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DCRTV Mailbag - June 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019

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Trying to listen to the Junks in WV on line. But, I get a CBS radio sports feed? WTF? OOBBEE (6/30/19)

I’ll assume the poster about WMAL-AM was in a hurry, or had an auto-correct problem. Or something. Hey, I’m basically a kind person who gives the benefit of the doubt, but the station has 10,000 watts day (not 5,000) and 2,700 watts night with identically shaped patterns. I won’t argue that the coverage is worse now than before, especially at night. I’m still amused by a company which will shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to degrade its own product. Capitalism can be confusing. -P of the AW (6/30/19)

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The Northwest Courier has begun publishing every other Wednesday in D.C. Its website is nwc.com. It appears to be trying to fill the niche that the Northwest Current newspapers had. (6/29/19)

Goddammit, will you guys stop talking about me? What did I ever do to you? -- Hubert "Hugh" Debt (6/29/19)

I wouldn’t bet the farm on it, but it’s possible that CBS has finally decided to end the unofficial succession of the Jerry & Al Era. Denise Koch has put her million dollar 6 bedroom mansion with salt water pool up for sale. Hmm. (6/29/19)

Check with Ch 4 – Barbara Harrison retired this wk, will come back for occasional pieces (6/29/19)

Cumulus stock is doing well now that they have reduced their debt. It is now selling at $17.70 per share. It appears to be doing better than any of the other radio stocks that still have very large debt to service. They had to sell off some key assets to reduce their debt. (6/29/19)

What price will Cumulus ask for WMAL 630 AM? They lease their tower site now after selling off their valuable tower site in Bethesda. Urban One just paid $4 Million for WTEM 980 AM. (6/29/19)

Re.: Chelsea Ingram returning to WJZ. My gut says Meg McNamara is leaving. She's been there about 2 years. That seems to be the average run for the female weather person at Ch 13. I guess they learn that there's no room for advancement, and decide to move on. Can't you just see the hiring process. HR says "the 2 ahead of you aren't getting any younger, and they won't be here forever". Obviously not. Those 2 fossils just won't go away. Hope I'm wrong about Meg, and they FINALLY send Marty Bass out to pasture. (6/29/19)

I know what the OP meant when he talked about WTTG treating Angie Goff as the second coming. My perverted little mind was thinking about something totally different. (6/29/19)

"They report a debt of $1.7 Billion. It is amazing how much these radio companies can borrow! All of the major radio companies have HUGH debt. " When you owe the bank a hundred dollars the bank owns you. When you owe the bank a million dollars, you own the bank. Greed is good. Debt is good. Anyone who actually cares about this gets their information elsewhere (no offense, Dave), brought to them in their mansion or on their yacht. Please stop posting this stuff. Gus Gecko in the Gaithersburg (6/29/19)

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According to her Facebook, Chelsea Ingram is back at WJZ 13. CBS did promote her to KYW 3 CBS Philadelphia recently, sometimes a big step to New York or the west coast so its very unclear why this is happening so far. Is this an attempt to shore up their sagging ratings after losing half their audience sweeps week due to the Mary Bubala debacle? — Baltomedia.net (6/28/19)

A little insight where K-love EMF may be heading with their new 107.3 acquisition... Here in Portland the local EMF station has three HD channels... The first is K-Love, the second is Air-1 feeding several translators, the third something called K-Love Classics.... Be prepared DC..... TK in Odenton. ... in the great Northwest for today (6/28/19)

Just saw on NBC4 that Barbara Harrison is moving to “contributor” status at the station. (6/28/19)

"Awkward moment on Fox5 morning show" Awkward to some, perhaps. To me, awkward is Rob "Human Shoehorn" Spewak saying anything at all, WaPo's and NYT's Richard Cohen shtupping Peter Jennings' wife before he was actually dead, Mika Brrrrrrrzittsky and Joe Scabbourough boning then divorcing then getting married, John McCain and Newt Gingrich's treatment of their previous wives, SNL's Pete Davidson and whoever he's getting a tattoo of on any particular day, post-80s Madonna, anything involving Will Smith or Bill Cosby or O.J. The fact that no one mentions Jesse Jackson's illegitimate offspring...Donald Trump talking about his daughter, Joe Biden around, well, anyone, Conan O'Brien's fetish for jean jackets and neckties... I really think you're just a perv who's fascinated to put it nicely, with Angie Goff. Let's not lose focus on that. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/28/19)

Steve Davis apparently is out in some form or fashion at Entercom DC as WPGC and WIAD have posting on Entercoms site for Program Director positions at both stations. Hasn't been confirmed yet (6/28/19)

Cumulus continues to reduce their debt by selling WABC 770 AM in New York for $12.5 Million. They have also sold other stations recently to EMF for $103.5 Million to reduce their debt. They will sell WMAL 630 AM in DC if you are interested. They have announced that they will change the format to ESPN Sports Talk on 7/1/19. WMAL now broadcasts from Gaithersburg where they diplex with WWRC 570 AM. They have reduced their power to 5,000 Watts days and 2,700 Watts nights. They have no signal anymore at night in Northern Virginia. (6/28/19)

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re: Al Galdi Agreed, he's the best. Only one on 980AM worth tuning in for. His brother is the analytics guy for the Phillies (boo!). Don't know what happens to Galdi after the switch. Today, he said he'd be off a couple days to be Mr. Mom, back next week for a few days, then on vacation at the beach. Hope he lands somewhere (WJFK? not likely, I'm guessing)...re: Holly Morris, she was pretty candid on her Fox5/Sara Fraser-hosted podcast (I Still Have a Keycard, Ep#3) a few years back...re:Ben Maller, longtime fan. He promo'd the 980AM pick up, too, recently. I first heard Ben on WJFK/Fox? a few years back. Remember producer Miranda Moreno? Past few years, I've had to catch him TuneIn Radio. (6/27/19)

Entercom leases their WDCH 99.1 FM to Bloomberg for their Business News Format. According to BIA, the estimated revenue they receive from this lease is $1,200,000 pear. It sounds like a wasted facility. Entercom has failed to reach their projected stock price of $7 per share. They report a debt of $1.7 Billion. It is amazing how much these radio companies can borrow! All of the major radio companies have HUGH debt. (6/27/19)

As you may have seen, WABC(AM) in NY is being sold for $12.5 million. For a NYC station on a clear AM channel, this price is appalling. I've taken bigger dumps than that. (6/27/19)

RE: Can someone explain why WTTG is promoting Angie Goff’s arrival as if she’s the second coming?? (6/26/19) Because once you get past the mostly self-generated hype there’s not much there. (6/27/19)

The FCC filing from WDVM clearly states that the Chicopee MA control site is a simple replacement for an existing alternate control site. It is a good idea to read the filings before posting. (6/27/19)

