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DCRTV Mailbag - August 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020

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WBFF's Alexa Ashwell talks in detail about her COVID-19 battle and why she's not been on the air for a month. She's had a very rough time, but is now COVID-free, but still with lingering effects and symptoms while still working from home. More in The Sun... www.baltimoresun.com — Baltomedia.net

Don't know which post Dave pulled, but his site, his rules. The one he didn't run was a story told on the air by a well known former radio personality about what I will gently ("Use all gently" - Shakespeare) call a home improvement project. To improve the view. Dave's site, Dave's rules. It would be silly to fret about it. People who like to write about me with my pants pulled down get more than equal time so I don't see what y'all's fuss is about. Gus in the Gaithersburg

ENTERCOM Hot AC WWMX (MIX 106.5)/BALTIMORE is rolling out a new morning show beginning on MONDAY 9/14. STEVE KRAMER and JESSICA DUTRA will co-host the newly christened “KRAMER & JESS” show, that will air weekdays from 6a to 10:00a.

Re; Tom in Laytonsville. "Gus" & DCRTV Dave are kindred spirits. Granted, Gus is more Hunter S. Thompson than Hemmingway. Know this sensitive dullard as you leave, Gus lives and writes on the DCRTV malebag edge in a 'Fear & Loathing' in Morganton NC 28655 Gonzo kinda way. Gus's command of language, his fearless commentary or his fearsome intellect are always welcomed in the malebag. So, who cares if Gus might travel with two bags of grass, 75 pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multicolored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers?.?.?.?and also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, and a case of Budweiser. Celebrity will not slow Gus down. Signed, The Real AHHHH

From washingtonpost.com: John Thompson, the Washington native who elevated Georgetown University basketball to national prominence, earned Hall of Fame honors and carved a place in history as the first African American coach to lead his team to the NCAA championship, has died at 78. His family announced the death in a statement but did not provide additional details... In his later years, Mr. Thompson parlayed his powerful voice and point of view into a career as a sports talk radio host, with “The John Thompson Show” airing on ESPN 980 (WTEM AM). Mr. Thompson also provided color commentary for national college basketball games on the Westwood One Sports network...

Since you have permitted "Gus in Gaithersburg" to dominate DCRTV you have lost me. I no longer read DCRTV. It is a waste of time.

Dave's response: I did remove one of Gus's posts after a complaint yesterday and I rejected a post from him later yesterday. If you want me to considering yanking any post from him please copy and paste it in an e-mail and send it to me with an explanation as to why you want it pulled. By the way, DCRTV's web traffic is up about 40% since we moved the mailbag to the front page. Goodbye.....

According to the Wikipedia: WTEL-610 (the former famously MOR then Sports WIP-610) in Philadelphia is the local outlet for the new Black Information Network, and not WDAS-1480. -- Carl in Olney

The following e mail was sent to the WCBM/WQLL staff last week:

Dave's response: BIN? As is trash bin? Who's the marketing genius that came up with that name? Up there with Tegna.....

Gary Blau, a radio engineer who was from MoCo, died yesterday due to cancer. He was 66. I’m guessing that many DCRTV fans would like to know this news. www.radioworld.com

Black Information Network is running this morning on 1120 WUST and, surprisingly, 1370 WQLL. Explains why WQLL's signal was brought up to snuff all of a sudden....WUST is not technically a daytimer anymore, it's 50 kW daytime, 3 kW CH and all of 50 W at night. Granted, 50 W after dark on a clear channel in a city is useless - it might as well still be a daytimer.

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No, I’m not a broadcast engineer, but I’m smart enough to know that if they are TWICE as loud as every other FM radio station when I scan the dial, they are doing something funky. You don’t have to be an engineer to know that. And obviously it’s not accidental, since they do it every single day 24/7.

Dave, It’s been fun at times but if “Gus” is going to be allowed to turn Mailbag into his personal trash mouth outhouse, I’m out. He needs help. Tom in Laytonsville

To the person whos complained about WOWZ Channel 6 being over powered. .can you prove it, have you gone out there to measure it with calibrated equipment? No, thats why the fcc doesnt respond to your joke complaint. WOWZ channel 6 is also on a tower barely 13 miles away from Ocean City. So 1kw, or their CP for 3kw at nearly 370feet would easily make it to ocean city. Sounds like you dont know what in the world youre talking about.

It would appear that as long as WUST is on 1120 KHz, it remains a daytime-only station because of KMOX in Saint Louis, MO, unless something drastic has changed in the last week. Also, China Radio International is on all day long on WCRW-1190 in Leesburg, VA, a 50,000 W station by day, and less by night. Finally, a correction to myself: Yes, WDAS-1480 in Philadelphia has a long history as a station devoted to the African-American community until 2007. But before 1951 it was a traditional (common in the 1930s-1960s) "ethnic" station, broadcasting in various European languages, as in Yiddish, Polish, and Italian, and for some years a big band station. This was before my time (actually, before my birth). Let's give credit to owner Max Leon back in the 1950s for that. And while 1480 doesn't seem like a great frequency, it is crystal clear all through the 130 sq. mile City of Philadelphia. -- Carl in Olney

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What is the "Black Information Network"? Is it owned by iHeart? It is suppose to start on Monday 8/31/20 in DC on WUST 1120 AM. How much did iHeart pay for WUST 1120 AM? Is WUST still a "Daytime Only" Station? What happened to the "Voice of China" Format that was on WUST for many years?

Angie Goff Update: Currently I have no news about Angie Goff. You've been updated. theintercept.com... Twenty-four guns I have no problem with, bondage and S&M gear? Problem-adjacent. You live in the DC area? These are your neighbors, gun-owning sexfreaks. Sadly the article did not delve into his preferred radio stations. My money's on WAMU. Soothing. Gus in the Gaithersburg

WIYY 98 ROCK has filed for a construction permit and program test authority for their new antenna atop the TV Hill candelabra tower. They are also testing a new transmitter. The signal should be nearly identical, but all the FM transmitters on the tower had to be moved as part of the TV repack work completed recently, so WIYY replaced their antenna completely as part of the process and apparently all of the FM antennas are grouped together now on the tower. So if you notice any reception changes, that will be from this ongoing testing. — BaltoMedia.net

"enemies of the people"? So no love for Pelosi's Stalinesque characterization of Trump as an "Enemy of the STATE"? Apparently it's not "We the People" it's "We the State". Here's a no esser: if that super rich whore had the opportunity to repeat Uncle Joe's relocation of the people of the Balticum, she would get whatever amphetamine and botox shots she needed to get that done. She's not Cannery Row, she's Napa Valley, Nob Hill. And a heavy drinker, but I don't believe that and certainly don't mean to say it. Screw that bitch, or be thankful that you don't have that tedious assignment. She's a nightmare fully dressed; imagine it the other way. Ewwww. Gus in the Gaithersburg

The key to the WQLL AM 1370 50kw upgrade is that the Mangione family is also a developer, so they owned the land in Harford County already to build the daytime towers, which were deliberately kept short enough (under 200 feet) to not require any lighting. Then as part of the WCBM 680 upgrade to 50kw daytime, they also owned the land out in Howard County too off Marriottsville Road not from from Turf Valley Resort Golf resort, which they also own. They then repurposed WCBM’s old site with new towers for WQLL’s night time signal.

I am often surprised to hear that I am not the only one who sees "The" TMOS "Show" with Fat Drunk Baby and The Human Shoehorn (Right! Sure! Right on! Let me start a sentence three times in a row because you didn't yield to my interruption!) as the shithole that it is. Just bad "radio". And the fish stinks from the head, by which I mean the marquee name. And the Rob. Rob, you see, is the fish's ASS. Are they still doing a podcast? I wouldn't know because I've left that abusive relationship. The "abuse" part was they SUCKED. Gus in the Gaithersburg

It is true......WUST 1120 AM in DC and WDAS 1480 AM in Philadelphia were originally Black Stations. As of 8/31/20, they will return to a Black format.

Is Cumulus going to continue their sports Talk format on WSBN 630 AM?

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I don' know nothin' about birthin' no utility bills but in a world where Christiane Amanpourstupidwhore doesn't know the difference between the 1960 and 1968 Olympics, I don't care. Her goto move when she has a black fellow saying stuff that she didn't expect is to talk over him. Where is the IRGC when you need them? On a "lighter" note I hope we get the Black Information Network in the DC area soon. I imagine they'll have an internet presence but a lot of my listening is done outdoors because I'm constantly training like pre-fat Steven Segal in Hard To Kill. P.S. "Kraft Baby Marshmallows" is "The" TMOS "Show"'s most fucked out, ridden by every disease-riddled cowboy passing through town bit, but I appreciate the joke. We cool. Gus in the Gaithersburg

I think that having Black Information News on WUST-1120 and WDAS-1480 would be great, returning both stations to their real roots. I'd listen to it. What station in NYC has such low ratings that it would be leased for this network? I am guessing 620 WSNR in Jersey City, NJ, which is a mile or two from the isle of Manhattan, so it's a crystal clear NYC station. I am so old I remember when it was WVNJ and played Broadway show tunes 24/7. And for the record, the WQLL's Joppa xmtr is for daytime use, and the Pikesville xmtr is for nighttime use, a quite rare split of transmitters. -- Carl in Olney

It is difficult to imagine paying the utility bill for the 50,000 watt 1120KHz station WUST-AM, let alone paying another amount to lease or buy the place. Its peak, for this listener, was when they would run Radio France in the mornings, in French. I know just enough of the language to enjoy driving into work with it. Good newscast, great signal. But even earlier, WUST had a loyal following when it was a lower-powered station at an old movie theater in DC. The site, now the 9:30 Club, featured gospel revival programming, live, as a congregation gathered in the theater seating and the stage became the altar. Even if you weren't into it, you could get into it.

Noted the post about Bart Tessler retiring from Westwood One. (Final WWO newscasts to be fed to the bird this coming weekend?) Meaningful to me because his final office space at 4400 Jenifer St. was the same spot as our WMAL chief engineer’s office in years gone by. Ever since we first occupied that space in the winter of 1973-74 I needed to keep track of the tenants of each office on the 20,000 square foot 4th floor. Oh, the stories I could tell. Best wishes to Bart from both me and my wife, who was also in the network radio business when Bart was first starting out. P of the AW

WUST has a long history as a black-oriented station. In their heyday, not only did they play local black music, but they also operated the WUST music hall next door to their studio at the time. The station has always been a daytimer that had to get off 1220 for KMOX St Louis at night, so live broadcasts from the music hall were not possible, but it was somewhat common to record some of the music played the night before and play it on-air during the day. Good to see them back in a non-pandering black format

Following up on WQLL 1370, they have well designed transmitter sites, one in Joppa, the other near Pikesville. These are relatively new sites as far as AM facilities, installed in the 1990’s as I recall, as was WCBM’s site when they upgraded to 50 kw days. Yes, the Joppa day site has a massive signal due south down the bay, and into DC with 50kw. I am guessing that was the site you recently heard in Germantown. I had been at USCG station Elizabeth City in the past, with a very readable daytime signal. The Pikesville site has a more SE pattern, toward Ocean City, it is just over 50% less power as well, thus very limited in toward DC.

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DCRTV & M FOR MEDIA: Donald Trump’s repeated use of the phrase “enemies of the people” in his attacks on the media has stoked anger and fear not only because of general concerns that he is demonizing a pillar of American democracy, but because of its echoes of totalitarianism.The phrase has old roots, even appearing in a Shakespeare play, but it became well known in the 20th century when it was adopted by dictators from Stalin to Mao, and Nazi propagandists, to justify their murderous purges of millions. NOW THIS::" White House says it is creating 'very large' dossier on Washington Post journalist and others The Real AHHHH

I'm hearing that New World Radio has sold their 50k frequency, WUST 1120 AM, to iHeartRadio with the format change happening this Monday 8/31/2020. Possibly as part of their BIN initiative: radioinsight.com: RadioInsight EXCLUSIVE - iHeartMedia is in the process of leasing additional signals to further grow some of their newer programming initiatives such as Black Information Network in markets such as New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Philadelphia sports blog Crossing Broad reported on Monday that iHeart will be leasing “610 ESPN” WTEL Philadelphia. WTEL currently airs a mix of brokered sports shows and ESPN Radio national programming, similar to iHeart’s “Fox Sports The Gambler” 1480 WDAS/102.5 W273DO with Fox Sports Radio and sports betting programs. We have independently verified their report and it is expected either 610 or 1480/102.5 will become the Philadelphia affiliate for the “Black Information Network” as we previously reported the company had registered domains for the market, with the “Gambler” on the other. Philadelphia is not the only market where an LMA is imminent. iHeart is expected to begin operating a second AM in New York City by the start of September. We expect the BIN programming to arrive there and on a translator in Montgomery AL currently leased to another operator. We’ve been told there are negotiations ongoing for other markets including Washington DC for either Black Information Network or other programming initiatives.

[From TALKERS magazine via Jim Bohannon:] After 44 years with the company and the designation of having been the company’s longest-serving employee, executive vice president Bart Tessler is leaving Westwood One. Company vice president of news and talk programming Kevin DeLany says that Tessler “worked for a dozen organizations after mergers, sales, and consolidations and reported to 25 different CEOs, presidents, and COOs. During his tenure, Bart launched three national news networks and managed coverage and programming or distribution for five others. He also launched a business network and oversaw distribution relationships for another three, with his trademark professionalism, passion and pride… he was responsible for managing many of our most notable talk shows including ‘The Larry King Show,’ ‘The Dennis Miller Show,’ ‘The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly,’ ‘The Osgood File,’ ‘The Laura Ingraham Show,’ ‘The Savage Nation,’ ‘The Jim Bohannon Show,’ ‘Red Eye Radio’ and ‘The Mark Levin Show.’” Tessler says, “It’s been a thrill to witness history and work with the industry’s top personalities and broadcast journalists. It has also been a privilege to have the responsibility to carefully and accurately report important news over the years. The stars have now aligned perfectly to allow me to transition to the next story. Many thanks to Suzanne Grimes and Charles Steinhauer for their guidance and support, and best wishes to Westwood One and all my colleagues and friends for continued health and success.”

For the poster who mentioned WZSK, Everett 1040AM. The station hasn't been on the air since January. At that time they were operating under an STA at 2,500 watts. Their companion FM remains on the air. The daily obituaries have been moved to 11:30 am.

Well, bravo to Charm City's 1370 AM, which for years couldn't be picked up at all from many spots in the DC area although It's supposed to be a 50 kW flamethrower to the south. Even from the NE side of the District it was so weak as to be unlistenable. They must have fixed something with the signal--xmitter grounding or whatever--because late this afternoon, I caught it booming in from beautiful downtown Germantown as though it was a brand new station. Yes, it surprised the . . . outta me. Recently 1480 AM in Dumfries did likewise after a coupla years. Now if only 1310 and 1460 AM would follow suit. Also, what's with WZSK 1040 AM in Everett, PA which has been off the air for at least 2-3 months. It normally starts to come in around Fredneck, but even from Hancock the freq has been silent. Jeff

Fox5 has announced Allison Seymour's replacement: FOX 5 welcomes Marissa Mitchell to morning show, Good Day DC www.fox5dc.com

FOX5 has a new hire for the morning news and it’s not Angie Goff: www.fox5dc.com. Interesting, it says she’s going to work with Wisdom, Holly, Erin and Mike. No mention of Steve or Tucker. That means she’s likely on the super-early shift so maybe Angie Goff sticks around in the 6-9am role she’s been in. And does that mean Holly is the next one pushed out?

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OK, Columbia,MD HD Radio update. I purchased the HD Radio from BestBuy $35 on sale (discontinued, going fast.) I need to use a clip-on long wire antenna to get the WIYY and WYPR HD channels indoors, but others (WCSP) come in with just the whip. I like being able to listen to WBAL and 1300AM in clear Digital sound.

DC’s WDCN channel 6 had a permit for a digital LD signal on channel 43, but that is now a moot point since that occurred before the Repack, but WOWZ, channel 6 in Salisbury, which is over modulated and overpowered illegally to boom into Ocean City this summer has no digital permit nor am I aware of any TV signal either. I have reported them multiple times to the FCC without even an answer that they received my complaint. I hope they are all yanked, but I think the lawyers will win the day on this one as usual and they’ll just say that the FCC mislead them and never warned them or gave them notice and just the threat of a lawsuit will F this whole thing up for God knows how long. Plus I think the L&M database screw up has them all applying for Next Gen TV licenses as well, so that should make for some funny legal briefs. “No your honor, the FCC did not deliberately accept Next Gen TV licenses from these plaintiffs. It was simply a computer glitch our Club Fed monkeys couldn’t figure out for several months.” LOL

So WJFK talkers and grumpy frat boys The Sports Sans Sports Junkies discussing Entercom's order to broadcast from home complained that instead of September 1st return to the Half Street studio it will now be at the earliest sometime in January 2021. Eric Bickel claims he's ready now albeit from the comfort of his Kensington home. These guys have jobs and a soft life and still complain. No commuting or exposure to the Commie Bug in public, can wear what they want and arrive at the microphone moments before air time and still take in hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary and endorsements. The get comped all the time for tickets, golf and food all while having the nominal talent of a public access show. I am a big fan and loyal listener to the Junks but sometimes it would be good to be humble and realize their audience is nothing like them. Meanwhile Gus in the Gaithrrsburg is happy just to have a basement, a pair of pants at his ankles, a Dell Computer to watch porn and AOL IM his only friend Subway's Jared Fogle and stacks of clean underwear his mother left him.

the deadline for LPTV stations going digital is Jully 20121 not the end of this year.

