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DCRTV Mailbag - December 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020

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I have read multiple times and been told directly by Ted Venetoulis himself that a group of area Baltimore investors have made several offers to purchase The Baltimore Sun from Tribune, but Venetoulis himself told me directly that Tribune has not once responded to any offer for the newspaper, either negatively or positively. They just refuse to entertain any offers. I guess on one level, it makes sense. Who would you sell a monopoly? The Sun bought the CITY PAPER and shut it down, bought out most of the local newspapers including the closest competition, the Annapolis paper. Selling The Sun would be like admission that you’re not a newspaper company and don’t know how to run a newspaper even in a one newspaper town with no indie or alternative newspapers even! If you fail at that, don’t you really suck?

stevesolomon (@Steve Solomon) Tweeted: Make sure you tune in tomorrow 12/31 as I host solo on @team980 filling in for @czabe. I'll be on around 4:30pm (after the Armed Forces bowl ends). Fun, frivolity, suckers, year end awards, and we'll play "Ask Solly"! Excited for the opportunity. I hope it's not a disaster.

In response to tom in Wheaton , Awadd show on WJFK is moving to 12-3pm on Saturday, and Czabe is 9am-12

Listening to 106.7 since Chad was dropped and was thinking that JFK should just have "guest" hosts forever. The age of the personality host is gone. Particularly when it comes to sports talk, who cares who is hosting? Read the scores, posit questions, take calls. So easy a caveman could do it...

"The FCC will now allow Foreign Ownership of Broadcast Stations to exceed the 25% CAP." That's been happening for some time and was discussed here back in September. Old news. Dave, contrary to what Wikipedia might say, 12 pm is midnight (it would be absurd to go from 11 pm to 12 am) and there is no 12 am because the "a" means "before" and the "m" means "noon". Noon can't be before noon. What there is is 12 m, i.e. 12 noon. If I ruled the world, a horrifying thought, everything between midnight and 1 am, e.g. 12:53 would be designated pm. Gus in the Confession Dial

I must say it would have been a better Czab message if he said he is no longer gonna be on the radio. That would have the end of 2020 a little better. Czab, who thinks everything he says is fact and funny, is so wrong and wrong. To Dave and all DCRTV fans, not Czab, Happy New Year.

Re: "there is no longer a Hot AC station in Loudo[u]n County": While WAFY (Key 103) doesn't have a great signal either, it does cover Loudoun decently and is probably the best replacement. I start losing it a few minutes over the PW and Fairfax lines with WJMA and WMET's translator co-channel. As for Dave: "What about 97.1 WASH? They've pretty much evolved into a hot AC format, haven't they?" Not really, you'll still hear 80s cuts on WASH with few currents - too soccer mom-oriented for my taste...

Looking back on the DCRTV months gone by, As a new year starts and an old one ends, We contemplate what brought us all joy, We think of Dave moving the Malebag to the front page. Recalling all the clubhouse happy times, Remembering how Gus In Gaithersburg and The Real AHHH enriched our lives, We reflect upon who really counts. As the fresh and bright DCRTV 2021 new year arrives. A clean malebag slate on which to write. Malebaggers, may this new year find you healthier and happier, peaceful, content, satisfied.,Dave, our appreciation and support never ends. Happy New Year! [Even to you Don ‘Get Off My Digital Lawn’ Geronimo]

Czabe's announcement raises questions. Who will host the now-vacant afternoon shifts on WTEM and WJFK? And what happens to Awadd's Saturday morning show on WJFK? - Tom in Wheaton

Tribune Surges on hedge fund Alden Deal Inquiry at $520 Million Value, Tribune company owns the Baltimore Sun and a batch of other Maryland newspapers finance.yahoo.com

Why do so many stations cluster so many ads together? Given that listeners know that the ads come in long blocks, that provides more incentive to change stations, or to sign up for a service that lacks ads, like XM. They could run ads in short segments, as I remember some stations doing in the past. Is it so they can claim that they have long blocks of music, in between the long blocks of ads? --Rockville Bob

Now that Educational Media Foundation (EMF) has taken over WINC-FM 92.5 FM, there is no longer a Hot AC station in Loudon County. The format is now heard just in Winchester. They did move the Call Letters over to 105.5 FM in Berryville. This Class A station only covers Winchester.

Dave's response: What about 97.1 WASH? They've pretty much evolved into a hot AC format, haven't they? And they cover Loudoun (two "u"s) pretty good.....

twitter.com/czabe: Steve Czaban @czabe... Ring out the old... ring in the new....

Dave's response: "12 am" is techically midnight. Does that mean he'll be on from 9 pm to midnight? Or does he actually mean 9 am to 12 pm (noon)? Or it could be a marathon 9 am to 12 am (midnight) show.....

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RE:#Chad is racist = BSER = get a life. Must be one of the BOAD hangers on losers or BOAD throw away losers. Get a life. Chad is back in ten days with his podcast. #What do you do loser? BOAD won in Zona and JFK. Chad won on JFK. BOAD Podcast won for over ten years. Again, #What did you do loser???? 2021 finds Chad on a successful podcast, Oscar going 10+ years at TMOS and Podcast Village, and Drab kicking ass on the JFK with the Junks. Back to #what did you do except use # on a post to DCRTV loser??? You are a loser. What do you do? Yes, besides being a loser and post to DCRTV using #? #loser should go away while Chad, Oscar, and Drab continue to win. Only a loser would be overly proud of knowing a winners off air given name. Wow, you know how to use Goggle like your great grandfather loser! #Donate to Chad's startup. #Dave gets some too. OOBBEE

Sounds like EMF has put their worship Air1 format on 92.5. In their legal ID, they're saying "WLWX Winchester — Washington" which is rather interesting as the two cities are quite far apart. Perhaps they'll change the city of license to Leesburg, Manassas, or something like that? Regardless, they've got quite the powerful signal now, reaching from as far West as Cumberland, MD and areas far out in West Virginia, to as far South as Harrisonburg and parts of the Charlottesville market, to as far Southeast as Fredericksburg, up to as far North as Frederick and Carroll County, MD and even up to Chambersburg and Gettysburg, PA to some extent. Sounds like they've also struck some kind of deal with iHeart to relay on an HD subchannel of 97.1, which I find surprising. Why not just on the HD2 of their own 107.3? Sounds like the WINC call letters are now on 105.5 with the "105 WINC-fm" branding. I guess Fredericksburg's 101.5, Frederick's 103.1, and Baltimore's 106.5 are the only Hot AC stations that serve portions of the D.C. market now.

The Redskins name was only changed, not because of media, public, or even Indian pressure, but for one more simple reason, Stadium Economics. Danny Snyder knew that there was no way he’d get ANY stadium money from ANY place without changing the name. Money talks, bullshit walks.

Sinclair has filed an extremely low power experimental permit for channel 24 in Hunt Valley from the roof of their HQ building. The purpose is to test the brand new test units of One Media’s TV Phone. So if you see anyone in Hunt Valley watching Fox 45 News on their phone at Burger King or the Starbucks, you’ll know what he or she’s doing. :-)

"Richard Lewis must be turning over in his grave" Geez. Why do you think the Lewis boys sold the stations? They got out of all of their markets at very good/high prices. I imagine the only thing the Lewis' are doing is lighting another yule log (or cigar) with another of their stacks of cold hard American currency. Don't forget the poor sap who sold the station to EMF for about 1/16 of what he paid for them not too long ago...oooph.

Why is WMAL's website such a piece of crap when other station sites using the same template are epic successes? I'm about to whip out my toaster. P.S. Chad's "given name" is "Chad" and he uses it professionally or at least used to. Insert joke about conjoined twin Jeremy living in his belly here. Gus in the kitchen

Hey Dave, I went to a home Washington Football Team game last month, and the name "Redskins" had been completely scrubbed inside and outside the stadium. Nowhere to bee seen. Removed, gone, they didn't even have vintage "Redskins" jerseys in the sports shop. No food venders had the word on any menu offerings, either. Completely gone. Good riddance.

I just watched the very touching virtual funeral service for my first Washington, DC, radio boss, Ted Dorf. I join many others in owing Ted a lot. He was a fine manager who got the best out of people. Jim Bohannon, Westwood One

The FCC will now allow Foreign Ownership of Broadcast Stations to exceed the 25% CAP. Univision just received approval to do this. The FCC will review this on a case by case basis.

FCC Chairman Pai leaves on 1/20/21. No replacement has been named yet. Biden will need to appoint a woman or Minority to replace Chairman Pai.

My how things have changed in DC local TV. Did Annie Yu ever think there would be a day she would be vacationing Christmas week while Allison Seymour filled in for her on her and Reese’s Show? And last year, did Allison think she’d be working the Holidays reading Reese’s Most DC thing ever while the main anchors were off?

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It appears Educational Media has begun programming Christian rock on 92.5, (the former WINC-FM) this afternoon as anticipated. WINC-FM is now found only on Centennial's 2 class A signals at 104.9 & 105.5, reducing the coverage to a fraction of 92.5. Richard Lewis must be turning over in his grave.

I’m glad i ticked someone off and accidentally got more information. Now we know you’ll be getting ABC, CBS, NBC, & FOX on WIAV 58 on RF channel 30 at 48kw in NextGen 4K TV soon. A lot of NextGen TV rollouts have started on LPTV stations, but WIAV is unique at 48kw, much more than 15kw. They have more power due to the WETA fiasco of switching to channel 31 at 1000kw. 15kw adjacent to 1000kw in close proximity would have had some problematic issues in ATSC 1.0, so WIAV got lucky by WETA being unlucky getting channel 14. ATSC 3.0 has much better adjacent channel rejection. Most people think of Sinclair as an overly political company, but at their core, the father was an engineer and not only the owner of WBFF, but its engineer and they have also quietly turned into a technology company recently showing off the first Broadcast TV smart phone. One Media is owned by Sinclair along with South Korean interests and just announced the very first NextGen TV 5G Smartphone, that will actually receive WRC, WTTG, WJLA, and WUSA 9. They’re not actually commercially available yet, but Sinclair is sending test units out to stations in NextGen markets for testing as we speak. This explains why the rest of the sharing agreement attachment says that more sharing agreements are pending. So yes DC, 4K Broadcast TV is coming soon.

Regarding the mindless person who doesn't want the word Redskins mentioned on local sportstalk radio, I'd advise you listen to other types of stations. I call all the time and will ALWAYS use the team name Redskins. As far as I'm concerned, they are and will always be the Redskins. And there is zero wrong with using the term with reference to the team. The name was changed due to a pissing contest among the owners. Had zero to do with anything else.

#TheChadDukesShow:: RAC-IST:: prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. #ChadDukes-SissonNeverDeniedRacistContentOnBOAD #FiredFromEntercom #Happy Kwanzaa! #DonateToDavesChristmas2020

Hank Stuever signs off as Washington Post TV critic www.washingtonpost.com

Have to wonder who’s in charge of music selected for the Fox5 morning shows. Yesterday they were doing a story on an increase of super gonorrhea cases & were playing the song “Let it Burn” in the background. Really??!!!

WGAY is now WSAD--Theodore Ralph Dorf, age 94, August 20,1926 - December 25, 2020, fondly known as Ted, passed away after a long battle with cancer surrounded by his loving family. Ted was a loving husband to the love of his life Joan; devoted father to Caren Dorf (Zak Kreisman) and Mark Dorf; incredible grandfather to his grandsons Howie and Jesse, as well as a caring uncle to many nieces and nephews. After serving in the U.S. Army during World War II, he returned home and graduated from Temple University. Following college, Ted started what would become a long career in radio broadcasting where he eventually became Vice President and general manager of WGAY and WWRC. He was a pioneer in the industry and was highly respected, sitting on many boards and staying involved throughout the years. Ted enjoyed sports, traveling, gardening and collecting Chinese art; holding offices on the International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society. He also was a proud member of Oasis and their men's group. Despite a long battle with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, his love for his family never diminished and he lived his life to the fullest until the end. Due to COVID 19, services are closed to immediate family only. In his honor, donations can be made to Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation: 4330 East West Highway #230, Bethesda, MD, 20814. Services entrusted to Sagel Bloomfield Danzansky Goldberg Funeral Care. www.sagelbloomfield.com

Mr. Tony will be on the air 3 days this week , Tuesday-Thursday

Chad Dukes Show - Thanks for signing up youtu.be

"I’d strongly recommend that the stations’ management institute a zero tolerance policy as soon as possible - instruct show producers to prevent the offensive term from ever going out over the air and suspend or dismiss any show host who refuses to abandon all usage of it." C'mon now! Sounds like the whining of a man who can't cope. For me they will always be the whore cavorting sexual misconducting midseason coach firing tree murdering midget-owned Redskins, not fit to clean up John Riggins' dumps. Of course some of Riggo's dumps are larger and better than the current owner. Mama's gonna make all of your nightmares come true / Mama's gonna put all of her fears into you / Mama's gonna keep you right here under her wing / She won't let you fly but she might let you sing / Mama's gonna keep baby cosy and warm / Hungry looks very much like evil from the wrong side of the cutlery. Gus on guess which side of the cutlery

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BOAD is Gone. Dukes is off JFK. TMOS and Mr. Tony are off this week. The Junks are down to two people this week and one is JP. What a guy to do at work???? OOBBEE

Do the color analysts on Washington Football Team radio broadcasts get paid by the word? - sounded like diarrhea of the mouth by Julie Donaldson and D. Hall between nearly every two plays of yesterday’s game and I found myself yelling “shut up!” at the radio more than once. Back in the Sonny, Sam and Frank era, three or four plays would often go by without Jurgensen or Huff saying a thing - they understood the need to let the game breathe and when they did choose to comment it was nearly always insightful and revealing. Speaking of the WFT, I’ve been noticing an alarming upsurge in mentions of the abandoned team name on 106.7 The Fan and 980 The Team (one recent caller to Brian Mitchell’s show actually corrected himself but then went on to use the old name five or six more times). I heard Steve Czaban (on 980) argue that it’s acceptable to use it when referring to the past history of the franchise - that’s akin to claiming it’s okay to use the N-word in reference to something that happened in 1915 because that was part of the everyday conversation back then. I’d strongly recommend that the stations’ management institute a zero tolerance policy as soon as possible - instruct show producers to prevent the offensive term from ever going out over the air and suspend or dismiss any show host who refuses to abandon all usage of it.

Is Czabe gone???? Rooster is back on TEM today. OOBBEE

Since everyone else has completely misunderstood what is going on with WMDO-CD - they are moving from sharing with WIAV-CD (58.1, RF 30, 48 kW) to sharing with WDCO-CD (10.1, RF 24, 15 kW). That is all! Entravision filed to dissolve the existing channel-share agreement, which will be followed by the new one. fcc.gov... This would clear the way for WIAV-CD to begin ATSC 3.0 operation. Nothing is changing with anything Sinclair owns, and the assertion that "Sinclair is now stuck with the equivalent of just one LPTV signal" is also just laughably wrong.

Entravision’s WMDO 47, DC’s UniMas network station is dumping Sinclair’s WIAV 58 (TBD). Sinclair has yet to file anything, but it’s assumed that WIAV will move to Sinclair’s other LPTV, WDCO 10. So it appears that Sinclair is now stuck with the equivalent of just one LPTV signal in DC with both WIAV and WDCO on RF channel 24 soon.

In his memoir ‘Newsman,’ TV’s Pat Collins sticks to his story www.washingtonpost.com

"People assume that Rabbitears is always correct, but not so it seems. Southern PA’s WRZH channel 3 has had a License to Cover for quite some time, but Rabbitears still says they are off the air. This is used to be the Dover translator of WMDT TV, but no longer, moved to another market and sold twice and apparently on the air with something." Blindly following FCC filings is a great way to be wrong about station operating status, given that a number of stations which tell the FCC they're on the air actually are not. Do you have a screenshot of WRZH-LD? TSReader data? Spectrum analyzer trace? Picture of the transmitter in operation? A quote from the station's engineer? Seen it on the air with your own eyes? Anything at all besides an FCC filing? Seems unlikely, based on the word "apparently" in the quoted message. Provide any evidence at all to the RabbitEars webmaster that it is operating and he will update it. A lot of RabbitEars listings are based on information from local viewers, since the webmaster is not omniscient. If you have data that would improve RabbitEars, e-mail it to him. Anonymously complaining about it in random places will not allow it to be corrected.

I could not agree more with the post about Sarah Caldwell and her photoshopped selfies. She did not like being off air and word is she is DESPERATE to be back in the spotlight. Very interesting how she overpassed so many others at Fox for that job....

People assume that Rabbitears is always correct, but not so it seems. Southern PA’s WRZH channel 3 has had a License to Cover for quite some time, but Rabbitears still says they are off the air. This is used to be the Dover translator of WMDT TV, but no longer, moved to another market and sold twice and apparently on the air with something. fccdata.org

Sarah Caldwell's poorly photoshopped selfies are deployed on social media like clockwork om weekends. She's so desperate to be relevant.

