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DCRTV Mailbag - July 1, 2019 to July 31, 2019

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To the River Road fact-provider re WPXW, etc, you mention the tiny 250 watt Mega 97.5 which probably transmits from a spare coat hanger but you don’t mention the mighty 99.5 and 94.7 signals up on the southeast mast. What are they, chopped liver? And to clarify, are you saying the gray cylinder I pictured is a recently installed WPXW main antenna? -P of the AW (7/31/19)

As for Pollin/Lovero, they were together on 106.7 on Sunday morning for a few months, but they were together on Saturday mornings for a year or so I think . The Sunday morning gig was added recently. In any event, I agree that it was a very good show. 106.7’s other weekend fare is dreck. They may as well go syndicated. Honestly, the entire station is garbage except for the Junkies…… (7/31/19)

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I just heard Diane Lyn sign off for the last time on WLIF. She said she had been there 20 years. I couldn't tell whether she was let go or was leaving for personal reasons. Have you heard anything about this? Thanks, Karlyn (7/30/19)

Re: P of the AW's post: WPXW is the only TV station licensed on that tower, which otherwise is just used for Mega 97.5 and the notorious Sputnik translator in terms of broadcast operations. WTTG is going to move there, but it's not tied to the repack so it's hard to imagine they are doing any work right now. Speaking of WPXW, they are testing the temporary 10 kW signal on 35 today (Tuesday). I would guess that is that signal's antenna, because the STA refers to using "interim" equipment rather than any sort of backup facility. Signal strength at my location is just above that of WNUV(!), but it's usable. WETA-TV is also back testing on 31, but only with color bars. And WMPT was off the air for large parts of the weekend - presume its construction is complete or nearly so. Three days to the repack... (7/30/19)

Salem stock is at an all time low of $2.06 per share. They are selling off some of their stations in order to pay down their debt. They just sold off some stations in Florida for $8.2 Million. Their Board just approved a salary increase for Ed Atsinger, the President of $1 Million per year plus benefits. (7/30/19)

The River Road tower is WPXW 66’s repack transmitter location and, while not involved in the repack, WTTG Fox 5 is moving there as well. WPXW has an extension to operate on a lower power transmitter already on the tower on its repack channel. Apparently, the tower needs a lot more work to be completed for both stations permanent transmitters. — BaltoMedia.net (7/30/19)

Some Baltimore news: Family Radio's WBMD AM 750 has filed an application for a permanent transmitter site using co-owned WFSI AM 860 on the banks of Back River. The app specifies 800 watts daytime only, just slightly more than the previous site. Also, WBAL 1090 AM has applied to increase the power of it's FM translator on 101.5 FM. It's licensed for 250 watts from TV Hill, but has never operated at that power, only 50 watts for quite some time. Now WBAL has applied to increase the power to 75 watts in a recent STA application. Why they are inching this FM up to 250 watts is still not known. And finally, what Baltimore 5000 watt AM radio station is for sale for $1.5 million dollars? There’s only three 5000 watt stations, but only 2 that I know own their land, WCAO and WJZ AM. Since call letters and format do not convey, doesn’t that almost certainly make it WJZ AM 1300 for sale? They’ve changed the link/category once, but it’s still here for now… www.radiotvdeals.com... — BaltoMedia.net (7/30/19)

I think it’s been posted already, but WETA and WPXW are both on their auxiliary transmitters on their repack channels as Phase 4 ends. It’s unclear if either station has a timetable for the permanent facilities just yet. WETA doesn’t even have the equipment yet and WPXW is at the whim of WTTG it seems. I posted a permanent vs. auxiliary signal plot for WETA and it doesn’t look good for Virginia south of Arlington and WPXW’s signal is of LPTV strength, but at a decent height. WMPT also filed an extension, but it seems to be more a paperwork thing as they are pretty much on track for completion of their monster 1000kw signal on channel 21. On the eastern shore, WGDV 32 Azteca America, Bounce, H&I, Escape, Laff & GRIT (few of which are on Comcast cable) is on an auxiliary transmitter on channel 28 on the WMDT tower pending the imminent switch permanently to channel 28. Presumably, WMDT & WBOC & Maryland Public TV have coordinated the simultaneous switch of WBOC to 32 while WGDV leaves 32 for 28, and WCPB leaves 28 for 16, but who knows? Maybe they’ll leave us all guessing? WMDT 47 doesn’t move to 29 until next winter. — BaltoMedia.net (7/30/19)

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So what Baltimore 5000 watt AM radio station is for sale for $1.5 million dollars? There’s only three 5000 watt stations, but only 2 that I know own their land, WCAO and WJZ AM. Since call letters and format do not convey, doesn’t that almost certainly make it WJZ AM 1300? www.radiotvdeals.com (7/29/19)

A previous email stated that Andy Pollin and Thom Lovero had been on 106.7 for "years". That is not exactly true, they have been appearing on the weekends for a few months, apparently after Hoffman and Hawksworth show didn't pan out. To me, they were the perfect pairing, two old guys who have been around DC sports, and could provide some perspective on the goings on of local sports teams. Chris, the Rooster is the wrong person to pair with anybody. He just talks too much. He's better solo with a producer or two chiming every so often. (7/29/19)

RE: Repack. Let’s just hope and pray CBS doesn’t screw up TV Hill’s candelabra tower like they’ve f’d up in Roxborough in Philly. Neither KYW or WPSG are ready for the repack, claiming all kinds of zoning and/or dog ate my homework stories. I knew CBS was not on the ATSC 3.0 bandwagon, but now we know how they are getting dragged screaming and kicking through the repack also. Good luck Hearst and Scripps on TV Hill. Sounds like they're gonna need it. (7/29/19)

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It appears that Thom Lovero is out as well on 106.7, at least on the weekends, Hawksworth was the solo host for the 9 to 12 Saturday and Sunday shows this weekend. She mentioned Chris Russell, but didn't mention that she was sitting in for Thom or that he would return next week. Oh, and she said she was filling in for Dukes on Monday, but again no mention of Thom. (7/28/19)

Question for in-the-know TV repack people. I recently saw rigging lines on the River Road tower but now they're gone. I think I see a new pale gray cylindrical antenna just to the right of where WHUT's antenna was fastened for many years (now gone). This one is much smaller but I assume that's because it's digital with lower power and possibly on a higher frequency. Think this is somebody's new repack antenna? Whose? -P of the AW (7/28/19)

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With "July Christmas" (July 25) behind us, I thought it would be a good idea to comment on the Best and Worst of 2019 (So Far). Best: Channel 50 not ending up with Sinclair. Worst: Channel 50 will be ending up with Nexstar. Best: 106.7 The Fan, particularly their midday show - nice of Conan to do a sports talk show before taping his TBS program every night! Worst: 99.1 The Ditch. Best: The fact that Kevin Sheehan keeps getting work. Worst: The fact that Radio.com runs outdated promos during commercial breaks on their streams: for example, there's a promo for a podcast "coming in June", while another invites you to listen to a basketball-oriented podcast "through the NBA playoffs" - which if I'm not mistaken ended all but a month ago... But that can't be nearly as bad as AM 980's commercial breaks. Maybe it's be but I think they play that commercial for the "Get Up Side Gas" app a little bit too much. Sometimes they'll play it twice during a break. And this morning, I heard it not once, not twice, but three times during a single stopset! Who knew Redskins Radio was a hard sell? To paraphrase Gunilla Hutton on Hee Haw: Oh well, it's not all that bad... At least you don't hear a Kars 4 Kids ad more than once during a break! (7/27/19)

