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DCRTV Mailbag - October 1, 2019 to October 31, 2019

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Loooooongwinded wrote: "[Bongino] tweeted back in February, "Biden has some 'splainin' to do about Ukraine.." Why did you alert everybody to a Republican election dirty trick that was to happen month's away?" Strokin'n'Sniffin' Joe Biden was at that point already on videotape bragging that he pressured the Ukrainian govt to fire the prosecutor who was going after Strokin'n'Sniffin' Joe Biden's crackhead son and within 6 hours "the sumbitch was gone". Are you a crackhead Focker? You post like a crackhead someone let loose at a typewriter and are sorely in need of an editor or caretaker. You would never have taken a piece of fence and made it into a chain and gone toe to toe with Cornpop and his rusty knife (you know how criminals like to get their knives reaaaaal rusty so you get a stabbed and tetanus twofer, right? Strokin'n'Sniffin' Joe Biden knows) outside the municipal swimming pool like Strokin'n'Sniffin' Joe Biden. Considering Strokin'n'Sniffin' Joe Biden's crackhead son couldn't make it through TWO MONTHS in the Naval RESERVE without failing a drug test, after getting a waiver for previous extensive drug abuse, the Ukrainian prosecutor was doing the United States a favor until Strokin'n'Sniffin' Joe Biden applied pressure and had him removed. And you're pizzed off that Trump set things to rights. Well, it takes all kinds. Gus Cornpop4Life in the Rusty Gaithersburg (10/31/19)

Seconding the assessment of WMAL’s Joe DiGenova. More appalling with every breath. Doesn’t ANYONE have a conscience these days? Apparently not WMAL. - Max Critic (10/31/19)

With the Nationals having finally gotten out of their own way and won a World Series (although it could be argued that the opposing team handed it to them on a silver platter), I'm wondering if local media outlets are assigning them a much higher profile in the DC market than is actually the case. It's hard to ignore or downplay the fact that the Orioles (one of the worst teams in baseball) achieved better TV ratings than their neighbors to the south during the regular season. I've heard some lofty talk on DC sports radio about local ratings for the fall classic getting into the lower 20s - by contrast Kansas City's numbers reached the mid 50s when the Royals were in the World Series five years ago and corresponding figures for the Cubs (in 2016) also put the DMV to shame. The Nats are power Washington's team - the darlings of the national press corps as evidenced by the likes of Chuck Todd, Chris Wallace and Wolf Blitzer doing shoutouts to the team on their respective Sunday morning political shows. Meanwhile, visit any construction site or boiler room of a federal building and you're much more likely to hear arguments about who should start at QB for the Redskins next Sunday than anything concerning the local nine. (10/31/19)

(QUOTE) Who knew WBIG is still on the air? (END) How about everybody who owns a goddam FM radio? (10/31/19)

DC baseball fan commenting on Trump drops the BIG poopy-word on FOX TV. www.huffpost.com... Damn, I love this town. (10/31/19)

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How did everyone miss this news? A few weeks ago, I posted a piece on the dealings of Joe DiGenova representing Dmitry Firtash, a Ukrainian oligarch under house arrest in Vienna, who is fighting extradition to the US on fraud and money laundering charges. Joe DiGenova, a WMAL paid commentator, never disclosed this information on the air when defending Trump on the Ukraine issue, which I felt was politically deceiving and odd. Gus then wrote that I had WMAL derangement syndrome. After Gus made his uneducated snarky remark, two men were arrested at Dulles airport after bribing a US Senator to seek the ousting of a US foreign official, and raining foreign cash on incumbent Republican members of Congress. Guess who these gentlemen worked with as “translators?” WMAL’s Joe DiGenova. Now, as we all know, the genesis of this Biden Ukraine smear came from discredited journalist John Solomon, a “commentator” for The Hill Newspaper. Guess who John now hires as legal counsel during these impeachment inquiries? WMAL’s own Joe DiGenova! Now, without disclosing all these ties to Ukrainian thugs, and his ties to the organized “rat fu(king” Trump and Giuliani were attempting to implement with questionable associates, Joe DiGenova goes on Fox News last week and states the US Government had never determined where the 2016 DNC hack came from, which is a flat out lie, it came from Russia. Joe then said that the first “whistleblower” was a “suicide bomber” attempting to commit “regicide.” (killing of a monarch, and we aint talking butterfly). Joe you are working for several Russian affiliated mobsters with ties to Putin. They are paying you, and you don’t admit it, but you then continue to go on WMAL and Fox News, disguised and a legal “analyst,” and not as a mercenary lawyer trying to protect Russian assets from US prosecution.” What a sleezeball Joe DiGenova is. Why does WMAL’s Jo DiGenova hate the US, and love Putin and Putin pals? Oh, I bet it is for the money. So, Joe DiGenova isn’t loyal to the USA, and is just an ass and mercenary. Joe DiGenova’s crap can be heard at 7:07 AM every Monday on WMAL. Care to comment, Bill Hess? As an American, Bill, don’t you think you should demand Joe DiGenova come clean on his involvement with those in the White House and Congress trying to commit treason? And don’t get me started on Dan Bongino’s role. If he weren’t such a low level dumbass, Dan’s butt would be parked in front of a Congressional Committee right now. I know Dan reads tis board. Care to comment, low level dumbass Bongino? Let me refresh your memory Dan the Dumbass, you tweeted back in February, "Biden has some 'splainin' to do about Ukraine.." Why did you alert everybody to a Republican election dirty trick that was to happen month's away? What an impatient dumbass Dan Bongino is. Care to refute, Dan "The Dumbass" Bongino? {10/30/19)

Left my iPod at home, so I'm listening to the radio at work for the first time in years. Who knew WBIG is still on the air? And still playing the same 20 worn out songs over and over and over. Foreigner, Pat Benatar and Bon Jovi on an endless loop. About every 20 minutes an emotionless, rather bored sounding voice will say something witty, like, "That was Eddie Money." Oh, and if you call in, you can request a song, as long as it has the word "long" in the title, for some reason. Yeccccccccccch. (10/30/19)

BREAKING HALLOWEEN NEWS: Tomorrow, Halloween, The Mike O'Meara Show to resurrect LIVE, the classic Don & Mike 'trick or beer' tradition. With a little red wagon in tow, Matt 'Pony Boy" Bluhm will be knocking of doors. Will you answer? Will you give him beer? Listen tomorrow and find out! [ In other news, Don Geronimo still has no career. Back to you Robb] (10/30/190

I will second the earlier poster's comment about newsradio 1090's love affair with "Chief" T.J. Smith. They need to do some investigative work on his background. He was the master of misinformation following the Suter death. By the way, nothing like a guy who is a "communications" professional and wants to be mayor, yet his campaign slogan is grammatically incorrect. TJ - Think Different. Heck, you might even want to Think Differently. (10/30/19)

So, it looks like veteran DC traffic reporter Bob Immler is the successor to long time WTOP traffic reporter Bob Marbourg who recently retired? If so, excellent choice. (10/30/19)

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This Halloween, would be great if Chad Dukes would resurrect the old Don and Mike tradition of sending someone out for "Trick or Beer" on the air. How about Landphill? (10/29/19)

What is WHGM doing? Their STA expires November 7th. In April they told the FCC "WHGM has explored options for a new licensed facility (having lost its prior transmitter site either through (a) acquisition of a 3 acre parcel in Havre de Grace, md to construct a new non-d single tower facility or (b) discussion with WAMD (am) Aberdeen md to diplex from its existing facility. WHGM is evaluating the speed and cost of both options with consulting engineers and will be electing a path and preparing and filing a 301 application by August 1, 2019 once a viable election has been made and engineering completed for such election". August came and went and nothing was filed. We can predict the result, a new filing for an STA, excuses for why nothing was filed in August, and continuing to fake it on AM while feeding their 3 FM translators. (10/29/19)

Certainly an interesting post about Bruce Elliott, but there seems to be a bit of age bias by the poster. By the way, you as well age and are getting older by the minute, it is not an illness. Bruce Elliott is extremely articulate and was hired for that reason, along with his experience as a communicator. If he was not capable he would not have been hired. There are veteran broadcasters all over the media, they remain because that still relate and bring in the revenue. For those who bash veteran broadcasters, but together a solid presentation and present this to management to prove you are more relevant to a given audience but do it quickly because you too will be that old guy as time keeps moving. (10/29/19)

Alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 is at it again, ending one lovefest and starting another. Now that Elijah is dirt napping, the station’s attention has turned to their slobbering love affair with TJ Smith, a former police flack who is running for mayor with no leadership experience and has never held an elected office. The station is determined to promote his run for mayor with coverage designed to dupe us into believing this dude is qualified to run this troubled city because he took his huge camera-hungry ego to nearly every homicide, carjacking, armed robbery, assault and riot in Baltimore on behalf of a corrupt police department. The station is reading a Baltimore Sun story quoting him as saying the city needs someone to make BOLD decisions but offers no specific information on precisely what those decisions will be. Is this station going to shadow about a dozen other candidates, and give them equal time??? Hopefully, the city will make a BOLD decision to elect an outsider with NO ties to a corrupt police department, inept city hall, or a radio station that is hell-bent on stacking the deck unfairly, and whose talk show hosts and alleged “news people” who want to influence the election outcome. (10/29/19)

How will The Washington Post ever get over the obituary line “austere religious scholar” in describing a monster who killed thousands of people, more people than Osama Bin Laden, while at the same time The Post is comparing The President to Saddam Hussein? HOW can their apologists continue to subscribe while they whittle down their base to ANTIFA ONLY. I got an email from The Washington Post that said they could not reset my password on my email subscription (denying any comments on their website) because I am not also registered as a “subscriber” to the newspaper. This is an admission of guilt that they don’t care about anyone in Washington DC except their left wing subscriber base. They are officially not in the news business anymore. If they erroneously could not find my subscription to email alerts, I’d be happy to apologize, but that is clearly NOT TRUE. (10/29/19)

While we're all j'ing o over the latest murder, can people on TV and radio puhleeze stop saying "the men and women" when it was just men, and stop saying "special forces" because Special Forces is Green Berets and the proper term is special warfare or special operations. I'm so glad my compulsive onanism kept me out of the military. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/29/19)

