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DCRTV Mailbag - November 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020

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Two notes: WTEM 980 has an excellent daytime signal. I have listened in Virginia Beach, Virginia all the way to Martinsburg, West Virginia Don't think WDMV needs a signal pattern change. Get over the air on 25-1 in Springfield, VA. Also in Martinsburg, West Virginia Patrick

"says his email was hacked" I don't know of this guy but suspect "hacked" is generic code for "drunk". Similarly Mike O'Meara said his Mac was hacked when he broke its keyboard. So of course the solution was to buy a new computer. Here's a blast from the past. Just search for "hack". www.dcrtv.com/mb1901.html... Here's another one, from an idiot: "Gus, Gus, Gus, “A perhaps interesting article on the GWEN (Groundwave Emergency Network) system: Radio Apocalypse: The GWEN System hackaday.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/26/17)”. GWEN may be your favorite radio station or the girl who makes your subs at Subway but why would anyone want to go to a link to “hackaday.com” unless they wanted to be hacked?" Guessing this guy's house is where keyboards go to die. And I'm the guy who doesn't know about computers because I'm elderly yet living in my mother's basement. Go figure. Another poster raised a good point about travel hypocrisy. I believe we've got us a socially distanced ... convoy. Keep it real, AHHHH! Gus in a Kenworth haulin' logs

RE: WDVM: Ok interference contour, so here you go. It looks to me that the 51dBu contour does in fact slightly cross. With the FCC repack allocations, they rarely come close. Plus the people losing service are in Western Maryland, west of Hagerstown mostly. The other areas are largely irrelevant, and it weakens their signal to Hagerstown proper too! This application is strictly about them wanting to abandon Hagerstown gracefully and become a DC TV station. BAD IDEA, NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST! www.rabbitears.info

Dave's response: And become a DC market station because they'll get more dollars for infomercials. Here in western North Carolina, there's a "local" station near me licensed to Hickory, which is about 50 miles northwest of Charlotte and is carried by many Charlotte area cable systems. Yes, they do a very low-budget local newscast or two daily, but about 90% (if not more) of WHKY 14's programming is paid infomercials and religion. Hardly a "public service".....

Seattle and Tampa would make a perfect station swap for Tegna. CBS owns the CW station and Tegna owns the CBS station in each market. That would create a duopoly in Seattle and Tampa for Tegna. I bet that swap for WUSA 9 would work in some way. CBS wouldn’t gain a duopoly in DC, but in reality, they could have exclusive access to WJZ 13’s chopper at that point instead of it sometimes used as a DC pool chopper or maybe CBS DC would just take over the Baltimore chopper and lend it to WJZ from time to time. It would definitely shake things up a bit in both markets. These are hypotheticals, but somewhat realistic ones I think if CBS really wanted a local DC TV station. Apparently they do not. ABC gave up its chance. ABC’s only out let at this point is what NBC did in Boston, buy a station and start a news operation from scratch, something ABC would never do.

Hey, I just signed the petition "The Supreme Court Of the United States: Recount or revote the entire 2020 presidential election" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name. Our goal is to reach 3,000,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here: chng.it/mmgZmwmKxM... Thanks! Robert

Dave's response: The above came from former Mix 107.3 personality Carson's email address. He now hosts a Newsmax show. Ahhh, didn't Trump just spend $3 million to recount several Wisconsin counties only to show an increased Biden lead? UPDATE: Carson says his email was hacked and he didn't send the above message.....

Obviously, since Urban One now has no operational connection to WTEM starting on the 23rd, all of its HD and FM relays on their other stations were yanked at the same time. W240DJ was off the air for a couple of days and went back to relaying what sounds like WOL - which is, for the moment, illegal because Urban One has not bothered to change the originating station from WTEM....As for WDVM-TV, looking at the TVStudy, it appears the new site will be under the 0.5% (population) threshold of new interference to WMJF-CD. Their protected contour - to my knowledge 51 dBu, NOT 48 dBu as the previous poster claimed - has a very slight overlap with WDVM-TV's 48 dBu contour in Laurel; I would guess that's where the predicted 0.1% new interference is. It's very hard to imagine someone like Nexstar submitting an obviously deficient application. When it comes to the public interest, color me skeptical that anyone west of Berkeley County - which are the only areas losing coverage on paper, if they ever got it to begin with - actually relies on OTA TV. This move makes a lot of sense to me.

The posters who constantly post negative comments about Angie Goff and Fox 5 (often daily) remind me of the homeless guy who used to panhandle in front of the office at 7th and E. The only difference, the homeless guy had a little personality.

CBS owns a bunch of CW stations, some in markets where they don’t even own the CBS affiliate. I could see a scenario where they offer Tegna several of them in exchange for WUSA 9. The Atlanta, Tampa, & Seattle CBS O&O CW stations ring a bell just off the top of my head as CBS doesn’t own the CBS station in any of those markets and I’m not even sure how they ended up owning them. As for ABC and WJLA, well forget that. Sinclair would never in a million years sell WJLA 7. I’m curious however what Sinclair’s plans are for newly purchased LPTV’s WDCO and WIAV. They’ve put TBD on both currently, but that’s redundant and obviously a placeholder for something else. Is that where NextGen TV begins in DC? In other Sinclair news, Sinclair has made a branding deal with Ballys gaming to rename its newly purchased 21 Fox Sports regional Networks that will rename them as Ballys Sports Networks. Julian Smith must be so proud of his sons from the grave, NOT! He was a deeply religious person and would NEVER have made such a deal with a casino gambling company!

TMOS; EATING CROW 4 THANKSGIVING. I wonder if Mike O'Meara and Oscar Santana-Zeballos will discuss their Thanksgiving Holiday on today's show? Since THEIR relatives FLEW into town against the CDC TRAVEL BAN restriction - and their public COVID-19 advice to others, how'd those big plates of crow taste? Since he a "celebrity" and looking at Mike's public Facebook page, seems nobody cooks a better CROW, soaked in HYPOCRITICAL sauce, than his daughter. [ Boys, the crow is repulsive to eat in the same way that admitting your public wrong is emotionally hard to SWALLOW ]. The Real AHHHH #JustBringTheFunny

The next new person on Fox 5 (I lost track of the number)... It's like whose NEXT!!!! I was told that this new woman Jeannette Reyes was mouthing off to the producer here in DC at the station she used to work at(where her husband works now WJLA)...and didn't want to work a certain shift and this "new fox 5 anchor Jeannette Reyes" told her old producer "change my shift or I quit".....So she ended up quitting and she went to the station she's now leaving in Philly. Well guess who ended up being the Boss there in Philly were she's NOW leaving....the same producer from here at WJLA that she challenged. Well lets just say it didn't go to well for her because that Producer DID NOT forget the treatment Jeannette displayed to leadership....and returned the favor so to speak hense her now coming to Fox5...oh yeah plus her husband is an anchor a rival station WJLA... FOX 5 GOT REVOLVING DOORS OVER THERE

My 1972 Television Fact-book has WMAR going on the air on October 27,1947 and WCAU began operations on March 15,1948.However when they each picked up the CBS television Network is not listed. I do remember that a few of the old timers at WMAR engineering often mentioned that WMAR was the second CBS affiliate in the country.Regardless, It was indeed a sad time for Maryland's oldest television station.

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The reason people on the eastern shore are going to be pissed at least near Ocean City is that Ocean Pines has Mediacom, not Comcast and they still carry WBAL-TV as well as Philly’s WTXF Fox 29 just like up in Delaware. So the loss of WBAL-TV at the beach is going to be a pisser. Some guy told me that WBAL TV management said it’s not going to happen, but it seems so far that it is unless something drastically changes last minute.

Angie Goff reminds me a lot of Kathy Lee Gifford when she exploits her kids on TV for attention/ratings. However, one glaring difference between the two is that at least Kathie Lee can sing. I am not aware of any talents Angie possesses other than vapidity.

WMAR 2 was actually the third CBS affiliate in the country to go on the air from the already existing Bank of America Building downtown (the tower actually still there from 1947!), with The Baltimore Sun a block away (long demolished). This was only behind WCBS New York & WCAU Philadelphia, so yeah, being dumped by CBS was harsh and surprising at the time and shocked television station owners across the nation as everyone started to think, “Are we next?” CBS was strongly #1 at the time with MASH, WKRP, ALICE, The Jeffersons, All in the Family, among other shows, but no network had ever flexed their muscles in this way before in such a secret way. The deal had been made to switch to WBAL TV before any WMAR management even had a clue so I can understand the previous post. Hearst arranged so many celebratory TV promotions for the BIG SWITCH as it was called back then. Even Dan Rather did a special commercial for WBAL-TV to announce him coming to WBAL! Little did we know at the time it would happen again in an even bigger way.

Denver's KDVR is NOT FOX O&A but rather it is owned by Nexstar. Tegna does still own KUSA but KUSA has gone down a lot lately like reporting Rue McClanahan from The Golden Girls faked her death and is working for Burger King. Yeah right but still they are number one in Denver.

Regarding channel 5 becoming "Fox 5 Under 40", I totally agree. I have no problem bringing on younger talent, but the operative word is "talent". The last two that came on board, Erin and Marissa, seem more comfortable reporting entertainment and gossip vs. any real news. When they're having to report hard news, they truly struggle. At this point, the only one on the morning broadcast who can handle reporting hard news is Steve Chenevey which is probably why the majority of the time he's given interviews regarding politics or other serious news stories. And yes, as for social media accounts, it's pretty much self promotion, especially Angie Goff. Her overexposure of her kids on social media has really gone overboard..I had pretty much stopped watching the morning broadcast because of her trying to run the show.I was glad when she went back to 4pm so I could start watching mornings again. However, it appears that she's now back on the Like it or Not show which I was liking, but now, not so much...And speaking of the evening broadcasts, where's the diversity?? The powers that be have made it a point to have people of color on the morning anchor desk, but not one single person of color on any of the evening broadcasts other than the field reporters.

Noticed last night the HD2 subchannels of WKYS 93.9 and WMMJ 102.3 Which were simulcasting 980 were off the air have they cancelled relaying 980? And 95.9 also was airing 980 which was off the air for a few days last week is back on airing other programming I believe from Urban One its not sports.Maybe they will put something else some music format on those HD subs I hope so.

Re: I’m still shocked that ABC & CBS do not want to own their own Washington, DC TV station... I’d bet Tegna would do some kind of swap of stations if the price was right." Tegna also owns the NBC affiliate in Denver, a market where CBS and Fox have O&O's. How about Tegna doing a swap with NBC for their O&O in Hartford, CT?

Dave's response: ABC sure had a chance to pick up WJLA several years ago when Allbritton put it up for sale. But ABC didn't even submit a bid for it. The two top bids were Hearst and Sinclair and we all know how that turned out.....

Time to place your bet. Will Steve Ray be invited back as announcer for the inaugural parade in January? I’d peg the odds somewhere between slim and none. Does that mean Charlie Brotman will once again get the call? He can hope. - P of the AW

Wow, WJFK AM. Been awhile since I thought about that station, back when I lived in Pennsylvania. The running gag back then was, "If you missed the Don and Mike show this afternoon, you can hear it again tomorrow on the Bruce Bond show" (WNNK-FM, Harrisburg). Bond used to shamelessly help himself to as much material on WJFK as he could each day, and re-air it as his own; even winning a Marconi and a Bobby Poe award in the process, all on the strength of D&M's creativity. Ah, the '90s.

I believe there maybe a defect in the WDVM 25 application to move its facility. There is evidence of direct overlap with Baltimore’s WMJF according to Rabbitears. The red line is not supposed to overlap. They can meet but that’s it. The previous FCC allocations for WDVM & WMFJ during the repack had them just meeting as they are on the same channel. Moving that far south seriously changes that into overlap. See here: www.rabbitears.info

People say there are no TV frequencies left in Philadelphia or Baltimore, but I’ve always wondered this question. We know channel 6 is not a good frequency for digital TV. Why couldn’t Philadelphia’s WPVI ABC 6 move from channel 6 to 16? I know there’s an LPTV there, but one that would be easy to buy cheaply for a better full power signal. Does anyone know why there couldn’t be a full power channel 16 in Philadelphia? Looking at channel maps, I’m wondering why this isn’t possible.

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WMAR's preemptions continued under NBC, even to the point of their preempting "The Tonight Show" in favor of Allan Thicke's syndicated (and short-lived) "Thicke Of The Night". Unfortunately, IMHO they have never really recovered from those those days and are the perpetual also-ran of Baltimore TV. Thought for the day: If something happens and only WMAR news covers it, will anybody know it happened?

How are the Sports/Talk stations doing in the ratings? WJFK-FM #17, WTEM #20 and WSBN #28. The Entercom stations are not doing well in the ratings. Entercom has recently brought in a new Market Manager. Let's hope she can turn them around.

I have to admit, I miss Don & Mike. I saw one of the Vegas style shows even in Baltimore at Marketplace, at a bar now long gone, some kind of indoor beach bar, back when the show was on WJFK AM 1300! I had a job I didn’t like in sales on the road at the time and they kept me alive and functioning without knowing it. Helped me show up at each appointment with a smile on my face.

This is rather surprising news from Nexstar’s WDVM 25 in Hagerstown. They want to move their transmitting facility down to the edge of Loudoun County while still claiming local service coverage to Hagerstown. Their current tower is west of Hagerstown. This would extend local service directly to DC at the same time. Hmm. My first thought is that I’m against this as I think that western Maryland has virtually no local TV news except for WDVM 25 and yes, this will be a gain of service to a lot more total people (all of which already have plenty of local news), but a loss of service for people who have no other local news to watch. The applied for permit is for 1000kw, but the specs or what tower are unclear to me so far. But this much is clear. Say goodbye to local TV news Cumberland and southern PA. It sounds like some hair-brained scheme Sinclair would concoct. How this will impact Baltimore’s WMJF on the same channel is unclear so far. The FCC considers this as a minor modification, but I’m not so sure it’s just that simple. If they erected an LPTV DRT transmission from near Cumberland to still serve western Maryland, I’d think better of this, but otherwise, nope, not in the public interest. Just my opinion. — BaltoMedia.net

Sarah Caldwell again is not on the Fox45 weekend morning broadcast after starting 2 weeks ago. What’s up ?

Yes, Dave. Please put an end to the Don & Mike stuff. It’s long past due. And in the holiday sale spirit, how ‘bout a 2-for-1, and dump “Gus” too. And while you’re at it, can you maybe use all of your media contacts to put an end to the onslaught of Medicare Supplemental insurance ads that now dominate the Baltimore TV market?

