You will be missed on this earth John! Allan (3/21/19)

According to FCC Records, there is no connection between the ownership of WDCT 1310 AM in Fairfax and the Baltimore Stations WBMD and WFSI. (3/21/19)

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RE: WDCT sale. BaltoMedia.net doesn’t know WTF he’s talking about. The purchaser is Family Radio, LTD. The licensee of WFSI-AM is Family Radio, INC. They are two separate and different entities. The sale has nothing to do with WFSI’s technical issues. WDCT broadcasts Korean language programming, not an English religious format. A thorough inspection of the application for the assignment of license, including the asset sales agreement, indicates the seller and buyer have Korean names. According to the application, Family Radio, LTD owns no other radio properties. (3/20/19)

I would say that WDCT-1310, licensed to Fairfax City, Virginia is not discussed much possibly because it can not be heard so well east or north of the Potomac, and it broadcasts Korean religious programming. It can barely be heard in places like Arlington at night. It has been mentioned when people talk about what used to be the "Golden WEEL-1310". Not too many people talk about WFAX-1220 in Falls Church, either, and yet that station possibly holds the longevity record for being run by the same owners and broadcasting the same format in this area. And now someone has mentioned it. -- Carl in Olney (3/20/19)

Yes, I think you should sell your stocks, and yes, I think they will improve. (Is that a good answer?) -- Carl in Olney (3/20/19)

Beasley stock drops to an all time low price of just $3.97 per share. What happened? Wall Street does not like radio stocks. (3/20/19)

John Harter www.washingtonpost.com (3/20/19)

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Family Radio in Baltimore and Family Radio in Fairfax, are two different companies. (3/19/19)

As someone pointed out to me, it doesn’t appear that the Family Radio that owns WDCT AM 1310 is the same company that owns WBMD and WFSI in Baltimore. So now I’m bewildered as to who is selling and who is buying the station. Nobody ever talks about this 5000 watt AM radio station in DC. I can’t even remember the last time it was mentioned. (3/19/19)

The Washington Post reports: “John R. Harter II, a television journalist for Washington’s ABC affiliate who anchored morning and evening news broadcasts, reported from Capitol Hill and conducted man-on-the-street interviews, died Feb. 17 at his home in Washington. He was 79. The cause was heart ailments, said his wife, Hilary H. Harter.” Well, John Harter was on the air so long that I did not even notice he was off the air: a consummate professional, always pleasant, I really thought he was on just the other day. But then, I also think that Gordon Peterson and Glenn Brenner are still at WTOP getting drunk in between broadcasts at The Dancing Crab and Max Robinson is still shooting guns off in the streets! Oddly, a basic search of the WJLA web site makes no mention of Harter’s death, but there is more from the Post obituary: washingtonpost.com (3/19/19)

So WTTG has hired Blake McCoy, a former NBC national correspondent who once filled in on the NBC Nighty News. He was introduced on air & said it was good to now be in one place vs traveling all the time. Maybe so, but national network to local fluff? (3/19/19)

Something BaltoMedia missed - the seller of WDCT is _not_ the Family Radio of WFSI/WBMD, as their licenses are all held by "Family Stations, Inc." This Family Radio, Ltd. holds no other licenses. WDCT has been Korean-language brokered for as long as I can remember, so my guess is the mysterious KBC is either some sort of reorganization or just whoever has already been leasing the airtime. Purchase price was $800k. Also, something curious: according to the RabbitEars OTA listening post in Alexandria, WIAV-CD has been off the air since March 9. But the *signal* is still online, just that its only contents are sharing partner WMDO-CD's two subchannels. Not entirely sure what the rules are in the channel-sharing context, but I would guess that's the equivalent of a standalone station going silent without authorization. It's legally WIAV's facilities, so it's not as if they are saving on the electric bill. Hard to imagine why the mysterious owners of WIAV/WAZT/WDCO (variously called Local Media TV and WMTM, LLC, with no web presence) are wasting money on running those three stations with nothing but Jewelry TV in the first place. They are still mired in the process of moving WAZT and WDCO into the Washington market. (3/19/19)

Family Radio has sold DC’s WDCT AM 1310 for unknown reasons. The buyer is KBC Broadcasting, listed in Long Island NY. I’m not sure who this broadcast entity is. KBC comes up in various searches as everything from Kenya Broadcasting to Japanese so it’s difficult to tell if this station is moving away from religious broadcasting or what. Family Radio seems to be a bit troubled lately with problems with Baltimore’s WBMD AM 750 being evicted from its longtime transmitter site to WFSI AM 860 tower issues. — BaltoMedia.net (3/19/19)

