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DCRTV Mailbag - April 1, 2020 to April 30, 2020

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Would someone please explain to Gus in Gaithersburg what a small business is. Try DCRTV. (4/30/20)

Another Public Broadcasting Company receives money under the SBA Paycheck Protection Program. Spanish Broadcasting System receives $6.5 Million. Emmis also received $4.753 Million under this Act. There were 96 Public Companies that received government money this way. Congress made a mistake by not excluding Public Companies. This PPP money was suppose to be for small business to keep their employees on the payroll. There are plenty of small broadcasters that really need the money. You can always find a loophole. (4/30/20)

ARE YOU A DCRTV MALEBAG BETTING MAN? First, I for one, have no problem with CARLA O'MEARA'S voice - especially during the TMOS Friday Cocktail Show. Question. With no sports to bet on, how long is it going to be until Mike O'Meara or "Little Michael" or even Carla comes down with COVID-19 because she's opened up her Village of Estero, FL family home to running her "facials by Carla and other fund stuff" business. 1 week? 3 weeks? 1 month? 3 months? PLACE YOUR DCRTV BETS! How does Carla practice physical distancing in a small home and room when she's doing an eye-brow clean-up, a lip wax, a full facial or chest wax on some diabetic, overweight chain smoker who is immune compromised? How can staunch Democrat Mike ever have any guests over to sit-in on a TMOS taping w/o exposing them to COVID-19 risk and he, to big liability? NOWHERE on her Facebook page does Carla indicate what virus safety measures she has implemented to protect her clients, herself and her family. Perhaps, a loofah sponge attached to a 6 foot long broom handle? PLACE YOUR DCRTV PROP BETS NOW! (4/30/20)

I wasn’t talking about boomboxes for HD Radio. I was talking about genuine high quality stereo equipment that I could attach to my high powered Denon AV receiver. Denon discontinued the only HD Radio product they made. Try and find anything from Onkyo, Yamaha, Pioneer or any quality home component manufacturer. Fat chance. I don’t consider Sangean in the same tier of audio equipment manufacturers as nearly of all of what they make is boom boxes. Insignia had a tuner at one point, that that’s discontinued. Clearly most all the major manufacturers have given up on HD-Radio. (4/30/20)

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Thanks for the info I didnt know the Best Buy boombox didnt decode AM HD Maybe some of the Sanegan HD standalone tuners do but they are more expensive I have a Radiosophy HD boombox thats from 2007 bought it at Salvation Army for $12 It does AM HD from my place in Woidbridge it struggles to lock onto 820 The Gamut even with an external loop antenna but I just listen to the Gamut on 103.5 HD3 no problem recieving that . Yes every so often I come across HD Radios in thrift stores always less than $20 some of those may recieve AM HD as well.Only station on AM in HD around here I believe is 820. (4/29/20)

SPJ FUND FOR LAID OFF/FURLOUGHED JOURNALISTS... www.spj.org... Campaign runs through Thursday 4/30... Fully tax deductible. (4/29/20)

Here is an update on foreign ownership of broadcast stations. Before the FCC can review an application they must wait 120 day period for Team Telecom to sign off on the application. If they sign off on it then the FCC will decide then if it has any objection to an ownership transfer. (4/29/20)

"[NO] people that read DCRTV invested in radio stocks and some of these Public Companies own radio stations in DC." "Their stock is selling at $1.34 per share now. Not a small business.....This Bill was passed to help the small business companies during the corona virus period. Congress failed to exclude the Public Companies." Someone doesn't know what a "small business" is. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/29/20)

Did Mike O'Meara say he, on behalf of TMOS, filed for that government Paycheck Protection Program. Why? O'Meara said Robb Spewak & Oscar Santana are independent contractors? [ even though they are required to record a show at a set time] TMOS hasn't missed a COVID-19 beat; each broadcasting from their homes with each show supported by advertisers, bonus show subscriptions and the marketplace kick-backs. And, as independent contractors does that mean Spewak & Santana are not part of a revenue-sharing agreement? Partners? How are the annual fruitcake sale profits handled? (4/29/20)

Found the Live365.com Block Party Rock and Roll online station today. live365.com... Shoutouts to Tom and Joyce Heather, Severna Park, MD. (4/29/20)

Re those HD radios: what's out there that can decode Digital AM? That Best Buy boombox isnt up to the task. (4/29/20)

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Poster said HD Radios are only available for cars actually Best Buy has a boombox style HD Radio for $59 Wal Mart has several on thier website for home use as well. (4/28/20)

A lot of journalists are getting laid off and furloughed, and the Society of Professional Journalists is turning Thursday's annual day of giving into a day of giving back. You can help by going to www.spj.org (4/28/20)

Millions of people are out of work due to the quarantine, including a vast number of broadcast talent and tech folks. But you know who seems to be doing OK through it all? Whoever that is that's playing the sad piano in every last goddam TV commercial that stresses, "We're all in this together," before the sales pitch begins for burgers, cars, your favorite TV news network or whoever the sponsor is. If you are near a piano or guitar, plunk out the chords for Am - F - C - G and you'll hear exactly what I'm talking about. (4/28/20)

Emmis received $4.753 million from the PPP - Paycheck Protection Program. This is a Public Company. Their stock is selling at $1.34 per share now. Not a small business.....This Bill was passed to help the small business companies during the corona virus period. Congress failed to exclude the Public Companies. I read that 93 Public Companies received money. Is this fair? (4/28/20)

The FCC is reviewing Foreign Investment in broadcasting stations. The present cap is 25% under rules dating back to the 1930's. Under IB Docket 16-155 the proposal would permit up to 100% if approved. What do you think? (4/28/20)

Some people that read DCRTV invested in radio stocks and some of these Public Companies own radio stations in DC. Here is an update on the stock prices. Emmis $1.34 per share, Entercom $1.23 per share, Salem $0.88 per share and Urban One $1.20 per share. (4/28/20)

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Max Smith left WTOP a short time ago for the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission... I reached out to Max Smith two weeks ago. He was an important cog at WTOP covering all things local transportation and was an important person covering the Virginia legislature. He also was the anchor for election coverage. I don’t know exactly when he left WTOP and I don’t know who at WTOP was transferred his staffing responsibilities... RICHARD (4/27/20)

I decided to check out WQLL AM 1370 which puts in a great signal to DC daytime and might even be heard in Bermuda at night. I’ve never seen a radio station go from Tom Jones to Prince to BeeGees to a Motown hit I didn’t even remember to a disco hit I also can’t remember to an elevator music hit? I can’t decide if the format is a trainwreck or just that interesting, but it’s definitely all over the place. One thing they need to fix though is their website. It does not show the current song playing although I knew them all except one. Sometimes I wonder if this radio station is specifically programmed just for the Mangione Family since they don’t show up in any ratings hardly and they’re playing so many songs that are never EVER played. It’s a shame that HD-Radio on AM has failed mostly. I wish they would do something ballsy like WWFD 820 AM, but the problem there is where can you even buy an HD-Radio capable tuner or receiver other than in your car? All the major audio companies that make the best home equipment have abandoned HD-Radio. I’ll say one thing though. Hearing The Temptations singing "My Girl” still only makes me think of Bob Turk at WJZ 13, possibly one of the best local TV promos ever created and definitely nothing one of the dull CBS suits could ever come up with! As I kid I loved Bob Turk because he always predicted higher snow totals to close school. I asked Denise Koch online if that was her skateboarding past the wagon in the video, but she swears it’s not her, but she was at that time Daring Denise on Evening Magazine doing skateboard stunts as I definitely remember, but I’m told that Bob Turk actually did sing on that commercial. And I’ll bet money that Bob Turk can use the CBS bathroom still. LOL (4/27/20)