Bill in Gainesville did miss a couple of notes on the WMAL dominance. They were far and away the most listened to station. They had the Redskins with Sonny, Sam and Frank, Johnny Holliday hosting the pre game show and Ken Beatrice telling listeners they were next on the post game. WMAL had the Caps with Ron Weber calling those games, Johnny Holliday broadcast the Maryland Terrapins games, the personalities were outstanding. Harden and Weaver, Tom Gauger, Trumbull and Core, Beatrice at night, Felix Grant, and Bill Mayhugh all night.The news staff was the best in town, led by Len Diebert. WMAL was the place for every entertainer who came to DC to pop by for an on the air interview. So sad to see what's happened to WMAL, but the memories you can never take away.

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Without talking about who's sleeping with whom to get ahead, which I hope DCRTV now eschews, here's a current SAG/AFTRA rate sheet. Commercials Rate Sheet & Digest | SAG-AFTRA Notice that it contains "Spanish Language Wild Spot Units". A lawn mowing company couldn't do that. Gus in only the most proper subjects and manner of speech. But a cheeseburger or two would not go amiss

CBS is teasing that. Tegna/WUSA chooses to cut off the feed at that point to ramrod the 11pm news ahead of the others. They are also threatening to cut their signal off after 11/30. Screw them and Tegna.

please keep the Don and Mike news coming

"As Steve Martin said in the late '70s, "That's like making IKE jokes"." Let me try to walk you through this: 2,3,4.... That's like quoting Steve Martin. Gus in sanity

DC local TV musical chairs are all about salaries , especially with WTTG moving to a new downtown Bethesda studio in about 6 months. 20+ year vets like Allsion/Shawn are paid a much higher salary compared to newcomers like Marissa Mitchell and Jeannette Reyes. If i had to make a guess on a union pay scale the new anchors will probably demand half the salary. Local radio is in the same boat, both industries are fueled by advertising which is down prob 80% compared to last year.

I was working in the engineering dept of WMAR TV when they lost the CBS Network.It was a very sad,embarrassing , and disappointing couple of weeks when it happened.The head of the CBS network affiliates flew to Baltimore and broke the news personally to our station manager.The same afternoon NBC called and you know the rest.From what I recall,there was enough blame to go around.Primarily management however.They were warned innumerable times about preempting CBS programming for Baltimore Orioles baseball.The station manager at the time was really the manager in name only.The director of programming was actually "calling the shots".From what I recall he was actually running the News department as well.It was a nasty blow to such a legendary and distinguished station.I remember the beautiful lobby with the gold fish pond and above it was written"Most people in Maryland watch WMAR TV".Maryland's first television station and I believe it may have been the second CBS affiliate in the country. ( WCBS TV NYC was first )

Bill in Gainesville - ah, the wonderful memories. Lets not forget weekend warriors Diana, Karen Henderson, Rick Fowler, and the legendary Ed "Play it Again Ed" Walker. Also, top notch newsies Len Deibert, Wes Moore, Larry Matthews, Marge Kumaki, Karen Leggett, Milagros Ardin, Ed Meyer, Bud Steele, Bob Gniser and of course, Captain Dan and his traffic chopper. Jon in Rockville

For those of you who don't remember......WMAL 630 AM was number one in DC for many years! Once Cumulus moved to Germantown, they lost their nighttime signal in Northern Virginia. The Good News is that Cumulus picked up $75 Million for their Tower Site in Bethesda! DC does not need three Sports Talk stations.

HISTORY MATTERS: WMAR being dumped by CBS was significant at the time for CBS to jump to WBAL TV as WMAR was one of the original CBS affiliates from 1947 and Maryland’s pioneer television station. But money talks louder than history. WMAR as CBS predates Channel 9 as at the time, it had not been determined if Washington and Baltimore were originally one market or not and both WMAR and WRC and WTTG all got on the air first in 1947 and those were the only 3 networks in existence. Channel 7 was next but only got a mix of programming from several networks originally, then CBS for a short time, then the new ABC. Similarly, Baltimoreans had to get NBC programming from WRC 4 if they had such an antenna as WBAL TV was not on the air until nearly 2 years later after it was decided they would be two separate markets. Then WJZ came on the air as a Dumont affiliate last for a short time before switching to ABC.

"I have ditched several long-winded comments about Don Geronimo and Mike O'Meara lately, with much bloviating about their current and former show crew and families." None of mine, I dare say. A simple rule of thumb is that family members who appear on the show are fair game, and I got that from a failed Ramada Inn multipurpose room DJ who once had to surrender his ABC license over 26K in unpaid fines. With Don having closed up shop some time ago it's hard to imagine people still talking about him. Mike on the other hand continues inflicting his podcast on a willing and in some cases PAYING and in some cases paying to send him to the Masters rather than the more suitable nursing home clientele. The "whatnot" crowd. With me no longer listening it's gratifying to see the next generation of discerning complainers rising up like the Hydra's teeth, pointing out suckage. The behind the scenes stuff is interesting: someone who DOESn't pay for an ad suddenly has more pull? An interesting business model. Do what thou wilt, my friend, it's 93 Skidoo all the way here in the Gaithersburg. Gus

What had Don & Mike done that was so horribly bad here in DC that they are subject to this prolonged abuse? Nothing that I can remember. How many highly visible DC jocks have been suspended or fired over the years and don't rate a snort on the Mailbag page? As Steve Martin said in the late '70s, "That's like making IKE jokes". I'm with you Dave: D&M have obviously moved on with their lives, but some posters have not. If it's not relevant to the DC media scene, I say put it to bed and refuse any future Don & Mike posts. - APD

When CBS dropped WMAR in the early 80s, there was NO FOX Broadcasting and thus, no affiliation with WBFF that WMAR tired to steal. That iinfo is totally false, WBFFoperated as an independent until the mid-80s when it then joined the fledgling FOX net. I worked at WMAR back then and my memory is accurate on this. CBS did drop us for bad news ratings and too many pime-time pre-emptions, and they asked me to leave street reporting and hold the newsroom together until Oct. of 1982 when a new ND was brought in from N. Carolina. Wayne in (now) Seattle

I have ditched several long-winded comments about Don Geronimo and Mike O'Meara lately, with much bloviating about their current and former show crew and families. I have heard from both camps over the past few months and neither enjoys being talked about on this here Mailbag (or anywhere?) any more. So maybe it's time to let these former DC radio personalities finally get what they want - to be completely forgotten. So what do you think? Should I ban all future comments about them from now on? - DCRTV Dave

Dave: I remember when WMAL radio was number one in the DC market. They had Harden and Weaver in the morning drive time followed by Tom Gage, Ken Beatrice in the early evening, John Lyons, Felix Grant with Jazz, and Washington Redskins Football with Steve Gilmartin. Regretfully, I know I missed a few on air voices. Bill in Gainesville

The post about how great it is that Channel 5 is now looking like Fox 5 Under 40 reminded me of the mistakes that Channel 9 made back in the '90s. The channel was once the dominant news force in the local area, and then long established talent like Gordon Peterson and Maureen Bunyan either left or were shown the door. The ratings plummeted and they still haven't gotten out of 4th place over 20 years later. Shawn and Allison aren't even that old and what about Sue Palka, who's been there well over 30 years? I hope she isn't next. I also point out that the leading news station (Ch 4) has several prominent anchors that are well over 40 and it doesn't seem to be hindering them. I think Angie has ignited such a strong reaction is because it feels like she's being forced on us at the expense of the established talent. To further illustrate, I follow both Ch4 and Ch5 personalities on social media and the ones from Channel 4 post links to relevant news stories as well as some lighter stuff. The Channel 5 talent posts continuous selfies including everything from their skin care routines, hanging around the studio or just driving around the city. As someone who grew up in the area, when I need real news and want to watch anchors with gravitas that will thoroughly cover a story, I tune to Channel 4. Channel 5 seems focused on youth, chasing ambulances and social media. I'll be curious to see how the Fox 5 Under 40 strategy plays out.

Huh? Is there a signal in DC area on 630 AM? Sooooooo bad. Soooooooo awful. For anyone working there, hope you get a paycheck.

FYI, this from the WBAL-TV Website: "In 1981, WBAL-TV 11 joined the CBS network, ending a 33-year relationship with NBC. However, in 1995, the station rejoined NBC."

Re: Angie Goff all over Fox5. Somebody seems to be Angie obsessed. I don't think Angie could've gotten anyone fired. It's obvious that management likes her and it was time for the old ones to go. Now it's looking more like the Fox5 Under 40 and it looks great. There's a lot of support for Fox5 amongst DC celebrities who show up every week for show segments. We still get to see DJ EZ Street and Poet and Sunni and Guy Lambert and all of them are UNDER 40. They may have been friends with former Fox5 anchors like Shawn or Allison but they don't turn down any chances to still appear. Nothing could've saved Shawn or Allison because it was time to move out and move on. People always age out. The people in DC will forget what they were mad about and the morning tv wars will continue. Fox5 continues to out-produce and out fox the local competition. Don't see much talk at all about 4, 7 or 9 on DCRTV. You are obsessed with Fox5. KEEP WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Get a Life!" We can always count on you for encouraging slices of life-coaching, Gus. Keep the act up, by all means. It'll wear thin in the new year.

Just to set the record straight Since I came to the DC area in 1971 WMAR has, at various times been an affiliate of each of the "Big 3" networks. When I first cam here WMAR was CBS WBAL was NBC WJZ was ABC and was willing to admit it had previously been an affiliate of the then already defunct DuMont TV network. Some time in the mid 1980s while Dan Rather was anchoring CBS Evening News, WBAL's owners, the Hurst Corporation decided that they were not happy with the news content they were getting out of NBC. They flipped to CBS, Leaving WMAR with the NBC affiliation. At the time there were two daily newspapers in Baltimore. The one that was really failing the Hurst owned News American was actually owned by the more successful broadcaster. The News American was finally euthanized in the late 1980s The Sun, the successful newspaper was owned by the same company that at the time owned WMAR and it's associated AM/FM radio combo This was while Fox was still building their network and was not happy with the number of UHF affiliates they had in big cities. They did not feel they could achieve overall "signal equality" in the bigger markets like that. As part of constructing their network Fox purchased the television assets of Metromedia Corp, which by then had decided to focus on being a pager company, and sold all of it's broadcasting stations. That was how WASH 97. and WTOP ended up for a few years under the same ownership. Flash Forward to the mid 1990s By then things were largely copacetic in Baltimore TV. CBS, for it's own reasons felt the urge to merge. RCA had spun off NBC and News Corp which by then had started Fox had ruffled some feathers a few years before in a failed attempt to buy NBC. Before CBS merged, unmerged and re-merged with Viacom they had managed to merge with a big chunk of Westinghouse, including their broadcast division "Group W" which owned among other properties WJZ in Baltimore and KYW in Philadelphia, making both of those stations CBS owned and operated Soooo WJZ was going to take the CBS affiliation in Baltimore, no two ways about it! In Philadelphia NBC agreed to buy WCAU TV which and been the longtime CBS O&O in that market So, WBAL was going to lose it's network affiliation, no two ways about it, nothing they could do! Having been NBC not so long before, their people knew NBC's people and practices and they made the choice with the full blessing of Hurst Corporation to go back to NBC. This is how WMAR ended up with ABC. I don't suppose they were disappointed. Fox had been trying to come out of this with a VHF in Baltimore and was ready to pounce. The days of the "Two and a half networks" where ABC could not get a prime time hit to save their lives, and could not do better Saturday Morning than "Lancelot Links" was mercifully over!! Even ABC News had benefitted form Fox lowering the bar on news and ABC News was no longer generally considered an oxymoron. So that's history as I was able to observe it from my home in Northern Virginia I DID keep a radio and TV logbook in those days and much of this is based on notes I made at the time in the logbook

The last post about WMAR TV is flatly wrong. He’s confusing Baltimore’s two different network swaps over the years that are totally unrelated. CBS did in FACT dump WMAR TV over them covering the Orioles and pre-empting the then #1 rated CBS programming. WBAL was negotiating with CBS for months secretly as NBC’s programming was last place at the time and WBAL’s news was beating WMAR 2 by far. WMAR’s poor news ratings was also hurting the CBS Evening News, then #1 in many large markets, but not in Baltimore because of WMAR’s poor lead-in. That particular network swap was not a multi-station deal and unique to Baltimore and WMAR was dumped to NBC, something rather unprecedented at the time. CBS celebrated by bringing their top stars to Baltimore to film TV commercials and all. Less Nessman was in the WBAL TV newsroom promoting WKRP and Stan Stovall was walking around the Inner Harbor with Louise Jefferson to promote The Jeffersons. And as I recall, WMAR still preempted lots of NBC programming too, even David Letterman for a time. I know because we had an antenna at that time and I often watched Letterman on WRC with static! This is well documented, even on Wikipedia. That last post is talking about the 2nd network swap in Baltimore where Scripps made a multi-station deal with ABC that included WMAR. The truth of that is that ABC didn’t even want WMAR TV included in the deal, but Scripps demanded it, but by then even the Orioles had dumped WMAR TV, so ABC was assured of no preemptions.

NextGen TV news: More markets now announcing the conversion starting. Tampa, Seattle, Detroit, and San Antonio. Surprisingly, all is quiet in Sinclair’s home market, Baltimore and nearby DC. But it appears the transitions are beginning now because the repack is largely finished and most repacks were planned in advance for ATSC 3.0, meaning no tower climbing necessary. In fact some stations have been converted remotely via the internet. — BaltoMedia.net

And the 2nd network swap in Baltimore was a chain reaction event as WMAR getting ABC from WJZ was followed by CBS buying Group W, which caused WBAL to lose CBS. At the time CBS was ok with that as WJZ News was still #1 in the market, although not anymore. So WBAL was once again back with NBC, their original network. Baltimore is one of the few markets that has had this many network swaps of so many TV stations. When WMAR first got dumped by CBS, there was even talk that they might try to steal FOX from WBFF, but FOX wasn’t interested.

"Remember when this station [630 AM] was number one in the market?" I'll wager no one does.

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From WUSA9.com: Attention DIRECTV Subscribers Starting at 8:00 p.m. EST on November 30, WUSA may not be available on DIRECTV. That means you could lose access to your favorite CBS programming, including NFL football, SEC college football, The Amazing Race, NCIS, Seal Team and Young Sheldon as well as your local news, weather and sports. Tell DIRECTV to keep WUSA by calling 1-800-531-5000.

Dave's response: WUSA's sister Tegna station in Charlotte, NBC affiliate WCNC 36, is also running the same announcement.....

