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DCRTV Mailbag - September 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020

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Is there discord on Channel 4 between Eun and Aaron? I don’t see them appear on set together anymore. Eun and Jummy or Jummy and Aaron. What happened? I like them both together. Thanks M. Middleton

I't's official. Ten years of TMOS ended today. I will cancel Bonus next. Mike thinks he is the Democratic Hannity of podcasting. What a hoot! IT SUCKS! Worst is Oscar has become Alan Colmes of the show. OMG. What a mess. Blobb is still the Robin Quivers....."Oh Mike, giggle giggle giggle".

BLACK INFORMATION NETWORK......it is good to have more Diversity in DC Radio. iHeart provides that with Daytimer WUST 1120 AM. Since they have no nighttime coverage, they need a Translator to go with WUST 1120 AM. Remember 26% of the DC Market is Black.

To answer your question, the AM Revitalization Plan is over. Yes, it was a failure. It did not help any of the AM Stations in DC. The FCC is still protecting the 50,000 Watt Clear Channel Stations. Your thoughts?

Remember when WMAL 630 AM was number one station in the market for 30 years? Today it ranks number 32 in the market with new Call Letters......WSBN 630 AM.

Congratulations to DCRTV on your 23rd Birthday. Please send some money to Dave Hughes so he can continue this Free Service! You made a good move putting your Mailbag on the front page.

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WETA seen testing 26.5 subchannel today.. 26.1. WETA-HD... 26.2. WETA-UK... 26.3 KIDS... 26.4 WORLD... 26.5 METRO

I'm seeing in AllAccess that some of the iHeart furloughs are about to become permanent for some unluckies who won't be coming back. Among them are a guy in Cleveland who's been with WGAR for 39 years (!!!) and a Florida dude who's been in place since 1997. Is this the iHeart strategy at long last? Ditch the legacy guys who know how to make a successful operation happen and still have an instinct about how to entertain? I hope they were given decent severance packages or have the resources to call out age discrimination. And again, it bears repeating that the demographic group that has the most money and still own radios -- Boomers -- are the ones least served by radio today. I swear, the damn industry is shooting itself in the 'nads.

Standing up for my fellow "local hosts" of Morning Edition and ATC around the country: there's more to the job than "Max" makes it out to be. I've been at it for 16 years now, on and off, and I'm not bored with it yet. It's different at every station, and I'm sure WAMU staffs the shift more heavily than we do up here at WXXI in a much smaller market, but up here it's entirely a solo gig. I write my own local newscasts (six of them during an ATC shift, nine of them during ME), juggle all the promos and underwriting and station IDs that run during the show, precisely time out several breaks that have to hit to within a fraction of a second when we break off from some of our partial simulcasts, plus keep an ear out for breaking news, do weather and traffic, and introduce the local and regional news segments that cover up some of the national NPR content (at :44 past the hour during ATC, :45 or :51 past the hour during ME). During a typical hour of ATC, I'm on the air with local material for between 9 and 13 minutes, slightly more than that during ME, and I'm never out of the studio for longer than 11 minutes at a stretch. At a station like WAMU that's often #1 in key demos during morning drive, that local voice is a very important part of the whole package. - Fybush in the Rochester

What happened to the AM Revitalization Plan? Is it over? If so, it was a total epic failure! haha I thought the FCC was thinking of reducing 50kw clear channel protections to allow more stations on the air at night for local service. A lot of these frequencies are very uncrowded frequencies where even a 1000 or more watt directional night time signal would do pretty well for these stations without impacting say stations in Canada, most of which have stopped broadcasting in the clear themselves and downgraded to below 50kw and actually compete with other Canadian stations on the same frequency. I mean, think about it. If Canada is not protecting their clear channel AM stations, then why are we still? I know it’s a treaty and all, but why not do something about it? I really don’t think stations in Florida or Ohio should be protecting WFAN in NYC as much as they’re restricted right now either. Most people in these locations do not give a rats ass what’s going on in New York City. An Alabama station has no new/talk after dark because they’re supposed to be listening to WFAN 660 instead of WXQW. Think they do ever? These protections are fossils. How often can you get WFAN at night in Alabama? AM revitalization has so far been a complete failure because they won’t make any substantial changes or improvements.

I was watching the Purple Pregame Show on WJZ last night, and I wonder if anyone else thinks something is up with Mark Viviano. He's always had a slim build, but he's definitely even skinnier than usual, and just doesn't look "right". I hope I'm wrong. RobsDad

Let's split up TMOS: Show 1 - Mike intros Michael (You know the, the little pretentious MO on the show doing song, dance, piano and voices); Carla's infomercial content with a final political commentary by the big Pretentious MO. Show two - A comedy with Oscar, Rob, Matty, and pony Boy. It's just a concept. Think of it. More sponsors, fruitcakes, and Halloween facials in a box?

According to another radio station listing sale, the $1.5 million Baltimore radio station for sale is actually not WJZ AM 1300 because the listing of the station here says low power at night and WJZ 1300 is not at all low power at night. Has to be WNST AM 1570, the only other Baltimore 5000 watt station that is actually lower power at night. Check the other listing out here. radiostationsforsale.net

WPXW has been off the air since 5 am Monday. No clue why that is (nor any filings) but you'd have to think it's work related to WTTG's "imminent" move to the same tower. WPXW does not have a licensed backup facility....

Dave's response: But it probably has a landline feed to most of the area's major cable systems, right?

TMOS = NO DAYS OFF! #TheMikeO'MearaShow #WorkHarder #NextManUp

Hey Dave two items for the World Famous DCRTV Mailbag that don’t have to do with Gus is Lost in the Gaithersburg. First for those who always wanted to go into politics for the money comes a Fox APP (Fox Bet Super 6...sounds like a cheap motel) where you can bet on sports but even better, politics. The first contest is the Fox Biden-Trump Cleveland debate 9:00pm Tuesday so you better get your bet in quick. There are six faux questions with five given answers that you pick just one. The trick is that the majority of answers are bullshit so go for the most serious answer (Trump ain’t gonna call Biden “Sleepy Joe” to his face). Once entered you could win $25,000.00 with more games to come. Lastly, a moment of silence please for DCRTVDJDAVE’’s late VW. Oh how he treasured his car (“Don’t slam the door!” or “No smoking!” was often heard) full of fond memories (Dave had his first hetro sex in that car last summer). So Dave get over the old car with the “Hillary 2016” and the “Buttboy 2020” bumper stickers and get $200 from the salvage yard for it and get yourself a real ride: a F-250 1986 Ford pick up truck with stripper pole mud flaps, shotgun rack, search lights, dead deer rack on the front and a “TRUMP 2020” bumper sticker on the back. Ok to spit chew on the floor and slam the door all day long. Learn it. Love it. Live it Dave. Signed Cletus in Paw Paw WV

Dave's response: And a really loud "growler" muffler.....

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What's happened to the signal for Channel 66 ION Television? I haven't been able to receive the signal for Channel 66 (WPXW) ION Television.

Someone mentioned two Baltimore AM's for sale. I think the AM for$1.5 MIllion is WJZ (former WFBR). The format and call letters are not included.

"I thought that "Carl in Olney" had replaced "Gus in Gaithersburg" no such luck. They both are back with their wrong information." On the contrary, Sirrah! I can't speak for Carl but I've posted examples of why I was right. Show me where I was wrong. Someone's got a bonnet full of bees. Gus in the Gaithersburg

Has anyone seen Fox5’s Good Day DC Aftershow? It’s absolutely awful!! I’m really curious as to how the new anchor’s going to fit into that morning crew. Looks like she’s trying to be a team player, but something about her makes me feel like this isn’t what she thought she had signed on for.

Hey Dave, What'dya know about Ch 4 in DC coming off Verizon FIOS? Promo to complain aired during the 6pm news this evening. Thanks.

TMOS is getting more lazy by the minute. Replaying Friday's terrible drinking show's probably to re-highlight 'Carla's Rip off; nock off "facial is a box." Sounds like Larry..."My face gets soft".

Why won’t WTTG just go ahead and start putting out promos showing Angie now being a permanent morning anchor? April has come & gone and viewers weren’t fooled by that “temporary” BS..And I hear she supposedly put on her FB or Twitter page that she’s just “helping out”.on mornings. Really Angie??!!! She has taken over the morning show & the only way she will go back to evenings is kicking & screaming!

Complainer of WMAL reception from the 105.9 backup transmitter site? It's a full powered site at the WETA-FM tower on George Mason Drive in Arlington, but the antenna is pretty far down the tower and generates a lot of reflections and trouble with nearby topography and buildings. We would always get complaints of interference from neighbors over there who didn't understand the intermittent nature of such sites, but we were always transmitting within license parameters. The 105.9 main site is near the top of the candelabra tower in Merrifield, but that setup should make current management very nervous. It is fragile in a way that a simple infusion of dollars wouldn't be able to fix were it to break. -P of the AW

Congrats to Esther Ciammachilli and her recent promotion at WAMU. Does it bother anyone else, though, that they call her position "host" of Morning Edition? For that matter they also have a WAMU "host of All Things Considered". Seems like putting on airs to me. This role is basically board opping the nationally syndicated show's local downlink (maybe left to others), reading copy in the breaks and maybe some news, weather, traffic updates. In other words, not a personality hire. Departing Matt McClesky did a super good job. It just sits awkwardly with me to call the job "host". The true hosts for those shows are in the NPR studios downtown. Max Critic

Congrats to WPOC morning host Laurie De Young. She is celebrating 35 years of waking up Baltimore. Hoping for a special show tomorrow morning.

I thought that "Carl in Olney" had replaced "Gus in Gaithersburg" no such luck. They both are back with their wrong information. DCRTV seems obligated to do postings by both of these people. If you want to keep reading DCRTV, just skip over anything posted by these people.

Whatever happened to the Wall Street Guy? No one seemed interested in Radio Stock prices. I doubt that the readers of DCRTV owned any radio stocks......Maybe, I am wrong. For those people that are interested here is an update on some of todays prices......Cumulus $4.93, Entercom $1.50, Beasley $1.33 and Salem $0.98. How long has Salem price been below $1.00?

At the risk of pissing off both John Waters and Patty Hearst, I think it’s time someone in the media disclose or rat out that WBAL-TV AM/FM is running stories on the rioting, Baltimore protests, and last night the H20 fake Cary Rally violence in Ocean City Maryland, but WITHOUT disclosing that their parent company HEARST is bailing out those same criminals. Why is everyone in the media letting them get away with not disclosing this? Where is David Zurawik, the keeper of the media critic torch? How is is that they do not disclose this conflict of interest on both radio and TV? I think an FCC complaint that goes nowhere should be filed even. Yeah, I realize this is a useless racist rant because supporting “peaceful protests” that end up in fires, violence and looting is not racist and Hearst has no conflict in their minds, but I’d bet some of WBAL TV’s viewers care and all of WBAL radio’s listeners would be outraged. Why isn’t even WCBM 680 mentioning this?

RE: "Deleting another button on the car radio. 1370 is gone. I wonder if Maryland's own Ken Merson got blown out again? Man, that station was cranking a good format. I blame the sales staff for not being able to peddle enough commercial air time". -- Q1370's demise lies squarely on the collective shoulders of owner M-10 (M = the 10 Mangione brothers and sisters), GM Marc Beaven and PD (in name only) Sean Casey. Those who could have effected a modicum of promotional marketing effort did precious little to support the most recent 60s - 80s Classic Hits format. They expected instant success without lifting a finger to make it happen. The sales department was directed to sell co-owned right-wing talker WCBM first and Q1370 as an afterthought. The 50KW Q1370 day Joppa, MD transmitter site sat ice-cold to save cash (on-air now because IHeart demanded such to consummate the Black Information Network LMA). Q1370 limped along via their inferior 24KW night site/pattern 24/7. Baltimore radio pros Ken Merson and Diane Lyn received zero marketing support despite their Herculean efforts to deliver a consistantly viable product day after day. Thank the "Merson Person" for building (from his music collection) and programming a cohesive brand identity. Merson and Lyn were severed for no cause in June on the premise of low ratings and Covid-19 pandemic revenue losses. The Black Information Network feed began airing 3 weeks later. End results: A fun radio product was sacrificed, 2 well-liked Baltimore pros were shown the door, Q1370 (now BIN 1370) airs a radio service administered by IHeart, costs M-10 a monthly BGE bill and generates M-10 a tidy monthly lease check paid for by IHeart. And there are still those who wonder why radio is all but dead.

So once again, newsradio 1090 proves the lameness and laziness of its news operation. One of their handful of stories this morning was that utilities in Maryland can start sending out shutoff notices this week. Which gives rise to the obvious question, "How many households will get them?" Guess that was too probing a question for a leading news operation to ask. They didn't even bother to read past the first dozen paragraphs of the Baltimore Sun to see this line: "Between mid-March and the end of July, the number of residential customers more than 30 days past due on their bills jumped from about 125,000 to 160,000." Guess they were too busy reporting last week's news that the Ravens are allowing 250 people into the stands for their Monday night game against the Chiefs.

While you didn't say anything actually false in pointing out VOA's 4 transmitter sites in the US(Later a 5th but that one was AM only to Cuba) nearly all of VOA's Russian language broadcasts and ALL of their broadcasts in the other languages of the former USSR like Georgian and Ukrainian and many others were broadcast from transmitters in Germany and Greece Maybe some of the Asian ones may have come from the VOA transmitter stations in the Philippines But I can't imagine going to the USSR from there because it was so busy with East Asia

Dave's response: I talking about how we now have English language Russian (Radio Sputnik) and Chinese (Radio China International) affiliated domestic radio stations broadcasting foreign "propaganda" right there in the DC area on 105.5, 1390, and 1190.....

