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DCRTV Mailbag - April 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019

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Change afoot in Martinsburg: On the heels of a mysterious call change back to WLTF last week, 97.5 dropped CHR and began stunting with Christmas music this morning. It seemed pretty random, until Radio-Insight reported just a few minutes ago that West Virginia Radio picked up 1010 WCST and 92.9 WXDC and will debut new formats on both -- according to Lance, a simulcast of WEPM on the AM and classic hits on the FM starting 1 May. radioinsight.com... So it seems all three stations will be getting new formats tomorrow. (Amazing to me that the former WKMZ-FM, with its massive signal, was the THIRD ranked CHR in the market behind two dink-watt Hagerstown stations -- I had never even heard of 92.1 WNUZ before reading the article.) (4/30/19)

WTOP had competition once, a CBS outlet that couldn't figure out what it wanted to be, a Washington news station as originally intended, or a Baltimore news station later on. And since CBS was perfectly fine with being mediocre, it failed. WJFK was top biller in 90s with the Superstation line up but Howard left, Don Geronimo left, and CBS mismanaged all that and settled for all sports. Finally they got out altogether. No one will ever compete with TOP because radio stations don't compete anymore. TOP still has the mindset that the competition must be crushed. They only hire the best. Everyone else will hire some d!ckslapper who'll accept 28.5k a year and it shows. (4/30/19)

RE: WTTR AM 1470… Scott Fybush’s explanation of WTTR going to 535 watts is spot on. All you have to do is check Radio-locator for the daytime signal plot and you’ll see that the 1000kw plot is identical to the 535 watt plot. There is virtually no difference in the WTTR daytime signal. radio-locator.com (4/30/19)

The funniest thing about the White House Correspondents Dinner is that they ranted endlessly about Trump’s “Press is the Enemy of the People” yet slobbered all over Obama even when he wiretapped the AP, The NY Times, & Fox News reporters and their families even and they just didn’t even give a fuck! And I also love when they give themselves awards for news coverage that has since been soundly proven false! Obama threw 3 reporters off his campaign plane and nobody cared. And it’s like they’re handing out Participation Awards for just being there. CNN got an Honorable Mention for their Cavanaugh coverage, but The Washington Post got the best one, for divulging that Trump said a curse word in a secure location! These awards are so goofy, it’s as if they were given out on a Simpsons episode. (4/30/19)

Scott Fybush is correct. WTTR-1470 was licensed as a 1000 watt daytime station in 1953 and operated as such until its former FM station (100.7) increased power and antenna height in the 1960's. The two stations shared a tower. The new tower was around 360 feet tall while the original one was about 200 feet. The AM power was still officially 1 kw but the longer antenna meant the real power was 535 watts. Another station I worked, the old WOOK-1340 had a similar overlong antenna in a railway yard in Northeast DC. That license said 1kw but resistors cut actual power to 505 watts. (4/30/19)

Re: Mr Know it All ... DC will be so much better when Andy Pollin is off the airwaves ... if we can't get him off completely, send him off to do the sports or used car ads in Pocatello ... anywhere but here. You would have thought he would have come off his high horse once WTEM booted him to the curb, but he's still full of himself. Hey WJFK and WTOP and advertisers ... I hear Andy and I turn to another station!! (4/30/19)

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Dear "Inquiring Minds": Here's what I think is happening with WTTR. There's some FCC correspondence from a year ago that notes that the station's previous daytime "1 kW" was actually licensed on the basis of "restricted efficiency." That goes back to the days before the FCC would license stations at any power level. In the case of WTTR, running the full kilowatt into the day tower would have created too much field strength for the protections it needed to provide to other stations, but running just 500 watts (the next acceptable power level) wouldn't have fully filled the protection envelope. What to do? The FCC allowed stations to artificially reduce the efficiency of the antenna system by inserting resistors. So WTTR's transmitter was still running 1000 watts, but a big chunk of that power was absorbed in the resistor network, leaving a remaining signal that was equivalent to what 535 watts straight into the antenna system would have provided. The FCC doesn't make stations do that anymore, so the new ND license simply calls for 535 watts and no resistor network, using the full efficiency of the tower. - Fybush (4/29/19)

Mr Know it all at it again as late Friday night into Saturday morning WTOP Sports announcer Andy Pollin gave the wrong Nationals final score with the same information being repeated several times as I believe they record their reports late night. This was followed by the Capitals loss in game 7 where he sounded like he was more happy the team lost as his distain for hockey was very apparent. Why is he on that station I thought they were better than that as I thought he was fired from ESPN 980 and was filling in at 1067 the Fan? (4/29/19)

The White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD) sans Trump & Sanders was a total wine fueled whine fest of narcissistic nattering nabobs of negativism, but Oliver Knox really took the cake for cry baby, fake news. From The Washington Post: “Oliver Knox, president of the WHCA, said early on that to maintain the celebratory nature of the event, he didn’t want to dwell on President Trump’s animosity toward the press. But his speech still managed to shed a light on how journalists’ lives have changed for the worse since February 2017, when Trump referred to news media as the “enemy of the American people.” Knox said he receives death threats and tells his family not to touch packages on their stoop. His son once worried that Trump would put Knox in prison.” Sounds like the sniveling Knox is raising another generation of weenies with his son, who probably, like his father, sits down when he pees, and bravely has someone else retrieve packages from “their stoop” (or are they just piling up since Christmas?). C-SPAN, unfortunately, has the complete whimpering wonder Knox’s “speech”: www.c-span.org... (4/29/19)

Congratulations to WTOP......the largest billing station in the world! It is nice to have no competition for your format in the market. The all News Stations in New York, LA and Chicago all have competition. It helps to have three FM Stations simulcasting in the Metro Area. WTOP-FM 103.5, WTLP 103.9 FM and WWWT 107.7 FM. They reported $69 Million in revenue last year. No one wants to challenge them in the market. (4/29/19)

The guy commenting on intonation at NPR speaks for me and nails it! Those delivery characteristics are important to radio delivery and can be abused, just like the preposterous hand gestures forced on insecure junior level TV reporters. He forgot to mention the vocal fry, which has grown into a national emergency along with the mentioned “so” beginning every sentence. What a plague. -Max Critic (4/29/19)

The most stupid FCC filing ever maybe? Some group, Syncom filed to get channel 29 for an LPTV from Wyoming Delaware, just north of the WMDT 47 ABC transmitter. The FCC has already given WMDT channel 29 as a full power TV signal. In the filing, they claim they will shortly have an interference agreement settled with WMDT. I thought to myself, WTF?!? Are they going to drug someone at WMDT first to get that signature? Maybe they just filed this to kill some time until they can find someone with a brain to come up with a better idea? Read this if you don’t believe me. fcc.gov (4/29/19)

"Dispassionate voice intonation" I wonder if that's over-compensating for "the little girl voice" which according to Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla gives a clue to the age at which the uncle touched her. Looking at YOU, AOC. I've looked at rabbitears.info or .com or whatever and find it to be a hideous website so I'm immensely pleased by the regular "rabbitears is wrong" posts. They should call it rabbittears because they suck so bad they make bunnies cry. Gus in the Gaithersburg, still living rent free in someone's head (4/29/19)

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Inquiring minds want to know.... So WTTR (1470) has or will soon drop their daytime power to 535 watts from 1 kilowatt (nightime directional) as they downsize to one antenna and sell off part of the antenna field, dramatically decreasing their nighttime power as well. Question: Why drop the daytime power? The only argument might be some RF exposure issues but at those power levels that seems unlikely. Basically the station is knowingly shrinking their daytime footprint Per the paperwork only tower #1 remains and that's where they emitted 1 kw ND signal... Of course with their FM translator no one would listen to AM anyway... (4/28/19)

Jon Miller, ex-Orioles and current Giant radio announcer, is interviewed by USA Today. www.usatoday.com... Mostly baseball related but long answer to final question revisits the time Jon was asked by the Orioles' owner to take his talents to the Bay Area. (4/28/19)

Dispassionate voice intonation is becoming a thing among females on NPR. Last week I noticed Eleanor Beardsley had a "WAH-Wah-wah" to end each sentence. It is a downward pitch across the last few words. Friday I caught their Audrey Corniche doing the same thing! IT'S NOT NORMAL, people! Talk naturally, will ya? I bet some consultant somewhere has said it makes women sound "authoritative" when they trail-off the pitch of the last few words. Make it stop before it spreads, ugh, like when people ended on an up? like everything was a question? Or starting each response with "So..." make it stop make it stop make it stop (flips out, falls on floor) (4/28/19)

When will K-Love take over WRQX 107.3 with their religious format? Where will the WRQX Hot AC Format go? They have good ratings now. Cumulus has sold off some good stations in order to pay down their debt and come out of Bankruptcy. (4/28/19)

These radio stocks are in trouble......Salem $1.92, Urban One $2.17 and Spanish Broadcasting System at 18 cents per share. They all need to sell off stations to reduce their debt. (4/28/19)

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News tip: the power of AM radio... www.politico.com (4/27/19)

Things that are old sometimes become new again. CourtTV is re-launching as a digital sub-network, coming in May on WMAR ABC 2. The old CourtTV morphed into TruTV on cable, but this one is re-launching on broadcast TV in the original form with new shows and also re-runs of the old shows. No word on any DC or other area affiliates except Norfolk, VA. — BaltoMedia.net (4/27/19)

What the hell is going on at RabbitEars? It now shows Canadian and Colorado TV/radio stations broadcasting from WRC NBC 4’s tower! Click on almost any transmitter site and you’ll find Canadian stations located there. Has Trip lost his mind? The WSJZ TV being on the air on Delmarva was a minor flub, but this is a nationwide disaster for the website that they apparently have not even noticed! See here… www.rabbitears.info... (4/27/19)

