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DCRTV Mailbag - July 1, 2021 to July 31, 2021

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There is a difference between studying electrical engineering and being an actual broadcast engineer. I doubt many actual broadcast engineers post much online or to DCRTV, maybe the AVS forums with other techies of the same type or in that transmitter/tower group on Facebook that Fybush is in. But with that being said, I doubt that ILS is interfering with any FM radio station, but if you’re using an antenna for TV, you better start looking for a not only 700-800 MHz filter, but now 600 MHz too now that channels 38 & above are all 5G phone service. I have an unusual opinion on this matter. If/when ATSC 3.0 takes off, we’ll regret losing those TV channels as ATSC 3.0 has the broadband ability to do what 5G is now selling and mostly for free and cheaply comparatively. Say for instance you want to subscribe to an alert for breaking news on blah blah blah. 5G and even 4G can obviously do this at cost, but broadcast can do it for free under ATSC 3.0 because there is an actual 2-way communication.

"there have been several unsuccessful attempts to start a station on 107.7 FM in Omaha in recent years." KSYZ begs to differ with you since 1982. All 100,000 watts of it if Wikipedia is to be believed. Also KIMI at 50,000 watts. Military air operations using commercial bands? Someone wasn't thinking; my money's on the poster. "compensated for her lack of charisma by sleeping with the producer which I'm sure helped her career immensely." Are you still publishing this sort of thing Dave? Unseemly. No wonder money order sales are down. Sorry to hear about the Bowie paper. Gus calling BS on your midwestern 107.7 flamethrowers

n AM radio update for the area: DC area Hispanic radio station, WLXE AM 1600 is now officially a Class D radio station from FCC filings. What does this mean? It means little nighttime reception in DC at only 9 watts or elsewhere as the radio station is no longer protected from interference. The station used to have multiple towers for a directional signal, but spiraling growth around DC forced the removal of all but 1 tower now making adjacent protections much more difficult. So Baltimore's WFBR AM 1590 no longer has to protect DC's AM 1600 at night. The DC/Baltimore area has a rather unique AM interference issue. AM radio stations on AM 1570 (WNST), AM 1580 (WJFK, 50 kw!), AM 1590 (WFBR), and AM 1600 (WLXE). Previously there was an AM 1590 also in Ocean City too, once the great Top 40 WETT AM 16, but that is now gone forever. Now WFBR AM 1590 (same company) claims to have copper thieves at their tower site, but as a result now has much fewer interference restrictions so that made me wonder what Multicultural might have planned. Obviously they were at the end of their STA limit where they’d lose the WLXE license to lack of fixing the problems and possible license cancellation, but now other options are opened in many places, except that no one invests in AM radio anymore right? Oh, and lastly, here’s the new nighttime signal. www.radio-locator.com — BaltoMedia.net

Dave's response: Rockville's 1600 will always be "top 40" WINX to me. Ditto 1390 as WEAM and 1310 as WEEL.....

Written to DCRTV July 14: "I was driving through Long Green, MD (Baltimore County, north of Baltimore) this morning and tuned to 87.7 just for the heck of it to see if anyone was still broadcasting. I normally got the Country station in Salisbury very poorly, so I guess they shut down as expected. Today, I got an urban station with heavy static and it faded in and out, but didn’t get an ID or couldn’t really catch what they were saying because of the static. I was just wondering what station that could have been" Written to DCRTV July 15: " Keep your radios tuned to those few vacant FM channels that remain. It is both E-skip and tropo ducting season" July 30th Reply: Sorry for the late response, but I can report that between 11AM and 1 PM, on July 14th, I received the following FM skips here in Carroll County, MD: 11.14AM KYSM 103.5 Mankato, Minnesota (Overran WTOP's usually weakish signal for about 10 minutes!)... 12.13PM KFGI 101.5 Crosby, Minnesota... 12.22PM WBPW 96.9 Presque Isle, Maine... And in Canada (all of these were CBC Public Translators - running the same material): 12.30PM CJBR-FM-1 89.5 Rivière-du-Loup, QC... 12:35PM CBSI-FM-24 106.1 Baie-Comeau, QC... 12:37PM CBSI-FM-21 1071. Blanc-Sablon, QC... Also, I pulled in a 99.3 FM somewhere in Minnesota (either: KDWC, KNSI, KHWS, or KKQD...never could get the call letters, just heard clues in local ads to effectively confirm that it was in Minnesota). Van J.

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Slight correction: mobile phones are in the 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands in addition to the several GHz bands. They can and do cause interference to nearby frequencies. Just ask any former Nextel employee. -Chainsman

NEWS! Prince George’s Co.-based newspaper shuts down... wtop.com: A Maryland city has lost its local newspaper, 41 years after it started publishing. The Bowie-Blade News published its final edition on Thursday. The weekly paper, which covered the Prince George’s County city, was part of Tribune Publishing, a chain of newspapers bought by the hedge fund Alden Global Capital two months ago. An Alden representative told Bowie officials that the paper was shutting down because of a lack of local advertisers. The Baltimore Sun, the Carroll County Times and the Capital Gazette were among the local papers acquired by the controversial investor, which Vanity Fair Magazine has accused of squeezing the last profits out of newspapers and decimating journalism in cities all over the country. As part of the $633 million purchase of Tribune, Alden also got the Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News. Alden isn’t completely abandoning Bowie. The Capital Gazette in Annapolis will maintain a Bowie and Prince George’s County news section on its website. But in a column on that site, Bowie’s communications director says not having a newspaper dedicated to covering the town is a big loss. She said the town “is losing something important…we will no longer have a community paper connecting us.” With the Tribune purchase, Alden now owns about 200 newspapers across the country; it’s now the second-largest newspaper publisher in the U.S. measured by circulation.

RE: Traffic bunnies. All the talk about the talentless traffic bunnies on Fox 5 and WJLA 7 brought back memories of the one that called herself the Gridlock Goddess that had a similarly short-lived stint at WJLA now several years past. It's clear they all seem to try to use that bottom feeder position to get their feet in the door before they hit the wall. At least Erin Cuomo upped her game and compensated for her lack of charisma by sleeping with the producer which I'm sure helped her career immensely.

The poster who clarified the air traffic details did us all a favor. Now, whoever Mr. 50-Foot-Pole is, would you care to drop back into the conversation and further discuss your technical exploits? Seems to me you'll be heading from Boast territory to Defense.

Hi, Looks like Gigi Barnett is on WTOP now. If you remember, she was at Channel 13 way back when.

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It's not "air traffic radio" that's at issue, it's the instrument landing systems (ILS) that operate on FM that allow planes to approach runways, and where interference can cause real havoc. For example, there have been several unsuccessful attempts to start a station on 107.7 FM in Omaha in recent years. They were blocked because they would have interfered with navigational systems at Offutt Air Force Base.

Someone said AM is dying. That sucks. One thing I have noticed since the sports station consolidation debacle is 980 sounds so much worse than when they were independent. I did use to listen to some of there shows like Czabe and way back with Andy and Tony. I don’t remember it sounding so bad. I will pop over and just change it to something else. I still like Pedro, Soly, and Rooster. Anyone else notice this or know why it is happening? OOBBEE

Never saw Stacey Rusch on WJLA, but she really wasn’t that good on Fox5. She struggled terribly on there. That’s why I was surprised when WJLA hired her. Did they not see footage from Fox5? Having a background as a QVC host unfortunately didn’t transfer over to doing traffic. Hope she finds her niche though with the realization that it’s not traffic reporting. In general, these stations need to stop hiring pretty faces that can’t deliver on air. Erin Como is another example. Keep her OFF the anchor desk!

RE: "DC Air Traffic radio ... what is really new? Maybe it’s not digital? I don’t know. You tell me." Uh-h, what?

DC Air Traffic radio: Since my childhood days with Radio Shack kits, you could always get this accidentally. What is really new? Maybe it’s not digital? I don’t know. You tell me. Maybe it should be digital? But that doesn’t mean people won’t be able to get it you realize right?

"RE: Stacey Rusch... To answer your question. She has been relieved of her duties at WJLA. She won't be returning." Good riddance, Long overdue. She didn't belong in a major TV market. There was only one reason she was hired in the first place and most people know what that was.

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You can listen to DCA air traffic radio on 119.85 MHz, and yes, it is AM in nature. But even though FM signals contain an AM component, all the Commish is looking for is interference --- they don't care if it's AM, FM, CW, phase mod or intermod. Cell frequencies are way up in the GHz range, but again, harmonics and spurious signals in general from a ratty FM transmitter is all it takes to get someone's ass in an uproar. I haven't even addressed interference affecting a studio-to-transmitter (STL) link on a commercial station. Piss off a Cumulus, iHeart or Audacy station and watch the fireworks begin.

Stacy rush isn't the only one missing from WJLA's website, Horace holmes is no longer there either. He had been conspicuously missing from WJLA since January 25, January 25 was the last I saw of him, he did a report on how to winterize your home. He said he was going to do a report about firewood the next morning because it was a multiple part series you know. But the next day, he wasn't there, and he's been missing ever since. As of last week, his bio was on the website. Now, his bio isn't even on the website. That's a darn shame, he was one of my favorite reporters.

RE: Stacey Rusch... To answer your question. She has been relieved of her duties at WJLA. She won't be returning.

"whatever spurious harmonics being generated by your breadboard are not messing with air traffic..." While I agree with your main point about the 50 foot pole, isn't aviation radio AM? And outside of the commercial AM band although if you tweak the coils in a $10 AM radio you can listen in on planes? The writer specified an FM transmitter in or adjacent to the FM band. Did they even have FM translators back then? Note to OP: MW is megawatt, mW is milliwatt, and mw is the TLD country code for Malawi. 'Nuff said. Those in the know, know. "Radio stocks are still not doing well." Or you could say "Radio stocks are holding steady." Or you could stop with the stock posts. To Johnny Special Forces: Sounds like you have issues. Cool the heck down. The bell is there for a reason. Or should you finish Hell Week THEN jump out of a 25th floor window like a SEAL trainee did a few years back? Or just murder a prisoner like the guy admitted to in the Gallagher case? There's someone who should have quit. Seriously dude, cool your jets and seek help. I got 99 problems but your thoughts? Not one of them. #busybody Gus geocaching in Robsfatt, VA

If the earlier post about Chris Plante was true - that he was actually defending Jeff Bezos against criticism over the Blue Origin flight - that's some interesting psychology going on up there in Plante's head. Haven't he and many other conservative hosts railed against Bezos' wealth before, particularly in regard to his ownership of the Washington Post and how they perceive it leans? (valid or not) So one minute he's an evil liberal media billionaire, and the next he's right up there with the likes of Lindbergh, the Wrights, or Neil Armstrong? Personally, I do see the benefits of someone putting their own money on the line for ventures like that - just like most other forms of transportation started out, so kudos where they're due, etc. But ideologically consistent Chris Plante isn't, at least not here - this sounds like he just took an opportunity to be combative to fill airtime. (Imagine that) I've seen less whipsawing in a Cusinart.

Tuned into the Olympics last night only to see Simone Biles QUIT again. USA Gymnastics should send her toxic ass home now! Should have already done so. Place your DCRTV mailbag bets - now! Send Dave $5 if you believe, 1] Biles will be Time's Person of The Year? 2] Will she win an ESPN Espy award for courage? For the love of the fictional baby Jesus, lets hope not on both fronts. The Real AHHHH. Legend #NeverQuit

So what's the story on Stacey Rusch? She seems to be gone from WJLA. Hasn't been on the air in weeks and her bio is gone from WJLA's website.

Wow, nice old (1970s) mono radio console on Craigslist this week: washingtondc.craigslist.org

RE: "Tuned into the Olympics last night only to see USA gymnast Simone Biles QUIT on herself, her TEAMMATES and the USA." You've got the wrong Forum, bud. This one is for DC area radio, television and new media. You're looking for Blathering Insensitive Ass-waffles.

Its bad enough Mike O’Meara wants Paper Plate Paulie on to do segment on “How to eat in NYC”. Then, the Junkies hand me down guest proceeds to give four of the six places to eat in NJ and one in Coney Island! The only real NYC joint he recommends is his best friend’s pizza place in Brooklyn. (Paulie now eats for free at all five recommendations if I am betting. He gave his friends address three times speaking of whores.) With all that “Show Prep” Mike does you would think he would make sure his NYC Bus Driver Food Critic could name NYC restaurants in his NYC Eating guide for 2021. He could not find a Chinese place in Traditional Chinatown or the New Chinatown in Queens? He brings up a place in Asbury Park? Was this really” Bruce and the E Street Band go to dinner” or “The Soprano’s guide to Mangia”? Mike advertised this segment for days. How embarrassing to real NYers that this phony plays up his fake accent. (Mike fell over laughing when he used the word “Whore”.) This clown even likes the Patriots. I guess he is Mike’s main NYer like Frank from Austin is his muscle? Why the name “Paper Plate Paulie”? During holidays he posts pictures of his big meals on paper plates with a printed-out menu from his HP 350 printer. You can’t make it up. So next time you visit NYC, get ready to drive for hours to eat in one of the greatest food towns in the world. OOBBEE

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Special Mailbag Minute::Tuned into the Olympics last night only to see USA gymnast Simone Biles QUIT on herself, her TEAMMATES and the USA.The media and social media can be cruel, but in this case today,100% correct in condemning her. Straight talk. I've lost far too many combat vet friends to suicide - know the daily mental health struggles of TBI firsthand...but. You never ring the bell or quit any SOF selection, quit in the Olympics, quit during the French Open as Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka did a few weeks ago, or in life. You never give up! In the days ahead, Biles DOR {drop on request] at the peak of her career and on the biggest stage for "mental health" reasons should not earn her praise. It's an excuse. It should especially cost her respect within the USA gymnastics community, Cost her fans. Cost her millions of dollars in sponsorship and endorsement deals. Not be celebrated as a heroic act but a selfish & cowardly one. Not be a role model for future gymnasts - including within the black community. Competition is the best! Far better to be a loser, get-up, dust-off and try again, than a quitter. In SOF and in life, you're reputation is everything. When the #QuitterInstinct tells you to stand-down.You've done enough.Tells you to drown your sorrows in deceptive lies. Provides you false sympathy. Say its not your fault. Say it's OK to give up. DON'T LISTEN!. Simone Biles should have been training her mental #NeverQuittMindset as much as she trained her body physically. Teachable moment. Teach your young daughters - and sons - to Never Take A Knee like Simone Biles. #SupportDCRTV

Skooza-me, Mr. Transmitter Builder . . . but with 500mw of power at a frequency of 87.9, you just admitted to being an illegal broadcaster. wholehousefmtransmitter.com... Count yourself lucky you haven't been caught by the Field Inspectors.

The Olympics Are Broken...

Only has the Radio and TV mailbag to express their hate and delusional political opinions. I guess since there is NO progressive radio outlets and CNN and MS-NBC are being ratings routed by TV Land and the Home and Garden Channel we will have to read their rants. I would recommend that individual seek mental health services and by all means TAKE YOUR MEDS.

Re: those steps in the new Fox5 studio, they had Wisdom Martin walk down them today as he introduced what was coming up. And on last night’s Like It Or Not, at the end of the show, Jim, Angie & Maurina ran up those steps to stand on the landing. Talk about kids in a candy store.

