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DCRTV Mailbag - January 1, 2020 to January 31, 2020

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RE: "What the hell are the (clown) suits at Hearst thinking to run live, non-stop coverage of the impeachment hearings all afternoon on alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090?" They are doing to try to compete with WYPR, which is kicking their ass in the ratings. If you can't beat them, do the same thing they are doing. Except on AM. LOL (1/31/20)

Entercom needs to dump WLZL 107.9 FM. It only covers half of the DC market. In the most recent published Nielsen Ratings, they have a 1.3 Share. With their Spanish Format, they are not making any money with it. An Alternative format would do well on this signal. (1/31/20)

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First things first. MeTV isn't carrying the impeachment trial and one can still watch Leave It To Beaver every weekday morning. Another poster quoted Mike "I judge people based on how much attention they pay to my kid" O'Meara accurately about it getting "a little too dark" at the beach. In that same anecdote he complained about the beach being overrun by "black pornographers". Another poster rightly bemoaned the murders of multiple people in Baltimore. DC needs to step up its game, B'more is kicking our ass. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/31/20)

DON GERONIMO'S WEBSITE IS GONE / TWITTER TWEETS DELETED. Mike Sorce is no more. RIP old timer {Should have stayed with O'Meara & Spewak}... ON-AIR CHANGES FOR THE MIKE O'MEARA SHOW! Oscar Santana being replaced by Rob Ford [RO-FO] ? It's the right move at the right time. Move Santana to a TMOS business support role. [he has an e-MBA] (1/31/20)

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Don’t you just love the media, both national and local ? Other than impeachment, we have a growing hysteria over the Corona Virus. Five confirmed cases in the US (Pop. 330,000,000+). Meanwhile, when in Baltimore (Pop. 600,000+) five people are murdered over a weekend, and twelve more are shot, barely a blip on the national media radar. Simply amazing. Or as Dave used to say….”ponderous man, ponderous.” (1/30/20)

There have been a lot of comments about new FOX5 traffic anchor Stacey Rusch lately. I’ve been trying to give her a chance but this job is not the right fit for her. She’s been filling in for Erin Como every day this week and it’s been awful. On every report this morning she talked about “I-66 westbound from Manassas to the Beltway.” Someone buy her a compass! Even a second grader knows that that would be EASTBOUND. I’m sure there are more qualified people for that job. (1/30/20)

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Tonight, listening to Cousin Brucie (Bruce Morrow, born and bred in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY) had a long reminiscence about former WMCA-570 and WABC-770 Disk Jockey Harry Harrison, who died at 89 this week. Bruce Morrow, who somehow on SiriusXM has the same energy he had in 1962, knew him very, very well. He had a nice tribute to him, like how he was a real family man, but he (Harry Harrison) knew tragedy, in that his wife and two of his children predeceased him, and that he was one classy guy. And so is Bruce Morrow, if you ask me. He used to live near us on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn (he does not anymore), and we saw his name on one of the call buttons in the building entrance, but no one had to guts to try to visit him (we were 13, after all). The Cuz and my father went to the same barber. Here is an article about Harry Harrison: radioink.com -- Carl in Olney, but formerly of Flatbush, Brooklyn (1/29/20)

The PIRATE ACT has been passed in DC -- meant to identify illegal broadcasters and punish them with very steep fines. Some might say unreasonably so. User "RadioGuy" posting on the legal low-power radio website HOBBYBROADCASTER.COM observed, "If I understand this right, a 'pirate' broadcaster could be fined $100,000 per day up to $1,000,000 maximum. The fine for robbing a bank is $50,000. To put this in perspective, theoretically, a hobby broadcaster on FM that transmits more than about 200 feet could be fined twenty times more than robbing a bank, and go to jail to boot." (quote used with permission from Hobbybroadcaster.Com). He's right. What dunce thought these fines were a good idea? Or even enforceable? I'm all for keeping things legit, but really now. (1/29/20)

Watched one segment of Angie Goff covering the Super Bowl in Miami & that was one segment too many..She was off the chain; just too much..She can be entertaining, but her antics are starting to be way over the top (1/29/20)

What the hell are the (clown) suits at Hearst thinking to run live, non-stop coverage of the impeachment hearings all afternoon on alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090? No matter what side of this political outhouse listeners are on, do they honestly think people driving home from a stressful day in the office, or a cold, rainy day working outside, or in a day care center changing shit diapers all damn day give one more baby’s ass about this shit??? They want some headlines of news they missed all day, like how many more murders occurred in Baltimore, how bad traffic is on the beltway and whether it’s going to rain or snow Saturday. I mean, seriously...WHO FUCKING CARES????? Even the sister television station (MeTV) is running this shit non-stop, leaving me without Leave It To Beaver, The Andy Griffith Show and M*A*S*H!!! Ughhhhhh!!!! I am so done with this nonsense. CLICK (1/29/20)

Re "On Monday Mike "The Pontificator" O'Meara..." Worst yet, was low IQ Oscar Santana then trying to string together his RIP Kobe Bryant moral compass gibberish thoughts while juggling the English language. PAINFULL! Boys, just make us laugh - that's all! (1/29/20)

RE: RE: On Monday Mike “The Pontificator” O’Meara…… You are so right. First he bragged that “He knows Grieving”. Then, he race rant. I think he forgets that he took his daughters home from the beach because “It was getting darker”. And, it had nothing to do with sunlight. He can make fun of all different races, make sexist jokes. Shit, he and Fat Nazi Blobb even fat sham people. They weigh at least 600 Lbs between them yet they make fun of fat people????? (1/29/20)

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WUSA9's Annie Yu must have the greatest contract ever structured in local TV history. I've tuned in the last 2-3 weeks to watch her and I think she's been on twice. Plenty of pics of her on Facebook at the beach, Ca. Just not at her actual job. And I LOVE Angie Goff. She's kooky and hot. I hope she does a segment on the beach. MY beach towel is ready. LOL. Paul (1/28/20)

87.7 FM......these stations are suppose to go dark on 7/13/21, according to FCC (MB Docket No. 03-185). The Public was never given an opportunity to apply for these signals. Look back at the history of these.stations......The reason these 28 licenses were granted was so that MINORITIES could get into TELEVISION OWNERSHIP. Today, Broadcast Diversity still remains scarce. These stations found that it was more lucrative to operate as FM RADIO STATIONS rather than Televisions Stations as intended by the FCC. You can file comments until 2/6/20. (1/28/20)

New anchors for WJLA's Good Morning Washington? So, are they replacing someone or being added like WUSA did with Tony Perkins? By the way, how's that show doing these days? (1/28/20)

On Monday Mike "The Pontificator" O'Meara lectured his podcast audience that you're a racist if you're not all broken up over Kobe Bryant being dead. It's his own fault, he should have driven the Lamborghini like everyone else. His daughter dying is sad. On the bright side hotel maids will sleep a little easier. slate.com... Mike P.T.O. O'Meara can suck his own Irish bag. Wait, nevermind, he can barely reach down to tie his shoes. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/28/20)

