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January 2016 to Present

By Dave Hughes
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    May 10, 2016
    WTOP Tops April Radio Ratings For DC
    The Washington market radio ratings for the month of April. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WTOP [AM drive 1st, PM drive 1st], 2) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 2nd], 3) WHUR [Harvey 3rd], 4) WMMJ [Parr 4th, Simpson 4th], 5) WASH [Loo 6th], 6) WIHT [Kane 5th], 7) WKYS [Fam 13th] and WPGC [Clair 16th], 9) WETA-FM and WBIG, 11) WIAD [McFly 13th], 12) WPRS, 13) WGTS, 14) WMAL [MOTM 7th, Rush 4th, Savage 14th], 15) WMZQ [Bones 18th], 16) WWDC [Elliot 13th], 17) WRQX [Diamond 18th], 18) WJFK-FM [Junks 10th, Dukes 19th], 19) WLZL [Biagi 17th], 20) WTEM [M&M 20th, Czaban 20th], 21) WFMD, 22) WPFW and WBQB and WDCN and WERQ and WINC-FM, 27) WAFY and WAVA-FM and WFLS and WFRE and WGRQ and WWEG, 33) WIYY and WBQH, 35) WJYJ and WQSR, 37) WPOC, 38) WDCH and WYPR and WRBS-FM and WKIK and WLIF and WACA and WBJC and WSMD and WVBX. The Baltimore market radio ratings for the month of April. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WERQ, 2) WLIF, 3) WPOC and WWIN-FM, 5) WIYY, 6) WJZ-FM, 7) WWMX and WZFT, 9) WCBM, 10) WRBS-FM, 11) WZBA, 12) WQSR, 13) WBAL-AM, 14) WYPR, 15) WCAO, 16) WBJC, 17) WRBS-AM, 18) WLIFHD2 and WQLL, 20) WWIN-AM, 21) WJZ-AM and WOLB. DC and other out of market stations are not included in this listing.

    May 10, 2016
    Tati Leaves PGC
    Tati (right) came to CBS's urban contemporary WPGC, 95.5, from San Diego in 2013 when Pablo was the new morning man. After Pablo got bounced for low-ish ratings, Joe Clair got hired as new morning host. And Tati stayed. But now, we hear, Tati's heading back to San Diego. "It's been in the discussion for a couple months," a source tells us. "Her contract was up."

    May 9, 2016
    Ray Lewis To Leave ESPN
    Ravens great Ray Lewis are reportedly on the way out of ESPN. according to NFL blog thebiglead.com, which claims that his departure is part of a massive makeover for the channel's NFL coverage. Lewis, Cris Carter, and one-time Lewis teammate Trent Dilfer are reportedly leaving ESPN, while Randy Moss will leave Fox Sports to join ESPN. Lewis joined ESPN following his retirement in 2013.

    May 4, 2016
    JT Bosch Joins WMZQ
    WMZQ, 98.7, names JT Bosch as evening host and assistant program director. He will be heard weekdays from 7 PM to midnight on the iHeart country outlet. Bosch has handled both on-air and programming duties with stations in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. He most recently served as program director for iHeart's country KASE/KVET in Austin, Texas.

    May 2, 2016
    Ryan Bogash Leaves BAL
    Ryan Bogash, a talk show producer for the past two decades at Baltimore's WBAL-AM, 1090, is leaving the news talker to go into business with his wife. Over the years, he's worked with Ron Smith, Alan Walden, Dave Durian, Dan Rodricks, and Mary Beth Marsden, among others.

    April 30, 2016
    WBFF Intruder Faces Felony Charge
    A man shot by police April 28 after he walked into Channel 45/WBFF's Baltimore building wearing what was described as a "panda outfit" and what looked like an explosive vest faces a felony charge of arson and other counts in the incident that left him wounded and hospitalized. Alex Brizzi, 25, of Howard County, was wearing a "hedgehog onesie" and a surgical mask "associated with Japanese anime culture" when he attempted to set his car on fire in the parking lot of Fox 45, then walked into the station's vestibule, according to police. Brizzi was carrying a flash drive with statements he wanted aired by the station when he approached a security guard who was able to discreetly alert police while engaging Brizzi in conversation, police said. The device with wires and a seeming detonator that Brizzi carried later was found to be a contraption fashioned from a life preserver, the motherboard of a smoke detector, and wiring connected to candy bars that had been wrapped in tinfoil, police said. After being mollified by the security guard, Brizzi left the building and was shot by police in the adjacent lot. A police robot was used to remove his clothes, and police determined the device was inert. Brizzi remains in serious but stable condition.

    April 29, 2016
    InsideNova To Brand VA Print Rags
    Prince William Today and the Stafford County Sun will be known as InsideNoVa/Prince William and InsideNoVa/North Stafford "to better reflect joint ownership with the popular regional news website, InsideNoVa.com," according to insidenova.com. At the same time, the front page of the Prince William paper will be redesigned to incorporate a new feature called "InTheKnow," which will "spotlight interesting articles in the paper and on the website."

    April 26, 2016
    Erica Campbell To Do Mornings On Praise 104.1
    Erica Campbell will be the new morning host on Radio One's commercial gospel Praise 104.1, WPRS. Starting May 10. Yolanda Adams had been host of the Radio One-owned Reach Media program that is syndicated to almost 40 like-formatted stations across the country. Campbell is part of the two-woman Mary Mary music act. She's also been on reality TV via a series also named "Mary Mary." Her new radio show is titled "Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell," and she'll play music, do interviews, and offer "practical principles" for living.