"But the poster seems to be saying that TV reception is worse since the gummint mandated it go digital" is all I said. Cool your jets and slow your roll Slim. If you must lecture at least have the grace to keep a tube sock handy. And my goodness, how longwinded! [Stuff about Cumberland] All I said was "Western Maryland" l'i'l'b'i'i't'c'h'. Because I was responding to what someone *actually said*. Try it sometime. "Cumberland" (if it even exists) is your deal. Gus in utter disdain

As TMOS keeps proving, special guests are so much funnier than the usual usual. (Ie, Nicky) A golfing buddy of Mike’s who has a real radio sports gig in Ft. Meyer came on in the beginning of the first hour of last week’s happy hour show. He was entertaining and funny. Maybe Bob and Oscar should choose a new third wheel? Maybe CK can get him for afternoons on JFK? It was really strange hearing a Fort Meyers local not bitch about people’s age, health, eating habits, hands on COSTCO food, etc… Also, I always assumed that the bonus show paid for advertising on the free show. If the business is run correctly they do account for this for obvious reasons. I am sure Oscar learned this in MBA classes. Just like I am sure others associated with the show pay for things like skin care advertising, right? This is just good business practice. It helps both sides. If not, it’s a good thing there are no stockholders. And, then you have to ask about the business relationship they have with Podcast Village.

Caught the Wizards game on TV the other night. The pre and post game shows are unbelievably weak. Who the heck is this Wes Hall guy? Talk about unwatchable. Glen Consor was doing the analyst job on the call of the game and he was terrific. The play. by play person who replaced Steve Buckhantz is as boring as they come. Why would they say goodbye to Buckhantz who is one of the top play by play voices in the NBA and hire someone with such little talent too try and fill Buck's shoes? It's a disaster. Same goes for Phil Chenier. I really miss those guys as I'm sure most Wizzards fans do as well.

Hey Pete and Earl on JFK: Karma and no culture is greater than Haskin's starting the game. What would Earl say today to the kid he told to "Move on, life is not fair". How about Pete saying winning for the players today was bigger than building a wining culture for Rivera. Maybe that was the mantra for the last 20 years that Rivera was brought in to change?

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Yep, Gus is wrong again. The “gummint” f’d up the DTV transition and every engineer knows that. The entire world chose a different standard that works while we chose one promoted by a failing American TV manufacturer, Zenith Television, who went bankrupt shortly after the DTV transition and stuck us with the failed 8-VSB modulation method that the rest of the world rejected. At the time, the world was using COFDM and Sinclair proposed COFDM for America as well, but was rejected as at the time Zenith was a bigger lobbying group in Washington. So yeah, that’s how you got your failed DTV system that doesn’t get reception indoors anymore. ATSC 3.0 is as close to an admission of guilt that you could possibly have as it’s based on COFDM as a foundation of all the other goodies. And now, the Zenith brand is Korean owned and there are no American television technology companies to suggest a competing standard. so yes, Gus, we’re going to have the South Korean TV standard and Europe will likely adjust their DVB systems, based on similar technology to these features too. And Gus is wrong on transportation too. There is no MARC service from Cumberland MD, only the Brunswick line which is not close to Cumberland. AMTRAK’s Capitol Limited sometimes stops in Cumberland on its way to DC, but nobody’s paying that much money to commute daily. Only Gus the Village Idiot would believe his own nonsense.

When Fredericksburg had an NBC affiliate...

The Chairman of the FCC leaves the building on 1/20/21. Who will Biden choose to replace him? It will probably be a Minority. Who do you think?

Sorry, don't care about out- of-market Garrett County. Still less about TV reception in the ski lodge. But the poster seems to be saying that TV reception is worse since the gummint mandated it go digital, and seems to be ignorant of the number of train commuters from Western Maryland to DC. Gus in serene apathy

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Dave: Good afternoon and Happy New Year. It was a treat to hear Doc Walker on Kevin Sheehan podcast yesterday. Doc and Al Galdi were a great team and I miss them in the morning. Where will Doc land in the new year and where will the Rooster, Chris Russell land? Bill in Gainesville

A simpler, friendlier time down on Connecticut Avenue in the 1970s. P of the AWABC Bureau Christmas greetings old location street window - Helen Westwood.jpg

Sorry, tired of the typical DC Whine and Cheese. Baltimore is clearly the most restricted TV DMA in the northeast, on ALL sides too. DC has a lot of counties down in VA, and western Maryland, which are not even DC-connected in any way. So Cry me a river. Baltimore also has the least # of TV stations of practically every northeast TV market. Even Scranton, Syracuse, you name it, name nearly any northeast market smaller than Baltimore and they have more TV stations. So give it up DC, you swallowed up Western Maryland and they still hate you. You have counties that don’t even want you! Garrett County is also in the Pittsburgh market, so I don’t think they’re as restricted either. They seem clueless as to what to watch there. At the ski resort, you can get WJLA, but not anywhere else as well as all the Pittsburgh TV stations. But I will say, in McHenry once, without cable TV, even stringing a wire antenna to the roof of the chalet with someone climbing the rafters I only got us WTAE & KDKA barely and snowy. Without cable TV now you’d get nothing today in Garrett County unless on top of a mountain.

Yes, I saw Pat Collins making a fool of himself reading "The Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve. It was terrible. I agree NBC4 has the best news staff but Pat Collins has been clowning on-air through the past several years and it may be his time to retire. Maybe he can also take that "Snowstick" of his and...

#DAVESCHRISTMAS2020 Just a Merry Christmas Day Yippee-ki-yay reminder that the annual READER sponsored DCRTV holiday fundraiser is winding down on December 31st. Today, between your eggnog & brandy, zoom family conference calls and watching XMas classics Die Hard & Bad Santa, take a moment and Paypal Dave a $5, $10 $20I donation - or match my $100. Especially during these pandemic times, giving is good for the soul - especially to legit and good-guy Santa Dave Hughes. If you haven't helped support DCRTV lately, you can do it safely via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send some holiday dough to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655. Signed, John McClane, The Real AHHHH

Dave's response: Thanks for the reminder! Yeah, if you've enjoyed DCRTV this past year how about a few bucks of support. Greatly appreciated.....

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Anyone see NBC4’s Pat Collins yearly reading of Twas The Night Before Christmas during the 11 PM news last night? Another reminder of why channel 4 is the news leader in this TV market. For all you Fox 5 complainers- hey, when are you going to switch? [I did when Brian Bolter left in 2013 and never looked back.]

Reminder: In a week WNVC will have been gone two years, along with it's older sibling WNVT. Which, since the start of the digital era was the one station I could get over the air pretty reliably. Merrifield Tower was built for WNVC. WFDC came on the air AFTER the tower was several years old. What is now WMAL 105.9 moved there from the Mount Vernon Woods site while it was WCXR during it's first foray into classic rock. My problem with WNVC/WNVT starts when they were bought by the organization that is behind WCVE and WCVW in Richmond and WHTJ in Charlottesville. They operated WNVC/WNVT for years through the construction of WNVC One day they just announced that they were shutting down WNVT and WNVC to "Make improvements to WCVE and WCVW." Sounds good! Sounds like they are re-investing the money in their core business, maybe even fixing the WCVW signal to where some people outside the immediate city of Richmond and it's immediate area can actually watch the damn thing! Instead, they used that money to EAT WVPT/WVPY in the Shenandoah Valley! The famous website WVPT.org now re-directs to WCVE's Website and there is less local content! Everybody in the state except the Tidewater and SW Virginia gets screwed!

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So - Dave, For me, my irritation at the use of “So” beginning a reply (it’s almost always certain to be a reply) dates back to around 2004. I do not recall “so” being a thing during my four Navy years in the 70s (Radioman), or during the next 20-25 years I worked as a Federal employee (again, communications). Around 2004-2005, I started to notice it. It was “always” an engineer doing it. More specifically in my work space, electrical engineers. Now, over the decades, I had watched these engineers evolve, taking on the habits and phraseology of their more senior colleagues. A bit like the pilots adopting the swagger and laid back twang that became famous with Chuck Yeager (as pointed out by Tom Wolfe, one of the reasons the pilot voices on your Delta flight all sound so similar; they may be from Queens, but they sound as though they grew up in Houston). Engineers have the same hierarchical pyramid, the same need to appear as though they have the "right stuff” (see what I did there). But here’s the real key to the reason “so” became a thing. You ask an engineer a question. Beginning the response with “So” conveys something specific and purposefully condescending. It conveys “I of course fully anticipated your very simple question, and I will attempt to reply in a way you may understand”. I often found that the person speaking in fact had no clue, but, hey, they started the reply with “so”, so they must know what they are talking about, right. They may have no idea, but they at least sound condescending. So, that’s my take on it. :) Joe from Virginia

Speaking of Rooster and JFK, who was on in Czabe's TEM slot today??? The Rooster himself. A glimpse of things to come? And, he was excited. He sounded like he found ground beef at $1.79/LB. OOBBEE

Pete and Earle were so argumentative with callers disagreeing with their view on Riveragate on JFK yesterday. They actually yelled at callers. I never heard Pete that agitated. Were they told to disagree Danny and Rooster's POV to "keep it fresh"? Today, Michael Phillips calls in with the anti-Rivera view he wrote about and they were so polite and understanding. Think of this in Stuart Smally’s voice…”Well, I can see your point” and “That could be true”. Maybe they drank some Holiday cheer today before the show today?? Those tough sports radio muscles went bye bye with a pro on the line.

Happy DCRTV Birthday to our COVID hero, Dr. Anthony Fauci , America's top health expert, who turns 80 today - Christmas Eve. Like on Thanksgiving, Dr.Fauci says his adult daughters will not be visiting him and his wife for Christmas because they're obeying COVID rules. On their TMOS Holiday Cocktail Party, red wine drinking Carla O'Meara, much to Mike O'Meara's death stare, let it be known that Mike was flying family into Lee County, Florida for X-MAS. His daughter & boyfriend ? Just like Thanksgiving, O'Meara is the COVID douche hypocrite of Christmas 2020. #DonateToDavesChristmas2020

There was plenty of reporting about the Comcast/Hearst deal in reputable trade publications, not least of them NorthEast Radio Watch. (Just saying.) As for WNVC, noncommercial licensees don't pay FCC fees. And retaining a separate license carries certain privileges such as must-carry on cable and satellite, in at least some circumstances. Well worth the minimal legal fees and filings that have to be made to retain that separate license. Merry Dave-Mas... - Fybush

Q: Who is more evil? A: Comcast! They have nore holdings in more places and therefore screw more people.

The OTTP (Over the Transom Posse) advises me that the The Mike O'Meara Show had their drunken "bonus" show this week. I'll never know because, y'know, 99 cents. Not worth it. Redskins? Don't know, don't care. Regardless of whether l'il Danny Snyder is a r**ist (could be RAPIST, could be racist, could be he just likes rice), he has driven a once kind of okay NFL team into whatever is below into the ground. Until the Good Lord takes him the Redskins will continue to suck. Like Christmas Day he is dry, cloudy, and cold. Totally doesn't look rapey though! Gus in a sleeping bag with my sweet succulent Jesus

I see Fox has their new anchor Natalie doing the 5pm broadcast. Who the heck is she and how did she bypass being a field reporter first? Her delivery is quite dry & boring. Sheesh.

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The reason no one noticed the WBAL TV Comcast settlement is that neither ever would talk about it and kept it secret, even the deal they struck for Hearst stations nationwide that were supposed to get deleted yesterday. There is no press release at all about it. Comcast was trying to do this in an underhanded way and I’m glad that people in Mass. stood up for their state news. it’s not like COMCAST cares! WGAL TV is also back on near Allentown and parts around there that are technically in the Philly market which does not really cover news there. WTAE Pittsburgh also got to stay on cable systems near Johnstown PA to.

Dave's response: Who is more evil? Comcast or Sinclair? Inquiring minds want to know.....

Dear readers, before you say what you were going to say to the people on either side of you, take a moment to demand that they acknowledge, abide by and help disseminate the NO MORE "SO" rule. You think the covid is a plague? How about radio hosts and guests who say "SO" at the beginning of every sentence? I listened to an interview on WAMU this morning (Jenn White hosting 1A) and the guest said "so" at the beginning of every PHRASE, not just every sentence. This is an involuntary brain problem and reveals a deep lack of self awareness. The word offers no help whatsoever to the thought being imparted. Once I, the listener, notice, it's like having a tarantula stuck to my face. I am begging all radio talk show screeners, hosts, employers to put large signs in every studio, hallway and break room warning of the disease. Politeness has not worked. Max Critic

Sorry to lose WINC-FM 92.5 FM in Loudon County. K-Love bought a great signal. Neither 105.5 FM or 104.9 FM cover Loudon County. The Hot AC Format now covers just Winchester.

I like Pete and Earle on JFK but today they stood up for the team with no name. They both stated that it’s about winning for the team over what is right for “The New Culture” Rivera talked about when he got here. They said it’s OK for the QB to be in pictures all over the net with strippers and no mask. My God, has the Skins mafia crossed over from TEM to JFK already in the swap? They both commented on the $40K fine as being substantial. Pete said specifically, “The Skin’s charity will get a boost”. Are you kidding me? After the tax write off it’s a cheap new car. Kids get to hear this and the news that the sleaze ball owner paid off a woman he sexually assaulted on his private plane in the same week? Hey Pete, forget about the kids. Stop umpiring youth games. Or, call friend’s kids safe if it is good for the other players you know. Integrity goes out the window. Earl said, “Kid there is a double standard, move on.”. Wow, this was after saying had young kids. I hope both those kids listened to them today and asked questions when they come in the door. Pete + Earl = It’s ok for the QB to break the rules during the pandemic. Pete = He did not break a law; yes he did Pete, he did.

The demise of WNVC 56 is a rather curious one. Technically the station still exists, but even as a subchannel, they don’t even call themselves channel 56 anymore. They are just the Channel 41 World Channel for the university in Charlottesville, a shadow of their former selves. I remember watching European soccer on there back in the day, sometimes soccer in Spanish too. They had so many cool programs on when I was in college. Now the station is simply a joke. Why did they even keep the license? I don’t even see the benefit. They continue to pay FCC fees to keep the WNVC calls, but get nothing out of it. Channel 41 can still carry the WORLD Channel without the WNVC calls that are not even channel 56 anymore. Just makes no sense to me. I never got channel 56 in Baltimore, and only once channel 66 back in the WTKK TV days. With ATSC 3.0, I suspect that the Hughes tower will once again be used for TV (WCQR, WFTY, WDCW 50). That tower had a great signal to Baltimore being in northeastern DC and is technically the tallest Tower in DC, but not the best for broadcast due to location. I suspect it will be used again with ATSC 3.0 which is a more localized form of broadcasting. Sister station WNVT also does not identify as channel 53 anymore either nor is it licensed to Goldvein, VA either anymore. Why they keep the calls to me boggles my mind when they have to pay to keep them and they serve no purpose anymore in the DC market. Dave, any ideas?

Dave's response: No. I can't top that.....

Some LPTV musical chairs in DC. Sinclair is shuffling the deck. WDCO will now be shared on WMDO. At 48kw, that’s a near full power TV signal. I assume this means WIAV will be shared on WDCO, but the other arrangements are pending and awaiting for Sinclair to file something. I’m not sure what the purpose is except that WMDO has the strongest signal. They are all on the NBC 4 tower at Ward Circle, so not much engineering involved except that I seem to think that this has something to do with Sinclair’s NextGen TV plans for DC. Entravision’s TV stations have been used a in at least one other market as an ATSC 3.0 starter station. With WDCO on WMDO, Sinclair can now arrange to get WJLA ABC 7 in NextGen TV on channel 30 at 48 kw. WDCO would of course have to reciprocate sharing WMDO in ATSC 1.0 on WDCO. Someone mentioned the old Merrifield Channel 66 tower. It’s highly likely that this will be used for NextGen TV as part of an SFN network. Same with the River Rd. tower and possibly a few others that are no longer used for TV. In full ATSC 3.0 build-outs, around 5 TV or radio towers are used located around the central transmitter. This can actually microlocate enough to give you TV commercials for say, more Northern Virginia than say, Montgomery County or PG.

Dave's response: I don't believe Channel 66 was ever on the Merrifield tower at I-66 and I-495. That was the now-defunct Channel 56/WNVC. Both WJFK and WMAL still use that tower. If I recall correctly, 66 used to be on the tower at Route 123 and Fairfax Parkway in Fairfax Station, south of Fairfax city. I believe that still is WJFK's backup.....