Hey Dave, it has gotten to the point of statist Russian propaganda, not conservative media, over at WMAL, and I am not talking about Mark Levin's secret plutocratic agenda. It was reported last night John Bolton tuned in an outline for a book he is writing to the White House for review. Standard procedure. It the outline Bolton stresses the President did in fact tie military aid to Ukraine as a reward for Ukraine announcing investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden. This morning, Joe diGenova on WMAL commented “So what,” dismissing the news item as a nothing burger. Last April, Joe’s wife, Victoria, was acting as a go between for the President and Lev Parnas, when Parnas was in the Ukraine shaking down government officials trying to get an investigation announced of Joe and Hunter Biden. We have phone messages from her to Lev, while Lev was in Ukraine, asking Lev for an update for her to report to “number one.” Joe knows a lot more than he is telling us on WMAL, and Joe is lying, and making crap up to cover up his and his wife’s involvement in the Ukraine political dirty trick (in political terms, Rat F&6%ing),for which the president is being impeached. Remember, Joe is also working for an Oligarch, helping to keep him from being extradited to the US , and criminally charged. We don’t hear that tidbit on WMAL either. Fox News has dropped DiGenova, Fox Business has dropped diGenova, so, why does WMAL let this criminal, racist, liar, and anti-semitic, on WMAL’s airwaves to do Putin’s and Russian oligarchs bidding for them, and to downplay his and his wife’s involvement in the scandal? Why does diGeova claim US interference in Ukraine ministry of justice, led by non US government representatives, (and representatives who have in writing they only represent Trump, and not the United States), is not treason to the highest order? diGenova is knee deep in this crap, and the only ones who don’t know it, apparently, are the fools running WMAL. (1/28/20)

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I've been away, but now I'm back. 1) WDCN-LP is on 87.75 (basically 87.7), not 87.5 as others have written, and my wife's students listen to it all the time; if it's popular and legal, what's the big deal? 2) The wife, with her eagle eye, speculates the following about Amelia Draper: She was pregnant and had a miscarriage a few months back, and is now pregnant again. Let's all wish her well and that she has a healthy baby a few months from now, assuming that she is expecting. Again, this is all speculation, based on the outfits she wears. 3) Is it a coincidence that WTOP has started carrying "CBS News on the Hour" again and the loaded resentful-sounding phrases about real news, live news, or something like that have completely disappeared? It made CBS News sound a little silly when I heard it on WNAV or WCBS. Now it sounds professional again, and now WTOP uses it again. 4) Interesting that WCBS-880 in NYC has been so strong the last few days, that around Columbia, I have gotten it in full HD, sometimes for a whole minute. -- Carl in Olney (1/27/20)

Hi Dave, I must say I'm very impressed that you're able to run DCRTV every bit as efficiently in GA and WNC as you did in NOVA! How do you do it, as you're well out-of-terrestrial-range of the DC area stations? Was living in NOVA too much for you to afford eventually? Just curious. (1/27/20)

Thanks to the internet, I can easily listen to many DC radio stations no matter where I am, including two of my favorites - WTOP and WAMU. I can also watch local TV newscasts via DC and Baltimore stations' websites. And I still have a bunch of cool sources providing me with station info, so it all works great. Basically I left the DC area in 2017 due to the high costs of living and the incredibly horrible traffic. I did return to the DC area for part of 2018 but otherwise I've been in Delaware, Georgia, South Carolina, and now have a cool place in the foothills of North Carolina. I am only two hours from the Virginia state line and just six hours from the DC area via I-81......

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Re :"Fox 5 sending Angie Golfballs to cover the Super Bowl ensures I won't be watching the Fox 5 local coverage of it", since it appears that management has made her the roving reporter now for the big sports events, guess they'll also send her to Tokyo for the Olympics..It appears that she's truly found her dream job..She seems to have more perks and benefits than any other anchor or reporter at the station.. (1/26/20)

I noticed also CBS has been running repeats Friday night last 3 weeks also first 2 hours on Thursday dont get it middle of Winter.I understand repeats Christmas week but now? Also notice even though I dont care much for the format I have an HD Radio and WMZQ hasnt been running the Classic Country HD2 station probably since New Years no 98.7 HD subchannel operating right now. (1/26/20)

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Does 87.5 FM WDCN subscribe to Nielsen? They are not listed as a subscriber, yet Nielsen is showing their ratings. Last year Nielsen announced that they would NOT list any station that did not subscribe to their service and pay them. (1/25/20)

OK, if you've been watching the impeachment on TV, you would have heard the name "Pat Cippoloni". The first time I heard it, I though they said, "Patsy Baloney". Wouldn't that be a great name for a Pee Wee Herman character? Billy's younger sister? (1/25/20)

If you would like like to file a comment about LPTV Channel 6 87.5 FM, you can call the FCC and ask them the best way to file your comments. They are suppose to make it easy to file your comments. You can also email FCC.gov and ask them the best way to do it. (1/25/20)

Fox 5 sending Angie Golfballs to cover the Super Bowl ensures I won't be watching the Fox 5 local coverage of it. (1/25/20)

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The powers that be are definitely making Angie Goff the Golden Child at Fox 5. No one seems to get more attention & perks at that station than she does. I initially felt she was trying way too hard, but she’s actually growing on me. Her enthusiasm & wackiness actually seem genuine vs. one of the early morning anchors w/her constant, fake cackling. (1/24/20)

Does anyone know why CBS is running constant repeats on Friday nights? This seems strange since they made a big deal about starting their spring season and will lose 3-4 Fridays due to March Madness (1/24/20)

People keep saying you can file your comments on the Channel 6 87.5 FM stations at FCC.gov. BUT WHERE? That’s an impossible bureaucratic maze. Got a link????? (1/24/20)

WWSX-LP has moved to a new tower site on Rt. 1 north of Rehoboth Beach, but I can't find an application for the move on the FCC's website. The had applied to move to this site before, but the application was dismissed. (1/24/20)

Major problem on Television Hill in Baltimore says WJZ 13. The CBS O & O claims that the station cannot meet the repack deadline because of a scheduling problem to have a staging area for the Erickson Air Crane to operate and replace the 3 main transmitter stalks atop the candelabra tower. There are only 2 weekends available on the Loyola University sports grounds for use of their land and the first one is a month after Stage 9 of the Repack ends on May 1. WJZ will move to channel 11 on a new auxiliary transmitter which they are installing now. Presumably, from the description, WMAR & WBAL will be filing similar delays as all 3 appear to be using the same air crane. Both WJZ and WBAL TV will have to evacuate the day this happens so there will likely be less local news that Saturday or Sunday. This also means that WJZ and possibly WBAL and WMAR will have poor reception in the month of May. fcc.gov — BaltoMedia.net (1/24/20)

Entravision, a Hispanic Media Company, stock has hit an all time low price of $2.06 per share. They own radio and television stations on the West Coast. They own good stations but don't seem to have good management. This company is ripe for a take over. (1/24/20)

87.5 FM......the FCC reminded us that the window is now open until 2/6/20 to file comments on the LPTV Channel 6 use of this Channel as a FM Radio Station rather than a Television Station as it was intended. There were 28 of these licenses issued at the time so that more Minorities could get into Television Station ownership. Soon after these licenses were granted, the people who received the licenses found that it was more lucrative to use the audio channel 87.5 FM as an FM Radio station. Today, most of these stations have been sold to Non-- Minorities. You can file your comments at the FCC.gov. (1/24/20)