Hey Dave, as documented almost in real time during the run up to the January 6th insurrection by domestic terrorists, Chris Plante and his guest hosts after Christmas promoted the "rally" and encouraged his listeners to attend. Chris also promoted extensively the big lie of the election being rigged, and Trump actually won, further giving the dumb WMAL listeners ire. This morning, four police officers are testifying before a Congressional Committee on what they experienced on the 6th of January. WAMU, and WCSP, being run by Great Americans, carried the police testimony live. At the same time, over on the Russian propaganda station WMAL, we had a "best of" (and I am making qouotatations with my fingers), Chris Plante, where Chris was bitching about Hunter Biden, mask wearing, an no spectators at the Olympics. Which begs the question, why does WMAL hate our police, our Constitution, rule of law, and science?

RE: steps to nowhere on the Fox 5 set. Have you ever seen the 47 WMDT set? Those aren’t even steps. It’s not even a set. Rather a green screen in a narrow hallway. MLB4

I'm calling BS on the high school transmitter dude for a number of reasons. Probably the most obvious one is, wouldn't the school and its neighbors have been curious and a little pissed as to why there suddenly was a new 50-foot pole on their roof? That is around 4 additional stories higher than the building. And if that transmitter is doing better than commercial translators, it certainly would have attracted negative attention from the OWNERS of those commercial translators. Unless your rig is several dozen miles out of town where nobody would cry foul over your signal, and whatever spurious harmonics being generated by your breadboard are not messing with air traffic, local cellular or local Amateur activity, I won't be believing that post anytime soon.

Question for Mr. Geek-DJ: What part of the regs suggested you could settle on 0.5W as your output power? Low-power FM hobby signals are limited as a matter of power over distance. If you are getting "better coverage than most translators", I am thinking you may be 'juicing' a bit. And as for height, that would likely fall under local restrictions rather than the Commission. If you still have a signal on the dial, I applaud your ingenuity. But please be careful out there.

Is the pandemic over? Radio stocks are still not doing well. Here are just a few of the radio stock prices today. Audacy $3.68, Beasley $2,61, Salem $2.00, Spanish Broadcasting $3.00 and Urban One $6.82. This is not a pretty picture. Why is the FCC raising the radio regulatory fees again this year?

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\/ July 26 \/

Saw the new Fox5 studio & they have some steps going up to a walkway to nowhere. No clue why it’s there. It’s not as though it can be used for anything such as interviews. Bad design decision. Would’ve been better if they had just out a bunch of floor plants up there. And yes, a bit much with the hype. As for the missing morning regulars, I think I remember Holly mentioning awhile back that she had a scheduled vacation for around this time. As for Erin, she seems to take days off every other week resulting in the weather guy having to do her job. However, for whatever reason, the powers that be decided to bring Jim Lokay & Angie Goff in this weekend to christen the set.

@historychallengedclown: You missed the fact that Lindbergh's was not the first transatlantic flight but your point about the Great Depression is spot on. Of course only conservative hosts eff up on facts because they attract audiences and get shows so we are deprived of liberal host's mistakes because y'know, no one listens to them. Are you a hair sniffer Focker? Ever posed in a picture with Leeann Tweeden while she was asleep Focker? Still you are 100% right and it is fair criticism. Gus travelling to Germany in the 1950s and 1960s to father illegitimate children just like Lindbergh

I don’t normally listen to conservative talk radio but happened to stumble upon Chris Plante’s WMAL show while trying to tune in WJFK last week. He was railing against those who questioned the need for Jeff Bezos to spend millions to launch himself into outer space and remarked that “had these liberals been around in 1927, they’d have probably criticized Charles Lindbergh for planning and carrying out the first ever trans-Atlantic flight while Americans were suffering through the Great Depression.” Fact check - the Great Depression was caused by the stock market crash of 1929 which occurred more than 29 months after Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis landed in Paris. Are all right wing hosts as history-challenged as this clown?

If you watch the WTTG Twitter feeds (repetitive, redundant tweets by nearly every person on the staff, whether on-air or off-air) you'd think the only "news" is the new studio. Self-promotion hype seems to have displaced chitchat and celebrity gossip as the primary focus of their "news" efforts.

Can we get a drinking game going for every time someone on Fox5 says “state of the art” when talking about their new studio? From what they’ve shown, it does look pretty good though. However, I must say that Tucker’s digs pretty much suck. Looks like he doesn’t even have a chair or stool! Does he have to stand up in between his time to do weather? And he looks like his only work station is an iPad. I would think he’d need multiple monitors or something more than an iPad to review weather conditions. Hope the monitors we see in tv aren’t his work monitors.

Fox5 News unveiled their new HQ yesterday and they are an EYESORE. Garish and UGLY. Also noticed no Erin or Holly. I'd think if you're putting on quite the display in the AM, you'd want ALL your A team there. I guess Jeanette decided it wasn't worth the bother either. Not a good look. Ashlie Rodriguez seems to be the news ''face'' of ABC7 News. She's featured heavily on almost every news promo. And finally, Alison Seymour and Annie Yu at WUSA9 News have always had the sweetest, genuine chemistry between them. It shows how much they love being together. Unfortunately, they're on WUSA9. The ladies get maybe 30 seconds of being together on camera and WUSA9 begins the never ending onslaught of videos, pics and graphs. It's a shame that great talent is lost on a truly shitty news station. Paul

Now through Sunday 8/8 you may vote for nominees to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, The Hall is at www.radiohof.org and physically located in Chicago. To vote (one vote per email address), go to www.radiovote.com

I too think FOX5 could’ve done a better retrospective piece on their old studio. The majority of the segment showed Halloween clips & celebrities that have visited in maybe the past 10 years. If the move was so significant, they really could’ve shared more historical clips & info.

/\ July 26 /\

\/ July 25 \/

Look. I've been making 500mw (.5w) FM transmitters since I was 17. I pasted my 3rd, 2nd and 1st class radiotelephone licenses by the time I was 18. Too bad I threw that all away to be a douchebag DJ... But I digress. I don't know if the FCC has changed it's reg's, but those regs don't say how high the transmitter and antenna can be in elevation. So, in high school, I built a .500mw transmitter. I bought a 50 foot expandable pole, encased the transmitter (breadboard for you geeks) in a plastic box and mounted it on top of a two story high school tech center and remote controlled it with 3 wires. I also used some MATH. I built an antenna specifically for 87.9 FM. Unless they changed the rules (yeah right), the rules don't say how high you can go, and the antenna you can use. That bitch to this day gets better coverage than most translators. Still a Geek and Still a DJ. Fuck me.

Stan Stovall says goodbye to nightside newscasts at WBALTV... www.wbaltv.com

Re; Imus - O'Meara's Subscription. That's why I love supporting DCRTV instead. "DCRTV Secret Menu" Now, when you donate $20 or more to Dave, he emails you a signed certificate that says he'll be your best friend for life - or was that Limbaugh? #SupportDCRTV

Surprised that WTTG/Fox 5 didn't have a proper retrospective for their farewell to their older 5151 Wisconsin Ave. studios/offices upon their move to their new Bethesda studio/office headquarters. There was more to WTTG/5's older 5151 WIsconsin Ave. studio/broadcast complex than the "Good Day DC Loft." The last few years of Lee Reynolds' "Cap'n Tugg" cartoon show was taped 5151 Wisconsin Ave. Also taped/broadcast via WTTG's 5151 Wisconsin Ave. broadcast complex were Maury Povich's "Panorama" program (back when Maury was a respected newscaster/presenter), numerous "10 O'Clock News" newscasts, "Sports Extra," various specials/programs that were produced in the Metromedia era of the station and in the Fox network era- the early years of John Walsh's "America's Most Wanted." And during the Metromedia era, WASH 97.1 FM was also headquartered at WTTG's 5151 Wisconsin Ave. broadcast complex. Now that WTTG/5 has officially moved to their new Bethesda studio/office complex at 7272 Wisconsin Ave., I wonder what happened to the vintage broadcast tape archive/tape library inside 5151 Wisconsin Ave. that was showcased during the 2017 "Good Day DC" segment on the 70th anniversary of WTTG's call letters? WTTG/5's now-vacant 5151 Wisconsin Ave. complex, which was once called the "WTTG Television Center," which also served as the Washington offices for Metromedia; was built in April 1964, according to this vintage trade ad for WTTG/Metromedia featured in Broadcasting Magazine: worldradiohistory.com

RE: The demise of AM radio stations. How appropriate to write this on a Sunday. Another AM staiton in the area that is missed is WJOK, all-joke radio, that I believe descended from WMET which remains out of Gaithersburg. WJOK used a rack of Marantz cassette machines, to replay recordings made of vinyl comedy albums (before the days of computers and ISong type devices, kids). The Marantz were unusual in that they could record and play back at double the standard cassette speed, which improved the audio sound quality. WJOK today is a Wisconsin Bible-beater station, and curiously enough, WMET is also a Bible-beater. A long way from the uncensored nightttime programming, with profanity and sacreligious references, that the original WJOK used to run. Amen.

Biden has been in office now for 6 months and he still has NOT appointed a Chairman of the FCC. What is he waiting for?

AM Radio is DEAD! Less than 4% of the people in DC listen to AM Radio now! This is according to Nielsen, the only rating service in DC. The FCC had hopes for FM Translators would help revive AM Radio but all it did was help people move over to the FM dial. The FCC experiment did not work. How about HD Radio? I feel sorry for these AM Radio Stations that must pay these high FCC "Regulatory Fees".

AM may be withering, but it can still be interesting; especially low-power Part 15 AM radio. These are license-free signals with limited range (less than a half mile, if that), and are basically little "vanity" dial positions put up by folks disillusioned by a lack of their favorite kind of radio. Some are good, many are worse-sounding than high school radio, but each are gems in their own right. In W Springfield, there is a ham operator airing a jazz/lounge mix of music on 1700 AM, but you have to be within a block or two to hear it. When more commercial signals drop off the dial, there may be a few new short-range signals popping up just for the hell of it, especially since a Part 15 transmitter costs less than a new computer, and there are no streaming fees involved. Sure, it's still AM radio, but it's like taking an old abandoned railroad line and giving it new life as a bike trail.

If the O'Meara podcast rankles your butthole so badly, why dont you just drop your subscription and buy into something you might actually enjoy? Maybe the show might suck, but Mike's got your money, so who's the winner here?

Dave's response: I have always wondered why people who really really hate something on the radio, TV, or online, like YouTube, keep watching and complaining. Endlessly. Yeah, I do understand why people "love" to hate someone/something, like Don and Mike or Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh or Archie Bunker or Fox News or MSNBC, etc. But when you really really really hate hate hate something and it just eats you up all the time with never-ending obsessional self-destructive anger, maybe it's just time to move on and stop listening.....

Fascinating take on the owner of the Washington Post...

"Less than four shows after Bob played audio about people using magic eraser to clean their teeth in his vault, Mike presented it as new item in the news. The first time all three discussed it and Oscar talked about having the erasers at Pod Island." Always nice to hear news from the Dementia Peacock Network. This comes as no surprise; when I was listening the marquee name would frequently interrupt people halfway through a sentence because he'd lost track of the first half of the sentence. Looking forward to the new segment, Spongiform Encephalopathy Corner With Kip Korsakoff. Followed by Dieter's Roundtable with Rob LeGros. Those Kit Kat Duos are looking good, anyone try 'em yet? Gus sad, right

/\ July 25 /\

\/ July 24 \/

I'm starting to believe AM radio really is dying. While for some time it's been ho-hum normal for one, two, maybe three area AMers to constantly blink on and off or broadcast a silent carrier, the total has now ominously grown to six that are quiet and show no remaining signs of life -- 540 in PocoCity (off for months), 1420 in Warrenton (off since late June), 1460 in Manassas (silent; license for sale), 1520 in Brunswick (no Bollywood or even a carrier for 2 weeks), 1040 in Everett, PA (still silent after 2 years), and just the past two days WLUI 670 Lewistown, PA. The last one really shocked me - you would think a low-freq powerhouse like that with a successful oldies format for years would be too big to fail. If these flailing stations would at least put out statements saying why and how long they expect to continue like that out of respect for those few listeners who actuallly give a fig, but....nobody gives a fig I guess, but yours truly. I may be the only one present at the wake but will surely fall asleep out of grief there. Jeff

Boy, what a “great” show TMOS put on week two of the “More Energy” Bonus. Mike did bumpers with his sick voice a la “Dude Walker”. Such a novel idea!!! (Old Doni G bits) Then, Bob play music “from the year he was born”. Another brilliant idea. And, Mike decided they will cover his and Oscar’s birth year’s top forty the next two weeks. If that doesn’t get you to pony (I said Pony) up your hard-earned cash to pay for Mike’s Kid’s Golf Camp, I don’t know what will! This week Mike dementia popped up again. (If I was the gold digger, I would get those affairs in order.) Less than four shows after Bob played audio about people using magic eraser to clean their teeth in his vault, Mike presented it as new item in the news. The first time all three discussed it and Oscar talked about having the erasers at Pod Island. I need to find the video and see how Oscar and Bob looked as Mike presented it as new. Mike hides his “Show Perp” from them so it is new when they hear it. There is no way they would not have told him it was already on the show. We all thought it was just his laziness or ADD that caused him to ask interview guests questions about something they said a minute earlier. Everyone, in Larry’s voice..”Sad, right?”.

Someone has a great sense of humor or understands the local radio history: On 12 July the call letters of AM 1540 changed to WDON (from the former WACA). On 20 July the call letters of AM 900 changed to WACA (from the former WCLM). ... per FCCDATA.ORG

I can't believe "Baltimore" is still repeating the lie that the Nationals cost the Baltimore team 30 percent of its business. Remember, this was spread by the same people who said there were no baseball fans in DC. The fact is that both teams have prospered since the Nats arrived. I do agree that they need to upgrade their broadcasts with more and better program. They could start by bringing back our Saturday morning Nats Talk with Phil Wood and Mike Wallace. BTW, the Baltimore club will eventually lose that suit. The Nationals are entitled to that money.

About Bob Carpenter's absences on the Nats games on MASN . . . it is likely that he got time off rather than actual money for doing the post game shows from those cheap bastards at MASN . . .

/\ July 24 /\

\/ July 23 \/

If MASN want to regain some viewers and get back to being a professional network with professional broadcasters look no further than names like Gary Thorne, Rick Dempsey, Tom Davis, Mike Bordick, Jim Hunter, Dave Jonson, Phil Wood, Johnny Holliday, Ray Knight, Unlike the crews they have now outside of Bob Carpenter and Ben McDonald , those guys were all pro's and good at what they did.

