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DCRTV Mailbag - February 1, 2020 to February 29, 2020

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. Get TV OTA went to record a program 10 PM Thursday on CH 9 while I was out and Quest the 9-3 subchannel was playing there on WUSA 9-1 the whole hour Everything back to normal last night. (2/29/20)

Now is a good time to invest in these radio stocks......They are selling at an all time low price. Entercom $3.47, Salem $1.23, Urban One $1.95 and Entravision $2.00. (2/29/20)

"The stock market seems to be dropping fast". Once again, this site is dedicated to DC-Baltimore media. It is not a financial opinion page. Stick with the script. (2/29/20)

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It appears Gary Thorne is back with the Orioles Broadcast Team. Lots of changes and some new faces. See the Press Box story. Geoff Arnold seems capable and knowledgeable, and I wish him well. I don't know how to say this nicely, but in the great history of Orioles play-by=play guys, he's just a voice, much the many that do college football and basketball. Not his fault, but not distinctive. However, I applaud the O's for going younger.. I think he'll do well. I thought Kevin Brown did well on radio last year. Press Box Story: pressboxonline.com (2/28/20)

WPGC HD missing? I’ll bet it has to do with their aux on the WAMU tower, which just got an expensive rebuild. I doubt WPGC’s aux is equipped for HD. (2/28/20)

Here are some of the TV Shows that have been canceled for 2020......Empire, Elementary, Criminal Minds, Lucifer, Homeland, Arrow and How To Get Away With Murder. Most of these shows had a good run. (2/28/20)

The stock market seems to be dropping fast. Remember 2008? It took eight years for the market to recover! It took a new Administration to bring the market back. Let's hope that this Administration can stop this downturn and bring the good market back. (2/28/20)

The Orioles Radio and TV broadcast play by play looks like a total mess! I don't know who convinced the Orioles this would a a great idea, but watch the game on MASN, at least Gary will be back! www.mlb.com (2/28/20)

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BREAKING: Brett Hollander leaving WBAL Radio. Not sure where to yet, but someone thanked him on Facebook "on his [Brett's] last day at WBAL" (today). More soon… —BaltoMedia.net (2/27/20)

God bless Oscar Santana, the TMOS "helper cow" that quietly and calmly walks through the gate, into the barn, leading the way for the cow you actually need to get in and help [Mike O'Meara]. (2/27/20)

WJZ has notified the FCC of difficulties finishing work installing its new transmitter on channel 11. See here... Does the Station have other issues that must be addressed before it can fully construct and/or operate its post-auction facility? Yes. Please Explain: Methodology for antenna work has not been finalized pending an agreement with a nearby college for permission to use their property for helicopter lifts. Negotiations have been difficult. Apparently Loyola University is making things very difficult. All 3 stations on the candelabra tower are preparing to switch to auxiliary transmitters on their newly assigned repack channels, but they all have 180 day extensions too so there’s no telling when the candelabra tower will be finished with all new transmitters. This might even impact the ability for any of the Big 3 to switch to Nextgen TV (ATSC 3.0) in 2020. (2/27/20)

Is WPGC doing transmitter work? HD has been down since Tuesday. (2/27/20)

WZEB, POWER 101.7 in Salisbury/Ocean City, Md. is OFFICIALLY flipping from Urban to Rythmic/CHR. Most recently rebranding to "Today's HOTTEST Music" and getting the new line up set. PD Bill Baker is very excited to make this announcement, "I programmed Rythmic/CHR for years at WOCQ before they went straight CHR and I'm excited to get back to it. We're ready to work with the industry wherever needed and we'll be the only Rythmic in the market so it will definitely fill the hole that is needed, and my current staff are all vets in the format. I couldn't be luckier" Line up includes The Bill Baker & Jessica Show, Nessa on Air, Chubb Love in the afternoons & Dee-Lite at night! (2/27/20)

I have heard many spots for Bloomberg on all DC TV Stations. However, I have not heard any spots on DC Radio Stations. Bloomberg is leasing WDCH 99.1 FM from Entercom. Does he plan to buy spots on radio? (2/27/20)

Poster in Denver: You need to consider the possibility that you are doing it wrong. Try these two links: for Denver and for DC . Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/27/20)

DIRECTV, the nation's largest satellite television provider, has just started carrying WDVM on Channel 25 today (05/26/20). (2/27/20)

Watching the O's-Braves game on MASN, and the Play-by-Play is being done by Geoff Arnold. Found this on linkedin: "Congrats to the new Baltimore Orioles radio voice, Geoff Arnold! One of the most welcoming broadcasters I ever met in Minor League Baseball and a." So is Gary Thorne gone ? Anyone know anything ? Early opinion on Mr. Arnold: He ain't no Gary Thorne... (2/27/20)

With the stock market "correction", it sure has caused the radio stocks to drop in value......here are the new values as of 2/27/20......Salem $1.27, Urban One $1.97, Entravision $2.00 and Entercom $3.69. For those investors who invested in these radio stocks, they should improve. (2/27/20)

TMOS FAN CLUB AGAINST OSCAR SANTANA: Count me in - too - as another loyal TMOS listener who finds the TMOS radio show/Podcast a far more entertaining product WITHOUT Oscar Santana behind the mic - his brothers all-expense paid vacation to Hawaii aside. Mike & Robb, decades of chemistry. Add some 'piss and vinegar', O'Meara can bring in Rob Ford and rotate 3rd chair hosts like DCRTV Dave in for a day! #NOOSCAR (2/27/20)

Representatives from the Fredericksburg Nationals Minor League Baseball team announced today that NewsTalk 1230 WFVA in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is the play-by-play home for their inaugural season. WFVA will air all 140 regular season games and any post-season games for the 2020 season. (2/27/20)

American broadcasters are moving toward the British standards of numbers of episodes in a series (season). Before cable started taking real chunks of ratings you could expect a non cancelled TV show to have about 26 episodes a season. The rule for syndication was 100 episodes, so you had about four seasons in the can before a show went into syndication. The number of network over the air broadcast episodes in a season (series) since has been pretty much dropping every year. Remember, the last series of Friends, aired over 20 years ago, did only 18 episodes (due to expenses). I cannot think of a scripted TV show on HBO or Showtime that has more than eight episodes in a series. When the Simpsons surpassed Gunsmoke, Bart tells the viewing audience that this new record may never be broken, because, other shows are making fewer episodes per season, so it is possible no one can ever catch up to the Simpsons total number. (2/27/20)

The answer to why some shows have more episodes (Hawaii Five-0 typically has around 25, NCIS 23 or 24, most other “full season” shows are 22) is money (cost per episode), network scheduling needs and, most importantly, what the syndication deal calls for. That’s truly all that matters. (2/27/20)

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Dave you said awhile back that you can access all of the DC and Baltimore radio and TV stations in North Carolina. Good to hear but it makes me think the North Carolina stations don't care about this sort of thing. Meanwhile in Denver they DO care and block out every station outside of Colorado and Wyoming. I tried to access WRQX when they switched to K-Love from AC but I got Denver's MIX 100 KIMN over WRQX so I missed out. Same with TV too as I can access WUSA's website but when it comes to live video from WUSA I get KUSA from Denver instead. Yes I have run into people who tell me that is not true BUT they do not live in Denver. Dave you are lucky !! (2/26/20)

