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. Re: Angie Goff broadcasting from home being a waste of time, I totally agree. Having Angie on mornings at all is a waste of time. They were doing quite well with Allison and Steve prior to this. And I turned on the 4pm news today and was shocked to see Holly Morris doing field reporting! Just last week she was doing the morning show from home. This situation of musical chairs is quite suspect. Either someone is leaving or maybe there are plans to switch Angie to mornings and Holly to evenings. (3/31/20)

Mellisa Nord just posted this on Facebook, she was a meteorologist at WUSA 9" "After 4 years, my time at WUSA 9 has come to a close. My colleagues are like family to me, and more than anything I hate that I never had the opportunity to give each one of them a goodbye hug in person! COVID-19 has changed our world so much in just a few short weeks. Thank you to each one of you in the DMV for trusting in me to give you an accurate forecast and for allowing me to bring a little science into your homes. I’m excited for what lies ahead later in 2020. Can’t wait to share my next chapter with you." (3/31/20)

Vanessa Herring leaving WBAL 11 after today. She stated yesterday afternoon, "PERSONAL NEWS... after a little more than five years, tomorrow will be my last day at WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore. It has been an honor and a privilege to tell stories here and work with such a talented group of people! Thank You Baltimore! ??" She says she's going home, which is somewhere in Maryland, to catch up with family and friends. —BaltoMedia.net (3/31/20)

Hi, Does anyone know where Kane is from the Kane Show? He's been MIA for a few weeks now, while John, Riley, and Rose carry on without even a mention. Thanks and stay well! (3/31/20)

Turned on Fox5’s Like it or Not & who do I see on there co-hosting but Holly Morris!!! Morning shift Holly Morris!!! Looks like she’s filling in for Angie Goff. She HAS to be salty about this. What the heck is going on at that station? They also had Cori Coffin’s doppelgänger on the morning show co anchoring. Is this the sign of a staff shakeup?? (3/31/20)

HAS WASH, DC BASED PODCAST VILLAGE BEEN PUT ON A BUSINESS VENTILATOR? Last week during an episode of TMOS, did Oscar Santana Zeballos say that if not for their client ESPN, Podcast Village would have already become insolvent? If true, self-proclaimed podcast "thought-leader" and "Executive" MBA graduate, Zeballos, better re-TOOL his business plan. A simple Inoculation from the World Health Organization or Centers For Disease Control isn't the answer here. You mean it is true. Except for a finite few like Marc Maron & Joe Rogan, there is NO MONEY in Podcasting? So it is true. Unless your PodcastOne and have stars like Adam Carolla under network contract, there is NO MONEY in Podcasting? It’s also true that most of the 2,000-3,000 new shows that launch each month, “podfade” or quietly shut down after a while. It usually happens before a show gets any advertisers at all..The Podcasting advertising ecosystem shows that revenue for podcasts that do continue, get a fraction of overall ad spending in the U.S., monetizing a single penny per listener hour. As for ESPN, their losing subscribers faster than ever as cord-cutting grows [ESPN subscriptions dropped another 4.5% in Q1 2020]. If Zeballos and his partners Charlie Birney with financial investment from Mike O'Meara, are waiting for a big "buy-out" payday, time to look somewhere else. Let the DCRTV malebag help - no MBA required.. If Podcast Village just produced wildly popular, low cost and ad / viewer / Patreon dollar profitable niche podcasts like ' Cats Riding In Golf Carts' OR better yet, with all that state-of-the-art equipment, turn Podcast Village into PORN VILLAGE. (3/31/20)

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RE: WDEL lays off staff as advertising dwindles with shops closed by pandemic. I call BULLSHIT. Forever is on a purge trend, and this gives them the perfect opportunity to make cuts and blame advertisers. (3/30/20)

Re: Forever Media, terrible format switch by them to go from classic hits to country. There are already 4 country stations in the area!!!! (94.7-Dover, 99.9-OC/Salisbury, 98.5-Seaford and 100.9-Hurlock) I would either flip the station back to classic hits, or introduce an Alternative/AAA format, back in the late 90's there was a great alternative station called Jane, they had 2 stations that served the area well: 95.3-Laurel/Salisbury and 103.5-Bethany Beach/OC. (3/30/20)

WTTG in DC IATSE union local 819 has not had a new contract for almost 12 years. A couple of days ago the company, FOX and WTTG, sent out an email that employees who were working in the building, or in the field news gathering would receive a $75 per day hazardous duty bonus starting March 16.This is for working during the coronavirus epidemic.Pay codes and dates were included in the announcement. Now Fox says they won't pay the bonus unless the union 819 complies with certain company demands ignoring the existing contract. All non union employees will get the bonus."Negotiations" are ongoing. (3/30/20)

Jack Diamond back in the air working the morning shift. He is filling in Kevin Kash the ill morning guy (morning guy does not have the virus). Started last Monday. So, I thought I would help you out with the scoop. He is on WWEG-FM 106.9 the eagle... (3/30/20)

Been watching Fox5 morning news since around 7am (it’s now almost 8am) & see no benefit to adding Angie Goff to the broadcast. Maybe it was explained at the beginning of the 6am show. Anyway. Considering there’s no need for a traffic report these days, they could’ve just continued to have Erin chime in every now doing reports. But obviously Angie going to mornings was planned prior to this COVID crisis & guess they didn’t want to renege on it. Still makes no sense though. (3/30/20)

You can add Hearst to the ‘scum-of-the-earth’ media. Yep, another lawyer/”Sue the Hospital” ad during the WBAL (CH 11) 6:00 news Sunday evening. Even in times of crisis, I guess it’s still anything for a buck. (3/30/20)

For the person asking about cart machines, Guy Spiller (facebook.com/guy.spiller) might be able to point you in the right direction. He re-created the (Richmond) WLEE studio for a documentary on the station (3/30/20)

Somewhat old news. On March 1, West Virginia Radio dumped the oldies "Cool FM" format for "Great Country" programming on its 92.9 FM outlet WXDC in Berkeley Springs. For more details and a listen you may visit 929wxdc.com. WXDC is a 3.2kw Class A station that rimshots into Martinsburg. TK in Odenton (3/30/20)

Dave's response: I always thought "WXDC" would be a cool call for a DC progressive rocker. I can dream, can't I.....

