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DCRTV Mailbag - May 1, 2021 to May 31, 2021

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\/ May 31 Messages \/

FLASHBACK: 14 Losses in a row for the Baltimore Orioles. Anyone remember when morning DJ Johnny Walker flew to Africa to get the help of a Witch Doctor to stop an Orioles losing streak on WFBR AM 1300, then the flagship station? :-) Local radio like that is forever gone sadly.

"Remember when [WMAL was] number One in the DC Market." Yes, I remember they were number one ONCE recently. "Since Nielsen is the only rating service in DC, ... One poster called them a monopoly." Stations are free to engage the services of the two other ratings services. "Is it true that Nielsen only lists the Radio Stations that subscribe to their service?" Is it true that McDonald's charges for their hamburgers? Gus typing very slowly

Why has Biden not appointed a new Chairman of the FCC? The FCC has great power and no leadership now. The current FCC has approved another extension for the Channel 6 LPTV Stations to go digital. First it was a two year extension and now another 8 month extension until January 2022. These stations do not want to go digital because they are making too much money operating as FM Radio Stations using their analog Channel 87.7 FM. They have never operated as Television Stations as intended. I hope all of these licensees are challenged when they come up for renewal.

/\ May 31 /\

\/ May 30 \/

My one hour per week of Fox, Fox News Sunday. Today they led with SecTrans Pete ButterJudge and his baby mustache and I have to say it was .... abhorrent doesn't even begin to describe it. Does he not have a staff who can tell him "You look like a monster"? I know I look like a piece of shit in the mirror but apparently Pete doesn't. In a future post I hope to address the question of "Why do radio and TV hosts take off and if I may say so, abuse federal holidays" Gus still skeeved by the Secreary

Every cell phone manufactured has to have an FM cable chip because the cell phone bands include parts of the TV band which wraps around the FM band. It’s more expensive to deactivate the capability than to just not use it. Apple chose to disconnect any antenna connection fo prohibit users from using the bands, but with my older iPhone I was able to get FM reception and even HD Radio, but Apple made sure that will never happen again. This is why the FCC needs to get involved for the Emergency Alert system alone. Apple was caught in a lie in an iPhone Teardown by iFixit as they discovered that the FM capability was still there. But Tim Cook still denies it is there.

Regarding iPhones - Why is it so F-ing hard to get WJFK to play on mine??? Is it me? I already asked here with no reply. I must be doing something wrong. I like to listen to The Junks in the morning until I get to my car. Yesterday, I wanted to listen to Czabe (Or, our red headed step Dj, Awad) on the way to my WV river cabins. I get the page/app on my phone and press listen over and over again. In the morning it is a 50-50 thing at best after trying all types of entries. I don't have time to phone play games getting ready for work or driving on 66. Once time I googled CBS + Junkies and it worked after the entercum/audashity site would not. I shit you not. I hope ratings are not affected by this BS. OOBBEE

How the mighty have fallen! WMAL dropped to number 10 in the ratings according to Nielsen. Remember when they were number One in the DC Market. They were called a "full service station". Since Nielsen is the only rating service in DC, we must accept their analysis of the market. One poster called them a monopoly. Can that be true? Is it true that Nielsen only lists the Radio Stations that subscribe to their service? What about the other stations that can't afford to pay Nielsen?

You [unhandled] are right, I am wrong. Not all smart phones have FM receivers. Or so Apple tells us. Then again, I'm not a broadcaster. What station do you work for again? I must have missed it. Gus hanging his head in a Tom Dooley stylee

/\ May 30 /\

\/ May 29 \/

I think it was a decent idea what Bill Kelly did showing Jeporady! In a second box while he was covering a possible tornado it was the final installment of the Tournament of Champions so better than nothing no sound but you can at least see answers given to clues and who won. Unlike a missed program from the major broadcast networks that you can stream later for free on that networks website I believe to stream Jeporady! You have to subscribe to Hulu.

"Early nominee for Worst of 2021. WJLA weather guesser Bill Kelly ... Guess he's just a good Sinclair suck up." Good news, dickwaffle: they want you to send them your weather demo and resume, seeing how you clearly have a much better solution.

While it's true that every cell phone has an FM radio in it technically, nearly every company restricts you from using it especially Apple, who even has claimed no such FM chip exists. Why? Because the useless FCC who licenses the phones refuses to make them let you use it and instead allows them to gouge you with data charges for streaming music. So much for the FCC's much vaunted concern for public safety. There is an ATSC 3.0 chip for cell phones too, but you’re not going to see any of them using them either, well unless you buy a phone from Sinclair’s One Media, should they ever be commercially available or less ugly. And as far as “young people”, well they get their news from robotic voices on Youtube, so they barely know what radio or TV is anymore. My sister’s grandkids all have iPads, but none of them know how to even change the TV channel.

"WJLA weather guesser Bill Kelly cut into the final of the Jeopardy Champion's tournament around 7:54 on Friday night." I think you've got a strong case here. You should call Mike Slocum on the Hurtline. I remember how pissed I was when I missed my soaps because the Challenger blew up. Also check out a little poem called Deteriorata. It'll help get you through the tough times you are currently experiencing. Gus SHDH

Early nominee for Worst of 2021. WJLA weather guesser Bill Kelly cut into the final of the Jeopardy Champion's tournament around 7:54 on Friday night. He assures the viewers it's his responsibility to warn an area of Virginia inhabited by crabs and toothless trailer park inhabitants about a potential tornado touching down. He puts Jeopardy in a second box with no sound rendering it basically useless viewing. Still not sure but think Poland was the Final Jeopardy answer .When WJLA forced Doug Hill out I was sure they would reward Steve Rudin or Brian van de Graaf the head job for years of thankless fill in hours and having to pull double duty on cable access like News Channel 8. Guess he's just a good Sinclair suck up. Of course he's crying on his Twitter account about the vile messages he's receiving. All this Sinclair wack job had to do is put his breathless guessing on NewsChannel 8 where their two viewers could have enjoyed it.

By the way, the link to DC's NextGen transition has been removed by WHUT 32, so somebody f'd up. HAHA! — BaltoMedia.net

For those wondering what happened to the DC NextGen TV link at WHUT 32, here’s the Google Cache of it while it lasts. Apparently it was not supposed to be known, so somebody at Sinclair is likely seriously pissed off. googleusercontent.com

"young people don't own radios" I think it's adorable that you think that. Every smartphone sold in the U.S. has an FM receiver built into it. Something about the law or something. And no "young people" own cars? If you'd said "young people don't care about radio" you might be onto something. Gus dropping and dripping knowledge

/\ May 29 /\

\/ May 28 \/

Re: Angie Goff & the new guy. Hey, I’ve noticed the lack of chemistry since day one. And yes, Angie & Marina are good together. When Marina joins the desk during the 4pm broadcast, she & Angie pretty much ignore Rob. When he tries to engage in the conversation, they seem annoyed. Wonder how long it will take management to see that his pairing w/Angie wasn’t a good decision. I doubt that they will tell Angie & Marina to play nice with Rob. Looks like he’s just going to have to suffer until he leaves or they switch him to co-anchor with someone else. Maybe Shirin? But she’ll be going on maternity leave soon. What to do??!!

Serious bummer about WTMD being sold to WYPR. The NPR-types will trash the station within a year - just watch! These non-comm mergers have played out throughout the country with bad results for the listeners. At least we still have WXPN-via-WKHS for several hours a day. TK in Odenton

Angie Goff and that new anchor have zero chemistry. Angie and Marina have GREAT chemistry. Those 2 belong together at the same desk, doing the 4 PM news. Rob looks like he's squirming and looking for the exit the entire time he's stuck with Angie. It's both painful and hysterical to watch. Paul

NEWS! www.wypr.org: WYPR is planning to acquire WTMD 89.7 FM from Towson University for $3 million, station leaders confirmed Friday afternoon. While both stations are in the public radio network, they produce markedly different content: WYPR airs nationally syndicated NPR programs, has a small, award-winning newsroom of reporters and produces shows focusing on regional news such as Midday, while WTMD is an adult album alternative station known for music discovery programs. Ben Lowenthal, CFO and Vice President for Administration and Finance at Towson University, said in a statement the university sought a buyer that would maintain WTMD’s format. “We’re grateful to have found a partner in WYPR to continue the community-first, public radio station in its existing format that listeners have come to appreciate from WTMD,” said Ben Lowenthal, CFO and Vice President for Administration and Finance at Towson University. LaFontaine E. Oliver, WYPR’s President and General Manager who is also the Chair of the NPR Board of Directors, said he plans to maintain WTMD’s current programming and staffing. “It is our intention really to honor that format and honor the success that the station has had,” he said. “We certainly would like to see a great deal of continuity in the programming and with the folks that are making it happen behind the scenes.” WTMD’s license transfer to WYPR is subject to approval by the Federal Communications Commission, a process that typically takes between three to four months. Oliver said WYPR will seek major donor contributions and support from lending institutions to close the $3 million deal and noted that both stations' budgets are not likely to significantly change, short of shared cost structures. He said news-music public radio partnerships are generally very successful “one-two punches,” pointing to New York Public Radio’s ownership of both news hub WNYC and classical station WQXR. “If news and journalism and information is sort of the oxygen for democracy, then music is like food for the soul,” he said. “There is a great deal of synergy between our desire to be a leader as it relates to local news and journalism, and rounding ourselves out in such a way that we're not just thinking about the head, but the heart and the spirit.” Listeners will likely not notice any differences on the stations’ airwaves, he said, noting that donations from WYPR members will continue to WYPR and donations from WTMD members will continue to go to WTMD. The partnership will allow both of the stations to build on their existing community presence and “put a little gasoline on that fire by being able to bring them together to leverage the collective resources and talent and skills,” he said. “And that makes me really excited.” He noted that any potential collaborations between the stations will be determined down the road. WTMD first broadcast at then-Towson State University in 1972; it adopted the 89.7 FM signal in 1974 and its current call letters in 1991. The Towson University Foundation operated the station until 2014, when the non-profit organization Towson University Public Media, Inc. took over. The station was known for smooth jazz and light adult contemporary programs through the 1990s; it abandoned what NPR’s media reporter David Folkenflik called “low-calorie jazz” and flipped to adult album alternative programming – a mix of deejayed music discovery shows that emphasize the indie rock, folk and alternative genres – in 2002. It hosts several prominent local artists and deejays, including experimental electronic composer Dan Deacon. WYPR is an NPR member station that broadcasts in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. It is home to a roster of award-winning local programming, including Midday, On the Record and Out of the Blocks. The station has an award-winning news team and airs nationally syndicated NPR programs such as Morning Edition, Fresh Air and All Things Considered. WYPR airs signals in Baltimore, Frederick and Ocean City. WYPR was established in 2002, after Johns Hopkins University sold the station and its 88.1 FM frequency to a group of community members who established Your Public Radio Corp., which operates the station. Oliver said WYPR is proud to preserve another university radio station to serve the Baltimore community. “We plan to build on the investments made by Towson University and the success of WTMD, which provides a rich and unmatched music discovery platform with opportunities for Baltimore’s musicians and artists at its core,” he said. The venture, which will expand Your Public Radio’s portfolio to include renowned musical and cultural programming alongside WYPR’s news and talk shows, is Oliver’s latest effort in expanding the station’s profile. Last year, he commissioned two prominent polls on Baltimore City’s Democratic primaries in collaboration with the Baltimore Sun and the University of Baltimore, oversaw the launch of the daily news podcast The Daily Dose and funded a Report for America Fellow position.

NEWS! It was previously thought that DC would transition to NextGen TV via Sinclair owned WIAV-CD 58, a low power TV station in DC. However, a surprise announcement seems to suggest otherwise. WHUT 32, the PBS affiliate from Howard University has announced that it will host DC's ATSC 3.0 TV station including upgraded versions of WRC 4, WTTG 5, WJLA 7, and WUSA 9 as well as WHUT 32. Noticeably absent is WETA 26, DC's original PBS station or WDCW CW 50. No official FCC application has been filed yet, so changes are possible, but the announcement is on WHUT's website. No transition date is known as of yet. WHUT is in the middle of a power upgrade currently, so presumably this will coincide with the completion of that work. WJLA ABC 7 will host WHUT’s current 1.0 signal so apparently Sinclair brokered the deal. It is a significantly better idea than the previous one, WIAD-CD as it will reach the entire market unlike WIAV. I assume that WFDC, WETA, WPXW, etc will now be stuck with WIAV-CD until at least 2025 if they want to update to ATSC 3.0. www.whut.org/nextgentv — BaltoMedia.net

"...young people don't own radios, aren't buying them now and may never at this point..." Cite the source of this statement please. Otherwise it carries no more gravitas than Trump proclaiming, "lots of people are saying..." Also, as far as, "Once the boomers are gone, then what?" Then radio will reinvent itself, just as it had when TV came along, when radio network dramas went under, when satellite radio launched --- radio has survived for 100+ years, because the most compelling thing that can be transmitted anywhere is the human voice, and radio is still the most economical way to do so.

You know one thing streaming audio cant do? Run for free off solar power. Right now, today, you can get a radio that is powered by the sun (www.amazon.com), and listen to radio stations that are *also* powered by ol' Sol (www.solarfeeds.com), assuming you are in their coverage area. Your move, Siri.

" WAMU is still available in ocean City, just ask Alexa, or Siri, etc." NPR has made major investments into Alexa, Siri, podcasting, etc. Did you know that, once upon a time, they did not make the member stations pay for programming? Now, they use station dollars to push listeners off over the air radio and onto online platforms as much as possible. Just listen to Morning Edition- they constantly are pushing NPR online - "just ask Siri to play NPR". But so is iHeart and I assume all other network groups. Again- young people don't own radios, aren't buying them now and may never at this point. Your FM radio station may as well be an AM Beautiful music station. Once the boomers are gone (and how many of them are using Alexa and Siri and XM now), then what? Few engineers, nobody in the studios now, sales are basically dead and not coming back. It's hard not to feel like over the air radio is in the horsewhip industry at the dawn of the model T age.

Speaking of FCC inaction from “working from home”, WDVM 25 filed an application to move significantly closer to Washington DC and serve less of Western Maryland and Hagerstown, its City of License. In this case, I hope it is good news that the application is going to be denied. Western Maryland only has one TV news source as it is. Taking the signal away from places like Halfway, Frostburg, and Cumberland would be a complete mistake by the FCC. I know both locations are technically in the same market today, but they weren’t when the license was handed out nor has WDVM as WHAG ever covered DC news until rather recently as a result of losing NBC and its Nexstar days. The FCC is supposed to look out for underserved markets. Western Maryland is one such market and WDVM is the lone TV station serving it. DENY THIS APPLICATION FCC! DC doesn’t need another TV station.

Well, you’ve obviously spent little time in Baltimore Dave. One thing you don’t see in the Inner Harbor or downtown is STINK nor near TV Hill or WJZ TV. I think you were remembering your former home town, Filthadelphia! Yes Center City Philly literally stinks as the Schuylkill River contains treated but still sewage waste and REEKS and the smell invades downtown Philly in an awful way as it takes a awhile to feed out into the Delaware Bay. That is one problem Baltimore does not have as its sewage plant is nowhere near downtown and east of the city, hence the wind blows it towards the bay and Delaware, but also Dundalk! HAHA!

The downgrade application from WZBH 93.5 on Delmarva was dismissed apparently by them. The current one seems to only correct outdated tower spec information, so I’m not sure what they were intending to do or not or if anything is going to happen.

Here's my after-the-fact no-listen recap of TMOS this week: There was a workplace shooting in Collyfoornia killing 8 people, so smart money's on a 20 minute tirade about how we're all to blame and need to do better but he'll stop short of saying "Including YOU listeners!" No love for the fourteen people murdered in one incident in Peru, no love for the Palestinians or Israelis, really no love for anyone but the marquee name. The solution of course is gun control, but no love for the 13 year old cheerleader killed by 114 stabs from her fourteen year old classmate? In Florida. He told friends he was going to take someone out to the woods and kill them with a knife. Gun control would have prevented that. I won't even ask how close I was because the marquee name is a predictable dancing monkey. Gus in control, here, now, gentlemen.... until... right... NOW! Because you're moving on to the next post, get it?

