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DCRTV Mailbag - March 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021

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RE: "The main format EMF has is K-Love, a contemporary Christian Format. Why Nashville?" Dave hit the nail on the head. To hammer it in, most (but not all) of the big and even emerging Christian artists live, record, and work in ..... Nashville. As such, it makes perfect sense. JA

DIVERSITY....how many Minorities own Television Stations today? None that I know. The FCC keeps track of this information. They require stations to report this information every year. Perhaps we should allocate 28 new TV Channels that can only be awarded to Minorites again. Wait......the FCC tried this before! How many of these TV Channels are owned by Minorities today? All of these so called "Franken FM Stations" were meant to be owned and operated by Minorities. It was a good experiment, but it FAILED! NONE of these original stations are owned and operated by Minorities today! Why? Because these valuable licenses were sold off to Non-Minorities as soon as possible for big profits! Should we try this mistake again? Listen to these LPTV Stations today on 87.7 FM.

We hear that the owner of WDCN 87.7 FM has asked the FCC for a 6 month extension on going digital. They had an extension before. Why should the FCC give them another extension? If they don't want to operate as a LPTV Station, they should turn in their license. They have never operated as a TELEVISION STATION as intended. WDCN 87.7 FM has always operated as a FM Radio Station! If The FCC gives them another extension, this is an abuse of power. We know that the FCC has Great Power! Please do the right thing.

Now that G Gordon Liddy is practicing permanent social distancing does that mean the old pic of him in a Speedo that used to pop up in this very mailbag back in his WJFK days is gone forever as well?

The WIAV ATSC 3.0 signal has quite some range. I am 52 miles from the tower and am able to lock the TBD channel. I am using a HDHR connect 4k. WIAV may have hit the class-A jackpot when WETA wanted RF31, letting them request 48kW on RF30. While the technology is impressive the content they currently have (TBD) is garbage. Hopefully they will put more on it (that is still encoded robustly enough for me to get it where I am). Other than telling viewers to use 7.4 for ATSC 1.0 content have any announcements been made about the ATSC 3.0 signal on RF30?

"When will the FCC start hiring some Broadcasters who have experience and understand the Business rather than lawyers to write new "Rules & Regulations". There are NO experienced broadcasters working at the FCC!" What the heck is wrong with you, dude? Why are there no slaughterhouse workers working for the USDA? Why is Imus not working for the Virginia ABC? Why are there no criminals working for the FBI? OK bad example, but moving on... you want air talent or management or interns whoreking at the FCC? Which? Seriously, you repeatedly post this dewshstatic argument. And I don't think you've seen the U.S. tax code in its full majesty. I suspect you have a case of "can't get past the FCC call screener"-itis. Gus scratching his head over idiots as often happens

EMF....Educational Media Foundation..... says they are moving their headquarters to Nashville. This is the Country Music Capital of the world. The main format EMF has is K-Love, a contemporary Christian Format. Why Nashville?

Dave's response: I suspect that state corporate taxes are a lot lower in Tennessee than in California.....

RIP Mr. Liddy. Yet lying ratbag serial perjurer John Dean (his slander suit against Liddy for using those terms failed) continues to breathe decent people's oxygen and pop up on TV when they need a dewsh. Liddy wrote his autobiography, Dean by his own account didn't even *read* his. Colodny et al's Silent Coup gets us as close to the truth of Watergate as we're ever going to get. Gus in mourning but still cranking to 1974 Mo Dean

When will the FCC start hiring some Broadcasters who have experience and understand the Business rather than lawyers to write new "Rules & Regulations". There are NO experienced broadcasters working at the FCC! As one poster said, the FCC has more rules than the IRS.

What the general public does not know about the Channel 6 LPTV situation. This group of 28 LPTV Stations hired a lobbyist to lobby the FCC to keep the analog channel 87.7 FM in place. They do not want to go digital and lose this lucrative opportunity to operative as FM COMMERCIAL RADIO STATIONS. None of these stations want to operate as LPTV Stations. Why? They can make more money as FM Radio Stations! It costs much less to operate as a radio station. This was an a loophole that permitted them to get MAJOR FM SIGNALS in the Top Ten Markets at a very low cost! None of these stations are owned by MINORITIES anymore. The original purpose of awarding these licenses was to get Minorities into Television Ownership. The original owners of the licenses made out very well when they sold off these valuable licenses.

It looks like AM 700 is returning to its roots. This morning WDMV is not "La Jefa" but relaying Birach's Dearborn outlet WDZK with Arab-American targeted programming albeit in English. They're ID'ing both stations so this not a techincal mishap.Lots of Detroit business adverts. (AM 700 when launched was originally Arabic, having moved the comtent from AM 1030 if I recall.)

A couple of notes about the end of analog TV scheduled for July of this year. First of all the FCC did remind operators Of the July 2021 deadline but also left the door open for requests for extensions. Second WDCN has requested a six month extension to the deadline based on what the owner calls delays its control. Third the FCC has not made a final determination on the continued use of Channel 6 as what is sometimes called a "Franken FM" station. It is possible (but unlikely) that the general deadline could be extended yet again or that there may be some accommodation for continued use in the current manner. No axe to grind here. i do not work for any Channel 6 operator, NOR, or any AM station looking for a new FM translator. i am just reporting what I have seen.

As carefully crafted and executed as it was, Gordon Liddy couldn't help but have some fun with his "tough guy" image, almost as an inside joke. There is a YouTube video where the G Man cooks up a batch of popcorn just by staring down the bag until it gives up out of abject fear.

Re: Wisdom Martin, who knows what's up with him these days. That morning show is just background noise for me. Every now and then, I'll catch something they're doing that is senseless entertainment. But overall, it is NOT a news show and I can't believe management believes that's what they're presenting each morning.

/\ March 31 /\

\/ March 30 \/

NEWS! Watergate scandal, assumes room temperature at 90 years old. Body said to be found in Fort Marcy. washingtonpost.com...

G. Gordon Liddy dead. "Eff you, white trash!" www.washingtonpost.com

FCC regs state that a television station broadcast some kind of video content, and that the video and audio content do not necessarily have to be related. Is WDCN-LP putting up any kind of receivable video image that allows them to exploit this rule and exist as a channel 6 Franken-FM? I can't receive any kind of analog TV anymore. Yes they do and always have. We just have aposter (likely one with an agenda) that has been posting on this for years implying that they are in violation of the regulations.

Somara Theodore is all over the place on NBC. She’s on evening weekends, have seen her doing the weather on the morning NBC network weekend Today show & just turned on channel 4 & she’s doing the evening weather. Guess she’s glad she decided to come back & not pursue whatever she was going to do when she initially left.

Looks like DC has added the media to the list of those eligible to receive the COVID vaccine. If Blake McCoy had been more patient & kept quiet about others getting the vaccine before him, he may still have a job at FOX5.

The author of "Am I imagining that Fox 5's ..." certainly hits the nail on the head, especially in his last three sentences about the lack of professionalism and the increase of personal thoughts and entertainment replacing actual news.

"Will changing your name from Entercom to Audacy improve your financial position? Their stock is now selling at $5.13 per share. The company has a very large debt." The name change probably is meant to reflect a move into the digital/internet realm. In the world companies change their names all the time. But thanks for looking up the stock price. That's a mystery few have been able to crack. See the whole board, as President Bartlett said. With the prime where it is there has never been a better time to carry debt. As Gordon Gecko would say today "Debt is good." Don't you worry, Puddin' Pop. Life is a breeze. Gus in control, here, now, gentlemen

FCC regs state that a television station broadcast some kind of video content, and that the video and audio content do not necessarily have to be related. Is WDCN-LP putting up any kind of receivable video image that allows them to exploit this rule and exist as a channel 6 Franken-FM? I can't receive any kind of analog TV anymore.

I am surprised the folks at Orban (maker of radio broadcast processing gear) didn't sit bolt upright and take umbrage at Entercom's new name. Orban used to make a $40,000 digital workstation called the AUDICY. Sure, the two are not spelled identically, but if some company came up with a pink antacid they called "Pepto-Dismal", there'd be a lot of angry execs over at Procter & Gamble.

Am I imagining that Fox5's Wisdom Martin seems to be a lot more chatty since the arrival of Marissa Mitchell and Jeannette Reyes? At one point I thought that maybe he was being paid by the word! On one recent Friday neither Marissa nor Jeannette were there and Wisdom seemed somewhat subdued when his interaction was only with Holly Morris and Erin Como. I've also noticed that the morning Good Day DC airings seem to be a lot more rowdy, especially during the 10am segment. I think having Steve Chenevey being present at the 9am segment helps to keep them acting a little more professional. It just seems that the morning anchors spend way too much time talking about themselves or interjecting their personal thoughts & beliefs instead of reporting the news. They seem to go off on tangents and when it's time to report on an actual news segment, they have to tell the guest that they've run out of time and have to cut the segment short. It's become more of an entertainment show instead of a news show.

I hear Podcast Village is changing their name. Can anyone else confirm? Is the new facility viable? Or, will the Glover Park facility shut down. Part time employees and ex interns have loose lips…. A look at the productions on their website shows over half have not done an episode this year. Some go back as far as 2019. Is this just due to a lazy webmaster or the sign of downsizing? Could be the O’Meara Midas touch hitting again since he became a formal owner? (See WJFK, O'Meara's Restaurant and Pub, Crap the Band, The Edge, etc) Inquiring minds want to know. As Larry would say, “I’m Curious”.

Change your name? Will changing your name from Entercom to Audacy improve your financial position? Their stock is now selling at $5.13 per share. The company has a very large debt. Their DC Stations include WDCH 99.1, WIAD 94.7. WJFK 106.7, WPGC95.5, WLZL 107.9 and WJFK 1580 AM.

RE: “About WTOP, anyone making these communications racist is way off base. WTOP certainly is not perfect on the air, but racist stuff off the air is crazy.” There is one person here who always posts with this stuff. The same person was screaming about the hire of Lindsay Czarniak a few months ago. LC has been off the air for years in DC and besides that, she earned her way. This person is allowed to just rant about why DC radio and TV hosts are not 100 % black. Every time they get shot down due to having the facts wrong. I am all for inclusivity of all races on the air. Please note this has to be different from the A Hole who rants about Chad and then spells his real name wrong. OOBBEE

Entercom is now AUDACY. Complete rebrand and name change for Entercom

Today, Entercom becomes Audacy. OOBBEE

/\ March 30 /\

\/ March 29 \/

The FCC says they are serious this time about the Channel 6 LPTV change on July 13, 2021. If these stations don't go digital they must turn in their license. They have enjoyed many years of operating as FM Radio Stations on their audio frequency 87.7 FM. They found the loophole and never operated as Television Stations as intended. There are 28 LPTV Stations operating as FM Radio stations on the 87.7 FM Frequency. Remember why these LPTV licenses were granted in the first place. If you don't remember, it was to permit Minorities to get into TELEVISION OWNERSHIP! At the time, the FCC wanted more Diversity in Television Ownership. WDCN 87.7 FM in DC is one of the stations that has always operated as a FM Radio Station. The owner has always leased out this station. Promises made to the FCC don't seem to mean anything.

About WTOP, anyone making these communications racist is way off base. WTOP certainly is not perfect on the air, but racist stuff off the air is crazy. Hopefully we all listen for the latest news, traffic & weather. Never have I tried to listen to an anchor for his/her race. That would be crazy. Also, no one should care if an anchor is female or male, Black, White, Hispanic etc. More craziness. I certainly do not like errors on the air; could be the anchor/board operator/engineer. Who knows. We listeners care, but never able to find out who is responsible. Cutting off CBS news is ongoing. When the anchor on CBS is finished, they identify themselves, etc. If that's at 2:50 into the broadcast, WTOP should let it air. Cutting it off for a 1/2 to 1 second of time is ridiculous. Sounds very awkward and I say many listeners notice. It's so obviously wrong and doesn't make the station sound comfortable. And sound levels for reporters are important and need to be better.

It is interesting how Bob takes it all lately from Mike on TMOS. Are Mike’s failures are causing him to lash out at Bob more these days? Bob sounds so nervous now when he ad libs a bit with Mike. Multiple times Mike has bragged his AU degree was better than Bob’s at VCU. (Like it matters in podcasting?) It might be if you were, let’s say, Tony Perkins. Bob wanted to tell a story the other day about a guy using a fake NIH job with Fauci to meet and steal from women. Mike started making fun of Bob’s stuttering, lack of storytelling ability, cut him off, and then went to Oscar’s future vaccine appointment. Bob is also constantly made fun of for not getting guests on a show no one wants to be a guest on like it is his fault. Maybe it’s all pay back for Bob’s abuse of interns at JFK and his use of Don as a threat when there? After Don left, Bob had few friends and places to turn to so Mike made sense if not survival. Don always talked about paying Bobo out of his pocket. Then, there was the time D&M added John Norman to help Bob with bookings. When Bob found out The Big Cat might be looking elsewhere, he ratted him out to Don behind everyone’s back which really screwed Norman. More recently, Bob came on stage at a BOAD event and tried to goof on Drab. He looked like a BOOB doing it on stage and was called out for it on the air by Oscar. Shit Bob, Drab has a real job. The other day Mike said “simple minded” people, like John Popp, left JFK to work for places the NRA when Liddy left. Maybe they just needed a job like Mike and Bob did when they could not talk sports as little as the Junkies at the times and still be interesting?

Whether WPTX needs an FM signal or not, their AM signal can be picked up in an unexpected number of places. The web page rx.linkfanel.net will take you to a directory of online SDR receivers you can listen to remotely from your computer, and all up and down the East you will hear 1690. On clear nights you will also pick up a nostalgia AM'er in Ramapo NY, as well as a surprisingly well-programmed traveler's info station in New Jersey at 1710.

Okay, I'm kinda cheating here, but being one of the few 'civvies' that got the chance to actually operate the expanded band station out of Fort Meade, I knew it as "K-Truck" (KTRK), as the entire operation was field-deployable in a military panel truck, with a frequency-agile transmitter and antenna. In February 1996, when I was the Technical Editor for Radio World newspaper, I was invited to do a test music radio show from the fort inside the K-Truck, asking for reception reports from anywhere. The furthest I heard from was Sweden. I wrote an article for RW on my adventure, and Project Manager Don Browne signed off on a Certificate verifying my participation, which still hangs in my ham shack. -Al Peterson

Seeing the posting about 1690KHz out of Lex Park reminds me it has been 25 years since a military station went on the air at Ft. Meade in what was the "new" part of the AM band at the time. The station consisted of transmitters in a trailer, a portable tower, and a studio in another trailer all lashed together, and run off a big generator. The U.S. Army put it on the air to test it out before deploying it to the Balkans as an "information" station. Strange to find such a strong signal up past WTOP when it was still a powerful, regional presence on 1500. The mystery signal was too strong to be an illegal pirate station, but the programming was too amateurish to be a bonafide commercial station. Bonus points if anyone remembers the self assigned "call sign."

From an interview with Sinclair’s VP of Technology with TVTechnology.com, Mark Aitken gives a lot of insight into DC’s NextGen TV rollout. it appears NextGen TV will be difficult since the market has no very tall TV tower(s) at all, so they’re actually going to have to use cell phone towers, dozens+ of them to try to replicate what can be done in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, NYC, Phoenix, or Dallas, which have newer and much better tower infrastructure. Made me wonder if he’s just throwing some fire out there to stir the pot for a taller tower in DC, which has been unsuccessfully tried before. An ATSC 3.0 SFN network with a shorter main tower simply doesn’t work he said from an engineering perspective as indoor reception and localized marketing is the entire goal. However the marketing potential of reception by cell tower really narrows down where localized ads need to go to very small areas, so this will be the most interesting test of NextGen so far as in REALLY localized. At this micro-level, TV ads in Fairfax will be different than Annandale! I cannot decide if this is ingenious or he’s just bluffing for better tower deals. You can read his entire quote at TVTech. —BaltoMedia.net

A previous poster said Joan Jones is a good anchor at WTOP. When she first arrived, she was better. It was as if someone in management told her to be more like Hillary and her delivery suffered. As for the WTOP dead air, bleeps, bloops, and other "technical" problems, blame whomever is running the board at the time, along with the poor management of audio levels of reporters stories, and crappy Internet connections. So much fading down and up. Yikes! The same four or five stories repeated every hour for a day or more. On the weekends, stories that are days old. For you Doctor Who fans, listen closely to the underlying "music" as they run up to the hourly CBS news. You will hear a foreboding "cloister bell" ringing to warn us of impending doom. As for CBS News being cut off, the cast is 2:50 long followed by a network commercial or filler. WTOP usually dumps out of that for their own promo.

A while ago, a poster suggested looking at the Google and Bing maps street views to see the state of what was once The Mighty 1390 WEAM on Crimmins Lane. How the mighty have fallen. One wonders what treasures might lie abandoned in the building. Red coats? Wheeler's Wheel of Fortune? Harry Averil's hot line? There are people on YouTube who post about abandoned buildings. At least one showed a radio station with equipment in place. Who wants to go exploring?

Hey, Johnny, while you're here, I have questions: What was the last record you played at Double-Double? Does Billy keep up with his Biceps work? How many Spotmasters do you have in your basement? Inquiring mind wants to know!

"I know WTOP can do better during the most important time slot. Who's with me?" No one. Why are you fixated on their genitals? It's people reading the news. Who gives a shit what color their skin is or what type of genitalia they have?

To the person boycotting WTOP because they have white male anchors, get a life. Is being white and male a disqualifier nowadays? What’s wrong with a female anchor, TV or radio, having a male coanchor? As a man, can I claim that having two female anchors - which is commonplace on many newscasts across the country - is sexist? Joan Jones’ coanchor is Bruce Alan who, despite being a white man, does a damn fine job. I imagine he’ll be back in his role soon as he continues his recovery from COVID; he’s already been doing some reporting work. WTOP has lots of great people on their team. Mark Lewis, Rob Woodfork and JJ Green are some of the more prominent talent who are black. They also list Clay Anderson on their bio page but I don’t think he’s been at Channel 4 (and WTOP) for at least a couple of years now. Maybe they could diversify their staff some more, sure. Hire the best people for the job and perhaps replace Hillary Howard since she’s always talking over her coanchor and interrupting commercials. Oh and it’s radio, so most of the listening audience has no clue about what race the newsreader is and I feel there are bigger things to worry about in life.