Channel 6 LPTV Stations are required to go digital by the end of this year according to FCC Rules. However, the FCC has the power to change the Rules. The Channel 6 LPTV Group have hired Lobbyist and Lawyers to lobby the FCC to try to get them to extend their lucrative FM Radio Stations on their Audio Channel 87.7 FM.

So Meghan Fitzgerald’s leaving NBC4. Wow. Assuming she announced that on air since it’s now in print. As for Allison & Mark, their show started last week. Noticed no Angie Goff on mornings or at 4pm yesterday or today. Didn’t she just get back from vacation on Monday?

NBC 4 weekend anchor Meagan Fitzgerald is leaving for NBC’s Chicago bureau. Here’s the announcement: reelchicago.com

Does anyone know the over/under on how many months the FCC’s Licensing & Managing System will show 5000+ radio stations filing Next Gen TV applications? It’s as if instead of hiring engineers and qualified people, they are hiring monkeys to throw paint at a wall to create art. How long could it possibly take to fix this? And how many thousands of dollars will it involve to pay such monkeys?

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Here is my 2 cents on getting HD signals from FM stations. Most Class B FMs (the strong ones) travel 35-50 miles. As in: I can get every station from Baltimore (except 95.9, a class A, a weaker one fro Glen Burnie) here in Olney. And in my car I can get most of the Baltimore and DC HD signals most of the time. The HD signals on Class B stations travel around 20 miles, so you can get every Baltimore's HD signal in Columbia, every single one. And because I work near but not in Columbia, I can tell you that I can get every HD signal from north of Laurel from the DC stations, (except Class A 102.3, and except all the Class Bs that are actually assigned to Virginia, like 105.9 and 106.7). One more example: I get WFRE-99.9 from Frederick crystal clear at home, but not its HD signal at all. Once I get north of Germantown, the HD signals for that station start to come in. And for AM: I can get the HD signals for 820 AM in Frederick in Olney, but not in Columbia, but I can get WCAO-600 in HD in Columbia, For all stations: The HD Signal is never as strong as the Analog signal, but usually for Class B, you can get it for 20 miles, for Class A, it's about 12-15. Final summary: In Columbia, you should get the HD signals for every single Baltimore Station, and for almost all of the DC (not VA) stations. And again, I am not an engineer, or soothsayer. I do know that I love it on my car radio: WBAL-AM on WIYY-HD2, "WONK-FM" on WWDC-HD2, great extra music signals from WASH and WLIF. And on every music station the HD signal is always noticeably better. With WBJC-91,5, it sounds like I am in the concert hall in my car, and the change is noticeable from analog to Digital after the first 5 seconds of FM only, while the computer chip does whatever it is supposed to before it syncs up the digital sound. Lastly, most Class B use the equivalent of 50,000 Watts,and those that are Class A use 6,000 Watts. A home HD Radio, I am guessing, will get them all from Baltimore, and most from DC, but you may have to move the antenna around for the DC stations. -- Carl in Olney

It looks like Allison Seymour and Marc Clarke are going to Miami's digital 100 Hip Hop and RNB FM station for the afternoon shift: www.allaccess.com

The Hybrid Digital signal that rides on the normal FM signal is not offered at the same strength, so your reception range won't always match. But, if you can hear the FM signal without any noise, like when you move around the antenna or the radio itself, then you probably will be able to pick up the digital datastream too. But then it's a matter of the radio you're listening on. Digital reception is either there, or it's not. And some radios have a better ability to correct for, and buffer, when a signal momentarily drops out. If you experiment, keep the store receipt.

I live in Columbia, MD. If I can get an FM station really well, does that mean I will be able to receive the HD sub channels? What is the range of HD radio? The same as the FM signal? 1/2? Is there any way to estimate reception?

Has President Trump kept his promise regarding the FCC? "For every new Rule the FCC passes, two old rules must be eliminated. " Let's see a list of the old RULES that have been eliminated. Hard to find this information? What is the FCC doing today to help Minorities get into Broadcasting ownership?

Remember why the Channel 6 LPTV licenses were granted to Minorities in the first place......The FCC wanted to give Minorities an opportunity to get into Television ownership. When these licenses were granted the applicants told the FCC they would operate them as Television Stations and operate them under the FCC Rules and Regulations. How did that work out? Soon after the licenses were granted, the owners found a loophole. Operate them as FM Radio Stations using their audio channel 87.7 FM and forget about operating them as Television Stations as intended. Next comes selling off these licenses for Millions of dollars to Non-Minorities and pocketing the money. More power to the Minorities! That is the American Way! How many of these licenses are owned by Minorities TODAY?

Hey Gus, your recipe is missing something...KRAFT BABY MARSHMALLOWS!!

Noticed that Angie Goff was on the Fox5 A.M. broadcast, but not her usual 4 P.M. broadcast. Wonder if that means she's permanently on mornings now. Didn't see the beginning of the morning broadcast, so don't know if anything was said about that.

Gus, I am not Salvadoran. I am Armenian. With Love, J.H. Christ

Tim Murry is moving to Vegas to work for Uncle Brent’s VSIN network. OOBBEE

I believe they were proposing to let the Ch. 6 FrankenFMs continue in analog on 87.7 FM and using the rest of the Ch. 6 spectrum for digital TV. Sounds like a good compromise to me.

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I'm glad to see that they're still teaching the "He's a big gay homo" argument in the schools of rhetoric. Have I mentioned Jesus? He's Salvadoran. Think I'll treat myself to an Appletini with today's mac'n'cheese. The trick is a splash of Cointreau in the 'tini and Gruyere and a breadcrumb topping (Panko works) on the M'n'C. I'll be assembling it myself because Mom being dead has become completely unreliable. Are they still producing "The" TMOS "Show"? Gus in the Gaithersburg

Today WETA is announcing the September 1 broadcast premiere of Vernon Jordan: Make It Plain, documenting the life of African American thought leader, longtime Washington, D.C.-area resident, and Howard University School of Law graduate Vernon Jordan. Highlighting his work as a business leader and influential power broker and counselor to American presidents from Lyndon B. Johnson through Barack Obama, the film illuminates Jordan's lifelong dedication and significant contributions to the civil rights movement and Black economic advancement. The film comes from director Dawn Porter, who is also the filmmaker behind the timely and recently-released documentary John Lewis: Good Trouble. Vernon Jordan: Make It Plain will premiere in the Washington, D.C. area on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at 8:00pm on WETA PBS, ahead of the PBS national broadcast set for December 28th.

The Eastlan Ratings should do the DC Market. Perhaps some of the smaller stations could afford to subscribe. Nielsen has priced their service out of reach for the smaller stations. WTOP and WMAL can afford Nielsen. Under their new policy, Nielsen will not list any station that does not subscribe to their service. This is their way to try to force stations to subscribe to their service. Nielsen is a MONOPOLY in the DC Market.

To the poster who commented about WDCN operating as a radio station. Yeah so? Many channel 6's across the country did this.. they found a loophole and exploited it. Now, the question is.. have you ever turned on a tv and watched it? Because it sounds like you're making a claim you can't prove, just based on what you think. ALL tv stations are required to broadcast something visually and if this station wasn't doing that, I have to assume, in the FCC's HQ backyard, they'd have been caught LONG AGO. All a station has to do is broadcast something, visually.... an ID Slide, weather radar, traffic camera, anything. That's legal. What do YOU propose for WDCN 6.. how would you program it? If you don't have a solution, keep your comments to yourself.

A big, sloppy, breeder congratulations to highly hetro (sorry Dave and Gus from DuPont Circle) WMAL talker Chris Plante on the occasion of his and "Number One Girl" first anniversary of non-gay marriage. Having lived in sin together for 25 years, the neo-Catholic Couple choose to live as the Lord wanted us to live: miserably married. Gus in the Gaithersburg would get married but no boys will come down to the basement and play anymore. No congratulations from fellow WMAL talkers Rush Limbaugh (married five times), Larry O'Connor (married twice) or Mark Levin (married twice). How many times has DCRTVDJDAVE been married? Your pal: Big Love in Utah.

Dave's response: I hear that Chris Plante will be a guest in never married SC Senator Lindsay Graham's luxury suite to watch the GOP convention in Charlotte tonight.....

"We do a pretty good job of serving both masters, but some people will still not be happy." I can understand that. I am sure Jazz folks want what they want and the talk folks want what they want. As long as people support I guess that is the bottom line.

Thank you to the poster regarding WDCN 87.7 FM. All LPTV Stations are suppose to go digital by the end of 2020. This station has never operated as a Television Station as intended. They lease out their audio channel 87.7 FM and operate as a FM Radio Station. We are told that the owner of the station leases out the audio channel at $35,000 per month, that is $420,000 per year. The owner has never operated by the FCC Rules. This license should be challenged by someone who wants to operate it as a Television Station as intended.

The 50-56 MHz band(short lived Channel 1) is the ham radio 6-meter band. It's a VHF band that can behave like an HF band at times. As was the case back in much of May. It is too useful and important to the "Ham" community to just take it away from them. The 40 MHz area of the spectrum is an old, now seldom-used public service band. When I first moved to Fauquier County back in 1994 and for some years after, the county still had it's Sheriff's Office dispatch on 40-something MHz While a number of stations have been assigned to the old "low band VHF " channels 2-6 are known, including WVIR in Charlottesville, which always had terrain issues that got worse with their first digital allocation (They got Channel 2 The "least bad" when it comes to terrain issues) no permanent allocations have been made on channel 6. The SMART thing to do here, since there is not and never has been any sort of "guard band" of unused spectrum between the top of channel 6 and the bottom of the FM band, is to simply extend the FM band DOWNWARD all the way to 82 MHz. Make them ALL Class A FM channels Then, once there are a decent number of radios able to receive the extended band start by allowing those AM stations with the FM low power translators to trade both their AM frequency and their FM Translator in on one of those class A FMers. It would be voluntary but it would be a one-time deal with a time limit. Then existing class A stations that don't have interference-free .5 mv/m contours to move to the new freqs. again strictly voluntary, but without a time limit Then it would later be opened up to any new stations, the stipulation being they be all digital forever. In a nutshell, it needs to be used to undo some of the AMization of FM that is slowly destroying over-the-air radio. The FCC keeps trying to put 5 pounds of shit in a 4-pound can. If they do this at least FM will be the 5 1/2 pound can Without something along these lines FM does not have a long term future.

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Remember how creative professionals produced radio stations. Here's how it was done. Too bad, because radio sparkled in Baltimore over the past 30 years. americanairstaff.com

“…Black History Month coming up in six months …” For you, black history happens every year. The reality is that Black History happens every day, all year. Keep listening and thanks for your support.

“Isn’t 40-50 MHz the original place of the short-lived Channel 1?” Well, yes and no. The 30-50 MHz band was the original FM band allocation before WWII. Sarnoff hated FM because it was a direct competitor with the then very profitable AM stations and networks. As usual, he fought with Armstrong, but the war intervened. Armstrong invested heavily in FM on that band. It is widely believed that Sarnoff sabotaged the whole deal by getting the FCC to move FM to the present 88-108 MHz band, thus obsoleting all those receivers. TV channel 1 was crappy from the start because of the necessary bandwidth and the difficulty to linearize a 6 MHz TV channel at 50 MHz, so that band was given to amateur radio for the 6 meter band. Presently, low-band VHF at 30-50 MHz is divided between land mobile radio and the military. Incidentally, Europe and NATO use mid-band VHF 72-88 MHz for military and LMR. -- Moe the Union Guy

As far as I know, all the analog TV stations are supposed to be digital by the end of 2020. In DC, WDCN-LP I think has an LD permit to go digital, but obviously, they have no plans to do so. Instead they are hiring lawyers to gear up for a fight over the FM signal. On the eastern shore, WOWZ on channel 6 I don’t even think has an LD permit, so they are just supposed to go dark at the end of the year. The FCC cannot punt on this as they always do. This is how Sinclair got out of control. You let one minor thing pass and then all of a sudden they own 3 TV stations in the same market because you were not paying attention. How could they possibly waste valuable spectrum of 6 MHz (that could hold an entire FM band) when others would likely want to buy it for actual TV and maybe even a minority? Whatever the FCC does, THEY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!!! NOT MAKING A DECISION IS SIMPLY NOT A VALID OPTION!!!! THESE FRANKENFM’S MUST GO!!!!! WOWZ on the shore is especially annoying, slightly off frequency and overmodulated, twice as loud as any other FM. It’s like that one signal you don’t want to accidentally scan past else you get startled and drive off the road. I’ve reported WOWZ to the FCC multiple times for clear engineering violations, but the FCC has done nothing, not even a response to channel 6 complaints at all. It’s as if they are simply ignoring all public comment on this mess.

76-88MHz is staying TV. No one with deep pockets wants to change the use of the spectrum. On the other hand, the FCC just paid 8 stations to move to CH 5 and CH 6 so any kind of plan to get TV off them is not in the FCC's wallet's best interest. Franken FMs are going away, the FCC has no financial reason to let them keep going. On the other hand any remaining analog stations going digital offers the FCC potential revenue from ancillary services fees. Once the analog dead wood is cleared and the DTV database stabilizes the FCC might do a ATSC 3.0 LPTV filing window. Expect every nook and cranny of the TV band to be full like we see the FM Band.

Isn’t 40-50 Mhz the original place of the shortlived Channel 1? I always thought that that channel was too interference laden to be used for anything anymore. Of course today’s situation would be completely different than that of the 1930s, and 1940s and that was also briefly used for the original FM radio, so that is a very interesting proposal for Digital Radio. But it makes too much sense for anyone in America to take it seriously, nonetheless the FCC, which first has to get a team of 100 lawyers to approve of anything it does these days instead of engineers.

Construction under or near River Road tower? WTTG/WDCA? No. It’s another storage business, and a controversial one due to disputed anthropology under the ground.

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There has been construction on the River Road tower site or adjacent to it, but I don’t know if it has anything to do with WTTG moving there or not. Anyone know?

I listen to the radio and watch TV. Does this qualify me to make a comment on everything that is posted on DCRTV? Many engineers and a few Broadcasters do post things and they are certainly qualified to post Broadcasting Information.

Does anyone know the date that Channel 6 LPTV Stations must go digital? When these licenses were granted, there was a FCC Rule that said they must go digital by a specific date. I thought it was August 2020?

WTTG FOX 5’s transmitter move to River Road has begun. They’ve filed an AUX permit for the River Road tower and also a sharing change to move WDCA 20 to River Road too, which is the original tower used by both WDCA and WETA when they both went on the air way back, but pretty much at the same height they are today on Wisconsin Ave. It appears that the entire WTTG FOX 5 property at 5151 Wisconsin Ave. will likely be demolished or at least the landlord is proposing a new development for the entire property meaning the tower will be taken down. — BaltoMedia.net

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"We do a pretty good job of serving both masters, but some people will still not be happy." In what universe does that sound right to you with Black History Month coming up in six months? This listener is not a slappy happy pappy. Pending my review of your Mika Brzitttttzki situation, the person who hired you and you should be fired. "That’s a reality." I am mightily offended. Gus Gossett Jr. in the Gaithersburg

There was an interesting proposal in Radio World to take part of the 40-50 MHz and use it for DRM digital broadcasting in the U.S. Here's the article. www.radioworld.com... Most police, fire, ems, and utilities are moved away from this band up to 800 MHz trunk systems. It's an interesting proposal.

We both half-right. WWIN (AM) is a Class C station, and according to the Wikipedia (my go-to source for the absolute truth :^) it says: "Class C stations can be found in the lower 48 US states on the frequencies of 1230 kHz, 1240 kHz, 1340 kHz, 1400 kHz, 1450 kHz, and 1490 kHz (commonly known as "graveyard" frequencies)." -- Carl in Olney (I always got a "C" in Class, which makes me also a "Class C")

"WPFW is an okay station but the quality of programming isn't consistent enough for me." This is an old argument. There are Jazz folks that want only that, and often don’t like our politics. It’s often not the fact that we have talk/public affairs, it’s the left nature of the talk. Further, there are those on the other side that will say we play TOO much Jazz/music in general, and would prefer more public affairs, and that it needs to be more radical. We do a pretty good job of serving both masters, but some people will still not be happy. That’s a reality.