CBS did not "dump" WMAR. Following the FOX purchase of the then New World stations in 1994, CBS lost their affiliate in the then #10 market, Detroit. CBS wanted to swap or purchase WXYZ in Detroit. Then as now owned by Scripps. ABC feeling the heat cut a very lucrative deal to move several Scripps stations to ABC thus aborting the move of WXYZ to CBS. Scripps has a long standing relationship with ABC at their flagship stations in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

"There's a common punchline connecting those two messages, but it's just too easy." Does it involve a wannabee tough guy whose "wife" has a Maltese puppy? The only thing worse than... well, anything, is people who care about cable news networks. Get a life! Gus Baxter in the Denver CO

Angie Goff seems to be bulldozing her way all over channel 5 First getting Alison Seymour fired and then Shawn Yancey after 19 years. She’s OK and not great and it’s a shame that these talented women were pushed aside for her. I wonder what kind of a contract she got with FOX

WUSA9 is always teasing that there is a preview of an upcoming episode at the end of their 10 pm shows but never shows it. They do that with Blue Bloods all the time. If they’re not going to show the preview, why bother to mention it. If anyone knows why this goes on please let me know. I have written to WUSA9 and gotten no response

WSBN 630 AM ranks number 28 in the November Ratings. It has a 0.1 Share. Since Cumulus moved the 630 AM tower site to Germantown, they have no nighttime signal in Northern Virginia. Remember when this station was number one in the market? Perhaps Cumulus should lease a Translator in Northern Virginia so they could have coverage at night.

Re: 95.9. Tte translator is back on the air relaying WOL 1450

WFOS Chesapeake VA Radio Station www.pilotonline.com... This is sad news... One of legendary high school radio stations in the country. Hopefully some arrangement can be made...

Hope I’m not misreading, but is it true 630 WSBN isn’t even in the top 15 in the November book? Can somebody tell me why that’s better than simulcasting 105.9? Cumulus must be aggressively trying to sell off the station, now that they have their gold doubloons from selling the WMAL Greentree Road tower site. - P of the AW

Tegna and WUSA 9 should be careful about screwing with CBS programming. Remember when CBS famously dumped WMAR channel 2, one of the earliest CBS affiliates in Baltimore for WBAL TV way back for screwing with the #1 CBS programming at the time with preemptions and Orioles programming? I’m still shocked that ABC & CBS do not want to own their own Washington, DC TV station. Both networks still have bureaus and studios in DC, so there is an economy of scale and DC is a Top 10 TV market. I’m also shocked that CBS hasn’t tried to sell WJZ 13 in Baltimore. Obviously Sinclair will never sell WJLA, but I’d bet Tegna would do some kind of swap of stations if the price was right.

/\ November 26 Messages /\

\/ November 25 Messages \/

At the end of FBI: Most Wanted on Tuesday night the CBS announcer said a preview was coming up. WUSA didn't show it, they replaced it with a teaser for their upcoming newscast. Seems like this is becoming a more common practice. Seems dishonest to me--just another reason to distrust what MSM "news" has become.

Two messages crossed my phone at exactly the same moment: first, my wife telling me her Maltese puppy has an upset tummy and is spraying s*** all over the living room, and word that NewsMax just became the 4th largest cable news channel in the U.S. There's a common punchline connecting those two messages, but it's just too easy.

FROM DCRTV'S NEWS PAGE: Area radio ratings for November 2020. Full-day, age 6+. Washington: 1) WTOP, 2) WAMU, 3) WMAL, 4) WHUR, 5) WASH, 6) WETA-FM, 7) WMMJ, 8) WWDC, 9) WBIG, 10) WIHT, 11) WIAD, 12) WGTS, 13) WMZQ, 14) WKYS, 15) WPGC, 16) WJFK-FM, 17) WLZL, 18) WPRS, 19) WTEM, 20) WPFW. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WIYY, 3) WERQ, 4) WQSR, 5) WPOC, 5) WCBM, 6) WYPR, 7) WBAL-AM, 8) WLIF, 9) WZBA, 10) WJZ-FM, 11) WWMX, 12) WZFT, 13) WBJC, 14) WEAA, 15) WCAO.

Todd Herman filling in for Rush: Sorry, the pipes don't measure up. Similar to Ben Shapiro except Herman sounds like he's actually graduated from high school and is smarter. Still, the instrument is not adequate. I wish everyone a happy National Ritual Slaughter Day. My Lou Malnati pizzas will be arriving today. Gus filling in on oboe

FYI - yay! Whew never liked Aaron Gilchrist! Had no sense of humor. Terrible rapport when he had to interact with Eun Yang. Always uncomfortable. Good riddance! Jummy Olabanji Named WRC Washington Morning Anchor www.nexttv.com

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\/ November 24 Messages \/

The WTEM Translator 95.9 FM is causing interference with WGRQ 95.9 FM in Northern Virginia. This is a Class A FM. How long before the owner of WGRQ 95.9 FM files a complaint with the FCC?

Jan Jeffcoat back in DC : janjeffcoat.com

Big news! Current WCBM host and former WBAL host Derek Hunter will be filling in for Rush Limbaugh this Friday. Letting Hunter leave the station was a huge mistake for the management at NewsRadio 1090. It's good to see a nationally-syndicated operation recognize his talents. - Not Ron Smith

So the 95.9 WTEM translator is off the air well its been making reception of WGRQ 95.9 Colonial Beach/ Fredericksburg a station I like more challenging here in Woodbridge in the house if you position the antenna properly you get a decent signal but in the car where it used to come in quite well moving its almost completely wiped out so have to check it out today.

RE: "What broadcast network outlets does YouTube TV provide in the Salisbury market?" With YouTube TV when you cross the Choptank River on Rt. 50 and go from Talbot to Dorchester County it switches from Baltimore Locals to Salisbury Locals. YouTube has all the major networks, WBOC, WMDT, WRDE, etc. Driving from Dorchester into Talbot I was able to stream WRDE for a few miles before it told me that channel was no longer available and started showing me Baltimore locals again. You also cannot record the locals when you are out of your own market. I live in Talbot County, so I can't go to Dorchester County and set something to record on WBOC since my home area is part of the Baltimore market.

One note on WTEM's terrible night signal: Entercom got it knowing they'd be stuck with it. (This was definitely a deal for the WFT flagship rights and 980's talent.) Somewhat lost in the shuffle of this is that Urban One kept the translator on 95.9, and since WTEM and not someone's HD sub is the originating station, it's been completely off the air since Monday. I'm getting WICL from Hagerstown this morning. Because the translator was moved in the very first (2016) 250-mile move window, and the originating station was already changed once from WOL, presumably it's not subject to the later AM revitalization rule tying translators to the same station for 4 years and they will find a way to change it back. Hard to see what Entercom will do with WTEM long-term with no FM; maybe move the Spanish sports there, then do something _else_ with 1580.

Dave's response: Yeah, I predicted that Entercom will move the Spanish language sports from 1580 to 980 one of these days.....

Hearing Angie Goff had left mornings, I turned back in & Steve Chenevey’s whole demeanor has changed. He’s much more relaxed, smiles more & just seems happy! Angie was just too much “look at me” & tried to overshadow everyone. Anyway, hope Steve can build a good repoire with Jeanette Reyes.

WBOC 16 likely would have forced WJZ 13 gone from cable by now too if not for the fact that WJZ is an O&O. They likely don’t want to piss off the CBS suits so they let it stay in SD on a high channel.

Dave's response: Curious. What broadcast network outlets does YouTube TV provide in the Salisbury market? Are any DC or Baltimore outlets in the mix? Here in Morganton NC, we are actually closer to Asheville, which is part of the Greenville, Spartanburg, Asheville market, but our county is technically in the Charlotte market. So we get Charlotte TV on our local cable system. Although some of the other local cable systems do throw in WLOS, the Sinclair ABCer from Asheville. By the way, it will be interesting to see what changes come to Charlotte news talker WBT 1110/99.3 under its new Urban One ownership, which started yesterday under an LMA. Stay tuned.....

Here's an article about the stations Comcast is dropping: Comcast to Drop Local Stations In 38 Markets - The TV Answer Man! It's all about not paying for two Network affiliates, one in the market and one outside the market.

/\ November 24 Messages /\

\/ November 23 Messages \/

WTEM is also available on 95.9 FM As well as the HD 2 Subs of 93.9 WKYS and Magic 102.3 yes you would need an HD Radio to recieve it but maybe one of those signals would work in Gainesville or Reston.

Dropping WBAL-TV in Salisbury/Ocean City is going to be a disaster in the making as they are the Ravens preseason game affiliate, so that’ll mean not only the loss of the games, but also the loss of Ravens shows too. And WBAL TV normally has the rights to Thursday Football games too. And also, the loss of the Maryland State Lottery too, pissing off State officials. Comcast is already attempting to blame WBAL TV too. A substantial part of the Ocean City area population is also from Baltimore. Hell the Ravens do a parade in Ocean City! WRDE is substantially better than it was since Draper bought it, but it’s still largely ridiculed as a joke to most locals in the area. I don’t think my parents have ever even watched WRDE news once before and watch all NBC programming on WBAL TV. Also, WRDE has no local must carry situation or FCC protections being an LPTV so they cannot use that as an excuse either.

Comcast is actually dropping Hearst stations in 38 markets. Calvert County for instance will also lose WBAL TV but keep WRC TV. So they will also lose some Ravens games and programming as well as the Maryland Lottery.

"Dave, let me add my name to those who are now ashamed of Mike O'Meara's COVID-19 Pandemic Hypocrisy." As Yes taught us, yours is no disgrace. Be free brother or sister, be free! The OTTP (Over The Transom Posse) informs me that he Weingartened it today, pulling a no-show because "fam" couldn't do without that 1:19 of his greezy attention. My money of course is on something else. It starts with "A" and ends with "ism". That's right, Mike O'Meara is a crypto-Anabaptist! I'm gratified that after all the pulled posts and me stopping listening there appears to be a community which enjoys pointing out suckage. Be free brothers and/or sisters! Gus in the Corfu with all creatures grand and wee

Comcast is dropping NBC affiliate WBAL-TV out of Baltimore from its lineup in the Salisbury-Ocean City market effective December 22. Comcast carries local Rehoboth NBC station WRDE.

Why do you people keep wanting the same, stagnant-boring-say-nothing-important hosts brought back to DC sports radio? I don't need any names here...they're all listed below. Maybe if a station owner, manager, program director had the balls to hire from out of the DC area, the sports-radio sounds from DC shall sound fresher and brighter. If anything, WJFK would sound better airing CBS Sports Radio. Although it's not local, those folks, mostly, have a good idea what the listener wants. Thanks.

Word going around that Salisbury's oldest radio station WTGM may lose its tower site. The station operates a four-tower array of 5,000 watts day and night from Northwest of Salisbury. The station first went on the air in 1940 and moved to this site in the 1970s.

Dave, let me add my name to those who are now ashamed of Mike O'Meara's COVID-19 Pandemic Hypocrisy. Months ago, O'Meara self-appointed himself the TMOS COVID-19 CZAR; chastising en masse, those who were less responsible than himself. Last week, The Centers For Disease Control [CDC] issued a DO NOT TRAVEL alert for the Thanksgiving holiday; holiday travel and gatherings that now also threaten to make health-care workers' tasks even harder. How does self-serving O'Meara & his wife respond? By flying to Florida for Thanksgiving, O'Meara's daughter and boyfriend. Sadly ironic, as data shows dozens of Florida counties [ including Lee County where O'Meara lives, are at the COVID-19 ‘tipping point’ before Thanksgiving.] As my family & I celebrate a Virtual Thanksgiving, I'll continue to support DCRTV by making a generous holiday contribution - to demonstrated results-driven military charities as well. #StaySafe #SupportDCRTV

Will Mignon Clyburn be the new Chairman of the FCC? Biden owes her father for helping him get the nomination for President!

The WTEM 980 night signal is not really that bad. It just wasn’t designed to cover that much of Virginia as DC is technically land from Maryland, NOT Virginia, something people often forget. So no, you’re not going to get it in Reston at night because it was never designed for that as WRC AM 980 back in the 1930s or 40s because no one lived there then.

Dave's response: Those AM pattern maps are bunk. They don't take into account the significant deterioration in many stations' AM signals over the years due to the fact the AM signal just ain't that important any more ratings-wise and that many stations are not putting the funds into maintaining their heavily acreage-based transmitter facilities. Not to mention the massive increase in interference from various electronic devices in peoples' homes and offices.....

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\/ November 22 Messages \/

The 980 AM signal at night in (Northern Virginia) Gainesville is almost non-existent. I listen to WJFK at night because of the signal issue. The loss of Doc Walker with Al Galdi is a loss to the sporting community. Doc calls them as he see them in all sports and is, to me, a breath of fresh air. Al and Doc are a positive duo. Management of TEM and JFK should consider having more local hosts rather than relying of national radio hosts. There is no reason that after 7:00PM there is no local radio hosts. Any Pollin, Thom Lavello and Chris Russell should be part of the new line-up. I would listed to Kevin Sheehan and Thom if they were reading the telephone Book(remember them). Andy Pollin is lost on 630AM. He should have a partner, i.e. Zabe and a reconstitued "Sports Reportrs." Bill in Gainesville

Sunday Nov 22 is the 42nd anniversary of the WKRP Turkey Drop episode.

Sarah Caldwell - So she was on last weekend AM on Fox 45 now this weekend no where to be seen.

Re WASH FM and Christmas music: Has that whole "Baby It's Cold Outside" stinkaroo died out this year, or is it still a thing? Seems to me this year she shouldn't have come over at all unless she brought some hydrochloraquine with her.

/\ November 22 Messages /\

\/ November 21 Messages \/

Listening to 97.1 WASH FM Christmas music while setting up our tree. I guess it’s safe to say if I want to hear Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” I need to dial it up on my own time?

I can see Doc Walker gone. I’ve tried to listen to that show, but it’s just unlistenable.

Starting at 5 PM today, DC's WASH-FM 97.1 will be playing Christmas Music 24/7.

3 let go at 980... Doc Walker, Scott Linn, Chris Johnson (PD?)

I disagree about moving the Nats games from 1500 WFED to 980. The reason the Nats gamesare on 1500 is they can be listed to at night up and down the east coast. Same for the Caps. I have listened to the games in Florida and in New Hamphsire. 980 has a terrible night time signal. Cannot get outside the beltway in Virginia. The Orioles should remain on 980. Patrick

RE: "If I was GM or Owner"....You are not. LOL This is radio. Do you really think common sense will win? Wait two years before making a decision? Pursue rights to national events? They have no money and are into layoffs already. They lost the CBS conection. Radio "management" is the equivalent of radio "Stock". Don't expect common sense, quality, talent, and patience in this marriage. This was two families getting rid of their respective "Robert the Angry Mailman's" children. 980's signal is not an easy fix. Eventually, it will most likely be just JFK. Junks in Morning and Czabe in afternoons. (Sheehan is needed somewhere for the gamblers. I would love to see Czabe, Kevin and Andy back together. Too much $ most likely. In fact, will the Junks be split?) In between the drive time shows does not matter. There will be a person of color there because of the "Chad BS Debacle" and the Leon/WJFKKK writer here - LOL. Maybe they keep B. Mitch because Doc is gone. Keep local rights to Skins (Yes, I said it; and, maybe some changes there??? Please add Cooley), Caps, Nats, and maybe The Wiz. Keep the Rooster as the specialist for all four. He's like a good luck charm. OOBBEE

Saw the post about Angie Goff’s promotion. Not surprised. Friday was her last day on the morning broadcast & she was lauded for her time on there. So since Jeanette Reyes doesn’t start until Dec 7th, guess they’ll rotate the remaining anchors on the 6-9 broadcast. Just don’t put Erin in that rotation. I agree w/a previous poster that she’s just not up to that job yet. I think management may know that, but just don’t know how to reverse the decision to give her more air time. She’s no longer dating the morning producer, so he’s probably no longer trying to push more air time for her anyway.