What’s going on with WTOP??? Listening to a recent traffic report with veteran traffic guru Bob Marbourg as he referred to the Caton Avenue exit off I-95 in Baltimore as “Catonsville Avenue,” followed by the afternoon weather geek (presumably from Storm Team 4) calling Arbutus (pronounced Ar-Byoo’-tis) “Ar-Buttis.” And speaking of traffic, why on earth would there be no mention - NONE - of Rt 50 Bay Bridge beach traffic on a weekend traffic report particularly during the Sunday afternoon/evening rush home (westbound) from Maryland’s Eastern Shore?? We sat in a five-plus mile backup and heard nothing. Hopefully the news director will issue a memo mandating beach traffic and beach weather information on every report leading into and during weekends, backup or not. And don’t tell me there’s no time. Just dump one or two of the Trump-bashing stories and save a minute or two of airtime for what people around here really care about: traffic and weather. (6/27/19)

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Can someone explain why WTTG is promoting Angie Goff’s arrival as if she’s the second coming?? (6/26/19)

Running 2 channels in 1080i is technically possible on one TV station, so WBOC could be running WRDE NBC and Telemundo in HD, but not sure they will as they don’t run Fox on WBOC in 720p right now. But who knows? WBOC is doing a lot of technical upgrading and hiring a lot of people right now, so they obviously have some big plans. The combined four TV signals that they got approved for is quite impressive and blankets Delmarva. And yes, Talbot County will be nearly totally covered, but unclear if in HD or not yet. Check out the combined 4 TV signals here… www.rabbitears.com (6/26/19)

WDVM 25 has filed a change/add an out of state studio location with the FCC. It’s at a Nexstar TV station in Springfield, MA and is in addition to the current studio location. I’m assuming this is for overnight master control or are they farming some news blocks to another station? (6/26/19)

Awkward moment on Fox5 morning show re: discussion of cheating. Question was if you found out your friend’s mate was cheating, would you tell her. Well, Holly Morris was part of the conversation & seemed very uncomfortable talking about this. Her face said it all. But it always does when she has to talk about a cheating story. Her being uncomfortable was obviously due to her ex husband having an affair w/a fellow anchor. She said she’d want her friend to tell her. Tucker Barnes joined the table at the end of the conversation vs. during the conversation. And I guess he wasn’t included in the conversation because he was then & continues to be friends w/Holly’s ex & supposedly Holly found out that Tucker knew about Tom Sater’s affair & chose not to say anything. But hey, was he really obligated to tell Holly what was going on? Come on. Obviously he was Tom’s friend first. (6/26/19)

Watched WTTG’s Like it or Not & one of the segments was on some celebrity who said he & his wife had sex every day. So Angie Goff chimes in saying she brings her kids into her bed to avoid having sex. She’s obviously trying to make a name for herself with such comments. But come on..This show actually can be entertaining at times, but the addition of Angie may have been a mistake. Time will only tell. (6/26/19)

Word from the New York Times is that NRATV is shutting down www.nytimes.com. Anyone know when they're having the equipment auction? I need a new audio mixer board. (6/26/19)

A few months ago, it was noted here in the mailbag that Arlington County turned off its emergency preparedness radio signal at 1700AM. There was speculation that, after some reconsideration, the signal would likely return. I'm going to say "nope". The firehouse on Wilson Blvd where the transmitter was located appears to have taken down the antenna mast. It's toast. (6/26/19)

WJZ 13 will soon add a new sub-channel, 13.3, DABL(pronounced "dabble"), a lifestyle network partially owned by parent company, CBS. It will feature programming from such people as Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse and other well known lifestyle experts. —BaltoMedia.net (6/26/19)

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Sorry to be so negative, but in today's WaPo "Democracy Dies in Dickishness" chat, Gene "Wrongway" Weingarten in his role as King of All Jews says that Jews are "universally appalled by Trump". Might want to call Alan Dershowitz, Bibi Netanyahu and Trump's daughter and clue them in. He also typed "Sam Ervin was a white supremacist? Wow." He only wrote The Southern Manifesto Weingarten you idiot, you shanda. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/25/19)

I noticed that Adams has sold their Salisbury Translator to RBC for WKHZ in Easton, Md. It will have to change channels, in Salisbury, it's 104.3 and that won't work in Easton. (6/25/19)

Have to disagree with Uncle Frank in Arlington who said Czabe is all 980 has going for it. Take a listen to Galdi in morning drive. The guy is damn good. He is covers ALL the major local teams without the palpable sneer that you get from some of the WJFK guys with some sports. He keeps his show fast paced and interesting. Make no mistake; it is a show for people looking for an intelligent sports show; if you want mostly goofy hi Jinks, listen to the Junkies. The other think I like about Galdi is that, even though he is a young guy, he operates so that listeners over 40 aren't turned off (which is something WJFK mostly can't get its arms around). Finally, even though Galdi is a stats geek, he doesn't cram it down your throat. It is a good show IMHO. I used to religiously listen to the Junks but now find myself more and more switching to Galdi...................... (6/25/19)

RE: "...WBOC-LD, Telemundo 42 has been approved to move to the WCEM FM tower in Cambridge, increasing reception for both Telemundo 42 and WRDE NBC there and also in Talbot County..." So WRDE will be a subchannel of WBOC-LD 42 from the WCEM tower in Cambridge? If so I am guessing it will not be in HD? If I saw the map of WRDE from the WBOC tower correctly, it looked like the coverage would be to the east of the tower in Laurel, and would not be able to be received to the west? For me in Talbot County it is hard to pick up VHF WBAL (and WJZ) WRC is actually much easier to receive, but it would be nice to be able to get NBC off the WCEM tower in Cambridge. (6/25/19)
WRDE NBC Coast TV has gotten FCC approval to move their transmitter permanently to the WBOC tower near Laurel, DE, a substantially taller structure compared to the current WGMD FM tower. At the same time, WBOC-LD, Telemundo 42 has been approved to move to the WCEM FM tower in Cambridge, increasing reception for both Telemundo 42 and WRDE NBC there and also in Talbot County and other mid-shore towns where both were difficult to receive. WRDE will ultimately be on 3-4 transmitters to allow for nearly complete coverage of the shore with also WSJZ-LD from the WXDE tower in DE and soon WRUE-LD from Pocomoke City. Four transmitters would make them nearly a full-power TV station or better than some in signal coverage. More details soon. —BaltoMedia.net (6/25/19)

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The Team 980 - You may already have this but in follow up to your update about 630am getting ESPN Radio as of last night ESPN is gone (thank God) and after maybe 10 years Fox Sports Radio is back after local programming. It's nice as someone up in the overnights to listen to live programming with Jason Smith then Ben Maller and not AM Sportscenter without having to turn on the iheart radio app. (6/25/19)