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Dave, fyi some time ago VOA was provided offices in Moscow by the Russian government. Their broadcasts are tailored for foreign audiences but you can stream their broadcasts or listen on your cellphone (two different services www.usagm.gov) GitG

Dave's response: Years ago, you could always hear VOA broadcasts on shortwave, beamed from many sites in the USA, but technically not for reception within the USA.....

The sad case who keeps posting about non-citizens not having Social Security Numbers after being schooled on ownership is being agressively ignorant. Non-citizens most certainly CAN get Social Security Numbers. No more need be said, Skeezix. But consider the case of the Houston Rockets' Yao Ming. Did they think no one would notice a 7'6" Chinaman? Gus in the Gaithersburg

So when a TV station makes a veteran anchor do the news on the weekend, is that like a drug lord forcing someone to dig their own grave before killing them?

I am happy that "Gus" is back and posting wrong information again. What do you think happens when a radio station hires a non-citizen who does not have a social security number? The minute the IRS gets this information they will contact you. The State will also contact you immediately! Both the IRS and the State of Virginia want to make sure that you are registered and paying the proper taxes. Check with your lawyer.

Get well wishes to WPFW-FM (89.3) G Strings host Tom Cole. He missed today's (9/27/2020) edition of the long-running string jazz program due to a back injury, according to the program's broadcast. No details were given on Cole's condition but hope was expressed he'd be back next Sunday. His G Strings program appeared to air live in its entirety from 9a to noon as usual on the full power, non-profit Pacifica station with an alternate host instead of a replay of a previous program.

Due to the covid 19 pandemic, many of the Broadcasting Stocks are at a ten year low. Beasley Stock is an example. Their stock price was down to $1.15 per share this past week. All Broadcasting Stocks are down.

Looks like NBC4 is going the same route as Fox5 at having a veteran anchor do weekend morning duty. Turned on tv & had to wonder if I had totally slept through Sunday & it was Monday when I saw Eun Yang co-anchoring the morning broadcast. NBC4 has enough anchors/reporters on their staff who are lower on the seniority chain who could’ve filled in vs. having one of their more senior anchors having to come in Sunday morning.

Deleting another button on the car radio. 1370 is gone. I wonder if Maryland's own Ken Merson got blown out again? Man, that station was cranking a good format. I blame the sales staff for not being able to peddle enough commercial air time. Now the only decent AM station around is WNAV on 1430. Not so keen on Rita Retch who stumbles her way through the morning news, but Julie Reighter is a wonderful newscaster in the afternoons.

Dave's response: The AM side of the radio in my 14-year-old VW Rabbit/Golf died last spring and, frankly, I don't miss it.....

What are YOUR qualifications, Sirrah? Non-citizens most certainly CAN own radio stations licensed by the FCC under current rules'n'stuff. As for non-citizens working in radio that's a no-brainer, but check out one of our longest serving local personalities: wamu.org... And not for nothing, but apparently some folks here think "non-citizen" means "illegal alien" and that's just racist. www.womblebonddickinson.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg

The updated Nielsen DMA rankings come out shortly in October. I wonder how much the major city rioting and violence and people moving out will affect the rankings. Won’t affect DC as government always moves on and no one leaves the DC Swamp of Money, but could affect Baltimore or Portland or Seattle as people are leaving in droves. New York City might actually have the largest drop in number of people, but will still stay #1 by far.

Two Baltimore AMs are still for sale, presumably WNST 1570 and WBMD 750. www.radiotvdeals.com

What ever happened to "The Voice of America"? I hear Russian Propaganda on WZFH 1390 AM and China Propaganda on WCRW 1190 AM and now Black Information Network on WUST 1120 AM. It is great to have Diversity on DC Radio. If you only listen to FM Radio you can get the Russian Propaganda on John Garziglia's Translator 105.5 FM. Only in DC!

Dave's response: The VOA is prohibited from being broadcast by any domestic radio stations. But it's perfectly legal for Chinese and Russian propaganda to be aired by domestic stations. Ponderous, man, ponderous.....

Ah fuck, it's starting ... yesterday, Cumulus Media zonked their oldies format on "Z104" (WWIZ-FM) Youngstown, PA and it flipped to "Christmas 104".

How long will Channel 6 LPTV be permitted to operate as a FM Radio Station by using their Audio Channel 87.7 FM? They have never operated as a Television Station as intended. They operate as WDCN 87.7 FM and lease the channel out to a Spanish Broker for $35,000 per month. Is this operating in the Public Interest?

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So where is Erin Como posting all that self empowerment stuff? I’m assuming it’s not on her Fox5 FB page. And I have to wonder if she & Chris are even still together as I’ve not seen any pics of him on any of her social media pages. Maybe they’re on some private pages she has. As for her wanting to go back to weekends, they already screwed over Maureen, kicking her off the morning desk sending her to weekends & out in the field. If they take Maureen off weekends, guess she’ll only be a field reporter or maybe just out the door. I don’t doubt she’s looking to leave anyway. She was done dirty.

I am happy to see more Diversity in DC Programming. iHeart has purchased WUST 1120 AM and is doing their BLACK INFORMATION NETWORK FORMAT. Congratulations to iHeart! WUST is a Daytime Only signal and iHeart paid $1,250,000 for it.

Has "Carl in Olney" replaced "Gus"? What are his qualification to comment on postings? Perhaps they are the same as Gus. If you own a radio station, try reporting a non citizen's income to the IRS a and tell them that he or she does not have a Social Security Number and see what happens.

What iheels Tom in Wheaton talking about 1370 GOING AWAY. It's not going away!! It is simply changing it's format to something that has been in demand in Baltimore and dozens of cities across the country for DECADES!! Better than dawdling along trying to compete with the FM stations, with a non-innovative music based format. Given that it's signal covers the WHOLE Baltimore market even at night, along with a decent chunk of the Eastern Shore and in the daytime, much of the DC market and part of Southern Maryland and part of Delaware, and that little "squirrel on a wheel FM only covers PART of the Northern and Eastern suburbs. The FM is probably costing adjacent channel stations more listeners due to interference that it is bringing to 1370. SOOOO they went away from the lame find-it-anywhere music to something that can really DO something! The only knock I have is the lack of local content, which I have always believed is important. Maybe if it does well enough that will come, along with a class A or close to it FM station

So tonight, TMOS holds a normal cocktail party show followed by a free bonus. Obviously, the drinking is way down from earlier shows but it is almost boring. The visiting Chubix were the most entertainment. Shannon has dirty hair. No one wants to go to Robb’s wife’s family wedding. This was a bad Chevy Chase, Pat Sajak, or even Tony Danza talk show. Laughter and wit have been forgotten. The worst was when it turned into an infomercial for Carla’s new business. Apparently, her “Hands on work” is failing most likely from Covid. So, she is selling “Facial in a Bag” and similar items. She obviously goes down to the beauty wholesale store, repackages it as hers, triples the price and adds shipping for a few more shekels. Oh, and they all fawned over them. I thought it was Jim Baker selling products “This will make him want you to old hags.” on channel 20 at 4 am. Fruitcakes and facials in a bag. Keep talking politics and bitching about life Mike. That is a winning strategy. Ask Oscar what is killing bonus subscriptions and even losing free listeners. ….. Oh, by the way, does Carla pay for her commercials?

Carl in Olney is wrong on radio hiring. Sure, you could be hired if you have a valid VISA to be in and have a job in the United States, but no, hiring an illegal alien would result on revocation of the station license and possibly the rest of that company’s licenses to in other states too, hence no one would take that huge risk.

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Conerning Spanish language radio stations: I was not talking about employees, but about the potential audience of political ads. And you do NOT have to be a citizen to work at a radio station in the US. You may have to be a citizen to be the owner, but not an employee. -- Carl in Olney

Tom in Wheaton--you did not miss Q1370 going away. Evidently, no one missed it, or misses it.

So Erin Como's "boyfriend producer" is no longer producing Good Day DC...LOL. Now she is posting all this stuff about knowing her worth and being strong...lol Now she wants weekends back...trying to be an anchor again. Soooo is she trying to Push Maureen Umeh out of that position as well? She leaves Pissed everyday....lol Also have you noticed Fox 5 running a Wisdom Martin Commercial with him all by himself all this week. I guess they want to show they still have an African American anchor...but we still not watching or falling for it

MIKE O'MEARA + FLORIDA + COVID-19. Today, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he has signed an order moving the state into phase three of reopening. Restaurants and bars can now operate at 100% capacity. Not hard to predict what Florida's numbers will look like in a month. As a Florida resident in an old blue-haired community, sadly, O'Meara, for a number of reasons, is more at COVID-19 risk today than he was yesterday.

Perhaps I missed it being noted here, but Q1370 is no more. 1370 AM is now part of the Black Information Network, which appears to a part of I Heart. I enjoyed Q1370. And it was cool to hear Mark Williams on air again during his somewhat brief stay there. I'd listen in my car in the evenings. They played some stuff that OTA stations just don't play any longer. Oh well. Tom in Wheaton

To "Carl in Olney"......in answer to your question. All employees of these Spanish Stations are American Citizens. It is illegal to hire non citizens to work at stations that are licensed by the FCC. Why would a station risk losing their license to operate over hiring non-citizens? I hope this answers your question.

Anybody know if WDVM 25 is having tower or transmitter issues? Can't get their signal out near Paw Paw, W.Va. It usually comes in great out here. Thanks.

Now this may or may not be an accurate observation, but all citizens can read or speak a little English because it's a requirement of the Citizenship test; many of the listeners to Spanish language radio stations are not citizens or even legal residents. So the political ads would be wasted on them. The question is: What percentage of the listeners to 730, 900, 950, 1030, 1050, 1460, 1540, and 1600 are citizens, who are the only people allowed to vote? I have no idea, but someone might. -- Carl in Olney

The FCC says they will extend the deadline until Monday, 9/28 for payment of their annual regularity Fees. Congress gave the FCC $390 Million Budget this year. In addition to that, every station must pay an increase of 5% in Fees this year. Most radio stations have had a terrible six months due to the loss of revenue because of the pandemic. The FCC has been shut down for six months! None of the FCC employees lost their jobs due to the pandemic. If you lost your job this past year, perhaps you should apply for a job at the FCC?

The Hispanic Radio Stations in Virginia were hoping for an infusion of political dollars after the pandemic. It has not happened. Bloomberg is helping them in Florida but no one is helping them in Virginia. Many of the local advertisers have been shut down for six months. Perhaps the Hispanic Radio Stations are going to be ignored this time.

Know who has a 50th birthday next year? Baba O'Riley ("Teenage Wasteland", the Who). Sweet dreams, you aging Boomer bastards.

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It appears 106.1 in Pocomoke City is having interference problems with WGOP's Translator on 106.5. I found this post: "Could listeners in Pocomoke City let us know if you have any signal issues with B106.1? A new low power translator has come on the air only two channels away. We have received several calls from a listener at Meadow Grove Apts, a residence on Dunswamp road and a listener at Pocomoke Villas. If you have signal issues please call us at 410-572-4500. Will will notify the FCC. Thank You!"

If indeed Stacey Raush(sp) is going to WJLA, I truly hope she’s been practicing since leaving Fox5 as she was awful over there. And seems like Erin’s anchor desk run is over as she’s just doing traffic and fluff again. She was never really ready to be a full time anchor anyway. Someone finally realized that. Now if someone would realize Angie needs to go back to the 4pm slot.

IT ALL STARTED WITH DCRTV DAVE'S CORD-CUTTING: OVER-THE-AIR DIGITAL ANTENNA'S CONTINUE GROWTH PATTERN.:Local TV station owner E.W. Scripps said it will pay $2.65 billion to acquire national broadcast network ION Media, with Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway putting $600 million into the deal. Scripps will combine ION assets — notably its broadcast spectrum holdings — with its own brands to create a national company. ION reaches 100 million homes through over-the-air TV

A Baltimore local TV bombshell on Fox News tonight that no one will report, not The Baltimore Sun, not any competitor. The Hearst Corporation has a fund for protests/riots set up for Louisville and other cities, but I’m sure WBAL TV or radio will deny it. I wouldn’t even consider asking them as I know they will not comment. But how would this story play in say swing state Pennsylvania for Hearst's WTAE TV? Don’t worry, you’ll never hear about it unless Sinclair bites, but they won’t because they have an ATSC 3.0 deal with Hearst in Pittsburgh to be as nice nice as Captain Pitt! That’s your NextGen TV news for this week, they can’t rat each other out anymore as they have financial deals on the line. UGH!

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The Washington Post today announced Robin Givhan has been promoted to senior critic-at-large and will write about a broad range of subjects, including politics, race, business and the arts. In the coming weeks, Robin will begin writing a weekly column that will be featured in the A-section of The Post’s print edition. Robin is one of the world’s most recognized critics in the realm of fashion, which she has viewed as a business, as a cultural institution and as pure pleasure. She will report to Krissah Thompson, who was recently named The Post’s Managing Editor for Diversity and Inclusion.

Memo to WKYS afternoon co-host Dominique the Diva: the departed Supreme Court Judge was Ruth GINSburg (hard G), not JINSburg.