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Hey Dave, It looks like Fox News in more on the beat than those idiots over at WMAL. On October 9, 2019, two con men working for Giuliani, Parnas and Fruman, were arrested at Dulles Airport and charged with, among other things , International money laundering. Now, DiGenova and his wife had been palling around with these two clowns for months,and Parnas even claims Toesing was in on the initial coercing of a foreign official for political gains, for which the President is being impeached. There were no more appearances of DiGenova, or his wife Toesing, on Fox News after that arrest. DiGenova did appear a couple of times on Fox Business in December, but disappeared after he made an anti-semitic remark about George Soros that got Jewish viewers up and arms. Fox News dropped this clown for dishonest and not disclosing business interests, Fox Business dismissed him for anti-semitic remarks, allegedly, so, why is this buffoon still on WMAL every Monday at 7:05 AM? Fire this racist, dishonest, political conniving, cheating, anti-semitic ass, Bill Hess. And then make him come clean with an apologetic press conference, explaining the political dirty trick he was involved in-with the President, on the Capitol steps this Monday, for all the Senators to hear. There is a special place in Hell for guys like Joe DiGenova. Bill, you are in the cesspool with him unless you do the right thing. Jail could be good for Joe. (1/23/20)

The application to sell WXSH in Pocomoke City from Mike Powell to Vinco Media has appeared on the FCC website. (1/23/20)

REF: [TJ Smith] I agree with the earlier post about this dude who would push his mother off a busy sidewalk into rush-hour traffic to get his sorry ass in front of a camera. As has been stated here before, Smith was a self-made “Chief” of information with Baltimore PD, a title suggesting a command-level sworn position, when, in fact, he was nothing more than a civilian PR hack, the department’s puppet, puking up whatever his former commissioner buddy, Kevin Davis (also from AAPD, who got him his job) needed to make him look good. This double-dipper took a leave of absence from AAPD to jack his salary up significantly while joining BPD, which allowed him to remain on AAPD’s payroll to accrue all the benefits of his lieutenant position there while pulling in a salary well into six figures from the city. He and Davis have remained best buddies of alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090, and have been for years where they welcome them with open arms, especially now that Smith is running for Baltimore mayor. I guess the station felt sorry for him after seeing the turnout for his mayoral campaign kickoff was barely enough to fill a British phone booth. Hopefully, listeners will see this for what it is and either stay home or vote for someone else on election day. (1/23/20)

Two radio stocks we have been following are still not doing well. Urban One $2.07 and Salem $1.50. Both companies are trying to reduce their debt. They both need to sell off some assets in order to do this. (1/23/20)

Memo to 94.7 The Drive: Have you played "Elvira" by the Oak Ridge Boys in the last few days? I haven't thought of that corny piece of shit since about 1988, and yet I woke up this morning and it was stuck in my head. I'm sure I heard it somewhere recently; there is no other reason that one alcohol-soaked brain cell retaining that song would have lit up this morning. "Giddyup-Oom-Papa-Mau-Mau".... (1/23/20)

"There WAS a TMOS Bonus Show on 1/17." Yet as of this writing on MLK Wednesday it still hasn't made it to their website. (1/23/20)

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There WAS a TMOS Bonus Show on 1/17. AND not producing a show on a federal holiday is not an unusual thing for anyone. (1/22/20)

WE CALL TMOS BUMKIS! Mike O'Meara off AGAIN on Tuesday. So, on TMOS, is "migraine" Robb Spewak slange for "hangover?" (1/22/20)

No longer with us: Fred Graham www.legacy.com... (1/22/20)

GLOVELESS FRUITCAKE TREASURE: Now that the holidays are over and the fruitcakes have been devoured, I checked out on their YouTube page, Robb Spewak and the TMOS elves making it all happen. Did you know that Robb Spewak and most elves don't wear clear plastic baking gloves OR beard and hair nets? EWWW! [So in ass-backwards Virginia, commercial kitchen regulations are in par with backwoods Moonshine regs?] (1/22/20)

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Remember all of those nicknames for Baltimore? Charm City, All-American City, The City That Reads, Baltimore’s Best. I have a new one. The Unacceptable City. I have selected that because, you will hear the mayor, council prez, or commish saying that the latest crime surge is “unacceptable”. Will one of the esteemed media members ever ask exactly what that means? They keep saying it, but nothing changes. How about the media, or even a mayoral candidate making one of those Fox News montages, showing these so-called leaders using the word unacceptable time after time. You could even throw in a few ‘will not be tolerated’, whatever that’s supposed to mean. That’s another of their go to phrases. (1/21/20)

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TMOS NO GO! So, The Mike O'Meara Show Podcast produced no PAID "BONUS SHOW" for subscribers last Friday [1/17] and NO LIVE SHOW today, Monday [1/20] Really taking that MLK holiday to the extreme. [Mike, is age 60 too late to develop a work ethic?] (1/20/20)

WDCH 99.1 FM....why would Entercom redact the price of their LMA with Bloomberg? Bloomberg leases the station 24 Hours per day. Why the Secret? (1/20/20)

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Gene, the WBJC website has posted the following message: "WBJC is currently broadcasting from a backup collection over the air due to equipment failure in the studios. The component that sends the signal from our studio out to the transmitter has failed. We are expecting the replacement tomorrow, and emergency installation will take place over the weekend. What you’re hearing over the air is a back-up collection of classical music we loading up for just such an event. You can still hear what we are ACTUALLY broadcasting live by listening online." It would be nice if every station on the dial had the foresight to install a backup audio device when their main studio-to-transmitter link goes down. (1/19/20)

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Interesting question. Are these 3 TV stations all on the air at the same time? www.rabbitears.info... (1/18/20)

I know WDVM 25 is on the air. I know Baltimore’s WMJF got permission to move to channel 23 which a severely directional signal, but how could WDDN-LP Daystar still be on the air and not have been displaced? The signal overlap to WDVM specifically is significant. Anybody know? (1/18/20)

The game changing thing about Nextgen TV is that, yeah, you’ll have to have that antenna again, but it might not have to be that big as in home antenna reception is better with ATSC 3.0 and you won’t have to WIRE every TV. That is the game changer. One WIFI router can route the TV signals to other TVs or even laptops or phones without a direct connection just like we do now with our computers and laptops. The other big change with ATSC 3.0 is the adaptability of the signal. It can change resolutions on the fly to keep a constant signal for like in a basement or in a big concrete apartment building where the direct to device signal is difficult. The next big shoe to drop is going to be the cellphone industry. They already have tiny chips that will fit in any cell phone along with small antenna designs for ATSC 3.0. But will any manufacturer bite a piece of the apple under threat from the carriers? Apple’s now running their own streaming service. So are CBS and NBC. NextGen TV has the promise of too much too cheaply, and the cell phone manufacturers and cable companies know where their bread is buttered. I hope the government doesn’t collude with these entrenched companies and near monopolies to try to poison pill this stuff because it could be really exciting. Imagine being able to tune in say, a baseball or football game while on the beach from a laptop or cell phone? And after the 5 year channel sharing period expires for lighthouse signals, every TV station in America will have the capability for 8-12 TV sub-channels, all better resolution than today with at least one 4k signal for big events. — BaltoMedia.net (1/18/20)

