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DCRTV Mailbag - November 1, 2021 to November 30, 2021

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How many times per week do the Junkies insult Coach Rivera during their weekly interview? He's a tough guy, but even he gets annoyed. They're so self-absorbed that they no longer care about anything. Longing for the days of Andy & Czabe doing a real interview, rather than just saying things and badgering a coach into saying something resembling their own beliefs. Not very siiiillllly. In fact, it's hauuurrrting.

DCRTV HOLIDAY DONATION DRIVE. From one loyal reader to another, this time of year isn’t a season. It’s a festive feeling of good-will. Like the warm, fuzzy DONATION feeling you get by joining all of us in thanking Dave and DCRTV for providing over 24 years of great DC/MD/VA media news and mailbag commentary. DCRTV costs money to operate - more expensive every year. To operate, it takes Dave's daily time, dedication and 'labor of love.' too. You can send Dave your holiday donation via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or do like I did, send a card and a donation to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655

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\/ November 29 \/

The Don Geronimo Show on Big 100 is the funniest radio i've heard in years. lol Am a big Junkies listener and sometimes Elliot but since Don started, i don't think i've laughed that hard out loud last week. Former radio guy here. Just my input. Thanks.

People talk about AM radio being dead, but I say FM rock radio is deader. "Mommy, I can't find my Pearl Jam!" Thirty minutes to scan the FM dial? Luuuudicrisssss! DC 101 as the gold standard for the area? You say so, as Tom Clancy said so often in his novels.. As for I-95, Moose out front should have told you. Blame it on your friend who chose to live in the 'Bridge. Eez not my yob, mang. Gus throwing it back on the listener and oh way by the way, everyone thinks "the driving of people who are not me" "SUX" scoop o' vanilla chocolate, don't waste my time

/\ November 29 /\

\/ November 28 \/

Is Michelle Grossman going to be the weekend weather bunny to fill in for Lauren Ricketts when she goes out maternity leave or is she is going to be a more permanent member of the news 4 forecasting team?

I noticed that the ESTEEMED Washington Post retracted its story that Kyle Rittenhouse crossed state lines with an AR-15 after it was proven in court that that was false, and even on live TV too. His Mom drove him 17 miles to his Dad’s house and someone else purchased the AR-15 in Wisconsin legally. So of course the The NY Times retracted it also. Hmm. Does Jeff Bezos and The Times just have better lawyers than CNN, MSNBC, and Joy Behar, Whoopie, and Joy Reid? Apparently, because this boy is going to OWN DOZENS of people. I think he’ll end up being far richer than Nick Sandman, maybe a billionaire even. The police had full access to his phone and could not find 1 connection to any white supremacist organization either nor was there any mention of such evidence in court. How could that be possible? Because Joy Reid, et al just made it up to fit their smear campaign disguised as NEWS. So Bezos is free and clear at The Post, so is NY Times, but the rest of them should be cowering in fear right now because they’re REALLY going to know the pain of Democracy Dying in Darkness very soon right out of their wallets! I also expect some firings too. If the personnel are sued successfully first, the networks will be forced to fire them, so Don Lemon is gone soon, maybe Chris Cuomo too, but he’s got a ton of baggage already. It’s POPCORN SEASON coming up. What’s going to happen when one of these famous people goes to trial? What will their defense be for shameless proven lies? Snopes.com won’t even touch this simple fact even though the truth is documented and KNOWN now in court.

/\ November 28 /\

\/ November 27 \/

I spent last weekend visiting a Navy buddy down in Woodbridge, Virginia...and I could not believe how AWFUL Washington DC FM radio is! It took me 30+ minutes scanning up & down the FM band just to find a station playing some type of "modern rock" (Pearl Jam, Linkin Park etc) and because traffic on 95/495/BW Parkway F--ING SUX! (and BTW you locals DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!!) so I had plenty of time to scan radio. I am from Philadelphia area and have a REAL kinda classic-modern rock radio station at 93.3fm WMMR (live local 24/7/365) or lame corporate iheart radio 104.5fm (computer run, but plays everything modern WMMR will not play) or the unique college radio of WXPN. I was blown away by home awful DC radio is (back in late 1990s driving to DC for College Republican events I remembered the glory of WHFS on 99.1fm) I finally found 'DC101' on the drive home and listened to that until I picked up WMMR in rural red-neck Maryland. I see why so many dislike the imperial city of Washington DC (Mordor on the Potomac); awful radio, terrible drivers & too expensive ~R.

/\ November 27 /\

\/ November 26 \/

Mailbag Minute - Post Thanksgiving Edition. We should give new COVID variants human names like we do with hurricanes. With falling ratings, BIG100 management better 'shock the woke world' and push for "Don Geronimo.The Classic Rock Variant" Speaking of Geronimo, looks like he had a "ratings killer" accordion player in the CLASSIC ROCK studio last week. Along with old Don, that young PD is begging to be fired! Who had the best Thanksgiving this year? The 3rd Mrs Geronimo-Sorce who is featured on Don's show. Judging by the final 'over-ask' closing sale price of their Sacramento gated mansion, she made a community property killing. Great ROI for back in the day, being the first woman to take the grieving Geronimo a casserole - then he marries her! #LotteryWinner! Are we in a 1965 moment for democracy? Speaking of Mike O'Meara, his adult daughters Liz & Kat from previous marriages joined him In Florida for Thanksgiving; or as we in the mailbag refer to them as 'Little Michael's' Aunts. Now only working 4 days per week, O'Meara took more days off and gave marginal show efforts recently citing he was "not motivated." SHOCKER! Out of TMOS click-bait news, Robb Spewak's wife of 25 years and empty-nester mother of his two children, left him back in October to meet-up with her gay high school friend in Arizona. TV episode of Jerry Springer? Where did she spend Thanksgiving? Since it's the holiday giving season, when has that cheap-ass balto media website owner given a dime to DCRTV Dave? Speaking of our webmaster Camo Dave Hughes, did you know that at 5'7, he wears a size 13 shoe? Congratulations porn star! “Rush On The Radio,” a book penned by the longtime Executive Producer and call screener Bo Snerdly of the Premiere Networks-syndicated “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” has been released by All Seasons Press. Sounds like All Seasons Press needs to buy a display ad on DCRTV. Heard on WTOP that Old Spice is being recalled due to cancer risk. All you old media buzzards are dead.

As of Wednesday, WBOC TV was back at full power, 1000 KW as repairs were completed quicker than expected, so they have filed to withdraw their STA request. Everyone should be getting the normal reception now. — BaltoMedia

/\ November 26 /\

\/ November 25 \/

Wanna know what makes ME feel old? When "Smells Like Teen Spirit" happened, "Stairway" was 20 years old. Today "Teen Spirit" is THIRTY years old. Know what was 30 years old in '91? "The Twist" by Chubby Checker. Got room for another geezer?

Before 2021 leaves us entirely, it should be pointed out that "Stairway to Heaven" turned FIFTY years old earlier in November. Sweet dreams, you toothless old geezer bastards.

/\ November 25 /\

\/ November 24 \/

Since most people are talking politics, I’ll stick to local media mostly. Nextgen TV comes to DC in about 3 weeks on Dec. 15. Surprisingly, nearby Harrisburg will also get Nextgen TV on Dec. 15 it looks like, although the stations aren’t yet known except that Sonshine Family Television stations are hosting it with 2 or 3 of their LPTV stations as they bought another one as well just this week, WLHY-LD 31. WDVM 25 filed another amendment meaning the FCC is not yet buying their tower move application all that much since they lose coverage in Hagerstown and Western Maryland, for which they were originally licensed to or inaccuracies in the reported viewership numbers. In other news. WMUC got approval to move to 90.5 FM. Not sure when exactly when they move, but should be a better signal around campus and College Park, Beltsville, and Greenbelt, Adelphia, and maybe Hyattsville. In the area, WBOC TV on the shore just had catastrophic transmitter failure and is operating on very low power. Repairs are underway. And RIP Doug Hill. Always watched him in college. Was it the Don & Mike Show that jokingly called him The Doug of Doom during snowstorms? I just remember it wasn’t so much a joke about him, but about how people in the area mishandle driving in snow and panic like idiots. I never knew he grew up in Baltimore. — BaltoMedia.net

WZSK 1040 kHz Everett, PA which had been silent the last two years, is done. Last week on November 18, the FCC cancelled its license. Jeff

Speaking of Erin Como, if anyone reading this works at FOX5 and draws her name in the holiday gift exchange, get her a compass (or a clue). In multiple traffic reports this morning she kept talking about the EASTBOUND Dulles Toll Road traffic heading towards the airport. D’oh! And on Monday she kept showing a tweet from Metro about the ongoing reduced service and treated it as breaking traffic news. Metro published separate alerts for each line since they have different frequencies and she just repeatedly rebroadcast the one specific to the Red Line, oblivious that it was not a breaking situation but rather a reminder of the new service level that’s been in place for weeks. Happy Thanksgiving!

Another loss this week. From Al Twanmo's Facebook page, where there are lots of condolences from his radio and records friends: It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the passing of Albert Twanmo this past week. Although he had some significant health issues of late, he was very much on the mend, so we are all shocked and devastated. While sudden, we take solace in knowing that Al spent his final days in conversation with his daughters, sister, and friends, with his loving cats, Fred and Ginger, by his side. Al lived an adventure-filled life. While studying psychology at Georgetown University, he hosted a popular rockabilly radio show on WGTB. After college, he worked for a sound design company and then went into the record business with Chrysalis Records, getting music by bands like Blondie, Pat Benatar, Billy Idol, Huey Lewis and the News, the Specials and Jethro Tull played on the radio all up and down the East Coast and in the Atlanta market. He also mentored and managed local DC bands like the Acrylix during the 1980s. While raising a family as a devoted and loving dad to two daughters, Al worked in the software business and eventually pursued his real passion: acting in the theater, in film, and on TV. Al was seen frequently on the stages of DC area theaters and featured prominently in shows like The West Wing, Yellow Face, and The Oldest Boy: A Play in Three Ceremonies. Interested in the Chinese healing arts, Al became a sought after massage therapist later in life, while continuing to make his booming voice heard on stage and screen. Often seen in a dapper suit and fedora, Al had formidable collections of hats, pens, LPs, and Disney movies. Al was truly a man of many trades and has been impacted immensely by all those he met along the way. If you knew Al, you know he will always be remembered by his joyous, belly-deep laugh, often produced by his own goofy dad jokes. Even in his darkest days, he found a moment to laugh, smile, and crack a silly joke - so in the spirit of “Al Fucking Twanmo” (as he often referred to himself), we hope you all find a moment to smile for the life of a truly amazing man. With love, Al’s family (daughters Isabel and Cecilia, ex-wife Linda, and sister Emily) We will have a celebration of Al’s life at a later date, tbd. Contributions in Al’s name can be made to the Actors’ Fund of America, secure2.convio.net. Check “Tribute” and enter Albert Twanmo. Isabel Twanmo, Cecilia Twanmo, Linda Reinisch — with Al Twanmo.

The already over crowded public radio landscape on Delmarva could get even tighter. A NEW construction permit was submitted to the FCC for a public radio station located in Trappe, MD, just south of Cambridge on frequency 91.7 - looks like it's associated with Mike Starling who heads up WHCP-LP in Cambridge. fcc.gov... Delmarva Public Media is WSCL, 89.5, WSDL 90.7 and WESM 91.3. WDDE in Dover is 91.1 and don't forget WYPO on 106.9 in Ocean City.

My favorite Christmas "station" is back on the air this morning: It's the Cardinal Plaza Shell gas station on Old Keene Mill Road in West Springfield VA. Every holiday season, they trick out the entire corner with a synchronized light/music show, broadcast on short-range FM just under 88 MHz. If you're stuck at the traffic light, it's worth turning on your radio for a few minutes and watch the fun. The music selection is for shit ("I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas", for example) but it's enough to make you glad you picked that way home that evening.