I had to laugh about the post regarding no no’s on air at WBALTV. Sure takes me back, so glad I had great mentors at a number of Baltimore stations to help a lowly part timer. I recall a few “currently it’s —- degrees in Baltimore”, or “right now it’s —— outside”, “ The temperature outside our studios in—— is presently—-“. How many of us said, “ hi, this is ———- with you today”. I remember talking to a friend who is a meteorologist In Roanoke who has fantastic camera presence, but he talked TO an audience, I told him what a brilliant PD from WPOC once said, and that was to remember the intimacy of radio and TV, always talk to one person. All of this training made so much sense. I bet you too have many similar stories to tell! As I get closer to retirement, it sure was great having fantastic talent as mentors over the years, and that goes to engineers too as I have gravitated more in that direction. Tom Conroy WXCY

Noticed Today’s 101.9 has no 7pm-12pm DJ whether live or voicetracked it’s just music and liners. It’s a shame Entercom had to buy CBS Radio. Pair that with everyone they cut, all they’ve done is ruin CBS Radio’s good stations.

Looks like Stacey Rusch, who has been missing from FOX5 recently, is headed to WJLA to do morning traffic.

WAMU, Washington, D.C.’s NPR member station, announced today that Esther Ciammachilli will be the new local host of Morning Edition starting on October 1, 2020. Ciammachilli will replace Matt McCleskey – who is leaving the position at the end of September. Ciammachilli has been with WAMU since 2018 in a dual role as substitute host for Morning Edition and All Things Considered and as a reporter on the news team. Her news story “Women Wrestling Men: A Promotion of Violence or Empowerment?” received a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for sports reporting from the Radio Television Digital News Association in 2020. “During her time at WAMU, Esther has brought her friendly and empathetic hosting style to every on-air hosting shift across our weekday and weekend schedule,” said Monna Kashfi, WAMU’s chief content officer. “Whether at 5 o’clock in the morning or 9 o’clock at night, Esther’s conversational, inviting, and warm on-air delivery and presentation has drawn in audiences and exemplified the sound that WAMU strives to convey. I’m very excited to see how she will put her personal touch on Morning Edition.” Prior to WAMU, Ciammachilli was the local host of All Things Considered and a reporter for WBHM in Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated from the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno, and was the afternoon host at Reno Public Radio while getting her degree. Before returning to college, Ciammachilli was an actress and singer in Las Vegas. "My entire journalism career has been a journey to this point,” said Esther Ciammachilli. “I’m proud to serve the communities of D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia as the new morning host at WAMU, and I’m looking forward to helping listeners start their day. Matt McCleskey leaves a tremendous legacy behind. It’s been an honor to work with, and learn from, one of the best hosts in the business." Matt McCleskey, who held the position for the last 12 years, announced his decision to leave earlier in the year. His long-planned departure is a personal decision he and his wife made to be closer to extended family in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Produced and distributed by NPR in Washington, D.C., Morning Edition is the most listened-to news radio program in the country. It features news from correspondents based around the world and is supplemented by reporting from NPR Member Stations, like WAMU. It airs weekdays from 5 to 9 a.m. on WAMU.

Sounding like some bad Jimi Hendrix fuzz WMAL was unlistenable Wednesday morning because, according to newsman John Matthews, the station was broadcasting via a back up transmitter. The station which was number two in a recent survey sounding like two tin cans connected by string. What would cause this over modulation Dave? Anybody? Gus, are you listening?

Dave's response: I have been told that WMAL sometimes doesn't pay its power bill at the Merrifield VA transmitter site it shares with WJFK. I hope that didn't happen again.....

RE: "For the love of God, would someone tell Jason Newton at WBAL-TV to stop saying "It's 5:13 "right now". Everytime he does the time it's always "blah Blah Right now". Jason, it's 6:45, here's Lacy with traffic". WE KNOW IT'S "RIGHT NOW"!"- Jason Newton isn't the only Baltimore TV morning anchor offender of the grating time cliche. Add WMAR-TV's bug-eyed morning news reader Christian Schafer. "Right now" is also redundant. Why would anyone mention an innacurrate time? Kids...ugh.

For the love of God, would someone tell Jason Newton at WBAL-TV to stop saying "It's 5:13 "right now". Everytime he does the time it's always "blah Blah Right now". Jason, it's 6:45, here's Lacy with traffic". WE KNOW IT'S "RIGHT NOW"! Now on to Lowell Melser, the fill in weather guy on WBAL-TV. I like him, but he's picked up a bad habit. He says "ah" between every thought. "It's 69 degrees "ah" in Parkville, "ah" 70 in Towson and "ah" 71 "ah" downtown. These are pieces of thought, because your "Broadcasting Brain" desperately is searching to fill a minute time because YOU'RE A DJ! Stop it! A half of second of time isn't going to kill your gig. "It's 59 in Towson." Stop. (Pause half a second) It's 70 downtown. (pause a half a second).. "Right now" and "Ah or Uh" are "Crutches". When you delete them from your delivery, you achieve Greatness. Other than that, keep up the good work my broadcasting brothers!

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WJLA Reisbeck to Milwaukee tvnewscheck.com

The owners of LPFM stations would like to increase their power from a maximum power of 100 Watts to 250 Watts. Remember, these stations must be Non-Commercial Stations. Most of them are Religious Stations. The NAB says no because they will cause interference to Full Power Stations.

Boy, people actually paid to hear Rob and Mike talk up records????? Oscar leaves and they fall back on the laziest, easiest, and simplest thing that two has been hack DJs have left. Of course, Rob laughed at everything Mike did. After all these years, his LARGE head still finds more room up Mike's ass. Really mazing. Please don't leave anymore Oscar. Talking up records is the equivalent two six year old's playing with blocks!

Never thought about the ad revenue affecting salaries & work hours at WTTG. But it makes a bunch of sense. And once they move to their new, bigger digs, hmmm, I’d be curious as to what other cuts will have to be made if ad revenue doesn’t get better. Also, unless they’re having stellar ratings, I wonder how they’re planning on staying on for 7 hours in the morning. But I know they don’t want to lose whatever fans they have to other stations and may just cut back on staff or their hours.. BTW, noticed Erin’s back to doing traffic more & Marissa has taken over her spot on 4am anchor spot.

Anyone know if the WTTG tower at 5151 Wisconsin Avenue has fallen down yet? Trip from Rabbitears said it was structurally unsound and Rabbitears is always correct right? So it has to have fallen down by now right? LOL

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Re "WTTG Fox 5 changes to the on air talent, it's not secret that ad revenue is down 60-75%..." My consumption of WTTG's ads is down close to 100%. For many years--decades even--I watched their newscasts for half an hour to an hour every morning and most days for another hour in the late afternoon and again at 10. Now I tend to turn them on once in the morning to catch weather on the 5's (which they only show on time about half the time} and sometimes in the late afternoon hoping they'll have a real weather report then. Other than that their idle chit-chat, celebrity gossip, repeated repetition of limited news, and complete avoidance of most local news of interest to me have driven me away. So, while for many years I sat and saw most of their ads, but now I almost never see one of their ads at all, and then only if an ad is preempting Tucker in the morning. If other people act the way I do it's no wonder ad revenue is down. Diane in PG

As predicted here, Newsradio 1090's lead story this morning was breathless reporting informing Ravens fans that the next scheduled game will be next Monday night against the Kansas City Chiefs. Like any Ravens fan doesn't already know that? Why does that station make the Ravens schedule the lead story only to have the sports dude come on two minutes later and say the same thing?

I see a lot of talk recently about WTTG Fox 5 changes to the on air talent, it's not secret that ad revenue is down 60-75% and a lot of local TV and Radio stations are making changes. It's not a surprise that some veterans are getting let go and some are being asked to take pay cuts. And with Fox 5 in the middle of moving stations to 7272 Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda occupying almost 60,000 sq ft, I am sure GM Patrick Paolini is under the gun to make his adjusted budget. Marty Lange , Potomac , MD

For those of you keeping score at home, Gus and The Real AHHH are the same person. Alias’ of a certain old codger who blew his career up in the 90’s. Hi Paul!

RE: It’s a bird, it’s a plane…. Nope, it’s just another ex-Fox News anchor who will now flop from the Rupert Murdoch Curse! Look at Megan Kelly and Greta Van Sustern. Have their bodies even been found yet? Nearly everyone who’s left Fox News angrily has flopped in everything they’ve done! Fox News gave Shep Smith a substantial raise but he listened to his leftwing communist boyfriend instead and walked away from the money. He had the largest platform to say whatever he wanted that he’ll ever have and he threw it and a highly rated TV show away. You just don’t get Do-overs on stuff like that. More people watch the Cartoon Network than CNBC!

Entercom shares continue to slip. Today their shares are at $1.44 per share. Should I sell my shares now or hope that they will recover? There are rumors that Entercom is headed for Bankruptcy.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s...well, Shepard”Shep” Smith. No, not one of The Three Stooges”, the gayest man to have his own show on Fox News Channel until a sudden departure a few years back. So Shep is back with “The News with Shepard Smith” which premieres September 30th at 7:00pm on CNBC. Now Dave has a new playmate to root for! Nick in Arlington

"I've always been an athlete." Mike O'Meara. Now that's funny TMOS shit!

The new Football Team in Washington's radio coverage before, during the game, and after is SOOOOOOOO bad. WTF?

Very unusually, WTTG FOX 5 was not blacked out near Ocean City today during the NFL game to show the Washington Football Team’s game even though WBOC FOX 21 did not carry it and instead showed the Eagles game. Now, WTTG’s FOX Sunday night programming is now not being blacked out as of 7pm. Did Comcast just tell Craig Jahelka to go fuck himself? I mean WBOC FOX 21 is a sub-channel, so they have no Must Carry or outside of market protection. But they’ve bullied WTTG off of or blacked out on cable systems telling people erroneously that that is legally required even though it is not, but I’m glad for once they didn’t get their way even though I hate the Redskins. WBOC FOX 21 is a sub-channel and should get no local protections from outside market FOX stations. Oops, they BLOCKED WTTG at 8pm, so apparently the draconian rules were just relaxed for a few hours only for the few Washington Football Team fans who complained.

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I totally agree with the comments regarding Steve Chenevey being one of the best news anchors in the area. I truly enjoy his interviews & his getting to the meat of the issue.So I can only imagine his frustration having to sit on the anchor desk with an “Entertainment Tonight” atmosphere day after day. Now, he IS versatile and can go from serious to fluff. And I’d say he’s the ONLY one on there who can do that. But I don’t think when he chose to come to Fox5 years ago, he anticipated or wanted to be part of what’s now the Fox 5 Morning Zoo. Yes, times change. I get that. So I hope Steve can find a venue that respects and appreciates his talent because Fox5 Mornings surely doesn’t.

To Carl in Olney - I believe the issue with WBAL radio is they claim to be a news radio. As you stated, you occasional listen, so you know that is far from the truth. BAL is pure talk radio with occasional news & traffic. For those of us that either grew up in the DC area or live there now WTOP is a news radio.. jag n E'burg

Forgive me if I missed something along the way, but can anyone tell me what happened to Don Geronimo? He’s been MIA for a long time now and I can’t seem to find anything on the Internet with an update. Anyone? Tim

Dave's response: He's living in California and does occasionally e-mail me about posts about him here on DCRTV. That's about all I know.....

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Local media giant COMCAST came up in Trump’s rally speech on FOX News that CNN and MSNBC did not cover at all (they cover every Joe Biden rally conversely). He jokingly referred to them as CONcast, which leads me to believe that if Trump is re-elected, he will push for antitrust action against Comcast. Now, I’m not a Trump voter, but I feel the same loathing for Comcast. But on a more important level, how can an unbiased media only cover the campaign events of Joe Biden only? Aren’t they deliberately polarizing the public by this action? it’s not like people do not notice. They’re making a mistake. They should let him put his foot in his mouth as often as possible. Trying to hide Trump is a losing proposition from the start. I don’t know how Jeff Zucker even keeps a job with CNN’s miserable ratings. And for instance, what is it with CNN’s use of 10% larger heads of their anchors than guests and in a single shot, larger than any other news network or program? It’s just plain weird. Does he think that makes Chris Cuomo or Don Lemon look smarter? if so, the ratings clearly say it’s not working. It reminds me of the Rick & Morty episode “The Big Head.” Their heads are bigger and they are pontificating to you like Fredo to stay home, shut down the economy, while they themselves have gone out unmasked themselves and infected people with COVID-19! Finally, if they’re trying to hurt Trump in the election, even Jeff Zucker is doing it all wrong and he’s openly stated that he hates Trump and is even caught on tape saying it and all of his decisions are boosting Trump’s poll numbers. Epic fail.

Obviously, there is someone out there in the DCRTV world who really hates everything that WBAL Radio stands for. But apparently they still have listeners, and they sell advertising, and Mr. Mitchell (C4) has been there successfully for 14 years, and it seems like no one other than the complainer here has wanted him fired. I listen periodically, and it's always interesting to me; they are speaking to the Baltimore and Central Maryland audience, certainly not the DC oriented potential listeners, despite us being a mere 40 miles away. If a DC area person doesn't like it, it means nothing to the WBAL producers and sponsors, because the culture 40 miles to the Northeast is just really different. People in Baltimore really do like to hear lots of opinions with explanations about things, and they apparently do not think that some people on WBAL speak too loudly, or quickly, or seem to interrupt, as the complainer believes. It's part of it being a gigantic "small town". That person can think what he/she wants, but the nasty characterizations are too much for me. -- Carl in Olney

I don't hear any Spanish Commercials for Trump on the Spanish Stations. He says he needs the Spanish vote. What is the story? DCRTV Readers seem to know what is happening.