A six or eight episode season is typical for a BBC and British TV run, and has been for decades. If your favorite show is lucky, you get a Christmas special to go along with your short run. The crème de la crème gets a New Year’s special as a cherry on top . “ Mrs. Brown’s Boys” got a Christmas Special and a New Year’s special in 2019, (that’s nice!) and “Dr. Who” got a New Year’s special but not a Christmas special. Some tried to break the mold when SKY did seasons two and three of “Trollied” with 13 episodes to go with the promotion of everyone’s love, Katie, But they pealed back to eight upon Katie’s departure in series four. Britain’s most popular comedian, Peter Kay, in “Peter Kay’s Car Share” (with the cute and funny Welsh redhead Sian Gibson), was six episodes the first season, four episodes the second season, and two episodes the third season. The recent excellent miniseries “The Trial of Christine Keeler,” which I believe has not been shown on this side of the pond yet, had just six episodes. “Derry Girls” on Channel Four had only six episodes a season even though the producers received thousands of letters begging for more (toaster in the pantry-too funny). There is a scene in the Showtime show “Episodes” where Mat LeBlanc is arguing over a script, and Matt says to a brit ”How many episodes are you counting on?” and the Brit say “six or eight.” Matt says “here, the season is 23.” (2/26/20)

Urban One shares drop below $2 per share. Today, their shares are selling at $1.95 per share. This radio stock has not done well this past year. They have too much debt. (2/26/20)

Urban One shares drop below $2 per share. Today, their shares are selling at $1.95 per share. This radio stock has not done well this past year. They have too much debt. (2/26/20)

Its not just Blue Bloods but CBS Monday night The Neighborhood ,Bull lots of repeats when I researched Blue Bloods last season at this time going into March they had aired 16 episodes this year same as of today 16 and they aired all new ones in April but what suprises me is I thought February was "sweeps" month along with November and May where rates are set for advertisers so I thought short of an important event preempting regular programming all new episodes would air throughout February also while most programs in broadcast network prime time have 22 episodes a season there are some exceptiond Criminal Minds final season was short The Good Doctor and The Conners on ABC have 19 episodes there are several half season shows like Man With A Plan on CBS which for some reason just airs like 13 episodes. (2/26/20)

Re CBS reruns: It's not just them. BBCAmerica started airing new episodes of Doctor Who In early January, and the season finale is next week. That's an eight-episode season! Ages ago, a conventional episodic TV season was 21 or 22 weeks; then it became 13, and now who knows? In all fairness, DW has nearly cinematic production values and it takes time to glue together and render that much footage and CG into a cohesive product. But come on, eight weeks? (2/26/20)

So what's it REALLY like to work at iHeart's computerized, robotic, AI-centric "Center of Excellence"? www.questionablecontent.net (2/26/20)

"Does anyone know why CBS is showing so many reruns? Blue Blood just came off a recess and now last week and this week are reruns." You're just old. You mentioned NCIS but there was no NCIS Tuesday night because of the debate and last week's episode wasn't a rerun. To the 1090 guy: either stop listening or get an editor. Jeez you are longwinded. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/26/20)

Reruns: A "complete season" these days is 22 episodes at most. They run nearly half of them in the fall, so they have to stretch out the rest from January to May. There are places on the internet you can go to research this stuff. I recommend thefutoncritic.com. (2/26/20)

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Does anyone know why CBS is showing so many reruns? Blue Blood just came off a recess and now last week and this week are reruns. March madness will start in a couple of weeks and it will be pre-empted for that. They had reruns of NCIS and FBI as well. Did they not order complete seasons? What is going on. I contacted them and got no reply. (2/25/20)

Please let me quickly correct the insideradio.com piece on the “ESPN630” transmitter site in Bethesda. The site was never home to ESPN630. That format change happened after transmitter ops moved out to the 570 site in Germantown. The $75 million Bethesda site was home to WMAL-AM from 1941 through May 1, 2018. Towers to be toppled soon, but date uncertain, due to a last minute county hold because of “forest conservation” issues. - P of the AW (2/25/20)

A first in Nextgen TV as of Monday and today. The first two full service TV stations have applied for the Nextgen ATSC 3.0 conversion, KSTR, Unimas/Univision, Irving, TX (They own 2 stations in the market), and KASW CW in Phoenix, AZ, a Scripps station in Phoenix. Scripps also owns the ABC TV station in Phoenix, so it appears ABC & the CW will be first in 4k transmissions on a full power TV station. The CW’s ATSC 1.0 service will be on KNXV ABC TV. Up until now, the 10 stations and experimental TV channels were all low power TV or temporary tests. These are the first 2 full service TV stations to make the full jump into Nextgen TV. — BaltoMedia.net (2/25/20)

Did 106.7 The Fan’s radio broadcast of last Sunday’s DC Defenders road game (which could only be heard on the web due to a Nats conflict) actually originate from Los Angeles or were the Paulsen boys (Grant and Logan) calling it from a studio with a TV monitor at the station? On the midday show he co-hosts with Danny Rouhier the following day, Grant made no reference to having just returned from LA - you’d think the trip would have been a topic of conservation had it happened. (2/25/20)

Does anyone know what happened to Harold Pompey? Baltimore radio DJ/productions/imaging/voiceover. I know he left WCAO/heaven 600, but not sure if he retired or left for health reasons. Haven’t seen a new Facebook post from him In several months. (2/25/20)

I thought I had heard everything on alleged/wanna-be (wishes they could be) news radio 1090 until this morning when I heard this station run a story about a political poll profiling candidates running for Baltimore mayor, commissioned by one of the candidates, a city council member running for mayor!!! SERIOUSLY??? And, no clue who or how many people (if any) were polled!! And, with an error rate of nearly 5%, WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING??? Then to another poll on presidential politics conducted by Goucher College, known for its anti-republican, liberal democratic leanings. The mayoral poll was a day old, mind you, but that didn’t stop the station from sending its most annoying, obnoxious dude to Annapolis (allegedly) to find a public phone booth on a busy street to barf up the poll numbers using day-old audio to make it sound like an exclusive package. Throw in the speed-reading chick back at the station who rips through news copy like a chain saw buzzing through a 100-year old Wye Oak, and a talk show host whose motor mouth could earn him a full-time gig on Saturday mornings at Alex Cooper Auctioneers, Inc., and you’ve got yourself one of the worst radio stations east of the Mississippi River. Someone, please wake me up from this nightmare. (2/25/20)

For those of us who are interested in how the TV station repack is installed, here's a very easy read, detailed "How We Did It" article. www.tvtechnology.com (2/25/20)

Salem is doing a "road show" to try to get investors to invest in their company. Why would they? Their stock is at an all time low price of $1.32 per share. They are selling off assets to try to reduce their debt. (2/25/20)

Very surprised to read that explosives will be used to drop the old WMAL towers. Any demolition work this close to Washington proper cannot employ explosive charges and has to be manually dismantled -- that's the way it was with the old Columbia-Lee Building at Bailey's Crossroads and the antiquated Marymount "Blue Goose" in Ballston. Is it because the amount of boom-booms needed is barely more than a cherry bomb on one leg of each tower? (2/25/20)

