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DCRTV Mailbag - June 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020

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Janet Sorce is posting nothing but retweets about COVID lately. Could that be the reason Don Geronimo has disappeared? It will be the 15th Anniversary of the death of his former wife Freda on July 10. Just wondering. There’s nothing on his Podcast anymore online that I can see. (6/30/20)

What are the top five rated stations in DC? #1 WMAL-FM, #2 WTOP-FM, #3 WAMU-FM, #4 WMMJ-FM and #5 WETA-FM. Two of the top five stations are non-commercial. (6/30/20)

Anybody know the status of Don Geronimo? Looks like his podcast has gone dark, as has his social media and website. Just wonderin'. (6/30/20)

Why Did Comcast Buy Sky Again? Analyst Revisits Deal for “Declining Asset” deadline.com (6/30/20)

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POKE THE DCRTV MAILBAG BEAR:: Broadcasting from Fort Bragg, NC or his “loft apartment” at the Broughton Hospital mental health ward, GREAT to see DCRTV gypsy Dave video announce that the mailbag has been moved to the front page. A BIG WIN for the likes of the satirical and insightful comedic ball-busting genius of longtime contributors like The Real AHHH & Gus in the Gaithersburg. As many times as old “get off my lawn’ public figure DJ’s get Dave to censor the mailbag when they get all “butt-rash” offended OR others threaten to pull display advertising from DCRTV, the mailbag has been, and will always be, the entertainment “toilet tracks” stalwart of DCRTV – NOT THE NEWS LINK! Hey, Gypsy Rose Dave. Moving forward, just put a disclaimer on the mailbag and drop the moderator title. More time to practice your striptease.. (6/29/20)

I haven’t seen any mention of this here on DCRTV, so I thought that I should submit a post in that regard. Jim Evans, who used to do the Sunday Morning show on WMAL back in the ‘70s, passed away on May 1st. He was 89 years old. For over 50 years, Jim and I shared a common interest in the 1950s music of Les Paul and Mary Ford. Coincidentally, Les and I had been good friends over that same period - and my daughter Laurie and I have been recording and performing in their same music style for almost as long. Jim’s friendship and support of our endeavors in that area will be missed. Guitars In Sync (6/29/20)

In case you missed this weekend's edition of Rob Carson's "What in the World?" www.dropbox.com (6/29/20)

Cumulus is finally closing on the WMAL 630 AM Tower site in Bethesda. They sold the site to Toll Brothers for $74.1 Million. Cumulus says they will use the money to pay down their debt. 630 AM signal certainly is not as good as it was before they moved. As Dave Hughes says......"AM is dead, let's bury it. " (6/29/20)

Dave you might like this angle on Next Generation TV and why it will not only work, but likely be forced on you. Some engineer posted this about ATSC 3.0. "To account for this major shift, the ATSC standards body had to rethink the very notion of broadcast reception. At the physical layer of ATSC 1.0, there was only one operating point. In lay terms, back with ATSC 1.0 broadcasts were strictly targeted to rooftop antennas, not to mobile devices (there were no multimedia-capable mobile devices in the early days of ATSC 1.0). However, in and around the ATSC 2.0 time period, there was the introduction of ATSC Mobile. ATSC Mobile added these operating points so that you could add more levels of robustness to target mobile devices. More robustness, however, means less packets and lower quality. That’s unacceptable with today’s higher resolution devices. In ATSC 3.0 that’s all changed for the better. Now, there will be a huge range of operating points from the rooftop antenna mobile all the way down to the operating point where the signal is 3db less than noise. In other words, you could potentially watch TV in a tunnel. There is deliberately such huge range of operating points in the new standard so that the broadcaster can choose what they want to do . The station can broadcast in multiple modes—over the air, mobile, and medium rate for HD tablets—all at the same time. The broadcaster is in control and can choose what they want to target. To illustrate this point in practice, Rich related a quick story about a demonstration in Cleveland a few weeks ago. They took an old TV transmitter that had been used during the transition to HDTV. That transmitter had been dark for years. They then got an experimental license from the FCC and implemented one of the candidate proposals for the ATSC physical layer and put it on air to use as a proof of concept. The intent was to get real world programming and start transmitting. They conducted a one day demo and were able to watch full HD programming while driving at 60mph on the highway in Cleveland and while driving around the urban canyons downtown. They then went into a basement and were able to watch a SD TV (while an ATSC 1.0 receiver showed only noise). Any programming anywhere on any device, how cool is that!” As far as SFN towers to be used in the DC area, I think the Merrifield tower might be used for increased Northern VA reception of TV as well as the former Channel 50 tower to saturate Maryland as well as the River Road tower, soon used by WTTG and now WPXW. The SFN planning involves creating a circular range of 3-4 towers in all directions for fill-in. DC has plenty of existing towers to do this. DC will need more SFN towers than say Baltimore where the central towers are so much taller, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible easily with existing towers. Sinclair obviously intends to use the WRC 4 tower, which btw, is not owned by Comcast/NBC, but American Tower, so they can make their own deals within limits there and already have. Now at Fort Reno, WJLA and WUSA share the tower in ownership and have to agree on things, but Tegna is also in the same ATSC 3.0 group, of which Nextstar is in the same group and also now on the Ward Circle tower. The purchase of those two low power TV stations on that tower makes this all work in the interim for all the channels in DC. Sorry for the longevity, but I think this is likely what’s going to happen. Unimas will survive, but say goodbye to Jewelry TV soon DC. :-) (6/29/20)

Dave's response: I just think that most people don't want to mess with antennae, they're mainly done with "linear" TV and the "network model" and want to go completely to "view when I want to" (with the exception of news and sports, obviously), and with faster internet speeds (cell and wifi) the trend away from "terrestrially broadcast" signals will only accelerate. If ATSC 3.0 was to be "a thing" it should have been rolled out back in 2009, when we all flipped to digital. As I said, it's like AM stereo, a good idea that came along too late. A whole new TV standard barely a decade after the last one? Forget it.....

Oops, I forgot to include the link with the technical details of the HDHomerun ATSC 3.0 tuner which will cost between $200-$250 when it comes out in a couple months. No reason to buy a new HDTV if you have a pretty good one or a 4K model. This will still work. www.kickstarter.com (6/29/20)

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I see it's that time of year when I need to circulate the reminder that there is no need to donate to WAMU. No one can enjoy a cup of coffee like you can. Treat yo' self! They'll still be there asking you to deny yourself coffee tomorrow. Keep not donating. And on a history note, local radio and TV personalities gathering at The Dancing Crab in Tenleytown had nothing to do with the massage parlor. Nope, nothing at all. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/28/20)

I sort of disagree Dave with ATSC 3.0. With no sports on TV, I think people are cancelling Cable TV in great numbers. Now when sports comes back, that is going to be the first programming in 1080p or 4K and Cable TV is not going to have sports in 4K or 1080p anytime soon. I think the timing of it is a perfect storm in a sense. Also the multiple transmitters in a network around metro areas will make in home reception without any large noticeable antenna indoors, something OTA TV has never been able to achieve since the old analog days. Also AM stereo had several competing transmission methods in the beginning so different AM stations required a different radio. That might be the single worst FCC decision ever made, not choosing one technology for radio. And finally, with all the money involved in Next Generation TV right now, the companies will eventually demand the FCC have a tuner mandate for ATSC 3.0 in most TVs soon. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s very early. Only about a dozen ATSC 3.0 TVs have even been released for the U.S. yet. And a cheap tuner for your current TV is about to be released very soon as obviously most people won’t immediately go out and buy a new ATSC 3.0 TV. Here’s the HDHomerun Quatro with even pics of the designed product. So no it won’t cost $2000+ to get Next Generation TV, but only about $200-$250 or maybe even less. One last thing. Comcast/NBC is putting its bets on both at the same time because if they didn’t there would be anti-trust complaints, so even thought it will hurt Comcast, they have no choice. And without Comcast fighting ATSC 3.0, the smaller cable companies have little influence in stopping the rollout. (6/28/20)

More Sinclair news. Washington, DC's WJLA ABC 7 and WTTG Fox 5 are cooperating to test the AWARN emergency alert system soon. This guarantees that both TV stations will soon be launching ATSC 3.0 Next Generation TV in DC, although no timetable for this test starting has been announced, but obviously the work is about to start to set this up. www.tvtechnology.com... — BaltoMedia.net (6/28/20)

Dave's response: Broadcast ATSC 3.0 is the 2020 version of AM stereo from the 1980s. Too much too late. Most people have already moved on.....