One Media, btw Dave, is owned by Sinclair, so both Washington and Baltimore will be first with ATSC 3.0/Nextgen TV and Sinclair already has a sharing deal with Nexstar, so it’s likely that WJLA ABC 7 and WDCW CW 50 will be sharing ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 signals for the 5 required years. This explains the use of the Ward Circle NBC tower for the ATSC 3.0 tests in Washington. In Baltimore the WBFF/WNUV duopoly allows them to make the switch very quickly and Sinclair has already done lots of tests in the DC/Baltimore market that went unnoticed. Even NBC owned WRC NBC 4 participated in the tests. Comcast hates this, but they also fear it, so they want to be on board for several reasons or at least appear to be on board. #1, it threatens Comcast Xfinity’s business model, #2, if they fight it too hard, it throws into question their anti-trust situation, which so far they’ve been given a pass on. #3 They want to play both sides against the middle to make money either way. Fox and WTTG Fox 5 are on board too, but it’s unclear who they’d pair with, but my feeling is that it’ll be WPXW 66 who’s going to be on the same River Road tower which is undergoing renovations. I have no thoughts on what WUSA 9 will do. Tegna is a member of the ATSC 3.0 alliance, but I’ve seen no tests at any of their stations yet, so I think they’re going to take a wait and see approach. But Sinclair has all their eggs in this basket, so they’ve got to get these Nextgen stations that they own on the air ASAP. They created OneMedia for this purpose and so far are probably making little money. (1/18/20)

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I think Angie Goff has been on Fox5 for less than a year, but she’s everywhere! She’s been given an anchor seat as well as a co-host seat on their 7pm show. She also routinely promoted her podcast on air. She was sent to the World Series & I see now she’s being sent to the Super Bowl. There are on air personalities who have been there for YEARS who haven’t & STILL haven’t been given such perks. What’s the big deal with Angie??!! (1/17/20)

What's going on at WBJC? - No on air announcer - noticed 10pm last night and all morning too - also, they did not run Music Through the Night program between 1 and 5am. Just an announcement after each selection - WBJC Baltimore etc. GENE in Eldersburg (1/17/20)

Nancy Chen leaves WJLA... Her Instagram post said that today was her last day at ABC 7 - moving to New York (1/17/20)

"Joe Di Genoa" guy and the Stock Market guy, what the heck is wrong with you? I have to step away for a bit to perform chores for my Russian masters related to debt service. I say let the Russians fucking take over. If you're worried about Russia you're siding with Mark Levin. Think about that. Think about U.S. interference with Israeli and Iranian elections. Remember that time the Russians murdered Muammar Ghadaffi? Good times! Remember that time Russia invaded Iraq for no reason? Good times! Keep siding with Mark Levin and opposing Russia. See where that gets you. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/17/20)

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The payment from Bloomberg to lease WDCH is redacted from the public copy of the LMA. That's allowed and, to my knowledge, standard practice. Tough shit. Now go rant about stock prices again....That WETA-TV construction permit that P of the AW brought up is not current, it was for a DRT on ch. 31 that was never built and expired in 2017. I guess they either realized it would be a waste of money - I mean, here in Loudoun their signal is perfect - or abandoned the permit once they started trying to move the main signal from 14 to 31. Obviously, they couldn't build it now without murdering that signal....MHz Networks barely registers as local media anymore, but noteworthy is they are shuttering all TV broadcasting for good as WorldView is being discontinued on the first of March. All that's left will be their MHz Choice streaming service with its catalogue of (even by streaming-service standards) very niche foreign-language programs. They're replacing WorldView with a free ad-supported linear stream of those programs called MHz Now: mhznetworks.com (1/16/20)

How much is Bloomberg paying Entercom to lease their WDCH 99.1 FM for their Business Format? The FCC does not have a record of this. Their lease expires in January 2021. We know that the Russians are paying Arthur Liu $35,000 per month to lease WZHF 1390 AM and they are paying John Garziglia $30,000 per month to lease his Translator 105.5 FM. (1/16/20)

The stock market hit another high today. Is Urban One in trouble? Their stock is at an all time low price of $1.94 per share. They have too much debt to service. They need to reduce their debt so that they could turn a profit. (1/16/20)

Last night, Lev Parnas, accused spy, political trickster, and money launderer working for the Trump campaign and Rudy Gullif#ckf@ce, accused Joe Di Genoa of being involved heavily in the plot to oust a sitting US Ambassador, apply monetary pressure on a foreign government for a domestic political outcome, and working with Rudy against he US Department of Justice, using the President, to keep a politically connected oligarch from facing criminal charges in the United States. Why is this traitor to the US, Joe Di Genoa, still on the air at WMAL, using his title of former US Attorney, to provide commentary, and de-legitimize impeachment news and those currently working at the Justice Department? Juxtapose this news with Larry O'Connor and Chris Plante constantly spewing Russian fake news, and we should legitimately ask, " Is WMAL a cog in a Russian machination designed to fell the United States?" Comrade Bill Hess, care to comment? (1/16/20)

Public radio station WSCL 89.5 from Salisbury University had to recently move their antenna and transmitter to a new location- Luckily, there was an available tower about a mile or two away... www.delmarvapublicradio.net (1/16/20)

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BaltoMedia says WETA-TV is constructing a new building for their repack location? Their construction permit is for the 4010 Chesapeake St NW DC location. Didn’t think there was any room for another building there. Curious to see that they also gave a CP for a translator way out past Darnestown with a highly directional bow tie pattern NW and NE. Who is that for? -P of the AW (1/15/20)

Will alleged newsradio 1090 please stop the incessant cheerleading for "Chief" TJ Smith to be mayor? At a time when the city police department was struggling to recruit new officers, they sent two drug detectives to work in Anne Arundel County in exchange for having "Chief" Smith serve as the mouthpiece for the city police department. The deal had Anne Arundel chipping in $91,000 for Smith's salary and the city putting in another $45,000. Not a bad gig. He wasn't outside the city's culture of corruption, he was part of it. He was brought here to be a master of propaganda to cover up the department's long history of misdeeds and the incompetency of leadership to get a grip on Baltimore's crime issue. (1/15/20)

I wonder if the influx of KHI folks into WXSH-FM is either 1) to create a radio renaissance for that station and that region or 2) just a temporary stop to personally regroup. A Class-A FM that can't even throw a signal across the Bay is one helluva step down for nearly everybody involved. But having said that, a station under local control and close-in ownership can try anything and everything they want to without corporate interference; rapidly becoming local legends and perhaps drawing industry attention. However this works out, I wish them all well. I've taken jobs at stations with night-light power after a "career glitch", so I can appreciate what they are doing. (1/15/20)

Nextgen TV on Delmarva… Salisbury is not included in the 40 or 60+ markets to get Nextgen TV this year or next, but WBOC TV has an advertisement looking for a TV engineer with ATSC 3.0 experience so Draper is clearly planning to get started on it very soon, I guess after they finish the complexities of turning WRDE NBC Coast TV into the equivalent of a full power TV station. I don’t see anything from WMDT just yet about it, but WMDT also owns WGDV-LD and WEVD-LD in Dover, so they both own multiple TV stations to allow a fairly quick transition. — BaltoMedia.net (1/15/20)