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\/ May 27 \/

Can someone please tell me why longtime WJZ (Baltimore) anchor Denise Koch is wearing a silly face shield, and her co-anchor, Vic Carter, a mask, while both are sitting six feet apart in an airtight, glass-enclosed cube” prepping for the news? And, while we’re on the subject, why is WBAL-TV reporter Amy Lu all masked up with a full facial mask, doing stand-ups outdoors, in the middle of BFE with no one around but her videographer who is positioned at least six feet away. All of this, with all mask mandates lifted. It is sooo damn ridiculous. It’s over!!! WTF

Dave's response: Maybe the studio just stinks. I mean, this is Baltimore.....

I have no idea how much money the Orioles saved dumping all of their professional, seasoned, experienced and knowledgable broadcast team members for these yahoos they have on now, but it simply reinforces the old adage, “you get what you pay for.” God love Scott Garceau, but he is no Gary Thorne. And, Brett Hollander and whoever the hell else they’re putting on the radio for play-by-play calls replacing Jim Hunter are an absolute disaster. Now, I must admit, Kevin Brown pairs nicely with Jim Palmer. He sounds allot like Joe Buck, but you put Garceau in that booth with Palmer and I doze off. Melanie Newman is another of the new young faces with a little “hottie” factor, and she, too, is doing a pretty good job, but I DO miss Tom Davis and Rick Dempsey. No one knows sports better in Baltimore, especially the Orioles, than Tom Davis. It’s a shame what they have done to these legends, but it’s just another indicator of the incompetent ownership and clueless front office that knows nothing about baseball. Palmer has come a long way, if he’d stop describing in great detail every fucking pitch that is thrown. I do not need to know the velocity, direction, and name of every fucking pitch! And speaking of that, someone please show Ben McDonald the door. He sounds like someone they pulled from the hills of Tennessee and stuck a mic in front of him. We pray for rain delays to limit games to five innings, so we don’t have to listen to nine full innings this crap.

WZBH has applied for an STA to operate well below their licensed power and non-directional. Sounds like a problem with their directional antenna and transmitter. Before they upgraded to a class B, they were B-1, non-directional at 11 KW. Replacement directional antennas take time to build.

Unlike 10 or 15 years ago, there is no lack of NPR programming available anywhere thanks to SiriusXM and streaming. WAMU is still available in ocean City, just ask Alexa, or Siri, etc. One problem that WSCL & WSDL had when they carried NPR was the coast, they paid way more for the programming than say WESM since WESM was considered to be rural (Somerset County) vs. urban (Wicomico & Worcester Counties) The other problem with NPR is there is no exclusivity. You had five stations airing Morning Edition and four airing All things considered. It's hard to get underwriters when the audience is split so many ways. I think what WSCl, WSDL, and WESM are doing now makes more sense except I would drop NPR from WESM, local programming is far more economical than the overpriced national programming.

Clay Travis Secures Rush Limbaugh Time-Slot. This is a perfect example of where Florida Man MIKE O'MEARA, post D&M, made a serious career mistake. Clay Travis' meteoric rise in conservative media shows that if you are willing to cynically pivot to 100% grievance-based and racist topics/positions of the average American sports/talk show fan they will make you ridiculously wealthy and the sky is the limit. #SupportDCRTV #NeverForgetMemorialDay

Dave, just got back from the biggest car show on the east coast in Ocean city and heard that BBW had passed away. Anybody who was a teenager in the 80’s hangin near Ocean city and digging hard rock and good times tuned into the original 96 ROCK located at one point in downtown Bethany beach above the connor jacobsen real estate office. He was on point every time I tuned in during our 2week Summer getaway. Years later i started working at the beach full time and BBW had moved several times up and down the radio dial but that delivery stayed the same. He was a pioneer of the beach radio DJ if you will. Similiar to at one point if I recall his co-worker Skip Dixxon. I Heard 93.5 WZBH this past weekend.amazing it is still going strong. Mark-Bethesda...

"Are you seriously saying that NPR listeners and liberal people are really that dumb that they cannot find NPR now that WRAU is gone for that reason?" You would be surprised, my friend. I wouldn't limit it to NPR aficionados and liberals: if many folks knew their favorite stations resided at one end of the dial and then disappeared, it would not occur to them to migrate elsewhere to find those signals again. Some people couldn't find their asses if you packed their buttholes with lockwashers and gave them a metal detector.

I agree with Tom the Nats games should be on AM radio. 1500 should pickup the games now that the Caps are done playing. 1500 provides coverage up and down the east coast at night and in Baltimore. Also on the eastern shore and beaches. Cannot sit by my campfire and hear the games. Patrick

I recieve TV OTA and Iv,e noticed in the last year some of the stations especially WUSA9 have stopped giving any information on the program content currently playing on the menu that appears on my LG TV like name of program currently airing while WJLA 7 and WRC 4 in most cases still gives name of current program and a brief description of the episode moreso if its a prime time program.I don,t watch TV in the day much to see whats done there.I do notice the subs like ME TV and Antenna TV do give title of program and sometimes but not always a brief description of the classic tv episode( like M A S H.)

Another public radio riddle to ponder- I'm guessing that a CBS tv station can't plop down another CBS station right next to an already established one. And I assume that you can't put an iHeart country station right next to one that already exists. So why is it that public radio stations can be placed right next to each other? Is there no market exclusivity?

/\ May 27 /\

\/ May 26 \/

According to FCC records and people I’m talking to, Baltimore just might actually get another TV station, a lower power TV station on channel 18 (RF14). It’s a station up in PA looking to move into the Baltimore market, WLZH-LD, one of the WLYH channel 49 religious station translators that also coincidentally has WHTM ABC 27 on it too as well as several diginets already on Baltimore TV. So they’ll have to drop ABC and the Katz networks of course and add something else, but it’s still an new commercial TV station in the market. — Balto-Media.com

Fellow DCRTVers – Is it me or is really difficult to get JFK in the morning on an iPhone? Lab Rat, not an e guy OOBBEE

RE: "WYPO is at 106.9, so it's kind of on the wrong end of the dial for people expecting public radio." Are you seriously saying that NPR listeners and liberal people are really that dumb that they cannot find NPR now that WRAU is gone for that reason??? LOL

"Can anyone admit to hearing a Nats game this season on AM?" No. One might have thought that 980 would have been a logical landing spot on the local AM dial for the Nats since it's now co-owned with the flagship WJFK, and the O's are on 630. But apparently that didn't happen. It's disappointing that the Nats are no longer on 1500. Tom in Wheaton

[With WAMU gone from 88.3, it would make logical sense for WSDL to rejoin NPR. And, isn't there still the Ocean City area 106.9 WYPO relay of Baltimore NPR outlet WYPR?.....] Except that WSDL 90.7 is also owned by Salisbury University- so both WSCL and WSDL had to drop NPR affiliation. Even if Delmarva Public Radio wanted to bring back Morning Edition and All Things Considered, they don't have the funds to do it. Also, WSDL 90.7 is near the coast in Roxana, DE and has a less than ideal signal. The western half of Delmarva cannot pick it up at all. WYPO is at 106.9, so it's kind of on the wrong end of the dial for people expecting public radio.

WMAL ratings really took a big loss in the April Ratings. They were number 10 with a 4.0 Share. The loss of Rush Limbaugh hurt the station. They are now moving their personalities around to try to gain back their audience. Good luck. Cumulus needs a strong station in DC.

Have to say it's occasionally entertaining to drop in here and see the unhealthy obsession some seem to have with O'Meara and his podcast. Though I frankly don't get why he seems to get more mentions now than when he was on terrestrial radio. But this recent pettiness over his wife's situation takes the cake...I mean, the kind of sniping you should've outgrown when you left high school. (Which for some of you wasn't exactly yesterday) Look, I completely get that the magazine voting thing sounds like it was questionable - votes coming in from non-customers,etc. But the thing not made clear by anyone so far is if the magazine actually spelled that out in it's Contest Rules -- you know, all that microscopic legal gibberish you always see with paragraphs and subsections, but hardly anyone bothers to read. Did they specify that a business's votes were limited to just paying customers, and people from within certain geography? If they did, then great - Carla got caught (even if she was unaware of that part). But if not - then it sound like a legal stalemate.... nobody can justly take any action because the rules could be too nebulous. And let's be fair here - if you really think that none of the other businesses this time or ever in the past haven't solicited votes from friends, family and the like then you're a prime candidate to sell some certain Florida real estate to.

I know how it works. Someone stated that nothing had happened. I informed that an Assignment of License has occurred today. It’s in the FCC database. Could it fall through? Absolutely, but so far it’s going through as planned. WGTS appears to have the money unlike the Delaware non-comm radio station. I can tell this as WGTS is advertising on Youtube videos about the new WGTS at the beach station, so I doubt they shot videos about it if they didn’t have the money. fcc.gov

Baltimore’s NextGen TV application for WBAL, WMAR, WBFF, WMPT, WMPB, and WNUV has been sitting now for nearly 3 MONTHS of inaction by the “working from home” FCC. WHEN ARE THESE USELESS BUREAUCRATS GOING TO GO INTO WORK AND DO THEIR FREAKING JOBS? If this is part of some petty long running dispute with Sinclair by feckless overpaid and underworked bureaucrats with a chip on their shoulder, it should stop now! You don’t take out your petty grievances on an entire TV market and other companies just to make your stupid little point. Get over yourselves. And I know someone is going to say, well why did they get into bed with Sinclair in the first place? Simple answer. Baltimore has so few TV stations, there is literally no other realistic way, without cutting Maryland Public TV out of the picture and using a low power signal that few people would ever get. Hearst and Scripps knew there was no other way. The on-air date was June 8 from a filing on March 3. Now the start date has been extended to June 24, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the FCC just lets it sit another month while they’re busy “working from home.” Btw, you can buy a NextGen tuner on Amazon now for $199 if anyone wants to test out WIAV-CD in DC which is supposedly still testing ATSC 3.0.

Delmarva has plenty (too many?) public radio stations. Salisbury University runs Delmarva Public Radio- WSCL 89.5- which is all classical music now (no NPR). WSDL 90.7 is BBC news and simulcasts WESM 91.3's jazz during the day. WESM from UMES is a jazz and NPR station. They are in collaboration with DPR. Meanwhile, up in Delaware, there's WDDE 91.3 in Dover, which is all NPR News programming. Not to mention that the western half of Delmarva can pick up WETA and WBJC's classical music stations. When WRAU goes dark- large portions of the peninsula that cannot pick up WESM or WSDL or WDDE (mostly the Talbot county region) will have no NPR news programming at all , unless they can catch the fringe signal from WAMU. Interesting times. WSCL had to drop NPR because they couldn't compete with the loss of listeners to WRAU- so where does this leave everything?

Dave's response: With WAMU gone from 88.3, it would make logical sense for WSDL to rejoin NPR. And, isn't there still the Ocean City area 106.9 WYPO relay of Baltimore NPR outlet WYPR?.....

Can anyone admit to hearing a Nats game this season on AM? At various places on the Internet there are five AM stations listed on their supposed network. I’ve heard nothing on three of them. A call to the “flagship” station WJFK was like calling McDonalds.

/\ May 26 /\

\/ May 25 \/

Dave, you say that when you lived in Rehoboth Beach DE, you could get public radio from DC but not WAMU? Was it because the co-channel from Philly (WXPN) came in instead? Could you get WETA and WBJC (Baltimore)? -Stuart hearts public radio

Dave's response: I heard WAMU on Ocean City's 88.3, but that signal is gone now, becoming a relay of WGTS.....

For Baltomedia, the sale has not shown up in the FCC daily application as of today, second, the FCC then approves it and releases that in the Daily actions, then the two parties can go to settlement. It doesn't happen overnight, the future owner can enter into a local marketing agreement to change programming first before the sale is complete. It's a process.

Looking to see if anyone who frequents DCRTV may know how to get in touch with Al Santos, ex-WJZW, and WBIG and WXTR before that…hoping he is still around and doing well. I’m writing a Smooth Jazz Radio history book and would love to be able to talk to him about the Smooth Jazz 105.9 days. If anyone has any tips, could you please e-mail Nick at smoothjazzhistory at gmail dot com.

Hey Dave!!! Guess who is bigger, smarter, and stronger than the Robb Mob and the TMOS Facebook Fan Club put together???? DCRTV baby!!! The Club Led by Generalissimo Santana with his inner circle of Jolene Whitehead, Jim Amatoclueless, Trip Aswhipe, SDM, and Eric Lispy tried to illegally stuff the ballot with the urging of their Oracle Mike O’Meara for Carla to win best facial in Lee County. But, The DCRTV Decency and Morals Club launched an investigation and won!!!! How could TMOS stoop so low to win such a silly prize? And, why is the award still on her company webpage? Could she fall any lower? In the Days of the Mighty JFK the Junks, BOAD, and D&M, no host would ever have tried such a low level scheme to boost a spouse’s business.

Dave! Had you heard that Bad Billy Warner passed away sometime in April? He was a DJ on a few different radio stations on the Eastern Shore, most notably WZBH in the '90's. BBW was best known for his distinctive delivery (often lampooned on the Don and Mike Show). I have a small YouTube channel under this name where I've posted some radio airchecks I recorded as a teenager, and someone commented on one of my clips of BBW. I've not been able to find an official obituary, but there is a memorial video of sorts on YouTube, looks like a bunch of his friends gathered to share memories.

Nielsen announced today that they now have $1 Billion in debt. Maybe it is time for some competition in major markets. They have a monopoly in the DC Market.

I know who should replace the 'ol gasbag Rush who assumed room temperature over 3 months ago! (drumroll please!) GUS! He's very opinionated like Rush; he dominates DCRTV (like Rush did the airwaves)...and let's not forget, Gus is qualified to talk on the radio just like he does on DCRTV, 'cause both him and Rush watch(ed) TV and listen(ed) to radio! Rush sure as heck couldn't have done his show 30-something years not having touched those devices, now could he? Seriously, I think Gus would do a GREAT job filling those giant shoes! -Stuart addicted to ye olde Internet

For the person who asked, WGTS’s purchase of WRAU was approved and licensed by the FCC today. — Balto-Media.com

Dave's response: When I lived in Rehoboth Beach in 2017, I was amazed at how much public radio I could get there. Stations from Salisbury, Dover, DC, Philly, Baltimore, Trenton. Definitely NPR heaven. But no more WAMU. Boo hoo.....

/\ May 25 /\

\/ May 24 \/

RE CZABE, on his last show (5/15) he said he would not be on this past Saturday (5/22) , i remember him saying that he was going south on a vaca . IMO i think he just does the Saturday show to stay relevant in the market and plug his podcast. He should be back live on 5/29

Remember Mark Davis, Maryland Grad and former liberal talk show host from the old DC Talk radio 980 AM? Mark turned "conservative" to keep a job in radio many years ago. Well, he is still smart, and a great broadcast communicator, but he is still not that good at playing a "Conservative" talk radio host. Mark has been doing mornings on Salem's Dallas talker "The Answer," and last year he Tweeted he liked The Mavericks in the playoffs, but, if they did anything like kneeling during the national anthem, he would leave. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban Tweeted back, "Bye." Now a few weeks ago Mark Davis got into an on air fight with a Republican Congressional Candidate for an open seat of a Republican Covid Denier who died of...(guess what?) ..Covid. The candidate spoke in studio truth to power and blamed Trump for January 6, wished the GOP would stop believing the big lie, and the candidate wanted the Republican Party to get beyond Trump- the worst president since Buchanan. Mark was rattled. As National Review described it, "Mark Davis, a presumably smart guy who hosts a multidimensionally moronic radio program, complained that Wood’s assertions about the facts of the presidential election were 'condescending,' in that they did not match up with how many members of his audience 'feel.' [The Candidate] exasperated, said: 'This is one of the worst parts of what Trump has done to the Right — he’s turned us into a bunch of whiny little lefties. It’s all about ‘feelings.’ It’s all about ‘Well, you’ve got your truth, I’ve got my truth.’?” The candidate came in fifth.

