Trouble Isolated: Stations Continue To Be Off-Air

DCRTV has been reporting about the troubled Tenleytown broadcast tower for the last few days.

Engineers have made progress and identified the problem. We don’t have a concise technical description of the problem at this time, but we will pass it on when we learn more.

We do know that some parts are being replaced, and soot on connections are being cleaned.

TV channels 7, 9, and 32 and radio station WLVW (107.3) over-the-air broadcasts will be off the air for the following hours for the next few days:

Friday – 8:30 am – 8 pm

Saturday – 10:30 am – 8 pm

Sunday 11 am – 8 pm

The TV stations will continue to be available over cable and satellite.

During the above hours, WASH, WHUR, and WCSP will continue to broadcast from their auxiliary transmitter sites.

WHUR’s aux site Is at another location on the same tower. They will be off occasionally when work Is being done near their antenna.

Engineers hope to have the repairs completed by Sunday.

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