/\ March 29 /\

\/ March 28 \/

The Wall Street Journal has an article on possible space alien languages, but it's behind a paywall! My ass is so chapped! It's of vital planetary importance. We need this for when the government finally releases all the information. The link was on Drudge. Also DailyBeast has an article on onetime Georgetown bookdealer the former Larry McMurtry, but again, paywall! Race-based hiring of WTOP radio newsreaders ("anchors"? really?) Not cool. Anyway the poster has had since 2014 to make their objections known in this particular instance. Gus in medium high dudgeon

You are forgiven Carl. I hope you realize I was just pulling your chain about listening to me on WINS. There was a reason Dan Ingram was number One in afternoon drive. Private message me and we'll catch up. JH

I can't believe Washington's greatest living legends, Johnny Holliday, answered my comment. I apologize for not listing more of the great disk jockeys, including you, sir. I listened to you on WWDC-1260 for years, when I stopped car-pooling (I was a GS-5, you know whom the higher GS numbers wanted :^), I have the Cruisin' 64 album of you "on WHK-1410" (on a vinyl record with the original Chuck Berry last song on it). My wife and I and all our parents saw you many times at the Harlequin Dinner Theater, including you singing, for example, "Doing the Lambeth Walk" and, i believe, "SIngin' in the Rain" in the rain. And being the Announcer for Sam and Cokie. And of course, everyone younger than me knows about your sports presentation career. Wow!! I apologize that I didn't realize you ended the music format on WINS. (I was 14 at the time.) I have all the Cruisin' albums, and really, you, B. Mitchell Reed, and Robert W. Morgan had the three best recreations of them all. My wife can't believe I left your name out of my short list. -- Carl in Olney

WSBN 630 AM ESPN (formerly WMAL 630 AM) Since they moved their tower site to Gaithersburg, we cannot get their signal at night in Northern Virginia. Cumulus should lease or buy a Translator in Northern Virginia. We hear that Metro Radio is going to sell WKDV 1460 AM in Manassas and Translator 97.7 FM in Reston. If WSBN were simulcasting on WKDV and 97.7 FM, it would certainly help their coverage.

Key 103 (WAFY, Frederick, MD) is the best pop station because you can listen to it all day and never hear that awful "Driver's License" song.

On January 15, Somar Communications filed a "license to cover" for their new WPTX cross-service translator W264DR in Lexington Park, Maryland. The translator broadcasts with 250 watts ERP on an adjacent tower to WPTX. WIth a radiation center at 93 meters above ground, the 100.7 MHz signal should have wide coverage. WPTX now heavily promotes their new 100.7 option on 1690 AM. Finall, unike Somar's own previous actions, none of the nearby co-channel stations launched a massive campaign before FCC officials to deny the new 100.7 application.

/\ March 28 /\

\/ March 27 \/

Hey Carl in Olney...Nice post about 1010 WINS in New York..You do know I played the LAST record on 1010 WINS before it became all News April 18th 1965. It was The ShangrI-La's "Out In The Streets". I thought I was your favorite afternoon dj..then again I was up against Dan Ingram...He was the best. I am proud to say I did beat him at 5pm....we talked about that a couple of years ago before he passed away. A true Gentleman and one heck of an air personality. Stay well... Johnny Holliday

Looks like the author of "Who's with me?" wants us to agree to judge anchors by the color of their skin, not the quality of their character or delivery. Seems the opposite of Dr. King's dream.

Speaking of all-news stations: I have been listening to WINS-1010 in NYC on my phone while bicycling on weekday afternoons over the last year, and must say that Larry Mullins on "1010-WINS" in the first half hour of all afternoon and early evening hours, is the Gold Standard of Gold Standards. I don't know how he does it, straight news, yet a little humor, and friendly with the traffic and weather people. Just as Dan Ingram in the afternoons on WABC-770 in NYC was the Gold standard of Top 40 DJs in the 1960s (also a tip of the hat to Joey Reynolds and Robert W. Morgan), Larry Mullins is the best news anchor I have ever heard. And for those who wondered about radio strength, WCBS-880 (Class A) is non-directional 24/7, and WINS-1010 (Class B) has to be directional for CFRB in Toronto, which sometimes even comes in at sunset instead of WINS around DC. -- Carl in Olney

Caught Mike O'Meara on TMOS try to re-create his Charly Stuangstabilac bit. Great in the past. Brutal, sad, age-related, character voice fail this week. So much so, Mel Blanc rolled over in his grave. Imus, what was once home to a thousand voices is now, at what age 63, down to one genre - old man. #LikeAPitcherLosingHisFastball #SupportDCRTV

Is there an issue with the signal quality of Radio 63 during the Andy Pollin hour 10:00-11:00AM? There is a break in of a few seconds (dead air) all morning. I have experienced this over the past 3-4 weeks in Gainesville, VA. Thanks. Bill, Gainesville, VA

I am boycotting WTOP. Joan Jones is a good anchor in morning drive. However, they always seem to have a white male co-anchor with her, never another woman or person of color. It's 2021. I know WTOP can do better during the most important time slot. Who's with me?

Grampa, what's a "teletype"? Wow, you're old.

The Eastern shore hardly has a glut of religious broadcasters considering the largest one is gone, now WBOC FM 102.5 FM. It has a glut of out of town radio sources.

Garbage on WRC TV, Ch 4: a gambling guy doing sports tonight, Friday, March 26th. This is some dude working for a gambling joint of some sort. Hey...I want the sports, not the odds. Just way too much gambling going on and Ch 4 does not need this baloney on a newscast. Maybe the FCC needs to know. Then, maybe the FCC doesn’t care. Oh...gambling belongs in a casino. Thanks.

Ever Since Bonneville Ditched the stations to the East of the Mississippi, WTOP’s programming audio quality has gone straight down the tubes. Loud, Over-Processes, silences in strange places… what on earth happened to the engineers that were supposed to keep all this seamless. Next, I expect to hear the teletype machines make their magic way back into the studios for the sound-effects, just like when WTOP first changed format – yeah, many moons ago… :( -Otto From the Valley

/\ March 27 /\

\/ March 26 \/

So the Eastern Shore has a glut of public radio stations- (WRAU 88.3 WSCL, 89.5 WSDL 90.7 WESM 91.13 WDDE 91.1 and WYPO 106.90) and now they are about to have a glut of religious broadcasters. Good luck with that.

The person who wrote about WTOP saying what's bad about the news presentation: "short, irritating commercials, punctuated by short irritating noises like someone beating on a hollow log" That statement is totally correct. So much noise on WTOP between segments. WAMU has very short sounds, cymbals, bumps, thank you. WTOP not only has those bothersome bangs, etc, but often promotes a story coming up and then it's another half-hour to an hour (or not at all) before it airs. I guess Mr Oxley likes that I listen that long. I do sometimes, yes. Honestly, I think a majority of reporters there, and anchors, do a great job. It's the little things, if I may say. Thanks. -- Neal

Certainly agree with the prior post about the sad state of DMV sportstalk radio. Team980 is a complete waste of time, as it has largely become a station of people who were formerly fill-in fodder at 106.7the Fan. Unprofessional and uninteresting. All around terrible radio. The one exception on 980 is Sheehan but he still thinks it is 1983, talks pretty much exclusively about the Redskins/WFT and refuses to cover the Nats, Caps and pretty much everything else. Then there is 106.7 itself. The Junkies get by on great chemistry but it is hardly a great sportstalk show. The rest of the station is radio for idiots, particularly Grunt and Dummy in the afternoon. The nighttime show and weekends on 106..7 feature basically the third tier after the fill-ins that were shipped to Team980. They are a special kind of atrocious (except Czaban on Saturday mornings, but his solo show leaves something to be desired tbh). . Local sportstalk radio has taken a deep dive.

Thinking about the WUST/Crimmins connection from a few days ago -- going back a number of years, WKCW 1420 AM used to air a Country music format with live jocks, from a farm-ish house at 5562 Baldwin St in Warrenton. WTOP had an emergency studio in one room of that house. The operation has since moved down the road to the old WPRZ(AM) directional tower site at the intersection of Rts 15 and 17. A Google Maps search shows the Baldwin place is still there, right down to the square field where the single tower once stood. Anyone know what is there now, unless it has reverted back to a private residence?

I agree grew up in NYC area in the 60s and 70s and find 880 WCBS when I can receive it at night far more interesting than WTOP also used to listen to 1010 WINS when I lived there as well but that doesn,t put out a strong signal like WCBS here in Northern Virginia.On the subject I like Cousin Brucies oldies on Saturday night from 770 WABC tried listening to it a few times which is better listening to online WABC not consistently as strong as WCBS over the air but way too many commercials.Ive said it before here no reason we shouldn,t have a good oldies station here in DC.Even on HD radio.1420 WKCW can get it in the day good variety of some 60s lots of 70s and 80s but whoever programs it hardly plays alot of major artists you would normally hear on oldies radio like the Beatles never heard Creedence Clearwater Revival,Steve Miller the Eagles but do hear Glen Frye and Don Henley solo stuff weird.

It is true about how much better the news is delivered on WCBS 880 AM, which puts a really good signal into the Maryland-DC area early mornings this time of year. If I had to describe why they are easy to listen to for long periods of time, I would say it is because WTOP wears me out. It is exhausting to hear so many short, unsatisfying stories with even more short, irritating commercials, punctuated by short irritating noises like someone beating on a hollow log.

/\ March 26 /\

\/ March 25 \/

A tip of the cap to WAMU, 88.5 FM. #1 rating in DC market continues to be well deserved. WAMU has very few glitches, mistakes, or even dead air. WTOP at 103.5 FM has glitches, often cutting CBS Network News before it ends. WTOP may wish to listen to 880 AM WCBS or 1010 AM WINS in New York City. Professional and mostly perfect when I tune in. Thanks.

New WTTG antenna on the River Road tower? I’ve heard it was supposed to go up last Sunday but has been postponed until mid-April. I don’t want to miss that! - P of the AW

Dave: Good afternoon. For thee past 6 months my listening of sports radio has declined significantly. I am used to listening to Doc Walker, Al Galdi, Any Pollin, Kevin Sheehan, Steve Czaban, Thom Levero, Brian Mitchell, and chris Russell (on a radio station I can hear in Gainesville, VA. The current radio on WJFK and WTEM, for the most part of daylight hours, leaves much to be desired. Doc and Brian was magic radio; Andy is great; Kevin from 6:00AM to 9:00AM is lost in the haze; Czabe on Saturday is hit and miss; Thom with Keven was also magic, and Galdi was a force unto himself. I cannot hear Chris Russell after 5:00PM. We need these personalities back on radio. Thanks. Bill in Gainesville

During the day Thursday 3/25, attorney Larry Klayman is streaming on YouTube a "citizen's grand jury", a totally ineffective and futile bit of theater "indicting" the Biden family for corruption, using little more than the cartoons that run through his head around the clock for evidence. Klayman can be heard on a weekly radio show 3:05 PM Sunday on 570 AM in DC,as well as a daily podcast. If you've never heard his radio show, don't waste your time. He is not entertaining or compelling and many times borders on racist.

Tony Koenheiser JUST CELEBRATED 1 year in his attic, broadcasting PARDON THE INTERRUPTION....& podcast ..... self imposed exile due to Covid...only goes out to walk doggie

To the poster about Sarah Caldwell "hater"..it is not just one person, it is dozens and if you speak to people who have worked with her you would understand the posts are quite accurate.

NEWS UPDATE: An update on The Baltimore Sun sale. Now the same DC area interested buyer, Stewart Bainum in just The Sun purchase has bid on the entire Tribune company, but still no certain outcome on who will end up owning The Baltimore Sun or the other properties. The new bid is higher than the bid by Alden Global Capital which is not finalized as The NY Post has said, but then again, they would love for Alden to win right? www.baltimoresun.com... —BaltoMedia.net

Does anyone know if WTTG installed their new antenna at River Road? Speaking of antennas, WIAV flips the switch this morning for ATSC 3.0 on channel 58 (RF 30). I’d love to hear a report if anyone has a brand new Samsung, LG, or Sony HDTV. Right now the NextGen TV sets are all in the 55, 60-80 inch range, but DC is a filthy rich town. Somebody has to have one. Is there anybody OUT THERE? :-) — BaltoMedia

NEWS! The new DC Ratings are out today. WAMU is #1 with a 10.2 Share, WTOP is #2 with a 9.9 Share and WHUR is #3 with 8.1 Share. This is the only top ten market where a Non-Commercial Station is #1 in the market. All Access Washington... All Access Baltimore

WRAU Sold... fcc.org... WGTS bought it for $650K...

If I may comment: Why doesn't the person who worries about "the Russians" paying someone to broadcast their programming not worry equally about China Radio (the so-called "People's Republic", not the Republic on Taiwan) paying the owners of WCRW-1190 in Leesburg to broadcast their programming 24/7? Personally, I don't care about either; sometimes I listen for a few moments; usually I don't. I also don't mind that WYPR-HD2-88.1 FM broadcasts the BBC World Service, a foreign government (UK) broadcaster, or even that the CBC (the broadcast arm of a foreign government) gets "As It Happens" on stations all over the United States. Also, whoever wrote that remembrances of Rush Limbaugh will be on nearly forever misunderstood that that was as of the day of closing of the most recent issue of Talkers. What I've heard and read is that Dan Bongino, who once shook hands with us at the Sandy Spring Strawberry Festival when running for Congress, will start his replacement show "on many of these same stations" in a few weeks. And one last thing: When I want an actual news broadcast with interesting items read and discussed honestly (unlike everything I get on radio and Sirius/XM) and no constant repetition of "What's up next" and the call letters and the app name, I have found that I get it from the Black Information Network's programs on WUST-1120 AM, or in my car, WMZQ-HD2 (98.7). It's basically the "of interest to African-Americans" version of WINS-1010 from NYC (which does the best job of news of all of them). ---Carl in Olney

NEWS! WAMU is selling its Ocean City repeater, WRAU, to Atlantic Gateway Communications, the owner of WGTS. Price is $650k. A previous sale to Dover, Del. NPR member WDDE for $537k fell through last year, presumably due to covid-related funding issues. fcc.gov

NEWS! New Owner of the Sun??? pagesix.com: Hamptons regulars are stunned after Wall Streeter Heath Freeman — dubbed “the hedge fund vampire that bleeds newspapers dry” — bought the beloved East Hampton Point resort for less than $20 million. Freeman is president of Alden Global Capital, which was also named “the grim reaper of American newspapers” by Vanity Fair for its slash-and-burn practice of initiating deep cuts and mass layoffs at papers it buys, such as the Denver Post and the San Jose Mercury News. Alden just finalized a $431 million deal to buy the remaining stake in Tribune Publishing, owner of the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun and the troubled New York Daily News.

/\ March 25 /\

\/ March 24 \/

Do we have a term in the malebag yet for when you think an on-air anchor / reporter is attractive and then they take their mask off and you realize you’ve been duped by the top half of their face? #SupportDCRTV

What is your obsession with Fox5? Wisdom Martin is Fine! You know Black dont Crack Honey. They only change they need to make to that Morning show is get Tucker and his lame butt buddy jokes with Steve off the show. He looks so tired. He can't keep up with his fiance' working the night shift. Maybe he'll join his Comedian friend Tony over at Channel 9?

Re: "105.5 FM Translator is receiving $25,000 per month and WZHF 1390 AM is receiving $35,000 per month to lease their stations to the Russians." What is the source of that information please?

"The Russians are paying the DC Stations very well......105.5 FM Translator is receiving $25,000 per month and WZHF 1390 AM is receiving $35,000 per month to lease their stations to the Russians. Is this in the Public Interest?" I fail to see the problem. Is a Hot AC station in the public interest? Or is "public" code for "wuss"? Maybe some of us want to hear what Russia has to say. VOA has office space in Moscow provided by the Russkie gummint. Is anyone using the Triangle Towers tower or is that in the past? BTW and not for nothing, SNL's former Chevy Chase is a hyooge dewsh. Gus in silent lucidity at his Moscow pied a terre

/\ March 24 /\

\/ March 23 \/

NEWS! Former FOX 5 reporter Beth Parker dies from cancer... www.fox5dc.com... Former FOX 5 reporter Beth Parker, who came into your homes for almost two decades while covering stories across the D.C. region, has died. Beth passed away Monday morning after battling cancer. She was 51. Beth was an amazing storyteller and brought us so many wonderful and positive stories over the years while introducing us to the very best the D.C. area had to offer. Beth left FOX 5 in 2015 after 17 years at the station. She had been living in San Francisco, where she worked as Chief Communication Officer for Lean In founder Sheryl Sandberg. It was a dream job for her and allowed her to help other women achieve greatness...

Who are the owners of Translator 105.5 FM and WZHF 1390 AM? John Garziglia owns Translator 105.5 FM and Arthur Liu owns WZHF 1390 AM.

The Russians are paying the DC Stations very well......105.5 FM Translator is receiving $25,000 per month and WZHF 1390 AM is receiving $35,000 per month to lease their stations to the Russians. Is this in the Public Interest? It certainly is in the interest of the owners!

Channel 5 is just a mess these days" Why anyone would still watch local news, especially Fox 5 which is just an extension of the social media cesspool, is beyond me.

Talkers magazine is reporting that the Rush Limbaugh program will continue "with archival audio from Limbaugh’s 30-plus-year syndicated program." Well of course it will ... Wolfman Jack and Casey Kasem (among others) have been dead for quite some time now, and their syndicators just keep pushing their legacy material out the door to new affiliates every damn day. It's bad when DC keeps recycling the same radio DJs every few years. This is way worse.

Beth Parker, former Fox 5 reporter, passed away Monday. Just watched a tribute to her on Good Day DC. For the past two years, Parker was the Chief Communication Officer for the Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation according to her LinkedIn page.