Mike O'Meara's PTO Playtime Podcast Playhouse had to edit yet another marquee name meltdown out of Friday's show and likely another day this week, and they're going on "a breaky-break" in the coming week because making last minute announcements in babytalk makes them better. But in other actually important news, Politico has a good article on AM radio and its importance outside this area, a.k.a. the Department of Motor Vehicles. www.politico.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg, still living rent-free in someone's head (4/27/19)

There's an article about AM radio in the current issue of Politico magazine: "The Lo-Fi Voices That Speak for America." www.politico.com ~~ Blair in Alexandria (4/27/19)

Some early clips of Susan White Bowden on WMAR TV reporting in 1975. Sound is intermittent as they are raw WMAR tapes, but includes an interview with Mitzi Gaynor on her first visit to Baltimore for an appearance at Painters Mill and a story about Ladew Topiary Gardens. I had a hard time finding other clips of her on air and apparently WMAR did too since I see none on their website. Sad. I think she deserved a little bit better tribute. www.youtube.com... — BaltoMedia.net (4/27/19)

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Congratulations to DCRTV for 22 years of service to the DC Broadcasting Community. Remember, this service is free to us. Other News Letters want you to subscribe to their service and pay them for it. Thank you Dave. (4/26/19)

Ready for my local TV news audition.... (4/26/19)

Entercom owns their full number of FM Stations in DC under the present FCC Rules. They own five full power FM Stations in the market. They must spin off one of their stations if they were going to buy WAVA-FM 105.1 FM. Their present list of stations include.....WIAD,WPGC,99.1 FM, WJFK and WLZL. (4/26/19)

WWTD is on the air here. perhaps the earlier poster hads a ptroblem at their end. (4/26/19)

Former late 1970s WMAR-TV Baltimore anchor Bill Markham died in Chattanooga from ALS. He was teamed with Dennis Holly after George Rogers left the station in late 77. www.timesfreepress.com (4/26/19)

(regarding music again on 105.1-FM) Since they're going retro and back to the 90s, does this mean the station will be reuniting Don and Mike? (4/26/19)

Is Salem going to sell WAVA-FM 105.1 FM? It is one of the best FM signals in DC with 50,000 Watts. They paid $20 Million for it in the 1990's. The Salem stock is at an all time low price of $1.89 per share. They need to pay down their debt. WAVA-FM would bring at least $45 Million in today's market. (4/26/19)

I agree. $67.5 million in 2017, $67.9 million in 2018, now $69 million? It’s good that revenue is climbing rather than falling. It’s good that WTOP remains on top. But it’s also such an anemic growth rate. Hopefully WTOP is generating other revenue streams to pay for the move to Bethesda and its lavish spending overall. “WTOP's billing continues to show that it is a very slow-growth business. You may recall that billing in 2011 for example, was $64 million. Revenue growing about one percent a year for nearly a decade? That's not a business you want to be in. They have been unable, for years, to even keep up with inflation. No growth, and for years, no discernible strategy to do anything beyond treading water. They're a top biller, but that just shows you that no one else has any ideas, either.” (4/26/19)

Is our stock market guy around today? Remember a few months ago when Cumulus stock was available for pennies, and it was joked here that one could literally buy 1,000 shares of Cumulus for, like, $300? Did the company eventually put those old shares out to pasture as worthless, or was it actually possible to hit a jackpot by buying up as much of that dross as possible and sitting on it? (4/26/19)

Latest rumor from the NY Post is that Washington Post owner Amazon is in talks with Sinclair to buy all the regional Fox Sports Networks. Of course, DC & Baltimore are stuck with MASN for now, but it’s unclear what will happen upon Orioles owner Peter Angelos’s death as he rumored to be in poor health. — BaltoMedia.net (4/26/19)

Longtime WMAR TV announcer, Susan White Bowden, wife of fellow WMAR TV announcer Jack Bowden, has died from complications from a fall. She was 79. Bowden appeared on nearly every talk show, even Oprah, after the suicide of both her first husband, then their son and wrote a top selling book about suicide. Her 2nd husband Jack Bowden died in 2016. RIP. —BaltoMedia.net (4/26/19)

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WTOP's billing continues to show that it is a very slow-growth business. You may recall that billing in 2011 for example, was $64 million. Revenue growing about one percent a year for nearly a decade? That's not a business you want to be in. They have been unable, for years, to even keep up with inflation. No growth, and for years, no discernible strategy to do anything beyond treading water. They're a top biller, but that just shows you that no one else has any ideas, either. (4/25/19)

I noticed from WRC-TV FCC filings that WWTD 49 (RF channel 14) is no longer listed as sharing that tower anymore. WRC has to move to channel 34 this summer so it’s possible that work on that Ward Circle tower has booted them, but it seems to me they would be included in the WRC FCC filings if they were in fact still on the tower or going to stay there. They are not licensed to broadcast from any other place at this time. Also, channel 14 was reallocated during the repack, but WETA rejected using it due to technical limitations and cost so its unclear what status channel 14 has or even what status WWTD currently has. Hmm. (4/25/19)

What is the TOP billing station in America? You guessed it......WTOP! How much do they bill each year? They bill $69 Million per year. They are the top billing station in the world! (4/25/19)

What is the price now of the iHeart stock? As of 4/25/19, the price is $1.08 per share OTC with the news that the FCC just approved their reorganization plan to come out of Bankruptcy. (4/25/19)

How many stations does iHeart own? They own 850 Stations in America. The FCC has just approved a "reorganization plan" for them to come out of Bankruptcy. They are the number one radio company in the world! They still have $24 Billion in debt. (4/25/19)

Sad to report the death of Brian Dragonuk early on Monday morning of this week, according to his business partner Jay Chapin. Brian was not an area broadcaster but an actor and ran "DragonukConnects" a local online site that published casting notices for TV commercials, pilot television shows, theater and movies. Anytime you heard some local DJ say they were in a movie or a commercial, most likely it was announced on the Dragonuk website (I got three jobs myself last year from his postings). You would have seen Brian in "The Wire", "The West Wing" and other shows produced in the greater Baltimore/DC area -- look him up on IMDB [imdb.com]. Brian Dragonuk was an invisible but essential part of the DC entertainment media scene and he'll be missed. (4/25/19)

I stand corrected, Jay is correct: Your PER put on their instagram (and only their instagram, of all places) last week that WMXH-FM is joining their network. This would augment their existing translator in Harrisonburg. No mention of WRAA. www.instagram.com (4/25/19)

Hi Dave, Do you have any word on the status of Washington DC station WWTD-TV (Channel 49)? It has been off air since Tuesday. I haven't seen any news that the station has gone dark permanently, or whether they are having a temporary problem. I thought you might have the scoop. Thanks, Nick (4/25/19)

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On TMOS today, they played a quick Jeopardy. (25% of the last eight show's topics have about Jeapordy) Oscar read the answers and misspoke so many words. Robb and Mike missed 80% of the questions. Not once did Mike answer one question in the form of an answer even though Robb told he every time to do so. Mike screamed to go first on one "Because of his delay". In the end, Robb won after Mike kept continuing the game so he could win. And, as usual, Mike pouted when he lost a game. (4/24/19)

Dave, The information listed from your poster regarding WMXH/WRAA is incorrect. Spirit FM will not be going on either of those Luray properties. In all likelihood, "Your PER" will land on WMXH 105.7, and PAR's Joy FM network will land on WRAA 1330. From having worked for PAR for several years, I can tell you that there would not be any interest in extending Spirit FM's coverage north of Harrisonburg. Jay (4/24/19)

Gus, Gus, Gus: “Since I don't do Facebook I'd be interested in seeing some of that, but we know it'll never happen. Welcome to having me live rent-free in your head. Get a hobby, go outside, listen to the radio, don't make it all about me! Be best! Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/24/19)” Of course you “don’t do” Facebook (the world has no interest in your face). Or Twitter (you can’t count that high to 140 characters). Or LinkedIn (what would you put as your occupation, stalking The Mike O’Meara Show?). Your mother now controls your internet access after finding you numerous times with your pants around your ankles in front of her basement computer (“Naughty Gus!” she screamed) and limits you to children’s games. And here we see Gus hard at play on his mother’s basement computer: escondido.org... (4/24/19)

I'm seeing where Luray VA radio stations WRAA and WMXH-FM are being sold to Christian broadcasters Positive Alternative Radio Inc. This makes fourteen Virginia stations that got whomped with the Positive Alternative jesus-stick. Very sad to see such a great tourist area lose a pair of radio voices -- even if they weren't "LOCAL"-local -- especially since the region is already serviced by religious WYFT-FM and FBN-programmed WOTC-FM. (4/24/19)

iHeart files for new IPO. Their stock price is now $1.20 per share OTC. They still have $24 Billion in Debt! Why is their new IPO a good investment? (4/24/19)

Nearby news: WRAA (1330) and WMXH-FM (105.7) Luray have been sold to Positive Alternative Radio for $165k. Former owner L. Carrington Thompson of Suffolk, who purchased the stations for $325k in 2014, passed away in January. Seems likely the two will join PAR's contemporary Christian "Spirit FM" network originating at WPAR Salem -- which, unlike their "Your 'PER" network headed by WPIR Culpeper/WPER Fredericksburg, lacks any signals in the northern valley. The invasion of the Godcasters continues... (fcc.gov) (4/24/19)

Three Radio Companies stock falls hard. Salem $1.85 per share, Urban One $2.15 per share and Spanish Broadcast System 16 cents per share. When will NASDAQ drop Spanish Broadcast System? (4/24/19)

Apparently the long running TV right dispute between the Washington Nationals/MLB and The Baltimore Orioles/MASN has been settled. But guess what? For now it's been sealed by the New York judge, so there's no way to know if there was a judgement decision or a mutual agreement. My guess is that it was a mutual agreement with both teams having owners nearing death with potential sales or ownership changes. Sons or whatever, the continuing dispute hurts the values of both teams. What will be publicly released is not yet known. More as we hear it, but with Sinclair buying Fox Sports regional networks, hmm. Makes you wonder huh? www.baltimoresun.com... —BaltoMedia.net (4/24/19)