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No copyrights, its just me, my camera-phone and my Photoshop. If you think it'll lighten the mood a bit, feel free to run it. (4/26/20)

"Since Gus in Gaithersburg says that Nielsen is NOT a monopoly in DC, Please tell us the other rating services in DC. He does not know what Nielsen charges small radio stations to subscribe to their service in DC. Gus should get a life." Yes, *I* should get a life. I've gotten this far in life without knowing what Nielsen charges small station or large stations. Not caring about stuff like that works for me. Just guessing but I imagine it's around $60,000. But I don't care. Here's the kicker Danno: small radio stations don't *need* Nielsen. No value added. Yet you want McDonalds to give them free burgers. Show us on the doll where Nielsen touched you. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/26/20)

The question was posed, "Applications for the most annoying voice in DC radio/TV/podcasting????" By far, it's Patrick Fingels, president of Nu-Look Home Design who voices their commercials. Instant tune out, like 1-800-Kars4Kids. (4/26/20)

Looks more permanent. Jack Diamond Show on 106.9... www.1069theeagle.com (4/26/20)

For anyone wondering why their own video stream or video podcast product looks like Aunt Mabel's blue-ribbon homemade shit, and wants to improve it, look at the photo on Page A3 of the Sunday Washington Post of Joe Biden doing his podcast. In one single picture, he gives you a full education in how to make a video look good: four-point lighting (plus background), mic placement, camera-to-talent distance, black curtains to control light spill and room echoes, its all there. Watch and learn. (4/26/20)

Re: the post predicting the new staffing shakeup at Fox 5, no mention of who’s going to take over Erin’s weekend spot. I’m thinking either Maureen or Holly, although that would be such a snack in the face. But hey, it’s become obvious that they want the majority of the weekday mornings to be younger faces. I feel Maureen & Holly have paid their dues at Fox 5 coming up the ranks & deserve to stay on weekday mornings. (4/26/20)

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Who were some of the great announcers on WQMR/WGAY? I think I remember one named Jack Bartel. Could I be wrong? They had such smooth, calming voices, especially when they would say the word stereo...You just felt your whole body relax! (4/25/20)

Sorry, one more question about WQMR--did it use the same harp tones during ID breaks like WGAY? I can't remember. (4/25/20)

Were the "harp" sequences and the WQMR Concerto performed by members of the Dallas Symphony? Was an LP ever put out of that music? Was the concerto composed expressly for WQMR, or did it already exist? (4/25/20)

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RE: Michelle Rotella - From what I understand, she’s only with WTTG on a freelance basis, I typically only remember seeing her around big holidays, much like WMDT chief meteorologist Daniel Johnson does for WUSA when they need an extra hand around Christmas or the 4th. (4/24/20)

As we approach the end of April, I guess soon after we will see the results of Fox 5’s musical chairs experiment of who will be broadcasting when. My prediction: 4-6am: Wisdom, Erin, Shirin. 6-9 am: Steve, Allison, Angie. 9-11: Steve, Allison, Wisdom, Erin. Morning traffic: Stacey. Either Holly or Maureen replace Angie on 4pm broadcast. And whichever one doesn’t replace Angie will be reassigned as a field reporter. Hopefully I’m wrong as I’m not too crazy about the current changes (4/24/20)

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Dave: Just got back to the area after a month project in SC. Gotta tell you and this is nothing new, Carol Maloney is totally lost! Can't put it any better and arrogant Pollin makes her look just as bad and he needs to just go away. Carol doesn't realize area sports fans, can too, read the usual website like she does and there's nothing in her show that so exclusive that only Carol has discovered, it's quite embarrassing. After reading some of your posts, I didn't know Scott Jackson even left 980 for 103.5, but, I can't believe such a prestigious station like 103.5 would ever hire sportalk people, that doesn't fit. As I've always said, when I'm looking for intelligent sportstalk, it's best to hit radio.com for WIP or Baltimore sportstalk. (4/23/20)

Hi Dave, More information on 1050 WQMR. In the early and mid 1960’s WQMR a 1,000 Watt daytime station also had a news department. N L (4/23/20)

Sinclair and Hearst are both rolling out NextGen TV in Pittsburgh. It’s unclear if Hearst is coordinating with Sinclair or not, but WTAE has filed an ATSC 3.0 app, and so have Sinclair’s WPGH and WPNT. Is Baltimore’s WBAL TV & Fox 45 & WNUV CW 54 next? DC will be more complex due to the lack of duopolies, but Sinclair did join the Pearl group now, and they have tested in DC using WRC’s tower already. Tegna is also a member of the Pearl group too. What I found most interesting about the Sinclair Dielectric study of WNUV 54 is that one of the 4 towers they will use for NextGen TV will be just north of York, PA, whose FOX station moved to north of Harrisburg now on a very weak signal. Here’s the the link & pic that explains why NEXTGEN TV will work much better in the suburbs for even indoor antenna reception unlike current TV reception. The FCC is buggy today, so I’ll check the applications for Pittsburgh tomorrow to see if Hearst and Sinclair are working together. www.dielectric.com... BaltoMedia.net (4/23/20)

About WJZ and the bathroom situation and lockout: The LA Times said this of CBS owned stations just last year. "CBS-owned stations get very little leeway in anything — it’s just the corporate mind-set.” Even in LA they complain that all the decisions are made in New York. This explains the firing of Mary Bubala who since has cost them big time in local news ratings and money. Although I’d imagine that Baltimore is not considered one of their most important markets and especially not now with their ratings plummeting. (4/24/20)

Since Gus in Gaithersburg says that Nielsen is NOT a monopoly in DC, Please tell us the other rating services in DC. He does not know what Nielsen charges small radio stations to subscribe to their service in DC. Gus should get a life. (4/24/20)

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Did WGAY and WQMR play the same music, have the same programming, but on different points of the dial? (4/22/20)

Dave's response: Back in the early 1970s, when I moved to the DC area, WGAY was easy listening on 99.5 FM. It's AM sister WQMR simulcasted it on 1050.....

"Mr. "Know it All"....you guessed it. "Gus" in Gaithersburg. He does not know what Nielsen charges small radio stations in the DC market." I don't know (or care) what Nielsen charges *anyone*. And it's not germane. If I can't afford a Cadillac, a Harley, a Maybach, a carbon fiber bicycle or a traditional funeral that doesn't entitle me to a discount so I do without. Why so harsh, Snugglemonkey? Do you need some smoochies or some num-nums? I join the previous posters in bemoaning the loss of HJSN, as I said on 5/6/2019. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/22/20)

Hi, Dave, Have you heard anything about meteorologist Michelle Rotella? She hasn't been on Fox 5 DC in several months, so it's unclear if she's still with the network or if she left. Thanks. K. Taylor (4/22/20)

RE: "...I am reading where a radio morning team in Idaho suddenly resigned from their highly rated show because they disagreed with their Governor's Stay-at-Home order..." Anyone else think this is a stunt? I've been working with small market stations out west helping HR map out how to move talent and sales to the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program (PUA) in light of the various contracts in place and this would be a great way to explain the sudden disappearance of a popular morning team temporarily put on the dole to protect small market cash flow. Just another mother-Chucker (4/22/20)

WjZ newscasters continue their "let's all hold our own fingers" thing #awkward. Wonder if there's an email from station management someone could cite, explaining why they have been told to do this? (4/22/20)