Wamu layoffs twitter.com... "Carmel Delshad - We're saying goodbye to 13 people at WAMU/DCist at the end of the year due to budget constraints. Today, we had a goodbye call. I am gutted and wish we could have kept them all. Journalism has always been a tough industry, but this is an extra hard pill to swallow"

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WDWA-LD's problem was it was causing too much interference to WDVM-TV (at its Hagerstown site, so certainly once it moves to Bluemont) to stay at its current site - it is the last TV facility at the "Channel 66 tower" on 123, although WJFK-FM's backup and the translators for WAVA and WURA are also there. No idea what their plans are, but it's almost certain this move is just an intermediate hop on the way to somewhere else. Perhaps move to RF 24 close enough to Baltimore to protect WDCO-CD, since - as WDWA-LD and WDDN-LD both being on RF 23 illustrated - you can cause as much interference to yourself as you want.....Also, I suppose Salisbury WBAL guy was too busy being hilariously angry to notice Comcast struck a deal to keep all of the distant network affiliates they were going to drop, including WBAL in Harrisburg and outlying parts of Maryland. Allegedly, the catalyst was Massachusetts lawmakers who heard that Boston's WCVB was going to be dropped from parts of the state assigned to the Providence market. tvanswerman.com

"I am surprised and disappointed that, with all the signal issues digital OTA TV has had that the broadcast lobby never seriously sought a similar regulation for their members!" Help me make sense of that, won't you? Isn't "digital OTA TV" already "broadcast"? Isn't it covered by FCC regulations? And to whichever pissant wants to pop his prairie dog head up and point out that I'm "not in the industry"... As a consumer I pay the bills, bitch. Uh, I mean Good Sir! Gus worried about you

Washington’s Daystar religious station has a problem. it’s attempting to move to channel 29, but the transmitter is nearly within the WWPB MPT 31 contour (RF 29). And WMDT (RF 29) is to the east of DC. Unless they move closer to DC, they’ll never be able to have even a kilowatt signal or cover much of DC, let alone Virginia. Channel 29 is about the only available TV frequency left around DC or Baltimore for an LPTV, but not from where they want to transmit, Damascus. I’m surprised the Baltimore Daystar station didn’t take channel 29. Technically they both could use it if the locations & contours are right and they are both Daystar TV stations. www.rabbitears.com — BaltoMedia.net

Re: “Santa Knows Who’s Been Naughty or Nice. LUMP OF COAL”…FU…What Chad said was no big deal. He was set up by an A hole listener who regrets it today. . Entercom wanted no static with the station swap coming up. If you ever listened to or still listen to TMOS, D&M, Howard, The Junks, etc, what Chad said was silly. It’s OK though. Chad is coming back with his own podcast any day now. Look out for it. I wish Matt and Oscar did not have other mainstream jobs to pay their bills or they would join him. Since BOAD went down, I thought making them a monthly live show at Jammin Java with a pay for replay podcast made sense but Covid blocked that. OOBBEE

Santa Knows Who's Been Naughty or Nice. LUMP OF COAL in the Christmas stockings of CHAD DUKES - SISSON & OSCAR SANTANA-CEBALLOS for still trying to 'bury the lede' story of alleged 'racist & inappropriate' behavior on BOAD. #TakeExtremeOwnership #Clients #Advertisers #DonateToDavesChristmas

"...for a network routinely beaten by Nick at Night and CARTOON!" Source of that statistic, please

ABC7/WJLA-TV announced today that it will broadcast an hour ABC7 ON YOUR SIDE News special, 2020: A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER. This documentary style program will reflect on the unprecedented year through the eyes of ABC7 ON YOUR SIDE’s storytellers. The show will consist of personal accounts from ABC7 ON YOUR SIDE news anchors, reporters and staff who witnessed the year’s news events firsthand. 2020: A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER will air Christmas Day, December 25 at 4p.m. on sister cable channel WJLA 24/7 News and Sundays December 27 and January 3 at 5p.m. on ABC7 ON YOUR SIDE, and stream live on wjla.com and Facebook. An extended version of the special will also be available on wjla.com.

[In RE: I watched my last Ravens Wrap Up on WBAL TV. Goodbye Pete Gilbert and Gerry Sandusky. Once again, FUCK YOU COMCAST. I will take your advice on the VPN Dave. And if that works out well, I might just cancel Comcast altogether, although that would delete all the Salisbury TV stations, which are not easily receivable here either. it’s a Catch 22. They know they’ve got us by the balls. I don’t think my HOA even allows large rooftop antennas of any kind here. and I have no attic either.] Outdoor Antennas are allowed in HOA communities per FCC rules. I have a large outdoor tv antenna in Frederick that was professionally installed and aimed to get both D.C. and Baltimore stations in crystal clear HD brilliance. I've never had any complaints from the HOA, with a couple of my neighbors asking about my set-up. (Channel Master Antenna with preamp and amplified splitter in the basement sending the signal to 8 coax outlets prewired in the house). Here is the fcc website with the full rules: www.fcc.gov... JW in Frederick

Just keep in mind with either DirecTV or Dish network An FCC regulation carries the weight of Federal law. The FCC regulation governing the size of Satellite Dish used by DirecTV and Dish essentially says that your Landlord Home Owners Association or Historical Preservation Society CAN impose some regulations AS LONG AS THOSE REGULATIONS DO NOT DENY YOU ACCESS TO THE SERVICE! They CAN say you can't put the dish on a roof as long as there is an alternate place where you CAN put it that it can still pick up the signal. You have to have access in some reasonable way. ANY rule that prevents access is superseded by what amounts to federal law. I am surprised and disappointed that, with all the signal issues digital OTA TV has had that the broadcast lobby never seriously sought a similar regulation for their members!

"The Baltimore Sun has reached a new low. .... essential COVID information .... PAYING SUBSCRIBERS! ... dignity ... Paywall..." I know I'm senile, ignorant of computers, and living in my mother's basement, but tried just now and had no trouble reading the Baltimore Sun. Maybe they filter out whatever it is you are. I remember the great WBAL Imaginary Paywall Caper from a few years back. Gus wishing you all the best

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I watched my last Ravens Wrap Up on WBAL TV. Goodbye Pete Gilbert and Gerry Sandusky. Once again, FUCK YOU COMCAST. I will take your advice on the VPN Dave. And if that works out well, I might just cancel Comcast altogether, although that would delete all the Salisbury TV stations, which are not easily receivable here either. it’s a Catch 22. They know they’ve got us by the balls. I don’t think my HOA even allows large rooftop antennas of any kind here. and I have no attic either.

The Baltimore Sun has reached a new low. Now even essential COVID information is only available to PAYING SUBSCRIBERS! They used to have some dignity about the Paywall, but not anymore. Pay up or DIE says Tribune Publishing! And no private browsing the COVID article is also blocked! The Ravens game, yeah, you can private browse that for free, but not essential COVID INFO! UGH! :-(

RE: DC #8. Nope, try #9 and Baltimore #28!

Correction to a previous post. 2020 has proven there is no longer such a thing as a “professional journalist” anymore. Turn in your card. it’s expired along with your profession. When you censor news and refer to it only as Russian disinformation and it is then confirmed to be being investigated, you have violated any principle of journalism you ever professed to have. You are officially now all professional bloggers with a “narrative to write” almost like fiction writers. Congrats! Maybe you’ll write a great conspiracy novel some day like Tom Clancy. God knows Lawrence O’donnell tries to write a new one every night. You know you’re bad when Martin Sheen fires you as a writer because your stories are too lefty to be believed in a fictional TV show! And that’s the point where MSNBC needs you! HAHA! 2021 PREDICTION: AT&T will raid CNN and clean house as they are close to being insolvent. AT&T will not pay for all those worldwide bureaus for a network routinely beaten by Nick at Night and CARTOON! i was talking to a friend in the UK and he said, “CNN, are you kidding me mate? NOBODY EVER watches that here! We know about it, but nobody watches it ever!"

New Nielsen Rankings.......Atlanta moves up to number 7 and DC moves down to number 8. This is new today......

Here's hoping Santa brings Tom Conroy a new battery for his Miracle Ear .#NoOverProcessingWithSlightDistortion #OldTimer #DonateToDavesChristmas

The Washington, D.C., Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists will once again honor distinguished print, broadcast and online work with our annual Dateline Awards. So get ready to submit your best work of this year to the 2021 Dateline Awards contest, which begins January 1. This annual contest is open to media outlets throughout the D.C. metropolitan area and neighboring counties. There are nearly 60 categories in the various media divisions — from breaking news and features to commentary, blogs and photography. All entries must have been originally published or aired in 2020. Entries will be accepted beginning January 1 online at betternewspapercontest.com. Look for “2021 Washington, D.C., SPJ Dateline Awards” on the list of contests under Open Call Login. You do not have to be an SPJ member to enter. Awards will be announced in June 2021. For more information, click here. Then pass this along to a friend who also might be interested in entering! Washington DC SPJ... PO Box 19555, Washington, D.C. 20036

It looks like the end is near for WINC’s 92.5 frequency [which is a shame that is an awesome signal]. The station has started promoting 105.5 FM and 104.9 FM in their on air promos and ID’s. Both signals are weak and are unlistenable in the Leesburg area and points east. If you go and complain to Centennial Broadcasting their response is- well you can still listen online!! This is a total shame. WINC was the very first station I heard when I moved to the area 13 years ago. Like the title says- one less preset on my car radio.

Does anyone have an idea when WBOC will start broadcasting WRDE from WBOC-LD in Cambridge, MD? I guess it hasn't been moved from Georgetown, DE yet? www.rabbitears.info

Dave's response: Funny name for a broadcast tech website - "Rabbi Tears"? Hahahahahaha.....

For the love of God, can someone over at Newsradio 1090 please go to Veronica Robinson's house and find someplace where she can do her reports and newscasts without it sounding like she's in a tiny bathroom with extra echo added for effect? It's been nine months of people working from home. You'd think they might have figured it our by now. Between her and Savannah McCann, it's like listening to the morning announcements over the high school intercom. If you're going to constantly be giving me one and two-day old news, at least you can try and make it sound good.

The Washington Post will take new steps in 2021 to become a more global newsroom by creating breaking-news hubs in Europe and Asia. These operations will be staffed by reporters and editors whose primary focus will be covering live news as it unfolds in the United States and around the globe during nighttime hours in Washington. The Post will also establish new foreign bureaus in Sydney and Bogota, adding to an international footprint that will grow to 26 locations around the world. The moves follow the recent creation of a Europe-based role that will focus on covering global conflicts. The Post also will be broadening and deepening its coverage of personal technology in 2021, adding eight reporters and editors to a technology team that had increased over the last several years to 19 journalists. The newsroom’s audience team also will grow, with the addition of four staffers. View the full announcement: wapo.st

Re: the person who said they can no longer watch Fox5DC anymore, I can totally relate. I thought it might be better w/Angie Goff leaving mornings as she was just draining, I can only imagine how she’s dominating the evening broadcasts. As for mornings, the vibe is just off. The previous chemistry & family atmosphere just isn’t there. I’ve bitched & moaned & think it just may be time to get off the pot & switch my choice of morning shows. But the question now is to which station do I switch? Maybe I’ll switch to a network morning show.

Sinclair Broadcast Group has frozen salaries for all employees in 2021. More information from FTV Live: www.ftrvlive.com

As far as local TV over major market signals, I think the answer is very easy. Comcast here on the Atlantic Ocean, not close enough to pick up Salisbury locals OTA let alone Baltimore, Philly, or DC signals OTA just puts WBAL, WJZ & WTTG way up on the dial in the 90s and 900s. I wish we could get WBFF and WMAR, but we cannot because of being within 30 miles of Salisbury, but the Salisbury TV towers are another 20 miles further away too so we cannot pick them up indoors either. So I’m not against other market channels being on cable here. I just think the FCC should take steps to protect locals like WDVM (then WHAG).

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Tegna WUSA back twitter.com

Gus = Take Seriously = LOL; Gus = has a life = LOL; Gus = Who Cares = LOL; Gus = "Fill in the Blank" = LOL

Gus is only mad because he doesn’t know what LOL means. You should allow EMOJI’s Dave just to freak Gus’s mind and invade his acid trip.

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I really just cant watch Fox5DC anymore. Its the #SillyDesk. Goff is just horrible at night and the hire/quits are just brutal. Im pleased both Allison and Shawn found lovely homes on their terms. I feel so bad for Shrin Rijee, Evan Lambert, Lindsay Watts (her hubs works there also) Those 3 are serious tv jourons stuck in a dilapidating circus. I think the new uninterested and bored one Rubino is Lokays new fiancee (from same Boston Local). Im hoping WRC sees value in starting up a 10pm local news on cozi (affiliate) . Ive read WQRC is the best local to work for and this is the chance to move in on a weak news hour- Lee in Herndon

Note to the commenter regarding the realignment of Neilson TV markets. Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, Boston and San Fransisco do not have strong adjoining markets like DC. In any of those other cities Howard County and possibly Anne Arundle would be logical local markets counties. Geographically parts of those counties are only 20 miles from DC. But with Baltimore and their full complement of network affiliates all with large local news and programming presence these counties are part of the Baltimore DMA. Ditto for Pittsburgh. Wheeling-Stubenville is only 30 miles from their transmitters like Washington DC leaving little room to grow geographically. In that case out-of-market carriage of the Pittsburgh stations has been minimized as FOX and ABC now reside as HD subchannels on the NBC and CBS affiliates signals. Reducing the market size of Pittsburgh.

If you make what you think is a joke and have to append "LOL" to it, that's a failure, innit? Gus in the scorer's box

I noticed something today about Draper. They only have until next July to get WRUE-LD channel 19 on the air and it doesn’t appear that they done much of anything so far as they’re advertising for openings at Chief Engineer and also another engineer. Same thing with WBOC-LD 42 on channel 22. Both of these construction permits expire in July. Draper didn’t originally apply for channel 19, SagamoreHill Broadcasting did, but they did apply for the WBOC-LD on channel 22, so I don’t think they’ll let these expire, but this requires some engineering. These are radio towers that have never had TV antennas on them before, in Cambridge and Pocomoke City.

So, isn’t this the second weekend of Erin Como doing the morning broadcast? Hmmm. Where’s Maureen? From some of her posts on social media, seems like she’s hinting at an exit. But hey, she deserves better than being knocked off weekday mornings, put on weekends & made a field reporter. Quite the demotion for a seasoned reporter. And Wisdom Martin has seemed none too pleased to be moved from front and center on the 9-11 broadcast to a "box on the side of the screen"..Don't think he liked Holly joking earlier in the week about that being "musical chairs”

The NBC network weekend morning show was doing a movie review & posted a comment about it from a fan. The “fan” was none other than Fox 5’s Kevin McCarthy who was identified as just that, a fan, not as a movie critic. Interesting that of all of the opinions out there, NBC would randomly select a Fox movie critic’s comments.

WHGM didn't own the old transmitter site. That was owned by the ORIGINAL owner of WASA, Virginia Wetter (sp) whom sold it to Delmarva Broadcasting before she died. Then, the previous owner stopped paying rent (before he left town leaving behind unpaid bills and loans). If he were still the owner, yes, he would be responsible for the station's demise. He is no longer there, and his company has been dissolved. There are new owners and there is work being done every week to get the station back at full power.

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RE: Tom Conroy & JA, did it ever cross either of your minds that a lot of today’s stars really cannot sing on their own without processing & tuning and such over-processing? Today’s musicians have no choice but to do what they do because many are popular for reasons other than any true musical ability, often just for political or lyrical reasons. Also if Gus is where the Good Lord intended, does that mean there’s a dumpster fire somewhere? LOL

"totally antithetical to what should be a flawless, faithful and untainted reproduction over a digital medium." That's like complaining that the Northern Virginia ink monkeys are messing with the Washington Post editorials. The millionaires (Dave Grohl, Michael Stipe, whore-of-the-day et al.) producing the product are producing precisely the product that they want to sell you. That's how Don Was and Rick Rubin pay for their mansions. As every bad retail manager ever has said, "It is what it is." Don't complain about the guy operating the copier at Kinko's. Gus in silent lucidity

I agree with Tom Conroy. And I'll add to it; most of today's recorded music --- over multiple genres ---- are way over-processed. Very little dynamic range. Bad EQ jobs. Over-compressed vocals. Stuff that would make someone like Alan Parsons gag on his kippers. The irony is that these practices are totally antithetical to what should be a flawless, faithful and untainted reproduction over a digital medium. What's worse is when those over-processed recordings are played on over-processed FM radio stations, for which there are plenty in this area. I'll never figure out why program directors tell their engineers to do things that make their FM stations sound like AM. Just mystifying. JA

It's nice to hear Michelle Basch anchoring evenings on WTOP. She's a solid reporter and has a nice delivery. Also kudos to Dmitri Sotis and Michelle Murillo for consistently good work.

RE: WHGM: The coverage contour of an FM translator rebroadcasting an AM radio broadcast station as its primary station must be contained within the greater of either the 2 mV/m daytime contour of the AM station or a 25-mile (40 km) radius centered at the AM transmitter site. I understand this as meaning the licensed AM transmitter site, NOT a Special Temporary Authority (STA) site. WHGM is authorized to broadcast under STA from a central location in the community of license, which shows good will because the station is actually providing service to the community of license. As long as WHGM continues to broadcast from an authorized facility (licensed, CP under PTA or STA) the three translators are fine. Assignment of license application for WHGM and two translators was recently granted, and FCC is likely to renew WHGM STA if ongoing progress is made restoring or replacing the licensed site.

I agree with Tom Conroy. Since Nirvana, a lot of rock went over processing with slight distortion ( I am also looking at you, Pearl Jam). Playing DC101, then, sounded like I had a blown tweeter on my high end stereo equipment. I can remember the band Earth Wind & Fire back in the 70's used a processer to simulate how their newly recorded music would sound on AM radio, and mix accordingly to get the best sound for the limited AM band. Perhaps music producers are using similar processers these days designed for maximizing fidelity for MP3's, while unknowingly disregarding FM fidelity.

