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DCRTV Mailbag - January 1, 2021 to January 31, 2021

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I don’t know what news or TV or radio you’re getting, probably failing CNN the DNC’s own channel, MSNBC, but to say there were thousands of rioters inside the Capitol is delusional at best, Trump Deranged at the minimum. Please see your therapist. It is actually being treated as a disease now. Clearly you are in that category. Anyone who watched the videos knows it wasn’t thousands of people inside the Capitol, but simply a couple hundred. And the charging documents even point that out. Thousands of people are NOT being charged. Take your meds. However you can turn on the news in Seattle and Portland and Denver and you will clearly see thousands rioting and setting fires. Yet no one is being arrested or charged. They also attacked the DNC and RNC HQs, only they’re not being charged. In fact, BLM is being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for setting their cities on fire. This is Bizarro Superman world and people like you like it that way apparently. Also, more people have died as a result of ANTIFA protests nationwide compared to the Capitol. You cannot ask for selective free speech that favors just what you think. But I’m sure you’ll try. That’s what the left is all about.

@theidiotwithaboner4WMAL: Why don't you contact the FBI directly instead of hoping they will follow your spooge trail? You're coming across as a leather sniffer who will some day commit a crime. That's not a good look. How come you don't mention that the head of the "Proud Boys" (silly name) is a longtime FBI informant? Oops! Gus at Georgia Street Receiving Hospital

This statement by the @ProjectLincoln is an absolute lie. Members did know. Young men approached them about the accusations. Members knew I was writing the story and warned John Weaver

Slowly but surely, Entercom’s gutting 980 so it won’t interfere in any way with the ratings success of favored 106.7 The Fan. First Walker, Linn and program director Chris Johnson, then Czaban (relegated to weekend duty on 106.7) and now Galdi. Dust up your resumes, Sheehan and Mitchell - you may very well be the next to get pink slips. Perhaps one or both can be absorbed into The Fan’s schedule (I think B-Mitch worked there previously). The midday (10-2) timeslot on 106.7 is still open as far as I know unless Medhurst has been given the permanent gig. Sheehan’s one of those 99% WFT talk show hosts in DC although he does give the Wizards and Terps hoops occasional attention - Nats not so much and he can’t even feign enthusiasm for the Caps (not even during their 2018 Stanley Cup run). Even when talking about the local pro football team he often acts as if QB is the only position on the field. Why hasn’t AM 630 (the Sports Capitol) picked up any of the 980 castoffs? - Andy Pollin and Bram Weinstein (that station’s current local hosts) aren’t exactly strangers to those guys.

Hey Dave, the FBI has found evidence of heavy coordination to the thousands ( not hundreds) of murderous Rioters who stormed the Capitol a few weeks ago. They have discovered "not so" secret planning, encouraging, staffing, and strategizing aimed at "Patriot" groups dotted all over the country. It is their belief this surge was coordinated by a "puppeteer" like small cabal who encouraged the seditious act. One of the names that keeps popping up in this investigation is Lin Wood, a dear friend of Larry O'Connor and past frequent guest on WMAL. Another factor that is being followed up on is former WMAL host Dan Bongino and his investment product Parler. Remember, WMAL encouraged their listeners to use Parler instead of other social media. WMAL promoted this "peaceful" protest. WMAL took advertising money for this protest, and WMAL encouraged people to go down to the "peaceful" protest. Also, WMAL turned up the heat by repeating ad nauseum the claims of election fraud that led up to the mele. It is clear WMAL was a tool being used to plan this seditious plot. In other words, "Go to Hell, Larry O'Connor, Vince, Mary, and Chris Plante." The body of the slain officer will be lying in state at the Capitol through tomorrow. I am sure all these WMAL clowns will go down and pay their respects in person, NOT!

To the poster who lamented the downgrading of existing AM facilities. This is exactly the purpose of the FM translator migration. Many AM stations aren't power limited in coverage. They are interference limited. If 50% of existing AM's especially the class D local channels signed off. The remaining stations could improve facilities and combined with less interference, expand their coverage. This is especially true for stations adopting the full channel digital system.

WJLA reports that retired anchor/reporter Greta Kreuz passed away yesterday. She anchored the News7 Morning Show in the late 80s and early 90s alongside Horace Holmes before becoming a general assignment reporter focusing on a variety of subjects but focused a lot on religion. She died of lung cancer despite never being a smoker. RIP.

NEWS! Retired ABC7 anchor and reporter Greta Kreuz passes away after long cancer battle... wjla.com... WASHINGTON (ABC7) — Retired ABC7 News reporter and anchor Greta Kreuz passed away Saturday in Washington after an eight-year battle with lung cancer. Kreuz joined the ABC7 family in 1988 and anchored Good Morning Washington for seven years. She covered a wide variety of beats for ABC7 — from education to transportation — and her depth of knowledge made her one of the market's most versatile reporters. Her favorite topic, though, was religion. She covered the death and funeral of Pope John Paul II, the clergy sex abuse crisis, and, in 2013, she flew to Rome to cover the election of Pope Francis. Even after retiring, she returned to ABC7 as a guest anchor to cover Pope Francis's 2015 visit to Washington. She also reported on virtually every type of major natural disaster: Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and the 2011 D.C. earthquake, for which she won an Emmy. She was also the recipient of Associated Press and Edward R. Murrow awards for her distinguished body of work. Kreuz interviewed everyone from Hollywood stars to convicted criminals. She was most proud of her interviews with Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu and Princess Diana. Her journalism career began when she was a newspaper reporter and photographer in the Chicago area. She then transitioned to radio, as news director for WVPO/WSBG in Pennsylvania. Her career in television news started when she became an anchor/reporter for WBRE-TV in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. From there, she moved onto to WPRI-TV in Providence, Rhode Island and then WBAL-TV in Baltimore. Greta was a force of nature and will be deeply missed by her colleagues, friends and family.

To the unnamed, outraged “what about” merchant who is upset at the lack of coverage of unrest out west, first question: If it’s not being covered, how do you know so much about it? Second question: Do you really not realize that physically attacking the nation’s Capitol on the one day the presidential election was to be certified is at least TEN TIMES more significant than typical, sporadic urban unrest elsewhere? Don’t look now. Your FOX tail is showing. Max Critic

[While the ridiculously biased media and even people here on DCRTV are still ranting about the Capitol riots of roughly 200 people...] Agree. The reason this poster, myself, and millions of other Americans are angry is because the fake news also refuses to talk about the fact that almost ALL of the rioters at the Capitol were holding BIDEN flags and signs and most of them were affiliated with Antifa. They were motivated by the fascist left politicians and wore it in their sleeves. They’re all tainted by the rampant propaganda problem in this country that I have not been poisoned by.

"The Baltimore Sun just did something rather despicable. They locked important COVID information under their PAYWALL! Even private browsing doesn’t evade it either" If you don't post a link people will just rightly ignore you. I've seen this before, even in the last year, where Johnny Can'tcope couldn't get something from the magical internet. Seriously dude, you sound like an idiot. And not for nothing, I think you don't understand what "private browsing" means. Don't be the guy who was outsmarted by the Baltimore Sun. Gus in your best interest

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The Baltimore Sun just did something rather despicable. They locked important COVID information under their PAYWALL! Even private browsing doesn’t evade it either so unless you pay to subscribe, I guess they figure, oh well, just die then. That is utterly despicable and someone should be FIRED ASAP, whoever made this decision on this one most important story. Previously, they had been allowing public access to COVID stories as a public health service. No more. — BaltoMedia.net

While the ridiculously biased media and even people here on DCRTV are still ranting about the Capitol riots of roughly 200 people, THOUSANDS are still rioting in Portland, Denver, and Seattle and dozens+ dead over the past couple months. CRICKETS on the nightly national news, like it’s not even still happening. You have to check out local TV stations in those cities if you want to find that news. But don’t worry about those protestors. VP Harris is having them all bailed out and probably none of them will be prosecuted because that is a valid protest huh, bashing convenience store windows and stealing shoes from shoe stores and setting places on fire. Clearly a valid political protest. In addition, the media continues to ram down our throats the fake news that Trump incited a major riot, even while FBI charging documents use facts to prove that they were planned a month or more in advance and many of the 200 never even saw Trump's speech proving his innocence. Journalism is clearly dead. They’re just fiction writers writing their own narratives that they would like to believe true.

98 Rock is "well programmed"...? Outside of the little college level/JV radio "JSS morning show" the rest of 98 Rock is voice-tracked? I hear no live & local DJs when I listen...

"When asked what his qualifications are......he said " I listen to radio and watch television"." It's called paying the stations' bills you stupid idiot. Maybe your stance is "the customer is always wrong" but that don't befront me. The eagle does not hunt flies so one wonders why you concern your exalted self and your secret double nought spy unmentioned "qualifications" with little old me. Does my blackness bother you? Perhaps YOU should get a life, Sirrah. Above all, stop wasting space. Ozzie Osbourne had some good advice for that. Gus ba**s deep and rent free in your head though not by choice you stupid idiot

RE:"Who is listening to 98 Rock that it's #4 in the ratings?" 98 Rock is a well programmed, targeted younger male station with great personalities. 1057 has been on a downward spiral since Dave Labrozzi left 3 years ago. Their personalities are old, tired, un-hip relics, surrounded by clueless programming. That shows you how easy it is to kill a great station when you choose unqualified persons who make amateur decisions. RIP 1057.

RE: Ajit Pai’s AM Revitalization Plan. Or you could look at it in context of the real world. AM has been dying for a multitude of reasons. Some self inflicted. Some just based on the band itself and the world moving on. So you could look at it this way. His plan kept AM operators from going broke with FM translators. Did it "help" any of the problems the band itself has? no...but it did keep it viable by feeding translators for a while. There is no future for the AM band. Its dead. No one under of the age of (pick an age) listens and anyone under the age of 25 doesn't really know it exists. Life support only at this point. Oh. And I love the business and AM stations generally...but sooner or later you gotta face the facts...

I love to see all the critiques of postings every day by "Gus". Remember, he is qualified. When asked what his qualifications are......he said " I listen to radio and watch television". Thanks Gus. Keep on posting your opinions every day. Perhaps you should get a life.

The only thing that Ajit Pai’s AM Revitalization Plan did was cause more AM radio stations to downsize to Class D status with reduced nighttime signals, pretty much the EXACT OPPOSITE of what his plan seemed to propose. it certainly didn’t allow them to make a lot more money or at least enough to keep their towers and land. In fact the exact opposite has happened. So I’m not sorry he’s gone. If he reduced any interference at all, it's from the many stations that switched to low power day and night, which now have much smaller contours on AM radio. They’re all just waiting for the FCC to allow them to turn the AM light bulbs out and sell the last bit of land for quick cash.

I should have noted this, but NextGen TV in DC will originally be transmitted from the smaller tower next to WRC 4’s tower, the one that’s about 500+ feet tall. The signal from there will be decent, but hardly stellar. When Sinclair starts NextGen in Baltimore it will be from the 1300 foot WBFF tower on TV Hill and probably hit some parts of DC better than WIAV 58 does. If there are any future sharing agreements, it’s possible one of the full power TV stations could switch to ATSC 3.0 itself, but that’s difficult in DC with most of the full power TV stations having so many sub-channels. It’s also still unknown what Scripps plans are for all the ION TV station subchannels. Three of WPXW’s sub-channels are simply leased out and already on cable TV so kind of redundant. Even ION Plus is a bit redundant in nature. I always found it interesting that Sinclair used the WRC facilities to test ATSC 3.0 in DC instead of its own tower with WUSA 9. There had to have been a purpose for that. Presumably WRC NBC 4 will have the Olympics this coming summer in DC in NextGen TV with even some 4K content as I know many events will be shot in 4K as they were in Korea for the Winter Olympics in 2018.

"Did these station owners register as Russian Agents?" Since that translator registered on December 16, 2019 (or in January 2020 depending on what the standard is) and the court ordered Garziglia to register the answer is probably yes. What's your problem Bud? You know you can look stuff up, right? You get a "Jeez Louise!" with an eyeroll. efile.fara.gov... Gus on the road with Divine Right Davenport

WDVM Ch.25 is back on Antietam Cable in and around Hagerstown.

After Gamestop, Blackberry, and American maybe the reddit stock guys can target Radio Stock now? Especially Entercom.

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Passed through Manassas last week and noticed AM 1460 WKDV (WPRW Power Radio, back in the day) had gone silent. Drove by the transmitter site at the corner of Godwin and University and saw the broadcast house was boarded up, five towers still up, and the lot surrounded by Public Hearing notices related to the expansion of a nearby data center company. The site is in a prime high tech area across from Micron and around the corner from GMU's Manassas campus. They've had a construction permit with the FCC for a while to reduce from five towers, 5000 watt day and night Class B, to one tower, 950 watt day and 64 at night Class D. Found the rezoning application on file with Prince William County (eservice.pwcgov.org) which meshes with that, going from a site "undeveloped" with five towers to a data center with one tower. So I imagine a much weaker AM 1460 will be back eventually after the redevelopment. La Ley (somoslaley.com) has low power FM translators on 106.3 near Fair Oaks and 97.7 near Reston in the meantime.

Agree entirely as to the previous post on Galdi. Can we not have at least ONE intelligent sports talk radio show in the market? Galdi is intelligent, always prepared, analytical and he covered all the local teams. To his credit, he didn't do all Redskins, 99% of the time like most of the others do. If Entercom's goal is to simulcast 106.7 and 980, how about getting rid of some of the trash on 106.7 like Paulson and Roughier?

Re: The local radio ratings for the Holiday period. Who is listening to 98 Rock that it's #4 in the ratings? Why isn't 105.7 The Fan in the top 10 during a Ravens push to the playoffs?

Dave's response: 105.7 The Fan, aka WJZ-FM, was in 9th.....

MALEBAG EXCLUSIVE - Sad news to hear for any athletic father who has a bad putting game. Out of Estero, FL comes tragic word that the son of TMOS Podcaster Mike O'Meara has admitted..... he hates golf! #23AndMeToPerformDNATest #WorseThanYourWifeCheating #NoCharlieWoods #DonateToDCRTV

I still hear the Russian Propaganda on FM Translator 105.5 FM owned by John Garziglia and WZHF 1390 AM owned by Arthur Liu. Did these station owners register as Russian Agents? I hear that Russia is paying these station owners $60,000 per month to lease these stations. $35,000 per month for WZHF and $25,000 per month to lease the translator 105.5 FM. The Russians can afford to pay $720,000 per year to get their voice heard in DC. Will the new FCC Chairman continue with this?

As you know, many of the Capitol rioters who have been arrested are claiming they were defending the Constitution, and the lead up actions states took before the election were "unconstitutional, " the same argument Mark Levin had made over and over again on his show. One federal judge actually told a defendent, before releasing her on bail, to NOT use her interpritation of the Constitution in her defense, because the Judge lives the Constitution daily, unlike the defendent. Constitutional attorney Mark Levin now needs to put his money where his mouth is. Mark should take her case, and show this liberal judge he knows more about the Constitution than she does. It is time for Landmark Legal to stop harassing Democrats and actually take and defend a case that relies on Mark's examples of what was unconstitutional before this election. Mark, as a "Constitutional expert," told the country things were unconstitutional, now he needs to back his words up in court to free this nice patriot (who tried to sell Pelosi's laptop to the Russians), from the conviction of a black-robed liberal Mark often rails against. Take the case, Mark, she believed you. Otherwise, we will know your claims are Bullshit.