Hello Dave: Admittedly, I don’t visit DCRTV as often as I used to. But I have spent probably the past hour or so, looking for the latest news; haven’t found it yet! I saw somewhere where your “mailbag page” is now on the front page! I see the mailbag alright, but NO NEW NEWS! I use a screen reader to tell me what is on the screen as I am visually impaired, so may it be that you’ve got something configured in such a way that my screen reading software will no longer pick up the link I need? I so far have tried this with Internet Explorer; might it be that I need to use something like Chrome or Fire Fox? Thanks, Tom Kaufman Denton, MD. (6/28/20)

Dave's response: I have decided to make the daily postings from all you guys and gals the front page of DCRTV. I will continue to post DCRTV "news" items, but they will be mixed in with all of your posts. I have gotten tired of trying to decide what "news" items belong on the front (news) page and which do not. So, everything (!) will be on the front page. It may turn out to be a mess, but I feel a shake-up is in order. I do still have older (May 2020 and before) "news" items available on DCRTV News page, which is available here. And the News Archives dating back to our founding in 1997 are also still there.....

RE: WQLL/Q1370 6.28.2020 entry...John (the radio groupie or wannabbee) who authored the Q1370 letter is both hopelessly fact and timeline-challenged. Perhaps knowing what actually happened versus guessing what really occured would be the wisest path to follow. Proofreading your submissions before hitting the "send" button should always be a major consideration. (6/28/20)

Hello Dave, Hope this finds you well during these crazy times. Can you help me out and try to explain the quirkiness of WQLL 1370am? They have a good format but they can't seem to keep or don't want to keep radio hosts. They seem to have a syndicated feed but dipped into trying to a local fan base. Brought in Steve Rouse and a team. He left and then the next team member lasted a little while then the third member tried and was alittle more successful. PAT O'NEIL but he was moved to afternoon drive time. Then long time radio personality Ken Merson came back 6 to 10 then Diane Lyn came over 10 to 2. They got MRc Williams to replace Pat. Mark had a great gig as traffic reporter for several stations in town and left that to replace Pat. He lasted like 3 months. They then dipped back into the syndicated feed. Now...Ken isn't on the air and Diane Lyn isn't on the air. They can't develop a following without the local people who they constantly let go. Or so it seems. The music is good and I tune them in for a change of pace but geez, who would want to work there. Any news or thoughts? Best Regards, John (6/28/20)

Dave's response: The cool litle station gets no ratings. It's pretty much a low budget labor of love.....

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My show is on three times this weekend on Newsmax TV! Today at noon and 5:00 p.m. est, and tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. est! www.newsmaxtv.com - Rob Carson (6/27/20)

I heard from Scott Brenner, former chief engineer for the old Key Broadcasting in Baltimore that his dad, Carl G Brenner, had died in his sleep on Thursday at the age of 96. After the sale of WQSR, WBMD plus the Lexington Park stations they all moved to Florida. Carl had recently suffered from dementia. By the way, Scott Brenner is fully out of radio engineering and is enjoying the beach life! Tom Conroy (6/27/20)

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Not sure if she still comes on after Patrick Ellis on WHUR on Sundays, but I got word this week that a great gal, Jacquie Gales Webb has been installed as the new VP/Radio at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. (6/26/20)

The nonprofit corporation that owns the public television and radio stations in Richmond, Charlottesville and Harrisonburg has laid off about 15% of its workforce. VPM, which stands for Virginia’s home for Public Media, eliminated the 17 positions this week at its offices in Chesterfield County as well as in its Charlottesville and Harrisonburg offices, said Benae Mosby, the public broadcasting company’s director of marketing and communication... www.richmond.com (6/26/20)

Dave, thanks for the update on DCRTV. I think you made a smart move by putting the Mailbag as your main page. Keep up the good work. (6/26/20)

I have to agree with you, Dave. This working from home was cute and seemed sensible when stations (like WRC4) started doing it. But if you watch the morning show on 4, you are hard pressed to tell who the anchors are, and who the reporters are. Aaron treats Eun like she’s some stringer, and this Jummy is obviously gunning for Eun’s job. If you’re sick, fine, stay home. Otherwise get back to your anchor desks. btw-the same thing applies to networks, too. Savannah is at home all the time. (Today) And where the hell have Kate Bouldon or Brooke Baldwin disappeared to on CNN? I love TV news, but this kinda’ stuff angers people like me who enjoy the style and substance of the people we’ve welcomed into our homes for years and years. Gritting my teeth in Potomac Falls, Ed BonGiovanni (6/26/20)

Just to give you update on wdct: On June 1, 2019 wdct is no longer full-time christian/korean wdct family radio format. Under new ownership they are now called Radio Washington 1310 AM full korean talk format. They do locally produced talk & music programs (classic, pop, kpop) shows from KBS Radio & Voice of America as well as live news & traffic updates. They are using social media flatform such as youtube, facebook, and kaokao talk. They continue to bring christian format on sundays. New ownership is media giant MIJU News. Their sister station includes WWRU AM 1660 K-Radio in New York. (6/26/20)

Salem is back in compliance with Nasdaq with their new stock price of $1.20 per share. Are they going to sell WAVA-FM? (6/26/20)

Whoa!! WIAV-CD and WDCO-CD are being sold to Sinclair for $8.5mil. Both will have pretty decent full market signals from the WRC-TV tower once their repack-related construction is completed. My money is on a potential outlet for ATSC 3.0 testing as WAZT-CD, which the previous ownership ("WMTM, LLC") tried and failed to move into DC, is not part of the sale fcc.gov (6/25/20)

Speaking of the “Channel 66” FFX Station tower, Does anyone have a photo of the old B106 sign that fronted Rte 123 back when it was only 2-3 lanes? Also, has anyone been to the base of that tower? What are all of the buildings and satellite dishes used for? Was there ever a studio located there? MLB4 (6/25/20)

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The poster's corrections re the Fairfax Station tower are unnecessary. "Channel 66" was in quotes only because it is often locally referenced as such by the lokes out this way, whether or not that signal is still on that stick. It may be more accurate to call it the "Paxson Tower," but nobody is going to. It's a bit like still calling those copy centers "Kinkos" even though that name is long gone. And FWIW, with literally nothing else in Burke to compare it to (other than Garbage Mountain in nearby Lorton), the tower is massive enough for us, thank you. (6/25/20)

"Although the odds of a [blah blah] are the odds of Dan Snyder admitting that he has the Redskins as a tax write off..." Yeah, one of the top 5 most profitable NFL teams is a tax write-off and you're the guy radio people should be listening to. SMFH. "I will take the L and admit that yes, WMAL has done much better .... than I thought they would." It's mighty white of you to accept the fact of the ratings. In other news, I've given up my dreams of breaking the 4 minute mile. Because I don't run. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/25/20)

Stevie Daniels lands weather job in her hometown of Baltimore... Former WIVB-TV (Channel 4) meteorologist Stevie Daniels announced Wednesday on Twitter that she has accepted a job in her hometown of Baltimore. Daniels, who left Channel 4 last week after only 15 months at the CBS affiliate, wrote that she will be working weekdays at 5:30 p.m. on WMAR, the ABC affiliate in Baltimore owned by E.W. Scripps, which also owns WKBW-TV (Channel 7) in Buffalo. She is moving to the No. 26 market in the country in Baltimore from the No. 52 market in Buffalo. “I’m so THRILLED to finally announce that I made it back to Maryland!” she wrote on Twitter. “I could not have accomplished this without God by my side…. There is truly no place like home. I did it! I’M BACK BABY!!!” (6/25/20)

Re WDCT being off the air: For at least the last couple of days, they’ve been on the air with their usual Korean programming, but with a significantly weaker signal than usual. Perhaps they’re having transmitter or antenna issues? (6/25/20)

The WSCL (Salisbury) /WSDL (Ocean City) and WESM (Princess Anne) collaboration formally begins on July 1st. www.delmarvapublicradio.net (6/25/20)