/\ November 24 /\

\/ November 23 \/

NEWS! From wtop.com. Present and former colleagues on Tuesday remembered Doug Hill, who died Monday after having been a meteorologist in the D.C. area for more than 30 years. Longtime D.C.-area meteorologist Doug Hill has died. Hill spent more than 17 years at WJLA and more than 15 years on WTOP before retiring to North Carolina with his wife, Mary Ann, in 2017. He spent 16 years before that at WUSA. His good friend, WJLA meteorologist Steve Rudin, told WTOP that Hill was a fiercely private person, was “living his best life” and passed after a short illness. Just before 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, Rudin on the air called Hill “a former colleague, mentor and friend” and described him as “the best of the best – one of the most popular and familiar faces on local television.” Rudin added that “Doug lived modestly [and] donated generously, especially to causes to end food insecurity. He adored his family. … May his memory be a blessing.” Later in the day, he told WTOP that “Doug was a big deal, but Doug didn’t act like he was a big deal,” Rudin told WTOP later in the day. He said he had seen Hill on TV in Detroit when he was 10 years old, and was stunned when he got to come to D.C. and work with him. Storm Team 4 meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts also watched Hill as a kid, and she said on Tuesday “Doug Hill has been a part of my life from the very beginning, whether he knows that or not — although I reminded him several times when I worked with him over six years.” Ricketts recounted a story of Hill’s leadership that had nothing to do with the weather: She was working at WJLA during “my first deployment as a military girlfriend,” and told Hill that “my boyfriend at the time, now my husband, had just gotten back from the first deployment that we spent apart together.” “And I was telling Doug, and Doug was like, ‘You should leave work right now and go down to North Carolina and surprise him when he gets home.’ And I still had two days of work left, including that full day. And Doug was in the military — I mean, he got his training in the Air Force. So he knew, and I was so grateful for that. And it almost makes me tear up when I think about it, because he didn’t have to do that. But he was just such a good leader and just such a good mentor. And I loved him for it.” Leon Harris, an anchor at NBC Washington who spent 13 years at WJLA with Hill, said on Tuesday that getting the news about Hill was “a punch in the stomach.” He described the weatherman as a man of family and faith who acted as “a patriarch” to the rest of the WJLA weather team. “He treated everybody who worked with him like they were his child, like they were his family,” Harris said. “He was just that kind of guy.” Harris added that Hill loved a “healthy debate” about politics, sports or whatever: “He would argue with me about anything.” He remembered that people would follow Hill from one station to another. “It wasn’t the station; it was the guy,” Harris said. Hill didn’t just give the weather on WTOP for 15 years, Harris said – he was instrumental in developing a partnership between the two stations. “The connection that you have with listeners is a really, really intimate connection,” Harris said. “And he liked being part of that. … It was something that was really, really key to him, was trying to find a way to connect with the people who listen. And he wanted to deliver for them every single day.” Retired WJLA anchor Gordon Peterson said Hill was “serious about his work, but he had a delightful sense of humor.” “I used to tease him about the meteorology terms he’d use – I’d say, ‘Oh no, not a wintery mix!’ He’d say, ‘We have a backdoor front coming.’ I’d say, ‘A what?’ And he handled it great.” Longtime NBC Washington meteorologist Bob Ryan was a competitor and a colleague of Hill’s for 40 years, and on Tuesday he said, “Doug was passionate about getting people prepared for even average weather, but especially when any weather was dangerous, he was at the top of his game.” Ryan said Hill was a family man and a man of faith, and called him “a person we all should think about, pray for and try to emulate better.” Hill was an Air Force veteran and a Prince George’s County, Maryland, police officer before becoming a broadcaster. He began his TV career in Richmond in 1978, with a stint in Detroit in the 1980s before coming back to D.C. in 1984, WJLA said on the occasion of his retirement. He retired in order to spend more time with his family and on his church, WJLA said at the time. Hill told the station at his retirement, “I’ve been very fortunate to make a career out of a childhood hobby. I love what I’ve been able to do here at ABC7 and I love the people I’ve worked with over the years.” He added, “I’ve been given a great platform to use my talents in meteorology; now, I’m going to dedicate those gifts to Christian ministry and focus on my family. I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life and am privileged to have ABC7’s full support.” Hill is survived by his wife and four children.

"Miss Como seems to be dressing more conservative these days. No more "club" outfits. Tisha the screamer is still annoying though." Every time I read these stalker posts I feel the need to shower. Sooo gross.

Hey Real AHHHH, if you're going to cut and paste someone else's joke, at least give proper attribution: twitter.com. Lame.

You sure it’s not G. Gifford Lee ? OOBBEE

I see Shawn Yancy is getting called out by a national TV critic for her Bias tweeting during the Rittenhouse Trial. She has done this for years, Mike knew what he was getting when he brought her on board. How does he deal with it is the question? He probably doesn't is the answer.

Where has Erika Gonzalez been? I mean Erika Gon-zales been? Virginia's Community Colleges Alumni

Walter Cronkite? Hmm, where have I heard that name? Gimme a ,minute ... okay, got it! He was the guy who said the Tet Offensive was a defeat for the U.S. and a victory for the NVA. That guy.. (Should we have been in Vietnam at all? Of course not.) His later work as a producer for Soulsonic Force and mentoring a young L.L.. Cool J.is largely overlooked because he used a pseudonym, "Walter X" thinking that a name that sounds like the German word for "sickness" would send the wrong message. Gus

OOBBEE...let's take it from the top, here we go... Kathie Lee. Kathie. Not Kathy, not Cathy....Kathie. Not rocket science. But you can still stick the landing, my man... third time's the charm!

Re: Erin Como dressing more conservative, think you spoke too soon. This morning, she chose an off shoulder, low cut tight dress. And yes, screaming Tisha continues to scream. Such a mismatch when she’s paired w/the new anchor Jacqueline who speaks in a normal voice. When it’s Tisha’s turn, she yells the story. Does the person in charge of sound checks not notice this? Also, noticed they did a promo on Angie Goff touting her greatness whereas the rest of the on air people only get to announce their name and say “This Is FOX5” in their promos. Finally, as usual, a broadcast isn’t complete w/o them showing at least one video that doesn’t match the story the anchor is reading from the teleprompter. Just happened.

So, I’m flipping around the NFL Ticket games last weekend and who do I hear doing the Lions versus the Browns as an analyst??? Good old LaVar Arrington was on network TV and he sounded good. I guess CBS Radio saw talent when none of us heard it with Dukes. Speaking of which, I wonder how Podcasters Dukes and Mike O’Meara would feel hearing him live on Fox doing a Skins game. I think Dukes has always been professional when speaking about his past partner but I know Mike has more or less called him a “Mush Mouth” when he bring up his JFK Replacement. OOBBEE

/\ November 23 /\

\/ November 22 \/

Wassup? Miss Como seems to be dressing more conservative these days. No more "club" outfits. Tisha the screamer is still annoying though. LOL

Gus in the Gaithersburg writes: "Dear Don Geronimo, about a year ago a one time hookup, Sal from Ocean City, gave me a scorching case of chlamydia. If he’s out there, maybe he’ll hear my song and know the antibiotics EVENTUALLY worked. On BIG100, can you please play Tarkus by Emerson Lake and Palmer?"

To the guy upset about WTTG and Angie spouting their opinions - Really? That bothers you? Should I do a search on your complaints about the biased liberal reporting at places like BSNBC and CNN or are you ok with that?

OMG, so Cathy G was not close enough for you??? I have to Use a K and add “Lee Gifford”? 95% of D&G listeners knew who I was talking about. Was this sent in by Bob or Oscar? Maybe even the gold digger herself??? If I said Gordon Liddy would you need the G>???? Your reasoning is this: If Don did it; any DJ (Especially Mike) can do anything with no criticism? Are you kidding me? It’s OK to brag about screwing a little person or an aged rock star who swears it is not true? You can embarrass childhood friends or lifelong co-workers without reprieve like your shit doesn’t stink? Yeah, Bart was on D&M too much. But, Bart was never on as much as Junior is on TMOS and he was never prodded to be a performer Like KATHY LEE GIFFORD’S CODY WAS ON THE AIR. Plus, I don’t remember Mike’s daughters ever being on. That would have put him over the minimum time he had to spend with them after #2 left him for a “real” rich guy. He was too busy running a “Look around” restaurant and being a DJ band leader back then to go over the time limit with the girls. Bart was never asked to dance like a monkey: “Do your latest impressions” or ‘”let’s sing for the people”. Bart also never got to “walk on” whenever he wanted with the phone. And, Uncle Mike NEVER fawned over Bart the way Oscar and Bob do with Michael. Almost baby talking to him. Yuck! Doni did some bragging but Bart never was called a genius despite not achieving G&T like Bob did in school. (That killed Mike after months of bragging junior was in.) More than anything, Don never accepted gifts for Bart’s birthday or Christmas from listeners or encouraged people to give to the school charity in his name so he would win for having the highest number. That would be as white trash as telling listeners to vote in a local rag for your wife’s ability to get, I mean give facials at her business. OOBBEE.

Notes, Walter Cronkite stood up and said Americans shouldn't believe the lies the government is telling us on the progress of the Vietnam War. He also praised Nixon resigning and the Ford pardon. I can go on about Cronkite's opinion of the news, but I won't. Next, The comparison of Rittenhouse to Simpson is off target. Comparing him to George Zimmerman is better. Rittenhouse will be the darling of the Conservative Media until he does something stupid, akin to threatening a woman, like Zimmerman did. The Conservative Media will then quietly drop his punk ass, like they dropped Zimmerman's fat ass. Zimmerman grew up in Manassas, VA.

/\ November 22 /\

\/ November 21 \/

“Sal in Ocean City writes: ‘Dear Don Geronimo, about two years ago my girlfriend, Tina, gave me a scorching case of chlamydia. We broke up and now I miss her so. If she’s out there, maybe she’ll hear our song and know the antibiotics worked. On BIG100, can you please play Mr. Roboto by Styx?’” Happy Thanksgiving mailbag! The Real AHHHH Legend #AmericanTop40 #SupportDCRTVWithADonation

/\ November 21 /\

\/ November 20 \/

"The armchair attorney who predicted that Kyle Rittenhouse will become rich through litigation against MSNBC, WaPo, et all, seems to forget history. Although O.J. Simpson was acquitted in criminal court, the victims' families sued the shit out of O.J. in civil court, and WON BIG TIME! This ain't over, kids." What's your deal Sparky? You seem to be arguing two disparate points. WIN big time in one hand and COLLECT big time in the other and see which one fills up first. (Hint: the answer is "neither".) O.J. is fine with his NFL pension and home in Florida. I forget, who's the armchair lawyer here? You say potato, I say potypo Gus

The armchair attorney who predicted that Kyle Rittenhouse will become rich through litigation against MSNBC, WaPo, et all, seems to forget history. Although O.J. Simpson was acquitted in criminal court, the victims' families sued the shit out of O.J. in civil court, and WON BIG TIME! This ain't over, kids.

