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DCRTV Mailbag - May 1, 2020 to May 31, 2020

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Hey man, long time reader of DCRTV, I used to post in the mailbag as KeninEaston. Gotta question: the old WBAL building in Randlestown on Hooper Ave, was that the old WAAM TV station way back when? (5/31/20)

These are NOT protests in DC......they are Riots! When private property is destroyed by paid thugs it becomes a Riot. (5/31/20)

To the person who's so knowledgeable about the tv industry and has a relative at/was at FOX5, I agree as well as disagree with some of your comments. Yes, traffic patterns change during the summer, but Erin, not the anchors, has been doing traffic every single summer that she's been there up until now..Now, COVID has definitely resulted in not really needing traffic reports. And I could maybe see FOX5 keeping Erin on board since they had already promoted her to weekend morning anchor, but why keep Stacey? She was only on there two days a week and unfortunately she's just not that good in front of the camera.In fact, Erin's not that good as well, but obviously management likes her..As for the age issue, yes, Allison is probably older than any of the morning on air talent. However, Allison is very popular and I doubt very seriously they would want to deal with the negative feedback and possible loss of viewership if they were to take her off the morning broadcast. Same reason NBC4 will probably never take Doreen Gentzler off the anchor desk. Just not good for business And as an FYI, I know of a number of people who have complained to the station about removing Maureen and Holly from mornings. They seem to have their fans as well. Changing roles of veteran anchors, unless the quality of their work is starting to falter just makes no sense. At least not to me. Especially if the replacement(s) are sub-par... Finally, as for Angie Goff, I agree with you that she got a REALLY sweet deal with the station when she signed on. She's truly been given a bunch of perks, if not more than anyone on there. Nice early evening time anchor spot, co-host of the Like it or Not show, going to Super Bowl, World Series, promoting her podcast and finally a morning spot. As for the latter, I never believed for a minute that she was only going to be on mornings for the month of April. I think as part of her deal, she was guaranteed a permanent spot on mornings within a year. (5/31/20)

How stupid is CNN? They keep Trump on a 7 sec. delay due to Trump Derangement Syndrome, so they missed the SpaceX launch today when they flipped to live at T-1 and missed 6 seconds of the actual launch by mistake! HAHAHA! So one second it's on the pad and then they flip the switch to turn off their Trump Derangement 7 second delay and it's way in the sky. If an accident or explosion had happened on launch, you would not have seen it on CNN The level of stupidity in master control for a major news network is just unbelievable! I realize that they had to have a delay in live reports of the protests but clearly someone screwed this up big time, but it’s CNN, what do you expect? FAKE NEWS MORONS in the MEDIA! (5/31/20)

"I think Mike O'Meara forgets when he stated "The beach was getting too dark" when he first moved to FLA and his daughter's were visiting. They needed to go home." This rings a very loud bell. This was the day he complained about "black pornographers". When he's not imagining barfights he's imagining fighting racism. Memo to Mike: being asked to leave does not count as a barfight. Drunken blathering does not count as fighting racism. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/31/20)

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As part of the CBS/Viacom merger, 400+ employees were let go nationwide at all CBS TV stations coast to coast. Two people fired in Philly, 2 in Pittsburgh, and Mike Schuh and Pat Warren out at WJZ. Also, former WBAL TV reporter, now CNN reporter Omar Jimenez was arrested in the Minneapolis protest rally and seen live on TV too on CNN. He was let go immediately after they confirmed his credentials. — Baltomedia.net (5/30/20)

Mike Shue and Pat Warren out at WJZ www.baltimoresun.com (5/30/20)

RE: julie wright. Julie has a video up on her facebook page with the details of what happened. They let her go due to the budget cutbacks related to COVID-19. She has nothing lined up yet and mentioned taking the opportunity to spend time with her mother who is suffering from alzheimer's. Also, Mike McGrath announced his Garden Guru segments on WTOP are going on hiatus also due to COVID-19 budget cut backs. (5/30/20)

To the guy that has it in for Fox5: You seem to know a lot about what goes on in the television industry. I do too. Both parents were/are anchor/reporters. During the summer months there is no huge need for traffic reports. The anchors can do it. Moving Erin and Stacey at Fox5 to other roles is a good move for them. Moving Maureen and Holly to other roles doesn't seem completely tied to an age thing because Allison is OLDER than both of them. Julie Wright has been around for a long long time and has seen this thing happen across the industry and eventually everyone's number comes up. When you get a job on tv, it is just that A JOB that has an expiration date. If there is ONE company that exists in the world that treats every employee fairly and will let you know they're about to demote or fire you then please TELL US ALL because I'd like to work there. I'm 32 years old and I LOVE Angie Goff especially because she was smart enough to work a deal that benefits her in a field where the company and management take advantage of and abuse talent every day. Signed, Not following in the footsteps of my parents one of which has worked at Fox5 (5/30/20)

I think Mike O'Meara forgets when he stated "The beach was getting too dark" when he first moved to FLA and his daughter's were visiting. They needed to go home. Now, he preaches about racism! (5/30/20)

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Just saw post re: today being Julie Wright’s last day doing traffic. So is she leaving the station? Going to a different shift? I know Erin Como no longer does traffic at Fox5 & they made her one of the early morning anchors. (5/29/20)

On Thursday, Matt "Pony Boy" Bluhm of The Mike O'Meara Show talked about not wanting to drive at night because that's when his "medication" wears off. The poor fellow has been addicted to speed since grade school thanks to his doctors and the medical-industrial complex. This isn't a criticism, it's a cry for help as in "Someone please HELP him get off his addiction to prescription amphetamines." ADD/ADHD is in most cases a made-up disease. Amphetamines help you concentrate? Wow, that's a surprise! Who knew that? Wish I could get a prescription for amphetamines... Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/29/20)

Dan --- Do you think perhaps Beasley Broadcasting would be in a position to make an offer for WAVA? They already have a footprint in major cities like Boston, Philly, Atlanta and Detroit. Picking up a DC property (or three) would seem tempting to me. (5/29/20)

WPGC 95.5 DJ Tony Redz died yesterday… (5/29/20)

Just watched Julie Wright’s WJLA “goodbye” video. Wow! So WJLA gets rid of her, I’m assuming because there’s no need for a traffic reporter now. However, there’s also no need for a traffic reporter at Fox5, but they made their traffic reporter Erin a weekday morning anchor. And they kept Stacey, the other traffic reporter, & put her on air to do fluff stories during the week. So WJLA chose not to find another spot for Julie. I personally think her being let go was age related. Just like Fox 5 demoting Maureen & Holly, both older on air staff (5/29/20)

RE WAVA, their style of broadcasting has never relied on competitive ratings. They’ve enjoyed a closed loop relationship with their sponsors and brokered show buyers. Cumulus buying 105.1? How or why could they do that so soon after selling their 107.3 jewel for a dime on the dollar to a different religious broadcaster? P of the AW (5/29/20)

Someone wrote, "Something big is coming to WTOP on Monday." The return of the WHFS format? Solid Gold Music of Your Life? More likely the return to dual anchors now that COVID is calming down. That would also mean the end of hard news reporting and the return to stuff, fluff, and nonsense items. The 'TOP Morning Zoo and Hilary's Afternoon Song Fest. Oh, goody! (5/29/20)

Today was Julie Wright's last day doing the traffic for WJLA morning programs. (5/29/20)

To the guy I consider to be: Media Stock Guru….here’s a slight bit of a heads up for you. If WAVA doesn’t do well in the billing department, you could see them sell WAVA 105.1 sooner rather than later. The station has lousy ratings and Salem’s debt is huge, no question about that at all but if it’s a profitable station as far as billing goes, it might take a while for Salem to sell WAVA. Ratings are important but if a station does well in billing, it sometimes might take a bit longer for a flipped format or sale. The catch about Red Zebra selling their stations is that they weren’t pulling in revenue in favor of profits to losses and Red Zebra had no choice but to sell off their stations to various companies. Also hurt them in the long term that Dan Snyder spends money like a drunken lush and has no interest in actually anything profitable except for a football team he has helped go down the shitter! Now, to play Devil’s Advocate and answer the unanswered question: If Salem were to sell WAVA, I see one of two suitors. Cumulus or Delmarva Educational Association. Cumulus because they can put a Hot AC format on 105.1. DEA because they could continue the Christian Talk format that is currently there. Dan (5/29/20)