I also heard 0 mention of Ms. Ricketts this AM. It's a shame. She was really talented and really funny at times. If Angie is going to be anchoring the mornings from home then it's a waste of time. She's not very good at it and [I know mailbaggers will think I'm mean] I don't need to see her kids every freakin' day. I can't believe PBS got 75 Mil. Why? PBS seems to be dying a slow, horrible death with shitty british shows and those moronic health infomercials. Paul (3/30/20)

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WDEL lays off staff as advertising dwindles with shops closed by pandemic www.delawareonline.com (3/29/20)

Are there any radio stations in the greater DC area (or even just outside) that still have at least *one* functioning cart machine in use? Or even a private owner willing to help out? I have one cart remaining in my collection -- a show testimonial with Willard Scott's voice -- that I want to digitize and save before it crumbles. Let me know you're out there. Thx and stay healthy. (3/29/20)

TK hits a home run today [Saturday] with C and C from noon till 3:00. Cakes ans Chad were very entertaining! OOBBEE (3/29/20)

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Last night’s Like it or Not on Fox5, Lokay said it was Angie’s last night on there prior to her going to mornings, but no mention of whether it would be in the studio. But I found it strange that she also will be doing the 4pm broadcast. But guess she wasn’t hired to just work 3 hrs a day. (3/28/20)

Last night, during ‘Jeopardy’ on FOX45: There were 2 commercials for different Law Firms that were aired. Not the usual “if you’ve been in an accident…” No, these were basically ones for If you feel that the hospital “done you wrong”. Isn’t that wonderful. In a time when healthcare employees are losing their lives caring for patients infected with the Coronavirus, Sinclair has the gall to air spots about suing hospitals. Is it any wonder that Media and Lawyers are routinely at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to public approval. How about on Monday, Sinclair, you show an editorial praising the politicians for their fine work on the stimulus package. That would complete the Triple Play. Truly amazing. (3/28/20)

Overextended Forever Media has terminated 10 employees at it's Wilmington Stations WDEL-WSTW. and I hear they have done this at their other stations as well. Once they took over, they started dumping employees in Milford. Delaware 105.9 dropped all local daily programming except the morning show, they killed a success for Classic Hits format for a Country format. By the way, they put a 6 kW stations up against a 50 kW Heritage Country station. Meanwhile, Adams Group which owns 4 stations in the Salisbury area got employees to take a 10% pay cut rather than laying off people at this time. (3/28/20)

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The coronavirus stimulus Bill includes $75 Million for Public Broadcasting and $25 Million for the Kennedy Center. None of this helps us with the coronavirus crisis! These are tax payer gifts to please the Speaker of the House and get the Bill passed. (3/27/20)

The $1.5M asking price for a 5Kw AM station probably rests its value on the land, not the license. A buyer would be glad to drop that kind of money for housing expansion, dropping the towers and turning in the license. (3/27/20)

MY CORONAVIRUS:: You know who has had this " self- quarantine" and "social-distancing" thing down to a science? DON GERONIMO / MIKE SORCE. This old DJ and his 3rd wife, went all social media / Podcast cold-turkey and haven't been seen or heard from for over a year. Gone all Richard Simmons on our DCRTV ASSES Is he sick? Did he get a divorce? Did he, you know, go to the big DJ booth in the sky? . #WheresWaldoinGraniteBay (3/27/20)

Re: Lauryn Ricketts, yeah, where IS she? For a couple of weekends, it was mentioned that the meteorologist who came in was filling in for her. But last weekend, I don't think Lauryn was mentioned at all. But then again, the local networks are having their on air people working from home, so there's really no need for her to come in. I see Angie Goff's been broadcasting from home, so wonder if she's still scheduled to go to mornings, and into the studio, come April. (3/27/20)

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So, AM Radio is Dead, huh? Look what they're doing in Butler PA: www.wtae.com... swling.com (3/26/20)

MIKE O'MEARA'S NEW TMOS HOME STUDIO: Well, O'Meara's backdrop for his new Florida townhouse studio is finally up. Too bad its not SOUND-PROOF! Nothing says Oscar Santana guaranteed state-of-the-art studio than an old / used / creepy / cursed studio desk from a dead guy and broadcasting live from your living room while hearing your wife do the dishes in the kitchen and the gardener mowing the front lawn.. #everysoundcounts (3/26/20)

Where is Lauryn Ricketts? Have not seen her on TV, nor heard her on the radio lately. Thank you, Rick (3/26/20)

Here's a 1980 flashback for all of you Paul Anthony fans! (3/26/20)

Ad Headline Baltimore AM... Market Rank Mkt 1-50... Asking Price $ 1,500,000.00 Stand Alone... Cash Only Deal... Description: Baltimore 5000w AM station with owned transmitter site. Population coverage about 1,792,260. Baltimore is geographically situated between Philadelphia (#8) and DC (#7) both top ten markets that crowd the spectrum making Baltimore an under-radioed market. Baltimore is Market Rank #21 and has only 27 attributable stations, Charlotte (#24) for instance has twice as many stations, even Portland Maine (#92) has more. Format and call letters of this station do not convey. So the only station is this WJZ-AM? (3/26/20)

Hanmi FM is, well, not on FM yet to my knowledge. However, they appear to be gearing up for launch and Radio-Insight did report a few weeks ago they appear to be landing on a translator in Northern Virginia. The obvious suspect is the pair of 1520 WTRI Brunswick and 101.7 W269DH Leesburg. Both stations have been off the air since at least the beginning of 2020 - illegally, I might add, as no silent STA for either has ever appeared in the database. The other possibility is Metro Radio's 102.9 W275BO, fed by 107.7 WWWT-HD2, as their other translators in the area are both tied to 1460 WKDV and can't be separated. However, the current lessee of that translator, playing Bollywood music, shows no sign that they're winding up. (3/26/20)

