Behind The Scenes Of The Launch Of WBIG – Oldies 100

Listen to “The Launch Of A New Radio Station – WBIG "Oldies 100" With Steve Allan (Ep 6)” on Spreaker.

On this episode of the DCRTV Podcast, Steve Allan tells us the backstory of the WBIG format change in the early 90’s.

On episode #3 of the DCRTV Podcast, Mike Burke discussed why OK 100/WDJY/Jazzy 100 didn’t make it.

We pick up the story of 100.3 FM in 1993 when Colfax Communications purchased the radio station.

Steve Allan kicked off Oldies 100 as the first Program Director. Some of the topics we talk about on this episode are:

  • Why the new owners decided to go Oldies vs another format.
  • Their strategy to beat long-time Oldies station Extra 104 (WXTR).
  • How they kept the format change secret, and what Steve Allan did to make everyone think they were going country.
  • The story of Jeffrey Yorke From The Washington Post almost walking the studio as they were getting the new format ready.

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