I have to admit to be eating crown that WMAL is #1 in the DC market in the ratings so far this year. I’m not a fan of conservative talk radio as my fellow mailbag posters will attest(Nor am I a fan of left wing talk radio either) but I will take the L and admit that yes, WMAL has done much better in this era of Trump than I thought they would. Especially with the DC market and when you get into Arlington County, Eastern Loudon County and Northern Fairfax County, it’s gotten more BLUE in the last ten years or so. Now, not ready to come out and say that those areas will turn purple again but thinking their ratings spike has to deal with people looking for other views that they may not agree with. That and also know that a lot of our government listen to it as well. Oh and I do agree with Dave that honestly, WJFK should go back to guy talk. Even though sports are slowly coming back, Entercom could have a goldmine there with guy talk. Although the odds of a Don and Mike reunion are the odds of Dan Snyder admitting that he has the Redskins as a tax write off, guy talk could work in DC. WJFK was a big fucking deal when you had the lineup of Stern, Opie and Anthony, Don and Mike, Ron and Fez, Greeseman etc. It could work again…if you get the right lineup Dan (6/25/20)

Sorry, but the massive “Channel 66” stick is not in Fairfax anymore. It’s on River Road where WTTG Fox 5 is soon moving. And also, DC people have an odd interpretation of massive. 480 feet is NOT massive. WBAL on W268BA 101.5 FM btw is at 900+ feet. Now that’s massive for an FM translator. Also, check out WBT’ Charlotte's awesome Blaw-Knox towers while you’re at it Dave. Impressive engineering that just those cables can hold all that up. (6/25/20)

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Dave, not surprised you’re disappointed with WBT coverage where you are. Recent discussions elsewhere made the point that WBT protects another 1110 station to the west, so the coverage patterns look like mirror image kidneys, with WBT’s heading heavily to the east. Wah wah. - P of the AW (6/24/20)

Dave's response: I feel like I'm in Damascus or Poolesville trying to hear 1500 AM.....

WAVA 780 AM gets a new Translator. They operate with 12,000 Watts with one tower non-directional. The programming on 780 AM is not the same as their sister station WAVA-FM. (6/24/20)

I just looked up details on WAVA AM's new translator in Burke. I assumed it would be mounted on a tall phonepole outside of a firehouse, or on the side of a cell or powerline tower, throwing all its juice right into Burke proper. Nope, it's going on the massive "Channel 66" stick off the Fairfax Parkway/Rt 123 crossing in Fairfax Station, around 480 feet off the ground. Even with an anemic 150W, that's going to be a pretty fair signal. Too bad its being wasted on the crummy syndi shows put up by Salem. It would have been nice to get an LPFM on the air for South County instead. (6/24/20)

"AM is dead. Time to bury it....." Tell it to WABC and WPRO. What's actually dead is WHFS and it sucked sucked sucked starting in the early 80s. Gus in the Gaitherxburg (6/24/20)

Dave's response: And KGO/KSFO in San Francisco and KFI in LA. Yes, there are some popular AMers left. But they're in places where they haven't made the move to FM. And many over-the-air listeners must settle for a grunky, interference-plagued signal. I'm northwest of Charlotte and get horrible reception of Entercom 50,000-watt directional news talker WBT on 1110. They do have an FM signal 99.3 that covers the center and southern chunk of the market. But you just can't hear it where I am. So I don't listen to WBT as much as I would if I could hear them with a decent FM signal at my location.....

On 96.7 FM, there’s also W244DA being used by WZBA 100.7 for downtown and northeast Baltimore. radio-locator.com (6/24/20)

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Some big changes have come to DCRTV, including moving the Mailbag posts to the front page..... (6/23/20)

WIOO in Carlisle (1000 on the AM dial) is off the air today. Have they been Thunderstruck? Jeff (6/23/20)

Dave: I've always appreciated discussions with my media friends because it's a entirely differently sector for myself, compared to the construction circles I travel through. Anyway, I can't believe people are crushing media people because they say they're working from home. My friends have told me about the career challenges of presenting the evening news from their homes and it's quite amazing! I don't mean to be drastic, however, I imagine onsite station technicians still have to work at the stations and that's still possibly exposing them to all "elements/virus" issues. So, for the picky people who don't like that, turn the channel or don't watch the news. As for 103.5, their lineups change so much, I can't always see if their anchors are agenda driven. My drivers still swear by Dave, Rob, and Steve for their traffic and that's all that matters. (6/23/20)

Yes, WAVA is the originating station for W244EB, and yes, it is a daytimer. The FM translator does not have to sign off. One of the goals of the AM revitalization program was to allow Class D stations - not just daytimers but those with unprotected night service at < 250 W - to serve their localities 24/7, and I think that is part of the reason Class Cs and Ds were allowed to apply first. Obviously WAVA's God talk drivel doesn't really fit that spirit, but whatever... (6/23/20)

I wonder if the Cabin John AM station still has its oldies reels around somewhere . . . 1310 in Fairfax is going to want to put something up on those sticks, and an oldies collection seems to be the default format to lay up until something else comes along. (6/23/20)

The people that are leasing 1310 AM are having financial problems. They have been off the air for over a week and may not return. If you are looking for Korean Programming, try 102.9 FM. HanMiFM.com (6/23/20)

Dave's response: AM is dead. Time to bury it.....

Wait, WAVA 780AM is getting an FM translator? Why? Isn't the station a daytimer? What's the point? (6/23/20)

Everything WTOP’s Joan Jones says about Trump seems to have a pro-Trump slant to it. Isn’t WTOP supposed to be right down the middle? I don’t want to hear a pro-Trumper putting her spin on everything. (6/23/20)

Dave's response: I guess 3rd place WTOP is making a run at WMAL's 1st place spot.....

Re: local on-air people working from home, my thing is why they need to announce on a daily basis that “I’m working from home”. Uh, we can see that. But it looks like they’re gradually bringing them back one at a time....Now, as for Shomari Stone, he’s a complete buffoon. I too saw his report on that statue being brought down & how he ran over there, then making a pathway for his cameraman to follow him & pointing at the statue on the ground. Everything with him is dramatic. He routinely has to re-enact what happened. Maybe he wanted to be an actor growing up & being a reporter was his way to do it. (6/23/20)

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What's up with 1310 AM in Fairfax? They've been off the air for over a week now. Jeff (6/22/20)

Dave's response: Maybe they're getting ready to bring back "top 40" WEEL.....

I cry foul whenever some dope catches my eye with what I thought was a reference to broadcasting. -P of the AW (6/22/20)

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Minor correction to Carl in Olney: The three 96.7s in the area are WERA-LP, Arlington; WQER-LP, Rockville (the Chinese-language station); and W244EB, a brand-new translator for WAVA 780 in Burke. You're right there is a freeform LPFM in Takoma Park, but it is WOWD-LP on 94.3.....I have followed the story of the Charlottesville LPFM cluster with some interest. Saga's largely in the right here with its complaint, this one is not a case of Goliath beating David over the head. I'm reasonably convinced the stations _are_ in fact owned independently, but that's not the big issue compared to how they operate. Way more into Saga's complaint here: www.rbr.com... The very problematic (problematic may be an understatement) underwriting spots aside, I don't even see how the co-op itself - just in the narrow sense of a shared tower and studio site - is defensible. Nor do I buy the talk of silencing underserved voices, either; sure, WPVC-LP airs Spanish pop and EDM in off hours, but spends all week airing liberal syndicated talk hosts. The others air unadventurous, commercial-friendly music formats - hardly the eclectic, educational, or minority programming these rules are supposed to support. Assuming the FCC will eventually decide for Saga, it would be a correct application of the spirit and letter of the rules. (6/21/20)

Hey Carl in Olney, thanks much for the link to The Beacon article on Mary Cliff's "Traditions" ("folk music and things you can see from there"). WERA-FM is actually in Arlington (not Takoma Park, MD), here is the link wera.fm... (The low-power FMer in Takoma Park is WOWD, 94.3 FM takomaradio.org another community radio station with a great selection of music shows, including the legendary Weasel on Sunday mornings co-hosting w/Robbie White.) I'm in McLean and I can barely get WERA on my radio at home; reception is always much better on the car radio. So way up in Olney you'll have to listen via the live stream. Normally she broadcasts her shows live, but with the shutdown she's pre-recording earlier in the week. A lot of the WERA shows are archived for playback, but she (unfortunately for us) chooses not to have her shows archived, so you'll have to catch it live, and enjoy this Washington, DC legacy radio show! (6/21/20)

