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January 2012 to December 2012

December 31, 2012
WAVA Vet Jon Anthony Dies
Jon "Rock & Roll" Anthony, 57, died December 31st. He'd been fighting cancer since 2008, we're told. Anthony was heard on now-defunct rocker and contemporary hit outlet WAVA, 105.1 FM, in the 1980s. "Jon and I were competitors in Washington when I was at Q107," says Paul Michaud. "We became friends and teammates when we worked at WZOU, Boston. RIP." More: His real name was Tommy Tuggle and he also worked at Q105 in Tampa.

December 31, 2012
New Post-Bankruptcy Ownership For Sun
The Tribune Company, owner of the Baltimore Sun, announced it is emerging after more than four years of bankruptcy. Tribune said late Sunday the reorganized media company begins Monday with new ownership - the senior creditors - and a new board of directors. "Tribune will emerge from the bankruptcy process as a multimedia company with a great mix of profitable assets, strong brands in major markets and a much-improved capital structure," said Eddy Hartenstein, Tribune's chief executive officer. Senior creditors Oaktree Capital Management, Angelo Gordon, and JPMorgan Chase will control the new company. Tribune, which was founded in 1847, publishes some of the best-known newspapers in the US, including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. More: Look for Tribune's newspaper and TV properties, including the Sun and DC's Channel 50/ WDCW, to be put up for sale in 2013.

December 30, 2012
R. Paul Stueber Dies
Longtime TV news director R. Paul Stueber (right), who had a stint at Baltimore's Channel 2/WMAR in the 1990s, died December 25 at a Salisbury hospital. Stueber, 65, had been most-recently working at Salisbury's Channel 16/WBOC. He inspired staffers as he made the rounds in the newsroom using a walker. Stueber's career spanned more than 40 years at TV stations in Scranton, Cleveland, Miami, and New York City. Several TV reporters and anchors credit Stueber with being their mentor. Including former WMAR anchor Mary Beth Marsden, who says that Stueber brought her to Baltimore after grooming her years earlier as a rookie reporter at WNEP-TV in Scranton. Another young WNEP reporter who Stueber took under his wing was Craig Jahelka, who is currently vice president and general manager of WBOC. Veteran Baltimore weathercaster Tony Pagnotti says: "I've worked for a lot of news directors in my career, but no one was as kind, caring and competent as my friend Paul."

December 27, 2012
WAMU & WLIF Top Ratings For December
The DC market radio ratings for the month of "December," actually late-October to late-November. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WAMU [ME 1st, ATC 3rd], 2) WASH [L&L 3rd], 3) WTOP [AM drive 2nd, PM drive 1st], 4) WIHT [Kane 5th], 5) WHUR [Harvey 4th, Baisden 5th], 6) WMMJ [Joyner 6th], 7) WKYS [Parr 7th], 8) WGTS, 9) WBIG, 10) WMAL [MOTM 9th] and WRQX [Diamond 10th], 12) WPRS and WWDC [Elliot 8th], 14) WPGC [P&F 19th], 15) WIAD [McFly 16th], 16) WMZQ [Boxer 14th], 17) WETA-FM, 18) WLZL [Biagi 21st], 19) WFRE and WTEM [M&M 19th, Czaban 21st], 21) WJFK [Junks 16th, Arrington 19th], 22) WDCN, 23) WBQB, 24) WINC-FM, 25) WQSR, 26) WNEW-FM [AM drive 23rd, PM drive 26th], 27) WERQ, 28) WPFW and WAFY, 30) WIYY and WFLS and WAVA-FM and WOL. The Baltimore radio ratings for the month of "December." Full-day, age 12+: 1) WLIF [G&D 2nd], 2) WWIN-FM [Joyner 3rd] and WERQ [Smiley 4th], 4) WPOC [DeYoung 1st], 5) WWMX [JJ&R 8th], 6) WRBS-FM, 7) WBAL-AM [Nehman 5th], 8) WJZ-FM [N&D 6th], 9) WZFT [Kane 10th], 10) WIYY [M&A 17th], 11) WZBA [Klug 11th] and WQSR, 13) WYPR [ME 9th], 14) WCAO, 15) WCBM [S&F 12th], 16) WHUR, 17) WBJC, 18) WTOP, 19) WWDC, 20) WASH.

December 23, 2012
Pearlstein Ends WaPo Column
Steven Pearlstein signs off of his weekly Washington Post business and economics column in order to devote more time to his fulltime professor gig at George Mason University.

December 22, 2012
NVMS Buys InsideNoVa Website
The InsideNoVa.com website and its Facebook page have been purchased by Northern Virginia Media Services from World Media Enterprises. The ownership change is effective December 31. Earlier this month, NVMS, which publishes the Leesburg Today newspaper, announced it will launch a new weekly newspaper, Prince William Today, with the first edition to print January 10. The announcement followed World Media's decision to close its five-day-a-week Manassas-based News And Messenger newspaper and its InsideNoVa.com website, which serve Prince William County. Kari Pugh has been named editor of Prince William Today and InsideNoVa.com. She was the editor of InsideNoVa.com under World Media until mid-November.

December 20, 2012
Ed Tobias Retires
Ed Tobias (right), a former WTOP news director who has been with Associated Press the past 30 years, is retiring, effective Friday, December 21st. During his three decades with AP, he covered more than 15 space shuttle launches, the 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, and 2000 political conventions and campaigns, and Soviet-American summits in Iceland, Malta, Moscow, Canada and in Washington. He has also run the AP Broadcast News Center's news desk and served as a reporter and news anchor. Before joining AP, Tobias was news director at all-news WTOP and, before that, at adult contemporary WASH, back when it had a full-service news department. He is the recipient of two Ohio State Awards for news documentaries and is a past-president of the Radio Television News Directors' Association.

December 20, 2012
Lamme Replaces Mitchem At CCDC
Clear Channel names Dennis Lamme as market manager for its DC/Baltimore radio cluster, replacing Thea Mitchem who, last week, jumped to Clear Channel's NYC cluster to oversee its music-based radio stations. Lamme comes from Philadelphia, where he's been Clear Channel's radio market manager. Locally, Clear Channel owns DC101, Hot 99.5, WBIG, WMZQ, WASH, WPOC, WCAO, WQSR, and Z104.3.

December 14, 2012
Wise & Johnson Out At JFK
Mike Wise and Chris Johnson are gone from CBS sports talker WJFK, 106.7 The Fan. The Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier show will to be stretched to four hours, we're told, from 10 AM to 2 PM. Wise, a Washington Post sports columnist and reporter, scaled back his work at the station in April, having earlier been partnered with Kushner for the entire midday block. Wise and Johnson were most recently airing in the noon to 2 PM slot.

December 13, 2012
WTNT To Be Laura Ingraham's New Flagship
Now that DC-based conservative talker Laura Ingraham is moving to Norm Pattiz's Courtside national syndication firm, we hear that she'll be doing her new morning show from the Fairfax studios of Metro Radio's news talk WTNT, 730 AM/102.9 FM. "We'll be Laura's flagship station," Metro Radio head Bruce Houston tells us. Ingraham's new radio show will start on January 2 and air from 9 AM to noon. Also, as DCRTV has told you, WTNT will start airing a new show from DC radio veteran Mike O'Meara in evenings, from 7 PM to 9 PM, come January 14th.

December 13, 2012
Big Tigger To Atlanta
Former WPGC morning man Big Tigger (right) heads to Atlanta to do afternoons on CBS-owned urban contemporary WVEE, V103. He replaces Ryan Cameron, who is moving to mornings to replace longtimer Frank Ski. The rumbling is that Ski, who was once heard in the Baltimore-DC area, may start a nationally syndicated show. Big Tigger got the boot from CBS's urban contemporary WPGC a year ago. He's still seen locally via a weekly music and entertainment show on Tribune's Channel 50/WDCW.

December 12, 2012
Joe Allbritton Dies
Joe L. Allbritton (right), the founder of Allbritton Communications, the parent company of Channel 7/WJLA, NewsChannel 8, and Politico, died of heart ailments on December 12, just 17 days shy of his 88th birthday. He is the father of the company's current chairman and chief executive, Robert Allbritton. In 1974, Joe Allbritton purchased the Washington Star along with its television station, WMAL-TV, and smaller stations across the Southeast. In 1978, he sold the newspaper but kept the TV stations, which became the foundation of the Arlington-based media firm that bears his name today. The call letters of WJLA feature his initials.

December 11, 2012
Sun Departures: Linskey To Bloomberg, Sragow To OC Register
Annie Linskey, who is one of two Maryland politics reporters, is leaving the Baltimore Sun mid-month to take a gig with Bloomberg's Boston bureau. She's been at the Sun for nine years. As the City Hall reporter, she covered the corruption trial of Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon. The paper is looking to fill the job to cover the Annapolis session with someone on staff rather than hire. Linskey's departure means the paper has lost six veterans in less than two months. Also, we hear that film critic Michael Sragow, who Sun management put on the copy desk in a budget-cutting move, will be taking his buyout money to the California's Orange County Register.

December 11, 2012
WTEM's Czaban & Pollin Suspended For Comments On Transgendered Athlete
ESPN 980's Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin were suspended for two days, December 11th and 12th, after Cyd Ziegler, a columnist at gay sports website Outsports.com, complained about their on-air remarks regarding Gabrielle Ludwig, a transgender playing basketball on a women's junior college team. The hosts did issue an apology on December 10 for their comments of the week before. The remarks that got Czaban in trouble: "Whatever you've got to do to scratch that inner itch and quell those inner demons, that's fine. But don't go playing sports then. (And don't say) I've got the rights of everyone else." Ziegler argued that the WTEMers should be suspended because "these are disgusting remarks... meant to demean another human being who has broken no laws and no rules." Red Zebra, which owns ESPN 980, WTEM, issued a statement that said: "We strongly believe two of our employees crossed the line when discussing a transsexual person on their program last Thursday. Such intolerance and insensitivity will never be tolerated by this company. Due to the nature of their conversation, the pair have been temporarily removed from ESPN 980's 'Sports Reporters' program."

December 10, 2012
Front Royal Gets Catholic Radioer
There's a new radio station out Front Royal VA way. Christendom College just started WXDM on 90.3 FM with 190-watts. Featuring religious programming from the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network.

December 10, 2012
1300 Drops ESPN Radio
CBS Radio has pulled the plug on its feed of ESPN Radio via Baltimore's 1300, WJZ-AM. The signal is now relaying sister locally-based sports talker WJZ-FM, 105.7 The Fan. CBS is planning to put its new CBS Sports Radio network on 1300 fulltime at the start of 2013.

December 10, 2012
11's Sheldon Dutes To NYC
Reporter Sheldon Dutes leaves Channel 11/WBAL for NYC's WNBC-TV, where he'll also be a reporter.

December 8, 2012
7 Moves Chenevey Away From Morning Anchor Gig
A source tells DCRTV: "Jaws dropped today at WJLA. Hired just nine months ago from Fox 5, all-around good guy Steve Chenevey has been reassigned to reporting duties, effective immediately. Scott Thuman, who has interviewed presidential candidates, will take over anchoring duties on 'Good Morning Washington,' effective Monday. Cynne Simpson and newly-hired weather presenter Jacqui Jeras remain, for now."

December 6, 2012
Jojo No Longer At Mix 106.5
DCRTV hears that Jojo Girard is gone from the "Jojo And Reagan" morning show at CBS's hot adult contemporary WWMX, Mix 106.5, in Baltimore. The station's morning show page at just lists Reagan Warfield. Sources tell us that Jojo has made "cryptic" internet posts about his departure. More: Jojo posted that he "has joined the ranks of the unemployed. At least I'm not alone," on his Facebook page Thursday afternoon. Yet more: A source tells us, "He said on Facebook he was relieved of his duties after the show today. It looks like Reagan Warfield and Maria Dennis are being split up into different time slots." Even more: Jon Boesche to join the morning show.

December 5, 2012
WTOP Takes Madigan Off "Man About Town" Circuit
Bob Madigan (right) is no longer all-newser WTOP's "Man About Town," but he's not too upset about the station putting an end to his long-time events beat. "At first I was crushed," he tells Carol Joynt at washingtonian.com. "It was 13 1/2 years of being my identity. I gave myself the opportunity to mourn the loss, and now I'm moving on." Madigan is moving on but not leaving the FM perch where he's worked for almost two decades. He says he will continue to do "the same kinds of stories," covering events in and around Washington, but with some significant changes in scope. "We're moving away from the big, mega fundraisers, balls and galas, and getting down to more people-oriented stories." Madigan says the decision to eliminate the "Man About Town" franchise was made by WTOP's new program director, Laurie Cantillo, as the station hunts for younger demos.

December 4, 2012
WashTimes Founding Editor Dies
James Whelan, founding editor and publisher of the Washington Times in 1982, died Saturday. He was 79. Whelan was ousted from the paper after two years, noting at the time that it was "a Moonie newspaper."

December 3, 2012
JLA Photog Pete Hakel Retires
Channel 7/WJLA and NewsChannel 8 photographer Pete "Iron Man" Hakel retired Friday afternoon - without letting the Allbritton stations' staff know because: "I'm not one for big parties, so I've decided to sneak away." We're told that he worked at 7 and 8 well beyond 40 years and never took a sick day. "He was very simply the best of the best and a true gentleman to boot. He will be missed by every one of us," a colleague tells us.

December 3, 2012
PFW Loses PD
Some of the new, controversial programming changes at budget-cutting Pacifica's jazz and talk WPFW went into effect today. But one of the staffers tasked with implementing them won't be sticking around much longer. Interim Programming Director Bobby Hill has resigned. The low-rated jazz and talk station has moved most music programming to evening and overnight hours, replacing it with talk programming from NPR and other public radio sources.

December 3, 2012
NVMS To Start PW Newspaper & Site
A new weekly community newspaper and website will launch in Prince William County and Manassas in early 2013. As DCRTV tipped you weeks ago, Northern Virginia Media Services, which has weekly newspapers and websites in neighboring Loudoun, Fairfax, and Arlington counties, will replace the Manassas-based News And Messenger newspaper, which is shutting down at the end of the year. NVMS is still attempting to get control of the News And Messenger's domain name, InsideNoVa.com, we're told. Kari Pugh has been hired as editor of the still-unnamed new publication and website. She was was editor of InsideNoVa.com. Bruce Potter, regional vice president of NVMS, will oversee the start-up. He was publisher of the News And Messenger and InsideNoVa.com from 2007 to 2011. World Media Enterprises announced last month that it is closing the News And Messenger and InsideNoVa.com on December 31.

November 29, 2012
Sinclair Gets 3rd Baltimore TVer
Baltimore-based Sinclair will get to run a third TV station in the Baltimore market. Fox is selling Channel 24/WUTB to Deerfield Media for $2.7 million, while Sinclair will operate the MyNetworkTV outlet through a shared-services agreement. According to broadcastingcable.com, earlier this year Fox and Sinclair worked out a deal as part of affiliation agreements for Sinclair's 19 Fox affiliates across the country in which Sinclair received "an assignable option to purchase at fair value" WUTB. That was designed to preserve Sinclair-owned Channel 45/WBFF as the Baltimore market's Fox affiliate. Sinclair also operates Channel 54/WNUV, a CW affiliate, which is owned by Cunningham Broadcasting. While Fox is selling Baltimore's WUTB, it will continue to own its DC market duopoly of Fox outlet Channel 5/WTTG and MyNetworkTV outlet Channel 20/WDCA.

November 29, 2012
WMAL To Air Savage
Cumulus news talker WMAL, 630 AM/105.9 FM, is picking up Michael Savage for the 9 PM to 11 PM slot, which has been occupied by John Batchelor. Starting December 3rd. Batchelor moves to the 11 PM to 1 AM slot. Cumulus recently became Savage's syndicator after his long-running dispute with TRN. Savage will also air in the same slot on Cumulus's NYC news talker, WABC-AM. Savage used to air in the DC market on Metro Radio talker WTNT, 730 AM/102.9 FM.