"Gus in Gaithersburg, between the time required to write all your posts (100% negative, correct?) and the time required to take in all the shows and personalities you write about, do you have a life?" Well, gee I don't know. Are you a fat bitch who pays men to spank you? Because that's what I'm hearing. And I do occasionally post positive "reviews". Sorry if you were so busy with your fat bitch Mike O'Meara Mark Levin Tom Sietsema Gene Weingarten loving lifestyle that you didn't notice it. Have a blessed day! Unless you're one of those obsessed with outing local talkshow hosts in which case go screw. I am alone with my sheep but my sheep are not alone with me. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/24/19)

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I heard Jonas Knox on iHeart's Fox Sports Radio say that they were coming to The Team 980 next week. Looks like we have an answer as to what's happening. Wonder if RadioOne will keep Czaban. He's all that they have left. - Uncle Frank in Arlington (6/23/19)

I heard Jonas Knox on iHeart's Fox Sports Radio say that they were coming to The Team 980 next week. Looks like we have an answer as to what's happening. Wonder if RadioOne will keep Czaban. He's all that they have left. - Uncle Frank in Arlington (6/23/19)

Who is responsible for MASN getting worse and close to being unwatchable. It's bad enough we have to suffer through the non stop nonsense of FP but Bob Carpenter ignores most of it and keeps his cool in doing the game despite the rambling's of the analyst. Then there is the pre and post game shows with Dan the kid and the angry Bo guy! At least it does give one some comic relief! Today another loss to the Braves and who shows up for the post game but Carol Maloney and the angry Bo guy. Did you check that out? End of conversation. Where the heck is Phil Wood to host the show? (6/23/19)

Gus in Gaithersburg, between the time required to write all your posts (100% negative, correct?) and the time required to take in all the shows and personalities you write about, do you have a life? Are you some kind of mer-man who has no way to climb out of the bathtub? - Max Critic (6/23/19)

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Re:Angie Goff’s station shopping, it does seem like she can’t get satisfied at one place for the long run. From the promos, WTTG has given her a Monday thru Friday co-hosting newscast, permanent co-hosting of that Like it or Not show (vs. a rotating fill-in for that “fourth char”) as well as her own podcast show, i.e. more face time on tv for her. Which I think she likes. (6/22/19)

107.3 article www.washingtonpost.com (6/22/19)

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Just after the 5:00 pm news, Brett Hollander did a short tribute to Keith and aired part of a 30 minute interview that he did. He's saying the full 30 minute interview will be on his podcast that will be posted on WBAL.COM after today's show. Mills is going to Semi-Retire. His last day on the morning show will be next Friday, 06/28). He is going to continue with Ravens coverage and be a sideline reporter for Navy Football coverage. As an aside, Keith's dad George was at WJZ-TV for years. Did camera work for Orioles games for a long time.. I know he passed away a few years ago. (6/21/19)

Sorry for posting so much but Mark Levin has driven me to it with his need to say things twice. He has a need to say things twice and it makes the worst radio on the planet. The worst radio on the planet. He wants to go to war like a fat bitch, like a fat bitch, but where was he when we shot down an Iranian civilian airliner killing everyone on board? Everyone on board, ladies and gentleman. If Trump starts a war with Iran, I'm moving to .... well, not Canada ... but the other side of my room for sure. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/21/19)

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"WTTG is promoting the arrival of Angie Goff with commercials of people saying "oh my goff"..Thought that was a catch phrase she used at NBC4. Or was this her personal catch phrase?' Is there something wrong with you? You sound like a perv. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/21/19)

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From the WaPo food chat: "Please think of the planet and don't use wipes - consider a dedicated bowl for and clothes for sanitizing in a bleach solution if you don't just want to throw them in the wash. To clean the sink, I tend to wear rubber gloves and push down on the washing up liquid dispenser with my wrist onto on gloved hand, rub them together and then rub the washing up liquid gloves all over sink." And if Joe Yonan says "husband" one more time... well I'll just ball it up in a little pill of bitterness and stow it in my tummy with the others. Journalism Dies Under Bezos Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/20/19)

What is up with Angie Goff? Is she station shopping? She started out at WUSA9 then NBC4 and now FOX5. When is she going to hit ABC7? She seems to have a hard time settling into one job. (6/20/19)

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Recap of WaPo's Gene "Wrongway" Weingarten's online chat: A few weeks ago he acknowledges being at age 67 in a relationship with (now) 35 y.o. Rachel "Sweaterburgers" Manteuffel. Like it wasn't obvious years ago. It's vaguely Woody Allen-ish since he only recently finalized his divorce. He continues to ignore the medical issue that prevents him from tasting tomatoes and to reserve the right to ram your car if he effs up parallel parking. If you have to carry that position around you're not good at parallel parking. He thinks his online chat is viewed on "phosphorous". Politically he's made it clear that if Justin Bieber were eligible to run and Gene thought he could beat Trump he'd vote for the Beeb. In summary, another WaPo idiot. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/19/19)

An oldies format is now on WHGM in northeastern Md. The station is being run by Steve Clendenin, owner of SFM Sports and other ventures. Steve has considerable experience on the Baltimore/DC markets. I wish him well with his venture, he’s a good guy. (6/19/19)

WTTG is promoting the arrival of Angie Goff with commercials of people saying "oh my goff"..Thought that was a catch phrase she used at NBC4. Or was this her personal catch phrase? (6/19/19)

Maryland Media One Takes Over WHGM radioinsight.com (6/19/19)

I was wondering if anyone who writes into the mailbag could remember WEAM from 1959 to 1960. If A Bob Foster worked with Johnny Dark at WEAM at sometime during that period. (6/19/19)

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Will the WRDE signal ever reach Talbot and/or Dorchester counties? I know Talbot is part of the Baltimore market but WBOC (and to a lesser degree WMDT) are popular in Talbot County. I don't think WRDE can be picked up in Dorchester County which is part of the Salisbury market. I have seen a lot of talk about this channel lately and was wondering if it would ever reach this area. (6/18/19)

“Obviously [sic] the Schiff apologists do what most liberals do (as your name calling, categorizing, fallacies of logic) . They imagine how Schiff’s excuse could be true [sic] instead of listening to the ACTUAL phone call from the [Ukrainian] [comedians] in which Schiff DOES exactly what Trump said he would do, listen to all the information first. HAHA! This (what?) is called [sic] extreme rationalization [sic] or [sic] in general terms, STUPIDITY! (false equivalence, equivocation, fallacies of logic). Congrats, you win today’s Trump Derangement Prize, either medication of [sic] a surplus Erik Wemple mug. I’m sure the later will be the choice.” You, sir, with your lousy grammar, your poor written communication skills (Hint, never use the word ‘this” without a noun after it- according to the Chicago, Washington Post , AP, Style guides, as well as the Little Brown Book), your soft grasp of the law, and your tendencies to reach illogical conclusions (why you chose not to take logic in college I will never know), do not speak for me, and you are not clever or fit enough to speak convincingly against me. Follow the timeline, my misinformed hack (inferior writer, if you do not own an unabridged dictionary). From a DC based publication, and not Fox News No politico.com (6/18/19)