"Gus, that would be retired USN Master CHIEF to you." Sure Slick, Slim, Boss. Though I rather like the name Skeezix. And I'm a 10th degree Black Sash Master of the High Tie-Shee, just like Gordon Liddy's imaginary teacher. You'll forgive me if I apply the internet math and don't believe or care about you. If you're offended that's icing on the bed bowl cake. Honk if you've ever: broken a boat hatch by sitting on it, walked through a sliding glass door because you were angry, or drunkenly kicked people off your Facebook Fan Club page. Gus lalalalala don't start none won't be none now back to our regular programming

I spoke to a station employee about UHD HDR coverage about the Olympic coverage. First NBC Olympics is only providing content of the Olympics this year (according to Sports Video Group) in 1080p HDR which is upscaled to UHD 3840x2160p (due to COVID they didn’t have enough people to handle/distribute full UHD - even though everything is shot in UHD at the Olympics and some is in 8K). The person I spoke said NBC installed equipment at each station (that allows them to receive the UHD signal through IP. The station is then able to go through the typical master control router of adding their top of the hour indentifications, logo bugs and commercials. The UHD signal then is sent through IP to back to the local Comcast headends. This equipment will likely be permanent (for Beijing Olympics, Notre Dame football, Golf and future UHD events). Watching WBAL I saw then display their TOTH ID, towards the end of the ceremony they put their bug on screen and Comcast left the feed on for about 45 minutes after the opening ceremony concluded allowing the Today Show to be seen. Despite Today being broadcast in 1080i it being upscaled to UHD HDR looked pretty good. Comcast seems to be keeping the UHD/HDR simulcasts “localized UHD simulcasts” behind a paywall even if a station can do 1080p HDR. They’re in every YouTube TV Market, almost all Comcast market and a handful of Altice, Fubu and Fios markets below. www.nbcolympics.com

So starting Monday, FOX5 will be broadcasting from their new location in Bethesda. The on-air personalities seemed quite excited to be moving to their "state of the art" studios. They had a nostalgic last day by showing videos of past shows and celebrities that had come through the studio. So guess on Monday there will be a big welcoming celebration.

Gus, that would be retired USN Master CHIEF to you. Idiom: 'Even a blind squirrel w/ no work ethic, 2 divorces, a failed bar business and at 63. living in a small starter home, finds a nut once in a while.' For O'Meara, that was getting fully vaccinated.

Watch The Olympics On Locast, Now Available In Pittsburgh Market...

"Do what Mike O’Meara, DCRTV Dave Hughes and I did" Gonna have to stop you right there, Chief. Three divorces (give it time), $26,000 in unpaid ABC fines, not paying the lawn watering company, bringing your own personal cake to a dinner party in case there isn't cake then eating it in bed in a bowl with ice cream, etc. etc. etc. Memmmmmories, all alone in the moonlight... This is a cautionary tale, not an example to be emulated. There are not enough unoccupied 5 a.m. chaises longues in my neighborhood. My network of wharf rats, bus boys and hoboes informs me that the marquee name went on sick call today. Apparently the 3 day work-week is now the new 5 day work-week. Gus will now also be charging for Fridays

/\ July 23 /\

\/ July 22 \/

What ever happened to Paul Bicknell, aka Davy Jones? Is he still on the top 40 sound of KHZtv.com? Their website still has flash player for their streaming so we can’t hear what’s going on there. Is the KHZ tv.com network still active? MLB4

The media now says 1 in 5 new COVID cases are in Florida. The media also says 1 in 5 Americans think the COVID vaccines are microchipped. DCRTV Motherfuckers everywhere, the government isn’t even competent enough to fix roads. Do what Mike O’Meara, DCRTV Dave Hughes and I did, GET FULLY VACCINATED AGAINST THE COVID VIRUS. If not for yourself, then to protect the people you come in contact with. The Real AHHHH. Legend.

Had to laugh when reading the "racist" letter written by some big shot at WTOP. Lots of black folks agree with the letter writer that they are tired of being treated like incompetent idiots and want to succeed on their own. Maybe it is the big shot that is the "racist". BTW, also laughed at his claim that WTOP is "balanced". It was at one time, but that station long ago decided that changing demographics in the DMV favored a tilt leftward in the way they report the news.

Here is a free lesson in how NOT to write in corporate-babble. All Access carried this quote from Audacy (the former Entercom, the former CBS Radio), regarding their latest promotion: "We believe [xxx] will deliver significant revenue impact and client outcomes by focusing on growing our network and multi-market sales businesses as we continue to execute our market growth strategy." Good golly, did they have to rent a tool from Lowe's to pull THAT one out of their ass?

During last night's Nats' game, the names of the play-by-play and color man were said or shown 14 times. Grow up.

Dear DC, Another MASN needs to go out of business post. Wonderful. If I’ve explained this once, I’ve explained it a thousand times. MASN is more than just a sports network. People need to understand this. It’s a legal and financial framework designed to sustain the Baltimore Orioles faced with a team 45 miles away in a bigger market from which it once had 30% of its marketshare or greater from. Without MASN, there is no Nationals. Period. And that legal framework will stay in place even after Peter Angelos dies, well unless a new owner decides to cancel it. But no one gives away 30% of their profits and expects to stay in business, so this is unlikely. I envision a reworked framework in the future once the revenue sharing lawsuit is settled. Keep in mind, the two teams are currently STILL suing each other. The Orioles might have lost the last round, but they’re still appealing again. And so it goes on. The reality is that MASN is not going away any more than The Washington Nationals are moving back to Montreal. So be happy DC. It could be worse. Sinclair could buy MASN! Love, Baltimore.

Got a rare ex-WTTG Fox 5’s Brian Bolter update from his stalker in New Jersey. Seems the bourbon and sun is not aging him as well as his cocktails I’m told. it is a nice place though they say, but honestly, I don’t know of anyone who’s ever gone there yet personally. How much did Rupert Murdoch pay him to keep these two places afloat through the pandemic and still now? He’s outlived O’Mearas so far though, so that’s something I guess. How do I know the info is from Brian Bolter’s stalker? He told me that Bolter blocked him on Instagram after reposting and editing pics of him sunning himself scantily clothed. Gotta love it. :-)

/\ July 22 /\

\/ July 21 \/

Mike O’Meara continues to be a whore talking about all the listeners who sent his kid gifts for his birthday. You would think Mr. Lefty would say to send the money to “Helping Haitian Angels” or another charity. No, he strokes Dirk and all the Face Book Fan Club egos by calling them out for gifts. The Lonely Hearts Club feeds off this shit. Then, listeners have to hear him brag how great he is by tipping a waiter $20 or buying someone a # 1 in the drive through. (Mike in a drive through – Surprised???). Oscar and Bob just keep massaging him to keep it going as long as they can for the TMOS paycheck. The switch to a 3:00 PM start had NOTHING to do with the other two guys. Do you really think they want to tape in the midday so Oscar’s real work day is broken up or Robb wants to drive home in the middle of rush? No F-ing way. The gold digger said “If you want that kid to go to golf camp all summer, you take him. I have a career and business I put off until now. You take him fat man”. That is probably also why he quit the country club too. Can’t make the Rebel Yell Tee times driving that kid to camp now, can you daddy? It was Mike’s Idea on no more Fridays. He was talking about it for years. Energy needed for bonus? PLEASE. Show prep? PRETTY PLEASE. Take away listener involvement and the Robb sounds and it is it 100 minutes a week Mike plans at most in those four days. The plea to get more bonus buys was just that since 1/5 of daily reads are gone. That big first “Divorce Bonus Show” to demonstrate new effort last week was more contrived than “House Hunters”. OOBBEE Oh, yeah, Hey Frank, that big IEEE Conference is in Austin this year.

Enough is enough: WTOP’s GM addresses racist letter written to staffer wtop.com

Re: Oscar's "....involvement in the Capitol riots...by his affiliation with Todd Moore"... Are you even serious? To begin with, if everyone who knew a person who marched in DC that day was actually guilty of "involvement", run the numbers and you'd be looking at the courts being tied up for the next decade with literally hundreds of thousands of cases. Could I reasonably pin guilt on you if one of your neighbors happened to attend it? Not only that, but you're conflating the protesters who stayed outside of the Capitol perimeter and did nothing else but walk between the White House and Capitol Hill with the groups who broke away and actually stormed the building -- those would be the rioters here. Moore, as far as is known, was part of the first larger group, and hasn't been charged with anything riot-related. How does an acquaintance who did nothing to encourage Moore even participating and opposed the whole thing in the first place figure into this? Because he took a live phone call from the guy hours before any violence for a podcast? That's it? A really tenuous connection you're making there.

Went to record the Mental Samaurai game show Tuesday night on FOX 5 and there was picture both no sound so the problems keep popping up Me Tv subchannel that was having problems over the weekend was fine when I watched it around midnight.

Dave, MASN needs to go out of business and the Nationals & O's should create their own networks. Owners too cheap for that I'm sure. As for Kolko, not good at all. Dave Jaegler did a fine job as he does with Charlie Slowes on the radio. As for FP, he is acceptable. And Bob Carpenter sure does take a lot of time off. I can honestly say I grew up listening to the Phillies, Yanks, & Mets. Back in the day their TV and radio folks hardly missed a game. But then back then, baseball was fun; not a greedy adventure. Thanks.

I like the Russian owned Sputnik programming on translator 105.5 FM in Reston. I see they are licensed for just 99 Watts and operate from the River Road Tower in Bethesda. They have a terrific signal in Northern Virginia. They come in like a 50,000 Watt FM Radio Station. How can the get such a great signal with just a 99 Watt translator? The translator is W288BS.

Woke Up! 'Racist & other Inappropriate' content on BOAD was fine with Oscar Santana-Zeballos for years until Dukes was rightly held accountable by Entercom and fired from 106.7 the Fan. You'd think he would have learned this in his e-MBA studies, but Zeballos's professional mistake was not immediately launching an aggressive Crisis Management campaign where he - and Dukes - either vehemently denied, or humbly acknowledged and publically apologized together for their behavior. By not doing one or the other but instead panic and 'turtle up in the sand' hoping the cancel controversy would go away over time, was career suicide for both. For Santana-Zeballos, when clients from Podcast Village and advertisers from TMOS connect him to being a part of BOAD when Dukes got fired, his involvement in the U.S. Capitol riots on January 6, 2021 by his affiliation with his best friend Todd Moore [Oscar, FBI on line 1], and racist jokes on TMOS, Oscar Zeballos will be CANCELLED TOO. From Podcast Village. From TMOS. Moving forward, will the juicy backstabbing between Oscar & Chad escalate? We hope so for DCRTV content sake. Lab Rat, whose the DOUCHE now? Not you! #ExtremeOwnership #SupportDCRTV

"And there’s a lot of people that are smart enough to realize that there’s a more nuanced conversation, but they’re not allowed to talk about it." - Shockingly Racist C. Dukes. See washingtonianDOTcom/2020/10/30/ for the full quote. Where's that confounded Bridge: I mentioned when it was replaced to provide an e x a m p l e of how infrastructure isn't solely a concern of the enlightened Democrats. Interstate Highway System? Infrastructure. Spearheaded by a Republican President. You're welcome. "For your benefit, an example is something you cite to make a specific point - and the point they were making is that infrastructure can and does fail due to neglect." In that case it was a terribly sucky e x a m p l e, because that bridge failed due to faulty construction. Ooops. Gus laser-focused on Truth and Justice

LPTV Channel 6 TV. I thought they were suppose to go digital on 7/14/21 per FCC requirements. I live in Northern Virginia and cannot get them on Channel 6. Are they off the air now? This is the TV Station that operated as a FM Radio Station for many years. Since they can no longer operate as a FM Radio Station, perhaps they are gone forever?

Re: "Oscar broke up BOAD". I'm all for bashing Oscar and there are plenty of reasons that are fair game. But not wanting to be associated with an unrepentant racist anymore isn't one. If Chad wants to blame anyone for the demise of his moderately successful radio show and struggling podcast, maybe he needs to look in the mirror.

OK. So I just got lost in about an hour of an old Don and Mike show from 2006 on youtube. Made me think that A) the show was very entertaining and I miss it. B) what is the latest on Don? Anybody know? Just curious. He's been out of sight for a while...

Dave's response: I hear Don is living somewhere near Sacramento these days.....

Gus... devolving even further into tragicomedy. And as per usual only capable of watching while complex thoughts and nuance go sailing over his head like a Bezos vibrator rocket. See, Gus it's like this: the bridge they referred to was used as an example. For your benefit, an example is something you cite to make a specific point - and the point they were making is that infrastructure can and does fail due to neglect. They weren't saying that the thing hadn't since been replaced and you'd have known that if you had better comprehension and a little less of a hair trigger keyboard. Or does making sure less roads & bridges crumble somehow piss in your Corn Flakes...? - Entertained by Gus' daily drifting gradually away from reality

/\ July 21 /\

\/ July 20 \/

"get the hell our the way so we can fix the crumbling infrastructure (remember the bridge in Minneapolis that fell into the Mississippi River!)" Yes and I also remember that its replacement was completed during the Bush administration. What else you got? Gus gonna make it after all

For the question about the Saturday NBA game, WMDT is the ABC affiliate, not WRDE which is NBC.

Great line about Dan Kolko should be in the control room....sitting in a corner!!! MASN fired the kid then he somehow sweet talked the Nationals into letting him do a little pre game for them . Nats brass probably thought it would be a lot cheaper than hiring a proven professional , so why not. MASN does not identify it's broadcasters every time they come back from a break. If that were the case last night Dave Jaegler would have said he was filling in for Carpenter. .The 5 innings I watched, no mention of Bob. How about the chemistry between Jaegler and FP, zero. Hurry back Bob, They need you

RE: "One thing Trump was 100% successful at is that he branded CNN as Fake News”, and then a little later you said "He may have lost in 2020, but that branding has stuck solid to CNN”. No, you’re wrong. The branding has stuck to YOU. You’re the believer, not the 5/6th of the county that didn’t vote for Hair Twitler, and is still in shock how close we came to re-electing a wanna be dictator. So you and the other 3%’ers (kind of an ironic self description if you think about it) get the hell our the way so we can fix the crumbling infrastructure (remember the bridge in Minneapolis that fell into the Mississippi River!), move away from fossil fuels so the planet stops burning up, and clean up the water and air so everyone (including you) can drink clean water and breath clean air and live normally without spewing a bunch of bogus hate speech.

So, Chad said it yesterday: Oscar broke up BOAD. Yep, Yokoscar was the one! Not surprising if you listened or went to watch tapings the last couple years. It became more and more the Big Lips and Duke’s Show. Also, no surprise Drab showed his class and comradery by appearing at Dukes first live event at Flying Ace. He did not just appear, he shined on that taping. He also played nerf football with the boys a few weeks back. Drab has a lot more to lose then Oscar with a set of twins and all his success producing the Junks ON THE STATION THAT FIRED Chad. Even on TMOS Oscar has shrunk the last few years. He has lowered himself to fight Bob for the title of Chief O’Meara ass kisser. That is not easy to do! Oscar’s life is obsessed with making Pod Island a success to prove that you don’t have to be a doctor to be a worthy Zeballos in Papa’s eyes. Hey Cindi, sign “True Colors”…….. Not a douche, still.

Your latest poster on the Nats Park shooting needs to take a chill pill. It was, in fact, a shooting outside of Nats Park and will forever be referred to as the Nats Park shooting except by those who refer to it as the Nationals Park shooting. And the media coverage has a lot less to do with affluent fans attending games, than the fact that the Nats ARE the local establishment media's team.