It looks like Adam "Awadd" Epstein is the winner in the "Who will replace Steve Czaban on Saturday mornings at WJFK?" sweepstakes. He was on today from 7:30 - 10 and stated that will be the case moving forward. Awadd subbed numerous times for Czabe during the latter's brief run on Saturdays. I have liked Awadd dating back to his days with The Junkies, but I was hoping for maybe a new voice, or even Al Galdi who used to do Saturday mornings on 980 back a while ago. Also I am enjoying the rotating hosts on JFK's weeknight Overtime segment. I wonder if CK is using this timeslot as a tryout for a potential permanent host until baseball returns next Spring? - Tom in Wheaton

/\ November 20 /\

\/ November 19 \/

While I continue to maintain my pose of blissful ignore-ance the occasional Spy Report! Spy Report! does come over my transom (Thanks, fanclub!) This week Oscar Santana said he spends about $100,000 a year on alcohol. So much for "this is how we feed our families"! Reflect on this as you chow down on a $50 dollar fruitcake or a $100 fruitcake with deluxe packaging and fake signatures. Oh ye suckersss! Gave Dan Bongodildo another try but a little of him goes a long way so I bailed and went back to public TV. Like Tom Selleck, not my first rodeo. Gus

Looks like we have another 18 year old multimilionaire thanks to MSNBC & fake news CNN and The Bezos Democracy in Darkness Woke Mafia Post. This one might just put CNN out of business! How much will AT&T pay to keep them on the air? Too funny. Meanwhile Facebook has censored and suspended people describing Rittenhouse as a "dangerous person or organization” so Zuck might get sued too! I’m doing better than McDonald’s "Loving it!” What will WRC NBC 4 do since their network was thrown out of the court room?

Watching WTTG "news" recently they had a report on progress towards starting sports gambling in Maryland. At the end of the report Angie cpmmented that it was good news. Got me to wondering if WTTG is officially supporting sports gambling, or if Angie was expressing a personal opinion that shows her bias and lack of professionalism? In either case it has become harder and harder to distinguish news from opinion and gossip in WTTG's "news" programs.

/\ November 19 /\

\/ November 18 \/

Hey, OOOBEE - just curious, who is this "Cathy G." you were referring to? If you're talking about Kathie Lee Gifford, at least be a little more on target, if for no other reason than to not confuse the reader. And it's kind of ironic that O'Meara would now be getting picked on for having his kid do some appearances on the podcast here and there, when his most well-known show regularly featured his co-host's kid practically every day. For those unfamiliar, a refresher: On the old Don & Mike radio show - especially the first several years - Don did frequent phone calls with his young son Bart from his toddler phase right up through his early school years. Bart even did in studio bits as well. And for an extra twist of irony, this was all during the same time they were roasting Gifford about her "stage mom" antics. One can only assume that Geronimo didn't see the hypocrisy at the time. When Mike became a parent to his daughters later on, they did make a few appearances, but not to the same extent. Not knocking anyone for getting a little carried away with regard to their kids' talents - or lack of - but what Mike is doing today may very well be influenced by what he participated in years ago as "Uncle Mike".

I didn't take anything out of context. I WATCHED a LIVE INTERVIEW with LESTER HOLT and I understood exactly what he meant. It’s the crazy left that have no context on anything and try to create false narratives. I know what Lester Holt’s point was. He was saying that in a world where Trump lies every day, we no longer have to be objective in the news. THAT IS HIS OPINION, NOT FACT and the DEFINITION OF BAD JOURNALISM as defined in any textbook! Cronkite would never say or do such a thing. So what is Lester Holt doing in a world where Biden lies every day or falls on plane steps or Fauci’s China Flu connections? He’s SILENT! THAT IS WHY DEMOCRACY IS DYING IN DARKNESS WASHINGTON POST. Btw, the Post has retracted so many stories in the last couple months and nobody even noticed, Russia Russia Russia, RETRACTED, Trump collusion, RETRACTED, Steele Dossier? RETRACTED. By the way, MSNBC is now banned from the Rittenhouse trial for stalking the jurors! So any NEWS that WRC NBC 4 reports via MSNBC on the trial is now hearsay and stuff they saw on FOX NEWS since the network is now BANNED from the trial. Riddle me that one BATMAN in Bartonsville! LOL

WGOP 540 kHz has been back the last week on and off....no TOH or other IDs, but playing mostly nostalgia. Yesterday they featured blocks of songs from The Drifters, Eagles, Dylan, and others. Several days ago it sounded like they were possibly // WBEY-FM, playing relatively current C&W. Anyone have more concrete info re: what their game Is? Jeff

/\ November 18 /\

\/ November 17 \/

Once again, an indoctrinated, brainwashed FoxTrumper has taken someone's words completly out of context and mischaracterized them entirely. I know this beyond the intellectual capabilities of most Fox viewers, but context is king. It's essential to consider the entirety of what Lester Holt said while accepting an award at the 45th Murrow Symposium last March: "I think it’s become clear that fairness is overrated ... the idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in....That the sun sets in the west is a fact. Any contrary view does not deserve our time or attention.....Decisions to not give unsupported arguments equal time are not a dereliction of journalistic responsibility or some kind of agenda, in fact, it’s just the opposite....(P)roviding an open platform for misinformation, for anyone to come say whatever they want, especially when issues of public health and safety are at stake, can be quite dangerous." In other words, journalists have no duty to repeat lies in the interest of giving "both sides" equal time. "Truthiness" just isn't good enough. -Mike in Bartonsville

This is definitely the case in DC. Tony Perkins and Reese spit their political agenda every day. No objectivity there. The controversial right-wing outlet Project Veritas is out with an “investigative story” in which they focus on the Tegna TV stations and claim that they are exposing internal Tegna training that is telling staff to “Stop Thinking in Terms of Objective Journalism.”

"It was nice to hear Oscar tell Mike to shove it on the show about being late the other day." It can't happen often enough. Sounds like another "Yaz is a ..." meltdown. I remember Cody appearing on the show far too often. Some things never change. Oh ye bonus show suckerss! Gus

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Why would you watch WRC NBC 4 when NBC Nightly News's Lester Holt said, "It's not my job to be unbiased anymore in journalism", he BROKE JOURNALISM FOR EVERYBODY IN THE FUTURE! It was a stunning moment in journalism history that likely made Cronkite turn over in his grave! And I used to really like Lester Holt too. But that is why MSNBC News & NBC and the other LEFT networks can no longer be trusted and ratings are down. As for ratings demos, most people under 40 now get their news from Youtube bots and internet blogs. This is why WOKE people are rioting anarchy and crazy out of control and also the reason for QAnon too! They don’t see any real news sources or believe in any and do not watch. And no, they’re also not watching FOX News either. But the bad news for the Woke Media and Democrats is that LIKELY VOTERS watch FOX News, even those who don’t like them at all as do independents who’ve totally turned on Biden in the polls. This is why censorship of conservative media online is going to be the BIGGEST ISSUE of 2023 after the Republicans sweep in the elections. Mark Zuckerberg better watch his ass soon.

Eastern Shore mega frequency hog Draper Broadcasting to buy WOCQ HD from Adams Radio Group.

I contributed to the dcrtv holiday fundraiser. sent Dave a couple gift cards and made a cash donation. great website. great guy. if i can rub a few nickles together, so can you.

It was nice to hear Oscar tell Mike to shove it on the show about being late the other day. Oscar and the TMOS gang had to deal with Mike’s up and down summer hours for two months so Junior could go to golf camp while mom keeps building up her “Leaving Account” selling overpriced skin care good bought by P-1 rubes. Oscar kept that in his back pocket and for once this year shoved it up mikes ass when called out for being late. Of course that ass was tight with bob in there trying to defend Mike. Oscar totally killed Mike and shut his fat mouth up. That attack was planned and executed so well. I think the lowest point for TMOS ever was Cody O’Meara singing with his dad on the show. Cathy G would be so proud. Remember when D&M were cool and made fun of Cathy G???? Also, I know Mike’s dementia is getting worse when he was “surprised” by Bob telling the story of Sam Huff’s egg timer for at least the 100th time yesterday. OOBBEE

Channel 9's Tony Perkins gushes with love for Don Geronimo... WUSA -Geronimo Is Back www.wusa9.com

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DCRTV HOLIDAY FUNDRAISER 2021. STARTS TODAY! NOV 15 - DEC 31. Just a Yippee-ki-yay announcement that the annual READER sponsored DCRTV holiday fundraiser is now underway. In its 24th FREE year, DCRTV is free of government and corporate influence but not free to operate. It's updated daily by our own Camo Dave Hughes, including weekends and holidays, and features news and mailbag comments you can't get anywhere else. Between your Thanksgiving dinner, eggnog & brandy, Zoom family conference calls, watching XMas classics Die Hard & Bad Santa and NYE, take a moment and PayPal Dave a appreciative & generous donation. You can do it safely via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send some holiday dough or Gift Cards to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655. Signed, John McClane

Dave's response: Just Googled it. Average age of Fox News viewer is 65. 65???? Yes 65! That means that half of Fox News viewers are OVER 65. Dave - you're confusing average with median, two slightly different statistical terms.

Two things. #1 Get rid of Misinformation Gus. Steve Wozniak created the Apple I, the Apple ][, ][+, ][e, ][c, and finally the ][GS before semi-retiring from Apple. Steve Jobs created the LISA using a 68000 processor as a business machine that cost a fortune and was too expensive to be successful when Apple had lots of hired programmers, then Macintosh, and Woz was never the brains behind either other than some soldering work here and there, and Jobs went to the XEROX Labs and licensed the graphical user interface and mouse technology from them because they had no idea what they had come up with or what to do with it. Bill Gates then stole the Mac graphical interface idea, was sued and paid Apple over $100 million dollars to keep Apple out of bankruptcy and Microsoft out of antitrust court. Gates was clearly the better businessman, but hardly any genius and tied to Epstein’s Island. Jobs reconciled with his daughter, and his LISA computer was named after her in fact and the original iPod was invented for her too and Woz just got a free one as a stockholder. Jobs famously made connecting a computer to the internet seamless, but at the same time despised social media and his kids were never allowed to us it. He also famously hated Mark Zuckerberg with a passion. #2 GUTFELD! is winning in every demographic against the other Late Night Shows. Stop Googling Hannity’s age demo Dave. It’s even older news. FNC is beating the other networks in every daypart, most every demographic other than if Nielsen does an ANTIFA or BLM demo now, which I don’t think they do, well yet. Like I said, googling old news to make fun of old news that nobody is watching. That would be CNN & MSNBC. If their ratings were any lower Comcast would dump CNN. This is why there is political pressure to BAN FOX NEWS from cable TV, aka MARXIST control of your TV because the government always knows better than you as Dr. Fauci famously always tells us while he plays with his pet bats along with likely GUS!

This back and forth over late-night ratings is absurd. Whatever is being watched - Colbert, either of the Jimmys, or some hack on a cable news channel, they're all just fighting over scraps essentially. Their combined viewership is what Carson and even some of his competitors back in the day could pull in just on average nights with no big-name guests. The audience today (even the over 55 crowd) has hundreds of more options. If Carson's got any reason to be turning over in his grave - which is actually a box on his widow's mantle, by most accounts - it's only because he'd be in convulsive laughter that anyone now would be discussing late night ratings dominance with such a fragmented audience to work with. Saying that you've got winning numbers in late night these days is like being the top salesperson at a fax machine dealership.

Love the arguing over cable news ratings. Average age is the same for OTA news. Old! All are still making $$ (the grifting comment is is a little partisan/silly). Just now all the ads are aimed at the demos. Prescription drugs and reverse mortgages. I think the only real surprise of the last 20 years is how far left Zucker and his predecessors have taken CNN to compete with MSNBC with the rise of Fox on the right. They’re all chasing a shrinking audience, making money off product categories that have few other options to get in front of these demos. What happens when the current geezer generation is gone? The current 40-50 year olds may not be following their parents to the trough.