Dave: It's funny, WMAL makes their announcement and 980 gets even worse to listen to...and all of their talent should just go away on July 1. Unfortunately, we all have to remember their talent will probably be heard during the Redskins games and that will be tough. I really hope WMAL will hire new, fresh, professional talent and not recycled people like Pollin, Sheehan, or Czaban...gee, all of whom really brought down the quality of this areas sportstalk radio. (6/18/19)

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UPDATE on WRDE: Trip has fixed most of the information that he is able to fix on the Salisbury market TV stations related to WRDE NBC Coast TV and Telemundo and the various WBOC LPTV transmitters at least for now after picking up some of the signals OTA with me supplying the info WRDE and WBOC are actually advertising on air. Considerable overlap between WRDE and WSJZ on nearby towers, WGMD & WXDE, but that will change this summer when WRDE moves to the WBOC tower, and WRUE from the WBOC FM tower goes on the air as well as WBOC-LD from Cambridge, FCC approval willing. So this is currently WRDE’s signal via the Rabbitears contour maps. www.rabbitears.com — BaltoMedia.net (6/17/19)

Some radio stocks are trading at near an all time low price. Many because of the HUGH amount of debt. These stocks all have upside potential......Beasley $3.11, Emmis $4.31, Salem $2.32 and Urban One $2.14. (6/17/19)

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WXDC's new ownership (WVRadio) has finally launched the 92.9 station's website. It is available at : coolfm929.com. No streaming noted yet, Also, WCTN's 94.3 translator is definitely on the air . It messes with WOWD-LP's reception as far east as Silver Spring. TK in Odenton (6/17/19)

This is a governmental FCC question, so you have been forewarned for its extreme boredom. Does anyone know why the FCC’s CDBS database has a bug that doesn’t allow a search of more than 50 records at a time? It’s been flawed for almost a year now, so why has no one fixed it? (6/17/19)

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You'll detect a theme in this post. I've seen the administrator of Rabbitears be extremely bitchy to people who point out errors to him. That's a recipe for driving people away and making your site more and more inaccurate. As for posters who want to "out" local talkshow hosts, is that a Democratic value or a Republican value? Seems to me it's a BITCH value. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/15/19)

Remember ABC owns ESPN. They are scheduled to split their programming between WMAL 630 AM and WTEM 980 AM starting on 7/1/19. Urban One will probably change the format on WTEM to an Urban Format. They have good coverage in DC and Prince Georges County. However, they have no coverage in Northern Virginia after sunset. (6/15/19)

Will Urban One WTEM 980 AM continue as an all sports talk station? If so, they will share ESPN programming with WMAL 630 AM. WMAL has the rights to carry the Redskins Games. WTEM does not have a good signal in Northern Virginia after sunset. Urban One paid $4 Million for the station recently. Since WMAL 630 moved their transmitter site to Gaithersburg, they have a poor signal at night in Northern Virginia. (6/15/19)

Obviously the Schiff apologists do what most liberals do. They imagine how Schiff’s excuse could be true instead of listening to the ACTUAL phone call from the Russian in which Schiff DOES exactly what Trump said he would do, listen to all the information first. HAHA! This is called extreme rationalization or in general terms, STUPIDITY! Congrats, you win today’s Trump Derangement Prize, either medication of a surplus Erik Wemple mug. I’m sure the later will be the choice. :-) (6/15/19)

This TV station is on the air on Delmarva and relaying WRDE NBC Coast TV. The return email from Rabbitears said that this could not be confirmed. But here is the FCC application for WSJZ-LD confirmed on the air. Is Rabbitears claiming that Draper’s WBOC is lying to the FCC and advertising false information? This is a granted License to Cover application. enterpriseefiling.fcc.gov (6/15/19)

RCN is dropping MASN and MASN2 on July 1: www,rcn.com (6/15/19)

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This morning, two state Congressional election loser, racist, and WMAL Fill in guy, Dan Bongino (BonBozo) tweeted out the “Hypocrisy” of Adam Schiff, after Schiff said Donald should call the FBI on illegal information offered to candidates. BonBozo wrote “This guy [Schiff] is ON TAPE, speaking to a man he believes is a Russian insider, trying to gather damaging information about Donald Trump. There’s no bigger fraud than shady Adam Schiff. You can tell Schiff is lying when his lips are moving. He’s a disgrace.” The caller to Schiff was a Russian comedian, and after insisting for over 20 minutes to get Schiff on the phone, he offered Schiff proof of the Ritz Carlton Moscow rumor, as well as naked photos of Donald Trump. Schiff ordered this clown to call the FBI, not him. So Schiff did what he was supposed to do, and BonBizzaro gets rabid, only telling half the story in a tweet. Remember when Dan BonBozo blamed BLM for a White corrupt cop killing himself? Dan BonBozo, your crap is getting tiresome. Just go away. Seriously, Florida is not far enough. I am thinking Uruguay for you at this point. WMAL, Dan is a known liar, fabricator, and racist. Does he really belong on your air? In other news, The Marriott Wardman Park Hotel as flying the Gay Pride flag yesterday. Back in the 70’s the Marriott’s were very much against the homosexual agenda, and they even worked with Nixon on ways the Federal Government could squelch the budding movement. Now, a flagship Marriott property flew the Pride Flag. Take a cue, Larry O’Connor, be out, be proud. (6/14/19)

Sorry to hear that ESPN will shut down their ESPN Deportes Format on 9/8/19...... What will Entercom change their format to on WJFK 1580 AM when they lose this format? Remember the good old days when there were only two TOP 40 Stations in DC.....1580 AM WPGC and 1390 AM WEAM. (6/14/19)

QUOTE: "I’ve posted a half dozen things that are still not on Rabbitears and also corrections for Rabbitears". Have you sent any of them *TO* Rabbitears? (6/14/19)

Which HD Channel will iHeart put their Pride Format on? They have 15 HD Channels in the DC Market. They own five Full Power FM Stations in the market. The new Gay Format would do well on the regular FM Dial. Pehaps they can buy or lease another Translator in the market. (6/14/19)

Congratulations to iHeart on putting the News/Talk Format on their Translator in DC......104.7 FM is now called WONK. Did they know that WMAL 630 AM was going to drop their News/Talk Format on 7/1? The only problem is that their Translator is only 99 Watts. (6/14/19)

Are there any soft gold based AC Stations in DC? If so, I have not been able to find one. (6/14/19)

North Arlington City Paper Update: The Ballston Metro City Paper box is gone! So, within two blocks of the Ballston Metro, four (!) City Paper distribution boxes have disappeared in the last two years. I can no longer pick up a copy of the print paper even if I wanted to. (Although even when the boxes were there, they were usually empty.) (6/14/19)