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REF: [Changes for WCBM] Bruce Elliott??? A worn out, washed up, 1960s disc jockey??? WTF This man has never written a news story in his life, nor has he ever worked as a reporter in this market...EVER!!! He has no news connections other than a limited group of old, senile, lonely Depends users who call into his show in between morning oatmeal breaks and during the afternoon prune juice shooter happy hours at the local nursing home. And, HE’S replacing longtime, seasoned newsman Frank Luber??? And you think things are bad at 1090?!!! Wait until this circus rolls into town on November 4. (10/28/19)

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I'm curious. During all the years Washington has professional baseball teams, how many presidents threw out a first pitch at least once and how many never did? (10/27/19)

WAPO, Jeff Bezos’ blog’s obituary of Al-Baghdadi referred to him as a “religious scholar”, not a terrorist leader, so they can all go fucking rot in hell! And you wonder why Trump is going to be re-elected? I cannot wait to see all these people cry live on TV next November. As someone in NYC on 9/11 and the child of a lifelong Democrat union worker and me a lifelong Democrat too until now, the Democratic Party as me or even my Dad knew no longer exists. (10/27/19)

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Anyone watched or know how WUSA9’s morning show is with the addition of Tony Perkins. Just surprised he even considered going back to a morning “zoo” after he seemed adamant about leaving tv. (10/26/19)

Getting more difficult to receive DC's FM signals from the end of western Maryland due to translators. Thought I'd check out the Nats on WJFK only to find a WFRB-AM translator on their frequency. Seem the only way to hear the games are on WMVP 1000 or WCKY 1530. Used to be the world series was all over the AM dial. And more translators: WCRH's translator wipes out WTOP on 103.5 and (yet another) K-Love station on 88.3 makes receiving WAMU rather problematic. (10/26/19)

(regarding a previous post) "Don’t be duped into believing all the sickness that’s going around is early signs of the flu. The vomiting and diarrhea many of us are experiencing are from all the media coverage of Elijah Cummings, and the non-stop stories they headline as “the life and legacy” of a great man." Really, Dave. Is this kind of thing necessary? I'm done, man. Just done. The site has been slipping in recent years, in terms of quality, and frankly, relevance. Sorry, man. But that's it. I'm out... (10/26/19)

The Washington Nationals won’t be calling the bullpen for President Trump to throw a ceremonial first pitch during the World Series — because they’ve already got a guy to replace a guy. If a Game 5 is necessary, the Nationals will welcome businessman and humanitarian Oscar Santana of Podcast Village and The Mike O'Meara Show to throw a ceremonial first pitch, Santana replaces chef José Andrés who is a critic of President Trump. Trump.will be in attendance. (10/26/19)

We need more diversity in DC Radio.......There are now 20 Spanish Stations/Translators in DC! How many Black Stations are there? Just count them. We have plenty of diversity in radio. (10/26/19)

Many thanks to the person who replied to my post about WFED 1500 not carrying the regular Nats announcers Charlie & Dave's play-by-plays during the World Series. I was driving home the other night and as a last resort punched-up WJFK-FM and viola! there they are; our favorite local announcers for our home team- love their enthusiasm and obvious bias. Go Nats!! (10/26/19)

Is ATSC 3.0 failing? No HDTV sets or receivers or adapters have been announced. Sinclair alone bragged 40 markets by end of year. So far none. The same 7 LPTVs including a Class A TV station are fully licensed as ATSC 3.0 facilities. Nothing else since. Sure testing is going on, but none of those TV stations themselves are converting or even announced any date for licensed conversions. They all lose those test channels in the next year as they’re mostly out of the REPACK zone of channels 2-36. Sinclair is participating is some tests in other markets, but in their HQ home market, they own 2 TV stations and have apparently NOTHING to start work on TV Hill yet or any plan for WBFF or WNUV??? (10/26/19)

Dave: I've been down here in Tennessee and watching the Redskins game last night and then turned over to NBCSCSN[whatever their name is] to watch their postgame show and really? Julie starts off the show giving the wrong final score? Those people are probably the last channel in the market to view Redskins news and I can't believe the crap that goes on their air. Since the FOX pregame show is un-watchable, I spent 5-7 mins. watching Julie and her has-been players and one of the cameras was totally out of focus the entire time. It really makes the Redskins look bad when there's nowhere to watch or listen to news and I guess it goes along with the quality of the organization. (10/26/19)

With respect to the Caps and Nats, there are certain sportstalkers locally that plain do not like the fact that Ovechkin's Rock the Red era and the Stanley Cup championship have made the Caps as big as they have become. Pollin, Sheehan and Dukes all fit into that category. It has forced them to deal with a sport that they previously ignored and, what's more, Caps fans haven't been shy about demanding respect. So these types do harbor some resentment I think. I have no clue whether baseball would be bigger or not. The Caps Cup was huge because it was the first DC big four championship for so long but obviously baseball is a more traditional sport in the area, particularly with older folks.. But the plain fact is that it doesn't matter. A DMV championship is a DMV championship. And those who are playing the two off against each others are flaming assholes IMHO. By the way, I noticed the same thing about Sheehan. He has been MR. Redskin for YEARS and dedicated 90% of his show to the Skins with an occasional deviation into the Wizards or Maryland basketball. Now he has jumped on the Nats bandwagon with both feet. It is pretty comical .................. (10/26/19)

Not exactly sure what’s going on, but the lot next to the River Road tower that WTTG Fox 5 and WPXW 66 are moving to has been cleared and the adjacent old WDCA studio building taken down. Also the old transmission line that used to run steel encased into the building from the tower has been removed. The lot appears to have been cleared for new construction of some kind between the tower and the McDonalds and it appears satellite dishes have been moved too. I assume they’re going to build a new transmission building there. Currently temporary storage shed like facilities are powering what’s on the tower now. I can’t do an A/B comparison as the old Google map is gone but from my memory, that old 1970s Cadillac is now gone too, the one that looked like it had crashed into the tower back in the 70s. Another thing about WTTG/WPXW. Are they adding guy wires to the River Road tower to make it taller? I’ve looked at the tower from both sides and only see guy wires (3) attached on one side so far, but don’t remember seeing any before. (10/26/19)

WUSA9 has finally added the Quest diginet to their subchannel (9.3). (10/26/19)

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Was wondering why the new traffic lady on Fox5 had such an expressionless look on her face. A female friend watched one morning & said she probably gets Botox injections in her face. Maybe so. (10/25/19)

Don’t be duped into believing all the sickness that’s going around is early signs of the flu. The vomiting and diarrhea many of us are experiencing are from all the media coverage of Elijah Cummings, and the non-stop stories they headline as “the life and legacy” of a great man. Alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 is leading the charge with repeated promises of live coverage of the funeral today. Pray for a major power failure in the area. (10/25/19)

I’m sure iHEART Radio will fix this in just a couple weeks, testing the array for WDOV AM 1410 right? They’ve only like what? 10 YEARS of testing? This is the kind of gross negligence and dishonesty that should cause the FCC to just yank licenses for complete lack of candor or at the very least put in jeopardy all its other licenses in America for treating the FCC engineers like complete fools and stooges. Clearly, the company is doing nothing to fix WDOV AM 1410 simply because they know the FCC simply ignores these minor technical things. Yeah, this is the sure way to FCC revitalization. NOT! (10/25/19)

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"But you have to understand, [Kevin] Sheehan hates hockey and the Caps. Anyone who listens to him understands that and he really doesn't hide it. He is clearly resentful of what the Caps achieved and does try to minimize it constantly." Apparently it's not just Sheehan - heard Andy Pollin (on 630's Carol Maloney show) with a similar take about the Nationals in the World Series being 'twice as big' from a local standpoint as Capitals in the 2018 Stanley Cup Final, but Carol countered with 'I don't know - hard to envision anything surpassing the throngs of people I saw on the streets of downtown DC (for last year's Caps championship parade).' Over at 106.7 the Fan, Chad Dukes talked about baseball having a 'much bigger footprint' than hockey so a World Series title is more impactful in the long term than winning the Cup. Both Pollin and Dukes sounded less animated and more matter of fact than Sheehan who for whatever reason seems to harbor a genuine vendetta against the Caps and their fans and (seemingly) would have infinitely preferred that either the Skins, Wizards or Nats were the team that ended DC's 26 year long title drought in the four major professional sports. But I don't recall him paying a whole lot of attention to baseball on past shows that he hosted until Thom Loverro finally forced him to give it some run on Sports Fix - now all of a sudden he's Mr. Nat (go figure). (10/24/19)

RIP DON GERONIMO....SAD....like former Balt T More Dem Elijah Cummings, Geronimo-Sorce's Podcast has been dead and 'lying in digital state' for more than a month. Stay Tuned Batman... (10/24/19)

Where do the three radio stocks stand now that the stock market has improved? Entercom $3.33 per share, Salem $1.61 per share and Urban One at $2.15. All three stocks are flat. None of them look like a good investment. (10/24/19)

So, with the "different direction" that WCBM is taking in AM drive, one makes me wonder if they'll simulcast on the 99.9 frequency in Harford County. That would actually give them the leg up on WBAL, especially since the AM signal is so bad in the area due to the power lines, and 101.5 doesn't exist. WCBM has always had a strong following in Conservative Harford County, and this simulcast would make 100% perfect since, instead of wasting the signal on a mono music feed. (10/24/19)

"Does anyone know why WFED 1500 am is not using Charlie [Slowes]..." World Series radio rights have always been exclusive to a national network, but since Phillies fans made a gigantic stink about it in 1980, MLB has carved out exceptions in the contract for each team's flagship. Those two stations only are allowed to carry a local broadcast. The rest of their radio networks may carry the game but are required to use the ESPN feed, even if there is already an ESPN station in the market - then both will carry the game. WJFK-FM is contractually the flagship for the Nats, so that is the one station that is allowed to carry Charlie and Dave. If you're far afield and listening to WFED or WRVA, you will hear the ESPN feed. (10/24/19)