From FTVLive: CBS O&O Tells Employees to Use Por-A-Potty... There is no doubt that COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us in one way or another. Doctors and nurses are on the frontline working to try and save people and often doing it in less than ideal conditions. Many hospital staff is finding it hard to get the proper PPE to keep them safe while doing their jobs. TV news crews are also out every day in the field trying to tell the stories and keep viewers informed. While many stations are expecting their crews to cover the story, they are also not providing them with the personal protection that they need. At CBS's WJZ in Baltimore, management has basically locked Reporters and Photographers out of the building, but they are expected to do their job. Management won't even let crews in to use the bathroom and has placed port-a-potties outside the station. "At first they only had one port-a-potty, they expected reporters and photographers (male and female) to use together. After an uproar, another port-a-potty arrived with gloves to clean it yourself before you use it" said one station insider to FTVLive. Station sources say there is a bathroom in the building that is not being used and is close to an exit. But management has padlocked the door near those bathrooms. The station is providing a glove at the gas pump, but there is a stern warning if you take more than one glove, you will be "dealt with". Crews say that they are finding it hard to get enough safety gear and Reporters and Photographers feel like while they are on the front line of the story, they feel almost abandoned by the station. "It's been a month of COVID coverage here and it's been radio silence from the GM and other managers, so I guess they feel justified that their 'methods' have provided coverage that meets their needs," said one WJZ staffer to FTVLive. These kinds of problems are playing out at stations across the country. News crews at many stations have still not been given proper masks and have been told to wear a scarf or something similar. Crews are out there telling the story, keeping the viewers informed and at companies like Tegna and Meredith, they are being rewarded with furloughs or pay cuts. Yes, it is tough times for TV stations. But, many of those working the story feel like they been abandoned by management that cares more about the bottom line than they do about their employees. Also, looking at the schedule of cleaning by the port-a-potty supplied to the station, it appears to get cleaned once a week at best. Can't CBS/WJZ at least let the Reporters and Photographers have their own entrance to the building so they don't have to pee in a plastic box? Just saying... (4/22/20)

Dave's response: Stay classy CBS 13.....

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Nothing at all to do with the DC-Balto media scene, but I am reading where a radio morning team in Idaho suddenly resigned from their highly rated show because they disagreed with their Governor's Stay-at-Home order and were telling their listeners to mutiny and ignore the order. Well, they may not have a radio show anymore, but I'm certain they'll have a lovely little meditation & reflection garden named after them next Spring in the local cemetery. (4/21/20)

In reference to "Some of the small stations in the market cannot afford to pay them the big dollars they demand.": Nielsen prints every station that has enough audience in the metro area to reach a .1 rating. If your favorite small local stations don't have enough listeners to reach a .1, they are not listed. Here's the most important point. Stations that subscribe to Nielsen Ratings Service PAY to use the ratings as a sales tool. The data provided allows stations to break down every age, demographic, race and locations. Say Urban One wants to do a sales presentation for a client whose business serves African American Females age 25-34 in South Baltimore city; they can show that client how many of those listeners Urban One can reach in the area and show the R.O.I. (return on investment) of their radio advertisement dollars on Urban One. It's much more complicated and detailed than you could ever imagine. STATIONS CAN NOT USE NIELSEN DATA IF THEY DO NOT "SUBSCRIBE" TO THEIR SERVICE. Please visit this address to see the latest ratings on All Access.com www.allaccess.com (4/21/20)

Update: The clinical trials for the COVID-19 vaccine have already begun, and if you hurry (and qualify medically) you could be among the first to get it .They're currently recruiting participants for the study at NIH-Bethesda. -Mike NP in Bartonsville (4/21/20)

It is with deep regret that I wish farewell to Paul Young, one of the key Videographers on "The Bayou's DC Killer Joint", Paul passed away today after a long fight with cancer, below is a photo from an interview Bill Scanlan conducted with Richard Harrington. In addition to his video work for Metro Teleproductions and others, Paul also directed the first concert for AOL, the Foo Fighters at the Black Cat Club. Paul Young also directed the 1st year of Mountain Stage Music Show for PBS. In 1998 Paul Young streamed out the first event for Washingtonpost.com the Washington Area music rewards. in recent years he worked for the SEC as their streaming "guru"" There are very few people who have both creative and technical skills, Paul was in a select group, he is survived by his daughter EMMY who is with the National guard In New Orleans. (4/21/20)

Mr. "Know it All"....you guessed it. "Gus" in Gaithersburg. He does not know what Nielsen charges small radio stations in the DC market. Why would he? He has never worked in broadcasting in DC. He is the reason that so many people have quit reading DCRTV. It is a shame. (4/21/20)

Glad to hear that Rob Bamberger is still on the air, albeit in a diminished role. It is a further sign of our cultural decay that a program like Hot Jazz Saturday Night could be canceled and replaced with yet another talk-show. I'll never forget the scholarship and care that went into his broadcasts, and all he did to preserve this greatest of American art forms. I'll never listen to WAMU ever again. (4/21/20)

On Monday, there was a doctor on WBAL Radio who was involved in creating a vaccine for Rotovirus. It took 26 years. Just sayin’. (4/21/20)

Once again, Nielsen is NOT a monopoly. It's part of a duopoly. Eastlan doesn't cover this market. Not Nielsen's doing. NIelsen is the hot girl and Eastlan is her horky friend. But shame on Nielsen for charging money! Everything should be free! Or at least the customer should determine the price! And if the customer won't buy the seller should give it to them free! (stamps feet) Are you a Communist Focker? Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/21/20)

RE: Rob Bamberger, he's occasionally doing a show (last Friday afternoon) on WOWD the non-profit community low power FMer in Takoma Park, MD. Including his famous Hot Jazz New Year's Eve carried over from his WAMU days. takomaradio.org (4/21/20)

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Applications for the most annoying voice in DC radio/TV/podcasting???? Mine is a coin flip. Michael and/or Carla O’Meara. Anyone else? (4/20/20)

Dave, I heard Scott Jackson doing the sports report on WTOP on the overnight shift this early a.m. (4/20) . Is he the latest victim of the Urban One belt-tightening? Thanks. Tom in Wheaton (4/20/20)

The stock market is in bad shape. The DC radio stocks are also in very bad shape now. Here is where they stand today. Entercom $0.98, Salem $0.93 and Urban One $1.39 Salem just sold off more of their stations last week. (4/20/20)

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The March ratings are out and the News/Talk stations are all the high rated stations. Nielsen still refuses to list the ratings of the stations that do not subscribe to their service. Nielsen is a monopoly and controls the situation. Some of the small stations in the market cannot afford to pay them the big dollars they demand. (4/19/20)

RE: "The media is at it again...." Yeah, they're at it-- "it" being reporting facts and keeping people informed, something you FOX viewers may not be all that familiar with. I'm a licensed nurse practitioner and I'd like to offer a few "starter" facts. I'd encourage you to give "facts" a try, they're very helpful when you evolve to the point that you care about things like reality and actual, verifiable truth. FACTS: 1) Clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccination will begin in a a few months. Most of the USA's leading health agencies and expects say we'll have a COVID-19 vaccine in 12-18 months, although some have indicated that this time frame might be a little optimistic. 2) The annual flu shot IS a vaccine. 3) There are a number of vaccines against viral illness, a couple of which you just listed (smallpox and polio). 4) HIV and the "common cold" have some specific characteristics that make creating a vaccine against them particularly difficult, but progress is being made on both. -Mike, NP in Bartonsville (4/19/20)