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Over the weekend, I saw an inserted ad on CNN and that, in fact, DIRECTV will soon carry WDVM on Channel 25. As of this writing, it hasn't happened yet. But please do keep us posted if you have any new information in regards to DIRECTV's carriage of WDVM. (2/24/20)

[Posted by Dave Sproul on an old time radio facebook group... David Sproul?Old Radio Broadcasting of North America February 21....] · Get yer final glimpses of this 80-year-old friend. The legacy WMAL-AM (DC) towers will be knocked down one week from today using explosives. I'm trying my best to fill my eyes and nose with memories of this lovely, fragrant place just as it is, as armament for when the 300-house development soon takes its place. I spent many years taking care of it (in addition to my many predecessors who had far better technical skills than mine! Tom Shedlick, Rick King, Don Culp, JB McPherson, our genius consultants!). (2/24/20)

Newstip www.insideradio.com: During the past several years radio groups in markets big and small have struck deals to sell their tower sites. Companies including Vertical Bridge and American Tower have paid millions to secure facilities to satiate market demand for wireless connectivity. Broadcasters, in exchange, typically lease back their antenna space. Now Cumulus Media is considering following suit. CEO Mary Berner said last week the company is “considering strategic alternatives” for the Cumulus tower portfolio, which includes more than 250 sites across 32 states. Even though a radio station can’t operate without a tower, Berner, like other executives, has concluded that owning those sites isn’t core to the broadcast business... "One other sale that’s been in works for five years may also be finally advancing. Cumulus inked a $75 million deal to sell a Washington market tower site in 2015 to the real estate development company Toll Brothers. But the developer’s plans for the suburban Bethesda, MD site ran into opposition from community organizations, who have repeatedly appealed any approvals the developer received. The delays had Cumulus warning last year they were beginning to consider other options for the land. But that backup plan may no longer be needed. Abbot said Toll Brothers has successfully won two rounds of appeals in court and the community groups opposing the development plan have said they don’t plan to continue their courthouse effort. “This is a great outcome for us, as these two approvals were the most significant remaining hurdles to solidifying a deal with Toll,” said Abbot. He told analysts that Cumulus is now optimistic it will be able to finalize the deal “in the relatively near future.” Abbot said he expected the terms of the sale will be revised, but didn’t indicate whether that will mean Cumulus will get more or less for the 75-acre site that’s been home to the sports “ESPN 630” WSBN transmitter and tower for decades. In addition to the sports station, Cumulus also owns news/talk WMAL-FM (105.9) in the Washington market..... (2/24/20)

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Gus, Just because Richard Armitage admitted he leaked Plame’s name, doesnot mean he is the only one that gave that, then classified, information to reporters. From a 2007 Newsweek cover story ”… [A]t least three other Bush administration officials--former deputy secretary of State Richard Armitage, White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove and former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer (who testified under a grant of immunity) -- also disclosed information about Valerie Wilson's identity to journalists. But Fitzgerald contends that Libby's disclosures -- primarily to New York Times reporter Judith Miller -- were made “deliberately and for the purpose for influencing media coverage of the public debate concerning intelligence leading to the war in Iraq” and, according to Libby's own testimony, “may have been sanctioned by the Vice President.” [Newsweek, 5/28/07]. Remember when Chris Core made a caller cry on the air when he was trumpeting taking away a holiday for MLK Jr? Classy, Chris. Perhaps you can incorporate that nugget into your acceptance speech. (2/23/20)

Scott Garceau hasn't done Orioles play by play since back when WMAR 2 had the Orioles and he was paired with Brooks Robinson! NOW THATS LONG AGO! lol (2/23/20)

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Channel 6 LPTV.....87.7 FM comment time has passed. The FCC is supposed to let us know what they have decided to do about eliminating the Channel 6 LPTV Stations. These stations never achieved their purpose. The 28 Stations were suppose to give Minorities the opportunity to get into Television ownership. After the licenses were granted, the stations found it more lucrative to just use their audio channel 87.7 FM and operative as FM Radio Stations. Let's see what the FCC decides to do with them? (2/22/20)

"Mike & Robb, Be still and listen. Breathe in to quiet the TMOS mind. Peacefully Silent. Oscar Santana is gone." "Hi Everybody! I'm Morbidly!" "And I'm Obese! It's Morbidly and Obese with you on a good lookin' Friday! Remember, Friday is XXXXL Hawaiian Shirt Day!" Someone who brags about always having a corned beef and an entire ham in his refrigerator has issues. "That boy ain't right." - Hank Hill. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/22/20)

On Friday's Oscarless where Mike and Rob demonstrated that they cannot run a board, supposed musicologist and self-styled Beatles expert Rob XXXXL Spewhackoff said Ringo Starr didn't write "Photograph". Like a little bitch, a little bitch who's wrong about his supposed wheelhouse. Ringo and George collaborated on the song, and it's the only one where they share writing credits. Pompous XXXXL ass. He also thinks Dutch people can't speak English. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/22/20)

The biggest news about the WJZ FM and Orioles changes is really that Scott Garceau will be doing Orioles play by play replacing him Jim Hunter on MASN TV and WJZ radio, while he's now reassigned to “contributor”. I don’t know what this means for Jim Hunter. What does “contributor" mean? — BaltoMedia.net (2/22/20)

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Re.:105.7 The Fan. Scott Garceau going to MASN. Ken Weinman & Jason La Confora to 2-6, and a bunch of other changes. More at allaccess: www.allaccess.com (2/21/20)

Mike & Robb, Be still and listen. Breathe in to quiet the TMOS mind. Peacefully Silent. Oscar Santana is gone. GOOD! (2/21/20)

Congratulations to Urban One on being Number One in the January Nielsen Ratings with a 7.5 Share for WMMJ 102.3. The Number Two Rated Station is WTOP with 7.4 Share. Nielsen does not show the Ratings of the Stations that do not subscribe to their service and pay them. (2/21/20)

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WJZ-FM baltimore.... I heard today there are programing changes coming. I didn't have time to listen to here any details. Garry (2/20/20)

More on the TV Hill Repack. All 3 stations have requested 180 day extensions for the purposes of a worst case scenario. There is of yet no FCC info on their planned AUX transmitters, but WMAR & WJZ have received all their equipment to work on that in March/April, while WBAL TV has to wait still as they have not yet received all their equipment to start. Since the AUX transmitter specs are not known, it’s possible that all 3 TV stations will be on lower power during the month of May or until the main transmitters are airlifted into place. So there may be antenna reception issues in May for all 3 stations or possibly longer. (2/20/20)

"...It's a problem because you have multiple listener supported stations all carrying the same programming at the same time..." True dat. If you were an AM radio listener back around 1981-83 and you drove to work before the sun came up (when all the distant stations would skip and bend into town), you could find the old Larry King show in as many as eleven positions on the dial. They made the right decision. (2/20/20)