November 28, 2012
WAMU & WWIN Top Radio Heaps For November
The DC market radio ratings for the month of November. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WAMU [ME 1st, ATC 3rd], 2) WTOP [AM drive 2nd, PM drive 1st], 3) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 4) WHUR [Harvey 4th, Baisden 4th], 5) WASH [L&L 6th], 6) WMMJ [Joyner 5th], 7) WMAL [MOTM 7th] and WKYS [Parr 9th], 9) WWDC [Elliot 8th], 10) WGTS, 11) WPGC [P&F 13th], 12) WBIG, 13) WPRS and WIAD [McFly 16th], 15) WRQX [Diamond 11th], 16) WMZQ [Boxer 13th], 17) WETA-FM, 18) WTEM [M&M 20th], 19) WFRE and WLZL [Biagi 20th], 21) WJFK [Junks 16th, Arrington 17th], 22) WDCN, 23) WBQB, 24) WINC-FM, 25) WQSR and WNEW-FM [AM drive 24th, PM drive 27th], 27) WAFY, 28) WERQ and WPFW and WFLS, 31) WIYY and WBQH and WOL and WJYJ, 35) WWEG and WAVA-FM and WSPZ. Magic 95.9, WWIN-FM, tops the Baltimore radio ratings for the month of November. Full-day, age 12+: 1) WWIN-FM [Joyner 2nd], 2) WPOC [DeYoung 1st], 3) WERQ [Smiley 4th], 4) WBAL-AM [Durian 3rd], 5) WLIF [G&D 6th], 6) WWMX [JJ&R 10th], 7) WRBS-FM, 8) WJZ-FM [N&D 5th], 9) WCBM [S&F 9th] and WYPR [ME 8th], 11) WZFT [Kane 13th], 12) WIYY [M&A 15th], 13) WCAO, 14) WZBA [Klug 13th] and WQSR, 16) WTOP, 17) WBJC, 18) WHUR, 19) WWDC, 20) WKYS, 21) WPGC, 22) WBIG and WMZQ, 24) WASH, 25) WRQX and WAMU and WMAL.

November 28, 2012
4 More To Take Sun Buyout
Four veteran reporters have taken the latest Baltimore Sun buyout, we're told. Three of them will leave Friday. Including local news reporter Mary Gail Hare, after 24 years at the paper. Also, business reporter Gus Sentementes. Plus, Michael Sragow, the former film critic who previously wrote for Rolling Stone, the New Yorker and the Atlantic, but was transferred to the Sun copy desk in a cost-saving move. Leaving in mid-December is Sandra McKee, award-winning sports writer. With the departure earlier this month of assistant business editor Hope Keller to the University Of Baltimore School Of Law, that makes five newsroom veterans to leave the Sun in less than two months, our source tells us.

November 28, 2012
Kenny King To 94.7 Fresh FM
DCRTV hears that Kenny King (right), who got the boot as operations manager from Cumulus's hot adult contemporary WRQX, Mix 107.3, back in July, is headed to CBS Radio to join the ad sales team of hot adult contemporary 94.7 Fresh FM, WIAD. He starts December 3. King had been in the OM position for 107.3 and sister 105.9 since December 2007 and been program director before that. During his 15 years with Cumulus, and its corporate predecessors Citadel and ABC, he oversaw Smooth Jazz 105.9, WJZW, its change to to "True Oldies" in early 2008, and its flip to classic rock as WVRX.

November 28, 2012
Jason Pugh To 4
Jason Pugh (right) joins NBC-owned Channel 4/WRC as a sports reporter. He comes from West Palm Beach FL, where he was a sports anchor and features reporter at WPTV-TV/WFLX-TV. Pugh replaces Hakem Dermish, who left WRC for ESPN last spring.

November 27, 2012
WASH Great Bill Dalton Dies
Washington area radio pioneer and entrepreneur Bill Dalton died November 26 in Naples FL. He was 80. In 1968, the former Rockville resident helped popularize FM radio in the DC market when he became general manager of Metromedia's full-service adult contemporary WASH, 97.1 FM, following his gig as an advertising sales executive at the company's like-formatted sister, WIP-AM in Philadelphia. When WTOP went all-news in 1969, Dalton hired DC radio veteran Eddie Gallaher to host mornings. WASH subsequently won local, national, and international recognition for its news and programming, including Billboard's "Station Of The Year." During Dalton's tenure, the station's staff featured Candy Crowley, Katie Couric, John Holliman, Jerry Cesak, Bob Schmidt, Joe Connolly, and Jim Simpson. In 1981, Dalton and his wife, Susan, bought LaPlata MD's WXTR, 104.1 FM, and established a long-running oldies format.

November 20, 2012
Micklos Replaces Dolge As ND At WNEW
Gregg Micklos has been promoted to the position of news director at CBS Radio's all-news WNEW, 99.1 FM. He had been assistant news director. Micklos joined the station just before its launch last January, coming from Channel 7/WJLA, where he spent more than 15 years as a senior assignment editor. He replaces Michelle Dolge, who, according to a WNEW staff memo, "has decided to take a step back from her fulltime news director position... and will transition into a new parttime role with WNEW over the next couple weeks." We're told that Dolge, who once worked at all-news rival WTOP, plans to spend more time with her family and running a gym business with her husband. Her new role at WNEW will involve consulting work for the station. WNEW is now searching for a new assistant news director.

November 14, 2012
Ivan Carter Leaves Comcast SportsNet
Ivan Carter, the Washington Post sportswriter turned TV host, is leaving Comcast SportsNet, which "has decided to make changes to the on-air team for 'SportsTalk Live,' its daily talk show," according to a statement from the Bethesda-based sports network. "Ivan Carter will no longer appear on the program. His contract is expiring and he is leaving the network. Brian Mitchell will continue to co-host and will be joined by guests until a permanent replacement is named." According to the DC Sports Bog at washingtonpost.com, Carter came to the DC market in 2005, covering local colleges for the Post before moving onto the Wizards beat. He joined CSN as the host of "Washington Post Live" in the spring of 2009. After that show went off the air, Carter and Mitchell became the co-hosts for "SportsTalk Live" last winter.

November 14, 2012
Manassas News & Messenger To Close, 105 To Lose Jobs
Warren Buffet's World Media Enterprises says the 10,000-circulation Manassas News And Messenger will close at the end of the year, putting 105 people out of work. "We didn't see any way to really turn it back into a profitable enterprise, reliably, so what made the most sense was to just cease publication," says World Media Chairman Terry Kroeger. The Prince William County daily, which Buffett acquired earlier this year from Media General, was founded in 1869. The News And Messenger's InsideNOVA.com local news website will also close. "There are a lot of talented and hard-working journalists at the News-Messenger and InsideNOVA and they deserve our respect and thanks. They didn't deserve to be shut down after 143 years of public service," writes Tom Jackman at washingtonpost.com.

November 13, 2012
O'Meara To WTNT Come January
DC radio veteran Mike O'Meara (right) will be starting a 7 PM to 9 PM show come January 14th on Metro Radio talker WTNT, 730 AM/102.9 FM. O'Meara will be joined by his longtime WJFK and, later, mikeomearashow.com podcast crew of Robb Spewak, Buzz Burbank, and Oscar Santana. "The success of their podcast was a significant factor in their return to the airwaves, along with the amazing loyalty of their many listeners," according to a Tuesday press release from O'Meara's camp. "Those listeners have, in equally impressive numbers, demonstrated their loyalty by spending heavily with Mike O'Meara show advertisers." One of the show's advertisers, Oncor Insurance, has agreed to underwrite the broadcast's production costs, and continues to underwrite the show's special projects, including the recent, sold-out live stage show at Circus-Circus in Reno. Metro Radio CEO Dave Houston said, "We are truly excited to acquire such a popular and successful show. We see it as a fresh, new addition to our lineup." O'Meara fills the space formerly occupied by Michael Savage, who stopped airing on WTNT after his TRN syndication deal ended earlier this fall. O'Meara's last DC area radio gig, doing mornings at classic rocker 105.9 The Edge, ended in September 2011, when that station flipped to a simulcast of news talker WMAL.

November 13, 2012
Brauchli To Leave WaPo Exec Ed Gig, To Stay With Company
From the Washington Post: Martin Baron, the editor of the Boston Globe, will become new executive editor of the Washington Post, replacing Marcus Brauchli (right), who is resigning to take a new position within the company. Baron has been editor of the Globe since 2001. He will assume the top editorial position at the newspaper on January 2. Brauchli has been editor of the Post since mid-2008. He joined the newspaper several months after being forced to resign as editor of the Wall Street Journal. Brauchli will step down at the end of the year to become a vice president of the Washington Post Company with responsibility for evaluating "new media opportunities." More: Washington Post Managing Editor Liz Spayd was scheduled to leave by the end of the year, but will stay through January 31 to assist in the transition between editors, so reports Poynter.

November 9, 2012
WTOP's "Call For Action" Team Moving To 9
DCRTV hears from a Channel 9/ WUSA source that the "Call For Action" consumer affairs team, headed by Shirley Rooker (right), is moving from Hubbard's all-news WTOP to the Gannett-owned CBS affiliate by mid-November. Actually, we're told, "CFA" was at 9 back in the WTOP-TV days in the 1970s before moving to WTOP radio. No word if WTOP will assemble a replacement consumer affairs team.

November 8, 2012
Larry O'Connor Named WMAL Morning Co-Host
Cumulus news talker WMAL, 630 AM/105.9 FM, officially names Larry O'Connor (left), editor-in-chief of the Breitbart.tv website, as co-host of its "Mornings On The Mall" show, joining Brian Wilson. O'Connor has been guest-hosting with Wilson the past few days, including on WMAL's Tuesday evening election coverage. He regularly guest-hosted the nationally-syndicated "Dennis Miller Show," as well as programs on WMAL, NYC's WABC-AM and WOR, Philadelphia's WPHT, and Chicago's WLS-AM. "I am thrilled to be joining Brian Wilson, producer Heather Smith, and the entire 'Mornings On The Mall' team that [Program Director] Bill Hess has assembled at the legendary WMAL in Washington DC," says O'Connor. "Starting my day having a conversation with the people of this community and then continuing my vital work as an editor for the Breitbart News Network is truly a dream come true and I can't wait to hit the ground running." O'Connor replaces Bryan Nehman, who left WMAL last month to be morning news anchor at Baltimore news talker WBAL, 1090 AM.

November 8, 2012
Jordan Replaces Redlin At WAMU
DCRTV tipped you in late October. Now, we get the official word from American University public radio news talker WAMU, 88.5 FM, that Jessica Jordan (right) will be the station's new midday host and news anchor. She replaces WAMU veteran Bill Redlin, who retired at the end of August. "Many thousands of our listeners tune in for Diane [Rehm], stay for Kojo [Nnamdi], and listen to the magazine shows through the afternoon," says WAMU Program Director Mark McDonald. "As our midday host, Jessica Jordan will be their friendly guide to everything that's happening and coming up. She has a strong news sense and will deliver all the important news we need to know quickly and accurately." She comes from International TV Services, where she worked as a live radio host and interviewer. Jordon was heard on Radio Russia's English language service, which is carried locally on WZHF, 1390 AM. Previous to that gig, she worked at WAMU from 2010 to 2011. Jordan launched her career in television news in Florida in 2005, and has appeared on the Florida Channel, YouUniversityTV.com, and SNN Local News Six.

November 2, 2012
WaPoCo Earnings Up But Print Continues Slump
The Washington Post Company saw higher earnings in the third quarter of 2012, bolstered by cable system profits, along with political and summer Olympic Game advertising on its local TV stations. But the company's flagship newspaper continued to lose circulation and print ad revenue while revenues and operating income fell at the Kaplan education division. Newspaper and online news revenue slid 4%, while the division reported an operating loss of $21.8 million in the third quarter. Print advertising tumbled 11%, but revenue from online activities was up 13%. Daily print circulation was down 9.2% in the first nine months of the year, with Sundays down 6.5%.

October 30, 2012
WAMU, WIHT, WPOC Top OCT Radio Ratings
The October monthly radio ratings. DC: Full-day, age 6+: 1) WAMU, 2) WIHT, 3) WTOP, 4) WHUR, 5) WASH, 6) WBIG and WMMJ, 8) WPGC, 9) WKYS and WWDC, 11) WMAL, 12) WPRS, 13) WRQX, 14) WMZQ, 15) WGTS, 16) WIAD, 17) WLZL, 18) WJFK and WETA-FM, 20) WTEM, 21) WFRE, 22) WINC-FM, 23) WBQB and WDCN, 25) WNEW-FM. Full-day, age 25-54: 1) WIHT. 2) WHUR, 3) WAMU, 4) WTOP, 5) WASH, 6) WMMJ, 7) WKYS, 8) WBIG and WWDC, 10) WPGC, 11) WRQX, 12) WLZL, 13) WPRS and WIAD, 15) WGTS, 16) WJFK and WMZQ, 18) WMAL, 19) WTEM, 20) WINC-FM, 21) WDCN, 22) WFRE, 23) WETA-FM, 24) WIYY and WERQ, 26) WNEW-FM. Baltimore: Full-day, age 12+: 1) WPOC, 2) WERQ and WWIN-FM, 4) WBAL-AM, 5) WLIF, 6) WWMX, 7) WRBS-FM, 8) WZFT, 9) WJZ-FM and WYPR, 11) WIYY, 12) WCAO, 13) WCBM, 14) WZBA, 15) WQSR, 16) WBJC.

October 27, 2012
Jimmy Alexander Leaves Mix 107.3
Jimmy Alexander, who had been part of the Jack Diamond morning show crew at Mix 107.3, WRQX, for 14 years, heads to Atlanta's like-formatted hot adult contemporary Star 94, WSTR, to be its morning show co-host.

October 22, 2012
Stash Gets Jail For DUI
Stephen Smith (right), who was known as "Stash" on Baltimore's 98 Rock, WIYY, pleaded guilty October 22 to drunk driving charges and was sentenced to six months in the Harford County Detention Center. The judge reduced the original one-year sentence after Smith's lawyer said Smith immediately took part in a 28-day alcohol treatment program and admitted he has a drinking problem. He was also placed on supervised probation and required to abstain from alcohol. Smith, a Bel Air resident, was involved in a three-car crash at Route 24 near the I-95 intersection on July 22 that sent five people to the hospital with minor injuries. As a result of the charges, he was fired from 98 Rock after more than 20 years working in radio. Smith had 32 prior convictions for traffic offenses.

October 20, 2012
Goldrick To Be 4's ND
Mike Goldrick, news director at Cox's WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh, will be the new news director at NBC-owned Channel 4/WRC. He'll be replacing Camille Edwards, who headed to NYC in July to be news director at ABC-owned WABC-TV. Goldrick has also worked at TVers in Rochester NY, Seattle, Charlotte, Tampa, Detroit, and Houston. His career started at WPTV in West Palm Beach FL.

October 19, 2012
Christopher Gaul Dies
Christopher Gaul, 72, a legendary Baltimore reporter, broadcaster and editor, died October 18 after a nearly yearlong battle with cancer. He worked at the Catholic Review, beginning as a writer in 1995 before becoming associate and then managing editor. He had also produced and hosted Catholic News Radio and Catholic Review TV. Gaul retired in 2005, but continued to make freelance contributions to the Catholic Review. During his career, he also worked at the Baltimore Sun, Channel 13/WJZ, and Channel 11/ WBAL.

October 17, 2012
Bernie McCain Dies
DC radio great Bernie McCain, 75, died October 13th of renal failure at Georgetown University Hospital. In his 45 years in the radio business, McCain served as WOL's first program director under Radio One ownership, and hosted a talk show at WOL. McCain had worked in radio for more than 15 years when WOL hired him away from the the old WRC radio in 1981. He quickly became one of the black-oriented station's flagship personalities and a daily presence known to listeners of his call-in show as "Uncle Bernie."