Not radio related but just to clear up some misinformation: "Is there a vaccine for the common cold? No." Because it's not a serious disease and there are over 100 varieties of it. "Are they aware that there is no vaccine for AIDS?" That would be like vaccinating against sneezing. Your basic point is right, that there is no vaccine against HIV. "... An annual flu shot is not a vaccine." An annual flu shot most certainly IS a vaccine. Concern for Biden is all well and good but his wife doesn't seem to care. I think he's a stalking horse and will be replaced by the real candidate (guess who?) then sent to the DNC knacker's yard. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/19/20)

Hello DCRTV Mail baggers: I have a question; a while back, I had discovered that I could indeed pick up WRDE on channel 31.1 (this probably hasn’t been that long ago) but this past week, I tried to get them (I had rotated my outdoor antenna in the direction I picked it up before (pretty much south) first, I need to point out here that I’m no good when it comes to terms like cordinance and latitude and longitude! Anyhow I found WRDE-TV on Facebook, so I wrote to them to inquire as to why it wasn’t coming in! I was told that WRDE-TV now transmits on channel 26 (same place as where (according to what this message said) WBFF was on! Well this really confused me, for I get WBFF on 45.1! Now I know (or so I am led to understand) that just because the television tuner reads “45.1” this doesn’t mean that that’s the channel it’s on! Okay…then if this is correct, how am I supposed to know where to put my digital box (or television tuner) I mean…I know why they have it so if I want to watch…we’ll say WBOC in Salisbury (we know that in the old days, that was channel 16) therefore, TV tuners are fixed so that you punch in 16.1 and you’ll get WBOC! Now back to my WRDE problem: I turned the antenna south, but then punched up 26.1…and got nothing! However, if I have my antenna set where I normally have it (sort of west, so I can pick up the Baltimore and Washington channels, I do get channel 26.1 (I know this is WETA (at least I think I am correct! So again…if I want to pull in WRDE (also I know that their sub-channel (31.2) should give me Cozi-TV) what must I do in order to pull in WRDE (whoever wrote me back suggested I go to www.tvfool.net (think that’s the correct site) but again…I wasn’t able to get that much out of that! Thanks for your time! Tom in Denton, MD (4/19/20)

they wanted rob bamberger to do a disco show but he refused (4/19/20)

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The media is at it again. They keep referencing “when we get a vaccine for the corona virus.” Someone smarter than me pointed out that we could be waiting a LONG time. It is a virus. Is there a vaccine for the common cold? No. Are they aware that there is no vaccine for AIDS? Treatment/meds, yes. Vaccine, NO There is a vaccine for polio, smallpox and so on. An annual flu shot is not a vaccine. Geez. On another note, can they please stop smiling, snickering, laughing, ridiculing Joe Biden? Personally, I can’t stand the guy, but he obviously is having health issues. Having lost several family members to Alzheimer’s, it certainly looks like Mr. Biden is well past the initial stages of the disease. Very, very sad. (4/18/20)

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AllAccess reports that a radio board-op position is opening in Arlington at Radio America. Any out-of-work DC jocks need a gig fast? (4/17/20)

I always thought Mike Buchanan was going to live forever. He was a larger than life guy who discovered a young intern from the University of Maryland College Park named Connie Chung. Yes indeed, a lively part of the Dancing Crab gang, when that restaurant was just behind Broadcast House, just off Wisconsin Avenue. Jim Bohannon (4/17/20)

Dave, you must watch this. I just found it fascinating, President Eisenhower touring the then new NBC/WRC Channel 4 Ward Circle Broadcasting Center newly finished. I just found it quite amazing as there is David Brinkley and are no such videos like it from Baltimore, when they built the famous candelabra tower. OH and Bob and DAVID Sarnoff even showed up, chairman and founder of RCA/NBC, hence the WRC name and they SWITCHED TO COLOR LIVE during the broadcast to wow the President. May 22, 1958. David Brinkley as you would expect is unusually funny when even when he never seems to know or acknowledge it. It makes me think Dave, why did CBS miss out on this possibility in DC? But the second video is even funnier, when Bing Crosby first met BLACK PEOPLE live on TV! LMAO (4/17/20)

RE: “It appears that Steve Czaban’s fourth hour is a replay of his first house”. He learned that from Chad. His last 20-3o minutes are often a replay. Czabe calls it his “Best of”. (4/17/20)

Hearing word that Max Smith is done at WTOP. Well wishes go out to him and his family! (4/17/20)

What is Rob Bamberger doing these days? Shocking that WAMU never brought back Hot Jazz Saturday Night. I thought the outcry would bring that legendary show back, but I guess the corporate leaders could care less. That was one of the greatest shows ever on DC radio. (4/17/20)

I specifically read in one of the WBAL/WJZ letters that they contacted over 20 TV stations. Scott Fybush and the Rabbitears guy are just stating the facts as they were planned, not how they’re being amended since Covid-19. Instead of making accusations and talking down to people, I’d suggest you read more. WJZ is now going to miss the Phase 10 deadline too. I have a great deal of respect for Scott Fybush and the Rabbitears guy, love their websites even, but they simply didn’t read all the letters to the FCC. Because WJZ is not making the Phase 10 deadline, that means WMAR & WBAL likely aren’t either. I assume they are co-planning the tower work and the Helicopter crane is not available until at least July 4 now. (4/17/20)

Hillary and I are enormously sad to hear the news that Mike Buchanan died early this morning in Delaware at age 78. He was a great friend who was an important part of both our careers. Mike was the best and most generous reporter we’ve worked with. He’s the person who convinced Channel 9 news director Dave Pearce to hire me – someone who had never worked in TV news – in 1985. Just a few months ago, Josh Mankiewicz from NBC told me he was up for the same job and thought Pearce was going to hire him. I had no idea. Mike’s recommendation apparently made the difference. Mike also started many other TV news careers, including Connie Chung. Mike Buchanan was the first reporter to tell us that John Hinckley Jr’s motive for the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan was actress Jodie Foster. He had many other important scoops in his career. On June 19, 1986, it was Mike and James Brown who independently confirmed the information I had about cocaine being involved in the death of Len Bias. When Dave Pearce approved the story to go at 5:00 pm he asked, “Which one of you is going to report the story?” Without hesitation, Mike pointed to me, the rookie TV reporter. Just hours later, by himself, Buchanan had confirmed pretty much everything that had occurred inside Washington Hall in the moments before Bias died. At about 10:15 pm. he handed me a carbon of his script (yes, no computers then) for the 11:00 newscast. To be honest, I was extremely skeptical of what I was reading about a mound of cocaine and Bias saying he was a horse and could handle it. When the case went to trial, every bit of Mike’s story was confirmed. In 1996, Mike and I were in Atlanta for the Olympics. He was there reporting for Channel 9 and I was on loan with videographer Greg Guise to our Gannett sister station, WXIA-TV. Mike and I both got tips there were many in federal law enforcement skeptical of the focus on bombing suspect Richard Jewell. Mike was able to flesh that out further and was the first to report that Jewell likely wasn’t the bomber. Somehow, that didn’t make Clint Eastwood’s recent movie. Because he was such a character, everyone who knew him has great Mike Buchanan stories. One of my favorites was spotting him in the newsroom late one morning and seeing a very large stain on the lower portion of his white dress shirt. I asked if he spilled his coffee this morning. He said no, that happened a week or two ago. Wherever you went with Mike, everyone knew him. He always would introduce me – and I’m sure many other news colleagues – as his partner. Mike wanted those news sources to know we could be trusted. One thing those sources always knew was that, whether the news was good or bad, Mike Buchanan would always treat them fairly. There was no one else who had as great an influence on my news career. And I’m just one of many people who are likely to make that statement. I absolutely loved the guy. - Dave Statter (4/17/20)