The new Korean Station can be found on line at HanMiFM They play all Korean Hits. (3/26/20)

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How are the DC Radio Companies doing now during the Coronavirus Crisis? Here are the major DC Radio Companies......Cumulus $4.60, Entercom $1.50, iHeart $8.31, Salem $1.03 and Urban One $1.24. This shows what happens when people stop buying advertising. (3/25/20)

iHeart buys KFMB 760 AM in San Diego for $1.5 million. The station previously sold for $5 Million. The price of AM Stations sure has taken a big hit. (3/25/20)

Re: "So the stations are having their anchors reporting from their homes ..." So why do we need the "anchors" at all? When they are reading actual news from a script they're doing something that a computer could do just as well--witness how The Weather Channel uses a computer version of Cantore's voice to read local weather information. And when the "anchors" are not reading from the script they are either engaged in time-wasting idle chitchat or giving the viewers personal opinions that don't belong mixed in with real news. (3/25/20)

"Have you listened to the new Korean Radio Station in Northern Virginia?" --- It'd be helpful if you told us how to find it. If its an HD station, I'll go out on a limb here and say that not a lot of people have. (3/25/20)

I see that on Fox5 that the morning traffic report has been incorporated into the news read by Allison & Steve. So this kinda shows that maybe they really don’t need a traffic reporter. Also, with more & more anchors working from home, wonder if Angie Goff will also be working from home when she goes to the morning shift for the month of April. Still can’t think of any logical reason why they’re sending her to that shift anyway. (3/25/20)

WBAL TV has applied for 180 day extension on the repack and a switch from Phase 9 to Phase 10. They will not meet the May 1 deadline to switch to channel 12 full power, but only low power on auxiliary antenna. These are about 890 feet on the tower and directional. Each station that has to do this will have areas where nobody can get NBC, CBS, or ABC depending on where they are on the tower and might have to rely on DC TV stations via antenna. The FCC filings are coming out quick and fast. I except WMAR next, unless they’ve made a different deal. We’ll see... — BaltoMedia.net (3/25/20)

So the stations are having their anchors reporting from their homes, but the stations are still having their field reporters going out mingling among the public and then going back into the studio. Yes, I've seen some field reporters practicing "social distancing", but I've seen some who are not..And how many times do the anchors who ARE pretty much just reading a script from home have to tell the viewing audience that they're practicing social distancing. I think we know why you're being shown from your home.. (3/25/20)

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Have you listened to the new Korean Radio Station in Northern Virginia? It plays Korean Hits and you can get it at HanMiFM There are many Korean people in Northern Virginia. (3/24/20)

Obviously, the stock market has taken a tremendous hit during this time. The radio stocks have been hit hard. Here are the results of some of the DC Radio Companies......Entercom $1.51, Salem $0.95 and Urban One $1.18. (3/24/20)

How are the small radio stations doing in Northern Virginia during this Coronavirus Crisis? With so many business closed, and cancelling their advertising, it is very difficult to pay their employees. The small independent stations do not have cash reserves like the large public traded companies. (3/24/20)

Re: K-Love; that there is still no traction for WLVW makes me wonder how much of an audience there really is for Christian CHR - personally I'm churchgoing and hate the stuff - but even in Dave's example of Atlanta, a huge market where you'd think it would do well, the K-Love station drew all of 1.0 in January before dropping out of the ratings entirely this month. The fact remains that WGTS is very well run, and their listeners are loyal, as evidenced by the number of their stickers you see around. I suppose it still goes to show the value of a local station that has personality....In this morning's FCC apps, the Gamut FM translator W252DC appears to have flipped the switch on its new transmitter site. It's by Yorktown High in Arlington, only 150 W but mounted higher, and significantly more directional to the north to protect WSMD. Surprisingly, I was still able to pull it with RDS with my attic antenna out here in Leesburg. I haven't had a chance yet to compare car reception - but from the old site in Great Falls I found it was too often clobbered by WKSI-FM to be useful, even in close-by areas such as Sterling. If Dave Kolesar's around, any notes? (3/24/20)

With all of these news stations having their anchors report remotely from home, wonder if this will be the wave of the future. Especially if the powers that be find that it’s cost effective. And unfortunately, Erin Como is just as bad playing an anchor from home as she is in studio. She REALLY needs to stick to traffic. But guess they have her anchoring since there’s pretty much no traffic to report. (3/24/20)

Why are local news readers like Fox 5’s Holly Morris and Erin Como are able to virtually read their scripts from home while when the camera pans to Wisdom Martin, members of their support staffs can be spotted at their workstations in the station? Also, ever notice that Tucker Barnes (whom I really like) looks like a mix between Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go and John Cena? (3/24/20)

Noticed some really generic psa commercials on WJFK today. Is the winter billing season ending with little to carry over to the spring? How do you sell a sports station with no sports? How do you pay those salaries? (3/24/20)

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So Fox5’s Holly Morris is reporting remotely from her home this morning and made the comment that Fox5 is taking the lead in having her do that. Uh, the networks were already doing this. And locally, NBC4 started doing this last week. (3/23/20)

I spent $1200 on a hi-def 4K television, and every show I'm watching is on the air via webcams from badly lit home offices. F*** my life. (3/23/20)

What's with the daily updates on WJFK? You understand that we all have radios too...right? (3/23/20)

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So WGTS is strong at #8 in the latest ratings, but WLVW - those are the calls for the old Mix 107.3, right? - can't crack the Top 20? This is the second or third book for that station, right? I'm surprised - both by WGTS's resiliency, and the lack of traction for the K-LOVE format. Also, the upward trend for the embarrassingly Trump-friendly WMAL is jaw-dropping. (3/22/20)

Dave's response: I am surprised how little impact on WGTS that K-Love's WLVW has had. In Atlanta, the flip of Cumulus talker WYAY to K-Love has significantly impacted Salem's contemporary Christian WFSH. Go figure.....

