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DCRTV Mailbag - February 1, 2021 to February 28, 2021

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Hi DCRTV- Don't quote me on this but I think you have misidentified the gentleman who died named "Mike Maus." There was a Mike Maus who had worked at NBC Radio. But he is not the same Mike MOSS who also worked at WTOP and who - to the best of my knowledge - has not died. So you'll want to clear that up. Best- Louise

Although I was not involved, I heard that WAQE FM transmitter and studios were moved from downtown Towson to Hart Road at a later date. I believe that is when the block building and taller FM tower were built. Around that time the AM 1570 directional antenna was built using an RCA BTA-5F transmitter. I heard that this DA did not work well and it was later changed back to a non-da. I also heard that the original FM Tall (?) tower broke or fell down or something. Fred

I remember WTOW 1570 Towson on a short stick with a Raytheon transmitter in a shack on Hart Road. I helped to put WTOW-FM 101.9 on the air using a six bay horizontally polarized antenna on a monopole behind the studios across from the old Towson court house. We used a GE Transmitter with an ITA Stereo Generator. Every PA System and every telephone in the court house picked up the station loud and clear. Must have been about 1962 because I had already helped to complete the original FCC tests of FM Stereo at WASH and installed stereo there. For a while WTOW- FM duplicated WTOW AM while it was on air during day. In evening the FM played broad way shows one hour, then semi-classical for an hour, then marches or something for an hour, etc. The Monday evening shows were all tape recorded the played back at different hours the following days. Owners (memory?) also owned a station in Chambersburg, Pa. Later, I guess when it was sold, Call was changed to WAQE "The Wide Awake Station" and played a pop format. Fred, now retired to Pa.

Just heard on FB former WTOP and NBC radio anchor Mike Maus died yesterday.

From History cards, which take forever to load, that is, when they even do, AM 1570 was originally filed for in 1954 as WAQE, a proposed AM/FM combo. By the time AM 1570 went on the air, it was WTOW though as was the FM later. AM 1570 had a two tower directional signal and 1000 watts, later upgraded to 5000 watts day. The FM was later side mounted on one of WTOW 1570’s two towers until 1971, when AM1570 switched non-directional from the 1 tower at 1550 Hart Road. I assume this coincides with the two stations having different owners at that point. The height change in the FM 101.9 tower appears to have happened around 1963 to 952 feet HAAT. At that point, only the FM on the candelabra tower, 97.9, which was originally WMAR FM, would have been taller. 106.5 FM didn’t move to Television Hill until 1969. So WLIF had a tall enough tower to penetrate nearly any office, which certainly helped the success of the beautiful music format. About the land, Nestor only owns 1550 Hart Road, the smaller house, but still a very good size piece of land possibly large enough for a half dozen houses on it depending on zoning. It is in a Nimby zone, but I’m sure they’d love to see that old tower and rusting satellite dish at least disappear. Once AM 1580 upgraded to 10kw in the late 60s, then 50kw in the late 70s, AM 1570 was basically shoehorned in at 5000 watts there, with a poor signal to the south of Baltimore. I’ve always wondered if the WQLL night time site at Painters Mill would work for AM 1570, since it’s not even used during the daytime. Keep in mind this is at 20kw too. radio-locator.com

For years I’ve spent way to much time collecting the history of WJMA Radio in Orange, VA. Part of that effort is to compile a list of those who worked at WJMA. There are two people I’m looking for who seem to have taken jobs in DC and then I’ve lost track of them. One is Joseph (Joe) Quinn who shows up in Broadcasting Yearbook in 1954 and 1955 at WOOK where another former WJMA employee Arthur Snowberger worked. Also, Joseph (Joe and/or Lee) Tully who left WJMA for WRC. I’m told he later moved to NBC TV and was a producer/Director for meet the press. I’m looking for people who may still be around who worked at WOOK or WRC in the mid 1950s who might be able to help my search. You can contact me through webmaster links on the WJMA.radiohistory.net site.

/\ February 28 /\

\/ February 27 \/

If only property ownership and assessment data were available online from the state of Maryland - oh wait, they ARE! And so we can easily learn that in fact, Nasty 1570 Inc. does own the 4.39 acres at 1550 Hart Road in Towson, and that the land is appraised at $779,200 and the full property (including building) at $939k. And if only the FCC had its History Cards scanned and put online so that we could learn who owned 101.9 when that tall tower was built - oh wait, they DID! fcc.gov - and so we can learn that the tall tower went up just after the stations were sold to Woody Sudbrink, who was a group owner in 1970. And if only there were obituaries of recent deaths online - and, oh, wait, there ARE! And so we learn that Sudbrink believed in FM radio's growth potential in that era and invested heavily in it: www.legacy.com . Oh, and the FCC does its data processing and engineering reviews in-house, does NOT farm any of it out, and those of us who actually work with the Audio Division on a regular basis know that the staff is working hard from home, and processing applications almost as quickly as they did when they were in the office. I'm getting translator modification applications approved in a couple of weeks when I need them, and getting questions answered by email the same day.

"most ... are all" That's not how ANYTHING works son. According to the Economic Policy Institute, about 27%. So, no. You're better than this (it's just something you say). Proof? www.epi.org... Gus saw this coming

RE: 101.9 FM/1570 AM. Baltimore’s AM 1570 and FM 101.9 were an AM/FM combo licensed to Towson, MD, at one point Maryland’s 2nd or 3rd largest city before there was a Bethesda or Silver Spring boom. There is no WIKI info as to who the original owners were, but somebody built a 952 ft tall radio tower on Providence Road at quite great expense and I for one would like to know who spent that much money on FM radio at a time when it was not particularly profitable. The WLIF tower would make a great tower for WMJF 39, if they could afford it. AM 1570 started out as WAQE, but soon became WTOW and i think 101.9 was at one time WTOW too, but that changed in 1970 with the WLIF calls that have never changed since started by Sudbrink Broadcasting, whoever the hell they were. Back in the late 70s/80s, every barber or beauty shop had on The beautiful sound of LIFE FM. I HATED the station as a child, reminded me of the dentist, the barber, hospital waiting rooms, that moment you had to put your dog down waiting in the waiting room! To me it was HORROR FM! When you heard “The relaxing sounds of LIFE on 102 FM", nothing good was about to happen to you as child.

I would go so far as to say that the FCC likely contracts out a lot of technical analysis of things and such to non-union companies, but the rank and file data entry people and people in the building, most day to day workers, now working from home, are all UNION Federal employees just like all the rest. I know because I know them! Come up with some proof to show otherwise. God knows they gloat about their government perks to me all the time even calling it “CLUB FED.” LOL

"And finally, all rank and file workers of the Federal Government are union employees, including the FCC." That's not actually even half true but I'm sure someone will correct me. And the FCC is still not a union. Gus sorry for starting a fight in the middle of your black panther party

The FCC is still "working from home" their building has been CLOSED for one year now (Locked down). Everyone still draws a full paycheck and benefits! It must be great to work for the government. DC takes care of their own.

WNUV CW 54’s RESCAN date has now slipped from March 9 to March 23 at 10AM according to their website. This is presumably due to the FCC not approving anything as of yet. No change to WJLA’s WIAV 58 Rescan date as of yet, but it’s also still not approved. — BaltoMedia.net

WNUV CW 54’s NextGen application is getting a more extensive review because the current WNUV channels will be spread over 4 TV stations after March 9, WMPT, WMPB, WMAR, & WBAL. You will have to turn your antenna in a different direction for The CW than for instance say, Antenna TV or Comet. This is not the way it was originally intended by the FCC, but Baltimore has so few TV stations for the market size that it is really the only way possible. And finally, all rank and file workers of the Federal Government are union employees, including the FCC. The Federal Government has a pay grade system, but the union fights for workers rights to not be fired or laid off and for pay grade increases. I thought everyone knew that. This is why they used to joke that you couldn’t get fired from the Feds unless you got caught with a dead girl or a live boy. And today, the live boy doesn’t guarantee you’ll be fired unless convicted and in jail! I’m surprised that the union hasn’t fought for the right to work from jail yet even while your case is under appeal.

On the admittedly-rare occasions that WBAL-11 (RF12) runs news or sports reports concerning ESPN, I do not recall ever hearing WBAL mention in the script that its parent company Hearst holds about a 20 percent ownership interest in ESPN. The other 80 percent of course belongs to Disney. Hearst and the then independent ABC shared ownership of Lifetime, A and E, ESPN and others. NBC was also a part owner of at least A and E. The partnerships became visible in the early days of cable TV programming networks as a way for media companies to share the risk... The ESPN ABC NFL story aired on WBAL-11 news late Friday night with no disclosure of the Hearst share of ESPN. I recall hearing similar stories on sister station WGAL-8 (RF8) over the years with a disclosure mention of the Hearst role. On an unrelated subject, FCC rules that governed FM spacing may be one reason WLIF's Providence and Hart Roads transmitter site still has a tall tower. WLIF may be a pre-1964 grandfathered FM ; we know the allocation goes back to the 1940's or 1950's. There is a 101.9 in Pennsylvania south of Wilkes-Barre that might be short-spaced to WLIF. The Baltimore station has a great signal but I don't know if it could be moved south or west. See the various gyrations of 100.7 WGRX/WZBA since the 1980's to see what can happen when you try to move a short-spaced pre-1964 allocation closer to a larger population.

/\ February 27 /\

\/ February 26 \/

“Dumb**s Snitch”: Washington Post Reporter Attacked For Undermining The Nomination Of Neera Tanden – JONATHAN TURLEY jonathanturley.org

"Remember the FCC is a union too you know?" I'd like to hear some more about that. Gus waiting patiently

RE: WMJF 39. The master control as far as I can tell for WMJF is somewhere in Florida. I have never once gotten them to answer any email about the TV station. So good luck on finding out any definitive information there. This why I have called it a zombie TV station. If WJZ 13 has to use WMJF to start NextGen TV for CBS in Baltimore, God help them. Boy did the CBS suits screw up here again, but it’s only lowly Baltimore, so what do they care? That’s one difference between Hearst and CBS. Hearst got Sandra Shaw on the Regis show up in NYC on national TV and that was HUGE news in Baltimore and a coup for WBAL TV. The CBS suits would not EVER THINK of using a WJZ employee for any national CBS news broadcast even for weather. Isn’t WJZ the only CBS O&O with a weather department not run by meteorologists? Don’t get me wrong, I love Bob Turk, but seriously, does that even ever happen anymore? — BaltoMedia.net

Podcast vs. Broadcast: That made me think. NextGen TV is IP based broadcasting and there might be Podcast links available in broadcasts to immediately pull up on your computer or phone. So, yeah, I know a lot of old folks post here on DCRTV, but I think few of you have a clue how FAST things are changing. ATSC 3.0 is going to be in 60+ markets soon. And it can penetrate WITHOUT ATSC 3.0 chips in cell phones. They already have a workaround for that and also the antenna/wiring the whole house thing. it’s called IP routers. Nearly every TV now is internet capable if connected to a router and most homes have routers. I’m sure this ATSC 3.0 workaround infuriates COMCAST. So yeah, the very first NextGen TV tuner doesn’t even connect to a TV. It connects to your internet router. This is no different than a Podcast. Time to rethink it all people. They are also studying radio on TV via ATSC 3.0, as in you’ll hear and SEE the Morning Show in your car at the same time. I’ve read that ATSC 3.0 technically supports maybe more than a dozen signals. Only 1 might be 4K and initially only for certain events, some 1080p, a few 720p, most subchannels 480p (possibly transitioning to 720i or p), and who knows what else? The economy of bandwidth is quite amazing. I wish the Smith family wasn’t so political honestly because Julian Smith (founder of WBFF TV) was at his core, a broadcast engineer and pioneer and from that comes TV technology that we’re all going to be using soon. He forced all his sons to be engineers and for that reason Sinclair Broadcasting’s hands are all over ATSC 3.0. It’s a shame he didn’t force better morals on them.

ESPN has tabbed Mike Greenberg as the new NFL DRAFT SHOW host, for the first 2 days. He is the best remaining talent they have. Someone please put "Screaming" A. Smith to sleep.

This is not about a local station but legendary WCBSFM New York is putting 60s and 70s on its HD3 station Scott Shannons True Oldies. Channel makes me keep wondering why we cant have something like that here big enough market. I emailed them to suggest that.So much wasted HD radio frequencies 3 HD subs 95.5 Magic 102.3 and 104.1 all air simulcast of WOL 1450 ! Do you need that many? seems that,s what HD subs are becoming a large amount of simulcasting for AM stations Nothing now on the 93.9 or 102.3 HD2 subs either they were simulcasting 980 WTEM for awhile There,s no longer anything on WBIG 100.3 HD 2 they were running Vietnamese programming for years haven,t heard it in over a month would love to see a deep track rock format or 80s 90s alternative on HD radio here as well They have them both in a few other cities.

RE: "The TMOShit is a podcast. Internet-based. Thats not broadcasting"... First, it is "That's". Second, I am so sorry you were forced to switch from AM to FM a few years back as you screamed "Get off my Lawn". Now, it's "that darn internet". Maybe Dave should change it to DCPRTV to appease you? Or, add a podcast section to the website? Let's talk about the local people now based on "The Internet" or doing both "On Air and Pods": Tony Kornheiser, Al Galdi, Kevin Sheehan, Mike O'Mera, Oscar Santana, Chad Dukes, Czabe, Mike Causey, Andy Ockershausen, John Keim, Chris Plante, Andy Pollin, etc. That is a lot of "On Air" experience and talent. Obviously this internet thing is staying around for a while. Regarding TV, how many people get that through this crazy new internet technology? Just saying. OOBBEE

Does anyone know if Nestor owns the transmitter site off Providence Road for WNST AM 1570? If he does, that might explain the $1.5 million asking price as that land is very valuable. I’m surprised the adjacent WLIF site is still there honestly. That’s a ritzy Towson address just outside the Beltway and congestion, way out of his league. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend once lived out there.

Just like the schools, the FCC is largely closed or operating from home. Remember the FCC is a union too you know? So these NextGen TV switch dates are tentative as nothing in DC or Baltimore has been approved yet and the FCC is doing nothing very fast. Buffalo and Syracuse are also switching it on very soon too, but also not approved by the FCC yet.

/\ February 26 /\

\/ February 25 \/

For more than a week or so, WMJF 39.1 (RF23) has been transmitting in what is labeled as 1080i high definition on channel 39.1 only. The content is still the Grit channel owned by Scripps. Some of the program material appears to be from HD sources, but most of it seems to be standard definition movies and old TV shows, mainly Westerns. Grit suddenly reappeared on WMJF 39.1 a month or two ago after several months of 39.1 running MeTV while the channel labeling remained "Grit". The other WMJF channels 39.2 through 39.5 remain in SD 480i as does the apparently-mislabeled "33.1" WMJF that carries the same Heroes and Icons content once seen on the now-missing 39.6.

Each day in recent weeks, we have seen announcements on WNUV-54.1 about the coming start of ATSC 3.0 broadcasting and the need for current viewers to either buy new equipment for 3.0 or rescan current receivers to see the 1.0 signal of WNUV in March. However, today's announcement gave the transition/rescan date as March 23. Previous announcements gave a much earlier date in March. Why?

The TMOShit is a podcast. Internet-based. Thats not broadcasting IMO. DCTRV is for broadcasting chatter and news. If you wanna lube up that show, take it to facebook. JA

TO: Mike in Kensington, No, it’s not official, at least not in the eyes of the FCC. WJLA has not even applied for a NextGen license yet and WIAV hasn’t even been approved either yet, unless Sinclair knows something the FCC records are not yet showing. I assume it will go through, but by March 2? Since when does the FCC jump and act quickly for anybody? WJLA hasn’t even submitted a filing yet and that is less than a WEEK AWAY!