Mike Buchanan was the "Working man's reporter" who, like Dragnet's Sgt. Friday sought "Just the facts ma'am". An alumni of WTOP's "Dancing Crab Gang" of 60's through the 80's with Gordon Peterson and the late Glenn Brenner, Mike was a liked guy. (4/17/20)

/\ April 17 Messages /\

\/ April 16 Messages \/

WMAL off air Thursday morning for at least an hour during Chris Plante Show. Actually, the silence is kind of nice. Switched to WJFK's Sports Junkies still cry babying about life quarantined in their million dollar homes tooling around in expensive cars and spending what may be the last money they will see from Entercom whose stock is plummeting. Junks may be working six days a week for nothing. (4/16/20)

It appears that Steve Czaban's fourth hour (6-7) on WTEM is a replay of the first hour! Say it ain't so! I thought we were getting an additional hour of Czabe, not a replay. DeaconD in DC (4/16/20)

Very sad to hear about Mike Buchanan, one of the best reporters this market has ever had. May he Rest In Peace. (4/16/20)

Here is something interesting for Roku owners. If you use this private code, 6DRC595, on the roku.com page in your account, you get something called the Free2View app. It has almost nothing I care about, EXCEPT, all the way to the right, there is a "Bonus" icon, and it's the CBC News Network, Canada's 24/7 news station, temporarily available to non-cable viewers and all over the world, during these times. And this is the only way I found to view it. Polite, factual, no teasers, just news and Canadian TV commercials. They do repeat "The National", the big 1-hour news show, all evening long, which is what they always do. Enjoy it, Roku users. -- Carl in Olney (4/16/20)

/\ April 16 Messages /\

\/ April 15 Messages \/

Dave, Mentioned earlier... you're not kidding; have you heard WMAL's ads lately? Larry O'Connor begging listeners to support their advertisers; and asking businesses to buy ad time, for customers who are sheltering at home? Good luck. (4/15/20)

To the person who kindly provided an update about the status of WETA tower - thank you. We lost signal after the repack and are really missing WETA UK. We periodically contacted Sandy Rangel but very little information provided. Please continue to post an update every few weeks. (4/15/20)

/\ April 15 Messages /\

\/ April 14 Messages \/

Does anyone remember The Royal Arms restaurant in Hyattsville? I recall there was live music there in the early 1960's--soft easy listening bands for dinner dancing and a jazz-oriented vocalist accompanied by her pianist husband. Were some of these performances broadcast on WMAL? When did The Royal Arms fold? Would welcome any memories. (4/14/20)

Dave, you make a good point about people not listening to radio. Flipside if I may, and I may: I have an olde timey tube radio in the kitchen where the good reception is, and in my office/bedroom/nest I stream radio from all over the country/world but mainly local. Years ago I got my own office because I told the boss I needed to listen to Don & Mike to be productive and the gummint's IT department didn't allow streaming so I needed to be positioned for good reception. And I productived the heck out of that job. Radio serves a purpose. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/14/20)

Is the Junkies live stream dead???? OOBBEE (4/14/20)

Re.: The Repack and “CBS owned WJZ is requesting a 180 day Extension now! Ouch, that is DECEMBER! “ . Please tell me that this doesn’t mean that we will be getting twice a week updates for the next 7+ months. Question…has “Stock Guy” found another Dead Horse to beat ? NO ONE CARES !!! (4/14/20)

Re: BaltoMedia last post; LSS 65 consists of WBAL/WJZ/WWPX plus WHYY-TV Philadelphia, WNET Newark, and WYOU Scranton. Those are the three stations required to give consent. Hardly "every TV station in America on channels 11, 12, 13". Even stations as close as WVPT Staunton are unaffected by this particular delay, although they might have delays of their own. When Scott Fybush AND Mark Columbo - who both directly deal with the repack in their professional lives - are in your facebook comments telling you have no goddamn idea what you are talking about, maybe listen. (4/14/20)

Advertising dollars have dried up in Northern Virginia. All business is closed except grocery stores and drug stores. Why advertise if your business is shut down ? Virginia Governor says he does not know yet when he will open up. Since everyone is shut in more people are listening to radio. (4/14/20)

Dave's response: People are not sitting at home listening to radio. This is not the 1940s. They are streaming video, podcasts, and music on their phones and laptops. Most radio listening, these days, is done in the car and with almost no one driving to work that audience is gone. Old fashioned radio is in serious trouble.....

I too don’t see the need for both Erin & Stacey on Fox’s morning broadcast. And even though traffic is still reported (although very little to report), Steve or Mike Thomas are doing it even though Erin, Stacey or both are there. I’ll be glad when the powers that be at Fox5 decide on who they want where. (4/14/20)

So, Trump's on live TV, trying to defend himself from ongoing media and politicians criticism that he did not act soon enough. He's giving a timeline covering when cases and deaths first appeared in the US compared to when he took actions and how the press criticized those actions until they began complaining that he hadn't acted. Channels 4, 5 and 9 showed his whole presentation; channel 7 did NOT. Whether or not you like or believe the man, seems to me that he and his office deserve an opportunity to reply to the broadcast media's 90+% negative coverage, and we deserve an opportunity to hear his detailed defense of the criticism, and it also seems to me that outlets that want to censor his defense ought to provide either more balanced reporting or just admit that they are no longer honest "news" outlets... (4/14/20)

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\/ April 13 Messages \/

WJFK's Sports Junkies may have said too much on Monday 4/13. While complaining about life at home with their respective families they revealed that had taken a serious pay cut by Entercom (the figure 30% was mentioned) when they suddenly realized they were bitching about it to an audience that for the most part are out of work. They also mentioned an e-mail from Entercom announcing across the board lay offs. For now the WJFK studio is manned by a sole part time board operator with everyone else working from home. The Junkies even went so far as to suggest WJFK is for sale. (4/13/20)

Dave, I have been accused of that dastardly crime, “hyperbole” with respect to the TV crisis on TV stations on 11, 12, 13, but here is exactly what WBAL-TV said in their last Engineering report… "WBAL-TV now believes— based on communications subsequent to WJZ-TV’s filing—that all LSS 65 stations have concurred in the decision to change phases.” But yes the Phase Change has been approved across all or will be soon until July 3, but WJZ 13 just stated they cannot make that either as none of the AUX transmitters have even been installed either. CBS owned WJZ is requesting a 180 day Extension now! Ouch, that is DECEMBER! (4/13/20)

Area TV Group Sinclair is coming under fire in an AP story for letting most of the employees go at the regional FOX Sports Networks they recently purchased from Disney. The major networks are continuing to pay most of their staff, but Sinclair has let most go. www.baltimoresun.com (4/13/20)

Baltimore's famed candelabra tower has now flipped every TV station in America on channels 11, 12, 13 in linked Repack channel changes from Phase 9, May 1 to Phase 10, July 3. Yes, that includes even New York City, Philadelphia, etc. WBAL TV confirms this in an FCC filing the other day. They claim to have contacted every impacted TV station to confirm this as WBAL has to move to channel 12 and cannot even switch yet to a Channel 12 AUX transmitter/antenna, as that's also not yet installed. It's unclear how the FCC will handle this, but I imagine they have little choice as Coast to Coast Tower is not doing on-site services, meaning no one will climb this beast right now. WMAR is not a linked station so they're not panicking, but all those other channel 11, 12 & 13's are and are and about to miss FCC mandated deadlines, which would normally involve huge fines. UPDATE: WJZ has just notified the FCC that they won't even make the July 3 date for Phase 10 now and is asking for permission to delay until as late as sometime in December if necessary. — BaltoMedia.net (4/13/20)