Hey Dave, as you know, a few weeks ago there was an insurgance on the Capitol. Two died at the scene. This get together was heavily promoted beforehand on WMAL, calling it a " peaceful demonstration." The FBI is investigating the germination of this mele, and WMAL should be on their radar. WMAL promoted this insrection on the air, and took advertising payments to run commercials on it. So, WMAL should be considered a partner in the lead up to the rally. My questions are: "If WMAL believed it was going to peaceful, and it wasn't going to turn into a murderous attempt to overthrow the transition of power, why did WMAL decide not to send reporters down to it? " In other words" they were your listeners down there. Why did you stay away?" And "during the mele, why did WMAL News decide not to contact WMAL friend, Lin Wood, who was, in real time, Tweeting encouragement to the protesters, and ask him to cut it out?" I believe WMAL knew it would turn out the way it did, took money for it anyway, and stayed the hell away. As Dan Bongino says about liberals, " you have blood on your hands," WMAL.

I have listened to Galdi for a number of years on WTEM and I am very disappointed that he is no longer on at 9:00AM Mon-Fri. He was always a breath of fresh air and knowledge. His rapport with Doc was excellent. He deserves better. The unknowns now replacing hi, will cause me to leave WTEM. Bill in Gainesville, VA

NEWS! The local radio ratings for the Holiday period. Both WASH and WLIF were playing holiday tunes during the period, which included late November and much of December. Full-day, age 6+. Washington: 1) WASH, 2) WAMU, 3) WTOP, 4) WHUR, 5) WETA-FM, 6) WMMJ, 7) WMAL, 8) WGTS, 9) WWDC, 10) WBIG, 11) WPGC, 12) WIHT, 13) WIAD, 14) WKYS, 15) WMZQ, 16) WLZL, 17) WJFK-FM, 18) WPRS and WLVW, 20) WTEM. Baltimore: 1) WLIF, 2) WWIN-FM, 3) WERQ, 4) WIYY, 5) WPOC, 6) WQSR, 7) WBAL-AM, 8) WYPR, 9) WJZ-FM, 10) WCBM, 11) WWMX, 12) WZBA, 13) WZFT, 14) WBJC, 15) WEAA, 16) WCAO.....

Broadcast trades this morning are reporting the death of radio consultant and columnist Al Peterson at age 68. For the record, the announcement is about Al Peterson in San Diego, Calif.; not Al Peterson of Springfield Va., audio production engineer and broadcaster who posts in the Mailbag occasionally.

I don't get the hate for Shawn Yancy on channel 4. When I get my news, I want it cold as ice and not some warm steaming pile of BS entertainment fluff piece or paid product placement ads.

Here are unedited thoughts from six posters on a message board regarding TMOS this week. (1)”My idea for a comedy podcast (hope nobody steals it): Scour the internet for the most obnoxious annoying sound clips possible, then play them over and over and over and over and over......Secret ingredient? Hire two guys to cackle uncontrollably every damn time. MONEY!!!” (2) I've got another one. Sit around and write advertising copy you think is funny. Then, as your partner reads it, laugh like you are on blotter acid. (3) Not knocking on the duck dynasty guys and their beliefs. I used to watch the show. But if they can crack top 200 on ITunes, you would think someone would notice and figure out how to get TMOS in front of people. (4) Mike fucking with his computer for 20 minutes was such a fucking joke. Isn’t this something they could have done after the show? Of course but it’s Mike, he was so distracted he couldn’t even focus on the show. He is such a fucking moron sometimes! (5) It’s disgusting when he talks about it. Of all the dogs I’ve lived with I’ve never had the problems they’re having. It took hard work and training on the front end to get to that place though. I’m assuming they have dogs because it’s “cute” and not because they’re willing to put in the time it takes to train and care for them. (6) Is Mike no longer a cunning mimic? Brian Williams was half assed. His recent Bob Barker was not sharp at all, and his Obama the other day was turrible. Is this a tool that has to be sharpened every so often that he has let slip, or is he just not trying so hard anymore?.. These people would like to nicely voice their opinions on Oscars FB Fan Page. But, Jolene and Jim are hiding behind a dead man, Stephen Douglas Macintyre, as their leader. Again, the FB Fan Club Admin members and the Lost Wages (Yes, Mike says that every time) Trippers are such a lonely hearts club and it is all they have in life. Can you imagine how lonely it is for Jolene?

NEWS! ENTERCOM SHARES UPDATES TO WEEKDAY PROGRAMMING LINEUP FOR 105.7 THE FAN IN BALTIMORE... Jerry Coleman to Host Evenings, Jeremy Conn Named Morning Show Co-host... PHILADELPHIA, PA – January 29, 2021 – Entercom announces an updated weekday programming lineup for 105.7 The Fan (WJZ-FM), Baltimore’s leader in live and local sports talk. As part of the updates, Jerry Coleman, co-host of the station’s “Big Bad Morning Show,” will transition to host “Sports with Coleman,” weekday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET. Subsequently, evening host Jeremy Conn will now serve as morning show co-host and be heard on “Big Bad Morning Show” alongside Rob Long and Ed Norris weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. ET. Both changes are effective February 8. “With his vast knowledge of sports and his connections to the sports world, Jerry Coleman was born to host his own show,” said Tracy Brandys, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Entercom Baltimore. “Jeremy Conn will bring his unique brand of humor, his extensive gambling knowledge, and his signature bits to morning drive. We appreciate both Jerry and Jeremy’s hard work and dedication to 105.7 The Fan and are excited to have two Baltimore natives serve as bookends for our impressive weekday lineup.” “Switching from the mornings to the evening will allow me to bring back ‘Sports with Coleman’ and grow my brand,” said Coleman. “I'm grateful to Entercom for this opportunity.” Jerry Coleman has served as morning show co-host since 2017. He will also continue to provide 105.7 The Fan’s “Fan Flashes” throughout the day. “I am unbelievably excited and humbled to join the ‘Big Bad Morning Show,’ said Conn. “I am also nervous to work with two former cops, considering my shady background - thank goodness for the statute of limitations. Ed [Norris], Rob [Long], producer Joe LaCroix and myself will have fun and I am confident Baltimore will laugh their way to work each morning." Jeremy Conn has been with the station since 2006 and has served as evening show host since 2019. He recently led the station’s “Big Mo Show,” which honored the late Baltimore super fan, Mo Gaba.

Dave, I think this is hysterically funny on a lot of levels. Number one, Facebook is using an ACTUAL BALTIMORE SUN STORY as inciting violence and promoting crime! #2, When a shopping center burns down 2 times in a year (half dozen times in a decade), who would NOT make fun of or question that? So I got banned by Facebook for a joke about this Baltimore Sun article. Are they REALLY THAT DUMB or THAT WOKE? Here’s the Baltimore Sun article that got me banned btw from Facebook. You decide if I needed to be banned for posting it. www.baltimoresun.com

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NEXTGEN TV: As I predicted long ago, Sinclair has finally filed with the FCC a NEXTGEN TV application for Washington on WIAV 58 (RF 30), so it’s happening. What’s not yet known is which stations will be involved. It is being broadcast from the WRC tower, so how could NBC 4 not be included in 1080p since its so much more technologically cheap being on the same tower? Obviously Sinclair’s WJLA ABC 7 will be there. Who else? fcc.gov

The real headline should read "Yes Santa Claus - There is a Virginia." richmondbizsense.com... Radio giant Alpha Media ducks for cover with Richmond bankruptcy filing

"Even though Shawn Yancey has years of experience, I'm just not feeling her on NBC4." You're supposed to WATCH her, you perv. In other news I see the Dean of No Show Radio got around to posting something that I'm quite confident is something. Stealing from G.W. Bush's writers it's the harsh realism of low expectations. Well, tomorrow's another tomorrow just like today once was. Gus in watermelon sugar

NEWS! One of the most creative Programmers ever - Bill Tanner, who programmed Y-100 in Miami in its heyday, turned up the heat of his spanish stations and programmed "Party 97 WASH-FM" in D.C. has passed. www.bmilem.com

So, if Mike O'Meara begins interviewing TMOS Podcast guests from his Florida townhouse as he threatens to do, ponder this serious socially responsible question. With a more contagious COVID variant now spreading across Florida, [shirley] O'Meara will require his living room studio guests to submit to a rapid COVID test before they enter his home? [To increase YouTube views, how about sexy female/male nurses performing the test? Sponsored by a Lee County Urgent Care?] Signed, Dr. Dave Hughes, Media Coloproctologist

"WMAL has applied for a New Translator on 103.1 FM in Washington DC." -- what the actual hell are you talking about? That application was MX'd and withdrawn by Cumulus years ago. WMET won out and runs 103.1 from Falls Church. The mailbag, man... radioinsight.com

NEWS! Al Galdi gone from 980... twitter.com... “So...I am no longer w/ @Team980. Started there as an intern on Memorial Day Weekend 1998 & had been there ever since. A time in my life I’ll never forget. A sincere thank you to my coworkers & anyone who ever listened or contributed to a show I did in some way. Much appreciated.”

So is it that the producers are just LAZY or is it that if you have a friend that works there you can keep getting picked to do guest spots? Like why does Fox5 DC have the same so called gossip reporters on Good Day...they are BORING....Keep trying. Get some variety please.

It's been so long I don't trust my memory, but is no show posted by noon now the new norm for the TMOS Part Time PTO Playhouse? Can one ask for a wellness check on a senior by long distance? Is there a Florida equivalent of a 5150? Gus in the Springhill Mine Disaster

New Translator Applications......873 New Translator Applications have just been filed with the FCC in the just closed Window, WMAL has applied for a New Translator on 103.1 FM in Washington DC.

The person who posted about not “feeling” Shawn Yancy on NBC 4. Get used to it. She’s an Ice queen. When she enters the building we don’t feel the warm welcome in the newsroom. She’s a great self promoter though.

Some probs over at 93.9 WKYS Thursday morning -- a lot of the 'Morning Hustle' was off air in the 7AM hour.

SPONSOR! ANNOUNCING THE OPENING OF THE NEW “OUR TOWN AUDIO” STUDIO IN NORTHWEST, WASHINGTON, DC... Home to local podcast favorite, “Our Town with Andy Ockershausen,” Season 6... Best Bark Communications is proud to announce the grand opening of Our Town Audio, a brand new recording studio located in NW Washington, DC, just off Massachusetts Avenue in Spring Valley. Our Town Audio provides 24/7 recording and production facilities to the marketing, public relations and communications community, in addition to independent producers, freelancers, and performers here in the DMV. Ideal for recording voice-overs, radio commercials and for podcasts, Our Town Audio can seat up to four mics during a session and is here to provide creative audio production services to meet you or your clients' needs. We will make you sound good! Our Town Audio provides the highest quality production services at very reasonable rates. We also offer editing and distribution of your materials. With a team of experienced, former radio executives, and production professionals they recognize the need and deliver the results for audio services that are both timely and financially efficient. Contact us today for rates and available times at info@ourtownaudio.com or directly: Janice Ockershausen: (202) 716-1644 | janice@bestbarkmedia.com... Jory Stieber: (202) 538-2862 | jory@bestbarkcommunications.com

Sigh. "Chad "Dukes" Sission On Cameo." If you want to "out" somebody by using their REAL NAME BRO! you might want to SPELL THE NAME RIGHT BRO! If you don't it's not his real name is it, Tricky Woo? COME AT ME BRO! Really you're just a silly goose but only on good days. But thanks for the tip on the Youtube stuff, I'm off to give them some clicks and couldn't have done it without you. I'll leave you with a pop quiz: What's 14 and 88? Gus in Sabra and Shatila

RE: “saw where mike o'meara's back is out. no golf.good if hes leading a more disciplined life, more time for TMOS show-prep. if not, more time for snacking.” - Did Charlie write this? LOL

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The Washington Post gets mad that all these alleged weather forceasters, including kids as young as 15, are hyping the weather all over social media. I guess they want a hype exclusivity with their Capital Weather Gang. Starting at the 1:53 mark.....

saw where mike o'meara's back is out. no golf.good if hes leading a more disciplined life, more time for TMOS show-prep. if not, more time for snacking.

NEWS! ORIOLES ANNOUNCE 2021 BROADCAST TEAM... The Orioles today announced the club’s 2021 broadcast team, including on-air talent for the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) and the Orioles Radio Network. The versatile Orioles talent lineup features returning veterans and rising stars, who will continue to appear in multiple roles across MASN and Orioles Radio Network programming: · GEOFF ARNOLD returns for his second season with the Orioles broadcast team. He will primarily serve as a play-by-play announcer for the Orioles Radio Network, in addition to making select appearances on MASN. · KEVIN BROWN returns to the booth for his third season as an Orioles broadcaster, joining MASN telecasts for play-by-play duties in 2021. He will also continue calling games on the Orioles Radio Network. · Veteran broadcaster SCOTT GARCEAU returns to MASN telecasts, marking his 41st year in the Baltimore sports landscape and his Garceau’s 15th season as a member of the Orioles TV family. He rejoined the club in 2020 after previously spending 13 seasons as part of the broadcast team from 1981-92. · BRETT HOLLANDER, lifelong Baltimore resident and tenured local sportscaster, returns to the Orioles Radio Network in 2021. In his second season with the club, Hollander will also make select appearances on MASN. · ROB LONG, host of the Big Bad Morning Show on 105.7 The Fan, will continue to appear across MASN and 105.7 programming after joining the talent lineup in 2019. · Former Orioles pitcher BEN McDONALD will again bring his expert analysis to the broadcast booth, continuing his role on MASN telecasts in 2021. McDonald began making select appearances on MASN and the Orioles Radio Network in 2010 before joining the broadcast team full-time in 2018. · MELANIE NEWMAN, who made history in 2020 as the first female broadcaster to call play-by-play for the Orioles, will continue her role on the Orioles Radio Network and will make select appearances on MASN. · National Baseball Hall of Famer and Orioles Legend JIM PALMER will return for his 29th season as a MASN analyst and his 58th season as a member of the Orioles organization. — Baltomedia.net

What does this map tell me? www.rabbitears.info... It tells me that Draper’s WBOC is already busy planning an SFN, single frequency network for ATSC 3.0. They already have an engineering job listed for an engineer with ATSC 3.0 experience. I know the original purpose was to expand WRDE NBC Coast TV’s signal to a broader over the air broadcast audience, but Draper owns most of the towers now through their radio station purchases, the 3 towers are radio station towers. So they are perfect for a cost effective SFN. And if WBOC 16 were on these towers, they’d have a signal that reaches from Dover to far into Accomack County in Virginia, which would drastically expand the Salisbury market by adding two counties. Accomack currently gets Norfolk TV signals via a low power translator, but no Norfolk TV station ever does news in Chincoteague or Accomack except for the pony swim. The Salisbury stations both cover news from Dover to Virginia better than any of the larger markets. As much as the FCC has tried, Delaware and New Jersey still really have no local TV stations that cover local news. Now what will WMDT 47abc do for NextGen TV? They have WGDV LPTV to do ATSC 3.0 I suppose, but that’s only on their existing tower, so that’s really their only option, not as easy to get an SFN up and running. Most of the current NextGen TV markets do not have SFNs, only a couple as they are more costly, but that is what Sinclair designed the transmission method for essentially, so you can target advertising to say Virginia vs. Maryland in DC or in Baltimore, Harford County vs. AA County. The money potential of SFNs is that you can run 4 or more different ads at the same time, each to different areas and make money on all four at the same time! Since ATSC 1.0 transmissions must continue for at least 5 years, it will become more difficult to implement a full SFN in many markets. DC actually already has TV capable towers at Merrifield, the Hughes tower, as well as River Road to implement something, and possibly even utilizing the MPT tower in Crofton. This is all speculation of course, but something along these lines will play out. In the meantime DC will just have WIAV from the WRC tower. Finally the beauty and fear of the SFN is that your TV will pick up the best signal from the closest tower and stations can have multiple transmissions on the same channel without interference but THEY WILL KNOW WHERE you are! Yeah, kinda Orwellian.