    April 26, 2016
    Nielsen Pulls Out Of Columbia
    Radio ratings firm Nielsen will close up shop at its four-story building in Columbia, Maryland. In the 2-1/2 years since Nielsen absorbed Arbitron, it's been steadily ferrying jobs and sometimes people out of the multi-building campus it inherited in the Baltimore suburbs. Nielsen almost immediately emptied out a couple of side-buildings, but kept the signature facility at 9705 Patuxent Woods Drive. Most of the work that Arbitron did in Columbia (editing diaries, handling PPMs) has long since relocated to Nielsen's data-factory near Tampa. One source tells Taylor that Patuxent Woods Drive now looks like "a ghost building." It was a handy base for Nielsen, located between Baltimore and Washington, and it hosted many client conferences, consultant fly-ins and diary reviews, Taylor adds. Expect Nielsen to drive away the last trucks from its rented quarters as early as June.

    April 25, 2016
    Kristie McIntyre Returns To RQX
    Kristie McIntyre (right) takes the evening shift on Cumulus hot adult contemporary WRQX, Mix 107.3. She will debut in the 7 PM to midnight slot on May 2. This marks a return to WRQX for McIntyre, who was on-air personality for the station from 2005 to 2010. Most recently, McIntyre was an anchor and reporter for Channel 11/WBAL. Before that, she was midday host for CBS's hot adult contemporary WIAD, 94.7 Fresh FM. During her lengthy area radio career, McIntyre has also worked at WQSR, WXYV, and WERQ in addition to radio stations in New England and Indianapolis.

    April 23, 2016
    Joanna Campbell Leaves Mix 106.5
    Joanna Campbell is no longer with Baltimore adult contemporary WWMX, Mix 106.5, doing afternoons with Priestly. She posted she left CBS Baltimore on April 14. No reason given. A source tells us: "She won't be replaced. Expect CBS Radio as an entity to excise other on/off-air staffers to lower operating costs as it heads toward being spun off, parceled or sold by corporate."

    April 23, 2016
    Derek Valcourt Leaves 13
    Reporter Derek Valcourt has left CBS's Channel 13/WJZ in Baltimore. We're told that he "cleansed his [Facebook] page of WJZ 13 mentions and job information. He's definitely gone... [His] bio has been removed from WJZ 13's page, meaning he's probably leaving the station. No word on Facebook, but no mention of WJZ anymore except the broken link to his page."

    April 21, 2016
    Paul Donovan Exits WMZQ
    Paul Donovan, the night personality on iHeart country WMZQ, 98.7, has exited the station after four years. Chris German is filling in until a replacement has been named.

    April 21, 2016
    Orioles Radio Engineer Paul Eicholtz Dies
    Paul Eicholtz, the engineer for Baltimore Orioles broadcasts for more 36 seasons in his 55 years at WBAL radio, died April 19. "He's probably seen more Orioles games than anyone," said Johnny Goldsmith, who succeeded "Dr. Paul" after his 2000 retirement. Eicholtz's start at WBAL came in the 1950s, predating the station's studios on TV Hill. In his early years at the station, he worked on Orioles games, then the station lost the Orioles contract. When the team came back, it was his main job.

    April 15, 2016
    Alvin Jones To Host WERA Show
    DC TV and radio veteran Alvin Jones will be doing weekdays between 7 AM and 9 AM on Arlington's new community radio station, WERA, 96.7. He'll be co-hosting with Ulysses E. Campbell on the new "TMI - Too Much Information" show. Starting April 25. Jones is also executive producer of NewsChannel 8's "Women's Business Report," a half-hour show highlighting women in business, among his lengthy resume of local DC area radio and TV gigs.

    April 12, 2016
    WTOP & WLIF Top March Radio Ratings
    The Washington market radio ratings for the month of March. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WTOP [AM drive 1st, PM drive 1st], 2) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 2nd], 3) WHUR [Harvey 3rd], 4) WASH [Loo 5th], 5) WIHT [Kane 4th], 6) WMMJ [Parr 6th, Simpson 6th] and WETA-FM and WPGC [Clair 12th], 9) WGTS, 10) WBIG, 11) WIAD [McFly 14th], 12) WKYS [Fam 17th] and WMZQ [Bones 10th], 14) WPRS, 15) WMAL [MOTM 11th, Rush 5th, Savage 16th], 16) WRQX [Diamond 18th], 17) WWDC [Elliot 13th], 18) WLZL [Biagi 15th], 19) WTEM [M&M 21st, Czaban 16th], 20) WJFK-FM [Junks 16th, Dukes 20th], 21) WFMD, 22) WGRQ, 23) WAFY and WERQ and WDCN, 26) WFRE and WAVA-FM and WBQB and WINC-FM, 30) WYPR and WQSR and WWEG and WIYY, 34) WFLS and WDCH and WRBS-FM and WBQH, 38) WJYJ and WPOC and WPFW. The Baltimore radio ratings (in-market stations only) for the month of March. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WLIF, 2) WERQ, 3) WPOC, 4) WWIN-FM, 5) WIYY and WZFT, 7) WWMX, 8) WCBM, 9) WRBS-FM and WZBA, 11) WJZ-FM, 12) WBAL-AM, 13) WQSR, 14) WYPR, 15) WCAO, 16) WBJC, 17) WRBS-AM, 18) WLIFHD2 and WQLL, 20) WJZ-AM and WOLB, 22) WWIN-AM.

    April 12, 2016
    Steve Rouse To Q1370
    Starting May 16, Baltimore radio veteran Steve Rouse, along with co-host Tracy Hart, will be doing mornings on Baltimore oldies outlet WQLL, Q1370. In addition to its main 1370 AM signal in Baltimore, WQLL is also heard in Harford County on 99.9 FM. "We're very excited to have Steve and Tracy be part of the Q1370 family. They will be doing 6 AM to 9 AM in the beginning," says Q1370 General Manager Marc Beaven. DCRTV only just reported that Rouse left his morning show gig at Havre de Grace oldies outlet "The Point," WHGM, 1330 AM and 104.7 FM.