FOX5 seems to be going through a lot of changes and drama as far as personnel is concerned. They brought in the guy Rob from, i think Richmond and now the new anchor Jacqueline from Florida with both saying coming to D.C. was their dream. And I think, if I remember correctly regarding a video shown on him, Rob even said coming to Fox 5 was his dream. Really? Is FOX5 a place to which someone strives to work? On more than a couple of occasions, they're broadcasting stories for which they have to come back with corrections. Is no one double checking these stories before they air? They also have a diversity issue, specifically on the evening/night broadcasts with only one African American on the anchor desk. It also doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that they're trying to appeal to a younger audience by hiring more younger anchors and reporters even though a lot of younger people don't even watch tv, at least not news programs, and have no desire to. I have no problem with hiring younger people, but at least hire quality people who are knowledgeable about what's going on in the world, perform a quality interview, as well as able to intelligently contribute to the conversation with their co-workers when on air.

Dave, can you find out how and why WRDE TV in Rehoboth beach-Lewes Delaware area lost the ABC feed of the NBA finals game on Saturday night. I was watching through Youtubetv. Thank god I was able to find the game at ESPN3 online.

RE: “I've noticed that WTTG/Fox 5's Me-TV sub-channel…” Same here, one night just a green pixilated image, and lots of dropouts. Not to be confused with recent dropouts on the main channel since the River Rd move. Over on VC 20, the “Movie” channel (20.2) has similar issues as meTV (5.3) note that VC 20.x is also transmitted as streams from WTTG. Looks like maybe downlink on new satellite antenna needs some tweaking since Buzzer 5.2 and other WDCA programming is OK.

One thing Trump was 100% successful at is that he branded CNN as Fake News first and stuck with the mantra for 4 years and guess what? He may have lost in 2020, but that branding has stuck solid to CNN. You know CNN has officially collapsed when even Yahoo News is making fun of you and Brian Stelter! Will the last fake news please turn the light out? OH, and at the same time CNN announced the creation of CNN+, for those who need more ways to not watch CNN. www.yahoo.com

A reliable source at the Nats game told me that the 4th floor of Nats Park, broadcast areas, and many areas were under immediate lockdown after the shooting, so if you didn’t have a reporter on the ground level, you likely were not going to be able to report much on the shooting other than what was available in the booth or online. MASN was at a disadvantage compared to WJFK, who could flip right back to the studio and in fact, I believe someone working from home watching news there did the reporting for them. I guess this is what you get when a News station is not broadcasting your games, but then again, what teams expect this to happen when selecting broadcast partners? — BaltoMedia.net

"senator after senator and congressperson after congressperson ... urban poverty and the proliferation of firearms" Maybe urban poverty is not amenable to solutions at a federal level, but Johnson's mid-1960s post welfare reform prediction that [black people, he used another word] would be voting Democrat for 200 years appears to be accurate. Congresspeople (Senators are members of Congress) are not responsible for administering their constitutents, only representing them. That was why Trump was wrong to criticize the guy from Baltimore (Cummings?) for rats in his district. Not his job. DC, Chicago, and NYC all have very strict gun control yet impressive rates of gun violence, much of it of the spray and pray variety. C'est pour rire, n'est-ce pas? The problem is not guns but people who, to be completely honest, do not meet my standards but given the right circumstances could be salvageable. Gus to ride, shoot straight, and speak the truth

Lauren DeMarco’s chair isn’t even cold and they’ve already brought in some blonde as her replacement. It’s likely Jacqueline Matter who was recently announced as a new freelance (i.e., cheap) anchor/reporter hire. She comes from another market which was obvious as she butchered Ted Leonsis’ last name on the air.

Are You Paying For Free Broadcast Television? Cable subscribers beware...

/\ July 20 /\

\/ July 19 \/

Dave: Well, I made the bold move and packed up the wife and sons and we started the two week trip for SC over the weekend and hats-off to 103.5! We need to have Rob, Joe, and Steve on during the week because they really saved our butts this weekend and they just spell things are out for travelers to the Southern Coastline and Eastern Shore drivers. Now, I read over all of the MASN postings and why don't these people who've posted comments just take a step back. You're expecting too much from a network that has zero experience covering serious events and no clue about what it takes to hire top notch talent. Stop expecting a professional product from unprofessional people.

Error flashing on the scoreboard. MASN does not ID the TV announcers after every break in the action. As for the quality of broadcasts, Kolko should be in the control room sitting in the corner. As for FP, welcome back. It was like an empty analyst chair without you.

I noticed that to on Saturday night Me TV no picture mostly just audio Last night was working fine during the hour of the Dick Van Dyke show at 11 PM.

Love Lauren De Marco! One of the few Fox 5 anchors I could put up with! Best regards to her! Regards Biff

“The Nats Park shooting as it was heard on WJFK 106.7 from Soundcloud”. To refer to a driveby that took place outside the ballpark as the ‘Nats Park shooting’ shows a degree of entitlement that I frankly find nauseating. Then again, in local and national media treatment of the incident I’ve heard more concern expressed for kids in attendance at the game being ‘traumatized’ by hearing gun shots than the actual people who got shot (or for that matter the young child killed in a separate shooting in DC the previous night that didn’t even make the national news). I’m fairly certain that the majority of spectators at Nationals Park come from either the affluent Maryland and Virginia suburbs or “nicer” sections of DC and mainstream media outlets essentially program to their tastes and concerns while showing little or no interest in the plight of the “have nots” in our society. For that reason, the only times you’ll see more than token coverage of urban street violence is when it impacts upper middle class white people (as happened on Saturday night). At the conclusion of CBS’ Face The Nation yesterday, John Dickerson mentioned the shooting and decried the seemingly endless cycle of gun violence plaguing America – but Dickerson and his fellow Sunday morning hosts routinely interview senator after senator and congressperson after congressperson without taking them to task for failing (or outright refusing) to effectively address longstanding social problems such as urban poverty and the proliferation of firearms that have led to so much anguish and misery in this country.

NEWS! Lauren De Marco FOX 5 DC [via Twitter] · *Breaking* personal news: A big night for me as I get ready to anchor my final 10&11pm newscasts on Fox 5 DC Nearly 17 years!! It’s been an amazing run!!

Since Sat. evening, July 17- I've noticed that WTTG/Fox 5's Me-TV sub-channel has been having technical problems. Local viewers and I have noticed that this is happening on both over-the-air and cable feeds of WTTG's Me-TV sub-channel. This was evident during Me-TV's Sat. showcase of the classic Columbia "Three Stooges" short subjects and legendary Berwyn/Chicago-based monster/horror film host Svengoolie's recent Sat. big broadcast premiere of the classic Hammer Films mammoth monster masterpiece adaptation of "The Mummy" (1959); mostly due to inclement weather conditions that occured in the Washington area that evening. As of this morning/July 19, it seems like WTTG/5 is still having satellite problems with their Me-TV sub-channel, as the satellite/network feed froze at times during Me-TV's morning classic cartoon masterpiece showcase of "Toon In With Me," along with the twinset of "Leave It To Beaver" episodes & this morning's "Perry Mason." Alongside the aforementioned satellite problems, could this also have something to do with WTTG/WDCA's recent transmission move alongside their studio/office move to Bethesda? I also noticed that their website now displays the address for their new Bethesda studios/office.

More veteran departures at FOX 5. Lauren DeMarco is out. twitter.com/ldemarcofox5

Every time Bob Carpenter takes a day off, the Mailbag is hit with an almost-identical missive about how "amatuer" the broadcast is and how the writer "has no idea" who's doing play-by-play. Kind of weird, since MASN says who it is coming out of each and every commercial break. Idea: stop whining and pay attention.

The Washington Post and Discovery today announced live coverage of Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos’ first flight to space Tuesday, July 20. The program will air live on washingtonpost.com and be broadcast live and on both Discovery and Science Channels. The live show, ‘Space Launch LIVE: Blue Origin & Jeff Bezos Go To Space,’ will be anchored by The Washington Post’s Libby Casey and Discovery’s Chris Jacobs from The Post’s Washington, D.C. studios and will feature on-the-ground analysis from The Washington Post’s space reporter Christian Davenport and commentary from astronaut Leland Melvin, Dr. Ellen Stofan, the Smithsonian’s Undersecretary for Science and Research and a team of experts from the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. The program will be co-produced by The Washington Post, Discovery and Storied Media Group.

The Nats Park shooting as it was heard on WJFK 106.7 from Soundcloud. One broadcaster who shall remain nameless said afterwards, “What a night. Too old for this shit.” Dave Jageler was a total pro, just continued on until more was known, but they obviously knew something quite bad had happened in the booth. I can’t speak for MASN, didn’t see the TV broadcast. Did they even rebroadcast it on MASN? soundcloud.com — Baltomedia.net

I dunno, "Love, Baltimore" soun' kinda raciss to me. At least he didn't mention the intersection. I wonder if the marquee name will rant about how "I'm TIRED of it!" Catch me on Twitter: @AnacostiaBscary. Gus, Love, Peace, and Soul

/\ July 19 /\

\/ July 18 \/

Agree 100% with the poster who called MASN's failure to cover last nights's shooting outside Nats park a typical dumb move by that so called network. I'm sure one of the reasons they dumped out of the broadcast was because Bob Carpenter wasn't doing the game, Dan Kolko the sideline reporter was attempting to fill in and no way could he handle an ad lib situation which he was facing...Carpenter could have easily done it in a professional manner..if it's not written down for Kolko to read....the kid is completely lost. Another example of why the Nats TV crew is rated last among all major league clubs.

Dear. DC, I think you can now stop making fun of violence in Baltimore. One thing I can say is that the choice of Camden Yards was special in that I have never once heard gunfire at either stadium since they were built. I’m not saying it’s never happened, but It’s never hit the national news. That’s for sure. DC built its ballpark in the hood and the hood is still there unfortunately. The difference In Baltimore is that south Baltimore was not a nice place, industrial, but at the same time, not The Wire you see on HBO. Anacostia and SE DC is trying to gentrify The Wire and this is what you get. I’m not sure people in DC will understand the difference. In Baltimore, Oprah evicted poor WHITE PEOPLE as did Camden Yards, not black people! Get it? Love, Baltimore

Who makes the decisions at MASN. Between innings there is a shooting outside the stadium and when they come back Dan Kolko says that he has no idea what’s going on. Short shot of people leaving their seats and crouching down. So what does MASN do? Cover the event? Of course not. They switch to a pre-recorded corn hole tournament. Has to be one of the dumbest moves in sports history.

/\ July 18 /\

\/ July 17 \/

Lot's of comments about the loss of 87.7 FM WDCN no longer on the air. They were intended to operate as a television station. It never happened. The FCC permitted them to operate as a FM Radio Station from the very beginning. They were licensed as a LPTV Station on Channel 6. Perhaps the owner will now operate as a Television Station.

As others pointed out, FP Santangelo is back on the air at MASN. Meanwhile, someone wondered where lead PxP guy Bob Carpenter was last night. He tweeted that he’s off until next Friday and that it was planned long ago so it had nothing to do with the return of FP. Bob did say he would be taking more time off this season and he’s certainly following through which makes me wonder if this is his final season in the booth.

On the Friday night Nats game, Bob Carpenter had the night off to extend the All Star break for him. The PBP was done by long time Nats reporter Dan Kolko, and FP Santangelo was back doing color following his time off for a sexual abuse allegation: www.washingtonpost.com

/\ July 17 /\

\/ July 16 \/

Tuned in the Nats game...where is Bob Carpenter? No idea who is doing the play by play but he is awful!! Sounds like a high school broadcast. Is that the best MASN can come up with?

BREAKING:: Why did Carla O'Meara post this link on her business Facebook page Friday tonight? 'Crash kills 2, injures 3 in Seminole County, troopers say. 60's year old man lost control of his sedan and crashed into the center divider.." Mike? This is a developing story and will be updated with more information as DCRTV receives it.

WDCN 87.7 shutdown at 5:30 mark (and a DCRTV mention at 7:40).....

Alpha Media is still in Bankruptcy, they have reduced their debt to just $267 Million. Insiders own 3% of the company stock. With a new President and Board of Directors, they will try to come out of Bankruptcy. Good luck!

Layoffs have resumed at Audacy stations around the country. Won't be long before the wave sweeps thru DC and Baltimore. What a totally shit time to be a radio entertainer.

Several topics: WDCN channel 6 has filed for a hybrid ATSC 3.0/FM license to operate as a Nextgen TV station with an analog FM attached within the same bandwidth using new technology now being tested in California in the Bay area. New Gallup poll that affects everyone in the media. Only 16% of people trust TV News in general. Only 21% trust their local newspapers. And of course Congress is the lowest at 12%, but all lower than Trump’s numbers. This is quite unprecedented really, actually historical proportions. Locally or nationally, especially on WTOP, you didn’t see much if any CPAC coverage or Trump because the unofficial Republican blackout is in place right now in abject fear of a landslide in 2022, which they know is coming. It’s the kind of tsunami that the media refuses to cover because they are in denial that it will happen and working against it as it is against their entire narrative and those things simply must not be covered due to Cancel Culture. And yeah right, the wheels of justice move so slowly that Trump’s accusers keep going to jail at an alarming rate, but not him. Then how come the wheels of justice is moving so fast for Trump's accusers? Can you explain that? I think not. Now you’ll be quiet just like CNN. And CNN’s ratings are so bad, I can’t believe someone is even arguing about ratings. Their building just got sold even and AT&T wants to sell them bad. I mean, they get beat by Cartoon network regularly! As for ratings, even left wing rags are crying like babies that how much they hate Gutfeld, but also reluctantly that his hate driven show is crushing everyone in the ratings. Gutfeld! is beating all their news shows as well as everyone except for Colbert, yep, even poor crying sobbing Jimmy and lapdog Fweedom Jimmy, from now on known as, “Oh, those poor Jimmys”! Trump made fun of the handicapped a few times, but Avenatti actually STOLE from the poor kid in the wheel chair and poor Stormy Daniels and CNN lauded him like a king while calling Trump a dictator. Trump was nicer to her than even her sleazy lawyer! At least he paid her and it was consensual sex! HAHA! Also, nearby market Harrisburg has a new TV station on the air, channel 3 at 3kw, religious. it’s the former WEVD-27 in Dover that WMDT 47 no longer wanted and Marquee sold to PA interests after getting a channel 3 app approved. And finally, Baltimore will soon get a new TV station, also religious, same company, WLZH, channel 18 (RF14), so this might be impacting QVC on WWTD 49 (RF 14). Yeah, in the repack era, TV stations are much more short spaced as noticed by some interesting tropo on the AVS forum this summer. I’m OUT of material!

/\ July 16 /\

\/ July 15 \/

Has 87.7 been searchable with the FCC FM Query .... or is its absence from the database new? Thx.