Channels 2 through 6 are shit when it comes to ATSC digital television. That's the real reason most markets moved to channels 7 and up (including UHF) when the changeover occurred. Who cares about Franken FMs? Not me. Make it a HD Radio digital-only allocation, I say. -Chainsman

Regarding Czaban, he has been missing ALOT of Saturday morning shifts. It is pretty frustrating to tune in expecting to hear Czaban (who, like him or not, is indisputably a professional radio broadcaster) and get the typical weekend fill-in fodder on 106.7. I'm sure Czaban is just doing the Saturday shift to keep in touch with his local fanbase (while his full time gig is with a Milwaukee station) in case the right opportunity presents itself here. But I'm not sure he is helping himself when people so frequently tune in looking for him and get useless drek instead.

This week’s Oscar Santana UMD Robert H. Smith’s quote of the week to a listener: “Please Stop Listening”. Just a reminder of last week’s “You, sir, are an asshole. That's the story.” I hope Mike keeps this MBA superstar in charge of customer relations. It can’t be worse than Mike’s ability to focus or Bob’s ability to book guests.

I like Gus also, Donation enclosed. pkpaul in Falls Church

Dave's response: Thank you for your generous donation via PayPal.....

What has your posting today about "Gus" being funny have to do with DC Media? He is not funny and is driving your Broadcasting Readers away. I know many DC Broadcasters that don't read or post anything anymore on DCRTV because of "Gus". Is it worth it?

The FCC is elected by no one and accountable to no one. They have given the Channel 6 LPTV Stations extensions of two years and eight months to continue operating as FM Radio Stations using their audio channel 87.7 FM. Balto-Media explains it best in previous postings with DCRTV. These licenses were issued to operate as Television Stations. Why is the FCC permitting this?

Possible End for Tribune Newspapers - Including Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, NY Daily News.. www.robertfeder.com...

SBE 37, the Washington chapter is having a special meeting on zoom to celebrate and remember the birth of FM stereo in America. If you would like to attend the zoom meeting, I have included the facts and the registration page. Meeting will be held by zoom on June 1at 6:30 pm, eastern time. The chapter needs you to register, so they know how big a pipe to fill. Here is the registration and the information. It looks to be educational as well as remembering when it happened. www.sbe37.org... zoom.us

Hey fellow DCRTV readers, I know right many of youse are plum sick 'o Gus. I am in the minority here, as I thoroughly enjoy his postings! Yeah, he gets a lil rough-and-tumble and nonsensical at times, but I just plain find him a great source of comic relief on the site. In these trying times, don't we all need a little laugh to keep us going and sane? Gus sure does it for me...thanks! Oh, and those of youse who hate Gus...just don't read his posts! -Stuart in the Greensboro(NC)

/\ May 24 /\

\/ May 23 \/

A lot of this applies to criticism made via DCRTV on the DC/Baltimore media scene...

RE: So I tuned into 106.7 this morning at 9 and instead of Czabe....I really like Czabe and listen to his podcast. I also really have an affinity for Awad. He is a “talent” from the Junkies coaching tree. I think the constant changes on JFK in the morning weekends hurts both in getting an audience. The listeners that really like one most likely don’t overlap. I know it’s just weekend AM and CK doesn’t really care. I am sure Czabe is just closely out a contract. I always thought Awad should be given a TEM shot with the help of a vet. OOBBEE

Did you know that Nielsen is a monopoly in DC? Most people don't realize that and don't care. It only hurts small radio stations that cannot afford to subscribe to their service. If you don't pay they won't list your station. I remember when AT&T was a monopoly and after many years the government broke them up! Now there is some competition.

"Gus is qualified to comment on every posting because he "Listens to radio and watches Television"." It's called paying the bills, Summer's Eve. Put another way, the customer is always right. I'm not an FBI man like G. Gordon Liddy but I've stopped watching Law & Order. Is that a problem for you or am I unqualified to NOT watch a TV show like monkeys or aggressive tree roots? The less you talk about me the less you'll hear from me. For now, just give yourself a fraudulent Florida facial, won't you? Gus in serenity now

/\ May 23 /\

\/ May 22 \/

FCC gives the Channel 6 LPTV Stations another extension for 8 months to go digital. The last extension the FCC gave them was two years. The new extension goes until January 10, 2022. It does not do any good to complain to the FCC! They seem to answer to no one.

"Gus" has taken over DCRTV. Shame. Gus is qualified to comment on every posting because he "Listens to radio and watches Television".

So I tuned into 106.7 this morning at 9 and instead of Czabe Sports Saturday, I heard Adam from the Junkies present something called "A-Wad Weekend Radio," with no mention of being in for Czabe or him coming back. Is this a permanent move?

"Complaining to the Audio or Video Division at the FCC only results in a Complaint rejection as a Misfiled complaint." This is Can't Get Past the Call Screener Guy. Thinking about radio just may not be for you. "Robb has a history of being a real dick" Period, which Rob is always on, full stop, end of story. Joe Ardinger is still working in radio. Rob is not. Do the math. Gus telling the truth

So the lobbyist win again with the FCC. Corruption is everywhere in our government, including the FCC. Another extension for the Television Channel 6 LPTV Stations. That is what we expected.! They don't have to go digital now until 2022. When will our President appoint a Chairman of the FCC?

It seems like after pulling their $300 ad after fat Rob got his knickers, okay, knickgroes or knick-Americans in a twist for being called fat Rob, TMOS is getting a lot of negative press here. Hmmm. I do enjoy a good bonfire. They had a good ten year run but the idiots who paid for the Masters and a cruise are steadily dying off and they never mention Hawaiian Skeletor anymore. Gus in silent lucidity enjoying a sipper of flavored vodka

How stupid is Scott on the 98Rock JSS morning show? Every morning Scott sounds stupid, clueless, bored & having no clue or intrest about the JSS morning show :-| Scott most common annoying sayings are: "um...uh...I dont know...I dont remember...I dont care..." Scott sounds so not interested in working on the radio, why is he even on 98Rock morning show? He brings nothing to the show. Scott is painfully dumb-stupid-cluess when it comes to: news-current events, pop culture, TV-movies, entertainment, modern music etc. And Scott still broadcasting from home over a year later? Listening to him (hurts my hair) but Scott sounds like he has some ongoing psychological issues that make him to lazy to leave home and work out of a radio studio. :-(

/\ May 22 /\

\/ May 21 \/

To Pennsylvania Gus - Robb has a history of being a real dick while playing Mr. nice guy for his Mob. John Norman told all about it on BOAD. Also, remember the live show where Robb thought he was being so cool and "boss" by staring at Drab. It was uncomfortable and so childish. Like he is something special??? Maybe Spec Ed when it came to sports growing up. I'll stop there with my terrible grammar. OOBBEE

Breaking DCRTV News!! SUN BROADCASTING, GULFSHORE LIFE ATTORNEYS BITCH-SLAP CARLA & MIKE O'MEARA FOR CHEATING. SEND LETTER. INVALIDATE 'Best Of' Florida WIN FOR DERMGlow. CEASE & DESIST. TMOS AIDED & EMBEDDED. Reading between the lines of TMOS show # 2693, Team O'Meara & Santana's crisis management strategy is to keep this news from their listeners - and Carla's customers. No Remorse or Apology. Blames "The Man.' Hey Mike. As sports talker Jim Rome says "If you're not cheating, you're not trying and it's only cheating if you get caught." [Thank You to the person from Florida who first alerted DCRTV a few weeks ago that the O'Meara's were being investigated] #SupportDCRTV

As expected, lobbying has its benefits. WDCN channel 6 has received approval from the FCC for its CP extension and will remain a Franken FM until at least Jan. 10, 2022. Complaining to the Audio or Video Division at the FCC only results in a Complaint rejection as a Misfiled complaint. The channel 6 on the eastern shore received similar approval previously. — Balto-Media.com


Interesting upward trajectory by 94.7 The Drive as of late. They actually beat WASH FM in persons 25-54 overall and in several timeslots in April. Looks like that is shaping up to be a good rivalry.

"Robb seems like a decent guy" Uh, you're not a good judge of people. Rob's a dewsh. "If they were smart and humble" Good effing Lord! Are you stupid or just new? They are not decent, smart, or humble. I won't go into detail bringing in spouses (furniture, yellow teeth) and children (zombie) who appear on the show but the Main Three should be shunned. Gus in Pennsylvania

Thanks to the totally not racist BLM, I've made gaboolions by shorting Footlocker and Best Buy stock. Gus Buffett

/\ May 21 /\

\/ May 20 \/

Any thoughts on WMAL putting Vince on in afternoon drive and moving Larry to mornings and Mary Walter going away somewhere? Bye, bye. Thanks.

I wonder if Melissa Mollet ever plans on being in study ever again. Same goes for Alison Starling but she shows up in studio every few months

Hi fellow DCRTVers. Does anyone on this board know how to claim a prize from WIAD or if they're are even distributing the prizes from their call-in contests. Apparently no one has come back to work yet in the Audacy office at 1015 Half St. SE, because they neither respond to emails nor answer the phones. It's not a big deal, but I am curious. Thanks. Tom in Wheaton

What the hell is MASN doing with F.P? It should take two hours to do their so called “investigation”. Ask her what happened and ask him what happened. Maybe she won’t cooperate as she first said? Maybe Masn is stringing this out to make it appear that they are digging into the case. Bullshit. They are doing nothing. Either waiting to fire him or to bring him back.

A free press is a national security imperative - especially the Pentagon Press Corps. I know Barbara Starr - not well. Respect. Back in the day, provided her a quote or two. Sometimes in an official capacity. Sometimes off the record. Sometimes intel in Africa as a PMC. Not good what has happened to her! Not the last reporter who was violated by previous admin. "Trump administration secretly obtained CNN reporter's phone and email records". Trump administration secretly obtained CNN reporter's phone and email records

"If you know someone suffering from nausea, it makes a great gift." The Human Shoehorn chimes in "Oh wow". This is your TMOS. Jeebus Christmas O5car, you need to lose Rod Spewack. Gus looking out for the folks

To the dewsh subbing for Rush Limbaugh: NO, Masks are not a case ripe for the Supreme Court, because according to THE CONSTITUTION the House and the Senate get to make their own rules, BITCH. Gus really missing Rush

RE: “Ever since OOBBEE, aka Lab Rat,”….it, I mean they, I mean them, I mean those made me, I mean I , I mean us Chuckle due to Catholic School when the nun said I am not worried about your grammar, spelling or penmanship because you will be a scientist or engineer and have a secretary. (True Story) OOBBEE PS – Gus got some “worsts” right.

"Why is it any of GUS business who the lobbyist are for the LPTV Group operating on Television Channel 6 called Franken FM Stations?" Eff you in the nostril dude. How is it NOT my business? But you missed the point entirely. The point was that there ARE NO SUCH LOBBYISTS. Lobbyists? Registering? Law? Math? You idiot. "I’ll say Gus was correct, except that Ben Shapiro is significantly much smarter than he is." I'd argue with that but it's a reasonable position, though not defendable, the sort of thing a middle school boy would say. "What happens if The Real AHHHH, OOBBEE, and Gus are ever in the same room at the same time?" Hmm. We always are, so what's the question? Gus in stretchspace

#WorldBeeDay Buzz Off and leave Gus alone. #PollinateDavesBankAccountWithDonationCash

Why does anyone care about 87.7FM in DC? I can see three technical reasons to care: 1. co channel interference for people trying to get WPVI... 2. adjacent channel interference for WYPR/WYPF/co channel interference for WYPR’s lower digital sideband... 3. blocking use of 82-88MHz for wireless microphones in DC... The person complaining does not mention any of those, instead it seems to be a personal vendetta. If a full power station somewhere in VA wanted CH6 they could kick WDCN off it because WDCN is not a class A station. No full power stations want to give up a VHF-H or UHF channel for CH6.

Why is it any of GUS business who the lobbyist are for the LPTV Group operating on Television Channel 6 called Franken FM Stations? We don't need anymore negative comments from "Gus". I sure wish he would get a life and stop driving readers away from DCRTV. Does "Gus" really exist? I don't think so. If he does exist, he is not funny.

Since someone brought it up, RE: “Bonbozo is a racist” & BLM: #1 BLM is a racist corporation in California run by a rich wealthy Marxist destroying Black communities all over America for profit. Bonbozo, conversely, would have taken a bullet for a Black President, something the CEO of BLM certainly wouldn’t do in her Topanga Canyon, CA mansion. And for once, I’ll say Gus was correct, except that Ben Shapiro is significantly much smarter than he is. And now the inevitable physics question begs. What happens if The Real AHHHH, OOBBEE, and Gus are ever in the same room at the same time? Will we finally find out the answer to “Dark Matter”? :-)

The NAB says they are against the FCC raising their regularity rates again this year for the third year in a row. Due to covid, the FCC has been "working from home for 13 months". Think of all the money they have saved by "working from home". This past year has been the worst revenue year in many years for stations due to lock downs.

"Other Worst Moves in Radio"? It's been 23 years (!) since WARW-FM canceled The Greaseman Show. In today's politically correct snowflakey climate, his show wouldn't last ten minutes. But goddammit, while it was on it was the funniest signal on the dial. I still miss it every morning.

/\ May 20 /\

\/ May 19 \/

"The powerful lobby for this group of LPTV Stations has a lot of influence with the FCC." [The same] people keep *talking* about this "powerful lobby" but no one *says* anything about them. I'd be interested in some actual information about this "powerful lobby". Or is it possible that the FCC thinks the status quo (things as they have been, for those of you in Rio Linda) is just fine and there is no "powerful lobby"? Gus in the public interest

Not trying to scare people, but the FCC appears to be handing out extensions for the July 13, 2021 deadline like drunken sailors or kids with crayons at home in zoom learning. An analog on the Eastern shore just got an extension, but not the channel 6 down there yet. But wait for it…

"Other worst moves in radio???" Firing Chad Dukes, keeping Mike O'Meara on, caving in to CAIR and Casa de Maryland on Michael Graham, broadcasting Ben "Middle School Boy" Shapiro, George Noory, the Kars for Kids commercial, keeping the lady with the weird voice Diane Rehm on WAMU, getting rid of Hot Jazz Saturday Night (that's been fixed), Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, selling LPTV stations which apparently are super profitable to Whitey... the list, like the beat, goes on. Gus dragged behind trucks

Free FM? I can remember they had a call in car show on Saturday mornings where they mostly talked about, the host being a Texas (or Oklahoma) car dealer, "fI Nanz," as in his signature line , "When waking into a dealership, you need to go to 'fI Nanz' first." Cringworthy radio. But still not as gross as Opie and Anthony. Bonbozo is a racist, who despises BLM to the point of becoming unhinged and untruthful. I believe this trait will be his fall, happening soon.

Ever since OOBBEE, aka Lab Rat, announced that he identifies as non-binary and changed pronouns to they/them, he, I mean they, I mean them, "chuckles" at anything while locked down in his science building basement. Someone check on him. I mean they... The Real AHHHH #SupportDCRTV

NEWS! The April radio ratings. Full day, age 6+. Washington: 1) WAMU, 2) WTOP, 3) WHUR, 4) WASH, 5) WMMJ, 6) WBIG, 7) WETA-FM and WWDC, 9) WIAD, 10) WMAL, 11) WGTS, 12) WMZQ, 13) WIHT, 14) WPGC, 15) WJFK-FM, 16) WKYS and WLZL and WPRS, 19) WPFW, 20) WDCH, 21) WTEM, 22) WDCN. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WERQ and WPOC, 4) WQSR, 5) WLIF, 6) WJZ-FM, 7) WIYY, 8) WBAL-AM, 9) WZBA, 10) WZFT, 11) WWMX and WYPR, 13) WRBS, 14) WCBM, 15) WBJC and WEAA, 17) WCAO.....

WDCN-FM 87.7 FM will cease operation on July 13, 2021 according to the FCC Order to go digital on that date. Unless the FCC gives them another two year extension as they did before. The powerful lobby for this group of LPTV Stations has a lot of influence with the FCC. These stations do not want to go digital.

The new April Ratings are out today for DC. It is interesting to see the new Population numbers. DC Metro Population is now 5,019,200 and the Hispanic Population is now 830,200. Remember Nielsen only reports the ratings for the stations that subscribe to their service. If you are a small station and want to know how you rank in the market, the only way you can find out is to pay Nielsen. Did you know that Nielsen is the only rating service in DC?

