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January 2011 to December 2011

December 31, 2011
Former 13er Debbie Wright Dies
Former Channel 13/WJZ reporter Debbie Wright has died after a battle with cancer. She was an education reporter in the 1980s and early 1990s. Wright spent more than a decade working at WJZ.

December 30, 2011
BAL Radio To Expand News Blocks
Baltimore news talker WBAL, 1090 AM, is planning some schedule changes come January. The morning news block with Dave Durian will be extended until 10 AM, from its current 9 AM end time. Clarence Mitchell IV moves earlier, to the 10 AM to 2 PM slot, instead of his current noon to 3 PM slot. Along with an extended afternoon news block, featuring Mary Beth Marsden, now starting at 2 PM and running until its current end time of 6 PM. "So, basically, instead of replacing Ron Smith, they will drop to just one talk show a day with C4 (Mitchell)," we're told by a source. Smith, who had been heard in the 9 AM to noon slot, died December 19th after a two month battle with advanced pancreatic cancer. More: New WBAL Program Director Dave Hill confirms the changes: "You just can't expect to replace Ron. So, we are playing to our strengths. Our award winning news department and C4 will step up to bridge the gap." More: Yet again, the Baltimore Sun's David Zurawik took our news exclusive and did his own story several hours later without crediting DCRTV.

December 28, 2011
Christmas Boosts WASH To Top Of DC Heap
Christmas tunes boosted adult contemporary WASH to the top of the DC radio heap for the month of December, actually mid-November to mid-December. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WASH [L&L 3rd], 2) WTOP [1st AM drive, 2nd PM drive], 3) WIHT [Kane 4th], 4) WAMU [ME 5th, ATC 6th], 5) WMMJ [Joyner 5th] and WHUR [Harvey 8th, Baisden 5th], 7) WMZQ [Boxer 6th], 8) WPRS [Yolanda 10th, Jackson 8th], 9) WWDC [Elliot 7th], 10) WRQX [Diamond 9th, Carson 8th], 11) WBIG [Griffiths 13th] and WKYS [Parr 12th], 13) WPGC [BT 19th] and WETA-FM, 15) WGTS, 16) WMAL [MM 12th], 17) WTEM [M&M 15th, Korny 13th, Czaban 14th], 18) WLZL [Biagi 18th], 19) WIAD [McFly 17th], 20) WJFK [Junks 18th, Wise 21st, Arrington 19th], 21) WFRE, 22) WAVA-FM, 23) WFLS, 24) WBQB and WDCN and WINC-FM, 27) WERQ and WBQH and WPFW. Arbitron had duplicative WMAL-FM in 20th and WMAL-AM in 21st. We have combined the shares in the above listing.

December 27, 2011
WFAX, VOA Vet Patricia Gates Ewell Dies
Patricia Gates Lynch Ewell, 85, a onetime disc jockey for Falls Church's WFAX, 1220 AM, who had a long career as a popular radio host for the Voice Of America, died December 4 at her home at the Fairfax At Fort Belvoir retirement community. She had ovarian cancer. According to the Washington Post, Ewell briefly served as a press aide to first lady Pat Nixon. She began her radio career on WFAX in the late 1950s as one of the first female disc jockeys in the Washington area and was known on the air as Pat Gates. In addition to spinning records, she conducted interviews from a studio set up behind windows in a music store at the Seven Corners shopping center. Her guests included dancer Fred Astaire, singers Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, and actors Charles Laughton, Maurice Chevalier, and Tyrone Power. In 1962, she Ewell joined the VOA and became host of the long-running "Breakfast Show."

December 22, 2011
PGC Jettisons Big Tigger
Big Tigger (right), aka Darian Morgan, is out of his morning drive show gig at CBS Radio's urban contemporary WPGC, 95.5. His last day was today. We're told that he has a six-month non-complete clause in his contract prohibiting him from being heard on any area stations until mid-2012. Not the greatest ratings since he got moved over from afternoons a year-and-a-half ago, DCRTV guesses. Plus, he's been in a bruising battle with Kane at Clear Channel's top-rated contemporary hit Hot 99.5, WIHT, and with Russ Parr on Radio One's urban contemporary WKYS, 93.9. And, Big Tigger's contract was due to expire this spring. Jason Kidd, WPGC's new program director, penned this staff memo this morning: "I want to let you know that Tigger will no longer be hosting mornings on WPGC. Tigger has been a huge part of WPGC over the years. He started as an intern at PGC back in 1993 and eventually moved into nights in 1996. He came back later in the 2000s for afternoons and then, most recently, mornings. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors. As we move into the New Year 2012, we will launch a search for the next morning star to pair up with Free, Guy Lambert, and DJ Heat. In the meantime, we will focus on a much more music intensive show."

December 19, 2011
Ron Smith Dies
Ron Smith (right), 70, WBAL radio's longtime talk show host, died December 19 after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer. Smith was a fixture on Baltimore airwaves for nearly 40 years, first as a news anchor on Channel 11/WBAL, and then for more than 27 years as a talk show host on news talk WBAL radio, 1090 AM. A soft-spoken conservative who dubbed himself "The Voice Of Reason," Smith was never afraid to criticize those of his own political persuasion. He died at his home in Shrewsbury PA surrounded by his wife, June, and the rest of his family. He is also survived by five children and seven grandchildren. Funeral services will be private. A public memorial service will be scheduled at a later date. In October, Smith announced on his WBAL radio show that he had been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. In November, he elected to stop his chemotherapy treatments at Johns Hopkins Hospital and announced his retirement from broadcasting.

December 19, 2011
4's George Light Dies
Longtime Channel 4/WRC and NBC-DC veteran George Light, 70, died December 17. "One of the great directors of 4001 (Nebraska Avenue), he worked on everything, but absolutely owned 'It's Academic' and the McLaughlin franchises," a colleage writes on Facebook. Light died at Georgetown University Hospital suffering from liver and kidney failure. He also did work for many NBC shows produced in Washington, including "Meet The Press."

December 16, 2011
BAL & 98 Rock Extend Ravens Deal
Hearst Broadcasting in Baltimore and the Baltimore Ravens have signed a five-year extension to their deal to keep the team's radio games on news talker WBAL, 1090 AM, and 98 Rock, WIYY, 97.9 FM. Also, Channel 11/WBAL will contiue carrying Ravens' preseason TV outings, with weekly Ravens shows on WBAL-Plus, the station's 11.2 digital channel.

December 16, 2011
John Thompson Leaving ESPN 980
Legendary Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson is leaving ESPN 980, WTEM, in February. He announced on his show today that February will be his last month on the radio station owned by Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Thompson said that his co-host, Rick "Doc" Walker, will take over the 2 PM to 4 PM slot. Thompson has been hosting a show on the station since 1999.

December 15, 2011
WHAG Veteran Bob Borngesser Dies
Bob Borngesser, a longtime news director and anchor at Hagerstown's Channel 25/WHAG, died of cancer December 14th at his Hagerstown home. He was 79. He worked for the NBC affiliate from 1979 until his retirement in 1997. Borngesser was responsible for hiring the news staff, which included Kelly Wright and Molly Henneberg, both of whom moved on to become fixtures on Fox News. Borngessor's last newscast at the station was just before Christmas 1997. He continued to do news commentaries following his retirement. Before getting into television, Borngesser was known as "Bob Keene" at Washington's old WRC radio, where he was an announcer and newscaster.

December 14, 2011
Cantillo To WTOP
Laurie Cantillo, the former program director at NYC news talker WABC-AM, has officially been named the new program director at Hubbard's DC all-newser WTOP. She resigned in late October during a batch of Cumulus pink slips at WABC, where she'd been for two years. Prior to WABC, Cantillo was program director at the Oprah And Friends Radio Network, and spent six years as program director at news talker KFYI in Phoenix. Despite the arrival of a PD at WTOP, longtimer Jim Farley will retain his "vice president of news and programming" title.

December 14, 2011
WTOP Ramps Up For Competition
Facing serious radio all-news competition for the first time in three decades with the launch of CBS's WNEW in January, Hubbard's WTOP reorganizes and expands its newsroom to "emphasize its growing digital efforts and to unify the digital and broadcast staff to become a true multi-platform news operation" utilizing radio, the station's website, Facebook, Twitter, and mobile. Jim Farley, vice president of news and programming, will oversee the new operation, along with the addition of several positions, including a new program director. John Meyer, the station's director of digital operations, moves into the newsroom as "the architect of the social and digital strategy as it comes together with the current broadcast operation." Also, Mike McMearty gets promoted from news director to senior news director. Mitchell Miller goes from assistant news director to news director, Mike Gartell becomes managing editor, Gary Emerling becomes senior digital editor, and Darci Marchese becomes executive producer. The new WTOP newsroom configuration will be operational by the end of January, and an expanded WTOP Traffic Center will be constructed in the first quarter of 2012. More: A WTOP source tells DCRTV that the newsroom changes are not a specific reaction to the start of rival radio all-newser. "This process started here a year-and-a-half ago," we're told. The changes will help WTOP better compete with other non-radio rivals, including DC area newspapers, TV stations, and other news-oriented websites.

December 14, 2011
DC Radio & TV Vet Pierre Eaton Dies
The December 14th print edition of the Washington Post featured a paid death notice for Pierre Daniel Eaton, 76, who died on December 3. It reads: "He had many ground breaking years in the radio broadcast industry as the voice of 1600 WINX radio in Rockville MD. He was also vice president of the United Broadcast Company." Back in the 1960s and 1970s, United owned DC's 100.3 FM, 1340 AM, and a TVer on channel 14.

December 10, 2011
4 Veteran Bob Snow Dies
Longtime Channel 4/WRC engineer Bob Snow, 60, passed away December 9. He was hired in 1976 and spent 32 years at the NBC-owned station.

December 9, 2011
Eastern Shore Radio Vet Bill Crisp Dies
Bill Crisp, the longtime owner of WSUX/WSFD radio in Seaford DE passed away Tuesday evening in Millsboro DE. He was a radio veteran working at stations in the south, including the legendary WKLO and WAKY in Louisville KY, before purchasing WSUX/WSFD in the late 1970s. Crisp was the morning man on the 98.3 FM outlet until 1980, but remained the station owner and general manager. WSUX, known as "Stereo 98" back then, was among the first popular FM "top 40" stations on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

December 8, 2011
Jerry Edwards To WAMU
Veteran local traffic reporter Jerry Edwards will return to American University news talker WAMU, 88.5 FM, as morning traffic reporter beginning December 12. Edwards spent more than two decades reporting local traffic. He joined Metro Traffic in Baltimore as the midday anchor in 1984. He moved into the DC market shortly after and provided reports for several radio stations in the area, including WAMU, where he delivered traffic reports from 1984 until 2006. Edwards also spent more than 20 years reporting traffic on Channel 4/WRC, a gig that ended in June. "I am thrilled to be back on WAMU 88.5, doing what I love: providing the best area traffic coverage available," Edwards said via an announcement at wamu.org.

December 5, 2011
Lefty Talk For 950
Potomac MD's WCTN, 950 AM, has started airing the lefty political Revolution Boston Progressive Talk Radio Network. With a website at revolutionboston.com.

December 4, 2011
WRC, NBC Vet John Donley Dies
John "Jeff" Donley, 86, a retired sound engineer in Washington for the NBC network, died November 15 at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg. He had colon cancer. Donley spent about 35 years with NBC in Washington before retiring around 1990. His work took him to the White House and Capitol Hill. For a period, he was a sound technician for the WRC radio program "Joy Boys" featuring hosts Ed Walker and Willard Scott.

December 1, 2011
WTOP & WWIN Top Radio Ratings
The monthly November radio ratings for the DC market, full-week, age 6+: 1) WTOP [1st in both drivetimes], 2) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 3) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 4th] and WASH [L&L 6th], 5) WMMJ [Joyner 4th] and WMZQ [Boxer 4th], 7) WHUR [Harvey 8th, Baisden 5th], 8) WRQX [Diamond 9th, Carson 9th], 9) WPRS [Yolanda 10th, Jackson 8th], 10) WPGC [BT 14th] and WWDC [Elliot 7th], 12) WKYS [Parr 13th], 13) WBIG [Griffiths 14th], 14) WETA-FM, 15) WGTS and WMAL [MM 12th], 17) WTEM [M&M 17th, Korny 15th, Czaban 14th], 18) WLZL [Biagi 20th], 19) WIAD [McFly 19th], 20) WJFK [Junks 16th, Wise 21st, Arrington 18th], 21) WFRE, 22) WFLS. Arbitron lists duplicative WMAL-FM and WMAL-AM as tied for 20th. We have combined the shares in the above listing. The monthly November radio ratings for the Baltimore market, full-week, age 12+: 1) WWIN-FM [Joyner 7th], 2) WLIF [G&D 1st], 3) WPOC [DeYoung 5th], 4) WERQ [Smiley 6th], 5) WIYY [M&A 2nd] and WJZ-FM [Norris 3rd], 7) WBAL-AM [Durian 4th], 8) WZFT and WCAO and WWMX, 11) WCBM [S&F 9th] and WZBA, 13) WYPR [ME 9th], 14) WQSR, 15) WRBS-FM, 16) WBJC.

November 30, 2011
"Big Don" O'Brien Battles Cancer
Baltimore and DC radio veteran "Big Don" O'Brien (left) is battling oral cancer. He tells us that he started radiation and chemo treatments in early November, and currently has three more weeks of daily treatments left. O'Brien, who is heard on country WINX-FM, 94.3, in the Annapolis area, says: "I stayed on the air as long as I could but the docs and I decided it's time to just to fight the cancer and nothing else. The outlook is good and I should be able to be back by mid-January." And, he also tells us: "If you could pass along my thanks for the good wishes and prayers - that would be great. I have been very blessed to have been a part of the Baltimore/Washington broadcast community for the last 40 years. I never wanted wanted to do anything else. The cool thing is to be part of a group of special people that do what we do because we love it."

November 30, 2011
4's Elaine Reyes To CCTV
Channel 4/WRC reporter Elaine Reyes is joing China's state broadcaster, CCTV, to be a news anchor. She starts December 5th. CCTV is available on Fairfax's Channel 30/WNVC, which carries a batch of foreign news channels among its 10 MHZ Networks feeds. Reyes joined WRC in October 2009.

November 27, 2011
Tom Wicker Dies
Tom Wicker, 85, a longtime Washington reporter and columnist for the New York Times, who helped ignite opposition to the war in Vietnam and who called for the ouster of President Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal, died of an apparent heart attack November 25 at his home near Rochester VT.

November 24, 2011
WRC Veteran Fred Stuart Dies
Fred Stuart, 90, who was an NBC broadcaster for 20 years before becoming a public affairs officer for the Department Of Housing And Urban Development, died November 10 at the Gardens At Fair Oaks assisted living facility in Fairfax. He had pulmonary fibrosis. After serving as a Navy pilot during World War II, Stuart became a broadcaster and program director at NBC's Channel 4/WRC and at sister WRC radio, where he worked alongside Willard Scott and puppeteer Jim Henson.

November 22, 2011
Meserve To WTOP
Former CNN TV news anchor Jeanne Meserve is jumping to WTOP to be a radio news anchor. From the WTOP staff memo: "Please welcome Jeanne Meserve to the newsroom. Jeanne comes to us from CNN where she spent the last almost 20 years anchoring and most recently as their Homeland Security Correspondent. Before CNN, Jeanne covered the White House, State Department, and overseas assignments for ABC news. She has won Emmys, a Peabody, a Murrow among other awards and we're glad to have her. She is training to be a freelance anchor. Please introduce yourself and make her feel welcome."

November 22, 2011
Horlick To Leave 9
Channel 9/WUSA President/General Manager Allan Horlick is planning to retire in early 2012. In a memo to the Gannett station's employees, he says: "While I love doing my job, there are so many other things that I want to do, and there's no time like the present." CBS affiliate WUSA will start its search for a replacement for Horlick, who once held the same position at NBC's Channel 4/WRC.

November 21, 2011
Art Brown Dies
Art Browne, 75, a newsman at a number of radio and TV stations in the NYC area, died on November 18 in Bucks County PA. In the 1980s, he worked at DC's Channel 9, then WDVM-TV, where he was managing news editor. He also worked at CNN.

November 18, 2011
FCC Veteran Taft Snowden Dies
Taft Snowdon, a three-decade veteran of the Federal Communications Commission, was recently found dead of an apparent heart attack in his hotel room while on vacation in Kenya, we're told. He was an FCC attorney who supervised the processing of all assignment and transfer applications in the Audio Division. "If you had a radio deal that needed Commission approval in the last 20 years, more than likely Taft looked at it and signed off on it," according to a tribute posted at CommLawBlog.com. "It is a measure of Taft's talent that, under his watchful eye, thousands of radio assignment/transfer applications have been processed with a clockwork consistency and predictability not often encountered in the federal bureaucracy."