Now that Bram and Andy are at 630, it’s looks like the Rooster did not make the cut. OOBBEE (7/27/19)

In response to the Julie Donaldson comment...does anyone advise Julie of her attire? Some of the outfits she squeezes into are Hilarious and shall we say somewhat ill fitting. It's obvious what her objective is....and it's apparently not sports. (7/27/19)

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I know almost no one cares about a suburban radio station like Key 103 in Frederick. But I find this station fascinating as a case study for how not to program a radio station. Key 103 has always under performed, as a longtime AC, then CHR and lately as a Hot AC station. Within the last few months (after a disaster of a ratings book) it lengthened its current playlist to 25 songs but still played songs from the 80's and 90's. Anyone who knows anything about radio should have understood that segues such as the Jonas Brothers to Boyz to Men satisfied no target audience. Plus their DJs could not have seemed less interested, almost never even providing a song title or artist, even for new songs. Now they are apparently facing even worse ratings as they have cut their current playlist to 5 songs. All the while being the only contemporary music station with a local signal into Frederick County. Imagine that, zero local competition and they still can't get anyone to listen! Now a county of 260,000 does not have any station playing new music. Is it any wonder teenagers and young adults can't dump radio quickly enough? (7/26/19)

Dave: I'm glad my work in Dewey Beach is keeping me away from training camp coverage...because it's still weak coverage year after year. Anyway, can we stop giving Pollin attention as he will show up at AM 630 in some shape or form because his old friends are hiring him. So, let's save the 106.7 investigative crap. However, I can't believe he would turn his back on stations like WTOP and 106.7. Andy's only about ego and money and that's like many including Czaban...but, these guys need a lesson in professionalism. Also, 980 should just go away because at this point, no one takes them seriously. Finally, I saw a few mins of NBCSNW's Redskins coverage and it really looks like Julie Donaldson needs help or someone to feed her content in her ear. She really looks/sounds like she has zero clue about what's going on and that's tough because none of her onsite colleagues appear to help either! (7/26/19)

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I called wjfk the other day saturday when i noticed chris russell was on with Tom lovero on saturday. I asked the producer if Andy pollon had been fired, he said no. I asked if Andy was at the station any longer and he also said no. Could he be headed to wsbn perhaps. I think they are planning on some local programming. (7/25/19)

More repack stuff: WFPT is operating on its post-repack facility as of Monday - it did not have a channel change but increased to 71 kW ERP from 41 kW, and rotated its directional pattern slightly. I get it a bit more consistently, but not by much. Like WPXW, WMPT has applied for an STA because it is *possibly* not going to finish construction in time. It is still going to cut over to channel 21 by the 2nd, but it may be from a backup tower. The application contains copies of e-mails stating construction is planned to complete on the 30th, so it's CYA in case the weather is bad. Misc: WETA-TV and WDCO-CD were granted their previously discussed requests (permit extension and relocation, respectively) and WAZT-CD's post-repack facility (on the Loudoun/Clarke border) will be delayed by storm damage. And the post yesterday about Gray owning all of the network affiliates in Harrisonburg was prescient - down in Charlottesville, Gray states that WAHU-CD's post-repack construction is delayed because of an unspecified legal challenge to their purchase of WVIR....you'd have to think that's the reason, but I couldn't find any more info. (7/25/19)

Following up on the Andy Pollin mystery, the 106.7 PD has refused to respond to tweets asking about Andy. I’m hoping Andy is going back to 980, or maybe hooking up with 630, and the 106.7 PD is just being petulant. Also, hope Lovero soon follows him. 106.7 is sports radio for dummies. (7/25/19)

Wondering if something is going on at WAVA and its related properties. All Access is running an ad seeking an Ops Manager, and ZipRecruiter posted for an assistant engineer. A couple of weeks back, it was mentioned here that Chris Roth headed to Baltimore. Is anyone else peeling out of formation and bolting toward the door? (7/25/19)

Just curious how Gray is allowed to keep literally every network affiliation in the Harrisonburg/valley market once they acquire WVIR? Or will that change. Here the only non-Gray NBC station that will be easily viewable will be Graham's WSLS as they'll have Richmond, Charlottesville, and WRC never quite reaches here. Seems like another good reason to stop media consolidation. (7/25/19)

Dave's response: Look at Salisbury. Draper now controls that market's CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates. The FCC should have a rule that one company can't own more than two major network affiliations in a single market.....

Just saw the posting about locast TV app to watch local channels my Android smartphone loaded the app but says unavailable in my area yet lists Washington DC on it's website as having it I'm in Woodbridge. (7/25/19)

Salem stock price is at an all time low of $2.14 per share. Ed Atsinger, the President of Salem, gets a new salary increase to $1 Million per year. Is this increase based on performance? (7/25/19)

"failed to realize that almost no one even knows any TV stations are changing TV channels or that their signals might be better or worse." I don't care what people know or don't know. If your OTA television suddenly fails to receive a channel, have it rescan. In other words, behave like a normal person. And a little less long-winded next time please. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/25/19)

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Hey Gus in Gaithersburg. If you live close to all the television transmitters, you can just rescan an get them all. Where I live in the boonies of far Western MD, all the stations are in different directions, so you do have to go on a "Fantastic Voyage" and use the add/delete channel mode as each station moves their channel for repacking. Therefore, you do have to know on which RF channel the station was and where it is after repack. If you rescan with the antenna pointed in one direction, the rescan erases the channels in all the other directions. (7/24/19)

Re:NBC4, maybe the technical difficulties were weather related? Heard the storm last night was pretty fierce. But yeah, they DID make sure the commercials were seen. (7/24/19)

I think Andy Pollin has either been fired or quit 106.7 The Fan. The week before last he was with Thom Loverro filling in for Chad Dukes during the week and they worked the first 4 days. Then that Thursday on their show after it Overtime that had a rare 3 person show with Chris Russell, Craig Hoffman and Erin Hawksworth, Russell mentions he was working the next day on Friday. Hoffman said you are I hadn't seen that to which Russell says it was a whole fiasco and I can't talk about it on the air I'll tell you during the break. So the next day on Friday he's filling in with Thom Loverro for Dukes. No mention of Andy. Over that weekend on Saturday and Sunday Russell is with Loverro. The same this weekend that just passed. All 4 shows there was no mention of Andy. There was also no bumpers or show open mentioning the show name Pollin and Loverro. Late in the Sunday show 2 days ago Loverro in asking Chris about someone's birthday said, "I know we don't do birthdays anymore but", a clear reference to the birthday game that Andy did on that show and The Sports Reporters on 980 before which I guess is as close to proof that he's gone as I've heard. Andy since has been active on twitter but his posts have not mentioned the station or leaving it nor am I sure if he's still doing his other job doing sports updates on WTOP (I rarely listen to keep up there). I don't know what else you need to run with it. Nothing official other than the obvious. (7/24/19)

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What happened at channel 4 11:00 news tonight. Only Doreen Gentzler and Doug Kammerer sort of winging it. No other faces. No sports. Said "technical difficulties . . . computer related". No graphics or tapes. "From the newsroom" not the set. They got the commercials in, of course. (7/23/19)