"76MHz to 88MHz is a TV Band, and that is not going to change. There are over 2 dozen full power digital stations on RF5 and RF6." -- "So we are back to posts about letting AM station operators try to grab the channel 6 TV spectrum and pretend it is in the public interest." -- Ah, we're back to our old FrankenFM advocates again. TV5 & 6 don't prop digital signals very well, because it's mid-band. I'm glad to hear that there are those willing to put money on it God bless 'em. But mid-band has been proven for lo these decades to be better suited to FM dispersions. "Even if 76MHz to 88MHz were added to the FM band, there are 2 frequencies that would work with current radios; 87.7 and 87.9. Everything else would require new radios for almost all cars, home radios, portables, and so on." Just a little checking would reveal that there are already such 76-88 MHz capable radios already on the shelf in Greater Riceland. Getting ours to work there, with SDR, is an easy task, easier than UHF converters. Better yet, make 'em real TV's or give up the spectrum.

Thank you for updating DCRTV more often. I like the changes you have made on the first page with Mailbag. Keep up the good work and congratulations on 23 years!

Clearly outdated but a look at how the sausage is made: www.wmal.com... Lone Pastrybag in the Gaithersburg

"The biggest problem with HD Radio .... Try and even find one in a Best Buy if you can." I'm not a fan or even interested, but compulsively have to point out that the Rockville Best Buy has them in stock. Here's a tip: Best Buy employees are there to ring up your purchase and try to sell you software that's already installed on the computer you're just about to buy. Asking them to know stuff crosses the line. Can I interest you in some pudding? Greek Squid in the Gaithersburg

I too saw Fox5’s morning promo that included Maureen Umeh. We all know she’s been sent out to be a field reporter & weekend mornings anchor. NOT weekday mornings anchor as implied in the promo. You don’t see field reporters Bob Barnard or Melanie Alnwick in the promo...Maybe Allison’s position is posted as a formality as I’ve seen that done when people leave or are promoted even though they already have someone in mind as a replacement. It would be great if they move someone into that position who’s already there, yes Maureen, and move Angie permanently to 4pm only.

WWIN AM 1400 is actually Class C, not the graveyard, but the local city type signal, limited to 1000 watts day/night. The biggest problem with HD Radio is that except for car radios, there are no major well known manufacturers even making the receivers. Try and even find one in a Best Buy if you can. I’m not even sure anyone working there even knows what it is!

I appreciate the comment from another poster about HD AM Radio. To add to it: There are three AM HD Radio Stations in the greater Baltimore-Washington Area, WWFD-820 in Frederick (Digital only, and listenable in Gaithersburg and Olney, especially during the day), WCAO-600, and WWIN-1400, the latter two both in Baltimore, both Urban Gospel, and both with no FM HD repeater signals. So the only way to hear them with good quality on a modern HD car radio is through the AM HD computer chip. I can reliably receive the HD version of WCAO as far as Columbia, MD, and sporadically into Laurel (15-20 miles out). But, because WWIN is on 1400 (Class D, the Graveyard Class), I pretty much can only get its HD signal in Baltimore City and the parts of the County that are inside the Baltimore Beltway. But the HD sound is really, really good, if a little tinny on some stations. I wish that all AM stations would put out an HD signal, because someday everyone's car will have an HD chip, I assume (maybe incorrectly). Final Fun Fact: The WWIN transmitter used to be in a shopping center parking lot at 29th and Greemount. The transmitter is gone but the concrete base is still there taking up a couple of parking spots. -- Carl in Olney

From your DCRTV webmaster: I am working to streamline the site. I have yanked both the Eastern Shore news page and the Job Ads page. Everyone is more than welcome to talk about Eastern Shore, Salisbury, Ocean City, Dover, and Wilmington radio and TV news in this here mailbag at any time. Also, major news stories from that region will be included in DCRTV's main news page, which is still available via the link at the top of this page. Also, we're still taking job ads for $40 per month. They will appear right here and on DCRTV's Facebook and Twitter feeds. But they will no longer be featured on a dedicated and largely out of date job ads page. And, thanks for the recent smattering of kind donations from you guys and gals. I hope with the all the changes made over the summer, specifically moving the mailbag to the front, they've made the site more active and fun for everyone. Except, of course, for that poor guy who hates Gus. I am making it a major priority to update this front mailbag page many times each day. - Dave

To Carl in Olney, the powerhouse regional stations WCBS-AM and WBBM-AM both dropped their digital overlay at about the time they established simulcast on sub-channels of local, city FM stations. Most people know that "HD" stood for "Hybrid Digital," not "High Definition," and that it hurt normal coverage of the primary AM signal to include a digital datastream. The system never caught on with listeners for this and a variety of other reasons. By getting rid of it, their AM coverage area is restored, and listeners with digital sub-channel FM receivers can try to pick up these stations in limited areas. In the Baltimore-Washington area the system was also a failure, after nearly all AM stations discontinued "Hybrid Digital" for lack of interest.

Apparently Gary Thorne's absence from MASN was not entirely about COVID-19 after all. It appears they also had a contract dispute that was never disclosed, but it now settled for 2020, so Gary Thorne will be back in some capacity soon most likely doing play by play some of the 2020 season. They are working out the details for when he will appear. — BaltoMedia.net

"I'm perhaps no more than 15 miles as the crow flies from the WMDT stick yet my amplified chimney mounted Winegard with a rotor is still struggling with their signal." "Antenna Viewers June 24 Due to an equipment issue at our main transmitter, some of our over-the-air viewers may be experiencing signal distortion or loss. We are working diligently to have repairs made as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience. The problem will be resolved as quickly as possible." This is code for "we may or may not fix it, not stressing about it, a'ight?" Same way you didn't stress about it. But when you don't have the internet what can you do? Low Stress No Mess in the Gaithersburg

What is the FCC doing about the Media Rules to get more Minorities into station ownership? The Channel 6 LPTV plan did not work. As soon as these valuable licenses were granted to Minorities, most of them were sold for big bucks. Today, none of the 28 Licenses granted are still owned by Minorities. These Stations never operated as Television Stations as intended. They used their Audio Channel 87.7 FM to operate as FM Radio Stations. What is the deadline for these stations to go digital?

Well, DCRTV comes through again with news I can use! I'm perhaps no more than 15 miles as the crow flies from the WMDT stick yet my amplified chimney mounted Winegard with a rotor is still struggling with their signal. (More WGDV than WMDT, really. If they keep it up they'll have a dozen sub-channels packed in there!) The temporary backup antenna explains it, and gives me something to tell my wife when things get pixelated in the middle of MASH on MeTV. -Bryan on the shore

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For those wondering, the only TV stations not finished the repack in the area that I know of is WMDT 47abc, and co-owned WGDV 32 Azteca. They’re still on backup antennas at a little over 500-600 foot in height. I think they have until the end of the year as a deadline, but I can’t believe they’re going to drag it out that long. — BaltoMedia.net

Major error in the FCC Licensing and Management system today. The FCC has over 5000 radio stations filing NextGen TV license changes, clearly a coding error. I remember when the database had a minor error that made searching over 50 items impossible generating an error each time. It only took them months to fix that minor error. SNAFU.

No, RF 3 is not available in the Philadelphia area as there is now an RF 3 in Red Lion, PA, WEVD-LD, but WPVI is probably the only channel 6 in the nation really that cannot find another channel and they did not want to stay on channel 6 either. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. With ATSC 3.0, the maximum limit of channels on one 6 MHz space will reach 40 channels and that’s still even including one 4k channel. At that point channel limitations will no longer be a problem with television. Whatever is done, the Franken FMs need to go away or be forced to be television stations if nothing else, but if they’re going to be FM radio stations, then the rest of the spectrum should also be used for FM. Otherwise it’s a complete waste of spectrum.

Channel 5 is running commercials using Maureen's image on their morning news commercials trying to trick the viewers as if they have Maureen back on the anchor desk in the mornings. Yet she is still out in the street reporting. The pictures I attached are screenshots from adds they ran just today on channel 5 and channel 20 just today on channel 20 during the noon hour when they know Maureen was street reporting just this morning. Plus they have Allison's job posted. Why not move Maureen BACK

"do the same at (at the least) three other locations on the block." First, I appreciate the tip-in, especially because I am dedicated to driving marijuana growers out of my neighborhood, like a widowed Paul Kersey. But now you're saying *at least* four points for triangulation? No no, my brothuh! Two. Solamente dos, as Jesus would say. As I've mentioned he's Salvadoran. And in the scenario you describe just walking by the house would be sufficient. Besides, this problem is easily addressable with proper ballasts and chokes. Buy a kit, my brothuh! But what do I know? I listen to the radio and watch TV. Gus's Garage in the Gaithersburg

Just a note: Nearby WFLS Fredericksburg (and former WMZQ and WBIG-FM) morning host Jessica Cash retires tomorrow, Friday August 21 as she leaves the DC area, headed soon to Charleston SC and the beach.

The FCC has a Budget of $339 Million in 2020 from Congress. On top of this , the FCC says they have the power to raise the 2020 annual regularity Fees. The FCC has been closed for five months due to the Corona Virus. The NAB says that, "Radio Industry has NOT received any additional benefits from work of the FCC during 2020." Many Radio Stations have had more than a 50% decrease in advertising revenue in 2020 due to the shut down of their advertisers...... Rather than increase the FCC Fees, why not reduce your Fees by 50%? It is time to make changes at the FCC. This is a government agency that works against who they regulate and demands more money.

Gus sez: "An AM radio is also handy for finding out which of your neighbors has their security system activated". It is similarly handy in finding who is cultivating mad amounts of cannabis in their basements. High intensity grow-lights put out RF interference worse than a pirate transmitter. Go up and down the block with a portable AM radio tuned between stations and listen for an angry growl. Turn your radio back and forth to use the directional antenna inside to isolate the direction, then do the same at (at the least) three other locations on the block. Triangulate, and there's your local weed merchant.

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"It turns out that, legally, one cannot libel or be sued for libel by a deceased person." Yet they can, do, and will vote. As George "Sports Machine" Michael said back in his DJ days, "Chicaaaaaaaago!!!" Rest assured that Biden is working on turning out the "murdered but not robbed" vote. Maybe we'll hear from Judith Campbell Exner. I'm looking forward to the late returns from Fort Marcy Park. All killed by Democrats? Perhaps-ish. But isn't it really just repetitions? I mean reparations! How about an oyster bar? North Potomac is Rockville, fess up! in the Gaithersburg

98 ROCK/WBAL NEWSRADIO 1090 & FM 101.5 ANNOUNCE BRODADCAST TEAM FOR 2020 BALTIMORE RAVENS SEASON Baltimore, MD, August 19, 2020– 98 ROCK, WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 and the Baltimore Ravens have set their on-air radio broadcast team for the 2020 NFL Season. Former Ravens players Dennis Pitta and Obafemi “Femi” Ayanbadejo will join Ravens Play-by-Play Announcer Gerry Sandusky, who returns for his 14th year as the voice of the Ravens. Dennis and Femi will provide Ravens broadcast color and analysis during the upcoming season. Pitta returns to the booth after previously serving as an analyst during the 2018 season. He holds the Ravens’ single-season record for most receptions by a tight end and helped Baltimore capture the 2012 World Championship in Super Bowl XLVII. Across three seasons in Baltimore, Ayanbadejo contributed on both special teams and offense, helping to establish the league’s fifth-best rushing attack during the Ravens’ Super Bowl-winning 2000 campaign...

Back before they ruined TV by making it digital it was easy to find radios that received TV signals. I got one for $10 from Modell's that hung around the neck like a rapper's medallion. I could be outdoors and still get my programs on a budget. You can still modify an AM radio to receive aircraft communications unless you're askeered of a screwdriver and some coils. An AM radio is also handy for finding out which of your neighbors has their security system activated. All smartphones are mandated to have a builtin FM radio chip. If yours isn't activitaterated, whose fault is that? Guglielmo "Google Me Elmo" in the Gaithersburg

Dave Hughes, I really appreciate DCRTV and the hard work you have put into it for the past 22 years. Please don't let the trash that "Gus" sends you on a daily basis destroy your hard work.

The FCC has been closed for five months. President Trump said that for every new RULE passed by the FCC, they must cancel two old rules......I would like to see a list of "Old Rules" that have been cancelled. Remember, the FCC has more Rules than the IRS. FCC Chairman Pai please furnish this list. Since you have requested an increase in Regularity Fees for the FCC for this year, let's see what the FCC has done. Radio Stations revenue is at a very low level since most of their advertisers have been shut down for five months. Is this increase in "Regularity Fees" really necessary?

I almost forgot: WCBS-880, WINS-1010 and KYW-1060 appear to be not broadcasting in HD, and I could swear that they used to be HD. I took a long drive north recently, and WPHT-1210, WGY-810, are still in HD, but not all these others. WGY still has the clearest and most distant HD reception of them all. It couldn't have been that expensive or difficult to have these transmitters use HD, could it? -- Carl in Olney

A District judge ordered former PBS talk show host Tavis Smiley to pay the network more than $2.6 million. The amount was about $1 million more than what PBS originally argued in court that Smiley owed after it was forced to cancel his contract upon learning six female employees had accused him of sexual harassment. A D.C. Superior Court jury ruled March 4 that Smiley had violated his PBS contract. On Aug. 5, Judge Yvonne Williams who oversaw the three-week trial heard additional arguments from PBS and determined Smiley must pay PBS $1.9 million in damages associated with his final two seasons with the network, and another $703,000 in losses connected to the network’s underwriters who put up the funds to enable PBS to cover Smiley’s contract. During the trial, the network had argued that Smiley owed it between $1.5 million and $1.7 million... washingtonpost.com...

76MHz to 88MHz is a TV Band, and that is not going to change. There are over 2 dozen full power digital stations on RF5 and RF6. Moving them to 2-3 or 7-36 is unlikely given how tight channels are in major markets after the most recent repack. Baltimore/DC might be able to accommodate 1 full power digital on RF3 (hypothetical move for WMDE). There is no room for WPVI to maintain their current coverage anywhere 2-3 or 7-36. Just shoehorning 15KW Class A into the Philly market would be an engineering nightmare. Lately the FCC seems driven by money. Right now cell phone providers have more money than TV stations and radio stations. If keeping RF5 and RF6 as TV means in the future the FCC could sell 12 MHz to a cell phone provider with another repack, that is the direction the FCC would prefer. How much would 12MHz of TDD 5G at 470 to 482MHz or 596 to 608MHz be worth to T-Mobile, Verizon or ATT? How much could AM stations pay for it as FM licenses? Even if 76MHz to 88MHz were added to the FM band, there are 2 frequencies that would work with current radios; 87.7 and 87.9. Everything else would require new radios for almost all cars, home radios, portables, and so on. A better use of spectrum would be to get ATSC 3.0 radios into cars and get radio stations in digital on ATSC 3.0 signals.

#StopSuckingMikeO'Meara. #SaveMikeO'Meara him from his daily TMOS COVID/Political rant talk. #HitFastForward For the love of the DCRTV baby Jesus Gus. The Real AHHHH

Vince and Mary of WMAL do a weekly three minute chime in on Fox 5's Morning News. They were discussing the postal service with Steve this morning and Mary said "people don't put 20-dollar bills in birthday cards anymore because they are afraid the money will be stolen in the mail." Really, Mary? that statement really showed you as an out of touch partisan clown pretending to be smart. People mail cash all the time, and that $20.00 bill is insured up to $15.00 by the USPS on domestic first-class mail. If you use certified mail to send cash, the USPS insures it up to $50,000.00 (for a legal transaction). Legal drugs are sent through the mail, legal cash transactions are sent through the mail, and there is a 91% satisfactory rate on receiving your undamaged and unopened mail on time in this country.

WPFW is an okay station but the quality of programming isn't consistent enough for me. I love my jazz and its barely played anymore on WPFW except for a few shows. More opinion radio from what I can tell which I assume some people like. I guess you guys have to do what you have to do, but I stopped listening regularly and supporting financially.

It turns out that, legally, one cannot libel or be sued for libel by a deceased person. Next: Jackie Gleason got his start on DuMont doing his live variety show, but he moved to CBS after about one year. And WETA-26 is still not broadcasting in 5.1 Surround Sound, despite those same shows (some created by WETA) appearing on MPT in 5.1. In other news, Cousin Bruce Morrow, age 84, has left SiriusXM radio (60s on 6) and will be on WABC-770 from New York on Saturday nights instead. It was 100% his choice, not based on anything from the Satellite company. We slightly older people will remember listening to him on WABC in the 1960s 6 nights per week. And back then, he lived on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, around the corner from my Junior HIgh School. Finally: In my opinion, those Channel 6 "radio" stations do provide a better public service with their signal going about 20 miles from the transmitter than if they were a very low-power Digital TV station, with their signals going about 10 miles (maybe). The main value of a real Digital LP TV station is if, by luck, they appear on a cable lineup. Mrs. Olney once asked her Montgomery College Rockville students which radio station they listened to and a number of them listened to 87.7 FM. -- Carl in Olney

I could not believe it. I just saw a promo on Fox News saying "are we moving toward socialism? Expert analysis of the Democratic National Convention with Karl Rove and Eric Trump tonight, only on Hannity." I can't get that promo out of my head it was so ridiculous. What, Steve Bannon, Scooter Libby, Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Roger Stone, and Diamond & Silk, were not available for this news spectacular? What's next? Will Don Jr. join Fox and Friends to give "expert analysis" on human rights in underdeveloped countries? Seriously, that promo would fit in nicely in an opening sketch on Saturday Night Live!