BTW that filing by WRC-TV that was acted on this week was NOT approval for using Ch 34 in the repack. That happened some time ago. This was a modification to the sharing agreement with WZDC-CD. Why are some so obsessed with Rabbit Ears, The use of Ch. 6 for radio, and reporting (often inaccurately) in stock prices? I suspect it just one person commenting on all 3. Focus on making positive contributions to the forum and the community and the rest will take care of itself. (6/14/19)

I thought that "Gus in Gaithersburg" checked into a Mental Health Facility. Someone should take away his computer. He does not know anything about Broadcasting and just takes up space on DCRTV. He tries to be funny, but fails at that. (6/14/19)

I’ve posted a half dozen things that are still not on Rabbitears and also corrections for Rabbitears, including WTTG’s move to River Road. Unfortunately, the Salisbury TV page is still a mess. Two other TV stations are broadcasting WRDE NBC Coast TV, but you won’t find that on Rabbitears. Rabbitears doesn’t have one of them on the air 2 months after a license to cover was issued. That would be WSJZ-LD. NBC Coast TV is on WRDE-LD, WBOC-LD, and WSJZ-LD, but you wouldn’t know that from Rabbitears. (6/14/19)

As I recall, Trip himself from Rabbitears said he was tired of the stuff posted on DCRTV about Rabbitears and was going to stop reading from now on. So I guess he did stop reading since he’s correcting few things. (6/14/19)

WMAL 630 AM will change formats on July 1st to ESPN ALL SPORTS. This will hurt WTEM 980 AM. This will give DC four all sports stations......The others sports stations are WJFK-FM 106.7 and WJFK-AM 1580 AM All Spanish Sports. People in DC do love sports! (6/14/19)

DC will have two Gay Radio Stations with 94.7 FM HD2 WIAD. It is owned by Entercom and is now programming their Q Format. iHeart announced it will put their Pride Format on WWDC 101.1 FM HD2 Channel. You need an HD Receiver to get either of these stations. There are very few HD Receivers in the DC Market. If they could get an FM Station on the regular dial they could do well. (6/14/19)

ABC giveth and taketh away.... ESPN Deportes Radio , the Spanish-language arm of ESPN radio will close down in September per a statement from ESPN corporate offices: www.espnfrontrow.com... A more in-depth article mentions 10 full-time and 25 part-time jobs will be lost at their Coral Gables offices. The story can be found here: radioink.com... So what is the local impact? Entercom's "El Zol Deportes" WJFK-AM 1580 and WLZL-HD2 107.9 are local homes to ESPN Deportes and also to the Washington Redskins play-by-play en Español. Entercom will have to hunt down another source for Spanish-language sports-oriented or change formats. íOlé! TK in Odenton.. (6/14/19)

/\ June 14 Messages /\

\/ June 13 Messages \/

To the RabbitEars whiner: (a) WRC's application for channel 34 was granted Wednesday 6/12, the grant appeared in the FCC database as updated at midnight 6/13, and it reflects as "approved" on RabbitEars as of today, showing a CP expiration of 8/2/19, which is the phase deadline for WRC's repack. (b) For information that can't be updated automatically out of the FCC database (subchannel lineups, on-air status, that sort of thing), Trip depends on an army of readers who supply him with information as they notice changes. Have you dropped him a line directly to let him know what you're observing in your market? Or do you think just complaining about it here is actually making any difference? Every time I send him something directly, it gets updated right away. (c) What contributions have YOU made for free to the industry lately? (6/13/19)

About EAS primary stations: it has nothing to do with what programming they run, or even whether there's a live body at the controls 24/7. The point of an EAS primary is to have a robust signal that's able to be received by other stations in the EAS service area to relay EAS activations. The activations themselves shouldn't be made by station staff but rather by emergency officials. (6/13/19)

Did you see this from yesterday's RAMP? What will this mean to 1580 come September 8?! That frequency's been through more changes in the last few years, it's ridiculous! Bring back the WPGC Good Guys!!! [Vaya Con Dios, ESPN Deportes -- ESPN is shutting down its 18-year-old Hispanic-targeted ESPN Deportes radio division on Sept. 8, a move that will lead to layoffs for 10 full-time and 25 part-time employees, according to Sports Business Daily. ESPN will close Deportes Radio's Coral Gables, FL offices; some of its New York-based sales employees also will be adversely affected.] (6/13/19)

I know my Rabbitears complaints are going on deaf ears, but I was wondering if WRC 4 NBC TV actually is approved for channel 34 for the repack next couple months. Rabbitears says NOPE, application not yet approved, but it could just be one of their dozens of mistakes lately. WRC TV was approved for 624kw on channel 34 but that’s listed as inactive, but clearly the repack filings are continuing so WRC TV is building something? (6/13/19)

"When [Angie Goff] left channel 4, she had nothing but praise about how great it was...[Now] she said the following as if Fox is the best in the region...REALLY Angie?" Wow, that is really unprecedented. I have never ever ever heard of anyone -- in broadcasting or any industry -- saying nice thing about a job they were leaving and then saying nice things about their new employer. That is truly INCREDIBLE!! Real Ripley's Believe It or Not territory. And not at all a reflection of your weird obsession with female news reporters. (6/13/19)

RE: "It is too bad that Entercom did not dump them and pick up the WRQX Format and fill a void in the DC Market." WHAT VOID? WASH-FM and HOT have the hole filled. (6/13/19)

As if I needed another reason to NOT watch the Fox 5 trainwreck "Like or Not" (or any of the other fox5 newscasts in general, lately) Angie Goff's presence is an instant mood killer and I suspect short-lived. (6/13/19)

Angie Goff made her debut on the Like it or Not show this evening. Yeah, it was her first time on there, but it doesn’t seem like the type of show where she’d be a good fit. But we shall see. (6/13/19)

/\ June 13 Messages /\

\/ June 12 Messages \/

Look at WFEZ, Miami or WISX, Philadelphia. Two soft gold based AC stations. FEZ is #1, WISX is #8 against a true classic hits and a 70"s based classic rock. Perhaps a full signal FM could offer soft AC on an HD 2 channel and simulcast on the 105.5 translator. A real music choice for the news listeners to TOP and AMU. (6/12/19)

Did the mailbag ever come to a consensus that Gus in the Gaithersburg is actually Don Geronimo / Mike Sorce? Asking for a TMOS friend #ass (6/12/19)

So Angie Goff thinks strong journalism is paramount at Fox5. Did her agent write that for her? (6/13/19)

The Mailbag is now nothing but stale stock updates and Gus in Gaithersburg's vile blathering. I've checked in here for years and am a past contributor. But no more. (6/12/19)

What is the criteria to be a "primary" Emergency Alert Station? I thought when WTOP abandoned its news programming on 50,000 watt 1500KHz AM, it also gave up its status as a primary alert station. Other media outlets monitor a "primary" station to then relay a given alert to their coverage area, and the limited range of WTOP's FM station falls short of stronger signals from other stations in this market. Probably a moot point anyway, since cellphone alerts, and NOAA weather radio's automated alerts are taking the place of old fashioned broadcasts. (6/12/19)