"Mike O’Meara hates his own fan group on Facebook,... paranoid and thin skinned. That group also makes fun of DCRTV too, but specifically about Gus in Gaithersburg as being the dumbest person on DCRTV. Just saying what they said." Since I don't do Facebook I'd be interested in seeing some of that, but we know it'll never happen. Welcome to having me live rent-free in your head. Get a hobby, go outside, listen to the radio, don't make it all about me! Be best! Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/24/19)

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Baltimore area based Sinclair Broadcasting is the front runner for buying Disney owned Fox regional sports networks, including the rights to many MLB, NBA, & NHL teams in many markets. The YES Network carrying the Yankees has already been sold separately, so is not included. Sinclair also recently signed a deal to create a regional sports network for the Chicago Cubs. DC and Baltimore only get the national Fox Sports as there is no regional network here as MASN is jointly owned by the Orioles & Nationals. The winner is expected to be announced in a few days. www.foxbusiness.com... —Baltomedia.net (4/23/19)

Agree with Carl in Olney about WAMU's Esther, she sounds big market, even better than some of NPR network people, including Eleanor Beardsley. Lately Beardsley's intonation has gotten really strange. Every sentence ends on a downward series of pitch, as if she really doesn't want to be at work that day. Listen to it, and now superimpose the tone of how the kids say "Wah...wah...wah..." and every sentence ends that way! Bizarro. (4/23/19)

All Access is running a bunch of ads to staff up WAVA and its associated stations. Maybe if they just wait a few days, they can pick up some bodies being cast off by the WRQX sale. I still think that's a shite move. (4/23/19)

Michael Lombardi just destroyed Bruce Allen and Little Danni on MR. Tony’s show. OOBBEE (4/23/19)

Today... Tuesday April 23rd DC radio Legend Olivia Fox will be sitting in for Washington DC News-anchor anchor Allison Seymour of FOX 5 DC on WHUR 96.3 with Marc Clarke on Afternoons with Allison and Marc! Tune in Tuesday April 23 from 3pm-7pm EST live or online@whur.com! (4/23/19)

What happened to Erin Hawksworth. Haven seen her on WJLA or heard her on the Team for a while now. Also, her Twitter account associated with channel 7 has been closed. (4/23/19)

One troubling thing about Draper/WBOC’s Cambridge application for Telemundo 42 on channel 22 is that WMPB 67 is moving to channel 22 and its current predicted contour will reach Wye Mills. This Cambridge application for Telemundo 42 on channel 22 clearly overlaps that at Wye Mills, so it's unlikely that this will be approved unless some interference agreement with Maryland Public TV is made that we do not know of. (4/23/19)

Mike O’Meara hates his own fan group on Facebook, so I’d say he’s got Trump beat on being paranoid and thin skinned. That group also makes fun of DCRTV too, but specifically about Gus in Gaithersburg as being the dumbest person on DCRTV. Just saying what they said. They say he keeps trying obsessively to get in the group under different names. What a surprise. :-) (4/23/19)

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Dave: Today DCRTV advertiser Mike O'Meara called you "that wingnut" and said he doesn't read your site because of all the hate. - Sgd, a J.D. Power Associate (4/22/19)

Dave's response: I thought Mike would have learned this lesson by now. It doesn't matter if they're saying nice or naughty ("hate") things about you. All that matters is if they're still talking about you. And, if all you really want is unrequited love, get out of the media spotlight and get a dog.....

Viewers on the Eastern Shore were greeted by a Stand-By Technical Difficulties slide for about an hour this Monday morning on WBOC-TV. Their only output was a short Facebook Live feed from an employee's phone www.facebook.com... The issue arose when the stations ENPS server decided it was full and crashed. The system was rebooted but the prompter system remained down causing anchors and production staffs to resort to the written word on paper. (4/22/19)

Lots of Eastern shore news this week already from Draper and WBOC. WRDE NBC Coast TV is getting a much stronger signal from the taller WBOC tower soon on channel 26 at 15 kw, the maximum for low power TV stations. Its sister station, not yet on the air is moving to southern Delmarva, still on channel 19, but now with a more omnidirectional signal from Pocomoke City at 15 kw also when it goes on the air this summer presumably. This combination will greatly expand WRDE's signal footprint in both Maryland, Delaware, and even into Virginia now. It appears from the contours that WBOC-LD and WRDE are swapping transmitters, but on different channels. More on WBOC's Telemundo 42 next.... More eastern shore news for Draper's WBOC-LD Telemundo 42, now moving to channel 22. The station is moving its transmitter from the WBOC tower to the WCEM tower and its city of license now to Cambridge to cover more of the mid-shore. The power will remain the same, but be a more omnidirectional signal and expand the station's reach. WBOC-LD is also being retransmitted on sister LPTV in Delaware, WSJZ-LD channel 33, which is now on the air. Yes, Rabbitears is still wrong. These changes are pending FCC approval, but you will have to rescan your TV sets to pick up the new locations and channels when it happens this summer. — Baltomedia.net (4/22/19)

Steve Jobs? The guy who didn't bathe, abandoned his daughter and paid to jump the line for a liver transplant? Like girlfriend beater John Lennon he died too late. And how many weeks did it take you to dig this up from the same wikipedia article I looked at? "People have said I’m paranoid... my email address ... Washington Post news alerts. ... checked all my settings ... This is not paranoia." Of course it's not dear. Gus with yo mama in the buck in the Gaithersburg (4/22/19)

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When will the new IPO be out for iHeart? Will it include the $24 Billion in debt? The old iHeart stock is still selling at $1.23 per share OTC. (4/21/19)

"Network and cable news programs seem to be swerving over into sports far more often" For me Sixty Minutes stopped being must-see TV when Lying Dan Rather brought shame on them. Finding out that Mike Wallace had a daily habit of buying carryout meatloaf for dinner didn't help. Forget sports, I'm much more troubled by the large portion of the population that watches The Today Show and Good Morning America, let alone Kelly and Whoever. And even though it's over for this year, note to everybody in media: no one wants to hear about your brackets. Gus and Whoever in the Gaithersburg (4/21/19)

The difference between me and Gus in Gaithersburg is that I listened to what Steve Jobs said, not what a magazine or advertising agency said about the Apple 1984 commercial. (4/21/19)

WMAL talker Rush Limbaugh was MIA Good Friday, with Mark Steyn hosting, who said Rush was on a secret mission, which, it turns out is no longer so secret. The White House released a rare “official” photograph of President Trump golfing at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach Friday and you-know-who was his golf partner: Rush Limbaugh, who happens to live nearby in Palm Beach. No word on whether the duo’s usual golf partner, Mulligan, was present. Slate Magazine has details and photos of Beavis and Butthead: slate.com (4/21/19)

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People have said I’m paranoid and all kinds of things, but my email address has been blocked from receiving Washington Post news alerts. I’m not a subscriber, but I’ve checked all my settings while signed in and they have stopped all news alerts. This is not paranoia. I know I’m set to get the emails, they just don’t want non-subscribers to get them apparently or some other reason. If anyone has an idea, my ears are all open, but so far, there’s been nothing but vitriol. I still get emails from The Baltimore Sun, but no longer The Washington Post and my account is still valid. I’ll try another email just for kicks and giggles, but this is not accidental, not in my spam folder, none of the stupid comments here. (4/20/19)

From the FCC X Files… iHeart’s WDOV AM 1410 just got approval for Special Temporary Authority yesterday for further testing on a night signal problem with tower #3 dating back to 2008! Have they really been testing this long?... WTF is going on here other than reckless abuse of the FCC and mismanagement of a radio facility? HOW COULD IHEART (CLEAR CHANNEL) NOT FIX THIS IN 11 YEARS AND GET AWAY WITH IT??? YANK THE LICENSE! Just because you’re a “Debtor in Possession”, what special powers should that give you to hang on to radio licenses you’re not keeping within regulations? This is insane government... WSJZ channel 33 is still on the air on Delmarva... (4/20/19)

The two biggest fans of DCRTV are brothers......Carl in Olney and Gus in Gaithersburg. BTW....where is Olney? Are both in the same Mental Health Facility? (4/20/19)

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Jerry Clark, longtime mid-day personality on WASH died suddenly today. He was one of my best buddies. In shock... (4/19/19)

Network and cable news programs seem to be swerving over into sports far more often than was formerly the case and it's really starting to get annoying - I'm referring to Face the Nation broadcasting live from the Super Bowl site, 60 Minutes airing a piece on the NBA's Golden State Warriors, morning shows like Today and GMA doing updates and features on March Madness and other similar examples. Memo to network news - stay in your lane; you're not qualified to report or comment on sports (that's why we have ESPN). I'd like to see news anchors act like they're above sports; there are a gazillion stories they could be covering that are infinitely more important than (for example) Wichita State pulling off a minor upset in round 1 of the NCAA mens basketball tournament. Few things are more nauseating than having to endure inane banter among anchors and reporters about "how's your bracket doing?" - they should be ashamed of themselves for stooping so low. (4/19/19)

I have to say it: WAMU's Tamika Smith and Esther Ciammachilli are absolutely just about the most assured and professional sounding continuity people (can we call them that?) I have ever heard on an NPR station anywhere. They don't sound like they are being forced to recite the same thing every five minutes (even though often they are); they sound assertive, clear, interested; their inflections sound as if they are actually saying declarative sentences. It's just a pleasant surprise for a non-commercial station. -- Carl in Olney (4/19/19)

Why does no one ever write: "Communist Chinese Propaganda is still running 24/7 on 1190-WCRW. The programming comes from Peking (that's Chinese for Beijing). They also have studios in downtown DC. Did the station owner register as a (Communist) Chinese agent? Should the Justice Dept say they must register?" --- In fact some could say: "British propaganda is still running 24/7 on 88.1-WYPR-HD2. The programming comes from London; They also have studios in downtown DC. Did the station owners register as a UK Agent? Should they?" I can provide no answers, but it seems to me that it's all the same. -- Carl in Olney (4/19/19)