The moron from Gaithersburg failed to realize that almost no one even knows any TV stations are changing TV channels or that their signals might be better or worse. Some TV stations’ signals are coming from different towers and in some cases nearly different markets. People on Delmarva looking for NBC without cable TV for instance really need to keep track of this and where NBC Coast TV’s signal is. Even in DC, WTTG and WPXW are both moving to different towers and WETA will probably not be easy to receive by many for quite some time. Could someone please punch Gus’s old computer punch card one last time? I think it’s run out of space/time. As for the FCC link for the Repack, it’s worthless for some people. It does not include any lower power TV stations and sometimes give you false information about what TV stations you might receive after the repack. As usual the FCC f’d that up too. In other repack news, the Channel 6 on Delmarva has filed to keep it’s FrankenFM channel 6 after the repack, but the FCC has as of yet taken no action. (7/23/19)

What happened on Channel 4 (WRC/NBC) 11:00pm news tonight??? No video, no live shots, no co-anchor, no graphics. The only explanation from Doreen Gentzler: “A computer was involved.” Or, as she put it: “Radio on TV.” Thank god for Doug Kammerer, who went 10 minutes on weather. --MCascio (7/23/19)

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that on Saturday Directv removed CBS from it's lineup. Another rights battle. But you can get all the Baltimore and Washington stations in HD using Locast.com. If you like their service, make a donation. (7/23/19)

What is the best radio stock to invest in now? iHeart $16.22, Cumulus $16.50, Entercom $5.55, Urban One $2.31, Salem $2.17. All of these companies own radio stations in DC. (7/23/19)

WETA-TV appears to be testing on post-repack channel 31 this afternoon (Monday). If it really is from their backup facility, out here in Leesburg the signal is stronger than I expected. You can check it out if you have an HDHR or similar - as they both use 26.x virtual channels it's impossible to tell on most standard TVs which signal you are getting. (7/23/19)

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When I saw the post(s) saying “Why is it whenever camera crews go out to get earthquake footage, they invariably and always end up at a liquor store?” it reminded me of something ABC anchor Roger Grimsby once said in the newsroom. “Can’t do news without [cigarette] butts and booze!” Roger was well equipped in that regard. He passed in 1995… (7/22/19)

So Andy Pollin and Thom Lovero have been doing morning shows on weekends for years now on WJFK. It is an understatement to say that their show was the sole sanctuary of intelligent radio on that otherwise vast wasteland of a station aimed at low I.Q. sports fans. So two weeks ago, Andy and Thom were covering for the useless afternoon guy who was on vacation for the week. Suddenly, Andy disappears and the next day we get Thom paired with the atrocious fill in Chris Russell. That pairing has continued for the following two weekends. Absolutely no word on Andy. I see that Twitter questions to 106.7's PD about Andy have been ignored. Hope Andy is okay. Maybe he is getting a new gig with a better station.............. (7/22/19)

"The announcements by television stations that they are moving channels never mentions where they are moving to" So effing what? Are you not going to have your OTA TV rescan like the ads say? Are you going to go Fantastic Voyage and go inside your TV to move stuff around? Or are you going to behave like a normal person? Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/22/19)

Any word on Andy Pollin? He’s been missing from Pollin & Loverro on 106.7 this weekend with no explanation. (7/22/19)

s Andy Pollin out at 106.7 The Fan? Lately he’s been missing from the Saturday/Sunday morning show he normally co-hosts with Thom Loverro and his replacement Chris Russell didn’t say he was filling in for Pollin. The station’s website refers to a new program called “The Rooster and the Reporter” (frankly one of the lamest, least creative names for a radio show that I’ve ever seen). Maybe the new ESPN 630’s looking to add some locally produced content and Pollin’s part of those plans? (7/22/19)

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The applications for STAs for low power during the TV repack are normal. WETA, WPXW, and many others are have filed them for Phase 4. First of all, workers cannot be on the towers at full power and some need to use AUX facilities during the installation of the new transmitter. The stations that don’t have AUX backup facilities need to temporarily create them or go off the air during installation. In WPXW’s case, they’ve moving from Tenleytown to River Road with WTTG. WTTG’s transmitter will be at the top and they are calling the shots on access to the tower no doubt. As for WETA, they do not have a combiner yet for the Fort Reno tower with WUSA/WJLA and will be on low power from their Arlington WETA FM tower with a much more poor signal than WMPT and WHUT until at least the fall. As for WWPX, they’ve tried to move channel 12 to DC and even have a lower power version of it in DC licensed, but I don’t think the FCC is going to allow the channel 13 to fully move into the DC market without some concession. (7/21/19)

Hooked up my old analog TV to do some DXing and discovered that WDCN does have a video presence on channel 6. Canada and Cuba are still running some analog TV stations, which are seen when the skip is right during June July and August sporadic-E season. Don’t know if it’s possible to post the video I’ve included, but a few people might be interested in seeing it. Larry N4VA in Springfield (7/22/19)

Dave's response: If you have a YouTube account, upload the video there and I can embed it here. But I can't host videos on my current servers.....

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In case anyone actually want so view the WPXW filing here is a more useful link. There are link to attachments at the bottom of the page. fcc.gov (7/20/19)

"WOW, for once Gus in Gaithersburg, the computer and Mac expert, a computer which didn’t exist in 1975, is once again pontificating about his computer prowess." Is this the "electronic billboard guy"? Wow, I know it's harsh when someone whizzes instead of jizzes in your mouth-funnel, Gimp, but what is your effing problem? I started out on mainframes, paper tape, and punch cards but I'm not aware of any law saying I can't buy a PC or a Mac. "WOW, for once ...once again..." Do you see how little sense that makes? You seem to have issues but that don't befront me. Bless your heart. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/20/19)

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Ref TV Repack. The announcements by television stations that they are moving channels never mentions where they are moving to (and many times where they presently are). This FCC site has all the info: www.fcc.gov (7/19/19)

Repack news #2: This afternoon WPXW applied for an STA to start its post-repack operations on channel 35 from a temporary antenna and just 10 kW, which would seem to give it a usable range of roughly one county in any direction - not even WRZB-LD's power is that low. The request contains no estimated timeframe for the commencement of full-power operations. fcc.gov.... Also, correction to my previous email: Gray purchased WVIR-TV but sold only WAHU-CD's Fox affiliation, they had already owned the physical station and kept it. (7/19/19)

Shark bites Richmond radio host Melissa Chase: ‘It hurt so badly!’ - wtvr.com: Richmond radio host Melissa Chase is recovering Thursday after a scare while on vacation with her family in North Carolina. Chase, who co-hosts Play Mornings with Melissa and Jack on 103.7, took to social media Wednesday night to tell her story. "Well it was my fault for going too far out in the ocean, but I got bit by a shark on vacation this week!" she posted. "It was a baby one and I’m fine now, but holy bananas it hurt so badly!" Chase said she was far out in the water playing on sandbars with her kids at Sunset Beach when she felt something rubbery hit her legs. "I knew right away it was a shark, but didn’t have enough time to react before it bit down on my ankle," she said. "The immediate pain felt exactly like you’d think it would when you watch a shark movie and it chomps down - my stomach felt completely nauseous." (7/19/19)

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980 can't seem to get out of its own way...Now they made another incredible move, replacing Al Galdi with the unlistenable , pompous, Kevin Sheehan. Are they kidding me. Galdi does a super job and can handle any topic. Sheehan can only speak about the Deadskins and even that is painful. Congratulation's to the person who made that brilliant decision. Goodbye 980..hello 106.7. (7/18/19)