"What is less entertaining than 30 minutes of a DJ talking into a mic while eating?" A good broadcaster (think Imus and his hard boiled eggs) could make it work but sadly you were listening to a hack who thinks "mikeovo" mikeovo.com is a good name for a website. Sad, right? Gus in utter disdain

What is less entertaining than 30 minutes of a DJ talking into a mic while eating? An hour of it while his stooge cackles at it. I know Mike needs to hide his cheat food on his pre-diabetic diet from the boss but an hour of doing it live? I guess he killed two birds with one stone while he slowly kills himself. Mike got to eat all kinds of cheat foods in the guise of “Entertainment” while his pet monkey, Bob, laughed like it was a black and white Marx Brothers’ movie. You would think Oscar could have taught Mike how to entertain on a mic while eating snacks given his long history of doing it so well with Chad on BOAD’s “Snacks of the Round Table”. I mean Chad and Oscar were the best radio smackers ever. Mike could learn a thing or two.

@Tom Conroy: Stay in your lane. Know your role, Jabroni. You're running a copy machine at Kinko's not editing at Simon & Schuster. Remember that Sean Hannity, the stupidest person in radio, is a big fan of [today's] "country music". But as The Ba`ab taught us, you gotta serve somebody. Gus where the Good Lord intended

I never even suggested that WHGM got the translators illegally. I simply stated that at 10 watts, yes Scott, the one translator might be outside the 25 mile limit as its near Delaware! And when you sell your own transmission site and then get kicked off it by another radio station, aren’t you responsible for your own problems and demise? Is there any responsibility anymore at the FCC or does the Dog Ate My Homework excuse still work?

I have been in radio, generally part time for nearly fifty years, presently doing fill in on air and assisting in engineering. For years, country music was generally well recorded, that is not the case now. Some of the recordings out of Nashville are terrible, no dynamics, distorted, heavily processed. It certainly is challenging on the engineering end to overcome the results of the theory of “garbage in, garbage out”. To my ear, the practice of over processed audio seems to be across other formats as well. Digital is not forgiving, analog was to a certain degree. Too bad we as broadcasters and the recording industry cannot work to set recording standards for this digital world. I understand doing this for those listening on portable devices, but broadcasters utilize mostly DSP based audio processors which don’t do well passing heavily preprocessed sources. I think it is time for broadcasters to demand better from the music industry. Tom Conroy

Who will be the next FCC Chairman? Many people think it will be Mignon Clyburn . She is the daughter of House Majority Whip James Clyburn, who was critical to Biden's win in the Democratic Primary. Biden owes him and this position is a payback job.

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Everything WHGM is doing is legal. They obtained their translators the same way everyone else did, or could have. There was never (and still isn't) any limit on how many translators one AM station can have, other than the availability of spectrum when the application windows opened. There's an AM near me that uses six of them to cover a broad area between two big markets (Buffalo and Rochester) that was otherwise severely underserved by local radio. And the STA rules are right there in the rulebook, too. The FCC understands that it's a huge challenge these days to replace a legacy AM site, and they give licensees a lot of leeway to deal with exigencies, even if it means running 10 watts into a longwire. There's also no "5000 watt" rule. As long as the translators' 60 dBu contours are contained within a 25-mile radius of the licensed AM site, it doesn't matter whether it's 250 watts or 50,000 watts. (More powerful AMs can also move translators out farther, as long as it's within the AM's 2 mV/m day contour, but I believe WHGM's are all within 25 miles.) - Fybush (calendars now available at fybush.com!)

Noted with interest: On Thurs. 12/17's interview with Israel's Miami born Ambassador to the U.S., WMAL's Mark Levin let him get away with a lie, he got away with a lie ladies and gentlemen! He opened by asserting that Israel has the only community of Christians in the Mideast. Tell it to Lebanon and others you liar. Gus disappointed in but not surprised by Mark Levin

RE: “The point about WHGM is a simple one. it’s not that people can’t get the 10 watt AM signal. It’s that without 5000 watts daytime, they are illegally using up 3 FM channels that they are unqualified to have at 10 watts. FM translators are valuable. Having 3 of them is rare, especially with 2 of them being 250 watts! If WQLL AM 1370 had had those 3 FMs, they’d probably have stayed playing music and made some money.” – Not a chance. The owner M-10 and mis-management of WQLL/WCBM would have found a way to screw that up with a hundred translators or a 50kw FM stick. Their only concern is propping up “Hate 68” WCBM. The Black Information Network airing on BIN 1370 fails to show in the ratings and probably never will. But iHeart’s check for leasing the 1370 signal will continue to make it profitable for M-10 until the latter finds a way to mess the deal up or BIN bites the dust…whichever comes first.

RE: WHGM..and yes, the ownership is working on getting that corrected and fixing issues caused by the previous owner. He screwed the pooch. Now, people that doing things right are having to pick up the pieces.

The point about WHGM is a simple one. it’s not that people can’t get the 10 watt AM signal. It’s that without 5000 watts daytime, they are illegally using up 3 FM channels that they are unqualified to have at 10 watts. FM translators are valuable. Having 3 of them is rare, especially with 2 of them being 250 watts! If WQLL AM 1370 had had those 3 FMs, they’d probably have stayed playing music and made some money. The FMs are really the only value that WHGM has, but legally it has to be a 5000 watt signal to keep them.

WIYY 98 Rock filed Digital Notification this week. WBAL radio is the HD2. I thought they had already done that a long time ago. Either way, it was filed on Dec. 11. Maybe they had no digital running when their antenna was being replaced and had to refile now that they’ve got it back up and running?

WEEKLY REMINDER; NORTH POLE. HAVE YOU DONATED TO #DAVESCHRISTMAS2020 ? With just 8 days until XMAS & 1 day left of Hanukkah, skip the wrapping paper and in the spirit of selfless giving, support the annual READER sponsored DCRTV holiday fundraiser by donating today. Covering media news for over 23 years, you can donate to DCRTV safely via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send some holiday dough [ but not fruitcake dough] to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655. The Real AHHHH [ Get DCRTV trending on Twitter #DonateToDavesChristmas2020 ]

"If you really want to know how people feel about WBAL Radio, check out Thursday tweets from Charm City Lawyer and the comments that follow. These are people who are long time local listeners who are also fed up with the programming staff. Look at who the tweeters are accusing the station of being owned by." I'm shocked, SHOCKED! "NeverTrumpers" don't like "conservative" talk radio? How could that be? Next you'll be telling me they prefer NPR... oh, that's right, they said so in that Twitter thread. Let me get on the horn to the Baltimore Sun and share this scoop! - Not Ron Smith

Erin Hawksworth's twitter page has been dormant since earlier in the year. She appeared to be a rising star and just disappeared. Craig Hoffman announced earlier in the year he would be joining the Washington Spirit organization

If you really want to know how people feel about WBAL Radio, check out Thursday tweets from Charm City Lawyer and the comments that follow. These are people who are long time local listeners who are also fed up with the programming staff. Look at who the tweeters are accusing the station of being owned by.

RE: Yes, WHGM 1330’s STA Extension was approved the day after I ranted about it, but it doesn’t change the fact that they will be only 10 WATTS! Ok..not like anyone is listening to AM anyway.

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Does anyone know what happened to either Erin Hawksworth or Craig Hoffman after they left WJFK earlier this year? Thanks. Tom in Wheaton

"D&M and Tom G = NSFW; bad words, off air" My hair grows, Sir. Thanks for sharing that clip. It's ironic that even as he is today Tom Gavin could mop the floor with Mike in one of his imaginary bar fights. Gus in the bosom of my sweet Jesus

Here are the full Nielsen 2021 TV Market Rankings. mediatracks.com — BaltoMedia.net

Baltimore will soon get a dedicated Daystar Network religious LPTV station on channel 40 (RF 24). The owner is moving the small Havre De Grace TV station closer to Baltimore and has been approved for a 15kw signal that will reach a lot of Baltimore, except the southeast, from a 500 foot Harford County service tower. Unlike the previous attempt to do something like this, this one has been approved by the FCC as it doesn't interfere with Delaware's RF 24 or the one in DC. Places like Columbia or Annapolis however will not be able to receive this, but most of the metro area will at least with an outdoor antenna. —Baltomedia.net

Comcast Will Now Keep 35 ‘Neighboring’ Local Channels tvanswerman.com

Washington, D.C. (Tuesday, December 14, 2020) – Known as the home of the “Original Quiet Storm,” 96.3 WHUR is rolling out a new sister station with the iconic format that can now be heard morning, noon, and night. Formally WHUR-World, 96.3HD2 is now “The Quiet Storm Station.” The Quiet Storm Station gives listeners the ability to hear their favorite slow jams around-the-clock seven days a week. Programmed by WHUR Music and Assistant Program Director Traci LaTrelle, the music on The Quiet Storm Station holds true to the flavor originated on WHUR back in 1976 by the late Melvin Lindsey. “You will hear classic hits like ‘Old Friend’ by Phyllis Hyman to new favorites from Kem. It’s the perfect blend of music to help you unwind or to set the right romantic mood,” said LaTrelle. Occasionally, you will even hear Lindsey’s satin voice between songs. “We are deeply humbled and very excited over the opportunity for Washingtonians and listeners beyond the DMV to hear the voice and music of Melvin once again. The launch of this station ensures that Melvin’s legacy will live on,” said the Lindsey family. The Quiet Storm Station comes as heritage station 96.3 WHUR prepares to celebrate its 50 th Anniversary December 10, 2021. “What better way to kick-off the road to our Golden Anniversary than to have in place a new station with the Quiet Storm format that helped to put 96.3 WHUR on the map,” said WHUR General Manager Sean Plater. As a bonus, the station will also keep listeners informed and engaged weeknights from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. with the award-winning news/talk “Daily Drum Show,” hosted by veteran broadcaster Harold Fisher. Often copied by urban stations around the globe, the true sound of the Quiet Storm can also still be heard at its original home 96.3 WHUR with John Monds from 7:30 p.m. to midnight. The Quiet Storm Station is available now at 96.3HD2, www.TheQuietStormStation.com , and on the Quiet Storm Station mobile app.

Natalie Rubino showing up & immediately doing in-studio anchoring at Fox5 may be a sign that she’s in training to replace someone. They really didn’t need her on the morning news. They had enough people.

Yes, WHGM 1330’s STA Extension was approved the day after I ranted about it, but it doesn’t change the fact that they will be only 10 WATTS! It’s so powerful they should put the Radio Shack kit on the top of a car and start showing houses for a realtor. It’s not like anyone would hear AM 1330 outside the neighborhood. LOL

D&M and Tom G = NSFW; bad words, off air paintyourbaldspot.com

Breaking News::Mike O'Meara went to go see his doctor for a new COVID-19 test and his doctor said okay I'm going to need a urine sample a stool sample, a blood sample and a semen sample. So, O'Meara gave him his underwear and left. Signed, Rodney

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The Nielsen 2021 TV Market Rankings are out and it’s bad news for both DC and Baltimore. DC drops to #9 from #7, and Baltimore drops from #26 to #28. Atlanta jumps 3 spots leapfrogging both DC & Boston. DC would have dropped to #10, but Boston also dropped one to #10. Harrisburg jumped 4 spots while Salisbury dropped one. Richmond and Norfolk both went down (-4 and -2 respectively), while Charottesville jumped 5. Generally, it’s interesting in that DC gained in number of homes, but not enough to not lose two spots whereas Baltimore literally lost a substantial number of TV homes. it’s clear that people are leaving Baltimore in droves! Also, in general, many small markets gained at the expense of larger markets. All the top 5 markets stayed the same, but its trending that Dallas will eclipse Philadelphia in a year and Atlanta will soon jump atop of San Francisco with current growth trends. I wouldn’t be surprised with all the businesses leaving California, that both Dallas and Houston eventually leapfrog Philadelphia. Of course all of these numbers are pre-COVID and pre-riots mostly or wouldn’t reflect them, based on 2020 Measurements before most of this.

The Locast lawsuit and countersuit were filed in late 2019. No preliminary injunction was won, and the trial has been delayed over and over, probably sometime early next year. Filed in the southern district of NY, a very busy court system with all the Trump family cases and Durham case and delayed by COVID. it probably wouldn’t go to the Supreme Court until late next year. Compared to Aereo, this guy has more connections and lawyers than Aereo did. But it is going to go to the Supreme Court next year. The station groups as well as the networks want it gone gone gone bad to protect their satellite and cable payment structure. They consider it outright theft and they’re going to try like hell to get rid of it. The biggest critic apears to be the Murdoch kids ironically. AT&T, DirecTV and DISH have so far been supportive oddly. AT&T even donated money to his court fight. My guess is that they are banking that it will drive rights fees down for them and it’s true. it would make it more competitive. An important change since the Aereo lawsuit is that NextGen TV is designed from the ground up to be streamed from an antenna to every TV without direct connection to the antenna. If that was rolling out back in the Aereo days, it’s possible they might have won that case. Cable TV technology is actually turning into a dinosaur. They just don’t know it yet. They have no plan or infrastructure for every TV channel in 4K TV in place yet, just some specialty channels and event channels. And this will be cable TV’s achilles heal. DISH and DIRECTV are launching new satellites all the time. They are ready. Comcast is not going to rewire your neighborhood, too costly. There’s only so much info you can send through coax with internet going through it too. This is why Charter tried so hard to stop ATSC 3.0 unsuccessfully.

RE: WHGM AM 1330 only has until Dec. 28 to finish their construction permit for Class D status before it expires and their recent request for another STA Extension has not yet been granted yet.The STA was granted. The ownership has tried to get the station back at the licensed site, but Forever Media is not cooperating. So, there are some other sites in mind. Calm down, brosef.

(December 15, 2020) – The C-SPAN board of directors added several new members and elected Cox Communications President and Chief Executive Officer Pat Esser to serve as chairman at their annual meeting, held virtually in light of COVID-19 restrictions. Dave Watson, CEO of Comcast, who just completed a three-year term as C-SPAN executive committee chairman, assumes the role of vice chairman of the board. Phil Spencer, president and CEO of Vyve Broadband, will take a seat on the board for a two-year term. Rich Fickle, president and CEO of NCTC, and cable pioneer Bob Miron, retired chairman of Advance/Newhouse Communications, were re-elected to their seats. C-SPAN Co-CEOs Rob Kennedy and Susan Swain also will join the board, serving as senior executive directors. Brian Lamb, longtime C-SPAN chairman, remains a member of the board as founder director. “C-SPAN is a national treasure that provides the public with unprecedented and consistent access to government proceedings and balanced coverage of political news,” said Esser, the newly elected chairman. “Because of its compelling mission, the network continues to attract the brightest and most experienced leaders in our industry, including Brian Lamb, whose vision and passion originally brought it to life. I’m proud to be part of the team of cable operators who financially support and distribute this vital network that gives government visibility to millions of Americans every day.” The five-member executive committee is the working group of the board that provides strategic oversight and oversees the network’s finances on behalf of the full board. Currently serving on the executive committee along with Esser and Watson are Tom Rutledge, president and CEO, Charter Communications; Julie Laulis, president and CEO, Cable One; and Pat McAdaragh, president and CEO, Midco. C-SPAN's 17-member board of directors comprises top executives of cable operating companies. The C-SPAN board, which has had 148 cable executive members since 1978, establishes C-SPAN operating policies, but it is not involved in editorial decision-making.

Some negatives about Locast. First off, they are being sued by all the networks and station groups already just like Aereo under the same Supreme Court precedent, so its hard to say how long it will be around. Secondly, they do not carry any of the LPTV channels in any market. Now about the lawsuit, they do have one advantage being a non-profit vs. Aereo which was a for profit concept. Also, the owner of Locast is a lawyer who understands FCC regulations quite well unlike the Aereo lawyers who were quite inept and were incapable of making themselves not look like thieves. But finally, tech decisions are one area where the Supreme Court is completely out of touch. Old people in general are the worst people in the world to make tech decisions. The Supreme Court justices simply would not understand how poor propagation is indoors for TV signals especially since they are also rich enough to have never used an antenna in their entire life! After all free television is not a Constitutional right, but it is an FCC law and the owner of Locast is somebody who will be able to show that in court where the Aereo people failed.

Dave's response: I was using Locast when I was staying at a friend's apartment in Bethesda in November and December 2019 and it worked pretty good. And, you know what, it hasn't been shut down by any lawsuits since then, and, in fact, it's expanded to a few more markets. Doesn't look like it's going away any time soon.....

Biden still has not named his new Chairman of the FCC. This is a Political payoff job. Who does he owe? The current Chairman will leave the FCC on 1/20/21.

New in studio reporter on channel 5, Natalie Rubino, looks like she’d rather be somewhere else. Expressionless face & droll delivery. Get this woman a personality or at least some coffee.