"So we are back to posts about letting AM station operators try to grab the channel 6 TV spectrum and pretend it is in the public interest." And the Lord divided them in twain, according to their kind and said "Let there be the A's of Galax and the F's shall dwell in Pilgrim Knob." It was a typo. Typos happen. But posts with typos are why broadcast professionals don't come back here anymore.

"slander, defamation, and libel are not against the law" That's good to know. Know who can't be slandered, defamed or libeled under U.S. law? Seth Rich. Care to guess why? Hint: it's the "Murdered but not robbed" exemption. You idiot. How exactly did I "broke another logic fallacy"? And what does that mean? I'm surprised that someone has actually made the Stock Guy look smart. Losing My Religion in the Gaithersburg

Gusinthe sweety, boobula, your freedom to express yourself far outweighs our need to continue to support DCRTV. So you just continue to fill the time between PornHub searches for ass-to-mouth videos by posting here & we'll continue to walk away in droves and let poor Dave Hughes pretend he's fulfilling a need for DC/Baltimore media news from two states away. Remember Gusinthe you need an audience, we don't need another monkey doing tricks. To use the requested analogy "Gusinthe is to DCRTV like Dogpoop is to a pair of orange plastic CROCS...neither one improves something that already sucks"

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'Get rid of all the postings by "Gus" It turns your readers off. His qualification to comment on every posting are as follows......"I listen to the radio and watch TV." ' Since you're stupid I will simplify my qualifications for you. I pay the effing bills. I finance Rush's mansion and Joe Scarborough's expeditions to Boobtown, Nippleopolis. I even throw 30 pieces of silver to Mark Levin when he's not on one of his people's infinite number of holidays. I am Joe Sixpack, actually Joe 12 Pack, but you Sir or Madam, maybe both, not my scene but why not? are a douche who hates America. Courtesy of the Red White and Eff You in the Gaithersburg

So we are back to posts about letting AM station operators try to grab the channel 6 TV spectrum and pretend it is in the public interest.

Gus, are you saying you were not aware slander, defamation, and libel are not against the law? For you, our favorite TV watcher, the law on defamation is clearly explained in the movie "Absence of Malice." Set your DVR for it. And, you broke another logic fallacy-Geez. go to Amazon and buy a book on logic, please.

In the many years of living in the Metro DC area I have never heard a legal ID from AM 1560 WKIK in La Plata.. The station just IDs their WKIK FM 102.9 California, MD signal. Last weekend when Family Radio lost their feeds to New York, Baltimore, etc. the only audio on that channel I could hear was the 1kw 1560 signal. Oh yes, during critical hours like 1540 WACA , the La Plata station just runs 250 watts. TK in Odenton

Wait, you're telling me you can be sued for saying Seth Rich leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks and got murdered but not robbed for it? Good to know. I won't say that. I see that Tavis "$2.6M" Smiley, no stranger to the criminal justice system, has brought further shame to PBS, once the proud network of Charlie Rose and Burt Wolfe. As Spicoli Sensei would say "Those guys are dicks!" The sexual abuse will continue until morale, and silence improves. Jesus, people! I've got my own personal Jesus (did I mention he's Salvadoran?), I suggest you look into it. Keeping it in Los Pantalones in the Gaithersburg

Thank you to the poster about Channel 6 LPTV Stations. Your suggestions are right on now. All LPTV Stations should now be in digital. If you do not go digital by August 31,2020 you should surrender your LPTV license. This is NOT a FM Radio license. It is a license to operate as a Television Station. These stations have never operated as intended.

I am glad that DCRTV has not become a political site. Enough about racism. Get rid of all the postings by "Gus" It turns your readers off. His qualification to comment on every posting are as follows......"I listen to the radio and watch TV."

RE: CHANNEL 6: I disagree with all the proposals for channel 6. The minority ownership thing sounds wonderful on paper, but the rule of thumb is that STUPIDITY is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Didn’t Einstein first say this or reported to say it or something? What should happen is to do the same thing with FM radio as was done with TV. Turn Channel 6 into All Digital FM radio, give out FM companion channels during the transition, then the original channels get turned over first some first serve to AM radio stations as all digital too and then up for bid for new radio stations. This would force manufacturers to plan ahead and create the car radios and home units, none of which is happening very well now in HD radio. And even more important, more programming would be needed and more money in the whole radio universe as the current flunkies in radio are barely managing to own the stations they have let alone compete with internet radio. Also the FCC should force ATSC 3.0 and Digital radio on cell phones. This would level the playing field and keep traditional broadcasters in business. This would hardly put Spotify or Apple Music out of business, but it would open all kinds of options for consumers. I suggest something so bold knowing it could never possibly ever happen because the FCC has a long history of bad decisions. Also of course a few TV stations would have to be moved to available TV channels. Philly is the most problematic, but the others are probably all solvable more easily. In Philly something land/mobile would have to be moved for WPVI or a deal negotiated with another full power TV station. Nothing is impossible. Channel 6 is never going to be optimal for TV anymore. And finally, except for the few full power channel 6’s, none of them are even being operated as TV stations, nor do they ever intend to. The licenses should have been revoked a long time ago for non-compliance to FCC rules. The current situation is madness. If you’re going to let them operate as radio stations, they do it all the way and make channel 6 RADIO. That’s my 2 cents.

If you’re going to rant about Tucker Carlson, at least spell the name he mispronounced correctly. It’s Kamala, not Kamila hypocrite.

What’s with the stoopid and cynical question about government workers living in oh-so-rich McLean? The place is packed with top-of-the-pyramid greedy business people like Richard Fairbank of Capital One, and whoever it is now owning the $45 million Merrywood estate along the Potomac. C’mon. [Max Critic]

Haven't heard much from Stock Guy in recent weeks. With Entercom back around $1.65 and Salem tickling $1.20, they have both regained a little footing. Granted it ain't great, but a bit better than the falling sky that Stock Guy was screaming about a few weeks back.

Blair in Alexandria asked about what WTTG was carrying as the DuMont Affiliate, (BTW Channel 13, then WAAM in Baltimore was DuMont as well) When DuMont went bankrupt, some short sighted judge focused only on the money and ordered the network's entire film archive melted for silver recovery as partial payment for their debts, as a result, if there is any archive still existing it is at the local affiliates, in their own archive. You could probably re-construct their schedule. What you could do is go into one of the large public libraries like Fairfax or MoCo. Go to the microfilm section and get into the Sunday Editions, in WTTG's case The Washington Post from the time the station came on the air, until the Dumont network really shut down. Once in there, you will find that, for the most part the TV Magazine will be included, and in most i's complete. Go through that, and look at the actual station listings. it only costs like a quarter or less per page to make copies of microfilm pages. You don't have to copy EVERY page but do expect to drop as much as $20 plus gas on the project. Then go to somewhere like Ann Arundle or Howard, that is clearly in the Baltimore Metro area. Do the SAME THING with the Baltimore Sun. Then just find your quiet place, spread the papers out and do a simple match. Shows that are common to both stations were almost always DuMont shows. Then search those shows by name in Phew Tube and see if fragments survived somewhere. If they did you will probably get a decent idea WHY DuMont folded. Even there there were a few gems among the chaff. Glen in Fauquier

I did some more research on WETA. Here's some interesting info I found on the encoding situation when they were 1080i+3SD: www.rabbitears.info... Based on this info, the 1080i video was averaging around 7 Mbps, with 5.2 Mbps in null (unutilized space; most stations run between .2-1 Mbps). If five Mbps of that null is transferred to the WETA UK channel (which averaged 1.6 Mbps), that provides 6.6 Mbps of average video bandwidth, which would be great for 720p if 7 Mbps was fine for 1080i. So the old/current equipment could handle 2x1080i+2SD or 1080i+720p+2SD in the low-motion arrangement that WETA tends to have. That they went to a 2x720p arrangement is unusual, and could be hinting of a future channel sharing arrangement with all-new, top-end equipment. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington

Has Larry O'Connor and Chris Plante been subpoenaed to provide their participation in the Seth Rich misinformation case, for which Fox News is being sued? Both Larry and Chris went on the air to disseminate Fox News and Russian fabricated information about a murdered man in DC. If Larry and Chris have not given testimony to their involvement of the news machination during the lawsuit's discovery phase (wrapping up now), they need to do so, post haste. If they haven't testified, Bill Hess needs to march Chris and Larry down to Seth Rich's family lawyer's office so Chris and Larry can provide their inside knowledge of the fake news. Bill, you did not allow Chris, Larry, Mark Levine, and Dan Bonbozo to go down to Congress to during impeachment inquiries to tell Congress how all four helped design and participate in the Ukraine smear against Joe Biden. That call you made was a big mistake. Bill, don't make the same mistake twice, and help a grieving family clean up the fabricated mud slung at their son for political purposes. lawandcrime.com... www.rollingstone.com... BTW, Bill, have you even apologized to the Rich family about what was said on WMAL by Chris and Larry about Mr. Rich?

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Lawrence Laurent, Washington Post's first TV critic, dies at 95 ~~ www.washingtonpost.com ~~ There's a paywall, so try this: www.legacy.com ~~ "A former journalist and communications executive, Laurent worked at The Washington Post from 1951 to 1982. Hired as a sports reporter, he was appointed by Post publisher Phil Graham, as the paper's first TV critic in 1953. After leaving the Post, Laurent was a VP for the Association of Independent Television Stations. He taught at American University and George Washington University, was elected to the Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame (1984), received the Distinguished Teacher Award from American University (1978), and the President's Medal from George Washington University (1999)." ~~ Here are some articles from 1954 and 1955 he wrote about Connie B. Gay's "Town and Country Time." dcmemories.com ~~ "Connie B. Gay, the noted hillbilly impresario, has every right to be gay." The show starred Jimmy Dean and Roy Clark. I wonder what our local DuMont station, WTTG, was showing at the same time. ~~ Blair in Alexandria

Out of curiosity, tuned into Allison Seymour and Marc Clarke's new show on IHeart radio. During the first few minutes, both introduced themselves and where they've previously worked. However, what I found interesting was when Allison started talking, she said she had been at WTTG for 21 years and then slipped in "there was a shakeup and I left on my own terms". Hmmm..She then moved on and they played some music. Didn't listen much longer as I had to run out. But doubt if she'll go into detail regarding her departure. Feel she wants to put that in her rear view mirror.

What is the Wealthiest town in the US? It is not far away. It is a town called McLean, VA. How many government people live there?

The FCC has been closed for the past five months. Not one employed there has missed a paycheck. Some employees have been able to work from home. All the small business have been shut down for the past five months and therefore have not been advertising on radio. With NO Revenue coming into these stations the FCC announced that they need more money to operate and will RAISE the Regularity FEES on these stations this year. HIT them while they are down! The FCC Fees should be cut by 50% this year due to the pandemic. When is the President going to drain the SWAMP at the FCC?

To Friday's poster who says that the channel sharing ship has largely sailed: There's still a major exception to this. ATSC 3.0 channels will still need the 1.0 equivalent on air. So full power stations can agree to channel share in those circumstances. It's possible that a local TV station has made an agreement with WETA to place its 1.0 channel on WETA's frequency. This possibility is reduced by WETA instituting their World channel, because 3 720p + 2 SD is difficult, even with the best coding equipment. 3 720p with one SD is possible with generally low motion. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington

Newsroom reporter employment at U.S. newspapers/Radio/TV continues to plummet, falling by half since 2008. The years covered in the current analysis predate the spread of the coronavirus in the United States. Do like I did. SUPPORT the critical DCRTV 1-man Newsroom by making a donation today. And send Dave all your news tips - DCRTV or other juicy tidbits dcrtv@dcrtv.com The Real AHHHH #SupportTheMedia #SupportInvestigativeReporters

pgpolice.blogspot.com: Prince George’s County Interim Police Chief Hector Velez is pleased to announce the hiring of Julie Wright as the new director of the Media Relations Division. Ms. Wright is a popular Emmy Award winning traffic anchor and television host. Many will recognize her from her 20-plus year broadcasting career in Washington, DC. She is best known for her time as a member of the FOX 5 morning show and The Donnie Simpson Show on WPGC-FM. During her career, she has also worked at WTOP-FM and most recently at WJLA. “It is a great honor to have Julie join the Prince George’s County Police Department. We have watched her for years on TV and the bond she has established with the community is immeasurable,” said Interim Chief Velez. “Julie will bring honesty and transparency to our residents and members of the media. I look forward to watching her continue to strengthen our communication with the community.” “I am beyond grateful to Interim Chief Velez for the opportunity to join the Prince George’s County Police Department,” said Ms. Wright. “For over two decades I have considered the residents of Prince George’s County to be my friends. I look forward to building upon that relationship as I write the next chapter in my career.” Ms. Wright begins her new role immediately.

Sunday morning, while waiting for Meet the Press, I had on channel four. Just after 10:00 AM they passed off to the weather woman who was working at home (Name withheld). Her internet cam was not angled correctly and we saw, for a good five to ten seconds, cleavage, big cleavage, right there, in HD, close up on my 65 inch TV, we were looking down, right at 'em. I turned to my wife and made jokes about the smooth temps in the mountains, the high pressure in the valley, and the "fronts coming in." I know, I was being juvenile. Gotta good morning laugh while eating breakfast and doing the Sunday crossword.

How is 630 AM WSBN the Sports Talk Station doing now that they have moved to Germantown? The former WMAL 630 AM is now called ESPN 630 AM. In the most recent ratings, it had a 0.1 Share and ranks number 32 in the market now. Remember when this station was number 1 in the market. Cumulus should find another format for this station.

To the poster who commented that 97.7 The Bay out of Lexington Park is "not on iHeart or Tunein". I was able to find the station on the Audials Radio app, just type in the callsign WMDM. Positive Don & Mike comment. Back in 1986 they interviewed the late Peter Tomarken who was promoting I guess Press Your Luck, that would be a great interview to hear again.

"90% of our budget is provided by donations from individual listener-supporters." And like PBS it raises the question of where's the other bit coming from. And if you don't want to talk about it do you really need it? Asking for a friend. Gary Null's Poisonous Vitamin Supplements in the Gaithersburg

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“The sad truth about the Channel 6 LPTV licenses… The original idea was a good idea.” Now known as “FrankenFM”, you should read their lawyers’ breathless briefs that speak of ‘viewers’ and other such fallacies. Hell, they have fewer actual viewers than you average cable TV telop channel with advertisers and some other FM in the background. Fraud in all aspects. Why can’t they just allocate the Japanese mid-band to FM (TV channels 5 and 6) to FM expansion and be done with it? Make them AM replicants or repeaters or extenders or (mercy) true LPFM? Yeah, that ought to fix it. – Moe the Union Guy

WPFW and WBAI are listener-supported, commercial-free radio stations. There is no support from big companies or organizations. 90% of our budget is provided by donations from individual listener-supporters. We are here because of audience pledges to fund unique, eclectic music mix, using real, live DJs as well as independent, progressive news and public affairs programming. Health report: the signal at both stations is alive and well, thanks to our listener-supporters. COVID-19 has slowed everything, including in-person guests, talk, Live at Five performances, and in-person public affairs programs in the studio. Remotely, we’re keeping up appearances. Poor as we may be without heavy sponsorship, we’re hangin’ in there and still on the air.

"JFK’s most used verbal crutch? 'Let me ask you this' " Interesting. The host of "The" TMOS "Show" has one too although it's currently a cloud of dust in the rear view mirror for this listener, "I'll tell you this" then he tells you the thing he warned you he was going to tell you. It's like he's not smart enough or too Korsakoffed to suss out how to string together how to say "I think it's important to note or recognize that... blah blah blah." Or just thinks that pontificating is good "radio". And when world events or politics or really anything aren't/isn't going his way he bellows "I'm tiiiiiired of it!!!" like the fat drunk petulant baby man (FDPBM) he is. Ronald Reagan on his last day in office was more competent. No Shortage of Vitriol in the Gaithersburg

The sad truth about the Channel 6 LPTV licenses......28 licenses were awarded to Minorities originally. They soon found a more profitable way to make money with these licenses by operating as FM Radio stations using their audio channel on 87.7 FM. They never operated as Television Stations as intended. Most of these licenses were sold for Millions of dollars and the money was pocketed by the people who received these licenses. Today, none of these licenses are owned by Minorities or operated as Television Stations. The original idea was a good idea.