Saying Blake McCoy is better suited to “fluff” pieces as opposed to being an anchor. Wow, that’s not bigoted at all! HAHA!

RE "The new January Ratings are out today. The sports/talk stations have very low ratings......WJFK ranks #17 with 1.5 share WTEM ranks #22 with 0.7 "....Any idea what they were before the changes? Might be too soon to look. Also, with sports the money demo is way more important than over all. Any idea how they are doing with that?

It's official: WJLA/WIAV aired a promo, today saying that ATSC 3.0 transmission will begin on WIAV (RF 30) on March 2, and that a rescan will be required in order to continue receiving that station's programming. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington

NEWS! Local radio ratings for the month of January. Full-day, age 6+. Washington: 1) WAMU, 2) WTOP, 3) WHUR, 4) WASH, 5) WMAL, 6) WETA-FM, 7) WWDC, 8) WMMJ, 9) WIAD, 10) WBIG, 11) WGTS, 12) WIHT, 13) WPGC, 14) WMZQ, 15) WKYS and WPRS, 17) WJFK-FM, 18) WLZL, 19) WPFW, 20) WDCN, 21) WDCH and WTEM. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WERQ and WIYY, 4) WPOC, 5) WLIF, 6) WQSR, 7) WYPR, 8) WBAL-AM, 9) WJZ-FM, 10) WCBM and WZBA, 12) WZFT, 13) WWMX, 14) WBJC, 15) WCAO and WEAA.....

NEWS! From washingtonblade.com: D.C.’s FOX 5 News anchor Blake McCoy, who’s gay, has been suspended from his job following a flurry of complaints over a comment he posted on Twitter on Feb. 23 saying he is “annoyed” that obese people of all ages are on the priority list for obtaining the COVID vaccine. “He has been suspended pending further review,” Erica Keane, a spokesperson for D.C. TV station WTTG, of which FOX 5 News is a part, told the Washington Blade on Wednesday. Keane said the suspension was related to McCoy’s Twitter post about obese people and the COVID vaccine. But she said the station would have no further comment at this time. “I’m annoyed obese people of all ages get priority vaccine access before all essential workers,” McCoy stated in his post at 1:52 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 23. “When most stayed home, we went into work everyday last March, April, May and everyday since putting ourselves & loved ones at risk,” he stated in his post. “Vaccinate all essential workers. Then obese.” McCoy posted an apology about three hours later after his initial comment came under fire in many Twitter postings by others, some of whom called on him to resign or be fired. Some of the posters said they called Fox 5 News to complain about McCoy’s post. “Earlier today I Tweeted something insensitive and offensive,” McCoy posted. “I truly regret my words and want to apologize. I have deleted my tweet and ask that you accept my sincere apology.” Several people responded in Twitter posts by saying they did not think McCoy’s apology was sincere. They pointed to an earlier message McCoy posted prior to his apology giving a different reason for deleting his post about obese people. He gave the differing reason in response to a post by someone identifying as a supporter of McCoy. “I am a huge fan of yours, Blake, but Tweets like this only serve to divide people. I know that is not your intention,” the person said. “You’re right,” McCoy posted in response. “I deleted because, frankly, who has the time to argue with strangers on the internet.” The WTTG website says McCoy has served as co-anchor on FOX 5 News’ weekday news shows at 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 8:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m. McCoy could not immediately be reached for comment.

Looks like we may not be seeing Blake McCoy on Ch 5 anytime soon. He's been suspended because he Tweeted his annoyance that obese people are ahead of essential workers, like him, in the line for vaccines - www.washingtonblade.com. Lots of vitriol about this on social media. I'm not sure if he deserves to be fired. I watch Ch 5 occasionally and never understood how he got to be an evening anchor. Although he's photogenic, he doesn't exude anywhere near the level of gravitas one would expect of an evening anchor. In my opinion, he always seemed like a better suited for fluffier fare like an entertainment or chat show.

Dear Dave, I KNOW Mike has moved to FLA. But, he was on local radio for 25 or so years with a highly rated show. Oscar was on JFK for 3-4 years and his decade long BOAD podcast was very well known in the DC area. BOAD sold out many shows at Jammin Java. Bob… well Bob had a free show at a beach station and one in Iowa too as well as hosting multiple middle school talent shows and doing the PA for Tuscarora HS football. In addition, TMOS might be a national if not international podcast but so many hard core listeners are based in DC or have DC roots or remember D&M from the simulcasting days. For these reasons, I believe TMOS is STILL part of the DCRTV universe. Please, please let us be able to post here about TMOS. It brings so much joy to so many..LOL. The dichotomy, hypocrisy, idiocy of the daily show and the fraudulent way they treat the P1 Sheep who blindly follow them in their fan club and to places like Lost Wages is so ripe for observation. I know these observations are usually disparaging in nature but they do often display wit and humor in describing the latest happenings on the show. Many of us need TMOS talk a lot more than transmitter or antenna location/license info or morning TV news host changes. We have agreed to not include wife and children comments so we are doing our part. We can limit or have you limit the number of e mails that get posted. To us it is a way to voice our feelings comically on a show many still listen to even if it is not admitted to publically.

Al Galdi addresses his departure from WTEM in this morning's podcast. Nothing dramatic revealed. His new podcast is #13 on Apple's US Sports category!

The new January Ratings are out today. The sports/talk stations have very low ratings......WJFK ranks #17 with 1.5 share WTEM ranks #22 with 0.7 share and WSBN ranks #41 with 0.0 share. Since Cumulus moved the WSBN tower site to Gaithersburg, they have lost almost all their audience. They have no signal at night in Northern Virginia.

Sinclair appears to be in a battle with the Word of God Fellowship and its Baltimore Daystar TV station on RF channel 24. Sinclair wants channel 24 for Baltimore to test Mobile ATSC 3.0 cell phones in Hunt Valley and test TV reception on them. Sinclair claims that testing via WNUV 54 will not work as the point of the test is weak signal testing of live TV on cell phones. Sinclair then states its intention to use the Hunt Valley antenna atop their HQ as part of Baltimore’s SFN network for NextGen TV. Now, the Daystar channel filed for channel 24 first, but I’m not sure that’s going to determine who gets it. Although WWDD 49 has no LPTV protections really for the channel except that the FCC has previously authorized them to use channel 24. It doesn’t seem as if both applications can be approved so somebody is going to lose on Baltimore’s last UHF TV channel available. fcc.gov

OK, so what does "sharing" mean in the context of NextGen TV? -Chainsman

Let's Fire-Up The Way-Back Machine From 2011:: DCRTV: The Rumor Blogger Local Broadcasters Love to Hate (And Hate to Love) www.washingtonian.com

Imus and his crew claimed today that they'd never missed a show. Sorry, buddays, but posting a "Best-of" counts as missing a show. Trying to memory-hole the time the head honcho was too hungover to make it to his living room maybe. But they do have a new motto: "So much tech, so little information". Gus between starting his next last job at the beginning of last week

/\ February 25 /\

\/ February 24 \/

"OOBEE... Nope. Wrong again." I'm not quite sure what you ladies are arguing about but Mr. Russell first left WTEM in July 2015. www.allaccess.com... He'll be leaving it again soon enough. Gus thinking you two should get a room

o'meara. what, no vision insurance? #grandpascokebottleglassesbadforyoutube #supportdcrtv

Sports Talk Radio Recommendation - In addition to WFAN (NY) and WIP (Philly), WSCR 670 (The Score) Chicago is another great sports talk listen.

NextGen TV is scheduled to start in DC before Baltimore (March 2 vs. March 9), but so far no DC sharing applications have been filed nor are any of the TV stations even revealed, which is kind of puzzling.

I was wrong on Rooster…Leave it to his bio..LOL OOBBEE

OOBEE... Nope. Wrong again. dc.sbnation.com. Agree that Chad is very missed though I like the other shows. He had a lot of unrealized potential and could never recapture the magic of Big O and Dukes on WJFK. That was an incredible show for the short time it was on. Once it went podcast and became more about Chad and his friends/listeners it wasn't the same. And don't even get me started on his Alt Right persona which was mostly cribbed from Anthony Cumia and Adam Carolla.

Listening to KKFN "104 3 the Fan" in Denver yesterday and co-host Tyler Palumbus, former Redskin and Bronco, took a question about when will the Redskins change their name. He said probably not until 2022 and even then the name "Washington Football Team" is gaming traction as a legitimate name and may be the name going forward. Formerly Mike in Maryland City

Can someone please post the specific AM TV News ratings for DC. Either for the month or week? DMDMULTIMEDIA

/\ February 24 /\

\/ February 23 \/

Cheap ass Scripps has now moved the WMAR-TV Master Control from 6400 York Road to Indianapolis, IN. I guess they need to start laying off people in a pandemic to afford buying ION Media. Wonderful. :-(

I hear that Imus went all preachy today. Sounds like he doesn't want people to listen to his show. Oh, and he wrote down a little prayer. Moment of silence on a podcast. I lahk to swan! Gus in the Gaithersburg where people don't go to murder their careers on a near daily basis

Saw that Al Galdi announced a podcast. Listened to the first two and it is a lot better than 99% of what's on local sportsradio. Galdi isn't your guy if you are looking for "guy talk" or weird lingo like "cised". He is your guy if you are looking for smart analytical sportstalk . He has said he will, at some point, give the inside scoop on why he was let go from 980 and the other stuff going on there. That ought to be good too.....

NEWS! Ted Patterson, best known for his work at WBAL has died. www.baltimoresun.com: Ted Patterson, a retired television and radio sports reporter and talk show host for 45 years and an author of baseball and football histories, died of Parkinson’s disease and associated dementia Thursday at Springwell Senior Living in Mount Washington. He lived in the Anneslie section of Baltimore County and was 76. Mr. Patterson arrived in Baltimore in 1973 and started at WBAL Radio. His son, Michael Theodore Patterson, said he learned of the job opening from former Orioles play-by-play man Ernie Harwell. Mr. Patterson was the host on WBAL of what was described as Baltimore’s first regularly scheduled sports talk show. He moved to WMAR-TV in 1980 and broadcast sports on the evening news. He announced 16 Orioles games per year on the Super TV channel in 1982 and 1983 alongside color analyst Rex Barney.....

Who will replace Rush Limbaugh? How about Sean Hannity?

How will small markets like Salisbury transition to NextGen TV? Here’s one idea. WCPB 28 could host WMDT 47abc’s lighthouse ATSC 1.0 signal as you can see here: rabbitears.info... WCPB covers about 90% or more of WMDT’s signal within the market as Dover is not within the market. I’m not sure WBOC TV could do the same thing as their signal is much larger than WCPB’s ( rabbitears.info ), but they have other options with owning all the WRDE satellite LPTVs. I do not see WBOC and WMDT cooperating at all though. i know Maryland Public TV is committed to ATSC 3.0 as they’ve already made a deal in Baltimore. Harrisburg, PA has a very different problem. Many of their TV stations have antennas and signals very different than the other stations in locations not so close to each other. The PBS station, WITF for instance could not duplicate any of the commercial station’s lighthouse signals and there are no duopolies either. However the market does have a Sinclair and Nexstar station both in Harrisburg that could duplicate each other’s signals and both companies have a cooperative NextGen Agreement in place. The dilemma there is that WGAL 8 has a signal that could duplicate any other station’s signal, but no other station in the market has a signal that could duplicate WGAL’s signal, hence the problem. I think we will see NextGen TV via LPTVs in PA as a result and who knows, maybe a similar thing happening initially in Salisbury too. This is how PBS stations have a lot of power in some circumstances in the ATSC 3.0 transition. WETA’s 1000kw signal in DC also will be highly desirable.

/\ February 23 /\

\/ February 22 \/

Bezos will not be buying the Redskins until the compass needle points to seventy two degrees. Not sure I'd trust a captain of industry who didn't philander. I'd always be wondering "what's his game?". Bill Gates took the hardest math course at Harvard and now says math is raciss. What's his game? In other news, CPAC has withdrawn an invitation to an idiot they suddenly found out was an idiot. Gus not referring to Trump

Hi, Topper Shutt isn’t leaving. Maybe that’s what you guys got from the first part of his instagram message, but if you watch it more closely, he’s parting ways with certain weather models and making his own weather models from what I can gather. I admit, it scared me too. But then he said we’ve been together since the late 90’s, I kind of knew it was something else. I know for a fact he’s been at channel 9 since the late 80’s.. I definitely knew it was a joke when he seemed to jokingly ask the euro model if it needed a tissue, I knew it was a joke. I’m very glad he’s not leaving, he’s the person who first really got me interested in weather.

I was wrong about Danny. It seems he studied under the tutelage of CK at the prestigious Connecticut School of Broadcasting according to a 2011 Dan Steinburg post write up and was doing a Reskins post game with LaVar at the time. I just remember him opening for BOAD live around 2015 before hearing him on the radio. I am not wrong about Rooster. He started at TEM and then came to JFK. It say so in his bio. It made such an impact people did not remember him from TEM. He was never the Rooster until Chad named him. I do miss the old JFK. It is just a sports station now. I was one of the first to sign up for Chad's podcast. I also listen to Tony every day he is on. TMOS free and paid is on my phone too. I can't be the only one missing what used to be the best of both stations except the Junks and Kevin now. The Junks 25th year podcast is an interesting idea. Don't ya think? And, I think Kevin's podcast is really better than his TEM show. Ditto Czabe, when he does it. LOL OOBBEE

Sports talk radio might be interesting to listen to over the next couple of days, especially since word is that affable, philandering Jeff Bezos might end up buying the Redskins... or what was once the Redskins. Which begs pondering what he would name the team. Let's see ..... 'The Amazons' are out. Too crass even for Bezos. Hmmmm. The 'Union Busters?" Nah, the NFL would never allow that one. How about the 'Savages.' Now there's a foreboding name for a team engaged in a violent sport. I can hear the PBP now..... "And the Savages take the field....." Nah. Some PC bozo would complain about it. JA

From www.washingtonpost.com: Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried said Monday that she will direct her department not to lower its flags in honor of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who died of complications from lung cancer last week. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said last week that he would order the state’s flags to be flown at half-staff on the day of Limbaugh’s funeral, which has yet to be announced. “I will not lower the flags at my Department’s state offices for Rush Limbaugh,” Fried said Monday in a tweet. “Lowering our flag should reflect unity, not division — and raising our standards, not lowering them.” At a news conference Friday, DeSantis hailed Limbaugh, who was a Florida resident, as a friend, a “great person” and “an absolute legend.” But Fried, a Democrat, pointed Monday to Limbaugh’s long history of sexist and bigoted statements and said that her department “will not celebrate hate speech, bigotry, and division,” according to Tampa-based WFLA. “Lowering to half-staff the flag of the United States of America is a sacred honor that pays respect to fallen heroes and patriots,” she said. “It is not a partisan political tool.” Fried, a former public defender and marijuana lobbyist, narrowly beat Republican Matt Caldwell to win election as state agriculture commissioner in 2018. She is viewed as a rising star in the Democratic Party and a potential gubernatorial candidate in 2022.

RE: WFBR 1590… Apparently they’re digging up the ground system. I would think that would be time consuming, so how is it that they’ve not managed to catch or stop any of these people after all these years?