The guy who was driving through Long Green, Maryland, might find this page about an 87.7 station in a town a bit south of York, PA, Columbia, PA, interesting: onlineradiobox.com/us/music2dance2 -- Carl in Olney

NEWS! From Radio Insight: Howard University Adult R&B 96.3 WHUR Washington DC is the star of today’s releases. WHUR rose from third at a 7.6 share to first in the market with a 9.0. Ratings expert Chris Huff notes that gives WHUR the largest share in station history and its first #1 showing in the market since Summer 2008, which was the final diary survey for the market. In neighboring Baltimore, WHUR slipped from a 4.0 to 3.9. While WHUR soared, Public News/Talk 88.5 WAMU slid 9.5 to 7.9 to fall to second. Hubbard News 103.5 WTOP dropped 8.1 to 7.7. Radio One Adult R&B “Majic 102.3/92.7” WMMJ/WDCJ rises 6.2 to 6.5. iHeartMedia AC 97.1 WASH rises 5.9 to 6.0. iHeart’s Classic Rock “Big 100” WBIG-FM rises 4.8 to 5.4, and Country 98.7 WMZQ trneds up 3.6 – 4.0 – 4.3. More DC radio ratings at radioinsight.com/ratings/washington-dc... Radio One Adult R&B “Magic 95.9” WWIN-FM continues to dominate Baltimore despite a 10.8 to 10.0 drop. iHeartMedia Country 93.1 WPOC holds in second down 6.6 to 6.4. Radio One Hip Hop “92Q” WERQ rises 5.7 to 6.0. Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY trends up 4.4 – 5.3 – 5.6. Audacy AC “Today’s 101.9” WLIF is up 5.5 to 5.6. iHeartMedia Variety Hits “102.7 Jack-FM” WQSR slides down 6.2 to 5.1. More Baltimore radio ratings at radioinsight.com/ratings/baltimore
The hip-hop station people are still hearing comes from the Norfolk area. The owner had been fined in the past for running too much power and was even challenged over an undocumented transmitter move from Manteo to Norfolk. I guess old habits are to break. Oh yex.. Keep your radios tuned to those few vacant FM channels that remain. It is both E-skip and tropoducting season. Who knows? Perhaps DCRTV Dave will hear some DC stations down his way...

Re: the comment that Holly Morris seems fake. Look, how many anchors AREN’T fake? Those people are trying to keep their jobs & if that means selling their souls with fake laughs, fake smiles, fake “anchor voices”, antics that bring attention to themselves or proving they’re a team player by liking everything their co-workers say, they’ll do it. In general, anchors are really just actors reading a teleprompter. Now, there are a few, & only a few, in the local market, who are genuine & they’re easy to pick out. They are professional & just seem to be more comfortable in front of the camera & can naturally interact w/their co-workers. They do quality interviews & know how to transition from one story to another. But again, only a handful exist locally.

Regarding Fox5’s morning show, I have to limit my time watching it. Between “I want everyone to like me” Erin & Kevin McCarthy as well as people talking over each other, it can be draining. There are days when it’s bearable, but these days, I’m switching the channels more & more.

I was surprised to hear WMAL broadcasting traffic advisories for Nanjemoy tonight. Apparently a couple trees fell and took out the Mercantile and Slaughter's crossing. TMOS: I didn't intend to post on this but nonsense has torn it from me. Horseplay and disease are killing me by degrees. The lure of the Bonus Shiow, its ONLY selling point, is profanity. When the "talent" isn't doing the delicate FCC dance, it's just bad radio. I saw this when Ron & Fez (far more talented) went to satellite. I was surprised that one of the commenters didn';t notice the advertisements on the "free" shoiw, but the world needs ditch diggers too. It is not the listener's job to "support the show". Gus knows what he would tell Atlas

WOWD-LP Story ... 5th Anniversary www.sourceofthespring.com... This Saturday. special broadcast...

/\ July 15 /\

\/ July 14 \/

I was driving through Long Green, MD (Baltimore County, north of Baltimore) this morning and tuned to 87.7 just for the heck of it to see if anyone was still broadcasting. I normally got the Country station in Salisbury very poorly, so I guess they shut down as expected. Today, I got an urban station with heavy static and it faded in and out, but didn’t get an ID or couldn’t really catch what they were saying because of the static. I was just wondering what station that could have been.

I was watching Good Day DC this morning and they had their weekly appearance with Charles Latibeaudiere from TMZ and the segment opened with a story about Britney Spears. Charles asked Holly how she was doing and she more or less said "doing better than Britney Spears". Charles didn't seem to be too thrilled with her comment, but the story went on and she said it again. I've never been a big Holly fan, she seems to be fairly fake, so sadly I'm not surprised by her childish behavior.

NEWS! From tvnewscheck.com: Hearst NBC affiliate WBAL Baltimore said today that veteran journalist and news anchor Stan Stovall is preparing to retire in 2022. Stovall, whose career as a local journalist spans more than five decades, will continue to anchor WBAL’s 6 p.m. newscast as Andre Hepkins joins Deb Weiner weeknights at 11 p.m. Hepkins will also continue to anchor WBAL-TV 11 News at 5 pm each weeknight with Ashley Hinson. “Stan is a renowned journalist, receiving multiple awards from numerous organizations, including being named to the list of Influential Marylanders multiple times, with the most recent appointment coming in 2019.” said WBAL President and General Manager Dan Joerres. “Stan has made significant contributions to both our station and to the city of Baltimore. His commitment to local news over the past 50 years leaves an incredible legacy of journalistic excellence, and we look forward to many months of outstanding reporting to come before we celebrate the conclusion of his extraordinary career.” Stovall said: “My history with WBAL-TV 11 and with our loyal viewers has been one of the most meaningful chapters in my life — and trust me — it’s not goodbye just yet. I have many more Baltimore stories to tell before setting foot on the full retirement path.”

Baltimore, MD, July 14, 2021 – WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 earned 4 first-place awards during this past Saturday’s Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association virtual Awards ceremony, recognizing outstanding broadcast journalism from stations in Delaware, Maryland and Washington, D.C. The first-place awards include Outstanding Spot News reporting for its coverage of an explosion at a row home in Baltimore in August of 2020. WBAL News also took home first place in the category of Documentary/In-Depth Reporting for its WBAL News Now Extra program and afternoon anchor Robert Lang was recognized in the Best Anchor category. Additionally, WBAL NewsRadio’s morning team of C4 and Bryan Nehman—less than 12 months after their pairing—earned top honors in the Outstanding Talk Show Category. In all, WBAL NewsRadio was nominated in 6 categories; the station was a finalist in the category of Best Newscast and longtime reporter Scott Wykoff was a finalist in the Best Reporter category. “WBAL NewsRadio has enjoyed a solid 96-year bond with our community," said Cary Pahigian, the station's President and General Manager. “It starts with unequaled work by our news team, along with informed insight from our talk hosts. We are so proud to be recognized in multiple categories by the Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association.”

During the live You Tube broadcast of TMOS when he announcement of no free Fridays to increase bonus subscriptions was announced, this is what REAL listeners posted. No edits. Just some formatting for e mail. In order pos and neg. No Bias. These are real LIVE listeners watching: Mister Lou - It's a shame that podcasting can't get advertising to support it's free content. I just don't have the disposable income to lock in a subscription, wish I did. I truly love the team, we all do. My marketing brain now wants me to point out that if only 5% of the listeners subscribe to the bonus program than maybe we need to look at that deeper. I'm in hospitality and if I considered taking away a product that 95% of my base was loyal to, it would be a mistake. Now I'll ramble. What is our target number? If this doesn't drive the bonus subscription up to 7% do we take away another day? OR if it gets up to 40% will that meet the threshold to simply have a pay-only podcast? The success of the radio show was the time slot with the comic genius that you all bring to the table. Whomever started this change is selling a mistake. Please talk yourselves through a complete if/then exercise. No company succeeds with this approach. Please. I will not stop watching because I'm a loyalist. Please. Let's work out a better formula than that. Matthew Kieke - I'm sure the drinking shows on Fridays had more listeners nickgop123 How about making that Jarred/Jared Olives thing into like a 3-5 minute clip that could be posted on youtube to attract more subscribers? TMOS Clips or something like that. Is simply delivering less content the best way to convert more bonus subscribers? L Tee - How about putting out a great bonus show and not letting Bobb mail it in with list and game shows? I’m shocked people honestly thought it was higher? Clowns MisterHenderson - At different times since 2013, I've subscribed to the Bonus Show, and it's a waste of money. There is nothing about it that's any better than the regular show, and nothing worth spending money on, and constant begging is real off putting.Mike S - such bull that the bonus shows will now be BETTER. it's a money grab, folks Michael Smith - I would argue that the bonus show is the same as a regular show, but without commercials or the news/audio vault content. Also, an hour of record talk ups is not a bonus. doug meyer - Great show ....blown away how few get the bonus show. I subscribe! Come on you 95% freeloaders!

If you are a Hispanic and miss 87.7 FM you can listen to MEGA 97.5 FM or WTNT 730 AM. Great music and good DJ's. Give it a listen.

So I had to spend Tuesday night driving around for work. It’s real shame that DC has three so-called sports radio stations yet none of them carried the MLB All Star game. ESPN Radio had the rights to the game but 630 - which I could barely pick up in Arlington - didn’t broadcast it. If I was in my own vehicle, I would have simply flipped to XM but my fleet vehicle didn’t have that option so I ended up streaming it on my phone which wasn’t ideal. No wonder terrestrial radio is dying…

I have read some of the comments on your past posts, some good and some a bit negative I think the FCC needs to grant special licence for stations that serve exclusively to minorities and certain market niches. how are you going to send the message to local areas hard to reach, like promoting the covid 19 vaccination and immigration issues. For example DC is the most complex hispanic niche in the country, due to its variety of nationalities from all over latinoamerica which are not only Mexico, where families have parents from mixed countries and kids with mixed heritage, a Mom from El Salvador a Dad from Peru, etc. Spanish is still spoken at home, even kids that are fully grown fluent in English, still speak the mother language at home. WDCN La Nueva 87.7 was catering very well to that niche, I will miss hearing them on air, as I did since I found that signal in my truck, free on air radio is what we like!. I am a Latino Veteran that has served my country USA, and had latino friends that made the ultimate sacrifice for the Land of the Free!, USA still number one, and yes its the land of opportunities! wish you the best 87,7 nationwide.

/\ July 14 /\

\/ July 13 \/

I apologize for another TMOS post here. Their timing, as usual, could not be better to ridicule. They MAKE US do it! They really do. Larry and Jerry could not top this! Yesterday, they announced they would cut the free shows to four per week to make the paid bonus show “Better and with more energy”. (I am going to laugh for a few and wait for you also before continuing.) The goal is to up the number of bonus subscribers (Less than 5% of free listeners now) to make more money. On the last bonus show before vacation, Mike told everyone that Frank Guadeloupe will be his muscle on line. Oscar was trying to tell Mike that Frank was out of control. Bob was silent except doubting my name. That show itself caused several bonus cancelations. In writing, Mike told a listener to “Lick My Irish Bag”. So, he lowered that 5% all by his stupid outburst before taking two weeks off for vacation. Then, last week, while doing ONLY three free shows, they did the lamest bonus ever. I was one of the first to pay and it was one of the top ten worst. Was that an example of “increased energy” for new subscribers? Why not put that one or the “Irish Bag” bonus shows out for free so people can hear what they will be paying for??? And, what does the gang tell the people who have paid the bonus price for years? “Thanks, you get fewer shows now. But, keep paying for the new and improved “Lick My Bag” bonus type shows?” I know Frank says I am a Dum Dum and Mike thinks I am a Douche but my guess is money will be lost on 1/5 less regular advertising than gained on more bonus money payments. If those fan clubbers haven’t spent it now saving up for the “Lost Wages” trip, (I said Trip – LOL) it is not coming now. But, what do I know? I did not study communication at AU, WVU, or VCU. My AU degrees are all in chemistry. I don’t have an MBA but I hire people who do and I let them advise me on my business decisions.

June 6 filing: enterpriseefiling.fcc.gov... July 12 filing: enterpriseefiling.fcc.gov... As late as yesterday Signal Above LLC filed paperwork requesting a 60-day delay. I doubt the governor will grant a midnight pardon.

I can’t believe how many people do not like WDCN LA NUEVA 87.7 can’t explain why? This station was serving a minority Hispanic group that does not rely on general market with its unique format! They have done an espectacular and amazing job with its 1k watts for their on air capabilities. Even beating Anglo stations on Nielsen ratings and staying in the top 20. I just wish them well on their future,I will continue to hear them on mi phone, I think anyway AIR radio is about to expire for everyone soon, INTERNET is the way of the future and it’s here now..general media knows that. More cars will arrive with mobile hot spots and apps on their stereos. The war will be content and entertainment for the second largest traffic jam in the nation. WDCN LA NUEVA 87.7 they really rock. My whole family listen all the times, iphone or Alexa ! We have meet their DJ’s at their past remotes and won tickets for Marc Anthony and Bon Jovi in the past. For those speculating … just keep speculating ..the power of internet!

NEWS! New WAMU GM... twitter.com... WAMU has named Erika Pulley-Hayes as its new general manager after a monthslong, competitive search process. She starts in her new role August 30. wamu.org

"So, Fox5’s Kevin McCarthy’s job is to do movie reviews and interviews. However he never fails to incorporate his mental health issues into the story. Sorry that he’s dealt w/depression, anxiety & bullying, but do we really need to hear about it constantly?" How unlike Howard Stern, the ladies on The View, and Mike O'Meara. Aren't you doing the same thing? And the answer to your question is "No, we don't." In fact there's a button to take care of precisely the situation you're complaining about. Free yourself! "Apart from the fact that Trump and his lawyers seem unaware that the social media companies are not part of the government" There is in fact case law that suggests that companies such as Facebook and Twitter are indeed state actors and therefore subject to constitutional restrictions. Gus at law and ordure

Dave says, "Well, WDCN could buy that 97.7 Northern Virginia signal that Metro Radio has put up for sale and at least keep some sort of on-air presence..... " Nope! Can't happen. 97.7 (W249DX) is an FM translator, which can only rebroadcast an AM or commercial FM station. FM translators are not allowed to originate programming.

Dave's response: Find an area FMer to and lease a digital subchannel. No problem.....

TMOS. The state of being mediocre. In the 90's, Bill Gates wrote an essay entitled "Content Is King" Content is where Gates expected much of the real money would be made on the Internet, just as it was with broadcasting. He was right. Gates paraphrased, the long-term winners will be those who use the medium to deliver compelling, deep, interactive information and entertainment. Right again. Under its current business model, TMOS does none of that and as a result, both downloads and Bonus Show subscriptions continue to fall. Yesterday, O'Meara-Imus announced that because Fridays regular show downloads are so small, they were ending the Friday show in hopes of boosting Bonus Show subscriptions?. Huh? Starve the listeners with one less day of mediocrity? In 2021, data driven content is still king because it drives long term profitability. Just ask DCRTV, Camo Dave etc. In order to be successful, brands like TMOS must offer quality content that provides value to users - even 65+ loyal ones. Can't do that w/o leadership, a solid work ethic and dedication. Of course, Imus could improve bonus show subscriptions by having Carla ride the new TMOS Sybian vibrator in the nude. Classic black, playful pink or blushing red? Vote Now! Wet Teddy Bears by Gus sold seperately. #SupportDCRTV

I can’t believe how many people do not like WDCN LA NUEVA 87.7 can’t explain why? This station was serving a minority Hispanic group that does not rely on general market with its unique format! They have done an espectacular and amazing job with its 1k watts for their on air capabilities. Even beating Anglo stations on Nielsen ratings and staying in the top 20. I just wish them well on their future,I will continue to hear them on mi phone, I think anyway AIR radio is about to expire for everyone soon, INTERNET is the way of the future and it’s here now..general media knows that. More cars will arrive with mobile hot spots and apps on their stereos. The war will be content and entertainment for the second largest traffic jam in the nation. WDCN LA NUEVA 87.7 they really rock. My whole family listen all the times, iphone or Alexa ! We have meet their DJ’s at their past remotes and won tickets for Marc Anthony and Bon Jovi in the past. For those speculating … just keep us speculating .. bad news flies faster!!!