Regarding WBAL, WJZ and WMAR and their repacks, they’ll meet the May deadline by using new auxiliary antennas which will have been installed on the tower by then. They aren’t on the candles in the candelabra - I don’t know where they’re installed if there on the side of the triangular portion/the base or right below it on the shaft (for lack of a better word) of the tower. However on the weekend of May 30 & 31 or a rain date of June 6 and 7 they plan on evacuating WBAL and WJZ (as they’re at the base) and use a heavy lift helicopter to remove the three antennas and install them. Those to weekends were the only dates where nearby Loyola University’s athletic fields wouldn’t be used. If those two dates pass they’ll have to be installed with gin poles. fcc.gov... Rko (2/20/20)

"Gus- it's a problem because you have multiple listener supported stations all carrying the same programming at the same time." Thank you, that IS a problem. I was looking through the wrong end of the telescope; thinking along the lines of "How is this a problem for me, the listener?" Since I don't contribute it's not a problem for me, the listener. "But our federal funding is so small!" If it's that small, cut some costs and give it up. Till then, no pledge for you! You've made it this far without my help. I won't subsidize WAMU's political slant or their crappy weekend quiz shows. C-SPAN4Life. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/20/20)

So Angie Goff was talking about an annual fund raiser that local female anchors from different stations routinely attend. She then made the comment about attending and then said that "we all put our differences aside". She then repeated that comment. What's up with THAT? Sounds like there may have been some bad blood between her and some that had attended.. (2/20/20)

Salem stock is still at an all time low price of $1.35 per share. Until they reduce their debt, it will not improve. Urban One also has too much debt. Their stock is also at an all time low price of $1.99 per share. (2/20/20)

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Whoever the real estate agent is that's humping Mike O'Meara's Florida property, please stop and get off this forum. This is a site devoted to Radio/TV/Media issues in the greater DC area, not houses a thousand miles away. (2/19/20)

The problem with O’Meara’s current situation is he HAD a contract and let them out. Make them pay the mortgage on house #1 till it sells. When a closing gets so close and then falls through, it looks bad to other future buyers. They get “Something must have been found during the inspection” syndrome. I agree. Fire that agent. It is not a townhouse. Quick look at tax records finds it easy… (2/19/20)

Hey Dave, have you heard from former WBIG/WTOP newsman Ira Mellman lately? He came to mind this afternoon and I’m hoping he’s doing well. (2/19/20)

WMAL's Larry O'Connor thinks the only employees at Giant and Safeway are the cashiers. Also, he doesn't understand the issue of the pension fund falling apart. I spent five minutes reading about this yesterday and Larry sounds like an idiot. His stupidity is mind-boggling. Sad. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/19/20)

I wonder if any of the various guest hosts for Rush LImbaugh have their own shows that they have to get guest hosts for, causing a "trickle down" effect. Has anyone else seen the Kars for Kids TV commercial? Stealing from Seinfeld "I guarantee you've never seen anything quite so objectionable." Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/19/20)

WPXW ION 66 is now at full power. I just noticed the license to Cover for their permanent transmitter atop the new River Road WTTG tower. No word on when WTTG will finish their work on their permanent transmitter on that tower but I’ll assume that’ll be soon. Sister station WWPX 60 in Martinsville by the way, is not only changing channels, from 12 to 13, but they’re also moving to a new tower, much closer to Montgomery County as they’re going to lose their channel 12 repeater in DC when WBAL TV moves to channel 12 this spring/summer. (2/19/20)

Gus- it's a problem because you have multiple listener supported stations all carrying the same programming at the same time. The eastern shore has only so many people listening to public radio who can afford to make donations. (2/19/20)

MIKE O'MEARA; COCOON VILLAGE REAL ESTATE TEARS. On the market since December 2, 19, Mike O'Meara's real estate sale listing for his Florida starter townhouse on a reclaimed water canal is staler than a Robb Spewak fruitcake. With another Open House not scheduled until March, time for O'Meara to: 1] FIRE his current real estate agent, 2] new agent / listing to feature a $50,000 asking price drop, 3] new agent to hold open house every weekend! [Folks, another bad life choice example from O'Meara. Buy new real estate on contingency so you don't get stuck w/ 2 monthly mortgage payments.] (2/19/20)

Gus: Would they have ever allowed the Don and Mike Show to be aired on two competing stations in the same market? No, because it divides the listeners, which means less ad revenue. It’s a problem even for public stations because less listeners listening to your fund drives means less listeners donating. NPR should only allow one station in each market to carry ME, ATC and the rest of their programs. (2/19/20)

Forever Media stations hit with a second round of ransomware malware. The attack 2 weeks ago was handled internally and without paying a ransom. The new attack is being called more malicious that the last. (2/19/20)

"They ALL (WDDE included) do play Morning Edition and All Things Considered at roughly the same time, and that is a problem. " It might be helpful if you explained why that is a problem. Thanks! Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/19/20)

Senator Tom Cotton has filed a complaint against the NY Times because they have been running Chinese News Service stories about the coronavirus reprinted in the Times unedited or verified by any valid source. The complaint states that the NY Times must properly label and/or edit/verify these stories or report The NY Times as a foreign agent. Now the Times can never be able to verify these stories, but they could at LEAST properly identify them as Chinese propaganda. Meanwhile The Times has criticized Tom Cotton for spreading conspiracy theories, but the truth of the matter is that it is completely unknown what the source of the coronavirus is so what he’s doing is certainly not worse than the NY Times running unvetted Chinese propaganda unchallenged. (2/19/20)

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With regards to HD Radio penetration, about 25% of cars on the road now in the DC market are equipped with HD Radio, as per Xperi. Almost all of those radios have an AM section, and so would be able to hear an all-digital MA3 signal. Given the poor audio quality of analog AM, that 25% (which is growing) starts to look more attractive for music formats. Dave Kolesar (2/18/20)

Great profile of Glenn Harris from JLA wjla.com (2/18/20)

Yes, WSCL/WSDL (from Salisbury University) and WESM (from The University of Maryland Eastern Shore) do already serve delmarva- but, keep in mind that WSCL is a classical music station, WSDL plays folk and AAA, and WESM is a jazz station. They ALL (WDDE included) do play Morning Edition and All Things Considered at roughly the same time, and that is a problem. WSCL/WSDL has one person in their news department and WESM has none. Maybe it's time for those stations to drop NPR altogether? There is no law that says a public radio station HAS to carry NPR. WBJC, the classical station out of Baltimore, for example, just plays classical music. (2/18/20)

It's happening in Detroit, not here, but it is interesting to note that (Cumulus) Country WDRQ-FM dumped a syndicated morning show to make way for a live-n-local program called the "Electric Barnyard with Broadway & Krissy." The same thing recently happened in New York at WNSH-FM. In the wake of the mass refitting of iHeart radio stations all across the U.S. -- with their so-called Centers of Excellence -- could we be seeing the early rumblings of a backlash against homogenized McRadio? Bring it on. (2/18/20)

88.3 WRAU has been sold to Dover-based NPR member WDDE for $537k. WDDE, which has a pretty anemic 2.1 kW signal, will be able to cover all of Delaware outside of Wilmington. WAMU will no longer have any repeaters after selling the former WYAU a couple years ago. Frankly, when there are already WSCL/WSDL and WESM serving the middle portion of Delmarva, WAMU and WYPR buying stations there seemed like a giant waste of money - what's the point of blasting out the same national NPR programming with irrelevant local news from a hundred miles away? fcc.gov (2/18/19)