If you have an AM Station with an FM translator and you turn your AM licence in to the FCC there is NOTHING THERE for your translator to translate. You have to shut it down until you find some other station who can get approval to switch it to re-broadcast their station. Then you can sell it to them for whatever the market will bear. There are a couple of cheats you can get away with. Example WOJL 105.5 in Louisa Va is co-owned with the long time "Pop Standards" station WCVA-1490 Culpeper which it only 680 watts, not the normal 1KW you usually see on 1490 WOJL also is "Boxed in" unable to increase their power due to co-channel interference from a station in Barryville VA This WAS negatively impacting their signal essentially from Culpeper to Warrenton, where people have complained about the signal for years SOOOO since WCVA could not reach a significant part of the DC 'burbs what they did is switched WCVA from the "Pop Standards" to a simulcast of WOJL and THEN turned on the translator on 95.3 from the SAME tower in Culpeper as WCVA, thereby in reality creating a de-facto translator of WOJL when they would not have qualified for one any other way. So as of right now WCVA remains on the air but serves no other purpose than to keep the WOJL de-facto translator in Culpeper on the right side of the law. They also own WJMA 103.1 and they claim that WVCV Orange is relaying WJMA but I have not heard WVCV in a while. When I last heard it it was simulcasting the old "Pop Standards" format from WCVA

So, Jummy Olabanji is in the studio on the 6pm broadcast with Doreen working from home....Hmmm, didn't they keep Allison Seymour at home and put Angie Goff on the anchor desk in studio before Allison finally left?

I’m watching WBAL TV’s Ravens pregame show for the very last time tonight. WRDE NBC COAST TV does not have the Ravens play by play announcer, Gerry Sandusky and never will. FUCK YOU COMCAST!

Dave's response: Get a VPN that spoofs your location as somewhere in the Baltimore metro, then sign up for locast.org. For a monthly donation of $5 or more a month, you can watch all the WBAL-TV you want.....

On December 14, 1954, the "Liberace Christmas" episode of "The Liberace Show" was broadcast. youtu.be Per Wikipedia, "The Liberace Show" did not run on one of the networks. It was syndicated. Which stations in DC and Baltimore showed "The Liberace Show"? ~~ Blair in Alexandria

Evidently Salem Si, the new Conservative Spanish Talk Format, will be just on the internet only. When Salem made the announcement about the new format, they did not say it was just going to be on the internet. The announcement lead us to believe that Salem was going to put it on their radio stations.

Dave's response: I imagine that Salem will probably put it on the airwaves in places like south Texas and south Florida where Spanish speakers went for Trump back on November 3.....

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WHGM AM 1330 only has until Dec. 28 to finish their construction permit for Class D status before it expires and their recent request for another STA Extension has not yet been granted yet. How long is the FCC going to let them keep 3 FMs while running the AM from the equivalent of a Radio Shack kit? Without 5000 watts, they really don’t have authority to even have FMs in those particular areas near the outside of that 5000 watt signal, so ultimately, this will be a problem.

"If you turn in your AM Radio Station License to the FCC, do you get a Translator in exchange?" No, and in fact it's the opposite - because the translator program was conceived as part of "AM Revitalization," you have to continue operating the AM license in order to keep the translator. And if that seems like a somewhat backwards concept... well, I agree. - Fybush

In case the poster is serious about trading an AM broadcast license for a translator on an FM channel, the answer is no. The premise for a translator license is that it enhances the continued service area of the AM station. In practice, many license holders see the FM outlet as their primary source of revenue, and try to get by with the least possible expense it takes to keep the AM on the air. The FCC's enforcement is poor, so you get old, neglected AM stations transmitting into a set of bed springs hung from a tree, while the owner pours coins into the FM machine. But, as regulatory matter, they both are required.

it does not appear that any other CBS O&O has added CBSN as a subchannel. In fact, all the other CBS O&Os have added a new network called FAVE, whatever that is. Maybe WJZ is being used as a test case? ... Nevermind about CBSN, it looks like WJZ 13 has already dropped it, so it must have been an error. WJZ is also picking up FAVE TV, whatever that is now.

Ref: the WUSA ch 9/Tegna/DirecTV spat. There's this wonderful thing called an Antenna. I'm a bit too far for OTA reception of WUSA, but Pittsburgh's KDKA CBS station comes in nicely. So, WUSA, you've lost a viewer; hope your advertisers like that. Unfortunately, DirecTV (aka AT&T) will probably raise their rates again at the beginning of 2021. Since AT&T took over, they do this every year with a note that they "occasionally" need to raise rates to cover increased carriage fees when, in reality, it is "because they can."

If you turn in your AM Radio Station License to the FCC, do you get a Translator in exchange?

No Steve Chenevey, no Erin Como on Fix5 this morning. But saw some woman named Madeline Rubino (sp) doing reports from the news room. When the heck did she come on board??

NLRB Election held for WAMU-FM workers. they voted Unanimously (about 80 WAMU folks!) to join SAG-AFTRA, announced Dec 3rd. among remaining items: their first union contract (CBA), etc. they will be represented by the Wash/Mid-Atlantic union local (Bethesda ofc). this is a MAJOR victory, since public radio seems to be doing better than commercial radio (financially, at least.) btw, the S/A WMA Local's territory includes: DC, MD, VA, WV and [drum roll!!!] NC. lots of Film/TV work in Wilmington, Charlotte, etc. perhaps a "Camo Dave" indie flick or biopic(??) shot on-location in Morganton, Asheville, Lincolnton, etc. (??) is in the future??? "I dunno, man! I dunno." -- sez Dave .... regards, tom/doug - Greater West Springfield (VA) retired v/o talent. www.sagaftra.org

I think it makes sense for FCC steer AM band to fewer stations. Goal of less interference, more day and night power and fewer directional antennas that don't cover a market. FM translators could still have been permitted as replacement for deleted AM station. Doesn't NARBA permit up to 100 KW day? This is only 3 dB but every bit counts.

Turned on Fox5 & saw a new woman on there & it looked like she was reporting from the news room.. I came in on the end of her report (and was half sleep), so no clue what her name is or whether ai was dreaming. So, have they added another anchor to mornings?

With CBSN on 13.4, could WJZ be launching CBSN Baltimore soon? Have any other CBS O&Os launched it on their signals? None of the O&O’s Wikipedia pages, including WJZ, currently reflect it.

Quoth the Dave: "I really think it's time to allow local AM stations to cover their local markets, even at night, even with all that nasty skywave." I don't disagree - the idea that a daytime-only signal can be successful in the 21st century is a fantasy. Listeners expect a signal to be available 24/7, or they won't tune in unless you have something exceptionally compelling to offer them. Thing is, there's just no way to let 5000 AM stations all go 24/7 at full day power without creating a wall of noise that will wreck the band for everyone. Which is why I've been consistent in my arguments to the FCC over the years: accept that the AM band as we know it is in its sunset years, do everything you can to keep the noise floor low for the handful of broadcasters like KMOX that remain successful *as AM stations,* provide maximum flexibility for FM translators for the middle group of broadcasters that have viable formats but are struggling on AM signals, and accept that some number of AMs (I'd guess 1000-1500) have neither viable signals nor viable formats, providing them whatever incentives are needed to surrender those licenses, which aren't really serving anyone in 2020 anyway. It's going to vary from market to market. There are places in the midwest, especially, where you can still point to significant AM listenership (Detroit comes to mind, also Chicago), and other markets, especially in the southeast, where you could turn every AM off tomorrow and only 5% of the market might even notice. That huge variation in signals and markets makes the US a much more complicated market for a transition like this compared to Europe. In most European nations, AM/MW was the exclusive domain of the state broadcasters, while commercial local radio didn't come along until the arrival of FM - so it was easier to get rid of AM in places like Germany, where you had a small number of state networks to transition, as compared to here with several thousand ownership groups to deal with. - Fybush

Is it me or is the volume from WUSA all over the place? Both local and network feeds, barely audible one minute then blasting the next. This is not the sound of a major channel in a major market in 2020. (I get it OTA, if that matters)

It was nice to see most of the WFT game on WTTG here in OC MD. The blackout was lifted just in time to see the game, but was re-instituted with 2:56 to go in the game, when the game abruptly disappeared, and the hated Comcast blackout screen appeared. Shades of the “Heidi Game”!

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Anyone else having intermittent reception issues with WTTG (VC 5) and WDCA (VC20 - yea, same transmitter RF 36)? Afternoons especially no signal issues - could it be that they are on low-power for the River Road move? Emails to WTTG engineering went unanswered. Funny though, at almost 2 minutes to 5:00 PM each day, they are back up. Hope that this is not permanent, as they once had the best (at least most reliable) signal over the other DC'ers.

Noticed that CBSN (streaming service of CBS news) is now on WJZ 13.4...

So I’m surprised. WBOC FOX 21 didn’t carry the Washington Football team game, but they did release the blackout, so WTTG FOX 5 is allowed to show it on the eastern shore even to Ocean City MD on COMCAST Xfinity. They dropped the blackout exactly at 4:25 pm. The earlier game was in fact blacked out. They claim this is for LEGAL reasons, but that is in fact a hoax. It’s really contractual. FOX 21 is a sub-channel and not even in HD over the air, so they have no FCC protections technically, but they have made deals with COMCAST to enable such protections. This is different from WMAR 2 on the shore, as they had no historical large viewership, well at least since the days when they carried the Orioles, and after that was over, WMDT 47ABC wisely got rid of them.

Good morning. Andy Pollin is being wasted at AM630 for one hour a day 3 days a week and 2 hours a day 2 days a week. He needs to be on one of the two stations reunited Zabe. The "Sports Reporters:" rejuvenated would capture drive time in the DC market. I want to vote for the Chris Russel (the Rooster) for a full time slot on the radio. There are too many out of town hosts on Am 630 and 106.7 FM all day in the former and all night in the latter. Doc Walker needs to part of programming also with Galdi and Sheehan. Please no not forget Thom Lavero who makes everything he touches better. Bill in Gainesville

Was wondering if Jummy Olabanji is now auditioning for the NBC4 Sunday morning spot. Molette Green was there for a few weeks, but now gone. So maybe they’re rotating people through to see how they work out. Or maybe just filling in until they can bring in someone new.

The Washington Football Team game is not being carried on the eastern shore today for the Eagles game on Fox 21, but the bigger question is will Comcast black out the game on WTTG Fox 5 at the same time meaning no one sees it down here? The network is duplicative, but in this case the programming is not. People will be pissed off if the COMCAST message says blacked out due to duplicative programming.

I don’t disagree with Scott Fybush really, but I will say that AM 1120 is a rather quiet AM channel as they go with not that many radio stations on it and very few if any Class Bs. I think the threat to these Class A blowtorches is highly overrated. Their biggest threat of noise is electronic and power equipment in their own market, not stations clear across the country. now a nighttime signal from Morningside would be problematic I agree, so unlikely WUST would spend the money to diplex with a station in Virginia or anywhere west of DC, but obviously, think they should be able to and still think that Class A restrictions need to be relaxed to stop more Daytimers from going dark. There are no more FM frequencies left in the northeast anymore or in many large markets.

After all of the hoopla for Jeannette Reyes’ arrival at Fox5, I find her just ok. That morning show still seems to focus more on wacky & fluff & it seems like she’s above that & not really her cup of tea. But maybe her taking that job allowed her to be finally be in the same city w/her husband. And what’s up w/Wisdom Martin? He now seems exceptionally into himself these days.

There are more complications to WUST's situation than the previous mailbag post takes into account. Washington is just far enough from St. Louis that WUST could get class B night operation, and in fact I vaguely recall that it had a CP in the early 1990s that would have allowed it. But: a night signal for WUST now would require a deep null almost due west to protect KMOX. Go due west from WUST's current site in Morningside and you put that deep null over all of DC and Virginia. That's strike one. (The right spot for such an array would be in Virginia, where you'd never be able to build it.) Strike two is cost. Building out a new directional antenna is an expensive project. Even if you could do it with the existing towers at the shared 1120/1390/1580 site, you're into mid six figures for design, filing, phasor and filters. Need new towers? Now we're getting into seven figures. That's awfully hard to justify for most AM stations these days. And while it's entirely true that AM stations don't make money off skywave service, the ionosphere doesn't know that. The laws of physics say that when you put energy into the mediumwave band somewhere at night, it propagates by skywave for hundreds of miles. If all the smaller stations on 1120 in the east get significant night power, the interference they create to KMOX is cumulative, building up the noise floor on 1120 in greater St.Louis. Try listening to WYCB or WOL at night to see what it sounds like when hundreds of stations are all filling the ionosphere with skywave. It's only because KMOX has so much protection that it enjoys such a quiet channel in its home market - and is thus listenable everywhere in its home market. The issue, in other words, isn't protecting KMOX from interference in Washington. It's protecting KMOX's signal within greater St. Louis from being eroded away by interference *from* Washington, and Buffalo, and Knoxville, and St. Johnsville, and Bristol, and all the other places that have lesser 1120 signals. And since the only AM stations drawing big audiences and big revenues in 2020 tend to be the ones with the most complete day and night coverage of their entire markets - the KMOXes - destroying their coverage could well sound the death knell for what's left of AM's vitality. Careful what you wish for. - Fybush

Dave's response: Or, KMOX could do what Atlanta blowtorch WSB on 750 did - simulcast on a 100kw FMer on 95.5. Hey, I now live in the foothills of western North Carolina, technically within the Charlotte TV market, and yet I can't hear the region's only decent news talker, WBT, on 1110 AM at night because they're protecting some station millions (joke) of miles away in the Midwest. Yeah WBT does simulcast on 99.3 from South Carolina but is doesn't reach that underserved zone in the northwest of the metro. I really think it's time to allow local AM stations to cover their local markets, even at night, even with all that nasty skywave. We should be doing what Europe's doing with digital, with a dedicated digital band and related receivers, and seriously eyeing the end of AM within the next decade. But the poor old AM band over here needs a major (yeah imperfect) fix before it's completely put out to pasture.....

The guy who said KMOX's nighttime signal hardly ever reaches the D.C. area either listens on a cheapo clock radio or tried to get it in the summer when reception's the worst. During the cold weather months KMOX comes in loud and clear most nights. Right now, at 11:43 PM on Saturday, I am picking it up quite good with only faint interference from some other station. Even in spring and summer it is certainly listenable many nights. Jeff, an AM DXer in D.C. area 55 years

It looked better when Bob was Salaried. Worth $40?

Any updates on this current issue with Tegna and Direct TV? I do miss watching all my favorite daytime and night shows on WUSA. Yes, I know they want more money, but do they REALLY have to make the customers and viewers suffer? I hope this gets resolved soon.

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Kudos to Erika Gonzalez for holding it together tonight during a major system breakdown on the 6pm news. The two words no anchor ever wants to hear over their IFB are “technical difficulties”. Winging it is every anchor and producer’s nightmare and if you’ve never been there, don’t throw stones. You imagine it could happen and dread that it might and put it out of your thoughts because you don’t know from which direction disaster will attack. Modern control rooms and newsrooms are deeply computer controlled - from the incoming AP wires to rundowns, graphic cues, the prompter, et al. When it works which is almost always, it is a marvel. When it fails, it’s a five-alarmer. Systems freeze, people freeze. But, in the end, it’s TV and nobody dies. It would be interesting to know the story behind tonight unfortunate doings.

Meltdown at NBC4 on Saturday evening? It’s a huge news day but instead of News4 at 6, they ran commercials until 6:05 at which point they cut directly to Derrick Ward doing a live shot but with no audio - they went to a taped piece, also with no audio. They then cut back to a loop of commercials, primarily for Koons and NBC LX. At 6:10, a brief shot of the backdrop of their set then, you guessed it, back to commercials! It’s inexcusable in a major market, or any market for that matter, to not get a newscast on air. Update: At 6:15, they finally get to a befuddled-looking Erika Gonzalez broadcasting from the newsroom. She introduced a story about the vaccine but they couldn’t pull up the report. She’s doing the best she can but it’s painful to watch. Back to commercials at 6:18...

"There was no show that day due to technical difficulties from what I hear. Just a bonus was posted." Ponderous. The The Mike O'Meara Show was a no show no call. But for just one day (hat tip David Bowie) the The Mike O'Meara Show was indeed the best sounding podcast on the internet. No static at all. "From what I hear"? What is this fuckery? But America can sleep easy, there will be no shortage of ditch diggers. Gus in the caddyshack

Congratulations to Salem for starting a new Conservative Spanish Talk Format. The new Format is called Salem Si. There are 815,000 Hispanics in the DC Metro Area. Which of the Salem Stations in DC will carry the new Format? I am sure it will not be WAVA-FM 105.1 FM. Perhaps it will be WAVA-AM 780 AM?

Boy, the weekend is here. Busy Friday. No TMOS posted on Friday??? (I did see the bonus). I think Mike will be fun on Monday. I miss BOAD. But, I think I will go buy some meat from the sausage king today. To the poster who wrote to the JFK/TEM solidification below, I agree with it. It makes sense. But, we are dealing with Radio executives. More than that...Entercom executives.... OOBBEE

RE: "I broke my vow and don't mind admitting it, I listened to TMOS on Dec 11th...." That is interesting or a joke. There was no show that day due to technical difficulties from what I hear. Just a bonus was posted.