Rush Limbaugh's influence will stick with Republican Party as it reimagines itself post-Trump, says author | CBC Radio The shock jock radio host, whose irreverent, controversial, sometimes offensive approach was loved by fans and derided by critics, was a vocal advocate for conservatism. Limbaugh died Wednesday at age 70... www.cbc.ca

"it's a sports station" And like Christian rock stations, sports stations intrinsically suck ass. Just one mother's basement dweller's opinion of course. "It's more entertaining than a lot of other sports stations around the country." Aren't you setting a low bar there? This observer predicts that after Chris Kinard finishes carrying out his corporate orders to drive WJFK into the ground (obviously not in those exact words) he will fail up to another large market, perhaps Philadelphia. In my Bob Ross world Drab would get a promotion and all the blame. I think we can all agree that the Sports Junkies (the original, better name) had a good long run but the door will hit them on the way out just like anyone else. Gus always on call for Daniel Snyder's [deleted] or other special events

Iconic & legendary voice-over talent Dude Walker dropped by that DC based Podcast. #TMOSF.U.B.A.R

Funny about the copper theives apparently making it tough for WFBR-AM to say on the air. When the place was WJRO, the surrounding area was getting built-out as an industrial park. Across the street is, you guessed it, a metals recycling place. Wonder how convenient that may have been? Their towers are about the most spindly for their height that I have ever seen. Not much metal there, copper or otherwise.

OOBEE I don't think you're right on your WJFK history. I remember reading something in the Washington Post or somewhere where Danny credits the Junkies with opening the door for him at the Fan, and I definitely remember listening to him and Bill Roland on at night soon after the beginning of the Fan. And Chris Russell was the Redskins beat reporter for WJFK before he ever went to WTEM. It sucks what happened to Dukes (and the part he played in it), but it's a sports station, not the Don and Mike station anymore. It's more entertaining than a lot of other sports stations around the country. JP Finley and BMitch do a really good show. Chad has what he always wanted now... he has his own show and can do whatever he wants. Is his show any good? Guess we'll see long term but so far results are pretty mixed.

/\ February 22 /\

\/ February 21 \/

CBS corporate clearly has no understanding of the Baltimore TV market. Baltimore has such few TV stations that WJZ 13 is really fucked now! And the CBS suits probably don’t even know what they’ve done, or in this case not done. Every Baltimore TV station is locked into WNUV TV for Next Gen TV for 4 years now! WJZ has no available options to transition to Next Gen TV. CBS must think Baltimore is just like their other mid-sized O&O markets like Pittsburgh. So wrong. Pittsburgh has twice as many TV stations as Baltimore. KDKA 2 will have other options down the road. Not so in Baltimore. WJZ 13 basically has only WMJF to share with to transition to Next Gen TV and that is a zombie TV station with no interest in ATSC 3.0. I don’t even think they run or sell commercials! This is what happens when you let all the decisions happen in New York with no local input. Or are they really that scared of people seeing Marty Bass in 4K resolution?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch website (richmond.com) has an interesting headline Sunday, February 21, 2021. The headline reads "Urban One teams with Colonial Downs owner on $517 million casino resort in Richmond". Apparently the media company is trying to build a casino on property owned by Philip Morris USA

@OOBBEE: I think it was Mark Twain or was it Mark Trail or was it Mark Kostabi who said the older he got the smarter his father became. You have ably sketched out the Applebeesization of WJFK. I listen to Sid and Bernie in the morning but occasionally dip into the Junkies on TV. Corporate clearly wants to eradicate any trace of personality and have drinks dispensed by machine and not a milliliter more. As you hint, the various "(real name ....)" guys are just idiots, tards if you will, who would have to work for eons to achieve the status of scum. One thing they have in common is not getting past the call screener. Gus on the same page

I don’t know when this street map was taken, but Google Street Maps can sometimes alert you to something. In Baltimore for instance, they accidentally photographed a murder victim lying in the middle of the street and didn’t even realize they’d taken pics of the intersection. It stayed up for almost 2 weeks! But back to my point. I noticed [a for sale sign] at the entrance to the WWRC AM570/ WSBN AM 630 tower site. Is that tower site for sale now too? It’s 58 acres, sounds like a lot of McMansions to me. I sure hope Salem is buying the land for both their sakes.

Someone suggested that WPXW and WWPX use sharing to give DC NextGen TV after WDVM’s transmitter site moving is approved by the FCC. I want to be the first to say how dangerous this will be. If Scripps does this, it would be a very dangerous precedent. For instance, if they approve WWPX as a lighthouse signal for WDVM, a lot of the Hagerstown area will lose all local news as WWPX downgraded its signal to move it closer to DC. The contours might look similar, but on VHF 13, WWPX will not serve Hagerstown well from that location. Of course its COL is Martinsburg, so it doesn’t have to, but as a lighthouse signal carrying WDVM, it will not work out so well, only for Washington, DC. The fear I have is that the contours look like it will work and the FCC might approve such a thing, but in reality, it will not work as ATSC 1.0 on VHF simply does not travel that well indoors that far.

It’s hard to listen to JFK/TEM after the Junkies and not give some credit to Chad. (Except the one person here obsessed with his real name, his firing, etc. You know, the loser who feels a deep slight somewhere along the line by Chad.) If I have my history right, it was Chad who more or less introduced Danny and exposed him to the BOAD audience which eventually led to him getting a radio gig. I went to multiple live shows Danny opened for them before Chad gave him some airtime. Then, there is Chriss Russel. Guess who named him the Rooster and made him that persona on the radio? I don’t remember him much from the old TEM. Also, every time anyone calls Mullins’ LandPhil, I think of Chad and how he gave that name and later made him a personality on his show. There were others. Luke Thomas and Mike Florio were Chad's guests way before making it bigger. The Junks have a few like Pete on Sports and Awad. But, after their show, both stations are so lacking in personality no matter how each show has tried the last month. It is almost uncomfortable listening. Listening to Awad this morning was like a an old blanket. He cares and tries. I like Czabe but keep Awad. I never thought I would say that or that Gus is making more sense all the time. OOBBEE

If I was a DC-region news director and could craft my dream anchor teams, here’s what I’d schedule: > ?Weekday Mornings (4-6 a.m.)... > > Maureen Umeh... > Wisdom Martin... Mike Thomas... Weekday Mornings (6-7 a.m.)... > Steve Chenevey... Allison Seymour... > Tucker Barnes... > Erin Como... > > Weekday Midday (11 a.m. or Noon)... > Eun Yang... Pat Lawson Muse... > Howard Bernstein... > > Weekdays (4 p.m.)... Annie Yu... Lorenzo Hall... > Steve Rudin... > > Weekdays (5 p.m.)... Erika Gonzalez... > Jim Handley... > Topper Shutt... > > Weekdays (6 p.m.)... > > Doreen Gentzler... Jummy Olabanji... > Doug Kammerer... > > Weekday (11 a.m.)... > > Jim Handley... > Doreen Gentxler... > Doug Kammerer... Topper Shutt... > > Saturday Mornings... Wendy Rieger... > Larry Miller... Blake McCoy... > Lauryn Ricketts... Sunday Mornings... Wendy Rieger... Adam Tusa... Drew Wilder... Lauryn Ricketts... > Saturday/Sunday Evening... > > Leon Harris... Lesli Foster... > Amelia Draper>... NT?...

/\ February 21 /\

\/ February 20 \/

Steve Czaben wasn't on the air AGAIN Saturday 2/20/21 on WJFK-FM (106.7 the Fan) - Has he given up his gig on WJFK or is he still on his promotion tour for his MILWAUKEE station?

"WKDV AM 1460 will likely be off the air for quite awhile as they’ve lost their transmitter site and appear to be starting from scratch on finding a replacement." So when is the equipment auction, and who is handling it?

AM RADIO NOTES: According to an FCC filing, WKDV AM 1460 will likely be off the air for quite awhile as they’ve lost their transmitter site and appear to be starting from scratch on finding a replacement. I think originally they were going to try to use just one tower on the same property, but apparently that is not possible anymore? Also, WQOF AM 1260 has an opportunity, but probably no cash or ability to take advantage of. WCHV AM 1260 in Charlottesville, VA is off the air at night and only 800 watts daytime now or soon, so DC’s AM 1260 could at the very least expand their night time signal into Virginia, which was always lacking. Of course AM 1260’s property itself seems to be under siege from development, but they do have a transmitter capable of 35,000 watts, only 5000 of that in use at night. I would think 10,000 watts at night would be somewhat easy with little cost. Obviously no new towers would be economically feasible, but upping the power might be possible without any interference to the south anymore. I wish the new Biden FCC would start looking at both AM & FM Digital radio in a serious way. Europe is far ahead of America once again. Also, when is the FCC going to yank the license of WFBR AM 1590, 1000 watts of stolen copper from 5 towers? They’ve been filing STAs for what now, 10 years or more about these copper thieves? Have they caught them yet or fixed the fence? Oh, that’s right, they don’t even have a fence surrounding the property! I mean this is turning into a running joke making fun of bad government. The FCC knows they’re not making any attempt to fix anything at the radio station and no one would notice if they went off the air. After all this time, they should at least be forced to provide a police report on the continuing copper theft, fix the problem, or be shut down! Enough is enough.

/\ February 20 /\

\/ February 19 \/

I loved BOAD and miss it a lot. I really liked Chad on JFK after LaVar too. I was glad to sign up for Chad’s new podcast. Thus far I have been a bit disappointed. This week for example, Monday and Tuesday were great typical shows from the OBX with Chad OBX stories. I guess Wednesday was a travel day filled with a “Gaming Special”. If gaming is your thing, maybe you liked it? Thursday, was a movie show with Goat. It was so-so at best. I fast forwarded to the hyped interview with Jay Chandrasekhar who was on BOAD in the past. He sounded like he was calling in on a can. It was not listenable. Tonight is the live, free show simulcast on Facebook, call the Hootenanny. Those three shows have been the best and closest to the typical Chad we are used to with a few friends helping. The thing is, these are free when most are paying more for the show than most podcasts. His pure sports interviews must be a bone to the JFK crowd who moved over but to me a BOAD, Rodkast, Jammin Java RodKast guy, its lacking an edge. Rodkast with all its iterations was consistently funnier. Tore (Sp??) is ok but I will take Sven, Othello, Dane, etc. as co-hosts. Thank God for Antman. At least he fits the character of the personalities of the older shows and The Hoard. If anything so far, Monday through Thursday should be free with Friday’s being a PPV like Rally. I’ll give it another six months or so.

"not that slob Gus from Gaithersburg" So sad that your otherwise eloquent post had to be deformed like a beggar girl who couldn't be helped by leg braces. Because of your hatred? I'd like to think not. I like to think that man is infinitely redeemable. Gus on the high road

I dont see a post about Bainum or Bezos being APOLITICAL. As a matter of fact, it reads, REGARDLESS of political ideology, they are both good businessmen. #factsmatter. Really, the only mention of Bezos is that he lives in DC area and might be interested in the WFT down the road. As far as cancel culture, are you referring to the right wing reactionary members (the RINO'S) of Louisiana, Wyoming and Utah who want to censure Sen Cassidy, House member Cheney and Sen Romney? All they did was speak their minds. You are correct, that is wicked cancel culture. Also, is Topper Shutt actually leaving? If that's the case, WUSA has only a handful of anchors and reporters left from the 90's I guess Phyliss Armstrong and Bruce Leshan are next. WUSA is trying to compete to damn much with FOX 5 in the am ratings. No real news at all, just entertainment, social media stories. and cooking with you know who. BTW, I just saw a new tease for the fox 5 morning crew and they were all featured, except the Como.

Steve "Czabe" Czaban has been in Mexico this week for his Milwaukee station's annual listener trip. It seems in recent years that he has been less likely to post podcasts when he is away from home. Wouldn't be surprised that his next podcast is not until this Tuesday. He seems to be enjoying only the Milwaukee shows these days more than ever, although he managed to lose his voice by the end of the week in Mexico.

I think the poster with a bee in its bonnet about the Baltimore Sun doesn't understand what a "non-profit" is. It's all about the Benjamins and those at the top are gonna get that sweet salty caviar and pallets of shrinkwrapped currency. Dividends, bitch! U.S. tax code, Yo! That said, the B-Sun can go screw, sink or swim, I don't care. "You can say the same thing in ten words." Amen, Brother and/or Sister! Gus in silent succinctity

WMPT filed a NextGen license today. CBS has made a public statement about NextGen TV. They said they’re not against it, but they’re not jumping in the first wagon. That might work for them in Denver, Pittsburgh or in NYC, but not in Baltimore. They have screwed up WJZ 13 as there will be NO 2nd wagon in Baltimore. Every other TV station will already be broadcasting in NextGen ATSC 3.0. Who is left for them to share with? The only reason that CBS is not gung ho on NextGen TV is because they’d rather sell you CBS streaming shows on Paramount+ or CBS All Access. Why would CBS give you 4K for free when they can sell it to you? I’m actually quite shocked that Comcast/NBC hasn’t tried this too, but they’ve been accused of more antitrust abuses, so they are running a little scared to go against the new technology, plus they own lots of TV stations that can also make money off of it. DC doesn’t have a CBS O&O, so it’s possible WUSA 9 will be in 4k long before WJZ 13 ever can test it. The biggest loser in NextGen TV is Charter Cable as they own no TV stations, and only make money on people paying for 4K and streaming. They put all their eggs in just one basket and know they are in possible jeopardy. But their lawsuit to stop it failed. — BaltoMedia

Al Galdi announced a new podcast today, beginning next week. I'm not a podcast guy, I'm a radio sportstalk guy. But I will listen to Galdi's because he is more intelligent than just about anyone on local sports radio right now. Plus, he covers the Nats and Caps and doesn't ignore them the way the "all Skins all of the time" guys do...... My how they have destroyed ESPN 980.

After 50 years in broadcasting, Buzz Burbank retired today. #TalentedClassAct

Wow. Just wow. Imus spent about half an hour slagging Limbaugh on Thursday. Strong the Bitch is with this one. The man who cannot cope always finds someone to blame. When Sid Santana drew parallels between Rush and Imus's marriage Imus dropped the hammer. What a sad old alcohol wracked wreck of a man. But apparently he stood up against racism, whatever that means. Maybe this is his monthly. Gus disappointed in Imus but not surprised

Interesting that Czabe has not posted a podcast since Feb 11. I wonder what’s up??? OOBBEE

Topper Shutt is leaving WUSA: facebook.com... OK, maybe I should have read the Facebook post first, Dave.

Did you notice that the postings on DCRTV are getting longer..... longer..... and longer! You can say the same thing in ten words.

I guess that guy didn’t much look into Stewart Bainum’s background. The guy who bought The Baltimore Sun is a former Maryland Democrat legislator turned millionaire, you know like those in the Swamp tend to be. So any thought of him running The Sun as an apolitical business just went out the window there. Do your research next time. All politics goes in waves, so when Republicans take both houses, CNN, Comcast/NBC, Twitter, and Facebook, and all these millionaires/billionaires buying newspapers to control the political agenda will rue the day they chose Cancel Culture, because government is going to cancel them in retaliation, or at least their lawsuit protections and crack down on their antitrust violations. Just wait.

Someone was asking about our ratings since Allison arrived. If you look at our ratings from year to year, they are down from last February. At 5am and 6am we dropped .02 of a ratings point from a .05 to a .03 I’d say we are under performing and our management is over valuing Tony and the hiring of Allison. Something has to give. We are told to keep promoting Tony but it’s not working.