    April 12, 2016
    Lisa Fletcher Joins WJLA
    Lisa Fletcher (right) joins Channel 7/WJLA as its "7 On Your Side" consumer affairs investigative reporter. She will also report on WJLA owner Sinclair's nationally syndicated Sunday news magazine, "Full Measure" with Sharyl Attkisson, which is taped at WJLA's Arlington studios. Fletcher has been host of Al Jazeera America's "The Stream," and, before that, was a national correspondent for ABC News.

    April 11, 2016
    7's Devon Lucie To SLC
    Meteroligist Devon Lucie leaves Channel 7/WJLA for a weather forecasting gig at KTVX, Salt Lake City's ABC affiliate. His wife, Surae Chinn, is a reporter with Channel 9/WUSA. She is expected to join him in Utah.

    April 8, 2016
    New Line-Up At ESPN 980
    Red Zebra sports talker ESPN 980, WTEM, will start a new line-up May 2. Al Galdi will take the 5 AM to 7 AM slot. With Kevin Sheehan and Chris Cooley from 7 AM to 11 AM. Tony Kornheiser moves an hour later to the 11 AM to 1 PM slot. Scott Jackson, Brian Mitchell, and Rick "Doc" Walker will air from 1 PM to 4 PM. Steve Czaban will be paired with Andy Pollin from 4 PM to 7 PM. "This was all forced on the station by Chris Cooley, who demanded a move to a new time slot," a source tells us. "He is good friends with [WTEM and Redskins owner] Dan Snyder, and therefore can control the programming decisions on the station."

    March 31, 2016
    Doug Buchanan Leaves 5 For DC Fire
    Doug Buchanan is leaving Channel 5/WTTG, where he's been managing the Fox station's newsroom as senior assignment editor for more than seven years. Come April 11, he'll be chief communications officer for the DC Fire And Emergency Medical Services Department. "I am incredibly excited to go to work for this city that I love and a fire chief I truly respect," says Buchanan. Before joining WTTG, he was a producer at the Pentagon Channel and Fox News Channel. He's also been a reporter at WTTG, Channel 9/WUSA, and at stations in Pennsylvania and New York.

    March 31, 2016
    Former WaPo Ombud Dies
    Bill Green, a journalist and university official who spent one year in the early 1980s as ombudsman of the Washington Post, where he conducted an investigation into a story by reporter Janet Cooke about an 8-year-old heroin addict that won a Pulitzer Prize before it was exposed as a fraud, died March 28 at his home in Durham, NC. He was 91.

    March 30, 2016
    Hubbard Tops DC & National Radio Revenue For 2015
    Hubbard all-newser WTOP is again crowned the top ad revenue billing radio station across the entire USA. It's the only radio station to make the list of top 10 billers that's outside of the top three radio markets. DC is the seventh largest radio market. WTOP has been in that stellar position for five out of the past six years. WTOP's 2015 billing revenue was $65 million, up from $63.5 million in 2014. LA's contemporary hits KIIS, which edged out WTOP for first place in 2014, billed $64.7 million in 2015 for second place. iHeart's NYC contemporary hits WHTZ ranked third at $48.4 million. CBS's NYC sports talker WFAN placed fourth with $47 million with market sister all-newser WCBS-AM fifth at $45 million, according to data from BIA/Kelsey. Broadcast radio advertising revenue in the DC radio market reached $325.7 million in 2015, according to BIA/Kelsey's new Local Competition Report (below).....

    Hubbard's radio stations, including WTOP and WFED, were responsible for nearly a quarter of the radio revenue in the market - 24.6%. iHeartMedia's stations, including WIHT, WWDC, WASH, WMZQ, and WBIG, trailed in second place with 19.7%. CBS, with WJFK-FM/AM, WPGC, WLZL, WIAD, and WNEW, was third with 16.4%. Radio One. including WKYS, WMMJ, WPRS, WOL and WYCB, placed fourth with 10.1%. Cumulus, with WMAL and WRQX, was fifth with 5.5%. Red Zebra, including WTEM and WSPZ, was sixth with 4.8%. "This year's list of top 10 highest revenue radio stations in the US for 2015 hasn't been released yet, but I can say that Hubbard's WTOP is once again somewhere in the top 10 despite Washington DC being the 7th ranked market nationwide," writes Suzanne Ackley of the Chantilly-based financial firm.

    March 29, 2016
    Jennifer Frey Dies
    Jennifer Frey, a former Washington Post reporter who wrote for the newspaper's Sports and Style sections for 13 years, died March 26 at a hospital in Washington. She was 47. The cause was multiple organ failure. Frey was hired by the Post in 1995 from the New York Times.

    March 25, 2016
    Klug Says Goodbye To WZBA
    John Klug (right) has announced on Baltimore classic rocker WZBA, 100.7 The Bay, that he is leaving the Times-Shamrock station after "11 years, 7 months, and 12 days" to focus on his voiceover and production company. Beginning March 28, Craig Chambers will move from afternoon drive to the morning show.

    March 24, 2016
    MTA Station Plays Smooth Jazz
    The Maryland Transportation Administration's new low-power FM station in Baltimore, WTTZ, 93.5, is running jockless smooth jazz during non-rush hour periods, when it runs non-stop traffic reports. With the slogan "The Station That Moves You." Baltimore hasn't had an official smooth jazz station since WSMJ, 104.3, dropped the relaxing tunes for rock in 2008. It's now contemporary hits WZFT, Z104.

    March 23, 2016
    WAMU Reorganizes News To Sound Less Like WTOP
    American University public radio news talker WAMU, 88.5, is reorganizing its newsroom "to move away from high-tempo, WTOP-style news coverage and toward stories that would be more resonant, and more shareable." The news department will focus on broad subject areas. Patrick Madden will head the power and influence beat, Armando Trull will be the lead on race and ethnicity, Martin Di Caro will cover transportation, and Kavitha Cardoza will head-up education. Washingtonian adds that WAMU plans to hire seven new positions and it has eliminated "two reporter positions focused on geographic coverage" - Virginia reporter Michael Pope and Maryland reporter Matt Bush.