Channel 5 is just a mess these days. So with the exit of 2 more anchors, they now have, what, four evening anchors to cover 4 or 5 broadcasts that usually have 2 anchors on each show? They’re going to be totally burned out as they really don’t have any seasoned field reporters who can be brought in to staff the anchor desk. And what’s up with Wisdom Martin? He just seems over the top these days. He’s also not looking that well. Seems like he’s decided to pass on the makeup. Uh, not a good look.

RE: WZHF/Russian radio: I was talking to my Russian buddy in Moscow and I love talking to people internationally to the point that I get to know them enough to understand their logic. He thinks the posts here are insane with these anti-Russian rants actually because he can watch American TV. Even though most Americans think Putin bans it, American TV is not banned in Russia, but the method of control is that few Russians speak English or learn it, so they don’t watch our TV as there are no closed captions on purpose. Also Russian schools do not teach English en masse. That’s considered a perk of Communist loyalty. And he also said most Russians hate Putin, but they know there is no alternative to keep some food on the table, at least at this point. As he said, “if Biden was serious about hurting Russia, all he’d have to do is ban Apple iPhones and McDonalds food from Russia! The average Russian does not hate America. They are more scared of China and this is part of the reason Joe Biden scares them too. The average Chinese communist’s opinion of America while working in Apple & Nike sweatshops with high suicide rates? Just think about that comparison for a minute? He also wants a Burger King or Wendys in Moscow. Yes, they have Burger King, but think about it this way. it’s not walking distance, which is basically what most Russians can do. My friend actually has a car, a luxury, but he said that it’s just too expensive to use unless absolutely necessary or a rare trip. And finally, my Russian buddy said, “Why is America so intent on trying to do what we’ve already failed at?"

/\ March 23 /\

\/ March 22 \/

Fez Whatley Is In Critical Condition!!! www.youtube.com

And just like that the Sarah Caldwell HATER is back. Dave, looking back, has anyone ever posted so much trash talk about a fill-in pregnancy gig on local TV before? I’ve never seen so much hate in so little time, well except for Gus, but at least Gus hates everyone “equitably”, the new WOKE gem of a term that equals engineered bias and racist hate. I guess Sarah Caldwell deserved it. Go figure.

If you want to hear Russian propaganda, you can get it on Translator 105.5 FM or WZHF 1390 AM.

NEWS! Chris Gordon retires from NBC4 to become a lawyer. He started at Channel 9 and then worked at Channel 7 before coming to News4... washingtonpost.com: On Friday, Chris Gordon, the longtime local TV news anchor and reporter, will retire from NBC4. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop working. Gordon’s just trading news conferences for bench conferences, a press pass for a pleading. He’ll be hanging out his shingle as a lawyer. Or rehanging it, actually. Gordon is returning to his original career. He graduated in 1973 from Cornell Law School and spent two years as a practicing attorney in New York state... Gordon moved to Washington in 1975, breaking in as a “day hire” for Channel 9, the CBS affiliate. Because his actual name was the same as a prominent D.C.-area car dealer — Herb Gordon — he adopted the first name “Chris.” “It was a magical time,” Gordon said of those Ron Burgundy days. After work, the titans of TV — Glenn Brenner, Mike Buchanan, Pat Collins, Susan King, etc. — would hold court at the Dancing Crab restaurant behind Channel 9.

I am happy that DCRTV is NOT a Political site. You can get that information in the Washington Post.

I'm curious. How often is it that WTTG runs a teaser for a report they claim is coming up. but never shows the report itself? Once my goto station, I rarely watch them anymore because they've gotten so bad, but I had them on for a couple of hours this morning. I'm old enough to remember back in the 40s and early 50s when radio stations had 15 minute newscasts that had more real news content than the hours long celebrity gossip and idle chitchat sessions on WTTG and their ilk.

It looks like Sarah Caldwell's stint at Fox is over, from what I have heard it was not a successful run for her or for the station. Hopefully she goes back into retirement!

/\ March 22 /\

\/ March 21 \/

Hey Dave, the Intel report given to the Senate last December identified Michael Caputo, dear friend of Larry O'Connor, as a person in the media working with "Russian proxies" to spread fake Russian news on Biden during the 2020 campaign. Now, WMAL HAS SCRUBBED ALL AUDIO of Larry's interviews with Mr. Caputo in 2019-2020 from its website, most likely under orders from Russian propagandists Vlad Putin and his DC publicist Bill Hess.

To the poster obsessed with Alpha Media's bankruptcy, when they announced their intentions to file Chapter 11, they stated there were no plans to divest properties. In the last week, they disclosed their plan to emerge from bankruptcy, again without selling any stations. Read about it here: www.allaccess.com... Suggest you do a little research next time before you display your ignorance on this site.

Alpha Media, with headquarters in Portland, Ore., has $267 Million in debt. They are now in Bankruptcy. Will they be forced to sell off some of their stations in order to reduce their debt? Other Broadcasting Companies like Beasley has $300 Million in DEBT. It must be difficult for these Radio Companies to service a debt that large.

When will the Biden Administration appoint a new FCC Chairman? Jessica Rosenworcel is keeping the chair warm as acting Chairman. Will the new Chairman ever drain the swamp? The FCC has more "Rules and Regulations" than the IRS. No one at the FCC ever worked at a Broadcasting Station! They like writing new "Rules & Regulations". It keeps the "Communications Attorneys" employed.

Andy Ockershausen obit at washingtonpost.com

Now with FCC approval, WJLA ABC 7 and WIAV 58’s new rescan date is March 25. That’s when WIAV officially switches to ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV presumably broadcasting WJLA. ABC programming will still be in 720p, but will the local news be in 1080p? Keep in mind that NextGen TV can switch resolutions on the fly based on the resolution of the content, even from one program to the next, so it’s likely that WIAV 58 will also be testing 4K content of some kind. Not to mention, there’s space for quite a few 1080p & 720p channels as well as 480p sub-channels. I would presume that content to be added after initial testing will be WRC 4, WTTG Fox 5, WUSA 9, and WDCW CW 50 as all are proponents of ATSC 3.0 (unless one of them has a sharing plan I’m not yet aware of), although it’s important to note that NBC has yet to switch one of its NBC O& O stations to NextGen TV. Will Washington’s WRC 4 be the first network owned to switch? We’ll see soon. wjla.com... — BaltoMedia.net

I hear Imus went on a bit about how he agonized about satellite radio (satrad offers: 0) because of all the profanity. Yet the selling point of his bone shows is precisely "profanity". Eff that guy and his racist golfing buddies. Gus in El Jefe's Hideout with the Black Pornographers who make the beach "too dark" for his daughters

Sarah Simmons has left Fox5??? What the heck?

RE: Sarah Simmons... Sad to hear Sarah is out but not surprised. When I saw her recently sporting a sleeveless shirt that exposed some developing grandma arms, I knew she'd be a goner.

If you want to be true to your word Dave, then remove the post(s) about the Russian State media. That’s clearly not about local media, and 100% political. Or post this. Comcast/NBC/Universal, owner of WRC TV and all our cable systems airs Russian & Chinese Television on its cable systems, yet does not air NewsMax, OneAmerica Network, or The FirstNews (Bill O'Reilly), which are American owned. How is that not local when NBC owns WRC TV and pretends to be non-biased when they determine what you can watch for 90% of DC/Baltimore viewers?

/\ March 21 /\

\/ March 20 \/

OK, so now yet another exit from FOX5. Sarah Simmons signed off yesterday to places unknown. Looks like there's going to be a lot of double duty on the evening shift for the remaining anchors.

I don't know how much longer it will remain visible, but if you use Google Maps to "hover" over Crimmins Lane in Falls Church, you will see a development of a dozen or more new houses. But the moment you use the little yellow man to drop to Street View, the old 4-tower AM radio station that used to be down that road emerges, fully intact. On Bing.com/Maps "Streetside" view, the towers are down, the land is being torn up and the building is boarded up awaiting demolition. What station was that again, WUST?

Dave's response: And WZHF and once the studios of the legedary WEAM.....

Now that Rush Limbaugh is permanently social distanced, it looks like the end of an era. Here locally, as you’ve seen here on DCRTV, his affiliates in DC and Baltimore are going in different directions when it comes to replacing him. Cumulus is putting Dan Bingobongo on in a lot of markets but he won’t have the numbers Rush did. My guess is many of the other markets where Premiere aired Rush will go with other hosts, like Baltimore is. Therefore, there will not be one single replacement and no one will have the national reach Rush did (which would have been some really big shoes - and pants - to fill). Stay tuned...

Time to hit the "reset" button here on the ole Mailbag. We've been getting way too many off-topic comments here lately. Please remember that this is a LOCAL DC & BALTIMORE AREA MEDIA topics forum. Politics, tech stuff, social topics, etc, are OK as long as they are directly connected to local media issues. Keep your posts short and to the point and try to refrain from including graphic images or multiple links unless they are absolutely necessary. Also, please take a moment to help support this DCRTV forum, which has been at your disposal since 1997. Send us a few bucks at paypal.me/dcrtv or via Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655. Thank you. - Dave

/\ March 20 /\

\/ March 19 \/

"BREAKING LEGS NEWS: President O’Biden" Given the short time frame it should be noted that stairlifts can be rented... until the white smoke is released and we hear "Habemus Presidentam". Not a fan of Dan Bongino, seems like a right-wing Joe Scarborough (i.e. "challenged"). "Russian state controlled media has gone hog wild reporting President Biden has dementia and Alzheimer's disease." Good to see Russian media, made up of dog faced pony soldiers is finally catching up with the actual situation. || Back in the 80s there was a good bit of local talk radio. AM 980 seems to loom in my memory. Gus wondering what the Vegas line is on the next fall

Shows how little radio people know about computers. Safari and Chrome are both based on webkit, so that poster is DEAD WRONG about speed, as they use the same ENGINE! Only Chrome adds all the extra personal invasion hacks to webkit to know everything about you to sell to China! Safari on PC is long gone and that’s why yours is so slow, because you’re 5 years behind the times! HAHA! And I’m still correct. The Sun cannot use their tracking cookie from or to any solicitors or any other website. And this session thing, that must be a Windows thing. I can can be private all day long on every single website and only allow things from things I approve rather than THEM checking me! So it IS BLOCKED. PC people are just plain stupid about this and radio people are 2X that stupid. Apple Macs also have a T2 chip, the secure enclave, which makes it impossible for China to know your credit card numbers or anyone you do business with and/or banking or personal info, nor can they get your fingerprint or face mapping. PCs have something similar in typical Windows software and also Android, but being an open platform of course neither can be as secure. No open platform could ever be.

Once again, Gus is wrong and knows nothing about computers. Keep on Tracking Gus! At least his radio/TV insults pertain to radio/TV and some semblance of knowing what it is. I’m not being tracked, but we know where the computer challenged person is, that’s for sure. it’s like arguing with an autistic person with Tourette syndrome.

Regarding WTTG's morning zoo, who knows what's going on. I saw the show where they went on and on about Wisdom attending a celebrity wedding and then seeing him acting like he was surprised that it was being discussed. And I'm sure he enjoyed the attention as it seems like he's really into himself lately. Marissa and Erin are pretty much the same person these days. Both want to be liked and no matter how stupid the story, will say it was a good and/or a way to start the conversation. Finally, any update on Blake McCoy other than he's gone?

BREAKING LEGS NEWS: President O’Biden pays a tribute to SNL’s Chevy Chase Maryland by stumbling not once, not twice, but 3xs UP the stairs to Air Force One in what one can expect to NOT be a skit on this week’s Saturday Night Live. www.the-sun.com

"Tribune is not really that organized to block IP addresses. Especially when it’s easier to just block all comments on their newspapers and block free speech" They're organized to check if you're a subscriber, your IP address is irrelevant. Free speech? Screw that noise. No newspaper is obligated to provide you with a platform. The Sun is not stopping you from speaking and they're not stopping you from starting your own newspaper. You want to comment? Send a letter to the editor through the mail, force them to physically throw it away, that'll teach'em! Sounds like you've got the internet version of can't-get-thru-the-callscreener-itis. Gus in the Mumbai

"freeze the page with a pop up to subscribe to read if they cannot place a tracking cookie on your machine" Dave, to clarify, private browsing does allow websites to push cookies to your computer but they only last for the duration of the session. Even in Safari, in my experience the slowest browser allowable by law. For an article on P.B. in Safari, see support.apple.com... Use Private Browsing in Safari on Mac It may sometimes get you past the "You've read your free articles for the month" type of paywall, e.g. Slate.com || For an article on how private browsing works and why it doesn't offer complete privacy see howtogeek.com : How Private Browsing Works, and Why It Doesn’t Offer Complete Privacy ( People like to say "VPN" thinking it sounds like they're in-the-kneow-Scott, but merely to hide your ip address a free proxy browser suffices. Gus in tech support

Dave, in many cases, you can still clear cookies in your browser or delete the BaltimoreSun.com cookie itself (if you don’t want other favorites erased). I routinely delete WashingtonPost.com and The Sun from my browser cookies and cache without anything else being affected, but if they really want to block you from reading they always can. The irony is that I’ll bet a lot of paying subscribers also get accidentally caught up in all the website policing and that’s hardly great marketing or helping them sell papers.

Imitating Neal Augenstein’s WTOP signoff is a thing, apparently wtop.com... Dave, you need to send yours in on the link provided in the story.

RE WUSA: I agree with the post about Reese and Darren, but to defend Tony, he is not a Journalist. He is a Radio guy and a "Host" That's why he is allowed to speak his mind about Race. We promote him as a goofy comedian in our promo spots. I believe Management likes the fact that he gets people charged up using Race. I honestly think he took this job just to sit next to Annie every day.

The term private browsing means different things to different people and platforms. Many people wrongly assume they are secure when they are not. For instance Google Chrome’s version of Private Browsing, called Incognito, is not at all private and you can still be tracked from one website to another. If you have an Apple Mac or iPhone however, private browsing is truly private in Safari, well unless you’re in China or Russia where the Communist governments do not allow privacy. The Baltimore Sun blocks Private browsing access to pages for me, but it doesn’t mean they’re tracking me or know how many times I’ve been to their website. They truly cannot not know on an Apple Mac in Safari, but they can on Google Chrome if someone is so foolish to use that thinking they’re doing private browsing. Tribune’s method of blocking is to freeze the page with a pop up to subscribe to read if they cannot place a tracking cookie on your machine, period. This prevents you from reading the article, but it does not allow them to track you. This is the same for every website that attempts to block private browsing, well, that is unless you have a virus or malware or use a Chromebook, the least private computer ever invented. I’m sure a lot of this are things Gus would not know or many non tech types in radio. Most people have little privacy, but I know how to. I can also use a VPN if I want to completely block my IP address from say Wikipedia or even The Baltimore Sun, which I’m sure they have used before, but Tribune is not really that organized to block IP addresses. Especially when it’s easier to just block all comments on their newspapers and block free speech, which they care little about. That is much easier to do and a cheaper alternative to managing an internet news platform. If they knew how to do that well, they might be in better financial shape even too.

Dave's response: I find that newspapers in many markets won't let me look at a single news article because I am not subscribed. Fine. As someone who only occassionally searches for Baltimore news items, the Sun's refusal to let me see their news simply drives me to the sites of Baltimore's four major TV news sources and two major radio news sources. I'm not gonna sub to the Sun for the random one or two articles a month, if that. I think newspapers are only hurting themselves with this behavior. And yeah, Google Chrome's incognito mode will stop the subscription nag boxes on many news sites but not all.....

WPXM, Miami’s ION TV station now owned by Scripps is starting a 10pm 30 minute newscast. Does that mean they’ll attempt the same thing in DC on WPXW 66? Hmm. In Miami, Scripps is not producing it in house, but getting Miami’s Berkshire Hathaway owned ABC station to produce the newscast to run opposite of WSVN Fox 7. Who would Scripps get in DC if they were thinking about a 10pm newscast up here? Richmond's WTVR 6 or?

After Biden said Putin "had no soul," Russian state controlled media has gone hog wild reporting President Biden has dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Watch for known Russian sympathizers (Russian conduits), and anti-American pro- Russia talk show hosts Chris Plante, Larry O'Connor, and others at WMAL to further this Russian propaganda on our shores.

/\ March 19 /\

\/ March 18 \/

NEWS! Unlike WMAL 105.9 FM, Baltimore's WCBM 680 is replacing RUSH by going local from 12-3 with The Derek Hunter Show. www.wcbm.com — BaltoMedia.net

"I only complained about important COVID HEALTH issues being Paywall blocked." Yet you posted a link to a story about a children's book. Maybe you'll "shame the Baltimore Sun" into unblocking it? It's just possible that the problem is you. Did you ever figure out what private browsing is and is not? Gus in yer mom's box

NAB is very much a "don't rock the boat" group that uses its influence to keep the same stations on top. They have fought hard to limit LPFM. They are fighting geo-targeting of ads using a SFN of boosters. Look at the FM band right now: in most markets there are FM stations that take most of the ratings because they are almost all you can get on the dial. It is hard to imagine the NAB wanting to expand the FM band into 76-88MHz. Right now things are sweet for the big stations: HD radio sidebands kill reception out of market stations. Translators have squeezed out opportunities for LPFM stations. Translators fed the same content as HD 2/3/4 channels get more signals on the air for the big stations without worrying about the total stations in a market owned cap. The overcrowding of the FM band is part of the business model for the largest station groups. Quality of content does not matter when all the signals on the dial are owned by a few groups; listeners will have to listen to something (until they give up and stream something.)

Now that Bognino is going to be on the airwaves for 3 hours M-F, I might actually start listening to him. His major investment in social media site Parler, which has many active accounts with Congressmen, Journos and other pols, has led him constantly engaging in testosterone-fed brofights with Gabs's Andrew Torba. Fun fun fun.....

Neil Augenstein!www.reddit.com... We aren’t the only ones.

Dave's response: Neal Augenstein, double euuuuuuu teeeeeee oooooooooo peeeeeeeeee neeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwsssssss.....

I am happy to hear that Dan Bongino will replace Rush Limbaugh in the 12N-3 PM time period on the Cumulus Radio Stations. His new show will start on May 24, 2021. His show will be heard on WMAL-FM in DC. Cumulus Stations will carry the new show in the top-ten markets.