Few people remember that Joe Krebs was also a member of the WBAL 11 Action News team, reporter and part time anchor. There’s a famous pic of the early Action News team with then Spence Christian and even Sue Simmons. Pretty sure Joe Krebs is that person. Everyone thinks Oprah was the first black woman on Baltimore TV. Nope, it was Sue Simmons. Joe Krebs also anchored Actions News at noon with Edie House. — BaltoMedia.net (3/19/19)

We invested in these radio stocks three years ago. What a disappointment. iHeart now $1.13 per share and still in bankruptcy. Urban One $2.05 per share and Salem $2.58 per share. Should we sell these stocks now or do you think they will improve? (3/19/19)

Yes, it is true that 1390 and 105.5 are Radio Sputnik 24/7. But why is no one interested in forcing the owner of WCRW-1190 in Leesburg to register as a foreign agent? The station broadcasts government-owned China Radio International 24/7. Not only that, WYPR-88.1 in Baltimore broadcasts BBC World Service 24/7 on its HD-2 channel. (No, I'm not being serious about WYPR, but I am serious about WCRW, which should also register as a foreign agent, in my opinion, if the Radio Sputnik carriers have to register). -- Carl in Olney (3/19/19)

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To the anonymous writer in high dudgeon over which mass shootings get coverage and which do not: Have you not noticed that they happen in Nigeria ALL THE TIME, thanks to Boko Haram, and in New Zealand it has NEVER happened? That’s how news directors make their editorial decisions. Do you have an unstated agenda, possibly related to Christians? -Max Critic (3/18/19)

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While the local "news" media goes on and on about the New Zealand mosque killings, often repeating the very same reports over and over again, I've seen absoltuely nothing about the recent slaughters of Christian villagers in Nigeria. Twenty three or twenty four killed in one village just the other day, nine including a missionary from Chicago in another incident, and about 120 over the past three weeks, But as far as I can tell, completely ignored by the local media. Why the extreme bias in deciding which atrocities to report and which to ignore? (3/17/19)

Yes Trip, and don’t take it personal, but the FCC apparently found a fault in the original WTTG application for River Road so they filed another. In other words, it was only inactive because another application was filed. I’m sorry you guys at Rabbitears missed that, probably through some automated computer glitch. It’s definitely not inactive. With WPXW also wanting to leave the WJLA/WUSA tower, that puts WETA in a more difficult situation, that is not even acknowledged in their last FCC application. The combiner still has to be used by WHUT, which is not going to contribute since they don’t have to change channels and the tower owners have said FU to WETA, that being Tegna and Sinclair. With WPXW leaving, that means the cost went up for WETA. So is Washington DC going to end up with a low power PBS TV station? The clock is ticking on this since there’s an August deadline. I don’t know how many delays in the repack there have been, but so far locally, I’ve seen only early channel changes, as in WNUV already on 25 and WMPT this summer on 21. Maryland Public Television must be really loving this with a soon 61 mile contour that they’re rushing to do as soon as WBOC and WHP vacate channel 21. That might cause some curious channel confusion for those that have HDTVs with manual re-scanning. I’m starting to wonder if WETA isn’t regretting the channel 14 allocation and just leaving the WJLA/WUSA tower from the beginning. It’s not like the FCC can make anyone pay anything they don’t want to or doesn’t involve them. And finally, why are construction permits so selective on Rabbitears Trip? I mean there are several active construction permits on the Eastern Shore for like channel 17 that show up as no station at all or the channel 6 on Delmarva? The DC channel 6 shows up, but not the one that is so loud on my car radio when on the shore that is annoying and loud/overmodulated. (3/17/19)

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Former KSCS/Dallas and KWCY/Phoenix morning news anchor Paul Bottoms passed away March 7 at age 70. Bottoms was a member of The Dorsey Gang in Dallas from 1987 to 1996 before working with Tim & Willy in Phoenix from 1997-1998. Other stops include KONO/San Antonio, WJJD/Chicago, WCXR/Washington and WLVK/Charlotte. Bottoms retired in 2011 after a decade as News-Talk WRVA/Richmond Dir./News. He was a Vietnam veteran and did news for Pat Sajak on Armed Forces Radio. (3/16/19)