November 16, 2011
CBS To Launch DC All-Newser On 99.1, El Zol To 107.9
CBS Radio will be launching an all-news-formatted station in January 2012 on 99.1 FM in the DC area. And, Spanish WLZL, El Zol, will be moving from 99.1 FM to the 107.9 FM Annapolis-licensed signal that CBS is acquiring from Family Radio. Robert Sanchez, assistant program director at CBS's all-news WCBS-AM in NYC, will be program director of its new like-formatted station in the DC market. With former WTOP news director, managing editor, and producer Michelle Komes-Dolge as its news director. The El Zol move will take place on December 1. "CBS Radio's history in all-news is rich in tradition and recognized nationwide for its excellence," says CBS Radio President Dan Mason. "There is no one more regarded in this field, nor anyone with the journalistic expertise and capability to put forth a product with such instant credibility. We have perfected this format over many decades and we're thrilled to expand the options for the DC community who have a distinct passion for news." Adds Steve Swenson, the newly-installed head of CBS's Washington radio cluster, "Time is precious and we know listeners want information that is important to them delivered immediately and in a succinct manner. Operating under the 'All-News All The Time' philosophy CBS Radio originated, listeners can count on the station to provide clarity on what's happening in their own backyard, as well as the impact world events will have on their everyday lives." The new CBS all-newser will be in direct competition with Hubbard's top-rated DC all-newser, WTOP, which was the top-billing ad revenue radio station in the USA last year. Swenson, who once worked at WTOP, was in charge of CBS's two NYC all-newsers - WCBS-AM and WINS - before his move to DC. CBS owns and operates major all-newsers or news talkers in NYC, Philadelphia, and Boston, but, until now, not Washington, with WTOP being a longtime CBS radio news affiliate. Says WTOP programming head Jim Farley: "We welcome the competition. We compete with anybody who does news, not just with other radio stations. And it will be fun competing with Steve and Michelle who I know and like and respect." Farley adds that WTOP, with its studios on Idaho Avenue in northwest DC, has a contract to continue running CBS newscasts well into 2013. The new CBS DC area all-newser will use new studio facilities being constructed at CBS's DC market radio complex headquarters in Lanham. It will employ a staff of about 25, compared to WTOP's staff of more than 70.

November 10, 2011
McFarland Returns To WGTS
Ty McFarland (left) returns to Christian contemporary WGTS, 91.9 FM, as senior program director. The 15-year Christian radio veteran most recently was program director for the K-Love Christian radio network. In addition to a previous stint at Takoma Park's WGTS, McFarland has worked at Christian stations in Idaho, along with gigs at ShareMedia Services, the Gospel Music Association, and Christian Music Broadcasters.

November 9, 2011
Hal Bruno Dies
Hal Bruno (right), former ABC News political director, died Tuesday night at Bethesda's Suburban Hospital. He was 83 and suffered a fall at his home. Former Channel 9/WUSA reporter Dave Statter tells us that Bruno was chairman emeritus of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. From ABC News: Bruno was a major presence in the ABC News Washington bureau until his retirement in 1999. "He had better sources than anyone in the business," according to ABC News Washington Bureau Chief Robin Sproul, who, as a radio producer, worked with him on the show "Hal Bruno's Washington."

November 8, 2011
DC TV News: WTTG Chipping Away At WRC's Lead
The latest DC TV news ratings, age 25-54 demographic, weekdays. 4:30 AM: 1) WTTG, 2) WRC, 3) WUSA, 4) WJLA. 5 AM: 1) WRC, 2) WTTG, 3) WUSA and WJLA. 6 AM: 1) WTTG, 2) WRC, 3) WJLA, 4) WUSA. 5 PM: 1) WRC, 2) WTTG, 3) WJLA, 4) WUSA. 6 PM: 1) WRC, 2) WTTG, 3) WJLA, 4) WUSA. 11 PM: 1) WTTG, 2) WJLA, 3) WRC, 4) WUSA. At 5 AM, WJLA's and WUSA's ratings combined equals WRC's. Anderson Cooper's 4 PM show has been a disaster for WJLA, ranking 4th, with WRC's news in 1st. NBC's anemic primetime ratings are hurting WRC's formerly top-rated 11 PM newscast.

November 4, 2011
More Bad News For Washington Post
The Washington Post Company reported a $6.2 million quarterly loss, weighed down by special costs at its Kaplan education business and lower revenue at its newspaper division. Circulation at the flagship newspaper declined 5.4% percent in the first nine months of 2011 compared with the same period last year, and Sunday circulation dropped 4.4%. Print advertising revenue in the third quarter dropped 20% from the year-ago period. For the year, print ad revenue was down 13%. Revenue generated by online news, including washingtonpost.com and Slate, fell 14%, with online display advertising down 17%.

November 3, 2011
WTNT To Launch 102.9 Relay
DC area talker WTNT, 730 AM, will soon get an FM relay on 102.9. Bruce Houston, head of Vienna-based Metro Radio, tells us that he's got a contract to purchase the low-power license from Lynchburg's Liberty University. When launched in a few weeks from a tower off West Ox Road in Fairfax, the new FM signal should cover much of Fairfax County day and night, Houston says. While WTNT's Mount Vernon-based 730 AM signal is strong by day, it drops to a low-power level after sunset. WTNT runs "America's Morning News," Andy Parks' new Washington Times afternoon show, plus Laura Ingraham, Ray Lucia, and Michael Savage. The station can also be heard on 1250 AM in Warrenton and at 730wtnt.com.

November 2, 2011
McGarry Retires From "It's Academic"
Mac McGarry (right), 85, the host of Channel 4/ WRC's "It's Academic" high school quiz show for 50 years, has decided to retire. WTOP afternoon news anchor Hillary Howard, who has been filling-in for McGarry since the latest season started in September, has been named the show's host. More: Even though McGarry had a bout of bad health preventing him from hosting the first few shows of this season, his son Mark tells DCRTV that Mac's health is excellent right now. "My father would like to thank all of those who have been involved with 'It's Academic' over the past 50 years. From the schools, teachers, students, cheerleaders, bands, and everyone on the school side of things. He would also like to thank all of those who helped make the show what it is today," Mark tells us.

November 1, 2011
Jorge Andrés To ESPN
Jorge Andrés, Channel 25/WZDC Telemundo sports anchor and former Redskins play-by-play man for Dan Snyder's now defunct Spanish sports talker WXTR, becomes a national sports anchor at ESPN. Andrés will host "SportsCenter," ESPN News, and other shows for their English language properties, as well as being an NFL analyst, along with duties at Spanish language ESPN Deportes. There's also a possibility that he might be involved with ESPN's World Cup coverage in both languages.

November 1, 2011
WTOP & WWIN Top October Radio Ratings
The monthly October radio ratings for Washington. Full-day, age 12+: 1) WTOP [1st in both drivetimes], 2) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 3rd], 3) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 4) WASH [L&L 4th], 5) WHUR [Harvey 6th, Baisden 5th], 6) WMMJ [Joyner 7th], 7) WPRS [Yolanda 9th, Jackson 6th], 8) WETA-FM and WMZQ [Boxer 8th], 10) WPGC [BT 14th], 11) WRQX [Diamond 9th, Carson 10th] and WWDC [Elliot 5th], 13) WBIG and [Griffiths 14th] and WMAL [MM 7th], 15) WTEM [M&M 12th, Korny 13th, Czaban 8th], 16) WKYS [Parr 16th], 17) WGTS and WLZL [Biagi 16th], 19) WIAD [McFly 19th], 20) WJFK [Junks 12th, Wise 21st, Arrington 19th], 21) WFRE, 22) WFLS, 23) WINC-FM, 24) WAVA-FM, 25) WPFW. Note: Arbitron separately ranks WMAL-FM and WMAL-AM in a tie for 20th place. We have combined the duplicative signals' shares in the above ranking, placing WMAL-FM/AM at 13th place. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM [Joyner 4th], 2) WLIF [G&D 1st], 3) WPOC [DeYoung 3rd], 4) WERQ [Smiley 7th], 5) WIYY [M&A 2nd], 6) WJZ-FM [Norris 6th], 7) WBAL-AM [Morning News 4th], 8) WCBM [S&F 8th], 9) WZFT, 10) WWMX and WCAO, 12) WRBS-FM and WQSR, 14) WYPR [ME 11th] and WZBA [Klug 13th], 16) WBJC.

October 31, 2011
UMD Honors Shirley Povich
The Philip Merrill College Of Journalism at the University Of Maryland announces creation of the Shirley Povich Center For Sports Journalism, to expand its sports news program. Named for the late Washington Post sports writer and columnist Shirley Povich, the center will focus on research and debate in the public discussion of sports and society. "Most important, the center will serve as a launching pad for students to learn, actively participate in and develop the journalistic skills they need to meet the challenges facing them as the next generation of sports journalists," said George Solomon, the former Washington Post assistant managing editor for sports who will become the center's director. The center is made possible by a $1 million challenge gift from Povich's children, including national TV talk show host and DC broadcasting veteran Maury Povich. The center's advisory board includes WJLA's Tim Brant, NBC's Bob Costas, the Washington Post's Leonard Downie, WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi, and WTEM's Rick Walker.

October 31, 2011
Ted Jaffee Dies
Longtime Baltimore radio and TV legend Ted Jaffee, 92, died on October 31 in Naples FL. In the late 1940s, he moved to Baltimore when his wife, Anita (TV name "Mary Landis"), was offered her own TV show on Channel 11/WBAL. In 1950, after a gig at WNAV in Annapolis, Jaffee moved to Channel 13, then WAAM, to be staff announcer and news anchor. He also did work for the old Dumont TV network and ABC-TV. In 1962, Jaffee went back to radio at "top 40" WITH, then on to like-formatted "Big 60" WCAO, where he was news director and morning drive DJ. He ended his career in Baltimore radio at nostalgic WITH in 1986 (left). Jaffee also did narration work for many of the early NASA films and was the voice in Peoples Drug Store commercials for about a dozen years.

October 28, 2011
Cumulus Cuts 7 In DC
Cuts at Cumulus's DC radio complex, which includes news talker WMAL and hot adult contemporary WRQX, Mix 107.3. Seven out today, we're told. Ad sales rep Laura Gonzalez and Lorri Ricca, a management assistant. Tony Gonzalez, who handles internet technology. Plus Carol Parker, who was Mix 107.3's music director and did overnights, along with promotions director Charlene Meyer, webmaster Chris Morales, and Kedeesha Campbell, a sales assistant.

October 27, 2011
Bo Jones Leaves WaPo
Bo Jones, the vice chairman of the Washington Post Company and chairman of its flagship newspaper, has left after 32 years in various positions to become president and CEO of MacNeil-Lehrer Productions, which produces the "PBS NewsHour" at Channel 26/WETA.

October 26, 2011
Clear Channel Makes Metro Traffic Cuts
Director Of Operations Jim Russ was pink-slipped today by Silver Spring's Metro Traffic organization. He was a frequent traffic voice on area radio stations, including DC's WMAL and Baltimore's WBAL-AM. Also, John Frawley and Mollie Simpkins were let go - essentially the removal of the entire management team for Metro's regional office. Airborne traffic reporter Stan Fetter also received a pink slip. He was one of the last airborne traffic reporters in the DC market. Rich Hunter, whose real name is Richard Wiedemann, was also among the cuts. A total of about 20 local employees lost their jobs in the Clear Channel and Metro Traffic cuts, we're told.

October 26, 2011
Chicago's Hayes Removed From MAL Programming Loop
As part of the Cumulus realignment, Drew Hayes, operations director of Chicago news talker WLS-AM, no longer will oversee programming for the company's news talk WMAL in DC, as he has since May 2010. From now on, Hayes will focus solely on WLS-AM. So reports Robert Feder at timeoutchicago.com. In June, DCRTV reported that DC radio veteran Bill Hess had been promoted from assistant program director to the program director post at WMAL, which started an FM relay on 105.9 in mid-September.

October 25, 2011
Cesar Aldama Joins CSN
Bethesda-based Comcast SportsNet has picked Cesar Aldama to be its senior director of news. He most recently served as news director for Miami's CBS station, WFOR-TV, and its sister WBFS-TV. Before that, he was assistant news director at CBS's KYW-TV in Philadelphia. During his 25-year career, he also worked as managing editor for Baltimore's Channel 11/WBAL.

October 19, 2011
Don Cavaleri Dies
Former WPGC General Sales Manager Don Cavaleri died on October 16 after a brief battle with esophageal cancer. With Steve Kingston, Cavaleri purchased several radio stations, including WRNR-FM in Annapolis. "Don truly loved Annapolis because of the bay, its close association with nature and the environment, and his love of wooden ducks. He possessed the skills and had a real passion for radio," a colleague tells us.

October 17, 2011
Ron Smith Battles Cancer
Baltimore news talker WBAL radio host Ron Smith (right) revealed at the top of his 9 AM show Monday that he's been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has spread to other organs. He says that he'll be continuing to do his political talk show, but will be absent when the effects of chemotherapy become too severe. Smith, 69, has been heard on WBAL radio, 1090 AM, since 1984. Before that, he was a news anchor at sister Channel 11/WBAL, dating back to the 1970s.

October 15, 2011
Teskey Joins WAMU's BGC
Chris Teskey joins American University's WAMU as senior music producer for Bluegrass Country. He comes from Connecticut, where he got his start in bluegrass broadcasting at Fairfield's WSHU in 1973. After a brief stint in commercial radio, Teskey moved to WPKN in Bridgeport, where he programmed bluegrass for more than 30 years and served on the station's board of directors. Also, Teskey founded Mad River Records, which focuses on bluegrass, Celtic, and folk music. BGC is heard on Bethesda's 105.5 FM, WAMU 88.5's digital HD2 signal, and via the web.

October 13, 2011
FCC Says No To WWIN-FM Upgrade
Radio One won't get a signal upgrade for Baltimore's Magic 95.9, WWIN-FM, because too many radio dial neighbors objected. The Lanham-based firm had asked the FCC for permission to move the adult urban contemporary station's city of license from Glen Burnie to Arbutus and increase power from 3,000-watts to 6,000-watts. However, complaints came from two DC stations - CBS's rhythmic contemporary WPGC and Howard University's adult urban contemporary WHUR, complaining of possible interference to their 95.5 and 96.3, respective, signals in the Baltimore area. Complaints also came from Cumulus's WSOX, 96.1, in Red Lion PA and Prettyman's WICL, 95.9, in the Hagerstown area.

October 13, 2011
Washingtonian Founder Dies
Robert Myers, a former CIA officer who helped found Washingtonian magazine, served as publisher of the New Republic, and became president of an organization promoting ethics in international relations, died September 18 at a senior residence in Palo Alto, California. He was 87.

October 9, 2011
Warren Deem Dies
Warren Deem, 90, a broadcast engineer for ABC News in Washington from 1963 to 1984, died September 19 at the Sunrise assisted-living facility in Sterling. He had dementia.

October 4, 2011
Rob Carlin To CSN
Rob Carlin joins Bethesda's Comcast SportsNet as an anchor and reporter. He replaces Russ Thaler, who is now the host of "NBC Sports Talk" on Versus, which will be re-branded NBC Sports Network on January 2. Carlin, who has worked for Baltimore's Channel 2/WMAR, will host some editions of CSN's "SportsNet Central," "Capitals Central," and "Capitals Postgame Live." Most recently, Carlin has been hosting New York Islanders pregame and postgame shows on the MSG network in the NYC area.

October 4, 2011
WTOP & WWIN-FM Top September Radio Ratings
The September monthly radio ratings, full-day, age 12+. Washington: 1) WTOP [1st in all dayparts], 2) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 3rd], 3) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 4) WASH [L&L 4th], 5) WHUR [Harvey 6th, Baisden 5th], 6) WMMJ [Joyner 7th], 7) WMZQ [Boxer 8th], 8) WETA-FM, 9) WWDC [Elliot 5th] and WPGC [BT 13th] and WRQX [Diamond 9th, Carson 9th], 12) WPRS [Yolanda 11th], 13) WBIG [Griffiths 15th] and WKYS [Parr 17th], 15) WMAL [MM 14th, Rush 4th, Hannity 19th] and WLZL [Biagi 18th], 17) WGTS and WTEM [M&M 15th, Korny 15th, Czaban 11th], 19) WIAD [McFly 18th], 20) WJFK [Junks 11th, Wise 20th, Arrington 20th], 21) WVRX [K&M 21st, Cerphe 21st], 22) WFRE, 23) WFLS, 24) WINC-FM, 25) WPFW. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM [Joyner 4th], 2) WPOC [DeYoung 1st], 3) WERQ [Smiley 7th] and WLIF, 5) WBAL-AM [AM News 3rd], 6) WIYY [M&A 2nd], 7) WCBM [S&F 7th], 8) WZFT, 9) WQSR, 10) WWMX and WZBA and WJZ-FM [Norris 6th], 13) WYPR [ME 10th], 14) WRBS-FM, 15) WBJC, 16) WCAO.

October 4, 2011
Morris Rosenberg Dies
Morris Rosenberg, 86, who edited the Washington Post's travel pages from 1969 until retiring in 1987, died September 19 at his home in Marco Island FL after a stroke. More on page B6 of Tuesday's Post.

October 3, 2011
Allan Jefferys Dies
Allan Jefferys, who was a theater critic for NYC's WABC-TV, died last week at his home in Pinehurst SC. He was 88. Jefferys was at DC's WTOP-TV in the 1950s before leaving for NYC. He appears in the Channel 9 Broadcast House opening video from 1954.

October 3, 2011
Jerry Coleman Joins WJZ-FM
Baltimore and DC sports radio veteran Jerry Coleman is now doing a batch of fill-in show work for CBS Baltimore sports talker 105.7 The Fan, WJZ-FM, as well as Ravens beat reporting. He's also been seen doing Ravens coverage for Comcast SportsNet pre-and-postgame shows and video sports reports for baltimoresun.com. As you may recall, Coleman lost his afternoon show gig with Baltimore's WVIE, 1370 AM, when it flipped from sports talk to political talk in August.

October 2, 2011
Gary Knell To Head NPR
Gary Knell is to become CEO of DC-based National Public Radio. He succeeds Vivian Schiller, who resigned in March. Knell previously worked on committees in the US Senate, and worked for the California state legislature and the California governor's office. Knell's career in public broadcasting spans nearly three decades, including a stint as CEO of Sesame Workshop, a multimedia organization geared toward children and families.