For years I have said that Max and Stras could throw back to back no hitters or the Nats could win the WS and all am 980 would discuss would be the Redskins. I don't listen anymore, but this week with the Nats kicking serious butt is a great time to listen to local sports talk radio. Kevin "Steve Blake is a top 5 Terp of all time' Sheehan should be fucking embarassed! I get that the Redskins play tonight, but I turned them on 3 times this morning and all they were talking about was the Redskins! The Nats just fucked the brains out of the Astros last night! They are 2 games away from a championship! Kevin -- why the fuck is that not 90% of what you're talking about this morning! You are a disgrace! (10/24/19)

(RE: WFED Nats broadcast) during the World Series, only the flagship station can broadcast the main announcers. All other affiliates must pick up the national ESPN feed. I believe the same is true for the Super Bowl. (10/24/19)

"Does anyone know why WFED 1500 am is not using Charlie Soules (sp?) and the other regular Nats announcers in the World Series." Check your radio dial. AM1500 is relaying the Nats broadcast with Charlies SLOWES and Dave Jageler (you're a big fan, I can tell), as they have throughout the season. AM630 (WSBN, formerly WMAL-AM) is airing the ESPN national feed. (10/24/19)

First RheaFeikin and now Frank Luber. OMG, some of the old-timers in Baltimore that just seem to refuse to call it quits are leaving ?? What's going on ? Are you paying attention Bob Turk, Marty Bass, Tom Davis, Bruce Elliott, and on and on ? Only thing missing from Mr. Casey's job ad is that In order to fit in with the rest of the Air Talent, a minimum age of 70 is REQUIRED. On another note, wonder what "Screamin' Scotty" will be doing at 1090 Friday at 5:02am ? I'm sure he will be reporting from the Funeral Home to start the day long coverage of Rep. Cummings' Funeral. Maybe at 5:02 he can have a Ghost Hunter with him, at 5:32, perform a séance, and at 6:02, break out the Ouija Board. Then be sure to listen later on for Funeral Proscession coverage, where, with his phony-assed, over the top delivery, you won't be able to tell if it's a Funeral or a Parade. Ain't Baltimore Radio great ? Thank God for SiriusXM (10/24/19)

Sinclair Broadcasting is totally biased. WJLA reports that Republicans were complaining and protesting impeachment hearings being behind closed doors. What Sinclair/WJLA failed to report is that the Democrats were looking at classified documents which must be kept in a secure area. It would be nice if our local media REPORTED the news instead of inserting their opinions. (10/24/19)

After another pathetic day of “All Things Cummings” on alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090, I am left wondering if Bernie Goldberg would consider writing a sequel to his book, “A Slobbering Love Affair,” detailing the torrid romance between Obama and the media. He could title it “The Second Cummings.” (10/24/19)

So WTTG now has a Facebook Live “After the Show” that comes on after the 10am broadcast. Out of curiosity, watched this morning’s episode & hmmmm, what a snooze fest. . Just them standing around chatting about stuff. (10/24/19)

Does anyone know why WFED 1500 am is not using Charlie Soules (sp?) and the other regular Nats announcers in the World Series, and are carrying whoever it is from ESPN or whatever. What's wrong with having our local announcers cover our team in the Series? (10/24/19)

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WCBM's Frank Luber released the following statement on his Facebook page regarding his future at the station (and details on the new morning show will be anounced this Friday): "Retiring? Hell no. As you may have heard, WCBM has decided to move on in a different direction as it pertains to the Morning Show. I will be removed from the 'Sean and Frank Show' effective after October 30th. Arrangements have been made for me to continue my association with the station but on a more limited basis. Included will be my continued relationships with some of the many sponsors I have endorsed for the past many, many years and future sponsors, as well. Hopefully you'll remain loyal to them as I continue to represent them on the air. Stay tuned for more information regarding the pending changes. In the meantime, please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for all your love and support you've afforded me over the past 31-years. I'll miss those mornings but more important I'll miss you." - Frank Luber, WCBM 680 (10/23/19)

REF: [Scuttlebutt] Frank Luber did NOT retire from WCBM, according to his Facebook page, where even HE questioned: “Retire? Like Hell!!!” The station is going in a “new direction,” this old coot goes on to write, which suggests to me the station has decided to move his shriveled up old prune ass off mornings, presumably to make way for one of the station’s younger talk show hosts, per DCRTV’s Front Page story detailing WCBM’s search for a talk show host. We can only hope mornings on this station will overcome the ratings race with 1090. Stay tuned...Luber isn’t the only prune in that fruit bowl. (10/23/19)

30+ Year Delmarva radio personality Paula Sangeleer has joined GSB Media (WCTG/ WICO / WOWZ / WVES / WBEY). Air shift yet to be determined, but officially joins the team on Monday, October 29. Paula was most recently with Forever Media. (10/23/19)

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Scuttlebutt on The Facebook page of WCBM morning host and PD Sean Casey is that co-host Frank Luber is leaving. In response to a post on his page by a listener, Casey commented: “Stay tuned for the next great chapter in morning talk radio in Baltimore which will be announced this Friday” (10/25). He confirmed Luber’s departure by adding “and yes...we will all miss the one and only Doctor Luber.” Frank Luber has been a staple at the station and host of its the morning show since it was purchased out of bankruptcy by the late Nick Mangione, Sr. in 1988. When the now-defunct WFBR-AM dumped its talk format earlier that year, Mangione brought over many displaced ‘FBR talents such as Luber, Tom Marr, Ken Maylath, and later Les Kinsolving to resurrect WFBR’s news/talk lineup on WCBM. Prior to his time at WFBR, Luber was a longtime reporter and anchor on Baltimore’s WJZ-TV. In the 1960’s he spent 8 years on Baltimore’s WCAO-AM, first as a DJ, then as a reporter and news director. His time at WCAO was highlighted by his interview with The Beatles during their 1964 performance at the Baltimore Civic Center. He also interviewed John F. Kennedy when he was running in Maryland’s presidential primary... Below an article from several years ago in the BaltSun on Luber’s career: www.baltimoresun.com (10/22/19)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Talk Radio 680 WCBM has a rare opening for a full-time on-air talk show host who is well versed in current events and topical issues. The successful candidate must have the ability to inform, provoke thought and stimulate conversation as well as entertain listeners every day for three hours. An established proven track record of ratings and revenue success in a major market is required. As an Air Talent, you will also be asked to perform some production duties as well as make promotional appearances. We are looking for a unique personal communicator who can paint pictures on the radio and connect with an established audience. Please send a resume and mp3 demo to Sean Casey, Program Director WCBM Radio 1726 Reisterstown Rd. Ste 117 Baltimore, MD. 21208 WCBM is an E.O.E. (10/22/19)

The predictions of WXCY becoming a Froggy have been floating around since forever took over. With the departure of live weekends, one would lean toward middays and nights going away too. Forever seems to love WW1, don't be surprised to see the Hot Country pop up in those day parts. (10/22/19)

WRC and other NBC owned and operations stations around the country are starting a new local only TV news sub-channel. It will be called Local X or Lx in each market. Baltimore will not get one of these stations as Baltimore's NBC station, WBAL, is owned by Hearst, but NBC owns WRC TV. WRC is putting it on 4-3, presumably in 480i. More details at the website. www.Lx.com — BaltoMedia.net (10/22/19)

Alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 is once again regurgitating the news. This time, it’s the pathetic interview from last Friday with the Baltimore police commissioner on the topic of violence. BLAH BLAH BLAH again and again...over and over, day in and day out. What keeps this station on the air??? Listeners are sick of the same ‘ole shit day in and day out. Why didn’t they dig up some real news and ask the commissioner about the $300,000 performance bonus that’s said to be part of his $275,000 contract, IF he keeps homicides below 300. Good luck with that one. Maybe “C4,” the mid-day talk show host, will leave the station and run for mayor. He’s sounding more like the rest of the dreaded candidates every day. (10/22/19)

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Expect this to be WXCY soon. Forvever Media (Forever Communications in TN and KY) own this brand. It would be very easy to just duplicate this on WXCY. Say goodbye to live nights! www.froggy103.com (10/21/19)

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Why in God’s name would WMDT 47 give up reception in the towns of Denton, Queen Annes, MD and Bridgeville, DE? This is not like some low power operation within a church or something. It’s 15KW pointed directly at those towns! It will obliterate WMDT 47/ABC to over 50,000 people via antenna. Is there money involved? I guess that’s legal, but still. (10/20/19)
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ODE' TO MIKE O'MEARA. noun: esthetician 1] a person who is knowledgeable about the nature and appreciation of beauty, 2] North America, a beautician.3] Florida, a young wife who decides to go to beauty college so she has a job sill when she decides to take her son, leave her elderly husband and return to DC with her mother? (10/19/19)

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I agree entirely with the post about Sheehan's trying to denigrate the Caps in the context of the Nats current World Series run. But you have to understand, Sheehan hates hockey and the Caps. Anyone who listens to him understands that and he really doesn't hide it. He is clearly resentful of what the Caps achieved and does try to minimize it constantly. Caps fans know not to listen to 980 in general as it is not a Caps friendly sportstalk station. (10/18/19)

Rand Gardner, a long time radio commercial producer and script doctor, has left Entercom Radio Washington DC after 9 years. The company was CBS when he arrived. His voice was prominent on 106.7 The Fan WJFK and in Washington Nationals games. Previously his work was heard on Red Zebra Radio and on Z104, owned at the time by Bonneville. He's can be reached at randgardner.vo@gmail.com (10/18/19)

Nobody should be surprised at what Forever is doing on Delmarva. Companies like Forever are the reason why radio as a medium is dying. The company ruined Cumberland radio with stupid Froggy and Rocky. They have ruined market after market throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia. And if they haven’t their brother and daughter (literally) shell companies have. (Keymarket/Southern Belle/7 Mountains, etc.) They ruined mid-shore radio WCEI/WINX with canned WW1 formats. And their reach continues now into Ocean City, Delaware, etc. Yes, The Wave is canned - running the same Westwood One format as Forever does in other markets. I assume 101.3 is running a WW1 format as well. Cheap, yes? Smart? Not really. If Forever wants to play the WW1 24/7 game, they have other formats Forever could simply flip the switch to. Unless Vince flips KHI again from classic hits - there is already KHI and 107.1 The Duck doing syndicated classic hits, among others. But still not really a hot a/c or adult CHR in the area to reach all of the shore. IHR has their cookie cutter Kiss on 95,9 and the god awful attempt by Adams at a local CHR shaming the heritage persona of OC104. (No longer a rhythmic leaning CHR outside of the slow jams show). Since Forever loves to do simulcasts in other markets - wonder why they haven’t flipped 97.1 and 97.7 to “Hot” using the WW1 Hot A/C format? MLB4 (10/18/19)