So Fox 5 has started running a “welcome to Fox 5” promo on tv for new anchor Blake McCoy. Hmmm. They’ve had other on-air staff come on board w/nothing more than them showing up, get a quick welcome (if they’re on anchor desk) & then they get on with the broadcast. In fact, with McCoy, on the Fox5 website, they even posted a video of him at the anchor desk being welcomed when he first arrived. What's so Special about him that he’s getting all this publicity? (4/19/19)

So, I am watching channel 5's ten o'clock news at 10:10. They put up a "Breaking News" announcement that says the Caps just lost. That loss was an hour+ ago folks. And, then they state the next "Two big games are in DC". Are you kidding me? I believe their "Sports Guy' was involved. The sports machine, Brenner, Ken Beatrice are turning in there graves. OOBBEE (4/19/19)

"It seems that C-SPAN already has The Mueller Report available FREE" So you didn't think to look at the DOJ website? It's hard for some people to print out a 500 page document at work so a 10 dollar paperback seems like a good alternative. I blame the IBM PC, the subject of Van Halen's "1984" album. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/19/19)

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Russian Propaganda is still running on 1390 AM WZHF owned by Arthur Liu and FM Translator 105.5 FM, owned by Communications attorney, John Garziglia run the Russian programming from Sputnik. The programming comes from Moscow. They also have studios in downtown DC. Did either owner register as a Russian Agent? The Justice Department said they must register. (4/18/19)

Mix might be leaving 107.3, might. But Mix isn’t going away. Perhaps. We’ll see what happens. Very soon. MLB4 (4/18/19)

Noted with interest: The WaPo's Hank "Funny Uncle" Stuever is still reviewing aunt-incest themed Game of Thrones but won't give Riverdale the time of day because he was skeeved by an early and short-live teacher-student sex resulting in murder plotline. He is truly the Queen of DC TV reviewers. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/18/19)

iHeart announced they are going to do a "new IPO". Will their $24 Billion in DEBT just disappear? Their stock price is $1.23 per share now OTC. Would any investor buy this stock unless they need a big loss? Investors are not all fools! (4/18/19)

The biggest loser in the Mueller Report is The Washington Post and the news networks. Mueller disproved lots of fake news including Trump Jr conspiracy with the Russians, the Cohen meeting in Prague and proved no collusion as reported by nearly every media outlet. These things simply did not happen as Mueller stated. When will The Post start reporting all its needed retractions of the last 2 years? They could easily fill several newspaper pages of retractions with all the media falsehoods that Mueller found. (4/18/19)

IBM PC vs. clones chronology: you and I have have different experiences. I never encountered an IBM brand PC in the workplace or the university. Clones were all over the place. Of course I was an adult then so don't get my history from Netflix and started out on the HP2000, DEC minis, and Primes in the days of punch cards and paper tapes. Your basic point that the "1984" commercial was about IBM is still wrong ("The 1984 commercial was strictly about Big Blue"). Let me repeat: From a 2004 MacWorld article: "According to the ad's creators, that's not exactly the case. The original concept was to show the fight for the control of computer technology as a struggle of the few against the many, says TBWA/Chiat/Day's Lee Clow. Apple wanted the Mac to symbolize the idea of empowerment, with the ad showcasing the Mac as a tool for combating conformity and asserting originality." On another topic some of the Larry O'Connor posters "doth protethth too much". Sounds like a couple of guys want to bury their bones in Larry's backyard. And since I don't have Facebook it ain't me. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/18/19)

Re: format longevity in DC music radio: WASH probably holds the title -- it has been some form of "AC" since at least 1970, although obviously at the time it was MOR/full service and the music has evolved. WWDC flipped full-time to AOR around 1977/78, and although I wouldn't consider their post-2005 alternative sound to be quite the same format, it still is rock. WMZQ flipped to country in June 1977. WPGC-FM's rhythmic CHR is relatively recent, only since 1987. In adjacent markets, WIYY's rock started in March 1977 and WFLS-FM's country dates to 1975. (4/18/19)

Two radio stocks that continue to drop in value are Beasley at $3.93 per share and Salem at $2.17. Both of these companies should sell off stations to reduce their debt. (4/18/19)

A Tale of Two Cities: if you could get something free immediately versus having to pay for it and wait for nearly two weeks for delivery, which would you do? Well, any reasonable person would go for free, right now. Yet there will still be those fools who will go for the latter, which Jeff Bezo’s Amazon & Washington Post are betting on with their paperback version of the Mueller Report, the hottest Washington publication since The Starr Report two decades ago. It seems that C-SPAN already has The Mueller Report available FREE (for those of you in Rio Linda, that means it don’t cost nothing) ready to download NOW: www.c-span.org... Whereas The Washington Post via Amazon is making the exact same report available on April 30th for $10.50 (plus shipping) in “paperback”: www.amazon.com... (4/18/19)

Dave: Was just catching up on some old posts and didn't realize MASN made some changes. I remember that former executive who just left...he and a few MASN people used to be at CSN and weren't very business-like or good people anyway. Since I grew up near Georgia and then moved to DC and really never liked Tom Davis or Jim Hunter. I don't think there's anything wrong with change...just get some solid talent behind the mic. Gotta tell you, CSN's Caps coverage is really bad! They're more concerned about social media and plugging Laughlin's hockey school that covering the team...talking about needing a change, how about revamping both Caps and Wizards coverage and talent, there's one for ya! (4/18/19)

In the belly of the beast: WMAL gadfly, the gay sounding Larry O’Connor, broadcast his “Larry O’Connor Show” from the Trump White House and landed a host of interviews with top staffers, including the Trumpster himself. The light in the loafers Larry, along with his producer, Taisje Claiborne, were ushered into the Oval Office for an exclusive one-on-one interview with The Don. Larry asked Trump if he will be attending a Skins game this year and Trump said he would be and then called owner Dan Snyder “A really good guy”. The two most despised men in Washington are Donald Trump and Dan Snyder, so it makes sense Trump would say something nice about him. Anyway, if you can stand it, Larry’s White House suckfest is available via his show’s recap: www.wmal.com (4/18/19)

Up unusually early this morning driving the Beltway and listening to 94.7 The Drive ... they flipped something like 6 months ago. The only commercials were self-promotion. Closest thing to an ad was a PSA for some Walk Your Dog in the Park event they are sponsoring. Do they not have advertisers or do they not play ads in the 4 am hour?? I didn't mind more music but the business model doesn't seem like it can last (4/18/19)

With WRQX flipping to Christian radio soon, made me wonder what DC area stations have kept one format for the long long term. I can think back to the early '80s when oldies were on 104.1 (now inspirational/gospel), WAVA 105.1 was rocking with Cerphe (now religious talk) and 105.9 made the flip from KIX Country to WRCX rock and now conservative talk WMAL. DC101 has remained rock for at least 40 years. Have others? WPGC? WASH? WMZQ? (4/18/19)

WMAL’s Larry “Broadway” O’Connor made news with his Trump interview, according to Des Bieler, who writes about the suckfest in his “Sports Blog” for The Washington Post: “President Trump made an appearance on D.C. talk radio Wednesday, and he engaged in a brief discussion of his “Opportunity Zones” initiative and what former president Barack Obama may have known about the Department of Justice’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible contacts with Russians — or “Spygate,” as host Larry O’Connor of WMAL called it. That wasn’t a reference to the New England Patriots, but the conversation did quickly turn to the NFL, specifically the Washington Redskins. O’Connor, whose station broadcasts Redskins games, began by asking Trump if he would go to see them in person, telling the president, “It’s pretty fun out at FedEx.” “Well, I will, and actually the owner is a — he’s really a good guy,” Trump said of Daniel Snyder. “He’s been a supporter, and he’s done a very good job.” Sheesh: what a moron Trump is saying Snyder has done “a very good job” when the Skins have only gone to a single playoff game since Little Danny took control of the team. More from Bieler’s blog: washingtonpost.com (4/18/19)

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Crackpot Gus in Gaithersburg has no sense of history except for reading his old magazines lining the birdcage. The IBM PC/AT sold in the millions in 1984 and it was the corporate and university computer of the day. The IBM PCjr was also released that year. It didn’t sell well, but the common thinking of the day was that IBM would quickly crush Apple in the computer world. Gus forgets that the IBM clones were not even much of a huge business just yet. That was just beginning, but they were all running the same MS-DOS and running copies of the IBM PC hardware. The only one that wasn’t taking IBM seriously as the dominant player was IBM itself, thinking that the personal computer business would ultimately be a short term fad. Thus, they didn’t buy their own operating system or copyright their hardware/software outside of the Fortune 500 arena. The 1984 commercial was strictly about Big Blue and the comparison to Amazon still stands. It’s only a matter of time until the Washington Post knows what other Amazon employees already know about you. Finally, Gus in Gaithersburg is also being mocked on Facebook in the TMOS group for desperately trying to get in the group but getting turned down. But keep up the fight Gus! People will make some sense of something you say eventually. :-) (4/17/19)

iHeart is still in Bankruptcy. The stock price is $1.20 per share OTC. Will they present a new stock offering? Where does their $24 Billion in debt go? Will anyone purchase the new "stock"? (4/17/19)

Wow. I have often wondered whether I might be the only listener to some of these longtime, low powered AM stations around here, but now I am all the more convinced. For at least two days now, WYRE 810KHz has been dead air, full carrier, from morning drive to when I come home. Signal, no audio, and no one seems to have noticed. The station has been relaying WRNR-FM Grasonville. Maybe someone hung up the phone line feed. This morning I was hearing WGY in New York underneath the local signal, same frequency. (4/17/19)