October 2, 2011
WTOP Veteran William Loch Dies
William R. Loch, 96, a news editor at the then Washington Post-owned WTOP radio and television from 1965 to the late 1970s, died September 7 at the Manor Care nursing home in Chevy Chase after a stroke. Loch also worked for Broadcasting magazine.

September 27, 2011
WAMU's Fred Fiske To Retire
Washington radio legend Fred Fiske (left), 91, is retiring. He did his final commentary yesterday for American University public radio news talker WAMU, 88.5 FM, in which he said "it's been a wonderful ride" on the radio. Fiske's area radio career goes back to the 1930s, when he was an announcer and commentator for Mutual Broadcasting. Over the years, he worked at WOL and WWDC, eventually joining WAMU in 1977, doing the three-hour nightly "Fred Fiske Show." He cut back to "senior commentator" status in 1991. Fiske will be part of the celebration at WAMU's 50th Anniversary Gala on October 29.

September 26, 2011
Dennis Hughes Joins MZQ
Dennis Hughes is the new evening personality on Clear Channel's country WMZQ, 98.7 FM. He'll also be assistant program director. Hughes, who comes from Nashville's country WSIX, was raised in Virginia and had previously worked at Harrisonburg's country WKCY and Hagerstown's country WAYZ.

September 23, 2011
Baltimore Sun To Start Charging For Website
The Baltimore Sun is going to start charging a fee for frequent users of its baltimoresun.com website. On October 10, the Sun will begin offering digital subscriptions which will allow visitors to view an unlimited number of pages, including articles, blogs, photos and videos. Those who do not subscribe will have free access to 15 pages each month. The Sun will offer an introductory rate of 99 cents for the first 4 weeks. After that, digital-only subscribers will have a cost of $2.49 a week or $49.99 for 26 weeks. Print subscribers will receive a reduced rate of 75 cents a week or $29.99 a year. "We are confident (site visitors) will subscribe to maintain access to all of our unique, in-depth local news and information, and we will continue to innovate in ways that provide those readers with the news they want, the way they want it," according to a memo from Publisher Tim Ryan. "Many other media companies, including the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, and Boston Globe, currently offer digital subscriptions. We believe our expertise in creating and delivering high-quality news positions baltimoresun.com to better serve our customers in the Baltimore area."

September 23, 2011
Lou Mills Dies
Louis "Lou" Mills, a nationally known and highly regarded recording engineer who was called "Baltimore's Godfather Of Sound" and whose Cold Spring Lane studio was a destination for stars and musicians, died September 16 of a heart attack at St. Joseph Medical Center. He was 76.

September 19, 2011
WTOP's Joe Barber Dies
Joe Barber (left), 53, who did the "Barber's Best Bets" movie and theater reviews on WTOP radio, was found dead this morning in his DC apartment. Apparently, he died from "natural causes" related to diabetes. Barber was also a panelist on Channel 26/WETA's "Around Town" program. And he appeared once a month to discuss films on Channel 32/WHUT's "Evening Exchange With Kojo Nnamdi." Barber, who joined WTOP in 1997, was a native Washingtonian who had worked as an entertainment and cultural critic for a variety of DC area and national broadcast and print outlets for 20 years.

September 19, 2011
WMAL Starts 105.9 FM Relay
New WMAL owner Cumulus, following its recent merger with Citadel, will relay the 630 AM news talker on 105.9 FM, in place of classic rocker WVRX, The Edge, as of noon on September 19. "By expanding our successful brand to the FM dial, we will be a viable listening and advertising option for many more people in the Washington DC area," said WMAL President/General Manager Jeff Boden. "There are many potential listeners who never listen on AM, and we are now making programs of wide interest available to the largest possible audience," he added. The Cumulus Monday release claims that the simulcast "uniquely positions WMAL/WVRX to compete head-to-head with WTOP, whose $57 million in annual ad sales make it the highest-grossing station in the nation. While WTOP has a repetitive news-wheel format, WMAL/WVRX programming is interactive through a mix of news reports and call-in shows that allow for engagement with listeners." WMAL's ad sales last year were about $10 million.

September 16, 2011
HuffPost Launches DC Edition
Washington's crowded local news market got a new entrant Thursday: HuffPost DC, an offshoot of the news and commentary site that will focus on the metropolitan area. The launch of the Huffington Post's huffingtonpost.com/dc comes a little more than a year after the introduction of TBD.com, a local news venture started by Allbritton, which also owns Channel 7/WJLA and the Politico. Despite strong financial backing, TBD has had a difficult time finding its footing, and it underwent a series of management changes and staff cutbacks a few months after its launch. HuffPost DC's editor is Michael Grass, co-founder of the DCist news blog, who has also worked for Roll Call, the Washington Post-owned Express newspaper, and Washington City Paper.

September 13, 2011
CNC To Shut Down
Capitol News Connection will cease its Congressional watchdog reporting service for public radio stations effective September 30, its board of directors announced today. "The nonprofit CNC has struggled to replace lost foundation funding in a crippling recession that has also had a deep impact on its subscribing public radio stations, also struggling with loss of government funding," according to capitolnewsconnection.org. Back in April, American University news talker WAMU, 88.5 FM, yanked CNC's "Power Breakfast" off the air. CNC is owned and operated by Melinda Wittstock, the wife of WAMU Program Manager Mark McDonald. Within the past year, the Washington Post produced several articles reporting the potential conflict of interest between CNC and WAMU's staff.

September 10, 2011
Snyder Drops City Paper Suit
Redskins and WTEM owner Dan Snyder has dismissed his lawsuit against Washington City Paper and staff writer Dave McKenna over "The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide To Dan Snyder," which was published last November. Since Snyder first sued over the story, City Paper and McKenna fought the case aggressively, eventually asking a DC Superior Court judge to dismiss it under the District's new law against "strategic lawsuits against public participation" or "SLAPP." From a City Paper statement: "From the beginning, we have believed that Snyder's lawsuit was a baseless one, designed to intimidate a journalist and a publication that have been among his most persistent critics... City Paper is a small news organization with limited resources, and defending ourselves against this lawsuit has cost massive amounts of time and money, well beyond the $34,308.91 that readers have contributed to our legal defense fund." From a statement by Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie: "The lawsuit was pursued as a means to correct the public record following several critical factual misstatements in the Washington City Paper article. In the course of the defendants' recently filed pleadings and statements in this matter, the Washington City Paper and its writer have admitted that certain assertions contained in the article that are the subject of the lawsuit were, in fact, unintended by the defendants to be read literally as true. Therefore, we see nothing further to be gained at this time through continuing the lawsuit. We prefer to focus on the coming football season."

September 7, 2011
WTOP & WWIN-FM Top August Radio Ratings
The August monthly radio ratings, age 12+, full-day. DC: 1) WTOP [1st in both drivetimes], 2) WASH [L&L 4th], 3) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 4) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 4th], 5) WMZQ [Boxer 6th], 6) WHUR [Harvey 7th, Baisden 7th], 7) WMMJ [Joyner 9th], 8) WETA-FM, 9) WPRS [Yolanda 11th], 10) WWDC [Elliot 5th], 11) WBIG [Griffiths 10th], 12) WRQX [Diamond 11th, Carson 9th] and WMAL [MM 11th, Rush 3rd, Hannity 15th], 14) WKYS [Parr 17th], 15) WPGC [BT 20th], 16) WLZL [Biagi 18th], 17) WGTS, 18) WIAD [McFly 16th], 19) WTEM [M&M 15th, Czaban 13th], 20) WJFK [Junks 14th, Wise 20th, Arrington 20th], 21) WVRX [K&M 21st, Cerphe 22nd], 22) WFLS, 23) WFRE, 24) WPFW, 25) WERQ and WAVA-FM, 27) WFMD and WIYY and WINC-FM. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM [Joyner 5th], 2) WPOC [DeYoung 1st], 3) WLIF, 4) WERQ [Smiley 8th], 5) WIYY [M&A 2nd], 6) WBAL [AM News 3rd], 7) WCBM [S&F 7th] and WWMX [JJR 12th], 9) WZFT, 10) WQSR and WZBA, 12) WYPR, 13) WRBS-FM, 14) WBJC, 15) WJZ-FM [Norris 6th], 16) WBIG and WPRS, 18) WHUR, 19) WCAO, 20) WPGC, 21) WKYS, 22) WTOP, 23) WMAL and WWDC and WRQX, 26) WASH and HFS975.

September 7, 2011
JR Al Aire Leaves WLZL
JR Al Aire is gone from the evening slot at CBS Radio's Spanish tropical El Zol, WLZL, 99.1 FM. He's been there since the outlet launched in 2005.

September 6, 2011
WAMU Improves Signal Of BGC On 105.5
Improvements have been made to the 105.5 FM relay of WAMU's Bluegrass Country channel. Although the power of the low-power translator has dropped from 250-watts to 99-watts, the closer-in, higher tower, moved from Great Falls to Bethesda, will produce improved coverage to DC and the core of the metro area. Bluegrass Country, which WAMU also offers on its 88.5 digital HD2 channel and via a stream at bluegrasscountry.org, features a bluegrass and Americana format. WAMU leases the 105.5 signal, which is privately owned.

September 1, 2011
WaPo To Close Suburban DC Bureaus
The Washington Post has decided to shut down all of its regional bureaus except those in the state capitals of Virginia and Maryland. The Post's leases on its suburban bureaus, such as Fairfax and Rockville, will not be renewed after they expire, beginning in 2012. Except Richmond and Annapolis, which will not close. An ever-tightening budget driven by shrinking print circulation is said to be the culprit. Post top management insists that the cuts involve only "office space," and that the closings will not impact the newspaper's coverage of DC's suburban areas.

August 31, 2011
CSN's Thaler To Versus
Comcast SportsNet's Russ Thaler will be hosting a new weeknight show on Versus beginning September 8. Thaler announced last week that he's leaving CSN after 10 years at the Bethesda-based regional sports network. Thaler will be hosting a 6 PM show called "NBC SportsTalk" on Versus, which is being renamed the NBC Sports Network in January. Versus owner, Comcast, merged with NBC earlier this year.

August 31, 2011
Marsden To Anchor Afternoons On BAL Radio
WBAL radio, 1090 AM, has signed Mary Beth Marsden as anchor of its "Afternoon News Journal." She starts September 6. Marsden replaces replaces Shari Elliker, who left the Hearst news talker last week after her contract wasn't renewed. Marsden used to anchor newscasts at Channel 2/WMAR. She's also worked at Channel 7/WJLA.

August 30, 2011
MHz To Add 2 Chinese Channels
China Central Television, the country's state broadcaster, will launch two fulltime English language channels in the DC market starting October 1. CCTV News and CCTV Documentary will be carried by Fairfax-based MHz Networks, the same non-commercial broadcaster that carries Al-Jazeera English, Russia Today, and France 24. The two Chinese government channels will be offered among the 10 standard-def digital broadcast offerings of Channel 30/WNVC, which are carried by local cable systems, including Comcast in the DC area on channels 271-280. MHz is dropping the Taiwan-based Metro Chinese Network and Vietnam's VTV network to make room for the new channels.

August 26, 2011
Elliker Leaves BAL Radio
Shari Elliker and Baltimore's WBAL radio are parting company. "After months of discussion, we have decided not to renew the contract of Shari Elliker," says WBAL radio head Ed Kiernan. "Shari has been an important part of the 1090 AM/WBAL radio family. Whether called upon to be a talk show host or PM drive anchor, her characteristic style of hard work, preparation and professionalism is admired by all of us." Elliker, who once had her own show on WBAL, most recently has been a reporter and anchor for the Hearst news talker's afternoon news block. She used to work in the DC market, and was once heard on the old "Don And Mike Show" on WJFK.

August 24, 2011
Mike Flanagan Found Dead
Former Baltimore Orioles pitcher Mike Flanagan, who became a face of the franchise as a television announcer and top executive, died August 24. Suicide suspected. A Baltimore County police spokeswoman said police received a 911 call at 4:26 PM reporting a death in the 15000 block of York Road in Sparks. Officers found a man's body on a trail leading to a barn. For the past two years, Flanagan, 59, was one of the color analysts for Orioles' broadcasts on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network.

August 24, 2011
Sam Rogers Joins Cumulus
Sam Rogers, who in June left his gig as DC market manager for CBS Radio, joins radio giant Cumulus as a vice president in charge of political and platform ad sales. As you've read here, Cumulus is in the midst of merging with Citadel, which owns DC radio stations WMAL, WRQX, and WVRX. Says Cumulus Executive Vice President Jon Pinch: "With the anticipated close of Citadel in September... this is an important new position at Cumulus. Sam is a true broadcast professional with over 20 years experience in Washington DC radio and uniquely qualified for this role." In the DC market, CBS owns WPGC, WLZL, WJFK, WIAD, and WHFS-AM.

August 23, 2011
Quake Hits DC-Baltimore Area
A 5.9 quake hit the Washington-Baltimore area at 1:51 PM on August 23. No damage or injuries reported. All DC local TV news outlets and WTOP radio were on the story. Ditto with Baltimore's WBAL radio and three of its major TVers, except for Fox 45. For a while, some couldn't reach washingtonpost.com due to high traffic. Many cell phone networks were overloaded for several hours. Quake centered on Mineral VA, northwest of Richmond. "We all felt it, we all thought it was a Metro train going under us," Channel 7/WJLA VP Of News Bill Lord tells Broadcasting And Cable. "Then it got worse and worse and worse." Lord, speaking about 30 minutes after the 5.9 trembler, said staffers promptly resorted to their "battle stations," such as the control room and out in the field, to tackle the unique story. "The sites are going crazy, [News Channel 8] cable is going crazy, the stations are on all over the place," he said. Across town, Channel 4/WRC Senior Producer Of Content Matt Glassman was marking his 23rd year in Washington when the quake shook NBC's building in northwest DC. "I've never felt anything like this in Washington," he told B&C. NBC 4 had the good fortune of having anchor Barbara Harrison shoot a cooking segment with a couple local chefs from her home as the quake hit, which provided a live shot of the frightful shaking, B&C adds.

August 22, 2011
Street To Be BAL-AM ND, Hill PD
Merrie Street is WBAL radio's new news director. She replaces Mark Miller, who announced in mid-July that he was leaving the Hearst news talker. Street's career includes being the first news chief for Baltimore's Metro Traffic operation, news director and anchor for CBS's WLIF radio, and news director, reporter, and anchor for Clear Channel's WPOC radio. In-between WPOC and WLIF, she worked for Republican Congresswoman Helen Bentley. At the local government level, Street headed media relations for Harford County. Also, WBAL radio announced that Dave Hill will become program director for the station, adding to his PD duties at Hearst sister active rocker 98 Rock, WIYY.

August 21, 2011
Joseph Mohbat Dies
Joseph Mohbat, a former Associated Press reporter who covered the 1968 presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy and later served as press secretary of the Democratic National Committee, died August 10 of cancer at a hospital in Brooklyn NY. He was 73. Mohbat came to Washington in the early 1960s and for several years was at the center of the country’s political life as a reporter and later as a Democratic Party official. Early in the morning of June 17, 1972, Mohbat was one of the first people to learn of a break-in at DNC headquarters at the Watergate office complex when he was awakened by a call from his secretary.

August 20, 2011
Earl Voss Dies
Earl Voss, 89, a journalist with the Washington Star newspaper and a government public affairs officer, died July 30 at Greenspring Village retirement community in Springfield. He had Parkinson's disease and diabetes. From 1951 until 1964, Voss wrote foreign news and served as the Star's diplomatic reporter.

August 20, 2011
9's Angie Goff To 4
Angie Goff leaves Channel 9/WUSA, where she's been doing morning traffic and entertainment reports, for Channel 4/WRC, where she will be a weekend morning anchor.

August 18, 2011
TOP's Farley Joins AP Managing Editors
Jim Farley, vice president of news and programming at all-newser WTOP, has joined the Associated Press Managing Editors and has been nominated to APME's board of directors. APME is an association of editors at AP's 1,400 member newspapers in the US and Canada that works to foster excellence in journalism and supports the training of editors in multimedia newsrooms. Farley is the first broadcaster to join APME upon the organization opening its ranks to broadcast outlets, journalism educators, and students since it was founded in 1933. Farley came to WTOP in 1996 after eight years with ABC News in NYC as managing editor and general manager of programming at the ABC Radio Networks. Prior to that, he spent 13 years with NBC News. He began his career at all-news WINS radio in NYC in 1966 as a copy boy.

August 16, 2011
Chris Monroe Dies
Channel 45/WBFF photographer Chris Monroe, 42, was found dead on August 14 in his apartment in Perry Hall. He was a lifelong diabetic who, at one point, would undergo kidney dialysis as he slept at night so he could work as a photojournalist during the day. Monroe had worked at WBFF for seven years, before that at WRIC-TV in Richmond. He received a kidney 10 years ago from his older brother, and later that year received a pancreas transplant.

August 16, 2011
Ralph Albertazzie Dies
Former Air Force One pilot Ralph Albertazzie, 88, died on August 15 at his home in Berkeley County WV. He started Martinsburg's former Fox 60, but the station fell on hard times during an economic downturn. Albertazzie piloted Richard Nixon's Air Force One from 1969 to 1974. His Channel 60/WYVN went on the air in October 1991 with Fox network programming, plus 6 PM and 10 PM local newscasts to compete with Channel 25/WHAG in Hagerstown. WYVN went bankrupt two years later, and was later bought by Pax TV. It's now an Ion outlet.