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\/ February 17 Messages \/

With regards to WWFD 820, it does transmit The Gamut in stereo. In general, in the daytime you can hear stereo audio to the daytime 0.5 mV contour of an MA3 signal (on a radio-locator.com map, that's the purple circle). When you are further out reception blends to mono, as far away as the 0.1 mV contour (roughly the blue circle), depending upon propagation conditions and noise. At night your results may vary, but in general stereo reception extends to half the value of a station's Nighttime Interference Free contour. For 820, which reduces power to 430 watts at night and goes directional, that means it basically covers Frederick County after dark. Dave Kolesar (2/17/20)

There is a lot of talk about the digital AM experiment 820 AM in Frederick. No one seems to mention that you need to buy a new receiver in order to hear the station . If you have a new car then it may have a a digital receiver. Has anyone reported on how many digital receivers there are in DC? (2/17/20)

/\ February 17 Messages /\

\/ February 16 Messages \/

Checking in on the Mailbag for the first time in a year or so, and seems like nothing's changed. Looks like every post is written by the same person, except maybe the brain-dead moron who is still complaining about 1090, which isn't even in market. Dude, you're wasting your life. Just change the dial already. (2/16/20)

Dave: It's bad enough Polin and Carol Maloney are on the radio and it's like listening to the radio very slooooooowly because it takes forever for Carol to make a point. Now, I see she's doing baseball coverage for Channel 7? Again, cable access TV and that's where Carol belongs along with Polin. Also, when is NBCSNDCCSNTVDC going to realize they have no credibility in this market and no one watches them for any real news, especially, during the afternoon when they run gambling programming, it's just terrible TV. Gotta tell you, the females on those shows must have received some bad career advice and I really hope they don't plan on working at another network. (2/16/20)

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\/ February 15 Messages \/

WMDT 47/ABC has been advertising Re-Scan Day on Friday morning March 13th with a new TV commercial for ABC, CW, & ION, and ME-TV all having a Scanning Day. (2/15/20)

I had a rental car this past week with HD radio So I got to see how 820 the all digital AM translator for The Gamut performed Im in Woodbridge so I realize quite a distance from Fredrick MD where its located it did have several dropouts but sound quality compared to regular AM was far better but The Gamut doesnt broadcast in stereo not even on thier FM subchannels .However at night due I assume to its decreased coverage area on AM I couldnt get it at all.There are no AM stations in the DC area that broadcast both an analog and HD signal to see how that works My HD radio at home cant lock into the 820 signal even tried it outside with external antenna. In the car at night WCBS 880 from NYC had where the HD signal was attempting to lock in was showing station call letters but couldnt lock in steady to hear what it sounded like.Plus its news not music like The Gamut.But we need better programing many HD subchannels are just simulcasts of other stations the subchannels of 93.9 and now I noticed 104.1 broadcast 980 WTEM .As well as its on 95.9 which now makes it almost impossible in the car to hear 95.9 WGRQ classic hits in Fredericksburg. (2/15/20)

Can we talk for a moment about a particular TV ad airing here in DC and, presumably, nationally? The Chantix people have rolled out yet another commercial featuring their animated "cold turkey" who is trying to quit smoking, and I have a few quibbles. First of all, how effective is Chantix if this asshole turkey keeps buying cigarettes in between commercials, only to throw them away at a pivotal moment in the storyline? Second, how does this little bastard afford to own up to four houses - all with fireplaces, one with a tropical aquarium, and one that is a lakeside property - and a convertible car as well? Third, has anyone visualized what a turkey actually looks like with a Lucky hanging off his lip? Gotta be the stupidest thing out there. And lastly, the turkey is always happy as balls in these commercials -- where are all the side effects; like nausea, thoughts of killing yourself and others, chest pain etc (although the "vivid dreams" side effect would certainly explain the houses)? Was it worth pitching aside Ray Liotta's testimonial ad to clear this campaign? If I was Ray, betcha I'd be pretty pissed with my agent, being replaced by a goddam spokes-turkey. (2/15/20)

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\/ February 14 Messages \/

To the cynic who is happy to write off all-digital AM, think again. LOTS of people (and yes, young people) listen to “radio” in their cars via SiriusXM. Over-the-air stations, both AM and FM are just one button away after you organize your favorites. Any station which offers a music or local talk format unavailable on satellite could catch on quickly. Why not contribute some optimistic thinking and posting, rather than sour pessimism? -P of the AW (2/14/20)

On Monday Feb 10, a fire broke out at Apollo Masters in California -- one of only two plants on earth that manufacture lacquer masters for making vinyl records. Take that, ya hipster bastids, ya. (2/14/20)

I hate to beat a dead horse, so let’s switch our attention to the Baltimore radio station headed for dead last. Yes, I’m talking about alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090, and yet another dose of day-old, “who gives a fuck” news. It’s bad enough that we had to hear about the “who gives a fuck” former mayor Pugh on Thursday, but all damn day today, we’ve been treated to the same, regurgitated copy and audio from YESTERDAY morning about prosecutors seeking a nearly five year prison term, and her attorneys asking for one year, and this one and that reacting, and callers expressing their “who gives a fuck” opinions. I guess the good news in all this stale news is that the weekend is here, and once the city’s thugs resume the bang bang and the murder rate rises, this nonsense will be quickly archived in the station’s “who gives a fuck” file. As we say sitting in 10 miles of backed up traffic at the Bay Bridge, “GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!!” (2/14/20)

An interesting viewpoint regarding full digital AM, however while I agree that people will have to invest in new radios, the full digital standard is technically light years better. First of all, amplitude modulation goes away with full digital in the medium wave band. Tests have proven a far more robust coverage area, and greatly reduced are issues with power line noise in the primary signal area. My understanding is that now, a broadcaster can offer several sub-channels within the licensed bandwidth. The poster was valid about HD radio failure and may be partially correct regarding the younger demo not tuning to radio, seems I had read something about that but do not have the figures. However, most current AM listeners are in the upper end demo. When they die off, I agree AM will be in big trouble. I have heard WWFD and have been very impressed, this or DAB (as in overseas)can make a positive difference. The quality to my ears is similar to Sirius/XM which itself has dropouts as the MA3 standard has as does ATSC-1 on TV, but it is technically superior to the over 100 year old medium we call AM. I recall hearing that future radios will not have a band button, you just tune thru and save your favorites. If the listener discovers a compelling format, they will tune in. With full digital, the technical bar has been raised, now it is up to the programmers to deliver. If not, there are lots of alternative sources for the core 25-54 demo to choose from. I appreciate your thoughts good and bad. Tom Conroy (2/14/20)

Pacifica Building on the block www.berkeleyside.com... Pacifica is heard in the Washington market as WPFW (2/14/20)