What is WMAL plugging into the noon-3:00p slot now? God forbid I actually tune in to hear for myself. (Shudder). Max Critic

NEWS! Dan Bongino To Helm New Radio Program For Westwood One... www.prnewswire.com... NEW YORK, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CUMULUS MEDIA's Westwood One today announced The Dan Bongino Show, a new three-hour radio program airing Monday-Friday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET. The news and opinion show will launch May 24 in markets nationwide, including CUMULUS news stations in top-ten markets New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. The Dan Bongino Show will tackle the hot political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric. As a former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer, Bongino is uniquely positioned to provide commentary and analysis that directly questions the philosophical underpinnings of both the Left and Big Government Republicans. With the launch of The Dan Bongino Show, Westwood One now offers a 24-hour, Monday–Friday news/talk lineup that also features established news/talk superstars Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Chris Plante, and Jim Bohannon. Bongino has attracted an impressive and loyal following since he left the Secret Service in 2011 and became a media personality. Over the past 10 years, he has earned a spot on The New York Times' bestseller list several times and has joined FOX News as a commentator. Bongino's podcast has risen to the top of the charts; in 2020, the podcast was downloaded more than 117 million times. In the weeks following the election in November, it ranked either #1 or #2 among ALL podcasts on Apple. "I'm excited to embrace the immense power of radio to connect with my listeners live for three hours every day," said Bongino. "This is an incredible privilege, and I pledge to honor the trailblazing work of those who came before me." "Dan is passionate and relatable, with a natural ability to connect with his audience," said Suzanne Grimes, President, Westwood One and EVP Corporate Marketing, CUMULUS MEDIA. "Dan has been on a meteoric rise since his podcast launched in 2019, and we look forward to watching his star continue to soar."

I know it may cost a few bucks but if you want to hear Mike O’Meara at his absolute highest, holier than everyone else, I implore you to listen to last Friday’s TMOS Bonus show. First, for those who actually paid for a comedic podcast of three guys busting each other’s balls, it was neither. They started with the Pepe Le Pew issue. They spent almost an hour on whether cartoons like these are racist, sexist, etc. Not one funny thought was said. Maybe a refund is in order? Now for the kicker: Towards the end, Mike tells the story of hanging out with his golf “Mates”. He has told this story at least 15 times in the last year. One Mate used the N word and Mike told him it was wrong and to stop. This time Mike added he was in a “Den of wolves” hanging with his “Mates” while fighting the use of the N word. I hope the MRI came back negative from Mike patting himself on the back about his heroism. You know, Mike is our hero when it comes to fighting racism. I have to ask Mike, “Why do you hang out every day with your racist mates? He hangs with a Den of Racists just to golf? He cannot find hero’s like himself to play with? He also switched his opinion about Pepe during the show. In the end, while referencing his daughters, he said Pepe’s image was wrong and that “Drunken girls in Dorms” are not a joke. Then this week, he cut a bit using Bill Clinton’s voice coming on to what? “A Coed” - saying very sexist suggestive words in the bit. Hey, Mike, talk to yourself about stopping and hurt the other arm patting your back.

Oh, so WNUV has now changed its rescan date not once, but twice? They do not seem to have their act together. I’m sure Scripps and Hearst are not particularly impressed by the Sinclair organization of Baltimore’s NextGen TV rollout, but they really don’t have any choice but to use Sinclair with it’s duopoly in a market where none is allowed. It’s not clear what's going on in DC either with WJLA or WIAV. WJLA ABC 7 hasn’t even filed a NextGen application with the FCC yet.

There’s been this ongoing conversation over either CNN or MSNBC or other left wing news organizations wanting Fox News removed from cable TV. My question is why isn’t there outrage that COMCAST/NBC doesn’t allow competing NEWSMAX or OAN on its cable systems even though they are the most growing cable news outfits, outpacing even Fox News and competing with MSNBC? How is that not an antitrust concern given that Comcast even buying NBC/MSNBC and other content was an antitrust concern? Isn’t it time to reinvestigate the Comcast/NBC/Universal merger again? Especially since they’ve shut down local news in small towns like in South Jersey and Hagerstown to benefit their own bigger properties, but NOT in the greater public interest. That part of their business is governed by the FCC even if cable TV is not. I still think that Comcast is some way, regardless of what they’ve stated publicly, will find some way to kill ATSC 3.0 and 4K OTA TV. So far, no NBC O&O has switch to NextGen TV. NBC skipped the Dallas NextGen TV rollout while FOX jumped in. Will WRC skip the DC NextGen TV rollout next? So far, no word, and the Olympics are coming this summer. If Hearst owned WBAL-TV has the Olympics this summer in 4K and WRC 4 bails, that to me is a clear warning sign that the FCC needs to investigate Comcast/NBC and their practices and licenses en masse.

TO DIMWITTED GUS: This Baltimore Sun story is PAYWALL BLOCKED. I personally don’t care about it myself. I only complained about important COVID HEALTH issues being Paywall blocked. www.baltimoresun.com

Congratulations to Rush Limbaugh on one month of sobriety.

[Re: WUSA and race baiting] I completely agree. I get that the social justice movement is huge but they are so involved in it that I don’t trust them to cover race-related issues fairly, just as the original poster pointed out. Take “sports director” Darren Haynes who does more preachy commentary than sports. He filed many reports featuring him marching in the BLM rallies/protests last summer. I get that he’s passionate but that needs to be put aside when he’s on the air. Reese Waters was the same way and I’m glad he’s been taken off the morning show, though I thought I heard he was moving to evenings. Tegna needs to take a long hard look at how they do news these days.

/\ March 18 /\

\/ March 17 \/

When former WMAL co-host an thrice failed US Congressional candidate Dan Bongino Tweeted in early February 2019, "Joe Biden has some 'splainin' to do- Ukraine!", was Dan working directly with Andrii Derkach, a Kremlin-linked Ukrainian lawmaker who has cooperated with Trump's former personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and/or, Konstantin Kilimnik, a longtime business associate of Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chair? As we all know, Derkach and Kilimnik are Russian spies who devised the fake news on Biden and the Ukraine. Since Dan was pretty much first to introduce this Russian disinformation, can we conclude Dan got this information from Russian spies in order to discredit Biden? Is Dan Bongino a traitor to our democracy? Should we also label Mark Levin and Chris Plante as Russian propagandists for spreading Russian disinformation?

WNUV currently plans to switch to ATSC in June not Marcm.

Hearing rumors that WTTG’s new mast will be hauled up to the top of the River Road tower this Sunday morning, 3/21. Those in the know, please share! - P of the AW

The IRS has distributed 90 Million stimulus payments......Where is my money?

On WMAL'S website news page there is a piece by the AP stating Russia did not interfere with voting in the 2020 election, but, what WMAL omitted (edited out) from the AP report was this little ditty; The report also says Putin authorized influence operations aimed at denigrating Biden, boosting Trump, undermining confidence in the election and exacerbating social divisions in the U.S. Central to that effort was reliance on proxies linked to Russian intelligence “to launder influence narratives” by using media organizations, U.S. officials and people close to Trump to push “misleading or unsubstantiated” allegations against Biden. Dave, what local " media organizations" pushed the Biden/Ukraine fake news diseminated from Russia? Was it ever mentioned on, say, WMAL? Does WMAL have ties to Russian spies, and is now trying to cover it up?

Mailbag Minute:: Happy St. Patrick's Day. Are we all meeting up at O'Meara's Restaurant & Pub tonight? First round on me. Never mind. Speaking of the husky leprechaun, why would Imus plan a family national parks vacation out west w/o visiting Yosemite? Ansel Adams & my favorite. Is it time for the malebag to boycott BaltoMedia.net for still re-posting links to articles so they could get the free up-sell? If Dave censors posts, time to do it with BaltoMedia.net? DCRTV Lab Rat. Traditional for Dave's white lab coat. On front right. Dave Hughes, MD [first line] Director of DCRTV [second line] Still time to send Gus out west for Spring Break. Shoot a pilot for DCRTV Productions. In Search Of Don Geronimo: An Expedition. Sorta like Bigfoot & Sasquatch meets Where's Waldo - been. Next time. What Emergency Communication piece of kit should you add to you home & Disaster Bugout bag? #SupportDCRTV

WSBN 630 AM ( Formerly WMAL 630 AM) has 0.0 Share of audience according to Nielsen. It is the third Sports Talk Station in DC. They have no signal in Northern Virginia at night. Perhaps they should buy WKDV 1460 AM in Manassas and Translator 97.7 FM in Reston and simulcast them with WSBN. This would give them a nighttime signal. We hear that Metro Radio is going to sell WKDV 1460 AM and Translator 97.7 FM in Reston.

I have noticed lately that on my cable TV, the Buzzer Channel is stretched to 16:9 when the picture is only 4:3. This makes it, to me, unwatchable. Then I thought; Is it Channel 5 that is doing it, or Verizon FiOS? Well, locast.com, which repeats what is broadcast over the air, is also stretched; then I wondered if it's the national feed of Buzzer. Then I looked at a transmission of Buzzer on the Pluto App on my Roku. It is nice and normal and 4:3. So I deduce that it is WTTG-5 that is screwing up the broadcast of its 5.2 channel. If anyone at WTTG is reading this, please fix it. -- Carl in Olney

Andy Ochberg has assumed room temperature. Hope he was paid up.

I had to Turn off WUSA this morning as Tony Perkins started Preaching about hate crimes in america and annie used her Crocodile tears to play the victim after a shooting in Atlanta. All three jumped to assume this was a hate crime before knowing the facts. The facts were out all morning that this man was a frequent customer and sex addict of the massage parlors. Annie left that part out that this man was having sex with these women for months and was upset they played a major role in his sex addiction. Maybe they should preach more about Sex Trafficking, mental health and gun violence, instead of fake Race Baiting stories. After Tony's Tom Brady Race Baiting moment I wouldn't expect anything less from him and the other Race Baiting QUEEN.

The essential problem with the channel 5/6 to FM study is that it doesn’t update technology in any significant way, not digital, no better adjacent or co-channel signal rejection. It’s about as relevant as the ATSC 2.0 TV study. It was quickly shelved as technology had outdated it before it was ever put into effect. In order to compete with streaming tech, RADIO has a lot of catching up to do technology wise or both AM AND FM will soon be gone. The rest of the world is far ahead of us sadly.

The importance of the Washington Post’s retraction of it’s Trump Obstruction of Justice Georgia Election story with false claims of a phone conversation is that CNN and MSNBC and a other news organizations all claimed to have independently corroborated the Post story when they ran it and it led to a phony Impeachment. Now since The Post recanted the text of the phone conversation, doesn’t that make everyone concerned a liar? The NY Post thinks so in a piece about Agenda Driven Journalism where facts no longer matter. The same old argument. The end justifies the means. This is completely journalistically unethical. Someone should be fired at The Post if not many places, but this was in essence why Jeff Bezos bought the newspaper. Was it not when he promised to hire 100+ more people just go after Trump? I heard him so those words, so I know that is true, unlike what the Post said that Trump said, which we now know was false. nypost.com

I can see why people don't believe the FCC when they say that the LPTV Stations on Channel 6 must go digital on July 13, 2021. They said that before and then extended the date. These 28 "Franken FM Radio Stations" have a very strong Lobby with the FCC. The FCC has permitted these LPTV Stations to operate as FM Commercial Radio Stations for years rather than Television Stations. The loophole was their 87.7 FM Audio Frequency. WDCN 87.7 FM in DC has always operated as a FM Radio Station.

NEWS! Andy Ockerhausen died today... From www.bestbarkcommunications.com: Andy Ockershausen, VP of Development, has managed several of the top stations in Washington including WMAL Radio,WMAL TV, (WJLA) and Channel 50, and spent more than two decades at NBCUniversal/Comcast Sports Net. He has served as a director of the Greater Washington Board of Trade for four decades a founder of Leadership Washington, was chosen Washingtonian of the Year in 1995, and is a recipient of the Silver Circle award, just to name a few. Andy’s work continues today as a key contributor to the sales and marketing team at Best Bark Communications. John Matthews, author of “ANDY OH! The Andy Ockershausen Story” describes Andy this way: "Andy Ockershausen is truly a Washington, DC original! Any and all of these words can be used to describe him: Broadcaster. Pioneer. Leader. Fundraiser. Salesman. Mentor. Scoundrel. Patriot. Washingtonian. Friend. Andy built Washington, D.C.’s WMAL-AM into a ratings juggernaut, and used the leverage of his position to perform community service and to help reform the entire broadcast industry. More than a quarter-century AFTER receiving a lifetime achievement award from the Greater Washington Board of Trade, Andy O. continues to serve his hometown.” WMAL Broadcast Legend Andy Ockershausen Dead at 92... From www.wmal.com: Andrew Martin Ockershausen, a longtime media executive whose career began in the golden days of radio and continued into the era of podcasting, died on Wednesday, March 17 in Annapolis, just days after his 92nd birthday. Ockershausen, known to friends and associates as “Andy O.,” was born in 1929 and grew up in Northeast D.C. where he played quarterback for Eastern High School before beginning a lifelong career in broadcasting. Ockershausen was hired into an entry-level position at WMAL radio in 1949, becoming the station’s general manager in 1960. Andy O. managed the station for more than 25 years at a time that it dominated Washington’s morning airwaves with the broadcast team of Frank Harden and Jackson Weaver. While at WMAL Ockershausen handpicked the broadcast team of Sonny Jurgensen, Sam Huff, and Frank Herzog – a trio so popular that Redskins fans would often mute their televisions and listen to the popular radio broadcast. A life-long Washingtonian Andy O. had deep ties in D.C.’s business and civic communities and was a familiar presence at civic and sporting events, charity fundraisers and on Washington’s cocktail circuit. During his time at WMAL, he spearheaded a fundraising effort, which raised more than $7 million for Washington’s Children’s Hospital. He was also actively involved with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, the Salvation Army and the D.C. Police Boys and Girls Club. Ockershausen’s commitment to public service prompted Roll Call to credit him directly in a 1983 editorial, calling WMAL “a station that is not only the eyes and ears of Washington, but its voice and heart as well.” In addition to his many years in radio, Ockershausen spent two decades in Washington television with key management roles at WMAL-TV (now WJLA-TV), WFTY-TV and Home Team Sports (now NBC Sports Washington). Ockershausen has been married to Janice Iacona since 1993. In 2016 her media firm, Best Bark Communications began producing a series of over 200 podcasts titled Our Town which allowed Andy O. to share his eight-plus decades of memories with community leaders and other Washingtonians. Always an optimist, Ockershausen once reflected on his long career in broadcasting, saying “Thank God I’m in this business.’ I love this city, I love this town, I love what I do.” In addition to his wife Janice, Andrew Martin Ockershausen is survived by two sons, Kurt and Christian, along with two grandchildren. Funeral arrangements are incomplete.

A great study on WIDE-FM, using channel 6 for FM radio, and cleaning up the AM band finally. fcc.gov

Breaking News... Breaking News.. according to a just released Government report, Russia used US media to advance fake news about Biden and the Ukraine in an attempt to keep Trump in office! Wow! There are two local media outlets that advanced this machination, John Soloman at The Hill newspaper, and Larry O'Connor, Mark Levin, and Chris Plante at WMAL. The report was finished during the Trump administration, and released today. Should thee FCC pull WMAL's license for being anti American ?

Mr. FACTS is NO FACTS AT ALL! The Washington Post retracted its story 4 months later saying the quotes attributed to President Trump in a phone call were inaccurate, their words, not mine. THAT MEANS in LAYMANS TERMS (Am I allowed to even say that word?), FAKE NEWS! THEY GOT BUSTED AND LIED, tried to say that Trump was meddling in the GA election and their unnamed source turned on them or who knows, maybe is facing an indictment we don’t yet know about? Hard to say, but either way, the STORY WAS FALSE! Trump did not in fact tell Georgia election officials to go find election fraud or to overturn the election. He simply said to investigate, you know, like Cuomo and Democrats. THIS WAS ALL FAKE, but ANTIFA isn’t real nor the fires and looting Joy Behar says, so I guess admitting you lied isn’t even acceptable as truth to power anymore. HAHA! Millennials. I just hope they successfully burn everything down so the rest of us in the sane society can build something back. Don’t half ass it. BURN THE MOFO CITIES DOWN! But God knows they’re not even capable of burning anything down except Wendys so far. And today CNN is back to Russia Russia Russia because Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo is costing them boku dolla in Asian money. Really? Promoting another Trump Impeachment? If this keeps up, 2022 will be a Republican landslide. Meanwhile McDonalds is “Lovin’ It”, cheap non-union labor for the franchise owners, well at least until China makes us all work at McDonalds to get our Chinese made iPhones. And finally, Apple CEO Tim Cook put a juvenile in prison for 3 years for making fun of Apple and Bitcoin. Communist much? Sorry for rambling, but the WOKE NEWS keeps your head spinning 24/7. To be fair and balanced, a long time Facebook friend, now apparently QAnon unfriended me today for saying, “No, Donald Trump is not going to be President at the end of the month.” She doesn’t even believe that’s the real Joe Biden and that it will be proven and Trump is coming back. I said “Yeah yeah, to a golf tee, that’s about it anytime soon.” How could it now be the REAL Joe Biden? The man can still barely read from an 80” HDTV right in front of him in BIG BOY ALL CAPS! HAHA! The Washington Post would be more factual with the cartoons on the front page!

/\ March 17 /\

\/ March 16 \/

So this morning Fox5 chose to boast about Wisdom Martin attending a Super Spreader Covid Wedding with over 250 guests in Atlanta back in October just for ratings. But the kicker is his co-workers were all wondering why he attended a super spreader covid wedding in Atlanta and didn't quarantine as Atlanta was a state in which DC required residents to quarantine???

WNUV CW 54 is supposed to be switching to ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV a week from now w/ WMAR, WBAL, WBFF & WMPT/WMPB, and has asked the FCC for expedited approval. Well, so much for that with the FCC working from home. DC’s NextGen application is also held up in FCC electronic paperwork.