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Going to the back of the rack, all the way back to July 20 for some hating-in-my-spare-time: "What do you do when an Amber Alert is issued? How many times per hour? When are AM Station Base Current taken? When are AM field strength taken?" When an Amber Alert is issued I wait for my TV program to resume, like any normal person. You stupid stupid old man. The world is full of things I don't know and more importantly *am not required* to know. One thing I do know is that subject and verb are supposed to agree in number. Now kindly go whizz up a rope, there's a lamb. Jesus Effing Christ! in the Gaithersburg

We need more diversity in TV ownership. The FCC should try another experiment like they did with the Channel 6 LPTV licensing of 28 LPTV licenses available only to Minorities. Remember, this opportunity was only open to Minorities. The general public was never allowed to apply for these licenses. How did that work out for the FCC? How many of these licenses are owned by Minorities today?

"Saying Gus is the 'voice of reason,' is akin to saying, 'Larry Micheals is the voice of chivalry,' or 'Seth Hurowitz is the voice of women's equality in the workplace,' " Also the voice of good spelling. Measure twice, cut once. Proofreading is FUNdaMENTAL. I recently made a typo so sorry to come down so hard on you when you clearly spent hours... oh who are we kidding? Perhaps mainstreaming is not for everyone. Two weeks "the" TMOS "show" free! Guys in the Gaithersburg

JFK’s most used verbal crutch? “Let me ask you this”

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The first 2 posts below regarding WBAL were great. I can’t find much fault with either one. I suspected that the so-called major announcement was for the new PM Drive host. I also figured that they would keep it ‘in-house’. But Torrey Snow? Really?? So once you get past the morning show, do any of these people have any on-air resume? It seems to me that they all got hired, told ‘here’s your chair, there’s your mic and good luck'. It seems that after that, they’re on their own. No coaching, no constructive criticism, no nothing. One of my recent favorites was Dan Joseph and, “I know a lot of you don’t like polls, but…well, it’s my show so I’m gonna talk about one.” I do have to disagree with the poster on Andrew Langer. Do you listen closely to his show? He’s the poster child for ADHD. I have always hated the term “on point”, but he goes from A to B to A, to D, back to B, and maybe actually gets back to A. And this is a professor at William and Mary?. I feel for his students. Well, ‘BAL, you’ve given us no real reason to listen past 5:30am. I said a while back 10th place, here we come. Now, more like 12th and dropping.

For the person who wrote the comments re: Allison leaving WHUR, you obviously don’t know that it wasn’t just her alone on there. It was her and her husband Marc doing that radio show. And I HAVE seen hate towards WHUR since they dropped them. And although Fox5 may not have been #1, it’s truly not Allison’s fault... Well, I read that she and Marc are starting on another radio show next week. So maybe it’s been her plan to leave Fox5 anyway.

To the poster asking about WETA-UK, Dave's right about WETA-UK going HD on Comcast. You might want to look at weta.org and/or www.antennasdirect.com... Good Luck! in the Gaithersburg

I was not watching, but trying to listen, but did another mention their departure this morning at 11 from Fox 5? It sounded like it.

THIS is the announcement we've been waiting a month for... TORREY SNOW in the afternoons? For FOUR HOURS??!! What is it with WBAL management that they put competent people in doing the bulk of a timeslot's fill-in work when someone leaves, then they DON'T give the full-time job to that person? Andrew Langer... back on Saturdays. Does this mean Jerry Rogers is going back to Sundays? Three hours of Yuripzy Morgan was barely listenable (others have commented on how sleepy she sounds). An extra hour of sleepy talk doesn't improve things. Why do I care that Torrey Snow was "Anne Arundel County Republican Man of the Year"? Why do I care that he ran for Anne Arundel County Council two years ago (and lost) or was appointed to the Commission on African American History and Culture? What ACTUAL expertise or experience does he bring to the table? None of what WBAL management listed in their press release gives me a reason to tune in, and for FOUR HOURS nonetheless! EVERY weekday programming decision this station has made in recent years has been the wrong one: EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. From dropping Derek Hunter's 3rd hour, to giving C4 a 4th hour (after a 15min newsbreak), to pulling Bill Vanko OUT of the afternoon news with Stacy Lyn and replacing him with Robert Lang, to letting Derek Hunter go, to pulling Brett Hollander OUT of sports and dropping him into the political swimming pool, to hiring Dan Joesph to do politics in the evening, to giving Yuripzy Morgan a weekday show before she was ready, to extending Yuripzy first to three THEN to FOUR hours, to letting Stacy Lyn and Troy Johnson (and others) leave, to putting C4 and Bryan Nehman, the station's two strongest personalities together on one show and now this... What of any of these decisions has worked? And now we have a station in which, from 10am onward, has as its only "professional" voices the little bits of news here and there, the lengthy recaps by Robert Lang after the 2pm-6pm show, and the simulcasts of NBC news. Nearly half of its broadcast day. - Not Ron Smith

Those questioning the moves at fox5. Do you wonder why Allison lost her job at the radio station? If she is so well liked why did WHUR Drop her and replace her with a guy who had previously been on that station? Why do they not get the hate that Fox5 gets? You would think Fox5 was a dominant #1 station in DC. Isn't WRC #1? So if Allison is so Popular, why was Fox5 Doing so poorly in the Ratings? Why did WHUR Drop Allison?

"If I had to guess, there's a plan at WETA to institute a channel-sharing agreement of some sort." The channel share ship has largely sailed. Full-powered stations are not allowed to enter into new agreements as a guest unless they are already under one (i.e., the rules allow them to re-up or move if the current agreement expires), and while CAs and LPTVs still can, without reimbursement from the auction being involved there's no incentive to do so beyond the higher-powered OTA signal. My guess is simply that WETA's equipment is old and can't handle more than 2x720p. It seems they've started broadcasting more modern fare - older seasons of current Masterpiece shows for instance - and that looks kind of bad in SD.

Instead of just criticizing something I'm going to offer a few solutions. WBAL has wasted potential & resources with numerous attempts to shuffle the line-up since the departure of Brett Hollander in PM Drive. The pairing of C4 & Bryan Nehman is an abomination that sounds like either an old married couple bickering or two debate participants trying to get the last word. Split them back up. Nehman 530-9, C4 9-12N, then give the News Department the full Noon hour to expand on the short 2 minutes they get at the top of each hour. Try airing the full 5 minutes of ABC News & yes, include the opinion piece that usually airs at 12:10p, but air it at 12:30p. Longer interviews and more in-depth coverage much like what Robert Lang was doing at 7p until Ravens Extra returned this week. And outside of AM Drive this is a great block for a full Sports update. Now 1p to 3p is just enough for Yuripcy Morgan. And, I'm sorry, but as much as I enjoy his enthusiasm Torry Snow is not ready for 4 hours of drive time. That 3p to 6p slot, when most major press conferences are aired, should be hosted by a nationally recognized figure. Even the intelligence of Andrew Langer who does a great job on Saturdays is better than Torry right now. Let Mr. Snow get his chops in the 8p to 11p slot and get rid of Dan Joseph. Dan unfortunately doesn't know what he doesn't know. Weekends need coaching. As much as I enjoyed his sports writing for the Baltimore Sun, Peter Schmuck's hemming hawing and Never Trumper agenda are just hard to listen to. Often great writers do not translate to great radio hosts. And finally, although I know it's that time of year when people take vacations, can we please have some linear logic to the news anchor schedules? Stephanie Johnson needs seasoning before anchoring late evenings. She sounds like a broadcast school grad who never quite grasped the skills of inflection & timing. Sundays are fine for her. And speaking of the news department why have so many left? Troy Johnson, Allie Goodwine, Dawn White, Tashawn Garnes, Liz Drabeck (apologies if I got some names wrong). It's a good thing you still have great anchors and reporters with street cred like John Patti, Bill Vanko and Phil Yackobosky (sp?) and a solid midday anchor in Kristie McIntyre. Jim Russ is as good as they get on traffic. WBAL sounds like they are plugging in whoever is available at times, without doing the vetting needed to look outside their immediate circle for talent that would serve the listeners better. Signed, A Native Baltimorean who actually does "Expect More"

WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 Announces New Afternoon Drive Host... Baltimore, MD, August 14, 2020 – WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 announces the latest addition to its weekday stable of live and local talk personalities. Torrey Snow—already familiar to listeners through his appearances on WBAL as a fill-in host and on weekends—will now host Monday-Friday afternoons from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Born in The Azores, Portugal, Snow was later raised in Boise, Idaho and relocated to Maryland in 2006. Harboring a powerful passion for statesmanship, he ran for Anne Arundel County Council in 2018 and later that year was named the Republican Man of the Year by Anne Arundel County. More recently Torrey was appointed to the Maryland Commission of African American History and Culture and is the President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of Maryland, focusing on community issues and improving minority engagement. “Torrey’s deep knowledge of Baltimore and Maryland and thoughtful viewpoint on the current issues of importance is a valuable addition to WBAL NewsRadio. said Cary Pahigian, the station's president and general manager. Listeners can expect a spirited examination of topics from all angles, along with late-breaking news, weather and traffic.” You can hear Torrey make his official debut this afternoon at 2 p.m.

Re: "Poor Steve Tucker and Wisdom" Steve was a long-time favorite of mine, frem before he first moved to WTTG. But the WTTG morning "news"cast has become unwatchable. And for a while, after giving up on their "news." I tried tuning in for weather "on the 5s." But that's become hopeless as the mindless chit chat, gossip and opinionating increasingly creep past the 5s, limiting Tucker's time or preempting him altogether. Diane in PG

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Re: "was the WETA UK channel going HD necessary?" Since the change WETA UK has disappeared from my Comcast lineup and I can no longer receive it reliably over the air. Was the plan to reduce viewership? Diane in PG

Dave's response: Comcast still carries WETA UK but it has been moved to an HD tier and you'll probably need a new box from the cable company to view it.....

I'm thinking that the comment regarding the women on the morning broadcast at FOX5 will probably be requested to be deleted by Erin Como and Angie Goff fans. But I still wanted to comment on it as there's obviously some preferential treatment of them and an issue with the women of color at that station.Awhile back, someone who claimed to have worked at the station said there was some "cat fighting" among Maureen, Holly and Allison resulting in Maureen and Holly pretty much being put on a time out, taken off of the anchor desk and sent out to do field reporting. Well, Holly's been brought back and Maureen is still in the field and delegated to the morning weekends, which we know isn't anywhere near the level of being assigned to be on the weekday morning anchor desk. Allison has abruptly left for whatever reason. Maybe she was tired of the shenanigans and said it was time to hang it up. In any case, Angie coming to mornings and Erin being paired with Wisdom has thrown a complete monkey wrench in the morning broadcast. Neither have any real chemistry with anyone on the morning crew. Steve,Wisdom and Tucker tolerate both Angie and Erin, but it's obvious they're none to pleased with the current staffing situation. Friend of mine said that on Angie's Twitter, when asked about being on mornings, her response was "I'm helping out". Helping out doing what? Management obviously sees something in both of these ladies to put them front and center on mornings, but there's obvious tension going on and all over social media, people are none too pleased with this decision.

WBAL Radio is touting a "Major Announcement" Friday morning at 8:36. This should be good. As for the Tucker Carlson's prounciation of Kamala, maybe he was thinking of former WWE/WWF Wrestler Kamala, The Ugandan Giant, who strangely enough passed away this week. He was pronounced Ka-MALL-La (as in shopping mall)). Even more strange, his real name was James Harris.

Yes, I used an et tu quoque. I do it almost as often as Biden loses his train of thought. - What of it? If you're fine with Clinton's history of rape then the issue is decided: we all just have to live with it. Because you have spoken. In other news, Senility Joe gave a very good introduction speech for his descendant-of-slave-owners running mate. A surprising performance to this observer. One wonders if the party dug up JFK's doctor. One more day and I'll be 2 weeks "the" TMOS "show" free. GrilledCheese4Life! in the Gaithersburg

Saying Gus is the "voice of reason," is akin to saying, "Larry Micheals is the voice of chivalry," or "Seth Hurowitz is the voice of women's equality in the workplace," or "Mrs. Fred is the voice of cultural tolerance." Bang! Three DC references. This could become a game. Please play. Send in your entries for "Saying Gus is the voice of reason is like saying....." to the mailbag, and make sure your answers are DC media/entertainment centric.

On the reduction in quality of WETA from 1080i to 720p, the odd part is that MPT also has a 2HD+2SD arrangement, but their main channel is 1080i. What's going on? If I had to guess, there's a plan at WETA to institute a channel-sharing agreement of some sort. I'm not sure how good picture quality would become with a third HD channel, though, let alone additional subchannels the other station may bring. In that context, was the WETA UK channel going HD necessary? Sincerely, Mike in Kensington

So why is it ok for Erin Como to be sleeping with Chris the producer and who ever else and go from weekend weather girl to anchor? Why is it ok that Angie Goff is boring as hell and doesn't connect with anyone and no one wants to co-anchor with her...but you are forced to. Why has Holly gotten away with making the racist comments she has and still has a job? Why is Maureen out on the streets like a rookie and Erin sitting at the desk...looks like the rumor from Philly about her being on her knees was right huh. Everybody is watching all the other morning shows Fox 5DC is finally sinking rightfully so for the mistreatment of staff and lack of care for viewers. Allison took all the viewers with her...Poor Steve Tucker and Wisdom

There’s been some negative reaction on public forums to Bram Weinstein getting the play-by-play gig for Washington’s NFL team - I say at least give the guy a chance. He stated on his AM 630 (Sports Capitol) afternoon drive show that he’s a lifelong fan of the team and this has always been his dream job. Hosts on WTEM (where Weinstein worked for years) seemed lukewarm at best, perhaps due to some of them getting turned down for the job not to mention Doc Walker and Chris Cooley being dropped as color analysts. The folks at 106.7 The Fan didn’t seem all that thrilled either, Danny Rouhier actually ripping the new play-by-play guy while his co-host Grant Paulsen (apparently one of two finalists for the gig) couldn’t even pronounce his surname correctly while offering grudging congratulations. I understand there’s going to be an emphasis on pop culture and social media with the new booth but they need to keep in mind that what’s happening on the field should always be priority one with everything else a distant second (I can’t stand broadcasts like ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball where the game is often treated like an afterthought while the announcers are doing celebrity interviews or bantering about irrelevant topics).

Gus, nobody was talking about Bill Clinton. It was Larry and guest talking about Trump and Harris and the election on WMAL. The guest countered a stupid talking point Larry threw out with the 25 women line. Your Bill Clinton counter argument is a logical fallacy (actually two logic fallacies) . It appears you never took a class on logic in university; am I correct? President Clinton, his wife, or his daughter are not on any political ticket in this country, so a comparison for political gain is a red herring and an extended ad hominem. Also, suggesting rapist needing to murder their victims in order to have a clean crime is sick, sick, sick in the head (and arguably, criminally deranged). Go to Amazon, buy a book on "logic" and read it. And for God's sake, don't council any children.

David Bangura named new general manager of WDVM and WDCW... www.localdvm.com... HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — With 26 years of experience in the news industry, David Bangura is excited to join not just WDVM and WDCW, but the greater community of the Washington, D.C. and surrounding regions. Nexstar Broadcasting named Bangura as Vice President and General Manager of broadcast and digital operations this week. Bangura had previously served as the President and General Manager of WADL-TV in Detroit, Michigan since 2014. Bangura stated that he is looking forward to both personal and professional involvement in the community as he begins his new position. He also stressed that there is a need in every community which their local news station has the power to help...

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From the archives of the Frederick News-Post (published today): August 12, 2000 ---- Former radio shock jock “Greaseman” brought his own unique sense of humor to Frederick for a concert Friday night. Some Frederick residents brought signs protesting the man’s presence in a quiet protest of Doug “Greaseman” Tracht at Xhale. The group of protesters gathered at the sidewalk in front of the club along Jefferson Street to protest Greaseman for making a comment about the dragging death of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper, Texas.

Steve Solomon is back at TEM! OOBBEE

"Larry O'Connor show, ...25 women accusing Donald J Trump of rape came up, ... Larry attempted to sweep it under the rug, and then "Yuck-yuck-yuck" the segment out. ... Rape is NOT a dismissible subject ... deplorable. ..." Hmm, I'll have to go back and listen to it. Look at it realistically: unless Trump is some sort of hobby-rapist, he pays for sex. Leaving 25 victims still breathing would be super sloppy. What I'd like to hear is Bill Clinton's apology for HIS rapes. I realize this is a sensitive subject but someone has to be the voice of reason. Gus in the Gaithersburg

According to WJFK's Eric Bickel, Don and Mike favorite "Robert The Angry Mailman" has assumed room temperature and is now in heaven with Gus in the Gaithersburg's mother. Can Bruce The Hugger be far behind? Hope not because he and Jason "Lurch" Bishop have a thing going. At least Bruce's mother still fixes him mac & cheese and grilled cheese for lunch unlike some people's mom.