Apolitical businessman Jeff Bezos? Have you even been following the news of the Big Tech Cancel Culture? Jeff Bezos famously said upon buying The Washington Post that he was hiring over 100 reporters to investigate and get rid of Donald Trump. Sure, that was apolitical. And the Baltimore Sun buyer is setting up a non-profit ownership so right from the beginning, they’ve resigned themselves to not making a profit, but just keep the newspaper solvent. Apolitical? The Sun is in trouble simply because it’s not apolitical and has not been for a very long time. Hiring all these woke kids out of college is the reason nobody wants to read The Sun anymore. It’s just mindless agenda driven narrative based psychobabble. The best solution to saving The Sun would have been one of the TV station companies buying it and cross promoting it on TV. That certainly won’t happen now. I predict The Sun will continue down the same failing road, just with less and less employees. If you buy out all your local competition and you’re still losing subscribers and money, that pretty much proves YOU are the one doing something wrong, not just changes in tastes. As such, clearly the lack of use of current streaming technology and media partners is a severe problem for most local newspapers. I question whether the Montgomery County businessman has solutions in his wheelhouse for this epic feat. But I wish him luck.

CBS has made a public statement about NextGen TV. They said they’re not against it, but they’re not jumping in the first wagon. That might work for them in Denver or in NYC, but not in Baltimore. They have screwed up WJZ 13 as there will be NO 2nd wagon in Baltimore. Every other TV station will already be broadcasting in NextGen ATSC 3.0. Who is left for them to share with? The only reason that CBS is not gung ho on NextGen TV is because they’d rather sell you CBS streaming shows on Paramount+ or CBS All Access. Why would CBS give you 4K for free when they can sell it to you? I’m actually quite shocked that Comcast/NBC hasn’t tried this too, but they’ve been accused of more antitrust abuses, so they are running a little scared to go against the new technology, plus they own lots of TV stations that can also make money off of it. DC doesn’t have a CBS O&O, so it’s possible WUSA 9 will be in 4k long before WJZ 13 ever can test it. The biggest loser in NextGen TV is Charter Cable as they own no TV stations, and only make money on people paying for 4K and streaming. They put all their eggs in just one basket and know they are in possible jeopardy. But their lawsuit to stop it failed. — BaltoMedia

Cliff Kurt of Ruskin, Florida must be fascinated with DMV media thus his posting to DCRTV Mailbag in response to a posting he thinks DCRTV Dave made. This is interesting in that the new DCRTV emphasis is the Mailbag as the Front Page has all but disappeared and the news posts follow red headers in the Mailbag. In this case I had given DCRTV Dave a heads up on Rush’s death and used the actual phrase he used in my e-mail, which is “ (Blank has) assumed room temperature” not “reached”. Now Rush has used this quip, I submit respectively, to describe the deceased for decades and has included all kinds of people including conservatives. It is not mean or disrespectful it is Rush being playful. I consider myself not just a fan of Rush’s but an expert having listened to him from Day One, having met him a half dozen times and listened to him every time he was on air. And Dave and I have communicated many, many times about Rush without insult or rancor just a difference in political views: Dave readily acknowledged Limbaugh’s greatness as an icon in the terrestrial radio business. Dave has a love/hate relationship with WMAL and was a frequent listener when he lived here as well an acquaintance of Manager Bill Hess. Dave even listened to Rush on occasion on his local hillbilly redneck radio station that broadcast deep into the Deliverence Territory of northern North Carolina. So Cliff I don’t think Dave has a prejudice against Trump, Rush, or other conservatives and he hates all people equally. Might want to apologize to Dave and stick to Florida swamp radio stations. Your pal Nick From Reston and not that slob Gus from Gaithersburg

/\ February 19 /\

\/ February 18 \/

Curious what the ratings are in the morning for the DCTV stations after Allison Seymour left FOX5 for WUSA9. Any change? Did FOX slip and WUSA9 see a ratings boost? Inquiring mind wants to know. Thanks! DMDMULTIMEDIA

RE-SCAN DAY for WNUV CW 54 is March 9, 2021. Without rescanning your TV at 10am that day you will lose The CW 54 if you get it from an antenna. You may also need to readjust your antenna too as CW 54's current signal will be coming from the Maryland Public TV towers from now on in Owings Mills and Crofton, 22 & 67. WMPB doesn’t have as good a signal as WNUV, but by adding WMPT in Annapolis, the signal should hit the entire market to 97% of the current signal. cwbaltimore.com

It appears that Maryland Public TV is also transitioning to NextGen TV. Here is the channel sharing alignment for where you'll be able to find WNUV CW 54 and its programming. The CW will be on WMPB & WMPT starting March 9 WMAR will host Antenna TV for WNUV and WBAL will host Comet and Charge. You will have to re-scan your TV to continue receiving CW 54 and its sub-channels. WBFF 45 will continue to host the same channels. CBS has declined to participate in the sharing agreement at least at this point in time, so CBS will not be in ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV, at least not anytime soon. So, WNUV on RF channel 25 will be hosting WMAR ABC 2 in 720p, WBAL 11 in 1080p, WBFF Fox 45 in 720p, and CW 54 in 1080p. It's unclear what resolutions PBS programming will be in, but I'm guessing 1080p. It appears as if not all the sub-channels will be transmitted in NextGen TV, but most of them are not available in those high resolutions anyway. Still no info on the DC NextGen sharing arrangements or who’s participating on WIAV 58. —BaltoMedia.net

To the Wimpy whiner who complained about the Baltimore Sun being bought by a 'Liberal'....that is your defense? Pathetic post on your part. Bainum, while born in MoCo, is a Baltimore man through and through. He saved the Sun from the Tribune(Sinclair)and utter bankruptcy. Since Sinclair is right wing, I guess that's why they are going bankrupt, just following your pattern of thought. The point is, Bainum obviously is a good businessman. He was chair of ChoiceHotels and ManorCare, which are highly successful. This has nothing to do with politics. Now he'll try and make the Sun somewhat profitable, if you can do that with print these days. It is all about business fella. Next time you post, I hope you do it with an opinion that is backed up by facts, something the reactionary right and radical left should try sometime. As for Bezos, who has a home in the DC area, CNN is not what he is after, though it is a possibility. In my opinion, based on what I have heard in the industry, is that he would like to make a run at the Washington Football Team within three years. Of course, the team has been lousy for almost 30 years...to take a page out of your book, whiner, of course it must be because Snyder is a conservative, right? Business is apolitical if you are intelligent, whine guy.

I delved into Imus in the Morning on Thursday just to check out the new sound. Of course there was no show posted by 12:45 pm EST so I made do with Wednesday's... something. Imus conservatively spent a solid 8 - 10 minutes bitching about listeners complaining that he's a huge Bitchy Bitcherton. I don't know how Deirdre puts up with it and can only imagine the harm it does to Wyatt. Strangely enough Sid Santana said the bitchfests "only happen once a month." Gotcha boss, I can read between the lines. Gus speaking in code

1] Hey Cliffie, it's called Algor mortis and the body temperature of a dead body can take as long as 5 hours to reach room temperature - learned that in 8th grade and in the military. So, depending on Limbaugh's death announcement, Dave could have been correct. #DCRTVRigorMortis 2] So, $100 a piece Cuban cigars can prematurely kill you - too. Where's Limbaugh's lung cancer anti-smoking PSA? [Would it make a lifestyle difference for that cigar smoking former DC DJ now living in Sacramento or that Florida based Podcaster who lights up a stogie for a round on BLUEHAIR ACRES Country Club?]

I just saw where you announced Rush's death by claiming he'd "reached room temperature." Pretty damn crass. Where's your respect? I know you're a liberal, but it amazes me that, as a business person who relies on his audience for support, you're willing to inject your personal political beliefs into what could be and should be either a neutral or "all sides welcome" discussion site. But you, as the owner and the recipient of donations, choose to espouse your political beliefs - in rather insulting ways at times - thus risking the loss of readers and then the loss of their dollars. That doesn't make business sense to me. I work in a job alongside liberals and conservatives, and my "audience" is made up of liberals and conservatives. Out of respect for those who may disagree with me, and out of respect for my employer, I don't subject co-workers or customers to my political ideologies. I wish you'd treat your web viewers the same. Cliff Kurt, Ruskin, Florida

Dave's response: When famous Democrats and liberals died over the years Rush would always say they "reached room temperature." Just returning the favor. If Rush is out there somewhere and can still access DCRTV, I think he'd get a good laugh out of it.....

And somewhere in the sky above a golf course in a gated community in Florida a celestial voice shook the Earth as it boomed out "Dammit! I missed!" Gus on the borderline

Jeff Bozos’ Washington comPOST today argued that Rush Limbaugh was the original sin of partisanship in America. REALLY? That is your obituary? REALLY? Next they’ll say that Barrack Obama healed all race relations that Trump has since caused and still causing. Speaking of shity newspapers, The Baltimore Sun has basically been bought by a Montgomery County liberal businessman, so they’ll still support your kids getting no education until they commit suicide. So yeah, you follow the left wing science to the grave, certainly not to normalcy as there will never be normalcy under Democrats from now on. Never let a crisis go to waste. Finally my Vegas bet, which one? Bezos or Hunter Biden/China buying CNN? They wouldn’t have to make many changes to fit in with either. lol

I first heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio in the early 90s not being a fan of any talk radio at the time. My boss had me punch in then handed me the keys to a new house he had just bought and said that my job that day was to sit around and wait for his furniture to be delivered, which was nearly all day as they didn’t give you times back then at all. So no furniture, nothing in the house, no TV or chairs, but I found an old AM radio. I think WCAO AM 600 had country music on at the time, no interest in that. There was basically no good music on AM radio in the late 80s/early 90s, at least not for any length of time. So I finally found this booming voice on the radio on WBAL then that said shocking things and was occasionally hysterically funny in a somewhat ruthless type of humor I’d only heard on morning shock jock shows like Howard Stern. I was never a diehard fan, but I cannot deny that I remember that first listening and day and never forgot it. Whether you loved or hated him, it's undeniable that he was a trailblazer that literally saved AM radio from a premature death.

RE: ATSC 3.0… it's important to note that if you have an ATSC 3.0 tuner, your HDTV will pick up WBAL or WMAR on WNUV's signal (54/RF 25) still as 2 and 11 even though they'll be transmitted from WNUV's antenna on TV Hill. So the transition will be seamless, well except if you currently have trouble receiving WNUV CW 54. In some ways, WNUV's signal for WBAL will actually be a better signal than WBAL 11 itself since its on UHF vs. VHF 11. No word on WJZ 13, and CBS has been somewhat non-committal on NextGen TV compared to the other networks. I could see CBS not wanting to be associated with Sinclair for political reasons, so maybe that’s it. We’ll see if they file too this week. But Baltimore has so few TV signals compared to similar sized markets, so if WJZ 13 doesn’t jump on the WNUV bandwagon, they will have nearly no options to transition to NextGen TV. At least in DC, there are other options that would be available for say, WUSA 9, should they not be involved with WIAV’s ATSC 3.0 transition. You can also get a lot more 1080p channels on one ATSC 3.0 signal than on a standard 1.0 ATSC signal without degradation of picture quality.

WBAL 11 has also now applied to transition to NexGen TV (ATSC 3.0) via WNUV 54 on the Sinclair tower on TV Hill joining WMAR 2, WNUV 54 & WBFF 45. They will also start broadcasting on or around March 9, 2021. Presumably the signal from NBC will be 1080p initially, better than your current picture, with possibly some 4K programming for the Olympics this summer and possibly Sunday Night Football this fall in 4K. One of the more interesting parts of the ATSC 3.0 standard is the ability to change resolutions and frame rates on the fly based on the type of programming or signal strength which makes it ideal for live action sports events. Still no filings for any other stations in DC, even though the tentative date for WIAV 58 to switch to ATSC 3.0 is March 2 with presumably TBD & WJLA 7 and? Unclear still yet. —BaltoMedia.net

/\ February 18 /\

\/ February 17 \/

Rush Limbaugh is dead and whitey’s still on the moon.

Who will replace Rush Limbaugh? He certainly changed Talk Radio. Radio.

On Today. Gone Tomorrow. Even money says Dan Rather, Barbara Walters. Higher "juice" covers Martha Stewart, Letterman & Leno. If there is a God, Yoko Ono & Jane Fonda. #SupportDCRTV

Make it stop Dave. Make it stop! First Larry King, now Rush, who’s next for the Celebrity Death Trio: Howard Stern?

Dave's response: Rupert?

NEWS! Rush Limbaugh has reached room temperature... nypost.com

NEWS! www.washingtonpost.com: Alden Global Capital, an investment fund known for acquiring and slashing the operations of newspapers, said it would take over Tribune Publishing Co. of Chicago, the owner of the Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel and New York Daily News. As part of the deal, Tribune will spin off the Baltimore Sun to a nonprofit organization headed by Stewart W. Bainum Jr., a longtime Maryland business executive and former state legislator. Bainum’s nonprofit Sunlight for All Institute will also acquire the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, the Carroll County Times in Maryland and several other Baltimore-area weeklies and magazines...

Muzak Programming. To that Podcast that broadcasts from DC, the new Funeral Home music intros and monotone voice overs are to die for. Now, you're cheapness cheapens your show - even more. Pay the artists for great music .#RoyaltyFreeElevatorMusic #BypassYouTubeCopyrightRegs

According to All Access, iHEARTMEDIA is buying TRITON DIGITAL from THE E.W. SCRIPPS CO. for $230 million. They are doing so to aggressively "move into podcasting and streaming, adding infrastructure for advertising insertion, programmatic sales, and measurement." I guess suddenly the company is flush with cash since the holiday purge of hundreds of skilled and talented employees. Good luck feeding that soulless robot, Pittman.

/\ February 17 /\

\/ February 16 \/

Re: what to do with WWPX Martinsburg. If I were Scripps, I'd want to use WWPX as an ATSC 1.0 lighthouse for WDVM. Notice that Nexstar, corporate owner of WDVM (and a big ATSC 3.0 supporter), has applied at the FCC to transmit a signal from the same tower as WWPX now uses. Nexstar probably wants a better signal into D.C. for a 3.0 signal it owns. It could simulcast a NextGenTV version of Ion 66 and WDCW 50, while RF 13 can provide a decent enough traditional signal into Hagerstown and the Blue Ridge Valley. Regarding RF 13's: WWPX now uses it, as does WHYY in Philly and WSKY just across the NC border from the Norfolk market. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington

This was unexpected today. Rather than seeing a Sinclair filing, WMAR ABC 2 has filed to broadcast in ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV today and the signal will be as expected on the Sinclair tower via WNUV 54, going live on March 9 through 2025. More details as they come out. Obviously WBFF and WNUV will also be running NextGen TV, but now one wonders who else?

"iHeart is now selling their stock to foreigners." Like Microsoft, Apple, and every other publicly traded company you incredibly stupid idiot. Gus, really disappointed but used to it (Sadly, you're NOT better than this.)