Dave: First, um, um, um, but um and I guess we're back to putting old recycled talent on the radio with Sheehan returning. When will the new 980 owners wake up and get a new PD and staff of talent, who know something about DC sports and the business...ok, I know, it's all about hiring friends! Finally, I guess Leonsis is close to naming a replacement for Buck on the Wizards shows. Bottom line, Buck being high-maintenance never helped the business model and I wish he would stop playing the role of the victim. Move on and drop the ego! (7/18/19)

Repack news: WWPX-TV, which is moving from channel 12 to 13 next year, has applied to move its post-repack facility from Boyds Gap west of Martinsburg to the mountain on the Virginia-WV border east of Charles Town. It'll run just 4.6 kW directed at Martinsburg, but looks to still be a substantially easier catch in Loudoun, Fauquier, and Frederick. Wonder if Ion has further plans to move this rather useless station inward....And a very interesting request from Charlottesville's WVIR-TV, which is one of two major-network affiliates in the entire country moving to low-VHF. It's asking to simulcast on channel 2 and its current channel 32 from the beginning of Phase 5 testing (3 August) through its switchover date of 6 September. Gray just purchased this station, and my speculation is that they think low-VHF will be a big enough problem that they also picked up former Fox affiliate WAHU-CD solely to run a permanent UHF simulcast in the core of the market, because it notably did not keep the Fox affiliation. (And I'm just wondering how common of a DX catch channel 2 will be up here...) (7/18/19)

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WOW, for once Gus in Gaithersburg, the computer and Mac expert, a computer which didn’t exist in 1975, is once again pontificating about his computer prowess. Alert the media. (7/17/19)

"If you don’t remember electronic billboard groups from colleges/universities on computers in the early days of computers, then you weren’t on computers in the early days." I do remember those days, but didnt we call them Bulletin boards (BBS)? (7/17/19)

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Interesting that WTTG hasn’t added Angie Goff to their staff pics & bio page yet. (7/16/19)

Just saw that Sheehan is returning to 980 for morning drive. My issue with Sheehan is that, while he is very good on the Redskins, he is not strong on either the Nats or Caps. Don't know what is happening to Galdi, but I thought he was quite good (and did a great job of covering all the major DC pro teams)...... (7/16/19)

Kevin Sheehan is returning to The Team 980 on Aug. 5, but the independent podcast he launched last year isn’t going anywhere. (7/16/19)

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Chris Russell (aka Rooster) must have taken a beat down from CK. He had to publically apologize freaking Bruce Allen on air to start his show one night last week after ranting about him on his show and the Junkies the day before. You have to listen to it! LOL thefandc.radio.com (7/15/19)

Correction: The correct word is “Bulletin Board Systems”. That’s what DCRTV remotely resembles. (7/15/19)

The mid-day motor mouth (C4) on alleged wanna-be news radio 1090 is on another high-speed tirade today about all the violence in Baltimore, following this morning’s shooting at a drug/mental health clinic that left several individuals injured, including a Baltimore city police officer. He said he is tired of talking about all the violence. Well guess what; we’re sick and tired of listening to it. CLICK (7/15/19)

DC is hardly a great test market for studies, skewing far too high on wealth, political left also, but nationwide, cable TV rates are rising and subscribers are falling in numbers for the reasons DCRTV Dave mentioned. OTA TV watchers have been steadily rising for over 5-7 years now if not longer. The other draw is the ability to buy a la carte packages of just what you want, which companies like Comcast simply will not offer. The notion that OTA viewers are all low income however is false. Sure in major cities, a great proportion of them are, but mostly, cord cutting is a younger age demographic viewer, so hardly an undesirable group. (7/15/19)

What are they thinking at WMAL? They ditched Rush Limbaugh's weekly review show 4 - 7 PM on Sunday and put in some non-live Chris Plante show. He sux! I won't be listening any more. Cheers, Hank (7/15/19)

Hi Dave, I really like your websites. Dave I want to ask you something. I hope I have the years correct. I apologize in advance if I don`t. Some years ago I believe from 2004 to 2008 on 9 News Now in the Washington,DC/Northern Virginia area there was a very popular morning meteorologist named Kim Martucci. At some point she suddenly left the network. I never found out why she left. She was very popular with the viewers and she really enjoyed her job. Dave I just wanted to ask you if you know exactly why she left the Network. Just curious. Respectfully, Chris (7/15/19)

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Here's a tip: there were no "electronic billboards". I know the word you're thinking of but you clearly don't. I've been twisting computers since 1975. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/14/19)

An interesting post about paid streaming audio levels; I would think they would be utilizing some form of level control. As I have Dish, I know nothing about how the streaming comes in. If by PC: try www.claessonedwards.com... If you use a special box, if it has an extra HDMI, that can go to a AV receiver which will be loud enough, but without any level control. Now, if the streaming box has a headphone output, feed left and right to the input of an Aphex Compellor which will do level control, then from there to a decent amplifier. Like you Max, I see no reason why anyone streaming for a living would not consider at least a light to moderate amount of leveling as it can be done nicely with today's DSP processors. Tom Conroy (7/14/19)

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Enjoying the conversation re cable vs. OTA viewing. Huge problem for me: my big modern Samsung TV outputs any streamed show audio at about 30dB below broadcast. We can barely hear it. Processing is not existent so levels all over the place. And the final aggravation? Streamed audio doesn't appear at the aux outs for connection to our nice aftermarket sound system. Now, that’s sucky, inferior entertainment. - Max Critic (7/13/19)

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RE: 20 percent. Major market OTA viewers may not be as economically valuable to advertisers as viewers who pay for entertainment. (7/12/19)

So who’s responsible at tv stations for coordinating what’s on the teleprompter & the pics/videos are shown? Reason being, was watching Fox5 news, the anchor said she was about to show us pics from this morning’s Zip Trip. So what pic comes up? A pic of a dirty bathroom w/a nasty looking toilet that looked this way due to recent floods. Not the first time I’ve seen the pics or videos not match what the anchors are reading. (7/12/19)

Susan Monday former 9 to noon talk show host on Delaware 1059 WXDE says goodbye through the Cape Gazette. The new owners dropped her show to save money, put on syndicated talk in her place. www.capegazette.com (7/12/19)

Hi Dave, Maryland Public Television repack information is online at www.mpt.org/rescan. On-air announcements have been running since July 2 per the FCC. WMPT Annapolis, WGPT Oakland and WCPB Salisbury change frequencies August 2. WFPT Frederick increases power on the same channel August 2. (7/12/19)

Looks like Forever Media has begun its fat cutting in Milford. I was driving today and heard syndicated, Mike Gallagher in the Susan Monday spot. Got home and looked at the website and 12-3 looks like it is now on the bird with Markley, van camp & Robbins. Also, word on the street is that Bob Steele is out at Adams Radio in Salisbury. (7/12/19)

When did we start having weather as entertainment? Bill Kelly on WJLA started "Weather on the Go." He gets so wrapped up in the "on the go" part that he forgets the "weather" part and usually just skims it. Another gripe I have about WJLA is that they don't update their website weather videos. They show them from early in the morning at 6 pm or from the day before. Usually not a problem but on a weather alert day they need to do better. (7/12/19)