October 14, 2012
Joel Scott Dies
Eastern Shore radio veteran Joel Scott, real name Joel Dolinger, died October 13th at Dorchester General Hospital in Cambridge after battling lung cancer for more than two years. He was 51. "He had an extensive radio career, notably at WQHQ/Salisbury and recently a multiple year stint at MTS Broadcasting in Cambridge as production/imaging director for WCEM/WAAI/WTDK as well as middays on WCEM-FM, 106.3, the Heat," we're told.

October 14, 2012
Joseph Borda Dies
Joseph Borda, 69, who retired in 2009 as a radio producer for the Free Congress Research And Education Foundation, a conservative think tank, died of complications from a stroke September 17 at Frederick Memorial Hospital. He was a press secretary and produced "The Right Hour," a weekly broadcast that was led by conservative strategist Paul Weyrich. Borda also covered local government for the Loudoun Times-Mirror and Clarke Times-Courier newspapers from 2000 to 2003.

October 11, 2012
4 To Open Two Suburban News Bureaus
NBC-owned Channel 4/WRC is opening two small news bureaus to better cover suburban news - in Reston and Landover. Each of the bureaus would be staffed initially with at least a bureau chief and a camera operator and should open by January. Tracee Wilkins will be the bureau chief in Prince George's County out of Landover and Julie Carey will be the bureau chief for Northern Virginia out of Reston.

October 10, 2012
Wayne Brown Dies
Wayne Brown, a former Atlanta and Charlotte radio executive, died in Atlanta over the weekend of liver cancer. He was 55. We're told that Brown, a native Washingtonian, worked in ad sales at WTOP early in his career. "I met him while working for Radio One when he was general manager of their Atlanta cluster. He was truly a great guy and will be missed," a colleague tells us. Most recently, Brown worked as general manager of Atlanta hip-hop outlet Streetz 94.5 FM. His first job in broadcasting came in 1978 as an overnight security guard at NYC's WCBS-AM.

October 2, 2012
WAMU & WERQ Top September Radio Ratings
The Washington radio ratings for the month of "September" (actually mid-August to mid-September), full-day, age 6+: 1) WAMU [ME 1st, ATC 3rd], 2) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 3) WTOP [AM drive 2nd, PM drive 2nd], 4) WHUR [Harvey 4th, Baisden 4th], 5) WBIG, 6) WASH [L&L 6th], 7) WMMJ [Joyner 5th], 8) WKYS [Parr 9th], 9) WPGC [P&F 11th], 10) WWDC [Elliot 8th], 11) WRQX [Diamond 12th], 12) WPRS, 13) WGTS, 14) WMAL [B&B 10th] and WIAD [McFly 18th], 16) WMZQ [Boxer 16th], 17) WLZL [Biagi 19th], 18) WJFK [Junks 17th, Arrington 16th] and WETA-FM, 20) WTEM [M&M 20th, Czaban 19th], 21) WFRE, 22) WBQB, 23) WDCN and WINC-FM, 25) WQSR and WAFY and WERQ, 28) WPFW and WJYJ and WFLS and WBQH and WIYY and WNEW-FM [AM drive 27th, PM drive 27th], 34) WAVA-FM, 35) WTNT and WWEG. Baltimore, age 12+ demo: 1) WERQ [Smiley 5th], 2) WPOC [DeYoung 1st], 3) WWIN-FM [Joyner 2nd], 4) WLIF [G&D 3rd], 5) WWMX [JJ&R 7th], 6) WRBS-FM, 7) WBAL-AM [Durian 4th] and WZFT [Kane 11th], 9) WIYY [M&A 12th], 10) WYPR [ME 9th] and WCBM [S&F 10th], 12) WQSR, 13) WJZ-FM [N&D 8th], 14) WZBA [Klug 16th], 15) WCAO, 16) WTOP, 17) WBJC, 18) WHUR and WWDC, 20) WKYS and WPGC, 22) WMZQ and WASH, 24) WAMU, 25) WRQX and WBIG, 27) WXCY and WLZL and WPRS and WIHT, 31) WNEW-FM and WFRE.

October 1, 2012
7 Photog Joe Rose Dies
Longtime Channel 7/WJLA news photographer Joe Rose died October 1. He was recovering from heart surgery, which appeared at first to have been successful, we're told. Rose was with WJLA for 33 years. "He was a steady player who made many friends during his time here and we will all miss him," a colleague tells us. "He always told his children and extended family he loved being a news photographer because it gave him a front row seat to history."

September 28, 2012
Dave Webb Retires From 7
News photographer Dave Webb retired September 28 from Allbritton's Channel 7/WJLA and NewsChannel 8 after 44 years of shooting television news, 41 of which were in DC. "He will be sorely missed," a colleague tells us.

September 27, 2012
John Chester To Retire From WETA-FM, But Still Do Overnights
John Chester (left) will retire from Classical 90.9 at the end of December. He has hosted his signature afternoon drive show at non-commercial WETA-FM since February 2007, shortly after the station dropped its public radio news and talk format for classical music full-time. He will continue to host the Arlington-based station's overnight shift remotely after he relocates to North Carolina with his wife. Chester came to WETA-FM from now-defunct commercial classical outlet WGMS, where he worked from 1981 to 1993 and from 1996 until that station went off the air in 2007, transferring its music library and many of its on-air personalities to WETA-FM. He worked for Boston's classical WCRB from 1993 to 1996. "I thank WETA for keeping classical music alive in Greater Washington and am grateful to the station's dedicated audience for their ongoing support," Chester says. Adds WETA President Sharon Percy Rockefeller, "John has been a tremendous asset to Classical WETA, a vital presence on our air, a wonderful companion to listeners and a great colleague at the station. A true icon of Washington radio and a leader of his craft, he has created an extraordinary legacy of remarkable broadcasts. We will miss his wisdom and superb baritone on the air each afternoon."

September 25, 2012
CSN's Kelli Johnson To Houston
Kelli Johnson is leaving Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic for CSN's Houston startup, as a main anchor. She'd been covering the Redskins and the Nationals for the Bethesda-based sports network. CSN Houston is a partnership between the Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, and the NBC Sports Group. It launches on October 1. Johnson joined CSN Mid-Atlantic in 2004, where she also covered the Orioles and served as an anchor for its daily news programs.

September 25, 2012
Henry Champ Dies
Henry Champ, 75, a TV journalist who started his career at Canada's CTV network and moved to NBC in 1982, died of complications from lung cancer September 23 at DC's Sibley Memorial Hospital. In the 2000s, he became Washington correspondent for Canadian news network CBC Newsworld. Champ's wife is Washington Post journalist Karen DeYoung.

September 23, 2012
VA Tech Starts Spotsylvania Relay
Virginia Tech's "Radio IQ," which has affiliates in areas from Emory to Lexington to Lynchburg to Charlottesville, is now airing in Spotsylvania at 88.3 FM, as its top-of-hour ID now lists WQIQ. The station broadcasts BBC news overnights and mornings, "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross at noon, and other NPR programming. WQIQ will serve Spotsylvania and Stafford counties, as well as Fredericksburg.

September 21, 2012
Ko Im To 9
Ko Im joins Channel 9/WUSA as a freelance reporter for Friday and Saturday nights. She comes from Channel 16/WBOC in Salisbury. Before that, she worked for NYC's NY1 and Time.com.

September 21, 2012
Schlegal Lands Afternoon Gig At 98 Rock
Baltimore's 98 Rock, WIYY, has quietly moved Justin Schlegal into the afternoon drive slot, replacing Stash, who got pink-slipped after a summer DUI that injured several people.

September 20, 2012
Debra Alfarone Joins 9
Reporter Debra Alfarone leaves Tribune's Channel 11/WPIX in NYC for Gannett's Channel 9/WUSA in DC. She'll be the lead reporter for 9's 11 PM newscast, which is anchored by Anita Brikman and Derek McGinty. Before joining WPIX, Alfarone spent two years at Hartford's NBC-owned station, Channel 30/WVIT, as a reporter. She has also worked at News 12 Connecticut as a reporter and fill-in anchor.

September 19, 2012
4 Hires TOP's Adam Tuss
NBC-owned Channel 4/WRC has hired WTOP reporter Adam Tuss (right). He started out at NYC's WCBS-AM and Wilmington DE's WILM before joining Hubbard's all-newser. Most recently, Tuss has been covering "Sprawl And Crawl" transportation news for WTOP.

September 18, 2012
Segraves Leaves WJLA, Remains At WTOP
WTOP investigative reporter Mark Segraves (right) tells DCRTV that he has "quit" his reporting gig with Channel 7/WJLA. However, he is still employed at WTOP and Channel 50/WDCW. "WJLA posted an incorrect memo announcing I had quit both WJLA and WTOP. My last day at WJLA was Friday," he says. Adds WTOP top programmer and vice president Jim Farley: "He still works here and is welcome to stay as long as he wants. Terrific reporter."

September 13, 2012
WMAL's Nehman To Replace Durian At WBAL
WMAL morning show co-host Bryan Nehman (left) is headed to Baltimore news talker WBAL, 1090 AM, to replace the retiring Dave Durian in mornings. Nehman, who lives in Anne Arundel County, has been at the DC news talker 12 years. Nehman started as a reporter, and moved over to doing news and co-hosting chores for the Fred Grandy and Andy Parks morning show. After they left WMAL, he's been co-hosting with former Fox Newser Brian Wilson. "Bryan is one of the brightest young men that I've met, and he is the guy who's going to lead WBAL into the next 20 years of broadcasting," WBAL radio Program Director Dave Hill tells the Baltimore Sun. Adds Nehman: "Number one, (WBAL is) a great station, and I love the fact that they're local, local, local." He tells the Sun, "It's very hard to find that in radio these days. Almost everywhere you go, it's syndicated in radio... And then, there's the city. I'm a Maryland boy through and through." Nehman is expected to start at WBAL radio in mid-October.

September 11, 2012
CBS To Flip 1580 To Gov't & Biz News
CBS Radio officially announces that it will flip talker WNEW-AM, 1580, to a format focused on the federal government and business news, putting it in direct competition with Hubbard's WFED, Federal News Radio, 1500/820 AM. The new format will feature programming from local sources, like Capitol Hill's The Hill newspaper, plus nationally syndicated sources like Bloomberg Business and the Wall Street Journal. "1580 Gov.Biz Radio" will launch on October 1. The new station will be paired with new CBS all-newser WNEW-FM, 99.1, which was launched in January. WNEW-FM has yet to receive any ratings traction against Hubbard's top-rated all-news WTOP, 103.5/103.9/107.7 FM. The new WNEW-AM's local programming will include "The Daily Briefing" at 7 AM, hosted by Nancy Lyons, who will also host "The Capitol Report" at noon.

September 11, 2012
WTOP Promotes Dave Dildine
All-news WTOP promotes weekend parttime traffic reporter Dave Dildine (right) to a fulltime traffic position, in which he'll also cover weather-related features. Dildine joined WTOP in 2010 with the launch of the station's in-house traffic department. Although he's worked in traffic reporting since 2007, Dildine is a seasoned storm chaser and weather research analyst having worked in Oklahoma and Texas, where he chased tornados for a living.

September 5, 2012
Amber Theoharis To NFL Network
Amber Theoharis is heading to Los Angeles to be seen on the NFL Network, where she will co-host "Total Access" with Scott Hanson. Locally, she's covered the Baltimore Orioles for the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, and done sports reporting and anchoring for Channel 45/WBFF and Channel 4/WRC.

September 5, 2012
Scott Smith To Anchor Sports On 5
Scott Smith (right) is the new sports anchor for Channel 5/WTTG. He comes from KPHO-TV in Phoenix and will replace Dave Feldman on the Fox station's 10 PM and 11 PM newscasts. Feldman left WTTG in May for a gig at Comcast SportsNet's San Francisco operation.

September 5, 2012
WTOP Promotes Dick Uliano
Hubbard all-newser WTOP promotes veteran DC broadcast journalist Dick Uliano (left) to fulltime anchor and reporter. His exerience includes on-scene reporting from the White House, Congress, and Supreme Court. For Associated Press Broadcast and later for CNNRadio, Uliano covered more than 60 space shuttle launches and missions including the Challenger and Columbia disasters. Recently, Uliano has been working parttime as anchor reporter at WTOP. He's also been filling in as a host at SiriusXM's political talk network POTUS and anchoring newscasts parttime at NPR.

September 5, 2012
Battle Of DC All-Newsers: WTOP Crushes WNEW In August Ratings
Still no traction for new CBS all-newser WNEW in the August monthly radio ratings for DC. Hubbard's well-established all-news WTOP continued its winning ways. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WTOP [AM drive 2nd, PM drive 1st], 2) WAMU [ME 1st, ATC 3rd], 3) WIHT [Kane 4th], 4) WHUR [Harvey 3rd, Baisden 4th], 5) WASH [L&L 6th] and WMMJ [Joyner 4th], 7) WPGC [P&F 9th], 8) WKYS [Parr 10th] and WBIG, 10) WMZQ [Boxer 12th] and WRQX [Diamond 11th, Marco 11th], 12) WPRS, 13) WWDC [Elliot 7th], 14) WGTS, 15) WLZL [Biagi 20th], 16) WMAL [B&B 14th], 17) WJFK [Junks 17th, Arrington 12th] and WETA-FM and WIAD [McFly 17th], 20) WDCN and WTEM [M&M 20th, Czaban 20th], 22) WFRE and WBQB, 24) WINC-FM and WJYJ, 26) WERQ, 27) WFLS and WAFY, 29) WNEW-FM [AM drive 30th, PM drive 28th] and WBQH, 31) WAVA-FM and WIYY and WPFW and WPOC and WQSR, 36) WACA and WTNT and WFMD and WWEG. Country WPOC tops the Baltimore radio ratings for the month of August. Full-day, age 12+: 1) WPOC [DeYoung 1st], 2) WWIN-FM [Joyner 2nd], 3) WLIF [G&D 3rd], 4) WERQ [Smiley 5th], 5) WWMX [JJ&R 7th], 6) WZFT [Kane 13th], 7) WBAL-AM [Durian 4th], 8) WYPR [ME 6th], 9) WIYY [M&A 8th], 10) WRBS-FM, 11) WQSR, 12) WCBM [S&F 9th] and WZBA [Klug 15th], 14) WJZ-FM [N&D 9th], 15) WCAO. More: 17) WBJC, 28) WWIN-AM, 30) WXCY, 32) HFS975 and WTMD and WEAA, 35) WJZ-AM, 38) WOLB, 40) WRNR-FM.

September 1, 2012
Bill Redlin Leaves WAMU
Midday news anchor Bill Redlin (right) has left from American University public radio news talker WAMU, 88.5 FM. His last day was August 31st. He was at WAMU more than 25 years, most notably as morning news anchor, before taking over middays in 2008. Redlin was also WAMU's general manager for a short time and was the announcer for WAMU's nationally distributed "Diane Rehm Show." Says WAMU head Caryn Mathes in a staff memo: "For thousands of Washingtonians, Bill Redlin has been the daily reliable source of knowledge, information, entertainment, comfort and joy. He's also been a loyal, collegial, team-playing professional throughout his astonishing tenure... WAMU without Bill is hard to imagine for us. It will be, too, for his thousands of loyal listeners. But he leaves us a legacy of professionalism, reliability, friendship, and above all consistently excellent broadcasting."

August 30, 2012
WNEW's Rehkopf To Pittsburgh
Bill Rehkopf (right) is leaving his gig as morning news anchor at CBS all-newser WNEW, 99.1 FM. He's returning to CBS's Pittsburgh news talker, KDKA-AM, where he worked before coming to WNEW. Rehkopf will serve as the new host of KDKA's afternoon drive newscast, starting September 24th. Rehkopf, a Baltimore radio veteran who was once news director for country WPOC, 93.1 FM, was morning news anchor at CBS news talker KDKA-AM in Pittsburgh before coming to WNEW, when it launched in January. Rehkopf's replacement at WNEW will be Nathan Hager, a reporter and anchor at Hubbard's top-rated all-news WTOP. Hager has worked at WTOP since 2000.