If I were GM or owner in the current situation Here's what I would do: Effectively merge WTEM and WJFK, under the WTEM call letters. Keep the live sports on both stations. Simulcast live events whenever they don't conflict. Take the "more successful" show in each time slot, taking not just the ratings but also the "audience connection" into account. Explore possible small not outrageously expensive "fixes" to the nighttime signal on 980. Continue to pursue broadcast right to special events like the Super Bowl The Rose Bowl, the World Series, the NCAA Final Four and the Stanley Cup. Especially long-term contracts. In effect steal the "thunder" of WFED by simulcasting EVERY Nationals game. Give that at least two years and if there is no meaningful audience left on 980 flip that to oldies, and bring back the nostalgia from it's days as top -40 WRC, the "Great 98"

/\ November 21 Messages /\

\/ November 20 Messages \/

THE TEAM 980AM Update: Steve Czaban started his 3pm show today with a 30 minute monologue regarding the station. Says Monday is the official first day Entercom takes over, as of now his 2nd mic Scott Linn as well as Rick Doc Walker have been let go from the station.

Reese Waters voice belongs more on “Smooth Jazz” than sports radio….

From Czabe Today regarding TEM/JFK Merger: -Both startions stay for now -Scott lynn, Doc Walker, and PD CJ gone. OOBBEE

"Snowflake is a derogatory slang term for a person, implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or are overly-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions." Sadly the poster misspelled Mike's name. That's always a bad sign for someone aspiring to be in the public eye. From the OTTC (Over the Transom Club) I'm informed that the Shoehorn recently told Snowflake (calling that his codename) that complaining about his medical appointments "is the fabric of the show". Everyone who signed up for that raise your hand. I'll wait. Be free, brothers and sisters! Be free! Gus Among the Gollywoggles

www.nexttv.com: WTTG-TV, the Fox station in Washington, D.C., promoted Angie Goff to anchor of its evening newscasts. Starting Nov. 30, Goff will anchor Fox 5 News at 10 p.m. on weekdays with Jim Lokay and the Fox 5 at 6 p.m. newscast alongside Blake McCoy. She is replacing Shawn Yancy, who left the station after 19 years last month. Goff will continue to co-anchor the 5 at 4 p.m. show with McCoy and will remain one of the rotating panelists on the station’s Like It Or Not program, which airs weeknights at 7 p.m. "Angie is tireless and her energy is infectious. She has proven herself in every newscast, and we’re confident her new permanent home at 10 p.m. will be the best fit yet," said Paul McGonagle, VP and news director at WTTG.

Good move, Bridge of Hope - buying WAIV-FM. I just know that, whenever I'm in Atlantic City gambling at the casinos, checking out hot young babes in bikinis, and making out with the radio on, nothing sets the mood quite like a Yay-Jesus radio station playing in the background.

/\ November 20 Messages /\

\/ November 19 Messages \/

"Just got notified from Google that DCRTV's views went up by 51%" How much of that 51% is from actual humans, and not bots?

Dave's response: Gus bots.....

Eastern Shore News. The Bridge of Hope, Inc., owner/operators of The Bridge radio stations (WKNZ-FM, Harrington/Dover, DE, WNKZ-FM, Salisbury/Pocomoke City, MD) has signed an agreement to purchase WAIV-FM, licensed to Cape May Courthouse, NJ from Equity Communications, LP. The application for transfer of the station license has been filed with the FCC, and pending approval, The Bridge will begin simulcasting its programming and music during the first quarter of 2021. WAIV will add all of South Jersey to The Bridge’s coverage area including Atlantic City, Vineland and Bridgeton at 105.5 FM.

Okay, I admit that I’ve been a critic of Mike O’Meara’s podcast HOWEVER, I agree with P of the AW as well as Dave that honestly, Mike is very talented. To the other coin, so was Don Geronimo as well. I think one major crux with both Don and Mike is that SOME, not all people here in the Mailbag tend to think that we should be getting either the WAVA or WJFK version of Don and Mike and they weren’t allowed the room to evolve. It’s really sad actually because people expected Cerphe to bring a HFS type vibe to 105.9 The Edge when all in all, it was a hard edge classic rock outlet that honestly, was outdone in my view with 98 Rock’s HD2 station which was classic rock during the same time before Hearst made the HD2 signal a relay of WBAL. No wonder why Mike or others aligned with him get pissed. People have this god like vision of Mike and his crew and given that he’s different from what he was back at WJFK, it’s the end of the world to some people… Dan

The RIFs continue at iHeart. People are dropping like roaches in a Raid commercial. Once the company is done reducing the workforce, what's next? Start selling off surplus equipment and pump ten stations through a single mixer console? Close out their studio locations and offices (the FCC eliminated the main studio requirement) and go on the air from a mop closet in Annandale? Where the hell is this going to end?

SUPPORT DCRTV's NEWEST ADVERTISER: Carl's Comforts is a boutique bakery specializing in crafting comforting classics, confections, and creations that evoke memories and create moments of timeless joy. Email orders to carlscomforts@aol.com. More, including the menu, is at www.facebook.com/carlscomforts.....

I’m with DCRTV Dave when it comes to Mike O’Meara. Talented guy who has survived so many more forms of career agony than I ever had to put up with. He swung through 4400 Jenifer for a short time during the 2008-2011 period when 105.9 was flailing badly between its Smooth Jazz days and later WMAL simulcast. What a trouper. He and other legends like Cerphe did their best but had to move on. My father died in that period of time and Mike reached out to me in a most personal and touching way. I’ll be forever grateful. - P of the AW

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\/ November 18 Messages \/

From robertfeder.com: Chicago Public Media news/talk WBEZ 91.5-FM has gone out of Chicago to fill the vacancy for a new host on its locally produced midday talk show. Sasha-Ann Simons, host and national correspondent at American University’s WAMU in Washington, D.C., will start December 14 as host of “Reset,” the flagship news and talk program airing from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays on WBEZ. Chicago radio veteran Justin Kaufmann has been filling in since Jenn White left in June to host “1A,” the NPR talk show produced by WAMU and distributed to more than 375 stations nationwide. Simons was a regular contributor to “1A.”

Working from the WJFK playbook, Gene Weingarten's WaPo chat finally shitcanned. "...I promised you that I would continue these chats every week, without missing a week, without a break. I have done that..." Lie. More often than not Weingarten was what retail managers call a "no-show, no-call". He claims the reason for losing the gig was that he was publicly critical of WaPo's new chat software. I rather suspect management finally sussed out that he is a non-funny idiot. live.washingtonpost.com... "These chats have not been really good because of me." Tru dat but not the way he meant it. "countries that outlaw abortions have the most abortions" What an idiot. Guru Gobind Gus

DCRTV 1. TMOS 0. Dave, CONGRATULATIONS on the HUGE increase in page views; as content providers who have urged you for years to move the mailbag to the front page, validating news. Speaking of a "snowflake" appears your great news comes at an ironic time where Mike O'Meara has pulled the TMOS display ad from your site; something that behind the scenes, he's been threatening to do for years if you didn't censor/take down posts [they] didn't like. A oversensitive business move by O'Meara in that TMOS has always needed DCRTV far more for listener generation / retention than you needed them for revenue. Dave, how much did you charge TMOS for their yearly display ad? I/we got you. DCRTV 2. TMOS 0 [ Snowflake is a derogatory slang term for a person, implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or are overly-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions.]

Dave's response: I have always liked Mike and his crew. They paid in July for a full-year ad and Robb asked me to pull it a week or so ago. They still have another seven months term on the ad. I dunno. People are talking about Mike and his crew on my site and I'd think he'd be happy that people are still paying attention. As most media vets realize, it's not "what" they say about you, it's all about that they're still talking about you. And DCRTV sure gets people still talking about Mike. He should be happy about that.....

From All Access: COLONIAL RADIO GROUP OF MARYLAND LLC is selling Oldies WHGM-A (WHGM GOLD)/HAVRE DE GRACE, MD, W263CQ/CHESAPEAKE CITY, MD, and W298CG/BEL AIR, MD to STEVE CLENDENIN's MARYLAND MEDIA ONE for $350,000 ($50,000 cash, $300,000 in a promissory note). COLONIAL just closed on its purchase of the stations from IMPERIAL BROADCASTING COMPANY, LLC for $10; CLENDENIN's company has been programming the stations since MAY 2019.

Just got notified from Google that DCRTV's views went up by 51% from September to October. I'm glad the reformat effort to move the Mailbag comments to the front page last summer seems to be paying off. Thanks for all your funky postings. I love 'em! And if you'd like to help support DCRTV in its big 23rd big year, hit my Paypal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send a few bucks to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655. Thanks again. - DCRTV Dave

Re: "businesses' and Leaders like them"....What are you Crisis Management Inc.? A sports radio DJ got fired. He said what he did on a non-aired podcast. They shut down the podcast for a while. They will be back. Two of the three still have their real job. Chad still has the store and other endeavors. What do you want? A donation to the United Negro Fund???? LOL. You and they are not that important. Do you get off by adding their real names?? Do you always capitalize words like weeks??? LOL What a tool. Tell us all about your crisis management experience. This has to be the same poster as "Leon" and "WFKKK". OOBBEE

/\ November 18 Messages /\

\/ November 17 Messages \/

To the mentally and emotionally unstable poster who is completely obsessed with Fox 5 morning news. GET A FREAKIN' LIFE. Please, ask your doctor to up your dose. Turn the channel and try to re-join the mentally healthy population that has managed to figure out their remote control.

Re BOAD Statement. When crisis hit as it did on October 29th, for Chad Dukes-Sisson and Oscar Santana-Zeballos, businesses' and leaders like them must, react quickly in order to save careers, appease clients and advertisers across all business interests and reach overall resolution. Proactive. Ahead of the story especially if your now branded a racist.and produce inappropriate content. As I read it, that posters point was simple. It took WEEKS for them to post a public statement. A lame-ass, incomplete and leaderless one at that. Turtle-Up is not a good crisis management self-defense position.

Yes, Sarah Caldwell’s stint on Fox 45 is a fill-in for a maternity leave, but I have a feeling she’s going to be sticking around longer in some capacity. She’s highly likable.

RE:Sarah Caldwell. I worked with her years ago at WBAL, I was not on air and Sarah never gave me the time of day. I don't think she even knew my name after 3 years of working with her. I can also tell you she was not well liked by some of her co-workers, quite a few stories there.

/\ November 17 Messages /\

\/ November 16 Messages \/

I ran across this website while trying to find out the latest info regarding the goings-on at Fox5. It seems that Angie Goff isn't well liked here but to tell you the truth, I'll take her over Erin Como. Erin just seems like she's trying too hard at a job that is 'way above her pay grade'. Her mannerisms, over pronunciations & articulations, and the constant need for her co-anchors to agree with a statement she makes, are causing me to either mute her or turn to another station. I wonder if management rushed to promote her because of her relationship with the morning producer, considering that she lacks the experience and presence displayed by the other anchors. I didn't mind it when she did the Traffic Report or her own little 'Cooking with Como' segment, but she seems out of her element as an anchor. I guess that's why management pulled her from anchoring the weekend morning news, which they promoted her to do last year! I do wish that the other stations provided local morning news later than 7am so that I can ditch Fox5.

92.5 WINC-FM is now being simulcast on both of its Winchester-area sister stations, 104.9 WZFC Strasburg and 105.5 WXBN Berryville, in preparation for the eventual move of WINC-FM’s programming exclusively to 104.9/105.5 once the sale of the 92.5 signal to Educational Media Foundation concludes.

National Capital Radio TV Museum 5th annual Ed Walker Awards Gala... You can see it at ncrtv.org... The awardees were Chris core of WMAL/WTOP; Rhea Feiken of MD.Public Television; and Debra Weiner of WBAL TV NEWS, Baltimore.

RE: The Statement regarding BOAD’s FB Statement - Move along you has been. This has to be the “Leon as a fresh face” and “WjfKKK” poster with their once a week don’t let this topic go away. BOAD owes you, or anyone else, NOTHING. It was an off air podcast and nothing that bad was said. Entercom was looking to save money and saw an opening. OOBBEE

Maybe Sarah Caldwell came back to TV because her gig at Institute of Notre Dame ended when the school closed. Also she said it was only a 3 month term. Possibly filling in for various ladies out on maternity leave

Big O & Dukes Facebook Statement. FAIL TO ADDRESS / DENY / APOLOGIZE FOR 'RACIST & INAPPROPRIATE' COMMENTS.' "Dear Horde, With a heavy heart, we announce that the production of the Big O and Dukes Show is on indefinite hiatus. We thank you for all the overwhelming support you showed us this past decade, and especially through this difficult time. The pirate ship that we built together will always be cherished. We hope to continue to engage with you through our various other creative outlets. We’ll see you on the other side." - Chad, Oscar, Drab

RE: Sarah Caldwell… One of the reasons Sarah Caldwell is popular is that she is genuine. I sent her a message out of the clear blue on Facebook after finding her and she answered me about something when she took the trip to help out with the Regis Philbin Sandra Shaw co-hosting appearance. People like her because she doesn’t act like she’s full of herself and is genuine. That’s rare in TV. Have you ever tried sending a message to Marty Bass or Bruce Cunningham? I got a cookie cutter response that they’re not allowed to talk to people on Facebook or people they do not know because it might jeopardize their jobs or violate company policy, blah blah blah. Yes, it’s easier to contact Denise Koch on Facebook than Marty Ass! She always answers me, but I rarely send her a message. But she does answer me when I do!