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Mike O’Meara is sinking to even lower points in life in the last few weeks…(1) Asks listeners to donate money to his kid’s school’s charity so he could be number one in donations. (2) Asks listeners to send him Pro V1 golf balls. (3) When opening presents sent in to DC he tells Robb “don’t send that down” about one sent in to him totally insulting the listener. (4) And, constantly bitching about (a) the radio business and his firings, (b) the desk Robb sent him for free, (c) buying a new house before selling the first, (d) living with rich white people in SW FLA (e) how much Joe Rogan makes (f) Oscar not immediately setting up his new studio because he is going to Hawaii with his family. I guess nobody told Mike to be nice on the way up or you will end up living in a retirement community in FLA “Down by the ocean”. (2/13/20)

Is Chris Emry the new mid-day Dude @ The Bay? (2/13/20)

Alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 needs to redirect its programming to the counties surrounding Baltimore and get off the daily homicide/crime kick. The station’s audience is NOT the cesspool inner city; it is and has always been Harford, Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Carroll counties, where tens of thousands of people are hungry for news affecting THEM in the state legislature, county councils, town halls, etc. More and more people are not going into Baltimore, do not give a rats ass about it, and are sick and tired of hearing about it day in and day out on their newscasts and talk shows. And today, the mid-day motor mouth talk show host continues his campaign for a former police department flack running for mayor, regurgitating his interview from yesterday afternoon by the other wanna-be talk show host he conned into airing his pitch for mayor, using yesterday’s officer shootings as his pathetic platform. The station needs to realize that people get their news and information directly from the newsmakers themselves on the iPhone in real time, and do not need this station puking up yesterday’s news all over again. When shit happens, people go to the iPhone to read the tweets, posts and live feeds from the agencies responsible for handing them. How much longer to we have to wait for Hearst to wake up, drop this crap, dump the staff, and automate a Spanish music format? Piping it into all the Baltimore area Taco Bells would generate a bigger audience than the station currently has. (2/13/20)

What, exactly, is the point of digital AM? Didn't radio folks learn from the spectacular failure of HD radio? Hate to break it to you guys, but the under 30 crowd does not listen to radio and is never going to start. Ever. All switching AM to digital will do is cheese off some senior citizens who will have to shell out the buck for a new crappy radio. (2/13/20)

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What do these radio stocks have in common? They all have too much debt. Salem $1.39, Urban One $2.08 and Entercom $4.39. Until they reduce their debt, they will never show a profit. (2/12/20)

It’s official. WBFF Fox 45 has announced a rescan date. The switch to channel 26 will occur on March 13, at 10 am. — BaltoMedia.net (2/12/20)

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The date to file comments, 1/6/20 has passed on Channel 6 LPTV and their Audio Channel 87.7 FM. The FCC will make a decision on what to do with these Low Power Television Stations. There are 28 of these stations licensed mostly to major markets. These stations were licensed so that Minorities could get into Television ownership. It never happened! The people who got these licenses found it was much more profitable to operate them as FM Radio Stations using their Audio Channel 87.7 FM. What happens next? (2/11/20)

I wanted to answer a mailing question about WBFF-TV moving. According to www.tvanswers.org the station will move to RF-26 by March 13th. A complete list of repack information can be found at that website. N.L. (2/11/20)

The Sputnik dude told us about KCXL. Well, go to Google Maps/Street View (39°14'18.0"N 94°23'59.8"W ) and check out the dazzling broadcast facility that *is* KCXL in Liberty, Mo. Then visit KCXL.COM which hasn't been updated since before Dec 21. Enjoy their patriotic splash page, their weird mix of religious and conservative programming, and of course - anchoring the morning shift, Sputnik Radio. And then click the Listen Live button and hear exactly why AM Radio in 2020 sucks puppet balls. Tell you what: Russian radio or not, it's not like this peanut whistle is going to be any threat to any other station in that burg. (2/11/20)

Have you listened to Bolly 102.9 FM lately? It sounds better than ever. This is a unique format only heard on 102.9 FM. (2/11/20)

Someone doesn't like Radio Sputnik and the stations that carry it; KCXL (1140) on the Missouri side of the border, carries it for 6 hours per day; BFD, if you ask me. I am as also not bothered that WCRW (1190) with 50,000 W (daytime) in Leesburg, VA, carries China Radio International 24/7. And I am also not bothered that the BBC World Service is on WYPR-HD2 (88.1) 24/7. All three are foreign government broadcasting their version of the world in this area. I am an equal-opportunity acceptor; I would think that the complainer about Radio Sputnik would be an equal-opportunity complainer. Why only complain about Radio Sputnik? And while I'm here... WAMU (88.5) has started putting in very short local music bumpers after certain announcements; it's a little jarring. I would think that the bumper tunes should go before the announcement, not after, like the NBC chimes before the 7-day weather on WRC-TV (4), which wakes me up out of my stopor :^) But that's just me. -- Carl in Olney (2/11/20)

Salem sells off their Louisville stations WFIA AM/FM and WGTR for $4 Million. They announced that they are trying to reduce their debt. Their stock continues to drop. ( Stock price is now $1.34 per share). The stock is at an all time low. (2/11/20)

Kristie McIntyre brings such a much-needed breath of fresh air to mornings on alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 in Baltimore. She’s filling in for the female speed reader that rips through news copy like a buzz saw tearing through plywood. Kristie reads at a pace that allows her to accentuate stories with inflection; doesn’t end her sentences on the upbeat; is pleasantly understandable; and, seems to understand the need to sound professionally trained to speak WITH listeners, not AT them like the other woman does as though she is getting paid by the word. She has a good personality. I hope they keep her on mornings. (2/11/20)

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\/ February 10 Messages \/

Another station picks up the Russian Propaganda......KCXL 1140 AM in Kansas City picks up the programming after the owner heard what the Russians are paying the DC Stations to carry this Russian Propaganda. (WZHF 1390 AM $35,000 per month and Translator 105.5 FM $30,000 per month.) WZHF is owned by Arthur Liu and The 105.5 FM Translator is owned by John Garziglia. The owner of KCXL said he has received many angry messages including one that said he was going to burn down the station. In 2017, the US Intelligence Report said that this programming was part of "Russia's State Run Propaganda Machine". (2/10/20)

"Don Geronimo Website? Is it back up?" If only there were some way you could look for it yourself. Oh, wait a minute... Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/10/20)

I too am curious about the date when WBFf is moving. We all know the information about the phases and when each one ends. The question is has there been an announcement about the date. And if so when is it? (2/10/20)

With nearly 200 lawmakers debating more than 2,000 bills in the Maryland legislature, you would think alleged/wanna-be news radio 1090 would have something more to talk about/report on than all of the endless string of murders and relentless crime in Baltimore. This morning, the screamer got off on a rowhome fire from Saturday. THREE FUCKING DAYS OLD with audio from the weekend television newscasts. When is this station going to initiate some of its own news reporting with stories it develops instead of puking up every one else’s news, tweets, FB posts, etc. What a sorry excuse for a news/talk radio station. (2/10/20)

Don Geronimo Website? Is it back up? His old tweets seem to be. (2/10/20)

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\/ February 9 Messages \/

Dave, congrats on your move to North Carolina. But how do you propose to stay on top of DC radio/TV? -Big Bob on the dial (2/9/20)

Dave's response: Almost all radio stations stream on the internet and most TV stations stream their newscasts, too. And I have a lot of sources. Not a promblem.....