WETA 26 still has no timetable for when they will finally be full power again. I know Coast to Coast Tower has stopped all on-site tower work, so I’m sure other technicians are probably following suit contributing to the delay. So if you get WETA via antenna, this is the cause of the problem, that and they've now solved combiner cost issues. For a metro area as big as Washington, DC, you would think that the PBS station by now would be back on the air normally. It’s not a DC vs. Baltimore thing, but boy did WETA screw this up from Day 1. WETA on channel 14 at probably the same cost they’ve spent now with lawyers and what not would be the most powerful TV station in both markets like WETA FM. And now they had to move from that tower anyway, so what’s the point? Lots of problems in Baltimore but Sinclair got their repack signals up and running quick and so did Maryland Public Television. DC had few repack issues and yet the only one crisis is still keeping WETA off the air in lots of areas. (4/13/20)

I hope you're not missing Arthur Godfrey's coverage of President Roosevelt's funeral on WERA. ~~ www.facebook.com ~~ He's stationed on the roof the Riggs Bank, at the corner of 15th Street and Pennsylvania. He has the local's knowledge of the area, and he's well versed on the military equipment and personnel in the funeral. The broadcast is remarkable. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (4/13/20)

It was fun to hear Ron Bennington on the C and C Radio Factory (Cakes and Chad) this weekend on JFK. OOBBEE (4/13/20)

Got word today from an ex-VOA colleague that former NBC correspondent and Voice of America news director Gene Pell died this week. Details in an obit here www.newsbreak.com (4/13/20)

I don't get why Fox5 has both Erin AND Stacey on in the mornings when neither are doing traffic. They only pipe up on the latest wild and wacky celeb gossip. They add 0. Sometimes it's 4 of them on screen with lots of awkward silences. I feel like I'm rubbernecking at a car crash it's become such a disaster. Paul (4/13/20)

/\ April 13 Messages /\

\/ April 12 Messages \/

If you've ever used Skype, you know they have that "test call" feature where a lady with a charming British accent talks you through a rehearsal connection to see if your camera and microphone are working OK. With all of the TV and radio properties resorting to Skype for connecting to their staff and their guests, those practice test calls have got to be plentiful and, most likely, some quite salty. I hope the Skype folks have been collecting them as they've been coming in -- I will happily take the recordings off their hands and edit them together into the world's best "goodie reel" to put on the web. My own test calls are horrific in content and nature (as well as anatomically impossible), so I know everybody else's have got to be spectacular. (4/12/20)

Mike O'Meara [TMOS] finally dumps Florida starter townhouse for $330,000. As Bobby Darin sang. After big real estate commission, 'SPLISH. SPLASH O'MEARA BE TAKIN' A BATH.' Gus in Granite Bay, Ca (4/12/20)

/\ April 12 Messages /\

\/ April 11 Messages \/

Kane’s ousting has probably been a long time coming with his fake bits and same stuff every day all year long. He always refused to talk current events but was willing to shove fake bits down listeners throats left and right on a daily basis. Supporting cast wasn’t good the past 5 years at the least, and when he’s syndicated in multiple markets and based in a large market like Washington, DC market he placed too much emphasis on Tampa, FL rather than DC. Show was great with Sarah Fraser, and got bad when Sarah Fraser left, lost my interest all together in the program. Not sure of the actual reasoning for Kane’s ousting whether budget cuts, ratings, or whether he did something. One thing I’m pretty sure of is Hot 99.5 & Z104.3 say hello to Elvis Duran from Z100 in New York (4/11/20)

Hey Dave! Saw some things about Kane being fired? Also if you go to 99.5 website you can’t click on the morning shows page, but you can click on other Dj’s still. Heard anything? (4/11/20)

Looks like Kane is out at Hot 99-5 and Z-1043. He has been cleaned from the website line up and replaced with "Your morning show". Also, Premiere syndicated "Club Kane" is being hosted by Cruz through the end of the month and then will be discontinued. (4/11/20)

/\ April 11 Messages /\

\/ April 10 Messages \/

Al Galdi's 6am Morning Blitz is no more. Friday was the last show. WTEM's schedule is now bumped up an hour. Galdi will still be paired with "Doc" Walker, now at 9am. (4/10/20)

So Lauren Ricketts is still missing in action although she’s obviously still on the payroll since week after week the anchors keep saying the current meteorologist is “filling in for Lauren Ricketts”. Guess she wants to keep whatever’s going on private. However why not do what they did when Erika Gonzales went missing for months; just not mention her or her absence. (4/10/20)

On TMOS's Rob Ford: "He sounded sad and lacking focus." That's called "talking to Rob Spewak". Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/10/20)

Re: "How many times do the tv anchors have to announce that they’re working from home?" WHY are they working from home? In most or all cases there seems to be an anchor in the studio, so WHY bother having another work from home? Waste of money and invitation to engage in unnecessary chitchat rather than actually reporting news. (4/10/20)

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\/ April 9 Messages \/

How many times do the tv anchors have to announce that they’re working from home? (4/9/20)

Looks like there is no power in Oakton Falls for Chad Dukes. (4/9/20)

TMOS, NOT A KID'S GAME. Lately, far TOO MUCH "Little Michael" on the Mike O'Meara Show Podcast. More drunk Carla. meow (4/9/20)

I cannot believe 980 wouldn't lay off their high-priced, arrogant talent who think they know something about sports! Czaban and Sheehan should lead the list along with everyone else and that station should be 24/7 Fox Sports Radio! (4/9/20)

Hi! Vanessa Herring left WBALTV. -Anon twitter.com (4/9/20)

It is disingenuous for WBAL Radio to constantly be sending Screaming Scotty out to stand in front of empty buildings for his morning reports. Thursday, he was outside the state school offices, doing a story with a telephone interview from Wednesday, screamin’ away about kids having distance learning into the next school year. Rarely do his reports do much to inform the audience and even their entertainment value is questionable. Pair him with the speedreading morning lady and it makes your head hurt before you turn the key in the car for the drive to work. There are some glimmers of hope though. Dan Joseph and Jerry Rogers are really starting to sound good. Yuripzy Morgan not so much. I was really hoping she would improve and catch on, but other than she’s their token female talk voice, there’s not a lot of there there. (4/9/20)

Over at WBAL Radio, Bryan Nehman has been doing a good job during the pandemic. On the other hand, “Screamin Scotty”, with his so-called style, projects the image of pure joy in reporting on virus related deaths. I will never understand what management sees with this guy. (4/9/20)

WBAL radio is running the same story on its Facebook page from the state education secretary about distance learning potentially running into the fall. I see the same story three times already between last night and this morning. The original story, which would have been number four if you're keeping track, was posted yesterday, but has been deleted. Maybe because of the misleading bait click headline that generated negative comments afterwards?! The station already had the schools extending into the fall which is not exactly what the education secretary said. Reposting the same story over and over the next day doesn't make up for the mistake of not getting facts right. (4/9/20)