And now for something completely different: from Restaurant Reviewer to the 1% Tom Sietsema's chat today -- "Q: Gift Items "I do not accept freebies." ALL of your meals are freebies. A: Tom Sietsema False. The Washington Post pays for them." Your subscription dollars at work. To give the post credit the Post's weekend section has a regular feature on good food for the 99%. It used to be called "Cheap Eats" but they changed the name because that was racist. Oh, also you're a racist if you prefer to buy tacos close to home instead of turning it into a roadtrip: washingtonpost.com... washingtonpost.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/17/19)

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Transit 93.5 FM is a unique station. The station serves the Light Rail and MARC Community in Central Maryland, including railroad station loudspeakers in Montgomery and Prince Georges County. The audience is growing because many people are just discovering the unique programming of smooth jazz and transit delays. Keep up the good work. -- Carl in Olney (I just can't be anonymous) (4/16/19)

I am happy to see that DCRTV will continue. The "Mailbag" gives readers a place to voice their opinions. The business changes on a daily basis. For example, are these the actual values of Salem stock at $2.20 per share and Urban One at $2.34 per share? Are either of these stocks a good investment? (4/16/19)

Bolly 102.9 FM is a unique station. The station serves the India Community in Northern Virginia. The audience is growing because many people are just discovering the unique programming. Keep up the good work. (4/16/19)

Dave: Thanks for the latest video update. I had no idea you'd been living on the road, as it were, but I thought you should know I just finished reading Jessica Bruder's "Nomadland" for a book club and thought of it as I heard what you've been up to recently. Frankly, I didn't love the book, but if you feel like you're part of that culture, you might find it more engaging than I did. www.jessicabruder.com (4/16/19)

Dave, Imagine my surprise to click on your video and see my old work home, circa 1973, at 850 Bobbin Mill Road in the background--then it was WGAU 1340 and WNGC (FM) 95.5, and both AM and FM control rooms, record libraries (MOR, Country and Classical), news, sales, engineering and ownership were all in the building. The owner was H. Randolph Holder, the kind of local radio owner you don't find today. He was a former WWII POW, who came to Athens, bought the stations in the 50's, and made a life there, when Athens was a more provincial college town. Some talented folks walked through those doors to go to work, including country singer/songwriter Bill Anderson. I think Holder sold to Cox in the late 1990's, and Cox moved the FM closer to Atlanta, where it's now the WSB FM signal. Seeing the Holder hacienda looking much like it did 45 years ago from the outside is a sad reminder of an era when radio mattered to a community in a way it doesn't today. I visited Athens from my retirement headquarters here in St. Simons Island, and it's still a nice (though much more upscale) town. Enjoy your time there. Regards, John Hillis (4/16/19)

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WDCO-CD low power channel 10, for those around DC who can get it, has until August 2 to get their TV signal on the Merrifield tower on channel 24 before the construction permit expires. After that, all bets are off on who gets channel 24 for DC or Baltimore. Channel 24 is also a construction permit in Harford County MD, but that station is silent and they have until the end of the repack it seems to get their act together. Channel 24 in Philly & NJ is only low power TV. People say there is no channel space left in DC/Baltimore and that is mostly true, but some of these construction permits might never be built. Class A TV stations had the absolute right to apply for the channels and mostly got them, but they get no government money from the repack to finance and build them. How many will be able to afford to build these new lower power TV channels all over again on a different channel? I’m sure companies interested in ATSC 3.0 are watching this like a hawk, like Sinclair, because DC especially will need a new channel to get Next Generation TV. There are some companies that are advocating the FCC to designate a lifeline signal in each market to keep today’s TV on the air, while allowing all the others to switch to Next Generation TV, but this will be years away, possibly a decade. But I hope not. I would love the day when you could get live TV on an iPad or other tablet in a car or your cell phone wherever you are. NBC says they are all in on this, but I think they’re just saying that to avoid anti-trust investigations. Sinclair and Tegna, I think are serious. Hearst also, but not in Baltimore, Orlando to start as they own WESH 2 and the CW TV station in Clermont. DC is going to require complicated negotiations, but Tegna and Sinclair might be the first since the do own the tower 50/50. (4/15/19)

Insiders at MASN are nervous with whats going on since executive producer Chris Glass was pushed aside 6 months ago.The new guy decides to get rid of Ray Knight, then lets Johnny Holiday walk away. Both respected and professional talents with great on air chemistry who made the MASN Nationals pre and post game shows so successful. Take a look at it now, not good and extremely hard to watch. On the O's side, long time pre and post game host Tom Davis has been cut back to 4 days a week. Davis, also a solid professional and Baltimore TV legend is said to be very unhappy with that move. It is obvious under the direction of Mr Glass for the past 14 years, MASN was in good hands. Now, it's not! (4/16/19)

Are Salem and Urban One a good investment now? Both stocks are at an all time low price. Salem at $2.33 per share and Urban One at $2.17 per share. Wall Street does not like these stocks. (4/15/19)

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[Longish and wrongish post about Apple's 1984 commercial.] Wow. You are just an idiot. "Most people think that the 1984 TV commercial from Apple was about Microsoft Windows taking over the PC computer business." No one thinks that. The Apple 1984 Superbowl ad aired (for the second time) on January 22, 1984. The first version of Windows came out almost 2 years later on November 20, 1985. "Actually, it was about IBM / Big Blue (Big Brother) [blah blah]" No it wasn't. Keep in mind that IBM had already lost because anyone could buy no-name PCs, as near as I can tell got out of the PC business in 1987, and IBM didn't own MS-DOS. You're just being an idiot here. From a 2004 MacWorld article: "According to the ad's creators, that's not exactly the case. The original concept was to show the fight for the control of computer technology as a struggle of the few against the many, says TBWA/Chiat/Day's Lee Clow. Apple wanted the Mac to symbolize the idea of empowerment, with the ad showcasing the Mac as a tool for combating conformity and asserting originality." Find a smelly homeless guy and suck his d|ck because I would not let anyone as mentally challenged as you near mine. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/14/19)

WASH 97.1 talent Jenni Chase and Toby Knapp in the emcee booth the National Cherry Blossom Festival parade Saturday (4/14/19)

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Well it’s nice to know that not only does Gus in Gaithersburg know nothing about Apple Macs, but also knows little about the book 1984 too. Most people think that the 1984 TV commercial from Apple was about Microsoft Windows taking over the PC computer business. Actually, it was about IBM / Big Blue (Big Brother) using its huge market advantage to crush competitors and have its way in the computer business and invade peoples’ lives telling them what they want. It is entirely comparable to a media owned by billionaires forcing opinions down our throats that are long proven untrue to brainwash or reading our household conversations to figure out how to manipulate us into buying stuff. How long will it be before Washington Post employees can read an analysis of our Alexa recordings to figure out what political narratives we might believe? (4/13/19)

A follow-up to my earlier email on the WXDC/WCST situation in Berkeley Springs WV.... This article in the local press is not quite correct.... www.morganmessenger.com... The repeating announcement on the radio is that the station's lease will end on 30 April and will not be renewed. Metro Radio has sold the station. Buddy Lou’s Broadcasting has been leasing the stations ( WCST-AM 1010, WXDC 92.9 and the 1010 AM translator) and playing oldies from their restaurant in Hancock. The station can be heard at: ice66.securenetsystems.net/WXDC... Metro Radio earlier had a "for sale" sign posted on the Internet for this property - at the same price they paid for it earlier. I guess a move-in closer to the DC market was not feasible. TK in Odenton (4/13/19)

Mikes meltdown this week... www,facebook.com... (4/13/19)

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Locast (www.locast.org) is streaming TV stations in several markets for free, including Baltimore and Washington. They are claiming that they don’t need to pay retransmission fees because they are a non-profit and acting as a modern version of a translator (see finance.yahoo.com). They allow people to only stream TV stations in their local market using geofences. They have been operating since January, 2018 without any legal challenges (4/12/19)

CONFIRMED: Baltimore will be a rollout market for Next Generation TV/ATSC 3.0 via Sinclair's WBFF 45 & WNUV 54 TV stations in late 2019. Nearby, only Norfolk and Pittsburgh will be rollout markets. In order to do this, one TV station must continue current TV broadcasts (ATSC 1.0) in order for another station to go full ATSC 3.0 as they are not compatible at all. No DC included, even though Tegna has also has promised Next Gen TV, but apparently not right now. The irony is that the failure of Sinclair to acquire Tribune will actually mean that the largest TV markets in America will get 4K, Mobile, & Cell phone TV later than mid sized and smaller markets. The current Tribune sale to Nextstar is also bogged down in red tape and will impact NYC, LA, & Chicago getting Next Gen TV while Baltimore will get it first. It’s no coincidence that a lot of the markets are markets with a lot of TV stations and duopolies. As usual, DC is caught in red tape. The other 40 markets are listed here. www.cordcuttersnews.com —BaltoMedia.Net (4/12/19)

"If this isn’t Steve Jobs 1984 commercial, I don’t know what is." Uh, you might want to actually watch that commercial. It's not and you don't. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/12/19)

From looking at the FCC filings, it appears that WETA has spent nearly $200,000 dollars strictly on legal fees in its negotiations to get off of its channel 14 repack assignment, get channel 31, and now the fight with WJLA & WUSA over the combiner on the Fort Reno tower. But they still have no end in sight as they haven’t even seemed to realize that WPXW has already gotten approval to leave that tower. They are left as the only TV station needing a new combiner at the tower and don’t even seem to realize it or have the money. More money for lawyers next? Seems like no end in sight. Maybe they should have stuck with channel 14 to start with? Their most recent FCC filing, today, is still FALSE! They are no longer sharing with WPXW, but they seem to be the only one that doesn’t know it. fcc.gov (4/12/19)

Well shit, that didn't take long. Remember only a few months ago there was that old dude doing TV commercials for that furniture place going out of business at Seven Corners in Falls Church? And how as soon as the old store was gone, "Furniture Max" opened up in the same location? I just drove past the place this morning, and there was a banner flying across the front of the store announcing, "million dollar sale - - selling to the bare walls." I wonder if that old dude is still available for the new TV campaign? (4/12/19)