Russian Propaganda Sputnik is being broadcast from studios in downtown DC to two stations in the DC Area. WZHF 1390 AM, owned by Arthur Liu and 105.5 FM owned by John Garziglia, are leasing their stations for the Russian Propaganda. Both stations broadcast the programing 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. With no local programming, is this in the "Public Interest"? Should the owners of these stations be registered as Russian Agents? See interesting article in the Washington Post today. (3/16/19)

DCRTV wants only Media related information posted. Sam Smith is going to have a sex change. Is that Media Related? Gus in Gaithersburg is in a straight jacket. How about that? (3/16/19)

So sorry to hear about Joe Krebs. He was one of the last great morning anchors and journalists before morning news became a wasteland of contests, field trips and exercise classes. I pray for his recovery. (3/16/19)

Any news on Angie Goff’s next move after leaving channel 4? And guess no one’s been tagged to replace her? (3/16/19)

The great Jacques Kelly at The Baltimore Sun did a great historical obit on Detour Dave Sandler. It's a must read. He’s one of the few good writers they have left at The Sun and it’s a great tribute. www.baltimoresun.com (3/16/19)

With all the talk of repack and of stations moving to the River Road tower, I’m going to spend the summer sitting in a chair eating ice cream at the Wow Cow and watching the helicopter traffic bringing the new masts to the top of the tower. That’s MY kind of excitement. P of the AW (3/16/19)

I love how the FCC making an application inactive is somehow my fault. No note to me at RabbitEars, of course, just a snide comment on a public forum. I've manually overridden it. - Trip www.rabbitears.info (3/16/19)

Thank You, Carl in Olney for the info. I appreciate the response. Hey, what can you expect from a Certified Old F*rt who still has his Flip Phone ! I am also sorry to hear of the passing of Detour Dave. I called him on the *auto line many times back in the day. Dave was a class act. (3/16/19)

When I had health problems 20 years ago, Dave Sandler literally went out of his way to visit me at home. He stopped by while heading to Carroll County Airport where his traffic plane was based at the time. In fact, most of our workplace conversations before that were over a noisy two-way radio or a telephone line. He was always kind and cooperative and unless you asked, you would not have known that he had survived serious health challenges previously. May his family be comforted on its journey. Thank you. (3/16/19)

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RE: WVIR & Cord Cutters… VHF channel 2 will be much better to use when ATSC 3.0 happens. That is supposed to solve all the VHF indoor reception problems. That’s the main reason the FCC is not trying to sell the channel 2-6 frequency space. ATSC 3.0 makes it much more usable for TV than for mobile phone data service. ATSC 3.0’s official rollout will start at the 2020 CES in January when TVs will be become available. WJLA’s Sinclair will probably be the first switching as they are also building the ATSC 3.0 transmitters, so its in their best interest to switch early. But the question begs, who would agree to channel share with WJLA 7? DC has no duopolies, so this will be a difficult transition as ATSC 1.0 signals must be retained in some form when transitioning to Next Gen TV. For a college town station in Charlottesville, 4K TV and Mobile phone live TV will be very compelling. And keep in mind there will be limitless facility sharing agreements for ATSC 3.0 to work, so during the transition WVIR could also be shared on the WCAV UHF channel. There will be strange bedfellows in the ATSC 3.0 transition period. (3/15/19)

Still TV Repack troubles in DC… WETA still has nowhere to transmit from this summer when they have to switch channels other than their auxiliary site in Arlington at lower power. No resolution in sight too as WPXW ION 66 has now also bailed on the Fort Reno WUSA/WJLA tower too. WHUT 32 doesn’t have to change channels, so they’re not going to help WETA out either. Will PBS in DC actually be on a nearly low power TV station this summer? I’m starting to wonder. At the same time WMPT 22, Maryland Public TV will soon have a stronger signal in DC than WETA as they got approval to repack early this summer and maximize their signal to the highest permitted power and non-directional signal. It will be easier to receive than DC’s PBS station! Meanwhile, regardless of what you see on Rabbitears.info, which is incorrect (Trip?), WTTG is also abandoning Tenleytown. WTTG, WDCA, and WPXW will all be on River Road. WETA is in a serious bind. Sinclair & Tegna are not going to spend a dime for their benefit and now they are left alone needing a new combiner it seems. (3/15/19)