    March 17, 2016
    Peggy Girshman Dies
    Peggy Girshman, a health-care journalist who co-founded the Washington-based news service Kaiser Health News in 2008, died March 14 at her home in Silver Spring. She was 61. The cause was complications from amyloidosis, a condition of abnormal protein production and deposition in organs. Girshman began her career as a story and program producer for Channel 7/WJLA and Channel 9/WUSA. As a senior producer for PBS, she worked on "Scientific American Frontiers." In the early 1990s, Girshman was a science reporter for NPR, going on to be a senior medical producer at "Dateline NBC." She also was executive editor of Congressional Quarterly's website.

    March 15, 2016
    WTOP & WPOC Top February Radio Ratings
    The Washington market radio ratings for the month of February. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WTOP [AM drive 1st, PM drive 1st], 2) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 2nd], 3) WIHT [Kane 3rd] and WASH [Loo 4th], 5) WETA-FM and WHUR [Harvey 4th], 7) WPGC [Clair 7th], 8) WIAD [McFly 12th] and WMMJ [Parr 8th, Simpson 7th], 10) WBIG, 11) WGTS and WPRS and WMZQ [Bones 18th], 14) WKYS [Fam 18th], 15) WMAL [MOTM 10th, Rush 4th, Savage 15th], 16) WRQX [Diamond 15th], 17) WWDC [Elliot 12th], 18) WLZL, 19) WJFK-FM [Junks 15th, Dukes 19th], 20) WFMD, 21) WTEM [M&M 21st, Czaban 20th), 22) WDCN, 23) WAFY, 24) WERQ and WBQB, 26) WWEG and WFRE and WQSR and WAVA-FM, 30) WINC-FM and WRBS-FM and WIYY, 33) WPFW and WFLS and WGRQ and WWMX, 37) WYPR and WPOC and WJYJ and WNEW. The Baltimore market radio ratings for the month of February. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WPOC, 2) WLIF, 3) WERQ, 4) WWIN-FM, 5) WRBS-FM, 6) WCBM, 7) WWMX, 8) WZFT, 9) WIYY, 10) WJZ-FM, 11) WZBA, 12) WBAL-AM, 13) WQSR, 14) WYPR, 15) WAMU, 16) WTOP, 17) WBJC, 18) WPGC, 19) WCAO and WKYS, 21) WASH, 22) WBIG and WHUR and WMAL and WWDC and WNEW, 27) WRQX and WXCY, 29) WLZL and WIHT and WRBS-AM, 32) WEAA and WTMD and WGTS, 35) WMZQ and WLIFHD2, 37) WQLL and WRNR-FM and WTTR and WETA-FM.

    March 15, 2016
    New Call Letters For 99.1
    The WNEW call letters have officially moved from CBS Radio's former DC area all-newser on 99.1, now being leased to Bloomberg for business news, back to NYC. The DC area's 99.1 is now WDCH. Those legendary WNEW call letters graced NYC's 102.7 for decades, mainly as a rocker, before CBS farmed them out to Florida and then to DC. "Of course CBS moved the WNEW-FM calls around to control them, so nobody else could use them in New York," according to Tom Taylor Now. Up until today, NYC's 102.7 had featured the WWFS call letters and the "Fresh" hot adult contemporary format like what CBS runs on DC's WIAD, as "94.7 Fresh FM."

    March 13, 2016
    Mary Beth Marsden Leaves BAL Radio
    Baltimore news personality Mary Beth Marsden has been pink-slipped from Hearst news talker WBAL-AM, 1090 AM. She's been anchoring its afternoon drivetime newscast for five years. Her last day was Friday. Before that, she anchored and reported news for Channel 2/WMAR for two decades.

    March 13, 2016
    Ben Bagdikian Dies
    Ben Bagdikian died March 11 at age 96 in Berkeley, California. He was the national editor of the Washington Post in the early 1970s when he obtained the Pentagon Papers for the paper, physically delivering them to the home of then-editor Benjamin Bradlee. The publication of the papers ultimately resulted in a landmark Supreme Court decision concerning freedom of the press.

    March 12, 2016
    Will Thomas Leaves 5
    News anchor Will Thomas (right) and Fox-owned Channel 5/WTTG are parting ways. "After 19 years at Fox 5, I have decided to start the next chapter of my professional life," the news anchor said in a statement. "It's been an exciting ride and a privilege to be on Fox 5 that long. I'm looking forward to new challenges and new experiences." Adds Patrick Paolini, WTTG's vice president and general manager, "Will Thomas has demonstrated outstanding journalism and a terrific connection with the DC audience during his 19 years on-air with Fox 5 News. Will has decided to enter the next chapter of his career, and we wish him the best of luck." Thomas has been missing from his evening anchor duties of late and there have been rumors of a contract dispute or non-renewal between he and his station.

    March 7, 2016
    50 To Start 10 PM Newscast
    DC's CW affiliate, Tribune-owned Channel 50/WDCW, will be starting a 10 PM newscast. The half-hour program will debut on April 18. It will be anchored from the studios of Tribune's Richmond station, CBS affiliate Channel 6/WTVR, with a team of DC area-based reporters, multimedia journalists, sports reporters, photographers, and editors located at WDCW's studios in northwest DC. Candace Burns, who currently co-anchors WTVR's 6 PM and 11 PM newscasts, will solo anchor the WDCW news show. Meteorologist Zach Daniel will handle weather and Lane Casadonte will anchor sports. There will also be weekend newscast at 10 PM on WDCW with a different anchor line-up.