Re WDCJ: something is missing from those pics lol. But seriously, the only problems I have with 92.7 is it's not stronger when traveling on the Eastern Shore and gets weaker after sunset. My main problem is with W252DC 98.3 which is 96.3's HD2 channel The Quiet Storm Station. Only 150 watts, stronger in pre dawn hours better when driving east/west versus north/south, and better reception within city limits. It is an HD station but how many people have HD radios? That seems like a technology that hasn't been promoted as much and is not standard in vehicles.

TODAY'S TRUMP DERANGEMENT REPORT! CNN wants Trump impeached a THIRD TIME! Says more Russian collusion, this time in the 2020 Election! In other news, Godzilla has attacked Tokyo again or was that Gus?

MAILBAG MINUTE:: Catholic Hate? Judging by the recent complaint, you’d thought the ‘Church of DCRTV’ malebagger had posted a satirical cartoon by French artist Charlie Hebdo depicting the Pope kneeling on the neck of a gay man. NO! The non-hate point was that if you’re the more than 6 out of 10 Catholics who support same-sex relationships, marriage and a human beings right of gayness, are supporters of DCRTV Dave, don’t agree with your Vatican’s recent combative [ some say hateful ] decision saying they “can’t bless sin,” then use your pocketbook, skip your church collection plate and freeze your support for Catholic radio and their sponsors until a dissident band of Roman Catholic priests leading a disobedience campaign become the majority. As a Catholic, give your $$ to DCRTV. So what if Dave’s preferred communion wafer is avocado toast.

The deal to purchase The Baltimore Sun by somewhat local interests appears to be in danger and/or off as two people battle for the entire parent company Tribune Publishing. The only guarantee at this point is more job cuts soon. www.baltimoresun.com... —BaltoMedia.net

Here are the FACTS about the Post correction (you could look it up): The Post broke the news of the Trump call to Raffensperger (with full unedited audio) on Jan. 3. The runoff was on Jan 5. The electoral college protest was on Jan 6. The story corrected Monday, REGARDING A DIFFERENT PHONE CALL ran on Jan 9, days after voting was over. (Dave, maybe you want to dump the false March 16 post about this.)

The religious broadcaster EMF. who owns three FM Stations in the DC area, pushes the FCC to extend the date of LPTV Channel 6 Stations to go digital. The VP of Engineering, Sam Wellington, said, it would "prevent a Unhappy surprise" for their listeners. By silencing the 87.7 FM would harm the public interest. He did not say why these LPTV Stations have never operated as Television Stations as intended. The original owners of these FCC Licenses made promises to the FCC in order to obtain these valuable licenses. Their promises were never kept. The Minorities who obtained these licenses soon sold off the licenses for big profits.

Is the FCC telling us the truth? They say that the LPTV Stations on Channel 6 must go digital on July 13, 2021. They have told us before but they always extend the date. The 28 LPTV Stations on Channel 6 have a Lobbyist that is doing a good job with getting the date extended. Remember these licenses were granted so that Minorities could get into TELEVISION OWNERSHIP. Today NONE of these licenses are owned by Minorities.

RE: bashing the Get Up DC talent. How little you must have in your own life to whine about your disdain for the folks at WUSA. I suppose you're bitter because the people at 9 genuinely get along with each other, there's no drama and everyone is generally treated by management with respect. It's not a place that's open to your snarky and depressing musings. I'm happy that you have this message board as an outlet to escape from whatever hellhole you find yourself trapped inside of.

I'm enjoying the Uber Eats commercial airing now in DC with the Wayne's World actors; especially the ones with the local mention inserts like Old Ebbet Grill and the calzone joint in Arlington. And hearing Dana Carvey say, "Woostah" (Massachusetts) is especially funny to me, having lived up that way for almost ten years. One spot I'm having trouble grokking is the Humera commercial with a winsome young female singer (with intestinal trouble) fronting an indie rock band, for two reasons: One, in closeup, she's not even singing -- just mouthing "Aaaah", which means they really need to hire a decent lyricist. Second, if that band has the rabid fan base it seems to in the wide shots, then the audience obviously knows or suspects she's got tummy troubles. In which case they are coming to the concerts, hoping that tonight's the night she shits the stage...

No wonder 630 WSBN has a 0.0 rating. The last 2 weeks they've been off the air for hours at a time at all hours of the day and night. Nothing ventured, nothing gained - as in at least a few listeners......Why should I care? I guess it's fair not to air, instead of to blare. No wear and tear on my hair, even in my own lair. And I ne'er suffer from any nightmare. Stare if you care, but spare me the glare, br'er frere. Just thought I'd share. Jeff

Why isn’t WDCJ 92.7 FM’s signal as strong as you’d like? Well, I don’t think they’ve moved to their new tower yet closer to DC. Check this Where’s Waldo out? See if you can find the tower. I’m not sure it’s been built yet. But they do have a construction permit to make the signal better soon. www.google.com

From The Washington Post itself: They retracted their Election story that was the basis of Impeachment #2, meddling in the Georgia election and Trump making illegal demands of GA Election officials. The Post now says it never happened, a mistake, totally retracted the story. So who Did Jeff Bezos fire? Certainly the Editor in Chief no less correct? Nope, NOBODY! RETRACT A NEWS STORY 4 MONTHS FOR BEING COMPLETELY FALSE AFTER THE ELECTION AND NO ONE IS FIRED? Now you know why the media has the lowest poll numbers of any group in society at 13%. The media’s poll numbers are worse than ANTIFA and QANON now! The Post’s masthead is self descriptive. Journalism Dies in Darkness again.

/\ March 16 /\

\/ March 15 \/

Wish that the signal for WHUR's Quiet Storm Station was stronger on 98.3 fm. It comes in clear early morning but was nearly unlistenable this afternoon especially in central and southern Prince George's County. Looking at the info on radio-locater.com, the signal is only 150 watts. So it barely covers DC itself. Lots of interference from other stations. Nice alternative when Majic 102.3 gets crazy with commercials. Speaking of Majic, their signal on 92.7 should also be stronger.

I’ve supported DCRTV in multiple ways over the years, but I don’t like the anti-Catholic post being Catholic myself. It’s simply unnecessary. Who does a Donations Drive via hate speech? At least be up to the standards of Fr. Guido Sarducci! Otherwise it’s just hate.

If anyone thinks that the team of tired Tony Perkins, unfriendly, pursed-lips ratings-killer Allison Seymour and Look at Me I'm On the News Annie Yu is going to get ratings, they don't know TV. Perkins peaked decades ago and is just phoning it in. Allison, too, peaked decades ago; there's a reason she was booted from FOX5 -- whatever she used to have she ain't got no more. Annie has the gravitas of a wet leaf. And there isn't an ounce of chemistry between them. They just put on makeup, read what's on the prompter, cash their checks and head home for a midday nap or, in Annie's case, a review of the latest fashion news. That team will be split up by the end of the year at the latest. It's a few hours of deadly dreck every weekday morning, and stupid ads featuring Tony in an AC shaft and bad acting by Allison and Annie can't make it anything but that. Put the viewers and this team's coworkers out of their misery.

I know we're in trouble with China when Bill Maher starts to make sense on HBO and says that LEFT WING CANCEL CULTURE is making us lose out to Communist China. I’ve also always said that when the Participation Award Millennials started making decisions in America with their brainwashed degrees not worth the paper they’re printed on and no moral compass, we were up shits creek. And the timing is apparently hitting like an Avengers Infinity Wars movie climax.

The Conservative Talk Radio Stations are starting to move other Syndicated Talkers into the Rush Limbaugh time. Who will WMAL-FM move into this time period?

Dave's response: Maybe a good time to take another daypart local?

The people who lease WDCN 87.7 FM are denying that their station Channel 6 LPTV must cease operation on July 13, 2021. Do they know something that the rest of us don't know? Will the FCC give them another extension? This is the station that never operated as a Television Station. They have always operated as a commercial FM Radio Station using their analog FM Frequency 87.7 FM.

Everyone seems to love Gus. Where are you sending him for Spring Break?

Dave's response: He's coming down here to Morganton NC. Gonna lounge around in his Speedo by beautiful Lake James.....

The Church of DCRTV :: Vatican says it will not bless same-sex unions, calling homosexuality a 'sin' and a 'choice'. GOOD! For all you followers of DCRTV who listen to Catholic Radio, no better time to support DCRTV Dave with your display ad buys and donations than now. Tell Dave your Pope sent ya! Signed, the Father, Son & Holy AHHHH #UncleSamSentMeToMoreThan70Countries #Enlightened #MoreSpiritualThanReligious

NPR Is not getting $150 million from the recently signed COVID bill. CPB, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting gets $175 million for both radio and TV. Unlikely NPR will get money. It’s aimed at helping stations that have suffered losses because of COVID and had to eliminate jobs. Last time they split the money between radio and TV according to Current newspaper. Rural radio stations got a larger share of the money Steve

Gus is simply WRONG about The Baltimore Sun. They Paypwall block plenty of stories weekly even with Private browsing. This is a known fact. So does The Chicago Tribune at times and the Orlando Sentinel and other Tribune properties. Letting that moron spew falsehoods such as this is patently ridiculous. If Gus ever proves someone wrong for once, then I’ll say ok, but insults and ridicule don’t prove factuality, but the real problem is that he invites insults in return making the whole conversation devolve into a complete mess of misstatements. Tribune disables private browsing often. Once again, a known fact. I’ve seen it dozens of times in fact. There’s really no incentive to prove him wrong as he’d deny it regardless, so what’s the point? I do not know if The Washington Post does this, but I think The NY Times does this too. The Wall Street Journal certainly does this on a daily basis, often even through popular Google searches. It’s not uncommon or an urban legend by any stretch.

/\ March 15 /\

\/ March 14 \/

Gus wins! We win! You lose! Move On! #SupportDCRTV

For all you old time TEM 980 listeners, please look up last Monday’s Czabecast where Czabe takes the CzabeMobile (Kinda like the Old Rolling Stones Truck thing from Smoke on the water) to Rockville. There in front of the Old Bagel City, he tapes Mensch to Mensch with Solly and Andy. Great old stories about the three of them over the years at station as it evolved. The highlight has to be Solly doing his classic Vinny Ceratto. OOBBEE

If you continue to permit Gus detractors to comment on almost every posting you are going to destroy DCRTV. Most of the time they are WRONG! No one wants to hear their stupid remarks. What are their qualifications? They have never worked in broadcasting. They are not funny. Just STUPID! When asked before what are their qualifications, they couldn't get past a call screener or onto a website. Can't we go back to complaining about Imus? Gus on the sunny side of the street

If you continue to permit "Gus" to comment on almost every posting you are going to destroy DCRTV. Most of the time he is WRONG! No one wants to hear his stupid remarks. What are his qualifications? He has never worked in broadcasting. He is not funny. Just STUPID! When asked before what are his qualifications, he said "I listen to the radio and watch TV".

"Entercom announced that they just sold $500 Million of their Debt!" Don't be a stupid idiot. A debtor can't sell debt. Think about it you stupid idiot. Entercomm borrowed money to pay off old debt. Yet another reason not to contribute to movie projects. They're all skanky whores. Gus in Fabozzi's Fixed Income Instruments

/\ March 14 /\

\/ March 13 \/

Just about time for those of us stupid enough to invest in that imaginary WHFS movie years ago to hire lawyers to get our money back, isn't it?

Dave's response: Yeah, whatever happened to that?

Does anyone know- I've always been curious- how early tomorrow does CBS get the brackets from the NCAA ?

I’m curious about this. Is WIAV required to move its programming to an ATSC 1.0 lighthouse signal at the same resolution? I ask because what they are proposing appears to be moving TBD from 1080i on WIAV to 480i on WJLA. With the Big 4 networks, I think the exact same signal is required. I’m curious if there’s an exemption for diginet sub-channels like that.

"I eat radio dorks for breakfast." I can easily believe you're no stranger to having a dork in your mouth. "I gave out the web address" No, you didn't. "and showed that they stopped doing it." No, you didn't. I hope you take the dork out of that mouth before you lie to your mother with it. By which I mean you're coming across as a liar. Gus Suaviter in Modo Fortiter in Re

Do you understand the new math? How do these major Radio Broadcasters "sell their debt"? Alpha Media just declared Bankruptcy with $267 Million in Debt. Entercom announced that they just sold $500 Million of their Debt! Beasley has $300 Million in Debt. Who is buying their Debt? Is this a good investment? Can someone explain how this works?

I am happy that WDCN LPTV Station Channel 6 will move over to Channel 8 and go digital. Perhaps they will operate as a Television Station rather than a FM Radio Station on 87.7 FM. This will be the first time they have operated as a Television Station as intended.

I am liking the mailbag minute. I will have to get Dave his own lab coat. I was thinking DCRTV on one side and Dave on the other but am open to suggestions. We will have to see a picture if I do. I was most likely in the first 25 to buy the TMOS bonus ten+ years ago but I have to agree with many of the recent postings here. And, the Facebook fan club which should be a fun and open discussion place and used to be that way is way out of control. I think they have scared away more people than those who just don't want to listen anymore. To me it will have nothing to do about money if I drop out of bonus. I like the extra content. It will be making a statement more than anything else. I will still have access to listen if I want. I have financially supported TMOS, BOAD, The Junks, DCRTV Dave, Pete, Czabe, Kevin (Not tom - LOL) etc. in many ways and will gladly continue. But, if you don't care about your fans and you show it and support those who think they are important on a FB page by bullying, I am out. OOBBEE

Yes, I think we all get that you eat dorks. "I specifically stated that I didn’t know WHY The Sun changed the Paywall on that COVID page" --- NO, you didn't, --- "and I gave out the web address" --- NO you didn't. --- "It’s not like I have anything to prove." That would be a dicey situation for you, wouldn't it? --- "Maybe they pick random pages to block without paying, but their editorial staff should stop withholding REAL MEDICAL HEALTH WARNINGS." --- Maybe you just don't know how to use a computer, post a link, or get past a call screener. Have you considered going to a machine and buying a newspaper? What news is the Sun withholding from you, Assburger? See your post of 12/21/2000. Gus rapidly tiring of your dork eating nonsense.

/\ March 13 /\

\/ March 12 \/

TO GUS IN DOOFUSLAND: i took COMPSCI & EE. You turned on a fucking RADIO, the REAL DOOFUS! I eat radio dorks for breakfast. I specifically stated that I didn’t know WHY The Sun changed the Paywall on that COVID page, and I gave out the web address and showed that they stopped doing it. But they’ve done this before. It’s not like I have anything to prove. Maybe they pick random pages to block without paying, but their editorial staff should stop withholding REAL MEDICAL HEALTH WARNINGS. I agree they should be paid for their work. But let’s be honest, their work is pretty shitty and most people do not find it worth the money nor do advertisers apparently or they would be financially solvent, which they are not.

The Malebag Minute::: New Rule. Freeloaders and self-promoters like BaltoMedia.net and PR hacks up-selling a client or product, no longer allowed to sign their posts using their business names - use Bobby, Sue or whatever. No, an occasional donation to Dave is no longer a valid 'reach-around.' strategy. Buy a display ad like the great and honorable OUR TOWN AUDIO RECORDING STUDIOS and then Dave will up-sell yo' company in the mailbag. OOBBEE is the official DCRTV Lab Rat. [ Het rat, send Dave a lab coat with his name on it- size large ] Once again, the malebag is right and TMOS is wrong. Bolivian Santana with his worthless e-MBA firing legendary Dude Walker and 2 weeks later after a 'told you so' listener revolt, O'Meara painfully on-air begging for Dude's forgiveness - and return. Speaking of Imus, heard he's taking his family out West in June all City Slickers like. What do you call Mike O'Meara behind the wheel of a rental car for 2 weeks? STUCK. If you're receiving a Stimulus Check, SYM! [Save your money and replenish your 6-12 month emergency fund - but tithe !0% to DCRTV]

Someone get Tony Perkins out of that Stupid HVAC Shaft? What is going on over there?

It is funny to hear Mike O’Meara bash Bob for not booking any guests. Does Mike know what type of show guests want to be booked on TMOS? If a literary agent or any agent for that matter listened to TMOS the last two weeks they would hear three main topics – like 75% of the show. (1) An old bitter man trying to book his own vacation out west with no idea how airlines, National Parks, and hotels work these days. It has been pathetic to listen to while once mighty Mike bitches about every dime and nickel. (2) The ongoing vaccination efforts of an old fat man, a middle aged fat man, and a foreign man getting fat in three states. Mike was literally pissed at Bob because his fatness and bad health qualify him in VA while Mike’s FLA doctor’s office winces every time he walks in and asks AGAIN about it because he is fat and ill too. Oscar is wandering around DC and MD trying to get his mom immunized with his father the immunized doctor along for the ride. (3) And, of course Mike’s continues ill health issues. What agent, actor, or writer would listen to this and say “The audience that listens to this and follows them to places like Lost Wages are a good fit to publicize my book, movie, event, etc.” Aside from Mike’s pathetic bitching about his life, his sidekicks are not helping these days when it comes to TMOS’s image. Oscar, oh Oscar, what happened to you? You were once that hip guy on BOAD with an edge. TMOS is like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest. Mike is Nurse Ratched. Oscar was like McMurphy trying to change things in the beginning. Bob was like Martini. Already beaten down and accepting but silly in a stupid way. Now, Oscar has had his lobotomy. After 20 minutes of Mike bitching last Friday about the cost of his trip and how he was skimping on things and that a stay in a dude ranch was only for “Glitterati” (Yes, he said that folks) Oscar applauds him for “stimulating the economy”. UMD and Daddy must be so proud of that MBA. When Mike said that he was planning the trip so that all three family members could see new things they have not before (Granted all three have never been out west before), Bob said that was “Amazing”. We will have to get to Mike’s view on contractors and dentists at a later date.

News tip Fox 5 looking for a news anchor... www.indeed.com

/\ March 12 /\

\/ March 11 \/

From 12/21/2020: "The Baltimore Sun has reached a new low. Now even essential COVID information is only available to PAYING SUBSCRIBERS! They used to have some dignity about the Paywall, but not anymore. Pay up or DIE says Tribune Publishing! And no private browsing the COVID article is also blocked!" Same old worn out shtick. Those bastards at McDonalds are still trying to starve me to death because I refuse to pay for a cheeseburger. I'll show them! Gus asking "Your usual suite Sir? 5150?"