/\ April 9 Messages /\

\/ April 8 Messages \/

I noticed a Sinclair Sharing Agreement change application between WBFF 45 & WUTB My24. Yeah, I know that’s like one Smith Brother agreeing to pass the ketchup to another at the dinner table, but upon reading it, it becomes clear that this is ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV related. It allows WBFF control of the WUTB signal as in when the NextGen TV switch is pulled and WNUV has all of WBFF’s signals in NextGen TV, while WBFF continues to host the ATSC 1.0 legacy signals of them all or as many as can be carried on ATSC 1.0. Sub-channels in ATSC 1.0 of course are not protected as in they don’t have to all stay just to switch to ATSC 3.0. Only WBFF, WUTB, and WNUV’s main signals must be transmitted on the legacy channel, but some sub-channels will probably still stay. On WNUV’s ATSC 3.0 signal, all the sub-channels and maybe even more of all the stations will have room. So yeah, to get Fox 45 in 4k, you will most definitely need to receive WNUV 54 unless some more elaborate sharing agreement occurs, which is unlikely considering the current woes at the candelabra tower on TV Hill and the other 3 network stations now shifting to a Phase 10 repack date of July 1 instead of Phase 9’s May 1. — BaltoMediak.net (4/8/20)

Lots of glitches on Czabe’s show today without Solly. You could hear his frustration. (4/8/20)

Chad Dukes paycut. Junkies? Probably. PD? Probably not. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/8/20)

While I'm back on the TMOS train, today at minute 18 the "marquee name" revealed that although his child has an untreated peanut allergy he always keeps peanut butter in the house. As one commenter said: "What to do during quarantine: shop for new beds, golf, go to Costco and glare at other shoppers." Shifting gears, sports radio without sports is indeed a puzzler. I don't care about the Redskins changing their name, but going away completely would be a win. Because Dan "Little Man Tree Killer" Snyder. He singlehandedly and obsessively ruined the franchise. And the Montgomery Council can go pound sand with their "mandatory masks" idea. Eff those guys. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/8/20)

Dave... Noticed the post regarding Jason Kidd being gone... Just checked the WIAD - 94.7 website and he is still listed there as morning guy. 947thedrive.radio.com... Guess WIAD - FM doesn't know he is gone.. Regards, bill (4/8/20)

More bad radio news….Steve Solomon was let go from TEM. That sucks. OOBBEE (4/8/20)

Dave, you can listen to the new Korean FM Station Worldwide at HanMiFM.com or listen live in Northern Virginia at 102.9 FM. (4/8/20)

OK, to the person who said one of the reasons Fox 5 was possibly rotating staff was to give everyone a fair workload, Uh really? Look, when people have been at a station for years & years, they pretty much have earned their permanent spots & aren’t switched to other shifts to be fair to others. They’re also not removed from the comfortable settings of being an in-house anchor to being a field reporter. And when these switches occur, it’s for ratings and/or to appeal to a different demographic, NOT to be fair. (4/8/20)

Hey Dave, DCRTV is truly an industry jewel! Appreciate the labor. Will you be reporting on the current layoffs at Urban One? in the mix they laid off longtime morning show host Winston Chaney who has had the morning show on WYCB for 36 years. As well as DC radio Veteran Denise Hill as well as a host of others. Wasnt sure if you knew. JC (4/8/20)

Odd stuff at ION 66 in Manassas. Every morning for the past few days between 10 and 10:15 am they've gone to color bars on their Xfinity cable HD signal, and their over the air and cable SD signals are nowhere to be found. -- Jerry (4/8/20)

I know this is not DC radio news, but Entercom fired their miday host at WMJX in Boston after 38 years there to "save money" I grew up near Boston and listened to Nancy Quill for many years. (4/8/20)

"Yo, assbreath." Do you s your boss's d with that mouth? Most unseemly. In Mike O'Meara news, Rob "Mr. Helper" Spewak went on and on Tuesday about how much a Peloton weighs. It weighs 135 lbs. Like he'd ever be in the room with one. Then put on his musicologist hat and played an instrumental version of a George Harrison song while blabbing about how THE LYRICS relate to the current situation. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/8/20)

Re: the logic that Fox5’s current bumping people from their regular shift was to reduce exposure & give a fair workload. Trust me, that wasn’t the reason. How fair is it for Angie Goff working early morning & then having to come back at 4pm to work that broadcast? Look, channel 4 has a number of their staff working from home as part of “social distancing” and have not switched their shifts. If they were working in studio during the evening broadcast prior to this pandemic, they are working from home during the evening shift now. (4/8/20)

“With the loss of the Nats and Caps games watch WJFK to continue to lose ratings & revenue despite line up changes: the Junkies can only do so much to carry the station from their homes and already talk more COVD 19 than sports…” That’s a mistake – anyone tuning in sports talk radio these days is probably looking for an escape or respite from the saturation coverage of the coronavirus crisis on news and political talk stations. I noticed that Galdi, Sheehan and other hosts on 980 are fixating on the Skins offseason and acting as if the NFL games will go on as scheduled in the fall – they may be deluding themselves but I’d rather hear that than nonstop bitching and kvetching about the pandemic. (4/8/20)

/\ April 8 Messages /\

\/ April 7 Messages \/

Meteorologist Melissa Nord gone from WUSA 9... Here's post on Melissa Nord's FaceBook page: www.facebook.com (4/7/20)

"One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that they’re trying to faze out the older group." Yo, assbreath. What about the possibility that they are just rotating their lineup to minimize exposure and giving everyone a fair workload? Have you noticed all the empty space in the White House Brady Press Room? That is exactly what is taking place there; everyone from every reporting bureau comes in, but only when scheduled. (4/7/20)

According to the FCC, radio stations have contributed $42 million in air time for PSA announcements during the Corona virus. (4/7/20)

Why the hell do Fox5’s Marina Maurroco (sp) & Tisha Keeis talk so loud on air? Good Lord, do they think we’re deaf??? (4/7/20)

/\ April 7 Messages /\

\/ April 6 Messages \/

Well Fox5 has had a total flip of their morning on air anchors. First it was just the addition of Angie Goff. Well, Steve Chenevey, Erin Como & an occasional pop up of Stacy Rusch. were on from 4-6. Then Angie joined them at 6. Now on the 9 am show are Angie, Tisha Lewis, Erin & Stacy. So NO Steve, NO Holly, NO Maureen (except as a field reporter) NO Wisdom and NO Allison, although it was said Allison was on vacation. Now what’s the common denominator with the ones who are NOT there? They’re all veterans and all older. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that they’re trying to faze out the older group. Such a smack in the face of the veterans. And these younger people just aren’t that good. (4/6/20)

Vanessa Herring WBALTV Departure twitter.com (4/6/20)

Entercom lost 36% of its stock value on Friday, April 3rd . They have had massive layoffs. How will this hurt their DC stations? Their stock price is now down to $0.83 per share. Salem stock price took a big drop to $0.81 per share. (4/6/20)

Sorry to hear that Jason Kidd has been cancelled on WIAD 94.7 FM. I enjoyed his show. This is a Entercom station. (4/6/20)

/\ April 6 Messages /\

\/ April 5 Messages \/

WJFK Weekend line up now includes Sports Junkies. Chris Kinard has made serious on air changes for the weekend line up dropping back benchers like Tom Lovaro for their prime time all stars the Sports Junkies. With ad revenues plummeting WJFK hopes to stabilize with top ratings talent like the Junkies who are also their highest paid talent, estimated to be a quarter million dollars each. That's a lot of McDonalds and Long fencing to sell. So Saturday from 9:00am to Noon are John Paul Flaim and Jason Bishop with John Auville and Chad Dukes from Noon to 3:00pm the Eric Bickel and Grant Paulsen from 9:00am to Noon Sunday's. JP even made mention at the end of Saturday's show that ad revenues are down and that the Sports Junkies are doing what they can to save the station. Cakes was goaded on by Chad Dukes to rate whiskey samples live from his home with Auville drinking throughout the show. Anthony of Opie and Anthony fame did a live call in segment bringing back memories when they were on WJFK along with Don and Mike. What next, Howard Stern calls JP and Lurch? With the loss of the Nats and Caps games watch WJFK to continue to lose ratings & revenue despite line up changes: the Junkies can only do so much to carry the station from their homes and already talk more COVD 19 than sports. "It's over Johnny". (4/5/20)