Dear Radio Stocks/Radio Financials OCD Mailbag contributor. Do us ALL a big favor. Get your own website, buy an ad on DCRTV that links to your website, and for the love of God, GO AWAY !!! I checked and www.radiostocks.com doesn't appear when 'Googled', so I'm guessing it's available for you. Get a quote from GoDaddy. (3/15/19)

There is some sad news on The Baltimore Sun website Friday, March 15th. The headline reports that " 'Detour' Dave Sandler, longtime WBAL traffic reporter in Baltimore, dies". (3/15/19)

No one else is answering the photo-and-blurring question, so I guess it falls to me to answer: For the past 10 years, many photos displayed on TV stations' news have been vertical photos from people's phones. They only take up 1/3 the TV screen when made as big as possible. Horizontal pictures, obviously, can fill the whole screen, but verticals can't. So someone, back then, got the idea of putting a blurred version of the same picture on the sides so one gets the feeling it takes up the whole screen; other ways it can be done are just black bars on the sides (looks old-fashioned) or the station or network's logo running up and down the sides (cheesy, and wrongly implies ownership of the picture) or scenes from a Three Stooges movie on the sides. So that's why it's done: To fill up unused space on the screen. I hope that helps. And I know that 98% knew that answer already, but someone had to say it. -- Carl in Olney (3/15/19)

Salem announced that they would be selling off some other stations in order to reduce their debt. Their stock continues to drop. What other stations are they selling? (3/15/19)

Longtime Baltimore radio traffic reporter “Detour” Dave Sandler has died after battling years of health issues that ultimately hospitalized him for the past several months. Sandler was 58. (3/15/19)

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Urban One gives CEO Alfred Liggins a Bonus of $1,250,000 as their stock is at a near low price of just $2.14 per share. Was this large Bonus based on performance? Is this stock a good investment? (3/14/19)

Salem CEO Ed Atsinger says the outlook is not good for Salem stock. They are selling off some of their stations to reduce their debt. Their stock is selling at $2.90 per share. "Investors are spooked over Salem's Outlook". (3/14/19)

Does anyone know when iHeart will emerge from Bankruptcy? They received approval from the Judge on 1/22/19 and still no word on when they will emerge. I hope their stock will go up when they come out of Bankruptcy. It is still selling at $1.15 OTC per share. (3/14/19)

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We are still waiting for the iHeart Stock to surge. It has not happened. The stock is at just $1.19 per share OTC. None of the other DC Radio Stocks are doing well. Cumulus is at $18.90 per share, Urban One at $2.20 per share, Entercom at $5.99 per share and Salem at $3.04 per share. Since Cumulus sold off some of their stations, their stock seems to be moving up each day. (3/13/19)

Had the O's-Yankee game on 105.7 for a bit last night. And for the 5th year in a row, we have the exact same Schmidt's Bread ad airing. GEEZ. Other than "Kars 4 Kids", can anyone name any other businesses that are airing the EXACT SAME AD FOR 5 STRAIGHT YEARS ? And what's the deal with local news in Baltimore showing videos and pictures where the screen is divided vertically into 3rds, the left and right 3rd's are out of focus, and the center 3rd is clear? Is that supposed to be KEWL??? It looks ridiculous. I always wonder who makes these decisions, and what the basis is for those decisions? (3/13/19)

It hurts my back and I keep getting my pubic hairs caught between my teeth, but what else can I do? The Gas in Gaithersburg (3/13/19)

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TMOS: Mike is obsessed with Maddy the intern's name? Singing it all the time? Is her Mayor of Buffalo daddy greasing the wheel (If you know what I mean? Italian guy, NYS city? Ciritto involved?) Terrible shtick. Interns are the real personality left at TMOS? (3/12/19)

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On January 22,2019, a Judge in Texas approved the plan for iHeart to exit Bankruptcy. However, they are still in Bankruptcy and their stock price is $1.15 per share OTC. They can sell the 14 stations they have "parked" in their " trust" at any time. Some stations have been parked there for over 10 years. (3/11/19)

Cumulus stock price goes up each day since they announced the sale of some of their stations. (Including WRQX 107.3 FM). Their price on Friday was $18.80 per share. Other radio stocks are not doing well. Urban One $2.15 per share, Entercom $5.87 per share, Beasley $4.29 per share and Salem $3.02 per share. (3/11/19)

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Junk's JP puts down people who work at the I-95 rest stops today. He sounded so snobby. Somebody should come back and tell him successful radio personalities should not live in townhouses.... (3/10/19)