Traffic Jam Jimmy is none other than Mondy the Sea Monster for those that don’t know. Yep, the same guy from the old Captain Chesapeake show. :-) (6/21/20)

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Are all the grownups at Channel 4 sheltering at home? Live coverage of a crowd tearing down a Confederate statue on the Friday 11 pm newscast was one of the most unprofessional things I’ve ever seen. The usually hyperactive Shamari Stone was even more out of control than usual, virtually giving a political manifesto as if he was a member of the crowd. Leon Harris was asking ridiculous questions that couldn’t be answered. A relatively minor story was absurdly overplayed. No producer had enough sense to dump out; to tell them to calm down. Not one of their finest hours. Vance would have been appalled. (6/20/20)

Dave's response: The silly gimmick of TV anchors and reporters doing their gigs from "home" has gotten old and stale. It's time to end it. Yeah, if they got a fever they should stay home and be off the air. But if they don't, the need to get back to work at the station and in the streets.....

To the person looking for list of stations pushing rds - is this what you're looking for? fmradiodx.wordpress.com (6/20/20)

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I have a technical question and thought you may have some insight. I am looking for a list of all radio stations in the DC metro area that push out the current time via RDS. Any suggestions where I could find this tidbit? Example, WINC FM 92.5 in Winchester pushes the time out but it’s an hour off at the moment since they don’t appear to adjust for DST. I have a few receivers that consume the time signal. It would be great to get them working as designed. (6/19/20)

Two stories cover the ongoing battle between Saga Communications and a group of LPFMs in Charlottesville. Saga had earlier filed a "Petition to Deny Renewal" against these stations claiming shared-facilities, "cross-control", call-to-action advertising, etc. One of the LPFMs, WPVC 94.7 FM, has thrown in the towel. (Ironically by going silent, WPVC may have demonstrated the LPFMs indeed operate independently of each other.) The stories are here: www.cbs19news.com... radioink.com... TK in Odenton (6/19/20)

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What ever happened to the cute blonde with big boobs doing traffic on Fox45-Baltimore? Instead, they have some Santa Claus-looking dude from Dundalk, “Traffic Jam Jimmy,” riding all over town with live shots of him sitting in traffic. Is he supposed to tell us how to avoid the traffic jams or show us how to get stuck in them? (6/18/20)

Here is a great story in an unexpected place: The Beacon, a free DC-area newspaper distributed in seemingly every supermarket and drugstore, has written about Mary Cliff, the local folk-music and radio icon, who is currently on the radio Saturday nights on WERA-LP, 96.7 FM, from 9 pm to Midnight. They mention all the stations she has been on, like WAVA-FM, WETA-FM, and WAMU-FM. WERA-LP is in Takoma Park, and in Olney, when I tune in to 96.7, I get the all-Chinese low-power station in Rockville,and I believe there is another 96.7 LP in Arlington; but I am pretty sure her program is available on the Internet. So even if you are not over 50 (the newspaper's slogan), you can read it: www.thebeaconnewspapers.com -- Carl in Olney (6/18/20)

Question for those interested in ethics in journalism: Is it appropriate or acceptable for a TV news reader ("anchor") to use a handle that identifies her employer to tweet her opinion about a straightforward news item from her employer? Does posting with such a handle imply management's agreement with her opinion? (6/18/20)

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"Some of the local commercials on COZI on NBC's 4-2 are put on with audio levels 15-20 Db above program level. Very annoying (it wakes me up). " A valid complaint. On the flip side, today Tue. 6/16 DC radio's former Mike O'Meara, marquee name of the Mike O'Meara PTO Part-time Playhouse Podcast went Full Fat Drunk Baby when he finally realized that HIS show has had audio issues for months at least. Especially cringeworthy was when he bellowed "I know what 10 Db IS!" when he clearly didn't. What could have been good pretend "radio" turned into an overly long "on-air" staff meeting and he didn't remember what was said 10 minutes later. "Best sounding show on the internet!" "We've all had to become broadcast engineers." "We're all audio engineers." He doesn't understand how it can sound fine on his headphones and suck on Youtube. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/17/20)

FROM DCRTV NEWS: Baltimore-based Sinclair Broadcast Group announces that it will be launching a headline news service scheduled to premiere in early 2021. "This new program will report on the news as it happens, providing dynamic and timely journalism and insight into the most important stories happening each day," according to an announcement from the company, which owns Baltimore's WBFF and DC's WJLA. In the initial phase, the headline news service will air weekday mornings from 6 AM to 9 AM across Sinclair's CW and My Network affiliates, as well as on STIRR, Sinclair's free, over-the-top streaming platform..... (6/17/20)

COZI dude, two questions. 1) By what means are you measuring those audio levels? A full 20dB of additional gain represents a huge amount of difference between levels and would push their signal into uncharted territory. I think you're just hearing the density of modern compressed audio versus the open-mic capture of a Leave it to Beaver episode. And 2) if it's so bothersome, why not call Channel 4? It's not like they don't publish their phone number. (6/17/20)

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Hi Dave. In case some of your readers are interested, due to the virus, the editors decided to scrap the print edition this time out and stick to the web issue only...Thanks for always being there! Tony Glaros. montgomerymag.com (6/16/20)

Some of the local commercials on COZI on NBC's 4-2 are put on with audio levels 15-20 Db above program level. Very annoying (it wakes me up). I am surprised that NBC allows such sloppy (or is it intentional?) operation. I thought there were rules against this. (6/16/20)

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It’s been a while since I posted but I thought I would give you guys some interesting updates. I was talking to a WJZ engineer and apparently last week WBAL’s RF-12 antenna went up, today was WMAR’s RF-27. I also spoke to the engineer about the placement of the antennas. Here you can see courtesy of a document (that I can no longer find) shows where all the TV antennas and FM antennas were located. You can see that post 2009 DTV conversion WBAL left their pre-DTV antenna up and WMAR and WJZ were on one corner, with their auxiliary on the other. And now post spectrum auction you can see now that each TV station has their own antennas on each corner. WBAL also has WIYY-FM, and W268BA (101.5 FM) on theirs and WJZ’s stack has the back ups for their former sister stations. All of the TV stations auxiliary antennas will be hanging down from the each face of the candelabra. All stations main antennas will retain the same height and will have a lattice built up. Although they’re pushed back to phase 10 the engineer I spoke to is still hopeful for a helicopter lift. -Rko (6/15/20)

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I must be. missing something. What in the world is the obsession with the constant posting about someone named Angie Goff as well as all he channel 5 stuff. If you don't like something, you don't watch or listen, simple as that. it gets somewhat boring to read the same bashing day after day. (6/14/20)

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My condolences to Tyra Womack and her family. Why did nobody riot? (6/13/20)

If you have the means and ability to listen to shortwave radio wherever you live, there is a pirate that hits the air up around 6925 or 6930 kHz or so that is fun to listen to. "Ball Smacker Radio" comes on the air around 9PM eastern time most Friday nights and plays songs that have a common theme for the week. This past Friday night, the theme was "flying," with John Denver's "Fly Away", Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon" and other tunes. That frequency range is where pirates like to hang out, and there are some surprisingly weird signals on weekends. Holiday weekends are especially loopy. (6/13/20)

Any stations in the area planning on playing "dad tunes" in anticipation of Father's Day this year? If you do, I very much encourage you to go way back and pull up "Color Him Father" by the Winstons. Find it, audition it, take a minute to dry your eyes, and be sure to play it on the 21st. (6/13/20)

Remember "Papa Dont Preach" by Madonna, and that classic payoff line, "But I've made up my mind, I'm keeping my baby"? Well, that song came out this month in 1986, which means that "baby" is turning 34 very soon. Sweet dreams, you aging '80s Preppy bastards, you... (6/13/20)