There's a difference between "foreign ownership" and "foreign government ownership". And this while Russia allows Voice of America to have office space in Moscow. Put 'em back in your pants guys! Gus in the library with the ... y'know... books

100.7 The Bay Baltimore time for a leadership or format change? last 6 ratings and cume... 4.1 4.2 3.5 3.3 2.5 2.3... 280,200 263,400 271,200 223,700 214,600 207,700

So what is DC going to see in NextGen TV on March 2 (assuming it goes live then)? Well, WJLA ABC 7 will still be in 720p as ABC Network offers no better quality feed of their programming as of yet. WRC NBC 4 is likely too, but much improved at 1080p. And The CW & Univision in 1080p too? Well, they’re all at Ward Circle already where WIAV is. And since WJLA & Fox 5 were just last year doing an ATSC 3.0 EAS test together, Fox 5 might be on WIAV too, but once again, only at 720p at best. Of course, almost nobody has an ATSC 3.0 HDTV or tuner. Sinclair had promised to be handing out cheap ATSC 3.0 tuner adapters in rollout markets, but honestly, I can’t say I’m seeing that in reality just yet. They’re going to have to do better because people are not going to spend $1000 to still see ABC and Fox channels with the same picture they already have. Now the Olympics in 4K will be amazing to see I’ll admit. But I’m not even sure I’ll buy a new TV just for that. I personally think the FCC should have licensed a new full power TV station in every market where possible for ATSC 3.0, in DC, say channel 14 or 30. The benefit of ATSC 3.0 is better indoor reception, but WIAV being a low power TV station defeats that NextGen TV advantage.

When China and Russia buy up the Broadcast stations in DC, you won't need to read The Washington Post. iHeart is now selling their stock to foreigners. The other independent stations in DC should get a good price for their stations. China can afford to pay top dollar for these stations!

/\ February 16 /\

\/ February 15 \/

When it comes to who did the slithering my money's on The Shoehorn. "Dave's response: Mike O'Meara hasn't been part of the DC media scene for many years [Less than a decade but someone should tell him; note that his whatever-it-is is brpodcast out of DC. He has employees here. You might as well say "Jack Kent Cooke didn't play football."] and, frankly, I'm quite bored reading about his Florida-based podcast. [Fair enough, imagine listening to it!] I guess if you guys want to reference him from time to time it's OK, but some of these lengthy posts about his show are ultra mind-numbing. [Much like what? C'mon, this one's easy! Former fans just want him to live up to his daily message to the listeners who pay the bills: "Stop sucking!"] He and his former radio partner out there in California clearly don't want anyone to talk about them any more so how about we give them what they want....." [No one mentioned Don, so you're misdirecting. You were happy to take TMOS money until Nov. 2020 when they withdrew it. Can we look forward to another banner ad in the new year? Also, why did you nix the post about the War of 1812?] Gus niggling at your conscience

Dave's response: Hahahahahahahaha.....

[re: but I'm mystified as to the disappearance of 99.1 on the app] Bloomberg Radio can be found on both theTuneIn Radio and iHeart Radio apps. Of the two, I'd recommend iHeart. TuneIn is heavily over-laden with ads.

TMOS #2607 David, for the sake of transparency, time to show your censorship editing homework to the loyal donating mailbag class. Last week, you vetted and posted the 'TMOS #2607' Editorial. Looks like now it was taken down sometime afterwards. So, instead of opening a mailbag 'point / counterpoint' to address the serious issues at hand, which spineless TMOS crew member[s] - AGAIN - slithered to their keyboard and sent you an email wanting the post to be taken down? #PresidentDaveHughes #SmallIrishHands

Dave's response: Mike O'Meara hasn't been part of the DC media scene for many years and, frankly, I'm quite bored reading about his Florida-based podcast. I guess if you guys want to reference him from time to time it's OK, but some of these lengthy posts about his show are ultra mind-numbing. He and his former radio partner out there in California clearly don't want anyone to talk about them any more so how about we give them what they want.....

I had quite a surprise today. I said something to somebody at WJFK 106.7 about WSBN 630 being off the air and was told, “Well we don’t compete with political news/talk stations.” The person didn’t even KNOW they had switched the AM to sports! HAHA! Made me laugh. Poor Tony Kornheiser. I hope those Cumulus Coins pay off or the checks cash.

WSBN AM 630 is working just fine as of Monday Feb 15th morning up Glen Burnie way. Maybe all the recent snow and ice has caused some temporary problems?

WSBN 630 AM (formerly WMAL 630 AM) is off the air now. When they were on the air, I could not hear them at night in Northern Virginia. After they moved their transmitter site to Gaithersburg, they lost half of their nighttime signal, They lost all their ratings. Cumulus should sell this station to foreigners. Perhaps Russia might be interested in buying it?

Dave's response: When my dad moved the family from New Jersey to western Fairfax County in 1972, WMAL on 630 was easily the "go to" station. Easily the best local signal on the AM band, back before the rise of FM. Kinda sad to see it go.....

I've been listening to the Radio.com app the past year, but I'm mystified as to the disappearance of 99.1 on the app. I used to stream that station - I seem to be the only person who enjoys its drivetime programming, which, while I believe it may be the same programming that's broadcast on Bloomberg TV, works surprisingly well on radio - but noticed just last week that it's no longer on the app. Maybe it's been gone for a while? I believe Entercom owns the Radio.com app. If that's the case - my Google-search skills may be failing me - has that relationship recently changed?

As far as the Merrifield tower, I suspect it will be in use again for TV when DC gets an ATSC 3.0 Single Frequency network, mostly for a northern VA booster signal to help with indoor reception. The first DC NextGen TV setup as we now know it will not be full power on WIAV 58 but the final signals will need to involve DC’s unused towers and possibly even the Hughes tower in north DC as well as River Road. DC is going to need a single frequency network more than other markets with the spread out nature of the market and lack of tall 1000-1500 feet towers. In places like Philadelphia or Baltimore, that will not be an issue but it will be in DC. And finally, speaking of WIAV 58, Sinclair is waiting for final channel sharing approval, but the tentative date for NextGen TV launch in DC is March 2, 2021. It’s unclear still whether any other TV stations will participate, but WJLA ABC 7 will be in NextGen TV very soon via channel 58 (RF 30).

100% foreign ownership allowed? Maybe Nestor will get $1.5 million for AM 1570 now by selling out his country! HAHA!

Speaking of allocations, the channel 30 allocation for DC (which was WNVT 53) is being used by WIAV-LD 58 and also seems to still have full power protections currently in place. So unlike Baltimore, totally squeezed between Philly and DC, DC could have two more full power TV stations if the FCC allowed such a filing. I mention this because DC is a market where Sinclair could more easily get a duopoly without playing games as it is big enough. Baltimore will likely never get another full power TV station again as there are simply no frequencies left.

The Scripps purchase of ION Media has already resulted in an announcement of big changes. WPXW and other ION stations will dump ION Plus, QUBO and Shop ION as of Feb 28. The ION Network itself will continue, however new channels soon to be added include BOUNCE, COURT TV, COURT TV Mystery, LAFF, and GRIT as the obligations on other stations expire. So WFDC 14 will be losing some programming soon. Scripps also brags that it is now the largest owner of broadcast spectrum in America and a collaboration with NEWSY makes one wonder what is next to come as they appear to be attempting a sub-channel news network to rival CNN, FOX, & MSNBC. The cancellation of those sub-channels will also affect Baltimore’s WMJF TV. scripps.com — BaltoMedia.net

First WKDV 1460, then WTRI 1520, now WSBN 630 is off the air. The first two I can understand, but not WSBN. What gives? Jeff

Nice to hear Steve bookends on the Maryland Minnesota game tonight on FS1 I’m glad he’s working he got a bad deal from the wizards as far as I’m concerned Patrick

/\ February 15 /\

\/ February 14 \/

There's no process that allows a low-power station (radio or TV) to apply to become a full-power station. They are two completely different classes of license. If the FCC were to open applications for a new full-power channel 14, the owner of WWTD-LD could apply for a new license just like anyone else, but there's no automatic path to upgrade, and it's entirely possible they could get outbid at auction by another bidder. As far as the FCC is concerned, it's a brand-new license they're applying for, with no connection to WWTD-LD. That make sense? - Fybush

Also, WPXW is on the River Road tower. It hasn't transmitted from Virginia since 2009, when it was licensed at Tenleytown. The only reason it left Tenleytown was a falling out between Ion and American Tower that led to Ion moving most of its stations off ATC sites. But it's a full-market Washington signal now, regardless of the Manassas COL. (And it's fun to see the River Road site fill up again with TV after the first DTV transition left it without TV tenants for a while.) - Fybush

WPXW 66 has already moved well into DC well past the Merrifield tower. They are on the River Road tower in Maryland just outside of Tenleytown soon to be joined by WTTG Fox 5/WDCA 20. That issue is long since past and done. it’s really all about what Scripps will do with WWPX 13, that has always tried to get into the DC market but failed and how will Scripps manage the two stations running the same programming in the same market. I think this will change very soon.

Dave on Channel 13: I was thinking of Baltimore, but your response cleared it up. Thanks! "Foreign Ownership up to 100% is now legal for Broadcast Stations." As I pointed out quite some time ago. In other news, radio has now been invented. But if you hire the wrong sort of dishwasher, it's your license, Sam! Remember when the Feds caught up to Venus Flytrap. Gus welcoming our new insect overlords

Will Russia buy Arthur Liu's WZHF 1390 AM or John Garziglia's Translator 105.5 FM? Why pay rent when you can buy these stations now?

Foreign Ownership up to 100% is now legal for Broadcast Stations. In the past, foreign ownership was limited to 25%. If you want to sell your station let's advertise it in China or Russia. Don't forget Cuba! New Market is now open!

The common-sense thing to do is move WPXW-66 farther north. Note that 106.7 WJFK and 66-WPXW have one thing in common. That being the Manassas city of license. WJFK has been on the big tower in Merrifield since they moved off the Burke tower where Les Raker who then owned Ch 66 in it's days as WTKK essentially tricked them into spending most of the money to build the facility in Burke and then raise their height by 50 feet. WPXW at the time could not get on the Merrifield tower because WNVC-56 was the dominant station up there. It was built for WNVC from a blank sheet of paper Now that WNVC is pushing daisies, and no one else has gone into that spot, it's likely available to WPXW-66 The site overlooks the Beltway in one of the most densely populated parts of Fairfax County The sensible thing to do is simply move WPXW to Merrifield, leave WWPX right where it is and really have viable signal over most of the area, with the only real "Signal hole" being Essentially Maryland east of I-95 and north of US 50 Makes sense also from a terrain standpoint. VHF doesn't really "play nice" with hilly terrain, but it DOES do less badly than UHF. There are many more terrain issues around WWPX than there would ever be around WWPX-66 relocated to Merrifield

"the closest 13 in North Carolina and way up in Philadelphia" Is that actually true? I may be misunderstanding. Gus in Limbo

Dave's response: There are two branded Channel 13's in Virginia, WSET in Lynchburg and WVEC in Norfolk, but both transmit on other VHF channels, 7 and 11 respectively.....

So one last question for Fybush on a Channel 14 in DC before I wear out my welcome: Couldn’t WWTD-49 file a major facility change application to get full power status or is there no simple process for that and just the same routine for anyone to get a full power TV license? I guess I’m thinking that if WWTD filed for a major facility change to full power, there would be LOTS of buying interest, from both CBS, ABC, you name it.

/\ February 14 /\

\/ February 13 \/

With Scripps buying ION Media TV stations, one wonders, will they try to move WWPX 13 to the DC market abandoning Martinsburg and Western Maryland too? Ion already neutered the signal in Martinsburg and Hagerstown moving it closer to DC but was rejected on moving it right into the DC directly, just close. That would give DC the appropriate # of VHF signals (4,5,7,9,13) I guess if anyone is comparing for the size of the market. I do not believe that Scripps will duplicate ION programming on both stations in the future. Of course the VHF Rule is of no use today even though the FCC still ridiculously enforces the ancient rules. When will the FCC enforce or correct City of License rules? Lastly, channel 13 is actually unhindered in the DC market with the closest 13 in North Carolina and way up in Philadelphia, so I just cannot believe 13 will stay in the mountains. What do you think?

Steve Czaban was in transit with listeners Saturday morning on the plane chartered by his Milwaukee station to their annual junket to Mexico. Poorly handled by his WJFK replacement Saturday. No mention at the top of the show that Czabe will be back next Saturday. At least I think he'll be back. Guess it's possible he'll be traveling back next Saturday. Czabe's website still lists the WJFK show.

The answer is, yes - there *is* spacing for RF 14 to be used for a full-power station in Washington. (Which we already knew, since that was where WETA was initially allocated its post-repack channel before it petitioned to have the allocation moved to RF 31.) Just because spacing exists, though, doesn't mean you can put a full-power station on that channel. You need to petition to have it added to the table of allocations, which is the first step of a complex process. The second step is to wait for the FCC to open an auction for anyone who'd like to make use of that allocation once it's been added. It can take years, and lots of expensive lawyer and consultant fees. Now having said that, I do have a piece of information I didn't have the other day: turns out the FCC has lifted its repack freeze on filings. Stations can now petition to change existing allocations (and a bunch of VHF stations have done that, seeking to move to UHF) - and anyone can now petition to add a new allocation. I'm told by FCC sources that at least two such petitions have been filed so far, neither of them anywhere near DC. So: yes, someone could in theory now petition to add 14 to the DC allocations table (which would, for complex reasons, probably end up using virtual channel 15), and after spending tens of thousands of dollars on that filing, they'd then have to wait for an eventual auction, at which the winning bid would likely be hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not higher. And then, assuming they were the winning bidder, they'd still have to build the thing, including the complex mask filtering to protect land-mobile below 470 MHz. You'd run up a tab of several million dollars over several years before you bring in your first penny of revenue. - Fybush

So while listening to WCNN, I mean WTOP today, I heard three reports on the Senate Impeachment Trial. At least six audio clips were played imploring the vote to impeach. There were none to argue against. Once again, TOP fails to air both sides of an issue. (See opening Montgomery County School, Bicyclists rights on country roads in Montgomery County, How VA and MD's toll roads will save the day, etc) OOBBEE

The only guy who was entertaining and intelligent on 980 AM was Galdi. Bring him back somewhere. Czabe has the biggest ego on the planet. He is horrible. And he thinks he's funny. Sheehan is tolerable but not that great, "um, um, um." Pete Medhurst, the man of many jobs, is very good. As for the Junkies...it still amazes me that a day-old hour is rerun at 5am after a day of big sports news. That's crazy. Have them start at 5am live and end at 9am. Thank you.

Since the change of radio hosts on TEM and JFK my listening time has slipped 80-90% since the beginning of 2021. First, Doc Walker was gone and then Galdi was gone replaced by a host I do not know or listen to in the past. I listen to Sheehan on TEM for 1 hour, BMitch and Finley on JFK for an hour and then Russell and Medhurst on TEM for 2 hours because LOS after 5:00 PM. The Junkies and other hosts are not on my schedule. Get Galdi and Doc back; get Andy Pollin on one of these station because he is a "lost" on ESPN 630 because nobody listens to him. CZABE was not on JFK this morning at 9:00 AM. The host did not say mention his name. Bill in Gainesville

Steve Czaben wasn't on the air Saturday 2/13/21 on WJFK-FM (106.7 the Fan) - Has he given up his gig on WJFK?

This might be a bit dated but when I was studying web design and graphics, we were taught a certain way to place “Grouped” multiple thumbnails or media pictures in a certain way. The rule was top left to bottom right in relation to “Level of importance” or “Who do you want a reader or viewer to see first?”. It is clear when you Google Oscar Santana’s “Podcast Village” who is important in hooking potential customers eyes. The Bush Family’s podcast is top left which makes sense since that is The Big O’s pride and joy. Next is ESPN which also makes sense. If you look WAY DOWN bottom right what do you see? “The Mike O’Meara Show”. If I was Mike, this would be an obvious insult after being the original anchor for Oscar and Charlie to start their business. But these days Mike is way too busy golfing, selling skin products, and installing plumbing to clean his ass. He seems obsessed with yelling at Bob to get a single good interview, stop talking over everyone with his 1920’s level humor, and how AU is a better school than VCU. I am sure AU is proud by the way. One last thing about Oscar’s web page. Shouldn’t clicking on each thumbnail link to each show? It does not. I am sure Todd Moore could easily fix this but he was banished by TMOS. I think that was led by their great upstanding friends from the Lincoln Project who became the TMOS Moral Leader in 2020.