WBFF Fox 45 has to move to channel 26 by March 13, the end of Phase 8. They don’t appear to be asking for any extension. WNUV CW 54 moved to 25 long ago. The big 3 atop the candelabra tower have to move in Phase 9 ending May 1, but all 3 have told the FCC that they won’t make it on time. They all appear to be moving to their new channels on their auxiliary transmitters at lower power until they can find a date for the helicopter crane to be able to land on Loyola University property adjacent to the tower. The month of May will bring poor reception of WMAR, WBAL, & WJZ until their new transmitters are flown up there. I believe they all have 180 day extensions unless one of them opts for a gin pole solution. — Baltomedia.net (2/9/20)

iHeart needs to bring back Mitt Romney to run the company. Remember Bain Capital? iHeart still has very large debt and their stock is going nowhere. (2/9/20)

Junks get on WUSA 9... This is a good story on how the Junks got started and how they are now, 24 years later. www.wusa9.com (2/9/20)

I’ve always wondered why the FCC cannot find a place to move land/mobile use of 14-20 (market depending) out of the TV spectrum. Those are actually the very best channels for digital TV broadcasting that there are! It would solve so many problems in the repack and soon NEXTGEN TV on the need of an extra TV channel. ABC’s WPVI 6 in Philly would never stay on channel 6 if they weren’t forced to, nor would most of the full power channel 6’s. (2/9/20)

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\/ February 8 Messages \/

Did Scott Ferral leave of his own volition or was a victim of the latest round of Entercom budget cuts? I enjoyed "Ferral on the Bench" and will miss it and him. Tom in Wheaton (2/8/20)

iHeart ran a Craigslist ad this week for background extras to appear in a TV production for a nationally syndicated talk show. The ad mentioned, "You will be seen on-camera next to a well-known stand-up comedian." The shoot was Thurs., Feb 6. Anyone know what this was all about? (2/8/20)

Here is why the Noon News on WBAL-TV (and similarly everywhere) would have a summary story of an event (like the State of the State) that they just televised. Some people don't see the event; they are watching some other channel; then when they are finished with Andy Griffith or Full House or The Lucy Show or something, they go to watch the news at Noon. Well, the anchors report the news and what they just broadcast is definitely new and news to Aunt Louise over on Foster Avenue, or Lonnie on N. Rogers Avenue. When the Oscars end, the local news in every city that carried the Oscars will report on them. Next topic, WBAL each morning reports on the news since they were last on; usually they have a hook of recent responses to those events. I'm only whining this one time, but I happen to like the Morning News on WBAL-1090 ("and FM 101.5 and the WBAL App"; that's the only part of it all I get sick of). Look, I never liked the News-American (I was an Evening Sun reader), but I happen to like the WBAL stations (and I've been listening to them since high school and the Harley Show). And I certainly have no problems with WGAL-TV and WTAE-TV when I am in their respective areas. And their news programs are never "Dead Last"; so I'm caucusing for those three Hearst Station groupings. And if Scott Wyckoff were really overly loud, they would just turn down the pot; even that's fine with me -- Carl in Olney (2/8/20)

Does anyone know the date (not the phase) when WBFF TV will move to RF Channel 26 as part of the FCC repack. (2/8/20)

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\/ February 7 Messages \/

"I do wish if somebody was going to write a long winded screed at the expense of Chris Core the author would at least use a familiar fake name so we could tie him to previous posts." Word, as the kids said 40 years ago. Johnny Longwinded also made at least one mistake: defending Scooter Libby was the right thing to do because Richard Armitage was the real Plame leaker. Sadly Bush pussed out and commuted his sentence rather than issuing a pardon. In other news, Don Geronimo's website and Twitter account never shut down. That poster should see his doctor because he's had wood for Don way more than four hours. Gus in the Gaithersburg (2/7/20)

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Why, on God’s earth does WBAL-TV (in its noon newscast) go to Annapolis statehouse reporter David Collins to tell us what Governor Hogan said in a live state of the union address he delivered on their air minutes earlier? Are viewers that stupid, or forgetful that they can’t retain information for 20 minutes or less?? And then, they roll video replay of the governor’s remarks. Are viewers deaf, dumb and blind? Anyone who is that interested in this nonsense tuned in to watch, or will dial it up tonight on MPT. We do NOT need a reporter telling us something we already heard or saw. Could it be that the station - both tv and radio - are staffed with an aging payroll full of senile, old grey hairs?? The station shares other obvious “senior moments” with increasing frequency with the first alert commercial showing people falling down and screaming for help to get up. What would be a riot would be when they push the button on the wrist bracelet it suddenly connects them to David Collins! LOL Even sister radio station 1090, is onto the grey hairs with one of its commercials for erectile dysfunction (ED). Beginning in January, the spot has been running daily and starts off with “let’s ring in the new year with a bang,” and ends with “guys, let’s fix it for her...it’s not hard!” Seriously??? Up next: hearing aids? Adult underwear? Stay tuned. I feel certain 1090 and the screamer will puke up all the Hogan cuts all morning tomorrow, nearly 24 hours after he spoke, just in case any of you missed the David Collins live shot, or forgot what Hogan said. (2/6/20)

Forever Media has been hit by ransomware. I'm not sure if it only affects the Milford office, or companywide. (2/6/20)

The Forever Media Milford, DE cluster is under a ransomware attack. Word from the inside is it is "very bad." (2/6/20)

The stock market hit an all time high again yesterday. However, two of our radio stocks are still in bad shape......Salem at a low of $1.39 per share and Urban One at $2.05 per share. Why doesn't Wall Street like these stocks? Too much debt to service! What should they do? Perhaps sell off of some of their assets in order to reduce their debt. (2/6/20)

I do wish if somebody was going to write a long winded screed at the expense of Chris Core the author would at least use a familiar fake name so we could tie him to previous posts. Otherwise we have no clue where you are coming from. Chris Core didn’t exhibit any of those traits in the years he was paired with Bill Trumbull for 20 years. If he did later it might have been because WMAL’s format and thrust went criminally to the right and Core had to follow along to keep his job. Not a flattering assessment but a possible explanation. -P of the AW (2/6/20)

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\/ February 5 Messages \/

MDOT SHA spokesperson Charlie Gischlar is leaving SHA after nearly 17 years, and taking on a position with the MD Dept. of Health as Deputy Director of Media Relations. Before SHA, I was an airborne traffic reporter for the Rouse and Company Show on WQSR as Chuck Lawrence. (2/5/20)

WWTD-LD ch.49 is now airing the DABL lifestyle digi-net. (2/5/20)