Dave, thanks so much for your comment on the mailbag yesterday regarding the vintage WDCA (in response to a video clip a mailbagger had of the station ID), and how it's basically gone to shit after Fox acquired 'em. I've never resided in the DC TV market (DMA), but can nonetheless attest to the great station 'DCA once was. I grew up in Greensboro (GSO), NC (and still live there), and was able to watch good 'ol 'DCA via Cablevision of Greensboro (now gobbled up by Spectrum of course). 'DCA was a regional superstation in at least much of the '70's and '80's that enjoyed cable carriage in many places within Virginia and North Carolina, and was available in some of South Carolina too...the station served as an independent channel in some markets that didn't yet have a homegrown indy, and much of the programming was spectacular! I have fond memories of Captain 20 on Kids' Break, WOW! and little PSA's and what-not's for young'uns like me in between Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker 'toons! Still remember his toothy smile and thick 'stache like it was yesterday! 'DCA also had the Mormons SSB at sign-off (fall 1981-some of 82) that I saw, when I didn't have school the next day. Oh I was introduced to the Mr.Yuk anti-poison PSA via channel 20! And some pretty cool sitcoms too, like Sanford & Son, Good Times, etc. But alas when Fox acquired the station it surely went downhill (based on the comments I've read on DCRTV), and what's more 'DCA no longer broadcasts on its own channel! It now channel-shares with co-owned WTTG Fox 5DC, which I was also able to get via GSO cablevision in late '70's-some of early '80's, given that they were also a regional superstation (an indy back then, a la 'DCA). I also enjoyed 'TTG but 'DCA more, since the latter had more programs I liked. Stuart fondly reminiscing the past.

Dave's response: Yeah, I think people forget that DC indies WTTG and WDCA were "regional" superstations throughout southern Virginia and into North and South Carolina via microwave links back in the 1970s and into the 1980s. Since I'm now in western North Carolina, I was diving into Charlotte TV history and re-learned that channel 36, now Tegna NBC affiliate WCNC, once was Ted Turner's WRET (his initials) which might have become his big satellite cable superstation instead of his channel 17 WTCG, later WTBS and now WPCH, in Atlanta had things worked out a bit differently.....

People here do not seem to understand advertising or TV ratings. When you have to write retraction stories in record numbers, Washington Post or CNN, or have to deny writing them in the face of outright falsehoods or your no comment gets reported, viewers notice and then advertisers know the quality of their buy is not so good after all in the end. Here’s a good example, a long running 5 year hoax story that The Post is now walking back while CNN is fighting to keep as truthful even under glaring journalistic and criminal evidence of falsehoods. www.washingtonpost.com

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"Average age of Fox News viewer is 65." And the median age of CNN viewers is 64.. "A 2019 Pew Research Center survey showed that among Americans who named MSNBC as their main source for political news, 74% are ages 50 or older, with 44% ages 65 or older." Today's lesson? Old people watch TV (and pay the bills). Gus

Whoever it is confusing high ratings with respect, you’ve forgotten my #1 rule: Grifting dopes prefer to be entertained by grifting dopes. Just because you’ve got an audience doesn’t mean you have a quality product, and advertisers know it. P of the AW

First time through town for a couple of weeks. Stuck in 66 traffic. Two observations. The WFT radio crew seems weak. And weak is also the word I would use to describe the jingles on 94-7 the drive.

C’mon Dave, you’re not having a TDD meltdown too are you? It’s more contagious than COVID-19 these days. Nielsen ratings are Nielsen ratings. Fox doesn’t own them, but GUTFELD! is owning Crying Kimmel and The Dancing Colbert Doll in the ratings, not to mention obliterating The Tonight Show, that’s for certain. The recent Nielsen ratings also showed that 4X more people watch Fox News than CNN now and 3X more people watch them than MSNBC so whatever your definition of news is, the viewers have clearly spoken louder than you. I mean, it doesn’t hurt Fox that Joe Biden’s poll numbers are the lowest since World War II according to the non-partisan RealclearPolitics. But oh, that’s not even news on ABC, CBS, or NBC. There, President Biden is portrayed in an alternative reality as if if he were in the Marvel universe. Hmm.

Dave's response: Just Googled it. Average age of Fox News viewer is 65. 65???? Yes 65! That means that half of Fox News viewers are OVER 65. Yeah, every TV in every nursing home TV lounge is tuned to Fox News and Gutfeld. Great ratings? Yeah, so what.....

In the glow of a huge Washington Football Team win, and with the passing of Sam Huff, it's a good time to assess the WFT broadcast booth. I don't listen as religiously as I did as a younger man, when the team was competitive, but even through some poor performances, I've found myself warming to the current crew of Bram Weinstein, Julie Donaldson, and especially D'Angelo Hall. The last is the biggest surprise, and I usually don't find value in former players' analysis. But D'Angelo is a blunt critic when he needs to be - and the past couple of seasons, he's needed to be bluntly critical quite often - but also enthusiastic when the team plays up to its potential, which it finally did this season on Sunday. I learn something pretty much every time he makes a comment. No one will ever compare to Sonny, Sam and Frank, but I like the current team. Weinstein is excitable, but I appreciate announcers who get a bit carried away in the moment. Donaldson can seem forced, but the team gives her space to provide whatever commentary she wants to provide. OK, haters: Over to you to fill the Mailbag with your venomous replies. HTTR!

"the same Motorola 68000 processor that Steve Jobs chose for the Apple Macintosh". Uh, no full stop. Wozniak did the choosing, the assembly programming, etc. Jobs did the stinking, the dewshing, the daughter abandoning, and the dying. Winner winner chicken dinner. Gus

No Chainsman, you sir are missing the point. Nextgen TV / ATSC 3.0 is not about putting basic cable TV stations on broadcast TV stations. Clearly you know nothing about Nextgen tech and time has passed you by. And even the notion that Qualcomm could run TV stations alone is laughable. They are good at one thing, making cell phone modems, that’s about it other than a perennial company in search of a purpose in the future since Apple will be making its own chips soon and dumping them with likely others to follow. Nextgen TV relies on modern WIFI, doesn’t require an ATSC 3.0 tuner in a phone or many TV or iPads. Ideally, I would LOVE to have an iPad or iPhone with an ATSC 3.0 tuner chip in it and that is the future of mobile TV in iPads whether Tim Cook knows it or not. Will it happen? Not likely real soon, but it’s not necessary for the technology to work so that is the good part. ATSC 3.0 has so much more versatility than MediaFLO ever could have, plus it has upgradeability built in to add more features. MediaFLO is to Nextgen as Blackberry is to iPhone. Nextgen TV is not trying to compete with basic cable TV, but trying to compliment it and deliver some data services that you currently pay for, except without using your data plan. You clearly do not understand the new TV system at all. Nextgen is already the current TV system in South Korea and planned to be the same for the U.S. It’s not going away. Too many companies have their eggs in this basket. Scripps, NBC, Hearst, Tegna, Nexstar. That’s over 90% of the country right there by the end of next year without including Sinclair or CBS or ABC. You don’t have to buy a new TV either if you have an HDTV with WIFI and a router. The station group owners have invested too much money at this point. It’s literally too big to fail. Qualcomm’s MediaFLO didn’t have any of the advantages of Nextgen TV nor the enormous number of companies and capital behind it.

New NIELSEN RATINGS are out. CNN’s Reliable Sources with former Towson U grad Brian Stelter was actually beaten by Mickey Mouse on Disney and re-runs of MARTIN! You can’t even make this joke up as it’s more factual than his show. Also, Gutfeld! on FNC is continuing to beat every late night network show too and that is without it airing in the proper time slot on the West Coast. Johnny Carson must be rolling over in his grave watching Fallon.

Dave's response: It's the Fox ADVOCACY Network and the Cable ADVOCACY Network. They're NOT "news".....

This caught my attention and it’s on several media sites but kind of a geek topic. But I found it interesting. It’s the 40th Anniversary of the Quantel PAINTBOX, one of the early digital inventions on Television for media graphics, and used the same Motorola 68000 processor that Steve Jobs chose for the Apple Macintosh around the same time. Most TV stations couldn’t afford one, but the marketing and advertising companies they hired had to have one, even at $250,000 each bought from the UK! Who ever knew this simple LOGO was done with a $250,000 device? I’m sure all of Bob Ryan’s weather graphics used it too and for sure the Group W TV stations like WJZ 13. Keep in mind, no Windows PC or Apple computer could do this level of graphics at the time. And there’s more on Youtube regarding MTV’s use of The PAINTBOX. www.youtube.com — BaltoMedia.net

Dave's response: I miss the old WDCA 20. It's a shame Fox destroyed it.....

@Cy: You had a meal with a guy. You ran into a celebrity in a record store. You were in the military and got drunk. How unusual. And an unidentified person gave you the finger. And I'm the one who doesn't know about radio. M'kay. Gus

Oh, Gus. I'm a big fan. But, brother, take it down a notch. You don't know me. I don't know you. You're move, player.

NEWS! From washingtonpost.com: Sam Huff, Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker of ‘unmatched ferocity,’ dies at 87: As one of football’s most feared middle linebackers of the 1950s and 1960s, Sam Huff of the New York Giants starred in one of the most thrilling championship games of all time and became the first defensive player to become a superstar in the National Football League. The Hall of Famer, who also played for Washington and spent more than 30 years as a broadcaster for the team, died Nov. 13 at a hospital in Winchester, Va. He was 87. The death was announced by his daughter, Catherine Huff Myers. He had been diagnosed with dementia in 2013... Mr. Huff began broadcasting with the Giants in 1972 before becoming a color analyst for the Redskins in 1975. For years, he formed a popular radio broadcast team with his former Redskins roommate, Hall of Fame quarterback Sonny Jurgensen. Along with play-by-play announcer Frank Herzog, they covered the glory years of the 1980s and 1990s, when the Redskins played in four Super Bowls, winning three. In 2004, Larry Michael replaced Herzog as the play-by-play announcer. In 2012, Mr. Huff’s radio schedule was cut back, and he retired before the 2013 season. For years, Mr. Huff and his domestic partner of more than 30 years, Carol Holden, raised horses on a farm in Middleburg, Va. They produced syndicated broadcasts on horse racing from 1989 to 2016. Mr. Huff was also chief executive of the West Virginia Breeders Classics horse races in Charles Town, W.Va. In his final years in the broadcast booth, Mr. Huff sometimes forgot the names of players or had difficulty recalling certain football rules and other minutiae. In 2013, he was diagnosed with a form of dementia, according to documents filed in court by Holden in 2016. That year, she charged in court that Mr. Huff had been “kidnapped” by his daughter, Catherine, who allegedly took him to a dental appointment in March 2016 and did not return him to his home near Middleburg, Va. The case was settled out of court, and Mr. Huff continued to live with Holden at their Middleburg farm...

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Maybe it was wishful thinking, I dunno, but I had the whole WDCO/WMDO breakup story ass backwards. Sinclair is giving Entravision the boot from WDCO and will now control RF 24 in Washington, WDCO 10 on your TV. I assume it will bu used for ATSC 3.0 purposes since Sinclair has no other programming to put on it, but as always everything with Sinclair, it is a mystery until it actually launches or they get FCC approval for something. One day, you would think they will learn the value of promotion. But Mark Aitken is very much stuck in the Teddy Roosevelt era I’m told. After the Tribune fiasco though, it will be very difficult to make Sinclair look like a Teddy Bear ever.

To BaltoMedia.net, thanks for COMPLETELY missing my point on MediaFLO. God speed to you and whatever you do to make a living. -Chainsman

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Did anyone ever meet the great Eddie Gallaher in person in the 1960's or 70's? What was he like? I imagine him as a very elegant man who knew all the best DC restaurants. Would love to hear your memories of him.