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RE: "Antenna tv is a frustrating mess.” ATSC 3.0 or NEXTGEN TV is designed from scratch to solve every one of these problems. Single Frequency Networks will mean near blanketing market coverage in even low lying areas using antennas surrounding the market from the outside shooting inward along with the central most powerful main signal. It appears that Phoenix will be the first entire market to entirely switch to NextGen while keeping lighthouse 8-VSB ATSC 1.0 signals still active. Although even this will not overcome short-spaced signal mistakes made by the FCC. If anyone remembers, Sinclair engineers were very vocal in supporting COFDM tech over 8-VSB (our current digital TV mess of poor indoor reception), but the FCC was swayed by lobbyists for Zenith, at the time the only U.S. owned TV manufacturer. The rest of the world chose better standards. This time around, there is no American company that will be building TVs, hence we’re choosing the much more advanced South Korean model that includes COFDM tech as well as IP capabilities. (3/21/20)

In reference to WTOP's operating power level, we received approval from the FCC to operate from the new master antenna system at full licensed power this afternoon, and so I "threw the switch" shortly after 3 PM today. Thanks, Dave Kolesar (3/21/20)

During all local news on Ch.13 you can hear someone clomping on floor off set. Why don't they put down carpet in that area or give those persons sneakers? (3/21/20)

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WJFK UPDATE FRIDAY 3/20: COVD dominated Junkies content with JP saying they would take a break from it with some sports as a "diversion". So with JP Flame flying sole at WJFK studio and Eric Bickell and Jason Bishop broadcasting from home this leaves John "Cakes" Auville the "Harpo" of the Junkies with his silence. There was a feeble attempt to provide video of EB and Lurch from home when a flat desk top monitor was placed and visible on the main studio table but the quality was dismal and just a distraction. Overall the Friday show format remained the same with Kevin McCarthy calling in to explain COVD's impact on movie industry and sports guru John Feinstein reporting the news is there is no sports news. Sad: Monday should find JP at home and Caked rejoining his comrades. (3/20/20)

Why do all the WJZ television news readers hold their fingers when they are standing on the set? It is really bizarre. The one guy who can't find a necktie will hold his fingers, and then they will go to a shot where the outsized woman will also hold her fingers. They then show both of them standing there together, holding their fingers, for quite a while. Are they injured? Door slam on their hands? Purell causing skin malady? Hangnail? Chewed cuticle? Very distracting. Give them a few sheets of blank paper, or a newspaper to hold, yeah, that would help. (3/20/20)

Ref: Off-the-Air reception. The FCC has ruled that outdoor television antennas must be permitted, even in HOA controlled areas: www.fcc.gov. Some station's DTV signals are now on directional antennas and they no longer cover their FCC-defined markets. TV receiver software algorithms get really confused with co-channel signals; nor can they figure out that a station moved their RF channel during Repack. No station makes public what their RF channel is. RESCAN doesn't work if stations are in different directions and you are using a directional antenna. As you say, "Antenna tv is a frustrating mess." (3/20/20)

Wow. CBS’s WJZ 13 has applied for a Phase change from Phase 9 to Phase 10 and says says it will not make the Phase 9 transition to channel 11 even on an auxiliary antenna & transmitter. Their FCC app seems to suggest that all 3 of Baltimore’s network TV stations will miss Phase 9 completely. They are citing Coronavirus as the reasoning for the Auxiliary antenna work from not being completed in March so it looks as if none of the interim antennas have been installed. The good news is that this might preclude them from being on low power for a month+. But the repack now will not complete in Baltimore until July 3! This is not FCC approved yet, but I can’t see any reason that they wouldn’t. I should mention that WBFF is now finished its repack on channel 26 (LTC) as well as WNUV on 25 on the nearby taller tower, but it should be noted that mid shore residents do have some WBFF Fox 45 signal issues as WRDE NBC Coast TV is also now on channel 26 too with a highly directional signal away from Baltimore on the WBOC tower in Delaware, but I’m told it still interferes a bit with WBFF for mid-shore residents even with antennas pointing towards Baltimore, but these are mostly people just at the edge of and meeting of both signal contours. It is interesting how the FCC so short spaced certain TV stations on the same channels while others are still very far apart. WRC NBC 4 has a similar situation. They are free and clear mostly, but right against WITF PBS in southern PA to the north with meeting contours. I would love to know the politics of the algorithm the FCC used in the repack. And its important to note that every station in Baltimore has to change channel (even those in-band), while few in DC, WUSA and WJLA, etc did not. In Philadelphia, only PBS and non-network TV stations had to move, so there was definitely politics in the northeast. I’m sure Tripp from Rabbitears will disagree, but the reality is more apparent and factual. (3/20/20)

The Corona Virus must be getting to the media. On Monday, Chelsea Ingram (CH 13) hoped that everyone “could enjoy their Corned beef and sauerkraut tomorrow”. Thursday, WBAL 1090: Jim Russ may be operating from a different location, or WBAL cancelled the “*auto” (Verizon) way to contact him. He asked motorists to contact him via his Facebook or Instagram page (I don’t recall which), or via his email. Really? Contact him that way while driving I-95 or the beltway? Jim’s the best thing they have going for them. Finally, also Thursday, after a day of hearing about beach closings in Florida, CH 45 during Jeopardy airs a spot for Myrtle Beach (….jingle: It’s Myrtle Beach time). Guess the kids in FL can just move up the coast. Are bars/restaurants still open in Myrtle Beach? Stay Safe, Everyone (3/20/20)

As part of the WAMU/American University tower rebuild project, WTOP 103.5 is now operating non-directional on 50% power. If anyone is having reception issues, this is the likely reason. — BaltoMedia.net (3/20/20)