Re: “if sheehan on his podcast had any guts he would have blasted loverro for his lack of journalistic integrity regarding his curt shilling hall of fame”…….So true. Not the first time Tom has said stupid things like that with Kevin still kissing his fat ass. (BTW, I hate Shilling, his beliefs and think he should not get in based on numbers alone.) A few weeks ago, he said he disowned anyone who voted republican at all. It’s funny that phony has taken money from a newspaper that indorses republicans all the time but he could not be friends with anyone there. Thank God that fat fuck has had his dummy wife to cover living expenses the last 20 years. Tell me one thing he touched in that time that made a dollar. His one book was lazy, sucked, and is not fit to start a fire with. I have no idea why Kevin is the only “Tom Guy” left anywhere. I wrote Kevin and said I like his podcast but when I see Tom’s name in the description, I will refuse to listen to it. Tom has always played this tough guy image. He is an obese asshole with fake joints and a heart about to explode. He also plays up his “Brooklyn past”. That is BS. He was out of there before ten years old to the mountains of butt fuck Pennsylvania. Kevin’s podcast is doomed. Everything Tom touches fails. OOBBEE

"Martin Baron, executive editor who oversaw dramatic Washington Post expansion, announces retirement" The New York Post has been following this story for some time. But here the adage "buy on the rumor, sell on the news" applies. Now we've had the news. nypost.com... -- Wikipedia is generally good (a friend once asked "You're saying Wikipedia is not reliable?" Yeppers!) Quite a few of the non-technical pages are run by Aspergers-riddled freaks who literally (and you can tell because every revision is logged) spend all day defending "their" pages from corrections. "Such is the case of an American teenager with a fixation on Wikipedia who is accused of causing lasting damage to the Scots language. Over almost a decade from the age of 12, the boy, who has not been named, created and edited tens of thousands of pages for the Scots version of the online encyclopedia, all of them written in a nonsensical version of the language." www.thetimes.co.uk... Twenty-four thousand articles ladies and gentlemen. www.extremetech.com... I long ago gave up trying to make corrections for the reasons the poster related. On the WJFK-FM page a particularly egregious offender is someone who uses the name RedPenOfDoom. Four revisions in one minute appears to be this guy's record. en.wikipedia.org... Gus in acquiescence

/\ January 27 /\

\/ January 26 \/

NEWS! Martin Baron, executive editor who oversaw dramatic Washington Post expansion, announces retirement www.washingtonpost.com

if sheehan on his podcast had any guts he would have blasted loverro for his lack of journalistic integrity regarding his curt shilling hall of fame vote cuz he doesnt like his politics But i guess he doesnt

Even though Shawn Yancey has years of experience, I'm just not feeling her on NBC4. Can't put my finger on it, but she just doesn't seem like a good fit. Interaction and chemistry just isn't there. Maybe I'll feel differently as time goes on.

Wikipedia is often wrong. I just saw something the other day. Wikipedia says that the Tampa Bay Bucs is the Glazer family’s first interest in NFL football. NOT TRUE, but don’t try and change it or you’ll be scolded. I met Joel Glazer, shook his hand at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore for an NFL game. I still have the pom pom that says, “GIVE BALTIMORE THE BALL!” during the NFL Expansion race that resulted in Baltimore and the Glazers not getting a team in Baltimore, but Charlotte and Jacksonville, FL getting teams. Another run in I had with Wikipedia, the WMAR TV page stated that WMAR had the largest sports department in Baltimore. Oops, they have no sports department at all! I tried to change that to no avail and was told my IP address would be blocked if I tried again. There was a time when WMAR TV was well known for covering local HS & college sports, but that is ancient news from the Keith Mills days and no longer true except for a couple games they telecast yearly. Eventually Wikipedia did update the page to be somewhat accurate, but sometimes pages simply just have gossip or rumor on them too that goes unchecked. And for anything political, Wikipedia is a crapshoot on that too. Also, sometimes if the page is about someone famous, they will influence whether bad things get on the page. Wikipedia is NOT an encyclopedia, but most young people today think it is. — BaltoMedia

NEWS! MASN has announced plans to launch its owned and operated dedicated sport media app, creating an innovative digital experience that will provide viewers enhanced access to coverage across all available platforms. For the first time ever, fans throughout MASN’s seven-state broadcast territory will have the opportunity to live stream the network’s entire programming lineup – including all Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals games – by using the new MASN app and authenticating via TV provider log-in. Winner of more than 65 Emmy and Addy Awards and leading the nation’s regional network industry in producing and distributing live sports and shows for its 15th consecutive season, MASN will again broadcast live every available Orioles and Nationals game – more than 300 total games – along with more than 600 of the award-winning O’s Xtra and Nats Xtra pre- and post-game shows. “MASN will continue, as we have for the last 15 years, to broadcast more than 300 baseball games and 600 30-minute pre- and post-game shows,” said JOHN MCGUINNESS, Senior Vice President of Marketing and General Sales Manager of the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. “The network’s investment in live streaming expands our ability to deliver premium content and provide deeper engagement opportunities for fans and marketers alike.” Through the new app, which is expected to launch by Opening Day, viewers will have access to real-time player statistics, live scoring updates, and insider analysis from the MASNsports.com team. The MASN app will be expanded to feature unique video and editorial content, live odds and gaming analysis. Streaming will be available within MASN’s seven-state telecast territory without any additional costs to authenticated subscribers who already have MASN in their channel lineup from participating cable or satellite providers. To find the authenticated TV service provider in your area, viewers should visit MASNsports.com. Viewers will be able to live stream the MASN app via desktop, mobile (iOS and Android), and Roku. The MASN app will be available for download in the iTunes and Google Play App Stores. MASN’s multicast on cable, satellite, telecom, and digital services features a team of returning veterans and rising stars providing play-by-play, color, analysis, fan forum, commentary, and contributing content: BOB CARPENTER, F.P. SANTANGELO, KEVIN BROWN, SCOTT GARCEAU, JIM PALMER, BEN MCDONALD, ROCH KUBATKO, MARK ZUCKERMAN, PAUL MANCANO, and other personalities. Last fall, MASN announced a partnership to bring more than 140 Atlantic Coast Conference events to its viewers, including football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and ACC Olympic sports teams. ACC content will also be featured on the MASN app and website. — BaltoMedia.net

Chad "Dukes" Sission On Cameo. White supremacists have been using mobile apps to trick stars into spreading hate speech online. BuzzFeed News has learned that two racist YouTubers have used Cameo, an app that lets you pay for personalized celebrity messages, to make NFL legend Brett Favre, rapper Soulja Boy and actor Andy Dick unwittingly record anti-Semitic messages that were promptly used for hateful videos. In other news, for only $25 you can get Chad Dukes to record a message for you on Cameo. Dukes was fired from Entercom for alleged "racist and other inappropriate comments." on the now shuttered BOAD Show w/ Oscar Santana-Zeballos.

Wikipedia is usually accurate with thier information and for some reason Sunday they started listing cool oldies as the programming on Wash FM HD 2 sub when Air One has been on thier since early last year they used to have the oldies there before that and they don,t list The Breeze on WASH HD3 anymore turned on my HD Radio yesterday and the programming on the subchannels is the same its been for almost a year.Strange also WBIG 100.3 has not been airing the Vietnamese programming on its HD2 Channel past few days either the HD2 has not been there.Theres no longer a good source for finding out HD radio programming in any city anymore used to be a site HD Radio.com but it hasn,t been updated in years.

NEWS! Former Voice of America overseer hired two law firms to $4 million no-bid contracts. www.washingtonpost.com... The former head of Voice of America’s parent agency hired two law firms to open-ended, no-bid contracts, including one specifying that top lawyers would earn $1,470 per hour, according to documents and people familiar with the matter. The two agreements have cost taxpayers close to $4 million over a five-month period, far more than was previously known, and possibly in violation of federal rules.

According to The Baltimore Sun and the MASN Press Release today, there will in fact be pre and post game shows for both the Nationals and Orioles. However, The Sun says the Nationals are furious that their pre and post game shows will only be 15 minutes while the Orioles will be 30 minutes. The press release also says that Jim Palmer will definitely be back, but the cuts in the Nationals broadcast team have angered the team according to The Sun. Dan Kolko, Bo Porter and Alex Chappell are all gone from the Nationals broadcast team. Also, all the games will be streamed in market this season for the first time ever according to MASN. These teams were the last to do this in MLB if I recall. The Nationals say they have filed a complaint with MLB. --BaltoMedia.Net

Alpha Media, based in RIOTING Portland filing for bankruptcy. Gee that’s a logical surprise! Haha!

Like i didn’t see this coming, CNN reportedly now for SALE after massive losses and huge AT&T debt. Who’s interested? Of course, the Orwell Monster himself, Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post! FAKE NEWS, meet FAKE NEWS, now make hot monkey love and continue talking about the Orange Man in Florida! — Channeling Gus

"So interesting [sic] to hear Mike totally .... Robb [sic] ... lack of effort on booking guests..." Reassign the task Mike. "Going forward I'm going to be more hands-on." Always nice to get a SPY REPORT on the Lost Liquor License Podcast. You're doing God's work my friend. "Did Cumulus ever come out of Babkruptcy?" Gee, if only there where some way you could look it up. cumulus bankruptcy - Google Search There's something very very wrong with you. Gus in sympathy with this freak's mental issues cumulus bankruptcy - Google Search

/\ January 26 /\

\/ January 25 \/

With Alpha Media filing for bankruptcy, I wonder if they will do what they did down here in the Richmond area? They sold off two of their stations to VPM(Virginia Public Media) for where VPM took two stations and turned them into VPM Music outlets so WCVE could have a music outlet and a NPR News-Talk outlet. The other two stations went turned into outlets for EMF to turn one station into Air 1 and the other into K-Love. It’s possible given that when stations need to sell stations, they usually go to someone like EMF where they can put in their stamp into markets. I just hope that the lower level employees don’t get damaged by this. At the end of the day, radio is a risky business to begin with but with corporate radio, they tend to take in the profits and the people at the bottom part of the totem pole get screwed. Dan

Biden's TRAVEL BAN is clearly ZENOPHOBIC! Oh WAIT! Did the media forget that? ANTIFA RIOTS still on the west coast continue, people getting killed nearly every day. OH WAIT! Did the media forget that? Stormtroopers walking across the Capitol. OH WAIT! That was just Crazy Nancy and a Chinese spy trying to throw out a President who’s already been tossed. OH WAIT! Did the media forget that too? I’m sure the main stream media would like it to happen, but 74 million people will just not disappear, nor will the government put them in jail. My Russian friend Alexey said, “What is wrong with your country now? Why are you copying us?” Russians actually get American media believe or not, but most do not speak English so they don’t watch it, but guess what? More and more are starting to because they don’t like being misrepresented either. Be careful what you wish for. :-)

So interesting to hear Mike totally put down Robb today on TMOS for lack of effort on booking guests for the 100th time. This from the guy who left Oscar and Robb to do the bonus show on their own last week. You know, The bonus show WHICH PEOPLE PAY FOR. It is all of an hour of work. He does it from his house. Is that 1/10 of the time he spent golfing last week? No wonder Oscar doesn't give a shit anymore. Don't bring it up with the fan club or you will be on blocked island. Still a knee slapper! He also blasted Robb last week for not monitoring his texts to the TMOS team. Not for Robb to read them but Robb has to make sure Oscar has read them. I will flip a coin as to who is lazier with the text situation: Mike for needing someone to monitor or Oscar for giving everyone on TMOS a FU and refusing to read what Mike sends? Who would want to be on a show to promote something sandwiched between Mike's Failing Health and TMOS internal bitching? Maybe a geriatric doctor with a new book out about the power of positive thinking? Or, maybe guests should target the TMOS audience? Just look at the Facebook Fan Club P1s. An author with a book on weight loss or on dealing with loneliness might just sell a few books.

WGN America to rebrand as NewsNation with launch of new shows in March www.newsnationnow.com

To Reduce Big Debt Burden, Alpha Media Files For Bankruptcy... www.rbr.com

Dave's response: I sincerely hope that all the company's top management got their "golden parachutes" before the filing and before all the companies that are owed money and the lower level employees get stiffed.....

Regarding the Nationals/Orioles lawsuit, the current status is that the case when back to MLB’s arbitration panel and basically the Nationals were awarded the same amount of money that was previously thrown out by a judge. Now that MLB has decided twice, the Orioles are appealing to the New York State Court of Appeals questioning the whole process. As it stands right now, the Orioles owe the Nats $100 million in TV money, but it’s not going to be paid anytime soon. It’s possible the Appeals Court could hear the case this coming year. They also have the option to decline to hear the case, in which case the Orioles will have to pay up. But right now, it’s all up in the air after all these years.

Alpha Media files for Bankruptcy today with $267 Million in debt. Last week Beasley filed to sell $300 million in debt by selling bonds that come due in 2026. Did Cumulus ever come out of Babkruptcy?

I want to second Dave Humphrey’s salute to Tom Davis. I first got to know Tom when we were classmates at the Community College of Baltimore. We reconnected during my 2 stints at W.B. Doner Advertising. Tom knew exactly what he wanted as a career and pursued it. Shortly after graduation, he was able to land a spot on WBAL radio’s staff, and he continued to persevere, becoming a major part of the Baltimore sports landscape on WCBM and later on WQSR, Home Team Sports and MASN. Tom has had a stellar career and was able to do it in his hometown. Congratulations, Tom. Roddy Freeman

Leave it to MASN to continue their downward spiral. It all began with the Nationals when they shoved Ray Knight out the door and then they let Johnny Holliday walk away and replaced them with 2 lightweights. Bob Carpenter, a solid veteran play by play voice has been stuck with the blabbering FP Santangelo which spells automatic tune out. The Orioles started downhill when MASN rearranged the deck chairs taking Tom Davis and Rick Dempsey off O's XTRA, cutting back Dave Johnson's workload, kicking Jim Hunter to the curb and then adding what seemed like 10 new broadcasters to their game broadcasts. To this day, we never know who most of these people are and none are at the level of the the guys MASN pushed out. Nats and O's fans deserve more.