August 11, 2011
Sun Buyouts Target 25 Cuts
Management at the Baltimore Sun gave a buyout proposal to the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, looking to cut 20 to 25 positions. The buyouts - the first since the Sun offered them in 2008 - would be voluntary, and 10 of the cuts are in the newsroom. The company is looking to buy out two columnists, two critics, an editorial writer, two copy editors, two design editors, and a photographer. The deadline for the buyouts is September 9. The Sun is owned by Tribune, which filed for bankruptcy in December 2008. In 2008, about 100 jobs were eliminated at the paper, including 55 in the newsroom. The increasing shift and availability of digital content are primary reasons why newspapers are folding and many are facing the ominous prospect of bankruptcy. In February 2009, the Sun ended its lease agreements for office space in Anne Arundel, Howard, and Baltimore counties. Suburban bureau reporters and editors moved into the newspaper's downtown office. In April 2009, the Sun laid off 61 employees in a week.

August 9, 2011
MZQ Says Goodbye To Kat Jackson
Kat Jackson (right) is out at Clear Channel country outlet WMZQ, 98.7 FM. She did evenings for about two years. We're told that Meg Stevens, WMZQ's program director who recently added operations manager duties for Clear Channel's DC-Baltimore radio cluster, will be looking for a new evening jock who can also handle some of her MZQ programming chores.

August 9, 2011
Kolbe Out As Caps' Radio Voice
Steve Kolbe is out as the radio voice of the Washington Capitals after 14 seasons. John Walton, the former voice of the Hershey Bears, has been tapped to become the Caps' new radio play-by-play announcer. According to the Capitals Insider blog at washingtonpost.com, Kolbe had been working on a year-to-year contract with the Caps but was informed in July that the team planned to open up the position to others. He was welcome to apply, which he did. Walton said he interviewed for the position last week and was informed last night that he had been hired.

August 9, 2011
WTOP & WWIN-FM Top Local Radio Heaps For July
The radio ratings for the month of July, full-day, age 12+. DC: 1) WTOP [1st in all dayparts], 2) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 3) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 3rd], 4) WASH [L&L 7th], 5) WHUR [Harvey 4th, Baisden 7th], 6) WMMJ [Joyner 6th], 7) WMZQ [Boxer 7th], 8) WETA-FM, 9) WPRS and WRQX [Diamond 10th, Carson 5th] and WWDC [Elliot 8th], 12) WPGC [BT 17th], 13) WKYS [Parr 15th], 14) WGTS, 15) WMAL [MM 11th, Rush 6th, Hannity 18th], 16) WBIG [Griffiths 19th], 17) WLZL [Biagi 20th], 18) WTEM [M&M 12th, Czaban 11th] and WIAD [McFly 15th], 20) WJFK [Junks 14th, Wise 20th, Arrington 20th], 21) WVRX [K&M 21st, Cerphe 21st], 22) WFLS, 23) WPFW, 24) WFRE, 25) WERQ, 26) WIYY, 27) WBQB and WQSR and WAVA-FM and WFMD and WINC-FM. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WPOC, 3) WERQ, 4) WLIF, 5) WIYY, 6) WWMX, 7) WZBA, 8) WZFT, 9) WBAL-AM, 10) WCBM, 11) WYPR, 12) WQSR, 13) WBJC, 14) WRBS-FM, 15) WHUR and WJZ-FM, 17) WPGC, 18) WBIG, 19) WTOP, 20) WXCY and WKYS, 22) WWDC, 23) WASH and WIHT and WRQX, 26) WCAO, 27) WPRS, 28) WAMU, 29) WJZ-AM and WGTS and WRNR-FM.

August 8, 2011
Former WMALer Andy Parks To WTNT
Andy Parks (right), who had been heard for many years co-hosting news talker WMAL's morning show, is returning with a news and current events program that will be heard on talker WTNT, 730 AM, weekdays from 3 PM to 6 PM. Beginning Monday, August 22, "The Andy Parks Show" will be broadcast from the newsroom of the Washington Times and feature Times columnists Jeff Kuhner and Jennifer Harper. Bruce Houston, president of Metro Radio, which owns WTNT, said: "Andy Parks is an excellent personality in Washington and we are very proud to carrying the new show." Parks left WMAL in the spring of 2010 after a morning show shake-up. WTNT can also be heard on Metro's WKDL, 1250 AM, in Warrenton and via a live stream at 730wtnt.com. Parks had worked at WMAL for 25 years, having started as a traffic reporter. Parks' former WMAL producer, Ann Wog, will serve as executive producer of his new WTNT show.

August 5, 2011
WaPo Circ Drops Another 4%
Profits at the Washington Post Company were cut in half last quarter as the DC-based business was stung by significantly weaker results at its education division, which the company plans to reorganize. The Post Company reported net income for the 2011 second quarter of $45.8 million. That compares with $91.9 million in the year-ago period. Revenue declined 10% to $1.07 billion from $1.2 billion a year ago. Newspaper publishing revenue fell 6% to $162.8 million from $172.7 million a year ago. For the first six months of the year, the Post's daily and Sunday circulation declined more than 4% to 531,400 and 745,300, respectively. The Kaplan education division, which provides the bulk of the company's revenue, suffered a 15% revenue drop.

August 5, 2011
Dorothy Brunson Dies
Dorothy Brunson, who was the first African American woman to own a US radio station - Baltimore's WEBB, 1360 AM - has died at age 72 of cancer. She was also the first African American woman to own a US TV station, Philadelphia's Channel 48/WGTW. Brunson bought WEBB from the legendary "Godfather Of Soul" James Brown in 1979. It was one of the first stations to air rap music in Baltimore. WEBB is now WVIE, 1370 AM.

August 2, 2011
George Lettis Leaves 11
Another Channel 11/WBAL personality is leaving Baltimore's NBC affiliate. Reporter George Lettis is heading to the Maryland Law School's Center For Health And Homeland Security, where he will be media relations manager. The Anne Arundel County native joined WBAL-TV in May 2010 after reporting stints at NBC News in Washington, Channel 29/WVIR in Charlottesville VA, and Channel 8/WGAL in Lancaster PA.

August 1, 2011
Haber Out At 9
Brett Haber (left) is out as top sportscaster at Channel 9/WUSA. After seven years as WUSA's sports director and primary sports anchor, Haber has decided to leave the Gannett station "to pursue other opportunities in television," according to a station press release. "At the same time, he hopes to affect a long-desired change in his schedule which is more conducive to raising his young children." Haber, once a sports anchor at Channel 5/WTTG and morning personality on the old Z104 radio, has been doing work for the Tennis Channel and for other national and regional sports networks.

August 1, 2011
HFS Moves To Baltimore
CBS Radio has relocated WHFS from its DC broadcast complex in Lanham to its Baltimore broadcast complex in Towson. CBS is moving the legendary alternative rocker to an analog broadcast signal in Charm City, the low-power 97.5 FMer, a 250-watt facility that CBS is leasing from the Hope Christian Church. Along with a digital HD Radio airing in Baltimore, via 106.5, WWMX. And via hfs975.com. Featuring classic HFS jocks Tim Virgin, Gina Crash, Neci, Jenn Marino, and Chris Emry, and "Loveline" airing weeknights from 10 PM to midnight. CBS will continue airing WHFS on the HD2 of DC's 94.7, WIAD. The move takes DC radio veteran Jerry Hoyt out of the programming slot. Longtime rocker WHFS had been on Bethesda's 102.3 until 1983, when it moved to Annapolis's 99.1, where it lived until 2005, before being moved to Baltimore's 105.7 for a few more years.

July 27, 2011
4's Craig Melvin To MSNBC
Channel 4/WRC news anchor Craig Melvin jumps from NBC's DC station to NBC's news network MSNBC. He'll be based in NYC, not far from his new bride, Lindsay Czarniak, the Channel 4 sports reporter who is joining ESPN in Bristol CT. Melvin and Czarniak announced in April that they'd be getting married this fall.

July 26, 2011
Marianne Banister Leaves 11
Marianne Banister (right), one-half of the longest running anchor team in Baltimore television, is leaving Channel 11/WBAL after more than 15 years as co-anchor of the 6 PM and 11 PM newscasts at the top-ranked station. Her contract wasn't renewed. "I want to make this clear: This is not my choice," Banister told the Baltimore Sun. "I'm not retiring. I'm not leaving to 'spend more time with my family.'" Her last day at the Hearst-owned NBC affiliate will be Wednesday. Banister came to WBAL in 1995 from KABC-TV in Los Angeles. "She and co-anchor Rod Daniels consistently finished first or secord in the ratings across all those years - an impressive feat, particularly on the topsy-turvy media landscape of recent years," writes Sun media critic David Zurawik. Banister has started her own media consulting firm, Banister Media.

July 25, 2011
Q107 Veteran Scott Kenyon Dies
Original contemporary hit WRQX, Q107 promo producer and sweeper announcer Scott Kenyon has died. "It's quite possible that he was the very first voice heard when the station launched April 15, 1979," area voice great Dude Walker tells us.

July 25, 2011
Radio One Signs Silver Spring Leases
Radio One has signed two Silver Spring leases as it prepares to move its headquarters from Prince George's County to Montgomery County in January. The urban radio station owner signed a 25,000-square-foot lease at 8515 Georgia Avenue and a 21,000-square-foot lease at 1010 Wayne Avenue. Its headquarters will fill the Wayne Avenue space and its DC area radio stations - WKYS, WMMJ, WOL, WPRS, and WYCB - will operate out of the Georgia Avenue building. The company, which currently has offices in Lanham, once had a deal to be the anchor tenant for a mixed-use development DC's Shaw area called Broadcast One, but it pulled out in 2010, citing the availability of cheaper real estate in the region.

July 20, 2011
CCDC Names Meg Stevens OM
Clear Channel names Meg Stevens as operations manager for its Rockville-based DC-Baltimore radio megacluster. In addition to overseeing Clear Channel's nine DC and Baltimore radioers, she will oversee the firm's Total Traffic Network and digital platforms. Stevens has been programming DC's country WMZQ and Baltimore's country WPOC - positions she will continue to hold.

July 19, 2011
Nat Albright Dies
Legendary sportscaster Nat Albright (left, photo from 1950s) passed away Monday. He lived in Arlington and was in his 90s. He worked at a number of Washington area radio stations including WMAL, WEAM, and WAVA. "Very legendary sportscaster with the Brookyn Dodgers," we're told. "He worked with my ball club, the Alexandria Aces, back in 2008, in our inaugural season for a few games. Nat was a character, that's for sure. They don't make sportscasters like him anymore."

July 17, 2011
USA Today Veteran Rod Beaton Dies
Rod Beaton, a sportswriter who covered baseball for McLean-based USA Today for many years, and who once had a testy clubhouse confrontation with superstar Barry Bonds, died June 22 at a nursing home in Arlington. He was 59 and had Lewy body dementia, a progressive neurological disorder, and Parkinson's disease. Beaton was a member of the original staff of USA Today when the newspaper was founded in 1982.

July 15, 2011
Kelly Saunders Dies
DC and Baltimore radio veteran Kelly Saunders died of cancer Friday at her area home. Her real name was Linda. She was 62. She started her radio career in the early 1970s in Front Royal, and then moved to Arlington's WEAM, when it had a rock format, and then to DC rocker WWDC, DC101. Followed by Arlington's WAVA, when it had a rock format. In Baltimore, she worked for WBAL-AM and 98 Rock, WIYY. While in Baltimore, Saunders also served as a reporter for Channel 13/WJZ. "She holds the distinction of being the only woman to be the public address announcer for a Baltimore Orioles baseball game," says DC radio legend Ed Walker, who had recently worked with her at WAMU. Before getting into broadcasting, Saunders was a teacher in southwestern Virginia. "She was a personal friend of mine and will be greatly missed," Walker adds. Former 98 Rocker and current 105.9 The Edge morning man Kirk McEwen writes on his Facebook page: "My heart is heavy today after hearing the news that Kelly Saunders has passed away. She was a great jock and an even better person and I miss her already. Kelly taught me how to run the board at 98 Rock after I got hired in 1984 and I'll forever cherish the memory."

July 13, 2011
WTOP & WWIN-FM Top June Ratings, WMAL Falls To 16th
The June monthly radio ratings. DC, full-week, age 12+: 1) WTOP [1st in both drivetimes], 2) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 3) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 3rd] and WMZQ [Boxer 4th], 5) WASH [L&L 6th], 6) WHUR [Harvey 5th, Baisden 5th], 7) WMMJ [Joyner 7th], 8) WPGC [BT 13th] and WPRS, 10) WRQX [Diamond 9th, Carson 6th] and WETA-FM, 12) WKYS [Parr 18th], 13) WWDC [Elliot 8th], 14) WBIG [Griffiths 15th], 15) WIAD, 16) WMAL [MM 11th, Rush 4th, Hannity 18th], 17) WTEM [M&M 12th, Korny 11th, Czaban 10th], 18) WGTS and WLZL [Biagi 20th], 20) WJFK [Junks 16th, Wise 20th, Arrington 18th], 21) WVRX [K&M 21st, Cerphe 20th], 22) WFLS, 23) WFRE, 24) WPFW, 25) WERQ and WAVA-FM and WFMD. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WPOC, 3) WERQ, 4) WWMX, 5) WLIF, 6) WZBA, 7) WZFT, 8) WIYY, 9) WBAL-AM, 10) WCBM, 11) WYPR, 12) WRBS-FM and WQSR, 14) WBJC, 15) WPGC, 16) WHUR, 17) WJZ-FM, 18) WKYS, 19) WTOP, 20) WRQX, 21) WBIG and WIHT, 23) WXCY and WWDC, 25) WWIN-AM and WCAO.

July 12, 2011
Mark Miller Leaves WBAL Radio
Mark Miller is leaving his news director gig at Baltimore news talker WBAL, 1090 AM. He's been with the Hearst station 32 years, starting as a news editor and producer, and moving on to a reporting position. He's been news director for 21 years. Miller wants to spend more time with his family, we're told. During his three decades at WBAL radio, he's won numerous awards, including statues from the Associated Press. And his news department has won 21 Edward R. Murrow journalism awards during his term, including several "overall excellence" honors.

July 11, 2011
DeFeo Named NC8 ND
Allbritton names Joe DeFeo as news director for NewsChannel 8. He spent seven years as vice president for news at Baltimore's Sinclair Broadcast Group during its now-gone News Central days and worked for more than nine years as the news director at Sinclair's Channel 45/WBFF in Baltimore. DeFeo has also spent more than 30 years working in the DC region as a news manager, producer, journalist, and audience development specialist. Allbritton also owns Channel 7/WJLA and the Politico.

July 9, 2011
Fred Ethan Fischer Dies
Fred Ethan Fischer, 69, a former news anchor at Martinsburg WV news talker WRNR-AM, 740, has died after an 18-month battle with cancer. Fischer was a professor at Shepherd University in Jefferson County WV and a member of the "Rumsey Radio Hours," where he wrote and performed in "Johnny Dime, Poet Of Crime," a take-off on the old radio show "Johnny Dollar." A memorial service for Fischer is being held Saturday, July 9, at 2 PM at the Presbyterian church in Shepherdstown WV.

July 5, 2011
Jay Perri Dies
Jay Perri, 80, a Washington area radio DJ of the 1950s and 1960s who later became a newspaper advertising salesman, died June 5 at a hospital in Easton PA of complications from a stroke. Beginning in the 1950s, Perri played rock-and-roll and rhythm-and-blues on radio stations in Virginia and Washington. In the late 1950s, he produced and starred in "Sock Hop," a Saturday morning bandstand show on the old Channel 9, WTOP-TV. He was a staff announcer and news reader on WTOP radio and television, and in mid-1960s he hosted a fishing report show in which charter boat captains would describe conditions for local anglers. DCRTV hears that Perri worked for the old WPIK radio in the 1960s.

July 5, 2011
WKCW Goes Oldies
Metro Radio has flipped Warrenton's WKCW, 1420 AM, from gospel to oldies. Bruce Houston, president of Vienna-based Metro Radio, describes the new format as "songs you don't hear anymore on the radio." The format is being done "in house," as opposed to relaying a syndicated satellite feed. You can listen live at 1420wkcw.com. With 22,000-watts, WKCW covers all of Northern Virginia and much of the Washington metro area. Metro Radio also owns Alexandria's WTNT, 730 AM, and Warrenton's WKDL, 1250 AM, both with a news talk format, and WKDV, 1460 AM, in Manassas, with a Mexican format.

July 3, 2011
WTOP & WFED's Suzanne Kubota Dies
Suzanne Kubota died on July 2 after a short illness. She worked at all-news WTOP and Federal News Radio WFED for 20 years, maybe longer. "She was a great editor, terrific friend, and a helluva lady. She had this acerbic wit that you would've just loved," a colleague tells DCRTV. "She always worked in the background as editor or on the web, never seeking the limelight." Before joining WTOP/WFED, she worked at the old Media General Cable in Fairfax County.

July 1, 2011
Jerry Edwards Leaves Metro Traffic & 4
Longtime morning traffic reporter Jerry Edwards leaves Channel 4/WRC. Edwards, who actually worked for Metro Traffic, said goodbye to the Silver Spring-based office June 30. In a memo to colleagues, Edwards revealed that his job at Metro evaporated when WRC decided that it wanted a new morning traffic provider - Traffic.com. And, he had hoped to secure a new position with Metro before his end-date at the end of June. But, he wrote, that didn't happen. So he is gone from Metro, which also employs other area TV traffic reporters, including Lisa Baden, who is seen on Channel 7/WJLA, and Julie Wright, who is seen on Channel 5/WTTG.