I can understand Gray's desire to grab the top rated (and billing) station in Charlottesville. What I cannot understand is the value of WVIR in the digital V 3 coming to TV in the next few years. The WVIR post-repack channel is VHF 2. It just won't work well for off-the-air viewing especially in a university community such as C-ville with thousands of cord cutters. WVIR got big bucks in the spectrum auction by their willingness to forego high power UHF for lo-band VHF. Perhaps Gray will keep their WCAV transmitter facilities and mate their old station with WVIR's lo-band allocation. (3/10/19)

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Brain dropping: It's too bad that what used to be Prairie Home Companion and Chris Thiele got screwed by Garrison Keillor's inability to walk the line. Are there no massage parlors in Minnesota? Of course I recognize that an age comes when the chase is more fun than facing the brutal reality of the pudding suit one is walking around in. The show, rebranded as "Live From Here" is still a good listen but forever tainted. Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/9/19)

So now they have "Gus in Gaithersburg" in a straight jacket! The man is sick! I hope this will be the end of his posting crap on DCRTV. (3/9/19)

It's more than three years now since the Kickstarter for the WHFS film. I wonder what happened to all that money? (3/9/19)

Iheart really messed up with flipping the HD-2 of WWDC to some stupid thing called WONK. Nobody, and I mean nobody listens to it. A complete waste of a signal. The problem was the Premium Choice network that was on WWDC HD2 was probably taking away from DC 101’s main signal. Curious to see what the total actual listeners of WONK is. It couldn’t be more than a few hundred, if that. MLB4 (3/9/19)

WJFK's Beltway Blitz...the sweeps are wrong. Start hard and then trail out of the sweeps. Don't sweep into the elements. Dummos... Radio Programming 101... The lazy mediocrity at JFK is truly award winning. (3/9/19)

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Wow. Looks like someone's living rent-free in someone's head. Congrats to Robb Ford who is currently filling in for the ailing Rob Spewak on Mike O'Meara's PTO Playhouse Podcast. Gus in the Gaithersbburg (3/8/19)

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ust noticed Sunday DC 101 HD2 which broadcasted a hard leaning rock format now airs it says WONK conservative talk also on the 104.7 translator did this just start? I get a weak HD signal for DC 101 so I usually don't check it out. (3/7/19)

Country Gold WIOO (1000 kHz) in Carlisle has been operating on their promised daytime power hike for the last 2 months, but this morning at 10:00 I heard them announce it for the first time. “From the Potomac to the Poconos, this is your 15,000-watt powerhouse.” Before the increase, the signal was always weakish even in our northern ‘burbs, but now from Germantown/Clarksburg/Urbana it’s coming in like a semi-local. It’s a preset on my car radio now! I like Country Gold. It’s mostly ‘70s and early ‘80s, but it’s different, and that is good. Jeff (3/7/19)

FCC Rules are changing but I thought that radio stations were required to carry a certain amount of local programming to operate in the "Public Interest". Educational Media Foundation is buying up stations all over the country to carry their K-Love Format of Christian Contemporary Music. They are just plugged into a satellite and I don't hear any local programming at all. They just purchased WRQX 107.3 FM from Cumulus. (3/7/19)

The iHeart stock price is at $1.15 OTC today. When it comes out of Bankruptcy, the stock should go up. The Judge in Texas has approved their plan to exit Bankruptcy! (3/7/19)

The Justice Department said that Arthur Liu, owner of WZHF 1390 AM and John Garziglia, owner of Translator 105.5 FM, would be required to register as Russian Agents. Did this happen? Both stations are carrying the Russian Propaganda from Moscow. There is no local programming at all. (3/7/19)

WTOP reports that a “worker” suffering from hypothermia had to be rescued from a radio tower in the Brightwood neighborhood of Washington DC by “first responders” (DC Fire & EMS) as opposed to “last responders” (Coroner’s Department) after getting “stuck” and unable to “lower himself”. The 761 foot radio tower, known as “The Hughes Memorial Tower”, formerly broadcast WDCW until 2017, and now only serves the Metropolitan Washington Police Department. The “worker”, identified only as “Gus” from Gaithersburg, Maryland, reportedly taken away in a straight-jacket, was incoherently babbling something about wanting to affix a transponder to the tower so as to better receive messages in his teeth from the Mike O’Meara Show. More from WTOP’s “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center”: wtop.com (3/7/19)