WUST AM 1120 is a good example of how the FCC COULD have helped AM Radio in some small way in its failed revitalization program. KMOX’s nighttime skywave signal does not even hit DC often if ever. it should not have preference at night in far away markets. There is no reason that WUST could not have a directional night time signal from its current transmission site without interfering with KMOX in St. Louis. This is a change the FCC should have made long ago. Sure a few people might tune in WFAN 660 from NYC for a baseball game when traveling, but a lot of these Class A’s should have to provide some evidence that anyone listens via skywave to keep the protections. I think this is a fair way to do it. If you cannot provide any evidence, you get better than regional protections, but not half the nation! No one listens to AM radio the same way we did in the 1930s. Those rules must be thrown under the bus and revamped for modern times to allow for more regional Class B signals without substantial tech upgrade costs.

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Regarding merging 980 and 106.7, here are some thoughts. Galdi and Sheehan ought to replace Paulson and Roughier. The latters' show is unlistenable. Sheehan is good but he can't do all Redskins 99% of the time like he does on 980 since WJFK broadcasts the Nats and Caps games. He'll have to expand his horizons and stop being so damn insular. I think Galdi can help him with that. Galdi is smart and hasn't typically ignored the Nats and Caps like Sheehan has. The key to Czaban doing afternoon drive is that he needs a good partner. Someone like Pollin. Those two were magic together. The Junkies are aging and wearing thin but they have their following so they aren't going anywhere. Mitchell can do the 7 pm show.

WETA 26 Now has a 4th subchannel called WETA Metro 26.5 looks like a variety of travel and nature programs but some of the programs like PBS Newshour and Amanpour and Company are the same things shown on the main channel.

I broke my vow and don't mind admitting it. I listened to Friday December 11's the The Mike O'Meara Show and as much as it pains me to say it, it was possibly the best thing they've ever done. Right up there with Cornell '77. Gus in his mother's basement finishing the Paint-By-Numbers Sirhan Sirhan portrait

WWDD 49 Havre DeGrace, Baltimore suburban Daystar channel signal, has filed an app for a signal that hits Baltimore fairly well. The last one was defective from the 105.7 tower due to overlap, but this one appears like it will work from a government tower in Harford County. It does cover a lot of Baltimore if you have an outdoor antenna or live east/northeast of town, but doesn’t infringe on DC’s RF channel 24, WDCO-LD 10, now owned by Sinclair. www,rabbitears.info — BaltoMedia.net

50,000 watt daytime WUST AM 1120 has been sold by Potomac Radio to IHM Licenses (iHeart), obviously for its Black Information Network. I know they have a deal with Mangione for AM 1370, but I’m surprised they didn’t buy an AM station in Baltimore too. It’s not like one isn’t for sale, AM 1300, AM 1570 among others. AM 1370 would never be sold as a fortune was spent on upgrading that AM to 50,000 watts with two transmission sites and 12 towers that will never ever be recouped. —BaltoMedia.net

Just to be clear, Hunter Biden was not running for President, or part of the campaign, and the laptop issued smelled of a badly executed Lee Atwater "ratf#cking." However, there were stories on him, it was just not hot and heavy. Please be aware an investigation is not a conviction. Look at it this way, NBC News also didn't cover the drunken clubbing of Tiffany, and stayed away from the factors in the President's brother's death. NBC News also kept low key the President's sister's retiring from the Federal bench to squash a tax evasion investigation (MSNBC Had it, NBC News played it down), until Mary Trump's book came out revealing the machination. Interesting, Mark Levin said the same thing last night that you just posted. You will do better in life when you realize Mark Levin is misinformation. Ask youself this; when Facebook flagged Diamond & Silk for saying crap, the Conservative press, including Mark Levin, were up on arms, and Louie Gohmert even berated Mark Zuckerberg about it during Congressional testimony. We heard not a peep from these same people when Fox Nation fired Diamond & Silk for the same reason. "Conservatives" like to play the victim.

Joe Biden was asked a question about Hunter Biden today by Fox News, which of course he refused to answer. He took questions from other reporters too, but none bothered to even ask one question about it. Is this really good journalism? Is it news yet Dave for the networks or do we have to wait until the perp walk after indictment? One thing I’ve learned about crack addicts. Unlike what Joe Biden said, they don’t usually get professional tax advice and rarely file at all. It appears as if he’s at the very least going to plead guilty to something, but yet there is nothing on the news about it still for blatant political reasons. This is what’s wrong with the media in a nutshell. They’ve gone from news being biased to wanting to control the news narrative you watch. That’s dangerous on both sides on every level.

Breaking News::YouTube Blocks TMOS For CopyrightTrademark Infringement. Beginning with Thursday's 'Two Dickcedrin' show, YouTube blocks video stream. What lawyer contacted YouTube? Robb's Music Audio Vault to blame? Say good-bye to the live/recorded YouTube stream? Oscar has now taken down the video.

So at first the GM wanted all the black people gone....when he got the backlash of that now he pulling in Black people from the streets. Now that Jeanette bumped Marrisa to the sidelines it's looking like they wanna steal Jeanette's husband from WJLA Channel 7...SMDH. How bout you just close up shop over there.

#DAVESCHRISTMAS Just a weekly reminder that the annual READER sponsored DCRTV holiday fundraiser is underway. I've donated $100. How much can you donate? $5 $10 $20 Match me? If you haven't helped support DCRTV lately, you can do it safely via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send some holiday dough to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655. [ For you Jewish readers celebrating Hanukkah, feel free to send honorary Rabbi Dave a dreidel or two wrapped in cash ] Happy Holidays, The Real AHHHH

Did WCBM drop Fox news?

"If they can find a transgender Asian, they’ll be the next hire." Stick her in a wheelchair and they've knocked it out of the park.

RE: “A LIVING DISPLAY AD”…. Great idea! Don’t forget that little Peruvian boy has a huge forehead! And, as Larry King said “It grows!”. I still think the Oscar/Bob thing was a bit but even Jolene, the Witch with a B, allowed people to call him a Dick or Douche without being blocked on the FB fan page. I am sure that goes against her goal for the TMOS Fan Club Facebook to get below two thousand members in 2021. Maybe Oscar approved it as an administer. It did provide banter for one show on a podcast that is really starting to show it’s age. How many times can Mike say “Fruit Fritters” and have Bob laugh like a Hyena? It’s Old Jerry, Old. I would really like to make a list of jokes/bits Mike does that cause only Bob to laugh.

I watch CNN, MSNBC, and ABC......how come we never heard anything about Hunter Biden before the election? I also read the Washington Post. Nothing about Hunter Biden before the election! Why was there nothing about this?

Thanks, “Not Ron Smith”. But, you’re missing the big picture. Other than Nehman, they all check a ‘minority hire’ box. If they can find a transgender Asian, they’ll be the next hire. And other than Bryan, none have any broadcasting experience to speak of. Sort of like a restaurant owner hiring a new minority chef whose ‘experience’ is making pancakes for the kids on Saturday morning.

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Regarding "...top talker Rish Limbaugh is back sounding & looking strong...": If Rush doesn't drop dead soon, he will deprive Trump of ordering that Rush lie in repose in the Capitol Rotunda, because, after all, Rush is such a great American. In turn, that would deny Newsmacks, ONANism, and Faux News the ability to cover the second top story of the year. Imagine the sight of that mega-sized, microphone-shaped, gold casket! The Lincoln Catafalque would collapse.

WMAL top talker Rish Limbaugh is back sounding & looking strong with no visible or audio signs of the stage four lung cancer whose treatments have sidelined him for weeks at a time. Limbaugh makes no mention other than to thank prayerful well wishers. He has also avoided declaring over the 2020 POTUS election let alone the final Georgia retry whereas conservative media in general and Fox News Channel in particular now refer to Joe Biteme as “President Elect”, while Limbaugh and Levin still call him “Plugs”. At the same time, Rush joins Trump in pumping Newsmax, pulling sound bites from their unknown hosts and shows instead of Fox. FNC has gone proactive promoting their top show talent: the Five, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. Fox has even invented a new slogan. No more “Fair and Balanced” or “We Report You Decide” that only got the likes of Basement Biden and that laughing Hyena Harris elected. Nope, now it’s “Standing Up For What’s Right”. Fox even copyrighted it with a visible “TM” like another outlet would want to plagiarize the motto. If DCRTV had a motto given that its publisher does not live in DC’s radio or television market it might be “Dave’s Not Here!” Me: I’m gonna turn the Xmas music up real loud, throw another log in the fire, roll a big blunt, have a shot of Jamisons, and watch Thursday Night Football (no more polics for me). Ah...Merry Christmas!!! St. Nick in Arlington

Regarding WBAL 1090 bringing on failed mayoral candidate Thiru Vignaraja as a "part time" host: "We anticipate his insight and opinions will be of great interest to our listeners." This, coming from the same people who anticipated that the insight and opinions of Yuripzy Morgan and Torrey Snow (who and who?) would ALSO be of great interest to their listeners, and thought that pairing C4 and Bryan Nehman would be of great interest to their listeners. How's that worked out so far, WBAL management? - Not Ron Smith

A LIVING DISPLAY AD; Mike O'Meara. Granted, it's deeply disturbing to now see your hairline start at your ears. The good news is that we DCRTV fans would like to hire you for a 1-day TMOS display ad. During a live taping, spell out on your Area 51 size forehead, D. C. R. T. V. in READABLE, BIG, BLACK MARKER letters Like a living Christmas tree, but better. We would also like to vehicle wrap Robb Spewak's head with Dave Hughes' face. How much? [Surprised that your little Peruvian boy Santana with the MBA didn't think about this added revenue stream. He's business smart!].

"I have to agree with the others regarding Czabe. JP sounded really out of sorts. Maybe Rooster could have helped and really started the cross over." Could Czaban be under consideration to take over the afternoon drive slot at 106.7 The Fan now that Entercom has acquired WTEM? Is it in the company's long term interests to maintain its two DC sports talkers in their current form or will there eventually be some type of merger where all the local shows are on 106.7 (with Sheehan, Galdi, Mitchell and/or Czaban worked into the daily lineup), while 980 becomes a repository for syndicated CBS Sports Radio fare, specialty shows and "conflict" play-by-play such as a Georgetown game that's on at the same time as Maryland? A plausible lineup for the reformatted 106.7 might be Junkies 6-10 AM, Galdi 10 to noon, Sheehan & Funny Danny noon to 2, Grant and B-Mitch 2-4, Czabe 4 to 7, rotating hosts (Russell, Medhurst, Miles, etc.) 7 to 10 PM.

Glad to see Sarah has recovered from COVID but she really needs to understand we don't care she is on FOX. Probably the most self-absorbed person in this market, we have MUCH bigger things to focus on and that position should have gone to someone more deserving.

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Boy, Oscar Santana threw Bob Spewack under the bus and then backed over him a few times yesterday on the TMOS Podcast. I guess Bob went home at 3:30 on Monday. Oscar called him and asked where he was while driving home. As it went on, Oscar informed Bob he was back as a salaried employee at Podcast Village and expected to stay till 5:00 PM now. Bob did not know he was upgraded to his pre-pandemic paycheck. (Were any of the ex-interns or the Junk’s Awad at Podcast Village payroll status decreased like Bob too??) Did this dirty laundry have to be made public???? Or was it just shtick? Oscar really talked down to Bob. It was uncomfortable and bob’s red cheeks could be heard through my headphones. Of course, Mike played dog pile and asked bob if he was still being lazy by leaving early and producing his old sounds like “John Popp”. Mike wants individual sound bites from bob from now on. To demonstrate, Mike played 3 of his 5 sounds including the explosion sound he lost and asked Bob to send him last week. My guess is it is much harder for Bob to play his hundreds of decades old items on his sound board individually. Who thinks Mike became hourly with COVID? LOL! Probably not with all that show prep he does looking on Yahoo each morning for his news no one care about segment???? The worst thing Oscar really did was announce that Bob’s wife said to only tell her about his pay checks. The three Bi**tches and their cucks lives on! My question??? Does Bob get to bring home a fruitcake or two for sweating his balls off to make them? What about all the other free fruitcake elves that sweat so Mike can golf three times a week, own two homes, pay for his failing health insurance, etc. Do they get free fruit cakes too?

Glad Czab is not on 980 AM. Get rid of the rest and bring in sports hosts who know stuff about not only local sports but around the world as well. And I cannot believe 106.7 FM continues to air the Junks recording for an hour from 5 to 6 a.m. How silly. Better to keep CBS's Amy Lawrence. Much better and so much more up-to-date.

Day three of substitute hosts for the Czabe on WTEM. Today (Wednesday), Quintin Mayo (never heard of him either), who said he first met Solly five minutes before showtime. Uh oh. One possible positive sign in this drama. Czabe is indeed in Milwaukee this week, making an onsite appearance for his Milwaukee outlet today and saying he will be in Wisconsin all week. So it appears we have nothing to fear, he should be back on WTEM Monday (let's hope). Now if Entercom can only get Radio.com fixed, those of us who can only listen via streaming will be able to listen for more than five minutes at a time. Maybe the net net of all this is that we can no longer expect quality replacement hosts when Czabe uses vacation time. It was nice to have high quality replacements who were connected enough to the listeners to recognize we needed periodic reassurances that Czabe will indeed be returning and that he is not on a radio "vacation" that will never end.

Larry Spivak and Tim Russert must be spinning in their graves over Chuck Todd engaging in the despicable pseudo-journalistic practice of emotional exhibitionism on NBC’s Meet The Press (i.e., airing clips of Covid 19 victims and relatives breaking down and crying while being interviewed for setup pieces). If there’s one TV program that would be expected to steer clear of that type of thing at all times, it’s MTP.

The Senate confirms Nathan Simington to fill a Republican seat at the FCC. The FCC now is at a 2-2 Deadlock when FCC Chairman Pai leaves on 1/20/21. For the past10 months the FCC has been closed. They say they have been "working at home".

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For those wondering, yes, Nestor is still selling WNST AM 1570, a former daytimer, for sale for $1.5 million dollars. (Insert joke here). :-) radiostationsforsale.net

I have to agree with the others regarding Czabe. JP sounded really out of sorts. Maybe Rooster could have helped and really started the cross over. LOL Poor Solly sounds stressed. Can you blame him? I sent two complaints last week about all the drops on Czabe’s show to Entercom too. Laptop/desktop is the only way to get AM at work. Maybe a phone is better? On JFK, I think they like Pete. But, even if offered, do you think he would take Chad’s slot full time? He has worked so hard to solidify his other five jobs. Would he take one solid DC FM afternoon drive spot? I don’t think so. That might make him give up his Navy duties as well as Rosecroft, umping, etc. What good is an Entercom two year contract really worth in this market versus stability in life? I think the only stable show between them now is he Junks. And, how long will that last without being asked to split up some way or another. (Maybe 1+2 do 6am till ten AM and 3+4 do 8am till noon with a two hour cross over of all four? LOL Or, double it and let them all do 7am till 9 am, take a nap, and come back for 4pm till 6 pm all from home? OOBBEE

Tuned into WTEM early to catch Czabe today. The show started at 2:59 (?) and JP said something to the effect that Czabe was "on vacation" or "on break" but didn't sound like he knew what was going on. Strange.

Yes, WCSP FM moved its antenna, but the contour is nearly the same, just some slight NE DECREASE from the location change to the west. No better in Virginia, and worse in Baltimore, that’s about it. Higher antenna height though, so that should help some people.

RE: Czabe. Hour 1 of Tuesday's show has posted on WTEM's web site. JP starts by saying Czabe is in Wisconsin today. Have missed most of his shows recently but it does match Czabe's mode of operation to do a Milwaukee/Green Bay trip once or twice each fall. And thanks to the mail bagger who has been listening more closely to be able to match the incessant parade of drops recently to commercial breaks. I complained to Radio.com a week ago Monday. Latest (as of Tuesday morning, December 8) is that the technical people who will have to actually fix this problem have yet to even respond to the help desk.

Is Czabe gone from TEM? I missed the first few minutes. But, no mention of him during breaks. JP sounds skittish. The callers are soooo bad. That is all he is doing. Website has pictures of remaining hosts. His show is listed but no pic. Solly sounds nervous. The stream still crashes every break as if Czabe is there. OOBBEE

Monday was the last night for Vytas Reid at Fox-45. Heading to WPEC-TV, CBS12 in West Palm Beach, Florida

Washington, D.C. – (December 8, 2020) – NBC Sports Washington today announced that Jackie Bradford, who is currently the President and General Manager for NBC4 Washington / WRC and Telemundo Washington / WZDC, has been named General Manager of the network. In this expanded role, Bradford will oversee day-to-day operations of the network and will work closely with Monumental Sports and Entertainment. She retains oversight of the news, digital, sales, finance, marketing, community and tech/ops departments for the stations. Bradford will continue to report to Valari Staab, President, NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations, and will also report to Bill Bridgen, President, Group Leader for NBC Sports Regional Networks, for NBC Sports Washington matters. “Jackie is an exceptional leader. She is passionate about her staff and has worked hard to build a work culture that focuses on feedback, engagement and mentoring. Together with our station teams, Jackie has spearheaded the creation of the largest bilingual local newsroom in the market that is super serving area audiences in any language,” said Staab. “With Jackie at the helm of our RSN operation, she will work with all three teams to leverage the best of local news and local sports to create one of the strongest local news organizations in the D.C. market. Her business acumen and leadership qualities make her the perfect person to lead all three businesses.” “We are pleased to have Jackie assume this key leadership role with NBC Sports Washington to drive our continued advancement in serving fans best-in-class multiplatform content and delivering value and innovation to our team and business partners,” said Bridgen. “She is an experienced and strategic media executive who has strong, established relationships throughout the Washington, D.C., community.” Bradford is a seasoned broadcast veteran. She has worked at NBCUniversal for two decades and has held finance and GM roles at NBC 7 / KNSD in San Diego and at WRC-TV, before being named President/GM of both WRC-TV and WZDC in 2018 and GM of the Telemundo stations in Raleigh and Richmond thereafter. In addition, she has worked at NBC News’ TODAY and Nightly News in finance roles. Prior to this, Bradford was part of General Electric’s prestigious Financial Management Program where she held various financial positions with GE Real Estate, GE Money and Corporate Treasury.? In 2018, Broadcasting & Cable named Bradford “GM of the Year” for spearheading the launch of Telemundo Washington and creating the market’s largest bilingual newsroom that serves local audiences in any language and across multiple platforms. Bradford is the Board Chair of Washington Tennis and Education Foundation and a Board Member for the Greater Washington Urban League. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Virginia.? She resides in Washington, D.C.

