DCRTV Podcast Has Launched. Here’s How To Listen

Listen to “The Epic 1980’s Washington Radio Battle Between WAVA And Q107 With Loo Katz (Ep 1)” on Spreaker.

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The DCRTV Podcast features interviews with current and former Washington and Baltimore radio and TV personalities, sharing what happens behind the scenes at local stations.

The first episode features Washington radio legend, Loo Katz.

Loo hosted mornings on WASH-FM for 14 years. Before that, he spent 10 years in afternoons at Mix 107.3, he did middays at WAVA, plus stops at a bunch of other local stations.

On this episode, Loo talks about the epic 1980’s Top 40 battle between Q107, WAVA, and B106.

Loo shares the story on the famous WAVA reverb, and why he got fired from the station.

We also talk about why Q107 gave up on the Top 40 fight, and the technical problems they had launching Mix 107.3.

Loo also shares the backstory of how he ended up hosting afternoon drive on Mix 107.3.

We also talk about how he crossed the street to WASH-FM, and he takes us behind the scenes on how he picked his co-hosts Lori Brooks, and later Chilli Amar.

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