To the person who said WUSA's morning news show is a mess you're right! Their 11 p.m. newscast isn't much better. WUSA has a hard time covering news. They cover one story every night for several nights sometimes as much as a week. I'm not saying that military wives not getting paid isn't important or that military housing isn't a disgrace but they don't add any new content. They just repeat what they have covered the previous several days. Their morning show is a joke but so is WJLA's. I think if you want to have a comedy, exercise class, food demonstration, field trip show fine well and good. Put that on between 4:25 and 6 and leave the 6-7 hour for hard news, weather and traffic. If you're looking for news in the morning, so far News 4 Today is your best bet. I often wonder why they start these shows at 4:25 a.m. if they're not going to show NEWS (7/12/19)

WJLA-TV / ABC 7 is having its second round of layoffs. Investigative Reporter, Nathan Baca was laid off after two years on the job. I-team manager / special projects director, Holly Shannon might get the ax. Information from FTVLive: "Sources tell FTVLive that Sinclair’s WJLA in DC has laid off Investigative Reporter Nathan Baca... We also hear that Sinclair might be doing the same thing to I-Team Manager Holly Shannon. Shannon has been at the station for years, is an old school Journalist that knows how to cover a story. Let’s hope Sinclair does not cast this good Journalist aside... The entire article can be found on FTVLive accessed here: www.ftvlive.com (7/12/19)

WGMD had a modern website about five years ago. For some reason, they thought going to their current mess was a good idea. An interesting contrast with the research WTOP does on everything they do, including their website... (7/12/19)

I’d like for the guy who knows the TV repack process to clarify how many people watch the local DC stations over the air. It’s a very small slice, right? I’ve got to think that dwelling only on coverage and penetration of the OTA signals is grossly misleading. -Max Critic (7/12/19)

Dave's response: Actually, the number of people in urban areas watching over the air TV is up somewhat to about 20% with the trend towards dumping expensive cable TV service in favor of cord cutting services like Netflix, Sling, Hulu, the upcoming Disney+, YouTube TV, and many other streaming services.....

Phase 4 TV Repack: WRC TV is now notifying online of its channel change as is WETA regarding its temporary broadcast situation on lower power. WHUT TV will actually have a stronger signal than WETA. So far, Maryland Public TV has no online notification. Since 2 of their channels are moving this month, I’d think they’d take care of that soon. WPXW and ION in general does not seem to have any repack channel information for their TV stations. I think that might result in an FCC fine. I’m pretty sure on-air and online notices are required by the FCC unless someone knows more. (7/12/19)

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Dave, I signed up for a contest on WMAL’s website, and I got this correspondence back. What does it mean? Comrades Chris Plante and Larry O’Connor, you did a huge favor to CZAR Putin. You should be proud of yourselves. We now have you as spies working for us in the US Radio Broadcast. With that nitwit Hannity on the TV doing our bidding as well, we have successfully made you into our propaganda spreaders. Congratulations, Comrades! Russia and Putin owe you some fine borscht and vodka. Did you know our leader Vladimir calls this Trump guy “Clown with the long tie”? Your next mission, comrades Larry and Chris, is to go on radio and make this clown Trump look smart, look genius, yes. If it gets too hard, I teach you a trick we do in Russia. Compare what he just did to a 4-D chess game, that will confuse the listener, and distract the listener from thinking about what stupid thing this “Clown with long tie,” actually said or did. You do this until election in year 2020. You will be helping Mother Russia a lot. We need clown there to represent to Russia and the world how US economy is bad, and US Capitalism leads to stupidity. You go and do what Putin wants, Larry O’Connor and Chris Plante, and we see you n Russia soon, yes? (7/11/19)

At the end of the month when Stage 4 of the TV repack is done, WMPT, yes Maryland Public Television, will be the strongest TV signal in the Washington DC market, beating WRC TV by about 500,000 people and WETA (on their auxiliary tower until negotiations complete the WUSA/WJLA tower build) by over 1 million potential viewers. Yes, WETA will be losing over 1 million potential viewers until they complete their dispute over the combiner at the Fort Reno tower. WTTG is losing OTA viewers moving to River Road and WUSA/WJLA, both on VHF, limits their indoor penetration making their reception numbers exaggerated. It’s no wonder that Maryland Public Television was so happy to work with WETA on their channel 14 problem. They made out like bandits with allowed increased powers on multiple MPT stations. I wonder though. I know channel 14 is still in use in DC, but unprotected. So the question begs, will channel 14 remain an available full power TV allocation for DC or is that completely removed? I don’t see any TV frequencies remaining for Baltimore except maybe channel 16 (unless land/mobile prohibits), or channel 2 or 3 for DC or just 3 for Baltimore. (7/11/19)

If alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 thought Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s congressional testimony yesterday on decriminalizing marijuana was so damned important, why didn’t they carry it live, or record it in HD and run it in afternoon drive? Instead, in keeping with their determination to bring us day-old news, they phoned her up this morning for yet another pathetic attempt at interviewing, while allowing her to play the race card over what she calls a “disproportionate” number of black arrests. DUH!!!! “Earth to Mosby: Baltimore is predominantly black.” There was a post the other day about “NO BALLS.” Well, this is exactly that; NO BALLS to stand up to this bullshit and ask some serious, hard questions. Instead, the station allows their morning show host to promote his support of legalization. Yesterday, the dude who calls himself “C4” sparred with the woman who follows him with her show over the suggestion of paying squeegee kids to clean up vacant housing in the city. Are you fucking kidding me??? I had to wonder if HE is smoking the pipe with the morning dude. Then, to top off the day, the afternoon kid whines and bitches about the pathetic state of affairs in Baltimore the other three regurgitated all day; just what we want to hear at the end of OUR stressful days. Every day, it’s the same ‘ole shit; murders, rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults, arson, sink holes, corruption, etc. Did I leave anything out?? Maybe I have it all wrong; maybe I should join them for a morning doobie or two. We can all gather ‘round the newsroom console for a little back-smacking as we sing a few stanzas of Puff the Magic Dragon. (7/11/19)

If you don’t remember electronic billboard groups from colleges/universities on computers in the early days of computers, then you weren’t on computers in the early days. They were a lot like DCRTV, only live via dialup at 14.4k or 28.8k and topics were grouped. (7/11/19)

Was nice to hear WXPN OTA this morning in Leonardtown. (7/11/19)

For two years, Chris Plante and Larry O’Connor have been telling us Russian interference and fake news out of Russia did not influence the outcome of the 2016 General Election. This week we learned fake news out of Russia influenced Chris and Larry so much they spread the misinformation like wildfire. So, if Chris and Larry did not know it was fake news, are they both poor judges of “information,” or are they both so partisan they have the reasoning ability of a gnat, and to be precise, a gnat with mental issues? Thank you, Mr Isikoff, for following up and clearing Mr. Rich’s reputation, a reputation that Chris Plante and Larry O’Connor dragged through the mud, solely for partisan political gain (Shirley Sherrod redux?). Has Maria’s credibility as a newsperson decreased when we learned yesterday she had no idea who Michael Isakoff is, but is very familiar with reporting on the works of James O’Keefe? (7/11/19)

With the new ratings today showing WIAD in 14th place and going nowhere fast, it looks like Entercom made a big mistake dumping Hot AC for Classic Hits. If they brought in Jack Diamond for mornings and moved Jason Kidd and Albie Dee to afternoons and evenings respectively, they could own the Hot AC market in DC and challenge WASH and Hot 99.5. It is also interesting to see how while WASH and Hot both went up significantly with the demise of Mix 107.3, Key 103 in Frederick showed no growth whatsoever. I know DC is not its primary market but it should have picked up some listeners in DC's Maryland suburbs. Perhaps it needs to drop some of songs from 20 years ago and stick with contemporary music. It might also not wait to play new surefire hits like the recent Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran until weeks after every other Hot AC. (7/11/19)