Baltimore area based Sinclair put on its biggest ATSC 3.0 Nextgen TV demonstration at the Consumer Electronics show. Nextgen TVs are now available by Sony, Samsung, and co-inventor LG. Sinclair used its own TV station in Las Vegas, KSNV NBC TV to demonstrate 4k TV over the air, some 1080p programming uploaded to 4k by the new TVs or actual original 4k programming that the TVs can receive over the air in full resolution. Baltimore is among the 40 markets it owns TV stations in that plan to convert, most likely with WNUV, which in the test they've already done in Baltimore, WNUV could run both The CW and Fox 45 from WNUV in ATSC 3.0 (and possibly My Network TV) with some 4k programming and all the sub-channels of both TV stations, while WBFF will carry both Fox and The CW in 720p and My 24, with a smaller batch of sub-channels for today's TVs. tvnewscheck.com (1/15/20)

Some FCC notes. WBMD AM 750 is back on the air at full power from the WFSI tower in Essex. And W268BA (WBAL FM 101.5) has finalized its plans and settled on 136 watts from the candelabra tower instead of 250 watts. (1/15/20)

WETA 26 has filed a progress report with the FCC. It appears they have begun construction on their channel 31 repack location. They are constructing a new building on the property and estimate construction to be finished in the 1st half of 2020 so apparently they will be a full power at some point by the beginning of summer. — BaltoMedia.net (1/15/20)

John Vincent (and KHI crew) have landed at Xtra 106.1 in Pocomoke City. Haven't been able to find out if he's bought the station from Mike Powell or if it's an LMA arraignment. The crew includes Chris Roth which you referenced in the departures from WAID-FM..... Draper Communications (WRDE-TV) has its hands full not only with adding sites to improve WRDE's signal but they have also moved part of their radio operations from in town Cambridge to a newly renovated shopping center along Rt. 50 in Cambridge..... Radio Operations Director Joe Edwards has posted a video on his Facebook page of the remnants of the old studios..... The problem with the clunky switching during NBC programming may have something to do with master control being handled from Salisbury. See the link below. www.prnewswire.com (1/15/20)

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\/ January 14 Messages \/

Just reading that Tony Perkins is now permanently in that Wake Up DC morning show. Hmmmm, interesting as he made it seem like he was through with tv & wanted to go back to radio. (1/14/20)

Sad, very sad to read of the demise of the local Sentinel newspapers. But once -- just once -- wouldn't you love to see a final edition go to press with this headline? (link: GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS) girlswithslingshots.com (1/14/20)

Is Sue Palka still the "chief meteorologist" for WTTG? She seems to be on the air less than anyone else on their weather staff and rarely does all the weather reports in a newscast, often alternating reports with another staffer. (1/14/20)

All Access is reporting enormous changes nationally at iHeartMedia. Right from the company's own press release, they are looking to consolidate even more (if that's possible), concentrating operations covering extremely large regions into compact hubs they call, "'Centers of Excellence' using artificial intelligence and other technology ... that the company claims will provide a better experience for listeners and business partners and a more efficient process for all of its employees." That last part deserves a second mention: "All of its employees", or at least the few that remain. Further into the press release, the company states, "...there will be some employee dislocation -- some by geography and some by function -- which is the unfortunate price we pay to modernize the company. We have had to make some tough decisions, and in the process some employees have been affected." Some very prime office space may soon come available in the pink building on Rockville Pike in 2020, accompanied by the sound of doors smacking an awful lot of people in the ass on the way out. To any iHeart employees reading this posting, why on earth are you still working for these dolts? Get out now and save your careers. (1/14/20)

In Baltimore, we have three HFS like stations: 89.7 WTMD resembles HFS’ early years with a wide variety of singer-songwriter and local music, WRNR resembles HFS’ heyday in the early-mid 90s and HFS on 104.7 (WWMX-HD2 / hfsradio.com) resembles corporate HFS in the late 90s-2000s (minus any DJs, with a crappy signal and lots of technical problems that go on unchecked for months on end). (1/14/20)

I am glad that DCRTV is not a political site. However, it is difficult to avoid it when politics dominate the News in DC. Perhaps you would rather hear about "Gus in Gaithersburg". (1/14/20)

I love the classic alternative music like on Sirus sattelite First Wave but it probably wouldnt get good ratings as a full time format I personally would rather see a 50s 60s feed maybe on HD3 get rid of the in my opinion junk station Q on thier HD2 channel theres already a station for The LGBT community on Hot 99.5 HD2 called Pride Radio fortunately the Gamut plays a bit of just about everything so you will hear Classic alternative ,Oldies, as well as pop and the classic rock acts and deep cuts that WBIG ignores. Im not a fan of the Drive theyve eliminated just about all of the early 70s music was better when they were on HD2 as DCs Classic Hits When Fresh was on the 94.7 main channel .The Drive too repetitive of a playlist do you have to hear Youre the One That I Want from Grease 4 times a day! . . Also DC101 HD2 used to be hard leaning rock it was quite decent then then they became WONK conservative talk too bad. (1/14/20)

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\/ January 13 Messages \/

"It wouldn't have taken more than a few clicks to figure it out -- O'Meara publicly posted the exact situation the day after it happened on social media." I guess I'm just not as fascinated or obsessed with Mr. O'Meara as you are. If he posted about the hot shot the day after it happened that pushes Fake Musicologist Rob's "respect his privacy" right out the window doesn't it? I wouldn't know because I don't take the Facebook. It's a salutary reminder that we all should have coverage for our funeral expenses when the time of our homegoing rolls around. And by the way something, everything Mike O'Meara related is obesity related. This week racist Rob will be ditching the sweatshirts and wearing a bra as a top. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/13/20)

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\/ January 12 Messages \/

I actually tried to give the new Fox5 traffic woman a chance, but she’s just not a good fit. Her personality is, well, let me say she doesn’t exude any personality. (1/12/20)

/\ January 12 Messages /\

\/ January 11 Messages \/

Sherree Burruss moves on from NBC4 www.washingtonpost.com... (1/11/20)

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\/ January 10 Messages \/

As though on cue comes the idea of the resurrection of HFS after the recent firings at 94.7 The Drive. Time for a few catches to this idea. First of all, The Drive’s ratings are close or in the top 10 of late, it would be foolish to ditch a format that’s working. Secondly, there’s already a alternative outlet in DC in the form of DC101 and honestly, you aren’t going to do well with two mainstream alternative stations in the market at all as it would be a battle as to who gets up to around 14th place and the other outlet is in 20th or sometimes slight higher or lower. Third, as was mentioned, you aren’t going to get the 80s HFS or 90s but current day alternative and honestly, compared to the 70s, 80s and early 90s alt music, it’s not as appealing as the old school sound of HFS. The only good thing about a two station alt rock rivalry would be that both 101.1 and 94.7 have really great coverage areas. What I would do is something Entercom won’t do and that’s add in late 70s, 80s and early 90s alternative tracks on 94.7 The Drive. If you’re going to have a classic hits station in DC, a nod to the heyday of HFS wouldn’t hurt either. Make it a heritage outlet and have the playlist reflect what DC was like back in those days. It won’t quell the noise of: WE NEED HFS BACK….but it can add some context to those days. That or on HD3, get rid of WJFK’s simulcast and do a ROQ of the 80s format that has those alt songs the way KROQ out of Pasadena CA does on their HD2 signal. OH and one last thing about the HFS call sign: It’s parked in Tampa on a business station that’s a simulcast of a station out of Bocca Raton. If somehow, Entercom were to want to get WHFS back in DC, they would just try to get them off the Beasley Broadcast Group….so some food for thought there. Dan (1/10/20)