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Tuned in WTEM's morning drive show earlier today and the host (I think it was Kevin Sheehan) appeared to be going to great lengths to try and make a case that the Nationals' upcoming appearance in the World Series would almost certainly blow away last year's Stanley Cup Final involving the Capitals in terms of local TV ratings, overall buzz around town and potential for sustained impact. Can we somehow find a way to celebrate the success of one DC team that's about to play on the biggest stage in its sport without feeling the need to disparage and denigrate others that have accomplished similar things in recent memory? At a time when the Nats, Caps and Mystics (who just won the WNBA title) seem to be reveling in each other's success and uniting disparate portions of the DMV, I don't think it's appropriate for anyone in local media to be making value judgments and playing the different teams off against each other in that way. (10/17/19)

More cuts at Forever, Milford. Out are 97.1, The Wave's AM driver, Tom Schultz and PM driver, BK, along with Cool 101.3's mid-day jock, Paula. The Wave sounds like it is totally running off the bird around the clock. Cool sounds canned as well. Hearing more is too come. (10/17/19)

Re: WMDT; here's the thing - yes, WMDT is consenting to interference well above the normal threshold, but with conditions. The second WMDT signs on its post-repack facility and there is a complaint, W29FM-D is required to modify its facilities to remedy it. And, crucially, the consent from WMDT does NOT extend to any future application, even if its sole purpose is to remedy a complaint - W29FM-D would then be bound by the normal (far lower) interference threshold. Essentially it seems like WMDT is going to tolerate its existence as long as no OTA viewer objects, which is on its face a creative solution to what might be an increasingly common problem in the future. Of course, the details get lost in shouting at the mailbag... fcc.gov (10/17/19)

Once alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090’s Clarence Mitchell IV (C4) and the rest of the station get past the love fest with Elijah Cummings, maybe someone over there with an ounce of news ability will get back to reality and seek answers to the more serious questions addressing the crime and corruption that prevailed in Baltimore during his tenure in public life locally and in DC, and the ethics questions surrounding him and his wife over the whereabouts of the millions/billions of public funds and charitable contributions - some of which may have contributed to their self-enrichment. You may recall in July, the Foundation for Accountability and Public Trust asked the Maryland Attorney General’s Office to investigate. What’s the status of that??? Who’s going to clean up his trash and rat infested district now??? What street will they rename in his honor??? Maybe we’ll get to see/interview his good friend, the disgraced former mayor Catherine Pugh at the funeral? You know, birds of a feather flock together! Lots of questions for her too. How ‘bout good ‘ole TJ Smith??? Is 1090 going to convince him to abandon his apparent plans to run for mayor in favor of a run for Congress??? Maybe C4 will announce his candidacy??? Who’s going to lead the charge for impeachment??? Stay tuned for a week or more or non-stop coverage of “the life and legacy of Elijah Cummings.” They’ll be falling all over each other to provide live coverage of his funeral. Hopefully they won’t schedule it during the World Series. (10/17/19)

Fact, did you know there are 20 Stations/Translators doing a Spanish Format in the DC Area. DC has more Spanish Stations than New York, Los Angeles or Miami, FL! The Spanish population in these markets is much larger than DC. Why is that? (10/17/19)

Longwinded: Ask McDonald's if they'll customize your order and just give you the 2 free hamburgers. You're getting 0 free hamburgers and 4 half-price hamburgers. Pretty sure I said "someone" had WMAL Derangement but you know better than I, Longwinded. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/17/19)

Is someone smoking crack at the FCC or WMDT 47ABC or has someone committed fraud to the FCC? How could the FCC or WMDT 47ABC approve of a 15 kw signal within their contour and just 25 miles from their transmitter? The owner of WMDT actually signed a letter taking his own station off the air in south/central Delaware? This application has been floating around for awhile and I’ve been making fun of it, but NOW IT'S BEEN APPROVED! fccdata.org (10/17/19)

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Gus, Gus, Gus, McDonald's does give away free hamburgers. As a matter economics, I only take my family of four to McDonald's when I only have to pay for two of the four burgers I purchase. Speaking of Gus speaking out of turn, a little over 10 days ago, I put two news tidbits in the mailbag. The first being John Bolton being involved with the first whistle-blower, and how John had been a frequent guest on WMAL for years. The second tidbit concerned WMAL’s Joe DiGenova who lied on Mornings on the Mall when he downplayed and denied his connections to shady Ukrainian Oligarchs, even though Joe was, and still is, legally representing one who is trying desperately to avoid being extradited to the US for money laundering and bribery (Firtash). Gus stood up and said that I had “WMAL Derangement Syndrome.” You are so funny, Gus. Well, as recent history has displayed for us, and we are talking like a week, including a Rudy Giuliani’s scheduled meeting this week with a Ukrainian oligarch under house arrest in Austria (Firtash), and two idiots being arrested at Dulles airport after being accused of US campaign violations, bribery, and participating in a scheme to oust a Foreign Service Ambassador by using fraud and a certain Ukrainian, under house arrest in Austria, oligarch’s money , (Firtash) (allegedly). So, there is this Ukrainian Oligarch under house arrest in Vienna Austria, desperately trying get out of being extradited to the US to face criminal charges, so he hires WMAL’s Joe DiGenova. Rudy Giuliani has meetings with this Oligarch under house arrest in Austria. Then, two idiots from the Eastern part of Europe, flush with cash, show up in DC, give a Texas Republican (friend of WMAL), a wad of bills, and told him to get a certain Ambassador recalled. He does. John Bolton, a long-time friend of WMAL, sees this crap (shadow diplomacy) happening, and he tries to report it to anyone he can, finally using the whistle-blower statute. I see the pieces, and start to put the puzzle together, and the puzzle starts to spell out "We are all associates of WMAL." Gee wiz, I was ahead of the curve, and Gus, like in the song “Bat out of Hell,” completely and arrogantly missed the curve until it was way too late. (10/16/19)

Entercom stock continues to improve......today it is at $3.32 per share. They own some great stations in major markets. In DC, they own six stations. WPGC 95.5, WJFK 106.7, WJFK 1580 AM, WDCH 99.1, WIAD 94.7, and WLZL 107.9. (10/16/19)

LBI Media, a Spanish Broadcaster, has emerged from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy with a new leadership team. They have shed $350 million in debt by doing a debt for equity swap. They own some great assets. Good luck to your new team. (10/16/19)

"I know why the Michelob O'meara Show had the drop in db level last Wednesday." Wrongeroo. It happened during the live "broadcast" as you can clearly see from the contemporaneous comments. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/16/19)

More cost cutting at Forever Media’s WXCY. Full timers are now tracking weekends, part timers still on stand by for fill in, which is better than fully being let go. (10/16/19)

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Interesting observation by the person who heard 94.7 on 94.1. That’s pretty close to a chief engineer’s #1 nightmare. At my [shall go unnamed] station an employee arrived one day and said there was another station farther down the dial playing our same music. Uh oh. I checked and we were there strongly at a lower position but also at a spot symmetrically HIGHER up the dial. I rearranged the dress of the cables in the transmitter rack and the problem went away, never to return. Some kind of coupled regeneration. Close call. At another of our stations here in town something similar happened but that was clearly a case of an old exciter with aging capacitors. -P of the AW. (10/15/19)

I know why the Michelob O'meara Show had the drop in db level last Wednesday. When the intern was finished editing and then put the final audio limiting on the entire show, only 49 minutes were in the edit view window. The remaining audio will not receive the effect unless it is "scoped" into the window. This is a common oversight when using older versions of Adobe Audition. (And maybe the cloud versions too, but I can't recall.) The intern then saved the file without checking because, well who cares... (10/15/19)

HEY LOOK! Gus in the Gaithersburg errrrr Don Geronimo errrr Mike Sorce is back in the mailbag? Re; " In other news, why did The Mike O'Meara Personal Time Off Playtime Podcast Funhouse, once touted as "the best sounding podcast on the internet" by its marquee name host lose 60% of its sound level at minute 49 until the end of the show last Wednesday in show #2327?" (10/15/19)

Today is Tom Schultz last day at Forever Media's WAVD, the Wave Ocean Pines. Will last one leaving please turn out the lights. (10/15/19)

Noticed a small but growing amount of songs previously not heard on the Drive 94.7 completely gone seems to be Beatles or most early 70s but they did Shattered Dreams Johnny Hates Jazz ,Mambo#5, I Just Want to Stop by Gino Vanelli still not A station Id listen to much but lets see how it evolves with the new program director should be interesting and song titles and artist are finally being displayed again. (10/15/19)

Someone, please get alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 off the “spy plane” kick!!!! The station’s midday motormouth talk show host is hell-bent on convincing listeners that the spy plane will reduce Baltimore’s violence. A plane flying around taking pictures is NOT going to prevent the shootings, carjackings, broad daylight brutal assaults, muggings, etc. It may help find some of the animals who commit these crimes, but IT WILL NOT STOP THE VIOLENCE! Every day, it’s something else on this dude’s show: not enough cops; a broken juvenile justice system; an incompetent states attorney: lack of city leadership; vacant housing, etc., etc. So, this circus clown just babbles on, hoping someone will see things his narrow-minded way. This shit won’t change until the people who live in this cesspool stand up and say they’ve had enough, decide to clean up their own mess, and stop blaming others for it. In the meantime, I’ve had enough. CLICK!!! (10/15/19)

Driving thru Annandale VA this morning, I was hearing WIAD-FM "The Drive" on 94.1 as well as their 94.7 position. The stereo light was lit on my receiver but the audio was in mono, which might have just been because I was too far away to properly decode a stereo signal. In any case, I haven't found any info on Radio Locator or the WIAD website suggesting a repeater or translator at 94.1 MHz. Where is this signal coming from? Thanx. (10/15/19)