Have you noticed that the postings on DCRTV are getting longer and longer?

RE: “Anyone else find it funny that WMAL's two drivetime shows”..Made me chuckle. OOBBEE

On April 26, someone posted a picture of an antenna mast on the roof of the UMd South Campus Dining Hall and identified it as “WMUC’s unassuming tower”. It is not. It is one of the two towers once used by W3EAX, the Amateur Radio Club. Here’s the real unassuming WMUC tower, serving you for nearly 42 years.

As I recall correctly, WGTS stated that they had pledges totaling the purchase price through a fund raiser. Now of course, that doesn’t mean they actually received that much money in reality. So maybe they didn’t yet? I find the whole thing interesting in that not that long ago, WGTS itself was rumored to be for sale, so I have to admit I was kind of surprised at this purchase. I imagine that 107.3 as hurt them quite a bit.

Vince Coglianese of WMAL was on Tucker Carlson last night. Just thought I’d mention that to microaggress (Is that a word?) the WMAL haters. As for Dan Bongino, I tend to agree. He’s no RUSH. I’ve never seen the man laugh. His intensity will not go over so well on radio I don’t think. Something people forget about RUSH. He loved a good laugh and had a good sense of humor, at least compared to Dan Bongino, but anyone does compared to Bongino.

Anyone else find it funny that WMAL's two drivetime shows are led by two guys that share their names with the Crash Test Dummies from those famous public service ads on TV?

/\ May 19 /\

\/ May 18 \/

RE: “Hey, Dave, armchair quarterbacking here. Could the hiring of Dan Bongino to replace Rush in dozens of markets”…..Other worst moves in radio??? Mine: David Lee Roth and Free FM. Anyone else have a favorite? (Besides DC Sports this year) OOBBEE

The TMOS state of the union: “Their live audience is down to 600". I have to admit one reason I check DCRTV is to see when TMOS and/or Podcast Village go under (schadenfreude I guess - Robb seems like a decent guy but I punched out of the show a few years ago when it turned into the Mike O’Meara complaintathon). If their most fervent listener base (the TMOS "fan clubbers" who watch the show live and are no doubt holdovers from the old D&M days) is down 95% - and that's DURING the pandemic when everyone is home and it's easier than ever to watch while you work - then I can't begin to guess how many part-time/casual listeners they've lost. What do they get - maybe 2000-3000 listeners per episode tops? With podcast ad rates at $20-40 per 1000 listeners for the big players (Cadence 13, Pineapple Street, etc.), they can't be making more than a couple hundred bucks a show. If they were smart and humble, they would have aligned with one of the big podcast networks years ago (Tony Kornheiser is a Cadence 13 show locally), instead of trying to start not one but two independent podcast networks.

What happened to the sale of American University's Ocean City station WRAU. It was announced months ago that a Washington Non-comm was buying it, but nothing has been filed with the FCC. Money problem again, or something else?

Don’t Bury The Lead My Man! WILL THE O’MEARA’S PUBLICLY ADDRESS CHEATING SCANDAL? According to a previous mailbag post [how’d I miss it], the rich and elite socialites of Southwest Florida, with their private banks and chauffeured driven Bentley’s, don’t like It when Outback driving Northerners [The O’Meara’s] who relocated to a entry-level Fort Myers, FL golf course community, try to steal their LOCAL Best of Gulfshore Life 2021 contest by seeking NATIONAL TMOS voters. Holy radio station advertising clocks! So much so that the luxury publication Gulfshore Life higher-ups are now conducting a formal investigation – complete with a potential ‘Cease & Desist’ to Carla O’Meara and her start-up for frequently claiming she’s won her beauty category. Juicy! Look, I get it. If I were Carla, I’d prefer to give facials and back waxes to the beautiful Florida rich inside their mansions too instead of renting a space at a strip mall beauty parlor on the other side of the tracks. Butt, stuffing bras on Florida summer beaches is one thing. Stuffing a local contest with national TMOS votes is, as Mike’s mom would say, Catholic confessional time. The big moral and integrity questions that remain are, will Mike & Carla continue to promote the big contest "win"? Take ownership of this controversy publicly across all their Podcast and social media platforms? Or do they believe they can whitewash their complicity with silence? [For every mailbag guess, lets send Dave $5.]

Wow. How the Mikey hath fallen. Thanks for the TMOS update! Is the marquee name still doing the thing where he interrupts the second half of a sentence because he can't remember what was said in the first half? Remember the time O5car told a listener, on the show, mind you, "Fuck you"? Is the Human Shoehorn still saying "Carrrrrs!" at the slightest opportunity as if it's funny? Did Li'l Mikey do a Full Mike meltdown when he "broke his shoes"? Going forward let's put a spare pair of shoes in his li'l backpack before putting him on Otto's bus. Whatever the opposite of trying is, that's what they're doing. Gus surrounded by wet teddy bears

For anybody who has not listened to TMOS lately but has heard the bitching here the last few years, please listen to the first segment of Monday’s show to understand. The totality of how bad and lazy Mike has gotten and how little the other two contribute other than their stupid coddling of him trying to make it a show is so evident. Last week into this week demonstrated how little they care about their fans. Thursday was an unannounced missed show. That day Oscar called a fan that was frustrated by the missing show an “Asshole” on a TMOS Facebook page. It is in writing. That must have been learned in a special project at the UMD Smith School of Business. Friday, Mike did apologize about the missed show but then said “It’s going to keep happening and get used to it Nanny Nanny Boo Boo”. Yes, Mike said Nanny Nanny to his listeners. Then, in the middle of the show, his wife called to tell him to bring his kid shoes at school. Yes, part of the show, like 1/3, was mike driving with a pair of shoes on the phone. Sometimes it was just the other two struggling. At least Oscar questioned the move. Bob, of course, did his best to cover Mike’s ass. Imagine that? Yesterday, Mike he stopped the show due to a doorbell at his house. Yelling and screaming for his wife to get it and figure out who was home. This went on for at least 5-10 minutes. Then came Monday’s big announcement for the summer! They will tape at 3:00PM and try to get it posted by 6:00PM. What a joke. Think a little guy has golf camp this summer that daddy has to cover while playing his nine due to facials making more money?? Mike’s news has already always been old by the time it posts because Elliot and EB use the same radio prep page as he and Bob. They can barely make a 1:00 pm posting now. 7-8:00 pm is prime time podcast listening time right? Their live video audience is down to about 60. Yes, 60. (I think Chad gets over 1000 these days.) In Larry’s voice please, “I am sure that 60 will go up at dinner or during dessert, right?” LOL

Hey, Dave, armchair quarterbacking here. Could the hiring of Dan Bongino to replace Rush in dozens of markets by Cumulus be the biggest disaster in radio programming since the promotion and syndication of Opie & Anthony by CBS? I say "Yes." And in related news, The Washington Post's Carol Leonnig has a new book out today called Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service. It will be interesting to see if Bongino, who rode his way to stardom as an Obama hating former Secret Service agent, who has three failed campaigns for Congress, and believes every piece of verbal crap puked by Mark Levin, Will be mentioned in the book .

WNUV 54 has filed an extension on NextGen TV to June 24, 2021 now as the useless FCC is still vacationing at home and not doing its job in approving applications that a child could analyze. Did they forget to take their crayons home from work or something?

More about KKMS (WPBC) in Minneapolis --- According to Wikipedia, station ownership was as morally uptight as an AM station of that era could get: "They shied away from the likes of Elvis Presley and most early rock and roll music, which they described as 'junky music with morally degrading lyrics.' Their philosophy extended to commercials as well, to the point that they rejected advertising from beer and tobacco companies. Allegedly, the [owners] would go so far as to use the sharp end of a compass to scratch away the grooves of tracks on albums that didn't meet their standards of 'nice' music, in order to prevent rebellious DJs from playing them." The wiki page goes on to say the current owners - Salem - adopted a "Christian preaching format" for the 980 signal, so the acorn didn't fall very far, did it?

/\ May 18 /\

\/ May 17 \/

Wow! Radio station advertising clocks. Here's one I own thats in my garage workshop. Wikipedia says WPBC 980 is now KKMS in Minneapolis-St Paul and is owned by Salem. The calls were changed from WPBC to WYOO in 1972, making this puppy right around 50 years old. My all time favorite clock was one I saw at WTHE on Long Island, with little animated lightning bolts leaping off a tower via a concealed color wheel inside the case. If I could find one of those cheap, I'd snap it up in a second. - Alan Peterson

An interesting take on NPR from Ralph "Still Not Dead" Nader at counterpunchDOTorg. He uses the word "local" five times. Feel free to mentally substitute the word "minority". It's not what he means but I know some people insist on it. Looking at you, FCC LPTV Guys. In other news, is The Simpsons' Hank Azaria dying? Gus consulting The Old Man in the Cave

Thank you Balto-Media.com for explaining the Franken FM situation better than anyone else. Your explanation was clear and easy to understand. Even the powerful FCC Lobby should be able to understand it. If the owners of these stations don't want to operate as Television Stations as intended, turn in your valuable license now.

That display clock from WEAM is very cool. What a great station that was when I listened in the late 1970s, even as FM was overtaking the listenership of AM music stations. About 20 years ago I was involved in some work at St. Augustine's WFOY. They were preparing to tear down a station house on riverfront property that had been sold to a housing project. I have always wondered what happened to this beautiful wall clock.

Yes Larry King still pitching prostate supplements. I would think by now his prostate has gone from the size of a grapefruit down to worm food.

Here’s my take on Tyler The Antenna Man & the Franken FMs: I respectfully disagree with his assessment that the Channel 6s should be kept on the air as radio stations. They were designed to be minority owned low power TV stations. Then they sold them to non-minority companies for quick cash and profits so those commercial companies could continue to operate them as radio stations. They do in fact interfere with NPR radio stations, especially the ones on 88.1 FM like Baltimore has, WYPR 88.1 and DC's WMUC 88.1. The one near Ocean City is twice the volume, over-modulated, and a distraction when driving because the volume startles you. People who break the rules should not be rewarded. If the FCC wants to make channel 6 entirely FM or Digital FM radio for minorities or niche programming, I'm on board, but these stations are wasting valuable TV spectrum not operating as a TV station, a complete waste of the now tightened bandwidth. Keeping them on the air would be lunacy. At the very least, they should be forced to operate as TV stations since they take up an entire TV station channel, same size as an entire FM band. But the government never ceases to surprise me with stupidity, so I wouldn't be surprised if they keep this bad tech around. —Balto-Media.com

About Tyler the Antenna Man. When he did an analysis of ATSC 3.0 4K TV in Hunt Valley, he lost his laptop battery charger among the McDonald’s french fries on the floor of his truck, and was really only able to see some of it, had trouble even picking up the signal when he finally got his dead laptop working, missed half of the test. The Youtube video was kinda funny though, but I don’t think it was meant to be a comedy. hehe. Also, I don’t think he knows a lot about 1st and 2nd adjacent protections on FM radio either or really radio in general. And 87.75 is between 1st & 2nd adjacent, and that doesn’t even include them juicing the signal illegally which we all know they are doing when nobody is looking. The Franken FMs have the perfect excuse though as technically there are no rules for them since they are operating in a gray zone. If you complain about them as a TV station, that complaint is throw out. If you complain about them as an FM station, same result. For that reason alone, they must go. They should have been handled like pirate radio a long time ago if not for some inept FCC lawyer afraid of being sued.

I like that DCRTV gives everyone the opportunity to voice their opinion in Mailbag. I am disappointed that he gives Gus the opportunity to make a negative comment on everything that is posted. This really makes readers mad.

Why is NPR opposed to the do called "Franken FM Stations"? What do they have to gain by not having LPTV Stations operating as FM Stations on 87.7 FM? It was the powerful lobby that convinced the FCC to permit these stations to operate as FM Stations.

Dave's response: I put a YouTube video up on May 13th (down below) from the Antenna Man who gives us a good analysis of the Franken FM controversy and NPR's comments about it.....

It’s all over the news that gay police officers are no longer allowed in the NYC Gay Pride parade. So does that mean that gay police dogs are also banned? What about gay guys in leather wearing police gloves? How about the military? Is Chelsea Manning banned too? The news is just so confusing these days. Cancel Culture won't end until the leftists start eating their own young. And we’re getting close to that.

Why does The Baltimore Sun feel it necessary to a story about COVID to always refer to the Gov. Hogan as “The Republican Governor”? If it were a Democrat Governor, The Sun would just say “The Governor announced new COVID mask rules based on CDC guidelines.” Am I right or am I right?

Here's something- Radio Ocean City, a new radio station in Ocean City billing itself as "radio without the radio"- www.radiooceancity.com... The have live morning show and everything. Hmmm.. is this radio's future? Will the next generations even care or notice that "radio" doesn't include an expensive tower? Here is a fun experiment- find any person under the age of 30- ask them how many radios they own.

Not DC or Baltimore specificly, but I noticed that FOX is transitioning its Orlando O&O station, WOFL Fox 35 to NextGen TV. I bet they regret giving up the WDCA 20 signal today in DC, because that is exactly what they’re doing in Orlando, moving the NextGen signal to their MyTV station, WRBW 65. Compared to the other networks, FOX is really the only one that has been moderately aggressive on NextGen TV but all the networks have committed to NextGen TV by the end of 2021. So will WTTG Fox 5 be transitioning soon via WIAV 58? WOFL transitions on June 28.

Hi Dave, Thought you'd appreciate this clock too. I believe it hung in the Arlington Trust Bank Building when WEAM was located there Circa 1962. I recall that Bill Prettyman was Sales Manager back then as well. Best regards, Tom Walker (WEAM account executive 1966-1972), Naples, FL

So is Britt McHenry now on Fox5’s payroll as a reporter? Saw her doing a report from the Preakness and today she was doing a report from the Fox5 newsroom.

/\ May 17 /\

\/ May 16 \/

It looks like WJZ in Baltimore has solved the city’s homeless problem, assuring viewers every day with its silly promo, “WJZ…Always Your Home.” I would provide a few more thoughts on this, but I think I am going to puke.

"... never authorized by the FCC to operate as FM Radio Stations." Yet the FCC says they're not in violation, so whaddyagonnado? And a reminder: "local" and "community" ? "minority" unless you a raciss. That's the tack you ought to be taking, that they aren't serving local or community interests (no one's shown me that's true, yet), not reposting the same thing over and over. Gus heard you the first time

Had to laugh when channel surfing today and landed on an infomercial on newschannel 8 for a health supplement that included a testimonial by Larry King who has been dead for several months now.

Dave's response: Didn't they run those Michael Landon-hosted pitches for reverse mortgages many months (years?) after his death?

Thank you so much for all the information about the WEEL clock!! It makes sense because Jeff had his own auto parts business selling to gas stations and auto body shops for 36 years. That most likely solves the mystery! Many thanks!! Renae

Here’s a possible answer to Renae Mills question about the WEEL clock. In the 50s & early-60s, these were popular station promotion items, usually included with the purchase of a spot package. The station’s calls were shown at the top of the clock with the client displayed on the lower half. As it turns out, there IS a Broad Street ARCO (formerly Atlantic) on Route 7 in Falls Church. May not be the correct answer, but it’s certainly plausible.

Per "Washington, D.C. AM Station History” by Thomas H. White -- January 1, 2021: earlyradiohistory.us... WDCT-1310 [19] ("D.C. Talk"), Fairfax City, VA [From a February 18, 2005 email from Ed. Rodriguez: My late friend and co-worker, Jules Henry, was on the 1955 sign-on staff. He said that the WFCR calls stood for "Fairfax Circle Radio." In 1962, the calls were changed to WEEL for a contest called "Wheel-O" that the station ran for at least one year.] Keep up the good work! Mark B in DC

The so called "Franken FM Stations" operating on Channel 6 licensed as LPTV Stations were never authorized by the FCC to operate as FM Radio Stations. They were licensed to operate as Television Stations and were intended to operate as Television Stations. This group of stations has a very powerful lobby with the FCC. They don't want to go digital on July 13, 2021. They are making more money operating as FM Radio Stations using their Audio Channel 87.7 FM. The last time the FCC told them they must operate as Television Stations the group got a two year extension from the FCC. NOW, they are asking the FCC for another extension. Will the lobbyist win again?