“What will happen to the 80's format on WAID 94.7 FM now that Chris Roth and Albie Dee are gone? Entercom should put an Alternative Format, like the old HFS Format. It would do well in both DC and Baltimore.”. 94.7 does still have Jason Kidd, yes he’s worked a lot of top 40 but he did a great job at 102.7 Jack FM before it got traded to iHeart from CBS Radio in 2009. As for Entercom putting an alternative format on one of their frequencies. They have two in DC that could easily be switched which would still be a lot better product than Spanish, or Bloomberg radio. It’s painful that 99.1 & 107.9 are strong Baltimore market frequencies that get completely wasted trying to be DC stations, they’re both geared to DC market which neither signal properly covers per what I’ve read here over the years. Yet they are both are solid up towards the Mason Dixon line especially 99.1. (1/10/20)

Gus, you insipid troll -- We've all come to realize how much of a legend-in-your-own-mind and gutless wonder you are, but you cannot really be as stupid as your last post sounded. O'Meara's extra days off were a serious, death-related matter involving someone extremely close to one of his children -- pretty sure that doesn't qualify as "obesity related". And before you haul off and say "well, how was I supposed to know that?"... It wouldn't have taken more than a few clicks to figure it out -- O'Meara publicly posted the exact situation the day after it happened on social media. No colossal mystery going on. You know that old saying about never assuming stuff because of what it makes you into? Try it sometime, ass. (1/10/20)

Good News......the Stock Market hit an all time high yesterday! Our radio stocks continue to be flat. Wall Street does not like these stocks. Most of these radio companies have too much debt to service. (1/10/20)

"WHFS is not coming back. And, if it did, you wouldn't like it, 2020 "Alternative" isn't the same as 2005 or 1995." And some of us didn't like it in 1995 when it stunk like the decade old corpse it was. I wouldn't have suggested "just play oldies" I would have suggested to "go back to no playlists." But even the people whining about HFS are more fun than The Stock Guy. That guy's a dick. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/10/20)

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\/ January 9 Messages \/

"Entercom should put an Alternative Format, like the old HFS Format." Seriously...? It's been 15 years. WHFS is not coming back. And, if it did, you wouldn't like it, 2020 "Alternative" isn't the same as 2005 or 1995. (1/9/20)

WAMU tower in NW in the process of removing old and installing new main antenna, starting today and running through mid-February. Would you take the job of removing and installing lots of metal pipes and fittings while climbing up and down a yellow steel gin pole on a day when temps are below freezing? Not me, mon ami. -P of the AW (1/9/20)

Re: "...what is the relevance to the DC/Baltimore media scene to bring up Mike O'Meara's Florida real estate holdings?" Because, if a member of the DCRTV family buys his vacation townhouse, Mike O'Meara will personally sign the master bath toilet seat and should provide DCRTV Dave with a 2% commission. #BuyMikesHouse (1/9/20)

Totally agree with the post about Chick and Buck on 980. Love Buck and felt he got shafted by the Wizzard's and Leonsis's kid who pushed him out the door after doing the same thing to Phil Chenier. Chick, well you have to feel sorry for him, not funny at all but thinks he is. 980 is a non factor mainly because of so much inside stuff with their host's. NBC Sports Washington is unwatchable. Never, have we seen such a group of amateurs on one outlet. It seems like the less qualified you are for TV, then that's the place for you . Experience is not a requirement. As for Julie, it is quite obvious all she is selling is herself. Dressing the way she does, speaks for itself. Have you seen the photo's she post of herself. Nuff said. (1/9/20)

What will happen to the 80's format on WAID 94.7 FM now that Chris Roth and Albie Dee are gone? Entercom should put an Alternative Format, like the old HFS Format. It would do well in both DC and Baltimore. (1/9/20)

Other than just sheer viciousness and the absence of having a life of your own, what is the relevance to the DC/Baltimore media scene to bring up Mike O'Meara's Florida real estate holdings? Dude, its a whole new decade - go get that therapy you should have gotten fifteen years ago. (1/9/20)

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So American University authorized the sale of WAMU's Eastern Shore repeater, WRAU 88.3 back in early October... No takers? (1/8/20)

Well this might explain some of the recent weirdness of WKHI 94.9 FM, Newark, MD/Ocean City. Vince lost the transmitter site, and then immediately sold the radio station. It’s just so funny because the station was his most successful I think, but he did the same with all the failed ones too, lost the tower site and whomever owns it apparently doesn’t want to deal with him anymore. It’s just mind boggling. I could say more, but he'd threaten to sue. LOL What's interesting is that the buyer is The Voice Radio, Hitman’s station WJKI, who’s had troubling issues with Vince before, to say the least. Hehe. But here’s the FCC sale. and it makes you wonder, where is Vinco Media going now? fcc.gov (1/8/20)

Whatever obesity-related drama Mike O'Meara is going through what is this "please respect his privacy" bullshit? Is there a mugshot out there? I couldn't violate his privacy if I wanted to. But the heinousness of the week is Rob the Raccist Musicologist Spewak saying that Bobby Darin had the original hit version of Mack the Knife. Leaving Lotte Lenya aside, Louis Armstrong made it a hit 3 years before Darin. And as always the show is better without the marquee name. Just sayin'. Treasure these times. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/8/20)

Here is why the Facebook page and website for WKHI has disparied. Vince is selling the station to Kevin of The Voice Radio Network for $375K (FCC Date Base). Does this mean that Vince is now out of radio? God would only hope so! (1/8/20)

A routine search suggests that one of the O'meara daughters boyfriend got a "hotshot" over the weekend. I wonder if Mike will refer to the guy as a junkie like he did when Tom Petty passed similarly. Tragic indeed. Lay off the smack kids. It's poisoned by the chinese with fentanyl. (1/8/20)

Dave: I've been out of town the past few weeks and catching up with various posts and things. First, when I was out down in SC I heard a 980 show with Buck and Hernandez and I thought it was quite inappropriate, unprofessional, and simply irresponsible to put those guys on the radio. Wow, are these guys bitter or what? Buck's ego takes up the entire Capital One Arena and friends of mine have told me stories about how spoiled he got on the road with the Wizards. Also, Chick isn't funny and at this point and he's hurting his career by fueling anything that Buck said...it was an awful listen! Meanwhile, isn't there a TV sportscaster in the market who knows player names? Channel 4 seems to be struggling with talent and I don't even know the other people at Channel 7 or 9. But, what's most embarrassing is the talent and look at NBCSNDCCSN-DC and how they allow people like Julie and others to dress on-camera. I know it's cable, however, that channel has no credibility at all! (1/8/20)