August 29, 2012
Erica Grow Joins 9's Weather Team
Erica Grow (left) joins Gannett's Channel 9/ WUSA to do weekend weather anchoring and weekday weather reporting. She comes from Hartford/New Haven's WTNH-TV, where she was working parttime. Her WUSA gig will be fulltime. Grow joined WTNH in 2011 from Philadelphia's WPVI-TV, where she was weekend meteorologist. She's also worked in Harrisburg PA and Midland TX.

August 27, 2012
Lisa Baden Off JLA
Updated. Several months ago, DCRTV reported a rumbling that longtime morning traffic diva Lisa Baden (right) might be leaving Allbritton's Channel 7/WJLA and its "Good Morning Washington" show. Well, we're being told that she's been missing from DC's ABC affiliate for the second week, even though she's not on vacation and is still being heard on CBS Radio all-newser WNEW, 99.1 FM. Baden works for Total Traffic, which supplies traffic and news reports to area radio and TV stations. More: Bill Lord, WJLA's general manager, tells DCRTV: "Our traffic hit times conflicted with the CBS Radio hit times and Total Traffic has decided to prioritize her appearances on radio."

August 25, 2012
DJ Who Aided DC Sniper's Capture Dies
Dale "The Truckin' Bozo" Sommers, host of an overnight show for truckers from 1984 to 2004 on Cincinnati blowtorch WLW-AM, died August 24th in a Florida hospice. He was 68. In October 2002, a listener from Northern Kentucky assisted in catching the so-called DC area "Beltway sniper" after hearing Sommers give the license plate number on the air. At night, WLW can be heard throughout the entire eastern half of the USA on 700 AM.

August 23, 2012
Janice Brown Dies
Janice Brown, 55, a longtime WPFW volunteer and staff member who was affectionately known as "Uptown Janice Brown," died at Washington Hospital Center on August 20. Over the years, she did traffic reports and news reporting/editing for XM Satellite Radio and Westwood One/Metro Networks, hosted fundraisers for Channel 32/WHUT, was a news reporter and editor for Channel 5/WTTG, and a morning show host for WUST radio.

August 22, 2012
WTNT Says Adios To Former WashTimes Morning Show
Virginia conservative John Fredericks takes the morning slot at Metro Radio talker WTNT, 730 AM/102.9 FM, starting August 27. He replaces TRN's "America's Morning News" show, which is anchored by John McCaslin and Dana Mills. The program has been affiliated with the Washington Times. Fredericks is also heard on radio stations in Richmond and Norfolk. McCaslin tells us that "AMN" no longer has a "news-content relationship" with the Washington Times. And, he says that the morning news and political talk program, which has its studios in Alexandria and 340 affiliates around the country, will be landing a new DC area radio affiliate soon.

August 17, 2012
Dan Daniels Dies
Dan Daniels, a Washington radio and television sportscaster for 22 years, died August 13 at Suburban Hospital. He was 90 and suffered complications from a fall at his home in Bethesda. According to the Washington Post, Daniels came to Washington in 1956 to join Channel 9, then WTOP-TV. From 1961 to 1968, Daniels was the broadcast voice of the Washington Senators. He switched to Channel 4/WRC in 1969, reporting sports on the evening news shows. He remained with WRC through 1979.

August 10, 2012
Jacqui Jeras Joins 7
Jacqui Jeras joins Channel 7/WJLA as its morning and midday meterologist, handling both "Good Morning Washington" and the Allbritton station's noon newscast. She comes from CNN, where she spent 13 years in a variety of weather gigs. CNN pink-slipped her in May. A mid-western native, Jeras starts at WJLA in early September. No word about the status of WJLA's current morning weathercaster, Adam Caskey.

August 7, 2012
WTOP & WWIN Top July Radio Ratings
The July monthly radio ratings for DC, full-day, age 12+: 1) WTOP, 2) WAMU, 3) WHUR, 4) WIHT, 5) WASH, 6) WMMJ, 7) WBIG, 8) WPGC, 9) WKYS, 10) WMZQ, 11) WWDC, 12) WPRS, 13) WRQX, 14) WLZL, 15) WIAD, 16) WMAL, 17) WGTS and WETA-FM, 19) WJFK, 20) WINC-FM, 21) WTEM and WFRE, 23) WDCN and WBQB, 25) WERQ and WAVA-FM, 27) WNEW-FM and WAFY and WFLS, 30) WBQH and WWEG and WQSR and WJYJ and WPFW and WIYY. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WPOC, 3) WLIF, 4) WERQ, 5) WZFT, 6) WIYY and WWMX, 8) WBAL-AM, 9) WYPR, 10) WZBA, 11) WQSR and WRBS-FM, 13) WCBM, 14) WJZ-FM, 15) WCAO, 16) WTOP, 17) WBJC, 18) WWDC and WHUR, 20) WPGC, 21) WKYS, 22) WMZQ and WAMU, 24) WBIG and WIHT, 26) WASH and WPRS and WRQX and WTMD and WFRE and WXCY.

August 6, 2012
Oldies For 1370
Baltimore's WVIE, 1370 AM, drops its syndicated news and talk format with a return to music - 1960s through 1980s pop and rock oldies. We're told that the Mangioni-owned station, co-owned with news talker WCBM, 680 AM, has hired Charm City radio veteran Maynard Edwards as its new program director. Years ago as Legends 1370, WWLG, the station had oldies and nostalgic music formats. More recently, 1370 dabbled in womens talk and sports talk. It flipped to TRN's America's Radio News format last summer.

August 3, 2012
WaPo Sees More Circ & Ad Slumps
The Washington Post was battered by a 15% second quarter drop in print advertising, compared with the year before. The paper's circulation also continued its steep slide, with average daily circulation during the first six months of 2012 down 9.3% from the same period of 2011. Sunday circulation was down 6.1%. Online ad revenues rose 8% at the news division in the second quarter compared with the same period last year, reversing recent declines. But the $2 million increase in online revenues covered only a small part of the $9.9 million decline in print ads. However, the parent Washington Post Company reported a 13.6% increase in second quarter profit, bolstered mainly by the firm's cable and broadcast TV holdings.

July 31, 2012
7 Lensman Mike Forcucci Retires
Photojournalist Mike Forcucci (right) is retiring from Channel 7/WJLA after 31 years. He has traveled all over the world covering the news with longtime WJLA reporter Jim Clarke, and was front and center for the Marion Barry trial, countless hurricanes, and was one of the very first journalists at the Pentagon on 9/11/01. "He could always be counted on for a colorful story - ask him sometime about what happens when you call a Park Police officer a 'Wackenhut' - a great lunch suggestion and plenty of advice," WJLA reporter Kris Van Cleave tells DCRTV. "It's simply not possible for someone to work at WJLA and not have at least one 'FOR-cooch' memory. We are going to miss him, but wish him a happy retirement."

July 30, 2012
4's Camille Edwards To NYC
DCRTV hears that Camille Edwards (right), the vice president of news at NBC-owned Channel 4/WRC, is heading to NYC to be news director at ABC-owned Channel 7/WABC. She replaces Kenny Plotnik, who left WABC-TV in May. Before joining WRC in 2008, Edwards was news director at NBC's WMAQ-TV in Chicago.

July 28, 2012
Pat Goss Says Farewell To JFK
Pat Goss (left) said farewell to his WJFK, 106.7 The Fan listeners on July 28. The longtime, local, and often-cranky car show host has fallen victim to whatever changes that the CBS sports talker has in store for the Saturday 7 AM to 8 AM time slot. Goss once had seven or eight hours of weekend air time back in the pre-sports talk days at WJFK. Goss can still be seen on the TV side, via Maryland Public Television's "Motorweek" show and on his Saturday NewsChannel 8 show.

July 27, 2012
Liddy Says Goodbye To Radio Show
G. Gordon Liddy (left) did his last radio show. The program, which aired in late mornings, is carried locally by WNEW-AM, 1580. DC-based radio talk personality Liddy, 82, announced in early June that he would end his syndicated daily radio show on July 27. Investment advisor and author Peter Schiff takes over Liddy's 10 AM to noon slot at Radio America. The former Watergate co-conspirator started his radio career in 1992, doing middays on then "guy talk" WJFK, 106.7 FM, back when the station featured its "superstation" line-up of Howard Stern in mornings and "Don And Mike" in afternoons. Syndicator Westwood One picked up his show in 1993. After getting bounced from WJFK, Liddy joined Radio America in 2003.

July 26, 2012
98 Rock Fires Stash After DUI Accident
Baltimore's 98 Rock, WIYY has canned afternoon personality Stephen "Stash" Smith (right). He's not been on the air since an automobile accident in Harford County July 22nd that sent five people to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries and resulted in the 48-year-old radio veteran being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, negligent driving, and other traffic offenses. "We have parted ways with Stash," WIYY Program Director Dave Hill told the Baltimore Sun. "Both he and we have agreed. I can't say more than that because it is a personnel matter."

July 23, 2012
Philly's Keith Russell To 4
Keith Russell (right) has been hired by Channel 4/WRC to co-anchor the NBC-owned station's midday newscast with Barbara Harrison and report for WRC's evening newscasts. He'd been a sports anchor at Philadelphia's WPVI-TV since 2005, and an anchor at ESPN for the five years before that. There had been rumblings that Russell might be joining Fox's Channel 5/WTTG to replace lead sports anchor Dave Feldman, who recently resigned after 12 years.

July 21, 2012
WBIG Cuts Tommy Griffiths
Tommy Griffiths, the morning man at Clear Channel's classic rock/hits WBIG, 100.3 FM, has been pink-slipped. He was escorted from the building with his box of stuff after his Friday show. The station has been rising in the DC radio ratings, surging into the "top 10," but not the morning slot. Griffiths remains under contract to Clear Channel into 2013 and won't be heard on any competing local stations during that period.

July 17, 2012
William Raspberry Dies
Former Washington Post columnist William Raspberry died today. He was 76 and had prostate cancer. Raspberry was one of the paper's first black reporters on its metro desk and became a columnist in 1966. He won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1994 and retired from the Post in 2005.

July 15, 2012
Marco To 107.3 Afternoons, Carson To Middays
"The Marco Show" hosted by Marc Oren takes over the the 3 PM to 7 PM slot on Mix 107.3, WRQX. WRQX owner Cumulus recently hired Orem to program the hot adult contemporary station and do an on-air shift. Orem has been doing "The Marco Show" in afternoons for Cumulus's hot AC WRMW in Indianapolis. Rob Carson will be moving from afternoons to the midday slot. And maybe doing more weekend hosting at Cumulus sister news talker WMAL.

July 12, 2012
JR To Mornings On 87.7
JR, the former afternoon personality at CBS's Spanish contemporary El Zol, WLZL (then 99.1 FM, now 107.9 FM), has jumped to rival Spanish language outlet La Nueva, WDCN (87.7 FM), to be program director. Now, we hear that he's also going to be La Nueva's morning show host and producer. JR, who started his radio career in 1993 in the Puerto Rican market, says: "I'm very excited and motivated with this new endeavor in my life. I was so desperate to get back into the DMV and interact again with my listeners. During the show, my listeners will wake up to receive total entertainment and tons of laughs every day."

July 11, 2012
Hot 99.5 & Magic 95.9 Top June Radio Ratings
DC market radio ratings for the month of June, full-day, age 6+: 1) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 2) WAMU [ME 1st, ATC 3rd], 3) WTOP [AM drive 2nd, PM drive 1st], 4) WHUR [Harvey 5th, Baisden 4th], 5) WASH [L&L 7th], 6) WMMJ [Joyner 4th, Monds 9th], 7) WBIG [Griffiths 11th], 8) WMZQ [Boxer 8th] and WPGC [Free 13th], 10) WWDC [Elliot 6th], 11) WKYS [Parr 14th], 12) WPRS and WRQX [Diamond 10th, Carson 10th] and WIAD [McFly 14th], 15) WGTS, 16) WLZL [Biagi 19th], 17) WETA-FM, 18) WMAL [B&B 17th], 19) WJFK [Junks 18th, Arrington 18th], 20) WBQB and WTEM [M&M 20th] and WFRE, 23) WINC-FM, 24) WAFY, 25) WDCN, 26) WFLS and WNEW-FM [AM drive 23rd, PM drive 29th], 28) WPFW and WERQ, 30) WBQH and WAVA-FM. Baltimore market radio ratings for the month of June, full-day, age 12+: 1) WWIN-FM [Joyner 3rd], 2) WPOC [DeYoung 1st], 3) WERQ [Smiley 5th], 4) WLIF [G&D 3rd], 5) WBAL-AM [Durian 2nd], 6) WIYY [M&A 6th], 7) WZFT [Kane 14th], 8) WWMX [JJ&R 10th], 9) WQSR and WZBA [Klug 12th], 11) WCBM [S&F 7th], 12) WYPR [ME 8th], 13) WRBS-FM, 14) WJZ-FM [N&D 9th] and WCAO, 16) WBJC [ME 13th]. More: 29) WXCY, 31) HFS975, 32) WTMD and WEAA and WNEW-FM, 38) WOLB, 44) WRNR-FM, 45) WWIN-AM, 50) WTTR and WNST.

July 11, 2012
Balto Radio Vet Ron Stratton Dies
Ron Stratton, who boosted ratings and transformed the several Baltimore area radio stations he managed, died of complications from a stroke June 29 at Madonna Heritage Assisted Living in Jarrettsville MD. He was 72 and lived in Red Lion PA. Stratton arrived in Baltimore in 1981 to overhaul WITH with a nostalgic music format. "The format he brought in was the music... before rock 'n' roll. He would throw in Barbra Streisand, Herb Alpert and Neil Diamond, too. It was a huge success, even with the little power that station had," said WTTR disc jockey Jack Edwards, who once worked at WITH. Stratton went on to manage two other Baltimore area stations, black and youth-oriented WWIN and WGHT.

July 10, 2012
Albie Out At ZBA, Ondayko To Replace Him
Albie Dee is gone from his afternoon shift at Shamrock classic rocker WZBA, 100.7 The Bay, in Baltimore. Also, we're told that Mike Ondayko will be moved into the slot. The former 98 Rock, WIYY morning man who used to be known as "Mark" has been working as an ad sales rep for WZBA. Albie, who just celebrated his 25th anniversary on the air in the DC-Baltimore area, will continue doing weekend and fill-in work at CBS's urban contemporary WPGC in the DC market.

July 10, 2012
Jeff Boden To Clear Channel
Jeff Boden has joined Clear Channel to be general ad sales manager for adult contemporary WASH, country WMZQ, and classic hits WBIG. He got the boot in April from his gig as president and general manager of Cumulus's hot adult contemporary WRQX and news talk WMAL. Boden had been with Cumulus and its predecessors Citadel and ABC Radio in DC for 19 years.

July 10, 2012
Perkins, Martin Officially Land AM Anchor Gigs At 5
Tony Perkins is now officially the co-anchor for the 7 AM to 10 AM morning news shift on Channel 5/WTTG. He's partnered with Allison Seymour. Perkins replaces Steve Chenevey, who jumped to Channel 7/WJLA's morning and noon newscasts six months ago. Perkins, who has unofficially been filling-in as news anchor since Chenevey said adios, has been Fox 5's morning weatherman since re-joining the station in 2006, after seven years as morning weatherman at ABC's "Good Morning America." Perkins has a long history in the DC media world, dating back to a radio gig with Donnie Simpson at WKYS in the 1980s. Perkins first joined WTTG in 1993. Also, station veteran Wisdom Martin has been named the permanent co-anchor of WTTG's early morning newscast, from 4:35 AM to 7 AM. He'll be hosting with Sarah Simmons, who was promoted to co-anchor in February.