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"Rehoboth Beach news talker WGMD at wgmd.com, still stuck in 1985-ish web design..." Perhaps Dave was trying to make a "The Day the Clown Cried" joke but it bears mentioning that there were no websites in 1985. Moving on, I have no clue what "billboard chatter" means. Moving further on, "Get Up DC on WUSA (ps-WHY hasn't that been put to bed yet?!!)". Based solely on the TV commercials for it, that's meant to be "the black show". So that's ps-WHY. If you make the jump to the current sad state of Metro, that's on you. I didn't say that. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/10/19)

Just read the comments from someone who’s watched Fox 5’s 4pm newscast for the past 2 days. I couldn’t agree more. I bet he’s thinking “I left the network for THIS?”. And on that Like it or Not show, what’s up with Marina Marroco YELLING during the entire show??!!! Her blood pressure must be through the roof by the end of the show. (7/10/19)

I’ve seen that morning show on WUSA & agree that it’s a mess. And Annie Yu thought leaving WTTG was a good idea? (7/10/19)

I know Fox5’s 4pm newscast is new & I want to try & give the show a chance But I’m not feeling the pairing of Blake McCoy & Angie Goff. Just seems to be some tension between them. Of course it could be due to them pretty much being thrown together & not knowing each other. They also were on that Like it or Not show last night & something was just off between those two. Well, we shall see how successful this new newscast goes. (7/10/19)

Apparently that smirking announcement of WRDE's purchase by WBOC by the WRDE anchors in Arkansas has come to fruition. The WRDE news anchors and staff in Arkansas have been dumped in favor of WBOC TV news simulcasts at 6 & 11 as of June. But according to Facebook, a new news studio is being constructed in Milton for WRDE (formerly WBOC's Delaware bureau) and many of the local WRDE reporters have been kept on staff for a fall debut of the new WRDE News from Delaware, but not with the Arkansas anchors, still retained by their company, but no longer for WRDE. — BaltoMedia.net (7/10/19)

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. So the WGMD website is from 1985? And WTOP and The Baltimore Sun bad as well? What does that make DCRTV? Late 70s/early 80s college B&W billboard chatter from those not getting laid? And then there was CompuServe and DCRTV for Gus in Gaithersburg. :-) (7/10/19)

Dave's response: Hey, I like old and grunky stuff. Bring back analogue tube TV where the channel you dialed up was the channel it was transmitted on. Channel 4 was on channel 4, etc. So simple.....

After 2 days of watching the new Fox 5 News at 4:00 I can honestly say I've never seen anybody as bored looking as Blake McCoy. If you look close enough you can see him counting the days until his contract is up. Angie 'Let Me Promote Myself' Goff looks like she's landing a plane in a blizzard. I had some hopes that this might be something different but it's just as bad as Get Up DC on WUSA (ps-WHY hasn't that been put to bed yet?!!) (7/10/19)

OMG! In a call to WMAL’s newsroom this afternoon, they were not aware of the bombshell news about the Russians planting the fake Seth Rich story, unveiled by Michael Isikoff yesterday. (as you recall, both Larry O’Connor and Chris Plante treated that story as a real cover up by the DNC. So, both Chris and Larry were fooled by fake news from Russia. (How embarrassing for those two crackpots. But, hey, Plante and O’Connor are not that bright to begin with, so does it really surprise you Chris and Larry would fall head over heels in love with a fake news story generated out of Russia? Speaking of not that bright, when I spoke to Maria, she was unaware who exactly Michael Isikoff even is. And you are in broadcast news, Maria? Maria told me she would do a search for this news and give it to the producers, so the hosts can talk about it. I asked they put the story on their website, have it on air as the first story at the top of the hour newscast, and have Chris and Larry do a full mia culpa, admitting they were wrong in prioritizing this news, wrong in upsetting the family, wrong in dragging a murdered man’s name through the mud, and wrong about falsely politicizing a crime for political benefit. Do you think WMAL wil do the right thing? (7/10/19)

The Baltimore Sun redesigned their website and is no longer using the iconic "LIGHT FOR ALL" logo at the top of the page. The new webpage design appears to be more condensed too, I guess in line with their more condensed staff. See it here... www.baltimoresun.com... — BaltoMedia.net (7/10/19)

Just to keep things in calm perspective and to encourage proper use of the Queen's English: a "TRAGIC FAIL" is a sudden bridge collapse that strands a community and kills dozens; a leak in a reactor containment vessel that renders a city uninhabitable for 100 years; or a blown door seal at a lab causing the release of a genetically modified pathogen that causes agonizing pain and lingering death for hundreds. The term now also defines any posting by Gus in the Gaithersburg. (7/10/19)

The following was forwarded to DCRTV.....

My name is Misha Keeled, and I represent the Mikhail Gorbachev International Policy and Study Center here in Moscow. It is with great pleasure I nominate two Americans, Larry O’Connor and Chris Plante, for the Gorbachev Prize in International Journalism for the Advancement of Russian Truthfulness. Journalists like Mr. Plante and Mr. O'Connor stood up to their own government, their own law enforcement, and two grieving parents, to report "news" vital to Russian interests and protections in the United States. Despite other news media, the FBI findings, and grieving parents pleading with these two great men to stop reporting Russian "news," (designed to damage an American political party), O’Connor and Plante bravely, dismissed all this pressure and reported news favorable to the Russian mission in the United States. We in Russia can make the “news” but without people like Chris Plante and Larry O’Connor, our efforts don’t go very far. We in Moscow applaud their love for Mother Russia, and are proud of our comrades at WMAL for taking journalism to a new level. O’Connor and Plante’s work toward advancing Russian and Vladimir Putin ideals in Washington, and all over the United States will be celebrated at an awards dinner this fall in St. Petersburg. We look forward to toasting Larry and Chris with Russian vodka in September. (7/10/19)

Hey Dave, there is a report just released on the Seth Rich case claiming the conspiracy was planted by Russian Intelligence. Since Larry O'Connor and Chris Plante both reported the fake news on WMAL as real talking points, and WMAL news reported the conspiracy as legitimate news, (even after The Washington Post called the theory "disgusting and unfounded"), is it now safe to conclude WMAL ACTS AS AN AGENT OF THE KREMLIN. WMAL IS NOT PATRIOTIC BECAUSE THEY USE RUSSIAN GENERATED MISINFORMATION TO "INFORM" THEIR LISTENERS. Damn, I thought is was bad when a Russian spy showed up at "Politics and a Pint, with Chris Plante" but WMAL proved again they are anti-USA. Are Larry, Chris, and Maria, full time Russian spies, or just part time Russian agents? (7/10/19)

WTOP’s move from DC to Chevy Chase into state-of-the-art studios ain’t the only changes its made in past months: now the Glass Enclosed Nerve Center is touting a new look for its accompanying web site. “If you’re reading this,” reports Julia Ziegler, “you’ve probably already noticed that WTOP.com looks a little different than the last time you visited. The changes you are seeing on the site are the result of multiple focus groups and research studies with people just like you. People who told us they liked the local news content we had to offer, but that it wasn’t organized well. People who told us they wanted a more visually-appealing presentation of the top news stories of the day regardless of platform. And people who told us they wanted “research studies” and “choice and personalization”. Must be nice to have that kind of cash to throw around fine tuning what is already consistently a Number One radio station in the ratings: poor Dave Hughes and his crummy DCRTV only have Gus From Gaithersburg and some other also rans snide comments for feedback. Still, DCRTV is Number One for what it does and deserves our thanks. More on the fabulously improved WTOP web site: wtop.com (7/10/19)

Dave's response: Good for WTOP. Take a look at Rehoboth Beach news talker WGMD at wgmd.com, still stuck in 1985-ish web design.....