Why the hate for Sarah Caldwell? Glad to have her back on TV somewhere. She has a nice voice, a good look, and a warm personality. WBAL should have done more to keep her, if it was her choice to leave. It's also a harsh reality that people eventually get "too old" to be on TV, so she may have had some motivation to get on or get out permanently

Sarah Caldwell...are you serious...how many pictures are you going to post that you are back on TV? WHO CARES? You made this big deal about getting out of TV to spend more time with your family-word is you could not stand being out of the spotlight. We are in a pandemic.. it is NOT about you. Adam L

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RE: Cousin Brucie's last name IS "Morrow". No, it’s not. I know the man. His legal last name is Meyerowitz.

Wow! I gave it a listen and the WBAL Sucks Guy is right, WBAL sucks. I wonder how their stock price is doing...

Newsmax ratings are through the roof. They recently beat both CNBC & Fox Business combined and they’re not even on my Xfinity cable system! Poor Shepard Smith. Who chooses irrelevance as a career move?

I didn't know that Cousin Brucie is 85 years old. Welcome back to WABC 770 AM after 46 years! I am happy to see that you are still working. Good luck.

How long will Nasdaq continue to list Salem stock when they continue trading at below $1.00 per share? Their stock is now trading at $0.95 per share.

Meant to write: I'd be curious as to how the rest of the “WTTG” staff feel about this primadonna re: Angie Goff. Don’t think WUSA wants that show-off back.

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Just saw former NBC4’s Megan Fitzgerald on the national NBC evening news. Good for her!

Looks like the stars are beginning to align for Trump to continue his possible media career with News Max already offering him a show. Maybe Brian Lamb will offer him C-SPAN IV: The Trump Channel. More: news.trust.org

Dave's response: From being the most powerful man in the world to having a show on Newsmax. Definitely somewhat of a downmarket move.....

December can't come soon enough since that's when Angie Goff leaves the morning broadcast. She is just out of control on there. And it appears that her co-anchors are getting a bit tired of her. They are tolerating her, but their body language and interactions are starting to show a strain. I'd be curious as to how the rest of the WUSA staff feel about this primadonna. Management has obviously made her their teacher's pet. With all of the hoopla with the arrival of Jeannette Reyes, I wonder if she feels she'll no longer be the center of attention.

Tony Orlando( Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree, Knock Three Times )and many other hits in the 60s and 70s does the 10 PM to Midnight slot on Saturday nights.Comes in quite well here in Woodbridge on radio WABC is powefull 50,000 watts.

Bruce Morrow also turned 85 years old on Oct 13. His hair is seven years old.

Just a little more info on "The Cuz" Bruce Morrow's real name is Bruce Meyerowitz. He often tells the story of how an incidental meeting with a stranger started the "Cousin" moniker. Back in the heyday of his tenure at WABC, the nighttime signal reached well over half of the United States, and competed for an audience shared by two other blow torch stations, CKLW and WKBW, in addition to XERF, the 250,000 watt powerhouse station just across the Mexican border, which featured the wildly popular Wolfman Jack. Cole

The National Capital Radio & Television Museum's 5th Annual Fundraising Gala for honoring the best in Radio and Television in the Baltimore-Washington region, is TONIGHT at 7:00PM! Tickets are complimentary, we require only that you RSVP in advance to attend. Our honorees for this year are: RHEA FEIKIN... Retired host of Maryland Public Television's "Chesapeake Collectibles" & "Artworks"... CHRIS CORE... Retired Broadcaster and host of WTOP's "WTOP - Core Values"... DEBORAH WEINER... Emmy Award Winner... Co-Anchor of WBAL-TV's "Evening & Nightly News"... Join us for a wonderful evening as we celebrate and honor these living legends and salute them for the paths and contributions that they have made to the Broadcasting industry! The event will include live video presentations and Q&A with our honorees, as well as giveaways and a silent auction. Reserve Your Complimentary Ticket Now! The event link will be sent to all confirmed registrants several hours in advance of the event on Saturday, November 14th. Tickets are limited so be sure to reserve your space today for this unforgettable event! You may RSVP by clicking the link below: ncrtvgala.eventbrite.com... If you have time before the event, take a look at the items for sale in our virtual Silent Auction! Click the link below to peruse the auction items: www.32auctions.com/ncrtv... We have a nice assortment of items - from restaurant gift cards, to subscription services, to antique radios, to COVID-friendly activities you can do with your close friends and family. Remember, you must register with the auction site to bid on the items! All proceeds from the silent auction will benefit the National Capital Radio & Television museum operations and programs. We look forward to seeing you all tonight at our 5th Annual Fundraising Gala! Sincerely, Sherise Malachi, Executive Director, National Capital Radio & Television Museum, smalachi@ncrtv.org

I could not care less about Angie Goff. Did not like her on Ch.4, and I nodded when she understandably failed the audition on the Today Show. Her voice is like a hacksaw on sheet metal. Now, years later, she is starting to age out and is even less watchable. Personality? She could stand in front of a mirror and talk to herself and it would be the same amount of interaction with others on the set. Maybe that's her work-at-home plan in the time ahead.

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Corrections: Cousin Brucie is on 770 AM, WABC Radio in New York City, from 6 to 10 p.m. every Saturday night. That show may rerun on Sundays. Bruce Morrow is not his real name. Thanks.

So many things coming over the transom! Mike O'Meara wondering why a former hotel multipurpose room DJ can't make the big bucks on the EDM circuit and something about Thriller. I hope those who are actually listening will continue pounding away. === On another note, most of the subs for Rush Limbaugh (and it may have been one guy) just sucked. No pipes. Unlistenable. Mark Steyn, whom I think subbed in on Monday(?) is to me the only acceptable replacement. But let's not count out the big guy yet. Remember the Sandra Slute days? Gus in Gollywogistan (calm down it's a Get Smart reference)

Cousin Brucie returns to WABC 770 AM after 46 years. You thought he was dead. Wrong! He was the King of Top 40! His show is on from 10 PM to 12 Mid. WABC is now owned by Red APPLE Media. After he left WABC he was on WCBS-FM in New York. Remember his real name is Bruce Morrow. He talks a lot about the "good old Days".

RE: English language on Spanish TV channels… Money is usually the reason for everything. Likely the English language versions cost more to run. It’s certainly not a technology problem. So basically, they’ll do it when it’s not cost-prohibitive. Otherwise, not important to their bottom line.

"Why don’t our Spanish language stations put the original English audio of their dubbed programs on Secondary Audio Program?" This is a very common practice in Europe, so it's occurred to me to look into it before. Often the network has only purchased the Spanish version of whatever movie they're showing. In the past Univision and Telemundo would put English subtitles for some of their novelas on the third captioning stream - NBC does this as well with Spanish subtitles for a few shows - but I don't know if they still do that.....WINC-FM is simulcasting on 105.5 from Berryville already. That's the single crappiest FM signal in the DC market, if you ask me. What a waste. I imagine they're on 104.9 as well, because WINC has reverted to being just "newstalk 1400", but I'm too far away to catch it.

"Live and Local overnights are going to the graveyard". GOING? They've been there for more than four decades now. I worked early mornings in western Massachusetts back in the 1980s, and on my drive in each morning, my horrible little VW Beetle AM-only radio could pick up Larry King on no less than fifteen positions on the dial. A brilliant talent would have to do one hell of an upsell to convince station management why they should get an overnight job today. And they would have to bring one hell of a show to the table to boot.

Anyone want to put up bets on when management will give Angie Goff her own show? More & more, the morning show is all about everything going on w/her & her kids. A day doesn’t seem to go by w/o something from her podcast or her youngest child. How many times must she show that Mariah Carey tweeted Angie’s daughter Wrenn? But then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if she contacted Mariah’s people w/the video of Wrenn reading Mariah’s book. Angie’s a self promoting machine.

Why don’t our Spanish language stations put the original English audio of their dubbed programs on Secondary Audio Program? When Univision or Telemundo offers a “Law & Order” rerun or “The Terminator” movie, an on-screen graphic saying “In English Where Available by pressing SAP button on your remote” might entice me to watch the show and its Budweiser and GEICO commercials. Ken

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"Not local". Exactly as you say. www.wvxu.org... "Live and Local overnights are going to the graveyard." I don't think "local" means what you think it means. Was W. Jack's Mexican radio show "local"? Unrelated, there's a lot of maybe interesting historical stuff here: wikipedia.org... Your friend, Gus

Well, the obvious was announced by the man himself this week. Mike O'Meara is pre-diabetic. Anyone surprised?

Looks like CK found a voice of color for afternoons. He sounds impressive. As my dead mom would say…”He is so well spoken”. OOBBEE

Not local, but a sign of the times in AM Radio. Steve Sommers of WLW AM 700 (iHeartless Media ) in Cincinnati was let go on Friday. He hosted the “America’s Trucking Network” program weeknights from midnight to 5am. I heard Dan Carroll overnight, and he said that he was asked to fill in for this week. After that, he had no idea. I suppose look for more syndicated BS coming soon. Live and Local overnights are going to the graveyard. Sad…very sad. www.cincinnati.com

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What kind of parent would give their child an AM radio? Mine did, the Radio Shack Project Kit where you could do a hundred projects. As designed the AM signal was only designed to travel across the street to maybe 2 houses away. But if only they’d have known I’d try to make an AM transmitter more powerful than specified and take out the house power, they might not have bought me an AM Radio Kit, but I probably did likely broadcast from our rooftop TV antenna for about a minute or two on AM 540 before the power blew. This is why I’m NOT an electrical engineer today. I remember Mom yelling, "What the hell is that smell? What did you do?" It was the smell of the transformer melting, but luckily I was not electrocuted. I passed EE 101, but the question still begs, can you run an AM radio station from simply house power? In the end it was very valuable knowledge for my next venture, running a computer biz. :-)

Oh yes-WHVR 1280 AM in Hanover,Pa is playing Christmas music.......Jack in New Freedom,Pa

Eastern Shore News: It appears that WMDT 47abc (RF29) and WGDV-LD 32 (RF28) are both now repacked to full power finally with a License to cover from today's FCC filings from the 1007 foot tower near Sharptown, MD. WMDT is still a lower power than WBOC 16, which I've never understood. On channel 29, it seems they shouldn't be hampered by only 240kw unless by choice. Hmm. — BaltoMedia.net

Re the demolition of the old WMAL tower site, I say its time for a reboot of "Poltergeist": a family buys a newly-built house on Greentree road, which shortly becomes populated and haunted by the voices of long-gone air talent. Children get sucked into their AM radios, giant steel towers burst out of the ground and reach skyward while destroying a number of the new houses, and the whole thing ends with all the construction being swallowed into the ground amongst hellfire and the spirits of former sales staff and board-ops demonically flying around. There's only one problem with this plot: what kind of parent would give their child an AM radio? That's just cruel.

I would think Wash FM would be starting Christmas music by the 15th they do it before Thanksgiving A station 1280 AM from Hanover PA WHVA which I can get in my car during the day last year started it November 1 Haven,t checked this year.Theres great oldies on 1430 WNAV in Annapolis too unless I stream it cant pick that up well on radio here in Woodbridge as the much stronger 1420 WKCW is interfering with it cant get 810 at all here out of range no excuse why we cant have a good oldies station in the DC area used to have I Heart cool oldies on the Wash HD 2 station but now they air worship music I have an HD radio can sometimes pick up the Flashback channel.60s 70s 80s on 101.9 WLIF Baltimore HD 3 at night with a small outdoor Fm antenna in my yard but at probably 60 miles away thats pushing it for consistent reception of an HD signal may try a larger antenna but cant mount one on the roof that will probably work best to pick up distant signals high up.When I look at Wikapedia they have oldies in places like Watertown NY and Burlington VT yet not in one of the largest radio markets DC.94 7 The Drive is a disaster same 50 or so songs played over and over see they play Hotel California at least 4 times a day no other Eagles songs played Iv,e even made suggestions to thier programming department about playing more rarely heard 80s songs that were hits but no change. Plus they do mainly 80s on the Drive a few 70s songs but no 60s music they do have 70s and 80s disco and dance music on Saturday nights that,s decent but that,s about it anyway commercial radio is a business most don't listen or seem to care about listeners comments sad.

Veterans Day. SALUTE

"Effin' balls ... it's already starting. WALK-FM on Long Island is switching to an All-Holiday music format on Friday. How soon 'til it happens here?" Don't tune to WLTF, then. I noticed it on Sat. the 7th, but it's probably been since the beginning of the month. Gross.

Really? WYRE doing an oldies format? I may have to tune in and set a button. I have their 1940s transmitter, a Collins 300-G, 250 watts, Ser. No. 22 that went out the back door about 20 years ago at the transmitter site at the top of Spa Creek. They had gotten a "new" solid state transmitter, but of course with an oldies format maybe they shall want a vacuum-tube signal once again. The transmitter has been re-tuned to shortwave frequencies that are used by licensed radio hobbyists. Hope the station's new format, even if it's on a new transmitter, makes a go of it for the station.

Oh, and one more short video from the old WMAL site last Wednesday. Contrary to what DCRTV Dave said on his older video (sorry, Dave!) this microwave tower took the ABC TV network programming from the big nearby downlink dishes and sent it back to WJLA’s studios downtown. In all its 77 years of broadcasting from here, WMAL never had a wireless link from the in-town studios. The big Irene apartment building in Chevy Chase blocked the path. (Hey, thanks, Irene Pollin.) - P of the AW

Effin' balls ... it's already starting. WALK-FM on Long Island is switching to an All-Holiday music format on Friday. How soon 'til it happens here?

TICK TOCK… How many hours or days until AT&T fires CNN’s Jeff Zucker? And they’ll say he got fired for hating Trump, but in reality, the CARTOON Network has better ratings during primetime! As for FOX NEWS, I don’t even think they care about Trump losing because their ratings will only be better under Biden and they’re already beating the other two combined in some time periods. So a Trump LOSS is actually good BUSINESS for FOX NEWS! What the hell is MSNBC now going to talk about that attracts viewers anymore or CNN? Tucker was already the highest rated news show on TV before this! Don Lemon cried on air for the Biden win and in my mind I was thinking, no cry cuz you just lost your JOB MORON! The list goes on of bad ratings shows that will be gone. Shepard Smith will probably be first to be fired getting no ratings on CNBC. Lou Dobb’s COFFIN on FBN gets better ratings than him! When you start out that bad, how can it possibly get better?

"I sure would like to see a conservative FM Talk station in DC. WMAL-FM has too many people that dislike the station." Wow, you're not thinking clearly. After beating WAMU and WTOP in the ratings, there's no more "up" to go. Like the nightspot that got so popular no one goes there anymore? Donate your car today. www.washingtonexaminer.com. Gus in the Guess Where

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Okay, in regards to how DC needs a conservative talk outlet. WONK 104.7 FM has a decent signal that covers a good part of the immediate DC listening area. Sure, it doesn’t come out to Baltimore, Winchester or Leesburg but it does cover the immediate DC area. WMAL, despite what the initial poster said, is a conservative talk outlet. Chris Plante, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro are all right leaning conservatives for crying out loud. Whine, whine, whine….care for some cheese with that whine? Dan

I doubt that Rush Limbaugh will be back on the radio. He is the Number One Radio Talk Personality. It will be hard to replace him. How about Donald Trump? He could be the new Number One Radio Talk Personality!