    March 7, 2016
    Danni Starr Gone From 99.5's Kane Show
    Danni Starr (right) is no longer co-hosting with Kane on his Hot 99.5, WIHT morning show. Starr has been off the air for a couple of weeks, occasionally posting messages on her Facebook page hinting at her having left the show, while the Kane show has been in "best of" mode on and off recently setting up its own speculation. Hot 99.5 Program Director Tommy Chuck tells the All Access radio trade pub: "Danni Starr is no longer part of 'The Kane Show' and will be looking at new opportunities within iHeartMedia. We appreciate all of her contributions during her time with 'The Kane Show'."

    March 6, 2016
    Richard Frank Dies
    Richard Frank, who spent two decades as the top editor of the DC-based National Journal, died March 1 at a hospice in Palm Desert, California. He was 84.

    March 4, 2016
    Russ Ptacek Gone From 9
    Investigative reporter Russ Ptacek has left Channel 9/WUSA. He parted ways with the local Tegna-owned CBS affiliate "after negotiations the newsman says ended on Thursday and took a year-and-a-half to complete." Ptacek says he's on his way to Thailand as part of a project for a "national news organization." In a statement, WUSA News Director Bill Lord says: "Russ and the station had a mutual parting of the ways. We appreciate his service over the time he was here and wish him well." Ptacek joined WUSA in 2012 from Kansas City's KSHB-TV

    March 4, 2016
    Don Richards Dies
    DC radio and TV legend Don Richards died March 4 in Northern Virginia. He was 88. In the 1950s, Richards was an announcer at WTOP radio, then 1500 AM. He soon anchored newscasts at the radio station and its sister, WTOP-TV, Channel 9 (right). He also hosted shows for the US Information Agency. Richards graduated from Syracuse University in 1951 with Dick Clark, who went on to host "American Bandstand" in Philadelphia. After his news career, Richards went on to do modeling and acting. He appeared on many magazine covers and in commercials. Recently, Richards was living in Front Royal.

    March 3, 2016
    Alan Goldstein Dies
    Alan "Goldy" Goldstein, a retired Baltimore Sun sports reporter and columnist whose primary beats during his four-decade career were professional boxing and basketball, died February 29 of liver failure at a son's Glen Arm home. He was 82.

    March 3, 2016
    Emily Miller Gone From 5
    Investigative reporter Emily Miller (right) is leaving Fox-owned Channel 5/WTTG. Said Miller, "It was truly a rewarding experience to work at Fox 5 DC. Local TV news is unique because it let me directly help people who felt they ha d no one to fight for them. It showed me clearly why the fourth estate is so important in our country." Station Vice President Patrick Paolini added, "Unfortunately, Emily has decided to move on at the end of her two-year contract. Emily brought original reporting, got real results from her investigations and demonstrated exemplary coverage of the Baltimore riots. We wish her the best in the future." No word on her plans. Miller, who did not hide her right-leaning political views, previously worked for the Washington Times and Human Events. Also, she was a spokesperson for former House Majority Leader Tom Delay and former Secretary Of State Colin Powell.

    February 29, 2016
    NPR's Craig Windham Dies
    Craig Windham, a newscaster and reporter for NPR News, died unexpectedly of a pulmonary embolism February 28. He was 66. Windham was visiting his brother in North Carolina and was taken to Wake Forest University Hospital in Winston-Salem, where he died. During his more than two decades at NPR, he delivered newscasts during "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered." Prior to joining NPR in 1995, he worked as a national correspondent for the Unistar/RKO radio networks and was a news director at WASH, 97.1. Also, Windham was an adjunct professor at George Washington University, where he taught classes on counseling and human development.

    February 29, 2016
    5's Scott Smith Heads To Tampa
    Channel 5/WTTG sports anchor Scott Smith (right) is headed to Tampa, to be doing the same thing at WTVT-TV. We reported back in August that the DC-owned Fox station would not be renewing Smith's contract when it expired in late 2015. His position is being eliminated as WTTG News Director Paul McGonagle said he wants to "de-emphasiz(e) traditional sports" with no need for a sports director.

    February 28, 2016
    Bob Shilling Dies
    Longtime Baltimore news broadcaster Bob Shilling died February 28 of lung cancer at the Gilchrest Center Hospice in Towson. He was 75. From 1966 to 1985, Shilling worked at WCBM, 680, as a reporter and news director. From 1990 to 2008, he was a managing editor at Channel 45/WBFF. Most recently, he was a media specialist with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in Emmitsburg. Shilling was a past president of the Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association.

    February 26, 2016
    Jamie McIntyre To Examiner
    Jamie McIntyre joins the Washington Examiner as a senior defense and national security writer. Most recently, he's been a national security correspondent at Al Jazeera America. Before that, McIntyre was a newscaster on NPR's "All Things Considered" and CNN's senior Pentagon correspondent. He starts at the Examiner in April.

    February 24, 2016
    Sabrina Conte Joins WASH
    Sabrina Conte (right) takes the midday slot at iHeart's adult contemporary WASH, 97.1. Starting Monday, February 29. She's a Prince George's County native who got her start as a traffic reporter for Total Traffic Network in Silver Spring, where she's been heard in the Salisbury MD and Wilmington DE markets the past nine years.

    February 19, 2016
    WHAG To Lose NBC Affiliation
    Nexstar's Channel 25/WHAG in Hagerstown is losing its NBC affiliation this summer after four decades. Technically, the station is located within the Washington TV market, which is also served by NBC-owned Channel 4/WRC. NBC, which is owned by Comcast, last year pulled its network affilation from independently-owned Channel 40/WMGM in the Atlantic City area, so as not to compete with nearby Philadelphia's Channel 10/WCAU, which, like WRC, is owned by the network. Beginning July 1, when its NBC affiliation goes away, WHAG says it will boost its coverage to more than 50 hours weekly of locally-produced news, lifestyle, weather, sports, and community programming. The expansion increases local coverage in Maryland and Northern Virginia while bringing West Virginia viewers the only available state-wide local news programming. WHAG said its multimedia journalists will deliver news from its repositioned news bureaus in Winchester and Montgomery County's Germantown, to better reflect the station's expanded coverage area, and expects to open an additional office in the Centerville area of Fairfax County in the first quarter of 2017.