Gus the LAPD report did state Rodney King was driving at 115 miles an hour. But after that report was released, Hyundai of America sent a letter to LA Law Enforcement, and to the eventual judge saying that particular model engine tops out at 85 MPH, and there was no way the untampered engine could hit 115. Would the LAPD lie in a police report? As for Angie, she did a report this morning on a bar in Frederick opening up. Angie made a "drinking alcohol is fun," kind of comment. Damn it, Fox 5. If we are to hear comments about gleefully drinking lots of alcohol, we want to hear those comments from Holly! It's like Holly's trademark for God's sake! Angie just hijacked what we used to call "Hollyisms," and I don't like it. (6/13/20)

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FROM DCRTV NEWS: Tyra Womack, 57, a gospel radio show host at Baltimore's WEAA, 88.9, was killed June 10. Baltimore police said Womack was shot just steps away from her Baltimore home after returning from an evening walk with her son. Womack's son wasn't hit, however she was struck multiple times. WBAL-TV reports that police issued a statement: "This was a senseless, tragic murder, as many are, and it appears to have stemmed from a neighbor dispute. Investigators began receiving information almost immediately and have identified a person of interest." Womack was remembered for her decades-long work at WEAA, the voice of Morgan State University's School Of Global Journalism And Communication. She was featured every Sunday on its flagship show, "Gospel Grace Afternoon"..... (6/12/20)

Had to turn off Fox5 when Stacey Rusch came on. Management is determined to make her a reporter & she’s just not cut out to be one. Her interview ability really sucks. Well, maybe practice will make perfect. (6/12/20)

So as per the Fox5 insider, we are to believe that Maureen & Holly are mean girls & have now been put on a time out by management? So Erin is brought in to replace them because she’s nice, but has little to no chemistry with Wisdom? Wow, THAT sure is a way to increase viewership & ratings. . Then we get a bait and switch with the daily promo that Angie was only supposed to be on the mornings for April and 2 months later, she’s still there. So was she placed on mornings to show the supposed “struggling script reader” Allison how scripts SHOULD be read? All I’ve seen of Angie is a bunch of antics, self promotion of her podcast and this constant attempt to make us think she’s best friends with the morning crew. Look, management has the right to run their business the way they feel is best. But for me and a number of family & friends who have been watching Fox 5 for a number of years, this morning show has become a joke & just difficult to watch these days. (6/12/20)

Another filing from WBAL TV to the FCC shows the confusion regarding the repack on Baltimore’s TV Hill candelabra tower. The whole project is in disarray right now and WBAL TV states that all 3 stations are working together, but if you read the filings of each, they all disagree with each other. WBAL TV claims that they’re still holding out for the chopper crane, while CBS’s WJZ TV has notified the FCC that there will be no chopper crane available to come to Baltimore for the foreseeable future and they they are planning on a 6-8 week gin-pole method to replace their antennas. Both WBAL TV and WJZ TV have requested 180 day extensions, while WMAR TV has not yet done that. WBAL TV claims that WMAR TV is expected to file the same extension, but like I said, their plans are not all the same at all even though both WBAL TV and WJZ TV claim that all 3 companies are collaborating. Clearly, they are not all on the same page from reading these filings. Only one thing appears to be clear so far. All three TV stations will transition via auxiliary facilities first, although WMAR TV hasn’t even filed an app yet. I’m dumbfounded as to why Scripps appears to just be waiting. — BaltoMedia.net (6/12/20)

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Former Producer…. You must be a family member or Angie’s husband. The staff is not jealous of her. Getting a newscast to #1 is a team effort not one person. We are all commenting on Angie Goff’s desk move because it’s painful to watch. You don’t need to be in the TV industry to notice the lack of chemistry between the staff and Angie. It’s an insult for Angie call Allison “AL” really. Her name is Allison. Then troll her on Instagram and do the same TickTok songs. Creepy. Angie needs to go back to 4pm and stay there til she builds better repertoire with the staff. (6/11/20)

So that person who formerly worked as a producer at Fox5 thinks Angie’s coworkers are jealous of her? Really? And Allison, Holly & Maureen have been kicked out of the studio & put on back burner status as “punishment”? Hopefully you’re not starting rumors & spreading untruths. Also, hopefully you’re a “former” producer b/c you either moved on to greener pastures or retired vs. being let go & now spewing venom due to bad blood. (6/11/20)

Re: Fox5 and Angie G. Dear "former producer": Despite what you claim is obvious, I am not from anyone's anchor desk and have never worked in TV or radio. Now essentially retired, I blogged about PG crime and politics daily for over a decade and spent a lot of time watching and comparing TV and print coverage of local news. I've posted items critical of Fox5 from time to time because their quality has declined over the years as more and more celebrity gossip, idle chit-chat, and repetitive, repetitive, repetitive teasers replaced hard news. It has gotten so bad that I just can't stand to watch Fox5, except for weather, and can't at all rely on them toe bother showing weather reports at the advertised time. I don't know what audience they think wants the entertainment product that takes up the majority of their morning air time. If they were honest they'd stop calling it a news program. Diane in PG (6/11/20)

Rodney King was high on PCP and driving 115 mph. Then he resisted arrest. Boo hoo. Conan O'Brien is worse than useless. The Mike O'Meara Show only elicits "eff you" because the marquee name insists on banging on about something that is at the end of the day irrelevant. Eighteen people shot dead in Chicago? Fine! Because Mike O'Meara won't pontificate about it. Because he's a big cowboy boots never been in a fight in his life PUSSY. And doesn't care about black people. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/11/20)

To the person who’s saying they’re a former Fox5 producer, I don’t know about any other poster who has made comments about the morning changes, but I’m truly not an anchor there. I’m just a viewer who’s been watching since the days of Lark McCarthy. If indeed the atmosphere was as toxic as you say, I don’t see the chemistry & atmosphere that great w/the addition of Angie. I thought Steve & Allison were fine together. And if Allison was so bad w/the script, why not get rid of her? You truly can’t tell me Erin & Stacey are great, not even good, at reading THEIR script. (6/11/20)

I've noticed that the FCC has approved the sale of WRAU (WAMU relay) Ocean City, but the sale has not closed yet. I'm wondering what's the hold-up? (6/11/20)

Link for people to leave remembrances of Barton Eckert www.dignitymemorial.com (6/11/20)

Re: the comment on what's going on at Fox Morning, who the heck knows. No clue why it's become the Angie Goff show. True she's obviously negotiated a contract giving her front and center status. But to me, this shows that management does not respect the veteran staff they had on the morning show and believed that putting a grand stander on mornings was going to make it better..But if it's not broke, why fix it? (6/11/20)

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FROM DCRTV NEWS: The Washington DC radio ratings for the month of May. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WMAL, 2) WTOP, 3) WAMU, 4) WMMJ, 5) WETA-FM, 6) WHUR, 7) WASH, 8) WIHT, 9) WPGC, 10) WGTS and WKYS and WWDC, 13) WBIG and WIAD, 15) WMZQ, 16) WJFK, 17) WPRS, 18) WLZL, 19) WTEM, 20) WLVW. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WERQ, 3) WIYY, 4) WPOC, 5) WZBA, 6) WBAL-AM, 7) WQSR and WYPR, 9) WLIF, 10) WCBM, 11) WWMX, 12) WJZ-FM, 13) WBJC, 14) WZFT, 15) WEAA..... (6/10/20)

Bram Weinstein’s program on AM 630 (the Sports Capitol) has been replaced by syndicated ESPN Radio fare since June 1 although promos for the show still air on the station - does anyone know what’s going on? Apparently 106.7 The Fan recently ditched its part time hosts such as Loverro and Hoffman and asked the weekday talent to work weekends for free (leading to odd pairings like Cakes/Rouhier and Dukes/Bickel). With very little in the way of live sports to comment on these days, I’m wondering why WJFK considers it so important to provide local content on Saturdays and Sundays. (6/10/20)

Dave's response: First - Cumulus has had great success with righty talker WMAL so far in 2020, shooting it to the top of the ratings heap. Last sailing of the SS Limbaugh. But nobody's listing to sports talk 630. Cumulus needs to return the now crappy signal to a relay of 105.9. Second - the clowns at Entercom need to bring back "guy talk" to WJFK. Talk about other shit besides sports. Duh! Hire some college school kids at minimum wage to do shows. Bring back Don Geronimo and/or Mike O'Meara. Is G Gordon Liddy still alive? Or the Greaseman? Sheesh. Obviously, the folks who run Entercom DC are not all right in the head these days. And the Junks will work for cheap.....