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Dave, thanks for the video update. I can't be the only one who was wondering. Athens is indeed a wonderful place. But watching someone change stations on the radio? I dunno Bubba. That's where I punched out. Anyway, rock on! Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/11/19)

Popular DJ Tony Redz fired at WPGC www.ipetitions.com (4/11/19)

It's looking increasingly likely that WMAR TV owner Scripps wants to be a major player in the Nexstar buyout of Tribune TV stations which Baltimore based Sinclair originally wanted to do. First they wanted to buy WTVR CBS 6 in Richmond, and now today WTKR CBS 3 in Norfolk. It's curious as Nexstar still owns 2 TV stations in the DC TV market however they won't be forced to sell them unlike these. Nexstar already owns WAVY 10. The irony here is that Sinclair, in it's early days, when WMAR's previous owner was in financial trouble once tried to steal the channel 2 frequency and put WBFF TV on channel 2. This is a long story for another time, but it made me laugh. — BaltoMedia.net (4/11/19)

So Jeff Bezos employees, maybe not The Washington Post, joke about sexual assault in private employee chat rooms? For a company that hates Trump, boy are they doing it all wrong! No news organization has touched this story, but yeah, Jeff Bezos employees routinely joke about things you say to Alexa, sometimes, even when you don’t even say the key word and you are recorded without even your knowledge for “testing purposes”? Are you kidding me? If this isn’t Steve Jobs 1984 commercial, I don’t know what is. Only Bloomberg and tech sites are interested in this story just yet, but I think it will catch on. I’m pretty sure it WILL NOT be in The Washington Post though. :-) www.macrumors.com (4/11/19)

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RE: WTOP only aired the front half of the ABC top hour newscast at 10a. That's a big format change]. I’ve noticed this and I don’t like it. It seems like it’s kind of random right now as they’re not doing it every hour but I don’t listen enough to know if there’s any pattern. (4/10/19)

Dear TV news director (doesn't matter which, you're all guilty): It is noon. I might have an important breaking news story for you. I'll write again about 4:00 and send you a hint. And send additional hints around 5:00 and 6:00. Then I'll send you the story at 11:00. In the meantime, I'll write a couple times an hour to tell you that's something is coming up next (whatever that means because the dictionary definition of "next" is quite different from your usage). Until later, Diane in PG (4/10/19)

Rabbitears is still wrong. WBOC/Draper’s WSJZ-LD TV 33 is actually on the air, but not that Rabbitears has noticed. fccdata.org (4/10/19)

I can think of a dozen different lies that The Washington Post stated in news stories over the past two years about the Mueller investigation. The most famous one is the Russian meeting in Prague by Cohen. This was reported by nearly every mainstream media organization as true, yet it never happened. But nobody has retracted it yet except Fox News. The media is handling all of their mistakes by ignoring the truth or pretending mistakes were not made, which leaves people continuing to believe fake news. Today for instance, CNN & MSNBC have cut off the Senate Hearing about the Muller Report today because they don’t like the information about the Obama administration spying on a Presidential campaign and don’t want to report it and they also don’t want to report that the Mueller team itself is working on the redactions because it doesn’t fit the narrative they are spinning towards, blame Mueller failure on Barr. They also don’t like reporting that nothing is going to happen to Trump criminally or politically from the Mueller Report because nothing criminal was found. This makes 2 years of news reports fraudulent and fake. All they want to talk about is whether Trump has seen the report or not. WTF difference does it make? JUST ADMIT YOU LIED WASHINGTON POST! (4/10/19)

I believe that the Post has stopped sending out emails to non-subscribers, even though non subscribers can still sign up for those email alerts. I cannot think of any other reason. (4/10/19)

What's up with DCRTV Dave (aka Camo Dave) and what does the future hold for the world famous DC-Baltimore radio and TV news website? (4/10/19)

"Has anyone else notice that The Washington Post has stopped sending out email alerts for breaking stories or top stories? " Gee, if only they had a website or a telephone so you could ask them about it .... But you've come to the right place! Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/10/19)

Oh brother. Again with the political paranoia. i.e., "Has anyone else notice that The Washington Post has stopped sending out email alerts for breaking stories or top stories?.....Do they drop people who's comments that they don't like for political reasons? I can't think of any other reason unless nobody is getting the emails news alerts right now." Think harder. The world has moved on from mass emails that end up in spam folders and on to Tweets. Even if that weren't the case, why would they stop sending mass emails to you based on your comments? (4/10/19)

"Boy, ever since Mike got back from vacation, he has been an ass on TMOS. ... his apnea store. Before that he could not get to the beginning of a movie with his wife because [he is a crybaby yelling manboy]. Dude, be funny or go away. It's a podcast not a bitchcast." Mike O'Meara is a walking bitch-tit and his PTO Playtime Podcast is basically two and a half men tugging on each other's tampon strings and that fishy smell? The fish rots from the head down. Hi Mike. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/10/19)

RE: “Has anyone else notice that The Washington Post has stopped sending out email alerts for breaking stories or top stories?” No, this Washington Post online subscriber has continued to receive e-mail alerts, especially from the Capital Weather Gang. Maybe be sure again you paid your bill and are still signed up for alerts. My favorite alerts are the alerts I get from DCRTV Mailbag whenever Gus from the Gaithersburg posts another idiotic rant about Mike O’Meara or whines about something a fellow poster said about him: my mailbox is full. (4/10/19)

Hey you Rock maggots: get up to NYC before the end October to catch "Play It Loud: The Instruments of Rock n Roll" at The Met. If your life revolves around Classic Rock radio and AM Oldies, it is worth the trip to check out Chuck Berry's guitar, Keith Emerson's synth/organ stack, Ringo's drum set, a couple of wood fragments left over from Hendrix and Townsend and a buncha other stuff. www.metmuseum.org (4/10/19)

re: [Has anyone else notice[d] that The Washington Post has stopped sending out email alerts for breaking stories or top stories? ] I'm still receiving all of mine. More than I have time to read. Have you looked under Newsletters & Alerts under your account? (4/10/19)

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WBMD AM 750 cannot go back to the original transmitter site. They were literally evicted from that Moravia Road site after non-payment of the lease and damage to their lines and equipment by other paying tenants. At least that is what is described in the FCC filings. Their last STA filing states that they intend to file for a permanent license from the Back River site. (4/9/19)

Has anyone else notice that The Washington Post has stopped sending out email alerts for breaking stories or top stories? I had been getting them for 4-5 years, but they stopped about a month ago for no apparent reason. Even the Capital Weather Gang email from them stopped. I thought maybe they canceled my account, but I logged into my account directly on the website and saw that I’m still subscribed. Do they drop people who’s comments that they don’t like for political reasons? I can’t think of any other reason unless nobody is getting the emails news alerts right now. (4/9/19)

You don’t have to listen to WMAL or watch Hannity to know that the media is continuing to run down conspiracy stories for 2 years, none which led directly to Trump or the Trump family. I personally got most of my fake news from The Washington Post on a daily basis, so I can understand the Trump Derangement. When someone puts a narrative in your head for 2 years, its very troubling, embarrassing, and depressing to admit you accepted lies as truth for 2 years since it makes even very smart people look very bad. Smart people never want to admit they’ve been had. So I get it. So keep the fight going I guess, or like me, you’d read more news sources or with a more critical mind. Meanwhile, Mueller himself is working with Barr and Rosenstein to release the Mueller report. Mueller himself has not complained about the Barr summary. I know MSNBC and NBC, CNN and the other networks are continuing to float more conspiracy theories that Barr is ignoring Mueller’s REAL findings. I guess my final question is will the mainstream media attack Mueller himself when he defends NOT referring anyone in the Trump family for charges or prosecution or the lack of finding collusion or conspiracy or any push to charge for obstruction? Will you all call Mueller a liar or say he was a Republican and inept like Comey? At this point, I’m just watching this as a comedy, because doing anything else causes people to lose friends, disown family members and even politically hospitalizes some as I’ve seen personally. I have actually never listened to Chris Plante once on the radio. If not for reading DCRTV, I wouldn’t even know who he is! I will say that I miss WBAL’s Ron Smith. I wish he was still around to blow this story up for the fraud that it truly is. Btw, the news ratings and polls tell best how the public is handling this story. Jon King of CNN today said, “Nobody trusts anybody in Washington anymore” but in reality the truth is that nobody trusts CNN or the media anymore. Their poll numbers are at 18%, lower than the President & Congress. And since the Mueller report summary was released, Fox News ratings have soared while CNN & MSNBC’s ratings have tanked. Clearly, a good number of people are mad that they were lied to for so long and just a heads up, but the term “collusion truther” is now gaining ground on social media. (4/9/19)

Tuesday April 9 - The Mike O'Meara PTO Playtime Podcast essed the bed a second day in a row, with the best silent livestream in pretend radio podcasting. Yet only a month ago marquee name Mike O'Meara pledged to "redouble my efforts...with everybody on my team re-engaging" and that came a week after he rage-cancelled a show because the spouse of a colleague didn't want to talk to him on the phone. Can you blame her? Ain't nobody got time for that Jesus! Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/9/19)

Boy, ever since Mike got back from vacation, he has been an ass on TMOS. They had to blow up the beginning of the show yesterday. A few days back he went off about a trip to his apnea store for 30 minutes. Yes, his apnea store. Before that he could not get to the beginning of a movie with his wife because of a blow up with her. Dude, be funny or go away. It's a podcast not a bitchcast. (4/9/19)

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WBMD AM 750 , Family Radio's second Baltimore outlet, has returned to the air today (8 Apr). I am not sure if it is from the "new" site or a temporary reprieve from the old tower owner. At least the license has been saved. What is the market value of low powered daytime-only AMer worth without even an FM translator? .... Not much, especially given several AM properties already up for sale in the Baltimore market. At least the WBMD transmitter sounds good... The new signal is likely the 250-watt STA arrangement from tower #3 of WFSI. Here is the associated authorization: fcc.gov (4/8/19)