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WJFK UPDATE THURSDAY 3/19: "One is the loneliest number" (Ala Three Dog Night). And then there was one: the sole Junkie broadcasting from their WJFK studio is one John Paul Flame. Eric Bickell like Jason Bishop is broadcasting from his basement in Kensington and John "Cakes" Auville remains silent while quarentened in his Olney home. Also phoning it in Thursday was Adam "Awadd" Epstein who is quarentened for two weeks. While the Junkies could see each other via video only JP was visible via the NBC Sports simulcast. WJFK has been reduced to playing Nats playoff reruns at night and late night Scott Ferral has been benched altogether. Meanwhile once WRC superstar Lindsey Czarniak and husband MSNBC's Crain Melvin are sequestered with their kids at home in Connecticuit awaiting test results for COVD. Radio and television consumers have to wonder the future of both especially given the likelihood that ads & sponsors will soon make cuts once business totally dries up. People are also going to burn out on COVD coverage and discussion, especially if they cannot leave their homes and are off work. And NOBODY wants to hear about elections let alone politics right now which is being reflected by the MSM and even conservative media. Nicholas in Arlington. (3/19/20)

TMOS CORONAVIRUS RECAP::So, on Wednesdays show, Mike O'Meara, citing concern for his fellow citizen, announced that he has stopped playing golf at Cocoon Village, his private home course in Florida - and is only shopping online. Fair enough.. His wife Carla? Oh, she's still going to the crowed, sweaty gym and operating her home-based facial business. {Men, as head of the household and especially during a global crisis where we look-out for our family's and each other, control your women] (3/19/20)

More troubles for WMDT, Salisbury’s ABC 47. Now they’re claiming they can’t repack to channel 29 because of the Coronavirus problem? They also claim their transmission line is not suitable for channel 29 frequencies, and they need a helicopter crane, which they forgot to schedule. This FCC application is one of my all time favorites for bad excuses. Also included is a delay from engineering equipment frozen in Ohio. How do you verify that? I mean what other excuse is there? The apocalypse? So yeah Delmarva. channel 47 will still be on 47 until at least April 9 and then on channel 29 at a lower power and tower height. The temporary extension is for 6 months, so it might be a bad summer for reception of WMDT 47 ABC, the CW, ION, and MeTV. (3/19/20)

So, I tune in to WJZ’s 7 p.m. newscast to catch up on the pandemic, and to see if they’re practicing what they preach. Rick Ritter was on one end of the news set couch, and the oldest member of this news group, Denise Koch, on the other end. While they were practicing “social distancing,” what the hell is this old dinosaur doing there??? She’s definitely a senior citizen well over 60 who is in the age group of people that is most vulnerable, at high risk of contracting the virus, and is being told to stay home, NOT ON A NEWS SET!!! Maybe they should quarantine her in the WJZ News “Cube.” (3/19/20)

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WJFK UPDATE WEDNESDAY 3/18: Drip, drip, drip that Junkie you are hearing as the show's checkin begins is one Jason "Lurch" Bishop broadcasting from his home office in Ashburn: that's two Junkies MIA from the WJFK studios this week with others "Eventually" broadcasting from home according to Eric Bickell which was reinforced by the show's producer Matt Valdez (production assistant Adam Epstein was banned after a trip to NYC). WJFK management is rightfully sensitive about this deteriorating situation through no fault of their own and is to be commended for following proper protocols. Still, as EB says, eventually all show talent will phone it in as America's radio and television industry tries to survive. Already Fox News separates their talent with "The Five" five hosts in five different studio locations as with "Fox and Friends", "Outnumbered" etc. BTW: Tucker Carlson has not self quarentened this week after attending that Mara Logo dinner with President Trump and the president of Brazil whose press aide tested positive for COVD 19. (3/18/20)

Angie Goff sure is moving fast up the ladder for a primo spot on the morning show. I really hope this move isn't part of a plan to replace Allison.Unless of course Allison herself is looking to leave. Or maybe Allison will be out for awhile because she did have an issue with her heart a little while ago. (3/18/20)

Moving Angie Goff to mornings in April for a month is a strategic move by management. What they're up to? Who knows.. (3/18/20)

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BaltoMedia has submitted dozens and dozens of stories over the years to DCRTV used as even news at times and at the same time ALSO paid, sometimes even while unemployed. As for transmitter vs. antenna, sorry for the misleading confusion. Obviously I knew that large transmitter cabinets and such were not being hoisted a thousand feet in the air. All of the power is created and fed from the ground to cables leading to the antenna atop and in the case of of AM radio, the entire tower and ground acts as part of the antenna from a transmitter on the ground. As for antenna reception issues mentioned by Dave, it is now an admitted fact that 8-VSB or ATSC 1.0 was lacking from day 1 in reception stability. Nearly all of the shortcomings of antenna reception currently are fixed in ATSC 3.0 or NextGen TV. The combination of IP capability and transmission via Home Network WIFI as well as Single Frequency Networks for each TV station that will select among 4 or more transmitters surrounding a metro area based on the strongest signal without skipping or pixelation will be a vast improvement over today’s over the air TV reception. Even reception on your phone is possible at different quality. (3/17/20)

I too saw that promo for Angie Goff’s “temporary” stint on Fox 5 mornings in April. She has obviously REALLY made an impression on management considering all she’s been given. OR maybe part of her contract was to start on evenings & transition into the morning show. (3/17/20)

Why are they trying to add Angie Goff to 6am-9pm? She is very snotty since switching to 5 from 4. If they replace Allison with Angie people will be upset. They tried in December or November to add her to the time slot and the chemistry was not there. The station paid too much money for Angie and she not working with the other reporters. (3/17/20)

WJFK UPDATE: Tuesday morning finds The Junks & WJFK with new logistics as only two people per studio rule. Takes effect . With Caked MIA quarentened at home it's EB & JP in main studio Valdez & Drab in control studio and. Lonely Lurch by himself in Grant & Danny's studio who are doing their show at home. All predict they will soon be doing show from home. (3/17/20)

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Just saw a promo for Angie Goff going to the morning show from 6-9 w/Allison & Steve for the month of April..Hmmmm. One would have to be an idiot not to see that this is a tryout either to take over Allison’s spot or be the third wheel on that morning show, which they DON’T need. Or maybe the plan is to give her some human interest segment. Along with Kevin McCarthy w/all his traveling, Angie now gets more perks than any other anchor on Fox5. (3/16/20)