Sounds like Goff is not working out very well on 5. I bet 4 is glad she’s gone. (6/10/20)

I too wonder what's going on at FOX5..I know broadcasting virtually is a challenge and I can accept that. But the whole morning staff changes is a bit much. Just no rhyme or reason for it. The addition of Angie Goff has not made the morning broadcast any better. Seems like Steve and Allison are tolerating her, but I wouldn't expect any less due to being the professionals that they are. Wisdom also is tolerating Erin Como on the early broadcast as she tries way too hard to fit in. And why is the weather guy doing what little traffic report that exists when Erin is now on that shift? Isn't that HER job? (6/10/20)

I've been reading many mailbag posts about Fox5. As a former producer it's obvious these posts are from people on the anchor desk who are jealous of Angie. Angie Goff will make that show #1. The changes were probably made because the people who were on before Angie came on board were Nasty to each other and back stabbing. It definitely wasn't a team atmosphere and more like the Bad Girls Club. Allison Stumbles through Every Script, Maureen and Holly are always giving side eye and trying to cut down each other. That negative energy is toxic and it's clear why they were removed from the show. Hopefully the new energy will clear out those bad vibes from the others who aren't on the show any longer. (6/10/20)

The new Nielsen May Ratings are out today. WMAL remains number one, WTOP number two and WAMU number three. This has not changed since April. (6/10/20)

RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Somebody get Dave LaBroozi on the line!!!! WLIF 9th! WWMX 11th! WJZ 12th! You're a disgrace to these once great stations. (6/10/20)

Well one thing has certainly been revealed with the latest round of radio ratings. The main reason people listen to WTOP is for the traffic reports. When the traffic died no one is sticking around. Maybe if you stopped peddling lies and crap through people who sound arrogant and brainwashed, maybe people would stick around past the traffic and weather together. (6/10/20)

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FROM DCRTV NEWS: Bob "Bart" Bartolomeo, 65, died June 7 at his Clairton PA home after a battle with cancer. In 40-year career, he worked in DC as managing director of affiliate relations for United Stations from 1986 to 1989 and from 1984 to 1986 was director of affiliate relations. Additionally, he was on-air for WMZQ from 1984 to 1987. During his radio career, Bartolomeo also worked for Unistar, Westwood One, Premiere, TRN, CNN, Jim Rome, Don Imus, Mancow, FNN, and CNBC..... (6/9/20)

What are they doing to the Fox 5 morning show? It has always been my go to news show, but it now is just horrible with the changes to the people on screen and the addition of Angie G. She needs to be moved back to the afternoons and bring back the 4am-6am staff and format as it was. (6/9/20)

Memo to The Mike O'Meara Show: When you tell someone who is actually GIVING YOU MONEY to "fuck off" because they're tired of hearing the head bloviator and marquee name and show fitness model (he keeps losing the same 3 pounds) talking about current events that every other person in every other venue is already talking about, you've jumped the shark. Rob "Sure" Spewak a.k.a Human Shoehorn is equally to blame. Memo to Mike: It's creepy that you kiss your 6 year old son on the lips. Ughhhh. Anyone who gives Mike O'Meara money, either directly or indirectly, is an idiot. Lookin' at you, P1s. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/9/20)

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Hello Dave, I miss listening to BOLLY FM. I heard about North Korean FM on 102.9 FM and am surprised by the move, BOLLY was rocking!!! There are fresh rumors that BOLLY FM (formerly on W275BO, Metro Radio Inc,) is in talks with several radio stations to start another lease. They are looking to start as early as next month and have had several levels of high level talks with at least iHeart and Hubbard. Looking forward to BOLLYWOOD on AIR!!! Aman (6/8/20)

WMAL on 6/8/2020 at 9:50 AM... Heads up. Chris Plante was reading George Floyd's criminal history over the air on WMAL today at about 9:50 AM when suddenly the air went dead for several seconds and then it came back up with a few seconds of some prerecorded program material and then, mid-sentence, went to commercial. After they came out of commercial break, it seemed to be prerecorded. This was not a coincidence. You might want to check out what really happened. A Listener (6/8/20)

A few things do not add up about the poster's story regarding Rouse, Venatoulis, and their purported plans years ago to buy the News-American. First of all Rouse, even earlier, was well-known for low-balling farmers as he bought up the cheap agricultural properties that would eventually become the failed community of Columbia, which remains the highest-crime area of Howard County. So he never had any problem shortchanging anyone as part of a deal. Secondly, under-funded pension plans are the rule rather that the exception, so that would not have killed any deal by itself. Third, the revenue prospects were poor for both News-American and The Sun, so even as a non-profit, something had to come from somewhere to pay the bills. (6/8/20)

Tuned in WTTG hoping for a weather forecast. Although they claim to have weather on the 5s, when 7:25 came Angie was blathering on about what she thinks about something. After a minute or two more of Angie's opinion they went to Tucker, who gave a traffic report, but ignored the weather. It gets worse by the day. (6/8/20)

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Dave: Wow, I've been here in Nags Head almost a month and what has DC become? Anyway, I can't believe the unprofessional programming on NBCSNDCCSNWASH or whatever they're called. I guess local sports will slowly return and the same awful, bland coverage will continue. Also, I really like the new sound of 103.5 and they've always been the news voice of DC. But, my company drivers still get caught with some of their AM traffic reporters not making any sense about conditions while my guys are on deliveries. I know, nothing's perfect but at least it's a refreshing change! (6/7/20)

Came across former Fox5 reporter Cori Coffin reporting for MSNBC today while flipping channels. Think she was in NY. Glad she landed a gig. Thought she was pretty good while at Fox5. (6/7/20)

"Why does Nasdaq continue to list Salem when their stock price has been below one dollar for several months?" Have you considered asking THEM? Maybe they're doing it just spite you, you gelatinous waste of oxygen. Now Dave, I found the racism and profanity in Mr. Bob Steele's post troubling. It's the sort of thing that keeps "radio professionals" from coming to this site. Mr. Steele, take a page from the Washington Post's book: when it's a "person of color" DO NOT under any circumstances mention the race. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/7/20)

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Former DC and Eastern Shore radio personality Bob Steele posted this on his Facebook page yesterday. Thanks to Walt Palmer of Rehoboth Beach's WGMD for making us aware of it.....