OPEN LETTER TO MIKE O'MEARA, TMOS. Look, small businesses are dying by the tens of thousands - your business model + COVID-19 will follow that demise if you don't make one important pivot. A pox to your MORE Network and pathetic "Patron Society." fundraiser . Solution. Align yourself with a large Podcast Network and their tens of millions of listeners/downloads per month. For one, Amazon Music and Audible will be adding podcasts to their apps. The company is inviting TMOS to make YOUR show(s) available to the two services.. Amazon Music already has more than 55 million users. Secondly, Liberty Media, the investment giant that owns SiriusXM and holds a small stake in iHeartMedia, says it sees a growing focus on podcasting as a good financial bet. Reach out to CEO Greg Maffei. Reach out to Dawn Ostrofi, Chief Content Office, Spotify and Ben Cave, Global Head of Podcasts, Apple. Most importantly, with the largest podcast audience and nearly five hundred podcasts under its banner, iHeartPodcast Network President Conal Byrne says "Podcasting is the core to the entire company now." Contact him. In closing, there is no guarantee that officers graduating from one of our military academies will make good - or great combat leaders. Same with Santana and his weak MBA.. Yo' operating your company as a hobby. Signed, The Real AHHH. Professor of malebag truth.

Last night DC’s own Tucker Carlson mispronounced Kamila Harris’ name on his Fox News program. When a guest corrected Tucker (it is like the comma, plus la) Tucker jabbed back saying that conservatives are now being bashed for wrong pronunciations. This Tweet was then sent out to Tucker “Dear F*cker, sorry I mispronounced it when I referred to your last name as 'Charlatan.' My bad.” Kennedy, who lives in Arlington, on Fox News said today to be aware that HBCU's will be out in full force campaigning for Biden-Harris. Buckle up.

CHANTILLY, Va. (August 12, 2020) – Examining the continuing economic fallout from the coronavirus in recent months, BIA Advisory Services has adjusted its estimate for the total local advertising market for 2020 to $140.4 billion, down from $144.3 billion in April. BIA’s updated forecast estimate represents a 6.1 percent decline from 2019, even with strong political advertising anticipated this year and a few business verticals showing advertising strength. “To update our post-COVID forecast from April, we analyzed the continuing impact on local advertising by the weakened economy, continuing job loss reports, and the downturn in some key business verticals,” said Mark Fratrik, SVP and Chief Economist, BIA Advisory Services. “Right now, we believe a realistic view of the economy overall and the advertising marketplace is that after a dramatic decrease in the second-quarter and a bumpy start to the third, the remainder of the year will turn positive but end up with an overall decline in local advertising for the year.” Local political ad spend continues to be one positive area. As campaigns continue to migrate to online rallies and events, both presidential and down ballot candidates are spending significant dollars in local broadcast and digital advertising. Since its April forecast, BIA increased the expected political ad spend from $7.1 billion to $7.3 billion. Of the $209 million increase, the distributed share to different media include $138 million to TV OTA, $40 million to Cable, $26 million to Online/Digital, and $5 million to Radio OTA....

Programming note. Today, on the Larry O'Connor show, Larry will apologize for his on the air behavior yesterday. When the subject of 25 women accusing Donald J Trump of rape came up, a point made by a Fox News contributor, Larry attempted to sweep it under the rug, and then "Yuck-yuck-yuck" the segment out. Rape is violent, rape is deadly serious, rape is emotionally devastating. A rapist is the among the worst of society, and Larry should have recognized it as such. Rape is NOT a dismissible subject, and Larry's actions, and inactions were deplorable. Never mind, Larry will continue his BS.

Hey Dave any more 5.1 earthquakes in Norf Carry Liner? Keep on rocking in the free world Dave. Your pal: Neil Young

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"What goes around etc ..." What aspect of the calendar eludes you? Did I travel back in time from Aug. 4 to Aug. 1 to create the bad karma leading to a Dead Mother Joke? www.google.com... As you can see, the DMJ fetish has a long history. And they just keep getting better! As if that's even possible! Not tiresome, if anything, more adorable with each repetition. You gotta admire the craft involved. "Suzie, get Dr. Bison [Gov. Northam] on the phone, tell him it's for me." Now can we get back to the serious business of slagging "the" The Mike O'Meara Show and gossiping about who's sleeping their way to the top? How's WBAL sounding these days? How 'bout those stocks, amirite? These are the things I'd have confidence in in a young MD. Gustavo Fring at the Gaithersburg Los Pollos Hermanos

Who replaced JJ Yore, the General Manager of WAMU? They sure had good ratings.

The revamped Washington Football Team radio broadcast will feature Julie Donaldson as the host and anchor working alongside DeAngelo Hall as analyst and Bram Weinstein working play-by-play, sources informed NBC Sports Washington and the team later announced. Boring! OOBBEE

NO COLLEGE FOOTBALL = MASS LAYOFFS IN SPORTS MEDIA. New sports anchor, Olivia Garvey (DMA 7) welcome to DC.. Here's your pink slip. Sally Jenkins, Wash Post. Sweetheart. College football isn't caught in the coronavirus culture war. College football is caught up in politics. In an election year, Democratic led universities v. Republicans. College presidents in the Power Five conferences should NOT hit the pause button on the season. Big Ten officials aren’t considering postponement because they’re hesitant or weak. They’re doing the math. Really? Because the math from Stanford says only 0.04% of all COVID-19 deaths are age 70 years or younger. So, Grandpa can miss the Michigan v. Ohio State game this year. { Can't wait for Don Geronimo's new 'Thinning The Herd' Podcast ]. College football should adopt our military special operations ethos. Mission - Men. The "Mission" of college football is bigger than the "Men" who play the game. #LifeLesson Signed, The Real AHHHH, a malebag legend.

"Wow, the jokes about my dead mother just get funnier and funnier". They're trying, Gus. But they still have a long way to go to match your, "This anonymous poster should have been smothered at birth. Its parents did the world a great disservice." What goes around etc ...

Wow, the jokes about my dead mother just get funnier and funnier. On August 1 it was mac and cheese and August 10 it was grilled cheese and tomato soup. I've been laying back for lack of anything to say and to see how many heads I'm living in rent-free; I'm guessing it's between 1 and 3 but who cares? If I were a stick-in-the-mud I'd say "Dave, the constant onslaught of DEAD MOTHER JOKES is why broadcast professionals no longer read or post on your site!" But that's certainly NOT a request for deletion. I don't care and understand that some of your readers are DMJ fetishists and they deserve fun too. G.C.A.T.S. would be my first choice, but a little G.A.Z.P.A.C.H.O. would not go amiss. Keep bringing the funny, guy(s), and bless your heart(s). Guzmán in el Gaithersburg

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Dave - Sshhhh! Don't tell anyone but, I found the ghost of Smooth Jazz 105.9 on the Internet! Point your browser to onlineradiobox.com and click on "Listen Live" you'll hear all those familiar Smooth Jazz tunes, jingles, mentions from Dave Koz saying "Thanks for listening", etc. This is the only radio aggregate site I've found that has Smooth Jazz 105.9. All the others say the station is no longer broadcasting. Tom, formerly of Frederick, MD., but now hiding in a bunker in Central Pennsylvania

Once upon a time there was a great radio station. It was called HFS. And they held the HFSfestival every year. This was the last year, before it moved to Merriweather and flopped. dropbox.com

If the average age of Covid 19 fatalities in the U.S. is 78 (as I heard somewhere), why do national and local TV news outlets keep trying to change the subject to impact of the pandemic on much younger segments of the population? I’ve seen the chyron “coronavirus and kids” on shows like Today, GMA and CBS This Morning a number of times - “coronavirus and senior citizens” not once. We get endless coverage of the situation with schools and colleges vs. little or nothing on nursing homes (which are major hot points of contagion). When network or cable news wants to shine the spotlight on an individual Covid case, why do they always seem to bypass the over-65 victims and instead cherry pick a rare hospitalized 8 year old or 23 year old? Seems odd that the age groups least susceptible to the virus (i.e., younger people) would receive such a disproportionate share of the media focus.

It looks like the first regional radio casualty of the pandemic is WHAN and W275BQ, a AM/FM translator rimshot in Ashland north of Richmond. The local ownership has struggled to turn a profit for years, and it appears they've finally given up the ghost, sold the land, and donated the stations to Charlottesville AAA station WNRN. WNRN already has an AM/FM pair in Richmond, but benefits from the very recent FCC repeal of the duplication rule. (Ironically, WHAN was leased to their non-com "competitor", UVA's WTJU, several years ago.) The last incarnation of WHAN played some interesting music - it's a little sad to see local radio spin down the drain. fcc.gov

WMAL Number One in über to liberal DMV? Fox News Chanel Number One Watched cable or broadcast network in the USA? Top FNC show: Tucker Carlson. Surely there must be a Sleeping Giant of moderates and conservatives awaiting their voices to be heard via the 2020 elections and the country to recover from disease, riots and senile candidates to, yes, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! Meanwhile: hey Gus in the Gaithersburg your momma says your grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch is ready for you at the top of the basement stairs and to pull your pants up and wash your hands. Signed: Adolph in Adelphi

I haven't watched WETA much since they increased thier power just to check signal strength which is much better with my antenna mounted in my yard but when the poster noticed it was only now broadcasting at 720 resolution on the primary WETA channel and WETA 2nd subchannel WETA UK I checked it out and its not as crisp its kind of like watching a broadcast on WTTG CH 5 which is the same resolution WHUT CH 32 and MPT CH 22 much better picture quality so if given a choice and the same show is on WETA and MPT id go for MPT.Also watching ME TV on WTTG sub and about 11:50 last night lose it completely along with WTTG and BUZZER sub dont know what happened signal always strong not an antenna problem must have been on thier end checked it at around 12:30 AM still not on this morning fine.I agree 94.7 The Drive a disaster for awhile in the winter they were doing a retro dance and disco show Saturday night Id actually suggested that to them awhile back they stopped that.So many many songs from the 70s 80s 90s there are and its like Hotel California is the only Eagles song because thats all they ever play from them same for Dancing Queen from Abba.A mess.A better choice for Classic Hits comes in halfway decent here in Woodbridge 97.7 The Bay Lexington Park more variety early 70s too and easy to stream has thier own app not on I Heart or Tune in.And 1420 WKCW daytime only but AM does get interference especially if thunderstorms are around.

I'm on vacation this week and decided out of boredom to digitize and save a pile of really old record albums inherited from my parents. Most of it is Easy Listening/Beautiful Music puke, with a couple of jazz LPs peppered in there. On one hand, I feel all nostalgic hearing these tunes again, reminding me of when I was a kid and one of these albums would be on during that last hour before dinner and Dad coming home. On the other hand, I'm reminded how Mom and Dad had control over the car radio on trips and this shit would play all the time (it was, after all, the "pop music" of its time). And in a really horrific moment of clarity, I realized I might have been conceived while one of these godawful songs played in the background sometime last century. Soon as I'm done, I'm truckin' these things over to Goodwill and I hope I never hear "The Living Strings" ever again, unless I want to piss off the neighbor downstairs.

The latest from the “Expect More” station (WBAL 1090): Heard last night just before the 11:30 news was a promo for ‘The C4 Show’, heard weekdays from 9 to 1. Umm….that show ended July 15. Idiots. Yes, I expect more. I expect that you at least operate on the pretense that you actually give a rat’s ass about what you put out over the air. Glad management chose radio as a career and not food services or grocery store mgmnt. I think it’s time for one of the cable networks to do one of those ‘Kitchen Nightmares’, ‘Bar Rescue’ type shows geared toward failing radio stations. Dave. Glad you survived the earthquake. Thanks for the video.

Does 103.5 use a traffic service for some of their broadcasts? Sundays, they advertise a farmer's market near me and how there's going to be unusual traffic around there and there never is...and I live in the area. I've been trying to get some of our charity events on radio stations and find it's hard to contact their traffic dept. for any info. But, I must say, yesterday when I was on the way back from VA Beach, they really did a great job covering the 95-corridor where most stations don't care!

In response to someone on Twitter who was none too pleased about Allison leaving & Angie taking her place, Angie Goff tweeted that she was just “helping out” on the morning shift & that her regular shift is the 4pm broadcast. Look, the morning show didn’t need any help. They were fully staffed & doing just fine with Allison & Steve on the anchor desk. Also, she’s going into month four of “helping out” which as per the promos was just supposed to be for the month of April. Guess her response was what management told her to say as I’m sure they expected backlash from Allison announcing her departure. But what a BS response and one they truly can’t think viewers would believe.

Saw this online re:: Allison Seymour an her husband Marc as new talent on this station. Kevin Fleming July 26, 2020 Entertainment, Radio Buzz Starting in August, Marc Clarke will perform Afternoons, and K. Foxx has been added for Middays. Lorenzo continues; we are still finalizing our agreement with Allison Seymour,” who was formerly heard on WHUR with her husband, Marc. Thomas says I hope to bring DC’s first family of Radio together again on ... 100hiphopandRNBFM.com

Fox5: Indeed, Holly Morris needs to exit. She should have been let go 10 years ago. Very contrived. Bye. Sad about Alison Seymour.

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I agree with all the comments about Allison Seymour and FOX5’s morning news. There was genuine chemistry between Allison and Steve that’s just not there with Angie Goff. I’ve stopped watching and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I see WUSA is advertising for a morning anchor (www.jobs.net) - not sure who’s leaving or if it’s a new position but wouldn’t it be something if Allison ended up at Broadcast House with Annie Yu and Tony Perkins?

Goff Lebhar, the man who brought Howard Stern and the Greaseman to Washington airwaves, has passed away....

From DCRTV's News Page: Godfrey "Goff" Lebhar, the general manager of rocker DC101 in 1981 when he brought Howard Stern to the morning show, died on August 2 at age 86 in Vero Beach FL. After Stern spent several rocky years at DC101 and met news reporter Robin Quivers, the two moved to NYC to eventually launch Stern's national radio career. According to legacy.com, Lebhar moved to Washington DC in 1967 where he became sales manager at Channel 20/WDCA. In 1969, he held the same position at WGMS radio. After stints in NYC and Cleveland, Lebhar returned to DC in 1975 to run WJMD (now WIAD) and in 1981 became general manager of DC101, WWDC-FM/AM. He held that position until his retirement in 1998.....

I must say - since Fox5 added Angie to mornings back in April, I saw this coming. I was NOT surprised to see Allison relieved of her anchor chair. Regardless, it was still VERY disappointing. Allison and Maureen were two of the main reasons I watched Fox5 - they are top journalists and class acts. I also enjoyed their chemistry with their colleagues Tucker and Mike. We all know how cut-throat the TV biz can be; still it’s sad to see these two professional ladies sidelined for Angie and Erin ( both seemingly competent, but less seasoned and professional). It certainly is an indictment against station management and may result in a decrease in viewership. I hope Allison and Maureen find new gigs and more respect at another station in the market. I will certainly miss Allison in the meantime and hate that they relegated Maureen to reporting and anchoring weekends. Sad. Sad. Sad. Carl

WETA-TV's signal is registering a solid 10 on a scale of 10 on my set's strength meter in NW Washington. It apparently is using its new facility at or near full power. Sadly it has apparently abandoned the picture clarity of 1080i in favor of two inferior 720p channels. I'll miss the 1080i quality as I'm sure will the production outfits whose shows air on those fuzzy channels. Unfortunatly for WETA, this will continue to draw DC area viewers and donors to Maryland Public Television's channel 22 for a superior watching experience.

Noting in today’s (8/9/20) WaPo, the obituary for longtime DC market radio sales and management figure Goff Lebhar. I knew of him, of course, but never worked with him. Any memories? -P of the AW

Carl, kudos to you on your post re: Fox5 & all the recent changes. Maybe Allison leaving was her plan anyway, she notified management & putting Angie on mornings for the “month of April” was a test drive for Allison’s replacement. But if so, they could’ve easily moved seasoned anchors Maureen or Holly into Allison’s spot upon her departure. Then, no need for a test drive. I too find it sad how they’ve treated Maureen. Sending her from morning anchor to field reporting & weekend anchor was a slap in her face. The nail in the coffin for me was seeing her reporting the other day from Annapolis out in the pouring rain and wind. And to see that occurring while Erin was sitting in the dry studio was sad to see. And knowing management promoted her from traffic reporter to weekend anchor & then morning anchor although just not seasoned enough to handle being morning anchor seems quite unjustifiable. I can see Maureen rolling out once the opportunity presents itself and maybe Steve as well. His demeanor on mornings suggests that he really isn’t happy w/the current morning changes. Especially with having to share the anchor desk with Angie with which there’s obviously little to no chemistry between those two.

The moment the Powers That Be at Fox5 decided Angie Goff needed to be added to the morning news they pulled out and dusted off the ol' chopping block. Heads were about to roll. Sadly, Alison was first. Holly Morris has to know she's next. All TV news, locally and nationally, has become a beauty contest. WUSA9 actually pulls in viewers because of Annie Yu. If a person is attractive, can at least act competent, and read a teleprompter, they're in. ABC7 is actually promoting the fact that all their weather people report from home. What a moronic idea. What ABC7 needs to do in the mornings is get Eileen Whelan back in studio between 5-7AM and send Veronica Johnson back to 7-9AM. Paul

I sure wish I could admire WMAL’s recent ratings but the station’s cynical and destructive content poisons the urge. As others have said, I have to assume their audience is actually down. It’s just that the other competitors’ audiences went down faster and farther. Cause for a party? Maybe one candle, pulled from a drawer, already partially burned. Max Critic

DCRTV survives earthquake.....