It should be noted that both The Washington Football Team and The Baltimore Ravens both have their own production companies and produce their own shows for various venues, so getting crappy MASN out of the production biz might not be as bad a thing as it sounds and the Angelos Crack Party Boys won’t be involved in screwing anything up, total team control of the message. Clearly Gary Thorne is gone for good sadly, but Tom Davis and even Rick Dempsey might end up somewhere. Gary Thorne will have no trouble finding a landing place, maybe even in baseball if not hockey. Everyone knows that the Orioles always let the best people go on and off the field. I’m sure the Nats are most pissed at the short term notice though, but I’m told they’ll likely have pre- and post-game show and likely with the same people or anyone the Nats want to hire.

You know how these things work. I gave my parents my old computer over a decade ago, then that breaks, you try to recover what’s on it to salvage what they have and find your old stuff too along the way? I’d forgotten I had this pic of Gordon Peterson supporting the then WMAR CBS 2 strike by driving all the way to Baltimore to picket with Jack Bowden and Stan Stovall? with snow on the ground too. Or is that not Stan? I’m not sure, but I’m certain it’s Gordon Peterson. What a class act.

/\ January 25 /\

\/ January 24 \/

CHEERS TO TOM DAVIS!! More than 50 years... that's how long I've known Tom Davis. While my WCBM career began at 2610 North Charles, Tom joined the team as the station moved to Owings Mills. Every weekday morning you could count on Tom. Then there's Colts Football on 680-WCBM in the 70's and early 80s. Tom and I traveled with the team to Colts games and it was on the post-game scoreboard show at the Orange Bowl that then owner Robert Irsay went ballistic -- the first of many outbursts preceding the team leaving Baltimore. For comedy who can forget the laughter on "Braase, Donovan and Fans?" Tom worked at Mutual Radio, Home Team Sports, and developed TV shows like "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." If there was ever a sports broadcaster workaholic, it is Tom. I read with sadness that his broadcast career with the Orioles has ended. Tom was not an analytics guy, but he had a real feel for what the radio and TV sports audience wanted. I will bet there is another chapter to be written in the Tom Davis saga. Congratulations on an outstanding Baltimore broadcasting career! Dave Humphrey - Hilton Head Island, SC

I got a clarification on the MASN changes. The Nationals pre and post game shows are officially CANCELLED, but the Nationals can produce both themselves if they want, even with the same people. This is going to make the TV relationship with MASN even more embittered as well as with Nats fans. It’s as if the Orioles are intentionally gaslighting the already strained relationship. But I will say that I’m sure MASN lost a fortune just from COVID and there’s no guarantee people will be in the stands this spring.

Hey, anonymous toddler who fails to understand the difference between Trump’s and Biden’s cleaning house at the VOA and environs: You’ve already been told that the place depends heavily on some bedrock principles in order to be respected and credible on the world stage. Trump corrupted those principles and Biden restored them. Can we make it any plainer for you? Max Critic

MASN and Orioles let go most of their longtime broadcasters including Gary Thorne, Rick Dempsey, Tom Davis, and Dave Johnson. The word is that Jim Palmer will be invited back, that is if he wants. Pre-game and Post-game shows are also being cut for both the Orioles and the Nationals. Obviously, this is a cost cutting measure either due to COVID-19 or additional reasons. The $100 million dollar lawsuit between the teams also continues to drag on even though the Orioles lost the last round and Peter Angelos is reportedly in very poor health, which might force a sale? The Orioles are also involved in stadium lease negotiations too and demanding stadium upgrades. Hmm. www.baltimorebaseball.com — BaltoMedia.net

Here’s a story about ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV that I didn’t know much about. it turns out that Sinclair owns the essential patents to broadcast ATSC 3.0, so they will collect royalties from every TV station in America that switches to the new HD standard. This could be why ABC and CBS were originally hesitant to jump on board the NextGen TV bandwagon. Both ABC & CBS of course also have their own streaming services where they make money off of 4K, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t want to pay Sinclair to give 4K TV away for free over the air. Also, while Sinclair wanted Tribune, they’re going to make money off of every Nexstar/Tribune TV station anyway just from the ATSC 3.0 royalties. The urge would be to blame Trump for this, but ATSC 3.0 was actually approved under Obama oddly enough, but this is one part I don’t remember hearing much about. Technology is not one of Congress’s best fields of oversight. This is an interesting read on the patents and royalties. Makes you wonder if the new Biden FCC will force some changes to this. www.newamerica.org — BaltoMedia.net

When ATSC 1.0 was first rolled out, there were not very many adjacent channels. I assumed this was due to interference concerns. With the repack, there are adjacent channels in nearly every market. Almost every station has an adjacent channel What technically changed? Also WIAV is much lower power. Doesn’t that impact its reception too with WETA being 1000kw vs. 48kw? And is that why WIAV is 48kw vs. the normal LPTV power of 15kw for UHF?

"I wonder if when WIAV-CD switches to ATSC 3.0, will it interfere with WETA 26 on RF channel 31 being on adjacent channels and completely different TV transmission methods?" - No more so than two adjacent-channel ATSC 1 signals would. Same RF, same filters to prevent the signals from slopping out of channel, just a different modulation scheme.

Circa 3 years into his presidency, Trump installs Michael Pack as CEO of USAGM (includes VOA). He cleans house. There's outrage and indignation among some rank and file, the usual media suspects like NPR, hello John Lansing former CEO, and the Washington Post blast his moves and label him as controversial. On his very first day as predident, Biden too cleans house. Cue the crickets. His move is justified, it's righteous. It's the right thing to do. What a bunch of hypocrites. But we would expect nothing less. At least you're consistent.

/\ January 24 /\

\/ January 23 \/

For those wondering, Draper’s WBOC et al has been trying to hire 2 engineers for 7-9 months now among other job openings with the WRDE NBC Coast TV and Telemundo 42 technical changes still incomplete. Including a Chief Engineer.

Larry King died of COVID btw it should be noted. Be safe people and let’s not make it political. My parents turned down the vaccine and I was livid. FAKE NEWS causes madness like this and deaths.

Sarah Caldwell, no one is asking "who" you are wearing. It's not the Grammy Awards, its Fox 45 weekend news. Imagine being this much of a narcissist.

I wonder if when WIAV-CD switches to ATSC 3.0, will it interfere with WETA 26 on RF channel 31 being on adjacent channels and completely different TV transmission methods?

We lost some giants in the industry over the last 10 months or so. James Lipton, Regis Philbin, Alex Trebek, and now Larry King. This one is for you Dave: Morganton, North Carolina, HELLO!!! Sheen from DC

Larry King loved to get married almost as much as doing radio - 8 times. Mike O'Meara too - 3 times. #RIPLarryKing #LarryZeiger

Do you paint your bald spot? Larry King passes away at age 87. Tom in Wheaton

I'm curious as to why "The Reynolds Team" ads on WJFK are now being read by Funny Danny. That was EB's spot for years. How does something like that work? Is it the advertiser's choice to switch? Tom in Wheaton

From a poster on FB that looked at the TMOS FB Fan Club page Mike, Oscar and Robb endorse as their official fan club: The “fan club” has 30+ posts with the dead horse Bernie meme and another 50 posts not show related. The few posts actually talking about the show are deleted. It’s laughable. The people running that cesspool cannot be more stupid. A forum about a show that doesn’t allow discussion about a show. Nonsense....According to Mike this is the latest in "Social Networking". If you post one little thing negative there, the losers that run it ban you and brag about it. (They and the TMOS Three Amigos call it "Blocked Island". Boy, cocky knee slappers as the boat sinks.) And, Mike wonders why he is no Joe Rogen? Well, Joe reads his own texts. He expects employees to do it also. He would make it to bonus tapings from his own house. And, his ill-health and local interactions with the elderly are not the top two topics of his show. These are just a few differences Mike.

NEWS! Larry King legendary talk show host dies. He was 87.... Larry King worked practically up to his death interviewed thousands of guests throughout his long career on radio and television a real professional.

RE: New NBC studios: Same NBC/MSNBC conspiracy theories, vast right wing conspiracy and hate. Will The West Wing hire Laurence O’Donnell back to write new fictional episodes now that Trump is gone? Did anyone even notice that riots are still happening out west? See if you can find it on the NBC news? Nope, it’s not happening because it’s it's the wrong villains. It’s not happening because it doesn’t fit the narrative. What a sad state of NBC News. And expect HUGE cuts at failed CNN in 2021. Now that we have the vaccine and Joe Biden, they can fire poor Dr. Sansay Gupta a SECOND time! :-)

Fox5 is truly trying to increase their male viewership with the addition of more young, attractive women.

Let me give another endorsement of Locast. I was coming back to our area from NYC on a Bolt Bus last Super Bowl Sunday. I watched the game on my phone on the bus, first from the New York Station, then the Philadelphia station, then the Baltimore station, then I got in the car and drove home from Balto. We watch the news on Channel 4 WRC-TV, then the Tonight Show, in bed on our phone sometimes. Or if I need to watch the Match Game some other game show on Buzzer somewhere during lunch, I can do that, too. It takes less than 5 seconds to start the app and watch. It's just easy. -- Carl in Olney

The Biden Administration picks a interim person to act as FCC Chairman. Jessica Rosenworcel was selected. She is a Democrat who served on the FCC from 2012 to 2017. Prior to that she was with a law firm in DC.

TMOS starts with a fight today because Mike sent a change show start text yesterday. Only Mike and Bob were on time. Oscar never responded. But, it is not his fault. Bob is tasked every day to baby sit whether Oscar responds on such texts. Can you imagine that is your job? It is so childish. Oscar cannot be responsible to read texts on his own? Mike needs a proof reader to make sure Oscar reads his texts?? Who is the F-ing boss???? Thank God for Bob “I have licked Mike’s ass for 29 years and now I double it up with Oscar’s” Spewacker to read for Mike. To break the ice while waiting for Oscar “Read my texts and report to Mike fat Boy” Santana to get to work, they discus Mike’s colon, bowl movements, probiotics and stools. Mike tells the world seriously that he wants to take pictures to show his doctor. Gold Jerry Gold! Maybe the most childish thing of all is their fan page on face book. Two threads are started to discuss the fight. Both are so benign, polite, and offer different views on the fight. BUT, the Fan Club bosses struck the threads ASAP. They are like 1940’s nuns protecting the sanctity of the church. Jolene, Jim, Stephen, and their leader Oscar “I used to be less of a dick” need to get over themselves. This is those three have in life. They and the other Las Vegas TMOS trippers really need some friends. Talk about a lonely hearts club. Please go, join and read the posts. It is almost sad as they drive away bonus subscribers and advertisers. Maybe this club needs to be pointed out to advertisers? How about send them pictures of Mike’s shit?

/\ January 23 /\

\/ January 22 \/

Re: "By its very definition, the VOA is supposed to be a mouthpiece for the U.S. Government and its policies. What does Biden want them to be a mouthpiece for? IRAN or ISIS?" Obviously, this poster doesn't know WTF they're talking about. They need to take a few moments to read the VOA Charter: VOA will serve as a consistently reliable and authoritative source of news. VOA news will be accurate, objective, and comprehensive. VOA will represent America, not any single segment of American society, and will therefore present a balanced and comprehensive projection of significant American thought and institutions. VOA will present the policies of the United States clearly and effectively, and will also present responsible discussions and opinion on these policies.

RE: GWEN TOLBERT / Gwen is moving to weekend morning weather anchor on WTTG and Jennifer Delgado is taking over weekend evenings, looks like Michelle Rotella is out at the moment as she was covering weekend mornings since the departure of Gary Mcgrady

NBC News opens new D.C. bureau, looks back at longtime home in memo - NewscastStudio... Dave, your readers might like to see the new NBC digs at 400 and the sweet memories of 4001 ... www.newscaststudio.com... Matt

Locast doesn't provide a truly HD stream. Last I saw....all was 720P. Locast doesn't provide a Dolby 5.1 sound stage. Until Locast does, it is useless to me. Unfortunately, Sling and Fubo do not provide Dolby 5.1 for the network affiliates. I've tried both in the last year and neither seems to have that on their roadmap. Youtube only does 2.0 stereo. I will no longer consider a service if it does not provide Dolby 5.1 at the minimum. 2.0 Stereo is from the dark ages of TV. Will not abide 2.0, Will in Leesburg

Dave's response: As I said in the review, for $5 a month it's a pretty good backup to whatever HD/4K TV service you're using and a decent choice to watch local TV on a variety of devices, including phones, laptops, and tablets.....

In response to the comment about VOA being a mouthpiece for the US government, you seem to lack basic knowledge: VOA is funded by the US Congress, extreme right wing reactionaries such as Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Madison Cawthorne want to dissolve the VOA, and PBS for that matter into private companies. Shameful. Do you realize that VOA, while funded by the government, is INDEPENDENT of the governments policies. They actually are overseen by USAGM, and independent agency. They should have voices from all points of view, NOT JUST YOURS!! Now, as for your comment regarding Isis and Iran: VOA is not nor ever will be a sounding board for other countries or extreme groups like the ones you mentioned. You and your ilk should stop spreading DISinformation...or FAKE News as Trumps people like to say.. Why are right wing fanatics islamophobic, xenophobic, anti education, anti environment, anti choice, pro gun, Lets go back to the stone age? To me those are the voices we should be worried about. Unlike most, I am not afraid to put my name to my opinion....Sheen from NW DC Cheerio Mates!!!

With the WMDO-LD channel sharing agreement, the FCC has been officially notified that WIAV-CD 58 (RF 30) at 48kw will soon be DC’s NextGen ATSC 3.0 TV station with WJLA 7 and likely several other DC stations being broadcast in 1080p or 720p. UniMás and LATV will be moving to WDCO 10 (RF 24). One of the changes that is going to have to happen soon is that ABC & Fox will have to switch to 1080p for distribution of programs or at least offer it as an option. Otherwise, no one will notice any difference in the picture. With WRC 4 & WUSA 9, they can more easily switch to 1080p and show marked improvement in signal. NFL games have already been using a 4K camera for some shots in games, but the improvement is not readily apparent yet.

As of January 2021, Locast expands to two more US markets - Charlotte and Orlando. It's an almost-free local TV antenna service via your cell/wifi/internet service via many different app platforms. Is it right for you?

Beasley is selling $300,000 Million in Debt. These are bonds that come due in 2026. This is an interesting way to finance your debt.

By its very definition, the VOA is supposed to be a mouthpiece for the U.S. Government and its policies. What does Biden want them to be a mouthpiece for? IRAN or ISIS?