The problem Steve has to face at WTTG is that he's one of the best around at delivering hard news in a serious news environment. He just doesn't fit anymore as WTTG has moved away from hard news into having what management hires as entertainers chatting and opining about celebrities and events. How long would a Cronkite or Murrow, or Brokaw, or Huntley or Briinkley last in that zoo? And as for Gary McGrady--he was probably the best professional weather person they've had for quite a while and couldn't be allowed to outshine the part-time "chief." What I don't understand is why they keep her.

Entercom owns five full power FM stations in DC. That gives them 15 HD Channels in the DC Market and none of their HD Channels show up in the ratings. Does anyone know how many HD Receivers there are in the DC Market? Entercom needs some Translators in DC to go with their HD Channels. The Entercom stations in DC are......WPGC, WIAD, WJFK, WDCH and WLZL.

There are rumors that Entercom will go Bankrupt by the end of this year. Should I sell my Entercom stock now? They borrowed $2 Billion to purchase the CBS owned stations. Timing was not good with the covid pandemic.

Gus is not gone. He is everywhere in the mailbag. Gus is now. Like Jesus, he is coming.Rapture this!

Just saw a promo for Fox5 Morning early broadcast & the only anchors shown were Wisdom, Holly & Marissa. With McGrady leaving, Mike Thomas did the weather this morning. Unfortunately Fox doesn’t have a bunch of meteorologists like the other stations, so Mike will probably be doing weekends for awhile or at least until they can find someone else. And guess Tucker may have to do weather from 4-11 every morning for awhile. That station is in such a flux. Who knows what’s coming next.

Why so many of today's radio receivers are just junk...

Have to laugh at the person talking about the Fox morning show being better than ever. Really? You can’t be talking about the DC affiliate because I just don’t see any improvements with all the changes. Yeah, they’ve brought some new faces in, but at the expense of the more experienced, polished veterans. This new crop approaches the morning program like a big party. I am all for lightheartedness and realize change is inevitable, but to think THESE staff changes are making the show better is being delusional. Management has made the morning broadcast “The Angie Goff”, “OMG Podcast” ,”Angie Goff & her family” show. Why not just give her a spin-off so she can officially make it all about herself.

Regarding “said President and General Manager, Cary Pahigian. “Throughout his 14 years with WBAL NewsRadio, he (C4) has set the standard for excellence,” Really?? So I guess constantly interrupting you co-host, guests and callers now qualifies as “Excellence” What a sad state of affairs for Talk Radio.

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Regarding the comment about Steve just tossing it to Tucker. Well, if you've watched it lately, he really hasn't had a chance to do anything else since Angie's been put on the anchor desk. She's the one who does the lead-in practically every morning for the 6am broadcast. She does the lead when they change stories and makes it all about her and her family. They've pretty much cut him out of everything. And then both Angie and Erin try to drag him into conversations that are truly not his thing to which he nicely declines. It's also obvious that he's rarely on there all week and maybe it IS because he's been given a pay cut which includes less air time. That morning show has become a joke and I'm sure he's ready to break camp and get the hell out of that place. Maybe there are people out there who believe . As for Erin possibly being pissed at having to go back to doing the traffic, look, the woman fast tracked her way to the anchor desk in record time and was no way qualified. She's like a fish out of water so many times when the others go off script and/or need to stretch their time.

I thought it was interesting to see some of the TV Anchors annual salaries on CNN......Chris Cuomo $2.5 Million, Don Lemon $1 Million, Anderson Cooper $12 Million, Wolf Blitzer $5 Million and Rachel Maddow $7 Million. Are there salaries based on performance or ratings?

Your note on Steve Chenevey makes sense. If he took a pay cut it could be for his sleepy delivery. They guy doesn't do much besides toss to his buddy Tucker in Weather. Also you shouldn't talk like that about Marissa. Now is the time for uplifting our beautiful black queens not putting them down. You sound like a jealous, racist TV Personality who isn't getting enough attention. Fox5 keep doing you. The shows have never been better!

I also left off that Fox 5 didn't even play a going away/leaving video of Gary McGrady.... they mad he left on his own.

I am glad to see that "Gus" is gone. His postings were not funny. A lot of wrong information. He claimed to be a qualified critic. He posted his qualification......"I listen to the radio and watch TV."

Former WMAL now Nashville talker Brian Wilson does a 4:00pm caller to the Larry O'Connor Show Friday afternoon to discuss Democrat COVID death numbers scandal. Seems Nashville Health Department attributed COVID as reason for death on ALL DEATHS for federal funds. How low can you go?

With Entercom reshaping their Alternative and Country music outlets by streamlining the programming, it’s hitting a station in Baltimore as WMMX HD-2(Known as 104.9 HFS to some) is now having all of their programming thrown in from WNYL(Alt 92.3, formerly WXRK 92.3 K-Rock). I would assume that the airstaff that was at the low power HFS signal has been reassigned or fired at this point. Also a tidbit related to the Entercom reshaping, WRXL in Richmond has become Alt 102.1. They still carry Elliot In The Morning off of DC 101 in morning drive but after that, all of the programming is also relayed from WNYL. As Bob Dylan said: Times, they are a changin! Wondering what this means for the rest of Entercom down the road? Will this idea of reshaping or restructuring go into other formats ala Top 40, Classic Hits etc? Time will tell. Dan

So Steve had to take a HUGE paycut....I hear it was not good and he was pissed! Word from the inside says he now has a "strange schedule"! Also word is Erin Stormed out of the studio on her first day off the anchor desk pissed as well. Everyday this week she's been mad as hell...but her bed buddy boyfriend has been trying to keep her face on the camera as much as possible by giving her anything and everything to read on camera,,,THIS STATION IS A JOKE! The new girl Marrissa is looking like a circus act with the "Wendy Williams" impersonation and the "Madea voiceovers"...in the words of Simon It's A NO FOR ME...and everyone else! She should spend more time covering her edges under her wig and getting better shapewear, because hers is very obvious. Lastly...even from the online videos her voice is ANNOYING!

Fellow Mailbaggers lend me your ears as I come to praise Caesar (DCRTVDJDAVE) not bury him: who knew that Dave’s version of retirement would include living as a Gay Man in the Deep South, driving around some hick Norf Carolina town in his pink Fiat Mini with a “Dump Trump” bumpersticker, taking pot shots at the crackers in their pick up trucks with his sling shot while spitting wads of Pink Double Bubble Gum out the window hollering “Take that you rednecks you!”. Dave conceived and created DCRTV more that two decades ago in his mothers basement according to The Late Don and Mike: it was quoted by The Washington Post, linked to The Drudge Report and Dave was a frequent guest on Chris Matthews “Hardball”. But then Dave’s mother passed just as Gus’ did and life in the basement changed forever. Lunch with Bill Hess wasn’t so fun anymore, Washington radio and television had become one big yawn and his readership was lost to TMZ and The Reliable source. So Dave left for foreign destination like Delaware, Georgia and now North Carolina where radios and televisions have not been invented yet. So back off you Mailbag naysayers: have compassion for a gay , er, ah Guy we all know simply as “Hey Dave”. Gus “Just when they thought I was out they brought me back in again” in the Gaithersburg. “Gus, oh Gus, your Mac & cheese is ready at the top of the stairs” echoes The Ghost of Gus’ Mamma. “Coming mother!” - Nick

RE; "Let's make dcrtv a media issues site...." An increasing number of current attacks on the media have come in places where press freedom was once enshrined - like the USA. Across the world, fundamental freedoms of association, expression, and assembly are under greater threat. Using a wide range of tools to suppress freedom of the press and intimidate journalists, including censorship, restrictive or repressive legislation, harassment, false charges and arrests, physical attacks, and defamation. More striking, having been to MANY countries over my enlisted and current PMC career[s], more Democracies seek to undermine the credibility of journalists and news outlets, while spreading misinformation during press conferences and through social media. Singling out individual journalists during briefings and routinely referring to the media as global “fake news.” This, in turn, has led to calls for violence against the media by some members of the public—particularly during media efforts to cover U.S. protests. Dullard, there is one primary rule in the DCRTV malebag Fight Club - as long as the post has a media tie-in, the post is good to go. [ Media + Sports, Media + Politics, Media + Don 'Get Off My Lawn' Geronimo...] Now, go get me a beer, re-rack the pool table, hug a investigative journalist, and donate $20 to DCRTV Dave. Signed, The Real AHHHH

Clarence M. Mitchell IV—known as “C4” to listeners of Hearst Radio station WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5—was recently honored in the 2020 Baltimore Magazine Readers’ poll for “Best Radio Host”. The award follows C4’s recognition earlier this year by the Associated Press Chesapeake Broadcasters Association for “Outstanding Talk Show”. He previously was recognized in the Baltimore Sun for “Baltimore Sun’s Readers’ Choice, Radio Personality” in 2018 and 2019. "The fact that this recognition in 2020 comes from the readers of Baltimore Magazine means so much to me and my production team," said C4 of the honor. “I know I speak for our entire staff as we extend our congratulations to Clarence on this well-deserved recognition,” said President and General Manager, Cary Pahigian. “Throughout his 14 years with WBAL NewsRadio, he has set the standard for excellence, compassion and insight.” C4 can be heard on WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 weekday mornings from 5:30 – 10:00 a.m. as Co-Host of The C4 and Bryan Nehman Show.

96.3 WHUR has long been the dominating radio station on Sundays in the DMV and with a new Sunday program line-up that winning streak is continuing. Sunday mornings are now being turned over to radio veterans Winston Chaney and Jacquie Gales Webb beginning Sunday, September 20th. Chaney, a DMV radio icon, will hit the airwaves with “Wake-Up” from 5am to 8am followed by Gales Webb who will move to 8am to 11am. Chaney and Webb will carry on the legacy of “Gospel Spirit.” Both Chaney and Webb are radio legends with careers spanning decades. WHUR is also excited to welcome to the Sunday mix Stellar Award-Winning Gospel Artist Anthony Brown with “Blessings on Blessings Radio” from 12:15pm to 2pm. Brown has broken Stellar Awards history with 10 wins in one night with his “Group TherAPy.” “These changes round out the WHUR Gospel Experience, which also includes Tracy Morgan heard Monday thru Friday from 5am to 6am. We look forward to building on the foundation laid by our beloved Patrick Ellis,” said WHUR General Manager Sean Plater. Ellis, who reigned on Sundays from 6am to 11am for 40 years, passed away in July following complications from the coronavirus. The award winning Howard University Rankin Chapel broadcast will continue on Sundays from 11am to 12pm followed by “The Journey,” hosted by Howard President Dr. Wayne A.I. Frederick. “In thinking of how we could keep the Patrick Ellis mission going and honor his incredible legacy, we assembled a team of all stars able to inspire, entertain, and serve every DMV listener. I can’t wait to hear this stellar combination,” said WHUR Program Director Al Payne.

FROM DCRTV'S NEWS PAGE: The radio ratings for August 2020. Full-day, age 6+. Washington: 1) WTOP, 2) WMAL, 3) WAMU and WHUR, 5) WMMJ, 6) WASH, 7) WETA-FM, 8) WIHT, 9) WBIG, 10) WPGC, 11) WWDC, 12) WIAD, 13) WKYS, 14) WGTS, 15) WMZQ, 16) WJFK, 17) WPRS, 18) WWEG, 19) WLVW, 20) WTEM. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WPOC, 3) WIYY, 4) WLIF, 5) WERQ and WQSR, 7) WBAL-AM and WCBM, 9) WYPR and WZBA, 11) WJZ-FM, 12) WWMX, 13) WZFT, 14) WBJC, 15) WEAA.....

"Why is it when I am watching a local news channel in Baltimore all they do during commercial breaks is promote their stations? " Advertising revenue is down 65% in the Washington/Baltimore market, They're filling the time with station promos because the client ads just aren't there.

Dave's response: That isn't a "problem" here in the swing state of North Carolina (Charlotte market) where about 80% of all local TV ads are political attacks. Biden is ahead by 1 point in the state, plus the Dems could oust an incumbent Republican in the US Senate here. And a governor's race on top of all that.....

What is really going on at FOX5? Losing their talented veterans quickly.

Dcrtv sure has a history of interesting characters. Poor ol’ Guss. Likely taking up residence with a recent returning contributor, The Real Ahhhh. I have this gut feeling that both are enjoying some great southern bbq! Great site Dave, never a dull moment! Tom Conroy

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Let's make dcrtv a media issues site. We can get all the political stuff everywhere else.

RIP GUS::U.S.Military Confirms It Sought Information on Using 'Heat Ray' Against D.C. Protesters. Now, Gus is missing. I'm thinking DCRTV Dave must have got his hands on that gun and evaporated his ass. poof! Signed, The Real AHHHH

Why is it when I am watching a local news channel in Baltimore all they do during commercial breaks is promote their stations? My goodness I am watching your channel no need to sell it to me more. Rob in Arnold

Not local, but the Mt. Wilson TV towers are threatened by the LA fires, the mountain that has not only the historic Observatory, but also over $1 billion dollars worth of most of LA’s TV and radio towers. They are safe at least for now, but the fire still burns very close by. www.tvtechnology.com — BaltoMedia.net

So, is DCRTV now "De-Gus-inated"? (like decaffeinated lol) I miss Gus...yeah, some of his posts may not have made much sense, but he was never a boring character that's fer sure! -Stuart

Dave's response: Gus is free to post but he needs to tone down his humor a bit and stick to media issues. But I haven't received anything from him lately.....