Radio Stocks Are Soaring (except Audacy now down to $3.90) www.insideradio.com

Is it true that today is the last day that WDCN 87.7 FM will be broadcasting on the air? In the future, 87.7 FM will only be streaming and will lose their entire in car audience.

The FCC announced today that they will continue to eliminate old FCC Rules that are out of date. It is about time for this. Some of their rules date back many years are still "on the books".

As the FrankenFM death sentence execution approaches, WDCN-LP La Nueva 87.7 just increased their streaming capacity from 500 to 3000 simultaneous users. Good thinf as this morning they had 519 listeners on tbe stream. The DJs are frantically urging listeners to download their mobile app to continue listening. "¡Ojo! El verdugo ha llegado..." (Attention - the executioner has arrived...) TK in Odenton

Dave's response: Well, WDCN could buy that 97.7 Northern Virginia signal that Metro Radio has put up for sale and at least keep some sort of on-air presence.....

To be fair, in the DC OTA market as I remember it "5" is first alphabetically and "4" is first numerically. Can't we all just get along? TMOS is the gift/purchased product that keeps on not giving. The wet teddy bear of podcasts. Noted with interest: WABC out of NY appears to run region-specific PSAs because today I heard over and over from some guy claiming to be Robert J. Contee III about safe driving in DC. No idea where he comes down on the aimed fire vs. spray and pray debate. "Six months out is not sufficient time to build a tax evasion case from the ground up" Isn't that cyuuuuute? Dude! Read a newspaper once in a while, while, Sir or Madam The investigation has been going on for years. Gus #you've just been Duded

/\ July 13 /\

\/ July 12 \/

WMAL-FM went off the air after thunderstorms moved through Northern VA an hour or so ago, as of 6:00 Friday they are still off the air. Never thought that static could sound so blissful, as opposed to hearing Vince's anti-left rants!

MediaIte just released the list of Top 50 Podcasts in America. Unfortunately, TMOS didn't show up. Instead, it was such audience-gripping programming like Call Her Daddy, Rotten Mango, Chuckle Sandwich, the Tiny Meat Gang Podcast, and the Misfits Podcast that kept the has-been from cracking the top fifty. No wonder he has to dispatch nappy-headed hoes' to spread urea all over DCRTV. Signed, Don Imus

Hey TMOS! This is the script for a bonus episode people pay for? 1. Show and tell on background Knick knacks in the new studio. 2. Junior’s appearance. He said “Doodies” for the 100th time; slap knee. (Is Mike getting an extra tax write off for him?) 3. Bob’s frozen freezer 4. Mike asking how long things are good for once opened and refrigerated. 5. Me turning it off. You really wonder why people don’t pay for that extra show? Last week had to be the laziest ever on TMOS. Three shows. Highlights: Bob gets yelled at again, Junior is gifted in school (Best part, Bob was too at the same age. THAT REALLY PISSED OFF Mike. LOL) and Charlie with the Baltimore fireworks. The last one was mentioned here at DCRTV and on several fan pages days before lazy Mike did it and it was about ten minutes too long. For comparison: Want free? Listen to the Junks and Mr. Tony. Pay? Listen to Chad (Some free stuff too – Weekly Best of for example.) At least these shows entertain. TMOS’ best show in the last month was a bonus that under 1000 paid for where Mike told his business manager to shove it up his ass when he tried to explain customer service. How badly does Podcast Island or Oscar need TMOS? At this point it is embarrassing to all but Bob. Still not a douche – I think.

Re: NBC4 and FOX5 claiming to be number one…I noticed that the fine print on the FOX5 commercial says that it is based of number of hours of local news they produce each week (they do run far more hours of local news than anyone else, that’s for sure). Kind of deceiving if you ask me.

So, Fox5’s Kevin McCarthy’s job is to do movie reviews and interviews. However he never fails to incorporate his mental health issues into the story. Sorry that he’s dealt w/depression, anxiety & bullying, but do we really need to hear about it constantly?

Hi Dave! I thought this was worth a posting - my wife and I have a long-time family friend who has been a high-level (mostly off-air, but familiar name) employee at WHUR for 20 or so years. He let us know the other day that he was unceremoniously fired, with no notice. Name withheld to protect privacy...

/\ July 12 /\

\/ July 11 \/

Will somebody at WBAL please give your news and traffic second-stringers a few pointers on pronunciation? It's "Cooksville", not "Kooksville" and "Taneytown" is not pronounced the way it's spelled. Even your competitor gets those right. Gary in Baltimore

Hi Dave. Have you heard were Jenna Lee from 106.9 The Eagle is going?

So both NBC4 and FOX5 are running promos that they're Number One. I want to say there's an asterisk at the bottom of the screen which I guess clarifies why they're saying they're the leading network. But with my bad eyesight, I couldn't read the small print. So, anyone know how they're both saying they're number one in the local markets?

Dave's response: Jeez. Every station can find at least one demographic they're "first" in. Channel 4 might be tops in white balding men between 45-54 who live towns that start with "W" like Wheaton. And Channel 5 might be tops with black women, age 21-30, whose first names start with "L," own blonde wigs, and live in Arlington.....

/\ July 11 /\

\/ July 10 \/

The NYAG has not jailed Trump because the wheels of justice move slowly in this country. We do not jail people for non violent crimes, or political expediency, unless you live in Texas, until a case by prosecuters has been built and can be presented to a judge as reasoned for indictment and trial. Six months out is not sufficient time to build a tax evasion case from the ground up, but things are happening at a steady clip, with a grand jury meeting three days a week. But getting back to local, Larry O'Connor of WMAL left yesterday to attend CPAC Dallas, where the stage is shaped like a giant phallic symbol... Just sayin'.

I was outdoors so I wouldn't know, but did WMAL continue internet streaming during their broadcast outage? No Bonus Show you say? Hmm, isn't that the one suckers I mean people pre-pay for? Trouble in New Studio Junction? Gus told you so

Fox News is not Kicking [ MSNBC and CNN's] ass in the ratings. They are just saying they are. Last year, with the pandemic, stay at home, and the election, those news channels all had historically high ratings. Everybody, including Fox News is now down, overall, year over year. But Fox News is in a more precarious than the others. Also, Fox News made up the credibility accusation, just like Hannity had fake callers to his radio show and fake "average voters" on his TV show. Here is a good summary of the first and second quarter news ratings. news.yahoo.com

I could have sworn that I’d posted this before but maybe not? QVC is on WWTD 49 (RF 14), which is on the shorter tower at the NBC 4 site at Ward Circle. You will just have to change your antenna direction to WRC to get it. It should be pretty simple, but yes, an LPTV station. But not with a bad signal. www.rabbitears.info... — BaltoMedia.net

Legal eagles on CNN and MSNBC always chuckle at Trump lawsuits predicting he’ll lose just like they predicted he'd be in jail along with his whole family. Are they in jail? Nope, but Avenatti and Cohen are/were, the people they predicted to win. This is par for the course and why FOX News is kicking their asses in the ratings. Then, when Trump ultimately wins, they pretend the case never even happened or they ever said that. With CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, Brian Stelter, and MSNBC/Al Jazeera’s Ali Velshi making the predictions, what could go wrong? Hasn't the NYC AG already jailed Trump and his whole family? Nope. And so much for retractions anymore. But Trump’s legal strategy is not Rudy Giuliani’s strategy here. Clearly he’s counting on the Big Tech legal protections being scaled back in 2022-23 and is in it for the long haul. And it is a class action lawsuit, meaning lots of other people will be itching to join in. Who doesn’t have a gripe against Big Tech these days? And even if Trump loses, it will be a monumental case for the ages that might shape Big Tech legal protections for the future. This is why every time they laugh at Trump lawsuits, I laugh too at them. So far I’m having the better laugh.

According to the ION network engineer for northern Virginia I spoke to he told me QVC and it’s sister station were removed from channel 66 because Scripps bought some of the ION properties. The QVC and it is sister station have moved to very low power transmitter spots. But it will be hard to get reception in some areas in Northern Virginia that formerly got the channel 66 signals (i.e, Sterling and west ) without high power antenna.

/\ July 10 /\

\/ July 9 \/

First week back from vacation and TMOS doesn't even do a live Friday show, post a "Best Of" or update their social media pages. No wonder DCRTV Dave is kicking their listener, viewer and subscriber ASSES. Mike...Pal, shut TMOS down for good!.

Holy Frequency Gusman! Long vacation for TMOS this year. First week back started with a three day weekend and ended with a three day weekend. I guess it was hard for Mike; "he is 62, you know" - great drinking game. And, the listeners were probably told ""Nanie Nanie Boo" F U and Fridays". You could feel the false "Happi" TMOS when they did record. I bet it was a terrible week back with regard to numbers. The Ballad of the Sad G&T Clown is coming together nicely. The Yoko of TMOS has hit a snag.

Hey Dave, as you know from Isaiah 30:30, "And the Lord will cause His voice of authority to be heard, And the descending of His arm to be seen in fierce anger, And in the flame of a consuming fire In cloudburst, downpour and hailstones. " After the storm this afternoon, WMAL is off the air, and is still off the air, just static, at 7:30 PM. What did Vince say today to make God react, "now you guys have gone too far."

[RE: Trump's lawsuit against the social media biggies.] The legal beagles on both sides are chuckling over this one. Apart from the fact that Trump and his lawyers seem unaware that the social media companies are not part of the government, no one thinks that Trump will ever sit for one second for discovery. Although wouldn't several weeks of discovery under oath result in some of the most entertaining TV and for Trump, the most damning TV we've seen in a long, long while. The prospect is too enticing for America ever to become real. The only question for Trump is how long he drags out his pretend lawsuit before he drops it. Let the clock begin.

So another digital subchannel.was launched July 1 Defy on 66.6 says its A&E based shows like American Pickers but they also added Bounce Tv on 66.2 when its already on 14.4 why 2 stations showing the same digital sub in the same market?But adding Laff also on 66.3 is a good idea funny tv shows from the 80s to 2000s like Home Improvement and Night Court.

Listening to 87.7 today... The DJs at La Nueva 87.7 (WDCN-LP) have been urging listeners to download their mobile app to continue listening after the 13th... You can monitor the success of their transition strategy ... Their Shoutcast V2 server is at : Today I am seeing 284 unique listeners but 403 connected streams; they'll need to expand their streaming license as their current limit is 500 streams. Of course, they can use Facebook and other platforms to augment their streaming needs Still, a crummy strategy. They should buy another station or rent time on AM 1600 as a stopgap measure. TK in Odenton

Don't expect WDCN 87.7 FM to go away on July 13, 2021. The first time the FCC said that they must go digital, they got a two year extension. This time they will get another 6 month extension. They don't want to go digital. They are making too much money operating as a FM Radio Station on 87.7 FM! They have never operated as a television station as intended. They just laugh every time the FCC says they must go digital. Why does the FCC not enforce their own rules?

CBS has done its first NextGen TV O&O transition and no, it is not Baltimore's WJZ. CBS’s Sacramento O&O TV station appears to be CBS’s first foray into ATSC 3.0. Why they bailed on Baltimore’s transition leaving them with few options in the future is still mystifying. — BaltoMedia

/\ July 9 /\

\/ July 8 \/

Thank you for getting rid of Gus. I no longer read or post anything on DCRTV because of the stupid remarks you permitted Gus to make about every serious posting on DCRTV.

Dave's response: Did I get rid of Gus?

Malebag Minute:: DCRTV Dave Hughes - Content King. As Prince and Princess Buttercup [O'Meara/Santana] tout once again, moving to new studios, Dave, humble and without an e-MBA and a modern studio, continues to generate new, entertaining and growing lucrative DCRTV & YouTube content. Not only did loyal readers cover TMOS loss ad revenue here on DCRTV, but with chuckle-fest glee, Dave's YouTube channels continue to be viewed 2-3 times more than TMOS over the same period of time and has at least twice the number of subscribers as TMOS. Dave's growing and going viral. TMOS, not so much. TMOS needs DCRTV far more than DCRTV ever needed TMOS ad money. But nice new studio Buttercup's! As Michael 'Basta' Avenatti faces sentencing today in the Nike extortion case, let's take a moment to remember how CNN and MSNBC in particular, fawned over this slime attorney, celebrated him, and turned him into a national celebrity and wait for it, Presidential contender. OOBBEE, yo' not a douche. Freeloader balto media dot DOUCHE is the malebag DOUCHE. BaltoMedia, when can Dave expect your $750 for a display ad? Fox launching a weather channel. We know how much Dave "LOVES" click-bait YouTube weather channels. #LickMyBag #OOBBEEStillNotADouche #FreeRobbSpewak #GusOnTheEdgeOfWellness #SupportDCRTV

Dave's response: Now now. BaltoMedia sends me lots of cool news items. I love him.....

Gray TV finally fined for violating duopoly rules. Now what about Sinclair?

I filed two FCC complaints in the last 6 months. One was against WDCN and immediately closed and deleted without any real response and is not being considered in their current application to stay a radio station until 2022. It’s quite clear that the FCC does not want to hear any of these complaints, whether TV or radio. Either way, they have a pre-planned way of tossing the complaint as misfiled. The other one was against WDVM from a Hagerstown resident who will not be able to get news from WDVM 25 if they move their tower closer to DC. That one was noted and accepted and included in the application filing. I have a feeling that neither complaint will be seriously considered. Little people really don’t matter. Btw, you can file a complaint on behalf of another person affected negatively by an application for those wondering, but it’s probably not considered with much clout. It appears as if the WDVM application is hung up on issues anyway, but I thought it was important for the FCC to know that actual people will lose local news service if WDVM moves out of the Hagerstown area, even minorities.

I know that 49.3 is WWTD from the Ward Circle NBC 4 location, shorter old channel 4 tower and QVC is there if you direct your antenna in that direction. And 49 in Baltimore is WWDD, the Daystar station, but I’m not sure they are on 49.9 and not even sure they’re on the air. — BaltoMedia.net

I’m very glad that Trump is finally doing something useful, suing Big Tech’s Twitter, Facebook, & Google where it hurts them, the pocketbook and on their own media. Will they censor this lawsuit? I once got suspended by Facebook for a post that goes against community standards, incites violence in the community. The joke was about my my sister having plants shipped to our house to plant for her while she was on vacation. Someone else joked that I should do the planting. My joke was, “Or poison them. LOL” That was grounds for a week suspension. Clearly Facebook was going after me for other reasons than that post, but nonetheless, BS like that shouldn’t be happening on social media. Social Media is now part of the media, and as such should be a !st Amendment violation. Censoring the Hunter Biden story as well as the COVID origins story on social media has come back to bite them in the ass as both have been proven either true or plausible. But don’t think social media apologized. All those suspensions still count towards ultimately getting you banned from the platform. I wish there was a political party that would stand up to Big Tech, but it seems neither Republicans nor Democrats have any will to fight them. So I’ll stand behind Trump on this one.

If you look at Radio-Locator for Salisbury, Maryland, click on WGBS (formerly WRAU) it takes you to a commercial Hip Hop station in Atlantic City, 99.3 The Buzz. A bit of a shock if you click on the link.