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MAJOR PROBLEMS IN MIKE O'MEARA LAND: With his voice trembling, Robb Spewak announced on yesterday's show that "Mike O'Meara is not here, dealing with personal matters... and we ask that you respect his privacy." In better news, O'Meara has been casted w/ Larry King in Part Time Daddy III ? (1/7/20)

From the looks of WRDE NBC Coast TV, it's probably automated. A poorly programmed one at that. Also, Chris Roth and Albie are part of the almost 500 layoffs. iEntercom's nationwide move to voice tracking. Just a wanna be iHeart. (1/7/20)

If it’s technically feasible to allow the 87.7 Franken FMs to continue broadcasting while using the rest of the bandwidth to provide digital TV, it seems like a reasonable concession because the FM band is crowded. Any engineers care to weigh in? What do you think they would be able to offer in terms of streams (HD/SD) with using 87.7 as a FrankenFM and the rest as ATSC? Would this probably work using ASTC 3.0? Should TV stations currently broadcasting in DTV on channel 6, like WPVI in Philadelphia, be allowed to do this as well? It might make the channel 6 TV frequency more popular (it’s underutilized even after the repack) and free up bandwidth on UHF. (1/7/20)

KID, what are your mental health/illness diagnoses as is plural?! Meds, plural?! ... . Excerpt: "dreams of the Commission; Weather talkers Andrea Draper and Lauryn Ricketts on WRC, real channel 48". The dopey weather puppethead at WRCTV, her name is AMELIA DRAPER (formerly Segal) not Andrea! And it's REDSKINS Network not REDSKIN! BTW dopey, I'm local, Fredericksburg, VA...Do you hsve any semblance of a post secondary education? (Uh oh, his head might explode!). Your little site, just the rambling's, layout of a crazy person!! You, wow, just an imbecile! Damn Millennials! Retorts/rebuttal's, bring it/them on!! MAGA, KAG! (1/7/20)

The following was forwarded to DCRTV.....

To our listeners in the Washington, DC area: Bluegrass Country’s host station, WAMU, is replacing the antenna on its broadcast tower in Washington, DC. If you listen to us on 88.5-HD2, you may encounter reception problems during the renovation project, which began today and is expected to be completed by February 3. During the renovation, the station will be broadcasting from an auxiliary tower in Arlington, VA, so listeners in outlying areas particularly in suburban Maryland may not be able to reliably receive Bluegrass Country. If you listen through the website, smart phone app or smart device, you won’t be affected. When the project is completed, the new antenna is expected to provide a stronger and more reliable signal, and expand our reach to a larger listening audience in the greater Washington, DC area. There’s more information in the How To Listen section of bluegrasscountry.org. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks for listening to Bluegrass Country. Dan Shipp bluegrasscountry.org (1/7/20)

Looks like Mike O'Meara's Florida starter home townhouse fell out of escrow; back on the market. The bad news it appears that his home is not even listed on his agents office website? [DON'T PAY AN AGENT 6% COMMISSION. JUST HIRE A RE LAWYER BY THE HOUR] Did he lose his new home or on contingency? Worst yet, there are 1 million homes listed for sale in his area. The good news, his HOA approved a new roof. (1/7/20)

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\/ January 6 Messages \/

[RE: "Somebody working at Draper’s WRDE is getting canned on Monday. They missed an entire local ad insert segment during the Golden Globes. WBAL TV was running all it’s SOLD local ads and WRDE just had the NBC logo and chime on. Earth to Master Control, are you there? LOL"] This happens ALL the time on weekend today. It's so bad, I flip to WBAL to have something playing. (1/6/20)

Are there any FM Translators For Sale in the DC Area? (1/6/20)

Remember, the deadline for filing comments with the FCC on 87.7 FM is 1/22/20. Should these 28 LPTV Stations be allowed to operate as FM Radio Stations rather than Television Station as they were intended? (1/6/20)

How many new stations were licensed in 2019? According to the FCC, at the end of 2019, there are 4,593 AM Stations, 6,772 FM Stations and 8,182 FM Translators on the air now. In major markets like DC, there are NO FM Frequencies available for new FM Translators now. In other words, if you want a new FM Translator, the only way you can obtain one is to buy it. (1/6/20)

Re: WTOP net switch: RadioInsight was the first to report it at 1:31pm on 31 December -- then I turned it on at 3pm and heard CBS... However, Dave is also right in that all published articles give the 1 January start date. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter... (1/6/20)

BaltoMedia ; It's George Baumann. Google George Baumann WJZ for a nice Balt. Sun. obituary. He was with WJZ from 1960 to 1998. I remember him, but not Jim Smith. THANKS, Nick (1/6/20)

/\ January 6 Messages /\

\/ January 5 Messages \/

WBOC-LD is Telemundo in 1080i HD on the Eastern Shore. Telemundo is also on WRDE, but not in HD. The real question that Cord Cutters would like to know is when will WBOC FOX 21 finally broadcast FOX in 720p HD for the Eastern Shore? I can’t believe that FOX is happy with that situation. Draper is spending a small fortune on 4 LPTV stations, WRDE-LD, WRUE-LD, WSJZ-LD and WBOC-LD to blanket the eastern shore with NBC and Telemundo, while WBOC Fox 21 is still in 480i over the air and that is just not good for NFL games or a lot of things. (1/5/20)

A couple of TV observations: WJLA fired or lost Jessob Reisbeck? I saw his tweet on twitter saying his time "came to an end" and he talked about sticking to his morals - so I assume he was let go? Also - over the holidays WJLA had Bobby Laurie doing traffic. Where did he come from? He did a great job keeping the reports up to Julie's standards. He was great at delivering the info but still keeping it conversational. Maybe FOX5 should replace the new traffic woman with him Thursdays and Fridays? (1/5/20)

Salem stock drops to an all time low price of $1.00 per share. They are trying to reduce their debt. They need to sell WAVA-FM to help get them out of debt. It is a good company and I hope they can avoid bankruptcy. (1/5/20)

Hi Dave and Happy New Year to All. I wanted to answer the Weather person question about ch 13 in Baltimore from a poster in the mailbag. I remember Jim Smith for many years on WJZ 60’s-early seventies. Jim Smith even did the weather for Their then network ABC during one of the space shots from the Cape in Florida in the Jules Burgman days! All The Best in 2020! Nick L. (1/5/20)

Somebody working at Draper’s WRDE is getting canned on Monday. They missed an entire local ad insert segment during the Golden Globes. WBAL TV was running all it’s SOLD local ads and WRDE just had the NBC logo and chime on. Earth to Master Control, are you there? LOL (1/5/20)

Just when I thought it got bad, it got worse! WRDE NBC Coast TV CUT OFF THE GOLDEN GLOBES BEFORE BEST ACTRESS/ACTORS AWARDS, and ran, a taped 11 pm news! Clearly this TV station is on autopilot or somebody’s drunk at WBOC! So they cut off the TWO final awards and the ending of the show! HAHA! Somebody’s getting a pink slip tomorrow. LOL (1/5/20)