June 30, 2011
Baltimore's 1370 Drops Sports For News, Talk
Mangione will be pulling the plug on its sports talk format at Baltimore's WVIE, 1370 AM. The station will go with TRN's "America's Radio News" Alexandria-based programming fulltime come July. The station, which is the sister to news talker WCBM, 680 AM, recently added the "America's Morning News" show, the former Washington Times radio show syndicated by TRN. WVIE recently hiked its night power to about 25,000-watts. It runs 50,000-watts during daytime hours. Those out include Jerry Coleman, who hosted the afternoon show, Rob Long who did late mornings, and PressBox Publisher Stan "The Fan" Charles, who did a noon show. WVIE will continue running Fox Sports Radio programming during nights and overnights.

June 30, 2011
Myrick Lands HUR PD Post
Maxx Myrick has been named program director of Howard University's urban adult contemporary WHUR (96.3 FM). He replaces Dave Dickinson, who left WHUR last year. Myrick, who has most recently been running his own radio programming consulting firm, programmed a batch of jazz and urban contemporary channels at XM Satellite Radio from 2000 to 2008. Before that, he programmed urban adult contemporary WVAC in Chicago.

June 29, 2011
Sun To Cut "b" To Once Per Week
The Baltimore Sun is making big cuts at its "b" freebie. The youth-and-entertainment-oriented tabloid will become a Wednesday-only publication, instead of Monday through Friday.

June 28, 2011
WMAL Ups Bill Hess To PD
DC radio veteran Bill Hess has been promoted from assistant program director to program director at Citadel news talker WMAL, 630 AM. Hess joined the station last year, after Drew Hayes, the operations manager at Citadel's Chicago news talker, WLS-AM, had been named WMAL program director, too. "Bill has played a central role in the strategizing and development of the WMAL lineup since joining us last summer, and shares the vision of a re-energized WMAL as Washington DC's most influential station," Hayes says in a station memo. "I look forward to working with Bill to continue this momentum as we grow the radio station in the exciting days ahead." Before joining WMAL, Hess was head of programming for Air America, and before that he programmed a number of DC area radio stations, including Clear Channel's WASH and WBIG.

June 28, 2011
Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck Return To Fredericksburg
The Free Lance Star Radio Group in Fredericksburg is putting a batch of syndicated righty talkers on 1350 AM, WYSK, which features a sports talk format. Glenn Beck will air at 9 AM, Rush Limbaugh at noon, and Sean Hannity at 3 PM on the station, which is also relayed on 96.5 FM. Apart from a local news, traffic, and weather show from 6 PM to 7 PM, WYSK will continue to run ESPN Radio sports programming throughout other dayparts, including "Mike And Mike" in mornings. The Fredericksburg market has been without the three conservative talk radio titans since Centennial's WFVA, 1230 AM, dropped talk for nostalgic adult standards tunes earlier this year.

June 28, 2011
7's Courtney Robinson To Florida TVer
Courtney Robinson, a reporter at Channel 7/WJLA, is headed to WZVN-TV in Fort Myers FL to do anchoring work. Robinson has worked at WJLA since September 2008. More: DCRTV hears that Robinson will be anchoring the 6 PM, 7 PM, and 11 PM weekday newscasts at the ABC affiliate for southwestern Florida.

June 26, 2011
Kimberly Suiters Leaving 4
The contract of Kimberly Suiters, weekend morning anchor at Channel 4/WRC, is not being renewed.

June 25, 2011
Kelly McPherson Leaving 13
Baltimore Media Blog reports that Channel 13/WJZ reporter Kelly McPherson has announced that she will be leaving the CBS-owned station. She joined WJZ in April 2008 from a TV news gig in Syracuse.

June 25, 2011
Nick Charles Dies
Nick Charles, a sports anchor at Baltimore's Channel 13/WJZ (picture at right) and later at DC's Channel 4/WRC in the 1970s, who went on to the just-launched CNN in 1980, and, eventually, other sports TV gigs, died Saturday at age 64. Most recently, he'd been covering boxing for Showtime and HBO. Charles had been suffering from bladder cancer since 2009.

June 25, 2011
C. Paul Champion Dies
C. Paul Champion III, who was a broadcast engineer at Channel 5/WTTG and at ABC's Washington News Bureau, died on June 23. He was a resident of Upper Marlboro.

June 23, 2011
4's Czarniak To ESPN
Channel 4/WRC sports anchor and reporter Lindsay Czarniak is leaving the NBC-owned station for a job at ESPN. Her contract with DC's NBC4 expired this spring. She was hired by legendary WRC sports anchor George Michael in 2005. Czarniak, 33, grew up in Centreville VA and is engaged to WRC anchor Craig Melvin. She the daughter of longtime USA Today sports editor Chet Czarniak.

June 20, 2011
Winchester's 610 Returns To Airwaves
Winchester's 610 AM is back on the air. The new WXVA features a "full service - greatest hits of all time - 1950s thru current" format, according to Ted Schober, a member of Winchester Radio Broadcasters, which owns the station. New studios are at 2047 Valley Avenue with a website at wxva.com. General manager is Liz Martin. The station is currently operating with 390-watts directional daytime, but has applied for 125-watts non-directional fulltime. Several years ago, Clear Channel took the station dark when it lost its transmitter site to a housing complex. The former WTFX calls and sports talk format got moved to Clear Channel's 1550 AM in Charles Town. The new 610 is operating from a new transitter site.

June 14, 2011
WTOP & WWIN Top May Radio Ratings
Hubbard all-newser WTOP retains its huge lead in the May monthly radio ratings. Age 12+, full-day. DC: 1) WTOP [1st in all dayparts], 2) WIHT [Kane 3rd] and WAMU [ME 2nd, Rehm 7th, ATC 3rd], 4) WHUR [Harvey 4th, Baisden 4th], 5) WASH [L&L 7th], 6) WMZQ [Boxer 4th], 7) WMMJ [Joyner 6th], 8) WETA-FM, 9) WRQX [Diamond 9th, Carson 8th], 10) WWDC [Elliot 7th] and WPRS, 12) WPGC [BT 18th] and WMAL [MM 11th, Rush 3rd, Hannity 11th], 14) WKYS [Parr 17th], 15) WIAD [McFly 15th], 16) WBIG [Griffiths 15th], 17) WTEM [M&M 18th, Korny 9th, Czaban 8th], 18) WGTS, 19) WLZL [Biagi 20th], 20) WJFK [Junks 15th, Wise 18th, Arrington 18th], 21) WFLS, 22) WVRX [K&M 22nd, Cerphe 21st], 23) WFRE and WPFW, 25) WERQ and WBQB and WAVA-FM and WFMD, 29) WIYY, 30) WQSR and WDCN and WINC-FM and WGRX and WBJC. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WPOC, 3) WERQ, 4) WLIF, 5) WBAL-AM, 6) WWMX, 7) WIYY, 8) WZBA and WZFT, 10) WCBM, 11) WYPR, 12) WRBS-FM, 13) WQSR, 14) WPGC, 15) WHUR, 16) WBJC and WJZ-FM, 18) WTOP, 19) WKYS and WRQX, 21) WIHT, 22) WBIG, 23) WWIN-AM and WXCY, 25) WWDC, 26) WAMU and WCAO, 28) WGTS, 29) WJZ-AM, 30) WTMD, 31) WEAA and WASH and WRNR-FM.

June 13, 2011
Albie Dee To WZBA
DC-Baltimore radio veteran Albie Dee lands the afternoon drive slot at Baltimore classic rocker WZBA, The Bay, 100.7 FM. He will also serve as assistant program director for the Shamrock station. Over the years, Albie's worked at WPGC, WJMO/WIHT, WXYV, WWMX, WARW/WTGB, and at XM.

June 10, 2011
Weinman & Cerrato Replace Viviano & Yaffe At 105.7
Ken Weinman and Vinny Cerrato get moved from evenings into WJZ-FM, 105.7 The Fan's 10 AM to 1 PM slot now that Mark Viviano is leaving. Earlier this week, Viviano, Channel 13/WJZ's top sports anchor, announced that he was giving up his sports radio show gig saying that his workdays are too long. Viviano's 105.7 partner, Damon "Bulldog" Yaffe is not staying in the midday slot, but he might get brought back for the station's football coverage this fall.

June 10, 2011
Ed Kelley Joins WashTimes
Ed Kelley, a veteran journalist and award-winning editor and reporter, has been named the new editor of the Washington Times. Kelley, who is leaving his post as editor of the Oklahoman newspaper in Oklahoma City, will oversee both news and opinion content for Washington Times Media, a multi-platform news organization focused on reporting and conservative opinion. He assumes his new duties on July 1.

June 9, 2011
Kelly Collis Joins Tommy McFly On Fresh Mornings
Kelly Collis jumps to CBS's hot adult contemporary 94.7 Fresh FM to do its morning show. The native Washingtonian is the founder of the CityShopGirl.com shopping, fashion, and eating local website. She'll be paired with co-host Tommy McFly, who, as DCRTV has reported, recently got jettisoned from his 94.7 afternoon gig.

June 9, 2011
Julie Parker Leaving WJLA & NC8, Joining PGPD
Channel 7/WJLA reporter Julie Parker (left), who co-hosts the "Parker And Parker" sports show on sister NewsChannel 8, is leaving her gigs at the Allbritton outlets. She's headed to the Prince George's County Police Department, where she will be director of public affairs. Parker joined WJLA in 2002. She made her goodbye announcement on this week's edition - the second to the last - of "Parker And Parker."

June 8, 2011
Jerry Edwards Leaves 4
Channel 4/WRC traffic reporter Jerry Edwards leaves the NBC station. No word on the plans of Edwards, who works for Metro Traffic. And no word on who will fill his shoes on WRC's future morning newscasts.

June 3, 2011
Lisa Baden Joins WMAL
Effective on Monday, Lisa Baden joins the WMAL morning show, as the station launches the "WMAL Traffic And Transit Team," with traffic every 10 minutes on the 5s, co-anchored by Lisa Baden and Jamee Whitten. Baden is the former longtime morning traffic voice on WTOP, with almost 20 years of on-air traffic reporting in the DC market. "Teaming Lisa with Whitten, who's been heard on the WMAL airwaves for the past 15 years, will result in an amazingly strong brand for credibletraffic information in morning drivetime," WMAL Assistant Program Director Bill Hess tells DCRTV. Both Baden and Whitten work for Metro Traffic.....

June 3, 2011
McFly To Mornings On 94.7
Tommy McFly is moving from afternoons to mornings at CBS's hot adult contemporary 94.7 Fresh FM, WIAD. We previously reported that CBS has hired Darik Kristofer from Atlanta's Star 94 to be Fresh's new afternoon personality. Last year, McFly left his evening gig at Citadel's hot adult contemporary Mix 107.3, WRQX.

June 2, 2011
Jason Kidd Named PGC PD
Jason Kidd has been named program director of CBS Radio's WPGC, 95.5 FM. Kidd joined the urban contemporary station earlier this year as assistant program director. In this new role, his responsibilities will include oversight of the station's music programming, on-air staff, production/imaging, and promotions, as well as managing a web/social networking presence. Kidd began his radio career in high school as an intern with the old contemporary hit B104, WBSB in Baltimore. He held various on-air positions before he transitioned into programming. From 1999-2004, Kidd worked as a program director at WWHT in Syracuse, WKST in Pittsburgh, and KQBT in Austin. Prior to joining WPGC, Kidd was music director at CBS Radio's hot adult contemporary WWMX, Mix 106.5 in Baltimore and also did afternoon drive as part of "The Jason And Jenn Show." Kidd's elevation at PGC will probably have the ratings slumping station transition more from urban/hip-hop to a rhythmic contemporary sound to battle Clear Channel's top rated contemporary hit Hot 99.5, WIHT. Kidd succeeds Michael Saunders, who is now programming Orlando's urban adult contemporary WCFB for Cox.

June 1, 2011
Swenson Replaces Rogers At CBS Radio
Sam Rogers is out as DC market manager and senior vice president for CBS Radio. As of June 10. Steve Swenson will take his place. Swenson was general manager of DC all-newser WTOP in the mid-1990s and is a current CBS Radio exec based in NYC, where he oversees the city's two all-newsers, WCBS-AM and WINS. "Sam was at WPGC/CBS DC for 23 years," a local radio guru tells DCRTV. "Sam is a market icon... He was the face of WPGC and CBS Radio (DC) for a long, long time." No word on Rogers' plans. He was the primary architect behind the urban contemporary format at WPGC, 95.5, which, for many years in the 1990s and early 2000s, was DC's top-ranked station. And while PGC remains the second-highest ad billing station in the market, its ratings and revenue numbers have fallen during the past few years. And CBS DC has struggled with marginally successful format flips, including hot adult contemporary WIAD, 94.7 Fresh FM, Spanish contemporary WLZL, 99.1 El Zol, and sports talk WJFK, 106.7 The Fan. It's not uncommon in DC market ratings books of late for none of CBS's four DC FMers to place within the "top 10" in the overall age 12+ demo.

June 1, 2011
Glenn Harris Recovers From Stroke
DC sports TV veteran Glenn Harris (right) revealed on NewsChannel 8's "Parker And Parker" show that he's been sidelined by a stroke, brought on by high blood pressure and diabetes. And he says that he suffered from temporary blindness for three weeks. In addition to his current gig as host of NC8's "Sports Talk," Harris has worked for WHUR and Channel 5/WTTG.

May 31, 2011
Brian Wilson & Mary Katharine Ham Join WMAL Morning Show
Citadel news talker WMAL (630 AM) has officially announced its new morning show team - Brian Wilson (right), Mary Katharine Ham (left), and Bryan Nehman. Wilson is a longtime DC TV news personality, having worked at Channel 5/WTTG and at Fox News Channel's DC bureau. Ham, now at Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller website, has worked for the Weekly Standard and the Washington Examiner. Nehman has been a WMAL morning show newsman and co-host for 10 years. The show's name will remain "The Morning Majority." Both Wilson and Ham have been frequent fill-in co-hosts with Nehman ever since Fred Grandy left the morning show in late February, after station management asked him not to have his wife on so much. Grandy and Nehman were paired on the WMAL morning show for about a year, ever since Andy Parks resigned or got fired after a dispute with management.

May 25, 2011
Larry Unger To Head MPT
Maryland Public Television stayed in house in naming Larry Unger to succeed Robert Shuman as president and chief excutive officer. Unger, who had been executive vice president, assumes his new duties at MPT on July 1. According to David Zurawik at the Baltimore Sun, "If you like the way MPT has been run in recent years, you will like this appointment, because Unger has been a senior manager at the Owings Mills broadcaster since 1997. He was a key member of Shuman's team. If you don't like what's been happening at MPT - and the declines in budget, underwriting, viewership, and memberships... - this is probably not such encouraging news for the future of public braocasting in Maryland." Shuman announced in mid-2010 that he would retire from MPT on June 30 after 15 years at the helm.

May 24, 2011
Mitchem Replaces Adkins As CC DC Market Manager
Clear Channel promotes Thea Mitchem to the market manager position for Washington and Baltimore. She's been operations manager for the mega-cluster, a job she's held since 2008. Mitchem replaces Hartley Adkins, who, as DCRTV has reported, was named earlier this month as Clear Channel's senior vice president of operations for all of the radio giant's stations in the southeast USA. Before coming to Washington/Baltimore, Mitchem served as operations manager for Clear Channel's Philadelphia radio cluster. Clear Channel's DC-Baltimore stations include DC101, Hot 99.5, WASH, Big 100.3, WMZQ, WPOC, WQSR, Z104.3, and WCAO.

May 21, 2011
4 Leads DC TV News Ratings, Ryan Doesn't Boost 7 At 11
DCRTV takes a look at the latest TV news ratings for the DC market and we find that Channel 4/WRC remains the overall leader, and in many cases, by large margins. The biggest surprise is the slump in Channel 7/WJLA's 11 PM news ratings, even with the arrival Bob Ryan from 4. The total households numbers. At 5 AM: 1) NBC4 2) FOX5 3) 9NEWS 4) ABC7. At 6 AM: 1) NBC4, 2) FOX5, 3) ABC7, 4) 9NEWS. 5 PM: 1) NBC4 & ABC7 (tie), 3) FOX5, 4) 9NEWS. 6 PM: 1) NBC4, 2) ABC7, 3) FOX5, 4) 9NEWS. 11 PM: NBC4, 2) 9NEWS, 3) ABC7, 4) FOX5. In the P25-54 demo. At 5 AM: 1) FOX5 & 9NEWS (tie), 3) ABC7 & NBC4 (tie). 6 AM: 1) NBC4, 2) FOX5, 3) ABC7, 4) 9NEWS. 5 PM: 1) ABC7, 2) NBC4, 3) FOX5, 4) 9NEWS. 6PM: 1) NBC4, 2) ABC7, 3) FOX5, 4) 9NEWS. 11 PM: 1) NBC4, 2) FOX5, 3) 9NEWS, 4) ABC7.

May 18, 2011
KHZ Adds Brunswick's 1520
Local radio veteran Bill Parris's KHZ network of eclectic oldies adds a new station - Brunswick MD's WTRI, 1520 AM. As of 10 AM Wednesday. The daytime-only station, which is halfway between Leesburg and Frederick, covers DC's western suburbs. The KHZ network just recently added WAMD, 970 AM, in Aberdeen MD, northeast of Baltimore, and is also heard on Annapolis's WYRE, 810 AM.