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All Access is reporting that Entercom's WODS-FM (Boston) is making the switch to an '80s-'00s Adult Hits format. If you never thought you would hear Notorious B.I.G. back to back with Britney Spears and Pearl Jam, they're doing it in Beantown. One wonders how hard it would be to just import the WODS library and music playlists into the server at 94.7 and do the same thing here with barely an hour's notice? (5/28/20)

@Robb Chastain: Quiet golf applause for your feelgood post. BUT: "you can listen without actually paying anything." Not strictly true but I see your point. In fact you pay for all the stations you DON'T listen to because advertising is paid for every time you buy a product. Corporations don't pay taxes nor do they pay for advertising. Sad to say you are too Christiannice to Stock Guy because he is, oh what's the word? Oh yeah, WRONG on a regular basis. And that's his BEST quality. If I were in the market for a dead donkey sucker I would interview him for the position but not hire him. The post just below yours is an example of stock talk done right. Thank you Post Below Guy! Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/28/20)

Hi Dave, You may not remember me until I mention that I’m the fan who created the Joy Boys website at www.thejoyboys.com. I decided to do something productive during this shut-in time, so I’m moving all of my Joy Boys audio library into YouTube videos, making them freely available for anyone to listen. They can be found at: tinyurl.com/thejoyboys..... I hope some of your readers will remember the Boys, and subscribe to the channel. I’m still adding more material as we speak. Best wishes, and stay well, Bob Bybee (5/28/20)

Salem says that they are going to sell off some of their assets in order to reduce their debt. Are they going to sell WAVA-FM 105.1 FM? Their stock is now down to 76 cents per share. (5/28/20)

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Something big is coming to WTOP on Monday. (5/27/20)

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Hi Dave, The genius of Salem was putting radio preachers on FM, like back in the early '90s with their purchase of WAVA. And WAVA didn't sound all that different from WABS and WFAX and WCTN or whichever other local stations had a Christian format on AM at the start of that decade. But WAVA did sound a little better--and, okay, I worked there then so maybe that's why and I grin--and it had that big FM signal and it did serve its audience well. And likewise, the audience served the station well through patronage of local advertisers and direct support of Christian programs. But it ain't easy being radio and it would seem corporate radio of any format is facing what happened to Tower Records--one day, all of a sudden, people started ripping and burning and duplicating music instead of actually, you know, buying it. And Tower had all these huge stores--remember the one across from GW, O my--and too much debt and it was all too much for them to bear. And for the radio listener--so many free options, like distant stations being streamed on your telephone and podcasts, and sure, when times get tough or rough or whatever, you can listen without actually paying anything. So here's hoping Salem weathers this storm, nothing but well wishes from me and grins, too. Radio is a good ride if you do it for the love of the game, and I did for more than three decades and I am thankful for that. And I am thankful that you keep us informed, Dave. Thanks for all you do and, O before I go, a big thanks to the Stock Update Guy. I actually appreciate his letting us know what's up and what's down. Respectfully, Robb Chastain (5/26/20)

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I'm not the Salem stock-price Mailbagger, but I saw this story about the recent woes of the broadcaster and thought readers might be interested. The stock guy's probably already sent the link. www.christianitytoday.com (5/25/20)

"Why in the world would we be under any obligation to get your name right?" Ir's a quick and dirty intelligence test. One person has passed, and it's not you. "TMOS Fridays = 3 Cucks and a Microphone." Preach! An abortion and a trainwreck had a dumpster baby and named it TMOS. Somehow they think it's good make-believe "radio". Easy to do when the so-called marquee name doesn't listen to his own show. (makes "2/3 of the air 'talent' are alcoholics" gesture) Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/25/20)

TK, as of right now, WXTG 1490 AM out of Hampton, which has a relay on 101.9 to cover some spots on the Peninsula at night, is running the station ALL NEWS 102 out of Norfolk on 102.1 (Which has a relay of 107.9 to cover Williamsburg and Northern Neck areas). It’s a decent all newser for Hampton Roads that carries Bloomberg for business news, Westwood One and CBS News for national and world news and has local staff for Virginia state news via WVEC, the ABC affiliate for Hampton Roads. Is it on a scale of WCBS out of NYC or DC’s WTOP…heavens no, but it’s a good station. Reminds me of what Richmond had in the late 90s on AM 990…where it was a all news outlet that when not having local news piped through, had CBS News Radio piping in national and world news briefs. Dan (5/25/20)

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Speaking of Hampton Roads AM stations (re WMBG) the 1490 outlet in Hampton (WXTG) was recently sold off by Davis Media to a local broadcast engineer. The FCC just approved the sale. Any word on the new format? Several owners ago the station was running a classic country format. This time it has the benefit of a cross-service FM translator.. . TK in Odenton... (5/24/20)

Dear WBAL: Why not change your call letters to WAAM, as in “ALL ABOUT ME”? Day after day, your hosts babble and babble for 20 minutes, then put a caller on the air, only to cut them off because you are coming up on a hard break. Do you not have clocks in your studios? Those broadcasting from home….do they not have a clock?. It’s become painfully obvious that you have taken the Nestor Aparicio approach that the callers are boobs, and only the host hsd has opinions that are important. This happens at WBAL too often for it to be a coincidence. It is obviously a company policy. Just come out and say the as of June 1, we will no longer be taking callers. I secretly hope that when these buffoons are on hold with their insurance company, bank, or Comcast, that after waiting on hold for 15 minutes, they finally get a live person, and start discussing their problem, then (after 30 seconds have the representative, say “Sir, I’m sorry, but my break is starting, so goodbye (Click) (5/24/20)

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Anyone know why WDCW ("Comcast Xfinity channel 23 in Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland, Xfinity channel 11 in Reston, Virginia, and channel 3 on most other systems in the market") has recently started broadcasting some but not all of its programming in dubbed Spanish? No me gusto. El Gus en el Gaithersburg (5/23/20)

So sad to hear of Barton Eckert's passing. He and I both worked for Westwood One Radio for decades. He was an esteemed colleague and all-round class act. Jim Bohannon (5/23/20)

TMOS Fridays = 3 Cucks and a Microphone. (5/23/20)

Wonder what’s the hold up on Fox5 changing their Personalities page on their website to reflect the morning shakeup. The powers that be truly can’t think viewers believe the “temporary” arrival of Angie on mornings is STILL temporary. Just don’t get why management is making her the center of attention. Angie & Erin are obviously now weekday morning anchors.Maureen is now the morning weekend anchor. And Holly has no anchoring duties at all. She’s now a field reporter & has a spot on that fluff show Like it or Not. It was somewhat awkward yesterday on that show when the hosts were asked about working from home & whether they’d rather be in studio. Considering Holly has pretty much been kicked out of the studio, although she was professional & diplomatic when commenting, she HAS to be a bit salty. Especially since she’s been there for over 20 years. (5/23/20)

Gus, Gus, Gus. Why in the world would we be under any obligation to get your name right? Just say “Gus” on this site and everyone knows to hold their noses. (5/23/20)

It’s a shame that Annie Yu left for WUSA, she should be in Angie Goff’s seat right now. Annie has a wonderful personality but at the same time, it’s not always about her and whatever interests she has. It’s a shame that folks like her, Tony Perkins, Howard Bernstein, Topper Shutt, etc are all stuck at a shell of what WUSA used to be. (5/23/20)<

Hey Dave Do you have any information on the Don Geronimo Show? Scrubbed twitter feed. His website has gone dark. Sup with Dat? J (5/23/20)

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Lauryn Ricketts lost her baby in February. She has taken the last several months to grieve and take time for herself. She has done a video on her Facebok page announcing this sad news. She will be back on NBCWashington on the weekend 6 am broadcast if she is not back already and thanks everyone for their support. She is already back at WTOP (5/22/20)

"Uh oh. Gus in Gaithersburg now has NOTHING to do with his time but to submit his “distinctive” messages here." So would this be a bad time to reveal that as of 5/21/20 self-styled musicologist Rob Spewak thinks Cameo is a rapper from the 1980s? And another failure in the "get the name right" test! Surprise. You got your complaint in, and I imagine that's super-fulfilling. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/22/20)