DC media going crazy over 'Judge dissolves Britney Spear's nearly 14-year Conservatorship'. Moving forward, you've heard the most importantr question first in the DCRTV malebag. How long before #FreeBritney $60M fortune is gone, er stolen? Dave, start the DCRTV #BritneysBroke countdown clock! {Speaking of money, don't forget to throw Dave some donation coin)

I was watching the end of Good Morning Washington this morning on ABC 7 and I found out that WASH-FM will begin its annual Christmas music barrage, if you will, at 5:00 this afternoon! I, for one, am excited about that because I LOVE hearing Christmas music whenever I can get it. Andrew Fauver

If your a public media figure and publicize your family too, we will judge you ALL in the DCRTV mailbag - like God. Make the space for critique, so that you can bloom, and flourish, and grow. #Scrutiny #Ridicule #Satire #Parody #EmbraceConstructiveCriticism #NotHateSpeech #SupportDCRTV

WHUR GETS DISPLAY AT MACY’S HOLIDAY WINDOWS... Washington, D.C. (Friday, November 12, 2021) - 96.3 WHUR is gearing up to mark its 50th Anniversary by teaming up with Macy’s to help usher in the holidays to celebrate the momentous occasion. On Thursday, November 18th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., WHUR will join Macy’s Metro Center at its iconic holiday window unveiling to pull the curtains back on two Macy’s displays highlighting the radio station’s five decades of excellence in broadcasting and community service. The Macy’s Metro Center window unveiling is a hallmark of the holidays around the country and right here in the DMV. The holiday windows display in the District of Columbia lines the streets 12th and G Streets, NW and traditionally draws crowds by the hundreds to watch the eye pleasing presentation. “Everyone knows the holidays would not be holidays without the Macy’s windows unveiling. It’s truly an honor for WHUR to take part in the celebration this year and it’s another reason for us to show how proud we are to be a part of the Washington community,” said WHUR General Manager Sean Plater. The WHUR window unveiling, in partnership with Macy’s Metro Center, will include music, performances by the Howard University SHOWTIME Marching Band, the Legendary DJ Kool, Skaters from the Old School Rollers, and holiday gifts courtesy of WHUR and Macy’s. WHUR’s very own Autumn Joi and Molette Green will host the event. WHUR, which is owned by Howard University, officially turns 50 on Friday, December 10th at 6 p.m. The Washington Post gifted the radio station to Howard in 1971. Since its inception, WHUR has become a powerhouse in the broadcasting industry and has gone from a stand-alone radio station to growing a network of six additional stations.

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Chad Dukes Guy: Yes, I understand your question, I'm simply providing background. If only there were some way you could contact him! That would require a worldwide computer network or a small claims court system but you seem to want to go down Agony Aunt Avenue. You might consider considering "waa waa waa I didn't get my podcast" as a relatively cheap lesson in reality. As the G-Man used to say "Oh ye suckersss! And the lovely Diana! Yes indeed!" -- "Pretty Lame that only one station carried the Veterans day ceremony at Arlington National. I had to flip around to find that only Fox5 carried the full ceremony uninterupted." Is there no CSPAN on your planet? Get back to me when I miss my programs because of the State of the Union BS. -- The Blacklist: Agent Cooper "woke up in this parking lot, near Dupont Circle." Where is this mythical parking lot? And what is up with the Amazon Filipino Angel of Death commercials? Every 15 minutes seems a bit much. Gus

Pretty Lame that only one station carried the Veterans day ceremony at Arlington National. I had to flip around to find that only Fox5 carried the full ceremony uninterupted. Other stations stayed with their regular program. Anyone know what gives? You would think it would be easier to find with all the ex military in DC!!!

The question wasn’t what did Dukes say that made Audacy fire him from his WJFK show. It was why his INDEPENDENT podcast with Santana and Cahill ended. Anyone know that story?

Re: Angie Goff on Like it or Not, I’ve noticed that she tends to routinely disagree w/the others on there & I think it’s only so she can go on & on to defend her point. On an unrelated note, thinking she & Britt McHenry (sp) are competing to see who can wear the shortest dress or who can show the most thigh. Guessing management is of the mindset of the “sex sells” strategy to attract an audience.

Entravision Washington's WMDO-CD 47 has given Sinclair the boot for WDCO-CD 10 and its TBD broadcast on RF channel 24. This is most likely collateral damage from the WIAV purchase and Sinclair has already moved TBD, the network nobody has ever watched, to a WJLA ABC 7 subchannel. I assume this was planned. No word on where WDCO 10 is going or if Sinclair is just turning the license in. It does cost money to own even fictional TV stations you know? — Balto-Media.com

To The REAL AHHHH: Johnny Carson was well known for not taking strong political stances, but what most people didn’t know is that he was a lifelong Republican who never told anyone he was a Republican. But more importantly, Carson liked practically ANYONE who made him laugh and that was the secret to his success, that and his quick wit. Another thing people don’t know about Carson is that most of his alcoholic jokes were really about him, not Ed. Carson was a notoriously MEAN drunk but he was smart enough to use it to his benefit, so Ed McMahan took the brunt of his jokes that were largely really about him making fun of himself in a way that wouldn’t get him fired. And him and Ed laughed all the way to the bank with it. NBC was told outright that if they fired Ed, he would quit the show. It was likely even in his contract.

RE: "Don "Done" Geronimo" Whoever this person is..has a vendetta against Donny G. Aaron Rodger was in the news all week. Every radio/TV show was talking about his situation. He supposed to just give facts and "report" on it. No thats not what Don or his show has ever done. And it should be political. But even more importantly than that...HE'S A DIE HARD GREEN BAY AND AARON RODGERS FAN! So that post...nothing to see here. BIG 100 will be a top station soon enough.

The Chad Dukes show is very funny & entertaining and seems like he has a bunch of his buddies behind it. I'm sure he regrets making some wrong comments on a podcast since working at WJFK was always his supposed "dream job". We're a world of 2nd chances. Good for him doing his show and keeping it entertaining and maybe he'll be back on regular radio one day here in DC. If not, check out his podcast. Funny!

Salute to all the veterans in the mailbag, past and present. #EvacuateOurAllies

The National Voice of ESPN and Monday Night Football, Cayman Kelly, Signs Deal to Serve as Official Voice of the NHL: Acclaimed radio personality and voiceover artist Cayman Kelly announced that he had recently inked a deal to expand his coverage and serve also as ESPN's official voice for the NHL. ESPN's parent company Walt Disney announced in March that it had secured a seven-year rights agreement with the NHL beginning with the 2021-22 season. The deal allows ESPN or ABC to show 25 games and half of the playoffs each season, Stanley Cup finals in four of the seven years, along with many other games via streaming. Representing a return by the league to ESPN after being absent for over a decade, the network plans to use the opportunity to broadly expand its streaming plans: offering NHL games via ESPN+ and Hulu, streaming more than 1,100 regular-season games. Kelly's smooth, professional sound will soon be instantly recognized by NHL fans across the country. "Cayman brings an unmatched sound and primetime feel to everything he does," said David Roberts, ESPN Senior Vice President of Production. "We are excited to work with him and look forward to his advice differentiating the sound of ESPN Audio." "I remember David Roberts telling me, that signing with ESPN Radio was just the tip of the iceberg and that with my talent there were so many opportunities that would unfold for me," said Cayman Kelly. "And he was right. So, many things have happened to expand my Voice-Over territory. And now doing voiceover work for the NHL is pretty exciting to me for a lot of reasons. But right now I'm really just reflecting on how it serves as an important reminder that I've been so blessed in my career. Gratitude is important to me. And I'm also proud to be working amidst so many sports legends and luminaries in the field. Knowing that your work means something – that you are creating a legacy that might impact your kids – well, that's a special bonus. Our children are growing up in a world where anything is possible for them, regardless of their background or skin color." Learn more about Kelly's story and discover how he became one of the leading voiceover artists in America, chronicled in his #1 Bestselling Amazon memoir, "From $6 an Hour to a Million Dollar Dream." Or for up-to-the-minute news on Cayman's ESPN show announcements, including upcoming NHL spots and other voiceover work, follow him on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Cayman Kelly is a multimedia professional, host, actor, author, radio personality and leading voice-over artist known for his smooth and contemporary prime-time sound. Kelly began his promising career as a voice-over artist for BET, and has since created a wide variety of materials for television promos, including TV Land, TV One, Cartoon Network, Bounce and others. His catalog of hosted events and voice-overs is long and distinguished, including multiple major music festivals like Essence, Capital Jazz, St. Kitts, Bermuda, and U Street; a voice performance for "Grand Theft Auto V"; album-release parties for India Aria, Jennifer Hudson, Bobby Brown, Patti Labelle and Alicia Keys; and interviews with Jamie Foxx, Mo'Nique, Janet Jackson, and Mary J. Blige. Kelly is also the imaging voice for multiple radio stations, including POWER 105.1 in New York, the syndicated "Breakfast Club Morning Show," and host of a popular national show on SiriusXM's Heart & Soul. Recently, Kelly was chosen as the new voice for ESPN Radio and NFL Monday Night Football – the first African American to achieve that position. Learn more about his life and work at: www.CaymanKelly.com and order his book at amazon.com...

Does anyone know what is up with Mark Malinowski, morning host on Baltimore's classical station WBJC? He's been off the air for a couple of weeks now, with rotating hosts filling in.

I've noticed that on the "Fox 5's Like it or Not" show, Angie Goff rarely seems to be directly engaged with the other panelists when they are addressing the topic of the moment. She more or less likes to pose and/or mug for the camera until it's her turn to address a topic. And then when it is her turn, she comes across as monopolizing the time with her drawn out responses. Glad that host Jim Lokay is there to reel her in when needed!

Re: Chad Dukes - I've posted several times the link to the Washingtonian article which quotes everything he said. You can find it. Highlights: "Some areas are poorly policed... we need to have a more nuanced conversation." I suspect someone in the chain of complain didn't know what "nuanced" means but took that first "n" and ran with it. I urge people who are interested in this to read the actual transcript of what got him fired. (How are WJFK's ratings doing these days?) DC Mayor Tony Williams' aide David Howard ran into a similar problem when he used a word of Scandinavian provenance. Just thinking about it makes me feel threatened, unsafe, and "less-than". In other news, how are the Redskins doing with their various scandals, sex and otherwise? Gus

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More 980 fumbling. Andy Pollin announced starting next week he will host a weekly show on 630 AM called “Monday Morning Quarterback.” Sound familiar? He (and others) hosted a Redskins/WFT analysis show on 980 AM for years. Czabe took “You Are Looking Live” to his podcast. Gladi, Doc and other have taken segments elsewhere. But now a onetime centerpiece of once mighty 980, and entire show, is going to another station. Incredible how far 980 has fallen. Sad!

Don "Done" Geronimo Goes Aaron Rodgers Politics & Long-Time, Loyal Listeners Leave His New Show On BIG100. If initial lower ratings were not enough, now PD Dustin Matthews Director of Rock Programming for iHeartMedia Washington DC and Jeff Kapugi, Region Senior Vice President of Programming for iHeartMedia Washington, D.C. have more problems because 1) nobody cares about Geronimo-Sorce's personal political & social opinions, 2) the ones that do are the BIG100 listeners who disagree with Sorce and will leave the station as they have begun to do. (Time for an early SIT MEANS SIT management "sit-down" with Geronimo-Sorce.) Sorce should have learned from Johnny Carson. During the long dominance of Carson in late night. Carson, though he navigated times at least as turbulent as today's COVID — with the civil rights movement, Vietnam and Watergate roiling the nation — resisted taking any kind of overt stand on the issues, big as they were. He offered a simple rationale: Why would I want to alienate half my audience? Signed, The Real AHHHH Legend #SupportDCRTV

Did Chad Dukes ever explain on his podcast why Big O & Dukes went away? I never got my refund after paying for an entire year when BOAD went away, so I don't feel any need to give Brad Fukes more money to hear any explanation he gave when he went solo. Would love to hear from someone here how the band broke up since Chad, Oscar and Drabby never gave their listeners (read: customers) the honesty that their show was based on for years and years. In that way, ghosting us was a pretty shitty end that wasn't true to their brand.