/\ February 13 /\

\/ February 12 \/

Fybush, I agree with everything you said except that the FCC created a channel 14 allocation, and while that official status is gone, the question begs, are the protections either deliberately or accidentally still in place for a full power channel 14 in DC. Even WWTD would like to know that I’m sure. On Rabbitears, except for WLZH-LD Red Lion and W14DK Dagsboro, DE, it appears to be room for a small full powered TV station on 14 even without the official FCC allocation.

The repack wiped out any remaining unfilled allocations on the FCC's TV table of allocations - but in any event, there wasn't a vacant 14. The allocations table was only for full-power stations. The analog 14 allocation was Univision's WFDC, which moved to RF 15; the RF 14 allocation post-repack was to have gone to WETA-TV, but WETA petitioned to have that allocation moved to RF 31. That didn't create a vacant allocation on RF 14 on the table, though. Instead, it simply made RF 14 available for secondary use, and that's where secondary service WWTD-LP ended up. There's no hole for new full-power TV licenses to be granted right now, and no political pressure on the FCC to create one, even if there were spectrum available, which there isn't in most areas. - Fybush

OBBEE: yes, I know Galdi is gone. He should have a show instead of 75% of the nitwits who are now at the two stations

RE: WJFK Pal, One, we don't know what the specific ' racist & other inappropriate comments' were that got Chad Sisson fired - not a good look when he and Santana immediately shut-down BOAD, Two, "We worry too much about race." is far different than being accused - and fired for - producing alleged racist programming. Crisis Mgmt 101: Every organization or person - is vulnerable to crises. The days of playing ostrich—burying your head in the sand and hoping the problem goes away–has never been a successful strategy. #RunToTheFight #DontTurtleUp

The clock is ticking...enter SPJ's Dateline Awards contest today... REMINDER — Our contest rewarding journalism excellence ends February 28. Be recognized for your efforts by submitting your best work of last year to the 2021 Dateline Awards contest, sponsored by the Washington, D.C., Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. This annual contest is open to print, broadcast and online media outlets throughout the D.C. metropolitan area and neighboring counties. There are nearly 60 categories in the various media divisions — from breaking news and features to commentary, blogs and photography. All entries must have been originally published or aired in 2020. Enter now online at betternewspapercontest.com. Look for “2021 Washington, D.C., SPJ Dateline Awards” on the list of contests under Open Call Login. You do not have to be an SPJ member to enter. Awards will be presented in June, either virtually or at the traditional Hall of Fame/Dateline Awards dinner, depending on COVID protocol at that time.

I'm generally not a fan of xfinity, but as a resident of the shore, thank goodness they worked out a deal to keep WBAL TV on the system as a NBC affiliate. WRDE is more of a joke than ever. They cannot make the today show run smooth ever, missing local breaks totally or walking all over the network. Plus, one recorded weather break that plays over and over again as local news and weather. It is unwatchable. Even better, I've been watching parts of the Impeachment trial on WRDE. I say parts, because on Wednesday and Thursday, you only could watch an hour, from 1 till 2, when Days of our lives was supposed to be on. The rest has been regular syndicated programming. What a joke. I'll pay the extra fees to watch WBAL anytime on the shore.

WJFK: The good ship Entertainment sailed when the brain trust there or at Entercomm fired Chad Dukes for saying essentially "We worry too much about race." Divisive! Unity, you see, would be "We need to worry more about race." Gus in mourning for a once okay station

Here’s an odd question. Does DC still have a full power TV allocation on channel 14? I ask because channel 14 was assigned to WETA TV, but they declined it and made a deal for their current channel. Now WWTD is still on the air on 14, but are the protections still there for a full power channel 14 should they sell or want to upgrade? If so, DC is one of the few major TV markets with a full power TV allocation available, quite a rarity right now. If channel 14 is still technically availabor for full power allocation, I would think WWTD would be looking to sell huh? Quite a valuable frequency I would think. I just don’t see anywhere that the channel TV allocation was taken away from DC after being offered to WETA.

RE: "If the Caps and Nets were such ratings killers..." I don't disagree in theory. But, most of those games are weekends and nights. It's does give JFK access to more show content during the week with cross promotion to fill programing. You know they are licking their lips for the same thing with the Skins now. (Sales people at JFK were probably the happiest with the merger and sales types dictate programing now anyway.) I would love to know if they can extract ratings from Nat's day games to compare to regular programing even if it is a small data set. You'll never know if what you want will work because it is now a monopoly. JFK/TEM does dictate sports radio in DC unless you have the money for a real third station. BTW, Galdi is gone. OOBBEE

/\ February 12 /\

\/ February 11 \/

I just saw Jennifer Delgado on Fox5 and she is legit! I could see her replacing Tucker or his younger, whiter brother on the morning show. Put her next to Jeanette and I'd watch that!

If the Caps and Nats were such ratings killers, 106.7 wouldn't be broadcasting their games. Sorry, if CK thinks that way, he needs to extract his head from his posterior. It is 2021, not 1987, and things have changed. If they come up with people who know something about the respective sports and make it clear that they are receptive, they will get plenty of interest. I don't disagree with the point about adding some entertainment value (but the smart and analytical types like Galdi DO have a place). But it is really time that sportstalk in this town recognized the market instead of trying to dictate it.............

"The Rolex-wearing, WHOA!!, Diamond Ring wearing, WHOA!!!!, Kiss Stealing, WHOA!!!, Wheeling-Dealing, WHOA!!!!, Limosine Ridin', WHOA!!!!, Jet-Flyin', Son - of - a - gun!!!, WHOA!!!! And I'm having a hard time HOLDING THESE ALLIGATORS down. Now gimme two Claps and a Dave Hughes!!! Clap-Clap WHOA!!!! Nobody better on the mic than the 'Nature Boy'

Dave is the boy who runs this site. Nature Boy, whoooooo! Allison Hannigan refers to Penn & Teller as "the boys". The boys are back in town. And of course without boys there would be no boy bands let alone Boys in the Band. You make a good point but it's difficult to care. Sooo long-winded. But I know how you gals love to chat. Gus in low dudgeon

Re; "New Girl" Well, it is called the MALEBAG for a reason. You know, like "Hey 'new guy', go clean the toilets OR "Hey, 'new girl' toss Gus a beer before you leave the clubhouse." Dave, no harm. No foul. Play on!

RE: "Maybe these PDS need to wake up and recognize that the sports scene in the DMV has changed. All Redskins 99% of the time ain't gonna get it done...." Well "these PDs" come down to one guy; CK. And, if you ask anyone who has done any sports TV/Radio for the last 30 years, they will tell you hockey kills ratings and phone calls. Baseball is ok at best. The terrible team that is so bad at everything still is #1 in the ratings. Imagine if they were good? That was my point a post ago. You need funny or entertainment to go along with Skins and other sports especially at drive time like the Junks provide. Just look at the ratings. After the Junks now, what do you have left after 10 am on two stations for eight plus hours??? Straight sports these days with Czabe and Chad gone. This is so true of PM drive. By 4:00 how many have heard enough pure sports? If you are used to starting in the morning drive with the Junks, continue with them at your desk, and maybe listen to either station for an hour or two from 10-4 like me, I think your sports folder is full. At 10 am, I usually go to the first hour of the Junks, Tony, TMOS, Czabe and Chad podcasts with some JFK/TEM/TOP sprinkled in as the day goes on. Bring us Matt and Matt please! OOBBEE

/\ February 11 /\

\/ February 10 \/

Dave..you are supposed to be the editor of your web site…so edit, please. You published this sentence from a poster: “… On the other hand the other new girl Marissa seems to really be into the show and has a great personality and delivery….” New GIRL? Since when does one refer to an adult female as “girl”. Had the reference been to a male, would you have allowed a poster to say “new boy”. What an insult. You have the power to decide what gets on your page. I applaud your being a platform for strong opinion but there’s a line and you should think better about crossing it. It’s not enough to cut and paste.

I don't doubt that local sportstalk PDs (and some local sportstalk hosts) think they need to talk Redskins, Redskins, Redskins to keep their listeners . But that is really outdated thinking. Local interest in the Redskins has taken a huge hit.. That is obvious from much lower t.v. ratings, decline in attendance (prior to this COVID season), etc. The reduction in interest comes from many sources, the dysfunction and losing for 20 plus years under Snyder, the name change, the off the field controversy, sexual harassment allegations, the dislikable owner, etc. etc. Meanwhile, the Caps and Nats have both been consistently good and have delivered championships. Interest in the Caps has soared since Ovechkin arrived and the Nats are arguably the most popular team in the DMV (Nats were top dog in a WaPo poll of DC residents a couple of years ago washingtonpost.com ). An entire generation has grown up thumbing their noses at a pathetic Redskins franchise (and unable to fathom four Super Bowls and three Lombardis over a ten year period when their parents refer to it). That same generation has watched other local teams win championships and have parades Sure, the NFL still has a certain cachet, but the idea that people aren't interested in hearing and talking about the other teams in town is ridiculous and short-sighted. This isn't the late 1980's when the Redskins were the toast of the town and all anyone cared about. All the local sportstalk stations are doing is driving fans with an interest in the other teams to alternative sources. The Caps have the internet station Caps Radio 24/7, which contains the games and other hockey programming and is really quite good. Sirius XM has both an all NHL and all MLB channel. Local baseball and hockey podcasts are plentiful. Maybe these PDs need to wake up and recognize that the sports scene in the DMV has changed. All Redskins 99% of the time ain't gonna get it done.................

OK Jeanette Reyes has been here about two months. She hardly ever smiles and delivers everything with a dead pan approach. She always looks like she would rather be somewhere else. Hardly any personality. On the other hand the other new girl Marissa seems to really be into the show and has a great personality and delivery. Me thinks Fox5 messed up.

"Alphabet soup"? Spaghetti-Os would get the job done! And not for nothing, a little birdy told me that 61 year old men should not use the term "smokeshow" because ... I guess creepy, awkward and embarrassing covers it. Gus in the library with a plunger

The TMOS Fan Club where you can't discuss politics or any negative things about the show. To be a member you have to understand why Mike is such a bummer discussing politics or how divided the world is today. Most of all, his views are 100 % right and never, ever ask why "The Funny" is not important to the listener. For that, the show and club will chastise you about "Reality" and block or ban you. That is until Mike discusses the Super Bowl and spends so much time bitching about how the commercials are so bland, politically correct and forget "The Funny". HEY MIKE!!!! Next time you spend so much time with Rob going through the hack DJ service e mails doing "Show Prep", how about concentrating on "The Funny" so your show will be like it and Super Bowl commercials used to be????? What a complete phony!!!!! As he was with COVID: Do as I say, not as I do.

/\ February 10 /\

\/ February 9 \/

RE: Jennifer DelGado has joined Fox 5 as weekend evening meteorologist. Effective Jan. 18, she will report the weather for the station’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening newscasts at 4, 5, 6, 10 and 11 p.m., as well as the newscasts on co-owned WDCA. In addition, she will serve as a field reporter for various weekday newscasts. Gwen Tolbert is moving to weekend mornings and looks like Michelle Rotella is out

I can eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out more coherent sentences than Oscar Santana on TMOS #Toastmasters #SupportDCRTV

We have been told Michelle Logan from Birmingham Alabama will be doing traffic for us at GetUpDC. You can check out the southern belle on CBS 42 until her debut on Get Up!

I haven't been able to hear WOL1450 on 95.9 since last September. The website still advertises 95.9 but all I hear on 95.9 it is infomercials. Do you know what is going on? Thank You. Ele

I watched fox5 this weekend. They have hired Jennifer Delgado. I'm guessing she is Gary McGrady's replacement?

/\ February 9 /\

\/ February 8 \/

Sad news in the world of sports. Pedro Gomez, long time baseball analyst for ESPN, died 'unexpectedly' on Sunday. Before ESPN, he was a sports columnist for several newspapers, including the San Jose Mercury News and the Sacramento Bee. As for local broadcasters, I did forget to add one to the list: Rich Chvotkin. Dude has been the play by play voice for Georgetown Hoyas basketball since the mid 1970's. A one man show since the mid 80's, with no color commentator. Hoyas Win, Hoyas Win!!!! Sheen from DC

“Good luck getting ratings in DC with eight hours of Caps and Nats talk seven months a year.” If memory serves, both those teams have won championships over the past three years whereas their football and basketball counterparts have been mediocre at best for decades. In most major markets, the franchises that have enjoyed the most recent success would be expected to ‘move the needle’ the most on sports talk radio – for example, I have it on good authority that after the Lightning won their first Stanley Cup back in 2003, for the next few years there was an insatiable appetite in the Tampa/St. Pete area (not exactly a traditional hockey hotbed) for coverage and discussion of the team and you could hardly listen to any sports talk station there for ten minutes without hearing something about them. Yet current and former radio PDs in the DC area will tell you that doing a caller segment on any Washington Football Team topic (even an obscure one) is guaranteed to burn down the phones lines whereas unless the Nats or Caps are in a deep playoff run or just made a blockbuster trade, any attempt to take calls on either team is likely to be a non-starter. The only conclusion I can draw is that DC’s one of the most cliquish, unappreciative sports towns in America.

Nice Post about the local sportscasters today. Please add Daniels and John Mclean who broadcast the Senators Games . Thanks Patrick

So fox 5 just advertised that they will have Chris & Monique Samuels on February 9, 2021 to talk about "love"....lol but she just got released from Bravo for cheating on her husband, Fox 5 strikes again with the foolery.

NEWS! The Washington Post today announced a significant expansion of its technology team, adding eight positions that will grow the team to 27 reporters, editors and video journalists. The Post’s technology coverage saw a 40% growth in readership in 2020, and the added positions will give readers even greater insight into the impact of big tech and Washington’s intensifying focus on regulating the industry. Read the full announcement: wapo.st

/\ February 8 /\

\/ February 7 \/

Two things learned from a DC area podcast this week? (1) You don't have tp pay for college if your not living with your daughters (2) Never go to marriage counseling. Words to live by.

Great list of local broadcasters, especially Frank, Sonny, and Sam. I would add Mel Proctor and Phil Chenier going back to the HTS days, for Washington Bullets basketball. I think Proctor was part of the first Washington Nats broadcast team in 05, before he moved out west, maybe with Ron Darling? And we should not forget the ONE MAN show, Ron Webber - Washington Caps radio guy from 1974 to 1997, 1,936 straight games. Joe Benninati and Craig Laughlin are doing a fine job as the current television broadcast team for the Caps Sheen from DC

"Wire to the earphones huh. Someone vhas not purchased a cell phone in some time." As in never for smartphones. Did you notice that I asterisked "wire" for emphasis? If you can't handle the smallest truth bomb I see a lot of sucking at life in your future. Be best! Gus in the abandoned Radio Shack

Wire to the earphones huh. Someone vhas not purchased a cell phone in some time.