Is there a site where one can hear the voice of Eddie Gallaher? I'm surprised that youtube has only one entry (Eddie interviewing the Vice-President of WTOP). Gallaher was one of the true greats. It would be amazing to hear again some of his Moondial programs, or a nostalgic program he did for WASH in the late 1970's, remembering his Moondial years. Besides being a radio star, Gallaher was a true "man about town," elegant, urbane, and kind. He often dined at some of DC's finest restaurants and bars. I wish that there were a whole bio page for him with more details about his life and career. Did anyone ever actually meet him? What was he like? (5/22/20)

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Uh oh. Gus in Gaithersburg now has NOTHING to do with his time but to submit his “distinctive” messages here. When I read them it’s as pleasant as when I accidentally sneeze horseradish mustard up my nose. (It happens.) Hey, what’s with Rob Carson’s career turn? Please, no more guys who think the only way to make a living is to pretend to be among Trump’s assholic base. (Editor: insert clever nom de plume here.) (5/21/20)

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Hi Dave, I recently donated 20 bucks via PayPal to your DCRTV site...you sent me a thank-you email! I so enjoy DCRTV! Just wondering about how much it costs on a monthly basis to keep the site running? -Stuart (5/20/20)

Dave's response: The main costs involve server space for the site, internet costs to upload to the site, and fees for the dcrtv.com URL and related computer stuff. And there's the time I put in to keep it running. I do have several advertisers who help support my efforts, but some have dropped off largely due to the current economic climate and reduced ad budgets. So, any support you can give to DCRTV, which has been covering local media news for more than two decades, is greatly appreciated. Thank you Stuart.....

So Erin ( the traffic reporter,) sits in the wings during the early morning broadcast while Mike (the weather guy) has to do the traffic report. Then they have Stacy (the other traffic reporter) reading the teleprompter (very poorly at that) and trying to fit in..This morning show has become a complete train wreck...And all to bring on a younger crew that's totally non deserving (5/20/20)

Whatever happened to Patti Searight, the legendary producer at WTOP? (5/20/20)

I was kind of saddened to see Barton Eckert had passed. He was often an anchor when I was doing traffic on WTOP when Metro was doing it, before they took it in house. He was always friendly on-air, and would often do a quick banter with me about traffic or something relevant going on. Jerry Hoyt (5/20/20)

I believe Angie Goff being brought to mornings is to replace Allison Seymour. It's obvious that management is going for a younger anchor desk whether the person is qualified or not. First they dumped Holly and Maureen and if you notice, more and more Angie is becoming the "lead" anchor on that desk. They also brought Angie back into the studio vs. bringing Allison in. I turned on the show around 9:30 yesterday morning and Angie was still on there doing some promo for her podcast which could've been done between her "scheduled" 6-9 work shift. Mark my words, eventually Angie will be on there between 6-9 and then continue on the Good Day shows from 9-11. And although she's obviously being promoted to make FOX5 mornings the Angie Goff Morning Show, on the other hand, I'm wondering if Allison is looking to step down, thus the reason for bringing in Angie as a replacement. But if so, Holly or Maureen could've easily have eased right into that spot. Anyway, it just sucks the way management handled this shakeup.. (5/20/20)

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"This is probably wishful thinking, but I wish WTOP had some airchecks of Eddie Gallaher's morning show, circa 1964, that I listened to with mom and dad every school day at breakfast." Add me to that list! Oh, wait, I DON'T WORK IN THE INDUSTRY. You know where you can stow that noise. I hope my avoidance of filthy gutter language has satisfied Mrs. Grundy. I've always suspected in her off hours she was a goer. Would love to be her secret lodger, no one need know. Yes, Captain Petticoat, I'm talking about banging the landlady, to mock you. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/19/20)

It's a bit out of the DC-VA-MD orbit, but I am hearing where WMBG 740 in Williamsburg VA is gearing up for a "DJ for a Day" stunt. Anyone from the general public who wants an unpaid shot behind the mic can apply at the station's website wmbgradio.com. It's a 145-mile drive from DC and there's not a lot open down there, so apply wisely. (5/19/20)

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I noticed Birach's CP for a fourth tower and 50kw upgrade to WDMV AM 700 expired on April 20th. I assume it was not built... The power increase and pattern change would have favored Virginia suburbs over the Maryland ones.. So much for La Jefa. In other Birach-related news, according to FCCDATA.ORG files, W238BY in Crisfield (95,3) was the subject of a recent thitd-party sales transaction At 250w ERP , the signal footprint does not reach Pocomoke City despite being on the WBEY tower. Supposedly the fill-in translator repeats WGOP., the Birach station... $30K the sales price.. TK in Odenton (5/18/20)

So think I’ll take a drink every time Angie Goff says I’m here with “my friend” Allison, Steve, Erin or Wisdom. I could be wrong , but I think maybe she’s reading that “my friend” from the teleprompter because I really don’t believe her “crashing” the morning broadcast has resulted in her gaining them as her friends. (5/18/20)

EVERYTHING you thought you knew about the Corona Virus pandemic is WRONG. The Professor who came up with the lockdown has been WRONG about this pandemic, Mad Cow Disease and the Swine Flu! America's death rate is being inflated. 1/3 of America small businesses say they will never reopen. Biden bumbles again. Nancy Pelosi's face melts! A barber opens for business and loses his license. A Dad gets the police called on him for playing with his kids in the park. A Tik Tok idiots prank backfires bigtime. Tons of video clips, commentary and COMEDY. www.youtube.com... - Rob Carson (5/18/20)

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RE: "Does WTOP radio have an audio archive like WCBS in New York?" This is probably wishful thinking, but I wish WTOP had some airchecks of Eddie Gallaher's morning show, circa 1964, that I listened to with mom and dad every school day at breakfast. But I bet they got rid of everything prior to 1969 when the station went all-news in 1969. Still, I can dream can't I. See you...at the palace...of the Moon!! (5/17/20)

Looks like Maureen Umeh is now the morning weekend anchor on Fox5. And how many people actually watch Fox5’s morning weekend broadcast. I just happened to see her while flipping through the channels the past couple weekends. So where does this leave Holly? Continue as a field reporter & one of the hosts of that Like it or Not show? Amazing how management has just thrown the biggest monkey wrench into their broadcasts by bringing Angie Goff on board. She HAS to know people are none too pleased, but her ambitious & self centered self probably doesn’t care. (5/17/20)

The poster explaining WMAL's 10 share is likely right. Well done! The internet allows us to listen to radio in other places and I'm currently enjoying WPRO in Rhode Island. Other people may enjoy other things and that's wonderful. Haven't even started on Europe yet. I really should get after that. "Is Gus in Gaithersburg mentally ill? I feel sorry for him. As long as DCRTV continues to post his garbage you will lose all your readers and respect." Yet here you are, tossing around "mentally ill" as if it's some kind of slur. That's just as bad as being racist so to save time I consider you a racist. Do you not see the paradox your post creates? No matter, you'll soon repair your timeship and return to the 26th century. Like most, you failed the basic "get the name right" test. It's not rocket surgery. Be best! Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/17/20)

Does anyone know what vocal group performed the immortal WMAL hymn, "We Love to be in Washington, D.C."? To my ears it sounds a bit like the Johnny Mann Singers. There were other great jingles, too: the one for Chevy Chase Center ("Wisconsin and Western") and "Citizens Bank. of Maryland" Great music! (5/17/20)

Yes, WMAL-FM did increase its share to 10% and landed in first place in the April PPM Monthly. But keep in mind they lost listeners, just less than other stations. WMAL’s cume was 30,300 less than in March and 32,500 less than in February. Roddy Freeman (5/17/20)

Is Gus in Gaithersburg mentally ill? I feel sorry for him. As long as DCRTV continues to post his garbage you will lose all your readers and respect. (5/17/20)

While driving near Pittsburgh, I noticed that a few of their iHeart FM stations are now running an ad for a local plumber instead of the tune's name/singer and/or the station's logo on their digital data line. Anything for a buck. (5/17/20)