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So today on the manure show that fills the morning hours on newsradio 1090, Bryan Nehman went on a rant about all the reporting NOT being done about the COVID pandemic. Well hello pot, meet kettle. Instead of using the "reporters" there to do some real journalism, they insist on moving the shouter from one location to the other to tell us about news that happened the day before. And of course, the morning after every Ravens game he'll be playing sound clips of fans and players like it's some kind of breaking news. And then there's the incessant interviewing of newspaper reporters, network reporters and op ed writers to fill the void of any real information produced by the station's own "reporters." Instead of hiring people with some journalistic ability to do REAL reporting, they fill the airwaves with minor leaguers like Stephanie Johnson and vacuum skull Steve Ray. Have the bosses ever listened to either one of these two? Ray's middle name must be "GODAWFUL." For so many years, WBAL was a real news leader, but 2020 and especially the last six months have shown us that's all a distant and faded piece of history. When John Patti and Bill Vanko move on, Robert Lang will realize he's the last real reporter left standing on TV Hill/Radio Knob.

There's been a lot of talk about Angie Goff, Erin, Maureen, etc. on FOX5, however, what the heck is going on with Steve Chenevey? More and more he's been MIA. Yeah, he's known to love to travel and seems to go whenever he can, but recently, seems like he's been gone more than he's in the studio. Very rarely do we see him for a full week. And when he's in studio, so many times, he's strictly from 6-9 and very rarely on Good Day DC anymore. Truly hope he's not being phased out because if so, then I'm truly gone from watching. As for someone posting that Erin's none too pleased with now having to do traffic again, oh well.No sympathy here. If anyone should be none too pleased, it should be the meteorologist Mike Thomas who's routinely at the traffic map doing Erin's job. Finally, with the addition of Marrisa, are there now four anchors between 4-6 am?

Imperial Air Force of the United States Space Force FCC Application: The general, Hari Seldon, is a fictional character in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series.

"If this is a joke, it's a pretty twisted one." You people crack me up sometimes. Strange applications by mentally unstable crackpots with impossible specs are nothing new and show up every so often. I remember a good one several years ago for a new FM station _in the Pacific Ocean_. (radioinsight.com) They get summarily dismissed the same day without a second look - as of now (4 pm), this one already has been - and everyone moves on....In real application news: WDCN-LP put in a displacement, since its old LD allocation on channel 43 is useless and it claims it can't flash cut on RF 6 without interfering (on paper at least) with WMDE. 3 kW on RF 8 from the WJFK tower with nulls to protect WGAL plus 7 and 9 and WUPV, a difficult catch for anyone. It'll probably go the way of another reasonably popular Spanish FrankenFM, Cleveland's WLFM-LP, which is now doomed to beam Jewelry TV or some junk out to no one in perpetuity...

The channel 51 allocation is clearly a twisted a joke. The applicants names are listed as the Royal Family and lists all the Trump family as prince and Princess and Trump as king. It’s already been dismissed also.

If I read that FCC application correctly, the Imperial Air Force of the United States Space Force wants to put up that antenna approximately 80 feet North of the National Christmas Tree, and pump 100,000 watts (ERP) up it. If this is a joke, it's a pretty twisted one.

Did iHeart and Cumulus come out of Bankruptcy? How much is their debt now? Is it true that Entercom is going into Bankruptcy? They borrowed $2 Billion to buy the CBS Stations.

This is a joke right? An FCC application by the Imperial Space Force for channel 51 in Washington, DC? LOL fcc.gov

Lots of media people in the DC area are also part-time performers and some are actors. If you are among them, I suggest you avoid any media projects backed by Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl, for reasons outlined in both the Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.com and Salon.Com: www.salon.com... Getting involved in one of their scams will only damage your career. Please be cautious.

Back in the 1960s, I worked with NBC sportscaster Joe Garagiola. He imparted some wisdom on what makes a successful sportscaster. "Passion, he said, is the secret!. Sports fans know when the person reading sports news doesn't really care about what they're reading. And this betrays the messenger. It takes a REAL sports fan to convey the enthusiasm the audience WANTS and NEEDS. Without that on-air passion, the connection with the audience is lost." George Michael set the bar high at NBC4. He had that passion and the audience couldn't get enough. Cole

/\ September 16 Messages /\

\/ September 15 Messages \/

NBC4 hasn’t had a full-time sports anchor for a long time. Over the last week, the regular anchors are reading what little sports news there is. Does the ghost of George Michael know about this?

Entercom, a once healthy company heads for bankruptcy. Christmas 2021. If you have any stock, sell now.

LESBIAN ACTION IN FORT MYERS, FLORIDA?:. Mike O'Meara may be fat but he's not dumb. On yesterday's TMOS, Mike revealed that on occasion, his wife Carla, [30 years younger], enjoys "sleep overs" at her girlfriends house. As Nicky Diamond of Pahrump, NV would say, "Light'em Up! Mike O'Meara is back baby!" #MoreCarlaOnTMOS #PittsburghSlimILikeWhenGirlsKissGirls #MikeHappyRobbAndOscarSad

FOX 5 welcomes Marissa Mitchell to morning show, Good Day DC www.fox5dc.com

Before the Mutual Radio Network moved to Crystal City, it was located in the basement at 16th & K Streets in downtown Washington, DC. It was owned by C.Edward Little. It was actually multiple networks serving specific formats and audiences. I was an engineering supervisor there in 1975. It had, arguably, the best technical staff of any radio network at the time. Many of us went to NBC Radio in 1976-77. Cole in Mt. Airy

I live near BWI and was surprised to see physical channel 30 show up after a rescan. Apparently the WMDO/WIAV upgrade has been completed. Still no luck in receiving WQAW channel 20, emitting from the WMPT tower. TK ...

So Entercom's COO Susan Larkin sent out a company-wide memo, slapping each other on the back for all the personnel damage they wreaked on the West Coast as they "realigned" the company's Country and Alternative brands to do exactly what iHeart is already doing. The memo contains such wonderfully drippy corporate-speak as, "...overseeing the strategy and empowering the programming innovation team to develop this transformational plan ... reimagined with enhanced content and listener experiences – connecting our communities...". Sweet sacred shit! Why is is that a broadcast company -- insistent on plain conversational language for its audience -- has to sound like a rejected Dilbert storyline?

Got up extra early this morning to see what the big broo haha was with the new female anchor, Melissa, that Fox has been highly promoting. As for her legs being crossed too high, have you seen the way Angie Goff crosses her legs when sitting in a chair? Talk about giving free peeps!! As for bringing Melissa on board, I agree that Maureen could've stayed on weekday mornings. As for Erin Como, she's proving more and more each day that she's just not ready for a permanent anchor desk spot. So many times when the rest of the anchors as well as when they have others join such as regulars from the local radio stations and others, she just sits there on camera smiling with nothing to contribute to the conversation. She's just not knowledgeable enough on everyday news, trivia, etc. to chime in on conversations. Her promotions have been suspect for awhile since dating the morning producer. Don't know if she still is though. In any case, Melissa is supposed to be on the early broadcast, so guess we'll see if indeed Erin's back to only doing traffic and Melissa takes her anchor spot. Regarding Angie, she's gotten quite comfortable on mornings and one has to wonder if she's going to be permanent. Who else would replace her? Holly?

Sports are back on TV in a major way, but not for me... COMMENTARY... So David Zurawik finally admitted he knows nothing about sports. Hallelujah! www.baltimoresun.com

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A number of international sources and Youtube videos suggest that there has been massive flooding in China with hundreds of thousands or even millions of people evacuated, thousands perhaps even tens of thousands of deaths, and billions of dollars of crop, livestock and other economic losses. Yet I've seen nothing on TV "news"casts or on media websites. Are these reports all fictional, or have our TV "news" people completely abandoned any international reporting other than gossip about celebrities and the occasional attempt to link Trump or Biden to some "bad" foreign leader?

The old Mutual Radio network was at 1755 South Jefferson Davis Hwy (route 1) across the street from the Crystal City Marriot. It was the 11th and 12th floor. Offices on 11, studios on 12. It’s now the Old Dominion Bank Building. It’s been repainted and upgraded. I worked there with Larry King in the newsroom from 1983-88.

So the new girl Marrissa has been here since FEBRUARY....Angie was brought in to take over Allsion's spot but with the backlash they needed another black woman...why not move Maureen in...nooooo the girl from ATL is black let's use her they say. But did they not see "she's no Allison"! Intro this morning her waist trainer was showing, makeup looked like it was caked on and morgue-ish....legs crossed to high...almost giving free peeps...(this is not ATL)...and her voice is ANNOYING! Newsroom folks say they have been told if Angie Goff farts make it smell good...others are asking if she drinks.... Erin Coma is very upset...her "allegiant sleeping" with her "producer boyfriend whom she spoke about on air constantly hasn't saved her from bein demoted back to the weather irl and word around the station is she is HEATED...UPSET.

NFL COVID-19 FAN EXPERIENCE;GIVE US CURSE WORDS. The loud fake crowd noise during NFL empty stadium televised games is to block raw, real,,on-field player and coaches 4-letter words Where is the NFL RAW option? Signed, The Real Raw AHHHH

Dave's response: With digital ATSC 3.0 we the viewer should be able to select background audio for NFL games including: 1) standard crowd noise, 2) silence, 3) birds tweeting, 4) thunder and wind, 5) Hawaiian music, 6) battle noise, 7) constant sirens, 8) a laugh track, 9) a non-stop loop of "Hail To Washington's NFL Franchise," or 10) live home audio of Larry Michael reacting to the game now that he's unemployed.....

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Wild Sunday night on 630 AM, around 8pm. The carrier kept dropping off and returning, and while it was off, Oldies WAIZ in Newton North Carolina was audible. 1kW daytime, 57W at night, and 307 air miles from me. Wacky...

Re: WMDE; A station is required to locate such that it provides a minimum field strength over an entire city of license: 35 dBu for low-VHF, 43 dBu for high-VHF, and 48 dBu for UHF. Dover is well within WMDE's 35 dBu contour, which extends out into the ocean. That's the only requirement from a broadcasting standpoint. It's operating completely within the rules. You see this in a different form in some of the repack moves: WNVT's license was moved from Goldvein to Spotsylvania Courthouse, which is still in the Washington market (inter-market moves were not allowed) but just barely inside WCVE-TV's 48 dBu contour so it would be allowed to "broadcast" from there. You are also wrong in that WMDE was also not one of the stations that used the VHF loophole. The FCC proposed new allocations on channel 5 to Dover and channel 4 to Atlantic City (WACP, formerly co-owned with WMDE) immediately after the digital transition. The VHF loophole stations (WDPN, RF 2, Wilmington, and WJLP, RF 3, Newark) moved in before those stations were built.

WTOP Audio from 9/11 www.youtube.com

Salem stock is selling today at $1.28 per share. Last week it was selling at $0.94 per share. Does Ed Atsinger , the CEO, earn his high salary? Should his salary be tied to performance?

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I appreciate the comments about WMDE TV, but it still doesn’t answer the technical question. How can WMDE be licensed to Dover, DE, but not serve the community of license at all either via its over the air signal (which is largely not receivable) or in programming? How can this be legal to construct such a facility solely for the purpose of infomercials for the larger DC market ignoring its primary city of license? The only reason WMDE got the channel 5 allocation is because of the arcane VHF Rule to give Delaware and NJ TV stations, but this rule has outlived its usefulness and is now being abused in reverse. And the tower is NOT even in Delaware or even close!

Sorry to hear Shawn Yancy and Mike McGrady are leaving the all Entertainment Channel. They were the only talent left worth watching on whatever crap the station passes off as news these days. I popped in to catch a few frames of the morning train wreck with Angie Goff today. It literally took seconds of her talking to get me to change the station. It is a race to the bottom as to who is the most annoying personality on that station. There is little redeeming value left there.

So the exits continue @ Fox5 w/Shawn & McGrady. .One has to wonder if these are by choice or by being forced out. The vibe, especially on the morning broadcast is just not the same. They’ve truly dummied down the morning broadcast with the addition of Angie & the promotion of Erin. Lots of fluff & little substance. Steve, Wisdom, Holly & Tucker just seem to be tolerating the new situation vs embracing it. Today, Angie inserted herself into an interview Wisdom was doing with a guest which I found not only to be rude, but unprofessional. Also, I’ve noticed that Steve is taking more & more time off. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was interviewing w/other networks. He’s my favorite anchor on there, very professional, great interviewer & seems like an all around good guy. He really deserves more than being second fiddle to Angie Goff.

From www.fox5dc.com: Shawn Yancy signs off from FOX 5 for the last time exactly 19 years after her first day... WASHINGTON (FOX 5 DC) - Shawn Yancy is signing off for the last time exactly 19 years after she started at FOX 5. “It was not an easy decision, but a decision that I made alone with my family’s support…to start an exciting new chapter in my life,” she said. Shawn grew up in the Midwest and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications from Ball State University. She spent her first year after college anchoring the news for a country radio station before eventually going to anchor and report at television stations in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, before starting at FOX 5. Shawn’s first story assignment at FOX 5 was covering the 9/11 terrorist attacks from the Pentagon. A year later, she covered the D.C. sniper attacks. Other stories she’s covered include Hurricane Isabel, the inauguration of Barack Obama and many D.C. sports championships. She said some of her proudest journalistic moments include earning an Edward R. Murrow Award for an investigative series on asbestos and the National Institutes of Health and earning and Emmy Award for Outstanding News Anchor in D.C. “I want to thank the FOX 5 management team and my wonderful colleagues,” Shawn said. “It’s truly been an honor to work with some of the best journalists and best story tellers in town. I will miss you all.” Everyone at FOX 5 thanks Shawn for her hard work and dedication during her time at the station.