The 60s may not be lucrative to an ad agency, because they buy the familiar. This is why corporate radio will never add 60s to their playlist. This is why stations that rely on local ad dollars and not agencies tend to play more 60s. There is a market for the music, and it's not just all folks over 55. Watch ANY tv commercial and you will hear an "oldie" song. The younger demo knows the music and will listen to it. It's local radio that will play the 60s mixed in with 80s. (10/15/19)

It's been five years since Sinclair took over WJLA and NewsChannel 8. The corporate suits strutted into the station in 2014 promising technical upgrades and to make ABC-7 #1 in the market. And they denied the company was slanted in its political coverage. Five years later the station has shriveled into irrelevance. Morale sucks. SBG would rather spend money on sports channels. And Trumper Boris Epshteyn, whose commentatries are forced on all Sinclair stations, makes producers want to vomit on their desks. Sad! (10/15/19)

["The Radio stocks continue to sink......Salem $1.52, Urban One $1.92 and Entercom $3.13. Are any of these stocks a good investment?"] No. (10/15/19)

"Reminder......Nielsen does NOT release audience estimates for stations that do not pay them for ratings." Reminder......McDonald's does NOT give away free hamburgers. In other news, why did The Mike O'Meara Personal Time Off Playtime Podcast Funhouse, once touted as "the best sounding podcast on the internet" by its marquee name host lose 60% of its sound level at minute 49 until the end of the show last Wednesday in show #2327? Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/15/19)

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Re: October 10th comment about WTEM remote at Nationals Park- WTEM studio is in Silver Spring. Common sense says they are not using microwave, especially considering need for IFB. I'll speculate and say they were using a codec and encountered troubles with the Internet connection. Challenge now is ISDN is going away, and arranging back-up Internet that won't be overwhelmed by the crowd is not always possible. (10/14/19)

Reminder......Nielsen does NOT release audience estimates for stations that do not pay them for ratings. (10/14/19)

Tell TK in Odenton that he does not know what he is posting. Please stop posting FALSE information. (10/14/19)

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Closed-circuit to TK in Odenton: the "1480" in the WKDV app appears to be a typo. It would be too close to WTOP - er, WFED - to use 1480, even at 125 watts. And lower down in the app, there's this narrative: "NO CHANGE IN CITY OF LICENSE OR FREQUENCY ARE PROPOSED." I'm sure it will get amended soon, either when WKDV itself notices or when FCC staff gets to it. (Contrary to popular belief, the engineering staffers there aren't out to play "gotcha" with stations and engineering consultants like the undersigned. These sort of typos happen all the time and are never fatal as long as the underlying application is still valid.) - Fybush (10/13/19)

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A further look at the FCC application of WKDV shows they'll shift to 1480kHz, the same frequency as WPWC, a short hop away. WKDV feeds a Reston translator on 97.7 ; I suspect Metro will have to shift that feed to their 730 outlet to remain compliant. Yes, AM radio is quickly fading away due to high land prices... Perhaps HEBA (Crossfield) technology can save tne day...(Atlanta 1480 WYZE is the next trial site... See TWiRT #460 podcast for details)... TK in Odenton (10/12/19)

Interesting point poster added a few days ago about alot of 60s music in mono so better suited for AM play 94.7 The Drive does play some Beatles mostly later hits like Come Together which are in stereo plus Aretha Franklin and Brown Eyed Girl ive heard I think its more of an aging audience thing as over 50 age more likely to like 60s and early 70s is not lucrative to advertisers.Example when I moved hear in 2001 Wash FM Played James Taylor Jim Croce now its 80s 90s 2000s except an occasional 70s song like Piano Man or a few late 70s songs.The Wash FM HD2 sub IHearts Cool Oldies (used to be on WBIG 100.3 HD2) started out when I purchased an HD radio in 2010 as 50s 60s early 70s youd hear Elvis ,Buddy Holly ,Shirelles early rock then it went more mid 60s to about early 80s now more than half the songs are from the 80s though at least they play more early to mid 70s which the Drive does very little of like Eagles Doobie Brothers and maybe 1 0r 2 at most an hour 60s like Beatles or Rolling Stones if DC had a really large senior population, like Tucson where Im from there are several oldies stations plus 2 adult standards/ music of your life stations there .I think wed here more Oldies but if you can get it Ive heard WNAV Annapolis scratchy signal here in Wodbridge but great songs plus if you get 1420 WKCW Warrenton some 60s but I quit listening to them same songs in same order throughout the early afternoon for a month now The Gamut WTOP HD2 103.5 107.7 Where I live alittle of all types of music everything many Oldies and not just the big hits deeper tracks as well.Also the Drive almost a month now no RDS display of song and artist just call letters WIAD. (10/12/19)

The new traffic reporter on Fox5 is gorgeous, but unfortunately that’s the only positive thing I can say about her. Not very quick on her feet re: having to ad lib. She just seems so out of her element.. Turned on this morning’s broadcast & see another anchor struggling; Tisha Thomas. She’s live at an outdoor performance at Howard University & it’s painful to watch & listen to her. Then they go back into the studio and Sarah Fraser’s on there w/a dress barely covering her butt. And of course there’s Erin trying to play an anchor on tv. Look, I know being a reporter is probably not the easiest, especially when out in the field trying to report a story w/no script. But hey, be it in studio or out of studio, you’ve got to hone your skills so you don’t look like a complete idiot. (11/12/19)

Entercom stock starts to improve. (Now selling at $3.30 per share. ) Other Radio stocks still not doing well......Salem at just $1.46 per share and Urban One at $2.00 per share. These Companies have so much debt, they are not attractive to investors. (11/12/19)

WMPT is now at 1000kw full power on channel 21 with a 61 mile signal contour compared to WETA on channel 31 with only a 43 mile contour. WETA doesn’t seem to be headed towards full power until almost or until next year. This has to be hurting ratings and donations. (11/12/19)

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Metro Radio’s WKDV AM 1460 is applying to downgrade the AM station from Class B, 5000 watts, 5 towers to Class D, 125 watts, and 1 tower. Nighttime power will be just 63 watts. Apparently the more valuable land at University Blvd. & Godwin Dr. is more valuable and being sold off. The omnidirectional signal contour at 125 watts will be tiny compared to the current one. The station will still keep its FM translators. That AM revitalization plan sure has done the exact opposite of its intention. Owners are investing even less in AM facilities than ever. — BaltoMedia.net (10/11/19)

More blah blah blah on alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090, with mid-day motormouth (Clarence Mitchell IV) babbling for yet another day about violence in Baltimore; this time, in city schools, and asking when school administrators are going to do something about it. When is this station going to take a stab at (pardon the expression) doing some real news, like, sending a reporter (they’d first have to hire one) to city school headquarters to ask the same questions Mitchell is raising??? How about sending the dude they send out every morning to scream his way through yesterday’s sound bites to city hall to dig up a story or two??? Better yet, how about someone in the alleged newsroom picking up the phone and working up a good Baltimore County story? Or, Annapolis, or Bel Air??? Here’s another one: most people heading to the Eastern Shore on the weekend are headed to St Michaels or Ocean City. Has anyone bothered to pick up the phone and ask Ocean City Mayor Meathead about his concerns about the Bay Bridge mess??? St Michaels Tourism seeing a drop in visitation, or are they fearful of one?? How’s former Mayor Pugh doing? Anyone seen her lately? Is she over her pneumonia?? Is the late detective Sean Suiter still dead? Still murder?? Where’s the governor been all week??? The station seemed to find him long enough to weigh in on impeachment. Who the fuck cares what he thinks??? Maybe if this station would get off the national news kick, the impeachment bullshit and all the city crime shit and pay attention to the local scene, more people would tune in. (10/11/19)

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Coincidence that Gus In Gaithersburg goes DCRTV mailbag dark the SAME TIME Don Geronimo shuts down his Podcast and goes Twitter dark too? NO! Long rumored that Gus & Don are one and the same. (10/10/19)

[RE: Czaban dropping in and out with his string-n-tin-cans set up] Were you listening Monday evening? There were a lot of drop outs that night. WTEM was doing a live remote from near Nats Park. Must have been a microwave connection to the studio in Rockville. They reconnected pretty quickly each time though during the 45 minutes I listened. A result of the rain approaching the ballpark that evening?. A good mix that day of leadup to the baseball game and the firing of Jay Gruden. Overall I am somewhat surprised that the quality of the WTEM Czaban show is as strong as it was a year ago before he started morning drive for iHeart's new Milwaukee sports talk station. And iHeart must be very happy because he is often kept on the air to do an additional segment with the host who follows him. (10/10/19)

Just turned on NBC4's 5pm news and who's on there anchoring? Erika Gonzalez!!!..So she's resurfaced!!! Don't know if she said anything about being M.I.A. as it was near the end of the broadcast. (10/10/19)

Erika Gonzales has not left Channel 4. She’s anchoring the 5:00 news. (10/10/19)

I want to give WTTG's new morning traffic reporter a chance as it does appear that she's nervous, not used to being in front of the camera and somewhat lacking in the personality category. However, guess this is what we get when the powers that be just bring on another pretty face to be on air. Also saw a promo for yet another gimmick coming down the pike for the station with some "behind the scenes" thing they're going to have on their Facebook page. They seem to be doing a lot of changes in a short period of time. Their Good Day DC intro is like watching the intro to the Brady Bunch w/their faces in boxes. They're now sending out their anchors on remotes each day. Tweet of the Day. Real time polls. What's next? A dance contest every day? (10/10/19)

OMG be careful if you try to listen to WNAV. Their news department is a wreck. Morning reader Rita Retch never reads a story without stumbling. It's a rule. And she misses the hourly local story tease several times a week -- DJ tosses to her, nobody home, dead air. CBS News is next. If she is there for the local newscast that follows, you will get 39 second sound bites from police for lost dogs and stabbings on West Street. And a voice that sounds like she is straining on the toilet. Bbbburnie Bbbbennett in the afternoons is nearly as bad, but he sounds like he's trying, at least. Just green. Bob Duckman is phoning it in. They said he was next with a great Beatles number and it came back Peter Frampton. He's not that senile yet. I could go on. Other stations with good 70s-80s music include WTTR 1370Khz. (10/10/19)