WTEM’s been running a promo where Al Galdi talks about a series of unlucky breaks preventing the Nationals from fully enjoying their World Series title - first a Redskins story the day after game 7 distracting attention, then their spring training overshadowed by the Astros cheating scandal and finally their home opener (including planned festivities celebrating the championship) postponed due to the pandemic. Hello - nothing against the Nats but I think I’ll reserve my sympathies for those afflicted with the coronavirus right now. (3/16/20)

Re: "Baltomedia.net should know the difference between "Transmitters" and "Antennas". BaltoMedia.net needs to get off their wallet and FINALLY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, start paying for a DCRTV display ad. #cheap (3/16/20)

Baltomedia.net should know the difference between "Transmitters" and "Antennas". Transmitters are NOT lifted by helicopters and attached to the towers. Transmitters are ground based inside buildings that protect these beasts from the weather and can be monitored and have maintenance when needed. The transmitter feeds the "Transmission Line" that runs out of the building and up the "Tower" to the "Antenna". The TV stations must have the Main and Auxiliary transmitters installed. Then new auxiliary transmission lines are installed and so is the auxiliary antenna. Once everything is tested, that's when the switch to the auxiliary system takes place. Once auxiliary system is on, that's when the the new main antennas are flown to the top of the tower for replacement. (3/16/20)

WJFK/Sports Junkies Update: As of Monday morning "Essential employees" only are to report in person; John "Cakes" Auville is self quarantined at home on Olney after his son returned from a trip to Spain; video editor Adam Epstein out after returning from a trip to New York and the Junkies voted to ban him: and the show is dominated by COVD 19 in abscense of sports news. Even NBC Sports digital editors are working from home. Junkies meanwhile go from joking to serious about COVD 19 crisis impact on their lives but continue to do show live in person at studio. (3/16/20)

Baltimore is facing a Repack Dilemma that DC has not experienced nor very many markets. WRC NBC 4 transitioned to channel 34 largely without notice and DC is less of a Cord Cutter town than most, but Baltimore and Baltimore's candelabra tower is facing some problems. The major part of Baltimore's TV Repack begins this month. But none of the big 3 network TV stations, WMAR (27), WBAL (12), & WJZ (11), are ready and are all going to miss their May 1Phase 9 deadline to switch to their final channel assignments at full power. They've all filed for 180 day extensions, but seem committed to a couple dates in June to install their new transmitters via a helicopter crane that has to be staged on Loyola University land adjacent to the candelabra tower. Due to the delay, it appears that all 3 stations will switch to lower power auxiliary TV transmitters using directional antennas at a lower height on the tower. If you receive 2, 11 or 13, via antenna, you might have some reception issues starting on Re-Scan Day, which is currently slated for May 1. WMAR TV, on UHF, is at an advantage. VHF signals 11 & 13 are more difficult for indoor reception so they might be more in trouble. People living south and west of TV Hill will be most affected by the lower power signals and more difficult reception. Below are the directional low power signals planned for WBAL & WJZ TV starting May 1 until permanent transmitters are installed so you can see which areas will receive a low power signal. Thanks to Rabbitears for these. www.rabbitears.info... www.rabbitears.info... — BaltoMedia.net (3/16/20)

Dave's response: Honestly, trying to watch over-the-air TV is a royal pain in the arse today, even if you're close to a major metro. Some channels come in at one spot where you've placed your indoor antenna but not everyone. Others come in at another location. You're always fiddling with your antenna and its settings. Many places won't let you put up an outdoor antenna and it's a hassle to have that system serve multiple TVs with reliable reception. And then you have all this interference-prone signal cramming (repacking) and movement that makes everything worse. I wish that every local TV station would be required to make a 24/7 internet feed of at least its primary signal available to those viewers within its FCC-defined market. We have the technology to limit access to those in certain geographic areas. And increasing numbers of viewers are not watching on a traditional TV any more, opting instead for the laptop, tablet, or phone. Many stations already allow internet streaming of their local news programming. And there are "free" services like Locast which are available in many (but not all) markets which pretty much "require" a $5 per month contribution if you don't want the service to block your local signal every 15 minutes with a nag screen. And, thankfully, there are now more and more paid streaming services like YouTube TV that offer a decent mix of local signals in many markets. And there's always "basic broadcast" cable for about $30 a month. But still antenna TV remains a frustrating mess for many.....

Fox 5 news is practicing social distancing on the air. News anchors are literally sitting on opposite ends of the anchor desk, as acknowledged on Sunday night’s newscast. Has anyone noticed that NBC4 traffic reporter Melissa Mollet has literally been phoning in her traffic reports since last week? Is it possible that she is self-quarantining after exposure to someone who has Coronavirus? (3/16/20)

WMDT 47/ABC has missed its Phase 8 Repack date to transition to channel 29 from 47 as has WMJF, Baltimore’s LPTV ION station on channel 39. Both cite failure of qualified people available on the date and both have requested and received FCC extensions to Phase 9. Both of the legacy channels are not in use yet by anyone, but slated for mobile soon. WMDT’s RE-SCAN date though to an auxiliary transmitter on channel 29 is now scheduled for April 9. Some people might have reception issues until the station is on its permanent transmitter at full power by May 1. — BaltoMedia.net (3/16/20)

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I noticed that Chs. 45, 24, & 54 went off of Ch. 46 just after 10:00 A.M. on Friday. I did not hear any rescan announcements. I rescanned several TV's several times during day. In evening I found them up on Ch, 26 with good signal. Did they change antenna? or just transmitter? Ch. 67 was up on Ch. 22 on Friday morning. I guess they changed from Ch. 29 over night. They had been running rescan announcements. (3/15/20)

This would be 71-watt WWSX-LP Rehoboth Beach at 99.1 FM. Website is: www,radiorehoboth.com. Their audio stream appears to be broken. www.capegazette.com... TK in Odenton (3/15/20)