"Geez Gus, even I'm appalled at your lack of empathy and basic human decency for your fellow man. Where is your compassion?.....Signed - Don J. Trump

From Doofus Incredibilis: "As soon as I humiliated The Sun here, they removed the Paywall on their front page COVID story." Yeah, it was all you dude. You have a history of not being able to access BSun stories (maybe their site runs DewshBGone) and still don't understand what "private browsing" is. And you never posted those links did you? GLENDOWER. I can call spirits from the vasty deep. HOTSPUR. Why, so can I, or so can any man; But will they come when you do call for them? Gus stealing from the best

Now, this is pretty cool. Coverage maps of MD stations of the past, including WTOW-FM and AM. worldradiohistory.com

In all seriousness, you have to be incredibly naive (if not stupid) to think that the Washington Post's coverage is not influenced by who owns the paper. I mean gimme a break.

Did you know that the $1.9 Trillion Bill includes $1 Billion to pay for a vaccine campaign? How much of this money will go to Radio or will it all go to TV?

To Gus who knows nothing about computers: As soon as I humiliated The Sun here, they removed the Paywall on their front page COVID story. It’s gone as of today, but was blocked for two whole days until I complained. Sure, they might have removed it for some other reason, but it was blocked yesterday when I sent the post here and now it’s gone. There’s usually at least one front page Sun story that is blocked even with private browsing, but it’s not usually a COVID related story. More often than not it’s a sports related story. I recommend more community college night classes for Gus. :-)

Good for DC! I am happy that the Kennedy Center will get $40 Million from the Covid $1.9 Trillion Bill and NPR Public Radio will get $150 Million from this Bill. They both need this money and it is nice that the Tax Payers will pay for it. The Kennedy Center has been locked down for one year now! When will they open?

/\ March 11 /\

\/ March 10 \/

RE: "Those [Washington Post] reporters know where the bread is buttered." Guess what, smart guy? "Those reporters" are represented by... wait for it... a union (Washington Post Newspaper Guild). They don't approach their stories by being concerned whether or not it pleases Bezos.

Wasn't Blake McCoy working either at the NBC network out in California prior to coming to DC? Was coming here to the local Fox affiliate supposed to be a step up? Well, guess it really doesn't matter since he's now gone. Wonder where he'll end up next?

Baltimore Sun COVID paywall: It would be helpful if you posted a few links where you encountered a paywall. I just looked at all the recent COVID articles on the Baltimore Sun site and encountered no paywall. This is exactly what happened the last time you complained about the Sun having a paywall. Also, I think you don't understand what "private browsing" is. So post those links, won't you? Gus no longer caring now all about the jinglejangle

Why is W261CD not providing different content on the Baltimore FM dial to and try and get some different ears and some different advertising dollars? Does WZBA have a coverage problem in downtown Baltimore on 100.7? They have a translator on 100.1 (W261CD); it has the same signal as 100.7. Unless the translator is filling a hole in the main signal coverage I find it surprising it has not been better monetized. There are some Baltimore AM stations without translators. There are some HD-2/3/4 channels in Baltimore that don't have translators. The translator is horizontally polarized but it has surprisingly good coverage. It can be heard in the car along 146 by loch raven reservoir; it can be heard in fallston with an outdoor antenna. Filing to add a vertical component would be easy. It is one of the few translators in Baltimore that has not been put up as high as possible with 250W and a convoluted directional pattern; there is probably room to maximize it.

WDCN has a construction permit to go digital on RF channel 8. Maybe they will build it by the analog off deadline. Maybe they will build it before the CP and extensions expire. Maybe they will not be able to be digital by the analog off deadline and they will ask for a STA to keep their radio signal on 87.7 for as long as they can. Put some popcorn in the microwave because there should be some drama with their RF6 analog signal going off the air, or not, and their digital RF8 signal coming on the air, or not.

#DavesPsychiatrist'sCouch A new weekly YouTube Advice Show where DCRTV Dave, while laying on his couch, anonymously reads and answers your most intimate radio & personal questions. #DearDave Sorta like Dear Abby but far more cooler. #AnalyzeGus #SupportDCRTV

I have an admission to make. I often attack Jeff Bezos and The Post here, but I cannot lie. I’m rather addicted to the ease of Amazon for quick purchases for a lot of things. Got a last minute birthday present yesterday much easier than going to a Best Buy, which probably wouldn’t have even had the item I was looking for, a rechargeable portable carry around battery w/ flashlight to recharge any cell phone, laptop, or iPad, etc. I’m sure if Best Buy had something like that, it would probably for around $30-$40 + the driving & gas & time. On Amazon, the same thing is less than $15 w/ free shipping and a free movie. And yeah, it’s from China just like Hunter Biden. It’s no wonder Jeff Bezos gave so much money to Joe Biden. So yeah, I feel guilty today, but I’m still buying. I think when the shit hits the fan though, we’re all going to realize we’re all traitors to our own country and giving up our sovereignty to China. And yes, I bought something manufactured with Uyghur SLAVE LABOR too. :-(

Without beating a dead horse, I want to pile on about The Baltimore Sun. THEY ARE PAYWAL BLOCKING IMPORTANT COVID HEALTH RELATED STORIES! Private browsing? Nope, won’t work, pay up! “If you want to live, just pay Tribune so you can sleep better.” What kind of monsters are these people at Tribune Publishing?

Dave: The overly long post-mortem analysis of Kane is self-serving to the poster and by way of example, psychiatrists aren't allowed to diagnose the living without interviewing them. The poster may say "Oh, I'm just trying to help!" but it seems pull-worthy to me. Gus

Dave's response: Never thought I'd see the day where Gus asks me to pull someone else's comment. Wow......

Since AM Radio is Dead in DC, should the FCC permit Translators to originate their own programming now?

Kane - One of the greatest sins in the modern world is the belief that you can't do your job and have severe, debilitating mental health issues at the same time. As if there is some unwritten belief that the ability to perform on your job at a high level means your mental health issues must not be as serious as thought. EVERYBODY has mental health issues. If you have ever yearned for a happier day gone by - level 1 depression. If you have ever been anxious about what tomorrow will bring - level 1 anxiety. Never listened to him on the radio. I remember Kane when he used to make appearances on NBC4. I thought he outkicked his coverage with his wife when he showed a picture one day. I remember NBC4 covering his divorce and arrest. I felt bad for him. I also remember they did a segment on his mental health battles and an OCD issue he had where he repeatedly cleaned his desk, computer and screen. I remember thinking he was trying to rehabilitate his image. There's a lot of stuff out there about his work relationships and the last year or so of his life. Here is how I see it, with what I know about severe mental illness. Mental illness, like the preamble, has certain "self-evident" truths. Mental illness is like a scud missile. It not only takes out the target but any family of friend in close proximity or who dare try to help. Probably why you didn't see any family of close friend speak after his death. More than likely they tried to help him over the last couple years and he systematically chased them all out of his life with unpredictable explosive anger and left them hurt. The anger and poor relationship with coworkers were born out of the frustration that comes with the inability to concentrate or focus or feel in control so he lashed out. Things most likely progressed to the point, like professional sports, the headaches associated with his behavior grew bigger than his impact on the bottom line. It manifested itself in many ways. Alcohol and drugs make it worse, especially if you are mixing it with antidepressants. More than likely, Kane recovered and was able to regroup enough to get back to work and do a pretty good job after his divorce. But what the outside world could not see was he never got back to the 100% he was before the divorce. He was able to function at a high level as long as he maintained order with the help of medication. I believe he was in a super fragile mental state after the divorce, meaning not only was he less than 100% and propped up by medication, but another personal catastrophic life event will have more damage because he is less than the 100% that withstood the divorce and arrest. The same ability to weather the storm and recover adequately is not there. He probable thought so, because that's the fallacy of antidepressant medication. Then he lost his radio job (see personal catastrophic life event). You find that most people with severe mental health issues are their most calm and in control when they are performing their craft. I think it brings a feeling of something they have mastered and the confidence that goes with it. According to Healthline.com, overdosing on tricyclic antidepressants can lead to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Trycyclic antidepressants are prescribed for people with OCD and when other antidepressants become less effective. I believe losing his radio job, plus the isolation of the pandemic, he may have elevated his attempt to self-medicate. If he smoked, that would make it even more deadly. One just may start drinking or drink more trying to do anything to numb themselves. He made a lot of money. He could get prescriptions from multiple doctors, internet wherever. The final "self-evident" truth is nobody, not his family, lifelong friends, lawyer, medication or anybody could have done anything to stop his brain from deteriorating. It was just going to manifest itself in one of a number of ways and all of them tragic. Losing his radio job in Aprill 2020 was probable the first domino. I'm sure that job was a large part of his identity and self-worth. Lose your wife, your 2 daughters and the support and comfort that comes with that, then have a job taken away that you love. Isolation makes it more intense. An idle mind is the devil's playground. The pain from losing those things is only surpassed by the realization that you will never get them back again. Replaying that in your head in isolation must have been excruciating. That's a lot for the strongest of people. Many other possible factors that we may never know about. (virtual school, pandemic visitation, the bad attitude with coworkers more than likely extended to coparenting with his ex-wife and caused friction) The more I think about it I'm surprised something didn't happen sooner. There but for the grace of God go I.

"Fired last year, dead this year" . . . Buddy, I hope you won't be in charge of writing my obit when the time comes. You're about the most insensitive jerk that has ever lurked in this forum.

I never met Kane but for those uninformed and or just plain dumb he died from acute respiratory syndrome. Can be hereditary or congenital. Read up and stop judging. Nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. Mark Bethesda

Thoughts and prayers for the families of the deceased but I did not order the ass burgers platter. IHateTheFCCGuy is like Stock Guy except he actually looked things up on the internet. Often got it wrong but at least pretended to try. May still be the same guy, don't care. Gus eating Lou Malnati pizza and not caring who's going to work or where

/\ March 10 /\

\/ March 9 \/

Kane: Fired last year, dead this year = alcohol. That's my guess. Apparently nobody he worked with liked him. Not surprising. Sad though for his kids. I didn't even know he was fired...

The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik has jumped the shark and come out in favor of censorship of Fox News. I guess it’s pretty cool and woke of him to just throw away his journalistic credentials for the cause. If Fox News wants to be a political tool, it should be treated as such and not given access meant for journalists www.baltimoresun.com... As Bugs Bunny would say (is he he cancelled yet?), what a maroon!

One thing i’m surprised about in the NextGen TV rollout is that Sinclair is actually playing nice in the schoolyard so far. I mean, they have a significant advantage in many markets to take their duopolies to NextGen without the help of really any other TV station ownership group, but maybe the Tribune fiasco humbled them. If only Sinclair TV stations switched to NextGen TV, no one would care or watch. But surprisingly, Sinclair is making sharing deals with competitors in nearly every market, but not yet DC so far, its biggest market. DC is a market that NextGen TV would easily take hold in compared to a lot of smaller markets. I think the majority of people will not much notice until the Olympics when there is a lot of 4K live events available. I think both WRC 4 and WBAL 11 will be making a huge push to elevate awareness this summer.

The Radio Hall of Fame is open for nominations. Go to radiohalloffame.com

The Death of Kane:: Back in the day...combat medic trained..Acute Lung Injury was in our world, a by-product of say direct combat or training accident trauma. Kane may have had a number of indirect risk factors that contributed to his death that his family has chosen to keep private. ( Wonder if Kane's family will take a page out of Limbaugh's Death Certificate and list Kane as the "Second Greatest Radio Host Of All Time"

NEWS! www.washingtonpost.com: Roger Mudd, a longtime CBS News political correspondent who reported on the Pentagon’s profligate spending, whose interview with Edward M. Kennedy ended the senator’s White House prospects and who briefly shared the anchor job at his onetime rival, NBC News, died March 9 at his home in McLean, Va. He was 93. The cause was complications from kidney failure, said a son, Jonathan Mudd. Mr. Mudd spent almost 20 years covering Capitol Hill, political campaigns and corruption scandals for CBS News. He did special reports on the Watergate scandal and its fallout, including the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon in 1974...

If you love crazy TV ID graphics and logos from the 1980s onward, check out this cool YouTube channel - NoEntertainment - at youtube.com. Very addictive. - Dave

Where will the Radio Fans go when WDCN 87.7 FM must cease operation on July 13, 2021? This LPTV Station must go Digital on that date. Here is a possibility. Join forces with WTNT 730 AM/97.5 FM/92.9 FM. They program Spanish Hits like 87.7 FM. It is called La Mega. Just a thought.

I am sending a donation to DCRTV today. This is the best local DC Radio and Television News Report you will find. It is Free. I don't always agree with it but it gives you some good information.

Dave's response: Thank you very much. Our support info is up at the top of this page.....

If Kane died of Covid I wonder why they are reluctant to just say so. "Acute Respiratory Syndrome"? Pretty young in any case. The short obit skips over his close shave with criminal problems. Max Critic

Dave's response: I thought the same thing. I looked up ARS and it's usually caused by something else, like a serious injury or disease, and not a stand-alone disease in itself. It very well could be the result of a bad lung infection from Covid.....

NEWS! Marc Fisher on the death of longtime Hot 99.5 morning man Kane..... www.washingtonpost.com: He staged all manner of on-air tricks to lure wayward husbands into revealing their extramarital affairs on his morning radio show. He arranged to pay bail for R&B singer-songwriter Bobby Brown’s bail — over late child-support payments — in exchange for the music star doing a guest turn as co-host of his program, “The Kane Show.” Peter Deibler, a high-energy, mischievous radio personality known to listeners in the Washington area and across the country only as “Kane,” died March 6 at a hospital in Rockville, Md., of acute respiratory distress syndrome, according to his attorney, David Bulitt. Mr. Deibler was 43. In a prolific career, he had spent more than two decades as a purveyor of largely PG-rated fare designed to attract teens and their mothers to his morning show on Hot 99.5 (WIHT) in Washington and on stations in Baltimore and Tampa; his afternoon show on a handful of other outlets; and his Sunday evening syndicated program, which aired on more than 100 stations. Mr. Deibler, whose Hot 99.5 show launched in 2006, had been off the air since last spring, but he remained under contract to the station’s parent company, iHeart Radio, Bulitt said...

Re comment by "Charlie Windsor." Every time I hear Meghan Markle, or her name, I think of Wallis Simpson. And every time I hear Prince Harry, or his name, I think of his great uncle, Prince David (aka Edward VIII). The Brits ought to be very happy that Harry is the younger son. Also, this farce provides yet another reason to mock CBS and how far it has fallen.

/\ March 9 /\

\/ March 8 \/

I think it is important for all the Yanks reading DCRTV that last nights' interview with Oprah was a pile of rubbish. Shame on the bloody CBS affiliates for airing it. Sincerely, Charlie Windsor

All this talk of whether the FCC is working or not so I’ll chime in. A Federal contractor I know (not FCC related) said that, yes, Federal workers are working from home, but many are just dishing the work off to Federal contractors who are overwhelmed with work to the point of no days off while Federal workers are chillin at home with the dog. So yes, the Feds are working like in that Xfinity commercial with Amy Poehler, delegating to others. :-)

Dave, thank you for 23 years of service to the DC Market with DCRTV. Do you get government money? Do you have paid subscriptions? Where does the money come from to keep this service going? Readers get this service FREE! I know that you depend on donations from your readers. I hope people will send you a donation today. Thank You!

I did not hear this today…..on PFT “More information has emerged as to the disputed report from 106.7 The Fan regarding the pending investigation into the culture at the Washington Football Team. On Friday, the radio station reported that attorney Beth Wilkinson has recommended that Daniel Snyder be forced to sell the team. The NFL called the report “absolutely false,” explaining that the league has received “no such report” from Wilkinson. On Monday, 106.7 The Fan issued the following correction: “On Friday morning, we reported on excerpts of a report prepared by the NFL’s independent investigator into the Washington Football Team, Beth Wilkinson. We believed, based on information provided to us by our source, that the report was final and had been delivered to the NFL League Office. The League has denied receiving a final report, however, both in a general statement and in response to specific questions from us. Based on those unequivocal denials, we now believe that our source was mistaken and that the excerpts of the report that were shared with us have not yet been sent to the NFL. We do believe in the authenticity of the documents we reviewed, and that they are from the Wilkinson investigation, but we are unable to confirm that the report was a final draft or that it had been delivered to the League Office. As soon as we are able to report anything further on this, we will let you know — both as to what occurred in our Friday report and regarding the Wilkinson investigation generally.” Assuming that this correction is accurate, the question becomes how did the information from Wilkinson’s unfinished report make it to 106.7 The Fan? There are three possibilities: (1) someone from the outside stole or found the report; (2) someone from within Wilkinson’s firm stole or found the report and leaked it; or (3) Wilkinson and/or one of her assistants/associates deliberately leaked the information. As to the third possibility, why would Wilkinson leak it? Common sense suggests, if she leaked it, that Wilkinson fears that the league office will brush the matter under the rug, and that a preemptive disclosure may keep that from occurring. Given Wilkinson’s past representation of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh, Wilkinson also could be attempting to avoid criticism from women’s rights groups as to her role in a potential whitewashing of the Washington investigation, which largely arises from allegations of misconduct against women. Obviously, her past representation of Kavanaugh would exacerbate any such complaints. However the unfinished report made its way to 106.7 The Fan, there’s now reason to believe that the initial report was accurate but premature. Time will tell whether that’s the case. Regardless, this specific development makes full transparency as to the investigation, the findings, and the consequences even more important.

I am happy that everything is "Normal" at the FCC according to what someone posted today. They have been closed for one year. To the "poster" ..... do you know anyone that works at the FCC? I suspect that the "poster" works at the FCC. Nice try.