Responding to the poster who wrote: "Chairman Pai was responsible for trying to improve AM stations by permitting translators. The ratings for AM Stations has not improved. " The so-called "AM Revitalization Plan" from the FCC had nothing to do with improving AM listenership or the AM's technical quality, either at the transmitter or as received by an audience. The government's support was limited to the corporations that hold AM licenses, and which sought a crutch for failing business plans. The main crutch was to allow the simulcasting of programming intended for their AM outlet, on low powered FM channels whose coverage approximated that of the AM signal. The scheme was not successful, and actually led to the deterioration of the primary AM infrastructure, as owners tried to get away with as little as possible to warrant the "FM" simulcast.

NEWS! At Voice of America, a sweeping ouster of Trump officials on Biden’s first full day www.washingtonpost.com: President Biden moved swiftly to oust top managers loyal to former president Donald Trump who had been blamed for recent turmoil at the federal government’s array of international news organizations, including the biggest and most influential one, the Voice of America. Only hours after he was inaugurated, Biden forced out Michael Pack, the controversial head of the agency that oversees VOA and four other networks that broadcast news to millions of people abroad. This was followed, domino-like, on Thursday by the removal of VOA’s director and deputy director after only a few weeks on the job. In doing so, Biden appears to be putting the brakes on what critics said was an effort by the Trump administration to turn the news agencies into mouthpieces for Trump’s views and policies.

It’s time for my recurring joke. WNST AM 1570 is still for sale for $1.5 million. Can’t use calls or format, not that anyone cares.

/\ January 22 /\

\/ January 21 \/

NEWS! WACA sold for $700K... That's higher than markegg given what AM 1260 went for a few years ago... www.insideradio.com: Maryland – Roberto Cortes-Campos’ Renovacion Media Group has filed a $700,000 deal to buy Spanish talk “Radio America 1540” WACA from Alejandro Carrasco’s AC Acquisitions. The deal includes a $500,000 promissory note. Renovacion Media Group has been operating WACA under a local marketing agreement since January 2019. Once the sale closes, AC Acquisitions will still own Spanish “Radio America 900” WCLM in the Washington, DC market.

So I've heard from some that Jeanette seems likes to dislike Wisdom and it's showing on TV....Clearly she's looking to take over. The others seems like co-stars lol.

Blake Sabatinelli is stepping down as CEO of Newsy on February 26th.

FCC Chairman Pai has left the building. The Biden Administration says they will appoint an interim Chairman. Chairman Pai was responsible for trying to improve AM stations by permitting translators. The ratings for AM Stations has not improved. Under the present FCC Rules, translators cannot originate their own programming. It would help Minorities get into ownership if the FCC changed this rule.

I would like to say to all my fellow readers and posters "You are unstoppable, Peloton fam!" Gus in the tub

/\ January 21 /\

\/ January 20 \/

Our democracy will always be stronger than one President. It's a new day! #SupportTheMedia #SupportDCRTV

It's "one and done" for Steve Ray as "The President's Announcer." NBC-4 reports that Charlie Brotman will return as the voice of Biden's (virtual) inaugural parade. Brotman served as announcer for every parade since Eisenhower's second term in 1956 until being snubbed in 2017. www.nbcwashington.com

The man arrested by the police with a gun and ammo was released by the police and not charged. He was simply a security guard who got lost in a very strange DC on lockdown. When is someone going to report that instead of this Inauguration Attack Mania now even being spread but GUS too??? Yeah, Gus WRITES like I piss drunk, everywhere but the toilet! :-)

Longtime Inaugural Announcer, CHARLIE BROTMAN, 93, Returns for 12th President www.nbcwashington.com

It's so funny that Conan O'Brian thinks/thought that Biden becomes/became President at midnight. Harvard can suck it. Gus in Aubrey Plaza, jus' PUMPIN'!

(RE: Gwen Tolbart) Perhaps she’s moving to weekend mornings? I want to say they’ve had a freelance meteorologist doing that shift since Gary McGrady left.

/\ January 20 /\

\/ January 19 \/

I just wanted to thank my millions of dedicated DCRTV readers for your support. You're beautiful. Spectacular. Wonderful. I also want to thank incredible patriots like Plante, Limbaugh and Levin for spreading my word. You guys are phenomenal. Incredible. Beautiful. We love you. And finally, thanks to DCRTV Dave. You might be a liberal. But you're the best liberal I ever knew. Next time you make it to Palm Beach, stop in and tell the doorman that 'The Don' sent for you. Sincerely, Donald J Trump

From TV Newscheck: Jennifer DelGado has joined Fox O&O WTTG Washington as weekend evening meteorologist. Effective Jan. 18, she will report the weather for the station’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening newscasts at 4, 5, 6, 10 and 11 p.m., as well as the newscasts on co-owned WDCA. In addition, she will serve as a field reporter for various weekday newscasts..... So what happened to Gwen Tolbart?

Rumors from Rumorville. The EAS will be activated at 8 am tomorrow morning. Not a sermon, just a thought...

DCRTV Dave, you’re giving way too much space to the NOT FAILING serial poster. The detainment of the idiot stopped with a loaded gun and ammo and a dubious security badge was thoroughly described in the Post. His family has been frantically apologizing ever since. I really hate even the vestiges of such an unhinged urge to vilify the mainstream press. The country is poorer for that kind of person. Max Critic

What NOT FAILING misses is that the social media from these media outlets, and the evening political shows even on FOX NEWS hyped this FAKE NEWS of someone attacking the Biden Inauguration for days, and I’ve yet to hear of any newspaper or media outlet retract this story en masse, and certainly not the Washington Post, and especially not the ones that loved airing it the most. Don’t be naive. I studied journalism. You are clearly an idiot or pawn. Two sources rule, never heard of it? Apparently no one has anymore.

/\ January 19 /\

\/ January 18 \/

NEWS! From Steve Slawinski at the "If you were from Timonium, Lutherville, Towson Area, You Would Remember..." group at facebook.com: Many of you may recognize the man on the left. He is John Jeppi, was owner of the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland on Harford Road in Parkville and Towson resident who sadly passed away from Covid complications yesterdsy. He was responsible for my 14 year career in radio, several of them here in Baltimore. He guided the career start of radio and tv locals such as Channel 2's Jamie Costello, Robin Quivers of Howard Stern fame, People in front and behind the camera and microphone that went on to successful careers across the country.His students were taught and menored by some of the best in Baltimore radio and Tv including Vince Bagli, Bill LeFevre, George Lewis(Captain Chesapeake),Chuck DuCoty(WKTK & 98 Rock) and countless others. Your work to the local tv and radio community will be always be remembered!

Tony Perkins, new host of Get Up DC, still balancing it all... wusa9.com... "2020 was a busy year to say the least. In the last year, we've dealt with a pandemic, an election, hurricanes and murder hornets. But at the beginning of the longest year of all time, Tony Perkins joined the team as an anchor on Get Up DC. Now, after guiding us through a hectic, stressful and sometimes heartbreaking year behind the desk, he'll take on a new role as host of Get Up DC in the 6 a.m. hour, along with Annie Yu, Allison Seymour and the rest of the team. It's just the latest step in Tony's long and distinguished career."

WDVM and WDCW are owned by NEXSTAR not NEXTAR.

Speaking of the NOT FAILING media, lack of retraction. First, it's not fake news or the fake media when an official government agency said something that turns out not to be true, or a court filing on the same incident turns out to be an honest mistake. It wasn't sloppy reporting, or vague sourcing. Legitimate public officials gave out bad information. Second, the New York Times headline: "A man with a gun arrested by Capitol Police at a security checkpoint calls it an ‘honest mistake'" and Washington Post headline "‘It was an honest mistake,’ says man who was arrested at D.C. checkpoint" show me that the respected news media did their job correctly.

I enjoy jousting with formerly “mark my words” who still won’t even provide a pseudonym to make this easier. Anyhow, we can actually agree on the aggravated polarization of media but he shouldn’t confuse commercial cable TV and its integrity-undermining lust for clicks and ratings with much more serious journalism from the BBC, PBS and the major daily newspapers. We aren’t a “center right” country. We’re a country of all segments of the spectrum, but the people running commercial radio and TV long ago learned the firm lesson that the right, far right and hooligan right are much easier to manipulate with oversimplified provocations than any segment of the left. That’s why right leaning media have become such shameless cash cows. Beyond dispute. Max Critic

Ref: WDVM transmitter move. It's all about money, advertising dollars, number of viewers with money to spend. "Public Service" is no more, especially in sparsely populated areas. Western Maryland (especially Garrett County - my location) could use an off-the-air ABC outlet now. WTAE's DTV antenna is highly directional towards Pittsburgh; WWCP, only 40 miles away due north which carries Altoona's ABC outlet on 8.2 used to have a strong analog, then digital signal here; now nothing. They did something to place a null to the south and the engineer won't answer me as to what they did. WDVM's Nextar just took the easiest and most profitable way out - because they could.

/\ January 18 /\

\/ January 17 \/

Speaking of failing media, did anyone see the story hyped by CNN, MSNBC & all the networks of an armed threat to the Biden Inaugural when they captured a man armed with a gun at a checkpoint? Turns out he was just a lost security guard and forgot his gun was in his truck. He’s since been released by police. But where was the retraction of that hysterical fake news that he was a possible attacker?

NEWS! Obit of Warrenton/Culpepper WPRZ cofounder... starexponent.com... "A local Christian radio pioneer, Sally Buchanan, lived and loved to spread the good news. She worked in the business some five decades, including the past 10 years as the intrepid, even-mannered station manager at WPRZ 88.1 FM on East Davis Street in downtown Culpeper. Buchanan unexpectedly died on Dec. 22, 2020, at Culpeper Medical Center. She was 72. Sally died from COVID-19 following a brief illness, according to Steve Buchanan, her husband of 53 years."

NEWS! Mikea Turner is gone from WUSA after 4 years at the Tegna-owned CBS affiliate in DC. She is now a weekday evening anchor at WWBT, the Gray-owned NBC affiliate in Richmond, VA.

Max Critic is tauntingly wrong himself. If anything, the unmentioned document dump of Russia Hoaxgate info proved that CNN & MSNBC had it all wrong for 4 years, but it didn’t help them in the ratings one bit. We have always been a center/right nation for my entire lifetime and that’s where the bulk of the ratings are. Did Fox News ignore a lot of Trump’s faults? Absolutely. But the rest of the media just went apeshit over them ad nauseam to the point where normal people couldn’t watch the daily Don Lemon Clown Show. The media generally has always been center/left, but now it’s split more partisan hard left/right with no middle. And no one retracts anything, no matter how wrong. In fact, most media double down on their mistakes to keep their base. Yes, it’s a sad day in history when the media has to think about its BASE just to “cover” the actual news. Journalism has died in darkness.

And just like that WMJF 39 dropped ME-TV almost as quick as they picked it up. GRIT is back on 39.1 Hmm.

["I don’t think radio w/ Rush Limbaugh applies well to CNN. Rush has a long running following. CNN doesn’t"] Invalid comparison. The subject is relevant content, not longevity. Rush could play the Washington Post March on his armpit and his core will still collectively crap its khakis out of glee.

I broke my vow, but next week is another week. Still I have to mention that El Cazador Humano thinks Ireland is part of the U.K. Toward the end of Friday's "Audio Vault". Apparently not familiar with The Kerfuffles. Dude, Ireland was neutral during WWII. Idiot. Carnac the Magnificent: Answer: Rob Spewak. Question: Who can't book a guest, stop breathing into the mic, shut the heck up, or run a board? TMOS, the show that keeps on taking. I wonder if in light of recent events they're rethinking their connection with and advocacy of The Lincoln Project? Gus in shame

I am sorry but when I am driving I like sports on the radio as I do most of the day. But, I really want entertainment and maybe some laughs? Just think of the history of DC AM/PM drive for what? The last 30-40 years? After AM drive, we are left with news (30 min tops) or straight sports the rest of the day but especially PM drive. I am a “wake up and listen to the Junks till 10 AM guy”. The problem with that is the next two funniest people on the radio (If not funnier sometimes) work with the Junks. Matt Cahill and Matt Myers (Drabb and Valdez) may produce the Junks but they are really funny. I like Kevin and Elliot is ok for many. But, my point is the funny ends at 10 am every weekday. Most tries at funny after those eight is so contrived or banned. In the past between 10 am and then Chad with some Czabe, I did Mr. Tony and TMOS. But, they are on the downside with the funny lately. It could be the virus or just repeated jokes/bits. Interesting, non-news/straight sports PM drive radio is DEAD in DC unless someone can point me in the right direction. Thank God I have Chad’s new podcast to throw into the mix now with no real funny left after 10 AM on the dial. OOBBEE

CNN was good back when they had Bella the woman who looked like a cat and Bernard Shaw. After the first Gulf War, less so. Gus in retrospect

/\ January 17 /\

\/ January 16 \/

Hey “mark my words”, don’t be giving CNN any advice if you don’t understand a most basic fact of cable TV: getting it tauntingly WRONG is what generates ratings. That’s why FOX has done so well and why OAN and Newsmax are jealous. Your partisan blinders are showing but you’ve got lots of (moronic, dangerous) company. Max Critic

Didn’t watch Shawn Yancey on the Fox5 evening news & not really impressed with what I’ve seen on NBC4 so far. She just seems like she’s trying too hard. But hey, maybe that’s how she’s always been. And just read that Reese Waters is leaving WUSA9’s morning show & replacing Bruce Johnson who retired. Uh, really? Isn’t he somewhat of a goofball? That’s like if NBC4 decided to have Shomari Stone replace Jim Vance!!!

"Ed" referred in a recent post to "that woman". Who was he talking about, may I ask? The only new person I've noticed is Shawn Yancey, who has decades of experience in TV news. And I personally think she is doing great, and fits in perfectly on the station. But maybe he meant someone else. He didn't say. -- Carl in Olney

The major problem that I have with the WDVM antenna move south is that it substantially decreases OTA reception to the COL, Hagerstown, MD. Does the FCC care about that anymore? Maybe not. I’m not sure anymore. The move will certainly increase the population of people that can receive WDVM, but not really in its COL. By lumping Hagerstown in with DC, they have substantially decreased the local TV news service in Western Maryland. Does a whole lot happen out in Western, MD? Not really, but also not much in Salisbury either, but that wasn’t the original intention of the TV allocations in Western, MD in Hagerstown or Cumberland (which are now gone). Also, with Nexstar’s pull, the sheer number of TV stations that they own and affiliates with all types of networks, I find it hard to believe that they couldn’t get a network affiliation for WDVM if they used some leverage. Nextstar for instance has 50 CBS afiliates vs. Tegna’s 15. How is that not leverage?