July 10, 2012
Cumulus Says Adios To Kenny King
DCRTV hears that Kenny King (right), operations manager for Cumulus's hot adult contemporary WRQX, Mix 107.3, got pink-slipped today. He'd been in the OM position for 107.3 and sister 105.9 since December 2007 and been program director before that. During his 15 years with Cumulus, and its corporate predecessors Citadel and ABC, he oversaw Smooth Jazz 105.9, WJZW, its change to to "True Oldies" in early 2008. And its flip to classic rock as 105.9 The Edge, WVRX, in summer 2009. That signal became an FM relay for news talk WMAL last September. King's replacement will be Marc Orem, who comes from the company's hot adult contemporary WRWM in Indianapolis, where he's been program director and afternoon on-air talent.

July 6, 2012
FCC Rules Against 7's Owner In Shentel Dispute
The Federal Communications Commission has ruled against Allbritton, owner of Channel 7/WJLA, which filed an emergency petition in January charging Shenandoah County VA cable operator Shentel with "bad faith bargaining" after it dropped WJLA from its 8,200 subscribers on December 31st. Shentel maintained that Allbritton was charging too much for its carriage of DC's ABC affiliate. "We find that Allbritton has failed to meet its burden of proving that Shentel did not negotiate retransmission consent in good faith," the FCC said, according to tvnewscheck.com. "Although Allbritton may regret that it did not accept Shentel's November 10 offer when it was available, that does not mean that Shentel failed to negotiate retransmission consent in good faith."

July 3, 2012
SouthComm Buys DC's City Paper
Washington City Paper has been bought by SouthComm, the nation's second-largest publisher of alternative weeklies. Terms of the deal, including the purchase price, were not disclosed. The freebie weekly was put up for sale in March, along with two others that were part of Creative Loafing, by Atalaya Capital Management, an NYC investment firm that acquired Creative Loafing in 2009. Nashville-based SouthComm is buying DC's City Paper and Creative Loafing Atlanta in the deal announced today. The third paper, the Chicago Reader, was bought in May by the publisher of the Chicago Sun-Times.

July 3, 2012
Veteran WGTS Host Gerry Fuller Dies
Longtime local radio host Dr. Gerry Fuller (right) died July 1 at the age of 83. For 45 years, he was best known for his position at Christian-programmed WGTS, 91.9 FM, as host of the Saturday morning broadcast, "Breakaway." After receiving a dentistry degree from Georgetown University, Fuller worked as a licensed dentist in the DC area and, for many years, served as president of the WGTS board. Fuller retired from WGTS in 2011. Says WGTS General Manager John Konrad: "Gerry has been a constant source of support and inspiration to me since I started working at WGTS in high school. And even then though Gerry has been my boss for years, he's been more like a brother to me."

July 3, 2012
Tom "Cat" Reeder Dies
Local bluegrass and country radio music great Tom "Cat" Reeder (right) died on June 30, Bluegrass Today reports. He was 78. Reeder worked at Wheaton country outlet WDON in the 1950s, and moved on to Warrenton's country WKCW. After other radio gigs in the Mid-Atlantic region, he joined WAMU's Bluegrass Country in 2001 and hosted the "Bluegrass Overnight" program, as well as his own "Tom 'Cat' Reeder Show." His final appearance on WAMU was on June 26. "Tom was known for his love of traditional country music, and actively resisted the encroachment of modern country on his shows," adds Bluegrass Today. At noon Tuesday on Bluegrass Country, and again at 9 PM on WAMU's main signal, the American University station will air "Bye Bye Darling," a tribute to Reeder. That tune was the signature sign-off at the end of his programs during his 50-plus years in broadcasting.

July 2, 2012
7 Drops RTN For Live Well
Channel 7/WJLA has pulled the plug on the Retro TV Network, RTN, from one of its two subchannels to begin carrying the Live Well network, which features health, cooking, and home design programmings. Fans of classic TV shows in the DC area can still see them via Antenna TV on one of Channel 50/WDCW's subchannels.

July 1, 2012
April Watts Back To MMJ
April Watts (right) returns to Radio One's adult urban contemporary WMMJ, Majic 102.3, as a weekend personality. She'll be doing Saturdays from 8 AM to 10 AM, Sundays from 7 AM to 10 AM, plus swing shifts. Watts also does parttime and swing shift work at Radio One's adult urban contemporary WWIN-FM, Magic 95.9, in Baltimore. She left WMMJ several years ago when Olivia Fox was brought over from WKYS to do middays.

June 25, 2012
Gail Pennybacker Retiring From 7
DCRTV hears that longtime Channel 7/WJLA reporter Gail Pennybacker (left) is retiring from DC's ABC affiliate. She joined WJLA in January 1986. And, over the years, she's has covered everything from the 9/11 terror attacks to the Beltway sniper shootings. She reported from the Persian Gulf during the war in Iraq. Along with winning Emmys, and Associated Press awards for her reporting, Pennybacker has also been awarded several prestigious Edward R. Murrow awards.

June 21, 2012
1300, 105.7, 106.7 To Carry New CBS Sports Network
CBS today announced it has created CBS Sports Radio, a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week lineup of national programming from CBS Radio and CBS Sports. Elements of the new network will be heard on CBS's WJFK, 106.7 The Fan, in the DC market and on CBS's WJZ-FM, 105.7 The Fan, in the Baltimore market. And the network will be carried 24/7 via Baltimore's CBS-owned WJZ-AM, which currently carries the ESPN Radio network as ESPN 1300. The new network debuts in January, with sports news updates starting in September.

June 20, 2012
Sato To Host PGC Mornings
Blaine "Pablo" Sato is the new morning show host at CBS Radio's urban contemporary WPGC, 95.5 FM. He comes from urban contemporary XHTZ in Tijuana/San Diego, where he's been doing afternoons. He starts at WPGC on July 5th, and will work with current defacto morning show host Free, plus Guy Lambert and DJ Heat. During his 14-year career, Sato has worked at urban-formatted radio stations in Honolulu, Las Vegas, and Tucson. WPGC has been without a permanently official morning show host since canning Big Tigger on his birthday back in December.

June 17, 2012
Doug Culver 7's New ND
Doug Culver will be the new news director at Allbritton's Channel 7/WJLA. He comes from a like gig at WFTS-TV in Tampa. Before that, he was a news producer at WJLA, assistant news director at Seattle's KIRO-TV, and a news producer for KNBC-TV in Los Angeles. He's said to be a good friend of Bill Lord, the general manager at WJLA. Culver replaces Alex Likowski, who cleaned out his desk at WJLA earlier this month.

June 17, 2012
Tom Shedlick Jumps From Cumulus To CBS
Tom Shedlick is leaving the engineering staff at Cumulus's WMAL and WRQX, and is jumping to CBS Radio to oversee the technical operations at WPGC, WJFK, WIAD, WLZL, and WNEW-FM/AM. Since 2007, he has been the assistant engineering chief and internet technology administrator for Citadel, later Cumulus, in the DC market. Prior to that, he was corporate director for engineering at Red Zebra in DC. Beginning in 1996, Shedlick was director of engineering for Clear Channel's DC radio cluster. And from 1986 to 1996, he was market chief engineer for Viacom in DC. Shedlick starts his new CBS gig on July 9th.

June 13, 2012
Bob Kur Says Adios To WTOP
Bob Kur (left) is leaving all-newser WTOP, where he's been handling weekday evening anchoring and reporting. The NBC News veteran joined WTOP-owned Washington Post Radio in 2006 and moved over to WTOP after the newspaper's radio venture folded two years later. In 2010, Kur scaled back his fulltime radio work to parttime. "Now, as much as we would love for him to stay, he wants to take time to smell the roses," a WTOPer tells DCRTV. "Bob is a veteran, always willing to teach and guide our young staffers. His many contacts at NBC News and beyond have landed us some really good interviews."

June 12, 2012
WAMU & WERQ Top May Ratings
The Washington market radio ratings for the month of May. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WAMU [ME 1st, ATC 2nd], 2) WTOP [AM drive 2nd, PM drive 1st], 3) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 4) WHUR [Harvey 5th, Baisden 4th], 5) WASH [L&L 7th], 6) WMMJ [Joyner 4th, Monds 9th], 7) WGTS and WMZQ [Boxer 8th], 9) WBIG [Griffiths 14th], 10) WKYS [Parr 15th] and WPGC [Free 18th], 12) WWDC [Elliot 6th], 13) WPRS [Yolanda 12th, Jackson 13th] and WRQX [Diamond 10th, Carson 14th] and WIAD [McFly 12th], 16) WETA-FM, 17) WLZL [Biagi 19th], 18) WMAL [B&B 15th, Rush 16th, Hannity 16th], 19) WJFK [Junks 17th, Arrington 18th], 20) WTEM [M&M 20th, Czaban 19th], 21) WFRE, 22) WINC-FM and WBQB, 24) WDCN, 25) WNEW-FM [AM drive 26th, PM drive 30th], 26) WAVA-FM and WBQH and WAFY and WERQ and WFLS, 31) WFED, 32) WQSR and WOL and WGRQ and WPOC and WPFW. Full-day, age 25-54: 1) WIHT, 2) WHUR, 3) WTOP, 4) WAMU, 5) WASH, 6) WMMJ, 7) WGTS, 8) WWDC, 9) WRQX, 10) WMZQ and WBIG, 12) WKYS, 13) WPRS and WIAD, 15) WPGC, 16) WLZL, 17) WJFK, 18) WTEM, 19) WMAL, 20) WDCN and WINC-FM, 22) WFRE, 23) WETA-FM, 24) WBQH, 25) WAFY and WERQ and WFLS, 28) WQSR and WWEG, 30) WNEW-FM an WIYY and WAVA-FM. Baltimore market radio ratings for the month of May. Full-day, age 12+: 1) WERQ, 2) WWIN-FM, 3) WLIF, 4) WPOC, 5) WBAL-AM, 6) WZFT, 7) WWMX, 8) WIYY, 9) WCBM, 10) WQSR, 11) WRBS-FM and WYPR, 13) WZBA, 14) WCAO, 15) WJZ-FM, 16) WBJC and WHUR, 18) WPGC, 19) WWDC, 20) WTOP and WASH.

June 7, 2012
Liddy To End Radio Show
DC-based radio talk personality G. Gordon Liddy (left), 82, will end his syndicated daily radio show. Investment advisor and author Peter Schiff takes over Liddy's 10 AM to noon slot at Radio America. Liddy's final show will be July 27 and he will continue to do commentary and special projects for Radio America. The former Watergate co-conspirator started his radio career in 1992, doing middays on then "guy talk" WJFK, 106.7 FM, back when the station featured its "superstation" line-up of Howard Stern in mornings and "Don And Mike" in afternoons. Syndicator Westwood One picked up his show in 1993. After getting bounced from WJFK, Liddy joined Radio America in 2003.

June 6, 2012
Dave Durian To Retire
WBAL radio morning news anchor Dave Durian (right) will retire this fall. He will continue to do occasional fill-in work for 1090 AM. The former Channel 11/WBAL news anchor's morning radio newscast placed first in the latest batch of Baltimore market radio ratings. Durian, who has been heard on Hearst-owned WBAL radio for 22 years, says he'll be giving up his fulltime gig in September or October. Durian joined WBAL-TV in 1982 as a news anchor, after a gig as co-host of a news magazine show at Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV. He left WBAL-TV in 1986 for a job at Maryland Public Television, joining WBAL radio two years later, with his morning show starting in 1990. Durian's WBAL morning radio talk show was re-formatted three years ago to be more of a news wheel, as "Maryland's Morning News." "Dave is a wonderful, terrific guy, who is solid as a rock on-air, and we are really happy he's accepted the opportunity to remain part of the WBAL family," WBAL-AM General Manager Ed Kiernan tells the Baltimore Sun. Durian, 66, who says he's leaving because he's tired of getting up at 1:30 AM, is the second recent major personality loss for the news talker. Longtime late morning talk host Ron Smith died of pancreatic cancer in December.

June 5, 2012
Ray Houser Dies
Shenandoah Valley radio legend Ray Houser, 84, died on May 31st. He was the longest continuous radio host in Virginia, first hitting the airwaves in 1946 and not signing off until January of last year. He spent time on WTON, WKDW, and WSVA. In a past interview, Houser said his Sunday morning show on Harrisonburg news talker WSVA, 550 AM, began with a quick conversation with the station's general manager who asked if he could sing to fill a 15-minute void in programming.

June 4, 2012
New Morning Team For WGTS
Jerry Woods and Blanca Vega will co-host the morning show at Christian contemporary WGTS, 91.9 FM, starting June 11th. The DC area station's current morning team of Brennan Wimbish and Becky Alignay will move to other dayparts - Wimbish to evenings and Alignay to middays. Vega current does night on WGTS, while Woods is a Chrisian radio veteran who comes from stations in Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Idaho, and Washington state. General Manager John Konrad says that the pairing of Woods and Vega will "round out an all-star staff for WGTS 91.9 and Washington DC listeners. We are excited about the creative spark these two personalities will bring to the station." Woods and Vega will be assisted by morning show producer Spencer White.

June 2, 2012
WETA Launches Brit TV Channel
On June 2, Channel 26/WETA launched "WETA UK," a locally-broadcast subchannel devoted to British television programming, around the clock, seven days a week. The primetime lineup includes comedies at 8 PM, followed by classic and contemporary dramas at 9 PM. Fridays will focus on British comedies, including "Doc Martin" and "Chef." Saturday nights will feature films. Pilot episodes of WETA UK series will air on June 2. Viewers can sample a variety of programs before the regular WETA UK schedule begins at 4 PM on June 3. More at weta.org/tv/uk. It's carried via broadcast channel 26.2 and via Comcast 265, Verizon 474, and Cox 800.

June 1, 2012
Jim Rosenfeld Joins 4
Jim Rosenfield, who has been a reporter and anchor at NYC TVers WNBC and WCBS, is joining NBC-owned Channel 4/WRC as a weekend anchor. Rosenfield spent a decade working as a reporter and anchor in NYC. His last anchor gig was at WCBS. That ended in May 2008. Before NYC, he worked in Houston and Chicago.

May 31, 2012
WaPo's Tarik El-Bashir To CSN
Tarik El-Bashir (right) leaves the Washington Post for Comcast SportsNet, where he'll be its "Redskins Insider." He will provide daily Redskins news, analysis, and features to CSNwashington.com, including its Redskins Talk blog. He will also been seen on the Bethesda-based regional sports network's daily news and entertainment shows and serve as sideline reporter for the network's live coverage of Redskins preseason games. El-Bashir was most recently the Post's beat writer for Georgetown University men's basketball and a contributor to its Washington Capitals coverage. Prior to that, he covered the Capitals from 2005 to 2010 and spent six years as the Post's lead reporter covering high school sports. A Howard University graduate, El-Bashir joined the Post in 1999 from the New York Times, where he covered the New York Islanders for two years.

May 28, 2012
Jane Watrel Leaving 4
Channel 4/WRC reporter Jane Watrel (right) is leaving DC's NBC station for Orlando, Florida's Orange County Sheriff's Office, where she will be public information officer and media specialist. Watrel was seen on Orlando's WFTV-TV from 1991 to 1999, when she joined WRC. She starts her new gig on June 6. "Orlando has always been our adopted home," Watrel says. "My husband and I loved it when we arrived in 1991. The only reason we left is they closed the Navy base." Her husband, Matt Herzberg, is a Navy dentist, and he will retire next year.

May 26, 2012
WRC Wins DC TV News Race
Channel 4/WRC is the undisputed TV news champion in the Washington market, according to the May ratings "sweeps." The NBC station was either in first place or tied for first with all of its daily newscasts. The final numbers. 4:30 AM: 1) WRC 4 and WUSA 9, 3) WTTG 5, 4) WJLA 7. 5 AM: 1) WRC 4, 2) WUSA 9, 3) WTTG 5, 4) WJLA 7. 6 AM: 1) WRC 4, 2) WTTG 5, 3) WUSA 9, 4) WJLA 7. 5 PM: 1) WRC 4, 2) WTTG 5 and WUSA 9 and WJLA 7. 6 PM: 1) WRC 4, 2) WJLA 7 and WUSA 9, 4) WTTG 5. 11 PM: 1) WRC 4 and WJLA 7, 3) WUSA 9, 4) WTTG 5.