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I think the dude who calls himself “C4” on WBAL Radio is competing with the morning news chick for the title of the “WBAL Motor Mouth of the Year.” There isn’t a VU meter on earth that could keep up with these speed readers. He’s got to be on something. NO ONE talks that fast other than someone trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. Shaking hands with him would force me to check to make sure I got all five fingers back. (7/9/19)

"Pretty sure the writer asking the earthquake question knows the difference between CCTV security video and a recording made by human hands of the carnage, Smedley." How are you sure, and what carnage? When I see "Smedley" I think of two-time Medal of Honor recipient Smedley Butler, so you're not even good at insulting. If you'd said "What about people with iPhones?" then you would have had something. As things stand, tragic fail. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/9/19)

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Someone named Sean Striker was introduced on the CH 13 4:00pm newscast today. He did a story on the US Women's Soccer Team. I did some research and found that he is Sean Streicher from WTSP, CH 10, St. Petersburg. Anyone have info on this? Also on the newscast was a new promo for the weather team. It included Chelsea and all of the rest, so I guess they are going with 5 now.. (7/8/19)

Pretty sure the writer asking the earthquake question knows the difference between CCTV security video and a recording made by human hands of the carnage, Smedley. (7/8/19)

"So, the Larry O'Connor rumors are true??" THAT was your takeaway? Sounds like you're down to clown. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/8/19)

Now that the 4th of July weekend is over, I can report great fun trying all the new and innovative ways of using an M-80 to blow something up, thanks to seeing these ideas on local television. Our townhouse complex had gone to a multi-door, single module thing from the postal service, and I was really getting anxious not to find a mailbox approved by the postmaster general to place a cigarette fuse and a cherry bomb. Thanks! (7/8/19)

Uh, most footage of earthquake damage in liquor stores usually comes from their own surveillance cameras, not “camera crews.” (7/8/19)

"Larry O'Connor is giving Trump's thing the snarlin' of a lifetime" ..So, the Larry O'Connor rumors are true?? Not that there is anything wrong with that..... (7/8/19)

WRC TV does not seem to be running the required warnings about the repack and impending channel change on the front of its website, at least not as of yesterday. There are already complaints of non-reception here. Are they waiting for a threat of a fine from the FCC? This is the problem with COMCAST owning broadcast TV stations. They just don’t give a rats ass unless you’re paying them money. In a perfect world, they’d hope free TV disappears or wish they could run an ad that said, “Worried about program interruptions? GET XFINITY!" (7/8/19)

Obit - John Tautges Sports guy from area... www.fairfaxmemorialfuneralhome.com (7/8/19)

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Why is it whenever camera crews go out to get earthquake footage, they invariably and always end up at a liquor store? (7/6/19)

Why is it whenever camera crews go out to get earthquake footage, they invariably and always end up at a liquor store? (7/6/19)

Encountered one of the legendary Erickson Skycranes today at the Gaithersburg. The crew members say they are here to try and hoist a new mast onto the NBC tower on Nebraska Avenue NW as soon as weather permits later this week. Stay vigilant. Whip out your video and still cameras and share! -P of the AW (7/6/19)

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If WRC CH4 Is at lower power I can't get it at all here in Woodbridge VA what gets me is I wanted to watch the Macy's fireworks on July 4 and NBC website wouldn't allow me to stream it unless I entered a cable provider I have AT&T Watch TV and that wasn't on the list It would seem to me most of the providers on the list already carry a local NBC station and if you have those listed wouldn't need to stream it.Unless you were not near a TV and wanted to stream on a tablet or smartphone.WRC should have had a notice on thier website about the temporary reduced power issue I read this blog all the time so I knew many local stations we're changing channel#s but I didn't know while they did that there would be service interruptions. (7/6/19)

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I'm hearing-tell that Chris Roth has departed WAVA (and presumably music programming for 1420 AM WKCW), and headed for the wilds of Baltimore. Chris, you out there to confirm? (7/5/19)

WRC is moving from channel 48 to channel 34 this month so there will be testing and down time on both channels this month. They will permanently be on channel 34 by the end of the month, Aug. 2 at the latest unless there are problems which are unlikely. (7/5/19)

"Larry O'Connor is giving Trump's thing the snarlin' of a lifetime" ... When no other expression or phrase will work, you can't miss if you use a Greaseman quote. -- Lou Kadiche (7/5/19)

WRC-4 has started rescan announcements pointing toward August 1. The one we saw on July 4 featured Doug the chief meteorologist. We continue to receive WRC on channel 48 at our location east of McDaniel College in Carroll County MD, 44 air miles from the transmitter. If WRC is using an auxiliary antenna at a lower height, could it be from the 60+year-old "short" tower that served analog channel 4 decades ago? (7/5/19)

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Here in Eastern Carroll County, Md. Ch. 4 has totally disappeared from Channel 48 and doesn't show up on any other channel. Has NBC given up on it? (7/4/19)

I really enjoy the TV repack updates from the guy who seems to know what he’s talking about. (How refreshing!) I guess WETA will have its transmitter in the same room on George Mason Drive where its first experimental rig was, what, 20 years ago? I had access to to all that property as our 105.9 established an aux site there. Fascinatin’! I’ve seen their on air warnings of the need to rescan TV receivers soon. They say channels will still be known as 26.1, 26.2, 26.3, 26.4. How will we ever explain to our grandchildren the channel-numbering hijinx these days? - P of the AW (7/4/19)

I think Andrew is trying to put together a kill-list of imaginary black weatherman. He might could need a welfare check, and I don't mean a piece of paper in the mail, rather police knocking on his door, just to ask him a few simple questions and check for jars of urine. While I'm against "outing" local media personalities, WMAL's Larry O'Connor is giving Trump's thing the snarlin' of a lifetime talking about the 4th of July. Quotes: "I've had about 10 days of intense travel in my life" and "This is going to be a very, very interesting day tomorrow." Seriously dude? I'm going to be pulling the old avoid-a-mundo. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/4/19)

I forgot to add that WRC-TV has been broadcasting at significantly reduced power during the day this week. It is still on the air. It must be tower work - they are due to move to channel 34 (along with WPXW's move to channel 35) by the phase 4 deadline next month, but have not done so yet. (7/4/19)

Anyone receiving local TV over the air regarding CH 4 WRC I called their tech department.They we're very helpful There moving to a different frequency from ÇH 48 To CH 37 most likely I was told as part of the FCC freqency repack so they will be broadcasting at lower power from an auxiliary transmitter that's about 150 ft lower than the main transmitter while work is being done to it they expect to be up back to full power on thier reassigned CH # sometime early August I told them.please put updates on the website. (7/4/19)

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Is WRC TV on a new channel? I can no longer receive it on CH 48 over the air Can't find it. (7/3/19)