I hear so many people say that they are now disappointed in FOX News coverage. They try to go overboard to be "Fair and Balanced". All of the other Media are giving you the "Liberal" side of the News. To all the other Media......Congratulations! You have WON! Do you ever try to give BOTH sides of the story? Read The Washington Post!

I sure would like to see a conservative FM Talk station in DC. WMAL-FM has too many people that dislike the station. 94% of the people in DC are Liberal Democrats and have good coverage on most of the media. Let's hear the other side of the story. Who will replace Rush ??? According to the Ratings, 96% of the people in the DC Market listen to FM Radio! Unfortunately, AM Radio is DEAD!

About the demise of the WMAL AM 630 towers, I’ve posted this pic before, but you just cannot keep the same amount of listeners when you lose Damascus, Fairfax, & Manasses and this picture shows it all. This is only daytime, but look at how many listeners they lost just from the signal change. And nighttime is even worse! If you’re outside the purple line in this pic, It's likely that nobody can hear you at all. Look how tight the new AM 630 got in the new signal. And I didn’t even include Baltimore or its suburbs which were well inside the old signal! AM 630 went from the dominant AM radio signal in DC to now just another also ran and probably Spanish or some other ethnic soon as sports does cost some money to operate.

I disagree. I do not think Trump will be doing a radio show. He’s not detail oriented enough for that. It’s much easier to be President since everyone ELSE actually does all the work.

WMAL talker Rush Limbaugh announced Monday he is going on another medical hiatus beginning Tuesday the 10th for an indefinite period of time. As much as he and others have played down the terminal aspect of his lung cancer one need to only look at what just happened with Alex Trebek: one day he was here the next day he’s gone. So pondering what happens to Rush’s show beckons possible hosts to take his place. There just happens to be one prime candidate with lots of radio and tv who experience Rush’s audience would immediately embrace who will soon be out of a job: Donald “The Don” Trump. EIB could be the name of his new cable tv network he purportably wants to start in competition to Fox News. The Ditto Cam could become the Don Cam with his theme song “Macho Man”. What say you Macho Dave? Signed Nick in Arlington

Salem stock is trading at a five year low. They are still trading at below $1.00 per share. Today the stock is trading at $0.91 per share. Will Nasdaq continue to list them?

First of all, Dave…really enjoyed the interview you had on Sadly Lacking Radio. It brought back sentimental memories of when WJFK was hot talk and known as Washington’s Talk Superstation as well as days of DCRTV’s future past in the mailbag as well. Secondly, WSBN was doomed to fail from the start. When the transmitting facility was sold in 2016 to Toll Brothers and the nighttime signal dropped to 2,700 watts, it basically was the nail in the coffin for the nighttime signal. The nighttime signal now misses parts of the area that when AM 630 was with a simulcast of 105.9, things were going to be okay but now, forget about it. The only thing Cumulus can do honestly is eventually cut their losses and go back to a simulcast of WMAL again. Lastly, Mike will always be a target as well Don. No different than a lot of other DC radio personalities. Yes, some of the insults can go below the belt at times but if Dave doesn’t see the need to pull things, there’s a quote from Stripes that comes to mind from SGT Hulka: Lighten up, Francis! Dan

The iHeart RIFs continue with nearly every market's staff being decimated, including here in DC. I have no idea what kind of severance package has been offered to the folks being shown the door, much less if there is a non-compete clause in place in markets where that horrid practice is allowed. But the best thing these newly unemployed folks ought to do is go across the street to one of the smaller corporate operations (or even a mom and popper) and use the strategies they picked up while at iHeart and help make their new employer a force to be reckoned with. Sure, a 500W AM rimshot will be no threat to the 800-lb gorilla, but even a couple of Class A or C3 FM'ers nearby can prove to be quite an annoyance. Everyone's screaming about "Live and Local", which is everything that iHeart is not. Time to ante up.

I’m not sure why Allison Left Fox5. I tuned in to her new show and barely saw her. Channel 9 is like a variety show. Tony tries to be cool and Howard is like a used Car Salesman. They don’t even let my girl sit at the anchor desk???? If she’s going to that station she should at least get a seat at the table!!!! And poor Reese isn’t even allowed in the building!

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WYRE - Locally heard on 810 AM in Annapolis today is True Oldies Channel. They had been simulcasting WRNR previously. Ron

When you go to JFK’s “Complete Schedule” Tab, they are following the Redskin’s lead. The next show after G&D is “Afternoon Sports Talk”.

What happened to Fox5 reporter Josh Rosenthal? I don't think he's been on the air all month. Odd considering the news activity in that period. I'm thinking his contract ran out and he's defecting to a competitor so it's all hush hush as usual until he pops up elsewhere in the DC TV market.

Entercom's purchase of WTEM 980 AM did not help their stock price. Their stock is trading at $1.55 per share. Will owning two sports talk stations really help them? Maybe they should also purchase WSBN 630 AM in Germantown? They have a 0.2 Share and rank number 30 in the DC Market.

I believe that management needs to rethink giving Erin more screen time. She’s goofy & just not a good conversationalist or fit for the Good Day DC segment. . She routinely blames her gaffes on lack of coffee instead of just moving on. Maybe w/the addition of Ms. Reyes, she will replace Erin. Wishful thinking though on my part.

Day six of the Jeanette Reyes promos. Now, she does seem very personable & her Tik Tok videos are cute. HOWEVER, what’s the point of over promoting this woman? By time she gets there in December, we’re going to expect some super woman to walk in the door. I’ve never seen any on air person promoted like this. Well, I think Angie does a bunch of self promotion at that level. In any case, I just hope Ms. Reyes can live up to all this hype.

There seems to be a lot of fuss about Jeannette Reyes. www.facebook.com. I'm strangely and sensibly uninterested, only suckers watch TV news, but I've tied an onion to my belt because that is the style nowadays. Remember when shopping malls were a thing? All rites reversed. Gus in the Gaitheroo

Re-Sara Caldwell-Sara has told quite a few people she will be taking over a main anchor role at Fox 45.

Okay, I've identified the source of the stench upstairs. Good news is the dogs haven't gone unfed. Q: What's the difference between playing the slots and the solitary vice? A: Mike O'Meara can see the handle on the slot machine. That ain't gamblin', that's the way you do it. When he calls himself a "political junkie" I always reflect that he also considers himself a gambler. Those of you playing along at home, just mime the action of repeatedly pulling the handle of a slot machine. Just for kicks I offer a bounty of 40,000 quatloos if someone can get an advertising schedule for The The Mike O'Meara Show Show. On the other hand thank Jesus that the country is now fully in the hands of dimwitted college girls and the Antifa predators who prey on them. Praise Soros! Praise Biden! On Donner! On Blitzen! 73. Guys in the Gaithersburg

WTTG is obviously trying to make the viewing audience forget Allison Seymour was ever there. BTW, anyone notice they totally cut her out of all the videos they showed of previous Halloween shows? However showing promos of Jeanette Reyes every so many minutes is becoming a bit much and the viewing audience is noticing. Sheesh, give us a break..Does management really think this is a good marketing tactic? Even if the anchors look forward to her coming, they’re starting to sound fake repeating the same lines over and over promoting her everyday.

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Below is a statement from Maryland Public Television on today's passing of Alex Trebek. Attached to this message is an image representing Alex's work for MPT on the National Geographic Bee (1989 - 2013). The Maryland Public Television family mourns the passing of Alex Trebek, host of our many productions of the National Geographic Bee. MPT produced the program from 1991 through 2015. The National Geographic Bee finals were moderated by this talented Jeopardy! host for its first 25 years (1989-2013). We extend our condolences to his family and friends.

Hey Fox 5 you are not TELEMUNDO!! Enough with the Jeanette Reyes and music and hyping the heritage as if or unless you are witching to a Spanish network

Hey Fox 5 we the people are already SICK of Jeanette Reyes and she hasn't even started yet....DAMN...You focused on replacing Allison which can never happen but you need to be focused on Erin acting goofy every time she's on camera and Angie seeming a little "off" #undertheinflience

If you’re interested in more drone video of the WMAL towers coming down, an early rough montage is available for viewing and download from this DropBox link, courtesy of Mid-Atlantic Drones, Inc and yours truly. I’m working on a more streamlined and compact version using WMAL jingle package music. Check back later. - P of the AW. www.dropbox.com

Woke up tonight in the basement (I'm getting really worried about that stench upstairs) and watched SNL for the first in a long. Pretty good. Only marred by the presence of Dave "I caused everyone working on my show to lose their job because I wanted to go to Africa to smoke pot" Chappelle. Eff that guy. He's no Chad Dukes. But I learned a new word that we're now allowed to use. It's morning in America. Al Gore waited 37 days to take it to the courts. Gus in the Gaithersburg

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Congratulations to Ken Roberts on being promoted to VP Market Manager for Cumulus Media in DC. Perhaps you can do something to improve WSBN 630 AM in Germantown. It has a 0.2 Share in the latest ratings and ranks number 30 in the market. The Sports Talk Format is not working. The station has no coverage at night in Northern Virginia. If you are going to retain that format, you need a Translator in Northern Virginia for your night coverage. Good Luck!

What happened to Leon’s wife and the KKK person?? Were they the same person??? Speaking of those two disappearing posters…..If we could re-program DC radio to only have a single sports station??? I see one where CK is still in charge: “WSHU” – Washington’s Skin Head University Spots Talk. The Junks shave their heads. Of course Cakes is in charge due to being a skin head already and a metal maniac. Drab and Valdez will produce. They will grow their hair long and wear UMD and Zona lax jerseys with headbands. Pete will do updates for the Junks and focus on College Lax, Softball, and Swimming. This is followed by a two hour Junkie highlight show called AWAD’s Special K Show sponsored by the KKK. Then, we get the Grant and Danny Token Hour show. This show features Jamie from Manassas and Vic from Accokeek discussing minority views on Washington Sports teams. We squeeze in Czabe for an hour due to his bald head. Finally, Keven Sheehan finishes up the day reviving The Sports Reporters which rotates in only white local sports people from TV, Radio, and ONLY the Washington Times. No one from the Post is allowed. Johnny Holiday will do Kevin’s updates. The second combined sports radio station I envision is WWAU – Washington’s What About Us Sports Talk. Leon Harris will be in charge. The Junks still have AM drive because they are from PG County, Two went to Roosevelt, Bish played hoops at Damatha, and they once hosted “What the Brother’s be saying” which make a BIG comeback! Drab and Matt V are gone. Jamie from Vic will produce. The next two shows will be the same as TEM’s current mid-days but Al and Scott are let go and replaced by two fresh upcoming interns from WNBC TV. Both are of color, one is a woman. Finally, Jerry Brewer hosts his version of The Sports Reporters. This show, in contrast to Kevin above, only rotates in black sports guests. Only post reporters are allowed; No one from the times. (I actually really want to hear other reader's ideas; not likes and dislikes. Ratings matter) OOBBEE

Johnny Holiday for several years was the on air (TV and radio) guy for the Mid Atlantic Toyota ( or Nisan, I can't remember) Dealers Association, doing lots of TV commercials from Philly to Richmond. Mike McKay would tease him saying the "All American boy shills for the Japanese." Signed Billy Biceps.

To the post who asked if Johnny Holiday…”….LOL; I was talking TV news. I know he hosts specials. I love JH. Follow the topic please…

CNN is being credited for first declaration of Biden victory with other stragglers like The Washington Bezo chiming in a full ten minutes later. Of course DCRTVDJDAVE declared that Biden had won on Friday. Nick in Arlington too: www.washingtonpost.com

One of my operatives from the Prom Dumpster Baby Network just shoved this over my Perry Mason transom: Rob Spewak thinks Connecticut has 2 electoral votes. NO state has two electoral votes. Memo to the Human Shoehorn: 7 electoral votes bitch. If you're taking your political views from talk radio you're doing it wrong. And before I leave you, "more voters than ever before"? Screw that noise. More PEOPLE than ever before. Gus in the Gaithersburg

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To the poster who asked when has Johnny Holiday been on TV let alone host a program? If memory serves me correctly he was host of ACC Sports Sunday, Host of Redskin Sidelines, Host of The Bobby Mitchell Show, Host of The Dexter Manley Show and Charley Casserly Show, Host of the Gary Williams Show, Host of the Leukemia , Easter Seals, Muscular Dystrophy, Children's Hospital Telethons and for 12 years, Host of The Washington Nationals pre and post game shows. He also is a special contributor for Channel 4. I think Mr Holiday has done quite a lot of Television hosting during his 40 plus years in Washington.

Most NBC O&Os have to stopped using in-house sports people in favor of using NBC Sports local or having anchors read sports. So it’s not just DC, but a cost cutting measure that most stations are doing as sports is not as important anymore. For example, in Philly the 3rd largest market they use NBC Sports Philly and their anchors. NBC is being forced to cut cost and it’s better to cut sports than a more needed resource.

Does Chad have to give his Capitals and Nationals championship rings back sinced he has been cancelled and sent down the memory hole?

First thought when I read about the WTEM and WJFK thing was that the firing of Chad Dukes sure looks suspicious right now. But putting that aside, WJFK is a terrible station that is driven solely by the Junkies. The remainder of the station, including mid-day and the weeknight and weekend revolving hosts, is atrocious. They should keep the junks and fill in the remainder of the day with people like Galdi, Sheehan, Walker and Czaban. Would be a much better station.....................

It is nice that Entercom will have a Monopoly with the Sports Talk Format in DC. They will own both WTEM 980 AM and WJFK-FM. They also own WJFK-AM 1580 AM Spanish Sports Talk! Entercom will have the Exclusive rights to the Washington Football Team Coverage in English and Spanish.

Dave's response: There was a time when owning 50,000-watt by day and 5000-watt by night 980 would have been a big deal. But no longer. My guess is that Entercom will probably move the Spanish language sports format from 1580 to 980 because of 980's better signal, especially at night. And what about 1580? Polkas? K-Pop? Junkies Reruns? Won't matter.....

Nielsen enjoy your Ratings Monopoly in the DC Market! Perhaps some day there will be some competition. You can charge whatever you want for your service. The Advertising Agencies will continue to use your service because they have no choice!