I should be in South Bethany Beach, DE right now nursing a chilled adult beverage, listening to music on the radio and hearing the sound of the surf pounding on the beach…That was the plan for the evening, but I’m not…Instead, I’m nursing two busted lips a swollen jaw and cuts to the inside of my mouth that probably should be stitched up at the local ER! My hippie van driver’s door latch is damaged, to what extend I don’t know right now but I can’t get in and out of the door! For those of you that want to see how it all happened apparently, there are pictures and videos of the incident on the Frederick Scanner Fb page. AND I’m extremely angry! More on that later…At roughly 8:30 this evening this aging hippy ran afoul of a 3-400 person protest that blocked Route 70 at the intersection of Route 40 in Frederick MD. Understand I was doing 65-70 MPH as I encountered this sea of people blocking the Eastbound side of the interstate. As I tried to maneuver around them a young white girl with a BLM sign told me I was not allowed to continue down the interstate and had to get off at the Route 40 Interchange. I took exception to her standing in front of my van on a 6 lane Federal Interstate (defense highway for those that know what that is), and told her in no uncertain terms to get out of my way. She got right in front of the van to block me as I inched forward. As I told her to get out of the way yet again a crowd of 15 to 20 young men of color ran up to the van and told me I had to get off the interstate. I told them I would be happy to move if they could get the girl out from in front of the van. At that point, several of the young men tried to open my locked driver’s door that I had luckily locked at the beginning of the trip. They darned near ripped the door handle off the van. I can only assume they were going to open the door and discuss with me topics such as the 200 years of slavery they had personally experienced, maybe the fact that my 1987 van violated their concept of what I should be driving, possibly they wanted to discuss the fact that Washington Bullet Wes Unseld had passed away yesterday, or possibly they just wanted to kick some old white dude’s ass. Not really being interested in any of those topics and not really wanting to get into a political discussion with a crowd of angry young men of color I decide it would be wise to move on off to the off-ramp. At that point, the crowd parted briefly and I was sucker-punched by one of the nice young men without provocation, without cause, and I guess because he just wanted to coldcock an old white dude. I quickly had blood running down my face, my mustache turned a fashionable shade of crimson and I immediately felt a shooting pain across my jaw where the young gentleman decided his fist should be placed with great force. Reeling from the blow, I stepped on the gas, the crowd was throwing stuff at the van and kicking the sides. As I drove away, the group dispersed as quickly as it had assembled, and as I rolled up the off-ramp flipping them off in a last act of defiance all the while dialing 911. At the top of the ramp were a number of Frederick County Sheriffs' deputies blocking access to the Westbound side of the interstate. I talked to one officer who took down my information and apologized for the treatment I had received at the hands of the “peaceful protestors” (my words not his). I told him no need to apologize I said, "you have to deal with this for the rest of the night, I don’t". After refusing medical treatment (I had no idea the cuts in the inside of my lip were so large or so deep). I looked down to Route 70 and noticed the throng had moved to the Westbound side of the Interstate and that side was now at a complete standstill. Those of you that don't know me, I am a radio air personality, I have been in the business of entertaining and information for 46 years. in addition, I have been involved in many protests, marches, and sit-ins, and covered many more for a wide variety of news organizations from local to national, hell, I grew up in the 60s and 70s (BTW my news credentials were on the dashboard of the “Hippie Van” in full view of the crowd of nice young men of color). Understand, we are not talking about a newbie to protest movements here...My creds of being on both sides of the protests in DC, Largo, MD, Gainesville, FL, College Park, MD, and others are without question. Further, I have analyzed the video of the cop with his knee on the neck of the handcuffed George Floyd in Minneapolis from all angles. Finally, I absolutely believe in our constitutional right to protest things we personally object to. There are a lot of people that have died for that right and privilege Here are some thoughts in retrospect: 1) A peaceful protest is way more effective than a violent one. The results from Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandella, and others certainly prove the effectiveness of non-violent protests. 2) I firmly believe the riots we are seeing in our cities are coordinated and instigated by outside forces. 3) There are paid instigators all over the country inciting violence. 4) How does a pallet of bricks just happen to appear? 5) I believe the cop that killed George Floyd is guilty of first-degree murder. I also believe he won’t last more than 24 hours in a general prison population anywhere in this country, and his death will not be pretty 6) There are a lot of people going freaking stir crazy because of the lockdown from the COVID 19 Virus quarantines 7) Because you are pissed off at the world does not give you the right to be violent. Nor does it give you the right to drag me out of my van. Nor does it give you the right to violate my personal space, Nor does it give you the right to strike me! 8) I think that burning and looting because you are pissed off about something is simply wrong. Who do you hurt? 9) Back to me…I have a right to roll down Highway 70 unimpeded by your sorry asses at the 70 MPH speed limit I I so choose. 10) If you get in my way and I accidentally hit you, well, it sucks to be you! Now let’s talk about my newfound anger! I was willing to give the protestors all over the country a bye because I think the killing of anyone in the “protective” custody of police in the way George Floyd was killed is a crime. A criminal act to revenge a criminal act is nothing more than anarchy! We are a nation of laws…and maybe it’s time to look at those laws to make sure they are fair and equitable across the board. BUT when people decide that the law doesn’t apply to them and they violate basic human rights and decide they can do anything they damn well please including attempting to pull me out of my van because of the color of my skin, well I have a basic problem with that. So now I’m angry! And the person to blame is the guy that sucker punched me this evening! I don’t blame all people of color for this act I blame him! He is the asshole that punched me for no reason! So here is my question which will certainly go unanswered because he can hide in his anonymity…Now that you have punched a White Guy does that somehow bring back the life of anyone who has wrongfully perished in police custody? I think not…so now you are on the exact same level as the four police officers that killed George Floyd! I know, as do you, that had you and your friends been able to get me out of the van, I wouldn’t be in any shape to be writing this tonight! And more than likely your anger would have been the end of my life! So before you do this again, and while you and your buds are hi-fiving each other over the “fun” you had tonight, you got to wonder what I’m doing to prevent this from happening to me and my family the next time. See how this works? One wrong, no matter how tragic, does not justify another! That is nothing short of revenge. There are bad apples in every crate…one individual does not represent an entire race! Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandella warned against that. To the guy that thought it would be cool to sucker-punch me tonight...so we all understand where I'm coming from…# All Lives Matter! Your’s, Mine, The Cops, and everyone else…you have no right to take the law into your own hands, And you sure as shit have no right to punch me! (6/6/20)

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At the risk of sounding like Paul Harvey, I feel a need to tell this untold story. I think very few people know this, but I had a chance conversation with one of the people trying to buy The Baltimore Sun, Ted Venetoulis, and his controversial plan to turn the newspaper into a non-profit company. But that’s not the most interesting part of the story. Tribune is not really responding by the way about selling The Sun so far. So I asked him for the brief time we had to chat why no one ever tried to buy The Baltimore News American newspaper or name from the Hearst Corporation when it folded as it was largely considered possibly the oldest newspaper in America from 1773! And it turns out that Ted Venetoulis had organized a group to save that newspaper also. It included the founder/developer of Columbia Maryland and Harborplace, James Rouse himself. And they intended to buy the newspaper from Hearst, but talks broke off when it was discovered that Hearst had not properly funded the worker’s pension fund. So that explains how News American workers got screwed over and why there was no way to save the newspaper. Rouse very much wanted to save one of America’s oldest newspapers, but when he found that out, he shook his head and balked knowing it was impossible to fund it without Hearst doing its part which they chose not to. So yeah, Hearst, owner of WBAL TV still today, was not such a great company in dealing with its newspaper employees. So The News American folded after 213 years. And now you know the rest of the story. — BaltoMedia.net (6/5/20)

RE:"My new favorite radio station in Northern Virginia is 102.9 FM. HanMiFM.com They play Favorite Korean Hits. You don't need to speak Korean to enjoy this new music. Give it a listen. You may enjoy it." Already have. When my 16-year-old son won't get out of bed in the morning, I simply put a boombox in his doorway, tune it to 102.9 FM, and turn the volume to 10. With the sound of Korean pop love songs enveloping his room, he gets up immediately to turn it off. This music is more effective in getting him out of bed than Chris Plante's Russian propaganda! (6/5/20)

Why does Nasdaq continue to list Salem when their stock price has been below one dollar for several months? Have they changed their rules? (6/5/20)

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Why in the world would Entercom try to buy WAVA. They have 2 Billion in debt, a stock price that's hovering around the delist price and can't afford the thousands of those employees that have been let go and furloughed. (6/4/20)

My new favorite radio station in Northern Virginia is 102.9 FM. HanMiFM.com They play Favorite Korean Hits. You don't need to speak Korean to enjoy this new music. Give it a listen. You may enjoy it. (6/4/20)

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A terrific job by CNN says one mailbagger? What are you smoking? So CNN's Don Lemon says, "We are entering into a dictatorship America. It's time to stand up and fight!” “White people are the greatest terror threat to America.” Just a few quotes from the incredibly dumb Don Lemon. Well I have have news for you. Don Lemon doesn't live in your burned out and looted neighborhood. He's not gonna have trouble getting groceries or food in the morning. Hell no. Then he has the nerve to say, "Trump incited all the riots and caused the cops to murder black people" It's people like Don Lemon that are inciting riots and race baiting. And CNN thinks this will get rid of Trump, but I actually think it will do the exact opposite. The sheer phoniness and hypocrisy of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo is so easy to see through. These are the same kind of stunts that got Nixon re-elected! Do they never learn anything on the left from history? (6/3/20)

There are two Spanish Broadcasting Companies in Mexico that want to buy Spanish FM Stations in DC. Is Entercom going to sell WLZL 107.9 FM and purchase WAVA-FM from Salem? There are several formats Entercom likes that are void in DC. (6/3/20)

"WTOP has lost it's long standing journalistic integrity and is a mockery of its former glory." That's a pretty harsh assessment over some audio level issues, fella. What do you do when your Buffalo Wild Wings entree is too spicy? Call in an air strike to blow up the kitchen? (6/3/20)