Could be wrong, but getting the feeling that Fox5’s Cori Coffin is being groomed for a weekday morning anchor spot. Seems like she’s the “go to” sub when someone’s out. Plus, she’s been scheduled to go to the next Zip Trip which usually only features the morning crew regulars. Hmmm. (6/12/19)

Is Angie Goff going to Fox5 supposed to be a "move up"? Especially since she's going to also be anchoring that evening gabfest Like it or Not..Since they've been rotating the co-hosts, maybe they'll make her the head honcho which I guess would be a "promotion" from NBC4? Can't remember the last time an NBC anchor left to go to a local rival station. Oh, yes I can, Veronica Johnson to WJLA..And how's she doing over there. Don't watch that station. (6/12/19)

/\ June 12 Messages /\

\/ June 11 Messages \/

Just read that former NBC4 anchor Angie Goff is going to WTTG. So when she left channel 4, she had nothing but praise about how great it was. And of course one wouldn't expect her to trash the station. However, in the Fox5 announcement, she said the following as if Fox is the best in the region: “I’m so excited to join a team whose dedication to innovation, great television and most importantly, strong journalism, is paramount. There’s no question FOX 5 does the most news in the nation’s capital but it’s how they do it that cannot be defined. The connection with viewers and sharing their stories is simply unmatched.” REALLY Angie? (6/11/19)

So guess the rumor was correct as Angie Goff is indeed joining Fox5 for their new 4pm newscast as well as hosting that Like it or Not show: www.fox5dc.com (6/11/19)

How much does it cost to lease an AM or FM Station in DC? Arthur Liu is leasing WZHF 1390 AM for $35,000 per month. John Garziglia is leasing his Reston Translator 105.5 FM for $30,000 per month. (6/11/19)

"Live Chats are now exclusively for readers with a Washington Post account. Create a free account to join the conversation, read chat transcripts and sign up for newsletters." EAT A HUGE BAG OF DICKS, WASHINGTON POST. And John Dean is still a lying serial perjurer rat bastard. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/11/19)

Does anyone know how much Bloomberg is paying Entercom to lease WDCH 99.1 FM for their Business News Format? It is too bad that Entercom did not dump them and pick up the WRQX Format and fill a void in the DC Market. (6/11/19)

The Q Format on 94.7 FM HD2 sounds good. Entercom needs a spot on the regular dial. Why not lease or buy 97.5 FM in DC? Your ratings would improve and the market will like the format. Your HD2 could feed the 97.5 FM signal. (6/11/19)

K-Love is simulcasting their format on WLVW 107.3 and their sister station, WLZV 94.3 in Warrenton. It seems like a waste since 107.3 puts an excellent signal into Warrenton. (6/11/19)

Have you listened to the new Q Format on WIAD 94.7 FM HD2 Chanel? It is the Gay Format that Entercom now offers in several markets. Maybe you don't have a HD Receiver? You can buy a HD Receiver. Unfortunately, most people in the DC Market do not own one. (6/11/19)

Posting a post about "a firing offense",,, a class act. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/11/19)

What happened to the Urban One stock? Yesterday, it was $1.95 per share and today it went up to $3.04 per share. Did they sell off something? This is a big jump overnight! (6/11/19)

Story on FOX 5 cronkitenewslab.com (6/11/19)

/\ June 11 Messages /\

\/ June 10 Messages \/

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] DATE: June 10, 2019... JOB TITLE: News Director... CONTACT: WNAV Sajak Broadcasting Corp... DEADLINE: Resumes Accepted through June 28, 2019... JOB DESCRIPTION: Full service AM station in Maryland’s capital city has an opening for News Director. Along with anchoring drive time newscasts and managing your department, you must have knowledge of topics of interest to our local audience to include: politics, the environment, business, and local sports. The applicant must be competent on digital equipment, computer use, social media and have flexible hours. CD’s and résumé’s (No calls please) to: Bill Lusby, Program Director, WNAV Radio, 236 Admiral Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401. Or email a résumé and a short (2 minutes, max) mp3 to jobs@wnav.com. It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to race, color religion, national origin or sex in all personnel actions including recruitment, evaluation, selection, promotion, compensation, training and termination. (6/10/19)

To the WBAL commenter last week who said he's wondering what Ron Smith thinks of the current state of the radio station: Pretty classless thing to say, considering he hasn't drawn a single breath in over 8 years. What time shall we schedule the seance to ask him? Maybe we can get Dave Durian's feedback too as long as we're at it. (6/10/19)

/\ June 10 Messages /\

\/ June 9 Messages \/

Is iHeart going to file a new IPO? How will this reduce their $26 Billion debt? Will they be trading on NASDAQ? How do they get lenders to loan them $26 Billion when all their assets are worth just $14 Billion? They are masters at borrowing money! (6/10/19)

Not closing the underline tag, which implies not looking at the page after updating it is bush-league. A firing offence. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/10/19)

Thank you DCRTV for keeping me informed about the companies that own the major radio stations in DC. Hubbard owns WTOP....the largest billing radio station in the world! Congratulations to the management. Cumulus owns WMAL, the number one talk station in DC. They have come out of Bankruptcy and are doing well now. As for other companies......Entercom now owns five FM Stations and one AM station in the market. Congratulations to them for their ability to borrow $1.7 Billion to buy out the CBS Radio Stations. iHeart still in Bankruptcy and their stock is now 52 cents per share OTC. (6/10/19)

Dave's response: If ou appreciate DCRTV, now in its 22nd year, please make a donation of support. Via paypal.me/dcrtv or send a check payable to Dave Hughes to: Dave Hughes, 1720 Epps Bridge Parkway, Suite 108 Box 103, Athens GA 30606. Thanks.....