FROM DCRTV'S NEWS PAGE: Urban One sports talker WTEM, 980, will get transfered to Entercom in a station swap deal that involves a batch of stations in other markets, including Philadelphia and Charlotte. That would give WTEM with the same ownership as like-formatted WJFK, 106.7. No word about how Entercom will handle having two English language sports talkers in the same market. For many years, WTEM was owned by Redskins owner Dan Snyder. In the swap deal, Silver Spring-based Urban One picks up a batch of Entercom stations in Charlotte, including news talker WBT-AM/FM. Entercom picks up an Urban One FM signal in Philadelphia that it will use to simulcast all-news KYW-AM.....

Sara Caldwell - To the other post about her. Would she do AM traffic for Fox45 in Baltimore or a higher position?

"So Entercom will own two DC sports talkers - WJFK and WTEM. Wonder how that will work?" They'll take all of the profits instead of half of the profits? Interested readers can refer to The Strange Case of Theodore Leonsis available in the Rare Book Room of the Arkham University Library. For case law, cf. Sirius/XM v. Sirius/XM. Acidophilus Brown in the Gaithersburg

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WTEM Swap Involves Charlotte Stations... It's amazing how a story impacting DC radio has reverberations in the area where our DCRTV Dave is living right now! www.rbr.com: Entercom Communications... is entering into an asset exchange agreement with Urban One. The latter company, which superserves African-American consumers, is gaining two AMs, an FM and an FM translator in Charlotte, the South’s second-largest market. For Entercom, it is gaining Contemporary R&B stations in St. Louis and Philadelphia; the intellectual property of an Adult R&B station in St. Louis, and an AM in the Nation’s Capital that is the flagship station of the Washington National Football League club. The trade will see Urban One gain Charlotte area stations that were once part of the Jefferson-Pilot Communications, and, later, Lincoln Financial Media family: Class C 100kw Adult Contemporary WLNK-FM 107.9 “The Link;” News/Talk combo WBT-AM & FM, with a Class A AM at 1110 kHz and a Class C3 FM in Chester, S.C.; and Sports Talk Class B WFNZ-AM 610 — which has a translator at 102.5 kHz... Additionally, Entercom is gaining Class B WTEM-AM 980 in Washington, D.C., a Sports Talker branded as “The Team” that bolsters its presence in the market, and WPHI-FM 103.9 in Jenkintown, Pa., a Class A serving the Philadelphia market. WPHI will become an FM simulcast of venerable all-News KYW-AM 1060, a Philadelphia informational institution that dates to its Group W ownership.... Financial details were not immediately known. However, Urban One and Entercom will begin operating the stations on November 23 under a Local Marketing Agreement. Urban One says the transaction is expected to close in Q1 2021. When that transpires, Urban One/Charlotte will be comprised of four FMs, two AMs and the FM translator... In Washington, D.C., WTEM joins a group of stations comprised of Sports WJFK-FM, Classic Hits WIAD-FM “94.7 The Drive,” WLZL-FM “El Zol 107.9” and Spanish-language sports WJFK-AM 1580, “El Zol Deportes.”

Dave's response: Wow. So Entercom will own two DC sports talkers - WJFK and WTEM. Wonder how that will work?

Urban One Enters Into Exchange Agreement With Entercom That Will Expand Urban One's Reach Into The General Market In Charlotte, North Carolina... SILVER SPRING, Md., Nov. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Urban One, Inc. (NASDAQ: UONEK; UONE) today announced it had signed a definitive asset exchange agreement with Entercom Communications Corp. (NYSE: ETM) where Urban One will receive Charlotte stations: WLNK-FM (Adult Contemporary); WBT-AM & FM (News Talk Radio); and WFNZ-AM & 102.5 FM Translator (Sports Radio). As part of the transaction, Urban One will transfer three radio stations to Entercom: St. Louis, WHHL-FM (Urban Contemporary); Philadelphia, WPHI-FM (Urban Contemporary); and Washington, DC, WTEM-AM (flagship station of the Washington Football Team); as well as the intellectual property its St. Louis radio station, WFUN-FM (Adult Urban Contemporary). Urban One, Inc. (www.urban1.com), together with its subsidiaries, is the largest diversified media company that primarily targets Black Americans and urban consumers in the United States. The deal is subject to Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") approval and other customary closing conditions. It is expected to close in the first quarter of 2021.

Again with the Nielsen nonsense. "In some markets where Nielsen has the only rating service, they should be required to show all the stations or not show the ratings at all." Upon further reflection, suppression of speech and compulsion of speech are the two core responsibilities of any good, reasonable government. Look for the new Bill O'Reilly book, "Killing Stupid Idiots With the Loofah of Kindness". Jeeze Louise! Find something worthwhile to obsess about. To the poster's credit he does tacitly admit that Nielsen is not a monopoly. Baby steps, poster, baby steps. I'm still waiting for my free McDonald's hamburger. Screw BOGO I want a BNGO! That's a bingo! Gus in the Gaithersburg

Dave, I’m sure you cringe at the lame offering on the dial today. For the mailbag and record, I think there’s room for a real classic rock on the Baltimore dial. The Bay 100.7 is broadcasting to no one these days. Gather up Stash and a few other real legends with hard relentless classic rock out there and look out!! Ron Ron

Thank you Dave Hughes for 23 years of service to the Broadcasting Business. Without you there would be a big void. I enjoy reading DCRTV.

Saga Radio Group does not subscribe to Nielsen. The new Nielsen Policy is not to list any radio station that does not subscribe to their service. This is Nielsen's way of trying to force stations to pay them and subscribe to their service. Up to 40% of the stations in some markets are not listed, that is OK with them. In many markets, Nielsen is the only rating service in the market. Someone recently posted that the Nielsen Numbers "don't add up". That is right! In some markets where Nielsen has the only rating service, they should be required to show all the stations or not show the ratings at all. Nielsen needs some competition! In DC, Nielsen is the ONLY Rating Service in the market!

WMAL Radio Towers are Demolished

Radio Tower Demolition

Demolition of WMAL towers in Bethesda

Baltimore-based Sinclair Writes Down Its Sports Networks by $4.23 Billion www.bloomberg.com..... ESPN announces hundreds of layoffs as pandemic, cord-cutting upend sports television www.washingtonpost.com.....

Sarah Caldwell a former anchor on WBAL TV is coming back to a station in Baltimore but not WBAL. Any idea where she’s going? I’m willing to bet she’s joining FOX45. Do you know?

Johnny Holiday????? WTF?????? He is the voice of UMD sports on radio for what, two decades? When has he really been on TV let alone hosting??? I don’t know what this person is watching. Czarniak started as an intern locally. Then, she left and worked her way up in FLA on small stations. George Michael saw her on the Speed Channel and added her to The Sports Machine. She was not a host and station management had little to do with her starting with King George. He made her earn her stripes before she took over for him with Hellie. She has not been local since 2010 when ESPN hired her away. (It’s 2020 BTW) So why mention those two after reading DCRTV for a week? What is your point?? Then, you bring up Leon. Again, why? Leon started at CNN in the 80’s. He began at JLA in 2003 and stayed till 2016. Thirteen years at one station is rare. I think he went to Pittsburg and then back to local NBC in 2017. He and Doreen are happy to have jobs. Insulted? They are more worried about young, cheaper talent replacing them then the set design and whether they get to do science. Face of the station? He co-hosts early afternoons and reports at 11:00. Saying “I just feel brining through the old talent doesn’t produce viewers” after saying make Leon the face of the station makes NO sense. Can I have some of what you are smoking?

Channel 9's promo for Allison Seymour's debut on the morning breakfast show is one of the saddest promos I've ever seen. It's almost as bad as the promo channel 4 did years ago where it show their morning team sitting at a table having meal and doing a post mortem analysis of the quality of their show.

Play the WMAL tower video backwards, and watch Cumulus build four new antennas in thirty seconds in Bethesda.

WMAL 630 AM Tower site in Bethesda is now GONE! It is now WSBN 630 AM in Germantown, MD. Cumulus pockets $75 Million for the 75 Acre Tower Site. They say they will use the money to pay down their DEBT! Remember when WMAL 630 AM was Number One in the market. Gone are the days......Is AM Radio DEAD?

"their on-camera sets are modern, and everyone does everything from news to sports to science." As much as I think that sports in the organized NFL, NBA, MLB sense are together and individually as much a scourge of modern life as is advertising, The The Mike O'Meara Show Show, and Kars for Kids, you need a dedicated sports person. King George, Glenn Brynner and Warner are the gold standard for this market. Coming up Christmas look out for the new Bill O'Reilly releases... Killing Elections For Ever. Interestingly enough Conan O'Brien had Al "Unlimited Ballots in Pre-positioned Car Trunks" on last night and this New York comic had the temerity to say "I've done some USO shows". Yeah Al, everyone including LeeAnn Tweeden and her boobs remembers the photo of you miming groping. America cries out. Someone send up the Chad Signal. Gus in the Gaithersburg

How is All Digital going to help AM Radio? There are fewer HD Receivers than Analog Receivers. It is estimated that only 25% of the homes and cars in DC have HD Receivers. There is no programming on Digital that you can't get on FM Radio.

Salem stocks continues to trade at below one dollar. Today it is trading at $0.86. How long will NASDAQ continue to list the stock?

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Dave: Had a week to look over all of the posts and have to tell you, if I'm Leon Harris, Handly or even Doreen, I'm a bit insulted that the station continues to hire people like Johnny Holiday and Czarniak. We've all heard the cry of layoffs and tight budgets, fine! However, good executives and managers are people who know how to rebrand or improve their product with the existing roster of talent, not bring in one-shot wonders! Leon Harris is a network talent and should be the face of your station. The Doreen/Vance deal is old and it's time to move on.. how about fresh ideas and a new look. I have several apps from stations around the country and sometimes watch other NBC owned stations that have veteran talent. But, their on-camera sets are modern, and everyone does everything from news to sports to science. Well, there are plenty of talented people at Channel 4, do the same! I just feel bringing through old talent doesn't produce viewers.

iHeart Layoffs... Mike “McCabe” Kerr, program director and afternoon host of Baltimore’s Z104.3 WZFT AND Jen Richer, midday anchor and news director at 104.7 WONK FM.

RE: "Earlier I asked: "has WJFKKK ever employed a black host?" You call me fragile? Thanks for the compliment. Most people call me other things. My answer was yes on weekends they have. Shit, idiot, they started the change to sports format with Lavar as a PM drive host. He was the poster boy of the flip to sports. LaVar quit after five years. Remember that before you use words like KKK and Skinhead ? Ratings went up when he left or Chad would have been gone already. Chad had to prove himself WITH RATINGs before getting a contract. Look for yourself. Ever run a business? You want to make money when you run a business. It is a concept. (Ask LaVar about running a restaurant. LOL) In radio, ratings make money. Do you understand that concept? JFK out rates TEM who has two black ex-jock Lavar like hosts mid-days. (Not drive time by the way. Go after them next.) Who wins in the ratings every month? So why change when you are winning and making more money? Because blacks play sports let's do worse in the sports talk radio business? I don't think either station's management or owners care about black or white. Both are trying to survive. Many think JFK's owners used Chad's podcast statement to cut him to save money. Remember TEM's man-cave? Look it up. It lasted a month or two? Why did it end so soon? Was it due to great ratings? You just don't just NEED black, you need black talent that gets ratings. Congress is 80% non-minority. Using your analogy, radio and TV that cover them should be at least 80% white. Right? As for CK hiring a drunk Lacrosse team, you sound like Duke's lacrosse racist accusers. Racism goes both ways. We know what side you are on. The side changes but the reality of racism is the same. Skin heads? Really? grow up. The Junkies? Real skin heads - LOL! Grant and Danny? Even bigger skin heads. The bald heads are the black guys on TEM!!! LOL Reality sucks doesn't it. The word Klan should not be thrown around like that by the way. Like Chad's podcast that had NOTHING to do with JFK or sports, blacks don't have to listen. But, they do. And, they call in often. Many show up at live events. Tell me those listeners are uncle toms using your racist logic.

Watching Wisdom Martin on Good Day DC and he's seem so over this hype with Jeanette Reyes coming to the station. They showed Angie Goff's interview with her (for the 10th time) and afterwards, the look on his face showed that enough is enough.

Re: "Talent......does anyone ever think about the ability of the talent rather than the color of their skin?" Ever notice how the people who claim to celebrate Dr. King, and boycotted states that did not make his birthday a holiday, are the same people who have repudiated his dream and insist on judging people by the color of their skin. Media moguls seem especially guilty.

So I'm watching the Election night coverage on TV and up pops a commercial for Window Nation staring brothers, Aaron and Harley the Two owners of the company. A quick suggestion, don't ever do another one. Comic relief, absolutely!!. Whoever suggested to those owners, they should do their own TV commercials should have their head examined. It's a nice way to kill a business.

Earlier I asked: “ Has WJFKkK ever employed a black host?” Fragile white guy responds with: “what about WHUR?!?” Let’s stick with wjfKKK - K? It’s a fucking sports station talking sports. Sports that are played primarily by black athletes. You’d think at the very least, for aesthetics, you’d hire someone of color that has the ability to effectively contribute / represent the very community and culture that WJFKKK (the Klan) has been exploiting for years. Kinard only hires his white friends who resemble a drunk Description lacrosse team / skinhead frat house . Btw, how many JFKers are skinheads?? It’s a slap in the face to the black community. Hell, even Donald Trump hired Ben Carson and Omarosa. Someone needs to look in to their hiring practices. Hold them all accountable! Let’s hope the extinguishing of Chad David Dukes is only the beginning.

I agree with "Gus".......I would like to see a White Mayor of DC! It will never happen with 92% of the DC people voting for the Democrats!

OK WTTG, we get it, you’re bringing on a new morning anchor. Must you go with all the hype every freakin’ day??!!! She’s not coming until December & I truly hope this “get to know her” stuff doesn’t go on everyday until then. Just too much overkill. I do know from friends in Philly that she’s good. But still, hope she can live up to all this hype. And Marissa must feel like chopped liver considering she got minimal fanfare on her arrival.

Media stocks are up today. Cumulus $5.14, Urban One $5.13, iHeart $8.79, Beasley $1.70 and Salem $0.88. Salem continues to trade below $1.00.

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Well THIS DCRTV Mailbagger has their election night tv viewing and radio listening night planned. First and foremost I have rolled a big fatty of Purple Haze which I will hit on everytimr a state goes to Trump as well my fully loaded with a long clip Glock to shoot in the air for each state that goes to Joe “Buy a shot gun” Biden. Next I have programmed my DVR to record Fox News from 6:00pm to 2:00am and C-SPAN from 9:00pm to 5:00am with the option to go longer. I will sit nude in front of my flat screen smart tv wearing my MAGA hat for Trump and aviator sunglasses for Biden. All this while reading “Fear and Loathing” series by Hunter Biden Thompson. And I will slap the old lady on the ass every time Karl Rove pulls out his white board. I fully expect to be drink on my NATURAL LITE FIFTEEN PACK and will wake up in my own vomit & piss. What are you doing Dave? Signed: Nick in Arlington.