Dave's response: There's a TV station in Charlotte (Cox's WSOC 9) that runs an annoying top of the screen weather crawl almost non-stop during the ABC evening news with David Muir to warn of "major" weather alerts, like a frost warning up in the mountains. With a car dealer's logo featured at the right end of the crawl. All during the covid news headlines. Tacky.....

lauren ricketts was back on the New 4 weekend morning news forecasting from her home and directed everyone to a post on her Facebook mage where in a video she explains her absence for the last several months. (5/17/20)

WMAL number one in the ratings? Call me skeptical this is the start of a trend. More likely is that with most people not commuting or even going outside, "traffic and weather together on the 8's" loses its appeal. Same with most of the other stations: if you're not stuck in your car you aren't listening to broadcast radio. Why does this benefit WMAL? It's listeners are all retired, or angry white guys who are flouting social distancing and so their daily lives and thus listening habits aren't all that different. They've kept their listenership, while everyone else's has plummeted. They don't have a bigger piece of the same pie, they have a bigger piece of a really small pie. (5/17/20)

"The filth and gutter language ... You control what is posted." Quod scripsi scripsi. You either need to get out more or spend the rest of your life with gathered petticoats standing on a chair. If you'd prefer more lying stock quotes, that's your scene and that's fine. In a stroke of irony, check out the filthy gutter language in the post just below yours.I think there's too much Angie Goffing going on around here but I don't go all mental about it. It's cute that so many think the Mailbag IS DCRTV. The Front Page is where the News is; sometimes a tip in the Mailbag gets promoted to News. Just cool it, life is a breeze. Of course some breezes as you know are 110 miles an hour and get promoted upc to hurricane. Ed McMahon: Those little lions, those little lions were one year old. Johnny Carson : That's right. Ed McMahon : They are now treacherous and ferocious ten year old animals. That's the News page. "Those of us who actually work in the industry" Ahh, pomposity! Without those who DON'T "work in the industry" you'd have no salary, mate. Like most both of you failed the basic "get the name right" test. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/17/20)

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The filth and gutter language you post from your "Gus in Gaithersburg" is disgusting. DCRTV has worked hard for 22 years to gain respect. Don't let it go down the drain by posting this garbage. You will lose all your hard work and respect as a good Broadcasting News source. You control what is posted. (5/16/20)

I cannot wait for Entercom to declare bankruptcy.. I along with many broadcast friends, we can't wait to scoop these precious stations. David Field and his family will walk walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars, while his employees starve. Same thing with Bob Pittman of iHeart. Go fuck yourself you greedy bastards! And many of us have been saving our whole lives to own a HOME TOWN STATION. What come around goes around douche bags. Get out now and let us reclaim or hometown stations! (5/16/20)

Sorry, but Gus in G'Burg needs to go back to searching Brazzers for Necro Prison Forced Insertion videos and leave the broadcast & media conversation to the adults. DCRTV has jumped the shark a number of times in 20+ years and it's always when some wannabe or basement dweller has more free time than brains. Those of us who actually work in the industry don't even laugh about the site anymore simply because it allows the continued unfettered rants of people like Gus who killed it off faster than Mike O'Meara at an all-you-can-eat free buffet. Oh, and no one, seriously NO ONE gives a damn about a long gone podcaster who might have been good 15~20 years ago. (5/16/20)

Stairstep thought: Someone who bought Salem stock on March 13, 2009 and held it would have doubled their money in 11 years. That's the equivalent of about 7% compounded annually (Rule of 72). If they'd cashed in in-between they'd have done even better. If the pigfucking sign-in-the-yard-has-to-check-in-on-Halloween Stock Guy can do better I'd like to hear about it. "11 year low" my virgo intacta ASS. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/16/20)

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\/ May 15 Messages \/

Hi Dave, I’ve been an avid follower of your website for years now. I just wanted to say thank you for all you do for the DC area TV and radio fans like me. I have a question, and it may be a long shot, anyway, here goes. I was wondering whether you might know where I can find the old Arundel Cooling Commercial from the late 90’s or early 2000’s, I’ve combed youtube for it for years, no luck. Same with The Cohen Snyder Eisenberg Katzenberg The People’s Choice jingle, and a rare version of the Mattress Discounters commercial. I just figured since they aired on DC/Baltimore area radio stations, that you might be able to give me some insight? Also, does WTOP radio have an audio archive like WCBS in New York? Ever since I started listening to WTOP in 2008, I’ve always longed to hear old WTOP Radio coverage from WTOP’s start as an all-newser all the way up through 2007. I know, I’m a geek, lol. :) Thank you, Moop (5/15/20)

Dave, why do you allow this lying fuckery? "Salem stock is at a 11 year low price is now selling at $0.72 per share." Not fucking true you boring repetitive imbecile. Salem traded at 70 cents a share on May 1, 2009. On March 13, 2009 just before your arbitrary poor reading comprehension cook the books 11 year cutoff it traded at 35 cents a share on March 13, 2009. The phrase "fuck off and die" comes to mind. "Is at a eleven year low price is now selling". Jesus wept. Why Dave allows your incorrect, strike that, LYING bullshit is a mystery. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/15/20)

So now that there’s no official traffic reports on WTTG, not only have they made Erin an anchor, I saw the other traffic person, Stacy, out in field doing a report. Stacy already struggled doing the traffic, has not been great doing stories/interviews from home & is just as bad out in the field. How can management not see that those pretty faces are just that, pretty faces. (5/15/20)

In response to the comment about anchors announcing they’re working from home, I completely agree. The worst is Wendy Reiger on NBC4. Whoever’s in the studio will toss to her, saying “Let’s go to Wendy Rieger who’s working from home in Rappahanock County” and she’ll start out with “I’m Wendy Rieger, reporting from my home in Rappahanock County.” Does anyone really care where she lives? Also, count me among those who hate Angie Goff on FOX5’s morning news. The chemistry is awful, though some of that has to with the delays and awkwardness of everyone being in different locations, making banter and small-talk even worse to bear. Still, she doesn’t fit in and I’d be pissed if I worked there and she came in and rose right to the top. I like Allison and Steve and I feel bad for them. I’m cutting back on my news viewing and FOX5 in the morning was the first off my list. (5/15/20)

Tommy McFly and Kelly Collis are trying to put together a syndicated radio show. It will be distributed by United Stations. However, they can't find a FM Station in DC that will carry it. They are best known in the DC area. Good luck. (5/15/20)

Salem stock is at a 11 year low price is now selling at $0.72 per share. When will Nasdaq be delisting them? They are trying to reduce their debt. Are they going to sell WAVA-FM 105.1 FM? (5/15/20)

Emmis has been delisted from Nasdaq and now we hear that Urban One is going to be delisted. You can still buy the stock "over the counter" if you wanted it. Some of these radio companies have so much debt they can't service the debt. Entercom borrowed $2 Billion to buy the CBS Radio Stations. The lenders will end up owning the company. (5/15/20)

I'm surprised that the boss jocks on WM "10 share, suck it!" AL don't understand that George Stephanopoulos was simply helping Hillary Clinton when he tripped up Biden in the Tuesday May 12 interview. His loyalties haven't changed. Biden will not be the nominee. George is Drunken Hillary's teacup poodle. In other more local news, the TMOS show's marquee name went on a rant at minute 37 of the Monday May 11 show about how Amazon had done him wrong, conveniently forgetting to mention that The Playtime PTO Podcast was dumped for running a contest that Rachel Jeantel could see violated the terms of his contract with Amazon. Poor fat drunk eating cake and ice cream in one bowl in bed VICTIM. Based on Thursday May 14's show, add "pronouncing French at C- student level" to the list of things Rob Spewak can't do. If "hate sells" as a poster who just can't cope with life wrote below, I'M BUYING!!! I will not only drink your milkshake I will eat the HELL out of your hamburger. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/15/20)