Is Rabbitears ever going to clean up their Salisbury TV stations page? It’s a complete mess. WRDE NBC Coast TV is on 3 TV signals now (They are advertising this) and Telemundo is on at least two! Rabbitears doesn’t even have one of these TV stations on the air even though the FCC gave them a license to cover months ago. That would WSJZ-TV. Has the guy who runs Rabbitears abandoned the site? (6/10/19)

/\ June 9 Messages /\

\/ June 8 Messages \/

The new WRQX, former WSOM/600 Salem OH (Youngstown market), is the perfect place to park the venerable DC calls. It's an automated/satellite classic country station, with limited or no local programming. The most recent local programming effort was a 3 hour brokered talk show hosted by a local political type a while back. As far as K-Love, I'm not a regular listener, but did hear the change from audio posted online from WPLJ/New York. They mentioned all the acquired stations, and did not hit the audience over the head with religion. They kept repeating their slogan, "Positive, Encouraging K-Love" and positioned the station as a place to get refuge from a turbulent world. I don't know if they soft pedal the religious aspect all the time. (6/8/19)

/\ June 8 Messages /\

\/ June 7 Messages \/

Happy Birthday Freda Wright-Sorce {June 7th} (6/9/19)

WZEB Power 101.7 in Salisbury/Ocean City, Md has had some changes over the past couple month in the line up. Jessica Martinez returns to the morning show to re-up The Bill Baker & Jessica Show 6-10am, Mix Show Coordinator & Music Director DJ Rated R takes over afternoon drive 3-8pm with "In Da Mix" as he mixes LIVE. And Dee-Lite who's been holding down weekends takes over nights Monday-Thursday 8pm-midnight. DJ Str8Up (Cory Satchell) also returns to WZEB after a stint across the street and take over mixing duties on the morning show as well as night show, and kicks off a brand new Sunday afternoon Old School show 4-8pm called "The Sunday Service" PD Bill Baker says "All this is a no brainer, seems like a lot in a short time but I couldn't be happier with the line up as we'll continue to dominate the market. Everyone here is a pro". (6/7/19)

If anyone actually uses this site to check on the overall health of their stock portfolio, they deserve to lose everything. cnbc.com. That's it. (6/7/19)

/\ June 7 Messages /\

\/ June 6 Messages \/

Was wondering what happened to Mix 107.3 today so I visited this page for the first time in forever, saw the change there but what saddened me was Tony "Mad Dog" Colter had died. I enjoyed listening to him when he was on DC101. RIP Tony :( (6/6/19)

Looks like WUSA is rearranging the deck chairs. Longtime meteorologist Howard Bernstein is moving from weekend evenings back to weekday mornings. Miri Marshall moves from weekday mornings to weekend mornings which probably means Melissa Nord goes to weekend evenings. (6/6/19)

Anyone else think 5's 4pm newscast will be a ratings flop? I'm curious as to what the format will be - I doubt it will be hard news. I think I calculated that they'll have 13 hours of local "news" EVERY DAY (counting the Good Day DC gabfest and their prime time newscasts on WDCA). Also, it's funny that WUSA - the first station in region, and maybe the country, to launch 4pm news back in the early 90s - is now the only local station that won't have a newscast in that time slot. My how the mighty have fallen... (6/6/19)

While Cumulus chips away at their debt, Little Big Man Dave B. is off to Chicago -- Why do they always put that guy on sinking ships? Germantown Gerry (6/6/19)

You've reported the same $26 billion debt figure 5 times since May 22. Please stop. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/6/19)

Wow! I have to admit even I'm surprised. WJZ 13, after firing anchor Mary Bubala in the last sweeps period, lost nearly HALF its audience, 46% in ratings, from her firing. If this isn't a clear message, I don't know what is. You cannot calculate boycotts and protests, but you can calculate ratings and WJZ 13 management clearly lost this battle. More in The Sun from Zurawik. www.baltimoresun.com... —BaltoMedia.net (6/6/19)

Can someone tell me why Fox5 thought Marina Marocco was a good choice to be a regular cohost on their show Like it or Not? Watched it this evening & what she obviously thought was her having a conversation was her yelling & screaming. Seems like she’s hyped up on something. I don’t see how she wasn’t exhausted by the end of the show. I know I was. Have never seen her anchor the news, but I truly hope she’s calmer on there. (6/6/19)

/\ June 6 Messages /\

\/ June 5 Messages \/

K-Love announced that the new Call Letters for 107.3 FM in DC are WLVW. Their sister station in Northern Virginia is WLZV 94.3 in Warrenton, VA. (6/5/19)

Some people who read DCRTV don't own a single share of stock and could care less about the stock market. You don't have to read this. For the rest of us, we are interested in it. iHeart, the largest radio Broadcasting Company in the World, reports their DEBT is now $26 BILLION. The iHeart stock is selling at just 52 cents per share OTC. (6/5/19)

Congratulations to Cumulus on reducing their debt by $200,000 Million. Their stock price on NASDAQ is $15.66 per share now. (6/5/19)

I finally had enough of WBAL and the ""C4" show, so I called in and asked the screener if C4 could let the callers complete a thought without constantly interrupting. I was not so politely told by said screener the IT IS THE C4 Show...I said yeah, but can't he let people talk ?. Was again not so politely told that "If you don't like it, don't listen !". I responded that it's that attitude that has your ratings continue to suck". This is what I've been saying for years now. Radio is dying, and yes stock guy, stocks continue to fall, because of the overall attitude in radio today that we don't care what you want, you get what we want to put out. Same attitude that almost killed the US auto industries in the 70's. I feel so bad for John Patti, Bill Vanko and Jim Russ for even being associated with that mess. Somewhat ironic that WBAL puts a lot of time and energy talking about the overall decline of the City of Baltimore. Gee, I wonder what former 'BAL staffers like Ron Smith, Mark Miller, and the old GM (Bill Kiernan ??) think about the mess that you continually put out over the airwaves today. (6/5/19)

I too have wondered about Erin Hawksworth. Last year she was welcomed to 107.3 with a Sunday morning show, " Hoffman and Hawksworth", which only endured for a few months; with Erin often absent. Sometime earlier this year she no longer had a WJLA twitter page. She occasionally sits in with various hosts on 107.3 and today, she was described in a sports report as a "contributor". It is very odd that she was a rotating sports anchor, hosted "Sports Talk" and "Ravens Report", and now although her photo has not been removed from WJLA's website, when she is introduced on the radio or when she calls in, no one mentions Channel 7 as her place of employment. (6/5/19)

Interesting: www.mix1073.com now automatically fowards to Hot 99.5's website. Clever move by someone somewhere. (6/5/19)

/\ June 5 Messages /\

\/ June 4 Messages \/

What happened to Erin Hawksworth? I have not seen her on WJLA for some time. Her picture is still on the WJLA website. I reached out to Erin on Instagram asking if she was still on WJLA. She liked the question but did not respond. (6/4/19)

"As the stock prices continue to drop, some Broadcasting Companies are now declaring dividends." So for all this obsessing about the stock market, do you not know how it works? The stock market is currently down thanks to Dear Leader's pointless tariffs, but EVERY COMPANY that issues quarterly dividends is still issuing them. The two aren't connected. Wait, look over there, I think the Aloha Trust is back, better go check out it. Hey, they just said something on WBAL...better check that out too! (6/4/19)

Posts about stock prices and broadcast balance sheets and the profit/loss nonsense make me vomit. (6/4/19)

I like Jack Diamond but he's slipping the other day he said EMF would be pumping in Christmas music I can see 20 or 30 sales people at WASH and WLIF stroking out hehe (6/4/19)