I’m sorry. If NBC thinks it’s going to increase viewership with this woman, boy have they drunk the KoolAid ! She keeps that wide grin on her face – even during serious stories – and apparently thinks that by showing lots of cleavage, news viewers will just sit there transfixed. Sorry Charlie ! She has no real news chops. She should be relegated to fluff stuff like they did with Jummy until she learned a bit about news delivery. Or send her out on some assignments – not just the WFT locker room – to learn something about news reporting and delivery. I’ve been a loyal WRC news watcher for, literally, decades, but may I remind NBC4, that there are lots of other choices for local news.? Grumpily, Ed in Potomac Falls

I don’t think radio w/ Rush Limbaugh applies well to CNN. Rush has a long running following. CNN doesn’t. Plus radio doesn’t apply to TV either all that well in general. I still think Jeff Zucker will soon get the boot. Also, I’m very happy for John Roberts who previously hosted the CBS Evening News weekends and was passed over when Dan Rather left. Now he’s got a 2 hour TV show on national TV. Well deserved. Will Peter Doocy be any good covering Joe Biden? Well at least he’s a reporter who asked a question other than donut related to Joe Biden, so that’s a good sign. i think he’s gonna be Joe Biden’s Jim Acosta, except without making up the stories. CNN’s latest Jim Acosta embarrassment is Trump looting the White House, already proven false by SNOPES! These nutjobs just cannot stop themselves from embarrassing themselves. CNN might think no one notices, but the ratings do and AT&T will notice the ratings. Heads will soon roll. Mark my words.

Does anyone know what happened to WTOP morning man Bruce Allen? He hasn't been on the air since before Christmas.

/\ January 16 /\

\/ January 15 \/

"Larry O'Connor ... reverse racism on yesterday's show. He quoted ... incoming Biden official, decades old, ... clearly designed to uplift the Black community. Larry.... Larry was wrong... phone the philosophy department... ... check with "logicians"..." Was it Kristen Clarke? I won't reproduce what she said in case you were talking about some other Biden appointee. Anyone can easily find it. As for TMOS, is he still accusing the entire 74 million people who don't agree with him of being motivated by racism? On 11/20/2020 this correspondent wrote "I'm informed that the Shoehorn recently told Snowflake (calling that his codename) that complaining about his medical appointments "is the fabric of the show". The fabric of the show, ladies and gentlemen. Everyone who signed up for that raise your hand. I'll wait. Be free, brothers and sisters! Be free!" Some things never change. Gus apparently living on Castrovalva because we can get phone consultations with "logicians".

"After Trump is gone, what will CNN and MSNBC do? Who will they talk about?" I asked the same about Rush Limbaugh some 20 years ago when Bush II took the White House. Know what El Rushbo did? Spent the next eight years rehashing the Clintons. Dull fluff from the biggest name in Talk Radio, but he dove into it and spent 96 months yammering about it. And even kept it up during the Trump years! Don't underestimate the number of cow pies in the Talk Radio pasture; there's always something to step in, even if it is ancient history.

/\ January 15 /\

\/ January 14 \/

This news that CNN or MSNBC is now beating FOX News is simply fake news. They’re not shuffling the lineup because of either of them. They responding to NEWSMAX. If anything conservative news viewers have increased since the election. After Trump is gone, what will CNN and MSNBC do? Who will they talk about? They don’t do interviews with Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or hardly the proposed cabinet except to deliver them Dunkin Donuts! it’s one of those, “Be careful what you wish for” things. I still think that Jeff Zucker will be fired by AT&T. How can he defend CNN’s horrible ratings for over a year? At least MSNBC challenged FOX News.

Boy, if you want to know the left side of the political crisis in DC or the state of the health of each member in the TMOS broadcast team, listen to this Monday and Tuesday’s podcasts. Monday -FLA and DC Covid vaccination report by Mike and Oscar. (20 minutes) -Mike’s old body breaking down while golfing (Foot, knee, back). He gets shots in his foot. (25 minutes) -Bob and his wife getting flu and shingle vaccines. (15 minutes) Tuesday -The political crisis in the US with Mike blaming every republican, then just trump, and then just the zealots. At the end he totally attacks Todd Moore for being dumb. But he never mentions Todd wrote the app TMOS uses every day (and, for free I believe). Maybe Mike, Bob, or Oscar should write a new one or pay someone to do it??? (30 minutes) -Mike discusses the new shots in his back. 10 minutes -Bob gets a drive through covid test. (15 minutes) You can not make this up. This was two days of topics on TMOS back-to-back. Mike’s politics, health, and FLA vaccination updates with an assist from Oscar on Bob on their health activities and a DMV vaccination update. That is some funny shit, right?

/\ January 14 /\

\/ January 13 \/

With elected "conservatives" now in hiding, Larry O'Connor had to default to reverse racism on yesterday's show. He quoted a passage written by an incoming Biden official, decades old, which was clearly designed to uplift the Black community. Larry took it as putting White people down. I don't have to get into was Larry was wrong, but I do have an idea. Before any WMAL host declares someone being racist against Whites, phone the philosophy department of any one of our great local collegiate institutions and pose your conclusion to them, before going on the air with race baiting accusations. In this case, Larry would have been told the statement was not racist. Even Republicans are telling us to tone down the rhetoric. Having Larry simply check with "logicians" before making a dangerous ass out of himself would be a great first step.

In response to the Shawn Yancy question, she is a fill in. She is NOT replacing Doreen. She is NOT replacing Pat, She is NOT replacing Wendy. If you watch a newscast you will notice the vibe is ICE cold in the studio when she’s on with Pat. Take it for what it is.

WJFK’s Sports Junkies circa 1998. scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net

I just checked the programming guide on my Comcast cable box and it displays the National Desk airing on WNUV, the CW Baltimore, staring January 18th weekdays from 7 to 9 a.m. Why it only airs for 2 hours is beyond me as the press releases perviously in November said that it would air from 6 to 9 a.m. in the Eastern time zone...

I see that Shawn Yancey is now on air at NBC4 as was advertised. I've only tuned in a couple of times and it was at 6pm. So has she replaced Doreen Gentzler on the 6pm newscast or just filling in while Doreen is on vacation?

/\ January 13 /\

\/ January 12 \/

What I found interesting about the ION Media sale, is that I thought Sinclair might try to buy them as ION has stations in nearly every Top 30 market. But apparently, Scripps got there first so kudos to them. i just hope they don’t do to those stations what they did to poor WMAR TV! At least in Baltimore, Scripps is well known for doing everything on the cheap. I hope they don’t screw this up.

Some advice to WBAL-TV. Don’t use stories from CNN when discussing Trump leaving office or impeachment or the 25th Amendment. We know Trump isn’t going anywhere until Jan. 20 not matter what happens. It’s simply technically impossible with the Senate not even in session and getting 100 Senators to agree on anything would require an act of God or Mother Nature. It only makes you look as foolish as Jeff Zuckerberg getting caught on tape screaming, “I DON’T CARE WHAT THE NEWS IS, MAKE IT ALL ABOUT TRUMP!” And for God’s sake, please get Gerry Sandusky out of his basement. The Joe Biden jokes are already starting! The Ravens are playing. There will be fans at the stadium even in New York and the sports reporter for an NFL Playoff team is going to remain in his basement? I understand precautions have to be taken, but Tom Tasselmyer is still doing the weather from TV Hill. What is Gerry’s excuse?

Sadly, I'm getting reports and clips that former Ramada multi-purpose room DJ Mike O'Meara is trying to spin that everyone who disagrees with him is racist. Nancy Pelosi, obviously white, although the rack is YOWZA!!!. Clarence Thomas, arguably black. It would be funny that Mike thinks he's smart except it's really very sad. It's the bad part of Flowers For Algernon. Gus in the time of cholera

A very special Happy Birthday to birthday buddies Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. For Rush, God willing, this will not be his last and Stern because of his decades of success thought he died and went to heaven years ago. Cumulus Memo update: said to be bullshit by Chris Plante, echoed by Larry O’Connor and confirmed as false by Mark Levin sounds as if it is fake news. Last but not least Fox News, after getting trounced by CNN and PMSNBC in recent ratings, has shaken up both its daytime and nighttime scheduling, including pixie Dana Perino losing her solo afternoon show for shared morning shift with Bill Roberts and Harris Faulkner down to an hour mornings. Newsmax an OAN continue to make major gains with Fox audience. Gus is still in the Gaithersburg and Whitey’s still walking on the moon: Nick in Arlington

I think the Scarsdale Diet joke was : "What is the Scarsdale Diet? Eat lead." Rockville Bob

Regarding "Just FYI.... Mike Litteris is the official spokesman for the National Park Service." You sound as if you know of what you speak, except that you don't. The Park Service's Public Affairs Specialist is Mike Litterst. Try calling him by his correct name, as "That would pretty much eliminate all the junior high school-ish giggles....."

Regarding "Talk-radio owner orders conservative hosts to temper election fraud rhetoric...", the memo written by Cumulus' Brian Philips can be interpreted to say "We raised ratings and revenue by spreading Trump's lies. Now, we are in jeopardy of losing that revenue due to the 'cancel culture' of our advertisers. We have to appear as if we are sane and responsible broadcasters. Cool it for a while. The fun will resume later in the year."

While Cumulus is censor discussion about the election, Jeff Bezos' web hosting 'service' has made Parler go dark, thus contributing to the death of democracy called for by Bezos' "Democracy Dies in the Darkness" 'news'paper.

Dave's response: When you sign a contract with private businesses like Amazon Web Services or Facebook or YouTube/Google or Twitter there is a bit of legal gobbledegoop called a terms of service section that you agree to that allows the platform to end its contract with you at any time for any reason. That's corporate capitalism. Likewise, WMAL or Fox News or Newsmax does not have a legal obligation to air my particular political sermons. Yeah, I pretty much have the "freedom" to "say" whatever I want but not on any of their private platforms.....

/\ January 12 /\

\/ January 11 \/

Scarsdale diet. Now there's one I haven't heard in a long time. Last time had to be around 1980 because Don Geronimo was working at WPGC and made some kind of joke about it during his 'boogie check.' I wish I could remember how it went, but I do remember laughing my ass off about it. Maybe it'll come to me after a take a few bong hits. AJA

Looks like Cumulus Media has had enough after letting its hosts push election fraud conspiracies for months Tells it’s hosts if they keep at it they will be subject to immediate separation Will Mark Levin quit in protest? It would be nice if Premiere would do the same, though I doubt their hosts would even be able to do a whole show with these restrictions in place. -Candide

So I'm watching Sarah Fields a UCD Communications professor on C-SPAN talking about the Scarsdale diet doctor murder. Am I the only one put off by the rouge TV types inflict on their distaff? Every time I turn the TV on I'm confronted with ladyclowns and I can't unsee it. Alfred Hitchcock presents Gus

I don't think we'll be seeing Sarah around much longer. Now that she's single I bet she will head South somewhere warm and where the mens pockets are deeper.. I mean JOBS, she will head South where the jobs are.

NEWS! Also it was announced today that Washington and Baltimore will both have Next Gen TV this coming summer. It was supposed to happen in 2020, but the Repack delays due to COVID delayed a lot of the rollouts. The CES is this week, so there will soon be over 30 ATSC 3.0 HDTVS available in a wider array of prices. And also now a TV tuner to use with existing TVs for around $250. That will accelerate the rollout. Detroit is also gearing up TV screens for cars starting later this year as well as one 5G cell phone that is Broadcast TV capable without using any data plan, meaning free. Free is going to be very compelling to cell phone customers with 5G rates so high.

Did Chris Plante just try and hastily obfuscate an eventual departure? The "Robert in Chantilly" call at 11:30AM was obviously scripted, though not well executed. Chris told Robert the Cumulus memo had been floating around for weeks, but he had never seen it. "Weeks?" I doubt that. Chris earlier chided Pelosi's 60 Minutes interview, but Chris didn't mention in the same episode Republican officials in Georgia debunking the "suitcases full of ballots" claim Chris has talked about for weeks. Pathetic. They are panicking.

[RE: Sarah Caldwell's photos are what I believe my kids call a "thirst trap." It's where someone posts a photo just to garner attention, i.e "thirsty". I feel sorry for her, she seems so insecure.] She also posted a photo in a restaurant, not at a table, not wearing a mask. Way to show respect to all the folks out of work, frontline workers and people who have had to work with a mask on throughout the pandemic. Is she that self-centered or just that much of a flake? My guess is she only pretends to care when the cameras are on.

NEWS! Talk-radio owner orders conservative hosts to temper election fraud rhetoric www.washingtonpost.com - After months of stoking anger about alleged election fraud, one of America’s largest talk-radio companies has decided on an abrupt change of direction. [WMAL's owner] Cumulus Media, which employs some of the most popular right-leaning talk-radio hosts in the United States, has told its on-air personalities to stop suggesting that the election was stolen from President Trump — or else face termination. A Cumulus executive issued the directive on Wednesday, just as Congress met to certify Joe Biden’s election victory and an angry mob of Trump supporters marched on the Capitol, overwhelmed police and briefly occupied the building, terrorizing lawmakers and leading to the deaths of five people...

Does anyone know when Sarah Caldwell, is done Fox. I can't watch, this must be the most vain woman in the world with the constant look at me photos...Does she now know what is happening right now in our country? People are talking and not fondly of her...

Just FYI.... Mike Litteris is the official spokesman for the National Park Service. Since the National park service controls the national mall and the Washington Monument Grounds as well as the GW and Spout Run Parkways he already gets more air time on WTOP than some of their own beat reporters Especially at times like an Inauguration or Independence day. It only follows logically that, when he is off duty and out in his own vehicle and comes across a traffic incident WTOP would be interested in he would call it in.

Dave's response: We've heard about his name many times before. How about calling him "Michael Litteris" on air instead. That would pretty much eliminate all the junior high school-ish giggles.....

RE: "We have never had a Hispanic on the FCC." Really? How would you categorize Henry Rivera, Patricia Diaz Dennis and Gloria Tristani?

"Will the new Chairman be a Minority? We need more diversity." Ajit Pai wasn't enough diversity for you? What is your problem? Do you not like Biden? Do you keep posting about the FCC because in your tiny brain it's the only way you can get past the call screener? Picking by race is itself racist. Tell Michael Powell he's not black. Tell him I sent you. You're an idiot. Gus at the end of his rope

NEWS! Scripps just bought ION Media and their TV stations, so they’ll now have 2 TV stations in the DC market. They apparently also purchased or made a deal with Newsy and intend to run a national news program from it. No word on local news. And speaking of news networks, CNN finally confirmed that they have tried to get Fox News removed from cable TV lineups at co-owned AT&T and other cable systems. Since the CNN purchase was rather controversial, I would think this might cause trouble for AT&T removing a competitor of a network that they own. CNN also wants OAN and Newsmax removed from cable systems, in effect censorship. --BaltoMedia.net

/\ January 11 /\

\/ January 10 \/

The FCC Chairman leaves in 9 days. Biden has not appointed a new Chairman yet. Will the new Chairman be a Minority? We need more diversity. What about a Hispanic? We have never had a Hispanic on the FCC.