/\ February 5 Messages /\

\/ February 4 Messages \/

Nextstar has named WDVM’s VP & GM Andrew Wyatt as the same at WDCW CW 50. At the same time the company announced that there will be several Nextgen TV rollouts in the 2nd Quarter of 2020. Might one of them be in DC with Sinclair’s WJLA’s Fort Reno tower and Nextstar's WDCW CW 50 Ward Circle tower sharing ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 signals? All your channels would still show up as the same channel number and your current TV will still work the same, but if you have a Nextgen TV set, you’ll find the same channels from a different transmitter & tower in 4k TV. Sinclair has already done tests on the NBC 4 Ward Circle tower. WDCW 50 is there and Sinclair and Nextstar have a cooperation agreement on the ATSC 3.0 rollout. In this scenario, WJLA would be sharing space for WDCW’s ATSC 1.0 signal at Fort Reno, while WJLA would be coming in Nextgen TV from Ward Circle. Seems as if NBC 4’s tower would be unlikely bedfellows for this, but Sinclair has already used the tower for the Washington ATSC 3.0 demonstration a year ago. I suspect, that at some point in the near future, someone will push for a 1200 foot tower just outside the district, but shhh, don’t want to awaken the NIMBY Wrath just yet. In Baltimore it will be much easier since Sinclair has 2 of it’s own signals on its own tower. The other stations on the TV Hill candelabra will have to fend for themselves, although Scripps and Hearst are in the ATSC 3.0 consortium. — BaltoMedia.net tvnewscheck.com (2/4/20)

Is this the same Chris Core who devoted a full hour on his former radio show to shaming Martin Luther King, Jr. and asked why MLK deserved a holiday? Is this the same Chris Core who went to the Pentagon on the eve of the second Iraq War to broadcast propaganda nationwide? Is this the same Chris Core who, on his radio show, slandered then Senator John Kerry? Is this the same Chris Core who repeatedly said Iraq was responsible for 9-11? Is this the same Chris Core who refused to apologize to all the people he hurt by his own deceitful words over the radio? Is this the same Chris Core who defended Scooter Libby? I can go on and on, but whenever I hear the name “Chris Core” I am reminded of the 4,000+ Americans killed in Iraq after Chris went to the Pentagon to cheerlead on the air for the upcoming war. I am also reminded of callers to the Chris Core Show, who had questioned President Bush’s statements, only to have Chris Core call them names and tell them they were unpatriotic, before hanging up on them. Yeah Chris, get you "achievement " award. But remember, your achievements include cheering as men and women went off to war and die over a lie, and, even though you had questions, you said nothing. Achievement of hurting a large segment of the population when you questioned a holiday for MLK (even Howard Stern questioned your sanity on that one). I was hoping you were gone, Chris, but you keep coming back. (2/4/20)

CIRCLE OF LIMBAUGH LIFE: So, for years, Rush Limbaugh has denied the health risks associated with smoking. For years, Limbaugh has smoked the finest hand-rolled Cuban cigars a man can buy. So, now Limbaugh has Stage 4 lung cancer. So, in the end, Cuban commie-pinko Communists will have killed Limbaugh. Sounds like a fair circle of conservative life. (2/4/20)

[RE: WJLA mornings] I’m honestly surprised Sinclair hasn’t jettisoned Horace Holmes, Melanie Hastings or Dave Lucas yet. They probably have close to 100 years at the station (and/or the old Newschannel 8) between them. Holmes actually anchored the morning news for 7 back in the late 80s/early 90s - go to youtu.be and skip to 7:18. Anyone know what year this was? He was also a weekend sports anchor for a while (that role didn’t fit him very well). My guess is that neither of those three appeal to the suits at Sinclair and they want younger (a.k.a. prettier) talent. Sad but likely true. (2/4/20)

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Hey dave, wow you are 100% outta the d.c. area and yet you make it happen on the mighty DCRTV. So I just hit an estate sail and in with an old Sherwood receiver was a copy of a cd by MFSB greatest hits. And they have “mood” n the other them from it’s academic on it. Blast from the old school past.... thanks for everything you do. Regards Mark Mc... (2/3/20)

Dave: I don't get many sports channels here in SC, so I signed up for the big sports package on Directv. Gotta tell you, seeing what some of these regional channels and what they produce just blows away the crap that NBCSNCSNDCWASH airs on a daily basis. Also, the talent in other parts of the country is so much better than what we have in the DC area. These young kids really think they know everything and it really shows they don't get any coaching or guidance from their bosses...quite disappointing! (2/3/20)

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\/ February 2 Messages \/

"Josh" Brooks... His life experiences were rich and varied, including a long standing career in radio. In 1969, he attended Woodstock and cofounded Spiritus Cheese, the radio program which became the genesis of the Washington D.C. progressive radio station WHFS, 102.3 FM. In 1983, Josh helped promote the first In The Street Festival and fell in love with Frederick. He moved to Frederick soon after and worked at various local radio stations... View Henry Brooks's Obituary on fredericknewspost.com and share memories... www.legacy.com (2/2/20)

RE: Entercom needs to dump WLZL. Okay, slight issue with the logic here. DC 101 covers the entire area and has a alternative rock format and hovers around 11th-15th place in the Nielson ratings. Putting a second alternative rock station that doesn’t have full market coverage isn’t going to help Entercom. The issue with WLZL as well as WDCH is their signals, which don’t give good coverage to the western part of the market but they put in solid signals into Baltimore though and points north of Baltimore as well. Roddy nailed it, the ratings might not be great for WLZL but given that it’s the strongest signal station targeting the Hispanic audience, it gets a lot of revenue. Not the revenue of WTOP…but solid revenue nevertheless. Dan (2/2/20)

To: Roddy Freeman, who asks, how do we know that WLZL 107.9 is not making any money? Just ask any of the former employees that recently left there. (2/2/20)

I enjoy the soft hits on The Breeze on Wash HD3 however it drops out alot in my car while the HD2 Oldies is quite steady I thought if the primary station locks into the HD signal well all of the subchannels would be consistent not just one because on WTOP 103.5 When it locks onto the HD signal both HD2 Federal News Radio relay and HD3 The Gamut are recieved equally well.And the output level from Wash HD3 is much lower than thier HD2 always been like that but now theres a persistant cracking sound dont they have engineers monitoring radio signals? You have to raise the volume alot higher to hear it properly.Also it seems like 98.7 WMZQ No longer has thier HD2 station which was Classic Country been gone for a few months you can still listen to it on the WMZQ Website but for some reason its no longer available over the air. (2/2/20)

Salem stock slide continues......now down to $1.35 per share. They need to reduce their debt. Most of their stations are AM Stations. Unfortunately, Buyers are NOT interested in buying AM Stations. They were just fined $50,000 for FCC rules violations. Perhaps, they should sell WAVA-FM 105.1 FM and pay off their debt. (2/2/20)

iHeart drops djs... www.washingtonpost.com... (2/2/20)

The anchor turnover in the morning at WJLA is something else. Meanwhile the few remaining veterans at WJLA such as Horace Holmes, Melanie Hastings (who I believe still anchors at 4:30am), and Dave Lucas who is still doing middays on whatever they call News Channel 8 now, are consistently passed over. (2/2/20)

How does the poster below know that WLZL/107.9 does not make money? Here in Atlanta the Latino station has the same or even lower ratings, and the Atlanta market has a lower percentage of Hispanic people. Yet the station bills $5.5 million. If you want to target that audience, there’s no other radio station to advertise on. Roddy Freeman (2/2/20)

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RIP BARBARA INZANA, AFTRA MEMBER, TEACHER, PERFORMER prabook.com... Funeral arrangements: www.dignitymemorial.com (2/1/20)

Looks like Fox5 has a new reporter who looks just like former anchor Cori Coffin. When I first saw her, I thought Cori had returned. (2/1/20)

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