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Speaking of Larry King’s bald spot and Stern’s merciless humor about it, I’ve always wondered why nobody takes Stern himself to task about his “hair”. Surely he’s been wearing a wig for decades? Without it I assume he looks like Larry David. Won’t somebody do my research for me? Max Critic

Which building in Crystal City housed the old Mutual network (Westwood One), and what occupies that space today?

One other change related to the 102.9 W275BO format flip: WWWT now has 1500 on its HD2, the same as the other two stations, while adding a new HD4 to feed the translator. Someone over there dropped the ball as that HD4 is labeled "Bolly 102.9" and has no audio. (To my knowledge there is no requirement that FM fill-in translators must be fed off-air, though, so unlike WGOP's translator it's not operating illegally.)

Regarding the origins of paint your bald spot: Larry King had a radio show in Westwood One in Crystal City and a Howard Stern prank caller (I think it was Captain Janks) called Larry just to razz his boney ass and closed the call by asking Larry if he used a hair paint product to cover his bald spot. King denied it once and the caller said “Paint your bald spot?” repeatedly and King finally blurted “What do you care? My hair grows!” The caller ask again and King mumbled “Sick”. Don and Mike would play the Stern tape to no end so they got better known for it but Stern, being the true King of All Media deserves credit and the much lesser “Radio Gods” Don and Mike are also tans: and who is still in the business? Don and Mike get away you losers you (thus Gas in Guserville’s obsession as a fellow loser.

DIVERSITY....what is the FCC doing to get more Minorities into ownership? They can't bring back the Minority Tax Certificate because the courts ruled that was not legal. How about bringing back the Channel 6 LPTV give away for another 10 years? This made some Minorities a lot of money. Remember, the FCC only permitted Minorities to apply for these licenses. Soon they all found the loophole to operate as FM Radio Stations using their audio channel 87.7 FM! None of these licenses are owned by Minorities today. These valuable licenses were sold off for big dollars!

Could WDVM-TV25 may use it’s sister channel WDCW to restart it’s 10pm newscast? I won’t be surprised if they do. WDVM could use WDCW digital subchannel to stimulate broadcast of WDVM newscast. They already merged WDCW and WDVM websites in one thus far . What tribune did to use WTVR newscast did work quite well as for saving cost. I think WDVM/WDCW have new advantage continue to grow thanks to WGN News Nation. I have watched WGN News Nation and reminded me of what Al Jazeera America used to do non-biased reporting. I stopped watching other big network cable news all together.

Seems to me that all the wrong people are leaving WTTG. Dumping professionals like Shawn (already gone from their online staff list) and Allison while pushing Angie and Lokay (who sprouts opinions more than news), and losing Gary while keeping the only part-time "chief" meteorologist in town simply confirms my belief that they are more interested in broadcasting hours and hours of celebrity gossip and idle chit-chat than really focusing on hard news. Diane in PG

Re: WMDE I am about 10 miles south of the WMDE transmitter with a rooftop antenna pointed towards Baltimore, not directly at WMDE but somewhat close, and cannot get WMDE. Occasionally after a storm it will come in but last I checked there was absolutely nothing on it or its sub channels that made it worth the effort to look into picking up.

September 11th 2001 @9:00am: Never forget. Never forgive. Never again.

Hot Bench will air at 2:07 am starting Monday with the brand new season 7. Apparently, a lot of markets are airing Drew Barrymore in place of Hot Bench, the same thing is happening with Judge Judy is some markets. If I had to guess, this has to do with Judy ending her show and deal with CBS which Hot Bench is apart of. It sucks but I’ve set my DVR.

Next Week at Fox 5... So Gary McGrady emailed his co-workers that the 16th is his last day at Fox 5... shawn yancy out tonight...

Fox5's Shawn Yancy just quit. The anchor star announced at the end of Thursday's 10pm newscast it was her last, as tears gushed from both eyes. The queen of DC TV anchors gave no indication about her professional future but her words suggest she has a bright one.

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With the major flooding this afternoon, channels 4 and 7 cut into regular programming with wall-to-wall coverage in the 3:00 hour. Channel 9 did a 3-minute cut-in at start of Dr. Phil at 4:00 with Topper Shutt from his living room and his microphone didn’t even work. Anyone else remember when WUSA was the local news king? The station is a joke now.

Dave's response: Actually, the news/weather operations at Tegna's WXIA in Atlanta, where I was last summer, and this year here in Charlotte, WCNC, are pretty good. WCNC's morning weather man is Larry Sprinkle www.charlottemagazine.com.....

A dear friend of WMAL, Ken Cuccinelli, who went on WMAL one morning (apparently drunk) a few years back, and complained about a DC rat law that did not exist (newspapers in at least 16 countries published stories on his WMAL phone call where he compared immigrants to rats), and went on WMAL in 2018 to claim there was a 15,000 person caravan headed our way (there wasn't), and he was only four points behind Tim Kaine four days before the election (He lost by like 15 points), is at it again. The Cooch now works for Homeland Security, and is now the subject of a whistleblower complaint. Apparently, Cuccinelli was given intelligence reports (meant to be distributed across government agencies), regarding conditions in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador ? three countries from which many undocumented immigrants in the U.S. have originated. The reports are meant to help U.S. asylum officers “render better determinations regarding their legal standards,” according to the complaint. Cuccinelli, an outspoken Trump supporter, requested “changes to the information outlining high levels of corruption, violence, and poor economic conditions in the three respective countries,” to fit President Trump's narrative and agenda, the complaint alleged. As we all know, altering Federal documents for political purposes is illegal. Why are all these friends of WMAL corrupt?

Re: WMDE; Nielsen granted its request to be reassigned to the Washington DMA shortly after sign-on. It was written several years ago in the mailbag that this was for no other reason that its offices are there and it asked - which I would believe, but obviously that correspondence is not public record. (web.archive.org) Cox called bullshit and won a petition for relief in 2015 in which even the FCC called Nielsen's decision "seemingly inexplicable". They still have never carried WMDE. (docs.fcc.gov) However, the must-carry rules set Nielsen's market assignment as the final decision, and they have elected carriage from everyone else in the market.

Dave's response: I remember someone told me that WMDE claimed to have "an office" somewhere in southeast DC or maybe Capitol Heights MD, probably a closet in the back of a gas station or something. And therefore used that as grounds for carriage in the DC market.....

Wide layoffs at Entercom www.allaccess.com

Dave's response: Didn't see any cuts in the DC-Baltimore region.....

If only Gus was an Editorial Cartoonist - too. The again, malebag artistic readers + Dave = a DCRTV Weekly Cartoon. #GiveGusHisOwnPageForCartoonsToo

I’ve always wondered this but do not know why. How can WMDE channel 36 (RF 5), DC’s infomercial station be licensed to Dover, DE, be Must Carry in DC, but not Baltimore, and still not even have a city grade signal in Dover, DE where almost no one can even receive it via antenna? How is this even legally possible to operate not in the Dover or greater Delaware public interest or even have a signal that reaches or serves the licensed community? No one can get WMDE in Dover DE via antenna anymore than anyone in DC can get them via antenna. They are strictly a cable TV station for advertising to the larger Washington, DC market, no other purpose.

The new name for the Pop India Music Format is...... INTENSE 102.9 FM. Try it......

“Paint your balled spot” was from D&M. They would get clips of Larry Kings show from his hated producers and engineers. You can goggle it on You Tube if this link does not work. They is a web page and FB dedicated to D&M under the name “Paint your balled spot”... Lots of good old D&M stuff... Another knee slapping segment on TMOS yesterday. Mike told the story of and ear ache and how a they removed ear wax from his ear. So Funny! Not! Instead of “Paint Your Bald Spot?”, how about, “Clean your ears?”. Mike, “My Ears grow”. If you have seen those lobes, they do!!!!!!!! OOBBEE

Fox5 Morning News has a spanking new anchor starting Monday from 4-6. It's time to spin the Wheel of Misfortune. WHO is out the door Friday? Could it be Holly? Kinda doubt it. Erin? HOPE so. Wisdom? Not a chance. And how is the Angie Goff Experience working out, ratings wise? I saw Wednesday that she and Steve are back in ''the loft''. WUSA9's Annie Yu must have 1 amazing contract. She's there maybe 3 or 4 days and gone for 2 weeks. I check. I like her but damn. Why have her promoted if she's never there? Paul

If Gus is getting his own damn page, he can PAY for his own damn page.

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Yes Dave! The Goofy Gus page. I love it! I would click on that every now and then while heavily drunk or on psychedelics while watching Pink Floyd’s The Wall and listening to the Beatles backwards. :-)

Hey Dave, hope you don’t mind this submission, but I know there’s a lot of mailbag posters who were listeners of Don and Mike over the years, so I’m helping one of y’all may be able to help me. What’s the origination of “paint your bald spot”? I know my dad used to say it all the time, but I never attributed it to D&M until recently and sadly my father passed a few months ago. I wasn’t allowed to listen to the show as a kid and I’m 30 now, so if anyone can help, I’d appreciate it!

How about you just give Gus his own page then any PC pansy who doesn't want to read his remarks doesn't have to click the link. Censorship averted.

Dave's response: Hmmm. A page just for Gus. Interesting.....

Drew Barrymore - If shes going to be on at 3 on WJLA What happens to Hot Bench courtroom show?On at that time now is it cancelled? Just wondering not that theres a shortage of daytime courtroom programs! But the list of light entertainment type daytime talk shows not topic heavy like DR Phil that have failed over the years is long Harry Conick Jr, Tony Danza , Queen Latifia, Vicki Lawrence Katie Couric I wish Drew Barrymore luck.

Very good tropo opening to the NE over Fairfax and Montgomery counties today over the Legion Bridge and up I-270. NJ 101.5/Trenton came in strong, overpowering both 101.5/Fredericksburg and the WBAL translator on 101.5. Philly’s 98.1/WOGL and 94.1/WIP also came in strong up through Rockville/Gaithersburg

The correct name for the new "Music from India" Format is Bollywood 102.9 FM.

9/09/2020 – ABC7/WJLA-TV today announced the debut “The Drew Barrymore Show” Monday, September 14th at 3pm on ABC7. Known world-wide for her infectious brand of humor and positivity, host Drew Barrymore will share her undeniably relatable point of view on the show while celebrating every part of humanity along the way. Drew’s creating a movement to march in the army of optimism with a multi-topic format. She will elevate, inspire and entertain in every area and in every segment from human interest stories to happy news to lifestyle segments and celebrity guests. “The Drew Barrymore Show” premieres Monday, September 14th with a “Charlie’s Angels” reunion, featuring guests Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu joining Barrymore nearly 20 years after the blockbuster film premiered. Drew also reconnects with longtime friend and co-star Adam Sandler. Guests for the rest of premiere week include Academy Award-winning actresses Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron, two-time Oscar winner Jane Fonda, new Dancing With The Stars host Tyra Banks and many more.

Programming notes, tomorrow morning on WMAL, Vince and Mary will interview former Trump handler Michael Cohen about his new book, "Disloyal." Cohen will talk about how Trump turned to "Conservatives" and Evangelicals to grift money from these unsuspecting and misinformed "voters. At the 4 PM hour on WMAL, Larry O'Connor will interview Peter Strzok on Mr. Strzok's 15-year history at the FBI weeding out Russian spies. Mr. Strzok will also talk about his new book claiming he believes Trump may very well still be a Russian asset. After hearing what a "Great American" Mr. Strzok has been, Larry will apologize for all the nasty things he said about Mr. Strzok over the last few years. At 5:00 PM, Larry will interview Joshua Powell, author of the new book "Inside the NRA." Joshua will talk about how the NRA squandered tens of millions of dollars from the membership dues in order to provide private travel, designer clothing, noncompetitive bid awards, debt forgiveness, and deluxe housing for college chicks (But not college dudes) interning at the NRA. He will also describe how the NRA "used" "Conservatives," who had been easily misled, to line the pockets of the NRA executive team. In the 7:00 PM Hour, Mark Levin will discuss his involvement in the disinformation campaign against Joe Biden and Ukraine which ultimately lead to the President's impeachment. Then I will wake up, and realize none of this stuff will be happening. Oh, and before I forget, Larry, nine world leaders went in the rain to visit the cemetery. The Secret Service did not block the President from attending. Stop saying it was the Secret Services' decision for Trump not to attend.

Dave's response: OK, so there's a post that deals with local media AND politics. I hope everyone is not going to have a tizzy fit about it.....

A DIGNIFIED TRANSFER: NO INSULTS REQUIRED.: On two occasions, I had the honor of escorting the remains, personal items and casket flags of two fallen warriors from the battlefield to Dover to burial; one, a SOF best friend from basic two, a young PFC from my hometown. On the second C-17 transport, I was not alone. 1 uniformed escort per causality. At Dover, enlisted casket teams play a vital role in continuing the dignity for our war fatalities as they make the journey to their final resting spot. Today, one Dover casket bearer's powerful story is highlighted in USA Today.. Without the media, without DCRTV, these first-hand accounts don't get told. LINK I was a casket bearer at Dover. I never thought a U.S. president would insult the fallen.