/\ November 10 /\

\/ November 9 \/

Still no official Nextgen TV Notification from WHUT-TV, so no way to predict when ATSC 3.0 will launch in DC. It’s supposed to be before end of the year, but the FCC demands 30 days notice on air and online, neither of which has been done so it cannot be before Dec. 10 as of today. WHUT’s website says “after October” but that is not sufficient enough for the FCC. As for WJLA reception, WHUt is using WJLA 7 for their ATSC 1.00 signal so any connection to that antenna requires powering down and every station on the Fort Reno tower is affected by this, even WETA even though they are not in the Nextgen rollout. Any time workers are on the tower, stations will have to power down to some extent or maybe even switch to their Aux facility depending on the situation. So that means 7, 9, 26, 32 as well as WASH, WHUR, WCSP, WLVW, and WJAL could all be on lower power during the Nextgen transition that is clearly in installation phase on the tower itself. So we know it’s coming soon. Also of note, Harrisburg, PA has been added to the Nextgen website as coming in 2022. I’m not sure how they’ll do it, but it’ll likely be through LPTV stations that the Sonshine group owns near Harrisburg, York, and Lancaster. Sinclair owned WHP 21 and Hearst owned WGAL 8 are the strongest signals in the market, but neither can duplicate each other’s signal to FCC requirements of an ATSC 1.0 lighthouse station so I’m guessing that ATSC 3.0 will have to be on low power TV stations. I’m wondering what’s going to happen in Salisbury since I do not see Draper and Marquee cooperating in any way. — Balto-Media.com

Re: WCTN – if there is one thing we need in the DC radio market, it is religious programming! Whew! Now I can finally get that old time religion..

Dave's response: Back in the 1980s, WCTN was religious. I think it was locally programmed and not satellite fed.....

NEVER FORGET! Chad Dukes was fired from 106.7 the Fan for allegedly making 'racist & inappropriate comments.' He, nor Oscar Santana Zebellos, ever denied those accusations. Dukes will forever wear the radio/Podcast version of The Scarlet Letter; a shunned identifying mark on himself and his brand.

Over the past week I have noticed that Channel 7's (WJLA) over the air signal has been weak or non existent. Are they working on ATSC 3.0 upgrades? Or a do I need to rescan? I used to get a solid over the air signal from them.

WCTN was only listenable when they ran that interim Oldies format more than a decade ago, between other formats. They were the guys that -- because of the non-randomness of their tape playback -- would run "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes" three times in 45 minutes. It makes sense they would return to religious programming; the WCTN calls originally meant "Christ to The Nation".

To Chainsman: Times change and different more monied groups are behind ATSC 3.0. Sometimes something is invented, and not realized how good it is until someone else comes along and makes it INSANELY GREAT! Ever heard of Steve Jobs? He didn’t invent the smart phone or the computer, but he revolutionized both with technologies others couldn’t figure out how to develop or sell in certain ways. Sure, it’s about efficiency, multicast vs. unicast, but no end user understands that until someone shows them how simple it is. Then you have a game changer. Sinclair or Nexstar or somebody better come up with a cool way to show that shit off. That is what I’m saying. Anything can fail if you’re a terrible salesperson. The potential is there for sure. Everyone knows what an iPod or iPhone is, but how many people remember what a Zune is? Also, ATSC 3.0 is too big to fail regardless of the networks dragging their feet into it reluctantly. At some point the FCC is going to have to step in to push the networks to do their job and get on board. That none of them distribute to affiliates content in 1080p alone, let alone 4k is a problem for the technology. Streamers know you can get 4k quality from your Xfinity/NBC internet. Nextgen has to be associated with that to sell Nextgen TVs. Why is NBC even ok with Nextgen? They want to have their hands in both every basket at the same time. Either way they make money. Comcast bought TV channels too, so they have Xfinity Cell Phone 5G, TV networks, broadband internet, and also Nextgen, lots of baskets. And no one sees any antitrust issues there? — Baltomedia.net

Carl in Olney--Oh, my gosh, that's incredible news! I had given up all hope! Wow. Bamberger certainly taught WAMU a lesson! Thank you.

/\ November 9 /\

\/ November 8 \/

Here is a surprise: Apparently Rob Bamberger has been back on WAMU for about a year. He started again nearly a year ago. Amazingly, I could hear it on my FM radio AND on Alexa. How do even a few people interested in radio broadcasting not know this? When "Live From Here" died a quick radio death, Rob was ready to return here in DC. "Live From Here" was the renamed "Prairie Home Companion" without Garrison Keillor. My brother, "Robert in Albany" , and I went to see a performance of Live From Here at the theater in NYC that it was held in much of the time, the Lyceum, if I remember right. It was worse in person than even on the radio. And having seen Mr. Keillor twice at Wolf Trap, on a scale of 1 to 10, LFH got a 1 from my brother (I would give it a 2, but I'm generous), and PHC gets a 10 for greatness. Mrs. Olney, who really didn't listen to it on the radio much, thought that seeing it live made it really, really great. And congrats to Mr. Bamberger for proving that jazz on Saturday nights with a knowledgeable host is truly wonderful radio. And by the way, Mr. Keillor will be appearing in Waynesboro, Virginia performing on Thursday, November 11. It's a long drive but what can you do if you want to see him? In other news, while watching WTTG-5's news program Sunday night with the thin blonde woman, I was reminded that a few months ago (maybe a year, I have a bad memory), Lauren DeMarco was fired for no reason that I could discern. The new person, unfortunately, is okay now because, finally, she has somewhat improved from her first months when she frequently mispronounced the names of towns and people, words and acronyms having to do with the Federal Govt, and what States surround the District of Columbia. I know that Lauren DeMarco could do what was needed very well, understood what she was talking about, said everything right, had a pleasant personality, and made the weekend news intelligent and great to watch. Also, I'd say she also looks good, just a little different from the new one. So I guess they fired her because she was competent, intelligent, able to be a professional TV anchor but but not a "decided blonde". Anyway, she now works at the Public Affairs Office for the State's Attorney in Montgomery County, and I congratulate her for turning a negative (created by someone else, I assume) into a great positive. Best of luck to Lauren DeMarco and her family. And, of course, again to Rob Bamberger-- Carl in Olney

It died, and hath arisen... Yesterday WCTN was off the air; today they're back on but with a religious format.

To BaltoMedia.net, about that buyback of mobile phone frequencies due to efficiency of multicast instead of unicast streams, they already tried that with MediaFLO and it failed miserably. Ironically, the former MediaFLO band (UHF channels 55 and 56) are now part of the new 700 MHz mobile phone band inefficiently delivering unicast streams for AT&T customers. -Chainsman

"Liquidating records?" Gus, a fan until you go all DICKISH Clark on us. Satire should be our Zen friend. Now become one with the records. - YOU ASS! For me you ask, broke bread once with Russ Solomon, Founder of Tower - and conversations thereafter over the years. Once did a family photo op with Eddie Murphy inside a Tower with his then wife Nicole; rapped a little Boogie In Your Butt (Did you make Eddie Murphy laugh in the 90's?) Over 30 plus years, and primarily in a PMC military role, visited hundreds of overseas radio stations. State owned w/ a lot of rock stations mixed in; brought my interpreter along if I needed one. While stationed in San Diego, provided late at night, free reign to a 5-star Harbor Island Hotel kitchen w/ beers; my unit met Glen Campbell, who after performing, helped us make monster sandwiches while he told great jokes and stories. In San Diego too, partying one night and Lou Rawl's Tour Bus pulled up; his handlers went inside the nightclub and out came 5-6 hot white tanned beach girls to party w/ Lou. Drunk, us squids a dozen deep, broke out in 'You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine." Never saw Lou but someone in the bus flipped us off. Then, our chant "Bring Our Women Back!" started as the bus pulled away. Gus, the only "records" you should be concerned with is the long rap sheet you have in this malebag as an ongoing result of Dave putting a lot of your posts in solitary. I'm still voting "Hey Baggers" sell all his record collection to Stacy at Green Eggs & Jam. Thanks, Cy Curnin

Anyone listen to The Chad Dukes Podcast? Very entertaining. Free Friday shows, which are clips from the week. The rest you subscribe to but very hilarious. A shame he was let go from The Fan for something that was said on a podcast. Wonder if he'll ever resurface on DC radio.

"Liquidating records? Gus never worked in a radio station and thus knows nothing about records - no records for him." By that logic my time at a record store qualifies me to opine about radio. Tell us about your work experience again? Ever been in the Triangle Tower studio? Ever held Diane Rehm's personnel file in your hand? Ever gotten past a call screener? Less you say about me less you'll hear from me. Don't be such a control freak poosey. EFFseesee my VISH ASS!. Gus

/\ November 8 /\

\/ November 7 \/

Officer Barbrady wrote: "The FCC should have and wouldn't have done this for any other broadcaster not considered a “favored minority” even though the station is not minority OWNED!" The REGULATION, which the FCC is in charge of because of Congress delegating regulatory authority to the FCC (EFFseesee the Don't Need to Check With You Clause) does not mention "minority". The word, rather, is "community" you racist with whom I'm not comfortable sharing a planet. Have you ever worked for the FCC? Apparently where you've worked is a criterion around here. Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 signed into law on this day in, wait for it America, 1967. Gus

"Oh, by the way: whatever happened to Rob Bamberger? What a crime to cancel "Hot Jazz Saturday Night."" Yeah it's a real mystery for the ages. One for the books. Right up there with Judge Crater and Ambrose Bierce. I suspect the Chinese. If only there were some clue. Gus

"Liquidating records? Gus never worked in a radio station and thus knows nothing about records - no records for him. Judging by his dropping ratings number at WBIG, Don Geronimo doesn't know anything about records. (Back in the day, Geronimo's time spent at the Fairfax Adult Detention Center doesn't count to get this guys "records" either.") My vote? Support Small Business and sell those records to that guy who owns Green Eggs & Jam.

I saw on Instagram that Wendy Rieger from NBC4 got married. I was also wondering like someone on DCRTV why she was wearing sunglasses and wondering if it had to do with her chemo pill she was taking. Does anyone know if Amelia Draper had her baby? I know she was due in October.

Oh, by the way: whatever happened to Rob Bamberger? What a crime to cancel "Hot Jazz Saturday Night." One of the greatest shows ever on DC radio. I'm surprised no other station took up that show.

Re: P of the AW and WMAL records. Hi! Any good jazz or easy listening?

Liquidating records? Do you really have to ask? I'm sure many here would be glad to help and compensate you. Count me in. === It's my understanding that Virginia has counties and cities, which are two separate dealios. Also there are no bars in Virginia, only restaurants. Gus on a hot jazz Saturday night

Re: 'Hey Baggers' You'd have to work out the logistics, but first reach out to Dave's favorite used record shop Green Eggs & Jam 108 N Sterling St, Morganton, NC 28655 Call Stacy (828) 405-2097. He'd appreciate them and it would be the perfect next home. [Tell him Camo Dave sent you ]

/\ November 7 /\

\/ November 6 \/

Sometimes they don't even SAY "Fairfax" when that's what they mean! Large sections of the county have mailing addresses of Alexandria or Falls Church, but jurisdictionally they are part of Fairfax County, not those two independent cities. So an incident that is reported from "Falls Church" more than likely actually occurred in Fairfax County, not the actual City of Falls Church. Sometimes they'll say "the Alexandria section of Fairfax County," which helps clarify it a bit. And they'll usually say "Fairfax City" to distinguish it from the county, which likewise are two independent jurisdictions.

Re. NRG Arena and “Fairfax”: And just where is “The Hospital” located in DC and Baltimore?

Hey Baggers, anybody know a good destination for donated LPs? I'm liquidating about two-thirds of my WMAL record library, keeping only a more finely selected group of music and comedy disks. I really don't want to go the Goodwill route unless nothing else pops up. Thanks! P of the AW

Is anyone from CBS Radio News looking in today? The 8AM ET network newscast on WTOP had a story about several people killed and injured at a music festival, at the NRG arena. The one thing left out was where the NRG Arena is -- no state, no city. Googling showed it to be in Texas, but really guys, dont you have editors working early on Saturday mornings?