To the poster who inquired about the 'HFS doc, they might be making some incremental progress. The Silver Spring Library will show a preview on 4/27 montgomerycountymd.gov. Hopefully it will be more than just the trailer that's been out on YouTube for a couple of years. Tom in Wheaton (4/8/19)

Monday April 8 - After a stem-winder of a pre-recorded interview with some author, the multi-purpose room at the Ramada's Mike O'Meara had one of his patented low BAC "Yaz is a fag" meltdowns. He resurrected his catchphrase "I'm tired of it" and after shouting at everyone, the live feed was pulled. That's what's stupid about The Mike O'Meara PTO Playtime Podcast, just when it gets good he pulls the plug. Wouldn't know good radio if he partnered with it for 20 some years. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/8/19)

WTOP only aired the front half of the ABC top hour newscast at 10a. That's a big format change (4/8/19)

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Tweet from @bridahlquist: I am graduating from Georgia State University in December and looking to get my foot in the door as a Sports Reporter. Your RT could change my life! t.co (4/7/19)

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\/ April 6 Messages \/

Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff “Bozo” Bezos will retain sole ownership of DC’s quaint little penny-saver publication after finalizing his divorce and his wife relinquishing her interest in that business but keeping 25% of her Amazon stock. No word what she plans to do with her DCRTV stocks, but the rumor is that Dave Hughes has offered to buy back her shares. CNBC reports: www.cnbc.com (4/6/19)

"I didn't even read your entire rant....." I can see you didn't, and I can see you didn't read the Post, Politico, or the New York Times over the last few days pretty much confirming what I wrote- that Barr is hiding, and playing rope-de-dope with, the Mueller Report. But, you still ranted against what you think I wrote, and the type of person you think I am. Are you Chris Plante? You act like Chris Plante. It was revealed yesterday Mueller, in his report, provided several summaries his team wrote for public release, meaning the summaries were written to exclude any sensitive information, and could be released immediately. Barr said those summaries may have sensitive information so he did not release them, but released his own statement, which last week said was "definately not a summary." Quoting Buffy the Vampire Slayer, " I think I speak for everybody here when I say, "huh?''' Some Barr getting heat news reports concerning his handling of Mueller Report, headlines, written after I wrote on Barr's mishandling of the Mueller Report. " Some on Mueller’s Team Say Report Was More Damaging Than Barr Revealed. Thursday morning's" The New York Times... Barr's legacy on the line as Mueller team fumes, Today's Politico... William Barr’s stunt has backfired, opinion, Today's Washington Post... Democrats seize on Mueller-Barr friction. Thursday's The Hill... Trump hits back at NYTimes claim that Barr misled on Mueller report Thursday, Fox News... I hope I helped clarify things for you. (4/6/19)

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\/ April 5 Messages \/

It's been more than five years since that guy said he was going to make a WHFS movie and collected a lot of "funding" for it. Whatever happened to that? (4/5/19)

Dave: I know our market gets criticized for having some "band wagon" fans, however, we need to be thankful we even have some pro sports in our city! Here's one for you. Andy Pollin is a huge turnoff and I totally forgot he's on 106.7 and 103.5! The funniest thing is he's totally out of place at 103.5 and always too cute and arrogant...it's funny how the news anchors move right by his cracks and continue to be professionals, unlike Andy, who needs to move to another market and Thom needs to stay in print rather than on 106.7. Also, I'm glad the Wizards are making a TV change and read the articles about Buckhantz. But, Steve was great on Channel 5 year's ago and he should try to return as the main sports anchor at Channel 4? There's no credible sports talent in this market and I think Buck would work well with the Channel 4 anchors...at least Buck knows local sports. (4/5/19)

Hubbard Radio – which owns WTOP -- former CEO Bruce Reese has, as Rush Limbaugh would say, “assumed room temperature”, dying at age 70 on April 4th. WTOP’s Dan Friedell reports “Upon hearing the news, Joel Oxley, the senior vice president and general manager of Hubbard DC/WTOP, said, “I find myself overcome with sadness. … Bruce will be so missed.” Reece, Jim Farley and Joel Oxley were the triad that made WTOP a top rated and highly profitable radio station during a period of decline in broadcast ad revenue. More from WTOP: wtop.com (4/5/19)

It's a few days late, but count me as someone who thinks Lauren Ricketts is absolutely great. What can there be to complain about concerning the 20 seconds of weather on WTOP? That she is too clear? That she says what she needs to? That she has an easy to understand voice? And on TV: Am I still allowed to say that she's a babe? And She is enthusiastic; she makes a what is basically a bunch of numbers and diagrams interesting in a way that apparently suits her personality. And she's got that slight most-of-Virginia way of speaking that to me is even more endearing. In summary: Just keep doing what you are doing. -- Carl in Olney (4/5/19)

Reports tell me that Draper’s WSJZ-LD 33 is broadcasting a WBOC Telemundo 42 simulcast on 33.1 and also a WRDE 31 NBC Coast TV simulcast on 33.2. Since Telemundo 42 is from the WBOC tower, it would not reach the coast well. But the WRDE signal is duplicative, so that’s confusing. Someone reported that they’re getting 3 Telemundo channels on Delmarva, but I’m not quite sure how that’s happening just yet. it’s rather hard to tell what the Draper ultimate plan is. More as I know it, but yeah, RabbitEars is still wrong. This TV station IS on the air. — BaltoMedia.net (4/5/19)

"Your rambling long defiant response" I'm not clear on who you're talking to but have you looked at your post? That's the pot calling the kettle African-American. "The same thing happened to Bill Clinton." Uh, the Lewinsky story broke on Jan. 17, 1998 one year into Clinton's second term and Bill Clinton after arguably committing perjury was impeached in his second term. Trump's second term if any is almost 2 years away. Where do you see "the same thing"? Recently I've been enjoying Bernie and Sid in the Morning on WABC out of New York. It's a nice change from the local same-old same-old. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/5/19)

Salisbury has a new TV station on the air, but you wouldn’t know it from RabbitEars. WSJZ-LD 33 got a License to Cover in mid March and are on the air from a tower in Delaware, not the WRDE tower, but from the WXDE 105.9 tower, although Draper/WBOC owns both now. This is like the second flub about FCC records in just a month for RabbitEars. First WTTG moving to River Road, now this. And at least one other Low Power TV station got a reassignment construction permit in Salisbury and they’re not even listed on RabbitEars. Are they checking the FCC records anymore at all to see which stations are actually on the air or have CPs? Do valid construction permits for TV stations that are active no longer qualify for RabbitEars? (4/5/19)

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[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] 2019 Producer-Board Operator Position - WCBM has an opening for a Part-Time producer/board-operator. Experience preferred. Interested persons should be able to monitor transmitters, operate an audio console, screen calls, and edit audio. Must have reliable transportation. Please submit resumes to: WCBM,1726 Reisterstown Rd. Suite 117, Baltimore, MD. 21208 or to sean@wcbm.com. WCBM is an EOE..... (4/4/19)

Scripps (owner of Baltimore’s WMAR 2) to pick up Richmond’s WTVR CBS 6 as part of the Nexstar purchase of Tribune. — BaltoMedia.net (4/4/19)

Perhaps your Gus in Gaithersburg should check into a Mental Health Facility. Just a thought. (4/4/19)

Trying to float a new IPO will not get iHeart out of Bankruptcy. They still have $24 Billion in Debt! They are over leveraged! Two other stocks that are over leveraged are Urban One now selling at just $2.14 per share and Salem selling at $2.43 per share. (4/4/19)

Re: Andy Pollin and no mention of Ovi's 50th ... he's NEVER been a hockey fan unless they are winning the Cup. He would rather talk about a Redskins' game from 23 years ago than a great Caps' game the day before. He's been humbled a bit since being tossed by 980 and now reluctantly takes a call, but time for Ego Andy to move on. (4/4/19)

Perhaps iHeart thinks that by offering a new IPO that people will buy stock in it. They failed before because they had too much debt and now they think this is a way out for them. Wrong! People are not fools! (4/4/19)

There’s no arguing with Trump Derangement Disorder. Resistance is futile. Mueller personally visited the DOJ, met with Barr & Rosenstein. If Barr’s “summary” or whatever you want to call it was not true or Mueller had truly recommended prosecution or gave a referral for prosecution for anything, do you really think that Rosenstein, who helped craft that statement, would actually keep silent? Are you really that deranged that you believe Mueller or Barr or Rosenstein is lying and the statement was false? Buy some stock in Reynold’s wrap because you’re gonna soon run out of tinfoil to wear! I didn’t even read your entire rant because doing so would infect me with your Tinfoil Hat Disease, because that is really what Trump Derangement Disorder is. Seek therapy or like I told my cousin, book your Nov. 2020 hospital room early this time, maybe even get the group rate since obviously some people will never ever give up on this. Your rambling long defiant response is the exact reason Trump will get re-elected. You are actually driving his popularity up. The same thing happened to Bill Clinton. Republicans learned their lesson. Why can’t Democrats? All I have to say is, PLEASE IMPEACH HIM! And whatever you do, please, oh please continue to refuse to report those Rasmussen and LA Times Tracking polls as we know they are FAKE NEWS (even though they’re the only polls that even suggested a Trump win in 2016). Keep the FAKE NEWS alive. Eventually, even FAKE stuff becomes true if you wait long enough, like until Trump is long and dead. And finally God Bless English majors with no actual skills but to deflect and obfuscate via grammar. Good luck with that, maybe even write a thesis on it. Why do tinfoil hat fools like you always assume people watch Hannity or listen to WMAL? I’ve been saying they’d get nothing on Trump for 2 years even before they did. He’s not smart enough, nor his kids. The hypocrisy of liberalism is amazing. You all say Trump is dumb as a rock but at the same time continue to be “Collusion Truthers.” Just a frikkin amazing dichotomy and hypocrisy. Please tune your tin foil antennae better next time. You’re not getting good reception of reality. (4/4/19)

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"Third, 'refusal of prosecution' was not Mueller's call, that call was to be made by DoJ using Mueller's report." "You raise a good point here. It is reminiscent of Comey's 7/5/2016 statement "Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case." What I understand to be your basic point, that we don't know what is in the Mueller Report, stands. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/3/19)

iHeartMedia filed for bankruptcy protection. Now the company, a giant American broadcaster, plans to return to the public markets — and argues that there’s still room in the American audio diet for radio. The company filed for an initial public offering on Wednesday, signaling a return to the stock markets after over a decade under private ownership. (4/3/19)

As long as DCRTV continues to post the stupid remarks from "Gus in Gaithersburg" you are going to lose readers. He does not contribute anything worth reading and they are not accurate. He tries to be funny but there is no humor in anything that he posts. (4/3/19)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Laurel TV, a public access television station in Laurel, MD, is looking for a part-time reporter. The candidate must have a high school diploma with some college level broadcast reporting, writing , and videography training preferred. Must be able to edit on Adobe Premier. $17.30 per hour for up to 20 hours a week. Get application at www.cityoflaurel.org. E-mail resume and audition tape link to info@laureltv.org.....