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Last week, FOX5's Kevin McCarthy made a comment that since Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have tested positive for coronavirus, people are now taking the virus seriously. What a ridiculous comment. So, until someone famous comes down with an illness, it's not believable.? Just because he lives and breathes by what celebrities say and do, doesn't mean others don't have the intelligence or just common sense to think for themselves and go by facts. Some things that come out of his mouth are just unreal. (3/14/20)

See that Lauren Rickketts is missing in action yet again on NBC4. The anchor did say the meteorologist that was there was filling in for Lauren, so guess that means Lauren is still on the payroll. (3/14/20)

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Sports Junkies replays at 6:30 on NBC Sports Washington. Or listen on Radio.com. Should listen to correct your Coronavirus story. (3/13/20)

Salem stock has been dropping every day but it really hit bottom today at 81 cents per share. The majority of the stock is owned by Ed Atsinger and Stuart Epperson. They are still trying to reduce their debt. (3/13/20)

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OH MY CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19:: Fox Sports, Fox Sports Radio, ESPN, SI, Sports Talk Radio stations preparing massive layoffs without pay? (3/12/20)

Congress is going to come up with a bill to help Minorities get into station ownership. They are considering bringing back the famous Tax Certificate. This was a failure in the past because of the abuse of the intent and it was ruled unconstitutional. Perhaps, they could once again permit more Channel 6 LPTV Stations and award the licenses only to Minorities? Remember, of the 28 licenses awarded by the FCC before none are owned by Minorities today. They all found a loophole in the FCC Rules and operate as FM Radio Stations using their audio channel 87.7 FM. (3/12/20)

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Salem declares a cash dividend to the shareholders today. The stock price is down to $1.10 today. Entercom stock continues to slide down to $2.04 per share. The stock market is changing very fast today. Both Salem and Entercom own major radio stations in DC. (3/11/20)

The NAB has cancelled the NAB Convention in April in Las Vegas. They usually have over 100,000 people attend the convention in the past. (3/11/20)

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Fox5 is showing some “feel good” promos that are soooo sappy. Erin talks about an e-mail she received from a girl saying Erin’s a role model. Yeah, someone who came to town, dated a producer & then nicely promoted to weekend anchor. Kevin McCarthy talks about his mental health problems; OCD, depression, anxiety, in therapy & on meds. So THAT explains his nerdy personality of wanting everyone to like him. Oh, and then there’s someone who wrote in happy for Angie Goff coming on board. Come on FOX5, your desperation for viewers is so obvious. (3/10/20)

There's a new TV station on Delmarva. W14DK-D on a tower in Seaford is carrying locally produced TVDelmarva. Their programming is also available on Roke, Fire-TV as well as Facebook and through their website. tvdelmarva.com. (3/10/20)

Entercom owns five FM Stations and one AM Station in DC. Their stock price took a big loss today. The price is down to $2.81 per share. They have a very large debt and not many people buying their stock now. (3/10/20)

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Lots if old vintage radios! rasmus-auctions.appspot.com (3/9/20)

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[WAMU (88.5) has started putting in very short local music bumpers after certain announcements; it's a little jarring.] Agree Carl. I wonder how much user donations were used to concoct a sound that breaks into to announcer's flow of words/thoughts (3/8/20)

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Anyone know what’s up with NBC4’s Lauryn Ricketts? Her last tweet from her normally active Twitter account was on 2/15, saying she would be on the air at 6am Sunday morning. Sunday was the next day and Chuck Bell filled in - he didn’t go on air until the 6:30 half-hour though so I wonder if he got called in on very short notice. Lauryn has been off since then and I know she recently announced she was pregnant so I hope there’s nothing serious going on. (3/7/20)

Just noticed today that two huge white satellite dishes have been plopped on top of the new 20+ story building over the new Purple Line station in Bethesda. Too big to be downlinks. Must be uplinks. WTTG will need those? -P of the AW (3/7/20)

It isn't that people do not care about media stock prices. It is simply that if you are going to state that a current price is an all time low you should do the homework to see if it is. (3/7/20)

So where’s wacky Lauren Ricketts these days? One of the NBC morning anchors said she was taking a much needed rest. But I want to say she’s been gone three weekends which is a bit odd. But then again Erika Gonzalez went MIA for an extended amount of time with no explanation. And Somara Theodore announced she was leaving to pursue other stuff & a few months later showed back up also with no explanation. Guess her plans didn’t work out & NBC couldn’t find a replacement & rehired her. (3/7/20)

I too noticed Cori Coffn's doppelganger on Fox 5. First time I saw her was on their Like it or Not show..And from what I saw of her on there, yes, she would be great on the weekend morning show. Erin Como needs to stay doing traffic and her cooking stuff. She's just not ready for anchor desk duty. Her going back to Thurs and Friday traffic duty would free us of Stacy, the new traffic woman. She just doesn't fit in. Tried to give her some time to get up to speed, but it's just not happening. (3/7/20)

Good Morning..Enjoy your website. Just curious..Is WMAL using Channel 7 weathercasters to do their weather now. I have been hearing forecasts from Channel 7 weather people and no longer from AccuWeather..Just curious..Keep up the good work on your Website. Take care..Jim Burns in Fairfax, Virginia. (3/7/20)

Fox5 has hired Cori Coffin's doppelganger. I'm not sure of her name but she works as a reporter/anchor and looks so much like Ms. Coffin it's eerie. What Fox5 should do is place her in the weekend AM anchor seat and send Erin Como back to her regular gig on weekdays. Ms. Como is a DREADFUL anchor. A few Saturday mornings ago, she was reading a horrific story and it looked like she was smiling. While I KNOW she wasn't, it just looked creepy. They should give Sarah Fraser more to do on Saturday mornings. She is sexy kooky. Paul (3/7/20)

For those who don't own any radio stocks and never will own any Broadcasting stocks, you can skip over this information. Also, for those who don't care anything about what companies own Radio Stations in DC......Here is a sad update on your stocks.....Entercom $3.30 per share, Salem $1.28 per share and Urban One $1.95 per share. (3/7/20)