With TRILLIONS of dollars floating around, do you think that maybe $20 - $40 of that could make its way to The White House so that a few CLOCKS could be purchased?? Have any of these daily press conferences started on time? Way to show the youth of America that “on time” means absolutely nothing. And while on those press conferences, what’s with the background noise? It sounds like ‘AutoWinders’ that were used on SLR cameras many years ago. Is this noise the equivalent for today’s digital cameras? Either way, do they really need to take that many pictures? Geez Easier to Photo Shop a different tie. Almost always a black suit, white shirt and a tie. (4/5/20)

"U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lt. Gen. Todd T. Semonite: "I'm personally worried about Florida." MIKE O'MEARA, HEY PAL, WHY ARE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY STILL IN FLORIDA? (4/5/20)

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\/ April 4 Messages \/

Entercom stock takes a big hit......The price today is down to $0.98 per share. The price was at $4.00 per share a few weeks ago. Salem was also hit hard now down to $0.80 per share. Urban One seems to be holding at $1.27 per share. These are major radio owners in the DC Market. (4/4/20)

On the "fake" or misleading news front. Robert Lang WBAL tweets, commenting on another tweet regarding the lack of testing sites in Baltimore City "... and none in Prince George's which has 2nd highest total." Maryland state PR guy Mike Ricci immediately replies: "We have a testing site in Prince George's, at FedEx Field." The PG site has been mentioned in newscasts for a couple of days. Is WBAL deliberating spreading false information or just downright incompetent? (4/4/20)

Wow, Entercom is down to $0.84…OOBBEE (4/4/20)

I've now watched the NHK evening news from Japan on one of MPT's subchannels several times. Quite a change from the local "news"casts. NHK has one news reader actually devoting all his or her time to reading hard news. Lots of facts about issues around the world delivered in a straightforward , value-free manner with no idle chitchat, no personal editorial opinions, no sniping at Donald Trump, and no interviews of people criticizing Trump's or any governments response to the virus. Totally different from the local yokel anchor-entertainers and their idle chitchat, celebrity gossip, and completely one-sided interviews with people selected to reflect the biases of the reporter or producer. (4/4/20)

Jason Kidd announced on his Facebook page that he has been cut from the Morning Show on 94.7 The Drive. (4/4/20)

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Obviously WTTG's morning show from 6-9 has become the Angie Goff show. Now, I've only seen it twice this week, but on both occasions, she was given the lead intros at 6am and seems to do the lead reads when coming back from commercials. Maybe management feels having her and Sherin on in the morning will bring in a younger audience. But from what I understand, younger people aren't getting their news from tv. In fact, the ones I know don't even watch tv. They're on Netflix, Hulu or other sources of entertainment. (4/3/20)

Any word on any cutbacks, layoffs, or salary reductions at Entercom in Baltimore or DC? According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post: "Sources said Entercom COO Susan Larkin had a conference call with WFAN staff Thursday morning in which she laid out that contracted employees, like Francesa, Esiason and Giannotti, who make $250,000 or more will be asked to take a 20 percent pay cut. Those in the $100,000 to $250,000 range will be requested to accept a 15 percent reduction. Those in the $50,000 to $100,000 range will be asked to take a 10 percent" (4/3/20)

Dave: Hope everyone's staying well! Last Thursday, started in Baltimore on the way down to to here to SC and gotta tell you, 103.5 really took care of my employees and myself with great traffic info! That late morning overturned truck in Bethesda was rough and just told my guys to leave it on 103.5 and all good. Second, why can't I find intelligent Redskins info on the radio? 980 and 630 are the very worst and have the worst talent. 106.7 are as arrogant as they come and make you think they know something about the team. I heard on of the afternoon guys repeat the same words from a Pro Football Talk article and said he had the inside scoop! Really? I get more intelligent radio down here in Charleston than the DC Area. (4/3/20)

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What is Forever Media doing in Delaware? They have completely screwed up the former DBC cluster in Milford. I agree with the previous post that they should have never put a country station on 101.3. But let go Leah (morning co-host on Eagle), she is the only female full-time on-air person and very talented. And they also let go a younger guy named Roman who did afternoons on Eagle. Both of them probably didn't make as much as the five full-time on-air people who are currently left. They include the OM Steve Monz (does afternoons on the country and oldies station). PD Gary Schofield (does mornings on the country and middays on Eagle). Dana Mcdonald (mornings on the oldies). Petch (mornings on Eagle), and Dan Gaffney (mornings on Delaware 105.9). All five of them probably make a lot of money. Some of them may make more than two of those combined. So the question is what will Forever do next? Will they eventually get rid of everyone? What a joke. (4/2/20)

1067 the Scam? I hear the Fan is raising money and "all proceeds" benefit local area charities. After expenses of course. Like electricity, building expenses, staff salaries.... Nice try. Cue the Stroke is no joke PSA. (4/2/20)

The AM stations in DC need a business ventilator. The advertising dollars are gone since the government shut every thing down. Will they survive? Why would anyone advertise if you can't leave your house? (4/2/20)

Entercom stock is down 18% from Tuesday to $1.40 per share. Our other stocks are also hurting......Salem down to $0.82 and Urban One down to $1.17. When people are shut in the advertising dollars go away. (4/2/20)

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This just in…Rush Limbaugh tearfully admitted that he and Sean Hannity have been on the RNC payroll for the last several decades. In a related matter, Rachel Maddow admits that she’s on the DNC payroll. Lionel, who used to be on Air America, has admitted that he’s on Putin’s payroll. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! (4/1/20)

Once upon a time -- some ninety years ago during the Great Depression -- they called radio "depression proof", providing entertainment to cold, hungry and broke Americans. Big names, great writing, upbeat music and the like kept up the morale of a beaten but not broken public. Now what's happening? Beasely Media Group cuts 67 positions, Townsquare just lopped 65 jobs, and the CEO of JVC Media eliminated his own position. Ads just aren't there. So what will this mean? Will it hasten the demise of local AM stations in the US, sitting on land more valuable for other purposes? Does FM basically become Spotify, only with less heart (if that is possible)? Station owners and programmers, I put it to you: it is time to economize and switch into survival mode, yes, but to also be innovative. Show us why you actually belong in this industry. (4/1/20)

Our DC Radio stocks are still alive. Entercom $1.53, Salem $0.86 and Urban One $1.29. It is hard to get local advertisers when everything is shut down. The Kennedy Center should do well with a gift of $25 Million from the government. Public Broadcasting will receive $75 Million gift from our taxpayers. That should keep them going for the near future. (4/1/20)

"Last week during an episode of TMOS, did Oscar Santana Zeballos say that if not for their client ESPN, Podcast Village would have already become insolvent?" As much as I like to criticize Mike O'Meara for being a fat load who brags about being in barfights because his fancy boots made him trip and fall down once and brags about being "a broadcast engineer", no Oscar didn't say that. How much does ESPN pay you when you work for them? Oh, that's right, they don't. Gus in the Gaithersburg (4/1/20)

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