I watched some of the Wizards preseason game the other night just to hear the new guys Justin what's his name and Drew Gooden. Gooden seemed ok, but the PBP guy - wow - didn't think there could be any worse than Buckhantz. He was a low energy guy who actually looks like Dave Jageller on Nats radio. But he was kind of a low energy guy. I'll give him benefit of the doubt, his first game. But my spidey-sense says that's who he is. (10/10/19)

Dave: I know life is about hiring friends of friends etc., however, what an awful listen to 630's local programming. Pollin sounds as arrogant as ever and Carol sounds as, let's just say, not intelligent! What gives? why can these radio execs hire professional talent instead of the old retreads. For giggles, I listened to Czaban for two minutes last week and it's the same old garbage! What's even worse is hearing Doc mumble and certainly stumble through a complete sentence...hot the point where it sounds like he's playing a preacher, yelling at Redskins fans. And, what's even worse is how NBCSNWDC or whatever they call themselves, let's Julie say and wear whatever she wants and that certainly doesn't make sense on air. We know Brian Mitchell always has an agenda and just rambles but Julie adds zero! Ok, what's next? (10/10/19)

RE: “Speaking of stations that play the 60s”… Give WNAV (AM 1430) Annapolis a try. OK, a rim shot for DC, but great 60’s, 70’s & 80’s play list. And on the weekends (when not pre-empted by Navy football) afternoon collectors-oriented Doo-Wop. (10/10/19)

Why would a radio station send someone to the (Chesapeake) Bay Bridge at 5 in the morning to report on a two-day old story (now three days) using information and audio from a pathetic telephone interview from the day before??? And, why do they keep airing the same audio clips of the mayor’s comments on the plastic bag ban bill, over and over and over. “I support the ban because they (bags) end up in our trees and in our harbor,” said Mayor JackASS Young. If they played this cut once, they played it a hundred times, all fucking morning. They even write their stories with “yesterday” in the copy, making it even more obvious it’s OLD FUCKING NEWS. ADVANCE THE STORIES, YOU MORONS!!!! WORK THE PHONES AND COME UP WITH SOMETHING ORIGINAL!!! Thank God it’s chilly out this morning, or I’d roll down my window as I drive down the beltway, stick my head out the window, crank up the 1090 volume, and yell...”I’M MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!! (10/10/19)

This WBFF Town Hall didn't go well... www.baltimoresun.com (10/10/19)

Question for the two or three other people who might still be listening to Czaban on WTEM out of habit, as an alternative to cutting yourself, or just trainwreck curiosity: What will make you quit for good? Czaban dropping in and out with his string-n-tin-cans set up? Reading his text conversations on air as if they're riveting? Describing his TV man cave set up? (10/10/19)

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Something going on over at WAVA? All Access is advertising for both a morning drive ops tech AND an afternoon ops tech. That covers the entire day from 5AM to 7PM. What happened to the current operations crew? Just how bad is Salem hurting? (10/9/19)

The Radio stocks continue to sink......Salem $1.52, Urban One $1.92 and Entercom $3.13. Are any of these stocks a good investment? (10/9/19)

Speaking of stations that play the 60s, WHGM is a good listen. I noticed they have morphed into more of an oldies station, with a hefty amount of 60s and 70s and some 80s. (10/9/19)

Re 94.7 adding '60s: I cant agree with that suggestion. That's an enormous spread of music to be covered. Using that logic, back in the 1980s heyday of Music of Your Life, that would have meant going back to the '30s for material. That is just too wide a musical palette to effectively select from. Besides, much of the music from the 1960s was optimized for mono AM airplay, so a lot of that content would have to be remastered for FM stereo, and that's going to get expensive. No, if Entercom was going to dip its toes into real moldy Oldies, they should cook up a suitable music format and put those songs on AM, where they sound best. Work out an LMA with WUST(AM) and WCRW(AM) to cover DC and fire the signal both East and West, while avoiding the costs of owning and maintaining any physical broadcast plants. Go live round the clock with jocks that know the music during the daytime, and inexpensive "starter-outers" evenings and overnights. It may yet work! (10/9/19)

There is evidence the Baltimore Police Union (FOP3) is taking the same approach to crime as alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 is taking to news. Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison accused the union of “regurgitating” parts of his crime plan in a document the union released criticizing it. The station is “regurgitating” yesterday’s story about this again this morning, puking up the same shit the station aired nearly 24 hours ago. Now, if you’ll excuse me a minute, I have to go vomit. (10/9/19)

Mary Bubala... To co-anchor and reunite with Kai Jackson at 10pm news on FOX 45. (10/9/19)

We are excited to announce that Mark Williams is doing 2pm-6pm on Music Radio, Q1370. (10/9/19)

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REF: [Rick Ritter] This kid needs more than a new jacket. How about a couple of new suits that fit, along with a couple of nice dress shirts that can accommodate a few modern ties? I think it’s funny how WJZ makes the male anchors wear neckties on the early newscasts, then at 7 p.m., all ties are off? What’s up with that?? Another one who needs a lesson in style and fashion over there is Vic Carter, who wears those stupid glasses with the wild-colored frames, much like NBC’s Al Roker, another fashion disaster. And speaking of fashion, why do they insist on giving Bob Turk the prime time weather slot, while burying super model Chelsea Ingram, who just happens to be a trained/certified meteorologist, with a mere 30-seconds or less on camera? I think the entire station needs a new look, minus the old dinosaurs who keep hangin on there. (10/8/19)

There has been a "surge" in new Translators this past year. (456 new Translators in the past year). There are now a total of 8,197 FM Translators licensed. Have they helped AM Stations? Every available FM frequency in DC is now filled. (10/8/19)

So obvious Holly Morris is in competition w/Erin Como. Today Holly has on a leather dress days after Erin wore skin tight leather pants. I also bet Holly is none too pleased that after only a couple of years, Erin got promoted to anchor after being a traffic reporter. Holly was a reporter for many years before she made the anchor desk. (10/8/19)

94.7 the drive. My suggestion to Chris Roth is to fashion the station after Q1370 in Baltimore. Add the 60’s to your rotations. There is a lot of music out there that we don’t get to hear. Q1370 has an extensive playlist that i feel would do well on an FM signal. (10/8/19)

Outside the area, but WBAI in New York has shutdown. It's on a commercial frequency, 99.5. What's it worth? (10/8/19)

WBAI shuts down nypost.com (10/8/19)

Family Radio's WBMD AM 750 has gotten approval to move its transmitter to the WFSI tower #1 in east Baltimore at 800 watts. Not sure how this is impacted by the station being for sale, but the signal is almost identical to the one on Gunther Hill, just slightly south and east. See here. radio-locator.com —BaltoMedia.net (10/8/19)

As I celebrate another Nats win - and hope for a 5th game Nats victory in L.A. - I'm wondering about the radio ratings for the team. I see JFK's full-day rating for the last quarter on the News page. How'd they do at night, when most Nats games are broadcast? Oh, and every year when I vote in the Best/Worst list on your site, I forget about the Nats broadcasting team of Charlie and Dave! They're the best. For about half of each year, they keep me company and provide some of the greatest sports moments in this town. (10/8/19)

Another good read is WIN Radio' attorney"s response to the WOWD-LP Petition to Deny... fcc.gov... TK in Odenton... (10/8/19)

Normally I would take the side of the LPFMer but the Charlottesville case is the exception. The folks behind the "Virginia Radio Co-Op" clearly are clueless... They're still making promos for "broadcasting from the Pepsi studios" and openly simulcasting two signals... If you want a fun read this might be one fcc.gov... Yes, many other LPFMers fill hours with outside programming but they'll bury the shows with local PSAs or timeshift the content... Just don't tick off the local commercial cluster operators... TK in Odenton (10/8/19)

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Although Steve Chenevey is probably the most professional on the WTTG morning newscast, more and more, that morning broadcast is going down the same "entertainment" road as WUSA9 & WJLA with more and more gimmicks. Unlike the rest of the morning crew, he doesn't engage in a lot of the silliness and ridiculousness that management has decided to incorporate into the morning broadcast. I also notice that he travels a lot which is probably a needed escape as well as getting him out of participating in some of the foolishness. (10/7/19)

Can someone please get WJZ's Rick Ritter a jacket that fits??? (10/7/19)

I totally agree with the poster about 94.7 The Drive doing promos, concerts to make themselves more visible and shaking the playlist up lots of tired songs and like I posted awhile ago why not more solo Beatles all I hear is Live and Let Die from Mcartney and I Got My Mind Set on You by George Harrison 1420 WKCW does the format better but its AM reduced power at night and not recievable in much of the area they play Shattered Dreams and Suddenly Last Summer too long to post here but theres tons of 70s and 80s hits by major artists not played on both stations. (10/7/19)

Gus - Im measuring from the WKJX tower to Seven Corners Va. In air miles, 197. And while the station is licensed to Elizabeth City, they are positioning themselves as a Nags Head station. (10/7/19)

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Steve Chenevey was a great loss to WJLA. He was totally professional but WJLA would rather have contests, cooking shows exercise shows and field trips instead of news. Steve obviously didn't fit in with the entertainment aspect of "news". I'm not sure why WJLA and WUSA9 persist in this insane idiocy that they are calling morning news. I guess they figure Washingtonians and suburbanites are too stupid to grasp real news without all the fluff. News 4 and Fox 5 still get it. If WJLA and WUSA9 want to persist in this stupidity than please confine it to the 4:25 to 6:00 time period. 6-7 should be news and traffic. WJLA has a sister station called News? Channel 8. They should just give that frequency away. There is no news there. Just more of the same crap (10/6/19)

My takeaway from the latest Nielson ratings is that the percentage of persons under age 50 listening to the radio is dwindling rapidly. Only one of the Top 10 caters to a younger audience and it’s #9. If you think about it there’s only 4 or 5 total that target an audience below 40. Maybe 5.5 if you count WASH and I don’t. Everyone else is streaming. I also agree with the earlier mailbag comment on the Drive 94.7. If done correctly this is easily a top 10 and maybe top 5 station just as in New York and Philly. ---nokesvillejr (10/6/19)

I can't see why Tony Perkins wants to joint the comedy act known as "Get up DC" but good luck to him. The 6:00 hours with Reese Waters is just a joke. I don't know why Annie Yu went there either. WUSA9's 11 pm new is just awful. They repeat the same stories over and over and admit they don't cover national news at all. There local news is pretty sketchy as well. WUSA9 desperately needs a news director who knows what news is. (10/6/19)