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Entercom says they had an operating loss of 32% in the second quarter of 2020 compared to 2019. They reported a operating loss of $45.3 Million in the second quarter of this year. They have a very large debt to service. It was reported that they borrowed $2 Billion to purchase the CBS owned stations.

From washingtonpost.com: The head of Washington’s NPR affiliate resigned Friday following months of internal turmoil and an explosive news story detailing allegations of sexual harassment by one of the station’s former reporters. J.J. Yore, the general manager of WAMU, stepped down under pressure amid staff complaints about the station’s newsroom culture, including the treatment of Black and other minority employees. The underlying tensions mushroomed last week into open calls for Yore to resign following revelations by DCist, a ­WAMU-owned news site, that included details about Yore’s handling of allegations against Martin Di Caro, a former transportation reporter who worked at the station between 2012 and 2018. “This has been a very difficult decision for me,” Yore wrote in a note to staff. “However, as I have looked back on the past months, I realize that I have not led the station through recent events in a way that has earned and maintained your trust and that trust is essential to our mutual success and to the success of WAMU. I regret the sense that I have let you down which is why I feel I must now step aside.” A public radio station was already in turmoil. Then its own news site dropped an explosive report. The drama at WAMU also proved to be a public relations debacle for American University, which holds the station’s license. WAMU does not have its own human relations department; the university announced it will hire a HR consultant to provide recommendations and will name an interim general manager in the next four to six weeks. The search for a permanent replacement starts in February 2021 after a task force examining WAMU’s workplace culture submits its findings. The changes are “designed to address issues in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, human resources, and management, as well as how matters of misconduct are handled at WAMU,” Seth Grossman, chief of staff for the American University president, wrote in a note to staff Friday. This summer, journalists in newsrooms across the country have openly questioned their organizations’ handling of race, sparked by protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody. Complaints about diversity and inequity at WAMU burst into the open after a Black trans producer, Morgan Givens, accused management over Twitter of trying to fire him. Several staffers supporting Givens pointed to the recent departures of several Black women from the station and criticized the workplace culture. A former staffer accused Yore of knowing about “a serial sexual harasser in his newsroom,” identified as Di Caro. Then last week DCist published a nearly 7,000-word investigation that delved into the accusations leveled at Di Caro. Reporter Rachel Kurzius found that Metro, the Washington transit authority, banned Di Caro from covering its board meetings after an agency employee filed a complaint. She also uncovered two human resources investigations and confidential memos from his bosses — including one co-written by Yore — warning Di Caro of his behavior. Di Caro’s alleged inappropriate behavior included sending unwanted late-night messages to young women and making sexually suggestive comments. (He did not respond to inquiries from The Washington Post.) Yore, in declining to comment to The Post about Di Caro, cited instructions from attorneys at American University. He told DCist that he was “saddened” to “learn the extent to which staff felt uncomfortable with the behavior of a former WAMU employee.” In an intense all-staff meeting last week, Yore faced a torrent of criticism from employees, who pushed him for more details about his handling of Di Caro’s employment, and some called for him to step down. Yore maintained he couldn’t comment on the allegations, citing American University “confidentiality provisions” when employees report incidents...

Hi Dave- As someone who has worked in professional broadcasting since 1968 in New York, Washington, DC and other markets, and who spent 32+ years with NBC, it has really become a stark reality that there has been a breathtaking absence of sports ingenuity in the Washington TV market during this COVID sports pause. In particular, I yearn for the genius of George Michael, who I am 100% certain, would have filled the airwaves with creative, entertaining, memorable sports profiles, reflections, and quirky takes on the "wacky" world of sports. The current crop of sports "commentators" just don't (can't) fill that void. Two reasons come to mind. 1. Stations just don't want to pay the big bucks that bring quality to local sports coverage. and 2. DC stations have lowered the bar to nothing better than "rip 'n' read" sports readers...who just don't have the wherewithal to breathe life into their words. When I worked with George Michael on The Sports Machine, and on his other programs, I often heard him say "If you live by the prompter, you die by the prompter!" In other words, George knew his facts so thoroughly....and knew the story he wanted to tell so completely...he really didn't need the teleprompter to take his audience on that brief journey with him. I've worked with some premier sports reporters in my career. Joe Garagiola, Guy LeBow, Art Rust, Jr. and many others who were true storytellers...nimble wordsmiths...able to paint "word pictures" for their audiences so convincingly, listeners could embrace them as personal memories. I fear this level of quality will never be seen again in this market...and the viewers will be the poorer for it. Cole Clarke, Central Maryland

RE: "What's my problem with 26?" You may be so close to the transmitter site that your receiver is being de-sensed (overloaded). Unplug your outside antenna and stick a short piece of wire in the antenna connector on your TV. See if the pixelation stops...

So it’s been awhile since I turned on the mess that is 94.7 The Drive. And, as bad as the station sounded a year ago… It’s even worse now. How cheap can you possibly get in a top 10 market to do a voicetracked show middays from market #21? Want a good laugh - take a look at the poor photoshopping done on Maria Dennis’ bio page on both WLIF, and then WIAD. And ownership mentality like this folks, is why radio is becoming irrelevant. What a mess the entire DC Entercom cluster is. They just can’t do anything right! You know you stink when IHeart is looked upon as quality radio in the market. MLB4

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From www.fox5dc.com: FOX 5 thanks Allison Seymour for her dedication over the last 21 years on her final day. Allison started her career in television working behind the scenes at ABC News after graduating from Hampton University. She was later inducted into the Scripps Howard School of Journalism Hall of Fame from her alma mater... “Since 2007, I have been fortunate enough to serve as a main anchor of the show that I have come to love, the FOX 5 Morning Show and Good Day DC,” she said. “During my time at WTTG, I have felt the support of our viewers both on and off the air, through my marriage and the birth of our three daughters. In fact, I had my first-ever baby shower live on the air, and the public met Sydney, Skylar and Spencer before we even came home, thanks to a camera in our hospital rooms!” "This decision was not an easy one, but it was mine entirely," Allison shared in her announcement to viewers. "In a business where not many people get to say goodbye, I am grateful to the leadership here at FOX 5 for giving me this moment." "Thank you for your love and support through the years!”

Well WETA's upgrade hasn't helped my OTA reception at all. It worked perfectly before. I live two blocks from Mt. Alto and have a chimney mounted outdoor antenna. The picture pixilates in and out, and it's out more than in. I've rescanned both TVs(not smart TVs), both less than five years old. I continue to receive every other channel, including some from Baltimore, perfectly. What's my problem with 26?

Allison Seymour announced this morning that she’s leaving Fox5.

Has Eun Yang left the 4 news team in the mornings ? She, to me, was the glue that held the morning program together. Jummi is very pretty but doesn’t appear to have the news chops that Eun has. The only people I pay attention to in the morning are (either) Chuck or Lauryn. Thankfully the evening team is relatively unchanged. Grumpy Ed in Potomac Falls

Listening in the car to 103.5 FM and find a distinctive over-processing on the anchor microphones since WTOP moved from their old Idaho Ave HQs. I thought it might have been reception in the area I was driving, but the "listener fatigue" sound was the same on the home receiver. It dropped off when JJ Green reported via Skype before 10am & on most commercials and other elements. Not being picky, just realistic. It's tough to listen to the floor noise level being brought up by the compression & the overly-bass-y (not Basie) mic. Sincerely, a 20+ year A1 audio engineer.

WETA 26 is now arguably the strongest Washington, DC TV signal, even better than WRC NBC 4, which is a higher UHF channel and a lower tower height at the same power. The irony is that Sinclair seems to have centered their ATSC 3.0 testing mostly at the NBC 4 Ward Circle tower, so I think Next Gen TV in DC will initially be on a Class A TV station from the WRC 4 tower, not the WJLA/WUSA tower. But that’s sort of conjecture on my part as I’ve seen no studies. At least in Baltimore Sinclair has already commissioned a study on WNUV, so it’s hard to believe that Baltimore first 4k signals will not be from WNUV CW 54, sort of how they are doing it in nearby Pittsburgh, which coincidentally Hearst’s WTAE is cooperating in also. So clearly Hearst has deals for ATSC 3.0 with Sinclair in common markets. But we’ll see what happens.

I’ve noticed that the FOX5 morning show routinely has stories on subjects that uncomfortably hit close to the anchors reading them. They’ve covered dating coworkers, with Erin as part of the conversation. They’ve covered infidelity, with Holly as part of the conversation. And this morning they discussed a study about how employees perform better when competitive. Wisdom said he only competes with himself. Erin was kinda wishy washy & somewhat agreeing, but then talked about being surrounded by successful people who make you want to go to the next level, YADA YADA. Now, Angie had NO problem with competition in the workplace saying if it elicits creativity & motivation & there’s no fear “from above”, it could be good. Erin tried to smile through Angie saying that, but she was obviously uncomfortable. Angie’s been competitive since her days at WUSA & is willing to do whatever to get to the top including stepping over people, grabbing the spotlight or whatever. And if she can get those “from above” to buy in, she’s accomplished her task. I think she cane to Fox5 with intentions of being a morning anchor & I give her a few more months to be the other main co-anchor on mornings w/Steve & management possibly moving Allison to the 4pm broadcast.

Donated $100 to DCRTV and I feel GREAT! Good for the soul and excellent money management. The Real AHHHH #TeamDave #ShowGratitude #JoinMe #AnyAmountHelps

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Have to agree with the earlier mailbagger who wrote about the train wreck that is WBAL Radio's new morning show. Why launch the thing when your co host is about to go away on vacation? This C4 guy's nickname should be "radio interruptus" since that's all he seems to do. Make the Yuriptzy lady wake up before she goes on the air again with her pseudo-conservative spiel. Then there's the sing-songy woman speed-reading through her news. The new sports dude offers nothing but outdated stories and constant promos for his podcast. And speaking of the sports dude, how many of his sportscasts and how many of the newscasts are now recorded? They've had a few lately with the same stories repeated two or three times. Clearly whoever was supposed to edit didn't edit. Pretty shameful. My favorite thing about them though is the one promo where they talk about being live and local and then promote a delayed broadcast of "Meet the Press." How is that live and local?

Excellent signal from WETA 26 in New Freedom,Pa near the Maryland line.Signal strength of 100% with a SNR about 25db..Jack.

#FreeMikeO'Meara Mike, let the DCRTV malebag tell you what Spewak & Santana are too scared to discuss with you. NOBODY wants to hear your daily TMOS social commentary. #FastForwardThruTMOSPodcast. NOBODY listened to your Political Persuasions Podcast because no listener cares about what you think - COVID-19 included. COVID talk hurts donations. Discipline thy self..

Oh you guys! Such a bunch of jokers! There are more posts about me than FROM me. This was not my intention. Is there a Stock Guy Bund of which I'm unaware or has Captain Tad Overweight mobilized the Rob Mob? As I mentioned some time ago my mom has been dead and desiccated for quite awhile, but if cheap non-laughs are your thing whom am me to complain? Nothing particular to say today, just wanted to express in the manner of a veterinarian my appreciation of your perverse fascination. I've never been your huckleberry but you've darn sure made me your bugaboo. I believe I first encountered that term in the writings of E.A. Poe. Get a life, won't you? Bless your heart. GITG

hi dave, did the bay 100.7 drop completely out of the top 15 in July? i thought they were 8th based on nielsen i saw

Dave's response: Whoops. I left them out. I have updated yesterday's ratings post below.....

WETA 26 is finally finished their antenna installation and is at full power, 1000 kw, 843 feet HAAT back at the WJLA/WUSA tower. Anybody who was having trouble getting their signal should re-scan.

I listen to radio and watch TV. I live in Gaithersburg with Mom. "Guess Who"? Tomorrow I will comment on everything that is posted on DCRTV. The nice guy will post everything that I send him.

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From DCRTV's news page: The July 2020 monthly radio ratings, full-day, age 6+. Washington: 1) WMAL, 2) WHUR, 3) WTOP, 4) WMMJ, 5) WAMU, 6) WASH, 7) WETA-FM, 8) WIHT, 9) WBIG and WPGC and WWDC, 12) WIAD, 13) WMZQ, 14) WGTS and WKYS, 16) WJFK, 17) WPRS, 18) WLZL, 19) WTEM, 20) WDCH. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WPOC, 3) WERQ, 4) WIYY, 5) WQSR, 6) WLIF, 7) WYPR, 8) WZBA, 9) WBAL-AM, 10) WCBM, 11) WWMX, 12) WJZ-FM, 13) WZFT, 14) WBJC, 15) WEAA, 16) WCAO.....

WMAL-FM is number one again in the July Ratings. Congratulations to Bill Hess. WTOP is number two now in the Ratings. WSBN 630 AM is dead with their sports talk format with a 0.1 Share. 630 AM ranks at the bottom

No WUSA 9 does not have their own chopper. Only WRC NBC 4 has their own in DC, although Telemundo uses it too. The entire news chopper situation across the nation is best summed up right here as someone sent me this. And while I’m on the chopper situation WJZ 13 wrecked another chopper, well damaged, and now repaired already maybe. But for those keeping count, yep, WJZ has damaged or destroyed two choppers now. I’m told that WBAL TV with their Aribus AS350BA has the most expensive and sophisticated chopper in the area. One of WJZ’s two choppers is used as a backup for the DC pool chopper (WJLA/WUSA/WTTG). This info is from Ryan Olsen who’s posted on DCRTV before. docs.google.com... — BaltoMedia.net

Hi, I've been a reader and monetary contributor to DCRTV for the past several years. I read the site mainly for technical updates on DC area broadcasters, as well as programming changes/updates. There used to be a few knowledgeable contributors (Loudon?) who no longer post. They left because of the juvenile posts of a few of your readers. You may now count me as a "former" reader. There is no longer any useful information to be found on DCRTV. It's unfortunate. But posters like "Gus" have taken over. Regarding DCRTV's reputation, here is a recent post from avsforum's Washington/Baltimore HDTV OTA forum.. [FWIW: although 11 hasn't filed any documentation, I just caught that someone posted to the DCRTV mailbag last week saying they contacted the station and confirmed they were on the new antenna. (yeah, yeah, massive grain of salt because it's the mailbag).] No hard feelings. Good luck to you. I'll check back in 6 months or so to see if anything has changed. Regards, Rick Seifert, Washington, DC

Dave's response: How many major American media markets still have any local media news/commentary websites still going? At least DCRTV is still here for DC and Baltimore. Even if it is mainly mailbag posts, these days. Hey, Gus is funny and he stirs the pot. Where else are you going to go for local media news, plus rumors and crazy commentary?

Axios' White House reporter Jonathan Swan deserves all the praise he's receiving for his Q&A with Trump. That was a big boy interview. And it served as an object lesson for all the journalists who've come up empty in past interviews. We can see plainly they lacked the skill to probe and follow-up the way Swan did -- or were doing their boss' bidding. The next time Trump does a traditional softball interview with Fox, Sinclair or OANN, the contrast is going to be stark.

Does WUSA own/operate their own chopper now? Watching the noon news right now and I feel like they finally got their own bird.

I am sure Gus studies BIA, Miller Kaplin, and Hungerford to get his inside knowledge of radio station revenues. What, he doesn't????? I have access to these materials and can tell you most stations that have carried Rush Limbaugh continually had less OTA ad revenue in 2018 than they did in 2010. Radio, in general, has had minimal OTA revenue growth, but did not have a decrease in ad revenue over the same period.

I have been a reader of DCRTV for many years now. Unfortunately, there is no good information anymore and it is not worth reading since you permitted an idiot to take it over. The idiot is "Gus".

Tom Conroy "GETS IT" Love, Gus & The Real AHHHH

Gus, your comments on deaf people reading scrolls really shows how myopic you are to the challenged public, and you uneducated points MUST be addressed for the DCRTV record. Here goes. Most schools for the deaf teach reading skills up to a fourth-grade level, sad, but true. With the idiosyncrasies of the written word, and without the ability to actually cognitively juxtapose that written word with its oral counterpart, fast, complex reading is a challenge for the deaf community. Remember reading is a second language to a majority of them and sign language is their first language. Also, real time ASL interpreters can emphasize what needs to be emphasized which a live scroll really can't. Next, "Arnold & Porter Sues White House" was a headline in the daily "American Law Journal" publication, which was edited by, get this, A Lawyer! Please let the professionals, who know more than you, do the communicating, without your constant uniformed criticism.

Interesting that Gus can post rude, crude comments about local radio, tv stations and their respective employees and allowed to remain. But comments by other posters that are no way near as crude as Gus’ are asked to be deleted.