I find it very hard to believe that the tower site on Back River is leased by Family River and by WBMD but yeah, they will lease the tower for a buyer, but they own it it I think. It’s been there for decades. How could Family Radio, owner of WBMD and WFSI AM 860, not own it? I know that WBMD 750 was on the Moravia Road tower atop Gunther Hill, and even though the station was founded there in long gone studios on Moravia Road, obviously Entercom’s 105.7 The Fan controls what goes on at that tower now because the original WBMD tower on that site is long gone. I mean originally WBMD was 1000 watts from their original tower, but daytime only. And they still have to effectively do that, but how could Family Radio not own the WFSI towers on Back River? But I guess the bigger question is that station even worth that much money? (5/15/20)

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WMAL 10 share! The kiss of death. I don't know why but the companies don't like 10 shares anymore. It gives the on air personalities too much leverage to negotiate larger contracts. I'd look to MAL cut or rearrange their line up to ensure a more respectable 6 share or so. That way the company still gets respectable media buys and the talent still know their place. (5/14/20)

Why do anchors keep repeating that they’re working from home? Duhhhh. I think we can tell that you’re not in the studio. And to be honest, really don’t care. Just give us the news. (5/14/20)

Re: "The Tommy and Kelly Show". I recently stumbled across their podcast and noted that Jen R. was not a part of it. Does anyone know if that was her decision to not be involved in this venture? I enjoyed listening to them on Fresh until they were blown out. - Tom in Wheaton (5/14/20)

Whoops There It Is! Entercom, with their over spending, their suckling at the tit of technology, their thirst for a bigger payday for the Field family, has destroyed a once great company. (Stock is down from $17 to $1.08...) David field and his bidding vampires has succeeded in destroying the CBS Radio stations he bought for 2 BILLION DOLLARS! 2 Billion dollars that HE COULD NOT AFFORD. Besides the News Stations that provide news about Covid-19, his music and sports stations across the nation SUCK IN THE RATINGS.Look at Philly, WEBB, always the number one station is down to 11th! WTF. Way to go Dave in your hometown! What about Washington D.C.? Your highest rated station is 11th!!! Your Sports station has a 1.9 !!! And you're paying CK and the morning show millions of dollars a year, while the rest of your staff is starving? You DICK. What about Baltimore? What a disgrace. Letting your best people go, while counting your PENNIES. I guess letting Diane Lynn, Fat Jimi and the Night Lite go out was a good idea? From Number one to number 6TH ! WTF And how about the news and rock stations? KILLING YOUR ASS! And the sports station has the worst ratings in the HISTORY OF THE STATION! BTW - If you're going to be a sports station, through thick and thin, you have to be more than a sports station! BE A MAN'S STATION FATTY! As you sit there behind your laptops hoping the next ax will not drop on YOUR neck, remember all of the lives you have destroyed in the name of David Field. (5/14/20)

It appears that Angie Goff is trying waaay too hard to fit in with the Fox5 morning show crew. However on the other hand I’m thinking that she probably really doesn’t give a damn whether they (or we the viewers) like her or not because she feels she’s there to stay & there’s nothing that can be done about it. So the morning anchors need to just suck it up & continue to act like they’ve welcomed her to their morning family. And BTW, on Fox5’s promos for their Like it or Not show, they’re still including her as a cohost. (5/14/20)

I wonder if all the meteorologists on the noon show on channel 9 are somewhat glad to report from home and not in studio because of Larry Miller's grating on-air persona. What was station management thinking when they brought him in to replace Andrea Roane on the noon broadcast. Andrea had class and this jerk is just all sass. (5/14/20)

For years, if I watched any TV in the morning it was WTTG. I found myself watching less and less as time went by and news was replaced by celebrity gossip and news reader's opinions. O always made a point of watching at some point during the morning to get headlines and a weather report even though weather was often delayed from the scheduled time by vacuous chitchat. But now, with the recent changes, WTTG'smorning faux newscast gabfest has become totally unwatchable. Diane in PG (5/14/20)

Good evening, I want to comment on the Fox5 Morning Show. I haven’t watched the 4:30 - 6:00 am show since before the pandemic and I was surprised to read that Maureen and Holly were no longer on the early show. I like Erin Como but REALLY. Did they have to remove Maureen and Holly? No way. They should be rotating Holly, Maureen, Wisdom, Erin, Steve and Allison on the morning news and Good Day DC. As far as the 6:00 am show, Angie needs to go! She has no chemistry with Allison and Steve. She was only suppose to be there for the month of April and I am sick of seeing her every morning. She is clearly be allowed to take over the show. I guess I will have to start watching another station because she is so annoying to watch. The dynamics with her, Allison and Steve and even Tucker are forced to me. They seem to be tolerating her and it just doesn’t seem natural. I sent an email to the show to ask if Angie is a permanent fixture at 6:00 am but no response. I do not wish bad luck on the station but they are forcing Angie Goff on us and I do not like it at all. Send her back to the afternoon news and Fox Like it or Not! My 2 cents. Lisa M. (5/14/20)

Nice seeing a discussion of the old 67 and 92 kHz subchannels on FM. At 107.3 for many years we distributed a Muzak competitor, Musicast. In later years we allowed a digital data distributor to relay stuff on 92 kHz but it was tough managing the allowed spectrum. Ha, downlink dish for the data is still on the roof at 4010 Chesapeake St. NW. Those things never leave and are destined to completely confuse subsequent managers and building tenants. - P of the AW (5/14/20)

I wish I could join in oohing and awing about WMAL’s new ratings but the sad truth is that hate sells. No other explanation. How the employees there can look themselves in the mirror each morning escapes me. Max Critic (5/14/20)

I'm sure many ideologues will try to piss on WMAL's new ratings, but the station finally is what it needed to be. Gone are the days of the sleepy and unplugged "Grandy and Andy" Morning Show. WMAL is the heart of DC with movers and shakers actively listening and chiming in. "Grandy and Andy" never had guests on the show. They lazed their way through every day with Grandy leading the discussion and Andy chiming in with the most obvious observations possible. What Bill Hess has done is not genius. It's fairly obvious. WMAL is finally living up to its potential which should have been a "no duh" from the beginning. (5/14/20)

Regarding the morning shift shakeup at WTTG, I can't remember a time where one person has come on board and caused such drama. For whatever reason, Angie has been made front and center from 6-9am. Management has gone the route of putting pretty faces on that morning show vs. quality additions/replacements. Case in point; Erin and Stacey. Both are horrible reading the teleprompter, doing interviews and interacting with the other anchors. Unfortunately, I believe that it's only a matter of time before Allison is phased out and it will only be Steve and Angie on the morning newscast..However, the chemistry just isn't there between those two and Steve, being the professional that he is, is obviously tolerating Angie. But I think would prefer going back to the 'Steve - Allison' duo on mornings. Because Holly and Maureen were dumped so unfairly, I'm sure they don't feel valued at WTTG and may want to jump ship. But unfortunately society and news stations aren't too keen on older female anchors and they may either have to stay put or think about going in a different direction than anchoring which is unfortunate because they are good. (5/14/20)

WBMD 750 AM in Baltimore is for sale. The price is $700.000. It is 800 Watts daytime only. The tower site is leased. Remember when people listened to AM radio? (5/14/20)

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I totally agree that the Angie Goff Morning Show is here to stay. I believe that she has been on the fast track to a morning spot since walking in the door. She began with her almost daily promotion of her podcast, she’s been sent to the World Series as well as the Super Bowl. May be wrong, but I don’t remember anyone else getting those perks & so much attention so soon after coming on board. And then on a daily basis, the station started showing promos of her going to mornings for the month of April. Well, on my calendar, April ended about 2 weeks ago & she’s still there. Which brings me to Holly’s absence. Yes, her father passed, but both she & Maureen were kicked off mornings at the same time last month when Angie showed up & Erin was given the early morning spot & taken off morning weekends. Because of the pandemic, no, there was no real need for a traffic reporter, so they chose to promote Erin to anchor & make Steve, Allison & Mike do what little traffic there was to report. Then, they sent both Holly & Maureen out in the field as well as to anchor morning weekends & to be on that evening Like it or Not show. Now, Angie has been brought into the studio & appears to be given more air time than the veteran anchors Allison & Steve. Obviously this shakeup was a management decision & probably an agreement as part of Angie’s contract to get her to come on board. But the way it was handled by pretty much putting 4 of your veteran anchors on back burner status to put Angie in the spotlight is just wrong. Steve, Allison, Holly & Maureen deserve better. (5/13/20)