    February 18, 2016
    George Solis To 13
    CBS-owned Channel 13/WJZ has hired George Solis (right) as a reporter. He comes from WBBH-TV, the NBC affiliate in Fort Myers, Florida, where he's worked four years. Before that, he worked at the WNBW-WGFL TV duopoly in Gainesville, Florida. He starts at Baltimore's WJZ March 9.....

    February 17, 2016
    WTOP & WPOC Tops January Radio Ratings
    The Washington market radio ratings for the month of January. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WTOP [AM drive 1st, PM drive 1st], 2) WAMU [ME 2nd, Rehm 2nd, ATC 2nd], 3) WASH [Loo 3rd], 4) WIHT [Kane 3rd] and WHUR [Harvey 3rd], 6) WPGC [Clair 11th], 7) WKYS [Parr 7th] and WETA-FM, 9) WBIG and WMMJ [Joyner 7th, Simpson 7th], 11) WMAL [Brian & Larry 8th, Rush 3rd, Savage 14th] and WMZQ and WIAD [McFly 12th], 14) WGTS, 15) WPRS, 16) WLZL, 17) WWDC [Elliot 17th], 18) WRQX [Diamond 18th], 19) WJFK-FM [Junks 17th, Dukes 18th], 20) WTEM [Mike & Mike 20th, Czaban 20th], 21) WFMD, 22) WDCN, 23) WWEG and WERQ, 25) WINC-FM and WBQB, 27) WIYY and WYPR and WAVA-FM and WFRE. The Baltimore market radio ratings for the month of January. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WPOC, 2) WLIF, 3) WERQ, 4) WWIN-FM, 5) WRBS-FM, 6) WJZ-FM, 7) WIYY, 8) WZFT and WWMX, 10) WCBM, 11) WBAL-AM, 12) WZBA, 13) WQSR, 14) WYPR, 15) WTOP, 16) WAMU, 17) WBJC, 18) WCAO, 19) WPGC and WWDC, 21) WKYS and WHUR, 23) WNEW and WLIFHD2 and WMAL and WLZL, 27) WIHT and WXCY and WASH, 30) WRQX and WBIG and WMZQ and WGTS and WTTR.

    February 17, 2016
    CBS-DC Launches Oldies Channel
    2/17 - CBS Radio launches and is continually tweaking a rock and pop oldies channel on the digital HD-2 subchannel of WIAD, 94.7 Fresh FM. Dubbed "DC's Greatest Hits" and "Classic 94.7 - The Greatest Hits Of All Time," the non-commercial channel is being programmed by Steve Davis, who is the VP of programming for CBS's DC radio cluster. Included in the Wednesday morning playlist: Billy Joel, Steve Miller, Aerosmith, Journey, and the Bee Gees.....

    February 12, 2016
    Jason Kidd To RQX
    DC and Baltimore radio veteran Jason Kidd will do afternoon drive for Cumulus hot adult contemporary WRQX, Mix 107.3, starting Monday, February 15. He'll continue to run his DC-based New Generation Radio consultancy biz.

    February 11, 2016
    Chris Johnson Joins ESPN 980 As PD
    Chris Johnson re-joins Red Zebra sports talker WTEM, ESPN 980, as program director. Starting February 15. He worked in various posts at WTEM from 1996 to 2008, serving as program director during his last three years. Most recently, Johnson worked as a reporter covering the Nationals for the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. During his career, he's also worked as a producer for Westwood One, helping the network air national game broadcasts for the NFL and NCAA. "We are excited to have someone with Chris's experience and skill to help us build and grow ESPN 980," said Terry Bateman, Red Zebra's chairman. "We have a great line-up of talent, and great content and look forward to putting it all together to give our listeners the best sports talk radio in the Washington market." In his new job, Johnson will also oversee WTEM's game broadcasts, including serving as the flagship station of the Redskins Radio Network.

    February 10, 2016
    Reggie Reg Dies
    Reggie Reg (right), who had worked at Baltimore's 92Q and was a well known disc jockey on the city's club music scene, died of heart failure February 6 at St. Agnes Hospital. He was 50. The Baltimore native joined urban contemporary WERQ, 92.3, in the mid-1990s, where he remained for a decade. "I met Reggie about 1984 when he was an up-and-coming the Baltimore Sun. "He was kinda finding his space, and Reggie hung out with everybody. He hung out at beauty shops and at record stores. Everybody gravitated to him."

    February 8, 2016
    Hector Hannibal To Be HUR PD
    Howard University's adult urban contemporary WHUR, 96.3, announces Hector Hannibal as its new program director. Hannibal led the station from 1993 to 2002, creating the successful "Adult Mix" format, which can still be heard today. He's spent the past 10 years as the vice president of programming for Reach Media, Radio One's national radio syndication arm. "We're thrilled to welcome Hector aboard during this exciting period of growth for the station," says Jim Watkins, WHUR's general manager. "We know he has a proven track record of success and we look forward to him lending his expertise to the WHUR team." Adds Hannibal, "I've been a WHUR listener for many years now and feel an emotional connection to the brand. I look forward to serving my team, station management, and listeners' proficiently and tirelessly."

    February 5, 2016
    Lonnae O'Neal Leaves WaPo
    Washington Post Style section columnist Lonnae O'Neal says goodbye to her paper after 24 years. She's heading to ESPN to be a senior columnist for its Undefeated website.

