New DCRTV Podcast: The Launch Of A New Radio Station – WBIG “Oldies 100” With Steve Allan

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Steve Allan was the Program Director who launched Oldies 100 (WBIG) when Colfax Communications bought the radio station in 1993.

On this episode, Steve talks about the other formats they considered and why they decided on Oldies.

Steve shares his strategy to beat direct competitor Extra 104 (WXTR), how he hired the original airstaff before the station’s launch, and how they kept the new format a secret with two other radio stations in the building.

Word eventually leaked to DCRTV and The Washington Post.

Steve shares how he orchestrated a false story leak that the station would flip to a Country format, a strategic move to keep the actual format change under wraps.

He also shares the backstory of hiring his morning team, Jim London and Mary Ball from WMZQ, and how he hired Loo Katz from Mix 107.3 (WRQX) when he was PD of WASH.

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