/\ January 10 /\

\/ January 9 \/

So it took CK and Entercom took three months to decide that D&G should get afternoons after the firing of Chad for fake racism charges? Wow. And, that same team let Czabe walk? (Sat AM doesn't count for Czabe; he ain't Awad. They even screwed him week one.) I can't wait to see the D&G replacement. Down to the basement of the dorm again? Also, remember the math: 4 Junks x 4 hrs < (2 junks x 4 hrs) + (2 Junks x 4 hrs). Throw in an Awad hour or a Matt and Matt hour and those Junks hours can be cut to three. Maybe if EB gets to sleep, we will hear less eating? It is not like he is the host of TMOS. Entercom and CK already proved two Junks are all you need the week the Skins need to win to get into the playoffs as well as the first week of the playoffs with the Skins in them. Oh, yeah and the NBA opened up those weeks too even those it's just the Wiz in JFK's eyes. I mean if the Skins win, will there be enough air for the other three Junks with EB on the air? Lurch, CK said one more week is ok.

"You dont send out a memo like that unless the language is cleared by legal and compliance." Yeah, you do, because bosses are idiots. And L and C should be capitalized. Don't be a dog faced pony soldier. Covering a dodgy-by-any-normal-standard murder: illegal. Talking about Sandra Fluke (Tony Manero had a word for girls like her): illegal. Settling dcrtv.com - News Archive January 2007 to December 2007 a $5000 lawsuit in Small Claims Court: illegal. Settling a lawsuit in the past before being employed by the station: illegal. Being hounded by Casa de Maryland and CAIR: illegal. Being www.aim.org... hounded by CAIR: illegal. " Mrs. Fred, who was paid under the table by an outside group to promote their activities on WMAL, in violations of FCC regulations" What group and what FCC regulation would that be? Shirley you know. Gus in the law library

Dave, yo' missin' out on a liquid revenue stream - PAID OBITUARIES. New DCRTV RULE - pay Dave for ALL mailbag obits. Virtual Flower arrangements and a custom Dave & Crotchy eulogy sold separately. Signed, The Real AHHHH #DirtNap

So the 9 AM hour of Czabe was preempted today in favor of something called "Bet QL"... whatever that is... is the "QL" for "Quicken Loans," are they gonna roll out a loan for you if you can't pay up, is that how it works?

NEWS! From buckheitfcandcrematory.com: Michael "Mike" Dean Neff of Troy, PA passed away due to complications from Covid-19 on December 31, 2020. Mike was born on October 6, 1952 in Lock Haven, PA to H. Dean Neff and Winifred Swoyer Neff. His family later moved to Mansfield, PA and he graduated from Mansfield High School in 1970. Mike graduated from Ohio University in 1974 with a degree in radio and television sciences. Mike's passion for radio began in high school and fueled a long and prestigious career in broadcasting. His colleagues (some of whom know him as "Super Splice" or the "Sultan of Splice") fondly recall his dedication and expertise, and listeners remember his warm and amiable on-air presence, at stations WNTE of Mansfield, PA, KDKA of Pittsburgh, WIND of Chicago, WGY and WGFM of Albany, NY, WRAL of Raleigh, NC, WMAL of Washington, DC, WARM of Scranton, PA, WHP of Harrisburg, PA, WPTF of Raleigh, NC, WQFM, WQFN, WEJL, and WBAX all of Scranton, PA, and WOGA and WNBT of Mansfield, PA. He also worked for United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties and the Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania, Pocono/Northeast Branch. Mike will be remembered for his compassion, generosity, mentorship, and gleeful sense of humor... Arrangements for a Celebration of Life are tentatively planned for October 2021. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to two organizations Mike ardently supported. Mike loved animals and he championed the work of Second Chance Animal Sanctuary of Tioga, PA (www.secondchanceas.org). He also supported the fundraising efforts of his son, Kyle, for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (afsp.donordrive.com/participant/MichaelNeffTribute). Buckheit Funeral Chapel and Crematory, Inc. 637 S. Main St. Mansfield, PA is assisting the family.

It will be interesting to hear on Monday how the Cumulus edict will effect (and affect, for that matter) Rush an Mark Levin. Even though they don't work for Cumulus, they are heard on Cumulus stations. This is a good example of why both legal and compliance are needed when a decision like this one comes down. Will Premiere follow the lead of Cumulus?

Did anyone else catch that WTOP traffic reporter Rob Stallworth received a traffic tip from listener "Mike Litteras" this morning.

Changing the topic briefly to advertising before returning to the WMAL-flogging: One TV commercial flight I hope ends soon is for "The Farmer's Dog", and is the one where dozens of dogs are close-miked while they're eating. If I turn my head away and just listen, I can pretend it's the soundtrack to the orgy scene from "Caligula". But alas, no. Its a bunch of damn dogs, eating. Please be done soon.

Since WMAL has been a one trick pony since November, they will need to communicate clearly with their callers of the new policy. If not, what happens when Chris Plante is railing against Hillary on Monday, and a caller, like "Mike in Fredericksburg," agrees, but 90 seconds into the call with Chris, Mike pivots to "election fraud" ? Will Chris just dump the call and move on, or is Chris now required to correct the caller's assertion (for the record)? Also, is all that time on the gateway pundit Chris spent Friday afternoon for Monday's show prep now just waisted time? It is clear from the "all hands on deck," "you will be terminated," memo Cumulus lawyers are now involved. You dont send out a memo like that unless the language is cleared by legal and compliance. I wonder why attorneys are involved, Gus. It was reported this morning the FBI is looking into Parler and a "conservative alternative" to youtube. In the report they associated Parler with a WMAL evening host. The wheels are in motion.

Gus, I can name several times WMAL has broken the law. One, coverage of the murder of Seth Rich.Two The defamation of Sandra Fluke, Three, Chris Core being sued for defamation of character by a guy who hired a day laborer, Four, Larry O'Connor being sued by Shirley Sherrod ( before coming to WMAL, but WMAL repeated his slander), Five, An on air apology by WMAL over "wreckless coverage," of the DNC. Remember Michael Graham? There was a threat of lawsuit against him by a civil rights group before he was fired. What about Mrs. Fred, who was paid under the table by an outside group to promote their activities on WMAL, in violations of FCC regulations? Fred lost his job over it. If they broke no laws, why did they lose or give up in all these lawsuits or potential lawsuits? Why were Grandy and Graham fired? Oh, and I was in Radio for all these events. I found it hilarious your post was juxtaposed with the cumulus, "Biden won, get over it," memo. Perhaps the FBI has already contacted Cumulus over talk radio's involvement in the attempted coup; would not surprise me in the least. Or, they are really concerned who may come knocking at the door. Another real possibility.

“We need to help induce national calm NOW." Why not just put it in the water supply and be done with it? Or DID they? I wonder how many radio hosts will read the memo on air. Serenity now! WMAL's Larry O'Çonnor's phones weren't "operative" today, at least in the final hour. Interestink. Gus in the Memory Hole

/\ January 9 /\

\/ January 8 \/

NEWS! Grant and Danny are moving to afternoon drive on 106.7 starting next Monday.

Unless someone beats me to it here: Cumulus corporate mucky-mucks have ordered that all Cumulus and Westwood One personalities stop presenting any illegitimacy claim regarding the presidential election. A memo issued from high up states,“We need to help induce national calm NOW. Cumulus and Westwood One will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended. The election has been resolved and there are no alternate acceptable paths." Probably the best line from the memo says, "If you transgress this policy, you can expect to separate from the company immediately.” Time to trot out a few Best-Ofs from the Grandy & Andy days, eh WMAL?

Fun and disturbing to watch all the conservative hosts beginning the great “Trump is bad for the GOP” schtick while they carried water for four miserable years culminating in the unforgivable events of January 6 2021. -Candide

"the US Capitol was stormed, [blah blah blah] attempted coup on our peaceful transition of power." Yeah I saw something about that on Maryland Public Television. I get that you feel helpless and like you can't cope, but I assure you you'll get through this. Maybe they'll bring back Strzok and Page for the investigation. Remember this is the FBI that had a director who literally stood *in front* of curtains in the Blue Room in hopes his 6'8'' frame wouldn't be noticed. It's your right as an American to take longslowsoapyshowers while thinking about the FBI and hey! Maybe they'll want to talk to The Guy Who Couldn't Get Past the Call Screener! We get that you don't like WMAL, but show me on the doll where the station even came close to breaking the law. Asking you because it sounds like you log more than my just a few hours a week. I do understand that it irks you that not everyone has to be censored by Papa Zuckerburg and Mama Twitter and yes, I am "uniformed" and "dilusional" but some friendly advice? Measure twice, cut once. Gus being here now

COMING MONDAY! Play the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Game - The TMOS / Mike O'Meara 'Storming The Capitol' reckoning day media version. { Bring a bath towel and a couple of bars of soap. You'll want to wash the repulsive stench off of you.]

/\ January 8 /\

\/ January 7 \/

NEWS! EMF just bought two more stations - WFLO FM/AM in Farmville, Virginia for $750 K. Not sure what they'll do with the AM but the FM will fill in a coverage gap between Richmond and Lynchburg... Seems EMF is the only one buying now, likely another distressed sale. WFLO-FM is a Class B running 50kw ERP at 150m HAAT with a 4.4 dB null towards the East-Southeast. WFLO AM is a 1 kw non-directional daytimer. www.kenbridgevictoriadispatch.com ..... Here's a quick answer to the WKDV antenna dilemma ...string a wire down that famous cell tower in Herndon an call it "WOHN"....

Gus, the US Capitol was stormed, people died, destruction an theft of government property happened, and Senators and Congressional members lives were put in danger. It was an attempted coup on our peaceful transition of power. Do you really believe the FBI is gonna shrug their shoulders, or do you think they will do a complete investigation on the who, what where, when, why, and HOW this attempted coup happened? Do you think they will NOT look at the media as in talk radio, Parler, and the clowns who prepped for this mess? If you believe they will not look at WMAL on this subject, you are not only misinformed and uniformed, as we all know, but also dilusional. Remember, G. Gordon Liddy said on the radio he used a picture of Hillary Clinton as target practice, and there were two Secret Service agents waiting for him at the station by 9:00 AM the next morning (even with Fairfax traffic). He had to go see a federal judge over it. They take threats and attempted coups seriously. Yes, the FBI will soon cross their t-s, and dot their i-s on this one, and Parler and it's media partner, WMAL, will most certainly be part of the investigation. Under the circumstances, they cannot not be.

I forget, does a "mia culpa" trump a "sespool" or vice versa? Someone's got major wood for an imaginary FBI. On the bright side both WMAL 105.9 and WMPT ch. 22 provided good coverage of the events on Capitol Hill. "Dave's response: Poor Bill Hess...." Dodging that guy's calls must be like having a second full time job. Gus in a very short almost soapless shower

This morning, Chris Plante justified, and downplayed the attempted coup yesterday at the US Capitol by comparing it to the BLM marches over the summer. The comparison doesn't work for many reasons including there was no opposition mob inciting violence against the Capitol invaders, like there was for BLM, and there were no b0mbs at BLM. Also, BLM did not storm the US Capitol, or any federal building. I have not head anyone on WMAL this morning mention Parler, the forum where this coup was planned, and a once favorite social media platform for people who believe, and follow, WMAL. Does Chris Plante have a serious mental disconnect? Chris, Bill, it's the FBI at the door, can you get it? Memo to FBI, ask Chris about the payments he took from Paul Manafort to promote Putin in 2012, and ask Chris about his other ties to Russia with regards to Seth Rich.

Why the constant complaints about WBAL? If people don't like it that much, why do they listen? Why support what you don't like? If you're listening, why would they change anything?

So in the absence of real content, Newsradio 1090 resorts to filling in large blocks of time with its own self-described Talk "Stars" engaged in a gabfest. You're kidding right? Don't tear a rotator cuff patting yourselves on the back.

Re: WKDV: As of this morning, 97.7 is still operating...which I think is illegal if the AM is not operating, and it is not. I know attempts to file silent STAs for only the AM and keep the translators running have been shot down in the past - didn't WHGM or someone around here try that? That the 106.3 translator's originating station is listed on WWWT on FCCData is an error stemming from Metro having filed an application covering both it and the 102.9 translator (at the time, co-located) a few years ago; the original application lists it properly as WKDV.....And, while scanning the AM band I was surprised to hear English commercials on 1580. It's dropped TUDN and flipped to a straight simulcast of 107.9 WLZL.

WMAL is not offering a mia culpa over their involvement in the attempted coup yesterday. WMAL has been telling us Trump is playing three dimensional chess for America, Trump is a patriot, and Democrats are evil and they stole the election from us. We were told "Democrats are taking over our country, and bringing Socialism." This morning, after the attempted coup , WMAL called it a "mishap," where "things got out of hand." Susan Ferechio said on WMAL this morning the protesters were "confused" as to what building they could or could not legally go into. These coup participants bought guns into the Capitol, b0mbs were planted around the Capitol and in front of the DNC and RNC offices, they broke down locked doors, and smashed windows to get in the building, they destroyed other federal property, and they attempted to stop a step in the peaceful transfer of power. They were also, according to WMAL this morning, "confused" over which door to use. The FBI is coming to ask questions, Bill. I guarantee it.

Although WTTG claims to have weather on the 5s in the morning, they don't Turned on WTTG about 7:20 this morning looking for the forecast. No weather at 7:25 or 7:30 or 7:35 or 7:45. Finally, at 7:47, after a little news, numerous self-promotional ads, a sports report and some chit-chat, they finally had Mike Thomas do a weather report.

Maybe CK did not know the merger was coming? But, the Skins (Yeah, if you don't like it zip it) are in the playoffs and with two sports stations, Entercom has no PM drive host who has held a audience before. It is kind of a joke. Even if they were not in, it is a huge sports month. No Czabe, No Chad (Don't blame CK for that; see Philly), no Andy, etc. The AM drive is a bit messed up. Kevin's show is impossible to listen to in the beginning. I would even say F 980, put Kevin on JFK PM with Andy or Cooley or Thom. Put Rooster and Awad on 980 AM drive. I like the ring of that "Rooster and Awad in the morning". And, WTF is going on with the Junks???? I think CK did have a hand in this. Jason is neck and neck with Kevin with regard to being a wagering degenerate. It is the biggest week of the year in wagering and JFK presents JP and EB. Boy, those are two gamblers right off the Vegas strip. JP makes white toast look like a large pizza. He last gamble was to out drink the rest on last years holiday show to win $500 while puking AFTER the show. This is EB..."Skins....Skins...Skins....Skins....Oh, my daughter, Skins....Skins....". Why would you let Bish and Cakes take THIS week off? Thank God for the Matt and Matt show! (I am neither, LOL). They are the only insight into any of the other five games and they bring some funny. Shit, give the PM drive!!!

/\ January 7 /\

\/ January 6 \/

Hey Dave, friend of WMAL, Lin Wood, posted on Parler this afternoon encouraging the protesters to keep it up. I called WMAL NEWS to alert them and ask if they could get Lin Wood on the air for an exclusive. I was told since it was posted on social media, it wasn't an exclusive. I said that it was on Parler, and no legitimate media goes on that sespool. She hung up on me. Lin Wood, a friend of WMAL, ecouraged via Parler the coup, Parler, where this coup was planned, was endorsed by WMAL, RALLY for Trump, is an advertiser on WMAL, and the rally was heavily promoted on WMAL, all played their part in this coup. There will be a FBI investigation. WMAL's name will keep popping up. Bill Hess, turn in your licence now ( and flee to Moscow with the rest of your seditionists). Talking for two months on public airwaves entrusted to you about how this election was stolen, saying things like"Take back our country," and "rise up!!" and "Biden and Harris are Socialists!" Certainly will not help your defense. Dave, if the FBI needs your mailbag archives on WMAL, will you turn it over to them?