May 25, 2012
Hal Jackson Dies
Hal Jackson, a veteran broadcaster who broke down racial barriers, becoming one of the first black disc jockeys to reach a large white audience on New York City radio for more than 50 years, died on Wednesday in Manhattan. He was 96. Jackson, who graduated from DC's Dunbar High School and attended classes at Howard University, got his radio start in Washington in the late 1930s, working at the old WINX. Jackson broadcast Howard University football and Negro league baseball. He also became a sports entrepreneur, assembling an all-black basketball team, the Washington Bears. By the end of the 1940s, Jackson could be heard on four stations in the Washington area, most notably WOOK, where he established his warm, low-key radio persona with the music show "The House That Jack Built," according to the New York Times. He was also heard on WANN in Annapolis and WSID in Baltimore. Jackson moved to NYC in the mid-1950s, where he worked at WABC-AM, WBLS, WWRL, and WLIB.

May 24, 2012
Dave Feldman Leaves 5
Sports anchor Dave Feldman (left) is leaving Channel 5/WTTG after 12 years at the Fox-owned station. He'll be returning to the San Francisco area, where he grew up. No word on a new TV gig. "It's bittersweet because I've been here 12 years, longer than I've ever worked anywhere, and you guys are all my family and I've loved it here at Fox 5," Feldman said, according to myfoxdc.com. He has won four local Emmy Awards during his time at WTTG, including three for "best sportscaster." His last day at DC's Fox 5 will be Wednesday, May 30. WTTG is reportedly conducting an "extensive search" for Feldman's replacement. WTTG sportscasters Lindsay Murphy and Dave Ross will fill in. Feldman is at least the fourth high-profile DC sports anchor to leave the local sports market in the past year. Channel 4/WRC's Lindsay Czarniak went to ESPN, Brett Haber left Channel 9/WUSA and joined the Tennis Channel, and Comcast SportsNet's Russ Thaler went to the NBC Sports Network.

May 20, 2012
William Benedict Dies
William Benedict, 89, a film editor in Washington for NBC's "Today" program from 1961 to 1987, died April 27 at a hospital in Florida. He had pneumonia. So reports the Washington Post.

May 19, 2012
Robach Leaves NBC For ABC
Former Channel 5/WTTG news anchor Amy Robach is leaving NBC's "Weekend Today Show" after nine years at the network and its sister MSNBC. She'll be a correspondent for all of ABC News' broadcasts.

May 17, 2012
Dalglish To Head UMD Journalism School
Lucy Dalglish, the executive director of the Reporters Committee For Freedom Of The Press, has been appointed the next dean of the University Of Maryland's Philip Merrill College Of Journalism. She will succeed Dean Kevin Klose on August 1. Dalglish says she intends to take steps to broaden the education of Merrill College students by creating partnerships with other colleges within the university, while expanding opportunities with other journalism schools and journalists.....

May 15, 2012
WAMU Tops DC Radio Heap For April
American University public radio news talker WAMU tops the DC radio ratings for the month of April. Hubbard's well-established all-newser WTOP places third, still way ahead of CBS's new all-newser WNEW, in 31st. A WTOP source puts it this way: "No storms, no major traffic, no big news. And no real reason to check in with your favortite all-news station as often as usual. Not great for us but it sure was worse for those other guys in Lanham. You know that Hispanic station (WBQH) on the first floor leasing our 1050 signal? They had triple the ratings of WNEW 25-54 and double 6+. And WFED, which pays no attention to ratings, tied them." Full-day, age 6+: 1) WAMU [ME 1st, ATC 1st], 2) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 3) WTOP [AM drive 2nd, PM drive 3rd], 4) WASH [L&L 4th], 5) WHUR [Harvey 6th, Baisden 5th], 6) WMMJ [Joyner 4th, Monds 7th], 7) WBIG [Griffiths 14th], 8) WMZQ [Boxer 8th], 9) WWDC [Elliot 7th] and WGTS, 11) WPRS [Yolanda 15th, Jackson 9th], 12) WIAD [McFly 10th] and WKYS [Parr 16th], 14) WRQX [Diamond 9th, Carson 9th], 15) WPGC [Free 17th], 16) WETA-FM, 17) WMAL [B&B 12th, Rush 14th, Hannity 16th], 18) WLZL [Biagi 19th], 19) WJFK [Junks 17th, Arrington 17th], 20) WTEM [M&M 23rd, Korny 18th, Czaban 18th], 21) WFRE, 22) WDCN and WINC-FM and WAVA-FM, 25) WBQH and WBQB, 27) WAFY, 28) WERQ and WFLS and WPFW, 31) WQSR and WGRQ and WWEG and WFED and WNEW-FM [AM drive 28th, PM drive 30th] and WOL. Magic 95.9, WWIN-FM tops the Baltimore radio ratings for the month of April. Full-day, age 12+: 1) WWIN-FM [Joyner 1st] and WERQ [Smiley 2nd], 3) WLIF [G&D 5th], 4) WPOC [DeYoung 4th], 5) WBAL-AM [Durian 2nd] and WZFT [Kane 15th], 7) WWMX [JJ&R 11th], 8) WCBM [S&F 7th] and WYPR [ME 9th], 10) WRBS-FM [TM&D 10th] and WIYY [M&A 6th], 12) WQSR, 13) WZBA and WCAO, 15) WJZ-FM [N&D 12th], 16) WHUR, 17) WBJC.

May 8, 2012
Investigation Links Former WAGE Personality To Missing Fire Dept Funds
A Loudoun County criminal investigation, still ongoing, has determined that close to $500,000 in funds are missing from the Middleburg Volunteer Fire Department. According to Leesburg Today, the money was allegedly embezzled over the last three years by Paul Draisey (right), the department's treasurer. Draisey, 55, a longtime radio personality at Leesburg's now-defunct news talker WAGE, died of a gunshot wound on April 16. At the time, the Loudoun sheriff's office said it did not suspect "foul play" in the death. Investigators now believe it was a suicide.

May 4, 2012
Slump Continues At WaPo
More bad news for the Washington Post. The locally-based media company continues to struggle, nearly doubling its newspaper division's operating loss with drops in print circulation and advertising - and digital ad sales aren't picking up the slack. The Post reported an an operating loss of $22.6 million for the first quarter of 2012, compared to an operating loss of $12.8 million in the first quarter of 2011. Increased pension costs and nearly $2 million in separation costs for those laid off or bought out in the first quarter contributed to the increased loss. Digital revenue slipped 7% to $24.2 million for Q1, compared with $26.2 million for Q1 last year. Online display ad revenue dropped 11% year over year while online classified ad revenue for washingtonpost.com was down 1%.

May 4, 2012
Nassau's WWEG & WAFY To Manning
Nassau's classic rock WWEG, Eagle 106.9, in Hagerstown, and hot adult contemporary WAFY, Key 103.1, in Frederick, will be transfered to Frederick-based Manning Broadcasting for $6.4 million. Along with Hagerstown news talker WARK, 1490 AM. In 2008, Manning sold WWEG (then WARX) to Princeton NJ-based Nassau for $18 million. Earlier this year, Manning sued Nassau for failure to pay on a $3.5 million promissory note along with the original sale of WWEG. In the suit, Manning claimed that Nassau owed it $1,082,812. The liquidation of Nassau stations across the northeastern USA is currently before a Wilmington DE bankruptcy court. Cumulus and Townsquare have submitted bids for Nassau stations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

May 3, 2012
7 To Drop Retro TV For Live Well
DC's ABC affiliate, Channel 7/WJLA, will be adding the digital subchannel of the health and fitness network Live Well come July 1. And, we get confirmation that it will replace the Retro TV network, which shows vintage TV programs. WJLA will continue carrying its locally-based Weather Now on its other digital subchannel. DC area fans of classic TV will still have Antenna TV, which is carried on one of Channel 50/WDCW's digital subchannels.

April 30, 2012
13's Weijia Jiang To NYC
Weijia Jiang (right) leaves CBS-owned Channel 13/WJZ in Baltimore for CBS's NYC TVer, WCBS-TV. She's been a general assignment reporter at WJZ since 2008, after working at Salisbury's Channel 16/WBOC. Her last day at the station will be May 31. Jiang will be replaced at WJZ in June by Rochelle Ritchie, who comes from WPTV-TV in West Palm Beach FL.

April 30, 2012
Former 2 Exec John Surrick Dies
John Surrick, 84, an assistant news director for Baltimore's Channel 2/WMAR in the 1960s who became a public relations officer to Maryland Governor Spiro Agnew, died April 6 at the Mandrin hospice in Harwood MD. Surrick also worked for Agnew in Washington when he was vice president under Richard Nixon, from 1969 to 1973.

April 23, 2012
Brian Carter Dies
A native of Baltimore, Brian Carter (right), 56, died suddenly April 22nd from an apparent heart attack. His radio career started in the 1980s, when he was a personality on Baltimore's old contemporary hit WBSB, B104, and later on urban contemporary WERQ, 92Q. From 1987 to 1999, he was half of the "Carter And Sandborn" morning show team at urban contemporary WUSL, Power 99, in Philadelphia, and later at cross-town urban adult contemporary WDAS-FM. Most recently, Carter was heard on SirusXM and, for the past six years, did weekends on NYC urban adult contemporary outlet WBLS.

April 19, 2012
WETA To Launch British TV Show Channel
On June 2, Channel 26/WETA will launch WETA UK, a locally-broadcast digital subchannel devoted to presenting British television programming, around the clock, seven days a week. "British programming has long proven popular with our audience on our principal channel WETA TV 26," says Kevin Harris, vice president and television station manager of WETA. "WETA UK will offer television viewers throughout Greater Washington the opportunity to watch even more of the British drama and comedy that they enjoy - and it will be a nice complement to our existing television services: WETA TV 26, WETA Kids and WETA HD." Carried via broadcast channel 26.2 (Comcast 265, Verizon 474, Cox 800), WETA UK will feature drama, action, romance, mystery, and humor shows.

April 18, 2012
50 To Leave WaPo In Latest Buyout
About 50 Washington Post staffers have accepted the latest buyout offer by Monday's deadline, according to the Post Guild's Fredrick Kunkle. "It also appears, as many of you have been hearing, that a high number of the participants are Asian, African-American, or Latino," Kunkle writes. He estimates that more than a dozen of the buyout-accepting Post employees who also belong to the union are minorities, with most of them being black. While Kunkle confirms that 32 union-covered employees are leaving, he says he believes that non-union buyouts put the number leaving at around 50. Post employees who accept the buyout will get 3.25 weeks of pay for each year at the paper, as well as a year of health insurance.

April 18, 2012
WAGE Veteran Paul Draisey Dies
Paul Draisey (right), 55, a longtime radio personality for Leesburg's WAGE, died April 16. According to the Loudoun Times, Draisey died at Fairfax Hospital following a gunshot wound. Draisey made his first WAGE appearance at age 10. A graduate of Loudoun Valley High School and Virginia Commonwealth University, Draisey covered a wide variety of topics ranging from lost and found items to high school sports scores during his long tenure with the station. For many years, he hosted the station's afternoon drive show, "The Drive Home With Paul Draisey." Draisey left WAGE in 2007 as the 1200 AM news and talk station began downsizing before its closure in 2009. Since then, he'd worked in insurance and public relations, and devoted himself to volunteer work, the Loudoun Times adds.

April 17, 2012
WAMU & WWIN Top March Radio Ratings
The monthly March radio ratings for the DC market, full-day, age 12+: 1) WAMU, 2) WTOP, 3) WIHT, 4) WASH, 5) WHUR, 6) WMMJ, 7) WMZQ, 8) WBIG, 9) WWDC, 10) WKYS, 11) WIAD, 12) WPRS, 13) WRQX, 14) WGTS and WPGC, 16) WETA-FM, 17) WMAL, 18) WTEM, 19) WJFK, 20) WLZL, 21) WFRE, 22) WINC-FM and WDCN, 24) WBQH and WAVA-FM and WAFY, 27) WFLS, 28) WBQB and WPFW and WERQ, 31) WQSR and WWEG and WOL and WNEW-FM and WIYY. The monthly March radio ratings for the Baltimore market, full-day, age 12+: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WERQ, 3) WLIF, 4) WPOC, 5) WZFT and WIYY, 7) WBAL-AM, 8) WCBM, 9) WWMX and WRBS-FM, 11) WYPR, 12) WZBA and WQSR, 14) WJZ-FM, 15) WBJC, 16) WCAO, 17) WHUR, 18) WPGC, 19) WAMU and WTOP, 21) WRQX and WWDC, 23) WMZQ and WIHT, 25) WKYS, 26) WBIG, 27) WASH, 28) WTMD and HFS975, 30) WMMJ and WPRS, 32) WXCY and WGTS, 34) WEAA and WJZ-AM, 36) WIAD and WRNR-FM and WOLB, 39) WAVA-FM and WMAL and WNEW-FM and WFRE.

April 12, 2012
WTOP Billed Whopping $64M In 2011
Hubbard all-newser WTOP billed a staggering $64 million in ad revenue last year, a 12% hike from 2010's number of $57.2 million. That makes WTOP the top billing radio station in the USA again in 2011, like it was in 2010. The top billing station in the country's largest radio market, NYC, was CBS all-newser WCBS-AM, with $47.5 million. In LA, the second largest market, Clear Channel contemporary hit outlet KIIS billed a market-leading $57 million. In Chicago, the third largest market, CBS all-newser WBBM reportedly billed a market-topping $48 million. In comparison, Washington is the eighth largest radio market. "The move to FM was a huge advantage for us," Hubbard CEO Bruce Reese tells Inside Radio, pointing to the January 2006 decision to replace 103.5's WGMS classical format. The other fortuitous decision made seven years ago was to begin going after issue advertising that had typically been spent mainly in Capitol Hill newspapers. Those issue ads, combined with more traditional political advertising, now account for more of WTOP's billings than automotive. "General Dynamics isn't advertising on any other radio station in America, but they advertise on WTOP," Reese admits to Inside Radio. More revenue numbers. In second place, like 2010, was CBS's urban contemporary WPGC at a distant $19.1 million, despite its ratings slide in 2011. It was followed by Cumulus/Citadel's hot adult contemporary Mix 107.3, WRQX, at $16.175 million. Howard University's adult urban contemporary WHUR took fourth place at $15.2 million, with Red Zebra sports talker ESPN 980, WTEM, radio home of the Redskins, in fifth place with $14.425 million.

April 9, 2012
Bill Stabler Dies
Washington area radio news veteran Bill Stabler died suddenly on April 7. We're told that he failed to show to read his hourly radio newscast and was found by his fellow workers at his desk. A native of Brookville MD, Stabler worked for many years at WMAL and did the morning news for WBIG.

April 6, 2012
JC Hayward Suffers From Breast Cancer
Channel 9/WUSA news anchor JC Hayward confirms that she's suffering from breast cancer. She just celebrated her 40th aniversary with DC's CBS affiliate. During her announcement on the station's April 6 noon newscast, Hayward says that the cancer has been caught early and that her prognosis looks good. She's having another biopsy test today and will be meeting with her surgeon on Monday. Hayward will be joined in battle by her longtime friend and WUSA news colleague Andrea Roane, who has been the guiding force behind the Gannett station's early detection "Buddy Check 9" campaign for 18 years.

April 5, 2012
John Schriffren To NYC
Former Channel 4/WRC anchor and reporter John Schriffen tells us on Twitter that he's landed a reporting job with NYC's CBS-owned WCBS-TV. Schriffren was last seen on DC's NBC station in late 2011. He went missing after a widely rumored dispute with management.