These broadcasting teams on Radio and TV for Baltimore and Washington should bring back some memories. Here are some good ones. I'm sure you've got some you could add as well. Sonny, Sam, and Frank, on Redskins. Chuck Thompson and Bill O'Donnell on the O's. Johnny Holiday and Greg Manning, Maryland basketball. John Miller and Joe Angel, O's games. Tom Davis, Dave Johnson, O's Xtra. Steve Buckhantz, Phil Chenier Bullets, Wizzards. Mike Patrick, Joe Theismann, Redskins pre season. Gary Thorne, Jim Palmer, O's games. Mal Campbell, Steve Gilmartin, Redskins games. Bob Carpenter, Rob Dibble, Nats games. Mike Patrick, Kevin Grevey. Chuck Thompson, Vince Bagli, Colts games. Johnny Holiday, Ray Knight, Nats xtra. Scott Garceau, Tom Matte, Ravens games, Gerry Sandusky, Stan White, Quadry Ismail, Ravens games. Ron Menchine, Tony Roberts, Washington Senators games...Fred Manfra, Joe Angel, O's games.

/\ February 7 /\

\/ February 6 \/

Why did Fox let Lou Dobbs go? Their press release did not give a reason.

Dave's response: Maybe it's because he's at the heart of a $2.7 billion (that's billion not million) defamation lawsuit against Fox News - news.yahoo.com. Just my wild guess.....

Any radio engineers know why the top of the hour CBS Radio News on 103.5 FM (WTOP) has some garble or cuts causing some words to be missed? Kinda' frustrating if you know what I mean. Thank you to all knowledgeable responders.

I am glad that you remind posters that DCRTV is NOT a political site! Read the Washington Post.

FM reception: The key I think is "Doesn't happen on my car radio." I was listening to WMAL 105.9 > 100 just last night outdoors and had no problem. Even indoors, no problem with either a $10 Radio Shack transistor or old no-name tube radio. My guess without knowing anything about your living arrangements is that there is a new device in or near your residence that is causing the interference, otherwise a bad component in your radio. (Capacitors would be your first examination.) Step one would be to try another radio indoors. If you have a smartphone U.S. law mandates that it have an FM radio chip though you might have to do some digging online to find out how to activate it. The *wire* to the earphone is the antenna. Gus's Garage in Popular Science

Will Jessica Rosenworcel be the next Chairman of the FCC? She is an attorney. She has worked at a DC law firm. Stay tuned.

Lou Dobbs - out at Fox News. What's next, a return to CNN, or retirement, finally? And Dave, I will keep my thoughts more media centric moving forward. Sheen from DC...my real name.

Is there some kind of weird atmospherics going on here in the mid-Atlantic? My FM reception has gone wonky of late. Any station up to 100 MHz (WETA, WKYS, WHUR) comes in clear as a bell. Any station over 100 MHz (WBIG, WWDC, WTOP) is all static and garbled. I'm listening on an NAD 7155 stereo receiver with a Terk Edge indoor antenna which has sufficed beautifully for years. I've moved it around but no improvement. Doesn't happen on my car radio. Any ideas? - Confused in D.C.

Not sure you want to post this, Dave, but it is a good listen. Don Geronimo's first hour on WBBM FM, scoped, except for the spot break at about 8:00 in, which had the full spots, right out of 1983, for chili, stockings, and more. youtu.be

The poster DCRTV laughed at actually made a reasonable point and "SHEEN" came up with "Only a coward would omit his/her name from a post. ... keyboard ... mom's basement ... Doritos..." It never gets old does it? What kind of made up fake hiphop name is "SHEEN" Doctor Dre, G Funk, Mister Puff Diddy Man, HR PuffnStuff? Gus in yo mom's basement and when I say "basement" you know what I mean

My friend, I never ever said YOU made a homophobic slur. #factsmatter. Please re-read my last post. You bring up Jen Psaki for calling Graham 'Lady G.' Why didnt you bring up something very recent, like the conspiracy theories brought forth by Marjorie Taylor Green? Why not challenge Graham for his less than thoughtful comments on a variety of topics? What a cruel person Greene is. All you have to do is roll the tape. She can't even show sympathy for the children that were murdered in Florida or Connecticut. Time to stop the "What About?" games and be critical of folks on all sides, the way it used to be. I agree about the media, it is not like it used to be. Partly because the rules and regulations that existed years ago, such as the 12-12-12 rule, are no longer. A handful of people own most media corporations so ALL NEWS is bent or slanted one way or another. Do you really believe Clinton is a pedophile? Do you really believe that Obama was born in another country? What happened to critical thinking? We used to aspire to such thought, now we belittle it. Shameful. As far as Trump, he will not be part of the traditional Republican Party. There will be a third party within two years - 3 Years, ready for 2024 - call it the Patriot Party or Populist Party, IDk...they will be the real RINO'S. It will consist of far right wingers like Cruz, McCarthy, Rubio, though he flakes from time to time, Hawley, Cawthorn. and a host of others. This is the group Trump will lead. They will be pro-Fascist, anti-Immigrant, anti - environment, anti Semitic. BUT pro Israel...yes, you can be both, islamophobic...etc. Many politicians and the media have turned the citizenry on one another. Too bad, really. Most issues can be resolved to make this country much better than it is. Kindergartners can figure this out, why can't we? And finally, I appreciate your thoughtful comments. Good stuff as we media people would say. Cheerio Mates, Sheen from DC

Dave's response: Careful. Keep your posts to media issues. This is not a political site.....

/\ February 6 /\

\/ February 5 \/

To Sheen in DC: The Trump Deranged never stop and overplay their hand. This is why there will be a Republican landslide in 2022 and also why politics goes in waves back and forth. Zucker’s success w/ Trump at NBC’s The Apprentice is basically what got him the job at CNN and also what got him fired. Obsession. No one can watch that. It’s just not pretty to see or fun to watch. CNN is still struggling to find ways to blame Trump for things that Joe Biden himself has already done. Does anyone even remember when news was just news anymore? Now the success in the news business is to have the more popular or attention getting narrative. Same with Fox News. it’s the same for them all. Now the big question is who will buy CNN? That might provoke even more angry responses than Sheen. And to correct Sheen, it was Press spokeswoman Jen Psaki who made the homophobic slur the other day against Lyndsay Graham, not me. If Trump’s had done that, he/she’d be gone next day, but President Grandpa Simpson has no clue what’s going on other than his son is in trouble and he needs to appoint DOJ people to keep him out of jail which he will.

RE: ”The last 3 weeks 1370 AM WQLL has been back on their crappy lower-powered transmitter. Way to go, QLL. You spend all that time upgrading to the 50 kW flamethrower for the debut of the BIN format, then deliberately throw your listening audience to the west and south back under the bus. Guess black lives really DON'T matter that much to you after all. Jeff” – There was no upgrade. WQLL turned their 50KW daytime transmitter off and left it cold for years. They used the 24KW night site 24/7 until iHeart forced them to power up the day site to consummate the Black Information Network LMA with M-10. I didn’t see any notation of temporary transmitter issues on the FCC and Radio-Locater. It’s doubtful anyone has noticed since WQLL has no measurable Nielsen-rated audience. Call the station or notify the FCC if you feel something is askew.

RE:”Bizarre what is happening with local sports stations”…That is exactly what CK is doing. 980 TEM is becoming the minor league station. I wonder what Kevin is thinking after his contract is up? The problem with the major team is not in the top of the order. It’s after the Junkies you scratch your head. I guess he feels the pitching other than the Skins can solidify eight hours of sports a day? Good luck getting ratings in DC with eight hours of Caps and Nats talk seven months a year. Podcast city is winning.

To the child like post that began - PEOPLE ON DCRTV LAUGHED AT ME: Only a coward would omit his/her name from a post. I guess you hide behind your keyboard in your mom's basement eating Doritos all day. Nice try, but you do realize that the left wing and right wing media has lost all sorts of employees/CEO's for various reasons? Zucker is your Go To? Wow, you have high standards. Be proud of it fella, cause no one else is impressed . Your whole post is pointless, actually Are you telling us you watch FOX, NEWSMAX, OAN and INFO Wars? They are viewed by pro fascist -right wing reactionary homophobic, Islamophobic, anti - education, anti - environment, anti - choice minions who want to send us back to the stone age. Is this you nameless poster? Funny how you like to criticize people for watching CNN (Not really left wing) or MSNBC. (More left than CNN). I wonder what your definition of left wing is? Hurry up, go find a dictionary or get on Wikipedia before the internet becomes obsolete. For the record, I am not a fan of any of the stations I mentioned, but I do my research and look for the truth as much as I can. Highly credible sources are out there. You should try it. You know what else you should try? Having an adult proof your post before sending to Dave. On another note, Yancy I think is doing a decent job at News4, though she does have on a bit much in the face sometimes. And as far as sports radio - I have been in radio and some tv for a while. DC has the WORST sports radio stations in the country. I don't expect us to be like NYC, Boston, Philly, Chicago or even Detroit, but man we are not rural. We are a large market. The new format at 980 and 106.7 leaves much to be desired. This city went quite a long time with 3 sports stations - with very low ratings. We could use some fresh voices and talent on the local sports scene in DC. Gone are the days with Brenner and Michael on TV and Phil Wood and Ken Beatrice on radio. Let us hope that someone out in DC sports radio world has a vision worth sharing. Cheerio Mates - Sheen from DC

Noted with interest: several media outlets have latched on to the term "janky". Smart money says Arlington Ocasio-Cortez will be using it within the week. The dough is stretched to fit the pan and the baker roughs it up with finger holes. The future is pregnant with possibility, like a Hunter Biden stripper. Gus on the cutting edge

People on DCRTV laughed at me, but YES, Jeff Zucker has been fired by AT&T from CNN! HAHA! Lefties cannot see the forrest for the trees. Who of right mind did not see that coming after what? Nearly 4 YEARS of bad ratings and being caught on tape screaming, “I DON’T CARE WHAT THE NEWS IS! IT’S ABOUT TRUMP AND TO GET RID OF HIM!” Well Trump had overstayed his welcome, but so did Jeff Zucker, so there is a God.

Since they sold off 94.3 the truth has been that WTEM 980 DOES have signal problems. It's worst off to the west in Virginia, but even some places in Maryland. It's basically the old WRC night signal that was designed in the 1930s and tweaked after WWII. It starts to fade about the west side of Fairfax City and by the time you get to Gainsville there is no chance. The daytime signal has been fixed. Given that most live sporting events are now held at night, this puts them at a serious disadvantage even among loyal AM listeners. Given the complete lack of interest in AM among most of the audience I have to say I would classify AM 980 as "minor league" unless you live either southeast of town or within a mile or so of the Beltway. Speaking of 94.3, now that it has gone "K-love" along with 92.5(Winc-FM is not technically gone but given the signal it has now it might as well be!) AND 107.3 Both of which are bigger signals by a lot, it has become a complete waste of spectrum space. The only possible use I can think of: 94.3 audio is BETTER now than it was even in its days as locally-focused days as WQRA. Soooo it you have just purchased a used stereo receiver and you are looking to put it through it's paces, or even just "smoke test" it and you can stand more than 5 minutes of it, it's worth doing that.

There is a lot of hate for Sarah Caldwell, I admit. I worked with her years ago behind the scenes and she never gave me the time of day. Apparently, I was not on her level. Not one other person at the station treated me that way. She was also very unkind when speaking about her fellow co-workers. No sympathy here.

Does no one at NBC4 have the guts or good sense to tell Shawn Yancey to cut back a few inches on the game eyelashe? It's a perfect example of someone taking a trend too far. And it hurts her credibility.

The last 3 weeks 1370 AM WQLL has been back on their crappy lower-powered transmitter. Way to go, QLL. You spend all that time upgrading to the 50 kW flamethrower for the debut of the BIN format, then deliberately throw your listening audience to the west and south back under the bus. Guess black lives really DON'T matter that much to you after all. Jeff

Honestly, why does the person slagging Sarah Caldwell keep pushing this "Caldwell Haters" nonsense? I've bumped into her several times when we worked in the same building and she was always pleasant enough. I can't say that anyone there was ever a jerk. Leave her alone, she's just having fun temping at '45. Good for her.

Entercom should close shop. Check WJFK’s web site for lots of OLD stuff. Try and get a list of programs. Forget about it. As for 980 AM, forget about it. Same for 630 AM. Can’t hear that one. The I-net for WFAN (NY) & WIP (Philly). Two winners.

A deteriorating US---Russia relationship is dangerous......Should the US rein in tensions? WZHF 1390 AM, owned by Arthur Liu and Translator 105.5 FM, owned by John Garziglia are leasing out their radio stations 24 hours per day to the Russians to promote Russian Propaganda. Is this in the Public Interest? We are told that WZHF receives $35,000 per month, $420,000 per year and the 105.5 FM Translator receives $25,000 per month, $300,000 per year. President Biden said that Russia represents the most serious threat to US national security. This will never be covered in the "Main Stream Media".

/\ February 5 /\

\/ February 4 \/

Bizarre what is happening with the local sports stations. Kinard seems to be shipping all his weekend and late evening lackeys over to 980. I mean, there is a reason those people were weekend and late evening fodder. They aren't very good. He seems to be trying to make 980 the minor league team to what he considers 106.7's major league team. I mean, other than Sheehan, there is literally nothing on 980 of any professionalism or quality. The station has been gutted. What's the damn point?

Sarah Caldwell’s assignment on WBFF Fox 45 was clearly stated on her Facebook page as a maternity leave assignment, i.e., fill in host. I’ve chatted with her personally on Facebook and she’s actually quite nice. She got to go on that Sandra Shaw Regis Philbin guest host trip to NYC, helping Sandra Shaw out as an assistant and meet Regis Philbin and told me some funny stories about Regis as did Sandra Shaw. I haven’t seen much of her on Fox 45 honestly, but neither her or Sandra Shaw seemed full of themselves to me, actually quite personable to me. Maybe you should cut down on your morning coffee.

The thing I hate most about EMF buying up FMs in the DC and Baltimore markets is that due to the close proximity of the two markets, we have so few FMs comparatively to other large markets. Both markets already have an EMF type station. Why would we need another? I wish the FCC would start considering a different type Digital radio system with better signal rejection based on tech from ATSC 3.0 and Digital FM in Europe that would allow more FMs in each market. The current analog FM system has outlived its usefulness with such poor adjacent channel interference issues and its not going to get any better if they switch to an all digital IBOC system. Some creative thinking is needed. Radio in general is becoming irrelevant to today’s youth. The young people I see at the beach today, when they get in the car, they’ve got their phone streaming to a boombox strapped to them for whatever they want to hear. They immediately turn off the radio, completely disinterested. A generation is already nearly lost from radio. Alt rock kinda barely works at the beach, but not much in large cities anymore. That generation is already streaming indie rock and not even looking for those kinds radio stations. They think radio is for their parents.

Dave's response: What's killing radio in so many ways is the lack of localism. While I am not particularly fond of Christian music radio, if there is a market for multiple stations of that format in a market, so be it. But what is really disheartening about EMF/K-Love is how the firm is allowed to buy so many signals, sometimes prime full power major market FMers like DC's 107.3 and NYC's 95.5, and turn them into satellite-fed simulcasters of a signal from someplace like California. At least here in the DC-Baltimore area you still have local Christian music formats on 91.9 and 95.1. Let's hope those operations can thrive with the out-of-market competition. It's sad to see more and more powerful area signals abandoning the concept of local radio. The corrupt FCC should do something about that, like requiring the owners of local signals to produce a substantial amount of locally-generated content, even if it's just a DJ in a Rockville or Arlington studio "spinning tunes".....