Is Ch.11 reporter Kate Amara having health problems? Her liveshots always seem like they are about to fall apart, like she's not prepared or can't pay attention. At first I thought her eyes were reacting to bad lighting, but when she wears a mask she has some serious nystagmus going on. I'm no doctor, but she sure looks unwell.

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Someone mention Steve Ray doing newscasts on WBAL? There’s only one Steve Ray in the Baltimore-DC radio scene, right? Longtime studio operator at WMAL? I remember he won when we drew straws to choose who would run the board on 105.9 at the moment in the fall of 2011 when the station finally gave up competing with music and switched to simulcasting WMAL AM630. Steve was also inexplicably chosen to oust and replace longtime presidential inaugural review stand announcer Charlie Brotman in January 2017. I’m guessing that if Biden wins, Steve Ray won’t be invited back. P of the AW

"Fire anchor Holly Morris". Sure, let me just set my T.A.R.D.I.S. to eight years ago and sign the petition. Kinda late to the block party, aintcha?

Fire anchor Holly Morris... www.change.org

Saw that the new morning anchor on Fox5 will be doing the 4-6am broadcast. Guess Angie will be the 6-9am anchor now?

Publisher locks Capital Gazette staff out of their building in Annapolis... The journalists had planned to clear out their desks and stage a final rally and farewell to their brick-and-mortar headquarters on Monday. But Tribune Publishing had other plans. www.washingtonpost.com...

NBC Sports Washington (NCBSW) today announced its extensive multiplatform coverage of the Washington Football Team’s 2020 NFL regular season, highlighted by the return of Washington Football Kickoff Live and Washington Football Postgame Live and the new year-round weekday program Washington Football Today with Julie Donaldson, which premieres today, Tuesday, Sept. 8, at 5:30 p.m. NBCSW will continue to deliver comprehensive digital content across NBCSportsWashington.com and the MyTeams app. Live Gameday Coverage - NBCSW’s marquee gameday shows, Washington Football Kickoff Live and Washington Football Postgame Live, return this season to surround every regular-season game with at least two hours of extensive news, features, analysis, commentary and interviews. Both shows will be available to authenticated subscribers on NBCSportsWashington.com and the MyTeams app. The gameday programs will feature new host Jordan Giorgio, who joined NBCSW in 2019. She will be joined weekly by longtime analysts Brian Mitchell and Trevor Matich, along with insider J.P. Finlay. This year, several special guest analysts will make appearances on the shows, including University of Maryland Terrapins head football coach Mike Locksley, two-time Super Bowl champion and former Terps receiver Torrey Smith, and former Washington players Lorenzo Alexander and Jason Campbell. The programs will make their season debuts Sept. 13, when Washington opens its season against the Philadelphia Eagles (1 p.m.) The one-hour Washington Football Kickoff Live will be presented on gamedays this season beginning at 10 a.m., with updated encore presentations at 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. Washington Football Postgame Live will air right after the game for at least an hour. Washington Football Today - NBCSW is partnering with the Washington Football Team on the new weekday program Washington Football Today with Julie Donaldson. Original episodes will debut Monday through Friday at 5:30 p.m., with a nightly encore at 10 p.m., year-round, beginning with today’s premiere. The half-hour show will be hosted by Donaldson, the former longtime NBCSW anchor, reporter and host who was named the team’s SVP of media in July. She’ll be joined regularly by guests and each day will cover a variety of team-focused topics, including the latest news and updates, what’s trending on social media and developments on the team’s name change. Each weekday will also feature recurring segments that will highlight fans, alumni and lifestyle subjects. Digital Coverage - NBC Sports Washington will continue to deliver the most comprehensive written, video and audio content covering Washington football across its robust digital portfolio, highlighted by the newly relaunched NBCSportsWashington.com and the MyTeams app. Exclusive news, analysis, commentary and information will be available daily, provided by NBC Sports Washington’s experts and insiders, highlighted by Finlay and Pete Hailey. Along with Mitch Tischler, Finlay and Hailey will continue to lead the Washington Football Talk podcast throughout the season.

The Music from India on 102.9 FM is back effective today. If you enjoyed the Bolly Format before, you will enjoy the new format... The Bolly Asian Format can also be heard on WWWT-FM HD2 Channel...... as well as 102.9 FM.....

For the Saturday morning newscasts on WBAL Radio, they have someone named Steve Ray. He sounds like a 70’s FM DJ, with his soft voice. So low that you can’t even understand him over the bed of noise that is used leading into the news. I think I have reached a logical conclusion regarding WBAL. It is secretly produced by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. Look, we have “The Low Talker” (Ray), “The Loud Talker” (Wykoff), “The Interrupter” (C4), “The Repeater” (Morgan), and “The Babblers” (Snow, Joseph, and Langer, AKA ‘Mr. ADHD’). It all makes sense to me, since the station has become a true comedy.

Dave, I have been a former reader of DCRTV for many years and appreciate your site on Media Issues. However, when you permitted your pal....Gus to waste my time every day, I stopped reading it. It became a waste of time. I hope that you remember why people read your site. You made a good move by putting your Mailbag on the first page.

From FCC’s Trip in VA on the AVS Forum… "The way I hear it, WTTG's tower is structurally unsound and thus is moving imminently. - Trip"... — BaltoMedia.net

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I actually do laugh at some of the jokes that Gus posts, and some others I don't understand well enough, and then there's a few where it's clearly just a brutal insult. But I wouldn't ban him.

Just wanted to add my voice to the apparently growing list of current and/or former readers who are tired of Gus and his often nasty ramblings. You said on the site that "instead of me having a heavy hand in deleting posts for whatever reason, you simply SCROLL DOWN when you come to a post you don't like." Sorry Dave, but by making that statement, you're abdicating your responsibility as the moderator of the DCRTV site. When I find myself having to scroll down again and again to avoid those annoying and occasionally offensive posts, it gets tiresome, it wastes my time, and it devalues your site as a source for actual media-related discussion. Maybe you see nothing wrong with putting up multiple posts from someone who is, at bare minimum, not appreciated by many of your readers, and whose posts often have little to do with genuine media issues. That would mean you've made a decision to effectively cede control of the primary page that your readers now go to for media-related information. Ultimately, it's your site, you can make whatever rules you want (or don't want) for allowable posts. But if you're choosing to give a fair amount of space to someone who is alienating readers, then be prepared to lose the readers who don't want to wade through those posts to find content that is actually valuable. You said today that "I guess Gus is voted off the island." I can't tell if that was meant in all seriousness, or as a joking aside. If the former, then thank you. If the latter, then you can probably count me as one more former reader.

Dave's response: OK. Gus can still post. But I will double check to make sure that he strictly sticks to local media issues and stays away from his cheap humor. Ditto with purely political rants that have nothing to do with media issues. Again, as I always say, if you think I've made an error by allowing Gus and his strange sense of humor - or anyone else for that matter - to post something offensive, please copy and paste the item in an e-mail to dcrtv@dcrtv.com and tell me why you want me to yank it.....

If you think The Atlantic "will be bankrupt by election day," you obviously have no idea who owns it, or of the magazine's financial history over the past decade. As for their "fictional story," now that it's been confirmed by more than a dozen news organizations, including Fox, it's seeming credible to most people -- no?

I know it won’t change a thing, but add my name to the list of people who thinks you’ve allowed “Gus” to destroy the Mailbag. I used to check it out daily, but since “Gus” and his always-vile, never-about-media posts took over a few years ago, I’m down to once every couple of months. If he’s contributing more $$ than the rest of us, I get it. If he isn’t, I don’t understand why you’d let him ruin all your work and devalue the site. As for the political posts, they’ve always been a part of the mix, and I have no problem with them. See you again in a few months.

Dave's response: I guess Gus has been voted off the island.....

Dave, Can I add my vote against allowing so many politics-only posts? And Gus really needs to be retired from the site. I like to feel at least a little broadcast industry illumination and joy amid the vile when I read in each day, but the ratio has gotten out of whack. Thanks! DS

Dave's response: My policy has always been that posts here need to deal with media issues. But if politics is part of that media content then, yes, I will allow it. Face it, there's lots of politics in media these days from Fox News to Sinclair to the FCC and the VOA. Here's some advice. Instead of me having a heavy hand in deleting posts for whatever reason, you simply SCROLL DOWN when you come to a post you don't like.....

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New Voice of America overseer called foreign journalists a security risk. Now the staff is revolting... washingtonpost.com

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Political Postings Aren't Good For The Site -- At Least In My Opinion

The Black information Network is now on the WMZQ 98.7 HD 2 sub as well as 1120 WUST the HD 2 used to have a Classic Country format but went silent for awhile.And 94.7 The Drive is back with retro disco and dance music from the 70s and 80s on Saturday Nights they were doing it last year then had stopped it but now it was back on last night starting at 9.

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The Atlantic comic book will be bankrupt by election day. They just had to flower for the last time with a fictional story that was once bandied about 2 years ago and rejected. Some idiots never give up. That story couldn’t be any less true if it was written in CRAYON. Even John Bolton wouldn’t bite on it. He said, ”If it were true, I’d have written an entire chapter in my book about it!” Move on people, nothing to see...

Hey Dave what with riots, Trump being POTUS another four years or a 78 year old senile fart or his cackling sidekick, sports gone forever, women with hairy armpits and legs, men who dress like women to be with men, no $1,200 stimulus check coming, NETFLIX sucks with nothing but gay shows about tigers and now a half a million dead in USA by winter AND Gus in the Gaithersburg still eating his Captain Crunch from his dead mothers basement and what not your loyal DCRTV fans want to now more than ever: What's it all about Alfie?

Yes, it would be illegal for WGOP to be off the air while still operating W293DN 106.5 FM, but nobody is home at the FCC, so don’t bother complaining. Your complaint will only go in the trash bin.

A sometimes-absent WebSDR is now located in nearby Berlin MD. The only music I have been hearing lately on 540 is the South Asian kind coming from WBWD in Islip. Other regional WebSDRs also have been used to verify Pocomoke City's AM 540 lack of broadcasts. As a reminder, FCC Laurel is also in the range of WGOP's daytime groundwave signal too... Can you say "NAL"? TK in Odenton

On September 1, the Loudoun Times Mirror moved to a metered paywall for their website requiring subscriptions to read more than 5 articles a month. Earlier this summer they also announced they would be cutting the free delivery of their paper to some neighborhoods, with some communities getting the paper delivered every other week. The Loudoun Now, the only other paper of note in one of the nation’s fastest growing counties, recently began asking for donations to help “support community journalism”. The county has seen diminished local news coverage over the years with papers such as The Loudoun Connection, The Easterner, Leesburg2Day, The Eastern Loudoun Observer, the Loudoun Independent, Channel 3/Loudoun TV, and the Loudoun Tribune shuttering their doors. In 2007, WAGE Radio ended local programming after serving the county since 1958. Local journalism plays a key role for all communities but how will it survive in an ever evolving world of new technology and the current economic setbacks during the pandemic.

"Chad Dukes' "show" is endless, mindless, mind-numbingly boring bullshit." That's an interesting take .... Mike. Drinky winky? Pantsless and rampant, Gus in the Gaithersburg

The report of Sept 3 WGOP AM 540 was not accurate WGOP AM 540 was on the air all day and the FM was repeating 540 please make sure your information is accurate

Effective Friday, September 18, 2020, WAMU, Washington, D.C.’s NPR station, will implement a program schedule change, which includes the return of their 37-year legacy program Hot Jazz Saturday Night, a new dedicated special programming segment and The Arts Hour from BBC World News Service. Hot Jazz Saturday Night, produced by WAMU and hosted by Rob Bamberger, will return for a two-year commitment beginning on Saturday, September 19, 2020 from 7-10 p.m. The show will replace Live from Here from American Public Radio, which ceased production in June. With the cancellation of Live from Here, WAMU seized an opportunity to deeply consider listener and member feedback when determining what program would benefit weekend evening audiences. As the nation enters an election period and with the station’s 60th anniversary on the horizon, WAMU thought of no better way to create a Saturday evening respite from the news than to bring back a popular locally-produced program with Hot Jazz Saturday Night. “Hot Jazz Saturday Night and Rob were a cornerstone of WAMU’s weekend programming for nearly four decades,” said Monna Kashfi, chief content officer at WAMU. “I am thrilled that the show will be coming home to WAMU and that our listeners will be able to re-connect with Rob as we get ready to celebrate a milestone anniversary for the station.” WAMU has also added special programming, dubbed “WAMU Presents”, to replace a repeat airing of Fresh Air on Fridays at 1 p.m. Starting on September 18, “WAMU Presents” will feature special programs from WAMU, public radio partners and independent producers. Listeners will hear a rotation of featured content, including in-depth reporting, podcasts, engaging conversations, as well as arts and culture productions. Additionally, the debut of The Arts Hour from BBC World News Service will replace Live Wire on Saturdays from 10-11 p.m. The Arts Hour is a weekly collection of engaging arts-related stories from across the globe and will begin on September 19 following Hot Jazz Saturday Night.