    February 2, 2016
    Bill Parris Dies
    Bill Parris, 70, a DC-Baltimore radio station owner, died February 2 at a hospital in Westminster, MD. The cause was colon cancer. He worked in programming at Washington area stations before being named national programming director in the mid-1970s of United Broadcasting Company, a Bethesda-based network of radio and television stations. Parris was later promoted to executive vice president of United Broadcasting. In 1986, he founded Radio Broadcast Communications as a side business to operate a broadcasting school in Baltimore. When United Broadcasting began selling its media properties in the early 1990s, Parris left the company and bought Rockville-based "top 40" outlet WINX, 1600, under the Radio Broadcast banner. He later sold the station but at the time of his death owned two stations in eastern Maryland, including Aberdeen's WAMD. He also managed a batch of ethnic stations in the DC area, including 950, 1390, and 1600.

    WaPo Runs Bill Parris Obit - 2/12 - The Washington Post publishes its obituary of .....

    January 28, 2016
    Major Changes At Politico
    Big shake-up at Politico. Jim VandeHei, the co-founder and CEO of Politico; Mike Allen, author of the influential Politico Playbook; Kim Kingsley, the chief operating officer; Roy Schwartz, the chief revenue officer; and Danielle Jones, an executive vice president will all leave the company later this year. Susan Glasser, Politico's top editor, will step down after 2016 and take on a strategic role with Politico as director of editorial innovation from Jerusalem. Glasser is moving to be with her husband, a New York Times reporter who is being promoted to Jerusalem bureau chief. John Harris, the editor-in-chief who co-founded Politico with VandeHei in 2006, will take over at Politico's helm for the time being. The shakeup brings an end to a decade in which VandeHei, Harris and others built Politico up from scratch, turned it into one of the most aggressive and robust political news organizations in the country, and then reached beyond with expansion efforts around the USA and in Europe.

    January 21, 2016
    Jack Bowden Dies
    Longtime Channel 2/WMAR anchor and reporter Jack Bowden died of leukemia January 20 at Gilchrist Hospice Care in Towson. He was 82 and lived in Finksburg. According to a tribute article at WMAR's abc2news.com website: "Before Google, there was Bowden. He was the news station's human archive; you could go to him and say [former Maryland governor] Marvin Mandel and within seconds he would tell you Mandel's history in Annapolis. As City Hall reporter, politicians would only speak with him. He would break stories in the bee hive. He would tell you what happened on every street corner in Baltimore." Says longtime Baltimore TV reporter Andy Barth, "We all studied Jack. How to interview, how to listen, how to enjoy hearing a good story and making it a great story. He was a role model. We loved his booming voice and his hearty laugh." After two decades at WMAR, Bowden left in 1988 following a contract dispute. The next year he joined WBAL radio and hosted an afternoon news show. Born in Baltimore, Bowden started his career at WFMD radio in Frederick. In 1960, he became an announcer at classical WBAL-FM. He then worked a year at Channel 11/WBAL and joined WMAR in 1967. At right, Bowden and his wife, Susan White-Bowden, also a Baltimore TV anchor and reporter, on the cover of the Baltimore Sun's TV Week in 1980.

    January 21, 2016
    McCann Upped To Cumulus DC Market Manager
    Cumulus promotes Jake McCann from vice president of sales to market manager of its DC radio cluster, which includes news talker WMAL, 105.9/630, and hot adult contemporary WRQX, 107.3. Also, the firm makes Beth Cohen vice president of sales. She had been the cluster's director of sales.

    January 20, 2016
    XMAS Boosts WASH & WLIF
    The Washington radio ratings for the monthly Holiday period. Full-day, age 12+: 1) WASH, 2) WTOP, 3) WAMU,4) WHUR and WIHT, 6) WETA-FM, 7) WPGC, 8) WMMJ, 9) WKYS, 10) WBIG, 11) WIAD and WMAL, 13) WMZQ, 14) WGTS, 15) WRQX, 16) WWDC, 17) WJFK-FM and WLZL, 19) WPRS, 20) WTEM, 21) WFMD, 22) WAVA-FM, 23) WGRQ and WERQ and WDCN, 26) WIYY and WNEW and WBQB, 29) WLIF and WINC-FM and WFRE. The Baltimore radio ratings for the monthly Holiday period. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WLIF, 2) WERQ, 3) WWIN-FM, 4) WPOC, 5) WRBS-FM, 6) WWMX, 7) WIYY, 8) WZFT, 9) WJZ-FM, 10) WCBM, 11) WBAL-AM, 12) WQSR, 13) WZBA, 14) WASH, 15) WCAO, 16) WTOP and WAMU, 18) WAMU and WYPR, 20) WNEW and WPGC and WWDC, 23) WHUR and WKYS, 25) WLZL, 26) WMAL, 27) WMZQ and WRQX and WXCY, 30) WIHT.

    January 19, 2016
    Zampillo Leaving ESPN 980
    Dan Zampillo, the program director at Redskins owner Dan Snyder's sports talker, ESPN 980, WTEM, has announced his resignation. He was hired in April 2015. Just the latest radio exec to leave the Red Zebra station, which is suffering a significant ratings slump and way behind CBS rival 106.7 The Fan, WJFK-FM, in key male demographics. In late 2015, WTEM saw the departure of its chief executive, Rick Carmean, as the Redskins organization attempts to merge team management with its radio division.

    January 18, 2016
    WHFS & WMUC Engineer Bob Carpenter Dies
    DC area radio engineer Bob Carpenter died January 8. In 1948, he was one of the people who put carrier current radio on the air at the University Of Maryland's College Park campus, later to become WMUC. Between 1960 and 1964, he designed and built hardware for WHFS, 102.3, the first FM stereo broadcasting station in the DC area. He was also an Amateur Radio operator, W3OTC.