Dave's response: Poor Bill Hess.....

NEWS! On December 9, Metro Radio filed an STA Go-Silent request for WKDV. The AM outlet left the air on the 7th of December. Metro Radio stated in the application that WKDV lost its tower site and the owners are searching for a new one. (The FCC has yet to act in the paperwork.) I suspect WKDV never did build out single tower downgraded-power construction permit. W249DX 97.7 Reston, also filed to go silent . What about 106.3 Gainesville, W292BC, which listed WWWT as its primary?... See SomosLaLey.com...

I just signed up for Chad's podcast. If he is 1/5 as funny as he was on BOAD it will be well worth the money. I need it. BOAD free/paid used to be a big two (Remember three??) hours of my week and their live shows were the best. (I know Drab and O most likely can not do it now but once every month or two at Jammin would kill once this virus stops doing that.) Chad with Lavar was just Chad with Lavar. (Poor Chad) After that he was so much better but JFK's handcuffs made it hard for him to be him. After the Junks (And, you can talk about lazy here - LOL. Oh yeah, when did Bish get the D&M vacation deal?) there is little anymore on air I will listen to with Chad and Czabe gone. My other two daily Pods have always been Mr. Tony and TMOS. Mr. Tony needs to get back in a studio. I know he is old but he is sounding sooo old and tired now from the house. TMOS, well, Mike needs a kick in the ass. His political droning and old man FLA stories are just that - political and old. (You are welcome Oscar even if I think he's infected you lately.) OOBBEE

/\ January 6 /\

\/ January 5 \/

NEWS! It looks like Sinclair Broadcasting is flogging a new morning news program called The National Desk, which will be running from 6-9 a.m. on The Entity Formerly Known As NewsChannel8. The lead anchor is former WUSA9 anchor Jan Jeffcoat. This makes me wonder one thing: is Reese Waters & Co on Get Up DC making that much of an impact in the before-7 a.m. ratings?

"Ask Biden when will we receive our stimulus checks?" Can we keep this about media please? A gratuitous mention of the FCC at the tail of the post doesn't make it a legit or appropriate message for the Mailbag.

NEWS! From FTV Live: Word is that Nexstar has filed and application to move the transmitter tower of WDVM, Hagerstown (Washington DMA) from a point west of Hagerstown to a mountain top 40 miles away which is just 30 miles from the Washington, DC beltway. Why? By moving the transmitter closer to DC, it will invoke the “must carry” rules on all the DC cable and satellite systems. Also, I would not be surprised with Nexstar did not air News Nation on the station after the transmitter move.

Ask Biden when will we receive our stimulus checks? Will they be just $600? 75 Million People voted for Trump. However, Biden claims that 85 Million people voted for him.. The People have spoken! Still no new Chairman of the FCC.

The Radio Television Digital News Association is accepting entries now for the 2021 Edward R. Murrow Awards competition. Journalism published by radio, television and digital news organizations as well as by student journalists between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020, is eligible for entry. “2020 showed just how much journalism matters,” says RTDNA Executive Director Dan Shelley, who previously served on the Board of Directors as Chairman of the Awards Committee. “Journalists should be proud of the work they’ve done over the past year, telling some of the biggest stories of our lifetimes and, in many cases, providing life-saving information. This year’s Murrow Awards will recognize that impact.” The 2021 competition includes a new category for Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, recognizing storytelling bringing awareness, solutions or dialogue to diversity, racial injustice or inequality. Several new Student Murrow Award categories are also available, including Podcasts and new Feature Reporting and Hard News categories for both audio and video reporting. The entry deadline for the 2021 Murrow Award competition, including professional and student divisions, is February 18, 2021 at 5pm EST (no extensions or exceptions). RTDNA members are eligible for reduced entry fees, and entries submitted by February 11 automatically receive a $10 off early-bird discount. Entrants are strongly encouraged to read the complete rules and category descriptions prior to submission. Among the most awards prestigious in news, the Murrow Awards recognize local and national news stories that uphold the RTDNA Code of Ethics, demonstrate technical expertise and exemplify the importance and impact of journalism as a service to the community. Murrow Award winning work demonstrates the excellence that Edward R. Murrow made a standard for the broadcast news profession. Radio Television Digital News Association, National Press Building, 529 14th St NW, Suite 1240, Washington, DC 20045, RTDNA.org

NEWS! The Washington Post today announced it has hired Olivier Knox, a veteran political reporter and broadcast journalist, to anchor The Daily 202, The Post’s flagship politics newsletter on the inner-workings of Washington politics and policy. Since its launch, The Daily 202 has established itself as a must-read, reaching the largest government audience of all Post newsletters and experiencing continuous growth, recording a 20% jump in readership year-over-year.

/\ January 5 /\

\/ January 4 \/

I see the Guy Who Can't Get Past the WMAL Call Screener is back. Something you may not have experience with but popular people do is sometimes voicemail fills up. If it comes down to that the Senate selects the Vice President, genius. That doesn't "throw the election to the Senate". The Tree of Liberty must from time to time be refreshed by the blood of patriots and tyrants, coursing through their eyeballs as they read the effing manual. Hint: It starts with "C" and ends with "onstitution". But it's nice that you got caught up on the news. Gus in the know

NEW YEAR. NEW DCRTV RULES:: First, for companies like REACH MEDIA, take a page from outstanding and generous OUR TOWN MEDIA and buy a display ad. As a tradeoff, DCRTV will run free in-line pressers for you. [ Scratch Dave's hairy back and he will wax yours ] Secondly, malebaggers, when referring to the clock, use Military Time. Dullards, this way, no need for all that 'A.M." "P.M." crap. Just remember, #MidnightStartingADayIsZeroHundredHours #MidnightEndingADayIs2400Hours. [I know, yo' confused]. Signed, The Real AHHHH 1530 Roger That.

I spent some time listening to WMAL last week. Most hosts were subs, talk radio people from smaller markets, and I learned a lot. Including: the fact that Biden stole the election and the voting machines were hacked by Democrats, there were 44000 illegal votes cast in Arizona, Biden is a socialist, Kamala Harris hasn't retired from the Senate because she knows they cheated and she will never be sworn in as VP, Chief Justice Roberts is a liberal, Pence should count the electoral votes using Dominion machines, keep getting the results wrong, and then declare the count is no good, and throw the election to the Senate. There was also an interview with Congressman Moe Brooks who said that Biden is going to end this country according to people he knows, an Brooks said he " keeps close to the people in his state." So, I called his DC office, and got a message saying the mailbox was full. I then had a friend in Alabama call both district offices, and those phones were shut down as well. I then did the correct thing and called WMAL and politely asked them to call him back and ask him to get his phone system back up and running. WMAL hung up on me. Also, Dave, did you RSVP for the rally for Trump, www.rallyfortrump.com ? I registered under the name "Mike the Abortionist." I am sure you dropped Facebook and went with Dan Bongino's Parler, which has been endorsed by all WMAL hosts, the Proud Boys, and "Unite the Right." Did you see the article on how bad Parler is tanking? www.google.com... Looking forward to your return to DC to show Trump your support. Keep an eye out for Chris Plante and Larry. They will be the ones with microphones not wearing masks.

NEWS! (Washington, DC – Jan 4, 2021) – Reach Media is pleased to announce that The Donnie Simpson Weekend Show will launch this weekend, Saturday January 9th and Sunday January 10th and every weekend thereafter on nine affiliate stations to include, Atlanta, WAMJ-HD2; Baltimore, WWIN; Cincinnati, WOSL; Cleveland, WZAK; Columbus, WXMG; Philadelphia, WPPZ, Raleigh, WFXC; Richmond, WKJS and Washington, DC, WMMJ. Donnie Simpson currently hosts afternoons on WMMJ with co-host Tony Perkins. The Donnie Simpson Weekend Show is a two-hour weekend show that will include music and interviews from Donnie’s archives. Donnie Simpson along with co-host Tony Perkins, a radio and TV broadcaster and two-time Emmy award winner, are set to host a show centered around a specific music theme such as “Best Bands” or “Blue Eyed Soul Singers” to name a few. Show features will include Huggy Lowdown’s Celebrity Snitch where Huggy will “snitch” on the lighter side of the most pressing news and entertainment happenings of the day. Simpson has been called an icon, trailblazer and a media legend. He is the ruling Washington D.C. radio icon, as well as an international television and movie personality. Over his career, which has spanned 51 years, he has entertained listeners from WJLB in Detroit to WKYS and WMMJ in Washington, and on television as host of BET’s Video Soul. He is considered one of the nation's first video jockeys. Most recently, Donnie was inducted into The Radio Hall of Fame Class of 2020. “People around the country got to watch me on Video Soul for many years, but didn’t get to check me out on my first Love, radio. Only Detroit and DC would suffer that experience. So I’m really excited for the rest of the country to finally hear what I do ON THE RADIO,” says Simpson. Donnie Simpson has consistently carried #1 ratings. Even now in his 51st year in radio, he’s #1 with a bullet. This kind of success and reputation have earned him “Icon” status among his peers, The White House, and his millions of fans worldwide. The Donnie Simpson Weekend Show will provide another opportunity to connect with his loyal audience.

NEWS! Today, WETA unveils a new television channel lineup that includes WETA Metro, offering even more public media programming to viewers in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. The WETA television line-up now consists of five channels: WETA PBS, the station’s primary channel... WETA UK, spotlighting the best in British television... WETA PBS Kids, providing a haven for young viewers with educational programming... WETA World, offering documentary and news reporting from around the globe... WETA Metro, featuring PBS favorites and programs that highlight our local community... The leading public broadcaster in the nation’s capital, WETA undertook efforts within the last six months to expand the station’s television offerings to local Washington, D.C. area audiences, which included widening broadcast area antenna reception of our channels; upgrading WETA UK to a high-definition format; and introducing two new channels – WETA World and WETA Metro. WETA Metro is also the first WETA channel to be made available for livestreaming on weta.org, YouTube TV and the PBS Video App. WETA Metro channel can be found via the following local providers and via livestream/apps: Over-the-air: 26.5... Verizon Fios: 470... RCN: 599... PBS Video App... YouTube TV... weta.org/livestream... More details on the WETA Metro programming schedule can be found at weta.org/schedule, and more information on the five WETA television channels is available at weta.org.

There is no longer a Hot AC Station in Loudoun County. WASH describes their format as AC. All of their promotion material says their format is AC. There is a difference in the music played. WASH does not sound like the former WINC-FM 92.5 FM.

So, the biggest name in DC sports wins the NFC Least tonight. Entercom has two DC sports stations. One on FM might have all four of their morning drive team on air tomorrow. The other on AM will only be heard after 7-800 AM for an hour or so. After morning drive drive, I guess the FM kind of has mid-days covered? Will D+G cover four hours? That's a lot of D+G! And, has Danny been snorting coke lately? No more caffeine for him please. The AM is a mess from Kevin till Kevin, right? Maybe Rooster does both stations this week? Afternoon drive has no established host on either station? LOL Yea Sports!!!!! Really, Entercom? Great Job! It's DC. Nat's and Caps, when winning, is an hour a show at best. The Wiz? Ask Buck. Blowing the Skins in the playoffs with these lineups is not smart. Chad and Czabe should do a podcast from the corner of 1/2 street.

"Gus, someday [in other words I can't]... For now, just let me dispense with your reference to “m” deriving from a Latin word meaning “noon" Ante Meridiem. But let's not worry about it shall we? Kirk McKuen's former partner produces stools larger than you, accounting for his legendary (fictional) weight loss. This cowboy's not troubled. Gus in the zone

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Regarding the follow up to my posting regarding WXCY, you have made some very valid points, well taken. Maybe this move to provide better coverage to Wilmington is a precursor to a physical move, don’t know. If I see a pair of new Gates Intraplex units show up to install at both transmitter sites, then we know! Changes happen all the time, in this business we go along for the ride. It’s all about profits, understandably.

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How many times is WBAL going to rerun the "Talk Stars 2020 Holiday Special"? Enough already! Gary

Gus, someday I’ll be able to pin down your faulty logic as decisively as a bug to a dissecting tray. For now, just let me dispense with your reference to “m” deriving from a Latin word meaning “noon”. Nobody else thinks the point is anything more than a short, dead end tangent muddying the creek. Maximum Max

RE: WXCY has been very successful in New Castle Co, this allows for better coverage.. I wonder how long until WXCY moves to Wilmington? They own the HdG studio and office location, but can turn around and sell that rather quickly. Their only tie to Havre de Grace or Harford County is the transmitter and studio. They do nothing local in the area, as the Wilmington market is their focus. They could consolidate everything in with WSTW/WDEL and call it a day.

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Changes for the nearby Wilmington DE market. As of midnight January 1st, WXCY 103.7 is now being carried on WSTW 93.7 HD3, 1510 AM in Salem NJ, and a Wilmington translator on 96.9, replacing the previous Jammin format. WXCY has been very successful in New Castle Co, this allows for better coverage.

Max, as I said, "contrary to what Wikipedia might say". In clockspeak, "m" stands for the Latin word for "noon" so in your crackpot world, midnight is "12m" so midnight is noon and noon is noon. Up is down, cats are dogs and civilization breaks down. But no matter, it's New Year's Eve (give or take) and tonoon I shall drink a toast to your health! Gus in Webster's

RE: Offer to buy the Sun….Might have bee rejected because... nypost.com

Much as I hate to lecture my elders, DCRTV Dave and Gus are both wrong about expressing time at noon and midnight. There is no such time as 12:00am or pm. At the instant of noon the time is 12:00n and at midnight it is 12:00m. That resolves any confusion. This stuff bothers me as much as bad grammar, syntax and spelling. Once you get it right, life becomes a lot easier. I still have a long list of future pontifications here, but I’ll dribble them out slowly. Max Critic

Broadcasting novelty after novelty in 2020... digitaledition.capitalgazette.com... Matt

Perfection for 2021. 106.7 will soon by simulcast on 980. Solving the problem of to many bad show host on both stations... Patrick

WMjF-CD has changed the Hero’s & Icons virtual channel number from 39.6 to 33.1. After I rescanned and saw a ch. 33.1, I thought I was getting WITF in Hershey, PA. I’m sure this is a mistake on their part given their constant technical problems.

Okay, we get that you've taken a couple of steams with Veneloutis, but so what? www.baltimoresun.com... Yeah, I asked Jeff Bezos to sell me Amazon and I'm still waiting to hear from him. Zuckerburg is just the same. The Sun has a monopoly because of the properties Veneloutis sold to Tribune. Gus not passing Go in Monopoly

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