I guess Czabe is out

btw- Georgia Avenue and Chesapeake Avenue WCSP facilities are both DA, with SW pull-back approaching 25 percent of full field. By comparison WTOP DA pull-back to NE approaches 50 percent of full field.

The problem with Comcast isn’t just the annual January price increase. It’s the audacity of cutting off 8+ channels right AS they’re raising the prices and claiming that they’re trying to SAVE you money! THAT IS A BALD FACED LIE. Actions speak louder than words here. And it’s downright insulting to peoples’ intelligence to send out emails that they’re trying to keep your costs down at the same time as raising the rates! It’s so ridiculous that it’s laughable if it didn’t make you cry! Speaking of Kent County, WBOC and WMDT would like that to be in the Salisbury market and they do cover Dover news, both of them, something neither Philly or Baltimore TV stations do. But also geographically, much of Kent County is as close to Baltimore as Philadelphia as the crow flies, so they have as much chance via antenna of getting either market, yet it appears even up there, all the Baltimore TV stations have been removed from the cable TV in most places.

WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 Announces Thiru Vignarajah as New Talk Host... Baltimore, MD, December 8, 2020 – WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 has announced the latest addition to its roster of live and local talk personalities as Thiru Vignarajah joins WBAL NewsRadio as fill-in host. Thiru, the son of immigrants from Sri Lanka, was raised in Baltimore. After graduating from Woodlawn High, Vignarajah attended Yale University and Harvard Law School earning a degree in Ethics at King College London. He was later elected President of the Harvard Law Review and clerked for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. His commitment to public service includes serving as a federal and Baltimore city prosecutor prior to his time as Deputy Attorney General and most recently a 2020 candidate for Baltimore City Mayor. “Thiru’s unique experiences and intimate knowledge of Baltimore and Maryland is a welcome addition to WBAL. said Cary Pahigian, the station's President and General Manager. We anticipate his insight and opinions will be of great interest to our listeners.”

Thanks to the commenter who reminded me that WCSP has an application to move to the Chesapeake St. NW tower. Highly directional focus to the northeast. (Sorry about that, Virginia.) Heck, we had the same problem unintentionally when we (Q107) had another BFC-6 antenna on the same leg farther down, under the 96.3 antenna. Trying to improve Virginia penetration (pardon the expression) we joined the WASH-WHUR-WRQX joint antenna half way up the top mast between VHF and UHF TV antennas. Apparently not enough improvement to dissuade Cumulus from dumping the station entirely. Augh. I tried not to take it personally. - P of the AW. fccinfo.com

If you haven't seen this video yet, you must. It's heartbreaking what politicians put this woman through. An NBC TV show sets up outdoor catering right next to an LA restaurant owner's closed outdoor dining and the NBC TV actors are allowed to eat outside, but no one else is in California. Unbelievable! MSNBC edited the clip to not show the NBC outdoor patio dining of course to protect their so called reputation. Joe Biden said it himself, he follows the science, yet there is no science yet that outdoor dining has spurred any COVID outbreaks anywhere. So NBC TV actors can eat outside. You just can't. More LEFTIST HYPOCRITES! :( www.youtube.com

Comcast has a set policy of many years of raising their rates every January whether they need to or not!! This dates to before the "great Recession" at least if not the origins of the company. It's one reason I still put up with all the bullshit that has gone on at DirecTV since AT&T bought it

FROM DCRTV'S NEWS PAGE: Shawn Yancy, who left Fox-owned Channel 5/WTTG in October after 19 years, is joining NBC-owned Channel 4/WRC as an evening news anchor. She starts at NBC4 in January. Before coming to DC, Yancy worked at TV stations in Pittsburgh and Fort Wayne. "I'm super excited to join this team of incredibly talented and diverse journalists who truly care about the community they serve,” Yancy said via nbcwashington.com. "I'm grateful and honored to become a member of the NBC4 family."

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Responding to the earlier poster- the 4 bay antenna on the Chesapeake Street tower is most likely WCSP-FM. They obtained a CP to relocate from Georgia Ave tower and recently filed a license to cover application specifying a Shively 4 bay antenna with radomes.

So Comcast announced a price increase! This is after removing Turner Classic Movies, all the STARZ Encore networks (at least 5 of them), and now WBAL-TV and I’ll bet WJZ next! Now THAT is ballsy! That’s like spitting in your face and daring you to cancel! Unfortunately, there’s not much to do as WBOC-TV and WMDT-TV have such poor signals at the beach and WRDE is even worse. Even an outside antenna doesn’t guarantee reception here of them with all of their highly directional signals that don’t really hit the beach well. I don’t even understand why they need to be directional in the first place. Only WRDE is signals restricted. No reason WBOC and WMDT need to be that directional. Why do they need to restrict their signal towards the ocean? I checked the Longely Rice Protection plots. It makes no sense! There are red & white dropout spots all over the beach areas for all the TV stations down here. :-(

Dave's response: Move up to Slaughter Beach in Kent County, which is in the Philly metro. And be done with rinky dink small market TV on your cable.....

To answer the poster who asked the question of why WMJF-CD is carrying Me-TV as well even though WBAL carries the digital channel on 11-2. Me-TV has double affiliations in a couple of markets. They have two affiliates in Chicago,Atlanta and Los Angeles just for example. This is not strange. Me-TV,Antenna and all the others pay to be on those subs contractually. I like having that secondary feed because WBAL pre-empts Me-TV and since I can’t get ch 5(WTTG)-5-3 where I live it comes in handy as does the H and I feed on 39-6. I agree technically WMJF is a mess! Too bad WJZ or WBAL won’t add H and I or Fox !Movies! Too bad WBAL won’t clear Me-TV 24/7 but I do have to say WBAL has gotten better since their earlier days carrying Me-TV. Remember that these secondary Me-TV affiliates are low powered for the most part. Being low powered the signal is ok where I live but goes down when it rains. Take Care... N.L.

The move is great for everyone except Eun who wants off mornings and now has to wait longer. Makes the most sense that WRC would put Shawn at 4 with Pat until Pat retires. Leave Wendy and Jim at 5 until Wendy's done. Leave Doreen and Leon at 6, and then Doreen at Jim at 11. Shawn will also be anchor in waiting for when Doreen decides she's done conceivably in the next 2-3 years. And eventually another spot will open for Eun to move to early evenings.

Just read that Shawn Yancey will be an evening anchor at NBC4..Hmmm, so is she replacing someone? www.nbcwashington.com

Erin Como video from FTV Live... www.ftvlive.com

Watched Jeanette Reyes' first day and talk about "welcome overkill". Had to laugh that they had videos of other staff welcoming her and that she had to watch them twice as they were shown on two different morning shifts. And during the second showing, the anchors acted as though it was the first time it was being shown. Regarding moving Marissa to a "box" on the side during the 9am broadcast, not surprised. From all of the over the top promos, it was obvious that they wanted Jeanette front and center...As for Shawn Yancey going to NBC4, I'm wondering if she's going to weekend mornings to replace Megan Fitzgerald who left for the network. Or maybe weekday mornings since Aaron Gilchrist has left.Maybe they'll have Shawn, Eun and Jumi

Just noticed a new (for me) four-bay radomed FM antenna near the top of the NE leg of the 4010 Chesapeake St. NW tower. Anybody know whose that is? When the tower went up in 1972 that spot was occupied by WTOP-FM’s RCA BFC-6 antenna on 96.3, soon to be given to WHUR. - P of the AW

Congrats to Shawn Yancy starting January at NBC 4. Fox 5 lost 2 greats in Shawn and Allison

So Fox 5 will throw your butt outta that anchor chair in a hot minute...wow that First new girl Marissa has been thrown to the sideline for this new girl Jeanette yet again. It's the funniest thing...Fox could give 2 shits about any of them there

December 7th, 1941 Today, when the media is distracted or has forgotten, YOU #RememberDec7

RE: WMJF 39: You said that WMJF is NOT a zombie TV station and then went on to describe a zombie TV station! It’s automated from out of state apparently, has no GM, no local office, no master control in Baltimore. See if you can find contact info or a phone number. That is exactly a zombie TV station! And why would it be broadcasting a MeTV station from Arkansas when Baltimore already has a MeTV station? It’s as if nobody is running the station.

Looks like Shawn Yancy is going to NBC4. I wonder what her role will be though since I don’t know of any anchor openings there.

WAMU is holding their Year-End Campaign and Rob Bamburger's recently-returned "Hot Jazz Saturday Night" was a phenomenal success. Something like twice the targeted goal and in the neighborhood of $60,000 pledged over the three-hour program. Does anyone know the final tally?

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Contrary to an earlier post, WMJF RF 23 is NOT a "zombie" TV station. We watch it every day via indoor antenna in our apartment in Cockeysville, Baltimore County. One strange aspect of WMJF's operation is the use of virtual channel 39.1 to relay diginet Me TV. That is the same service run for several years by WBAL on virtual 11.2. WMJF appears to receive Me from a station in Harrison Arkansas. Legal station identification graphics and local Harrison commercials air on WMJF every day. 39.1 is listed in the on-screen menus of our two receivers as running Grit, one of the Scripps channels. WMJF otherwise devotes channels to mainstream diginets such as Buzzr and ION, all in standard definition. Thank you.

Speaking of WNUV 54, Sinclair did get approval to upgrade its signal to 948kw non-directional, which would have been a monster signal on RF 25 making it available to even Wilmington, DE and well up into PA and down into Virginia, but for some reason, they decided not to build it. It’s technically not dismissed, but superceded as they chose to build directional just like WBFF 45, but only at 750 kw. Why they did that is a mystery to me as this would have been great to so many people looking for ATSC 3.0, assuming Sinclair chooses to use WNUV, which is quite likely from Sinclair’s actions in other markets that they’re converting. Under NextGen TV channel sharing, it’s likely that WMAR, WBAL, & WJZ will be transmitting their NextGen signals from the Sinclair tower as opposed to TV Hill, at least in the interim. Under ATSC 3.0, you won’t even notice that you’re getting WBAL TV from the WNUV transmitter/antenna, only a better signal. Your TV will still see it as WBAL 11, whether the signal comes from channel 12 or 25. The holdup is where is the current WNUV 54 signal going to go since the current DTV signals must remain on the air concurrently? Likely one of the stations on the candelabra tower, probably WBAL 11 or WJZ 13’s antenna. AS for the old WBFF channel 45 on Parkdale Ave, I’m not sure, but I think this might be the building, looks vacant today, not a large building, probably enough room for one small studio with no real set and offices and master control facilities. www.google.com — BaltoMedia.net

Communications Attorney John Garziglia announced that he is retiring from the law firm. He will have a good income from the Translators he owns, including 106.5 FM in Reston that carries the Russian Propaganda Sputnik. He also owns Translator 98.3 FM in Reston, VA that carries the Gamut Format. Enjoy your retirement John.

Dave's response: That's 105.5 in Reston not 106.5, which would be too darn close to WJFK's 106.7 Merrifield signal.....

Well, it happened to me with Direct TV. WUSA, CBS, Channel 9 is dead. Any other DC carriers? I think they waited for a football weekend to kick off the dead screen. I will give Mike O’Meara his due. He acknowledged that the people on DCRTV were right about his preaching about life styles and COVID. He admitted he was a hypocrite. Yes, Mike said it! Of course, that was a prelude to how he needed to get tested ASAP after his senior citizen golfing group had a big scare. But, he has really not changed. Recently, he was talking about how lazy and old it was for local news to show travelers on the day before Thanksgiving the week after he called into the Butterball Turkey hotline with one of his voices. Lazy and old???They are trying to do some new things. They tried this “Cocktail Hour” live stream thing with the wives on select Fridays. It was a fresh new idea that was really fun but is now old like all of Rob’s tapes. The last wives show had 400 watchers. Is that really worth it? It has turned into “Three B**ches and their Cucks. These shows clearly demonstrate how one wife has total control at home as she takes over the Zoom room from the other five on Fridays. They also show why women that good looking in the DC area married the TMOS guys first. Nickie Diamond from Rob and Joe gives the only belly laughs these days. One last thing. The Facebook Fan Club page they endorse totally pisses people off. Oscar is one of the administrator’s for God’s sake. Another is a B**tch with the initials JW who sole purpose in life is to run that page like a witch and they let her push away listeners all the time. It is down to 3,000 members. It was close to the max 5K at one time. Mike and Rob max at 5K but not the fan club? It is a bizarre combo of a podcast and a FB page dedicated to kiss Mike’s ass every day. And, he likes it that way as he preaches about how to vote, eat, marry, raise kids, be a friend, etc. while begging for rubes to send him and his family gifts, buy bonus/fruitcakes and support advertisers. Many I know just listen for the train wreck aspects of the show now.

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The old WBFF 45 tower for the Captain Chesapeake era was on Powers Lane, near Rolling Road and Rt. 40 in Catonsville adjacent to the WPOC 93.1 tower. I’m not actually sure where WNUV 54 originally transmitted from, maybe one of those 2 towers. One of the problems with the Catonsville towers was simply location, not so much technical. If you had your antenna pointed to TV Hill, you got ghosting on the UHF stations in Catonsville from the west side of Baltimore. Similar problem with WUTB 24, which also used one of those towers. I’m not sure if either company at the time had the money to build a tower of their own. The location is the main reason Sinclair decided to build the tower on TV Hill. As I recall, WNUV only moved to TV Hill after WNUV was sold by NUVISION, inc. to a company allied with and funded by Sinclair as the FIRST Black owned television station in the country, Cunningham Broadcasting. In DC, pretty much all of the towers are in Tenleytown or pretty nearby. When WMAR 2 was downtown, they had the same dilemma. Downtown is a different direction than TV Hill, so WMAR felt it necessary to be in on the TV Hill candelabra tower or else lose viewers due to reception issues.

Now this is just from memory, but I believe that, yes, originally WBFF-TV 45 had its studios in a small building on Parkdale Avenue where W. 41st dipped down into the Jones Falls Valley and met up with Druid Park Drive (which is NOT Druid Park Lake Drive, which connects to W 28th and 29th Streets), and their transmitter was over on Route 40 West (Baltimore National Pike) near Westview Mall and the Beltway (SW Corner of Beltway ramps). Eventually they moved the studios to a bigger building down the block, and eventually the transmitter was replaced with the new one on TV Hill. They were on Parkdale Avenue back when Bill LeFevre sat in his big armchair and told us which of Baltimore's Finest Features was being shown that night. It was the station that showed Casablanca on Election Night every time 2, 11, and 13 had election coverage. WFMM-93.1 with Bill and his "beautiful music" was there, too. Those were the days, back when Baltimore was famous for having the highest-rated ABC station (13), the lowest-rated CBS station (2), the last big-city station to have puppets do the weather (11, God Bless Rhea)) and the largest metro area to have only 3 channels until the 1970s. -- Carl in Olney

There was a time, Would have been in the 1990s, right after WBFF built their new tower, that WNUV concluded that the OLD WBFF tower was an improvement in both height and location over what they had, and moved there Not exactly sure WHERE that was. I never lived in Baltimore, I was watching this from near Ft Belvoir in Fairfax County. It may well have been the Parkdale Ave site the other writer was referring to.

#DAVESCHRISTMAS Today, is the start of Dave's Christmas. The annual reader launched holiday fundraiser where we as loyal supporters of DCRTV, stuff Dave's stocking with cold, hard cash. I've just donated $100. How much can you donate? $5 $10 $20 Match me? Santa Dave, tell your appreciative elves below how they can contribute. #HappyHanukkahToo

Dave's response: Awww shucks. PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655.....

"The former DJ formerly known as Bob Devlin" That's a name to conjure with. Happily you're still with us, unlike ... www.washingtonpost.com... Those were the days. Gus in somber reflection

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It appears that the tower work on the candelabra tower on TV Hill is finished with several radio stations filing license to cover applications. I’m told that the FM stack is now like the stack of antennas on the Empire State Building, more advanced, and all the signals are slightly higher it seems and combined in one place, rather than being mixed in with the TV stations. At least that’s what an engineer told me. I don’t even play one on TV. I have a question though. I was looking at google street maps of the area. Didn’t WBFF channel 45, when an independent TV station way back, used to be on Parkdale Ave. or was that another Baltimore TV station in the early days? I remember hearing that address on a sign off as a kid.