The DC Ratings are out today for April 2020. WMAL-FM moves up to #1 with a 10.0 Share, WAMU is #2 with 8.4 Share and WTOP is #3 with a 7.7 Share. Since most business were shut down in April, it is interesting to note that the two top rated stations are TALK Stations. (5/13/20)

Wow! WMAL number one in the new ratings with a 10! share. When was the last time its was number one? 40 years ago? When was the last time a DC station had a 10 share? Many of the non-urban music stations are getting killed by this pandemic. It will be interesting to see if they can come back after it ends. I personally believe that if more people continue to work from home, and use their smart speakers for music, many of the generic mediocre music stations we have in DC (i.e., WIHT, WIAD, etc.) will have to localize, add more personality, lengthen their playlists, or they are doomed. (5/13/20)

"DC radio stocks are trading at an all time low price now. Entercom at $1.08 . . .". Wasn't Entercom down to an "all time low price" around $0.91 or lower a couple of weeks ago? Glad you ain't MY broker. (5/13/20)

From ALL ACCESS: "SALEM MEDIA GROUP's Board of Directors has temporarily suspended the company's regular quarterly cash dividend to conserve cash during the COVID-19 pandemic." Jesus Chr ... oh wait, lemme rephrase that... (5/13/20)

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Saw on 100.7 The Bay’s Instagram account that Colleen Carew has taken over mornings now that Stash has left the building. Baltimore has always been an interesting market: they keep recycling personalities over and over again….isn’t any station in this market looking for fresher talent? Nothing against Colleen, she’s a market veteran and is great on the air, but it just seems like there’s a “rotation list” of folks who just keep moving around…surely somebody’s aircheck from out of this market had to be worth a shot…and no, I didn’t apply for the job so its not a case of sour grapes. Its merely an observation and in the words of Dennis Miller: “Its just my opinion, I could be wrong.” (5/12/20)

The SCA doal has become a near-ghostown. In Baltimore WIYY uses both 67 and 92kHz for IFB..WIYY on 67kHz and WBAL on 92kHz. After all, the delay on HD is brutal. WAMU along with WMZQ carry Vietnamese on 67khz, WETA and WBJC both host radio reading services also on 67kHz. Some other stations may activate IFB on occasion like WCSP. Long gone are the days of PRN, Muzak, and other SCA targets.. RIP Dr. Bruce Elving, the SCA guru. TK in Odenton (5/12/20)

It looks as though the Fox5 Morning News WITH Angie Goff has begun in earnest. She was in studio this morning. Fox5 claims it's ''only temporary''. I claim bullshit. Holly or Maureen could have just as easily slipped into the c-anchor spot as easy as Angie did. I think viewership went up and Holly AND Maureen are both SOL and are probably dusting off their resumes. I think another local station would love to hire Holly for their morning news. Paul (5/12/20)

Two of our DC radio stocks are trading at an all time low price now. Entercom at $1.08 and Salem at $0.77. Will Nasdaq drop Salem? (5/12/20)

Perhaps this partly explains the recent schedule change, Holly Morris' father passed away last week: "On Sunday our dad walked into Heaven. He loved @Disney", dancing and his girls. Our hearts ache that he is gone Broken heart but we know his legacy lives on in us. #ripdaddy #weloveyouforever" Yesterday: "It’s always weird to go back to work after a major life event. But I felt a special angel helping me through today #dad " (5/12/20)

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In the age of the Internet, HD-Radio (IBOC) digital sub-channels and the like, are there any FM stations in the region that still have SCA (Subsidiary Communications Authority) sub-carriers? The ones that used to be at 67 KHz and 92 KHz? Just wondering if the format has completely died off or not? Dave in Fredericksburg (5/11/20)

I didn’t see her on NBC4 at all this weekend after all the hype, but she’s been on all morning on WTOP today (Monday). It’s good to have her back – she’s a good weatherperson and often funny. Ed B, Potomac Falls, VA. (5/11/20)

I Googled Lauren Rickets since so many people were wondering where she was. It turns out that right after she and her husband got married in 2017 he was deployed to Afghanistan for 2 years. She has been spending her free time with him. She revealed in January that she was 4 months pregnant so she should be having her baby anytime now Congrats to her and her husband. Wish them both well (5/11/20)

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Family Radio has yet to unload their 800-watt WBMD Baltimore daytimer on 750 kHz. I doubt they'll get anywhere near the $700K asking price given the hard economic times and generally depressed AM station prices. Meanwhile, Family Radio now seems to program WBMD with distinct content, not parallel with WFSI. Any sign yet of Hope Christian Church's W272BJ Baltimore translator? It will beam out 99 watts on 102.3 from the 2700 Boarman Ave WERQ tower. The CP expires on 28 July. TK in Odenton... (5/10/20)

Interesting how the networks are promoting social distancing pretty much in every other sentence, but NBC4 showed a segment on a group of American University students celebrating their graduation together at what looks like someone’s house with NO social distancing whatsoever. Maybe they all have tested negative for COVID-19..Hmmm, didn’t Trump’s valet also initially test negative? (5/10/20)

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On Friday, the anchors on the NBC4 evening broadcast were raving about Lauryn Ricketts coming back this weekend. But I turned on the news this morning & that other meteorologist was on there. Maybe she’s returning on Sunday. (5/9/20)

Salem is trying to reduce their debt. They have been selling off some of their small stations. It has not helped their stock price. Their stock is now selling at 77 cents per share. How long will Nasdaq carry them at this low price? Perhaps they should sell WAVA-FM 105.1 FM. (5/9/20)

Congratulations to the DCRTV readers. You caught the mistake. Univision is not owned by NBC. It is owned by Univision Communications. It is good to see that you are alert. How do you feel about them selling 100% to foreigners? (5/9/20)

Univision is owned by Univision Holdings Inc., which is a 5-way split between Madison Dearborn Partners, Providence Equity Partners, TPG Capital, Thomas H. Lee Partners and Saban Capital Group. Telemundo is owned by NBC. Andrew Fauver (5/9/20)

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Look mom I’m gonna be on television! It is such a thrill to be right after Mike Huckabee, political pundit, former Governor, Presidential candidate...wow. I'm also before Steve Bannon. Amazing. Set your DVR's or watch live: Saturday 4:00 p.m. (3:00 p.m. Central) and Sunday 7:30 p.m. (6:30 p.m. Central) Such an honor. Thank you NewsmaxTV!!! - Rob Carson (5/8/20)

FCC Rules......When President Trump was elected, he instructed the FCC as follows on more new rules. For ever new rule you pass, you must delete two old rules! This has not happened. Is anyone watching the FCC? Did you know that the FCC has more rules than the IRS. Some of your readers will say......who cares? If you are a small radio broadcaster, you sure do care! BTW.....the FCC just raised their "ANNUAL REGULATORY FEES" again this year. The FCC has not worked for the past two months. No one at the FCC has taken a salary cut. EVERYONE at the FCC gets a paycheck. If you are unemployed, perhaps you should apply for a job at the FCC. (5/8/20)

For the DCRTV Record, Univision is not owned by NBC, Telemundo is owned by NBC. Univision is owned by Univision Communications. The "Uni" in NBCUNI is for Universal, the movie making company. On another note, on Fox 5 this morning, Steve did a piece on engaging sex is declining under corona virus. They showed clips of bare arms, and stomachs while Steve read the story. "don't chime in Angie" I yelled, but she couldn't help herself, she had to comment. She smiled and said something about how people sequestered together maybe can't stand each other anymore, with her smile. Steve was reading a news story about sex, Angie had to throw her two cents in. Certain subjects on TV News need no comment, Angie, this is not a daytime frau gabfest TV show, it is the news. (5/8/20)

Let me be the first to say it: Univisión is NOT owned by NBC/Comcast/Universal/etc. NBC is the owner of competitor Telemundo. Univisión is its own public-stock company. But if they sell more than 25% to foreigners, I'd say the FCC would need to take away all their O&Os (of which there are many). -- Carl in Olney (5/8/20)