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Do you have any information or can you do a small article on the virus that crippled WXCY’s server? They were playing Christmas music a couple weeks ago and were off the air for a time. They later admitted on air that their server was taken out by a virus. Thank you, CJ (3/6/20)

Saw David Culver on CNN last night. Regards Biff (3/6/20)

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Re:"I think it’s an outrage that 106.7 The Fan has chosen not to send its DC Defenders broadcast team..." You assume that the XFL is a top-five sport. It isn't. Nobody's watching the games on TV (bleacherreport.com), nobody's listening on the radio, and the small stadiums the teams play in aren't selling out. Word got around quick that nobody in the league can play. As for DC being "a market where football’s by far the most popular sport," that hasn't been true in at least 15 years, despite what the WaPo keeps saying. The NFL is the most popular TV sport in the USA, but Daniel Snyder killed the DC version of that cash cow a long time ago. The Caps and Nats are both more popular. But even if that weren't the case, what would the Redskins'/NFL's popularity have to do with radio coverage of the....uh, "Defenders." I see no reason any media outlet should be spending money to cover a team nobody wants to see. The league won't be around in three years, mainly because it isn't meant to be. The owners are betting that the NFL will expand using 2-4 XFL teams, and the rest of the league will fall into the USFL dustbin. ... (3/5/20)

I am happy to hear that Chris Matthews is gone. His "talk show" was never fair on MSNBC. He was always so liberal and never presented both sides of the story. NBC liked it because it did get good ratings. (3/5/20)

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The RASMUS auction website is advertising the liquidation of the contents of a "National Communication Agency And Television Production Firm" in Alexandria. Does anyone know who is leaving town? (3/4/20)

Re "Forward MARCH! Will TMOS Mike O'Meara work the entire month of March w/o taking a day off? #workethic #dedication" UPDATE:: If you had March 4th as the next day Mike O'Meara would start taking more days off from the TMOS Podcast, YOU WIN the office pool. [How do you say 'lazy person' in Irish? duine leisciúil ] (3/4/20)

Cumulus is considering selling 250 Radio Tower sites in order to reduce their debt. They did sell their Bethesda Tower Site to Toll Brothers for $75 Million but it has not closed on it yet due to objections that have been filed. (3/4/20)

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This does not directly affect our immediate market, but word out of Harrisburg PA is that longtime legacy news director Lauren Rooney lost a long battle with leukemia and associated respiratory complications last week. From the late '80s to the mid '90s, Lauren was the news director for "WINK 104" (WNNK-FM), followed by a tenure with news-talk leader WHP(AM). She then segued into an administrative position at the PA Statehouse while also maintaining a voiceover career. Along the way, her work garnered dozens of news awards from the Pennsylvania Broadcasters Association. Numerous mid-Atlantic broadcasters who made the transition (either up or down) between DC and Harrisburg will have heard of her or even worked with her. Big loss for that town. (3/3/20)

Wow! WUSA Meteorologist Gordon Barnes has died. He passed in Texas on December 17th- I worked with him for three years at WMZQ- When I was news director there 1985-1988. Got too share many aviation stories with him- He was former Pan American World Airways- I have many hours in single engine-multi engine- and have done the Boeing 727 Flight Engineer written. He will be missed! He treated weather like a science- and he cared about accuracy! Dennis Crowley, KZJB Idaho Falls Pocatello Manager of News /Public Relations (3/3/20)

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I think it’s an outrage that 106.7 The Fan has chosen not to send its DC Defenders broadcast team (featuring Grant Paulsen and ex-Redskins tight end Logan Paulsen) to any of the team’s road games this season, instead making them call the action from a studio with a TV monitor. The Nats play 81 away games, the Wizards and Caps about 40 each and there’s not the slightest doubt that their respective radio announcers are on location for every one of them. By contrast, each XFL team plays a grand total of five road games and I’d be very surprised if the radio flagships of any of the other seven (besides the Defenders) are mailing them in similarly to 106.7. We’re talking about a professional football team playing in a market where football’s by far the most popular sport and that’s not changing anytime soon - the fans deserve a lot better than this bush league stunt WJFK’s trying to pull off on them. (3/2/20)

SALE PENDING om Mike O'Meara's Florida.starter townhouse.#NeverOverUntilTheFatLadySings (3/2/20)

The Bollywood booster had better get going again. Someone has just written that K-Pop, Korean Pop Songs, is coming to No. VA. This could give Bollywood 102.9, the station that is apparently getting better and more popular every day, a run for its money, with that second getting better and more popular every day station with music from Asia (of course, from the opposite end of Asia). Speaking of which: In the US, the phrase "Asian" is usually meant to mean people from the eastern part of Asia (China and east); in the UK, the phrase "Asian" is usually meant to mean people from Southwest Asia. Go figure. Oh, and here's something no one in DC cares about: The UK's LBC News 1152 is now all news 24/7, after decades of being on only from 0500-1900. then simulcasting LBC's Talk programs; but I think they sometimes record half-hours and replay them. And compared to WCBS, WINS, even WTOP, they sound like merely continuity people playing actualities (in my opinion). But at least it exists (and on DAB all over the country). And finally, does the person offering opinions on various stocks have to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission? -- Carl in Olney (3/2/20)

Here is the new Korean Station Link on the Internet...... hanmifm.com... Please give us a listen. This is in Test Mode before it is heard on a Northern Virginia FM Station. This is the NEW K-Pop Format. Korean Popular Music 24 Hours Per Day. (3/2/20)

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Some of the readers of DCRTV don't own any stock and don't care about the ownership of DC Radio Stations. However, some people have invested in these radio stocks and are very interested in them. Someone posted stick to the script and that is what we are doing. (3/1/20)

[RE: "Now is a good time to invest in these radio stocks......They are selling at an all time low price. Entercom $3.47, Salem $1.23, Urban One $1.95 and Entravision $2.00."] Please research these things before posting. none of these stocks are at a \n all time low. This is not unusual. Whoever is posting these statements often gets it wrong. (3/1/20)

K-Pop is coming to Northern Virginia. Korean Popular Music. Coming soon! Stay Tuned. (3/1/20)

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