Dave's response: I do occasionally not post Gus's posts when they do go "over the top." But if I missed something that you feel is mean spirited and not just snarky sarcasm then please send a copy of Gus's post to dcrtv@dcrtv.com and tell me why you think I should remove it. And I will take another look at it and just might yank it.....

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Gus, It is very easy to find me. Just look up. With Love, J.H. Christ

The trash that you are posting about "Gus" is not funny. DCRTV is losing respect from all DC Broadcasters. They no longer send you information as they have done in the past. You have worked hard to earn the respect of the Broadcasters for 22 years......don't lose it now.

"A prominent broadcast talent management firm did a 10 year study and found if you carry Rush, your revenues decrease, year after year. Waiting for a knee jerk uneducated response from Gus." And here it is: It sounds like you're lying. Do you understand why? You're saying people pay money for a profitable show that makes their income shrink. Do you think radiodiddly stations don't notice "Hey, we're making less money!" This anonymous poster should have been smothered at birth. Its parents did the world a great disservice. Gus in the Gaithersburg

Regarding " The independent non corporate controlled station WPFW (Pacifica) has joined up with WBAI in New York some of their programs. " You seem to be unaware that Pacifica is the corporate controller, owner, and operator of WPFW, WBAI, KPFA Berkeley, KPFK Los Angeles, and KPFT Houston. They may seem to be independent as there have been instances in the past where staff of some of these stations have rebelled against their corporate masters, but they paid the price. If you are seeking independently run stations, you will have to look elsewhere. Try LPFMs like Arlington and Takoma Park.

As for relationship of WPFW to WBAI, I thought WBAI long ago got overwhelmed by overdue rent problems and went off the air. I could do some research into the topic, but...ya know. -P of the AW

Through FCC documents and other sources, it appears that WMAR 2, WBAL 11, and WJZ 13 are all at full power from the TV Hill candelabra on their main antennas atop the tower. WMAR told me today that they are at full power. WBAL filed a Transition Report with the FCC stating all work was completed and ready to file a LTC app, and WJZ already filed a License to Cover app. So to summarize, WMAR 2 is 830kw on channel 27 @ 1007 feet, WBAL 11 is 30kw @ 1001 feet, and finally WJZ 13 is non-directional again and 30kw @ 1001 feet. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that all three wings of the candelabra are roughly the same height, but the topography makes the HAAT calculation make WMAR look higher by 7 feet? — BaltoMedia.net

WJZ 13 is now full power, 30kw @ 1001 feet from TV Hill as they filed a License to Cover app with the FCC. Not sure yet about the others, but a WBAL TV engineer told me that WBAL 11 is using the main top antenna already, but maybe not full power, possibly only 8.3 KW. They will be eventually at 30kw just like WJZ. WMAR 2’s situation is more murky as they had an AUX failure that requires a replacement and there is still no word on whether they are using their 830kw at 1007 feet main antenna, but they are most certainly testing it. Probably know more tomorrow.

Wow! Most of the posts with my name in them aren't from me. Y'all need to find Jesus which won't be easy because he's from El Salvador. Jay 7-11 Wolf from WPFW I'm guessing will turn out to be another fake Indian and probably some inappropriate workplace stuff. "Arnold & Porter Sues Trump White House" Law firms don't sue people they represent clients suing people. No Go, no $200. "they are also being denied the opportunity to access information, analysis, and updates from Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx—two renowned public health experts," I am shocked to learn that deaf people can't read. As a hearing person who can read I can't imagine this. I'm going to have to use some talcum powder and RoundUp to get over it. You stupid idiot. "Music and the Spoken Word" started in 1929, so here's a telegram from the Grand Ole Opry: "Suck it mormons! 1925 style!" "I listen to the radio and watch TV" If it bothers you that I'm one of the people who pay the bills, sucking it is an option for you too. Gus in the Gaithersburg

FCC Chairman Pai announced that the FCC will move forward with increasing the cost of their Regularity Fees for 2020. Most Radio Stations have had the worst history this year in revenue due to the Pandemic and local business being shut down since March 13, 2020. (5 Months). The FCC has not been able to work for five months. Some of their employees were able to work from home. President Trump please get rid of the present Chairman of the FCC. It is time for a change.

The White House cancels the nomination of Michael O'Rielly for a second five year term at the FCC. It's time for a change. When President Trump was elected President, he promised that for every new RULE passed by the FCC, they must cancel two old RULES. This has NOT happened.

Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" ran daily and Saturday on over 1,200 radio stations for over 55 years, and put True Value Hardware on the map. His reach was 25 million, weekly. The Grand Old Opry has been running weekly since 1925. Fun fact, if your radio station starts to carry Rush Limbaugh, expect revenues to go down the next year. A prominent broadcast talent management firm did a 10 year study and found if you carry Rush, your revenues decrease, year after year. Waiting for a knee jerk uneducated response from Gus.

It has only been a couple of months but I still don't like the way y'all in the malebag acted over toilet paper. Signed, #StaySafe The Real AHHHH

“The Real AHHHH! My guess it that these two are from the same genes, maybe the same person.“ -Same person. Hi PLB!

From Robert Feder's Chicago media news website www.robbertfeder.com: In May the parent company of NPR news/talk WBEZ 91.5-FM announced the appointment of Andi McDaniel as CEO of Chicago Public Media, effective September 28. But now McDaniel’s hiring may be in doubt. A report in DCist.com raised questions about how McDaniel handled complaints of sexual misconduct against a male reporter while McDaniel was chief content officer at WAMU, the NPR station at American University in Washington, D.C. (Here is the link.) Bryan Traubert, chair of Chicago Public Media’s board of directors, told WBEZ staffers Monday that a committee is working “to ascertain the facts and to inform how we move forward with the CEO role,” adding: “We understand it is our responsibility to bring in a leader who has trust and credibility, and who will continue to build a culture that is welcoming, diverse and inclusive where all staff can thrive.” Stay tuned.

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Re: "No other radio show comes close in years on air ..." Misleading. Although admittedly a different kind of radio show, and weekly rather than daily, the LDS Church's "Music and the Spoken Word" has been on the radio continuously for over 90 years. So, I guess it doesn't come close because it was already over 57 years old when Rush's 33 years began.

You gotta love DCRTV. great for information but also for entertainment. Gus in Gaithersburg does keep the pot stirred, no doubt. If like me, you have been a mailbagger for years. There were a few others very much like Gus. One I missed for years is back, yea! The Real AHHHH! My guess it that these two are from the same genes, maybe the same person. Welcome back! Only Dave knows the answer to that mystery! Stay dry! Tom Conroy

Re: "What are the qualifications of "Gus in Gaithersburg?" Guys like Gus and I, legends in the malebag, are leaders, followers, readers, speakers, listeners, students and teachers. We're DCRTV malebag truth and wild imagination working together. Hall of Fame timber-shakin’ baritones of gravitas and gravel – directly linked to a greater truth whether you or old 'get off my lawn' DJ's want to hear it or not. We're about engagement and entertainment; engagement that makes you mad. Makes you think. Makes you laugh. Makes you cry - with envy.. We're your dominant Ellen DeGeneres to your subservient Porta de Rossi We will not be swayed by Robb Spewak's censorship pressure, or curtailed by the current politically correct genres. Guys like Gus and me, we're DCRTV roots-driven and real.. Gus and I and all of our Mel Blanc characters are why the malebag has replaced the front page. Don't like it? Don't let the malebag clubhouse door hit your ass on the way out - BITCH. Signed, The Real AHHHH

I wish Gus would get a life and stop posting his worthless opinions on Mailbag every day. He finally posted his qualifications today for an expert opinion on everything that is posted. "I listen to the radio and watch TV". Thank you Gus.

Starting to wonder if and when Don Geronimo will return to broadcasting. It has been almost a year since he said he had a project in the works, and that it would be his last podcast episode. Has anyone heard anything? I checked to see if the book was out which he was writing, but haven’t seen that either.

Arnold & Porter Sues Trump White House Over Lack of American Sign Language Interpreters at COVID-19 Briefings! from the suit; “This [lack of inclusion] means that not only are [deaf and hard of hearing] Americans being denied the opportunity to understand any communication from the President of the United States during this critical time, they are also being denied the opportunity to access information, analysis, and updates from Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx—two renowned public health experts,” HAHAHA! A flagrant violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and a clear snub of section 504 of the FCC's Program's and Accessibility rules. Anxiously awaiting comments from GUS

WMAL talker and a founder of conservative talk radio Rush Limbaugh celebrates his shows 33rd anniversary Monday. No other radio show comes close in years on air or audience. So Gus in Gaithersburg drop the mouse, stand up and pull your pants up too it's time to salute Rush Limbaugh. Losers Don and Mike can only dream of such an accomplishment! Not Gus in Gaithersburb.

Michael Jenkins has been let go from NBC Sports Washington after 16 years. He announced on IG and FB today.

"What are the qualifications of "Gus in Gaithersburg"? Someone posted that he was a "board operator". Does this qualify him to have an opinion on everything that is posted every day? Has his guy ever worked in Broadcasting? He says that the Urban Stock did not have a 900% growth in the stock value. He is WRONG now and is wrong with most of his opinions. This idiot is driving away most readers from DCRTV. Please WAKE UP or you will lose all your readers." Dave publishes my small contributions, not me. Do you understand how psychotic you sound? Show me where Urban went up 900%. I'll wait. Oh, you can't show me .... or anyone? My "qualifications" btch, are, I listen to the radio and watch TV. Eff you. Tant pis, em-effer. Gus in the Gaithersburg

TMOS COCKTAIL PARTY:: Even Gus can't make this shit up. Which TMOS wife declared on last Friday's show that her favorite candies are ----- wait for it ----- AIRHEADS!?

With their visas in limbo, journalists at Voice of America worry that they’ll be thrown out of America www.washingtonpost.com

Like the poster who posts here about Larry O'Connor, I also hate homosexuals. That poster agrees with me! Gus in the Gaithersburg

WBAL Radio strikes again. After only 13 airings of the new C4/Bryan Nehman show, well, Mr. Nehman is off this week. Filling in today is Yuripzy Morgan. If you think the regular show is a train wreck, you should hear this mess. AM Radio isn’t dead, but rather the brains of management. Why would you launch a new show knowing that in 2 weeks, your co-host is on vacation? Add to that the deal about not having a permanent PM Drive host in place when the launch started July 15. Amazing stuff. And as for Gus, I think of him more as Major Frank Burns than Cliff Clavin.

This is simply my Vegas bet as I know nothing of what’s going on at WPFW radio, but a simple Google search tells me it could be related to something that showed up, like a recent interview with Minister Farrakhan. What interview with him has NOT turned into a huge Dumpster Fire of Hate? But I guess the Minister just hates the Jews and the gays right and the Native Americans are for now safe? Probably not working.

My house in Springfield, I have re-scanned my TV channels. I now get 58 channels with my antenna in the attic. All Washington stations, Baltimore (no 11 or13) and channel 8 from Richmond. Patrick

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We need more diversity in Broadcasting Ownership. How many Black owners are there in DC? What is the percentage of Black population in DC?

Gus in Gaithersburg is not a Hoot. He is not even a clown. His postings show that he is not smart enough to be a clown! What a waste of time.

Does anyone have any insight into the LoudounNow newspaper in Leesburg? For the past several weeks we have not received it at our home in Leesburg and I saw where they were asking for donations to ‘support community journalism’. The Loudoun Times Mirror announced in June the paper was reducing the frequency at which they deliver the print paper free to many driveways and they are rolling out a metered paywall. These are the only two papers of note in Loudoun County, with a few others serving specific areas, and could lead to a void in coverage of the county which is often ignored by DC media.

Your reporting in the DC/ Baltimore media the good, bad and ugly is outstanding. Do you offer a podcast or newsletter ? The independent non corporate controlled station WPFW (Pacifica) has joined up with WBAI in New York some of their programs. Recently there was a native American activist of the name Jay Winter Night Wolf who had a show on WPFW that disappeared from his Friday afternoon show. On another program when listeners would call in with inquiries about his presence the answer would be , “not on anymore” or when the caller would persist on why the host would respond “station cannot discuss or is an internal affair”. Your website is a fair and unbiased reporting on the broadcast media. Please respond if you can.

Dave's response: Thanks for the kind words. Can anyone address the WPFW issues?

So Marc Clarke has lost yet another radio gig. Quite a competitive field, but wow, he’s just had some bad breaks. Just wonder what other opportunities are out there for him. Thought I heard he and Allison were either doing or looking into doing a podcast.

Larry O'Connor's gay! Larry O'Connor's gay! Larry O'Connor's gay! Gettin' old, Buckwheat. And before you get started, like Roger LeCoco I call everyone Buckwheat. "Both have pathetic dead rats on their heads and both sound like they are light on [sic] the loafers." Joe Biden is well known for having hairplugs, and actual creepy behavior on video, why is he not included? Dunno. The incompetuderation on display here is bedazzling. Dave, is this homophobic crap the sort of thing you want to be promulgating? It's been going on for months/years. Of course we all know being gay is BAD, right? But it didn't offend Wob Spewak so it's okay? As The Honorable Elijah Manson taught us in possibly his best song "When you're livin' on the road/ And you think sometimes you're starvin'/ Get on off that trip my friend/ Just get in them cans and start carvin' " www.youtube.com... Time to take out the Pull Hammer my friend. Gus in the Gaithersburg

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The mother's basement shtick never gets old. Sounds like a couple 'baggers have a crush on a certain someone and they're doing the grade school thing of 'bagging on someone they secretly yearn for but don't want their confusing new feelings to cause them to lose face with their peers. Sorry guys, but I belong to Jesus, my Lord and Savior. He's from El Salvador. Gus in the Gaithersburg

Another funny rant from Gus in Gaithersburg/Cliff Clavin. Apparently he hates Conservatives but after a 15 minute trip to CVS he is now a public health expert. Pray for Gus, if anyone needs prayer it is our own Cliff Clavin.

Allegations Against Martin DiCaro - dcist.com - Repeatedly telling a spokesperson for a D.C. councilmember how he thought she looked in a dress. Sending suggestive, late-night messages to young colleagues. Inviting a news assistant to a networking event, only to bring her to one-on-one drinks and ask her to come home with him. Looking women up and down “like a cartoon wolf” in the workplace. Telling a transportation expert at professional drinks that “I want to fuck you, no strings attached.” These are some of the allegations that women in the local media and transportation scene have made against Martin Di Caro, who served as one of the D.C. region’s premier transportation reporters for half a decade. His most visible perch was at local public radio station WAMU until he departed at the end of 2017. (DCist was acquired by WAMU in 2018.) In isolation, many of the women believed the incidents didn’t rise to the level of an official complaint. Others feared speaking out would damage their careers. Viewed in totality, though, the allegations depict a pattern of inappropriate behavior, even as Di Caro continued to receive professional opportunities and public accolades. He was considered a trusted source for transportation news. And he became, among some advocates and enthusiasts in the field, a kind of beloved (if somewhat eccentric) figure. Di Caro did not respond to multiple requests for comment, including a detailed list of the allegations in this story, though he did send an email to former colleagues broadly denying that he had ever engaged in troubling behavior at WAMU. DCist spoke with 24 people, all women or other people of marginalized genders, who said they experienced some form of inappropriate behavior from Di Caro while working as journalists, government communications professionals, or members of the transportation advocacy community, and with additional people who witnessed the events firsthand. Many were able to provide texts, emails, and other written communication to back up their accounts. Leadership at WAMU, his employer from 2012 to 2017, knew about some of the alleged misconduct. It was the subject of at least two human resources investigations, one in 2014 and another in 2016, according to documents obtained by DCist. “Your actions and communications have caused some individuals to feel harassed, offended, insulted, and/or degraded,” reads a confidential 2016 memo from station management to Di Caro obtained by DCist. He would continue to work at the station for another year and a half.....

AUG 1. RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT. Had this current version of' Counterculture been around back in the Don & Mike Show days, no way the white, short, morbidly husky Mike Sorce would have been able to use the on-air persona Don 'Geronimo" Today, widespread national condemnation and radio station / network protests would have taken Don Geronimo off the air faster than Mike Sorce saying Native American Lives Matter.

"Also, please pray for friends of WMAL who are, or will become, sick due to the pseudo-science and political trickery (misinformation) disseminated from WMAL and their cadre of BS spewing guests who are trying to confuse the public during the national health pandemic." Wow, the sinister SMWMALSH seems to be controlling the world in some people's minds. Now they control the Dutch government. www.reuters.com... "Cadre"? I don't hear too many guests on WMAL, they mainly seem to be on the 3-6 pm show. Lighten up, Francis. Gus in the Gaithersburg

Separated at birth? Willing to bet Bill Hess he could not tell WMAL talker Larry "Implants" O'Connor from Maryland Democrat congressman Jamie "Implants" Raskin. Both have pathetic dead rats on their heads and both sound like they are light on the loafers. Only difference is the two could not be more politically apart. Note: Gus your mother is calling down to basement: Mac and cheese is ready. Signed: Not Gus In The Gaithersburg

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