In the 60s and 70s WEEL/1310 used to give out clocks to advertisers and local businesses. I remember seeing one of the clocks just like the one in the picture at the car wash at 50 and Annandale Road in Falls Church well into the 1990s, long after WEEL was sold and became Korean WDCT. My guess is that “Broad St Atlantic” most likely refers to a gas station/garage in Falls Church City (Broad Street/Rt 7) which did an advertisement/promotion with 1310 at one time.

Hello Dave, Tried to send you a message on Messenger but also thought I would send an email. I have a clock which my husband purchased many years ago hanging in the garage. He passed in January from ALS. Jeff was always collecting items. I should have asked him about all his collectibles before he passed but we were dealing with a lot of health issues. See picture below of the clock. We both grew up in the area and bought a home in Annandale, VA. I listened to WPGC growing up so I was not familiar with WEEL. Jeff listened to WHFS. Hoping that you can help me with the background of this clock. Not sure if it ever hung at the station in Fairfax or if it is from another WEEL station. The "Broad St. Atlantic" is what is throwing me off. Is it possible to have another station use the same call letters on 1310 am? Since you have a wealth of information about DC radio and TV I thought that you may have an answer. I know that Jack Diamond worked at the station so I tried to email him on his website last week and have not had a reply. Saw your interview with Neal at the WEEL on YouTube so thought I would rack your brain. Any ideas!! Many thanks, Renae Mills

Dave's response: Can anybody help Renae with some info about the clock?

Why is WBAL-TV’s Amy Lu doing a report about The Preakness outside long after the race with nobody around wearing a mask? The biggest risk of being at Pimlico is not COVID. It’s gunfire! Didn’t WBAL hand down the CDC report to its employees? And keep in mind, this is the TV station that made one of its reporters eat a cicada too!

For a Member of Congress, things may not be going well for you if your name appears in a DC media headline that ends "Snorted Cocaine With Escort Who Had ‘No Show’ Gov’t Job." #SupportDCRTV

At least NPR is honest about their interest in Franken FM and makes honest arguments to the FCC. They do not spam the mailbox of news sites with misleading posts without disclosing their own financial interest .

/\ May 16 /\

\/ May 15 \/

Have seen a few of the Fox5 evening broadcasts with the new guy Rob who’s been paired with Angie. Well, Angie has made it clear that this guy has come to the Angie Goff show & he’s pretty much a prop. On more than a couple occasions she & Marina get to to talking to each other & somewhat ignore him. And when they do include him, it seems like it’s only because they have to, not that they want to. He’s tried to be a part of the conversations & even tried to add some humor, the latter falling flat. He looks quite uncomfortable and just not happy on the evening broadcasts.

Here is something I would like to see...Drab, Valdez, Rooster, and Pete: (1) A northwest sports guy that is creative and funny and has been successful in this market in two formats, (2) An east coast sports guy on the younger side that is creative and funny with the Baltimore chip on his shoulder in DC, (3) A guy Who thinks he knows all sports and kind of does, and (4) a guy who really knows all sports. I know it's a stretch to ever see four hosts again anywhere, ever. But, all four have some unique roots already in the market. All four care and are NOT LAZY. I think it's a good combination of pure sports, personality, experience, humor, and coverage. (Therefore It is doomed - LOL) OOBBEE

From the source: TEM is the minor league for JFK. That was at least how it was set up.

Allison Seymour is ditching Annie and Tony for a new radio show!!! It’s with Marc Clake, the guy who was fired from WHUR, 92Q and 5 other radio shows. She has a had hard enough time doing one job well, why would she spread herself out like that??? She should pair up with Tony on his radio show. They both are built for radio.

/\ May 15 /\

\/ May 14 \/

Re: WJFK and 980 AM "Anyone else feel the same?" Nope. Blow up 980 AM and put an Oldies format there with local jocks.

I grew up on 106.7 The Fan and a big fan of the "Guy Talk". Howard, Don & Mike, O&A etc. like a lot of people. The Junks are good in the morning but understand people saying they're stale. I don't think that but I get it. Moving Grant & Danny in the afternoon...I get it. They've been at the station for a while and i'm sure had good ratings on middays and they're likeable, and they are good. Would it be my choice, no. But it is what it is. But for the life of me, I don't understand why the same company would buy up 980 and put another competing sports station on there. It just doesn't make business sense. And honestly, I think 980 for the most part is better! The shows are more entertaining with the exception of the Junkies. I'd like to Junkies in the morning and then flip to 980 the rest of the day. Pete & Rooster do a great job! They should be on 106.7 in the afternoon. Talking sports and keeping us entertained also with some real stuff, entertainment news etc is what sells now. People complain that sports stations don't talk enough sports sometimes but the ratings show different. Its a combo. Maybe 70/30 sports. But afternoons on 980 should be on WJFK and Travis Thomas is good. always liked his show on 106.7.Either way I'll continue to listen to both. Anyone else feel the same?

Agree entirely with the decline of 106.7. The Junkies are tired, self satisfied old men and it shows. I actually like JP Finlay but Mitchell's arrogance is tough to take. And Grunt and Dummy may be the worst drive time sports radio show of all time. Don't even bother with the nameless and unqualified nighttime and weekend guys. (Except for Czaban on Saturday, but he seems to take every other weekend off). In the past, one could always tune into 980 AM for somewhat more intelligent sports talk. But that station has been turned into the minor league affiliate for 106.7. The hosts are all former weekend fill-in fodder on the FM station and it become an absolutely trash station. Well, except for Sheehan, who is a good sportstalk host. But his fatal flaw is that he is stuck in the 1980's and overkills the Redskins to a ridiculous extent. If you are a Nats and/or Caps fan, you definitely need to look elsewhere for reasonable coverage of your team. Can't believe they couldn't find time for Al Galdi on this cluster F of a station. Ken Beatrice would be embarrassed to see what DMV sportstalk radio has become.

Several things. Good to know Gus’s achilles heal. The homos make him weak in the knees. Hehe. Draper wants the B1, I found the tower location interesting too. Finally, Tyler the Antenna Man, I disagree with your argument. NPR’s motives might not be pristine, but 87.7 and 87.9 FM affect NPR stations, a lot of which are on 88.1 restricting their signal ranges. So their opposition is a no-brainer. As for his niche programming argument, I’m not buying that either. A TV allocation is worth a LOT more money than an FM allocation and even more sad to waste. If the FCC wants to make channel 6 all FM, I’m fine with that, especially if they wanted it to go to niche programming or minority ownership. The current situation is really not the intended purpose in any fashion. The original idea was minorities having access to owning TV stations. Epic fail. The current owners are not what the FCC intended and they are in violation of FCC rules by not broadcasting as a TV station. They should have been shut down long before they got lobbyists. And to add insult to injury, the bastardization of the technical specs makes 87.7 FM in my radio BLARINGLY LOUD and a driving distraction, twice as loud as any other station. So no FCC, SHUT the FRANKEN FMs down on July 13. They are technical nightmare if nothing else.

Speaking of the FCC, they have had the Baltimore NextGen applications for nearly a month now. Are they sending those applications to China for approval while vacationing from home or what? June 8th is the date to go live. Are they really that dimwitted to not see the 95% signal duplication of WNUV on ATSC 1.0? Even a child or some monkeys could see that! Why are the government and schools BOTH not following the SCIENCE??? It’s the Do As I Say, Not What I do people who want the crisis. When Biden said, “Put ya’ll back in chains” he clearly was thinking of something completely different.

/\ May 14 /\

\/ May 13 \/

“What has the FCC done for me lately… nothing.” WAH! “Now they’re raising their fees… “ WAH! WAH! “I wish they had a broadcaster on their staff.” WAH! WAH! WAH! “When will Biden appoint a new FCC Chariman?” WAH! WAH! WAH! WAH! Are you even a broadcaster? If not, why do you care what they do, including their fees? The FCC staff is essentially made up of attorneys, engineers and economists, and broadcasting is a small segment of its mission. The NAB and other trade associations do a good job of representing broadcast interests. Dude! Take a moment to unbunch your Huggies. You really are embarrassing yourself.

So, there are four Admas stations, 1 B, 1 B-1 and two Class A's so where are they going?

To Gus yes the gas shortage is severe can,t find any here in Woodbridge Cicadas more in MD.but stopping you from hurling insults at people is like making Trump an honest person! Done here.

87.7 Franken FM Radio Stations May Go Dark in July

106.7 the Fan... This station starts pretty well as guy talker at 6AM. There is enough sports to keep us real sports fans interested. It goes down hill pretty rapidly through out the day. Some of the "experts" are remarkably ignorant and buffoonish. Chris Russell. Rick Snider. Morons. By PM drive time, unlistenable. Oh, and GUS is special education, engaging, responding or even commenting is "special education".

RE: “What a garbage ststion 106.7 is”….Its sad. We all know guy talk disapeared a long time ago but we did not need to turn it into two TEM’s doing sports. Chad took what was left of personality on the station after the Junks sign off. Even the Junks have gotten a bit stale lately. Thank God for Drab and Valdez doing somethings that are new and different. And, both are up to date on sports. They always politely correct or clarify Junkie speak. Some Mondays you listen and you think ‘Do the Junks really know what went on this weekent in sports?”. If you can’t do ‘What Bird am I” type stuff, at least get the sports right and up to date. Then, there are the Skins, and The Skins, and The Skins. I know the skins get the ratings. Just a day ago EB said “I am not a Homer” with regard to the Skins. Really? I almost drove off the road. They try with the coaches, GM, and players but from the other sports but it is just “Trying”. It sounds painful. There is no homework on other sports. EB asked ‘Which is the long one?” regarding the Triple Crown. A twenty year sports host with one race 30 minutes from his childhood home doesn’t know this? Regarding the horse drug that Mike O’Meara can’t pronounce, EB explained what a picogram is. It’s small; we get it. (Like in Arthur) Thanks professor. Yeah, it can be measured. Ever see your own blood work? But to EB, if a pg (sorry, picogram to non-scientists) is that small the horse has to be clean. Well, Dr. EB, if it’s a gram the horse is dead. The Junks are the anchor at JFK but I have not seen any effort to blend in with the next show or the next drive other than their first day. (BM&F never get on early with the junks. For two guys trying to establish themselves on JFK, that is lazy unless unwanted. If that were Rooster or Pete they would be on the Junks all the time to cross talk to the point of having six Junks. I blame CK for this. Maybe he has one foot out?) Man, at 9:55 am sharp: One is off to golf, the other to lax, the third has to babysit (I have a little one and a new house by the way), and Cake well Cakes… Cakes is late for the early bird dinner menu at Pissano’s or Cava in Onley (All there really is there). Elliot stays on late to help 101. Other stations go right into commercial free stuff to bland into middays. I think the Junks will still kill in the ratings but look for Elliot, Big100, and old school Urban to make gains this across the board this Quarter. OOBBEE

What a garbage station 106.7 is. A lot of unlistenable, unlikable shit.

What has the FCC done for me during this past year? The answer is nothing. They say that they are "working from home for the past 13 months". Now they want to raise their "Regulatory Fees" again this year. This will be the third consecutive year they have raised their FEES! This year they will raise their fees only 8%. I wish they had a Broadcaster on their staff. This has been the worst year in many years for broadcasting revenue due to shut down of many small business. The small business people cannot afford to advertise when their business is shut down. When will Biden appoint a new FCC Chairman?

/\ May 13 /\

\/ May 12 \/

Wow. The Jungle Fever guy has set what I believe has to be a record for economy in non-use of periods. I realize now that he's challenged so it's unfair to pick on him but unfair is where the fun happens. And no, I'm one of the few people who hasn't met John Waters but I did once serve Sissy Spacek a ham and cheese salad. Like any normal person she showed no interest in my pecker, unlike you Sirrah! How 'bout that FCC, huh? Gus is "eat the moon" sex slang?

"Which School’s Alumni cringe more? EB saying Islamorada (Damatha/UMD) or Mike O’Meara saying Betamethasone (Glastonbury HS/AU) – You Decide". The only answer to this is Oscar Santana and his UMD "executive" MBA.

Holy balls . . . we're out of gasoline, there are nearly 600,000 dead from Covid while people scream that they WONT take the vaccine, and the cicadas are coming. And the big annoyance of the week for you two clowns continues to be a 15-minute offset by CBS? Look, Paramount+ is streaming the show and you can try it out for a week for free, so you can catch the whole show in one sitting. I'd tell both of you to just let it go, but then I remember who one of the griping parties is and realize that would be about as successful as trying to eat the moon.

Rumor has it that WBOC is making another FM purchase, but it might not be just for the FM. Hmm.

RE: “Used to go into Baltimore and the route took me past the prison”… So that was you Gus in the Atlantis gay strip club across from the prison having a drink with John Waters talking about your pecker? :-)

/\ May 12 /\

\/ May 11 \/

My apologies to other people on here reading my posts to Gus who simply thinks hes always correct and everyone else is wrong question would you like if you went into a movie theatre and they started showing whatever is scheduled in the middle of course you wouldn,t so stop staying Im stupid for being correct that another 15 minutes later start for the Monday night lineup to show Bob Hearts Ablishola in its entirety would have hurt lots of people don,t have broadband internet to stream shows with good speed and no buffering with a Roku or similar device which you would have had to do to watch whatever network shows were preempted or cut out or else like I was doing using my smartphones small screen because using a wifi hotspot doesn,t always provide good quality streaming Gus making a point even in a wealthy country like ours still lots of people without good internet which the networks don,t seem to care about when they make decisions like that.Actually CBS is the only network not supported on Roku or Amazon Fire for free unless you subscribe to CBS All Access now Paramount other networks ABC NBC have thier own apps so no problem CBS only way to watch thier shows for free is on your smartphone with small screen anyway My last post this argument has gone on too long youll probably insult me more so be it I have my opinions you have yours.

Which School’s Alumni cringe more? EB saying Islamorada (Damatha/UMD) or Mike O’Meara saying Betamethasone (Glastonbury HS/AU) – You Decide.

dcrtv. I'm told your members would find this information from Fort Myers, Fl enlightening in your mail postings. As you can see below, I recently received an email from Jim Schwartzel, President of Sun Broadcasting and owner of our regional Gulfshore Life publication indicating that he and Marketing Manager Rachel Galante, were immediately conducting a 2021 Best of Gulfshore Life investigation into DERMglow and Carla O'Meara's questionable ballot activity. That email reads: "Hi Helen, Thank you to you and others for making us aware of this. We will investigate these allegations and determine the most appropriate response. Best of the Gulfshore is federally trademarked and any use without our permission or used fraudulently will be met with a cease and desist." Regards, Jim

There are so many idiots. Mayor Mosby's spokesperson Zy Richardson sounds like a sissy nancymary who wants the FCC to be his mommy and punish channel whatever for their TONE because TONE is against the law. Eff that guy and eff the stupid lady who's paying him. I used to go to Baltimore on business and the route took me past the prison. Perspective. Best regards, Gus mourning Tawny Kitaen in these pre-May 22 days

Not a good day for Marilyn Mosby. Her offices were raided once again, this time by the State and WTOP doesn’t think it should be news or covered too much by WBFF TV? I would argue, WHY ARE THE OTHER STATIONS NOT POUNCING ON THIS STORY LIKE A BIG DOG? Maryland is a Democrat state. The DOJ is run by Democrats now. If her office is being raided by BOTH, well then something stinks in there that they need to get rid of REALLY quick. If Trump had been reelected, Mosby would have a case to be made, but now she just looks like a crook like every other crook caught in political corruption. Judge Judy was correct. She’s a bad lawyer too. I would post the link to the Judge Judy show that Marilyn Mosby was on, but she threatened Youtube with litigation and they removed it.