/\ January 5 Messages /\

\/ January 4 Messages \/

Sorry to hear that both Chris Roth and Albie Dee are out at The Drive 94.7 FM. New Management has their own ideas how the station should sound. I liked the 80's Music. The Station needs promotion. It was on the right track! Entercom gave them just thee months to turn it around. (1/4/20)

FYI - In case you didn’t see, it -looks- like WJLA let go of Jessie Reisbeck.. At least according to his Twitter page.. (1/4/20)

It looks like WLIF-HD3, which is running Classic Hits (on HD only), beat WQLL. WLIF-HD3 picked up a 0.8, with WQLL's 0.3...while on a full power AM signal blanketing the market. You know who also beat WQLL in Baltimore? WPRS, WMMJ, WMZQ, WDCH, WGTS, WAMU, WKYS (all DC stations). (1/4/20)

On the front page, you wrote, "CBS News Radio programming to be featured daily on WTOP beginning January 1." I first heard CBS on the hour on WTOP at 1 P.M. on December 31. (IIRC, the switch to ABC was made before the start of the New Year.) As you are the website of record, you might want to make a correction, else everyone will refer to January 1 as the start date. (1/4/20)

Dave's response: That line was straight from CBS's press release.....

If I’m not mistaken George Baughman was WJZ’s first actual news anchor for a 15 minute newscast which was #3 in the market at the time Westinghouse bought WJZ. I don’t think there was any weather person, but someone can correct me if I’m wrong. Baughman continued to report for WJZ for a very long time even after Jerry Turner arrived. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I know one thing though. NOBODY will ever createf a promotion that OWNS the market better than this one. I have never run into a single person in my life that has not seen this promo or not heard of it. WJZ simply owned the market after this. And he ACTUALLY DOES sing one line in the song! LMAO It’s just too funny. But this is just brilliant advertising that people in Baltimore remember to this very day. www.youtube.com — BaltoMedia.net (1/4/20)

/\ January 4 Messages /\

\/ January 3 Messages \/

Just a quick question that I’m sure one of this site’s readers knows the answer to. Who did weather on WJZ-TV 13 before Bob Turk started? Thanks in advance! (1/3/20)

I thought this might interest you. Barry ZeVan was at WJLA for a year or two in the 1970's. www.startribune.com (1/3/20)

With Hubbard's "Gamut" AM station in Frederick being used as a testbed for Digital AM, my mind retreats to about 15 to 20 or so years ago when Birach Broadcasting was buying up a bunch of AM stations with the intent that "digital is gonna get here someday", and that the company would lead the charge in being a Digital AM pioneer. I think the least they could have done was help fund the R&D process, or donated the use of WDMV Damascus as the testing station. This would have assured their position as a digital leader. Instead, meh. But still, some enterprising visionary in Virginia Beach discovered a non-digital way to improve the sound of a Birach radio station: www.pilotonline.com (1/3/20)

Chris Roth already out at 94.7 The Drive. God knows what the new VP wanted him to do. The station had been among the worst classic hits stations in the country ratings-wise before he came in. Now it sounds better and ratings were up before the recent meaningless December ratings. Look for the Drive to soon stink again... As a follow-up to my Chris Roth note, Albie Dee has been scrubbed from the WIAD website, so it looks like he is gone too. What a disaster Entercom is! (1/3/20)

After listening to 94.9 KHI, I have noticed that they are playing more 80's with a touch on 90's. Back to no DJ's, Sorry Wookie! It also sound like what was playing on KHI has moved to WXSH 106.1 Pocomoke. I think Mike and Vince share a building in Salisbury. Also KHI has an STA on the FCC website about a problem with the former DBC tower in Ocean Pines. Weird that 97.1 is not having any issues. But I guess Vince owes money to the tower company and they are kicking him off. So I guess you could say this is a small format change for the man with a thousand formats! (1/3/20)

WTOP toggled back to CBS news on the hour... upon the New Year, switched back to CBS from ABC (1/3/20)

/\ January 3 Messages /\

\/ January 2 Messages \/

RE: " In 2020 Draper Holdings will be moving WBOC-LD Channel 42 to Cambridge to operate on channel 22." Will this broadcast WRDE or something else? Will it be in HD? (1/2/20)

Fox5 now has a Good Day “after show” on Facebook Live. What a waste. It’s about 10 minutes of drivel. Wonder who thought that was a good idea. (1/2/20)

Singer/musician Jack Sheldon died on Dec 27. He's not a local broadcaster or personality, but his connection to DC is undeniable: he was the singer of, "I'm Just a Bill" on the "Schoolhouse Rock" TV series back in the 1970s, as well as at least two parodies of the same clip. fox8.com (1/2/20)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now is the best time to invest in radio stocks. Here is your TIP for 2020......Buy Low.....SELL HIGH! The radio stock prices have never been lower. Entercom $4.64, Urban One $1.98 and Salem $1.44. The prices will go up when they reduce their DEBT. (1/2/20)

Hey Dave, in the new movie "Bombshell," there is a scene early on where a Fox News DC Bureau Chief is in a hotel restaurant telling a colleague about her promotion. He then tells her in return for her promotion, he wanted to go up see the inside of her hotel room. What a creep. I think his name was Brian Wilson. Ever heard of this clown? What legitimate news organization would hire such a creep after this creep was fired from Fox News? Who would even consider hiring such a creep? Who would even want to work with this leech? Well it is not like Bill Hess approved a creep like this to talk about his dating on the air, using and promoting "It's Just Lunch." (1/2/20)

To the person asking about 94.9, KHI. It is still on as of this morning. I did see Wookie who entered for middays in October or November has already exited. With the website and facebook down, I would not be surprised to see some transmitter issues coming up. Probably will have them fixed by the beginning of May. Just a hunch. (1/2/20)

A few weeks ago WCBM in Baltimore changed their morning show, releasing Frank Luber and adding Bruce Elliott to the show with Sean Casey. The reason given, or at least what I heard, was that the station was going in a different direction. Now I know that I’m not the brightest bulb on the string of lights, but I don’t see much change in direction. Did I miss something? Not complaining, don’t really care, just curious. By the way Happy New Year. (1/2/20)

FIRST DCRTV BABY OF 2020: Congratulations to Robb & Mike O'Meara on the birth of little Oscar Santana, the first on-air crybaby of the new century. Dad & Dad say they are excited, but tired. (1/2/20)

The Mike O'meara Show has offered a "best of" show to kick off the New Year 2019 or something... Maybe it's the first show of 2019 as a best of to kick off 2020? I'm confused... Remember, it's Robb with TWO Bs. Like obese but with 2.... (1/2/20)

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Looks like the website as well as the Facebook page for classic hits 94.9 WKHI, Newark/Ocean City, MD have both been removed. Can anyone confirm what is on 94.9 now? Is this the yearly format spin? MLB4 (1/1/20)

Just for the record, CBS Radio is owned by CBS News. Correspondents, editors, news writers and other news personel are CBS News employees. It is not part of Entercom. The former CBS O&O radio stations were sold to Entercom and most, especially the big all-newsers are still major CBS News Radio afilliates. Pedro in Fairfax (1/1/20)

CBS Radio News IS still owned by Viacom/CBS, one of the few things that still is. Andrew Fauver (1/1/20)

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