/\ July 8 /\

\/ July 7 \/

Any idea where QVC and its sister network has moved in WASHINGTON DC area to after disappearing Monday July 1 from over the air channels 66.6 and 66.5 respectively? CHANNEL 66.6 is now “Defy” and 66.5 is now “Mystery”. I called QVC and they said their network moved to 43.9 or 49.9 over the air, but I could not access either of those stations after rescanning my TV in nearby Northern Virginia.

NEWS! Per Carol Parker Miller: www.countryaircheck.com... iHeartMedia/Washington, DC Marketing Specialist Carol (Parker) Miller passed away yesterday (7/5) after a short battle with cancer. Miller started as Dir./Traffic at WPOC/Baltimore and rose to Dir./Promotions in 1976. She became one of the first personalites on WMZQ/Washington after its flip to Country in 1977. A year later, she was named PD and became just the third female Country radio programmer in a rated market. She served in that role, along with handling mornings, for four years. In 1985, she was one of the first personalities hired when Voice of America launched its 24-hour VOA Europe channel. She spent 10 years there, rising to PD. She joined Hot AC WRQX/Washington, DC in 1995 where served as APD/MD and part of the morning show for 16 years. She had been with the iHeart cluster for the past eight years. Services are pending.

There are a lot of jokes in The Post about Fox launching a weather channel with all kinds of sarcasm, but I haven’t read any real details on how it will be different than The Weather Channel. Will the local updates actually be from local Fox affiliates or O&O TV stations in the area like WTTG Fox 5? That could be a game changer and something TWC cannot compete with well except in markets where the Fox stations do not have local news, and there still are many. For instance, the Buffalo Fox affiliate, owned by Sinclair, just added local news this month and that’s a fairly decent sized market to not have a 10 O’clock News. But then again Sinclair is known for being cheap. I’m friends with someone who now writes in Hollywood, used to direct local projects in the region and he applied for a videographer job at Sinclair out of college and told them, “Nope, sorry. McDonalds is paying more than that. Thank You for your time folks."

Yes, to confirm, Carol Miller Parker, also known on air as Carol Summers, died recently following a short battle with cancer. She was with 107.3 for many years, interrupted only briefly by a stint with 94.7 when it was in the townhouse out on Hubbard Drive in Rockville. Passionate veteran of the business. She will be missed.

does anyone know why wmal felt compelled to move oconnor to the mornings and vince to afternoon after mary walters left?

Bye-bye 87.7... Franken FMs Have A Week Left To Live; Two Will Remain In Test Of New Technology... www.insideradio.com

When the poster wrote Amelia "tapes", he obviously meant that it was prerecorded. No further comment needed. Regards Biff

Dave's response: "Prerecorded"? How about just saying "recorded".....

Whoa, easy there, Pre-Roll Dude. "On tape", while not technically accurate, is still a widely-used colloquialism in the recording and broadcast industries, especially for those of us with 10+ years of experience in either. Everyone within earshot in the studio or control room knows what is meant when it is said. If someone on a crew spoke up and offered the objection you did - in the same tones that you did - they'd find themselves shunned very quickly for being a wiseass. If the expression is going to die, let it die in its own time; no need to load a needle and euthanize it.

/\ July 7 /\

\/ July 6 \/

Somebody wrote, "...Amelia...obviously tapes her reports during the evening, yes, going back to my college radio days...I can tell when someone's on tape." Your college days must have been 30 years ago, because no professional uses tape anymore. Not audio tape and not video tape. No film for news gathering. Saying that something is "on tape", or "let's go to the tape", or "here's footage of" is archaic. There is no more footage. Everything is digital and stored on memory chips or hard drives. Digital storage is not measured by feet. Instead, we should start saying "let's go to the chip" or "caught on hard drive". Geez, it's like telling someone to rack up the piece on the film island, and don't forget the pre-roll.

To Mike in Kensington about ATSC 3.0: Yes, WBAL-TV could switch to 4K on the fly for an Olympic event right after the last commercial and the TVs would switch with it seamlessly, but the reality is that there is still only 6MHz of bandwidth. One or several of the other TV stations on WNUV (5 in total) might have to downgrade during such an event on the fly too, which requires permission from the other TV stations. I’m not sure how detailed these sharing agreements are and technically the FCC is not really involved so it’s between them and us to find out. So yes, it can be done, but will they? WRC can’t as they won’t even be on the air in Nextgen for the Olympics, but WBAL-TV could. I know of one Hearst station that could do it easier though. Orlando’s WESH 2 has just now switched to Nextgen and only has one other TV station in 1080i on their channel, so Florida will get the Olympics in full quality. And that is, if NBC actually releases the 4K content to affiliates for free. I think they intend to monetize some of that content via Comcast Xfinity. I don’t have much faith in Comcast when it comes to free content. Do you?

"Centennial was likely to eventually surrender the license for the AM as Metro declined to take it as part of its purchase" --- And another AM voice goes dark as technology bulldozes on.

Have you heard any news or confirmation regarding the passing of Carol Miller Parker (formerly WMZQ, WRQX)?

Any word on Sarah Simmons?

NEWS! From radioinsight.com: 1400 WINC Gets New Operator & Calls... Following the closing of the sale of Hot AC “WINC 105” 105.5 WINC-FM Berryville/104.9 WZFC Strasburg VA to Metro Radio LLC, Centennial Broadcasting has found a new operator for Conservative Talk 1400 WINC Winchester VA. Todd Bartley’s Colonial Radio Group has begun operating WINC via LMA ahead of a $25,000 sale. The station is now operating under the WZFC call letters as Metro Radio gained exclusive rights to WINC in the purchase of the FMs. To facilitate the call letter change, 104.9 WZFC is now WKDV-FM. Bartley previously owned stations in Williamsport PA until losing them to a bankruptcy receivership and subsequent sale to Seven Mountains Media last year. Bartley told the Winchester Star that he intends to expand local programming on WZFC, which currently features an all-syndicated lineup. Bartley also will need to find a new tower site for the station as Centennial intends to sell the property hosting the current tower and the studios of WINC-FM/WKDV-FM and WZFC. The Star also reports that had Bartley not agreed to purchase the station, Centennial was likely to eventually surrender the license for the AM as Metro declined to take it as part of its purchase of the FM’s for free.

On possible lack of 4K content on ATSC 3.0: The standard allows for seamless framerate/resolution changes in real time. So it's possible to switch between 1080p at 60fps, and 4K at 24 or 30fps; all options use about the same bandwidth, too. So you may see primetime shows and commercials in 4K, and news/sports in 1080p, without impeding on other stations' picture quality. Sincerely, Mike in Kensington

I'm reminded of all the times George Michael and Marv Albert told viewers to "Lick my bag". Oh no, that was Mike O'Meara. Even Peter Rosenberg never said it. Really, when you get down to it, what civilized person says that? An untrainable over-indulged Korsakoff's Syndrome sufferer. Gus in 77 WABC Degrees in New York City Virginia reefer madness! Woohoo! Am I the only one working it to the Geico frisbee commercials?

/\ July 6 /\

\/ July 5 \/

Noticed WKCW 1420 Off the air awhile too I like the music too I listen to it mainly in the car in the day is only time I recieve it here in Woodbridge.I sure wish another DC area station would give the oldies format a chance again even on an HD sub but preferably on an analog station because unlike 94.7 the Drive aside from its very limited playlist of 80s and small amount of 70s 1420 plays lots of 70s even some 60s like the Four Tops and Sly and the Family Stone as well.

What's with WKCW 1420...they've been off the air for over a week! This is more than just a blip. Jeff

I was refering to the Nationals game rain delay for Saturday July 3 not the 1st when there was the violent weather.

One last post about TMOS and Mike’s thin skin. Oscar said recently they had 53 million cumulative downloads. If you do the math that is about 18,000 average for a free show since the start. I know there has to be a bell curve to that number when looking at daily downloads. There was a ramp up, a peak, and I am sure it is down, at least a bit, from that peak Today it is steady state at best. I would love to hear what a Pocast advertiser considers when looking at downloads versus listeners. I know I have it download to three devices whether I listen or not. Anyone know anything about this? I believe Mike and Oscar have said single digit percentages actually pay for their bonus. I think they once said 5%. That would mean only about 900-1000 pay? That is not per year I believe and includes monthly/once offs? I remember when TMOS thought SDM had too much control of their fan club way back when, Oscar squeezed in on the Admin side. On the last Bonus show, when Oscar tried to tell Mike the Admin’s might be out of control, Mike said, F-U to him the other two TMOS show members for having no balls and announced Trip was his “Main Muscle” to protect TMOS. Well, I know 7-8 subscribers that have canceled due to Mike’s attitude on that one show. It pissed even more off. Understand these are the people WHO PAY out of pocket. From what Mike saved on his DCRTV Ad, he just lost plus some on that bonus. (Hey! RELM’s ad is still there!) I just went through 2-3 other FB pages to collect quotes regarding that show, Mike, Trip/Frank, and TMOS in general. Understand, most of these people are the PAYING customers. Not one quote is mine. All are different people. One is an admin. (1)Well, that settles it. Per the Bonus Show, Mike is all-in on team Trip. He doesn’t care who gets booted from the fan club or how Trip craps on people. He gave Trip full endorsement to do whatever he wants. Mike wasn’t reading what was going on or Trip’s attacks and booting of people from the club yesterday. Oscar seemed to get it, how Trip tarnishes the brand, and had concern but was overruled. (2) Let Trip carry the show financially (3) Guess I'm pulling the plug on the show, if Mike's okay with bullies like Tripp moderating the message in their public forums. (4) Oh, and FUCK Trip Asswipe. (5) It's been a long fun ride. Time for me to depart train TMOS. Take care folks. (6) Can’t blame you, but consider this. Do what you enjoy. If you enjoy the show, listen. Don’t let Trip ruin your fun.(7) after today's bonus show, my issue isn't just Trip. (8) Before it gets deleted. Great note. Sadly, Trip is an admin in that group also. Maybe additional notes to Oscar about Trip could result in change. That guy needs to have his power removed.(9) And I've been blocked from accessing the fan club. Thanks to Trip, I guess I am officially done listening.(10) I’ll await my dismissal from the TMOS group. I left the “fan club” a few months ago on my own due to the mountain of non show related posts and memes. (11)Admin Jolene – Edited for legnth “to be a member you have to be “Positive and respectful” or you’re gone”. (12) Last night I announced in the PC that I will no longer be supporting the show financially based on Mike's support of Trip's caustic attacks on people. It went as expected. Mike told me to lick his bag. (13) it is not a fan club. It’s a group of sycophants who only allow like-minded / opinionated individuals. If you don’t align 100%, good-bye. (14 - From a TMOS member to an ex listener) I understand Tom. I have issued a refund and canceled your subscription. I will pass your message along. Admittedly, it was not my favorite episode either. (15) as of today, I'm going to unsubscribe from TMOS until the end of July as a test. I really have no shortage of other things to enjoy in my life while driving or working. If, by the end of the month, I am truly missing it, I will subscribe again and continue listening. If not, then I think I'm done. I feel totally confident that posting this here might lead to a thoughtful discussion of the show. Had I posted this in the PC, I'm sure I would be called a piece of shit at least 100 times, not to mention any and all other abuse. I’ll stop now because I don’t want to be called a douche. ….. As I have said, I paid and was one of the first. I have almost every T short, all the DVD, bought product from advertisers, etc. I also have almost every BOAD and Mr. Tony shirt. I have been to all DC area events for all three. I sent Chad and DCRTV money this week. It has never been about money to me. I will pay for good content. I still like TMOS. I just won’t pay for it (Hint, Hint….Mike asked for this.) I just want to be able to say funny things in a fan club sometimes. I would have posted something about Charlie and the Baltimore Fireworks mess this week. Three weeks ago, I announced on DCRTV that the TMOS Bonus that week was MUST listen (the one on Grifters). But, to not be able to post something like, “Was mike too hard on Robb today?” or "mike's ailments again?" and be banned, cut off and called names is too much. Why does someone like Frank have more than three profiles? And, you want him to represent you on FB? I still have one post in me about “The story of Bo Bo the Sad Clown” and “The Ballad of Yoko and TMOS” ….Still Not a Douche, I think.

I’ve searched long and hard, but not yet seen one comment anywhere about why CBS owned WJZ-TV is balking at Nextgen TV/ATSC 3.0. It’s very stark in hindsight considering that WJZ was instrumental in organizing the building of the candelabra tower on Television Hill, which is technically on the site of their original tower. My theory is that this is a CBS corporate decision unrelated to WJZ management. I also cannot see how the other broadcasters, all members of the Pearl Group, would allow WJZ to be added later. In the short run, it won’t really mean anything for WJZ-TV locally, but once people with new TVs starting seeing the Olympics in better quality on WBAL-TV, this will wear on WJZ over 5 years of not broadcasting Nextgen TV. Maybe a good CBS corporate decision for selling their Paramount+ streaming service, but in the long run bad news locally for WJZ-TV. WUSA 9 will be the first area CBS station in Nextgen TV and likely 1080p in August.

/\ July 5 /\

\/ July 4 \/

To the poster who may have been watching the Nationals game that went into a rain delay: Because the weather was rather wild the evening of July 1 (a couple tornadoes included), it was decided it would go into the books as a Dodgers win because by the time the delay was called it was a legal game. That's why the Red Sox-As game continued airing.

So there will be 4K or 1080p feeds of the Olympics. In DC, that could only happen via Comcast or WIAV 58, but does it mean WBAL TV might be broadcasting in 4K or 1080p? 4K seems unlikely dude to bandwidth constraints with 5 channels in HD on WNUV but 1080p is certainly possible in Baltimore. But will NBC restrict it to paying customers? Hmm. There are several news reports about this with varying takes. I guess we’ll see soon. www.flatpanelshd.com — Baltomedia.net

RE: WDVM Their FCC application is not about whether you can receive WDVM as a subchannel in Washington, DC or not. That’s fine and all well and good. It’s about them NOT being available in their city of license Hagerstown, MD or covering western Maryland news in favor of DC. DC has enough TV channels. Western Maryland has no other commercial TV station covering anything out there. Therefor the application to move WDVM (RF23) to DC is NOT in the public interest, as in the public they were licensed to, which is NOT Washington, DC! If they want to try to change their COL to DC, go for it. Nexstar won’t ever try that because that would immediately be denied and for obviously good reasons.

Ive been recieving WDVM over the air for months now here in Woodbridge when I check my antenna info its on RF channel 15 which is Spanish on 14 subs Get tv, Grit, Bounce, WDCW 50 and Antenna tv all on that frequency So its already in the DC market.Also noticed last night watching the Nationals on WTTG FOX 5 that when they had a rain delay they switched to coverage of Red Sox at Oakland As and at night I usually get WBBF FOX 45 Baltimore and they weren,t airing the Nationals at all after the rain delay ended but sticking with the Red Sox As game although they might not have been airing the Nationals at all even before rain delay didn,t check .I think the picture quality on WBBF is superior to WTTG so whenever I can recieve it will prefer that over WTTG to watch a Fox program and as expected the picture quality from the CW Baltimore not as good now that it,s On subchannel of MPT but can recieve it with no problems here.Since the repack poorer quality picture on WETA and WDCW as expected putting so many channels on one frequency with the current digital tv transmission standard.