WRDE never moved their WBOC-LD transmitter/antenna to Cambridge, just the license location. It was at one point planned that way, but Draper realized they could get a better signal more widely seen from the much taller WBOC tower and building a new one more north in Delaware. It’s unclear what’s going to happen to WRUE-LD, still slated to be on the WBOC-FM 102.5 tower in Pocomoke City. So things will likely not change in Cambridge, although, it doesn’t appear that WBOC-LD is even on the air yet from the WBOC tower, so you might still be in luck. — BaltoMedia

THE DEFINITIVE ANSWER: From someone with a World Series ring who wishes to remain nameless and unconnected to this gibberish: “THE WASHINGTON NATIONALS PICK THEIR OWN BROADCASTERS IN CONSULTATION WITH MASN ON THE MONEY ISSUES.” There were some exceptions when Ray Knight berated a MASN employee I’m told, but otherwise that’s it in a nutshell. I decided to go to an actual broadcaster to find out and I did and was told. Now you know. End of story. — Balto-Media.com

NEWS! From wtop.com: Baltimore state’s attorney complains to FCC about TV station’s coverage... Baltimore’s state’s attorney is complaining to the Federal Communications Commission about the local Fox affiliate over its news department’s coverage. In a letter to the FCC last week, Marilyn Mosby’s communications director, Zy Richardson, writes that WBFF-TV’s stories “could reasonably be categorized as blatantly slanted, dishonest, misleading, racist, and extremely dangerous,” and he asks the FCC’s acting chairwoman, Jessica Rosenworcel, to “take action as soon as possible.” The letter claims that the station — which is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group — did 248 stories solely about the state’s attorney, while Baltimore’s three other network affiliates did, in total, less than a third — 82. “While the frequency of coverage in question by the WBFF would give any reasonable person pause, it is the tone of the coverage that violates the FCC rules,” writes Richardson, who singles out six stories from 2020 in that letter. WBFF, Richardson writes, has “become a megaphone that amplifies, encourages and provides fodder for racists … to continue sending hate mail and death threats.” She cites an incident from 2014, in which a report featured a deceptively edited video that appeared to show racial-justice protesters chanting “kill a cop.” (WBFF later fired the reporter and videographer involved.) One FCC commissioner, Brendan Carr, issued a statement Monday that said the FCC “should dismiss this complaint with prejudice by the end of today.” It was a sentiment echoed by the executive director of the Radio Television Digital News Association, Dan Shelley. In a letter Monday to Rosenworcel, he says that local journalists “have a constitutionally guaranteed obligation to serve their communities,” and that the six stories cited in Richardson’s letter do not back her claims. “To the contrary, they reveal that Ms. Mosby either declined the station’s offers to comment in its news stories or did include comments sought by the station in response to its inquiries,” Shelley wrote. Mosby and her husband, Nick, are currently the focus of a federal criminal investigation. In a statement release on its website, the station stands by its reporting. “FOX45 News is committed to investigating corruption in public officials, asking tough questions and holding leaders accountable,” the statement said. “Our award-winning investigative unit is a key part of delivering that commitment. While we understand that it may not be popular with the individuals and institutions upon which we are shining a light, we stand by our reporting.”

Not mocking you because you watch news programs, mocking you because you're an idiot. Have you read what you have written about your lost 15 minutes of Like Loves Lolly? FCC rules rule! "Local" and "community", the FCC's terms, do NOT equal "minority". I'm in LPTV's corner because idiots are against them. Gus lunching with the Crowleys on carryout meatloaf and mashed potatoes at Boleskine

NEWS! The Washington Post today named Sally Buzbee executive editor of The Washington Post, effective June 1, 2021. In the announcement today, Publisher and CEO of The Washington Post Fred Ryan states, “Sally Buzbee has an exceptional record of achievement and a tremendous wealth of experience in leading a global news organization. In an extensive search that included many of the best journalists in America, Sally stood out as the right person to lead The Post going forward. She is widely admired for her absolute integrity, boundless energy, and dedication to the essential role journalism plays in safeguarding our democracy.” The full announcement and Fred Ryan’s memo to staff are available here: www.washingtonpost.com

I'm curious as to what is happening with WRDE. I live in Easton, MD and can't currently pick up WRDE but I was told years ago we should be able to pick it up when they start broadcasting WBOC-LD from the WCEM-FM station they bought in Cambridge, MD. I guess that never happened because I still can't pick it up. Now when you look at the coverage map for WBOC-DL it's broadcasting on channel 22 from Delaware, not Cambridge. It still appears to cover Easton but not as good as it did when it was from Cambridge. Does anyone know if any of this will actually happen? The best station to get here with an antenna is Channel 4 from DC, WBAL is next to impossible for me to pick up with an antenna so I was hoping for this WRDE years ago.

"Had you read the FCC's Report and Order adopting this new rule (or any new rule), you'd know that the rule doesn't take effect until 30 days AFTER it is published in the Federal Register." Wait, what? The Foreign Radio Guy is wrong about the FCC? Imagine my surprise. And some guy is still complaining about missing 15 minutes of King of Queens Loves Son of Sam? Fifteen minutes... Gus Toon in With Me

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\/ May 10 \/

Sorry to post again Gus needs to be silenced my complaint about our Tv stations preempting parts of programs when theres storms or other events like on past Christmas days when theres an NBA game on ABC WJLA has preempted Jeporady not even airing it later they have new episodes even on Christmas.Though this year because they were burning off the final episodes with Alex Trebek they aiired it at 2 AM the following morning.I suppose youll make fun of Jeporady too. This is not silly complaints its sensible plus Mike Wallace has been dead for years this site is getting riducolous with insults mainly from one person. Mocking someone because they watch news programs what a moron.

The Washington Nationals DO NOT pick their TV broadcasters. They are hired by MASN and approved by the Nationals. The only exception is Dan Kolko who was fired by MASN and then hired by the ball club to do a little of the pre and post game shows.

NextGen TV is supposed to launch in June in Baltimore, but the FCC still hasn’t acted on the application for all of Baltimore’s TV stations to switch to ATSC 3.0 (except WJZ 13). Is the FCC going to turn the application down on a technicality? I’m starting to wonder. Baltimore is a special case market due to the extremely low number of TV stations considering the market size. I can’t see too many other ways of pulling this off without leaving Maryland Public TV out in the cold. It would be sad if the FCC punishes an entire market just to get even with Sinclair.

RE: "WZHF 1390 AM owned by Arthur Liu is carrying the Russian Programming Propaganda and Translator 105.5 FM owned by John Garziglia are not complying with this new FCC Rule." Had you read the FCC's Report and Order adopting this new rule (or any new rule), you'd know that the rule doesn't take effect until 30 days AFTER it is published in the Federal Register. The rule was adopted by the Commision on April 22. This means the rule doesn't take effect until May 22 at the earliest. As of today, the rule has NOT been published in the FR. The more you know...

New FCC Rules & Regulations......Radio Stations that carry programming from Foreign Governments must identify that they are doing so and identify what Government is providing the programming. WZHF 1390 AM owned by Arthur Liu is carrying the Russian Programming Propaganda and Translator 105.5 FM owned by John Garziglia are not complying with this new FCC Rule.

Thank you Dave Hughes for 23 years of service to the DC Community. You provide a great service that no one else provides! Keep up the good work.

A bet on podcasting is paying off for iHeartMedia, JPMorgan said in a note to clients on Monday. Shares of the audio content company surged 14% on Friday after iHeart’s first-quarter results were stronger than expected, with podcast revenue up 142% year over year.

So the question begs, who really does own the Dover, DE TV market? See here. www.rabbitears.info

Dude, calm down. You want everyone else to suffer because you had to miss 15 minutes of Type II Diabetes Loves Ashley Baby? Watching 60 Minutes is not the credential you think it is. Do you get carryout meatloaf and mashed potatoes like Mike Wallace? You're being mocked for a reason: you made a silly complaint and won't let it go. Gus says don't be a dewsh

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Dave, I know you hate people sending pics and links, but I thought it was important for people to see how much money Draper’s WBOC is spending on WRDE NBC Coast TV, Delmarva’s low power NBC TV affiliate since you once interviewed the GM way back. And also how it might piss off Comcast/NBC. The signals as proposed will encompass Dover, DE better than WCAU NBC Philly. But Dover is in the Philly market and it will also reach down into Accomack County, VA as well. That’s 4 signals for WRDE and Telemundo from Dover to Chincoteague, Easton to near Ocean City. Now when WBOC goes into another carriage agreement negotiation with Comcast/NBC, what’s going to happen? Obviously, they’re going to hold out to get WRDE NBC Coast TV on Kent County cable in Delaware as well as other places that now carry WCAU but not WRDE, technically places in the Philly market for more historic than real reasons today. I wonder how this is going to play out. Will little ole WRDE the closer local TV station get blacked out by the big market TV station on network programming? That is what the FCC and Nielsen tell me. But should it be that way? The pic tells it better.

Dave's response: On vacay this week. Can't process graphics.....

Key lines in the the FP Santangelo story: “After he blocked her on social media” and “mean texts”. What does that tell me? FP has a GROUPIE! YAY! And the other line that caught my attention, “The Baltimore Orioles” have not been contacted. Why would they be? They didn’t choose him as a Nats announcer. The Nats did! DUH! Are they in last place because of MASN too? Misplaced blame. Everybody is a victim today in Washington, DC. Let’s all go have a good cry.

We have reached the point where being accused of sexual harassment now, in 2021 is a lot like being accused of homosexuality in1971. It has only to seem plausible. Even evidence will not help you! Before you know what hit you, you are fired, evicted your car repossessed, kids taken to CPS and dog taken to the pound. Long before you even have a chance to hire a lawyer.

So MASN fires Dan Kolko...the Nats throw him a bone to attempt to do the pre and post game shows...that was a disaster...Now I turn on the game...FP is nowhere to be seen after the Sexual Abuse charges...and here is young Dan, who never played the game, now trying to do the analyst job next to Carpenter. Are you kidding me? Bob must be beside himself having to deal with such an amatuerish organization as MASN.

Imus goes to the steakhouse? As a Guslim, I cannot support this waste of food. Not talking about the menu, talking about the diner. Imus has lost the same 38 pounds over and over and from time to time mentions being down 2 pounds. That's a pee and a poo. James Corden laughs at Rob Spewak who was gifted with Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin injections on the Weight-Not program but aggressively embraces obesity. Imus touting the Noom weight loss program just makes no sense. It's like Charles Manson lecturing about how not to be a dewsh. Gus still not listening

I feel like others have about Gus fed up with his manners the way he insults like Trump! I posted early last week.about why when they break in for severe weather like they did Monday night when a tornado warning was near Frederick MD they just cant delay start of programs instead of joining them in progress like CBS did read his response Gus accuses me of being old because I watch 60 minutes intelligent programs I also watch CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley and watch TV over the air listen to AM 1690 but goes to show how little of a person someone is who who finds pleasure insulting someone because of thier interests.He needs to be removed from here Dave uncalled for behavior.I started posting a simple opinion and wind up with his full assault of insults like I see him do to many others here.Its a media site not a place to attack people.

So MASN decides F.P. Santangelo is guilty and suspends him without one shred of evidence--as seems to have become a common practice. What's to keep a supporter from making some wild, undocmented charge against one or more MASN executives? Would the suits also be suspended as quickly?

NEWS! bleacherreport.com: Nationals' MASN Broadcaster F.P. Santangelo Facing Sexual Misconduct Allegation... Washington Nationals television analyst and former MLB outfielder F.P. Santangelo has been accused of sexual misconduct, according to Brittany Ghiroli of The Athletic. Santangelo, 53, has been held out of the team's broadcasts on Mid-Atlantic Sports Network four times in the least eight days with no explanation for the absences. MLB Network also removed Santagelo from a YouTube broadcast on Thursday. MASN and MLB Network did not provide comment... According to Ghiroli, a 31-year-old woman alleged Santangelo made unwanted sexual advances several years ago before sexually assaulting her. The allegation was made in an Instagram post "that caught the attention of the team and the network." Ghiroli reported MASN is aware of the allegation but that the woman who made the allegation has not been contacted by the team, network or the Baltimore Orioles—who own a majority share of MASN. Santangelo has been broadcasting games since 2011 and declined to comment on his absence from the airwaves to Jesse Dougherty and Ben Strauss of the Washington Post but provided a statement to Ghiroli after the publication of her story in The Athletic. "What I have read in your recently published article from an anonymous individual about me is untrue and did not happen," Santangelo said. "This is not representative of who I am as a man or a professional. I am confident that my name and reputation will be fully cleared."

RE: So does anyone think the new owners of 104.9/105.5 "WINC-FM" is just going to use those frequencies to simulcast WTNT and WKDV? Since WKDV has been silent since December, and their transmitter site has been sold, somehow simulcasting WKDV on one of the two FM frequencies doesn't seem all that likely, does it??

The Missouri legislature is forwarding a Bill to make January 12th of each year ‘Rush Limbaugh Day.’ Although it still has to pass more muster and obtain the governor's signature, the State of Missouri is taking no chances, and have allegedly released a list of approved and appropriate guidelines for the observance of the day. Suggested activities include creating larger carbon footprints by building camp and bonfires, taking a road trip in an SUV, flatulating outdoors, and dumping used motor oil on the ground. Other tributes may include firing and emptying an entire magazine with your AR-15 while raising the American flag, replacing the water in your jacuzzi with Perrier, wearing your MAGA hat in church, or smoking a cigar while you shave. In a fitting tribute, the State of Missouri will be offering tax credits to those who launch and fly their hot air balloons that day.

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In life, as in radio, as in Podcasting, Discipline Equals Freedom! This weekend Imus is driving 2.5 hrs each way to eat at a Tampa restaurant that has a dessert room - not a dessert cart. Like a Sumo wrestler getting kicked out of an all-you-can-eat casino buffet, this could get real Chris Farley sloppy embarrassing for Imus's wife and mother in law in attendance. Happy Mother's Day. #ImusStuffingHisSportCoatWithChocolateCake

So does anyone think the new owners of 104.9/105.5 "WINC-FM" is just going to use those frequencies to simulcast WTNT and WKDV?

God! All this talk about the Nats announcers. I thought only professional broadcasters and antenna guys were supposed to post here? Most, if not all, sports announcers have not gone on the road during the pandemic. (See the Caps.) I bet some companies have seen the savings and are milking the "Pandemic Excuse" as long as they can. (See FedEx) The best was the writer who said "F.P. had to explain himself" or something like that. OK, mom. The other "Maybe they don't want to go to NY" writer. Wow, what a bad place to go and stay in a nice hotel. The food sucks too. Native NYer here - FU! LOL I have never seen so many washwomen comments about some sports announcers. You would think one of the Junkies or their producers missed a week! OOBBEE

Since there’s a lot of MASN bashing lately, I’ll explain something. The Nats pick their broadcasters, not MASN, but I’m sure both teams have an equal budget that must be met. For instance, the Orioles got rid of Gary Thorne not because they wanted to, but because he put them out of the budget or likely, Jim Palmer put Thorne out since he commands a lot of money and virtually cannot be fired. So that’s how you’re stuck with Kolko, not MASN’s decision on who, but on how much. And similarly, the Orioles got rid of Jim Hunter for Kevin Brown, a cheaper option. Now, both the Orioles and Nats can hire people themselves too for any MASN show they want if they pay for it. Tom Davis for instance still operates his own Orioles show, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", on MASN, but he pays for everything and sells advertising. The Nats could easily have a show like that if they wanted to or some other broadcaster could. I’m surprised they don’t actually. Also, there’s still the elephant in the room, $100 million in a bank account that the Nats have yet to get as the lawsuit continues on appeal. Hopefully, when that’s resolved, things will get better.

NBC4 Saturday morning broadcast back to their usual one anchor. Wonder what prompted putting veteran anchor Pat Lawson Muse on the anchor desk last Saturday. She didn’t seem too pleased to be there. Watched the new anchor on Fox5 evenings a couple of times and hmmmm, he seems uncomfortable on the desk with Angie. And when they bring Maurina in to do a story, they just seem to take over as if he’s not there. Yeah he’s new, but their type of antics and shenanigans don’t appear to be his cup of tea.

[RE: MASN] It’s the same for all MLB teams - no broadcasters are traveling. Each team’s radio and TV broadcasters call road games from the booth at their home stadium. For national broadcasts, they’re in a studio. Only home announcers are actually on site.