Dave's response: How about when local TV and radio stations say something happened in "Fairfax," meaning Fairfax County. Which has more than 1 million people in more than 20 named towns, cities, and places. How about narrowing it down a bit?

WDCN 6: They did the FCC application process completely ASS BACKWARDS and STILL got approval! They applied for Digital Flash Cut, but never filed an ATSC 3.0 application nor an STA for analog FM operation. For the FCC, this is CLOWN COLLEGE! DO YOUR JOB! TV stations that don’t operate as TV stations should be shut down, PERIOD! This is just more obfuscation to operate a pirate radio FM license, wasting a full 6MHz channel that they mostly will never use! They evaded FCC rules AGAIN! How can anyone claim they did not except some crazy nutjob in a Unabomber Cabin out at Mt. Weather like Gus? Why does the FCC put up with this crap?

Channel 6 tussitations. Jeepers, Wally. Gather your skirts Millie, or Officer Barbrady if you prefer. Calm the heck down Peaches. The FCC as a regulatory body with regulatory powers delegated to it by Congress is allowing this under special temporary authority bolstered by the We Don't Have to Check With You Clause. What part of "We say it's okay" do you not get Nancy? You bring shame not only to your family but to your neighborhood. You don't like the way the FCC runs its business? I don't care. But in the interim there are these things you can get, called "jobs". Gus You are banned by boomboomr00m for 30 days. Our other models still want you!

/\ November 6 /\

\/ November 5 \/

I personally always thought that the FCC should have sold and/or reserved 2-13 except for the FM band in the middle to land/mobile and sold them to the cell phone companies along with UHF 50 and above only. As it is now, just think. AT&T, Verizon, & T-Mobile own channels 38-83 ALL BY THEMSELVES except for a few that DISH or Comcast bought. That’s 45 6Mhz TV channels all for cell phone usage! Just an extra half dozen UHF frequencies would solve all of the current TV reception issues. People forget that nearly every large TV market has 3-4 UHF TV stations reserved for land/mobile too. That’s why DC cannot have a channel 16, 17, 18, or 19 nor can Baltimore. Yep, in the world of land/mobile communications (police/fire/rescue), we’re actually one market in restrictions. Just having channels 38 & 39 would resolved many current issues. The future of broadcast TV is going to be the data stream as well as the TV picture. The FCC wasn’t as forward thinking in this regard. Think about all the simple things you do on your phone today that requires a data plan like downloading a LIVE weather radar map. From a TV broadcast it is much more efficient than individual cell phone users using all separate data streams simultaneously on multiple TV channels. You could sell advertising for the Weather Radar too, but the cost efficiency of just s small part of a TV stations single channel bandwidth is a much better idea. It’ll take a decade for this infrastructure to be built with Single Frequency networks and all in every market, but I could envision 20 years from now there being a reverse REPACK where TV stations buy BACK cell phone frequencies in the TV channel 38 to 49 range. Why would you pay for a data plan when TV stations will be able to give you the same stuff for free? NFL football scores. Any TV station under ATSC 3.0 could broadcast them out updated for free to a cell phone with an ATSC 3.0 chip in it. It’s just one transmission to anyone who wants it using a very small amount of bandwidth to many people simultaneously. But the cell phone companies have a much better lobbying group than the TV manufacturers (all foreign) and TV station groups (more fragmented) because the cell phone companies have a virtual gold mine, at least for now. This is why I root for Nextgen TV success. Now DVRing Nextgen TV for free, now that’s a bit unsettled and I’m scared of monoliths like Comcast and Disney and CBS who will pounce like a Big Dawg like they did on Locast. — BaltoMedia.net

WDCN 6 is NOW licensed to operate in ATSC 3.0 and analog FM, but the point was they filed all the applications in the REVERSE order to get in the back door, basically deceiving the FCC that they would switch to all digital, then maybe ATSC 3.0 and FM radio. But they never filed an ATSC 3.0 permit until YESTERDAY nor an STA for the FM audio. The FCC should have and wouldn't have done this for any other broadcaster not considered a “favored minority” even though the station is not minority OWNED! Doesn’t anyone get the scam here? They are STILL not going to run an actual TV station in any way shape or form and it’s completely against their original license. YANK IT AHORA! Channel 6 could be an entire band of DIGITAL RADIO to get America even with Europe in digital radio, but nope. A failed decision. THE FCC IS TRULY RUDDERLESS, but I guess that’s not surprising considering the President is plane steps challenged as well.

F.P. Santangelo Fired? Because of the Mitchell Report in 2007, he should have never been hired by MASN to broadcast Nat's baseball. He should have been banned from MLB for life! When the report was released, Santangello was 1 of 86 players accused by US Senator George Mitchell of cheating by using Performance-Enhancing Drugs. For Santangelo, steroids and human-growth hormone. He also forwarded the name of his dealer to at least one other player. "I did something absolutely wrong. I made a bad decision..." stated Santangelo. In 2004, Pete Rose admitted to betting on baseball and other sports while playing for, and managing, the Cincinnati Reds. Cheating is cheating, MLB correctly banned Rose for life. MLB should have banned Santangelo and the other 85 for life too. The ban should have extended to the broadcast booth. (Same thing for those recent 'bang-bang' CheatinAstros players and coaches) Signed, The Real AHHHH Legend #SupportDCRTV

NEWS! From radioinsight.com: Mark Giuliani’s Datatech Digital purchases Conservative Talk 92.7 WGMD Rehoboth Beach DE from Joseph and Benjamin Giuliani’s Resort Broadcasting Company for $517,201. Mark Giuliani currently serves as Executive Vice President of Resort Broadcasting and through Datatech Digital is in the process of purchasing Country “US 98.5” WUSX Seaford DE from Adams Radio Group.

The radio ads for BetRivers Sportsbook only use the city and never reference the the team's name when delivering their betting nugget for an NFL game. And in the case of NY, the Giants are referred to as "the New York team in blue". Is this a trademark thing and only official NFL "partners" get to use the team names? Inquiring minds want to know. - Tom in Wheaton

Dave's response: It's OK to stay "Giants" or "Packers" in casual talk or any non-business sense, but I'd guess the NFL is very protective of its team trademarks if they are used in an advertisement without the proper payment/legal contract.....

The poster who nailed FP as being unlikeable in the media center is right on target. Ask anyone who worked with him at MASN , outside of Dan Kolko who like the poster said...followed FP like a puppy and even dressed like him and grew a beard just like FP, and you will get the same response..difficult to work with....all about him....and with absolutely no chemistry with Bob Carpenter. On the air they seemed cordial thanks to Bob's professionalism. He basically saved FP for all the years he was stuck in the booth with him. MASN fired Kolko who really wasn't that bad as a sideline reporter but pre and post game show host, way out of his league and in over his head. Now that FP has ben shown the door hopefully Carpenter will get a former Nat to be his analyst. He deserves someone good after what he's gone through.

/\ November 5 /\

\/ November 4 \/

"Turns out I was correct all along." Turns out you weren't. "Turns out I was correct all along. WDCN 6 had no authorization to operate in ATSC 3.0 at all, let alone with 87.7 FM audio. Today they filed emergency requests to do it and an STA for FM 87.7 FM, which was previously denied. But that means they knowingly already flagrantly violated FCC rules by operating as a pirate for at least a month now without any permsission. This should be sufficient grounds to yank the license." Gather your skirts Millie, or Officer Barbrady if you prefer. Calm the heck down Peaches. The FCC as a regulatory body with regulatory powers delegated to it by Congress is allowing this under special temporary authority bolstered by the We Don't Have to Check With You Clause. What part of "We say it's okay" do you not get Nancy? You bring shame not only to your family but to your neighborhood. Gus

Turns out I was correct all along. WDCN 6 had no authorization to operate in ATSC 3.0 at all, let alone with 87.7 FM audio. Today they filed emergency requests to do it and an STA for FM 87.7 FM, which was previously denied. But that means they knowingly already flagrantly violated FCC rules by operating as a pirate for at least a month now without any permsission. This should be sufficient grounds to yank the license. If any other broadcaster did this so flagrantly there would at least be a significant fine if not seizure of the TV license.

Hi again Dave - I just wanted to follow up as we're less than a week away from Maryland Public Television’s (MPT) award-winning original series Outdoors Maryland returning for its 33rd season on Tuesday, November 9 with four new half-hour episodes airing throughout November. Counties featured within Outdoors Maryland include Dorchester, Allegany, St. Mary's, Garrett and Frederick. Several statewide episodes provide a unique look at Maryland and it's unique and changing natural environment. The Outdoors Maryland series producer, Sarah Sampson, is available for interviews if you're interested, I would be happy to set something up, just let me know! Best, Casey

“[FP Santangelo’s] replacement will likely be someone who actually played for the Nationals, not the Expos.” Possible candidates would include Michael Morse (who’s filled in as Nats color analyst in the past), Justin Maxwell (who worked with Bob Carpenter during Santangelo’s absence), Ryan Zimmerman (if he retires as a player), 2012 playoff hero Jayson Werth and the MLB Network’s Mark DeRosa. If they wanted to go in a different direction, how about Al Galdi who can’t seem to get back in DC sports radio since losing his WTEM gig shortly after Entercom acquired that station (apparently AM 630 has no interest in adding more local content to its lineup). Galdi has hosted baseball themed radio shows in the past and is eminently qualified to comment on the Nats and their play despite the fact that the Orioles are his main rooting interest.

Re; The Don Geronimo hater(s)... Pal, not haters but fans of Geronimo that post astute critiques in this mailbag; like DCRTV Dave Hughes, we're smarter than your average radio PD. So, in part, Matthews and Kapugi hired Geronimo for the DC name recognition factor; get that initial station ratings bump too. OK pal, we like math. Let's go with your numbers. Ratings show that for the first 3 weeks of the October book, not only no show (5:30 - 10:00 a.m.} or station push, you lost listeners. Now, you want us to 'get back with you in 2-3 months." OK, pal, all he's going to do in that period of time is keep posting on social media pictures from 20-40 years ago and book Leah Remini, Scientologist & actor who nobody knows, or cares about today. Matthews, unless you bring Geronimo (a 1-hit wonder with D&M) into the 21st Century, and purchase one or more yearly display ads on DCRTV, the only way he "moves the BIG100 needle" during these months of holiday giving, is if he bumps into the nurse administrating him his COVID booster shot. #SupportDCRTV

For the last several days at least, DC's WTTG MeTV signal on 5.3 has regularly shown test patterns in the middle of programs, a weird checkerboard pattern I've never seen before. Anyone know what's going on? Several times per program when I have it on, lasting for a minute or three. -Chriscom

Dave's response: We had a Cozi TV outage last summer via channel 18, WCCB, in Charlotte. When my friend called in to complain it turned out that some dude mowing the lawn behind the station bumped the tower holding the satellite dish causing it to lose signal.....

To the idiot that said BIG 100 was on a downswing and blamed Don Geronimo....Check out DC101's ratings, “DC 101” WWDC (6.4 – 5.4 – 4.7). Same thing. They going to get rid of Elliot? Please...get a life.

Those of us who actually knew FP Santangelo in the media center aren't surprised at all that his tenure with the Nationals has come to an end. This is a guy who had one public persona, and another private one that, other than Dan Kolko, who followed FP around like a puppy, had virtually no fans in the pressbox. The charges against him last summer were not unexpected, and it's my guess that the ballclub decided then that his time in DC was coming to an end. He really thought that he was extremely popular with everyone - his ego knew no bounds - and I can assure you that Bob Carpenter isn't losing any any sleep. FP had no problem talking about Bob behind his back, and not in a complimentary way. Many former players on the Nats complained that on-air he'd describe conversations with them that never took place. His replacement will likely be someone who actually played for the Nationals, not the Expos.