Just to put in a few extra facts about the new K-LOV Stations: According to the Wikipedia (and the FCC), 107.3 in DC is currently assigned the call letters, WSOM. Yes, they might say WLVW all day, but that's just publicity until they can make the legal change. When they give the legal ID for 107.3 it has to be WSOM. The station (92.1) in Fenwick Island, DE is WLBW, and the (105.5) station in Salisbury, MD is WLSW. So any joint legal ID would have to be those three sets of call letters and locations. And because the two stations on the Eastern Shore are Class A (ERP <= 6000W), their signal reach is around 25 miles so, having both is useful for the owners, just as WTOP has 50,000 watt stations (like 103.5 and 107.7) that have even more overlap, not to mention the Class A 103.9. Speaking of K-LOV, Howard Stern went nuts yesterday reminiscing about WPLJ-95.5 in NYC (which also changed to K-LOV), about how he listened to it for decades, how he wanted to work there, but luckily for his career never got hired, and that WPLJ stands for "White Port and Lemon Juice", a song first recorded in 1955. And it's time for my annual complaint: When is WYPR going to sync its signal with WYPF (same frequency 40 miles apart) so people like me who live between the two signals can get it clearly? (Probably never...) And lastly -- for no good reason -- I have to say that I still think Lisa Baden is the best traffic reporter in the area. -- Carl in Olney (6/4/19)

/\ June 4 Messages /\

\/ June 3 Messages \/

As the stock prices continue to drop, some Broadcasting Companies are now declaring dividends......Saga, Beasley, Salem and Urban One. These companies all have large debts to service. Cumulus is trying to reduce their debt by selling off some major market stations. (6/3/19)

The iHeart Balance Sheet shows $14 Billion in Assets and $26 Billion in DEBT. According to the new math, if they sold off all their assets today, for their value o $14 Billion, they would still have a debt of $12 Billion! (6/3/19)

Two large radio broadcasters have announced the amount of their DEBT. iHeart says they now have $26 Billion in Debt and Entercom has debt of $1.7 Billion. At 10 % interest, can you see how much they pay each year in interest. One of the executives from iHeart said, "if it weren't for the debt, we would be profitable". (6/3/19)

Heading back from the Outer Banks and you have to be kidding at this point. Of course, I'm talking about Pollin on WTOP and he actually mis-pronouned Kuzi's first name!!! Yes, Pollin said ev-jenny for in his first name. Come on, now he's doing morning sports instead of Dave Johnson? This morning, Pollin made a huge deal about the NBA Finals and took his time getting to baseball and local teams. At least Dave Johnson creates a story around our local teams. Someone needs to remind Pollin he's not on with Mel anymore and to lose that national, arrogant talent image that he has of himself. I can't believe he doesn't know Caps players. (6/3/19)

/\ June 3 Messages /\

\/ June 2 Messages \/

WMAL talker Mark Levin sold & signed 1000 copies of his new book “Unfreedom of the Press” at the Tysons Barnes & Noble book story Saturday morning: took six hours according to his Twitter post. Anyone good at math out there in Mailbag land? I have it as three books sold & signed per minute (6/2/19)

With WTTG starting a 4pm newscast, guess they really believe they can give NBC4 a run for their money. Yeah, right. And will it be actual news or just more fluff like their morning broadcast. And wonder who will anchor? Maybe the rumored Angie Goff. Or maybe they’ll move someone from the morning crew. They’ve obviously been grooming Erin Como for an anchor spot. In any case, seems like a waste of programming time (6/2/19)

Dear “simple business analytics”: apparently not simple enough for your comprehension. Easy for you to diss 107.3 by reducing it to a matter of “losing value”, but the value was still there. The problem was that because of past missteps Cumulus thinks it needs heaps of cash, not “value”. No fault of local staff. -Max Critic (6/2/19)

e: "Only radio people are going to think this is funny..." Not even them. Almost as stale as the Gas in Gaithersburg... (6/2/19)

Salisbury's K-Love 105.5 now mentions 107.3 at the top of the hour. It has always mentioned 92.1 Ocean City but now also includes 107.3 Washington. It goes something like: K-Love WLSW 105.5 Salisbury, 92.1 Ocean City, 107.3 Washington. It's odd that they have the same programming on 105.5 and 92.1 who's coverage seem to overlap each other. (6/2/19)

/\ June 2 Messages /\

\/ June 1 Messages \/

FYI.....The Call Letters for K-Love 94.3 in Warrenton, VA are WLZV. The new Call Letters for 107.3 FM are WLZW. This is effective on 6/1/19. (6/1/19)

Entercom's debt as of May 2019 is 1.7 billion, making them the healthiest of the large radio companies with 245 stations, mostly in major and large markets. (6/1/19)

If Centennial Broadcasting was smart it would purchase WAFY from Manning and simulcast a Hot AC format on Key 103, WBQB and WINC. They could call themselves the DMV's Superstations, and completely cover the lucrative markets of Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Montgomery and Frederick counties, where their respective primary listeners are. (6/1/19)

Take notice that there were 60 some-odd other stations (in DC area) that didn't have to say goodbye on Friday. When a station, and it's personalities lose value, the FOR SALE sign goes up. Simple business analytics. Life in DC back to normal in 3...2.... (6/1/19)

OK, so Fox 5 will now have either local news or other local fluff for about 15 hours of the day. Is there a real demand for this or they can’t get prime time shows to sign on? (6/1/19)

Lost in all the chatter about Cumulus and WRQX is the fact that AM 1260 is now Relevant Radio WQOF. While WMET switched to Guadalupe Radio Network it remains an English language station. Not counting the rimshotting LPFMs, metro DC has three Catholic radio stations : 1160, 1260, 1540 (Spanish). TK in Odenton. (6/1/19)

Only radio people are going to think this is funny: Does WRQX-FM air the new K-Love format using the Prophet automation system? (6/1/19)

I'm sampling "the new" WRQX on Saturday morning -- the Skip and Amy Morning Show -- and frankly, if the radio is turned down low enough to not make out the lyrics and I'm running my frightfully large table saw at full decibel level in my garage, it sounds like any other contemporary FM radio station. The music is formulaically mixed like every other modern song, so it satisfies the part of the brain expecting the order and structure of a solid beat. The morning hosts do that tease-and-reveal voicetrack thing that forces you to listen for another 15 minutes. Imaging and jingles are predictably vanilla and innocuous. In essence, its a conventional radio station, except Jesus programmed the playlist and Mary Magdalene is the phone screener. Being atheist and a much older dude myself, I won't be a listener. But if I were working for WGTS, I'd be thinking alternative strategy right about now . . . or updating my resume. And if I were working for WAVA, I'd just shrug and continue counting the checks rolling in. (6/1/19)

Dave's response: I recently visited Orlando and I heard Christian contemporary radio stations played in countless Uber rides and in many stores. Some were K-Love, some Salem's Fish, and many were locally-based outlets. Yeah, when it is played low enough, in the background, is just sounds like any generic AC station.....

/\ June 1 Messages /\

Messages from May 1 to May 31 can be reached HERE.....