In addition to WDVM 25, WHUT also wants to increase their facility to a higher power. Also WPHL 17 up In Philly is looking to max out to 1000kw. Maybe WFDC 14 will try to go non-directional now too or WPXW totally non-directional? I’m still expecting Sinclair to do something to the WBFF and/or WNUV signals with their highly directional signals and lower powers. WNUV 54 is free and clear on channel 25 to max out, but WBFF 45 on 26 is not, only having a slight amount of wiggle room with WRDE NBC Coast TV now that they’re transmitted from the WBOC tower, but there is some room in the protection contour. As for the WDVM application, clearly here it is defective, crossing the PURPLE line, the PROTECTED contour, but since WMJF is a zombie TV station, I’m sure the Zombie FCC will let it go through.

Hey Dave, last month I cut the cord, bought an outside antenna, and strapped it to my back porch. I now get in eastern Loudoun county all DC stations, 25 from Hagerstown, and Channels 2 and 54 out of Baltimore. Sling covers most cable channels for 30 bucks a month. No retransmission fees coming out of my pocket anymore! Also, I promised the DCRTV family to reveal my theory about NBC's Trump Town Hall with Savannah. I noticed Savannah was on a bit of a delay. Was Rachel Maddow feeding her questions and responses in secret? Savannah's responses sounded like Rachel. Remember, the MSNBC crowd was vocally upset NBC initially shut them out of the Town hall, and then seemed appeased the day of the event. Was Trump actually being questioned by Rachel? I think he was, and if he was, good job, NBC.

RE: "I think the writing is on the wall for TEM. Since the takeover, the sound and stream is terrible. Galdi sounds like he is in a phone booth but still so much better than with Doc. Czabe’s show crashes on line at least every break." Welcome to the trashy streaming world of Radio.com!

Dish Network is in a carriage dispute with Nexstar---------not Nextar.

Heard Albie Dee doing traffic reports on Baltimore's WYPR this morning (12/4).

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I think the writing is on the wall for TEM. Since the takeover, the sound and stream is terrible. Galdi sounds like he is in a phone booth but still so much better than with Doc. Czabe’s show crashes on line at least every break. Also, he comes in and out. If you are not in a car, how else can you get an AM signal? It is very annoying. OOBBEE

Former political journalist Tim O'Brien passed away on Monday after he was struck by a vehicle while stopped at a traffic light on his bicycle. O'Brien began his career at WTOP-TV in Washington, D.C., provided ABC's Supreme Court coverage for more than two decades and helped report on the 9/11 attacks as a journalist at CNN.

Five days ago, Sarah Caldwell responded to a post on her Facebook page with “I’ll be back soon. My son and I are recovering from Covid “, and yesterday she posted “Can’t wait to feel 100% and get back to work. Covid is no joke, people! #MaskUp”. These may be clues concerning her absence from the airwaves, but that’s just a theory I’m working on. – The former DJ formerly known as Bob Devlin

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When you look up at broadcast towers in the DC area I’ll bet you don’t wonder how many things you see still attached to the tower have been permanently forgotten by all involved, including the tower owner! It helps to have personal knowledge. The little white dish you see on the tower at 4010 Chesapeake St. NW was last used when we put it there so WMAL’s Ken Beatrice could eavesdrop on Capitals hockey games from the Capital Center even when local games were blacked out. The Capital Center closed in 1999. The cone shaped thing at the bottom aimed straight up is a microwave dish for WJLA and is aimed at a passive reflector aimed at a Greentree Road tower which was knocked down earlier this month. The transmitter building out there housing the microwave gear was torn down in 2016. Will these idle assets outlive us all?Probably. - P of the AW

Living in Southern Fauquier County is your real problem not the cable or satellite system. You can change this. Head North on 29 or 17.

As if today hasn’t gotten weirder in the land of carriage disputes, DISH Network has pulled Nextar owned stations or as the other side would say, Nextar requested that DISH pull their stations because of money. This includes WDCW out of DC and WDVM out of Hagerstown. Gotta love the GOP crackpots whining because Faux News has moved towards the middle for MOST of their airtime(If you don’t count Hannity and a handful of others). Look, eventually when Darth Murdoch stepped aside and gave control up to his sons, the non stop GOP pontificating was going to come to a end. Fear now, as much as the left panders to CNN and MSNBC, the right wing can mosey over to One America News Network or Newsmax for their Trump and Republican Worship News Networks…or Sinclair and their ilk. Dan

I know you guys are pissed at Comcast or DirecTV for the recent carriage disputes; but what you shouldn't be doing is placing blame on one or the other. Both parties are pretty much responsible for these disputes; one wants more money, the other doesn't want to give it up. These are businesses, they're not a public service. Broadcasting in this country has a very long history of being solely for the sake of making money. The roots of commercial radio broadcasting are quite literally advertising in one form or another; early stations were run by companies as a way of advertising themselves on a medium that needed content. Some were started by radio dealers or manufacturers to provide content to sell radios. These were captive audiences. The same goes for early cable television; in fact it used to be a cable provider that didn't want to carry a channel unless they were paid for it. The current system that was largely enacted in 1992 and expanded several times since then was supposed to eliminate anti-competitive practices; prevent a small station from not getting carried on cable in favor of more lucrative options. These carriage disputes were supposed to be avoided as it wasn't supposed to be in anyone's interest to reduce viewership. But as we all know...that's not how it's happened. Things were alright at first; companies like Fox exchanged carriage of FX to providers in lieu of retransmission fees, NBC did the same with CNBC. The problem is the markets have changed so dramatically while the rules have lagged. What wasn't supposed to be a problem...now is a problem. The provider doesn't want to raise your bill $5 to carry a local channel as much as you probably don't want to pay another $5/month for that channel. The thing to do is start contacting your legislators and let them know how outraged you are at the imbalance that's occured. Only when the retransmission consent regulations are fixed will this problem be fixed. But continue to point fingers at the broadcasters and you'll get nowhere.

OMG, wish I'd seen this so as to incorporate it in my previous post. From the OTTP (Over The Transom Posse) today the marquee name let slip (min. 14-15) that he doesn't think that people who hang drywall "go to work every day". Then Los Hermanos Obesos gave a master class in vaccines, virology and biochemistry. At least they thought so. Gus in deep but hardly surprising disappointment

Today is the best example of why I’m pissed and others on Delmarva will be too at COMCAST who are Ravens fans for dropping WBAL-TV. Soon we’ll no longer have a Ravens pre-game show or Post-game show to see. Also, no more Ravens Wrap-Up show. WRDE will never do such a thing or any of that. I’m looking more than ever at ways of cancelling their asses for spite, whether I get WBAL TV or not. And I think a lot of people are going to feel that way next time there’s an NBC game involving the Ravens, this season or playoffs or next season. FUCK COMCAST!

"I have supported his shows since the end of D&M. (Except for The Arrow…I mean that was terrible.) I have most TMOS T-shirts, all the DVDs, and have been at most live events. I used to purchase many advertiser products and still pay for the bonus shows." Part of the problem says what? Be free, brother or sister! Gus in quiet prayer on the trail of Seth Rich's murderer

AMAZON BUYS PODCAST VILLAGE. NO, WAIT. WRONG COMPANY. Amazon.com Inc is in talks to buy PODCAST STARTUP Wondery with a valuation of over $300 million, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday citing people familiar with the matter. Wondery became the fastest network to join the Top 10 ranker by Podtrac, Someone, give Oscar Santana-Zeballos a box of tissue to wipe off his tears. #FetalPosition

With TMOS being discussed lately let me get a word or 100 in as a LONG time Mike Listener. I never was a Zoo guy. I started with D&M on JFK. They introduced me to the Junkies who I listen to every day who introduced me to probably my favorite, BOAD. Again, let me start this with I like Mike and he is talented. I have supported his shows since the end of D&M. (Except for The Arrow…I mean that was terrible.) I have most TMOS T-shirts, all the DVDs, and have been at most live events. I used to purchase many advertiser products and still pay for the bonus shows. It is still entertaining. I mean, people look at car wrecks. LOL Back at JFK, I even went the worst St. Pat’s party ever put on by a radio show that was planned by McBride. The last 4-5 years have been difficult to take him seriously mainly due to his narcissism and pretentious ranting. There is an interesting and entertaining way to describe things that happen in life like he used to with Don and continued in TMOS. The opposite is just bitching day in and day out about obvious things that should be expected when your life choices (Divorces, Restaurants, Bad investments) put you in Florida at 61 living in a retirement community. What makes it worse is the 29 year partner who day in and day out kisses your ass and agrees 100% with everything you say. Rob makes Robin look like a foil for Howard. (Actually, Oscar is giving Rob a run for his money to kiss Mike’s ass lately. I think he has given up having a spine when dealing with Mike or the whole BOAD thing has changed him.) Golfing, COSTCO, Doctor, dining, etc trips where you live will involve old people, FLA medicine, bad drivers, etc. WE KNOW!. Your body is a mess. God, you had huge DD man boobs today on line. Also, weekly updates about your penis are not needed. Again, please try to make these things funny or entertaining. And, please stop telling us how to live our lives. We should be like Mike? (Or, Rob or Oscar?) I won't even go into politics! I wonder why the listener numbers are down or static? Maybe Oscar has just decided why try with Mike? Accept that the same people will get us this living without a raise for the next decade. See you in Vegas – NOT!

"Hiding that capital loss from the Gannett balance sheet was a reason for TEGNA’s creation in the first place in my opinion." You know TEGNA IS Gannett, right? Same balance sheet, publicly traded, quarterly reporting, blah blah. But sure, we'll go with your thing of hiding a $60 million "loss". In the end times we're going to be left with Keith Richards, cockroaches, and at least two Stock Guys. But I repeat myself. Gus in SERENITY NOW!

Gannet paid $80 million for then WDVM back in 1985-6. Think the renamed WUSA is worth that now? Hiding that capital loss from the Gannett balance sheet was a reason for TEGNA’s creation in the first place in my opinion.

Owner of WINC-FM selling 92.5 frequency to nonprofit Christian radio ministry | Winchester Star | www.winchesterstar.com

Checked Sarah Caldwell’s Facebook. No word on why she’s gone even though there was certainly a lot of posts by her about her coming back to Baltimore TV. Now it’s all gone, no mention of it, all gone. Crickets.

[Now that DirecTV for its own reasons has decided to drop WUSA] It wasn't DirecTV, it was Tegna, the parent company of WUSA, which told DirecTV to stop carrying the signal of some sixty stations across the country including WUSA in DC.

I live in Southern Fauquier County. When I first moved here from Fairfax county the cable system was still a "mom-n-pop" Called Prestige Cable. It was just being completed Essentially the same technology Arlington was in the process of upgrading FROM! Flintstonevision all the way. They DID, however carry WTVR from Richmond. The only Richmond station they carried. WCAV-19 in Charlottesville did not exist yet. The cable system continued to carry WTVR through it's time as Adelphia Cable and well into its current life as Comcast. Now that DirecTV for its own reasons has decided to drop WUSA I hope they will open up either WTVR or WCAV at least for Southern Fauquier and Culpeper Counties. From a quality standpoint WCAV has higher quality news, but I am convinced WTVR would be an easier "Sell" to this audience. Partly because of the right wing cant to all their news programming and partly just out of familiarity. Because so many have been able to watch it before

Interesting on Saturday AM the anchor said she was filling in for Sarah Caldwell. On Sunday that introductory statement was not made. Maybe all weren’t happy with an outsider getting the weekend gig!

What the media isn’t reporting is that in some states like PA, the ballots are immediately separated from their signatures, so during any recount, if there is no poll watcher allowed to see on the first count, there is no ability to certify what is a valid or non-valid vote or if the person is even ALIVE! Once you separate the ballot from the persons’s name and signature, nothing is provable anymore, but the media is ignoring this corrupt change in counting process. Add that to the exceptionally weird statistically anomalies. Does any sane person really think that Joe Biden got more Black votes than Barack Obama? Well he did apparently, at least statistically in many states A new poll also revealed that 1 in 3 Democrats believe the election was stolen in the big cities (Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee) in swing states.

Dave's response: Trump stole North Carolina from Biden, where he won the state with 1.4%. A lot of mail-in ballots from big Biden-friendly cities were thrown out because they weren't "properly" filled out. Where's Fox News and Newsmax and Breitbart on this story?

For your information, WTEM 980 AM has never had good coverage at night in Northern Virginia. That is why they need a Translator in Northern Virginia to give them coverage there. Their Daytime Coverage is OK.

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WUSA was yanked from Directv around 9:10pm as was every other Tegna owned station.

One clue that the 25.1 signal you can receive in Springfield VA is not coming from Hagerstown vis that it is only in SD. WFDC does not have room for a third HD subchannel.

"WHKY 14 News, so I couldn’t resist checking their news out online. OMG! They have a LEGAL DISCLAIMER BEFORE THEIR NEWS! It’s unbelievably RACIST" Hardly unbelievable. The Washington Post handles it differently: not mentioning the race is code for what the race is. The lesson for me is WaPo thinks its readers are racists and is cool with that. I only buy it for the Sudoku anyroad. Gus chillin' poolside with Rod Serling

To the poster complaining about mail in voting, how, pray tell, can you have both anonymous voting while also linking a ballot with the mailed in information? This is just willful ignorance. "Once you separate the ballot from the signature, without any oversight of the counting, you cannot determine if the ballot is valid or not, so there cannot be any proof of election problems by default." The way this works, genius (and I know, I worked as an absentee ballot counter for my local board of elections), is that you validate the mailed-in ballot privacy envelope contains the information it's supposed to have (signatures, an application on file of the person requesting the ballot, a copy of government ID if they are newly registered, etc.) BEFORE you open then envelope. Then, you remove the actual ballot for counting. Also, how is this NOT an issue with in person voting? If I get past the initial screening at my polling place where they check in voters fraudulently, there is no way to "reverse" that vote either. Your "team" lost - not because of fraud, but because your candidate motivated more people to vote against him than for him. And I ask DCRTV Dave - what do all the conspiratorial posts about (non-existent) voter fraud and other random right-wing fever dream conspiracy theories have to do with DC radio or TV? Why are you posting this crap? Let's get back to rampant speculation about when Angie Goff takes over the world or 500 word missives about whether or not DJ's from the 1980's should still be on the air. Those are at least tangentially about DC media.

Dave's response: There's a certain someone who slams me constantly for allowing the posts of political crap but he himself is one of the biggest offenders. Ponderous, man, ponderous.....

My major problem with the media’s coverage of the election in general is that they refused to cover two important events. #1 is Biden’s health is foundering badly. he’s already broken his foot. His dog hurt him. What’s next? #2 The truth about Mail In-Voting: Once you separate the ballot from the signature, without any oversight of the counting, you cannot determine if the ballot is valid or not, so there cannot be any proof of election problems by default. And it seems that Democrat cities and Dem Governors purposefully did this procedure to obscure confirming or denying results. Basically, Mail-In Voting and Mass Mailing ballots is inherently fraudulent as you cannot prove or disproves anything as far as the votes once you separate the signatures. it also means that Trump has absolutely NO CHANCE OF WINNING because nothing will ever be provable!

First of all it is WDVM not WDMV. Second that 25.1 you receive in Springfield is not coming directly from WDVM. It is coming from a simulcast on Ch.14 (virtual) WFDC.

Dave, you mentioned WHKY 14 News, so I couldn’t resist checking their news out online. OMG! They have a LEGAL DISCLAIMER BEFORE THEIR NEWS! It’s unbelievably RACIST and I guess they don’t want to get sued. It’s like the HILL PEOPLE NEWS AT 11! LATE BREAKING! BLACK PEOPLE COMMITTED ALL THE CRIMES! And some weed smokers too. UGH! I don’t know how you can deal with living down there. Even Sinclair has more dignity that THAT TV station and that’s saying a LOT! youtu.be

No word at all from Sarah about fox. She made quite a few announcements that she was back on air for the next 3 months but not a word on social media and she has not been on air for the past 2 weeks. Hopefully she is okay but she did not make a good impression on her first weekend, very rusty. Maybe Fox realized it was not the best move

So the Ravens game has been moved to 3:30 PM on Wednesday. I guess this means no traffic reports for rush hour. F'ball uber alles...

To the guy who suggested Seattle for a trade between Tegna and CBS, Tegna doesn't own the CBS affiliate there. Tegna owns the NBC/Indie duopoly there (KING 5 &KONG 6/16), while Cox owns the CBS affil KIRO 7. That said, Tegna probably will not part with WUSA with it being in a prestige market like DC even if it is with a last place station.

The FCC Chairman announced today (11/30/20) that he will step down on January 20, 2021. Who do you think Biden will appoint as the new Chairman? Could this be a Political Payoff job?

WUSA and TEGNA have “graciously” given us a whopping one day extension with DirecTV before they pull their signal. They plastered that on their shows tonight and on their website. WUSA is by far the worst in DC threatening or pulling their signal with carriers. Are they going to refund money to their advertisers due to the reduced viewership?

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