Was intrigued by the poster who said Donny G might be using paid callers. He's a showman so I thought it possible. After listening to his show the last couple days, it didn't take long to smell a rat. Every caller has some unique shtick or seems to be doing a voice/embellishing their stories. It just doesn't seem authentic. We know Donny G said he used to work hours and hours writing for the D&M Show, so why wouldn't he be doing the same now, penning scripts for these POSSIBLY bought-and-paid-for callers?! He could answer these claims with a...wait for it...ALL CALLERS SHOW!

Whoever decided to get rid of FP Santangelo is making a horrible decision. I guess the #woke people who tried to destroy him during the season finally got him. They don't take no for an answer. Bring back FP!

WGMD reported this morning that Dick Ireland has passed away. He worked many tears at WLIF back in the Easy Listening days, and later at WRBS. I met Dick a few times back when the WLIF studios were on Hart Road. Nice man, and a great talent. RIP

RE: WMMR 93.3 camping at the Marriott: Camper or not, they wouldn’t last a week in the stadium parking lots in South Philly, just saying. I think someone recently got stabbed to death just trying to get a Cheese Steak at Pats! So I don’t blame them for camping at the Marriott! Blame BRANDON! LOL

/\ November 4 /\

\/ November 3 \/

The Don Geronimo hater(s) needs to give it a rest. The October Nielsen ran from September 16-October 13, meaning he was on for only 3 weeks of the book. That's hardly enough time to make a significant impact. The numbers you quoted were for 6A-12Mid, not just his daypart. Get back to us in 2-3 months. And by the way, maybe the poster can tell us the last time he/she got a gig in market #7 doing morning drive.

Does anyone recall a program from the late 1970's on WRC-TV 4 called "Sunday"? It was broadcast in the morning and was a light, general-interest local community conversation show, often featuring Jim Vance. It had a perky, beautiful theme music. Maybe it wasn't Sunday--maybe Saturday? Sorry to be so murky, but I'd love to remember. They once featured my high-school production of "Pirates of Penzance."

MASN departure... twitter.com/Ourand_SBJ: John Ourand... @Ourand_SBJ... FP is not returning to MASN next season: F.P. Santangelo... @FightinHydrant... Well, there goes my no-hitter. As you may have heard, I will not be returning to the MASN broadcast booth to call Nats games next season. I have so many people to thank for this last decade that I hardly know where to begin.

So, iHeartMedia Classic Rock “BIG100” WBIG-FM Washington debuted “The Don Geronimo Show” on Thursday morning, September 23. October radio ratings = On the DOWNSWING Classic Rock “Big 100” WBIG-FM (4.5 – 3.9 – 3.6) At his retirement age, does Geronimo-Sorce have the energy, dedication, and desire to put in the hard work it will take to turn this station around?

NEWS! October radio ratings... From radioinsight.com: Public News/Talk 88.5 WAMU surges up 7.4 to 8.7 to move from third back to first in Washington DC. Radio One Adult R&B “Majic 102.3/92.7” WMMJ/WDCJ slips 8.8 to 8.5 and Hubbard News 103.5 WTOP drops 8.5 to 8.3. Howard University Adult R&B 96.3 WHUR is down 6.7 to 6.6 and iHeartMedia AC 97.1 WASH rises 6.1 to 6.5. Trending up in Washington are Classical 90.9 WETA-FM (4.7 – 5.0 – 5.4), Cumulus Conservative Talk 105.9 WMAL-FM (3.2 to 4.2) and Atlantic Gateway Communications Christian AC 91.9 WGTS (2.6 – 2.8 – 4.0). On the downswing are iHeartMedia Alternative “DC 101” WWDC (6.4 – 5.4 – 4.7) and Classic Rock “Big 100” WBIG-FM (4.5 – 3.9 – 3.6) as well as Audacy Spanish CHR “107.9 El Zol” WLZL (2.0 – 1.4 – 0.9)..... Radio One Adult R&B “Magic 95.9” WWIN-FM remains on top in Baltimore with an 8.6 to 8.8 rise. iHeartMedia Country 93.1 WPOC rebounds to second up 5.6 to 6.7. Audacy AC “Today’s 101.9” WLIF slips 6.9 to 6.4. Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY dips 5.2 to 5.1. Audacy Sports “105.7 The Fan” WJZ-FM rises 4.3 to 5.0. Audacy Hot AC “Mix 106.5” WWMX jumps up 3.4 to 4.1, while Peter & John Ministries Christian AC “95.1 Shine-FM” trends up 2.6 – 3.0 – 3.5. iHeartMedia Variety Hits “102.7 Jack-FM” WQSR slips down 4.8 – 4.7 – 3.9..... More radioinsight.com/ratings

JOB AD! The City of Laurel’s award-winning station-Laurel TV is looking for a part-time reporter to shoot and edit stories. The candidate will also have opportunities to Anchor or host shows and help with productions. $19.14/hr for up to 20 hours per week. Here’s a link to the application. Production Assistant (Auxiliary) | City of Laurel, Maryland

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Who says you can't get rich in radio? www.huffpost.com

RE: “ Will mainstream advertisers of TMOS drop their support? It's not the first time Podville Media, Zeballos, O'Meara, and TMOS have surrounded themselves with questionable people and programming. Story developing...” hahahaha PLEASE………..people are hilarious

On ABC tonight: "Tonight, Cokie Roberts still dead, tonight!" -- David Muir, who just found out, two years later.

Preston & Steve on WMMR 93.3fm; Is it really a "camp out for hunger" if the hosts "camp out" at a Marriot Courtyard hotel...and avoid talking about the hotel they are camping at? (its not like the honest old days when they stayed in a camper in the mall or stadium parking lot all week -lol)

What's going on with WKCW you never know when thier going to be broadcasting today silent don't even bother listening to it anymore it"s not reliable plus when it's off the air it allows me to recieve 1430 WNAV better because 1420 is stronger and interferes with it.Christmas music already on 1280 too early I think but just my opinion another station which used to be a great Classic Hits station up till a few years ago now its mostly 90s till today.

PODCAST VILLAGE / PODVILLE MEDIA; ARE THERE TIKI TORCHES IN THEIR LOBBY? YOU ARE WHO YOUR HIGHEST PAYING CLIENT IS - THE LINCOLN PROJECT. Today, Virginia voters face a long Gubernatorial Election Day. Local media / polls show McAuliffe and Youngkin in a dead heat. Last Friday, The Lincoln Project sent people with tiki torches to a Youngkin campaign rally. “What happened today in Charlottesville is disgusting and distasteful and the McAuliffe campaign condemns it in the strongest terms,” Has DC-owned Podville Media, CEO Oscar Santana-Zeballos or investor Mike O'Meara and TMOS publicly condemned this action by their client? NO! Will other clients of Podville Media, like ESPN, now leave Podville Media? Will mainstream advertisers of TMOS drop their support? It's not the first time Podville Media, Zeballos, O'Meara, and TMOS have surrounded themselves with questionable people and programming. Story developing...

Delmarva Talker WGMD has replaced Bongino reruns with live, local talk noon to 3 weekdays.

Can't wait for the Christmas music to start, huh? Well, thanks to a service I found called 181.fm, you don't have to. They have 18 (!) channels of Christmas music that play all year round. So, for all of you Christmas music fans out there, may I highly recommend 181.fm.

1280 AM WHVR in Hanover, Pa. went all Christmas on November 1st.

RE: "Re; The 'OLD' Don Geronimo Show. If you think you've heard all his old, on-air, way-back machine stale programming, old photos and old name-drops currently on BIG100, you have - 30 years ago." Don is making radio FUN again. Finally a LIVE call in show that makes you laugh and not boring same ol' same ol'. Bringing mornings in DC back to Glory. And for his fans anywhere other than DC and who can't hear the whole show the podcast is great. I know he's said a few times he's not interested in being syndicated, I'm sure Iheart has plans. They don't make a big time hire like that just for 1 station. Thats not how Iheart operates. He'll be syndicated eventually. Classic Rock/Hits stations.

Wonder if Doreen Gentzler is losing it. Last week, Shomari Stone did a story about a police shooting & said the person shot had been arrested. So Doreen asks “is the suspect in custody?”. LOL.

Anybody local -- or even regional -- made the move to All-Christmas music yet? Can't f***ing wait...

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Re; The 'OLD' Don Geronimo Show. If you think you've heard all his old, on-air, way-back machine stale programming, old photos and old name-drops currently on BIG100, you have - 30 years ago. That's a problem for PD Dustin Matthews Director of Rock Programming for iHeartMedia Washington DC and Jeff Kapugi, Region Senior Vice President of Programming for iHeartMedia Washington, D.C. My guess is Don was just fucking bored in California. There's no more radio career for him in Sacramento, [hasn't been in 15 years when KHTK fired his ass], and his podcast was really nothing either. The ONLY POSSIBLE place for his radio career to continue was DC, so it does make sense for a move back to his roots. What do they call a mid-life crisis after mid-life? Does he need the $$? Maybe he should buy a radio station on the Eastern Shore/Ocean City (an AMer with a low power FM simulcast) and do his own oldies radio station on the side.

I've thought more than once, why does the same company run 2 different competing sports stations against each other. Doesn't make any sense. Make 980 something else. Sure, they have some ok shows but 106.7 The Fan is the big station and thats your sports station! Run Washington Football and the rest on there. Or make 980 a talk station that isn't sports and if you have to run any games on there because they conflict you still can get away with it. If there was only 1 game in town, it'd be home to all the teams I'd assume. Or make 980 all syndicated for an alternative. ESPN or Fox or CBS sports radio. I like the local radio of course but why give 980 any chance to chip away at The Fan. Doesn't make sense. Maybe make it all talk and pick up the Mike O'meara show to get people talking, 5-7 or 3-5 everyday. Something like that. Just some fun suggestions. Don sounds great by the way and getting better each week.

Dave, notice who sued Locast out of business? It was not really the TV stations themselves, but COMCAST/NBC, DISNEY/ABC, CBS, even FOX. Remember when the FCC rule was that the networks couldn’t own the studios and content and for what reasons? EXACTLY what happened here. This is why the affiliates are pushing for ATSC 3.0, not the networks or media companies. They actually don’t want it. The station group owners do. In the old days, Congress would attempt to break up NBC if they yanked programming from Hagerstown or Wildwood, New Jersey. Today, nobody even cared. So WHAG had to be sold along with WMGM to non-local interested parties for non local broadcasts of no interest to their respective communities of license.

Dave's response: All those companies that you mention also own local broadcast TV stations. Perhaps the FCC should prohibit program producers and network owners from owning local broadcast stations. I'd be for that.....

Well here it is. WRC-TV finally got the new NBC Look S graphics on October 19, 2021, which happened during the station’s 4pm ET newscast. This video is from that night’s 11pm ET newscast, which was originally uploaded by San Antonio-based Studio 31 Media Archive. youtu.be

I noticed something interesting in the FCC LMS database. WRGB TV in Albany/Schenectady is leaving Channel 6 after quite a few years, even in DIGITAL and it’s owned by Sinclair, who are ATSC 3.0 co-inventors and proponents of COFDM transmission. Clearly, Sinclair knows something others don’t know, that nobody can get the data transmission well on low-VHF or the TV transmission well indoors even with ATSC 3.0. They’re moving to UHF. Isn’t this a warning sign?

Dave's response: Jesus. It would make it so much easier for folks who rely on antenna reception to put all the god damn TV stations on one (the freaking UHF!!!!!) band. In most markets you have almost all the stations on UHF except for one or two on the high or (holy shit) low VHF band. Makes changing channels such a pain. Got to fiddle with the antenna every time. Or just deal with a "lost" station. How I miss Locast. I really hope all cheap corporate broadcast TV owners saw a big richly deserved drop in their audiences since Locast went away.....

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