NEWS! Pete Medhurst and Chris "The Rooster" Russell will be doing afternoon drive (3 PM to 7 PM) on 980 AM starting on 2/8. Brian Mitchell and JP Findley will be doing mid days (10 AM to 2 PM) on WJFK 106.7 The Fan starting on 2/4. www.radio.com

Wizzards fans are still shaking their heads wondering what genius at NBC Washington made the decision to hire Two guys who can't carry Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier's .....laundry bag!! Drew Gooden and whoever this Justin Kutcher guy is have to be the most boring broadcast team in the NBA. Buck and Phil were so good together, the new guys are just not good period. NBC Sports Washington should be ashamed of themselves.Then that post game show is a hoot as well with Tony Massenburg probably wishing he was not part of it. Talk about an amateurish production, you got it with this one.

The Caldwell Hater is actually Caldwell Haters and is probably made up of folks she has worked with in her tenure in the market and actually know her. Her bio still says she is with FOX but in her comments she has disclosed that her assignment was over.

I broke my vow, but just enough. Wanted to hear the story about JOTT. Sounds like some piddling shit and I hope/assume he gets off. This is not a real health code violation, it's an Imperial Decree violation. When I was in the industry also in Virginia the owner just greased the health inspectors. It's not like he's going to have to surrender his liquor license rather than pay $26,000 in overdue fines like a certain other local restaurateur. That said, "last call" is actually a thing, and "seizing the drinks at closing time" is also a thing. "People might get angry" is a bullshit excuse. Jimmy thinks his court date is at both 10 am and 9 am. Apparently Gizmo has only one eye. Neither of these sound like "you must close" offenses, like rodent infestation. We're not getting the whole story. Gus in the know at Raffles II

Interesting that someone brought up WRBS for EMF buying a Baltimore radio station. THEY WILL NOT SELL, guarantee that and I think they get decent ratings and own the market already and know it. I used to buy advertising from them and their listeners are very devout and faithful to their advertisers too. Interesting note about the WRBS owners though. They started channel 24 WKJL in Baltimore back in the 1980s, but were kind of in over their heads on that. But I saw some interesting copyright expired movies on that channel like Blondie & Dagwood TV & movies, things I probably couldn’t find anywhere on TV today. They simply had no capital or ability to buy any serious programming, and eventually had to sell. When they were WKJL 24, I don’t remember ever seeing a single advertisement even run on the station. I think they originally used the old channel 45 tower in Catonsville as I recall, but somebody can correct me if I’m wrong as I know there’s another tower right next to it. They might have used both at different times, I can’t remember. They had the same problem that WBFF had out there, different direction from TV Hill for most people and short tower, so ghosting from across town if you couldn’t rotate your antenna. We had a rotor so I always got it quite well. — BaltoMedia.net

The poster wasn't as clear as he/she/it/they might have been, but we do all know that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, right? Of course if PR becomes a state, the gummint will finally start collecting that sweet, sweet federal income tax. Sister Bertrille is looking down from Heaven and smiling. In other news, Mexico and Greenland are both part of North America. TMOS: first the Lincoln Project scandal, now the Jimmy's health scare. The beach is indeed getting dark. Gus Doodle Dandy

/\ February 4 /\

\/ February 3 \/

John C. Jeppi Sr, former owner of the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland has died of COVID. Also ran the Jeppi Nut Company for a time. www.baltimoresun.com

Sarah Caldwell’s Facebook says she’s still with WBFF Fox 45 btw, although she is not on the FOX 45 bio page, but I’m not sure she ever was. it was simply a maternity leave assignment for her as I recall. The Caldwell Hater is worse than the WBAL Radio Hater! Don’t these people have lives without hate?

100.7 does pretty well it seems, why sell? Does Baltimore need a K-Love when you have 95.1, I think it’s called Shine-FM? They are more than welcome to buy an AM station but don’t touch that FM dial unless you are buying 95.1.

WHUT 32 has been FCC approved to quadruple their power to 416kw, so it will be more easy to receive now in the suburbs via antenna compared to the 100kw they are now. — BaltoMedia.net

I disagree about small market stations not being profitable. WHAG 25 was profitable for quite a long time or they wouldn’t still be around. The only thing that hurt the station’s profits is NBC’s antitrust violations in pulling the network from a small town and forcing a TV station no one wants to watch on them from another market instead as NBC did in south Jersey with WMGM 40. The FCC should have intervened in this. The FCC didn’t create network allocations for these towns for no particular reason. As I’ve stated before, the Hagerstown market was to have 3 network TV stations originally (2 in Cumberland), but the other 2 never got on the air or could raise enough money to be profitable. But WHAG, now WDVM was profitable for a very long time. DC doesn’t need another TV station stolen from a small town. If the FCC follows its original intent, they will reject the WDVM move simply because reception in its COL will be poor after the move. Why doesn't Nextstar just put the WDVM news at 10 on WDCW CW 50? And at 11pm too. Now that would make more sense. I feel the same way about the channel 12 ION station in Martinsburg too, but at least in that situation the TV station did fail as a local station. WDVM’s demise is artificially created entirely by NBC/Comcast. The FCC shouldn’t allow this thing to continue and get out of control. What’s next? WMDT 47 moves to the WMDE tower to get on DC cable for more advertising without ABC? This is a slippery slope that has only happened with nationwide corporate ownership instead of local of semi-local ownership where community came first. The FCC needs to reinstate that City of License has meaning.

Friend of O'Meara [FOO], TMOS hangout and Podcast regular Jimmy Cirrito announced yesterday that his JIMMY'S OLD TOWN TAVERN, Herndon, Va has been SHUT DOWN by the Health Department/ABC. #AnonymousTip #RIPO'Meara'sRestaurant&Pub

Wondering what iHeartMedia feels about one of its on air talent for TTN being a keyboard warrior on Facebook and attacking people who comment on news stories, telling them “You’re not American and you never will be.” Pretty sure this reporter touts his heritage as being from Puerto Rico so why is he attacking others who he believes aren’t American? This can’t be good for iHeartMedia’s image and I can’t imagine their advertisers would want to be associated with him. Why does iHeart keep this liability employed and on the air?

Sarah Caldwell is officially done with her temporary position at Fox...hearing it was not a great experiment for them, talk about someone who is totally in love with themselves. It was "look at me" photos every single shift. Anchoring skills...RUSTY and that is being kind

Fox 45 MIA... Patrice Sanders is off more than she is on in the AM. What’s her deal? Also, no Sarah Caldwell last weekend. Has she officially ended her short term gig ?

It's not a stretch that EMF would be interested in WZBA-100.7. I think that they would fork over quite a bit for it too, since it's probably the only thing that could be available. Shamrock is up against Entercom and I Heart, not to mention Hearst's 2 stations as far as sales goes. A single station is a tough sale when it's not a ratings monster. The only other stations that could be a target would be WRNR out in Annapolis, but it only covers half the market, and some in-town AM's. Hopefully it doesn't happen at all....

It is an interesting exercise to wax poetic about the proposed move of the WDVM transmitter site and the possible ensuing loss of "local" coverage of Hagerstown and perhaps Cumberland. I suspect many on this forum value local news coverage. But ultimately a commercial station must make money. WDVM competes with the entire inventory of Washington DC stations in 90% of its households. If not over the air in areas like Frederick County then via cable and satellite in all areas. In county by county break out, WDVM is not even top ranked in Washington County, Maryland. Even it it had an efficient cost per thousand in its' home county; the revenue couldn't support a full service station. The population is to small. Clearly the move to cover Loudoun, Prince William, and Frederick County (where they may be able to carve out a niche) is substantially more valuable than anything that can be generated in Washington and Allegheny Counties. If Washington, Allegeny and Berkley county viewers want local news; why has history shown that advertising won't support it?

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Times-Shamrock does own other radio stations both in Scranton and in Milwaukee, as well as WZBA 100.7 The Bay, so I’m not sure they’re looking to sell, but I could easily see EMF being interested with FM translators in the Inner Harbor and Parkville. But Times-Shamrock has owned 100.7 since the WGRX days in Westminster when the tower was in Hampstead and signal challenged towards Baltimore. First they built a taller tower in Hampstead nearly 1000 feet tall as I was told to improve the signal to Baltimore, but that plan didn’t exactly work as well as planned as the signal didn’t quite penetrate inside downtown buildings or the Inner Harbor or eastern suburbs. So they moved to the WMPB tower in Owings Mills, over 900 foot tall HAAT, and still they have two translators to hit trouble spots. So they’d want enough money to pay for all the upgrades they’ve done to get 100.7 to cover the entire Baltimore market, which is quite challenging with the 100.7 in Wildwood NJ, due east directly across the Delaware Bay at its widest point. I know this is a problem because on many occasions, I’ve picked up WZXL 100.7 from Wildwood in Dundalk, MD! The signal shouldn’t make it that far, but it’s mostly across water. I just don’t see Shamrock losing all the money they invested in the signal unless a LOT of money is offered. And I also don’t sense that the company is looking to get out of radio either. It has to be more profitable than their newspaper businesses, although I imagine that small town newspapers probably are doing better than the major publications in areas where there is less local TV.

'She was the best mom': Greta Kreuz's family and doctor recall her fighting, funny spirit wjla.com

I have listened to 980 for many years beginning with the John Thompson in the early 2000's; the the Sports Reports, Tony K, Andy Pollin, Doc and B Mitch, Galdi etc. A few years the 980 signal in Gainesville, VA became lost in the clouds or in the ground. I mentioned to CZABE a few years ago that the 980 signal was lost at 5:00PM in Gainesville. Now, I only listen to Chris Russell for 2 hours 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM because of LOS. I miss Doc, Galdi and CZABE on the radio regardless of the station. Bill in Gainesville

A COVID test nurse asked DCRTV Dave if he'd had a sudden loss of taste. Dave told her, "No, I've dressed in CAMO for quite a while." Signed, The Real AHHHH #SupportDCRTV

Anybody else notice Krazy Kate Amara seems to nearly lose it every liveshot? She gets this hysterical chirp to her voice, her body language gets all uncoordinated, and even one eye gets disconnected from the other. It seems a little better when she pre-records it, but she needs to cut back on the coffee or something.

Baltimore doesn’t have a K-Love outlet. But it is an “underradiod” market. lol

Dave's response: We've been trying to guess which major Baltimore FMer will first fall victim to EMF's K-Love viral spread and, right now, 100.7 is in the lead. Not if but when.....

WDVM 25’s application to move into the DC metro area appears to be under fire from the FCC as the FCC requested more data on gain/loss of viewers and other specs. It sounds like they are questioning it seriously. An amendment was filed today. I, for one, hope it gets turned down for the benefit of small towns everywhere that are getting less and less local news from stunts like this to move into bigger markets already served by enough TV stations. If approved, WDVM will likely move studios closer to DC next, meaning the end of local news coverage for anything west of Hagerstown if not Hagerstown itself. If you go to WDVM’s website right now, you get the weather for Washington DC, not Hagerstown. That’s sad.

RE CZABE: Cazbe talked about this on his podcast after the announcement that he was leaving afternoon drive on 980, his contact was up end of 2020 and Entercom wanted him to stay on afternoons on 980 but he wanted to move to 106.7, said he wants to be on a station that can be heard after 5pm as the 980 signal goes to crap and can barely be heard in the metro area. He has been doing morning radio on 97.3 The Game in Milwaukee for awhile now so i don't think he wants to do mornings in DC unless it's a great deal

Alpha Media goes Bankrupt. They will sell off some of their stations. Will they sell WFLS in Fredericksburg? They have a good Country Format. Too bad they don't have a better signal in the DC Market.

Dave's response: Maybe EMF can pick it up cheap for another K-Love outlet.....

Speculating about what went down with the WJFK and WTEM merge, Czaban, and G&D. Czabe probably has/had a contract that he does the morning shift. WJFK probably asked him to move to PM drive, which would require a new or revised contract. This took a couple weeks to work through, which is when WJFK "auditioned" a few hosts in PM drive. When they couldn't come to terms (did Czabe insist on mornings and tried to get the Junkies moved to afternoon? Money didn't work out?), Czabe moved to his weekend morning shift to finish out his contract, and G&D got PM drive. If this is what happened, it's too bad - Junkies, G&D, and Czabe would have been a pretty strong lineup. Pete Medhurst is trying, but he's a little too sports-earnest to carry four hours on his own. He might be a good co-host on a mostly sports mid day show, but the show needs a personality injection.

Somebody at The Sun must read DCRTV as they stopped the Paywall blocking of important COVID stories. YAY!

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I notice that Rabbitears has not updated the sharing agreements for WIAV to put its current programming on WDCO just yet even though the sharing agreements are FCC approved. What’s on WIAV will soon change to WJLA ABC 7 at the minimum, as has been stated publicly. I realize the WIAV NextGen application has not yet been approved, but the WDCO sharing agreement has been approved, but if the stations are not yet on WDCO, they will very soon as it really only requires flipping a switch of sorts as both are on the same tower. Yes Rabbitears, WMDO is moving to WDCO very soon. Update as people will need to rescan. for Unimás and LATV.

One last cool thing about SFNs. When your family is watching live TV in the car driving around town, the tuner will actively switch from one tower to another without a glitch. At least that is what is being tested in Detroit soon. A mobile testing lab has been set up for mobile TV. Your cell phone or mobile TV will actively select the best signal and presumably without dropouts or pixelation like with the current ATSC 1.0 standard.

NEWS! Mel Antonen, longtime MASN and USA Today baseball reporter, dies at 64 of a rare acute auto-immune disease and complications from COVID-19. (From various sources)

Time to short-sell TMOS?

While America’s first SFN (Single Frequency Network) was tested in the Washington/Baltimore market using WUTB’s old RF channel from TV Hill (WBFF tower) and Ward Circle (WRC NBC tower), nobody really ever saw it. However, the first REAL SFN is now being launched in Phoenix by Scripps using two towers in the the Phoenix metro area from 2 mountains on different sides to better serve the market. ATSC 3.0 is inherently designed to be able to reject interference on the same channel. With multiple towers around a metro area, indoor reception and expansion of the total contour will help every market without causing interference to adjacent markets. This is why Washington/Baltimore was chosen as the ultimate test. Would a signal in DC reject a signal in Baltimore based on location and signal strength without constant interruption? This is most helpful in markets with mountains where you need a signal on the other side of a mountain from which a TV station’s main signal is on the other side. This test proved that there wouldn’t be interference. This also helps with TV stations that have LPTV translators due to mountains on other channels. With ATSC 3.0, they basically will no longer be necessary, freeing up more frequencies in mountainous markets. Also think about markets like NYC. This will allow the network stations to put an SFN tower out on Long Island to extend the market past the current limit of indoor reception, fully containing the market with better reception without the need for cable TV. Being down where Dave Hughes is, being on the other side of the mountain from the main tower will no longer be an issue for indoor reception. ATSC 3.0 was designed for this from the ground up too. And the final thing about the advancement of ATSC 3.0 is that it is upgradeable unlike previous transitions. New HDTVs can simply get firmware updates like computers for new features or technical tweaks to fix problems or add new features.

For those wondering what an SFN (Single Frequency Network) is, this is an engineering concept pic for San Francisco with 8 TOWERS to cover the entire market to guarantee indoor reception from various areas around the city from well north well down to San Jose using existing towers. No idea when this will be built, but this is the ultimate concept for every NextGen TV for most markets. A Baltimore concept is already planned as well. Not sure what Sinclair has in stores for DC, but I’m thinking something like this with about 4 towers at least to adequately cover Northern VA as well as Maryland and other areas when all finished. WIAV 58 is simply a stop-gay measure to get the ball rolling and get more viewers out there.

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