April 3, 2012
Rogers Replaces Boden At Cumulus DC
Longtime DC radio exec Jeff Boden, president and general manager of Cumulus's Washington cluster, is out. Boden had overseen news talker WMAL and hot adult contemporary WRQX, Mix 107.3, for many years, dating back to when the stations were owned by ABC. Sam Rogers, who used to head CBS's Washington radio cluster, takes his place. Rogers joined Cumulus shortly after leaving CBS last June.

April 2, 2012
Damon Yafee To WNST
Baltimore sports talker WNST, 1570 AM, adds "sports talk lightning rod and football expert" Damon "The Bulldog" Yaffe to its midday schedule. Starting April 9th, Yaffe joins Paul Mittermeier and Greg Marsh in the 10 AM to noon slot. Yaffe used to be heard on CBS sports talker, WJZ-FM, 105.7 The Fan. Thryl Nelson will continue to host a two-hour version of "The Mobtown Sports Beat" from noon until 2 PM on WNST, along with other behind the scenes duties at the Nestor Aparicio-owned station.

March 31, 2012
4's Hakim Dermish To ESPN
NBC-owned Channel 4/WRC is losing another sports reporter to ESPN. DCRTV hears that Hakim Dermish is leaving WRC for the Bristol CT-based sports network operation.

March 31, 2012
Kristina Akra Joins MASN As Nats Sideline Reporter
There will be a new face joining Bob Carpenter and FP Santangelo for Nationals broadcasts on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network in 2012, as Kristina Akra (right) has joined the broadcasting team to fill the role of sideline reporter, replacing Debbi Taylor. Akra's career includes hosting "SEC Gridiron Live" on Fox Sports South, sideline reporting for CoxSports and the Big East Network, and hosting "Patriots Today" on the New England Patriots website.

March 30, 2012
Olivia Fox Gets Kidney
Longtime DC radio personality Olivia Fox is scheduled to undergo a kidney transplant at the University Of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore on April 6. She has suffered from genetic renal disease since 1996 and has endured dialysis for three times a week for the past four years. Fox is getting a kidney from a friend, Mike Green, of Brooklyn NY. "Donating an organ to another human being is the most amazing gift anyone could ever give to another person, I will be forever grateful," says Fox, who has been heard on WMMJ and WKYS over the years.

March 28, 2012
WTMD To Unveil New Studios, Performance Space
Towson University's adult alternative WTMD, 89.7 FM, will move to an 8,000 square foot "state of the art broadcast and community" center in early fall. To be located in the new Towson City Center, WTMD's facility "will boast a live-music performance space, a community meeting room and classroom, as well as studios and offices for the station's employees," according to a station announcement. WTMD General Manager Stephen Yasko says: "We've designed this space to be a combination: a music lovers' clubhouse, community meeting space and education center. Our listeners and the public will be invited into WTMD every day to experience the best in national and Baltimore bands." In addition to station events, WTMD's facility will also host movie screenings from Baltimore filmmakers and students enrolled in Towson's Electronic Media And Film Department. Private social and corporate events may also be scheduled. The setting will include an on-air studio overlooking the roundabout and downtown Towson, two production studios, and a performance studio. "Each studio will be capable of recording five or even eight-piece bands simultaneously," adds Yasko. WTMD plans to make its studios available to local musicians. The station also plans to move its transmitter and antenna, pending FCC approval, to the top of Towson City Center which will provide a better quality signal to the station's current coverage area and could extend its reach slightly farther to west, according to WTMD management.

March 26, 2012
Hot 99.5's Kane To Also Air On Z104.3
Hot 99.5's "The Kane Show" will also air on Clear Channel's Baltimore contemporary hit sister, Z104.3, WZFT. Starting April 2nd and replacing Jackson Blue, who is moving to Clear Channel's Boston radio cluster. "We are excited to bring the (Kane) show's high energy and engaging personalities to the great city of Baltimore," says Clear Channel DC-Baltimore market manager Thea Mitchem. Kane is top-rated on WIHT, which almost always ranks among the top five morning shows in the DC radio market, and is particularly popular with the young demos that advertisers crave. Years ago, Clear Channel unsuccessfully put DC rocker DC101 morning man Elliot Segal on Baltimore's 104.3, back when it had a rock format as Channel 104.3, WCHH.

March 26, 2012
Kelly Knight Dies
Washington and Baltimore area radio veteran Kelly Knight, 47, died March 25th. She'd been suffering from cancer. Knight was heard for many years on rockers WWDC, DC101, and WIYY, 98 Rock. Her real name was Robin Mills and she was also known as Kelly Buchanan on the air. She produced the "Stevens And Medley" morning show on the now-defunct DC classic rocker WARW. And she was known as Kelly Buchanan on several central Pennsylvania radio stations, including WIKZ, WTPA, and WYCR.

March 25, 2012
Mike Burke Leaves WTOP
Mike Burke (left), a DC radio veteran of three-plus decades, is leaving Hubbard all-newser WTOP, where he's been anchoring and reporting since 2008, and in newsroom technical operations before that. After studying broadcast management at Howard University, Burke worked at Howard's student-run campus station, WHBC, before moving to Howard's commercial adult urban outlet, WHUR. He's also worked for United Broadcasting and Radio One. Burke is heading to his native Florida to be near his aging parents and he plans to continue his radio and TV career there.

March 20, 2012
WYPR Cuts News Director
Baltimore public radio outlet WYPR, 88.1 FM, has canned its managing news editor, Sunni Khalid (right). He'd worked at the news talk outlet nine years. The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Khalid had reportedly been on probation the past month for comments he posted on the Facebook page of friend. Khalid, who previously worked for the Baltimore Sun and NPR, was the first fulltime newsroom employee hired by WYPR after Johns Hopkins University sold the old WJHU to the Your Public Radio community group that now holds the license, the Sun adds.

March 20, 2012
WTOP Is Tops Again
All-news WTOP takes the top spot in the monthly February radio ratings for DC, full-day, age 6+: 1) WTOP [1st both drivetimes], 2) WIHT [Kane 3rd], 3) WAMU [ME 2nd, ATC 3rd], 4) WASH [L&L 5th], 5) WMMJ [Joyner 4th, Monds 5th], 6) WHUR [Harvey 6th, Baisden 6th], 7) WIAD [McFly 8th], 8) WKYS [Parr 11th], 9) WMZQ [Boxer 10th] and WRQX [Diamond 8th, Carson 10th], 11) WGTS, 12) WWDC [Elliot 7th], 13) WBIG [Griffiths 16th] and WPRS [Yolanda 11th, Jackson 11th], 15) WETA-FM, 16) WPGC [Free 17th], 17) WMAL [B&B 14th, Rush 7th, Hannity 15th], 18) WTEM [M&M 19th, Korny 17th, Czaban 17th], and WLZL [Biagi 20th], 20) WJFK [Junks 18th, Wise 20th, Arrington 20th], 21) WFRE, 22) WAVA-FM and WINC-FM and WDCN, 25) WBQH and WFLS, 27) WBQB, 28) WAFY and WPFW, 30) WIYY, 32) WNEW-FM and WWEG and WACA and WILC and WQSR and WGRX and WOL. Adult urban contemporary Magic 95.9, WWIN-FM, tops the Baltimore market radio ratings for the month of February, full-day, age 12+: 1) WWIN-FM [Joyner 2nd], 2) WLIF [G&D 5th], 3) WPOC [DeYoung 1st], 4) WERQ [Smiley 6th], 5) WIYY [M&A 4th], 6) WWMX [JJ&R 10th] and WZFT, 8) WBAL-AM [Durian 2nd], 9) WCBM [S&F 8th], 10) WYPR [ME 9th], 11) WQSR, 12) WZBA [Klug 12th], 13) WJZ-FM [N&D 7th], 14) WRBS-FM, 15) WCAO, 16) WBJC, 17) WHUR, 18) WTOP and WPGC, 20) WAMU and WWDC, 22) WASH and WRQX and WBIG and WMZQ and WKYS, 27) WIHT, 28) WTMD and WXCY, 30) WGTS and WMMJ and HFS975, 33) WMAL, 34) WEAA, 35) WOLB and WJZ-AM, 37) WTEM and WIAD and WRNR-FM and WAVA-FM, 41) WNEW-FM and WLZL and WFRE.

March 19, 2012
Barry Mayo Leaves Radio One
Barry Mayo, Radio One's president of radio since 2007, has resigned. Alfred Liggins, CEO of the Silver Spring-based African American-oriented media firm, says Mayo left to pursue "other opportunities." Mayo "has served the company with passion and distinction," Liggins adds. "I understand that there comes a time for change in a person's career, and I fully respect Barry's decision to undertake new challenges. I truly wish him well." According to Radio-Info, Radio One recently reported that its fourth quarter 2011 radio division revenues were down 9%. Before joining Radio One, Barry Mayo had been an executive at Emmis radio and a consultant. Locally, Radio One owns WKYS, WMMJ, WERQ, WWIN-FM/AM, WOL, WOLB, WYCB, and WPRS.

March 18, 2012
CSPAN's Brian Lamb To Give Up CEO Role
Brian Lamb, who created DC-based national government public affairs network CSPAN in the late 1970s and has been its public face ever since, is handing it over to two lieutenants, Rob Kennedy and Susan Swain. Effective April 1, they will become the co-chief executives of CSPAN and Lamb will become the executive chairman, formalizing a management change that has been years in the making. Lamb will continue to host "Q&A," his Sunday night interview program, and will pursue other interests, like teaching.

March 15, 2012
Alice Steinbach Dies
Alice Steinbach, the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for the Baltimore Sun, died March 13 of cancer at her Roland Park Place home. She was 78. In her more than two-decade career with the Sun, Steinbach featured profiles of the rich and famous from the world of entertainment, literature, politics, society, and the arts. She was later a travel writer for the paper.

March 12, 2012
Jonathan Peris Dies
Jonathan Peris, 52, died on March 8th. He had a 30-year career in broadcast journalism in the Washington area, including with CNN and ABC News, where he worked on "Nightline," "Weekend World News," "This Week," and the weekend edition of "Good Morning America." Most recently, Peris was a freelance NABET editor in the Washington bureau of ABC News.

March 8, 2012
WFLS Veteran Brian Strobel Dies
Brian Strobel (right), the former morning man on Fredericksburg country outlet WFLS, 93.3 FM, was killed March 7 when he was struck by a vehicle while walking a dog. According to fredericksburg.com, the incident occurred at about 5 PM in the Kingswood subdivision, off Harrison Road in Spotsylvania County. Strobel, 64, retired from WFLS at the end of 2007 after 30 years at the station. In all, he worked in radio for 40 years. After he left WFLS, Strobel did weekend work at another Fredericksburg country outlet, WGRX, Thunder 104.5 FM. Reportedly, a Nissan pickup was traveling south on Kingswood Boulevard when it left the road, hit a mailbox, and then hit Strobel, who was walking his dog shortly before 4:50 PM. The truck came to a rest a short distance away and the driver called 911. A witness to the accident gave CPR to Strobel until emergency crews arrived. Strobel was pronounced dead at the scene at 5:01 PM, says the sheriff's office.

March 5, 2012
WMAL Says Adios To Mary Katharine Ham
Mary Katharine Ham (left) has left Cumulus news talker WMAL, 105.9 FM/630 AM. "Mornings On The Mall With Brian And Bryan" is the new title of WMAL's morning show with Brian Wilson and Bryan Nehman. The station is now calling itself "Washington's Mall." Ham writes in her blog: "The folks at the company had a vision for a different, independent role for me at the station, but we just weren't able to come to an agreement that would make it work, so I'm off to do my other jobs. I'm constantly thankful I have the freedom to make decisions like that, and realize it's a tremendous blessing to have such options." A Daily Caller writer who is often seen on Fox News, Ham joined WMAL's morning show last summer. More: At 7:07 AM today, both Wilson and Neyhman acknowledged on air that Ham is gone from the show. While they both wished her well, neither discussed any specifics about why she is no longer on the show. Even more: A station source tells DCRTV that Ham's issue with WMAL didn't concern money. They wanted her to do a show by herself with possibilities for syndication, and she wanted support staff. WMAL management wanted to rush the show on the air this week, but Ham refused doing it without a solid producer and sidekick in place. "So she'll stay on TV and become a bigger star, with this experience under her belt," we're told.

March 1, 2012
13 Wins Balto TV News Race
Channel 13/WJZ gets the Baltimore TV news crown for the February "sweeps" race. The CBS-owned station took first place in the morning and afternoon news blocks, and at 11 PM. Clearly besting Hearst's Channel 11/WBAL in the all-important age 25-54 demo.

February 29, 2012
4 Leads DC TV News Race, 5 Coming On Strong
Channel 4/WRC took first place in the DC TV local news ratings for the key February "sweeps" race. The NBC-owned station was tops at 5 AM, 6 AM, 5 PM, and 6 PM. With Fox-owned Channel 5/WTTG leading at 4:30 AM and 11 PM, tied for first at 5 AM, with second place finishes at 6 AM, 5 PM, and 6 PM. The following numbers are for the key age 25-54 demo. 4:30 AM: 1) WTTG, 2) WJLA and WRC, 4) WUSA. 5 AM: 1) WRC and WTTG, 3) WJLA and WUSA. 6 AM: 1) WRC, 2) WTTG, 3) WUSA, 4) WJLA. 5 PM: 1) WRC, 2) WTTG, 3) WJLA, 4) WUSA. 6 PM: 1) WRC, 2) WTTG, 3) WJLA, 4) WUSA. 11 PM: 1) WTTG, 2) WRC, 3) WJLA, 4) WUSA.

February 29, 2012
Jim London Dies
DC area radio great Jim London (left) has died. He suffered a heart attack on February 28th in Largo, Florida at age 66. His longtime WMZQ morning radio partner Mary Ball tells us: "I'm heartbroken. He was not only my radio partner of 12+ years, but he was my dearest friend in the world. Jim was certainly a true radio pro - in the very best sense. Classy, witty, always a gentleman. The business chewed him up and spit him out more than once, but he always came back fighting - and it never made him cynical. He loved radio and always believed in radio's potential to make a difference in people's lives. He will be sorely missed by so many of us - not just because he was great on the air, but because he was a truly great human being." London worked with Ball at country WMZQ from the early 1980s until 1992. London also worked at country WPKX/WVKX, oldies WBIG, and adult contemporary outlets WASH and WGAY. His last stint at WMZQ was doing middays from 2000 to 2007.

February 29, 2012
Joe Krebs To Leave 4 After 32 Years, Aaron Gilchrist To Replace Him
After 32 years at Channel 4/WRC, anchor and reporter Joe Krebs (left) announced today that he will retire on March 30. For the past 18 years, Krebs has anchored WRC's morning newscast. "Being a news broadcaster is what I always wanted to be," Krebs says. Also, he has served as president of the Washington-Baltimore local of the American Federation Of Television And Radio Artists. Krebs joined WRC in 1980 from Channel 11/WBAL. NBC-owned WRC has announced that Aaron Gilchrist will join Eun Yang as co-anchor of "News4 Today" upon Krebs' departure. WRC plans to do a week-long tribute to Krebs during his final days with the station.

February 29, 2012
4 Vet Sherman Hildreth Dies
Sherman Hildreth, 94, who was director of operations and engineering for Channel 4/WRC from 1961 until his retirement in 1979, died February 11 at Reston Hospital Center. He had a kidney ailment. Hildreth joined NBC radio in Washington as an engineer in 1944 and later moved into its fledgling television operations in Washington and New York. He advanced into management positions, overseeing technical operations for many network-owned stations and developing early color programming for the NBC station in Chicago.

February 27, 2012
Politico's Mike McGrath Dies
Mike McGrath, Politico's vice president and associate publisher, died Monday morning after a long bout with lung cancer. McGrath's been a part of Politico's executive team since September 2007. He was responsible for revenue strategy and account direction with Politico's online, print, and mobile advertising, events, and special projects. He's also been involved in the DC area advertising community for more than 20 years. Before joining Politico, McGrath handled national and international advertising at the Washington Times.