WJLA “JEOPARDY” PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT FOR 3/6/19: Trebek: “Gus, tell our audience a little about yourself. Where are you from and what do you do?”. Gus: “Alex, I’m from Gaithersburg, Maryland, and I mostly post comments about The Mike O’Meara Show to the DCRTV Mailbag from my mother’s Dell Desktop in her mother’s basement.” Trebek: “That’s impressive, Gus. Alright it’s your turn to choose a category.” Gus: “Alex, how about “Famous television game show hosts” for a thousand dollars?” (Bell rings, “ding, ding, ding”) Alex: “It’s the “Daily Double!” and the answer is, “Popular television game host who recently announced he has stage four pancreatic cancer” Gus: “Ah, you, Alex Trebek.” Trebek: “Wrong! Not in the form of a question!”. More from Gus: wtop.com (3/7/19)

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Just saw the news that Steve Buckhantz' contract has not been renewed for next season. I know I'm in the minority, but just because a guy has been your team's announcer for decades or simply broadcasts your team's games, doesn't mean he is good. I'm sure Steve is a decent guy ( I met once back in the 80s), but as a hoops announcer, he is stuck in the 80s and way over-cliched for my taste. I wish him well. Now if only the team were worth watching a bit more and they brought Phil back. (3/6/19)

Steve buckhantz contract not being renewed (3/6/19)

No wonder our brains are fried by the end of the day. Look what we are all doing "In an Internet Minute" while our radios and TVs are on: www.allaccess.com (3/7/19)

Very interesting new book about Baltimore radio and television history coming out this July, Baltimore Radio and Television (Images of America) written by Gary Helton (Ed Graham foreword). It can be pre-ordered now on Amazon. Here's a short description and some photos from it: Beginning with Calman Zamoiski's unlicensed and short-lived "wireless telephone" station in 1921, Baltimore would boast five commercial radio stations within the next 20 years. Before the 1940s ended, commercial television appeared with the debut of WMAR, Channel 2, in 1947. WMAR was unique in that it had no personnel with television experience and, initially, no studios, broadcasting instead from various remote locations. Over the years, Baltimore radio and television stations served as the launchpad or stopover point of some of the most beloved personalities in the industry. Garry Moore, Arthur Godfrey, and Jim McKay all got their starts here, while Gene Rayburn, Jon Miller, Oprah Winfrey, John Saunders, Nick Charles, Spencer Christian, Bob McAllister, and others passed through en route to national broadcasting prominence. Baltimoreans did not just bond with the people and programs of their local stations. It was a genuine love affair. www.amazon.com (3/6/19)

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Starting minute 1:31 on Tuesday Mike "Personal Day" O'Meara, former club DJ at the Ramada's multipurpose room gave a rambling pledge to somehow make his podcast better over the coming year, which really boiled down to "I need to be giving more orders". Nothing about his PTO. He's gonna redouble his efforts folks. And "with everybody on my team re-engaging." Took a page out of Jimmy Carter's book and talked about "malaise". This is the guy who canceled a show last week because of a rage attack. On a positive note, congratulations to Rob Spewak on his appearance on HBBO Sunday night. Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/5/19)

On a goof driving around today I put my dial on AM and hit scan. About a dozen stations, most in Spanish or weird conservative talk, but there was also a very static signal at 980. I had completely forgotten that station existed! It still sucks, btw. (3/5/19)

Michael Anderson is leaving the 98 Rock Morning Show for a new job in Florida. www.facebook.com — BaltoMedia.net (3/5/19)

The iHeart Stock Price is at $1.10 per share today OTC. Perhaps it would go up even more if they sold the 14 Station they still have in their trust. (3/5/19)

iHeart claims that the stations they placed in their "Trust" are owned by the "Trust." Now, the trust has swapped four full power FM stations to EMF for six Translators that will go to iHeart for their use......The Translators are in Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis,Memphis and Monterey California. It appears like iHeart really owns the stations in their "Trust." Many of the stations have been "parked" their for over 10 years! iHeart hired the Manager of their "Trust". There are still 14 stations left in the "Trust". Who really owns them and receives the cash flow from them? (3/5/19)

With Trump’s poll numbers almost at 2016 Election Day highs, there are 3 different stories in The Washington Post today that attack FOX News. Are they mad that their Bezos Hit Squad of 100 investigators have failed? I personally hope they impeach Trump in late 2019 and report on it all year long into 2020. Even Trump should hope so. With the best economy since post WWII, the media’s credibility will actually shrink below the current 18% Approval Rating. Trump Derangement Disorder will only result in getting Trump reelected. In an insane world the sane man must appear insane. — Star Trek (3/5/19)