Demolition of Bethesda radio towers will take a piece of history, rare open space... washingtonpost.com... When the four orange and white steel towers first soared over Bethesda in 1941, they stood in a field surrounded by sparse suburbs emerging just north of where the Capital Beltway didn’t yet exist. Reaching 400 feet, they beamed the voices of WMAL 630 AM talk radio across the nation’s capital for 77 years. Follow the latest on Election 2020 As the area grew, the 75 acres of open land surrounding the towers became a de facto park for runners, dog owners and generations of teenagers who recall sneaking smokes and beer at “field parties.” On Wednesday morning, the towers are scheduled to come down in a controlled explosion to make way for a new subdivision of 309 homes, taking with them a remarkably large piece of privately owned — but publicly accessible — green space. The developer, Toll Brothers, said construction is scheduled to begin in 2021. Local radio buffs say the Washington region will lose a piece of history. Residents say they’ll lose a public play space that close-in suburbs have too little of. “I think it’s safe to assume the value of land in Bethesda is high enough that a place like this is going to be developed,” said Zach Lipson, a Realtor and president of the Wyngate Citizens Association. “But we don’t like change. You’d like to keep something from the past and just the fact that there was some open space. Otherwise, everything is so congested with houses on top of houses.” ... [more]

Talent......does anyone ever think about the ability of the talent rather than the color of their skin? I thought we were way past hiring "token" employees to satisfy government requirements.

ELECTION RESULTS:: HUGHES V. O'MEARA With 99.9% of the precincts reporting, the City of Morganton, NC which sits on the Catawba River in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. has declared newcomer INDEPENDENT DAVE HUGHES the landslide people's choice winner over MIKE "ASS" O'MEARA . #DonateToDCRTVToday

It's Election Day and the results are in! Not the Presidential Election results, but whether or not WBAL Management's grand reorganization of programming has worked. And it hasn't. We're now three months into this mess and WBAL has slipped far behind its closest competitor, WCBM (#3 last month versus WBAL's tied-for-8th with WYPR)... and this at the height of an election season, where political talk should be dominating the airwaves. Why? Because, as I said in August, you have NO REASON TO TUNE IN to WBAL. From 5:30am to 6pm, you have more than twelve hours of programming with either inexperienced hosts or hosts who have nothing interesting or unique to say about the day's events (and in two cases, both). Wishy-washy equivocation that doesn't educate, entertain, or persuade. Bryan Nehman, who has the experience to have a perspective that matters, is hamstrung when tied to C4. C4 is fine on Maryland politics, but is out of his depth when talking about anything national. And while Dan Joseph has, at least, some experience with national issues, he, too, is hamstrung by a format that is constantly interrupted. So it makes sense that during a presidential election as important as this one, people would tune into experienced radio PERSONALITIES on WCBM, personalities who have a perspective, are interesting to listen to, and can tell you what they think and WHY THEY THINK IT! WBAL's management owns this mess. The question is whether Hearst cares enough to make a change, or whether or not they are just fine with a station limping along vis a vis its competition. - NOT RON SMITH

Saw a couple of comments posted on WTTG website, of which I agreed, re: the new anchor coming as I believe that there's WAAAAY too much hype re: her arrival. They've been promoting her arrival nonstop for the past two days. The posted comments were: “why do you feel the need to overhype the arrival of a new anchor? Let viewers decide if she is “smart”. And “excited”?#gooddaydc". Celebrity fluff and gossip have come to dominate the FOX5 morning broadcasts. I'm thinking that with Angie Goff going back to evenings will cut down on mornings focusing on her and her kids and maybe result in some sort of semblance of a "real" morning broadcast. Yeah, I know, I'm reaching...But from the interview I saw of Jeannette Reyes, she seems quite personable as well as professional and not the type to be a part of a lot of the foolish antics we are now seeing on a daily basis..I like that Steve Chenevey routinely distances himself when Angie and Erin try to drag him into some foolishness and I hope Jeanette can do the same.

The FCC is going to require identification of foreign government sponsored radio content. The views funded by the Kremlin, such as Sputnik, must be transparent. WZHF 1390 AM, owned by Arthur Liu, must be identified. Translator 105.5 FM, owned by Communications Attorney John Garziglia, must also be properly identified. Both facilities are funded by the Kremlin. The owners must register as Russian Agents.

Re: "They don’t even have a token minority evening part-time host. I cannot believe that is an area with high levels of black population cannot find one intelligent black voice to put on the air." I'm pretty sure that's false. It seems like any time I listen on the weekend or at night there is a black male host, sometimes two together. There is the guy from channel 9's morning show, Reese, who is on a lot. Last week Chris Miles from CSN was on at least one night when I tuned in. I think there is another guy too, but I can't remember the name. It will be telling if they don't promote an African American host into a full time premiere role now though. I think Chad is really talented, but I'm guessing there are as many people who didn't listen because of him as will stop listening because they're angry he got fired. The comparison to WHUR and WKYS is BS. Those stations target African American listeners. I would assume 106.7 targets all sports listeners, white or black, or Hispanic/Asian for that matter.

DCRTV Dave talks to the Sadly Lacking Radio podcast about the big DC radio news involving Chad Dukes' termination from WJFK, 106.7 The Fan, and what's up with former WJFKer Mike O'Meara and his podcast crew. Apparently they've not happy with DCRTV (so what else is new). Listen here...

Interesting story in the NYP about Sunday Night Football possibly going to ABC. nypost.com... I just can't imagine a scenario where NBC lets that happen. The dominoes that would fall if it does though would cause lots of heat in the media landscape. Hypothetically speaking, according to the article, Disney would take on Sunday and Monday night games. That would leave Fox and NBC to battle it out for Thursday games which don't have much quality and have been money losers for every rightsholder that has had it since the NFL Network opened up TNF rights for all. Did a mini-podcast on the implications of this potential move if you're interested in the topic: www.youtube.com

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any truth to the rumors of Chick Hernandez and or Carol Maloney taking over the afternoon spot on WJFK ?

WJFK: The late Timmy Obibene (sp?) doesn't count? Peter Rosenberg doesn't count? The guy from the Honey Nut Cheerios commercial doesn't count? We've done the Catholic president experiment, we've done the regrettable blue dress experiment, we've done the black president experiment, we've done the LaVar Arrington experiment. It's often said that voters in small states have more voting power because of the electoral college but no one follows up with the obvious corollary: DC voters with their 3 electoral votes have disproportionate voting power. I'd like to see a black governor of Maryland and a white mayor of DC, because color is the most important thing, right? Gus in the Gaithersburg

RE: "It has bothered me for sometime that WJFK." I feel the opposite. It has bothered me that WHUR and WMMJ don't have ONE weekday white host. I guess we are even? Actually no. That is two stations to one. That is a lot more hosts than JFK's seven before Chad left. LaVar was terrible, by the way. You sound a lot like the other two posts in here trying to rock the boat. Ie, "not one white host" and "Mean and racist". Both received responses but had no guts to reply. Tell me why WHUR and WMMJ don't hire white hosts and then bitch about JFK. If not, go away. You're one of those racist's....Complain and bitch but no answers.

It has bothered me for quite some time that WJFK has employed not one lead host on the radio for its dayparts. They don’t even have a token minority evening part-time host. I cannot believe that is an area with high levels of black population cannot find one intelligent black voice to put on the air. I am no bleeding-heart liberal. But I am someone who would like to hear another authentic point of view. There are intelligent black radio technicians, producers, sports hosts and commentators that exist in the world. I don’t understand why WJFK cannot find even one black technical or on-air talent. It has been over thirty years. They had LaVar RaShad Arrington but when he left the station, they could not find a replacement? Now that I know the real thoughts of Chad Dukes, I can see why not. And since I think Chris Kinard seems to be a sycophant of Chad Dukes, I can see why now. The station’s nickname in the black community is 106.7 The KLAN for a reason.

Re: All the messages about musical "anchors" at WTTG. I've stopped trying to watch. If they want me back in the morning (most unlikely) they'll have one person (hopefully Steve or Wisdom) real the real news, without opinions or celebrity gossip, and have traffic and weather at the times they advertise (not whenever the gossipers finally stop blabbing). Just think how much more real news they could cover in the time they now waste with idle chit-chat.

Let's start the week with the TMOS line of the week: Mike O'Mera "I am not one of those to well on the negative". I fell out of my chair laughing...

Jeanette Reyes, May be “the best anchor in the country” right now? Who wrote that? Her husband? I understand she’s good, but the promos and comments the anchors are reading from the teleprompter (which are the exact comments every hour by different anchors) are making her seem like Oprah’s coming to Fox5.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. "In the end, we’ll remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’ MLK. Chad Dukes fired for "racist and other inappropriate comments." on Big O & Dukes Podcast. Legit question. As of this post, why hasn't Oscar Santana Zeballos publically supported Chad Dukes? Coward? #VOTE

RE: Has WJFK ever employed a black host: Yes, on weekends, they have. Why the question? Does HUR have white hosts? How about WMMJ (Magic). I ask you why you ask about about JFK? Does El Zol have English Hosts?

Most of 4’s main talent is working on a 2 week rotation, where they spend 2 weeks working from home and 2 in the building. It’s going to be this way through the end of the year. I’m guessing the person who is talking about Doug, hasn’t seen Bill Kelly who has created a mini Weather Channel to stay at home for as long as possible and has not been to Rosslyn even during bad weather since March.

Has WJFKkK ever employed a black host? Why are there zero minorities represented on the air in 2020?

JFK's Line UP on Their Website: www.radio.com

Imus using the "N word," he most certainly did, admitting to 60 Minutes, when cornered. A simple LexisNexis search revealed: Mr. Imus (to Mike Wallace) : “Give me an example. Give me one example of one racist incident.” Mike Wallace; “You told Tom Anderson, the producer, in your car, coming home, that Bernard McGuirk is there to do 'n***** jokes.'” Mr. Imus said, “Well, I’ve nev — I never use that word.” Mr. Wallace turning to Tom Anderson; “Tom?” Mr. Anderson; "I'm right here..." Mr. Imus; “Did I use that word?” Mr. Anderson; “I recall you using that word.” Mr. Imus; “Oh, OK Well, then I used that word. But I mean — of course, that was an off-the-record conversation.

I know it's soon but the bumper that totes the Junks, G&D, and Dukes lineup was played twice during the Junkies this am. I find that interesting. I am less interesting is whether Ryan Kerrigan get's traded....(20+ minutes so far) than Duke's status. I would rather hear them discuss Dukes like most listeners. G&D are fine midday.....They are not a drive team. I would take Awad and his lower IQ Sat morning callers! OOBBEE.

Speaking of Channel 4, they have Johnny Holliday on their staff doing first class special interviews. I doubt he would want to anchor every night but he's the most recognizable sports guy they have. I'm sure Leon, Doreen, Jim and Wendy would have a ball with him like Jim Vance and George Michael used to play off each other. Channel 4 anchors doing sports just doesn't cut it and 4 is the top rated news source in town.

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hey gus i said plante had said he he had used the n word in the past not imus and it was no big deal U cool with that Wmal is i guess cuz hes still there

I saw the Promo this weekend on Fox5 about Jeannette Reyes. She may be the best anchor in the country right now. Who hasn’t seen her viral videos? That is a strong lineup Fox5 is putting together!

Jeannette Reyes, Starting 12/7 - WTTG !

Jeanette Reyes’ husband is Robert Burton, the sports guy over at WJLA. She used to previously work at WJLA as well. Thinking she may have wanted to be here w/her husband & Allison’s leaving gave her the opportunity. Fox5 sure is making a big deal about her. Is it really necessary to promote her as being bilingual & especially that her husband works at a competing station?

At NBC4, it looks like their on-air weather team have returned to broadcasting from the studio on a regular basis. Except for Doug Kammerer, that is. Guess being the “chief” has its perks. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m sick of seeing the weather teases where he’s swinging on his porch swing, walking around his neighborhood or throwing a football to his kids. And I’m glad it’s almost winter now so we don’t have to hear him talking about how tall his grass is and whine about having to mow it. Just focus on the weather, weatherman. On another note, looks like they’ve ditched sports completely. Over the past several months, or perhaps even longer, they’ve had Cary Chow (who I guess was freelancing), Moises Lianres from Telemundo, various NBCSportsWashington talent and even WTOP sports anchors doing sportscasts but now it’s just the news anchors reading a sports story or two.

I saw a Fox5 promo during the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints game introducing Jeannette Reyes as the new morning anchor. According to the promo, she will be starting in December as a bilingual anchor with a husband working on a competing network.

So the words "Skin Tone" are mean and racist??? I guess "We means" you are a person of color? If Chad said "Black Skin" would it be mean and racist? Or, if he said "N skin" would it be mean and racist? If he said "I don't like Melania's or Madona's skin tone", is that mean and racist? Please respond. OOBBEE

I’ve always thought Grant and Danny would make a better afternoon drive show at WJFK, hopefully Entercom decides to give Chad’s slot to them and finds another midday crew.

Those are mean and racist comment about black people. This is the first time I heard someone said we have bad skin tone. Even if you don`t agreed with the issues he could have just use it not the color of your skin instead of using such a harmful words.

N-word creep: A poster whose keyboard is apparently in menopause because it has no period wrote: "as regarding dukes I distinctly remember chris plante in defending don imus say he had used the n word and it was no big deal I actually complained about it with no response" Memo to dude: The SHIFT KEY is actually a thing. The n-word that Imus used was "nappy-headed" and whoever disregarded your complaint was quite right so to do. Is "cromulent" the new c-word? Whatever shall I do? Gus in the Gaithersburg

Ivy Savoy-Smith. Imagine my surprise. I seem to remember that Howard Stern once got fired. GitG

If those are indeed the remarks that got Dukes fired, they are the remarks that should get him hired if there were anyone in radio with a brain. Philadelphia? Real nice town. It'd be a shame if anything happened to it. Gus Shorting DC Commercial Real Estate in the mmmmphh!

Dave's response: My guess is that Chad Dukes probably had a long list of gripes/incidents/issues with his bosses at Entercom DC/WJFK in the bag and this latest incident was just the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. And, lacking stellar ratings, he's toast. That's the biz.....

Will FCC Chairman Pai be around after the election? I doubt it! What has he accomplished in the last four years? Did he drain the swamp at the FCC? I don't think so.

Dave's response: The FCC has had bad commissioners when either party's in power. Such a shame.....

FCC approves all Digital Programming for AM Stations. How will this help AM Stations? No one has come up with a good answer. I have five AM analog receivers in my home but no HD Receivers. Will there be a big rush to buy HD Receivers? I doubt it! There is nothing on AM that I can't get on FM.

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