"They do it when Sunday afternoon football runs over on CBS Ive seen 60 minutes start past 8 PM!" Were you born an idiot or did Mom give you rolling pin to the noggin therapy? NFL = revenue stream and contractual obligations. 60 Minutes = show that [old] people watch and revenue stream. Bob Bones the African Lady? No one cares. Did you not understand when I explained to you how network feeds work? Why do you want other people to suffer so you can see your program? "perhaps they don't realize that most Radio Stations have had their worst revenue year in many years due to the covid shut down." That doesn't go far enough. Electric bills should be reduced and McDonald's should sell 50 cent cheeseburgers. Don't get me started on the state of Ms. Mosby's poonanny, I could not possibly comment. Gus doing it when Sunday afternoon football

to the guy talking about MASN and Bob and FP not travelling - NBC Sports Washington has been doing that all season with the Caps and Wizards broadcasts.

Did you ever think that MASN’s Carpenter and FP simply DON’T want to go to NYC? Who would want to? Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Not to mention NYC’s lockdown has been a total disaster of death comparatively to many states from the Cuomo Crime Family decisions. Jim Palmer isn’t traveling anywhere except from his home in California, likely secluded from society, to Camden Yards or from his place in Towson if he still has it to the Yard. Even local sportscasters on the radio and TV are not going to even the home town stadium all that much I’m told by someone at WJFK. There is no one to interview. It’s all done by ZOOM now and maybe will be for a long time. Simple. The players don’t want to be around them and some of them don’t want to be around the players, but either way, it’s not allowed. A game camera lens was recently broken during a broadcast and no technician had credentials to go on the field to clean the glass up. The umpire had to sweep it up! So why bother traveling to the stadium if you get everything on TV and nothing extra right now by being there? The sad part is that the fans are not so happy about this COVID paranoia for even vaccinated people and as someone once recently told me, “Sure, I’d go, but I don’t want to go through the COVID interrogation, so no, not interested.” MLB games are not selling out even at 25% capacity if anyone hasn't noticed. I fear there will be longterm negatives from it all for many sports.

Bob Carpenter is back and all is well with the Nats TV broadcast. Well, almost. FP is still there and thats always been a problem. Poor Dan Kolko. Whoever made the decision at MASN to put the young kid in a no win situation trying to fill in for Carpenter, should be ashamed of themselves.. Kolko was okay as a field reporter then struggled when thrust into trying to host Nats Xtra which Johnny and Ray handled so well over the years. Granted Bo Porter was nothing to write home about and the combination was dreadful. Kolko , who had NEVER done play by play was embarrassing. Even FP was shocked. As bad as the Nats telecast is..have you checked out the O's lately. Who are those people doing the games. On any given night, it's anyones guess who will be calling the game. Hey Chris Glass, MASN needs you to come back and get the sinking ship afloat.

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What could MASN be accomplishing by not sending Carpenter and FP to New York and instead having them do the game sitting in front of two TV sets at Nationals Park?

For the third consecutive year the FCC announced they they are going to raise their annual regularity fees. In 2021 the fees will go up 8% for Radio Stations. Since the FCC has been "working from home" for the past 13 months perhaps they don't realize that most Radio Stations have had their worst revenue year in many years due to the covid shut down. Most stations revenue is down 15% to 25% or more this past year. Station expenses have remained the same or gone up. Perhaps the FCC should consider reducing the fees for 2021 rather than raising them.

Congratulations to WTOP on FOUR regional Murrow Awards. To WAMU on FOUR regional Murrow Awards, and to WYPR on TWO regional Murrow Awards (same number as Newsradio 1090.) Great job by WEAA to land a regional award as well.

Tired of Gus rants my point delaying start time of tv programs Monday night with storm.coverage is cool not everyone can stream the shows.They do it when Sunday afternoon football runs over on CBS Ive seen 60 minutes start past 8 PM! Anyway something else I want to put out there Im sure there,s alot of radio enthusiasts here wondering if anyone owns or has tried one of the supposebly better AM radios from CC Crane or the older GE Superadio and if so is there a decent improvement in reception of the weaker signals.I like 1690 from Lexington Park great soft leaning oldies daytime only get it with some background hiss on my Insignia HD tune HD Radio use a Terk Advantage loop tried even putting it on my deck but radios AM Section Im sure not the best.Wondering if the CC Cranes top of the line around $160 offers huge improvement although just realized the Superadio may be too old to include the extended AM band 1610 and up.

Someone wrote, "Are the Lobbyist now in charge of the FCC?" The correct question is, "When were lobbyists NOT in charge of the FCC?"

Sinclair news for a good laugh. Baltimore State's Attorney Marylyn Mosby has filed a complaint with the FCC to have WBFF Fox 45 investigated for what she claims are defamatory stories about her office and her. It should be noted that the Feds recently raided the State's Attorney's Office and are investigating Mosby and her husband and several other officials. Defamation of a public official is rather difficult to prove in general by a journalist or media company unless you can prove both falsehoods and intent. Mosby also claims that she is being persecuted by the Trump Administration. But the political stuff, while funny, is none of my interest. What I found most interesting is that Baltimore's other 3 local TV news stations did so few stories about the State's Attorney's Office for Baltimore, especially with some of its decisions making national news even or about the public corruption charges, which you would think should be big local news in Baltimore. Apparently not so much except for WBFF. More from The Sun's impartial media critic, David Zurawik, who despises Sinclair and Fox News, well except for when he worked for Fox News. hehe Yep, Zurawik never ever mentions that he used to appear on Media Buzz with Howard Kurtz on FOX. During that time he constantly trashed CNN and sometimes MSNBC. Then after he went to CNN, he constantly trashed and still trashes Fox News.

(at) Bob Hearts Ashtabula Guy: To be clear, the network probably doesn't send out DVDs of each episode. The network relays a satellite feed (in the old days it was point to point microwave) to the local affiliates. That's why east coasters hear the profanity on SNL and west coasters dewn't. Tew bad you missed out on the first 15 minutes because it was a Very Special BHA where Ashleebabyola confronted her opiate dependence. Gus trying to help you in this time of horrible loss when it's natural to lash out and want to inconvenience other people so you can see your program

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The Washington Post’s Jonathan O’Connell and Sara Fisher Ellison report: In its bid to acquire Tribune Publishing, the hedge fund Alden Global Capital vowed to provide $375 million in cash to the owner of the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun and other titles — a theoretically welcome influx to an investment-starved newspaper chain. But industry and financial experts have looked at the fine print and see something starkly different: Alden, they say, has already signaled that it plans to saddle Tribune with debt that could further hollow out the company, and it may not have $375 million available to begin with. FULL STORY: wapo.st

Carla O'Meara won the best facial in Lee County fair and square - P. North (OOBBEE)

Hearst Radio’s WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 earned recognition today from the Radio Television Digital News Association with a pair of Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards. Awarded annually since 1971, the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Awards are named in honor of the legendary broadcaster and recognize outstanding work in broadcast and digital journalism. WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 was honored in the category of Breaking News coverage for its coverage of an August 2020 row home explosion in Baltimore. It is the station’s third consecutive Regional Murrow Award in this category, also earning a National Murrow Award for Breaking News in 2020. WBAL was also recognized in the category of Excellence in Writing for Josh Spiegel’s commentary features. Spiegel is also a co-host and news anchor for the Justin, Scott & Spiegel morning show on sister station 98 ROCK. It the 2nd year in a row Spiegel’s commentaries have been recognized in this category, and 5th overall. Both entries are now eligible for consideration for National Murrow Awards. The winners will be announced in June. “We are extraordinarily proud of the dedicated journalists at WBAL NewsRadio,” said WBAL NewsRadio and 98 ROCK President and General Manager Cary Pahigian. “Our commitment to reliable local news coverage along with balanced analysis and insightful commentary remains a top priority.”

(at) Bob Hearts Abishola Guy: It sounds like you want more people to suffer because you had to suffer for 15 minutes. Let's shift ALL the programming! Not cool. Gus so disappointed

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I wasn,t complaining about the shows being interrupted Monday night because of the severe weather I totally understand the importance of that I was stating why couldn,t WUSA 9 just start the lineup 15 minutes later so you could watch Bob Hearts Ablishola completely The Neighborhood was totally preempted as well from 8 till 8:30 guess you have to stream it.

Wow, apparently I am missing some stuff on the Nats. Bob and FP for many seasons now have taken a couple breaks from the grind. But while they announced Bob taking time off, seeing FP gone too, was odd. I am so with the guy who mentioned Grant Paulsen. He was an obnoxious kid and still comes off that way. How dare he question Baker the way he did about the lineup and Rendon. That still pisses me off. I worked at Ch. 9 when he was a kid, and we had him on a sports segment with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms about the NFL and he couldn't have been more rude. Fortunately, those guys are pros and didn't take it seriously.

There is no such thing as “proper capitalization” or grammar on a white on black CRT style text based message board system, which is essentially what DCRTV is, only it’s not live and no editing is possible. You can send messages with bold emphasized text, but it’s of no use. So if you send something, then realize the message might look bad, there are no do overs. The only method of emphasis is ALL CAPS. Are the NINNY from the AVS or another website who constantly complains about CAPS all the time too? Or are you the one who protested the Tenleytown tower and believes all of DC’s towers are 1000 feet tall and tall enough when most engineers would laugh at you? You sound like someone who would fit both descriptions. One of those “Follow the Science” posers. LOL. None of the above.

Ran into some old Channel 4 friends and a bunch have left in the past two years. They reminded me that now, there's no sense of dominating the market like the old days of Vance, Bob, and George. Now, it's about I'm not paid extra to do early weather cut-ins or what the viewers want...Doug, Amelia, and the others are all about themselves, and I believe that. Sue Palka is the only one who knows weather in this market and that's all. I was watching FOX5 during the storms, two night's ago, and this 4-box of dribble kept going on and on and it was embarrassing! Don't blame the Channel 4 ND from Pittsburgh, he's from a smaller market and sadly enough, has no clue about what Channel 4 meant to this area and the formerly high expectations. Give Topper some credit as well because he's been able to survive this long and keep a loyal audience. I guess the good times are certainly behind us and times have really changed!

Mailbag Minute:: Florida Man Mike O'Meara knows stuffing - ballot stuffing! As the tale is told, Carla O'Meara has now declared herself winner of the Best of Gulfshore 2021 Best Esthetician in Lee County contest. You know, one of those yearly vote online for your favorite local dog walker type of contests. Has O'Meara now stepped into a pile of poop? On Mondays show O'Meara appears to, for sake of comedic irony, throw his wife, her reputation and her new business under the out of area "ballot stuffing" bus with quote "Award Winning [Best of Gulfshore] facialist...Thanks to a couple of her clients and my audience...Laugh" Place your prop bets! DCRTV betting odds that in light of O'Meara's admission, will Gulfshore Life, Southwest Florida's Luxury Lifestyle Magazine open an investigation? [Pretty sure they have rules preventing ballot stuffing?]. Make Cinderella give back her golden slippers? Will Carla banish Mike and his C-Pap machine to the couch for outing both of their alleged 'win at any cost' scandalous behavior? Stay tuned.

First the bad news: I spotted my first Brood X cicada in my driveway today. The good news: I'd rather listen to them than the daytime lineup on WMAL.

Regarding F.P., yes the temporary disappearance is a real mystery. One would think it was a suspension of some type but we need a local media type to do some actual investigating. Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you need them? As for Bob Carpenter, one would think he is getting ready to retire, maybe this is his final season? Whatever happens, they should keep Grant freakin Paulson out of the booth at all costs. He filled in for F. P. for a game and was atrocious. Condescending, obnoxious, way to mouthy, and very unlikable. Which should not be surprising because he is like that on his awful radio show as well..............

Is anyone listening to HD Radio? In the most recent ratings in DC I could not find any HD Stations listed. I realize that Nielsen only shows the stations that subscribe to their service. That is their way of doing business. When you are the only rating service in DC you can decide how you want to operate. It would be nice if Nielsen had some competition in DC.

As a regular viewer of Fox5 morning broadcast, I will be so glad when Steve Chenevey & Wisdom get back on air. Watching Erin Como attempt to be an anchor is painful. Thus my changing channels about 5 minutes into seeing her. Seems like a nice young lady, but really needs to stay in her lane (no pun intended) & just do traffic, cooking & exercise segments. She is just so poor in her attempt to ad lib during conversations as well as her lack of interviewing skills. She’s been here long enough to improve, but unfortunately hasn’t.

Word from FEMA is that they are planning to do a national EAS test on Weds August 11. When they tried it last year, 12 out of 77 Primary Entry Point stations failed to activate due to equipment issues, which meant the warning did not fan out as designed, planned or expected. The test this year will show if the problems were ironed out or not. Treat the 11th as any other day on the air, but have the Benny Hill Theme cued up, just to be properly prepared.

There is no such thing as “proper capitalization” or grammar on a white on black CRT style text based message board system, which is essentially what DCRTV is, only it’s not live and no editing is possible. You can send messages with bold emphasized text, but it’s of no use. So if you send something, then realize the message might look bad, there are no do overs. The only method of emphasis is ALL CAPS. Are the NINNY from the AVS or another website who constantly complains about CAPS all the time too? Or are you the one who protested the Tenleytown tower and believes all of DC’s towers are 1000 feet tall and tall enough when most engineers would laugh at you? You sound like someone who would fit both descriptions. One of those “Follow the Science” posers. LOL

/\ May 5 /\

\/ May 4 \/

FP Santangelo will be back on the air tonight but no word on where he was over the weekend. As for Bob Carpenter, he’s already said he plans to take more time off this year and that it’s his call. He’s pushing 70 so he’s probably easing into retirement.

The FCC is nearly last on the list of positions to be filled by a new administration, sorry to say it. And could some posters get lessons in proper capitalization? As for the Nationals, I have a feeling Bob Carpenter and FP's days are numbered.

I agree it's a shame what is happening to Howard. It was clear from day one when Annie walked in the door she wanted a higher caliber Wx partner. She got Reese moved off the show by leaning on management and using other methods. The next guy in the door wont be up to Howard's Caliber, but it will be someone she can dance with on Social media with Allison and Tony. His accuracy will be missed in this newsroom.

I saw it on DCRTV.COM first! Someone couldn't see the entire episode of Bob Hearts Abishola because of a local weather break in. Then they complained about it here. I'm sending Dave some money for that. George in Parkville

So, this morning I tune into WMAL to find truth and real news with Vince and Mary. At 8:20 AM they had a car expert on who dropped a bombshell- new car prices are soaring. He said if you go to a new car dealership, you will pay several thousand in premiums to get a new car. WOW! He then said rental cars, standard sedans are going for $350.00 a day! Mary then said "with inflation, Biden can give Carter a run for his money." This insight is incredible. So, I went to Expedia and got pricing in mid May for cars at the Philadelphia Airport, because airport car rentals are always a little higher than off airport locations. Anyway, rentals for three days went from $88.00 a day to $140.00 a day. These prices are pretty normal. With all the good economic news out there, with the vaccines being put in arms at 200,000 a day, WMAL does not talk about that, they lie about impending hyper inflation. It is as if someone is just making crap up, and telling WMAL what to say on the air.

MASN, Nationals won’t say why F.P. Santangelo has been absent from broadcasts... www.washingtonpost.com... F.P. Santangelo, the color commentator for Washington Nationals broadcasts on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, is on an unplanned break from the booth that has not been explained by the team or the network that employs him. His absence is not health-related, according to two people with knowledge of the situation, and MASN’s plans for Tuesday’s game against the Atlanta Braves are not yet clear. In a short phone conversation Monday, Santangelo declined to answer questions about his absence, saying the Nationals would explain the situation. A Nationals spokeswoman then declined to comment, referring questions to MASN. A MASN spokesman also declined to comment.

WJLA broke into Jeporady about the severe weather near Frederick anybody knows though instead of covering it which is thier duty as a station and just joining whatever program is already in progress why cant they start the network programs just later from start to finish I recorded Bob Hearts Ablishola on WUSA CH 9 which starts at 8:30 to get only half the show when they ended the storm coverage around 8:45.Also noticed 1420 WKCW has been off the air Saturday is when I first noticed it could that also be related to the high winds on Friday damaging something at the transmitter didn,t check it today.That was a frequent problem with them in the early days of thier classic hits format off the air often but not a problem last several years never figure out how they make money looks like it,s owned by a church One God Ministries no commercials.