May 17, 2011
WTOP, WWIN Top April Radio Ratings
The Washington market radio ratings for the month of April, full-week, age 12+: 1) WTOP [1st in all time periods], 2) WASH [L&L 5th], 3) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 3rd], 4) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 5) WMZQ [Boxer 4th], 6) WMMJ [Joyner 6th] and WHUR [Harvey 8th, Baisden 4th], 8) WETA-FM, 9) WWDC [Elliot 7th] and WRQX [Diamond 9th, Carson 9th], 11) WKYS [Parr 13th], 12) WPGC [BT 17th], 13) WPRS, 14) WMAL [MM 12th, Rush 4th, Hannity 15th], 15) WIAD, 16) WBIG [Griffiths 17th], 17) WTEM [M&M 14th, Korny 14th, Czaban 14th], 18) WGTS, 19) WJFK [Junks 11th, Wise 18th, Arrington 19th] and WLZL [Biagi 20th], 21) WFLS, 22) WVRX [K&M 23rd, Cerphe 22nd], 23) WAVA-FM, 24) WFRE, 25) WPFW, 26) WGRX and WBQB and WERQ, 29) WQSR and WIYY and WDCN, 32) WKDV and WOL and WINC-FM and WFMD, 36) WFED and WBJC and WYCB. Baltimore, same demo: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WPOC, 3) WERQ, 4) WBAL-AM, 5) WLIF, 6) WWMX, 7) WIYY, 8) WZFT, 9) WCBM, 10) WZBA, 11) WRBS-FM, 12) WYPR, 13) WQSR, 14) WBJC and WPGC, 16) WHUR, 17) WTOP and WJZ-FM and WKYS, 20) WBIG and WRQX, 23) WXCY and WGTS and WAMU and WIHT, 27) WCAO, 28) WWIN-AM, 29) WRNR-FM, 30) WEAA and WLZL and WTMD, 33) WMZQ and WFRE and WASH, 36) WRBS-AM and WJZ-AM and WMMJ and WTEM.

May 13, 2011
WGTS President Harcombe Dies
J. Neville Harcombe (right), 71, president and chairman of Christian contemporary WGTS (91.9 FM) and vice chairman of WGTS parent organization Washington Adventist University, passed away in his sleep early Wednesday morning. He and WGTS General Manager John Konrad were making plans to help two organizations establish Christian radio stations in Liberia and South Africa. "It is the greatest privilege to have known Neville for 30 years, and when he became my boss four years ago," says Konrad. "I was ecstatic just thinking about working alongside him and the possibilities his leadership would create for WGTS."

May 13, 2011
Philip Evans Dies
Philip Evans, a journalist who served as managing editor of the Washington Star during the 1970s and later helped launch the Washington Times, died May 8 of cancer at his home in Silver Spring. He was 77.

May 12, 2011
Tina Gulland Dies
Tina Gulland (left), 62, died Wednesday of metastatic lung cancer at her home in Aldie VA. She was the Washington Post's first director of television and radio projects in the mid-1990s. Gulland planned and implemented journalistic partnerships with national television and radio networks through which Post reporters provided on-air news coverage and commentary. She was involved in the 2006 launch of Washington Post Radio, which lasted only a year. Gulland retired from the Post in 2007. In the 1970s, Gulland worked as a radio reporter for WWDC and WRC/WWRC, where she anchored the station's morning show and was its news director. After leaving WWRC in the 1980s, she was a correspondent for Metromedia Television, which owned Channel 5/WTTG. She then moved to the Voice Of America. Gulland was soon hired by the legendary Jim Snyder to serve as the bureau chief and chief political correspondent for the Washington Post-Newsweek television bureau in Washington, which provided national political and government coverage for the five Washington Post Company TV stations.

May 4, 2011
PGC Vet Shelby Austin Dies
Shelby Austin, who worked at WPGC from 1973 until earlier this year, died on May 2 after a long illness. She began her 38-year career at the then "top 40" station as a sales assistant, working her way up to the post of business manager. A colleague tells DCRTV: "Shelby is well-known to anyone who ever worked at WPGC. When we were in the Parkway building in Bladensburg, Shelby's apartment was right across the street. It was the scene of many great WPGC staff parties! We will miss her!"

May 2, 2011
WAMU Yanks CNC's "Power Breakfast"
Friday, April 29, was last day for "Power Breakfast" on American University news talker WAMU (88.5 FM). The daily news segment was produced by DC's Capitol News Connection, which is owned and operated by Melinda Wittstock, the wife of WAMU's program manager Mark McDonald. WAMU canceled "Power Breakfast" and its localized radio coverage of Capitol Hill as of May 1 after the Washington Post, in several articles earlier this year and last year, reported the potential conflict of interest between the program provider and WAMU's staff. DCRTV is told that Elizabeth Wynne Johnson is CNC's last remaining radio reporter. Everyone else was either fired or left voluntarily. "Wittstock recently sent one staff reporter that she laid off, a young struggling freelancer, several cease and desist letters from her attorney George Foote telling him not to cover Capitol Hill for WAMU. Not a great way to make friends in this town," a source tells DCRTV.

May 2, 2011
WAMD Returns To Airwaves
Aberdeen MD's WAMD, 970 AM, is back on the air as part of area radio veteran Bill Parris's KHZTV eclectic oldies format, which is also heard on Annapolis's WYRE, 810 AM. Locally-programmed WAMD was purchased a few years by Salem, which owns the DC area's WAVA-FM/AM, in order improve the night signal of WNYM, an AM station the firm owns in the NYC market on the 970 frequency. As DCRTV reported, Parris bought Harford County's WAMD from Salem earlier this year.

April 29, 2011
Radio One To Move From Lanham To Silver Spring
In September, Radio One will be moving its corporate headquarters from Lanham to Silver Spring, ending a years-long effort by the company to return to DC, where it was founded by Catherine Hughes in 1980. According to the Washington Post, the company, owner of 53 urban radio stations in 16 markets nationwide, pursued a move to DC's Shaw neighborhood before the economy battered the radio broadcasting industry and the real estate market. However, Radio One has settled on 23,000 square feet of space on the top floor of a Silver Spring office building called the Atrium At Station Square, which is currently home to the company's TV One unit. To keep Radio One, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley provided the firm with a $400,000 grant that requires the company to invest at least $1.25 million in the move by the end of 2012 and maintain at least 210 employees there throughout the six-year lease. In the DC market, Radio One owns WKYS, WMMJ, WPRS, WOL, and WYCB.

April 27, 2011
Suzanne Collins To Leave 13
Channel 13/WJZ reporter Suzanne Collins is leaving the CBS-owned station after 27 years in early May to become chief of staff for Maryland State Senator Nancy Jacobs of Harford County. Collins, who worked at Channel 11/WBAL five years before joining 13, says that she has known Jacobs for 15 years. "I first interviewed Senator Jacobs in 1995, so I've covered her for a long time. And we've really gotten along well," she tells the Baltimore Sun.

April 26, 2011
Rona Leaves Key 103
Rona Mensah (right) is gone from Frederick's Key 103, WAFY, after 17 years. The Frederick News Post reports that she was told on April 21st that she'd hosted her last morning show. "My only guess is I didn't fit with the new format style," Mensah told the newspaper. "I was not given any indication that it was performance based." Nassau's WAFY tweaked its format from adult contemporary to a more young female-oriented hot AC sound, more like DC's 94.7 Fresh FM, a few months ago. Key 103 Program Manager Dave Gunning said Mensah was "a fantastic employee who worked in just about every position" at the station. "I couldn't say enough good things about Rona. She's incredibly connected to the community and was always the first to volunteer to do community events," Gunning told the News Post.

April 23, 2011
Lil Mo Leaves PGC
It looks like Lil Mo (right) has left her afternoon on-air gig at CBS Radio's urban contemporary WPGC (95.5 FM) to resurrect her music career. DCRTV hears that she's gone missing from WPGC's website, a pretty reliable indication that she's gone from the station. Music biz website SingersRoom.com confirms that Lil Mo is working on a new effort entitled "PS I Love Me," due out this summer. The site also reports that she's ended her four year "hiatus" from recording. Lil Mo joined WPGC in March 2010.

April 20, 2011
WTOP Tops March Radio Ratings
The March monthly radio ratings for the DC market, full-week, age 12+: 1) WTOP [1st in all dayparts], 2) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 3) WASH [L&L 4th], 4) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 4th], 5) WMZQ [Boxer 5th] and WMMJ [Joyner 6th], 7) WHUR [Harvey 7th, Baisden 5th] and WETA-FM, 9) WWDC [Elliot 8th], 10) WKYS [Parr 12th] and WRQX [Diamond 9th, Carson 7th], 12) WPGC [BT 15th], 13) WMAL [MM 12th, Rush 4th, Hannity 15th], 14) WPRS, 15) WIAD and WBIG [Griffiths 18th], 17) WTEM [M&M 14th, Korny 12th, Czaban 11th], 18) WLZL [Biagi 20th], 19) WGTS, 20) WJFK [Junks 11th, Wise 17th, Arrington 18th], 21) WFLS, 22) WVRX [K&M 23rd, Cerphe 22nd], 23) WAVA-FM, 24) WPFW and WFRE, 26) WDCN and WQSR and WFMD and WGRX and WERQ, 31) WBJC and WINC-FM and WBQB and WOL and WIYY, 36) WSPZ and WBQH and WKDV and WAFY. Baltimore, same demo: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WPOC, 3) WLIF, 4) WERQ, 5) WBAL-AM, 6) WWMX, 7) WZFT, 8) WIYY, 9) WCBM, 10) WZBA, 11) WYPR, 12) WRBS-FM, 13) WQSR, 14) WBJC, 15) WPGC, 16) WHUR, 17) WTOP, 18) WJZ-FM, 19) WKYS, 20) WBIG, 21) WRQX, 22) WLZL and WCAO and WWDC and WAMU and WXCY, 27) WIHT, 28) WGTS and WTMD, 30) WEAA and WASH and WRNR-FM.

April 18, 2011
Donna Penyak Dies
Donna Penyak died of cardiac arrest in Rockville on April 17, just three days short of her 59th birthday. She was a newscaster in the 1970s at news talk WRC-AM, at then NBC sister WKYS, where she was Donnie Simpson's morning sidekick, and at WFMD in Frederick. She later worked at CBS Radio News in NYC.

April 15, 2011
WFVA Goes Nostalgic
Fredericksburg's WFVA (1230 AM) has dropped its news talk format in favor of nostalgic oldies as "The Song You Remember." Artists include classic performers like Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Nat King Cole, and Andy Williams, plus more contemporary talents like Celine Dion, Michael Bublé, Rod Stewart, and Diana Krall. On-air personalities include Jeff Rollins, Carl Hampton, Chick Watkins, and Don Reid.

April 13, 2011
Old WAGE Debuts Asian Programming As WCRW
Leesburg's WAGE, which recently came back on the air on 1190 AM, after being a news talker on 1200 AM, will adopt an Asian-oriented news, talk, and entertainment format as WCRW. The new 1190 signal is better oriented to cover the entire DC radio market from new towers in eastern Loudoun County.

April 13, 2011
Tony Burke Leaves ND Gig At CSN
Tony Burke, Comcast SportsNet's news director for the past three years - and assistant news director for two years prior to that, has announced that he will leave the Bethesda-based sports network in mid-May to pursue other career opportunities. Frank Crisafulli will serve as interim news director.

April 8, 2011
Klug To Replace Filippelli At ZBA
Classic rock WZBA, 100.7 The Bay morning man Michael Filippelli is out. He's being replaced by afternoon man Klug. No word yet on who will take the afternoon slot on the Shamrock-owned station.

April 8, 2011
2010 Radio Ad Revenue Ratings For DC & Baltimore
DCRTV already told you that WTOP was the top ad revenue billing radio station in the DC market and the whole USA in 2010. Now, we get to see more of the local numbers from Chantilly-based BIA for other area stations' revenue rankings last year. DC: 1) WTOP $57.2 million, 2) WPGC $19.2 million, 3) WRQX $16.9 million, 4) WHUR $16 million, 5) WTEM $14 million, 6) WKYS $13.4 million, 7) WIHT $12 million, 8) WASH $11.7 million, 9) WWDC $10.7 million, 10) WJFK and WLZL and WMMJ $10.5 million each, 13) WMZQ $10.3 million, 14) WMAL $10 million, 15) WBIG $9.9 million, 16) WVRX and WAVA-FM $7.2 million each, 18) WIAD $7 million, 19) WPRS $5.3 million, 20) WFLS $4.3 million. Baltimore: 1) WLIF $13.5 million, 2) WPOC $12.2 million, 3) WWIN-FM $11.9 million, 4) WERQ $10.8 million, 5) WBAL-AM $9.3 million, 6) WIYY $9 million, 7) WWMX $8.7 million, 8) WQSR $7.2 million, 9) WZFT $5 million, 10) WZBA $4 million.

April 1, 2011
Alexander Sheftell Dies
Alexander Sheftell, 85, a former advertising sales executive who owned radio stations in the Washington region died March 12 in Potomac MD. He had Alzheimer's disease. In 1977, Sheftell bought WAVA radio in Arlington for $2 million and transformed the news station into an album rock station. Four years later, he sold it to Doubleday Broadcasting for $8 million, which at the time was a record price for an individual radio property in the Washington area. He began his broadcasting career as a promotions manager for Channel 5/WTTG in 1950. He was the general manager for WMAL radio before buying his first radio station, WLMD in Laurel, in 1971.

April 1, 2011
Jason Veazey Heads To Phoenix
DC radio veteran Jason "JV" Veazey is heading to Phoenix to be imaging and creative director for Bonneville news talker KTAR-FM and sports talker KTAR-AM. He resigned from his production director gig at CBS sports talker WJFK in April 2010 and moved to NYC to work on a TV project and to do freelance work. From 1996 to 2003, Veazey was a producer for G. Gordon Liddy's WJFK show and for the Sports Junkies. From 2007 to 2010, he was production director and executive producer for CBS's DC cluster, including WJFK. He has also worked at a variety of regional stations, including WRCY, WBQB, WARW, WWMX, and WWZZ.

March 30, 2011
Royle Sues WNST's Aparicio
The Baltimore Business Journal reports that Baltimore sports talk radio personality Jennifer Royle has filed an $800,000 defamation lawsuit against rival radio host Nestor Aparicio, his companies, Nasty 1570 Sports and WNST Sports Media and two of WNST's staffers. Royle's lawsuit, filed March 10 in Circuit Court for Baltimore City, alleges that the 105.7 The Fan sports reporter was defamed by statements made on air and online by Aparicio and WNST staffers, Glenn Clark and Drew Forrester. The suit alleges that Aparicio, Clark and Forrester made statements that Royle isn't qualified for her job, lied on her resume, had "personal, sexual and/or inappropriate relationships" with multiple pro athletes and "that she looks like a stripper." Those statements were false and made with the intention of hurting Royle's professional reputation, according to the suit. The lawsuit alleges that Royle was so upset by those comments she had to seek mental health treatment and take prescription medication to treat what the suit called, "severe emotional distress." Royle seeks $500,000 in compensatory damages and $300,000 in punitive damages.

March 30, 2011
Pam Coulter Joins CBS
Pam Coulter joins CBS News Radio as a general assignment reporter based in DC. She has worked for all-news WTOP and ABC News. Also, she's an adjunct professor at the University Of Maryland's Philip Merrill College Of Journalism.

March 29, 2011
WTOP Top Radio Biller In USA
DC all-newser WTOP was the highest ad revenue billing radio station in the nation in 2010. Chantilly-based BIA/Kelsey estimates that station billed over $57 million. KIIS, a contemporary hit station in LA, was second with $54 million. No other station billed over $50 million in 2010. What makes WTOP's accomplishment even more amazing is that Washington is the 9th largest radio market in the nation, and the Bonneville station beat stations in much larger markets like NYC, LA, and Chicago. Of the top 10 billing radio stations nationwide, five are AMers, and seven have either a news, talk, or sports format. The audiences attracted by that programming are very attractive to national and local advertisers, and thus, these stations can generate substantial revenues, according to BIA/Kelsey.

March 26, 2011
B104's "Kris Kelly" Dies
Curt Cleland, who went by the name of "Kris Kelly" on Baltimore's old B104, WBSB, for more than a decade, has died of a heart attack. He often did the Saturday night shift on the contemporary hit station. Cleland's career began at Carlisle PA's WHYL while still in high school in the late 1960s, where he did middays as "Curt Allan." In the 1980s, he became an engineer with Carlisle Cable TV. In addition, he was chief engineer at WHYL from 1982 to 1998. He also worked as chief engineer, on-air personality, and voiceover talent at Carlisle's WIOO.

March 26, 2011
Communications Reporter "Tack" Nail Dies
Dawson B. "Tack" Nail, veteran communications reporter and editor for Communications Daily in Washington and a former reporter for Broadcasting And Cable, died Friday from injuries suffered in a fall. He was 82. Nail had been covering the business for Communications Daily since 1964, and for almost a decade before that was a reporter for Broadcasting.

March 24, 2011
Morgan Adsit To 45's Sports Team
Channel 45/WBFF has selected its new weekend sports anchor. It's Morgan Adsit (right), who comes from the Fox TV affiliate in Little Rock. She starts at Baltimore's Fox 45 April 6. Adsit replaces Kristen Berset, who recent left for DC's Channel 9/WUSA.

