The Lost Don And Mike Interview

Back in 1991, Nic Beery hosted a TV show on Channel 10 in Fairfax called Whadda Ya Do. Nic just found an episode he did with Don Geronimo and Mike O’Meara. The video also features producer, Frank Murphy and newsman Dave Schreiber.

On the eleven-minute segment, Don and Mike joke about how the Don and Mike show started, how they come up with their content, and why Don puts his wife and son on the show.

The guys touch on the state of local radio. Mike talks about how creativity in radio is dying, and Don talks about how much he doesn’t like dealing with “programming types”, but says he has a lot of fun doing the show.

Don also talks about why he plans the show with Frank Murphy and doesn’t share with Mike ahead of time what they are going to be talking about.

Dave Schreiber talks about how he got a part on the TV show, One Life To Live

The interview starts at 16:20

In the first part of the program, Nic talks to Jim Robeson at Bias Recording Studio.

Jim talks about their recording process, and gives a look at their twentyfour track analog studio equipment.

Digital recording was beginning to emerge during this period, and Bias Recording Studio had a very early generation program to convert the analog recording to digital.

It’s interesting to see how much audio technology has improved.