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Fox5 crew gave Cori Coffin a nice send off yesterday & today and it was well deserving. Felt she was an asset to the newscasts. So unfortunate that one has to leave town or not moving to a competing station to be recognized upon leaving. Good people are good people despite their wanting to move on. Annie Yu & Julie Wright were quite popular & not being given a proper sendoff on air really sucked. (10/5/19)

Re 94.7 . . . what PD Chris Roth needs to do is what Steve did not or wasn't given free rein to do: 1) put on a big promo push that gets the face of the station out there. Sponsor performances by a couple of local 80s tribute bands or bring in a nostalgic headliner to play a "surprise" show at a local venue. 2) Back off on a few "core" tunes and whip out some surprise songs. I think "1999" and "Summer of '69" have hit their saturation points, but when is the last time we got to hear "Suddenly Last Summer", "Breakout" or "Shattered Dreams"? 3) How about frequent thematic weekends? You can get a lot of mileage out of, say, a "One for the Ladies" weekend, playing girl groups and soloists (Lita Ford, Bananarama, Annie Lennox et al) and songs all about wimmen-folk ("Oh Sherrie", "Special Lady", "West End Girls", "Oh Sheila", "China Girl" et al). And 4), Hire my ass to keep coming up with good stuff like this. (10/5/19)

It was less than 5 minutes of Erin Cuomo talking on today's Faux Five morning news before I couldn't take it anymore and switched the channel. (10/5/19)

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I can honestly say I love my country so much that I have not committed crimes against the government, participated in fraudulent activity designed to illegitimately oust a US ambassador, or participated in an international cover up designed to allow foreign subjugation of US elections. It is a shame Mark Levin or Dan Bongino can’t honestly make the same statement. Can we apply the RICO act to put those dangerous clowns in jail? Bill Hess, do the right thing for your country and turn those clowns into the FBI. They know about the genus of the President's crime because they were there at the onset, helped plan the machination, and spread the lies over your airwaves. Be an American, and turn them in as part of this criminal political cabal. (10/4/19)

[RE: (WTTG) I find the only one on there who is the most professional and just an overall great anchor is Steve Chenevey] I'm not sure if you remember this, but Steve also left several years ago. He went over to WJLA to anchor their morning "news" but they blew up the show a while later and he got demoted to field reporter and ended up back at FOX5 after that. As for Tony Perkins, I've seen that his move to WUSA is only a temporary six-week stint timed to coincide with the November ratings book. Guess we'll see what happens. (10/4/19)

According to the most recent Nielsen numbers for DC, 8% of the listening is now to Christian Contemporary Music. The Drive at 94.7 FM is not doing well playing just 80's Music. Perhaps they should expand their "Oldies playlist". The new Program Director, Chis Roth can change their playlist. (10/4/19)

More on WRAU. The article in Current states that Salisbury University (owners of WSCL 89.5 and WSDL 90.7) has no plans to buy WRAU. It looks like American University wants $750,000 for it. Any takers? (10/4/19)

Did anyone else notice the discredited “documents” Rudy used to smear and oust the US Ambassador to Ukraine last March were mostly written by DC’s own John Solomon of The Hill newspaper? As everyone in DC media knows, John was demoted last year to “opinion writer” at The Hill after his fellow journalists complained that John’s sloppy “investigative Journalist” work was hurting The Hill’s reputation. Anyway, at the time Rudy was circulation this BS to the State Department, pretending the papers came from the White House, Mark Levin, Chris Plante, Larry O’Connor, and Dan Bongino were voicing the same discredited nonsense on the air as “Breaking News.” Did Rudy use WMAL to give some credence to what otherwise would have been considered BS allegations by the State Department? There is an impeachment investigation, WMAL needs to cooperate with the Congress on getting to the whole truth, otherwise WMAL’s talkers should be considered treasonous. Why did WMAL coordinate their efforts with John Solomon? Who orchestrated John Solomon’s, WMAL’s, and The Wall Street Journal’s “news releases? What incentives did the clowns at WMAL receive for airing this nonsense that got a career US Ambassador removed from her post? What part of this story did WMAL fabricate to contribute? These are questions Bill Hess needs to answer and send to the committee doing the Impeachment Inquiry. You guys stepped in it, and your actions on the air stink to high heaven. WMAL, it is time to be Great Americans, and come clean on why you were involved, and who got you involved as co-conspirators in these criminal and treasonous acts committed by the President. (10/4/19)

To the baseball fan searching for games on the radio, here are some options for you: Yankees on 660 (unless the Giants are playing), Cardinals on 1120, and 2 other ESPN stations, 1520 (Buffalo) and 1530 (Cincinnati), although Bills and Bengals may take priority on those. All are 50,000 watters. Dave, since you're in the Atlanta area, are the Braves in 750? (10/4/19)

Dave's response: The Braves are on sports talker WCNN 680/93.7 and rocker WNNX 100.5 in Atlanta. The team is carrried here in Athens by sports talker WRFC, whose 960 AM towers are literally behind the house I am staying in. News talker WSB-AM does carry games from Athens-based University Of Georgia. While they still broadcast on 750 AM, they only mention their 95.5 FM WSBB signal in their marketing. WSB-FM is their sister adult contemporary outlet on 98.5.....

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Word of advice for TV reporters covering the Baltimore mayoral race: DO NOT MENTION THAT THE LAST 3 MAYORS WERE FAILURES or you will quickly get the Mary Bubala treatment and off you go. No one in Baltimore wants to hear the truth as long as the state keeps them afloat and Trump doesn’t pull any funds. This is one area where I just wish Trump would pull the life support plug. Baltimore will gladly take your money in help, but don’t tell them what to do with it or that is RACIST! — UGH! (10/3/19)

Baltimore Repack news: Both WBAL and WJZ have notified the FCC that they will not be able to meet the March 2020 deadline to switch TV channels and will instead use the auxiliary transmitters on the new channels for at least 2 months. WJZ is planning on using a chopper while WBAL has yet to decide between the chopper and a gin pole rigging (dangerous since there are 400 employees in between the 2 points of the rigging), but both appear to be prepared to switch to their channels at low power on May 1. So it looks like antenna reception of either WBAL or WJZ next May/June will be difficult. Of course the FCC didn’t help out matters. They could have simply moved WJZ to channel 12 and kept WBAL on channel 11, but no, they had to switch both to make it far more complicated if not dangerous. No word yet on WMAR but probably soon. — BaltoMedia.net (10/3/19)

I saw the promo for Tony Perkins going to WUSA and have to wonder, why he would want to go back to tv..When he left FOX5, he seemed like he had had enough of tv. And now to go back to a morning show that pretty much parallels FOX5. Have to also wonder why other popular on air people have or are jumping ship at FOX5..Both Julie Wright and Annie Yu "disappeared". And both Anjali Hemphill and Cori Coffin say they're going to NY to seek other opportunities as well as be with their husbands. However, one has to wonder if the environment at FOX5 is such that "opportunities" for advancement and/or promotions is biased and not necessarily based on work performance. I remember years ago when Lark McCarthy left and Allison Seymour was promoted to a permanent anchor spot, it was obvious on Lark's last day that Holly Morris was a bit salty. And to this day, Holly seems to want to steal the spotlight whenever she can. Now they've brought in some lifestyle coach to replace Erin to do traffic.I find the only one on there who is the most professional and just an overall great anchor is Steve Chenevey (10/3/19)

The current magazine reports WAMU plans to sell WRAU Ocean City, Maryland. Who will be interested, EMF, WYPR to upgrade their Ocean City Class A WYPO? (10/3/19)

Dave's response: I spent the summer of 2017 in Rehoboth Beach and you can get five or six public radio outlets there, including the two locals from Salisbury. I guess DC's WAMU figures it ain't worth the effort, which probably makes financial sense.....

Now that 980 is affiliated with Fox. Sports you can hear it on 95.9 closer to DC And on 93.9 HD2 but theres no place to hear a clean signal I know of for 630 AM and last night I wanted to listen to the AL Wild Card game and had better luck in my car pulling in 1000 AM ESPN from Chicago! I live in Woodbridge and 630 was hard to get at night always but since they moved to the new tower its almost impossible and difficult reception even in the day.Also I remember a few years ago posted here about a LPFM WERA 96.7 from Arlington looked at thier website what a wide range of programming why cant they go to an HD Subchannel so more people can hear it without streaming? No offense but do we need another lousy talk station on DC101 HD2? (10/3/19)

I wrote earlier this week about the sad state of the Baltimore Media and their coverage of local/regional news. Here's an example from WJZ-TV News at Noon today: 4 Local stories only one of which would classify as more than 'rip and read', in depth Impeachment news, weather, Ravens. Break, Back from break: Paris, Las Vegas,,Mississippi, and then a story on a new CBS Prime Time Comedy show. CLICK !! , 14 Minutes, and 4 bits of LOCAL NEWS. They have 5 people to bring you the weather, and hardly no one that gives you actual in depth reporting, a la Jane Miller. Nothing in Baltimore worth investigating, so let's give the viewers news from Paris. If I want National/World news, there are plenty of options. (10/3/19)

In the latest ratings released yesterday, "The Drive" is in 17th place with a 2.6 rating - below it usually scored as a Hot AC with format competition. Yes, these are the 12+ numbers and it surely is doing somewhat better in the upper demos. However, Classic Hits stations are near or at the top of the ratings in every other city. It makes me wonder if fans of this format in this area, found other ways to listen to this music (Sirius, Internet) and find the bite-sized Drive playlist inferior. Maybe WIAD should have stayed Hot AC or gone Soft AC. And how about WGTS in 4th place! If you add the 1.5 of 107.3, about 8 percent of this market is listening to Christian Contemporary music! Amazing! (10/3/19)

Dave's response: I am currently in the Atlanta market, and Salem's Christian contemporary WFSH, 104.7 The Fish, is often the top station.....