[RE: Doug Kammerer] All the other stations broke into programming at least 5-10 minutes before NBC4 did and Doug looked like he wasn’t prepared and was playing catch-up. Not a good look. WUSA9 had Topper and Chester both in the studio (and FOX5 has Sue Palka and Caitlin Roth in the building every evening) so I’m not sure why Doug and Amelia can’t ever both be working in the studio on the same day.

Funny how one of the biggest stories ever retracted is not even news. The Washington Post, The NY Times, NBC News and all their affiliates like WRC 4, etc, all put out the story that the FBI had warned Rudy Giuliani that he was being used as a pawn by the Russians for misinformation with regards to Hunter Biden, a story that none of those news organizations covered for that very reason before the election. Now all 3 news organizations have since totally retracted the story saying the source was incorrect, but none will say who the source was even considering that their story helped get a former NYC mayor and Presidential lawyer raided by the FBI and basically got Joe Biden elected President. Is this not ORWELL or what?

Dave, here's a true Howard Bernstein story I can now tell that I couldn’t tell for all these years. Way WAY back, I was in HB's morning weather group online, which Tegna I'm told, did NOT like when they took over WUSA 9 from Gannett (same company technically, but different people making decisions). At the time, HB was in constant fear of being fired for things people said in his weather group. By today's standards, he would have been CANCELED on DAY 1. But my nephew was interested in weather and I asked him for advice on getting in the business, you name it and he always obliged and we got to see a behind the scenes view of him doing the weather at the same time since his weather computer cam was on live while he was doing the weather. It was a special experience unlike you'd ever see today. I once even asked Howard for a direct link to the WUSA Doppler 9000 to use when I was at the beach. At that time, WUSA 9 didn't have an app, or direct weather to radar link easy on an iPhone and I had one of the very first iPhones that could even do this. HB gave me a direct link to the same Doppler 9000 he was seeing in the news room so I knew when a storm was hitting the beach here in OC to get off in time and not get struck by lightning. He's a prince of a guy, seriously, top notch. But I'll admit. A lot of people at the beach back then thought I was nuts when I said, "You know it's going to rain in about 5 minutes right?” Nobody believed that I had the radar on my phone back then. THANKS HB! —BaltoMedia

We have a tornado warning in DC and Doug Kammerer is sitting in his living room. What is going on at NBC4? Mike Goldrick is running that place into the ground.

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Are the Lobbyist now in charge of the FCC? The Channel 6 LPTV Group has a very powerful Lobby. They don't want to go Digital on July 12, 2021. They are all making too much money operating as FM Radio Stations using their Audio Channel 87.7 FM. They got a two year extension the last time the FCC told them they must go DIGITAL or turn in their license. Now it appears that the FCC is going to give them another extension. This powerful Lobby is trying to get them permanent control of Channel 6. This is NOT in the Public Interest. Who is making the decisions at the FCC now? In DC this "Franken FM Station" is WDCN 87.7 FM. The owner of this station has leased out this station from the beginning. They have never operated as a TELEVISION STATION as intended.

Looks like Howard Bernstein is out at WUSA as of the end of the month. Maybe they’re stealing Tucker Barnes from FOX5 but I’m willing to bet his replacement won’t be a white male since that apparently doesn’t fly at WUSA these days. Is Topper the next to go? Will the last one out please turn off the lights...

Dave's response: Our WUSA source says that the FTVLIVE story has a bunch of inaccuracies. Howie is leaving in June, yes, but it was totally his choice, we hear. Not pushed out.....

NEWS! From www.ftvlive.com: Sources tell us that Tegna’s WUSA and morning Weather anchor Howard Bernstein are parting ways. Look for the company to say that it was “mutual” and that Bernstein is leaving to “start a new chapter.” Word is the station already has Bernstien’s replacement waiting in the wings and are looking to move on without him.

WCTN has been off the air all weekend. Wind must've done a number on the xmitter (again) on Friday. That's not much of a surprise, but in its absence, from Rockville I heard distant music from what I expected to be all sports programming. Guess what?! It is WXGI from Richmond, but it's classic hip-hop now and they call themselves The Box. Surprise!! Jeff

I noticed at least one July 13 dismissal to extend a construction permit, DC’s Daystar and IBN TV channel. Of course, each CP Extension has its own circumstance, but the FCC dismissed W45DN-LD near Annapolis’ permit for channel 10 in DC. It will lose channel 45 for certain as of July 13 if they cannot get channel 10 on the air by then. I assume this is a second extension request, but the channel 6’s are all requesting a second extension too, so there is that similarity and precedent now set. Now conversely, the FCC granted an extension on the eastern shore, but it has no repack considerations. Draper’s WRUE-LD on channel 19 got an extension until next year to build another channel for WRDE NBC Coast TV in Pocomoke City on the WBOC FM tower until 1/10/22. But once again individual circumstances. it’s adjacent to land mobile in DC on channel 18, so there are likely additional complications in building that. So once again, it’s a crap shoot as to what the FCC will do with the Channel 6’s except that they have a very powerful lobby so if history shows us if anything, they’ll get another extension and/or eventually permanent control of channel 6, which would be a mistake and not in the public interest. Finally, about the FCC not having a Commissioner, it does appear the FCC is languishing with a pile up of applications. About a month to the Baltimore NextGen TV launch for every TV station (except WJZ) and the FCC hasn’t even approved it yet. Are they going to wait until just before the June 8 launch and then fine them if they don’t get on air in time? I know what the FCC’s problem is, but it’s a stupid one. They’re claiming that WMPT 22 doesn’t cover 95% of the market. That’s why they’re using WMPB 67 too! For some reason, the FCC rules do not allow this, another FCC epic fail. —Balto-Media

Britt McHenry is doing general assignment reporting for FOX5? She did a live hit Sunday evening from the newsroom about the boat that capsized in California.

I also noticed Pat Lawson Muse coanchoring with Molette Green Saturday morning. It struck me as weird because Molette normally solo anchors on Saturdays and has Adam Tuss as a coanchor on Sundays. Usually they have one of their reporters fill in on the anchor desk if needed (like Cory Smith or Drew Wilder), not one of their weekday afternoon anchors.

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NEWS! From Radio Insight: After selling their longtime 92.5 Winchester frequency to Educational Media Foundation last fall (now “Air 1” WAIW), Centennial Broadcasting is selling Hot AC “105 WINC-FM” 104.9 WZFC Strasburg and 105.5 WINC-FM Berryville VA to Metro Radio Inc. for $225,000. Metro Radio currently owns 730 WTNT Alexandria and 1460 WKDV Manassas VA in the DC suburbs along with multiple translators in the region all of which are leased out to other operators. Conservative Talk 1400 WINC Winchester is not part of the deal and stays with Centennial. Centennial sold 92.5 WINC-FM to EMF last October for $1.75 million. It then moved WINC-FM’s Hot AC programming to the 104.9 and 105.5 simulcast. 104.9 previously simulcasted 1400 WINC, while 105.5 was Country “B105” WXBN

NEWS! Northern Virginia based Metro Radio has entered into an agreement to purchase the Centennial Broadcasting Radio Stations WINC-FM 105.5 FM and WZFC-FM 104.9 FM serving Winchester, Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. Metro Radio will retain the very popular Adult Contemporary Format currently on the stations. WINC-FM has been known over many years with local talent such as Barry Lee in its 35th year. Allen Shaw, President of Centennial Broadcasting, says "We are pleased Metro Radio will be purchasing the WINC-FM Brand Broadcasting on 105.5 FM and 104.9 FM in order to continue the long history of this legendary Winchester Radio Station."

... The buzzards dine on the carcasses.... The leftovers of Centennial's once-powerful Winchester-area FM trifecta have been sold. This transactiin follows the now-closed EMF sale of the 92.5 signal . Centennial now has unloaded WINC-FM Berryville (105.5, 3kw) and WZFC Strasburg (104.9, 4.1kw) for just $225,000 per their FCC filing on 30 April . The buyer is (no surprise!) Metro Radio Inc. fcc.gov... The actual purchase agreement is here : fcc.gov... Not included in the sale is WINC-AM 1400. In all likelihood Metro Radio will try Spanish-ethnic on the 105.5 signal but not sure how 104.9 would fit into that equation.

Remember folks, WMAL was numero uno when they had a full service, personality driven format, along with a top notch news department. In fact, their news department was so exemplary, it was mentioned in college textbooks.

For those following the recent troubles of America’s newspapers in getting any story correct, once AGAIN The esteemed Washington Post has retracted a story, this time its story that Rudy Giuliani was warned by the FBI of possible Russian misinformation. Other media outlets have also retracted it. WHY? BECAUSE IT DID NOT HAPPEN. It was a narrative put forth by either the Biden Administration or the media itself. Biden simply is out to take out his enemies one by one because his son is a criminal caught with his crack stained hands in the Ukrainian cookie jar.

Grant Paulson just can't shut up. It's maddening as hell to try to watch a baseball game while this guy yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and yaks and....

Ben, Little Joe . . . Couldn't you find a more contemporary alias? Bonanza went off the air nearly half a century ago and the entire cast is long dead. How do you go all "Hoss Cartwright" on someone's ass? Throw his casket at them?

Noticed something interesting happening in Phoenix that could happen in DC/Baltimore soon. The Scripps ABC station out there is broadcasting a 1080p feed of the ABC Network, not 720p. I’m not exactly sure if it's coming directly from ABC that way or being upconverted, but it’s possible to happen via WJLA on WIAV or WMAR on WNUV in June. The CW out there is also in 1080p. In Baltimore WBAL TV will be 1080p in June and I suspect WNUV CW 54 too, but it’s still unclear which DC TV stations are participating in the initial rollout of NextGen TV. Sinclair VP of Technology Mark Aitken also said that DC will be its first SFN (Single Frequency Network) to be built. That is the essential part that enables easy indoor TV reception on the fringes of the market, no outdoor antenna required. — Balto-Media

Today while driving around in Rockville, I heard a cool mix of mellow R&B music on 98.3 FM; the RDS said "WHUR-HD2" and the station IDed as "The quiet storm station dot com". Checking their website, it says "now on 98.3". I'm assuming that this is W252DC Reston which was previously relaying the excellent freeform "The Gamut" that's on 820 AM digital mode and 94.3 FM Frederick. Can anyone verify that this is W252DC relaying WHUR's HD channel? Thanks, Lw

Dave's response: We did report a month or two ago that WHUR's Quiet Storm stream is now airing on low power 98.3 out of the Reston area.....

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DC Party Box. Don't make us go all Hoss Cartwright on your ass. Rule 1 for you and other business freeloaders. You run an ad in the malebag promoting your product or service, donate $50.00 to DCRTV. You can do it safely via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send your donation to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655. Signed, Ben & Little Joe Cartwright.

WMAL Ratings have really dropped with the loss of Rush Limbaugh. In the last rating in April, WMAL was in 9th place. This is the lowest position they have been in my memory. I can remember when WMAL was number one in the market!

Here's some reading material for the person obsessed with the status of the Channel 6 LPTVs: www.insideradio.com... As you might see, they have plenty of their table, and the lack of a permanent Chairman doesn't seem to be an obstacle in getting things done. While we're at it, you might want to check this out. You'll learn the FCC deals with much more than radio and TV: www.fcc.gov

Anchoring change at channel 4? Turned on NBC4 this morning & who do I see co-anchoring, but Pat Lawson Muse! Because I was still a bit groggy, thought maybe I was waking up from a weekday afternoon nap & was tuning into the 4pm news. Hmmm. Reminds me of how WTTG moved Maureen Umeh to weekends never to be seen again on the weekday anchor desk.

#FriendsOfDaveHas TMOS has become an interview show which, I think, is an improvement??? Clown Boy has taken booking over for Bob and it had nowhere to go but up. But, even with the improvement, it reeks of TMOS laziness and ineptitude. Clown Boy’s gets: a washed up trapeze guy, a man named Duff that bakes, the parents of a retiring intern, and the Biggie, hold on to your seats, Adam Ferrara. Normally, Adam would be a pretty big get but not in DC. He has been on The Tony Kornheiser show hundreds of times. He is a very good friend of Marc Sterne (Nigel), Mr. Tony’s producer. Marc regularly opens up for him. Adam was good on TMOS. He really was. (Next time Mike talks his health, covid or politics I’ll switch over to Adam’s Podcast which was sounded great in the interview.) The NEXT DAY, Adam was on Tony’s Show. Imagine that? Adam is in DC this week and Richmond next. Imagine that? I know both shows are podcasts and based in DC but, what a difference an interviewer and sidekicks make in a taped interview. I invite all DCRTV readers to listen to both and post their comparisons. It is really funny. Adam told about 50% of the same stories and jokes but his interview is so much more professional and entertaining with Tony. The biggest gaff Mike made was forgetting the date of a month three minutes after Adam told to him. It was obvious Mike was paying attention as if Adam were Bob or Oscar telling a story. (Seriously, is Mike losing it?) I know TMOS wants to crown Circus Boy King of the Bookers after Adam in week one. But, the truth be told, it is not hard to book a comic coming to ANY city on ANY radio show. For years, the Junkies had one on almost every Thursday or Friday morning. Many times live. It was usually driven by the comedy clubs from what I remember. The biggest things I learned about Adam being on TMOS: Their perceived attitude that this was a GREAT get and how little Bob ever knew/learned about booking guests for a show. He was D&Ms producer three times and on TMOS over ten years. A comic is in town, dumb dumb. Frank Caliendo came up in Mr. Tony’s interview. Adam gushed about his talent and how while being typecast as a mimic he could use it to freestyle and improvise. AFTER Adam, Mike brough Caliendo and said he hated when Don had him on so much. Mike said he was intimidated a bit by having another mimic on the show. Interesting perspectives if you ask me. Imagine if Mike embraced it and they went for it? Oh, wait, it’s Mike. He has a Dr. appointment followed by a T time.

I don’t get to stop by much and read DCRTV much anymore. But when I do the mail bag is usually at least humorous. So I stopped by today, probably the first time in at least six months and I was not disappointed. HOWEVER, The breathless windbag pounding on his keyboard while he ponders over whether WKDV was ever Disney.... shut up and listen a minute so you don’t continue to make a fool of yourself. WKDV, and a few other signals in the area, we’re all affiliates of Radio AAHS, which was a children’s format that competed with the Radio Disney. From the perspective of children and parents, as with much of Radio, would they have known the difference? And would they have cared? No and probably not are the likely correct answers. Many people associated the signals with Radio Disney simply because of the the format. WKDV ran the kids format for many years from a facility in Silver Spring, MD. I could probably pull the telephone circuit IDs that interconnected the studio and the transmitter over a T1 owned by CBS if you think I don’t know what I’m talking about. The program director went on to be the director of production at XM. There is no reason for me to sign this.

Most of the press, local and national have ignored it, but the FOX News Border Drone Cams you probably have seen on WTTG only have made a mockery of mainstream media including The Washington Post if you didn't notice. Of course it's not a crisis, nothing here to see, OH WAIT! WHAT'S THAT ON TV? People are not stupid. It’s just the media who think we are.

Eastern Shore news. Here’s the signal map from WRDE’s proposed new tower for its satellite TV signal WSJZ-LD near Milton, DE. It will be slightly higher power at 15kw over the current beach location (WXDE tower), 100 feet taller, and have a better signal to Dover and most of southern Delaware. While an improvement in total signal coverage, WRDE's weakest signaled area is still Ocean City, MD, Maryland's 2nd largest city on the summer weekends. But it does make one wonder how NBC’s WCAU will treat the matter as WRDE is not on Kent County cable and the county is in the Philly market technically. Draper has invested quite a bit of money in WRDE since its purchase with local news in southern Delaware separate from WBOC CBS 16. It would be a shame if the Comcast/NBC behemoth flexes its antitrust muscle once again against local TV news like it did in Hagerstown and Wildwood, NJ. Ironically, this new signal will once again also bring NBC back to Wildwood NJ too. See here... www.rabbitears.info... — Balto-Media.com or you can call me Baltomedia.net or you can call the FBI for a raid too I guess. But I’m pretty sure my iCloud is encrypted unlike others.

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