Repack news: WDCO-CD, channel 10.1, went off the air from its channel 45 transmitter site in The Plains shortly after midnight. It will reappear on channel 24 from the WRC-TV tower in Northwest before the end of the year - with a paltry 1.6 kW pointed toward the city, so hardly anyone will see it. (fcc.gov) It was supposed to move to the WJFK-FM/WNVC tower, but after WNVC went off the air the tower was sold and the new owners refused to let WDCO-CD build. WETA-TV has announced it will move to channel 31 on 29 July. weta.org... Since, as previously they will not construct the post-repack facility in time, it sounds like they will be operating from the backup tower in Arlington. You'd have to think WMPT's 1 MW facility on channel 21, going into operation around the same time, will be an easier catch for a lot of people. WRC-TV, WPXW, and WDVM are also all involved in Phase 4, and the deadline is now one month away. (7/3/19)

Today’s lesson in local news is entitled, “NO BALLS,” and is directed at the lame press corps in Baltimore that is relentless in its refusal to ask the difficult questions of politicians and other public officials who get a free pass every day to jerk these so-called/wanna-be reporters around like little sheep on a hillside. Take the ball-less bunch at wanna-be news radio 1090, where not only the wanna-be reporters are inept, but also the talk show hosts who click and read whatever is handed to them, including other’s tweets and day-old newspaper stories from the Baltimore Slum. There was a story this morning in The Slum about Mayor Jack “Ass” Young and the new police commissioner refusing to work with ICE, a story that begs the question, “WHY???” Every day, this station’s talk show hosts bitch about the crime, but I guarantee no one will hold these moron’s feet to the fire to explain their stupid, ignorant “crime strategy” that is supposed to reflect their responsibility to enforce laws. How can you not engage local, state and federal law enforcement personnel to round up illegals??? I know this may be extremely offensive, but stop calling them “undocumented!!” They are fucking “ILLEGAL,” dammit! Put the sugar bowl down people, put on your big boy/girl panties, show some balls, and stop all the liberal, left-leaning bullshit your corporate suits are shoveling into your newsrooms. (7/3/19)

"Face it, Cumulus is a shittly company that is contributing to the deaths of two great legacy American AMers - NYC's 770 and DC's 630." Dave, calm the heck down. Cumulus doesn't own WABC 770 anymore. Gus in the Gaithersburg (7/3/19)

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Mr. Tony announced the location of his podcast will move from Chatter, his restaurant he owns with Gary Williams, Maury Povich, and a few others. It is shutting down for “Renovations” and admittedly may not come back. The podcast is gone for the summer but he said it would be back. OOBBEE (7/2/19)

(From an earlier message) "... the annual fake-fest AAA Mid-Atlantic sponsors on how many people are expected to travel and how much gasoline costs...". That's gotten a lot milder over the years. When I started in radio (sometime last century), the newswire service would provide a tally of highway deaths every hour or so on holidays and holiday weekends. A lot more depressing. As far as the watermelon footage goes, it would be a lot more entertaining if the narration for it was provided by Gilbert Gottfried -- "Never mind yer FIN-gers, HERE'S what happens if a cherry bomb goes off next to YOUR BAWLZ! ... BLAM! ... OW! ... My SCRO-tum is now all O-ver da place!" (You just read that in his voice, didnt you?) (7/2/19)

Three sports stations in DC? We don’t have enough talent for two. So that is why WJFK’s Rooster was wearing a suit…… (7/2/19)

Dave's response: Face it, Cumulus is a shittly company that is contributing to the deaths of two great legacy American AMers - NYC's 770 and DC's 630. Not that they're almost dead already because next to nobody listens to AM any more (thanks largely to the FCC for that), but Cumulus is doing its best to push these stations completely off the cliff, along with some pretty cool FMers, too. The only winners here are the Cumulus execs who get huge payouts. Everybody else, including the listeners, employees, and advertisers, is a loser when it comes to Cumulus. Bah humbug.....

Dear Andrew of Millennia, Thank you for your note, and as a professional broadcast researcher, I will be happy to do all the research for you and get back to you on it, free of charge. All I ask is you credit me. That being said, how do I pay my mortgage, electricity, and food bills this month? Do I go to Harris Teeter and tell them I did a favor for Andrew, so give me $100.00 in groceries free of charge? Do I go to NOVEC and say, “no payment this month, I needed to do something for Andrew.” Do I skip my car payment this month, and tell them they shouldn’t get upset, because Andrew got what he was looking for, with my help, for free, and when I say, “Free,” I mean no money to pass to you to pay down my car loan. Andrew, I don't care what your generation believes, Information is not free. Somebody has to build it, massage it, store it, and stand behind its accuracy, and defend it, if needed. Then, someone needs to go out and look for relevant information, find a pile of info (if they can), filter what it not needed, and format the remains as to what is needed. Those people are not there to do you favors, so they can not pay their bills. Now go back to pirating songs, and movies on your computer. We wouldn't want to have you pay for those things as well. (7/2/19)

So I wonder how much of a flop FOX5's new 4pm newscast will be? If it doesn't work out, Angie Goff can slide further into oblivion and complete her tour of DC stations by going to WJLA as they have an opening. Morning anchor Autria Godfrey is going on maternity leave and not coming back. No one will probably notice though since their ratings are terrible. (7/2/19)

Denise Koch cannot retire. She could never afford all the Botox. (7/2/19)

I too would like the stations to stop showing what could happen if you don’t handle fireworks correctly. Reasons being 1) the people who SHOULD be watching, WON’T be watching and 2) you just can’t teach common sense to some. And yes, who gives a damn how many people will be on the road? If people want or need to travel that day, they’re gonna travel despite how many people are out there. (7/2/19)

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So strange hearing all-sports on 630 WMAL, after all those familiar years of straight-ahead talk programming. Its like a cousin you haven't seen for a year suddenly missing a limb. (7/1/19)

Delaware 1059 adds syndicated programs from 9-noon and noon to 3. Susan Monday out. (7/1/19)

Hi, Mr. Hughes! Enjoy your website. Thank you for your service. Will you please reply with answers to the following questions? Best of everything, Andrew..... Who is Washington, DC's first African-American male television weathercaster with one (1) degree in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American male radio weathercaster with one (1) degree in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American male television weathercaster with two (2) degrees in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American male radio weathercaster with two (2) degrees in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American male television weathercaster without a degree in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American male radio weathercaster without a degree in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American female television weathercaster with one (1) degree in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American female radio weathercaster with one (1) degree in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American female television weathercaster with two (2) degrees in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American female radio weathercaster with two (2) degrees in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American female television weathercaster with two (2) degrees in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American female radio weathercaster with two (2) degrees in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American male television weathercaster without a degree in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Who is Washington, DC's first African-American male radio weathercaster without a degree in meteorology? Starting year and ending year on the air? Station(s) call letters? Answers to the same questions for Baltimore, MD, and Salisbury, MD. (7/1/19)

Dave's response: WTF.....

Can we please enjoy an Independence Day holiday without every television station in the Baltimore-Washington viewing area blowing up a watermelon???? It would also be nice if all stations, radio included, if we didn’t have to be subjected to the annual fake-fest AAA Mid-Atlantic sponsors on how many people are expected to travel and how much gasoline costs?????? (7/1/19)

Does anyone have the website for 630 am, the new ESPN station? Thanks. (7/1/19)

Dave's response: www.cumulusfiresale.com.....

The website for the Northwest Courier newspaper is nwc.news, not nwc.com. (7/1/19)

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