No trouble hearing WSMD 98.3 on Thursday morning this week; either the WURA translator at 98.1 has been shut off, or the morning operator never checked the engineering rack to see if it was actually turned on. As it is, depending on how immune your FM receiver is to 'swamping', the only time the translator whacks Star 98.3 is if you are close enough to the tower off the parkway in Fairfax Station. (10/3/19)

I would like to personally thank WMAL’s Chris Plante, Larry O’Connor, Mark Levin, and Dan Bongino for their efforts as a catalyst in the run up to this impeachment inquiry process. Without their fumbling efforts to get this manufactured Biden-Ukraine fabrication out last spring, the Democrats would have been blindsided at this point in the Republican obfuscation process. Because WMAL personalities jumped the gun before this fabrication was ready for prime time, the president and his team were forced to play catch up on their own lies, with increased scrutiny by Congress. Let me be clear, had those fools waited until the machination was completed, the President could have made his dirty little phone calls without much scrutiny, or not needed to make it at all, because the Democrats would have been in the dark on this story up to the last minute. By the bozos at WMAL “leaking” this fabrication early, the Democrats were prepared and waiting for the republican’s next move. And boy did Trump deliver for the Democrats! Dan Bongino’s Tweet about Biden and Ukraine last March should give him a seat before the Oversight Committee (and should forever be used in political science class as an example of "idiotic political dirty tricks" in the early 21st century). Mark Levin’s reading of the charges over the NBC News theme could destroy his career after a Congressional investigation into the origins of this smear (The Hill's John Solomon-it may be time for an extended vacation oversees after your Rudy corroboration was revealed last night). Will Congress investigate talk radio’s role in this scandal? It is clear talk radio was briefed early on by Heritage and Trump’s reelection campaign. In unrelated news, Larry O’Connor’s BFF, Todd Starnes, was let go from Fox News and Fox Nation yesterday. Insiders speculate his firing was due to a commentary he made claiming Democrats were “Godless,” and therefore “Heathens.” Didn’t Larry do similar segment on his radio show a few weeks ago? Should Larry be canned for spreading the same crap Tod Starnes was spreading? You all must be so proud working for WMAL, the Putin loving, Democracy hating, anti-immigrant, anti-justice, anti-truth, and White supremacy radio station serving the Nation’s Capital. (10/3/19)

Colleen Carew, formerly with 100.7 The Bay in Baltimore, takes the PD reins at WOCM Ocean 98 in Ocean City MD. She will handle Programming and Promotional duties at the Triple A station, replacing JJ Roth who has resigned and moved on to different ventures. Marla Robertson replaces JJ on air 10am-2pm and continues with her responsibilties as morning show producer for The Rude Awakening Show. Colleen will follow Marla on-air from 2-6pm and the former afternoon drive jock "Schwab" moves up to Nights from 6-10pm. The station can be heard in the listening area at 98.1 FM and online worldwide at ocean98.com. (10/3/19)

Dave Issing who was formerly on 99.1 WHFS with Weasel, Bob “Here”, Damian Einstein, and David Einstein, as well as on 103.1 WRNR with Bob Waugh & Rob Timm, and WJFK with Cerphe Colwel, has returned to the airwaves at FM 102.3 and AM 1470 WTTR in Carroll County, Maryland. On Sundays, Dave hosts Inspire – an hour of positive and encouraging music and conversation, from 10am-11am. The show is a mix of secular music with a positive theme along with current faith-based music (like on K-Love radio). He can also be heard weeknights starting at 9pm playing the “greatest hits of all time from 80s, 70s, and 60s”. The station can also be heard via the TuneIn app for mobile phones and tablets, as well as streaming at wttr.com. (10/3/19)

WURA 920AM: Wouldn't even exist if the dummies then owning WPTX 920 in Lexington Park had kept that frequency when moving WPTX to 1690. Of course the owners obeyed the FCC conditions for the move, but other owners didn't and eventually the FCC caved allowing expanded band owners to keep the original frequency. Then when SOMAR bought WPTX (& WMDM) years later, it would also have owned the 920 frequency in Lexington Park .... and wouldn't have its 98.3 suffering from interference. (10/3/19)

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Sick of all the national political puke on local radio, like wanna-be news radio 1090? Well, relief is on the way as this station gears up for some local politics as it positions itself as the home for the “TJ for Mayor” campaign headquarters. TJ (no first name) Smith is the former police officer turned PIO for Baltimore PD before resigning to be a press secretary for a local county executive. Yesterday, he announced his resignation from that position with a promise to “make an important announcement” later this week. 1090 is already speculating, promoting him as a potential candidate for mayor in the upcoming Baltimore elections, praising him for “witnessing several major local events” while police flack. Oh yeah, local events, as in homicides, carjackings, assaults, rapes, Freddie Gray, BPD corruption, period. He’s a former cop who called himself “chief” in his BPD role until he quit, surrounded by all the political corruption that earned him and his troubled department a reputation of incompetence, fueled by an ego full of tweets, television and radio appearances showcasing the city as a cesspool of crime. 1090 loves this dude, giving him space on the news and talk shows to advance his resume while shining the crime spotlight on himself to grease the skids for his self-promotion for the next stop in his politically powered public life. His radio ally, the fast-talking talk show host Clarence Mitchell, could throw a money wrench into things if HE decides to run. At least Mitchell has experience as a former Maryland legislator, leaving us to question what Smith, with no leadership/business management record would bring to the table. Running the city, like running the country, requires much more experience than “community organizer;” something we learned after eight miserable years of it in DC. Stay tuned...give these clowns “room to destroy,” the city even further, and watch this station launch the “Smith for Mayor” campaign into orbit. (10/2/19)

Well, here is a surprise to all the Érika Gonzáles watchers; she is still listed on the WRC-TV (NBC 4) web page. When someone leaves a station, they are usually removed from the page immediately. The fact that she is still there is a good sign that she is still an employee. I personally hope it is something positive, like being pregnant and having some early days side effects, and not an illness or other problem. And Happy New Year. -- Carl in Olney (10/2/19)

WURA 920 AM signed on a new Translator 98.1 FM and has killed the WSMD 98.3 FM signal in Northern Virginia. Somar should file a complaint with the FCC. (10/2/19)

So it appears former Baltimore Police spinmeister “Chief” TJ Smith wants to run for mayor. Wonder how many of his media buddies will hold him to the same scrutiny as other candidates, or will they give him a pass? Hopefully, some real journalist will investigate how he got to the Baltimore department and his exact role in spinning the many controversies during his tenure. (10/2/19)

Interesting bit of ducting on Tuesday morning. Turning a corner in Falls Church, I briefly lost the signal of WERA-LP 96.7 on my car radio, and for a few moments was picking up WKJX-FM "The Coast" out of Nags Head NC, some 200 miles from Falls Church. Pretty tasty for a signal that should fizz out by Norfolk. (10/2/19)

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Getting gas on Westbard Avenue in Bethesda and just looked up. There’s a big new white pylon TV transmitting antenna on top of the River Road tower! When did that thing go up? Anybody see the process? Gin pole? Helicopter? I hate missing out on seeing those projects unfold. -P of the AW (10/1/19)

Strange doings at FIOS last night. They interrupted WUSA9 around 12:30am with a “we’re fighting with Tegna over rates because they’re asking too much” blackout. It referred to an agreement expiring sometime in 2018. The blackout continued for an hour or so, and then things went back to normal. There had been none of the usual warning crawls from Channel 9. Mistake at the head end? (10/1/19)

Fox5 reporter, Anjali Hemphill bid farewell to DC Sunday. Moving with husband for new opportunities in NYC. - Reston Calling (10/1/19)

RE: "MSNBC did not cut away from a rally"...."Re-read a transcript...and claim it's literally true.". Umm, a transcript IS literally true. It's a literal TRANSCRIPTION of what someone actually said. -Mike in Bartonsville (10/1/19)

I tuned in to 1090 again this morning to see if they would regurgitate a weekend stabbing incident for a fourth straight day; if OC Mayor Meehan came out of hiding amidst rumors he’s shacked up and hiding in Baltimore with former Mayor Pugh at her place; if Mayor Jack Ass Young has come to his senses to ban the street corner punks terrorizing motorists with their fake “I need a job” bullshit; if someone slipped some valium into the mid day motor mouth’s (C4) coffee; if the FOP crime plan is ready; if Baltimore’s murder rate has reached 300 yet; if they missed any of yesterday’s Trump tweets; if Jim Russ has left for Marbourg’s old job at WTOP; and, if Screamin Scotty has larygitis. I dozed off and never found out. (10/1/19)

NBC4’s Erika Gonzalez is still listed on their website. So maybe she’s had a family or personal emergency & taken some time off. I do remember her working one weekend & abruptly disappeared....Just turned on Fox5 & Erin Como has on some pants so tight that they look like they’re painted on. Really Erin?? (10/1/19)

To my fellow WBAL, critic, you are spot on regarding the OC coverage. The probable reason that you didn't hear from the Mayor: According to a WBOC report on Sunday, he was out of town, which is an obvious story in itself that no media outlet in the Baltimore market is covering. Gee, wonder if the Mayor will bail if/when the next hurricane hits town? I just envision George Costanza bolting out of the birthday party when the fire breaks out. And to WBAL and the rest of the Baltimore media...WTF is wrong with you ?? There was no "EVENT". For years, the H2Oi event was in nearby Whaleyville. It was canceled in 2017, and was in Atlantic City in 2018 and this year. And why are these thugs deemed to be "Car Enthusiasts" They came to town with the sole intent of raising hell. I guess the next time Law Enforcement goes into the house of a person who just shot 10 people and find a stash of 18 guns, he will be termed a "Gun Enthusiast" Why, media, are you trying to purposely downplay all the commotion that these idiots caused? What impact is this going to have on OC. Do you think that people that were there for a long weekend or a week-long vacation are going to go back? Oh, I'm sorry, you can't do a real story on a regional issue....gotta go to that snowstorm in Montana story, more Trump stories, some Virginia stories. ALL of you are completely clueless on how to cover local news. BTW, um, the Ms Pugh investigation??? We're still waiting. (10/1/19)

WINA owner files complaint against local nonprofit radio stations | Local News | dailyprogress.com... www.dailyprogress.com...... The LPFMs in Charlottesville are on the radar screen of Saga Communications... Besides the Charlottesville station Saga owns stations in Norlfolk, etc... , e.g. WJOI AM 1230... TK in Odenton... (10/1/19)

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