March 24, 2011
Jen Royle Leaves MASN For 105.7
Orioles reporter Jen Royle is leaving the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network to concentrate on and expand her current work on 105.7 The Fan, WJZ-FM, where she'll continue to report on the Ravens and Orioles, do some fill-in co-hosting work, and be heard on 105.7's new 6 PM Orioles pre-game show, "Baltimore Baseball Tonight," even though the games are now on WBAL-AM, 1090. She will be joined by Bob Haynie, Jim Duquette, and Joe Orsulak. WJZ-FM will also do Orioles post-game shows.

March 23, 2011
Chris Dorobek Leaves WFED
Chris Dorobek is leaving his afternoon hosting duties at Bonneville federal news talker WFED (1500/820 AM). In his Dorobek Insider blog, he says he wants to spend more time with his yet unborn son and is looking for new opportunities.

March 22, 2011
WTOP & WLIF Top February Radio Ratings
Clear Channel places all five of its DC stations in the top 10 - WASH, WIHT, WMZQ, WWDC, and WBIG. The Washington market radio ratings for the month of February, full-week, age 12+: 1) WTOP [1st in all dayparts], 2) WASH [L&L 4th], 3) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 4) WHUR [Harvey 5th, Baisden 4th], 5) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 5th], 6) WMZQ [Boxer 6th], 7) WMMJ [Joyner 7th] and WETA-FM, 9) WWDC [Elliot 8th], 10) WBIG [Griffiths 12th], 11) WPGC [BT 14th], 12) WRQX [Diamond 9th, Carson 8th] and WKYS [Parr 14th], 14) WMAL [MM 11th, Hannity 15th], 15) WIAD, 16) WPRS, 17) WTEM [M&M 14th, Czaban 15th], 18) WLZL [Biagi 20th], 19) WGTS, 20) WJFK [Junks 14th, Arrington 18th], 21) WFLS and WVRX [K&M 24th, Cerphe 21st], 23) WFRE, 24) WAVA-FM, 25) WBJC, 26) WPFW and WQSR and WIYY and WERQ, 30) WGRX and WFMD and WDCN and WBQB, 34) WYCB and WTNT and WINC-FM and WOL and WKDV and WAFY, 40) WSPZ and WRBS-FM and WWEG and WBQH and WGRQ. The Baltimore market radio ratings for the month of February, full-week, age 12+: 1) WLIF, 2) WWIN-FM, 3) WPOC, 4) WERQ, 5) WBAL-AM, 6) WZFT, 7) WWMX, 8) WIYY, 9) WCBM, 10) WYPR, 11) WRBS-FM, 12) WZBA and WQSR, 14) WPGC, 15) WBJC, 16) WJZ-FM, 17) WHUR and WTOP, 19) WKYS and WBIG, 21) WWDC and WRQX, 23) WGTS and WAMU and WIHT, 26) WCAO, 27) WASH, 28) WLZL and WXCY, 30) WTMD and WMAL and WTEM, 33) WEAA, 34) WMMJ and WWIN-AM and WIAD and WFRE and WJZ-AM and WMZQ.

March 21, 2011
WashTimes Relaunches
The Washington Times has relaunched itself after more than a year of turmoil that included top management changes, job cuts and elimination of much of its coverage. The Times was purchased in November by a group of investors operating on behalf of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who founded the newspaper in 1982. The revamped paper restores its sports section, which was eliminated last year, and includes home delivery, which was also cut, for $65 a year. The newsstand price has also been cut, from $1 to 50 cents.

March 21, 2011
Local TV News Vet Patrick Casey Dies
Patrick C. Casey died March 19 in Cincinnati after a 13-month battle with brain cancer. He was 54. Born in Washington DC, he attended Loyola College in Baltimore. Shortly after college, Casey worked for then-Baltimore Mayor William Donald Schaefer, and from there was recruited into TV news by John Butte, then news director of Baltimore's Channel 2/WMAR, who became a mentor and friend to Casey. According to Variety, "that assignment desk job at WMAR inspired a news fanatic. He awoke each morning to news radio, watched multiple TV news programs and read dozens of newspapers and websites." His 30-year TV news career culminated in being executive news director of WKEF and WRGT, a TV duopoly in Dayton, Ohio.

March 21, 2011
David Howard Joins Radio One
Alan Leinwand, director of sales for Lanham-based Radio One, announces that David Howard is new general sales manager for Radio One's DC radio cluster, come April 4. He will oversee all sales for WMMJ – as well as have additional involvement in other aspects of sales operation for the Radio One's other DC stations, including WKYS, WOL, WPRS, and WYCB. He comes from Red Zebra Broadcasting, where he's been general sales manager for sports talker WTEM. Before that, Howard was a sales manager at CBS's WJFK, back when Leinwand worked there. Prior to that, he was national sales manager and general sales manager for Clear Channel's DC radio cluster.

March 16, 2011
Autria Godfrey Joins 7 & 8
Autria Godfrey joins Channel 7/WJLA and Allbritton sister NewsChannel 8 as a reporter. Her career includes gigs at Tribune, Fox News, and CBS Newspath. By the way, she's also the wife of WJLA anchor and politics reporter Scott Thuman, who is seen on 7's "Good Morning Washington." The couple got married in 2008.

March 14, 2011
Matt Jablow Joins 9
Channel 9/WUSA has hired Matt Jablow as a reporter/multi-media journalist. He comes from News 12 Long Island, where he has been an anchor and reporter for the past two years. He spent much of his career in Baltimore, first as a weekend anchor and reporter for Channel 11/WBAL-TV, and then as the public affairs director for the Baltimore City Police Department. He's also worked at KPRC-TV in Houston and at KUSA-TV in Denver.

March 14, 2011
Stevens Leaves Key 103.1, To Be Stay-At-Home Dad
Dan Stevens, a 17-year veteran of Frederick's hot adult contemporary WAFY, Key 103.1, and an Army veteran, is leaving his full-time gig at the Nassau-owned station. He started as a weekend DJ, and has since worked mornings, midsdays, afternoons, evenings, overnights, been a news and traffic anchor, and even an advertising rep. Stevens submitted his resignation after becoming a father for the first time in December. He says he looks forward to being a stay-at-home dad and watch his daughter grow (right). "To spend every day raising your child is an opportunity most folks will never have," Stevens says. "It's taken years of planning, scrimping, saving, and going without many things to make it possible." His last airshift will be Thursday, March 17, from 3 PM to 7 PM. And he doesn't rule out part-time work for WAFY from time-to-time.

March 14, 2011
WILC Now "Romantica"
WILC (900 AM) in Laurel flips to a new Hispanic format today. The ZGS-owned outlet will now be known as "Romantica 900am," with Spanish language adult contemporary music, including today's hits as well as popular music from the 1980s and 1990s. "The station will establish deep ties in the local Hispanic community and will serve as a positive force in building the creative economy of the DC metropolitan area with its programming, community involvement, and local partnerships," according to a station announcement. Says station manager Giovanna Salazar: "We're very proud of Romantica 900am and the important contributions it will make to entertain and inform the local Hispanic community." The morning show will be hosted by Una Buena Manana, with Urriola and Claudia Alfaro. Middays feature "Musica Sobre Mesa" presented by Johana Hernandez. "Sabor y Algo Mas" with Hernandez and Neo Lobo, providing comedic relief, handle afternoon drive. The weekends feature the classic bolero program "Buenas Tardes, Senor Bolero" with Jose Luis Liriano.....

March 10, 2011
Citadel & Cumulus To Merge
Citadel is merging with Cumulus. Locally, Citadel owns news talker WMAL (630 AM), hot adult contemporary WRQX (107.3 FM), and classic rock WVRX (105.9 FM). Citadel owns and operates 225 radio stations in 50 markets and also runs the Citadel Media network. The new combined company would own 572 radio stations in 120 markets.

March 9, 2011
PGC Loses PD Michael Saunders
Michael Saunders (right), on the job barely a year, has resigned his gig as program director for CBS Radio's urban contemporary WPGC, 95.5 FM. The station has been struggling with anemic ratings for the past few years. You'll recall that CBS-DC ousted longtime morning man Donnie Simpson in early 2010, and moved Big Tigger from afternoons to mornings. Still, PGC's morning show gets beat on a regular basis by Russ Parr over on Radio One's rival WKYS, 93.9 FM. CBS just hired Jason Kidd as assistant PD for PGC. He's from CBS's hot adult contemporary WWMX, Mix 106.5, in Baltimore. Will he be elevated to the PD post at PGC? And, if he is promoted, will he make PGC sound more like a contemporary hit outlet to battle Clear Channel's top-rated Hot 99.5, WIHT? A source tells us that PGC plans to place itself "midway" between WKYS and WIHT musically, probably with a rhythmic contemporary format. Saunders heads to a Cox urban adult contemporary station in Orlando.

March 9, 2011
David Broder Dies
David Broder, 81, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post and one of the most respected writers on national politics for four decades, died Wednesday in Arlington of complications from diabetes. According to the Post, Broder was often called the dean of the Washington press corps - a nickname he earned in his late 30s in part for the clarity of his political analysis and the influence he wielded as a perceptive thinker on political trends in his books, articles and television appearances. In 1973, Broder and the Post each won Pulitzers for coverage of the Watergate scandal that led to President Richard Nixon's resignation. Broder's citation was for explaining the importance of the Watergate fallout in a clear but compelling way.

March 9, 2011
NPR Prez Resigns
NPR President/CEO Vivian Schiller (right) resigned on Wednesday morning. This follows yesterday's news that then-NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller (no relation) was videotapped slamming conservatives and questioning whether NPR needs federal funding during a lunch with men posing as members of a Muslim organization (they were working with political activist James O'Keefe on a "sting"). Joyce Slocum, head of NPR's legal affairs, will be interim CEO while a search mounts for Schiller's replacement.

March 6, 2011
5's Gurvir Dhindsa To Atlanta
Gurvir Dhindsa (right), who has anchored the "Fox 5 Morning News" at Channel 5/WTTG since September 2004, is returning to the Atlanta market to host the morning news show at WAGA, another Fox station. Dhindsa anchored for WAGA in the late 1990s before leaving for Channel 9/WUSA in 2000, where she anchored the 6 PM and 11 PM newscasts. She lasted four years before her contract was allowed to expire in July 2004. WTTG quickly scooped her up.

March 6, 2011
WRC Radio Personality Joel Spivak Dies
Joel A. Spivak (right), who once did a talk show on the old WRC radio, 980 AM, died on March 4 at his home in Alexandria. He was 75. According to a paid death notice in the Washington Post, he was "a pioneer in talk radio and television, and a communication leader in the fight against tobacco." A DCRTVer tells us: "Those who recall his show on WRC radio remember him as pithy and erudite, though susceptible to leaf mold. The height of talk radio, contrasted with today's depths." He was also heard on Philadelphia talker WCAU-AM, now WPHT. "On the air Joel often described himself as a curmudgeon, but he was actually very sweet, gentle, and I think shy," says WTOP reporter Neal Augenstein, who was a board operator for Spivak at WRC radio.

March 2, 2011
Grandy Gone From MAL
Morning show host Fred Grandy (right) is no longer employed at WMAL (630 AM). DCRTV has reported that Grandy wanted out of his contract with the Citadel-owned news talker, and that's apparently what he got in a meeting with WMAL Program Director Drew Hayes and Assistant Program Director Bill Hess after his Wednesday show. "There was all kind of yellin' and screamin' comin' from that room," we're told. "It was loud." A statement from the station: "Fred Grandy has informed WMAL of his intention to resign from the station and its morning program, 'The Grandy Group.' Veteran broadcast talent Bryan Nehman will continue to anchor the morning program and in the interim will be joined by several notable guest hosts and regular contributors. The station's morning show will also continue to provide the latest news, traffic and weather reports to its audience. WMAL remains committed to its goal of providing a forum for discussing a broad spectrum of issues while delivering compelling programming including Chris Plante, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin."

March 2, 2011
Voice Of Russia To 1390
Arlington's WZHF (1390 AM) has flipped to the English language Voice Of Russia's programming. The brokered Spanish music and talk has disappeared from the station, which is owned by Multicultural Broadcasting, which is airing VOR programming on some other stations it owns in other markets.

February 28, 2011
JFK To Carry Nats
CBS Radio's WJFK, 106.7 The Fan, will be the flagship radio station of the Washington Nationals. Some games will air on 106.7's CBS sister station, talker WHFS, 1580 AM, which has a weak night signal. Longtime Nationals radio broadcast team Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler will join WJFK for game broadcasts, and will contribute to the year-and-a-half-old sports talker's local lineup of shows. Local baseball historian and broadcaster Phil Wood will also contribute to the broadcasts. Fairfax-based WJFK will also broadcast Nationals spring training match-ups as well as regular-season and postseason games. Bonneville federal news talker WFED will be an affiliate of the Nationals and carry most of the games. WFED, which features two transmitters in Maryland - 1500 AM and 820 AM - and poor night coverage into Northern Virginia, had been the team's flagship.

February 25, 2011
WGMS Veteran Bob Davis Dies
Bob Davis (right), a former stage actor who became one of the leading voices of WGMS, where he added show tunes and interviews with theater personalities to the classical radio station's repertoire, died of heart ailments February 23 at his home in Chevy Chase. He was 90. His death was confirmed by Henry Schalizki, a real estate agent he married in Washington in June on their 62nd anniversary as a couple. According to the Washington Post, they wed weeks after same-sex marriage became legal in the nation's capital. With a resonant voice and warmly earnest delivery, Mr. Davis was an on-air presence at WGMS for more than 50 years until the station went defunct in 2007. In his early career, Mr. Davis worked at Channel 11/WBAL and at WOL radio.

February 23, 2011
Big Cuts At TBD
Two weeks after Allbritton Communications' Channel 7/WJLA assumed operations for its startup TBD.com local news website, the company is eliminating the majority of TBD.com's jobs, according to an employee with knowledge of the cuts. The Washington Business Journal reports that all but a handful of the two dozen or so current positions will be eliminated within the next four to six weeks, with TBD.com employees eligible to apply for eight available jobs, said the employee who asked not to be identified. Management had scheduled an 11 AM Wednesday meeting to announce the changes. Editor Erik Wemple, who left City Paper last year to lead TBD's editorial efforts, declined to comment. WJLA station manager Bill Lord could not immediately be reached for comment, the WBJ reports. Lord said February 9 that the decision to bring TBD.com under control of the TV station would give WJLA back a branded presence on the internet. Jim Brady, the former head of washingtonpost.com who was tapped to develop TBD, abruptly left his position as general manager in November. When TBD.com was launched last fall, it replaced the former TV-centric WJLA.com website. The Washington Post reports that TBD will lose about a third of its 36 staff positions. Some TBD employees will be reassigned to work on WJLA.com. The Washington City Paper reports that Wemple will stay on, while TBD will re-focus on local arts and entertainment news.

February 22, 2011
WTOP & WLIF Top Local Radio Heaps
The January monthly radio ratings are out. DC, full-week, age 12+: 1) WTOP [1st in all dayparts], 2) WASH [L&L 3rd], 3) WIHT [Kane 4th], 4) WAMU, 5) WETA-FM, 6) WMMJ [Joyner 5th], 7) WMZQ, 8) WHUR [Harvey 7th, Baisden 6th], 9) WWDC [Elliot 9th] and WPGC [BT 18th], 11) WKYS [Parr 15th] and WRQX [Diamond 8th, Carson 17th], 13) WMAL [GG 10th, Rush 4th, Hannity 16th] and WIAD, 15) WPRS, 16) WBIG, 17) WTEM [M&M 17th, Korny 11th, Czaban 10th], 18) WLZL [Biagi 16th], 19) WJFK [Junks 11th, Wise 18th, Arrington 18th], 20) WGTS, 21) WVRX [K&M 22nd, Cerphe 21st], 22) WFLS, 23) WAVA-FM, 24) WPFW and WFRE, 26) WIYY and WBJC and WERQ and WBQB and WDCN, 31) WKDV and WINC-FM and WGRX and WQSR. Baltimore, same demo: 1) WLIF, 2) WWIN-FM, 3) WPOC, 4) WBAL-AM, 5) WERQ, 6) WIYY and WWMX, 8) WZFT, 9) WQSR, 10) WRBS-FM and WCBM, 12) WYPR, 13) WJZ-FM, 14) WZBA, 15) WBJC and WPGC, 17) WHUR, 18) WTOP, 19) WKYS, 20) WCAO and WWDC and WAMU, 23) WBIG and WRQX and WIHT, 26) WGTS and WLZL, 28) WTMD, 29) WASH, 30) WMAL and WTEM and WXCY.

February 22, 2011
Jerry Hoyt To Program 1580
Jerry Hoyt, who has been programming the alternative rock on CBS Radio's HFS HD2 channel via WIAD 94.7 FM, which is also available at whfs.com, will also be assuming program director duties at CBS sister, talker WHFS-AM, 1580, dubbed "The Big Talker." Last week, DCRTV told you that Greg Edger had exited his programming post at 1580, which carries Dennis Miller, Lou Dobbs, and Doug Stephan.

February 20, 2011
CSPAN Veteran Mike Michaelson Dies
Mike Michaelson, who had a long career with the US House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery before he became executive vice president of CSPAN, the cable television channel that broadcasts the proceedings of Congress, died January 23 at his home in Arlington County. He was 86 and had dementia. Mr. Michaelson joined the Radio-TV Gallery - the office that acts as a liaison between congressional offices and the broadcast media - in 1951. Michaelson rose to become superintendent of the Radio-TV Gallery in 1974. He held that position until 1981, when he left to join CSPAN, then a new channel run by Brian Lamb. He played a key role in establishing CSPAN as a fixture in Washington. His long experience with broadcasting from the Capitol gave "our little start-up network an instant boost of credibility," Lamb said in a statement. Michaelson remained with CSPAN until retiring in the mid-1990s.