Someone told me that the networks do not have enough satellite bandwidth to network feed 4K or even 1080p to their affiliates, but this story doesn’t quite hold true in my mind because they’re selling streaming content in 4K and 1080p. So I’m told that's because its IP based distribution which the networks do not currently do with affiliate programming distribution. But then again, ATSC 3.0 is IP based, so how could they not alter their current transmission method for Nextgen TV? Why oh why? Simple answer. They’re SELLING that content for profit often WITH commercials too. Until the FCC steps in, it appears that the networks are going to resist giving away 1080p or 4K content for free. But, this will come to a head soon as the affiliate groups are the ones spending most of the money so far for ATSC 3.0. NBC has spent little, ABC & CBS nearly nothing. Only Fox, which has no big 4K streaming platform or movie content anymore has spent some money on ATSC 3.0 transitions. The pressure for higher quality content is only going to intensify. They’re not spending this money for nothing. Nexstar and Sinclair own Bitpath and they’re handling all these Nextgen rollouts, just recently in Baltimore where Nexstar doesn’t even own a station and soon, Bitpath will be involved in DC’s rollout too even though WDCW CW 50 isn’t involved as of yet. I’m sure WDCW CW 50 be on Sinclair owned WIAV 58 soon whenever Nexstar is ready to spend money on the CW station. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hagerstown’s WDVM 25 is also pushed into the DC makert via WIAV 58. The application to move their transmitter has stalled, but this could be away in the door. Nexstar and Sinclair used to be competitors, but now they hold extensive leverage on the networks.

Anyone wondering whats going to happen to Hagerstown’s WDVM 25? Their application to move the tower much closer to DC and give up much of Hagerstown as a city of license has just sat since March. Their own designed contour would clearly not cover all of Hagerstown anymore nor anywhere near Cumberland or other western Maryland communities that have virtually no other local TV service. Somehow I suspect that Nexstar will nudge this app through with the help of ATSC 3.0 very slyly, but we shall see. It should be denied. It’s clearly not in the public interest if you look at this contour map comparison. www.rabbitears.info

/\ July 4 /\

\/ July 3 \/

Someone buying MASN from the Angelos family would have been a preferred choice of buyouts I’d like to happen, but even if the network were to be put for sale or NBC Sports Nets, Sinclair wouldn’t be my first choice. And for MASN though, NBC wouldn’t be my first choice either as they would turn the Orioles into a minor league team overnight. So being from Baltimore, yeah, I’d have to go with a lesser of 2 evils, Sinclair. At least they support minority ownership in television. Ooops, did I just say that? Maude would be saying, “God will get ya for that one Arthur.” :-)

"Sandy, the fireworks are hailin' over Little Eden tonight..." Due to the laziness induced work stoppage it seems we will not get Rob Spewak's 4th of July montage, one of the few things he does well but waddya gonna do? This Fourth, I am reminded that Delaware, President Chauncey Gardner's adopted state had slavery after the end of the Civil war and that "Komla Agbeli Gbedemah, the finance minister of newly independent Ghana, was refused service at a Howard Johnson's restaurant at Dover, Delaware, while traveling to Washington, D.C., even after identifying himself by his state position to the restaurant staff." He had to make do with breakfast at the White House. Where my HoJos at? Tonight's Hot Jazz Saturday Night was too big bandy for me but I'm very happy they brought it back. Gus Cornpoppin'

About Nextgen TV, has anyone gotten a chance to see WBAL-TV in stunning 1080p yet? It will be the only local way of seeing the Olympics in that quality as WRC NBC 4 will not be in ATSC 3.0 until after the Olympics is over.

Dave's response: If large local cable companies get landline feeds from major local TV stations, is it possible that they feed a higher rez signal to their cable subs, who are paying those hefty retrans fees, than what's aired over the air to those antenna freeloaders?

From nypost.com: Sinclair Broadcasting Group, already the nation’s dominant owner of regional sports networks, has made an offer to acquire NBCUniversal’s seven regional sports networks, The Post has learned. If Sinclair succeeds in buying the RSNs, it would add dozens of popular National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball teams to its already vast collection of sports broadcast rights, including the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, Washington Capitals, Golden State Warriors, and San Francisco Giants. A deal would also give Sinclair an 8-percent stake in SportsNet New York, which broadcasts Mets games, sources said. The preliminary offer, for an amount that could not be immediately ascertained, was made as part of a June 28 deadline for first round bids, two sources familiar with the talks told The Post. That means the offer could easily come to naught because Sinclair has not yet been privy to all of the financial details around NBC’s RSNs, which will only be provided to bidders that make it through to the auction’s next round.....

Hey Dave, the only 96 ROCK people around DC or Baltimore know of is the one at the beach here, the legendary, WWTR 96 ROCK (95.9 FM) in Bethany Beach (with studios in West Ocean City still standing), now WKZP FM. Also now owned by iHeart too and Top 40, but nobody listens.

/\ July 3 /\

\/ July 2 \/

None of the meteorologists are leaving Fox 5 DC. Matthew Cappucci was hired to fill in for various shifts. He was introduced on Good Day DC Thursday and helped with on air storm coverage that day. On her Facebook page Gwen Tolbert confirmed that no one is leaving and he will be on the air this weekend covering for her. Matt is also one of the WaPo Capital Weather Gang Meteorologists. He has a great social media following.

I know I’m ‘get off my lawn years old’ because I agree with every person in the media posting anti-fireworks rants. #SupportDCRTV #Happy4thOfJuly #FreedomIsNotFree

Looks like Terry Ford is gone from 105.7 "The Fan", and headed to Lexington, KY as PD. barrettsportsmedia.com

Not local, but neither is Katie Couric really. The Gutfeld show on Fox News has now beaten every single CNN show in ratings in all dayparts and also beaten every single late night comedy show except for Stephen Colbert. Yes Kimmel and Fallon have been beaten in ratings by a cable TV late night show that is not even time-zoned. Proof that late night comedy is dead if you hate Gutfeld or they’re just really that bad in replacing brilliant people like Letterman and Leno and Conan.

/\ July 2 /\

\/ July 1 \/

For me the Don and Mike show ended with Freda Source's tragic death. The one day right afterwards where Don came in and spun records for an hour would have been the perfect coda. It was never the same afterwards because Freda was always the superego that kept the show's id (don and mike's antics) grounded. It was very sad to watch the show die a slow painful death like when it became clear that Mike was unable to handle the reigns by himself and Rob's increased presence on the air was really detrimental the listening experience. He was always best being the intern. I always wished that after that special one-hour show, Don should have called it quits, walk away from radio entirely, and do something completely different such as pursue his dream to do NFL analysis on TV somewhere.

O5car Santana is the new voice of SombodyFirstFinancial. A manchild with rats in his floors and walls and no kitchen and has done nothing but maim his house (but there is damn sure a Peloton!) touting mortgages. One who tried to take out a home equity loan immediately after buying the house. MBA, money well spent. No worse I suppose than "38 pounds" O'Meara shilling for Noom. Time on the office-moving clock is now 10 days. We'll see how that shakes out. Prediction is it will be a No Show No Call Monday. If there is something good happening in DC radio/TV I'd love to hear about that. Gus "We've all had to become broadcast engineers" and monkeys might fly out of my butt

I just contributed to the DCRTV Ad Loss Fund and I feel great!. Giving is contagious. Join me - today. Goal. $750.00 by the 4th of July.

New meteorologist introduced on Fox5 this morning. He will be doing weekend mornings. So where does that leave Gwen Tolbert as she was just recently switched to that shift. He seems really comfortable on air. He does have an “Anchorman” type voice though.

If Metro is serious about the hot a/c format they would put WINC-FM on both 730 AM and 97.5 FM. Run it as a hot a/c for Northern Virginia, with signals that actually reach people. Doing this would make them an actual player in the market. It would be a captive audience since the death of Mix 107.3. Any of their other signals really won’t put a dent into listeners around Northern Virginia. MLB4

When I saw CURRENT on DCRTV, I got confused. I thought it was Al Gore’s failed TV network, that was later sold to Al Jazeera for $500 million, only to be shut down. Wouldn’t someone like to arrange that deal? Speaking of failing networks, a new CNN joke is trending. “THIS IS XI-N-N” after they celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Chinese Communist party. And about Channel 45. I remember us joking as a kid when there was heat lightning saying, “Well channel 45 will be off the air soon.” At least WDCA 20 at the time was owned by a chain of TV stations and more professionally run. When channel 45 got struck by lightning, Mr. Smith literally got in his car and drove to Catonsville or Parkdale Avenue I guess back in the day and replaced tubes by himself or made the kids play with electricity at a young age. Maybe this explains why the Sinclair kids are so mean, forced child labor? Finally, WHUT/ATSC 3.0. They filed to go on the air July 1. I don’t know why since they obviously knew at what stage they were at in the process when talking to Scott Fybush. Clearly it was a mistake, but it might just get approved this week anyway, but I’ don’t think they are completely ready anyway.

Someone told me something from Adams Radio about why they’re leaving the Eastern Shore market. Insider said, “No way to compete with Draper when they’re advertising on TV every day all of their radio stations.” So that’s the reason for the sales of WZBH and WGBG and WOCQ 103.9 FM is going to be sold soon too. Adams is completely exiting the market, but not getting out of radio. — BaltoMedia.net

RE:” Sure, I was in DC during Don and Mike's heyday. I don’t deny them their popularity. So why are they treated so badly here?”…I keep trying to prove I am not a douche because of Mike’s active pushing away of listeners, Bobby’s terrible life choices, Frank from Austin, and Jolene the Hooker from Vegas. I need to discuss these things next about but these types of posts become a higher priority to respond to. D&M were great. Period. Doni did some weird shit after it ended. His destruction of RELM (Keep Reading) and Buzz was cringe worthy and great at the same time. It can still be found on line. For instance, Doni fell off a stage in Sac town – great pics. Doni is now retired. (He could come back to DC and kill it is he wanted.) TMOS on JFK after D&M was so so. Shari McBride, the producer, was great in a terrible way on that show. The fact that Bobby was so bad at being a producer and she was his boss was really enjoyable. Mike would have fired her but he had no choice due to his laziness and Bobby’s lack of skill. Buzz was still there. The station switched to sports. That was the end of TMOS on JFK if you ever heard them talk about even Mike’s most knowledgeable sports: baseball, hockey, and golf. Bobby and sports are like opposite ends of magnets. Then, Mike failed at the Arrow with Kirk but that was a terrible idea to begin with. So, Oscar, who lost BOAD on air too, sold the idea of a podcast to Mike and Bobby at an Applebees. BOAD continued as a GREAT podcast. Chad took over sports drive at JFK first with Lavar – I’ll stop laughing now. Lavar was SOOOOO BAD. How Chad made it through before Lavar left is supernatural. Drab helped Chad get through lavar until some texting miscues moved him to produce the Junks. So, here is where the bitching you read about Mike comes from. TMOS started in Mike’s living room. It was new and had a fun group of characters in the mix. Some were bad choices like Ronic who went on to start and ruin the RELM podcast network (Can someone else take this?). Eventually, TMOS became Mike, Oscar, and Bobby alone as hosts. In the ten years since the living room, the show has evolved from something most liked to something so many came to hate because of Mike. Mike mirrored people he once made fun on D&M in ruthless fashion. Like Jerry and Larry getting old, the more he got serious, the more he was laughable. He treated his kids just like Larry and Cathy Lee. His move to FLA produced a daily bitching session of life. The rich DJ who did not give a shit about socioeconomic issues when we loved D&M started preaching about these issues. He has become more arrogant preaching narcissistically to listeners how to live. At the same time, his actions are the opposite. A good example of this was the months long bitching about how old people around him were doing extraordinary things to get vaccinated first. Then, he let an OUT OF STATE listener play the game with multiple phone lines for him to get vaccinated. In other words, Mike motto has become “Live like I preach, not as I live”. Then, he gets up on a pedestal to tell us when he acts like a human like he is the Dali Lama. He once told a fellow golfer not to use the “N” word. The story has been told so many times like he is the Leader of BLM for the South of Florida. (Some listeners remember him talking about the beach getting “Darker” so he took his daughters home.) He told the other day about a $20 tip he gave a waiter in a crowded tourist rest area. He made it sound like he gave the kid a college scholarship. He also had to tell us how the gold digger saw it from behind and it “Made the kids Day”. I’ll stop now. Was this too much like a douche?

NEWS! From radioinsight.com: Barry Lee Retires From WINC-FM Mornings After 37 Years... Ahead of the closing of the sale of the station to Metro Radio LLC, Barry Lee retired this morning from Hot AC “WINC 105” 104.9 WZFC Strasburg/105.5 WINC-FM Berryville VA after 37 years at the station. Lee joined 92.5 WINC-FM as morning host in 1984 moving with the station to the 104.9/105.5 simulcast after its former 92.5 signal was sold to Educational Media Foundation last fall. Prior to joining WINC-FM, Lee spent seven years in mornings at 99.3 WFFV Front Royal VA. A 2017 profile from the Winchester Star states that Lee spent his first decade at WINC-FM as a part-time employee while also managing dial-a-joke and local weather phone services. Katie Gorham, who has co-hosted mornings with Lee since 2017, will remain in mornings at WINC-FM. Metro Radio states it intends to retain the current format of the station and add its programming to one of its suburban Washington DC translators to regain some of the coverage lost from the sale of the 92.5 signal across Northern Virginia.

Dave, DC’s Media Pixie Katie Couric is visting DC on tour. Are you going to see the failed CBS Evening News anchor Dave? I mean c’mon, she’s just too cute to be wrong right? :-) www.ticketmaster.com

Fox 5 Morning News. With the antenna move to River Road (WDCA’s former home), could Count Gore de Vol be haunting WTTG? But seriously, back in the 1970s/80s, the River Road tower was a tough catch from Baltimore City. Might not make any difference around DC mostly, but WDCA 20 was very hard to get even with a rooftop antenna back then in Baltimore. This is the original reason that Cable TV was a big thing in the early 80s. I tried so hard to watch Captain 20 as he had better cartoons than WBFF which was a cheaply run TV station just as Sinclair is surprisingly still cheaply run even with Nextgen TV!

Dave's response: Likewise reception of Baltimore indy Channel 45/WBFF in Northern Virginia. It had a lot of klystron tube failures during the 1970s forcing it to frequently go on low power, sometimes right in the middle of Bill LeFevre's afternoon matinee.....

"DC Nextgen date changed to August 13 as of today. Approval likely." - Weird how this article, which was published last week, clearly lays out the timetable for the DC ATSC 3.0 project. "Work is already underway on the needed upgrades to WHUT’s transmission plant, including a more powerful transmitter, with the goal of signing on the ATSC 3.0 signal for Washington by August." - current.org

"Sure, I was in DC during Don and Mike's heyday. I dont deny them their popularity. So why are they treated so badly here?" D** is not treated badly here because he is not discussed here. As for Mike, do you need someone to come to your house and read aloud the posts about him? I don't understand why you go on about the long ago "Don & Mike" when the predominant theme is "Mike and his minions suck for these reasons and he's an enormous disappointment". Live in the now Sir. Six days to move your offices my a$$. Gus on the Edge of Wetness urging you for the love of God Montresor to stop belaboring this and enjoy the ride

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