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Foreign Ownership of Broadcast Stations......The largest Spanish Language Media Company, Univision, has applied to the FCC to sell up to 100% of the company to foreigners. Univision is owned by NBC. The present FCC Rule permits only 25% of the company can be owned by foreigners. This rule dates back to the 1930's. (5/7/20)

Jeevus effing Christ. Mike "I'm a broadcast engineer" O'meara pontificated in #2457: Lithograph, minute 47-8 that only QUALITY cellphone chargers should be in the audio chain. How about NO cellphone chargers in the audio chain, you fat drunk baby? Do you even have any idea what you're talking about? Mkay? Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/7/20)

"Coast to Coast Tower literally states in the letter that they have no current plans to visit any northeast states and are currently working most in the south where there are little COVID-19 infections." Do you not know where the Mason-Dixon line is? DC is essentially INSIDE Maryland and Virginia. Are those states in the northeast? Watergate doesn't bother me, does your conscience bother you? Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/7/20)

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Sinclair Broadcasting is being fined a FCC record of $48 million for its failed attempt to acquire Tribune Broadcasting for the various ways they deceived the FCC in trying to keep control of too many TV stations in the same markets and deceipt. While its a record amount of money it doesn't take away any TV licenses and resolves various other complaints against the company, meaning that after paying the fine, Sinclair is free again to buy more TV stations and launch NextGen TV in many of its markets including Baltimore and DC and buy whatever else they want — BaltoMedia.net (5/6/20)

re: 102.9; It switched over last month. I like it. Been listening regularly even though I don't know Korean. But I liked the bolly-bolly, too. (5/6/20)

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More bad news at Television Hill's candelabra tower. Coast to Coast Tower Service states in FCC records now that they have no immediate plans to come to Baltimore to service the tower for the repack. This comes from a WBAL-TV filing which says that WBAL's inability to move to channel 12 will impact 5 TV stations, but the implications are clear as they are doing the work for all 3 TV stations on the tower which will take 2 days and 15-16 Chopper Crane lifts according to WBAL-TV in all. WMAR really has little problem being on channel 38 since it's out of any potential conflicts and still out of the new TV channel spectrum, but 11 & 13 together impact more stations, some directly and some indirectly. WBAL-TV is warning that they might not make the Phase 10 deadline as no firm date is currently scheduled for any work and neither Coast to Coast or Loyola University will agree to any landing dates on their property. This COVID-19 delay might also affect WETA-TV in their attempt to move back to the Fort Reno WUSA 9/WJLA 7 tower at 1000kw. Coast to Coast Tower literally states in the letter that they have no current plans to visit any northeast states and are currently working most in the south where there are little COVID-19 infections. —BaltoMedia.net (5/5/20)

A good idea to help fans missing baseball would be to broadcast the Nats Games everyday from last season on WFED 1500 and the fan 106.7. For example the game played on May 3rd 2019 would be broadcast today. Tomorrow a game from May 4 Keep going until the season starts if we have one Patrick (5/5/20)

It's hard to trust the Internet when it comes to anything, but according to the website bolly-fm.com, the local 102.9 is supposed to be Hindi-formatted, not Korean. Which is it? (5/5/20)

Union ads blasting Sinclair Broadcasting for treating workers badly blocked from airing. What are they afraid of?..... A union-sponsored, 30-second commercial that shames the owner of Fox Sports Regional Networks for telling its sports broadcast technicians to seek loans but not to expect a paycheck is being blocked from airing in Phoenix. The ads have run without issue in Los Angeles. “Sinclair is the largest operator of regional sports networks yet they seem to be doing the least for their employees,” said Fran O’Hern, Co-Director of Broadcast for the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), which represents workers in a dozen markets where sports networks owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., operate. O’Hern said that sports fans have a right to know the truth about Sinclair, which claims it is a company that cares about people. “This cable and broadcast operator routinely runs self-serving ads declaring ‘Sinclair cares,’ but when it come to their own workers, Sinclair makes it clear that they couldn’t care less,” O’Hern added. IATSE has produced television and digital advertisements that are running in large media markets such as Baltimore, where Sinclair is headquartered, and Los Angeles where Sinclair owns Fox Sports West. At the end of April, both The Los Angeles Times and VICE reported on IATSE’s public information campaign. “When cable subscribers turn on their TV or pay their cable bill, we want the viewing public to remember what Sinclair did and know that they can do better,” said Leslie Fitzsimmons, IATSE Local 414 Vice-President. Click here to view. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that viewers are watching as much, if not more, cable sports while sheltering at home during the pandemic than they did prior to the cancellation of live sporting events. Unlike many businesses connected to professional sports, Sinclair has a steady stream of revenue from its television stations and sports networks. Sinclair owns, operates or serves the Tennis Channel and Fox Sports Networks, in addition to 191 broadcast television stations in 89 markets. Yet, unlike Sinclair, other national and regional sports networks have committed to paying production workers in a variety of ways for previously booked work on the PGA, NCAA basketball tournaments and many other sporting events that were cancelled. In addition to a loss of income, sports broadcast technicians who regularly work on regional sports networks are no longer receiving contributions to their healthcare or retirement funds. Typically, 50 broadcast technicians are assigned to work for each sports event. Approximately 1,500 broadcast technicians who cover sports around the country are affected by Sinclair’s actions. The company reported an 80-plus percent, year-over-year increase (fourth quarter 2018 to 2019). Furthermore, while CEOs at similar companies such as Disney and Comcast have taken pay cuts, Sinclair’s top executive has not announced plans to cut his own pay during the COVID-19 crisis. Sinclair’s CEO made $7.5 million last year. The company is scheduled to have an earnings call Wednesday, May 6. In Phoenix, Cox Media, associated with the largest cable TV provider in the city, has blocked the airing of IATSE’s ad about Sinclair’s labor practices during the Coronavirus. Cox affiliates and other cable operators in Los Angeles ran the commercial the previous week without complaint. Cox Media Vice President Jill Meiser in Atlanta notified the union that it wasn’t permitting the spot to air in Phoenix. IATSE wants viewers and sports fans to know about Sinclair’s poor behavior and how it compares to others in the sports world. While Sinclair is doing the absolute minimum, many owners of sports teams and players are helping workers. Here are a few examples: NBA stars like Kevin Love, Zion Williamson and Giannis Antetokounmpo as well as team owners from coast to coast – including the Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks, the Phoenix Suns, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers -- have pledged to compensate lost wages of arena workers while the league is shut down. The National Hockey League’s Los Angeles Kings are also participating in the Staples Center relief effort, and owners of the Phoenix Coyotes and Anaheim Ducks will pay arena workers during the cancelled NHL season. Major League Baseball is providing stipends to minor league players, and each team is contributing $1 million -- $30 million in total – to help ballpark employees who will lose income due to the delay in opening this year’s baseball season. (5/5/20)

Love ya Dave, but come on, man. “Coast to Coast” on 1500? Like you can’t find it anywhere else? Just for fun, I scanned the AM dial early this morning. Mid-band alone I I was able to pick up “CTC” on 1040/1080/1100/1110/1140/1170/1180/1200. Most of these are 50,000 watters. It’s ruined DX’ing. Take away the all newsers and sports talk, and there ain’t much overnight live and local left. 650/700/720/1030, and maybe a few others. Disclaimer: Reception Report from Northeastern MD. (5/5/20)

Re:Angie Goff, she’s been pushing to climb that ladder since her days at WUSA. She’ll do pretty much anything to get attention & subsequent advancement. She now has put her whole life out in public to bring attention to not only herself, but to Fox5. And I’m sure Fox management has no problem if it brings in viewers & increases ratings. And how staged was it that her kids just happened to show up on, I think either her first or second day on the 6am broadcast. Some may think unruly kids are cute. Well, I don’t. Also, it’s been said by more than a couple of experts that flaunting your kids all over social media, unless to a closed group such as family or close friends, is really not recommended. (5/5/20)

Hey Dave, Re: WTOP, WFED 1500AM does already simulcast on WTOP's digital subchannel, 103.5 HD2. But I would hope that if such a change were made, WTOP would keep the 24/7 news on the FM signal, much clearer reception of course and more readily accessible to listeners in the greater DC area. (5/5/20)

As a listener, I agree that All News WTOP should return to 1500. Reception of 103.5, even in the south of Columbia, MD, is hard at times due to interference from WXCY Havre de Grace on 103.7. Disagree that overnights on 1500 be given over to Coast to Coast AM. George Noury is a right wing nut job, as are many of his guests. The other guests are promoting their books or boring. It's not like the good old Art Bell days. Hubbard won't duplicate WTOP on the AM because it won't increase their revenue. That's done by selling a separate programming idea like Federal News Radio. (5/5/20)

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Put WTOP back on 1500, I’m honestly surprised that Federal News Radio has lasted as long as it has. (5/4/20)

Dave's response: 1500's massive 50,000-watt signal is wasted on the Federal News service, which would work perfectly well as a web stream and/or on a 103.5 subchannel. There are so many places not far from DC that don't get 103.5 well, like parts of the Baltimore suburbs (north and east) and the Eastern Shore that do get 1500 pretty damn good. They could still pre-empt 1500 for sports and overnight talk (how about "Coast To Coast AM"). The numbers of the AMer aren't enough to be including in WTOP's simulcast ratings. But it would be much more of a public service to put all-news back on 1500.....