RE: “Where do people come up with some of these wacky ideas?” Front an interview with the Sinclair people directly, so you misinterpreted the statement! You are the one who’s got the wacky ideas and wrong! The DRM codec is being used to compress the music and even Dolby AC-4 was tested and worked well. The transmission is via ATSC 3.0 and will be picked up by any NextGen TV. Yes, they are promoting the idea to get ATSC 3.0 in cars and so far it is working with a Detroit design center already set up for product development. No one ever said that Sinclair was going to be broadcasting Digital Radio Mondiale in America. That’s only your false interpretation of the facts presented to you. I brought up the story because Digital Radio in America is largely languishing from the use of old outdated bad technology created by a bankrupt company, iBiquity (sound familiar? Zenith & ATSC 1.0?) that isn’t up to today’s streaming standards even. ATSC 3.0 can actually do radio better than our current radio system can do radio. That is why its’a game changer. The industry is going to have to make serious decisions on the future of FM & AM radio. The rest of the world has already done this, but as usual, the U.S. is stuck with old dying tech. Everyone in Britain listens to Digital radio over the air. Why no one in America? You missed the main point of the post completely. www.tvtechnology.com — BaltoMedia.net

It is great that some radio companies can get large loans from the government under the PPP Loan Act. Both Beasley and Salem got large loans......Beasley $10 Million and Salem $11.2 Million. Both loans are forgivable if used for qualified expenses. In other words, the loans become a "grant". They do not pay the money back. This a great way to reward poorly managed companies.

NEWS! Longtime DC Radio Host Kane Dies of Illness... www.nbcwashington.com... Longtime D.C. radio host Peter Deibler, better known to listeners as Kane, died Friday after “a long illness,” lawyers for his family said Monday. Deibler was host of “The Kane Show” on HOT 99.5 for years and once contributed to NBC4. His program aired in the D.C. area and beyond. “Although co-hosts came and went, Kane remained a constant, comforting voice for thousands of people driving to work, dropping the kids off at school and running errands,” lawyers for Deibler’s family said in a statement. Deibler was a father to two daughters, who he often spoke about on the air. His age was not immediately released. The radio network iHeartRadio sent their condolences. “We are deeply saddened to share the news that Kane has passed away. Kane has been an important part of our iHeart family for many years, from his early days at WFLZ in Tampa, to his network of stations and success at HOT995 in DC and Club Kane. Please keep Kane's family and his girls in your thoughts and prayers,” the company said in a statement.

Sinclair's "Stirr" project to put radio on ATSC 3.0 has nothing to do with DRM. It's literally just more ATSC 3 audio streams that don't happen to be associated with video streams, with the openly-declared intent of enticing automakers to put ATSC 3 receivers in dashboards. A DRM radio can't hear those transmissions, because they're not DRM. Where do people come up with some of these wacky ideas?

Is AM Radio dead? Most people think so. What do you think? It is time to permit FM Translators to originate their own programming now. What percent of the DC Listeners listen to AM Radio? Check your Nielsen Ratings.

/\ March 8 /\

\/ March 7 \/

I keep saying this, and I'll say it again: the FCC staff (at least the ones I deal with at the Media Bureau) are hard at work, regardless of where they're physically located. I get e-mails answered within the day, usually, and grants seem to move through the system at normal speed. Don't believe me? Look at the "actions" section at the top of fcc.today and see what's being granted (or dismissed) and when it was filed.

Regarding Blake McCoy's replacement, whoever it is, he or she will truly have to take a back seat to the golden girl Angie Goff and be her cheerleader. I don't think Blake was too crazy about doing that. To me it seemed as though he came to town thinking he was going to be a star on the anchor desk but then had a rude awakening when he realized that he would have to play second fiddle to Angie. Didn't seem too happy about it.

Bad news for the Kars4Kids hater. The commercial is on TV now. DOH! LOL

Assuming that wasn’t a joke, Franken-FM means Frankenstein FM, not a real FM station, but a TV station converted into an FM radio station by virtue of the fact that analog audio shows up on 87.7 on your FM dial. These TV stations are taking advantage of being on channel 6 which is right next to the FM band and not broadcasting much of any video content. The FCC has mandated that all TV licenses switch to digital this year. A digital TV signal cannot be picked up on an analog FM radio so they will be forced to convert to TV stations.

People forget that Sinclair owns several radio stations, so this announcement could be a game changer in radio beyond TV. Sinclair is gong to simulcast its 4 FM radio stations over its NextGen TV station in the European Digital Radio standard, Digital Radio Mondiale. It’s more compact than HD-Radio and better quality. But as part of this announcement, also announced is that Dolby AC-4 could also be used to broadcast radio via TV, but at 96kbps. DRM only takes up 24kbps per FM station! When all TV stations switch to NextGen TV, it’s possible that every AM/FM radio station in a market could be broadcast digital, not by radio, but by the TV everyone already owns if it’s upgraded to an ATSC 3.0 tuner. And yes ATSC 3.0 is being tested and will end up in cars too. See the plans here: www.tvtechnology.com — BaltoMedia.net
"The FCC continues to be "Locked Down" for one year now! The employees say they are "working from home". Is this true? How long does it take now to get simple things approved? Can you reach anyone at the FCC now? When was the last time you were able to discuss minor changes with anyone at the FCC?" These questions were answered on this very page on February 27 of this year. What is your major malfunction, numbnuts? Do you just like to hear yourself type? Gus not even disappointed any more

Is AM Radio dead? According to Nielsen Ratings, it is dead in DC! Less than 4% of the people in DC listen to AM Radio. Look at the former WMAL 630 AM. once was number one in the market. 630 AM is now WSBN ESPN 630 AM. In the last rating survey, they had O.O Share of Audience.

The FCC continues to be "Locked Down" for one year now! The employees say they are "working from home". Is this true? How long does it take now to get simple things approved? Can you reach anyone at the FCC now? When was the last time you were able to discuss minor changes with anyone at the FCC? How long does it take to get FCC approval on a simple transfer of ownership?

I don't know if bus advertising is considered "media" here in the nation's capital, but Metro really needs to remove Christmas ads from its vehicles, now that it's early March. Imagine if this were a radio or TV ad -- that station would catch all kinds of lumps if a stupid ad like that ran today.

What will they say if Greg Gutfeld beats Kimmel, Fallon, and Colbert in the late night comedy ratings when his show moves to 11pm weeknights? He’s already been beating them in the late night ratings even though his show is only on Saturday nights now on cable. His show will be demonized by the other shows and SNL as the Nazi Comedy Hour, just wait and see. When are comedians going to go back to comedy from woke agendas? Political agendas simply aren’t funny. Have you ever met a woke person that was funny? People tell me, “Oh, Joe Biden looks so Presidential” and I say, “When have you last seen him live on TV?” They can’t remember, because they haven’t. Greg Gutfeld will be showing you the funniest things you’ve missed that they’re hiding from you. Yes, they’re deliberately hiding comedy from you because they act as one now. The Big 3 Late Night Shows all get enough ratings to make money for each network and none cares to be the winner. They just gladly accept the Social Justice Appreciation Award. Now they’ll have competition. I for one cannot wait. I can see this show ending up on the FOX Network possibly. We shall see.

"Wonder who they’ll hire to be second fiddle to Angie Goff at 4pm now?" Perhaps Luke Russert is available? If he can be pulled away from his duties as a full-speed high octane douche, and I never said "drinking problem". In other news, who will join me in a class action lawsuit on behalf of all the people harmed by LPFM TV stations? Those bastards! Gus in solidarity

/\ March 7 /\

\/ March 6 \/

Looks like Blake McCoy is indeed gone from FOX5 as social media claims another victim. Wonder who they’ll hire to be second fiddle to Angie Goff at 4pm now? On a related note, I’ll compare Shawn Yancy’s hiring at NBC4 to 5’s Angie Goff to mornings experiment. In both cases, there were long-established successful anchor teams in place and management brought in a big name to fill a vacancy that didn’t exist. That’s why there’s a lack of chemistry in both situations. It’s unfortunate but I guess it’s the way the business works.

Why do they call the LPTV Stations on Channel 6 the Franken FM Stations? Was there a Mr. Franken? These are the TV stations that were originally licensed so that Minorities could get into Television ownership. Soon after these licenses were issued by the FCC, they were sold off for big profits! None of the 28 licenses are owned by Minorities today. The new owners found a good loophole with these licenses......operate them as FM Commercial Radio Stations rather than Television Stations, using their audio channel 87.7 FM. Never mind the promises that were made to the FCC to obtain the licenses. On July 13, 2021, these stations must drop their analog signal and go digital. Thus, they will no longer be able to operate as a Commercial FM Radio Station. WDCN 87.7 FM in DC will cease operation.

Things just go from bad to worse for Blake McCoy. www.ftvlive.com.... According to FTVLive on Friday, he posted a video to his Instagram story of him and another man [you can guess]. He later removed the post and claimed that a friend borrowed his phone and posted it. He’s also no longer on the Fox 5 personalities webpage either. Wherever the truth lies with the [controversial] video, social media has not been his friend over the past couple of weeks. However, this was all 100% preventable.

If anyone needed further proof that AM radio is a wasteland, here is the strange story of DC's lost AM station still announcing road closures from Obama's second inauguration in 2013. www.thedrive.com

/\ March 6 /\

\/ March 5 \/

WDCO/WMDO is now operating three 1080i signals on one channel. I knew that was possible, but not easily and likely not good for sports.

One of the neat things about using parts of the ATSC 3.0 technology for FM radio is that 2nd and 3rd adjacent protections would likely be a thing of the past and 1st adjacents would have much better interference & signal rejection too. This would result in a LOT more radio channels in that 6Mhz of space as well as better quality sound, even likely better than current streaming options. And of course free. From what I’ve read, radio sub-channels are in the specifications for ATSC 3.0 for TV channels that might want to use it, but none are as of yet are I don’t think.

RE: Jeff Bezos not racist? Then why has Amazon banned a documentary on Supreme Court Justice Thomas?

I tend to agree that one has to take WaPo's "reporting" with a grain of salt when it comes to Amazon. Those reporters know where the bread is buttered. I would add that I take WaPo with a grain of salt on the Redskins/Snyder stuff too. Bezos is known to be angling to buy a team and he does own WaPo after all.................

The FCC says that the 28 LPTV Stations operating on Channel 6 must cease operation as analog stations on July 13, 2021. They must go digital or turn in their license. This will effect WDCN 87.7 FM in DC. This is the station that NEVER operated as a Television Station as intended. They used a loophole and operated as a Commercial FM Radio Station by using their audio signal 87.7 FM. Their radio fans must say good by on 7/13/21. The owner of this station has done very well by leasing out this station as a COMMERCIAL FM RADIO STATION.

Its official: nobody gives a shit about AM radio in DC anymore: The Strange Story of DC's Lost AM Radio Station Still Transmitting Inauguration Road Closures From 2013... www.thedrive.com

Mr. Bezos is not anti-black, he's anti-union. Someone should tell him that the FCC is a union. Gus simply not caring

The Washington Post today announced Jenna Pirog is joining as the deputy editor of strategic initiatives, working with Lede Lab on new ways to incorporate emerging technologies, including 5G, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, into the newsroom. In her role, Jenna will serve as a liaison to advertising and lead ambitious newsroom initiatives in collaboration with The Post’s revenue and technology teams.

“A fool” calls out a BIGGER FOOL! When has The Washington Post put any negative Jeff Bezos story on the front page? Regarding Cancel Culture or his censorship, Orwellian and Fahrenheight 451ish book burnings? Why haven’t they called him a racist when he meets all their OWN qualifications for one? The Amazon shop trying to unionize is over 85% black! How is Bezos singling them out not racist by their OWN standards? HYPOCRISY MUCH??? The Post is just like their masthead, Democracy Dies in Darkness, and the newspaper is leading in creating the DARKNESS!

Some Eastern shore news. WZBH 93.5 FM to downgrade to B1 non-directional from 50kw to 11kw. Not sure why other than maybe cost cutting on the electricity bill. When/if that happens you won’t be getting 93.5 The Beach just after Cambridge anymore on a beach trip. WKHI 94.9 FM wants to move to 94.5 FM. Would help signal to Salisbury better, not sure how else. Both frequencies get interference from 50kw WDSD 94.7 in Dover, which I never liked. WDSD even with the short tower interferes with WIAD 94.7 near the bay east of Baltimore and that always drove me nuts. — BaltoMedia.net

Now this letter to the FCC from an average radio listener in support of WKHI 94.9 FM’s signal modification to 94.5 FM made me chuckle: "From: hitmanoc@aol.com... Date: February 18, 2021 at 4:38:54 PM EST To: kevin@thevoiceradionetwork.com Subject: WKHI RADIO... Reply-To: hitmanoc@aol.com... SIR, MY WIFE AND I HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO THE SUPER HIT STATION WKHI FOR A FEW WEEKS NOW, WE LOVE THE MUSIC AND THE PEOPLE OF THE STATION, HOWEVER THE 94 point 9 SIGNAL KEEPS FADING IN AND OUT IN THE HOUSE AND IN THE CAR......WE HAVE FRIENDS THAT TUNE IN AND LISTEN WHEN THEY CAN PICK IT UP..... IS THERE ANYTHING YOU CAN DO TO MAKE IT LOUDER AND NOT FADE IN AND OUT..... THANK YOU FOR YOU TIME MR. & MRS NEWCOMB"... Average radio listener my ass!!! HAHA! The funniest part is that the FCC will buy this hook, line, and sinker. I love it and actually I agree with the complaint, although at my house the signal is fine, but when traveling around just locally, it does cut in and out too frequently. Whatever works I guess. :-)

What I don't like about Jeff Bezos is putting the Sports section inside the Style section so I have to wade through pictures of sweaty felons to find my puzzles. Just imagine the damage to the children looking for their comic strips. What's the sport currently? I guess basketball. No felons in basketball, no sirreee. Gus on the sunny side of the street

/\ March 5 /\

\/ March 4 \/

Thanks to the reader who identified my Channel 49.x query as WWTD-LD out of DC. I'm impressed I can get an LD signal from this far out. The Wiki entry shows an interesting history of extended construction permits starting back in the early 1990's, a stint as an analog relay for WJLA when it was leased for a spell by Albritton, a nine-month run as the flagship station of "the UFO network" and its current ownership by a guy out in Denver who owns its local persona, DC Broadcasting, Inc.

Luke Russert is a douche. Two Transformer Statues At Center Of Georgetown Debate | DCist Transmission ends. Gus disappointed as usual [Two Transformer Statues At Center Of Georgetown Debate | DCist A homeowner on Prospect Street put up massive sculptures of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee outside his home in Janu...]

Did the Imus Show ever mention the Georgetown Transformers? I know Sid Santana is a big fan and it's his neighborhood. georgetownmetropolitan.com... Gus behind the curve

Sometimes, you just have to call out the nameless idiots. So to the fool who claims that the Washington Post has not put out an article on Bezos fighting union in the south: WRONG!!! The post had a huge article in print and on-line - in early February. Apology accepted lil fella And Mike Moss, I believe, still works for Westwood One Radio, after his long stint at WTOP of course. All you groupies are spreading too much FAKE NEWS....I guess Darwin was correct about you

Today’s FAKE NEWS from the Bezos Big Tech Washington Post: “Capitol Police say intelligence shows militia group may be plotting to breach the Capitol” : www.washingtonpost.com... They show a pic of DC under lockdown from fences and barbed wire as if a war is going on. Of course nothing happened today. It’s just fake news and a lockdown & paranoia support campaign because borders only work in DC, not near Mexico. This is also to cover for Jeff Bezos threatening black people down south trying to unionize Amazon facilities. God knows that’s not racist. He’s a champion against Trump. He can’t be racist. SPLIT BIG TECH UP!

The poster falsely claiming the Washington Post isn't covering the efforts by workers at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama to unionize is totally clueless. A search on WashingtonPost.com of "Amazon union" results in seven articles in the last week. Check for yourself.

To the person reporting the death of former NBC Radio and WTOP news anchor Mike Maus. Mike Maus was a former NBC Radio news anchor who never worked at WTOP. Mike Moss worked at NBC Radio and was, of course, a long time morning anchor at WTOP. I've heard nothing to indicate poor health for Mike Moss.

It looks like the FrankenFM channel 6s are going to go quietly, at least in this area. WDCN is applying for channel 8 in DC. Why they didn’t just choose to stay on 6 digital boggles my mind, but they’re ditching the analog either way. And now WOWZ 6 on the eastern shore has filed for channel 33 at 15kw from the 1000 foot WMDT tower, so that will be quite a large signal. In other channel 6 news, Sinclair’s WRGB in Schenectady has filed to move off of channel 6 to channel 35. That leaves WPVI ABC 6 in Philadelphia as the only channel 6 left that actually has to be on channel 6 and even ABC doesn’t want to be on channel 6. The channel 6s out west and down south are ones that simply took the money to move to low-band VHF mostly and have plenty of other options. This is perfect timing to devise a plan to remove channel 6 from TV allocation and start a Digital FM band, open to both AM and FM stations first to apply for under certain circumstances, short spacings, interference, etc. I do not think that IBOC/HD-Radio technology should be used however. it’s already outdated. A digital FM should be ATSC 3.0 based using those audio codecs or better and the other features like excellent co-channel and adjacent channel rejection and interference improvements. An ATSC 3.0 based system would also allow for easy reception on new NextGen TVs with little modification as well as on cell phones as NextGen will soon prove. Such a system could hold all of today’s FMs plus many AM stations and the existing FM could ultimately be repurposed in the same way. The only AM stations that would be left on the AM dial would switch to AM digital and be either Class As or regional Class Bs powerful enough to mean little interference. The FCC would have to be aggressive though as in tuner mandates, something they rarely do. What do you think Dave?

Dave's response: I have always advocated a dedicated digital FM radio band here in North America. With perhaps a 20-year deadline to completely turn off all analog radio here in the USA except perhaps for an Emergency Radio Service, which would be allowed to be broadcast via super-power (500kw?) AM outlets well into the 21st century, allowing for a handful of regional news and information stations to air an emergency news/weather/traffic service in the event of a natural disaster, nuclear/terror attack, pandemic, economic collapse, and/or widespread power outage.....

Listening to the Morning Hustle on WKYS, I am hearing commercial breaks ending with the last 1 or 2 seconds of audio playing out a second time. For example, a banking commercial will end, "...member FDIC, an equal opportunity lender (...tunity lender)". It's just my ear, but it seems to only affect national spots, before WKYS plugs in its own local material. Anyone have an idea why this is happening? 'Cuz I'm here to tell you it's annoying as phuc.