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We already know from musicologist (like mixologist) Rob Spewak that there are no 7-11s in DC. I was watching one of the old people's shows, NCIS this week. It's great fun to catch the errors they make about this area. Apparently there's a very nice diner in Anacostia (there might well be) and just across the street is a jewelry store with a glass display case full of incredibly valuable loose diamonds. The protagonists routinely drive to and from Norfolk in the blink of an eye, but you'd think Norfolk would have their own NCIS people. Blah blah. Pantsless! Picture it! Picture it proudly! You know you want to. Gus in the Gaithersburg

Chad Dukes' "show" is endless, mindless, mind-numbingly boring bullshit.

On my rounds on route 13 today, I noticed that AM540 in Pocomoke is off the air, yet their translator on 106.5 is on the air. I noticed this last week as well. Isn't that illegal for the owner (Birach Broadcasting) to do? Did Birach Broadcasting finally just turn the AM off? Doesn't the AM have to feed the FM? GSBjr

Baltimore's Sinclair owned TV licenses are under a challenge for their renewal. Someone in Columbia has challenged the TV licenses of WBFF 45, WUTB 24, and WNUV 54 stating that they are in violation of FCC rules as Sinclair controls the 3 different licensee companies, Cunningham Broadcasting and Deerfield Media along with Sinclair itself and therefor have a lack of diversity. Cunningham Broadcasting, originally considered the first Black broadcast owner was eventually transferred to the Smith family's mother and wife of WBFF founder Julian Smith and now both are mostly owned by trusts that the Smith family controls. www,baltimoresun.com... —BaltoMedia.net

Tonight Fox 5DC Cameraman and reporter were chased away from the protest at 7th District Police station. The residents told them Fox 5 is racist and they only come to SE to report crime and that they don't watch them anymore because they forced Allison Seymour Out. There was a live stream video on YouTube that caught it. The YouTube name is news2share.....sorry I can't tell you at what point in the video it was but it was before their 10pm news came on and I would say the video stream started around 8-8:30pm. Here are a couple of tweets: Lindsay Watts @LindsayAWatts ... 2h... Really sad to see how my co-worker @EvanLambertTV was treated as he tried to cover this story!! People complain the media doesn’t give enough coverage to police shootings. A self-fulfilling prophesy when an angry group prevents you from going on air..... dcbmorelocalnewswatcher @BlayzBrooks ... 2h... Fox 5 sensationalize DC crime as being black people from SE DC every night . It is well known in DC's black community Allison, a black woman was pushed out after 21 years at fox 5. What did u expect? Your response made it about u n ur collegue not the victim and his family

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"Last night, Mark Levin had some ass from Arkansas filling in. The ass kept saying we don't need to wear masks" as demonstrated by Nancy Pelosi and Tony Mamaluke Fauci (famous as the guy who did *not* discover HIV). If Larry O'Connor is "theatrical" that makes you a bugchaser. Shoe, meet other foot. Homophobic digs that you think are "sly" in an al l male middle school way really aren't. You make yourself look bad. Calm down people! In other news, the "military grade nerve agent" Novichok continues to kill.... no one. Again, calm down. Keep cool my babies! Gus in the Gaithersburg

funny. just saw after i sent you my latest malebag post touting your 23 b-day, you had already done so lol.

[READER POST, NOT DAVE] HAPPY BIRTHDAY!::Since September 1997, DCRTV has been covering DC and Baltimore area media news for 23 years. Hell Dave, that may be longer the Mike O'Meara's first 2 marriages combined? I donated $100. Urge all you loyal followers to donate what you can too during this B-Day month. You can do it safely via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send some dough to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655. #TeamDCRTV

September is here and it's DCRTV's 23rd birthday. Yup, this here DC and Baltimore area radio and TV website started posting news items and your mailbag posts in September 1997 and we haven't stopped since. If you'd like to show your appreciation, like maybe $23, you can do it safely via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send the dough to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655. Thank you! - Dave

When does the auction for WUST's now-unused broadcast gear start? Unless iHeart plans to add DC-centric programming in larger blocks, 1120 AM is basically a computer and sat receiver plugged into a transmitter with very little in between.

[RE: Recently WMAL dropped CNN News, and it is using Fox News for its hourly newscasts. That will be popular with many of its listeners.] I don't listen to WMAL much but they were carrying Westwood One News which ceased operations on August 30. A lot of Cumulus stations went to ABC News, which WMAL used to carry, but it sounds like WMAL has gone with FOX according to the original poster.

The train wreck that is Newsradio 1090's new morning show continues. Poor Bryan Nehman has to tolerate the great interrupter all morning long. Very little news or sports and most of it sounds pre-recorded. The speed reading lady and shouter continue with their daily carnival act. Outdated weather forecasts from the TV ladies. It's a first class manure show. Miss Yuriptzy continues to sound sleepy, reminding us constantly that she lives in Anne Arundel County and is a mom. Then this new dude Torrey. Minor league all the way. Not much substance. Why do WBAL hosts think quality programming is interviewing other WBAL hosts. So weak and unimaginative. And why do they have to repeat segments over and over and over. As a rock and roll deejay would say "Heading to number 15 with a bullet."

It’s 2020, TMOS has Mr. Skin on the show????? How lame???? Way to book has beens Blobb! Too bad Allene Cunningham and Major Bill Smith are dead! How embarrassing.

It doesn't take the Russians to make Biden look silly. It probably takes more drugs than JFK and Hitler combined to render him barely functional. It's so cute that you think "malebag" is a typo. He's been saying it that way forever. Reminds me of the time I was arrested in South Africa because I didn't want to play Sun City. When in the course of We the People, c'mon man! You know the thing! There are very fine people on both sides. Of Biden's head. Lemme tell you something about Trump: the economic growth? Bush's policies finally fully kicked in. The current situation? Obama's policies kicked in. The door of the Nike Store. Are we *sure* WMAL switched news providers? Sounds samesame to me. Was it *ever* CNN or is it a partnership with WABC, local Channel 7? I usually pop into WCSP during the news, but apparently WFMD in Frederick uses Fox News. Living rentfree and pantsless in one determined poster's head... Cornpop c'mon man! You know the story! Something about a fence, they're gonna put y'all back in chains! in the Gaithersburg

Veteran Podcaster Brian Griffiths has launched his new show, The Duckpin Podcast. The Duckpin Podcast talks with people from a local, state, and national perspective who are making things happen. Guests include political candidates, political operatives, policy experts, and leading figures and thinkers from sports, entertainment, culture, and more. The Duckpin Podcast is hosted by Brian Griffiths, Founder and CEO of The Duckpin. A fifteen year veteran of online media, Mr. Griffiths was co-host of Red Maryland Radio, Maryland's top political podcast, for nine years. He also created, produced, and hosted The Air Raid for five years. Mr. Griffiths is also a columnist for The Capital in Annapolis, MD. His work has previously appeared at The Baltimore Sun and the Maryland Reporter. He has also been a frequent guest on WBAL and WEAA radio. The podcast is available on YouTube; the audio version is available on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Anchor, Google Podcast, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Radio Public, Breaker, or wherever podcasts are available. In the first episode, Griffiths talks with education expert Andy Smarick about public schools in the time of the Coronavirus. Smarick is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, where his work focuses on education, civil society, and the principles of American conservatism. He was confirmed by the Maryland State Senate in March 2020 for a term on the Maryland Higher Education Commission. He is a former president of the Maryland State Board of Education. To watch the show, visit www.youtube.com.

Last night, Mark Levin had some ass from Arkansas filling in. The ass kept saying we don't need to wear masks, and it is all a conspiracy to control us by the government. OK? Speaking of Asses, Mary Walters doing her five-minute weekly gig on Fox 5 Morning news said she is "always a fan of choice" in this country. They were talking about schools re-opening (not men in Black boarding planes to DC to set fire to the suburbs and the RNC, and not "people in the shadows controlling Biden and stoplights). So, since she used the word "always," can we assume Mary is "Pro Choice?" Take aways from listening to WMAL personalities, don't wear masks because Tiff, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Don Jr. are omnisciently correct-the government wants to control you, and Mary is "Pro Choice." Programming note, this afternoon, Larry O'Connor will have on his show NYT writer Michael S. Schmidt, who will talk with Larry about his new book "United States verses Trump." Michael will address the Tweet Donald sent out about not having a stroke. Just kidding. Larry, though, will discuss all the Russian fake stories planted in Facebook this week about Joe Biden, and in a comedy/theatrical twist, (Larry is so theatrical) ,Larry will pretend these are real stories.

In case it hasn't already been mentioned, Melissa Nord, formerly of WUSA9 in DC, has joined Atlanta sister station WXIA-TV & The Weather Channel. Nord, who had been the weekend evening meteorologist, left WUSA9 earlier this year. Her position has since been filled by Chester Lampkin, who came over from KSDK in St. Louis, another Tegna station, late last year.

Why is the early morning weather guy on Fox5 also doing traffic reports? Isn’t that Erin Como’s job? Or has she now been relieved of those duties to attempt to be an anchor?

So is Angie Goff the permanent 6-11am anchor for Fox5 or what? They took her off the 7pm Like it or Not show to go to mornings from 6-9. Now she’s on air from 6-11am & no longer on the 4pm broadcast.Fox5, just go on and announce what we’ve known has been the case since she was supposed to only be on the a.m. broadcast for the month of April. And also since the new anchor is supposed to be on the 4-6 broadcast as well as the Good Day DC show, So, it really doesn’t take a genius to see that mornings are now The Angie Goff Morning Show..

TMOS bakery is open again this year in SEPTEMBER for holiday delivery. Just $40 for an 8 inch fruitcake….LOL. Losers! How about stop being a social warrior Mike and do the funny so advertisers see climbing listeners rather than failing and flat numbers???? Ask Oscar!

iHeart is buying WUST outright for $1.2 million (fcc.gov) - and also has added a relay on 98.7-HD2. Ponderous why they'd buy an AM with no obvious prospects for a translator. I guess they figure they can go slap CBS Sports or something on it once BIN goes belly-up in a year or so....WDCO and WIAV have been off the air for around 24 hours. While Sinclair doesn't legally own them yet, makes you wonder if ATSC 3.0-related work is underway...

"WQLL should go back to WEBB calls. Now can somebody please settle my estate? Thank You, James Brown."

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The Real AHHH’s Gus-related “always welcomed in the malebag” typo was really a freudian slip. Also, I have it on good authority that during the repack, the Ghost of Marty Bass’s Toupee was encountered by engineers haunting TV HIll. No, it was not COVID that you couldn’t pee in the WJZ bathrooms after all. Joe formerly in Essex :-)

To the person saying the Junkies would be back September 1st to the studio, had you listened, you would have heard that they got an e-mail from corporate saying that remote broadcasts will continue through the end of 2020. EB has said multiple times that if he was allowed back in the studio, he would. A lot of corporations are having as much staff as possible work remotely. Radio is no different.

Recently WMAL dropped CNN News, and it is using Fox News for its hourly newscasts. That will be popular with many of its listeners.

TMOS 2020 HOLIDAY FRUITCAKE SALE OR CASH ADVANCE BUSINESS?. Who can you pay $50-$100 or more to for a fruitcake and not get it delivered for 3 months? Robb Spewak, that's who. So, the TMOS Holiday Fruitcake Classic returns for 2020, packed with the flavor that says “Happy Holidays”. It also says, pay us up front, in full, and let us gain interest off your hard-earned money for 90 days - too.. TMOS has a more ethical reach-around option for this fundraiser. Just like you only pay a contractor 10% down, TMOS should first charge customers a small reserve deposit [enough to cover the expenses based upon the fruitcake options they order] A week before shipping, charge customers the balance. [build in the small secondary processing fee. Customers will accept it in exchange for a more morally principled fundraising model] Sidebar. Did the Bolivian ever take an ethics course in e-business school?

Hey Dave, WJFK's Sports Junkies and others had been saying they would return to their Half Street studios on September 1st but there they were Tuesday morning cry babying about their lives and peddling drivel about teams and sports nobody cares about anymore because athletes only care about money and bitching about what a racist country that made them millionaires is while they sell their slave made sponsored merchandise. All the Junkies need to do for their million dollar contract is to roll out if bed, get to their media feed and whine about what a hard life they have. Maybe they should get a part time job stocking stores or repairing roads so they are used to it when their WJFK gig ends soon. Hell, Gus in the Gaithersburg has a harder life eating Twinkies in his mom's basement without tripping in his pants down on his ankles toddling from his computer. Please report on status of WJFK studios reopening Dave: thanks. Your Pal In Hell

Hey Dave, My eyes are not what they used to be and the "blackout" format on the Mailbag is getting very hard for me to read. Would you please eithe change font style and size or drop the "blackout" format to make it easier to read. Thanks, "Ponky" in Beltsville

Thanks for the note about Gary Blau. From the vantage point of a guy who stayed in the same spot his whole working career, I found Gary to be amazingly mobile and knowledgeable about everything interesting to a broadcast engineer. He worked for WGMS here in DC way back when it was still on 103.5FM and 570AM. Whenever we chatted I had to tiptoe around his Trump-ish politics, though. Hey, he wasn’t alone. P of the AW

I'll bet that the "information "on the "Black Information Network" doesn't include any of the kind of black perspectives we saw at the RNC last week. Tim, Laurel

I remember engineer Martin Secrest's name from many WMAL AM630 programs... www.legacy.com

I looked at my cable box's guide for 09/14/2020 in Baltimore Maryland and it displays Fox 45 Midday News at 11:00 a.m. followed by Bmore Lifestyle at 11:30 a.m.

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