It's great to see new ownership and management is coming to WFRE/WFMD in Frederick. The place is a mess and iHeart finally just gave away the station after it's value dropped due to the lowest ratings ever and declining sales. Look for an entirely new management team to be put in place soon after the trade out from the trust is finalized. The last two years the station has not been above a 12 share in the ratings and just posted an 8.7 share. Terribly sad for a station that use to post strong ratings closer to a 20 share just 3 or 4 years ago. I hope the new owners can turn it around with new people in place. Fred (4/3/19)

Ban the stock posts, announce you're doing it, and watch the $$$$ contributions roll in. Don't, don't, and don't. You've tried the second, why not try the first? As long as the stock posts continue you are what Koik in "A Piece of the Action" called "a penny ante operation". "DC's source for stale information on penny stocks." Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/3/19)

WTOP’s Jack Pointer recaps his station’s 50 years (March, 1969) as the “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center” with great detail and little known trivia (who knew that WTOP started as “call-in talk shows”) from its inception as an “all-news” radio station by Washington Post publisher Katherine Graham (who, while listening to then all news WAVA, decided to and eventually did surpass it as Washington’s top all-news radio station) to its new digs in Chevy Chase, Maryland, as well a great photo of “the clock” breaking down minute-by-minute what is broadcast. A fascinating report, well worth the read: wtop.com (4/3/19)

" Not local but National News ratings: Not surprisingly, after the Mueller Report came out with no collusion or conspiracy and refusal of prosecution of any obstruction. ." Um, where do I start? First stop listening to WMAL. Second, the Mueller Report has not "came out." It is still under wraps, and Barr said last Friday his memo was " Not a summary" of the report (than what was it?). Third, "refusal of prosecution" was not Mueller's call, that call was to be made by DoJ using Mueller's report. Fourth, the report did not exhonerate Trump. Barr's letter (the one where he is now 'suprised' people called it a 'summary') appears to be ' a Rope a dope." Now, look at Barr's letter at another angle. Let's begin this part with a grammatical lesson. It may seem like a bad idea, but stick with me for a minute because this discovery is going somewhere. Let’s say I wrote an item that said, “I did not like last night’s ‘Hannity and his coverage of Betsy DeVos and the Special Olympics, however, what stood out for me was his coverage of Robert Mueller’s grand jury.” Let’s also say you wanted to quote that item, but needed to narrow the focus. You could truncate it a bit by removing part of the sentence: “[W]hat stood out for me was his coverage of Robert Mueller’s grand jury.” The brackets around the “w” let the reader know that there were words that preceded the “what” in the original sentence. Without the brackets, if you quoted me by writing, “What stood out….” it’d be misleading to the reader, because the sentence didn’t start that exact way. Now, Friday I saw a Daily Kos item which highlighted a detail we all overlooked in Attorney General Bill Barr’s memo on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the Russia scandal. Arguably the most politically provocative line in the document was the one in which the attorney general said Mueller “did not establish” a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. But take another look at the sentence exactly as it appeared in Barr’s brief summary. Quoting Mueller’s findings, Barr wrote in his (non) summary: “As the report states : ‘[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.’” Here we see, the most heavily quoted sentence in the Mueller report isn’t a stand alone sentence – it’s the latter part of a larger sentence. To be sure, independent of the brackets, it’s an important 23-word excerpt, which has been parsed in a variety of ways. Some Republicans – and even some reporters – decided to interpret “did not establish” as “no evidence,” for example, which is a mistake. There are some related questions about the specific parameters of phrases such as “the Russian government.” But the brackets around the capital"T" add a specific detail: something immediately preceded this important part of the Mueller report. Without seeing the original, one can only wonder. Maybe the first part of the sentence helps Donald Trump’s case; maybe not. Maybe the attorney general cut off the sentence at a benign point, or maybe he was trying to obscure a detail the president would find embarrassing. There’s just no way to know. We’ll have to wait for the administration to release the special counsel’s findings (if the administration ever agrees to disclose it). But this small grammatical detail is a reminder of just how little information we have about the document, which is apparently more than 300 pages long. While we wait for more meaningful transparency, perhaps Barr could at least tell us about the first part of that sentence? Or, for better clarity, how about first releasing that one paragraph? By releasing the full paragraph, we should know what Mueller was actually talking about. (4/3/19)

Don’t trust Andy Pollin for sports info. He may know Redskins, but that’s it folks. To not mention Ovechkin’s 50th goal is cause for firing. 106.7 FM should not hire anyone who worked for 980 AM. Oh. Over on 103.5 FM, Pollin’s BIG ego really shows. Get rid of him, WTOP. (4/3/19)

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\/ April 2 Messages \/

Just when you thought this country had totally and entirely lost its sense of humor, its radio to the rescue: www.allaccess.com (4/2/19)

iHeart is still in Bankruptcy and their stock is selling for $1.15 per share OTC. They own five FM Stations and one FM Translator in DC. They still have over 10 stations "parked" in their "Trust". After more than 10 years, they finally sold WFRE 99.9 FM and WFMD 930 AM. (4/2/19)

Cumulus CEO has a new Compensation Package of $7.4 Million. This is her reward for bringing Cumulus out of Bankruptcy. Mary Berner is the CEO. The Cumulus stock price is now $18.07 per share. The only stations they own now in DC are WMAL 630 AM and WMAL-FM 105.9 FM. (4/2/19)

Who will own iHeart when they exit Bankruptcy? With $24 Billion in DEBT and only $12 Billion in assets, it appears that the lenders will own the company. (4/2/19)

Where's this year's funny April 1 send up on the broadcasting biz? DCRTV Dave didn't put out his traditional Fools Day faux news about some crazy radio station sale, format flip or talent shuffle. Our friendly editor must either be totally burned out on running this site or he's got another gig that's taking all his time and energy. He still only updates every few days now instead of every few hours like in the old days. (4/2/19)

So 106.7 The Fan's Pollin & Loverro show was on the air for four hours on Sunday morning/early afternoon and somehow never saw fit to make even passing mention of Alex Ovechkin getting his 50th (and 51st) goals the previous night in the Capitals' convincing win over the team (Tampa Bay) considered their chief obstacle to returning to the Stanley Cup Finals. We're not talking about radio neophytes here - Andy Pollin and Thom Loverro are grizzled veterans of local sports media who you'd think would have a solid grip on what stirs the drink in this market. Are they operating in their own little bubble where hockey doesn't exist and last June's championship parade never happened? I'm not saying they needed to devote substantial time to the topic but at least some recognition of a significant accomplishment by arguably the most accomplished athlete in the modern era of DC sports was definitely called for. In the fourth hour, the hosts actually pivoted to a baseball trivia segment as if they'd thoroughly exhausted all the topics worthy of discussion in the first three hours - I don't get it. (4/2/19)

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WMET AM 1160 has been sold by Huffines to La Promesa Foundation. It appears that it will switch to Hispanic Religious, and switch to non-commercial. (4/1/19)

I just noticed that The Washington Post stopped sending me emails of headlines and most important and popular stories anymore. I signed in and it said they’re still sending them, but they stopped regardless. Did I ridicule Jeff Bezos too much? Did the silver spooned baby start to cry? (4/1/19)

Huffines Media has sold 1160 WMET to La Promesa Foundation for $1.5 million. Included in the sale is the CP for FM translator W276DT, proposed on 103.1 from the WJFK-FM tower in Merrifield with a signal directed east - good luck building that. La Promesa has already broadcast its Catholic talk "Guadelupe Radio Network" on WMET via time-brokerage since 2010 so there will be no change in programming. fcc.gov (4/1/19)

Will Salem continue to sell off stations like they did with WSPZ 1260 AM in DC? They are trying to pay down their debt. (4/1/19)

Is Connoisseur Media, the new owner of WFRE/WFMD, going to retain the country format on WFRE? The station has been country for many years. (4/1/19)

I don't know if this is the first year you haven't done an April Fool's post on the home page, but I noticed the absence today. It makes me sad. (4/1/19)

Dave's response: Actually, I haven't done an April Fools joke blurb on DCRTV for the past few years. Thanks for noticing.....

Dave, glad I wasn't the only one who can't stomach Lauren Ricketts in the morning. Driving back from SC, I listened to her a few times and she still is all about temps and it's quite obvious no one tells her/coach's her about over air presentation..I guess that translates into arrogance and being full of herself. By the way, I didn't know how good 103.5 traffic really is...as Mr. Marberg really saved my butt while making the long drive home during that Am'Legion Bridge incident. They really have the best traffic dept. with top people who get it, just a great listen and they know how to help us long distance drivers. (4/1/19)

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