Channel 49 in DC is WWTD-LD, broadcasting 15kw from one of the WRC towers at Ward Circle. I do not believe a program guide is required of TV stations, just station ID.

NEWS! Baltimore area based Sinclair Broadcasting is cutting 5% of its workforce, mainly due to lost ad revenue from COVID-19 lockdowns. This is about 600 people nationwide and includes people at the Hunt Valley headquarters. No word yet on any cuts from WBFF Fox 45 or WJLA ABC 7, among the many other TV stations they own both locally and nationwide. —BaltoMedia.net

/\ March 4 /\

\/ March 3 \/

So as the standup comedians say, What Is The Deal With... Subchannels 49.1 through 49.6. A couple months ago I rescanned channels in my guest room, which like the rest of my apartment is in the Manassas area. (I have an old tuner in my living room TV, which doesn't get 49.x, though it gets scores of other channels including all the local majors). The lineup includes DABL TV (Lifestyle), a Japanese channel, Christian channel, and QVC. Two weird things: Channel 49.2 alternates between a different shopping channel and StartTV--and the channel identifier says StartTV. It has some quality series like The Closer and Major Crimes, but in mid-story it'll flip over to the shopping channel. Meanwhile on 49.6, the ID says ShopLC, but just now the first few minutes showed some other weird crime show before changing to... Major Crimes, with the StartTV logo superimposed below. The other weird thing is, no EPG info comes up for any of these, and I thought that was legally required? All the other channels have it. Anyone know what's going on? It's a weak signal according to my tuner, but usually completely watchable, with the pretty decent ClearStream antenna in there. The only 49 that TV Fool pulls up for me is 49 / 3 WHSV-DT, Harrisonburg/Shenendoah Valley etc, which doesn't seem likely and I've never seen any ABC identifiers on these.

Speaking of unions, Jeff Bezos is fighting unions w/ 85% black employees down south. Is it in The esteemed Washington Post? HELL NO. It’s simply not news. Jeff Bezos doesn’t want you know these things just like Dr. Seuss being anti-racism. The police are defunded but the Thinkpol is fully funded and has spoken. You will abide by them. Will The Post make up for it by WOKE WASHING themselves with a story about WOMXN MONTH? I still don’t know what that means, but it is on Twitter, so it must be real right? When will Charles Darwin’s bones be dug up in Westminster Abbey and dragged through the streets of London, that RACIST? BIG TECH MUST BE BROKEN UP not for following the science, but for following the JUNK SCIENCE!!

RE: “OOBBEE has a job? Go figure.”….I deserve that! LOL PhD Biochemist. (Ask Dave) I own a biotech and a Dx. Go figure. BTW, Czabe on Kevin’s Pod for an hour. Good stuff. OOBBEE

"Washington Football Team replacing cheerleaders with coed dance team." How about replacing the cheerleaders with .,, nothing. As the poster aptly pointed out, anything the midget tree killer does is as bad as anything Imus does, with his triple hometowns of Gloucester, Boston, and now Hartford. Jack Kent Cooke as he is now is a better NFL owner than l'il Danny Snyder. That's right, a bucket of dirt is better than Daniel Snyder. New team name: "We're Totally Not Rapists". Gus Easton Ellis

#IntermittentFasting Is that like Imus taking Friday's off?

Re: the comment about the Blake issue at FOX5. Holly had been assigned as an anchor on the early morning anchor desk and then out of the blue was reassigned to being a field reporter after being at the station for about 20 years. Of course I'm sure management informed her as to why. There have been stories out there which are all over the place as to just why both she and Maureen were sent out into the field. As for Blake, he seemed to come off, at least to me, a bit arrogant on air when he arrived. And yeah, he's entitled to his opinion, but in this day and age, he should know that posts on social media can bring one down REAL fast!

One last tidbit about WLIF 101.9 FM. The Hart Road tower is taller than every TV station tower in the Washington DC market. I’m almost shocked it was never used by any TV station over the years. WMJF 39 for instance would benefit greatly from being on that tower, but it would likely cause too much interference to WDVM who’s also on channel 23.

Washington Football Team replacing cheerleaders with coed dance team. That would be like Mike O'Meara replacing Dude Walker on TMOS. #AgainstNature

OOBBEE has a job? Go figure.

Yes, I know about the GS (General Schedule) system, but "Pay Grade Scale"??? Who are you, Jethro Bodine? "Dave, ... , at least allow people to put his stupid ass in place factually." Yeah, it's criminal how Dave is constantly protecting me. "Just remember the FCC is a union too you know?" That's where we came in, remember Jethro? Gus not bloodied at all but unbowed fer damn sure

NEWS! Washington, D.C. (Wednesday, March 3, 2021) - The soft soothing sound of WHUR’S 24/7 Quiet Storm Station is expanding, giving more Washington, D.C. area listeners a chance to experience the relaxing romantic format. Listeners with analog radios can now tune in to hear their favorite slow jams non-stop on 98.3FM. The expansion comes as the heritage flagship station 96.3 WHUR FM is set to mark its 50th Anniversary this year. “WHUR has long been a trailblazer in the industry and we are always looking for new opportunities to expand our brand. The addition of 98.3FM now allows us to have a greater reach across the DMV,” said WHUR General Manager Sean Plater. The Quiet Storm Station was launched last December on 96.3HD2 holding true to the original flavor of the Quiet Storm set in place back in 1976 by the late Melvin Lindsey and still heard nightly on WHUR 96.3FM. “Whether in your office, car, or at home; the Quiet Storm Station sets the right mood for the DMV and now with 98.3FM there are more ways for Washington to relax and unwind,” added Plater. The Quiet Storm Station is available at 98.3FM and 96.3HD2 with an HD Radio. It’s also available at www.thequietstormstation.com and on The Quiet Storm Station mobile app.

I want to add a bit of trivia to the posts about WAQE in Towson. In the early 60’s, the introduction of FM stereo was a big deal to audiophiles. WAQE-FM, which was licensed to Baltimore, was the first FM stereo station in the market. In those days, however, the station had a poor signal given its location in a gulch and low antenna height. In 1971 after Woody Sudbrink purchased it and launched WLIF, the new tall tower that soars over the Loch Raven area was built, and 101.9 suddenly had a great signal. Roddy Freeman

Well, at least we know the Federal Government is just one of MANY things that Gus knows nothing about besides radio and TV. Grade 1 Gus. You don’t talk like them because you could never have their job to know the Fed pay scale! You’d have to pay the Feds to work for them or be parking their cars for them. haha!

For Grade 1 Gus & his Hill People: The official Federal Government Pay Grade Scale. Yes, they do talk like this. Dave, If you’re gonna let Gus spew insults and misinformation, at least allow people to put his stupid ass in place factually. He simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And nowhere did anyone say every Government employee had to be in a union. But they have access to one any time they want if their job is in jeopardy. Their wages are determined by the budget and this scale. www.opm.gov

As of this morning WIAV 58 no longer carries the programming of WMDO 47, just TBD temporarily as Sinclair’s NextGen TV appllication is still pending to move WJLA ABC 7 there or others.

Hey CK, now that you have covered your ass in filling the seats at JFK and TEM, how about fixing the stream of JFK? You know people do leave their cars and go to work right? Most try to listen on their computers. I hope these numbers are built into the Junkies rating bonus. If they are, and I was their agent, I would go after Entercom at bonus time. The radio.com app on phones sucks. The Junkies were unlistenable this morning at work on my computer. Instead of covering your ass with enough minority voices on the two channels, how about focusing on signal delivery??? I love the Junkies 25th podcast. Just saying. OOBBEE

As a former part time announcer for WLIF-101.9 in 1977, it is great to read about the WTOW/WAQE AM-FM history. It is also great to learn about Sam Booth owning WTOW for a time. His long-running stations WCHA AM and FM in Chambersburg along what would eventually become the Interstate 81 corridor linking PA MD WVA and VA were well-run and well-respected for decades. Around 1978 or 1979 WCHA-FM 95.1 (which for a while used the calls WCHM) moved away from automated easy-listening music I believe and into full-time top 40 or as it was called then "contemporary hit radio" or CHR. The new calls were WIKZ with the marketing slogan "Wikzee 95" used on the air. There may have been some automation at first but WIKZ was essentially live local and mainstream pop. Success was quick and solid and WIKZ at last report was some form of adult pop music or "hot AC" several owners later. Meanwhile WCHA-800 remained a full service AC daytimer until deregulation allowed limited power after dark. Two of the men who helped many of us at WSBA-910 in York were alums of the Booth WCHA in earlier years.

In response to the Blake question, you are comparing apples to oranges. Holly was always a feature reporter covering the circus. Now She just so happens to be part of a larger ensemble. Maureen completely walked out on her Good Day team and left work without notice, And hasn’t been happy in a while. Blake is a complete dumpster fire and should not be compared to these other situations. But stranger things have happened at Fox5. We shall see.

/\ March 3 /\

\/ March 2 \/

ATTN: Planet... Yes, Government employees are represented by unions. AFGE, AFSCME & NTEU are the most prominent. But there are significant differences between those unions and the unions found in the private sector. Membership in the Government unions is optional. In fact, most employees do not join, and usually only seek union assistance when they find themselves facing possible disciplinary action. And, unlike unions in the private sector, unions representing Government employees do NOT negotiate wages or benefits, like health insurance, vacation, etc. Those are unilaterally determined by the Office of Management and Budget. Oh, and that link to the AFGE.org website... I searched their site that includes a list of the Federal agencies represented by AFGE. The FCC was not among those listed.

"I’ll bet the computer support IT people are on the Pay Grade Scale." Dude, that's not a thing. No one talks like that. "I hear a lot of people get paid in dollars!" Gus is so disappointed in you

I believe the original mention of “union” was simply a joke about lazy Federal workers and this being DC, the home of many Federal workers, the woke dingbats started bouncing off the walls afraid they might have to go back to work before 2024, the end of their medically related vacation. I’m sure the lawyers and engineers with the FCC are likely not union employees, but I’ll bet the computer support IT people are on the Pay Grade Scale. Those are people that would likely prefer to be in a union that allows you to get away with 3 hour date for sex lunches on Fed time without anybody noticing.

Any bets on whether Blake McCoy will be returning to FOX 5 after his suspension? And if so, will he be on the anchor desk or sent out in the field as a reporter like they did Holly (for a bit) and to Maureen (permanently).

"Santana, Spewak and the other 2-3 supporting cast members are independent contractors" Actually, as of of month or two ago the Human Shoehorn, the last man you want to meet and the first you try to avoid, is "on salary" presumably from Podcast Village but who knows what's going on on the island of Dr. MBAoreau. Pony and Maddy are employees of somebody and have been for some time. Mr. MBA thought telling Fatt's wife about the change in status was the way to go. Even I know that's not right, where's my MBA? I already know where the MVA is, it's in a little town called "Inconvenient". Gus drunk and wetting himself in a phone booth like Imus

The deal to sell WRAU to the owner of WDDE was withdrawn. The station is still for sale, I have heard a religious broadcaster is kicking the tires.

Goodbye YouTube TV, Too Many Price Hikes & Outages

Newsflash: Just because someone is a federal employee does not mean they are unionized. There are plenty of them across the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the government who are ineligible for various reasons, and certainly it includes people at the FCC. -A non-unionized federal employee

Why the Imus references. Sadly, he is at Heaven’s Ranch. Also, AFGE does not represent at all/or some intelligent/law enforcement agencies. If you work at an federal agency, do not bring up unions. They don’t like it.

John S,(Sam) Booth was the owner of WTOW and WTOW-FM in the 1960s. He started with WCHA, Chambersburg, PA in 1946 and owned a chain of mostly small market daytime AMs in Pennsylvania, the exception being Towson. In those days, those stations weren't thought of as being in the Baltimore market and FM was mostly failing to launch. Sam divested all of his stations except for WCHA and WCHA -FM when he relocated to Florida in 1965. He sold the Chambersburg stations in 2000. I worked for Sam for 17 years. He lamented having gotten rid of 101.9 FM until his death in 2009.

Does anyone have an update on the WAMU/WRAU situation? This time last year, WAMU announced it would be selling WRAU 88.3 on the Easten Shore to WDDE in Dover. So far....nothing. Either WAMU has withdrawn the sale, or the market for radio is so very bad now that WAMU cannot sell it even if they wanted to.

Your point, that less than one third of federal employees are union members is well taken, but WFT *is* your point? And how does it connect to the FCC being a union? Are you drunk and wetting your self in a phone booth like Don Imus? Let it go man. Gus in prayerful consideration of your nonsense

Imus-O'Meara; The decision for TMOS to 'take most Friday's off' was about economics - and lining Mike O'Meara's pockets at the 1099 expense of his "staff" - and advertisers? Santana, Spewak and the other 2-3 supporting cast members are independent contractors - paid by the broadcast and responsible for self-employment tax? [ Will the IRS declare TMOS contractors employees? The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what will be done, when it will be done [time of show taping] and how it will be done. Not the case with TMOS? Will TMOS cast rise up and demand they be considered employees of TMOS? ] Whatever ad agency they use to attract clients won't be happy either - same fee, less shows.This drastic cost-cutting move also comes on the heels of O'Meara firing Dude Walker and replacing his great paid pipes with amateurish free listener voice-over submissions? This is why we donate to DCRTV. Dave brings it everyday!

It looks like WHUR 96.3 HD2 is now being relayed on the former Gamut 98.3 frequency of W252DC Reston. WHUR HD2 carries the "Quiet Storm" format.

Bruce Alan appeared this a.m. on WTOP as if he were doing reporting on whatever the subject was as opposed to being an anchor. This was the first time I have heard him on the air in 2021. Hope he's OK. Tom in Wheaton

According to a response to an e mail inquiry I made to Bruce Allan at WTOP he said he had COVID issues since before the new year but he said he is now on the mend. I heard him in a news story today( 3/2/21) but he is still not on the air as the morning drive time anchor (5am to 10 am) weekdays. His absence has created a big switch around in staff to fill is normal hours on the air.

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Any idea where Bruce Alan is? I don't think I've heard him on WTOP since the new year started.

From the AFGE, www.afge.org... "The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest federal employee union proudly representing 700,000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide and overseas. Workers in virtually all functions of government at every federal agency depend upon AFGE for legal representation, legislative advocacy, technical expertise and informational services.” Those are their words. Capisce or still want to argue over typos? You must have gotten fired a lot without union representation. :-)

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"Yes, the Federal Government, including the FCC, is presented by a union". To quote another excellent poster, "WTF are you talking about?" "Presented by a union"? I lahk to fall out. Gus Goldberg

Imus announced today that he will be taking most Fridays off going forward. Sid Santana said "we're owed" after 2020. So much for the "never missed a show" gang. Memo to the Florida Fat Man: You're no Conan O'Brian. A lot of shows, like Carson and Letterman, taped two shows in one day and your dainty crew used to do just that. I have the usual complaints about Double DD Bbernie but what's the point? Incurable radio cancer. Best you can do is make me comfortable. Gus so so disappointed but not surprised

Draper on the eastern shore now only has until July 13 to get two low power TV stations on the air, WRUE (RF 19) in Pocomoke City, and WBOC-LD (RF 22) in Cambridge. They own both towers and they’re both still standing, but I’m not aware of any work being done as of yet.

Yes, the Federal Government, including the FCC, is presented by a union affiliated with the AFL-CIO. I don’t know what planet you people live on but here it is. www.afge.org

It appears as if Scripps is closing the Master Control facilities at many or most of it TV stations and moving them to Indianapolis. So lots of layoffs nationwide, not just WMAR TV.

TRADITIONAL PODCASTING IS SO..YESTERDAY. In a direct assault to formal podcasting studios and podcasting in general, Instagram today launched 'Live Rooms' a ioS and Android beta test on what will be a much broader global space. That follows on the heels of Facebook dedicating $1b in developing their own version. All of this activity against traditional podcasts comes as Clubhouse is making Elon Musk type waves in this live + recorded broadcasting space. The reason these platforms will squash Podcasts is the ability to add more guests to a live to recorded stream and more easily help a creator grow their follower + listener + subscriptions + advertiser + ticket sales base. #WakeUpTMOS #SupportDCRTV

Re: "Just remember the FCC is a union too you know?" WTF are you talking about?

Who will replace RUSH? Nobody really in today’s current Republican Party. Only Never Trumpers like Bill Kristol and his pedophile friends at The Lincoln Project still think the Republican Party is going to re-imagine itself after Trump. Maybe CNN & MSNBC think so too, but they’re always wrong. Remember when CNN said that Jussie Smollett was going to be the Jackie Robinson of our day? Gee, that’s one thing I love about Facebook Flashbacks. I get reminded every day what stories CNN and MSNBC were so ridiculously wrong on 1 year later. If you believed West Wing fiction writer Lawrence O’Donnell for instance, the entire Trump family should already be behind bars. The truth is that Trump, whatever you think of him, opened the Populism Pandora’s Box, and even Trump cannot close it even if he wanted to. Rush knew this when old line Republicans just didn’t get it. Even if Trump went to jail, the Republican Party is forever changed. Rush knew that too. Those 74 million people voted more against ELITISM and for populism than they did for Trump as both parties are full of elites. The Democrats hold no monopoly on elitism. Things will never go back to the Bush years even without Trump. Even McConnell has no clue about this. And If Brian Stunted Growth Stelter keeps carrying water for Andrew Cuomo, there might not even be a CNN in the long run. I mean, they’re literally even driving Democrats away now and their ratings show it too.

WJLA ABC 7 is still advertising a rescan date of March 2 at 10am for WIAV 58. How exactly is that going to happen without FCC approval which has still not happened as of March 1?

"data entry people" One wonders how many "data entry people" the FCC employs. If it's a lot one wonders "why?" Seems to me you'd just submit your request electronically then when it was all in order, print it out, sign it and send it in. Upon receipt someone checks a box and sticks it in a filing cabinet. Here's a question: if the FCC building is closed, who's opening the mail? Are the security guards working from home? What about maintenance? What about the computers? Someone needs to move backup tapes off-site. Of course I don't know anything about the FCC. Gus just wondering about the rank and file

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