    January 16, 2016
    7's Pege Gilgannon To Retire
    Pege Gilgannon is retiring after 42 years at Channel 7/WJLA. Her last day at DC's ABC affiliate will be Monday, January 18th. Gilgannon started as a film editor and worked her way up from film to video and then to digital. "She came a long way and will be sorely missed," a colleague tells us.

    January 15, 2016
    Vernon Kelson To Host Afternoons On WERQ
    With "The Fam" with QuickSilva and Lil Mo moving to DC's WKYS, 93.9, come January 19, "Kels In The Afternoon" will replace the duo in afternoon drive on Baltimore's WERQ, 92.3. Both stations are owned by Radio One. Hosted by Vernon Kelson, operations manager for the Radio One's Baltimore radio cluster. He's a Baltimore native who started his broadcasting career at Radio One in 2001 as an intern.

    January 14, 2016
    WHUT To Participate In FCC's Spectrum Auction
    Howard University said that it would join other broadcasters in taking part in a Federal Communications Commission auction that could entail selling the rights to the spectrum on which it broadcasts the nation's only black-owned public television station. Citing confidentiality rules surrounding the auction, Howard did not detail its bidding strategy or intentions. According to FCC rules, the university may choose to completely cede its spectrum rights for a premium payout or to trade them for a less-valuable frequency type and a smaller payment. If it elects to cede its rights, Howard may take its 35-year-old station, Channel 32/WHUT, off the air or try to share spectrum space with another broadcaster.

    January 13, 2016
    Jim Simpson Dies
    Veteran ESPN sportscaster Jim Simpson, 88, died January 13 in Scottsdale, Arizona. A native of the DC area, Simpson (right in 1969) got his start in 1949 at Channel 9, then WTOP-TV. Later, he broadcast Atlantic Coast Conference basketball games in the early 1960s and worked as a sports reporter at Channel 4/WRC. He soon moved to WRC's parent, NBC, where he covered football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf for the network. In January 1967, Simpson called Super Bowl I for NBC Radio. In 1979, the fledgling ESPN cable sports network brought Simpson on board. Simpson also called USFL and College World Series games for ESPN, and, in 1988, called the Baltimore Orioles' local telecasts on Channel 2/WMAR. During his career, he also worked at WINX and WWDC radio, as well as at ABC, CBS, and TNT.

    January 13, 2016
    WTOP & WBJ End Relationship, Claybaugh Moves To All-Newser
    A change of sorts in business news coverage for Hubbard all-newser WTOP. Jeff Claybaugh, who has been handling daytime business news updates for WTOP from the Washington Business Journal newsroom, is now an employee of the station and continues to be heard on its airwaves. "Our on-air relationship with the WBJ ended amicably and we continue to have a good working relationship with them," WTOP Program Director Mike McMearty says. "Jeff was released and we were lucky enough to be able to hire him."

    January 8, 2016
    Royal Parker Dies
    Longtime Baltimore TV personality Royal Parker (right) died January 8. He was 86. Parker, who was born Royal Pollokoff, started working in television in the early 1940s. In 1951, he came to Channel 13/WAAM, which later became WJZ-TV, to be its first news anchorman. He later went to Channel 11/WBAL, where he spent four decades as an announcer, played kiddie show character PW Doodle, and hosted "Pinbusters" and "Bowling For Dollars." He retired in 1994 from broadcasting and ran for a seat in the Maryland House Of Delegates, but lost in the primary. Parker lived in Pikesville and Roland Park.

    January 5, 2016
    WaPo Hikes Print Price
    The Washington Post, which has seen its print circulation drop from the 500,000 range to the 300,000 range in the two years since Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought it, announces yet another print price hike. A newsstand copy on weekdays and Saturdays jumps from $1.50 to $2, with the Sunday edition going from $3 to $3.50. There's also a 50-cent per day increase for home delivery on weekdays and Sundays. "The paper keeps getting thinner as the price goes up," a reader tells us.

    January 3, 2016
    Amy Morris To Anchor Mornings On Bloomberg's 99.1
    Amy Morris, former WNEW morning drive news anchor, will be anchoring local morning news on the station's news incarnation, Bloomberg 99.1. Before joining WNEW, Morris worked at Hubbard's WTOP and WFED. CBS Radio pink-slipped WNEW's news staff in mid-December and leased the station to NYC-based business news organization Bloomberg, which has DC studio facilities.

    January 3, 2016
    Peter Weaver Dies
    Peter Weaver, 89, a journalist who since 1969 had owned and operated Weaver Communications in Bethesda, died November 6 at his home in Texas. He came to Washington in the 1950s as a writer for Businessweek magazine. From 1964 to 1969, he was Washington bureau chief of Forbes magazine. At Weaver Communications, he ran a television production company, wrote a syndicated newspaper column, "Mind Your Money," and magazine stories. From the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, he was also an on-air reporter for Channel 7/WJLA and for CNN on financial matters.

    January 2, 2016
    BH Media Buys Free Lance-Star
    Billionaire Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary of BH Media Group has purchased the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, adding to its newspaper holdings in Virginia. With the acquisition, Omaha-based BH Media now owns 32 newspapers, with 10 of them in Virginia, including the Richmond Times-Dispatch along with dailies in Charlottesville, Roanoke, and Danville. Sandton Capital Partners had acquired the Fredericksburg newspaper and its affiliates during bankruptcy proceedings in June 2014. Terms of the transaction between Sandton and BH were not disclosed. Sandton sold the Free Lance-Star's radio stations, including country WFLS, 93.3, last January to Alpha Media to comply with a Federal Communications Commission ruling that it divest either its broadcast or newspaper holdings. It also sold the Free Lance-Star's Amelia Street headquarters in November to local developer William Vakos.

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