Have you found the new Korean FM Station yet? They are playing all the Famous Korean Hits. This is the only Korean FM Station in DC. You can get them on line at HanMiFM.com or at 102.9 FM in Northern Virginia. (5/4/20)

Well, it’s the month of May & Angie Goff is still doing mornings on Fox vs her saying she would be doing that for the month of April. But hey, on a technicality, she didn’t say it was ONLY for May.. So it’s probably been decided that she’s now a permanent fixture on the morning anchor desk. Didn’t see the early morning broadcast, so don’t know if Holly or Maureen have resurfaced on there. But Steve did say Angie would be on the 4pm broadcast which suggests to me that she may no longer be on the Like it or Not broadcast. Also, Holly & Maureen have been doing weekends which may mean Erin has been promoted, yet again, to morning anchor. Although Angie seems to have fast tracked to morning anchor, Erin isn’t far behind. For her, guess hooking up w/a producer paid off. And unfortunately, although she’s a pretty face, she is really bad at reading a teleprompter unless it’s traffic. And they’ve delegated that duty to Steve, Allison & Angie! (5/4/20)

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Have to agree with the poster below. The TMOS (that's right, "the the". Live with it.) Drunk Bonus Show is a disaster. Four or five people talking at once. Carla won't stop interrupting, Rob the Human Speedbump starts the same sentence three times while others are talking because by God he's going to get his point in! And toward the end the marquee name showed viewers the real Mike O'Meara: a petulant baby man whose every other word is "fuck". I'd ask Shannon to blink three times if she's being held against her will but apparently she can't blink. the whole thing was disturbing, offputting and embarrassing. Agree on the business's org chart. - Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/3/20)

Lisa Wolfe finally gone from WFED. That should have happened a decade ago. I guess they'll have to live off of whatever schekles Byron Schrecker commands from MASN and as a 7-11 night clerk. It's a good time to jettison the personnel heavy Federal News Radio and program something more than a handful of fed middle managers & soon to be retirees listen to. Let Francis Rose continue on News Channel 8 then gut the joint. Joel Oxley is indeed a good salesman but a horrendous GM. Unless you think gladhanding is a managerial skill there should have been shakeups when Bonneville sold to Hubbard. Damn I miss Jim Farley. (5/3/20)

Two radio stocks announce delisting on Nasdaq. We hear that both Emmis and Urban One will be delisted. Emmis was selling at $1.41 per share and Urban One was selling at $1.32 per share. You can still buy the stocks "over-the-counter". (5/3/20)

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Joel Oxley can’t do anything right. He’s a salesman but not a manager, a bureaucrat but not a visionary. He offers an earnest handshake and a warm smile yet can’t be trusted; he’s a faux nice guy who’d toss his mother under the bus to make his numbers. He’s firing everyone and blaming the bad sales environment, but all the coronavirus has done is to expose numerous problems that have grown on his disastrous watch. (5/2/20)

Here is something interesting: The sports on WRC-TV-4 last night was done by Moises Linares, someone I hadn't seen before on the station. I suddenly had a brainstorm, based on his name and slight other-language accent. When he finished the sports, I tuned to WZDC-"44" (really 4-3) and there he was a minute later with the same backdrop doing the sports on the local NBC-owned Telemundo Station, in Spanish, talking with soccer (fútbol, when I was a kid, it was called balompié) players from Mexico. Saves coordination for the people on Nebraska Avenue, having the same guy do the sports (quite well) for both stations. I hope he got paid twice. I think the English one was the longest sports presentation in weeks. -- Carl in Olney (5/2/20)

Sangean has a stereo HD tuner FM and AM Sangean HDT20 component for sale on Amazon. It seems to please many. I have a Sangean HDR 16 portable. Has excellent sound and received AM HD in Baltimore. Sounds great. HDR is under 100 dollars, while the Stereo 20 component is over 100 dollars. Check it out. (5/2/20)

Today we found out that TMOs Is: Mike, Pony, and Maddie are a corporation. LLC? Oscar and Robb are independent contractors. That is a strange corporate Set up. Over all, the live video podcast sucked today. Do it right or don’t do it! Not worth watching. Just go to pure audio. Shannon with two head sets. Drunk and with a Weird Look. Kinda like a Gargoyle. Robb’s drunk wife is mess. Those two are weighing in and fighting. Mike has no nuts. The boy is a gamer at six. Carla is so Annoying! (5/2/20)

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Hey Dave, I wanted you to hear it from me. Today was my last day at 100.7 The Bay doing mornings. It’s amicable and I wish everyone there nothing but laugh. I am not retired and I will be back on the radio soon somewhere. Probably giving someone a bargain ha ha! Hope you’re well Stash (5/1/20)

Stash blown out @ The Bay. (5/1/20)

I left work at 6:00 PM yesterday. Both Chad and Czabe were running previously taped stuff I had heard already. Do ratings count after 6:00 PM? (5/1/20)

"Maybe some of the Sangean HD standalone tuners do [decode digital AM] but they are more expensive." And that's the biggest problem the HD AM movement has to overcome. If digital AM is going to work, receivers have to be $20-25, tops. Check out the price of portable MP3 players on the WalMart website, then tell me why anyone would be spending much more than that for an AM radio -- digital or otherwise. (5/1/20)

"Am - F - C - G is not terribly weepy ... Gus..." Name some chords that work for you, Gus. Or Ed. Or whoever. I caught four different TV spots last night with different piano scores using that pattern. It seems to work. (5/1/20)

Regarding "...those HD radios: what's out there that can decde Digital AM?" A quick web search shows Sangean makes at least one model, the HDR-14, that receives AM HD Radio. There are online reviews and a YouTube demo of listening to WWFD on 820. It may be that some of their other models, like the HDR-16 and HDT-20, may also be capable. Call their Customer Service at (888)726-4326 and ask. YouTube has many receiver reviews available. (5/1/20)

DCRTV has been around for 22 years. Dave Hughes continues to bring you news and information about the DC market that no other newsletter provides. It is free for you. He provides you with "Mailbag" which gives you an opportunity to voice your opinion about current DC Broadcasting NEWS. Would you please send him your support? You can help by Pay-Pal or mail a check. (5/1/20)

Dave's response: Yes, our ad revenue is down due to advertisers cutting their ad budgets due to the virus. Please take a moment and make a donation to your favorite local media news website. Send a few bucks to: Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655 or via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv. Thanks!

Am F C G is not terribly weepy. Ed Asner is not impressed. Gus in the Gaithersburg (5/1/20)

True I dont think the audio manufacturers make standalone HD radio tuners for the home except Mcintosh but its very expensive in the thousands. But Ive had decent results connecting my boombox radio to my home stereo from the headphone out jack using a y connector with 2 phono plugs going into the rca jacks on the stereo reciever and a mini headphone jack from boombox .I do own the Insignia Tuner that was discontinued but to me it sounds flat not as good sound as boombox I also have the pocket walkman type Insignia HD radio also discontinued has no AM though that unit is OK if your still because it uses the headphone cord as antenna not too reliable the reception if your moving. (5/1/20)

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