Cumulus owns 450 radio stations, including WMAL-FM in DC and 630 AM , has been cleared by the FCC to become up to 100% Foreign Owned. This is good news for iHeart and other radio companies that want the same thing. There are Spanish Radio Companies in Mexico that want to own Spanish Stations in the United States. The foreign ownership of stations in the past has been limited to just 25%. This dates back to the 1930's. (6/3/20)

I have seven nieces and nephews in their 20s and 30s who won’t get to enjoy WTOP’s new sound. Why? Because they don’t listen to WTOP. Hope their oldest demo enjoys it, though. (6/3/20)

I had the opportunity to listen to two full hours of WTOP while driving yesterday. Unless there are board ops who don't know how to ride levels, or a production director who is going deaf, the sounders are overmodulated (especially the traffic sounder) and jarring. Using the word "Sonic" to describe this package is a stretch. It sounds like overlayed drones & whoosh tracks from a 2001 effects CD. Nothing remarkable about this package & nothing remarkable about Julia Zeiger's reign so far. WTOP has lost it's long standing journalistic integrity and is a mockery of its former glory. (6/3/20)

I truly hope that Fox 5 anchor who said "every" president has been driven to St. John's church wasn't reading from a teleprompter. But if so, wouldn't be surprised as I've heard some anchors say things that were totally inaccurate, only to have to come back and offer a correction. But that's usually only by those anchors who aren't just newsreaders and actually pay attention to what they're saying vs. just reading what's put in front of them. (6/3/20)

How come WTOP has 16 reporters but 4 news directors? And how come, when you read the news director bios, two of them have never been reporters? How can you have people who have never been out on the street - never covered a fire, a late night murder, even a cat stuck in a tree - be "news directors?" Seems like Oxley could save some money by lopping a couple of heads... (6/3/20)

Johnny Holliday interview... digital.montgomerymag.com (6/3/20)

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Memo to 94.7 The Drive: Really fellas, its long about time you blew open the '80s playlist a *LOT* bit more. Here's a resource to help you get started: radioinsight.com... And to casual DCRTV Mailbag Lurkers, check out the list and see how many you remember and actually liked back then. (6/2/20)

A terrific job by CNN on the rallies, protests, and violence around the country. Yes, CNN messed up the rocket launch and the wrong city for police car fires. So what. At least coverage is fair and clean and flag waves to Mr Omar Fernandez and Ms Sara Sidnor. Both are real pros. And kudos to all media working very hard in a huge danger zone. (6/2/20)

In Monday's Rob Spewak Sucks Corner, the wannabee pop culture maven thinks Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair are the same person. In other news, stocks traded between consenting buyers and sellers, for prices. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/2/20)

Is "Gus in Gaithersburg" insane? Why do you continue to post the trash that he sends you each day? You lose all respect from broadcasters in DC. DCRTV was well respected in the past. (6/2/20)

It was ten years ago, June 2, 2010, when then-NPR president Vivian Schiller was interviewed for the Dow Jones blog AllThingsD. In that interview, she gave two memorable quotes: "First of all, note we don’t call ourselves National Public Radio anymore. We’re NPR."; and, "Radio towers are going away within 10 years, and Internet radio will take its place." Schiller's tenure at NPR was also highlighted by the Juan Williams firing and having the fund-raising department punked by a right-wing gotcha outfit. Ten years on, Internet radio has made some inroads, but one can look at the horizon and see no radio towers have gone away. (6/2/20)

Fox5 DC was providing live coverage of the protesters near the White House when Trump decided to walk to St. John's Church. One of the oh-so-knowledgeable female anchors provided the voiceover, "It's truly remarkable that he is walking there because every single president in history has driven to that church which is about a half block away from the White House." Yes, the Secret Service put James and Dolly Madison into a bullet-proof limo and drove them over there through the mud. The church is about a block away from the north gate of the White House across Lafayette Square. Add to that another block between the north gate and the West Wing. (6/2/20)

Just three weeks ago, Stan Hubbard called his execs into a meeting room in St. Paul. "WMAL became number one in the DC ratings over our WTOP," said Stan. "How to we stop them?" Exec One said, "Buy WMAL and change their format to the old WHFS?" Exec Two said, "Hire Alex Jones as the new WTOP PD and become an even more right-wing station than WMAL?" Exec Three said, "Redouble our efforts to be the best darned news station in the country?" After the laughter died down, Stan said, "I know! Let's get a new jingle package! It will have to sound URGENT and LOUD!" "Yes, boss!" exclaimed the execs in unison. And, lo, on June 1, it was so. Stan's one regret? "It would have sounded great along with ABC News's urgency and loudness. Guess we shouldn't have given them up." (6/2/20)

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FROM DCRTV NEWS: Hubbard all-newser WTOP rolls out its new "sonic identity" on June 1. Listeners will notice "a bold new imaging package integrated with WTOP's news reports, traffic, weather and more," according to a WTOP news release. "Anchored by a vibrant and memorable sonic logo, the comprehensive suite of musical themes gives a sleek, modern edge to the WTOP brand and sets it firmly in line with today’s radio, media and tech landscape." WTOP collaborated with Seattle-based ReelWorld to develop "the unmistakable new sound" along with ReelWorld's co-founder Erik Huber. The package consists of 10 unique themes, covering all essential station benchmarks from top-of-hour to traffic, business, sports, breaking news, and more. Audio and package details are available at reelworld.com..... (6/1/20)

It’s not been a good week for CNN. CNN erroneously labeled burning cars as being in Baltimore and the footage from WBFF TV and WBFF says, no it was not their footage and not even Baltimore. It turns out it was in Philadelphia. More in today's Sun about the bad TV coverage of the protests and riots. I’m kind of shocked that David Zurawik, Z on TV, wrote this. They must have let him go from CNN as part of their layoffs? :-) www.baltimoresun/com (6/1/20)

The something big that came to WTOP today was the new news sounders. They’ve FINALLY come into the 21st century with their news sounders, because hadn’t they been using the last package since the 80’s or 90’s? Just saying. (6/1/20)

So Ch 11 has got some new guy they apparently hired off QVC shopping network. Jeff Rossen. His whole schtick sounds like he is trying to sell something. The constant walking back and forth, pointing, in a hyped up tone of voice for some story or other that's just plain boring. They should have a clock in a corner that tells how many seconds we have left for the "deal" he is pushing. Where do they find these people? But wait, there's more! (as they say) The station now also has some guy named Marv Albert, whose distinctive feature appears to be for us to be looking up his nose. What's that all about, actually? The longer the title, the less significant the work, Mr. Chief National Self-Important Investigative Supreme Correspondent Reporter, or whatever. He and that Rev. Dr. Mr. School Correspondent Reporter Tim Tooten, and they must run out of letters for the titles. (6/1/20)

Well first off, there’s no Hooper Ave. in Randallstown, MD. If you meant Hooper Ave. on TV Hill, no that’s a building built for WBAL TV and WBAL AM/FM. On nearby Malden Ave. the original WAAM channel 13 TV building still stands, albeit with additions added to it by Group W years later and now owned by CBS. It is still used by WJZ 13. Now there’s also a third smaller building which is also connected to candelabra tower. It is unmarked and the entrance sealed off by fence on Parkdale Ave. That is most likely WMAR 2’s transmitter building since it has a transmission line directly to the candelabra tower. And finally, WBFF Fox 45’s complex also backs up against Hooper Ave. but the main entrance is on W. 41st Street. Hope that explains all the TV buildings on Television Hill. (6/1/20)

Sharon Gibala, WJZ traffic reporter, is reporting on Tweeter she also has been laid off along with Mike Shue & Pat Warren. Gibala is currently out on maternity leave...jag (6/1/20)

"How stupid is CNN?" How stupid is someone who watches on CNN what they could see on C-SPAN with no delay or censorship? As stupid as Mike O'Meara, who went on and on about his struggle to "find the feed". That's saying something. Gus in the Gaithersburg (6/1/20)

CNN erroneously labels burning cars as being in Baltimore and the footage from WBFF TV and WBFF says, no it was not their footage and not even Baltimore, and it turns out it was in Philadelphia. CNN is really on a roll after missing the SpaceX launch yesterday due to a master control mistake. (6/1/20)

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