February 25, 2012
Washington Post Slump Continues
The Washington Post saw a 57% plunge in income in 2011, with 4th quarter 2011 company earnings down 22%. As its Kaplan education division took a hit following news of a government investigation. Print advertising at the newspaper slipped 6% in the fourth quarter. Despite big increases in online readership, online display advertising revenue at washingtonpost.com and Slate fell 15% and online classified revenue fell 5% percent for the fourth quarter. Daily print circulation ebbed by 6.3% over the year to an average of 516,200, and Sunday circulation declined 4% percent to an average of 732,300.

February 22, 2012
Asendio Out At WAMU
Jim Asendio is no longer news director at American University public radio news talker WAMU, 88.5 FM. Meymo Lyons will be acting news director until a permanent replacement is found, we're told. More. DCRTV hears from Asendio: "I resigned as news director at WAMU because I did not agree with an upper management decision to have reporters meet with donors at a donor-only station-sponsored event. It is my long held and oft-stated belief that working journalists should not be subjected to the real or perceived influence of the individuals and/or foundations who fund the work of the newsroom." Press reports confirm that Asendio refused to hobnob with donors at a station-sponsored breakfast affair, prompting e-mail criticism from WAMU General Manager Caryn Mathes. He joined WAMU in 2006.

February 21, 2012
WTOP Tops Monthly DC Numbers
If you look at the January full monthly radio ratings for DC, old newser WTOP retains first place. New newser WNEW places 29th, but that includes almost three weeks playing "The History Of Rock And Roll" through January 21st. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WTOP, 2) WAMU, 3) WIHT, 4) WASH, 5) WHUR, 6) WMMJ, 7) WRQX, 8) WIAD, 9) WBIG and WPGC, 11) WPRS, 12) WWDC and WKYS, 14) WGTS, 15) WMZQ and WETA-FM, 17) WMAL, 18) WTEM, 19) WLZL, 20) WJFK, 21) WFRE and WINC-FM, 23) WAVA-FM and WFLS, 25) WDCN and WBQH, 27) WAFY and WBQB, 29) WPFW and WNEW-FM and WERQ. The January monthly radio ratings for Baltimore, full-day, age 12+: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WLIF, 3) WERQ, 4) WPOC, 5) WJZ-FM, 6) WIYY, 7) WWMX, 8) WBAL-AM, 9) WCBM, 10) WZFT, 11) WQSR, 12) WZBA and WYPR, 14) WCAO, 15) WRBS-FM, 16) WBJC, 17) WHUR and WTOP, 19) WPGC, 20) WAMU and WRQX, 22) WWDC, 23) WBIG and WXCY, 25) WMZQ and WKYS and WASH, 28) 975HFS and WTMD and WIHT, 31) WMMJ and WMAL and WNEW-FM and WEAA, 35) WTEM and WLZL and WJZ-AM and WGTS, 39) WAVA-FM and WOLB and WWIN-FM STREAM, 42) WWIN-AM and WIAD, 44) WRBS-AM and WSTW and WRNR-FM and WETA-FM.

February 17, 2012
45's Livingston To Head Sinclair News
Baltimore-based Sinclair Broadcast Group elevates Scott Livingston to the position of vice president of news for the company's 41 TV stations around the country that air local news. Livingston has been news director of Sinclair's Channel 45/WBFF for 10 years. He began at Baltimore's Fox 45 in 1991. He served as chief photographer until 1997, when he was promoted to assistant news director.

February 17, 2012
Lauren Leaves TMD
Melissa Lauren has resigned from hosting Saturday morning's "Good Morning Music" program on Towson University's alternative WTMD, 89.7 FM. "After a great deal of thought, I have resigned from WTMD in order to focus on school for a career change in the field of elementary education," she tells us. "I enjoyed my time there and will miss the listeners, members, and my colleagues. Thanks for tuning in! I've had fun hanging out in your radio." Lauren's last show aired on January 28th.

February 17, 2012
Salem Buys Warrenton's 1250
Salem Communications is the new owner of WKDL, 1250 AM, in Warrenton VA. The station had been owned by Vienna VA-based Metro Radio and used as a relay for political talker WTNT, 730 AM/102.9 FM. The signal was recently sold to a local radio interest which, in turn, sold it to California-based Salem, which owns DC Christian talkers WAVA-FM/AM, 105.1/780, and political talker WWRC, 1260 AM. No word about which DC area signal Salem will be relaying on 1250. WWRC would be the most-likely candidate since its 1260 signal has difficulty reaching Northern Virginia.

February 15, 2012
Burdett To Be 9's New GM
Mark Burdett is the new general manager at Gannett's Channel 9/WUSA. He comes from the management team at the Baltimore Ravens, where he's been vice president for corporate sales. Prior to joining the Ravens in 2000, Burdett served as senior vice president for the Washington Redskins. From 1996 to 1999, he was vice president/station manager and director of sales and marketing for Allbritton's Channel 7/WJLA. He's also worked at Channel 20/WDCA and the old WXTR radio. At WUSA, Burdett succeeds Allan Horlick, who announced his retirement in November.

February 8, 2012
WRC's Wayne Fox Dies
NBC-owned Channel 4/WRC studio veteran Wayne Fox died on February 7. He started with WRC in 1973 and handled camera, stage manager, and audio operations. He moved over to NBC News in 1989, where he worked on many Washington productions, including "Meet The Press." We're told: "He had the responsibility of cueing countless Washington insiders and had the ultimate responsibility of cueing the president of the United States for addresses to the nation on many occasions... He was always dependable and at the ready to lend a hand, an ear or a good laugh to colleague in need."

February 8, 2012
WPFW's Jamal Muhammad Dies
Jamal Muhammad (left), the "jazz historian" at Pacifica's WPFW, 89.3 FM, died on February 4. Luke Stewart at capitalbop.com pays tribute to Muhammad (left), who hosted evening jazz shows on WPFW: "Muhammad, who died Saturday, was "an elder statesman in the community (and) a powerful mentor to many and an inspirational presenter of jazz on WPFW... Jamal was commonly known as someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of jazz history. He came of age during the 'golden era' of bebop in his hometown of Washington." He moved to New York City in the late 1950s and came back to DC in the 1980s, joining WPFW to work with "the station's most beloved personalities, such as Nap Turner and Rick Williams. Since then, he forged a reputation as being one of the city's top jazz historians and as a lovable jazz radio personality," adds Stewart.

February 8, 2012
More Buyouts At WaPo
The Washington Post is kicking off a fifth round of voluntary buyouts to reduce its staff. Cuts that "won't affect the quality, ambition or authority of our journalism," according to a staff memo from Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli. The buyouts will be targeted to specific departments, he writes. "We do not intend to offer this program to every department or individual in the newsroom. The reality is that we're able to absorb staffing changes better in some areas than in others. In those departments where we do offer the buyout, there will be caps on the number of people who can participate, in order to moderate the impact and preserve our competitiveness in core coverage areas. In addition, we may turn down some volunteers if we feel their departure would impair our journalism." Employees who are approved for the buyouts will leave the paper by the end of May, according to the memo. Two staff meetings to discuss the buyouts are scheduled for today.

February 8, 2012
11 To Launch 10 PM Newscast On BAL Plus
Baltimore's Channel 11/WBAL is adding a 10 PM weekday newscast on WBAL Plus starting March 5th. "WBAL News At Ten" will be anchored by Kate Amara. "We want to provide an opportunity for news viewers to get our live, local, latebreaking news an hour earlier," says Dan Joerres, president and general manager of WBAL-TV. Adds WBAL-TV News Director Michelle Butt: "The addition of our 10 PM newscast is evidence of WBAL-TV's commitment to local news coverage. The launch of the 7 AM newscast on WBAL Plus was a success this past fall and we anticipate even greater success with the launch of this newscast." The move puts WBAL-TV directly up against Channel 45/WBFF's long-running 10 PM newscast. WBAL Plus reaches the Baltimore market over the air on channel 11.2, on Comcast channel 208, and on Verizon channel 460.

February 6, 2012
Sarah Simmons To Anchor 5's Early News
Fox-owned Channel 5/WTTG has officially named Sarah Simmons (right) as co-anchor of its 4:30 AM to 7 AM newscast. She'll be paired with Wisdom Martin - for now. Simmons joined WTTG in 2006 as a general assignment reporter. And she's been unofficially filling-in on WTTG's early morning news since mid-2011. Just recently, WTTG lost morning news anchor Steve Chenevey to Allbritton's Channel 7/WJLA.

February 6, 2012
WAMU Veteran Jerry Gray Dies
Gerald Poulsen, the twangy WAMU, 88.5 FM, host known on air as Jerry Gray, whose popular weekday and Saturday afternoon shows helped make the station one of the nation's principal broadcast outlets for bluegrass music over three decades. He died February 2 at a hospice facility in Roanoke at age 78. He had complications from a heart transplant that he received after suffering a heart attack on the air in 1989.

February 2, 2012
New Digs For WAMU
American University has signed a contract to purchase a building to become the new home for WAMU, 88.5 FM. The seven-story edifice (right), located at 4401 Connecticut Avenue NW, DC, has 96,102 square feet. As the anchor in the building, public radio news talker WAMU and its music service, Bluegrass Country, will occupy more than half of the space to fit its current needs, with the potential for future expansion. "Our aspirations to develop and distribute more original content will be facilitated by this new location," says WAMU General Manager Caryn Mathes. "Our intention to continue our growth into a broadcasting powerhouse will be achievable, and our goal of truly being a community institution can be more readily realized. I'm excited for the future this building represents." WAMU's new home is approximately one mile from the station's current Tenleytown location and is easily accessible from the Van Ness Metro. WAMU is currently housed in 23,000 square feet at 4000 Brandywine Street NW, DC, which has been the station's home since 1993.

January 30, 2012
Ken Maylath Dies
Ken Maylath, who was a newscaster at Baltimore's old WFBR, 1300 AM, died January 28th. He was 75. Maylath worked at WFBR in the early 1960s, when it had a "top 40" contemporary hit format, and continued there into its talk format days, moving to news talker WCBM, 680 AM, in 1988. Maylath worked there until his retirement in 2005.

January 26, 2012
WTOP Fires Plotkin
Hubbard all-newser WTOP and political commentator Mark Plotkin (right) have parted ways. Plotkin has gone missing from WTOP's website. No official reason given, although there are reports that Plotkin had a temper tantrum in WTOP's studio. Plotkin, who has been with WTOP for nearly 10 years, will no longer be doing his Friday at 10 AM local politics show. WTOP has issued the following statement: "We are cancelling the 'Friday Politics Program' effective immediately. WTOP and Mark Plotkin are parting ways. We wish him the best in his future endeavors." Plotkin recently engaged in a "shouting match" with DC Council Chairman Kwame Brown at the studios of Channel 5/WTTG.

January 22, 2012
CBS Launches WNEW
CBS Radio launched new DC area all-newser WNEW, 99.1 FM, at noon Sunday, January 22. The station was originally slated to launch last Thursday, but the date was later pushed to Monday. However, CBS pulled a surprise and launched it today. CBS announced that it would be starting DC's second all-newser, to compete with top-rated WTOP, back in November.

January 19, 2012
Steve Chenevey Jumps From 5 To 7
Steve Chenevey (right) is leaving Fox-owned Channel 5/WTTG to join the morning news team at Allbritton's Channel 7/WJLA. Chenevey will co-anchor WJLA's "Good Morning Washington" and its noon newscast. He will be teamed Cynne Simpson for both. Chenevey has been a morning news anchor on WTTG, where he's worked since 2003. "We have been working to put this team together for quite some time," says WJLA General Manager Bill Lord. "Steve and Cynne did an exceptional on camera session together, and we believe they will be the team to watch on morning news for years to come."

January 17, 2012
2 Cuts Justin Berk
Morning meteorologist Justin Berk has been let go from Channel 2/WMAR. "Friday, January 13th was Justin Berk's last day as a meteorologist on ABC2," News Director Kelly Groft tells TVSpy. His contract was not renewed, a station source says. Berk had been with WMAR since 2003.

January 11, 2012
9 Tech Vet Kevin Rafferty Dies
Longtime Channel 9/WUSA engineer Kevin Rafferty died on December 31. He worked at DC's CBS affiliate, which used to be WTOP-TV and WDVM, for more than 30 years.

January 10, 2012
WMAL Veteran Bill Trumbull Dies
DC radio great and four decade WMAL veteran Bill Trumbull, 77, died January 9th of respiratory complications. Trumbull started at then full service WMAL in 1960, when the station was a mix of news, talk, and popular music. He was teamed in afternoons with Chris Core from 1976 until his retirement from the station in 1996, first as "Two For The Road" and later as "Trumbull And Core." Says longtime WMAL News Director John Matthews: "Bill Trumbull was one of the very first people I met at WMAL when I arrived as a music intern in 1982. The very first thing he ever said to me was 'Don't get into radio. There's no money in it.' He was right, but I didn't take his advice, and I'm glad I didn't because it would have kept me from working with someone who was a cherished friend and mentor for the 14 years. Bill Trumbull was truly one of the nicest and most generous guys I've ever known, and he was loved and admired by everyone who ever worked with him. That is a rarity in the radio business."

January 10, 2012
Baden Joins WNEW
DC traffic diva Lisa Baden (right) joins new CBS all-newser WNEW, 99.1 FM. Baden is currently heard on Cumulus news talker WMAL and also does morning traffic for Allbritton's Channel 7/WJLA. Baden reported morning traffic for all-newser WTOP, now owned by Hubbard, from 1996 to 2010, when WTOP took its traffic reporting in-house. DCRTV hears that Baden will continue to be employed by Total Traffic, the new name for Silver Spring-based Metro Traffic. And WNEW will be getting its local traffic reports from Total.

January 8, 2012
Tony Blankley Dies
Tony Blankley, a conservative author and commentator who served as press secretary to Newt Gingrich during the 1990s, has died. He was 63. Blankley, who had been suffering from stomach cancer, died Saturday night at DC's Sibley Memorial Hospital. From 2002 to 2007, he served as editorial page editor of the Washington Times. In recent years, he also wrote a syndicated newspaper column and provided political commentary for CNN, NBC, NPR, and WMAL, where he occasionally co-hosted. He was also a regular panelist on "The McLaughlin Group."

January 8, 2012
WTHU's George Wireman Dies
George Wireman, former host of "Thurmont World" for many years on Thurmont MD news talker WTHU, 1450 AM, died January 5. He was 91.

January 1, 2012
WNEW Sets Anchor Line-Up
CBS Radio announces Bill Rehkopf and Amy Morris will co-anchor morning drive on its new all-newser, WNEW, 99.1 FM. Rehkopf, a Baltimore radio veteran who was once news director at WPOC, comes from Pittsburgh news talker KDKA-AM, while Morris moves from over from Federal News Radio, WFED, sister station to Hubbard all-newser WTOP, WNEW's primary rival. Former WBAL radio reporter Jenny Glick and Chas Henry, who has worked for WTOP, Channel 7/WJLA, and NewsChannel 8, will co-host middays. Former WTOPer Evan Haning and former NPRer Nancy Lyons will co-anchor afternoon drive. And, Sarah Jacobs, who comes from Mix 106.5, WWMX, and former NYC and Miami news radio anchor Cheryl Simone, will co-anchor evenings. We also hear that Chris Barnes will anchor overnights. He comes from Syracuse news talker WSYR. The station's website will be wnew.com, which will feature streaming, which will also be available via a mobile app. "We are very excited to have put together such a great group of professionals who have spent many years covering local and national news," said WNEW Program Director Robert Sanchez, who comes from CBS all-newser WCBS-AM in NYC. "Each brings a specialty to WNEW creating a great team which will deliver important and compelling news that matters to local residents. When Washington needs to know, this team will have them covered." As DCRTV already told you, former WTOPer Michelle Komes-Dolge will be WNEW's news director.

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