February 17, 2011
Bill Monroe Dies
Bill Monroe, who served as the chief of NBC's Washington bureau and hosted "Meet The Press" from 1975 to 1984, died on February 17 at a Potomac MD nursing home. He was 90.

February 17, 2011
"Awake, Alive And Jewish" Ends Radio Run
Longtime DC area radio program "Awake, Alive And Jewish" went off the air earlier this month after 31 years of broadcasting, and Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, regional director for the Chabad Centers of Maryland, who co-hosted the show with Gary Siegel, blamed changing times. "The world has changed, the media have changed," he tells Washington Jewish Week. "Radio used to be a prime medium for getting the news, but has been declining for the last 10 or 15 years." People now primarily depend on the internet for information, he says. The rabbi lives in Baltimore, but works out of Potomac, and wanted to record the show on Sunday from his home, according to producer and former co-host Michael Hoffman. The program last aired on brokered ethnic WUST (1120 AM), which had aired "AAJ" since May, when it moved from WMET (1160 AM), which was purchased by a Catholic religious group. Ratings were not a factor, according to Hoffman, as the organizers of the show, which featured music, interviews, educational features, and banter, purchased radio time and found sponsors to cover the cost.

February 14, 2011
Roby Chavez Leaving 5
News reporter Roby Chavez (right) is leaving Channel 5/WTTG. He announced his resignation in a message to his colleagues: "It simply has come time for me to move on and seek new adventures. It was not an easy decision, but it is necessary." Chavez has been with DC's Fox 5 for almost 10 years. One of the few openly gay personalities in the DC TV market, Chavez and his partner got married in August. Before joining WTTG in 2002, Chavez reported and anchored in New Orleans, Dallas, New York City, and Atlanta. He has also worked as an anchor at CNN Headline News. Chavez's last day at Fox 5 will be February 24.

February 10, 2011
WKYS's "Ill Will" Dies
WKYS (93.9 FM) personality William Walker, affectionately known as "Ill Will," has died after a brief illness. From kysdc.com: "All of us here will miss his energy and 'can-do' spirit, We know everyone will keep him and his entire family in their thoughts and prayers."

February 9, 2011
Allbritton To Reorg TBD, 7 To Get Site Back
Allbritton Communications will reorganize its fledgling local news site, TBD.com, by naming WJLA station manager Bill Lord as head of the operation, and restoring the NewsChannel 8 name to the cable TV channel it rebranded as TBD-TV last summer, the Washington Post reports. The reorganization represents a retrenchment, and in some ways, a retreat from the original vision of TBD, which has been closely watched as an experiment in local news coverage online. TBD was envisioned a new multimedia brand, incorporating traditional broadcast TV, cable TV, and the web. Instead, the reorganization disclosed to staff members today will restore the old identities to Allbritton's various media properties. TBD.com will remain, but Allbritton-owned Channel 7/WJLA will get its own website once more. The changes come three months after Jim Brady, who oversaw the creation of TBD, left saying he had differences with top managers.

February 8, 2011
Arthur Arundel Dies
Arthur "Nick" Arundel died on February 8 at age 83 of pulmonary failure at his home in The Plains VA. The Northern Virginia media maverick launched one of the nation's first all-news radio formats on Arlington's WAVA in the late 1960s. He also once owned a batch of Northern Virginia newspapers, including the Loudoun Times-Mirror. At its height, his ArCom firm owned 17 newspapers throughout DC's western suburbs. Arundel sold his firm to the Washington Post Company in 2009.

February 8, 2011
Orioles Hop Over To WBAL
Since the end of last season, DCRTV has been running rumblings that the Orioles weren't happy with their flagship of CBS's WJZ-FM, 105.7 The Fan, and might be going back to Hearst's WBAL-AM, 1090. Well, it has happened. The Baltimore baseball team will be hopping to WBAL after four years on WJZ-FM. WBAL has been the Orioles flagship for 19 years, until the team moved to 105.7 in 2007. "We're thrilled to have the Orioles on 1090 AM, where they belong," says WBAL radio's Vice President/General Manager Ed Kiernan. "This is the extension of a terrific tradition. For 41 of their 57 seasons, WBAL radio has been the flagship for the Orioles. With our 50,000-watt signal, we can blanket the east coast with our broadcasts." Under the terms of the agreement, WBAL radio will broadcast 10 spring training games and all 162 regular season games. WBAL radio will launch a new Orioles "On Deck" show, hosted by Brett Hollander, prior to the games. Hollander will also broadcast his nightly sports program live from Florida for two weeks, in each of the three seasons covered by the new contract. In addition, during the off-season, WBAL radio will broadcast a weekly "Hot Stove" program.

February 4, 2011
7 Receptionist Frances Cole Dies
Frances Cole, 89, a receptionist at Channel 7/ WJLA for more than 60 years, including its days as WMAL-TV, died Thursday. She recently retired, and was said to have gone "decades" without missing a day of work.

February 3, 2011
Former 4 Anchor Bob McBride Dies
DCRTV hears that former Channel 4/WRC news anchor Bob McBride (right) has passed away. He co-anchored the 6 PM and 11 PM newscasts with Jim Vance (left) from 1982 to 1986. After DC, he moved to WKYC-TV in Cleveland, where he anchored with Doreen Gentzler for a couple of years. He also spent time in Detroit, as general manager of WJBK-TV. In the late 1940s, while working for DC's Channel 9, then WOIC, McBride was the host of one of the earliest television home-repair shows. During his career, he also worked for WPIK radio in Alexandria. McBride died February 1 at a nursing facility in Alexandria, after suffering a stroke at his Bethesda home. He was 83.

February 3, 2011
Snyder Sues City Paper For $2M
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has filed a law suit against the weekly Washington City Paper and its parent company, Atalaya Capital Management, in New York state court, seeking $2 million in general damages plus unspecified punitive damages and court costs. Snyder alleges in the suit that City Paper libeled and defamed him in a series of articles dating to 2009. City Paper, whose articles about Snyder included an unflattering November 19 cover story, released a letter from Snyder's attorneys to Atalaya that suggested the company would be in for an expensive fight if it didn't accede to Snyder's objections, which included the removal of the cover article's author, Dave McKenna. Snyder also owns ESPN 980, WTEM radio.

February 1, 2011
1250 Relay For 730 WTNT
Vienna-based Metro Radio is now simulcasting the righty talk format of Alexandria's WTNT (730 AM) on Warrenton's WKDL (1250 AM), which covers "Front Royal and beyond," according to a company source. Last year, Redskins owner Dan Snyder's Red Zebra sold 730, which had been Spanish sports WXTR, to Metro, which then took the WTNT calls and talk format from Snyder's 570 AM, which became sports talker WSPZ. WTNT, "The Truth," currently airs "America's Morning News," Laura Ingraham, Jerry Doyle, and Michael Savage.

January 31, 2011
Lisa Baden Leaves WTOP
Today's the last day you'll hear Metro Traffic reporters, including local highway divas Lisa Baden (right) and Julie Wright, on Bonneville (soon to be Hubbard) all-newser WTOP. Tomorrow, the station officially debuts its new in-house traffic department. WTOP afternoon traffic reporter Bob Marbourg is a station employee, and does not work for Metro, so he'll be staying on WTOP. As DCRTV has already tipped you, the new WTOP traffic team includes Jack Taylor, Reada Kessler, Chris Roth, and Bob Immler. Part-timers include Mike Burke, Randi Martin, Mary dePompa, Amy Freedman, James Hoeflinger, Sara Holcomb, and Graham Whaples. Most of them worked for WTOP Traffic And Transit Director Jim Battagliese either at XM Satellite Radio or Shadow Traffic. Metro Traffic reporters will be still be heard on other DC area radio stations, with Baden continuing her work with Channel 7/WJLA and Wright with Channel 5/WTTG. Wright posted via Facebook: "Thank you to Jim Farley and the management WTOP for the opportunity to be a part of your news team... I have worked with some of the best in the business and am fortunate to call you my friends. As shop steward for Metro I would like to say thank you for thinking of all of us who have provided traffic duties for your station with the delicious breakfast you provided for us this morning."

January 28, 2011
Berset From 45 To 9
Kristen Berset, who handles weekend sports reports for Baltimore's Channel 45/WBFF, is jumping to DC's Channel 9/WUSA come February. The former Miss Florida has been with WBFF since January 2009.

January 28, 2011
George Dail Dies
The Baltimore Sun is reporting the death of longtime Baltimore radio and TV personality George Dail, a talk show host on WCBM radio and a regular panelist on Channel 13/WJZ's "Square Off" hosted by Richard Sher in the 1980s and 1990s. According to Sher, "Lots of what George said on the program was considered outrageous. Today, it would seem mild in comparison."

January 25, 2011
XMAS Tunes Boost WASH & WLIF
Christmas tunes boosted adult contemporary WASH to the top spot for the monthly "Holiday" ratings period, the four-week imaginary month that ratings firm Arbitron sandwiches in between December and January. The full-week, age 12+ numbers for the DC market: 1) WASH [L&L 2nd], 2) WTOP [1st in AM drive, 2nd in PM drive], 3) WIHT [Kane 5th], 4) WETA-FM, 5) WHUR [Harvey 6th, Baisden 4th] and WMMJ [Joyner 4th], 7) WAMU, 8) WKYS [Parr 9th], 9) WPGC [BT 17th], 10) WLZL [Biagi 12th], 11) WMZQ and WWDC [Elliot 10th], 13) WIAD and WTEM [M&M 13th, Korny 12th, Czaban 10th] and WMAL [GG 9th, Rush 4th, Hannity 17th] and WPRS, 17) WRQX [Diamond 9th], 18) WGTS, 19) WBIG, 20) WJFK [Junks 13th, Wise 20th, Arrington 19th], 21) WVRX [K&M 21st], 22) WFRE, 23) WAVA-FM, 24) WPFW and WBQB, 26) WDCN and WFLS and WERQ and WIYY, 30) WBJC, 31) WBQH and WINC-FM and WGRX and WQSR, 35) WKIK and WTNT and WFMD and WFED and WGRQ and WRBS-FM and WAFY and WLIF and WOL and WWEG and WJYJ and WSPZ. Huge "double digit" 14.3 rating for the Christmas tunes on CBS's adult contemporary WLIF for the four-week "Holiday" radio ratings period. The Baltimore market numbers, full-week, age 12+: 1) WLIF, 2) WWIN-FM, 3) WPOC, 4) WERQ, 5) WBAL-AM, 6) WIYY, 7) WWMX, 8) WZFT, 9) WQSR and WJZ-FM and WRBS-FM, 12) WYPR and WZBA, 14) WCBM, 15) WPGC, 16) WKYS, 17) WBJC, 18) WASH, 19) WAMU and WCAO and WHUR, 22) WRQX, 23) WWDC and WIHT and WTOP, 26) WLZL, 27) WTMD and WBIG, 29) WGTS, 30) WRNR-FM and WTEM, 32) WWIN-AM and WEAA and WXCY, 35) WMAL and WJZ-AM and WETA-FM and WMZQ and WIAD.

January 24, 2011
Bobby Poe Dies
Bobby Poe Sr. (right) died on January 22 in Oklahoma. He was 77. Based in Washington DC for years, he held music industry "conventions" at area hotels, including the Tysons Corner Sheraton. He died from a blood clot and had been battling throat cancer for two years. According to All Access, Poe was the publisher of the DC-based Pop Music Survey, which began in 1968 and continued until Poe's retirement in 1996. Says All Access Publisher Joel Denver, who is a DC area radio veteran: "I got into radio in 1968 at WINX in Rockville and Bobby Poe was a local DC icon... The Pop Music Survey Convention was a springboard for many of us."

January 19, 2011
Bonneville Sells WTOP, WFED To Hubbard
Hubbard is buying four Bonneville radio clusters, including Washington, Chicago, St. Louis, and Cincinnati. It will pay $505 million for a total of 17 stations. In Washington, Salt Lake City-based Bonneville owns top-rated all-newser WTOP (103.5, 103.9, and 107.7 FM) and federal news talker WFED (1500 and 820 AM). Technically, that's two radio stations using five area signals. Bonneville CEO Bruce Reese and Executive VP Drew Horowitz will reportedly both join St. Paul-based Hubbard. Bonneville is not leaving the radio business. It's keeping its stations in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, and Salt Lake City. "Bonneville has built all its media properties into profitable, well-managed media outlets in lucrative markets, which has made them attractive to many potential buyers through the years," said Mark Willes, president and CEO of Bonneville parent Deseret Management. "Hubbard Broadcasting is a well-respected business that represents many of the same values Bonneville embraces, which we took into consideration when the company approached us. We felt Hubbard's long term hold strategy was the right fit for these stations." DCRTV hears that there will be no immediate changes to WTOP and WFED's formats, programming, or personnel with the change. Also included in the sale is Bonneville's WBQH (1050 AM), which airs a leased Spanish language format.

January 18, 2011
FCC Approves Comcast-NBC Merger
The Federal Communications Commission has officially approved the merger between Comcast and NBC Universal. Locally, the deal puts Comcast's DC and Baltimore area cable TV systems, plus the Bethesda-based Comcast SportsNet, under the same corporate umbrella as NBC's Channel 4/WRC and the NBC/MSNBC Washington News Bureau.

January 15, 2011
NBC DC Producer Lydia Lively Dies
Longtime NBC Washington and Channel 4/WRC producer Lydia Lively has passed away. Her last position at NBC News was with the weekend "Nightly News" program. Her career included jobs at Channel 13/WJZ, where she worked with Oprah Winfrey in the 1970s. "Lydia was a most unusual and outspoken woman, and I worked with her for several years at the Washington bureau," a colleague tells us.

January 15, 2011
Gospel For WKCW
WKCW (1420 AM) in Warrenton flips from Mexican regional to a Christian gospel, inspirational format. You can listen via the daytimer's 22,000-watt signal or online at 1420wkcw.com. Vienna-based Metro Radio recently sold the station to Fairfax-based Radio Companion.

January 14, 2011
Joerres To Be 11's New GM
Hearst Television picks Dan Joerres, general ad sales manager of WXII-TV, a Hearst NBC affiliate in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro NC market, as president and general manager of Baltimore's NBC affiliate, Channel 11/WBAL. Joerres, 36, succeeds Jordan Wertlieb, who led WBAL-TV since 2005 and has been promoted to executive vice president of Hearst Television based at the company's New York City headquarters.

January 13, 2011
GM Jordan Wertlieb Leaving 11
Jordan Wertlieb (right), president and general manager of Channel 11/WBAL, is leaving the Hearst-owned NBC affiliate in Baltimore to take an executive vice president job with the Hearst TV management team in New York City. Hearst owns 29 TV stations around the country. "I believe this opportunity is a direct result of the fine work that all of you have done these past five-plus years and I am very grateful for your creativity, energy, and most of all, your support," Wertlieb penned in a Thursday memo to his staff. "I cannot overstate how proud I am of the work we do here on TV Hill every day. My successor will be announced very shortly." He added: "This is a very special place and I consider Baltimore my second home. I have lived here for 11 years, longer than any other place in my life, other than New York, where most of my family still resides. My daughter was born here, my children have been raised here, and we have made lifelong friendships - and of course we will always root for the Ravens." Wertlieb became WBAL-TV's GM in 2005, after being general sales manager since 1999.

January 9, 2011
DC Radio Vet Jack Rowzie Dies
DC radio veteran Jack Rowzie (left) died on December 23 in Middleboro, Massachusetts. He was 93 and suffered from congestive heart failure. In the 1940s, Rowzie was a DC police officer who supplemented his income as a part-time disc jockey for DC's WINX radio, where he eventually worked full-time, after leaving the police department. Later, he went to WWDC radio, where he hosted the overnight "Night Beat" show. In 1961, he left to be a DJ at WEEL radio in Fairfax, but soon returned to WWDC, where he later did color commentary for the Washington Senators, until he left the station in 1970. He is said to be one of the first Washington DJs to have played rock-and-roll. Rowzie later did some work for the old Channel 66, when it was WTKK, a Christian television station in Manassas.

January 7, 2011
Kendel Out At BAL Radio
Kendel Ehrlich is gone from Baltimore's WBAL radio. Weekday afternoon host Clarence Mitchell will take the Saturday morning show slot on the news talker, we're told. "Seems they offered her scale and she refused," a source tells DCRTV. Kendel has been doing the weekend show solo since her husband, former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich, left 1090 AM in late summer to mount his unsuccessful bid for a second term. Kendel, who also regularly appeared on a weekly roundtable show Friday afternoons on the station, will no longer be part of that group either, says WBAL radio News Director Mark Miller.

January 1, 2011
New Year Rebranding For WAMU
American University public radio news talker WAMU (88.5 FM) launches "a comprehensive rebranding campaign" with the arrival of 2011. It's built around the new slogan, "The mind is our medium." Elements of the branding initiative include print, online ads, on-air promos, and bus ads throughout the DC area. Listeners will hear the new slogan in two promotional audio spots, in station identification messages at the top of each hour and throughout daily programming on 88.5 and Ocean City's 88.3. "This slogan... says all that we want to signify about WAMU 88.5 - that we embrace discussion, that we value intelligence, that we are a multi-platform content provider - in a way we believe will translate well to air," says WAMU General Manager Caryn Mathes. The logo (right) is "a stylized rendering of the call letters with overlapping shapes in rainbow colors. The bright, contemporary design reflects the station's commitment to diverse programming and civil discussion of wide-ranging ideas," according to a WAMU statement.

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