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A MAJOR TELEVISION STATION OWNERSHIP SHAKEUP IN CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA: Gray Television is set to acquire WVIR NBC 29 and will sell WCAV CBS 19 to Lockwood Broadcasting. Seen is a web-link from The Daily Progress with more information: www.dailyprogress.com. And, the official announcement from Gray Television: globenewswire.com... (3/4/19)

The one radio stock that is doing well now is Cumulus. Their price is up to $18.20 per share. The others are not doing well. Urban One at $2.25 per share, Salem at $2.92 per share, Entercom at $6.16 per share and Beasley down to $4.14 per share. Investors are not interested in these radio stocks. Where is the Upside? (3/4/19)

For those of us who invested in iHeart stock, it is a sad day. The stock is down to just $1.05 per share OTC. They are still reporting $12 Billion in Assets and $24 Billion in DEBT! Investors are not buying it. The lenders are going to take a Hugh loss on this stock. (3/4/19)

From a WFBR AM 1300 Facebook page… It’s the 15th Anniversary of Johnny Walker’s death from WFBR Mad Radio 13. “On Monday March 1, 2004, Johnny Walker passed away at the age of 56. We all remember Johnny Walker but on the 15th anniversary of his passing." (3/4/19)

Mrs. Spewak's policy of not talking to Mike Personal Pussy Day O'Meara was the correct one. She should not have violated it and taken his call but I imagine her 300 poundd husbband said his jobb was on the line if she didn't assuage Mr. Sensitive's hurt pussy feelings. Sadd. Gus in the Gaithersbburg (3/4/19)

Do androids dream of feeding Mike O'Meara's ex-wives opossum jism? Asking for a friend. Gus in the Gaithersburg (3/4/19)

Kinda confused about something. For the past three weekends, it’s been said on the morning NBC4 broadcast that either Megan Fitzgerald was off or someone was subbing for her. So does this mean she’s Goff’s permanent replacement? And if so, she’s just starting as Goff’s replacement & is off three weekends in a row? (3/4/19)

Checked google and no mention of john harters death Very odd Any details? (3/4/19)

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Just saw your story about the Orioles. Sorry to see Joe Angel gone. He did the games since Jon Miller. You didn't mention Fred Manfra? I guess he is gone, too? Funny, I always thought the two of them sounded very similar. (3/3/19)

Hey radio stock dude. Get with the program. Use your google machine. Judge Judy signed off on the iHeart bankruptcy exit deal weeks ago. Where you been? They're just working out the final deets. Nothing to see here...anymore. (3/3/19)

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News4 Weather: Entertainer-in-Chief Kammerer seems to encourage his weather guessers to inject humor and frivolity into their forecasts by his own example. Weather information is actually serious NEWS! It should be given the same respect as the local, regional and national news presented in each segment. Don't feed me BS and cute jokes; just tell me plainly if I'm going to face a living hell during my commute the following day or later in the week. (3/2/19)

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Recent FCC filings... WRBS AM 1230 has filed to move from its longtime home tower near Harford Rd. & North Broadway. They want to move to the much newer WWIN 1400/WOLB 1010 tower on East Monument Street at 600 watts day/1000 watts night, stating they lost their lease. Also down on the eastern shore, WJKI 103.5 The Vault has filed to move to an auxiliary tower again. The previous applications were dismissed as have a permanent location application. WJKI is short spaced to several FM stations including DC's WTOP & WMGM in south Jersey and with so much development on valuable waterfront property near Bethany Beach, they have very little wiggle room in any direction to move. — Baltomedia.net (3/1/19)

iHeart stock price is at $1.15 per share OTC. It is doubtful that they will be able to exit Bankruptcy unless the Judge and their lenders give them permission to sell off some of their assets. (3/1/19)

Cumulus stock seems to improve every day. Today (March 1) their stock is selling at $17.81 per share. They have been able to sell off some of their assets and the stock seems to reflect their improvement. WMAL AM/FM in DC is not for sale! (3/1/19)

Hey Dave, I am hearing word that former long-time WJLA reporter John Harter has died. Current WJLA reporter Sam Ford posted something about his passing a couple of weeks ago. Could you check this out? Thanks, Gary (3/1/19)

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